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Hiris Hermes by aber19 2014-08-31

I tried this yesterday in Australia. It is a rare perfume, so I was excited to try it. I found this perfume bland, it reminded me of a watered down Infusion d'Iris Prada perfume. It is a fresh, cold and old smelling fragrance, but nothing outstanding. This fresh smell does not project well, but lingers on the skin.There was something in this fragrance which reflects sadness to me, I did not find it terribly uplifting. I would not buy it. Others may like, for it is an acquired taste, you will need to try first. Do not purchase this blindly.

Passport Paris Paris Hilton by maria woodsmoke 2014-08-31

Sweet and good but very veak. it's gone in 2 hours but it has some similarity to fantasy.

Funnily enough I was really looking forward to testing Wicked Style Baby. I had read many favourable reviews, and seeing that I enjoy vanilla scents it struck me as an inexpensive fragrance that I'd probably really like.

It turns out that I actually do enjoy Wicked Style Baby. I may not be the biggest fan of the opening, but when it comes to the heart and the drydown, I would happily wear this and buy it for a young daughter too.

Wicked Style Baby is a bit plasticky in the beginning, almost reminiscent of nose-burning hairspray. I was incredibly disappointed upon my first encounter with this fragrance, but after giving it some time to develop, the more pleasant aspects of this composition began to make themselves known.

The heart is comprised of fluffy, sweet vanilla, red apple, orchid, candied peach and tropical frangipani. Wicked Style Baby is quite a sweet, foody scent, closer to a gourmand than a fruity floral.

Surprisingly this fragrance's sillage and longevity go a long way. As the Wicked Style collection begins to be phased out, this fragrance among others in the range are decreasing in price. You can find these scents for as little as $15 in some retail stores. So far Wicked Style Baby is my favourite, however I'm yet to test them all. Grab them while you still can.

Wings Giorgio Beverly Hills by iow-pam 2014-08-31

Originally I had a small sample bottle of this and found it very pleasant, so when I saw the edt on offer I decided to buy it. And I'm glad I did. This is a lovely floral scent. Gardenia and lily are strong on me. The initial peppery smell is similar to Calvin Klein Eternity but not as strong. Moderate longevity and sillage. A lovely day wear fragrance.

Sign me up too! Love this hubby does too wearing it now!

They opened a boutique in a mall near to my university few months ago, I visited several times and it’s my second purchase! Although I’m not that wealthy to spend hundreds of dollars on those minute 12 grams cute vials but fortunately I earn enough and they’re kind to provide inexpensive oils! And this new manner is getting serious, and a new chapter in my olfactive life in begun: badly fell in Arabian fragrances.

Fol Roses is not my type of taste actually, but the floral theme is irrefusably attractive. It has a pure but simple familiar orange blossomy odor beneath that sacred jasmine smell and a dry grassy green bitter air as the throne the fragrance sits on. Rose is not so bold, it provides an acrid soft character for bolder jasmine play.
Fol Roses is fresh, tender, transparent, sour lemon yellowish, soprano and Arabian, highly attributed to nature and spring.

Christian Lacroix Nuit Avon by boheme_maras 2014-08-31

Its way better than Rouge one.

Love Chloe by femgularosor 2014-08-31

Chloé Love is young but mature, vintage but new. It's warm like a hot cup of cocoa in the winter but somehow like a walk in a summer garden. It's chic but unique. I love this perfume - it's my signature. I especially love the hyacinth - it makes me feel as if I'm walking in a park in Paris.

DKNY My NY Donna Karan by victoria.mei1992 2014-08-31

Pink pepper is strongest note, after goes hint of vanilla and raspberry.And has a dirty wibe like dirt or something, maybe patchouli.

Manoa Memo by deborahfrancoise 2014-08-31

Manoa reminds me of "Shalimar" and "L'heure bleue", that my grand-mother was wearing (she was always very well-turned.) Manoa is a more modern version of these two feminine and glamorous perfumes. And it's easier to wear for me.

Dior Addict Dior by Natalie Carter 2014-08-31

I am that type of person who just blind buys everything that i want if i can afford it. This review is about the vintage 2002 version. When i first sniffed this, i thought it was masculine but thank God i don't give it away. As i used this more frequently, i grew more and more in love with this. Addictive of course. I'm just 16 and i'm not supposed to use this mature scent but a fragrance does not judge about age and gender isn't it? So if you like a fragrance, just use it. I'm not a good note detector, but i guess the notes are what this beauty smells like. I hope i can find the vintage one for a long time. Dior Addict, i will grow to love you more!

Mercedes Benz Intense Mercedes-Benz by gaurav.verma2308 2014-08-31

nice perfume ! Worth a try for the penny involved !!

Womanity Thierry Mugler by Soie 2014-08-31

Fig jam / Fig Newtons, sweet red apples, and salted seafood (shellfish it seems most likely after my recent re-testing of Womanity, both on paper towel and on my skin, all the way through to drydown).

Womanity's savory accord + Womanity's animalic accord + An (unlisted) aquatic/marine note = Womanity's seafood accord

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by ThatMakesScents 2014-08-31


You give the best description of Tuscan Leather that I have come across. It is not the BEAST that most people make it out to be. In my case I thought I might have gotten a bad bottle because it wasn't bursting at the seams with macho aggression :)

I now feel confident that my bottle is perfectly fine.

Thank You

Lust Lush by kasslee 2014-08-31

Lust just about smacked me in the face when I smelled it - unfortunately not in a good way. My mum was with me and she said it reminded her of a lot of green leaves that had gone bad.
This one was just too much, too powerful. It ended up making me feel ill.
For those who like it though, the longevity is incredible, I couldn't seem to get the stuff off.

J`Adore L`Or Dior by framorena 2014-08-31

First, it has nothing of J' adore, a part the name. Second, I can't decide if I like or love; so I guess I don' t love. Jasmine is sstrong, like rose, but I think it' s Vanilla to ruined the combo; too much, it remainds me Hypnoise di Lancome. Still, it's not so sweet lucky, so I'll give it an other chance, when weather is getting colder. Pleasant scent, afterall.

Nuit Etoilee Annick Goutal by Fragaria 2014-08-31

antfarm took the words out of my mouth. Yep.....uh huh

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by mildspicej17u55l 2014-08-31

This is definitely something that would have been popular in the 80s had it existed.

Juicy Couture Juicy Couture by mildspicej17u55l 2014-08-31

Very nice. Smells like the 80s.

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules by missk 2014-08-30

So they say that this fragrance smells different on everyone. It's also said that you need to test it on the skin rather than on a card. I've tested it both ways, and I'll now report my findings.

On a paper strip, Molecule 01 smells very much like ginger beer. It has that fizzy, spicy sensation, which presents itself more like a work of art than a beauty product. The chemical nature of this fragrance is apparent, however its unique approach is rather compelling.

After a sniff test on the card, I then proceeded to apply Molecule 01 to my wrist. I don't get the ginger beer note on my own skin. Unfortunately Molecule 01 wears rather flat on me, lacking in the way of dimension. I get something oddly citrusy, maybe a hint of cedar shavings and chemical musk.

On its own Molecule 01 does not captivate me. I continued on my shopping trip and an hour later I spritzed my wrist with Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur, (mistakenly the same wrist that I had applied Molecule 01). I am quite familiar with Reb'l Fleur, but was amazed when I smelt the layered combination of both fragrances.

I was greeted with an aroma that can only be described as gingery fake-tan. Not the nicest blend, but so very effective. I have since concluded that Molecule 01 should probably be bought for layering purposes. Who knows what this fragrance could go on to create.

Demi-Jour Houbigant by Mistressvoodoodolly 2014-08-30

I'm assuming the House of Houbigant no longer makes this. I wore it when it came out and a friend loved it so much she bought it. I am dying to smell their orange blossom perfume but it's in the extrait form on their site for $600! I do not understand how one of the oldest perfume houses, Marie-Antoinette carried vials of its perfume to the guillotine, could create some lovely scents like the old Chantilly and they end up under dime-store companies? What is going on?

Hommage a L'Homme Lalique by big_justin 2014-08-30

definitely not a main stream fragrance. Starts with prominent floral note and a little powdery which I guess it's the mix of Saffron and Violet. woody note is heavy as usual in Lalique. complex but not very appealing at first sniff.

Like somebody said, at beginning it smells like Dior Fahrenheit, but only a little. when it drys down, it's similar to Black Walnut from Banana Republic, much less powdery than Lalique.

in a word, it's well-made, you might need more time to feel the good in it.

Scent: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10
sillage: 6/10
Price: 8/10

When I first tried this perfume I expected to be disappointed. I have a body ph that tends towards acidic and that usually causes me to strongly throw the fruity and floral aspects of a perfume - to the detriment of all other scents in the perfume - so I figured this scent would do the same.

As I initially expected, the first spray of Pear and Pink Magnolia was strongly fruity; the passion fruit was clean and juicy, but quite strong. I waited until it dried down and gave it another sniff. The dry down had turned the scent strongly floral. The floral was nice; not cloyingly sweet or syrupy. It didn't seem to be one of the scents that turned gross on me, but it wasn't really my style...or so I thought.

About 20 minutes after applying Pear and Pink Magnolia, I happened to sniff my wrist again. Amazingly, not only had the fruit and floral aspect of the scent calmed down, but a wonderfully subtle spicy note from the bergamot had appeared. The bergamot was doing an excellent job of keeping the lingering fruit and florals in check - providing a decidedly feminine, but far quieter and subtler a fragrance than the initial spray would suggest.

Sillage is not very strong past the initial fruit note and Longevity - like most perfumes on me - is only about 3-4 hours. However, this is one of the very few feminine florals that I've found that doesn't turn overpowering or sickly sweet on me, so I've bought the scent and I am enjoying getting to smell girly for a change.

Sballo Bruno Acampora by tymanski 2014-08-30

this is fantastic. i immediately thought of bernard chant's classic aramis 900 which i've had for decades. sballo is more complex and deeper than just another rose chypre and sballo steers towards the oriental with spices and later woods & very dry patchouli. the review below describes it very well. i recently discovered acampora (sballo, jasmin, iranzol) and must say there is an impressive classicism in his work that i really appreciate.

Studio MP2 M. Micallef by SabaQueen 2014-08-30

I bought it yesterday, but I won't buy it again, I am sure about it, it has a melon smell that gives me headache, but the lasting is excellent !

Azemour Les Orangers Parfum d`Empire by Lana148 2014-08-30

Opens with realistic sweet oranges. I wish they would've add some sour or tart notes to it to balance it out, because it's too sweet and flat. It also smells like orange candle on me.

I prefer dry-down more. Green chypre shows up and balance the fragrance. To be honest, I don't like this as much as I would like to.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by ladenu 2014-08-30

Not very complex. All i can smell is sweet fig!
I have mix feelings about this.

Stella Stella McCartney by ladenu 2014-08-30

Very prominent rose note. Altough its lovely,chic and elegant; I found it a bit heavy. I can imagine myself wearing this when I am +30, but not now.

anybody knows the comparison of the toilette version to the parfum version?? that would be very helpful thanks.

Could anyone tell me if there is any similarity between this one and Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy?

Blue Agava & Cacao Jo Malone by blue_belle 2014-08-30

I was completely blown away by this today. The woman who runs the perfume department at Nordstrom was way more patient with me than I deserved--I couldn't decide what to test on my skin, and nothing she suggested was really doing it for me. Then she left for a moment, came back with this on a card, and I was hooked right away.

It smelled a little gingerbread-y on paper, and then on my skin the cocoa came through immediately and beautifully. Over the next eight hours or so it switched between velvety cocoa and sweet, boozy flowers. I didn't pick out the spices as individual notes, but the blend is gorgeous--it's obvious when you smell it that it's not only chocolate, and the richness is what kept me sniffing.

This doesn't settle into a base so much as calm down into a skin scent over time, and after ten hours it's still there and true to what it was when I first sprayed it. I'm very impressed and would absolutely buy a bottle.

