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Lomani Code Lomani by estevaorada 2014-10-30

Lomani Code smells quite similar to Silver Scent, if you like grape's smell you will certainly like Lomani Code.
It lasts for about 8 hours and have a monster sillage at first 4 hours.


Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by psebi101 2014-10-30

In the opening I get the spices and the incense with just a hint of rose which is being hidden, but after a while the rose starts to feel more and more intense and, accompanied by the berries, gives a dense and rich feeling. From that moment on, it doesn't change much for the rest of it's quite long life. I feel it wears well on a man also in spite of it's name, because it's not a fresh, girly rose, but a dark, deep, somehow carnal-sensual rose, sustained by incense and spices.
A truly wonderful composition for both genders.

Scent: 9.5/10
Longevity: 9/10
Projection: 8/10

Hajar Al Haramain Perfumes by vivik 2014-10-30

hajar means stone in Arabic, حجر
as written on the bottle... (referring to the black stone of Makkah, I´d say), very clean,fresh, musky, little rose, quite masculine, or unisex....

Luna Rossa Extreme Prada by RUDOLFO512 2014-10-30

Luna Rossa Extreme by Prada is perfect for the fall/winter months. In the start I get spice, vanilla and a bit of lavender. The dry down is very nice with hints of amber, vanilla and bergamot. To me the lavender disappears in the dry down. Unlike Luna Rossa (non-extreme)in which the lavender lasts forever. Very nice fragrance which I enjoy wearing. Very sophisticated and masculine.

Birdie Xerjoff by Colin Maillard 2014-10-30

The opening of Birdie is pleasantly earthy, dusty, slightly sweet and woody, comprising notes of patchouli (particularly cocoa-sweet here) and something like synthetic oud - which is not listed, but I guess it may be that "soil tincture" note, whatever that is really. A subtle oak moss note and a classic "eau de cologne" head accord with bergamot and citrus notes provide a fairly traditional bone-structure. Finally a balsamic breeze contributes with a nice, bright, refreshing feel which cleverly contrasts the earthy-barn notes of patchouli, moss and wood. I really enjoy the contrasts here, with balsamic fresh notes chasing patchouli and woods, which overall also create a slight medicinal feel. An unusually creative and well-made scent - unusual for the average quality brand, I mean, which I personally considered (well, I still do) a quite trendy and uncreative brand. Birdie evolves then with the arising of herbal notes and a nice vetiver note which was initially almost unperceivable (perhaps the woody-balsamic feel was due to it), but then "grows" in strength and prominence. Also, a peculiar ozonic feel arises too, salty as well like vetiver, which creates a palpable feel of Mediterranean woods on the sea, with wood nuances blending with the sea breeze. The medicinal feel is there again, more in the sillage than on skin, and now with a bolder balsamic taste which kind of reminds me of Vicks Vaporub lotion. Still pleasant, though. Decent persistence, intriguing evolution, a bit close to skin on the drydown but pleasant. Finally a nice one from Xerjoff!


Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by missyumyum 2014-10-30

Wait I'm confused the article says raspberry liqueur and this says blackberry which one is it?

Versace Man Versace by jays786 2014-10-30

Really like this one warm and spicy love the saffron and cardamom notes in this fragrance very similar to it's big brother versace oud noir highly highly recommend both.

Trussardi Black Extreme Trussardi by acheron 2014-10-30

First minute after spray it smells very cheap,and similar to cheap sport designers fragrances like adidas etc. But after 10 minutes it become more settle and smells very close to Versace Eros, but there is difference, where Eros is heavy and rounded, Trussardi is fresh, fruity - especially citrusy. At the end you can smell very similar citrusy and woody vibe like YSL L Homme Sport has. It is a bit average scent for me, but i can imagine that for some people, maybe young and/or sporty, it will be a good choice.

Hunter Armaf by 2014-10-30

I love this perfume.For the price you pay what you actually get is great memorable citrus smell.If you are a perfume aficionado,you can always count on it since it has an expressive quality which tells of evolution of trees and leaves!!!bravo to ARMAF!!!

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by In Vogue 2014-10-30

I'd get this for the bottle, if it was on the discount shelf.

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle Lacoste by amywamywoo 2014-10-30

My first Lacoste!

Very sensuelle indeed, this is VERY sweet. Gourmand lovers rejoice!!

The nougat note pulled me right in, definitely intrigued me. I had to test it pronto, and yes... I bought this on the spot.
You can smell the nougat off the bat, it brings a creamy, nutty, all round chewy sweetness to the scent. It's gorgeous!

It opens a tad green, like Manifesto (I own and love Manifesto btw) and I do agree with the comparisons.
Manifesto opens slightly similar but the scent in general is heavy, dry and woody more so than Lacoste.
Sensuelle is smooth, creamy with a thick vanilla~berry sweetness.

Longevity and sillage are moderate.

Crepe de Chine Long Lost Perfume by 9154mf 2014-10-30

I have a genuine vintage bottle to sell if interested please message me.

Sophisticated and beautiful, this one is definitely marketed towards a more mature audience, it smells much more mature than the likes of Britney, Paris and other sweet scents (though I am pushing 30 and enjoy those sweet scents too!) I love it and feel like a classy pinup doll whilst wearing it. Doesn't last long but very, very lovely!

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by djuzz.becuzz 2014-10-30

These notes look scrumptious!!
Even though I was not a fan of the original Fantasy, I definitely wanna try this one. I hope it won't smell too similar to the original, because sometimes even though the notes look really different, the scent is just too similar.
I really keep my fingers crossed that it won't be the case with this one!

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by peferrarine 2014-10-30


I get it. I would like something a little more grown-up either. A different side of the "yeah, party, sexy, fun" kind of girl.

Fiori d'Ambra Profumum Roma by mandy.may 2014-10-30 dripping in disappointment.after reading these reviews i instantly ordered a couple of sample vials.i was expecting to smell the decadence of an opim den,the trance of the pied piper (as one person put it),the smell of wearing another humins skin,the macabre...nooooo.put a good bit on at first and it smelled like an ancient avon perfume bottle you might find at a garage sale,that still has some pungent scent left.i waited.and slowly faded to nothing...extremely disappointed.waste of money.

Lemon Escape Victoria`s Secret by peferrarine 2014-10-30

Almost an year ago i reviewed this fragrance, but after using for quite a while, my opinion changed drastically

I can't stand it.

At first, it was something new, intriguing (even being simple and unsophisticated). Also, i LOVE Coconut Passion, and it shares the same sweet vanillic coconut note, so i tried really hard to love it.

But the Lemony note REALLY puts me off. Is not a citrusy lemon. Is sugary lemon, and with time, it makes me sick. The coconut and the lemon don't really mix together, don't blend in a nice way. I feel like I'm trying to wear two fragrances at the same time.

Is not a bad fragrance. Is just not for me. So i recommend to test it before buying (i know is cheap, but nobody wants a bottle of fragrance accumulating dust forever).

Is definitely for summer, but unfortunately, not for my summer. Also, last forever and the sillage is GREAT for a body splash.

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by Bruno57 2014-10-30


I LOVE Britney's fragrances ! I really love them !
But I want something new now, no more childish gourmand scents. My favorite is Radiance and I will love a new fragrance like this one

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by peferrarine 2014-10-30


Don't look at Britney's fragrances as flankers (even most of them being inside the Fantasy line). The only reason they are called "flankers" and share the Fantasy name is for selling porpoises.

At least, in my opinion, they're SO different they shouldn't be called flankers. Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, Island Fantasy... They are all fragrances on their own, not sharing some key notes to look alike.

Real Flankers would be: Fantasy Nice Remix and Fantasy Naughty Remix (the anniversary and limited editions i don't consider as flankers cause they're the same fragrance, in different packaging)

So yeah, to me, they are not 'flankers'. And i actually like the fact they share the 'Fantasy' name, cause is like a whole new point of view in the Fantasy Universe.

Now, concerning this fragrance. Sounds GREAT, but misleading. Reading the notes, i would think of something warm and tropical, for summer nights. Maybe this could be Island Fantasy Night ;)

Society Burberry by jenniewebb 2014-10-30

For me this is a classical indolic scent in the vein of Joy or Kate Moss Vintage Muse - not at all what I expected from reading the other reviews. Society is quite smooth and rich, evoking an elegant 80's vibe. It's definitely NOT a cold or sparkling scent on me. The top notes from my bottle are musty, which could be because my bottle is a little old, but the heart and base notes are still good. Sillage is moderate and longevity is quite good on me.

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by Bruno57 2014-10-30

OMG a new Fantasy ! That was so unexpected ! lol
(Seriously Britney, I think we had enough Fantasy now)

PS: I'm french and "Rocker Femme" makes absolutely no sense

DYING to get my hands on this! I'm drooling over the notes.... Coconut cream... mmmmmmmm YUM!!!

Body Eau de Parfum Intense Burberry by amywamywoo 2014-10-30

Perfect 'womanly' smell.

It's creamy, warm, and feminine...
I don't get much fruit, just a hint of peach.
It's all cashmere wood, sandalwood and vanilla for a solid 6hrs +.
A perfect rainy day, giant jumper affair for sure.

I'm quite surprised, but I'm actually really loving this!

Tenderly Oriflame by tiikelikakku 2014-10-30

First it's kind of flowery and watery, very nice and fresh, like a nice soap scent. Then it develops into warm and soft on skin and it emanates the vanilla and sandalwood. I hate strong, overpowering vanilla scents but in this scent, the vanilla is quite subtle and nice, not too strong at all. I can still smell the flowers under the vanilla when it developes on skin.

All in all, not very unique but very good combo of flower, water and vanilla elements. The longevity suprised me, as it is quite good for edt. About 4 hours.

Very inexpensive (paid less than $10 for a 40ml bottle) and surprisingly nice scent.
Starts off fresh, quite citrusy and then transitions into a smoother, slightly ambery sweet/powdery accord with hints of woods and vetiver (but a very faint vetiver). The dry down is woody, ambery and develops a bit of a spicy accord. What I appreciated is that it retains a sense of smooth freshness throughout its life.

Reminds me a bit of D&G pour Homme, Boss no.6 and Armani Code, but it's not particularly close to either.
Overall the scent is very pleasant, fresh, inoffensive and rather classy. Based on scent alone, you would imagine this belongs to a higher price range.
However, the performance betrays it's modest price tag. Both longevity and sillage are very poor.
It does not last for more than a couple of hours. It does project a bit in the first hour of wear, but it's a purely skin scent short after until it completely dissipates.
You can always reapply, of course.

Given the fact there are so many excellent cheap (<$20) fragrances out there with much better performance, and better quality, I cannot recommend this to anyone.
Worth checking out only if you're looking for a dirt cheap, fleeting scent (for an office environment maybe) which will not offend anyone and would smell like a more expensive fragrance.

u hu hu i want it!

Some days you just need something pink and black ha ha. Especially for fall

and the notes sound great too

Fille en Aiguilles Serge Lutens by Liberty_Fizz 2014-10-30

Just wow. A powerhouse based on everything I love basically. It's one of the few scents that really brings back memories, even if I know I have never smelt anything like it before.

It is herbal, smokey, woody but yet immensely wearable, sillage is great, it's a lovely skin scent on me, but stays long.

This is so comforting. I grew up in Scandinavia, and the pine and spices just brings back lovely early christmas mornings with my mum and dad, the promise of snow.

Also, I think of walking barefoot in Greece or the south of France (strange, I know!)

Over all I find this incredibly sexy and neither feminine or masculine (I'm a tiny blonde woman and it works for me!).

I picked between this one and Frederic Malle's Noir Epices, and this won. For now.

La Bella Samantha Faiers by Jasmindee 2014-10-30

This is Prada Candy's little sister! Albeit lighter and without that disgusting plastic note! I'm addicted to the opening burst of caramel, it's so sweet and delicious that I always want to spray it.

