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Memo KeduMemo Kedu

Niche Perfumery 04/13/14 23:28

At the artistic perfumery exhibition Esxence in Milan, the house of Memo promoted their new fragrance Kedu and highlighted that with their three collections Les Echappées , Cuirs Nomades and Graines Vagabondes  they have formed a world fragrant map that will induce joy and pleasure. Collections by Memo are inspired by journeys and experiences that left strong impressions on Clara Monloy. Each fragrance of the house is like treasure hunting—a fragran... (more)

Memo is launching a new fragrance named Kedu

Illuminum: Meet The Green Fairy #234Illuminum: Meet The Green Fairy #234

Niche Perfumery 04/07/14 12:51 (3 comments)

“95 percent of everything we taste is smell” Illuminum presents their new aromatic project, called the  95 percent series and devoted to the close relationship between smell and taste . There will be three perfumes in the series; each of them will be created in collaboration with a leading food specialist. #234 was elaborated with the help of Tom Wolfe. “It was on my travels working with great chefs that I was taught about the senses. H... (more)

#234 is about the close relationship between smell and taste.

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Tauleto Wine FragranceTauleto
Tauleto Wine Fragrance

Bogart Story BlueJacques Bogart
Bogart Story Blue

Bogart Story RedJacques Bogart
Bogart Story Red

De VirisJacques Bogart
De Viris

Oudh NoireWest Third Brand
Oudh Noire

Old BourbonWest Third Brand
Old Bourbon

Marche de TabacWest Third Brand
Marche de Tabac

L'OrangerieWest Third Brand

Gardenia di VitaWest Third Brand
Gardenia di Vita

Precious WoodsThe Merchant of Venice
Precious Woods

Black OudThe Merchant of Venice
Black Oud

Sicilian CitrusesThe Merchant of Venice
Sicilian Citruses

Incense MistThe Merchant of Venice
Incense Mist

Wild MuskThe Merchant of Venice
Wild Musk

SpicyThe Merchant of Venice

CedarwoodThe Merchant of Venice

SandalwoodThe Merchant of Venice

Timeless LavenderThe Merchant of Venice
Timeless Lavender

Pure LeatherThe Merchant of Venice
Pure Leather

Black MuskThe Merchant of Venice
Black Musk

Patchouli VintageThe Merchant of Venice
Patchouli Vintage

Black PepperThe Merchant of Venice
Black Pepper

Blue IslandThe Merchant of Venice
Blue Island

Vetiver BourbonThe Merchant of Venice
Vetiver Bourbon

Arabian MyrrhThe Merchant of Venice
Arabian Myrrh

Coquillete's Sulmona: The Blissful Happiness Of Simple Things

Coquillete's Sulmona: The Blissful Happiness Of Simple ThingsNiche Perfumery 04/06/14 13:31 (3 comments)

"A very simple perfume: almond, bitter almond, icing sugar and vanilla."

House of Sillage: New Scent Passion de l‘Amour by Mark Buxton

House of Sillage: New Scent Passion de l‘Amour by Mark BuxtonNiche Perfumery 04/06/14 13:15 (One comment)

New perfume now available as a limited edition.

L’Air de Panache – Le Parfum de M. Gustave H.

L’Air de Panache – Le Parfum de M. Gustave H.Niche Perfumery 04/03/14 22:29 (6 comments)

The favorite perfume of the main character in The Grand Budapest Hotel film.

Pozzo di Borgo new scents: 19 Mai 1957 and 24 Octobre 1985

Pozzo di Borgo new scents: 19 Mai 1957 and 24 Octobre 1985Niche Perfumery 04/03/14 16:11 (One comment)

Two new fragrances from the new perfume brand Pozzo di Borgo.

Old Perfume House Volnay Paris

Old Perfume House Volnay ParisNiche Perfumery 04/03/14 15:45 (One comment)

Why is this perfume house called Volnay? Family legend has it that during their first dinner Rene and Germaine both chose this famous Bourgogne wine, and that wine was the symbol of beginning for them.

Dead of Night - the Debut Fragrance from ERH1012

Dead of Night - the Debut Fragrance from ERH1012Niche Perfumery 04/01/14 17:28 (9 comments)

New oil-based oudh fragrance produced under the creative direction of Helena Christensen

Renaissance of Le Galion

Renaissance of Le GalionNiche Perfumery 03/30/14 07:38 (5 comments)

New old perfumes by Le Galion have been introduced at Esxence.

