THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI: Abraj, Bahar, Meydan, Oud and RimalTHE SPIRIT OF DUBAI: Abraj, Bahar, Meydan, Oud and Rimal

Niche Perfumery 04/02/15 00:44 (One comment)

THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI is a new collection of luxurious fragrances that represents Dubai and its various faces making the city as it is now. Dubai is an international symbol of wealth and progress and its fragrances made by Nabeel company illustrate the spirit of this magnificent capital perfectly. The fragrances were made of top quality ingredients and were packed in luxurious flacons. The finest materials and techniques were used when designing flacons and outer cartons. Flacon... (more)

THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI is a new collection of luxurious fragrances that represents Dubai and its various faces!

Courreges La Fille de l`AirCourreges La Fille de l`Air

New Fragrances 04/01/15 23:15

Courreges La Fille de l`Air is a new fragrance of the collection Courreges which arrives on the market in June 2015. It was created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin of Firmenich and it was announced as a fragrance with focus on orange blossom. Composition of the fragrance starts with fresh Calabrian bergamot, which enhances a breath of freshness with green-floral shades of neroli and orange blossom highlighting whiteness and femininity. The story closes with a blend of musk, ozone and... (more)

New fragrance by Courreges

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LM Parfums: Cicatrices or Scars

LM Parfums: Cicatrices or ScarsNiche Perfumery 04/01/15 18:35 (One comment)

New memories to arouse intimacy ...

ESXENCE 2015: What About Oud?

ESXENCE 2015: What About Oud?Art Books Events 04/01/15 14:29 (One comment)

News from the oud side.

Paco Rabanne Olympéa

Paco Rabanne OlympéaNew Fragrances 04/01/15 11:55 (12 comments)

New feminine fragrance from Paco Rabanne

Iceberg Man

Iceberg ManNew Fragrances 04/01/15 06:07 (3 comments)

New men's fragrance by Iceberg

ESXENCE 2015: Majda Bekkali Tulaytulah

ESXENCE 2015: Majda Bekkali TulaytulahArt Books Events 03/31/15 17:20 (3 comments)

What was that?

ESXENCE 2015: Gold Heart by Map of The Heart

ESXENCE 2015: Gold Heart by Map of The HeartArt Books Events 03/31/15 15:45 (4 comments)

The fourth creation from Map of The Heart

A Novel of Perfume and Passion: Scent of Triumph (Book review)

A Novel of Perfume and Passion: Scent of Triumph (Book review)Art Books Events 03/31/15 15:27 (One comment)

"She was so close she could smell her perfume, No. 5. She sucked in her breath ..."

L'Occitane en Provence Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc

L'Occitane en Provence Iris Bleu & Iris BlancNew Fragrances 03/31/15 11:46 (5 comments)

New fragrance from La Collection de Grasse

Desigual Fresh and Dark Fresh

Desigual Fresh and Dark FreshNew Fragrances 03/31/15 02:56

New fragrances by the Spanish brand Desigual

Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beach

Thomas Sabo Charm Rose BeachNew Fragrances 03/31/15 00:02

New, limited edition

An Original Vanilla Scent: Providence Perfume Co. Provanilla

An Original Vanilla Scent: Providence Perfume Co. ProvanillaNew Fragrances 03/30/15 17:18 (5 comments)

Featuring five varieties of vanilla!

Mancera Parfums So Blue

Mancera Parfums So BlueNiche Perfumery 03/30/15 03:01 (5 comments)

New fragrance by Mancera

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb ExtremeNew Fragrances 03/30/15 02:35 (8 comments)

Intense version of the original Spicebomb

Perfumed Horoscope March 30 – April 5

Perfumed Horoscope March 30 – April 5Fragrant Horoscope 03/29/15 09:47 (2 comments)

We live in a world where we are told that hard work is the way to live and achieve success in life. I believe that is true only if you are passionate about what you do ...

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