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Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Mauboussin MauboussinShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Mauboussin Mauboussin

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 08/09/16 09:17 (32 comments)

Welcome to another installment of Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe, in which we take a fresh look at fragrances that have been in our collections for some time. Join us for the journey and share your experiences of revisiting old favorites . Chypres were a challenging category for me when I began exploring fragrances. Learning what defines a chypre, what the category's characteristic notes are, its fruity and floral variations, and lately, contrasting 21st-century chypres (wh... (more)

What to do with an extra peach...

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Antonio Puig Quorum and Pierre Balmain CarboneShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Antonio Puig Quorum and Pierre Balmain Carbone

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 06/23/16 09:13 (10 comments)

Men are just as susceptible as women to fall into the grooming habit of allowing certain bottles of perfume and cologne to slide to the dark hinterlands of our wardrobes. Personally, I think there is some physics involved, or it has something do to with a mathematical calculation about “frequency of use," but there are times when some bottles that were once in weekly rotation fall to the back and we’re left wondering why there’s nothing new to smell. The truth is th... (more)

I had a definite mission in mind: to reacquaint myself with some of the distinctly “male” scents of my stash.

Recently Added

Figue SauvageLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Figue Sauvage

Prune JasminLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Prune Jasmin

Vanille AbricotLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Abricot

Vanille FramboiseLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Framboise

Amande FleurieLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Amande Fleurie

Musc BlancLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Musc Blanc

Tuberose Vetiver AttarPersephenie Studio
Tuberose Vetiver Attar

Saffron Sandalwood AttarPersephenie Studio
Saffron Sandalwood Attar

Rose Sandalwood AttarPersephenie Studio
Rose Sandalwood Attar

Vintage Aged PatchouliPersephenie Studio
Vintage Aged Patchouli

Parijata Vetiver AttarPersephenie Studio
Parijata Vetiver Attar

Egyptian JasminePersephenie Studio
Egyptian Jasmine

White Ginger LilyPersephenie Studio
White Ginger Lily

Blue Lotus Vetiver AttarPersephenie Studio
Blue Lotus Vetiver Attar

Tendre MadeleineLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Tendre Madeleine

Vanille VioletteLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Violette

Vanille ChocolatLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Chocolat

Vanille NoireLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Noire

Vanille OrientaleLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille Orientale

Vanille De La RéunionLes Senteurs Gourmandes
Vanille De La Réunion

Delirium DelightMango
Delirium Delight




Luiza Brunet NightAvon
Luiza Brunet Night

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Thierry Mugler Innocent

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Thierry Mugler InnocentShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 04/25/16 10:23 (12 comments)

If Angel is the scent for Maleficent, all blue flames under dark robes, Innocent is its softer cheek-boned little sister who indulges in the craft occasionally.

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Montana Parfum de Peau

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Montana Parfum de PeauShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 03/26/16 15:39 (10 comments)

I finally started a more committed relationship with a perfume that went unworn for two years.

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Jean-Louis Scherrer

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Jean-Louis ScherrerShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 03/20/16 19:17 (11 comments)

Absence does not always make the heart grow fonder...

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Hermes 24 Faubourg

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Hermes 24 FaubourgShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 02/17/16 08:56 (16 comments)

Revisiting the apex of bourgeois chic: Will Elena succumb to it?

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Guerlain Samsara

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Guerlain SamsaraShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 02/15/16 22:38 (20 comments)

Will Samsara make a come back in Bella's first line of perfumes?

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Guerlain Jardins de Bagatelle

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Guerlain Jardins de BagatelleShop Your Fragrance Wardrobe 01/19/16 21:05 (31 comments)

Will the classic floral from Guerlain hold its place in NLS's wardrobe?


New Perfumes

Silence The SeaStrangelove NYC
Silence The Sea

Mont-RoyalClaude Andre Heber Parfums

MétropoleClaude Andre Heber Parfums

Ville-MarieClaude Andre Heber Parfums

Notre-DameClaude Andre Heber Parfums

A l`Ombre des ClochersClaude Andre Heber Parfums
A l`Ombre des Clochers

Sweet ScentLouis Cardin
Sweet Scent

Passion ScentLouis Cardin
Passion Scent

Shiny AmberAnna Zworykina Perfumes
Shiny Amber

Chocolate Perfume OilDame Perfumery
Chocolate Perfume Oil

Esprit Pure Summer Edition For MenEsprit
Esprit Pure Summer Edition For Men

Esprit Pure Summer Edition For WomenEsprit
Esprit Pure Summer Edition For Women

Dream FearlesslyMary Kay
Dream Fearlessly

Live FearlesslyMary Kay
Live Fearlessly

Love FearlesslyMary Kay
Love Fearlessly

My SinLanvin
My Sin

La Viola ParadiseLouis Cardin
La Viola Paradise

Crystal ScentLouis Cardin
Crystal Scent

Prelude S. BlancheEudora
Prelude S. Blanche


Claudia RaiaJAFRA
Claudia Raia



Chrome PureAzzaro
Chrome Pure

Original OudLouis Cardin
Original Oud

La Viola HommeLouis Cardin
La Viola Homme

Credible OudLouis Cardin
Credible Oud

HanahirakuParfum Satori

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Gucci
Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition

MinaudièreJudith Leiber

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