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Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison’s journalism in the fragrance industry has appeared in international print and online publications such as Playboy, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health and the New York Times. Marlen is also a regular contributor to and works as a graduate professor, thesis advisor and faculty supervisor for MA programs in TESOL, Education, Writing and Literature. Learn more about Marlen by visiting
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Best in Show: Tuberose (2017)Best in Show: Tuberose (2017)

Best in Show 01/15/17 11:30 (46 comments)

No note in perfumery is more surprisingly carnal, creamier or contradicting than that of tuberose. The multi-petalled flower is a mix of flower shop freshness and velvety opulence. Which is why it is the perennial polarizing flower note having as many ardent fans as passionate detractors. The Victorians must have been among the latter: they forbade young girls of inhaling the scent of tuberose in the fear they might have a spontaneous orgasm! Roja Dove is right when he says that tuberose is ... (more)

Tuberose as featured in niche, luxe and men's perfumery.

Parfum Satori Launches Hanahiraku, Arrives in AmsterdamParfum Satori Launches Hanahiraku, Arrives in Amsterdam

New Fragrances 01/14/17 09:37 (47 comments)

Magnolia Kobus, Magnolia heptapeta and Magnolia obovate thumb... Withstand winter, bursting their hard shell, the white flowers bloom Different from supple flowering plants、 vigorous flowers of woods bloom one after another The stamen and pistil of Magnolia obovate thumb, when they bloom, have their own firm will When it blooms (HANAHIRAKU), there's a way. I... (more)

Parfum Satori creates a uniquely savory oriental. Leave a comment for your chance to win one of TWENTY samples of Hanahiraku!

This Week in Fragrance: Penhaligon's, Pura, & Perfumer's ApprenticeThis Week in Fragrance: Penhaligon's, Pura, & Perfumer's Apprentice

Fragrance News 01/11/17 10:01 (5 comments) offers us a preview of scents to sniff out in 2017: Now, as we begin a bright new year, perfumers have sensed this emotional craving for a fresh start by showcasing scents laced with more than just cool names and good marketing.... Indeed, this year’s launches feel cleansing, spirit-lifting and pure. So blow away the cobwebs with these joyous tonics, richly nurturing and vibrant with optimism, all coming soon to a shelf near you. READ MORE... W... (more)

This week's top stories: 2017 launches, two new Penhaligon's scents, Perfumer's Apprentice kits and classes, a new niche line, and an intriguing new fragrance vlog.

Bargain Fragrances: The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea (2015)Bargain Fragrances: The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea (2015)

Bargain Fragrance Reviews 01/05/17 10:10 (7 comments)

This is another in a series of bargain fragrance reviews, scents that may be found online or at discount stores for US $25 or less.  Summary: A surprisingly complex and affordable green tea aroma from The Body Shop that uses organic, community trade sugarcane alcohol and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract as an anti-oxidant. Perfumer: N/A Try this if you like: Bright citrus, mint, and traditional green tea fragrance aromas. ... (more)

"If you've never worn a green tea aroma or are looking to bring this kind of scent back into your wardrobe, it would be hard to go wrong with Fuji Green Tea."

This Week in Fragrance: Eau de Pot, Eau de Montreal, & Eau de Capital One?This Week in Fragrance: Eau de Pot, Eau de Montreal, & Eau de Capital One?

Fragrance News 01/04/17 10:34 (10 comments)

Emily Grosvenor at offers a thorough take on cannabis in perfumery. For example, she begins... Here’s the rub with cannabis as a perfume note: you want to be able to smell it, but not too much. It has to smell distinctly cannabis – herby, fragrant and evocative – but it can never be that off-putting, rank burnt herb sometimes associated with the flower. And since perfumers in most states can’t sell commercial perfumes using actual cannabis oil &nd... (more)

This week's top stories: Cannabis scents, Montreal-inspired scents, Xyrena's new scent, Banking scents, and Life scents (by Kenzo/Avon).

Best in Show: Chanel (2017)Best in Show: Chanel (2017)

Best in Show 01/01/17 11:55 (57 comments)

Chanel. For almost 100 years, these two syllables have conjured sophistication, glamour and simplicity...and perfume. Whether choosing an iconic early aroma of the brand such as Cuir de Russie, a 70s classic like Cristalle, an 80s powerhouse oriental such as Coco, or a new Les Exclusifs such as Jersey, it is easy for everyone to find a Chanel of their own. And many famous names have helped to keep Chanel iconic: Marilyn and her N° 5; Warhol and his pai... (more)

Fragrantica editors celebrate their favorite Chanel fragrances. Leave a comment with your own picks!

