Topic: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

I have recently come across this company, they are global and have some fantastic fragrances that compare to the best designer ones out there, i was really dubious but have been won over, just wondered if anyone else has sampled their stuff???

Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet??? Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire I try this but I believe is more masculine Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee I adore this but don't have. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower I have a bottle of this gorgeous perfume and it's my number one.

I wish to try Musc Ravageur because I read that it smells like L de lolita lempicka.

Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

I love Frederic Malle Le Parfum de Therese. Haven't had any luck with other Malles (yet!)  but when I love Therese as much as I do, I can't complain.

Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

Are you pertaining to FM Group fragrances the European company with networking marketing business, making copied perfumes? Or Frederic Malle's? If it is about the copied perfumes, then I tried their D&G light blue copy, its quite identical scent but longevity and sillage, isn't that impressive. I still prefer to buy the original. But if you just want to use FM fragrances (copied) in activities like shopping around malls then its just ok coz they're cheap.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

as Redpula stated above, FM Group isn't it? if I'm not mistaken Federico or Frederico Mahora ( I forgot which one is ) not Frederic Malle. I already heard about it, but somehow I'm not interested. In the other hand, if Frederic Malle, give me Carnal Flower and Musc Ravageur   tongue

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

Yes it was Federico Mahora i was referring to, i am new to the world of fragrances so didn't know there was a Frederic Malle, my apologies. They do indeed have a few fragrances similar to ones already on the market but they also have stand alone ones, i love their flowers collection and their hot collection is made with 30% essential oils so lasts for's good to read other people's feedback glad

Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

Ah, I see. By the way, what kind of FM fragrances that similar to other well known fragrances?

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

prettylittle-things wrote:

Yes it was Federico Mahora i was referring to, i am new to the world of fragrances so didn't know there was a Frederic Malle, my apologies. They do indeed have a few fragrances similar to ones already on the market but they also have stand alone ones, i love their flowers collection and their hot collection is made with 30% essential oils so lasts for's good to read other people's feedback  glad

FM (federico Mahora) is essentially a company producing fakes. For that purpose only, I never tried them, because the quality of such scents is always low and it is pretty much stealing other people's ideas, and i would not try even their original fragrances since most of their business is based on reproducing cheap equivalents of known scents...

Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

Excuse me!!!???

First of all, FM is not producing 'fakes'. A 'fake' is when the fragrance, bottle, and box are made so that you think it is a real Chanel. With false control numbers, the same bottle etc.

By your own admission you said you never tried FM-fragrances and you will never try them and yet you shoot them to pieces.

Secondly since you live in 'Neverland', you obviously don't know that there is an economic crisis going on in the real world. A lot of people simply can't afford niches anymore, can't afford the excruciatingly high and obscenely expensive prices shops ask for mainstream frags to funnel that hard earned cash that customers buy to the bonuses of CEO's of perfume conglomerates and shareholders dividends. Because the real cost of a fragrance is very low, the profit margin is very, very high for the big perfume conglomerates. The money not spent on the cost of producisn, we're talking about 80 to 90% or more of the price you pay in the shop, goes to PR, CEO bonuses and shareholder dividends. FM and Avon show how less it really costs to produce a decent fragrance. And thus how much money these perfume companies really earn at your expense. Why do you think that celebs launch frags massively? Out of love for perfumery? No, because they can make tons of money. It is widely know that the perfume divisions are the 'cash cows' of a lot of conglomerates.

Thirdly: FM fragrances are not 'fakes' because they are sold in simple boxes and bottles with FM on it. Each FM fragrance has a number. The seller will tell you on which number corresponds with the fragrance it is inspired by. FM sells like Avon: mostly not in shops but by direct selling at home. You have the 'Avon Ladies' and the 'FM Reps'. They are very driven and knowledgable. And they sell in places and part of the world where the expensive frags aren't even avaliable. For a fair price. That's called 'fair trade'. I have much more respect for an 'Avon Lady' or 'FM Rep' than for a bored, unknowledgable, grumpy SA in an 'exclusive perfume shop' in NYC, London or Paris.

