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Albi Laura Tonatto by ChelseaJack 2014-04-17

My wife is the agent for Lauro Tonatto in the Benelux countries and how odd this may seem I never really bothered to smell these Frangrances until recently. Albi is a fantastic scent with a nice rich bouguet. It lasts very long and it gets noticed. Indeed it has a sort of summer swing to it and you can smell the fresh pepper. I think this really is a good buy ( although I did not buy it) .

Guess Seductive Homme Guess by mildspicej17u55l 2014-04-17

Smelled this on a tester at target. It reminded me axe dark temptation but stepped up a notch and made more unique. This and adam Levine are on my shopping list!

Adam Levine for Men Adam Levine by mildspicej17u55l 2014-04-17

I do not own this fragrance. This review is based on my opinion from the tester. I tried it today at target and was amazed at how great it smelled. Something totally different from axe body sprays. On my chemistry I got ginger citrus. I love it. I am determined to get it at some point.

one of the best scent ive ever had..expensive but impressive! a very good scent on cold seasons as it gives warmth and relaxation to the soul! longevity is awesome and its drydown melts well on the skin

L.12.12. White Lacoste by Nick M 2014-04-17

It's got a classic fresh and fluffy opening, then it gets a bit sparkly/fizzy when it hits your skin, like the tingles you get from the lingering heat of warm clothes. I thought it was only so-so when I first sprayed but I came back to it a few weeks later, putting it on my skin this time and it really opened up into something wonderful.

Blue Jeans Versace by vdog 2014-04-17

I've had this for about two years now, and as much as I like it, it has never felt quite right when I've worn it. I always felt like it just didn't quite go with whatever clothes I was wearing at the time. Almost too "young" and kinda syrupy I guess. Last Sunday, after my morning shower, I knew I'd be working around the house, so never really put on a shirt. 3 shots to my bare chest & neck and I was off. I freakin fell in love with this baby like never before! Sweet fresh out of the shower smell all day long, and the light work that I was doing just kept adding fuel to the fire. This seems to fit perfectly in my mind as a bare skin cologne, something to wear, when you're not wearing much else. Something to wear on a lazy Sunday when you want nothing more than to lay in bed with the paper, in your boxers, sunlight hitting your bare chest, and that special someone there next to you to nuzzle on this off your skin. "skin scent" indeed!

212 VIP Rosé Carolina Herrera by Rhairis 2014-04-17

It's a very powdery fragrance.

Greetings from the Brasil! :)

Unforgettable Christina Aguilera by jdokicfan 2014-04-17

For some reason im getting Nicole Richie vibes and i keep think im wearing Nicole, could be the cashmere wood and vanilla on my skin?

Valentino Eau de Parfum Valentino by nazza28 2014-04-17

I echo everyone elses sentiments when they say such an elegant floral. The heady floral opening is certainly swoon worthy in my opinion but done in such a classy and sophisticated way. I wish I had the funds to get a full bottle of this!

Cabaret Gres by Penny Urn'd 2014-04-17

This is the sexy witch who lives next door. While she doesn't scare you, exactly, doesn't she make you just a little bit nervous when she talks to your husband?

Juicy ripe blackberries! Glorious creation. This is real blackberries, in the european woods, complete with the undergrowth, green resinous trees, musky animals...(this has a very strong musk note) fruit and leaves. It captures the darkness and light, a must try for an olfactory experience you wont forget. Love the black juice too. There is something addictive about this, makes you come back for more. This is also quite potent, a little goes a long way, blackberries sustain throughout. The only thing is... I would love this more without the musk.

Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin Guerlain by glorious1 2014-04-17

Very nice fragrance. To me it is a little too sweet. If and when I purchase a whole bottle of a Guerlain exclusive there are others I prefer. Cuir Beluga or Angelique Noir?

Quel Amour! Annick Goutal by rosecat 2014-04-17

About time a wrote a review for this. Straight off i love this, i loved it the moment i first sprayed it all those years ago. To me Its very uplifting and joyous! Its sparkly and fluffy to my nose. Notes that ring true are Rose geranium & peony, slightly fruity but not in the usual way you would expect, it gives a sweet base. To me its a pinky fun sparkly Rose perfume. Worth trying for rose geranium & peony lovers.

Lady Million Eau My Gold! Paco Rabanne by Sveltekittie 2014-04-17

I sure hope this smells good, cuz the name sucks! Really?! Sounds like a bad translation from another language into English. lol :-D

Xtreme O Boticario by gzalvares 2014-04-17

Totally dispensable! There's nothing to talk about something so bad.

Uomini O Boticario by gzalvares 2014-04-17

good copy of D&G pour Homme

Dianne Brill Dianne Brill Cosmetics by suhaesa 2014-04-17

when i first opened this i smelled cup cakes.. vanilla.. and spices.. then i was reminded of an older perfume the smell of ysl champaign a much much lighter background trail ..also a hint of manifesto..there is something definitely fine about this.. yet intrinsic..
a mellow ..close to the skin strange connotation of spices.. layered with musks.. and a hint of orange something gourmand.. not your everyday sugary bombs.. its not sweet.. its almost spicy.. woody.. dry yet mellow ..soft and some how classy.. in a discreet way ..its an aquried smell ..a unique fragrance .its almost aniseed..
it also has a bit from rochas lumier maybe the plums or the fruity notes there are florally notes..

Quasar Fire O Boticario by gzalvares 2014-04-17

Boticario and his plagiarism! A copy of Davidoff Hot Water!!! Is a sin compare to Xeryus Rouge!

Styletto Elegance O Boticario by gzalvares 2014-04-17

Attempt to copy Chanel Egoiste Platinum, though, is sweeter, more vanilla and tonka. Good fragrance.

Jaipur Homme Boucheron by Idlehands 2014-04-17

this is a powdery mature oriental that just reeeeeks of class. I actually saw a bottle for $35 at the local Marshall's. I'll be pickin it up I think.

Black Bvlgari by LanceDior 2014-04-17

If you've seen The Wild One, or Rebel Without a Cause, this is the smell of badasses in leather or striking red windbreakers. It contains unusual and cool notes of rubber, leather and gasoline, but is sweetened underneath by a raw, sexy vanilla.
I put this on, and someone asks me what I'm rebelling against, and I reply 'Whatta ya got?'

Le Beau Male Jean Paul Gaultier by MrChrisD 2014-04-17

I don't understand all the hate this scent gets. I personally find it better then the original Le Male. Less powdery the the original. Very light. I would not hesitate to buy it again.

I give it a fair 7/10

Tous In Heaven Her Tous by suhaesa 2014-04-17

i just opened this to review it..(although i rarely do this..i usually review perfumes that i know by heart.. but i am travelling and caring more than a 100 samples to review).. i was actually surprised by it..its a beautiful.. vibrant.. fresh.. yet sweet.. woody.. clean ..fruity ..a bit sugary ..not sickly syrupy or too dense ..
a perfume fit for all occasions ..just simply smelling nice.. not super unique.. but just simply nice.. people will pass by you and wonder where that sweet subtle clean scent is radiating from it settles it turns a bit mangoi ..a bit mastic.. and a bit fruity.. but not in the normal sense of the world ..its not a highly complicated fragrance.. its rather simple.. but in its simplicity lies its beauty.. and tender mellow romantic vibes..a safe blind buy ..a safe everyday scent.. that doesn't require much thought before using..
this perfume has a serene side to it.. a calming effect..yet a fresh.. live.. sweet.. florally.. fruity almost has an incense background to it..not heavy incense ..the light white musky kind.. the smell of clean.. white.. mastic.. or gum or frankincense..its cleansing.. relaxing.. yet and detoxing..
it a perfect layering perfume.. i was just reviewing lancome treasaure midnight rose.. on one hand ..then i sprayed this on the other.. and both of them smell wonderful together if it was a match made in heaven if this is a lighter version that compliments trsour syrupy thinker side.. this gives it freshness ..and cleanliness ..and that live vibe.. that it lacks and tresur give this the depth that it needs...
although i don't like to give ages to perfume or relate them to certain age groups for a perfume can be worn by anyone as long as it compliments their skin chemistry and personality..but the vibe it radiates is a younger more vibrant one..that can be worn by all..

I have it and cant bring myself to wear it.

Oh My God!
I mean, Eau My Gold!

Heat Rush Beyonce by CPelly82 2014-04-17

Received this as a gift and I was very disappointed. I love her lineup
of perfume but this one gave me a wicked headache. To me it smells cheap on my skin.

This has to be the very best of the Issey Miyake line! I own almost every Summer version and all of the other scents by Issey and this is the best! Very hard to find and expensive if you can find it. I paid over $150 for it and don't regret it at all. The ultimate wood and cinnamon scent. Good for a hot summer night. You could also use it in winter without any problems. If you find it buy it and save it for special occasions so you don't use it all. Highly recommended!

Definitely a 10/10 scent!

Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome by suhaesa 2014-04-17

purple is one of my favourite colours unfortunately not in perfumes i tend to stay away from any dark deep purpely coloured perfume bottle their juices usually nauseate me due to the extreme sweetness or synaestheticness ..but this one is a bit different story to an extent..
it smells as if it has a oud note in the background ..its creamy dense full of plums and woods and deep roses its sensual daring deep yet romantic and almost velvety ..
its a night perfume ..a winter perfume..its not easy for me to review perfumes that i havnt been using for a while this one i only have a sample that iam reviewing it from and its not on my love list...
its depth is a plus its an floriental without the sandalwood without any aldehides..its a syrupy dense raspberry vanilic woodsy connotation of ceder wood and musk layered with rose and peppers
the final result smells very oriental almost like arabian perfumes or french oud inspired it settles and merges with your skin chemestry it changes in to darker more prominent berry like connotation..

Amouage Lyric Man Amouage by Tiberasthomas 2014-04-17

All I will say is magic rose !!!! That is it!!!!! Do you need any thing else ???????

To everyone saying it is the same as the original... I have to disagree. It has a stronger wood smell on the opening. I will say it is similar but not the same by any means.

Cedrat Boise Mancera by HickorySmoke 2014-04-17

This juice is amazing! Longevity is through the roof! Sillage is perfect to be noticed, but never cloying or synthetic even when oversprayed. Compliments galore! A must have for mild weather. I won't miss those cold weather heavy hitters so much after discovering this juice.

9/10 Pure Quality.

Aqva Pour Homme Marine Bvlgari by MrChrisD 2014-04-17

Recently was given a sample of this with a new purchase. It reminds me of being on the beach on a hot summer day! A very nice aquatic scent. It's probably my new favorite aquatic. The scent is very unique to me. Not like others. Smells of water, salt, and seaweed. It's very light and awesome just like a ocean breeze!

HIghly recommended!

Scent 10/10

Cuba Heartbreaker Cuba Paris by ialwayssmellgood 2014-04-17

I would describe it as 'ok'. It does have great lasting power for a cheapie fragrance, though. I like the sweetness and the pepper. I also like the lovely container! Different but, not quite a standout.

Valentino Uomo Valentino by KM_Autumn 2014-04-17

Sprayed this on both wrists at nordstroms...

I do not care for it...Smells a lot like Burberry brit rhythm...
...It doesn't enhance my mood, or make me feel cool. Isn't that why we
like fragrances..?

It reminds me of the foreign women walking around Georgetown DC at night...
...Nothing suave or masculine about this...

Fresh Vanilla Lemon Lavanila Laboratories by diana.s.stephens 2014-04-17

Love this. Smells like delicious creamy lemon meringue. Very bright and tart lemon at first, but not overbearing. Around 30 mins later on the drydown a soft vanilla comes out and the lemon fades away. Even a few hours later it has a slight sweet vanilla scent, but not like the deeper vanilla scent you get with Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Summer or Vanilla Passionfruit.

The lemon seems to brighten up the leftover vanilla scent. It is the shortest lasting of all the Lavanila fragrances, after around 2.5 hours I had a hard time discerning any scent at all. It's nice while it lasts though.

It is remarkably similar to DKNY Sweet Delicious Creamy Meringue, which is more of a brighter lemon with a creamy base. It seems to last a tad longer and it truly smells like creamy lemon until it fades away around 5 hours later.. (now sold at Kohl's)

Scent CoSTUME NATIONAL by Chicago Tony T 2014-04-17

Jasmine and tea are the main notes. Close to Yang for men. Both having great sillage but this projects better. Also aamber but not in the traditional way. It's more balanced and refined. Not cloying and never gets too sweet. Can be worn year round by gents and ladies.

Thanks very much for the giveaway. That's how I had the chance to try this awesome perfume. It is very different. It does have the oriental accord in it. When people hear oriental accord, they think of incense, sandalwood and spices. This perfume takes a different approach. It captures the scent of the oriental nature - the flowers, trees and plants that we have here in the Far East. The Hinoki 檜 or Japanese Cypress is quite strong from the beginning. It brought me to the backyard where pots of bonsai were placed. The woody/ leafy scent was then joined by some sweet floral notes. I think it is tuberose, which adds some sweetness into the scent. I really enjoy the combination of these two. I feel relaxed and peaceful. It is interesting and mind-soothing. I will try it again on a summer day and see how it goes with the hot humid weather here.

Hermessence Iris Ukiyoé Hermes by alchemist1976stephanie 2014-04-17

This is a different kind of iris. The soapiness that is so typical of it stays very timidly in the background simply adding a veil of skin scent to the otherwise perfectly blended composition. It conjures memories of fancy smelling drawer liner paper I once had only it has so much more going on in the quietest way. Very airy, floral and with just the right amount of sweetness. Although not in my plans to buy, you must experience this!

Carved Oud Thameen by fazli ikram 2014-04-17

i went to selfridges..they have a showcase all the thameen perfume. well since i loved oud..i sprayed two on one hand and the other two on the other hand. one on my wife hands, when i am about to go to sleep i smell a surprisingly new does have a bit of amberish smell then cedar than oud..but the oud is not so prominent...well i could not i searched the internet on which of the perfume it is using smart phone, but as i was outside and the sound of birds, and splashing of the lake behind me, with a whiff of wind, and that perfume smell well it give me goosebumps, irush back...adamant if my memory served me should be carved wood...thus .,.tomorrow morning i went to selfridges tried it..the problem with the carved oud tester spray is one selfridges that i went earlier had to hide it under the counter..the other selfridges miles away well they ran out of tester...i guess people like it so much that they sprayed more of this ....thus it must be so good that it must be hidden from sight, i ask the sales assistant to smell my arm after 24 hours, she said it is carved oud..well i took a chance and buy it...well i guess i was rewarded thus it is the one that i smell that describe it plainly it is prominent in terms of cedar..but the cedar carry the amberish smell ( i guess it must be musk, but not the white musk rather the dark musk smell ) musky oud smell with oud..the best thing that i admire from this concoction to other oud based smell with a bit of cigar smell moving about here and is not prominent but assisting the cedarwood, maybe i cannot sleep because i have never smelt anything like it be it in western perfumery and attar based thing i learn though..if the tester is hidden or ran out, one should buy it immediately if it is available....otherwise one have to travel miles away just to buy it...

Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by redboxmike 2014-04-17

Excellent fragrance. Oriental spicy masterpiece. Perfume snobs say it's only for fall & winter. Personally, I think you can pull this off anytime. Though in the evening, it's scrumptious. An absolute delight. Not a clubbing scent. More something for yourself and your "other". Not cloying either. It will turn heads because it's memorable. Can easily become someone's signature scent. Not for old people either. If you're already in your mid-twenties, this one gets better as you age.

Dior Homme Dior by redboxmike 2014-04-17

Very very dense fragrance. Smooth, but starts out with a rather "loud" opening. Rich stuff though. Can cause headaches. Use sparingly. The balance is exquisite. The blend: very unique (you're not going to smell anything else like it--except for Dior Homme Intense of course). But seriously, a little goes a long way (generally, my recommendation for this stuff: one to the chest and one to the wrist--you don't need to spray both, just touch the wrists together; your ears too, if you like, touch them). Don't overdo it in the summer--if you plan on wearing this fragrance during the summer. Yes, part of the beauty of Dior Homme is its versatility. You can wear this fragrance anytime, anywhere. But wear it at night and you become "amazing". The notes: mainly amber and cacao; I don't get much of that iris/"lipstick"-vibe everyone's talking about. That's something more from the original formulation, circa 2005. I checked my batch code: it's from June 2013. So, reformulation for sure. Black stem too. But not a bad thing. I did my research. Dior Homme is one that actually did not suffer (too much) after several reformulations. As a matter of fact, the perfume snobs tell me the most recent reformulation (mine) is the closest to earlier versions. So good. Right? This fragrance screams of class and Paris and french perfumes and Jude Law and Robert Pattison and tuxedos and super-model women and fashion and high-class. Just a solid compliment-getter, for sure. Smells very different up close too (ie: while you are wearing it). Try something: have someone spray it on, wait a few hours, have them walk by you, in the opposite direction, and sniff the air. What you will get is this this magnificent & gentle scent-bubble of pure bliss (& envy). You'll get your compliments. I guarantee it. (I imagine Dior Homme Intense to be much more dark and smooth). Works best on textiles though. Depending on your skin, you can get maybe 7-12 hours. Your tux? Go ahead and spray that! Just don't overdo it.

Infusion d'Iris Prada by Mary-Jayne 2014-04-17

I really wanted to like this. The notes looked just up my street, after getting into violet in a big way last year (still love my violet scents) I started exploring iris - it seemed a natural progression as violet and iris are commonly paired together it seems. And I have found I really do like a lot of the iris scents I have tried.
So after reading reviews, looking at the notes and the "people who liked this also liked" lists I decided to give it a try - luckily it is available on the high street so I was able to sample without buying because sadly this really didn't work for me.

I first tested on the paper strip and the scent was lovely - a blast of iris and ceder which slowly blended with incense and powdery woody notes giving a rich, deep velvety feel. It smelled lovely, with vetiver, resins, ceder and incense swirling around an earthy powdery iris.
But on my skin this just fell apart.

When sprayed onto my forearm I initially got, in the first few seconds, that same wonderful whirl, rich iris, soaring incense, the ceder, the vetiver, it was lovely. But then, within less than a minute the iris, ceder, incense and vetiver just vanished, poof, gone. And what I was left with was a slightly sour, harsh citrusy mastic smell. And so it remained, fairly linear, occasional hints of neroli and citrus peeking through, and vetiver made a valiant attempt to come back but alas, they were overpowered by the tangy-sour mastic and citrus, that reminded me of oranges on the turn.

I was so disappointed! I have tried this 3 or 4 times now as I so wanted it to work, I so wanted that lovely iris-incense-vetiver to develop on my skin, yet each time I got the same sour result. I guess this just doesn't work for me.

Longevity was good, unfortunately for me! Projection was moderate. I think if you have the right skin, and this works on you and you are lucky enough for it to develop with the lovely iris I smell in the first few seconds, then this would be a wonderful perfume, but for me it is, sadly, a no.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by ChesleyMusic 2014-04-17

I really don't quite get this one... its just sticky and sweet,

Just tried it. Love this stuff. On my skin/clothes, this is one of very few fragrances that lasts all day and smells awesome.

Avant Garde Lanvin by Aroma d'Latino 2014-04-17

This cologne has been compared to Rochas Man, La Nuit, Le Male and CK Shock. I have them all and I can tell you that by comparing them side by side, Avant Garde is CK Shock younger brother.

La Nuit is more peppery and powdery and I dont get why people compare them. I think Avant Garde is closer to A*Men for the honey and the sweetness than La Nuit.

Avant Garde is almost identical to CK Shock IMO, I do agree with the reviewers that say there are very alike because they are. To me CK Shock is more sharp and projects better but Avant Garde is more smooth, youthful, more relaxed, with a modern vibe and more enjoyable.

Someone here wrote that Avant Garde is CK Shock on steroids, that's so wrong, in fact is the other way around. Avant Garde is a 3 season cologne (winter, fall, spring) that you may even put on summer nights because is not as loud or heavy as CK Shock is, which is more of a 2 season cologne (fall and winter).

Avant Garde is a great gourmand, smells great, is not annoying, cloying or intoxicated sweet. I think the balance of the notes and projection were done just right. The bottle is eye catching and for the price, Avant Garde is a perfect addition to any collection for any budget and taste.

If you have CK Shock you may want to skip this one.
If you are deciding about CK Shock and Avant Garde get Avant Garde. This cologne is a safe purchase that you wont regret buying.

Eau Sauvage Parfum Dior by eric.cius 2014-04-17

I was fortunate enough to be given a sample of this by member edge42. Maybe its the myrrh in this but something smells very familiar in this. The initial spray and 5 mins thereafter remind me of dsquared potion...not same, just reminds me of.
To me this smells like 70s porn. Raw and hairy. I need this in my life. Geez thanks edge42, I need another fragrance like another hole in the head. Just call me swiss cheese.

Scent is 9
Longevity is above average and as for projection, people you want to know you're wearing this will know. Top of my want list.

Back to Black By Kilian by rodolfo 2014-04-17

1st impression: a very prominent smell of baby powder.
I asked 2 other people "what does this smell like?" and they said the same thing right away: baby powder.
Not for me, I think.

Rive Gauche Yves Saint Laurent by Alexir101 2014-04-17

Classic and beautiful - must have again. I think this is YSLs best. And the male version drives me crazy, very ooh la la!

Rien Etat Libre d`Orange by originaldeftom 2014-04-17

A beautiful incense. This genre of orientals is my forte and I own a lot of them. Amouage is my favourite house and they have masterminded frankincense.

This one here is lighter, more aldehydic, meaning more airy and fresh, cooler than the true Arabian counterparts that are soft, warm and richer.

This is almost a contradiction in terms to have a cool, smokey incense....but that is exactly what it is!

Like a black hole in space that sucks you in.

It starts off very floral and wet, just like a fresh arson site, when you can still just feel the heat from the ferocious fire, but the water and the open skies of a cold winter night have already cooled off the site. It is dusty and smokey but there is still a lot of life from the victims that lived here....

Extremely sublime and contradictory but fabulously so.

Possibly even a masterpiece.


Peony Yardley by Alexir101 2014-04-17

Summertime and the living is easy - I rock this out when I am wearing my white flowy frock or crisp white linen blouse and faded denim. It is a summer breeze in a bottle. Never offensive and everyone loves it and comments. It's a keeper.

Design Paul Sebastian by Alexir101 2014-04-17

Just got this yesterday following reading so many reviews. On first spray I thought - oh too strong, but after about 10 minutes it transformed and softened to something beautiful, and stayed that way. Today I sprayed into the air and walked into it straight after my shower. That is how I will wear from now on, soft and sweet and lingering - just hints. Quite glamorous and alluring as a scent. Makes me smile.

Durra Al Attar by smellyboy 2014-04-17

I also have a sample of this as well as kaja..Durra seems more typical of an arabian attar compared to kaja,where kaja to me seems more unique..

Ma Griffe Carven by Alexir101 2014-04-17

Ma Griffe is timeless and elegant - the one I will pick to wear, when I just don't know what to wear. My mother wore this, so perhaps it is comforting to me from memories. Would never be without this in my collection.

Je Suis un Homme Etat Libre d`Orange by originaldeftom 2014-04-17

My father would have liked this.

Very elegant. Fresh and invigorating at first due to bergamot and lemon, but soon giving way to leather, cloves, and cinnamon.

I get a slight churchy note as well, almost frankincense but it is the myrtle, funnily enough.

Birch and Cognac underpin the classical character of this scent but are way too faint for this daring brand.