Addicted: How I Changed as a Perfume-lover, or 2016 A Year in ReviewAddicted: How I Changed as a Perfume-lover, or 2016 A Year in Review

Columns 12/31/16 12:27 (35 comments)

As a self-proclaimed fragrance addict, one thing I can say for certain is that as my tastes in aroma change, so do my purchasing habits, my sense of smell, and my general attitude towards the fragrance industry in general. Here at the passing of a year, I offer some reflections on how my thoughts and actions have changed and encourage you to weigh in with your own reflections in a comment below! The High Price of Perfume Fragrance has become entirely too expensive. ... (more)

Marlen reflects on prices, shopping, wardrobes and anosmia. Leave a comment and share your own reflections!

Scent Of The Day DiaryScent Of The Day Diary

Art Books Events 12/30/16 13:33 (14 comments)

Meet Anisia Nykoniuk, an artist and beauty blogger from Vilnius, Lithuania. Lucky for the perfume world, Anisia has combined her passions and talents and developed a 365 day daily diary that every fragrance fan would love. Anisia writes: "#scentoftheday or #sotd is a tag that fragrance fans from all over the world use to describe their pictures and posts about perfume in social media. This movement and my passion for fragrance inspired me to create Scent of the ... (more)

Organize your life with this stylish hand-illustrated journal, the perfect gift for a perfume lover.

This Week in Fragrance: Frankin-crisis, Scent Primers & Aromatic ConifersThis Week in Fragrance: Frankin-crisis, Scent Primers & Aromatic Conifers

Fragrance News 12/28/16 10:56 (7 comments)

Irene Banos Ruiz of offers a fascinating yet disconcerting look into the disappearing frankincense forests: The rocky Cal Madow mountains of Somaliland, a self-declared autonomous republic  in Somalia's northwest, are one of the few homes internationally to wild frankincense trees. One of the species located in the area is endemic and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Harvesting these trees is the second main livelihood for local people in Somaliland, w... (more)

This week's top stories: Somaliland's disappearing frankincense forests, fragrance primers, winter gardens, Paris's new perfume museum, & the aroma of conifers.

A Fragrance for SantaA Fragrance for Santa

Columns 12/25/16 03:01 (34 comments)

Would Santa wear scent? What would it smell like? And if he did, would anybody smell it as he rode through the upper atmosphere? Well, every substance in gas form has a little gravity between molecules, so these molecules will distribute and fill all the space available. This probably means that in a vacuum or in outer space the diffusion of perfume will be much higher. Sadly, no one could notice it because it's actually not possible to inhale or breathe in space. ... (more)

Fragrantica editors choose scents they would gift to Santa. What would your choices be?

This Week in Fragrance: Efron Gets Bossy, Trendy Soliflores & Non-toxic Fragrance PicksThis Week in Fragrance: Efron Gets Bossy, Trendy Soliflores & Non-toxic Fragrance Picks

Fragrance News 12/21/16 18:40 (9 comments)

Hugo Boss has a new face to represent its Hugo Man fragrance - Zac Efron! - and shares not just the story but the new hunk in action: Minimal details have been shared at this point, because #EarlyStages, but here's what I do know: (1) The campaign he's fronting is all about living in the moment and acting on your passions to achieve your goals — hence their hashtag #YourTimeIsNow. (2) Hugo Man chose Zac to represent their cologne because, according to th... (more)

This week's top stories: Zac Efron fronts Boss; Sephora shifts scents, Soliflores shine, Manufacturers address allergens, and Organic Authority chooses non-toxic scents.

Abbott NYC: Start with Samples, Continue to Aromatic AdventuresAbbott NYC: Start with Samples, Continue to Aromatic Adventures

Fragrance Reviews 12/18/16 09:56 (One comment)

Michael Pass and Jose Alvarez launched Abbott NYC in 2016 with 4 fragrances developed by renowned perfumers Antoine Lie and Steven Claisse . For a perfume lover like me, new fragrance brands always stir up excitement and curiosity but such emotion is often fleeting with no way to test the aromas. Some brands, however, wisely offer their audience an affordable opportunity to first experience their creations. Enter Abbott NYC who offer not only an affordable sample set ($5 USD for 4 x 1... (more)

Marlen reviews the 4 new Abbott NYC scents

Shay & Blue Dandelion FigShay & Blue Dandelion Fig

New Fragrances 12/16/16 09:00 (6 comments)

Launching in March 2017 is Shay & Blue's newest fragrance, Dandelion Fig . Created by Dom De Vetta (formerly of Chanel and Jo Malone) and the talented Julie Massé (pictured below), the fragrance is described in promotional materials as "Unusual, unisex, eclectic. Whisper-soft layers of fig and dandelion leaf. Blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper." DANDELION FIG, 2017 TOP NOTES Dandelion leaf o... (more)

"Unusual, unisex, eclectic. Whisper-soft layers of fig and dandelion leaf. Blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper."

