An interview with Thorsten Biehl (biehl.parfumkunstwerke)An interview with Thorsten Biehl (biehl.parfumkunstwerke)

Interviews 05/26/16 03:59 (2 comments)

Discerning noses could readily claim that German perfume schools are just as good as French. But with little publicity abroad, schools like Haarmann & Reimer and minimalist brands like biehl.parfumkunstwerke fly largely under the radar… Sergey Borisov: Dear Thorsten, nice to meet you in Milano. In order to introduce you to Fragrantica readers, what is your perfumery background? And who are the perfumers you work with creating your brand, biehl.parfumkunstwer... (more)

"And my role as olfactory gallerist is to choose the best perfumes, what I think is really unique, maybe a signature scent of a certain perfumer."

Interview with Luca Gritti from Gritti VenetiaInterview with Luca Gritti from Gritti Venetia

Interviews 05/24/16 11:32

At the Esxence 2016 exposition, Sergey spoke with Dr. Gritti , from Gritti Venetia , a conversation from which you could learn about the new perfumes of Gritti Venetia, that perfumer dynasties are great for building family relations, that ten is a dominant successful number, and which perfume has as much light as Nicole Kidman. Luca Gritti Sergey Borisov: Dear Luca, first, let me say that I am totally smitten with Mathi ( Mathi Parfum Priv é  ... (more)

"Well, my family - the Grittis of Venice - has been around since the 6th century, and most of them were perfumers, they made perfumes for themselves and anyone who wanted them, with great passion".

Smell Like a French Courtesan: Les Cocottes de Paris

Smell Like a French Courtesan: Les Cocottes de ParisInterviews 05/23/16 12:00 (12 comments)

Interview with Anaïs Biguine, founder of a brand that promises to make you go back and smell the Parisian demi-monde.

Exclusive Interview: Theodoros Kalotinis of THEO PARFUMS

Exclusive Interview: Theodoros Kalotinis of THEO PARFUMS Interviews 05/21/16 08:12 (3 comments)

An exclusive interview with the talented Greek perfumer.

Interview with Jean-Philippe Clermont of Atelier des Ors

Interview with Jean-Philippe Clermont of Atelier des OrsInterviews 05/14/16 07:32

Discussing the bottles, artistry and new launches from Atelier des Ors.

Esxence-2016: Mad Hearts

Esxence-2016: Mad HeartsInterviews 05/13/16 08:05 (One comment)

An interview with Philippe Constantin and a review of Maison Incens' new Coeur de Oud

Esxence-2016: Interview with Pierre Aulas

Esxence-2016: Interview with Pierre AulasInterviews 05/11/16 08:53

Pierre Aulas - the man behind fragrances of Azzaro, Thierry Mugler, Chloe, Swarovski. But he also has his own niche brand.

Nicolas Chabot of ÆTHER - An Interview

Nicolas Chabot of ÆTHER - An InterviewInterviews 05/10/16 13:08 (3 comments)

ÆTHER - poetic chemistry

Out of the Bottle: Perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri

Out of the Bottle: Perfumer Alessandro GualtieriInterviews 05/10/16 09:25 (9 comments)

"It’s as if a person needs to start at zero. It’s a blessing in a way to do this, to start at zero.”

Essence of Chi: Chinese Horoscope and Feng Shui Now Bottled

Essence of Chi: Chinese Horoscope and Feng Shui Now BottledInterviews 05/09/16 10:19 (7 comments)

Do you feel imbalanced? You can improve your life with a little help of the Five Elements. Interview with Deana Wyland-Fries, founder of Essence of Chi.

Interview with Diletta Tonatto of Tonatto profumi

Interview with Diletta Tonatto of Tonatto profumiInterviews 05/09/16 09:17

"All we produce is crafted by hand and every piece is controlled at our own laboratory before leaving for the retailers. And we are very proud of this process." - Diletta Tonatto

Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange by Jacques Fath

Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange by Jacques FathInterviews 05/07/16 06:48 (One comment)

Talking with Cecile Zarokian and Rania Naim of Jacques Fath.

Meeting Giovanni Sammarco: Reviews & Interview

Meeting Giovanni Sammarco: Reviews & InterviewInterviews 05/06/16 05:09 (One comment)

"When I get good feedback and like how it develops on their skin, and also when I am sure that the formula is harmonic and exudes creativity, then it is ready. These are the most important things that I believe a new perfume should encompass."

Viktoria Minya Interview and Cassis Review

Viktoria Minya Interview and Cassis ReviewInterviews 05/06/16 04:50 (3 comments)

Interview with Minya Viktoria and impressions about her new fragrance Cassis

Fleurage: Independent Perfumery Down UnderFleurage: Independent Perfumery Down Under

04/26/16 15:54 (11 comments)

Esxence-2016: Interview with Mark BuxtonEsxence-2016: Interview with Mark Buxton

04/21/16 05:14 (3 comments)

Interview with Anatole LebretonInterview with Anatole Lebreton

03/25/16 08:19 (2 comments)

Find Your Car's Own Unique ScentFind Your Car's Own Unique Scent

01/28/16 02:53 (4 comments)

Mixing perfumes: Art or Sacrilege?Mixing perfumes: Art or Sacrilege?

12/28/15 16:11 (54 comments)

Lubin: Upper TenLubin: Upper Ten

12/07/15 13:23 (4 comments)

Pièce Unique: Embodying Grès CouturePièce Unique: Embodying Grès Couture

11/08/15 07:23 (9 comments)

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