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Toy Moschino by cpg93 2017-02-27

i find the packaging very unpractical

Daisy Marc Jacobs by cpg93 2017-02-27

I've been looking for something to replace my beloved discontinued rio de janeiro by michae kors, and i think this might be it. I need to try it again, though... i was trying on a lot of different stuff, so it became confusing. Some of the notes are the same, wich is nice! But i don't think it's as exciting. I'm worried about the longevity of it, based on the reviews, but it's all a matter of trying it on again. it seemed beautiful on my elbow (the rest of my arm was already covered in other fragrances)

Aventus Creed by Fleike 2017-02-27

This perfume is not very well known, outside of certain turns of niche for ignorant and credulous people in the field of perfumery. When an expert nose feels Aventus, always says this is a smell for detergent, I think so: a smell cheap frag. whose success in sales lies, and in the high price without any real reason. Aventus? Not worth 10 dollars, including the box.

Toy Moschino by cpg93 2017-02-27

This is a magnificent scent. Somehow it manages to be fresh and warm at the same time. It lasts long and evolves a lot, at least on my skin. It's definetly unisex, although a bit on the masculine side for someone like me, who is used to wearing very feminine fragrances... I would wear it, but not everyday, I guess, only for that reason. It would be very very sexy on a male. Strong, but not overpowering, with lots of subtleties

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by Sxaninha 2017-02-27

it smells similar to Lacoste Eau Sensuelle :) It's delicious

Dior messed up with this "exquisite creation" wannabe. This is everything but no elixir at all...A chemical rose sorbet from the beginning to the end when it transform into a cheap liqueur with a "Youth Dew" vibe. Nothing to clap your hands for and for sure a shame for this price. You can t pay hundred of euros for a nice bottle and a lie inside, sorry. NEVER buy this blind, it might be the biggest regret in your life. As a rose lover, this is something I can refuse even as a gift, sorry.
One of the worst exclusive collection of elixirs.

Easy Krizia Krizia by polly golightly 2017-02-27

mi piaceva moltissimo, parecchi anni fa, indossare questo profumo che mi ricorda inesorabilmente vecchie estati. ai tempi mi piacevano molto le fragranze fresche, un po' maschili, e questa, che ho scovato da uno dei miei pusher di profumi, benchè commercializzata come femminile era, ed è tuttora secondo me, una di quelle che prescindono il genere e che starebbero benissimo addosso ad un uomo. è un profumo verde, ma anche fruttato e polposo senza essere dolce, agrumato di arancia, speziato di pepe rosa ma anche legnoso. un accordo decisamente originale, ovviamente fuori produzione, e tutt'ora per me assai gradevole. buono!

Mercedes Benz Man Blue Mercedes-Benz by SirMasterpiece 2017-02-27

Sir Michel Almairac, may I ask a honest to the bone...WHY?

Quorum Antonio Puig by CElmlund 2017-02-27

Quorum is a beast in a cage pacing back and forth waiting to be unleashed. Wearing it says "I'm approachable, but tread lightly", and it's a good monday cologne for that reason. :) It might not garner a ton of compliments, but it does demand respect and if you are a late bloomer a few of sprays of Quorum will catch you up and put hair on your chest. This is pure man in a 3.4oz bottle that I love, respect and at times fear. Quorum is a great addition to anyones collection, but there is a chance it might start slapping around the other colognes.
I should note that I have 2 vintage bottles and cannot speak to the new stuff.

Absinthium L`Erbolario by Cerise Noire 2017-02-27

I was super drawn to this but it turns out I don't have to buy it because it smells exactly like the good old well known Felce Azzurra products that I already use. I love this powdery, herbal sweetness. Makes me feel so clean and calm.

Mercedes Benz Man Blue Mercedes-Benz by m.t.alkawa 2017-02-27

What an ugly bottle!

Entre Ciel et Mer Pierre Guillaume by Kraemer 2017-02-27

A soft whisper of cool air, warm woods, and ancient, algae filled salt water. An intimate, modern, and slightly dirty aquatic that's subtle and great for wear during the summer. The salt and woods begin to fade as the scent dries down with the scent becoming floral.

Histoire D`Amour Aubusson by Fragaria 2017-02-27

This has killer strength! If you spray too heavily, then you will never know how lovely this is. It's clean, it's soap, it's snowy whiteness in a bottle. If you want skanky, it ain't here.
This is from the 80's eh? Smells more like 1800's to me. It's got personality. It's like a Victorian home that has been through many families. There is birth, love, dreams, death, a flurry of memories...happy, sad, painful. This perfume is the breath you draw in.
Old lady? I am sure that is what everyone will say when I wear this. I see/smell life in the past. It's a black and white movie in my head, with color accents.
I'm closed minded. I don't give much of a chance to anything I don't love immediately, including people.
There's an inner-sense one has, some stronger than others. Mine is strong. I thought when I first sprayed it, GRAMMA! And she wasn't a lovely, kind, gentle grandmother. She was bitter, cold, and joyless, from a hard life. I now can appreciate her, and this scent.
You can't know miserable unless you've experienced a very bad flu with activity north and south at the same time. You can't know the feeling or even be empathetic. This perfume is the feeling, empathy, memory of all a person can hold dear...or not. It's joy and fear, it's just so special to me.
The bottle is lovely. If there is a way you can give this a chance, please do try. Close your eyes and let your mind experience and imagine another world. You might be glad you did!
This is a library of hand cranked music in a scary world of heavy metal. Go back...enjoy!

Spirit for Woman Antonio Banderas by Satinne 2017-02-27

When I read all the comments I thought I had to try this, so I got it. To be honest, nothing special or unique about it. Smells cheap. Safe, just some fragrance that you notice, forget and never remember.. I'll probably gonna use it as a toilet refresher... I just dont see any point of spraying it on me, as the staying power is up to 2hours, and you cant tell exactly what the smell is all about, and you dont feel like: "Wow, I want more!" This was a blind buy. If you have absolutely nothing to wear, this one will do... So, in conclusion, not worth wasting money...

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by daegwynn.1 2017-02-27

Spritzed some on about an hour ago and here are my first impressions:

It's definitely a Guerlain. It has this comforting, sensual vibe most Guerlains share, and it's feminine rather than girly, despite the pink. It could have been golden, of course. There's quite a lot of powdery vanilla and the lavender is prominent. It reminds me a little bit of Shalimar Souffle. All in all nothing special, but very nice. I think I'll choose this over other "pinkies", i.e. Flowerbomb, La Vie Est Belle etc as it has a lot more class (l love those other ones too btw).

I'm expecting major longevity here and the projection is decent.

A likeable scent, definitely, and I'm sure it will be popular.

Exclusive Oud Zara by meama 2017-02-27

Another good one from Zara, If you like this genre of Western oud, very similar to Ideal Oud by Mizensir for 1/20e of the price.

Hedonist Viktoria Minya by Jenny.Baby 2017-02-27

It is a hot perfume in a figurative and common sens of the word. Common sens meaning that this perfume makes the cold days warmer. Also it is a perfume that gives you that hedonist and also horny feeling.
The notes are quite hard for me to mention. It opens with sweet, than it moves to something less sweet when a different aroma comes up, it is a kind of rum aroma.
It gives the feeling of tasting and observing this perfume.

From this initial stage, the perfume takes you to another level of beautiful hot scents: orange, tobacco.

Love it, adore it, unique.

Honey Marc Jacobs by deadxxxmoon 2017-02-27

This fragrance smells absolutely juicy, delicious and addicting. Be careful to spray it on yourself sparingly or the smell can get a bit too strong.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked Madonna by Synesthesia 2017-02-27

I recieved this parfume today. The initial spray reminds me a lot of Hypnotic Poison by Dior...Then after a while, it turned into something more candy floral...Poison was totally gone. And then after a 10 minutes it changed again. I can smell some cocoa, jam, and little bit of some kind of pepper and menthol? It is not listed here, but... On a paper it smelled so different than it turned on my skin. Actually this is a lot of stronger on my skin. It´s not bad. For me it´s the ever changing scent.

Zara Zen Garden Zara by meama 2017-02-27

Again a hidden tresor if you take the courage to try the Zara perfumes. A really nice green and woody iris, dry, almost mineral (Iris Bleu Gris but less soapy). It's elegant with a very good projection and longevity and it's totally unisex + it's a bargain!

Red Musk Oud The Body Shop by iamoir 2017-02-27

I just wonder why women aren't wearing Red Musk Oud.
It's a very beautiful, amazing scent.

Starts heavy but softens and softens ever so slightly as time passes, until it stays close to skin. It lingers very well. Very sensual after-drydown.

One thing: these is no oud in here, so the ones who came for oud will be disappointed, and that's totally understandable. But, don't dismiss it completely and try to wear it for the day.

A blast of spice, amber and medicine. The medicine will tame,'s there. Even when it's settled on the skin, you get the medicine thingy. I approve of it,in fact it's the exact reason I picked it.

Patchouli in my opinion is far more prominent than the voting indicates, the overall blend is not thaaat incensey, so don't worry, you won't be a walking church. Very good take on a balsamic perfume; I myself love balsamics and wasn't disappointed by Red Musk Oud. Who would have though tobacco+cinammon+cedar could be that sensual? You will smell the olibanum more in the late drydown.

Projection is very good for the first three hours, after that it stays close to the skin

Cherry Mary Greenwell by shushkin 2017-02-27

Considering the notes listed I was expecting a more heavy fragrance. It opens with the sweet juicy smell of a real cherry and a touch of blackberry. I could have sworn I detected the orchid note. Sweet, fresh, juicy and a touch sour. Quite girly.
This stage becomes less intense and then I get some musk, vanilla and patch. You would be forgiven to think it becomes much heavier but no. I get a little bergamot and lily of the valley that prevent it becoming heavy. I'm rather fond of the licorice note but it's more low key than I was expecting and the musk is more strong.
Average longevity and silage. I think it's perfect for a spring evening.

Intense Cherry Montale by Constansa 2017-02-27

probably expected too much from this. it was a blind buy just imagining how nice it should smell black cherry and knowing the compositions and smell of other Montale perfumes. but... fruity - yes, cherry - yes. but definitely not this black juicy cherry. something soft spring wise, but nothing really intense. i expected a bit more sweet but also missed that. glad i bought only small bottle of this (20ml). would say it will be nice summer perfume (other Montale in my opinion may not be a proper summer ones).

Treehouse Royal Pinrose by dsty 2017-02-27

I had high expectations of Treehouse Royal, having seen it compared to Byredo's Pulp somewhere. And I do get where that comparison is coming from, as the combination of juicy fruit notes and strong woody ones is definitely the core concept of this one as well, but that's about all they have in common. And unlike Pulp, which is wildly exuberant if anything, this failed to make much of an impression on me the first couple of times I tried it. In fact I forgot I was wearing it most of the time: not a great sign!
Today I used the last of my sample, and so I forced myself to pay more attention because I wanted to make up my mind and review it. Having done so, I can confirm what others also seem to have noticed: it starts off kind of like Un Jardin en Mediterranee, only with a little fruitiness thrown in and slightly synthetic-smelling, and a little too weak for my taste. And that's the way it goes on, only gradually becoming warmer and less sharp. The notes go together well, and there's a lot to like there, but for me it just never quite falls into place. It might be that I didn't use enough, or that I just prefer stronger scents and this one is too subtle for me, but I have to agree with another reviewer: this is good, but not great, and sampling was enough for me.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by Deppaholic 2017-02-27

Just wanted to add about this fragrance, from my previous review. I am on my 4th bottle of this, and took to heart the recommendation from another review, to buy the Chanel No 5 body oil, which on it's self, has many legs and is gorgeous, but it does ground L'eau, and gives it a little more staying power, plus the fact that I can smell it too! That's the backbone that I like. Love it or hate it, or never tried? Give it a whirl. I love it. I'm down to very bottles anymore that I am really still am chained to. I'm slowly unloading my stash.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum Chanel by iamoir 2017-02-27

The claims for the fragrance and the reality...
Drydown: lovely soft ylang, delicate rose and a polite jasmine on waxy aldehydes. Nothing else except this.

Which is not bad, but it definitely cannot compete with other houses' creations, and I'm not talking about fruitchoulis or full on gourmands or orientals because the comparison obviously would be unfair.

This is not your woody heaven, do not come over here for the woody base. Chanel did it again with their notes: vetiver barely vetiver, a mih meh sandalwood, an oakmoss ashamed being here and a patchouli in itsy bitsy tiny doses, so clean and refined as always for Chanel, that I don't blame myself for not smelling it; I would swear there is no patch in here...

Powdery? Not really. Girls and ladies who fear baby powder, fear no more. Because for that powdery thang you need more prominent oakmoss, iris and neroli. And since Chanel are cautious with the use of the notes, the powdery thang cannot be achieved here.

It is indeed full on softly floral and settles with waxy aldehydes, that are initially sparkly, but settle waxy. The overall blend is pretty and inoffensive. Truly it is unique in between the mish mash of gourmands today. They could have done a stronger juice. It feels light on the skin, easily worn in the summer. Personally I like the opening a lot: that shot of sparkly waxy aldehydes I would want it to settle just like that plus the already existing rose and jasmine, and maybe they could amplify the ylang more. It would be even more beautiful if layered with fruity perfumes. Any floral works with fruity.

As for the jasmine, I came to the conclusion, after testing Chanels, that Grasse jasmine is the clean one, non indolic, not fleshy, not meaty, not sensual. If you want a stripped jasmine and not a heavy/indolic one, do try any Chanel, you won't be disappointed.

The Jacque Polge edition should not be considered old-laidy-ish at all. It reminds you or an old-type perfume but it's remixed in a contemporary floral result. Much better than Eau Premiere and L'eau. To me version Polge is already light and the flankers waaaaay too light.

Now, if you happen to like the overall scent of N 5 but find that It lacks potency/ pungency, in other words you find it plain and moderate, try:
• Ysatis Givenchy: far more potent and complex, long lasting, ylang for real and honeyed flowers. Very sensual.
• 24 Faubourg Hermes: a superior blend of lush and unrelenting flowers. Well they do soften, don't worry, but after the fifth hour of wear. Otherwise, once you spritz it...that is it!
• Knowing Estee Lauder: a WOODY fragrance, with rose and mimosa, and the real deal oakmoss and patchouli.
I pick any of these over Chanel any day.

Chanel really need to create a powerhouse perfume. They don't have one honestly. And they should also create intense/absolue flankers as well.

Passport Paris Paris Hilton by Sammi_co 2017-02-27

Bought a small bottle when I was ordering a few other perfumes and to be honest , I didn't bother too much with it when it arrived. I forgot I had it and decided to wear it for something different. I was quite surprised. It's a really nice well blended perfume. It's a fruity floral sure, but something about the patch, musc and vanilla is just right and gives it a little bit of depth and grown upness if you know what i mean. Now to find a bigger bottle...

Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta by Gigi The Fashionista 2017-02-27

Fragrance Review For Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

Top Notes

Bergamot Orange Pink Pepper

Middle Notes


Base Notes

Patchouli Oak Moss Leather

A confident chypre of Italian leather an a musk like a warm bear fur trench coat from the house of the Bottega Veneta Italian fashion house. This smells like a fashion show of fur during Milan Fashion Week: coats trimmed in white polar bear fur, or black bear or red fox, black leather gloves, suede boots, and a dark autumnal brown cashmere sweater with turtleneck. It is wintery and very cozy if you can cozy up to a mature chypre fragrance. This is a throwback to classic chypres with the now almost non existent oak moss note which makes me so happy to smell it in this modern fragrance. The nose is Michel Almairac whose work I have come to appreciate. This is fabulous. I am wearing it tonight at a Milan Fashion Week post fashion show party.

The opening is a fresh and rather astringent lemon note like a medicinal lemon or aftershave. The bergamot is very strong and turns oily which makes me think that this fragrance is unisex. When you see notes like citrus and leather, not to mention patchouli, the scents will come off as either feminine Oriental or unisex green. An aromatic patchouli does take over the cologne but not before a pleasant and interesting development. After the orange, the pink pepper throws up a spicy air and then a jasmine scent smooth and soapy emerges. This is one of the most clean and soapy jasmines I've encountered.

Bottega Veneta does not really cry Oriental as it does a luxurious bar of white soap. The jasmine is also coming off as green and shrubby but that's the patchouli leaves that come into play. The dry down in it's final stage is all leather. Smells like expensive leather which is a note that I can't get enough of.

So ultimately this fragrance for me is a simple but glamorous fashion perfume. It is more mature than most of today's celebrity scents and will appeal to those experienced perfumistas who sport unisex fragrances from the fashion houses like Alexander McQueen and some of the newer Louboutin fragrance. This is very similar to one of the Louboutins - Trouble in Heaven. A rich leather, a fragrant patchouli, a lovely jasmine. This is something both men and women can wear on a formal evening in autumn or winter.

