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Last Two Weeks Of August on FragranticaLast Two Weeks Of August on Fragrantica

News Roundup 08/29/16 08:36 (3 comments)

Hi, everyone! I have compiled a lot of news articles which were published during the last two weeks on Fragrantica. I congratulate our team on a job well done! I'd like to start with sunny summery fragrances which are especially treasured in the last days of the summer and feel nostalgic in the colder fall weather. We've been introduced to new Hermès fragrances: Néroli Doré and Rhubarb Ecarlate , one is Jean-Claude Ellena's creation and the other... (more)

We are entering the new season, announced by an increasing number of new launches!

The Last Two Weeks on Fragrantica: Curiouser and Curiouser PresentationsThe Last Two Weeks on Fragrantica: Curiouser and Curiouser Presentations

News Roundup 08/14/16 06:07 (4 comments)

I am happy to greet you in my Fragrantica news roundup, which I intend to write every 2 weeks in order to highlight significant launches and events. I'd like to start with the Netherlands and orange peels left-over from orange juice, a beverage strongly appreciated in this country. Boye and Noëlle Dorenbos, a brother and sister from the Netherlands found a good purpose for them, they founded RUIK ; an ecological perfume house that aims to make 100% ... (more)

Brands are starting to introduce their creations in the most mysterious ways.

Perfume July Overview

Perfume July OverviewNews Roundup 07/31/16 17:58 (2 comments)

Exclusive new info about recent launches, reminders about popular articles, and a hint at what's to come in autumn, 2016.

Colors and Shapes, Visual Effect is Important

Colors and Shapes, Visual Effect is ImportantNews Roundup 05/27/16 07:48 (One comment)

Many interviews and exciting news of new signatures and new launches from big and small brands.

Weekly Roundup: Truly International

Weekly Roundup: Truly InternationalNews Roundup 05/14/16 14:22 (One comment)

Some details of almost 200 perfumes added to Fragrantica this week.

Floral Scents, Usual and Unusual

Floral Scents, Usual and UnusualNews Roundup 05/08/16 00:17 (One comment)

New perfume house introductions, new perfume destinations, good bargain scents and news about exclusive and luxurious collections...

Summer in Stores, Uber Modern & Timeless Scents

Summer in Stores, Uber Modern & Timeless ScentsNews Roundup 04/30/16 17:01 (5 comments)

Perfume with stories and without even a brief.

A Little Bit Of Everything, Niche, Luxe and Mass

A Little Bit Of Everything, Niche, Luxe and MassNews Roundup 04/23/16 07:41

New and old, affordable and expensive...

Milan, Dusseldorf, and Paris

Milan, Dusseldorf, and ParisNews Roundup 04/18/16 18:25

Our curiosity, irony, tiredness, mistrust or adoration; it all contributes to the development of the art of perfumery.

Weekly Roundup: Unexpected & Desired

Weekly Roundup: Unexpected & DesiredNews Roundup 03/26/16 21:57

A good week for fragrant news last week!

Weekly Roundup: New Natural Houses, Few Flankers, and More Niche

Weekly Roundup: New Natural Houses, Few Flankers, and More NicheNews Roundup 03/20/16 21:54

Getting ready for Esxence 2016; the history of using scented objects; new and old perfume reviews and a few flankers.

Weekly Roundup: Niche Premieres, Solar Fragrances

Weekly Roundup: Niche Premieres, Solar FragrancesNews Roundup 03/12/16 22:18 (4 comments)

On the wave of niche news, continuing to celebrate spring and digging for treasures in drugstores and one's own closet.

Weekly Roundup: New Authors, Perfumes & Events

Weekly Roundup: New Authors, Perfumes & EventsNews Roundup 03/05/16 15:02 (10 comments)

What happened on FRAGRANTICA last week.


New Perfumes

Pure Grace Summer SurfPhilosophy
Pure Grace Summer Surf

First Instinct for HerAbercrombie & Fitch
First Instinct for Her

Leather SensationByblos
Leather Sensation

Metal SensationByblos
Metal Sensation

Solarissimo MarettimoAzzaro
Solarissimo Marettimo

Musk MalakiChopard
Musk Malaki

Bonjour SeñoritaTous
Bonjour Señorita

Mia Me MineHalloween
Mia Me Mine

Gisada UomoGisada
Gisada Uomo

Gisada DonnaGisada
Gisada Donna

KastellorizoMaison de Parfum Berry

AdoualaMaison de Parfum Berry

Ambre 35Maison de Parfum Berry
Ambre 35

Coeur NoirMaison de Parfum Berry
Coeur Noir

Violette RebelleMaison de Parfum Berry
Violette Rebelle

PortraitMaison de Parfum Berry

CathédraleMaison de Parfum Berry

Éblouissants RefletsMaison de Parfum Berry
Éblouissants Reflets

MystiqueMaison de Parfum Berry

LibératriceMaison de Parfum Berry

ConquéranteMaison de Parfum Berry

PuretéMaison de Parfum Berry

EnfanceMaison de Parfum Berry


Roasted Green TeaJ-Scent
Roasted Green Tea


Seven IslandsBombay Perfumery
Seven Islands

SulawesiBombay Perfumery

MoireBombay Perfumery

Les CayesBombay Perfumery
Les Cayes

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