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This is amazing, I have an almost-full bottle and I think it´s my favourite Amor Amor so far. Nothing else to say that hasn´t been said before...

Beach Walk Maison Martin Margiela by punchycorn 2016-02-07

Took me a while to understand what I was smelling - but it is 1000% an updated, slightly older Love's Baby Soft. It's not my typical style at all, but I blazed through the tester and floated around in a pre-teen haze, feeling young the whole time. I don't get any coconut, but the pink pepper shows through. I won't add it to my collection, as I think there are much better bangs for the buck that do the same thing, but as a throwback to Baby Soft (and the Caboodles and Bonne Bell lipgloss and all the other trappings of a 10-year-old 90s girl wanting to grow up already), it was fun - and certainly lived up to the idea that it replicated a time and place.

My mother´s all-time favourite perfume! I like it but, as it´s her and not MY fav, so... I just leave it to her. As someone said, it would be good for a Duende Elixir to exist! lol

Ysatis Givenchy by karrykins 2016-02-07

Wore this in 1984 when it first came out and I gave birth to my first son.
Revisited Ysatis today in the new formulation and its just as beautifully creamy and custard like as it was back in 1984 - re formulation hasn't killed it off to any great degree . I think what happens is that an older pre- reformation bottle deteriorates with age and people get used to the degraded versions and so of course, the new versions smell different . Its not just about re formulation , its what time does to perfume that's been sitting in a bottle for 32 years !
I have 1984 on one wrist and it smells a little cooked - that's the degradation of the aldehydes and a 2016 version on the other - the new version is what the old version will smell like in twenty minutes time when the degraded bits have settled.
I still love it - its loud and brassy and at the same time feminine and intelligent in a way other big hitters of the eighties were not ( Poison, Opium, Georgio) - it kind of reminds me of Lady Caron but less chewing-gummy and more delicate .
I am glad I found it again - its not a dining out fragrance as its sillage is too big but I could see me wearing it to the theatre or anywhere where I am dressed to the nines ready to demand attention.
Lovely - you just need eighties chutzpah to carry it off !

Italian Cypress Tom Ford by banks1124 2016-02-07

I love this juice. It does smell very much like Z-14. The difference is in the quality, whether or not that warrants the price.... I bought 4.2oz of Z-14 for $10 and 1.7oz of IC for much more. For me it was worth it.
On my skin IC had better longevity and less (but a more appropriate) projection. It opens with a blast of green cypress. Not long after that it turns into a smokey, woody, clean but earthy fragrance. There is something that hints at citrus but never really is and at the same time something that hints at sweet but also never really is. It remains dry, green, woody, and earthy all while being fairly dense--kind of rich and full but not heavy.
Obviously a nod to Z-14 and hairy chests of the 70's it is more modern and more refined but still lets you know there's a hairy chest under the fitted shirt. I think it's great for work but I also recently tested it on a vacation in the Caribbean. It was beautiful on stormy 77 degree nights.
I say BUY Z-14 and get a tester of IC. Neither will disappoint and you may choose to splurge.

Narciso Poudrée Narciso Rodriguez by mystica 2016-02-07

I am pretty much looking forward to this scent and will be back with a review. It's definitely time for me to add some more NRs to may wardrobe and I believe their line is definitely reflecting a classy, different attitude than the most mainstream brands.

Good for me that I've started feeling better with musk notes again. NR is the No 1 choice in designer scents for musk lovers.

Has anyone tried this?

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by blanc.noir 2016-02-07

So freakin gorgeous! What is there to not love about this perfume? The smell is absolutely beautiful, ultra feminine and flirty and is suitable for any time of year, day or night, and is suited to a wide range of age groups imo. My mom is 59 and got a whiff of this on my wrist and she just said "mmmm my god that's gorgeous! What is that?!" The bottle matches perfectly to the scent too! It just makes it that much more of a pleasant experience to own and use this perfume. It also spells expensive, and who doesn't like smelling expensive lol ;) Its completely understandable to see why this scent is so ridiculously popular. The only 1 thing about this fragrance that's not so great is the lasting power. I have to reapply after 4-5 hours because I can't barely smell it, even on fabrics! But at the same time it's not so bad because I get to whip out the gorgeous bottle and admire it!

5th Avenue Nights Elizabeth Arden by pandasjors 2016-02-07

This strongly reminds me of Vera Wang Princess. It is not at all suitable for a night clubbing in my opinion, it's a warm, cosy scent to wear in front of a fireplace on a familyweekend. It is soft, sweet, warm - not complicated, but a really good fragrance though. Especially for the price.

Oud Fleur Tom Ford by nordhaul 2016-02-07

UPDATE: actually I don't like this.
It smells way too masc for a femme
to own. I can say, borrow this from
a dude, but there are far way better
choices in accompanying much more
beautiful bottles than to have to put up
with this second choice. My bottle is up
for a swap. I'd want anything from Creed
(Women's) or Chanel exclusifs line. Peace

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by Lilyequis 2016-02-07

I just time traveled. This smells IDENTICAL to Anna Sui dolly girl. I am positive bc I remember dolly girl well. It was my signature fragrance from high school into college.

Dolly girl has top notes of citrus and apple
Middle notes of rose, lily and magnolia
And base notes of ambroxin, wood, musk and strawberry.

Even on paper it is eerily similar to vlj rose, but my nose can't forsake me, I am very familiar with dolly girl.

I'm sort of bummed bc I never associated dolly girl as a rose fragrance-- just a generic fresh and fruity floral. Same with vlj rose-- I mean it has rose in it-- but it could just as easily be vlj peony or vlj pears. It's just flowers with fruit and citrus.

Pleasant enough, but not at all sophisticated. Not memorable. I liked this scent when I was 16. Been there, done that. By my sophomore year of college I felt like I outgrew dolly girl. This was a fun trip down memory lane, but really not at all what I wanted this to be :(

La Fin Du Monde Etat Libre d`Orange by Chicago Tony T 2016-02-07

This is a soft nutty like aroma. The opening will mislead as after about an hour it dries down to a soft floral,slightly metallic with a pinch of sweetness. After the big vibrant popcorn opening is gone it is still likeable but not as enjoyable as it could have been. The gunpowder note is present throughout the majority of the scent but it's so delicate that I would say that this is way more feminine than masculine. 5-6 hours of longevity with soft sillage after 60 - 90 minutes.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by lee99 2016-02-07

Marley - So, I'm driving down the road and the posted speed is 35MPH but since rules don't apply to me and they are for everyone else but me I drive 50MPH. Well that darn cop keeps telling me I need to go 35 but I'm too stupid to know better so I keep getting tickets. Now I'm crying saying Karma isn't working and it's not fair and I should be able to do what I want regardless of the rules...

Sound familiar?

This one is a very fine, fresh, crisp and non-sweet smell. I was comparing and mixing it today with Isabella Rosselni's Manifesto, EL Pleasures and Bvlgari Omnia when I decided to check and found out that those were all Alberto Morilla's creations. Fantastic. Love them as well as many others also in my collection. Respect!

Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur by QueenK13 2016-02-07

Is it wrong that I did not review one of my favorite fragrance for that long?
Our acquaintance was weird and we didn't like each other in the beggining. Slapped right into face with a rough, harsh, uncompromising, prickly soviet male cologne. But if you fall twice you should rise three times, right?
I was testing it over and over again and he finally surrendered. But not completely. It was just like offering me his jacket when it's getting colder outside. Like we are on date. Harshness, taunt and arrogance have dissappeared. But he was still keeping the face. I started to understand him.
The combination of rose and saffron gives a different sound deppending on the chemistry, temperature and weather. A powerful seduction weapon in a rainy days.
I smell new, beautiful stockings that I am just taking out of the box.
I am not getting any fragrance composition games: he's the same from the beggining till the end. Just more quiet and sleepy at the end.
The Agent Provocateur ancestor is definitely Coriandre, on my nose. Requires skin application, hits back hard when applied on fabrics.
Longevity six hours, two sprays.
We are talking about English Porcelain Gentleman.

Incarnata Anatole Lebreton by Sugandaraja 2016-02-07

The ultimate lipstick fragrance. Think of how lipstick smells - would you enjoy smelling like that? Your answer to that question will inform most of how much you enjoy this fragrance.

Most of the contrast in this fragrance is between a dense, pasty iris and a slightly fermented, unsweetened raspberry, with hefty dose of wax. Though I love them both, Misia and Lipstick Rose are prettified abstractions next to this: there's a certain roughness to the treatment of the softer, more floral smells that brings to mind Rozy VdE, but this is nothing so big and heavy, merely "thick" smelling. There is a soft leather note that rises up in the drydown, but it's only apparent after some hours: it's that plush leather, somewhat similar to Cuir Ottoman.

The overall impression is strangely unedited and lived-in, and is a welcome change from the very rote and polished niche releases of late, without being too indie. Best thing I've smelled in 2016 so far.

Alaïa Alaia Paris by Venusia 2016-02-07

Musk, leather, violets and white flowers, well blended, elegant, slightly sweeter in an hour or so. It turns a bit masculine on my skin but still there after 6 hours.
Quite good and could turn out to work unisex.

La Vierge De Fer Serge Lutens by indigo 2016-02-07

I went to a large city & saw this one in the normal spray bottle. So, it was for me a "now or never" impulse buy. Anyway, LVdF is a bit of transformer, & I really like how it progresses.

It does (as a previous review says) open with a pleasant but not very distinctive or natural general fruity freshness, think apples & pears - as opposed to the more usual citrus. The floral follows later, & it comes in lovely wafts, soft & delicate. I don't usually get on too well with white florals, they are often either indolic or "screechy" on me, but I get none of that here. I've found just the kind of white floral that I like ! - which makes me really happy. I think the hint of metallic just compliments the lily & gives it a little bit of "edge". The drydown is hard for me to describe but it's very subtle (incense), elegant & ethereal.. it's just lovely.

It lasted well (8 hours +) & I think (like a lot of Lutens) it really needs to be tested on skin, it unfolds slowly. I'm really happy that I got this one, its a beautiful Spring/Summer scent that I can't wait to wear.
ps: Ignore the ridiculous marketing "blurb" - it just smells really nice imo :)

J`adore Christian Dior by Niya 2016-02-07


"لقد فقعنا في اٌلوَخ"
تاور 02 " هواء الصحراء المغربية"
انتاج : 2005

المبدع اندي تاور احد الشخصيات اللطيفة المتواضعة ، الرجل مجتهد ايضا ويقدم لنا ابداعات متواصلة ، ارى انه احد الشخصيات العطرية المؤثرة.

هواء الصحراء المغربية ، هو احد "ابداعات" اندي تاور ، استدعى فيها ثقافة المكان ، هناك من قلب سوق التوابل في مراكش الجميلة ، ومحﻻت العطارة في المغرب الشقيق.

كان موفقا السيد اندي تاور في هذه التسمية والفكرة العظيمة لهذا العطر ، ولكن هل هو عطر عظيم ، ربما ،،،ولكن المهم العطر نال شهرة كافية وله معجبين كثر ، وان رأيت اختلاف طفيف في النسخ الحديثة عن القديمة ولكنها ليست بالشيء الملحوظ.

نأتي لتقييم العطر ، لي مع هذا العطر قصة عجيبة ، ففي العام 2013 جاءتني عينة صغيرة هدية من احد الاصدقاء الأعزاء على الأرجح فهي من نسخة قديمة ، في الحقيقة وجدت الفكرة والعطر رائعتان وتجسيد حقيقي لفلسفة هذا العطر.

وصف العطر كما تعلمون جميعا ، فهو من العطور العنبرية، الراتنجي (ﻻبدانوم) مع العنبر الحيواني ( غالبا امبروكسان) للتثبيت :) بافتتاحية هائلة من التوابل ( كزبرة ، كراوية ، الكمون) مع الياسمين ﻻعطاء ذلك الجانب الحسي اللطيف ، ﻻحظت ايضا وجد رائحة أشبه بالعسل في هذا العطر.

الدراي داون خشبي ، سويتي مع لمسة باودرية بلسمية. العطر جميل ودافيء ويميل اكثر للجانب الحسي وثباته ممتاز على الملابس.

في الغالب لا اغير رأي عن عطر بسهولة ولكن هذا العطر يستحق مليون فرصة لفهمه ، شكرا لفنك الجميل اندي تاور.

الثبات : جيد جدا ، الفوحان : متوسط ، جمال وتفرد الرائحة : ممتاز.


Interlude Woman Amouage by DMS162002 2016-02-07

Melons and leather. Unbelievable but this is what Interlude smells like to me on initial spray. I bought this and Lyric as my first Amouage perfumes and at first I thought, "goodness, this can't be it," but the more I wore it, the more the fragrance started to bloom into this weird but wonderful juicy spicy woody scent. Somehow it works. I have never gone back to a bottle so many times in just a week. I've fallen in love with this and will likely be checking out more from Amouage.

I really like this. I hate anything with berry in it but this works. Lasts hella long too.

