Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Morillas, Starck and Roses

This Week in Fragrance: Morillas, Starck and Roses

06/08/16 12:04:55 (8 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Baze Mpinja at suggests "9 Genius Hacks for Getting the Most Out of Your Fragrance." For example:

Moisturize immediately after showering. "This is when your skin is more receptive to absorb [the body care products you apply after]," says Danielle Fleming, fragrance expert and founder of boutique perfumery Note Fragrances. Meaning you'll have an easier time applying rich oils, body butters, and moisturizers for all-over smoothness.

Any other suggestions as to how we can extend the life of our fragrances on skin?

Dileep Thekkethil at discusses research suggesting that global warming is causing a decrease in flowers' scented output:

This is not the first time that scientists are warning about the effects of global warming on plant species. Delving more in-depth into the changes that are happening on the plant species, the scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel found that increasing atmosphere temperature has led to the decrease in the production of floral scents. “Increases in temperature associated with the changing global climate are interfering with plant-pollinator mutualism, an interaction facilitated mainly by floral color and scent,” said Alon Can’ani, a PhD student at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

This is incredibly disappointing but one can only wonder which plant/flower species might react inversely with warming and increase scent?

Rachel Syme of surveys the current landscape at the fragrance counter and suggests that rose is the unisex note in fragrance (hmmm, I've been saying this for how long now?):

Most contemporary rose scents in the mainstream market are aimed at young women, who presumably want to smell like an inoffensive, dewy bouquet. Such fragrances often come in pink and violet bottles, tied up with grosgrain ribbon or with waxy rose-shaped caps. (See Dolce & Gabbana’s latest offering, Rosa Excelsa.) But independent perfumers are now bringing back the rose in all its glory, liberating it from the delicate bottles and coquettish reputation to prove that giant, heady rose can be a powerhouse on men and women alike. Rose — the scent of passion, of love, of dulcet longing — is the new unisex.

What other fragrance notes do you think have become "more unisex" in recent years? More polarized as feminine or masculine?

Sarah Ahssen at discusses the new fragrance range from Philippe Starck, a modern designer who previously re-designed Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps bottle:

After nearly three years, designer Philippe Starck has signed a licensing agreement with the Spanish Perfumes y Diseño for the development of fragrances signed Starck. The fragrance line will be marketed in September in Europe (France, Russia, Germany, Spain ...), but also the United States and Latin America. In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, Philippe Starck indicates that the development of its three fragrances Starck Paris took four years and contain molecules never used before.

Which designers would you most like to see/sniff a fragrance line from? Visual below via

In light of his new Mizensir collection, Jihan Aness-Tturner at offers a great article about one of perfume's most successful noses, Alberto Morillas:

"I do not want to make a perfume that is niche, but rather a perfume of excellence," he explains. This excellence is created by choosing the most exquisite natural ingredients mixed with exceptionally high quality modern molecules exclusive to Firmenich. Having this range gives Morillas the opportunity to question, discover and achieve something new. Inspired by his gardens in Geneva, the perfumes mix classic scents with modern ideas. "All my creations have a touch of musk, because for me, musk is the heart of the creation and the modernity". Another element he has perfected is oud, an increasingly popular ingredient in stronger, richer scents.

What's your favorite Morillas creation?

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I love all Alberto Morillas perfumes that I have tried and all the perfumes, influenced by the trends he has triggered, that I have smelled.

For instance, Moshino Forever and Scuderia Ferrari Red which have been influenced by the "CK One style".

From the perfumes specifically created by him, Aqua Di Gio Profumo appeal particularly to me. I find it as modern as it is classic. A great updated version of Aqua Di Gio!


My favorite works of Alberto Morillas are:

Versace Bright Crystal, Lancôme Miracle, and Flower by Kenzo.

These 3 works really well with my body chemistry...


Best Of Morillas: Sensi Armani, Cartier's Dragon and yes, Byzance Rochas
Which designers I like see fragrance from......Hm I think I would be mega excited to see more from Jacques Fath, Salvador Dali and Rochas, but not by crazy price for tacky bottle, instead of modest bottle and very good juice.
What other fragrance notes do you think have become "more unisex" in recent years? Apart of roses, praline, chestnuts and licorice?..Tuberose maybe and neroli.
but same for girls, - we tend more and more to enjoy vetyver, rum, tobacco and leather.
P.S. Marlen, are you questions intentionally "lost" in the midst of the text?..))
Hard to find, as all done by same colour of the print:p


There is something about Starck's products that makes me feel like it was designed in 5 minutes. (This is not meant to insult his design and merely a neural opinion.) I would be curious to see what 4 years yields.

My favourite fragrance by Morillas is the original Omnia. It's an absolute treasure of mine. It's as if it was created solely for me and me only.


My favorite Morillas work: Estee Lauder's Pleasures.
2nd favorite: Estee Lauder's Intuition.
3rd favorite: Lanvin's Oxygene.


Bvlgari Blv is Morillas's masterpiece.


My favorite Morillas would absolutely have to b Byzance by Rochas, followed closely by Penhaligon's Iris Prima. Love them both, but Byzance stands as a real watershed scent for me!


right now my fave AM frag is Bvlgari Paraiba


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