Diptyque Holiday CollectionDiptyque Holiday Collection

Shopping 12/06/16 10:46

Like many perfume brands, both mainstream and niche, the house of Diptique also decided to offer a Holiday Collection to surprise the scent lovers on your gift list. But even outside of this limited collection, the beautiful designs and legendary array of Diptyque Eaux de toilette, solid perfumes and roll-ons are sure to please both perfume veterans and novices, not to mention the lush and luxurious scented candles the house is known for.   Philosykos Eau de Parfum limited edition "... (more)

Holiday editions from the French house of Diptyque.

Amouage Bracken WomanAmouage Bracken Woman

Niche Perfumery 12/06/16 09:19 (3 comments)

  This year, Amouage had quite a few new editions in their collection. Myths Man and Myths Woman, the gourmand floral Lilac Love, The Library Collection Opus X and the Bracken fragrant duo. The focus in the Bracken compositions is on fougere shades and aromas of fern, characterizing the Bracken Man perfume presented end of July 2016. The masculine aromatic-fougere blend has now received its feminine counterpart interpreted in fougere-floral style, with clear green shades subtly suppo... (more)

New fragrance within the Amouage collection

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AlcorEssenzialmente Laura

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Voi Sapete ch'Io v'Amo

Il Cortile delle ZagareEssenzialmente Laura
Il Cortile delle Zagare

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Le Rose di Afrodite

La CorteEssenzialmente Laura
La Corte

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Acqua Barocca

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Manto Rosso

MadeleineEssenzialmente Laura

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ViEssenzialmente Laura

Coronari 57Essenzialmente Laura
Coronari 57

Ambra AnticaEssenzialmente Laura
Ambra Antica

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BellatrixEssenzialmente Laura

La LavandaEssenzialmente Laura
La Lavanda

La Lavanda di LeonardoEssenzialmente Laura
La Lavanda di Leonardo

Agua de Colonia AntigaAch. Brito
Agua de Colonia Antiga

La FugaEssenzialmente Laura
La Fuga

LilibetEssenzialmente Laura

OxoEssenzialmente Laura

Cuoio ImperialeEssenzialmente Laura
Cuoio Imperiale

Suleko Scented Orchid Perfume Diffuser

Suleko Scented Orchid Perfume DiffuserHome Scents 12/05/16 21:09 (4 comments)

A beautiful perfume diffuser for a delicate fragrance experience.

The Look of Perfume Part II: Interview With Photographer Roberto Greco

The Look of Perfume Part II: Interview With Photographer Roberto GrecoInterviews 12/05/16 12:06 (10 comments)

Roberto Greco is the creator of some of the most beautiful images for the niche perfume industry.

Panier des Sens news: Rose Geranium Eau de Toilette

Panier des Sens news: Rose Geranium Eau de ToiletteNew Fragrances 12/05/16 09:38 (One comment)

The new scent from the French house that magnifies the beauty of the Provence.

Pitbull Cuba

Pitbull CubaNew Fragrances 12/05/16 07:49 (6 comments)

A new fragrance pair

Perfumed Horoscope December 5 - December 12

Perfumed Horoscope December 5 - December 12Fragrant Horoscope 12/04/16 14:02 (15 comments)

This is an astrologically calm week where the pattern to how you are attracted to other people may change. This week we ask you to tell us what scents you think might best correspond to your astrological horoscope.

Best in Show: The Fragrances of Michel Almairac (2016)

Best in Show: The Fragrances of Michel Almairac (2016)Best in Show 12/04/16 11:35 (20 comments)

Fragrantica's editors celebrate Michel Almairac by discussing what they consider to be some of his most important compositions. Which are your favorites?

Life without Pyramids: A Nightmare or a Blessing?

Life without Pyramids: A Nightmare or a Blessing?Columns 12/04/16 10:01 (13 comments)

"I think the point is that the perfume pyramid is a special LANGUAGE. It is the mediation language between the professional language of perfumers and the language of fragrance consumers."

New Fragrance Review: Tauerville “Hyacinth and a Mechanic”

New Fragrance Review: Tauerville “Hyacinth and a Mechanic”Scented Snippets 12/04/16 09:25 (6 comments)

"Hyacinth and a Mechanic...perfume is storytelling. Perfume comes with a beginning and an end. And in between is the story that unfolds differently for everybody."

4160 Tuesdays: Sarah McCartney Discusses New Scents

4160 Tuesdays: Sarah McCartney Discusses New ScentsNiche Perfumery 12/03/16 12:31 (One comment)

Sergey interviews Sarah at Pitti Fragranze (2016) and discusses new scents from 4160 Tuesdays and Sarah's composition for Urban Reivers - "Damn Rebel Bitches"

The Language of Scent, Part 4 of 5

The Language of Scent, Part 4 of 5Columns 12/03/16 10:43 (9 comments)

Marlen discusses ingredients vs notes; cologne vs eau de cologne; nose vs perfumer; and fragrance manufacturer vs fragrance house.

Unveiling Starck's Peau d'Ailleurs

Unveiling Starck's Peau d'AilleursFragrance Reviews 12/03/16 09:29 (8 comments)

"Peau d'Ailleurs? Oh boy, this is another level of fragrance. This isn't even just fragrance. It's art. Period!"

Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Elizabeth Arden White TeaNew Fragrances 12/03/16 07:21 (9 comments)

New fragrance will appear in stores in January 2017.

A Few Words About Blotters

A Few Words About BlottersColumns 12/02/16 07:55 (8 comments)

What are they and how to use them.

Cartier Baiser Fou

Cartier Baiser FouNew Fragrances 12/02/16 07:28 (8 comments)

The new women's fragrance from Cartier that focuses on the scent of orchids

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