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Apologies in advance for the silly question but if a fragrance is still boxed and sealed will it last indefinitely?  Or will it still have a use by date?  TIA.

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I have often thought about it, but I never asked. Great question, xrayer!

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Honestly, many fragrances I had that I lost I found again after ages & were still smelling totally as they should.

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If stored in cool dark yes they can last quite a long time.  I dont know about indefinite though.

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I think it depends on the fume. Like most my Oscar de la Renta's has turned in a few years (properly stored), and one i recently ordered (new unopened box, discontinued) was off already when i got it.

Then again, i have a splash mini of Paloma Picasso, and it's around 20 years old (i used the fume a few times back in the days, so not even sealed). Recently tried it, and it was as good as new!

Would be interesting to know what makes that big a difference.

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Re: Shelf life of unopened fragrances

I've got vintage stuff from the 70's that's just fine.

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I have two vintages from the seventies that are fine too.

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It depends on the quality of the perfume and the temperature, moisture, etc. Perfumes used to be made very well with quality ingredients and many of those old ones can last decades. Nowadays, many perfumers are cutting corners and using cheaper materials and the perfumes just aren't made the same, so it's possible they won't last longer. Of course this is not a rule; just an observation. Many perfumes can last decades, and some go bad after a couple years. Obviously keeping out light and excessive heat has a lot to do with it, but don't expect a cheap celebrity fragrance to last as long as a well made, high quality fragrance. Or not, who knows? Perfumers will insist that a fragrance lasts around 18 months when opened, but I disagree. My Flowerbomb is half full and has been opened since I got it 6 or so years ago. It turned brown since I kept it in the light for a couple years (before I was really into perfume) but it still smells great. I keep it in the closet now though.

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Re: Shelf life of unopened fragrances

If you keep them in proper condition they should last decades, it's true. If they don't, and haven't been abused with humidity, light, heat, then simply they are made from unstable/bad quality ingredients.

Exception are the natural/organic perfumes, which I understand cannot last as long as the chemical ones...

Open or not open, a good perfume should last a lifetime... or that's just me being hopeful I suppose.....

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