How Well Do You Know Jo? Malone Publishes Her StoryHow Well Do You Know Jo? Malone Publishes Her Story

Art Books Events 12/15/16 09:41 (33 comments)

Last week Jo Malone launched her first book, an autobiography about her life growing up in the UK, establishing Jo Malone London and re-establishing herself with Jo Loves . I had the opportunity to read a copy and Jo's is a truly inspirational story. Simon & Schuster, the publishers, have been kind enough to offer 3 complimentary copies to our Fragrantica readers (US only); just leave a comment below with your best guesses to our Jo Malone quiz, the answers to which ma... (more)

Take our Jo Malone quiz, learn about her new book "Jo Malone: My Story" and leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy!

This Week in Fragrance: Super-smellers, Oil vs EDP, & Paw Homme (woof!)This Week in Fragrance: Super-smellers, Oil vs EDP, & Paw Homme (woof!)

Fragrance News 12/14/16 08:25 (19 comments)

Wendy Helfenbaum describes her struggle with oversensitivity to smells, hyperosmia , in this week. She explains: Super Smellers have different triggers — some feel ill around certain food odors; for others, it's the smell of gasoline. For most, it can cause anxiety and affect how they spend their time and with whom. Some doctors, including mine, believe this syndrome is hormone-related. That makes sense to me: While I never loved the smell of perfume, my sc... (more)

This week's top stories: Super-smellers, Oil vs EDP, the perfume mafia, TF and Globe gifting, & Paw Femme/Homme (woof!)

Fragrant First Impressions: Fahrenheit Le Parfum, Penhaligon's Vaara, Chopard Rose Malaki and more!Fragrant First Impressions: Fahrenheit Le Parfum, Penhaligon's Vaara, Chopard Rose Malaki and more!

Fragrance Reviews 12/12/16 08:52 (6 comments)

Welcome to Fragrant First Impressions, our way of sharing our initial encounters with a wide array of fragrances. We may not have significant experience with any of these aromas just yet, but we're excited to present our thoughts to you! One thing we noticed this week is how all three of us were inspired by fellow writers. Tell us in a comment below what fragrances you've been inspired to try after reading Fragrantica reviews or some of your own first impressions of... (more)

John, Sofia & Marlen report on Dior, Scherrer, Reminiscence, Chopard, Monsillage, VC&A, Penhaligon's, and Scents & the City

Editors' Choice Awards 2016: Thanks from Managing Editor and Columnist, Marlen HarrisonEditors' Choice Awards 2016: Thanks from Managing Editor and Columnist, Marlen Harrison

Fragrantica 12/11/16 12:43 (15 comments)

Yes, Fragrantica is a global leader in fragrance information and news. But even more so, Fragrantica is a special community of like-minded lovers of fragrance who joyously seek out aroma and translate their scented experiences into beautiful, compelling and sometimes even controversial reviews. I can't tell you how many times I gladly handed over a portion of a paycheck to an online perfume shop just so I could also enjoy the opportunity to sample a rare, unique or brand new aroma... (more)

Congratulations to TillyWave, Gigi the Fashionista, and Brian.Fitzgerald!

A Century of Scents Launches in the US: Readers' ReviewsA Century of Scents Launches in the US: Readers' Reviews

Art Books Events 12/11/16 10:32 (66 comments)

Earlier this year Fragrantica presented the new Perfume: A Century of Scents and the UK publisher was kind enough to share copies with our UK members. Just in time for the winter holidays, the book has launched stateside and the US publisher is thoughtfully offering copies to our US readers. To celebrate this giveaway we've asked the initial recipients to share some of their favorite chapters and thoughts about the value of this book. Without further ado, we are happy to introdu... (more)

Fellow Fragranticans discuss the magic of Lizzie Ostrom's Perfume: A Century of Scents plus A GIVEAWAY to US readers!

