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July 8th:(Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps & Pocketbacs):

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Creamy Pumpkin

Pumpkin Cup Cake

Pumpkin Caramel Latte

July 29th: The Pumpkin Home Fragrance Preview Event: Candles/Room Sprays/Wall Flowers in Pumpkin Caramel Latte and Pumpkin Cup Cake.

August 5th(Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps & Pocketbacs):

Washington Apple Harvest

Georgia Bourbon Peach

Aspen Autumn Day

Heartland Harvest Malade

Montana Mountain Air

August 5th:2-In-! Lip Gloss:Sweet Berry Candle and Wine Berry.

August 19th:(Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps & Pocketbacs):

Sweet Clementine

Farm Stand Apple

Honey Crisp Apple

Harvest Pumpkin

Crimson Plum

Heirloom Pear

Autumn Cranberry

Fall Traditions Body Care(August 19th):

Napa Autumn Blackberry

Aspen Caramel Woods

Vermont Honey Apple

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Lip Glosses:Crystallized Amber and Vanilla Glitz.

Home Fragrance (August 5th):


Cider Lane


Fresh Balsam

Black Pepper Bergamot

Cinnamon & Clove Bud

Cranberry Woods

Nutmeg & Spice

Spiced Cider

Farm Stand Apple

Marshmallow Fire Side

Autumn Day

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Lemon Mint Leaf

Fresh Picked Pear

Fresh Picked Apple

(And these 2 from the July 29th event.):
Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Pumpkin Cup Cake

New for Fall 2013:

Fresh Picked Harvest Coffee

Fresh Picked Blackberry Spice

Sweater Weather: includes fragrance notes of: Eucalyptus,Juniper & Sage.

Apple Wood Bonfire:includes fragrance notes of:Autumn Bonfire,Apple,Crackling Bark & Fresh Cut Wood.

Harvest Gathering: includes fragrance notes of: Red Apple, Tart Cranberry & Cinnamon Leaves.

Sandalwood Citrus: includes fragrance notes of : Mint Leaves & Sandalwood.

Bergamot Woods: includes fragrance notes of: Woodsy Bergamot Leaves & Cyprus.

Tail Gate: includes fragrnace notes of: Rick Hickory, Football Leather,Moss.

Cider Doughnut: includes fragrance notes of: Fresh Apples,Cake Doughnut & Cinnamon.

September and beyond:

September 5th:(Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps & Pocketbacs.):

Sugar Maple


Autumn Bouquet

Ruby Red(Pocketbac only.)

Dazzling Diamond(Pocketbac only.)

September 5th: Amber Blush Body Care.

Forever Collection(release date not known as of yet.)

credit goes to: aka See it, Love it, Buy it, a.k.a. Cia Malone.

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

I'll be all over the caramel, pumpkin, honey apple, cinnamon, vanilla, sweater weather-y, leafy,  woody, cider lane-y, crackling bonfire, autumn day blackberry stuff!  glad

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Throw in cupcakes and lattes and it's a done deal.

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Sounds great! I'll be all over Aspen Caramel Woods! superglad

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Pumpkin Cup Cake ,Pumpkin Caramel Latte,Marshmallow Fireside,and Cider Lane will be definite Candle purchases. Can't wait until we found what the Fall Pocketbacs will be (I definetly will get several of those as well.) I've never had any of their Fall Candles,I heard their all really good. Remember , Pumpkin Caramel Latte and Pumpkin Cup Cake will be availiable in Candles,Room Sprays, and Wall Flowers July 29th in stores(probably online as well.)

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Fragrancelover, Marshmallow Fireside is one of my favorites.  Ohmygoodness, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, are you kidding me?   Can you drink the melted wax?   rodna

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

OOh can't wait to smell raspberry cordial and crystallized amber!

I am having a giveaway it's been posted in the individual topics section :)

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@whiteshoulders I love anything Bakery Inspired for the Fall(Pumpkin especially) as well as anything Spice Scented. Marshmallow Fireside,Pumpkin Cup Cake ,Pumpkin Caramel Latte,Leaves,Cranberry Woods, Black Berry Spice, Harvest Coffee, and  Cider Donut are at the top of my Fall Candle Purchase List. i am Glad that I finally get to try their Fall Candles this year.LOL! at can you drink the wax of Pumpkin Caramel Latte! I'm curious to see what kind of  Halloween Products they come out with. I'm  also curious to see what the new 2013 Fall Candles:: Tail Gate, Sweater Weather, Harvest Gathering,Cider Donut, Sandal Wood Citrus, Fresh Picked Harvest Coffee ,  and Fresh Picked Blackberry Spice smell like.