@lonn3k3: more fitting for a woman over 40? lol Nice. So good to know your nose is ageist in addition to being bland.

Turnabout being fair play and all, I find your reviews to be pedestrian and much more fitting for Amazon.


Simply Belle Exceptional Parfums by karmascent 2016-02-07

As I opened the tester vial my first impression was cheap dishwashing liquid. The vial has no "dabber" and I splashed some on my fingers as I dabbed it on the back of my hand. Before I could even get up to wash my hands, the most amazing thing happened: the scent completely disappeared! I've never experienced a scent that was "here one second and gone the next before". Hahaha -- it's magic. And I'm very thankful, I didn't want to smell like cheap soap anyway.

Poison Girl Christian Dior by Arlene-Beatrix 2016-02-07

Uh, this is not good. Very sweet almond scent. Tons of sugar. A bit of vanilla and bitter orange. I can smell no rose at all. However, stillage and longevity is perfect, unfortunately for me, LOL.

America for Men Perry Ellis by jack.cloutier 2016-02-07

This fragrance has a bitter synthetic green/ leather bite to it before it dries down, and after that, it smells like fresh laundry, still warm out of the dryer. All in all, it's not a bad scent, and not something I'd mind smelling on someone else, but it's not something I would wear often. There should be a different version of this, called "America Rugged" that would be comprised of smoky wood, leather, musk, and a touch of tobacco to embody the rugged individualism of someone striking off west to make their own way in America.

Furyo Jacques Bogart by MYUSIF 2016-02-07

* عهد الصبا*

عطر تسيطر عليه نوتة انمالك وهى مسك الزباد مع محاولة تنعيمعها باضافة القرفة والفانيليا مع تألق واضح للباتشولي واللافندر وباقة متعددة من النوتات.عطر ذو جودة نيشية متعدد الطبقات يحاكي طبيعة الغابات والأدغال ، تكفيك منه رشة او رشتين لكي تعيش الحالية الطرزانية

يقال ان العطر مستوحى من فيلم بعنوان


او سجين الحرب انتاج عام 1983

جو الفيلم فعلا من قلب أجواء الغابات الإستوائية المطيرة والحكايات من هذا القبيل.

عطر ذو طابع كﻻسيكى رجولى ، لهواة جمع الكﻻسيكيات والعطر يعتبر تحفة فنية فريدة وقد سبق عصره.ويصلح للإستخدام الشتوي السيبيري ويعيبه محدودية استخدامه.

ماستر بيس تقييم عام 9/10

Masterpiece 9/10

Elixir des Merveilles Hermes by genevieves 2016-02-07

Like the previous poster, I found this 1000% masculine. And it kept getting manlier. And it's not even a modern masculine scent, it's what my grandfather could pull off.

Extremely disappointed by this one. It looks like Hermes and I just don't get along.

I cannot stand the original LVEB however I absolutely adore this. My favourite Lancome fragrance is by far La Nuit Tresor which currently is only available on the European market. I have now found the Lancome UK division equivalent! This new LVEB flanker is the closest thing by far I have found to La Nuit Trésor. The only real difference is the lack of rose, which is why La Nuit flanks Tresor and not LVEB. for anyone interested and intrigued by the elusive La Nuit Tresor, or who cannot stand the original LVEB, I urge you to go and try this. You will be pleasantly surprised.

"02 L`Air du Desert Marocain"

After years I comeback to this this oriental delightful scent , after I were in neutral feeligns and opinion about it .but last once when i try it develops beatiful on my skin potent very aromatic cozy sensual amberish woody mix of (ambergris ,& vetiver ) symphony , little bit spicy, dry , flowery and smoky !
master blended & unique , compliment getter from the ladies !
Maybe thats mean we freinds again mrs.Tauer!

Romantic Symphony from the desert
10/10 .

Cologne Cashmere La Manufacture by Jasminalia 2016-02-07

Elegant but not different enough from their first colognes.
I wish it was more ambery, I can barely smell the woods and chestnut accord neither.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Bob Marley 2016-02-07

Apologies and mercy all guns aiming at me I've been in babylon too long. I'm on the run like a Lion from Zion. Looks like my idea of karma has gone wrong. Yes I've got a large supply of vintage M7 but it's not for sale I'm only selling my tester bottles not for profit that's why i don't understand the hate and negative feelings. And yes to me M7 vintage truly is the ultimate fragrance will never be replicated it's unique. And I'm totally drug free no ganja just high on fragrances.

L’Ambre des Merveilles Hermes by juliawollner 2016-02-07

This is a beautiful perfume with two major drawbacks. Firstly, it does not work with everyone's skin chemistry (me included). Secondly, it doesn't last long.

My mum bought it for herself for Christmas time and has been using it for the past two months. I love how it smells on her - warm, sensual, slightly spicy. Wonderful. I tried it during the holidays on myself and didn't get the same effect, but thought to give it another try later on. Today I went to visit my folks and sprayed some of this juice on my wrists hoping it would be better this time... It was not. Strange as it may seem, on me it smells as if it was packed with sandalwood which is a scent I adore but which, for some reason, on me always gets scratchy and unpleasant. When we drove home with my husband I let him sniff my wrist and he said: "horrible, another sandalwood that doesn't like you!" When I got home, I rushed to my pc and I see that sandalwood is not listed among the notes. Is it patchouli then? I have no idea, but it is scratchy and disturbing like a wooden sweater that irritates your skin (to compare, see my review of E.Lauder Sensuous that I wrote under my previous nickname - Askelon. Sensuous gave me exactly the same feeling).

Two hours passed and I can't smell anything anymore. Bad longevity... Seems like this perfume first bites, and then runs away from me. My advice: try before you buy. But if it works for you - enjoy! It can be a real sweetheart to the ones it likes.

عطر بمزيج متنافر من الارومكيمكال ، فيه الكثير من الغباء العطري وعدم فهم واضح للمكونات العطرية ، والعود هنا فروتي صناعي ولاذكر له ، ممل


Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by izainbox 2016-02-07

It starts really strong, too sweet and fruity. A small amount is already headache inducing. The berry smells synthetic -- like air freshener. Not my cup of tea.

For me it's a very weak 212 VIP. It smells similar but there's no sillage or longevity. It's just a like for me.

I'm not sure where the "Club Edition" comes from, to me it should be stronger than 212 VIP!

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by JohnMc 2016-02-07

Wonderfully sensual and enticing fragrance, if you haven't tried it then hunt down a bottle and try for yourself.

Midnight Romance Ralph Lauren by xaml 2016-02-07

Although I somewhat prefer the integrity of Hope Logan, I could imagine Steffy Forrester pulling this one off. Underneath the leather jacket. When she feels playful.

Eau Noire Christian Dior by amer1212 2016-02-07

"Eau Noire"

Its an aromatic spicy dark , little sweet mystreios scent very complex and unique !

its opens with blast of lavender and thyme then developes into deep dark herbaly green liquorice quite sweet earthy spicy gentle scent, with a musky flowery nuances , it impressed me how its well balanced , strange and different from the others .

Otherwise Iam not that fun of dior house but I appreciate that master work from Mr . Francis kurkdjian bravo !

I see it in Dior boutique and on the official site and dont know if it discontinued ?! I dont think so .

Ps: its not for every one , and try before buy !

Mysterious uniqueness
9/10 .

This cologne is much better when apply on paper, it will create an extraordinary great smell which is like wind in spring. But, when you wear this on you, it will be a boring smell with no depth.

Silences Jacomo by izainbox 2016-02-07

Lush, fresh, green, mysterious and misty. There's coldness and darkness in it. It lasts long on my skin 8+hrs. The level of freshness is like the scent of irish spring bar, but more sophisticated (I mean it in a good way).

Overall, I like it :)

Would I recommend it for those who like fresh and greens scents? YES.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Bbjr 2016-02-07

@bobmarley, doesn't matter that you're selling authentic stuff, this forum isn't here for you to peddle your goods. All of us who read reviews just to get different opinions have been reading your same reviews for way too long. Vintage M7 is the masterpiece for all time and you have some for sale. We got it.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by spidola 2016-02-07

@Bob Marley, I really like your nickname, but your sales announcements under perfume reviews section are very disturbing.

Blue Santal Comme des Garcons by amaranto 2016-02-07

Blue Santal has an interesting cold feel over a bed of soapy, non-creamy sandalwoodness. Juniper freshens the whole thing up. When I breathe it in, I feel like I'm in a snowy forest where the wind has died down and pure, evergreen air surrounds me. A little too poetic, perhaps, but I enjoy the atmosphere the scent evokes. One of my favorite sandalwood scents without being a traditional sandalwood fragrance and with a more blunt edge than I associate with some other CdG fragrances.

Projection is somewhat close, though it's not a skin scent, and longevity is moderate.

Aventus Creed by derekjames 2016-02-07

Had the chance to try this a couple weeks ago. Was expecting so much more, although a fragrance I would buy it does not live up to the hype. The way people talk about it I was expecting to absolutely blown away!

White Musk Jovan by izainbox 2016-02-07

The dry down is the best part: powdery, pleasant and comforting. It's a safe scent, versatile for any occasion. It doesn't stand out though. Not bad for the price. :)

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Bob Marley 2016-02-07

It's very unfair my comment keeps being deleted where i provide details of members on here who've purchased the vintage M7 from me and will confirm it's genuine and sold at a fair price. 

Yet the jealous and envious comment by the ignorant widescope is allowed to remain. 

Most unfair

Read my profile only 3 bottles remaining 

Thank you people.

Ps Ricks44 comments below he is a satisfied member who obtained a full bottle from me feel free to ask him.

It is nice but yes simplistic, and very very for me, too sweet, too linear...Cacharel has done much better than this syrupy scent!? Of maybe I just don't care for overly sweet perfumes...I find it young complexity, no longevity really...I expected better, it is so much like the original, a flanker that didn't need to be!! It isn't close to being a Chanel or a Fendi.

Fahrenheit Cologne Christian Dior by Santos89 2016-02-07

Fahrenheit Cologne starts with a quite nice lemon-bergamot combo with hints of sweet mandarin. Quite well made and has a faint similarity to Dior Homme Cologne.

Then comes the classic violet leaf note from the original, backed by patchouli. It's quite nicely done, but also quite unspectacular. It's almost as if the violet leaf note is tacked on to this composition, making it seem quite unbalanced.

The base is your standard fresh fragrance fare. Nondescript woods and a bit of vetiver.

Fahrenheit Cologne is not bad at all, but it's really unremarkable. I don't get why they'd make a cologne version of this? Especially one that is this bland, as Aqua Fahrenheit actually made a good attempt at combining the originals dna with some fresh notes.

Maybe I am biased towards this. I love the original, it's one of my favorite fragrances, and I've never found a flanker that was as good as that - with the exception of Fahrenheit Absolute.

Overall, I'd say you can do much worse than this. It's not a bad scent at all. However, I'd go for Dior Homme Cologne instead. It's much better crafted and the scent is just better in my opinion.

Longevity is surprisingly short. Maybe my skin eats this up, but I only get 2-3 hours.

Rating: 5.5/10

CK2 Calvin Klein by genny17 2016-02-07

Urban woody, not so much in my opinion! This is fresh, summery, citrusy, light and in the end very forgettable, unless you want a fresh scent that smells nice, and is easy to wear all the time!! It is kind of unisex, really anybody could wear it, from 12 years of age to a nice grandma!! as it is so fresh, although it borders more on the feminine side...I see young people loving this!!
I don't get the wood, vetiver, or incense! Light and fresh it is...

Elixir Charnel Floral Romantique Guerlain by Peachysugarbuns 2016-02-07

Floral Romantique is a fragrance the potential buyer must try on their skin before purchasing. It has many lovely stages during its "fragrance life" on the skin, but one might want to make sure they favor all of the changes first.

Floral Romantique is potent right out of the gate! Zesty and incredibly floral at first, with delicious mandarin, tea, spicy carnation and lily notes standing out, it soon settles to reveal a facet that smells like orange-flavored Lokum candies dusted with powdered sugar (I know now that could be the marron glace note.)

This fragrance is wistful and pretty, striking an easy-to-wear balance between sweet and floral; however, just when I think Floral Romantique couldn't be more feminine, it turns woody and dry and suddenly feels more fit for a man's wear. Cedar comes forth with a "pencil shavings" vibe, while tea leaves, ambrette, and spicy-soft qualities of white flowers make the fragrance feel generally dry and powdery instead of voluptuous and "perfume-y" like before. Then, three hours later, all of Floral Romantique disappears! I have never met a Guerlain that leaves me so quickly!

Now, would I pay $300 for Floral Romantique? My answer is no. While this fragrance is absolutely high quality it is also quite familiar in composition - a less expensive fragrance of this kind that stays more linear is what I'd choose. There are Guerlain scents I WOULD spend $300 on, but not this little changling/disappearing act.

