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Living Grace Philosophy by tk101585 2014-09-14

Amazing grace smells better than this.
Pure grace smells better than this.
This smells like bug spray so help me god. :(
and of course I paid like 60 dollars for the bottle. yay.

Amazing Grace Philosophy by tk101585 2014-09-14

My favorite Grace smell, even though it smells like a very calm grandmother. Seriously. All the g-ma's out there need a bottle of this stuff. I'm 28 and I get embarrassed wearing this.
True story: I was in my friend's car and he was like "WHAT is that SMELL??! It's like a good smell but it's like my grandma is in the backseat hiding"... lo and behold I made him smell my wrist and he goes "yep, that's it." we laughed and laughed and then I got weirded out coz i smelled like an old lady.
Pros: smells good, comforting, musky, floral
Cons: smells like your grandma.

See By Chloe Chloe by Inventress 2014-09-14

If Versace Bright Crystal EdT was to cross with a few drops of Chloe EdP, See by Chloe EdP would probably be the result. Although there is no rose in the list of notes, there is something similar to the original Chloe. It must be the signature of the brand that I'm smelling. See is akin to Bright Crystal because it's also a floral fruity fragrance with a dominant and similar musky accord. If you like that, then you probably will like See by Chloe. For me, I don't like it for the same reasons that I didn't like Bright Crystal - a dominant musk note with high pitched fruits and flowers.

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by LetThereBeMe 2014-09-14

Wow! This is a beast of a scent.

It opens with a roar, carries itself with pride, doesn't care for others opinions and owns it's space, with a healthy dollop of "eat out the palm of my hand" sweetness on the side.

It should in fact be called the essence of a lioness. Fierce and proud, with a loud purr.

On my skin, the dry down is incredibly similar to Givenchy Ange ou Demon.

Noa Cacharel by tk101585 2014-09-14

This was my first perfume ever because I thought the ball inside was neat. I was like 15 years old. I loved this perfume because of how clean and fresh it feels and how it lasts on your skin. It's very young, very girly and very fresh.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by JFrags 2014-09-14

I got a spray at the Ulta just out of curiosity. The hype is real. I get a huge ocean wave with all of these subtle fruit and florals and woodiness... the fresness and the musk coming together is not overpowering; but i only wonder what the skin chemistry would be like with me.

I wish I naturally smelled like this; as a woman and comparing this one to the Acqua Di Gioa which is only slightly weaker and has a sweet tinge to it... I've got to eventually get my hands on this fragrance one of these days.

Subtle and sexy and really an attractive scent.
The hype is real.

Roberto Cavalli Black Roberto Cavalli by silentman26 2014-09-14

A blast of spices and lavender that dries down to a woody aroma and white musk. Dark, fresh and sensual with a bottle that revolves around the brand’s emblem ... the snake ... in a dark-violet shade that makes you think of something concealed ... this true gem is underrated! Just Brilliant!

My Insolence Guerlain by tk101585 2014-09-14

This definitely smells girly, sweet-- and if you put on too much, it will be nauseating and overbearing...
It's definitely perfumy and can be over-the-top, but my favorite part about this was how long it lasted.
It used to be my signature scent before it made me want to throw up from using it every day, pretty much.

Love Lush by racheldaylewis 2014-09-14

Edit: I totally smell straight lemony lemons before the dry down. I had just showered earlier and I think the other smells hid it. Once it dries I smell the apricot that I'm sure lush mentioned, and all the resions.

Clean Fragrance Clean by tk101585 2014-09-14

I was looking for this fragrance a while because a clothing store I liked smelled like this. I'll go ahead and be direct; this smells like air freshener... but REALLY good air freshener. I spray it around my house, not gonna lie. I generally hate citrus smells but I have grown to love this one because of the floral and musky undertones.
In summation..
Pros: Fresh, fruity, Clean (duh..)
Cons: Smells like air freshener, doesn't last long enough.

Teatro Alla Scala Krizia by archivist 2014-09-14

A runaway princess raised among gypsies; dancing in velvet and silks, her skirts redolent with incense and spice and roses, a wild but alluring musk... Her eyes are wicked, her blonde hair tumbles around her shoulders, her patrician face both masked and enhanced with heavy cosmetic flourishes. Very heavy, oriental, sexy - reminds me of Coco, but she's an ambery brunette. This one is aldehyde blonde.

Poivre DSH Perfumes by mirrorghost 2014-09-14

i tried this again and decided to re-do my review.

it's very peppery and spicy at first with some bergamot. that fades off quickly to reveal a spicy carnation that smells very clovey with a backup base of resins and moss. very deep and warm and spicy, i think this would be so wonderful in winter and can't wait to re-try it then (it's currently late summer 2014.)

Clean Skin Clean by tk101585 2014-09-14

I am a huge CLEAN groupie in general, and when I tried CLEAN SKIN this year, I fell in love with it. The other CLEAN scents are way fresher and this one is Musky, sweet and floral. I made people at my work smell it and absolutely everyone that smelled it said it was great. It's a really warm, comforting smell. I will say one thing though.. This could definitely last longer. CLEAN scents seem to only last a few hours which makes them inoffensive albeit short-lived. :-(

Arden Beauty Elizabeth Arden by Tine1world 2014-09-14

It's such a shame that only after visiting here today, have I felt compelled to use EA's 'Beauty'. Again. This is thanks to all you lovely well meaning humans who share a common passion for fragrances.

I haven't worn this fragrance for over 4 years. Just because some Troll at the local Library made such a fuss over the aroma, This TROLL was continually pointing out to all the males at the computers and saying. 'What's that smell'? Believe me there are some bonofide sociopaths who visit the local libraries and she was one of them. Even though this troll wasn't directing at me, off course not. There were dozens of males around I was the only other female, and 'missy plain butt ugly' had to put me down. A complete stranger yet vying for male attention in so much so as she in her vexatious manner, me being the buxom blonde at the library computers for a reason other than her agenda. Which. Mind you readers and fellow 'Fragrantica' members she was there for on line lonely heart sites. Each their own.

My ex hubby is a stalker, our computer was down, and me being a retired teacher insisted we my son keep up with his studies and to the library we went.

It was winter. I associated this fragrance with winter, though many of you like this in the summer.

Like this prejudiced troll, and yes a real troll indeed. Was she being paid my ex to publicly humiliate me?

Anyway. Thanks to you here on 'Fragrantica' and after reading the reviews here. I feel safe to enjoy this fragrance again.

I paid 10 Aussie dollars many, many moons ago for a 100 Mill Flacon slightly 'Clinique ish' in it's design! It lasts all day on me and is quite strong , according to this troll, from a fair distance too. I just retrain my brain to stop feeling hurt by that bully troll, even though it was years ago.

Elizabeth Arden seems to live in the shadow of 'Estee Lauder', these two cosmetic houses I see as main rivals.

There is nothing really wrong with EA's fragrances I am a huge fan and thank the universe that they are reasonably priced and accessible.

I like this fragrance on crisp cold frosty day's even though reminiscent of L'Eau Issey' which I like in the summer. This is in my opinion a Little 'Beauty'.

Cheers T.

Fresh Laundry Clean by tk101585 2014-09-14

I started wearing this perfume around 2008. I love this one because I went out with my (then) boyfriend and after a night of drinking at smokey bars in humid weather, he turned to me and told me that I smelled like a dryer sheet. I'd rather smell clean than tacky, and I like how this perfume makes it look like I don't make much of an effort to actually smell good. Grin.

Amber Oudh Rasasi by Sameer Hasan 2014-09-14

Smelling it now. As open the bottle my expression was ooooh Wow!!!. This is the beauty. A must have perfume. Reviewers have not disappointed me.

Amouage Gold pour Homme Amouage by maknine ezzine 2014-09-14

fragrantica had oubilier siter of the No. 19 chanel also created by this genius guy robert !!!! !!! scandal

Samourai Alain Delon by chenriquemedeiros 2014-09-14

It has a nice scent but it's too synthetic, as soon as I spray it I feel kind of allergic reactions like headaches. It's a pity.

Simply Cotton Mary Kay by chenriquemedeiros 2014-09-14

I thought the best one from this bottle collection, reminded me of Clinique's Happy which I love. It's a floral aquatic fragrance, like those that resemble watermelon smell, though it isn't in the notes.

MK High Intensity Mary Kay by chenriquemedeiros 2014-09-14

It seems that I'm wearing a completely different fragrance from other reviewers, because on me as soon as I spray it completely disappears in 5 minutes, and I smell absolutely nothing, as with most of other MK frangrances.

Light My Fire By Kilian by snowtree 2014-09-14

Brilliant! Reminds me of Guerlain's exquisite Tonka Imperiale with a little bit of a hay note. Four out of five stars. A must try for tobacco lovers. Slightly masculine fragrance but would love to smell this on a woman. Yum!

PHI Une Rose de Kandahar Tauer Perfumes by anguslairdmcangus 2014-09-14

Interesting. A dusty, sour rose that yields to ambergris, patchouli, tobacco, and spicy geranium as it unfolds. The apricot is there, too, but it is an abstraction that, to my nose anyway, plays up the sour aspects of the fruit more than the sweet.

And of course the base Tauer-ade is there, thrumming steadily in the background. Great stuff, that.

But like so many of Mr. Tauer's fragrances, I find Phi to be more of an intellectual scent-experiment than a wearable fragrance. I appreciate the delicacy and complexity of it. I enjoy sniffing it on my wrist. I admire its sillage and longevity. But ultimately, I don't want to smell like this. I should say that I feel the same way even about even his popular masterpiece, L'Air du Desert Marocain.

Something about these fragrances leaves me feeling cold, empty, and unsatisfied. There is a general air of unreality to them. I have read about something in animation called the Uncanny Valley. It happens when a cartoon creation looks and moves VERY much like a real human, but not perfectly like a real human. Think of The Polar Express. This "near miss" causes a sense of revulsion in some people, spoiling the "magic" of the cartoon entirely. This is how I feel about Tauer's fragrances. They are outstanding works of technical and artistic achievement, but is there a soul behind the eyes?

Anais Anais Cacharel by lindafoley58 2014-09-14

I had this fragrance a long time ago & didn't care for it that much but recently I bought a "lot" of minis and this fragrance came with it so I gave it a try and feel in love with this. As I have aged I appreciate the complexities of different fragrances. I'm now enjoying this fragrance more now. I can definitely smell the hyacinth & honey suckle.

Not my go to fragrance but something I would use every now & then.

Escada Magnetism Escada by Elizete Araujo Moura 2014-09-14

Inebriante;o odor de frutas, muito na pele; sensualidade deveria ser seu nome!! amazing!!

Christian Lacroix Ambre Avon by jadelove 2014-09-14

So excited!!! :D I did enjoy all previous Lacroix's Avon collaborations! I was wondering if they would release anymore.

Waiting for the release in Australia - or else I'll buy from eBay.

The notes look inviting, I'm a fan of rose and amber. Will update once I have purchased. :)

Oud Ispahan Dior by CDGfan 2014-09-14

@Tarzan , Oud Ispahan has NOTHING do with a shit fragrance like Black Excess, please stop trolling.

Amore Adrienne Vittadini by ms rochambeau 2014-09-14

Sweet vanilla fruity floral, if you've never smelled it, your not missing anything. Got it at TJ Maxx for $7.99 and I think kiristarr is pretty much rigt about this and the other scents she named. However, I beg to differ when it comes to Judith Lieber's Topaz, which I also found there a while back, as it has something really interesting going for it.