Jubilation for Men Amouage by cologneprophet 2014-08-30

This fragrance is actually really unique and beautiful. For first smellers of Jubilation it might be very off putting for you but trust me, give it some time and you will grow to love this creation.


Nuit Etoilee Annick Goutal by pjd1234 2014-08-30

one of my recent purchase ONE WORD I LOVE THIS SCENT from goutal its very refreshing. It does makes you think of a cold weather snow flowing walking on the road with pine trees all around for me this scent very relaxing and calming reminds of childhood. I really love the pine note here the top notes are somewhat very common but does not last long as the pine kicks in right away making the scent more brightly or cooling as it dries down the scent becomes greeny with just a small kick of sweetness all notes blends together very nicely performance 5-6 hrs moderate projection. I got mines for 62usd niche quality, smell wise, performance wise, average.

Amber Musk Aerin Lauder by canadianpetite 2014-08-30

Hubby and I both love the musk and soft rose combo. Office worthy and so lovely. Lasts a long time too. Would love to have a bottle but can find a similar one for the price. $100+ for 50ml??

One spray on me
Sillage: about a foot
Longevity: 4 hours then whiffs trail as I move my arm
Rating: 4/5

Gardenia Rattan Aerin Lauder by canadianpetite 2014-08-30

Gardenia is not a favourite of mine so I would not buy a bottle. Soft sillage compared to other gardenia perfumes I have come across. Hubby wrinkled his nose too.

One spray on me:
Sillage: about a foot
Longevity: about four hours
Rating: 2/5

Un Air d'Escapade Givenchy by MissZaros 2014-08-30

I love love LOVE this perfume when I smell it out of the bottle, but on my skin it smells rusty and horrible :(

Evening Rose Aerin Lauder by canadianpetite 2014-08-30

Beautiful bottle but holy moly - so expensive! And it only comes in 50ml bottle. Did not deter me from trying though. The rose is beautifully rounded and smoky with the incense and cognac. I don't usually like blackberry notes in perfume but I could not detect it here or else the incense is dominating my sense of smell. Someone mentioned Tom Ford and I agree - it is reminiscent of his style although this would be an office version (does not knock anyone down with its sillage). I would buy a bottle for a lower price.

One spray on me:
Sillage: about a foot
Longevity: four hours then nose-to-wrist
Rating: 3/5

Roses et Reines L`Occitane en Provence by canadianpetite 2014-08-30

Everything is coming up roses. From start to finish it is roses - the old fashioned type; I call it lipstick rose although not powdery but rather a wet rose. I agree with another reviewer that it is not sweet. I can detect a hint of the blackberry. It seems too watery for me though, like an after shower spray, but it lasted a long time. Not full bottle worthy to me.

One spray on me:
Sillage: about a foot
Longevity: about 4 hours
Rating: 2/5

BLV Notte Pour Femme Bvlgari by MissZaros 2014-08-30

Funny how vanilla isn't even listed in the notes pyramid and yet, on my skin it smells basically like vanilla incense. Not a bad one, but definitely not a favorite either.

No Rules Nicole Richie by eirenelisa 2014-08-30

I like the pineapple-orange-vanilla and I love the pretty dried roses notes. But I don't love the musk in here and there's a tad too much of it present to allow me to love this perfume.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by elegantpasha 2014-08-30

I love Kouros, this fragance is for REAL MEN, not like those crappy queer fragances so popular nowadays..... Love the smell, love the combination of honey and civet, strong, potent, classy, elegant, great for a night party in the Mediterranean after tanning all day long in the beach, a good shower, linen shirt, and KOUROS..... the smell of ancient gods, warriors and athletes from Greece and Rome... This one and Santos de Cartier are my top favorites.... This doesnt smell like urinal cakes or feces, thats just nonsense..

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by canadianpetite 2014-08-30

Herbal (strong like patchouli), grassy, musky and woody balanced well with lemon. Not floral or sweet. It's to herbal to me in the first two hours but asked my husband of his opinion after two hours and he liked it - so did I but not love. The musk and vetiver together reminds me of the herbalness of patchouli. Pass.

One spray on me:
Sillage: a foot
Longevity: two hours then nose-to-wrist for next four
Rating: 2/5

California Star Jasmine Pacifica by Chris v.V. 2014-08-30

Does anyone remember a scent from Avon's Naturals line called Water Flowers? It was an aqua blue, marine/lotus/floral scent. It's a scent I'd been feeling nostalgic about. Unfortunately, it's been out of production for years and years. Well, I needn't worry about never finding the scent again -- its perfect dupe can be found in California Star Jasmine. To me, it's a beachy, suntan lotion (Sea & Ski -- another blast from my past!) scent. I'd be happy to have a rollerball of this stuff, for sentimental reasons.

Saint Kat Von D by Centsless 2014-08-30

I've worn Saint the past two evenings and I really like it. It has its place as a light, easy day time scent when you crave something cozy but not sexy. It is mainly a vanilla scent on me...but not the typical celebrity sugary vanilla. This vanilla is a bit more grown up, and appears not too long after the caramelly orange opening. The caramel is fleeting on my skin. As it dries, Saint becomes a creamy vanilla and sandalwood skin scent. It is more refined and subtle than I thought it would be. I feel Sinner is more interesting/complex, but Saint is probably more suitable for situations when you want to smell nice but not offend anyone. Someone told me it was a toned down version of Fancy. Yep! Overall Saint is easy to like :)

Silver Mountain Water Creed by rzetzm 2014-08-30

Love this scent! As I've already done a proper review, I must add more commentary - for I smelled this today on the opposite sex. Time to review.

I smelled delicious, sweet woods, a definite sandalwood. Which I - excitedly - asked my fellow coworker whether she had been wearing sandalwood oil. To my surprise, she quoted that she had been wearing one of my favorite scents. I was so happily shocked that I had to pull up fragrantica immediately!

Sure enough, there you go - sandalwood - in the ingredient list. On me, I do smell it now... but not so much in my earlier review. Funny how you develop depths of scents, the more you smell them.

A wonderful experience. Excellent, on males or females.

I've finally tried all 3 renditions of Le Parfum: I love all of them, but for different times of the year. Intense=INTENSE. This is more of a winter scent to me. The honey is sticky and sweet, and the star of the show in this version. The honey and amber almost drown out the orange blossom. But it's still there, peeking out from time to time. (I get the same hide and seek orange blossom from Lady Million, which I also love). Overall, Intense is beautiful but definitely for cooler temps and applied carefully. Very long lasting too!

Pucci Eau Fraiche Emilio Pucci by munchay 2014-08-30

I have a miniature of this Eau Fraiche.Oh goodness it is strong and sets me off with the first splash.But it settles down into something amazing.I can smell pure lily of the vally and roses maybe.That is all.It's hard to find fragrances like these now a days. It has a classic smell. It has that 80's touch to it, what I like about it most is that I did not get that synthetic smell that I find in most perfumes today.Very rare floral scent.

LIKE: Pure-formance is an incredibly relaxing spa-type scent good for 4 season-wear, herbal and all natural smelling. Puristic, clean presentation, excellent sprayer.

DISLIKE: On skin it opens with a strange sour smell unlike other aveda products for about 1 hour. Longevity is only about 4~5 hours, even on fabric. Although many reviewers praised the potency. The 2014 reform is probably fact.

Buy again? No, not with my current impressions, but I will give it more skin time and see if it grows on me.
As alternative I enjoy Guerlains Vetiver more.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Bottega Veneta by fresh_scents 2014-08-30

This isn't the greatest fragrance, but it is the finest in my view. It's well blended, simple, and truly a quality product that does not scream, because it is too smooth for that. I will add it to my fragrance wardrobe one day.

Dolce Vita Dior by majestic mammy 2014-08-30

19 years ago Dolce Vita was something extrodinary. I could not tell you how many compliments this took. How many people men & woman,young & old, would ask me what am I wearing.
Its longevity was wonderful & sillage just perfectly at a medium.

I adored this and couldn't live with out it. Time passed and eventually I did forget about this baby.

When I bought it again, about 6 years back,I thought my taste changed. Then I kept smelling it and I thought it was a knock off. But I bought it from Dior Boutique itself.
I used to adore the scent of it. It has changed. The opening is same but after a few minutes I find it less of the tea scented spices and a cardamom twist. (I know tea isn't in the notes but it had the grace of a rich creamy tea and white pepper.) I was onces voted in USA as sexiest female fragrance. Reformulation is a confusing deal. Now its pretty but its less smooth & more of a pungent peach punch in the face. Its nice but I would not buy it again.

Trussardi Inside for women Trussardi by Centsless 2014-08-30

This is the first fragrance I've smelled with a coffee note, and is it ever yummy and cozy. When I first applied my sample, I said mmmm! I don't think I've ever smelled something similar to this before. Sadly it is not available to buy...maybe some day someone will release something similar but I doubt it...

Face a Face pour Femme Faconnable by glitteralex 2014-08-30

Face a Face by Faconnable is lovely scent for spring and summer days. The coriander gives a sharp effect that quickly fades into a vegetal white rose. What might have been a flimsy fragrance surprisingly steps up with a soft base of cedar, spicy marigold, & a tasteful dose of patchouli. This scent is offered in an EDT concentration but is actually more of a "veil". Recommended for those who want a fresh, polite scent that does not shout.

Cedre Blanc Creed by takeitupthenose 2014-08-30

This is lovely and almost drinkable for some reason. The naturalness and crispness of this and vetiver geranium is bar none. This fragrance is wonderful for someone who could afford it. It projects well for 2-3 hours but then gets close to carrying for at least 7 hours on my skin.

The bay leaf in here is the best I have smelled and the cedar as if a fresh log is on your lap. The supporting geranium and citrus blends with a spicy cardamom and you have a top flight scent for an executive. This is made for the jack welches and Jeff Immlets of the world it smells wonderful

Reveal Calvin Klein by genny17 2014-08-30

Reveal is interesting. I neither like it too much or truly dislike it , the drydown is the best part, creamy,pretty , warm..but the top notes are hard for me to swallow, a bit like damp wood!?my husband thinks it smells like Brut.. A bit masculine, flat..then it gets better..I doubt this will put Calvin Klein back into the limelight. I don't think I will buy a bottle, I need to wear my sample more to decide where I stand on that one...not so much like Womanity, it is better, or Contradiction which was way better in my has a bit of the vibe of Obsession too..
I have yet to like a creation of Bruno Jovanovic, they are usually not harmonious.
Well let' s just say if you want something different and a bit edgy, it might work for you.
But I swear I have smelled something like it before.
Not for me.

Florabotanica Cristobal Balenciaga by Centsless 2014-08-30

The opening to Florabotanica is my favorite part: A big blast of luxurious aromatic goodness. This is about as realistic as you can get of smelling a fresh cut bouquet of roses and carnations with some sprigs of minty greenery. The rose here is watery and clean and not at all in your face. Sidenote: Look at all the reviews, they are all on the long side, because this is a unique scent and it's hard to describe, haha!

Although it does remind me somewhat, I like this better than Chloe, because Florabotanica is far more interesting and not as cloying. There is the initial green crispness, but as it dries down it mellows out, but for me never goes to powdery territory, luckily. This would be a lovely perfume for the beginning of spring when everything is green and new.

