Declaring War on Body Odor: a Brief History of DeodorizationDeclaring War on Body Odor: a Brief History of Deodorization

1001 Past Tales 07/23/16 05:43 (10 comments)

Battling bad smells has been a millenia-long battle for humanity. Fighting body odor specifically has been a battle against our very own human make-up. With the exception of those carrying the gene ABCC11 (which makes for no armpit smell), common amongst the populations of the Far East,  the vast majority of us of European, African, Central Asian and Native American descent have the sort of apocrine glands in the armpit and groin which secrete a sort of sweaty liquid that when mixed with surf... (more)

Battling bodily stink has been a long and arduous process in the history of mankind, but never has it been more aggressive than during the 20th century.

Robert Piguet L'InsomnuitRobert Piguet L'Insomnuit

Niche Perfumery 07/23/16 05:31 (4 comments)

The house of Robert Piguet presents its new fragrance L'Insomnuit in July 2016, exclusively at Harrods. L'Insomnuit, a dark and mysterious perfume with a name that alludes to insomnia, is announced with an eerie but alluring campaign, Edgar Allan Poe style: "The new, haunting fragrance" that asks the question "What keeps you awake?”, promising to bring #ChaosOfTheNight and #MidnightIris. Presented as dramatic and bewitching, L'Insomnuit combines flowers, resins and woods for a "haunti... (more)

A new, dark scent of iris from Robert Piguet

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Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Caresse

Lancôme La Nuit Trésor CaresseNew Fragrances 07/23/16 03:14 (6 comments)

The new version of Lancôme La Nuit Trésor

Oriental Splendor and Sensuality: Sheiduna by Puredistance

Oriental Splendor and Sensuality: Sheiduna by PuredistanceFragrance Reviews 07/22/16 11:20 (8 comments)

The first oriental fragrance in the hyper-luxurious Puredistance range is steeped in the mystery of the east. We have the exclusive first look!

New American Artisan Perfumery: Gallagher Fragrances

New American Artisan Perfumery: Gallagher FragrancesNew Fragrances 07/22/16 03:33 (28 comments)

An exclusive 25% off discount code and 5 sample pack giveaways!

Sexy Couple: An Ideal Wife and An Ideal Husband

Sexy Couple: An Ideal Wife and An Ideal HusbandFragrance Reviews 07/22/16 03:28 (6 comments)

Two scents that can spice up your marriage. Or get you a fiancé!

Naomi Campbell Prêt à Porter

Naomi Campbell Prêt à PorterNew Fragrances 07/22/16 03:21 (4 comments)

The new fragrance from Naomi Campbell

Drew Barrymore Sunshine

Drew Barrymore SunshineNew Fragrances 07/21/16 13:30 (6 comments)

"Announced as a fragrance that "truly captures liquid sunshine in a bottle," Sunshine is a bright and fresh citrusy-floral composition."

Giorgio Armani - Armani Privé Cuir Majesté

Giorgio Armani - Armani Privé Cuir MajestéNew Fragrances 07/21/16 13:21 (9 comments)

The new exclusive fragrance from the Armani Privé collection

Shakira Dance

Shakira DanceNew Fragrances 07/21/16 12:16 (8 comments)

Shakira is launching her "fragrant" Dance

Juicy Couture Malibu Surf

Juicy Couture Malibu SurfNew Fragrances 07/21/16 07:47 (2 comments)

Surf, cocktails and fun under Malibu collection

Jennifer Aniston Beachscape

Jennifer Aniston BeachscapeNew Fragrances 07/21/16 07:42 (5 comments)

The newest fragrance from Jennifer Aniston takes us on long walks at the beach.

The Re-Issued Montana Suggestion Collection: Eau Cuivrée, Eau d'Or and Eau d'Argent

The Re-Issued Montana Suggestion Collection: Eau Cuivrée, Eau d'Or and Eau d'ArgentFragrance Reviews 07/20/16 08:39 (8 comments)

Another launch of three affordable, good fragrances from the legendary house of Montana.

This Week in Fragrance: Summer Flora, Chocolate Fingernails and Stinky Towels

This Week in Fragrance: Summer Flora, Chocolate Fingernails and Stinky TowelsFragrance News 07/20/16 08:14 (6 comments)

This week's top stories: Scented summer gardens, chocolate polish remover, scent sculptures, 5 fragrant facts, and keeping towels fresh.

Ex Nihilo Amber Sky

Ex Nihilo Amber SkyNiche Perfumery 07/20/16 08:13 (4 comments)

Dedicated to a wonderful Amber

Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue

Versace Pour Homme Dylan BlueNew Fragrances 07/20/16 07:51 (12 comments)

The new masculine fragrance from Versace
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Burner Perfume No 6: Reflection

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