Niche Perfumery Cerchi Nell'Acqua by Enrico Buccella: L'Exotique & Ipazia

Cerchi Nell'Acqua by Enrico Buccella: L'Exotique & Ipazia

05/01/12 00:28:20 (4 comments)

by: Sandra Raičević Petrović

Perfumer Enrico Buccella presents two beautiful perfumes joining the Cerchi Nell'Acqua collection. The names of the fragrances are L'EXOTIQUE and IPAZIA and they were presented at the perfume expo in Dusseldorf: Global Art of Perfumery. Besides these two fragrances are the collection of Sigilli (article with new editions: Sigilli Hymba and Bayan Mulak) as well as the collection of Les Voiles Depliees.

Just like I have already announced, the new fragrances of the Cerchi Nell'Acqua collection are created with compositions that do not have a pyramidal structure, but are composed with cyclic/water circles. Their energy and selected notes spread in waves and come back in cycles—they interchange as you wear the fragrances.

I can freely say that fragrances L'Exotique and Ipazia are among my favorites from this expo.  They are very wearable, rich and layered, while their cyclic compositions lured me to sniff the back of my hands—a true game of cycles, with a thought of what is now awakening and spreading out from the place there the scent was sprayed.

After citruses from the beginning of Ipazia, rich and seductive, juicy floral notes interchanged, enriched with discrete spices and warmed with amber. And then again everything from the beginning, you can feel the turn of citruses, flowers, spices and resins. Just like a dance on your skin.

A more accentuated cyclic game could be felt in Ipazia. Nevertheless, perfume L'Exotique which, in waves, brings various citrusy and aromatic herbs, I was able to feel the Mediterranean air of Monaco. Warmed air, breezes, various herbs, bright and sunny citruses—benefits of the opulent Riviera.  

Monaco by sandrina

The exotic gardens of Monaco are unique in their variety. They bring a mixture of various plants, so-called aquatic-succulent plants retaining water in their insides—in the leaves, trunk and root. These plants have developed their defensive systems in order to adapt to a dry climate with their spectacular hypertropic organ (leaves that store water reserves). This fantastic place inspired the perfumer who created the cyclic composition full of sunny notes, citruses, fresh sea air and aromatic notes of succulent herbs—reinterpreting the scent of the opulent gardens of Monaco.

The spectacular fragrant panorama of Monaco reflects in the cyclic composition which provides various notes, which renew, interchange and reappear on the skin.

A triumph of freshness is achieved from orange, lemon, mandarin and bergamot combined with green notes, resting on the amber base of the beautiful L'Exotique edition.

The first cycle offers lemon and orange, the second gives us sweet and optimistic mandarin, the third one accentuates green notes, while the fourth encompasses amber and bergamot, returning the story to the beginning towards the citruses which reappear on the skin. Fantastic!

In Alexandria, Egypt, Ipazia was a mathematician, physicist and philosopher from the 4th century. She was known for her unprecedented beauty and was a charismatic teacher of new ideas. She understood the movement of the Earth as an ellipse, 12 centuries before Kepler. Her femininity and seductiveness were envied by Bishop Cyril, who was in charge of her terrible death, by means of the fanatics of the new religion.

Ipazia was a strong, free and beautiful woman, fascinated with culture and science. In 1720 an English philosopher said the following about her: "Magnificence of her sex is our shame," which makes her a martyr of her own idea. Perfumer Enrico Bucchella wanted to create a special fragrance and to mark it with her name Ipazia, elevating the universe of women, which he deeply admires.

"A woman is the state of the art of creation, the quintessence of human existence, through which and for which, man was made" says Enrico Buccella!

The composition is created as cyclic and it offers notes of bergamot, orange, lemon, petit grain and tangerine enriched with woody, spicy and aromatic aromas in the second cycle. The third cycle offers a divine bouquet of mimosa, rose and tuberose enriched with amber and musky notes in the following cycles.

When the fragrances are sprayed on the skin, powerful and fascinating essences are released in cycles and they interchange and after a while come back in waves and return to the first plan.


Both fragrances were presented in 2012. If you manage to find them, I recommend testing both of them!


Cerchi Nell'Acqua press release


   Author: Sandra Raičević Petrović

 Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer
              e-mail: [email protected]


   Translation: Ivana (Ina_Mo)




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Dears, sorry for my late answer.
I find this collection so good. Isotta is the same type of fragrance like Chanel 5, but the aldehydes goes so much better with my skin than Chanel 5. Issota is a bit bitter and less sharper than Chanel 5 on my skin, honestly, it suits better for my type of skin.

Jolie is much softer and sweeter, full of joy, like it is leading you to a holiday. This fragrance takes me back to my childhood, peaceful moments, happiness, love and sweet and warm emotions. Very pleasant.

My personal favorite is L`Exotique, because it is so wearable and optimistic, so sunny, but in the same time full of joy and emotions, with fantastic layers of juicy citruses and soft flowers. I really love the game of cycles on my skin, it reminds me to smell my wrist so often to search for the new perfume waves.

I wish to thank to Mr. Buccella for his time and pleasant talk about all the collection at Global Art of Dusseldorf!


Did you test "Jolie" ?
If you did, what did you think about it ?

Are there fresh notes like mint in "L'Exotique" ?



What an amazing fragrance concept! This is truly something we haven't seen before, with the cycles.


sorry, no revieuw, but I bought Isotta last year, and it is to my nose almost chanel 5!!
So curious if you tested Isotta as well, if so what's yout opinion??

Thanks, Jacqueline


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