If you fear bees, avoid this perfume during the summer. I was followed by a bee on three separate occasions. This is strictly a winter scent for me now. The caramel notes are far more noticable during the cooler months. The sillage is reduced slightly but on me it's still a strong scent. I love it.

Narcotic Venus Nasomatto by Marissaluvsscents 2016-02-07

Smells just like Tocca Florence to me.

Fire & Ice Revlon by ParfumAmour 2016-02-07

Finally managed to get a vintage version of this gem, I also got the matching lipstick too ;). So this review is for a vintage bottle.
For me the main note is the orange blossom, delightfully fruity and floral at the same time. The background is amber, which is great for me because I don't like a front and center amber note. I find it pleasant, easy to wear, and I like the bottle design and the name.

Joop! Le Bain Joop! by ellina1984 2016-02-07

There's something old fashioned about this scent. It's thick and syrupy. There's a very strong bitter almond note. Amber, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, all quite distinct and loud. I do not find this well-blended, the notes seem a bit "crammed" in it. It also reminds me of the oil you use to revive pot-pourri.

Romance Ralph Lauren by moonlihgt 2016-02-07

when I use these perfumes everyone is asking what that smell. Overpowers men. Recently, I discovered a similar smell of Yves Rocher -Evidence. Romance -the smell that will last with you and fits into your whole day.

Hummingbird Zoologist Perfumes by LANIER 2016-02-07

From the house of Zoologist comes a new Eau de Parfum, Hummingbird. The nose behind this fragrance is the wonderfully talented perfumer Shelly Waddington. She has in the past created some of my favorite fragrances for her own house, En Voyage. The great neoclassic Zelda, New York Man and Fiore de Bellagio to name but three. Creator of the house of Zoologist, Victor Wong found in Shelly the perfect perfume to create this floral, gourmand laced with succulent fruity undertones.

The fragrance opens in springtime beauty with a dominating lily-of-the-valley as fresh and bright a morning. There is a warmed by the sun Southern California vibe to it when the nature sweet notes of pear and juicy plum come in to play with hints of apple, cheery and citruses. Low tones of lilac rose and violet leaf add florals to set the scene in a garden any hummingbird would love.

As it progresses to the heart of the garden and the birds begin the ballet of wings and nectar as a gorgeous photo real honeysuckle opens to the air. Redolent with a honey that is natural, not cloying it is lush. Mimosa sweet and clear is joined by a luxurious full bloomed peony, this flower brings Dior like glamour to the fragrance. Full and voluminous. It enhances the other florals, the shy tulip and the sexy addictively yummy ylang-ylang. Here the garden of the hummingbirds is in full throttle glory.

At about an hour to an hour and a half the fragrance drops into a skin scent. Rich and cozy the sweetness fades into notes of woods. There is dry hay like coumarin. Cool even dryer moss, and blends of austere white woods and musk. The Amber in the scent is subtle adding a touch of warmth the way paving stones on a garden path reflect the heat of the sun at twilight. There is a creaminess in the sandalwood it boosted by a dollop of whipped cream. Yes, whipped cream!

It takes a really well made Fruity floral gourmand to win me over as I am normally not a fan of the genre. Most are too sweet, to immature, too common in this age of sugar water passing as perfume. Yes, most hummingbirds will fall for sugar water feeders in a garden over real flowers because it is easy. Yet there is always one bird with refined taste that seeks out the true nectar of nature. Hummingbird by Zoologist is made of real flowers, and ripe fruit without the candy and sugar that I detest. This Hummingbird has won my heart.


Heartbreakingly pretty! Just beautiful. How can you not smile after smelling this?

L'Heure Bleue Guerlain by morkant 2016-02-07

I can only assume the reformulation has killed this one. I smelled the original once, and in my memory it was so much better that the current EDP.

I'm not saying its bad but... just flat, kinda `damp`, no `lift` or sparkle. The original instantly made me think of some enchanted kitchen from a storybook, the new version is not bad but definitely not the masterpiece it once was.

Angel Liqueur de Parfum Thierry Mugler by ahshimatta 2016-02-07

I wanted in my collection an Angel, that doesn't smell like the Angel, so I wanted a perfume with that longevity, projection and sweetness that the original Angel is famous for, but without the annoying patchouli. A few people mentioned in their reviews that patchouli in this particular blend is tolerable, so I decided for a blind buy. The first try in the nook of my arm was a disaster: the opening was great, but after about an hour I could smell only dead, fermented leaves – that's how patchouli smells on my skin. Luckily, it turns out that sprayed on my wrists and neck this blend smells totally different. The name "liqueur" is very fitting, because the booziness of cognac is definitely there, mixed with honey and chocolate known from the original composition, as well as the scent of tropical fruits, which was a very nice and a bit unexpected surprise. The longevity is still as great as ever, solid 10+ hours, but the sillage is not as suffocating as the original Angel can be. I'm very pleased with this scent and like it more and more with every spray. Since it's a rarity now, I would say: blind buy it, if you like the notes, you won't regret it!

Eternity Aqua for Men Calvin Klein by Anacrusis 2016-02-07

A really nice fresh, clean aqua that I actually like better than Eternity itself. Very nice and clean reminiscent of a classic soapy note with no soapy feel at all.

Almost third on my buy list, but I'd have to compare it to my existing summer scents.

Lacoste Pour Homme Lacoste by Anacrusis 2016-02-07

Sweet and plummy with what I would characterize as a high soda pop feel to it. Clean, fresh, not what I would call warm at all. The feeling is light hearted, casual and fun loving. My kind of scent. Second on my buy list.

Sauvage Christian Dior by NicheMaster29 2016-02-07

I have been supporting this masterpiece since the day it was first released. I knew this would happen, people would actually start wearing it and trying it for themselves and get tons of complements and boom! It would become a popular masterpiece, it's almost there, in a year from now I bet the love bar will be dominant here, just wait...

CH Men Prive Carolina Herrera by m10m10 2016-02-07

I remember seeing CH Men Prive with a greyish juice (much like CH men) when i tested it out. However my bottle had a greenish-grey juice. Noticed some of us here has this as well. Anyone can confirm whats going on?? Btw it smells the same as the one in the store.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by falbala132 2016-02-07

this is the perfume the love of my life used to wear and now he is dead...... the scent itself is beautiful and now it is going to stay very special for me forever ... I sometimes just spray my wrist and close my eyes and for a fleeting moment, He is here...

Escape Calvin Klein by Anacrusis 2016-02-07

Banana which transitions to something more fruity. Sweet but not cloying, so nice. It's at the top of my purchase list.

Philtre Ceylan Atelier Cologne by RubyBirdy 2016-02-07

VERY realistic cup of black tea: freshly brewed Ceylon, no milk or sugar. Astounding how spot-on Atelier got this! It's not the most interesting fragrance - one note, really - but if you're looking for nothing but black tea then you'll be pleased.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Anacrusis 2016-02-07

Really nice with a fruity center, but overall reminds my of my closet full of 80's colognes. It's a strong statement scent that doesn't quit, so I'd use it sparingly. Night-time, club scent.

There's nothing floral or fruity about this scent. This ian all grown up, sexy, confident woman smell. It's definitely something you'd want to get closer to if someone else was wearing it. I tested it at the mall yesterday, expecting to dislike it since I'm not a big TF fan. I want it! This may need to be my Valentines gift to myself this year.

This perfume is the best thing I remember about my ex boyfriend

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by ahshimatta 2016-02-07

The opening on me is very medicinal – I guess it's the mix of cloves and other spices with alcohol. Luckily it either subsides after several minutes or my nose gets used to it. After about 30 minutes the sweet undertones strike in, but they never outshine those spices, so the final effect is both spicy & sweet (not too sweet though). I can smell cloves, leather, oud, saffron and coriander, but the rose is so subtle on me I can barely detect it. Longevity is great, especially for an EDT – about 5-6 hours. The sillage is appropriate for this kind of scent, so not too overbearing. Overall I think it's a fantastic scent for men, but I can't see many women wanting to smell like this – I think the blend is a bit too spicy and loud for a woman. On the other hand, this is such a unique composition that it has the potential to become a signature scent of a confident woman, who is attracted to unisex/men's perfumes. I can't think of any women's scent that smells like this one.

Wearing the sample I got in the mail today.

Its a nice vanilla scent without being too straight/pure vanilla. It isn't exceedingly sweet either which is typical of vanillas. Its quite dark and complex as the name and note pyramid suggests. I know that some might disagree but I am going to go ahead and compare it to a A*men- which I love. Its much less musty or earthy or tar-based which is what I think many don't like about A*men so try this one out if you want to love A*men but do not.

The vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, caramel, warm spice is great and quite complex. I think I would characterize it as more a very mature, masculine scent but my wife likes it too. I'll keep you posted on the longevity!

Velvet Rose & Oud Jo Malone by AlmalkiJeme 2016-02-07


Are looks like Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie ?

Valentina Assoluto Valentino by stardust808 2016-02-07

Almost too beautiful for words. I want to swim in this so that every fiber of my being exudes this luscious scent! I feel I can't inhale deeply enough to be satisfied with the amount filling my sinuses...yes, it's THAT good! The further I breathe it in the more layers I discover. So interesting, complex, and not for an instant boring. This is elegant. Embarassing to say (lol) but I feel I may need to get more of a life so I can have formal affairs and gala events worthy of such a fragrance!

Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop by Dirt Dog 2016-02-07

Continuing in a series of rose reviews for fragrantica readers perhaps looking for a rose for Valentines day, it is time to visit Tea Rose by perfumers workshop. Tea Rose, is a plastic rose.

Others on fragrantica have nicely debated the merits of its smell and I believe that opinions will vary and that there will be both love and hate for this fragrance. To really understand the merits of it's smell one might do well to consider the historical importance of this fragrance.

Tea rose came out in the mid 70s and during an age when people became accepting of new technology. The generation before had resisted technology and many were dropping out of society, returning to the farm. Often many of the best smelling women were those that wore actual flowers in their hair. You would walk through an airport and beautiful women dressed in orange would give you flowers. The war ended and as the hippie movement began to die the next generation grasped technology with both hands. People began to move back to the cities, live in small apartments with smaller closets, and appreciate clothes made of synthetic materials that were easy to wash and wear and retained shape and color with ease. Even a white polyester suit resisted stains and the Travolta suit from Saturday night fever has become iconic for the era. Synthesized music became accepted and even Beethovens masterpiece 5th symphony was climbing the charts after being performed on a moog. Technology was accepted and embraced and new and exciting. It was a cleansing movement for the masses that had watched a previous generation embrace grime, nature, and dirt.

Suddenly the franticism of life seemed to gravitate towards enjoyment and dance and respect for being alive. Perhaps no modern era of generation has been more associated with the concept of dance as was the disco era.

Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose fit the fragrance mold of the era. Sure it is synthetic and it was meant to be. The very name of the company evoked thoughts of chemists working in a laboratory or workshop to create new scents rather than roses pressed and steamed for essential oils. This was a synthesized fragrance and it was proud of it. Suddenly a rose perfume could be purchased by people without trust funds. And it was nice and ladies who had never been able to buy expensive perfumes with pure rose could suddenly wear a rose scent and enjoy it. It was loud and proud and was and is a loud projection fragrance that today would be called a good clubbing scent. For the disco era this was an asset.

The point of tea rose is not that it was a natural, sweet smelling rose but rather that synthetics could get you close and for a fraction of the price. This was perfume made available to the masses and one that people could wear daily rather than on rare special occasions. To compare PW Tea Rose to a traditional rose perfume was similar to comparing Walter Murphys version of the 5th to a performance of the same piece by Academy of St Martin in the fields with period instruments. It is really not fair to compare the two without grasping a clockwork orange toehold on madness. Certainly the same notes are being played but in massively different perspectives and points of view.

Tea Rose by perfumers workshop is going to be loved by some and hated by some. Id like to think that I can appreciate both points of view from perfumes pointing at the same angle of rose note. Fresh flowers are nice. And plastic ones last. And each has its place.

Performance and Value can be summed up easily as excellent. Synthetics might have their drawbacks but they hold great value for the price and they perform.

As for personal usage, I have smelled this for years as have most people reading these words. It is a familiar scent to me. I bought my bottle in late 2014 and like to think of it as being one of the last produced before the reformulation. I don't really wear it much and I doubt that I will ever empty the bottle and it is one of those rare fragrances that I find valuable to me as a collectible rather than wearable fragrance. I paid under $10 for it and it sits on a shelf almost as if to remind me that synthetic fragrances can smell great and you dont have to spend $400 to buy a high end niche to smell good.

Overall, I am going to grade this one at 71. It gets a C- which enters it into the realm of approaching average. Certainly, it got there by merit of extra credit for being historically important in the fragrance world. I appreciate it just a tick above Bull's Blood for what it has meant to the fragrance world and if I had to choose one over the other to own, buy, keep, or wear then PW Tea Rose would win by a nose.