Best in Show: Fragrance for a Holiday Event (2016)Best in Show: Fragrance for a Holiday Event (2016)

Best in Show 12/11/16 10:04 (28 comments)

December - a time for parties, get-togethers, worship, vacations, family reunions, and even pensive nights in front of a colorfully lit tree. In this week's Best in Show,  our writers consider what they might wear for specific holiday-related occasions. Please join in the discussion and share with us some of your own choices for various December festivities! We look forward to your comments below. L`Erbolario Dolcelisir By:  Marlen Elliot Harriso... (more)

Please join in the discussion and share some of your own choices for various December festivities!

Bargain Fragrances: Al Rehab Golden Sand (EDP) Bargain Fragrances: Al Rehab Golden Sand (EDP)

Bargain Fragrance Reviews 12/08/16 13:21 (10 comments)

This is another in a series of bargain fragrance reviews, scents that may be found online or at discount stores for US $25 or less.  Summary: From Saudi Arabia's Al Rehab , Golden Sand EDP is the alcohol-based version of their Golden Sand perfume oil, an homage to sweet, almost boozey caramel, easily found for around $10 USD (35ml spray)! Perfumer: N/A Try this if you like:  Sweet gourmand aromas; vanilla or carame... (more)

"an homage to sweet, almost boozey caramel, easily found for around $10 USD"

Vince Camuto TerraVince Camuto Terra

New Fragrances 12/07/16 09:28 (5 comments)

In winter of 2016, Italian-inspired American fashion house Vince Camuto launched thier 6th men's fragrance, Terra (Italian for "land"). Terra is preceded by: Vince Camuto for Men  (2012) Vince Camuto Homme  (2014) Vince Camuto Solare  (2015) Vince Camuto Eterno  (2016) Vince Camuto Oud  (2016) “Terra was inspired by men of intrepid spirit, men who explore the world and perform to their u... (more)

Rhubarb, sandalwood and vanilla are the stars of Camuto's newest men's fragrance.

This Week in Fragrance: Hippie Shit, Chanel's Flower Fields, & Eau de ExtinctionThis Week in Fragrance: Hippie Shit, Chanel's Flower Fields, & Eau de Extinction

Fragrance News 12/06/16 17:15 (7 comments)

Hayley Fitzpatrick at explained that Chanel's flower fields are being threatened by modern transportation: Chanel No. 5 is one of the most well-known and best-selling fragrances in the world, but the production of a 6.7-billion euro ($7 billion) high-speed rail line — the train à grande vitesse — in the South of France could put the iconic scent at risk. The luxury French fashion house believes its field of jasmine flowers and May roses in Gra... (more)

This week's top stories: Chanel's challenge in Grasse, Mister Green's Hippie Shit, Eau de Extinction, signature scents, and scent C.V.'s

Best in Show: The Fragrances of Michel Almairac (2016)Best in Show: The Fragrances of Michel Almairac (2016)

Best in Show 12/04/16 11:35 (30 comments)

Born in 1953 in Grasse, France, Michel Almairac has become one of the most prolific modern perfumers, developing fragrances for many major brands including Gucci, Chloe, Le Labo, Burberry, Escada, Chopard and Givenchy, to name just a few. Almairac began his training in 1972 at Roure Betrand Dupont (now part of Givaudan) and continued his career working at such famous companies as Creations Aromatiques, Drom, and Takasago. He currently works at Robertet.&... (more)

Fragrantica's editors celebrate Michel Almairac by discussing what they consider to be some of his most important compositions. Which are your favorites?

The Language of Scent, Part 4 of 5The Language of Scent, Part 4 of 5

Columns 12/03/16 10:43 (10 comments)

Becoming a fragrance fan essentially requires one to learn a new language, and there is quite a bit of specialized terminology that we use when we talk about perfumes: from the process of creation all the way to how we wear them. Many of these terms can be easily mixed up and so Fragrantica's international writers present a 5 part series to help us all build our vocabulary and clarify misconceptions. Today, Marlen Harrison of the Fragrantica website in English discusses 4 ... (more)

Marlen discusses ingredients vs notes; cologne vs eau de cologne; nose vs perfumer; and fragrance manufacturer vs fragrance house.

This Week in Fragrance: Smart Sniffers, Erwin Creed & New GiorgioThis Week in Fragrance: Smart Sniffers, Erwin Creed & New Giorgio

Fragrance News 11/30/16 12:01 (11 comments)

Carl Romm at suggested that there are ways we can strengthen our sniffer. Here's an excerpt: The more effort you make to interact with the olfactory world, the wider the olfactory world becomes. “If you’re sitting at a desk, you’re surrounded by dozens of objects that have smells. It could be your wallet or a plant or paper or books or the metal of a pen or a pencil — anything that you see around you, if you just bring it to your nose and start ... (more)

This week's top stories: Strengthening our noses, smelling our best, Giorgio goes Glam, Erwin talks Creed, and natural aromas for the holidays.