Oud Cashmere Mood Maison Francis Kurkdjian by takeitupthenose 2014-08-30

Amazing, amazing, amazing! Very pungent Oud which is quickly softened by notes of amber and vanilla. To be honest this is what Halston Amber man would smell like in the niche world. Longevity is superb,surprisingly this isn't as potent as Montale. I think cashmere was the right word to depict this. I have Halston Amber and a few montales I think I can blend them to get the same scent. But that shouldn't detract you from trying this beauty

La Panthere Cartier by suhaesa 2014-08-30

i love the old one.. when heard about this one.. i was so excited.. i sampled it in a duty free while i was travelling.. i don't usually use alot of perfumes when travelling so i don't get nauseous..i sprayed it on my clothes along 2 other perfumes i initially thought i liked it..
i bought it 2 month later impulsively ..i usually test and retest almost 6 times before deciding on purchasing anything(these days..for the past 5 years) i am not as impulsive as i used to be ..and honestly there isn't much in the market that makes me go wow..
back to cartier ..i believe a prestigious company like this should not make a fruit jumble basket of mass production ..weirdness..sorry to say this ..i just don't know how to put it any nicer..its a fruitechulie basket.. with rotting peach and some weird syntheticness.. sticness.. modern.. ..young.. old.. weird.. composition that doesn't hold the name of cartier..maybe its made for the younger generations trying to be classic..
now for the nice part.. that fooled me initially ..i do like the juice colour the apricotnise but not the synthetics..maybe its a skin scent that is just not reacting good with my skin maybe others will enjoy it ..
it has a hint of sophistication.. a hint of classicness in a modern ..young ..fruity.. sickly sweet stickiness.. its just has an annoying back ground accord.. its a hidden jumble bumble of weird accords ..that don't accentuate one another.. its like a burning candle.. the cheap smell of burning fruity candles..its not deep or opulent its not velvety.. and its not light.. its lost somewhere in-between trying to please a new generation that is also lost in-between not knowing what real perfumery is and wanting something classy.. hip ..modern ..yet classic and want to have a Cartier.. the bottle is beautiful.. and the name is what made me buy it.. although i never rely on names when buying perfumes nose is always the judge..i think i bought it due to the name and the fact that i loved the old cartiers and the bottle...
maybe the white florals a bit of indolic jasmine is showing up and annoying me as in the elie saab
anyway its a perfume perfect as a Christmas gift for its packegeing and comes in impressive gift sets...

Fig Leaf Demeter Fragrance by SexyJasmine 2014-08-30

I like this. It makes me feel like Fall...and Fall is my favorite time of year. This is my second Demeter fragrance. I was disappointed the first time around because the longevity with this line is pretty mild and I had different expectations. However I've changed the way I look at Demeter fragrances. These aren't Muglers or Diors these are skin scents, like an after-bath splash (think your grandma's Jean Nate) or a weekend scent where your bummin around the house. Anyway...I really like this fig. It smells like, well, fig. Good stuff

La Muguet Annick Goutal by courant 2014-08-30

Boiled cabbage to begin with. George Michaels sings "You gotta have faith, the faith, the faith" in my ear. But I struggle with faith every which way.
"Oh no, Vegetal, stultifying" in the way that Jean Claude Ellena was dumped on for Apres La Mousson; this is considerably more intense, I'm a fan of APLM, I don't mind it a bit brackish, I can wait for the dry down, but seven minutes goes by and I still don't feel it, and then it clears. Isabelle Doyene does this with more than one AG, before it steers into calm waters.
Yes, theres Convallaria majalis, the lily of the valley, a rhizomatous perennial that will not grow in my Zone 9 garden, although I grew it successfully at 45 degrees South (we're talking Southern Hemisphere now)

I couldn't find the rose the first time I wore it, shock maybe; it appeared the following wearing along with a powdery fixative smell that I associate with a cornstarch talcum worn by very elderly people. There's Narcissus at play here, I think, scent brain says indoles. At the dry down it's lovely and it becomes ultra fresh, which is amazing considering the beginning but will you buy it? Fleur de Cristal by Lalique is a beautiful alternative, albeit a little synthetic, and nothing has knocked Diorrissimo off its perch.
Is AG's LOTV sweet, as some have commented? I don't find Le Muguet at all sweet, better on skin than on clothes, so maybe don't spray garments.
Spring approaches here. I find Cristalle EDP to be my perfect spring fragrance and this won't make me change

This opened sharply medicinal to my nose, like camphor. My hubs actually liked it. After a while,MIT developes into a very vegetal rose, a bit like FM Portrait of a Lady but edgier.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Bottega Veneta by dolcethadon 2014-08-30

I had been interested in trying this one out for a while but never came across it.. I finally happened to stumble into a beautiful bottle of this Bottega Veneta Pour Homme at Nordstoms today so I sprayed it on the tester strip.. After sniffing it out the sale assistant gave me a sample, so I wore it.. Bottega Veneta opens up with a nice fresh coniferous blast of pine and juniper.. The pine really smells great in the opening, and than the leather comes right in to take over.. The leather is there from top to bottom and it is what this scent is all about.. Once the top notes dry the scent warms up and gets a bit darker.. There is a nice fir note in the heart, some sage, and a decent amount of pimento which adds a spicy edge to the scent.. In the base there is some labdanum which adds a slight resinous vibe, some patchouli and of course leather.. It is classy, sophisticated, and a bit mature but still modern.. Bottega Veneta is a very nice scent, I definitely recommend it to any one that likes more classic type fragrances..

Crystal Aura Avon by tanzp 2014-08-30

i got half a bottle on trade for a mere 1.50$ i like it not top of my list but its a nice spring time perfume very rosy it reminds me of something i can't put my finger on ;]

Amouage Lyric Man Amouage by VanMarlton 2014-08-30

No offense but the review below makes absolutely no sense. What are you even talking about??

Seductive Boadicea the Victorious by dkny27 2014-08-30

Cedar, pine,fir lovers come one, come all!!! Just popped the sample on my arm earlier today and this evening, I bought a FB......
I love EL Sensuous Noir due to its woody, cedar notes and this beauty certainly lives up to its name!!
I don't often verbally ooze over a fragrance but considering I have been on the hunt for a delicious pine, cedar, woody scent like this for years...
Oh happy day!!

Sofia Sofia Vergara by pravda48 2014-08-30

Will give a proper review later as I just bought a 100ml today.

Inital impression: it's in between B&BW's Forever Midnight (more similar to that one but a bit more depth vs sugar) & CK Euphoria. Syrupy sweet plum + orchid dominate by far, woody notes add almost a hazy tone to it all, and some vanilla and sandalwood add a bit more of a sweet/creamy comfort feel.

I like it a lot but it may've been a redundant purchase for me. Will see how it wears over the night! Sillage is great, 3 sprays and I'm pretty confident it'll be there for the next 6 hrs as I go out dancing.

She Sensei Piotr Czarnecki by Redpula 2014-08-30

I was happy to receive a decant from a beautiful perfume buddy, Erica.

My initial impression upon two sprays after an average burst of alcohol comes a wonderful blend of plum, violet and very soft chocolate that kept hanging on. I took a guess that this will easily gets close to skin.

Rose is one of my favorite note but I failed to detect it.

After a few minutes the chocolate, to my surprise, along with labdanum and whiskey are winning this stage. The plum and lavender sinks deeper to the unknown.

Coffee? I failed to detect it just like the rose at the start.

Although the top was captivating and the heart was so yummy, the fragrance indeed was weak yet clinging. I noticed the heart became a soft similar (top) to another Impressive niche frag: Lubin Idole

Now here's the best surprise, the base is labdanum, ambrette, a touch of vanilla, soft not too sweet, milky chocolate (I love chocolate note especially dark cocoa) and whiskey vibe. Violet and plum, gone. Rose and coffee? None, not even vibe of them. This is definitely fall, rainfall and winter perfect. Cuddly and intimate encounter scent, formal and party scent, outdoor scent.. I believe this will be good with sweat when partying as well as windy outdoor. Versatile, creative, transforming but only an average projection. I still need to observe the longevity. Good unisex perfume.

Sensei is amazing but soft on me. For it's heart, I am a fan of Lubin Idole's top and heart, dislike it's powdery dry down.

I am in love with one perfume I have that has somewhat similar (not copy) dry down vibe with this sensual Sensei. The differences, Sensei is close to skin, soft powder with yummy just right sweetness chocolate. It's probably the blends of labdanum, spices, ambrette and vanilla. The perfume I love is stronger though and for sure, fans of this will like Sensei...

Donna Karan Black Cashmere..

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by maguffin42 2014-08-30

I didn't really like the scent,it seemed a little too strong and spicy for me. I only tried it because it was in one of those freebie bags. But I got so many enthusiastic compliments, I feel like I have to continue wearing it. Both men and women track me down as smelling delicious.

Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari by lbullard 2014-08-30

This was my favorite summer fragrance.I just bought a new bottle in June 2014,no smell, or it last for a very limited time.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by lbullard 2014-08-30

I don't know what is going on with the fragrance industry. A nice good smelling deodorant and lotion,shirt put in a drawer over night will smell better and longer than this. Hey, come on perfume industry, get it together or just go out of business. Dior, Chanel,Bvlgari shame on you. I just purchased BLV-Aqua Tonaq and it lasts ten minutes on my skin and two years ago it lasted a good six hours.Consumers that buy in this market will catch on fairly quick,so you better EU concentrate on the important stuff and let us enjoy our fragrances. It can become rather easier than you think to pick up a new hobby. A shame though.

DKNY Red Delicious Men Donna Karan by Bigsly 2014-08-30

The list of notes sounds great and it starts off with promise, but the drydown simply can't compete with niche that try to do similar things. Even some designer scents, like Lacoste Pour Homme and Set Sail St. Barts for Men have more substantial "booze" notes. For coffee in designer, I'd go for Play Intense or Rochas Man, which are both much stronger in the base for this quality. That said, this is great for those who want exactly what it provides, as the base is smooth, pleasant, and reasonably natural smelling. I just can't justify buying a bottle of it and never reaching for it because when I begin to think of wearing it I decide that another scent (with at least some similar qualities) will be more satisfying.

Parfume d’Extase Marchesa by MsWinkssy 2014-08-30

For me, this fragrance is all about the freesia. It stands out the most to my nose and I really don't get any powdery iris until the dry down a few hours later. This scent is very beautiful. It is light, airy and fresh with a touch of soapiness. I have to disagree with those who say it is nothing special but that's just me. I get strong freesia for a good 4-5 hours and then the scent significantly softens and leaves a light powder that whafts when you move. The dry down is very soft which is why some may say it only lasts a few hours but it smells so good! I too got 100ml for $7, best deal of my life and so happy to add the gorgeous bottle to my collection. And I think Inventress nailed it with her review.

Hypnotic Poison Dior by june7rose 2014-08-30

Tuberose Ny-Quil. I do smell the almond in it, which I like, but it's overwhelmed by other things. A very unique, and really odd smell.

Rakaan Swiss Arabian by Gwdbe 2014-08-30

This is great and one of the best of Swiss Arabian perfumes

Be Jeweled Rouge Vera Wang by amy1983 2014-08-30

This smells "pink". I'm getting a lot of citrus and some berries. I think that if sugar were added to the mix, this would be magic!
The bottle matches the scent,though the name doesn't. "Rouge" makes me think of make-up,and this doesn't smell at all like make-up.
This is one of the cutest bottles I have ever seen! It looks so cute,its round,pink body,sitting patiently across the room on my bureau. I'm glad I bought this.

Lea Calypso St. Barth by june7rose 2014-08-30

Not enough vanilla for my taste, I don't really smell it at all, I smell a touch of almond and a whole lot of musk. It's a pillowy, billowy scent that reminds me of clean soft linens.

Lea Calypso St. Barth by Lana148 2014-08-30

This feels quite innocent. Smells like vanilla marshmallow with a touch of almonds. Overall, it's very warm and cozy. Not too sweet, although it is on the beginning.

Very pleasant dry-down. Gourmand lovers should definitely try this one out.

Mackie Bob Mackie by Hollie 2014-08-30

I've reviewed Mackie at least once...maybe twice before. I adore this scent. It's funny how our perspectives can change on a scent..we can view it differently over time with the addition of new scent experiences in our lives.I just read another reviewer compare it to Amarige and at first, I thought.."no". After a few minutes though, I definitely smell the comparison. It's softer, more subdued..a tad less sparkly. Other reviewers also say they smell pink bubblegum and I have to completely agree. Those dusty, pink sticks of gum that we dug out of our mother's purses back in the day.While thinking on that comparison it reminded me of another of my favorites that I recently had the pleasure of finally purchasing....Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir. I have them ( Mackie and Boudoir)on side by side at the moment and they are not twins but relatives for sure. I would say that Mackie is like the offspring of Amarige and Boudoir. What a beautiful child they make!

