New Fragrances Kate Moss Wild Meadow

Kate Moss Wild Meadow

02/12/10 00:11:00 (3 comments)

by: Sandra Raičević Petrović

Kate Moss is presenting a new fragrance Kate Moss Wild Meadow, as a limited edition for the upcoming spring and summer, in cooperation with Coty. Harmonic composition of the new edition introduces warm and cheerful nuances lit with spring rays of sun. The new limited edition is inspired by unique beauty of English landscapes at dawn, which Kate Moss has loved since always. Freshness, beauty, purity and strength of aromas are captured and formed with gentle notes of the limited fragrance Wild Meadow.

Wild Meadow is the first fragrance is series of limited fragrances to be presented on the market. They are inspired by regions Kate Moss traveled through. Each of the fragrances introduces characteristic aromas of various continents, framed with impressions, colours and fantasies… Wild Meadow was created in cooperation with Shyamala Maisondieu of Givaudan.

Wild Meadow is a white floral fragrance surrounded with green leaves full of freshness. The fragrance reflects dawn in Cotswords, central England, landscape which has a special place in Kate Moss' heart. Subtle nuances of wild meadow leave an impression of carelessness, relaxation, silence, tranquility, harmony. Top notes start with luminous freshness of pink grapefruit and bergamot refreshed with fruity notes of vineyard peach. A heart is floral and harmonic, created with an intention not to accentuate any particular flower, but to make all floral ingredients sound like a bouquet picked from a fragrant meadow. Aromas of rose, magnolia and honeysuckle line up and finish with a base of apple wood, benzoin and amber.

Flacon is elegant and made of glass, available as 30ml EDT. Its cap is also made of glass. Perfume liquid is coloured in light green, which symbolizes freshness of nature and birth of spring. Black rose is Kate Moss' trademark and it can be found on the flacon together with pink roses. Outer carton is white, which suggests peace and purity of English landscapes in early morning hours. The package was designed by Lutz Herrmann and Logique Design, while advertising photos are a work of Craig McDean. (


Author: Sandra Raičević Petrović (sandrina_bambina)
Fragrantica Editor, writer & designer






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I like it very, very much. I usually don't like celebrity fragrances, though I must admit I sometimes sniff something signed by them. Wild Meadow is definitely good, it's a celebrity fragrance with a very good quality: quite long lasting, fragrance notes do develop.
At first you feel something like fruit hanging on a tree, mature fruit ready to go :) Maybe bergamot with grapefruit do the trick. Then the fragrance becomes ambery, you almost feel trees "sweating" - amber. It's late summer or autumn has just started...

Riddhi Shah
Riddhi Shah

i can smell it!!! awesom!


Sounds lovely! Can't wait to try it. Love perfumes inspired by nature. Sounds perfect for spring/summer, love white flowers.


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