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CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by petranfx 2015-01-27

also the calvin klein house haw chenged the spryer of the bottle.The sprayer now is in black color not gray

Rare Pearls Avon by margoval 2015-01-27

At first the black pepper surprised me and I wasn't sure if I liked it. Then I realised that that's what makes the scent interesting and I appreciated it.
Now the bad part... I couldn't finish my travel size bottle. The more I wore it the more it made me feel gloomy... and ten years older.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by primarycook 2015-01-27

I guess I might, in some ways, be a marketing department’s dream. I was drawn in by the clean, neat purity of the bottle, the colors, and the simple font. The notes sounded good too, and with all that eye-catchingly subdued, even modest packaging that appealed on so many levels, I knew I had to try Narciso as soon as I could get my hands on it. I was finally able to obtain a decant (I dislike that some fragrances, like this one, are exclusive to certain retailers for a set period of time) so I let the testing begin.

To make the story short, I like this, it’s not a love, but it is an intriguing like. To make the story long, here goes: I’ve tested this twice and both times I almost immediately noted that somehow the tip of my tongue went sort of numb. It’s almost like I can taste this scent, although I’m actually not, and I certainly do not spray with my mouth open - gah! I’ve never experienced this sort of reaction before, but being a diehard fumehead, it would not be enough to turn me off if I truly loved this scent, but I don’t (at least I currently don’t think I do). I mean with all that beautiful marketing, I was inclined towards love, but I just have to put that aside and weigh the merits of the scent on it’s own. Even though I have a little plain decant, it was not all that easy to do. Marketing is powerful that way, I guess.

Others have said the opening is rather harsh, but I did not find that to be true. In fact, the opening was great and was my favorite part. I loved the first 15 minutes of Narciso, it was fresh, soft, gently flowery, milky, powdery, yet clean - I can’t really describe it, but it was heavenly to my nose. After that, a creamy gardenia came on somewhat strongly and I started to have some doubts that this would be a true love and that’s when things started to enter the friend zone. Gardenia is okay, not my favorite thing, and it was nice enough here, but I started to wonder if this might just be a bit too perfumey and a bit overbearing for my personal taste. If I really tried, I could detect very faint whiffs of rose. There was this overarching creaminess, and that kept drawing me in. It’s not gourmandy and it’s not strongly vanilla, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find there is some vanilla in here. I just found that milky part very appealing and wished that note and the gardenia would switch roles, but that didn’t happen. On me, creamy gardenia is prominent throughout, so if you are a fan of soft gardenia, you should try this. I find the longevity of this perfume to be high, and the scent is strong, no ghost scent on me at least. It’s strong but soft. In the far dry down I detect a faint Listerine scent at times, but not medicinal, and it’s actually sort of nice, and that must be the cedar. It’s subdued and sort of intriguing, actually.

All through the wearing of this scent, there are times when I think I love it, and then I think again - no. It’s a seesaw with this one! But it definitely warrants further testing. At this point I can’t see it unseating any of my favorites, but I’ve got 5mls to test to my heart’s desire, so who knows?. And I still need to get that picture of the bottle out of my brain. I think the bottle makes me want to love it more than I do. How silly is that?

Romeo Gigli For Man Romeo Gigli by Pianomelody 2015-01-27

Nothing special ... not for me.

I tested it again today and it was a great surprise. I don't know why, first time i tested it I didnt't like at all.

Some say that it has nothing to do with the original but I don't agree, I see some conection, like a modern reinterpretation of the original. For sure, it has nothing to do with Gucci Guilty which I hate.

It seems to have a great projection and longevity but I must test it again properly in my skin.

IMO, it looks like if some of the latest scents launched turns again into 90's style (blue chanel, L'Homme Libre, Givenchy Gentleman and many others)


L`orpheline Serge Lutens by daithi 2015-01-27

Another great perfume by Serge Lutens. "L'orpheline" is pure mistery. It's based around incense, with an aromatic and resinous quality quite close to patchouli. These dark notes are softened with powdery and musky undertones. Longevity and projection are excellent.

Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior by Cassiano 2015-01-27

Launched in 2007, this fragrance had, as concept, bring to market the power of male florals, as if it was a surprise. The flowers have always been present in perfumes over the centuries, in several variations and combinations. In 1966, the creator of Eau Sauvage (Edmond Roudnitska) shocked the audience by including floral notes in a masculine scent. And we're talking about a creation of the same company. That is, it is the kind of concept to make you a fool.

Apart from this, Fahrenheit 32 has another subliminal concept: freshness. The temperature unit that became the name of this fragrance is equivalent to zero degrees Celsius, i.e. the freezing point of water. However, more controversy lies ahead.

Composed by notes of orange blossom from Tunisia, Iris and violets, in the output; Rose and vanilla from Madagascar, in the heart; Aldehydes, Amyl salicylate and Haitian vetiver, at the bottom, this fragrance can't freeze anyone. It is a scent of soapy and floral nuances, sustained by a light vanilla and with an aroma perfectly unisex.

On my skin, during a long time, the powdery and limpid aroma remained. Those who do not know the composition, will think that there is a note of musk in this scent. But this is the aroma of the Amyl salicylate (very common in shampoos and bath products), which can introduce nuances of orchids, as well as green florals. The orange flower is fresh and lightly sweetened. But I consider a sin when I read comparisons of this scent with Fleur du Male, whose result is very different from this. I don't see any resemblance to the original version of Fahrenheit. In my opinion, it's more a predecessor of the Absolute version.

But it's not, in any way, a bad cologne. It's just floral, synthetic and unisex, with a delicious, but weird aroma. Although it was not officially released as a limited edition, it has disappeared from shelves. It seems that it was discontinued.

The bottle is the same of the rest of the line, in a soft white gradient and both the projection and the lasting are excellent.

Tattoo Michel Germain by kerion 2015-01-27

This smells terrible to me until about an hour after sprayed. I just can't deal with that wait. Going to my daughter lol.

So my opinion of this scent LARGELY differs when I was wearing it via decant, and via full bottle.

From the decant (still a spray), I experienced UBER SWEETNESS - sweetness that was all toothache, as delicious as it was! Pure vanilla/chocolate, sweet floral orchid thrown in, with slightly bitter almonds and sugar. A gourmand, but of cupcake sweetness, slightly lacking refinement.

From the bottle, I had a totally different experience, and one I much prefer! After the initial spray, I was met with a surprising cream-soda accord! Followed by the most delicious combination of dark chocolate, vanilla & mandarin - full of depth, and while it was sweet, it was a very round and gentle sweetness, not cloying at all. As the perfume dried down, I went through the soft orchid, almond, and frosting that I had known before - but instead of a sharp, birthday cake frosting, this was a dense, rich buttercream frosting that you can only find on the dessert table of a black-tie event in a swanky mansion. Heavenly.

I always receive a staggering amount of compliments when I wear this, because it's vanilla done differently! A wondrous comfort fragrance, gourmand but not overly so; sweet, but balanced with other accords; enough sillage & longevity to keep you satisfied throughout the day, but not overwhelming. One of the perfect scents in my wardrobe, and if you are a gourmand lover - this is a must try!!

Day Sarabecca by CitrusHead 2015-01-27

There must have been a problem at the factory!

I don't hate it but it is NOT at all what I was expecting. The notes listed on this page are the same as on Sarabecca's website so something is very wrong or this is a weird bottle. The fragrance in this bottle & what I am smelling, has the EXACT notes of the "Night" version - vetivert, patchouli, amber, lemon, bergamot, sage & ginger. I think there was a problem at the factory so buyer beware! I think they put "Night" fragrance in the "Day" bottles. I am not a fan of patchouli so this is very disappointing. I purposely avoided the "Night" version for that reason. The "Day" version would be my style. I love white flowers.

This reminds me of a man's cologne splash. It has that citrus/patchouli/sage/vetivert thing going on & nothing much else. Flowers?! Well, they do not exist in this bottle. It is not a heavy scent & it lasts maybe 3 hours. I may wear it but I will wear it with my "Al Rehab Full" which is a beautiful jasmine - that helps perk it up.

I bought this Eau de Parfum for $10 at TJMaxx which is about the right price - not worth more than that. And frankly, not worth any money since it is NOT the correct bottle/fragrance!

Aqva Divina Bvlgari by kicsibubu 2015-01-27

I can't wait!!! I love Bvlgari

Clinique Happy Clinique by Purrbaby 2015-01-27

This scent smells great on everyone except me. I've tried it a few times over the years, also recieved a small bottle in a Clinique GWP and I used it, I really want to like it, but it smells awful and cheap on me and don't even last an hour.

Love Chloe by risarii 2015-01-27

The best Chloe thus far (I have yet to smell Love Story though; it sounds right up my alley however.) It's not "girly" like Chloe Eau de Parfum, which is soapy and innocent and simple. Love is powdery and womanly, smells very much like how you would imagine an expensive French perfume should smell like. It's classic by not outdated at all; perfect for any age. Long lasting, nice silage. Beautiful bottle (I prefer it to the Chloe EDP bottle.)

I get lots of iris and lilac (which is what causes it to be powdery) and a hint of orange flower. Beautiful.

Can't say as though I smell any of the original here.

This isn't a 1 Million clone as some have said, though I definitely smell a little 1 Million in this. I also smell some Theirry Mugler DNA, a hint of both Pure Leather or Pure Wood.

It's like a work-friendly version of those sort of loud, sweet, modern club scents. Not bad! Especially not for $20.

Bottle looks pretty slick, good longevity and projection.

Taxi Cofinluxe by mfeezy 2015-01-27

Another good low priced option. A very linear synthetic scent but still nice. It has a soapy fresh out the shower scent. Better suited for warm weather (at least 60). Longevity and projection are better than average but not beastly...

Alien Aqua Chic Thierry Mugler by kerion 2015-01-27

I really like this as a Spring/Summer full on Alien alternative. It is enough of Alien that you will love it if you already love the original. If you have Alien I still recommend this one as your alternate for those times when you want just a more quiet version or as I said summer. Does have a yummy ginger dry down. Last quite long on my skin about 8 hours. I got this for a really nice price at Ross and someone had hidden it lol. Sorry person who hid this to come back and get, I got it.

I have to agree with others that I do enjoy the ultimate Caramel of this one. It's more of a burnt Caramel. It is not long lasting on me but my daughter who is 15 says it lasts all day on her. We both do enjoy it and it's a better choice for me over pink sugar.