A dignified and glorious fragrance.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by tandi 2017-02-27

This to my nose has a sweet,fresh, tart fruity note with an intoxicating woody/grassy smell. I liked it at first whiff but asked to spray on my sleeve to smell after a while. An hour later it became heavy with the tartness disappeared and a smell that is reminiscent of Dior dune dry-down... .Maybe oak moss..I don't know..mmmh a bit creamy.I cannot decide whether I like it or not. Will edit review once decided.
I carried a sprayed paper strip and on there it smells nice even a couple of hours later.
I see this being amazing if your chemistry agrees with it.A rich confident woman would rock this beautifully.
Not a safe blind buy!

Diamonds and Rubies Elizabeth Taylor by kateridelisle 2017-02-27

Very similar to more expensive fragrances like Guerlain Nahema but without paying the hefty price. This is a very beautiful powdery dusty, woodsy rose with a hint of creamy peaches, jasmine and ylang-ylang and subtle spice. It does justice to the retro versions of fragrance of old Hollywood glamour, very Rita Hayworth, something I would expect a gorgeous red hair beauty to wear. If you're looking for some retro glam, this is it! I find this to be the best of the Elizabeth Taylor fragrances in creating a glamorous, luxurious fragrance.

Eau de Zwitsal Zwitsal by smellofroses 2017-02-27

This smells exactly like a creme for babies.
Great everyday, easy grab and go scent.
You will smell clean and is if you put on a lotion.

Oscar Velvet Oscar de la Renta by shauna.parra 2017-02-27

I wore Oscar de la Renta to the Oscars!

Sort of! I attended an after party in Beverly Hills where I met up with some friends from out of state. This is a luxurious fruity floral & patchouli scent quite similar to Si by Giorgio Armani. The thing is this is far more fruity and the patchouli is not as fragrant as in Si by Giorgio Armani. The bottle is very chic and it's a burgundy color but shaped the same as the current EDT spray bottle of Oscar de la Renta. The opening notes are all fruity, not fresh but super sweet. It starts off with a berry flavor and a grape juice black currant. Then there's a pear and plum. The fruitiness is like a fruit cocktail, boozy and alcoholic. It made me think of a nice Oscar party dinner where I'm in a drop dead gorgeous red evening gown (red to match the Red Carpet) off the shoulders, plunging neckline, cleavage, and long full skirt but slit on the side to show some leg. The fruit wine opening is very mature and summery but elegant and very pretty.

The floral notes are white: jasmine, Arum lily, datura, magnolia. There are additional floral notes of iris and orchid. The orchid is the shyest note here and you get more of that iris which turns powdery. I like how it goes from fruity to floral to powdery. The powdery iris is then followed by a green herbal patchouli scent which appears briefly mixing with the fruit turning into a very well made fruit-chouli aroma also similar to Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf. There's more. A gorgeous vanilla dry down.

This is a very beautiful and glamorous fragrance to wear on a romantic evening or fancy dinner, a wedding party (but not for the bride) it's stylish and so Oscar de la Renta! It matches with what Brie Larson wore to the Oscars last night, an Oscar de la Renta black gown. This smells great and lasts for hours and hours and comes off as feminine, fruited, flowery, powdery, aromatic and amazing. Love it. Love it.

1805 Tonnerre BeauFort London by skyelightfetish 2017-02-27

This is a little bit insane, because of all the notes I am getting just smoke - no blood, no booze and no amber - with a tiny tiny whiff of lime, mostly up top but really staying throughout. So this should be a no-brainer: although the smoke is a complex and attractive smoke, it's not particularly fragrant or incensey and doesn't need to be paid for at this rate.

And yet. And yet. I keep smelling it. I keep picking up the strip (which I sprayed last night and it's still there late morning) and sniffing my wrists (where I reapplied this morning). So, it's just smoke but it's somehow compelling smoke. There is something really sexy about it. Like a dark, sullen boy who leaves your bed in the middle of the night to walk the abandoned ruins, and you follow him because he's as much about adventure as about sex. something redolent of wood but also metal, something that rasps in your throat but you grow to like it.

This could be absolutely magnificent if the smoke was toned down and the rest of the notes turned up a bit, but it's still strangely, strangely compelling.

Nahema Guerlain by kateridelisle 2017-02-27

I was given Nahema perfume as a gift in 1980 and it was indescribable how this was a total knock your socks off spicey, heady, intense exotic dark rose fragrance. Otherworldly ancient exotica comes to mind as my first impression. Very powerful juice reserved for special occasions. The longevity was astounding, it lasted for days. I recently sampled the latest much toned down sweeter version from the powerhouse original, it's pretty but lacks the deeper, richer, spicier intensity of the original version. Still, a very beautiful sweet green and lilac, rose fragrance.

Remy Remy Latour by Soofiya 2017-02-27

In my country,Remy by Remy Latour was a popular perfume when I was a teenage so it was strange to see it has no reviews.still a lot of people use and love so I decided to give it a try
I like it and I can't see an old vibe smells very modern for a cheapie lunched in late 90s
It opens fruity and I can smell red apple and blackcurrant and a light touch of's classified as a floral fruity gourmand but I don't see it as a gourmand.ofcourse it's sweet but there's nothing foody or edible here
After fruity opening floral notes showup.I don't get a strong jasmine's more like jasmine and other flowers blended with fruity notes grounded by amber and vanilla,perhaps there's also a touch of honey but this is not a honey it's not a vanilla perfume
All in all. I like it's smell.unlike most sweet fruityflirals this is not a teeny bopper.remy is not a unique elegant perfume,it's pretty,easy to wear and delightful.wearable all year round,better in mild weather and the positive point is,it's long lasting
یه عطر خوشبو و‌دوست داشتنی.معتدل و شیرین
ترکیب نت های میوه ای(مخصوصا سیب و انگور)با گلها و شیرینی ناشی از وانیل و امبر و عسل.اما نمیشه اون رو یه عطر وانیلی یا عسلی دونست چون خیلی میکس هستن.بنظر من گورمند هم نیست.میوه ای گلی هست که باوجود سال تولیدش اصلا رایحه قدیمی نداره و برعکس اغلب نیوه ای گلی های شیرین ،حالت بچگونه ای هم نداره
موندگاری خوبی داره و میتونه چهارفصل استفاده شه.باتوجه به قیمت مناسبش میتونه عطر روزانه خوبی باشه

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca Guerlain by duchess_atreides 2017-02-27

This smells of freshly cut grass for me. I've loved it since I was 14. But it's definitely love it or hate it. Unfortunately most people I know hate it. It's a very unusual scent.

Lalique Lalique by catndale 2017-02-27

the description here of the perfume

"Perfume Lalique greets you with the notes of Chinese gardenia, Sicilian mandarin orange, accords of black currant as well as blackberry. Peony, Tunisian orange blossom, magnolia, Bulgarian rose and ylang-ylang rest at its heart, while the base brings aromas of Indian sandalwood, vanilla, amber, Yugoslavian oakmoss , cedar and Tibetan musk"

is wrong and refers to Lalique Deux Coeurs, the notes in the Perfume Pyramid are correct though

Pure Grace Philosophy by smellofroses 2017-02-27

Am I the only one who gets overwhelmed with the musk in the drydown ? I love the topnotes, so clean and soft. But the musk becomes so strong, its awful.

Horizon Extreme Davidoff by zhilwan91 2017-02-27

I bought a bottle at Dubai airport duty free, the fragrance projects well enough and smells good, specially at cold weather,the most powerful note is the leather.. i'd give it a 8/10 rate.

I tested this... I like the scent, it reminds me of CK Eternity for men. My honest opinion is that I find it very hard to believe this is an EDP (Eau De Parfum). on my skin this was very poor performance, lasted about 4-5 hours maximum and I could only smell it if I really put my nose up to where I applied it.

scent - 7/10
projection - 4/10
Longevity - 5/10
Weather - all year, but probably Spring is best
Occasion - Formal and classy
Age group - 25+

Guimauve Reminiscence by Contessa01 2017-02-27

I had to laugh when I looked up the notes for this. I received a sample and was immediately blown away by how beautiful it is. I've never heard of the brand. To me it smells like a smokey sexy vanilla. Not generic at all. It's like a better version of MOR's marshmallow. It has a smoky richness. I know it sounds weird but it also to me has a vintage edge like it could be from the 70's but in a cool way so that youngsters would be drawn to it. But it also isn't achingly sweet. I'm thinking what is this?! As I breathe it in over and over lol. And I laughed because I always avoid anything almond based because it normally nauseates me. I find it hard to wear hypnotic poison lately and that's been the only almond one I like. But reading the notes made me feel like I didn't know almond at all and that it can be done right. I'm imagining someone like Rebecca from This Is Us wearing this in her 70's days. But it still smelling modern enough to be a new release. Random I know but this is what rushed to my mind. I must source a full bottle for my collection. Give it a try even if you don't like almond :)

Fleur du Mâle Jean Paul Gaultier by Soofiya 2017-02-27

I agree that this one is not something we usually see among designer male's different so it's not a safe blind buy.I think it's unisex not a male perfume.I can't detect much citruses or green notes.on my skin it's mostly a white floral.sweet and a tad soapy neroli and a hint of camomile which gives it a herbal,relaxing a scent used as aromatherapy
Although it's notes may suggest,it's not a fresh summery's better for mild weather IMO because it's honey-like sweetness may be cloying in heat
I bought it for my husband because he has and loves original le male and this one has an adorable white bottle.he didn't like it and refused to wear it saying it's feminine,indeed a classic feminine scent not a modern I use it myself when I am in it's mood.It's very long lasting and sillage is heavy.I prefer it for layering because it feels too linear and strong sometimes
It's something between ❤❤ and ❤❤❤ depending on my mood and temperature(I like it better when it's cold)
بین عطرهای دیزاینر،همچین عطر مردونه ای رو کمتر میشه دید و میشه گفت بعنوان یه عطر مردونه،عطر بسبار خاص و متفاوتی هست و خرید بدون تستش خیلی ریسکی هست.بنظر من بهتر بود بعنوان یه عطر یونیسکس معرفی میشد
من چندان مرکبات یا نت های سبز ازش نمیگیرم.فقط گلهای سفید که شیرین و کمی صابونی هستن همراه با بابونه که حالت گیاهی و آرامشبخشی بهش داده شبیه روایحی که برای آروماتراپی استفاده میشه.هرچند شاید از ظاهر نتهاش بنظر بیاد عطر فرشی هست و مناسب تابستون،اما اصلا اینطور نیست بنظر من مناسب آب و هوای معتدل و حتی خنک هست و تو گرما،شیرینی عسل مانندش میتونه آزاردهنده باشه و رایحه گلیش سنگین بنظر برسه
باتوجه به اینکه همسرم له مبل رو داره و خیلی دوس داره و بطری خیلی قشنگ یکدست سفید این عطر،اون رو برای همسرم خریدم اما اصلا خوشش نیومد و حاضر نشد استفاده کنه چون میگفت این عطر به نظرش زنانه ست،اون هم یک زنانه کلاسیک و قدینی طور و سنگین.بهرحال الان خودم هرازگاهی ازش استفاده میکنم اما چون میتونه خطی و یکنواخت باشه ترجیح میدم با عطرهای دیگه هم پوشانیش کنم تا اینکه فول ور کنمش.موندگاری بسیار زیاد و پخش خیلی زیادی داره
برای من گاها دیسلایک هست و گاها ازش بدم نمیاد(تو هوای سرد بهتره)

L'Agent Agent Provocateur by knotslandinggirl 2017-02-27

Patchouli,myhrr,inscence,French laudanum,rose bomb,this is how I i see this fragrance!!

Out of all the range of fragrances from this lingerie house,this comes up tops,I've worn this this is not for the faint hearted,and will create a strong presence if you are looking for something that with sweet smokiness but strong femme fatale,this is it.....unleash the cougar!!

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by tandi 2017-02-27

I tried this on my skin today at a perfume store and I find it VERY sweet like Candy. Not to say it is cheap-smelling though.It smells nice but not interesting or unique.
I smell vanilla (which I think is a bit different seeing as it does not give me migraines like in HP) and Jasmine which my skin amplifies. I am among those who don't get the coffee at all!
This smells delicious and a tad smokey. I must also add that i do not find this strong.
If you enjoy Black XS, you will enjoy this one.

Nautica Voyage Nautica by RobbieX 2017-02-27

Fruity, green, floral, marine, delicious and long lasting. Voyage is one of the nicest Summer fragrances in the world.

Eau Parfumee au The Blanc Bvlgari by smellofroses 2017-02-27

Same to me ! The vert and rouge are really nice, whereas the blanc lacks some depth. It's like the unfinished version. Nonetheless it's pleasant , just the weakest of the thee-line.

I bought this Edition Blanche EDP because I absolutely love the smell, quite frankly I don't really care what anyone else thinks of it. I find it luxurious, smooth, classy, and light enough to wear in lots of places, including work. I really like the slight citrus tang you get over the top of the vanilla, gives you a hit of alertness every now and again.

I put 2 sprays on before I left work (first time I'd used it), and as I was walking from the station to home, a woman passed me and asked me what I was wearing as I smelt so damn good. I wasn't expecting that at all, she must have gotten a whiff of it as I approached her.

I have never tried the EDT, but I gather this EDP would be a bit deeper and not so much top end citrus? I could be wrong. All I can say is it's awesome, and I'm a pretty rugged type of dude.

Anyway, have a nice day.

Amor pour Homme Sunshine Cacharel by Dark-X 2017-02-27

This, unfortunately, has been discontinued.

You can still find some bottles on ebay selling for above their retail price when it was still in production.

However, I've gathered that this is a generic sporty fragrance from the other reviews on this site & other.

It's your call.

Molecule 02 Escentric Molecules by yann33 2017-02-26

MOLECULE O2 is the perfect fragrance for effortless and casual situation in warm weather. more masculine and addictive to O1 for me.compliments are legion's in spring and summer, zero in a colder days...

Potion Royal Black DSQUARED² by kwasi fredua 2017-02-26

I got this a few days ago and I must say that the performance is very good. The scent itself is a very calming rose scent with a smooth leather backbone. Sillage is heavy upon first spray but it settles to a nice scent bubble in about 30 minutes after application. It only becomes a skin scent after about the 7 hour mark. Longevity is very good. I get about 12 hours plus with this one. On clothes the longevity is phenomenal. I get whiffs of the fragrance two days after applying it on my clothes.

I layered this with Franck Olivier's Oud Touch and it was just amazing. The brooding darkness of the olibanum and the incense from the Oud Touch mixed very well with the rose and leather in this one making it a very majestic composition. Both fragrances have very good performance so the longevity was phenomenal and it developed into this very smooth leather dry down that is to die for.

I will give this fragrance a total of 4.5/5. It is that good.

توراندخت به روایت گیزلین، عطری سرکش، آزاد، جسور و در عین حال زیبا و عمیقه که همگان رو مقهور و مسحور خودش خواهد کرد. توراندخت، نیازی به نقاب و رنگ و عشوه گری نداره؛ اون بی نیاز از تلاش برای دلبری و افسون دیگرانه.
توراندخت، باشکوه و نابه، دست نیافتنی و توقف ناپذیر. عطریه که شکست ناپذیر و مغرر، در دشت های وسیع و پوشیده از گلهای نرگس جریان داره و بی اعتنا به هرچیزی و هرکسی، زمان و مکان رو در می نورده و به جلو میره.

مشغول لذت بردن از طراوت شکوفه های مرکبات و میوه ها در یک سپیده دم هستی، نسیمی از دور بوی رَمه ها و گله ها رو با خودش میاره. بوی وحشی چرکین، قویتر و صدای سیل آسای کوبیده شدن سُم ها بر زمین نزدیکتر میشه تا اینکه تمام طراوت و شادابی مرکبات و میوه ها، در هجوم گله های وحشی و آزاد، محو میشه. غوغایی از مشک انیمالیک و فکال و چرم چرکین و خام که فضا رو به تسخیر خودشون در میارن. از این به بعد، این سیل جانوری تو رو با خودش خواهد برد. سرکش و رام نشدنی، چرکین و طبیعی. رگه هایی دودی و خاکستری در پس این فضا به جریان می افتن و حس دارویی و غلیظ پچولی، بعد از مدتی در این حاشیه ی دودی و خاکسترگرفته، آروم می گیره و اونو تقویت میکنه.
عطری جانوری و آغل مانند از چرم و مشک در لایه هایی از دود و خاکستر صمغ ها و پچولی.
این گله ی رَم کرده و عاصی، اگرچه بنظر توقف ناپذیر میاد؛ اما به مرور، وزش نسیمی مرطوب، گیاهی و سبز، از رسیدن به مرغزار، اتراق و آرامش میگه.
چرم، حالت چرکین و وحشی خودش رو بسوی حالتی دودی و تاریک میبره و به فضای دودی-خاکستری صمغ ها و پچولی، می پیونده. رایحه ی ناب و گیرایی از حالت گیاهی و سبز، با هیبتی مرطوب و باران خورده در فضا جریان می گیره و مشک فکال و چرکین، با این فضای غنی و رؤیایی همراه میشه.
داستان تورادخت، در قلب فضایی خیال انگیز و جادویی از گلهای سفید و گیاهان تازه با حالتی مرطوب و نیمه شاداب، چرم، پچولی و بخور با چهره ای دودی، تلخ و خاکستر گرفته و مشکِ انیمالیک؛ در لایه هایی کم رنگ اما اثرگذار از یه حس مخملی شیرین؛ به اوج شکوه خودش میرسه.

