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Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay New Fragrance

05/17/12 14:30:38 (5 comments)

by: Elena Vosnaki

Jo Malone London, a subsidiary of the Lauder Group, is launching a new fragrance in September 2012 called Blackberry & Bay. The new fragrance means to evoke “the blackberry picking days of people's youth”[source], or in other words "the scent of innocence"...

Photo via who attended the press presentation
see more pictures and report from the event at this page

Jo Malone is known for her light, ethereal treatment of impressionistic images from nature and the latest seems to be in the same vein. The tart, tangy fruit of blackberry is reminiscent of early autumn days when the air gets a little crisper but nature is still at its succulent ripest. Blackberry notes are married in Blackberry & Bay to citrusy, naturally bitterish grapefruit notes and freshly picked bay leaves. This fruity aromatic accord is softened with floral notes while the brambly base contains vetiver and cedar for fixation and woodiness that recalls the environment where berry-picking takes place.

The scent is fresh and lively, without too much sweetness and with the recognizable citrusy touch of Jo Malone scents. The presentation took place in London's Manchester Gardens, under a beautiful canopy where the invited guests enjoyed a picnic basket full of delicious food. The ambience was further enhanced by the burning of Blackberry & Bay candles to match the artificial blackberry bushes.

Blackberry & Bay will be available in 30 and 100 ml Cologne (the latter retailing for 76GBP) starting at the end of summer at Jo Malone boutiques and in complimentary-smelling body products which include a Body & Hand Wash, a Body Cream and a matching Home Candle.

Author: Elena Vosnaki is a historian & perfume writer from Greece and a Writer to Fragrantica. She is the founder and editor of Perfume Shrine, one of the most respected independent online publications on perfume containing fragrance reviews, industry interviews, essays on raw materials and perfume history, a winner in Fragrantica Blog Awards and a finalist in numerous blog awards contests. Her writing was recognised at the Fifi Awards for Editorial Excellence in 2009 and she has been contributing to publications around the world.

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Tried it at Neimans last week. To my nose this is not fruity at all but as an avid bramble berry picker very remniscent of picking blackberries and crushing all kinds of plants to get to the good stuff with a backbone of bay if that makes any sense. In my opionion completely unisex and not at all girly but really nice and different from most of her others.


@ Carestinus: check the reviews of the different Jo Malone fragrances in our encyclopedia. I have found the scent of all Jo Malone's that I have tried to be enjoyable, but longevity has varied from scent-to-scent on me. Some with good lasting power on me are Pomegranate Noir, Vanilla Anise, Dark Amber and Ginger Lily, Orange Blossom.

Blackberry and Bay looks lovely and I hope to try it soon!


I've always had the will to buying one of these malone scents but wonder how come they are cologne concentration and cost 76 pounds! isn't it a bit too much for such light stuff? This sounds delicious so I'd love people to give their opinion on longevity and sillage of these malones in general... I don't expect of course colognes to last forever and be strong as edp... but at that price tag it shouldn't either stay 5 minutes like most colognes... I look forward to trying this and hopefully I'll become a Malone boy (it sounds like a bad boy in spanish lol)


OMG! I have to have this!!!


Oh my, if it really is like the description, it's like they read my mind for how to make the perfect blackberry, I need to try this one. And that seems absurd to have artificial blackberry bushes, or maybe I read that wrong? The perfume sounds lovely either way, though.


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