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Sanja Pekic is a Fragrantica editor from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has joined the team in 2008 to update and maintain encyclopedia information, as well as work on perfume news. Sanja is passionate about fashion and martial arts.
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Azzaro Chrome PureAzzaro Chrome Pure

New Fragrances 01/16/17 08:48 (2 comments)

Azzaro Chrome , the fresh masculine fragrance from 1996, which was inspired by the Mediterranean sea and the bond between fathers and sons, is shown in a new light as Azzaro Chrome Pure , the new edition coming out in early 2017. Azzaro Chrome Pure is announced as "the promise of a moment of pure emotion."   " In the tradition of Chrome, Chrome Pure focuses on the bond between a father and his son witnessed during spontaneo... (more)

Azzaro Chrome in a new interpretation: Chrome Pure, the promise of a moment of pure emotion.

Best in Show: Tuberose (2017)Best in Show: Tuberose (2017)

Best in Show 01/15/17 11:30 (50 comments)

No note in perfumery is more surprisingly carnal, creamier or contradicting than that of tuberose. The multi-petalled flower is a mix of flower shop freshness and velvety opulence. Which is why it is the perennial polarizing flower note having as many ardent fans as passionate detractors. The Victorians must have been among the latter: they forbade young girls of inhaling the scent of tuberose in the fear they might have a spontaneous orgasm! Roja Dove is right when he says that tuberose is ... (more)

Tuberose as featured in niche, luxe and men's perfumery.

Gucci Bamboo Limited EditionGucci Bamboo Limited Edition

New Fragrances 01/14/17 09:33 (2 comments)

A novelty in the Gucci fragrance collection is Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition , coming out in early 2017 as an "updated" version of the original in new packaging and with the design that "conveys the scent's grace and femininity and captures the poetry and romance that underscores the House's aesthetic." Its bottle of art-deco lines is decorated with a silver "bamboo" cap, while the box features drawings of a bamboo garden and small birds. ... (more)

Gucci Bamboo in a new, limited packaging

Britney Spears Fantasy in BloomBritney Spears Fantasy in Bloom

New Fragrances 01/13/17 04:47 (14 comments)

The new Britney Spears fragrance from the popular Fantasy collection comes out in early 2017 as Fantasy in Bloom . The new version is dedicated to the spring-time, inspired by cherry orchards in bloom, a “captivating daydream” and the warm, luminous rays of spring sun.   ”I loved flowers, and fantasy IN BLOOM gives me that fresh feeling of smelling a gorgeous bouquet. It’s like a daydream in a bottle – a beautiful garden where... (more)

A new flanker of Britney Spears Fantasy

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Limited EditionAriana Grande Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition

New Fragrances 01/13/17 04:46 (2 comments)

Sweet Like Candy from 2016 is the third fragrance from singer Ariana Grande , after the debut Ari from 2015 and unisex edition named after her brother Frankie from 2016. In early 2017, she introduces its new flanker Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition , which comes in a red version of the distinctive bottle with a pom-pom.   "Dangerously sweet and oh so irresistible. Indulge with ARIANA GRANDE's Limited Edition SWEET LIKE CANDY Eau de Parfu... (more)

A new limited edition of Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy fragrance

La Nuit Trésor L'Eau de ToiletteLa Nuit Trésor L'Eau de Toilette

New Fragrances 01/13/17 04:45 (7 comments)

In late January 2017, Lancôme launches La Nuit Trésor Eau de Toilette , the refreshed version of the original “aphrodisiac” gourmand La Nuit Trésor which was created by perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Marie in 2015, followed by La Nuit Tresor Caresse version from 2016. La Nuit Trésor Eau de Toilette is a fresh and fruity edition, with green and sour flavors. The same perfumer-duo created the ne... (more)

The Eau de Toilette version of Lancôme La Nuit Trésor

Nina Ricci L'Extase Rose AbsolueNina Ricci L'Extase Rose Absolue

New Fragrances 01/12/17 10:26 (6 comments)