It is totally legal and legit, contrary to the 'fakes' sold massively everywhere. By the way, I assume you know that 'a fragrance' is not protected, only the name and the package. Like a taste or combination of tastes to make a certain menu can't be protected. I can make 'Sauce Béarnaise' without have to pay copyrights to some celeb, CEO or shareholder, thank god. Same for frags. Even you can duplicate Chanel 5, if you are able to and sell it. Only not under the name 'Chanel 5' in the same box and bottle. And FM does none of these things. So their frags are not 'fakes', I'm sorry. It is like the fragrance oils that are 'based upon' a known fragrance for soap making, candles, body oils... You also find those oils 'theft' and the makers of it 'thieves'? You haven't tried FM, would never try FM and yet you excute them. Well, well...

And FM gives the opportunity to less rich people to enjoy a great fragrance with less sillage and longevity but with a decent quality for a fair price. FM is totally legitmate and upfront about what they are: fragrances very close (in some cases even almost spot on, certainly in the more linear fruity-floral and weak aquatic categories) to the original.

They are an affordable alternatives for the obscenely priced perfumes in the regular shops. They cost about about one fifth (!!!) of the fragrance by which they are inspired or that were an inspiration for their version and are really close to the original. For the ones among us who experience hard times, but still want to smell great, it is a good alternative. Owners of perfume shops, SA and people working the the 'hot air' big perfume industry where most of the money that a frag cost in the shops goes to packaging, marketing, the bottle, the CEO bonuses, the shareholders dividend and the 'brand name' hate them, like they hate Avon. People who buy a fragrance to parade around with a bag where 'Chanel' or 'Dior' is printed in big letters are not the target market for FM. People who love affordable fragrances in modest packaging for a fair price, mostly love them. Like they love Avon.

Of course the 'big name firms' do everything to put companies like FM and Avon in a bad light. But their frags are not bad at all. And certainly more honestly priced than the crazy overprices big name-frags in the perfumery shops. Also because FM is legit, their frags are controlled for harmful ingredients just as strictly as the mainstream fragrances. It is the real fakes, controlled by organised crime, that can contain harmful ingredients, not the controlled FM and Avon fragrances.

For the economic crisis, that will hit the whole of Europe and maybe also the US very hard next year (2012), people will have to adapt their lifestyle. Also in fragrances. So FM, Avon and ebay are great alternatives to the regular perfume shops, who will simply become a ghetto for the wealthy and rich.

The big companies try to tarnish FM as much as they can. By spreading bad information on line. The big firms try to eliminate this competition in all manner. This thread has already been pulled once, no doubt being reported on wrong info provided by an SA or manager of a perfume shop. Let's hope this doesn't happen again.

So, maybe you can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a bottle of fragrance. But I wouldn't deny people less fortunate to smell good. And FM, I repeat, is a total legit bizz. Do you also put Avon down and Lidl's version of 'Coco Mademoiselle'?

Also I find it strange, when somebody hasn't tried a fragrance to shoot those frags down. And even say: 'I would never try them'. I have tried FM's and they are pretty good. And I am also a lover of Lutens and the big firms. But I also can apprecaite an Avon and FM. You have different target markets for different budget. To tarnish firms that cater to the not so rich as 'fakes is well... fill this in for yourself. But it is certainly not moral and ethical and just.

But the real fakes, that are by the way now even sold in regular perfume shops by shop managers on the brink of bankcrupcy -I experienced it myself- have to be fought at all cost. They are totally uncontrolled, have possibly harmfull ingredients and are produced propably by organised crime. FM and Avon are toally legitimate business, as are sellers of soap supplies. You blast the wrong enemies here.

Avon and FM are excellent 'bang for your buck'. Of course, if you don't have to care about money, this argument doesn't mean anything to you. But it means a lot for people who happen to have a tighter budget.

Rich people denying less fortunate people the right to enjoy a total legitimate fragrance of FM, that's the Christmas spirit! And not having ever tried them and judge, well that defies every rule of objectivity and credibility in my book.