برای توصیف این عطر زیبا، من از سالن ها و نمایش ها جدا شدم و به سرزمینهایی سفر کردم که بزرگترین و بدیع ترین آثار هنری، بصورت زنده و طبیعی در اونها به اجرا در میاد. اپرایی که در قالب چند پرده ی مسحور کننده به اجرا در میاد و این شاهکار بی همتا رو در هیچ تالار و توسط هیچ گروهی نخواهید شنید.
توراندخت گیزلین، فراتر از توراندخت جیاکومو پوچینی، منو با خودش به سرزمین های بکر و دست نیافتنی برد؛ جایی که بعد از یه غوغای باشکوه، حالا توراندخت مغرور و زیبا، از فراز تپه ای سبز، نظاره گر دشتیه که توی اون روایح و رنگها و صداها در هم آمیختن و سمفونی طبیعت، فضا رو به تسخیر خودش در آورده تا هر آنچه که باید دید و شنید و بویید رو در قالب رایحه ی بیاد موندنی این عطر، احساس کنید...
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Upper Ten Lubin by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

فامیل دور
فضای چرمی-اسپایسی ویژه ای که در آپر تن به تصویر کشیده شده؛ مثل دنباله ی نرم و مطبوعی برای عطر 1740 هیستوا هست. غوغایی که اون عطر بپا کرد؛ سبک جدیدی در ارائه ی عطرهای چرمی ایجاد کرد که آپر تن، یجورایی از دنباله روهای لوکس، محترم و صد البته اصیل و با شخصیت اونه.
آپر تن، روایتگر داستان جسارت ها و ماجراجویی هایی هست که هیچ مانعی جلودار اونا نیست و از شکوه موفقیت در مسیر رسیدن به خواسته ها حرف میزنه، از نیروی اراده میگه و خانه ی لوبین، اونو عطر موفقیت معرفی میکنه.

آپر تن، در دو بخش اجرا میشه. بخش اول به زیبایی به بخش دوم متصل میشه و به نوعی زمینه ساز شکل گیری فضای اصلی عطر هست.
بخش اول، با همراهی ترنج ترش، جانیپر شاداب و ملس و فلفل تند، آغاز میشه. فضایی که حالتی دارویی، سرکش و ترش و تند داره. در ادامه تم سیتروسی ترش، با هلوی نرم، ملایم و شیرین میشه و فلفل تند، با زعفران خاکی، کمی آروم می گیره. فضایی که حالت دارویی و تند شروع رو می پوشونه و به اون چهره ای نرم، ملس، میوه ای و خاکی میده.
شروع بخش دوم، با لمسی از شمعدانی با حالتی مخملی رقم میخوره. به مرور، چرم دودی، سدر و صندل، که هر دو در سایه ی دودی چرم قرار دارن، بر بستر نرم و ملس بجا مونده از بخش اول، به جریان می افتن.
اونچه که باعث میشه از شباهت فضای آپر تن به 1740 بگم، ترکیب نرم و لطیف از دارچین و هل با شمعدانی مخملیه. این همراهی ملایم و مطبوع و خوشمزه که با باقیمانده های میوه ای بخش اول همراه شده، به چرم دودی و تلخ، حالتی آروم، متواضع و ملایم میده. چرمی که هرچند چهره ی دودی و واکس خورده ی خودش رو با سدر، پچولی و صندل، قوی و عمیق کرده؛ اما در حضور فضای فلورال-اسپایسی-میوه ای ملایم و اغواگر، چهره ای مطبوع، خوشمزه و متفکر به خودش گرفته.
کلیت آپرتن، رایحه ای از آمیزش چرم (دودی نرم، واکس خورده)، لایه هایی از حس چوبی-دودی سدر، صندل و پچولی، ادویه ای (دارچین و هل ملایم و پودر مانند)، فلورال-میوه ایِ مخملی و شاداب هست.

جشن لوکس و پر هیاهوی آپرتن زنانه، در ترکیب مردانه با فضایی لوکس، آروم، متین و متفکر به تصویر کشیده شده. یه محیط آروم و دنج و تفکر بر انگیز که آکنده شده از بوی مبل ها و لباسهای چرمی، کف پوشها و دکوراسیون چوبی و ظرفهای میوه و نوشیدنی.
آپر تن، از بستگان دور 1740 هست. شخصیتی مبادی آداب، اشرافی، پایبند به اصول، جدی و شیک پوش و کمی طناز . عطری که اصیل و متین و نافذه.
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Charogne Etat Libre d`Orange by Karmalathe 2017-02-26

So…somebody on Luckyscent compared this to an open-casket funeral where the uncle with the bad breath next to you is chewing a Juicy Fruit gum. And that is really the best description of Charogne. The lilies here are so indolic they seem to be masking a horrendous odor.
I admire the perfumer and I´m so glad I got to smell this. I can´t imagine wearing it, but smell it by all means if you can – this is a scent that will broaden your horizons.

Upper Ten for Her Lubin by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

مفرح و شیک
آپرتن زنانه، یه عطر شاد، پرهیاهو و جذاب به معنی واقعی کلمه هست. این عطر، بر جوانی، تحرک، شادی و هیجان تأکید داره و تم اصلی اون میوه ای و ملس، مایل به ترشی هست. اما نه میوه ای وملسی که حس آبنبات میوه ای رو به شما بده.
آپرتن، فضایی آکنده از موسیقی و پایکوبی و هلهله هست و حس میوه ای طبیعی و باکیفیت اون، با صدای خنده ها و پایکوبی ها، در فضایی دود گرفته، با نوری ملایم، به جریان افتاده.

ترنج گازدار، تازه و تلخ با تندی ادویه ها، اولین قدم به سمت جشن مورد نظره. آمیزش تلخی ترنج با تندی فلفل، تیزی و هیجان رو بر تازگی و نشاط سیتروسی، غالب میکنه.
در ادامه، حسی میوه ای با شیرینی ملایم و کمی آبدار به همراه بوی گیاهی سبز و تازه، به حاشیه های فضای سیتروسی-اسپایسی تند و تلخ اضافه میشن و کم کم اونو از میدان به در میکنن و به شما میگن که آماده باشید!
چراغها روشن میشن و با هیاهوی زیادی جشن، آغاز میشه. تمشک ترش و آبدار، بر بستری نرم و میوه ای و کمی گیاهی و سبز و تازه، فضا رو به تسخیر خودش در میاره تا آپر تن، عطری باشه ترش، تازه، آبدار و شیطون، با انرژی و جسور. شیرینی ملایم انگور، این فضا رو کمی نرم و خوشمزه کرده؛ اما به مرور ترجیح میده تا هم رنگ جماعت شه و میون اینهمه هیاهو و خنده و موسیقی جا بگیره و در کنار اونا، انرژی و تازگی فضا رو بالا ببره.
در ادامه، لامی، با حالتی تلخ و کمی دودی، به این جشن وارد میشه و حالتی بخوری، خلسه آور و کمی تلخ در فضا به جریان می افته. تغییری که به آرومی، عطر رو در پایه ای چوبی-دودی ادغام می کنه تا این جشن بی وقفه، در فضایی چوبی و دودی-صمغی، ادامه پیدا کنه.
میوه ای (ترش، تازه، شاداب، کمی دارویی و کمی شیرین و خوشمزه)، چوبی، صمغی-رزینی، دودی و کمی فلفلی و تند. این فضای مفرح، اما شیک آپر تن هست.

آپر تن زنانه، از آغاز تا پایان از سُرور و پایکوبی و شادی و جوانی میگه. یه ضیافت پر از رنگ و طعم و انرژی و بَهجَته. اما در فضایی لوکس، با چهره هایی جذاب و تن پوشهایی فاخر و برازنده.
عطری که داره اصول شادی و نشاط رو به کارخونه های تازه به دوران رسیده ی کمپوت و پاستیل سازی، یاد میده. هرچند، نرود میخ آهنین در سنگ فرو و هرچند، اصالت و اعتبار، دُرّ گرانیست که به هر کس ندهند...

یه عطر بهاری جذاب و سر زنده، اما شیک و اصیل و طبیعی، با موندگاری حدود 7 ساعت و پخش قابل قبول...
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Figaro Lubin by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

نوستالژی دلگرم کننده
زمان خیلی کمه طول میکشه تا انجیر آبدار و شاداب و رسیده ی باغی که فیگار و در اون داستان خودش رو آغاز میکنه؛ راهی کومدها و صندوق ها، و خانه های ساده و گرم بشه.
فیگارو، عطری از انجیر و وتیور، با چهره ای کلاسیک، اصیل و عمیقه که حس نوستالژیک زیبایی که برام ایجاد میکنه رو، بی اندازه دوست دارم. خیلی عجیبه برام که اغلب عطرای خونه ی لوبین، حس و حالی قدیمی، نوستالژیک و آشنا دارن که در اوج وضوح، کیفیت و گیرایی ارائه میشن و به زیبایی، رنگ و بویی مدرن و منحصربفرد به خودشون می گیرن. فیگارو هم، یکی از نمونه های سطح بالای چنین فضایی هست.
سفری به روزای خوب، شبای زمستون، خونه های ساده اما گرم و صندوقچه های چوبی زیبایی که انجیرهای خشک تو اونا نگهداری میشن...

انجیر فیگارو در آغاز، آبدار، شیرین و خامه ایه. انجیر خوشمزه ای که با حالت گاهی شاداب و شبنم گرفته ای همراهی میشه. بعد از دقایقی، این فضای انجیری تازه، با وتیور ویژه ای احاطه میشه. چرا وتیور ویژه؟ چون وتیور در این عطر، حالت گیاهی شبنم گرفته و تازه ای رو که در ابتدای کار، پشت سر انجیر بود، می بلعه و حالتی گیاهی اما خشک و دودی به خودش می گیره. این باعث میشه تا انجیر هم حالتی خشک پیدا کنه و در کنار وتیور دودی و خشک، وارد بخش اصلی کار بشن.
کلیت فیگارو، با اضافه شدن حس سبز و دودی کاج به وتیور، و رایحه ی میوه های خشک و ملس و گیشنیز خاکی به انجیر، شکل می گیره. ترکیبی یکدست، موزون، انرژی بخش اما نافذ و عمیق و طبیعی.
عطری از انجیر خشک و کمی خاکی که با میوه ها همراهی میشه، وتیور و کاج گیاهی و دودی که با پس زمینه هایی چوبی برجسته شدن. رایحه ی یکدست و ملایمی که دودی، اما ابریشمی و نابه. عطر طبیعی و فوق العاده ای از انجیر خشک، صندوقها و گنجه های چوبی و حسی عمیق و آرامش بخش...

فیگارو، عطری برای لذت بردن، خاطره بازی، فکر کردن و البته آروم شدنه. عطرای کمی هستن که چنین هارمونی منحصربفردی رو میون احساسات مختلف ایجاد میکنن؛ اما برای من، فیگارو یکی از بهترین نمونه های اوناست. عطری از لذت حضور در محفلی گرم و لمس گرمایی ناب. گرمایی آرامش بخش و مطبوع که احساس قدرت و تجمل فوق العاده ای رو ایجاد میکنه. عطری از شبانه های بی بازگشت و رایحه ای از دلگرمی هایی که با اونا، زمستونو سر می کردیم....
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Gin Fizz Lubin by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

تکراری اما اصیل
جین فیز، با توجه به سالی که متولد شده در اون؛ قطعا عطری متفاوت و منحصربفرده. عطری که ظرافت، زیبایی، جذابیت و نشاط رو همزمان با خودش داره و بعنوان هدیه ای برای "گریس کِلی"، بانوی زیبایی که در سال 1954 برنده ی اسکار شد؛ عطر فاخر و ارزنده ایه. این عطر بر پایه های کلاسیک بنا شده که با لایه های ظریفی از آلدهاید، خزه و مرکبات شکل گرفتن. اما کلیت جین فیز، رایحه ای معتدل و لوکس از همراهی ادویه، چوبهای دودی و گلها با اُرُس هست. ترکیبی ازآکوردهای مدرن و نوت های ویژه در اون دوران با فضاهای کلاسیک، که در نهایت جین فیز رو به یکی از عطرهای برجسته و موفق لوبین در سالهای رکود و انزوای این خونه تبدیل کرد.

جین فیز، عطری با آغازی سیتروسی و کمی اسپایسی و خاکی هست. ترنج و لیمو با حالتی آبدار، اما ترش و کمی تلخ، بر زمینه ی نازکی از ادویه های خاکی جریان پیدا میکنن و به مرور، جای ادویه ها، با حالتی ترد و کمی سبز گرفته میشه. رایحه ای شاداب و تازه، ترش، ترد و کمی گیاهی که از همراهی مرکبات با ارس شکل گرفته.
در ادامه، فضای سیتروسی ترش و ترد، در قلب عطر با چهره ای نسبتا متفاوت از آلدهاید که با نوتهای فلورال نرم شده؛ همراه میشه و عطر، حالتی شاداب، نرم و کمی صابونی به خودش می گیره که به مرور، از اون فضای ترش و ترد، فقط یه نسیم خنک باقی می مونه و حس صابونی آلدهاید هم در نرمی و لطافت نوتهای فلورال، ادغام میشه تا جین فیز، وارد مرحله ی پایانی نمایش بشه. جایی که در هم تنیدگی آلدهایدی (نرم و صابونی) و فلورال شاداب و تازه، با حالتی خزه ای، خاکی و کمی دودی، همراه میشه.
عطری از همراهی نگاهی مدرن و تجددگرا با اصول و ریشه ها. خزه ای، گیاهی و آلدهایدی؛ تازه، لطیف و کمی صمغی-دودی.

جین فیز رو میشه بعنوان یه عطر بهاری با طراوت و آروم، در روزهایی که هوا در بلاتکلیفی بین گرمی و سردی، جریان داره؛ استفاده کرد. این عطر، کار خوش ساخت و قابل قبولیه که قطعا در روزگار ما، نمونه های زیادی میشه براش پیدا کرد؛ اما وجه تمایز جین فیز با همه ی نمونه های خودش، در کیفیتی قابل قبول و رایحه ای اصیل هست.
موندگاری و پخش این عطر، با ارفاق متوسطه...

جین فیز رو میشه بعنوان یه عطر بهاری با طراوت و آروم، در روزهایی که هوا در بلاتکلیفی بین گرمی و سردی، جریان داره؛ استفاده کرد. این عطر، کار خوش ساخت و قابل قبولیه که قطعا در روزگار ما، نمونه های زیادی میشه براش پیدا کرد؛ اما وجه تمایز جین فیز با همه ی نمونه های خودش، در کیفیتی قابل قبول و رایحه
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Mukhallat Shams Ajmal by wadoodullah 2017-02-26

4 days very strong projection after it becomes close to skin fragrance

Korrigan Lubin by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

شبانه ای زیبا
گفتن از عطر کوریگان، به همون اندازه که راحته؛ القای احساس و فضایی که بدست میده رو، به همون اندازه و بیشتر، دشوار میکنه.
واضح بخوام بگم اینکه؛ کوریگان، عطریه که المانهای ویژه و برجسته ی چندتا از بهترین عطرا رو در کنار هم جمع کرده و در مجموع، بصورت رایحه ای قدرتمند، گرم، لوکس و مجلل به نمایش گذاشته. عطر زمستونی قدرتمندی که بازخوردهای زیادی برام به ارمغان آورد و رایحه ی گرم اون، حسابی غوغا بپا کرد...

زعفران دم کرده و غلیظ، آمبره ته ی گرم و کاکائو مانند با رگه هایی مشک-متالیک، چرم دودی و تلخ و لایه ای از بخار ویسکی و کنیاک، که این فضا رو در بر گرفته و همزمان، تلخی و شیرینی آکوردهای مختلف رو برجسته و بخوبی با همدیگه همراهشون کرده. کوریگان، از لحظه ی شروع تا پایان، در چنین فضایی جریان داره و در مجموع ارائه گر گرمایی شیرین، چرم تلخ و دودی، و بستری که مشروبی و تا حدودی متالیک هست.
آمبره ته ی فلزی، شیرین با حس کاکائویی محوش در دیور اوم اینتس، حس مشروبی لوکس و گوشه دار آمبر روس پارفوم امپایر و چرم عمیق و اغواگر 1740 هیستوا که در اینجا چهره ای ملایم و مطیع به خودش گرفته؛ المانهایی از سه عطر بزرگ هست که به زیبایی در این عطر احساس میشن.
نه اینکه بخوام بگم خونه ای با اعتبار و اصالت لوبین از این فضاها تقلید کرده و الان بنده بعنوان یکی از نوابغ !! و عطرشناسان بزرگ تاریخ!!!! این رسوایی بزرگ لوبین رو کشف کردم؛ بلکه این احساسی هست که به تجربه ای که از هریک ار این فضاها در اون عطرای بزرگ داشتم؛ نزدیکه. اتفاقا، بابت هماهنگی زیبا و یکدستی که بین این فضاهای در کوریگان شکل گرفته؛ باید به خانه ی لوبین و جناب توماس فانتِین تبریک گفت.
هماهنگی و هارمونی ویژه ای که بین احساسات و آکوردهای عمیق، گرم و سنگین موجود در عطر صورت گرفته؛ موجب شده تا کوریگان، عطری گرم باشه؛ اما دلچسب و گیرا، شیرین باشه اما مطبوع و کنترل شده؛ چرمی باشه: لوکس و مقتدر؛ دودی، متالیک و تلخ باشه اما به دور از سر در گمی و خفه کردن دیگر وجوه عطر. و در مجموع، عطری یکدست و منسجم باشه، اما با لایه هایی در هم تنیده شده.

