Worth Pour HommeWorth Pour Homme

Vintages 03/25/14 15:51 (3 comments)

I purchased some bottles of Worth Pour Homme for my fragrance collection just to complement the  feminine Worth perfumes . My interest was (and still is) “The Poetic Series” by Worth, which was developed in the 1920-30s. These five fragrances whose names are  Dans la Nuit (1924), Vers le Jour (1925), Sans Adieu (1929), Je Reviens (1932) and  Vers Toi (1934) form a romantic love storyline: “At night, just before dawn, never-said good-byes,... (more)

Comparison of several editions of Worth Pour Homme from different years, plus similar perfumes.

Vintage Perfume Hunting: A Wild Goose Chase of No Practical Purpose (?)Vintage Perfume Hunting: A Wild Goose Chase of No Practical Purpose (?)

Vintages 02/15/14 15:30 (107 comments)

Are you a collector laying down good money on vintage perfumes ? Put your wallet and credit card down right now! You're probably wasting precious time and money. Now that I have caught your attention, dear reader, let's investigate why hawking over online auctions for mystifying bottles with dark liquids and tattered boxes may be a doubtful if entertaining hobby rather than an investment or an art lesson, as you might have originally thought. I fully anticipate the contro... (more)

Perfumes like people: live their lives and die.

Weil: Furriers and Parfumeurs of Dreams

Weil: Furriers and Parfumeurs of DreamsVintages 01/26/14 15:14 (12 comments)

Luxurious fragrances of the past.

Eau de Cologne Russe

Eau de Cologne RusseVintages 01/05/14 15:20 (13 comments)

Russian themes in 19th- and 20th-century perfumery.

Miss Dior – Decoding a Bottle of Love

Miss Dior – Decoding a Bottle of LoveVintages 09/18/13 17:13 (32 comments)

A look at iconic Miss Dior fragrance through the ages

Vintage Ava Luxe “Luxe Edition” Review: Shisha

Vintage Ava Luxe “Luxe Edition” Review: ShishaVintages 01/19/12 18:34 (9 comments)

Exotic Underpinnings of the Erotic Kind.

Vintage Prince Matchabelli Perfumes

Vintage Prince Matchabelli PerfumesVintages 12/28/08 00:23 (6 comments)

In this article, I will discuss the history and list the various perfumes presented by Prince Matchabelli from 1927 to 1997. History: The company was created by Prince Georges V. Matchabel......

Jean Patou

Jean PatouVintages 09/07/08 08:29

Jean Patou was born in 1887 in the Basque region and died in 1936 at the age of only 49. By the age of 23, he moved to Paris and was already a successful dressmaker and tailor. He purchased a......

French House of Jovoy - Corday

French House of Jovoy - CordayVintages 06/30/08 06:51 (2 comments)

Perfumes Corday, unfamiliar to a wider audience, are very interesting and respected by collectors of vintage perfumes, since the perfumes by Mrs. Blanche Arvoy, who started the house of Corday ......


HoubigantVintages 06/09/08 15:11 (7 comments)

In this guide I will discuss a brief history of Houbigant and the various perfumes presented from 1882-1988. Jean Francois Houbigant established his famous compan......

Evening in Paris by Bourjois

Evening in Paris by BourjoisVintages 05/25/08 03:55 (13 comments)

  Sometimes, just catching a glimpse at a familiar cobalt glass perfume bottle brings back fond memories for many a woman. Sold in department stores and drug stores for over ......

Shalimar by Guerlain, Travel Through Time

Shalimar by Guerlain, Travel Through TimeVintages 04/11/08 05:50 (20 comments)

Shalimar perfume was created in 1925 by the perfume house of Guerlain , it is classified as a refined oriental fragrance. Shalimar is the flagship perfume of Guerlain . The design of the ......

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