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Topanga Canyon by Juniper RidgeTopanga Canyon by Juniper Ridge

Natural Perfumes 05/13/14 17:21 (3 comments)

Juniper Ridge 's Field Lab Backpacker Cologne series offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to smell the natural essences of plants, trees, mosses and herbs that cover America's mountains and trails. Harvested by hand, distilled (often on the trail) and bottled to capture the quiet beauty of nature's landscapes, each Backpacker Cologne is a limited edition and will vary from harvest to harvest. Every bottle is numbered, enabling the purchaser to track the plants used... (more)

New natural cologne to be launched on June 1.

A New Flower Blooms in Brooklyn: Forager BotanicalsA New Flower Blooms in Brooklyn: Forager Botanicals

Natural Perfumes 05/12/14 16:44 (2 comments)

Brooklyn's revitalization as a hotbed for creativity, small business and artisan industry is a story well known by now to anybody who follows trends in fashion, beauty, tech, food, craft beer, etc. Fragrance and Beauty Products are among the industries which have flourished in Brooklyn's newly-chic neighborhoods. With the opening of  Twisted Lily Fragrance Boutique & Apothecary  and such Brooklyn-based players as CB I Hate Perfume , MCMC and DS & Durga (to n... (more)

Beautiful scents in beautiful bottles

Musk Malabi by Ayala Moriel

Musk Malabi by Ayala MorielNatural Perfumes 04/04/14 15:40 (3 comments)

Inspiring Peace and Harmony with Musk Malabi's Olfactory Love Triangle

Pupa I'm Fio Collection

Pupa I'm Fio CollectionNatural Perfumes 12/31/13 04:43 (6 comments)

Pupa presents a collection of fragrances for women named Pupa I'm Fio

Juniper Ridge in Brooklyn

Juniper Ridge in BrooklynNatural Perfumes 11/30/13 14:47 (One comment)

Juniper Ridge has a pop-up store in Brooklyn’s Barber & Supply until December 21.

Autumn Scents

Autumn ScentsNatural Perfumes 11/09/13 04:38 (8 comments)

and beautiful views...

Herbal Alchemy Apothecary

Herbal Alchemy ApothecaryNatural Perfumes 11/07/13 16:38 (5 comments)

At the workshop with natural perfumer Julianne Zaleta

The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

The Rising Phoenix PerfumeryNatural Perfumes 07/23/13 17:15 (3 comments)

Two brothers join forces in this new natural perfume house


NUTMEG and MACENatural Perfumes 07/12/13 11:28 (10 comments)

Two spices from one tree.

Blackbird by Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes

Blackbird by Olympic Orchids Artisan PerfumesNatural Perfumes 07/12/13 08:25 (One comment)

Ellen Covey partners with a popular Seattle retailer for a new launch

Nina's Nature Natural Perfume

Nina's Nature Natural PerfumeNatural Perfumes 05/21/13 14:22 (3 comments)

Aromatherapy goes hand in hand with perfumery; a natural perfume collection from Amsterdam.

Figure 1: Noir Roxana Illuminated Perfume

Figure 1: Noir Roxana Illuminated PerfumeNatural Perfumes 04/24/13 17:43

A patchouli-based natural perfume.

Opus Oils Mother Earth Aromatic Fragrance

Opus Oils Mother Earth Aromatic FragranceNatural Perfumes 04/20/13 15:56 (3 comments)

A fragrance devoted to Mother Earth.

Pure Natural Diva

Pure Natural DivaNatural Perfumes 02/08/13 14:44

Natural fragrance and care products.

Treazon: Wear At Your Own Risk!Treazon: Wear At Your Own Risk!

11/16/12 19:48 (6 comments)

The More Life Collection by JoAnne BassettThe More Life Collection by JoAnne Bassett

11/15/12 18:37 (2 comments)

Aftelier Perfumes Launches Wild RosesAftelier Perfumes Launches Wild Roses

10/28/12 18:13 (2 comments)

Chiaroscuro by Roxana Illuminated PerfumeChiaroscuro by Roxana Illuminated Perfume

10/03/12 09:36 (3 comments)

New Natural Perfume brand Lalun ParfumsNew Natural Perfume brand Lalun Parfums

09/27/12 09:42 (One comment)

Natural Perfumery: House of MatriarchNatural Perfumery: House of Matriarch

09/26/12 18:04 (12 comments)

Cognoscenti: Three FragrancesCognoscenti: Three Fragrances

09/26/12 17:27 (2 comments)

Primordial Scents 2012: WATER PerfumesPrimordial Scents 2012: WATER Perfumes

07/30/12 20:11 (3 comments)

Primordial Scents 2012: FIRE PerfumesPrimordial Scents 2012: FIRE Perfumes

07/30/12 17:01 (One comment)

Primordial Scents - Perfume Project 2012Primordial Scents - Perfume Project 2012

07/30/12 16:11 (2 comments)

Etrog Oy de Cologne by Ayala MorielEtrog Oy de Cologne by Ayala Moriel

06/14/12 11:31 (One comment)

Aftelier Sepia: A Study in ShadowsAftelier Sepia: A Study in Shadows

04/18/12 10:29 (6 comments)

21 Drops of Comfort21 Drops of Comfort

02/02/12 19:21 (10 comments)

White Smoke by Anya's GardenWhite Smoke by Anya's Garden

12/06/11 17:40 (8 comments)

Luscious Roses by Joanne BassettLuscious Roses by Joanne Bassett

12/01/11 10:45 (6 comments)

Robbie VanGogh Natural Perfumes Give AwayRobbie VanGogh Natural Perfumes Give Away

08/11/11 16:05 (19 comments)

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