Yellow Diamond Versace by emtopaz 2015-01-27

Reminds me exactly of Marc Jacobs Daisy, but better since it doesn't react to have the odd 'nanny-wee' smell on my skin. The musk and floral notes are the most noticeable on me.

If anyone likes Marc Jacob's Daisy but finds it doesn't suit them, like me, try this out as Yellow Diamond smells like a dupe! :)

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by kerion 2015-01-27

I purchased this for my teenager and it was quickly handed over to me. I absolutely love it. I prefer it to my other one that is just the Juicy Couture. It's all so confusing though. I love Viva as well. This one to me is a bit on the mature side. It just doesn't have that "sweet" that the younger ladies most likely will long for. Gotta have the Caramel. But I do really enjoy this scent it's fruity floral and lasts on my skin. It's certainly better than the other one I spoke of.

Owning bottles of both this, and the original Parisienne EDP, I can definitely say that I prefer the A L'extreme version.

While the original Parisienne is SUPER sweet, candy-like rose & vinyl forward, this flanker is blackberry, patchouli & a more pleasant rose/violet combo forward. The addition of a stronger violet note rounds out the sharpness that was present in the original. The composition is less plastic-y, after ditching the vinyl accord, and seems overall smoother & less polarizing.

Parisienne A L'extreme opens up with a strong, shrill fruity accord - loads of blackberries on top of a patchouli base to give it depth, and thickness. Slowly, the rose comes along, with the soft, sweet violet - and though this combination is not makeup/lipstick-related for once, it still is reminiscent of some sort of boudoir once it turns a little powdery. Somewhere deep in this perfume is a slight vanillic note, adding sweetness and softness.

Overall, not totally unlike the original Parisienne, the impression is somewhat that of a Victoria's Secret body spray - that type of youthful, "sexy", strong, sweet floral/fruity scent. With a few notes of depth added in, boom! You get the Parisienne line. These are likes, not loves, for me, yet somehow I'm strangely attached to them!

If you have one, do you need both? Probably not. They have their differences, but they sit on the same base.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath and Body Works by Deirdre1969 2015-01-27

I wanted to love this as one of my favorite smells in general is the sweet-things-baking smell. But when I tried it on it quickly turned very musky and heavy, a little sickening. Maybe it's available in a candle?

White Citrus Bath and Body Works by Deirdre1969 2015-01-27

I love citrus and am longing for a fresh, light scent for spring. And one of my best friends in the world -- we call each other sisters -- wears this. She's always been way smarter and more mature than I am (LOL) so I was very keen to try this fragrance.
Unfortunately, on me it quite sharp and a little more masculine than I like. My bff may like unisex fragrances -- I haven't seen her in years but she's very witty and practical. However, I'm much more girly so I was looking for something sweeter. Citrus and ginger are probably her style, but I was craving a bit of pear or maybe honey.
Anyway, I tried the body spray on my arm and it started very lemon-zesty, quickly turning to a sharpish men's cologne. It faded fast, which in this case was a good thing. It would be excellent as a room spray.

L'Agent Agent Provocateur by Lizardbreath 2015-01-27

I enjoy wearing this fragrance, but when I do, I feel straight-up-skank! I suspect it's the ylang ylang that opens with an uber-fertile, wet floral, which beckons: "come hither." Afterward, this is spicy as hell, but thankfully wears close to the skin b/c otherwise, it would be over the top. Once this perfume is on my skin, I'm in full "prowl" mode- I really have no choice, it's that carnal. Makes me wanna play dominatrix dress up.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Acqua di Parma by Mouchette 2015-01-27

How come there has been absolutely ZERO vintage bottles (full, partial or empty) discovered that date prior to the brand’s supposed re-founding in the early 1990s?

I think this house’s historical claims and dead-celebrity advertisements are questionable to say the least, and unethical at most.

Cape Heartache Imaginary Authors by renestripling 2015-01-27

The woody notes, pine and fir are very strong in the opening for me, and to my surprise I'm not getting any strawberry here synthetic or otherwise from Cape Heartache. This could be due to the fact I'm just getting over a bout of stuffy nose, if anything changes for me I'll come back and edit this.

There is a smokey quality to the wood, like a campfire in the distance. It dries down to a softer, sweeter pine, and I can barely make out the vanilla. I keep getting a musky vibe in the dry down, but it's pleasant and goes well with the woods and pine. The longevity is very good, I applied 2 sprays at 5 am and it's 2 pm and Cape Heartache is still going strong. I'm very impressed. Definitely a unisex scent.

All in all I really like Cape Heartache, but I'm a little sad I didn't get any strawberry notes out of this. I like woodsy, piney scents, and this was a real winner for me otherwise.

Chanel N°22 Chanel by suzrwin 2015-01-27

Chanel 22 is the perfume Downton Abbey's Mary Crawley would have worn--a sophisticated, yet still youthful, floral that is at once both reserved and formal. It is utterly recognizable as a Chanel, since it shares that rich lady vibe that so many of the early Chanels have.

I have a vintage Edt decant, and unfortunately, I'm lucky if it sticks around for more than four or five hours, no matter how much or little I put on. It is very very pretty in that formal aldehydic Chanel manner. On me, Chanel 22 is all about the floral. It doesn't dry down to anything cozy or warm. It simply goes....a guest leaving the party without saying goodbye. This aspect, I suspect, is a result of my own chemistry, but right now, all the many faces of Chanel no 5 suit me better. However, I do love that Chanel no 22 is the antithesis of a modern day floral. There is nothing girly or gourmand, or fawning about it. I am happy to entertain her while she is here, and once she is gone, albeit too soon, I simply invite another over to play.

Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works by Deirdre1969 2015-01-27

I used to like this years ago, but even then I used it very sparingly. I just re-tested it (the body spray in the store), and I don't know what I saw (smelled) in it. It's pleasant, but very sweet and it pretty much stays the same the whole time I have it on. The fruitiness became a sort of Kool-Aid or Popsicle cloyingness on me. I think it would only work for someone under 20.

Smoky Poppy The Body Shop by edwardnr17 2015-01-27

Make the bottle more "conceptual" and this could be a Comme des Garcon! It smells like... Laundry rooms, a warm attic, and some vintage pepper perfume accord.

The scrub is dreamy.

Iris Meadow Aerin Lauder by Germany 2015-01-27

Love the Iris / ceder and musk combo. Very fresh and powdery with a woody base.
Very feminine and like genny17 mentioned like a walk in the garden after rainfall.
The opening is quite crisp and clean and green but it sons melts into a floral woody musk , very likeable and still fresh to the very end. Light and airy and gourgous for summer.
In a way it feels like freshly showered , reminiscence of good quality soaps and shampoos.

Beautiful Day Bath and Body Works by Deirdre1969 2015-01-27

This smelled very nice and fresh just out of the bottle -- actually it was the thing that drew me into the store to test things -- but once it sat on my skin for a while it faded to a faint sour/plastic smell. I even detected a sour-milk note. A disappointment -- I really wanted to like it, it seemed so fresh and happy at first.

Corps et Ames Parfumerie Generale by theodore29 2015-01-27

Side note: I think Fragrantica should add corpse to their library of notes. This smells like Ivory soap with a touch of...well, corpse.

Néroli & Orchidée L`Occitane en Provence by moreorlessa 2015-01-27

I found myself craving something in a similar vein to Jeu d'Amour, by Kenzo...a fruity floral that was youthful, cheerful or playful, but still very elegant, slightly sexy, but Jeu didn't quite feel right. Too synthetic maybe? I wasn't thrilled with the drydown either.

N&O feels smoother and more natural to me. It's sweet and fruity, but not at all sticky or cloying. The notes are blended beautifully. It feels sophisticated to me, but it's still weareable in warm weather (because you don't always want fresh citrusy frangrances just because it's hot outside).

A bit à l'antique perfume. Modern but with a touch of arcaic,a times no longer in existance. It's warm, rich and well suited for Winter even though I wear it gladly in summer time as well. I can picture it as a solemn, lady-like character of a modern novel, dressed for the moment but whose majestic, strong individuality makes her outstanding and distant in a way. She is adored by others, but comprehensible only to few. Beautiful.

Paris Amour Bath and Body Works by Deirdre1969 2015-01-27

I tested the body spray. On me this was a soft, sweet musk. It had good longevity. It's not particularly sophisticated, but for the price it's a lovely fragrance. Made me think of a champagne-pink velvet pillow with tassels.

Tolu Ormonde Jayne by suzrwin 2015-01-27

I couldn't wear Tolu when I first received the OJ Discovery Set. At the time, my body chemistry went to war with anything resinous. So glad that got sorted, because now it works on me, and it is absolutely gorgeous! While I love the peppery openings of many of the OJ scents, this one starts out much differently. There is an initial wave of orange blossom and sage, but still with a resinous underpinning. On me, the floral mid notes emerge quickly, predominantly a hint of rose and orchid. I never have the sense, though, that this is a floral perfume. The delicate spice and warm tolu keep their presence known throughout. It is sophisticated--a new classic for the 21st century. This scent is for the woman who wants to reach beyond gourmands and white florals into something that is complex, spicy, resinous, and a hint woody, while still being utterly feminine. Saving my pennies so I can spring for a bottle or travel set.

Eros Versace by KyleN 2015-01-27

My friend was wearing this but i had no idea, i kept getting wiffs of LYNX / AXE Chocolate so i asked him if that's what he was wearing and he nearly had a fit. A girl that we were out with agreed with me though, she said it smelled like that too! Very generic smell.

Innovation Jaguar by Bodda89 2015-01-27

this perfume smells very close to ambergris
Did they intention it?
I don't think so but i hate solo ambergris
so i hate this crap

I didn't like the opening, because I sensed strong alcohol scent. Luckily it got lighter and better after an hour. I like citrus in it and I enjoy basil and lemon verbena. Light violet is also nice.
A summer fragrance. Not bad, but not my favorite from this line.
Fades quickly in my opinion.

Our Story For Her Avon by basma gamal 2015-01-27

too sweet vanilla perfume

Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense Chloe by lord montifer 2015-01-27

Absolutely lovely. Blind buy but no regrets. Recognisable Chloe edp scent but somehow brighter, and almost citrusy tangy to my nose. Another winner for this Chloe girl!

