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Emeraude Coty by Nippi 2016-06-29

Emeraude is shiek, sophisticated, masculine, and mature. A classic scent, and something you would definitely smell in a night club in the 1920s. I love the citrusy/lemon opening, and the dry down is all about woods, amber and reisin. I think that the fact that Guerlain's famous "Shalimar" came 4 years after this shows just how good Francois Coty was at his craft. It makes me sad that a great majority of Coty's original fragrances have been discontinued, and it almost seems that there are no great "drugstore" fragrances left. I hope Coty keeps this out and puts back out a couple of their other famous fragrances (i.e. L'Aimant, Paris, Chypre) and in eau de parfum concentration, because I would buy! A classic Coty fragrance always promises to smell high end at a drugstore price.

Feerie Van Cleef & Arpels by celia46 2016-06-29

I hesitate a lot about buying this one, and now that I finally own it, I love it!

I have nothing similar in my wardrobe it's tender and mature at the same time, citrusy and sweet, happy and quiet.

This fragrance make me think in Tracy, a character in the Woody Allen movie Manhattan. Love that movie and love this perfume .

It's winter in Uruguay and I'm enjoying a lot wearing Feerie edp.

The only downside it's that no one noticed it but me.

Cara Mia Etienne Aigner by vandaeho 2016-06-29

Just Iris on me. Nothing in commmon with Bottega Veneta.

Shalimar Guerlain by nhledger 2016-06-29

I haven't tried Shalimar on my skin for quite a long time because I've always thought that I didn't like it, and so have simply avoided it. Guerlain is one of those brands that I desperately want to love, a house of many well-loved classics, and I want to love them too. But I have so far found it difficult to do so. I don't know why because I seem to love a million other fragrances! I did have a joyous affair with Nahema about 30 years ago and would love to revisit her again (I dream of her often) but worry about being disappointed - reading about the dreaded reformulations of so many gorgeous fragrances I'm not sure I want to go there and have my heart broken. Anyway I digress....I recently decided to try Shalimar again, but only on a card, and surprisingly found that I liked it! So much softer and sweeter than I was expecting from a classic oriental. Slightly smoky, slightly spicy with wafts of vanilla, but softly softly. I'd have gone for the blind buy if I could, but alas it has instead been allocated to my "wanted list". I live in hope that I have the same kind of experience with other "classics" which I'm currently exploring, having decided that so many of the more modern fragrances are just not that special or unique anymore. I'm only new to fragrantica but I'm really enjoying reading everyone's opinions and views - both fascinating and helpful.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by blake.lee 2016-06-29

@antinoo Bahaha! This is exactly how I feel about this fragrance too. I'll never understand all the positive reviews. Maybe the CF lovers are anosmic to the overwhelming smell of Vic's Vapor Rub in this fragrance?

Shalimar Guerlain by Noelaubergine 2016-06-29

My first Guerlain. My first foray into unsettling classics, those fragrances that take time for perfumistas to understand. Shalimar is dark, very oriental and when I use oriental, it should be reminiscent of exoticism, gilded grandeurs and of exotic India. The love of the Guerlain family of East Asia has introduced to Europe the eroticism and idiosyncrasy of the far eastern culture. And yes they did very well, in fact, one sniff and one will be redolent of a Hindi temple, spicy- animalic, incensy, leathery and the very oriental vanilla. I would recount how mom would react the moment she smells Shalimar, that it is indeed very Indian. Perhaps it is the Indian culture to be inclined to use spices and intricate designs that made them very attractive to the French’s usually very composed and romantically-nuanced fashion.

As a hopeless romantic for discontinued fragrances and of those seminal fragrances long gone from the mass market, I usually approach these compositions (including vintage Shalimar) in a very open-hearted and minded manner, which often acquires negative responses from peers. Am I to be always to remind them that Shalimar is the reference oriental? That this perfume inspired a myriad of smells sold in the market now? Or that maybe, their inner connoisseur hasn’t been tapped? Or that their taste is a prototype of the usual releases of the 21st century---bland, overly-sweet fruitchoulis? Sometimes I think I’m insane for disliking the trend. It disappoints me that the current mode is dictated by media, false advertising and of mass marketing. Legends speak for themselves but I digress.

Shalimar is an overdose of hesperidic accents and sensual vanillin. As I have told you before, being drowned into pleasing fragrances and mediocrity, Shalimar will smell unsettling, unbridled and it is a personality in itself. It is a bergamot-vanilla explosion with the leather, civet and slight florals playing in the background. It takes quite a while for the B-E-R-G-A-M-O-T to settle and give way to the sensual Guerlinade base, say for an hour or so. It depends, on colder seasons, the settling down occurs very unnoticeably, a smooth transition from that bitter opening into that very uncanny and gourmand base. On warmer and humid temperatures, Shalimar intensifies, smells more tenacious and its affinity with humidity and body heat gives it a boost especially that very pungent bergamot and the vanilla-leather-amber base that breathes like a bosom, heavily and amply. This is the reason why this is preferred to be used in colder climate for it is quieted down and it is very genial as opposed to the more humid environs, where it broadcasts your arrival, my kind of thing, scandalous and unruly. I hate it when people prefer the furtive-smelling fragrances. Aside from being unimpressed, it defeats the reason why an individual acquires a fragrance, and that is to be known to men that you smell of something pleasant, an affinity with the perfumer’s intellect. Truly, according to Cristobal Balenciaga, this world is no more worthy of masterpieces.

30% bergamot oil, how does that smell? Very bitter, minutely sour with the indeterminate florals creating a somehow pleasant but aloof opening. Definitely requires not the faint of heart for its very opening will garner scorn and underappreciation. The citrusy opening will play on for half an hour or two and then that extreme and remarkable leather, pushing through even at the opening will start to grow intricately, outwardly with the linear Vanilla, ever-present and that genius of incense and smoke giving this creation a very sinister, compelling and haunting vibe. Is it only me that thought that maybe this fragrance shouldn’t have been branded to bordering so close from good taste? For this legend smells more appropriate in times like these, when taste is questionable, when taste is bordering on mediocrity.

Shalimar is definitely a goddess, a bronze, sun-tanned, feline-eyed tinged with kohl, wearing a multitude of diaphanous layers of gossamer, hinting at every possible sexual way of femininity.

Daring. Intensely exotic. I rave about it.

Oud Ankaa Ys-Uzac by palebluemoon 2016-06-29

i gave you up there some similars perfumes of this but ofcurs oud ankaa has a special spirit just like yours and mine, its alive and full of life, its oud and only raw oud, its real just like the smell of sick agar tree, kind of dry and warm, sweet and calm, bit animalic and not massive yes its not scary, its the smell of real oud no harsh its the smell of real niche and elegancy, so organic and pure that not lasts for long unless you wash it up, its the smell, i love it and i own it and i will keep as an iconic gem forever cuz its limited .. thank you

Especially Escada Elixir Escada by adibe 2016-06-29

This scent is very elegant and refreshing, the rose is not the the classic type I have smelled in other perfumes, it has something diferent and mixed with green notes. I only wish for more longevity. But it is a Beautiful perfume and the bottle is gorgeous.

Lotus Rose Les Parfums de Rosine by CinnamonRose 2016-06-29

Lotus Rose is one of my favourites. It has been since I bought it in 2012. I would call it a mystical scent, although it has a very sensual touch, as well. A superb symphony of light and heavier tones gracefully reminding that perfumery is an Art.

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by c0c0.milk 2016-06-29

I have finally found a lighter alternative of my beloved chloe roses. I wanted something similar but a little more summery. Didn't want to run out of my chloe like usual.

I don't care for the other juicy perfumes so I was surprised when I tried this in sephora and fell in love. Wasn't expecting something so beautiful from the house Juicy Couture. ^ ^

Pink Sugar Aquolina by c0c0.milk 2016-06-29

The year this got released, I bought myself a bottle with my allowance money haha. It was my first real perfume and I loved it - was pure sweet cotton candy and vanilla. But god the new formula is odd, sort of smells like rubber and licorice.

Twist - I do love love love the glitter roll on because it smells like pink sugar used to smell before they ruined it. I do a little on my wrists along with my perfume on nights out. And it's really cheap

212 Glam Men Carolina Herrera by ahsif 2016-06-29

if you have used any of the 212 line - you will not regret having this in your collection. one of my fav of all the "limited editions".
i finished 2 bottles in 6 months and i regret not saving it. cause now there is nothing similar to it.

i Love how the smell keeps changing throughout the day and an amazing smell for a summer days at office. it last through out the day.

Pani Walewska Sweet Romance Miraculum by CinnamonRose 2016-06-29

Another pleasant surprise from Miraculum.
Unique and intriguing. While White is my favourite, I do appreciate the Pink Sweet Romance as well. It is unique and intriguing, more niche than mainstream. I find it invigorating.