Pandora DSH Perfumes by mirrorghost 2014-09-14

this has (what i perceive to be) a vintage feel. this starts off with something so familiar but i can't place it! this mysterious note disappears very quickly, and then it smells like dry leaves and leather like the above poster noted. after awhile i smell the carnation, oakmoss and vanilla more, as well as other woody notes. i really love carnation, leather and vanilla and they are all so nice in this scent, though i feel that oakmoss and leather are probably the most noticeable for the first 30 minutes.

the drydown is different though- it's a warm spicy carnationy floral that is not so heavy on the oakmoss and leather as the beginning. i probably need to get a bottle of this.

Boss Intense Shimmer Edition Hugo Boss by Elizete Araujo Moura 2014-09-14

a silagem é boa; é perfume para noite/ simplesmente divino/ as notas de pchouli irresistíveis que tanto amo!!

Petal by Cynthia Rowley Avon by Sierrasaurusrex 2014-09-14

I find this is a very fresh spring fragrance. It to me smells like a honeysuckle. It does last a while and is very fresh.

Casmir Chopard by Angela Agiannidou 2014-09-14

I have always been a firm believer that notes of cinnamon, vanilla, pear, blackcurrant and mango should combine to make a cake, not a perfume, there is nothing wrong with any of the individual notes, just all of them together in such proportion and with a hefty dose of sickening vanilla create a sirupy and heavy scent that would have Mary Berry reaching for the exit. For those who do enjoy smelling like a cake this is the right stuff and i would fully recommend it.

Arden Beauty Elizabeth Arden by Elizete Araujo Moura 2014-09-14

sim sinto assim também; pode-se usar em seu dia-a-dia;em seu trabalho/ Muito pouca silagem!!

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Islandaromatika 2014-09-14

Does anyone know when/ where this will be available in the States?

Sacred Wood By Kilian by muzzbait 2014-09-14

this one sure is sweet and wonderful, but for mine it sits somewhere between 'santal carmin' (by atelier) and 'wonderwood' (by CDG). the santal is front and centre, but it doesn't dominate in the way 'santal blush' or tam dao does. it sits on the second tier of sandalwood perfumes, which isn't a shame at all, just not at the top of the pyramid.

i'm not sure the list of ingredients is accurate, either. i get a lot of mild floral, not white nor buttery, but something less dominating and more sedate. it smells wonderful on its own, just not as a sandalwood scent...

Rebelle Rihanna by Angela Agiannidou 2014-09-14

Nice..(yawn).. Tried it from a friend who would buy anything that comes out of celeb land.. Has just about same staying power as Ris latest love squeeze..
Wouldn't expect more anyhow.

Love Lush by racheldaylewis 2014-09-14

This smells like a sticky apricot covered in burnt sugar (or chronic resin :) sitting in a room filled with incense. Thankfully I don't smell any cinnamon. I got a sample of this and the smell of freedom, and today was the first-time I wore this seriously. The resinous smell is fantastic it reminds me of a drippy heart. Like an artistic rendition of a heart wrapped in thorns, because its got a beautiful quality like the happiness love brings but there is still darkness there. Love is always shrouded in darkness. True love is pain too. But I digress. Maybe I've just had a s**try weekend because some dude ---- who cares. I like this perfume. I need to get orange blossom.

Agua Fresca Adolfo Dominguez by deepsilver 2014-09-14

Nothing special about this one. Poor longevity. Smells like cheap citrusy cologne.

Smell: 6/10
Sillage: 5/10

Overall : 6/10

Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Cheryl Cole by charliemilne 2014-09-14

I was quite looking forward to testing this perfume when I first heard about it, but when the time finally came I was more than disappointed, and I have to agree with most of the other reviews on here. It smells very soapy and not a nice soapy either. The sort of cheap soap you would get in a public toilet. It smells very synthetic and gave me a headache after a while.

Nice bottle though!

Mitsouko Eau de Toilette Guerlain by Militza 2014-09-14

I watched Belle du Jour last night; I saw it thirty years ago while studying French. Deneuve's signature fragrance was L'Heure Blue, and so I thought I would stop off at Guerlain to see what it is like now. It had been a little sweet for me in the past. The lady said it was hard to find now. I don't think that is a good idea. We need the old classics.
I had been meaning to buy Mitsouko for my winter frag this year. I wore it a few times in high school, but I had no real brain then. There is some truth that there is either a presence here in the perfume that says, "this is a mature woman's perfume," or this is simply a "thinking woman's perfume." As a young Diana/Artemis in high school, the oakmoss perfumes were a part of me: Intimate, Chantilly, etc. But, Mitsouko was just a sometimes mood then.
I am so tired of celebrity fragrances,(most of them), and I have tired of our society with its latest expressionistic looks. I wished to go back to a classy time, and Guerlain can deliver that. Even though the sales lady gave me the latest change in Shalimar, the Souffle, I hoped that my purchase of Mitsouko would be as I remembered it. As I asked for Mitsouko, I thought, "I hope they leave Shalimar, the original, alone." Mitsouko still has many of the same notes I remembered, and somehow even better. The first layer is the peach/oakmoss, and then the bergamot and vetiver pipe up, which may be why people call this a slightly masculine fragrance. The spices are cryptic on me, and yet they do their job of keeping the scent a heat, as if said female has just entered the stage of estrus. (quietly). That is the strength of the dynamic. This scent tells a man, that though the woman is clearly deeply feminine down to her marrow, she craves to open her strong sexuality as the male does. That is what he is waiting for. Mitsouko makes that possible in a quiet way. While described as melacholy, it is more deeply felt by me to be introspective. It is the odd mating of a brooding Heathcliff to Catharine if a young woman wears it. It is the eternal mating of an older woman with her two selves; the outside that glides with class because of her maturity, the inside that burns with passion. I think Japanese women would follow this.

Passiflora Nest by Lybarra118 2014-09-14

I'm convinced this is what Pandora smells like in the movie Avatar.

I really wasn't expecting to see such a large number of bad reviews for Passiflora, but I'm also not surprised. It does have a somewhat weird vibe - floral but not pretty - sweet but not sugary.
However, I LIKE it. It's great for wearing in hot, humid weather, regardless of how strong it is. Two sprays and that's plenty.

Rebelle Rihanna by Jasminejoon 2014-09-14

Smells like red velvet cake with semi-sweet coffee.

Hard Leather LM Parfums by imanpower 2014-09-14

hard rubber...

Peony and Blush Suede Jo Malone by Ritarudna 2014-09-14

This smells like fabric softener and burning cherry candy. Its soooo cloying and soooo sythetic. I can't handle it.

Nude Rihanna by Jasminejoon 2014-09-14

It smells like a light pound cake with vanilla icing.

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by carlsx 2014-09-14

It's like CK One. A nice fragrance for every day but nothing special. Bottled like prive or private blend but the scent is rather generic.

Fancy Girl Jessica Simpson by Jasminejoon 2014-09-14

doesn't last long on skin. But on clothes 2+ days depending on how much your spray on.

Azzaro Club Men Azzaro by lovetribe 2014-09-14

like a lot me! begin a few synthetic, starts with light touch of citrus fruit, then papaya makes him notice and seems to become then instead a tropical perfume but the marjuana makes him notice a lot together with the hinoki that must say likes a lot me!!it is a prickly perfume.very for club.longevity about 12 hours and excellent sillage.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by carlsx 2014-09-14

I love this. It reminds me of La Vie Est Bella and Si. Very nice :)

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by shamila10 2014-09-14

OMG i loove this perfume... as i hated the original opium i was suprised when i smelt this. not typical smething different.. edgy but classy. lasted agess on me and definatly worth the price.

Pretty Elizabeth Arden by Jasminejoon 2014-09-14

i have both pretty and envy me by gucci this smells like gucci envy me just a little bit more floral.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Decodawn 2014-09-14

On Saturday 13th September 2014 the Beauty Consultant in YSL in Beales of Bournemouth offered me the opportunity to experience the new Black Opium. It does not resemble the original Opium at all. Coffee, chocolate, very sweet gourmand fragrance that does smell very similiar to Amen Coffee Aftershave. The fragrance very quickly faded on me and I could not smell it within half an hour. A beautiful bottle prices 42 pound for 30 ml 50 quid for a 50 ml. This fragrance is aimed at the younger end of the market I have always adored the original Opium and my Mother age 68 wore the Original Fragrance when first launched in the 70's. This is not a 'Classic' by any means and does not have the trademark YSL smell as with all the other fragrances that linger and have a powdery drydown. Thumbs down I'm afraid. Sorry. Dawn

De Profundis Serge Lutens by flowers4me 2014-09-14

Wild plum! I grew up in northern Wisconsin where spring is impatiently awaited as the snow melts. It comes in with a rush of wet greenery and budding flowers about the end of May when a thicket of wild plum near our house would burst into bloom. De Profundis delivers the aroma of wild plum blossoms and damp earth about an hour after application and I'm drowned in nostalgia. Marvelous!

This is so underrated! This a perfume that I am getting for third time and I rarely buy perfumes twice! I love this, could be my signature...
I reach for this one more often then anything else, not overpowering at all and always always draws compliments. And lasts surprisingly long.
Love, love, love !

Palimpsest Aftelier by matty64 2014-09-14

Thank you, NebraskaLovesScent. Much appreciated info. ~matty64~

Alien Thierry Mugler by rhynel 2014-09-14

I wanted to like this one so much, but it just might have been just too "weird" for me. I just got a lot of Welch's Grape juice and grape ring pops with baby powder on top. I did find this one a lot more wearable than Angel, though.

Tabac Blond Caron by ceecee474 2014-09-14

This is a really beautiful perfume, smoky and leathery and floral all at once. I love the powderiness and the similarity to Habanita, another favorite of mine. I have a good-sized decant and probably won't buy a bottle as it's so similar to the Molinard, which is cheaper. I don't get any similarity to Chanel' s Cuir de Russie at all; that one is in a class of its' own! Enormous sillage and projection, long lasting. Love it!

Coral Lili Bermuda by Cassiano 2014-09-14

With notes of Clementine, ginger and Freesia; followed by tuberose, nectar of roses, orange blossom and hydrangea; finishing with soft woods, pepper and musk, this is a luminous floral, which brings the beautiful scent of Freesia and the richness of roses in their most limpid aspect, very common in white roses (although I don't know what species was used).

I couldn't notice the tuberose, but the hydrangea is present, because its essential oil carries a smooth and pretty floral aroma. Finally, the musk could not be left out, since its peculiar smell of cleaning combines a lot with this type of fragrance.

It is not innovative, because there are similar fragrances on the market. But it's full of life, like a flower garden on a sunny day. The natural quality is quite noticeable, in addition to the fact that projects, absurdly, for about 2 hours and still remains with excellent durability.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by rhynel 2014-09-14

This one is not for the faint of heart. Chemistry is super important, and when it works, it really works. I personally like the fragrance out of the bottle -- it's mannish and has this very clean note in it (probably the aldehydes) -- but I would hate to see any reactions to those who don't have the right chutzpah this pull this one off.

Allure Sensuelle Chanel by mobscene 2014-09-14

One of my friends has this perfume and I've recently visited her.Out of curiosity I sniffed it and just fell in love with it. It's exactly as it 's name says.. "sensuelle". Gorgeous perfume. Definitely gonna buy it!

Like a powdery version of Keihl's original musk.

154 Cologne Jo Malone by Ritarudna 2014-09-14

Reminds me of an old man's aftershave. Its very different from the other jo mlones. I don't think many people would like it.

Mughetto Verde Torre of Tuscany by MadLynne 2014-09-14

I just discovered it today at the Fragranza fair in Florence and bought it right away. Even though it smells so much Lily of the valley it's different from the Lily sents I know. Very fresh and green, like a spring rain and very true to the real sent of the flower. It reminds me of my childhood. Lily of the valley is one of the first flowers I smelled and still love it.