Addicted: The Significance of Scented Hand SoapAddicted: The Significance of Scented Hand Soap

Columns 11/26/16 12:31 (21 comments)

Considering how many times a day I wash my hands and how often my hands pass before my nose, I have often pondered the significance of wisely choosing my hand soap. And as a fragrance addict I have used some pretty incredible-smelling hand soaps over the years such that on more than one occasion I've actually suggested... I know that suggestion has lewd overtones, but how many times have you used a washing liquid that smelled so amazing you just felt compelle... (more)

Marlen recommends 6 aromatic hand washes and stresses the importance of great-smelling hands. What are your favorites?

This Week in Fragrance: Poop-Masking, Meat-Smelling & Grace KellyThis Week in Fragrance: Poop-Masking, Meat-Smelling & Grace Kelly

Fragrance News 11/23/16 09:27 (12 comments)

Ever wondered which perfumes Grace Kelly wore? Victoria Moorhouse at recently discovered one of the late actress's favorites: Grace was a fan of Chateau Krigler 12 , an incredibly light, floral fragrance that smells like something I can see my grandmother freaking out over in her 20s. That’s not to say it’s too powdery or dated, but happy, feminine, and clean, but also strong enough to sit with you for a few hours. It’s not the perfume my mom wears... (more)

This week's top stories: Spain's favorites, Grace Kelly & Krigler, Orla inspired by Michelle Obama, poop-masking, and a meat-smeller.

Bargain Fragrance Review: Zum Mist Frankincense & Myrrh Bargain Fragrance Review: Zum Mist Frankincense & Myrrh

Bargain Fragrance Reviews 11/17/16 09:29 (11 comments)

This is another in a series of bargain fragrance reviews, scents that may be found online or at discount stores for US $25 or less.  Summary:  One of numerous, affordable aromatherapy room and body mists from Indigo Wild's Zum line, Frankincense & Myrrh is a hugely popular, warm, resinous fragrance pick-me-up made from essential oils and moisturizing glycerin that retails for ~ $10 USD. Perfumer: N/A ... (more)

"This is a warm, sweet, resinous blend and I dare say there might be a touch of vanilla or amber here that balances these otherwise earthy spices."

This Week in Fragrance: New Scents from Star Wars, Martha Stewart & Art of ShavingThis Week in Fragrance: New Scents from Star Wars, Martha Stewart & Art of Shaving

Fragrance News 11/16/16 10:56 (6 comments)

Alex Apatoff of announced this week that everyone's famous home and garden guru, Martha Stewart, is adding a line of scented candles and home/body products to her growing retail empire: "A  new collection of home fragrances... just launched at Macy’s , with scents inspired by her gardens that include “Cool Cucumber Water,” “Fresh Lemon Basil” and “Mission Fig” and come in lotions, candles, diffusers, soaps and more.... (more)

This weeks top stories: Martha Stewart launches a home/body line at Macy's; Art of Shaving returns to their fragrance roots; Hollywood smells of jasmine; Disney expands the Star Wars brand; and an ...

Best in Show: The Perfumes of Sonia ConstantBest in Show: The Perfumes of Sonia Constant

Best in Show 11/13/16 06:37 (6 comments)

As writers for Fragrantica, we are fortunate to become familiar with the work of our peers and gain access to information this way. Fellow writer Sergey Borisov  conducted such an intriguing and insightful interview with perfumer Sonia Constant that we knew we’d love to explore her work at greater length. It is with this thought in mind that we present our latest Best in Show highlighting perfumer  Sonia Constant . Looking at the wide breadth of her... (more)

Creator of the immensely popular Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme, Sonia Constant is a fascinating force in contemporary perfumery.

Gender Bender: Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose (2013)Gender Bender: Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose (2013)

Gender Bender 11/10/16 17:07 (19 comments)

Hello and welcome to “ Gender Bender (click me to read others in this series) ”, an exploration of aroma, gender and scented freedom. Though by no means do I personally prescribe to fragrance having a gender, sociocultural stereotypes about masculinity and femininity often prevail at the fragrance counters and are viewed as important distinctions for many fragrance fans. Join me as I explore some of my favorite aromas in my quest to challenge ma... (more)

"From the iconic American brand Aramis, Perfume Calligraphy Rose is a warm, ambery oriental that manages to avoid the typical overdose of saffron and/or oud and puts the focus on myrrh and labdanum...