212 Surf for Him Carolina Herrera by ahsif 2016-06-29

I personally do not like this scent, i do have 2 bottles of it ( bought it by mistake ).
It terms of projection, i think it is really heavy, so is the longevity.
My advice, first time you wear it, start with not more than 3 sprays and then adjust accordingly.

i really wish it was more than 212 Glam Men (2012).

A*Men Ultra Zest Thierry Mugler by ahsif 2016-06-29

Just a lovely scent. Got the most compliment when i wore it during Autumn.
i do wear it in the Tropical summers of Malaysia but i feel it does not project as much as I would like it to. it does become very close to skin scent by the 4th hour. one of my favorites it terms of the smell from Thierry Mugler! if you are from one of the warmer countries and still love Thierry Mugler, i could say this should be your blind buy!

212 VIP Pills Carolina Herrera by outofocus 2016-06-29

I like the notes, lets see!!

The sexy one smells nasty but this is nice. Smooth and edible berries vanilla and lots of musk. Maybe too much musk for me, not sure if I would buy a bottle but it is nice. There was a stage where this became pure cotton candy on my skin but it toned down after a while

I got this at a good deal in Japan last year. I purchased it just to add to my collection but after using it a couple of times, really started loving this smell.
Specially the compliments you get. it is masculine yet as a very soft floral smell on me. Not to strong but strong enough that people would get a whiff of it when you walk pass by. Wearing it in the tropical summers. still smells amazing.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by c0c0.milk 2016-06-29

I was late to the V & R party because I discover bonbon first (love that) and I was expecting this to be similar but not at all. It's just warm spicy sugared flowers. Way too many flowers. If that is your taste you will love this because it is well made fragrance.

CK2 Calvin Klein by alfa.lázcares 2016-06-29

It is fresh, a tiny bit woody and ozonic. At first blast I smell some citrus but not really a mandarin. I don't think it changes, just becomes a bit sweet but not much and the citrus dissapears. It is also maybe a bit powdery on the drydown. But I must say to me it doesn't smell like pebbles or a beach or so many other descriptions on the reviews.
To me the smell is just "meh". It doesn't smell bad, it just smells okay. Would not consider to buy it.
It's longevity is just okay. Maybe 5 hours and sillage is moderate for the first hour or two and then becomes a skin scent on me.

Cabriole Elizabeth Arden by Gigi The Fashionista 2016-06-29

Fragrance Review For Cabriole By Elizabeth Arden

Top Notes

Aldehydes Galbanum Bergamot Anise Apple Peach Pineapple

Middle Notes

Rose Jasmine Carnation Violet

Base Notes

Sandalwood Cedar Wood Beeswax Amber Oak Moss

Cabriole is a rare breed of fragrance. For me the galbanum is everything. Today this green nocturnal note is not being used in fragrances not even those purporting to be chypres. This scent is a fruity floral that then evolves into a chypre. I love how it progresses and feels like a natural perfume.

Galbanum makes a fragrance smell absolutely fantastic: expensive, vintage, woodsy-green, unisex, and filled with mystery. The galbanum here is just how I like it. I would say that it does not turn too woodsy. It opens with fruit scents. The peach is juicy and like nectar, sweet and delicious. There's also a pineapple I like. Sweet fruit. Summery.

I find that it smells a bit old fashioned like a Victorian lady out on a picnic. The peach is like peach cobbler and the other fruit scents make up a very fragrant fruit juice. The flowers in this fragrance bloom softly and it's a violet and jasmine combination to die for. The strongest floral accord is the violet. Smells like the same Victorian lady is now taking her sweet time strolling through the park and smelling the flowers.

The dry down is such an amazing experience. Once the delectable fruit and flower scents disappear, the woodsier side of the fragrance emerges. A honey has also been poured into it. This gives the flowers a sweeter smell. This is a beautiful honey. The honey then joins an amber. It's a golden gooey amber and I've always loved honey and amber combinations. Those notes go so well together. But all the notes in this frag go so well together. The way this fragrance develops from fruity floral to amber and woods is to be experienced and enjoyed. The oak moss is very detectable and the woods. Still this is not a camp by the woods scent or a cabin in the woods scent. The woods give it a good solid life, longevity, sillage. It's more of a support system for the flowers and fruits. It's really good wood though.

Excellent perfume. Don't know if it's been discontinued. If you can find it on ebay and must make a blind buy go for it. But it helps if you are already familiar with scents with the notes that are listed here. For me this is mainly a fruity floral woodsy scent with pronounced peach, violet and amber-woods. Feminine, elegant, mature. Gorgeous.

La Panthere Cartier by c0c0.milk 2016-06-29

I don't know what to say. This smell like everything else on the market so I am almost indifferent. I don't usually mesh with patchouli but here it is not overpowering. I have a sample I won't finish because the musk in the dry down is very strong.

Oudh Infini Parfums Dusita by Anaïs Nin 2016-06-29

Pissara Umavijani is such a professional woman and a sweetheart, today I received my 3 large samples in the mail and my Oud Infini leaked there were only 1ml left in the sprayer! Ms. Umavijani emailed me personally and said she will kindly send me a replacement for free!

Oud Infini is my absolute favorite from Parfums Dustia. I will get my own bottle of this beauty very soon! If you like oud, especially the barnyard oud as much as me I highly recommend this! There was a film on the top of my hand where I sprayed this. It is evocative transporting you to Bazaars of India or perhaps an African Safari, the smells are very humid, dirty and musky.

The opening is not attractive, it is ferocious, it is delightfully skanky, but hold on, please don't wash it off. I promise the fragrance will blossom and become so beautiful. The oud is harsh, the orange blossoms peeks its head out between the thick Laotian oud. Oooh the oud, I am in love with the oud, most oud give me migraines but this smells so good! I sense Orange blossoms, then the roses, Rose de Mai with its soft, silky petals. Luxurious sandalwood join the composition, a note on the internet states this is Mysore sandalwood, it is soo creamy, I also sense slighty resinous benzoin and dirty civet. I sprayed Oud Infini in the afternoon and now at 11 pm I can still smell it.

Ms. Umavijani, thank you, I wish you all the success!

It smells like very sweet vanilla milk right away. I wanted that and I loved... but the dry down was mostly a dreaded play doh. This perfume need more notes to be something.

Soir de Lune Sisley by c0c0.milk 2016-06-29

My mom and sister wear this and I like to steal it every now and then. It's a refined, classy, earthy chypre.

It smells pleasant and uplifting on clothes and skin, but I cannot describe how intoxicating the trail it leaves. In the air this fragrance is complete heaven to me.

Gives a wood sauna vibe, also some scents list honey and you can't detect it but soir de lune has a very distinct honey note lingering there. If you're looking for something different, this is it. It smells quite mysterious and like something you probably never have tried. However it is deep and intense and aquired taste. A little goes a long way and cooler months are ideal for this.

Silver Mountain Water Creed by RBZ 2016-06-29

Silver Mountain Water is one of those fragrances that grows on you. I liked it when I first smelled it but love it now. To me, it is similar to Millesime Imperial minus the watermelon note and spicier...can't decide which I love more so bought both. I like to wear MI on warm/hot days and SMW in the evening, and since I live in southern CA I tend to use both year-round.. but more so during the warmer months.

SMW is fresh, spicy, sexy, just absolutely amazing. 10/10 all around.

My favorites by Creed are - Aventus, Silver Mountain Water and Millesime Imperial.
These are all 10/10s for me. I don't find this feminine at all, unisex sure

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore Chanel by hafidzummc 2016-06-29

its like the smell if u leave ur shirt in a wooden closet too long, but in a good way! minus the mossy dusty smell and replaced with other beautiful woody notes (vetiver, etc). one the best smell ive ever sniffed.

Fantasy Britney Spears by daisystems 2016-06-29

the scent is incredibly juvenille. I adored it in middle school, and it was easy to grow out of it. Even at twenty it's too sticky sweet to be worn out, whatever weather. I like it a lot personally but it's strong and heady, so it should be used lightly. This is a great first "special occasion" fragrance for girls coming of age.

The lasting power is strong (think 10+ hours)

This is just great. Yes it does smell like Lovespell but sweeter and with no rotten fruit notes. It's juicy

Cotton candy or grape soda? They could easily rename it "Grape", keeping the exact same juice and maybe switching the pick bottle to purple. I think this is the reason I cannot wear pure cotton candy scents, my nose automatically registers grape and that is not something I particularly care to smell like. It's not just this one, this happens to me with all pure cotton candy scents (like the calgon one) unless they have some deeper notes incorporated in them.

