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Country: United States
Main activity: Fashion
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Parent company: Inter Parfums

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Oscar de la Renta is a fashion designer born in the Dominican Republic in 1932. Displaying an early aptitude for art, Oscar left for Spain, to study painting at Madrid's Academy of San Fernando. Fascinated by Spanish culture and with a growing interest in fashion design, Oscar began sketching for fashion houses and landed a position with leading couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga. In 1960, he moved to Paris and worked as a couture assistant at Lanvin.

After working in the glamorous world of haute couture for several years, Oscar's business sense led him in the direction of ready-to-wear. He left for the United States in 1963, taking a position with Elizabeth Arden (who then produced fashions as well as cosmetics.) In 1965, after earning some industry recognition through his work at Arden, Oscar was ready to launch his own fashion house.

Oscar's background in the Dominican Republic and his experience in the couture houses of Madrid and Paris express themselves in unique, colorful and feminine fashions featuring luxurious fabrics and attention to detail. The house experienced immediate success, and Oscar won the 1967 and 1968 Coty American Fashion Critics' Awards. He was installed in the Coty Hall of Fame in 1973, and that same year, began a three-year term as President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Oscar de la Renta became a United States citizen in 1971.

Oscar's success as a designer continued through the 1980s and early 1990s. In 1993, while continuing to offer clothing under his own brand, he accepted a position as head couturier at Balmain. He is the first American to design for a French couture house. His tenure at Balmain continued through 2002. Upon his return to America, the Oscar de la Renta brand expanded to include accessories, home furnishings and a retail division with stores around the world. Oscar de la Renta fashions have dressed some of the late 20th century's most famous, powerful and glamorous women, including three former First Ladies.

Oscar de la Renta's first fragrance, 1977's Oscar for women, was introduced and remains a worldwide best-seller today. A series of fragrances for men and women have followed. Oscar de la Renta fragrances are produced in conjunction with L'Oreal.

Designer Oscar de la Renta has 46 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1977 and the newest is from 2016. Oscar de la Renta fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Frank Voelkl, Ann Gottlieb, Jacques Cavallier, Alberto Morillas, Jean-Marc Chaillan, Carlos Benaim, Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Calice Becker, Sonia Constant, Beatrice Piquet, Ilias Ermenidis, Sophia Grojsman, Irina Burlakova, Pascal Gaurin and Bruno Jovanovic.

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perfume Esprit d’Oscar Esprit d’Oscar
2011 for women

perfume Gentleman Gentleman
2016 for men

perfume Intrusion Intrusion
2002 for women

perfume Live in Love Live in Love
2011 for women

perfume Oscar Oscar
1977 for women

perfume Oscar Bamboo Oscar Bamboo
2006 for women

perfume Oscar Celebration Oscar Celebration
2007 for women

perfume Oscar Citrus Oscar Citrus
2005 for women

perfume Oscar Flor Oscar Flor
2015 for women

perfume Oscar for Men Oscar for Men
1999 for men

perfume Oscar Fresh Vanilla Oscar Fresh Vanilla
2008 for women

perfume Oscar Gold Oscar Gold
2006 for women

perfume Oscar Island Flowers Oscar Island Flowers
2006 for women

perfume Oscar Latin Light Oscar Latin Light
2003 for women

perfume Oscar Limited Edition Oscar Limited Edition
2007 for women

perfume Oscar Marine Spirit Oscar Marine Spirit
2005 for women

perfume Oscar Pink Lily Oscar Pink Lily
2006 for women

perfume Oscar Red Satin Oscar Red Satin
2007 for women

perfume Oscar Sheer Freesia Oscar Sheer Freesia
2009 for women

perfume Oscar Summer Oscar Summer
2008 for women

perfume Oscar Summer Dew Oscar Summer Dew
2007 for women

perfume Oscar Tropical Oscar Tropical
2002 for women

perfume Oscar Tropical Flower Oscar Tropical Flower
2006 for women

perfume Oscar Velvet Oscar Velvet
2016 for women

perfume Oscar Velvet Noir Oscar Velvet Noir
2016 for women

perfume Oscar Violet Oscar Violet
2005 for women

perfume Red Orchid Red Orchid
2007 for women

perfume Rosamor Rosamor
2004 for women

perfume Rosamor Eau d’Ete Rosamor Eau d’Ete
2005 for women

perfume Rosamor Island Flowers Rosamor Island Flowers
2006 for women

perfume Ruffles Ruffles
1983 for women

perfume So de la Renta So de la Renta
1997 for women

perfume Soft Amber Soft Amber
2008 for women

perfume Soft Blossom Soft Blossom
2014 for women

perfume Something Blue Something Blue
2013 for women

perfume Volupte Volupte
1992 for women

Essential Luxuries

perfume Coralina Coralina
2012 for women

perfume Granada Granada
2012 for women

perfume Mi Corazon Mi Corazon
2012 for women

perfume Oriental Lace Oriental Lace
2012 for women

perfume Santo Domingo Santo Domingo
2012 for women and men

perfume Sargasso Sargasso
2012 for women


perfume Extraordinary Extraordinary
2015 for women

perfume Extraordinary Pétale Extraordinary Pétale
2016 for women



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