In fact the entire concoction would be more suitable for an ARMANI Classic relaunch.

Not strong or bold enough. Given the kudos this brand has garnered by now and what they are capable of I'd only give this a 5/10. (Had it been Armani, then I'd give it an 8/10)

Bull's Blood Imaginary Authors by NoireFox 2014-04-17

Dead ringer for the original Chanel Egoiste.

London for Men Burberry by Vivette 2014-04-17

I love it on my husband and on me!!!! Gorgeous, classy scent. Lavender and this oh so British aura...

Eau de Star Thierry Mugler by the_new_esta 2014-04-17

Eugh - after a couple of weeks I can say I hate pepper. This and Si Lolita from Lolita Lempicka are awful. They won't really offend anyone I guess but they are very sharp, and to describe this as 'warm' is totally off.

Dia pour Homme Amouage by smellyboy 2014-04-17

This is my warm weather signature...I wear it every day to work and it's perfect...extremely long lasting,moderate projection and just pure class..very thick smell of fruit,flowers,incense and woods.Its is never too in your face no matter how close somebody is to you but when they are close,they will love your smell..

Aventus Creed by warlockss 2014-04-17

wearing mine more and more now , recently discovered a place that sells the 8.4oz at a good price , only problem is them are not sprayable i think ? have to put the juice in something else to spray . i wish i was able to refill my current 120ml bottle ?

4160 Tuesdays? Seriously that's the name of your fragrance house? I don't care if you've got the best explanation in the world, that's a stupid name. The name of this juice however is quite inviting, I like all things Cuban and was expecting a great scent.
Opening is so sweet it goes beyond anything I've encountered, I'll give it this it's unique but opens horribly. The main thing I get is vanilla a huge dose of vanilla and a strange tobacco accord which comes off more like a badly done chocolate and takes a while to settle which to be honest never really does.
This fragrance is on a knife edge between divine and down right awful and it can't make it's mind up. The coffee note is not evident when you smell it directly but from a distance an occasion whiff of coffee would drift in my direction.
The main thing is that the dark heart of old Havana doesn't sit right. The drydown is a bit better a sweet sugary vanilla and even a hint of coconut I should be creaming over this fragrance but it still has an unpleasantness which I can't explain.

Mitsouko Guerlain by lovetribe 2014-04-17

try this a unisex perfume!!!!!!

Bebe Bebe by NoireFox 2014-04-17

Wintergreen, cherry blossom, ivory soap and babydoll plastic. Very soft, very young, very fresh and rather girly (insolently so, which is why I love it). Smells like something a precocious young woman who knows men are no good from too early an age would wear. She stands cool, clean and aloof from their violence and self-destruction. You go girl!

L`Homme Sport Lanvin by rfh 2014-04-17

Im not that good as talking about notes however I bought this for my boyfriend (who is very picky clean and loves citrus scents more than other scents) as a christmas gift and he just fell in love with it wearing it everyday day/night winter/summer and became his favourite ! Its so clean gentle and has a moderate portion of all the good notes! A must have

Pure Grace Philosophy by Ivona-Maria 2014-04-17

I got small travel size Clean today because after all this comments I just must try . But then - It smell like my grandma old perfume or at the best like laundry ... I dont wanna smell like laundry or granny :( And I dont know how only me dont like this :(

Tatiana Diane von Furstenberg by rasputin1963 2014-04-17

Aldehydes are not listed in thsi official olfactive pyramid... but why do I remember this scent having a brilliant, sparkling, deliberately synthetic aldehydic takeoff?

Pure DKNY Donna Karan by rfh 2014-04-17

I was looking for a summer scent that is fresh clean and not to sweet as sweet scents turned to change on my skin in summer and become stinky! As I read these good comments and was recommended by the sale lady as she said its unique and not like anyth else.. I blindly bought this yesterday and didnt regret it.. as a matter of fact its nice clean makes you relax after a hot shower..its not sexy or trying to say anything..its for everyday use during the day as its not to sweet however it doesnt last on me more than two hours and the third one as if im wearing some cute nice body lotion! Regarding the uniquness not really sure as it reminds me of both dior addict delice and the old carolina herrera but a very lighter version of both! Would I buy this again not sure but I know that im gonna be using this everyday until I finish it since I got the 100ml

Mokhalat Al Oud Al-Rehab by kfleumer 2014-04-17

Until this day in my mind Francis Kurkdijan was the Wizzard of Oudh. Right now I'm not so sure any more. This is such a beautiful aromatic oudh. Unisex and elegant. Try it. The 3 ml roll-on is cheaper than a loaf of bread. I kid you not. On Dutch TV yesterday was an documentary, analyzing that out of all the production costs of a bottle of Chanel No.5 edp, the glass bottle is the most expensive, about 5 euros. The contents cost a little more than 2 euros. The reason we buy a 50 ml bottle for 80 euros is that we actually want it that way. We don't feel that special when our perfume was inexpensive. They say. I think something is gonna change. And we have Al-Rehab, Rasasi, Al Haramain etc to thank for it.

Les 4 Saisons: Hiver M. Micallef by 1blondeangel 2014-04-17

At first spray, I smell Rose! I'm thinking hmmm, not bad! 30 seconds later it dissipates and not sure where it came from. It's very sweet with almost a dirty patchouli note lying in the my nose anyway. When it dries down completely I smell Neroli and Ylang Ylang. The combination is loud and can be abrasive on the skin and to others around you. I like bold fragrances but I'm not feeling this one. It's a monster and not necessarily in a good way!

Kaja Al Attar by smellyboy 2014-04-17

Got my sample from luckyscent..beautiful smell ..strong rose and later a beautiful patchouli..It felt a little feminine , but I need to wear a few more times before deciding if I want a bottle

Black Soul Imperial Ted Lapidus by shreif 2014-04-17

After month from my first review now I am wondering why my first impression was so bad ??
This perfume is pleasing and i am satisfied for keeping it in my collection
The coffee note is unique in this one and different from any other coffee scent
still no similarity with neither Rochas man nor Givenchy play intense
Good work Ted Lapidus : 8 / 10

I now officially bought this fragrance! my first ever from Beyonce! I like it now a lot!

Rogue Rihanna by perfumemad62 2014-04-17

When I spray this on, I feel as though I am transported to a tropical island with the intense sun shining on my face and no worries. It makes me feel calm, relaxed & comforted.

Rogue is a sweet, warm & fruity fragrance. I get a delicious plum note followed by a blend of leather, patchouli, amber & vanilla. I feel this is more suited to summertime. It lasts around 6 hours on my skin and has excellent sillage.

Overall, a gorgeous perfume that makes me feel happy and calm. What more could you want?

Vierges et Toreros Etat Libre d`Orange by originaldeftom 2014-04-17

A Spanish Bullfight in a nutshell!

Pure drama in an olfactory sense. Leather, tuberose, pencil shavings from a posh cedarwood pencil that never stops. My god that cedar note is strong (funnily enough there ain't no cedar but the vetiver, patchouli and pepper together create that smell). It's probably due to the bull goring his horns into the wooden walls of the arena when he fails to hit the red robe of the Matador, time and time again.

After hours of gruelling and duelling, the leather of the saddle is covered in the sweat from rider and horse, further heated up by the Sevillian sun (the tuberose) piercing down from the zenith.

That's when the rider has won over the fainting bull who struggles to keep afoot in this basking heat. Musk, nutmeg, leather and a fainting tuberrose.

The bull finally succumbs together with the tuberrose, the sun, that sets in the late afternoon.

All that is left is the earthy wooden smell, sprinkled with sweat and blood after everyone has left the arena.

THE END 8/10

Clinique Happy Clinique by Lexxy 2014-04-17

There was nothing better than a fresh bottle of Happy!! Boy did this scent bring on the compliments.. Men, women, children, aliens would always mention how good I smelled or asked what I was wearing. It came to a point where I knew it would happen without fail. It was this sweet fresh and at the same time warm and cozy scent. So inoffensive, so light, so clean, so effortlessly sexy. Yes the opening was a bit synthetic (clinical looking bottle didn't help) but that soon went away, dry down was heaven. The citrus gave it that clean, fresh, happy feeling and the light musk gave it that warm, cozy, hint of sexy feel... Does anyone know if they reformulated it? Because I smelled it not too long ago and I could almost swear it smelled different.

Bogart Story Blue Jacques Bogart by liav24 2014-04-17

THATS a totally must have perfume if you like the sweetgrapes smell - its amazingly good.
i love it!

reminds the Silver Scent but better finish and more citrus in it.

very long lasting, not as the Silver Scent but will stay on you for at least 6-7 hours even more!

i use it often and when i get to the office wth it - everybody knows.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by amber832 2014-04-17

I just can't see how this perfume smells like fish?! and believe me I would know as I hate the smell of fish. In fact I don't get any weird smell out of this perfume, it just simply smells lovely!

On me it smells like figs with a hint of spice, and may I add its really fresh and yummy! The dry down is a bit creamy and the hint of spice continues on...

I dont think its a masculen perfume, but a man who would like to smell 'a bit sweet' might like it perhaps?

For me this ones a keeper, I LOVE it! And the fact that not everyone out there likes it makes this perfume more special, cause I hate it when perfumes get popular and everyone starts to wear them.

Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens by NoireFox 2014-04-17

Stop saying this smells like Kiehl's Musk b/c it doesn't. Kiehl's Musk smells like YSL Kouros.
Now that that's been put to rest…
Serge Luten's MKK smells like sweat. More specifically the sweat between a man's inner thighs. Quite heavenly in subtle doses and especially in private, yet utterly obscene in large amounts out of doors.
A "give my love to the sunrise" type of scent that evokes primordial, erotic urges. A rare gem in an increasingly antiseptic industry.

Touch for Men Burberry by liav24 2014-04-17

Fresh, spicey, citrus - the smell is great, reminds me powder too, its a bit feminine BUT in a good way

first time i used the tester at the Pharms - i got asked a few times what perfume i was using.

i bought about 3 bottles in the last 4 years - its still one of my favorates.

i highly recommend it~

Smell - 10/10
Longevity - 7+-
Sillage - 7

Cedrat Boise Mancera by riffjim4069 2014-04-17

I'm wearing a sample today because my Cedrat Boise purchase is on backorder from MiN NY. Does this fragrance remind me of my signature scent Aventus? It sure does! It is familiar and similar, but they are different enough to rate having both in my collection. The differences, to me, are this scent is a bit sweeter (although lemon combined with sweet notes apparently comes pretty close to giving it a sweet pineapple'ish feel) and there is a cedar vibe instead of smokey birch.

Honestly, I hit myself with a blast of my wife's Demeter Pineapple Cologne Spray and one would be hard-pressed to find someone who could tell the difference between these two without doing a side-by-side comparison. I love both of these fragrances and plan to keep both around. If I could only have one (heaven forbid) I prefer Aventus simply because, to me, there is something intoxicating about that smokey birch smell. Of course, I grew-up Birch Street that was lined with birch trees while growing-up in a home that often burned birch wood during the I have a natural bias.

Cedrat Boise has terrific longevity and projection on my skin so go easy on the sprayer; lasted 12+ hours both wearings. Great juice and well-worth the price!

Eau de Lavande Diptyque by Silkpuppet 2014-04-17

Eau de Lavande is in the Les Florales collection along with Moheli and Eau Rose and it's available in EDT formulation.

The notes are lavender, coriander, cinnamon LEAF, nutmeg, sandalwood, and incense.

This is not a sweet powdery floral lavender at all. In fact, I think it's more lavender leaf (like the candle, Feuille de Lavande). The scent is extremely herbal; I get a ton of coriander and cinnamon leaf on my skin. As it settled, I got more of the lavender but it remained a little wild and earthy, almost salty! The coriander erred a little too much on the Indian food side for me, similar to L'Autre. The drydown proved very woody. I hate to gender scents because I don't believe in dictating who can wear what, but I have to admit this was a bit too "masculine" to my nose. I definitely recommend this to lovers of earthy, woody, herbal scents. It is a very atypical lavender fragrance.