L'Extase Rose Absolue comes out at the beginning of 2017 as a new Nina Ricci fragrance from the L'Extase line. After the original L'Extase from 2015 and Eau de Parfum Legere version L'Extase Caresse de Roses from 2016, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian created a sensual night-time edition of this fragrance. " Since 2015, L’Extase has been on an imaginary journey. Moving from audacity to revelation, it embr... (more)

The new, nocturnal version of Nina Ricci L'Extase

Azzaro Mademoiselle L’Eau Très BelleAzzaro Mademoiselle L’Eau Très Belle

New Fragrances 01/10/17 08:15 (3 comments)

In February 2017, the house of Azzaro launches a new version of the youthful and girly fragrance  Mademoiselle Azzaro  from 2015, which will be called Mademoiselle Azzaro L’Eau Très Belle . Announced as soft, flirty and romantic, the new fragrance is created by perfumer Karine Dubreuil  and inspired by the careless and dreamy atmosphere of Paris. Azzaro at TFWA 2016 The composition of Mademoiselle Azzaro L’Eau Très Belle has... (more)

The new edition of Mademoiselle Azzaro.

Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection (2017)Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection (2017)

New Fragrances 01/07/17 06:29 (5 comments)

Elie Saab presented a limited edition of 2011's Le Parfum in the summer of 2015 as a fresh floral-fruity fragrance in a marine blue bottle called Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection . In February 2017, it gets a new limited edition of the same name Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection with a new composition in a serene transparent bottle with red and coral shades. Inspired by the summer high-fashion collections of the house, Le Parfum Resort Collection ... (more)

A new limited edition of Elie Saab Le Parfum

Dior Homme Sport (2017)Dior Homme Sport (2017)

New Fragrances 01/06/17 06:48 (20 comments)

The first version of Dior Homme Sport fragrance came out in 2008 as a fresher and more explosive edition of the original Dior Homme . The reformulation of Dior Homme Sport from 2012, made as a more elegant and powdery variation, is replaced by this new edition in February 2017. Dior Homme Sport "rediscovers itself" like a scent of "urban, sophisticated and sexy nonchalance," guided by the idea of a fast and dynamic lifestyle. Dior... (more)

The new reformulation of Dior Homme Sport

Calvin Klein CK AllCalvin Klein CK All

New Fragrances 01/03/17 08:59 (17 comments)

Calvin Klein continues its tradition of fresh unisex fragrances with CK All , the new edition which comes out in February 2017. CK All is not a limited edition and is the third pillar version, after the legendary fragrances of CK One from 1994 and CK Be from 1996. The slogan line reads: "Be One. Be All. Just Be. " CK All is a refreshing composition that opens with citrus notes including mandarin. The heart of the perfume includes citrus ... (more)

A new unisex fragrance from Calvin Klein

Miu Miu L'Eau BleueMiu Miu L'Eau Bleue

New Fragrances 01/03/17 03:16 (7 comments)

The first fragrance from the fashion house of Miu Miu , Miu Miu Eau de Parfum , was launched in the summer of 2015 under the license of Coty . Its fresh interpretation comes out in February 2017 as Miu Miu L'Eau Bleue . The new edition is announced as a light, fresh and happy scent of spring awakening and the fragrance of new beginnings. Like the original, the new composition was also developed by perfumer Daniela (Roche) Andrier . Spring flowers of lily of t... (more)

The new edition of the fragrance Miu Miu.

Thierry Mugler A*Men KryptomintThierry Mugler A*Men Kryptomint

New Fragrances 01/02/17 08:18 (28 comments)

A * Men from 1996 is "the fragrance for the distinctly daring, the hero", inspired by the Marvel superhero The Silver Surfer. "Sensual and uncompromising," the first Oriental - Gourmand fragrance for men was given different versions over the years, such as A * Men Pure Coffee , A * Men Pure Malt , and  A * Men Pure Tonka . The new limited edition of the masculine Thierry Mugler fragrance for 2017 is A*Men Kryptomint , its fresh int... (more)

A new fragrance in the A*Men collection.

