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It's Kittylicious: Velvet and Sweet Pea's PurrfumeryIt's Kittylicious: Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery

Natural Perfumes 12/07/15 18:44 (11 comments)

Though my first opportunity to try the fragrances of Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery did not come until 2015, with the FRAGments swag bag , I've been aware of this house for years. Once seen, it's not forgotten, even if you're not a cat lover like me. Amidst the Victoriana and beautifully saturated hues of magenta, purple, turquoise and orange, cats are in play—literally and figuratively: in the logo and name, in the packaging, in the product photo... (more)

"It was really fun to make a scent that was all of my favorite candies, with chocolate, vanilla, licorice, blood orange, and more…"

The SWITCH Collection: Sirin, Alkonost, Natural Perfumes and MoreThe SWITCH Collection: Sirin, Alkonost, Natural Perfumes and More

Natural Perfumes 11/26/15 08:42 (37 comments)

I would say that after all those Soviet years when perfumes were considered a bourgeoisie attribute, we lack beautiful, fragrant and intrinsically Russian olfactive creations - a souvenir, from Russia with love, like vodka, but perfumed.  And now it actually happened: we have a product that I could easily present to my foreign friends without feeling ashamed. The SWITCH. PERFUMES & MORE collaboration was created in Moscow for all who need to dream. The full official title... (more)

A new Russian project called "SWITCH. Perfumes & More"; leave a comment for your chance to win a free sample set!

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Live JoyouslyPhilosophy
Live Joyously

Aoud Red IParfumerie Bruckner
Aoud Red I

Aoud Black IVParfumerie Bruckner
Aoud Black IV

ClyoLouis Phillippe Monaco

Mela VerdeI Profumi di Firenze
Mela Verde

Mademoiselle Ricci (1967)Nina Ricci
Mademoiselle Ricci (1967)

Perfume de GewurztraminerVinas del Vero
Perfume de Gewurztraminer

No. 5 Notes of ChardonnayKelly & Jones
No. 5 Notes of Chardonnay

No. 4 Notes of MerlotKelly & Jones
No. 4 Notes of Merlot

No. 3 Notes of CabernetKelly & Jones
No. 3 Notes of Cabernet

No. 2 Notes of RieslingKelly & Jones
No. 2 Notes of Riesling

No. 1 Notes of Sauvignon BlancKelly & Jones
No. 1 Notes of Sauvignon Blanc

SparkleFragrances of Wine

Rose de ProvenceFragrances of Wine
Rose de Provence

NoirFragrances of Wine

BlancFragrances of Wine

Dahnal Oudh AlbanAjmal
Dahnal Oudh Alban

Dahn Al Oudh MaymunAjmal
Dahn Al Oudh Maymun

Dahn Al Oudh HikaayaAjmal
Dahn Al Oudh Hikaaya

Leite de Rosas PétalasLeite de Rosas
Leite de Rosas Pétalas

Leite de Rosas FreshLeite de Rosas
Leite de Rosas Fresh

Leite de RosasLeite de Rosas
Leite de Rosas

Legno AmaroI Profumi di Firenze
Legno Amaro

Alma de Flores ClássicoMemphis
Alma de Flores Clássico

La Notte Di AngelicaI Profumi di Firenze
La Notte Di Angelica

The Sweetest Temptation: Forbidden Love by La Fleur by Livvy

The Sweetest Temptation: Forbidden Love by La Fleur by LivvyNatural Perfumes 11/01/15 06:57 (5 comments)

"A hauntingly beautiful scent, filled with the pleasurable sweet ache of longing and the purity of a love that can never be consummated."

A Kiss from the Earth: Narkiss by Ayala Moriel Parfums

A Kiss from the Earth: Narkiss by Ayala Moriel ParfumsNatural Perfumes 02/04/15 17:22 (6 comments)

"Narkiss feels at once green and animalic ..." New Ayala Moriel perfume review.

Anya's Garden Exotic and Rare Ylang Flower Tincture

Anya's Garden Exotic and Rare Ylang Flower TinctureNatural Perfumes 11/21/14 16:32 (5 comments)

A beautiful and natural ylang-ylang soliflore produced in the United States

Natural STILLLIFE Perfume Brand From NYC

Natural STILLLIFE Perfume Brand From NYCNatural Perfumes 10/17/14 12:25 (3 comments)

...produces natural oil-based perfumes in small quantities.

Juniper Ridge: New Look, Same Scent

Juniper Ridge: New Look, Same ScentNatural Perfumes 09/19/14 14:38 (5 comments)

The Mountains, in a newly-designed bottle

Palimpsest - A New Perfume by Mandy Aftel

Palimpsest - A New Perfume by Mandy AftelNatural Perfumes 09/14/14 07:14 (6 comments)

Aftelier's latest perfume is inspired by the layers of history

Topanga Canyon by Juniper Ridge

Topanga Canyon by Juniper RidgeNatural Perfumes 05/13/14 17:21 (3 comments)

New natural cologne to be launched on June 1.