Knize Ten Knize by Syzygy73 2015-01-27

Exquisite leather and powder. This speaks of a sophistication and charm from the era in which it was formulated. I imagine Tom Buchanan wearing this as he bitch-slaps Jay Gatsby for his 'presumptuous little flirtation' with Daisy. Manly stuff. Knize Ten out of 10.

Cherish Avon by lusel.alina 2015-01-27

i love this very much

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by MeganD 2015-01-27

This opens up smelling quite sweaty, quite dirty, but anything patchouli-heavy does that on me and this is a BLAST of patchouli. After the patchouli has faded, it morphs into a sparkly, uplifting blend of chamomile, sage and what I think is verbena. Something lemony, in any case. I smell a bit of pine as well, though it's not listed in the notes so perhaps that's my imagination. I find Aromatics really energising, and even though it's not a classically pretty perfume I've found myself reaching for it every day since I bought it. It makes me feel like I've been for a brisk walk in the woods, while stopping to crush wild herbs between my fingers.

I laugh to myself when I hear this called an old lady perfume. If Jo Malone released exactly the same fragrance (though lighter in colour - dark juices seem to scare people nowadays) in their trademark pretty bottles and called it something like 'Chamomile and Verbena', you can bet your life it would be the talk of the beauty world, with all the glossies touting it as the latest and greatest summer scent.

Empress Sean John by Shimone 2015-01-27

Thx to Kaypops,I too got this gem off of EBay for five bucks;thank you so much sweetie!!!

I'm from Louisiana and it's almost carnival here...the first thing that came to mind after spraying on Empress was a lavish Mardi Gras ball! I can totally see myself wearing this to the upcoming ball,all made up,formally dressed with a mask,wearing beads,second lining to jazz music while Louisiana cuisine,& king cake fill the air! On my skin I get key lime pie,sandalwood, caramel, & that I hugged a man wearing I Am King. IMO the name Empress fits this fragrance well!

Vanilla Extasy Montale by ScarlettX 2015-01-27

What a nice, sweet and balsamic vanilla bomb. Spicy, sexy and warm. It's made for women who love sweet and comforting things. Very good for winter. There is some similarity to the La vie est belle fragrances.
Amazing, rich gourmand, a product of quality.

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Dolce&Gabbana by Lizardbreath 2015-01-27

This fragrance is just plain fun. It's fruity at first, just juicy raspberry goodness, and then as it warms, it mellows into a fluffy, non-descript sweetness. I wouldn't identify it as marshmallow, but it does remind me of a marshmallow's dusty outer skin. My favorite phase is the drydown, which, believe it or not, reminds me of Coco Noir. It's a dark, dense sandalwood. This one is definitely feminine, but I think it stays on the outskirts of "girly." Like I said: just for fun!

Encens Fève Tonka Fragonard by Lunele 2015-01-27

I mostly get smoky incense on this one. I've received varying reactions to it, though. Some say it's more of a masculine scent, others say it's musky and sexual and some just say I smell delicious. In any case, I'm liking it as winter wear, as if I've been hanging around the bonfire, toasting something tasty.

Girl Pharrell Williams by ScarlettX 2015-01-27

I really don't like it at all. It's dry, a little powdery, a little woody, spicy and bitter fragrance. The violet note is too bitter in this one and neroli makes it even sharper. Mixed with pepper and cedar, it really smells like poison.
I don't get it, what is it even supposed to be? It's called Girl, but it's actually unisex and it's even more masculine than some men's fragrances. It makes no sense at all. If it's supposed to be cool and youthful, it's just a big fail.
What a disaster!

Knize Ten Knize by Bunino 2015-01-27

Greatest leather of all-time.

Tabac Maurer & Wirtz by Mysticman 2015-01-27

I recall reading as a kid in the mid-60's that Tabac was the favorite aftershave of the Beatles. It wasn't until several years later that I actually came across a bottle of it to sample, but I was hooked right away. Since it's a German creation, my hunch is that the lads were introduced to it during their tenure in Hamburg by Astrid Kirchherr, the photographer and fashionista who also got them wearing their distinctive hairstyles.

Whether or not that's accurate, I still can't help hearing the strains of "A Hard Day's Night," "Can't Buy Me Love," or "Please Please Me" every time I splash some on. The scent fits --- it's bright, fresh, and energetic, just like those early Beatles songs.

Eloge du Traitre Etat Libre d`Orange by icingsugar 2015-01-27

A peppery, spicey old-fashioned cologne scent. Very vintage with some interesting notes. I thought I detected some lavender in here, poking through, giving it a modern hint.

Aoud Cuir d’Arabie Montale by Tiger84 2015-01-27

This is one of the very darkest frags I've ever smelled. Sometimes I struggle to smell the leather in this, it's so rubbery medicinal oud and birch tar, even rose, with the leather playing hide and seek while the oud is present in its full glory. Very black. Unfortunately not as strong as I wished. Based on my sample I can't decide if I like it enough to buy because it doesn't live long enough on my skin to unfold in its entirety. But very special. Probably the most powerful scent I've ever tried so far. More badass than Leather Oud. Usually I don't mind smelling unperfumelikely but this is an acquired taste for me. It smells like strong ink and dies off before it could finish its journey. If it was stronger I would probably buy it.

Interlude Woman Amouage by alberto1964 2015-01-27

For women? I would say unisex. Kiwi predominant but leather notes very intense and not too sweet. Unfortunately, the sillage is not high. Pleasant and at times surprising but not a masterpiece.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I like this scent but I don't love it...its a good winter scent and a little on the strong side(a lil spritz would last me all day and night)..very woodsy & spicy..

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by Manscents 2015-01-27

I so wanted to fall in love with The One for Men by D&G, but, alas, it was not to be. Fragrance-wise, it’s wonderful, beautiful, I can’t say enough good about it! Actually probably one of my favorite scents. I don’t have the refined nose of many here so I’m not great at always deciphering all the notes, but at first spray I just got a sweet, spicy vibe (never specifically smelled grapefruit). It did evolve frequently over the course of the drydown, and the end result on me is a soft, beautiful sweet amber and tobacco that I could sniff all day.

The problem for me is that it’s too soft for my personal taste. If you’re the type man who only wants some special girl or guy to smell you when their head is on your chest or snuggled into your neck, then this would work out exceptionally well. I, however, like fragrances with a little more projection. I don’t need to fill the room, but if you’re standing a few feet away in conversation I want you to at least pick up a good whiff, and that doesn’t happen for me with The One. I tend toward drier skin so always use lots of moisturizer, and hoped that would help with the staying power of this but it didn’t seem to. This scent would work very well as a professional office scent since I doubt it would offend anyone and it sits fairly close to the skin on me. I think this could be worn year-round, and might possibly even work as unisex for some women.

When I first put this on, I got a slight projection but after about 4 hours it has dwindled into just a nice skin scent, and I really have to shove my nose into my wrist or tuck my face into my shirt to smell it (I did 2 sprays on chest, 1 on each wrist, and 1 at base of neck). If this had more strength I’d buy a bottle and wear it regularly because I absolutely love how it smells. But, I think I’m going to take a pass on this “One” and hope to find something that may excite my nose as much as this does but with more oomph!

As always, your results may vary!

Very light, slightly floral and fresh scent, a little powdery and wet smelling. This reminds me of baby wipes as did Putain des Palaces. Very close to the skin and unremarkable. Such a shame, the title is groovy.

Guess Original Guess by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I has this in 9th grade back it 1990 when it literally 1st came out my mom got it for my birthday!! I couldn't get enough of it!!!!!

I remember it being ambery,spicey initially but the after the dry down it was a beautiful spice/amber with hints if vanilla and a touch of floral...this stuff had excellent staying power.

DKNY My NY Donna Karan by gamos 2015-01-27

When I read the various descriptions on the Internet, I did not think I would like it.
So when I tried it out, I was pleasantly surprised, as others here in the forum. The sweetness is a very clean, airy sweetness. It comes across as a modern, chic fragrance, which gets very vibrant, the longer you have it on your skin. I truely like it!

Virgin Island Water Creed by FeelingRisky 2015-01-27

Overall: 9.5/10
Here's why:
Different. In every way.
Lasting Power of 6-12 hours.
Sweet (not sickeningly). Bold (without being annoying). Tropical (without being synthetic). Alluring (without being cloying).
This is a truly tropical fragrance, transports me far away to warm beaches and tropical sunshine.
A lot of fun to wear, lots of people have asked me what i'm wearing when i have this on.
Definitely more of a summer vibe, wouldn't dare mix this with anything else which means layering is a major no-no.
A must have for a signature summer scent.

My Insolence Guerlain by MadeiraD 2015-01-27

Sugary and tart with some fruity/vanilla yumminess in their. It's fresh and sweet and really delicious. I was expecting something more powdery and the citrusy zing and floral freshness in there really surprised (and pleased me).

It's like meeting a lady you know is named Myrtle but have never met before, and you assume she's going to be sweet and 75 or so and basically an adorable little old lady, but BAM nope it's a 25 year old hottie, with a wit as sharp as a tack, and you're totally charmed and completely shocked

Clinique Happy Clinique by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I remember my mom bought this for me when it 1st came out yrs ago.I did like it but then the scent seemed to turn on me lol it was just this awful overbearing nasty floral scent that would give me headaches...needless to say I never will purchase this ever.

I loved this scent (nice and long lasting) but had to give it to my mom cuz this would give me horrible headaches=(

I loved this scent (nice and long lasting) but had to give it to my mom cuz this would give me horrible headaches=(

Gaiac M. Micallef by svetlana.kogan.73 2015-01-27

Absolutely beautiful for a cold winter day. All the notes are there, as promised: woody, white floral, powdery, and vanilla. Contrary to the way it is advertised, I find it to be a unisex fragrance.

Cashmere Mist Donna Karan by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

On me this is a nice,light floral,powdery scent. Its a long lasting scent thats imo suitable for daytime or nighttime..pretty much a all around scent that anyone could wear at anytime of the year.

Nuda Nasomatto by smellME 2015-01-27

I am now owner of one of Alessandro Gualtieri's creations, such a bliss.
I almost can't believe it...