This Week in Fragrance: Africa Inspires, Gwyneth's Good Scents & Nagel Talks GalopThis Week in Fragrance: Africa Inspires, Gwyneth's Good Scents & Nagel Talks Galop

Fragrance News 11/09/16 08:46 (3 comments)

Ghana-based Ghandour Cosmetics has announced the launch of Scent of Africa for Man and Scent of Africa for Woman , two new niche fragrances that are the first of their kind in the West African market. Naa Oyoo Quartey at  has the scoop: "Scent of Africa is very different from anything we have produced before at Ghandour. We wanted to introduce to the world a product that is truly reflective of the richness and splendor of Africa. Every... (more)

This week's tops stories: Ghana goes niche; aroma enhances shopping; Gwyneth gets natural; Nagel dishes on perfumery; and the internet sells scents.

Best in Show: Seasonal Spices - Nutmeg (2016)Best in Show: Seasonal Spices - Nutmeg (2016)

Best in Show 11/06/16 08:57 (47 comments)

Wars have been fought across thousands of miles in the quest to control spice. But did you know that the great war of the Spice Islands began because of nutmeg? The hunger for this warm, oily, aromatic fruit seed was so intense and so profitable, that the Dutch East India Company knew it was better to fight a war for control of the future than to remain at the whims of traders. Yet we can appreciate the depth of yearning that must have gripped the imagination of Europeans and North Af... (more)

From the War of the Spice Islands to today's Oriental perfumes, nutmeg is the king of the cornucopia.

Wine-Inspired Perfumes: An Interview with Kelly+JonesWine-Inspired Perfumes: An Interview with Kelly+Jones

Interviews 11/05/16 03:34 (25 comments)

While some perfumers are inspired by history or travel, Kelly Jones of new American perfume brand Kelly+Jones was inspired by a simple sip of wine. A perfume lover who had owned her own fragrance boutique in Arizona, Kelly attended a wine tasting wearing a vanilla scent only to recognize that 1) according to the sommelier, fragrances are typically not worn during wine tasting so as to avoid tainting the experience and 2) wearing aroma during wine tasting could actually en... (more)

You've heard of pairing wine with cheese, but how about with perfume? Read about this exciting new American brand and view our exclusive 15% off coupon code and giveaways to 10 readers.

Autumn Aromas in Kyoto, Krasnodar and AthensAutumn Aromas in Kyoto, Krasnodar and Athens

Columns 11/02/16 11:01 (11 comments)

Inspired by the scentscapes of our favorite environments, Fragrantica's international writers discuss the autumnal aromas that they associate with cities around the globe. What kinds of scents permeate the air in your own hometowns or favorite vacation destinations? Leave us a comment below. Part 1:  Autumn Aromas in Boston, Lisbon, San Diego & Amsterdam   KYOTO Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison: The aromas of Kyoto in autumn are direct... (more)

Colors, tastes and smells of fall.

This Week in Fragrance: Kilian's Jewels, Osmanthus Wine & Fragrant AlgorithmsThis Week in Fragrance: Kilian's Jewels, Osmanthus Wine & Fragrant Algorithms

Fragrance News 11/02/16 06:39 (3 comments)

Cher was on hand to celebrate the new fragrant jewelry collection by pals Loree Rodkin and Kilian Hennesy, reports Booth Moore for : Dressed casually in a cross-embroidered Chrome Hearts biker jacket and cashmere beanie, Cher wore her support for her friend on her wrist. “It’s a bracelet,” she said, lifting up her cuff to show a black diamond shield pendant on a cord wound around her wrist. “I still need to choose my fragrance.”... (more)

This week's top stories: Kilian scents jewelry, Liv scents her belly button, brands scent their stores, osmanthus scents the autumn, and researchers predict a scent's shape.

Addicted: Yes, I Wear Room SpraysAddicted: Yes, I Wear Room Sprays

Columns 10/30/16 12:10 (46 comments)

"Who smells like a fireplace?" "Why do you remind me of a hotel?" "Are you sure that is supposed to be sprayed on your skin?" Chances are if you've ever heard these questions, then you are just as addicted to scent as I am. And of course I'm talking about wearing room sprays as personal fragrance. That's right - room sprays. I know what you're probably let me clarify: No, I'm no... (more)

Marlen's addiction to fragrance has led him to wearing scented room sprays. Here he explores 5 favorites.

