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I have very recently become enamored withperfumes from the 80's era and was needing suggestions on some to buy that may still be in circuation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know Rapture is from the early 90's but it just has such an 80's vibe! So far I am dangerously in love with these two  Victoria`s Secret Rapture  Revlon Charlie Red

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My nose is broad enough to appreciate all fragrances!

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Calvin Klein Obsession.  Some people dislike the reformulation, but test it, I have the old and the new, and while I do like the old a bit more, I liked the new one just fine. I think if you like Rapture you might like this one.

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Revlon Charlie Red 

I still have, use, love it!

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Calvin Klein Obsession You know, I have never tried it on, but I will thank you!

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My nose is broad enough to appreciate all fragrances!

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marilily wrote:  Revlon Charlie Red

I still have, use, love it!

Isn't it amazing? I got it in a swap with the lovely drugstoreclassics!

My nose is broad enough to appreciate all fragrances!

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Chanel Coco - it smells rather dated now but it is a masterpiece and will become cool again one day I'm sure Calvin Klein Obsession I have vintage and new version and I like both.  It seems to suit my skin, it's the only perfume that I've ever worn that has garnered compliments from completely strange men on the street.

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marilily wrote:  Revlon Charlie Red

I still have, use, love it!

Isn't it amazing? I got it in a swap with the lovely drugstoreclassics!

Yes I just love it!..I use it for nights going out.. I felt in love with this when I was a baby, pretty much 14 yo.. My mom used it.. and I was like "one day I'll use it too!".. To me is so unique and current!

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Paloma Picasso Paloma Picasso Yves Saint Laurent Paris Salvador Dali Salvador Dali Cacharel LouLou

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Lancaster Lancaster Eau de Concentree

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Chanel Coco Calvin Klein Obsession Guerlain Samsara Cacharel Eden Cacharel LouLou Yves Saint Laurent Paris

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Cartier Panthere Elizabeth Arden Red Door Joop! Joop! Femme Gianfranco Ferre Gianfranco Ferre Fendi Fendi Givenchy Ysatis

Re: Best 80's Perfumes

+1 YSL Paris, Paloma Picasso, Giorgio Giorgio, Ysatis, Fendi Fendi (+90)

and add to the above..... (Several were made in the late late 70's but were amongst the MOST popular of the 80s) 

Ralph Lauren Lauren  Cacharel Anais Anais  Estée Lauder Beautiful

the obvious .....  Dior Poison

cheaper ones that were popular then, but which have been reformulated and you definitely will want to buy vintage versions of:  Bijan Bijan  Dana Lutece  Payot Pavlova  Houbigant Demi-Jour Guy Laroche Fidji Jean Charles Brosseau Ombre Rose L'Original

Magie Noire (Lancome) and Halston Halston, were still popular too.

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The following are huge 80's smells for me: Givenchy Ysatis Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills Red Elizabeth Arden Red Door

Re: Best 80's Perfumes  Cristobal Balenciaga Talisman is this 80s? I don't care cause I looooove it...wish it was still in production...SIGH!


Drat, just checked and it's early 90s but as I said don't care lol

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Re: Best 80's Perfumes Cacharel Anais Anais Chanel Coco

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Chanel Coco +  Dior Poison  Giorgio Armani Armani  Boucheron Boucheron

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Re: Best 80's Perfumes

I've worn Samsara off and on since the 80's and I think the latest reformulation is great. Guerlain Samsara

Re: Best 80's Perfumes

The Unreformulated Ralph Lauren Lauren

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Re: Best 80's Perfumes Yves Saint Laurent Paris Chanel Coco

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Givenchy Ysatis Chanel Coco

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Fendi Fendi - my One True Love hjarta

Re: Best 80's Perfumes Chanel Coco, Dior Poison Estée Lauder Beautiful , Calvin Klein Obsession , Ralph Lauren Lauren, Calvin Klein Eternity and early 90's nod to Calvin Klein Escape .

i only like a few of these but they remind me of middleschool ;0

Re: Best 80's Perfumes

Forgot about Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio . So early 80's

Re: Best 80's Perfumes

My personal 80s favorites: Dior Poison Calvin Klein Obsession

Re: Best 80's Perfumes  Dior Poison  Chanel Coco  Guerlain Samsara  Guess Guess Original  Elizabeth Taylor Passion -I don't care what anyone says, I adore this power fume. It's so intense, almost scary, even. Yet, once you wear it, it's anything but scary. Does not even smell cheap, provided one uses only one spray. I love it!  Cartier Panthere  Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio -It's so distinctive... you know it when you smell it. For this reason, it deserves placement among the best 80's perfumes.

Two honorable mentions go to  Revlon Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson and  Coty Ex`cla-ma`tion , for its super-fun scents and bottles. I remember when I saw them as a kid, they both looked so fun but grown up to me (laugh all you want). I absolutely adored them, and admired them from afar (as I wasn't allowed to wear perfume until I was in my mid-teens).

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