Sisley IziaSisley Izia

New Fragrances 12/31/16 06:51 (12 comments)

The house of Sisley , known for complex and rich fragrances, launches a new feminine perfume in early in 2017 named Izia . Izia is announced as a modern fragrance, a bouquet of sensual and affirmed character, although, judging by the notes, its composition has a more classic vibe than a trendy one. Sisley Izia is a "modern, new and multifunctional" perfume with a focus on the note of rose. The composition begins with aldehydes, white bergamot an... (more)

The new Sisley fragrance for women

Giorgio Armani  - Armani Privé Iris CéladonGiorgio Armani - Armani Privé Iris Céladon

New Fragrances 12/29/16 06:47 (10 comments)

In early 2017, Armani launches Armani Privé Iris Céladon , the new fragrance from the exclusive Armani Privé collection. The collection is distinguished by rare and precious ingredients and luxurious bottles of simple lines and gem-like caps. "The colour Celadon is neither blue, green nor grey. It's an indefinable colour, and one that I find fascinating," said Giorgio Armani. The new Armani Privé Iris Céladon focuse... (more)

A new edition from the Armani Privé collection for 2017

Viktor&Rolf  Flowerbomb BloomViktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom

New Fragrances 12/28/16 08:22 (16 comments)

The house of Viktor & Rolf launches Flowerbomb Bloom early 2017 as a new, airy, fresh and joyful interpretation of the popular original Flowerbomb from 2005. The new variant in Eau de Toilette concentration retains the distinctive notes of the original, refreshed with new accords of fruit, citruses and "liquid air". Fresh and juicy top notes of pomegranate and mandarin are used to provide "energy and optimism" throughout the composition. T... (more)

The new version of Flowerbomb

Giorgio Armani - Armani Code ColoniaGiorgio Armani - Armani Code Colonia

New Fragrances 12/27/16 09:09 (5 comments)

Armani Code Colonia is the new edition of the masculine Armani Code fragrance by Giorgio Armani that will come out in early 2017. The fragrance is announced as an elegant, sensual and attractive blend of light and deep notes in a simplistic composition that is easy to wear. It represents a lifestyle of simple elegance. The face of the perfume is actor Chris Pine. The composition is signed by Antoine Maisondieu , who wanted to keep the fougere charact... (more)

A new masculine edition of the Armani Code collection.

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau SublimeThierry Mugler Alien Eau Sublime

New Fragrances 12/26/16 08:55 (9 comments)

  The new fragrance that is scheduled to hit the market early 2017 as a part of Thierry Mugler ’s Alien line is a limited edition Eau de Toilette version called Alien Eau Sublime . The striking character of the Alien fragrance that combines jasmine, amber and cashmere wood is updated with citruses, green notes and sunny flowers, which give it more freshness and serenity. Alien booth at TFWA 2016   Alien Eau Sublime... (more)

The new Eau de Toilette version of Alien

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme AtlantiqveBvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve

New Fragrances 12/22/16 09:09 (9 comments)

The popular masculine aquatic fragrance from Bvlgari , Aqva Pour Homme , was created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier in 2005. Its new version comes out in March 2017 as  Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve , signed by the same famous nose. Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve is a refreshing and energetic aquatic fragrance inspired by the strength of the Atlantic Ocean. Jacques Cavallier developed the "sea amber" note which is supposed to evoke the depths of the ... (more)

The new version of the Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme fragrance

DKNY Be Delicious City Girl CollectionDKNY Be Delicious City Girl Collection

New Fragrances 12/21/16 07:14 (2 comments)

The new limited collection from the DKNY Be Delicious line comes at the beginning of 2017 as the  DKNY Be Delicious City Girl Collection , inspired by different neighborhoods of New York City. The three new fragrances within this collection are named Brooklyn Girl , Chelsea Girl and Nolita Girl , each envisaged with a certain type of girl who wears it. DKNY Be Delicious City Brooklyn Girl allegedly represents women who have a passion for fashion and cher... (more)