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by diggerbey 2014-08-30

Its so easy to get addicted to this smell it just grabs you and never lets you go. But it dosen't want to take over you it just wants to make you feel good. One of the best "celeb" perfumes I have ever smelled, if this had Givenchy or Armani on the bottle it would be worth x3 more and fit right in. It smells lush and deep not run of the mill. It is perfectly balanced the way the fruits are mellow but strong and the florals are balanced as well with the tuburose kept at a minimum (thankfully) and the musk is just enough. If I had one small complaint about this perfume is the patchoulli, I am not a big fan sadly. I wish the base didnt rely to much on the patchoulli to keep longetivity. When the fragrance settles all you are left with is a very faint trace of berry and a lot of patch and musk. It dosent bother me too much but it would have made an A+ fragrance with that small tweak.

I actually discovered another celeb perfume that is quite similar to this by Beyonce her "PULSE NYC" is almost similar but it is gourmand and much frutier. You really cant go wrong with either. Both are lovely and I enjoy wearing them equally.

This one is a gem. I could actually see Rihanna wearing this perfume. And in my book that makes for some good perfume.

Dior Addict Dior by Megpeg 2014-08-30

Found this today at Ross for $14 the .67oz The liquid is brown probably from age, but the smell oh my very nice. Deep spicy vanilla bordering on unisex, but the sweetness pulls it back into something more femme. It's not young or light and it doesn't smell like a garden or flower shop this smells like bold decadent perfume for women not girls. I'm almost intimidated, but I think I will grow to love it.

Black Violet Tom Ford by dkny27 2014-08-30

Oh the oakmoss! Among the violets and darker fruity background.... Settling down with some splinters of dry woods... B-R-A-V-O!
This a very sultry purple scent, resonates the feel of purple velvet...
Not much more to add from previous reviews... Only it's a shame such creative scents aren't more readily available and remain in production....

Amber Oud By Kilian by HickorySmoke 2014-08-30

Once again the Amber Gods have answered my prayers. The only problem is the Amber Gods have answered my prayers several times already for a lot less money. I wouldn't normally complain about a price of a fragrance I like such as this one, however this juice is almost twice the price of other Amber Fragrances of the same caliber.


Joop! Homme Joop! by mohdjana7i 2014-08-30

I really thought I would love this fragrances, the bottle, the color and the fact that it's sweet (like everyone says) attracted me to it. I sprayed it on my hand at a store, I just have one word that describes this scent >> "Cola". Which I like as a drink but not as a fragrance. I DID NOT expect it to smell like that at all, when people said it's sweet I expected something else.

That's my opinion on the smell. However, the longevity is excellent, and the silage is really good too.

Lust Lush by kittybobmeowpants 2014-08-30

Wow. What strange reviews. I absolutely Love this scent. Definitely a strong jasmine but gorgeous.

Its pinky girly scent. It reminds me the VS angels :D I like it It was sweet and good parfume but not interesting. I think if you wanna gift a parfume for a young teenage girl its a good choice!

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Dolce&Gabbana by Lizardbreath 2014-08-30

I tested this in the rollerball first and found it lovely...vague memories of a Victoria's Secret body splash I had called Honeysuckle and White I bought a bottle.

Where does this fragrance go? It smells great for about ten minutes and fades to a memory. The sillage was poor with the rollerball, but at least I got pleasing little wiffs of it throughout the day. I want to enjoy this perfume, not wonder if I only hallucinated putting it on.

Reve En Cuir Indult by Lana148 2014-08-30

Reve En Cuir to me fits in spicy oriental, leather category.

It's overloaded with cardamom and cloves on the beginning (not my favorite part). Later it settles down to most beautiful suede leather smell. Dry down feels transparent, and I would only catch the whiffs of leather smell, as I walked or moved my arm.

This feels very refined and elegant, background fragrance, but I am not too sure if it worth the price.

CK One Shock For Her Calvin Klein by Primrosiaa 2014-08-30

I had loved this parfume when I didint have but after I had bought this parfume I bored that just a few weeks later. Its too sugary and bland fragrance. not strong not permenent at all at least for my skin...

Timbuktu L`Artisan Parfumeur by Asaskian 2014-08-30

So, if you were to ask a synesthete, I assure you, don't see any green. Yes, it smells of wood, but something that was wet once but is drying now, puts me in mind of papyrus very strongly. It has the specific hint that folks who ever have had the pleasure of traveling by boat on River Nile will confirm. And here all of it, when combined with mango.... (mango-smell is shades of turquoise colour and if you don't believe me, please do try Patricia de Nicolai's Turquoise).... it takes on colours of hay, faintest hint of blue, like a sandstorm seen against a light blue sky from a distance.

It is quiet, it is just 'itself', it doesn't resemble anything else particularly you can compare it to, and this was done at a time when M. Duchaufour use to take time to make perfumes.... not every four months, something came along. Oh, don't get me wrong, I like what he does but too much familiarity always breeds contempt and perfumers knew that 'well' in pre-2000 era. I actually didn't mind perfumer being the silent, quiet entity sitting, watching reactions and listening. I once joked about them, being the real Illuminati at a get together, and quite a few laughed and said, some of us would prefer to stay that way. It is like Ai Weiwei.... if he talked about his art all the time, I would stop enjoying him. He usually has that dead-devil-may-care stare and if he is in a mood, he'll say something, otherwise the rare burst of dripping sarcasm coming from him suits me just dandy!

Reader, forgive me, I was off onto a tangent.
Timbuktu is a beautiful perfume but it is a tad eccentric, just like any unique piece of art, sort of puts me in mind of Japanese artist Motohiko Odani's Unicorn from 'Phantom Limb'.
Very much itself....

Sun Jil Sander by Primrosiaa 2014-08-30

Its really smells like sun I dont know how can I explain but its what I think. I mean The fragnance reminds me the grass which dries under the intense summer sun light. It also very elegant. So I like it but its too much spicy for love it.

Cuir de Russie Chanel by Dodgy 2014-08-30

ancient and overstuffed leather armchairs, cigars, the library of a grand chateau, brandy....

Never realised just how good a scent could be before I smelled this...

Love at first sniff!!!!!

Esencia de Duende Jesus Del Pozo by olga.stefan 2014-08-30

poignant and clean. I find it very citrusy and very comforting: there is a hidden elegance to it, one you didn t realize you actually missed until using this type of fragrance. definitely, a true casual wear.

Cuir Cordoba Keiko Mecheri by Lana148 2014-08-30

This is similar to Daim Blond SL. They substituted apricot with some artificial smelling fruity-floral. Leather part smells like leather not suede like is SL. Overall, it's OK, but not as good as Daim Blond.

Rosee de Nuit Friedemodin by Elisa S 2014-08-30

Really nice, even though I don't usually like fragrances with detectable violet.
I agree with Mooniq that this is a soft woody-spicy scent. I feel like the wood is mostly dark wood and I get both the cardamom and the peppery allspice.
It's also powdery, and even if it isn't listed, I also smell soft leather.
The bergamot and violet give it a slightly sour/earthy hint in the opening. But personally, I prefer it in the drydown, when there are mostly wood and a bit spice left.

This is far from a 'pink-fruity-floral-girly' fragrance, but it definitely smells feminine to me. There is even something elegant about it - in a casual way.
I get the image of a woman in autumn, wearing a dress, nylon stockings, a woolen scarf and a leather jacket.

Bandit Robert Piguet by archivist 2014-08-30

Bandit is the name she wishes she deserved. But her name is Jane, and she spends her weekend nights babysitting instead of on dates. She wears her best fluffy pink cashmere sweater, though, and a great deal of Love's Baby Soft Perfume. She has a little crush, a forbidden crush, on the father of the baby she'll spend the night feeding and changing. The pink sweater is fluffy and innocent, true. But she also thinks it is sexy, the way it clings to her breasts, making them look like pink-coconut covered Hostess Sno-Ball cakes, fresh and vanilla-scented. By midnight Mr. and Mrs. have come home, and she's breathless with the excitement she's been feeling for hours at the idea of being in the front seat of the car with him, alone. Mr., for his turn, has spent the entire evening wishing that Mrs. would put her hand on his thigh under the dinner table the way she used to. He's always aroused these days, smells it on himself, and it's making him crazy. So when Bandit turns to him, her eyes huge and glowing in the dim fluorescent light of the dashboard, her plain face rendered exotic by the moving shadows, he finds that he can't really help himself. He pulls onto a side street, all dark windows. He reaches under her pink cashmere sweater, her polite grey wool skirt. He buries his face in her neck, takes her hand and slides it up and down his thigh. The sweetness of her perfume attracts and repels him: it's the scent of her, of his baby, of his wife's distraction, all at once. He draws back from her, unable to look her in the eye, pulls the car back onto the main road. They finish the drive in silence. She straightens her clothes and walks inside, mute with confusion. Her mother, The Nose Who Always Knows, smells her as she walks by: baby powder, sweet adolescent skin, hot and flushed, and... a faint, clean musk, coming from her grey wool skirt, and a different musk - darker, spicier - coming from her hands. Is it possible? Is she imagining this? She looks quizzically at her daughter. It can't be. She inhales her scent deeply: but this time, she only smells the powder of her perfume, of babysitting. It must have been her imagination.

P.S. Whoever put this perfume in a jet black angular glass bottle with a top identical to the kind you find on fat permanent markers was out of their collective mind.

Z Zegna Ermenegildo Zegna by Manny44 2014-08-30

Sporty? Yes but Zegna sporty, which means well made and more refined than other frags it gets compared to in the male freshie category. Refined is the best word I can think of to describe this houses offerings. 7/10.

Uomo Ermenegildo Zegna by Manny44 2014-08-30

Very masculine and straightfaced. I've been impressed by the quality of all of the Zegna designer line fragrances Ive been testing lately. Not a dud in the bunch. This is becoming one my favorite houses,. Have to say I enjoy Z and Z extreme more than this particular frag but thats a subjective opinion based on what I personally feel comfortable wearing at the moment.

Kenzo Amour Kenzo by HanamiTsukimi 2014-08-30

Yet another sample from the darling DresdenDoll. Thank you!!!

This is one I had been wanting to try since I first discovered Fragrantica. The very idea of that rice note had me drooling with anticipation. Now that I've tried it several times I must agree with others who smell a "play dough" accord, though whether I find it more or less unpleasant depends on the day. But it certainly seems like others enjoy it on me, even when I feel like the play dough is leaning a little too strongly toward being plastic.

It's been said before but I'll go on record too and say that this is a cozy, warm, milky, comforting, feminine, soft, sweet and almost universally pleasing scent. It's also just a touch exotic to my nose, a quality I didn't anticipate but was pleasantly surprised by.

Romantica Intimissimi by theuntrainednose 2014-08-30

Rose, rose, rose. Rose above all other notes.

To me, not as interesting as the L'Occitane rose fragrances, but pleasing and not too artificial. I would not spend my money on it, but if I got it as a gift I would wear it.

Navegar L`Artisan Parfumeur by theuntrainednose 2014-08-30

Navegar means seafaring, and was created with the celebration of the 500 years of the Portuguese arriving, by sea, surrounding all the African continent, to India.

And it does evoke seafaring. Reminds me of the sea, but also has clear notes of wood and spices (on me, mostly fragrant pepper mixed with wood and sea). An unusual combination which, on me, is a very calming, very soothing fragrance.

A word of warning: if you have sensitive skin (like I have on my face) do not wear it on your sensitive areas. I am not sure if it is the pepper, but it makes my face red. I am lucky that my arms' skin is not sensitive and I wear it there and enjoy it deeply.

Grey Flannel Geoffrey Beene by eomer 2014-08-30

My classic autumn fragrance, rainy, grey, cloudy, depressive...