A New Flower Blooms in Brooklyn: Forager Botanicals

A New Flower Blooms in Brooklyn: Forager BotanicalsNatural Perfumes 05/12/14 16:44 (2 comments)

Beautiful scents in beautiful bottles

Musk Malabi by Ayala Moriel

Musk Malabi by Ayala MorielNatural Perfumes 04/04/14 15:40 (4 comments)

Inspiring Peace and Harmony with Musk Malabi's Olfactory Love Triangle

Pupa I'm Fio Collection

Pupa I'm Fio CollectionNatural Perfumes 12/31/13 04:43 (6 comments)

Pupa presents a collection of fragrances for women named Pupa I'm Fio

Juniper Ridge in Brooklyn

Juniper Ridge in BrooklynNatural Perfumes 11/30/13 14:47 (One comment)

Juniper Ridge has a pop-up store in Brooklyn’s Barber & Supply until December 21.

Autumn Scents

Autumn ScentsNatural Perfumes 11/09/13 04:38 (8 comments)

and beautiful views...

Herbal Alchemy ApothecaryHerbal Alchemy Apothecary

11/07/13 16:38 (5 comments)

The Rising Phoenix PerfumeryThe Rising Phoenix Perfumery

07/23/13 17:15 (3 comments)


07/12/13 11:28 (10 comments)

Blackbird by Olympic Orchids Artisan PerfumesBlackbird by Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes

07/12/13 08:25 (3 comments)

Nina's Nature Natural PerfumeNina's Nature Natural Perfume

05/21/13 14:22 (3 comments)

Opus Oils Mother Earth Aromatic FragranceOpus Oils Mother Earth Aromatic Fragrance

04/20/13 15:56 (3 comments)

Pure Natural DivaPure Natural Diva

02/08/13 14:44

Treazon: Wear At Your Own Risk!Treazon: Wear At Your Own Risk!

11/16/12 19:48 (6 comments)

The More Life Collection by JoAnne BassettThe More Life Collection by JoAnne Bassett

11/15/12 18:37 (2 comments)

Aftelier Perfumes Launches Wild RosesAftelier Perfumes Launches Wild Roses

10/28/12 18:13 (2 comments)

Chiaroscuro by Roxana Illuminated PerfumeChiaroscuro by Roxana Illuminated Perfume

10/03/12 09:36 (3 comments)

New Natural Perfume brand Lalun ParfumsNew Natural Perfume brand Lalun Parfums

09/27/12 09:42 (One comment)

Natural Perfumery: House of MatriarchNatural Perfumery: House of Matriarch

09/26/12 18:04 (12 comments)

Cognoscenti: Three FragrancesCognoscenti: Three Fragrances

09/26/12 17:27 (2 comments)

Primordial Scents 2012: WATER PerfumesPrimordial Scents 2012: WATER Perfumes

07/30/12 20:11 (3 comments)

Primordial Scents 2012: FIRE PerfumesPrimordial Scents 2012: FIRE Perfumes

07/30/12 17:01 (One comment)

Primordial Scents - Perfume Project 2012Primordial Scents - Perfume Project 2012

07/30/12 16:11 (2 comments)

Etrog Oy de Cologne by Ayala MorielEtrog Oy de Cologne by Ayala Moriel

06/14/12 11:31 (One comment)

Aftelier Sepia: A Study in ShadowsAftelier Sepia: A Study in Shadows

04/18/12 10:29 (6 comments)

21 Drops of Comfort21 Drops of Comfort

02/02/12 19:21 (10 comments)

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My Philosophy TruthfulPhilosophy
My Philosophy Truthful

My Philosophy ExpressivePhilosophy
My Philosophy Expressive

My Philosophy CompassionatePhilosophy
My Philosophy Compassionate

My Philosophy GratefulPhilosophy
My Philosophy Grateful

My Philosophy EmpoweredPhilosophy
My Philosophy Empowered

My Philosophy GivingPhilosophy
My Philosophy Giving

Pure Grace SummerPhilosophy
Pure Grace Summer

Royal Collection TaifParfumerie Bruckner
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LemoncelloM8 Moods

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Terre d`Hermes Flacon H 2016 Eau de ToiletteHermes
Terre d`Hermes Flacon H 2016 Eau de Toilette

Terre d`Hermes Flacon H 2016 ParfumHermes
Terre d`Hermes Flacon H 2016 Parfum

Lalique de Lalique 2016 Collectible Crystal FlaconLalique
Lalique de Lalique 2016 Collectible Crystal Flacon

CH Men Central ParkCarolina Herrera
CH Men Central Park

CH Central ParkCarolina Herrera
CH Central Park

Eternity for Men Summer 2016Calvin Klein
Eternity for Men Summer 2016

Eternity Summer 2016Calvin Klein
Eternity Summer 2016

Dahn Oudh Al NayyirAjmal
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Al RedaAjmal
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EssenceJunaid Jamshed

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