For the record, I have nothing whatsoever to do with the FM-company or Avon, or any other fragrance company. I'm just a perfume lover who happens to know a bit about the inner workings of the perfume bizz. But as a perfume lover, I think that also people who have less money should get the opportunity to enjoy a fragrance. And I'd rather see them being able to do that, than not being able to do that simply because the big perfume firms want to destroy these competition to pay their CEO's higher bonuses and shareholder dividents. My sympathy lies with the perfume lover on a tight budget, not on the 'big firms' who should by the way battle more against the real fakes, instead of villifying, totally unfounded companies like FM, Avon, Lidl... for letting us see how cheap good frags can really be produced. But of course it is easier to attact a legit bizz like FM than go after strong and cruel organised crime rings.

I have said my two cents. Merry Christmas and a word of encouragement to all those people who already face economic hardship and who will face even more in 2012.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

Nopasho- I was just baffled reading your post. I am stating the obvious- stealing other peoples ideas (compositions) and putting them in different bottle and under a number is a THEFT. It is not moral, if you think it is, good for you. Long live applying double standards.

Secondly, personal comments you made are ridiculous. By looking at your fragrance wardrobe, i could make assumptions about you, but I am not going to. You know nothing about my life, what I do and how much I earn, and believe me, I know well about the crisis in the world. What gives you right to judge me in this way at all anyway? I probably could not afford as many bottles as you have. I still do not think it is a good excuse for backing up companies that base their products on stealing other peoples intellectual property (and formulas for perfume is someone's original idea is intellectual property). Id rather save up for a bottle of perfume than to buy number 34 of FM smelling kind of like Cacharel. I sympathise with people who can't afford perfume, but like buying fake Luis Vuittions from e-bay, it is a morally dubious act.

Do not put yourself above other people, get off your high moral horse and stop judging people. The reason I put Neverland under my nick is for people like you not to judge me by looking where I am from. If we want to support perfume industry, doing so through buying perfume-wannabes like the products of FM is not a way to go. Would you buy a fake LV bag or any other fake goods with a number instead of a logo? A Serge Lutens 'inspired' fragrance called 45? Made with cheap chemicals and lasting for 15 minutes? Good for you again.

Thirdly: They are not 'fakes' because they are sold in simple boxes and bottles with FM on it. Each FM fragrance has a number. The seller will tell you on which number corresponds with the fragrance it is inspired by (...)

In other words, according to you stealing a formula and putting in in a bottle with a number makes an original product. It might be legal, it does not make it moral.

For the record, I am not against cheap perfume, as long as they are original ideas, not 'equivalents' based on success of well known fragrances.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

I would suggest that you read up on copyright laws and 'stealing' of 'fragrances' before you get on your own moral high horse.

So the soap industry must also fear your rage, because they use oils that are 'interpretations', 'duplications' or known fragarances. So they are also, in your words 'thieves'. Well, well...

I respectfully suggest that you take on the organised crime rings that produce the real fakes, not established firms like FM, Avon, Lidl...

And of course I know nothing about your personal life. I don't even know where Neverland is. It can be in the headquarters of 'P&G' or 'LVMH' for all I know.

Have a nice 2012.

And yes, get of your moral high horse and try to read what is really written, unblinded by 'perfume rage'. And don't forget about the many people on a tight budget that like FM, Avon and Lidl very much. Are they 'accessories to theft'  to follow your thinking?

Case closed. The Fragrantica members can make up their own mind.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

BONJOUR.Let me help you understand a few things about FM since I sold their perfumes in the past.The perfumes are not fakes but try to imitate well known perfumes.The formula of the original perfume can not be stolen but there is a different approach in order to make a perfume similar;they choose the most prominent notes -4 or 5- that the original has.The customer is satisfied because the perfume lasts for hours and reminds her of the expensive.The problem is that people who sell FM perfumes do not know much about perfumes so they say to the customers that they sell the originals in a different bottle and in a cheap price which is a lie.

Carpe Diem.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

@Nikosculpture - what would you call a boundary between a imitation and inspiration? I am quite sure that inspired by does not really apply to a lot of FM scents- since they have the same notes as the originals, but the ingredients are a lot worse. I think in this case, inspiration is a word used to cover up for producing the same good, but with cheaper ingredients and giving it a number that corresponds to a well known scent. I had a friend who owned a few FM numbers, and the resemblance was striking, except that it gave off a strong alcoholic vibe that was quite unpleasant. I find such approach quite, well, morally dubious. The scents are, in fact, poor imitations.