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by mildspicej17u55l 2014-08-30

Im 17 and I wear this. I personally love this stuff. Very warm and mysterious, kind of powdery. I totally see why it was popular back in the day. Ive either gotten compliments or insults saying that it smells like an old man. For one thing, none of my grandfathers wore cologne and I don't really go around sniffing old people. The stuff old people I imagine wearing is old spice, aqua velva, paco rabanne, grey flannel. Old spice is way to expensive and sophisticated for an older person. I don't see to many 80's men's fragrances that I find very impressive but when I find them impressive, i find them impressive. My favorites are Eternity, Obsession, Sung, Colors.

Close Gap by theuntrainednose 2014-08-30

This fragrance sat forgotten for years as I received it around Christmas 2009 at Secret Santa on the job I was then. I remember spraying it, thinking "Fresh, unremarkable, but I'll keep it" and forgetting about it.

Well, now it's summer (2014, mind you) and I decided to try it again. Wow!

Surprisingly complex compared to what I was expecting. On the opening I get freshness and something similar to sea breeze (reminds me of Navegar without all the wood and spices), plus something deeper which I cannot really describe. Could be the almond, an almond that is more almond peel in its slightly woody smell than sweet almond.

As it dries it gets just a hint of flowers, very subtle and not very sweet, and a nice fresh powdery note without losing the sea breeze atmosphere and slight bright wood notes (compared to darker wood notes that orientals often have). I know it has more notes as I can smell something else behind this, but I cannot identify them.

To me, it recalls waking up in early summer near the sea, open windows and a slight breeze, the air still neither cool nor warm. I really like it now!

212 Glam Carolina Herrera by HanamiTsukimi 2014-08-30

An under-appreciated little gem of a juice. The soft, powdery bitterness of iris adds sophistication to what might otherwise be a generic teenybopper fragrance, elevating it to something more befitting Carolina Herrera's grown up aesthetic (at least when it comes to clothes). It smells like a young Sophisticate out on the town for a night.

La Panthere Cartier by HanamiTsukimi 2014-08-30

This is lush and heady, a fragrance for a woman who feels womanly and isn't afraid of letting the world around her know it - because they will know it. I hate to use the word "mature" but "mature" is the most descriptively efficient adjective I can think of.

I think gardenia is gorgeous but in small doses. This is over the top for me. Both times I've tested it I've sprayed it on my ankle to be safe but the heaviness somehow defies gravity and relentlessly assaults my nose.

Les Orientaux: Musc Molinard by Jillmcshaw1 2014-08-30

I didn't know what too expect from this, was it going to be terrible and synthetic or dirty and animalic? So being the curious perfume addict that I am I blind bought it and it's pretty interesting and pretty good. From the bottle nozzle, before even spraying it smells like Nag Champa incense. I sprayed it on and it was Nag Champa, but after a while there was some patchouli and amber in the mix, and a little musk. The musk is light though, not a white musk but not dirty or powdery like Khiel's or SL MKK. Molinard Musc, is like Molinard Ambre with Nag Champa layered on top. I put on one spray and it's nice, decent longevity with sillage that stays in my personal space, over applied and you would be walking around smelling like a head shop, all that incense (the good and the downright rank), people passing by you would be dropping like flies. It's a laid back kind of scent, great novelty, I paid about $20 and that seems about right. The '60's live on in this fragrance.

Ninfeo Mio Annick Goutal by andabri 2014-08-30

I wanted to love this. So much. Fig is one of my all time favorite notes. Fico di Amalfi, which is Fig and Lemon, is one of my all time favorite fragrances. So I assumed I would like Ninfeo Mio. I tried it over and over because I was stubborn and wanted to like it.

It smells of bitter lemon, not sweet. Then mix in lavender and resin and fig leaves. Which is herbaceous and fresh and woody with a hint of dry earthy dust (not musty dust, but like sun-baked hot earth dust), but not my taste.

But then comes in the dreaded cumin/unwashed body odor note. I combed through the previous reviews on this page and in a number of other reviews people mention it as well, described as "sweat" or "cat pee" or plain old "body odor". So it's definitely there, but whether it will show up on your skin or if you will be able to detect it seems, of course, dependent on chemistry.

California Reverie is a beautiful summer perfume. At the first spray it is a bit sour because of the neroli and orange, but that sour note disappears a minute later and is replaced by the jasmine and frangipani notes. These two floral notes stay for the whole course of the perfume, making California Reverie a very light and bright scent, which is perfect for summer, the vanilla is not heavy in this at all. I put this on in the morning when I wake up and I feel more awake and ready for the day.

It actually reminds me of Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum, except Terracotta is a bit sweeter with the coconut, and California Reverie is fresher. The longevity of California Reverie is about 4 hours, so it's not very great for the steep price, but because this perfume is supposed to be very light and summery, maybe that's why it is a bit fleeting. Overall, I think this is a great addition to the Collection Extraordinaire line of Van Cleef & Arpels, and it is a very pleasing scent. It would make a safe blind buy for someone who enjoys fresh floral scents.

P.S. I layered this with Allure eau de Parfum today and it's amazing. The two scents compliment each other really well, and makes California Reverie more long lasting.

V Gloria Vanderbilt by NYCTiffany 2014-08-30

This is a very nice perfume. It is a little old school and a little goes a long way. I would describe this as a special night time ocasion scent. It is very "classy" Its mature but it does not have a "Old church lady smell" I would not suggest this for anyone under 25. If you wear a small amount on a day that is not hot and humid (I still say its a night time scent) this is very pleasant. I found bottles at a local discount store for $2 each, i love the little .8oz bottles (very vintage looking) so i bought 2. I really thought at $2 it would stink but i was pleasantly surprized! I sprayed it and my sister was like "oh that smells good" This fragrance last a LONG time too. In fact i was going to give 1 away but when I smelled it i decided to keep both lol. I think many of the Victoria Vanderbilt fragrances can be described as classy. Also the .8oz bottle is just so pretty and classy its its design, i cant wait to sit it out on my dresser.

Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat Guerlain by Sylvie-Aus 2014-08-30

Cedrat, I thought it was a type of grapefruit / lemon, certainly not cedar LOL. BTW, those notes seems to be not accurate, ( It is the flower of cedrat ) as I use to have this fragrance and it way more complex than those three notes, Not woody, citric ! It is a wonderful fragrance !

Cotton Candy Candie`s by xJessax 2014-08-30

On me, it's a simple mix of sweet candied plum with apple blossom and violet, mixed with a hint of cotton candy and vanilla. it's nice, not ''wow'', but just nice. it's a casual day at the carnival kind of scent, not ment to be taken seriously. Def for the younger crowd, but anyone could rock it.

Clean Baby Girl Clean by PennyClover 2014-08-30

It's "Love's Baby Soft" on steroids, and I love it on rare occasions.

Grand Amour Annick Goutal by andabri 2014-08-30

I've tried a handful of Annick Goutal fragrances, and most are simplistic and realistic plant based fragrances. Most smell like florals and/or greenery. Grand Amour does not.

It smells of florals and powder and soap, with the powder dominating. The first 15 seconds were exciting for me, I smelled a pretty realistic Turkish Rose and Hyacinth over a powder base, then the powder dominates, the soap comes into play and the floral is a vague undertone of the indistinguishable variety.

Not a bad composition, but not outstanding or even special. It's pretty and light and inoffensive, which can make it a crowd pleaser, but I wouldn't shell out money to own it.

A cheaper and sexier version of 'Man Eau Fraîche' ('Versace'). Great scent for casual wear in warm weather.

Great aroma; great longevity; great projection; finally, great price. Really like the famous 'Armani Code' ('Giorgio Armani'), this is more seductive & less stocky. Very good for the night.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by pjd1234 2014-08-30

@yarks youre review cracked me up LOL that's the beauty of this frag it aint for everybody send me your bottle please I will use it for your sake LOL.

Un Matin d`Orage Annick Goutal by andabri 2014-08-30

Literally the first few seconds of this smell like magnolia! I was so intrigued to find out what the first initial burst of floral was since I knew it smelled familiar but I couldn't place my finger on it. Then I come to this page, see the magnolia, and it clicked. Too bad this doesn't last. After those first few seconds this turns into gardenia mixed with ginger over an undertone of fresh greenery after a rain with a whiff of soap. Nice and simple and beautiful.

I do have to mention that Annick Goutal fragrances typically last only 2-3 hours on me. This one is even worse, after 1 hour I can barely detect anything at all. Which is why I won't ever spend money it, despite how lovely it is.

Duel Annick Goutal by pjd1234 2014-08-30

duel I just got a bottle of this one and tested it today my first impressions although its not in the notes break down I feel some kind of citrus in the opening as its fresh and lemony feel in the opening as it dries down a tea note comes in although im not too familiar with Artemisia note I guess that's that tea note?. as it goes to the base I can detect the leather, musc and wood this is familiar to me I describe the base as smokey leathery with slight musky, notes breakdown are fresh citrusy like a honey lemon feel, greenish because of the tea note finally smokey, leathery sillage pretty soft to moderate last about 5-6 hours poor for a niche frag. Price not so appealing I got this one for cheap new packaging 62usd so I blind bought it and gave it a shot. I find the smell natural its very uplifting and in offensive its a safe scent nothing really exciting or ground breaking IMO. BLIND BUYING is not recommended as its pricey and performance is weak now if they can improve the performance it will all be worth it.

Fantasy Stage Edition Britney Spears by lizzie81 2014-08-30

It means (I assume) that there is the same juice inside this edition that is in the ordinary fantasy bottles. Meaning the same as the stuff that is produced as fantasy now. Elizabeth Arden have never officially stated that they have reformulated fantasy so that is why it says the same as 2005 (ie when fantasy was released), it does not mean that they have put the pre reformulation juice inside guys, I wouldn't purchase it expecting that. Personally I have no idea if fantasy has been reformulated or not as I did not own a bottle back in 2005 I am just curious as to what it used to smell like if they did. Anyways just thought I would add my thoughts on this, I can't say for sure as I havn't seen it yet. I think people are disappointed because they wanted a brand new scent not one they could already get before hand, also seeing as a black anniversary edition was very recently released which is also the same scent.

Capucine Fragonard by Sherihan 2014-08-30

I find it soapy/masculine, almost a blind buy, it smelled nicer in the Fragonard factory in Grass. And yes reminds me of Flower by Kenzo.

Aziyade Parfum d`Empire by Lana148 2014-08-30

The first time I smelled Aziyade, it took my breath away. I literally had a "moment", some "brain ecstasy". It felt like the most beautiful thing I've ever smelled and it satisfied all of my senses.

This seldomly happens to me. I was so exited and ready to dump all of my fragrances just for this one:)

Anyway, after a little while the fragrance took a big turnaround on me and all I was left with: a very smelly armpit on my whist. I wasn't ready for such a let down. I am not afraid of cumin and skanky fragrances, but this was way too much!

So, I am sad, but still not giving up, maybe one day my chemistry will change and work a little better with an amazing Aziyade.

Habit Rouge L`Eau Guerlain by gzalvares 2014-08-30

Citrus-vanilic delicious! Opens with much orange which gradually makes a creamy mousse with vanilla and hazelnut. Great.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by yarks 2014-08-30

Pew! That's some strong junk. I understand the appeal, I just dont feel the same appreciation. This cologne opens up with what is described as a "tar" note. It is rough to get though with your reward being a sweet, rather cloying scent. I cringe just thinking about it now. The sprayer is garbage only because of its placement in a rubberized bottle. You have to feel through the rubber to find the sprayer just to unleash the nausea. I feel that one spray is an overspray. I was choking up all day with this on. Probably shouldn't have sprayed my neck. I'm going to have to pass on it. It projects well and lasts long. I actually do like it once it is tame, but it's just too much for my purposes, especially since gourmands were never my thing. I don't know where I'd wear this. Maybe you love it, but I prefer something more subtle.