Three new fragrances from the DKNY Be Delicious line inspired by New York: Brooklyn Girl, Chelsea Girl and Nolita Girl

Nina Ricci Luna BlossomNina Ricci Luna Blossom

New Fragrances 12/20/16 08:58 (13 comments)

  Nina Ricci launched its new fragrance Luna in the Fall of 2016, as a "sister" edition of the popular apple-shaped Nina fragrance from 2006, tagging them “Les Belles de Nina.” Luna is described as a bold, intense and mysterious woody - floral composition with sweet nuances. Its first flanker will come out in early 2017 as a lighter edition intended for the Asian market called Luna Blossom . The new fruity – flo... (more)

Luna's first flanker

Jil Sander - Softly Jil SanderJil Sander - Softly Jil Sander

New Fragrances 12/20/16 08:45 (3 comments)

The Simply Jil Sander fragrance line represents simple elegance and sophistication, established by the first edition in 2014. It was followed by the  Simply Jil Sander Eau de Toilette edition, and The Art of Layering collection of three fragrances, Touch of Mandarin , Touch of Violet and Touch of Leather , all launched in 2016. The masculine equivalent of this line is called Strictly Jil Sander . Softly Jil Sander is a new edition of t... (more)

A new edition within the Simply Jil Sander fragrance line.

Viktor&Rolf  Magic CollectionViktor&Rolf Magic Collection

New Fragrances 12/16/16 07:20 (18 comments)

The fashion designer duo Viktor&Rolf launches a new, exclusive and niche-like collection of fragrances called Magic Collection . Guided by the idea that everybody needs a little magic in everyday life, they presented six new unisex fragrances: Sparkling Secret , Lavender Illusion , Dancing Roses , Liquid Diamonds , Dirty Trick and Sage Spell . Each of the fragrance is a combination of natural ingredients and innovative synthetic accords. The compositions ... (more)

Six new fragrances: Sparkling Secret, Lavender Illusion, Dancing Roses, Liquid Diamonds, Dirty Trick and Sage Spell

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Luxe & Eau So PartyVictoria's Secret Bombshell Luxe & Eau So Party

New Fragrances 12/14/16 07:59

After the  Paris edition that marked this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, two new shimmering holiday releases for the winter season 2016/2017 have come out: a luxurious limited edition of Bombshell decorated with colorful Swarovski crystals and the new fragrance Eau So Party , appropriated for New Year's Eve. The original Bombshell was launched in 2010 as a fruity, aromatic and floral fragrance that contains notes of purple pass... (more)

New festive fragrances from Victoria's Secret

Vera Wang Princess of HeartsVera Wang Princess of Hearts

New Fragrances 12/13/16 08:41 (2 comments)

The new limited edition Princess of Hearts from fashion designer’s Vera Wang Princess collection comes out at the beginning of 2017. It is preceded by Hippie Princess from 2015 and Princess Revolution from 2016. "Princess of Hearts features a bright, fresh exuberance and whimsical warmth that makes it unexpected, addictive and full of love. Celebrate life and love every day with this fruity and floral scent from Vera W... (more)

A new limited edition from the Princess line

Vince Camuto CiaoVince Camuto Ciao

New Fragrances 12/12/16 08:47 (2 comments)

As previously announced at the TFWA , the new fragrance from the  Vince Camuto line is Vince Camuto Ciao . Floral, fruity and oriental, the new scent represents new beginnings, as well as the warm rays of the Italian sun. The fragrance comes out at the end of 2016.   Ciao is announced as a cheerful and enchanting scent of an unforgettable woman. "Romantic, flirty and fearless, the woman who wears Ciao greets—and embraces—the world ... (more)

A new feminine fragrance from the Vince Camuto Signature line.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme ParfumBottega Veneta Pour Homme Parfum

