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Sandrina started her work at Fragrantica from its very beginning of the site. She is a perfume expert and writer, responsible for the majority of articles and encyclopedia records at Fragrantica. Along with her everyday work, Sandrina reports from perfume events from different parts of the world. She adores sunny and blissful perfumes that represent her inner spirit.
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Carolina Herrera CH PrivéeCarolina Herrera CH Privée

New Fragrances 02/20/17 10:28 (3 comments)

  The collection by the house of  Carolina Herrera CH  is complemented by a new version named  CH Privee , announced as "a celebration of the enigma of femininity and love as the highest, unpredictable force".  CH Privee  arrives in a flacon of the same shape as CH Eau de Parfum Sublime which was embraced by purple leather.   These two fragrances are special since their flacon design differs from the... (more)

A new fragrance within the CH line.

Shakira S Kiss; Shakira I Am Rock!Shakira S Kiss; Shakira I Am Rock!

New Fragrances 02/20/17 08:40 (2 comments)

  New fragrant rhythms arrive with two new editions of the perfume collection by Shakira. Fans of the popular singer’s perfumes will have the opportunity to test  S Kiss  from the S collection and   I Am Rock!  which belongs to the Rock! Collection, starting February 2017. Both editions have modern, youthful compositions, accentuated with floral and fruity notes on a woody base. What makes these editions stand out is the lack of gourma... (more)

New fragrances by Shakira

Bond No 9 NolitaBond No 9 Nolita

Niche Perfumery 02/20/17 08:29 (One comment)

  "We at Bond No. 9 have a confession to make:  The pace around here has been so hectic lately that we can scarcely find the time to wander around and explore the streets beyond our Bond Street headquarters. But all that changed when word got around that Nolita, the neighborhood that begins just across Houston Street, has become a Millennials’ favorite and the hottest of Downtown’s hotspots.   We did what we always do with Ne... (more)

Attractive Nolita joins the Bond No9 collection!

Victoria`s Secret Tease FlowerVictoria`s Secret Tease Flower

New Fragrances 02/16/17 09:55 (4 comments)

In anticipation of spring and fresh sunny days, Victoria's Secret is launching a new Eau de Parfum titled Tease Flower accompanied by a scented body care collection designed in the same style as the attractive perfume flacon. The composition is created to offer spring vibrations, a flirty vibe in the air with a gourmand touch which will give warmness to the rich flowery bouquet. The flowers on the bottle evoke the blossoming spring garden while the atomizer in bright pi... (more)

A new flirtatious Spring release from Victoria's Secret

Perfumed Love AffairsPerfumed Love Affairs

Columns 02/14/17 10:01 (6 comments)

There are so many different types of love. As we all are different we also feel love in so many ways. Most of those ways are connecting us despite their diversity with strong yet invisible strings. Then, we thought, why shouldn't we translate certain types of love in perfume affairs. Give them the main roles in our stories and describe a passionate, mature, childish, poetic or platonic love, or maybe a love at first sight, a dramatic or a friendly l... (more)

What happens when perfumes fall in love? We pair fragrances into couples and describe their passion. Which scents would you pair together?

Bentley Momentum and Momentum IntenseBentley Momentum and Momentum Intense

New Fragrances 02/13/17 11:32 (3 comments)

  As the new "pillar" of the  Bentley  collection, the two MOMENTUM fragrances (available since February 2017 on the official website ) were presented, which will arrive in stores in March 2017. Momentum  and  Momentum Intense  represent two versions aimed at the urban man. According to Bentley: "He is an achiever. A trend setter. A mover and shaker. Successful, style-conscious and driven, the Bentley Momentum man is i... (more)

New fragrances of the Bentley collection

Fragrantica Celebrates Love in Red on InstagramFragrantica Celebrates Love in Red on Instagram

Columns 02/13/17 11:13 (22 comments)

  A few days ago, celebrating love and the upcoming Valentine`s Day, we decided to share a red, love inspired perfume wave onto our Instagram profile . There are so many great red perfumes - perfumes that smell passionate and evoke the feelings that red stands for - and so many creations are packaged in the most beautiful red colored flacons. Our editors chose some of their favorites and we want to share with you our suggestions and insp... (more)

Join us in our Instagram red perfume wave!