Insense Givenchy by MonsieurK 2014-08-30

Bright, aldehydic and green but also fresh and complex. From my vintage bottle, I don't get a projection monster but rather a discreet, and quite sophisticated floral arrangement that would suit an evening at the opera as much as a stroll down the promenade by Lake Geneva.

I can understand why early marketing attempts failed to draw men to this fragrance. Mindsets have changed a little, so Givenchy should get over 1993 and try to make another comminuque to the men of today rather than change the look of the bottle, because the juice they have here is not ordinary, but sensitive, extremely intelligent and beautiful. There are plenty of men out there who would take well to this. Women too. Let's not beat about the bush with this - Insense is an intriguing masculine but would make an irresistible feminine.

In spite of this however, and after all said and done, it's time for secure men to come out and claim what was originally made with them in mind.

Thumbs up.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 18 Chanel by Ludicolo 2014-08-30

I wrote a very long review of N18 earlier and honestly, this is a very peculiar perfume and easily the most singular and unique offering in the entire Les Exclusifs range, probably in the entire Chanel range for that matter.
Because of this I find it almost impossible to gather the right words to describe N18!

I'll still try though..
With N18 I'm not really able to pick out individual notes used in traditional perfumery.
It smells more like a blend of different "things" and "elements" to me.
It smells a bit "unsettling" even.
Pencil shavings, dried rose petals, antique paper, wooden toothpicks, worn leather, wet soil and even rocks. This is what I smell.
The only thing I recognize from traditional perfumery is a very strong note of musk which I'm assuming is the ambrette.
However, even this note feels unsettingly different from the musk that I'm used to smell.

So many perfumes are described as mysterious, but if theres one that's really earned that title, N18 has to be the one!
A very abstract perfume,
putting on N18 is a different experience each and every time.

My only gripe with it is the projection and longevity. I need to spritz quite a few times to get the effect that I want.
In the end, I still adore it tremendously.
A true "love it or hate it" perfume!

Eau du Badian L`Occitane en Provence by nettoyant 2014-08-30

drooling tomcat, reading your review, I can't help but read "hairbally" instead of "herbally".

Dreamer Versace by yarks 2014-08-30

Praised to the heavens by my favorite YouTube reviewers, I had to try The Dreamer. Sadly, much like another reviewer had stated, this reminds more of a deodorizing toilet tablet than a cologne. The bottle is beautiful, and the spayer is alright (maybe I just have bad aim). The scent, however, is a tad overrated. It is elegantly synthetic and fearlessly full of tobacco. Longevity is moderate with a soft projection. And to think people say to go easy with the trigger on this one! I can see the romantic vibe for a cheap fling, but certainly not for an intimate relationship. I don't know how to say it, but everytime I smell this, my stomach feels empty. Not hungry, just empty. It is not a pleasant experience. The only thing The Dreamer really did for me was remove my fear of tobacco notes in a cologne. I thought it would smell like ciggarettes, but instead smells like a pleasant empty cigar box. I can't say I recommend this fragrance. It's unique, but not what I want to smell like. I have no confidene with this juice on.

Yuzu Fou Parfum d`Empire by Lana148 2014-08-30

Wow, this is different. I've tried this, as I like citrus fragrances. I was excited to smell Parfum d`Empire's version of citrus, because I assumed there would be some good twist to it, but I completely got lost at what I was smelling.

What are those repulsive notes? I thought, it's just my chemistry. After reading the reviews, I am relieved I'm not alone in this. There are definitely "skank" and "cannabis" here. After a while the "bad" notes wear out quite a bit.

Nevertheless, as weird as it is, I like it a lot. It's like guilty pleasure. I want to have it too, just not too sure how people around me will take it.

Madame Gres Gres by nikoleta1 2014-08-30

Nice, soft, floral, elegant and lasting, reminds me Chanel Madmausel Allure mix. PLEASAN surprise.

Givenchy Play Intense Givenchy by yarks 2014-08-30

Ah yes, the silly mp3 player bottle. Mock it though we may, the surprise inside will sucker punch your expectations. This is a delectable gourmand scent, complete with somewhat of a coffee vibe, but more or less littered with reminders of snacks and no full resmeblence to any. You know, like a gourmand fragrance is supposed to do. That said, I'm not a huge fan of gourmands. They just aren't versatile enough for my purposes. To make matters worse, the scent doesn't project that well at all on my flesh. Maybe about an inch or two out. However, it certainly lasts well into the next day, changing along the way. I can't, unfortunately, wear this. I've faied to get noticed even with more liberal sprays. I'm unhappy for that. For that reason alone, I'm going to have to recommend you pass on this. There are better gourmands to find, specifically Givenchy's Pi.

Fantasy Stage Edition Britney Spears by Alison Wonderland 2014-08-30

I'm surprised by all the negativity of these reviews...yes, it is the same perfume as 2005 "Fantasy", which it says right in the description.

Yes, to some the bottles may appear ugly. But the original Fantasy's bright pink rhinestone overloaded design may not have appealed to everyone's personal taste either.

What it really boils down to for me is this:
Since starting my fragrance journey on this site, I saw numerous threads and posts about how much so many loved the 2005 Fantasy, and so many are bemoaning how the fragrance in 2014 has been ruined, a ghost of its former self due to extensive reformulations.

Now it appears you don't need to hunt down an older bottle on Ebay to get the scent that so many love (if it really is the exact same formula as 2005 Fantasy.)

I thought that fans of the original scent would be happy that their favorite perfume was back, in all of its former glory.

There are already tons of Britney perfumes. Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, the Fantasy remixes etc etc. The same people complaining that there are so many remixes then complain when the original is finally back, and not yet another half-baked flanker? Whaaa?

I have not tried Fantasy yet as everyone's reviews have convinced me that the 2005 version is the only way to go, and I already exceeded my perfume hunting budget this month xD.

However, I would like to add either the 2005 version or this stage edition to my collection when I have the funds (or perhaps receive it in a swap.) Simply due to all the nice things I have heard.

There are so many perfumes that have been ruined by this reformulation nonsense, from Chanel to Britney, and in my opinion i'm happy an original scent that is loved my many is finally back on the market. I only wish it was available in London, UK where I currently live!

Knot Bottega Veneta by Germany 2014-08-30

Curious !!! Sounds like it smells of clean laundry , air dried. Nice, I like those type of scents. Lavender,rose , musk and tonka. Must have similarities with JERSEY !!!!! And that does smell like clean laundry as well :)

Journey Man Amouage by smcandsmc 2014-08-30

Gorgeous tobacco scent for sure and the pepper adds life and interest so that it's not just another ultra rich pipe scent... but, I was hoping for more pepper and less tobacco, but I'm probably alone on that count.
Quality and depth is exactly what you expect from Amouage. I think we all could get rid of 4 or 5 other spicy tobacco frags we own and replace them with this-- when I smell a new Amouage, I look at the price, and then look at my collection and think about the whole quality vs quantity thing.

Red Vetyver Montale by K1 2014-08-30

The first impression on Montale Red Vetyver was “ow, Terre d’Hermes; so that’s why people compare them”. But quickly after about five minute the Montale’s signature joins the pub! A metallic acrid accord with somehow sour somehow animalic vibe. Here is smells like something roasting slightly!
Anyway, I went through it, nice work indeed. I’m now at the dry out and here we are ladies and gentlemen! No one, NO ONE can mess with Terre. NO ONE can challenge Ellena, the monk of perfumery! Terre is something else and Montale is just a replica! I’m sorry, if I hadn’t known Terre I would pay much more respect but I’m not so pretty with replicas! Montale is just cool, nice for people who collect its fancy bottles, frankly I die for their bottles! So you can have a Terre with metal bottle!

Stetson Coty by yarks 2014-08-30

Making fun of this cologne is almost as cliche as the cologne itself! It truly is, without a doubt, questionably masculine. It smells like a woman's perfume to an extent, but not as fully as people profess. I will admit, when looking for my first cologne, I ended up buying this with Aspen because of the back of the box. It told me I'd be a cowboy running in the wind. And what's sexier than a rugged cowboy free on his stallion? Women gotta love that stuff. So I bought it without a whiff. Later, I found it to be an irrevokably cheap scent of gummy spice and flowers. A cowboy smells like leather, ash, and dust, not this. This is what a bad car salesman smells like. Maybe your grandpa likes this. It's not absolute garbage, but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this junk unless I just wanted to be funny. I can't recommend it.

La Panthere Cartier by PerfumeEmpress 2014-08-30

My husband gave me this for our anniversary and I am over the moon. This is such an elegant, femenine scent. It's luxury in a bottle. I do admit that I'm a spicy/oriental/heady scent sort of person. But this is truly a quality scent. I never wore this w/o getting tons of compliments. I was in France in July and a gentleman asked me what was the "divine" scent I was wearing. Still, even if those who don't like it certainly must admit it is a fine creation.

Aspen For Men Coty by yarks 2014-08-30

A cheapie. Don't pay $20 at Walmart, I got mine on Amazon for under $10. Unfortunately, I may even say don't buy it at all. But that's not because of the scent. As ok as it is, this just does not last. Maybe a good hour of minor projection. This cologne should more or less be used like Febreeze. You know, to freshen up your shirt. But if you're expecting this to project and last, it won't. Didn't last that long on paper, either. It smells great! It really does! I gave my bottle to my bro for that reason. But even on him, it is still absolutely pitiful. This was my first bottle of cologne. I will not purchase it again, though. Pine needles and flowers are what you get. I do not recommend this scent. It's just the shell of what it should be.

Halloween Man Jesus Del Pozo by yarks 2014-08-30

We meet again, 1 Million. This time you hide in the thick purple glass of Halloween Man. But while 1 Million had a metallic fruit gum vibe, Halloween Man reminds me of something none of you may expect- Mr. Bubble bubble bath. A smell I know decisively well from childhood. Rub-a-dub-dub indeed. To be fully honest on my opinion, the only moment it really felt like 1 Million was the first one minute or so (you know, to trick people into buying it off of one sniff). After that, it takes on its own identity. Do I like it? Yes, I actually do. Because of my association with a pink bottle of bubble fluid, I consider this a fresh, yet immature scent. It may certainly get compliments, but not full blown respect. I think people are victims of marketing to say it reminds them of Halloween time. Really? That's more dusty oak leaves and cinnamon for me. Projection is moderate on my flesh and longevity lasts as long as Mr. Rabanne's masterpiece. The sprayer is incredible and you could probably whack the bottle with a bat without damage- that jar is thick! I do recommend this cologne. Just not for me- I want to smell something past the rubber duck days of childhood.

Costa Azzurra Tom Ford by sophiesmystery 2014-08-30

Wooooo! I sprayed some of this on my arm today at Neiman's and was nearly blown away by how STRONG this stuff is. Would a man really wear this? This is high priced nasal decongestant - it literally burns your nostrils whenever you smell it.

Something in here is beautiful and aquatic, but then there's a heavy dose of juniper (ick) and cardamon (sizzling!) and other too-aromatic herbs which overpower this concotion. If a man came around me smelling like this, I'd probably run. I noticed at lunch that the flies were deftly avoiding the inside of my left arm and hoovered nearby my mother.

It calms down after an hour or so and the subtle notes of driftwood start to shine through, but I continue to smell this sizzling HOT spice of excessive cardamon, mixed with a bit too much incense, and lots and lots of agarwood.

Way, way, WAY too overpowering.

Elle L'aime Lolita Lempicka by PerfumeEmpress 2014-08-30

This one did not work for me. It's not a bad scent. It's just too generic. Too Eau de Mallrat. It lacks the uniqueness of the other Lempicka creations. Good for the very young ones. I prefer something more mature (as in 'adult and grown-up,' not 'old').

Grand Neroli Atelier Cologne by sophiesmystery 2014-08-30

Very lovely emerald neroli - it's moist, humid, lush, and sensual. Works beautifully on freshly cleaned skin, where it blossoms into a headful of shadows and glimpses of delicate sunshine.

