Bouquet de Faunes GuerlainBouquet de Faunes Guerlain

Vintages 04/20/15 16:18 (7 comments)

Each passionate perfume lover has his/her own Holy Grail. A perfume from the top of the wish-list. A perfume that causes goose bumps just by the desire to own it. A perfume unimaginably beautiful. Constantly slipping out of our hands. Legendary. Unique. Rare. Discontinued. A perfume that appears in your dreams. My Holy Grail is named Guerlain Bouquet de Faunes (1922); it has topped my list of desired perfumes for more than 15 years. I have come across nothing but empty frosted... (more)

You can't buy these perfumes, but you can at least smell them in Paris or at L'Osmothèque in Versailles.

CARVEN: History & Vintages of a Chic EraCARVEN: History & Vintages of a Chic Era

Vintages 03/17/15 09:18 (12 comments)

“Olivia Johnstone was a hatbox covered in green crocodile plastic that released Ma Griffe when you opened it. Dagmar, the perfume counter girl at the Wertheim Department Store, let me wet cotton balls with the sample perfumes, which I stashed in film canisters in my pockets. Inside, I’d woven a nest of taupe and black stockings, which surrounded a Carnival mask of black feathers, and a beaker that held the white ocean. On its surface floated a gumball ring, also white. &... (more)

What made for the success of this couture house, one among many starting in the mid-20th century Parisian landscape, such as Dior, Piguet, or Balmain?

The Lost Crown of The Crown Perfumery

The Lost Crown of The Crown PerfumeryVintages 03/13/15 16:41 (5 comments)

Good old classic Eau de Russe.

Jean Patou Lasso: A Forgotten Way Of Seduction

Jean Patou Lasso: A Forgotten Way Of SeductionVintages 03/09/15 07:00 (6 comments)

Lasso Jean Patou was launched long after Jean Patou passed away, and came along under the slogan "Votre Arme Secrete."

Parfums Babani: A Blast from the Past

Parfums Babani: A Blast from the PastVintages 01/13/15 05:03 (6 comments)

Exotic perfumes from the first decades of the 20th century.

Bourjois Mais Oui: Perfume, Flacon and Ads

Bourjois Mais Oui: Perfume, Flacon and AdsVintages 01/05/15 06:32 (7 comments)

Review of the vintage perfume Bourjois Mais Oui.

Cuir de Russie: The Smell of War or Peace?

Cuir de Russie: The Smell of War or Peace?Vintages 12/29/14 17:04 (18 comments)

Review of a vintage Cuir de Russie Guerlain: "my 'precioussss' bottle was produced between 1914 and 1935."

L.T. Piver: A Story of 240 Years

L.T. Piver: A Story of 240 YearsVintages 07/30/14 22:54 (14 comments)

From the Royal Court of Louis XVI to today ...

Personal Tales of a Vintage Collector

Personal Tales of a Vintage CollectorVintages 05/13/14 16:26 (44 comments)

"Every now and then we, the avid collectors, find amazing things at low prices or even bring home risky choices for the sake of discovery. Along the way we are bound to make some errors. Let me share some good and bad decisions with you."

Worth Pour Homme

Worth Pour HommeVintages 03/25/14 15:51 (4 comments)

Comparison of several editions of Worth Pour Homme from different years, plus similar perfumes.

Vintage Perfume Hunting: A Wild Goose Chase of No Practical Purpose (?)

Vintage Perfume Hunting: A Wild Goose Chase of No Practical Purpose (?)Vintages 02/15/14 15:30 (115 comments)

Perfumes like people: live their lives and die.

Weil: Furriers and Parfumeurs of Dreams

Weil: Furriers and Parfumeurs of DreamsVintages 01/26/14 15:14 (13 comments)

Luxurious fragrances of the past.

Eau de Cologne Russe

Eau de Cologne RusseVintages 01/05/14 15:20 (13 comments)

Russian themes in 19th- and 20th-century perfumery.

Miss Dior – Decoding a Bottle of Love

Miss Dior – Decoding a Bottle of LoveVintages 09/18/13 17:13 (36 comments)

A look at iconic Miss Dior fragrance through the ages

Vintage Prince Matchabelli PerfumesVintage Prince Matchabelli Perfumes

12/28/08 00:23 (12 comments)

Jean PatouJean Patou

09/07/08 08:29

French House of Jovoy - CordayFrench House of Jovoy - Corday

06/30/08 06:51 (2 comments)


06/09/08 15:11 (7 comments)

Evening in Paris by BourjoisEvening in Paris by Bourjois

05/25/08 03:55 (13 comments)

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