Herve Gambs Pink EvidenceHerve Gambs Pink Evidence

Niche Perfumery 02/07/17 12:10 (One comment)

What characterizes the house of Herve Gambs Paris  is their creative range of products, and their offerings show a significant improvement of the original activity. Herve Gambs began his career as an interior and floral designer 25 years ago, after which collections of room fragrances, perfumed candles, and perfume lines in three directions ensued: the EDP line Eaux De Parfums , the collection Parfums Couture, and my favorite, a collection of... (more)

The house of Herve Gambs adds a new, attractive fragrance named Evidence to the Cologne Intense collection.

Elizabeth Arden White TeaElizabeth Arden White Tea

New Fragrances 02/07/17 07:34 (9 comments)

  The pleasure provided by the iconic fragrance of the Elizabeth Arden collection and one of the perfume "pillars" of the brand, Green Tea  from 1999, is irreplaceable in its simplicity, gentleness and softness. It has always brought to me the association of the scent of a bathed woman's body, of hot steam that heats silky skin; a scent of freshness, warmth and grace; discreet, subtle and extremely relaxing. The Green Tea Collection has,... (more)

A new "pillar" of the Elizabeth Arden collection created to relax all your senses.

Givenchy Eaudemoiselle Essence des PalaisGivenchy Eaudemoiselle Essence des Palais

New Fragrances 02/07/17 07:08 (5 comments)

  The collection of   Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy  started with the  eponymous fragrance  from 2010, and till today it has received 8 editions, including this latest  "black one“ launched in the Middle East. The dark and mysterious composition of Eaudemoiselle Essence des Palais  awakes desires with its Oriental magic union of precious spices, the warmth of resins and blooming roses that attract with their beauty and frame th... (more)

A new fragrance of the Eaudemoiselle collection launched in the Middle East.

Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature II Eau de ParfumGiorgio Armani Si Rose Signature II Eau de Parfum

New Fragrances 02/06/17 09:52 (One comment)

  The collection Si by Giorgio Armani  has been rapidly expanding since 2013, when the first fragrance, Si  was presented. Numerous editions and versions of the original perfume were introduced, and besides both more intense and lighter versions, the Si line also includes collectors’ editions that did not change the composition but only the flacon design. Si Rose Signature II Eau de Parfum  is... (more)

A collectors edition for 2017

Jil Stuart Crystal Bloom Aurora DreamJil Stuart Crystal Bloom Aurora Dream

New Fragrances 02/06/17 09:19 (3 comments)

  AURORA DREAM  is a new fragrance within the CRYSTAL BLOOM collection by Jil Stuart  that has become available on February 3 rd 2017. Inspired by the lights of Aurora, the new perfume arrives in a flacon designed to convey these magic lights in the night sky. The cap carries three transparent flowers made of crystals, one of which is pale pink, one is pale yellow and one pale green. Each flower contains five petals and a glittery Aurora Swarovski crystal i... (more)

New fragrance in the Crystal Bloom collection

Mancera Paris Black GoldMancera Paris Black Gold

Niche Perfumery 01/30/17 11:24 (3 comments)

  Today we announce a new step for the brand Mancera Paris  and a new version of their characteristic flacon, this time in black, with a matte surface and golden letters and cap, while the thick glass bottom of the bottle remains transparent with a gray finish. MANCERA BLACK GOLD  comes after the Christmas collection that celebrated the holidays in a special way – with individual editions counting up till New Year’s Eve (the unu... (more)

The new fragrance of the Mancera line, presented in a black bottle.