کوریگان، عطری برای یه شبانه ی لوکس، ویژه و بیاد موندنیه که با تمام قدرت و گرمایی که داره؛ دنج، دلکش و دلرباست. این عطر، عطر من نیست؛ اما اثری قدرتمند، شیک و یجورایی مرموزه که براحتی خودشو تو دلها جا میکنه و همچنان، تصویری از بزرگی و شکوه خانه ای اصیل و معتبر رو به نمایش میذاره...
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Ninfeo Mio Annick Goutal by Karmalathe 2017-02-26

Oh dear. Not for me. On a paper strip I get the sense of what this is supposed to be, the green fig leaves, the milky sap, the mown grass. On my skin, though, it turns into an old fashioned lemon candy. The drydown is woody and very masculine.

Tahitian Waters English Laundry by kanebanner 2017-02-26

Blind bought this. Extremely synthetic opening, no projection at all and so close to the skin I can barely smell it, slightly powdery dry down, slight hint of coconut, cheap and nasty. Baffling comparison to Aventus..

Private Label Jovoy Paris by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

عاشقانه ای برای سنگ ها...
پرایوت لیبل، عطر من نیست و هرگز نتونستم خودمو تو فضای مبهم و غبار آلود این عطر پیدا کنم. همچنانکه نتونستم، در برابر قدرت و مهابتی که این عطر بروز میده از خودش، مقاومت کنم. همین شخصیت مقتدر و سازش ناپذیر پرایوت لیبل هست که باعث میشه تا من در فضای اون گم بشم، کم رنگ و کم رنگ بشه احساساتم و موقعی که به خودم بر میگردم، ببینم که ساعتهاست از محو شدن من میگذره!
پرایوت لیبل، یه یاغی عصیانگر و سرکشه که با تمام قدرت و شکوهی که داره، اما محزون و انزوا طلبه.

این عطر، نمایشی از خاک، غبار، وهم و تاریکی در قالب شخصیتی درونگرا و عمیقه. عطری از پچولی که با چرم، بر وجوه چرکین، انیمالیک و دودی اون تأکید شده. لایه های چوبی، خاکی و خشک اون، از وتیور و پاپیروس شکل می گیره و رگه هایی صمغی، پیچیدگی های تاریک و مرموز اونو کامل میکنه.
پچولی دودی و چرکین شده با چرم، خاکی و غبار گرفته از وتیور و پاپیروس که در فضاهای تاریک از صمغ ها، غوطه ور شده. این داستان پرایوت لیبل هست.

شخصیتی قدرتمند، نگاهی نافذ و چهره ای متفکر و عمیق، با دنیایی از ناگفته ها و داستان ها که از غمی پنهان، حسرتهای بزرگ و اقتداری بی فتح و بدون پیروزی و خالی از لذت حرف میزنه.
اگرچه پرایوت لیبل عطر من نیست، اما نمیشه منکر کیفیت بالا، رایحه ی قدرتمند و زیبایی های محزون اون شد!
این عطر، عطر شوق و آرزو و هیجانه که در زیر لایه های تاریک و غبار آلود گذشت زمان و بازی های روزگار مدفون شدن. بال هایی که از جنس کوهن، از رنگ خاک و حسرت پرواز.
عطری از طغیان، غرور و قدرت، نمایشی از خواسته ها و امیال و آرزوها، با طعم غریب خاک...

چون پاره سنگی، عاشقم
به گنجشکی هراسان
و هربار
بر میگردم به خاک
بر میگردم به خویش...
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Les Jeux sont Faits Jovoy Paris by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

لایه ها و کهربا
بانو آمیلی بورژوا، عطرسازی ویژه و محترمه که بنده بسیاری از آثار ایشون رو می پسندم و تخصص ایشون در پرداخت به فضاهای انیمالیک، چرمی و مشروبی، القاگر حسی لوکس، مجلل و غنی هست که نمیشه از اثرات ناب و عظیم این فضاها لذت نبرد. نگاه ویژه ی ایشون در ارائه ی فضاهایی گرم و اغواگر و شیک با لمسی از ظرافت ها و درخشانکاری هایی که مختص ایشونه و به نوعی، روح و امضای کارهای ایشونه، باعث خلق عطرهای بیاد ماندنی و زیبایی از ایشون شده که "لز ژو سون فه" یکی از همین آثار ارزنده و زیباست.
علی رغم قدرت و مهابت عطرهای خانه ی جووی، روایح خوش ساخت و دست بالای اونا و بعلاوه ی کیفیت خوب اونا، بنده با خیلی از عطرای اون نتونستم ارتباط برقرار کنم اما، این عطر، جلوتر از تمامی عطرهای جووی و جلوتر از بسیاری از عطرای کهربایی-مشروبی قرار داره برام.

ژو سون فه، کهربای ملیح و نرم، مطبوع و شیرین، دودی و خاکی و کمی پودری رو که از همراهی وانیل، بنزویین، زیره، پچولی و نوتهای چوبی شکل گرفته، تقریبا در تمام لحظات نمایشش ارائه میده.
در ابتدا، این حس کهربایی به زیبایی در رگه هایی سبز و گیاهی تنیده شده و کمرنگ جلوه میکنه.
اما، هرچه زمان بگذره، کهربا قدرتمند شده و فرش گیاهی پهن شده در جلوی پاش رو، با خودش ادغام میکنه و به زیبایی، در قلب کار از شخصیت متعالی خودش رو نمایی میکنه.
جایی که کهربای اشاره شده، با آکورد مشروبی همراه میشه و این همراهی گرم و دلربا رو با پس زمینه ای گیاهی و میوه ای، آذین می بنده.
تنباکو، این پس زمینه ی میوه ای-گیاهی رو به زیبایی بالانس میکنه و رگه های دودی نرمی میده بهش.
کلیت ژو سون فه، در همین فضا جریان داره و هر چه بسمت پایان میره، حالتی خاکستری و سنگی، این فضای زیبا رو بیشتر در کام خودش میکشه.

ژو سون فه، کهربا و لایه هایی از تنباکو و نوتهای گیاهی بر بستری قدرتمند از نوت های مشروبی هست که این آکورد نوشیدنی با میوه ها، گواراتر و دلچسبت تر شده.
یه تجمل و غنای ناب در این عطر جاریه که بسیار متین، متواضع، کاریزماتیک و باشکوهه. نو کیسه، تازه به دوران رسیده، پر ادعا و پوچ؟ ... عجب کفری!
کاری دوست داشتنی با المانهای برجسته ی آثار بانو بورژوا که از نظر نگارنده، تاج زرین عطرهای ارزشمند جووی هست...
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Knot Bottega Veneta by Venusia 2017-02-26

The initial 4711 cologne-like blast disapoints. It lasts longer and gets a bit powdery but still very far away from what I'd expect from this house.

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump by zoka 2017-02-26

Hello guys,

I have to take our 'virtual microphone' again. I see my post from August 10th 2016 is reposted It was written when almost nobody believed we will say President Trump in our lives. I also was pretty sure Mr Trump is not going to win but out of respect for democratic process and guided by pure sense of decency wrote post that does not support him as a candidate but returns focus on fragrance, our website and mission. I am glad that I should not be ashamed reading it from this time distance.

On this page you will find links to 16 other languages. Yes we publish in 17 languages and our team of people that working with us on regular basis consists of 40 members and we are geographically located in 26 countries. Our website visit all 200+ countries. Fragrantica is truly a global community. Nobody needs a visa to visit Fragrantica. As you can see this global world community thrives because we focus on things that unite us. One of those things is we all like good perfume. Taste and fashion just like weather conditions vary around the world but we do not find it a big problem. Also we all have big luggage of personal memories, happiness and trauma, we carry around and we have scents associated with those memories. Somebody loves some scent while the other person cannot stand it but still we all respect each other choices. It is well known our forum rule 'no politics and religion'. Many years ago we identified two distinct types of posts that again and again polarize community and kindly asked you to leave it aside. Even this election season in USA that brought big shift in international and politics at home is not going to become any better if we talk trough insults and hatred. We saw countless examples people becoming real friends and sending gifts across the borders to each other, freely talk and inspire each other just because we are focusing on things that unite us not divisions.

Try to focus on things that unite us. We all are members of human race our kids get to know each other and marry borders do not divide us. If there is love everything can be done. This website was born as a project of love, we made something together Elena and me never dreaming that website will reach hundreds of millions of people. We are from Russia and Bosnia and we lived in 4 different countries before we migrated to United States. We love this country and we love all the people in it. We also love all the people around the world and we believe that in next one generation we will be able to educate our kids and pull the world out of poverty and enable free trade and travel around the globe and transcend humanity beyond limitations of planet Earth into cosmos. For this we need a lot of love and faith in goodness of humanity. Coming to perfume forum and posting inflammatory posts is not right step in that direction. Let's all focus on our immediate surrounding and be good partners, supposes, parents, neighbors, citizens... then if you smell a peach-vanilla fragrance and you like it as it is if you dislike it that's also fine just do not let prejudices govern you.

Peau de Bete Les Liquides Imaginaires by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

طغیان و تکامل...
پو دو بت، عطری الهام گرفته شده از اسب و سیل خروشان باشکوه و تاخت و تاز خیره کننده ی اسب ها هست. فضایی سرکش، باصلابت و راز آلود که بسان تکاپویی برای رهایی از حیوانیت و طغیانی در راه تکامل به نظر میرسه.
دی مئو، پو دو بت رو رایحه ای معرفی کرده که از تمثالی با سر اسب و تن انسان الهام گرفته شده و در راستای ادامه ی حرکت بر ایده های خیال پردازانه و کمال گرایانه ی خانه ی لیکویید ایمجینرز ارائه شده. این عطر، یکی از جسورانه ترین عطرها و برجسته ترین روایح مفهومگرایی هست که در این مدت با اون مواجه شدم و لذت بسیاری از لمس فضای موهوم، تأمل بر انگیز و پر چالش اون بردم.

پو دو بت، عطری از سیوت و کستوریم هست که با شاخ و برگی گیاهی و تلخ، دودی و اسپایسی-خاکی، در فضایی سرکش و بی باک و عاصی ارائه میشه. حس چرکین انیمالیک، با زیره ی چرب و چرکین، تقویت شده اما به زیبایی، در خروش چوبها و گیاهان و چرم دودی، مهار شده.
کمال گرایی رویاپردازانه ی مختص لیکویید، در این عطر هم دنبال شده و امضای گایاک چوبی-دودی، زعفرانی و صمغی، به جبهه ی خاکی-دودی-گیاهی ملحق میشه، تا با شکوه هرچه تمامتر، با وجه انیمالیک چرکین و چرب، ادغام بشه.
حرکتی جسورانه، طغیانگر و آزادی طلب، که آزادانه و بی مرز، از رؤیاهایی تاریک و بدیع و از ایده های خاص و منحصربفرد، در قالب یه در هم تنیدگی حیوانی-دودی-گیاهی و تاریک منسجم، سخن میگه.

تعالی و کمال حاصل شده در پو دو بت، چالش انگیز و غافلگیر کنندست. از نور و تطهیر و سرودها و شعارهای خسته کننده و تکراری در این فرجام، خبری نیست! این عطر، حیوانیت سرکش گریزان به سمت تکامل انسانی، و انسانیت خسته از شعارها و بندها و روزمرگی هاست که بسوی رهایی بی قید و بند و وحشی خودش در رجعته تا اینکه در مرزی از خاکستر و دود و تعلیق، در همدیگه فرو میرن.
عطری خاص، قدرتمند، مرموز و آکنده از چالش و مفهوم. اثری که برای توصیف اون، به همین یک بیت زیبا از حضرت مولانا بسنده میکنم:
یک مدتی ارکان ب'دی، یک مدتی حیوان ب'دی
یک مدتی چون جان شدی، جانانه شو جانانه شو ...
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(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

L'eau du Caporal L`Artisan Parfumeur by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

ریشه های بسیاری از ترکیبات آروماتیک-چوبی اواخر دهه ی هشتاد و دهه ی نود و یکی از سرچشمه های ناب و عالی بسیاری از ترکیبات سیتروسی تازه و چوبی-خزه ای سالهای اخیر رو میشه در "او د کاپورال" بخوبی پیدا کرد. این عطر یه کار کلاسیک فوق العاده و محشره که نمایه هایی از آینده در اون احساس میشه.

اسطوخودوس صابونی و کمی تیز با تمی سیتروسی و انیمالیک مهار میشه تا عطر از همون ابتدا حسی از اقتدار و منضبط بودن رو بدست بده. تم انیمالیک خیلی زود محو میشه و عطر در فضایی تمیز و صابونی، به همراه طراوتی سیتروسی به راه خودش ادامه میده تا ورود شمعدانی لطافت ویژه ای به کار بده. اما این تغییر در همون حاشیه ها باقی می مونه و عطر همچنان بر محور لاوندری تمیز به راه خودش ادامه میده. ترکیب شمعدانی و مرکبات حاشیه نشین؛ عطر رو به حالتی صابونی-دارویی می بره که کم کم آماده ی ورود وتیور چوبی-خاکی میشه.
با اضافه شدن وتیور، فضای تمیز به حاشیه میره و تم دارویی از بازی خارج میشه و از این به بعد عطر به سمت چوبی شدن حرکت میکنه تا در نهایت خزه ی بلوطی و پچولی وجوه چوبی، خزه ای و خاکی کار رو به کمال برسونن و با حاشیه ای تمیز و تازه؛ عطر تا پایان به راه خودش ادامه بده.

از ترکیبات خزه ای-چوبی، تا عطرای صابونی و سبز مفرح تا برسه به کارای سیتروس خزه ای گرونقیمت و جهانگشا!!!؛ همگی ژنی از این عطر با شکوه در وجودشون وجود داره. اما ترکیب او د کاپورال، خیلی خوش ساخت تر و منسجم تر از همه ی اونا عمل میکنه. اصلا آنچه خوبان همه دارند؛ ایشون یکجا دارن(البته در سبک خودش).
او د کاپورال یه مرد میانسال، منضبط، مقتدر و با جذبست که منو یاد میانسالی کاراکتر کمال الملک با بازی استاد مشایخی در فیلم کمال الملک ساخته ی استاد حاتمی فقید میندازه. یه کار کلاسیک شسته رُفته که منبع آرامش، اعتماد و امنیت برای اطرافیان هم خواهد بود. موندگاری حدود 7 ساعت و پخش قابل قبولی داره...
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(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Noir Exquis L`Artisan Parfumeur by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

معجون بهشتی
بهشت موعود، نهرهایی از نوشیدنیهای گوارای بی مانند، خمره هایی از شراب که مستی نمیارن و با مشک مهر و موم شدن، زیبارویانی که قدح در دست مشغول خدمتن و لذت هایی که فکرشون هم زیباست...
عطر "نواغ اکسکی" برای من مثل شمیمی از این بهشت برینه و تمثالی از نعمت های وعده داد شدست که واقعا "لَذَةَ لِشارِبین" هست. این عطر سیاه و تاریکه و عنوانش "سیاه نفیس" هست اما این تاریکی چیزی فراتر از فضاهای موهوم استرس آوره! نواغ اکسکی یه لمس نابه، یه مکاشفه ی بیاد موندنی. سفری از نور و گرما به سایه و خیال که سر انجام اون آمیزش هنرمندانه و پر از ظرافت و شکوه تمام عناصر با همدیگست.

عطر در گرمایی دلچسب و با بویی شیرین باز میشه که حاشیه ی ادویه ای و توهمی انیمالیک در خودش داره. با ورود وانیل، این فضای شیرین و دلپسند، غنی و خوشمزه تر میشه؛ بی اونکه شیرینی کار افزایش پیدا کنه. عطر گرم و گوارا و وانیلی با پس زمینه ای از قهوه؛ تم گورمند خودش رو تقویت میکنه؛ اما نه گورمندی که شبیه کیک و نوشیدنیهای نقش بسته تو ذهن باشه. ترکیبی از نوتهای شیرین و گوارا؛ در فضایی گرم و پودری و ناب.
ورود آبنوس؛ این گرمای دلچسب حسی از سایه و دود به خودش می گیره؛ اما ملایم و موَقر. این فضای دودی کمی تیز یه توهم سبز و صمغی با خودش داره که شکوه و عمق کار رو دو چندان میکنه و شخصیت اصلی این عطر فوق العاده بر همین محور شکل می گیره: چوبیِ سوخته و دودی، تاریک و غلیظ، شیرین و گوارا و پودری.
پرده های نقش بسته از یه عطر کاراملی سوخته و پلاستیکی رو کنار بزنید؛ نواغ اکسکی نه از شیرینی کاراملی و تکراری نشونی داره و نه از فضاهای دودی توهم آور و پر از تشویش. این عطر یه درخشش گرم و پیچیده است؛ یه ترکیب اورینتال که هم وانیلیه و دلچسبه و هم چوبی و با عظمت. یه معجون بهشتی مطبوع و منحصر بفرده که در جامی چوبی و نفیس؛ در فضایی خیال انگیز نوشیده میشه!

