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Guerlain Shalimar Indian Nights by Maison GripoixGuerlain Shalimar Indian Nights by Maison Gripoix

New Fragrances 11/23/14 10:45 (2 comments)

Guerlain presents the new luxury edition in the series Exceptional Creations decorated by Maison Gripoix. The glamorous, limited edition was named Guerlain Shalimar Indian Nights by Maison Gripoix and is available in the amount of 1.5 liters in only 40 pieces. For the first time Guerlain will offer such a large bottle of Shalimar, made of dark blue glass created by glassmakers from Waltesperg, created on the model of the classic Shalimar flacon, whose facets highlight its beauty and g... (more)

Guerlain Shalimar Indian Nights by Maison Gripoix - new limited edition which belongs to the collection Exceptional Creations

Fragrant Skinscare Elixirs: the New Huile des Princesses RangeFragrant Skinscare Elixirs: the New Huile des Princesses Range

New Fragrances 11/23/14 06:21

If you're reading this site you already know you're into things smelling good and you have mostly focused on fine fragrance and scenting your home, but what if your favorite skincare came with the benefits of a true sensory experience that engaged your nose as much as your skin? Perfume lovers and essential oil aficionados have dabbled here and there with a little DIY, adding oils into their skin preparations or hair products for years, but if you... (more)
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Wafa AttarAsgharali
Wafa Attar

Attar Jamid AfafAsgharali
Attar Jamid Afaf

Ombre de la NuitEmanuel Ungaro
Ombre de la Nuit

Santi Burgas Eau de ParfumSanti Burgas
Santi Burgas Eau de Parfum


Calycanthus BrumaeAcqua di Stresa
Calycanthus Brumae

Camellia SoliflorAcqua di Stresa
Camellia Soliflor

Mentha CitrataAcqua di Stresa
Mentha Citrata

Osmanthus FragransAcqua di Stresa
Osmanthus Fragrans

Les Fantaisies - Fantaisie GourmandeIsabel Derroisne
Les Fantaisies - Fantaisie Gourmande

Les Fantaisies - Fantasie FloraleIsabel Derroisne
Les Fantaisies - Fantasie Florale

Mon SecretPola
Mon Secret

Magnifico I: Mirto ImperialeIl Profumi di Firenze
Magnifico I: Mirto Imperiale

CedroIl Profumi di Firenze

Agrumi di SiciliaIl Profumi di Firenze
Agrumi di Sicilia

TabaccoIl Profumi di Firenze

The VerdeIl Profumi di Firenze
The Verde

Violetta de BoscoIl Profumi di Firenze
Violetta de Bosco

Rosa di DamascusIl Profumi di Firenze
Rosa di Damascus

Mughetto di PrimaveraIl Profumi di Firenze
Mughetto di Primavera

Magnolia DolceIl Profumi di Firenze
Magnolia Dolce

ZagaraIl Profumi di Firenze

Iris di FirenzeIl Profumi di Firenze
Iris di Firenze

Florentia 16Il Profumi di Firenze
Florentia 16

Florentia 22Il Profumi di Firenze
Florentia 22

Versace Eros Pour Femme

Versace Eros Pour FemmeNew Fragrances 11/21/14 03:26 (16 comments)

New fragrance of Versace collection

YSL Paris L'Edition Venini

YSL Paris L'Edition VeniniNew Fragrances 11/20/14 05:27 (7 comments)

Luxurious flacon by Venini

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne Christmas Edition

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne Christmas EditionNew Fragrances 11/20/14 03:19 (6 comments)

Limited flacon launched just before the upcoming holidays

Randi Shinder I Smell Great - new collection

Randi Shinder I Smell Great - new collectionNew Fragrances 11/19/14 02:44 (3 comments)

New collection named I Smell Great

Hermes Eau des Merveilles 10th Anniversary Edition

Hermes Eau des Merveilles 10th Anniversary EditionNew Fragrances 11/19/14 02:10 (2 comments)

Hermes celebrates 10 years of the beautiful Eau des Merveilles!