Molinard Parfumeur Le Reve NirmalaMolinard Parfumeur Le Reve Nirmala

New Fragrances 01/30/17 09:58 (6 comments)

The popular Nirmala of the rich collection of perfumes by Molinard Parfumeur  receives a special successor, a new version that unites gourmand, floral and luminous fruity notes! The attractiveness of  LE REVE NIRMALA  is not just reflected in the modern gourmand twist, but also in its pink flacon of architectural shape, which repeats the form of the Nirmala flacon changed in the spring of 2015 ( Molinard Nirmala in a New Flacon ). The flacon forms of Nirmala... (more)

Nirmala in a new version

Montale Intense CherryMontale Intense Cherry

Niche Perfumery 01/27/17 08:31 (4 comments)

Last year  Mancera Paris   very successfully created a gourmand cherry. It was combined with vanilla and powdery shades of orris. Wild Cherry  received much praise and was a hit among fans of fragrances such as Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir  and  Hilde Soliani Una Tira I Altra  who search for a syrupy, dark, liquorish and thick cherry scent - intense, deep and warm. Cherry rules over the entire composition and practically overlaps all shades that interchange du... (more)

A new gourmand-oriental cherry fragrance.

Aigner Cara Mia Ti AmoAigner Cara Mia Ti Amo

New Fragrances 01/27/17 08:28

A new version of 2015's AIGNER CARA MIA arrives on the market in March 2017 in a pink flacon and with a romantic composition that focuses on flowers, fruity notes and the vigor of pink pepper. The new perfume was created as a statement of love, conveying strong feelings and gentleness at the same time, evoking the most precious moments of romance.    The first edition of  Cara Mia (2015) was created as a modern perfume, while this year’s edition up... (more)

"A romantic composition that focuses on flowers, fruity notes and the vigor of pink pepper."

Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile Edizione SpecialeAcqua di Parma Peonia Nobile Edizione Speciale

Niche Perfumery 01/27/17 08:25

Inspired by the aroma of peony,  Acqua di Parma  introduced Peonia Nobile, a floral fragrance with beautiful fruity chords last year. Celebrating its beauty, this year they present a special limited edition that continues the long-lasting tradition of the brand. Each of the floral fragrances of the Nobile collection also has a special, limited edition decorated with Art Deco illustration depicting the charm and beauty of the key ingredient – iris flowers, magnolia, j... (more)

With a new limited edition, Acqua di Parma celebrates their peony-based fragrance

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea MimosaElizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa

New Fragrances 01/26/17 09:50 (5 comments)

If any flower can revive cold snowy winter days and provide the feeling of happiness and pleasure with its intensive sunny yellow color, it must be mimosa! Their honey and powdery notes - a sweetness mixed with fresh green aromas and an intense scent that spreads and fills a space with happiness - inspire me every year to find a new mimosa-based fragrance as a contrast to coldness and icy air. And there it is, the new  Arden  tea fragrance which complements the w... (more)

"Moroccan mimosa absolute makes the heart of the fragrance intense, sunny and irresistibly honey-like, while the base is warmed with hot vanilla-based shades."

REPETTO Le Ballet BlancREPETTO Le Ballet Blanc

New Fragrances 01/23/17 08:09 (2 comments)

  An elegant, feminine and ultimately graceful olfactory performance was performed once again by the house of Repetto, a house which is dedicated to the art of ballet and with its perfumes conveys the experience of a ballerina on stage. With her movements and pirouettes she gives the impression of freedom, strength, lightness and ease that are also reflected in the aura of the new fragrance. REPETTO LE BALLET BLANC offers a new interpretation of femininity. T... (more)

The new Repetto fragrance Le Ballet Blanc is inspired by Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". 