The dry down is warm, slightly bitter vanilla. It's soft and feminine, as is the bottle. I got 100ml for about £20, and the presentation was second to none, it would make a really wonderful gift.

It doesn't last long on me, and the musk does overtake the cozy feeling. I always want to keep re-applying so that I smell more like vanilla than like musk.

I wanted to love Prada Candy, I really, really wanted to love it. But there was just something in it that turned rotten on my skin. I might have had a fake or an old bottle and managed to swap it with a friend. This is a perfect subsitute!

It's not quite up there with VS's Coconut Passion, but it's in my top ten. I'll keep searching for my perfect caramel perfume, but this gets a good 7/10.

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by Sheks 2014-10-30

I recently got this fragrance because some reviews stated it smelled like Prada Candy. I'm yet to fully get in the flow of the fragrance, I will write an update once I have a proper hold of the fragrance.

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by arzuipek 2014-10-30

at first it smells so good but not so long lasting (at least on me) despite i sprey it 8-10 times :(

D&G Dolce&Gabbana by amywamywoo 2014-10-30

A powerful, soapy, aldehyde bomb!

It smells really synthetic and that's not always a bad thing with a fragrance, but with this it's just headache material for me.
I'm not saying it smells bad either, because it doesn't.
It's quite luxurious, soapy, musky, woody and sophisticated. It's just too intrusive/aggressive for me.

Definitely a classic, but dare I say... Smells a bit dated. Not for me.

Aromatics in White Clinique by Julie Billi 2014-10-30

I have the original & looking forward to try this too!!

212 Sexy Carolina Herrera by Ms_Rumfoord 2014-10-30

Sexy 212 is one of the alltime favorites of mine. I wear it really seldom though. For me it`s definetely a winter eavning parfym for those special occations like dates with my boyfried. It makes me feel confident - and yes - sexy :)

Passport Paris Paris Hilton by Voidoid 2014-10-30

Got myself a 30ml bottle on Amazon to try, I'm actually rather impressed. I love the smell from the initial spray, super sweet, gourmand goodness (I'm very into gourmand scents!) It reminds me of Viktor and Rolf BonBon which is in my 'wish list'. The drydown is less sweet more amber, but in a soft way, I can't put my finger on what the drydown smells like but it's quite strange, maybe it will grow on me. Overall I give this scent 8/10 for that lovely syrupy, sweet start, just wish it stayed like that throughout.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by Javi0005 2014-10-30

Oh well, I think I'll have to go buy another bottle of DHI now, you know, just to add it to my DHI collection, because with Dior you don't collect new perfumes, you collect new reformulations!

Lemon Escape Victoria`s Secret by dsty 2014-10-30

Lemon Escape is one of those cheap thrills that I quite enjoy in private because it's so sweet and cosy, but probably wouldn't wear in public, because it's really too unsophisticated to be taken seriously on an adult. So for me this is definitely a "home alone" kind of smell; I especially like to wear it to go to sleep occasionally.

The scent has a couple of distinct phases, each very lemony and edible in their own way. At first it smells very bright, like sparkling and very sweet lemonade, and after a while it mellows into a softer, creamier kind of sweetness with a hint of coconut. It's straightforward, without much depth and a bit synthetic-smelling at times, but these characteristics are to be expected in this category and they aren't necessarily bad at all. It really does smell very nice and edible (although not in a "natural ingredients" kind of way); good enough to make me want to eat my arms off sometimes. I also think this works well in all seasons, it has enough warmth and sweetness to it for winter and enough brightness for warmer weather.

Like other reviewers have said, this is more or less what I expected DKNY's Sweet Delicious Creamy Meringue to smell like: like an actual juicy delicious citrus dessert in perfume form. DKNY's version turned out to be a lot more subtle and restrained; I'm not going to say it's worse than this, it smells a bit less cheap (which it is) and makes more of an attempt towards seriousness, but Lemon Escape is a lot more exuberant, easier to like, and closer to what I was looking for.

Cornubia Penhaligon`s by Nataliya 2014-10-30

A copy of Krasnaya Moskva Novaya Zarya. And the same release time.
I have both and enjoy it)

Blanche Byredo by spidola 2014-10-30

Cold aldehydes, musk and some white flowers….The same kind of perfume as L’Eau Serge Lutens – laundry- detergent-fresh, minimal and cyber-modern, unisex, reserved and non-inviting. It brings in my mind Wall Street's brokers with brilliant-white shirts, tense and concentrated, who in certain point seem to be more robots than persons… (The image created by films, TV news ecc.,I've never been in WS, haha ;-).

Silage moderate, longevity 8 hours.

L'Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent by ShaunCusi 2014-10-30

I was able to smell this via tester in the dep. store, and WOW.

I thought it was the YSL la Nuit De L'Homme at first due to the similar flacon, but upon further inspection I noticed that it was a different one.

The scent is Sharp, yet gives a hint of seductiveness.

Can't wait to buy this scent!

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by the_new_esta 2014-10-30

So far this is my fave male scent (I'm a female). Pretty much no way I won't end up getting this for hubby for Xmas.

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by the_new_esta 2014-10-30

Lately I've taken a break from sugary sweet perfumes. But for some reason today I craved this so much! Yum, I'll take my vanilla fly spray back every now and then.

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by the_new_esta 2014-10-30

This is great when you're craving a sweet scent but don't want to go around wearing a celebrity scent. It's got a more addictive quality aside from just being 'sugary'. I'd say this could safely exist in everyone's collection.

Stars Jimmy Choo by the_new_esta 2014-10-30

I almost liked this at first. It's not sickening, but I've smelt it on basic retail workers many times before (not this exact bottle as it's new, but this fragrance family). It's like wet bark with candy. Neither sexy nor professional. Pass.

Stars Jimmy Choo by bananas 2014-10-30

This is very fresh & zesty at the beginning but soon warms up to it's toffee gourmand DNA & does last beautifully.
I can see it more suited for colder seasons but going into Summer where I live & being 28 degrees today , it does wear well as a sparkling sweet solar scent ...maybe it's the orange top note?
However, this scent just kept reminding me of something else I have - I racked my fragrance memories for an hours whilst walking around with a tester sprayed on me.....Fragonard's Miranda!!!! & yes I went home & sprayed that one on the other arm as a control test.
Miranda has the vanilla & coconut notes to sweeten & warm it up but Stars is by far the definitely sweeter contender.
I like it...but Miranda will have to suffice until it's gone.

Dragon's Milk Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by Marcmartin 2014-10-30

I'm in love

Ombre Indigo Olfactive Studio by alberto1964 2014-10-30

Very well structured scent. The leather notes are very strong and consistent but I can not perceive the fruity notes. After about half an hour, it remains a clean balsamic fragrance, pleasant clean but nothing transcendental. For leather notes lovers might like it a lot. Long-lasting and moderate sillage.

Alien Thierry Mugler by AND-MAT 2014-10-30

This is easily the best, most wearable perfume introduced by Thierry Mugler.

I was really surprised that this perfume contains just 3 notes in it's composition, but I think that Alien hides lots of secrets inside. The weird opening is never just jasmine! No way! And I definitely smell patchouli in the drydown! However the term "Woody notes" may refer to lots of woods!

I think that since Angel was such a hit, and copied to no end, TM learnt not to reveal all of his perfume's compositions and kept some secrets to himself. Understandably so, of course! This perfume is unique and TM wants it to remain this way.

All in all, this is _ Like most of TM's fragrances _ a unique blend of ingredients that just confirms TM's status of excentric. Are you a mysterious, adventurous woman that's confident, sexy and a heartbreaker (in the meaning of manipulative yet hard to get combination), cz if you are, you should totally wear this!

Si Lolita Lolita Lempicka by rkirkman 2014-10-30

This is a gorgeous perfume, that reminds me a lot of a Body Shop perfume my Mum used to wear when I was younger. On my skin the bergamot and the pepper are the most noticeable notes. Like most Lolita Lempicka fragrances this is a perfume with a lot of floral or fruity notes which manages to avoid being too girlish or run of the mill thanks to the incorporation of those spicy notes.

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by me.four.real 2014-10-30

Boy, am I lucky. This doesn't turn sour on me like a lot of people are saying. I keep on waiting for that sour, headache inducing smell but it never came. Rather it turned a little sweeter and I am in love with the transformation. It's so fresh and pleasing to my nose. My boyfriend also loves it and that's a big deal because his nose is picky. I live in a hot and humid country yet it doesn't become cloying or overwhelming. Almost smells like the green apple candy worms. Instant fave.

Edit: I can also detect that beautiful rose in the drydown too. A sweet, powdery rose more like. Very pretty.

Sir Avebury Oriflame by aryo 2014-10-30

I mix it up with armani code.. and viola..!!

Nice n refreshing but still elegant with a fresh spicy opening then become little bit powdery at the end..


More suitable for day and night.. and i enjoy it..

Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome by aisyahelanie 2014-10-30

a mixed of berries, warm spicy rose and sometimes im feeling dark. lol but not gonna buy this again.

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by Chicago Tony T 2014-10-29

A well balanced spicy rose scent. Superb quality and a great overall smell and performance. I get at least 6 hours of silage and 8 longevity. One of the more masculine rose frags on the market. I also enjoy Dsquared Potion which is top notch as well. Very well priced and a great addition for anyone looking for a non traditional rose scent.

A Thousand Wishes Bath and Body Works by thehazysea 2014-10-29

If you're familiar with other B&BW scents, this could easier be lumped in with Pink Chiffon and Velvet's the shining star of the trio, but absolutely nothing special. The packaging is lovely, very festive! On my skin this mostly dries down to a mess of sweet almond and champagne. Sweet, but fairly inoffensive!

Dark Purple Montale by golinka 2014-10-29

Strong, sweet, and bulldozering aroma, very similar to Emporio Armani Diamonds Giorgio Armani for women, as I feel on my skin. There is a warthm of patchouli and tea rose, but some sugary scents make it unbearable to sniff... Quite memorizing fragrance, must say, just not my cup of tea :( expected way more from Dark Purple! Have a full sample if someone is interested in exchange

Lomani White Intense Lomani by Chicago Tony T 2014-10-29

I think this is a Hermes TDH clone. Lomani is really outdoing themselves. I am sure it will be around 20 bucks soon.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by Scotti 2014-10-29

I've heard this fragrance called a few names;
1)Boss Bottled
2)Boss Gray Cap
3)Boss #6
Either way, it's a great fall time frag.

The opening I get crisp sweet apples. Not necessarily green type, but not macintosh red either. It's a fresh apple-y woody opening. I get Sandlewood.
The mid is when the apple tones down, doesn't go away, but just tones down, and then the cinnamon & vanilla come up. The cinnamon isn't overpowering.. I think it's blended just right.
The Base is just a smooth vanillic-sandalwoody drydown.

I've heard this frag dubbed "Autumn in a Bottle", and I can totally see that. It's basically:


AUTUMN IN A BOTTLE, but it doesn't go into the gourmand category. It's just sweet enough to be blended perfectly without being overly sweet. The woods are truly balanced here with the apple/cinnamon/vanilla accord.

New York Intense Parfums de Nicolaï by blauriche 2014-10-29

It's like a more elegant version of Elizabeth Taylor Passion for Men. It's so smooth and delicious though, I might have to have it.

Noir Tom Ford by Scotti 2014-10-29

This is a Tom Ford fragrance for sure! Very sophisticated, and elegant. Plus I find it to be quite complex & full of notes.

This is a quite powdery fragrance, so men who don't like powdery scents might not like this one. I actually like powdery type of frags, so this is great. Tom ford has managed to make a powder scent more masculine than others.