Light Blue pour Homme Dolce&Gabbana by c0c0.milk 2016-06-29

I'm here to say I love this fragrance but I can't stand the women version so I buy this one. I find it light, citrusy and unisex

Versace Pour Homme Versace by gilm84 2016-06-29

This is a good smelling fragrance however the performance is the worst I have ever experienced, less than 1 hour.

I gave it away to one of my friends and I feel bad because the performance on this is just terrible, I have confirmed it because when he says he is wearing it I cannot smell it at all.

This scent could definitely get compliments if it lasted for more than 30 minutes.

I might have gotten a bad batch or expired batch but I would say to not waste your money on this.

Smell 8/10
Longevity 0/10
Sillage 0/10

Aramis Devin Aramis by Gigi The Fashionista 2016-06-29

Fragrance Review For Devin By Aramis

Top Notes

Aldehydes Orange Artemisia Lavender Galbanum Bergamot Lemon

Middle Notes

Carnation Cinnamon Jasmine Caraway Pine Tree Needles

Base Notes

Labdanum Leather Amber Patchouli Musk Oak Moss Cedar

If I had a son and who was turning 18 and about to go off to University, this would be the perfect gift. In fact I bought it just for that future date. Even the name Devin brings to mind a good looking well dressed preppy guy; plays tennis, baseball and rugby. Devin is athletic but not a jock; intellectual, academic, but not a nerd. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, a lean athletic sturdy build, a sweet face, and his whole life ahead of him. This fragrance would be a suitable introduction to men's colognes for a young man.

At the first spritz of Devin, I sensed the smell of citrus which is rather typical but pleasant. There's a bergamot orange at the beginning and the fresh coolness is also assisted by aldehydes. Now when we think of aldehydes in fragrance openings we think of women's perfumes, i.e. Chanel No. 5 No. 22 Arpege, but these are not powdery aldehydes more like cool fresh sparkling youthful aldehydes. For me this gave it a slight unisex quality and I could easily call this a unisex but it is still very much a man's cologne. The opening is not feminine, just fresh and youthful.

When the heart notes begin to appear, there's an aromatic lavender scent, pure lavender which wafts into the air early in the performance of Devin. Then there's a spice scent of Artemisia caraway and cinnamon. There's some flowery smells here and there, namely a carnation, which is more like the green leaves and shrubs around carnation flowers. There's also a dark jasmine. With the caraway, and Artemisia/cinnamon combination plus the carnation, there's a resemblance to Havana also by Aramis but I would say that whereas Havana stays soft and lightly spicy, Devin progresses into a much darker, woodsier scent.

As it develops it leaves behind the light touch of citrus, flowers and spices, and then it feels like Devin is growing up before our eyes and becoming a man. He's graduated from college and we're fast-forwarding to when he's in his 30's. He's now smelling of pine tree, oak moss, patchouli. It's a bit on the cabin in the forest type of scent. It smells like Devin has left behind the city and the college life, and has a little lake house made of woods. There's a manly leather and musk which is very indicative of a "mature man". Once that musk came in, plus all the woods, I knew that this fragrance could not be called unisex. It's like following the life of a young man who grows up and gets his life together.

The patchouli in the depth of the base of the fragrance is what keeps the entire thing together. It smells green, herbal, woodsy. The amber is not the amber I have experienced countless times in women's perfume but rather the resinous and darker smokier part of amber. For me the opening is young, citrusy, fresh, cheeky, spicy, but the ending is more relaxed, leisurely, calm and woodsy. It feels like Devin lived his life and retired in the woods.

Such a beautiful fragrance.

I would have worn this myself but the pine needle-patchouli-too much oak moss thing gave it such a masculinity as to make me want to smell it on other men, or as I had previously mentioned, on a future son. This is a great Aramis scent. It's not too far from smelling like a variation on the first Aramis, and it's also smelling a bit like Havana. I would say that it smells like a combination of all of them. I highly recommend this scent to young men who want to wear something more "grown up" sophisticated and makes the statement that you are mature, confident, intelligent and ambitious. Great to wear to job interviews and on the job/office, a scent of success and for those seeking success.

Check out my reviews for other Aramis scents. These are inexpensive fragrances but in no way are they cheap or bad. They are by far the most fantastic cheapies in the market today. If you're a guy or girl that enjoys fragrances that are affordable but have complexity and allure/sophistication, Aramis is for you.

Love's Baby Soft Dana by Scentkitten 2016-06-29

Yes, I am wearing Love's Baby Soft right this moment as I write this review. I was struck by what the previous reviewer said about spraying on pillows. I remember spraying Love's Baby Soft on the pillows, the sheets, in fact all over my dorm room in college when I happened to invite a boyfriend over to my room who just happened to be a smoker. I was staying in a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor. What a great memory! I still spray Love's Baby Soft on my bed for many reasons. I spray it on myself and wear the lotion. To me, it does not smell plastic or otherwise. It is comforting and sweet; but not like Pink Sugar. Pink Sugar is candy sweet. Love's Baby Soft is Baby Powder Sweet. I guess two different aspects of Innocence. I do have Pink Sugar and have worn it; but I think I choose the Love's Baby Soft Version of Innocence. I have promised myself to finally "cut out" the "perfume blind and not so blind attempts" and concentrate on these two of my very favorites; Love's Baby Soft and L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci. Both are classics in their own way. Both are comforting, pretty, cute and "go well" with both my chemistry and personality. Not even Avon's Sweet Honesty smells as good as these two fragrances. Please, does, anyone know what I can do with all these perfumes I no longer care to wear or "should" wear?" Any Ideas? Thank you. And all of you, please keep up your great "noses" in action and review.

Gucci Rush Gucci by SCBohemian 2016-06-29

Rush conjures up images of warm peach pie, melted vanilla bean ice cream, frankincense oil, fresh mint leaves, and clove cigarettes. Gucci Rush could be the love child of Opium by Yves St. Laurent and Claiborne (the original perfume in the technicolor triangle) by Liz Claiborne. Sensual, intoxicating, and addictive! Definitely a unisex fragrance.

Olympea Paco Rabanne by Kristinco89 2016-06-29

It smells really good it reminds me of la vie eat belle intense a lot!

Charlie Revlon by AjaBlue 2016-06-29

Loved it as a child and get compliments on it every time. Gave it away after reading one review stating "This smells like one of those ladies that hangs out in the casinos, smoking cigarettes." Blech. That was enough to ruin it for me.

Sunshine Amouage by fyre92 2016-06-29

GOD this is kind of citrusy in a non obvious way, deep dried tropical-ish fruit (pineapple,apricot,mango accord),vanilla,the tiniest floral note.The green notes compliment this so well. The tobacco keeps it from being too fruit indulgent. It smells bright and cheerful. There is something so deeply beautiful about this. The bottle is amazing as well!.

Found out about this from Delicious Delights on youtube.

New Oud Hayari Parfums by keshweannair 2016-06-29

Would love read more reviews on this fragrance..

Invictus Paco Rabanne by Reecekieran 2016-06-29

I never really tried any paco rabanne until last year so I just blind bought this fragrance and honestly it's the best blind buy I've had people saying it's typical and typical I think it's unique never smelled anything like it smells like something zeus would wear absolutely love this at first it's abit cool smelling then it sets to a really deep masculine scent that has a beatiful kick to it I especially think it smells better sprayed onto clothing as when the bottom notes come through heaven is all I can say definitely got alot of compliments on this definitely should be anyone's blind buy if you like masculine fragrances

Projection 9/10

Olympea Paco Rabanne by mlpalazzo 2016-06-29

I really like this one, and that's no reminds me of a few perfumes I already own and like, mixed together. It has the saltiness of Womanity, combined with the jasmine of Alien/Just Cavalli. Very pretty and nice for the summertime....but unfortunately it has almost zero strength and lasting power on my skin. Seriously, I have to put my wrist to my nose to smell it after an hour. I'm jealous of those who get projection and longevity with this one, because it is lovely.

Clinique Happy Clinique by Southern Blonde 2016-06-29

Happiness in a bottle. They weren't kidding. Clinique Happy is a fragrance of pure sunshine. It has a retro charm similar to Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers. This is a yellow and orange colored scent. At the first "Happy" spritz, you welcome the aroma of citruses. There's oranges, grapefruits and bergamot. Smells like fresh citrus. It's summery and refreshing as you'd expect and similar to citrus based perfumes, as they open, anyways, like 4711 Eau de Cologne and Florida Water. But here the citrus is sunnier, like an actual warm sun on your skin. When the oranges take a backseat, the flowers begin to drive the vehicle of this perfume. I smelled a beautiful mimosa, rose, magnolia and lily. This is a very lovely floral fragrance. It's easy to wear. All it takes is about 2 spritz on my chest or neck and I'm good to go. It's best worn in the middle of summer and outdoors. A lot of times people don't realize that it's while you're indoors for hours (like an office or public building) where the air conditioning or the proximity to others might affect not how the fragrance smells on you but how others smell it on you. Out in fresh air, particularly by the sea, this scent stands out in such a beautiful way. I get many compliments on it. I wear this to the beach and to the pool. I'm the type that even scents her bikini. This is a tad more on the mature side. It's a 90's frag so it does smell different than today's frags. But I think it's gorgeous. If you enjoy the fragrance of citrus and flowers, this is your perfume.