New Fragrances 12/10/16 03:34 (7 comments)

In cooperation with Coty Prestige , the luxury goods house of Bottega Veneta offered its perfume line inspired by their leather accessories. The first men's fragrance, Bottega Veneta Pour Homme was launched in 2013. It was followed by releases of Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme in 2015 and Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Essence Aromatique in 2016. In early 2017, the collection is joined by the new edition Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Parfum in the concentration of Eau de... (more)

The new version of the masculine signature from Bottega Veneta

Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss CollectionMarc Jacobs Daisy Kiss Collection

New Fragrances 12/09/16 08:33 (3 comments)

The fashion house of Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Coty is launching a new limited edition of their Daisy perfume lines: the original Daisy from 2007, the refreshing vesrion Daisy Eau So Fresh from 2011 and the ethereal one Daisy Dream from 2014. The new flankers come in graduated bright pink bottles as Daisy Kiss , Daisy Eau So Fresh Kiss and Daisy Dream Kiss in early 2017. Daisy Kiss is created by perfumer Richard Herpin of F... (more)

Three new limited editions: Daisy Kiss, Daisy Eau So Fresh Kiss and Daisy Dream Kiss

Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Edition Bal d'OrGivenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Edition Bal d'Or

New Fragrances 12/08/16 07:57 (One comment)

At the end of 2016 Givenchy launches a holiday limited edition of Ange ou Demon Le Secret fragrance named Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Edition Bal d'Or . The new release represents a shiny and posh interpretation of the original, inspired by the glamour and elegance of luxurious night parties. The refreshing floral composition of an oriental drydown begins with notes of cranberry, citruses and white tea. The heart includes flowers like jasmine and peony, placed on the... (more)

A festive limited edition of Ange Ou Demon Le Secret fragrance

United Colors of Benetton - Colors de Benetton Pink & BlueUnited Colors of Benetton - Colors de Benetton Pink & Blue

New Fragrances 12/07/16 08:05 (One comment)

    The two new fragrances from the house of Benetton within the Colors de Benetton collection are named Pink and Blue . Both editions are intended for women, presented by the campaign in a way that promotes "diversity, multiculturalism, beauty and optimism." ( via ) The perfumes are made under the license of Puig as fresh and youthful creations. Colors de Benetton Pink is a cheerful floral - fruity composition that o... (more)

Two new Benetton fragrances for women

Pitbull CubaPitbull Cuba

New Fragrances 12/05/16 07:49 (8 comments)

Pitbull presents his third fragrance duo, named Pitbull Cuba, in cooperation with the company Parlux . Pitbull Cuba Man and Pitbull Cuba Woman are coming out early 2017, inspired by the Cuban heritage of the pop performer. Pitbull introduced his first fragrant pair in 2013, which was followed by the Pitbull Miami duo in 2015. "This is my personal favorite, and it’s one step closer to freedom — CUBA LIBRE,” said Armando C... (more)

A new fragrance pair

Cartier Baiser FouCartier Baiser Fou

New Fragrances 12/02/16 07:28 (8 comments)

The high-end jewelry house of Cartier initiated the collection of perfumes inspired by kisses in 2011 with Baiser Vole edition. The name means "Stolen Kiss" and the composition is based on the essence of rare and elegant lily flower. The new fragrance Baiser Fou or "Crazy Kiss" comes out in March 2017, aligned with the collection, but focusing on another flower. Announced as a "mischievous and feminine soliflor whose ... (more)

The new women's fragrance from Cartier that focuses on the scent of orchids

David Beckham Made of InstinctDavid Beckham Made of Instinct

New Fragrances 12/01/16 08:03 (3 comments)

Twelve years after the launch of Instinct fragrance, David Beckham presents Made of Instinct . The new fragrance comes out in early 2017, announced as vibrant and energetic. The composition is created by perfumer Elise Benat of Firmenich . “I’ve always had a personal admiration for people who work hard and persevere until they succeed. With this inspiration in mind, we created this new fragrance, Made of Instinct. We hope people like ... (more)