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

I'm SO excited for Leaves to come back, and I need to stock up on kitchen spice while it is available for the SAS... it's gone after that, right? Those are my two fall favorites.

I love Marshmallow fireside dry/cold too, but it gets kinda overwhelming when I burn it, I think. Same with any of the cupcakey scents.

Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

I'm looking forward to Aspen Caramels Woods,as I love caramel things. I hope it's better than Twilight Woods,though.

Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Yes, very excited for Aspen Caramel Woods, all the pumpkin ones, the woods ones, and Sweater Weather.....wonder what that smells like?!

They do have a lot of apple ones, lol!  I like them, though, but I know what you are saying! 

I had Cinnamon Sugared Donut last year, and I would definitely get it again!  I hope you get it, too! 

I really love anything pumpkin, caramel, woodsy or blackberry.....these all sound great. 

Thanks for posting it fragrancelover!

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

@whiteshoulders I'm very excited for the Fall Collections (Home Fragrance);I just love anything pumpkin,caramel,blackberry,cranberry,marshmallow in the Fall. Sweater Weather was a Test Candle last year but didn't make it past Test Stores. I found a review on Sweater Weather on a blog called Lola Loves Scents! this is the fragrance notes in it:Juniper Berries, Fresh Eucalyptus,Sage,Woods,Sweet Spearmint, and Dew(so based on this it sounds Herbal/Earthy Smelling.) I love Apple scented candles(I don't have any from B&BW but I do have a Apple Strudel Candle from Paula Deen though.) All The Fall Candles/Home Fragrance sound good but i'm kinda iffy on Apple Wood Bonfire( it sounds kinda weird,and it reminds me of the Forest Candle Collection in 2012 which I thought smelled horrible.) Your quite welcome for this post , anything I can do to keep fellow B&BW fans/fanatics informed. FYI don't forget to go to the Pumpkin Home Fragrance Preview Event July 29th,2013 to pick your Pumpkin Caramel Latte and Pumpkin Cup Cake ; Room Sprays,Candles,and Wall Flowers. Oh, before I forget did you go to the SAS(Semi Annual Sale)?(I couldn't go cause i'm tight on money,)

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Here is a updated Collection Of My Candles/Room Sprays/Wall Flowers:(Organized By Compnay):

Bath & Body Works:

watermelon lemonade

palm beach cooler


summer boardwalk

eucalyptus mint

lavender & vanilla

market peach

pineapple mango

garden bouquet

pink sangria


lemon mint leaf



espresso bar

villa bergamot

bellini cafe

caribbean escape

eucalyptus mint & rain

island margarita

peach bellini

Yankee Candle:

bahama breeze

mango peach salsa

golden sands

waikiki melon

black coconut

Glade Spring 2013 Candles:

spring showers

everlasting sunshine

vibarant bloom

starlight evening
sparkling lemonade

Sweet Spun Sugar
Sonoma Life & Style Carrot Cake

Paula Deen Apple Strudel

Old Williamsburg:

Great Barrier Reef

Lilac Blossom

lavender garden

Gold Canyon:

ginger lime

pitanga peach


cranberry orange

grapple berry

blueberry mousse

birthday cake

white citrus

sweet pea

pink fusion.

The majority of these are mine personally but the waikiki melon and gold canyon are what my mom bought.

Bath & Body Works Room Sprays:

Lavender & Vanilla

Lilac Blossom

Eucalyptus Mint


Pineapple Mango

Eucalyptus Mint & Rain

Peach Bellini

Island Margarita ( x 2)

Caribbean Escape

Wall Flowers:

Caribbean Escape


Peach Bellini.

Glade Something Sweet Fragrance Mist

More to come in the next several months.

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Yes, I went to both the BBW and Victoria's Secret SAS with my daughters.  Will post what I bought in a bit. 