Vol de Nuit Guerlain by peeachediva 2014-09-14

I have about an ounce of Vol de Nuit. It is really a strange scent in my book. I can't say I DISlike it, but it is not one I would wear except for my own enjoyment.
I don't really get any of the vanilla or florals in it at all. I would definitely say the wood and maybe there is oak moss in it. It is very Autumn to me.

When I first spray it , I get a scent like an old closet or antique shop...old wood. , but then, as it dries down, it goes from projecting SHalimar, to strangely enough, PARURE- which I also have, It fluctuates between smelling like Shalimar, Parure and Chante de Arome- but with the moss and wood.

While this is not one I wear except on weekends , ..cold fall weekends, it has an attractiveness, that frequently makes me want to pull it out of the dark perfume drawer and smell it. I will periodically sprat a perfume that I like, but wold NOT wear, on a tissue and have it somewhere near me in my study where I can smell it all day. This is definitely one of those perfumes.

It has that out in the woods Fall dreaminess to me. Golden sunsets, a nip in the air, the smell of leaves, wood and moss. Still a hint of Shalimar, even in the dry down. So, know that you are indeed wearing a cousin of Shalimar, like someone said earlier.

Saffron Cologne Intense Jo Malone by Ritarudna 2014-09-14

I sprayed it several times and still got a very faint plant smell. I've never smelled saffron before but, I'd describe this as a table top plant. Its cute but, didn't catch my interest for more than a couple seconds. And at Jo Malone prices, I need more umph!

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by julso22 2014-09-14

this smells so good on me! lovely warm scent that i actually believe can be pulled off all year round

Old Havana is my home , the city where I grew up in. this perfume smells sweet, sweet and sweet, it reminds me of a place located in Obispo street:" LA CASA DE LA NATILLA ", in english means "the custard house", the aroma also brings memories of the Flan and puddings with caramel on it, the sugary and strong cuban coffee smell coming out of the hot kitchens of my Havana. you also can smell in the fragrance a little bit of tobacco. That's the smell of this perfume, but my Old havana is more than that, I am sorry but something is missing here, my Old Havana does not just smell sweet, it is also smells dusty, the smoke that come from old cars,smell of salt from the bay, the smell of unique museums with leather and old books, this perfume is delicious but does not have the enigma,the beautiful history, the danger, the dirtiness and the Darkness of old Havana. However, it still has the longevity of old havana ;)

Did I like it? Yes I did. But it represents only the sweet side that tourists want to see, not the whole story and not the whole smell of an Ancient city with a history in its ribs, I'm glad to have it, and I am glad it has been inspired by my city. Thank you 4160 Tuesday.

absolute lovely scent, one of my favorites.
this smells great with blackberry & bay
when i get whiffs of this i cant help but smile- it smells so darn good!

Palimpsest Aftelier by NebraskaLovesScent 2014-09-14

@matty64, you can purchase it on the aftelierDOTcom official website. She just put it up there today.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Jo Malone by julso22 2014-09-14

lovely citrus! i can see why this is the known fragrance of jo malone
smells light and fresh - a wonderful spring/summer scent that lasts all day
people usually ask me what im wearing when i wear this- and i almost dont want to tell them :P

Blackberry & Bay Jo Malone by julso22 2014-09-14

LOVE this. more woodsy and earthy- smells INCREDIBLE paired with earl gray and cucumber (which is my favorite)

Tribute Amouage by brynhimmel 2014-09-14

I really wanted to like this. The other reviews are so compelling and the composition is incredibly complex and interesting on paper. On my pulse points, however, I I smell is tobacco. I felt like I was trapped inside a giant cigarette box. It was almost nauseating. I never got the rose or anthing else. Too bad. Passing along my sample to brother-in-law or sister-in-law. They both enjoy smokes with their drinks :)

Pomegranate Noir Jo Malone by julso22 2014-09-14

this one is by far the most complex by jo malone. it is definitely a fall/winter fragrance. so good. this is one of my favorites but i do know some people who do not like so be careful of spraying too much

Very nice unique scent. Slightly sweet citrus and blue cotton candy top note with a nice woodsy and smoke dry down. Top Shelf Fragrance.

PG13 Brulure de Rose Parfumerie Generale by brynhimmel 2014-09-14

Very pretty and sweet. It is very soft, though. It reminds me of Hanae Mori, quite a bit. It is something I would wear to relax, maybe after an evening yin yoga class and a calming warm bath, curled up with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. This is definitely not a perfume that gets my heart pumping.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by jenweilo 2014-09-14

Black Orchid is a very closed-in smell to me, like a dark room with incense and chocolate and leather. Think dungeons, think boudoirs, think old, candle-burning theatres. I think because it makes me think of these closed spaces, its very dangerous, slightly claustrophobic, and gets my heart beating. It’s enormously domineering and sensual.

Starts off with a punch to the head with incense and something earthy/leather/latexy, and a sweetness which may be the orchid. After a few minutes it’s vanilla and chocolate, lighter than the open.

I could never wear this day to day. For me, it’s clearly a red lipstick and black velvet type scent. Makes me think of a Pratchett quote: ‘heavy artillery in the war of the sexes’. Definitely for the inner dominatrix.

My Insolence Guerlain by Marie C Sim 2014-09-14

This perfume sure smells GIRLY :) :) :)
It is very present, projects quite a lot.
I smell the patchouli a lot on my skin. It reminds me a lot (funny enough) of the Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body works.
It is sexy and I love it.
I will start wearing it and let's see what the comments will be :)

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Jo Malone by Ritarudna 2014-09-14

Actually, I'm not sensing wood, sage, or sea salt. I smell a light citrusy, fruity, peppery, smell. Kinda like orange juice and sunscreen. Almost identical to womanity, minus the harshness. Totally unexpected. I like it :P but seriously, wtf.

Must de Cartier Cartier by Aria1964 2014-09-14

I used to wear Venice by Yves Rocher back in the early 90's, and was rather sad when it was discontinued. Flash forward to the present when I was fortunate enough to get a 1996 formulation of Must from someone's personal collection. At first spray I was (happily) struck by the similarity between the two fragrances... however that's where the similarity ended. The depth, complexity, and longevity of Must is far superior. It is truly a beautiful scent. On my skin the amber is prevalent, and blends harmoniously with the rosewood. Perfect for colder weather as it envelops you in warmth and comfort. Seems to me it would be well suited to a glass of wine in front of the fireplace... can't wait!

Wild Fig & Cassis Jo Malone by Ritarudna 2014-09-14

I can see definitely similarities with philosykos. It smells like a garden shop. Not in a particularly good way. I smell potting soil, peppers, moss :L snails. That type of garden.. If you like that kind of thing, go for it.

Eau de Nuit Giorgio Armani by caekwalk 2014-09-14

I think people are confusing "Smells like Dior Homme" with "is in the same genre as Dior Homme". That being said, Eau De Nuit is clearly in the latter category. Valentino Uomo is what smells nearly identical to Dior Homme. I've smelled metric fucktons of colognes, but never anything that Eau De Nuit could be considered a clone of. A fusion of others? Perhaps. A doppelganger?- I think a better question would be "did you just drop acid?".

I currently have both Eau De Nuit and Dior Homme on separate wrists, and I think the traits they share are powdery-ness and sweetness. Eau De Nuit is warmer, hypnotic and almost milky while Dior Homme becomes sharp/crisp and candied but invigorating. They're lasting and projecting about the same at 8 hours each on my skin which is miraculous, projecting at about arm's length for 2-3 of them. However, I find DH and Valentino Uomo obnoxious and a little suffocating.

My skin is very stubborn and naturally very sweet-smelling, but Eau De Nuit gels more with it and has gotten me some unsolicited MMM's from some seriously minxy members of the fairer sex, whereas Dior Homme puts people into fight-or-flight mode. Eau de Nuit is actually the only cologne I've ever tried that feels like it was MADE for my skin.

Amethyst Eclat Lalique by genny17 2014-09-14

This is only the second flanker, so really why not a flanker of a great scent like Amethyst is!?

Amore Vince Camuto by primarycook 2014-09-14

Smells like vomit in a cheap bar.

Eros Versace by 2014-09-14

I bought Eros for $100 (100ml and 30ml) in my local dept store.
The first day i used this, it made me get laid with the best looking collague in my office (yeah,i mean it).
She asking me what im wearing? And se loves it so much.
Im also thinking to buy PacoRabanne 1 million, but she like me with the Eros. I think she already hook up with me and Eros (great combo).

The top is kinda strong, u need to wind it up after u apply this. Yes, it really smell that good. Projection stay okay up to 3-4 hours (about 3-5feets), after that it stays in my skin. I sprayed it to my shirt, after 2-3 days my shirt still smell the Eros.

Normal Hot Day, i sprayed for 2-3 times. Spray it to the chest, neck, and hands thats all u need. If u hug a woman, she will be nvr want to go off you.

The Eros give a selfconfident for the wearer, it really attracts the women. And all u hav to do is the talk, and they will be yours.

Strangely my wife doesnt like the Eros, she said i smell awful. But the most important is the hottest girl in my work place said that im smell PURE SEX, and it really turns her on all the time.

Best Investment to get laid... 100% Battle Proven. Chicks love it, Wife probably will Hate it.
Use it with confident(dont overspray), and u would get a blowjob from a girl.

Palimpsest Aftelier by matty64 2014-09-14

This sounds like my type of perfume. Doe's anyone know where to purchase in the U.S.A.?

A*Men Pure Wood Thierry Mugler by marekkalinowski 2014-09-14

ok,I'm a huge fan of T.M.but after some anticipation and reading the negative revs i didn't want to buy it, but that wouldn't be me and i got it almost a blind buy,And boy, what a surprise . I'm glad i got it as its not going to lasts long on the shelfs. The beginning is quite oaky but fades away after 1 hr and it begins its "dance" its lovely and warm and spicy. coffee, vanilla, patchouli and cypress are dancing together a walc. It is so pleasant i can't stop sniffing myself. My wife and the daughter noticed it straight away and both said that its a fantastic frag. Its the only one from the range ,in my opinion, apart from P. Shot, that does have little or nothing in common with the rest. its unique in its own beauty.
the down side, I'm afraid it has to be the bottle, Its too pale and the design should be more "woody" and 3D-like and more like the photo in the advert.Ilike the rubber feel though.
9/10 for the juice.
enjoy wearing it.

Rise Beyonce by ChristopherK21 2014-09-14

Just bought a gift set of this perfume yesterday at my local sears store for $17! It included a 30ml bottle of the parfum, 75ml bottle of lotion & 75ml bottle of shower gel.

From my first sniff from the bottle, I do like it! It seems to me to be a fresh and light perfume. It is a little on the powdery side! Honestly, I own all of her perfumes, except for Heat Ultimate Elixr and Heat Wild Orchid, and to me, this is her most mature perfume. Kudos to Beyonce.

I could not find this parfum for a decent price before, but I was extremely happy to find it in Sears for such an awesome price yesterday! Now, I just need to purchase the Wild Orchid!

I will edit and add more to my review tomorrow after wearing the parfum and associated products! :)

White Musk Smoky Rose The Body Shop by Soutty123 2014-09-14

I have a real penchant for dirty rose scents but it's been a struggle for me to find one that's right for me and that suits my skin. Agent Provocateur, the ultimate dirty rose, smelt terrible on me. Up until now, the best has been Jo Malone's Velvet Rose and Oud, but it's horribly pricy considering the sillage and longevity are so low.

White Musk Smoky Rose is absolutely what I've been searching for. Warm, cosy, smoky, sweet. No smell of curry (AP), no sourness (AP and MP). Great value for money. I just wish the Body Shop would do a body butter in this fragrance so I could immerse myself in it.

Don't discontinue BS please!! (And bring back Fuzzy Peach, Woody Sandalwood and Cassis Rose while you're at it)

Cardinal James Heeley by K1 2014-09-14

Cardinal is an interesting presentation of catholic culture in simple attractive woody (realistic woody) heavenly way. It opens with slight cute floral peppery side highly imparted by frankincense and labdanum. Amber and myrrh influenced by vetiver prepare a mystical sacred vibe over incense play. The woody overload illustrates a visit of the attic of an old church where the structure timbers release res smell due to sun exposure. Cardnial is an extremely woody incense fragrance highly attributed to pepper notes. It’s apathetic, immaculate and charming but not sexy.

Similarities in the opening to L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Eau Extreme Guerlain, but longevity here is so much better. One of my favourites :-)

Kenneth Cole New York Women Kenneth Cole by drugstore classics 2014-09-14

All of these notes are so appealing, as is the dreamy amber color of it's presentation. What is not to like?

Alas! For all the supposed warmth, leather, and spice, I am amazed at Kenneth Cole's modernity and coldness. A perfect choice to wear with a suit and quality heels in the boardroom, so KC is right on target for their intended consumer.

I expect that on the right person this scent will warm up and shine, but it will have to be someone who enjoys the cooler side of spicy scents and generally smells wonderful in newer formulations.

Jasmin Noir L’Essence Bvlgari by TillyWave 2014-09-14

At last there is truth in advertising, and the "Floral Woody Musk" designation is dead-on. Jasmin Noir L’Essence is Jasmin Noir EDP amped way, way up. If you wished the original lasted longer, and was a bit stronger (Bulgari will never, ever make a powerhouse of projection of perfume, it's just not going to happen) the L'Essence edition is for you.

Now, on my skin both JN's are primarily woody notes, musk, licorice, pink pepper, and almonds all the way. The top is garnished with a flash of greenery, and the base becomes a concentrated woody musk, with a bit of incense/myrrh added to the mix. The jasmine is there through most of the perfume, but it is buried underneath the other notes--it is not a prominent note, which is why it is confusing--a perfume with a floral name is not a floral perfume.

JN L'Essence lasts at least 10 hours on my skin--that's crazy for a Bulgari, and those base notes do project a bit for sure. If you love Floral Woody Musks I think this is a green light.

L'Amandiere James Heeley by rinz09 2014-09-14

Oh my god. This is the first perfume I have ever worn that I instantly wanted a full bottle. This is spring. Pure and simple. Gorgeous green sunny flowers with the nutty undercurrent of almond. Glorious. An absolute masterpiece. I see newborn lambs playing in a field. I see flowers blooming. Trees blossoming. I am in love. Thank you Mr Heeley for this masterpiece.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by SundayMorning 2014-09-14

well that escalated quickly...!

I look forward SO much, for my first meeting with Black Opium!!!.

Eau Radieuse Humiecki & Graef by Buysblind 2014-09-14

Remarkable. An icy cold hyper-mentholated burst of camphorous mint and citrus notes get this one off to a rollicking start. The banana leaf adds some sweet green notes to the mix and you're left with a startlingly radiant example of freshness-pushed-over-the-edge, past all normal boundaries and into something bizarre, unique, and completely new. Synthetic? Absolutely. Eau Radieuse seems as if it was concocted in a futuristic lab complete with hazmat suits and puffy clouds of liquid nitrogen smoke. But it's totally wearable AND the general public seems to like it. I get compliments when I wear this. It's not weird in an "eww, what's that smell?" kind of way, it has more of the, "Oh my god, what are you wearing?" type of effect. And it's not surprising that people notice it because this one PROJECTS. However, the way it projects is very unusual. Think of dispersed light rays refracting from a crystal and you'll have some idea of the physical nature of this fragrance. It's not solid. It's an aura, ethereal and radiant, befitting of its name.

Absolutely try this, as it needs to be experienced to be understood. One of my favorites, and completely different than anything else I own. Eau Radieuse is one of those fragrances that I stumbled upon and was instantly reminded as to why this is such a thrilling and enthralling hobby.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by lyciumchld 2014-09-14

Please keep reviews limited to your opinion of the fragrance and take complaints about others' reviews of the fragrance to the chat boards, thanks.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by jellybeantree 2014-09-14

If you don't like this fragrance go review another fragrance you DO like! Seriously this is getting ridiculous ! It is just PERFUME! There is enough for everyone to like and dislike ! I love this fragrance and if you are looking for a edgy gourmand than try it. If you don't like it , GO REVIEW SOMETHING ELSE !!!!!

Raghba Lattafa Perfumes by Dela1975 2014-09-14

I tested this in Leeds . My thoughts were tom fords tobacco oud but sweeter . I must admit I like this a lot better than tom fords tobacco oud and it's a lot cheaper think I'll stick to this one in the future

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by marekkalinowski 2014-09-14

just bought the bottle of it after a day of trying the sample i got . it is a lovely and warm fragrance , Ideal for the Fall and Winter , it's warm, spicy and sweet with almonds and vanilla. the sweetness fades away after 30 min, and becomes a lovely deep woody scent which is a very pleasant and enjoyable to is not loud and it stays close to the skin, what i like, and lovely bottle too.
Era of 80's and 90's is over. Time to move on,
For those who hate it or don't like it , I just don't simply understand what are you looking for in a frag. or what do you expect from it? The problem is , i think , you just clearly don't know what you want and start writing stuff for the sake of it and fun. And it does not smell like Pure malt at all!
overall 8,5/ 10

1881 Men Cerruti by nightcutter 2014-09-14

Sadly this has been reformulated by Coty. The smell is essentially the same but the projection and staying power have gone. Shame.

Cherry (Cerisier) L`Occitane en Provence by Lorena Luz Santos 2014-09-14

Has anyone noticed the smell of bay leaf?

Jimmy Choo Man Jimmy Choo by nightcutter 2014-09-14

Pleasant but an incredibly ordinary, sweet and powdery scent. Think Only The Brave, Chanel Bleu and Guilty.

Jeux de Peau Serge Lutens by gottfried 2014-09-14

I can see longevity being a problem with this one. Very short life on my skin.
Nice scent though, like stepping into a little cafe/bakery with coffee and sweet buttery biscuits

Peony and Blush Suede Jo Malone by SeptemberSapphire 2014-09-14

Pretty scent however poor longevity. Overpriced for what it is

By Dolce&Gabbana by GianGG 2014-09-14

This fragrance was released in 1997 but it is really actual. By man was made in EUROITALIA, this society have made all the old Dolce & Gabbana fragrances.

It opens with a blast of nutmeg, then comes the lavender, and after it evolves in a leathery and woody base. The dry down remembers me la nuit de l'homme but By man is more audacious and less generic.
By man is a modern,gentle and kinda unisex fragrance.
If Dolce & Gabbana relaunches it keeping the quality, this one could sell good because it's really contemporary.
I like it.

rating: 4/5

Miss Dior (new) Dior by charmedbella 2014-09-14

This is such a pretty and elegant perfume. I think it is judged a bit too harshly. Is it adventurous? No, but it has never claimed to be. There is nothing wrong with this crowd-pleaser!

Miss Dior is so, so feminine, romantic, and lovely. She is pretty, well-liked, and chic. Warm, inviting, and a little sexy. The opening of citrus is gorgeous (I love a good citrus opening) and is followed soon after with very smooth jasmine and rose, then rounded out with stunning patchouli.

On me, the sillage is incredible. It radiates warmth and envelopes the wearer in a cloud of sophistication. This wears best on the inner crook of the arms, on the neck, and underneath your hair at the base of the neck.

Easily a day time scent, this is elegant enough to be worn at night and is absolutely perfect on a romantic date with that special someone. Miss Dior is a crowd-pleaser, so this is safe for almost any social function and at the office -- you won't offend anyone with this stunning scent! I find this wearable any time of the year; warm enough for the cooler months, but fresh enough to be worn in the summer.

Miss Dior is easily one of the prettiest perfumes I've ever worn!

Potion Royal Black DSQUARED² by Angela Agiannidou 2014-09-14

Sounds like sth up my street, can't wait to try it!!!?

Cedarwood Lili Bermuda by Cassiano 2014-09-14

The first impression was amazing! We hardly find men scents with nuances that are really woody, right in the output. But in here, the Cedar heads a fragrance unlike anything I've ever felt until today (at least as far as I can remember right now). And the mix of lavender, Juniper and Rosemary gives a special touch to the point of making me feel, during the evolution, nuances of anise.

The nutmeg is very well dosed as well as the oak. But are the notes of labdanum resin, along with suede, that add a differentiated value to the base of this fragrance.

That’s a fine specimen of a masculine, elegant and timeless cologne, for the fans of a good Woody. It projects well during the first hour, getting close to skin over time. And has very good lasting.

I could not have chosen better for initiating the reviews of this House.

Voile d'Ambre Yves Rocher by mamufa 2014-09-14

Very nice, warm and cozy. Sandalwood, some vanilla. Well mixed. I don't get mirth and cardamon on me. It's not heavy oriental, don't be afraid. I would say it's a very mild oriental, if anything like that exists :)
It's perfect in autumn and winter. Very feminine.

A little too heavy on mandarine at the beginning. At least in my opinion.

On the morning I used Voile d'Ambre for the first time my 7 years old son started to sniff around me and then hugged me and said: I like your perfume, mummy.

I would never expect that Voile d'Ambre would please such a young nose ;)

Ultimate Seduction LM Parfums by Colin Maillard 2014-09-14

A vanillin-floral bomb as fake as February the 30th, on a sour-boozy-woody base and with a powdery side of iris and rose. Basically another tab in the countless "generic silky sweet synthetic floral-woody niche scents" archive. Dull and highly forgettable.


Potion Royal Black DSQUARED² by pjd1234 2014-09-14

Recently purchased this one blind bought it actually because of the reviews im really hyped about it let see if its worth a second bottle, at first spray can really detect the pimento and insense here just lovely. I then detect the rose, leather maybe just a slight tobacco in the backround, at the base it stays woodsy. how do I describe the overall scent incensey, smoky, woody a real dark, mystery scent definitely night time use quality juice very well balanced and natural smelling a love for me. Does it deserve a second bottle "YES" definitely getting another one.

Desirade Aubusson by Sammie-Ma 2014-09-14

I feel as if I were transported back to the 1950's as a child playing around on the dressers of my mother and older sisters in their perfumes. The blend is not of that era but the scent makes me wax nostalgic.

J`Adore L`Or Dior by SeptemberSapphire 2014-09-14

I find this perfume to be sickly sweet. Not worth the price tag!

Dior Homme Parfum Dior by alfarom 2014-09-14

This is hard. I'm not much of a fan of Dior Homme even if I think it has been an incredibly relevant piece of modern perfumery both because of its unquestionable commercial success and because it has represented a sort of gateway for men interested in iris-fragrances (too often and too stupidly relegated only to women-territories) Now, Dior Homme Intense was, paradoxically, *slightly* more to my tastes as it pushed the affected *powderyness* of the original and the overall creamy vibe towards territories in which it almost crossed the border of kitsch while still maintaining things somewhat interesting. To me, it was more a sort of Dior Homme 2.0 than actually a flanker. In the end, it felt almost like an improvement on the original.

In this context, Dior Homme Parfum is probably my favorite amongst the whole Dior Homme saga. It's still creamy and powdery and with the sweetness perfectly in balance. Smoky / leathery notes duet with cocoa while the base have been driven towards more oriental territories by the introduction of a subtle yet remarkable synth-oudy note. It feels overall more rounded, some the the edges of the original have been smothered down while the composition still strikes as, somewhat, generically woody / musky but not overly so.