Elixir des Merveilles Hermes by weelylah 2014-04-17

After reading all the reviews, when I tested it, this fragrance was not quite what I was expecting. I had expected it to be more aromatic and elusive. It smelt more mainstream than I had imagined. However, it was very pleasant and I went round the department store asking random strangers what they thought: Every response was positive. I decided to go for something safe for once, instead of my usual niche choices which only perfume heads seem to appreciate.

Speaking to my husband that night, he suddenly said I smelt nice. That's the first time he has said that over any perfume I have had (and believe me I have had them all - well niche/ classic stuff mainly...I'm sure you all know the type). This morning when I came down for breakfast he said he smelt it again, and when he got home from work he said "there is that lovely smell again. What is it?". Strangely he said it appeals to him because it smells of cedar/ woody and makes him nostalgic for something he cannot place - Yet I smell no cedar or woods at all. I detect orange and a classic male cologne type smell. He also said he likes it because it's slightly masculine and that it's not often he smells a 'women's' fragrance that he likes.

I am amazed to have found a fragrance that my husband (and everyone else I have asked) likes. As for me, I wish the chocolate was more bitter and dusty and the spices came through like the puff when you open a spice cupboard or tea drawer. I wish I could detect the resins and the aromatherapy type facets that others detect. I wish it was all slightly brighter. But, despite this, I must say it's really warm , comforting and lovely to wear so I am happy to give this a longer test run and see where the journey goes.

When i first smelled this on my friend i had to go buy some. its beautiful initally. then has a weird dry down scent that made me have a headache. It also smells EXACTLY like Elizabeth Arden "sunflowers". but thats just me.

Bluebell Penhaligon`s by tgb79905 2014-04-17

I love it and hate it. Yes, it smells like toilet cleaner for several minutes in the beginning. Yes there is a terrible, sharp, chemical lily-of-the-valley. But after those fade away there is a very heady, crazy town, wet floral. Wet wet wet, like April in a swampy woods, roots are rotting, logs are water soaked, and Lady Chatterley is running naked through the trees in the rain. It's fabulously weird.

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by Melyche 2014-04-17

It smells alright. I don't have anything to complain about it. It's suitable for day time. I can't specifically pick a season for that honestly. Depends on a person. The only note I get is plum. It's not like it opens with the plum note and the dry down is another note. It's most likely "modified plum' or "plum and its crew". Something is changing the actual plum scent for sure but that something can't be specifically named. At least I couldn't. BUT, after a couple hours it becomes citrusy plum. The plum still exists though. Slightly sweet maintaining its fruity features. Longevity is not bad. Lasts for a few hours.
To sum up, there is nothing special about it. It's just ok. It's a slightly sweet fruity fragrance. However, if plum is becoming something irresistible for you when you smell it, I would definitely recommend it.

Bright Crystal Absolu Versace by Chiquis 2014-04-17

I've received a few samples of the original Bright Crystal over the past few months but ultimately decided to purchase the Absolu. First of all, the bottle is GORGEOUS!!! If you like pink and are girly girl like me then you will really love that bottle sitting on your dresser or vanity.

In my opinion both Bright Crystal and Bright Crystal Absolu smell just like Acqua di Gioia. The citrus stands out front and center. It's juicy and refreshing. Very summery... I can't see wearing this in the winter unless you are looking for a pick-me-up scent. I don't get much floral in this. To me it smells like pink grapefruit sprinkled with sugar, but in a very refreshing way. I just love it and can't wait to test it out this summer!

If you like Acqua di Gioia or are looking for a sweet citrus scent for this summer, then try Bright Crystal Absolu.

Guilty Pour Homme Gucci by Anosmic 2014-04-17

Wore a tester sample of this today,...three sprays to my right forearm. It projects really well. It has lasted for a few hours projecting well the whole time and is still going strong. I think people who wear this will get compliments because it projects well and smells familiar.

However, I am not overly fond of it. It smells too old fashioned and very generic to me. It reminds me of something I'd smell on someone who is dressed up at a special event.

Its not on my "to buy" list, but kudos to Gucci for the nice projection of the scent, even if the scent itself is boring and generic. It'd be nice if all fragrances projected this well...

Leiber Judith Leiber by EternityFresh 2014-04-17

This perfume is very interesting in character. The fruity pineapple note is tangy in an elegant way with a rich support of gardenia and osmanthus. I imagine it being like what an 'old money' socialite might smell like at a lavish party. All in all I really like it but I definitely have to be in the mood for it.

Mystere Rochas by susiebashse. 2014-04-17

Oh happy eBay purchase arrived. A half bottle of eau de parfum, but not the classic bottle I knew 25 years ago.a round Byzance shape rather than the clean simplicity of the bottle reflected on this site. Initially I thought ...this is all wrong, this is not how I remember her. Granted I was 25 then rather than 50 and I wore this amazing fragrance as I played out a bohemian adventure with a Paris love affair..( Hahaha, if he could see me now...3 stone heavier, tights not stockings, no interest in imported whisky and a life of work family and gardening) BUT... After half an hour, the cheap odd odour subsided to be replaced by that wonderful, warm, elusive scent...close to the skin inviting a explorative mouth and the removal of shoulder straps. Well that won't happen but I don't care, I am loving the sensual pleasures of this unique scent, grounding me in reminiscence from the comfort of my happy now. If you can get your hands on this lovely and sadly lost gem, go for it.

Testosterone Sentifique by zakkarah 2014-04-17 want....:-)

Any chance of buying a small sample for a skin test?

Matz Ridderstrom

Angel Thierry Mugler by mabelcruet 2014-04-17

Nope. No. Never again. I tried this in a department store and it followed me home. It took forever to fade, and I swear it was surrounding me like a dust cloud. It was horribly synthetic, sickly sweet, overbearing and insistent. And it gave me a headache. Its like one of those sweet pretend perfumes marketed at 8 year olds.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Jo Malone by mabelcruet 2014-04-17

I really disliked this-on me it smelled like a a sour, slightly rancid old man, or synthetic room deodoriser sprayed to cover up bad BO and cat pee. I didn't get lime or mandarin, it was all herby and bitter to my nose and masculine without a hint of sweetness. I love how this smells on others but on me it reacted badly with my chemistry.

Aventus Creed by TheJurisDoctor 2014-04-17

Preface for the "batch" junkies: I have the 2013 batch.

I had sampled this batch and honestly wasnt crazy about it. But my wife fell in love with it, so I bought a bottle. There is a little bit of fruity vibe in the opening but it doesnt last long. After 25 minutes, its all about the smokey birch.

I'm wearing it today for the first time out of my bottle and I'm really enjoying it. The best way for me to describe it is a little bit of fruit with some spices and black pepper. That's what keeps coming to mind when I smell of it. I'm not really disappointed in the lack of pineapple - if I want a fruity smell, I'll wear Millisime Imperial. Aventus and Millisime Imperial are good opposites.

Longevity? I honestly think it's great. 1.5 sprays to the chest and it was still going pretty strong after 5 hours. Im convinced that all the comments about horrible longevity are the result of paranoia from reading other comments. I usually have longevity problems but I dont foresee any problems here. But I've also learned not to be "cologne guy" and fill the room with my fragrances.

I'm glad I have this. In my batch, the main note is birch - it is not pineapple. The quicker you accept this, the happier you will be.

L L`aime Lolita Lempicka by StellaXYH 2014-04-17

Without the prominent coconut note, L L'aime EDT smells to me quite different from Elle L'aime EDP. After the initial burst of tart lime, a strong jasmine peaks through. And L L'aime stays essentially as an exuberant citrus-jasmine scent for about 4 to 5 hours. This citrus-white floral combo actually is not dissimilar to Alien Eau Extraordinaire without the characteristic amber of Alien series. In the late drydown after about 5 hours, the scent appears less bright with a salty undertone, which makes me think of sea water washed skin.

The sillage is moderate to soft and the longevity is around 10 hours. L L'aime EDT is certainly a lovely citrus floral fragrance on its own, but a bit too standard compared to the flirty coconut-infused Elle L'aime EDP and other fragrances in the Lolita Lempicka olfactive portfolio.

Pulp Byredo by darina.ivanova 2014-04-17

I got addicted to Pulp. Probably because for me it smells of grilled peppers, which I adore.I am not sure whether I will buy it, but I try it every time when I see Pulp in a shop.

Angelique Encens Creed by mabelcruet 2014-04-17

I would sell a kidney to get my hands on a bottle of this: all I have left is a 1ml decant and that's it. This is a breathtaking and beautiful fusion of incense softened with a hint of vanilla and underpinned with smooth and sultry jasmine. Its seductive and mysterious. It dries down to a wonderful powder-not an old lady perfume powdery note, but a sensuous lingering note hinting at pleasure, almost carnal (in a ladylike way). It is most definitely an evening scent,

Violette Tocca by blackw0lfx 2014-04-17

omg im in love. it smells so nice. i get all violet, musk, currant, and then musk. however i can only smell it if i put my nose up to my wrist. it may be a little too girly for me, but it is really nice. my husband says it smells like a bath and body works spray. i think if you like fragrances but dont want to be bold or work in an office with people who are sensitive to heady perfumes then this is perfect. a quiet and unobtrusive scent. soft and feminine. i imagine a woman in her 30s taking her children on a nature walk wearing this. exploring flowers, bird watching, and enjoying a sunny spring day.

Vers le Jour Worth by mabelcruet 2014-04-17

This is....nice. Nothing outstanding, nothing offensive, just nice. I find the musk dominates, not in a bad way, but its not at all complex and on me smells simply of generic simple musk body spray. Its very light and subtle, just not particularly striking.

Weekend for Women Burberry by saraghazii 2014-04-17

I hate this perfume! I got it a sa gift , and its by far the worst I have ever smelled in my life... it gives you instantaneous headache... bad

Sunday Cologne Byredo by pravda48 2014-04-17

This was INCREDIBLY sweet in the opening (applied to my bf ;)). Lots of almost candied bergamot and the at once uplifting and soothing lavender + cardamom combo (love it). It did have a sort of candied citrus feel to it, which took a few minutes to mellow out but then I found it quite delicious and bf was nuzzled for many minutes so I could get good whiffs of it (this is why he lets me sample on him, haha).

Overall I REALLY like it. Very attractive due to it's being sweet but fresh at the same time. Sillage was not what I had hoped, however. Neither was the longevity (maybe 3 hours as a skinscent) but I'm thinking I didn't apply enough and I know he washed the area a few times since now it smells like soap on his wrist where I put it. Will try again, maybe on me next time :D

Taj Sunset Escada by ameliunim 2014-04-17

Mango. Just mango.

Quadrille Cristobal Balenciaga by mabelcruet 2014-04-17

Oh my word, this is lovely. I bought a decant on a whim and it is so good. It is an older fragrance and reminds me very much of Creed Angelique encens (not at all similar in scent, but similar in the mood and atmosphere it creates). It's sultry, sexy, and dark. I don't get the floral note so much on me, it seemed to go almost straight to spiciness. It is quite masculine and mature, and is made for seduction.

Blue Agava & Cacao Jo Malone by fenia 2014-04-17

this perfume made me understand what niche perfumery was love at first sniff and it actually helped me appreciate the existence of citruses in a perfume!fresh and sweet and perfect for summer! a must-have!