Best in Show: Penhaligon's (2016)Best in Show: Penhaligon's (2016)

Best in Show 10/30/16 11:08 (31 comments)

Established in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, a barber from Cornwall, Penhaligon's is one of England's oldest, continuously operating perfumeries and a rarity in that many of its original fragrances are still on the market today. The company's first perfume, Hammam Bouquet , was launched in 1872, inspired by the aromas of the Turkish Hammam (baths) that neighbored Penhaligon's Jeremyn Street barber shop, a melange of musky rose and woody lavender. B... (more)

Our editors discuss their favorite fragrances from one of England's oldest perfume houses.

This Week in Fragrance: Britney Endures, Data Smells, Night Releases ScentThis Week in Fragrance: Britney Endures, Data Smells, Night Releases Scent

Fragrance News 10/26/16 12:02 (17 comments)

Priya Krishna of explores the enduring legacy of the top-selling celebrity fragrance brand. Which celebrity? ...Britney!  Over the past few decades, putting out a signature perfume has become a standard move for any celebrity — but who remains the most dominant in the fragrance industry? Here are some hints: It’s not Beyoncé. It’s not Taylor Swift. It’s not even Kim Kardashian. It’s Britney, bitch. That’s right: A... (more)

This week's top stories: Britney's fragrance empire, the smell of data, leaky scents, building aromas, and Indian garden departments.

Nombre Noir on Exhibit at The Perfumer's Studio in Los AngelesNombre Noir on Exhibit at The Perfumer's Studio in Los Angeles

Art Books Events 10/20/16 05:43 (4 comments)

On Oct. 28th from 6-9p.m, The Perfumer's Studio in Los Angeles will celebrate   the opening of the first in an ongoing series of exhibitions dedicated to the art and technology of perfumery. "The Perfumer’s Studio   is pleased to invite you to experience Shiseido's Nombre Noir , while discovering L.A.'s newest resource for the creative perfumer. Running through ... (more)

"A bottle of this rare fragrance on public display offers visitors a chance to decide for themselves whether or not it lives up to the hype."

This Week in Fragrance: Home Aromas, V&R Magic & Fragrance SensitivityThis Week in Fragrance: Home Aromas, V&R Magic & Fragrance Sensitivity

Fragrance News 10/19/16 08:46 (9 comments)

LancasterOnline wants you to get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday season by scenting your home: Spring and summer are prime time to bring fresh air and floral scents into the home, but colder months have their own blend of comforting fragrances — and you don’t need store-bought air fresheners to enjoy them. There are plenty of ways to naturally fill your home with fragrance. Tina Sams, editor of The Essential Herbal, a Lancaster County-based herbal maga... (more)

This week's top stories: Making home scents, a new aroma diffuser, Ralph Lauren's new scent salon, a new line from Viktor & Rolf, and symptoms of fragrance sensitivity.

Best in Show: Chypre Fragrances (2016)Best in Show: Chypre Fragrances (2016)

Best in Show 10/16/16 10:55 (52 comments)

Some say that the first chypre (French for Cyprus, but in reference to the island, not the tree) began in 1917 with the launch of the famous Chypre de Coty , a pre-oriental blend of sharp citruses laid over oakmoss, patchouli, a floral bouquet, styrax (benzoin), civet and musk. However, one only needs to examine perfume history closely to understand that actually Guerlain with their Chypre de Paris and d'Orsay with their Chypre d'Orsay actually preceded Coty b... (more)

Named for the island of Cyprus and containing bergamot, labdanum and oakmoss, the chypre is discussed in this week's Best in Show. What is your favorite chypre?

The Holidays are Coming: JOY to the WorldThe Holidays are Coming: JOY to the World

Fragrance News 10/14/16 09:22 (8 comments)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Atelier Jean Patou, the classic black JOY parfum bottle with its signature red stopper makes a spectacular return for the 2016 holiday season. Each Limited Edition 0.5 ounce bottle in the series of 500 is hand-numbered and filled with Joy pure parfum. JOY was created with a lot of care, just like the most expensive Haute-Couture dress, and thus it was extraordinary and timeless. It was presented by Jean... (more)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Atelier Patou, Joy pure parfum is re-issued in its 1931 art deco bottle.

Bargain Fragrances: Crusellas' Esoteric Patchouli (with Root!)Bargain Fragrances: Crusellas' Esoteric Patchouli (with Root!)