Baldessarini Cool ForceBaldessarini Cool Force

New Fragrances 01/21/17 09:08 (5 comments)

The new men's fragrance  Baldessarini Cool Force  is aimed at the man who is searching for a modern, refreshing, stylish fragrance, full of strong energy. With the new composition, perfumer Vincent Schaller  did not want to wander off from previous editions, keeping the characteristic DNA of the brand. He put aquatic and aromatic notes in the top this time making the fragrance ice cold and refreshing. “I imagined the fragrance t... (more)

The new fragrance from the Baldessarini collection puts aquatic and aromatic notes in the top this time making the aroma ice cold and refreshing

Jil Sander Sun Men SportJil Sander Sun Men Sport

New Fragrances 01/21/17 09:05 (One comment)

In January 2017  JIL SANDER  launches their new perfume for men JIL SANDER SUN MEN SPORT  as a successor to the men’s edition Jil Sander Sun Men  presented in 2002. A new dimension of energy is embodied in the composition which exudes freedom, a positive attitude and a fine dose of elegance, as well as with a recognizable aura that surrounds the skin of its carrier with sensual energy and glittery notes that allude to life energy and the feeling of joy.... (more)

The new men's fragrance from Jil Sander exudes freedom, a positive attitude and a fine dose of elegance

Casamorati 1888 Dolce AmalfiCasamorati 1888 Dolce Amalfi

Niche Perfumery 01/16/17 15:16 (19 comments)

  Xerjoff Casamorati 1888  presents another exclusive, limited edition on January 8 th 2017, which is, just like last year’s Italica , only available in one special store. The store Harvey Nichols in London was lucky enough to “get” the amazing gourmand fragrance Italica, and this remains the only place where this fragrance can be obtained. The new edition DOLCE AMALFI  was created especially for the Xerjoff boutique located in the Dubai... (more)

An exclusive edition launched for the Xerjoff boutique in the Dubai Mall

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc for HerNarciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc for Her

New Fragrances 01/13/17 11:12 (14 comments)

  Many of you will immediately say oooh, there's a new beauty from the collection by  Narciso Rodriguez ! Truth be told, each new edition surprises us with its uniqueness, quality, gentleness, and subtleness, and the seductive and very sexy aspects of musk are reinterpreted in so many ways that each of the numerous versions is not so much a flanker but more a unique edition within the collection, attracting us with its character and personality. For f... (more)

The new fragrance in Narciso's collection

Essence We Are Collection: We Are... Lovely Eau de ToiletteEssence We Are Collection: We Are... Lovely Eau de Toilette

New Fragrances 01/11/17 09:40 (One comment)

      ESSENCE  launches the new spring collection WE ARE just before Valentine’s Day and it includes the  We Are... Lovely  Eau de Toilette, as well as several make up products celebrating love and friendship in the same spirit. "We are … friends forever! We are in love with friendship – are you too? Then celebrate with us on valentine's day all your unique friendships. A per... (more)

A new collection by the house of Essence including an Eau de Toilette and several make up products

Hugo Boss Hugo IcedHugo Boss Hugo Iced

New Fragrances 01/09/17 12:58 (One comment)

At the beginning of 2017, Hugo Boss launches the new edition of the Hugo line, characteristic for its woody-aromatic notes as well as a wave of icy cold freshness and energy. HUGO ICED  is aimed at the young, urban and modern man – as announced by the house of Hugo Boss.   The original  Hugo  edition, which became one of the pillars of the Hugo Boss  collection, was launched in 1995. Its successors followed the aromatic ... (more)

A new version of the fragrance Hugo.

Police TO BE Mr Beat, TO BE Miss BeatPolice TO BE Mr Beat, TO BE Miss Beat

New Fragrances 01/05/17 08:21 (14 comments)

Under license by Mavive, the new fragrant duo by the house of  Police  was launched. It belongs to the TO BE collection characteristic for its unique skull-shaped flacons. The new fragrances To Be Mr Beat  and  To Be Miss Beat  will offer a "trendy concept that represents youth, energy and modern elements by combining two accessories that young and active people must possess: a headset and perfumes." ... (more)

A new fragrant duo from the TO BE collection by Police!

