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New Perfume From TAUER Perfumes - ROSE FLASHNew Perfume From TAUER Perfumes - ROSE FLASH

Niche Perfumery 09/30/14 13:02 (4 comments)

Andy Tauer recently, at Fragranze in Florence, announced his new perfume, Sotto La Luna Gardenia , but that was only part of the news from the house. Today Andy has introduced a perfume, Rose Flash, the first one from the Flash Scents collection. Andy Tauer on Rose flash: "ROSE flash is the most luxurious rose that I have created so far. It is special in many ways. I look at it as a little gift from tauerville; a perfume for my rose loving friends. A st... (more)

First perfume of the new Flash Scents collection.

Aedes de Venustas Copal AzurAedes de Venustas Copal Azur

Niche Perfumery 09/29/14 05:54 (6 comments)

The first fragrance by the New York niche perfume boutique Aedes de Venustas  was introduced in 2012 under the eponymous name Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum , followed by the edition called Iris Nazarena in 2013, which placed masculine iris in the first plan. This year the famous boutique presents two perfumes, the first of them being Oeilett Bengale , on the market since 2014 and the latest one, Copal Azur in a navy blue bottle, available starting October 2014! The perfume... (more)

New fragrance of Aedes de Venustas

Lili Bermuda Launches Mary Celestia Perfume

Lili Bermuda Launches Mary Celestia PerfumeNiche Perfumery 09/28/14 08:41 (One comment)

Lili Bermuda launches a 150-year-old perfume found on the ocean floor.

Keiko Mecheri Embruns

Keiko Mecheri EmbrunsNiche Perfumery 09/23/14 17:59 (3 comments)

Embruns is given buoyancy by the addition of iris, amber and vanilla.

Mancera Wild Leather, Wild Rose Oud and Amber & Roses

Mancera Wild Leather, Wild Rose Oud and Amber & RosesNiche Perfumery 09/22/14 00:17 (2 comments)

News from the house of Mancera

Cuir 28 The Dubai Exclusive By Le Labo

Cuir 28 The Dubai Exclusive By Le LaboNiche Perfumery 09/14/14 02:53 (10 comments)

New city exclusive from Le Labo.

Montale Aoud Night, Montale Rose Night

Montale Aoud Night, Montale Rose NightNiche Perfumery 09/10/14 00:38 (5 comments)

New fragrances by Montale

Juliette Has a Gun Moon Dance

Juliette Has a Gun Moon DanceNiche Perfumery 09/08/14 02:23 (7 comments)

New fragrance of the Luxury Collection

Patchouliful by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Patchouliful by Laboratorio OlfattivoNiche Perfumery 09/05/14 00:45 (6 comments)

Laboratorio Olfattivo is launching a very interesting new fragrance, playing on the olfactory code of patchouli- Patchouliful

Limited edition of Vent de Folie by Goutal

Limited edition of Vent de Folie by GoutalNiche Perfumery 09/02/14 12:21 (3 comments)

... in cooperation with the famous graffiti artist from Paris, Nasty.

Promethee by Olivier Durbano

Promethee by Olivier DurbanoNiche Perfumery 09/02/14 11:07

Olivier Durbano is going to introduce his newest perfume Promethee in September in Florence.

Bond No.9 Queens

Bond No.9 QueensNiche Perfumery 08/17/14 04:16 (10 comments)

New fragrance from Bond No.9

Bond No.9 Harrods Royal Rose

Bond No.9 Harrods Royal RoseNiche Perfumery 08/17/14 03:43 (One comment)

New fragrance for Harrods

Arquiste for J.Crew - No. 31 and No. 57 Fragrances

Arquiste for J.Crew - No. 31 and No. 57 FragrancesNiche Perfumery 08/16/14 16:08 (5 comments)

Two women's scents for fall and winter

Sotto La Luna Gardenia by Tauer ParfumsSotto La Luna Gardenia by Tauer Parfums

08/08/14 12:20 (13 comments)

Penhaligon’s Trade Routes CollectionPenhaligon’s Trade Routes Collection

08/07/14 04:50 (4 comments)

New Yesterday Haze From Imaginary AuthorsNew Yesterday Haze From Imaginary Authors

08/06/14 05:07 (11 comments)

Nevermore: A New Perfume From FrapinNevermore: A New Perfume From Frapin

08/01/14 16:18 (4 comments)

Acqua di Parma Rosa NobileAcqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

07/23/14 02:32 (10 comments)

Sospiro Classica, Sospiro OperaSospiro Classica, Sospiro Opera

07/13/14 09:24 (2 comments)

Concrete Flower From Atelier PMPConcrete Flower From Atelier PMP

07/09/14 17:31 (One comment)

Evody Collection d'AilleursEvody Collection d'Ailleurs

07/09/14 02:09 (One comment)

Parfums Rétro Santal Superbe and  Sous BoisParfums Rétro Santal Superbe and Sous Bois

07/07/14 18:40 (6 comments)

Masculin and Feminin PlurielMasculin and Feminin Pluriel

07/07/14 17:05 (9 comments)

YS Uzac: New Sacre du PrintempsYS Uzac: New Sacre du Printemps

07/06/14 13:10 (2 comments)

Paul Emilien: First Perfume CollectionPaul Emilien: First Perfume Collection

07/06/14 07:05 (4 comments)

Clive Christian No 1 15th Anniversary EditionClive Christian No 1 15th Anniversary Edition

07/06/14 06:24 (5 comments)

L’incendiaire Serge LutensL’incendiaire Serge Lutens

07/02/14 12:21 (12 comments)

Oxymusc From A Lab on FireOxymusc From A Lab on Fire

06/29/14 11:03 (4 comments)

Clive Christian L for Men and L for WomenClive Christian L for Men and L for Women

06/27/14 17:22 (2 comments)

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Jardin NeroliComptoir Sud Pacifique Jardin Neroli

06/26/14 16:37 (7 comments)

UER MI: Wear MeUER MI: Wear Me

06/25/14 19:21 (2 comments)

Two New Perfumes From Kerosene PerfumesTwo New Perfumes From Kerosene Perfumes

06/20/14 16:35 (6 comments)

SENSEI from Poland, Piotr CzarneckiSENSEI from Poland, Piotr Czarnecki

06/18/14 18:59 (6 comments)

Le Labo Geranium 30 Limited EditionLe Labo Geranium 30 Limited Edition

06/17/14 18:27 (4 comments)

Vikings of the 21st Century by ZarkoperfumeVikings of the 21st Century by Zarkoperfume

06/16/14 17:56 (7 comments)

La Parfumerie ModerneLa Parfumerie Moderne

06/05/14 05:03


06/04/14 04:42 (6 comments)

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