Bargain Fragrance Reviews 10/13/16 08:51 (2 comments)

This is another in a series of bargain fragrance reviews, scents that may be found online or at discount stores for US $25 or less.  Summary: One of numerous affordable colognes from Crusellas , a company originally founded in 19th century Cuba and now based in Miami, Patchouli (with Root) is a light, sweet water that captures patchouli's earthiness. Perfumer: N/A Try this if you like: Colognes (vs traditional perfume... (more)

A $5 Patchouli cologne often used in Hoodoo.

This Week in Fragrance: Anosmia, Algorithms and Alluring DeathtrapsThis Week in Fragrance: Anosmia, Algorithms and Alluring Deathtraps

Fragrance News 10/12/16 08:48 (14 comments)

Annette Heist at offers a fascinating look at life without a sense of smell: How food tastes often relies on what we smell. "When you lose your sense of smell, your whole sense of food flavor is distorted and diminished," Cowart says. "You can still taste the basic tastes which are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami or savory. What you're missing are the sort of subtle distinctions, the difference between strawberry and banana; between chocol... (more)

This week's top stories: NPR profiles those who can't smell; LA Times discusses direct to consumer fragrance sales; Perry acquires Shelli; scientists finally discover frankincense; and a plant that...

Best in Show: My Fragrant Unicorn (2016)Best in Show: My Fragrant Unicorn (2016)

Best in Show 10/09/16 10:23 (65 comments)

There are certain ways in which perfume fanatics resemble kids. Recall how you were searching high and low for that ultra-rare Pokemon card that was missing from your otherwise quite smart album? Recall worrying a loose tooth, tempting you to go over it again and again with your tongue, despite it being a tad painful, wishing it in the palm of your hand already? Or replaying a favorite experience over and over in your head, eager to describe it in great detail, the memory gaining in m... (more)

Inspired by a thread in our Forum, our international team discusses their wishlist fragrances, some remain elusive while others have finally been acquired. What are yours?

Guerlain Prima Ballerina (2016)Guerlain Prima Ballerina (2016)

Niche Perfumery 10/09/16 10:22 (2 comments)

Since 2011, the famous French perfume house Guerlain - who brought you classics such as Shalimar and Samsara - has been launching special edition fragrances in homage to Russia's famed Bolshoi theater (pictured above), exclusive to the Russian market.  TSUM department store in Moscow has launched Guerlain's latest Le Bolshoï edition, this time dressed in purple and named Prima Ballerina . The fragrance is reportedly a reissue of Moscow from the ... (more)

The newest release in Guerlain's homage to the Bolshoi.

Rag & Bone Launches 8 New PerfumesRag & Bone Launches 8 New Perfumes

New Fragrances 10/06/16 15:29 (7 comments)

American fashion label Rag & Bone have announced the launch of their first fragrance line, scents housed in sophisticated, sleek, rounded glass bottles with matte silver accents. The collection is comprised of 8 eaux de parfum for men and women in well-known themes: Amber, Rose, Oud, Oddity, Neroli, Encens, Cypress, and Bergamot. Combining British heritage with modern, American design, the brand has become known for its classic tailoring with an edgy, urban New York esthe... (more)

An array of well-known notes make up the first fragrance line from American brand Rag & Bone.

This Week in Fragrance: Eau de Laptop, Jo Malone's New Book & Genderless ScentsThis Week in Fragrance: Eau de Laptop, Jo Malone's New Book & Genderless Scents

Fragrance News 10/05/16 08:20 (8 comments)

Love the smell of a freshly unboxed Mac product? Juan Buis at has found the perfect solution: Thanks to TwelveSouth, it’s finally possible to relive the unboxing of your Mac every day, at any moment. With their  New Mac candle  you can fill your house with the fresh smell of unwrapped plastic and cold aluminum for up to 45-55 burning hours. What other unexpected items from around your home do you think might make intriguing scents? I do love the ... (more)

This week's top stories: A Mac candle, explorations of scent and gender, the realities of fragrance travel retail, the feminist scent, and Jo Malone's new book.

4th Annual Art & Olfaction Awards Announces Judges, Opens Submissions4th Annual Art & Olfaction Awards Announces Judges, Opens Submissions

Art Books Events 10/05/16 06:08 (2 comments)

Continuing their commitment to broadening global communication in the field of fragrance, Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the awards, has announced that the fourth annual Art and Olfaction Awards events will take place in Europe: They will announce the twenty-five shortlisted perfumes and projects at Esxence in Milan (March 2017), and will announce the five winners in a public ceremony in Berlin, Germany at Silent Green Kulturquartier on May 6, 2017.  ... (more)

Revised rules, new locations in store for 2017 awards.

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