I think here is a boundary between inspiration and imitation, and most FM scents seem to be the latter. I prefer companies producing cheap, original scents that do not hide behind numbers that can be looked up on the internet and advertise as 'similar to'. If the FM scents were original, why give numbers and a list of equivalents? For me it is an equivalent of Prado shoes or Hermesso bags- you know what it is, looks similar except for a few details, but it is not the real thing and never will be, although it gives you, as you say, satisfaction.

It is a part of convincing people away from the original perfumes, that can be bought at discount stores for really cheap (last year I bought Pure Poison for 15 GBP, and Id rather have this than 2 bottles of number whatever that imitates it), but that is just my opinion.

Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

BONJOUR.I said that FM perfumes try to imitate the original perfume which is expensive;I did not say that FM perfumes are inspired by the famous designer perfumes.

I have no problem if someone says honestly to me:this perfume is not the original but has 4-5 notes which are the same and he sells it cheaply.Of course I am concerned if the quality of the perfume is good or poor.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

Niko,FM perfumes don't include 4-5 same notes .....they have MANY notes of original mainstream.....and let me tell you  i have a whole collection  of  original  perfumes ....but i bought a few from their collection not for the cheap cost...

I prefer THEIR perfumes with PHEROMONES. YES!They have  perfumes very close to originals but they added pheromones to them and  i personally prefer them from original....

i prefer their soliflores too...especially vanilla and lilac glad ...


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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

nopasho thank you for your post. I found it very educational and interesting. (no sarcasm I am being sincere). It is the fakes sold in the so-called "Chanel" packaging that are full of harmful ingredients and river water that are the problem.  They are part of organised crime including pirate dvds, etc. Not companies like FM that are legitimate businesses.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

10pipsdaily wrote:

Ah, I see. By the way, what kind of FM fragrances that similar to other well known fragrances?

I loved them so much i have now become a rep, for a MLM company they are very good. I have trained myself in fragrances but they do offer conferences which help with this.

As for the fragrance compositions being 'stolen' is it stealing when the perfumery owns the copyright to the compostion it has come up with? Yes they do have many notes the same as other well known fragrances (as far as i'm aware it's just the top note that they change slightly) and during a global recession it's not a bad thing to be able to keep your favourite smell and also keep spare change towards the groceries. As a mum of 3, myself and my partner had to sacrifice many things to keep up with bills etc perfume was one of them so to find a way around this was great. We didn't resort to buying 'fakes' just to save money as i have very delicate skin being a redhead, so the fact that FM perfumes come from DROM who use puregenics and de-natured alcohol so they're also suitable for all religions re-assured me they were good quality.

And now i'm willing to promote for using comparison lists, this is hugely frowned upon by the company now as they are trying to establish themselves as a standalone company but it is very hard to get around the use of them with online sales as people simply won't buy fm18 without being told 'well it smells similar to x'

I must say, after 3 weeks of working for FM my life has changed drastically! This is not a company that is just going to disappear, they also sell homecare and makeup products. It started in 2004 and i reckon if they were just selling 'fakes' they'd be out of business by now not growing globally and have normal people not fat cats earning thousands per month. It's very easy to judge what you don't understand fully but once yor open your narrow mind it's a really good company with lots of unique compositions as well as the 'similar' ones, as stated, the floral ones are lovely and the 30% essential oil collection lasts all day due to being stronger, plus they have the pheromones mentioned too and those really are great glad on top of that they have body products and countless other things too....essentially, not a 'fake' company, you really should try some lol

It's great reading people's opinions though glad

Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

I tried many from them as a friend of mine is a rep of this company.

Most of the ones that were meant to be similar to bestsellers really smell similar. I was especially impressed with the alternative for Hypnose. It's a simple fargrace in original and the one from FM was made very well. It's a bit different with more complicated ones, for example Hypnotic Poison. At the very beginning it smells just right, then it turns very platicky.

The staying power is quite small, in my opinion.

I didn't like their own fragrances, especially for men. They smelled to me very ordinary and cheap. For a similar price there are some really better ones by other companies.

I haven't got any for myself.

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Re: Has anyone tried FM fragrances yet???

There was another thread on FM perfumes a few months ago: