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Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by JEDI 2.0 2015-09-02

A sample of this was given to me by a fellow Fragrantican. I'm very grateful.

I personally don't go for rosy fragrances, so this doesn't suit me as something I'd wear very often, if at all. It's too feminine for my personal taste but too masculine for my wife to consider wearing. But again, that's just us and we're weird.

When I wore it, I get a warm rose fragrance that is really strong at first, but after 10-20 minutes it mellows out and lets you notice a sort of smoky-amber-sweetness to it. And, after several hours, my wrist smelled sugary sweet but only lightly so. The sweet smell was the last to fully dissipate.

When I smell this fragrance, I picture a tall Middle Eastern woman with dark hair, a deep natural voice and stunningly beautiful. I'm glad to own a small amount of this stuff, but would not buy a bottle only because it's not to my personal taste and that's no reflection on its amazing qualities.

I've bougth three bottles (after shave) ...i love it !!!

Modern Muse Le Rouge Estée Lauder by Ohgollygally 2015-09-02

Smells beautiful
, but sits very close to the skin and doesn't last long :(

Fahrenheit Absolute Christian Dior by Rick Bennett 2015-09-02

Tested from a sample today and tonight.
It's true it's a shame this has been discontinued. I have F original and F Parfum and like all three, although they're all different.
F Absolute is closer to the original, especially at the start. It's intensive violets, which I love (reminds me only in this part of the intense parma violet start of the vintage Grey Flannel) and that signature F petroly tarmacy smell. For me too there is a time of a sort of medicinal note that made me think of the antiseptic cream Germoline. I agree with others who have referred to churches, a kind of Medieval/Gothic vibe. At the beginning at least I could imagine a dark-cloaked figure (actually of either sex) pouring over an ancient arcane manuscript in an empty church, the stone cold and dark.
However for me it quickly becomes much brighter with the lovely powdery violets coming through even more. I guess the cloaked figure walks out of the church into the bright autumn sun, flings back her (on reflection a dark-haired woman) cloak and walks briskly and with purpose out of the churchyard. The end is a pleasant, powdery skin scent.
For me the longevity was a bit disappointing: only a couple of hours until the skin-scent stage. A word of warning about the sillage: I got used to the scent incredibly quickly, thinking it wasn't projecting at all....It was!
I also received a compliment about it from a friend who normally gleefully tells me "no" to 9 out of 10 of the fragrances I've tried, so this is a good sign.
Overall very lovely. I don't think it would ever have replaced the original F for me, but if it hadn't been discontinued, I most probably would have bought a bottle eventually.
PS also love the dark and dangerous black and red bottle design.
September 2015

Liquid Karl Karl Lagerfeld by DAL123 2015-09-02

Bought this in a blind buy from a fantastic Fragrantican and wow!! This is very unique, at least to me and compared to my collection. I do not get a gourmand vibe from it in a food way. It is very warm and cozy. Starts off on me as a woody/boozy/spicy scent then mellows to something sweeter, yet still boozy. Sprayed it on my boyfriend and got a completely different scent from it. All woods and spice, but still delicious on him. This was a great blind buy!! Too bad this one isn't around anymore.

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by DAL123 2015-09-02

I had been wanting this one for a while and finally purchased a bottle from a fellow Fragrantican (Thank you!!) This is good stuff. Each time I sniff my arm I get a different scent. About 15-20 minutes in, I got a fairly strong rose and was a bit concerned. Rose with my chemistry can either be very very bad or very very good. Lucky for me it was the latter this time. Soon after that I got a mild spicy/incensy note-not the strong Arabic incense my brain was telling my olfactory senses to expect-but really nice nonetheless. Then it turns to a smoky rose on me followed by something slightly sweet. And it keeps changing like this all day long. I got a good 8 hours out of 2-3 sprays. When I first sprayed it the first time I wore it, it was very soft so I sprayed more. A lot more. I should not have done that. It got stronger 15-20 minutes after I sprayed and I left vapor trails...:) All in all this was a great blind buy and I am so happy with it. In fact, I ordered the Saffron and am anxiously awaiting its arrival :)

Aventus Creed by FrozanKaos 2015-09-02

don't understand the hype around this

French Lover Frederic Malle by Marangoni 2015-09-02

This beauty is the love child of "Bandit" and "Hinoki". It was love at first sniff for me, just arrived. I'm going to rock this. And I'm a red lipstick kind of girl. Sorry James Bond :)

Sunshine Amouage by snel hest 2015-09-02

My DH smelled this and told me this.

"Dear, this smells like cucumbers. Do you really want to spend almost 3000 Swedish krona to smell like cucumbers?"

No, I do not.

Gypsy Water Byredo by snel hest 2015-09-02

It smells like deep fried bananas that you can have for dessert down at the local Chinese restaurant.

I don't want to smell like that, especially not for that price!

Cassiopea Tiziana Terenzi by Cereza 2015-09-02

Before writing my toughts on CASSIOPEA I will let everyone know that this retails for 210 EUR per 100ml.
That said:

CASSIOPEA is very likeable. Given the notes, I get a very powdery sweetness, I could swear there is peach. This perfume feels very light to me, not "light" as non detectable, but mostly "light" as blonde female with blue eyes, this is very innocent even though it projects very strongly. This is the scent of naked feet and tropical beaches. When the citruses hit in, I'm struck with a very clean, crisp freshness, together with the flowers it does smell a bit like fruit shampoo.

This is set here as "unisex", but in my opinion - this is so very girly that very rare man would find the need to wear this. Longevity is mediocre, like many scents of this kind - 5 to 6 hours.
This is also set as "chypre floral", but there is nothing chypre like here. This is a floral fruity in my books.

Non offensive and very likeable, almost commercial, nothing ground breaking, but pleasing nevertheless. And now get back to my first sentence - FREAKING 210 EUROS FOR A SHAMPOO SMELLING DESIGNER-LIKE SCENT? No way!

I'd give 5/10 for this non offensive thing, but I have to give 3/10 for the funny price tag. The regular line by Tiziana Terenzi which was less expensive was so much more promising.

New York for Gentlemen Brooks Brothers by Cricket01 2015-09-02

I purchased this on a blind buy after reading all the good reviews. I was in a Brooke Brothers store probably 10-12 yrs ago and bought a bottle of some cologne and was quiet impressed with it so I thought maybe this is a good one too. I ordered a 1 0z bottle for 17.99 from overstock and I honestly believe this is so outdated and its gone bad or either someone by mistake but the woman's version is this bottle. I'm not kidding here, the main ingredient in the woman's New york version is white floral and that pretty much what you smell even on the drydown with this. I'm blown away ! No woody, no citris and no green. Its smells like old lady perfume ! I called the company and they gave me a store credit to get something else, which was nice of them . If your smells good I guess you were lucky.

The One Essence Dolce&Gabbana by auroramaria 2015-09-02

Douglas perfumeries here in Italy have this already so tomorrow I am going to test it! Prices are pretty high for this edition the 40ml is about 80 euros and the 65ml is 105 euros let us hope it is worth it

Bois De Filao Comptoir Sud Pacifique by Konga5000 2015-09-02

Blind Buy. Love the other SUD scenets- especially the summery/beachy ones. This however--smells like Pine. That's all. Pine. Boring. Stick with their summery frags.

Classic Pink NANADEBARY by Jojo claire 2015-09-02

This is the perfume ive been searching for!!!

Smells like a refined, chic Italian barbershop!

This is easily one of my best finds in the last 12 months or so. Italian fragrances in general are a favorite of mine and this is one of the very best I've found. Dry yet smooth, slightly crisp and metallic but not sharp or cold. It definitely has a barbershop vibe and I love that about it! Antonpan's review is bang-on.

What I get out of this is some citruses, lavender, a very smooth vetiver background and maybe a tiny aquatic vibe (but you'd never in a million years mistake this for an aquatic), florals and ambroxan. Tonka adds a slight sweetness. The result is very masculine.

Performance is good and this does not smell cheap. I can see why some might find a slight resemblance with Himalaya, but this is far superior IMO. Also similar to ADP Colonia but I prefer this one, and it lasts longer.

Ferragamo has several impressive fragrances but this one may have impressed me the most. Definite try if you like this genre.

Quercus Penhaligon`s by DRA1974 2015-09-02

This isn't my favorite from the Penhaligon's range but oddly the one I reach for most often.

I can't think of another fragrance that is more "appropriate" for all occasions during the brighter months.

Daytime - Bright and fresh but not annoying

Evening - The slight resinous notes gives it a bit of sweet warmth.

Casual - Not shouty with a nice bit of woodiness

Formal - The jasmine lends is some class.

It really is just an all round great jack-of-all-trades frag.

Not the cheapest, but since January when it fell under control of Puig seems to show up with discounts fairly regularly. If you like citrus (and I don't) it's probably safe as a blind buy if the price is right.

Guerlain Chant d'Aromes Guerlain by mruf1 2015-09-02

I found a sample of this today and decided to try it, hoping it would not be too much in the office, or in this high humidity and heat (PA suburbs). It was not is just so pretty. I did not put much on, but I can't stop smelling my wrists. Delicate floral aura all around me. I consider this fragrance very wearable, for any occasion. Would love a FB of Chant d'Aromes

L de Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by curvealert 2015-09-02

I have listed a barely used 30ml bottle of this on Ebay - UK buyers only.

After a day of trying it, I can't say i love it. I was having higher expectations. Maybe is a bit too sharp and herbal, or maybe i will start appreciating it more with time. The dry down is nice, smelling of dry herbs. For about 2 hours, the scent is definitely green and a bit aggressive, however it becomes more "bleue" and pleasant afterwards. A very subtle minty note can also be felt somewhere there.

The Pinkprint Nicki Minaj by ShyAmor 2015-09-02

I really don't wanna order this from hsn. I hate ordering from there and i have over 70 bottles of perfumes, all 3.0oz and up and so far i only see this in 1.7oz ill pass too small.

Armani Code Satin Giorgio Armani by Juicyassrose 2015-09-02

Was never a big fan of the original Code... BUT...
First time I smelled this, I asked the person if they were wearing Alien Essence Absolue! When they said "No, Code Satin" I asked them if they were sure!
If I had nuts, this would be driving them... So wierd, I've spelled this on five different people now and all I can smell is the AEA!!
It's only side by side that the praline pops up and reassures that there is a difference. I like it, perhaps not enough to choose it over others that I like more, but I'd keep it if bought for me!

Coco Eau de Parfum Chanel by jenniferpina 2015-09-02

this is quite good. but i don't think it's suitable for anyone under 40 ( sorry)
And even for people older than 40, should be careful when they use it, a bit goes a long way

BLV Notte Pour Femme Bvlgari by curvealert 2015-09-02

I have listed a used bottle of this on Ebay. UK buyers only.

Omnia Coral Bvlgari by Muzii 2015-09-02

Sweet, lovely for my skin very longevity

Joop! Homme Joop! by lneleman 2015-09-02

I understand why people like this fragrance. Joop Homme smells a tad floral and sweet like cherries for me. It definitely requires a more mature and older people to pull this one off. I would wear this in my 40s or 50s if i did not get a headache from it. On the bright side, the longevity is seriously monstrous as is the projection. People will definitely smell you. It lingers on your clothes for a long time, and lasts easily a day or 2. In the end it is a good fragrance that smells a bit outdated but it could be that it just is not for me.

Duel Annick Goutal by Momenti 2015-09-02

"Digestive Tea" ***

Very healthy and comforting on a summer night, but the less sexy perfume you could expect.

If you need a scent for that purpose, this one matches it: you'll get a relaxing time.

Like a Walk in the Summer Rain essence by dianna p. 2015-09-02

this perfume is exactly what the title says 'a walk in the summer rain' it is very affordable and i love it,it has e very unique smell its not floral its fresh :)

received my bottle today,

a must have for me !

it smells bit synthetic, and so what? it smells good though.
fresh, calm, casual.

Scent : 10/10
Projection : 8/10
Longevity : 7/10
uniqueness : 9/10

overall : try / buy / pass : BUY !

well done by mr.morillas !

Sauvage Christian Dior by matthew369 2015-09-02

anybody who says this is a good release, please justify why somebody should buy this instead of, say Curve or a celebrity fragrance?? it doesn't smell at all better than them and it costs a whole lot it just for the Dior name??

Egoiste Platinum Chanel by Vegas Pauli 2015-09-02

Its a "fresh" smell thats a tad too sweet, soapy and metallic. Theres not many 'fresh" colognes I like and this doesn't rate highly for me. It doesn't smell cheap, but for some reason I just don't care for this. Not very original either. Pass.

Gucci Guilty Gucci by StellaXYH 2015-09-02

Gucci Guilty opens on me with an almost aquatic lilac, which is soon taken over by pink pepper and fruits. The fragrance then settles into a slightly powdery, sweet fruity scent over a mild base of patchouli and amber. The fruity element sometimes reminds me of dried peach, but for the most part, it's a rather vague fruity tartness.

The sillage is moderate to close and the longevity is around 6 to 7 hours. I can't say that I don't like the scent, but it seems to me a ubiquitous commercial fragrance and unable to stand out among the vast designer offerings.

Red Musk Oud The Body Shop by Joshuawrng 2015-09-02

one of the most complex scent from Body Shop, imho.
I just wonder why the hell only the edt and edp version available in my country but not the perfume oil.

But kudos for body shop for making this frag, I like it.

Eros Pour Femme Versace by elena-cristina.florescu 2015-09-02

I met once with a friend (right after the perfume appeared on the market) and I thought "man...she smells absolutely incredible!". I went quickly to Sephora to smell& analyse it in more depth and my first impression was that it has a horrible smell. But when the first notes settled down, I could notice the woody elements, with a touch of flowers and fruits.
Right now, I am about to finish my 100ml bottle, I still think that in the beginning it smells like.. garbage, but the middle and the base notes are... :| (). I hope my scent is perceived the same way I perceived it then on my friend, until now I only received positive feedback from friends and work colleagues and my fiance (who doesn't know/ care/ understand anything about perfumes and notes), in the first month of wearing it, told me at least twice per day that I smell incredible- this is the only perfume I had that he ever praised.

Life is Gold The Body Shop by Joshuawrng 2015-09-02

It's reminding me of the smell of toilet. It does smell nice, but just the impression is not good for me.

Its quite a simple scent; has no depth at all.
However, its still better than the original Life Is...

Bright Crystal Versace by EugeMartinezDirene 2015-09-02

I'm in love with this perfume.
I bought it based on the reviews I read in this page, of course. But I never imagined it would be so delicious!
It's fresh, sweet, citric and slightly woody, all at the same time!
However, I must say it is so subtle, it doesn't lasts so long. But I have managed to make it last all day long by spraying it on key points.
I just love it. And absolutely recommend it!

Safari for Men Ralph Lauren by Knife2 2015-09-02

I understand now. It's the perfect insect repellent for a successful jungle safari. I could never like this smell.

Dreams Mariah Carey by TLight 2015-09-02

I had zero inclination to ever like this fragrance simply with the name ‘Mariah Carey’ stamped on it. This is something I should leave out of a review, however, I find this to be important because I wanted to dislike this fragrance before I ever even smelled it- and simply could not find fault. I blind bought this gem after reading reviews here on Fragrantica and I am so glad that I did. To me it smells decadent, beautiful and inviting. The vanilla, caramel, honeysuckle and musk blend together so perfectly. I am in love with this fragrance so much that I even wear it to sleep at night. To me, the silage leaves much to be desired, as I cannot detect it very well after a couple of hours of wear. For the price, this is no deal-breaker for me. I highly recommend this fragrance to any lover of gourmand perfumes.

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. White Lacoste by simon.edwards 2015-09-02

Fresh n' clean! Perhaps a little spice? Its similar to Kenzo pour homme in my opinion - dancing precariously between the toilet cleaner / shower gel summer fragrance category. Maybe my nose is a bit too undeveloped in the maturity stakes, but this is quite easily replicated by Lynx / Axe shower gels and deoderants and i smell no quality here. Sorry. On the other hand, if you've no time to shower, or no shower gel to hand, this stuff will do the trick, no problem!

De La Marque Brune Armaf by Fishcadillac 2015-09-02

I don't get the green Irish tweed vibe. It has the thickness of Armani code and midnight in Paris. To me, green Irish tweed is light and transparent as well millesime imperial. It'd be stretching it to say that this is the fall/winter version of millesime imperial, but I guess this fragrance hunting game is always going to depend on people's noses and skin. The scent itself reminds me of Thalium Sports mixed with the creaminess of Armani Code. So, it has a cheap overtone with something smooth lying underneath. I don't care for it, honestly.

Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Christian Dior by simon.edwards 2015-09-02

Citrus B-O-O-M! Don't underestimate many of the prior comments below, this is a citrus explosion that never leaves. This is great if you're looking for something fresh and simple. Seriously, it smells like freshly squeezed lemons.....unfortunately, it also smells like the pre-packaged wipe-clean I get in my local curry house post-meal. From that perspective, its not so good, and leaves me curious as to who I should pay the compliment - Dior, or my wipe clean manufacturers :)

Joop! Homme Wild Joop! by simon.edwards 2015-09-02

Sweet spicy rum! I thought it quite weak on initial application, but its grown somewhat. To my mind, its a sweeter spicier version of the original, which itself wasn't too disimilar to Polo Red (just cheaper!). I get the rum note and the pink pepper, there from the outset. Upon dry-down its changed little, perhaps a little coconut underneath - reminiscent of a hard boiled sweet (Jolly Ranchers etc). All in all, its a fun, playful, cheeky, weekend fragrance - possibly too sweet for some.

Bentley for Men Intense Bentley by erkek 2015-09-02

Similar Guerlain L'instant Extreme.. A little bit more patchoili. Again sayin, patchoili have aggravated, this was not good..

Just got this,as I wanted something light and floral for day time summer. At the moment it smells as if I have been,gently duncked in a mild vat of clementines. Not overjoyed,yet,but it does have that Guerlainique quality. I have faith that it will become a little something else.

Valentino Donna Valentino by Babygia 2015-09-02

Smooth,soft and very elegant. Smells like a high class lipstick, something from the 90' s.
I smell no patchouli , there is a hint of dryness in it, supposedly that may be patch. Soft rosey and irisey, just a pinch of vanilla,just enough that Donna stays soft and sweet.
Well done !

The One Essence Dolce&Gabbana by samlovefragrance 2015-09-02

mmm i highly doubt that the prominent notes in this one are vetiver and lily and citrus LOL! so plzz stop voting before u smelled it! It's so lame.

The Silk Eau de Parfum Sensai by Babygia 2015-09-02

Unbelievably beatiful one !
Cloudy soft,skinclose,intimately fragrance,like a cloud on a bright blue sky. On ma Silk has very good longevity,but stays close to the wearer - it is a whisper of a scent. Very comforting mix of flowers,pepper and very alluring sweetness of tonka. It is slightly overpriced,but very high class too. Worth try.

Coco Eau de Parfum Chanel by samlovefragrance 2015-09-02

Now i'm confused. A workmate (girl:P) today stormed in the office and i was hit by a cloud of GORGEOUSNESS. Surely i asked whats that youre wearing? opium? (coco's sillage is really opium-ish to my nose) she said chanel! I said "coco"! she took it out of her purse, a half full 100ml bottle she got as a gift from the states she said. It's a monster sillage. DIVINE. Batch code? starts with 7!!! so 2013... how come? i had a 2011 one and it was weaker. Go figure:/

Flower by Kenzo L`Elixir Kenzo by Babygia 2015-09-02

I love almost all fragrances from the Flower Series,but this one ist the most beatiful one. Powdery,almondy and rosy,but also on the powdery side.
Cuddly and with some fruity vibe, remains me of Rahat lokoum Marzipan from Serge Lutens,but where Rahat ist sowehow weird dusty,this one is dense,yummy,almost edible lush !
Beatiful addition for winter !

Sander for Men Jil Sander by emi 2015-09-02

Although there is no violet on the list, I can clearly detect it. It is similar to Eau de Cartier.

Seems alot like the Code Ultimate which i own.
Which is sweet but very manly. Lol
Doesnt smell like pussy at all.
And if it did and i like it, thats all what matters!
Although some guys would wear shit if a girl like it.
Im not that pussy who does that, im the man who decide for himself and knows what he likes and wants.

Fève Délicieuse Christian Dior by farazg 2015-09-02

In the same genre as scents like Tobacco Vanille and Pure Havanne but my God this is so exuberant and refined.

A sweet, rich and refined smell. I get a honey candle aroma with hints of praline but there's something in there that stops it from being too sweet which I can't quite put my finger on.

If you're looking for something classy that you can wear at night and to more formal events - this is perfect!

Recently I've been layering this with ADP Colnia Leather or a touch of Tuscan Leather and this just works so well!

Coeur d`Ete Miller Harris by nexangelus 2015-09-02

Like raw umber, this to me is an autumn scent. Very sweet and comforting rather than refreshing. Out of all the banana-ry scents I tried this is one of two that were instant hits. Ripe, sweet banana-ry goodness. It is gourmandly rich and just a warm, woody, cosy thing. I do not get any fresh notes from this, apart from the initial spray and then it goes powdery and soft and sweet and I think I am in love with all things Miller Harris.

Black Orchid Eau de Toilette Tom Ford by Nyssa Ainley 2015-09-02

I need this all black, gothic bottle in my collection. I need, need, need!!!!!

I love Tuberose in my perfumes too - my mother's growing one so I will soon be able to smell it in real life ...

All the notes are speaking loudly to me that this is a fragrance I will most certainly love!

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by lateeeno 2015-09-02

I simply can not resist this perfume. Love it .

It's just a 75ml of the same fragrance. Many websites call it Gravity Star. It's said to be a permanent product.
There is also a new 100ml bottle that's vertical.

Wildfox Wildfox by sandrajj 2015-09-02

Glad I read the reviews here before ordering from Nordstrom. I don't do honey very well to begin with. Modern Muse was a dud for me, returned it. Ho hum...if I happen to be in Nordstrom, I'll try it, but you guys never (well, almost never!) let me down...

Moonshine A Gentleman's Cologne Moonshine by picknenders 2015-09-02

opening is great. drydown is identical to terre d'hermes. a little disappointed that they smell so similar.

Paradox 4160 Tuesdays by shushkin 2015-09-02

4160 Tuesdays Paradox thoughts

iris, violet, petigrain citrus fruit and musk

It opens with a big shot of petitgrain and citrus that I find a bit too strident for my tastes. The petitgrain and citrus calm down after half an hour or so and then the iris and violet takes over. In its fading phase its all about the violet. It immediately reminded me of a little bottle of Devon Violet perfume bought for me in Looe when I was but a youngster. Gran decided to treat me as she could see how taken I was with it. The opening is a bit too much for me but I love when the iris and violets kick in.
Its definitely unisex and I imagine would make a great refreshing summer scent. Not much sillage and it only lasts a 3-4 of hours on me.

Black Orchid Eau de Toilette Tom Ford by dolcethadon 2015-09-02

An Eau De Toilette version of Black Orchid! I am sure this will smell great as does the original Eau De Parfum.. I will definitely get my nose on this one when it comes out..

Spring Reign Katy Perry by lulu169 2015-09-02

very boring and uninteresting

Christian Lacroix Ambre Avon by azoreangirl 2015-09-02

very good.sweet and soft.u can smell citrus here and some warm amber.worthing of every penny

Innocent Thierry Mugler by Hellita 2015-09-02

If somebody owns this and dislikes it, I would be happy to "save" you from despair! ;) I have been searching high and low for it without luck. Please PM me if you have a bottle to get rid of :)

Christian Lacroix Nuit Avon by azoreangirl 2015-09-02

a very good perfume.smells delicious well.i sell avon and since i lready had tried christian lacroix I decided try it again.definitly worths all the money

Ciara Revlon by Fonna2 2015-09-02

Tip of the atomizer, I liked. It smelled woody.

The opening: aldehyde going straight into a very green chypre scent. It has the scent of oakmoss, reminding me for a fleeting moment of Magie Noire. It turns sweet and then smoky, spicy, nag champa incense.

One hour: Still very sweet, smokey, spicy, incense-y.

One and a half hours: Incense -y, with light vanilla, with a backdrop of a woody note now that the sweetness has settled and I do smell what appears to be a soap note! The only flower I get is fragipani(nag champa)
Thank goodness for that clean soap note, because I was ready to scrub it.
It's a cool weather scent, that is for sure.
I found it more wearable turning my ac down 4 degrees. The sillage is heavy.
Do not wear it in closed spaces.

I will have to review this again. I'm on the fence about it. I may blend it with something.
It's a pretty complex piece of work they have here.

It reigns in there with a Tabu, and Tujoirs Moi.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by lizzyshreds 2015-09-02

This perfume is now available on Ulta, 30ml $70, 50ml $95 100ml $120. Also on Macy's the prices are the same they have the 50ml, and 100ml. If you order the 100ml, even though it says on the site you will get a free deluxe mini, I talked to Macy's customer service on the phone, and they are sold out of it, so most likely you will get the tote bag instead.

Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum Selena Gomez by Jasmine2024 2015-09-02

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! I love the way it smells like watermelon which is my fav fruit of all time. It reminds me of a hot summers day and a cold winters night. It also reminds me of a spring afternoon and a cold autumn morning. If you haven't smelt this, where have you been!? It is a must have and a need for all occasions and seasons, clearly an all year rounder! The bottle as you can see is absolutely astonishing. It stands out from the crowd in a beautiful way with its lip balloons and beautiful shade of purple for the bottle. If you don't have this perfume I suggest you do get if you are considering on getting it. It's just perfect for the whole year it's a must need. I wouldn't live without it!

Rosewater Crabtree & Evelyn by Jasmine2024 2015-09-02

It's like every single rose in the world exploded and ended up in this bottle! If you looove rose perfume then this is right up your alley very rosy and simply lovely!!!

Spring Reign Katy Perry by Jasmine2024 2015-09-02

This perfume is incredible! It's the best perfume I have ever smelt, as soon as I smelt it I just had to have it! It just reminded me of a beautiful spring day with a garden and the grass is green and beautiful with a little lake too. This seems like the perfect picnic perfume to me. If you don't or haven't smelt this perfume, you just have to get it or smell it.

Armani Code Special Blend Giorgio Armani by MeThePerson 2015-09-02

So,... this flanker "... is designed for sophisticated, elegant and seductive men."... but wasn't the original?
So what are they saying, the owners of the original are uncouth, common and repellant?



Having said that...

( ... Lolz...

Katy Perry's Mad Potion Katy Perry by Jasmine2024 2015-09-02

I love this purfume! It' reminds me of a hot summers night going down to the beach at a tropical bar with a cherry smoothie in the heat with a volley ball game right next to me,wishing for a cool breeze with beautiful lanterns all around. This is by far the best perfume I have ever smelt.

Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons by Mona-Jo 2015-09-02

The incense with the clove and cinnamon; I want to eat my arm. It's potent and shape yet clean and crisp. I had a sample. After 20min on my arm, there was absolutely no scent left on my arm whatsoever. I'm glad I I didn't buy it.

La Tulipe Byredo by Delila 2015-09-02

My goodness, this is outstanding. Feminine, flowery and very sexy. It's also strong - you won't need much, which is good given the price.
The only downside for me is that it does not develop or evolve with the dry down. I find I get fed up of smelling this initially fantastic perfume on myself. My man does not though - he just continues to enjoy it.
It also lasts quite a while, though when it's gone, it's really gone - it vanishes, leaving no residue.
Don't let these caveats put you off - they are just FYI. It's a fabulous quality fragrance with class.

oh Bby, not another sweet men´s cologne...why all the men have to smell like pussies nowaday?? Im a girly girl and want a man with a MANLY cologne on, nothing vanila, tonka, amber, caramel..etc. sweet

John Galliano John Galliano by lord montifer 2015-09-02

Second review for this beauty! I had the reformulated one (which is still gorgeous IMHO) but have just received a beautiful sample bottle of the original (thanks, angeldaisy)!

The original feels smoother and darker and the opening less fizzy to me (the opening on the new one is a bit screechy for the first five minutes). This is where the main difference is for me. The original also feels more "real" ... as if the newer one is a copy of the older one. I hope this makes some sense...

I am going to keep the original back for special occasions but I still love the newer one as well and enjoy wearing it, it is one of my favourites and I adore the dry down. It has been a pleasure to be able to try out both versions.

Bal d'Afrique Byredo by Delila 2015-09-02

Wow! This is really something - a high quality, unique fragrance. Feminine, sexy, and hard to describe because it's so unusual.
I can detect some of the same notes as Byredo's 'Pulp', but deployed far more conservatively to lend a fruity ring to this composition, without fruit overload (as I find with Pulp).
It holds quite well, giving several hours of fragrance, then eventually dries down to reveal a pleasant vanilla that had been lurking in the background all along.
This is one that's definitely on my birthday list!

Vanille Insensee Atelier Cologne by HalfBaked 2015-09-02

A warm, slightly sweet, simple vanilla. but simple doesn't necessarily = boring. There is an initial squeeze of lime in the opening but this gently fades into a very wearable, inoffensive vanilla. As time progresses I get a drier vanilla as the wood intensifies. Perfectly balanced and not overly sweet.

Really excellent longevity (I've found this is problem in many Atelier Cologne perfumes); I often spritz a little of this before bed and it is still present the next morning.

I wear this when I am tired, or need comfort, or when life is getting a bit hectic. Sounds boring but perfumes like this are essential to me.

Periwinkle & Iris Vera Wang by Fonna2 2015-09-02

Tried it this evening doing some late night shopping.
I thought periwinkle and iris would be just beautiful combination. along with that light blue tint of the juice. I'm thinking earthy orris root mixed in with some wild flowers. Oh, let's give that a try/

Well, there it was, my arch enemy...... vanilla.
How vanilla was it? Compleet-el-ly vanilla. I've been bamboozled thinking it was floral, and have been smothered by sticky, sweet, burnt vanilla cookies.

Oh Vera, you tricky girl, putting all vanilla in something called Periwinkle Iris ...*tch* *tch* *tch

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by MoreScentsThanDollars 2015-09-02

squirt it up your nose and see if you get happy ;)))

Cologne Intense Amber & Patchouli Jo Malone by cologneblanche 2015-09-02

I feel this was strengthened in 2014. If you smell the new bottle with the updated packaging; (it's all in the details of the text line height. Type became bigger and the word 'cologne intense' has space from 'Amber and patchouli')
The scent is definitely stronger and longer lasting. It's not HUGE like other patchouli scents but it's beautifully smooth and velvety. The older bottles are extremely fleeting and feels heavy on the alcohol.

I really enjoy this scent, it's a very grown up sensual scent that is suitable for any occasions. It could work in winter as well as summer, and just generally an everyday scent for the elegant and sophisticated types.

For lovers of Amber, patchouli and woody scents, I highly recommend you check it out. But make sure you test the new bottle.

Katy Perry's Mad Potion Katy Perry by stellalove 2015-09-02

Ok this is Britneys Midnight Fantasy mixed with Pink sugar

I haven't tried the BBW equivalent so can't compare, but this opens as a juicy burst of grape before quickly drying down into a mild, woody powder. The quality is what you'd expect for something of this price but it is a lovely room scent (and you can spray it heavily and freely as it's so easily replaceable).

@ScottyVizz Yes I can confirm that it has been released in the UK. Only can be found at the airports though. I've already helped my friends to get 3 bottles and me myself tried it at the airport. It's a tonka bean bomb.

Take out the freshness of the original, add more spicies and make the tonka even more prominent, that's what I got from the special blend.

One of my friends posted on Facebook said it's a BEAST MODE!!!

Datura Noir Serge Lutens by HalfBaked 2015-09-02

Hmmm, after reading the reviews before mine I think I should try this again when the weather warms up. I tested it on a Autumnal evening and again during a rainy day and got similar results both times:

Very loud opening of synthetic Play doh and heliotrope, mixed with cherry cough syrup. It strongly reminded me of those blue urinal cakes in public toilets. After a couple of hours the synthetic smell fades and is replaced by a lovely natural heliotrope/white floral/almond mix which is much more pleasant. I only sprayed a couple of weak sprays as the the opening is so overpowering, but by the time it has reached this delicious stage it really is more of a skin scent.

Not for me based on the strong and unpleasant opening, which is a shame as the base is quite lovely.

My Name Trussardi by dr.abani 2015-09-02

Smells exactly like old camay soup with fabulous bottle

A*Men Thierry Mugler by kanak 2015-09-02

There really isn't much that has not already been said about this original gem so I think I'll be brief with my thoughts. It has a slightly harsh opening with a strong mint note that might turn some people off but then it's all caramel, coffee and patchouli goodness with some tar adding smokiness. Projects well, and lasts a long time on skin. I've gotten whiffs of it 15 hours later after I'd taken a shower. Sprayed some on a pillow and I could smell it for a week. Moderation is key with this one. 2-3 max sprays on your chest and get a whole day of sweet caramely aura around you, anything more and this gets obnoxious really fast. Like all great classics, this is a divisive fragrance, either love or hate. I love it and I sincerely think every perfume lover owes it to themselves to at least smell this once. 9/10

La Vie Est Belle L’Absolu Lancome by hyperfluff 2015-09-02

I don't care for LVEB or any of the other flankers. But THIS I LOVE! It smells very similar to LVEB Legere version for the first few minutes. But this fragrance takes about 30 minutes to properly bloom. That's when it starts to smell amazing. Like a richer, buttery-smooth, much more sophisticated version of the original. So decadent and feminine. I smelled it on a stranger recently while out shopping and followed her around like a creep to try and figure out the rich, divine-candy scent that was emanating off her. We were at a department store anyway, and when I finally plucked the courage to ask her what she was wearing, she directed me to LVEB L'Absolu. I had tested it once when it first came out last year, I liked it then and I thought it was better than the original but never felt the need to purchase I'm in love and bought a bottle ASAP (wish it came in a bigger size than 40ml!). I don't think I need to say that the longevity and sillage are both pretty extreme, spray with caution. Best for special occasions, evenings, or just anytime you wish to steal the spotlight and be memorable.

Smell of Weather Turning Lush by paloc14 2015-09-02

I had really high hopes for this but I'm still unsure about it. On me it seems to just smell very strongly of incense, the kind of incense you smell burning in those hippy shops that sell novelty bongs and weed-themed memorabilia. Maybe it's just my chemistry, I don't know. I will definitely give it a few more tries, I want to smell what everyone else is smelling!

Woo House of Matriarch by atlaseetschristmas 2015-09-02

Opens up surprisingly uric for a tobacco-leather fragrance. I get a strangely aromatic blast of sweet, leathery urine atop a bed of jasmine and orange blossom. Cataclysmically powerful upon application, but enjoyably unique and bold.

The drydown is much more agreeable. The leather and uric facets back down, revealing a lovely, smooth tobacco with a hint of vanillic sweetness and a subtle salty underbelly giving the whole thing a sexily-dirty aura. If I put my nose to my arm, I can detect a faint whiff of the florals from the beginning, lending the dark drydown a bed of comfortability and a surprisingly elegant, borderline-classic scent profile.

All in all, I really really am enjoying this. Not my favorite from the house, and not the most wearable but definitely a unique work of art that succeeds at feeling strangely timeless.

Le Baiser Lalique by rhaineclayton 2015-09-02

I have the mini of this (the bottle is gorgeous). It arrived today and I've put some on and I can't stop sniffing myself!
It was driving me nuts how familiar this smells, then I read the reviews here and someone mentioned Tresor. Yes! This is a lot like Tresor which I love. I won't be getting a full bottle just because I have Tresor already (but that's the only reason).

Benetton Hot Benetton by francie79 2015-09-02

Now I have never smelled Chanel Allure but after hearing that this super inexpensive scent was like it, I just had to try it out. It was about $11 so I figured I didn't have much to lose and it's very nice. It smells a little like fruity power with a touch of vanilla on my skin and it's a very safe, office type scent. The sillage/longevity aren't great but for the price it's not a big deal. I probably won't repurchase this but it's nice and I think the bottle is adorable. Such a cute idea.

Davidoff Leather Blend Davidoff by Barze 2015-09-02

Great parfume at all

I went through one whole bottle of this fragrance.

Actually, I would call it "a fragrance of the future". It was released in 2007, however smells pretty much like it's released in 2015.

It reminds me of few fragrances. Very Irresistible for Men of course, but not only that. I have a weird feeling that it's similar to Paco Rabanne's Ultraviolet, with few differences - it has more prominent sour/bitter grapefruit at the top. Then it's a mesh of notes. The other one is Guerlain L'Homme Ideal Cologne, which (IMO) has the most in common with Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude

Longevity is around 6 hours, sillage is pretty poor on me.

Decent, Very Irresistible for Men is much better (and much more natural) for me.

This is a very nice hot weather scent, very fresh and light and crisp. To my nose there's more "thé vert" than "bigarade": the bitter orange is definitely noticeable and has a brightening effect on the fragrance as a whole, but all in all it's very much a green tea scent. There's also something vaguely spicy about it, which I guess must be the thyme, and that adds a bit of extra depth as well.

So it's pretty much what I expected from the (in my eyes lovely) pyramid of notes, and very enjoyable, but despite that I don't love this. I'm disappointed in the longevity and strength of this fragrance: even for a light summer cologne it's bad. I really have to use loads of it and even then it's only really noticeable for about half an hour, even when smelling my wrist closely, and just a little later it's disappeared completely. It's not cheap and I don't think it's special enough to justify that price at that level of weakness.
So if you're looking for a good grean tea scent, I think you're better off with for instance Yves Rocher's Thé Vert for price/quality. Even though it's just as flighty and I like it a little less because it's grassier and just a bit less refined, that one is also great, and it's so cheap you can bathe in it without worrying you're pouring money down the drain.

It's a shame because I really like it, but because of this weakness I hardly wear my mini of Thé Vert & Bigarade, and I certainly won't ever upgrade to a full bottle.

Black Sugar Aquolina by sergio15 2015-09-01

Great fragrance, the vanilla faces off with the darker elements and to me it comes off as a black licorice scent kind of. I still don't know if i would call this a black fragrance because the vanilla washes out the darker notes, but either way it is still great and it has amazing wear time.

Oriens Van Cleef & Arpels by GeorgiaMoxie 2015-09-01

I came across Van Cleef & Arpels on accident and the house has me totally smitten. It started with First EDT which was the first aldehyde floral with a soapy nuance that I didn't just tolerate, I really like it. I don't care for the detergent soap aldehyde in a lot of high end fragrances and forgive me if you hate me for saying this but I don't want to spend $100 to smell like soap detergent mixed with citrus patchouli. Don't be fooled by the EDT label, it lasts longer than most modern perfumes.

Van Cleef is incredibly classy, understated, different and I can just gush on and on. They use the honeyed and/or praline type notes to soften the aldehydes and it somehow smells glowing...if glowing smelled like anything. It's very well crafted and they have a unique "thing" just like Michael Kors and Chanel where when you smell it, you immediately know what house it came from.

Back to the review- Ok, first off, the bottle is massive. I ordered the 3.3 oz because it was only $7 more than the two ounce online. When it got here the box was heavy and it's seriously the size of a grapefruit on steroids that weighs as much as a small bowling ball. I'm not saying that as a complaint, I'll take a statement piece like that any day!

I mostly just smell the patchouli on first spray then it fades into the background. Then it gets a little soapy (but not detergent soap) and the heart opens into a very lovely clean, classy and warm praline with a bit of citrus and raspberry...It kind of has a caramel nuance to it. I love it and I don't know anyone who wears it- I actually don't smell like everyone else!

PS: I also don't smell anything that I've sampled from the Chanel house here, Van Cleef fragrances are soft with absolutely no sharpness or harshness. It wraps you in a soft blanket vs. attacking you and/or unsuspecting people nearby.

True Rose Woods of Windsor by AlexisJane 2015-09-01

This perfume was a delight for me to find. Roses being my favourite flower, finding this at a chemist in my town was a delight. I sprayed it, didn't wait for it to dry down, and bought a 100ml bottle, because I liked the initial smell.

I kept this perfume for well over a year, and always applied it very liberally due to the weakness of the perfume itself. I came to notice eventually, how quite linear this perfume really is.

It's only rose. And I do love that. But because it's a very weak and watery rose, it became less and less satisfying for me to smell. When I ask for a rose perfume, I want my rose perfume to be like I'm being smothered in roses. This was more like a body splash. And that's what I eventually used it for, as opposed to a perfume. I also used it as a room spray on a few occasions when I wanted the rose, but not on me.

This is a nice rose. It's simple, plain, pink roses, and it's very easy to like, and very easy to wear. A good all-rounder. But more like a semi-fragrant rose bush. And I prefer my roses heavily fragrant, and more like a collosal rose garden. I did use up my bottle, but haven't purchased it again.

Boudoir Vivienne Westwood by AlexisJane 2015-09-01

After reading the reviews about Boudoir quite some time ago, I ordered a tester. Despite the picture of it being pink liquid, what I got in the tester, was amber brown (what I've been lead to believe is the original formular), and so after sitting on it and thinking over the strange perfume that was Boudoir, I think I'll now review it.

Boudoir is a lovely perfume, and not anything like I've smelled at all. It's a very sweet, powdery, carnation and rose bouquet. Those are some of the nicest flowers in perfume in my opinion, so that was delightful. And powdery notes, I don't mind at all. It also became slightly vanillary, and more spicy the longer I wore it. That also was a massive thumbs up for me. I was starting to think it was a winner.

However, when it reached the drydown, I was put off a quite a bit. Because when it reached the drydown, it started to smell more like... Old lipstick.

Now, that's a note that I've seen here before, and I wasn't too worried about it, but when it turned into the lipstick scent on me, it really put me off. Perhaps now I see where the 'boudoir' comes into the equation.

I left it a bit longer to see if it was just a layer of the perfume, but no, that was how it smelled until it wore away. It didn't take long either. On me, the perfume was very soft, and it was also quite weak.

It is very nice, I will admit that. And by no means did it smell horrible on me. The way it smelled just wasn't something I loved, and so, I haven't purchased a bottle for myself. I applaud those who can wear this perfume successfully, and pray those people walk by me one day so that I may smell it, but alas, I don't think it works for me. The original, that is. I'm not sure how different the pink version of this perfume smells on me, if it's different at all.

White Soul Ted Lapidus by amirali0072000 2015-09-01

it is GREAT!
Very special, resinous and deep. This is very pretty.Love the scent of this
سمبل ارچینالشو دارم..طالبین پبام خصوصی بدهد

Musc Nomade Annick Goutal by Jola 72 2015-09-01

Thank You,@paranoidandroid for perfect rewiew on this perfume
I just know,that this AG fragrance is one of the most beautyful scents out there,and I want to discover more by AG.I am happy owner of Songes edt AG ,my big winter favorite.My skin loves AG perfumes,thank You,Annick Goutal for being respectful to your customers and perfume lovers.Makes me to one of yours lojally fans ...

Thaks from the bottom of My HEART

Exotic Essence David Yurman by amirali0072000 2015-09-01

It smells like Rain.Fresh Fresh Essence's juicy feel, with the peony and rose adding a soapy, floral it
سمبل ارچینالشو دارم..طالبین پبام خصوصی بدهد

Red Roses Jo Malone by rosyskirt 2015-09-01

I went to the department store and had a gorgeous experience for it. After that i decided to bring it home. A real rose scent,sweet and distinguish Bulgaria Rose, I become a beauty all of a sudden.

Alien Thierry Mugler by Objections 2015-09-01

Smells like grape candy, not in a cheap bad way, but its really something different. I really like it and its not a scent id usually be drawn to.

Armani Code Special Blend Giorgio Armani by ScottyVizz 2015-09-01

Hasn't been released yet, so why are y'all rating it like you've tried it?

Pardon Nasomatto by Ferrogamo2015 2015-09-01

Nasomatto never changes the formula of the perfumes, ...
There is only one production a year with a limited quantity in order to maintain the high quality.

But... the longer the scent stays in a bottle, the stronger the scent can become. The bulk goes through 6 weeks maceration
before bottling. It contains several natural ingredients that actually become better with time (like for instance you do with wine).
So a bottle bought a few years ago, will be slightly stronger than one purchased today.

Fame Lady Gaga by Fragrantguy 2015-09-01

I recently got this fragrance after purchasing Eau De Gaga 001 which I absolutely loved. This one is a bit different though. Not gonna lie, this fragrance is definitely a sweet feminine scent. Thankfully, I seem to bring out a musky kind of smell through the globby sweetness. I suppose it's because of the incense, saffron, and the fact that I'm a male. As I stated earlier, it has a globby kind of sweetness. I'm geussing it's the honey and apricot. You can catch the belladonna, jasmine, and orchid all resting close behind. The incense and saffron help keep it warm and mildly mature without it being to much bubblegum sweetness. Not a bad scent at all, it's actually pretty pleasant.

Armani Code Luna Giorgio Armani by f_celia89 2015-09-01

I love armani code but it's a very strong perfume. This is a beautiful day perfume I can wear without suffocating the people I work with. Still has that floral and spice to it but not too strong.. Nice to use on hot days too and not to cloying.. Sillage and longevity could be better but I just layer it with body lotion and seems to work better.. Wish it had the ginger in it though..

Classic Pink NANADEBARY by Jojo claire 2015-09-01

Its been two years since i got my sample of this from luckyscent. I finally purchased. And im loving it!! I like the "cosmetic" smell it has. It gives off an old Hollywood vibe. Sexy scent imo. Starts out very spicy and a bit strong, im good with that. Settles nice and has a very decent siliage. Im already thinking i should have a backup bottle. I do however believe this needs to be tried before you buy. It isnt for everyone. Its suits me fabulously though, in personality and body chemistry!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!

Blue Superdry by insitecash 2015-09-01

It can be used as a unisex.

Cool scent of flowers + Soap Scent

Vivamore Selena Gomez by nickflick 2015-09-01

Reminds me of a honeydew melon thick shake. Delicious.

Intense Cafe Montale by the_badger 2015-09-01

So this is unisex but Roses Vanille is for women? Hmm...

Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by Galatina 2015-09-01

If you loved Chopard's Casmir from the 90's, choked on it for the first 2 hours but wore it anyway because you loved the final phase, you'll love Butterfly. The beginning is all Casmir, but much softer and easier to wear. After a couple of hours it's sweet musk. A very syrupy sweet fragrance. This made me very nostalgic for plaid clothing and dark brown lipstick again:)

Sauvage Christian Dior by yourfriendmarito 2015-09-01

Second review:
For some reasons, i have returned several times at the store to spray it and I am completely hooked on it now. I bought a small bottle.

To me, it really has a retro vibe 80's-90's, soapy, masculine. It reminds me the smell of the era. Was it Calvin from Calvin Klein (discontinued several years ago)? Does this smell like discounted old perfumes in drugstore? When the male perfume were really masculine.

I think that this is why this perfume will be a best seller. It has that old school vibe but it is contemporary and edgy.

I am glad that this is not as strong as the reviewers on this site wish this to be. It would be way too much.

It stays hours and hours on the skin. A perfect office scent with a subtle trail that last all day. I do not agree with reviewers who state that this is linear. The drydown is really to die for.

Is this as good as my Dior Homme or my Fahrenheit? Probably not. But I am sure that a new classic is born.

And this thing about Jhonny Depp... i do not get it.... They should have taken an anonymous male model instead.... I do not know any guy who wants to identify with Jhonny Depp.

Angel Thierry Mugler by Galatina 2015-09-01

Lovely fragrance but to me, not as good as the original, Nirmala by Molinard. The patchouli in the opening of Angel is a bit too tangy for my taste, causing me to practically beg for the dry down.. Nirmala lacks this addition and I find it enjoyable through all phases.

Prada Candy Prada by antihero 2015-09-01

I really love Prada Candy after trying it several times. I mainly get caramel and a soft musk. There is something elegant about this, a prim delightfully gentle sweet fragrance. The caramel is deeper and richer than what is in many youth-targeted fragrances. This is a quality product with the undeniable feel of Prada.

Flower by Kenzo Kenzo by sygrid29 2015-09-01

I am one of the lucky ones to able to purchased a probable vintage kenzo flower. The réf. 85180000 and its made in the year 2000. This is more of a johnson & johnson's baby powder that most fragranticans are detecting. Yes! Its true but for the initial spray it tends to be a very soft powdery baby smell but let it develop for a couple of minutes and you'll br left with an incensy, vanilla, milky powder drydown. Somehow, a dirtier version of hypnotic poison but strip away all of it's sweetness. I can only describe for my body chemistry though. Flower is not the way she really is as perceive by many. Sorry for my word but she's a slut in a plain jane look but you never know what she does behind closed doors. But that's what i like about it.

I felt in love again with this one!!

I tried it yesterday after several months, and I remember exactly why I used to love this. Is the most refreshing, calm, classier, and nice smelling fragrance of the world.

With this one you now you're in good hands. Sometimes with fragrances I think " will it proyect? will people like it? will it last on my skin? will it fit the ocassion? with this one I didin't have to ask any this questions, because you know what? the answer of all those questions is the same: YES!

I don't care if is "generic", or people think it smells like cleaner or dish washer, I don't care if everyone wears it, I don't care if I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL THE THINGS I JUST LISTED! it's simply one of the best scents ever made. it smells great, it lasts and proyects very well, and the quality of the scent stays from start to finish. what more can you ask for in a fragrance?

So I have to ask for forgiveness to this fragrance, for forgetting about it and for treated it like another of the bunch.

It was love at first sniff, and will always be in my heart!!


The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by Onria 2015-09-01

I actually don't get the hype, it's a bit overrated in my opinion. Performance aside, the scent is nice, just a bit dull imo. Prob just me

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by Onria 2015-09-01

I actually don't get the hype, it's a bit overrated in my opinion. Performance aside, the scent is nice, just a bit dull imo. Prob just me

Body Fantasies Signature Vanilla Parfums de Coeur by egyptian_beauty99 2015-09-01

Gourmand on a budgets..I absolutely love this body spray. Everywhere I go I get Compliments. None stop! Compliments!! particularly "Miss Vanilla" LOL no lie. Three people have called me "miss Vanilla". A male and two women. Also " You smell sweet, "I smell cookies, is that you?", "What are you wearing" "OMG whatever your wearing smells soo good" etc.. You don't need to layer this although. I would if I could find the lotion.This is a pure Vanilla it soft, subtle and LONG LASTING. I don't smell coconut,Jasmine, apple or musk tho listed. But it dries down to something warm and creamy. I cant believe how long lasting this is for a body spray. This is my everyday scent, I have a bottle in my purse and one at the house for after the shower. Cant get enough.

Ablaze Boadicea the Victorious by REMY-DIAMONDS 2015-09-01

Fresh sexy suave scent!! A very unique distinctive fragrance , very refined and truly niche! Love it!!

Un Bois Vanille Serge Lutens by lyciumchld 2015-09-01

Creamy, comforting, spicy vanilla. Un Bois Vanille is foody, but not juvenile. It's a bit of a hedonist's vanilla, I think - the type who loves a good cigar and a stiff drink with dessert. The more I wear it, the more deeply I fall in love. Un Bois Vanille can be worn in a variety of situations, but I suspect that the majority of my wearings will be for comfort, at home, with a fuzzy blanket and a good meal, a book, or a movie. It feels like wearing home on my skin.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by NostalgiaStreet 2015-09-01

I put this fragrance in the same category as Jergens lotion, Ponds cold cream and Noxzema classic clean. Youth Dew is a classic beauty product that has graced the shelves of many since its beginnings in the 1950's. Many strongly dislike this perfume, but I love it. I am very old school when it comes to fashion and beauty. I believe if an item has been on the market for 50+ years, there is good reason behind it.

Youth Dew was originally introduced as a bath oil that doubled as a perfume splash. The concentration exceeded that of most , and the smell was and still is instantly recognizable. For me, Youth Dew is all about cloves, incense, carnation, jasmine, cinnamon, and tonka bean. There are times is resembles Coca Cola on my skin, and I actually enjoy that aspect of it. Most of all, it reminds me of Christmas time. All the spices and incense remind me of a dark, gray sky with everyone's chimney's smoking. It is one of the most comforting smells for winter.

I have it in the oil, spray and powder. I use the powder under all my big oriental spices. My favorite time to use Youth Dew is at night for bed. It is a comforting smell for me that reminds me of all the glamorous women that have worn it for the last 62 years. It recalls an era that is much missed and forever remembered. In the words of "The Four Lads" 1958 song, "we'll have these moments to remember." Youth Dew helps remember the moments so many of us miss from our better days.

Its okay for the price point if your just looking for a cheapie this is a nice safe fragrance, slightly soapy with a touch of leather and cedar all around not notes I like but this is okay just isn't a good performer I need something with a little more projection like most things you get what you pay for so you can see why its a like and not a love safe casual scent.

Organza Indecence Givenchy by Perfumed life 2015-09-01

Around 2002 I had my first encounter with this gem . I always loved woody perfumes ( I'm not a floral type though I like flowers and perfumerie is all about flowers as a main theme ) spicy perfumes and perfumes around oriental themes . Organza indecence is that kind of perfume. I wore her for approximately two years and though she was too sweet for my tastes I became a follower . Also I noticed that the opposite sex had a high appreciation for her as well , even my sister who was always relied to me and my nose and of course my huge collection of perfumes to find her a alluring perfume and organza indecence became her signature fragrance ( I wasn't making perfumes my self at that time ) . This indecent organza is a bit loud very sweet and very oriental ambery vanillic , but a very subtle vanilla ( Tahitian ) musky , and woody, ( bois de rose or rosewood ) . To thing about how a simple perfume I mean in it's composition can be so beautiful is what creating perfume is all about . Simplicity is best most of the times only the proportions matters and how well molecules blend . This is what organza is a skillfully simple beautiful recipe , a concoction of resins and spices , an oriental blast . I would recommend if someone come across with the vintage organza give it a try even if this isn't something you'd like , you won't lose by this encounter . Tonight with all these memories of that lost beauty I thought I would give it a try and reconstruct her ( I have a half 100 ml eau de parfum in the treasure box ) guess what ? I'm wearing organza indecence 2015 harvesting .

Infusion d'Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue Prada by bluepistachio 2015-09-01

This perfume is the classiest, most amazing version of Prada Infusion. I love this flanker. It lasts very long and get a lot of compliments. Ebay has some at the moment, gotta not miss the chance for a great discount on the fragrance.

Signature for Him David & Victoria Beckham by magicman4130 2015-09-01

ive read the reviews and here's my personal take on this: its cheap, its smells great, and its a daytime summer/spring fragrance.

is it my go-to scent? no. is it freaking waaaay good for the price. yes. go with that...i mean its like people want a $80 fragrance out of $15. nautica voyage is the only exception.

Chance Eau Vive Chanel by pinkchevalier 2015-09-01

As is the case with a lot of Chanel fragrances, when I first tested this I disliked it. But I was somewhat intrigued. I'm not a huge fan of Chance, but I don't dislike it - I find it appealing, yet for me, somewhat too similar with Coco Mad to justify also owning. In theory, I like Eau Fraiche but find it too "astringent" for me. I have a soft spot for the Eau Tendre and own the largest bottle, but it's sort of a comfort scent. The Eau Vive for me is at once simplistic and yet challenging. The initial citrus burst is actually unique for its market audience and the drydown is very clean musk, jasmine heavy. It's refreshing, soothing yet invigorating in the hot and humid weather. It's also so clean cut that I can't get sick of it. Inadvertently after wearing it for a week, I'm enarmored even if it's not the most complex scent.

Oui Plus Perfumes by Terri by ChypreAnn 2015-09-01

I was pleased to try a sample of this a few months ago. Simply put, it smells like a delicious pot brownie. The patchouli is a bit marijuana-like to my nose -- in a good way! -- and the chocolate is sweet and decadent. I don't detect the graham cracker much; it's not nearly as prominent as it is in Confit de Rose, another one from her line. It's more sophisticated and complex than a basic s'more, and it's well worth a try.

Deep Amber Ramón Béjar by ClippyluvsMU 2015-09-01

This sounds exciting!

I tried the 2015 reformulated version of this and it smells almost identical to my 2012 bottle. The only difference is the 2015 one is a bit sweeter, the cocoa seem more like a milk chocolate. I prefer this new one I think

I tried the 2015 reformulated version of this and it smells almost identical to my 2012 bottle. The only difference is the 2015 one is a bit sweeter, the cocoa seem more like a milk chocolate. I prefer this new one I think

Oui Plus Perfumes by Terri by naomin 2015-09-01

This is delicious. Each perfume by Terri I try is better than the last.

At first it's gloriously smorey, but darker and more delicious. The graham cracker and yummy chocolate are fascinating, but once the graham cracker fades it leaves behind a yummy chocolate-cookie patchouli,and a hint of burned coffee like it says. Fairly long lasting too. I'll buy this for sure as soon as it gets chillier.

Colonia Intensa Acqua di Parma by Fábio Condé 2015-09-01

An immediate citrus burst, with dashes of bergamot, lemon and lime, a mix of citrus fruits as well, balancing the acid with the fruity delights!
After a few minutes I feel something more floral clean, white and bright, but at the same time dense and almost spicy, follows a path peppery and invigorating at the same time, I believe that ginger appears doing it.
The dry down with light woody nuances, a narrower touch, I do not identify as leather, but something like cedar and moss, giving maturity and refinement at the same time.

Rating: 8/10

Si Giorgio Armani by hyperfluff 2015-09-01

This is an absolutely gorgeous scent. The more I wear it, the more I love it. This is my fall/winter signature, but I can wear it on cooler summer days with ease. It has the delicious sweetness of La Vie Est Belle but with a freshness in place of LVEB's thick, sticky (potentially cloying) warmth. It's very versatile, sensual and feminine. And very attractive too, it's gotten me alot of compliments. Man magnet for sure, great for date night, or any occasion really. If you want something along the lines of LVEB, but subtler, more versatile and classier, then this is it. It lasts all day with a comfortable moderate sillage, present and lingering until the end of the day. Perfect for fall, winter, spring and breezy summer nights. So, okay, it may not be unique and it's been done before, but it smells so addictive good that I just don't care.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by SexyJasmine 2015-09-01

@ are right, the Polo stuff smells very, very close to TF. So much so, that I thought my son had been sneaking into my stash until he showed me the Polo bottle that someone had given him as a Christmas gift.

Absolutely Irresistible Givenchy by champagnequeen 2015-09-01

This smells like Lomani AB Spirit Millionaire Premium for women. Not a bad thing!

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by raw umber 2015-09-01

It makes no sense to me that Tom Ford would neglect to mention tobacco when it features so prominently in this composition, and instead decide to focus the marketing effort on a fictional note like kulfi. I say kulfi is fictional only because it suggests so much more than the sum of its parts.

It's like how Britney Spears Fantasy advertises a "cupcake" fantasy note, instead of simply suggesting sweet, vanilla, milky. "Kulfi" is interesting, but its individual components, much less so.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter much, except that the marketing should ideally build on the actual attributes of a given composition with a sufficient outcome, instead of playing on an exotic idea of what will hold people's attention for five seconds.

This is a tobacco fragrance with a very sweet, resinous vanilla Eau Duelle-esque drydown. There's a tart tangy element against the sweet tobacco in the top and heart, which reads as abstract fruity (bergamot?), but the base is a vanilla Bomb with hints of a previous life. It's a lot of a lot, but I'm willing to believe cold weather brings out its best.

L'Heure Bleue Guerlain by AngieGCarp 2015-09-01

This is THE BEST vintage fragrance I have ever come across. I know the current formulation is not the original but that hardly seems to matter because this one is heaven. LHB is soft and grounded. What comes to mind is like a well bred and powerful horse that gently glides its rider through tough terrain. Strong and gentle at the same time. Upon my first spray, I began the what does this smell like game and what came to me first was Cabochard by Gres then as the minutes past I smelled the sweet smoke of Habanita (the old one) by Molinard....THEN I was convinced I smelled the powdery smoke of my grandmother's Oscar by Oscar de la my opinion, if you like one of those, LHB will blow your mind. Normally, I don't put an age type on a fragrance but I don't see anyone let's say under 35 really appreciating this only based on the fact there is no flossy sweetness, airiness or freshness. This is a heavy perfume with a lingering and multidimensional dry down. It would not be easy to just pop on a pair of jeans and flip flops and wear this out and about. It is semi formal. Work appropriate if worn in minimal amounts. I am over the moon upon stumbling over this beautiful creation. It deserves all the praise it is given.

I would have never given this a second look if it had not kept popping up on the "suggestion" list on the left hand side of the screen when looking up my favorite fragrances...yay! That feature of Fragrantica does help!

Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Gucci by mm83 2015-09-01

I think they should launch edp version

Pirette Pirette by gregmech26 2015-09-01

A synthetic mess.

Smells like a cheap, synthetic, car freshener you buy at the car wash.

I want my $50 back too!

Deep Amber Ramón Béjar by db602colognefan 2015-09-01

Wow..I've beenvery interested in this line but couldn't find it any where and no reviews on're description of it was what I was hoping someone would say about't wait to try!..awsum review Roge'

Far Away Avon by HeavyBeatsUK 2015-09-01

First impressions - sweet and effervescent. Reminded me a bit of Joop as it was going on but then settled down to something the reminds me a bit of Amerage. Sillage seems okay but we'll have to wait and see if it lasts.

UPDATE - the sillage is still okay an hour later but the fragrance has nearly disappeared from my skin. The drydown also has a concrete/tarmac smell on me (this happens when a fragrance doesn't suit my skin)

Lately tried that.. for me it's something that reminds you a lot from the past, but not in an exceptional way to be necessarily in my poor wardrobe, an unoriginal feel of smell come to me, while smelled this many times when testing fragrances; not bad though if you want something massive that most of the commercial houses produce all these years. Not a sparkle for me but respecting everyone's taste!

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by jawsman2 2015-09-01

I was very excited to smell this the other day when I was in Sephora. The bottle's color is a great blue that intrigues me and makes me want to display it with my other colognes. However, I was disappointed. This smells so powdery, actually just like my shaving cream. (D.R harris Arlington) This smells good, but I don't want to spend over 200 bucks on it or smell like it all day.. It's really not a manly smell to me. I don't even know what you would use it for.

Habit Rouge Dress Code Guerlain by Mr Cornells 2015-09-01

Did someone from House of Guerlain recently read my review on Habit Rouge EDP? Well, your guess is as good as mine! Would give this a try! Merci beaucoup Monsieur Wasser :)

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by Ambergris Intoxication 2015-09-01

"Attack of the killer Bees" now in 3D tuberose, Surroundathon Carnation and Smell-O-Vision!! Honey never smelled so deadly!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by samuelgustav 2015-09-01

I'm not really a person to blind buy fragrances, but after so much praise and I got a promotion, a 125ml for 19€, one just need to get it, right?

Now, this is indeed an excellent scent, "kinda" niche quality. The bottle, my God, so beautiful.

Ok so, I get smoke, leather, almond and vanilla? Why do I get vanila? No idea, didn't get much of the tea part, that kinda sucks I guess. Really good fragrance, sweet, almost unisex, if not unisex indeed. Definitely on the price quality of 60€ up (but I would had not purchase this if it were 50 up, to spend that money I need to love the fragrance).
This is best for winter/fall, day or night, kinda cozy scent :) seeing a film and drinking hot cocoa with your other half. I think I can grow more to this scent, this seems one of those that grow into you.

Scent: 9/10 (taking into account the price, the quality of this juice and the complexity, taking it out of the context and favoring my taste I would give it a 7/10)
Longevity: 8/10 (really good, after 8h still close to the skin)
Projection: 7/10 (doesn't project much, in this case for the better, this is more a intimate scent :) )

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by lemonzest 2015-09-01

Horrible, strong, chemical smell. My mom and aunt both saturated themselves with Red Door to the point I could taste this stuff. I love both of them and have some of my best memories tied up with Red Door...weddings, vacations, trips, graduations...still I hate it.
Looking at the fragrance notes, I would expect it to be lovely, but there's something in this that attacks my olfactories and taste buds to the point I nearly gag.
It is not light or beautiful on anyone. I have never sprayed it on myself to test it because it's horrible.
Apologies if it works for you. The only thing worse is Givenchy's Pi for men, maybe. Or maybe Red Door ties.

Sunflowers Elizabeth Arden by Ambergris Intoxication 2015-09-01

Instantly recognizable and huge silage if over applied! I'm wearing quite a strong vintage Avon and on my way out of the post office today a lady wafted past me heavily laden in Sunflowers! The scent path left in her wake was so powerful it made my 60's Avon Brocade capsize and sink in a sea of Sunflowers. How could any woman in her 30's (I'm 36) not recognize this iconic scent? Well it's iconic for me anyway. In my town Sunflowers in the 90's was as popular Giorgio in the 80's. I used sickening amounts as a teen.

I so wanted to love this one, since it has all the notes that I love but for some reason on my skin smells like carnation with raw beef. I know its weird but that's exactly how it smells and it remains the same ... its very strong and the longevity is amazing but sadly it hates my pH

I agree I don't really smell much Lavender or honey but I do like it :) Much more than expected. I will probably be purchasing this.

Original Penguin for Men Original Penguin by TangoDeltaRaider 2015-09-01

Beautiful creamy scent i blind bought for 4.99 for a 1oz bottle and i am extremely happy. i recommend this scent if u like PERRY ELLIS m.

Wildblue Noir Banana Republic by TangoDeltaRaider 2015-09-01

beautiful scent, but its extremely weak and have no projection at all,i blind bought this and was very excited at first whiff but thats about it.

Sauvage Christian Dior by starassist 2015-09-01

2nd Review:
And still, the most horrifying thing I've ever smelled. I want to clarify a few things; To the people who stupidly say/think that this will be successful simply because Bleu De Chanel was bashed at first then widely loved, get a clue. This is garbage. A synthetic, screechy, lemon-peppery, diaper filled with piss & shit mess of a fragrance. And I DO NOT say that because it's Dior and I have higher expectations than I do with other houses. If something sucks, whether it's Dior or Calvin Klein or David Beckham, it sucks, that's it. There are Creed's that suck, there are Joop! flankers that suck, it is what it is. Also, to ANYONE saying that this smells ANYTHING like BDC, again, get a fucking clue. It does NOT. To me it smells like the Coyote in the Dior ad pissed all over the hot metal of the 60's muscle car, they bottled it up, called it a day with expectations that we're all too stupid to stand up and say, "hey wait a sec, wtf is this and why does it smell like coyote urine". I fully expect Ashton Kutcher to appear at any moment and tell us all we've been duped, because honestly that's what it feels like. This is a Fail in every sense of the word. 0/10. This may actually serve to push people who are tired of shitty designer frags into the world of niche, which may actually be a good thing.

Pink Chiffon Bath and Body Works by SnapDragonStyle 2015-09-01

Another sweet one from B&BW that I'm finding delicious right now! I picked Pink Chiffon up in the Fine Fragrance Mist and Lotion a couple days ago, along with Velvet Sugar and Paris Amour because I just couldn't make up my mind. I'm honestly enjoying all of them, and though they are perhaps similar in a broad sense, I find each of them delightful in their own special ways.

Pink Chiffon, to quote some of the reviews below (because they pretty much nailed it already):
Is Flirty and feminine (MemLava)
Smells like berries & vanilla with a hint of sweet candy musk. (Lucky7z)
Becomes this light whipped cream mixed with softly sweet fruits. (Me.four.real)
Is a little touch of whipped frosting sitting on top of a beautiful white cake cupcake. Sweet, soft and creamy is the best way I can descibe it. Pleasant and comforting. (Kandyanne)

I just wanted to give a *bump* to those reviews because I agree! It's sweet, perhaps not "sophisticated" but it's still well blended and interesting. It doesn't smell cheap to me. Wearing the lotion layered with the ffm, I can't stop sniffing my arms! Truly a delicious,light gourmand fragrance! So happy to wear it!

Nautica Voyage Nautica by samuelgustav 2015-09-01

I blind bought this after most glorious reviews and of course the price! I think we must always take in account the price.
Now this is one cheappy fragrance, got mine for 16€ 100ml, now let's see what it really matters, the juice:

I'm not a big fan of summer fragrances, not that I don't like them, just that most of them have lower staying power than my ex.

This one, I must say I don't LOVE it, I'm very picky, but I do like it a lot :) amazingly fresh, really really fresh, after 8h I'm still smelling fresh! A kind of cucumber, ocean and soap fresh. Tested it today and got a compliment from my co-worker "that parfum really smells great, perfectly fits your style" I've never got a compliment so fast with a fragrance (that I think of).

For the price, this is fantastic, really good smell, really clean and fresh, very linear but in a good way, it's simple just like a light hearted summer, amazing longevity and projection, like really amazing!

Scent: 8,5/10 (taking it to account the price, without the price tag I would rate it 7,5/10)
Longevity: 10/10
Projection: 10/10

Pirette Pirette by sjohnson 2015-09-01

I love summer beach scents and this one takes the cake. It's so creamy and yummy coconut with just a hint of tanning oil. I'm obsessed. Reminds me of summers spending every day at the beach. It lasts a long time. The packaging feels really special too. The bottle is smaller but it's also an oil not a perfume so it's concentrated, lasts long and worth the spend!! The perfect summer beach scent.

Black Sugar Aquolina by cake n' cuddles 2015-09-01

I am not a fan of oud. but being a huge fan of the pink sugar line I really wanted to try this fragrance. Fortunately someone was kind enough to send me a sample. I didn't have the highest hopes for this fragrance but it smells better than what I had expected. It smells quite a bit like pink sugar without licorice. I am surprised it kept it's signature scent so well with almost no pink sugar notes in this fragrance. The other part of the scent I can definitely smell leather and oud. To me it smells like tires, and I'm not exactly in love. I have liked leather scents before like midnight in paris but I am not too keen on this leather. Overall to me this scent is OK. Shockingly black sugar is actually pretty light in silage/projection compared to original pink sugar. I'll be passing the rest of my sample along.

The Iceberg Fragrance Iceberg by Galatina 2015-09-01

My dry down became coriander. Nothing but coriander. So disappointed with the way my chemistry worked with this as it started out so promising.

Mesmerize Avon by LadyPilot 2015-09-01

Mine too, despite being a fan, I totally see what you mean, Seachase!:)
"LESS is MORE" is a perfect prescription for using this particular one, like homeopathy, or else it may kill you and everyone around;P

Vanilla Musk Coty by fetishforperfume 2015-09-01

I think this smells so much like the original version of Givenchy's Organza Indecence perfume. The combination of the musk, sandalwood, vanilla and cedar are present in both fragrances. If you like the Organza Indecence but can't afford the high prices on ebay, try Coty's Vanilla Musk.

Organza Indecence by Givenchy was created in 1999. It is classified as a woody oriental fragrance for women.
Top notes: mandarin, nutmeg, cardamom, bergamot
Middle notes: carnation, Ceylon cinnamon, jacaranda, rose, orris
Base notes: vanilla, cedar, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss, labdanum

Ambre Russe Parfum d`Empire by sherifmango 2015-09-01

عندما تولد الطبيعة بداخلك ذلك التساؤل البرئ منذ نعومة أظافرك و الذي يكبر معك ليصبح هواية.. رغم أنه ما زال ملحا".. تنجلي بعده تلك اﻹستفهامات بشمس المعرفة اﻷكاديمية.. و تتحول من أحجية إلى إبداع..
أظن أن التميز هو أقل نتيجة يمكن أن تصف بها صاحبه..
رحلة ممتعة عاشها اﻷنف المغربي المولد الفرنسي المنشأ.. الكيميائي Marc-Antoine Corticchiato.. بدأت بأسئلة طفولية عن التنوع في الروائح فيما يحيط به من نباتات و أزهار و مزارع و إسطبﻻت كللها بدكتوراه في الكيمياء التحليلية لمستخلصات النباتات العطرية..
لكن و رغم ذلك ما زالت هنالك هوة في شغفه الحسي فيما يتعلق بسحر و قوة تلك المواد اﻷولية "النوت" و مدى تأثيرها على النفس.. و كيفية ترجمة ذلك الشغف بصورة متداولة بين الناس، حتى إلتحق بمدرسة ISIPCA لتعليم صناعة و تخليق العطور..
فلسفته في التعامل مع النوت العطرية تقوم على اﻹخضاع و السيطرة على إعتبار أن النوت العطرية كما قطع الكريستال ذات أوجه متعددة، وحده العطرجي يملك القدرة على إخضاعها و إخراج الجانب المراد منها..
و من هنا جاءت تسمية الدار Parfum d'Empire ..
يصف نفسه بالسخاء و اﻹسراف فيما يتعلق بالنوت.. لكن ليس بذلك المفهوم المبتذل من اﻹفراط و الغلبة المفسدة للعطر.. بل على العكس.. فالعطر عنده كالبناء يجب أن يؤسس على قاعدة متينة و إﻻ إنهار، لذلك هو يدفع بكل نوت إلى أعلى مستوى بحيث يصبح لها وجود محسوس و ليس مجرد إسم..
رجل يسطر التاريخ بأحرف عطرية.. يختصر الحروب و اللقاءات العاطفية و حضارات و أماكن داخل زجاجة..
و رغم أن عطرنا اليوم Ambre Russe هو تجربتي اﻷولى مع الدار.. و لعلها بادرة خير :) .. لكن إتضح لي من خﻻلها مدى الحنكة التي يمتلكها الرجل و البراعة في إخضاع و التﻻعب بالنوت سواء كانت متفردة أو في صورة توليفات كما سيتضح ﻻحقا"..
في عطر العنبر الروسي و كما يدل اﻹسم فإن Marc-Antoine Corticchiato و كما إعتاد في تخليق عطوره حيث يبداء بالنوت المراد و يكسبه إسم ذو مدلول مرتبط باﻹرث اﻹنساني سواء كان مكان أو حدث معروف أو ملكية تاريخية أو شخصية مرموقة لتعزيز صورة العطر.. و هنا كانت الملكية الروسية.. للغرابة.. هي من نصيب العنبر " ربما إحتفظ بالجلود للعثمانيين في عطره التالي :) "..
العطر بمراحله الثﻻث يصور الجانب اﻹحتفالي الباذخ و الرسمي الصارم و الحميمي الحسي لروسيا القيصرية بداية من اﻹفتتاحية الكحولية المبهجة مرورا" بالجلدية اﻹسموكية و العنبرية الشرابية..
بعض النوت يمكن إحساسها بالعطر رغم عدم ذكرها ضمن المكون العطري، كما أن بعض النوت المتشابهة يﻻحظ تواجدها معا"(الكمون+الكزبرة) أو تلك التي تدخل ضمن توليفات لتخليق رائحة معينة مع التوليفة نفسها (الجلود+قار البتوﻻ) مما يشير لعبقريته و درايته بإحداث توازن عجيب داخل العطر..
العطر به تﻻعب في النوت حيث تظهر حينا" و تختفي لتعاود الظهور مرة أخرى..