Tea Rose is a throw back scent but rather one of heritage merit rather than being a classic rose. It changed the industry and people could smell like roses without having to take out a second mortgage to do it.

There is something divinely wonderful about accessibility. Fragrances are meant to be worn and enjoyed rather than admired from afar and millions and millions have drained bottles of Perfumers Workshop tea rose because of it. I do not know if this is the most purchased and worn rose scent of all time, but it has to be close. And that would not have happened if it was not a quality fragrance. Despite being a best seller for 40 years this is not a FiFi Hall of Fame scent and never will be.

But the Ford model T changed the car industry while Mercedes Benz stuck to hand craftsmanship and quality for years. Even today, far more people enjoy driving their Fords rather than having a parked Benz in the garage.

My mother has departed this experience we think of as life and the chances of her sending me fresh flowers on my birthday ever again is remote. But one year, she sent me an arrangement of faux flowers that I still have and love to this day. Generations come and go and change and adapt and have their own unique flavor. The synthetic and polyester generation faded into the 80s with yuppies and conspicuous consumption and big bold notice me fragrances. And then we moved back into modified hippies with grunge and frustration at not being able to always outshine the others.

Sure we can sneer at plastic and fake. Many do and I understand. Still, anyone that goes to a rose show can see a hundred stems that all strive to achieve perfect form and function and quality of bloom that a faux flower finds with ease. I do not really know where we are at today. It seems that polyester is often blended with cotton in shirts and socks and sheets and I appreciate the soft natural feel of cotton with blending of polyester that lessens the need of the iron and extends the life of the product.

Perfume doesn't have to be either or and many of the best now blend synthetic notes with natural oils and oftentimes both improve the other.

Fragrances however are afraid to admit the synth. Some of the greatest chemists in the world are working to develop man made fragrances that smell so entirely natural that consumers wont notice. They strive to fool the nose and pocket the profits.

Once, there was a time and age and a fragrance that was loud and proud about being synthetic and affordable and great smelling and one that could be created in a laboratory and sold in drugstores. Tea Rose, and Samba also, were purchased and worn and enjoyed by many. It was a revolution and perfume no longer was only for the upper classes or rare special occasions. It was a daily wear accessory. And tea rose is a floral fragrance with plastic that still has never died or been discontinued with staying power; just as millions of frisbees have been sold and enjoyed in lieu of leather balls. Tea Rose is accepted now even as sometimes grasp snobbery to sneer at the many who love it. And just as you can enjoy throwing a frisbee in the park rather than sit at box seats at a stadium; you also can both wear tea rose or even smell it from afar even in imagination and memory as it has achieved status as something worn. Perfumers Workshop changed the fragrance world with their creation as they once were acclaimed and proud to have achieved synthetic notice.

Twentyone Black Rue21 by kismetdaisy 2016-02-07

I smelled this on my teenage co-worker...And I couldn't believe when she told me this was rue21. I never shop at rue, but I'll be coming in to buy this lil beauty. It smells so freakin good!! This is one of the nicest coconuts ever. Well done coconut. So many designers try and fail miserably at coconut, yet somehow rue21 mastered it lol. How about that ?
As or the scent itself, it reminds me of the tanning bed with there were blasts of vanilla wafting through. Yes, it does smell like tanning oil or sunscreen...that comparison is what kept Me from trying this. BuT.. It's sun lotion smelling in the sweetest, most yummy way possible! This is what I expected fcuk friction to be like. Or wanted it to be like, really. (It wasn't, it stunk!) This is so relaxing and warm type scent. Very crowd pleasing, nothing too crazy. Perhaps some might find it too juvenile, but it's such a simple and versatile scent..anyone that likes coconut pleased. It sits close to skin , but If you spray it directly on your clothes, you'll Snell it all day. I smelled it on my co-worker all day and she applies it before leaving for work. Try it out. It might even be better than VS coconut passion. this is straight up coconut scent..where coconut passion is more vanilla with a tiny hint of sweet coconut. This is both beachy and summery, or cozy sweet and wintery. Love it! Must have it! Try it out coconut lovers. Even perfume snobs will like it :)

Michael Michael Kors by beedi84 2016-02-07

I really didn't like this. Just like Tocca Florence, it's just a tuberose mess. I can barely smell anything else. Just tuberose and a little bit of wood and spice. I will be giving this one away.

Sculpture pour Homme Nikos by Fragrantguy 2016-02-07

If you're looking for a fresh, clean, floral men's fragrance, this is definitely one to get! I know there's a lot of citrus notes but I really smell a lot of the sweet florals. There is no vanilla listed but there is a sweet vanilla like undertone to this fragrance that can't be denied. It's very fresh and mildly sensual, you have to be close to get a good whiff of it, but it's very charming once you do. This scent is also pretty masculine, don't let the notes scare you into thinking it's feminine. I think a girl could pull this off as well, but it's still more of a masculine fragrance. I blind bought this and I'm pleased to say it was a success.

London for Men Burberry by Justapoliteguy 2016-02-07

I smell quite a few notes from Spicebomb and Bentley Men Intense.
Just with less longevity. A lot less.
Even witn the bargain price the longevity is embarrasing.
In my opinion if one have Spicebomb or Bentley Intense, there is no need to aquire this one. Aside from better longevity, to me they are better quality overall.

L'Homme Ultime Yves Saint Laurent by Duborowski 2016-02-07

I hope that for once, a L'Homme flanker that lasts. (I haven't smelled the old La Nuit bottle so it doesn't count!)

L’Extase Nina Ricci by beedi84 2016-02-07

Too much caramel and vanilla. It starts of absolutely lovely but then it dries down into constant overwhelming sweetness. Nope. I will give this away.

Straight to Heaven By Kilian by yann33 2016-02-07

PERFECT!!!! boozy,masculine,sexy. get a lots of compliments when i wearing it.Best for formal and date, high class events.A gem

Narciso Poudrée Narciso Rodriguez by Perfumejunkie7 2016-02-07

Powdery scent from Narciso? Oh gosh, YES, bring it on please! I haven't been this excited about a new release for a long time now. This is quite a thrill. I have yet to find a Narciso I didn't love!

Sugary syrupy sweet trend, goodbye, I won't miss you. let the powdery era begin!

Silent St. Derek Lam 10 Crosby by agentj 2016-02-07

If you want a good quality basic musk scent, here you go. Not much to the floral part, and easily unisex. I love the name, but honestly there are so many musk scents they become redundant. I won't say it's not worth trying if you're a musk fan, because this collection definitely smells of high quality ingredients. It's a good musk, and I'm not a huge musk fan.

Rogue Love Rihanna by Cocotea 2016-02-07

I was on Amazon about to repurchase my beloved Nude body mist when it was suggested I would like this too. It was only $7 for 8 oz and Nude lasts a decent amount of time for a mist. So judging by the notes I thought I would love this. I was wrong. There is a perfume which is an impression of Viva la Juicy called La Vida Loca and Rogue love smells just like it. Like an impression of something else. It smells fruity but the fruits are nondescript and the caramel I was foaming at the mouth for is MIA. And it lasts about ten minutes tops. Good thing it was $7 so no great loss there. Wish I got all the loveliness others are experiencing, but I stiil have Nude to comfort me.

Rain Day Derek Lam 10 Crosby by agentj 2016-02-07

If you like scents that have the word "rain" in the title, you will probably enjoy this one. For me it's very green and light. I didn't get the woody part, but I only tried it on a test strip. I'd recommend it for spring and summer wear, easily unisex.

Bentley for Men Intense Bentley by Justapoliteguy 2016-02-07

The true value of this fragrance is that it brings back the fate, to all parfumistas, that a quality fragrance can be made avilable for acceptable price.
Being so used to horrific prices of contemporary fragrances I was quite sceptical on this one. However, after receiving this one I am full believer.
Not to be missunderstood, there are some high priced fragrances where one can justify the price tag but I am longing for the days of many discontinued ones which did not require a credit for purchase.

On the item itself ...
Very boozy, classy, with leather notes mingling underneath the rum. Sweet but never too sweet. Make you feel so warm. Just when you think it is gone it comes back with measured intensity. After 3-4 hours sandalwood and patchouli go on top mixing wonderfuly with suggary notes.

To me it can be both, very formal but also smart casual.

Longevity 8-9 hours.
Projection strong for 5-6 hours.

It will make me pay close attention to creations of Ms. Lorson.

Something Wild Derek Lam 10 Crosby by agentj 2016-02-07

If I were in the market for a new signature fragrance, this might be it. Don't let the lack of notes make you think this is a simple vanilla scent. I had it on for several hours yesterday, and while it's fairly linear, it's also incredibly addictive and delicious. Gourmand lovers should be all over this one, or maybe I should say it's not so great so there will be more for me! This is not one where you have to get past a top note, or wait for it to develop, it was true love at first sniff. A soft cuddly blanket of fragrance to wrap yourself in any time of year. Definitely fb worthy, and not overpriced, in my opinion.

@Escoteric, get a grip on reality. Most people that give out compliments on someone's cologne are fond of the individual in one way or another, are comfortable around said individual, or have some sort of relationship with them. Otherwise, people will notice the cologne you're wearing, but won't say anything about it since they lack that aspect of closeness to you. A good Cologne can improve your image, but won't make you instantly desirable.
Don't negate this cologne's merits simply because you suffer from a variety of personal insecurity complexes. The problem is obviously you and not the cologne, that goes for any cologne you choose to wear. Improve upon yourself, fix your crappy self loathing personality, and then maybe people will find you likable enough to give complements. Don't expect others to like you when you don't even like yourself.

8.0 Zara Zara by Duborowski 2016-02-07

Polo Blue in a budget.

Blackout Derek Lam 10 Crosby by agentj 2016-02-07

I like this one a lot. I didn't know the notes when I sniffed it, and to me it was smoky with a little sweetness. I didn't get floral, tea, or aquatic, but then I am only going by the tester strip. I'm definitely going back to get a sample to try out at home.

2am Kiss Derek Lam 10 Crosby by agentj 2016-02-07

I just tried this at Sephora yesterday. I want desperately to love it because of the name, and I almost do, but then...wait, what's that? I swear there's an ozonic calone-like note that makes me want to turn away from my wrist. I'm trying to sniff around it snd get to the part I like, but it's not happening. Ah, such is life. Thankfully that top note disappears after about 30 minutes, and I get to the good stuff. And if you like the listed notes, then you will probably enjoy this one. I wasn't really thinking about longevity or sillage when I put it on, but I got a compliment while I was shopping, and I could still smell it on my arm several hours later. All in all, good stuff. The only real downside to these new scents, because I sniffed them all, is the bottle design. Modern with clean lines, okay, but the cap just sits on the bottle and doesn't attach, which was rather alarming when I picked it up. This was my third favorite of the group, first is Something Wild and second is Blackout. Is it fb worthy? I'll have to try it again in warmer weather to be sure. And my husband liked it, so there's that.

So Elixir Eau de Toilette Yves Rocher by nettoyant 2016-02-07

I think it's my nose but some scents like Coco Mad. and Miss Dior are just brain stabbing citrus overloads with too much bergamot or lime. It's not "chemistry", I sense this straight off the strip. So Elixir is one of them. All three are definitely quality scents, for sure. I can see how some can appreciate the freshness tempered with vanilla and/or tonka and patchouli but ultimately, they aren't for me. Now, So Elixir Bois Sensual or Miss Dior Le Parfum are similar but so rich and smooth with far less acid, these scents are for me.

Fabulous lavender based fragrance. Longevity good and silage too. I haven't smelled anything quite like this. Very, very lovely!

Narciso Poudrée Narciso Rodriguez by nettoyant 2016-02-07

I doubt fruity florals are going away but there is defintely room for MOAR POWDER weeeee!!!!

Versace Man Versace by wrbenjam 2016-02-07

This fragrance and Escada Magnetism for men are clones, its surprising that most of us in the fragrance community have missed this.

La Nuit Tresor Lancome by genevieves 2016-02-07

This was way too bitter for my taste. Which is weird, because it's supposed to be sweet.

Epic Adventure Emper by Haroonjil 2016-02-07

Dont buy it. Initial sprey smells like good quality perfume but the dry down is a cheap air freshner.

Epic Adventure Emper by Haroonjil 2016-02-07

Dont buy it. Initial sprey smells like good quality perfume but the dry down is a cheap air freshner.

Epic Adventure Emper by Haroonjil 2016-02-07

Dont buy it. Initial sprey smells like good quality perfume but the dry down is a cheap air freshner.

Eau Gourmande Vanille Gourmande Laura Mercier by Victoria Regia 2016-02-07

Smells identical to Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works. I own and dislike both. This one came as part of a trio called "Le Petite Patisserie" they had on sale at Nordstrom. I used up the other two (Almond Coconut and Fresh Fig), but this one remains full. This fragrance smells like vanilla-infused whiskey; I can't stand whiskey, so one can see how this is not for me.