David Beckham presents the new fragrance for men

Victoria’s Secret ParisVictoria’s Secret Paris

New Fragrances 11/30/16 08:44 (One comment)

Victoria's Secret is launching the new fragrance Victoria's Secret Paris late November 2016, dedicated to the famous fashion event of the house and the city of Paris as “the world’s sexiest city.” This is the official fragrance of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for 2016, a limited edition. Victoria's Secret Paris is announced as a festive, crisp and fresh fragrance inspired by Parisian gardens during winter and the glittery s... (more)

The official fragrance of this year's Victoria's Secret catwalk

Montblanc Lady Emblem ElixirMontblanc Lady Emblem Elixir

New Fragrances 11/28/16 08:06

  The feminine version of the fragrance Emblem from Montblanc   - Lady Emblem - was launched mid-2015 as a sophisticated scent with a floral - fruity - woody character. In November 2016, the new edition comes out - Lady Emblem Elixi r - as a bold version of the original and a new interpretation of the scent of roses. With pepper, litchi and mandarin as the opening notes, the fragrance develops in the heart aromas of Damask rose absolute, jasmine, iris an... (more)

The new version of Lady Emblem

Armani Code CashmereArmani Code Cashmere

New Fragrances 11/24/16 05:27 (3 comments)

After Armani Code Satin edition from 2015 as a new variant of the iconic Armani Code Pour Femme fragrance from 2006, the house of Armani launches Armani Code Cashmere in January 2017. The new fragrance is announced as a warm and sensual scented interpretation of a touch of cashmere on your skin. While the Satin edition was more sweet that the original, this one might be more sultry and interesting.  The oriental-floral composition retains the charac... (more)

A new edition from the Armani Code feminine fragrance collection

MAC ShadescentsMAC Shadescents

New Fragrances 11/22/16 07:28 (13 comments)

  MAC Cosmetics , one of the most popular makeup brands, is launching its new collection of fragrances at the end of November 2016.  The new MAC Shadescents collection is inspired by and named after the legendary shades of MAC lipsticks . Six fragrances, named Creme De Nude , Velvet Teddy , Ruby Woo , Lady Danger , My Heroine and Candy Yum-Yum , are aiming to project the style and vibe of the shades.   Creme De Nude ... (more)

A new fragrance collection inspired by the iconic MAC lipstick shades

Lancome La Vie Est Belle & La Nuit Tresor Holiday 2016 Limited Editions Lancome La Vie Est Belle & La Nuit Tresor Holiday 2016 Limited Editions

New Fragrances 11/21/16 07:37

La Vie Est Belle from 2012 and La Nuit Tresor from 2015 are two currently very popular intensive gourmand perfumes from Lancome . For the upcoming winter holiday season, Lancome has launched shimmering limited editions of the two hit perfumes.     La Vie Est Belle Limited Edition comes in a distinctive glass bottle decorated with pink and silver sequins that resemble sparkling snowflakes and a pink ribbon around its neck. The f... (more)

Limited edition bottles of two Lancome fragrances for the festive season

Collistar Profumo dell’AmoreCollistar Profumo dell’Amore

New Fragrances 11/21/16 07:29

A new aromatic fragrance for the body from the Italian cosmetic brand Collistar is presented as Profumo dell'Amore in their Collistar Parlami D’Amore Collection . The fragrance is announced as a romantic, elegant and seductive blend of essential oils, inspired by a morning walk in a flower garden, as well as a “soothing fragrance that envelops body and mind and fills each day with love.” Notes of rose petals, magnolia, peony and orchid are ... (more)

The new Collistar aromatic body fragrance

Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Eau SublimeNina Ricci L’Air du Temps Eau Sublime

New Fragrances 11/17/16 05:00 (5 comments)