I really wanted one ever since I first watched his documentary or should I say testament over his life , love, work and his clever nose !
I almost fell in love with him for a minute...this little strange travelling man with his incredible sense of putting words to what he smelll - in everything ;-)

Now , Nuda just happened to me...wich perfume I wanted was not sertant, but just A perfume from Nasomatto and Gualtieri was something I've wanted from the minute I turned of my TV....
Nuda is Jasmine alright...start bare stammed rich big intoxicating jasmines.
This smell is Not me- if that was it I would have been fooled.
The heart goes softer woodier and reminds me most of Gucci the discontinued little square juiced gucci, with a slightly medicinal or perhaps powdery violet touch.
It is really softening out but stays for long....
Now its a soft almost faint rose ambra and musk.

I like the juice but love the Nasomatto project as a whole.
Even if the pnes I've tried so far was not for me (read Narcotic venus, black afghano , China White or Pardon)
If I ever will by a sister for my nasomatto family - it will be a brother -

That's all folks....
The End

Simply Because Avon by marycinaz 2015-01-27

This was my first and to date only experience with Avon fragrances. I really enjoyed this one. I wore it exclusively for over a year. I was home with a young child and didn't have time for much of a beauty routine. Trying to get out the door showered and spritzed with her clean and dressed on time was a big accomplishment lol. Simply Because did the job well for a great price. I was impressed with the quality for the price I paid.

I still have bottle of this from 2007!! lol

It still smells super yummy! After the dry down my skin has the same sticky-ish feeling and its still has the lickable sweetness taste lol I'm surprised that my bottle has lasted all these years and never went bad!!!!

The lasting power on this sucks but OMG the yummy scent makes up for it lol

Look Vera Wang by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I liked this scent for about a minute and then yuck!! Its strong,spicy,(had a very slight hint of floral) old lady-ish scent......well I can say it is long lasting scent (I applied it early this morning and I can still smell it on me tonite).....its too bad that it just smells nice in the bottle=(

Amber Romance Victoria`s Secret by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I've loved this scent for so many yrs!! A spray or 2 is all I need cuz its lasts on me all day and night,its definitely a warm, musky,very amber with a hinht vanilla scent. I do intend to keep repurchasing this!

Fancy Jessica Simpson by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

One of my top favorite scents!!!!

lasting sweet vanilla/carameley scent thats imo good to wear in the colder months but I wear it year round since I love it so much!!!! Lasting power is so good!

Can Can Paris Hilton by bataille 2015-01-27

I totally fall for the sweetness in this, but I feel like the biting, smokey amber keeps showing up and pushing it over the line from cute stripper to old hooker.

But I keep going back for a lap dance every once in a while--
I just can't help myself!

Curve Soul Liz Claiborne by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I used to like this one a lot! The floral scent was nice and not too strong and the lasting power was good.

Esplosivo Tonino Lamborghini by Tall Dark and Handsome 2015-01-27

Lime, Cinnamon followed by Mint and Vetiver and finally closing with Patchouli and Teakwood. (very unusual)
It adds a certain amount of bitterness (from the vetiver) to the Citrus, but in a good way.
A brooding, dry fragrance that is very rarely found.
You don't get to see this in many places and you get to smell it in even less. I like it a lot.
Very unique.

Nice light aquatic scent thats perfect for summer!! Its smells so good and on me its long lasting. I don't get why MK discontinued this,I really loved it.

Passionate Kisses Victoria`s Secret by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I still have a bottle of this from when it came out years ago and LOVE IT!!!!!! The cherry & vanilla scent is amazing together plus the lasting power is great!!!! I always get compliments when I wear this..why VS discontinues this one I will never understand.

I had a lil sample of this perfume and imo it was nasty! It was way to citrusy/lemony for my taste and this scent does have lasting power.

Out of all the scents in the Private Spa Collection this one is terrible,thank god all the other scents smell great!!

Eau du Sud Annick Goutal by StellaXYH 2015-01-27

The opening of Annick Goutal Eau du Sud features tart lime and lemon. It's fizzy and sparkling. There's some moment that it almost veers into cleaning product-like. But fortunately, a moss note comes out, which gives the fragrance a more classic vibe.

The tartness of citrus fades rather quickly. The moss also steps back after about 1 hour. Eau du Sud remains a herbal and aromatic concoction of basil and citrus peel. Interestingly, there is also a very faint vanilla nuance in the far drydown, which makes Eau du Sud more soothing.

The sillage is soft and the longevity is around 7 hours. Although moss is still a rather difficult note to me, but it does add a different touch and helps Eau du Sud to stand out among the plethora of citrus fragrances. I'd recommend it as a retro and serious citrus aromatic fragrance.

Elixir des Merveilles Hermes by EternityFresh 2015-01-27

Hermès has been winning my heart lately. I must admit that while the eau de merveilles didn't really thrill me, the elixir is energetic and so much fun to wear. Lots of indulging facets to this artistic piece including vanilla sugary happiness. Love the bottle!

Sung Alfred Sung by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I used to like this a lot years ago early 90's but now not so smells good in the bottle but when I wear it I get bad headaches=( too bad its such a pretty floral scent.

Body by Victoria Victoria`s Secret by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I've used this on and off for yrs and I still love it!! I think this is a great spring/summer floral scent..It has great lasting power too=)a little goes a very long way.

Burberry Brit Sheer Burberry by sylviak 2015-01-27

I bought a 50ml one many years ago after trying it on my wrist. The fresh and bright fruity notes had attracted me a lot. It has a similar base note with Marc Jacobs Daisy which was in my wishlist (and was on my another wrist at the same day I tried Brit Sheer). Nowadays it still lasts less than 10ml in the bottle and it just dosen't come to me again to wear it. Maybe it's because I'm no longer a young girl like years ago to match the pure fruity fragrance. My taste changes. The scent becomes too "flat" to me now.

Apple Bottoms by Nelly Nelly by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

This was a no go for me,it smelled like apples & musk but crazy heavy...and not in a good way lol

Reveal Calvin Klein by Nil3 2015-01-27


Don't know where the Unisex is coming from.

Calvin Klein and Thierry Mugler practically had dinner and Thierry sneezed accidentally in Calvin's face.

Or , Thierry sneezed in Reveal.

Or, Womanity and Alien had sex and out came.... You know .

Or, there has 'simply' been a mistake and Reveal is actually a TM perfume and not a CK one.

This has nothing to do with Calvin Klein.

This has TM written ALL over it. All his DNA ALL his genes!
Whoever loves womanity and/ or Alien will fall head over heels for this.


Signorina Salvatore Ferragamo by semsem_sunshine 2015-01-27

Nice scent but not creamy as I expected

Paris Yves Saint Laurent by Annica 2015-01-27

It 's not often I get a headache of a perfume but this one managed to do it. So overwhelming with all these flowers. Drydown is quite ok but it's not a scent I ever could wear and enjoy.

I came across this at walgreens a few years ago and loved it! The scent reminded me of vanilla & strawberry with a hint of candy sweetness with a tiny hint of smelled sooooo good!!!!!!
The staying power also was excellent.

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel by 22Sasa22 2015-01-27

I love love love the smell especially the crisp beginning, I bought a full bottle,,

I really wish it didn't fade so soon. You should be aware that this perfume is very light and fades really quickly. Not a " look at me" perfume. It's basically a body scent. I would compare it to yves rochers body splashes.

I don't regret paying it's price as I really like it. If you don't mind spraying all day long, go ahead and buy it ;)

Womanity Thierry Mugler by BlueJayWay 2015-01-27

I've become addicted to this perfume. The last bottle I bought is over, and in Argentina can´t get anywhere. Do not think I can survive this summer without it... :(

Not sure if its the celery (never a note/taste I am fond of) and that its then blended with something sweet (resin??) and the lemon but for me this is repellent. Bizarrely herbal yes but in totally the wrong way, I can´t understand why anyone would ever wear let alone purchase this.

Myrrhe Impériale Giorgio Armani by FeelingRisky 2015-01-27

Overall: 9.75/10
Here's Why:
Luminous, glowing myrhh with a smoky vanilla and just the right amount of pepper to make this one sweet and just the slightest bit spicy. Not spicy in a traditional sense, but the spice adds to the incense effect and boy is it special.
The benzoine practically melts on the skin, a vaporous saffron musk lingers in the background.
This one evolves and warms, it's incredbile when mixed with the likes of TF Tobacco Oud, Oud Wood or even Creed Milesime Imperial.
Youthful without smelling young and elegant without smelling powdery.
This fragrant adventure is both curious and thought provoking. Best for night, but suitable for the workplace.
A solid Entry from Armani Prive.

Balkis Al-Rehab by Yohji 2015-01-27

Its quite a sweet gourmand, which however starts from pleasant and bizarre indolic jasmine note and has a musky drydown.
Don't know why its named after Queen of Sheeba.
Maybe because mysterious Kingdom of Sheba (now Ephiopia) was called in ancient times "the land of milk and honey"?.. Then Balkis ticks the boxes.
This oil lasts forever.

Herrera Aqua Carolina Herrera by Chicago Tony T 2015-01-27

A nice, mild and inoffensive safe spring/fall scent. The sweetness is not overbearing and the fig note adds some brightness. Performance is average. Prices have went up since it has been discontinued but it's not at M7 prices yet.

Glow Jennifer Lopez by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

Luv this scent..imo its nice,light,fresh and very long lasting. A must have in my perfume collection=)

Miami Glow Jennifer Lopez by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

This is always a must have perfume for spring/summer for me!!! This is the one scent from JLo that is my favorite..soooo nice fruity and tropical,,just freakn perfect!!!!

Laugh with me Lee Lee Benefit by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

Packing is cute but the scent...I don't like it,the scent to me is a mix of citrus and bug spray.....ick!

Joop! Homme Joop! by spray_and_pray 2015-01-27

Many reviews say Joop! is watered down and very weak. While I wasn't old enough to appreciate Joop! in it's early years, I can attest to the current formula. I have had 3 bottles of Joop! in the last 1.5 years. The last two being manufactured in 2014. No, after the opening Joop! is not a huge sillage monster. But, Joop! does project decently. Just the right amount IMO. I usually get 4-6 hours of longevity and it lasts on clothes for days. I usually get 1 hour to 2 hours of decent projection. Doesn't sound like much but it is winter here in New England and my skin doesn't hold scent good at all anytime of the year. Joop! still performs better on my skin than most of my collection. I have over 60 frags and some of them are supposed to project really well. Joop! gives any of them a run for their money. I'm not going to comment on scent since this is a love-hate frag but given the fact not many fragrances work on my skin, I've got to give Joop! a thumbs up. Say what you will, but Joop! IMO can compete with most any EDT on the market regardless of price range.