Express Glam Express by TrailerTrashPrincess 2014-04-17

y'know the paper perfume tester things in magazines? i stuck one of those, for this scent, along with some large shipping bubbles into a purse that had become misshapen.

fast forward a year and a bit, and i went to use that purse and absentmindedly rubbed the perfume tester on my arm while unstuffing the purse.

imagine my shock when the fragrance turned out to be quite nice!

so i bought an actual bottle and it arrived today - and it's amazing.
it's been out longer than the Forbidden perfume from Victoria's Secret, but they're quite similar (on me) even though the notes listed couldn't be more different.

i hate jasmine - it almost always smells of poo to me, and currants smell like cheap flea collars. so if i hadn't already smelled it, the notes listed here would've totally turned me off of it.

the bottle vaguely reminds me of something a Liz might've put out in the late 80s, but i don't buy perfumes for the bottles (although sometimes i buy bottles because they're pretty, even though i don't want the perfume!).

in short? don't dismiss it because it's from Express, or because it's cheap. if a vanilla cream soda sounds like something you want to smell like, try this. ♥

Stella Stella McCartney by MelodyJayne76 2014-04-17

Sorry - do not like this perfume at all. All I get is a stale body odour smell from it! I spray it on clean skin and it makes me feel like jumping in a shower again. Had to give mine away because I was so unhappy with it. Maybe it's just the rose reacting with my skin but I would definitely "try before you buy" with this one! Note to self:- blind buys are sooo not worth it :(

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by Kain 2014-04-17

I want to be completely honest!
I knew about this fragrance for a long long time and I wouldn't dare to test it out because I've heard most of the times bad and almost terrible things about this fragrance!
I knew this is a legendary fragrance and If it's going to be as bad as many people around me keep talking about, I'm not comfortable bashing it among the lovers and get killed a few days after! lol
Finally a few days ago I said OK, I don't care about other people opinions! I want my personal experience with this fragrance.
I got a sample from a friend and put it on my skin and smelled it.
Dear lord, I hate those guys for keeping me in the shadows for all these years!
This is an amazing fragrance and I'm surprised that many people don't like this.
There is a lot going on in the opening.
It's semi fresh, green, herbal, soapy, spicy, floral, warm and sweet all at the same time.
If you're into safe fragrances stay away!
At the beginning I can smell aldehydes and some citruses that both together creating a fresh, green, clean and almost soapy scent.
There are cinnamon and carnation flower beside those fresh notes and they add bitter spicy and slightly powdery floral feeling to the fresh feeling of the beginning.
Also there is a warm and sweet honey/ambery scent to balance all the notes and give the scent more depth an sensual feeling.
There are other notes at the opening for sure but these are major notes to my nose.
As time goes by the scent settles down and looses that sharp spicy and fresh feeling and now I can smell more interesting things.
Now I can smell a little more carnation flower with it's elegant powdery floral feeling and some leather and strong dirty animalic note.
The mid of the fragrance is a dirty, animalic, a little powdery and floral, warm and sweet scent with noticeable amount of spices and a little bit of aldehydes.
In the base the scent is very close to the mid, but now the scent has an earthy feeling too which is because of vetiver and patchouli.
Projection is very good and longevity is around 8-10 hours on my skin.

راستشو بخواین من اینقدر در مورد این عطر بد و فحش شنیده بودم که جرات نداشتم تستش کنم
بارها پیش اومده بود بتونم تستش کنم اما میترسیدم ازش بدم بیاد و بیام در موردش بد بگم و طرفدارای زیادشو شاکی کنم بیان سرمو کنن زیر آب
خلاصه بعد از سالها کلنجار رفتن زدم به سیم آخر گفتم بزار برم تستش کنم. من باید خودم این عطرُ تجربه کنم و به نظر دیگران اکتفا نمیکنم. بزار هر چی میشه بشه
یه سمپل ازش گرفتمُ و زدم رو دستم و با ترس و لرز بو کردمش
بعد از یه نفس عمیق اولین چیزی که به ذهنم رسید اینه که برم اونایی که همش ازش بد میگفتن و این ترس رو انداختن به جونم بزنم نصف کنم از وسط
انصافا نه تنها این عطر بدی نیست. بلکه عطر بسیار جالب و جذابیه
منکر بوی خاص و متفاوتش نمیشم اما در مجموع با سلیقه من مچ هست و دوست دارم این سبک عطرها رو
رایحه ابتدایی این عطر یه بوی قوی و شلوغی هست که مطمئنا خیلی هارو فراری میده
تو رایحه ابتدایی من بوی مرکبات و الدئید هارو حس میکنم که بوی شاداب و تمیز و کمی گیاهی و تقریبا صابونی به عطر میدن
در کنارشون بوی قوی ادویه ای خصوصا بوی دارچین به همراه رایحه ملایم و بسیار جذاب گل شمعدانی با اون حس پودری خاص اش هم وجود داره که حسی تلخ و تند و در عین حال طبیعی و گلی به عطر میدن
رایحه شیرین کهربا و عسل هم بوضوح حس میشن و حسی گرم و شیرین و جذاب به عطر میدن و اون تلخی ها و تندی هارو خیلی خوب بالانس میکنن
بوش هم نیمه شاداب و گیاهی و کمی صابونی هستش، هم تلخ و ادویه ای و گلی و هم گرم و شیرین
با گذر زمان اون تلخی و حس ادویه ای و اون حس نیمه شاداب و صابونی تا حد زیادی محو میشن و حالا رایحه چرم و رایحه حیوانی به عطر اضافه میشن و قدرت میگیرن
رایحه میانی این عطر به بوی کثیف و حیوانی و کمی تلخ و چرمی هست که در کنارش رایحه گل شمعدانی با اون حس پودری ملایمش بصورت واضح وجود داره و کمی هم رایحه های ادویه ای و الدئیدی به مشام میرسه
اون حس گرم و شیرین همچنان وجود داره و تم گرم و سنشوال و خیلی جذابی به عطر میده
رایحه پایه شباهت زیادی به رایحه میانی داره منتها حالا رایحه نعنای هندی و وتیور هم اضافه میشن و یه حس خاکی مشخص به عطر اضافه میکنن
پخش بوی عطر زیاده و ماندگاری بالایی بین 8-10 ساعت روی پوست داره
کار مردانه خیلی متفاوت و جالبی هست که بهتره تستش کنین و بدون تست نخرین

Prada Candy Florale Prada by AmoreProfumi 2014-04-17

Well I just received this in the mail today...&& Yes it is very pretty && deff lives up to the 'Florale' so so FLORAL...I spritzed a bit on my wrist && that's all I'm getting is the floral sad to say an almost nose burning floral on me though, && I'm not picking up any caramel. && the floral it's throwing off I feel like I've smelled it already, I guess I should've listened, I'm a bit disappointed now :(, but hey I can always exchange it...Well guess I can easily say now that the original is still my absolute fav. L'eau wasn't that bad so it gets 2nd && this the big fat 3rd (oh looky there the order they came out to, guess that means they're getting so-so with each flanker)

Though this isn't a bad scent in any way, it's not particularly my taste but still nice...I mean I like feminine scents but this was 'too' feminine && way too floral (so I'm sure if you like pretty/floral/girly scents you'll like this for sure), && yes this is clearly a scent all it's own it really does stand apart from the others, Well I have half a bottle of my original guess I can always get a back up, so easy fix! && least I got to test this out so still Happy Birthday to me! I'm still waiting to see the longevity, will update with that soon. :)

Update: Longevity's pretty decent in its 4th hour I can still detect it, but it's faint && pretty much turned to a skin scent only then I could detect the slightest hint of caramel still being out ruled by the floral. Sillage was pretty good too, no one gave me a compliment they could smell it, but I could smell it subtly when I moved just from one spray to the wrist.

ps. This is why I wish people would stop voting before they've tested b/c now the main notes are misleading.

Quantium for Him Avon by Legolas 2014-04-17

Tomorrow and this one,definly the best frag's from avon.. it's very nice woody-spicy ,warm and pleasant masculine scent ,but not heavy and sweet.. i really like it no mather i'm not a fan off this house.. 3/5

Beachy Lilly Pulitzer by lavender sage 2014-04-17

I really enjoy this scent - it's just fun. I don't detect any vanilla or amber in it - on me this scent dries down to a salty lime margarita. I found it to be very strong though. I'd suggest using a light hand with this one.
The bottle is very pretty, also. I love the blue color of the glass and the little tropical print "scarf" around the cap. Very "beachy" indeed. :)

I get Tuberose and Jasmin as top note. Then some vanilla, but the flowernotes are unbareble for me to standard so for me this was a onetime experience. I just collide with some sents and I'm extremely picky when it comeback to white flowers. Serpentine is all that I expected this to be. (Heard that serpentine is a pre Coty sent by Cavalli)

L de Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by ameliunim 2014-04-17

It smells awesome at the beginning. But.. after a while I can feel something like rice! I don't know what it is, but it dominates all the sweet and wonderful notes. It's like salty-cinammon rice but with iodised salt. Thought I would buy it, but now.. not really.

Birdie Xerjoff by Houdini4 2014-04-17

Birdie opens badly! I'm not a huge fan of patchouli at the best of times but I can appreciate it on occasion, however not in this creation. The opening reminds me of the smell you get from a stale old tent you've had in a shed for years. Even the green notes in this are strange and sand? Is that because of the golf theme? Odd! It's slightly dirty earthy and even a bit of the sea in there as well.
The dry down isn't too bad the patchouli matures and takes on more of a familiar character but still not something I like or could ever envisage willingly putting on my skin.

Gold Sugar Aquolina by Lexxy 2014-04-17

There is such a beautiful scent in the background!! But there is also something in this that ruins the whole thing for me. I'm thinking it's the creamy accord, to me it smells like orange baby powder over an old fashioned cold cream. How I wish that note wasn't there, this would be perfect. Beside that weird cream note this is very nice.. Warm, tropical without smelling like suntan lotion, coconut, soft white floral, woody.. But I just can't get passed that sour old fashioned creme note. How I wish Aquolina would come out with something just like this minus the creme accord, Gold Sugar Sensual? For those of you wondering this is nothing like Pink Sugar.

Is there Rose in it? What is that pink flower up there, 21? Because rose mixed with the creme accord could def be the reason I'm getting old school cold cream.. Am I the only one getting the orange baby powder cold creme scent?

Le Male Terrible Jean Paul Gaultier by iMaverick 2014-04-17

Terrible!?! Pas du tout! Seriously, in the past I had a hard time with the Original Le Male. I've avoided it along with its double-digit incarnations, the original now about 20 years old, most of which are just bottle design changes and Summer editions, but I just couldn't get into this scent. The impressions I always get when I smell it is that it's not for me. The visions I get in my head is always a man with a taste for irreverance, wears it because he thinks he'll get some sex if he wears it. And the desperation is proportionate with the amount he puts on. That being said, Le Male Original is a BIG scent. Very heavy, with aromatic notes that barely livens it up. The vanilla-tonka notes are thick and syrupy. My lungs close up just thinking about it. It hangs out in the era of Lolita Lempicka. Somehow I can relate to Lolita, but Le Male is definitely the L'enfant Terrible!

But now I have to shut my mouth with the creation of Terrible. People are panning it because it just does not rise up to the grandiosity of the original and expressing an overall yuck with the scent and I really don't know why because I don't smell yuck at all.

I'm actually intrigued with Terrible. The Le Male notes finally breathe because the thickness is gone. The vanilla sings, there's no overdose of tonka, the scent is further lifted with a vetiver note, the spicy notes are just right. Geez, this is a relief for me, because I've always wanted to wear Le Male, and now, I can wear it, in a Terrible way.

They call this an EdT Extreme. The scent does last, more or less just as long as the original, but thank goodness it's not like being a walking vanilla-tonka bomb. It wears closer to the skin. The scent starts off much like the original, perhaps maybe not as minty, though I never thought of mint to be there unless I focused on it when smelling the original. I never liked the original's development, where it just goes deeper and deeper, and my head just got sicker and sicker. Terrible moves from the original, and settles to a point where the notes meet at a perfect pitch of light aromatics, wood, vanilla and overall sweetness and muskiness. I can't stop sniffing my wrist. No vulgarity, just a soft, almost playful allure.