ETRO ManRoseETRO ManRose

Niche Perfumery 01/03/17 09:36 (26 comments)

  ETRO  intrigues us with the announcement of their new perfume,  MANROSE , both by its name and composition, which finds its philosophy in the search for feminine aspects and blending them with masculine ones. ManRose is a rose for man; flattering, cosmopolitan, the rose that defines gentleness and benefits from embodying the perfect synthesis of men and women; their unbreakable connection. The man rose by Etro is full of layers that slowly reveal ... (more)

A special Rose for Men

Fragonard Flower of The Year 2017: Pivoine (Peony)Fragonard Flower of The Year 2017: Pivoine (Peony)

New Fragrances 01/03/17 08:46 (5 comments)

  I am always particularly looking forward to the collection FLOWER OF THE YEAR , which is yearly created and promoted by Fragonard , the house that started this line in 2010 with Mimosa , a fragrance I consider one of the most beautiful, prominent and authentic mimosa-based creations in perfumery. From that point on until today, Fragonard celebrates a new fragrance every year by putting it in the spot light, making sure the well designed pro... (more)

The flower of 2017 at Fragonard is peony!

Zara Fragrances: Radiant Woods, Deep Vanilla, Sunrise RoseZara Fragrances: Radiant Woods, Deep Vanilla, Sunrise Rose

Fragrance Reviews 12/24/16 11:09 (10 comments)

How many perfumes by the brand Zara have you tested? How do you feel about them? For whom do you buy them? How often do you buy them? Which are your favorites? All of these questions have been posed by our readers in their comments; there have been an array of opinions about Zara scents over the course of many years. But who are the noses behind the scents? Zara does not disclose the perfumers of most of their scents, so it is very difficult to fin... (more)

New fragrances from Zara

Mancera Christmas Collection: Pearl, Sicily, Coco Vanille, Aoud Orchid, HolidaysMancera Christmas Collection: Pearl, Sicily, Coco Vanille, Aoud Orchid, Holidays

Niche Perfumery 12/23/16 13:01 (3 comments)

In December 2016, Mancera Paris  will thrill their fans with new fragrances which are sold exclusively in perfumery Montale in Paris (68, rue Pierre Charron - 75008 Paris) and are available on the official website of the company: The Christmas collection includes six editions: the solar floral fragrance Pearl  introduced in Florence at Pitti Fragranze, and perfumes  Aoud Orchid ,  Coco Vanille  and  Sicily  which ... (more)

Count down to New Year's Eve with new fragrances from the Mancera Christmas collection

Montale Aoud JasmineMontale Aoud Jasmine

Niche Perfumery 12/23/16 12:56

After exotic editions  Aoud Lagoon  and  Tropical Wood , the focus of the house of Montale Paris is on a blend of flowers and oud. Aoud Jasmine unites floral and fruity notes by surrounding them with the warmth of musk accentuating Indian jasmine as a central note of the composition. Unlike Jasmine Full  which is completely dedicated to jasmine (jasmine, neroli and honeysuckle), and provides natural and pure notes of jasmine, the new fragrance accentuates the or... (more)

"Aoud Jasmine unites floral and fruity notes by surrounding them with the warmth of musk accentuating Indian jasmine as a central note of the composition."

Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume Lalique EditionTom Ford Black Orchid Perfume Lalique Edition

New Fragrances 12/20/16 17:33 (25 comments)

  Launched back in 2006, Black Orchid by  Tom Ford  rocked the industry and in a short period became very popular worldwide. Its opulence and unusual appeal is characterized by a blend of truffles and oriental-chypre elements, recreating a black orchid (through Headspace technology) and accentuating "chocolaty" and woody shades that feel sticky on your fingers. The floral union is sweet and thick due to fruits, and the scent is addictive, v... (more)

Black Orchid celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Accessorize LovelilyAccessorize Lovelily

New Fragrances 12/20/16 08:39 (4 comments)

  Under license of Fragrance and Beauty Creations Ltd the brand ACCESSORIZE  launched their new fragrance Lovelily  which arrived on the market in November 2016. Its flacon attracts attention with its hexagonal design and attractive stopper that contains a blooming pink lily. The design and the integration of flowers inside plastic parts of the perfume bottle remind me of the game Lalique played with lily of the valley flowers inside a pl... (more)

The brand ACCESSORIZE launched the fragrance Lovelily which arrived on the market in November 2016.