L'Air du Temps Eau Sublime is a new limited edition which comes out before the winter holidays 2016 as a new flanker of the famous floral perfume L'Air du Temps from Nina Ricci . After the announced luxurious versions Aube , Zénith and Crépuscule within the Lumière collection, this new version is launched with a more accessible price.   L'Air du Temps Eau Sublime is announced as a sumptuous, dazzli... (more)

The new limited edition of Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps

Agent Provocateur Pure AphrodisiaqueAgent Provocateur Pure Aphrodisiaque

New Fragrances 11/17/16 04:59 (12 comments)

A new chapter of the Agent Provocateur fragrance line is now opened with the new fragrance  Pure Aphrodisiaque , “a signature scent that awakens the senses and captures the essence of femininity."  Launching in November 2016,  Pure Aphrodisiaque is announced as “a captivating fragrance inspired by a woman’s warm sensuality," connected to the design of the "Sparkly" line of fine lingerie. The fragrance is a floral ... (more)

The new Agent Provocateur pillar fragrance

Cartier La Panthère Noir AbsoluCartier La Panthère Noir Absolu

New Fragrances 11/16/16 08:16 (3 comments)

In November 2016, Cartier is launching a special edition of its fragrance La Panthère specially for the Middle East called La Panthère Noir Absolu . La Panthère Noir Absolu is announced as a magnetic, addictive and bewitching scent that combines the sensuality of gardenia and musk with the natural resins of oud wood. “The olfactory reflection of an absolute femininity that enchants, between shadow and light, black and gold.” ... (more)

An edition of Cartier La Panthère for the Middle East.

Davidoff Horizon ExtremeDavidoff Horizon Extreme

New Fragrances 11/14/16 08:07 (4 comments)

Davidoff presented their new masculine fragrance Horizon in February 2016 as a perfume that symbolizes the bond between earth and air, representing freedom, adventure and exploration. A year later, its new version comes out as Davidoff Horizon Extreme . Horizon Extreme is an oriental - woody composition that comes in an EDP concentration. The composition is "full of contrasts": its fresh top notes of grapefruit, ginger and rosemary cross into the war... (more)

The new version of Davidoff Horizon.

Jimmy Choo L'EauJimmy Choo L'Eau

New Fragrances 11/12/16 03:28

The house of Jimmy Choo launches Jimmy Choo L’Eau at the beginning of 2017 as a new edition of the Signature line, after Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum from 2011, Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette from 2012, Jimmy Choo Parfum from 2012, the annual limited editions of Jimmy Choo Exotic , as well as Jimmy Choo Stars and Love versions. Jimmy Choo L’Eau is signed by perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou who explains: “Jimmy Choo L'Eau cap... (more)

The new fragrance from the Signature Jimmy Choo fragrance collection

Chloe Love Story Eau SensuelleChloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle

New Fragrances 11/12/16 03:26

Love Story Eau Sensuelle is the third fragrance from Chloe ’s Love Story line, inspired by Parisian romance, and love padlocks on the bridge of Pont des Arts, which includes the original Love Story Eau de Parfum from 2014 and the Eau de Toilette version from 2016. “The sun sets on Paris. The rooftops are silhouetted against the amber sky. A slight breeze runs along the banks of the Seine. The day fades out, replaced by the exci... (more)

Love Story Eau Sensuelle is the third fragrance from Chloe’s Love Story line, inspired by Parisian romance, and love padlocks on the bridge of Pont des Arts...

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock

New Fragrances 11/10/16 05:02 (10 comments)

Yves Saint Laurent announces a new edition of the popular Black Opium collection to come out at the start of 2017, called Black Opium Floral Shock . The new fragrance in the fourth one, after Black Opium Eau de Parfum , launched in 2014 as a sweet “rock'n'roll” reinterpretation of Opium , Black Opium Eau de Toilette edition from 2015 and Black Opium Nuit Blanche from the beginning of 2016. The new edition Black Opium Floral Shock i... (more)

The new flanker of Black Opium

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'Homme Eau ÉlectriqueYves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Électrique

New Fragrances 11/10/16 05:00 (31 comments)