5th Avenue Nights Elizabeth Arden by Southern Blonde 2016-06-29

5th Avenue Night is a lovely sweet gourmand scent with a floral touch. It has essence of white chocolate which is by far it's most pronounced note. That delicious smell is unbeatable. It has powder notes as well but that's because the cacao can turn to powder in addition to that heliotrope and rose. There's floral scents of freesia and lilies. The vanilla is also a dominant accord. It smells sweet, innocent, and can be worn to the office, to school, to any place, really. It's not assaulting anyone's noses. It's just a lovely light scent that one can enjoy. Longevity is good for such an inexpensive fragrance. I can still smell the lingering white chocolate and vanilla. It does tend to smell like Hershey White Chocolate or Almond and chocolate but that's not a bad thing. This is a delectable scent. It drives my boyfriend wild. It's not terribly seductive but it's for women who love to smell like they can be eaten, and then get eaten.

I couldn't help but dream of a hundred other things I'd rather be doing than getting up with the sun to work a thankless job for one more day. My mind wanders to the serenity of nature and the savage eating I wish I had time to do...I hope to do something that fills me with joy one day soon...god knows I'm trying. I chose another soul-centering fume today - Sergey Lutens Five O'Clock Au Gingembre.

You rock rhythmically, a prisoner to the fury of the midnight sea. Your sole comfort in this madness is a chunk of your once beloved vessel – lost to the rage of an unforgiving sea. Night turns to day and day to night….on and on you drift in the endless nothingness. Somewhere in the unrelenting maze of the troublesome sea, you catch moments of reprieve from the wood you cling so desperately to – it unfolds in numerous facets with the smell of scorched oak and cedar, the gentle cinnamon char pouring from its cracked surface. Its majestic scent reminds you of the wonders you had seen whilst a wanderer on its bow. All was lost when your greed guided you to a forgotten cove where nothing but ruin waited instead of the wondrous treasure countless fools had promised. Now you suffer in your folly. You realize that the world has ceased in its rocking…you open your eyes to see an emerald sun rising to greet you. Its bergamot rays jump the sea’s waves to gently kiss your sea-worn face – you follow the rays shooting across the shore to an intimidating cliffside towering over you. You catch the glimmer of gold in the depths of one of the higher caves – it calls for your touch. A foreign fruit glimmers in the corner of your eye – you take a massive bite and drink in its honeyed juices, stumbling over the ecstasy of its nourishing essence. Your strength returns and you are pulled toward the mysteries above, so you climb the treacherous mountain in search of yet another foolish possession. The sun lights the way as a thick wind lifts you toward your desire. Many moments pass before you pull yourself into the cave – a lone chest resides within, a dull beat echoes gently throughout the cave. The chest’s gold hinges catch the rays of the sun and dance along the walls of the cave and ignite the water the trickles slowly underfoot. You dust off the ancient wood, the scent of cacao and ancient tea scents the air in plumes, you slowly pry open your prize…in it resides a beating heart. Your mind recalls the musings of the sea as it whispered for you to seek the heart of your long-lost lover…you have found it at last. If only she would accept it once more…

Day 87 - As the Sun Rises
Listening to: The Weeknd - Prisoner

Notes: This was my first Serge Lutens and it was what ultimately set me up to buy 8 of his fumes...that's the most niche (or otherwise) from any brand I own! I hold the SL brand in high of few niche companies that I feel is worth the money. That aside, this fume opens in a stunning swirl of juicy bergamot and sweet cinnamon...comforting and nearly mouthwatering as it is quite foody! These top notes quickly fades to present an elaborately spice-saturated oak note that is quite dry and it is a tad smoky from the tea and ginger powder. The scent enters a sort of standoff between a smoked wood and a dusty honey and amber...and it is lovely! The only facet left to enjoy is a soft and woody vanilla that appears after the smoke fades...and that is the story the scent has to tell! Reading reviews points to a lot of variation on duration - I can say I get a consistent, yet reserved, 8 hours out of this fume. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys a sweet and centering woodscent and doesn't want their presence to scream their arrival. Despite its "flaws", it's still a treasure to me!

Wish Chopard by emt1986 2016-06-29

I bought Wish because I like Angel, but not enough to pay for it. It might not be an exact clone, but they're fraternal twins. Angel die-hards can disagree all they want, but they're both patch-bomb dessert gourmands with a crazy mish-mash of other notes and the kitchen sink thrown in just for funsies, which is plenty to account for the undeniable correlation. Wish isn't as beast-mode, either, but that's for the best because it's really more wearable; the toothpaste-y bit that keeps me from loving Angel is much softer here. If you own and adore Angel, then there's no reason for you to buy Wish. But if you want a passable, good-quality, inoffensive alternative to Angel for a bargain price? Here ya go. Smells great.

L'Homme Ultime Yves Saint Laurent by Twilight99 2016-06-29

One of the better flankers from YSL. To me this has only a small similarity with the original L'Homme. It's dominated by an undefined fruity note supported by ginger and cedar. I can't seem to find any rose in this. It's a very pleasant and safe scent, perfect for the office or a family dinner. Longevity and sillage on me is very good. I am very happy to have bought a bottle.

Flor Azteca The Exotic Island Perfumer by Chromatic 2016-06-29

I came across Flor Azteca and the work of Juan Perez while googling tuberose fragrances; tuberose is a favorite note of mine and I've greatly enjoyed meandering through its many perfume iterations. Carnal Flower and Tubereuse Criminelle are my go-to tuberoses and have been for some time. I am thrilled to say that they have a new companion in Flor Azteca, a wildly good tuberose scent that stunned and captivated me at first sniff.

I bought it unsniffed. I have been greatly rewarded for taking the risk. Flor Azteca is a wow. A heady, honeyed, fiery wow. Its roster of notes doesn't begin to tell the story of how the tuberose is brilliantly supported by a datura note and how they both are struck by ginger and red pepper right off the top, making for a blazing opening of sweet heat, with a note of unsweet chocolate (the darkest kind) adding an earthy depth rather than a gourmand flavor.

Flor Azteca is meant to illustrate a "shaman's garden" and it is a very lush garden indeed, and one that is scripted with a high concentration of flower absolutes and smells it. We learn that the shaman's garden is a sultry, steamy place where the best and headiest white flowers grow and bloom through night's longest shadows. It is a dream place, a dream perfume, rather than a reality perfume, and it smells of magic and mystery and is very nearly something one can touch and taste, such is the summons.

This is a woody floral, something at which Juan Perez absolutely excels. Rather than mushing his scents out in white musk, he supports them with dry wood and incense notes and a lashing of a non-gourmand vanilla and tonka bean. It's sexy as all get-out, a take-no-prisoners approach that while smelling very modern is also from a school of perfumery where big and bold are still alive and kicking, not drowned in a vat of synthetic ozone and water notes. Flor Azteca is huge the way Fracas is huge; it is up to you to either gently dab a bit behind your ear like a floral adornment or to indulge in the stuff as I did with three sprays from the flacon so that I could, at home in the evening, be surrounded by and surrendered to it. I am indeed its prisoner.

It is a pleasure to my nose that the honeyed petals last and last, never giving way or giving over to the base but rather marrying to it. I could drink the stuff, really. I wish for a perfume version and a body lotion and a soap. I am greedy and want it all and worship at its feet, so outstandingly good is it. And I am a tough customer for a perfumer; something must be truly different and truly a work of art for me to bother to start writing something about it. Here, we have the pantheon of white-flower perfumery, the titanic tuberose nonpareil, unparalleled, and I want to thrust Juan Perez onto the world stage where I am sure he will soon take over the perfumed jetstream vacated by Malle's corporate sale and Lutens' vagaries. Flor Azteca is a gorgeous showcase for tuberose; Juan Perez has done this flower proud. Relative to other tuberose mainstays, Flor Azteca is not as sweet as Fracas, not as green as either Carnal Flower or MPG Tubereuse or Caron; there is no wintergreen note as in Tubereuse Criminelle and the fattiness of L'Artisan Tubereuse (not Nuit de Tubereuse) is kept in check by the addition of datura. I do notice the datura right alongside the tuberose and I point it out because unless one is familiar with that note it would be hard to name it; I am and I can smell it quite clearly as it melds with the tuberose to become one flower. I don't pick up on listed magnolia note, likely because datura is always a stand-out note for me. The listed mineral note is a piece of cool river rock or so it strikes me, adding an interesting minor base support.

The chocolate note becomes more apparent once the fiery spices have dried out, but don't mistake this for a gourmand scent. It isn't. It is true white floral and a visionary one, a love letter of complexity and singularity, suitable for both women and men. Juan's work is so much opposed to industry-driven (and ruinously reformulated) "basura" that I hope he has a long and very successful reign. People, we have crowned a new king. This line of perfumes is only available in small batches and then only on Etsy. His perfumes are both chic and beautiful, modern and classic. Cannot recommend highly enough while at the same time wanting to keep the secret to myself. The best new perfumer you've never heard of is alive and well and making exceptional juice in Puerto Rico.

Oud Alif Shay & Blue London by ConsumerThis 2016-06-29

It's funny how my nose "develops" over time. Not in the physical sense of course, but when I first smelled this, I thought it was a cloying mess. Then the owner of a well known niche house told me, "niche fragrances tell a story, they are not to be discovered while standing at the counter and spaying on a tester strip, they are to be discovered and unfold piece by piece." This statement makes so much sense and is why I am so into niche now and is all I collect.
This stuff is just complex. It's sweet, but it's not. It's oud note is very strong and let's you know it's there at all times of the composition. I think the saffron note compliments the oud in a great way and the dark chocolate keeps things sweet and dark. The patch is what makes all this seem complicated because it's there but I can't detect it as a note, it's like it blends with the other notes to make its own note. Very very interesting juice. It makes me want to see what else this house has to offer.

Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes by nero77 2016-06-29

The scent of green figs...

Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of the Un Jardin series of fragrances. I love the work of Jean-Claude Ellena and find that his work is nothing short of superb in every aspect. I had been wanting to try this perfume for a long time.

Finally, I've been wearing it recently and have enjoyed it. My initial preconception was that it would be a sweet, juicy fig type of scent, much like Acqua di Parma - Blu Mediterraneo: Fico di Amalfi, however here is a green figgy scent which is more in keeping with the same style as Un Jardin Sur le Nil, another green fragrance. I must say that as a fig perfume, I do prefer the Acqua di parma version. However this one does make me feel that if you didn't like Sur le Nil (ie you found it "too green") then you woudl like this instead.

Overall, this is well worth a try in my opinion, if you like fresh, spring & summer fragrances with substance. A masterful effort from Jean-Claude Ellena.

Agree with all the positive comments here but I get monstrous performance from this, I think people should try sleeping with this on, they will find when they wake up with a fresh nose it will still be there.

so according to views here not so strong or long lasting? bummer

Hated this version of hypnotic poison, if anything it smelt like a watered down version of HP.
Complete waste of money and it had the weakest sillage and longevity.
The only thing i liked about it, was the vanilla wasn't overly powdery like the other HP flankers.

Naughty Alice Vivienne Westwood by emt1986 2016-06-29

Naughty Alice is not as soft or as powdery as I was anticipating, though I don't have much experience with prominent violet. I've had trouble enjoying violet in the past, so NA was purchased in an attempt to begin appreciating it. I figured that for the price, worst-case scenario is that it could be super-adorable eye-candy.

So, yep, it's violet all right! However, the violet here is not anywhere near as toilety-aquatic as I've found it to be in other scents. I think the ylang really helps in that regard. NA is a pretty simple, straight-forward scent; it does become muskier as time goes on, but that's all I can really comment on in the way of development. The strength and longevity are both better than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise. This isn't a whisper scent. I think "Cheeky Alice" would have been a more fitting name than "Naughty," but that's neither here nor there.

I don't see how anyone who loves violet could go wrong with Naughty Alice... very, very pretty and good quality at a great price.

This smells so distinctly like other people ie people who aren't me, particularly hot guys who do sports and wear tank tops on the tube and for two minutes they break your heart unwittingly sharing the intimate scent of their cleanliness; the combination of their grooming products,laundry soaps, and virility combine into a very compelling and totally addictive scent bubble which is perfectly improved upon by this scent. This cimposition is so far removed from my own personality and tastes (I like opulent and complicated rather than fresh and polite) but I find myself very drawn to this and even blushing around it, as if I caught myself in the mirror with someone else's face. It's cold, metallic, sporty, ozonic/aquatic, without much soul or personality,and with a clear mainstream commercial sensibility but a much higher quality somehow. At first I smelled an overdose of ambroxan and fond it very boring, but returning to it I find myself catching it on the wind and finding it very appealing and distracting. Another reviewer described it as mall-like and I think thats because it does have a similar style as the A&F scent they pump into their store. It is also papery like a reprographics office, manufactured-smelling like a shop full of new shoes, and a little like dew collecting on skyscrapers and city streets. This is a fantastic daytime fragrance for a fit and sporty self-assured male and nothing about it would give anyone the hint that he was in any way eccentric, vain, or out of the ordinary aside from smelling contemporary and uncommonly appealing. It smells like the cool kid, basically. The one who got cable before everyone else and had the best shoes and got pulled out of school to go to disneyland during termtime and was great at sports and ubiquitously popular. If you want to be that kid grown up, you wear this.

Interesting, I don't find it powdery and can hardly detect is sweet but smooth, there are much sweeter scents out there!! It is just a nice mix of vanilla and berries , easy to wear, I am not a teenager by far but I love it!!! It isn't overdone, it is a subtle gourmand scent, not a candy bomb at all!! And I don't find it synthetic, I can detect the quality of that pretty scent.
Lovely, it has a certain sophistication on top of it !!

Received a small decant of this from a great fragrance connoisseur-Bbjr, thanks again friend! Gold Intensitive is a great opens with a fresh rose with some geranium followed by some woodiness. There is a fresh aquatic aroma that envelops, hence Voyage in the name- a sea type fragrance mixed with the white musk that blends very well. As it dry's, there is the Amber that causes everything to culminate...reminds me of Tom Ford's Noir. I'm not sure if tobacco is in the list of notes, however there is the smell of tobacco that hovers and adds a nice touch to this aroma. Nice fragrance; will give it a few wears in the week(s)..
Sillage is great.
Projection is ok, but the verdict's still well as longevity.
Overall, a great fragrance!

1 Million Paco Rabanne by mkpunk 2016-06-29

It don't come off as bubble gum to me like other reviewers, just a strong scent that has a horrible opening that I don't personally like. And I am one of these young people who should like it. I'll stick to 212 VIP men which is kind of a 1 Million vibe but with the smells of Invictus with a bit of vodka in it.

Uden Xerjoff by guilhermefalcai 2016-06-29

High Quality, minimalism and clean balanced fragrance could describe this perfume. Uden isn't the best creativity that it could be in niche fragrances, but Xerjoff used good material like a high quality vanilla, citrus notes well balanced, a confortable base for everything and a long last during, sillage and versatility. A well done work. Here, the beauty is on the subtlety , finesse, elegance and good taste. I'm enjoying it.

Sweet Tobacco Spirits 18.21 Man Made by scentimus 2016-06-29

Question first for everybody : Does the fluid look a little cloudy with some tiny particles floating around or is this normal? But otherwise a fantastic scent. Projects fairly, decent longevity and a doppelganger of Back to Black.

Gucci Bamboo Gucci by Carnation 2016-06-29

This is more of an aquatic citrus floral than anything else.
Gucci Bamboo reminds me of other aquatic /marine scents like Aqua di Gio,D&G Light Blue but mostly Cool Water by Davidoff.
It opens with citrus giving way to a water lily heart and finishing in a musky floral base.
Yes,nothing is really outstanding about this and if you want a feminine floral aquatic, Avon Haikou is better.

Angel Thierry Mugler by Germany 2016-06-29

I will join into the
Dear haters ,,,,,
This is the perfume that brings me tones of compliments. Amongst two others in my large wardrobe this is the one my husband likes the best ,,,,along with classique.

It's one thing not to like something and to write a negative review is completely okay of course , may even be very helpful to some. But to call it "vomit" and "flesh of prostitude "is somewhat disturbed and as another reviewer mentioned , it's unsettling and creepy , maybe these people watch to many horror movies , or simply want to through hate around because they are unhappy with their lifes !? I don't get it. I guess I don't have to get it. I am glad I don't. But through your hate somewhere else please.

I review Angel many times. No need to review it again. I just wanted to say that creepy comments are never welcome nor nice.

L'Homme Ultime Yves Saint Laurent by Tmoran 2016-06-29

Ultime déception

Tara Mantra Gri Gri Parfums by Oamae 2016-06-29

Tara Mantra is classified as a unisex scent, though I find it leaning very much on the masculine side and understand why it's categorized as for men here on Fragrantica. To sum it up, it smells like a masculine, medicinal, not at all gourmand version of Angel by Thierry Mugler! The jasmine/patchouli shares the same scent the combination in Angel, so much that smells like it was lifted directly from Angel's DNA.

