New Fragrances

Armani Si Limited EditionArmani Si Limited Edition

New Fragrances 10/08/15 03:59 (4 comments)

The commercially successful Si fragrance by Armani has already been issued in various incarnations, but fans and collectors will rejoice at the newest critically limited edition presented in Murano crystal and genuine gold. Only 75 bottles are scheduled to be distributed to France in Armani boutiques and department stores, a few more in Italy as per my information. The limited edition of Si is launching on December 1st to celebrate 40 years of the Armani brand and is... (more)

Armani's 40 years' celebration: Armani Si Limited Edition

Andy Kaufman Milk & CookiesAndy Kaufman Milk & Cookies

New Fragrances 10/07/15 18:09 (9 comments)

The latest fragrance from "the Olfactory Rebels" at Xyrena commemorates an unusual piece of performance art by the late comedian and performance artist Andy Kaufman. Considered a genius by some, a madman by others, Andy Kaufman was a provocative and controversial comedian whose work straddled the line between comedy and performance art, keeping his audiences on edge and garnering him a cult following. Beloved by many for his breakout role as the heavily-accented auto mec... (more)

Inspired by the late comedian's performance art piece

Recently Added

Glow After Dark Shimmer Limited EditionJennifer Lopez
Glow After Dark Shimmer Limited Edition

Madame Rochas IntenseRochas
Madame Rochas Intense

Vent du MatinLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Vent du Matin

Sucre d`OrgeLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Sucre d`Orge

PatchouliLe Bel Aujourd`hui

Musc BlancLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Musc Blanc

Mano a ManoLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Mano a Mano

Lily RoseLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Lily Rose

Fleur d`OLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Fleur d`O

Chant d`OrientLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Chant d`Orient

Brun d`EpicesLe Bel Aujourd`hui
Brun d`Epices

Eau TransparenteMontana
Eau Transparente


Claude MontanaMontana
Claude Montana

Pull & BearAntonio Puig
Pull & Bear

Frangipani & AmberMelange Perfume
Frangipani & Amber

Ginger & HoneysuckleMelange Perfume
Ginger & Honeysuckle

Floral Notes Palette No. 2Melange Perfume
Floral Notes Palette No. 2

Amber Notes Palette No. 2Melange Perfume
Amber Notes Palette No. 2

Green Notes Palette No. 2Melange Perfume
Green Notes Palette No. 2

NamibiaFrazer Parfum

After The RainsFrazer Parfum
After The Rains

African Soliflore Ylang YlangFrazer Parfum
African Soliflore Ylang Ylang

African Soliflore RoseFrazer Parfum
African Soliflore Rose

African Soliflore Orange BlossomFrazer Parfum
African Soliflore Orange Blossom

Malefic Tattoo by LM Parfums: Oud, Blood, Frankincense

Malefic Tattoo by LM Parfums: Oud, Blood, FrankincenseNew Fragrances 10/07/15 10:26 (4 comments)

"This is a story everyone has experienced in their lives: those who have power over you always leave marks on your soul. Malefic Tattoo is not just ink on your skin, it is something deeper. It’s a tattoo which will stay with you to the last."

Jette Red by Jette Joop

Jette Red by Jette JoopNew Fragrances 10/07/15 04:44 (2 comments)

New fragrance by Jette Joop

Moschino Fresh Couture

Moschino Fresh CoutureNew Fragrances 10/07/15 02:35 (47 comments)

New fragrance from Moschino under Jeremy Scott

Collistar Uomo Acqua Wood

Collistar Uomo Acqua WoodNew Fragrances 10/06/15 05:36

Game on contrasts

L`Occitane en Provence & Pierre Herme: Pamplemousse Rhubarbe, Jasmin Immortelle Neroli, Miel Mandarine

L`Occitane en Provence & Pierre Herme: Pamplemousse Rhubarbe, Jasmin Immortelle Neroli, Miel MandarineNew Fragrances 10/05/15 06:52 (5 comments)

Limited collections created in collaboration with Pierre Herme

Paris Hilton Heiress Limited Edition

Paris Hilton Heiress Limited EditionNew Fragrances 10/05/15 05:22 (5 comments)

Limited edition on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of launching the perfume HEIRESS

Armand Basi In Red Blooming Bouquet

Armand Basi In Red Blooming BouquetNew Fragrances 10/05/15 01:48

A new edition in the "In Red" line of Armand Basi.

Bottega Veneta Deluxe Edition

Bottega Veneta Deluxe Edition New Fragrances 10/05/15 00:30

A new collection by Bottega Veneta

BURBERRY My Burberry Festive Eau de Parfum

BURBERRY My Burberry Festive Eau de ParfumNew Fragrances 10/05/15 00:01

Holiday edition by Burberry

Oriflame Possess Man

Oriflame Possess ManNew Fragrances 10/04/15 09:24 (3 comments)

New masculine fragrance from Oriflame

Lancome Climat L'Edition Mythique

Lancome Climat L'Edition MythiqueNew Fragrances 10/03/15 02:51 (5 comments)

New interpretation of the classic fragrance from Lancome

Manila Grace Fragrance

Manila Grace Fragrance New Fragrances 10/02/15 14:53 (6 comments)