In the end, I'm still not enough of a fan to love it but, in my book, this is head and shoulders above the average quality available amongst similarly targeted fragrances. Now please, keep this away from reformulations or we will be doomed to another fifteen years of exhausting threads on fragrance forums all around the internet.

Rating: 7/10

Oud Fleur Tom Ford by 2014-09-14

An expensive mistake!
Tried this in store and thought it smelled wonderful. Having purchased it I found it to be far too spicy and masculine smelling for my liking. Doesn't suit my skin at all. Wearing this I have been told I smell like an incense stick. Also told I smell like I'm wearing mens aftershave.
It was only when I paid £140 for this bottle of perfume I was offered and given samples of other Tom Ford scents. I wish I had been given the samples before this regrettable purchase as I would have chosen something more suitable.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by smellME 2014-09-14

I agree totally with Liamsardea !
Don't demand a goldmedal in the olympics every time.
Sometimes a bronze is even more well earned !
I liked it first time I tried it and was eager to get my husband to try it.
It is both spicy and fresh in a delicate and unusual way that I really like.
I think it is special and when my husband tried it on skin I made a smile,
cause it's nice to be right sometimes...
Did it suit him - of course !

Balkis Al-Rehab by luv2travel789 2014-09-14

I tried this perfume while waiting for my falafal in a Middle Eastern Deli. It was so blah... I was going to try and wash it off after I finished eating but forgot. An hour or so later as we were almost home my fried said "what is that incredible smell"? I was like, I don't know but I can't believe how great it it... I thought it must be one of the cards I had grabbed in Sephora so started digging around in my purse trying to figure out which one it was. I finally realized it was the Balkis wafting up from my wrist. I can not believe how much it changed in an hour! This perfume oil is infreakingcredible! I smelled it for hours and started obsessing over it. The next moring found me in the car for the 2 hour round trip drive back to buy this $2 beauty. I have worn it daily for a week and it has garnered more compliments than anything else I own. Love Love Love this little bottle of perfume oil. WOW!!!

Dahlia Noir Givenchy by SundayMorning 2014-09-14

Just as it says:" Woody, powdery, floral".
Its a nice floral scent, leaning towards a nice "just came out from the shower"-freshness.
A scent in its time, that i will not remember forever.
Safe to buy as a gift for somebody you like.

Cigar Remy Latour by SamanthaRenee 2014-09-14

I got this as a blind buy for my husband. I never do that for him but after all the positive reviews I read here I decided to take a chance. This stuff is REALLY nice! It's fresh and simple to me, a scent that is casual and appropriate for spritzing after a shower, before bed or anytime a man wants to leave whiffs of "mmmm" behind him. Due to its fresh and casual feel, I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking a nice alternative to all the overpriced and over-used colognes out today.

Bal d'Afrique Byredo by diorshowman 2014-09-14

This fragrance is in my top 5. Nuff said.



Rakaan Swiss Arabian by lousif 2014-09-14

This starts out as an overwheming blast of industrial strength bathroom cleaner. I really hated it the first time I wore it. But then I gave it a few more trys, and now I love. Just let it drydown, and it turns into a beutiful fragrance. Terrific longevity. One of my go to summer frags.

Le Parfum de Therese Frederic Malle by SundayMorning 2014-09-14

I open the sample.... Up jumps CARROTJUICE! Rapidly settles to.....? Im not sure!
I can detect a vague honeymelon and a rainy rose. Something blue, something green.
I wish the carrots could stay for longer..
This review is by far the worst i'v written, haha, i assure you, i will try to update this....someday.

Light My Fire By Kilian by freakypirate 2014-09-14

Opens with sharp tobacco, hay, vetiver. Very strong and pungent. Then.... CUMIN! Whoa! Nothing but cumin with a pungent base! Had to scrub it off. Does not comply with my skin chemistry! Ambroxan usually does that.. I can still smell it on my skin after scrubbing. I wish they wouldn't put it in every other perfume!

Shalimar Souffle de Parfum Guerlain by craftyminx 2014-09-14

This doesn't remind me of Shalimar at all. There's no depth, no richness. Where is the Guerlinade? I have nothing against Shalimar flankers. I loved Eau de Shalimar, PI, even PI L'Eau. But they all smelled like Guerlain scents, not like cheap body spray. I'm so disappointed in this.

Christian Lacroix Absynthe Avon by LadyPilot 2014-09-14

Absynthe was discontinued only a few months ago in Poland so I believe it's still available in some places. You can still order Rouge and Nuit though.

Intoxicated By Kilian by freakypirate 2014-09-14

Review from a spray sample:

Opens with nutmeg and cinnamon, earthy but also with a very sweet base. Almost fruity. Then the coffee and cardamom become more apparent. There's still something very sweet in there though. It becomes green and even a bit lemony. The drydown is woody and sweet, with hints of nutmeg and a bit of cinnamon. Not enough coffee for my taste! Just very sweet and that gets a bit cloying for me.

Gingerbread Demeter Fragrance by Orshi 2014-09-14

These Demeter fragrances are now available in Boots stores in the UK..I tested this one and I almost fainted..Extremely artificial strong food colouring smelling scent. I tested about 10 fragrances, they were awful to be honest..The bottles look much better in the pictures and the smells are very unnatural..Huge disappointment, all of them. The only one that I'm still interested in is Caramel, I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because they didn't have it in the shop and I don't see how I would dislike any kind of caramel scent..All in all, these Demeter scents are much worse quality than any celebrity fragrances as far as I can tell based on today..:S

En Passant Frederic Malle by SundayMorning 2014-09-14

Extremely true to ingredient! Lilac-beautiful, cucumber-beautiful. I will use this , everytime the swedish darkness seems to never dissapear. True spring, true schoolbreak, true pureness without ANY scent of powder :)

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by alfarom 2014-09-14

I see L'Homme Ideal as a sad little creature.

Many things have been said to explain the reasons why Guerlain released such a fragrance and they all sounded more like justifications for the fact L'Homme Ideal is, in the end, boredom personified. Anyway, of all the things I read and heard, the most logic to me was that Guerlain was targeting the Blue De Chanel audience and, more generally, a wider crowd. After smelling the juice, this makes sense but my next questions are: Do I really care about what were the intentions Guerlain had? Do they make me change what I think about this fragrance? …but, most of all, as a consumer, do they really matter? No, not at all.

L'Homme Ideal is a sad little creature that smells like a plethora of other department store fragrances that hit the shelves in the last ten years or so. A bunch of catchy top-notes (in this case not even *that* catchy to my tastes) slammed on top of a sticky, outrageously generic and uber-synth woody base. Oh Dear Lord that base! Tonka, sharp cedar wood (maybe some woodyamber) and some vetiver. Surprise!

Yes, there's the infamous *amaretto* note but well, when it comes to almond-y notes, Guerlain feared no rivals in the past and L'Homme Ideal's opening is far from being enough to save the rest of the composition from precipice. Mind me though, the problem here is not that they played it safe but more that it completely lacks any kind of personality.

Now, I'm a huge Guerlain fan but this time, seriously: EW! …and as my grandma said, L'Homme Ideal doesn't exist!

Rating: 4.5/10

Field Notes From Paris Ineke by SundayMorning 2014-09-14

Dirty skin, pure fresh tobaco, and yet there is a strong cloride-scent to it.
The honey & tonka bean comes with bitter sweetness, makes it a bit to "klingy" for my taste.

Waikiki Pikake Pacifica by edda88 2014-09-14

Sweet nectar-y white soliflore so naturalistic you want to book a plane ticket to Hawaii and be greated by lap steel guitars and leis of pikake RIGHT now.

To me, this is like Tocca Florence's little sister. Waikiki Pikake is more simplistic than her older, more worldly sibling, but has the same sweet heart and sincerity. Florence shares that pure, good-natured jasmine sambac running through her core, but it's like she's a college freshman who is discovering more facets to her personality and developing more depth as an adult. (Florence turns up the gardenia to 11 and diversifies a bit with other notes.)

I love Waikiki Pikake for a simple, pretty, natural summer fragrance. Wear it on a breezy summer day, or to the beach, perhaps with some coconut oil...?

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by moniote 2014-09-14

The best perfume on earth ! Gorgeous And différent ! An YSL NEW masterpiece ! I love it !! Beautiful gourmand ! The Cofee note IS exquisite on my skin ! A WONDERFUĹ classic ! Like opium its prédécessor !

Aziyade Parfum d`Empire by SundayMorning 2014-09-14

Its a house , with walls made of a vanilla,tobaco & almonds. Inside this house theres a big christmas-baking going on. Comforting, relaxing.

Cotton Candy Girly Girl Prince Matchabelli by spritzedsilly2 2014-09-14

Delicious. Yummy. Almost perfect cotton candy scent. I just wish they would ramp up sillage and longevity. My only complaint!

Rogue Rihanna by Aria1964 2014-09-14

I received this as a sample, and really dislike it. Thank heavens I didn't spend any money on it! I find the scent to be very synthetic, overpowering, and overly fruity (possibly the plum?). A very linear scent, though I must admit it had great sillage and longevity. I had to wash it off after a few hours, and had difficulty getting rid of the scent so I finally resorted to rubbing alcohol...

I could see a younger woman liking this scent. It was too lacking in subtlety and "in your face" for me.

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by IlGurudelProfumo 2014-09-14

Eau de Gaga is an elegant fragrance... At the first moment my reaction was: oh my god it smells so bad ( mint mixed lime) but in a second moment it becomes more woody and extremely sensual, the white violet is very very aphrodisiac. I love the soft sweet touch in the base notes given by the fava tonka. This fragrance was launched as unisex fragrance, but I think it's more a masculine fragrance. This fragrance has a moderate/soft sillage but it last many ours ( 8+)


Reveal Calvin Klein by marcello19 2014-09-14

Tested on paper, but I'm not interested in this one. Nothing interesting, I have Womanity and I like it, and I don't find Reveal similar to Womanity at all.

Tonka Imperiale Guerlain by Mighty lion 2014-09-14

Smells identical to an almond cookie.. Very sweet and gourmand.. Decent fragrance, but not for me..IMO would smell better on a female..

Reveal Calvin Klein by panthere 2014-09-14

Love at first sniff ( which is unusual for me!). I find this scent very sexy although it's understated . On my skin , I smell the salt and pepper opening initially , then it doesn't take long to settle on me. It turns into the most beautiful amber musk with still the salty peppery background hinting out but melding into a very sensual skin scent. I find this smell on me to be very addictive!. Only wish I was able to purchase a larger bottle . They only sell the 30 ml where I am. I'm very impressed with this scent. Well done Calvin Klein!!!.

Dry, salty with a slightly sweet herbaceousness and citrus freshness. Lasts nicely but does not project very far. "Coastal" is the perfect word for it. I'm not usually a fan of marine scents because they smell synthetic to me but this smells so natural and evokes wonderful summer memories.

Feels like sipping a fresh margarita - lime garnished and salt rimmed- and watching the sinking sun after having spent the whole day on the beach - the ocean water dried off your skin but the lingering salt still there, and maybe a bit of sun-warmed sand still between your toes. Extremely reminiscent of California beach late summer evenings.

Christian Lacroix Absynthe Avon by Lipglossjunkee 2014-09-14

No, Militza, these are long discontinued in the US.

Extremely appropriate name. Dark green and deep but with a mysterious sparkle around the edges. Fir/pine/cedar/moss with black current are the most salient notes to me. The green woods lend a heavy crispness (dark green and soft) while the black current is sweet and rounds out the scent well. There are some dark alcoholic notes as well and I think my nose detects a little bit of anise or licorice although it is not listed in the note pyramid. Black currant gets stronger on the dry-down and although it never quite dominates the woods, it does become much more prominent as time goes on.

