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Santi Burgas LOANT Collection

04/02/13 06:01:45 (5 comments)

by: Sandra Raičević Petrović

During my stay in Milan, I had the opportunity to meet Christian Carbonnel and charming perfumers Laura Santander and Blanca Dalmau and to enjoy conversation about the innovative collection LOANT ("water of ants"). Blanca Dalmau worked for a long time on combining this unique and interesting collection of perfumes for young Spanish designer Santi Burgas. During our meeting I found out a lot about new projects by the Carbonnel Company and learnt first hand about the complex process of creating this collection, which unites all fragrances of the collection and offers a brand new game of perfumes which can be mutually combined. The aim was not to create the best separate fragrances with top quality ingredients, but to achieve a harmony of notes while the fragrances blend together.

Christian and Blanca explained to me in detail how difficult it was to make the ultimate composition which would be the BODY of the collection. The body is actually the heart that can be worn as a single perfume but can also be complemented with jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, citrus, wood and musk which are available as separate fragrances with characteristic compositions. Each of the fragrances can be combined with the LOANT heart (body). You can add top notes (jasmine, rose, citrus) or base notes (vanilla, musk, wood). You can also combine LOANT only with base notes or LOANT with jasmine or citrus. The choice is yours!

Customers can write down the unique game of blending the fragrances of this innovative composition on papers, in schemes given in each outer carton, and monitor the best composition that we wore and liked, which enables us to repeat them. Carbonnel signs the new niche collection for designer Santi Burgas, and it will be for sale soon. All fragrances of the collection will be available in flacons as 50 ml EDP, or in a set of three fragrances, the Loant Collection Creation Kit, which includes 3 x 50ml EDP. The price of each fragrance is 79 EUR.

Choose the fragrances that you like and apply them one after one on the skin and create your own fragrance instantly! The order of application of fragrances does not change the smell. All fragrances can be used alone or you can combine them together without the base. Share the LOANT collection with your partner, family or friends and create a different mixture depending on the moment. Each fragrance can be purchased separately and worn as a single fragrance!

Three fragrances were introduced: LOANT, LOJAZZ and LOVANN, and during spring you can expect LOBITT and LOMUSK, while the collection for fall-winter will add LOROSE and LOTREE.


Santiago Burgas Bou is the creative director of the brand Santi Burgas. He was born in Torroella de Montgri in 1985 and he loves his homeland (Baix Emporda and Costa Brava). At the age of six he began to play with tissues and needles, learning how to sew and embroidery. He graduated in Art at the Art High School (E. A. Olot, Girona), where he learned art techniques & the art of serigraphy. In 2008 he graduated in Textile Design at the School of Design ESDI in Barcelona.

Since 2005 till today he has worked at designer projects for companies Zara, Nike, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius etc. He is especially interested in nature and insects and his projects are characteristic because they monitor the life and behavior of ants. In 2010 Santiago decided to offers the unique collection of niche perfumes as addition to his collections for men, in order to transfer his artistic spirit into high-quality perfumes.

Santi Burgas wanted to offer top notch perfumes which are innovative and contained the best raw ingredients available on the market. Each formula was developed step by step, while creating unique compositions with harmonious accords. The fragrances are available in high quality bottles which are 100% recyclable. The fragrances contain 15% to 30% essences and they are all unisex!


LOJAZZ is a sweet promise offering a harmony of sambac jasmine, orange blossom, violet petals and magnolia. It is classified as a top note of the LOANT collection. Use it separately or combine with other fragrances of the collection.


LOROSE unites Indian and Bulgarian rose, Egyptian geranium and Indonesian patchouli. It is classified as a top note of the LOANT collection. Use it separately or combine with other fragrances of the collection.


LOBITT is a citrusy blend of such notes as bergamot, mandarin, orange and neroli. It is classified as a top note of the LOANT collection. Use it separately or combine with other fragrances of the collection.


LOANT is the "BODY." or the heart of the fragrance, containing the characteristic formula that goes well with top and base notes (i.e. with the three fragrances of the top notes and the three fragrances of the base notes). It is classified as the heart of the LOANT collection. Use it separately or combine with other fragrances of the collection. It is constructed as a molecular connector.

LOVANN is a creation composed of vanilla, Mediterranean honey, Girona apples and amber. It is classified as a base note of the LOANT collection. Use it separately or combine with other fragrances of the collection.


LOTREE is a woody blend offering a harmony of cedar, sandalwood, other precious woody notes and leather.  It is classified as a base note of the LOANT collection. Use it separately or combine with other fragrances of the collection.


LOMUSK is a fragrant cocktail made of musk, wild silk and sweet notes. It is classified as a base note of the LOANT collection. Use it separately or combine with other fragrances of the collection.



The perfumer of the LOANT collection is Blanca Dalmau. She was born in Girona in 1982 and was raised in the regions of Emporda and Costa Brava where she developed the sophisticated feeling for the Mediterranean and all the scents that surrounded her and were characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.  

After studying Chemistry at the University Autonoma de Barcelona she worked in several fields closely connected with chemistry. She works at the Carbonnel laboratory in Barcelona, where she developed her skills as perfumer and discovered her passion in investigating freedom of movement and innovation in the field of perfumery.

Her extremely precise formulas, her wish to use high-quality raw ingredients as well as her socialized "nose" were the key factors in the design and personalization of the LOANT perfume collection.

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Author: Sandra Raičević Petrović

   Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer


[email protected]

Translation: Ivana (Ina_Mo)




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this may be brilliant...i love the concept


Fascinating- and so young !!!!


OK, I'm a bit surprised - I didn't know Santiago is that young - ha ha... well... anyway. I'm testing his scents hopefully already next week and am curious to see how this concept turns out. It hooked me right away.

@NebraskaLovesScent: This is not 100% correct ;) He chose it also because Ants (and Bees - well all social insects) communicate through smell. It is really one of the most diverse communication processes in animal kingdom. For example: Ants and Bees have to know the individuals that belong to their own colony. So they can detect the significant smell of each colony member and block other foreign individuals out and not let them into the beehive or anthill.

Let me add, that Lôant smells minimal itself and is composed of synthetic molecules such as ambroxan and cashmeran as Santiago told me.


Indeed! I have an oportunity to try all the perfumes from this line (all 7) and my personal favorite is the mix of LoJazz + LoAnt + LoTree. LoJazz is so strong, a bit sweet and soooo intoxicating :)

As much as I know, Santiago is inspired by the behavior of insects and ants and he also has the fashion collection of limited edition of the designer shirts launched every season, decorated with the same simbol of the ants.


Very cool!

I wondered why the "Ant" name and concept were chosen, since we don't usually associate insects with perfume. Nice to see it's just a personal favorite of the designer. :-)


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