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Zippo The Woman

05/22/12 02:42:05 (8 comments)

by: Sandra Raičević Petrović

Following the previous launches from last year and the year before: Zippo The Original and Zippo On The Road, a new feminine fragrance comes as a refreshment to the collection, bringing a unique and rich character.

"The Zippo Woman is difficult to capture and define within predetermined parameters. She is an 18 to 36 year-old woman, she has character, is strong, independent, curious, and open to the world. This woman is aware of her role, is self-confidant, and her complete and complex spirit seduces and conquers all hearts. She is a mother and a working woman of the world, and her substantial personality enables her to choose the best for herself while maintaining the full scope of her femininity..." - press release

The bottle of Zippo The Woman is in the same form as the previous editions—in the form of a Zippo lighter, with smooth steel surfaces, which perfectly reflect the femininity of this edition. The top notes of the composition refresh with fruits, which lead to the floral heart that is resting on the base of sensual musk.

The new Zippo The Woman fragrance will be available as 30, 50 and 75 ml EDT, accompanied by shower cream and body lotion in the packaging of 75ml.

   Author: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

   Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer


   Translation: Sanja (XSX)



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Choked with Useless Fruits and Water
we need a Second Wave of Big Florals and Orientals
with lots more Notes Silage!

* whose with me!*


Worst press release EVER. It's so bad I can't believe it's real and not a prank.

gypsy parfumista
gypsy parfumista

If this is ANYTHING like the men's first should be stunning; despite the ubiquitous and vague notes of "fruits, florals and musk". My mom is counting the days til we go to New York state (past the Zippo factory/store in Bradford, PA) so she can try it (and most likely buy it!)

Laugh, if you will, but Original was flawlessly constructed and amazingly rich! I have yet to try On the Road or the new "blue" one but will be, for sure, in early July!

Don't knock em til you try em, folks! ;-)


Oh,man - that press release is very painful :)
And what about the 'Zippo Woman' concept... it makes me laugh out loud every time I read it.

I'm bitchy todaaay.


What a bunch of crap!


All that's missing here in the list of directions for this "successful woman" is the type of car she drives, the occupation and salary bracket of her husband (cause she is married, of course. And well married as that!), her breasts size and waist measurement. Lovely. I know nothing about Zippo or their fragrances, and I don't want to know.


Yeah, such an uninviting way to promote a new fragrance... As for me, I wish I will be wearing Fantasy by BS when I am 60.. the same way I loved Poison and Organza when I was a teenager.

(The only thing it seems I could like in this fragrance is the bottle, btw).


So something big happens when one turns 37, obviously? Not so strong and independent, perhaps? ;-) Will have to try this within the next three weeks, then, or else I will be too old...


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