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04/19/11 22:51 (5 comments)


11/30/10 14:02 (6 comments)

What is amber anyway?What is amber anyway?

09/29/10 12:55 (32 comments)

Magnolia in Nature and PerfumesMagnolia in Nature and Perfumes

09/23/10 14:33 (12 comments)

Plumeria, or FrangipaniPlumeria, or Frangipani

08/26/10 14:15 (6 comments)

Breath of the Exotic: Coconut in Perfumes Breath of the Exotic: Coconut in Perfumes

07/14/10 04:38 (32 comments)

Linden (Tilia)Linden (Tilia)

06/25/10 16:25 (10 comments)

Lilac (Syringa spp.)Lilac (Syringa spp.)

05/29/10 14:08 (10 comments)

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria Majalis)Lily of the Valley (Convallaria Majalis)

05/25/10 20:30 (5 comments)

The TulipThe Tulip

04/28/10 23:29 (7 comments)

Narcissus (Daffodil)Narcissus (Daffodil)

04/07/10 21:01 (7 comments)


02/14/10 17:03 (7 comments)

Fir: the Christmas TreeFir: the Christmas Tree

01/11/10 06:24 (4 comments)

Aroma fights the coldAroma fights the cold

11/23/09 21:56 (5 comments)

Do not fear the fig bearersDo not fear the fig bearers

09/23/09 10:41 (22 comments)

Mmm-mmm chocolate!Mmm-mmm chocolate!

07/13/09 00:58 (9 comments)

Olive - The Tree of LifeOlive - The Tree of Life

03/21/09 03:27

Mystical Aquatic Flower – LotusMystical Aquatic Flower – Lotus

11/22/08 13:41 (One comment)

Tart-sweet Magic of CranberryTart-sweet Magic of Cranberry

11/09/08 08:51 (10 comments)

Japanese Tradition of Honoring IncenseJapanese Tradition of Honoring Incense

07/19/08 08:15 (One comment)

Multifaced VetiverMultifaced Vetiver

05/07/08 09:21

Sakura – The Day When Cherries BloomSakura – The Day When Cherries Bloom

03/16/08 14:07 (One comment)

Mysterious Patchouli in PerfumeryMysterious Patchouli in Perfumery

02/08/08 06:49 (5 comments)

The Night Queen TuberoseThe Night Queen Tuberose

01/31/08 03:10


01/26/08 01:27 (2 comments)


12/22/07 12:05 (One comment)

Orange Flower or NeroliOrange Flower or Neroli

10/28/07 17:20

Wardh Taifi, the Fragrant Rose of ArabiaWardh Taifi, the Fragrant Rose of Arabia

09/23/07 13:01 (13 comments)

Violet: the flower, leaf and rootViolet: the flower, leaf and root

08/26/07 05:53 (7 comments)

For chocolate addictsFor chocolate addicts

08/11/07 16:31 (One comment)

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