The first thing I smell is something that reminds me of vinyl/latex that is warmed by the sun, to the point of melting or bubbling and burning. Unless you're close and actually smell the skin, this might be all you smell at first an it's not bad at all. As a fan of odd, synthetic notes, I do like this aspect. Testing and smelling it close up, I notice that behind this warm latex scent, it has this minty, almost medicinal smell, like Vick's Vapor rub, that trails off smelling much like Flinstones vitamins. As it settles down, the spices start fading away. Every 20 or so minutes, it smells vaguely of Angel by Thierry Mugler, then it doesn't.

Initially this is a very STRONG, LOUD medicinal scent, but overtime, it softens to reveal a light/moderate white floral/warm latex scent and during the last 2 hours, of about 4-6 hours of noticeable wear, only the warm-latexy scent remains. That Angel vibe is gone within 3-4 hours.

Overall...This falls more on the masculine side, though it's unisex, I can see it being way too masculine for some people who prefer feminine scents. A great choice for someone who wants Angel without the gourmand, and more on the masculine side, with a medicinal twist. I would like this more if it had more sweetness, be it from sugar, caramel, or even fruit, but I'm a BIG gourmand fan! I don't hate this one but will I wear it often? Probably not, just when I am in the mood for it. I tested this over a few days in the heat, 80-106°F, but will update my review during colder months.

It's certainly unlike anything I've ever encountered.

I would also like to mention the packaging. The lid is a thick, black plastic lid and the glass bottle is very heavy, the heaviest bottle in my collection! I really like the sprayer too, it looks and acts almost identical to the sprayers from the Dolce & Gabanna Anthology line (10 La roue de La fortune, 3 L`Imperatrice, 18 La Lune, etc.) The bottle also does not have a white label with black writing on the front, as it appears in all the promotional photos for it, but rather it simply has the black text and logo over the bottle.

Purr Katy Perry by mayzcorn89 2016-06-29

To me it smells very fruity with a hint of vanilla. I use to wear this when I would go to Disneyland once or twice a month so now every time i smell it reminds me of Disney days specifically going on the peter pan ride.

Crystal Noir Versace by Carnation 2016-06-29

Out of the bottle Versace Crystal Noir smelled like a lovely sandalwood dream- Woody,soft and billowy. Applied to the skin all this is lost. It turned skunky and seeing as there is gardenia in the lineup,a note I can't stand to begin with,may explain why. That notwithstanding, I really didn't find anything remarkable nor 'dark' (noir) associated with this. A pass on this one.

Gap Deep Gap by diego.lesgart 2016-06-29

I don t agreed with main accord ... It s really fresh and waterly ... citrical and very sparkling ... Lightly smoky and bright ... May be in the PACO by Paco Rabanne style ... An spring time or summer morning fragance

Awful! It's extremely powdery and headache inducing sweet at the same time. The cream and patchouli combo produces an awful, thick gag worthy suffocating powder and the blackberry and vanilla smells like that really synthetic, blackberry syrup you find at dive diners sometimes. I see someone compared this to Rocker Femme Fantasy and I'm taking offense on behalf of RFF! RFF is so, so much better! It's smoother with no powder and actually LESS sweet.

Love by Kilian By Kilian by Monkeys 2016-06-29

(Sorry posting twice, first time as a "guest") This is one sweet, very sweet little beast! I mean a “Kids wash your teeth”, cavity inducing, loved by dentists one! And you better love it too or you will be stuck with it for a long time! Because it lasts and lasts. As a man I don't think I find it masculine enough to suit me and my personality. But if you do, great!

When I spray Love by Kilian on, the first thing that hits my nose is a warm caramelized mix of thick, pink and orange bubble gum and cotton candy with all of their “chemical” smells. Welcome to the funfair!

As the opening settles down the very sweet candy opening stays but allows us to get the full range of this fragrance. There's actually an amber-y, syrupy accord with a spicy orange smell (Vanilla, orange blossom, neroli and coriander).

Then civet appears with its sharper honeyed leathery touch (Backed by some Labdanum) giving a more sour counterpart to the sugary bomb. It gets more prominent as time goes on. Also florals, mainly jasmine (And iris) which depending on how it's distilled can also have an animalic vibe. This incorporates a depraved, dirty twist and some character to the fragrance. (Which can keep it unisex enough for some men to wear it). It's a classy, fun “girly-girl” woman who also embraces her wilder, more “slutty” alter ego.

It's the older but still young and eccentric sister of the teenage girl who wears very sweet girlie perfumes, but she was recently dumped unceremoniously by her long time boyfriend and is now looking for a “rebound guy”. She's wearing her racy dress and making herself as sexy as she can and she's hitting the clubs in search of anger release and vengeance! Some “poor” stranger is getting punished tonight.

Love by Kilian By Kilian by 2016-06-29

Oh! This is one sweet, very sweet little beast! I mean “Kids wash your teeth”, cavity inducting, loved by dentists one! And you better love it too because if you don't, you will be stuck with it for a long time! Cause it lasts and lasts and it's heavy. As a man, while I can somewhat enjoy it when in the mood for it, I don't think I find it masculine enough to suit me and my personality. But if you do, great!

The first thing(s) coming to my mind when I spray Love by Kilian on is a warm caramelized mix of thick pink and orangy bubble-gum and candy-floss, with all of their “chemical” smell. (Not necessarily in a bad way here depending of your taste). Welcome to the funfair!

As the opening calms down though, the very sweet candy opening layer stays at the forefront but allows us more to get the full range of this fragrance. I get iris and there's actually an amber-y, syrupy accord to it with a spicy orange smell (Vanilla, orange blossom, neroli and coriander). Underneath that, unlike some others, I don't perceive any “animalic” side here! I do get civet with its sharper honeyed leathery touch giving an interesting, more sour counterpart to the sugary bomb. Also florals, mainly jasmine which depending on how it's distilled can also have an animalic vibe. But to me they are never present enough to bring this perfume on the dirty, skanky or even fecal side like I read from some people. Maybe on a woman's skin it does come out more. On me it rather gives it a little “depraved” twist and some definitively welcomed character (Which can keep it unisex enough for some men to wear it). Like a classy, fun “girly-girl” woman who also wants to embrace her wilder, more “slutty” alter ego.

It's the older but still young and eccentric sister of the teenage girl who wears very sweet girlie perfumes, but she was recently dumped unceremoniously by her long time boyfriend and is now looking for a “rebound guy”. She's wearing her racy but chic dress, sensuous lipstick, does her hair and makes her eyes pop with some excellent make-up work to make herself as sexy as she could ever be. And she's hitting the clubs in search of anger release and vengeance! Some “poor” stranger is getting punished tonight.

Purple Patchouli Tom Ford by Mugler_Lover 2016-06-29

I just found a 50ml of this wonderful scent on eBay with a batch number from 2007. It is amazing!! Lasts forever and a day. I am SO happy I was able to FINALLY find one of my unicorns!

Angel Thierry Mugler by Nat001 2016-06-29

Master of masters! This is what a real perfume should be! If I could only have one perfume this would be it!

Alien Thierry Mugler by Nat001 2016-06-29

A must have! This makes me look at my other perfumes and laugh lol

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by Nat001 2016-06-29

Love love love this all the way! This definitively got me into blind buying perfumes and now it's a problem lol! Enough has been said about this beauty. This smells very unique and well blended. I have nothing close to it. It melts on my skin like it's part of me.

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace by Josh839 2016-06-29

There are some notes missing in the Fragrantica note listing of the fragrance.

Here is the complete list of the notes found on the Versace website:

Top notes: Bitter orange, Neroli, Black Pepper
Middle notes: Cardamom, Saffron, Olibanum
Base notes: Oud, Patchouli, Leatherwood

I just received it and I love it.

Here is my quick overview:

Its outstanding woody notes result in a very classy, elegantly serious fragrance.

These woody notes are nicely enhanced by the accompanying notes. Cardamom, black pepper, leather are more prominent for me.

Reminds me of Angel Schlesser Oriental Soul for Men (oud), Dior Sauvage (wood,spices), La Nuit de l'Homme (cardamom).

It is a lot less "dark", but there is some "darkness" in it that links it for me to Encre Noire. I find it more refined and sophisticated than Encre Noire, but,despite of this, it has not yet been able to dethrone EN in the "My favorite fragrances" section.

