Editors' Choice Awards 2016: Showcasing the Reviews of Fragrantica's MembersEditors' Choice Awards 2016: Showcasing the Reviews of Fragrantica's Members

Fragrantica 12/09/16 09:02 (19 comments)

'Tis the season to be jolly and here at Fragrantica we are excited to celebrate over 600,000 member fragrance reviews! In the spirit of the holiday season, we are thankful for our members' participation and want to recognize some of our favorite fragrance reviews from the past year. Throughout the month of December, Fragrantica's Editors will choose a number of fragrance reviews written by members and showcase them right here on our front page. Selected reviewers... (more)

We wish everyone a very happy holiday season and look forward to shining the spotlight on your own writing!

Parts of the Equation: A US Giveaway from The SumParts of the Equation: A US Giveaway from The Sum

Fragrantica 06/15/16 08:29 (121 comments)

In March this year, jewelry house The Sum made its first foray into the world of fragrances with Fragrance Offering 0001 . Partnering with perfumer Josh Meyer (known and loved for the creative concepts and stunning scents behind Imaginary Authors), The Sum reinvigorates the conversation about the beauty of minimalism with the three fragrances in 0001:  The Red , The White and The Black . Three ... (more)

The Sum will send 13 US members a sample set of their new fragrance collection!

Fragrantica Photo Contest Winners (2016)

Fragrantica Photo Contest Winners (2016)Fragrantica 03/14/16 15:07 (50 comments)

We announce our top 5 winners and 6 additional honourable mention recipients.

Mongolian Fans Celebrate Their New Fragrantica Website!

Mongolian Fans Celebrate Their New Fragrantica Website!Fragrantica 03/10/16 12:25 (32 comments)

"Fragrantica was our vital source of knowledge and we even had a nickname for it: 'The Holy Book of Fragrance'."

A picture is worth a thousand words - The Fragrantica photo contest

A picture is worth a thousand words - The Fragrantica photo contestFragrantica 01/30/16 05:50 (34 comments)

We will recognize our favorite pictures in an article on our homepage. Competition ends 2/29/16.

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from U.S. Writer John Biebel

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from U.S. Writer John BiebelFragrantica 12/18/15 17:28 (12 comments)

John Biebel selects three reviewers who moved him.


FragranceNET GIVEAWAY WINNERSFragrantica 12/17/15 18:08 (66 comments)

Welcome Winners in Giveaway!

The Bravest Spam Fighter Rewards!

The Bravest Spam Fighter Rewards!Fragrantica 12/14/15 22:50 (58 comments)

Fragrantica would like to thank the most diligent members of our community who help us fight spammers. Holidays GIVEAWAY Holidays GIVEAWAYFragrantica 12/14/15 22:00 (2420 comments)

10 perfumes will be shipped to the winners worldwide!

FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2015

FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2015Fragrantica 12/08/15 18:15 (31 comments)

We asked our editors to prepare suggestions for the best perfumes of the year 2015, based on their exploration and personal taste.


BEST PERFUMES of 2015Fragrantica 12/08/15 17:42 (754 comments)

FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choices.

Macy's Friends & Family Sale and GIVEAWAY

Macy's Friends & Family Sale and GIVEAWAYFragrantica 12/08/15 17:42 (277 comments)

10 perfumes and perfume sets of exclusive offers from MACY'S.

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from Executive Editor and Writer, Marlen Harrison

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from Executive Editor and Writer, Marlen HarrisonFragrantica 11/29/15 11:28 (26 comments)

Congrats to Lanier, Drugstore Classics and Gypsy Parfumista!

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from U.S. Editor and Writer Jodi Battershell

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from U.S. Editor and Writer Jodi BattershellFragrantica 11/21/15 20:34 (17 comments)

NLS awards theme-based prizes to three Fragrantica reviewers

Best Perfumes of 2014Best Perfumes of 2014

12/15/14 21:26 (26 comments)

Magnolia is the New White – WINNERS!Magnolia is the New White – WINNERS!