تمام اونچه که در مورد این عطر خوندین رو فراموش کنید! چه در قالب این نوشته و چه در نوشته های سایر دوستان و اساتید عزیزم. این عطر یه کار لوکس و فاخره که واسه منی که انتخاب از بین رفرنسای این خانه ی بزرگ دشواره برام؛ یکی از صدرنشین های لیست خواهد بود و در انتخابش شک ندارم. شکی نیست که علاقمندان عطر های اورینتال؛ خصوصا اورینتال وانیلی رو هم بشدت هیجانزده خواهد کرد؛ اما باز هم تستش کنید؛ من میگم محشره اما شاید واسه شما اینچنین نباشه!
اما در مجموع باید عرض کنم که نواغ اکسکی یه کار گرم و لوکس و با پرستیژه که انتخاب اولم برای اوقات سرد پیش رو خواهد بود. موندگاری بسیار خوب و پخش قدرتمندی در دو ساعت نخست داره...
معجون بهشتی
بهشت موعود، نهرهایی از نوشیدنیهای گوارای بی مانند، خمره هایی از شراب که مستی نمیارن و با مشک مهر و موم شدن، زیبارویانی که قدح در دست مشغول خدمتن و لذت هایی که فکرشون هم زیباست...
عطر "نواغ اکسکی" برای من مثل شمیمی از این بهشت برینه و تمثالی از نعمت های وعده داد شدست که واقعا "لَذَةَ لِشارِبین" هست. این عطر سیاه و تاریکه و عنوانش "سیاه نفیس" هست اما این تاریکی چیزی فراتر از فضاهای موهوم استرس آوره! نواغ اکسکی یه لمس نابه، یه مکاشفه ی بیاد موندنی. سفری از نور و گرما به سایه و خیال که سر انجام اون آمیزش هنرمندانه و پر از ظرافت و شکوه تمام عناصر با همدیگست.

عطر در گرمایی دلچسب و با بویی شیرین باز میشه که حاشیه ی ادویه ای و توهمی انیمالیک در خودش داره. با ورود وانیل، این فضای شیرین و دلپسند، غنی و خوشمزه تر میشه؛ بی اونکه شیرینی کار افزایش پیدا کنه. عطر گرم و گوارا و وانیلی با پس زمینه ای از قهوه؛ تم گورمند خودش رو تقویت میکنه؛ اما نه گورمندی که شبیه کیک و نوشیدنیهای نقش بسته تو ذهن باشه. ترکیبی از نوتهای شیرین و گوارا؛ در فضایی گرم و پودری و ناب.
ورود آبنوس؛ این گرمای دلچسب حسی از سایه و دود به خودش می گیره؛ اما ملایم و موَقر. این فضای دودی کمی تیز یه توهم سبز و صمغی با خودش داره که شکوه و عمق کار رو دو چندان میکنه و شخصیت اصلی این عطر فوق العاده بر همین محور شکل می گیره: چوبیِ سوخته و دودی، تاریک و غلیظ، شیرین و گوارا و پودری.
پرده های نقش بسته از یه عطر کاراملی سوخته و پلاستیکی رو کنار بزنید؛ نواغ اکسکی نه از شیرینی کاراملی و تکراری نشونی داره و نه از فضاهای دودی توهم آور و پر از تشویش. این عطر یه درخشش گرم و پیچیده است؛ یه ترکیب اورینتال که هم وانیلیه و دلچسبه و هم چوبی و با عظمت. یه معجون بهشتی مطبوع و منحصر بفرده که در جامی چوبی و نفیس؛ در فضایی خیال انگیز نوشیده میشه!

تمام اونچه که در مورد این عطر خوندین رو فراموش کنید! چه در قالب این نوشته و چه در نوشته های سایر دوستان و اساتید عزیزم. این عطر یه کار لوکس و فاخره که واسه منی که انتخاب از بین رفرنسای این خانه ی بزرگ دشواره برام؛ یکی از صدرنشین های لیست خواهد بود و در انتخابش شک ندارم. شکی نیست که علاقمندان عطر های اورینتال؛ خصوصا اورینتال وانیلی رو هم بشدت هیجانزده خواهد کرد؛ اما باز هم تستش کنید؛ من میگم محشره اما شاید واسه شما اینچنین نباشه!
اما در مجموع باید عرض کنم که نواغ اکسکی یه کار گرم و لوکس و با پرستیژه که انتخاب اولم برای اوقات سرد پیش رو خواهد بود. موندگاری بسیار خوب و پخش قدرتمندی در دو ساعت نخست داره...
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(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Only Julio Iglesias by irisjetaime 2017-02-26

Does anyone know who is the nose of this perfume pls...

Coeur De Noir BeauFort London by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

تجمل تاریک
یه مجلس اعیانی، پر زرق و برق و گرانقیمت، مهمانی ویژه و با شکوهی در دهه ی شصت میلادی. زمان متوقف شده، اما آتش سیگارهای گرونقیمت و پیپ ها، خاموش نشده و از اینرو، توده های سنگینی از دود و خاکستر، بر روی میزها و صندلی های چوبی شاهانه، کت ها، بارانی ها و دستکش های چرمی، نشسته.
فضایی که کوئه دو نو آ، در اون جریان داره، القاگر چنین تصویری هست برام. فضایی که اخیرا مورد توجه بسیاری از برندها قرار گرفته و با استفاده از نوتهایی مثل چرم، تنباکو، صمغها و نوتهایی از این دست، به اون پرداخته میشه.
کوئه دو نو آ، عطریه که ادامه دهنده ی مسیر خاکستر گرفته و مرموز باب شده ای هست که به اون اشاره شد و در قالب رایحه ای منسجم، دست بالا و عمیق، در این راه قدم بر میداره.

چرم، تنباکو و رام، بیش از اونکه بخوان القاگر حس لوکس و مقتدرانه باشن، در فضایی دودی، تاریک و خاکستر گرفته غرق شدن.
تنباکوی دودی-گیاهی خشک، غان قیر مانند و سوخته و لایه هایی صمغی، فضایی رو شکل میدن که بوی خاکستر چوب و سیگار رو القا میکنه و چرم، با چهره ای دودی و ته مایه ای گیاهی، به این تاریکی مخزون، عمق و بعد می بخشه.
اگرچه، رام و وانیل نرم و پودری، از دور دستها به پایان این ضیافت میرسن، اما در همون اعماق باقی می مونن و کوئه دو نو آ، به شکل بی رحمانه ای، تاریک، مخزون، تلخ، خاکستر گرفته و مرموزه.

عبوس، تلخ، نا منعطف. اتو کشیده، جاه طلب و مغرور. سرکش، تاریک و مغموم. جذابیت و اغواگری هایی که در زیر خروارها خروار، تلخکامی و ناکامی مدفون شدن. این بخشی از برداشت بنده از کوئه دو نو آ هست. عطری که چرم پودری، گیاهی و خوشمزه ی "1740 هیستوا" رو در دریایی از فضای دودی-خاکستری "بویس د'آسس نائومی گودسیر" غرق کرده تا بعنوان عضو جدیدی از خانواده ی عطرهای تاریک و مرموز و مغموم، نمایش قدرتمند و قابل قبولی رو به اجرا بذاره.
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(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

La Fumee Arabie Miller Harris by luxbuyer 2017-02-26

زندگی واقعی
وقتی به جریان حرکت رودخانه ی بی سر آغاز و بدون سر انجام زمان توجه میکنم، با خیال راحت به این نتیجه میرسم که در چهارمین دهه از زندگی، هنوز زمان زیادی از روزهایی که همه چیز رو آنچنان که بود، احساس می کردیم و از سالهای تجربه ی احساسات بزرگی که عمیق بودن و واقعی، نمیگذره.
زمان زیادی نگذشته، هرچند، با گذشت سالها و قرنها، اون روزای باشکوه و اون خاطرات بزرگ، همچنان زنده خواهند موند و برای ما که راهی برای بازگشت نداریم، چه چیزی بهتر از یک رایحه ی زیبا که باعث تداعی اون خاطرات باشه.
رایحه ای که از زمان حرف بزنه، اما نه از دریچه ی نا امیدی و اندوه، بلکه زمان رو در قاب خاطرات و از روزنه ی جاودانگی به تصویر بکشه.
این روایح کم نیستن و فقط باید جستجو کرد اونها رو. در مسیر کاوش روایح خاطره انگیز و عمیق، یکی از نامهایی که روی اون حساب باز میکنم، میلر هریس هست، خانه ای معظم که علاقه ی زیادی به آثار اون دارم و کالکشن لا فیومی، با عطرهای زیبای خودش، به زیبایی از خاطرات و زمان روزای خوب زندگی حرف میزنه برام.
لا فیومی عربی، یکی دیگه از آثار زیبا و تحسین بر انگیز میلر هریسه و فراتر از یه عطر، این کار از آشنایی ها و خاطراتی حرف میزنه که هر اندازه هم که تکرار بشن، باز هم زیبا و زیبا و زیباتر هستن!

سدر با حالتی سبز، گیاهی و شاید در کنار رگه هایی از نوتهای سیتروسی که با رنگهای خاکی-اسپایسی نقاشی شده، روایتگر داستانی از آمیزش تابستانهای پر نشاط هست که با پرسه در بازار ادویه فروش ها، رودخونه و آب تنی در سایه ی جنگل پر میشد. حس دودی نرم و دلچسبی، این فضا رو شاعرانه تر و پیچیده تر کرده تا قسمت اول نمایش لا فیومی عربی، از ترکیب آروماتیک بی نظیری بگه که از گیشنیز، سدر، نوتهای گیاهی و سبز و مرکبات شکل گرفته و رو پس زمینه ی نرم و با عظمتی از دود به جریان افتاده.
فضایی که از خاک و سایه میگه و از خاطرات و گذشته ها، شعر و نغمه سر میکنه!
عود دارویی و کمی ترش، در این فضا می پیچه و اون حالت سبز، آروماتیک و خاکی-دودی رو به حس دارویی و کمی ترش خودش، پیوند میزنه.
به مرور، لمسی از لابدانوم صمغی-فلورال، در فضا قدرت می گیره، حس آروماتیک و سبز، کم رنگ میشه و کلیت عطر، در فضایی صمغی، دارویی و کهربایی که دودی، خاکی-خاکستر گرفته و کمی ترش هست، رقم میخوره.

دقیقا به خاطر نمیارم که کدوم روز و هفته از تابستونای سالهای دور بود، اما مطمئنم که تعداد بسیار زیادی از روزها و هفته های اون تابستونا، من بودم و شادی بی انتهایی که آمیزش اون فضاها، در لافیومی عربی زنده شد برام. لحظات بی مانندی که گذشته هامو پر کردن و کهنه های همیشه نو و بی مانند من هستن.
لا فیومی عربی، عطری غلیظ، عمیق، چند لایه، ناب و متشخصه که آشناست، اما خاص و واقعیه.
رایحه ای ویژه و نوستالژیک واسه یه روز زمستانی که وقتی همسفرم شد، یادم رفت که در ازدحام شهر، ساعتها قدم زدم و در تابستانهای دور، چندین کیلومتر پیاده روی کردم.
مهم نیست، از اینجا و تا همیشه، سرد شده هوا، مهم اینه در جریان بی آغاز و انجام رودخانه ی زمان، ما هرگز از روزای واقعی زندگی دور نمیشیم و عطرهایی مثل لافیومی عربی، اثبات این ادعا هستن...
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by dstx87 2017-02-26

I can't honestly understand why people are up in arms over this fragrance. It's simple, really- if you don't like it, wear what you like instead. Save your hate for the grown men still wearing Axe instead of the people searching your forums and putting in the time to scour the internet for a good find. Aventus is pretty amazing. As I'm sure many of us feel, I wish I could wear it daily. That's not my situation. Because of that, fragrances like CDNI come into play. Yeah, it's definitely synthetic compared to Creed. Yeah, it's pretty harsh in the beginning. For $26 shipped, I'm not going to complain. The drydown is pretty great. I get a solid 6-8 hours with good projection. I live in an area where most men don't wear fragrances. If they do, it's going to be an aquatic. Something like this really stands out as different. I wore it out last night. It got noticed. I wore it to work. The good looking 22 year old blonde nurse said "Oh my God, you smell good, what is that?". More importantly, I like it. How's that a waste of $26?

Parco Palladiano IV Bottega Veneta by Vegas Pauli 2017-02-26

This is my favorite of the Palladiano line. Its sweet and nutty with a very light floral note. It reminds me faintly of warm buttered caramel popcorn in a way, but I don't want that image to ruin this scent for you readers. The nuttiness is not quite like warm vanilla, but it gives off that kind of rich creaminess. The floral element is not what gives this the sweetness factor, but a plant like bitterness that offsets this fragrance perfectly. This is quite beautiful and very much a unisex fragrance, I think this this would smell great on a man or a woman. Projection and longevity is very good, it lasts on me awhile with just two sprays. In closing, the overall effect of IV is sophisticated, sexy, and expensive smelling. Thumbs way up and well worth the money.

Badgley Mischka Badgley Mischka by PurpleIris49 2017-02-26

When I first smelled this right out of the bottle, I thought "YUM". I was sure this would be a newfound love, but when I put it on I realized after the dry down that we weren't meant to be together. Osmanthus was the problem. It creates a very unfortunate chemical reaction on my skin. This perfume truly is something you should try before buying. There are plenty of tiny (and darling) bottles online for a small price. If this had smelled on my skin as it did in the bottle, it would have been a true love affair.

Burberry Women Burberry by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

Primarily peach, cedar, musk, and vanilla. It's quite nice, non-offensive, and long lasting. The musk is very prominent and has good projection. A charming, calming fragrance. I like to wear it in the spring when I'm feeling optimistic. :-)

Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

Happiness in a bottle! It's like being in an enchanted summer garden, eating berries and smelling flowers. The sandalwood in the drydown is just gorgeous. It's sweet, but does not have any vanilla, so it stays light and airy. Big love for this one - I hope they never discontinue!

Green Irish Tweed Creed by HurAcraft 2017-02-26

Came in expecting a cool water kinda smell.

Not even close. My nose isn't expert but this does not smell anything like cool water.

This smells clean and green with some sweetness underneath (ambergris?). Also very natural.. you can tell theres quality.

Cool water smells like a toilet cleaner in comparison and the smell isn't green either... it is super synthetic. I hate cool water it invokes a headache, expected to hate GIT too... so I was intrigued to sample it. I dont hate it, actually like GIT. I dont see how GIT is close to cool water....

GIT is beastly too smelled my sample through the package before opening it.

A 120 ml bottle here is 165€, I dont know if its worth that but it's a good scent.

Mandarine Citron Cèdre Yves Rocher by esteban747 2017-02-26

What I like the most about this fragrance is that it doesn't smell like a typical citrus perfume.
You don't get slapped by a strong lemon, orange or mandarin scent.
Instead the cedar helps to calibrate the balance between the citrus notes and woods.
This is totally unisex. Good, inoffensive and pleasant.
Sillage is so far ( surprisingly) better than other YR Eau de toilette.
Give it a try for this summer. 20ML bottles are affordable at their site.

Initial Boucheron by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

Truly unique fragrance. It's rich but not too spicy, floral but not too 'good girl'. There's a slight edge to this fragrance that makes it interesting. My nose is glued to my wrist every time I wear it, trying to figure it out. It's chic and sophisticated, best for women over 30. Garners lots of compliments. And the bottle is stunning.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by dzb 2017-02-26

This stuff grows on you like crazy!

I smell twigs, a few leaves, and more twigs... that lemon verbena though. Reminds me of my morning jog while passing leaves and grass laden with dew. And the ambergris is positively and beautifully present in the drydown.

I used to think this was just another good fragrance...
but eyes are open... I declare this a masterpiece... and I really don't say that lightly, as I've only said it about 2 other fragrances in my journey thus far (Terre D'Hermes Parfum and Acqua di Gio Profumo).

By the way, I spent a summer in England shooting the breeze while at the University of Sussex. I knew I was screwed after the first test getting a 3/10. I would skip lectures and walk through the forest... and I'm not kidding... this fragrance smells very similar to that time in my life. Escaping all the stress and toil in the university and experiencing nature was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Creed, great job at evoking a true Irish countryside/forest... others will get around to this scent too.

