Perfumed Horoscope January 26 - February 1Perfumed Horoscope January 26 - February 1

Fragrant Horoscope 01/25/15 01:42

If you recently found the love expression around you to be more on the quirky, eccentric, and sometimes even impersonal side, with this week the sensuality and passion are returning. With Venus entering the passionate Pisces, we are one with who and what we love. If you are overwhelmed with the feeling that you have no control over your life, it’s okay, it just shows that you are getting ready to clean up and allow love frequency to reveal the new reality. We are looking at some wonderful p... (more)

We are looking at some wonderful perfumes with petitgrain, the silent messenger between the big players.

Nina Ricci L’ExtaseNina Ricci L’Extase

New Fragrances 01/23/15 02:00 (17 comments)

Nina Ricci presents L'Extase, a new fragrance in 2015, inspired by a woman's erotic fantasies. This fragrance represents the new, third pillar of the house when it comes to perfumes, two other pillars being L’Air du Temps and Nina. L'Extase invites you to "liberate your fantasies." This floral, musky and oriental composition is created by the famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The composition is made of two kinds of accords; the first one consisting of white petals, rose and pink pepper, w... (more)

New pillar fragrance from Nina Ricci

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EhsasMajid Muzaffar Iterji

GutoofMajid Muzaffar Iterji

SaharaMajid Muzaffar Iterji

AsrarMajid Muzaffar Iterji


AtyabMajid Muzaffar Iterji

Turkish FullMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Turkish Full

AdghalMajid Muzaffar Iterji

Rouh Al-OudMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Rouh Al-Oud

Al BerwazMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Al Berwaz

Black Musk - Musk KLMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Black Musk - Musk KL

Zuhour AlTuffah - Apple flowersMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Zuhour AlTuffah - Apple flowers

AlMahboob - The lovelyMajid Muzaffar Iterji
AlMahboob - The lovely

Hams AlAzara - Virgins WhispersMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Hams AlAzara - Virgins Whispers

AlSafeer - The AmbassadorMajid Muzaffar Iterji
AlSafeer - The Ambassador

AlexsandraMajid Muzaffar Iterji

AghsanMajid Muzaffar Iterji

AghrabMajid Muzaffar Iterji

Zuhor AlAshwag - Longing FlowersMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Zuhor AlAshwag - Longing Flowers

Full Turki - Sambac jasmineMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Full Turki - Sambac jasmine

Zahrat AlKhaleeg - Gulf FlowerMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Zahrat AlKhaleeg - Gulf Flower

Champs-ElyseesMajid Muzaffar Iterji

Layale Al Shouq - Longing NightsMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Layale Al Shouq - Longing Nights

CobraMajid Muzaffar Iterji

Al MeaweahMajid Muzaffar Iterji
Al Meaweah

Burning HotAvon
Burning Hot


Lovely HeartParfums Genty
Lovely Heart

Halston NightHalston
Halston Night


Baruti, Perfume House From Amsterdam

Baruti, Perfume House From AmsterdamNiche Perfumery 01/22/15 04:56 (5 comments)

Six perfumes from the Spyros Drosopoulos.

Serge Lutens La Religieuse

Serge Lutens La ReligieuseNiche Perfumery 01/22/15 04:50 (15 comments)

New fragrance by Serge Lutens

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau Fraiche

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau FraicheNew Fragrances 01/22/15 03:28

Refreshing fragrance of the Untold collection

David Beckham Instinct Gold Edition

David Beckham Instinct Gold EditionNew Fragrances 01/22/15 02:44 (4 comments)

New perfume of the Instinct Collection!


Shakira PARADISE ELIXIRNew Fragrances 01/22/15 00:38

New fragrance by Shakira

Tsar by Van Cleef and Arpels (1989)

Tsar by Van Cleef and Arpels (1989)Fragrance Reviews 01/21/15 19:15 (33 comments)

"Tsar heralds a strong and definitely unmistakable identity."

Perfumes Perris Monte Carlo from the Scented Island

Perfumes Perris Monte Carlo from the Scented IslandInterviews 01/21/15 17:52 (One comment)

Two unique new perfumes from Perris Monte Carlo.

A New Trilogy: TELLUS, SALTUS and SUCCUS by Les Liquides Imaginaires

A New Trilogy: TELLUS, SALTUS and SUCCUS by Les Liquides ImaginairesNiche Perfumery 01/21/15 17:31 (2 comments)

The new trio of "arboreal waters" inspired by trees

Boss Bottled Collector's Edition

Boss Bottled Collector's EditionNew Fragrances 01/21/15 06:36 (2 comments)

Limited collector's edition

Oriflame SO FEVER

Oriflame SO FEVERNew Fragrances 01/21/15 05:35 (3 comments)

So Fever Him and So Fever Her - new fragrances by Oriflame

Calvin Klein Summer Editions

Calvin Klein Summer EditionsNew Fragrances 01/21/15 02:32 (6 comments)

CK One Summer 2015, Eternity Summer and Eternity for Men Summer 2015

Bruno Banani Absolute Woman

Bruno Banani Absolute WomanNew Fragrances 01/21/15 01:14

New Bruno Banani scent

Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme

Chopard 1000 Miglia ExtremeNew Fragrances 01/20/15 22:52

More intense version of the original perfume

Heeley Vetiver Véritas

Heeley Vetiver VéritasFragrance Reviews 01/20/15 16:24 (7 comments)

If you haven't smelled real vetiver, try this one.

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