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Perfume Selection Tips for Women

Lee79 - which Jessica Simpson?Eos - Happy Diwali! Such a fragrant and wonderful holiday!raw umber - simple vanilla - caramelCaSentBeau - What is the newest/latest fragrance you acquired?spidola - Wrongly named scents?piahellgren - Classique EDP Vs. EDTClaerwen - Best Avon Scents?

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Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by women. (Moderated by Administrator)

Perfume Selection Tips for Men

Ricardo the Great - A perfect wardrobe of $30 and under fragrancesRaidersteveo - thinking about soapy stuffgeekedz - Incense fragrance recommendations?m.monia - Silver Nature Armand Basi :smilar fragrancesedge42 - Best ozonic fragrancepob75 - Which sex compliments you the most?Scrinny - Something warm spicy

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Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by men. (Moderated by Administrator)

General Perfume Talk

Atticusalexis - Perfume Collection Show-Off, Volume 6Lee79 - Do you drown yourself in perfume before a shower to test?LieneHelena - Game: Buy me a present!blondeambitioned - What DISCONTINUED or Limited Edition Fragrance Are You Wearing Today?veda - which perfume are you wearing today?a.wish - Booooring!Plrowden - How many people are wearing your scent today? Part whatever

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Share your opinions on perfumes, perfume houses, ingredients, formulas, etc. (Moderated by Administrator)

New to the World of Fragrance

celticelle - "The Beach"Tchegulay - Which parfum(s), if any, make you think of Christmas?StellaXYH - Where to get DESIGNER samples in EU?indigo - are you happy with your collection?Yohji - Christian Dior DuneMarco Chau - "Old Man" Smell in ColognesMissFassbender - Suggestion for Winter scents

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If you are a beginner and feel inexperienced with fragrances, feel free to ask any fragrant question! (Moderated by Administrator)


cake n' cuddles - Gourmand Gang page 28Zelda - Gourmand theme host volunteersbutterbean - The Super Gourmand Brain Box Anthology, Volume 1physalis - Welcome to Gourmie Land!Chicago Tony T - Gourmand split threadmary jane - Gourmand Gang Themed Days CalendarTchegulay - Your Latest Gourmand Purchase/Addition

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There is no true difference between sense of smell and taste and one complements another. This forum was born thanks to you who love to explore connections among smell and taste. Enjoy the tastiest forum on Fragrantica. (Moderated by Zelda)

Niche and Indie Perfumes

serchina - Need a new incense fragCereza - Tell me I don't need another iris/Recommend me some irisesColin Maillard - NOTD: what niche, indie, exclusive or natural are you wearing today?beaker - your latest niche purchaseJitterbug Perfume Lover - Owners of Escentric Molecules Molecule 01  What color is your juice?po - Suspicious bottletheperfumedveil - My newest obsessions

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Alternative to mass perfume production, rare perfumes ... (Moderated by Administrator)


Alayna1011 - Tips on buying vintage Arpege? (heart is broken again by this perfume)SorceressOfTheDark - Traveling Vintage Sampler Box is on its way! (PM me to Participate!)akats - what vintage are you wearing today?celticelle - Teenage FragrancesMarco Chau - To air or not to air, that is the question!Yohji - Vintage Perfume Ads (illustrations)hadas - Emotion by Helena Rubinstein

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Discuss vintage perfumes and perfume bottles. No shops and websites advertising! (Moderated by Administrator)

Aromatherapy and Scents of Nature

ceecee474 - How are you scenting your home today?setuaksuu - Febreze Limited Edition Autumn Harvest room sprayarchivist - Looking for purely kitchen herb scentyuzu22 - How does your bedroom smell?pansylady - I had no Idea this smelled so good!30 Roses - Help finding out what causes bizarre scent reaction!erawiel - Best Yankee candle smell

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Scents by nature, raw materials, aromatherapy and essential oils, favorite notes and recipes... (Moderated by Administrator)

General Talk

Beauty and Care

Wichapi - Which nail polish are you wearing atm?kasks - What scent is most common in your body care routine?ellaquintero - Can you help me on my new hair color? :)Mariame - Favourite shower gel/body washTeresa1019 - girls shopping philosophy ~ never pay retailthatlaughinggirl - Your last purchasefleurdefi - Scented shampoos from the 80's

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Beauty care products and recipes ... (Moderated by Administrator)

Fashion and Style

Robynlovesperfume - Fashion Jewelry?goldenfire5 - Oscar de la Rentaerawiel - What have you recently bought or want to buy (fashion only)?Wichapi - Favorite Handbags Part IIDara813 - clothes for my bodytypebutterbean - any pandora or thomas sabo fans here?vattenmelon - Celebrity fashion and style

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Image, clothes, accessories ... (Moderated by Administrator)

Men's Grooming

P Anthony C - The "Tuck Rule"Denoula - ~ Charm - Your Definition?Yasir Shahbaz - Suits are ON!!crypticat - Help me find a deodorant/antiperspirant that works...mymlan - ~ Things you want right now??miss mills - ~ Your Style in Five? (Ladies & Gents)Serengeti - Sneakerheads

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Welcome, gentlemen! (Moderated by Administrator)

Health and Fitness

Sucarie - 5K, 10K, Half, Full, Tri?Dara813 - Women who engage in extreme practicesMarillaV - ~ Flu Shot Controversy?Mellyhelly - List 1 healthy choice you made for yourself today!?!Denoula - Help! Can you get boroliose/Lyme`s Disease from....edwardnr17 - Free Streaming Yoga Videosgeekedz - Has anyone else ever experienced sleep paralysis? :(

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Every day in every way we are becoming better and better!
DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. (Moderated by Administrator)



Rizack2 - Your ideas and sugestionsbeaker - Submit missing fragrances - vol 2butterbean - Missing a Note 2zoka - IPad OS8 And lock upsdalmajen - minis & decants shelf?lindaberlin - More than one note in note searchFleurimonde - Narciso Rodriguez musc collection

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Activities at Fragrantica, your advice and suggestions ... (Moderated by Administrator)

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