This is an oasis in the middle of a hot desert. The golden warmth of the neroli is a vibrant as a brass sun. As the neroli calms down, you get subtle hints of spicy-sweet oakmoss, dewy and moist. A hint of subtle cedarwood, a touch of musk. There is a glistening laguna here, tall, leafy ferns and crawling, gray-green mosses curling up shadowed tree bark.

The neroli is not as pronounced as in another favorite of mine - it's not explovise, sensual, or piercing. This is a soft morning neroli, when the blossoms are just beginning to awaken to the warmth of the sun. I find the heart of moss to be the most beautiful - it has a subtle sweetness, a humidity which is soothing to my nose, a quiet grace which is loving and enveloping. It's like walking in a silver rain shower, with the sun just shining behind a break in the clouds. The vanilla comes through every once in a while, a delicate, creamy sweetness, but it's not dominating.

It's not earthshatteringly beautiful, but lovely enough I wouldn't mind a little bottle.

Bois Blonds Atelier Cologne by sophiesmystery 2014-08-30

A little bit too much pepper for me.

It's a crystalline, yeasty pepper - on my skin, it overpowers every other note. All I smell is pepper, pepper, and more pepper.

Every once in a while, I get a hint of vegetal vetiver, a touch of dark, smoky incense, maybe somewhere a hint of neroli.

It's that the pepper was so dominating. I think I'll pass.

Usher He Usher by yarks 2014-08-30

You know what? I like it. I really do. Does it last long? LOL yeah right! But longer than you think- I showered shortly after test applying it and still got the spicy sting. But the fact that the projection is pitiful makes me think it doesn't last at all. The top notes, like most celebrity fragrances, are superb. That's what makes you buy it. The mid and base notes are, however, more boring or almost non-existent. This is a stereotypical cologne scent. It's actually the smell I was spiritually thinking of when first looking for cologne. It fits the bill, but it just isn't noticable enough or evolutionary enough for me to properly respect it in full. Do I recommend this? You know? I do. I do recommend it. It is a great STARTER SCENT for a teenager. But beyond that, it is drab. It's cheap (espcially for a 3.4oz tester online!) and masculine. I just don't care for it anymore. The sprayer is pitiful (and the tester at target even snapped), so apply heavily. 10 sprays to even get noticed.

Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta by Eloquaint 2014-08-30

Interesting. After a very confused and confusing initial application, Bottega Veneta reminds me of nothing so much as Bond #9's Success (is a Job in New York). There's a slightly more menthol smell to BV then there is to Success, but they are very close. Vanillic and very slightly like vinyl. I like it a lot, and it has the advantage of being WAY cheaper than Success.

Samsara Eau de Parfum Guerlain by HanamiTsukimi 2014-08-30

Definitely too strong for me, particularly at first (this is an 80s fragrance, after all). Then I'm surprised by how green and earthy it is on me. I get strong green notes from top to bottom that make me feel slightly sickly. I also get the dirty, ashy quality that others mention. Is that the sandalwood I'm supposed to be smelling? Strange, since usually that's a note I adore. Maybe some of us just don't have the kind of chemistry that brings out the best in this perfume.

Legend Michael Jordan by yarks 2014-08-30

I hate the bottle. I hate the packaging. I hate the sprayer and I hate the celebrity endorsement. But I like the juice! It is an unknown pleasantry. A treasure? Well, I need to admit right now that I do not like wearing gourmands. I admit that they smell good, but something about them just doesn't settle well for me. I don't like smelling like food and flowers. MJ Legend projects very well (I smell it all day without trying!) and lasts into the next day. It smells good! It really does! It just isn't my thing. I was complimented once, so it is certainly not a lost cause. However, the ugly, boring bottle makes me want to get rid of it. I often think of my cologne bottles when I smell the scent on myself throughout the day, and when I think of this one (permanently associated witth this scent), I feel cheap as hell. I know you don't wear the bottle, but I'd take the A&F Fierce bottle (eye candy for women, not me) any day. The sprayer is an atrocity and almost sprays out nothing. You have to do two spritzes to get what a normal sprayer can accomplish. It would also break from moderate handling I'm sure. But it's a cheapie- what should I expect? I DO recommend this one, despite the fact that it also doesn't evolve much on my skin. Kinda linear, but hey, it's a good ride. I'm just too superficial to fully enjoy this.

Far Away Gold Avon by dadulka82 2014-08-30

Very similar to original Far Away, but to me much more pleasant.
Long lasting!
OK for work

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes by edwardnr17 2014-08-30

First it is very crispy green, but then... It falls apart and leaves no traces of it ever being sprayed.
I expected something more.

Coque d'Or (2014) Guerlain by dadulka82 2014-08-30

would love to try it!
why not make perfumes affordable for everyone?
come on.....

Monsieur Huitieme Art Parfums by henri345que 2014-08-30

While applying Monsieur on my skin, it immediatly brought Olfactive Studio Ombre Indigo to my mind. Both have the same main notes: vetiver, incense and a Agarwood profile. This seems to be due the use of cypriol/nargamotha/papyrus, since it's one of the essences used into some oud abstract accords. It's the first nuance that you notice, the sweet incense nargamotha aroma mimicking oud. Soon after it you notice minty and airy incense nuances mixed to woody vetiver smell. The sandal and cedar here are combined in a way that they form a more abstract and woody impression. What i thought that is interesting on this one is that altough it's a fragrance mainly made of basenote essences, it's not linear and also not so dense either. Still, i think it's redundant having it and Ombre Indigo, they seem very much alike for me.

Samsara Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Steleale 2014-08-30

Absolutely feminine fragrance!

Joop! Homme Wild Joop! by yarks 2014-08-30

You're looking at Paco Rabanne in the eyes with this one, Joop. I know your scheme! Get back in the game by immitating instead of innovating. Can't blame you, though. Too bad we all can see the man behind the curtain, because there's nary a person who can't at least admit similarity to the infamous 1 Million. That said, Joop Homme Wild shines as a brilliant immitation with the most confusing ingredient set I've come across. There are barely any notes present that I can distinguish as advertized. Rum? Absolutely not. Pink pepper? Okay, maybe a litte. But no tobacco. Now you're just trying to toy with us. The top and heart notes are superb, but this lacks the famous Joop projection and longeviy.

But towards the end of those heart notes comes what I can only describe as loathsome. The drydown to the base notes reveals an ugly, unattractive scent. It smells like a ripoff playdoh. It's apprehensible and makes me want to gag. Are dry downs not supposed to be pleasant? I'm running away from this bottle. 1 Million's dry down is candyland. But this? You'll regret having this on your wrists. The pretty top notes can't make up for the attrocity of the drydown, and it made me sad that I didn't find a cheaper alternative to 1 Million by a house I somewhat know about. I strongly DO NOT recommend :( I do find the stupid commercial entertaining, however.

Even Cowboys from Texas can wear perfume. And not just any old perfume but one of the most beautiful leather perfumes around, Cuir de Lancôme by Lancôme of Paris. As I and so many others have said. Perfume is without gender and what is good for the gander works just as well on the goose.

Cuir de Lancôme is from the La Collection Fragrance line by Lancôme. Their exclusive line created a few years back. Many houses now have special lines like Collection Privée by Dior and Les Exclusifs by Chanel. Lancôme has not been left behind in the dust on that account.

This fragrance is most interesting in the fact that it is labeled Cuir (Leather) and yet it has not a single so called leather note in it. Yet its overall effect is that of the most luxurious fine leathers one can wear. It opens with a softly sweet and smooth mandarin orange and a slightly bitter bergamot that is given a tawny elegant smoothness with the addition of saffron. This note is where we get the leather. It is a grounded leather close to the earth and rather sensuous and caressing. This wonderful leather effect is created from a flower.

Hawthorne lightly sweetens the mid notes and marries the jasmine and ylang ylang under a canopy of sturdy masculine patchouli. It really shines here. Never too loud like some leather perfumes, rather it is like a Gary Cooper cowboy in full control of any situation yet laid back and languorous with a hint of danger behind it.

In the dry down it gets even more masculine with a balsamic styrax, the pure beautiful note of birch. These notes meet up with a austerely cool and gorgeous orris root. Cuir de Lancôme is never more beautiful than in its fading moments.

With fall fast approaching I know that this will be in my rotation. It simply and effortlessly projects a quite, masculine elegance that with a flip of the coin is equally perfect on the skin of a woman of substantial glamour and poise.

There are two noses behind this fragrance Calice Becker (J’adore and Velvet Orchid for Tom Ford) and Pauline Zanoni. Together they have come up with a really beautiful fragrance that lasts on my skin between 8 and 10 hours. Around the third hour it moves closer to the skin were it remains to invite more intimate exploration. The projection is moderate which I like in a leather fragrance. You don’t want to come in with six guns blazing all the time. Sometimes you can say much more leaning against the bar surveying the room from under a ten gallon hat.

Lotus Garden Pacifica by roguelobster 2014-08-30

To be honest I don't know what lotus smells like, but I was hoping it would smell like the water lilies I used to pick at the lake when I was a kid: fresh, aquatic, floral. To me, this is mostly grapefruit with a hint of violet (a note listed on the product packaging, but not listed here or on the Pacifica website). It didn't work for me so I exchanged it, but if you like grapefruit you might want to give it a try.

Nightflight Joop! by yarks 2014-08-30

Beautiful bottle with the famous Joop sprayer, king of application. So what do I think of the smell? Fresh. Freshly fresh. Freshly, deodorant stick and detergent powder fresh. Now what does this mean? Well, it simply means the fragrance is, unfortunately, something mundane. There's nothing here that you haven't smelled before, but that's not a full review. If there's anything this is good at, it's irrefutably the projection- another Joop expectation that it certainly lives up to. This is the first fragrance for me that only lasts a moderate amount of time- maybe 6 hours- but with great projection the entire ride. Sad to say it *did* become obnoxious on me. Perhaps I oversprayed? It may be a boring scent, and the notes sadly all cluster together with nothing recognizable to my nose. I doubt you'd impress anyone wearing this. However, one can do muuuuch worse. I won't be wearing this huge 4.2oz bottle again, but that's not to say it's because it was a bad experience. It's just too immature and safe for my tastes. Despite that, I do recommend it for a casual scent. I just wouldn't want people to know me for it.

Fraaagola Saalaaata Hilde Soliani by lucysky 2014-08-30

Smells like candy! -- Amazing!


Habanita Eau de Parfum Molinard by lipglossandabackpack 2014-08-30

I'd incorrectly posted this under the eau de toilette but realized my bottle was an eau de parfum. This was a blind buy based on your recommendations, and I will be eternally grateful! All the florals wafted away within minutes, and I spent the rest of my morning... and afternoon... and evening... in a dreamy haze of baby powder, smoked vanilla and musk. I don't see it listed above, but I still get the tobacco and leather notes listed under the eau de toilette. This is a perfume for a girl in a cashmere sweater who wants to curl up on her boyfriend's lap as he reads a tattered old hardcover book in the study. I'm on hour thirteen and I'm still in love with my own scent, but at no point during the day did I suspect that the perfume was strong enough to even be noticed by those nearby. Any age, any season, Habanita is versatile and unique.

After owning this for about a year I traveled to Havana, and was surprised to actually smell Habanita in the streets. It wasn't that other women were wearing it, it was that Habanita captures the actual smells of Havana (which, for obvious reasons, hasn't changed much since the perfume was introduced). If you have a chance to visit Havana make sure to familiarize yourself with this scent first, and then keep your nose peeled as you walk down some of the city's less-traveled streets and alleys!

Chanel N°19 Chanel by aworleo 2014-08-30

Gentle Chypre Green Floral that is absolutely gorgeous.It's crispy, delicate and truly a masterpiece.This will be one of my go to perfumes this coming fall :)

An authentic discovery of Middle Eastern floriental luxury. Al Hajar al Aswad is a soft fresh evocative intoxicating pure floral, jasmine musk private blend with a slight dark side to emerge the feeling of the Black Stone of Kaaba.

