Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope March 21 - March 27

Perfumed Horoscope March 21 - March 27

03/20/16 08:23:49 (2 comments)

by: Hieronimuss

This week we have another astrological heavy hitter. The lunar eclipse on March 23rd is a good time to envision peace and stir events towards greater harmony. The events could be strange and unexpected, but the ultimate goal is positive and evolutionary necessity. Beware of becoming overly defensive. This week we are looking at two great fragrance houses, Helmut Lang and Kyse Perfumes.

This is the week where you need to know where you want to take your life. It's time to tightly fasten your seatbelt and make a bold move. Of course you are not afraid to do so, but the only trick is to eliminate any possible dissatisfaction on the side of your partner. If you do anything against their will, and not as a part of agreement, the burden may grow, and at some point over the next few months escalate. By Kyse Perfumes try Oui Plus.

This week may initiate a period of up to three months where you will have to face some issues from your past. It is possible that it will be also somehow related to your (former) coworkers. If you see something that either makes you uncomfortable or makes someone else uncomfortable with you, spend some time thinking how to clear it. Ultimately you will feel much better about yourself if you avoid anything that will seem like a bubble. By Kyse Perfumes try Confit de Rose.

This is a lunar eclipse which can bring some surprising new relationships that will be more on a casual side. Still there may be a creative and playful spirit in them that you won't be able to resist. As you are going through those, think of how easy it is for you to actually receive love. Are there any blocks that need to be removed? The lesson will be in enlivening your emotional participation. Show as much love as possible. By Kyse Perfumes try Mandorlo Cioccolato.


This week could easily be the beginning of you setting new goals for yourself. The likely scenario is that your career steps somehow impede the feeling of being comfy in your home base. Maybe it's time to work less or to work from home. Maybe it's time to look for different professional partners after you have clear thought about why the current situation may not be right. By Kyse Perfumes try Sucre et Fleurs.

There is a lunar eclipse this week which is something like a super full moon. It can affect you with a sudden decision to take a big trip and start making steps towards getting there. It will greatly depend on the state of your mind. You may not be clear-minded, but that is only because your passion and your mind will merge. If you feel like a free fall, you may be actually flying. By Kyse Perfumes try Douceur Brulee.


This week may bring a test to your big investment that already happened or is about to happen. The challenge will most probably come from your partner and you will have to listen to what they have to say. It is most probably their long term concern. The key for you is to play the card of safety and security, which your actions are about anyway, but it may not be as clear to others. By Helmut Lang try Cuiron.


The full luna is in your sign this week accompanied with her darkening by eclipse. This is a very special moment where you may feel elevated in some way, or at least different and special. The idea is to merge the feminine and masculine sides of yourself, and let it flow into each other to make you a more happy but also a more powerful and attractive human being. By Helmut Lang try the Eau de Cologne.

This lunar eclipse could bring in some ways a focus on your past employments and coworkers. They may reappear for diverse reasons, and depending on the clarity of your relationship with them. There may be a slight chance that there is some old business that needs to be finished and some stories forgotten. On a psychological level try to observe how time opens up into a more experiential flow than just the one that is measured. By Kyse Perfumes try Vanille Debauche.

You will feel this week that you're in different energies altogether. The strange period will end in the middle of this week, and what you will be required to do is engage your loving heart and shift your playground. It may sound ambitious but all it takes is focusing on your heart and once you feel a little heat from there, place you desire into that heat and watch it come true. Make sure to slow down every day and say I do feel love, for whatever it is. By Kyse Perfumes try Vertigo Cuir.
This week can shake you into a different reality where you will have to proactively pursue your wishes and desires. It will take some time to adjust and you will actually see a new territory that can be gained, The areas where the new territories are likely to be pursued relate to your family, but also to your professional aspirations. A conflict of interests is very possible and this is now where your harmonizing management skills will need full activation. By Kyse Perfumes try Elegance Sombre.
Finally this week your little obsession with returning different purchased goods and feeling the pressure to materialize certain objects in your environment will ease. It will be replaced by a stronger need to get your opinions across. You may get involved in a lengthy discussion with someone from your neighborhood. If you become overly impractically you may actually alienate your loved ones, so keep kissing them no matter who is right or wrong. By Kyse Perfumes try Frollino Lavanda.


You must be shining these days and nothing should fool around with that, not even a powerful lunar eclipse. Allow those kisses, they are genuine now. I would avoid shopping until the weekend, since whatever you buy may not be a well thought idea, especially if it's pricier. You may decide that you need to earn more first, and then spend more, in April. By Helmut Lang try the Eau de Parfum.



Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss loves delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.


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I love these weekly horoscopes, Zoran! I always check the Pisces & Aries ones, as I am Pisces on the cusp of Aries, and my friend who is very into astrology told me that many of my moons / rising things (I am not knowledgeable about this stuff) are in Aries.

I am looking forward to trying some of Terri's perfumes from KYSE, seems like I've finally found a reputable indie/niche brand with scents I want to try AND that I can afford! :-)

Angela Agiannidou
Angela Agiannidou

Always spot on for Taurus, enjoyable reading.


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