Sampling from a decant gifted...ive only had the original in edt version whose top notes dissipated with age. I dont think this smells like the edt i had so can only assume others compare to edp. Anyway overall impression is good. Cardamom strong initially but after top notes settle it does change into a sweet incense. I dont really dig the church smoky incenses but i like this. I get a soapy smell too...not sure what note is giving this? I think a large decant would do me fine because deep down if i wanted spice and incense i think i would choose opium every time!

I love this one. Jasmine is hit or miss for me, and not a favorite, but this sample came with my order. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a whole different jasmine here! It is fairly gentle, and never gets huge or indolic, which makes it wearable for me. It starts out bright and fresh, and then for awhile it is all clean musky jasmine. Then it surprises me by becoming sweet and almost non-floral in the dry Down. I love this part! It's just a somewhat delicate, but definitely noticeable, delicious and soft aroma that I can't get enough of. Beautiful! I burned through my sample vial and now have the trial size. I now have six trial size bottles so I will have awhile to play before I decide which one I need a full bottle of. I'm surprised at how much success I'm having with Dame. They are really working on my finicky skin!

Epine Mortelle LM Parfums by meysam vazifeh 2016-06-29

من اصلا این برند رو نمیشناسم . . از قیمتشم خبر ندارم . ولی احیانا خواستید به چنین سبک بویی پول بدید، یه تست داشته باشید عطر بوگاتی اینفینیت بلو رو
اصلا پشیمونتون نمیکنه

BUGATTI INFINITEBLUE = Epine Mortelle LM Parfums :/

Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate Hermes by Tussa 2016-06-29

Sorry for reviewing again, but just can not help it. I own a sample for a two days, reapplying it again and agin, waiting that something will go wrong and save some bucks. But I become addicted, so much that I will ignore longevity and silage that are unfortunately below moderate. Tomorrow I'll go to get it and save money on something else, I need to have this one!

Eau Absolue Mona di Orio by gelo999 2016-06-29

Fragrance citrus-animalic.

Mona wanted to reflect here as if it were a memory, his love and passion for the Mediterranean Sea.

Opening although citrus, very clementine, bergamot and petit grain curiously not feel anything fresh, quite the opposite, pink pepper puts a counterpoint and fragrance becomes a little more floral and slightly earthy by the contribution Geranium , a touch of vetiver and bay leaf.

Throughout the tour, I feel a warmth appears as if the sea will send a warm breeze at sunset.

From here and during drying whole fragrance arching chiaroscuro hitting with the warmth of labdanum and a touch of musk with a sudsy point.

Eau Absolue is semi-linear effect and so warm that I smell like honey, this is what causes that Animalic point.

The fragrance was very interesting, also of good quality, but I recognize that is a rather narrow and not suitable for all tastes aroma.

Rating: 6.5

This scent surprised me with its sweetness. It's very sweet on my skin, but kind of a woody sweet rather than a gourmand sweet. It isn't too almond-like or foody, as heliotrope can sometimes get. I don't actually smell patchouli. I'm not sure about the mate. I expected a tea scent but it isn't that at all. It's very beautiful and wearable, but I think I will reach for it more in cooler months. My summer love is definitely Pear, Waterlily, and Amber.

Noir Epices Frederic Malle by gelo999 2016-06-29

Noir epices is a spicy modern and sober design that gets go inside the territory cyprus good Oriental, but with a certain softness to be a unisex.

All development revolves around a very spicy axis of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper, to which is added a citrus starting sweet orange, drying a pale vanilla, rich woods like sandalwood and patchouli and a richer heart geranium Bourbon with a light pink point all very natural and perfectly constructed.

The quality first, the right length and suffers some projection, which has a strong intimate character winning at short distances and especially in own enjoyment.

The fragrance is elegant and sensual, but since not from the point of view of lewd but that sensuality comes from the dark and enigmatic aroma itself.

Rating: 7

Smell the damn fragrance before you dislike it for goodness sake

This is sweet, clean, and musky on me. The violet stands out for me, but it's soft and not too powdery. I was worried I wouldn't like this because of the vanilla, but that's not the case at all. It's not that too-sweet heavy vanilla I'm used to smelling everywhere, thank goodness. It just hovers in the background and blends with rhe musky notes but never takes over. I love that these EdPs are sweet, but balanced with freshness so that it's never too much, even when it's hot out. I've liked all of them so far, and loved a few of them, including this one now.

Narciso Poudree Narciso Rodriguez by orchid89 2016-06-29

I’m surprised that I like this so much. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of Narciso Rodriguez, but this is really well-blended and creamy. It reminds me a little bit of Alien which I love too.

I find it to be super feminine and classy, and it’s not a scent for casual wear. This is a scent for those days where I put an extra effort into my makeup, have my hair up and put on my nicest skirt/dress (I only wear skirts and dresses).

It starts of a little strong, but it quickly settles into a creamy blend of musk and jasmine with a hint of rose and woody notes. Unlike other reviewers I find it to be fairly linear, but I don’t mind since the result is so lovely. It’s creamy and sweet, but not sweet in an in-your-face-way.

It’s quite long lasting with a soft to moderate sillage that dries down to a powdery skin scent. It works very well with my skin, but I also love it on clothes (it lasts forever on fabrics!).

Brit Rhythm for Her Floral Burberry by corkscrewcurly 2016-06-29

Well, this is weird.

I received a small vial of this in the post today as a free GWP.

I often try perfumes for the first time in the evening after having a shower and just before going to bed; tonight was no exception. I sprayed this (once) on my right wrist. There was a brief waft of flowers... then nothing.

I sprayed it on my wrist twice more, and the same thing happened. A brief (admittedly pleasant) waft of flowers, then nothing.

I've had my nose jammed against my wrist repeatedly for the last half hour and have had to spray another sample on my left wrist as I was seriously wondering if I had spontaneously developed anosmia! (I haven't.)

Admittedly, this isn't the sort of fragrance I would normally buy and wear, as I prefer much heavier scents - but this is so light as to be virtually undetectable.

This has never happened to me before and I'm wondering if I have a dud bottle!

Has anyone else had the same experience with this fragrance?

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler by Sailor Pluto 2016-06-29

To me, this is the original Angel (overwhelmingly dirty patchouli), with a top coat of sweet-dry hazelnut. Not a fan unfortunately.

Magic Celine by susanawaddell 2016-06-29

On me the coriander and patchouli are dominant shining through the overripe pear.

Fantasy Intimate Edition Britney Spears by Sailor Pluto 2016-06-29

I get a baby powder vibe from this one.

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler by RubyBirdy 2016-06-29

Overwhelming sweetness that very quickly becomes cloying and unbearable. They cut the chemical stink in the patchouli that I can't stand about the original, but substituting even more sweetness in the form of hazelnut cream doesn't do Muse any favors, either. The nuts are barely detectable, but the heaping cups of sugar certainly are. They kill any potentially interesting lactonic notes. A slight citrus note lifts things a little, but not enough. Bottom line, if you loved Angel, you'll love Angel Muse. If you hated it, you'll hate this. And if somehow you're on the fence, this won't help you make up your mind. As for me, I had to scrub Muse off because the sugary sweetness was just suffocating.

Only The Brave Extreme Diesel by Houdini4 2016-06-29

I'm not even going into the notes, it's not for me. OTBE smells insipid and harsh in the opening, drying down to something bearable after an hour or two but still pretty cheap and awful. I'm sure it will sell but it's not even as good as the original or that army camo one they brought out last year. Not good.

Secret Wish Anna Sui by Sailor Pluto 2016-06-29

Almost identical to Light Blue by D&G

Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by blake.lee 2016-06-29

This is one of those rare instances when the flankers of a fragrance far surpass the original. Jasmin Noir is a green, slightly poopy jasmine with a dash of out of place woodsy notes thrown in as an after thought. It's boring, slightly gross and far from deserving of the title of Noir. However, the Elixir and Essence flankers are gorgeous and full bottle worthy.

Chloe Chloe by MiituLoves 2016-06-29

After a hectic/stressful day you come home and start a nice warm relaxing bath, sip some wine to unwind and let go of your days worries. Dry yourself off, jump into your cotton pajamas, spray on some Chole and slip into bed and let your dreams carry you away. This scent surrounds you in comfort. The sillage and longevity on the skin are moderate. It stays on clothing very nicely.

Porta Alchemica Alkemia Perfumes by Wichapi 2016-06-29

So far, this is my favorite of the Alkemia Spring/Summer 2016 Releases, and I have already placed a special order for a 10ml Ultime bottle (ultimate strength). The darkness of the Spring release is vital in order to focus the senses on the luminescence of other components... some of which will not be disclosed due to proprietary concerns: Violet leaf, lavender, myrtle leaf, neroli, cedar, tonka, hay, tobacco (which puffs and wafts with changes in ambient or body temp), and woods/spices which will remain unnamed.

