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Acqua di Parma Rosa NobileAcqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

Niche Perfumery 07/23/14 02:32 (10 comments)

The Nobile collection by the Italian house of Acqua di Parma presented a new fragrance dedicated to rose flower. Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile complements the luxurious, sophisticated and very elegant collection of fragrances among which are Iris Nobile , Magnolia Nobile and Gelsomino Nobile inspired by iris, magnolia and jasmine.  Rose bonbon © starosphere By following the Italian collection and selecting the best ingredients to represent the s... (more)

New fragrance of the Acqua di Parma collection

Antonio Visconti Fragrances: Luxury Is Never Too MuchAntonio Visconti Fragrances: Luxury Is Never Too Much

Niche Perfumery 07/22/14 04:51 (6 comments)

After all the articles I have published on Fragrantica since the Esxense perfume fair that took place in Milan last March, I am still in the process of working through the gigantic amount of information I gathered there. One of the brands I visited with great olfactory pleasure is the Italian house of Antonio Visconti. While I was looking at the amazing bottles my eyes sparkled in fascination. However, when I smelled what was inside I was taken to a higher level of erotic sensat... (more)

Review of the brand and its perfume Fleur de Nuit.

Detaille: New Fragrant Collection

Detaille: New Fragrant CollectionNiche Perfumery 07/20/14 06:25

New Rose Nuit, Bois d'Oud, Fleur de Peau and Osmose.

Sospiro Classica, Sospiro Opera

Sospiro Classica, Sospiro OperaNiche Perfumery 07/13/14 09:24 (2 comments)

The Sospiro collection receives two special fragrant jewels!

Luxury Perfume Retailer Paris Gallery Launches Ahjaar

Luxury Perfume Retailer Paris Gallery Launches AhjaarNiche Perfumery 07/13/14 08:21 (3 comments)

Paris Gallery from UAE launches its own perfume brand, AHJAAR.

Concrete Flower From Atelier PMP

Concrete Flower From Atelier PMPNiche Perfumery 07/09/14 17:31 (One comment)

A fragrance that comes on with the force of graffiti

Evody Collection d'Ailleurs

Evody Collection d'AilleursNiche Perfumery 07/09/14 02:09 (One comment)

New collection of niche Evody presents three fragrances

Parfums Rétro Santal Superbe and Sous Bois

Parfums Rétro Santal Superbe and  Sous BoisNiche Perfumery 07/07/14 18:40 (6 comments)

Two new launches for men from the house that brought us Grand Cuir

Masculin and Feminin Pluriel

Masculin and Feminin PlurielNiche Perfumery 07/07/14 17:05 (9 comments)

Luxurious French house  Maison Francis Kurkdjian  (affectionately known as "MFK") has announced the upcoming launch of two new fragrances in August. In keeping with the trad......

YS Uzac: New Sacre du Printemps

YS Uzac: New Sacre du PrintempsNiche Perfumery 07/06/14 13:10 (2 comments)

Limited edition of Sacre du Printemps and an interview with its creator.

Paul Emilien: First Perfume Collection

Paul Emilien: First Perfume CollectionNiche Perfumery 07/06/14 07:05 (3 comments)

A review of four fragrances by Paul Emilien.

Clive Christian No 1 15th Anniversary Edition

Clive Christian No 1 15th Anniversary EditionNiche Perfumery 07/06/14 06:24 (3 comments)

Limited editions for men and women are launched for the 15th anniversary of Clive Christian, The World's Most Expensive Perfume

L’incendiaire and L’orpheline by Serge Lutens

L’incendiaire and L’orpheline by Serge LutensNiche Perfumery 07/04/14 12:48 (18 comments)

Two new perfumes from Serge Lutens.

L’incendiaire Serge Lutens

L’incendiaire Serge LutensNiche Perfumery 07/02/14 12:21 (12 comments)

New perfume by Serge Lutens.

Oxymusc From A Lab on FireOxymusc From A Lab on Fire

06/29/14 11:03 (4 comments)

Clive Christian L for Men and L for WomenClive Christian L for Men and L for Women

06/27/14 17:22 (2 comments)

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Jardin NeroliComptoir Sud Pacifique Jardin Neroli

06/26/14 16:37 (7 comments)

UER MI: Wear MeUER MI: Wear Me

06/25/14 19:21 (2 comments)

Two New Perfumes From Kerosene PerfumesTwo New Perfumes From Kerosene Perfumes

06/20/14 16:35 (6 comments)

SENSEI from Poland, Piotr CzarneckiSENSEI from Poland, Piotr Czarnecki

06/18/14 18:59 (6 comments)

Le Labo Geranium 30 Limited EditionLe Labo Geranium 30 Limited Edition

06/17/14 18:27 (4 comments)

Vikings of the 21st Century by ZarkoperfumeVikings of the 21st Century by Zarkoperfume

06/16/14 17:56 (7 comments)

La Parfumerie ModerneLa Parfumerie Moderne

06/05/14 05:03


06/04/14 04:42 (6 comments)

Ex Idolo with 33-year-old OudEx Idolo with 33-year-old Oud

06/02/14 16:27 (11 comments)

Next Level Oud: Oud Prestige JacogluNext Level Oud: Oud Prestige Jacoglu

06/02/14 04:45 (2 comments)

Ramón Béjar and the Mammoths of PerfumeryRamón Béjar and the Mammoths of Perfumery

05/31/14 06:58 (4 comments)

Montale Nepal AoudMontale Nepal Aoud

05/29/14 05:44 (6 comments)

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt CologneJo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

05/27/14 02:24 (8 comments)

Oeillet Bengale by Aedes de VenustasOeillet Bengale by Aedes de Venustas

05/23/14 15:53 (3 comments)

Review of the New Perfumes by Le Galion ParisReview of the New Perfumes by Le Galion Paris

05/19/14 16:27 (6 comments)

Sospiro Rosso AfganoSospiro Rosso Afgano

05/15/14 00:46 (5 comments)

Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Triple ExtractAtkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract

05/12/14 00:55 (One comment)

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