Boudoir Vivienne Westwood by sweetnspicey 2015-01-27

This is a beautiful rose perfume on a vanilla and slightly powdery-musky base. Boudoir could rival many niches. I can see why it is so popular. I honestly don't smell any tobacco, but there is definitely some spice, which mostly consists of cinnamon. Boudoir is old Hollywood glamour all the way. The romantic scent conjures images of sienna-tinted photographs and 1920's movie stars like Marlene Dietrich. I don't smell anything "dirty" or "skanky" here like I expected (and hoped for). Just clean, blooming red roses and a vintage feel.

Lola Marc Jacobs by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

Yuck!!! Thank god for free samples lol this stuff is heavy and awful smelling. I do like heavier scents in the winter but this so awful imo its just way too much of a harsh peppered,musky floral. Cute bottle tho...

Vanilla Lace Victoria`s Secret by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

My all time favorite scent!!! I have been using this since it came out many.many years ago and I never get sick of it. It lasts from morning til night and doesn't fade.Its a perfect vanilla scent imo.....I will keep getting this as long as they continue to make it.

Haiku Avon by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

One of my fave scents from Avon!!! I don't smell the citrus like others have said but to me this scent is a very nice clean floral scent thats not harsh at all. This scent lasts from morning til night on me...when I smell this scent I think of lilies and lily of the valley(kind of lol) Its a keeper!!

I like this scent a lot for spring/summer but my only issue is the staying power. I'm lucky if it lasts 2hrs on me=( I won't be getting a bottle due to that.

Adam Levine for Women Adam Levine by harrietemily 2015-01-27

Love at first sniff. And at second, third, fourth fifth sixth and forever after amen. I adore marigold and saffron scents, and find in this perfume the brilliant orange-gold glow that is in the very heart of a crocus stumbled across in a winter garden.

No winter gardens elsewhere in this fragrance: lovely creamy sandalwood, buttery vanilla, a soft and sweet dusting of something delightfully peppery, spices, marigold and subdued but still present florals (the jasmine and the rose) melding into a great powdery river of blessed stuff into which one could gently sink down, eyes closed, and be carried along. Destination irrelevant. On this cold, grey UK winter afternoon, it's fit to drown in.

I am ashamed to admit that this perfume inspired such greed in me (combined with the rare event of it costing very little: most times I can't give in) that after wearing it only two times I ordered the biggest bottle I could find, to cherish and to hoard.

Whoever AL is, I really like him for this.

Forever Orchid Mary Kay by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

Not a bad scent...nice for summer!! I can really pick up the orchid scent(wich is thankfully not strong,its very subtle) the hint of the vanilla is nice too. Both work well together,I would get this scent again in the future.

Lolavie Jennifer Aniston by bataille 2015-01-27

A confession: I've had a mini of this for years but refused to try it cause I've been lifelong Team Angie, and I also assumed celebrity fragrances were just a gimmick.

Today, however, I have finally accepted that I am not a fragrance snob. I am the opposite. Despite my best efforts, I consistently choose Can-Can or Deseo over my Mitsouko or anything Dior. I appreciate well-worn jeans and soft tee shirts, and American cheese in my omelettes. I think the smell of pasta sauce and baking bread are two of the most divine olfactory experiences on earth. I prefer well-made leather boots to Louboutins any day (sorry Iggy, practical IS sexy!).

So, this morning I sprayed this on, put a little bit on my cozy wool sweater, and--hey, it's great. Super soft and comforting. It's not slapping me or yelling at me or trying to force-feed me fantasies of champagne sex on a yacht in the mediterranean or telling me what kind of lipstick to wear.

The jasmine and powder in it are pretty enough that it doesn't have to distract with a load of superfluous "unique" notes. We all know everything's been done before, anyway. It doesn't front: that's what's sexy. I feel like it does the job it's meant to do, and I'm happy with that.

Agua Brava Antonio Puig by joenick68 2015-01-27

I was LMAO with the last review about this "liquid" as "feelhot" said... but I think this cologne has its uniqueness, and is not for everyone but is totally masculine and I still would remember its notes if I come across with someone wearing it. I think back in the 90's when I wore it I enjoy just splashing freely not worrying about annoying people around me. Mostly going to the gay bar. but never really got a complaint. I don't think is something I would wear now, since the times had changed as my taste but I think this not a bad cologne and definitely is a very manly scent.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by sleppery 2015-01-27

I really like this. This is a woman sweet and not a poorly made teeny bopper cheap sweet. Carmely and full of cotton candy for sure. I can smell the cherry as well. A hint of musk. It's a really nice combo. I'll be making this a regular in my perfume collection.

Midnight Poison Christian Dior by susana75 2015-01-27

Hi there, I've got 3/4 100 ml bottle ,can swap it with hypnotic poison or poison the original or pure poison , UK only please,any interest Msg me ,thanks.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

YUCK!!! It reminds me of a old lady perfume scent.Its just too nauseating and gave my husband a bad headache when I wore it....I would never buy this,thank god for samples!

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I picked up a gift set of this back in 2011 at Walgreens on clearance for $10 and I must say I like the scent of this!! I'm pleasantly suprised,I spritzed some of this on as soon as I got it (in the am) and its lasted all day and night,on me this has excellent lasting power.

Gardenia scents of not really my favorite but this one is actually very nice.

Omnia Amethyste Bvlgari by sylviak 2015-01-27

It smells soft, light, clear and a little sweet. Floral more than fruity. Like an elegant lady about age of 27, appears extremely clean and calm that makes a little bit cool even if she's smiling.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by petranfx 2015-01-27

The strong amber note ina this fragrance its reminds an another calvin klein fragrance,the calvin klein obsession for men.I think its masculine fragrance for young or older people.Its suprise me and is a great option for college guys out ther.Great longevity and projection.A signature fr the winter time

Marjolaine Jean Couturier by Yohji 2015-01-27

In an instant of rapture, Marjolaine brought most beautiful sensations to my brain. As its in brain, where magic of smelling unique fragrance happens, giving pleasure to the whole body.
Mega-satisfied with this blind-buy. Its very calming, comforting, narcotic even smell of real marjoram. Very full-bodied fragrance, you wouldnt expect looking at pale bottle and liquid such a strong persistant aroma!
Marjoram was grown in ancient Egypt, and Greeks with Romans used it to weave crowns for the newly married. Aphrodite, goddess of love, picked marjoram on Mount Ida to heal the wounds of Enea.
Marjolane by Couturier smells velvety-sweet and herbal,reminds me scent of good quality of rosewood as well. Very unusual offering, glad I've got it in collection.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by jellybeantree 2015-01-27

My tastes have changed , I used to wear super strong fragrances , the louder the better! Now I am in love with this! Dismissed this fragrance as too light since it came out. Now I can't get enough of it. It's light but I really don't care that it is. It smells good! It is dead winter and I am loving it! Go figure!

Fantasy Britney Spears by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

This has been in my perfume collection since it came out and is one of my favorites!!

I like the sweet sugary yummilicious scent!! On me it does die down to a sexy sweet scent and my husband loves this perfume on me!

Coconut Passion Victoria`s Secret by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

Tropical warm yumminess!!! lol

This is my main go to perfume for spring & summer!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!! A beautiful mix of coconut & vanilla that is perfection and on me it lasts for hours. My husband is also a fan of this scent on me =D

This is a HG scent for me and hope VS never ever discontinues it!!!

man.aubusson Intense Aubusson by tgnetz 2015-01-27

I had read that this scent was like a JPG-style fragrance like Fujiyama Gentleman or Cuba so I bought this cheap. The initial smell reminds me of Pierre Cardin's Innovation but the apple softens it a bit and flows nicely into the vanilla drydown. Decent longevity with maybe 5-7 hours out of 3-4 squirted and with projection at arms length at best.

The bottle is rather cheap feeling. I have felt imitation bottles with higher quality. The bottle is topped with a really cheesy looking textured plastic and a generic cap.

Aromatic Fougere of short stature. Lavender, lavender and only lavender ..... of intensive there is nothing.

Malbec Gran Reserva 2004 O Boticario by peferrarine 2015-01-27

You guys should put the Malbec Absoluto, from 2011. Is a great seller missing from the catalogue here.

Mandarino di Amalfi Tom Ford by alberto1964 2015-01-27

Longevity and sillage far away from the standards of Tom Ford. Cute and just cute.

For years this has been one of my top favorite winter scents from B&BW!

I will say initially right after spraying this its a little strong but after a few minutes it dies down to a yummy vanilla cookie/cupcake scent and whenever I wear this I always seem to get random compliments and get asked what perfume am I wearing....and my husband loves it when I wear it so that's a excellent plus!<3 Also this bodymist is very long lasting IMO I never really have to re-apply.

*I also like using this with the matching shower gel and bodylotion/cream. And IMO this is light enough to wear year round.

Costa Azzurra Tom Ford by alberto1964 2015-01-27

Aromatic cheesy. For department stores (but with an exorbitant price!)

Fairy Dust Paris Hilton by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

Fairy Dust is my least favorite....the gardenia,white floral,musk scent on me isn't bad its just not a scent I care for and my husband hates it lol

Only nice thing is that once it dries down after applying the scent its a light musky floral and the gardenia scent isn't as strong on me and it has good staying power.

Violet Blonde Tom Ford by alberto1964 2015-01-27

Cute but harmless. Ideal for girls without great pretensions. Not particularly long lasting.

Can Can Paris Hilton by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

It kinda reminds me of Britney Spears Fantasy with a twist. Staying power on me is really good too! I get lots of compliments when I wear this.

Black Aoud Montale by Oudy 2015-01-27

To me, rose intensive perfume is always going to be feminine. I'm not sure why this is labeled for men. I guess it's all in what you like, really.