Sospiro Erba Gold Exclusively for Selfridges LondonSospiro Erba Gold Exclusively for Selfridges London

Niche Perfumery 12/19/16 08:38 (One comment)

Yellow fits it perfectly!  Erba Gold , a special edition created exclusively for Selfridges in London, completes the Sospiro collection by standing out with its attractive flacon and luminosity of Italian citruses and juicy fruit.   SOSPIRO ERBA GOLD 's flacon repeats the elegant shape of the Sospiro line that we recognize by the seductive purple shade and golden stopper, designed to represents butterfly wings in flight, of the fir... (more)

An edition specially created for Selfridges London.

The Merchant of Venice La Fenice CollectionThe Merchant of Venice La Fenice Collection

Niche Perfumery 12/13/16 10:43 (2 comments)

  THE MERCHANT OF VENICE , in collaboration with  MAVIVE S.p.A , is launching the fragrant pair La Fenice  in December 2016,  inspired by the famous La Fenice opera. As an homage to culture, art, music and beauty, this unique project was presented exclusively in Cannes during the TFWA 2016 exposition, where I had the opportunity to see and smell the new editions in their truly gorgeous packaging.   O... (more)

A fragrant pair inspired by the famous Opera La Fenice in Venice.

Zara Home The Perfume CollectionZara Home The Perfume Collection

New Fragrances 12/12/16 09:37 (8 comments)

  At the beginning of December 2016, Zara Home introduced a luxurious collection of unisex fragrances, which is added to the wide selection of home fragrances, perfumed candles and soaps offered in Zara Home  stores. Besides linen, soft covers, towels and numerous other objects for home decor, fragrance is certainly one of the most important conveyors of the impression and atmosphere that make a room comfortable and pleasant. The new collection of si... (more)

Zara launches a luxurious collection of unisex fragrances!

Elie Saab Le Parfum Eclat d`OrElie Saab Le Parfum Eclat d`Or

New Fragrances 12/11/16 09:39 (5 comments)

ELIE SAAB   in collaboration with Beauty Prestige International launches the new version of Elie Saab Le Parfum in its characteristic flacon with facets in gold. New details on the bottle provide a glamorous effect making it look like a gem covered in gold. The fragrant nectar has an intoxicating, thick and honey-like composition that follows the popular, high-quality first perfume of the house,  Elie Saab Le Parfum  from 2011. Top notes of ELIE SAAB L... (more)

The new fragrance from Elie Saab

Amouage Bracken WomanAmouage Bracken Woman

Niche Perfumery 12/06/16 09:19 (8 comments)

  This year, Amouage  had quite a few new editions in their collection. Myths Man  and  Myths Woman , the gourmand floral Lilac Love ,  The Library Collection Opus X  and the Bracken fragrant duo. The focus in the Bracken compositions is on fougere shades and aromas of fern, characterizing the  Bracken Man  perfume presented end of July 2016. The masculine aromatic-fougere blend has now received its feminine counterpart interpr... (more)

New fragrance within the Amouage collection

Thierry Mugler Angel Collector Editions and Scented CandlesThierry Mugler Angel Collector Editions and Scented Candles

Columns 11/30/16 08:38 (5 comments)

  The Angel collection by the house of  Thierry Mugler  was enriched with new limited collector editions, new covers for the cult star-shaped bottle and perfumed candles that have the same scent as the popular Angel . As expected from Thierry Mugler, the Holidays are a time to launch the most attractive flacons and limited collector editions, in the spirit of the brand and the magic stars, which are one of the symbols of the Thierry Mugler house and his perfume co... (more)

Angel stars in their full shine announce the upcoming holidays! Which one will be yours?