I think I would have just avoided Le Male in general if it weren't for the fact the Terrible was available at a discount store for less than half the price. I didn't even realize this was a different formulation because the notes seem to be the same as the original. Only difference is that it seems to be slightly differently arranged and definitely less caloric. I'm all in with this version!

Beautiful Grace Betty Barclay by ameliunim 2014-04-17

I finally bought it. Like a one left from limited edition and I based only on fragrantica, well.. it doesn't smell fruity and sweet and cosy. Not at all. It has a strong alcohol note which I don't like.

However, there's something interesting in it, I won't sell it. Maybe later it'll be worth more ;))

Ambre Gris Pierre Balmain by courant 2014-04-17

For what it's worth I was curious about this fragrance and so I applied some on fragrance -free skin at the Nieman Marcus store. I browsed a while and stopped at the Tom Ford counter. "What is that gorgeous fragrance.?" asked the gentleman there. I had to think back. He was surprised. With his training he identified the saltiness of it and said he was impressed by its unique character.

Success Trump by dolcethadon 2014-04-17

I just had to write a review on this fragrance.. I got this for my brothers birthday being that he likes fresh fragrances and he is a fan of Donald Trump.. Well occasionally I would pick his bottle up and give it a sniff from the cap and it smelled great.. Now I do not quite understand why this scent is getting so many negative reviews.. I guess it is because there are so many people out there that do not like Trump and are so immature that they can not just rate the fragrance itself.. Success opens up with a fresh citrusy blast which comes from the red currant, but it fades away fast but the juniper stays a bit longer.. The ginger and bamboo leaves keep the scent simple and fresh.. The birch stands out the most to me and dominates the fragrance, while the bamboo, juniper, and others blend to make a fresh modern metallic scent that smells unique and great.. There is some musk, a hint of vetiver and tonka in the drydown.. I am not sure how the fragrance performs but it smells good.. This scent is unique and interesting.. It does not smell like all the other fresh men's fragrances on the shelf.. It is different and I can see it being a love or hate type of scent but people need to judge the fragrance not the name.. If it was not a Trump fragrance it would have sold better.. The bottle is simple but very nice, give it a sniff!

Amber Elixir Oriflame by nesrnoz 2014-04-17

It came to me as a gift. At first I was prejudiced against it because I had not chosen it. Then slowly it captivated me. Feels like the warmness after a tequila shot but only with sweet, delicious effect. Came to love it and still use it. Some friends of mine says it's a middle-age thing which I'm not, but wear it anyways.

Savane Oud Torre of Tuscany by alfarom 2014-04-17

Savane Oud is not your typical medicinal oud. Personally I wouldn't even classify it as a oud. It opens with a blast of dark green notes that, at traces, lean towards the resin/ copal type of aroma. Stark and quite striking. The fragrance introduces then a mix of semi-challenging spices providing a sweaty / arid vibe. A woody-patch base serves as the bone structure.

Pretty linear but nicely executed. I'm a big fan of Maria Candida Gentile's work and while I dig her Savane Oud, I think it lacks the extra-kick that would have turned it into something really special. In her defense, I've to say that she completely avoided to fall into synth dry-woody territories.

If you're a fan of stark woody stuff, give this a chance.

Rating: 6.5-7/10

Declaration Cartier by blackw0lfx 2014-04-17

definitely unisex. at first i imagine a strong woman. a slender woman in her power suit. she is going to kill at her executive meeting. on a man i imagine laid back, a little face stubble, hes cooking dinner or folding laundry. hes calm and collected and likes helping his wife out. i think if it was a tad sweeter it would totally be a womans fragrance. the initial spray is headache inducing. seriously it makes me cringe. then it calms down and i think it smells pretty good. not like sexy good, but good. it starts off spicy and citrus and then some of the woody smoothness comes through all the while a soft sweetness is in the background. business professional to casual. i would say its a safe fragrance.

Fantasy Britney Spears by jessica.arndt 2014-04-17

The perfect sweet perfume. Thank you, Britney! :D

Lanvin Me Lanvin by beatrix75 2014-04-17

Lovely unique strange special very good fragrance i fall in love with ,licorice its sour and sweet good silage strong 1010

Visit for Women Azzaro by beatrix75 2014-04-17

is an oriental,flower fragrance with a lot of pepper and wodsy note wich i like .is a feminin uniqe smell not everybody have such a smell ,i like but i thinking to its much more pleseant and beter choice autumn.

White Musk Jovan by judyahn 2014-04-17

Soapy, a little powderly, and dry. it's too close to the skin and innocent to be special, but is subtle enough to make good impression. If you are blind buying this, go ahead! just don't expect a scent that stands out on its own. This fragrance is made to let you stand out, and not the other way.

As someone who likes 'loud' perfumes, I give this 5/10 rating. Longevity on me is about 3 hours.

Sombre Negra Yosh by yvashche 2014-04-17

I wonder what language Sombre Negra is referring to. Is it Italian, Spanish or what? In Spanish it would be Sombra Negra and in Italian Ombre Nera. It's not Portuguese either.

My Insolence Guerlain by ChypreAnn 2014-04-17

My Insolence is a gorgeous beast! The raspberry is very powdery, like raspberry juice and confectioner's sugar were mixed to make candy. It's very different from the boozy raspberry in Tresor Midnight Rose, for example. The vanilla and almond blossom are the most prominent notes in the perfume for me; that blend in My Insolence reminds me a whole lot of YSL Cinema. I'm not really registering any patchouli or citrus.

This fragrance is a beautiful, young, magnetic, and slightly chaotic woman who's a little too much. Sort of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, like Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly or Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary.

Chergui Serge Lutens by EternityFresh 2014-04-17

Great perfume..the tobacco, honey and sandalwood are blended so well that the projection is irresistible. I love the powdery dry down. The different stages of this perfume are out of this world.

Hello Kitty Koto Parfums by ameliunim 2014-04-17

It smells like rotten apples with a scent of vanilla :D weird, but interesting.

Vanille Noire Yves Rocher by carolynnj 2014-04-17

I think this is the dream scent for a woman who wants to attract outdoorsy men... the vanilla component is wonderful but that burning smell is overpowering, and leaves me on the verge of a headache.

I sprayed it and three hours later I felt like I had sprayed vanilla on me then sat around a campfire. If that's your style, more power to you, but it just made me feel like I had burned a marshmallow, dropped it into old campfire ash and rolled around in it for awhile. Not being a camper, it's just not for me - I don't want to be reminded of mosquitos and poor sleeping conditions! It would be like sprinkling hickory sticks on salmon and calling it smoked salmon - it's just not quite right! :) Some say plywood and I'd say "burned pressboard." I'm jealous of those who enjoy the dry down... I felt like I was left with all smoke, no vanilla. The women at the store said it's a "love it or hate it" kind of smell.

Yves Rocher makes fantastic smells for affordable prices... Flower party by night, jasmine and organic vanilla are awesome, but this one is definitely NOT for me!

Ambre Sultan Serge Lutens by Krupp 2014-04-17

Ambre Sultan is the smell of a Tunesian market with all its charming chaos of people, animals, colours, smells, sounds and dust under the constantly burning sun. Especially the scent of spices and dust dominates this perfume in a enchanting way. I am not sure that I will call it lovely, instead interesting and fascinating, able to create exotic dreams and longings in your mind.

Nina Nina Ricci by carolynnj 2014-04-17

I think this smell is okay, but by no means something I "can't live without". It is very young, and girly. It is not the kind of smell where you could deny it being a bottled perfume, so it's probably not something I'd recommend for the office.

If I didn't get it as a gift, I would never have purchased it because it is too fruity for my taste. The apple and citrus and makes me feel like I should be in a garden party sipping white wine. I tend to prefer something with more depth and spicier.

If I were purchasing, I might stick with the lotion, as it packs a good punch that lasts as long as the EDT. I am in my mid-thirties, and feel about 10-15 years too old to be wearing this one...

I think I might use it in layers with something like jasmine or green tea to salvage it and make it a bit more complex. It's not bad, but it's not very creative either... I equate it to being "not your favourite sitcom, but if it's on TV, you'll watch it."

Bollywood or Bust Smell Bent by yvashche 2014-04-17

There's no smell, even when you spray 5 to 6 times. I guess for the price, you can't expect much but in the words of Bart Simpson, "anything is better than nothing!"

Loukhoum Eau Poudree Keiko Mecheri by hanson26 2014-04-17

So despite the name, I actually find this one LESS powdery than the original. The original is a powder bomb, I like it, but it's powder, more powder, and nothing but powder. Now this of course is still very powdery indeed, but I can actually smell some other notes here. I get plenty of sugar for starters. It's sweeeeeet. But not annoyingly sweet (and for comparison, I think La Vie Est Belle and Pink Sugar cross the line and are way too sweet). I get a good amount of almond too and LOTS of rose. Much more than the original, and it's a fresh, dewy rose, not a powdery one. I think it's that fresh rose note that makes me like this so much. I've never actually had a Turkish delight, but this definitely smells like some type of yummy candy to me. It's very pretty, and makes me think of spring.

Volare Eau de Parfum Oriflame by nesrnoz 2014-04-17

I don't agree that it's mature. Too sweet to be a mature perfume. Being 27 and romantic , this suits me and my best friend very well. She introduced me to this lovely, warm, sweet fragrance. Not my signature but definitely takes the second place after Premier Jour by Nina Ricci.

Fantasy Britney Spears by hanson26 2014-04-17

Ugh, kiwi. I suspect that's the weird, unbearably sour note in here. I don't like to eat kiwi because of the overly sweet and sour taste, and I guess I don't like it in perfume either. I tried to like this because a) it was really cheap at TJ Maxx, b) everyone seems to love it, I thought I was missing out, and c) white chocolate and cupcakes!! But no, I just can't because of that awful, synthetic, sourness. My final straw came when I smelled this on someone else, I couldn't stand it. I mean, it was no worse than when I tried it myself, but I guess when it was on someone else there was no convincing myself that I can smell lovely white chocolate and cupcakes, it's all kiwi and sugar.

That said, I remember this back in middle school, and it was really, REALLy sweet, but not sour, so I guess it's been reformulated to death. Also, I can't understand for the life of me how this is considered sexy, but guys seem to love it.

Flash Jimmy Choo by blackw0lfx 2014-04-17

so weird! tuberose, strawberry, pepper, and lily. i think its the strawberry in there making it weird on me. i think its a fine fragrance. suited towards an under 40 yr old crowd. i think a little too much tuberose for my tastes. business professional all the way to casual. okay the more i smell it the more i am drawn to it. so weird! i think this could be worn day or night. i think it would make a great party fragrance. while it does seem a little young it doesnt come off as trashy to me. like a young rich girl going to party. i think this might be perfect with jeans and a trendy top.

Wonderwood Comme des Garcons by VanMarlton 2014-04-17

Remarkable stuff, one of my most used bottles these days. Perfect combination of woods and pepper. +1 on the similarity to Gucci Rush. Very similar vibe in the drydown.

Lasts a long time on me and sillage is pretty good. A must have if you are into woody fragrances, cause this is THE best woody fragrance ever, imo.

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by fighter 2014-04-17

Finally, after many months desiring this, I've put my hands (and nose) on this cute perfume!

ABOUT THE BOTTLE: First, I have to say, this bottle design is AMAZING. I own a 30 ml and it's so precious. I love the colors, I love the shape, I love the lead. I also was impressed by the golden sprayer. It's a very beautiful luxury gold accent not a plastic or a fake gold color. Also: the plastic cap looks like it's crystal. Fantastic.