The opening is burst of Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Peppers.
The mid is Ambery, but by now the fragrance is already getting quite powdery. A slight Leather vibe appears, but it's more of a soft suede like leather, not pungent at all. Very smooth.
The base slightly patchouli, but is more of a quiet vanillic-Ambery powdery drydown

I think the over-all effect of this frag is MASCULINE POWDERINESS that just works. I can picture this on a successful business type in a power suit. I think it's sophisticated, elegant, and powerful.

Pink Pepper+
Leather &
Patchouli =

MASUCLINE POWDERINESS at it's finest, Tom Ford finest.

This is a VERY boozy Vanilla. I actually get the Rum note as much if not more than the Vanilla at the opening at least. Very Boozy! Which is great. The Vanilla is always there like a light vail of warmth.

In the mid, the Boozy (rum) tones down, and the Tobaccoy-leathery vibe comes up. This part of the fragrance is great. Slight spices, but nothing notible. Not cinnamon spice, more of a Clove type of spice, but not too noticable - I had to REALLY look for it.

The drydown is heavenly. Very smooth transparent vanilla base that gives off a cigar (tobacco) vibe, Which I really like.

L'Artisan changed the name from Havana Vanille to Vanille Absolument, but I actually think the first name is more suiting. I definitely get a cigar/pipe tobacco vibe from this rum & vanilla fragrance. I've even had people tell me I smell like Swisher Sweets, haha.

Since I like the smell of a Boozy Vanilla, and fragrances that have a cigar/tobacco vibe.. I am loving this Absolument Vanille fragrance.

Tuxedo Ralph Lauren by Carefreekc 2014-10-29

I'm still heartbroken. If only the company that distributes/makes Ralph Lauren would read these posts. This was my go to perfume in my early 20's until my late 30's when I could no longer find it. I discovered this at a perfume counter when they launched.

It is classic, elegant, and sexy. Not too cloyingly sweet nor too overly musky. Perfect timeless sent - refined. Every single time I wore it I received compliments especially from men.

I think that at the time the Lauren fragrance which was so was very popular so the brand didn't get the notice on this lovely perfume. I kept finding it in back shelves for many years but now only a few bottles remain on Ebay and overly priced and probably rancid.

I did try a Shorrell knock-off but it was a bit too powdery smelling - slightly off.

It's wonderful to have a scent memory of this - too bad they don't relaunch. I agree with the above review about this - it would be a best seller - unless you like the sameness of many of the scents out today.. This is one of a kind.

The best I have found that gives me a similar feel is Bulgari Black - but it's more casual - doesn't have that same elegance of white gloves and satin gowns...

I think I'll try Long Lost Perfumes per the reviewer above. I am hoping someday someone will buy the formula and relaunch for the thousands of devotees out there..

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by hmarrachel 2014-10-29

I was keen on smelling this thinking it would be a modern version of the old classic which I find a bit hard to carry but I agree with most of the reviewer's below, nothing terribly special and one of those densely sweet vanilla-patchouli combinations. It is one of the nicer, stronger, more intense and smoother renditions out there but again, misleading and therefore disappointing being marketed as an opium flanker. I would have been less disappointed if YSL released this under a different name. I found this reminiscent of a more gourmand Viva La Juicy.

Oolang Infini Atelier Cologne by Ritarudna 2014-10-29

I've been on a tea fragrance hunt lately :3 I don't know why but, barely any of them smell like tea. This one included. The only one that smelled SPOT ON exactly like tea was Jo Malone Earl Grey. Oolang infini smells like iso e super, ivory soap, and splash of pepper. I'm so confused by these reviews.

Does anyone know if this will be available in Australia?

Cabotine Gres by Mighty lion 2014-10-29

Beautiful beautiful fragrance!! Old school but still pleasing.. I actually fell In love with this scent while I simultaneously fell in love with the wearer.. The scent definitely provided the ambiance!! This is not a niche fragrance but it does the job! One of my favorite scents on a woman..

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by DJJellyBean 2014-10-29

Ok so I sprayed this on a test strip yesterday and its still going strong today. This smells great and different. It must be the patchouli in it but this smells dark, sexy, and reminds me of heavy metal music. Probably because I like metal but this just screams it. This is a sillage beast, and has great longevity, this is rare in celeb frags. I love it and must own it.

CH Men Carolina Herrera by ShaunCusi 2014-10-29

At first the fragrance smells weird. To be honest, a little feminine on the first few sprays. Then it develops to a more alluring scent. A special combination of Leather, Vanilla, and sugar. As it progresses the scent continually evolves and matures.

The Scent is:

Scent:10/10 (Scent is very intriguing, I can't explain how. It's like a cloak of leather, sugar and flowery notes that build up into a unique scent.)
Longevity: 9/10 (sprayed 3 times at 7am, can still sniff a trail at 1pm)
Sillage: 9/10 Excellent (1st-2nd hour) Then it dies down to an elegant trail that would still project well.

Perfect For: As an Everyday scent (?), Dates, Cold weather, Work scent, business scent, Can pull off during hot weather (but be cautious), basically ANY OCASSION (except Black tie events and sporting events) The scent is very VERSATILE.
Recommended number of Sprays: 2-3. (Sprayer is actually too powerful)
Down side: Slightly feminine opening, but no worries it evolves 15 mins after.
Recommended Age Group: 21-35 (Professional Group)

*My signature fragrance
*This scent reminds me of the Classic man. More like the Frank Sinatra's or Michael Buble type.

Clinique Happy Clinique by Soie 2014-10-29

It smells like a rubber balloon.

Bentley For Men Absolute Bentley by dolcethadon 2014-10-29

This is very different from Bentley for men and Bentley for men intense.. The first two are more so about the leather and rum, along with a unique bay leaf note.. This is a completely different scent.. For all those who have been hunting for the perfect replacement for the discontinued masterpiece Gucci Pour Homme, this is it! Bentley Absolute is made by the same perfumer that brought Gucci Pour Homme to us, and it seems he wanted to relive its glory with this new Absolute.. As you can see the notes are very similar, but still a bit different.. The notes are much simpler than Gucci Pour Homme but they come together to create the same effect.. The ginger, pepper, papyrus and dry woody notes, along with the gorgeous incense "frankincense" come together to create a unique beauty.. If you know what Gucci Pour Homme smells like than you know what to expect from this scent.. Unfortunately Bentley Absolute is only available in the UK at Harrods.. It is not readily available like the rest of the Bentley line but I would love to see that change..

Rogue Man Rihanna by 2014-10-29

Omg! !!! Waiting for this! ! Sounds delicious!

Norne Slumberhouse by atlaseetschristmas 2014-10-29

Like a haunted forest burning to the ground in the middle of a moonless night.
Like covering your body in fir sap and rolling around in burnt incense, as the wind carries a chilling breeze overhead.
Or maybe like a recently set ablaze church in the middle of the frozen Norwegian woods.
Stoic, haunting, sombre, and meditative are all fitting. It almost seems like day to day life is not worthy of such powerful, enchanting imagery. Just to add to the experience, i've never had anything perform like this. It just keeps lasting.
Wearing this in even slightly warm weather would be absolutely stifling so I can't justify a full bottle due to my area's tropical climate, but man does this sample make me long for being lost in some snowy, dark, coniferous forests. Truly a masterpiece and makes me excited to try more from this house!

This is exactly how a professional, sophisticated man should smell. Great longevity! Italian rich leather with a bit of black pepper to add to the aromatics. Love love love it!

PG08 Intrigant Pachouli Parfumerie Generale by SummerMelody 2014-10-29

This is warm horses, hay, alfalfa, hoof turned dirt and a powdered gentle woman come to ride. Gorgeous!

Absolutely love this fragrance. Gives you that Mediterranean water freshness with stone warm woods. It is made with some oil some great wear. Love it! !!!!!

Cabotine Gres by CarmendyNola 2014-10-29

A vetiver scent a girl can feel perfectly feminine in. Not to mention it is representative of a moment in time... somewhere in the 1990s i'd say but no one shall know but us :). There is nothing cliche about it though, assuming you don't overdo it... One spray, trust me. Wait about 10 minutes and its yours forever. I recommend a half spritz on each side of your neck. It's not leaving my perfume collection.

Gold Jay Z by 2014-10-29

Jay Z had a French designer engineer his fragrance. I have to say definitely unique. It changes with the seasons. In the winter it changes warm and woody and as it changes to simmer fresh and tropical. Great all year around scent. A great fragrance made with some oil for great long wear.SO SEDUCTIVE

Such a seductive winter fragrance. Relatively inexpensive and am amazingly designed perfume. You can smell the citrus floral with dry down of vanilla. Just a lovely fragrance

Such a Beautiful winter perfume. Long lasting very elegant. I smell the white Bulgaria Rose. Amazing. It is nothing like flower bomb! ! Hands down! !! Beautiful Italian fragrance.

Fetish: Sailor Opus Oils by thomkallor 2014-10-29

The dryest of the dry, not a hint of light - dirty actually! I kinda like it

Spice and Wood Creed by Manny44 2014-10-29

@Alisha.... Spice and Wood is probably better but Amouage's Honour Man shares a vibe and genre with S&W. I actually kept Honour Man and sold S&W but that was a just a personal preference.

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by Sweelty 2014-10-29

Is it just me, or it smells exactly like Alien Extraordinare by Thierry Mugler???:)

Musc Tonkin Parfum d`Empire by millascent 2014-10-29

This one surprised me because I expected to love it. Old leathery chypres, coffee colored Zebiline bath oil, vintage Femme, Shalimar- some of my best scent friends. So I bought into the hype as I read the (positive) reviews of Musc Tonkin (MT). I should have taken much more heed to the negative ones but in my rush to fall head over heels… I ordered a FULL BOTTLE of MT (EdP) -unsniffed.
I sprayed from the bottle, ever so lightly, inches above my arm & waved only the top of my forearm though the mist. Initially I was afraid to smell it up close (having read those reviews). When the first little bursts of scent began to hit my nose, the freshly blended pong of pest-control chemicals! This was a jarring to me, and nothing like the purring, velvety civet I know from the occasional dab (more like daily dose) of vintage Shocking de Schiaparelli (another pitch colored perfume).
Musc Tonkin struck me as having a harsh, even soapy opening. The first perfume-like scent that I noticed was carnation-like, hyper spicy- reminded me of the odor of urinal cake deodorizer. A hint ‘o pee I was expecting, but this was industrial strength, with an ammonia tinge.
Quickly I sensed a pronounced cucumber/watery floral muskiness (ambrette seed, I admit it is not my favorite note). The spice had morphed into cumin… another mostly miss note. Somewhat alarmingly, I also began to notice a sick sweet bubblegum smell & weird band-aide notes. As my mind drifted across all of these impressions, I began to sense a mineral tinged fattiness or coating of some sort building up on the roof of my mouth. This part was kind of overwhelming… it was literally like walking along a beach strewn with drying seaweed and a faint (or not so faint) whiff of ancient (or not so ancient) decay (I guess this is a strong modern representation of ambergris)… If I smell my arm up close, the rudeness of the mix jumps at me… but not like anything warm or furry. I get tons of cold smelling HAIR SPRAY- and a strong and weirdly metallic taste … as if the particular aldehydes used have combined with something (lily of the valley note?) to create a teeth on edge smell.

It feels almost verboten of me to write such a review, or to mention such modern/synthetic/unflattering scent associations, especially for a creation I had so many expectations of… Oh, well. I admire the quest. And for those of you who enjoy Musc Tonkin, I guess that’s all the more for you. But it was a complete fail for me- an unorganized, hissing cacophony of clashing notes that could win my vote for best scent representation of a comet instead of a soft little deer….
And for me, the search for an accessible high quality animalic musc continues- back to lusting after a long time inaccessible, though to my nose richly rewarding … Musc 25

Ikon Zirh by brandonR 2014-10-29

Nice little Christmasy scent here. You'd swear there was evergreen here, but there's not. Regardless, the vibe is there. I get a slight hint of Narsisco Rodreigaz For Him mixed with a stick of Big Red, a piece of black liquorish and an incense laced fir branch. All this in a moderate and classy tone without coming off too mainstream. It really is nice for what you pay. I can see myself taking my family Christmas lighting and drinking hot chocolate while wearing this refined and interesting fragrance.