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Extrait de Parfum and Viva La Juicy Grand Edition RoseJuicy Couture Viva La Juicy Extrait de Parfum and Viva La Juicy Grand Edition Rose

New Fragrances 11/29/16 08:59

  The interest in trendy floral-fruity fragrances from the gourmand direction is not subsiding yet and associations with cookies, candies and delicious sweets can be found in numerous editions that are presented daily on the market. One thing is certain: gourmand scents are irresistible and vary greatly, from those that really smell edible to more sophisticated and sleeker offerings. Delicious almonds, fruit and vanilla creams, pastries and desserts fill our senses and awake... (more)

Expanding the Viva La Juicy collection!

Yves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash Collector EditionsYves Saint Laurent Sparkle Clash Collector Editions

New Fragrances 11/28/16 10:15 (One comment)

  As a limited Holiday collection for 2016, Yves Saint Laurent launches the SPARKLE CLASH line that includes makeup and perfumes and is advertised by top model Cara Delevingne. The focus is on sequins and festive appearance, which creates an explosion of glow and shimmer. The limited collection of makeup includes a palette of shadows, blushes and highlighters which are perfect for both day and for evening. It combines light and discreet shades of gold and beige with evenin... (more)

Perfume editions and makeup from the famous Yves Saint Laurent brand inspired by the Holiday season.

Bond No 9 Swarovski Holiday EditionsBond No 9 Swarovski Holiday Editions

Niche Perfumery 11/28/16 09:17 (8 comments)

  The holiday season this year offers a wide range of Bond No.9 stars from numerous galaxies, covered with sparkling Swarovski crystals and inspired by the recent discovery in space, exoplanet Proxima b, where the human species could potentially gain progress. As the brand Bond No.9 highlights, their glittering constellation is not light-years away from us, but already offered in select stores around the world decorating shop windows and shelves of perfumerie... (more)

Welcoming the holidays with the glitter of Swarovski crystals

Tommy Bahama Maritime for MenTommy Bahama Maritime for Men

New Fragrances 11/28/16 08:23 (2 comments)

  Tommy Bahama  introduces a new fragrance for men,  MARITIME , that has been exclusively available since November 25th, 2016 (Black Friday) on the official website of MARITIME  is an ode to the dynamics and power of the sea and draws inspiration from sailing and marine aromas that affect all our senses beneficially. The fragrance is aimed at men who yearn for nature, adventure and exploration, and b... (more)

The new fragrance by Tommy Bahama: Maritime for Men

7th Fragrance Foundation Awards Arabia 2016 - WINNERS7th Fragrance Foundation Awards Arabia 2016 - WINNERS

Art Books Events 11/27/16 09:19 (2 comments)

Every year, The Fragrance Foundation Awards celebrates the global perfume industry and organizes a selection of the best perfumes in several categories. Just a few days ago we announced the nominees  in all categories and now we present the winners of this year's awards, held in Dubai at the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel. This year's nominees are divided into three categories: the first two categories were juried by important people from the industry... (more)

"This year's nominees are divided into three categories: the first 2 were juried by important people from the industry, while the 3rd was voted on by a jury of well-known bloggers, journalists, per...

NIKOS Sculpture Homme God`s NightNIKOS Sculpture Homme God`s Night

New Fragrances 11/25/16 09:33 (2 comments)

If a fragrance can trigger memories of my generation, evoke nostalgic thoughts and return images of beautiful moments from youthful days, then it's Sculpture by Nikos . This is one of those unusual and gentle fragrances which I remember fondly and buy again and again because of its juicy, sweet and resinous composition and because of its beautiful sail-shaped bottle, which is simple but memorable. One of the jewels of the '90s, also very appreciated because of its afford... (more)

Sculpture Pour Homme receives a new successor

Viktoria Minya Travel Size CollectionsViktoria Minya Travel Size Collections

New Fragrances 11/25/16 09:28

Before the upcoming holidays,  Viktoria Minya   presented two sets for those who want to enjoy several of her fragrances and also have smaller amounts in bottles that can be carried on a trip or in a purse. The collection of perfumes by the young and talented perfumer Viktoria Minya was launched in 2013 with the first fragrance Hedonist . This was later followed by Hedonist Rose ,  Hedinist Iris  and  Hedonist Cassis . Eau de Hongrie , a spec... (more)