Stella Stella McCartney by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

One of my holy grail perfumes. I never want to be without a bottle. Reminiscent of a rose garden early in the morning, when the blooms are full and glistening with dew. The touch of citrus and white amber give the scent some weight and structure. I adore Stella and never get tired of it. The original version is still my favorite. A masterpiece by Jacques Cavallier.

Rose Essentielle Bvlgari by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

Wearing this just makes me happy. Beautiful rose rounded off with sweet berries and clean musk. It smells of spring and all things bright and lovely.

I have to agree with knox.. It def shares a similarity to bentley intense. Not sure what note it is but its a similar vibe but the bentley is a little stronger with it. This one is nice, its masculine, smooth, woody, resinous with a little smoke or incense vibe. It has sweetness but to the extent of bentley intense. A vanillic woody amber with some incense. Macusline and smells like a niche quality. I am not sure yet as this is a first impression, but the performance would be my concern simply because it is a JJ... Hopefully this performs at least average.. John varvatos makes some great scents... but the performance sometimes is sub par. I still like the original and dark rebel the best but this one is up there with them.

Eau Parfumee au The Blanc Bvlgari by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

My least favorite of Bvlgari's tea line. I like au the Vert and au the Rouge, but this one lacks personality and just smells blah to me and has no longevity.

Le 3` Homme de Caron Caron by alqusimi 2017-02-26

كريه جدا هذا العطر وسيشعرك انك بحاجة لتغيير ثيابك بعد ارتدائه

Bracken Man Amouage by alqusimi 2017-02-26

اعجبتني جدا رائحته الرجولية الرصينة فهو بعيد تماما عن الروائح الزهرية وحتى المبهرة ولكنه يتميز برائحة الطبيعة والاشجار واستغرب من الذين يركزون على طغيان رائحة القرنفل فية والتي لم اجد لها اثر يذكر، ربما لان امواج ابدعت في دمج مكوناته, عموما هو عطر متميز ومناسب جدا لمن تستهويهم رائحة الطبيعة والاشجار

I tested Velvet Noir for the second time on skin today, and I really like it. It's quite intense, with the white floral being to my nose more of a background for the woods, rose, violet and amber. In some ways, especially the drydown, it reminds me of Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir in a slightly simplified form, perhaps more suitable for daytime wear. The top notes I felt disappeared fairly quickly although the ginger hung around for a while to play with the rose and violets. Very nice scent that is not sugar sweet and has some personality to it.

Eau Parfumee au The Rouge Bvlgari by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

I was addicted to this for quite a while. The Rouge has the biggest personality of all of Bvlgari's tea line, but it still manages to be clear and subtle. It's rooibos tea blended with peppery spices. Fig, walnut, and clean musk add depth.

I like to wear it when I'm in a Zen mood...doing yoga, relaxing before bed, etc. Good for the office as it's not likely to bother people who are sensitive. Smells amazing on my boyfriend, too. Definitely unisex. Classy bottle..I love their packaging.

Eau Parfumee au The Vert Bvlgari by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

Refreshing and delicate, like a cup of green tea. Lovely clean musk in the background. Perfect scent for those times when you just want to smell clean, but not 'perfumed'.

V Absolu Valentino by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

I had this back in the day when it was a LOT less expensive. Loved it. Sexy and playful.

Emporio Armani Diamonds Giorgio Armani by dglightblue 2017-02-26

I don't know what to say about this really.
It might be better in winter maybe.
Hot humid weather doesn't help this frag.

It's watery fruit, I hope no tea note is emerging, for the price it's not a good a gentle soft, non offensive safe one. We all need on or two of those in our collection, but I suggest maybe Versace pourfemme or maybe a Davidoff, look in my list for the lighter frags, they are all more imaginative than this.


Altamir Ted Lapidus by Yurpdod 2017-02-26

I really respond to the gender fluidity of Altamir. The orange blossom and jasmine are definitely more in the feminine realm but the overall composition with amber, tonka, and woods is masculine in a very modern, understated way.

I don't mean this negatively at all but Altamir kind of smells like a bunch of Jean Paul Gaultier scents put into a blender. It has the soft amber of Gaultier2, the orange blossom and vanilla of Classique, the tonka of Le Male, and the neroli of Fleur du Male.

I like Altamir a lot but I wish that the sillage and longevity was just a little stronger. But everyone's experience will vary, according to what other reviewers have said. Also a 4.2oz bottle is so cheap you can definitely afford to respray later.

Very Irresistible L`Eau en Rose Givenchy by dglightblue 2017-02-26

This is not impressive, I love this line but this is a no.
Not at all unpleasant, just so weak, even for an EDT.

Very tea like for the first hour or more, tea like Bvlgari rose essentielle, the essentielle is better.
Now I get a weak shadow of the 'irresistible' line.

In winter it may be a different story, as now it's very humid and hot, which may stifle the notes in this.

Velvet Orchid Lumière Tom Ford by 2017-02-26

I like Velvet orchid but not very much.there's something old in it and something bitter and not very feminine but velvet orchid lumiere has all good things of velvet orchid with a modern's very beautiful strong very lux very feminine and delicious. First I can smell sweet champagne,like champagne and honey cocktail.then there's very beautiful flowers.a lovely rose and a powdery flower that I think is orchid.then creamy's one of the best perfumes I saw in a's strange that most perfume shops don't sell it yet.any woman who wants a modern sweet and expensive and strong perfume will love it.longevity a complete day.sillage is's the best tom ford perfume for woman
ولوت ارکید عطر خوبی هست اما یک‌چیز قدیمی و همینطور یک چیز تلخ در آن هست اما ولوت ارکید لومیر فوق العاده هست.تمام چیزهای خوب ولوت ارکید را داره و کمی هم ویژگی های بهتر.کاملا مدرن و خوشمزه هست.اول مثل کوکتلی از شامپاین و عسل هست.بعد گلهای زیبا و پودری ،رز و کمی ارکیده.آخر هم که وانیل خامه ای اضافه میشه.ماندگاری یک روز کامل.پخش خیلی قوی. مدتها بود که عطر به این خوبی و کاملی و جذابی ندیده بودم.خیلی عجیب هست که اکثر جاها هنوز موجود نیست چون عطری هست که هر خانمی دنبال عطر قوی و مدرن و جذاب و شیرین و گران قیمت باشه عاشقش میشه.بهترین عطر زنانه تام فورد

Flower by Kenzo L`Elixir Kenzo by dglightblue 2017-02-26

First blast I detect flower a bit

It's a cross between Armani Si EDP, and scents like black opium, ysl manifesto elixir, maybe la vie set belle depending which notes come out more prominent on you.

It's not as deep as Dior addict EDP,

I get sweet, a fruit touch, vanilla, something deeper. Rounded overall, no harshness

Manifesto l'Elixir Yves Saint Laurent by dglightblue 2017-02-26

Iv got four frags on for trying.

This, kenzo flower elixir, givenchy l'eau en rose, and Armani diamonds.
In the back ground I have e.l.m.m Le rouge

The ysl manifique elixir is lovely, edible vanilla there's lots around that have these elements and feel
The kenzo one is in a similar family, but has a fruit element that makes it lean between this and Armani Si EDP.

Tha accords look right.

I detect a depth that Dior addict has, I have the older version.

This is warm, its even as opposed to edgy.

Power by 50 Cent 50 Cent by CodyJr 2017-02-26

After 6 wearings I think I can give an honest review.
This scent is unique. Its bold.
Also I should mention that I hate aquatic colognes. This frag has a very slight aquatic note but its more of a 'Wet Patchouli' than a 'Salty Sea Air' . .
First blast is a lemony soapy ..
I almost detect a sweet tart citrus. It's an athletic citrus note ( like in davidoff champion). Also get some green notes.
It very quickly dries to a faint scent that is similar to versace eros ..

It smells like a lot of different frags and themes mixed together but its surprisingly nice. I would buy again..

Only bad thing i performance is average/ below average.

Purr Katy Perry by jreyes366 2017-02-26

I had spent some time deciding on if I should pick this perfume up or not. I have Katy Perry's Meow, which I really really like. I also have her mad poison fragrance which was a huge let down.

After getting this the other day, I have to say that this perfume smells nice. It's more of a subtle floral scent, but it just dissipates so darn quickly. I can see why people love this, and I can see why they don't. I don't find this perfume to be at all categorized as a gourmand. I cannot really detect much coconut either. It's an overall fresh and fruity white floral. It's a like, but not a love.

Power by 50 Cent 50 Cent by CodyJr 2017-02-26

After 6 wearings I think I can give an honest review.
This scent is unique. Its bold.
Also I should mention that I hate aquatic colognes. This frag has a very slight aquatic note but its more of a 'Wet Patchouli' than a 'Salty Sea Air' . .
First blast is a lemony soapy ..
I almost detect a sweet tart citrus. It's an athletic citrus note ( like in davidoff champion). Also get some green notes.
It very quickly dries to a faint scent that is similar to versace eros ..

It smells like a lot of different frags and themes mixed together but its surprisingly nice. I would buy again..

Only bad thing i performance is average/ below average.

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by blake.lee 2017-02-26

I completely understand and sympathize with everyone who is disappointed and this is not meant to antagonize. However, If Guerlain doesn't have commercially successful fragrances, popular with "vapid girls and brainless guys", the company will not survive. This is a business and they must make money. Fragrance is part of the cosmetic industry and as much as we all recognize it as art, too most people it's just part of their beauty routine like shampoo or body lotion. Let's not begrudge them a few commercial successes and also don't forget, they are not a niche house. If you remember this, maybe you won't be so disappointed. If we expected them to cater only to the refined tastes of the perfume as fine art patrons here, they'd go out of business. Having said that, I think it remains to be seen if this fragrance will have broad commercial success. I think using lavender this heavily was a bold choice and a bit risky. If it does prove to be a best seller and we end up with a crop of lavender fragrances from all the commercial houses, I personally will be happy. I really enjoyed the powder everything phase we recently went through and there could be worse than lavender everything. I'm glad to at least not see berries and patchouli here. It really could be worse.

Post script, I won't be buying this. Mon Exclusif was much better. Love it or hate it, It was a lavender and buttery toffee gourmand who meant business and it knew exactly what it was. Mon Guerlain is wishy washy in comparison.

Daphne Comme des Garcons by janjanjan 2017-02-26

Outlier here, but this was sickly! Perhaps I cannot handle the tuberose and sweetness with my incense? Just ack! Scrub scrub...


Clandestine Clara Penhaligon`s by Calvini 2017-02-26

Not nearly as extravagant as the descriptions of the lady...based on that it's boring, otherwise it's just nice. I really wanted to love this because the peacock is absolutely adorable, second to Lord George..

Carrera (original) Carrera by MRDED 2017-02-26

One of my favorites

fresh clean classy sporty and sexy

moderate sillage and long lasting

for all seasons and in the summer
it will be shine

not expensive But its

^Made in Italy^

Roaring Radcliff Penhaligon`s by Calvini 2017-02-26

Started out quite delicious (I thought I'd finally found something in the collection worth purchasing!), but soon turns into a boring almondy gourmand, then slowly adds elements of Tobacco Vanille.

Ambra Aurea Profumum Roma by wxmath 2017-02-26

The more I wear this fragrance, the more I like it. Smokey and incense in a nice way. Pure quality and well worth the extra $$. You will be spoiled as all others will seem inferior. Strong sillage and longevity. One of my new will not be disappointed unless you were expecting a fruity or sweet fragrance...

DKNY Delicious Night Donna Karan by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

Mmmmm...yes. Berries and flowers drenched in incense. Ginger adds a sparkly zing. Not too sweet. Only negative is that is doesn't hang around very long.

Ensar Rose Sultan Pasha Attars by christianne1 2017-02-26

Have you ever smelled something so good that it literally gave you chills and felt like a drug? That is Ensar Rose for me. I have my nose buried on my hand inhaling this so hard and so often it looks like a scene from Blue Velvet.

There is something about Ensar Rose that is simply magical. I'm a rose lover and the rose in this is just exquisite. It's honeyed and smooth and luscious and I almost want to eat it. It smells so pure, like my nose is literally buried inside a gigantic lush rose.

The overall feel of Ensar Rose is exotic but tamed. It's super smooth and seems a bit clean but also has this underlying slight dirtiness to it. Which must be coming from the smoothest and least animalic oud I've ever smelled in my life. Now THIS is a REAL oud I love!! This is not that stinky fertilizer stuff, this is unlike any oud I have ever smelled. Normally I like fake oud because I can not stand that butt like mulch smelling stuff. I don't get the appeal of that. But this is an entirely different kind of oud and by far the smoothest and by far the most tolerable. There is no "tolerating" to it, this stuff I could smell forever.

In addition to the mind blowing rose and oud, it has equally amazing sandalwood and real and swoon worthy ambergris.

Okay, I'm going to go back to huffing.

Siiiiigh. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.

Lovestruck Vera Wang by lmwimsatt 2017-02-26

I am addicted to this perfume. she should release it in a parfum, named angelica since it is just not strong enough. but still, an addict just wants MORE. a masterpiece

Intense Cafe Montale by Breath fashion 2017-02-26

Smells just like black opium

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by aki777 2017-02-26

A (young) crowd pleaser. Not memorable, an average semi-sweet perfume. Not my cup of tea I guess.

Ambre Noble Zara by Calvini 2017-02-26

This is a masculine dry woody amber (with a touch of fougere, hence "soapy" & "powdery"), very little warmth and NOT resinous; wouldn't recommend to fans of labdanum based amber.

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme Dolce&Gabbana by everett49354 2017-02-26

This scent is very pleasant, with a very clean and dry tobacco mixed with some citrus and lavender. It smells a little mature for me (as a younger man) and probably suits the middle aged/older crowd more. Overall, not a bad everyday scent, good for the office or pretty much any situation. I appreciate it and don't mind it much, but it doesn't stand out to me as I like the wetter tobacco smell.
Scent - 6.5/10
Performance - 8.5/10 Good longevity and decent sillage

Overall - 7/10

Drakkar Noir Guy Laroche by Danielectro 2017-02-26

Quorum's bratty brother.

Thallium Yves de Sistelle by 2_Sprays 2017-02-26

Great bang for your buck fragrance. $20. Good performance, good scent, and garners compliments. However, it's a bit too sweet if you overspray it. It has a candy-like sweetness. My nose picks up fruity notes like citrus and apple, and sweet notes like honey and pineapple also. A bit synthetic, but not bad. If you really like sweet fragrances that last and perform well, give this a try. I like it, and the ladies like this one as well. Works best in the cooler weather. Too heavy for the summer and will be pretty cloying. I'll give it a 7/10. For the price, you can't go wrong with this. DO NOT overspray. You'll be choking people out. If you don't like sweet fragrances, give this a pass as this is very sweet.

First smelled it in the Paris airport Duty that time, I found it to be the most revolutionary scent on the ladies market, modern vibe of the past...only Mystere de Rochas ever felt so ahead of everything else!

Amber Musk Aerin Lauder by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

All of the notes in this have a beautiful interplay that keep me sniffing my arm... and then when it's almost gone I notice a faint realistic lily of the valley note. But the entire scent doesn't last more than a few hours on me. So I haven't purchased.

Avenue Al-Rehab by TonyAKAMrClean 2017-02-26

Compared to CDNIM, this starts out very smooth and VERY fruity. I absolutely love the fruity opening. The middle of the life of the fragrance is great, but not as wowing as CDNIM, and here's why:

What this is missing is the smoky aspect and instead, it makes up for it by being VERY patchouli heavy in the base! The patchouli lasts for 18 hours, and it's a very dry/hot smelling patchouli. If you absolutely love dry patchouli, you may not mind this one bit, but I wish the fruit could've stuck around a bit longer to blend with the heavy patchouli base.

As for comparing it to Aventus, I'll be able to soon, but from what I've smelled of Aventus on others, this isn't really that close. I do think the fruit in the opening is closer than CDNIM, but the overdose of patchouli in the base to compensate for the lack of smokiness is its weak point.

All in all, for its price, this is AMAZING and a 6ml roll on will last you as long as a 3.4oz bottle of some other scents. Overall, this is worth the price, worth experiencing, but it's not an exact clone.

Zara Bright Rose Zara by Calvini 2017-02-26

This is not bad! I was expecting another "pink" fruity floral that vaguely represents rose, but this is rather classic (aldehydic LotV + musky tones & light spices)

Yes, please, if someone knows where to get this I'd be very appreciative if someone pointed me in the right direction!

L`Envol de Cartier Cartier by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

This had great longevity, but the dry down seemed to be composed of a singular spicy note that eventually started to bother me. That final note lasted on fabric for days. The initial honey and iris notes are beautifully composed though. I would love to smell L'Envol on someone else, just not on me.

Adrenaline Enrique Iglesias by britrockguy64 2017-02-26

I found this bottle hiding on a shelf in my local Big Lots. For $4, I couldn't argue; especially when I discovered the pharmacy next door was selling the same bottle for $25. As far as the scent goes, I can't pick out any of the listed notes, except for a vague caramelized sugar in the drydown, which I'm guessing is the fried tonka. The scent itself is sweet and inoffensive, with decent sillage and longevity. Not something I'd wear regularly, but decent enough for $4.