Joop! Homme Joop! by yarks 2014-08-30

Blech! If you like candied candy smothered in a medicinal feel, this concoction is for you. The pink liquid doesn't help- I feel like I'm taking doses. I'm not saying it's absolute garbage- it's just NOT my cup of tea in the least. I find it hard to take anyone seriously when they are wearing this, plus the versatility is very low on the meter. The drydown does get better, and by the next day the one or two notes that remain are a loving, pleasant contrast to the rest of the mess. However, I'd much rather wear something both traditionally masculine and immediately gratifying than something gimmickly sweet. Maybe girls like it. It's certainly different than what's in and now, even back then. The bottle is appealing and the sprayer is the god of all cologne sprayers, gratuitousy supplying you with Homme juice. However, I do not want to smell this on you or myself. I do not recommend, but for yolo's sake (can't beleive I just typed that) you should at least smell it once. Just don't wear it more than that, please.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by pronose 2014-08-30

in one word this is just a rubbish! cheap and common to be a guerlain!!!!!!

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by HanamiTsukimi 2014-08-30

This type of scent has been done better, and by the house of Dolce & Gabbanna themselves. I hate to join the chorus, but it's true.

I will differ in that I don't merely find it bland, but unappealing. These are the kinds of unsubtle florals you find in air freshener, only now with soap and water.

Prada Candy Florale Prada by rickyrebarco 2014-08-30

This was almost a scrubber on my skin. It opened with such a blast of heavy florals engulfed by sweet sugar syrup, very synthetic and plasticky smelling. The lemony part of the limoncello did not really come through on my skin, just a gooey syrup smell and viscous feel. As time went by, the scent did improve quite a bit. The benzoin saved it and some vanilla. I also smell some wood notes, too. Ultimately I think someone who likes gourmands and is willing to wait an hour until the benzoin and basenotes come in might at least like this one. Young girls would probably like it from the topnotes on.

Liquid Cashmere Donna Karan by harpermae 2014-08-30

I am enjoying the paper sample that I spread on my arm today, but it's so faint. Maybe it's because it's from paper. I'd like to try it from the bottle to see if it lasts longer. I don't have high hopes, though. Pretty scent, faint amber and floral. Sits very close to the skin, and I think that's the point.

Philosykos Diptyque by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

At first, it smells really great, like freshly-cut grass. But after a few seconds, it turns into a dusty scent that resembles fairly well the hay. I've heard someone saying that he detected a nectarine note. After hearing that, I can say that I do get myself the smell of peaches.
Another description it would be that it smells like the very hot air next to a heating radiator in the winter, i.e. very dry.
Not pleasant at all.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

This scent has a metallic note that it is absolutely unpleasant. It smells raw. It is to "green". It induces me a malaise. Overall, it is too sharp.

Papavero del Tibet Tesori d`Oriente by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

All I smell is peppercorn and this in a bad way. Out of all the Tesori d'Oriente I have tried, this is the only one I do not like.

Eau de Lierre Diptyque by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

It smells great, really interesting, like an unripe fruit. It smells green.
But just like Philosykos, if in the beginning it has a great odour, then it transforms itself into something awful. In this case, Eau de Lierre converts into the scent of the water from a flower vase that someone had forgotten to change.
But because the producer has put this perfume on the market, I guess it is just a case of lack of compatibility with my skin.

Bellodgia Caron by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

Extremely clogged probably from the carnation. Not for me.

No 10 Roam Odin by annija8 2014-08-30

I can appreciate this fragrance purely intelectually, but it doesn't appeal to my nose at all.
On me, it smells like wood and incense, it is overpowering and very dry. However, I think that the combination is very original and I really wish the actual fragrance would impress me as much as the notes alone.

Baobab Tesori d`Oriente by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A really interesting scent. One word: cucumber, although not listed on the ingredient list. I like it.

Fior di Loto Tesori d`Oriente by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

I like it. I detect vanilla and coconut. Also, it is sweet, but in an oriental manner. In time it becomes a little powdery, but not to disturbing.

Oyedo Diptyque by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

It is like you are making the glazing for a cake. You take a pan and put in it: a pinch of sugar, the slices and the zest of citruses (oranges, lemons), and a little water. And bring them to boil.
I like Oyedo.

Pure Game Adidas by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

Yes. A good scent. Citric, and with a faint touch of sweetness. Unisex.
You need to use very much for the aroma to keep.

Eau du Badian L`Occitane en Provence by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

Smells really nice, herbally. You can detect the quality of the ingredients. Althought an EDT, it keeps all day.

Helene Rance 1795 by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

Yes. Interesting. Stands out from afar. Smells like caramelized sugar. Although it can get boring after a while because of the sweetness.

Francois Charles Rance 1795 by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A safe scent. Unisex.

White Musk Tesori d`Oriente by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A pleasant fragrance. Powerful and very long lasting. Intense aroma. On my skin it smells a little different than from the bottle: floral and sweet. Very nice. Cheap and very good.

Eau Rose Diptyque by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

This is a green rose scent. Not sweet. It is like you are smelling the actual rose from the bush. You perceive the petals but also the leaves.
If only it would last on my skin. An EDP version it is welcomed.
Like in all Diptyque fragrances, although some of them do not appeal to me in terms of scent, you can sense the quality of ingredients.
Very nice.

Nuit de Longchamp Lubin by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A great fragrance. I would even call it a classic. A heavy oriental. Powdery, but in an acceptable way.
It needs to be applied in a small dose, otherwise, not the others, but you will not be able to breath.

Boss Bottled Night Hugo Boss by brucifer 2014-08-30

I sprayed this on myself and my initial reaction was wow this reminds me of my Kiton. Upon searching Boss Bottled Night on here I see they both have strong Violet and musk notes. I still prefer my Kiton though bit more sophisticated and classy. But this is a good option if Kiton is otherwise unavailable.

A pleasant aroma with vanilla and a hint of smoke. It would have been something very good if it were not for those cheap ingredients.

Verveine L`Occitane en Provence by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A great citrusy (lemony) scent. The only drawback is that it takes very little until it is gone from the skin.

A beautiful tender fragrance.

Gin Fizz Lubin by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A citrusy, fresh scent. This is the first fragrance I encoutered whose name reflects the actual scent. You can understand why it is called "fizz". It gives you an optimistic feeling.
I like it very much.

Do Son Diptyque by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

When I first smelled this perfume, I said to myself that this is really unpleasant. So I put the vial back into the perfume box and I left it there. During a year, from time to time, when I would have nothing to do, I would take the box out and smell the vial and apply a small amount on my skin. And at a moment in time I realized that Do Son is a very beautiful scent. And now I love it.
It is a great warm tuberose. And I do not know how, it really creates a sensation of warmth that can be felt at physical level. Also, it smells deep and concentrated, but at the same time it has a certain easiness.
So, if someone dislike Do Son when he/she first smells it, I would say to give it another try.
You can really smell the quality of Diptyque's ingredients.

Laetitia Millesime Rance 1795 by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

To me it smells like dry dumpster garbage. It makes me think of minced walnut, and sand combined with something else that is very dry.
Yes, it resembles a bit "Labdanum" from L'occitane en Provence, but only regarding the labdanum note. Otherwise, they are different.
Sprayed in the air, it is not that bad, but on my clothes or skin it is a crime.
I have tried Laetitia Millesime many times just to be sure that I am not getting this wrong, but the effect is the same everytime. I am sure that on someone else it would be nice, but on me some ingredient does not work.
Of all the scents that I have sampled from Rance this is the only one that turns nasty on me.

Fleurs d'Ombre Rose Jean Charles Brosseau by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A nice sweet rose scent. If you would take some rose petals and mix them with sugar in a glass with water, this is what you would get. Pleasant and very feminine.

Malabah Penhaligon`s by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

It is nice but to simple for me.
I can detect the citruses and the oriental spices. It has a "transparent" smell which I associate with clove, although not listed as an ingredient.

Florence Tocca by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

When I first smelled Florence, the first word that had come to my mind was: minced walnut. If your mother / grandmother bakes sweet bread (or cozonac/kozunak), then she would use ground walnut to put into the cocoa filling. Maybe this is how gardenia smells like.

The problem with Florence is that after many daily usages, you get tired of it. Physically, your nose does not like it anymore. But not because it smells bad. And if you let some time to pass by, maybe some weeks, then all comes back to normal.

Another issue is that the scent is flat, does not develop on the skin.
It is an acceptable fragrance to use only from time to time.
It smells nice nevertheless.

L'Eau Couture Elie Saab by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

L'eau Couture starts fresh, but becomes sweet like those translucent candies that you keep in your mouth for minutes until they dissolve themselves. Yes, it is candy sweet. But it is a more refined, complex sweetness than that.
Still, L'eau Couture suits better teenagers. I am not fond of it.

V Vetyver Mad et Len by Housebliss 2014-08-30

Clean, fresh, and a slightly sweet vetiver. Rounded and smooth without becoming bitter. Longevity seems to be really good. I'm not too sure if it projects at all because I couldn't really smell it without sniffing the top of my hands. A good alternative if you want a vetiver that isn't too strong, not too dry, and not "dirty".

Pretty good.

The Vert (Green Tea) L`Occitane en Provence by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

A nice, clean scent with green tea the dominant note. Smells natural. It does not last to long though, an hour at maximum.

Cerruti 1881 Collection Cerruti by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

The mixture is very well blend so I am unable to detect the individual notes.
But what I remember from when I was wearing Cerruti 1881 Collection is one word: moisture. This is how I perceived it. And this is why I like it. It is a fizzy, bubbly scent. Although it is categorized as powdery, I do not get such a note. On the contrary, it is sparkling. There is a little sweetness to it, but well behaved.
If you would smell this, you will not forget it.

Divine Oriflame by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

Divine is a nice fragrance. It has freshness, a little sweetness, and warmth probably from the musk. Yes, it is a floral scent and the other thing that I detect is probably some fruit, although I cannot say which one. The description says that it is woody and powdery. I get none of the two. On the contrary, it is juicy.
Altogether, it is cheerful and uplifting.

Vespa for Her Vespa by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

Very sweet and somewhat cheap smelling. Good for children in elementary school.

Sicily Dolce&Gabbana by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

It smells like gasoline on me. Probably those aldehydes are the culprits.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by mohdjana7i 2014-08-30

I just tried this at a store because a lot of people here recommended it. It smells nice, but I wouldn't say it's unique. Just a fresh, smoky citrus scent. The bottle looks really good imo. I think I'll be buying it soon. I don't know about the projection or the longevity 'cause I only sprayed on my wrist, I keep smelling it so I can decide whether I should buy it or not next time. But the smell is starting to fade away, so idk, is it really long lasting?

ZoZo Milton Lloyd by drooling tomcat 2014-08-30

ZoZo is very inexpensive. It has costed me 4,6 euros.

It seems that it does not last to much but that is because your nose gets use to it. The smell is still there even after a longer period. You can feel it when you move. It holds much better on the clothes then on the skin. At least in my case.

The odour: although not mentioned on the Perfume Pyramid, what I smell is a huge dose of ylang-ylang, right from the start. And I think this is what makes the scent effusively. There is something else in there, something fresh, maybe orange. The dry down is not really good, going from strange towards bad. I think aldehydes are to be blamed for that.
The fragrance is not powdery, as the description and the voted noted are telling, but rather juicy.

Overall, ZoZo is not bad. I like it. For the given price is all that you can have.

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by Steleale 2014-08-30

The first time i smelled it was on september 2012 and i was 8 months pregnant: i thought myself 'this is the most bitter heavy disgusting fragrance i've ever smelled!!!' . On december, when my daughter was 2 months, i tryed again to give this perfume a chance and i said to me WOW! The cherry and the liquorice were delicious, sweet and bitter at the same time...i love it, when i wear it i remember the beautiful day spent with my daughter and my housband when my little girl were a new born.

The top notes are full of amareto liqueur which are not mentioned but i can smell them. I wish the opening ia longer lasting.

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