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Zafeer Oud Vanille – Exotic Vanilla from Alexandre JZafeer Oud Vanille – Exotic Vanilla from Alexandre J

Fragrance Reviews 08/25/15 13:51 (5 comments)

Now that we are all preparing for the next great niche perfume expo in Florence, I still have some brands and perfumes to talk about from my experience at Esxence in Milan. Some of them, like Alexandre J's Zafeer Oud Vanille , have been enchanting me since March. I was given a sample of this scent and I have been wearing it since. Well, not anymore, since it is empty by now. Zafeer Oud Vanille is a must-smell for all of those who think we can't get anything new in a van... (more)

Review of Zafeer Oud Vanille, a very sexy and contemporary blend.

Anthropologie Fictions Review & GiveawayAnthropologie Fictions Review & Giveaway

Fragrance Reviews 08/12/15 14:33 (96 comments)

Anthropologie is a store where you go to treat yourself. You can live your everyday life passing by this store: if you don't walk in, you will not lose anything practical you need. But if you walk in, you might have a feeling that you need everything there. This is what art does to us. Artists see life and things from a different angle and the opportunity to join them is very tempting. Recently we published official information about the Anthropologie Fictions per... (more)

Three new perfumes for Anthropologie

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Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Bleu

Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé BleuFragrance Reviews 08/07/15 16:43 (10 comments)

"...Bleu is a slightly bitter, herbal, leafy composition that is quite unusual and unlike anything else recently launched on the market."

Pierre Guillaume Paris Seychelles ... Madeira?

Pierre Guillaume Paris Seychelles ... Madeira?Fragrance Reviews 08/06/15 17:29 (3 comments)

"The oh-so-elegant and chic vacation of a French woman ..."

The Superfine Tobacco Club: Korres Premium II L'Eau de Parfum

The Superfine Tobacco Club: Korres Premium II L'Eau de ParfumFragrance Reviews 07/30/15 16:12 (6 comments)

"The composition is outright masculine, so ladies should give it a skip."

Blackbird's Zola Jesus Taiga

Blackbird's Zola Jesus TaigaFragrance Reviews 07/28/15 18:11

A journey that spirals inward ...

Rancé 1795 Près de Toi and the Reformulation of Powerhouses

Rancé 1795 Près de Toi and the Reformulation of PowerhousesFragrance Reviews 07/28/15 05:07 (6 comments)

"Sweet, enveloping, decadent, even mouthwatering ..."

The Retro-Celebrities of Les Cocottes de Paris

The Retro-Celebrities of Les Cocottes de Paris Fragrance Reviews 07/08/15 17:36 (6 comments)

Stories of 19th-century beauties told in fragrances

1861 Collection by Xerjoff

1861 Collection by Xerjoff Fragrance Reviews 07/08/15 02:35

Sergio Momo talks about the Collection devoted to the 150-year Anniversary of Italian Unification

Prudence Paris: Collection Impériale

Prudence Paris: Collection ImpérialeFragrance Reviews 07/06/15 09:23 (2 comments)

Six new scents by Prudence Kilgour

The Awkward Marine Beauty of Sogno Reale

The Awkward Marine Beauty of Sogno RealeFragrance Reviews 07/03/15 05:39 (14 comments)

" ... sometimes you can't explain your dreams; you just dream them."

Paul Emilien Une Belle Journée – A Scent of Joy

Paul Emilien Une Belle Journée – A Scent of JoyFragrance Reviews 06/18/15 16:37 (4 comments)

" ... like an amulet for protection."

The Scent of Sun and Fun: Summer by Dasein

The Scent of Sun and Fun: Summer by DaseinFragrance Reviews 06/13/15 11:50 (4 comments)

Capturing the light, heat and joy of the season

Tiziana Terenzi Chimaera

Tiziana Terenzi Chimaera Fragrance Reviews 05/25/15 05:26 (One comment)

Every new batch of the fragrance might differ a little due to the harvest of natural Anatolian incense.

Pivoine Suzhou Armani PrivePivoine Suzhou Armani Prive

05/20/15 04:24 (3 comments)

The Seven Lives of CabochardThe Seven Lives of Cabochard

04/23/15 17:51 (19 comments)

Puredistance White: White and GoldPuredistance White: White and Gold

04/12/15 06:15 (One comment)

Perfect Gardenia: Teo Cabanel's Lace GardenPerfect Gardenia: Teo Cabanel's Lace Garden

04/07/15 17:21 (One comment)

Dame Perfumery Scottsdale's Desert RoseDame Perfumery Scottsdale's Desert Rose

03/24/15 18:23 (18 comments)

Tagete by Profumum RomaTagete by Profumum Roma

03/20/15 05:17 (7 comments)

A New Masculine Tradition: Dior Homme ParfumA New Masculine Tradition: Dior Homme Parfum

03/19/15 16:14 (13 comments)

Nineteen Signature FragrancesNineteen Signature Fragrances

03/16/15 17:51 (9 comments)

Puredistance White - Dream of Happiness!Puredistance White - Dream of Happiness!

03/16/15 05:59 (4 comments)

Angel*Men - Two Masculine AngelsAngel*Men - Two Masculine Angels

03/03/15 17:30 (14 comments)

Tom Ford London: London or Dubai?Tom Ford London: London or Dubai?

02/28/15 06:32 (6 comments)

My Naked Truth Smells of Pure SunshineMy Naked Truth Smells of Pure Sunshine

02/27/15 11:15 (10 comments)

A La Russe RougeA La Russe Rouge

02/22/15 14:18 (2 comments)

The Four Lives of Ma Griffe: A ComparisonThe Four Lives of Ma Griffe: A Comparison

02/19/15 17:00 (22 comments)

4160 Tuesdays: 'Short Film Perfumes'4160 Tuesdays: 'Short Film Perfumes'

02/13/15 17:34 (10 comments)

The Soft Androgyny of Living LaliqueThe Soft Androgyny of Living Lalique

02/08/15 07:14 (7 comments)

Rediscovering Parfum Tea RoseRediscovering Parfum Tea Rose

02/01/15 09:21 (18 comments)

Heeley Vetiver VéritasHeeley Vetiver Véritas

01/20/15 16:24 (7 comments)

A New White Shirt from Jo MaloneA New White Shirt from Jo Malone

01/08/15 17:06 (6 comments)

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