Great bottle and presentation with a phenomenal price. Quality wise, Zirth Ikon smells almost as good as any overpriced bottle of Chanel on the market. An absolute safe blind buy.

My Burberry Burberry by AuraeliaBee 2014-10-29

I am relatively new in perfumery and I recently realized that I tend to favour perfumes that most people don't like. That said, I really really REALLY like this one. On me it's simply complex. At first it's damp and floral like a garden after the rain, then it turns to a delicate sweet scent with a tinge of spice like a hot beverage, then at last the fresh woody notes come out giving it a hint of fresh masculine vibe. It is now in my wishlist.

Burberry Brit Burberry by Avarie 2014-10-29

I've had this for a month or so now. It evolves strangely on me, but it is otherwise still the sweet, somewhat spicy nutty/almond/vanilla fragrance it's touted to be. However, Brit takes on a different character when I spray it on my arms and let a sweater or other long-sleeved clothing cover it, instead of letting it evaporate. When sprayed on my arms and covered, the woodsiness of this fragrance stands out greatly, and Brit truly smells like a man's cologne, with only a whisper of sweetness floating somewhere. While I do enjoy that facet of the scent, the sensation of it smelling akin to a cologne could not leave my head (and I'm sure others around me could tell too). BUT, when sprayed on my arms or the back of my neck and left to evaporate, Brit turns into the sugar-and-spice tease that I recognize. I do enjoy having Brit now, and like my previous review, this was a fragance I could and should've worn during my high school years. It might not be a signature for me anytime soon, but I'll always find it to be a pleasant scent if I encounter Brit again in the long run.

Sexy Rio de Janeiro Michael Kors by nbrooks 2014-10-29

My first thought was Alien, but a softer, more mainstream, fruity version. It's still an atomic jasmine bomb, though.

Clinique Happy Clinique by Hellokt 2014-10-29

Quite possibly, THE WORST perfume ever!

Just like everything else from the 90's: synthetic, manic, wasteful and in denial NOT happy in any way

Coco Noir Chanel by Dara813 2014-10-29

I finally had a chance to sample this while trying to find a gift for my sister-in-law and I agree that there are some elements of the other two Coco's in this one. I love Coco Mademoiselle, but this might just be better. It is darker for sure, a bit sweeter, and more complex. The patchouli stands out more in this one but it's really well-blended. I'm a sucker for sandalwood so the fact that this one has it and Mademoiselle does not may be what is giving it a slight advantage.

If I had to compare the three, I would definitely say the original Coco is the most mature. She is also classic. She wears matte red lipstick, dramatic black eyeliner with perfectly curled lashes and her hair back in a bun. She wears a black dress with a classic cardigan and expensive heels.

Coco Mademoiselle is a bit younger but she still has class. She's more trendy, maybe boho chic, with her hair down and tousled. Her makeup is a bit understated; pink flushed cheeks, a sheer pinkish-nude lipstick, and a little eye shadow and mascara; probably a light plum or beige shade.

Coco Noir is a sophisticated young woman who is a bit edgy. I picture her in a biker jacket with leather boots. She doesn't scream to get attention but she gets it anyway. Her makeup - smokey eyes and nude lips. She doesn't try too hard but she still stands out in a crowd.

...that is how I see these three. That being said, perhaps Coco Noir is a fitting name. Coco Chanel wore black quite often and from what I know, it was always a staple in her designs and her wardrobe. That being said, maybe the Noir isn't all about the fragrance being dark but rather it embodying everything Coco was, which was all three, at some point in her life. It is all the elements of fashion. Black is basic, yet edgy, and it will never go out of style. That's what the Noir in Coco Noir means to me.

Joy Jean Patou by jovejove 2014-10-29

At Hudson's Bay in Canada, they have an amazing new bottle of Joy 30ml parfum in Baccarat crystal, selling for $2075.

O de L`Orangerie Lancome by kaejuntun 2014-10-29

I found O de l'Orangerie very sharp, at first - harsh, even. After a few moments though I got the fresh cleanness of the Orange flower with a good dose of citrus. There's a hint of bitterness, similar to the bitterness in Yves Rocher's Neroli. The dry down is so close to the skin that it's hardly noticeable. In fact, the only reason I can still smell it is it rubbed off on my sleeve. A nice fragrance that would be well suited to hot weather, but I definitely think there are better fragrances featuring Orange blossom.

Nude Rihanna by Caseymc94 2014-10-29

Okay, so far this has been my absolute favorite fragrance.. This one is very unique. I feel like it's a year round perfume. When you first spray it, it has a spring time light candy scent, but the undertone is deep and woodsy and musky, but still with a nice floral candy sweetness. I don't really smell vanilla... I smell candy in this one... But not a young syrupy candy smell. This is a great fragrance!!!

Rebelle Rihanna by Caseymc94 2014-10-29

Rebelle by Rihanna is a great fragrance. It smells like chocolate and coffee. I really love the scent.. especially for fall and winter. I prefer this one over Reb'l fleur by Rihanna. Rebelle is definitely a keeper!!!!!

Sexual Femme Michel Germain by Cecile27 2014-10-29

I saw the reviews and happened to find this at Ross. Not the most sophisticated scent but definitely one worth having in your collection! This is a perfect running into town to buy groceries/ heading to school scent. Much classier than a bath and body works scent, but not quite as dynamic as a high end perfume. It sits right in the middle, which even on an effortless day, will make you smell like a lady with class. At only $10 you can afford to wear it often!

On my skin the red berries are the first note to appear than quickly settled to rose (which I love). Then, slowly, the pachouli makes a demure appearance and steals the show. I have to say I'm a sucker for patchouli! So the dry down is my favorite part of experiencing this scent!

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by promaya 2014-10-29

Heavens, this is SWEET!

This is generally not the type of perfume I would ever wear however, I made a mistake and allowed the sales woman to spritz it on my forearm when i was looking for a gift for my friend who loves sweet fragrances. I instantly felt sick; I think I washed my hands about 10 times just to make the smell go away. Unsuccessfully! So, when it comes to longevity, you can count on this one! :)

The truth is, my friend, the sweet-fragrance admirer, said that she could not wear it either (she picked Aqua di Gioa in the end, do I need to say more?! :D ).

I can detect some qualities of a good fragrance 'tho, regardless of my personal taste, but I doubt that a fragrance with so many sweet notes can actually make a storm in the market. I'm not even sure if it's caramel that suffocates, I actually think that at least 4 scents create this overwhelming and exhausting sweetness. Jasmine is, imho, quite strong although well hidden behind the more aromatic beans, vanilla is strong but destroyed by similar scents, I'm not sure I can actually detect tonka beans but I know they're similar to vanilla and very sweet as well and then, to all this, you have caramel, berries and pears. All locked by pachouli. :))

Like I said, if you like very, very, very sweet fragrances, you'll probably like this one and you'll certainly want to like it because it lasts forever on the skin.

Gardenia Chanel by kl99 2014-10-29

Milk of Gardenia.

Aromatics in White Clinique by ChouliGaloria 2014-10-29

I want it too!


Fresh bitter leafs cutted and white flowers.

Black Bvlgari by StopHammertime 2014-10-29

I finally satisfied my curiousity of this scent. I always see it at discount stores for $25 and it looks and sounds so interesting! But when I finally got to test it, all I get is burnt rubber. Maybe a little plastic as well. Did not work with my skin chemistry, not for everyone! Definitely test first :)

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune Guerlain by pansylady 2014-10-29

I really could have done without that cassis note... yeah, I'm getting cat pee, too...

Imari Blossom Avon by LicoriceAllSorts 2014-10-29

I purchased 3 bottles of the limited addition cheap, cheap box, cheap bottle, cheap juice. A big no no, a massive thumbs down from me.
So weak, I think its a pretty scent but I cant be sure as I can barely smell it, sigh. I got what i paid for, cheap-cheap.
I will layer this with Arden beauty and Arden True Love, Ill see how that goes.
Update: I layered 3 squirts of Blossom over 1 squirt of JS Fancy and that certainly fixed that :)

Live in Love Oscar de la Renta by Pet Ams 2014-10-29

Bought this sweet floral yesterday for only $6.98.
At first sniff I was a bit terrified, aye too floral (lily of the valley)for my taste... that was at first sniff. I decided to spray twice, allow it to sit for a while and decide than whether it was too floral for me. Less than 5 minutes I loved it ! Soft, floral but clean and not clingy floral. It smells familiar yet I still can not put my finger on why it smells familiar.
I am not big on lily of the valley as it tends to give me a headache, fortunately this beauty leaves me happy and smelling fresh and lovely, if I do say so myself.
Silage on me is excellent ! Sprayed it this morning, had a nervous day and it still smells wonderful!

Coty Musk for Men Coty by freddiefingers 2014-10-29

Glad this has been added here but I would love to know if anyone can confirm if this has been reformulated as what I smell now is not the same I recollect from the 80's.
I only bought this for nostalgic reasons and the scent really brings back bittersweet memories

Hilfiger Woman Cheerfully Pink Tommy Hilfiger by Violetta_8023 2014-10-29

Smells like cat's pee! Ugh

This is perfection when mixed with lavender. Oh my gah :P

Lavandula Vera Parfums Berdoues by Ritarudna 2014-10-29


Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by ladyconsistency89 2014-10-29

I became addicted to my 7th signature scent Victorias Secret Bombshell in a matter of 4 hours after using the lotion and body midst back in 2013.The Victorias secret bombshell smells fresh with dazzling pineapples and passion flowers as key notes! Victorias Secret Bombshell is the kind of scent that gives of a "Come Hither" vibe. I spray this in the house, on my pajamas, and before i step out the door. This scent wakes me up, keeps me alert and ready for the day. Im on my Second 3.4oz Bottle! It's that good! Ms.Secretcrush mentioned there is a dupe scent of the victorias secret bombshell called Incanto Shine Salvatore Ferragamo for women which actually originally made its debut in the year 2007 3 years before victorias secret bombshell launched.VS has been earning a few FiFA Awards and i can defitenity Smell why. Well done Victoria Secret.

La Muguet Annick Goutal by Fhaldara 2014-10-29

AT LAST! I've been searching forever for a muguet scent that smells like the actual fresh flower. Lily of the Valley has been my favorite flower as far back as I can remember, in fact I believe it to be the first scent I can remember. A profusion of them grew in the yard of my childhood home, and every spring I'd eagerly await the first green shoots. There is nothing like the freshly opened flower, after that they begin to lose some of their magic. I've tried many muguet scents, some very lovely (Diorissimo vintage), some nice, some ok, and some bad - but this, (at least for me) smells like the real thing. I get absolutely none of the usual synthetic scent AT ALL. I'll never be without this perfume now, even if I go broke buying up every bottle I can find!

Bergamote 22 Le Labo by Ritarudna 2014-10-29

Smells like a bottle of chemicals. Too much iso e super.

Lavandula Penhaligon`s by Ritarudna 2014-10-29

This is great layered with L'air du Desert Moroccan. So far, this is the best lavender scent I've tried. But, I wish it stayed lavender. On me, this quickly turns powdery and perfume like. A little bit like dry toothpaste but, very calming.

No. 35 Le Cherche Midi by Manny44 2014-10-29

I'm wearing the EDP version of this and its awesome. Smooth, super-rich warm wood, strong and long lasting. If you told me this was composed of entirely of wood notes with a touch of Amber I would believe you. It smells like 3 or maybe 4 different woods in here. One of LCM's top two scents along with 20 which appears to be discontinued.

