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Perfume Selection Tips for Women

briones - Unique summer scentsmalltownbeatnik - Perfumes and Cigarettes Smoke?Magdalena23 - I've never smelled anything better.....heymoe9 - sparking perfumegoldenfire5 - perfume when you were bornsunshinebabe82 - Best fresh/clean smelling perfume?

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Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by women. (Moderated by Administrator)

Perfume Selection Tips for Men

crypticat - Just Discovered a Very Pleasant Mix of Fragrancesakats - Fragrances & Smoking...herbert7890 - Help me to pick 2 from these...brum61 - SOTD Vol 2joezilla - Fragrance for Gemini manChicago Tony T - The Date(20-30 years of age)dizzy242 - First Amouage

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Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by men. (Moderated by Administrator)

General Perfume Talk

CaSentBeau - Perfume Collection Show-Off, Volume 5Rizack2 - Am I being shallow?angel6 - Desert Island ScentSue Burgess - Strawberrynet Sale CyclesNanami - Fragrances like Red & Black Raspberry gummi or Cristian Lay Sweet?AZ - .......Designer perfumes compared to Perfume Oils.........ailishlu - layering perfumes part 3

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Share your opinions on perfumes, perfume houses, ingredients, formulas, etc. (Moderated by Administrator)

New to the World of Fragrance

belle de sud - how many sprays do you spray?ms. m - Bedtime perfumes! Do you dose up before bed?Lily2911 - New Fragrance Quest!nikosculpture - perfume discontinuedsmellslikedimond - I can't find a perfume I love anymore!Jovette Paquin - help me finding my first perfumeSofia24 - What am I doing wrong with the perfume oils?

Topics: 1,447 Posts: 32,383
If you are a beginner and feel inexperienced with fragrances, feel free to ask any fragrant question! (Moderated by Administrator)


luna rebel - Your Latest Gourmand Purchase/Additionhelirium - The Super Gourmand Brain Box Anthology, Volume 1Jitterbug Perfume Lover - Gourmand Gang page 26Zelda - Gourmand Gang Themed Days Calendarpravda48 - Gourmand split threadmpbrown - Welcome to Gourmie Land!citypark - Booze Theme Week September 21-27

Topics: 228 Posts: 22,015
There is no true difference between sense of smell and taste and one complements another. This forum was born thanks to you who love to explore connections among smell and taste. Enjoy the tastiest forum on Fragrantica. (Moderated by Zelda)

Niche and Indie Perfumes

ms. m - NOTD: what niche, indie, exclusive or natural are you wearing today?Arabian Knight - Does anyone have opinions on the Jovoy Paris line?Millan78 - Best Amber you have used!niknik7577 - Best melancholy tobaccoCochlea - Opus LibraryWichapi - Alkemia Perfume Oils IIIRUDOLFO512 - Nasomatto-Parfum Extrait

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Alternative to mass perfume production, rare perfumes ... (Moderated by Administrator)


RomanianPsycho - Your most recent vintage find....nectazee - Your most DISAPPOINTING vintage purchase?Ditta70 - what vintage are you wearing today?dempsterstreet - My first vintage score (and my first post!)lovingthealien - Jean Patou 1000 EDTRUDOLFO512 - 1970's FragrancesIris_it - Safari for men

Topics: 1,653 Posts: 20,769
Discuss vintage perfumes and perfume bottles. No shops and websites advertising! (Moderated by Administrator)

Aromatherapy and Scents of Nature

nectazee - "WEIRD" smells you love?ms. m - How are you scenting your home today?Briarthorn - Best Yankee candle smellDenoula - What's blooming in your garden?Jalk - Wasp Repellentorabsolute - Please help me find natural long lasting scentsdeepyb - How does your bedroom smell?

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Scents by nature, raw materials, aromatherapy and essential oils, favorite notes and recipes... (Moderated by Administrator)

General Talk

Beauty and Care

Wichapi - What lipstick/lipgloss are you wearing today?makeupgirl9273 - What scent is most common in your body care routine?Orshi - Which nail polish are you wearing atm?Kimmuriel - Favorite hand cream?chickenpotpie - How long is your hair?peluzin78 - best facial scrub?zz_clye - I wanna ask anyone heard and tried lip tint?

Topics: 1,551 Posts: 30,828
Beauty care products and recipes ... (Moderated by Administrator)

Fashion and Style

nikosculpture - Jean help for petites with boyish backsideElectricEden - BOOTS! (specifically low heel booties/wedges)miracleborgtech - Fashion inspiration!Mindenrosa - What's the highest heel height that you've worn?fleurdefi - What to wear in Paris?rainbow.owl2 - White after Labor Day?Robynlovesperfume - Fine Jewelry - Your Personal Collection (Part II)

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Image, clothes, accessories ... (Moderated by Administrator)

Men's Grooming

nectazee - ~ So Not Your Style ~KajiraSuzanne - ~ Gents Hairstyles ~physalis - ~ Things you want right now??brucifer - ~ Levis of Choice ~StopHammertime - Is "Designer" Clothing Necessarily Better?Patrisa - At what age are we men at our....Aafridi - Mouthwash

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Welcome, gentlemen! (Moderated by Administrator)

Health and Fitness

rainbow.owl2 - Who Eats Liver.?Elisa S - List 1 UNHEALTHY choice you made for yourself todayGermany - AcupuncturePlatinum1 - List 1 healthy choice you made for yourself today!?!KeLLStar - Has anyone else ever experienced sleep paralysis? :(ChouliGaloria - How do you keep your gym/ sport clothes smelling fresh and good.galaxy86 - Dealing with grief/loss

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Every day in every way we are becoming better and better!
DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. (Moderated by Administrator)



Kimmuriel - Submit missing fragrances - vol 2edis - Your ideas and sugestionsanitaoolong - Missing a Note 2Rie60 - New to Fragranticazoka - Is there a way to set up an alert to email you upon receipt of PM?Hayven - User namevbjanos - NICE!  No more counting

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Activities at Fragrantica, your advice and suggestions ... (Moderated by Administrator)

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