Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Autumn Aromas, Smell Preservation & Studying Scent

This Week in Fragrance: Autumn Aromas, Smell Preservation & Studying Scent

09/28/16 10:27:27 (8 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Arlana Marsh at TeenVogue reports that SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) is starting a new minor in Fragrance Marketing:

SCAD’s program, which is divided into two main sections, aims to teach students about all aspects of the industry through a comprehensive, hands-on approach. “We were guided through everything from fragrance development and creation for an existing brand of our choice, to marketing the fragrance on behalf of the brand, “ says Nicole Ng, who is a fashion marketing and management senior and recently completed the fragrance minor. For the portion of the course where students got to create their own scents, they were given kits by French perfumery Cinquième Sens, which included the core ingredients of fragrance, including natural and synthetic ingredients, as well as samples of scents they consider classics like Chanel No. 5 (it’s the single best-selling item in the history of the luxury goods industry!).

Sounds like a really enjoyable group of courses! What other aspects of fragrance do you think should be included in future academic programs? What would your dream fragrance course be?


Fragrantica member HeidiLynn shared a fascinating news article about the preservation of aroma, published just last week at

We experience our world with five senses to guide us, but for the most part, we learn about the past with only three. We have become adept at preserving our history in audio, visual, and tactile forms, while old recipes can communicate taste, but rarely do we ever think to capture a whiff of the scents that swirl around us. Luckily, there are scientists who think that stinks, and are doing something about it. Cecilia Bembibre, a doctoral candidate at University College London, is attempting to preserve history like very few before her. She’s cataloging the smells. 

Visit the article to learn more about two UK locations she's working to preserve and how she's doing it. What locations do you think present an olfactory experience that should be preserved? Though not quite historic, I've always loved the aroma of Disney World's water rides (e.g. Pirate of the Caribbean) and was thrilled to find it captured in Xyrena's Dark Ride fragrance.

Knole House

Adam Chapman at announces the launch of the new Kitchibe line of ceramic diffusers and six Japanese-inspired scents:

Drawing upon the symbolism of differently scented plants surrounding Japanese temples, Kitchibe offers six carefully crafted scents, each evoking a different aspect of Japanese culture and housed in stone-like ceramic vessels. ‘Sakura’ summons cherry blossoms in early spring, with a warm wood base note; ‘Washi’ effuses an ode to the craft of Japanese paper-making, with a leather and cardamom top note; while ‘Matcha’ conjures up tea room tradition, intermingling tatami, bamboo and jasmine.

The fragrances sound inspiring and I only wish they were available as perfumes as well! What aspects of your own local culture do you think would make a great environmental aroma?


Debbie Arrington at talked to a master gardener about discovering fragrance through flowers:

Eitzen gave a recent demonstration on how to judge the fragrance in flowers, using wineglasses stuffed with roses. Capping the glasses concentrates the volatile compounds that give that flower its scent and ability to attract prospective pollinators. Roses tend to have five distinctive scents: Classic tea (a light spicy clove), fruity (like citrus), old rose (a heavy rose perfume), myrrh (an ancient essential fragrance) and musk (another classic scent). But that’s just for starters, Eitzen said. In this smell sample, roses smelled like green apple, berries, licorice, lemon, pine and eucalyptus – as well as old roses.

Though the article focuses on roses, Arrington's discussion with Eitzen is illuminating and educational and ultimately serves as a great guide to understanding how to create a luxurious fragrant garden. Which blossoms do you most love to sniff from a garden?


Finally, Lindsay Holmes at discusses how our favorite fall aromas have some interesting, research-based health perks!

Ah, fall. That magical time of year where there’s boundless opportunities for apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes and foliage. The chilly season is certainly wonderful eye candy for Instagram, but it also has an added bonus for your well-being thanks to the aromas of the season. And it’s good to indulge in them: Research shows your olfactory response is linked to the emotional center of your brain, meaning a simple sniff can cause you to experience those warm and fuzzy feelings.

I just picked up a box of Pumpkin Spice tea, more for the aromatic experience than the taste experience; I've definitely been craving cinnamon and nutmeg. What's your favorite fall aroma? 


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Interesting about discovering fragrances through flowers... I am a long time rose gardener. I think that is why I have such a hard time with many rose fragrances, because I am used to the real thing. Hands down, the best smelling to me are the alba roses. Many of which have a very baby-powdery deep fragrance.
And of course, the David Austin English roses many of which are hybridized for their fragrances, including, as stated in the article, fruit, musk, citrus, and tea. Not unlike bottled fragrances.


Fall, and to me, October in particular is the most wonderful time of the year! Forget Christmas, Fall is much better! The smells of woodstoves, the smell of leaves( wet and dry), the chill in the air , the switch to hot coffee and hot chocolate drinks...i love it all. I would also love to take a course in perfumerie, that would be amazing, seriously I would love to learn everything. I just wonder why they use Chanel no. 5 exclusively? I'm a loyal Fracas lover so id want some variety or at least an option other than No. 5. Just me though!


Fall season is a beautiful time of the year. After a rain fall the aroma of wet oak..maple leafs have a earthy vib. There's also an aroma of woodsy notes float in the air. I also think of a smokey/warm vib when your roasting marshmallow or chestnuts on a open fire pit.

raw umber
raw umber

Zoka my sister just found out about the same lie about canned pumpkin and she was so upset that she had to write a haiku about it.


I love the smell of the wet leaves, even when they lay on the dirt.
That earthy kind of rotten-leaves-smell that you detect when you walk thru the park.
(I adore a good patchouli!)
When we leave the park behind we go home and lite the candles. And drink a chai latte! I love to spray my spicy perfumes in this time of year. All year round I tend to grab the heavy stuff. But some of them are gems during Autumn. (EL Youth Dew, YSL Opium, Kenzo L'Elefant.) I hope my new Yves Rocher Accord Chic will rock my world this Autumn. Can't wait for Halloween, love it.


I just heard that we all collectively living a lie that all pumpkin pies we ever ate are actually squash not pumpkin. The largest producer of 'pumpkin canned pure' uses squash because it is more firm less watery etc.


@nebraska: Jodi, I'm right there with you. I just bought Diptyque's Essence of John Galliano room spray again as I like to wear it as a fragrance in fall and winter - smells like a fireplace crossed with smoked tea.


Ooh! It's hard to pick a single favorite fall aroma. Fireplace smoke. Candy corn. Pumpkin spice lattes. Chilly rain smell. That odd melange of candy smells in a bag of assorted Halloween candies. :-) Fall is truly a multi-sensory delight!


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