Yacht Man Blue Myrurgia by Ryanmmas26 2016-02-07

First initial wearing:

This stuff is great and for a cheap aquatic it's very unique and pleasant. The opening is very lemony with a good bit of alcohol but then quickly the melon note comes in balancing the citrus with some sweetness and the leather note also gives this some complexity.

This has a very transparent smell and is quite pleasant ! It's a scent that you forget you even have something on and then you get a whiff of a very fresh,crisp ocean breeze mixed with fresh linen type of smell.

I must say if performance on this were better it would easily crack my top 10 favorite colognes of all time.

Unfortunately though performance sucks ! This lasts 1-3 hours and really only projects moderately for 1 hour if it even lasts that long.

Overall I'd rate this a 7 out of 10 ! BUT I rate the scent itself an 8 out of 10

Great scent, crappy performance but the price point is a redeeming factor though !

Original Vetiver Creed by Justapoliteguy 2016-02-07

Interestingly, this is the only fragrance in my collection that I strongly dislike and everyone in my vicinity adores.
Family members, co-workers, even my mother in law for crying out loud are all praising this.
Compliments all over and if by any chance you are in a full elevator, you have people sniffing you like nuts, without any shame at all.
To me, this is somehow very chemical rather then fresh, grassy scent. Fresh bathroom or something....
But having the above described reactions in mind, maybe I am just born without any sense of smell.
Projection bit better then moderate, longevity 4-5 hours.

To my nose this is almost identical to So Elixir Purple.

I take it all back!

The two older Black Opium have received my utmost contempt - I have laughed, sneered, mocked, ridiculed - and finally fallen.

THIS is what it should have been all along; white flowers with milky coffee, and just enough vanilla - it's not cloying and slimy, like it's sisters, in fact, it's borders on DRY to my nose.

But it is gorgeous. I hope they use a new model - this perfume has nothing of her slack jawed and unthinking 'need' - if they MUST make a reference to addiction, then this falls outside that chart...

Forgive me Black Opium, I will never love the first two - but this one took my hand in hers, and dragged me off through the night, to strobe lights and dance floors, sharing a cigarette between songs, with sweaty hair, young, wild, happy and forgetful of the mundane.

No, really - to me, it is just that good! You should try it too!

Shalimar Guerlain by LuScentinTenebris 2016-02-07

My relationship with Shalimar is complicated, because as others mentioned, it is very non-linear- it moves through stages, and I've gone through periods where I just don't have the patience or desire to wear a perfume that doesn't smell good on me right away. Sometimes the "dirty diaper set aflame, then extinguished with a mountain lion's urine" opening is just not something I'm willing to smell like for the 90 mins (this varies depending on weather- less time in warmer conditions) it takes to get to the vanilla-incense, and other times it's familiar and comforting right from the beginning. During those times, I love it on fact, there are times I've craved its comfort so much that I've gotten out of bed at night to apply in order to help me sleep. However, very oddly, I have never smelled it on another person and liked the wild it is so recognizable, and always smells a little diaper-y and a little unclean when I've encountered it. I keep it, because when it is good it is comforting and familiar and wonderful, but it can also be less than wonderful at times and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Of course, after I finished writing this I thought "Hmm, maybe I'll wear it today!" So you see how it can be with this one...

Eau Sauvage Parfum Christian Dior by Justapoliteguy 2016-02-07

If you work in a corporate environment, suit and a tie are daily wear and want something grown up but does not say old, project silent authority this is IT.
Vetiver based scents are quite popular in my work environment and some are quite ok (TFGV comes to mind, GV and Creed OV are not my cup of tea) but to me, this is so much different and better. Wonderful opening with smoothest citrus I had experienced. And then gets wrapped up in myrrh. Yes, quite dark but still with enough freshness.

They say the best things are made simple. This is the proof. Excellent.

I have worn this perfume several times this week. Why? Because this fragrance has seduced me. No, not sexually, but mentally. Dark romantic dreams come to mind. No they are not sexual at all. They are the love of your life who listens to your hopes and dreams, while holding you close. The room is filled with roses, while incense is burning in the background. There is also a bowl of clove and cinnamon in a bowl beside the roses. All the fragrances mingled together produce a stunning aroma. I started with a single 10 ml bottle and then bought a full bottle. Now I am getting a back up with the body butter. Is this fragrance for everyone? I would say no. But to me this is right for me physically and mentally. Perfect fit. And yes, I am a lady.

Il Bacio Borghese by nelise29 2016-02-07

I heard about this perfume when I was a young college kid in the 90's. My good friend and I were discussing perfumes and she said I know you've tried Il bacio, right? I said, no, tell me more! I was intrigued and the name sounded so exotic. So, I sampled the juice and bought a bottle. And that was no small task for a poor college kid because at that time, it was a bit pricey. I felt so elegant wearing it and continued to wear it for a couple more years. I suppose it was my "signature scent". I'm surprised to see that there are no vanilla notes listed. Anyways, I'm glad to see Kohl's always carries it because it brings back fond memories. Now, I tend to wear more of the celebrity, gourmand scents, but I may have to pick up a bottle of this in honor of my college days!

It's the same as Comme des Garcons 2, the one in the silver bottle. This one was just released as a limited edition bottle, but the scent inside is IDENTICAL, and for this reason there are no reviews online. I wonder why Fragrantica does not state this on the listing...

It was so cheap (maybe since she changed her name), I had to try it. There are so many perfumes with interesting notes that make you so curious and when you try it´s " all the others..."
For me this one is not boring, I really get frangipani, which I love, and it´s so well composed, especially the top notes.
Warm, fruity and feminine. It´s not too soft, but also not overpowering or a headache giver.
I bought it blind for 7€ at pillashop on ebay. I´m not disappointed :-)
The packaging is beautyful also.

Angel Aqua Chic Thierry Mugler by cityangel 2016-02-07

It's a little bit masculine for me. I prefer 2013 version over this, because it is a more feminine.

Bentley For Men Azure Bentley by Justapoliteguy 2016-02-07

Not up to standard of Men Intense but still interesting enough.
Nice fruits with tonka and I can not smell any pepper.
The only thing that prevents me from really liking this one is that mentioned salty impression which after sometime is not pleasent. Realistic for sure, but personally not enjoyable. Like aftertaste of having a glass of sea watter in Adriatic. Can't see it as a frequent peace in my rotation.
Still, As said interesting and I am sure many will appreciate this scent.
Longevity very good, projection moderate.

Wardasina Sospiro Perfumes by rossyegio5 2016-02-07

Intensa rosa avvolta in volute di tabacco vanigliato e nebbioso.
La nota speziata (pepe e zafferano) fa vibrare il fiore, lo screzia.
La dolcezza è languida e voluttuosa.
Un bellissimo, ingestibile profumo...Cioè, spruzzato sul polso, si proietta immediatamente all'esterno, con una certa potenza (secondo chi mi vive vicino...), come una nube di fumo alla rosa.
Io, invece, per percepirlo, devo avvicinare il naso al polso, cercando una conferma di skinscent.
Il tabacco "rosato" è privo di incenso e acquista una sfumatura muschiata, verde, ombrosa.
La rosa si polverizza in tabacco, si dissolve in lui.
Per me il profumo è affascinante, ma troppo "esterno" e dal prezzo stellare.

Patchouli Absolu Tom Ford by oobunillaoo 2016-02-07

Tom Ford's latest incarnation of patchouli-dominant fragrance is not one to be overlooked. while it lacks the history and cult favouritism of TFs Purple Patchouli, it stands tall among its siblings in the Private Blend collection.

Patchouli Absolu retains the fundamental dirty/earthy elements of its namesake, yet somehow also creates the olfactory illusion of luxury and refinement. it is rich, dense, and dark. besides the obvious dominant note, my skin seems to amplify cypress, leather, and what i can only describe as a "fractured" musk. occasionally i'll catch what smells like oud and rosemary. i wouldn't say that this "evolves" through top/mid/base notes in the traditional sense but it does seem "morph" the longer you wear it.

this lasts for over 24 hours on my skin with two light spritzes. it's not a projection beast nor is it a skin scent ( but i suppose it can be either one, depending on how much is applied.) it also layers beautifully, particularly with florals and citrus-oriented fragrances.

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by Justapoliteguy 2016-02-07

Review from auminded below says it all.
Amazing scent, signature deserving if not for poor longevity and projection.
Pricey but with better projection and longevity would be just swell.
Such a pitty.
Well, waiting for the Ultra Extreme version...

Si Giorgio Armani by constance21 2016-02-07

I really love this smell. At first it is quite strong but it neutralizes quite quickly. After a couple of hours I myself cannot smell it anymore but my friends tell me they still smell it.

I absolutely love this! One time I was going through my testers and this one caught my eye. I decided to give it a go and I'm so happy I did! I went to paris in may 2015 with school and wore it the entire week. It is a perfect scent for summer/spring but now (february) I still wear it. Very fresh and unique. The only downside is that it does not last very long. Luckily, I have the rollerball so it is no problem for me.

This is beautiful honeyed flower. I LOVE honey and it's hard to find a good one, and this one if truly nice. Unfortunately, my skin really projects musk strongly so this one isn't a total winner for me, but it could be perfect for the right person.

Smells like warm sweet wood.... and Play doh! Which is strangely comforting. Could be a winner if you love incense (and play-doh). It really is pretty but I can't think of a time when I'd want to smell like this in public.

White Flowers 1.41 Yosh by Bstefcorbin 2016-02-07

On me the DAFFODIL is MOST prominent. The most realistic daffodil I've ever smelled in a perfume. This is not at all sweet. At first I thought it was another blind buy boo-boo; then I realized it is PERFECT for LAYERING. Today I layered it with Lu Lu, Lu Lu Guiness; to add sweetness + sparkle. YUM!

Virgin Island Water Creed by Housebliss 2016-02-07

From start to finish I get lime and coconut. The lime is more in the background while the coconut is quite dominant.

I find it extremely linear, and it lasts for hours and hours. It has moderate projection as well. To be honest I'd never wear it in warmer weather because it's actually pretty heavy and sweet. I actually found it to be a little too much every time I wore it, somewhat cloying.

As for the comparison to Set Sail St. Barts, I don't get that at all. I own and use both, and to me they're very different scents.

I think VIW is ok, somewhere between a like and a dislike. Do not blind buy.

Balenciaga L`Essence Balenciaga by genevieves 2016-02-07

Tried Paris today...this is definitely Paris' grandmother.

Pure Purple Hugo Boss by Sanza 2016-02-07

On my skin it´s a fresh and clean scent. It´s a nice perfume, but I exspected it to smell so much different.

Sweet? Christmas cookies? Heavy marzipan? Unfortunately not with my chemistry...... :-((

I have an almost full bottle of 90ml and would like to swap into something from my wish list. Contact me :-)

Gentlewoman Juliette Has A Gun by Calvini 2016-02-07

A less fresh and even more synthetic version of Neroli Portofino...
If I were to use the name "Gentlewoman" for a perfume (especially with such a sharp-eyed badass looking model) I'd take out half of the soapiness and add vetiver with a touch of black current leave or even tuberose!

Tam Dao Diptyque by Calvini 2016-02-07

Starts out with a heavy dose of cedar and cypress, then eventually dries down into a really nice soft/warm sandalwood. Sure it's lovely (only in the dry down.. I find the opening stages unimpressive), but I wouldn't call it the "it" fragrance for sandalwood.

Narciso Poudrée Narciso Rodriguez by COSMICSCENTS 2016-02-07

Yes, definetely we can see the trend of podwery perfumes coming, I am happy because I really love powdery perfumes!!! I really like the Narciso eau de parfum which is on my I WANT list, I haven't been able to try the eau de toilette yet but I am sure I will like it also. For sure I am going to like this podwery one, pretty bottle color also:)

I must agree with previous review. This Feels (or smells if you like) like vodka tonic with some mint. Rarely I enjoy "fresh" scents but this one I like quite much.
It does not develop into much else, just gets quiet with passage of time which I exactly what I look for during hot days. Simple but quality refresher.
To me this is a suit without tie office scent. White shirt though, casual work lunch.
Would not use at night outs, not because it would not be suitable, just prefer something more "dense and dark" for those occasions. But again, I see it fitting.
While summer scent, I believ it can work great during fresher early spring months, sunny mornings.
Not a big fan of YSL but this one is, especially for the price, quite fine.
Projection first 2 hours moderate to heavy then moderate to low.
Lasts on me about 6-7 hours.
Crowd pleasing, I believe due to being in the safe non offensive fresh bracket. Positive, happy vibe kind a thing.


Fleur du Mâle Jean Paul Gaultier by elGonzo 2016-02-07

So weird it could be a even masterpiece or a terrible fragrance. That polarizing. I have it for aprox. 9 months and haven't made my mind yet.

My Burberry Burberry by gillbert 2016-02-07

Every time I wear this perfume, I get a lot of compliments. Very nice fresh flowers and longevity is amazing. I can wear this perfume all day long.

