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Country: Italy
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NOBILE 1942 fragrances contain essential oils obtained through natural processes of steeping, filtering, and distillation. This results in a lengthy production process, but our patience is rewarded by heightened aromas and tenacious fragrances that maintain their substance and full body.

The patience of a craftsman that is required in producing our essences is also seen in the subsequent phases that all follow the rhythms of nature and centuries of tradition. Once all of the ingredients have been blended, the mixture is left to rest for one month before it can be considered a fragrance ready to be bottled. This process and the use of natural raw materials provides the fragrance with another unique characteristic: adaptability. It changes with the mood and temperament of the moment to take on unique, unforgettable variations in olfactory pleasure.

All NOBILE 1942 products come with a seal that certifies their originality. And even the bottling, labeling, and packaging are done by hand with the care and dedication of a true craftsman.

Designer Nobile 1942 has 35 perfumes in our fragrance base. Nobile 1942 is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1942 and the newest is from 2016. Nobile 1942 fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Marie Duchene and Antonio Alessandria.

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perfume Ambra Nobile Ambra Nobile
for women and men

perfume Anonimo Veneziano Anonimo Veneziano
From decade: 2000 for women

perfume Aqua Nobile Aqua Nobile
2008 for women and men

perfume Cafe Chantant Cafe Chantant
2013 for women and men

perfume Casta Diva Casta Diva
2009 for women

perfume Chypre Chypre
2011 for women

perfume Estroverso Estroverso
for women and men

perfume Fougère Nobile Fougère Nobile
2015 for women and men

perfume Infinito Infinito
2013 for women and men

perfume Lavanda Nobile Lavanda Nobile
2008 for women and men

perfume Malia Malia
2015 for women

perfume Muschio Nobile Muschio Nobile
2011 for women

perfume Patchouli Nobile Patchouli Nobile
2009 for men

perfume Perdizione Perdizione
2016 for women and men

perfume Ponte Vecchio W Ponte Vecchio W
for women

perfume PonteVecchio PonteVecchio
for men

perfume Profumo Imperiale Profumo Imperiale
2010 for women

perfume Rudis Rudis
2014 for men

perfume Sandalo Nobile Sandalo Nobile
2016 for women and men

perfume Vaniglia Estratto Vaniglia Estratto
for women and men

perfume Vespri Aromatico Vespri Aromatico
2013 for women and men

perfume Vespri Orientale Vespri Orientale
2013 for women and men

Bon Bon

perfume I Zucchero Candito I Zucchero Candito
for women and men

perfume II Bon Bon Alla Fragola II Bon Bon Alla Fragola
for women and men

perfume III Altea III Altea
for women and men

Le Petit Chocolatier

perfume I Confiture I Confiture
2011 for women

perfume II Praline II Praline
2011 for women

perfume III Noir Intense III Noir Intense
2011 for women



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