09 Orange Star Tauer Perfumes by Ritarudna 2014-10-29

This smells just like orange incense. If only it had that dry chocolate vibe L'air du Desert Moroccan has. Also a little more ambergris.

Step into Sexy Avon by westernlady 2014-10-29

I was really hoping Step Into Sexy would have longer lasting power than the other Avon scents I've tried recently. However, this one had maybe 2-3 hours of scent, and it was light after the opening wore down.

I'm surprised that this isn't classified as a fruity-floral given how the strength of the fruity notes. The opening reminds me vaguely of Cool Water for women with the tart opening and freshness. The best part of this fragrance is the opening.

Unfortunately, it wears down into a powdery combination with the fruits that I don't find pleasant. The remainder of the scent is vaguely musky and woody heading towards a skin scent.

I'd skip this one based on the strange layering and the minimal lasting power.

Rogue Rihanna by AuraeliaBee 2014-10-29

First day of trying out this perfume. First thought: a toned down bottega infused with fruity caramel.

Smoke for the Soul By Kilian by muzzbait 2014-10-29

trialling/reviewing this again, and i must've received the wrong sample! all i'm getting is rhubarb freshness with a little citrus zing! no cannibis, no smokiness and certainly no eucalyptus (i know this smell intimately, i had about 10 different varieties around my house -- i'm australian). i'm totally off, methinks...

Bright Crystal Absolu Versace by Inventress 2014-10-29

The opening of Versace Bright Crystal Absolu EdP is shorter and the whole of the perfume is denser than the original, Bright Crystal EdT. It projects less than Bright Crystal, and both last long enough on me. The fragrance starts with fresh raspberry along with uplifting citrusy-sweet notes (yuzu + pomegranate). This dissipates quickly, but is followed by another nice fruity accord with something else in there that smells somewhat nutty on me (must be the Acajou wood). I really like this accord! Raspberry makes a reappearance.

...Up to there Absolu is enjoyable. If only it was stayed like this in the drydown, I would have liked it more. However, there's still the lotus from the original perfume, a note I'm weary of, and it's less watery than before, making it denser. The makers also went heavy on the musk, which weighs everything down, and I found the musk in Bright Crystal to be pretty dominant already. Absolu can easily make you smell old or musty if you're sensitive to that kind of musk. If not, I can see how it's a fresh, fruity, lively scent.

Areej Al Shouk Ajmal by muzzbait 2014-10-29

starts off very musky, then calms down to a floral (a little fem) and sweet mix. quite nice...

Legend Pour Femme Mont Blanc by Mellyhelly 2014-10-29

I quite like this, but naming it Legend... anyway better than the masculin version.
I was reluctant to try it as it features pear in the notes and I cannot stand pear, but I'm glad I gave it a chance because it smells pleasant and pear is not too dominant.
This is more about white flowers or better the modern "white flowers" concept, that is a misch-masch of floral notes (synthetical) that mimic the carnal feeling of white flowers in nature, only that it is a much cleaner and safe effect, whereas white flowers in nature often bring a dirtier and more sensual vibe.
According to the notes this should be a triumph of luminous opulence and sensuality, instead here we have a good feminine lady perfume without aldeides in a safer mode.
No half-dressed (or half-naked) beauty in an ancient painting tempting the watcher, rather a good-mannered manager/office lady wearing a nice but tamed suit, perhaps with a detail in colour and going for after-five drink. She wears floral dresses in fine silk on weekend and she is quite a lively personality, yet she knows how to be sober and stay into given limits.
Innocent but knowing and not lacking some elegance.
The woody-vanillin drydown gives the right amount of warmth and power with a vague bubblegum edge, not too much.
Pleasant and easy to wear, it's similar to many others, especially in the Jil Sander collection, yet it's quite worthy and bring compliments.

After a couple of full wearings, I think that SF's Pour Homme is a gorgeous & lust-inducing masculine scent. Be sure that your lot is made in Italy, that's all.
It smells like riped peaches in the sun.
Needless to say, the peach fruit is absent in the composition - but it is omnipresent to my senses.
So: peaches, and peaches, and once again peaches, is what you get IMHO.
A peach, in the most erotic way you can imagine - if you know what I mean...
Very good longevity & sillage.
The kind of perfume that I'll surely buy again, as a second or third etc. bottle.
A deserved 8,9/10. Maybe more.

Anubis Papillon Artisan Perfumes by Lana148 2014-10-29

Just when I thought Cuir Ottoman Parfum d`Empire was the best realistic leather, I've discovered Anubis.
Really good, dark, strong, leather fragrance. Smells just like rough suede-leather. This is so realistic it's freaky ! Lasts forever without changing.

Love it!

it begins with a strong odor of elemi mixed with lemon.....this ago in way to leave that the rose seems a strange odor.....almost pits a good red wine.
then he clears and can clearly be felt the rose.
good the touch of geranium that with the lemon and elemi it doesn't fade away in hurry.
the oud is not so dark and imposing...perhaps because sweetened by the amber.non in relief patchouli.
sillage 10/10 longevities over 12 hours.
for this price it seems to be before to a perfume of niche.I don't believe that they are synthetic ingredients..
very oriental atmosphere!!!!8/10

Cool Water Davidoff by promaya 2014-10-29

I've been using Eternity for over 15 years now. I have heard so many people connecting Eternity to this one that i had to try it finally. The trouble is - I see no similarities. :)
Apart from being non-sweet, they're two completely different genres. I assume that what is most appealing in Eternity to most of its fans is not really the freshness but rather the overall impression which is probably why I can't seem to be able to establish a connection.
It's fresh in a masculine way (which is good) with prominent lotus (I'm not surprised to see it both in the main and middle tones) and, as someone already said- very energetic. The presence of melon in this combo is probably not y cup of tea because I just don't see sandalwood and melon as a part of the same picture (I like melon in Issey Miyake, 'tho) but, what bugs me is the transformation of the smell - I could wear the smell that this juice radiates for the first hour or so but but, the last waves of the fragrance, fruity and with strong sandalwood are just not something I like to smell on my pashmina the next day.
This way or the other, as always, it's about personal tastes. If I leave out the fact that I'm not fascinated by the smell coming from this bottle, I can say that this is a decent perfume. The only objective complaint is poor longevity.

Esprit d’Oscar Oscar de la Renta by shushkin 2014-10-29

I was attracted to this because the heliotrope is dominant. It didnt disappoint. Yes, it was initially very sweet but it very quickly dried down to the lovely warm heliotrope, neroli, tonka bean and musk. I love it. A very classy scent with moderate sillage and good longevity. It was very reasonably priced on EBAY as well! Definitely a bargain.

Volare Oriflame by Nanami 2014-10-29

It's a very nice scent.
What I don't like is the powder note is so much intense ... is cloying my nose! D:

Russian Tea Masque by Lana148 2014-10-29

Wow, this is good! One of the nicest tea based fragrance I've ever tested! Would definitely recommend trying it!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by weasley 2014-10-29

This perfume wins! the bottle, the name, the price and even the notes seemed perfect to me. It was like being in love with someone from a far, until you get to know them and realize you only were in love with your made up version of them. I imagined a mesmerizing mix between Dior Addict (the original) and Shalimar. And it was so devine, the idea of this one has left a hole in my future perfume collection. I need it!

Some things to take note of: to me this isn't feminine at all, it smells very similar to what I smell on many guys where I live. I smell a lot of leather - in the burnt tires way - and lemon and bergamot. And not enough of the base notes of tonka and balms, which was what I wanted in this one. It is not strong, but it is one of the few that gives me a headache.

Maybe if I didn't have such high expectations from the bottle, in addition to a lot of reviews regarding it as feminine, I would have judged it differently. It's not very bad, it's just not as great as it could have been. This is not midnight in Paris to me, this is daytime in the office. (Review of the EDP)

Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne by 2014-10-29

A great fragrance for day or night. Sweet and woody, I recently bought 50ml eau de toilette as part of box set with body wash for £37... Trust me, a classic mainstream fragrance that isn't worn by many and that doesn't cost the earth.

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Guerlain by 1welshdevil 2014-10-29

This is such a beautiful wonderful fragrance. So wonderfully well blended, but I echo the other comments about Sillage and Longevity, no the best but not too bad either. The drydown here is beautiful, sweet and musky. Love it

Jasper Conran Nightshade Man Jasper Conran by 1welshdevil 2014-10-29

I gave this a go, very impressive, I liked the original Jasper fragrance, this one is much sexier, so much more suitable for a night out, ok longevity, great bottle. Thumbs up from me.

Quick update, no word of a lie, this fragrance stayed on my skin for 32 hours, it is insane!!! There is a yukky bit during it's life but other then that it is seriously sensational!!

Lys Mediterranee Frederic Malle by Miss LaCreevy 2014-10-29

Lilies are not my favourites, but I love this one. It has character, it is not sweet or powdery. I love Edouard Fléchier's perfumes Poison and Une Rose as well.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by saintmotel 2014-10-29

is it just me..?

But i dont think sillage is that great.

Took me straight back to my pre-teen bedroom in the early 00s and my ultra-trendy blue plastic inflatable chair. My partner got a whiff of 'inflatable rubber ring straight out the box'. Interesting.

I never thought musk could smell so bad on me, but it does. I get honey in the opening, but then there's an intense smell of diapers. And the smell is there to stay for hours, even if you try scrubbing it off. But that is a good thing for someone who can wear this perfume.

Vierges et Toreros Etat Libre d`Orange by falah.alazmi.5 2014-10-29

فقط رائحة الماعز فلا تنصدم من العطر لكنه جميل. للذين يريدون الاستمتاع ببعض التغيرات

Bentley For Men Absolute Bentley by jimmyo1 2014-10-29

If this is anything like intense then baby im all over this. Will I spend £110 on this?
Probably yes. ..once ive sampled it.
The fact lalique are the partners in producing this juice just sounds sublime. I adore the house of lalique .
Kensington high st here I come!!

Tom of Finland Etat Libre d`Orange by falah.alazmi.5 2014-10-29

العطر للاسف لم يتوفر. لدى الوكيل. بيضون في الكويت وتم شراءه خارج الكويت يغلب عليه رائحة المر والفانيليا والجاوي هكذا تبين لي. ثبات وفوحان مصيران

Fig Flower Chabaud Maison de Parfum by thiefofnoses 2014-10-29

Whoever created this fragrance is a master of their craft, as it is extraordinarily well-blended and perfectly fills the brief of a fig-inspired fragrance.

I actually get pear more than fig in the top notes although this quickly dissipates into a true fig fragrance underscored by light green and woody notes. It flirts with laundry detergent smell while never actually quite getting there. Sweets up a little in the mid and base notes. I suspect this could become quite sour in any sort of heat or humidity.

Soft projection and longevity. It's not something I would really wear, but it's the best of the (admittedly limited) fig-based fragrances I've tried.

Femme Rochas Rochas by fabianabruna 2014-10-29

Just got mine,again its not for me, swap swap swap, smells like those vintage classics but its not my kind of strong.
If you want one in Canada, lets swap!

Downtown Calvin Klein by gabri 2014-10-29

I didn't like it at all.It has no personality , totally anonymous.

Armani Code Ice Giorgio Armani by Cassiano 2014-10-29

I start this review by touching at the same point ever: how good it is to get a flanker (version of other fragrance, previously released) that respects de DNA of the original version, the one that started it all. Especially when they are fresher or intense variations.

Unlike the Sport Athlete version, from 2012, which should be called Armani Code Fraiche, this Ice version received a great name, an excellent choice that escapes the traditional terms "fresh" or "fraiche".
The idea of having the same original fragrance, now with icy nuances, combines very well with the chosen name. And it works!