Sharp and dare I say almost...metallic... rose opening. I don't get any oud at all. Just rose. And the metallic bit is almost like the container it comes in. An almost aluminium quality. It's really dense and chewy and delicious. Like Turkish delight. And like Turkish Delight, you can only take so much. My fiancé just walked into the room and asked me what I was wearing and told me she could smell it in the kitchen...about 25 feet away. Of the three Montales Ive tried in the last two days, I would have to say that Dark Oud is my favorite by far...Cuir d'Arabie second, and this is a distant third. The oud starts to make an appearance after about 20 minutes to my also starts getting a little spicy as well. It's just so dominated by rose that my freshman nose is having a hard time picking out anything else. Amazing quality juice, but ultimately for me it's just to much cloying rose. Bordering on nauseous. I realise I'm in the minority here, and once again it's all in what you like...

I'm extremely glad that I've tried the house of Montale and can't wait to sample a few more.

Scent 6/10
Projection 12/10
Fortitude 10/10

Heiress Paris Hilton by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

This & Can Can are my top favorite Paris Hilton perfumes!
The scent of this is so wonderful...fruity,sweet and fresh..girly and long lasting,not over powering at all. I always get compliments when I wear this one

This is one of my new favorites from B&BW,IMO this is one of their best scents ever created.

**From the B&BW site..Top Notes: Sparkling Champagne, Twinkling Star Fruit, Golden Quince
•Mid Notes: Crystal Peonies, Purple Freesia
•Dry Notes: Gilded Amber, Almond Crème, Sugared Sandalwood, Velvet Musk

I can smell hints of everything above and IMO this one is a winner,I hope they make it permanent. This body mist has really great staying power and the scent IMO is sexy,elegant and not too fruity...the champagne note,musk,almond and mix of fruit & floral is perfect!!!! It has its own uniqueness!

Oak Commodity by Wolfgang Mazrin 2015-01-27

Oak is a heavy loud fragrance. It is an extremely woody fragrance and you have to be careful because you can over apply it. Some of the commodity fragrances are extremely potent and this might the strongest of all. I actually like the scent a lot. I mix it with Tom Ford's Oud Wood and the fragrance is a pungent deep wood aroma. When I was younger, I spent time as a lumber jack and I naturally gravitate towards heavy woody fragrances. However, this fragrance might not be for all people and not every one will appreciate it on you. You have to be dedicated to your scent with this one.

Pure Black Mandarina Duck by psychoskip 2015-01-27

If you simply want to smell good, reach for this. Dark, sweet -- you get a well-rounded tonka bean note, with a hint of citrus. Although it's fairly linear, it pleasant. It's simple, and it smells fantastic.

Longevity is average. Also, it's price warrants a "must purchase". It can be found for under $40. This is a no brainer and I use it on those days where I just simply want to smell great.

Stars Jimmy Choo by StellaXYH 2015-01-27

On me, Jimmy Choo Stars smells quite similar to the original Jimmy Choo EDP: the buttery toffee is dominant in both compositons. The main noticeable difference is the slightly powdery candied orange in Stars, instead of the juicy pear.

In the drydown, Stars also seems to be slightly more milky. But I have to admit that, without comparing them side by side, I probably will have difficulties in telling them apart.

The sillage is moderate and the longevity is at least 8 hours. Although I love the creamy toffee in Stars just as the original Jimmy Choo EDP, I find they're just too similar. But still, as a gourmand fragrance with a very satisfying creamy texture, I think it worths a try.

Kenzo Amour Kenzo by deinnorra 2015-01-27

Some days something about this fragrance reminds of Flower by Kenzo. Since I don't really like Flower, I prefer the other days. Fortunately they constitute the majority. I love how soft and exotic Amour feels.

And I gotta say, I've always expected a teal colored bottle version of this fragrance. I don't know why, but I am just so convinced that there has to be at least a limited edition or something in teal. Seriously, does the bottle not scream paint me teal? Maybe I will!

Silver Mountain Water Creed by 1welshdevil 2015-01-27

This is the kind of fragrance that I really want Bvlgari to produce, they seem to be one of the best 'tea' fragrance houses, but this one is sublime. Unique amongst the Creed range, which for the most part I find pretty much on the conservative side. This is fresh and clean. The opening is so bright and unusual, that blackcurrant note is quite unique, I find any tea ingredient quite soothing, so it's a good mix of cool and embracing. I love it. For this price though I just wish it lasted a bit longer then the 4 hours I got out of it. It is a wonderful fragrance though.

Rapture Victoria`s Secret by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

I have been loving this perfume since it came out in 1992!!!!!

I was a junior in highschool back then and this was my signature scent! I always got compliments on it and still do to this day when I wear it.

This is a heavier scent that is perfect for winter and the colder months. The scent is IMO is a mix of spicy,floral,powdery,musky amber...I really love it!! It's so unique and intoxicating....and has incredible staying power! One or 2 quick sprays is all I need to last me all day and night (I can even wake up the next day and still smell it lol)

The bottle looks classy & cute too!!!!!!

As long as they keep making it I'll always repurchase!

This one has that weird gas smell too. I wish I could like these. The bottles are so cute. But that aftersmell is just plain gross.

Angel Thierry Mugler by bataille 2015-01-27

This is like that episode of Portlandia when they go in the restaurant and Carrie's like, "I just want a cheeseburger," and the guy's like, "Sorry, we don't have cheeseburgers, we have Slamburgers." Well here I am, hungry for the caramel and the chocolate and the honey on the menu, but I don't want a Slamburger, and Angel just keeps punching me in the face and making me drink Slamtea.

DKNY Golden Delicious Donna Karan by marycinaz 2015-01-27

This one is an instant love for me. That is to be expected since Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a favorite of mine. This is like a luxurious version of that one. Even though it goes on juicy and stays a bit sweet, I don't consider this a fruity scent. This is very much a floral on me.

Cabotine Gres by kittybobmeowpants 2015-01-27

One spray of the EDT and my mom, sister and I all started choking. Awful!

Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie Giorgio Armani by FeelingRisky 2015-01-27

Overall: 10/10
Here's Why:
Beautiful, Bold and Long Lasting.
Such a fascinating Scent - Simple, straight forward and beautifully blended down to the last drop.
This fragrance doesn't 'phase' it is so well blended it is a strong accord of the rose/(light)patchouoli)/Vanilla & Arab Woods.
What's interesting here, is that for the first time EVER a fragrance lasted 24+ hours on me. This one is a beast. What an enchanting, warm and sensual fragrance.
Smooth and intoxicating. Straight forward - not gimmicky, this is the real deal.
Plays well with others, however, why would you want anything to take away from this stunner?
"Rose d'Arabie combines Damascus rose with patchouli, vanilla and Arab woods."

Midnight Poison Christian Dior by oktober 2015-01-27

This is a great perfume, smells like roses and burning candles and warmth(from amber I guess). Not "girly" roses, it's very good. Picture hail Mary cause of the catholic-church like scent reminder, but in another style: ..." Come with me, Hail Mary
Run quick see, what do we have here
Now, do you wanna ride or die
La dadada, la la la la"

CH Men Carolina Herrera by PotatoJuice 2015-01-27

When I first got this bottle it was almost like the fragrance needed some sprays to start up. In my first sprays all I got was fresh cut grass smell.

After using it some more it seems like it activated and evolved, because it's way more than a grass or sugar cane smell. It is sweet and fruity, if I had to describe this fragrance in two words it would be ''sexy watermelon'' lol!

It's very nice and makes me think of places in the tropics, personally I think this is more of a spring/summer scent because it smells WAY better with some heat and is just so tropical with the fruity watermelon and sugar cane accent.

Still I can't help but wear it in the winter aswell because it's just so all round and good smelling.

On my skin the longevity could be better, after 4 hours I should apply it again, but I only put my fragrance on at the start of the day usually. Sillage (depending on sprays) is however you want it to be, 3 will keep the scent close to yourself, going more than that people will be able to smell it in a bubble around you.

Some people are raving on about leather, which I really cannot find in this fragrance, though it might be related to older and newer batches. One tiny note is that the bottle can't be opened and the atomizer could be a little bit better.

If you are thinking about blind buying this, which alot of us do even though we shouldn't I recommend going with the 50ml. It will last you plenty of time and won't ''lock'' you down as much as a 100ml bottle will.

Vetiver Pour Elle Guerlain by Fábio Condé 2015-01-27

Vetiver Pour Elle is a totally unissex vetiver in my opinion.
A scent that opens with aromatic green and bright chord, reconciled a very original grassy touch, that would make herbal if they were not white floral nuances blending, that make it refined and clean, turning it into a kind of an amazing green garden.
In drying appears a beautiful and rich vetiver, I think one of the best if not the best vetiver on the market.
No need to dwell and moan that this work was discontinued, i got lucky with my 30ml mini bottle.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by meysam vazifeh 2015-01-27

بوی خنک و گیاهی که تلخ و کمی نمناک هست
این بوی شاهپسند هست که گیاهی و حالت گزندگی داره
همراه این رایحه ، بوی بسیار بسیار خفیف برگ بنفشه حس میشه
در کل به نظرم خاص نیست و ارزش این پول رو نداره

L'Eau par Kenzo Kenzo by bataille 2015-01-27

I was really hoping for flower-bedecked nyphs bathing in a river in the mist before dawn, but all I get is a whiff of warm lake with algae, wilted waterlilies, and a teeny bit of dead fish under the dock. To my nose, all the promised freshness of this fragrance is just a day overripe.

I bought an 8 oz body mist of this and find it's quite similar to my Outremer Vanille so it's great for layering. It may be much too sweet for some to wear alone. I get a lot of vanilla but not a lot of cream. If anyone is interested, it's up for swap.

Strictly Private Baldessarini by Sunnn 2015-01-27

In my opinion it has declined...

Le Parfum Resort Collection Elie Saab by Ms. Cherie 2015-01-27

Got this last week and it was love at first sniff. Transports me to walking along the Adriatic coast with the subtle aroma of fig and citrus trees wafting around me. Sillage is soft and longevity is average. Lovely summer addition to the line.

Shalimar Guerlain by McYvan 2015-01-27

Strange, I got no civet from my current EDP! Is this due to the reformulation? Anyway, this legendary perfume smell gorgeous, I love the sweet yet dark vanilla with mysterious incense, as well as soft leather notes. But I just expect more civet.
Really shares a visible similarity with another masterpiece by Guerlain, Habit Rouge the Shalimar for men, the fantastic Guerlinade. And I consider both two are unisex.

Atelier d’Orient Rive d’Ambre Tom Ford by JoeMacchiato 2015-01-27

Don't be fooled by the name. Nothing opulent and rich about this scent. It should be packaged in the blue bottle.

02 L`Air du Desert Marocain Tauer Perfumes by smellavision 2015-01-27

Oh wow! This stuff is just brilliant, probably the best fragrance I've smelled the last year. A powerhouse of leather and dry spices - just epic! Great longevity and sillage. If you want to smell like a "really bad boy", try layering this with Encre Noir. Great stuff indeed!

Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Givenchy by loonad 2015-01-27

i used this perfume from november 2014 to january 2015,basically during the summer here in Mauritius and let me just say that this is lovely and classy.the tea note is very present in this scent but it is very smooth and nicely done.the cranberry brings a wonderful zing to this perfume and the end result is a freshness which is feminine and classy.

love the scent of this! It kinda reminds me of Aquolina Pink Sugar mixed with peppermint!!!!

IMO it's not a long lasting scent at all and I have to reapply once in a while. Its seems to be more lasting with paired up with the matching lotion/cream and shower gel. I really like this scent and because its so light I will wear this year round....its not a strong or loud peppermint IMO its subtle enough to pick up through the hints of vanilla.

I can pick up the plumeria,vanilla,sandalwood & musk. After the dry down the scent imo is subltle,long lasting and just smells heavenly!!

This body mist is long lasting too especially when used with the shower gel and body lotion/cream

well i just love this scent as it is a very unusual scent.i would advise against a blindbuy.this is reminiscent of something my grandma used to wear and it makes me think of her as i remember her from my childhood,wearing a red or orange saree and adorned with her indian jewellery.
this for me is an intimate perfume-something i wear for myself never at work.i just love the sting of saffron in this one and the bubbly almost effervescent rose.

Velvet Sugar Bath and Body Works by Lucky7z 2015-01-27

*From the B&BW site..Top Notes: Wild Strawberries, White Nectarine, Pear Blossom, Apple Nectar
•Mid Notes: Pink Jasmine, Golden Plum, Red Velvet Créme, Dewy Honeysuckle, Freesia
•Dry Notes: Golden Amber, Vanilla , Tolu Balsam, Caramel, Baileys Créme, Sugared Musk

I mainly smell the red velevet crème,amber,vanilla,caramel,sugared musk & Baileys crème. Its so yummy and long lasting,even more lasting when used with the matching shower gel,lotion/crème.

I got the whole entire set for Christmas back in 2013 and am still in love with it!!! This perfume scent is one of my all time favorites EVER!!!!!!!!!

*My husband absolutely loves it when I wear this perfume*

Oud Mokhallat Momayaz Arabian Oud by Sunnn 2015-01-27

Another Amazing scent form Arabian Oud!!I'm love with this house! fantastic fragrances, high quality, beautiful packaging, reasonable prices... what else? really!
i agree with kinetisphere, so my review ends here :p

PS...i hope that they will ship internationally from their original on-line store again..It's a little bit hard to find those fragrancies., I've found some honest sellers on-line (based in Saudi Arabia), but usually i prefer to buy direclty through official websites to avoid the risk of fake bottles (there is also an Arabian Oud web store based in UK, but the prices are too much higer there.)...

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by MarikaKhodr 2015-01-27

Oh, how I love you, my little sweet alien. Always reliable, you linger all day and well into the night. You are THE spicy, smokey vanilla. Totally unique and endlessly beautiful. The only bad this I can say about you is that you started my never-ending, very expensive hunt for more perfect vanilla perfumes. You are still on the throne, the queen of all vanillas. I do of course love the queen mother Shalimar but she is so much more difficult and challenging (adult and serious). You my dear never challenge, always pleasing, flirty and easy to love with all your white flowers, sweet amber and vanilla.

Elle L'aime Lolita Lempicka by agado 2015-01-27

wanted to like it but it's way to floral for me. I can't hardly smell any coconut and I was hoping to smell it. had to give it away to my grandma

Paul Smith Rose Paul Smith by Fawkey 2015-01-27

I love this, my new favourite day time perfume. Fresh & clean, but more interesting than just a rose scent, the green tea gives it a bite. I just wish it lasted longer.

Stars Jimmy Choo by Brunette_Bombshell 2015-01-27

This one is the love of my life. Too bad is a limited edition. :(. Good things never last.
If anyone has an idea where I can find this online in Europe, let me know.

A soft fragrance that has a tropical vibe, although it doesn't seem that well blended for a niche and I'd say it's generic like a medium-priced designer. It's so soft and soapy that it's like a second skin after you showered with a tropical-scented soap. It wears close to the skin and doesn't really project. Unimpressed with this one.


Standard Comme des Garcons by K1 2015-01-27

It smells like IKEA warehouse and workshops washed off by lemon detergent! Standard is a very interesting scent, not peculiar, not even slightly out of context. It is exactly a cologne with all its aspects and the title fits the scent in hundred percent! That's why I trust in Comme des Garcons.
It opens with bold modern take on classic men cologne with sour fresh cedar infected citrus accord, so natural and well-mannered. Subsequently, some soft smoky incense-like vibe pastes to the composition that emerges the greenish velvety base on. Among this notes I really can't get tea and dill, however, honeysuckle and fennel are not so visible.
Standard is a one of the most versatile men colognes I've ever know. Hey, it is marked for women too?! Interesting.
More than fair longevity and sillage, everything is balanced.

Tempore Donna Laura Biagiotti by oktober 2015-01-27

It's not bad but for my tastes... it's too realistic. You can almost tttttaaaassste white chocolate and pineapple.
Not good if you try to avoid sweets.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by Fawkey 2015-01-27

I too think it has changed. My last 2 bottles (both presents) have been different & I no longer love this perfume, it was my hubbys favourite on me & he agrees it just is not the same, more floor polish & less fresh & clean smelling, using it up for work then no more!

Chance Chanel by SzekelyEmoke 2015-01-27

Why would anyone want to smell like patchouli? Just because is Chanel!?...NO. I like very few Chanel perfumes. They way too heavy.

Crystal Noir Versace by agado 2015-01-27

sweet and spicy which is what I like in perfumes. it was a blind buy but it was love from a first sniff ;-) I'm kind of sick of buying new perfumes all the time and I really do consider to have crystal noir as my signature scent :) its sexy and very feminine. LOVE IT !

Poison Tendre Christian Dior by LaviniaMidnight 2015-01-27

Another discontinued beauty that I mourn :(. I have about an ounce left of this clean, sparkly scent and luckily it has a lasting sillage, as once it is gone, it is gone. I thought it had an apple tinge, but I suppose this was the bergomot? This is probably the first citrus-y scent I ever tried and it is like a luscious fruit basket surrounded by flowers. I always kept a bottle on hand and hope that Dior will at least consider bringing it back even in a limited way.

Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by Cassiano 2015-01-27

After 2 decades of the success achieved with Kouros (1981), an alternative was launched in the market and reached as much (or even more) success as the version that was its inspiration. Body kouros was able to minimize the negative aspects of the original fragrance, adapting to the market of the year 2000 (when it was released). At the time, there was not much criticism to new versions (flankers), on the contrary, the majority was expected.

With the arrival of this cologne, the YSL House reinforced the image of the Kouros line and won millions of fans around the world. The creator was Annick Menardo, which has a unique signature, very common among its various creations, like Bvlgari Black (1998), Jaipur Homme (1998), Boss Bottled (1998), Xeryus Rouge (1995), Kokorico (2011), Lolita Au Masculin (2000), among so many other of worldwide success.

The official composition is rare to see around, but combines notes of nutmeg, star anise and eucalyptus, in the output; Incense, lavender, carnation and cinnamon, in the heart; Benzoin, caramel, Chinese cedarwood and sandalwood, besides tonka bean, in the base.

The nuance of eucalyptus is very ephemeral, so it doesn’t disturb those who don’t like this note. You can feel it when you apply the scent, but it goes away quickly. The anise and the nutmeg give a sideshow and prove that this oriental-spicy fragrance is not to be trifled with. The cinnamon is delicious and hot. And the incense gives a smoky tone during the evolution. The base is rich, sweet, woody and sensual. The caramel didn't bother me, even in conjunction with benzoin. The tonka bean complements, even more, the aspect of vanilla.

I would say that this cologne can be summed up in a word: balance. It had everything to be too sweet, nauseating and limited. But, somehow, the creator managed to balance all notes, resulting in a delicious fragrance that has great projection and longevity.

I've seen a lot of people looking for some fragrances like this. Some people compare it to Le Male, others to some other fragrances of the Mugler family. I can identify similarities with Laguna Homme (2001) and Lolita Au Masculin (2000). There is also a Brazilian version (cheaper) called Água Imperial, by Companhia da Terra, that worth knowing.

Recently, the bottle suffered changes and adopted the same format of the Kouros line, keeping the same previous color.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by Germany 2015-01-27

TUSCAN LEATHER is an amazing scent that has been tried to be copied by a few houses , it's very well made , smooth and truly gourgous in it genere. In my opinion it still is better on a man than on a woman but I am not saying women can't pull this off ( I want to pull it off) I believe at the right time to the right occasion on the right woman this may just be the most stunning fragrance ever , to thank the raspberry this scent is truly wonderful! I keep a small jar handy and dab it on just to get the feel and smell here and there wafting around. I am still scared to get a big bottle and spraying it on me, just not sure if that would take away my femininity or enhance my wild side!?
I now discovered BLACK SAFFRON a very similar but safer version , sweetened with raspberries and not as much of a smokey feel , in my opinion a friendlier sweeter companion of Tuscan, a safer version for the ones that are afraid they can't pull Tuscan off or are scared it may be too masculine for them.
Another more femine choice for a similar leather feel is WHITE SUEDE one of my favourite fragrances in the world. But its an angel compared to Tuscan.

Si Tu Savais... Galimard by oktober 2015-01-27

I had this in my citrus obsession time. It smells identical to Light Blue. As simple as that, no diffrence.

Tomorrow Avon by oktober 2015-01-27

The body oil of this perfume is divine.

Scent is so similar I can't discern between original LL. Will wait until my current bottle of the original is drained and buy this for the gorgeous bottle.

Conaffetto Hilde Soliani by Sharks 2015-01-27

I am only getting soapy/bitter orange blossom from this, with just brief glimpses of sugary almonds. Overall I expected it to be much sweeter but it is not sweet at all on my skin.

