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Indole: The Maestro Is DecomposingIndole: The Maestro Is Decomposing

Raw Materials 05/19/16 16:03 (20 comments)

You might have noticed the word Indole in discussions about jasmine, lilies and other white flowers, with either good or bad connotation. Sometimes it is even used as a euphemism for an unpleasant odor. But not many of you have come across pure indole in real life. It comes in a form of a gray powder. Let's find out what indolе is . In the book The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris & New York , Chandler Burr re-tells Jean-Clau... (more)

Indole smells of despair and decay...a good start for a review, isn't it?

Aldehydes in Perfumery MythologyAldehydes in Perfumery Mythology

Raw Materials 04/15/16 08:45 (22 comments)

  What are aldehydes in fact? The answer is not as simple as it may seem. Ask a sophisticated perfume lover and they will tell you all about synthetic materials with a smell that is hard to describe, which once made Chanel No. 5 so unusual, abstract and ground-breaking. A chemist or even an ordinary high school student studying chemistry won’t think long and will tell you that an aldehyde is an organic compound containing the –CHO group, or ald... (more)

"It is important to understand that aldehydes are not artificial substances, results of human work. Lots of them occur in nature."

The History of Iso E Super in Perfumery

The History of Iso E Super in PerfumeryRaw Materials 03/22/16 15:48 (33 comments)

"The smell of this ingredient has made a huge difference to the world of modern perfumery and largely defined its directions."

Spikenard Magic

Spikenard MagicRaw Materials 03/10/16 04:23 (3 comments)

"No sooner than you realized the scent had turned foul then the unthinkable happened, it turned into the most beautiful smell you have ever encountered."

Sequoia: Hello, Mr. President...

Sequoia: Hello, Mr. President...Raw Materials 01/17/16 08:20 (7 comments)

Meeting with the largest trees on Earth and their scents.

Scents of New Year's Eve: What Did You Wear?

Scents of New Year's Eve: What Did You Wear?Raw Materials 01/01/16 04:38 (123 comments)

Let this year be sweet and sparkling as our today's heroes.

Christmas Scents: Part VI, Mandarine

Christmas Scents: Part VI, MandarineRaw Materials 12/25/15 03:04 (8 comments)

Discussing the main citric note of the holidays

Christmas Scents: Part V, Pine

Christmas Scents: Part V, PineRaw Materials 12/18/15 04:03 (25 comments)

There's something special about pine, a main symbol of the New Year

Christmas Scents: Part IV, Cloves

Christmas Scents: Part IV, ClovesRaw Materials 12/11/15 06:29 (24 comments)

C(love) to all of you!

Christmas Scents: Part III, Fir

Christmas Scents: Part III, FirRaw Materials 12/03/15 20:22 (14 comments)

Let's add some Twin Peaks ambiance into our New Year's preparations!

Christmas Scents: Part II, Cinnamon

Christmas Scents: Part II, CinnamonRaw Materials 11/27/15 16:07 (28 comments)

Something about cinnamon.

Christmas Scents: Part I, Spruce

Christmas Scents: Part I, SpruceRaw Materials 11/20/15 09:26 (10 comments)

The first in a series of articles about festive natural scents.

Ambrette: Suave Vegetal Musk

Ambrette: Suave Vegetal MuskRaw Materials 10/30/15 19:55 (9 comments)

"Ambrette is thus called because its seeds produce a beguiling odor between amber and musk with a very unique character."

OUD SERIES: Fragrance Du Bois – Perfumery

OUD SERIES: Fragrance Du Bois – PerfumeryRaw Materials 08/29/14 16:15 (4 comments)

Review of Fragrance Du Bois perfumes.

OUD SERIES: The Smell of Oud by TerroirOUD SERIES: The Smell of Oud by Terroir

03/10/14 16:20 (4 comments)

Natural and Synthetic MuskNatural and Synthetic Musk

03/06/14 16:34 (39 comments)

OUD SERIES: This is the Smell of Oud OilOUD SERIES: This is the Smell of Oud Oil

02/24/14 19:37 (9 comments)

Synthetic Pathways to Sandalwood NotesSynthetic Pathways to Sandalwood Notes

02/23/14 12:44 (17 comments)

OUD SERIES: Rolling In The Deep Without AdeleOUD SERIES: Rolling In The Deep Without Adele

02/18/14 14:42 (4 comments)

OUD SERIES: How to burn Oud WoodOUD SERIES: How to burn Oud Wood

01/29/14 20:15 (15 comments)

OUD SERIES: The Oud OeuvreOUD SERIES: The Oud Oeuvre

01/20/14 17:36 (15 comments)

The Crocus-Hued Stigma of SaffronThe Crocus-Hued Stigma of Saffron

01/19/14 16:13 (17 comments)

OUD SERIES: My name is dehn al Oud …OUD SERIES: My name is dehn al Oud …

01/14/14 15:32 (29 comments)


11/18/13 15:11 (5 comments)


08/30/13 14:06 (2 comments)

Note du Jour: Pink PepperNote du Jour: Pink Pepper

08/22/13 13:11 (9 comments)


07/14/13 07:48 (4 comments)


07/06/13 13:31 (11 comments)

Galbanum: Green, Acrid BitternessGalbanum: Green, Acrid Bitterness

07/02/13 05:15 (17 comments)

Mimosa and CassieMimosa and Cassie

05/18/13 12:53 (7 comments)


03/17/13 08:01 (10 comments)


01/27/13 14:41 (5 comments)

Masala Tea – A Feeling of WarmthMasala Tea – A Feeling of Warmth

01/08/13 17:08 (11 comments)


12/19/12 10:42 (11 comments)


12/17/12 16:38 (8 comments)

Mandarin OrangeMandarin Orange

11/23/12 15:42 (7 comments)

Tolu Balsam and Peru Balsam: Plush and WarmTolu Balsam and Peru Balsam: Plush and Warm

10/23/12 11:55 (2 comments)

CUMIN: Polarizing Note of Sweat & IntimacyCUMIN: Polarizing Note of Sweat & Intimacy

10/22/12 13:56 (7 comments)

MOUNTAIN TEA: Sideritis, The Humble MOUNTAIN TEA: Sideritis, The Humble

10/15/12 13:49 (9 comments)

Fennel in PerfumesFennel in Perfumes

10/08/12 14:34 (10 comments)

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