The composition brings notes of mint, lime and ginger, in the output; geranium, lavender and Sage in the heart; guaiac wood and tonka bean, in the base. The concept, according to the manufacturer, was to bring a mixture of the versions Golden Edition with Sport Athlete.

What I do know is that this version is very good. From the moment that is applied on the skin, it is possible to smell the original version, as if it had been frozen. However, the smell of the 2004 version, which many find nauseating or with medicinal aspect is gone. The leathery tone is also not present anymore, resulting in a fragrance more restrained, woody, with an almond touch like before, but with less vanilla aspect, since this version does not bring tobacco mixed in.

What I like in this version is the fact that there is a refreshing layer, in first place, over a floral layer in which the geranium presents spicy and menthol nuances. Then, a third layer arises, making us remind of the original version. This is not about evolution, but the way the nose perceives the olfactory pyramid.

The only problem that I checked during the first tests I did, before writing this review, was the low projection. Even the Sport Athlete version projects more. On the other hand, I could notice a great olfactory accommodation, which is bad, because it makes the user think that the perfume is not strong enough, when, in fact, it is still exuding. The lasting on my skin is as good as the original version.

Finally, once again, they kept the visual identity of the line, bringing a Silver metallic-looking bottle.

A Shot Of Oud Over Mango Jo Loves by Venusia 2014-10-29

Outrageous but interesting combination! Fresh mango for the first few seconds, than a peppery undefined flower gets embraced by burning incense and smoked wood that impresses with the intensity for an hour. No real sweetness and no freesia on me. But this yellow flower lets itself so finely intuited through the luxury smoked oud! Remarkable luxurious scent! Sillage is rather weak and I'd say this kind of perfume is all about feeling good in your own skin!

Ambre Gris Pierre Balmain by fabianabruna 2014-10-29

Just got this one today 75ml, its not for me. Bought blind as I was looking for something creamier, in my skin smells incense! Swap in Canada, Anyone?!

Ivory Route Xerjoff by Colin Maillard 2014-10-29

Dusty, woody, mellow notes of creamy sandalwood, aldehydes, cedar, a sort of slight sweet-fizzy feel which reminds me of olibanum even if it is not listed. In fact, as the name goes, the opening shows a sort of "ivory" substance, this meaning a sort of dusty, dry, slightly spicy white/greyness with organic facets, also woody and sweet (the sandal). Still it's not a cold scent, instead it's decidedly warm, slightly vanillic, with also an exotic breeze of almondy talc all over, and aromatic, peppery spices on top. Subtle green bitter notes complete the exotic look of Ivory Route. Initially I don't get much patchouli, while during the evolution the woods emerge better together with - guess what - the patchouli note, which smells however quite restrained and without any particular stale-mossy vibe (in short, rather synthetic and plain). To give a reference, it's basically a spicy-woody scent on the warm-sweet side, a bit similar to Gucci pour Homme although uncomparably less sophisticated, less sharp, more plain, more exotic though, and and more "excessive" (sweeter, woodier). To be honest after a while it starts to smell a bit boring in my opinion, as all smells as much persistent as a bit plain and artificial. For that price I would have expected a better quality, but it's still a pleasant scent.


Ume Keiko Mecheri by archivist 2014-10-29

Green plum soda! The fizzy green plum soda you can buy in Chinatown. Plus lots of white floral. The first Keiko Mecheri I've smelled that I don't relate to, but it is pleasant. It's always nice to see a fruit used without added sugar.

Les Zazous Keiko Mecheri by archivist 2014-10-29

I absolutely agree that this is a lighter Chergui, but also very different in the sense that it has more lavender than sneezy hay. What the two share is the same vegetal amber base, but Les Zazous feels cheerful, playful, sweet but also mystical and dark. When I was a young gothling, we referred to the sort of kid who embodied those qualities as a perkygoff. It's a girl in a red and black velvet dress wearing some kind of ambery voodoo oil and ropes of candy necklaces instead of pearls. I found Chergui ponderous, like a fat man who likes cigars and giant leather chairs. There was nothing in it to my nose that suggested joy or happiness, and that's fine, perfumes don't have to be happy - my point is just that this is Chergui for spritely types. It has a scary fairy vibe to it, and I think that's charming.

Magic Circus MiN New York by esteban747 2014-10-29

MinNew York sent me a sample of Magic circus.
I have to say that before smelling it I read the notes, and it's not really my cup of tea. does smell like no other fragrance. The opening is like a blend of coffee, vanilla and burned sugar. Sort of like an aromatic crème brulee.
It's abover everything else a sweet fragrance, but the woods, spices and nuts are present too.
It's almost like a literal translation of a circus or carnival in the form of perfume.
As I said before, this is not the type of scent tht I tend to like. But the originality and quality are impressive.

J'ose Eisenberg by lat 2014-10-29

It's ridiculous that this fragrance barely has any reviews.
J'ose is an absolute masterpiece among modern fragrances. The best way to describe it is JPG Le Male meets coffee and patchouli.
I believe the instant connection I had to Le Male comes from the mint/lavender combination that stays present throughout the hours, but it's quickly met by smoky, dirty base.
I also detect hay but it's not the kind you'd find in bright sun among the flowers.
It's the type of hay that is mixed up with soil and smoked up by a nearby bonfire.

J'ose fears not, doesn't settle down and is not keen on pleasantries. She's fierce, she is experienced, she knows what she wants and she could educate girls on self-confidence. If she ever cared to, that is.

Idole Lubin by Colin Maillard 2014-10-29

The opening of Idole is pleasant, compelling and intriguing, showing a rich, thick, humid herbal-spicy blend with patchouli, dense and "dark" flowers (carnation, rose), a lot – I mean it: a lot - of spices (caraway, red pepper, saffron) and a sort of subtle "candied" and resinous fruity feel à la Arabie by Lutens, all supported by a woody-mossy base comprising sandalwood perhaps, and a peculiar contrasting balsamic-menthol note juxtaposed to an invigorating and rich boozy note. All wrapped up in a golden, warm, spicy-resinous amber aura. In short, a warm, brownish spicy-woody bomb with boozy, earthy, balsamic nuances. Quite dynamic and peculiar indeed, a lot of contrasts going on, but all works perfectly and smoothly. The woody accord emerges better after a while, shortly becoming the "center" of the fragrance together with spices and booze, and it is indeed a good and - again - peculiar smell: it's a really dark, exotic, spicy, mysterious, aromatic woody accord, at the same time soft, mellow, slightly salty, with a subtle yet intoxicating resemblance to the smell of warm, slightly sweaty human skin, completed by a thin and austere layer of dark leather. It reminds me of a scent I sadly can't remember, but I am sure "out there" there is at least another scent much similar to this one (I admit that as-is, this information is purely useless). Overall I personally find Idole fascinating and well made... for a while, until its bold (and linear, and hell persistent) spicy-woody notes starts to become a bit boring. Worthy a try for sure, though.


Shunkoin Xerjoff by pravda48 2014-10-29

Let me preface with: I REALLY enjoy this! It's a lovely gourmandish vanilla fluff with amazing longevity and decent sillage with even a very light application.

That said, I do not get the 'meditative' vibe they were going for! On me this smells exactly like those all-colors-of-the-rainbow hard shelled easter egg candies in the US, which are filled with a harder than normal 'marshmallow' like center, with almost a grainy sugar texture. Smells JUST like those at the opening!

It's very yummy as the vanilla and sugar stay and the slightly cherry blossom tones arise more. Next I do get a playdohy vibe, but I still really enjoy that. Also a bit more powdery (just the softest fine powder cloud, very gentle, not at ALL what I used to think of as 'powdery', more 'fluffy') as orris blends with the nila and cherry flower.

REALLY enjoy it! Came close to adding to my (small) want list, but found other vanilla puff scents I enjoyed more (with more depth). Very high quality and great power here for such a gentle idea of a scent though! Though if I'm going to shell out this much $$$ for a Xerjoff I'll probably invest it into one of their Ouds which are their forte, in my opinion.

[10.29.14, from a luckyscent sample]

Journey Man Amouage by alfarom 2014-10-29

I'm very torn about Journey Man as there are a bunch of aspects of it that I appreciate / like / love and others I dislike. I think I'm gonna go with two lists of pros and cons…


- I find the work of modernization they've done on the very classic woody-fougere theme pretty interesting. Journey Man is basically a mash up between an oriental and a butch fougere in the 80s/90s style revised with a modern aesthetic.

- I appreciate the fact at Amouage they've finally given a break to the exhausting incense / woodyamber drydowns of most of their latest releases by introducing a lighter incense note paired to an ambery-leathery base.

- I love the fact they delivered a fragrance which is definitely closer to the classicism of Dia Man / Ciel / Silver Cologne than to their latest Opus / Interlude Man / Fate Man.

- The opening is fantastic.


- It lacks a bit of personality. While it probably stands out amongst the latest masculines launched by this firm (at least for the different stylistic direction), this still kind of feels like an attempt to create a bridge between designer perfumery and niche.

- There's an overall *stereotyped* masculine perfumery vibe throughout that kind of turns me off. I can't help it.

- Given the main theme, it feels too polished.

All in all, probably my favorite masculine Amouage since Memoir Man and even though I like it, I'm still not completely satisfied….especially if one can still have access to a plethora of similarly themed (and cheaper) classics from the past.

Rating: 6.5-7/10

Jolie Cerchi Nell’Acqua by Colin Maillard 2014-10-29

Jolie is a(nother...) gourmand scent centered on vanilla, powder, tonka notes, patchouli on the base, white musks and aldehydes. Not far from White Out from this same brand, just sweeter and more based on vanilla – less futuristic, and sadly, less fascinating too. Basically, not far as well from pretty much any other vanillic gourmand à la Montale, or Comptoir Sud, or even Angel itself. Not much else to say: bold projection and everlasting linear persistence. For gourmand lovers – for anyone else, me included, highly forgettable.


Love Passport Love Passport by schil 2014-10-29

i really like to smel these.

and i think i buy it.
but where is it for sale?

Jubilation for Women Amouage by archivist 2014-10-29

Absolutely Mitsouko EDP on the opening, the rose emerges with the incense soon thereafter. But there's something off about it as a Mitsouko clone, something a little sour and pungent (I get the curry note others are getting). I would recommend that anyone considering this perfume try comparing it to Mitsouko first to be quite sure which one they prefer.

ETA: I get some major man stank on the drydown, which many people will enjoy tremendously.

Blue Jeans Versace by bhaskar.dangat 2014-10-29

Beautiful Fragrance, Lavender, and vanilla..that's what i can smell the most...One of my Favorites from Versace...Good for Evening and office wear.

Rose Rebelle A Lab on Fire by relle 2014-10-29

Here's the scene. You walk into a city upscale chocolatier and buy one of their best dark chocolate truffles; the kind covered in dark cocoa. You then walk into a rose garden to sit down, enjoy your truffle. You're surrounded by roses of every kind, but you're nearest to the David Austin's and the heirloom section, the most fragrant of all. You take the truffle out of that precious little bag, get ready to take a bite. As that truffle is right outside your mouth you slowly inhale the delicious scent of the powerful chocolate with a hint of the roses around you. The chocolate prevails deliciously while the roses provide an enticing background. You savor the moment. Throughout the day you take a whiff, close your eyes; you're transported back to that magical moment.

On me this is more of a gourmand than floral. It's not a shout, but a strong whisper. It's deliciously different.

Dior Homme Parfum Dior by riffjim4069 2014-10-29

I finally got around to testing this one last weekend. Let me just say that Dior Homme Parfum is what Dior Hommme should have been all along; it's an excellent fragrance that is so much better than the EdT version. I still get a little of that lipstick vibe at the opening (much like with DHI) but it's manageable and not like Homme EdT. Anyway, Dior now has a Dior Homme for men.

Black Cashmere Donna Karan by Tracyarts 2014-10-29

This review is based on the new cylinder shaped bottle currently available on the Donna Karan website.

