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Olfactive Studio: SelfieOlfactive Studio: Selfie

Niche Perfumery 08/27/15 16:04 (11 comments)

Selfie is the new perfume from the French niche brand Olfactive Studio . Coming out in September 2015, Selfie follows a different path from the other editions of this house. All the previous fragrances from Olfactive Studio are connected to photography. They depict an idea both in image and in smell. This time, Selfie comes without a specific picture. It awaits your own photo. The trendy selfie everyone is crazy about nowadays. “ Olfactive Studio has opte... (more)

Your personal olfactory photograph.

Framboise Noire From Shay & BlueFramboise Noire From Shay & Blue

Niche Perfumery 08/27/15 15:46 (3 comments)

British perfume brand Shay & Blue has announced the launch of their latest edition, Framboise Noire , which is scheduled for September 2015. With this release the brand is now exploiting a very trendy current in modern perfumery - "fruity or fruity-floral fragrances for adults". This is the first Shay & Blue's fragrance with a French name. "Noire" here is, of course, more than just the color of a rare sort of raspberry, it is a genre; a special, da... (more)

A new fruity fragrance with a dark mood.

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N-Cigale - A New Perfume Brand from France

N-Cigale - A New Perfume Brand from FranceNiche Perfumery 08/25/15 12:56 (12 comments)

"He (Patrick)wanted to take three of the most popular and even over-used perfume notes, worn out to the level of air fresheners, and make new fragrances to revive their glory"

Mancera Black Prestigium

Mancera Black PrestigiumNiche Perfumery 08/25/15 00:36

New fragrance of Mancera collection

Terry de Gunzburg Ombre Mercure Extreme

Terry de Gunzburg Ombre Mercure ExtremeNiche Perfumery 08/24/15 05:26 (One comment)

Enhanced version of 2012 edition

Givenchy L`Atelier de Givenchy Gaiac Mystique

Givenchy L`Atelier de Givenchy Gaiac MystiqueNiche Perfumery 08/24/15 04:52

New fragrance of the collection L’Atelier de Givenchy

Nostalgia Collection: Memoire du Voyage, Memoire de l'Amour

Nostalgia Collection: Memoire du Voyage, Memoire de l'AmourNiche Perfumery 08/24/15 04:06

New niche collection

Montale Intense Roses Musk

Montale Intense Roses MuskNiche Perfumery 08/24/15 02:52 (2 comments)

More intense version of Roses Musk

The Noir 29 by LE LABO New Perfume

The Noir 29 by LE LABO New PerfumeNiche Perfumery 08/21/15 09:34 (6 comments)

New perfume by Le Labo to be launched in November 2015.

A Golden Perfume by Aedes de Venustas

A Golden Perfume by Aedes de VenustasNiche Perfumery 08/19/15 13:57 (2 comments)

"Palissandre d'Or is not pretentious, but a clear, simple and modest fragrance. It is not a symphonic perfume, but rather a perfume melody."

Orris and Sand: La Collection Sabbie Mediterranee by Armani

Orris and Sand: La Collection Sabbie Mediterranee by ArmaniNiche Perfumery 08/18/15 16:10 (9 comments)

Privé Edition Couture Sable Or and Sable Fumé review

Siena the Luminous: the New Scent by Evody

Siena the Luminous: the New Scent by EvodyNiche Perfumery 08/17/15 16:36 (One comment)

Blanc de Sienne review

Thameen The Hope

Thameen The HopeNiche Perfumery 08/10/15 11:08

Inspired with Hope Diamond

Introducing Note Fragrances

Introducing Note Fragrances Niche Perfumery 08/09/15 09:00 (10 comments)

Signature scents and custom creations from Pennsylvania

Montale Golden Sand, Starry NightMontale Golden Sand, Starry Night

08/07/15 00:32 (4 comments)

Fragrance du Bois: All Shades of OudFragrance du Bois: All Shades of Oud

08/04/15 16:25 (4 comments)

Diptyque Oud PalaoDiptyque Oud Palao

08/04/15 06:15 (10 comments)

Bond No 9 B9Bond No 9 B9

07/29/15 04:13 (4 comments)

Tom Ford Venetian BergamotTom Ford Venetian Bergamot

07/28/15 23:58 (5 comments)

Comfort Zone Perfume: Classic OpoponaxComfort Zone Perfume: Classic Opoponax

07/24/15 17:00 (One comment)

Bogue Maai: Dirty CravingsBogue Maai: Dirty Cravings

07/22/15 17:19 (6 comments)

By Kilian Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec MoiBy Kilian Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi

07/21/15 12:55 (5 comments)

An Air of Despair from Imaginary AuthorsAn Air of Despair from Imaginary Authors

07/16/15 17:14 (2 comments)

Parfums MDCI Cio Cio San Parfums MDCI Cio Cio San

07/06/15 16:33 (2 comments)

LUI NICHE Baron, BaronessLUI NICHE Baron, Baroness

07/03/15 00:10

Acqua di Parma Colonia ClubAcqua di Parma Colonia Club

07/02/15 05:14 (8 comments)

Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae ForteFrancis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae Forte

06/29/15 06:08 (3 comments)

Penhaligon's HalfetiPenhaligon's Halfeti

06/26/15 02:48 (11 comments)

African Leather from MEMO ParisAfrican Leather from MEMO Paris

06/23/15 15:57 (8 comments)

Les Parfums de Rosine La Cologne de RosineLes Parfums de Rosine La Cologne de Rosine

06/16/15 23:56 (One comment)

Atelier Cologne Jasmin AngéliqueAtelier Cologne Jasmin Angélique

06/14/15 23:27 (4 comments)

Ormonde Jayne Intensivo 50 ml of Pure ParfumOrmonde Jayne Intensivo 50 ml of Pure Parfum

06/12/15 04:53 (One comment)

Robert Piguet Oud Delice, Oud DivinRobert Piguet Oud Delice, Oud Divin

06/08/15 06:24 (4 comments)

Juliette Has A Gun Another OudJuliette Has A Gun Another Oud

06/02/15 05:46 (10 comments)

Lubin GrisetteLubin Grisette

05/17/15 23:48 (2 comments)

Atelier des Ors - Poetic Game of LightAtelier des Ors - Poetic Game of Light

05/13/15 03:39 (2 comments)

MDCI Parfums: Cio Cio SanMDCI Parfums: Cio Cio San

05/11/15 02:12 (4 comments)

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Maître d’Amour. Bien-aiméGalerie des Sens
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