Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Penhaligon's, Pura, & Perfumer's Apprentice

This Week in Fragrance: Penhaligon's, Pura, & Perfumer's Apprentice

01/11/17 10:01:34 (5 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison offers us a preview of scents to sniff out in 2017:

Now, as we begin a bright new year, perfumers have sensed this emotional craving for a fresh start by showcasing scents laced with more than just cool names and good marketing.... Indeed, this year’s launches feel cleansing, spirit-lifting and pure. So blow away the cobwebs with these joyous tonics, richly nurturing and vibrant with optimism, all coming soon to a shelf near you. READ MORE...

Which 2017 scents are you most looking forward to? Image below from

2017 fragrances

In 2017 Penhaligon's is further developing their Portraits series that originally launched in 2016. reports:

The first character, Clandestine Clara, is the mistress of Lord George. She enjoys all of life's pleasures, especially those that a “lady” shouldn't be seen to enjoy, such as driving a sports car, smoking and gossiping with colleagues.

Extroverted and emancipated, this newcomer could only be represented by a sensual, oriental scent. Developed by perfumer Sophie Labbé, the fragrance blends notes of vanilla, rum, cinnamon, musk, amber and patchouli.

Roaring Radcliff is just as carefree — if not more. This family bad boy is the secret son of Lord George. He passes his time enjoying all of the pleasures his privileged life offers — namely money, cars and girls — living a life full of provocation, excess and ultimately, freedom. Perfumer Daphné Bugey has created a fragrance that reflects this personality with notes of rum, tobacco and spice

- See more at:

Two flamboyant new members are set to join the now famous family, and Clandestine Clara and Roaring Radcliff are certainly no wallflowers. The scents are due out in February 2017.  It all started back in September when Penhaligon's unveiled “Portraits,” a fragrant fiction capturing the customs and traditions of the British aristocracy with humour and audacity. READ MORE...

I really like the direction Penhaligon's is heading with this line and the bottles are pretty awesome. Have you tried any of this new series? If not, what's your favorite Penhaligon's scent from their other series?

Clandestine Clara and Roaring Radcliff from Penhaligon's Portrait series

Jessica Johnson at offers a glimpse into The Perfumer's Apprentice, one of the most popular destinations for perfumery and flavor materials in the USA, from naturals to synthetics, and even fragrance creation courses:

Initially, the Perfumer’s Apprentice was a place where the public could come and learn about perfumery and chemistry through workshops and classes. From its humble beginnings as a shop in a loft, the Perfumer’s Apprentice has grown into an informative and dependable online source for premium aromatic ingredients. While the Perfumer’s Apprentice clearly caters to experienced perfumers they are dedicated to teaching the rest of us the art as well by offering perfumery classes. READ MORE...

Have you ever considered developing your own fragrance? Check out their resources and kits and let us know what you think. Or maybe you've ordered from them and can tell us about your own experience.

Perfumer's Apprentice

Christopher Stocks at announced the launch of a new niche line this week:

It isn’t often that a new independent perfume brand comes along with such a strong concept and design as Bon Parfumeur. Developed by Ludovic Bonneton, former digital director of French beauty brand Yves Rocher, it launched with 15 fragrances, numbered from 001 to 901, their labels colour coded by fragrance family.  The scents are designed to be mixed and matched, and each is simply identified by three key ingredients rather than by a poetically florid name. READ MORE...

In this day and age of new brands launching every week, how do you feel about Bon Parfumeur's simple, straightforward approach to naming and packaging? Have you experienced their products yet?

Bon Parfumeur

And now for something completely different.... Karissa Neely at discusses an intriguing new vlog (video) series by an aspiring fragrance-related company:

Their company, Pura Scents, started in 2015, after Stapler realized he could solve a pain point he often experienced — people coming by unannounced or last minute, with little time for Stapler to freshen up his home. Doing that remotely through a smart fragrance dispenser became his answer. Actual Pura dispenser and fragrance products won’t be finalized and ready to ship out until late 2017. And the team’s vlog shows why. “We started filming before we had funding. And our idea has evolved following industry and customer feedback. You see it on the vlog as we’re changing it,” Lima said. “You really go through the journey with us — what we thought was good, to what the customer really wants.” READ MORE...

I'm intrigued and will definitely check it out. Who are some of your favorite fragrance vloggers?

Pura Fragrance Dispensing System

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I'm interested in the Alaia perfume. Vanilla, almond milk and "solar notes" sound interesting to a gourmand lover like myself. I'm also planning to buy samples from Bon Parfumeur, I was thinking 203 with strawberry, blackberry and vanilla. Maybe also 402 with vanilla, caramel and sandalwood.


I gotta put in a plug for The Perfumer's Apprentice. I have purchased from them on and off for years and they have the best service I've ever encountered online.


Can't wait to try the new Jo Malone line (from the first article)! Blue Hyacinth and Whisky & Cedar sound right up my alley.
I love the bottles, concepts, and notes of the Portrait series, but so far the fragrances have been mediocre if not poorly executed.. I hope for the best and am already in love with the two new members!
How did I not know about Perfumer's Apprentice?? Took me an hr just to brows through the website.. Looks like it'll be my go-to spot for exploring aroma chemicals & natural isolates.


I'm surprised Penhaligon's is persisting with its portrait series because the first 4 were absolute duds for the money and nowhere near the standard of their top scents. I guess the next two in the series were in the pipeline already, but surely discontinuation can't be too far. The department store in my city was allocated 4 bottles of each and over half of them remain on the shelves several months later.


OOh the two perfumes for 2017 that were mentioned that I want to try are the new ones from L'occitane one and the Alaia in the white bottle. Although I thought the Alaia was already out. I have tried a couple of the Penhaligon's portrait series but nothing has grabbed me yet. I will sample the new ones if I can. Finally no I really have never wanted to create my own fragrance but who knows maybe one day.


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