الوصف العطري: يبدأ العطر بإفتتاحية كحولية قوية تشبه اﻹيثانول الكحولي تزاحمها بلحظات رائحة ألدهيدية حمضية فوارة منعشة مبهجة و أظنها للشمبانيا.. و هي ذات وقع حسي يشابه و ضع كوب من مشروبات الصودا الحمضية الفوارة المثلجة قرب أنفك و ذلك اﻹحساس عندما تتطاير تلك الفقاعات الصغيرة و تنفجر تاركة مزيج بين اﻹنتعاش و اللسعة :) .. هنالك إحساس رافع يعطي هذه اﻹفتتاحية حجم و أظن أن اﻷمبروكسان متواجد ضمن اﻹفتتاحية مع بداية ظهور العنبر الراتنجي الحلو المالح بشكل خافت.. ثم ما يلبث أن تظهر رائحة الشاي بشكلها الكثيف العشبي اﻹسموكي ترافقها بعد ذلك التوابل بشكل وأضح بداية من القرفة الشائكة الحلوة و التي تضفي لمحة سويتية للشاي ثم تظهر الكزيرة بصورة صريحة بجوانبها التابلية و الخشبية قليﻻ ثم لمحة تابلية فلفلية حادة أظنها للكمون مع بداية لتضخيم الجانب اﻹسموكي بواسطة قار البتوﻻ و العرعر.. تظل تلك التوليفة في تداخل حتي ظهور الجلود المعتدلة..
مع بداية ظهور الجلود هنالك لمحة حلوة تشبه رائحة التبن الحلو ترافق التوليفة السابقة تأتي معها الجلود المنقعة بالبخور و إحساس شمعي عسلي و لمحة تبغية أرضية تتخللها تلك التوليفة اﻹسموكية العنبرية الجافة الحلوة.. بعض المقييمين يرجعون اللمحات التبغية و الشمعية لتداخل بعض النوت مثل القرفة مع الجلود وتلك السمة الشمعية العسلية للقرفة مع الشمبانيا.. لكن في رأي المتواضع و كما فلسفة العطرجي سالفة الذكر.. أظن أنها ضمن توليفات نوت الجلود نفسها التي تضم التبغ ﻹضفاء واقعية و إستدامة و شمع العسل ﻹحساس بلسمي ناعم و الﻷبدانيوم ﻹضفاء الجانب العنبري الحيواني للتوليفة.. تظل الرائحة الكحولية واضحة حتى اللحظة ربما ﻹحداث إختراقات و مسامات ضمن المكون الغني السابق و جعل العطر أكثر إنفتاحا" و إنتشارا" و خفة.. و إﻻ صار ضعيف الفوحان..
يهدأ العطر بعدها على طابع عنبري حلو و حسي حميمي هو أقرب للعنبر المخلق منه لعنبر الﻷبدانيوم مع وجود لمحات شرابية خافته تشبه الكوﻻ.. و إحساس ضعيف للتبغ الشمعي العسلي..
العطر كما أسلفت به تواجد لنوت تعزز التوليفات اﻷساسية كالجلود و العنبر ..

رغم المكون العطري الغني السخي.. لكن وجود مكون جياش متألق فوار للمشروبات الروحية جعل تلك المكونات الغنية خفيفة أثيرية مريحة لﻷنف.. تحملها تلك الفقاعات الصاعدة بداخلها.. مما يجعل العطر سهل اﻹرتداء..
عطر عنبري بشكل مختلف.. إذا كنت من عشاق العنبر فﻻبد لك من تجربة هذا اﻹبداع..
الذين يخشون الكمون برائحته التي تشبه الجلد المتعرق.. هنا الكمون يأخذ جانب تابلي فلفلي مخضر ..
العطر بأي حال من اﻷحوال ﻻ يمكن أن يأخذ وصف جورماندي على اﻹطﻻق..
عطر سوف يبدع في مساءات الشتاء الباردة.. و يلفت اﻹنتباه..
تصنيف العطر في رأيي المتواضع، هو أن اﻹفتتاحية و قلب العطر ﻻ يناسب حواء.. بعكس عندما يهدأ..
الثبات و الفوحان كما تحب و ترضى :) ...

و دمتم بود :) ...

Kabul Aoud Montale by Deefit 2015-09-01

At first I thought this could have been a lovechild of Nasomatto Black Afgano and Lattafa Raghba Wood Intense. But it's far closer to the Nasomatto than to the Lattafa. It actually lacks the cannabis note which I found a bit too difficult in Black Afgano, but this is some awesome stuff all together. Whoever voted this similar to Myrrhe Impériale, I understand where you're coming from but the Armani is much sweeter and brighter. This is quite dark and dirty. But in the best possible way! I really want to get a bottle of this now!

Bergamote 22 Le Labo by sherifmango 2015-09-01

على مبنى من الطراز التبسيطي الحديث مطل علي البحر إتخذ مقاما صيفي له، لم يكن المكان يخلو من روعة..
تحيط به شجيرات الحمضيات المتوسطية من الجانب المعاكس للبحر صانعة جدار أخضر طبيعي ترقد أسفله حديقة مصغرة تتوسطها مساحة من النجيل اﻷخضر تحفها اﻷزهار من اﻷطراف.. كأنها عقد من الخرز الملون يطوق عنق حسناء..
لم يكن إختياره للمكان عبثا".. فقد كان على موعد مع شخصيات مهمة لمناقشة بعض اﻹمور اﻹدارية.. لكنه فضل أن يتم اللقاء بعيدا" عن أجواء المدينة في هذا الصيف الحارق تحت نسمات البحر العليل..
أراد لكل شيئ أن يتم بصورة تجافي الرسميات و بشكل بسيط ﻻ يزيد ثقل و وطأة الصيف.. حتى أنه إتخذ من "الكتان" ثوبا" يظهر به ليتماشى مع تلك اﻷجواء.. و عطرا" منعش خفيف أنيق غير متكلف.. حمضي غير قارص.. زيستي غير كﻻسيكي.. زهري غير أنثوي.. خشبي غير ذكوري.. مخضر غير كثيف.. عطر Bergamote 22 :) ..

العطر هو تجربتي الثانية مع دار Le Labo بعد عطر Santal 33 الرائع.. و مرة أخرى تثبت الدار مدى تميزها و تفردها في التركيز على إخراج عطر يتمحور حول نوت واحد و أخرى داعمة مكملة دون تشويه للمكون اﻷصل.. بل تشكل معه لوحة متناقمة منسجمة متداخلة اﻷلوان ﻻ تشعر معها بحدة في حواف أشكالها..
هذه المرة أخرجت الدار من نوت البرغموت المعروف عطرا" حمضيا" بشكل مختلف تماما".. في تحد منها ﻹخراج عطر ذو طابع منعش حريف رافع جياش أثر.. لكن في نفس الوقت تطيل بقاءه لفترة أطول.. مجافية فرضية سرعة ذهاب و تبخر عبير تلكم النوت.. و هذا ﻻ يتسنى إﻻ من خﻻل وجود مكون داعم يشترك مع البرغموت في بعض اﻷوجه أو يشكل معه ثنائي متمم مؤطتد لصورته العطريه..
ليست لي تجارب كثيرة مع العطور الحمضية المنعشة.. غير أني إختبرت عطر كنزو L'Eau Par Pour Homme الذي يحوي نوت "اليوزو" الحمضي الحلو المنعش و عطر Bois 1920 Classic الذي يظهر فيه "السترون" بشكل وأضح.. غير أن عطر Bergamote 22 له وقع عطري مختلف رغم تحفظي على نقطتي الثبات و الفوحان.. لكن هذا حال النوت الحمضية عموما".. لها إفتتاحيات قصيرة منبهة لحاسة الشم في تنويه لما سيعقبها من نوت :) ..

الوصف العطري: يبدأ العطر بإفتتاحية زستية قوية شائكة من البرغموت المنعش.. و كأن أحدهم كشط قشرة ثمرة برغموت باردة قبالة أنفك.. لحظات بعدها و يرافقها شيئ حريف الذي يميز قشرة القريب فروت و تلك الرائحة التي تميز الجزء اﻷبيض الداخلي من تلك القشرة.. بعد أن تهداء تلك اﻹفتتاحية و تميل للمونية.. تظهر الرائحة المخضرة ترافقها النوت الزهرية الحلوة في توازن عطري يمنع العطر من أخذ المنحى اﻷنثوي في وجود تلك اللمحة الخشبية.. في هذه المرحلة تظهر نوت أرضية معها شيئ Musty طفيف جدا" في شكل ومضات محيرة لكن لها أثرها كذلك.. يستقر العطر بعدها على أرضية.. ﻻ أدري هل أقول مسكية ؟!.. هي في رأيي المتواضع أقرب لل Ambrettee منها للمسك.. ربما وجود العنبر و الفانيﻻ و المسك أدى لذلك.. ﻷني لم ألحظ تلك النوت متفردة..

العطر في المجمل إنتقاله بسيط غير معقد.. لكنه بنفس الوقت محسوس.. و أظن أن ذلك يتماشى مع روح العطر الصيفية.. فالنفس تميل هنا للرقة بعيدا عن التعقيدات التي تشغل المزاجية العامة أكثر من رفعها و تحفيزها و إنعاشاها..
رغم عدم ثباته و فوحانه العاليين.. لكن يناسب الصيف خصوصا العمل في اﻷماكن المغلقة.. فهو يعتبر آمن و ذو طبيعة أروماتيه تكسبه تفردا بعينه..
ليس بالكولونيا الذكورية الصرفة و ﻻ الزهري اﻷنثوي الناعم.. به إتزان يجعله يقف وسط المطياف بين الجانبين بجدارة..

و دمتم بود :) ...

Ambre & Santal L`Occitane en Provence by Readysniffer1 2015-09-01

I guess the moral of this story is: if you like it, buy it! Esp. if you're in L'Occitane because they change things up constantly!

Heat Ultimate Elixir Beyonce by LifeImitatesArt 2015-09-01

If anyone is interested there's an eBay listing of the 50ml for 29.99 right now

Coconut The Body Shop by LisaMari 2015-09-01

UPDATE: ok, I was a little too harsh with this one - it does smell ok on clothes, cool and fresh although still a v synthetic chemical coconut ..I kind of like it ;/ I'm in 2 minds about this one - there are wafts of cool coconut and vanilla after its sunk it to my clothes for a day but then also wipes and powder which I don't like and I don't like it on my skin - it turns musky on my skin almost immediately ;(

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by kobiAmr 2015-09-01

classy fresh fragrance, i can never get tired of this scent.

Coconut Passion Victoria`s Secret by LisaMari 2015-09-01

Yuck! This is a very musty musky coconut - its like coconut oil that's been left somewhere hot and gone rancid ;(
I could not detect any sweet notes, milkyness or vanilla at all.

Vendetta Uomo Valentino by Lesser 2015-09-01

A good acquaintance let me have a few sprays from his bottle. I was told that It was quite like Italian cypress from Tom Ford, but what a disappointment,

This is seriously one of the few most foul smelling frags I have ever come across. I literally said: 'Yuk, WTF is this stench?' only a few seconds after application. As we sat in the car discussing frags the scent worked vigorously on my skin a gross and dirty experience indeed. Like meting a hobo in the stairway that has pissed himself and hasn't showered for several days.

Not fit for human usage..

Overall Rating 1/10

this smells amazing. very sexy, a compliment getter.
longevity on my skin is 7 hours max, sometimes less.
projection is good.
9.5/10 overall

Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose Cartier by Agata654 2015-09-01

It's a pleasant, nice rose scent, however it's nothing particularly amazing... I am still looking for this perfect rose fragrance for myself and haven't found it here.

The rose note here is very subtle, clean. I agree with all opinions which say that the it feels very natural and not synthetic at all!
However this fragrance definitely is missing something for me - firstly the silage is pretty weak, I'd say you hardly can smell it! The staying power is also rather disappointing. The combination of rose and woodsy notes is very nice but it lacks originality I feel...