Poison Girl Christian Dior by Nikkafragrance 2016-02-07

This Poison has nothing in common with the previous ones! It's a sugar bomb for sure and it's really reminiscent of Black Opium. I gave it a like, because it's realy a pleasant scent, but this girl is not poison at all. She's got her head in the clouds and it's always looking for flirt. The drydown is creamy like almonds with hints of coconut. It reminds me of warm day by the beach.

White Spirit Juliette Has A Gun by Calvini 2016-02-07

This is the third fragrance from the luxury line... I guess it's safe to say his favorite note is tuberose

It's clean, spicy but fresh, elegant, mature but not dated.
First impression tested on paper was very pleasant, quite different from both the original and the musk/intense version (have not tested the musk one, I'm just mentioning it to exemplify). I was really considering it for a next-to-buy.
BUT, here comes the downside; as some reviewers said (not here precisely) at least on my skin it had a terrible performance. I got poor projection and after 1 hour it became a skin scent with a total duration of 4 hours aprox. I need to mention I have a dry skin, and may have suffered from olfactory fatigue, so here you have a reference as performance could really be diferent depending your type of skin. Recommendation: do not blind buy!


Es limpio, especiado pero fresco, elegante, maduro, pero no anticuado.
La primera impresión probandolo en papel fue muy agradable, muy diferenciado tanto de la versión original como del musk/intense (no he probado la versión musk, sólo lo menciono para ejemplificar). En ese instante realmente lo estaba teniendo en cuenta para una próxima compra.
PERO, aquí viene la parte negativa; como dijeron algunos críticos (no aquí precisamente) por lo menos en mi piel tuvo una terrible performance. Obtuve mala proyección y después de 1 hora se convirtió en una fragancia "de piel" con una duración total de 4 horas aprox. Tengo que mencionar que tengo una piel seca, y pude haber sufrido de fatiga olfativa, por lo que aquí se tiene una referencia de cómo el rendimiento puede ser totalmente diferente en función de su tipo de piel. Recomendación: no comprar a ciegas!

Dune Christian Dior by Nikkafragrance 2016-02-07

Another dislike turned into like! I tested it today... is it reformulated? I can smell only few from the notes listed above. It opens with a very realistic fig, which within few hours gives way to a woodsy aroma, something like sandal wood, mixed with lily of the valley. I can smell citruses with a hint of vanilla. It reminds me of both Angel and Womanity. The sillage is powerful and the scent is dry and salty. Being a collector I am impressed by this perfume, but I not sure whether it suits my personality. For me this is more appropriate for cold weather. Worth buying!

Escentric 02 Escentric Molecules by yiota.liapi 2016-02-07

warm,intense,changes and evolves over it!

Gucci Eau de Parfum II Gucci by LadyPilot 2016-02-07

I smelled it yesterday and had some great expectations. This scent is delicate, floral, soft at first, but after a few hours only a sharp and medicine-like vibe of the original Gucci Parfum remains, plus the vibe is diluted by 10 as compared to the original. I'll give it one more chance I guess, but I'm not sure it's worth the hype and the price...:(

Sex Magic House of Matriarch by Calvini 2016-02-07

I think the name is slightly misleading; "Hippie Sex Magic" or "Forest/Green Sex Magic" would've been more suiting since this scent doesn't really relate to sex in an urban/modern sense... Maybe simply name it "Magic" :D

Rose Infernale Terry de Gunzburg by Happyme2009 2016-02-07

I must admit the name attracted me more than anything.... Granted I am a rose addict and I collect all sorts of rose perfumes, but with such a name ,mnow can this be anything but a stunner ?
It isn't a stunner, The only infernal characteristic here is the name and the color of the juice, which is an incredibly deep and dramatic purple. Why purple ? No reason for it, it could have been red or pink since it is suppose to have rose as a central theme. While it looks lovely in the bottle, it doesn't particularly excite me to put extra chemicals on my skin.
The bottle is simplistic and elegant, with a big silver lid.
The scent is beautiful, but according to my expectations it doesn't live up to the hype created by such a name. It's a peppery clean rose in the beginning, that slowly goes into the insense and vetiver part. The rose almost disappears leaving only a clean pepper , vetiver and delicate insense on my skin after a while. The silage is average to soft, the lasting power 2-4 hours on my skin .
It is fairly unique and rather unisex as it lacks sugar, fruits, and all vanilla which usually make a scent more feminine . Dry , natural smelling, herbal, beautiful.
I definitely enjoy it and I am more than happy to wear it, especially since I got it in a lovely swap with a lovely member here, but I cannot help and think it could have been so much more than it is with such a name.

Eros Pour Femme Versace by LadyPilot 2016-02-07

It's a beautiful and sophisticated floral-fruity-woody scent, very similar to Cacharel Promesse - only not as long-lasting as Promesse. I love the lemon, pomegranate and peony in it, sandalwood perfectly complements the combination and makes it last. Although not a breakthrough on the market, it definitely is a wonderful reminiscence of the hit of the past decade - I want more reminiscences like this, please!!!:)

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Bob Marley 2016-02-07

It's very unfair my comment keeps being deleted where i provide details of members on here who've purchased the vintage M7 from me and will confirm it's genuine and sold at a fair price.

Yet the jealous and envious comment by the ignorant widescope is allowed to remain.

Kee on hating you troll

Most unfair

Read my profile only 3 bottles remaining

Thank you people.

Ps Ricks44 comments below he is a satisfied member who obtained a full bottle from me feel free to ask him.

I've never heard of vintage M7 being faked

True Religion True Religion by Napsu 2016-02-07

This is mostly mandarin orange at the beginning and then it turns to woody scent. I'm not sure if it's cedar or hinoki wood. Very fresh and clean scent and the bottle is beautiful. I wish I could get more notes out of this.
Once again I have to wait until the weather warms up so I hope this perfume opens differently. Finnish winter and dry skin just seem to kill these kind of perfumes.

Dark Aoud Montale by Midoh 2016-02-07

if yours is Paris version why you said is watered down?!!!

ذیرش این عطر بستگی به انتظار شما از بوی یک عطر چرمی دارد
چرم را همیشه با دید یک کالای غنی و فاخر میبینیم . پس انتظاری که از بوی ان میرود باید حس بوی ثروتمند باشد
متاسفانه اکوا د پارما چرم را به سلاخی کشیده است ، انتظاری که از چرم دارم اینجا خیلی کم شاههد ان هستم
بوی شاد و سرحال اوری که حجابی نازیبا بر روح چرم است
چرم در اینجا بوی غالب و قوی دارد اما در عین حال اثار امیرش ان با مرکبات تا اخر عطر ادامه دارد که نکته منفی ان همین جا است یعنی ترکیب ان با مرکبات
بوی برگ مرکبات هم بالعکس رای کاربران بسیار برجسته هست
که بوی سبز و تازه ان در عطر مشهود هست
انتظاری که از چرم دارم این هست که در پس خود رایحه هایی باشد که خللی در روح یک نت ثروتنمدی چون چرم نداشته باشد
فکر نکنم برای طرفداران چرم چیزی تازه و درخوری نسبت به تاسکان لدر باشد
ارامیس چرمی را به این ترجیح میدهم
جوان خام ثروتمند ایتالیایی
حذف نظراتی که باب میلشان نیست . این هم برای بار دوم حذف میکنند

J`Adore L`Or Christian Dior by Miss Precious Orchid 2016-02-07

Funny story, about 2 weeks ago I was in the mall and caught a whiff of an intoxicating sweet aroma. It was coming from a girl sitting on a nearby bench. I just had to ask her what scent she was wearing and she said J'adore. I was surprised because I did not recall J'adore being intensely sweet and I wore it heavily upon its release. Anyway I thought maybe the young lady was not telling the truth as many people will not easily share and forgot about it. A few days later I answered an AD for a woman selling J'adore and I went ahead and purchased it and on first spray i got that same exact aroma I experienced in the mall. It was not J'adore but to be precise J'adore L'or! :)Beautiful scent, the jasmine reminds me a little of the purple Alien it's soo intoxicating. Sillage and Longevity? This is a one spray fragrance, two and I could literally taste it. I recommend this for those who have been sorely disappointed with the present state of the original J'adore and other of Dior's latest offerings..

Coco Blanc House of Matriarch by Calvini 2016-02-07

The opening was delicious and café like (white-chocolate mocha), but then the chai accord turns it somewhat [Indian] foody instead of amplifying the desert aspect. Thankfully it eventually all drys down into a soft vanillic massoia scent :)
Unfortunately the middle part is just a little too awkward and lasts too long for me..

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by 2016-02-07

First time I smelled this perfume was on my friend when we were in Liceo ( highschool ) about a year ago. She loved it and said it was her absolute favourite and wouldn't compare it to anything else. I thought it was a nice perfume, nothing special to me though. It's a fresh and clean floral perfume and I also find it a bit crisp. It's rather a generic scent like so many others and it doesn't stand out of the crowd either but I think it suits to a person with a romantic personality like my friend. I know there are so many people out there who really love this perfume but I just can't.

Ferrari Uomo Ferrari by Avalanche@arion 2016-02-07

At first you are like 'Ferrari,hm good cars,but in the fragrance world ....."
And then you actually try it.And its amazing.Its a small revolution on your skin.Phenomenal opening and ecstatic drydown.No wonder-the perfumer behind this tremendous frag is Alberto Morillas.The man who made me love aquatics.He will also make you love Ferrari Uomo.
Good juice at a good price.

I don't smell any violet in this. But what I do smell is something that reminds me of root beer. I find this quite masculine.

Tasmeem Men Rasasi by jan22321 2016-02-07

tooooooooooo strong perfumes ...not my type .....

With You Sergio Tacchini by lulami 2016-02-07

I didn't like that much this perfume at first but you have to give it some time to develop. I can smell the citrus, woody and rose note which remain. It's not something special but it's a very nice perfume.

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca Guerlain by LadyPilot 2016-02-07

It smells like the beginning of holiday in the countryside - fresh herbs, grass, humid soil in the morning and cool, sunny weather. After testing it again, I totally want it for summer!

A Scent by Issey Miyake Issey Miyake by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-07

This fragrance has a cute little story behind it !

My mother was a schoolteacher and the headmistress in the school was wearing this fragrance. My mother instantly liked it. So when the time came for my mom to retire from her duties at the school, the headmistress bought it for her. I instantly sniffed it the moment she told me she got a new perfume. I WAS IN LOVE... And then I found out that this was a womens perfume... It smelt very neutral to me like a genderless, minimal fragrance and I thought I'd give it a try !

I was anticipating the moment of getting one of my own, despite this being marketed as feminine. When travelling, I came accross this, in a duty free shop. I got the 50ml version ONLY for 25 euros which is a true bargain. I was so happy! And then I learned that the price was so low because it was going to be discontinued. BUMMER ! The weird thing is that, upon telling the sales assistant I was hesitating between L'Occitane The Vert & Bigarade and this one, she immediately told me to go for A Scent. When I objected with the excuse of this being a womens perfume, she told me that most men can pull it off as this is such a neutral and risk free frag. I didn't have second thoughts !

Now to the review:

This is the most clean, sharp, fresh, airy fragrance I have ever come across ! It starts citrusy, then being light floral, finishing with a bit of an aloof bitter and green facet, which I think is galbanum. While states that the notes are these (galbanum, hyacinth, verbena, jasmine, "crystal moss"), I think that the notes go like this : amalfi lemon, lemon verbena, jasmine, crystal moss (this could be easily confused for atlas cedar, as both are "woody"), hyacinth and galbanum. The only "weird" or I better be saying 'particular' thing, I get in the drydown, is a bit of a distorted hyacinth with the bitter 'green-ness' of galbanum, which I have mixed feelings about.

On my skin, the citrus effect is more pronounced, leading to a blast of projection of the middle floral notes that get weirdly bold, ending in a mere watercolor impression of hyacinth and galbanum. I actually love this and I am giving it 9/10 for its particular and unique character ! And if my review could bring back this fragrance, I DAMN WISH IT COULD !

Fantasy Forever Sergio Tacchini by lulami 2016-02-07

This is a beautiful perfume that suits every season. It's not too overwhelming but still the longetivity is good and has an excellent quality-price ratio. It's an oriental floral and well blended you can detect the musk and the wood and the citrus, the rose and also the bluberry in this. The bottle and the pink eau are also cute. I would definitely recommend it as it also comes at a low price. Good to have it.

Kenzo Amour Kenzo by marylu 2016-02-07

Kenzo Amour is a beautiful, sensual, feminine fragrance. An absolute love for me. Perfect for colder temperatures and romantic nights. Soft, warm, comforting, slightly sweet, and a tiny bit powdery but not overly so.

I don't get any floral, or woodsy notes. On me, the vanilla is dominant and something which I can't define, probably the rice, which keeps it from becoming too sweet and also makes it unique, in my opinion. It lasts for hours on my skin and on my clothing for days.

It does have a faint resemblance to Hypnotic Poison, but I much prefer this. Every time I spray it, I think, "mmmm, I love this."