Secret d`Essences Neroli Yves Rocher by esteban747 2017-02-26

The bitter orange is very obvious at first ( I smell mandarin too), so is alcohol but just for a few seconds.
And then, yes, neroli. Green, a tiny bit spicy and sweet.
It's a simple fragrance. Smells natural. Sillage on me seems to be minimal.
It develops quickly, I can smell a vague hint of geranium and musk.
A nice fragrance but I'm not crazy about it.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by SniffSniff83 2017-02-26

I have lots of designer scents and I get complimented every blue moon. One day, I sprayed Acqua di Gio on once, one spray, while at the mall and got a compliment, from a very pretty woman, within 30 minutes of trying it. *throws hands up*

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by Neckromancer 2017-02-26

This scent is so eerie. It makes me think of aliens probing people in the sterile, white minimalist interior of an ovoid spaceship. But its aftertaste also reminds me of the "ice cream" my boyfriend makes when we're extremely poor and late on rent. He blends restaurant Sweet n' Low, milk, and ice and it actually comes out pretty tasty. It smells very different when applied to the wrist, as opposed to the crook of the elbow. In the crook of the elbow, it is extremely peppery, and the rose note screams. On the wrist, it is more poor man's ice cream, a child's dropped dessert and tears. This witch's milk is cursed, and it's really unsettling but strangely addictive.

The Longing House of Matriarch by GodKing 2017-02-26

I have to admit this fragrance was quite a bit different than described by many fragrance reviewers. While it is really a very nice fragrance, I feel The Longing is being over-hyped (free bottles for favorable reviews perhaps?) within the fragrance community IMO.

I got to experience this scent on two occasions over the weekend on my gal pal. Although it was very nice, I did not find it overtly sexy...I did not want to eat it off her arm...nor did I find it to be a gourmand lovers type of gourmand fragrance.

Instead, it reminded me of shades of Dior Mitzah. No, it's not identical...but it has that Mitzah spicy oriental vibe (spices, incense, honey, etc.) but a bit creamier/butterier and with a deeply muted fruity and floral tones. Someone described this fragrance as smelling like full-on Church Incense. While I don't share this opinion, again, I do feel it has a noticeable herbal-spiced incense accord. Personally, I'm detected a lot less floral notes than listed and a whole bunch of balsamic notes that are not in the notes pyramid.

Performance is rock-solid in that The Longing lasts 12-hours, projects about average, but leaves a very nice scent trail for 3-4 hours after being applied. I may actually like this one as much, or better, on my gal pal than Mitzah. So it really is a very nice fragrance and it is a strong like on my end. My issue is that it's not a sexy-seductive fragrance IMO. Instead, I would describe it as being interesting, enjoyable, and even assertive. Is it worth the money? You be the judge.

The Black The Sum by MeanSuga 2017-02-26

The smoke does remind me of The Sum White, yet this is dark (black) woodsy rich , warm, spicy, not as clean and cold as White, but definitely has The Sum unique smoke - and the amazing metallic edge.
There is not huge projection, "heating up" does make it more noticeable , and the aura then grows but still stayed within my bubble.
The longevity is superb. Hours and hours, and overnight. I was quite pleasantly surprised at the major wear , and the richness did not wane.
I would recommend to someone who likes or wants a balsamic woody oud `n spice , one that stays more intimate and personal.
I have passed the 1/2 vial left onto my husband , but it is a unisex frag.
Many thanks to The Sum and Fragrantica for the experience :)

I honestly pick up a totally different palette from this scent. I felt it was heavy floral, middle notes rose with lilac or lavender? Very tart and very floral. Not what I was expecting at all. I'm sure there are some that will love it, though.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by erha69 2017-02-26

This perfume is relatively cheap with a simple bottle appearance that reflects the appearance of the young man. However the smell is quite complex. I can smell something fresh and also something quite heavy and deep. An interesting one is that if you are wearing this perfume during day activities that makes you sweat, the scent of perfume is getting stronger.

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Guerlain by shalimaraddict 2017-02-26

This is one of the best scents Guerlain has offered in the last 15 years. I like it better than the Extreme/EDP version personally. I think it has more depth and nuances than the other version. One of my favorite masculine scents. It's classy, which is no surprise as it is Guerlain. I love this so much! It's perfect for any occasion, whether it's at the office or going out.

My Burberry Black Burberry by Latonya K Williams 2017-02-26

Beautiful Composition from the house of Burberry! Love love love this one! Fall/Winter nighttime fragrance on a romantic date is what comes to mind when smelling this fragrance! It's strong enough to get you noticed but mysterious enough to make others want to come closer for more! If you love sexy, warm, sweet but not too sweet, fragrances..then this is the perfect one for you!! Can easily become a signature scent for the grown, the sexy and the confident! Sophistication in a bottle..compliments galore from men and women! Highly recommend!:-)

Musk Oud By Kilian by Tigerlillian 2017-02-26

Geranium and lemons... a luminous, beautiful bouquet with a clean, fresh pink dewy rose note. By Kilian Musk Oud is quite arrestingly beautiful to my senses.

Fresh and natural, there is no dark vibe like the bottle suggests. Even the trace amount of oud is very delicate and woody and complements and softens the clean rose beautifully. I do feel having 'oud' in the name is a little misleading as this isn't a dominant note.

Subtle, woody spices and fresh, green herbs add to the piquant floral bouquet, wrapped in a pink chiffon ribbon, reminding me a little of musk Lifesavers candy that you can only get in Australia.

If I didn't have Bond No 9's Washington Square which is very similar, with Musk Oud being a little more sweet, I would have bought this beautiful Morillas in a heartbeat.

Hermessence Iris Ukiyoé Hermes by pansylady 2017-02-26

This smells like the garden in early April- hyacinths, tulips, daffodils- and strangely enough, a touch of banana! I got a very similar vibe from Tulipe by Byredo.
Very soft, wispy,evanescent- perhaps a little too wispy for such a high end fragrance, imho...

Nejma 7 Nejma by Calvini 2017-02-26

Cocoa...really? More like one of those fruitcakes that claim to be chocolate (similar to Angel)

Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue Miu Miu by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

I tried this from a sample spray vial without looking at the notes. I knew it should smell like lily of the valley and do get that... but mostly it reminded me of grapefruit and pepper with a lily of the valley aesthetic. Real lily of the valley smells different. It's not bad though.

Nejma 4 Nejma by Calvini 2017-02-26

This is a very nice, classic spicy floriental similar to Opium, but for this price you might as well get the richer Opium lol
This is still my second favorite out of the seven though, and my first is #2.

Enigma Pour Homme Roja Dove by ularewolf 2017-02-26

I'll keep it simple: Opens up with Coca-Cola (a luxury version), dries down to a vanilla Dr. Pepper. This scent is truly amazing, it's a lot more complex than I can say, but there's a lot of tobacco, vanilla (way different than TV and not as sweet), booze and soda!

Highly recommended.

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

I wound up returning this. I had a newly reformulated August 2016 bottle. The newer ingredient list is half the length of the old ingredient list (missing all the irritants that had to be removed for IFRA I'm assuming). It lasted barely 8 hours on me and was only a skin scent after 3-4 hours. It was purchased from an authorized department store. Aside from the poor longevity I loved it. Too bad. Wish I had found it years ago.

Tocade Rochas by 2017-02-26

My friend who is a great perfumista has a small bottle of old tocade and she loves it.we were talking about classic perfumes and that I can't like them.I know they are famous and real art but I can't use them myself even one friend said that I'm wrong and gave me one spray of tocade on my hand.I was ready to say:you see it really smells old.but it was smells delicious and if I didn't know I couldn't guess it's a classic. It's sweet and creamy.but not like's creamy vanilla and lovely flowers.smells very modern for's warm and sexy also comfortable.not very dry or very powdery and it's so beautiful I want to smell it all the time.very good longevity and sillage.I love it
همیشه از عطرهای قدیمی و کلاسیک نفرت داشتم.شاید شاهکار باشند،معنای واقعی هنر باشند و خیلی از عطربازها عاشقشون باشند اما من نمیتونم حتی فکرش رو بکنم که یک روز استفاده کنم و برم بیرون.دوست عطربازم میخواست به من ثابت کنه که اشتباه می کنم و کلاسیک واقعی عطری هست که بدون زمان باشه برای همین توکاد قذیمی که داشت راروی دستم اسپری کرد.نمیخواستم اصلا حرفم را عوض کنم .اما مجبور شدم.توکاد در این حد زیباست!زیبا و خوشمزه و خیلی زنانه.شیرین و خامه ای اما نه آبنباتی.وانیل خامه ای و گلهای خیلی زیبا.برای من خیلی مدرن بنظر میرسه.خیلی پودری یا قدیمی نیست اصلا.هم سکسی و هم آرامش بخش.ماندگاری و پخش خیلی خوب.توکاد تنها عطر قدیمی هست که عاشقش شدم

Shadow Amor Ajmal by samuelgustav 2017-02-26

A good vanilla powdery scent with some aquatic feel to it, I find this a very romantic scent, cozy but very clean. I don't find this particularly memorable but very safe clean scent, I like it, but not sure if I will ever buy it, love the bottle though.

Velvet Orchid Lumière Tom Ford by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

This reminds me of a lighter Black Orchid layered with Cartier L'Envol. It's not bad, just not what I was looking for at the moment.

Ella Arquiste by AveParfum 2017-02-26

The top notes smell like exquisite, fresh flowers, but there is a sexy, sexy, musky, jasmine drydown. Just the drydown reminds me of Fragonard's eponymous Fragonard parfum.

Mademoiselle Piguet Robert Piguet by Perfumeaddict777 2017-02-26

This is a masterpiece! I love orange flower and am now obsessed with this! Omg! Juicy delicious oranges, apricots, pepper, and almonds! Sweet but fresh. It smells alot like anathousla white tuberose but this is fresher. It smells sophisticated and yummy. The oranges pair up with the apricot giving this a warm intoxicating quality. After hours of oranges it dries down to a slightly soapy slightly powdered almond. Sillage is great on my skin and longevity is at least 6 hours. Im in love ;) Thank you smellagent for the sample!!

Clinique Happy Clinique by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

Happy smells amazing on clothes and laundry. I keep thinking I'm done with this scent and then buy another bottle. It's also great layered with Dune.

Bentley for Men Intense Bentley by nelsongil13 2017-02-26

"Fragrance Engine"

The British luxury automaker Bentley, joins Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari in the proposed alternative perfumes.

The French company Art & Fragrance Service, its manufacturer, has taken into account even the smallest detail in this production.

The box has a beautiful pink gold color and the bottle, I think it is inspired by the design of its orange "coupe", the remark extremely well worked with silver top, tire-shaped lid, only somewhat uncomfortable its atomizer .

The Aroma is very high level the first 3 hours, with excellent projection and good longevity in my case, then it is very linear, loses some glamor and dusty.

I perceive a scent like "Cinnamon Rum" which gives it a very nice "liquor" touch.

There are spices, but I do not feel it with the enormous intensity that Spicebomb V & R has, this one is more digestible and although it is not declared, it feels a note of tobacco.

The highlight of Bentley intense is its potent smoky smell, Prada Luna Rossa Extreme type, very "dense smoke" (without the bitter stick of Prada LNE) and quite the feeling of incense.

I agree that it looks a little Gucci Envy for Men, especially its balsamic chord.

For formal and informal use, at night and very cold is better.

For over 30+ and under 50-.
The price is quite good compared to the quality of the fragrance.

It is not a forced purchase, but the one that owns it will have an "exquisite aroma".

8.5 / 10

Ralph Ralph Lauren by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

A fairly realistic freesia and magnolia flower... both of which are impossible to find.

Rose Essentielle Bvlgari by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

Best rose fragrance I've found for a true rose that lasts the entire length of the fragrance (outside of Tea Rose). I get 12+ hours.

Petits et Mamans Bvlgari by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

A staple for me: high end baby powder. The best I've found.

Daisy Marc Jacobs by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

A grassy golden field of wildflowers on a lazy summer day.

Omnia Crystalline Bvlgari by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

Calming sweet water and woods. I think it has disappeared and then wonder what smells so amazing.

Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

A long lasting true gardenia. A favorite.

A touch feminine but high quality ingrediants. Lasts a good while as well. Very summery, fruity, nice for fresh out the shower feeling.

Angel Mugler by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

A coffee shop burning patchouli candles. Love it.

Dune Christian Dior by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

Allure EDP layered with Eau Des Merveilles.... it's more than that though: dry and just amazing. Lasts ages. I have an October 2016 bottle too.

Pure Poison Christian Dior by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

White flowers, woods, citrus... it reminds me of Alien crossed with Noa Cacharel. I love it.

Alien Mugler by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

Grapey jasmine with a woody amber dry down that lasts through a shower. There's nothing else like it. My signature.

Dior Homme Sport 2017 Christian Dior by waltherP99 2017-02-26

Dior officially reformed DHS , pulled out of the market the 2012 version , and only the new one could be found in official retailers in US , most countries in Europe , and soon all over the world.The new version shares the same DNA with 2012 formulation and it's similar .... like 60-70% , but it's NOT the same fragrance.They removed the iris and the ginger notes , and now the main player on the field is the blood orange , with the help of sandalwood and nutmeg.I get vetiver too , only in the drydown.
The 2017 formulation is much closer to the vintage one with added blood orange ,then to 2012 formulaton.
People should NOT blind buy the new one , if they are used to the 2012 version!!!
Some will love it,but others won't.
For like 90% of the Dior Homme Sport owners DHS=a lot of Iris,good amount of ginger and lemon .... and there's NO iris anymore in the new sport all,there's no ginger and blood orange is much more pronounced than the lemon.
If you remember the vintage DHS and you think it was better than the 2012 version there is a higher chance you'll like the new one too , but if you think DHS=iris+ginger+lemon you may not like the 2017 version,or you may find inferior to the previous one.
Longevity ~7-8 hours
Sillage ~4-4.5 hours

Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum Estée Lauder by HumesMistress 2017-02-26

Oh I love this: frangipani, coconut milk and vanilla. I'm going to buy two back ups of this over the summer just incase it disappears. Try it. I was worried I'd hate it, but it's perfect for me.

Ambre Precieux Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier by Tigerlillian 2017-02-26

Cocking my head trying to figure out where I had smelled this before. On entry, a touch of herbal lavender and soft resins that become a little powdery as the scent evolves.

Amber Precieux then reveals a slightly medicinal, animalic vein that remains throughout. It's very subtle, deeply buried but present and gives this fragrance some intrigue.

Cistus (Labdanum) is what I eventually recognize, like the pure oil, which dries down to a botanic amber-like note. Then I make the connection that this smells a lot like Le Labo's Labdanum 18 with less animal, less powder.

Further research told me that it is actually ambergris in this composition, and not amber, which explains the animalic note. Coumarin in its sharper form, also missing from the notes above, common too with LLL 18. Additionally, no myrrh. Official notes: Myrtle, Lavander, Coumarin, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Labdanum Cistus, Peru Balsam, Tolu Balsam, Ambergris.

Ambre Precieux is however a warmer, sweeter iteration without the powder bomb of LLL 18 and higher levels of enticing vanilla. Personally, I prefer the cleaner aura and more pronounced animal note of Labdanum 18. Both definitely share a lot of the same DNA in different proportions, both complex and sensual, with Ambre Precieux being generally more wearable, and inarguably delivering the romance that is being read as amber. I feel that lovers of Guerlain Shalimar will also enjoy Ambre Precieux as a delicately powdered, complex balsamic vanilla.

Tommy Bahama for Her Tommy Bahama by Tanyacoca 2017-02-26

Starts off with a fresh, clean, and sweet mandarin, then goes straight heavy vanilla cupcake. :(

Anyone interested in swapping?

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson by BlackAmberMoon 2017-02-26

HUGE amber/patchouli bomb with dry woods - nothing like the sweet, girly fragrances in the rest of her line. Wear it when you're going to a woodland witch's cottage in the fall. A lot of women will hate it and say it's too masculine (true), but I love it when I'm in the mood to howl and moon and that sort of thing. ;-) It's edgy and a bit goth. A guy could pull it off easily.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by manu.tq 2017-02-26

If anyone is wondering how the "vintage" L'Homme smells and performs compared to the ones in stores right now, you have nothing to worry about. I have a 2006, 2014 and a 2016 bottle, and they all smell the same. The newer bottles actually last longer on skin.
All bottles are well preserved, in good condition.

If you want L'Homme to last longer, buy yourself the complementary deodorant stick, and apply it before the fragrance. It gives a new depth to the perfume and makes it last about 2-3 hours longer.

Tory Burch Tory Burch by skyelightfetish 2017-02-26

Completely opposite to the Versace Oud Oriental I reviewed earlier, the very first sniff on my skin is pleasant, with the peppery citruses dominating.

I am glad I tried it on skin because on paper it's horrible, really really horrible - not even a shampoo smell but washing up liquid smell.