Anja Rubik Original

Anja Rubik OriginalNew Fragrances 11/19/14 01:23 (10 comments)

The first fragrance from the famous top model Anja Rubik

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme IntensoNew Fragrances 11/18/14 04:18 (10 comments)

New, intensive version of the masculine fragrance Dolce&Gabbana

Katie Price Kissable Fierce

Katie Price Kissable FierceNew Fragrances 11/18/14 02:41 (12 comments)

New evening fragrance for women

Pierre Cardin l'Intense

Pierre Cardin l'IntenseNew Fragrances 11/18/14 02:20 (One comment)

New fragrant pair - Pierre Cardin pour Femme l'Intense and Pierre Cardin pour Homme l'Intense

Atkinsons Jasmine in Tangerine

Atkinsons Jasmine in TangerineNew Fragrances 11/14/14 12:20 (One comment)

A fourth perfume in The Contemporary Collection.

Perfume Rrrr! from Carmen Electra

Perfume Rrrr! from Carmen ElectraNew Fragrances 11/13/14 13:16 (50 comments)

The first fragrance by the American actress and singer, Carmen Electra.

Jean Couturier Paris Baroque

Jean Couturier Paris BaroqueNew Fragrances 11/13/14 05:10 (2 comments)

New fragrance by Jean Couturier

Franck Olivier MissFranck Olivier Miss

11/13/14 03:24 (One comment)

Jil Sander Ultrasense WhiteJil Sander Ultrasense White

11/12/14 02:12 (3 comments)

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Pink DiamondVictoria's Secret Bombshell Pink Diamond

11/12/14 01:47 (2 comments)

Jil Sander Sun BathJil Sander Sun Bath

11/11/14 03:45

Byblos Sole, Byblos LunaByblos Sole, Byblos Luna

11/10/14 05:34

Moschino ToyMoschino Toy

11/10/14 02:40 (31 comments)

Arrogance PassionArrogance Passion

11/10/14 02:10 (One comment)

Davidoff The Brilliant GameDavidoff The Brilliant Game

11/10/14 01:42 (3 comments)

Baldinini - New Fragrant PairBaldinini - New Fragrant Pair

11/07/14 02:31 (One comment)

Candy Crush Sweet!Candy Crush Sweet!

11/07/14 00:55 (14 comments)

Byblos ButterflyByblos Butterfly

11/07/14 00:04 (One comment)

Lattafa Perfumes Raghba Wood IntenseLattafa Perfumes Raghba Wood Intense

11/06/14 06:16 (7 comments)

Burberry My Burberry Limited EditionBurberry My Burberry Limited Edition

11/05/14 00:58 (4 comments)

Escada Turquoise SummerEscada Turquoise Summer

11/03/14 02:14 (14 comments)

Roberto Cavalli ParadisoRoberto Cavalli Paradiso

11/01/14 02:47 (4 comments)

Britney Spears Rocker Femme FantasyBritney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy

10/30/14 03:36 (24 comments)

Clinique Aromatics in WhiteClinique Aromatics in White

10/30/14 01:35 (19 comments)

Bath and Body Works A Thousand WishesBath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes

10/27/14 03:10 (8 comments)

Michel Germain Very SexualMichel Germain Very Sexual

10/25/14 03:15 (3 comments)

Loewe Pour Homme 40 AniversarioLoewe Pour Homme 40 Aniversario

10/24/14 06:14 (4 comments)

Avon One Direction For YouAvon One Direction For You

10/24/14 05:09 (7 comments)

Lancome Trésor L’Eau de ToiletteLancome Trésor L’Eau de Toilette

10/23/14 06:26 (11 comments)

Tracy Reese Eau de ParfumTracy Reese Eau de Parfum

10/23/14 02:16 (3 comments)

Puredistance NewsPuredistance News

10/23/14 00:39

LR Karolina by Karolina KurkovaLR Karolina by Karolina Kurkova

10/22/14 01:10 (13 comments)

Louis Feraud BonheurLouis Feraud Bonheur

10/21/14 01:56 (4 comments)

Angry Birds StellaAngry Birds Stella

10/21/14 01:51 (One comment)

Mandarina Duck M+Mandarina Duck M+

10/21/14 00:03 (One comment)

Annayake Shiroi and KuroiAnnayake Shiroi and Kuroi

10/20/14 00:54 (4 comments)

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de ToiletteTom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette

10/19/14 03:39 (17 comments)

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