Tracy Reese Eau de ParfumTracy Reese Eau de Parfum

New Fragrances 10/23/14 02:16

Starting in November 2014, exclusively at Anthropologie stores, the first fragrance by American designer Tracy Reese will be presented. Its name is Tracy Reese Eau de Parfum. Known for feminine and chic prints and color, Tracy Reese finds inspiration in the beauty surrounding her. For the first fragrance she introduced, she found inspiration in nature, inspired by positive feelings and romance.  The composition of the perfume Tracy Reese Eau de Parfum will refresh you with sparklin... (more)

Anthropologie presents the first fragrance by fashion designer Tracy Reese

Puredistance NewsPuredistance News

New Fragrances 10/23/14 00:39

At the beginning of 2015 Jan Ewoud Vos, owner of the house of Puredistance together with his team will introduce changes in the flacon design of fragrances Puredistance I and Puredistance Antonia. The flacons of 17.5 ml for which the house of Puredistance is famous will receive new colors which, according to the house, will fit the compositions they contain. Instead of the transparent flacons in which the fragrances have been sold so far, starting from 2015 the glamorous and festiv... (more)

News by Puredistance

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Eight & Bob Egypt

Eight & Bob EgyptNiche Perfumery 10/22/14 23:28 (One comment)

New fragrance by Eight & Bob

Pitti Fragranze 2014: Masque Milano Russian Tea

Pitti Fragranze 2014: Masque Milano Russian TeaFragrance Reviews 10/22/14 17:52 (4 comments)

A Russian tea party from Masque Milano.

Hot Water by Davidoff (2009)

Hot Water by Davidoff (2009)Fragrance Reviews 10/22/14 17:42 (9 comments)

Bargain fragrance reviews!

Liaison de Parfum: The New Fragrance Line from Nana de Bary

Liaison de Parfum: The New Fragrance Line from Nana de BaryNiche Perfumery 10/22/14 15:50 (3 comments)

"These scents, to my opinion, are made with great respect for the wearer."

LR Karolina by Karolina Kurkova

LR Karolina by Karolina KurkovaNew Fragrances 10/22/14 01:10 (7 comments)

The second fragrance by the famous top model

The Power of Imagination From Maison Incens

The Power of Imagination From Maison IncensNiche Perfumery 10/21/14 16:06 (7 comments)

Five scents from the imaginary land of Artganis.

NARCISO – Feminine Seduction Meets Masculine Strength

NARCISO – Feminine Seduction Meets Masculine StrengthFragrance Reviews 10/21/14 15:09 (9 comments)

A sensual fragrance for a business lady.

Moschino (for Women) by Moschino (1987)

Moschino (for Women) by Moschino (1987)Fragrance Reviews 10/21/14 11:05 (34 comments)

"When examining the compositions of the 80s and early 90s before the clean, watery fresh or gourmand trends kicked in, one notices quite a bit of similarity in notes employed ..."

Louis Feraud Bonheur

Louis Feraud BonheurNew Fragrances 10/21/14 01:56 (2 comments)

New fragrance by Feraud

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds StellaNew Fragrances 10/21/14 01:51 (One comment)

New fragrance of the Angry Birds collection

Mandarina Duck M+

Mandarina Duck M+New Fragrances 10/21/14 00:03 (One comment)

New men's fragrance M+

Caron pour un Homme (1934)

Caron pour un Homme (1934)Fragrance Reviews 10/20/14 19:59 (37 comments)

"... when I wear Pour un Homme, I feel like I am wearing a piece of fragrance history ..."

By Kilian Arabian Nights: Gold Oud, Extreme Oud, Black Oud

By Kilian Arabian Nights: Gold Oud, Extreme Oud, Black OudNiche Perfumery 10/20/14 06:52 (9 comments)

New fragrances of the Arabian Nights collection

Luciano Soprani Fico Pesca

Luciano Soprani Fico PescaNew Fragrances 10/20/14 02:45

New fragrance of the collection by Luciano Soprani

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