Benetton United Dreams Open Your MindBenetton United Dreams Open Your Mind

New Fragrances 01/27/15 02:22

Benetton unveiled United Dreams collection of three fragrances (Stay Positive, Love Yourself and Live Free) in summer 2014. In March 2015, the collection is expanding with a new release that brings new positive message: Open Your Mind. The fragrance opens with fresh combination of citruses and passion fruit. Sensual orange blossom and exotic flowers are spiced with pink pepper in the heart of the composition. This flower bouquet melts into the base of a gentle amber and musk. Top note... (more)

New fragrance of the Benetton United Dreams collection

Scent By Alexis: Perfume & Poetry Combine for a Fragrant Year AheadScent By Alexis: Perfume & Poetry Combine for a Fragrant Year Ahead

Interviews 01/26/15 23:51

A secretive perfume project that wasn't openly marketed, involving a fragrance that you could only get to know about by sending the creator your favourite poem? I was instantly intrigued, and thought of a poem I often go back to and smile over as I read afresh: Not In A Silver Casket Cool With Pearls - Edna St. Vincent Millay Not in a silver casket cool with pearls Or rich with red corundum or with blue, Locked, and the key withhel... (more)

Perfume & Poetry Combine for a Fragrant Year Ahead

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Zuhour AlTuffah - Apple flowers

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Esprit life by ESPRIT Summer Edition 2015

Esprit life by ESPRIT Summer Edition 2015New Fragrances 01/26/15 23:48

life by ESPRIT Summer Edition - new fragrant duo for 2015

Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman

Juliette Has a Gun GentlewomanNiche Perfumery 01/26/15 03:24 (4 comments)

New Juliette Has a Gun fragrance

Green is Name, Green in Game: Perfumer Hiram Green

Green is Name, Green in Game: Perfumer Hiram GreenInterviews 01/25/15 21:49 (9 comments)

Interview with the natural perfumer Hiram Green.

Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia

Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel MisiaNew Fragrances 01/25/15 07:51 (26 comments)

New fragrance from the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Tom Ford Noir ExtremeNew Fragrances 01/25/15 05:57 (19 comments)

New version of Tom Ford Noir

Perfumed Horoscope January 26 - February 1

Perfumed Horoscope January 26 - February 1Fragrant Horoscope 01/25/15 01:42

We are looking at some wonderful perfumes with petitgrain, the silent messenger between the big players.

Nina Ricci L’Extase

Nina Ricci L’ExtaseNew Fragrances 01/23/15 02:00 (18 comments)

New pillar fragrance from Nina Ricci

Baruti, Perfume House From Amsterdam

Baruti, Perfume House From AmsterdamNiche Perfumery 01/22/15 04:56 (7 comments)

Six perfumes from the Spyros Drosopoulos.

Serge Lutens La Religieuse

Serge Lutens La ReligieuseNiche Perfumery 01/22/15 04:50 (15 comments)

New fragrance by Serge Lutens

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau Fraiche

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau FraicheNew Fragrances 01/22/15 03:28

Refreshing fragrance of the Untold collection

David Beckham Instinct Gold Edition

David Beckham Instinct Gold EditionNew Fragrances 01/22/15 02:44 (4 comments)

New perfume of the Instinct Collection!


Shakira PARADISE ELIXIRNew Fragrances 01/22/15 00:38

New fragrance by Shakira

Tsar by Van Cleef and Arpels (1989)

Tsar by Van Cleef and Arpels (1989)Fragrance Reviews 01/21/15 19:15 (37 comments)

"Tsar heralds a strong and definitely unmistakable identity."

Perfumes Perris Monte Carlo from the Scented Island

Perfumes Perris Monte Carlo from the Scented IslandInterviews 01/21/15 17:52 (One comment)

Two unique new perfumes from Perris Monte Carlo.

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