Midnight Fleur Nest by ebony5 2014-09-14

Vanilla and amber, not very floral at all on me. The jasmine hides in the background, barely noticeable. Syrupy, synthetic at first but dry-down is a little more powdery natural. Still, though, I get a marshmallow note that I don't like very much. I don't smell any spices on myself as others do, but I wish I did. Definitely lasts long but the sillage is not huge. It seems to be Nest's flagship scent, but with my chemistry it doesn't smell all that special.

White Musk The Body Shop by deja vu-gr 2014-09-14

I am not an expert about female's fragrances as i consider that perfumes for men are by far better BUT this one is really good stuff and one of few that makes me crazy (in a good way),so sensual and seductive and this is the first thing that i have in my mind when i want to buy a present to my female friends having always great comments for my choice. I consider the perfume oil has the better longevity and projection than the others editions of this as it is concentrate and of course value for money,better results if it is worn after WM body lotion or body mist.Thumbs up!!!

Exquisite! This has unbelievable depth.

Gonna need a mortgage to buy some though, unless I make it my only fragrance.

Joy of Pink Lacoste by ScarlettX 2014-09-14

Sour grapefruit scent at the begginning was quite fine. But that's it. I don't like this sickly sweet tropical liqueur note in it.
And the whole thing is just plain and boring.
Also way too sweet for sporty scent.

Aventus Creed by cityscape 2014-09-14

It's hard to say something that hasn't been said before. All I can say is that I was a sceptic upon my first spray. Now it is perhaps one of my favorite scents and one that can be worn in nearly any occasion.

Smokey pineapple is the best and simplest way to describe this scent.

For those concerned about batches, I have 14C01 and it leads with a strong pineapple smell before settling into birch.

Yuzu Man Caron by Brain-in-a-vat 2014-09-14

I bought this online as I tried Miyake in the shop but then read the reviews here on Caron and decided to buy this due to the cedar combination. I now have my beautiful 125ml smoked frosted glass bottle and love the smell for a morning zing!

Cuir 28 Le Labo by cityscape 2014-09-14

This one is a very unique scent. To me it smells like a campfire.... very smokey and masculine. After the dry down it smells like a salty, smokey, piece of leather with a hint of vanilla. And this works!

IMO, this is a bit too niche as a daily wearer but a very distinct option to have in the rotation. I'd give it a 7.5/10 as the notes are not my personal favorites but it is very distinct and well made.

I was hoping this is a lighter version of the original. This is not the case. They don't have much in common.
This is a light woody rose scent, but it lacks depth and character.
A nice everyday scent, but I was a little disappointed because the original was really outstanding.

Kashaya Kenzo by Bublegum 2014-09-14

Ιt surprises me to read that Kashaya smells generic. To me it is very original. And very unique. I cannot think of any other perfume that smells similar. It is a very nice perfume for autumn or light winter. Creamy and powdery and sweet. I always got compliments when I was wearing this at my work. Once my roomate borrowed it, and her then boyfriend went crazy for it.

Dans Tes Bras Frederic Malle by archivist 2014-09-14

Luca Turin once said that if Ivory soap could be rendered as a perfume, it would be a best seller. To my nose, this is that scent. I realize that sounds banal, but it's actually a remarkable accomplishment. Most soapy scents are so aldehydic and harsh that they feel like sniffing straight laundry soap powder - abrasive and sneezy. Dans Tes Bras smells like hugging my mother or father. My mother keeps a bar of Ivory soap in their dresser drawers, and it imbues the fabric with a lovely, close-knit freshness. The same effect is not accomplished by bathing with it, or even rubbing it on your wrist (I'm weird, I've tried that). This is such a beautifully fragile scent - I only used a dauber, and not very much (perhaps 1/5 of a ml). Perhaps the people who are getting metallic overtones received more juice (spray, etc.) and the increased dose is creating a different scent impression. I would not be likely to buy a full bottle of this, but I will certainly be on the lookout for it in swap and in decants, as it does evoke such a strong and pleasant memory for me, of my parents and their home.

Thunderstorm Demeter Fragrance by Brain-in-a-vat 2014-09-14

Excellent! I tried it and "Rain" at Boots in UK. Thunderstorm smells stronger than rain but similar initially although rain went "off" but thunderstorm persisted as thunderstorm. Lasted about 3 hours. Very different perfume house, this.

I will avoid their peanut butter or pizza Edts but probably order 10 or so of the 15ml bottles of parsley, coriander, pepper fragrances and then mix them a bit.

Demeter is a "nose's" paradise as we can mess about with a myriad of diverse smells without losing a fortune doing so.

Songe d'un Bois d'Ete Guerlain by anguslairdmcangus 2014-09-14

Overall Rating: * * * * * (masterpiece)

Guerlain has, rightly in my opinion, come under fire of late for declines in both the quality and imagination of their fragrances. Of course Guerlain is not alone in this. Changing public tastes, economic imperatives, and the IFRA-imposed restrictions on many classical ingredients have ravaged a number of the great houses.

So when I first heard about Guerlain's foray into the "Middle Eastern craze," I was highly skeptical. What could this quintessentially French manufacturer possibly add to a Rose+Oud+Saffron-glutted marketplace dominated mostly by frauds (Montale) and wannabes (too many to list).

Well, in Songe d'un Bois d'Ete, Guerlain has achieved what I previously considered impossible: a perfectly balanced, unique, imaginative--and above all French-- take on contemporary Middle Eastern fragrances. It sparkles like a classic Guerlain. Yet its heart is a desert flower.

Thierry Wasser has sprinkled just enough cumin (or bay leaf if the official note list is to be believed) into Songe to add sexual drama. And here is where it departs most imaginatively from so many contemporary "Oud plus whatever" niche fragrances: There is the lightest hint of pheromonal body odor, incredibly sensual on a bed of jasmine, oud, cedar, and patchouli. This dash of French sensuality is what separates Songe from so many pretenders and elevates to the level of a masterpiece.

Songe will not disappoint those who obsess over performance metrics. It is a sillage and longevity beast, with at least 8 hours of good projection and half again as many as an intimate body fragrance.

Freak Illamasqua by szilvihorv 2014-09-14

The idea of incense in perfumes is intriguing, but I need to accept the sad fact that most of the time it doesn't agree with my skin chemistry. Freak looks to be such a unique, unusual, daring and brave fragrance in theory. In practice though, as most strong incense scents, Freak as well reminds me of old churches. It's so overpowering from the beginning that I can barely detect the rest of the notes. I'm heartbroken. I love, love, LOVE the bottle design with the tilted bottle and the cute little snail racing up the side, but it is a beauty that is not for my wardrobe. I'm pleased to see that I'm the minority with my dislike and am envious of all you wh smell an amazing masterpiece here.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by essenzion 2014-09-14

Very good scent! Good for a nice and pleasant men! Like a father spending is week-end with is childs, get close to them and huggin' once a while! It smell cozy and gentle with the ginger note at the start and the dry down remind me a playdooh' ish smell (IMO)! The longevity is quit not so long for me, and of course the silage too! I give a 8/10! Necause everybody that is very close to me say i smell very good when i wear that juice! :)

Killer Queen Katy Perry by caylarhene 2014-09-14

So many people dislike this perfume. I actually love it. Probably because i haven't smelled anything like it. I smell no comparison to the flowerbomb perfume or to the lancome perfume( that perfume is very strong and sugary) everyone is listing.
I love how the sweetness mixes with the patchouli and chocolate notes and makes a it tolerable for a woman to wear as well. To me it makes it somewhat different and unique from those two. The more I wear it the more I love it. Not to be my signature scent but I do admit the downdry it gorgeous.

Tempore Donna Laura Biagiotti by HmmmPerfume... 2014-09-14

I had a miniature bottle of this that I absolutely loved with its rich vanilla and chocolate souls that keep swirling up my nostrils and playing multi-dimensional sensory games with my mind. So after some reading up and looking around, I decided that I wanted a big bottle of this and went ahead and invested in one from ebay. I did not know whether it was because I bought the limited edition one (I assumed it was just a packaging difference) or whether the other normal sized ones are all like that but this is definitely not the soul-stealing one I have got. The big bottle smells like someone stole the soul of the body and then decided that just for laughs to put back a cardboard impression of that same soulless body..

Sorry if I am a little too graphic... but does anyone else have this same problem with their bottles or is it just me? (By the way, the person I bought it from, seems reputable; other perfumes turned out okay.. I think.. oh oh...)

Bal d'Afrique Byredo by Malthus101 2014-09-14

This smells nothing like Vetiver Fatal to me; this is far sweeter, I can't smell vetiver at all.

I made the mistake today of smelling this AFTER smelling Oud Immortel which is way stronger. I could barely smell this after that one, even with a "coffee bean" break!

I'm not much into sweet smelling scents but if I were to buy one, this may well be it. It never gets cloying, never too sweet.

But really, it's too weak and has next to zero silage after a couple of hours. I want a bit more bang for my buck at these prices. The shop guy said it's only like 12% concentration or something - not much really.

I've smelled this one several times now but I'm willing to give it one last go on skin before deciding to write it off for good.

Forbidden Rose Avril Lavigne by stephanie.cheng.108 2014-09-14

There is only one thing I can say about forbidden rose and that is it is damn right PERFECT!!!! It was LOVE at first sniff...

I was doing my internship in Germany when I came across this scent and fell madly in love with the fragrance till I HAD to get it no matter what! I even got the deo sray.

It had the right amount of sophistication in a fragrance and that apple is to die for! So sexy, fresh, mysterious and alluring... It smelled so good till I didn't even care if I smelled more apple than rose. I didn't even associate the fragrance to smell like rose in the first place cause I just grabbed it and smelled it without reading at first. After that, I just forgot to associate it's name to the fragrance. The color was spot on though.

The sweetness of the apple came first and it was really well complimented by the lotus. It made it smell so FRESH and vibrant! The vanilla mixed with the chocolate just gave it the right amount of bitterness and heat that would send you yearning for more. Just the right amount of mystery and sophistication. Best to wear it at night.

For me, the sillage was good. I can rate it at medium and it lasted me a good 4-6 hours. After 6 hours I really have to smell it on my skin.

Something weird happened though. When I came back to Malaysia it seems to lose it's scent and I can't pick up anything eventhough after I sprayed it more than 3 times. Usually it takes only a couple. I was heartbroken and I kept it for 2 years.

Then when I moved to a different house which was located on a higher altitude, the smell came back! How is this possible??? Deffinitely mysterious and I'm loving every moment I get smelling this wonderful fragrance again.

If you love Vanilla, apple, and chocolate scents, Avril's Forbidden Rose is a MUST NEED! Smooth, sensual, fun, mysterious and fresh. Absolutely LOVING IT!

Cuero Mujer La Martina by persefoni 2014-09-14

It's really impressive for the first half hour, very different from the fruity-flowery synthetic perfumes that flood the market these days...
However, as minutes pass, and especially after the first hour, it totally smells like pure leather! No matter how impressed i was initially, i would by no means want to go about smelling like a new leather jacket, bag or sofa!!

Fumidus Profumum Roma by Malthus101 2014-09-14

When you sniff this stuff from the bottle or card, it's so over-powering - it's all smoke! A campfire that's been put out by rain is the best description.

However, affter trying on "Norne" by Slumberhouse and seeing how quickly the smokiness faded away to give space to more interesting smells, I was keen to see how Fumidas would be on my skin.

Same thing happened - the smokiness gave way, but to what, is hard to describe.