That is an awesome candle collection you have!  Wow!

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

@whiteshoulders definetly post your B&BW SAS purchases,loved to know what  you got. Thanks for the nice compliment regarding my Candle Collection(which  will grow even more real soon.) How many candles do you have and which ones are they?

Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Oh no, this is going to be bad for my debit card. Their autumn candles are my favourites!

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Fragrancelover, here is my list of candles:

From Bath and Body Works

Spring, Lakeside, Boathouse Row, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Tuscan Herbs, Sea Spray, Strawberry, Strawberry Picnic, honeysuckle, Lilac Blossom, Poolside, Fireside, Evergreen, Fresh Balsam, Espresso Bar, Coconut Leaves, Beach Cabana (those two are minis, the rest are three wick) and Market Peach (4 oz.). I just recently bought a bunch in the SAS, so I will go upstairs and update this in a minute.

Yankee Candles

Cherries on Snow, Lemon Lavender, Sparkling Snow, Meadow Showers, Bunny Cake, Peppermint Swirls.

I am planning to buy Paradise Spice and Summer Wish this week.

Better Homes and Gardens

Red, White and Denim,  Crushed Blackberry Limeade, Warm Rustic Woods, Gooey Marshmallow S'More, Zesty Summer Lemonade, Red Rose Bouquet, Creamy Tahitian Coconut, Whipped Cream and Sprinkles, Sweet Watermelon Sorbet, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, White Gardenia Blossoms, Summer Honeysuckle Blooms, Pool Party Splash

Then I have a Mainstays one called Coastal Woods and one called Fresh Pine Holiday Memories and I don't know the brand on it.  glad There you go!  I will go upstairs and post the new BBW ones. 

Oh, I forgot, I also have one on my mantle from when Bath and Body Works had their Snow White Collection that I love.  It is in a red glass apple and is called Poisoned Apple.  Okay, upstairs I go.  Be right back.

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Oops! Thought you might like this. This is what my daughter has in her room.

BBW candles in Merry Cookie, Lavender Macaroon, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Palm Beach Cooler, Frosted Cupcake, Watermelon Lemonade and an off brand of Sugar Cookies.

Her room sprays are Glade Sparkling Clementine, Blackberry Jam, Frosted Cookies Vanilla and Sugar and a Febreeze one called Falling Leaves and Spice.

The candles I bought in the sale are Mint Chocolate, Salty Caramel, Ice Cream Shop, Caramel Apple, Apple Crumble, Homemade Cookies, and a Honeysuckle candle for my oldest daughter.

My room sprays are Yankee

Be Thankful

Home Sweet Home

and BBW

Pear, Pumpkin (these are from several years ago when they had this line in the fall), Leaves, Green Tea and White Pear, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Sicilian Orange, Cherry Blossom, Creamy Nutmeg and my favorite, Creamy Caramel. I hardly use these except for when we have company and I want the house to smell really good.  glad

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Ok, this is what my daughters and I bought at the Bath and Body Works SAS.

Honeysuckle candle, Coriander Bergamot lotion, Daisy Dream Girls body mist, White Tea and Ginger Mist and Juniper Breeze Mist for oldest daughter.

Juniper Breeze gel, lotion and mist, for younger daughter.  Also Honey Sweetheart lipgloss and Pink Lemonade lipgloss.

Honey Sweetheart body mist for my daughter to include with a gift she bought her friend for her bridal shower (she is in the wedding)

Exotic Coconut gel, lotion, mist

Orange Sapphire lotion

Lemon Vanilla Lotion (for my sister-in-law on her birthday)

Cherry Blossom EDT (discontinued and I love it)

Cotton Blossom and Country Apple shower gel

White Tea and Ginger gel and Lotion (for my mom)

Coconut Lime Breeze mini gel, lotion, mist (for a Fragrantican I promised them to ages ago.   rodna )

Salty Caramel and Sun Tan wallflowers

a scentportable for each girl, one flowered and one cupcake

Paris Amour and Sweet Pea Shimmer and Sheas (for gifts)

Aruba Coconut body cream (for me, yummy yummy)


Bella Flora, Wild Honeysuckle, Cherry Blossom, Rainkissed Leaves, Moonlight Path

so far that's it!  Lol!