ABOUT THE JUICE: Well...I agree with who said that at first sniff this smells exactly like glue...totally true!! Hopefully this weird sensation disappears after three minutes giving space for a fresh-green mixture of citrus, lavander and some flowers I can't distinguish. After 30 minutes a nice sweetness seems to join the party; I guess it's the dark chocolate note mixed with Lilly of the valley. And this is the moment I enjoy the most. Very elegant, very spring time, very green. In the dry down a light accord of woody elements and amber make their entrance but by the time they arrive the fragrance is quite gone.

OVERALL: I am not "impressed" but I have to say I REALLY do like it. I think it's a perfect spring time fragrance with a good quality of ingredients. It's also appropriate to wear at work as it is not offensive or particularly strong. Quite different from the other celebrity scents I've smelled so far it definitely adds some originality to my collection!

Peccatrice Hilde Soliani by Roge' 2014-04-17

What is Peccatrice? It's the nighttime cuddly, comforting, peaceful, soothing so you can rest medicine. Where there's Peccatrice there's pepper and the pepper double dutches throughout the duration(hesitates to fully jump in). Within all the spicy glory that Peccatrice seems to offer, it remains as humble as a dove. Price Tag Amnesia: Is this fragrance sexy enough to where it would make you forget the price? The answer is no. Too safe for my taste. I need more CGI, more stunts and more explosions. Interestingly, the wild fennel lends its sweetness by creating a plummy Opus I like vibe throughout. Final conclusion: This frag gets the shoulder shrug but in a positive way(if that makes sense).

Instinct David & Victoria Beckham by tfox64 2014-04-17

A pleasant, light fragrance. Works best in Spring/Daytime for me. It stays pretty close to the skin. Lasts 4-5 hours on me. Good office scent. I doubt this one will offend anyone.

Bay Rum C.O.Bigelow by Dorian Maciborski 2014-04-17

Very pleasant spice heavy bay rum. In fact, the bay really takes a back seat for a short while before the spices stop dominating. All in all I'd love to have it, but it is such a 'fleeting' scent. Whoever listed it as very long lasting must have been making some sort of joke. By definition an Eau de Cologne cannot do that. 1 hour max before skin scent for a couple more.

Juicy Couture Malibu Juicy Couture by Hannehoney 2014-04-17

You know what?....I have serious problems how to describe how much I love this perfume.. This is summer in a bottle! It is not heavy or strong, it stays close to the skin, a sweet fruity scent, perfect for summer :)

Lady Million Eau My Gold! Paco Rabanne by joao_vic100 2014-04-17

La Panthere, it's you?

Madame Rochas Rochas by moreorlessa 2014-04-17

Stunning. Madame Rochas is very soapy, botanical, crisp, fresh, clean, powdery and woody. Very old school and distinctive, but still airy and delicate, which you wouldn't usually expect from a chypre.

Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea Guerlain by taniatex 2014-04-17

I'd like someone to answer my doubts .... This fragrance can be splashed with ease? Or it becomes too strong?Thanks

Arabian Wood Tom Ford by alchemist1976stephanie 2014-04-17

Wonderful soapy scent with a naturalness that keeps it from coming off synthetic. I wouldn't call it overly feminine but I can see how some might think of it more on the femme side as it is a very well rounded scent. No sharpness or harsh notes to speak of. That said, it is also strong so it's not for the faint of heart but it sure will make you weak in the knees.

Sillage 8/10
Longevity 10/10
Smell 9/10

I do agree!!! Tacky !!


Shalimar Guerlain by lauren.gonzalez.963 2014-04-17

It seems like everything I like needed a second chance for me to try it. Whenever I would try this out, I wouldn't wait 5 minutes before Id wash it off, but after hearing a little background history of Shalimar I wanted to test it out again.

The reason I wouldn't let it sit on my skin is that the opening was SO harshly leather/tire, and I couldn't take it. But waiting 20 minutes or so I can now smell the main note as a wonderful sweet vanilla with a slightly powdery smokey scent a the tail end and in some whifs, a tad of jasmine or honey that resembles sweet tea.

I can see people who love Dior addict, and YSL Cinema liking this too. I believe either the packaging or the opening has dubbed it an "old lady" scent in the minds of a lot of younger people, and I used to think the same, but I never let it settle.


Terracotta Le Parfum Guerlain by hanson26 2014-04-17

I was at the Guerlain counter buying makeup, when I noticed this on display with the new summer makeup. I'd never heard of it before, and sure enough it's brand new! Wow, I love it though. I've been searching for the perfect "beach" scent for years and I think I finally found it. This is not suntan lotion or seawater, it's a soft, floral tropical breeze and sun-warmed skin. This is truly vacation in a bottle. Much, much better than other attempts, like Bronze Goddess et al. which are never authentic enough.

Today Avon by k8r8r 2014-04-17

It starts out very fresh and green, then softens and turns and creamy and elegant upon dry down. My fave Avon frag so far. Another reviewer, @Lilah Veil said it's Rare Pearls repackaged. Interesting. I'll have to check it out, thanks! Reminds me of Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia by Estée Lauder.

Truth Calvin Klein by alchemist1976stephanie 2014-04-17

Ah, at last I have reclaimed my love! Every bit as fresh, clean and wonderful as I remember it all those years ago. The scent memory always remained and now even the reformulation, it still has the same effect on me....
The vision.... A lazy Sunday morning with light filtering through my living room through linen white sheers. Me in a creamy soft, thinly threaded sweater and cotton boy shorts lounging in the glow of warm sunlight with the scent of fresh laundry and crisp late spring air surrounding me.
This is such a comforting scent to me without being heavy or warm. It will forever remain in my heart.

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah by Radchick 2014-04-17

This is a boozy, warm, spicy vanilla. A true oriental, there are no flowers coming through for me. There is a touch of patchouli to this, but nothing too obvious. I love the drydown. The sandalwood really comes out for me, and it turns into a very warm, cozy spicy skin scent. This lasts quite a long time on me, a good 6 hour or more. The longer I wear this, the better I think it smells. It’s spicy and warm, and mildly sweet, just the way I like. Such a treat for such an affordable scent.

Avon Today + Avon Tomorrow = In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon.

I have owned all three of them and TODAY is the only one I kept. The other two have too much musk with my chemistry. It's a nice enough frag but I prefer a crisp, fresh floral.

Philosykos Diptyque by alchemist1976stephanie 2014-04-17

Coconut water and milk! Yum! Just enough green in it to make it very fresh smelling. A wonderful summer fragrance! A great scent for anyone who wants a coconut-y feel without turning suntan lotion. I look forward to wearing this as the weather gets warmer!

Like first. Then, was fine.

Vanilla Fields Coty by Barbarasvc 2014-04-17

simply - a MASTERPIECE !

Gucci Premiere Gucci by Akarui_hana 2014-04-17

Sexy is the best word to describe it. It's a very urban, glamorous and modern scent that is easy to wear at any time. I received many compliments wearing this perfume. It is a luxurious and well balanced blend between white flowers, sandalwood and patchouli. It lasts a long time and projects well. One of my favorite fragrances.

Mediterranean Fig Pacifica by alchemist1976stephanie 2014-04-17

At first, I detected a very petrol like oiliness, it softens out but stays very mildly in the background as it drys down. The fragrance itself is a warm slightly greener fig but it becomes to heavy for my liking. I prefer the freshness of philosykos better.

Tumulte Christian Lacroix by spritzedsilly 2014-04-17

I Was given a sample of this beauty. Oh , how I love it ! Sweet powdery roses, and patchouli. I have been saving ,hoarding it , taking it out for a little spritz once in a blue moon .I need to just go ahead and get a fb . I adore it.

Coccobello James Heeley by alchemist1976stephanie 2014-04-17

Save your money and buy a 5dollar can of AXE dark temptation instead. It's identical. This gave me an instant headache. Great for the guys though, not so much for the women.

White Musk For Men The Body Shop by Chicago Tony T 2014-04-17

Very good spring/summer scent. Longevity is better than I expected. Great powderey drydown albeit a bit musky. I prefer it over MIP. No complaints here

Prada Candy Florale Prada by blueviolet 2014-04-17

I was excited to try this. As the assistant sprayed it on my wrist all I got was generic light flowers. I thought I would let it dry down before I judge it, but as it developed it just turned into to a almost almond milky light scent. I get no caramel, not the caramel that is in the original anyway. It is quite bland, Im a bit disappointed. It reminds me more of Elie Saab l'couture. Very light very spring...but also a bit generic. It seems to becoming a trend.

Soft Al-Rehab by Akarui_hana 2014-04-17

Ok, this was an impulse purchase! I have never liked gourmand perfumes but since I began collecting Al Rehabs and they are so incredibly affordable I though "What the hell, let's experiment!". Sooo not the type of perfume for me! I can't really say that I am sorry for getting it though. I wear this rarely, on cold days when the weather is moody and I get to stay home, then I get to smile at the smell of cakes that surrounds me for hours. It is very persistent and the sillage is huge, I appreciate that. I would never wear it outside the house though but if you like smelling like a sugary vanilla cupcake and you are into gourmand perfumes then you might fall in love with this one.

Polo Blue Sport Ralph Lauren by Chicago Tony T 2014-04-17

OK at best. Apples and mint with a hint of spice. Nothing new and very typical of RL. A very safe scent for the newbies.

Challenge Lacoste by popescuionut100 2014-04-17

Smells cheap,like Axe deodorant.It's fresh but boring,generic and flat.
And 7 ppl dragged that slider to VERY long lasting...really???
I doubt that anyone gets 12h + out of this one.After 30 minutes it fades quickly so maybe,just maybe, you can get 2-3 hours ,top!

PASS,no challenge here !

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by k8r8r 2014-04-17

Yummy! Love, love, LOVE IT!!! that is all...

Silver Al-Rehab by Akarui_hana 2014-04-17

This is not a girly girl perfume, I see this on a powerful, independent and confident woman that knows what she wants and how to get it. It is crisp, very fresh but with a mysterious undertone that makes it quite appealing. I for one like it very much and I am amazed by how persistent it is. This might be the ultimate summer scent that I have been looking for! I can see it cooling my senses with its iciness when the heat seems to melt down mountains around me. It's supposed to be unisex and I can easily see it being worn by a guy too but I think it would compliment a lady much better.

Fracas Robert Piguet by mirrorghost 2014-04-17

i am re-trying fracas for the first time in years. i remember finding a mini bottle at a marshall's(!) back in the late 80s or early 90s when i was a young teen, and i loved and cherished that little bottle for years.

i still really like fracas, but it is a bit different than i remember, or my memory could be hazy, but i get mostly gardenia backed up by tuberose, but the gardenia has a bit of a waxy/creaminess to it that smells a little weird with my skin chemistry at first. the creaminess tapers off however, and i am left with a powdery gardenia-iris musk with hints of the tuberose leftover.

this is a beautiful scent, and one of the more purely femme white florals that i can wear and love.

I commented on the wrong one(comme une evidence), this is comfusing, but still like it, the green in this one is quite fresh, somewhat sharp, it's refreshing, but not sexy.

Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci by In mood 2014-04-17

I like this perfume. It's sweet but not so sweet as Flowerbomb or Fancy. There is something in it that reminds me of a good red wine.

David Yurman Fragrance David Yurman by In mood 2014-04-17

It's a very sour, bitter perfume. Old-fashioned, I must say.

This perfume to smells like a creamy, milky, vanilla sort of lotion. In particular I think of a less sugary version of sugar wafer by Tutti Dolci. The vanilla is definitely creamy, slightly buttery even, it's not super sweet, but it's not like it's unsweetened either.
Vanille Extreme EDT catches me a lot of compliments, praticularly guys. I think a perfume like this meshes well with my chemistry because in a way it kind of reminds me of creamy, sweet skin.
The perfume is light and I spray it around my shoulders and neck to create a halo of scent, I wear 5 sprays. The fragrance lasts about 5-6 hours before I reapply sometime after lunch.

