Topic: True Love - Elizabeth Arden

I have this little bottle of True Love and it might be an old pure perfume, I'm not sure.

Now I think about getting a full bottle and wonder if there is any difference between this and the EDT that is still available for a very low price.

I'm sure some of you know the fragrance for a long time and can tell me

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Re: True Love - Elizabeth Arden

I remember receiving a small bottle of EDP, I believe, in a gift set of True Love in the middle 90's. I found the fragrance soft, lovely and powdery, and it came out around 1994 or 95.....quite nice. The only considerable difference I found was that the small bottle was slightly stronger, but the large bottle was still quite lovely. I am considering repurchasing another bottle of it.

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Re: True Love - Elizabeth Arden

Hm, I think I like to test the EDT before I buy it