Moschino (for Women) by Moschino (1987)Moschino (for Women) by Moschino (1987)

Fragrance Reviews 10/21/14 11:05

This is another in a series of bargain fragrance reviews, scents that may be found online or at discount stores for US $25 or less. Leave a comment below for your chance to receive a sample, shipped anywhere in the world, free! Summary: The first fragrance from the sadly deceased Italian designer is a striking, ambery-vanilla oriental recalling the best of the 80’s powerhouses yet with a 70’s floral bouquet of carnation, ylang and rose; due to its complexity and depth, Moschino cou... (more)

"When examining the compositions of the 80’s and early 90’s before the clean, watery fresh or gourmand trends kicked in, one notices quite a bit of similarity in notes employed..."

Louis Feraud BonheurLouis Feraud Bonheur

New Fragrances 10/21/14 01:56 (2 comments)

French fashion house Feraud launches its new fragrance in 2014 called Bonheur or "happiness." “Bonheur, like a shining diamond, created and faceted by nature, is sparkling with a special shine. Beauty, gracing the skin by its simplicity, is dual by its innocence like fragrant jewel. "   It opens with bright notes of clementine, bergamot and peach nectar that are playfully crackling in a full whirl of excitement and seduction. The heart includes white flowers of jasmine, magnolia and ... (more)

New fragrance by Feraud

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Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds StellaNew Fragrances 10/21/14 01:51 (One comment)

New fragrance of the Angry Birds collection

Mandarina Duck M+

Mandarina Duck M+New Fragrances 10/21/14 00:03 (One comment)

New men's fragrance M+

Caron pour un Homme (1934)

Caron pour un Homme (1934)Fragrance Reviews 10/20/14 19:59 (26 comments)

"... when I wear Pour un Homme, I feel like I am wearing a piece of fragrance history ..."

By Kilian Arabian Nights: Gold Oud, Extreme Oud, Black Oud

By Kilian Arabian Nights: Gold Oud, Extreme Oud, Black OudNiche Perfumery 10/20/14 06:52 (8 comments)

New fragrances of the Arabian Nights collection

Luciano Soprani Fico Pesca

Luciano Soprani Fico PescaNew Fragrances 10/20/14 02:45

New fragrance of the collection by Luciano Soprani

Annayake Shiroi and Kuroi

Annayake Shiroi and KuroiNew Fragrances 10/20/14 00:54 (2 comments)

New fragrant duo by Annayake

5th Fragrance Awards Arabia - Nominations Begin Now!

5th Fragrance Awards Arabia - Nominations Begin Now!Art Books Events 10/19/14 23:52

Voting for the best perfume of the year organized by Fragrance Fondation Arabia has begun!

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de ToiletteNew Fragrances 10/19/14 03:39 (13 comments)

New version of the masculine fragrance Grey Vetiver

Perfumed Horoscope: October 20 - October 26

Perfumed Horoscope: October 20 - October 26Fragrant Horoscope 10/19/14 02:24 (One comment)

The Solar Eclipse on the 23rd is a powerful energetic event. Did you observe how the temperatures increased right after the lunar eclipse on the 7th?

Philosophical Fragrance: Dasein and a Winter's Tale

Philosophical Fragrance: Dasein and a Winter's TaleInterviews 10/18/14 08:58 (3 comments)

"A balanced aesthetic in perfume, including many of the fragrance families, ends up producing a scent that can be worn by men or women."

Giardino Benessere - Paolo Terenzi Wants Us to Mix Scents

Giardino Benessere - Paolo Terenzi Wants Us to Mix ScentsInterviews 10/18/14 07:34 (2 comments)

Interview with the perfumer behind Giardino Benessere and Tiziana Terenzi fragrances

Zippo Mythos

Zippo MythosNew Fragrances 10/18/14 02:57 (5 comments)

New Zippo fragrance for men

Pomellato Nudo Intense Collection

Pomellato Nudo Intense CollectionNew Fragrances 10/18/14 02:24

Three new fragrances: Amber Intense, Blue Intense and Rose Intense

Calvin Klein Escape for Men (1993)

Calvin Klein Escape for Men (1993)Fragrance Reviews 10/17/14 18:49 (22 comments)

"Escape for Men is a citrus-chypre and should be given a chance by women as well as men."

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