Mandragore Annick Goutal by Hayley_6 2016-02-07

A warm herbal scent with soft mint, very pleasant summer scent. I don't think I'd buy a full bottle though.

CK One Summer 2006 Calvin Klein by lulami 2016-02-07

this perfume was a gift for my birthday from my cousin and when we smelled it at the store on a piece of paper this one was such a beautiful scent- a typical summer perfume with a lot of citrus but at the first sniff I didn't find the citrus much offending, I thought it was well blended. When I opened the perfume at home I wondered whether it was the same. Now the only thing I could smell was that persistent citrus which I found too harsh, more like a boy perfume. But maybe it was because I got it in November and it was not its proper season to be used. I'm gonna give this perfume another chance in summer being that summers here are so humid and warm and it might work out. Even now in winter my cousin loves it, but I would wait til summer to see what it can do.

This scent opens with a blast of pepper and spicy notes but then, within 30 mins, vanishes completely. Very poor on longevity. A great disappointment!

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Bob Marley 2016-02-07

@widescope why the envy and jealousy just because I'm selling M7 vintage at fair prices. For anyone who wants to check my credentials just message Ricks44 a few comments below this he bought a full bottle and is more than happy.

Haters keep on hating you pathetic ignorant person

Read my profile only 3 bottles remaining! Of this legendary fragrance

l'Effleur Coty by EveLily 2016-02-07

Many years ago I contacted a lady from Coty to ask her if my beloved perfume had been discontinued. She had told me it was and I asked what were the perfume notes so that maybe I could find something similar. I have lost that email but, I remember she told me that the main flower found in the perfume was Amazon Lily. I remember because I went online and bought an Amazon Lily. It only blooms once in a while and has a very light clean smell, very green. If I ever find that email I will post with the rest. I think I also remember either oakmoss or vetiver, perhaps Ylang,Ylang also.

C for Men Clive Christian by mo_iz 2016-02-07

tuscan leather mixed with noir de noir!

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Hermes by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-07

Whooo hooo !!!! I actually had the impression that the Jardins line would stop and all of a sudden I see an all new fragrance added ! That was months ago.

I had to rush to the closest mall to smell this. Well, I wasn't disappointed. The most harmonious, balanced and toned fragrance along the Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. The impression I get ? Perfection of a small powerhouse.

Imagine being in japanese garden with hot stones steaming and being submerged in jasmine essential oil in hot water and then at the same time smelling the sharp citrusy, exotic kumquats and the mint which is not offensive but rather fresh and green and a bit flat, not chemical like a chewing gum or a mouthwash. While this intended to evoke impressions of China I actually get a more Japanese, minimal and refined feeling. After all, jasmine, is not Chinese, but quintessentially Japanese !

I love it to bits ! 10/10 for giving a refined impression !

Ambre L`Occitane en Provence by dormir6 2016-02-07

I had it,loved it, miss it. Now Madonna Truth or Dare Naked is a replacement.

Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by mi-jo.sayegh 2016-02-07

Yummy licorice and soft jasmine. This is a soft, subtle sweet yet grown up perfume. Someone mentioned this smells like Versace Crystal Noir, while it does not smell like it on my skin (its my favourite perfume) I can totally see the relation, except this one is a bit softer and closer to the skin. I layer this with Yves Rocher coconut and it turns it into more of a summer night scent. I gave it to my mom, and she ended up giving it back to me because I regretted it. The licorice in this reminds me a lot of Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita, which I also consider to be more of a strong summer scent. I tend to prefer stronger perfumes in the winter (Obsession, Youth Dew, etc) so I will probably save this one for summer , even though most people seem to consider it a winter scent (according to the graph anyhow)

He Wood DSQUARED² by usas 2016-02-07

Prada - Luna Rossa. Lots of similarities. I'm not too fond of both.

Lazy Sunday Morning Maison Martin Margiela by marsiesmoon 2016-02-07

Surprised to see the negative reviews !
I find Lazy Sunday Morning to be a beautiful, fresh, soft and clean scent. I think he implication is a "sleeping in, in freshly laundered sheets" vibe. Definitely a clean bed linens scent.

This also reminds me of a productive Saturday morning, bringing in clothesline linens that smell like sunshine and fabric softener and fresh air.

I find this quite lovely, and each time I spray it, my family expresses their love for this pretty, sunny scent !

Jardin Precieux Givenchy by LadyPilot 2016-02-07

This perfume opens with a delicate initial strawberry-like note (not listed) but it soon disappears to give way to some peony/rose/pear note.
Tea may also be sensed, but very softly. Nice, girly, flirty - worth trying before buying.

Itasca Lubin by amer1212 2016-02-07

"Itasca Lubin"

Its starts aromatic airy smooth frutiy ozonic with quite sweetnes , I smell here the vetiver in the best mood in musky harmonic way ,with little delicate leathery amberish smoky woody spicy touch in the background.

"Itsaca" its the modern classic presention , its kind & mix of barbershop style scent and the dandy modern one.
Its simple and in the same time comlpex and well blended , refined and crowedpleaseing , masculine & sexy .

Its one of my masterpieces from this moment .

Heavenly romantic vetiver .
10/10 .

Eternity Calvin Klein by lulami 2016-02-07

First time I smelled this perfume it made me have ambiguous feelings: it wasn't one of those perfumes that I immediately love at the first sniff so nothing ''out of this world '' perfume feeling but on the other hand I didn't hate it. I classified it as a ''normal'' perfume and that I wouldn't really buy this one but what a big mistake was I making. The thing with this perfume is that it's not linear at all and it develops beautifully. At first The top notes seemed a little bit harsh to me and that's why I didn't instantly love it, but after a little time had passed this perfume became really gorgeous. I started to appreciate the way it turned and let's not just talk about the longetivity and sillage: it's one of the longest lasting perfume and I could still smell it on the sleeve of my jacket even the day after.And the bottle has a very elegant design - eternal design that can never be old-fashioned and the light green eau is pretty. I would wear this on every occasion.

Brindille Galimard by Orquidea 2016-02-07

I have lately discovered my love for (some) Galimard scents. To me they are very sophisticated and I learned: spray them, wait for several hours and they evolve, change and turn to lovely sophisticated very feminine and individual wonderful scents.
Again, after trying Ma Faute, Accroche Coeur, Cantabelle, Canaica, Eve and the lovely a Demi-Mot, I tried Brindille.
...And I took the eau de parfum home :)
A wonderful perfectly balanced flower souffle. I personally detect mostly the hyacinth but in a soft and lovely way.
Light perfume though present. It is winter now and I enjoy wearing it, I can think it is perfect to spring too, but I enjoy it so much, so why not in winter?
Brindille reminds me somehow to my beloved Kenzo d'eté though lighter.

I am curious to try more Galimards, to me they are a surprise, so far they have all evolved over time, so they never smelled like in the beginning. To me an experience, I will try whenever I come across.

And I am happy to have Brindille in my colelction .

Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss by lulami 2016-02-07

This is a really beautiful perfume, in my opinion one of the best florals ever created and yes it has all of the three characteristics: it's modern and feminine and confident but it is also one with the poorest longetivity. I was really tempted to buy this one and I sprayed it on my wrist to test it but after not even ten minutes the scent was gone and I couldn't smell anything. It's such a pity because the perfume is really lovely, but they forgot this important detail and seriously I don't feel like spending all that money, because one thing's for sure -this pefume doesn't come cheap either, on a scent that is completely gone in such a little time. Let's hope they find a way to improve the longetivity problem.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Eau d'Iparie" Eau de Toilette
MYRRH and INCENSE, kings of a town

Imagine a place where myrrh and incense reign: Iparie.

Its generous walls contain a blend of precious resins. The air is filled with myrrh and incense, a blended scent which is like a limitless gift. Transported along the ancient incense road to the eastern Mediterranean countries, these rare ingredients are now combined to create the intense, sensual and mysterious wake of Eau d'Iparie.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Ambre" Eau de Toilette
Honoring the captivating perfume of AMBER

When the sun is slowly setting above the Mediterranean shore, cistus plants fill the air with their delicious ambered and balsamic perfume.

Distillated by perfumers from Grasse, these shrubs release a resin with an intense amber aroma, which provides strenght and sensuality to any fragrance. Grown in a land bathed in sunlight, the warm and enveloping perfume of the cistus plants captivates with its oriental, ambered and woody notes.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by gamme82 2016-02-07

I love Flowerbomb and I wear it occasionally in The winter Fall time. Sillage and longevity is moderate.
Recently I found a dupe for it by chance. The private collection from The lingeri Company hunkemöller, has a fragrance and its so similar to Flowerbomb. And The thing is it last longer than The original. Only down side its not as pretty.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Eau des Vanilliers" Eau de Toilette
VANILLA, supreme delicacy of an orchid pod

As soon as she was introduced in Grasse, vanilla profoundly shattered the perfumery universe - to such extent her fragrance added sensuality to an entirely new generation of perfumes.

The vanilla fragrance was born from the Vanillier, an orchid cultivated far from her home country. Harvesting vanilla require man's tender patience - allowing the precious vanilla pods to reach maturity. It is at this stage when they give off an aroma of absolute delicacy.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Eau de Cologne"
Orange Leaves essential oil

Originating in the 17th century, eau de Cologne was the first perfume product based on a bouquet of scents and no longer just a single fragrance : it led to the production of more elaborate and subtle scents.

Our Eau de Cologne, faithful to the traditional recipe of eau de Cologne, is made up of a combination of petit grain, orange, bergamot essential oils... Its fresh, original and sparkling fragrance lightly perfumes women and men and release the invigorating freshness of an early summer breeze.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Eau des 4 Reines" Eau de Toilette
In Provence, the ROSE holds the secret of our legends

The story could be a legend from the Pays de Forcalquier; Provence holds many a secret of which the passer-by is often unaware. The daughters of the Count of Forcalquier were as beautiful as the roses they cherished - the Grasse rose, the Bulgarian rose, the Moroccan rose and the Turkish rose. Each one of these daughters married a king, and so it was that Marguerite, Eléonore, Sancie and Béatrix became the four Queens of Forcalquier.

Their favourite roses are blended together, concentrated in the Eau des 4 Reines - a beautifully fresh, delicate and velvety scent with muted hints of fruit.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Eau d'Azur" Eau de Toilette
On the hills of Côte d'Azur, MIMOSA is a promise of spring's return

On the hills of Côte d'Azur, Mimosa is a promise of spring's return, banishing winter with its golden yellow flowers. These "Winter Suns", first fresh flowers of the year, are gifts that people from Provence traditionally offer to their relatives.

With a middle note of Mimosa absolute, the Eau d'Azur from L'OCCITANE seduces with its fresh and spicy notes, and by its softness, delicacy and sensuality.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Eau du Val" Eau de Toilette
In the sheltered valleys, one can find the MAGNOLIA

In the sheltered valleys of Provence, one can find the magnolia tree. It's there where those delicate flowers are the most protected. At daybreak, when the first rays of the morning sun touch the leaves of the magnolia tree, the majestic yet delicate flower slowly opens revealing the pure, dazzling white color.

Thus the Eau du Val, elegant and radiant, opens up on fresh notes and lights up in a flowery heart of magnolia.

Dior Homme Christian Dior by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-07

Well, I don't own this fragrance, but, by the many times I've tried it counter-wise, I think I can have an opinion. I firstly tried the Jacques Polge version which was sweet, lipstick-like BUT screamed COUMARIN from afar, just because it had the f***ing cardamom in it, which I HATE. All the other notes, leather, cocoa, iris, amber, vetiver and surprisingly (!) patchouli, I can say that I'm in LOVE ! Surprisingly the top notes (bergamot, lavender, sage) go as quickly as the come...

When it comes to the Demachy version, it is EXACTLY like the previous one, just WITHOUT the loathesome cardamom !!!! YAY !!! And now I can surely say that I will buy tons of this as I LOVE IT ! I don't think the iris is more subdued -as a lot of people may say- (it actually seems more like orris root), and the lipstick feeling is there 100%. I could actually call this impression, a fine, sweet scented leather jacket, worn by a handsome young man. This impression doesn't scream feminine at all...!

10/10 just for existing and giving a fine and alternative option to this trend of heavy, overly macho guy fragrances (THAT ARE UNINSPIRED AS HELL...) VIVE DIOR HOMME !

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Eau des 7 Fleurs"
with Natural Essences of Flowers

When the Provencal countryside resounds with first echoes of the new harvest, from field to field, it is a real explosion of colors and scents. One can already see chariots loaded with sacks of freshly picked rose and jasmine. The air is filled with fragrances of 7 flowers coming from the nearby distillery.

Rose, jasmine, neroli, iris, tuberose, mimosa, narcissus - these flowers are dear to Grasse perfumers. These natural essences have been collected by the Fragrance Merchant, composing a fresh and exhilirating bouquet.

*On the side of the box it also says: "Edition limitée (Limited edition)".