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

@whiteshoulders you and your eldest daughter have an awesome collection of Bath & Body Works Products Besides my large Candle/Room Spray/Wall Flower Collection, I have 35 Pocketbacs,6 Lotions,and 5 Body Washes from Bath & Body Works. I do buy candles/products from other brands as well but Bath & Body Works is my all time favourite.

Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

Fragrancelover, I have a basket of pocketbacs in my dining room that everyone is free to take out of when they need one.  These are the ones I have right now.

Tuscan Vineyard, Bella Flora, Sicilian Lemon, 4ever Coconut Punch, Raspberry Frost Donut, Fresh Picked Cherries, Pink Lemonade, Vampire Blood (lol), Bee Nice, Black Cherry Merlot, Pink Daisy, I Love Sports Citrus, Raspberry Pink Peony, Cilantro Peach, Rockin' Cotton, Feeling Lucky Apple (St. Patrick's Day), Pink Champagne, Caramel Apple, I hjarta Cake, Tropical Sorbet Float, Candy Corn,  Papaya Melon Scoop.  I have Raspberry Pink Peony on my purse, and Warm Vanilla Sugar and Kitchen Lemon in the car.

I also have two Star Wars and two Spiderman ones that my kids got from somebody for Christmas, lol. 

If I listed all my body products you would flip out.  I have a closet full of them, from Tutti Dolci on down.

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

@whiteshoulders you have a awesome collection on pocketbacs here's my pocketbac collection:smart cookie,nerdy vanilla,cheeky berry,zippy zebra,safari apple,pineapple mojo,hippo berry,swinging vanilla,coral reef,ocean pearl,island bamboo,flip flopped fruit, sicillan lemon,bella flora,tuscan vineyard, i love cake,i love cookie dough,vanilla berry sorbet,ocean sunset,fresh lavender,fresh picked:tangerines,apples,apple blossoms,wild berries,ocean for men,mango paradise , island nectar,island margarita (x 2),sugar lemon fizz,pink lemonade,caribbean escape,dancing waters,aqua blossom,party animal, As for Body Care:Fresh Picked(Lotions & Body Washes):Apples,Tangerines,Pears,Sicillan Lemon Hand Lotion,Paris For Men Body Spray , Face Lotion/Aftershave, Hair & Body Wash. When you get the time can you post what you have in Body Care? My pocketbacs are in a plastic purple container and the 5 additional ones are stored in a wooden box that some Tea came in. I can tell that you like me are an Bath & Body Works fanatic.(Love smelling good and having a nice smelling home,LOL!)

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

@whiteshoulders too bad i only got into Bath & Body Works this year because I missed out on some great Candles:Pomegranate Lemonade,Cotton Candy,Paradise Daquiri,Pineapple Punch,Malibu Smash,Juicy Nectarine,Black Berry Grapefruit,Cranberry Woods,Island Nectar,Tropical Spice,Caribbean Salsa,Sea Spray,Cinnamon Nut Bread,Cinnamon Sugared Donut,S'mores, Raspberry Sun Tea, Creamy Pumpkin,Peppermint Mocha.( None of these probably will ever come back again which sucks for me.) And I'll miss out on the SAS candles; Summertime Soda,Southern Magnolia,Mint Chocolate,Salty Caramel,Apple Crumble,Caramel Apple,Homemade Cookies,Kitchen Spice,Icecream shop , Eucalyptus&Apple,Eucalyptus&Guava,Eucalyptus&Spice,Eucalyptus &Vanilla,etc.  Oh well.

Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

I know.  That's a bummer, but they will continue to have wonderful ones, and some of those may come back, you will be surprised! 

Yes, I will post body care when I have the time.  Like 5 hours.   roll Lol. 

You have some great pocket bacs!  I love those, I stash them everywhere! 

I also have loads of the handsoaps.  I like all the seasonal ones!

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Re: Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Collections

@whiteshoulders yeah, well it sucks i missed out on those candles but they have so many to choose from. I just updated this post with new Fall info via shoppinsweetheartblogspot . Take your time on posting the Body Care i'm very patient. Thanks  on your nice compliment regarding my pocketbac's I just love them alot.What Hand Soaps do you have? I don't have any Hand Soaps but I am thinking of purchasing a few.