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Hey guys, I need some help  .

The sprayer of my Alexander McQueen My Queen is broken (not like the most sprayers wich can be detached and attached again to the bottle) and the fragrance is practically unusable.
Could somebody suggest me what to do , to be able to reuse it again?

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Is there a way to take off the spray nozzle and jam the spray tube down into the bottle, then pour out the contents into a new atomizer?  I actually had a spray tube dislodge once, and I decanted the contents through the tiny hole in the top.  Is this a possibility for your bottle too?

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I did some serching around for you and found this info from another site, which might work, worth a try.  actually the tube inside the perfume is a tube, so why not see if you have any sprayer tops from something else but look for one of the same size 

Tip: Replacing Spray Nozzles
Archived on 09/06/2006
Remember that spray nozzles can be interchangeable. So, if you lose one, as so often happens, know that you can switch with another of the same size - Just wash them out thoroughly between switching from one to the other. (You might also want to save old spray mechanisms for spray bottles of cleaner, etc. - as the trigger sprays have a tendency to wear out after a while.)
By Pam from L.A., CA
Answers: RE: Replacing Spray Nozzles
Excellent idea. I started saving spray nozzles and triggers a few months ago. It's great for when you buy a NEW product, and the nozzle doesn't work properly, or spray in a manner that you would prefer.

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Even if the spray is broken completely, you can decant your perfume into another bottle, using a medical syringe (the bigger syringe, the easier it will work) and a large needle (for intravenous injections), which you can buy in any farmacy.

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does any one if there is any place to buy replacements for the actual spray tops, the little round metal part that sits atop the tube with a hole in it to actually spray the parfume?

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Thank you all for your suggestions and promtitude I'll certainly try all your solutions to see wich fits the best.