I'd be happy to receive as a gift, however it's not something that I would spend my money on.

Kiste Slumberhouse by maxpower 2015-09-01

I have a bottle of this used about 8 sprays does anybody want to trade for Men's Penhaligon fragrances or similar?

great scent, i use it for six years now..didn't notice change in smell / longevity, works great in the summertime.
overall rating - 8.5

James Bond 007 Seven Eon Productions by groover 2015-09-01

Tested this today and the first blast
was just yuk it smells like rubber,
but that doesnt always mean a fragrance
will be bad, bvlgari black has that same
rubber and turns out very nice, this one
also turned out better, but to say its a great
smell that would be a lie, a girl at the
fragrance store said she felt a toilet smelling kind
of vibe, i dont think that is what you really want to smell like, but to me it was an ok fragrance, i will
propably buy it at a lower price if i get a chance.

Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor by fyrewoman 2015-09-01

I was suprised when i first got this that it was not powdery because of Liz Taylor's other frags being powder bombs. I find this to be very cedary but in a soft way,unlike others finding it powdery.
It's long lasting but a delicate fragrance. Last winter i read reviews on here that this was the saddest perfume they ever smelled and i agree. This perfume is comforting and sedative too. It is soft but not terribly soft to where you won't notice it. I usually wear this to bed and fall asleep faster than usual every time. I can always still smell it when i wake in the morning and find the rose more apparent,with the constant peach and cedar,in mornings.
Only thing is that my bottle leaks each time i spray now. I tried parafilm but the studded area won't allow it to adhere. Going to try plumber's white tape next to salvage the rest.

Oh, how much I adore this cologne / perfume!! It's masculine yet unisex, so sensual and elegant, it's a perfect cologne for a man who has good taste. It reminds me of Tom Ford's "Black Orchid" but imagine this that Tom Ford's Black Orchid maybe is a more flashy fashionista who party in the "It" place in Miami and LA, but Cologne Noir by Van Cleef Arpels is a guy who attend gallery openings in downtown Soho area, dine at restaurants in Uptown upper east side in NYC, relax in the weekends at the Hampton kind of guy who likes the finer things in life and not "nouveau riche" flas your wealth and shout "look at me" kinda man/woman. Very classy, distinctive, confident yet gentle & sensual.

Totally unisex fragrance, I highly recommended! Love Love Love it ! <3

Michael Kors for Men Michael Kors by groover 2015-09-01

Wow the drydown of this one is
almost identical to Burning ice
from Iceberg, the topnotes are very
different tho and its not as sweet as
burning ice, but i liked it very much
and i will buy me a bottle very soon.

Oud Wood Tom Ford by davidc 2015-09-01

I'd already purchased Black Orchid and an Oud Wood body deo from Tom Ford. Both had EXCELLENT longevity!! Found myself sniffing my armpits 8 hours later and they still smelled great. The TF smell was ever present. Guess at £45 you'd hope for good deo.
So decided to go for an Oud Wood EDP "sample". It smells great, but there's one BIG problem - longevity...lasts 2 hours if I'm lucky. Others can comment on the ingredients and the basenotes, but for me that's pitiful. Glad I didn't drop down all of the notes for a full bottle!!!

I am a guy and I adore this fragrance! It's so fresh, clean and cheerful it reminds me of my home state California exactly! Imagine you let your car's top down, driving along the pacific cost highway, wind blowing towards you with a subtle hint of jasmine neroli .... sounds of the ocean waves with the warm California sunshine.... just like California and it brings a smile one your face, relax and happy!

Yes I wear this perfume and I am a man. I personally thinks it's pretty unisex. I love this fragrance, go to Neiman Marcus and try it, you will love it, too!

Devotion House of Matriarch by weaselize 2015-09-01

tried it today. Weird, really weird.
This smells just like a mixed vegetable soup from leek and celery or something like that. Some potatoes were added and finished with a HUGE amount of bouillon cubes..
weird fragrance

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by verdigris 2015-09-01

In the 80's I had a friend who wore Opium with abandon -no, more like a vengeance- and despite her ham-handednesss with that lethal weapon it was very nice on her. Somehow I never quite warmed up to the scent even though a few years later I developed an addiction to Coco (still have it) and have even been known to wear Youth Dew (in minute quantities). By all rights I should have been attracted to Opium, so go figure. When I saw that it had been reformulated I decided to give it a go and -SURPRISE!- to my nose it is a bit smokier and less overpowering than I recall. To me it feels like Coco without the cloves (love the cloves), Youth Dew without the cola notes and way more smoky incense than either of them project. It is definately in the Coco/Youth Dew neighborhood but different enough to make a distinct trio. With one spray to the wrist sillage is modest and longevity for me +/- 3 hours, but blast away and no doubt you'll get through the evening with a cloud around you. If you were wary of the original you might enjoy the reformulation; I rather do and may just develop a real fondness for this interesting new creature!

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by amandaznf 2015-09-01


Nuff' said.

Success Trump by Joeymaz 2015-09-01


1 Million Paco Rabanne by Endymion 2015-09-01

Let's be fair and be honest.

Yes, it's overtly popular, extremely successful, majority of young population use it, this is the most common club scent-sort of Gaultier's Le Male of the 2000's. Mostly used by men under 25.
It also have countless copies, followers, knock offs.
The name is cheesy, the bottle is ridiculous (subjective opinion).

BUT the fragrance is marvellous! I can't deny it. I always liked it since the release. Some say it's not a quality juice but I disagree. I find it well blended, strong, intense, longevity is above average and projects very well. I know that it's mainly tarteget towards young consumers but I can't deny its merits. No wonder it's so popular, it's a joy to smell it :)

1 million is a wonderful fragrance, but so many despise it for being overly popular.

I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift personally, but I have to give credit where credit is due.

This fragrance is smart and sophisticated, and elegant. It reminds me of the beginning of summer. Very pleasant. My favorite of all of her fragrances. Taylor does not disappoint.

Prada Candy Prada by amandaznf 2015-09-01

This is a very unique perfume. Once I was wearing it and this guy came up to me and said "wow, you smell great. What perfume are you wearing?" - I mean, it's rare for some guy to randomly come up to you and ask what perfume are you wearing cause he finds it THAT good.
It's very sweet but sophisticated at the same time, suiting young women best, IMO.
The caramel note is definitely the strongest - and, in this case, that's a good thing!
Very nice perfume. Not my favorite, but it makes me feel special whenever I wear it haha.

Hidden Fantasy Britney Spears by Sierrasaurusrex 2015-09-01

I found this very similar to Thierry Mugler Innocent on my skin. At first its a fruity sweet scent but then the clove kicks in almost immediately. Its a decent fall/winter scent, but sadly gives me a headache. I think im gonna have to swap it.

Halloween Tattoo Woman Jesus Del Pozo by dreamndigital23 2015-09-01

Yet another pear fragrance, seems to be a popular note these days. I do love pear though so bring it on I want to try this! Pina colada sounds interesting, perhaps a more unique take on the typical fruity florals? The bottle is right up my alley too, very gothic style.

Alaïa Azzedine Alaia by antonpan 2015-09-01

The black colour of the bottle and oriental motives don't suit the fragrance at all. Pink or transparent are more appropriate. In fact this is a sensual aquatic centered on rose with pepper and surrounded by mild musks and aqua or melony notes. It smells close to L'eau d'Issey, but sweeter and more sexy. Imagine a modern flanker of L'Eau d'Issey, and you will get the new Azaia. Not that bad for mainstream release, but, again, the scent is not connected with the whole concept.

Les Delices de Nina Nina Ricci by amandaznf 2015-09-01

Back in 2009 I ran into this gorgeous perfume called "Love by Nina", by Nina Ricci. Ended up not buying it and regretting it for years, since it was a limited edition.
After 6 years, I finally get the chance to finally own that perfume - yes, Les Delices smells just like Love by Nina!
It's sweet, fruity and bubbly. It's lovely.

Stelle di Ghiaccio Hilde Soliani by jrr2ok 2015-09-01

It's a pleasant scent, but boy, is it subtle. Very aquatic, but briny rather than misty. Mostly musks in the heart, but you get the brine from the seaweed along with the acidity and residual fruit from the two wine accords. It heads quickly to skin scent territory on me (<60 minutes) even with a fairly heavy application. I like it, but I'm not sure I'd want to spend the outsized price on such a demure scent that doesn't carry an impact to match its pricetag.

Ari Ariana Grande by perfumenthusiast 2015-09-01

I purchased this yesterday because of my friend (she's a fan of Ariana, I'm not) who recommended it to me, as she knows I love girly fragrances. I got a sampler in the store and fell in love instantly. My first reaction when smelling it was nothing but "Oh my God". I bought the large bottle. $59 is very pricey for a perfume (that was just the price at Macy's), but I got it at a discount for $47, which is less than the small bottle price. They gave me a complimentary bag along with it. In my opinion, the money was worth it. The bottle is beautiful and the pompom is a cute little decorative. Seems like the perfect thing to wear in winter, but it would fit any season. This fragrance lasts a very long time and the scent fills up the room. It almost smells like candy. A little more on the generic side, but super sweet and feminine. Most of Ariana's fans are young teenage girls, but I'm nearly 21 and it really suits my liking and personality. I joined this site just to leave this review. This is my new favorite perfume and I'll be wearing it daily. I'd definitely recommend this to a friend.

Eau Parfumee au The Rouge Bvlgari by RUDOLFO512 2015-09-01

Eau Parfumme Eau The Rouge by Bvlgari is absolutely amazing. It is very gentle and calming. At first spray I smell the tea, yes beautiful and wonderful tea. The dry down is a mild fig with walnut and musk. The tea note lasts throughout the day even in the dry down. I could wear it every day.

Michael Michael Kors by hyperfluff 2015-09-01

I love Kim Kardashian's fragrance, so I blind bought this duty free at the airport on a recent trip, expecting that they would be identical, or that this would be a better quality version of that one.

It was a mistake! They smell almost nothing alike!
So, okay, Michael Kors smells nice lingering in the air (more of a mature scent...think stylish, middle-aged suburban housewife), it is a strong white floral with a tropical-aquatic vibe, I don't doubt reviewers who say they have gotten compliments on it. I gave the bottle I bought to my mom, and she does smell nice when she wears it...BUT! Nose to wrist and up close, it smells PURELY like chemicals and something else (nail polish remover is it?? Or maybe a banana scented nail polish remover...banana acetone...yup).

No! No! No!
I am sticking to Kim Kardashian's scent, it's smoother, younger, more lush and it doesn't smell like nail varnish. No annoying aquatic vibe in KK. It's cheaper too. This is just awful to my nose, a real disappointment.

Incanto Salvatore Ferragamo by Eicher 2015-09-01

Hello, I have a spare bottle if anyone is interested (100ml - "incanto" writtten in white).

Gypsy Water Byredo by lilmatchy 2015-09-01

I had a sample of this and really wanted to like it, because I'm trying to find a good woody fragrance for fall. This just smells like a campfire to me. All woody and incense, with just a little vanilla. I don't really pick up any other notes. It's nice and evokes a certain nostalgia, but I don't feel comfortable in it. The scent just doesn't settle right on me, and it's like there is something foreign on me rather than a scent that feels natural.

Roma Laura Biagiotti by Asinya 2015-09-01

This is lovely, and quite strong in an inoffensive way. Sadly, as I knew before, amber gives me headaches regardless of combos - I still had to give it a chance though, and I love the scent, I just can't wear it. But it is beautiful, and I highly recommend it.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Martin__ 2015-09-01

OK, time for another impressions. I could've writen them in my previous review by editing that one, but things have changed actually.

I'm spending quite a lot of time with Dior Sauvage recently. Right off the bat, right away from the first spray, I knew it reminds me of something. And actually, it's not Bleu de Chanel. It clicked in my head today.

When I wear Sauvage, I feel like I'm wearing a citrusy version of Givenchy's Gentlemen Only. I was quite surprised how much both have in common.

This is a lighter version of Givenchy Gentlemen Only with lemon/bergamot instead of green mandarin on top. That one, after a boring and uninspiring drydown, changes into a fragrance that is very much in 90-ish style: woody, spicy and kind of dusty, with huge load of ISO E-Super.
Sauvage, on the other hand, goes pretty similar to Gentlemen Only, with one exception. It's much lighter, not so woody and the ISO E-Super amount is even bigger, plus it has ambroxan (which brings weird musky feeling on my skin).

Probably it will (or already is, sic!) one of Dior's bestsellers. Does it deserve to be a bestseller? I don't know. Probably not. But you know, time will tell.

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