I don't get whisky per se but I do get the dry peat smoke of some island Scotch whiskys, just not the whisky itself.

After that, it becomes quite mellow, a bit like clothes that have been worn near a fire but smelled a few days later after airing out. Quite earthy too, like smelling handfuls of soil or the smell of dried mud, with a little hint of spice.

And weirdly, I get a minty finish, not disimilar to Acqua di Sale bizarrely.

Again, not one for me, I much preferred the way "Norne" gave way to a more deep and resinous woody and amber incense smell.

I tried today Bleu de Chanel and Chanel Platinum Egoiste, but unfortunately I mixed and I discovered something revolutionary - from their combination results Paco Rabanne 1 Million !!!
I'm not kidding in the least !!!

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Rotorwife 2014-09-14

A sweet, strong scent that has excellent sillage and longevity. It is very similar to Flowerbomb but I feel that it has just a little more gourmand scent to it. It can certainly overpower if sprayed too generously. My husband loves both LVEB and FLowerbomb so I wear them for him when we go out. If I spray either of those scents I always make sure I have about 15-30 minutes before I'm around a crowd to give them time to settle down. I don't like to be the woman that screams I"M HERE!!

if i smell this perfume on anyone i'll be eating them all. this one is a very delicate delicious very sensual fragrance.

Sirene Vicky Tiel by drugstore classics 2014-09-14

The official description at Fragrantica IS correct, here we have a 'sharp floral fragrance'. And yet... Sirene is so much more.

I can understand the diversity of opinions on this little vixen. She defies definition and is distinctly not what the notes seem to represent. My first impression was somewhere between a smile and a gag, and that remained my attitude until the following unexpected occurrences:

1. Our weather changed to cool breezes and rain! I wouldn't advise trying Sirene in the heat of summer, as I first did. She shines in cooler climes.

2. My bottle had a chance to air out. That first pungent application smelled fusty/dusty and almost geriatric. I wondered if the top notes had gone off, but later the bitterness subsided and this initially offending note lingered merely as proper grounding to the powdery florals. GOOD balance.

3. The complements started rolling in. I have seldom received so many adoring comments on any one fragrance! She has a faintly animalic vibe - perhaps from jasmine? - that calls to mind the seductive aura of seductive florals such as White Shoulders. Romance is in the air, quite literally.

Conclusion - If she works for your chemistry, Sirene will be one of the best buys you've ever made! Excellent sillage and longevity combine with a softly alluring quality to create romantic havoc. She is at once powdery, woody, old fashioned, and charmingly elusive. A sturdy siren I hope will be available for years to come!

Absolutely FIVE stars.

Luscious Pink Mariah Carey by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

she sat quietly on my dresser for 2 years wondering when I was going to pay her some attention. This month I randomly picked her up and have been wearing for a couple of weeks. She is a deceiving girl, in the bottle she smells of something strange and is a bit put-off but on my skin she flourishes into a light fruity floral scent. We're not in love but we've formed a friendship after all these years.

My Burberry Burberry by flowers-in-the-springtime 2014-09-14

I tried this is Hudsons Bay today and was pleasantly surprised! After the disastrous creation of the bland and boringly predictable Burberry Body, I think Burberry has finally got it's act together with this one!
It's no surprise to me that this has been created by Francis Kirkdjian, This perfume is classy and expensive smelling.
'My Burberry' opens rather sharply with citrus and bergamot but I think this harsh note comes from geranium. It's smells like a Montale perfume, I'm thinking of Roses Greedy, which also has a very sharp opening.
'My Burberry' settles down into a floral heart and finally settles into a smooth patchouli and rose base. The dry down is soft, creamy and reminds me of 'Jadore'. I know other Fragranticans have said it reminds them of Kelly Caleche, really???
To conclude, this is a lovely, high end, classy fragrance which in my opinion is as good as any of the newer Chanels, Guerlains or Diors. Very wearable, long lasting and great silage.

Esprit Collection Esprit by EmiliM 2014-09-14

What a pretty sandalwood.
With a very, very prominent woody note, this is a very simple and linear scent. It is however, rather original. This is not a spicy sandalwood I usually enjoy. This sandalwood is light, airy and breezy.
Most days, the sandalwood is all I can smell in it. There are, however, fruity traces and something peppery.
Longevity and sillage are pretty poor.
All in all, it is very pretty and pretty safe. Not that interesting but it's nice knowing it exists.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

this is the strongest, highest quality, most pungent perfume that I own. I have be going somewhere pretty darn special to wear it. It's a very in your face type scent and a tiny spritz goes a long long way!
I like it but i have to be the right zone to wear it because it can quickly become headache inducing.
Men seem to love it though.

Acqua di Sale Profumum Roma by Malthus101 2014-09-14

Out of the bottle - smells like the seaside.

On my skin - smells like menthol vapour rub, toothpicks, the dentist, lemon desert of some kind.

Not unplesant but not like the seaside on my skin.

Really gets up your nose too so be careful with the spray.

A pass for me this time.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Germany 2014-09-14

I completely agree with nettoyant about focusing on what you like instead of constantly putting more and more negative reviews for this perfume. I don't understand ? You can say your opinion once if you don't like it , I get that ,,,,but to keep writing back on how awful this is is not the point of these reviews. Kind of inappropriate ? Its odd actually and I don't understand the purpose or reason behind it? If you hate a fragarance it's ok , say it once if you feel strongly about it.

I Put more reviews than ever ( positive ones ) for this single perfume just because I felt the need to defend this beautiful perfume as it was getting bashed over and over mainly by the same people. :(
,,, or someone telling us we should stick to the originals is odd as well. What if we don't want to stick to the old originals. What If we don't like them? Or are tiered of smelling them? What if we totally dig the flankers ;)

All I can say again that I have a lot of perfumes and this is on my top shelf , I completely LOVE it :))) it's not like the old Opium, no , why would it be ! ??

Mad About You Bath and Body Works by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

Sweet floral blend, a good "around the house" or a run to the grocery store inexpensive scent.

Manifesto L’Eclat Yves Saint Laurent by Antares811 2014-09-14

Tried today, it's gorgeous. It's a lovely, powdery, feminine scent. A very clean and light smell. Beautiful.

Cashmere Glow Bath and Body Works by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

This is my sleep fragrance. After I've had my bath and want to smell nice but not overpowering at bedtime I spritz a bit of this on. It's a warm sugary vanilla scent...i see there's a bunch of other things in there but I don't get any of it, all I smell is a sugar, vanilla, and musk! I like it and it goes really good with my BBW sleep lotions. I can still smell it in the morning and my bed and sheets always smell lovely.

80's in a good way! Very manly. High quality juice. But i would not dare to wear this until i am 40-50. Teenagers and hipsters should stay away!

M Mariah Carey by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

stinky stinky yuck, pungent sticky sweet, my least favorite perfume I own. I keep it around because the bottle looks cute on my vanity but remains full.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

after wearing this tester for a few days, I've decided I won't be buying this one. Something in it annoys me, I think it's just a bit too sweet for my liking.
The bottle is so cute though.

Vanilla Coconut Lavanila Laboratories by SillySue 2014-09-14

Oh man, I love this one. I have the perfume concentrate version and it is pure heaven. Very creamy, very coconutty blended with vanilla. Last a long time on the skin and makes me want to go out and order coffee and some pastries from the bakery across the street.

Ellen Ellen Tracy by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

This fragrance is ok. I get strong soapy licorice when I first spray it. It's not too strong but not super light either. This is one I wear around the house or maybe a quick run to the grocery store but not a frequent perfume for me.

Red Comme des Garcons by 2014-09-14

I sadly didnt get much cherry out of this at all. And that was my main reason for trying this honestly. It has a candy smell to it for sure. But nothing to sweet. Im not a big candy eater but I see it being compared to one of those red hots candy. But perhaps thats also what im thinking of its been awhile.

Again not very much cherry. I felt this smelled good in wiffs, but when I got closer just really not much to it. Just meh~ Kind of a tease in that sense. Maybe its that im sampling it, and to really get the full effect I need to dose my self in it.

Was light on my skin, but longevity was good.

Just ok for me. Not particularly fruity/juicy/or sweet. Just kinda felt like it was just "there" the whole time.

Blenheim Bouquet Penhaligon`s by orestes 2014-09-14

Sorry but this fragrance created in 1902 and boucheron pour homme in 1991! So,if you think that this fragrances are the same,boucheron are copy...

1697 Frapin by 2014-09-14

Well... Its interesting I guess...

The opening and 5 or so mins of it remind me a rock and rye pop from as a kid. Its just a drink that at that time it doesnt smell like anything else. It has a very distinguishable smell and taste to it. And thats what this reminded me of. Very random but hey....

Now after that, its a mess on me for probably a good 4 hours or so. I felt bitter and bored while wearing this. It smelled funky, and thick. I really wanted to scrub it off. I kept trying to find something to liken it to, but at the end of the day I was just like whatever, I would never buy this and ill probably never even test this again. So I just kept it on to see how long it lasted.

Well thankfully after 4-5 hours or so and gets more into the dry down. And it smells alright. And again I got almost more of a cream sodaish vibe to it, but not quite. And even at this stage its hard to liken it to something exactly but its at least wearable with out feeling annoyed.

Performance wise this was light, like all frapins that ive tried. But longevity was probably 12 hours or so.

Id also like to mention to my nose 1270 gets compared to pure malt I see in reviews.. Which is lost on me. However although this one doesnt smell anything like pure malt to me, the "boozyness" to it, is more similar to that of pure malt. Where as 1270 the "boozyness"(I really hate this word but anyway), is more straight up alcohol like straight to heaven or a fragrance of that nature.

All in all another pass from me. Even if there wasnt that 4 hours of funk I just didnt like it very much.

Iris Bleu Gris Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier by Colin Maillard 2014-09-14

Iris Bleu Gris is a marvelous, austere, icy herbal-iris scent, with a sour minty-citric hint blended with a warm base rich in iris' waxy and opulent rootiness. Fresh, metallic (perhaps a tad too much initially), warm and sensual at the same time. On the base there is also something musky-earthy, I guess oak moss, and slightly dusty and camphoraceous, perhaps benzoin or something equally belonging to '80s chypres realm. The clash between the angular, sour, zesty and even slightly ozonic head notes with the rooty heartiness of iris and woods is masterfully executed and really fascinating, even if a bit loud at its first stages, mostly due to citrus - challenging, but fascinating. As soon as it dries a bit it gets darker, coming closer to several '70s/'80s drydowns (I recalled the architectural gloominess of some Krizia's for instance, just with less leather). Except for a really few notes which reveal its age, Iris Bleu Gris has an irresistibly austere, elegant, grey presence – I don't get the "bleu" that much, but surely the "iris" and the "gris" are perfectly crafted. The iris is "all over" in a way that it makes everything smell warmer and gentler, even giving a touch of soap and powder to the rooty and mossy notes. Even if I keep smelling something "weird" all around (I guess that same citric-azure note of the beginning, which then morphs into some metallic dissonant feel that comes and goes), the texture is really intriguing, majestic and elusive, complex and classy. A must try!


Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by nettoyant 2014-09-14

to moniote. I'm not sure makes you think it's your job and right to harass people on this page. So much hate, go focus on what you like and leave these people alone.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian by pixiewinks 2014-09-14

this perfume and I have a love/hate relationship. Not a Kim fan but I don't buy perfumes for the celebrity behind it, i buy it for the scent. To me this fragrance is strong and too heavy, though I love the gardenia in it, there's something in it I hate, I think it might be the tuberrose not sure but it gives me a bit of a headache. I actually have to spray it then wash it off a bit to hit the notes that I like, and even then it's still a bit pungent.
Been wearing the tester for a few days now and I've decided i don't think i'll be buying it.
I like Michael Kors Very Hollywood for the touch of Gardenia though I'm still going to hunt for a lighter gardenia fragrance.

