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Chestnuts In the Air: Castagna by TuttotondoChestnuts In the Air: Castagna by Tuttotondo

Fragrance Reviews 01/17/17 11:59 (4 comments)

  This time of year, in my city and in many other cities where it's winter, the smell of roasted chestnuts is something that is always in the air. That comforting smell that I love, urging me to eat some more, and I can rarely stop before there is no more chestnuts left. Who would have thought that a perfume brand would take this as a theme for a fragrance? It's real and it's called Castagna , from the ever so fun Italian house of Tuttotondo . ... (more)

Have you ever imagined a perfume that smelled like roasted chestnuts?

Zadig & Voltaire This is Him - French RockZadig & Voltaire This is Him - French Rock

Fragrance Reviews 01/15/17 10:18 (7 comments)

Quality has been returning to mainstream fragrances lately and hopefully we are going to see this happen continuously not only from Guerlain or Chanel, but also from other names, even designer brands that are not fragrance-based businesses. A great example of that is the newest Zadig & Voltaire scent couple. After the first experience with perfume from this French fashion house, the solid creations called Tome 1 La Pureté and Tome 1 La Pureté For Men in 2012, a n... (more)

Dark and sexy, classic and young, a rocker scent for savvy millennials.

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Musc BlancLes Senteurs Gourmandes
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Tuberose Vetiver AttarPersephenie Studio
Tuberose Vetiver Attar

Saffron Sandalwood AttarPersephenie Studio
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Rose Sandalwood AttarPersephenie Studio
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Parijata Vetiver AttarPersephenie Studio
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Egyptian JasminePersephenie Studio
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White Ginger LilyPersephenie Studio
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Blue Lotus Vetiver AttarPersephenie Studio
Blue Lotus Vetiver Attar

Tendre MadeleineLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Tendre Madeleine

Vanille VioletteLes Senteurs Gourmandes
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Vanille NoireLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Noire

Vanille OrientaleLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Orientale

Vanille De La RéunionLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille De La Réunion

Delirium DelightMango
Delirium Delight




Luiza Brunet NightAvon
Luiza Brunet Night

Puredistance Warszawa: The First Perfume Dedicated to the Polish Capital

Puredistance Warszawa: The First Perfume Dedicated to the Polish CapitalFragrance Reviews 01/15/17 10:13 (3 comments)

Warsaw serves as the inspiration for the new perfume from Puredistance

Fragrant First Impressions: Jontue, La Panthere Soir, Royal Mayfair & More!

Fragrant First Impressions: Jontue, La Panthere Soir, Royal Mayfair & More!Fragrance Reviews 01/14/17 10:28 (8 comments)

Staff reviews of Dasein, Creed, Cartier, Zoologist, Chabaud, Jovoy, Ormonde Jayne & Revlon. Share your own thoughts in a comment!

Gucci Guilty Absolute: Playing Niche

Gucci Guilty Absolute: Playing NicheFragrance Reviews 01/11/17 08:17 (27 comments)

Remember the days of Gucci fragrances created by Tom Ford? Those days are gone but this week the mailman just delivered the upcoming masculine Gucci and was I blown away!

Far Out Fantasy Fragrance: La Curie's Odyssey

Far Out Fantasy Fragrance: La Curie's OdysseyFragrance Reviews 01/09/17 08:15 (One comment)

The scent of space suits and spaceship upholstery and Barbarella's fabulous boots

Love Sweet Love: Éléonore

Love Sweet Love: ÉléonoreFragrance Reviews 01/06/17 06:51 (4 comments)

The sweetest caress from Rancé 1795.

Jardin de France: the primary elements in fragrances

Jardin de France: the primary elements in fragrancesFragrance Reviews 12/30/16 13:07 (2 comments)

Sergey reviews the 5 fragrances representing Stone, Earth, Wood, Metal and Leather.

Bracken Man Amouage: Pteridium Aquilinum

Bracken Man Amouage: Pteridium AquilinumFragrance Reviews 12/28/16 10:08 (4 comments)

Just imagine an Aquiline perfume family appearing instead of the Fougere family!!!

Oliver and Co Nebula 1: Subjective Minimal White

Oliver and Co Nebula 1: Subjective Minimal WhiteFragrance Reviews 12/26/16 13:42 (5 comments)

Olfaction meets Abstraction in this work by Oliver Valverde

Zara Fragrances: Radiant Woods, Deep Vanilla, Sunrise Rose

Zara Fragrances: Radiant Woods, Deep Vanilla, Sunrise RoseFragrance Reviews 12/24/16 11:09 (10 comments)

New fragrances from Zara

American Glamour: Norell Elixir

American Glamour: Norell ElixirFragrance Reviews 12/22/16 11:50 (10 comments)

Norell is back and it comes with a flanker of oriental character in a jewel treasure box.

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler: Skipping To The Dessert Menu

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler: Skipping To The Dessert MenuFragrance Reviews 12/22/16 10:57 (15 comments)

"Smelling Angel Muse I always catch myself searching for masculine features in her character. So why shouldn't I suggest this perfume to men?"

Abbott NYC: Start with Samples, Continue to Aromatic Adventures

Abbott NYC: Start with Samples, Continue to Aromatic AdventuresFragrance Reviews 12/18/16 09:56 (One comment)

Marlen reviews the 4 new Abbott NYC scents

Bittersweet Poison: Cicuta by V CantoBittersweet Poison: Cicuta by V Canto

12/07/16 08:29 (3 comments)

Unveiling Starck's Peau d'AilleursUnveiling Starck's Peau d'Ailleurs

12/03/16 09:29 (8 comments)

Fiery Gourmand: Nishane Fan Your FlamesFiery Gourmand: Nishane Fan Your Flames

11/30/16 12:10 (4 comments)

Dusita Paris: Anticipating the BestDusita Paris: Anticipating the Best

11/29/16 11:43 (11 comments)

Blackpepper: Very Comme des GarçonsBlackpepper: Very Comme des Garçons

11/25/16 09:49 (2 comments)

Perfumes of TonattoPerfumes of Tonatto

11/13/16 05:31 (One comment)

Gri Gri Sideshow - Get Your Freak On!Gri Gri Sideshow - Get Your Freak On!

11/05/16 03:13 (7 comments)

Sheiduna: The New Fragrance by PuredistanceSheiduna: The New Fragrance by Puredistance

11/02/16 09:12 (4 comments)

APSU – I'm so green!APSU – I'm so green!

09/28/16 22:35 (3 comments)

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