02/21/14 15:21 (343 comments)

Golden Boy Dueto Parfums WINNERS!Golden Boy Dueto Parfums WINNERS!

11/28/13 13:31 (24 comments)

Teo Cabanel Barkhane: Winners!Teo Cabanel Barkhane: Winners!

11/20/13 18:45 (98 comments)

AVON Today Tomorrow Always FOREVER GiveawayAVON Today Tomorrow Always FOREVER Giveaway

10/22/13 16:58 (63 comments)

CVS Beauty Collection GiveawayCVS Beauty Collection Giveaway

10/22/13 16:54 (70 comments)

Perfumer Sandrine Videault  Passed AwayPerfumer Sandrine Videault Passed Away

07/04/13 15:53 (36 comments)

Fragrantica Spring GiveawayFragrantica Spring Giveaway

05/01/13 17:00 (427 comments)

Enchanted Forest GIVEAWAYEnchanted Forest GIVEAWAY

02/20/13 09:31 (372 comments)

Most Loved Perfumes in 2012Most Loved Perfumes in 2012

02/20/13 09:09 (23 comments)

WINNERS To Receive Enchanted Forest SampleWINNERS To Receive Enchanted Forest Sample

12/17/12 15:10 (130 comments)

CnR Create Wnter Holidays Giveaway!CnR Create Wnter Holidays Giveaway!

11/24/12 18:25 (26 comments)

Mona di Orio Passed Away TodayMona di Orio Passed Away Today

12/09/11 15:59 (33 comments)

Jean-Francois Laporte Passed AwayJean-Francois Laporte Passed Away

11/17/11 08:46 (26 comments)

Evelyn H. Lauder Died on November 12, 2011Evelyn H. Lauder Died on November 12, 2011

11/12/11 22:16 (42 comments)

Most Loved Perfumes in 2010Most Loved Perfumes in 2010

05/30/11 00:37 (36 comments)

Lord's Jester Natural Perfumery Give AwayLord's Jester Natural Perfumery Give Away

03/07/11 14:58 (119 comments)

Paco Rabanne Holiday Give-Away!Paco Rabanne Holiday Give-Away!

12/21/10 20:23 (50 comments)

Anya's Garden Holiday Give-Away!Anya's Garden Holiday Give-Away!

12/21/10 20:22 (23 comments)

Keiko Mecheri Holiday Give-Away!Keiko Mecheri Holiday Give-Away!

12/21/10 20:21 (55 comments)

CnR Create Holiday Give-Away!CnR Create Holiday Give-Away!

12/21/10 20:19 (72 comments)

Platinum J Holiday Give-Away!Platinum J Holiday Give-Away!

12/21/10 20:16 (17 comments)

The Secret of Chanel No 5 by Tilar J. MazzeoThe Secret of Chanel No 5 by Tilar J. Mazzeo

11/29/10 14:24 (68 comments)

Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher GIVE-AWAYVanille Noire by Yves Rocher GIVE-AWAY

09/30/10 17:26 (48 comments)

The Infidel by AgonistThe Infidel by Agonist

07/31/10 21:36 (51 comments)

A moment with Lily of the Valley by Andy TauerA moment with Lily of the Valley by Andy Tauer

07/13/10 16:31 (31 comments)

Winners of April Aromatics Give-AwayWinners of April Aromatics Give-Away

06/30/10 16:38 (8 comments)

Yachtsman Fragrances: Winners of Give-Away!Yachtsman Fragrances: Winners of Give-Away!

06/17/10 11:31 (44 comments)

Winners of Womanity Give AwayWinners of Womanity Give Away

06/09/10 23:59 (38 comments)

Womanity - Give-Away!Womanity - Give-Away!

06/04/10 12:14 (423 comments)

ForeverLily by GoodTrueBeautifulForeverLily by GoodTrueBeautiful

11/16/09 07:08 (5 comments) Coupon Coupon Code

11/13/09 11:38 (One comment)

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