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"Néroli" Eau de Parfum
à l'huile essentielle de Néroli

For centuries, the scent of Neroli has fascinated the feminine imagination. Seventeenth century glove makers in Grasse scented their designs with Neroli, to provide a delicate fragrance to the fine leathers. Today, Neroli Orange flowers are harvested in Tunisian villages, carefully picked by hand. This Eau de Parfum with Neroli essential oil features a flowery top note before releasing a rare and sensual scent.

Before anything else - this is not a personal review. This is the story of the perfume printed on the back of the box. This perfume is from L'Occitane en Provence's "The Fragrance Merchant (Le Marchand d'Odeurs)" collection, it consists of 10 fragrances (3xEDPs & 7EDTs).

"4 Reines" Eau de Parfum
aux essences et absolus de Roses

The story could be a legend from the Pays de Forcalquier; Provence holds many a secret of which the passer-by is often unaware. The daughters of the Count of Forcalquier were as beautiful as the roses they cherished - the Grasse rose, the Bulgarian rose, the Moroccan rose and the Turkish rose. Each one of these daughters married a king, and so it was that Marguerite, Eléonore, Sancie and Béatrix became the 4 Queens of Forcalquier. Their favourite roses are concentrated in essential oils and absolutes; they become the noble and voluptuous heart of the 4 Reines Eau de Parfum. Fresh and profound, it blooms into fruity woody dry down notes.

Forever Now (Gucci Museo) Gucci by 2016-02-07

musty smell lasts forever now...

Pink Sugar Aquolina by dipisor 2016-02-07

After reading most of the reviews here, I was afraid this will be a real sickening gourmand scent. Well, Pink Sugar is not about burnt sugar at all, or worse, that burnt tire or plastic, people are talking about here. Indeed, I get a lot of clogged strawberry, a bit artificial one, in the beginning. But after a couple of hours the smell of vanilla begin to appear. Anyway, I'm kinda glad I bought it, cause I love gourmand scents and this one is...a different gourmand. And by the way, to me, this smells a lot like Escada Moon Sparkle in the opening, which last about 2 hours on me; that weird strawberry... After that, the vanilla stays with me the whole day. I'm a bit sad I can't feel the licorice, though.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-07

If I didn't have a psychopathological attraction to neroli and orange blossom this could be my signature fragrance !

This was the first fragrance that I could categorize as a masterpiece. Truly magnificent, I first discovered it in Cardiff, Wales. There I was, in the mall browsing through fragrances... I previously had a small stroll behind the mall in the most perfect garden/park I ever saw in an urban environment. The rain had just passed and everything was watershed. I truly cannot forget the experience, smelling this masterpiece after seeing the watershed garden.

As I leaned to smell the fragrance, the river Nile unfolded before my eyes. I "witnessed" aquatic, citrus, green, light floral and smoky notes that remained with me after five years, when I finally bought this excellency. I actually shed some tears when wearing it after a long time.

The notes are truly as described: citrusy, green (grapefruit, green mango), light floral (bulrush, lotus flower), woody, smoky (sycamore wood, incense). I really cannot see the other notes listed here, or they may exist to contribute to this overall composition. Incense here in particular is listed in as frankincese which would actually compliment the array of ingredients, if it was truly frankincense, but personally, I smell only a lightly fragranced smoke, I can't detect if the incense note, has any other notes in it !

This is 10/10 all the way, and suitable for summery and spring weather. Weirdly, it actually works for me when I wear it in autumn !

Pretty Petals Ellen Tracy by kitsunemagic 2016-02-07

Yep, you guys weren't kidding about pretty petals resembling Miss Dior Cherie, the opening is very very much like it, as well as the dry down but with a sweeter and fruitier twist, but for now I'll stick to my original MDC bottles and give this to a coworker for her 14 year old daughter :) this scent is nice tho

Poison Girl Christian Dior by Lakambini 2016-02-07

Found it at Heathrow airport and cautiously sprayed onto tester strip. Purposely did not look up the notes so as to have as unbiased a reaction as possible, all things considered. Pleasant, light and musky, with an almond, cherry-cough syrup undertone. No vavavoom, this. Nothing to do with any of the Poisons so far, but a familiar type of smell to be sure. Tucked tester strip into bag. Following day, was annoyed to find handbag permeated with thick almond musk odor and actually wondered whether I'd forgotten a leaky tester vial of Guess or Jeanne Arthes Boum or some such in a pocket. Then ... the memory returned. Oh no. Oh no no. Not for me.

Only The Brave Diesel by leon226 2016-02-07

very good fragrance, I would take this over chanel allure homme at anytime. too bad the price isn't that good, if 4oz for 35 dollars this would totally be my top 5 pick on designer fragrance. This is comparable to YSL la nuit l homme. JPG le male is seriously bad compare to this fragrance.

Narciso Poudrée Narciso Rodriguez by lulu169 2016-02-07

Seems like a trend now, what a beautiful thing! Like Valentina Poudre - so excited to try them both and compare side by side

III Noir Intense Nobile 1942 by fighter 2016-02-07

I've only tried this one so far from the series, 'cause last time I had a chance to test them my wrists were busy with other fragrances :)

It really smells like praline, so you definitely get a strong chocolate note blended with wild Vanilla and Heliotrope. I remember that also Coconut is detectable giving it some kind of "Bounty" flavor.

It's a flowery powdery chocolate fragrance. So not exactly the fondue style yumminess as Chocolate Greedy by Montale.

Looking forward to try also the other two. They are quite rare to find around by the way but this 3 perfume box seem not be that expensive like other Nobile 1942 perfumes.

Azure Lime Tom Ford by Frankee 2016-02-07

to out myself right away: i'm a tom ford private blend junkie:

hmmm, azure lime. was a blind buy. i needed to have it because it's been discontinued (info from sales rep.)

this is a very complicated composition. everytime i use it, it's different. another reviewer mentioned the "dead starfish smell". i smelled that the first time i sprayed it on me and i was very dissapointed by it.

the second time i used it was different: in the opening very loud citrus which slightly fades away in about half an hour. then it's a salty, citrusy light smell. not loud, very close to my skin, very mature. not bad. so far not worth the money. not like costa azzurra or neroli portofino.

it actually should be bottled in a blue bottle.

let's wait for summer and see how it performs in hot temps. can't wait.

so far: 7/10 overall

Shalimar Souffle de Parfum Guerlain by RosieRachel 2016-02-07

I'm an angel resting upon marshmallow clouds, soft, pillowy and feather-light. They taste like lemon sweets.

There the magic ends abruptly and becomes very flat on the dry-down, unfortunately.

Shalimar Souffle or "Breath of Shalimar" is a perfume that I'd group with D&G's Pour Femme. Not because they smell alike, but because they are both warm, comforting and feminine gourmand scents, that are also elegant and sophisticated.

I also think that this is another fragrance that should've been released underneath an entirely new name (this is also what I felt after testing YSL's Black Opium). Both are gorgeous scents, but they don't have much to do with the original. This does have Guerlain DNA in it, though. It's very dense, expensive-smelling and has the signature Guerlainade which, to be fair, doesn't really agree with me. I didn't get any fizz from the citrus, and generally speaking vanilla and citrus aren't my skin's favourite notes. This would really blossom on somebody who is the opposite to me.

Longevity is for about 3-4 hours; sillage with this is strong to moderate. As I wafted though the room someone asked me to vacate, calling the perfume "very strong". I thought that it had worn off me, which means that my nose became accustomed to the smell quickly, so be aware of that. But the blokes did give it the thumbs up ;)

Silver Sun Salvador Dali by heckoez 2016-02-07

someone please tell me, is it similiar to Charriol Charriol Men EDT ? considering they share some similiar notes, and both are created by dominique ropion... thx

Tobacco Oud Tom Ford by Frankee 2016-02-07

Tobacco Whisky Cognac Extreme - Would be a better name for this juice...

And yes, this one is superstrong, you need to know what you're doing on the trigger and for what occasion you're going to use it.

I still haven't found one. Maybe for when you sit naked at the fireplace on a bearskin with a whiskey and a cigar?

Very sweet, very loud. But as always with the Private Blends, the ingredients are of such high quality and refinement. Very heavy sweet and humid tobacco scent with a hefty whisky aside.

I love it to have it on my wrist and smell it an evening with myself. But i still haven't found an occasion to wear it. One of the most extreme tobacco scents i've come across, that's for sure.

Overall 9.5/10

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by mhobba 2016-02-07

Imagine an impromptu hookup with the most beautiful male nurse of Mediterranean descent in a medical supplies room. You are almost choked by the overwhelmingly strong medical ointments and hospital grade hand sanitizer. As things progress, you become increasingly aware of the sensual aroma permeating from his hairy, sweaty, bronzed person as your face reaches his crotch. Astringent, yet dirty. Kouros is sexy, bizarre, definitely evocative and erotic, but just a little too strong for me to wear in most situations.

Bat Zoologist Perfumes by Kathleen13 2016-02-07

I'm very intrigued by the Zoologist perfume line- I absolutely love the concept of fragrances inspired by different animals and their various foods and habitats, and I love the artwork on the bottles as well. I'd been waiting for Zoologist to come out with a scent inspired by an animal I have a particular affinity for (any big cat inspired scents coming in the future, I hope?), and was excited to hear about Bat. I like it, but it does strike me as definitely more of a masculine fragrance and not one I'll really wear myself, but I enjoy the scent of it in a room. I don't really get much of the fruit notes at all; I can smell the earthy/mineral notes and also some green woody notes the strongest, and maybe a little of the musk. I bought a sample size and they included an extra sample for free along with a handwritten thank you note for my purchase, which I thought was a very nice touch. I'll continue to keep an eye on whatever Zoologist does in the future!

Coconut Passion Victoria`s Secret by sirena11ophelia 2016-02-07

To me, Victoria's Secret body mists and EDTs are what I wear when a "perfume" would be too much. They're what I reach for if I'm doing laundry, running errands, exercising, or when I know I'll be around people with asthma, allergies, or perfume sensitivities. Not everyone loves patchouli or jasmine like I do and I try not to assault my more delicate family members with scents they find offensive. I've never met someone that VS mists offended but I also don't douse myself. They are light and they will not knock your socks off with lasting power or silage. They will, though, wrap you up in a nice, cozy, uncomplicated (generally only having 2 or 3 notes) scent that will last like an average body mist. Although I don't like many of their perfumes (which I find to be usually overpriced without the quality to match the price tag), I love their mists and EDTs. They're simple and inexpensive, especially if you can find them on sale. Although Love Spell and Coconut Passion, which are my favorites, are in no way complex or ground breaking, no one expects them to be. They're just pleasant and pretty. They're ageless and casual to me, and I think they can appeal to a 13 year old as much as a 60 year old.

La Belle et l`Ocelot Salvador Dali by Kathleen13 2016-02-07

I really wanted to love this perfume wholeheartedly, because I was in love with the bottle and the name right away. The scent, however, is just not really right for me. It strikes me as a fragrance a much older,very wealthy and very proper lady might wear. It's very heavy and spicy, making me think of it as more appropriate for an incense than a perfume to wear on my skin, for which I generally like a sweeter, fresher scent. But I do like this enough to put a few drops on a cotton ball and use it place of potpourri. I seem to mostly get the resin notes rather than any florals. It really is very much like incense.

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by Frankee 2016-02-07

to out myself right away: i'm a tom ford private blend junkie:

since i've got this passion for these (mostly) heavenly juices from tom ford (i can't stand the guy though) neroli portofino regularly comes my way and every time i took a spritz on my wrist.

4711 - echt kölnisch wasser - that was all that came to my mind and i passed it every time.

last week i had the chance to buy a 100ml bottle for a 100 bucks. i bought it just to complete my collection with this very nice bottle.

yesterday, i was at my mother's house and she gave me a bottle of 4711 of my father, who passed away recently and i took it home to compare it to neroli portofino.

there is already all been said how this fragrance is smelling. in the opening, there is a slight similarity, but that's it. neroli portofino's ingredients are of a much better and refined quality. longevity and sillage aren't comparable at all.

today i sprayed my whole body with it (tv/sofa sunday) and i can't stop smelling my arm and wrists.

in the drydown this gets more and more accentuated and after 4 hours it's still very strong on my skin.

in hot summer weather, this will be a blast.

so glad to have it.

9/10 overall

Spark Liz Claiborne by matillyrose 2016-02-07

I was given a mini parfum 5ml bottle of this and I tried a little on my pulse points. I was just about to wash it off because I thought it smelt too strong and I was panicking I was going to asphyxiate someone including myself.

No kidding...the next five people to walk into my office all said "Something smells nice in here"

Lots of Amber, Musk, Cedar, Cinnamon Spice, Rose and Sweet Caramel. Two of the notes not listed here but are on the box are Honey and Vanilla, they certainly add to the rich sweetness and warmth of the fragrance.

Well after all the compliments, I think I might just keep using it but a little goes a very long way.

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