Interviews Exclusive Interview: Theodoros Kalotinis of THEO PARFUMS

Exclusive Interview: Theodoros Kalotinis of THEO PARFUMS

05/21/16 08:12:07 (3 comments)

by: Sofia Papasotiriou

It was not so long ago when I first contacted a young Greek perfumer, Theodoros Kalotinis. I was taken by surprise by his great passion for creating perfumes but also by his young age, barely 26 years old. We introduced his creations in our article  Introducing THÉO Parfums of Greece. Now it's time to learn more about him in an interview he gave exclusively to Fragrantica.

When did you first become interested in the world of perfumery?

Theodoros Kalotinis: Ever since I can remember, to be honest. I was always attracted to beautiful scents… It was a heart-stemming need even when I was just a boy, I used to collect and mix flowers, looking for combinations that would lead me to the world of perfumes, full of wonders. During my school years, my interest was focused around flowers, spices and scents. As a teenager, I was a perfume collector; in fact I still am. However, what really made me make up my mind and go ahead was the fact that I was long able to recognize the composition of perfumes that people around me wore.

What were your first scented memories?

TK: Scents from my grandmother’s garden and her kitchen! Oh how diferently everything smelled before the eyes of an innocent child. Imagine the feast of smells in the house of a woman with roots from Crete, Kalymnos and Smyrna. Or her garden? Oh such a wonderful garden! You could find dozens of flowers in it.

When did you realize that making perfumes is what you really like to do the most and what studies did you pursue in order to succeed in it?

TK: The moment I bought my first essential oils and created my first perfume, and afterwards when I realized that my creations were deeply appreciated by the people around me. It was at that moment that many people who didn't know me personally, started to believe in me. It is so satisfying to see people falling for your creations, and it’s so touching knowing that my perfumes accompany them to the important moments in their lifes. A piece of me becomes part of their memories. Along with this comes the sweet awareness that this is what I was meant to do. Creating perfumes is my whole life, my love, my passion… I think about it and I am shivering.

My Brand, THEO PARFUMS, was born by my endless passion for the world of perfumery and by the great acceptance and love I received from those people. My studies began almost a year after my first perfume was created. After much effort and a lot of research, I discovered my own unique approach, and then I started making my perfumes in my own special way.

At this point, all things led me to a one-way trip directly to the global capital of perfumery, Grasse. It was a lifetime dream visiting this city. There, I took an accelerated course at the private school of Galimard. Experience is the mother of learning, experience coupled with love.

Do you have a focused concept when developing a perfume? Tell us a bit more about your inspiration.

TK: No, I didn’t have a specific view. Creating perfumes is an art. It takes birth from the inspiration of a random moment, through experiences. Everything depends on my mood. My first perfume, Lily, for example, was inspired by the Minoan Civilization, while I was standing in front of the magnificent palace of Knossos. A place charged with energy, memories, scents and history. I closed my eyes and tried to recall the scents that were surrounding the Minoan women back then. These people had really sophisticated, natural methods for taking care of their faces and bodies. A journey through time. I spent an entire day there in order to take what was neccesary for Lily’s creation. The inspiration for 1989 was my vision of a well-dressed and elegant man. Well, my perspective of this, at least. As for Gardenia, it was about giving scent to the color white. I wanted to enclose the freedom and the purity of it. As you can see insipration can be found where you least expect it. A song, a beautiful sunset, the calming light blue sea of the Aegean, a tender touch from our loved ones....

Please describe your fragrances in three words.

TK: Love, optimism, passion.

Thank you very much for your exclusive interview with us and we wish you every success in your field of work.


The official website of THÉO PARFUMS :


Sofia Papasotiriou
Editor, Writer & Translator

Sofia Papasotiriou was born and lives in Greece. Sophia has a Proficiency Diploma from Cambridge University in teaching English as a Foreign language in Greece. Sophia has also studied economics at BSB College in Greece. She is a translator and editor of Fragrantica in Greek. Sophia has been a passionate perfume collector for many years. Besides perfumes, her hobbies include Gardening and Nail Art.


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When Fragrantica first listed Gardenia and Lily in the database, Theo’s perfumes went to the top of my want list! I recently ordered them and had them shipped to the US and they are totally worth the wait! Nothing like what I expected, but so much more than I could have ever hoped for! Lily and Gardenia are gorgeous fragrances!


"The scent of the color white" how fascinating! These sound very fresh and interesting, I enjoyed this very much - he sounds like an engaging new perfumer!


Lovely interview! Looking forward to trying these three compositions, they sound stunning


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