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hi, what is your favourite drugstore perfume? what drugstore perfume doesn't smell cheap? thanks for your advices...
I liked Esprit Life by Esprit, but now I have found out, that this one is not avable now in slovakia..... Do you know something similar to Life by Esprit that is not expensive?

Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow

I don't know if you can get this at the drugstore, but it is available at discount stores. I got mine at Target and have seen it at Walmart.

Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Houbigant Chantilly

This is my favorite drugstore scent - but if old-fashioned and snuggly isn't what you want, then perhaps something else.

Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Elizabeth Arden Red Door

Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume

our drugstores carry expensive designer perfumes as well as some inexpensive ones. Elizabeth Arden Red Door is not just a drug store perfume. High end department stores carry it as well.

I like Houbigant Chantilly and Shania Twain Shania Starlight is nice also.

and I am crazy about Norell Norell so lovely and cheap

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Mine is Gloria Vanderbilt Vanderbilt. It smells so nice with a little bit of elegance and a little bit of sweetnees. It lasts long also and has this retro feeling.

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I would travel the whole world to find your scent in a bottle.

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I almost forgot about Revlon Flair  but it has gotten hard to find

Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Coty Sand & Sable - a really nice white flower fragrance that has musky tones, although musk isn't listed here-

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Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Gloria Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Houbigant Chantilly Coty Ex`cla-ma`tion Coty Tribe

Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Dana Heaven Sent Yardley English Lavander Houbigant Chantilly

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They don't sell Red Door in drugstores in Sweden. But if they did, absolutley my beloved: Elizabeth Arden Red Door

So my second choice would be Fragrances by Yardley.

Especially "ENGLISH ROSE" + Yardley English Lavander Yardley Lavander Spa

And 3'rd place: Dana Tabu

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Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Halston Halston Classic this was my recent pleasant surprise!

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Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Dana Tabu Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio Elizabeth Arden Red Door Velvet

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Re: The Best Drugstore Perfume Dana Tabu  I have to say I would never wear this one, but I did buy a tiny 15 ml bottle last week, it was so cheap and actually very interesting! Very strong, despite being a cologne,  I guess back in the time when this was created, they were putting more consistent stuff in them!
Worth the money even if just for the history of it!

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