Joop! Homme Extreme Joop! by KyleN 2014-09-14

I wore this all day today, it sits somewhere inbetween the original Joop Homme and Joop Homme Wild. The longevity and sillage is the worst out of all three.

Yatagan Caron by K1 2014-09-14

Yatagan; owning its name from a type of sword; is harshly sharp and over-masculine god-mad absolute fragrance. Actually the liquid color and the concrete bottle already have told everything before you smell the perfume, however, the first sniff of this fragrance is always shocking. It’s brutal, rough mesmerizing, charismatic, distinguished, bitter and edgy, not modern nor classic fragrance. Few after deep burnt aromatic herbaceous woody green opening, the castoreum; the darkest of all animalic notes in the realm of smell; appears. This is a heavy-duty fragrance in the middle level with the very color of dark brown/black. Imagine cigar bitterness in your mouth, rainy weather, dark thick overcoat. This is the smell of that time. Yatagan is absolute masculinity, a kingdom in a bottle.

Dolce Acqua Profumum Roma by lucysky 2014-09-14


This is so creamy, milky, very very sweet... I find that this has nothing to do with an almond scent like Etro's Heliotrope or Mazzolari's Allessandro, this is something very very different, much more sweet and creamy -- Just Divine!


Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette Elie Saab by victoria.mei1992 2014-09-14

At drydown I can detect like jasmine or lily of the valley smell, and I see that here are no jasmine :D Maybe it's honey, but not that real honey, but is that when you smel flower and can smell honey in it, it's more like flower which has honey, no honey itself. But I wanted something more intense, this is to light for me, I will try EDP.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by houzi 2014-09-14

I can't decide whether it smells like an ugly ashtray or a bowlful of zingy raspberries. I guess the answer is both?

But isn't it lauded as a landmark leather fragrance? I'm clearly in the minority here, but the only leather I can confidently pick up in Tuscan Leather is some velvety soft suede, so perfectly fine and delicate, it pretty much melts into the background. If your nose is preoccupied with the ashtray vs raspberry clash of the titans out front, you might not even notice its still presence in the back.

It's a strange fragrance for sure. The first time I tried it, all I was getting was ashtray, and maybe some abstract leather if I strained my mind into seeing it. I admit, there was something appealing in that stale cigarette butt stench, a little bad boy allure virtuous (or just bored?) girls are secretly pining for? I don't remember noticing anything fresh and fruity at all.

When I put some on again the other day, the note that suddenly came into focus was the raspberry. It put its little mark on everything else in the composition, adding some kind of hyperactive clarity and an uplifting twist to all dirty notes. The ashtray was still there but it had that weird sanitised feel to it. My nose was fascinated by the raspberry.

Right now I'm giving Tuscan Leather a proper wearing. I smell the ashtray and the raspberry in equal amounts, with saffron nuances in the opening, and the suede background. I like the suede the most. My man said my perfume smelled like hospital to him, like bandages:) It must be the frankincense.

I was so afraid of the leather in Tuscan Leather, but the stale, corpse-y leather I know from other perfumes smells completely different to this. I would go as far as say that my favourite part of Tuscan Lather is actually the perfume's velvety texture: the perfectly soft suede accentuated by a touch of fruity zing. It's nothing I would even consider having, but pretty good for something I was so apprehensive about. The ashtray is definitely killing it for me though.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Ahlamsarah 2014-09-14

What the hell is this disturbed AD! i was so eager to have this but with all those negative reviews and the AD, i might change my mind.
I thought it would be as astonishing as Belle d'opium, too bad.

M7 Fresh Yves Saint Laurent by nero77 2014-09-14

A wonderful Citrus & Oud combination... and a discontinued gem.

This is a real gem of a fragrance. They named it perfectly by calling it "M7 Fresh", and it really is like a fresher, lighter, summer version of M7. This was when Tom Ford was still in control with YSL, and he oversaw some of their best work in my opinion.

M7 Fresh opens up with beautifully fresh sour and tangy citrus, and this stays for a long time. What I love about it, is that it has a ginger note. It reminds me a lot of South-East Asian cuisine (specifically Vietnam). If you've ever had Vietnamese food (especially Vietnamese salad), this is what it reminds me of. Fresh lemon and sour grapefruit, with hot spicy ginger. It's a really beautiful combination. Yes, there is Oud (Agarwood) in here, but it's toned down. In the original M7 the Oud was syrupy and dominating... a darker note mixed with incense and burnt spices. Here it's in the background, mixing with the hot ginger to give it a tangy, medicinal aspect (some people say like traditional Chinese medicine).

I feel that if the original M7 is like the smell inside an old Asian Buddhist Temple, this is the smell inside a Vietnamese kitchen (preparing lunch or breakfast), specifically the smell of fresh fruits and green salad components.

I really miss this fragrance, YSL discontinued a lot of the Tom Ford era stuff. But I feel that there are other similar fragrances out there if you want to experience this lost gem. It's basically a Citrus-Oud combination, with an emphasis on fresh Citrus rather than the smoky wood. To me it smells like Vietnam. I love it! Also perfect for a man like James Bond (as another reviewer mentioned below).

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by Yourhumblenarrator 2014-09-14

More focused than Pure Malt and more accessible than the original A*men, this is the best of the line (please don't crucify me). Pure Havane opens with a deep, maraschino cherry wrapped in honeyed tobacco leaves. I spent a few years living in Little Havana, a historically Cuban neighborhood in Miami that is famous for cigars, many of which are hand-rolled on location. Pure Havane vaguely reminds me of walking by the neighborhood cigar shops, though it's unsurprisingly much sweeter as this is certainly a gourmand. So don't expect to smell like Tony Montana.

A little goes a long way. One or two sprays on the neck should suffice. And like most gourmands, it's definitely risky in hot weather. As the fragrance dries down, I'm left with a mellow cacao reminiscent of opening a pack of instant hot chocolate. I don't get so much vanilla as others report.

Regardless of its excellent projection and lasting power, Pure Havane doesn't take itself too seriously. It's great for just hanging out on a nice cool day, or for a relaxed evening at a hip bar or club. This isn't suit and tie stuff. So if you're looking for a similar gourmand that is more luxurious, many have suggested Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille.

I don't usually like to mention any kind of compliment factor but this one gets a ton. A fantastic scent overall, and one of my own personal favorites.

Lucky Number 6 for Men Liz Claiborne by Ryanmmas26 2014-09-14

After 1st initial wearing this reminds me of a more mature,sweet curve. I loved curve for a while but soon got tired of it. If I had found this frag at the time I was looking for a replacement this frag would have been perfect. In my fragrance journey at this point tho its very pleasant but after smelling things like Aventus,New Haarlem,Green Irish Tweed and things like that this cologne is only ok. Its still very pleasant though(EXCEPT for the opening which is horrid and almost caused me to immediatly wash this off) and im sure people will enjoy this.

It has an old school 90's smell thats sweet,clean and slightly warm. Kind of a strange smell but strange in a good way.

Id rate this a 6.75 out of 10 ! SO FAR(This may change after spending some time with this)

After wearing this its pretty simple. Like I said its got the 90's feel and after giving it a full wearing I know what this reminds me of. Its like a more mature,sweet curve mixed with a toned down Fahrenheit. I do really like this scent and I know this is going to be a scent that the more I wear it the more im going to like it. Its great for the price but it does have some downfalls.

And those cons are performance. It only lasts 4 hours with very soft projection. People are probably only going to be able to smell you in passing and if there really close. But for those reasons it would be great for the office or just going out to run errands.

Versatility isnt exactly its strong point either. Because of its warmth and spices I dont see it being good in the summer and because of the scent strength I dont see this lasting or even being detectable in the winter. So really this will only be good for the cooler months(Spring and Fall)

My rating still stands. Really pleasing scent for a really good price but this isnt all that versatile and has below average performance

I want to give it a higher rating because it is unique as well as smelling pleasant but this just doesnt have the performance

Rating.... 6.75 out of 10 !!!

A*Men Thierry Mugler by kingderella 2014-09-14

After reading about this fragrance, I expected something crazy and out-there. Instead, my first impression was the sense of vague recognition you get when you know you've smelled something many times before, but you can't quite say when and where (see also: Le Male, cK One). I'd go as far saying that it smells a little standard and dated.

Anyway, it's warm, sweet, creamy, and heavy; it smells like a vanilla-flavoured Macchiato-creation from Starbucks. I can see the appeal, but it's not really my thing. I guess I was hoping for a less sweet, more dark coffee note.

Strong longevity and sillage.

Immediately after spraying, I get a sharp (but pleasant) smell, mostly vetiver. It wasn't a strongly vanilla scent until I got through the dry-down. After about half an hour, it mellowed and began to get creamier. Then it's a warm, dry vanilla with just a hint of patchouli, nutmeg, and white floral. I never got any citrus in this, but that's OK with me. It also has impressive longevity. While putting my daughter to bed, she said "Mommy, you smell yummy." That was 10 hours after I put it on!

Like user aym, I received a lovely hand-written note from Mr. Dame with my samples. Very classy!

I'm still deciding whether this is bottle-worthy, but I'm very happy I tried this. It's beautiful on its own, but I think it would be brilliant for layering.

Boudoir Vivienne Westwood by Shwets 2014-09-14

I had this about 11 years ago - vintage dark coloured amber coloured juice.
It would give me such a migraine and a splitting head on the verge of nausea.
I loved the smell and bought it regardless then ended up giving it away as i couldnt bear the torture

Fast forward to 2014....i smelt this again earlier in the year and liked it, then i tried again and i had a slight headache.

The juice is now light pink and thinner. No skank as before and cleaner. To be honest i prefer less skank. The older juice was far more potent and lasted longer.

Yesterday after dreaming of this for a couple of days, and wanting it so much i ended up at the local high st. I sprayed and again that slight headache though not as bad as before - mind you, i only sprayed sparingly.

I walked around and after 2 hrs decided to purchase. I have to spray at a distance max small 2 sprays away from my face.

I just bought it yesterday at Kohl's for $55 and I am so pleased and I don't regret buying it! It is very very nice scent and I sprayed a little in my clothes before going to bed to find out about the longevity...When I woke up this morning I was surprised because I could still smell it! The drydown is soooo good...It is light but it is there and I love it because it doesn't give me headache like most perfume do! I love it so much, it's feminine, beautiful, light, fresh, sweet and smells expensive like designer perfumes. And the bottle is super gorgeous I love that it has a gradient color of blue.

While I was trying to think what this perfume reminds me of...I came across to my perfumes and surprised that it kinda smells like my hidden fantasy by britney spears. Probably the vanilla and the musk to it that blended so well at the base...I think the base makes it similar to HF by britney but in a very nice way.

I give it a 10/10 Love love love it!Good for summer but I think it can also be worn during winter because of the vanilla and musk which can keep you warm and cozy, sexy and confident.

Femme Rochas Rochas by Nikkafragrance 2014-09-14

Femme is my grandmother favourite so I bought it for her birthday. The first time I smelled it I was like: Oh, this makes me dizzy. But later I changed my mind. Femme is such a sexy fragrance, but don't spray it too much.

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by Hassan Nasrallah 2014-09-14

after aqua di parma cologne series , thierry mugler comes my 2nd favorite cologne . it keeps who wear it with a light load of neroli , bergamot & orange blossom , vey impressive perfume , its softness relaxes me and let me feel clean .
"boggi blue" perfumes is almost the same of this perfumes but is not in frangrantica archived perfumes .
this perfume is one of few perfumes i can repeat buying it .

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