Ice Cream In The Sun: The Solar Lactonic ThrustIce Cream In The Sun: The Solar Lactonic Thrust

Columns 10/19/16 13:32 (3 comments)

There is a solar lactonic thrust taking place. Both adjectives often materialise hand in hand in contemporary fragrance, but their appearances weren’t simultaneous. First came a trend for milky accords. Then solar followed as an adjective receiving attention and registration in fragrance vernacular. However, I consider that both of these strands of contemporary scent direction can be understood as an industry leaning towards novel effects on existing profiles, in contrast to ... (more)

Let’s just sit back and enjoy some ice cream in the sun.

Autumn Smell List Made in FranceAutumn Smell List Made in France

Columns 10/18/16 10:54 (2 comments)

  For many in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is withdrawing on tippy toes to give way to cooler temperatures. With its bronzed glow, this season makes us dream of warm, cocooning sillages, and especially woody scents fit the fall time atmosphere in a sublime way, which is why I decided to come up with an indiscriminate smell-list for the season. We encounter woody aromas in both classical and recent launches, and they show up in the most exclusive areas...all the more reas... (more)

French Fragrantica Editor Sophie Normand invites us to experience Autumn through a selection of perfumes with woody notes.

Visiting Lorenzo Villoresi: Boutique, Garden and Much More

Visiting Lorenzo Villoresi: Boutique, Garden and Much MoreColumns 10/17/16 12:12 (One comment)

The Fragrantica Russia team visited the Lorenzo Villoresi boutique and shares their impressions with you

The Language of Scent, Part 1 of 5

The Language of Scent, Part 1 of 5Columns 10/15/16 09:48 (13 comments)

Mat explains essential oil vs absolute, maturation vs maceration, anosmia vs accommodation, and concentration vs strength.

Perfume Shopping in Melbourne, Australia

Perfume Shopping in Melbourne, AustraliaColumns 10/04/16 09:52 (10 comments)

Fragrantica's Yi Shang takes us on a scented tour through her city: Melbourne, Australia.

Chanel №5 and №5 L’Eau: A Breakthough

Chanel №5 and №5 L’Eau: A BreakthoughColumns 09/30/16 14:06 (9 comments)

A review of the newest Chanel and some clarification about other Chanel No 5 launches.

The Joy Of Layering Scents

The Joy Of Layering ScentsColumns 09/27/16 09:02 (18 comments)

Why and how you could layer your favorite fragrances.

Curious Perfumers and Instagram Design Strategies: A Creative Discourse

Curious Perfumers and Instagram Design Strategies: A Creative Discourse Columns 09/23/16 14:46 (3 comments)

"My suggestion to perfumers is to stop focusing so much on curiosity and turn your attention to unbridled passion and obsession."

Addicted: The Ones I Bought Because of the Bottles

Addicted: The Ones I Bought Because of the BottlesColumns 09/14/16 22:08 (57 comments)

Marlen discusses the esthetic pleasures of fragrance bottles and his compulsion to purchase a scent because of its packaging.

#NextGenPerfumer: Théo Belmas

#NextGenPerfumer: Théo BelmasColumns 09/08/16 03:07 (2 comments)

#NextGenPerfumer: A new series that shines light on the future talent of the fragrance industry.

Homage to Sonia Rykiel: Her Perfumed World

Homage to Sonia Rykiel: Her Perfumed WorldColumns 08/25/16 14:36 (9 comments)

The great designer (1930-2016) was a fabulous arbiter of both design and aroma. We discuss our favorites from her brand in reverent homage.

Perfume and Technology: Our Friends, the Microbes

Perfume and Technology: Our Friends, the MicrobesColumns 08/24/16 09:19 (12 comments)

Microbes are playing an important role in keeping your perfume sustainable.

Ultimate Baldessarini: Niche - Luxe Relationships

Ultimate Baldessarini: Niche - Luxe RelationshipsColumns 08/15/16 13:33 (6 comments)

How ideas that were born in niche get to luxury perfumery.

Revival Culture

Revival CultureColumns 08/13/16 20:14 (8 comments)

"We’re talking about it as significant, reflective of the increasing status and value of perfume."

Are Fragrance Reviews Useful?Are Fragrance Reviews Useful?

08/04/16 09:57 (68 comments)

Addicted: My Perry Ellis Time MachineAddicted: My Perry Ellis Time Machine

08/02/16 10:25 (16 comments)

Addicted: Modern AngelsAddicted: Modern Angels

06/30/16 12:49 (13 comments)

The Life Span of a Perfume: Mixing and AgingThe Life Span of a Perfume: Mixing and Aging

06/14/16 20:17 (36 comments)

"Signature Perfumes" and "My Perfume Self"

05/20/16 11:11 (21 comments)

The 100 Days ChallengeThe 100 Days Challenge

03/29/16 17:46 (37 comments)

10 Years of Terre d'Hermes: Facts & Trivia10 Years of Terre d'Hermes: Facts & Trivia

03/22/16 12:30 (7 comments)

Addicted: Love, Loss & RecoveryAddicted: Love, Loss & Recovery

03/17/16 10:01 (28 comments)

Lancaster Le Parfum SolaireLancaster Le Parfum Solaire

03/09/16 16:29 (6 comments)

Synethesia - My Sensory Mash-Up WorldSynethesia - My Sensory Mash-Up World

02/28/16 15:22 (13 comments)

Addicted: The Most Ridiculous QuestionAddicted: The Most Ridiculous Question

02/14/16 12:27 (49 comments)

Talking Dirty: Goût de TerroirTalking Dirty: Goût de Terroir

01/15/16 06:35 (15 comments)

Addicted: The Worst Thing I Ever SmelledAddicted: The Worst Thing I Ever Smelled

01/02/16 05:00 (242 comments)

All I Want For Christmas - Miguel's WishlistAll I Want For Christmas - Miguel's Wishlist

12/15/15 14:58 (15 comments)

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