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what perfume you remember wearing or Purchised during the 90's Exclamation


Jean Nate

What about you?

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Coty Tribe Revlon Charlie White Calvin Klein CK One Thouh mine was the knock-off (absolutely no difference, btw!)
I also had Malibu Musk, does anyone remember that one?

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I'm 20, so I was pretty young in the 90's. But I bought one of these, and it came in a set with a shower gel. Puma Flowing

Ahh, youth. :p I guess it's probably my first perfume.

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I would buy a bottle of Tribe right now, just to have a smell reminder of simpler times! Coty Tribe

Other things I wore: Dior Dune Estee Lauder SpellBound CalvinKleinEscape

I also wore a Juniper scent from Bath and Body Works when it was still a store within the Express store.  That is probably the only perfume I've been able to go through the whole thing without getting a headache.

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise The Body Shop Woody Sandalwood Perfume Oil Aramis Tuscany Per Donna Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Dior Dune Calvin Klein Escape

Still wear and love Tuscany and Escape. Dune and Tommy Girl not so much.

I hoard my precious woody Sandalwood.

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Gap Heaven

I used to be obsessed with the Gap scents, I think I owned them all at one point. But Heaven was my signature.

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Thierry Mugler Angel Givenchy Fleur d'Interdit Escada Sunny Frutti Escada Escada Loving Bouquet Escada Escada Collection Bill Blass Nude Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme (I wore the men's version)

FALOVALO:  I remember Malibu Musk! I loved that one and bought it a couple of times!

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Maxim's de Paris Maxim's pour Homme
My signature for most of the decade. Carolina Herrera Herrera For Men
I thought this would be the next big thing and cherished my mini! Dior Fahrenheit
I began the decade with this 80s leftover. Hugo Boss Hugo
This was the next big thing for a few years! Halston Catalyst for Men
I wore this to work everyday.

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Perry Ellis 360° Tiffany Tiffany Cartier So Pretty

I know I wore others, but I was married to a [email protected] of a man during the whole decade and I have blocked a lot of it out.

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Thierry Mugler Angel Dior Dune Perry Ellis 360° Chloe Chloe

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Dana Incognito Estee Lauder SpellBound Lancome Poeme Salvador Dali Dalissime Revlon Fire & Ice Ralph Lauren Safari Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Giorgio Beverly Hills Red  Oh, this was my spicy one. Estee Lauder Beautiful And this was my floral.

I only had 2 perfumes at a time back then.

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Used it and loved it but now... Escada Sunny Frutti Only Escada perfume that I love Cacharel Eden Thierry Mugler Angel Can't stand it any more Yves Rocher Cap Nature Vanille Cacharel LouLou Slava Zaitsev Maroussia Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Lancome Tresor Cacharel Eden

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Perfumer`s Workshop Samba Nova Calvin Klein Escape Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Salvador Dali Dalissime Salvador Dali Dalimix

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Cerruti 1881 Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Oscar de la Renta So de la Renta Salvador Dali Eau de Dali Kenzo Kenzo

I think I was more selective then... I wouldn't buy anything I didn't LOVE. Probably because I was a student and short of cash!

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise

In the 90's I had no money to buy perfumes but I remember I loved Cacharel LouLou

And in 1997, I discovered Dior Dolce Vita
and I fall in love with it...

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Givenchy Extravagance d'Amarige Gucci Envy Anna Sui Sui Dreams Alfred Sung Sung Todd Oldham Todd Oldham Liz Claiborne Liz Claiborne Liz Claiborne Realities Original Giorgio Beverly Hills Red Diane von Furstenberg Tatiana Coty Sand & Sable

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Guerlain Samsara my initial foray into Guerlain Joop! Joop! Femme  I recall wearing a few of the Joops. Gucci Gucci Rush Oscar de la Renta So de la Renta Nina Ricci Deci Dela Coty Ici Coty Vanilla Fields Don't know what I was thinking when I bought and wore this! I actually liked it at the time. Once I got tired of it I gave it to a friend/co-worker who drowned herself in it. Couldn't stand being around her after that, wanted to take the bottle back.

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Versace Versus Donna Chloe Chloe Narcisse Chloe Chloe Innocence

...and Atkinsons Poivre. I used to get a LOT of comments when I wore Versus. All of these are now discontinued apart from Narcisse, which is the one I now like less...

Interesting thread about the 90s. I was well aware that a lot of my friends were wearing the fruity/ozonic ones like Acqua di Gio' and Eau d'Issey, but I preferred stronger, bolder ones. Maybe it goes with being an art student...

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Cacharel LouLou Alyssa Ashley Musk Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio Cacharel Anais Anais Estee Lauder Beautiful Love Chanel Cristalle Leonard Balahe Dior Poison Evyan White Shoulders Lancome Tresor Montana Parfum de Peau Estee Lauder Private Collection Givenchy Ysatis

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Fred Hayman 273 Rodeo Drive Givenchy Organza Coty Sand & Sable Dior Poison

Lancome Tresor Lancome Poeme Joop! Joop! Femme Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Sapphires

I am not sure these all came out in the 90's in fact I know Poison and Opium were in the late 70's early 80's but that is when I discovered them. I still have all of these in my collection today.

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Alfred Sung Sung                                                                 Alfred Sung Pure                                                                 Jessica McClintock Jessica McClintock                                               Fendi Fendi

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Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Chopard Casmir Coty Ici Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera

Re: 90's Perfume Purchise Rochas Alchimie Boucheron Jaipur Dolce&Gabbana D&G Feminine Dolce&Gabbana D&G Guerlain Champs Elysees Kenzo Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant Versace Blonde Laura Biagiotti Venezia Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Calvin Klein CK One Moschino Cheap & Chic Lancome Tresor Lancome Poeme Benetton Colors de Benetton Perfumer`s Workshop Samba Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Aramis Tuscany Per Donna Leonard Balahe

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