Bargain Fragrances: Navy by Cover Girl/Dana (1990)Bargain Fragrances: Navy by Cover Girl/Dana (1990)

Bargain Fragrance Reviews 02/05/16 14:15 (22 comments)

This is another in a series of bargain fragrance reviews, scents that may be found online or at discount stores for US $25 or less.  Leave a comment below for your chance to win a sample of Navy, shipped anywhere in the world, FREE! Summary: A bold, floral oriental, Navy by Dana (originally from Cover Girl) is a sure bet for those who love vanilla, amber and orange blossom at less than $20 USD. Perfumer: NA   Try this if you like: Powdery, vanilla aromas; the sweet... (more)

Leave a comment for your chance to win a sample of Navy!

Fragrant Finland: A Fresh AffairFragrant Finland: A Fresh Affair

Fragrances and Cultures 02/04/16 13:29 (35 comments)

"Finland, the land of a thousand lakes!" That is a phrase all Finnish kids learn at school. Actually, someone has counted our lakes, and the saying should go: "Finland, the land of a thousand lakes, or one lake per 25 people." Lake Pielinen, Finland Another thing they taught us at school was that the the colours of the Finnish flag referred to the blue lakes and the white snow. So growing up in Finland in the 1960's and 70's was a fresh affair. Fresh air was a national vi... (more)

"The light green smell of the first birch leaves in May. The summer scents of strawberries and sauna, the aroma of burning leaves in the fall and the distinctive nose-nipping smell of minus a milli...

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The Snow of Kilimanjaro 乞力马扎罗的雪Scents & The City 寻味地图
The Snow of Kilimanjaro 乞力马扎罗的雪

Seine River Mint 塞纳河晨雾Scents & The City 寻味地图
Seine River Mint 塞纳河晨雾

Ocean Breeze 绿豆海风Scents & The City 寻味地图
Ocean Breeze 绿豆海风

Smell Good and Do No Harm: Cruelty-free Fragrance

Smell Good and Do No Harm: Cruelty-free FragranceFragrances and Cultures 02/04/16 12:57 (31 comments)

What does it take for perfumers to call themselves vegan friendly?

The Body Shop British Rose Collection

The Body Shop British Rose CollectionNew Fragrances 02/04/16 10:57 (5 comments)

The Body Shop introduces the new collection with the scent of hand-picked British roses

Tom Ford Touch Point Collection

Tom Ford Touch Point CollectionNew Fragrances 02/04/16 10:53 (16 comments)

Touch Point flacons from the Tom Ford collection

Andy Tauer: Lonesome Rider

Andy Tauer: Lonesome RiderNew Fragrances 02/04/16 10:47 (4 comments)

"I love the warm metallic sensual bright scent of orris root.... It shines through the fragrance, melts with the rough leather and woods."

L`Occitane en Provence Fleurs de Cerisier Folie Florale

L`Occitane en Provence Fleurs de Cerisier Folie FloraleNew Fragrances 02/04/16 04:44 (One comment)

The new limited edition of the cherry blossom scent

Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum

Kenzo Homme Eau de ParfumNew Fragrances 02/04/16 04:43 (4 comments)

The new edition of the iconic Kenzo pour Homme

Guerlain Santal Royal Collector Edition

Guerlain Santal Royal Collector EditionNew Fragrances 02/03/16 22:21 (2 comments)

Collector flacon of Guerlain's Santal Royal

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême

Azzaro Pour Elle ExtrêmeNew Fragrances 02/03/16 21:44 (One comment)

The new version of the feminine Azzaro

Best in Show: Chocolate Fragrances (2016)

Best in Show: Chocolate Fragrances (2016)Best in Show 02/03/16 12:36 (41 comments)

Vote for the nomination that you most enjoy. Don't see your own favorite listed? Tell us about it in a comment.


AJ ARABIA is now WIDIANNiche Perfumery 02/03/16 10:35 (2 comments)

Announcement of a perfume house name change.

Amouage The Library Collection Opus X

Amouage The Library Collection Opus XNiche Perfumery 02/03/16 10:25 (One comment)

The famous red violin as inspiration!

Myrurgia - The Art of Perfume Part II

Myrurgia - The Art of Perfume Part IIVintages 02/03/16 10:04 (5 comments)

Telling the history of the Spanish brand through visuals, ads and bottles of vintage beauty.

IL PROFVMO Caramella D'Amore

IL PROFVMO Caramella D'AmoreNiche Perfumery 02/03/16 09:25 (2 comments)

A new fragrance in the collection of Il Profvmo

Shiseido Ever Bloom Extrait Absolu

Shiseido Ever Bloom Extrait AbsoluNew Fragrances 02/02/16 13:44 (3 comments)

A new concentration of the Ever Bloom fragrance

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