It's the same formula as far as I can tell. Slightly lighter and smoother, which I'm going to attribute to the fact that my other bottle is old and the fragrance inside has aged. I'm perfectly happy with it. It's the same Black Cashmere that I fell in love with years ago.

D&G Anthology L`Amoureux 6 Dolce&Gabbana by 2014-10-29

A refreshing sweet-woodsy aroma which on skin does not last but stays for days on clothes...

I applied 6 heavy sprays

0 - 45 mins - 1 foot projection. I had little hope for this when my bottle arrived - I was expecting a generic woodsy frag and this is what you get, yet after a couple of minutes the sweetness of the bergamot comes out and coupled with the pink pepper, it makes this almost like woods with "pop rocks" popping candy...

45 mins - 2.5 hours - 4 inch projection. Sweet with woods

2.5 hours - 5 hours - Close to skin.

This frag has considerably better longevity on white cotton shirts; so much so that my white shirts after a wash project approx 6 inches - 1 foot!

I received a bottle of this in a swap with another member and so glad it worked out

There is something about this frag which is a little addictive, fresh and invigorating, but you have to give it a couple of minutes to settle down

I will really miss this when my bottle finishes, maybe cos I wrote it off before I tried and was wrong or maybe cos it is quite unique and addictive?


Sampled this few days ago, But it Is still impressed in My mind. Oh My God this fragrance Is awsome, luxurious And elegant. The first impression I got was like: oh gosh this Is a leather old school fragrance, Not for me. But The drydown, in wich Roses rises, Is amazing And suitable for younger man. I think it Is one of The Best fragrance I've ever smell. Totally in love with this fragrance. Good projection And sillage! It's only a bit expensive (160€/100ml)

Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by Manny44 2014-10-29

Is it possible i never reviewed this? Fragrantica says I haven't so it must be so. Maybe I never wrote about it because it doesn't need words to testify to its beauty. It is simply the greatest perfume I've ever smelled. Done and done.

L'Eau D'Issey Absolue Issey Miyake by promaya 2014-10-29

Issey Miyake is my 2nd favourite fragrance (well, it could be the 1st just as well but Eternity is my signature fragrance) and, to my great surprise, I have fallen in love with every single special edition of this perfume. They are all GORGEOUS!
The first and most important thing about the new editions of Issey Miyake is that the original base was preserved in all of them- you are really wearing your favourite perfume, be it the original, floral, lotus or absolute version only each time, it's a new feeling. I could almost wear them depending on how I feel.
The 2nd great thing about them is that the fragrance really echoes the name in each case.
ABsolute is, indeed, the richer, more mysterious and more serious version of the original. When I say "serious", I mean it in the most positive way. It's a grown up Issey Miyake that can still be worn by a very young woman.
And, when they say- honey, they mean honey! It really is Issey Miyake with honey (no lemon :D ). A similar scent can be found in Sunflowers by E.Arden.
It's not too sweet 'tho which, IMHO, is really important because an average fan of the original would hardly appreciate a very sweet perfume.
I don't think I can detect vanilla either but it is certainly somewhere in there, well blended into this orgasmic bouquet of flowers, honey and fresh water.

All in all a real jewel and, most importantly, still an Issey Miyake. Worth the price. Worth sparing money.

Si Giorgio Armani by Drixella 2014-10-29

For some reason, the sample I smelt at Bloomie's was wayyyy better than whatever I bought and took home with me, it would be an amazing fragrance if it wasn't for this very persistent chemically smell I keep picking up from it, it could very well just be me though.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by genny17 2014-10-29

I can think of lots of slutty perfumes, but Black Opium isn't one of them!! So maybe it isnt a sillage killer like the original Opium, it wasn't intended to be!! Such a nice gourmand, amd in the mix of the sweet notes, I detect floral and greenish notes..and a smooth coffee vibe..if you take the time to appreciate that lovely scent!!!
at least it must be real intriguing as it gets bashed so much!!!???

Dior Homme Parfum Dior by IlGurudelProfumo 2014-10-29

After testing this fragrance many times, yesterday I decided To bought this new Dior Homme version. At The first moment I got leather Well blended with iris, it's like a bomb that overwhelm You, But in a second time i got The cocoa note blended with The woody note, it becomes softer And more plesant. In The first two hours The sillage was enormous, After that it shades But it's still noticeable. The longevity Is awsome (12-16h). This Is a mature version of his brothers (homme classic And intense) much stronger And deaper..... Well done Mr. Dior

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by vivi.ilioudi 2014-10-29

Someone referred to it as "slutty". Slutty and cheap smelling. A shame for Laurent. I have been a victim of the recent advertisement. Bad choice. Not sure the target group of women nor the kind of women it aims for.

Poire Caramel Yves Rocher by lilou 2014-10-29

I love it ! So sweet ! Warm, juicy, sugary, like a cake ! But not sickening at all. I love caramel and pear notes, so this one is perfect ! Even better than Pomme Delice (2013).The lasting power is correct, the price is very low, why go without ?

Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense Chloe by NurseElle 2014-10-29

Would love to try this, can anyone help?

Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford by Degraf 2014-10-29

Mmmmmmmm....sensual, exotic, tranquil, rich, feminine. A little goes a long way. Too much and nausea sets in. Love it. This is not unisex, if you are a LADY you should have this in your collection along with noir de noir.
Magically faded 3 hrs after initial spray on neck and wrist! Anyway, still a keeper! Will spritz on clothes for a longer whiff.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by promaya 2014-10-29

I tested it just to see what the whole fuss was about. :)
I'd say that i agree with most comments found here - it's a real PRO, it's REALLY floral, it's really CLASSY and CLASSIC, it's very FEMININE, it is a great bridge between lovers of airy/aquatic and heavier/aromatic fragrances...but, it lacks that kick that would make it SPECIAL. Rose is blended beautifully with other scents, it's got a nice continuum (what you smell immediately is what you get generally), no surprises, no negative undertones...but, not special.

I have also noticed that it behaves very differently on different types of skin which is a warning if you tend to test perfumes only on paper slips.

I agree with the keyword here- unoffensive. But, it won't wake you up in the morning, either.

White Gold Jivago by Maytreyi 2014-10-29

Does anyone knows how this one smells?

Sensual Amber Bath and Body Works by Renata tang 2014-10-29

Someone says" You smell gorgeous!"

Connect Jivago by Maytreyi 2014-10-29

Anyone own it? I would like to know how it smells.

Rose Gold Jivago by Maytreyi 2014-10-29

Does anyone have tested this one? I would really like to know your opinion.

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by promaya 2014-10-29

This fragrance is often linked to my signature perfume- Eternity. Indeed, they are both open and airy but, Gioa is noticeably greener. That said, I'd say that the colour of the bottle potentially leaves a somewhat wrong impression.
After a while, you start to get a nice, well rounded fragrance but, personally, I don't think that the opening announces that- the top notes suggest something cheaper and more simple. In other words, the first impression is not all that positive. It's lacks some gentle sweetness (fresia?).
But it certainly belongs to the group of fragrances that I could wear.

I still prefer the man's version, 'tho.

Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by archivist 2014-10-29

I don't understand what's happening! I get SUCH a strong blast of whiffy underpants in the opening of this - not the cotton kind, either, the fancy underwear that doesn't breathe well, so it looks great but doesn't exactly keep you feeling fresh, and you may perhaps have given yourself a spritz in that area at the beginning of the night. This is literally giving me flashbacks to a fancy dress evening, and I can't remember what perfume I was wearing, but the combination of various things smelled very, very much like this portrait of an apparently somewhat naughty lady.

Even more strangely, that scent of feminine arousal dissipates pretty quickly, and I would have thought it would be part of the perfume's base, not the top. Once it dries down, I get the most divine rose. The berries don't stand alone (I am not a berries and/or fruitchouli fan in general) but just give the rose added depth. Very possibly the best rose perfume (non-oil) I've smelled.

This perfume seems to be highly chimerical, given the wide range of responses and reviews. I don't think I've ever seen a perfume experienced SO differently by so many people. Definitely a try-before-you-buy.

I'd love to have more of this because the perfect rose for me is something of a unicorn and this seems to be a contender, but WOW is that opening somewhat unnerving.

Update: taken off the Want list: almost completely gone after an hour, with my nose smashed into my wrist I get a tiny whiff of a ghost of it.

PG02 Coze Parfumerie Generale by El Aurens 2014-10-29

Shock inducing opening of gourmand pot brownies and evil. Followed by patchouli and ebony with tobacco and spicy elements that give a slightly dirty feel. Very gourmand and green in the opening, still green but more spicy-woody in the dry-down. Completely addictive and irresistible. Not much of a base on me, the notes seem to coalesce and eventually fade. It's not for everybody of course, but when worn wisely it is so alluring that I doubt the general public would be anything but intrigued by someone wearing this. It reeks of debauchery and black magic. I could see this as Jimi Hendrix's signature scent. Actually if anything he probably wore patchouli oil, but who cares. Coze is a rock star.

Rating 9.5/10

Giorgio Armani was the designer of the Olympic Team for the 2012 Games, in London. Such inspiration has made that the owner of the Armani Empire launched another sportive fragrance, honoring athletes. And this time, he hit the nail on the head!

Sharing most of the notes from the previous release - Code Sport – from 2011, and just changing how they were employed in the olfactory pyramid, it was possible to get a stunning result. This time, the fragrance opens with citrus, pink pepper and ginger. In the heart, the same 3 types of Mint from the previous version: wild mint, spearmint and peppermint, besides aquatic notes. Finally, at the base, notes of incense, vetiver and ambrox.
The result is exquisite. Forget the sportive versions that you know, because this one has not the generic output or the synthetic aroma of great part of them, even though we have to admit that the Sport fragrances are getting better, more and more.

In this version dedicated to athletes, the citric aroma, combined with the burnt aspect of the ginger, denotes the quality of the time and the money invested in this creation. It's so natural and tasteful that could perfectly be in a bottle of Italian niche, because it would be the same. Not to mention that 2 single sprays are enough to project very well. And the lasting is also not bad, quite the contrary. Even after the fragrance gets calm, when the projection decreases, the scent still remains on the skin.

I don't know if the box is still the same, but when this fragrance was launched on the market, it used to bring the inscription "Eau de Toilette Fraiche". Particularly, although I understand the concept, I think it could have been released as Armani Code Fraiche, without mentioning the term Sport.

Finally, it is worth saying that most users who know both versions, praise much more this one. So, if you love refreshing and quality scents, forget the term Sport and buy a bottle of this wonder. You won't regret it!
With respect to the bottle, the visual identity was kept, but the glass was not painted, revealing the blueish-green liquid.

PG03 Cuir Venenum Parfumerie Generale by El Aurens 2014-10-29

Pez and cotton candy.

Calls to mind Hanae Mori HM but more cloying (and I mean extremely cloying) and seriously less desirable. Get a bit of hairspray in there too. I really dislike this one. PG has some fantastic scents. But this is a far cry from the likes of Coze or Bois Blond. Sample worthy for a laugh.

Rating 5.5/10

Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons by El Aurens 2014-10-29

If this works for you, then God bless. As for me...

It doesn't. I thought the opening was bad but that was just the prelude. Every minute on my skin this stuff reaches a new level of repulsive. I once lasted 6 hours until the dry-heaving got the best of me.

Knowing this is the perfume that put CdG on the map I have exhausted my sample trying to find something special, albeit not necessarily pleasant, but at the least worthwhile here.
Alas, my effort was to no avail as I find this entirely unwearable. Good thing for the availability of samples.

Bowls of potpourri! The kind my mum kept on the windowsills in the house when I was growing up. All those hard little dried curls of rose leaves, allspice, cinnamon... I expected more of a smoky incense smell from all the reviews. I like it, but it's a little too sweet for me to really love.