I get no, absolutely none of the currant buds - pity that.

In the middle part, from about ten minutes after application onwards, Tory Burch turns into a largely inoffensive but mostly boring and rather unstructured floral .

It settles into a faintly unpleasant drydown, identical on skin and on paper, with a wee bit of vetiver.

All in all, you can smell like a niceish bath/shower product without spending this much money. Completely uninspired.

Fars Xerjoff by afterdark 2017-02-26

What does the Fars mean in this one? Is it in reference to "Persia" or "Persian"?

Bois Blonds Atelier Cologne by skyelightfetish 2017-02-26

This officially retails at around 180 GBP per 200ml (this size implies a lot of splashing), and over 100 GBP per 50ml bottle. This is expensive.

But the concept - kinda Jo Malone but less mumsy and less obviously aspirational - is pleasant. The prices are high.

As to the juice... I applied BB (copiously, as I usually do, and as befits cologne) in the afternoon, post-bath, and I tested it on paper too. The results are pretty much the same, although as always, the scent lasts much longer on paper than on my wrists.

A nice, woody, classy citrus. All kinds of orange, flower and leaf and bark, and dry blond woods, a spacious and very nice scent indeed, but there now way worth the money Atelier are asking for it.

Very pleasant opening, lively, fresh and spacious orange, settling into the blonde wood of the title, also pleasant and spacious. The starkness of the pale woods is softened a bit by hints of incense and musk.

All in all, and in a word, pleasant. Also unexceptional and unexciting. I'd sure buy a big bottle of this if I had a surplus of two-hundred pound notes knocking about, and I'd happily use it on days I can't decide what to douse myself in, but I can't imagine working two days solid to buy a full-sized bottle of this stuff.

Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental Versace by skyelightfetish 2017-02-26

This came in a pack of fairly random samples which I bought because they seemed interesting and at least a few were of fragrance houses, never mind fragrances, that I have never heard of.

It doesn't quite work on my skin, but it's interesting and not bad at all, warm, woody but soft, with very noticeable oud and leather. Very worth testing.


From all this marketing gold I expected a sweet, heavy oriental, but the bitter oud notes and the tarry smoke of leather mask these well. I was also hoping for saffron, but alas no noticeable saffron for me in this composition.

On paper, this starts fresh but substantial and just a little flowery. However, I got none of that fresh flower on my skin where the fragrance settled immediately into a deep, slightly bitter oud/leather/woody accord with something that I would call a faint fenugreek note to avoid calling it a faint stockcube note.

An hour later, the fenugreek bit is still not completely gone from my skin, while the paper strip is smelling lovely and ethereal which must be the heliotrope/violet part kicking into action.

Later on, the drydown proves to be the best part of the scent, as it probably should be with oud-ish orientals. On my skin it's pillowy, warm and velvety, with just a touch of the oud bitterness and leather's tar and overall pretty nice, while on paper it's positively lovely, still warm and smooth but lighter.

It's not that much of a leather fragrance, yet to me it evokes the softness of the highest-quality glove leather, the kind that underwear is occasionally made of. Like a leather blanket, if there is such a thing. Going with this analogy, if the fabric of this fragrance is high-grade leather, then its ''colour'' on drydown is fawn - even though its packaging is very, very golden.

On paper it's still going strong 12 hours after application, though without much sillage, On my wrists it's completely gone.

All in all, a nice try and if you are looking for a warm oriental with wood, oud and leather this might be worth a test. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work with my skin.

Five O`Clock Au Gingembre Serge Lutens by walking44 2017-02-26

At first I thought it would be like gingerbread. Instead it's like fresh cut ginger and citrus. It smells a little hi like a Christmas tree. When it dries down its incensey and a lot like Plum Japonais. I don't love it or hate it. The notes are just kinda there.

I tried Eau Premiere at the store after going in to get No. 5 EDT or Coco EDP and being disappointed in the current formulations of both. Eau Premiere on the other hand? Swooooon! And to think I only tested it just because it was sitting there.

It is a luminous, shimmering blend of citrusy powder and vanilla, and the structure of No. 5 is recognizable. It smells like an expensive floral perfume that's rubbed off onto a freshly bathed baby. So, is it sexy? Nope, and it's all the better for it. It's clean and classy, very tasteful smelling for a very wide range of ages. I'm excited to have it for summer. Projection is moderate and longevity is excellent.

I've never been to Italy, so I can't concur that it's Italy in a bottle...

Colonia Essenza is a great "Colonia on steroids" - it is powerful, it has decent longevity, it has the backbone of the original.

The sprayer is very generous, so one spray is enough, especially on a hot day.

A*Men Kryptomint Mugler by Altorhys 2017-02-26

So, this is not to sell yet in my country, but following comments below, it is look like a mix between Ultra Zest and Pure Energy

Ombre Leather 16 Tom Ford by RMB18 2017-02-26

This is a cleaner and fresher Tuscan leather without the dark notes. Great performance on my skin. Possibly better than Tuscan leather.

Eau Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne by Shahram.yari 2017-02-26

Today I bought it after weeks I saw it.lemon and lavender are the most notes.It`s not sour nor`s kind of clean and fresh little soapy scent.good oldschool.

Miss Dior (new) Christian Dior by aquarius_moon 2017-02-26

I got Miss Dior for my mom because she’s a big fan of the original. She knew it would be reformulated, so she wasn’t heartbroken that the new scent bears no resemblance to the old one, and she even seems to like it for what it is. I wish I could say the same.

Whether on her or on me, I’m reminded of a sweet, fruity champagne (as I think someone already said), except it’s not the idea of champagne—sparkly and luxurious—but rather the reality of having it spilled on your shirt. (Did someone barf on my shoes, too?) I like citruses fine, and I’ve no issue with sweetness, but in this case the mandarin comes across as a spoiled fruit on the verge of fermentation, both sour and sickly sweet. If that’s what people usually mean by boozy, I'll consider myself forewarned!

The most perplexing thing is that I get neither jasmine nor patchouli (I don't think?) though I’m quite familiar with the former and reasonably familiar with the latter. All I get is the spoiled mandarin and something that feels, if not smells, as mentholated as a tooth paste. Admittedly, an hour into wearing Miss Dior, something magical happens that makes me understand the fans of the scent. The sourness subsides, and though I still can’t distinguish any notes, the peppermint-y bit produces something incredibly bright, sparkly, and uplifting, quite unlike any other perfume I’ve known. There’s a ghost of the oakmoss feeling, too, a mere trick of the memory, not really there but enough to make me appreciate why these days it’d be called a chypre. For an hour or so that this phase lasts, Miss Dior is a pleasure to sniff. Because of that, I’m inclined to say, ‘sure, give it a try and see how it strikes you,’ even if to my nose the top notes are far too offensive to go through it more than once.

Midnight Shimmer Michael Kors by Neckromancer 2017-02-26

I just want to say that I agree with Miffy8900...I get that raisin-lipstick undertone! You put into words what I was thinking.

Gucci Guilty Absolute Gucci by Spasticink 2017-02-26

I like Fahrenheit, Tuscan Leather and so on but I can't stand Gucci Guilty Absolute it's ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.jpg

Rose Ishtar Rania J by candymarie 2017-02-26

Opens with realistic rose with something dry behind it. Evolves into a very light vanilla-fruit-rose. Very sheer. Lovely.

I would be remiss if I didn't disagree 100% with zephyr1973: I find absolutely no similarity to Coromandel, except that both scents are sweet. If Rose Ishtar were rosewater sherbert, Coromandel would be creme brulee covered in tiramasu, drizzled with white chocolate and honey topped with whipped cream. If you catch my drift. ;-)

Zero Plus Masculine Diesel by Shahram.yari 2017-02-26

its rare and hard to find these days.

Derby Club House Blanche Armaf by Tommix 2017-02-26

@Boxcuttahz that's exactly how Creed version smells - toxic metal waste :)

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by 2017-02-26

Big disappointment. I was expecting it, because the fragrance comes out in the main line and not one of the exclusives but still, so disappointing. I smelled it today in the Guerlain boutique in the Marais who apparently had it the first (it was not displayed in the main Guerlain boutiques I passed by on Saturday) and despite the beautiful presentation by the boutique manager, very insightful and knowlegeable about the notes and materials, it is a dissapointment. There is a nice and quality lavander in the opening which I find the most interesting note of the whole, but it just dies away in what I feared since I read the press releases : a "fresh oriental" or "oriental frais" which in the base notes smells like a white musky vanilla, way more subdued than what you would expect from the house's vanilla notes. And like the gentlemam in the boutique mentioned, it pleases everybody. Well that's the problem: it is made to please across all continents which just make it another pale pink juice, clean, nice, uneventful and very remote cousin of the family that managed to gender Shalimar, Mitsouko, Samsara and Jicky. When are we going to have something bold, not "frais" or "light" coming out in the mainstream line from this otherwise hugely beautiful perfume house.

Zero Plus Masculine Diesel by Shahram.yari 2017-02-26

I love it.Really Really fabulous last i succeded to find this gem after years in a shop full of discontinued and vintage start with cinnamon after short vanilla join the cinnamon then 10 min later a nice powdery accord appear and dominate the scent vanilla exist too and cinnamon weakly whisper.I didnt expect such abeautiful`s presentation is so cool its look like a syrup bottle.Diesel always pioneer of odd and extraordinary designs.
NIIIIIce 9/10

Tres Nuit Armaf by Tommix 2017-02-26

Better then Creed GIT.
But i think GIT smells very generic, so i don't like this one too. But as i said it's better. But by little margin. This smell is old and boring.

Blue Jeans Versace by fromthebayandaroundtheway 2017-02-26

Versace Blue Jeans is just fun. A few sprays of this and you're ready to get on with that Saturday honey do list. You wear this scent and you are calm and ready do the shopping or pick up the mulch for the backyard. Blue Jeans is aptly named, because it feels just like that in terms of a scent; a great broken in pair of jeans, it is comfy and puts you at ease. Blue Jeans is this great little cloud that envelops you with citrusy, herbal freshness, light florals, and a sweet vanilla that is present throughout the progression of the scent. Blue Jeans is most suited for spring time, and would compliment that perfectly worn in cap, you know the one with the perfectly bent brim, that you sometimes shove in your back pocket in between errands.

Gorgeous, woody raspberry with orris root, really sweet, unfortunately slightly spoilt by amber which makes it cloying. Otherwise it's a beautiful, well-blended, soft, close-to-skin perfume, great for office, especially in winter.

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by Tommix 2017-02-26

This perfume costs ~5$ to make. Aventus not much more of course (but much more greedy), so people stop making fool of yourselfs.
You will NEVER EVER get real clone of Aventus, because Creed itself can't even make 2 identical batches.

This frag smells very good! Nobody gives a F*** about creed. They both similar, we only care how other people likes it. You don't go to Aventus contest, so why care that it smells a little bit different? Only you know. It's all in the head. You pay huge money for creed and feel good and overrate it, when you pay 30$ you feel like it's cheap, just because you think so about it.

It's a nice, safe scent, it smells very clean. I mostly get some delicate citruses and leaves from it, with a little bit of red pepper. Maybe also some very delicate flowers in the background. All in all, it smells like an inexpensive liquid soap. I appreciate the value of such scents - they're indispensable for certain working environments where strong scents are not welcome, for days when everything gives you headache or for outdoor trips when you only want to smell fresh and clean and enjoy the aromas of the nature, not necessarily your own perfume.

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by OKcololo 2017-02-26


I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this.

I try to only leave positive reviews on this site, and to be generally constructive and respectful about perfumes, but this one.... truly scandalised me.

Guerlain has such an illustrious past; it has given us more masterpieces than any other commercial maison de parfums out there. Think Jicky, think Shalimar, think Mitsouko, think Chamade, think Habit Rouge... Think of all they changed, think of all they represented.

Now forget it, because apparently Guerlain has given up. Smelling "Mon Guerlain" was a smack in the face. Not only is it banal (a pedestrian vanillic "oriental", like a thousand others, with only a fleetingly interesting lavender top note), not only is it cheap (for it's formula can not be more than ten bucks away from a dove deodorant), but it is not even pleasant! It is grating, vulgar, utterly unrefined!

Whoever is doing the art direction at Guerlain clearly thinks that young women deserve nothing more than a trashy, sweet thing in a pink bottle to spray on by the gallon. The horrid misers currently in charge must see perfume not as an art, but as a stylish money-waster for vapid girls and brainless guys; perfumer are no longer designers, artists, visionaries: they have been reduced to dancing monkeys, whose only escape is composing real perfumes for the prohibitively expensive niche market.

I don't wish to be discouraging or impolite or negative, and if you like this fragrance, enjoy it, by all means. Just know that by buying this thing, you're only fueling the degradation of what once was, and still could be, the greatest perfume house of all time.

PS: this limp nothing of a perfume is supposed to be emblematic of Angelina Jolie? I'd be pissed if I were her.

Far Away Infinity Avon by felicite34 2017-02-26

This is a very lovely perfume. I swear this reminds me very much of Gaultier Classique intense. Lasts quite a long time on the skin. I just purchased some avon perfumes recently on recommendations here, and this is a winner.

A*Men Kryptomint Mugler by lalelu 2017-02-26

They got the name wrong. This is pure Patchoulie because -> 80% Patchoulie and 20% Mint. Wtf?

Mine Pour Homme Marc Joseph by mehrdad 2017-02-26

با سلام و احترام
یک عطر کاملا شبیه به کرید اونتوس
البته کار کرید مسلما با توجه به کیفیت روایحی که استفاده می کند باید با این کار متفاوت باشد اما واقعا نزدیکترین ادکلن به اونتوس همین کار است
از لحاظ پخش بو عالی اما از جنبه دوام در حد خوب تلقی می شود
بسیاری از مشتریانی که از این کارراستفاده می نمایند اذعان دارند که همه جا با گفتن اینکه اونتوس زده اید؟ روبرو می شوند
نسبت به قیمت خوبی که دارد از لحاظ رایحه آمبولانژ و بسته بندی واقعا ارزشمند است
با تقدیم احترام
گالری عطر مهرداد

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by SazzieBunny 2017-02-26

My favourite perfume growing up was Gloria by Cacherel and i was sooooo upset when it was discontinued!this is the closest i have smelled to it so i am happy

Charlie Blue Revlon by Kai'elle 2017-02-26


You may be experiencing some disapointment simply because Charlie and Charlie Blue are two entirely different fragrances from the Charlie line.

Fiesta Carioca Escada by barentonwithaba 2017-02-26

Wow! So sweet and fruity! Passion fruit and sugary raspberry work so well together here. This is a fruit explosion. Almost too much to handle that I'm not sure I could wear it all day. It does soften up a little and it's lovely.

Oudh Al Misk Rasasi by Dark-X 2017-02-26

Was eager to try this at Rasasi's shop along with Khaltat Al Oudh. I was told both were discontinued since almost a year.

Khaltat Al Oudh Rasasi by Dark-X 2017-02-26

Was eager to try this at Rasasi's shop along with Oudh Al Misk. I was told both were discontinued since almost a year ago.

Fantasy in Bloom Britney Spears by barentonwithaba 2017-02-26

This left me saying meh... really nothing exciting about this one. It's nice but I don't smell much cherry blossom. I get a lot of basic berries and a little jasmine. I agree it smells like a shampoo. I expected it to smell a little more fresh.

Aventus Creed by Benguin7 2017-02-26

I fit the camp that loves Aventus. Loves....Aventus. But just does not want to shell out that next level money for a bottle. Unless...I simply cannot find an alternative. I'm having this issue with Tom Ford's Patchouli Absolu and Tobacco Oud, love them, can't find an alternative.

I found my acceptable alternatives to this fragrance that suit my somewhat snobbish collector nose but also account for my bank account, which isn't such that I need to plunk down 3-4 bills for a fragrance.

I don't know why this site hasn't created entries for Pineapple vintage and Pineapple Noir by Parfums vintage but they need to.

Because they have replaced Aventus for me for now. For just a slight drop in smoky richness and fruity nuance I get the same fragrance palate experience with just as positive of an effect on others as far as I can tell.

Magie Noire Lancome by MademoiselleMaya 2017-02-26

A typical chypre, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, incense - whatever it is it is slightly bitter and serious on me. Just like Soir de Lune. I need time to grow into this kind of scent it seems.

Lovely sweet incense. Unisex but leans toward the masculine side more.

Raghba Classic Lattafa Perfumes by Dark-X 2017-02-26

Very sweet vanilla with light woody background. While marketed as unisex, I believe this leans hard toward being feminine.

Soir de Lune Sisley by MademoiselleMaya 2017-02-26

A typical chypre. On me they all smell the same - oakmoss, patchouli, pepper, a floral aspect courtesy of rose.A feel like I need to grow into this type of scent a little more. Right now, they do nothing for me. I had hight hopes for honey, which I adore in my parfumes, but Soir de Lune has nothing of the kind for me.

Feerie Rose des Neiges Van Cleef & Arpels by MademoiselleMaya 2017-02-26

A gentle floral-musky smell. Reminds me od Dior Addict Sensuelle.

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