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Perfume Selection Tips for Women

singlebilingual - What is your sexiest perfume?smile4thecamera - Class in a bottleVanilla violin - Perfume for fallptilda - Olympic Orchids top pics?Marissaluvsscents - Dolce & Gabbana red capRobynlovesperfume - I saw posts about the perfect vanilla perfume and caramel perfumeEmz.NZ - Jasmine choice: Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir or Estee Lauder Modern Muse

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Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by women. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Perfume Selection Tips for Men

pranaikumar - Cheapies & Beast Mode Scents Covered from A-Z.Mila Pulina - Mens Forum SplitsZelda - Men's forum weekly themesmohmd.taha - Creed classicsjosevancouver - Issey miyake intense vs Issey miyake nuit d'isseyNattyDread - My SOTD is ... Part 13 continuous threadchickenpotpie - Jeremy Fragrance Videos by other reviewers

Topics: 19,217 Posts: 325,307
Ask for advice and help others with fragrances worn by men. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

General Perfume Talk

suhaesa - layering perfumes volume 11Marco Chau - Perfume Collection Show-Off, Vol. 9fragrancefan2435 - ~ Your Date Night Suggestions.bookishbeauty - How often do you buy new fragrances?mothwings - Which perfumes are you waiting in the mail? (no more "parts")revealm - Anyone collecting a miniature/mini perfume?ptilda - BUDGET ARABIAN descriptions and notes! Part 3

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Share your opinions on perfumes, perfume houses, ingredients, formulas, etc. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

New to the World of Fragrance

emmahlou - ☆☆ For those just starting out - how do you find what you love? ☆☆Zelda - Acronym / Abbreviation  threadAquatic Mountain Pikachu - Perfume Dictionary :  Meanings of frequently used perfume termscristinaeeee - Bedtime perfumes! Do you dose up before bed?Perfumeaddict777 - What is the most money you've spent on a perfume?Dorjee - Hippie-ish scents?Lord Licorice - Oriental Vanilla without vanilla?

Topics: 2,090 Posts: 45,424
If you are a beginner and feel inexperienced with fragrances, feel free to ask any fragrant question! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)


mpbrown - The Super Gourmand Brain Box Anthology, Volume 1Jitterbug Perfume Lover - Gourmand Gang page 32Chicago Tony T - Gourmand Split ThreadJaneBluff - Presenting Purple Perfumed People... week!Zelda - Your Latest Gourmand Purchase/Addition   (NO MORE PARTS)KajiraSuzanne - I Want to Smell Like CAKE!!!

Topics: 674 Posts: 53,575
There is no true difference between sense of smell and taste and one complements another. This forum was born thanks to you who love to explore connections among smell and taste. Enjoy the tastiest forum on Fragrantica. (Moderated by Zelda)

Niche and Indie Perfumes

Zelda - Niche theme suggestion & hosting threadmothwings - alkemia perfumes pheromone alchemy blends?Angelica 000 - 'Pure' black tea perfume opinions/suggestions?ami.alger - Dark, witchy, earthy, smoky, herbal or conifer fragrance...smellagent - Strangest Fume You LoveCandace_marie - What Niche/Indie are you sampling?Lizardbreath - Skin scent - musk and linen vibe?

Topics: 3,970 Posts: 64,664
Alternative to mass perfume production, rare perfumes ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)


GrandmaGaga - Vintage Swap Topic (Swaps Only, No Bottle Sales)Zelda - Hosting thread for Vintage Themeshadas - Jessica McClintockTaleOfTheRose - Vintage Designer 1910-70. August 23rd-29th hosted by asaliElviraelbasan - Vintage Diva by ungaro, year ????eludiastar - Vintage Greek ceramic urn solidsSuzanneS - Vintage Ungaro Diva

Topics: 2,586 Posts: 35,746
Discuss vintage perfumes and perfume bottles. No shops and websites advertising! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Aromatherapy and Scents of Nature

cristinaeeee - which note is the strongest aphrodisiac in your opinion?mothwings - Vanilla is indeed addictive - as Dior knows well!mell - Vanilla, not lavender, is best for relaxation.Zelda - Prolonging life of vegetable oil with vitamin E?suhaesa - bakhour...(perfumed smoke/incense....)Teresa1019 - let's experiment !Neroli17 - T.Mugler ANGEL Lovers....Have I found a Candle for U!!!

Topics: 618 Posts: 10,217
Scents by nature, raw materials, aromatherapy and essential oils, favorite notes and recipes... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

General Talk

Beauty and Care

malinkonija - drugstore unscented deodorant spray?Riisssaaa - The Best and Worst Lipstickmystica - Advanced Night Repair Serum - ELNoma - What kind of soap or body wash you prefer?:)bbbonbon - Which scented soap did you use today?angel6 - what are the lovely products that you will definitely repurchase?kbot - Vegan/Cruelty-free Beauty Products - your favorites

Topics: 2,137 Posts: 41,246
Beauty care products and recipes ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Fashion and Style

veda - ✿ FASHION <<Anything Goes>>REVIVED Outfits & Matching Perfumes!!✿ ❀ ❤Platinum1 - Who (what) is your style inspiration?Sucarie - What have you recently bought or want to buy (fashion only)?j'adore1 - Gowns and perfumes part 7Kiku - ~ Your Choice in Fall Sweaters?ScienceWitch - brand that has most petite female cuts for job interview attire?chickenpotpie - Question For The Ladies. (Men's watches)

Topics: 548 Posts: 26,413
Image, clothes, accessories ... (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Men's Grooming

andywatson90 - ~ Summertime Footwear?ShotsK - It's Official. Beards Are On Their Way Out.Elesandraaa - As Good as a - ~ Your Style in Five revisited? (open to all)dzb - Compliment Getter---Not a cologneCoolBreezes - Is chivalry still as important for a well groomd man r is it obsolete?Annie_OK - What do you preffer riding a bicycle or walking in summer?

Topics: 227 Posts: 6,612
Welcome, gentlemen! (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)

Health and Fitness

Kon-nos91 - **Safeguarding info on psychology of perfume buying addiction.**Whit - Running/Sport shoes.kvan - What do you like to buy at Trader Joe's?Malmklang - ~ Do you have cheat days/meals?catherine82 - Does anyone else love the pain?Music_luver77 - Which Perfume Keeps You PUMPED For A Work Out?Angelica 000 - Wasn't there a synesthesia topic?

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Every day in every way we are becoming better and better!
DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. (Moderated by Administrator, Zelda)



kiblat - Your ideas and sugestionsSunce - Submit Missing Fragrances -- Vol. 3Paula80 - Missing a Note 2goldenfire5 - Better thumbnails please!blue angelic - New to Fragranticaonaona - StendhalShotsK - Profile avatars

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Activities at Fragrantica, your advice and suggestions ... (Moderated by Administrator)

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