Viktoria Minya presents two sets with flacons for travel or for purse

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge IntenseRoger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Intense

New Fragrances 11/25/16 09:21 (2 comments)

Inspired by the intense spicy-citrusy scent of ginger, Roger & Gallet  launched the fragrance Eau de Gingembre  in 2003 in collaboration with perfumer Jacques Cavallier . This unisex edition had a lot of success due to its relaxing and very pleasant composition, so the idea was born to launch a new version of the fragrance which would make ginger even more exotic and juicier. The spicy-tart effect of ginger in Gingembre Rouge  from 2014 - creat... (more)

"This time the aroma is accentuated by ginger blossom and sensual powdery orris root. "

HOLIDAY EDITIONS 2016 - The Most Beautiful Sets of MiniaturesHOLIDAY EDITIONS 2016 - The Most Beautiful Sets of Miniatures

Columns 11/23/16 15:56 (13 comments)

  Along with our propositions for  holiday gift sets  and  specially designed flacons  inspired by the upcoming holidays, designer houses also have prepared charming gift sets of miniatures that include popular fragrances of the house and are always a good choice if you want to become familiar with several fragrances or if you are a passionate collector who likes flacons just like this – in miniature form. Numerou... (more)

For all fans of miniatures and charming holiday sets.

7th Fragrance Foundation Awards Arabia 20167th Fragrance Foundation Awards Arabia 2016

Art Books Events 11/20/16 03:45 (2 comments)

On Tuesday, November 22 nd 2016, prizes will be awarded for the best perfumes of the year and the location was selected to be at Burj Al Arab in Dubai. This year the Fragrance Foundation Arabia divided members of the jury into two categories: professional jury and influential jury. Among the professional jury are the leaders of the industry, and the chairman of the jury this year is Mohammad Ali Al Kamali, while the influential jury includes people from the world of fashion, beauty, ... (more)

The 7th Fragrance Foundation Awards Arabia will be held in Dubai, on November 22nd at Burj Al Arab

Holiday Editions of Favorite Fragrances, 2016Holiday Editions of Favorite Fragrances, 2016

Columns 11/19/16 12:31 (6 comments)

By mid-October of every year, many brands have launched their offers of various sets and special, limited editions which have been carefully prepared for the New Year and winter holidays. Some of them are very creative and draw attention with boxes and details on the bottles, reminding us of their most popular editions that we can get at somewhat lower prices, accompanied by body care products with the same fragrant notes. The holidays are coming and the o... (more)

Christmas is coming and many brands offer enticing gift sets of perfume and home fragrances

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New Perfumes

Bonjour SeñoritaTous
Bonjour Señorita

Mia Me MineHalloween
Mia Me Mine

Gisada UomoGisada
Gisada Uomo

Gisada DonnaGisada
Gisada Donna

KastellorizoMaison de Parfum Berry

AdoualaMaison de Parfum Berry

Ambre 35Maison de Parfum Berry
Ambre 35

Coeur NoirMaison de Parfum Berry
Coeur Noir

Violette RebelleMaison de Parfum Berry
Violette Rebelle

PortraitMaison de Parfum Berry

CathédraleMaison de Parfum Berry

Éblouissants RefletsMaison de Parfum Berry
Éblouissants Reflets

MystiqueMaison de Parfum Berry

LibératriceMaison de Parfum Berry

ConquéranteMaison de Parfum Berry

PuretéMaison de Parfum Berry

EnfanceMaison de Parfum Berry


Roasted Green TeaJ-Scent
Roasted Green Tea


Seven IslandsBombay Perfumery
Seven Islands

SulawesiBombay Perfumery

MoireBombay Perfumery

Les CayesBombay Perfumery
Les Cayes

Madurai TalkiesBombay Perfumery
Madurai Talkies

Chai MuskBombay Perfumery
Chai Musk

1020Bombay Perfumery

CalicutBombay Perfumery

Angel Eau Sucree 2017Mugler
Angel Eau Sucree 2017

Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il VoltoUnum
Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il Volto

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