The first fragrance from Manila Grace

LALIQUE Encre Noire A L`ExtremeLALIQUE Encre Noire A L`Extreme

10/02/15 04:17 (11 comments)

Guerlain Ne m’Oubliez PasGuerlain Ne m’Oubliez Pas

10/02/15 01:59 (15 comments)

Annayake TSUKIYO - New Fragrant DuoAnnayake TSUKIYO - New Fragrant Duo

10/01/15 02:38 (6 comments)

Lattafa Perfumes Raghba MuskiLattafa Perfumes Raghba Muski

10/01/15 00:16 (4 comments)

Rochas Secret de Rochas Rose IntenseRochas Secret de Rochas Rose Intense

09/29/15 02:11 (3 comments)

Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire des ParfumsYves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire des Parfums

09/27/15 03:41 (10 comments)

The Body Shop Black MuskThe Body Shop Black Musk

09/26/15 01:24 (23 comments)

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada FloreverAgatha Ruiz de la Prada Florever

09/25/15 02:20 (2 comments)

M.Micallef AKOWAM.Micallef AKOWA

09/23/15 06:02 (13 comments)

L'Erbolario Gelsomino Indiano, FrescaessenzaL'Erbolario Gelsomino Indiano, Frescaessenza

09/23/15 03:27 (3 comments)

Prada OlfactoriesPrada Olfactories

09/23/15 01:33 (19 comments)

Donna Karan DKNY Be DesiredDonna Karan DKNY Be Desired

09/20/15 02:08 (9 comments)

Marni ElementMarni Element

09/19/15 06:20 (3 comments)

Tacit by AesopTacit by Aesop

09/18/15 05:24 (5 comments)

Nivea Eau de ToiletteNivea Eau de Toilette

09/17/15 02:01 (59 comments)

Floris Jermyn Street: A Celebration of HomeFloris Jermyn Street: A Celebration of Home

09/15/15 17:19 (One comment)

Aaliyah by XyrenaAaliyah by Xyrena

09/15/15 14:50 (23 comments)

Michalsky Berlin by Michael MichalskyMichalsky Berlin by Michael Michalsky

09/15/15 06:40 (One comment)

Bvlgari Omnia ParaibaBvlgari Omnia Paraiba

09/14/15 10:47 (14 comments)

Armani Si Golden BowArmani Si Golden Bow

09/11/15 02:20 (10 comments)

Palladium by Porsche DesignPalladium by Porsche Design

09/10/15 05:23 (3 comments)

Cristiano Ronaldo LegacyCristiano Ronaldo Legacy

09/10/15 02:00 (29 comments)

Cara Mia by AignerCara Mia by Aigner

09/09/15 03:56 (One comment)

Hermes Equipage GéraniumHermes Equipage Géranium

09/09/15 02:19 (7 comments)

Lolita Lempicka Minuit D'OrLolita Lempicka Minuit D'Or

09/08/15 02:33 (17 comments)

Love by Sofia VergaraLove by Sofia Vergara

09/04/15 03:12 (14 comments)

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de ToiletteTom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Toilette

09/02/15 03:15 (23 comments)

Dolce&Gabbana The One EssenceDolce&Gabbana The One Essence

09/02/15 02:14 (11 comments)

Jesus Del Pozo Halloween TattooJesus Del Pozo Halloween Tattoo

09/01/15 01:55 (10 comments)

Babe is Back!Babe is Back!

08/31/15 17:57 (30 comments)

Naomi Campbell PrivateNaomi Campbell Private

08/29/15 02:37 (40 comments)

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New Perfumes

Man in RedFerrari
Man in Red

Love Is OnRevlon
Love Is On

Black & RedMandarina Duck
Black & Red

Stella CadenteLinari
Stella Cadente

Andy Kaufman Milk & CookiesXyrena
Andy Kaufman Milk & Cookies

Bohemian RhapsodySmell Bent
Bohemian Rhapsody

GypsySmell Bent

This Is Not A Blue BottleHistoires de Parfums
This Is Not A Blue Bottle

Fresh CoutureMoschino
Fresh Couture

Jette RedJette Joop
Jette Red

Acqua WoodCollistar
Acqua Wood

Chypre 1920YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1920

Chypre 1930YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1930

Chypre 1940YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1940

Chypre 1950YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1950

Chypre 1960YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1960

Chypre 1970YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1970

Chypre 1980YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1980

Chypre 1990YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 1990

In Red Blooming Bouquet Armand Basi
In Red Blooming Bouquet

Chypre 2000YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 2000

Chypre 2010YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 2010

Chypre 2020YanFroloff Perfumer
Chypre 2020

Possess ManOriflame
Possess Man

Miel MandarineL`Occitane en Provence
Miel Mandarine

Jasmin Immortelle NeroliL`Occitane en Provence
Jasmin Immortelle Neroli

Pampelmousse RhubarbL`Occitane en Provence
Pampelmousse Rhubarb

Rosa NoirMOR
Rosa Noir

Panama 1924 Fefe (Dandy Napoletano)Panama 1924
Panama 1924 Fefe (Dandy Napoletano)


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