Grand Siecle Intense 7.1 Joins the Signature Collection of Parfumerie Generale

Grand Siecle Intense 7.1 Joins the Signature Collection of Parfumerie GeneraleNiche Perfumery 03/29/14 17:11

The "concept cars” by Parfumerie Generale are now available for purchase.

Suhad Perfumes - New Collection!

Suhad Perfumes - New Collection!Niche Perfumery 03/28/14 05:59 (8 comments)

New collection by Suhad Al-Qenaei is exclusively available at Paris Gallery UAE

Bond No 9 Shelter Island

Bond No 9 Shelter IslandNiche Perfumery 03/21/14 06:18 (3 comments)

Niche fragrance for the summer of 2014 - Bond No 9 based on sea aromas and oud shades

New and Classic frankensmellies from smell bent

New and Classic frankensmellies from smell bentNiche Perfumery 03/18/14 19:14 (7 comments)

Two new scents and four classics are available for a limited time

Wit by Parfums DelRae

Wit by Parfums DelRaeNiche Perfumery 03/18/14 18:19 (9 comments)

Celebrate Spring with a new fragrance by Parfums DelRae!

News From Shay & Blue - Blacks Club LeatherNews From Shay & Blue - Blacks Club Leather

03/11/14 17:11 (6 comments)

New Nest ParadiseNew Nest Paradise

03/04/14 16:37 (5 comments)

New Amouage Opus VIIINew Amouage Opus VIII

03/04/14 11:53 (4 comments)

Vero Kern - Vero Profumo RozyVero Kern - Vero Profumo Rozy

03/04/14 05:15 (2 comments)

Hermes Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche 2014Hermes Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche 2014

02/28/14 14:20 (16 comments)

Le Muguet 2014 Limited Edition by GuerlainLe Muguet 2014 Limited Edition by Guerlain

02/25/14 15:36 (12 comments)

White Sand and Black Sand From Finn & Co.White Sand and Black Sand From Finn & Co.

02/25/14 05:06 (3 comments)

Bond No9 Hudson YardsBond No9 Hudson Yards

02/24/14 04:34 (7 comments)

Imperial Tea and Sacred Wood by KilianImperial Tea and Sacred Wood by Kilian

02/21/14 13:36 (7 comments)

Acqua di Parma Ginepro de SardegnaAcqua di Parma Ginepro de Sardegna

02/20/14 06:23 (6 comments)

New Perfume Borobudur by Erik KormannNew Perfume Borobudur by Erik Kormann

02/16/14 09:00 (3 comments)

Parfums 137: New Vetyver ScentParfums 137: New Vetyver Scent

02/06/14 12:21 (3 comments)

AJ ARABIA: New Perfume Company From Abu DhabiAJ ARABIA: New Perfume Company From Abu Dhabi

01/28/14 17:14 (16 comments)

Parfumerie Generale Isparta 26Parfumerie Generale Isparta 26

01/28/14 08:08 (9 comments)

Montale Aoud Orange, Montale Aoud MelodyMontale Aoud Orange, Montale Aoud Melody

01/28/14 04:24 (8 comments)

Floris London Amethyst (By Request)Floris London Amethyst (By Request)

01/27/14 00:49 (One comment)

Ulrich Lang ApertureUlrich Lang Aperture

01/24/14 09:30 (5 comments)

Magnolia Grandiflora – MichelMagnolia Grandiflora – Michel

01/21/14 18:08 (11 comments)

Magnolia Grandiflora – SandrineMagnolia Grandiflora – Sandrine

01/17/14 21:02 (12 comments)

Penhaligon's and Meadham Kirchhoff TralalaPenhaligon's and Meadham Kirchhoff Tralala

01/17/14 15:13 (4 comments)

Serge Lutens Laine de VerreSerge Lutens Laine de Verre

01/09/14 06:19 (7 comments)

Khaltat Blends of LoveKhaltat Blends of Love

01/03/14 17:46 (5 comments)

Perfume Artisan Giovanni SammarcoPerfume Artisan Giovanni Sammarco

12/30/13 05:03 (5 comments)

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