Oudh Osmanthus Mona di Orio by Shibor 2014-10-29

An interesting interpretation of an oud theme.
The scent starts light citric (rather a smoky orange than a lemon) with some woody notes. After a while it becomes sweeter. One can clearly distinguish a patchouli and ambergis sweetness which nevertheless remains tender. The scent of osmanthus is present as well. Besides, there are some other jasmin-like floral notes. The whole appears very harmonic and very well laborious composed.
Mona di Orio is succeeded to interpret the oriental oud theme in such a way that it became pleasant and comfortable for “noses” in the western hemisphere.

This very tender floral woody fragrance gains the love and respect of many perfume fans. Including mine.

Eternity Aqua for Women Calvin Klein by promaya 2014-10-29

Eternity is my signature fragrance but, when it comes to Eternity Aqua, all I can say is - no, no and no!
And this, pretty much, applies to all other special editions as well.

I often compare them to Issey Miyake which is my 2nd most favourite fragrance- I love all versions of that perfume. The designers have, somehow, managed to keep the base intact and play with the character. Moreover, every single version echoes the name that it carries- floral, lotus, Absolute...
I can't say any of this for Eternity versions. From the perspective of a happy customer of Issey Miyake special editions, I could say that something seems to have gone badly wrong with the variations of Eternity- I just don't feel the original notes anymore. I don't find Aqua at all aquatic. The aquatic version of a ozonic/aquatic fragrance should, IMHO; be lighter and more airy than the original. In this case, it's an almost green, an not at all light. It has no character either. What I find to be soapy in a positive way about the original, turns into a dish-washing detergent soapy in this version. And, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't care for this detergent either.
I'm having trouble detecting the base note that spoils the fun, it's not Cedar but it is something woody.
I just don't like it. Besides, it leans towards a man's cologne.
It definitely doesn't match the price.

Fruits Noirs Blackberries Yves Rocher by LaPetite 2014-10-29

It is very very sweet, overly sweet , to me, it smells like blackcurrant "sirop" ( you know these thick fruit syrup you have to mix with water to be able to drink them). Nothing like the permanently available " Mûre Sauvage" ( also by YR )

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by 2014-10-29

i really find this one a perfume for young girls. it is very sweet, but i don't think it is very pepper and coffee...

Poire Caramel Yves Rocher by LaPetite 2014-10-29

Indeed this scent fulfills its promise , pear and caramel. Agree with Sissi75, smells like dessert with a hint of vanilla. And the lasting power is bad, but that was predictable the Yves Rocher scent from this range usually have a poor lasting power.

Wazamba Parfum d`Empire by miracleborgtech 2014-10-29

Melodic incense drenched wood with fruity undertones. This is an exotic friendly scent. You can imagine faraway markets bustling with vendors selling fruits and spices under the hot sun. I like it, although the dry down has a musty undercurrent that prevents it from being a love for me. Silage about arms length and longevity all day.

Aromatics in White Clinique by 2014-10-29

I Want it. :D

Cuba Black Cuba Paris by omar.melmo 2014-10-29

A light, simplified and less sophisticated rendition of Azzaro pour Homme's top and middle. Rounded up and crafted for casual wear. Is it interesting then ? Not if you have the true Azzaro, but if you don't and want to have an idea about it, Cuba Black is a great deal. After the "photorealistic" top notes, it develops differently, quietly, more linear, but still nice and classy. Cuba Black is a quality "barbershop" fragrance that never smells cheap with a cool and funny bottle. Forget about the bomb projection and assertiveness of the venerable ApH, though !

I am fascinated.

I will say upfront that what interests me so much about Absolu Pour Le Soir is its remarkable relationship to Muscs Koublai Kahn. By the time you are five or so hours into the dry down, they are virtually interchangeable, yet they have only two notes in common, rose and caraway, neither of which is a major smell in either composition.

APLS opens with amber, bright amber that quicly changes to dusty amber, and then takes on a fleshy, ripe cumin-human pong. It gets funkier as time passes.

If, as I did, you try MKK on the other wrist at the same time they play off of each other in a really strange way. I've written about MKK here already, because I love it. I love the warm musk and jock strap effluence that even a few drops will produce for hours. Curiously, sniffing back and forth from one wrist to the other, APLS makes the flowery quality of MKK much more evident. At one point I even thought that it smelled a lot like Angel.

Worn on its own, as I did for several days, APLS is a dirty perfume. There are no animal ingredients, but it smells like a beast. And as I said, by the time you've worn the two of them for five or so hours, the only real difference between them is that the APLS smells very slightly powdery. That, and it lasts longer.

If you're sad that MKK is no longer made, I suggest that you get a sample of both of these perfumes and try them together, and see if you smell what I smelled. Absolu Pour Le Soir has the advantage of being still in production, and while not cheap, it beats the ebay prices for MKK.

Not pleasant for me. Strong leather. Like I am in shoe factory - painted leather smell everywhere.
Very synthetic, industrial.

Pure DKNY A Drop Of Rose Donna Karan by CitrusHead 2014-10-29

Lovely fresh/dewy rose with lemon verbena, a bit of vanilla, cedar & too much currant. The currant mucks it up & makes it an unsophisticated & ho hum perfume. I would wear this all the time if it were not for the currant. The rose is absolutely lovely & the verbena is a pretty green lemon scent. I feel they were going for the marketing angle of all the sickly sweet fruit perfumes when they threw in the currant. They didn't go crazy with sweet currant but it's still a bit much. No nasty patchouli. It lasts all day & in to the next on my skin. The sillage is big (not huge)- one spritz is plenty.

If you like fresh rose & a bit of sweet currant, you will probably love this. For me, it's a "Like" not a "Love".

I also bought the "Pure DKNY - A Drop of Vanilla" at the same time. It starts out lovely with vanilla, rose & cedar but the currant is way too overpowering & throws the balance off making it almost sickly sweet. They should have named it "Drop of Currant" because that is the most noticeable note. I was hoping for a lovely vanilla perfume. It lasts and lasts on me & has plenty of sillage; one small spritz lasted until the next day & I did not have to sniff my wrist to smell it in the air. If you like fruity sweet scents but not the teen type of sweet scent - you may like this. It's not disgusting sweet like "Fancy" but definitely sweet.

These two scents are interesting in that they have pretty much the same scent notes but in different quantities.

London for Men Burberry by Aamir Ahmed 2014-10-29

This perfume smells so damn elegant.......they should comeup with intense version cuz it has longevity issue......

Harmonie Creole Comptoir Sud Pacifique by cake n' cuddles 2014-10-29

I agree this fragrance is hazy, and I unfortunately dislike hazy scents for the most part. The geranium in here is quite strong on me (esp. in the beginning) and I do not like geranium at all either. I am not crazy for the saffron also.
The dry down smells like orange smarties and vanilla to me, I do get a hint of root beer as well. I don't really think of tropical when it comes to this fragrance, I don't get a clear coconut rather some kind of mixture of coconut that gives that root beer vibe like hypnotic poison does.
Overall this was alright , but a miss to my nose because I do not like the hazyness of it, I associate those kind of smells with feeling sick. I wouldn't buy a bottle myself. I think I would have loved this is geranium and saffron were not present, but if you like hazy and sweet I think you would love this.

Donna Trussardi Trussardi by pearlie17 2014-10-29

....Oct 14 contd! Loved this perfume so much that I ordered a vintage EDT from EBay.
However this vintage Trussardi, in its original box and with a little certificate of provenence is a different beast alltogether.
The bottle is designed to look like leather, so not like the white plastic bottle shown above.
The perfume notes are of leather,tobacco,animal,and there are various enticing subdued florals coming through the smoke.
Its different to anything I've ever smelt before.
Was so delighted with my "blind" purchase. and the EDT is mighty strong.

Un duel entre Dame violette et Sieur iris... Le tout orchestré par Mademoiselle framboise...
Un duel de pétales poudrés et juste ce qu'il faut de fruité par la framboise. Pour moi c'est à la limite de ce que je peux supporter d'une note fruitée dans un parfum floral poudré, au delà je n'aime pas et ma peau me le fait sentir (le parfum "tourne").
Il tient très très bien sur la peau et je pense que j'ai eu la main lourde ;O).
C'est vrai aussi qu'il fait un peu "rouge à lèvres" pendant un moment.
Très très beau parfum pour l'automne.

Polo Red Ralph Lauren by Plucus21 2014-10-29

Don't waste your time. While this does smell good with the cranberry in the top the longevity is GARBAGE! This smells similar to Versace Eros, the main difference being the cranberry in Polo Red versus the mint in Eros. Polo Red is also more synthetic smelling. Eros blows this out of the water though with longevity and natural smell. Polo Red would smell better than Eros if it wasn't so synthetic though. Overall it is a waste of time and money. Eros last 3 to 4 times longer than this garbage. I'm done with Polo and their highly marketed drugstore quality fragrances.

Elena Al-Rehab by mustachedaisy 2014-10-29

I put this on last night and my son told me I smelled like a bar of soap. 'nuf said :)

Lapidus Pour Homme Ted Lapidus by Aamir Ahmed 2014-10-29

What a great smells expensive n its cheap.....performance is beast mode both in longevity n sillage me a feeling of interlude by amouage....n it is a COMPLIMENT getter...i got many compliments the very first time i wore it....i love it...A TRUE MASTERPIECE....reviewers werent lying....

Bakhour Al-Rehab by mustachedaisy 2014-10-29

I was sent a bottle of Bakhour as a free bottle of oil when I purchased 4. I contacted the place and they would have traded Bakhour for one I wanted, but the package had been shipped.
When the package arrived I still wasn't interested in this oil at all. I tried the other four that I did want first and finally, Bakhour.
I have to admit that I like this oil. I can't describe it, but I feel girly with it on. Today, as I was getting ready for work, one of my co-workers commented on how good I smell.
For the price...I'm really happy with this oil. Would I buy it....probably not, but that's because I have found enough scents that I really love from Al-Rehab I don't need to.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by nero77 2014-10-29

Lush, Dirty, Sexy stuff...

Black Orchid was the first release for the Tom Ford brand. In his mind, he felt like the modern designer market trends didn't offer anything really unique, heavy or interesting enough... as most of them were watered down versions of bestsellers. With Black Orchid, he wanted to evoke a smell of "old luxury & glamour", a sort of "retro" feel back to perfume. He decided to create Black Orchid.

This is such a complex fragrance. It could be gourmand, oriental, chypre, all rolled into one! I mainly get an earthy, chocolate patchouli mixed with a floral vanilla composition. The earthy smell also comes from truffle, which is damp and mushroom-like, with something reminding me of different fruits, including blackberry. But it never goes into the typical fruity-floral category as it manages to stay quite dark and earthy throughout, drying down to a dark, woody vanilla by the end. It smells decadent and rich, and that is certainly the vibe he was going for. There are a lot of conflicting notes, but the overall vibe works well.

I think this is definitely a seductive, going out type of fragrance, it's also probably unisex, as some women may find it a little "dark" for them to wear compared to light, happy florals. I think this would appeal to people who love gourmand perfumes and heavier, darker orientals, and older classics.

The bottle is very stylish and innovative, as is the presentation of Black & Gold. It really gives a rich, decadent, almost over the top vibe... yet still tasteful enough to appeal to most people. I think on the right person, in the right setting, this would smell amazing, as long as you spray lightly it can be worn in most places and occasions. A dark, sexy, dangerous and slightly edgy mix which manages to hold together and impress, just be ready to be a little shocked in the beginning, but it really is something unique and special. Dirty, sexy, edgy stuff!

Poire Caramel Yves Rocher by mara_g 2014-10-29

I only have the shower gel so far, but if the perfume smells like it, then it should be delicious! Very gourmand and it gets you in the holidays spirit right away. A treat!

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