Yves Saint Laurent presents a new edition of the masculine fragrance line L'Homme , from its La Nuit de L'Homme subcollection. La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Électrique comes out at the beginning of 2017, after La Nuit de L`Homme from 2009, La Nuit de L`Homme Le Parfum from 2010, La Nuit de L`Homme Frozen Cologne from 2012 and La Nuit de L'Homme L'Intense from 2015. La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Électrique is described as ... (more)

The new fragrance from the La Nuit de L'Homme collection

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso AssolutoRoberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto

New Fragrances 11/08/16 06:00 (3 comments)

  The new pillar fragrance from Roberto Cavalli was introduced in early 2015 as Paradiso , designed as a sensual and carnal, yet relaxed and carefree vacation fragrance. A year later, the Paradiso Azzurro edition was presented, inspired by the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea. The third fragrance of the collection is Paradiso Assoluto , released in late 2016. Paradiso Assoluto represents aromas of a heavenly garden, its generous nature and... (more)

A new edition from the Roberto Cavalli Paradiso line

Balmain Hair PerfumeBalmain Hair Perfume

New Fragrances 11/06/16 04:22 (3 comments)

The house of Balmain , within its luxurious hair care line Balmain Paris Hair Couture , introduces Balmain Hair Perfume Limited Edition , a sophisticated hair mist infused with a mixture of silk protein and argan elixir that nourishes, repairs and protects the hair, providing a long-lasting scent. The limited edition launches in November 2016 as a tribute to the signature Balmain Hair Couture fragrance. The signature Balmain Hair fragrance in its purest form... (more)

A limited edition of Balmain hair mist

LR Karolina by Karolina Kurkova and Bruce Willis Personal Edition – Limited Winter Editions LR Karolina by Karolina Kurkova and Bruce Willis Personal Edition – Limited Winter Editions

New Fragrances 11/04/16 04:37

LR Health & Beauty presents new limited editions for the 2016 winter season together with the supermodel Karolina Kurkova and the actor Bruce Willis . They are launching limited editions of Karolina by Karolina Kurkova (2014) and Bruce Willis Personal Edition (2014). The limited winter fragrance Karolina by Karolina Kurkova tells "a warm and sensual winter tale", while Bruce Willis Personal Edition reflects his own idea of a relaxing winter eveni... (more)

LR Health & Beauty launches celebrity fragrances for cozy winter days

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New Perfumes

Silence The SeaStrangelove NYC
Silence The Sea

Mont-RoyalClaude Andre Heber Parfums

MétropoleClaude Andre Heber Parfums

Ville-MarieClaude Andre Heber Parfums

Notre-DameClaude Andre Heber Parfums

A l`Ombre des ClochersClaude Andre Heber Parfums
A l`Ombre des Clochers

Sweet ScentLouis Cardin
Sweet Scent

Passion ScentLouis Cardin
Passion Scent

Shiny AmberAnna Zworykina Perfumes
Shiny Amber

Chocolate Perfume OilDame Perfumery
Chocolate Perfume Oil

Esprit Pure Summer Edition For MenEsprit
Esprit Pure Summer Edition For Men

Esprit Pure Summer Edition For WomenEsprit
Esprit Pure Summer Edition For Women

Dream FearlesslyMary Kay
Dream Fearlessly

Live FearlesslyMary Kay
Live Fearlessly

Love FearlesslyMary Kay
Love Fearlessly

My SinLanvin
My Sin

La Viola ParadiseLouis Cardin
La Viola Paradise

Crystal ScentLouis Cardin
Crystal Scent

Prelude S. BlancheEudora
Prelude S. Blanche


Claudia RaiaJAFRA
Claudia Raia



Chrome PureAzzaro
Chrome Pure

Original OudLouis Cardin
Original Oud

La Viola HommeLouis Cardin
La Viola Homme

Credible OudLouis Cardin
Credible Oud

HanahirakuParfum Satori

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Gucci
Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition

MinaudièreJudith Leiber

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