Tabarome Creed by AndrewMoc 2015-01-27

Fresh, bold, clean leather. I am amazed to see the lopsidedness in votes for both ginger and tobacco. Although I can feel a certain sweet, spiciness akin to ginger, I can almost nearly sense zero tobacco. To me this is all about the leather, or in this case, birch tar. Mixed appropriately with citrus and animalic undertones of ambergris to round out the harsh aspects of the tar.

Tabarome will morph on your skin but never truly change or dry down to something far from the original 15 minutes.

For similarities I'd say this one could fall within the same group of fragrance as Fahrenheit. Nice, if you're into that, but a bit unpleasant if you're not. And I'm pretty sure that's where I sit.

I'd say this is one of Creed's bench players when comparing to Aventus, Green Irish Tweed and Spice and Wood. Its not bad per se, just not really that good.


This smells EXACTLY like AVON U by Ungaro. Only that "U" lasts way longer. They are absolutely identical in scent, no diffrence at all, it's surprising.
Don;t waste your money on this weak juice if you like it. Get "U".

Jeanne Lanvin Lanvin by lukafrod 2015-01-27

this is parfume of "too much"..too sweet, too woody, too strong.
too many ingridients make together insufferable scent.
sorry, i don't like this parfume.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by oktober 2015-01-27

Almost not a perfume, it smells like sharp patchouli and a sort of green pear.

People, there are good perfumes out there, go test.

Flowerhead Byredo by Tapinview 2015-01-27

Well I blind bought a nearly full bottle of this on ebay.. Like the wonderful 'Pulp' you get what it says on the can.... A stonking delirious TKO white floral with an extraordinary ginger long drydown. In fact I am wondering if I have done too much sampling and have something left...but no, this is unique. It's really up there with the tuberose magi like Criminelle fracas and carnal flower. Really beautiful rendition of the delirious White floral and went quickly up there into my desert island must haves...

Ael-Mat Lostmarch by pi^2 2015-01-27

It really smells like the sea. Not some breasy, beachy fragrance, but a bittersweet scent that captures the actual smell of wild sea-shore vegetation. Very unique. I like it.

Envy Gucci by The Wandering Fern 2015-01-27

You can buy Gucci Envy from several online perfume websites.

Juniper Sling Penhaligon`s by Strappyshoo 2015-01-27

I was wavering between this and Levantium and went for this in the end. Whilst I think it's very similar to Levantium it doesn't have the scary, screechy sandalwood that just keeps on giving for days...and days. It's a good fragrance. I'm not going to say it's amazing because I don't think its at that level, it's a B rather than an A+. For those who are put off by the longevity issues, yes, it doesn't last massively just reapply :-)

L'Eau d'Hiver Frederic Malle by houstcs 2015-01-27

If the iris flower produced a honeyed milk...
This has a vibe of many iris based perfumes without the harshness of the iris that many have. Very smooth. A very excellent iris indeed, still too costly for what it is.

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by SzekelyEmoke 2015-01-27

This in my opinion is spicy-fruity. I can't sense coconut at all!!! Plum, candied fruits and patchouli. Reminds me of La Vie Est Belle but not as creamy, is sharper and spicier.
Lasting power is ok. Was expecting much more though from this perfume since all the positive reviews!

Rien Etat Libre d`Orange by K1 2015-01-27

A track of animalic accord in the beginning, unashamedly bold and nudist and skin-mate, grabbed me wholly. Several similar iconic fragrances passes through my mind that fast that I can't mark the titles, but I marked Ambre Fetiche by Annick Goutal to a very close distance to Rien.
Rien? What a name! Ironically the title is elevated to characterize uncertain character of a perfume. Would be better to call it Mis-Thing!
I'm not impressed at all but the opening. Rien opens with bold incense infused animalic vibes (more musky or maybe styrax theme rather than leather), however, it settles in few minutes and rounded fat leathery smell explodes out plus unusually upset rose. The leather smells like alive animal hide or something breathing, warm and sweaty.
From the middle phase onward it exposes more on rose and aldehyde notes and Rien evolves. I admire the concept the house create upon but the total result is the matter after all. I take Secretions Magnifique in mind and take this opportunity to link the topic to a general view over Etat's creations and say artistic perfumes are not always welcomed. For sure there must be a strong claim and proof behind the concept not "Beneath this unassuming name lies the spice of blackcurrant bays, the musk of blond suede. As light as mohair, as precious as cashmere, this perfume is a second skin, a fusion of flesh and fragrance that leaves an unforgettable imprint..." as they suggest in their declaration.

Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by hdmc_2000 2015-01-27

After receiving the male version first by mistake, I reordered it again. It came yesterday, the correct one, and it is beautiful! So soft and sweet. Worth the wait!!

Montana 80 Montana by emily7 2015-01-27

99,9% facsimile of Versace Crystal Noir.

A colleague stepped into my office today and asked: "Is this the one with the big, dark crystal-shaped cap...?"
So, it either means: 1. even a perfume-rookie can see the striking similarity or 2. Crystal Noir is all around in Croatia.
Yes on both counts.

Bois de Gaïac et Genièvre Yves Rocher by Leah lilly 2015-01-27

I have got a sample today with another offers from YR..and I like it. Very fresh and masculine. Will buy to my husband

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Snookums 2015-01-27

Smells like expensive boutiques in Paris. Good to wear if you want to feel wealthy!

Shalimar Guerlain by momo363 2015-01-27

سلام دوستان
بنده این عطر رو بدون تست خریدم و متوجه شدم که مناسب من نیست و با نتهای عطر زیاد هماهنگ نیستم
در هر صورت این عطر رو به مبلغ ۲۸۰ هزار تومن برای فروش گذاشتم اگه خواستید پیام بدید
هزینه ی ارسال هم خودم میپردازم
یکبار استفاده شده اگه خواستید ایمیل بدید تا عکسهاشو براتون ارسال کنم

Azzaro Pour Homme Summer Edition 2013 Azzaro by Knightofwands 2015-01-27

Lovely, unique bottle and box that promises the world. Pleasant enough, but not really my thing and I'm not entirely sure that longevity is any better than mediocre. I will give this a few more chances, but at the moment, sad to say, a disappointment for me.

Sorriso Profumum Roma by Oslogirl 2015-01-27

On paper this smelles lovely of vanilla and cacao, but on my skin it developed into a wierd cacao-plastic smell. I quess it did not work out with my skin chemistry! I thought it smelled really bad on me, but funnily enough a friend of mine liked the smell:p I would not buy this for myself, and I think it is a scent you have to try on.

Kabul Aoud Montale by MarikaKhodr 2015-01-27

This is not a very feminine scent but i love it so much (despite being a woman). When I got it some time ago I mostly used it at home but nowadays I reach for it more and more often and consider it one of my top ten, or even top five. Beneath the ambery, incensy and oudy darkness and heaviness there is a beautiful, soft powder. Maybe iris? When I layer it with another of Montales real beauties, Powder Flowers, people I've never meet before stop me to tell me how good I smell. I guess the soapiness in Powder Flowers expand the soft notes in Aoud Kabul. Anyhow, this is really, really good and will always be in my rotation.

Sacred Love Ajmal by muzzbait 2015-01-27

a sweet, delicate floral scent. lots of white floral in this one. probably leans more towards the fem side of things, whatever that actually means. nice. worth a spray...

Parfum Sacre Caron by Tara1 2015-01-27

The reason I purchased Parfum Sacre was actually because a woman I met with amazing style wore it as her signature scent.

So, I got interested enough to buy myself Parfum Sacre.

Balsamic, rich, woody,spicey.....what a dream perfume!

It touches something very deep and rich.

But, I have to be in the mood for it. I don't wear it that often.
It is more of a winter perfume for me.

Dahn Oudh Al Shams Ajmal by muzzbait 2015-01-27

this is the smell of real oud. i've bought real oud from ensar oud and agar aura and this smell identical to those on offer from these sellers. that said, i'm not all that keen on this smell, it is quite an acquired taste, but when you do 'get it', it makes perfect sense. this sorta smell is beyond your "i love _____ scents" kinda rationale with perfume. oud perfumes ARE soothing. they do calm you and they do have this otherworldly quality to them. it took me a solid month of wearing oud perfumes at home and to work before i got it, and when you reach that stage, oud perfumes are awesome.

with that in mind, there's precious little else to this other than oud. it's oud all the way. it smells more like that south east asian ouds (thai and cambodian). there's nothing else to this scent. i dare say it wouldn't appeal to many people. but it is what it is...

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by Suxurb 2015-01-27

This scent is so comfortable, unique and also very juicy. I don't think I will receive much compliments with this, but that doesn't matter, because the scent does all the work for my confidence and pleasure.

Intense Pepper Montale by Oudy 2015-01-27

I got a sample of this with my Montale order and tried a swipe across my chest when I went to bed. It really smells deeply of fresh ground pepper for...about 5 minutes. Then it morphs into something very beautiful and hard to describe. It kept wafting to my nose as I lay reading. I want a full bottle of this. It was still on me when I awoke the next morning. One swipe!

Scent 8/10
Projection 8/10
Fortitude 10/10

Our Moment One Direction by foxy_princess 2015-01-27

Opens with a synthetic citrus smell then ten minutes later its luscious tart berries and wood on my skin.yum! I prefer this to Justin Bieber someday because thats just too thick fruit syrup for me
Do give this a try before you say anything nasty about it plus the bottle is so cute

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense Elie Saab by davidlong13 2015-01-27

This fragrance is one that I regret buying completely. It is not at all because I do not like it, it is a wonderful smell. However, I have two problems with this perfume. One of them is, I can never seem to find the right occasion to wear it. Elie Saab makes beautiful couture, fairytale esque clothing and I know that they say "don't let the perfume wear you". Therefore I feel it to be a real waste to just use this as a daytime fragrance. My second problem with this is, it does not last long whatsoever on me.

Dulcis in Fundo Profumum Roma by Oslogirl 2015-01-27

This is a real compliment getter! I tried one spray at my wrist, and then met up with some friends who all wondered what I was wearing! A very soft, sweet vanilla scent with fresh mandarine. Absolutely lovely to wear! Very simple, feminine and comfy.Linear and with good longevity on my skin.

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