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We are pleased to introduce Fragrantica in French and Italian! We welcome you to visit our websites and register a new account at or Write 10 fragrance reviews there en français or in italiano and become one of our or founding members!

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Perfumes Talk

Perfume Selection Tips for Women

emt1986 - What do women want?orangetree - Help me choose my signature scent out of these top 3 :)panthere - Obsession Vs Secret ObsessionAngela Agiannidou - L'Air du Temps...Snicole82 - Something like Bath and Body Works Velvet Sugar?angel6 - Musc Ravageur or Muscs Koublai Khan?joliecat - Which Honey!!

Topics: 40,268 Posts: 852,312
Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by women. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Perfume Selection Tips for Men

Rebelde de la Luna - Cheapies & Beast Mode Scents Covered from A-Z.Seattle Dweller - 10/10 rating Designer Fragrances?Lord Licorice - Where to buy perfumes in New York CityGearoid - Your Latest Purchase? Part 2djews - Real men doesn't wear ColognesLaDomna - Unique Men's summer fragranceTassio12 - Blind date frag: safe but impressive?

Topics: 16,938 Posts: 286,055
Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by men. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

General Perfume Talk

olorami - A picture is worth a thousand words - Fragrantica photo contest, Vol 2jlfears - Perfume Collection Show-Off, Vol. 8Angelica 000 - layering perfumes part 8suhaesa - Share your online perfume documentaries here!LaDomna - A picture is worth a thousand words - CLOSED, please post to VOL 2Seattle Dweller - Which perfume did you get for Valentines?Gearoid - What is the last bottle you finished/swapped/got rid of/etc?

Topics: 20,964 Posts: 413,541
Share your opinions on perfumes, perfume houses, ingredients, formulas, etc. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

New to the World of Fragrance

Moonchild1985 - How to pronounce perfume names.Konga5000 - ☆☆ For those just starting out - how do you find what you love? ☆☆Zelda - Perfume Dictionary :  Meanings of frequently used perfume termssweet piglet of smoke - Acronym / Abbreviation  threadWheaters - What notes do you likeVivacious - What specific fragrance triggered your love of perfume in general?Atticusalexis - How do you compare YSL Paris EDT to EDP?

Topics: 1,938 Posts: 43,251
If you are a beginner and feel inexperienced with fragrances, feel free to ask any fragrant question! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)


Zelda - Gourmand Gang page 32mpbrown - Gourmand theme host volunteersmary jane - Gourmand Gang Themed Days Calendarms. m - Welcome to Gourmie Land!MarillaV - Gourmand split threadmarie rose - Gourmand Scent of the DayRebelde de la Luna - A Good Tobacco

Topics: 557 Posts: 45,568
There is no true difference between sense of smell and taste and one complements another. This forum was born thanks to you who love to explore connections among smell and taste. Enjoy the tastiest forum on Fragrantica. (Moderated by Zelda)

Niche and Indie Perfumes

Zelda - Niche theme suggestion & hosting threadLaDomna - Dirty Florals! Theme week Feb 10th to Feb 16th.ellementira - The most overrated?AveParfum - Perfume Oil Focus -- 2016swedish woods - What Niche/Indie are you sampling?cmarie - recent niche purrchase?Platinum1 - NOTD: what niche, indie, exclusive or natural are you wearing today? 6

Topics: 3,675 Posts: 59,820
Alternative to mass perfume production, rare perfumes ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)


SumoTigerCat - Hosting thread for Vintage ThemesKrasnylips - Vintage Swap Topic (Swaps Only, No Bottle Sales)Zelda - Vintage Theme CalendarParfumAmour - Geminesse -- Is anyone familiar with this vintage perfume?Kiku - Joan Crawford's perfumes -- incredible!!!grayspoole - ***Vintage Balmain Week***ChouliGaloria - Mademoiselle Ricci.  What did it smell like?

Topics: 2,326 Posts: 33,183
Discuss vintage perfumes and perfume bottles. No shops and websites advertising! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Aromatherapy and Scents of Nature

DJJellyBean - Nag Champapansylady - What's blooming in your garden?Bajar - How are you scenting your home today?grayspoole - Anyone buy from Eden Botanicals?Cybernoir - Tea Light Candles  scentedmiracleborgtech - *Strawberry Essential Oil*Littlegrassstraw - what essential oils will just stay in your box forever( neglected?)

Topics: 558 Posts: 9,599
Scents by nature, raw materials, aromatherapy and essential oils, favorite notes and recipes... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

General Talk

Beauty and Care

emiri - and insert beauty product feature hererougenoirmakeup - Sulfate-free body washChouliGaloria - Any experience with the Pure Fiji brand?Nathalie21 - Your Last Purchase Part IIKayse - Clarisonic, quick help neeeed !po - WORST PRODUCT EVER - what have you hadrosecat - Foundation holy grail

Topics: 1,951 Posts: 38,334
Beauty care products and recipes ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Fashion and Style

MHJ77 - Your Signature Itemdipisor - What material is most of your wardrobe?Platinum1 - Oufits and Perfumes part 3Magdalena23 - Gowns and perfumes part 5Jakaffi - 3 Essentials That Represent Your Style?ladyofcamelot - Brides and perfumes...4Robynlovesperfume - What have you recently bought or want to buy (fashion only)?

Topics: 498 Posts: 22,156
Image, clothes, accessories ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Men's Grooming

kvan - What jewelry if any do you wear?Covergirl84 - How do you tie your scarf men and womenOrbitord - How many swipes do you use of deodorant?deruitem - What do you shave with?JesseJason - ~ Gentleman - Valentines Gifts?pansylady - The Art of Manlinessjojoh19 - Grooming products from Fragrancenet

Topics: 204 Posts: 6,005
Welcome, gentlemen! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Health and Fitness

Tiwalii - What medications would affect how perfume smells on you/how you smellswedish woods - What sports do you play?onaona - MOTIVATE ME !!! (ideas, slogans, quotes, poems)tommy_girl - favorite cheeserougenoirmakeup - losing weight by counting calorie intakeFleurimonde - Anyone here eat veggie meat?Carnation - Licorice: joy or pain?

Topics: 276 Posts: 10,180
Every day in every way we are becoming better and better!
DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)



drooling tomcat - Missing a Note 2Neuphoria - Your ideas and sugestionsemiri - New feature! - insert products in posts on "Beauty and Care" forumNahema - Better thumbnails please!SuzySchnabel - New to FragranticaZelda - I love the new theme! :-)LadyPilot - Lavender note alert

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Activities at Fragrantica, your advice and suggestions ... (Moderated by Administrator)

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