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Perfume Selection Tips for Women

kateapple - help me..thenks  john maloneNyssa Ainley - Petale Noire Agent Provacateur?Amy Orvin - Best Bath and Body works you've smelt thus fartemporalgrace - The Body Shop - Body Butters ?Zelda - low-cost autentic bonfire/campfire scent?Rie60 - Which perfumes are you waiting in the mail? (no more "parts")spidola - Salty

Topics: 37,017 Posts: 785,281
Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by women. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Perfume Selection Tips for Men

enocg21 - My scent of the night PART IIRie60 - Can I ask the guys a question?TootsFrag - Best scent for a college student?Eyeteach - Severe conversations on perfume designerdaynierds - Eau tres fraiche vs Bergamotto Marino vs Guerlain H. vs mugler cologneSweeneyTodd - My SOTD is...(part 6)Teresa2014 - Women's scents not unisex for men

Topics: 15,019 Posts: 249,678
Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by men. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

General Perfume Talk

nickhi1984 - Perfume Collection Show-Off, Volume 7Rie60 - Deciding not to buy a perfume on principleAnimato - The Discontinued Woeslizziekayy - Perfumes and sleepindigo - Fragrances you thought you were destined to loverainbow.owl2 - Shop your wardrobe challenge part VII now openLillyBelle - Organizing your collection (in your profile)

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Share your opinions on perfumes, perfume houses, ingredients, formulas, etc. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

New to the World of Fragrance

Zelda - Acronym / Abbreviation  threadmyram7 - ☆☆ For those just starting out - how do you find what you love? ☆☆arinaf - Best mimosa fragrancesOdorMiris - "Old Man" Smell in Colognessail0rmars - "Dark" perfumes?Mikprittie - Shipping International Via Bubble Mailer instead of a Box!!Teresa2014 - Pros and Cons of Buying Testers?

Topics: 1,827 Posts: 41,799
If you are a beginner and feel inexperienced with fragrances, feel free to ask any fragrant question! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)


mpbrown - Gourmand Gang page 31Mikprittie - Gourmand split threadZelda - Gourmand theme host volunteersRileyB - Welcome to Gourmie Land!KajiraSuzanne - Gourmand Scent of the DayMHJ77 - Dark Seductive GourmandJitterbug Perfume Lover - Calling all Pink Sugar lovers!!! You'll want to read this!

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There is no true difference between sense of smell and taste and one complements another. This forum was born thanks to you who love to explore connections among smell and taste. Enjoy the tastiest forum on Fragrantica. (Moderated by Zelda)

Niche and Indie Perfumes

Elisa S - Niche theme suggestion & hosting threadtosu - recent niche purrchase?rainbow.owl2 - Niche Tea Week (August 26th - September 1st)Lucien Poitiers - NOTD: what niche, indie, exclusive or natural are you wearing today? 6serchina - One niche for each season?silviaci - Talk about longevity...cytherian - Anyone familiar with Thierry Bernard? French perfumer

Topics: 3,363 Posts: 54,158
Alternative to mass perfume production, rare perfumes ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)


Eurochic - Vintage Swap Topic (Swaps Only, No Bottle Sales)asali - Hosting thread for Vintage ThemesIris_it - Your most recent vintage find... part IItheladymay - what vintage are you wearing today?Elisabeth M. - 10 discontinued fragrances that ought to be brought back!SumoTigerCat - @ttention!! The RETURN of the Traveling Vintage Sample Box !!fiouu - Let's date this vintage opium together? Yay?

Topics: 2,087 Posts: 28,564
Discuss vintage perfumes and perfume bottles. No shops and websites advertising! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Aromatherapy and Scents of Nature

freakypirate - AnxietySuzySchnabel - How are you scenting your home today?Teresa1019 - case studyFort and Manlee - aromatherapy brand discovery, what have  you found?Dierre - what is your favourite aromatherapy book?Bouquet - Anti-stress and mental energizing essential oilpansylady - What's blooming in your garden?

Topics: 498 Posts: 8,997
Scents by nature, raw materials, aromatherapy and essential oils, favorite notes and recipes... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

General Talk

Beauty and Care

TylerTremallose - any cool lush like shops in los angeles?dogmom - Make up collection /storagenaomin - Finish (or clear out) your beauty products! (incl. neglected ones)NatasaZW - Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer....Which??!!Mammajamma - What's your go-to nude/neutral lipstick or gloss?gashdown - foundation changing colourBiscotti - Can you help me find one that does both?? Hair Conditioner

Topics: 1,838 Posts: 35,627
Beauty care products and recipes ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Fashion and Style

KaseyC - ~ Suits & Sweaters ~lovesky - Gowns and perfumes part 4Magdalena23 - Brides and perfumes...3Femigirl - leather jackets - yay or nay?Soemoncho - Which designer, brand, label features most prominently in your closet?chickenpotpie - Sports Brasthatlaughinggirl - Lace Up Combat Boots

Topics: 446 Posts: 18,958
Image, clothes, accessories ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Men's Grooming

KajiraSuzanne - ~ Are You the Best dressed Man ....karmascent - Modern men's hairstylesKeLLStar - what kind of sunglasses styles and brands do you preffer?Robynlovesperfume - hey friends do you use electronic ,battery or regular tooth brush?DresdenDoll - what is your opinion on the MURSE the man purse is it a europian thng?tlalexander210 - Do you  prefer soap or body wash?MimramMan - What types of Double edge razor blades do you guys use? Why?

Topics: 188 Posts: 5,552
Welcome, gentlemen! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Health and Fitness

Magdalena23 - ~ Essential Supplements?Bouquet - Weight Tracker Reduxstarshadow - Daily fruit and veg consumption?RkrChk - ASMR: triggers for relaxationBriarthorn - A question for the swimmersMigotka - Success Storiesonaona - Fragrances that have helped you lose weight?

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Every day in every way we are becoming better and better!
DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)



cytherian - Submit missing fragrances - vol 2sweetnspicey - Missing a Note 2SuzySchnabel - New to Fragranticazoka - Your ideas and sugestionscmarie - Better thumbnails please!ChypreAnn - This perfume reminds me ofMigotka - Micallef Rose Aoud entry confusion

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Activities at Fragrantica, your advice and suggestions ... (Moderated by Administrator)

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