Gold Leather Atelier Cologne by Houdini4 2014-04-17

Massively strong boozy opening of whisky and I mean malty, to me this doesn't smell of rum.
It has got a leather accord mixed in there with Guaiac wood and oud adding to the overall highland, cask aged single malt feel.
I don't think this perfume is beautiful or balanced just quite harsh especially in the opening but it does dry down to an interesting, luxurious and powerful scent.
So Gold Leather is a full on fragrance, no holds barred on the leather front either, it's pretty intoxicating in more than one sense of the word!
I'd have to try it again but it's certainly a contender for my collection because of it's uniqueness. It might be a little too much on the boozy side though for me...only time will tell.

Sadine Blend Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by drouhin 2014-04-17

A spicy but non-animalic oud provides solid support for a quite sweet and prominent rose. This is an easy to enjoy mukhallat that doesn't sacrifice quality for the sake of accessibility. For those who are interested in trying high end Arabian mukhallats made with real oud, Sadine Blend would be a fine introduction. Outstanding projection/longevity. The tiniest drop will last all day.

It is discontinued by ASAQ but still available as "Sadeen Blend" through, a reliable US-based reseller of high-end Arabian oils. No affiliation other than as a happy customer.

Ancian Rosa Durance de Provence by Mellyhelly 2014-04-17

So classic style old rose. A good one if you like that old French granny style (not said in a bad way), it smells clean and a little dusty roses. It will take you to a different time and place when ladies wanted to smell like flowers and wore soliflores. It's a bit aggressive in the opening then it settles quite nicely, still very classic rose edT.

Angel Thierry Mugler by Amberlynn4 2014-04-17

When I first sprayed this, my first thought was that it smelled like B.O., or like I didn't have on deodorant. But yet, oddly, there is also something that smells beautiful about it. After the initial dry down it smells less like B.O. and more like a lovely and beautiful fragrance that I can't stop smelling on my wrists! It's confusing!

Ambre Fleuri Durance de Provence by Mellyhelly 2014-04-17

I like this classic amber quite enough. A little bit loud in the opening and very very classic style amber of grannies' memory. It smells French amber with a tad of powder/talcum, clean, cold, not far from elegance but a little abused as a scent.

R de Rose Acorelle by Mellyhelly 2014-04-17

I like this rose scent enough to wear, but nothing stunning here. It's fresh and a little pungent in the opening, so nothing like a voluptuous warm rose. If you like rosey scents with lots of geranium and a raspberry edge this is nice. Not so long lasting, only average and little sillage.

Ambre Nue Atelier Cologne by Houdini4 2014-04-17

A really nice fragrance and one of my first adventures into Atelier cologne. Quick comment on the bottle, it's big and quite bland but with a nice touch of that leathery feeling stopper.
Pleasant warm oriental notes, resinous benzoin and with slightly floral top notes mixed with mandarin orange. Ambre nue is very nice but doesn't blow me away it's a solid effort. A bit of a typical slightly more feminine leaning amber with a slight feel of Elixir des Merevilles, this is better though.
All in all very good...plenty of nice amber scents out there.

Realities Liz Claiborne by Carnelian 2014-04-17

It's very sharp first on, but even after the drydown, it has an chemical edge I can't appreciate. Alas, my nose translates this as some generic, but pretty, floral notes, I can pick out rose and violet, and a dusty talcum powder, but alongside a strong chemical note that is something like nail polish. Very synthetic to my nose. It was from a new, unused bottle from the store, and I tried it a couple of times hoping it would be different the next time, but no luck.

Vanille Ambree Acorelle by Mellyhelly 2014-04-17

I like this one, but I was expecting too much maybe with such a name. Not that I expected to smell real amberbris, of course, but still it's a little bit disappointing on that side.
It smells like good homemade cookies then fades away and you're left only with a faint vanilla, not the candy synthetical one anyway. Good enough.

To my nose the new Blu outperfoms the regular one. First, it smells nothing like the previous version. Second, this is a sporty, fresh variation of Armani Code. Acqua Essenziale Blu starts fresh and lemony soon becoming sweeter with a prominent tonka note from Armani Code. Smelling juicy, orange-y on paper the fragrance is warm, powdery on skin and more complex than Code. Good sillage and longevity.

Eau Noire Dior by Scentmad 2014-04-17

I bought this when it was released. I wore it a couple of times - love masculine fragrances and I love spice so it seemed like a no-brainer that I would love this, sadly - just didn't work with my chemistry so I had to rehome it. Shame really, it just turned into curried coffee on me - very bitter notes that just gave me a headache. I am still not over the disappointment..... it SHOULD have suited me! LOL.

Lotus Bambou Acorelle by Mellyhelly 2014-04-17

Nice one, so easy to wear, feminine, uplifting and lasting enough. It opens with a burst of citruses, but not offensive. On my skin it becomes much sweeter after a while. It smells a bit like lotus flower e.o. but sweeter. Not longlasting but more longlasting than others in the same line.

Amber Elixir Night Oriflame by daniela_hct 2014-04-17

So strong and masculin, balsamic indeed! It has no delicacy, no finesse, no sublety, no refinement. This fragrance it is only a statement of strenght. Definitely a big NO for me.

Place Vendôme Boucheron by Leek 2014-04-17 at first sniff!
I love everything about this perfume: the gorgeous bottle, the cap (a true Boucheron cap), the juice.
It starts off very loverdose-y in my opinion. Maybe it's the jasmine. Anyway it is super sweet at the beginning. But whereas Loverdose takes the sweet chocolatey direction, PV takes the honeyish sparkling floral direction. It gets even more gorgeous then.
Sillage is not huge, but is moderate. Longevity is great, I keep sniffing my wrist and can't have enough of it.
I love almost everything that Boucheron releases, and this is no exception.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by Niazy 2014-04-17

First I don't like long story comment
I want to say about this fragrance it lasts so long and smiellsnice and all woman love it and u will get a lot of compliments and every one will smell it on u will love it but for me and most me will not like it wear because it a bit sweet and we like woody citrus and classic perfumes like channel and hermes
I'm a man and have this perfume I don't love it too much I get a long compliment and good comment

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel by riffjim4069 2014-04-17

Overall Edition Blanche is an excellent, and unique, Spring/Summer fragrance. I keep hearing how this one smells like Lemon Cream Pie but, on my skin, it smells like a lemon aromatic blended with a touch of cedar and sandalwood. Although it has a nice creamy vibe, to my nose the vanilla, pink pepper and white musk are not prominent---hardly detectable---they just blend-in to support that creamy vibe.

To be honest, I don't love the opening since it reminds me of lemon pledge. Fortunately, that opening stanza lasts only a few minutes as it changes into something delightful. Moreover, this scent is so much better than the lemon cream comparisons I've heard mentioned as it is not a gourmond. The more I wear this scent, the more I love it. The longevity is weak to average and it only projects for 1-2 hours before sitting close to my skin. However, that's fine with me this type of classy warm-weather scent.

Aventus Creed by estewart51 2014-04-17

After several tries of Aventus (I just sprayed it on 10 minutes ago as I write this) I can not surrender to the hype of this one. I must be the only one here that cannot get past the overwhelming smell of smoke and burning fruit. I could go as far as saying Aventus is very very harsh in the opening.

The fruity notes are there but they are covered in musk and fire. Ok - after some time, 25-30 minutes the fruit finally comes forward a bit more and Aventus becomes more bearable. I guess this is just one of those frags that you have to let develop over time, otherwise there's a chance you won't like it. It gets many of its points for being unique and not like many other fragrances. No longevity issues on my skin and its powerful enough to not need any reapplication.

Aventus is NOT safe blind buy, this one is all over the place for me. I'm in between not liking it, really liking it, and just not being sure.


Love by Kilian By Kilian by pigletia 2014-04-17

It is very sweet - I am not usually a fan of ultra-sweet and this is borderline for me. It has some spicy notes and a really interesting marine undertone, which make it interesting, but I am not sure I would wear it again. The sillage is moderate and it lasts a long time - I have worn it all day and it has not dissipated but a little.

Oasis Warm Sunset Oriflame by marcela86 2014-04-17

This is nice and pleasent, if you like sweet scents. It was a blind buy, I thought it would be fresher and more floral according to the notes. Nothing original or earthshaking, it's similar with C-THRU parfumes, but I like it a lot.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by Pinot Noir 2014-04-17

Light Blue was my first perfume, though I had a sentimental feeling for that. It´s nice, gentle, feminine. Ideal for those who like fruity scents and
can´t decide. I got a little bit tired of it because it became very popular and many people wore it. And after several months it changed into very bad citrusy-like something, even though I didn´t keep it on the light. But I would buy it again!

Un Bois Vanille Serge Lutens by EternityFresh 2014-04-17

I really love vanilla scented perfumes and this one smells delicious. My husband bought this for me in NYC and I was so excited because it was my first Serge Lutens! If that wasn't enough after I told the sales lady that I was taking one my husband told me to pick another one out! Omg!! I was going crazy with happiness of owning two Serge Lutens and so I chose Chergui, also a wonderful perfume..I love my man!

40 Knots Xerjoff by Houdini4 2014-04-17

Amazing fragrance!!!
Absolutely amazing!!!

This is simply brilliant The JTC has a third knockout!
Ivory route, More than words, now this what a treat.

My first impression was PRADA LUNA ROSSA EXTREME, I love that fragrance and never imagined a classier more upmarket version that was released over a year before...this is it!

40 Knots has a marine accord without the tiresome awful cheapness of designer marine fragrances(excluding LUNA ROSSA), it is even a little salty at first. It's so much more than I'd anticipated, 40 knots has a deep amber base which shines throughout, it feels opulent and warm. It even has a hot sweetness of cinnamon or clove running through it.
Projection and longevity were very good.
I would wear this... if I could afford it.
I can't get all three... that would be ridiculous! I'm not sure I want any either? I'm on the fence as much as I've enjoyed them.
Fingers crossed Birdie will excite me too because that would top off a predominately good range of fragrances from Xerjoff.
Are they worth the money?
These are for people that if you have to worry about the price you can't afford it!

Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel by Toogle 2014-04-17

Like black XS but much more sweet, if you are addict to sweet and warm fragrances, this can be your favorite.. Nice parfume but not incredible or unique.

smell= 5/10
Longevity= 6/10
Bottle = 10/10

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by madgefan 2014-04-17

Just got this. Doesn't remind me of Black Orchid at all. It's very lovely though. It's like a calmer, sweeter, more floral version of Coco by Chanel. It's got an adult, mellow floral vibe to it, mixed with animalic notes. Maybe that's the suede I'm smelling. It has a pungency to it, but it's not overpowering. The only thing in common I'd say this has with Black Orchid is that they're both bold scents, but Velvet Orchid would be considered much more wearable. I love this perfume because do I love scents that have a skanky animal note to them.

Dune Dior by SolangeN 2014-04-17

Tested this for the first time yesterday and was surprised at how close to Laura Biagiotti's Roma it is. Almost an exact dupe except Roma is less cloying and has a fresher citrus note running through it.

Dream Angels Divine Victoria`s Secret by bonnie52 2014-04-17

I love the clean, soapy scent! I got many compliments when wearing it. Divine!!

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by Berith 2014-04-17

I just love the citrus opening. Just perfect for spring and
summer. After a while a subtile flower combines with a breeze
of aquatic sensation. The perfume changes into a soft, but
delicious fragrance for all year round.
The base slightly musk, woody but fresh.
It stays on my skin all day long. I'm in love!
This is what I need to complete my perfume wardrobe.

Basic Instinct Victoria`s Secret by bonnie52 2014-04-17

I love Basic Instinct! I can't tell you what individual scents I smell as I am not good at that. I can say that I don't understand why there are reviews on here that say it smells like old lady. To me, it is a very unique, very sexy scent. I will definitely buy again when mine runs out.

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