Creamy, honeyed white floral with a touch of sweet woods. Much richer than the original but not nearly as resiny as the L'Essence version.

Douceur de Vivre Alkemia Perfumes by Wichapi 2016-06-29

Vanilla… major sillage. Barely detectable under the vanilla, there’s something a little bit green, sharp, and slightly sour. I’m going to guess absinthe or a green rhubarb. But guess what?? NO VANILLA! It's an unanchored white amber that causes the trouble by hogging the spotlight... at least for my skin chemistry. I hope others have better luck.

Pomme d'Api Yves Rocher by Soofiya 2016-06-29

A children's eau fraiche,with this cute bottle and my beloved note for summery scents,Apple..all of these were the reasons pomme d'Api took my eyes,I thought I can use it as a body splash in home,since it has no atomizer
The only situation I can use it is for tourchering myself or others around me,this is the most chemical synthetic thing I've seen in my life,it can make sick even adults
It smells just the same as something we use in birthdays and is something like a fake snow and what a Longevity for an eau fraiche!!
شیشه دوست داشتنی این عطر کودکان و تصور یه عطر خنک با رایحه سیب ک میتونه بعنوان بادی اسپلش استفاده بشه باتوجه به این ک اتومایزر نداره برام وسوسه کننده بود اما این،درواقع شیمیایی ترین ترکیبی بود که به عمرم دیدم،،حتی بزرگسال ها رو میتونه بیمار کنه چه رسد به بچه ها،،دقیقا و صددرصد بوی برف شادی میده و ماندگاری خیلی زیاد باتوجه به او فرش بودنش داره
بجای این عطر میشه از برف شادی استفاده کرد

Purr Katy Perry by orchid89 2016-06-29

Sometimes I really crave this scent – it’s so yummy! I bought it blind, since it’s not available in my country. At first I was a bit disappointed, but it has really grown on me.

When I first spray it, I mostly get red apple and white flowers. The red apple makes it kind of crisp, but as it sits on the skin, it becomes more and more creamy. I find the bamboo quite interesting, and it adds to the creamy element.

When the crispiness starts to fade, I get a little vanilla and coconut and a lot of peach. It’s such a lovely creamy peach-vanilla scent, and the sweetness isn’t overpowering. I see why other reviewers mention shampoo, since it’s very clean smelling. It becomes quite powdery in the drydown, and it sits really close to the skin.

Overall the longevity is moderate, and the sillage is soft to moderate. This scent isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but sometimes I just really crave a sweet, clean fragrance. I think I might have to upgrade it to a "love" instead of a "like" <3

Ensorcelant Alkemia Perfumes by Wichapi 2016-06-29

Raspberries lightly wafting up through pale creamy jasmine drizzled with caramel. Gradually a toe-headed patchouli shyly glides in and becomes the pivot around which everything else rotates. This is some heady stuff!!! VERY delicious in a sexy edible kind of way. A good five hours and major sillage.

Jasmin Noir L’Essence Bvlgari by blake.lee 2016-06-29

This is so rich and pretty. It's got the thick, opulent smell of resin. The myrrh and tonka smell like sweet amber. The jasmine is there but it's not the star of the show in this version. The woods and pink pepper give it a light smokiness.

After a long full day in the hot sun, tilled earth, golden grains, and dark feral herbs and even a hint of wild mint emit their scent into the cooling air of dusk. An hour into the wearing, the waft is quite amazing… light pale florals emerge, but go close to the skin and it’s all herbal with a strong presence of hawthorn. Two+ hours later, close to the skin – a warm spice like clove, carnation, or bay emerges and really steps up and away from the skin. This onslaught goes on for another fragrant hour+.

Baccante Alkemia Perfumes by Wichapi 2016-06-29

Sniffing from bottle: green – oakmoss and wild ivy right away. Upon application, the flowery edge of Spanish lavender. Something woody, perhaps oak? Deep at the base, tonka dusted over blueberries. An hour into the wearing, and blueberry comes to the forefront, then goes side-by-side with green elements. About three hours longevity and moderate sillage.

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier by Sam37 2016-06-29

what about ultra male intense? could not see it in this website.

Summer Dandelion Alkemia Perfumes by Wichapi 2016-06-29

YES! It’s all that, but especially rain drops evaporating on yellow dandelions and their green leaves brightly dappling the verdant lawn, under the force of a summer sun rising to its apex. This one also hangs on for a good six to eight hours, though going close to the skin after four+ hours. NO ONE does aquatics like Sharra. She's not only mastered the realism but the nuances as well; rain or mist, fresh water or ocean, dew drops or evap. If ever there was summer in a bottle, this is it.

Kamarasa Alkemia Perfumes by Wichapi 2016-06-29

As a rule I am not a fan of coconut in-and-of itself, or as an ingredient in anything (unless it’s the heart scooped from the freshly cracked hull). Sharra has smashed my rule. This is a velvety, sedate coconut swirled with a rich pale amber. Then to add a bit of carnality to the mix, my nose detected fig (?) gently massaged into the supple body, with a vivid splash of (possibly) tamarind or pomegranate to give it a tangy spark amid the deceptively languid blend. As time progresses the intensity of the coconut steps back a gracious pace to give amber a bit more sway, carrying other elements to the fore. Sillage and longevity are insane! I donned this potion in the late morning hours, and it was still wafting as I crawled into bed. It was only at this time that I noticed the faint aroma of Sharra’s own fixative formula.

I can only imagine that Kamarasa will not only bloom but morph in high temps.

Green Carnation Alkemia Perfumes by Wichapi 2016-06-29

Oh my I do love a fistful of spicy red-hot carnations clustered together in sinuous skanky green bindings, pulsing with a narcotic induced debauchery. No… Queen Victoria would never have worn this. This is the hidden summer house at midday, a unmade teak wood daybed in the recesses, caught in a tepid cross breeze that tones down the heat to just below suffocating. Bay has always taken carnation from creamy virgin-on-the-verge to exotically impertinent whore. As for me… I think I need an ultime version with more of the whore, please!

Figuier Yves Rocher by Protilde 2016-06-29

I miss this one so much... it was the perfect fig scent for me, I haven't found any other as nice.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by Tussa 2016-06-29

I tested it on the paper and i was glad i haven't applied it on my skin, I would like to washed it immediately. Just too sweet for me and couldn't understand why it is so popular. Two days later I founded the paper strip on the table and smell it again. I could feel it still very well, but now the sweetness was much softer (of course after 2 days) and I like this more luxury sweet floral patchouly scent. Decided to give it 2nd chance, this time on my skin and see what it does on me. I guess this one is love or hate.

There’s an odd occurrence of spice in this blend and, while one can sniff out each note as written, they all confer into one quicksilver ribbon sliding through the black night. The spice morphs back and forth with an odd, green bulbous fragrance that my memory circuits know, but can’t quite identify. Perhaps it’s a combination of the white peony and the pear blossoms, but I’m also detecting a white rose here. And as time progresses, with my skin chemistry being what it is where rose is concerned, it is giving itself away every minute. There are other night-bloomers in here, but I’m not tellin’. ;-)

Miss Marisa Ebba Los Angeles by raw umber 2016-06-29

This smells absolutely nothing like the listed notes. Bright and warm peach candy all the way. Round, juicy and intense. It strongly reminds me of some perfume oil that the Body Shop released years ago back when they were great. Shampoo extrait. I love it.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by amirkarim1 2016-06-29

The dry down of this fragrance reminds me of "midnight in paris edt"

Chance Eau Vive Chanel by Dani-G 2016-06-29

This is the absolute NUMBER ONE PERFUME.
So fresh, so feminine, so strong and magic!
This is the 1st Chanel I've ever liked. Not liked. ADORED!
I sprayed it at 5 p.m. to test it, I did a lot of things after I came back home incl. having BATH (!), now it's 00:10 o'clock and I can still smell it!
I believe it would be a nice choice for colder days, too!

The Cure – A Forest

The Black Currant Heaven

As the name correctly suggested, this fragrance is an enchanted forest. A dark, green forest. A primordial organism that lives for eons.
Enchanted Forest opens with the strong and realistic note of finest black currant liqueur (maybe Chambord was a role model). Upon this boozy opening aromatic, leafy green notes reinforced by aldehydes emerges like some distant, fruity relative of Chanel’s 19. In the background, I can sense some refined and balmy note of crushed pine or fir needles which I really like.
The heart of Enchanted Forest is a floral bouquet of old fashioned carnation and subdued, dark rose. At its base the pine and its sticky resins become stronger. These dark, archaic resins are juxtaposed to the green-fruity heaven. The whole composition is rounded with just a touch of vanilla and amber.

Rating 8.5 / 10

More on Scentimentalwords

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior by roozbeh.rezaie 2016-06-29

برای فروش موجود.مسیج بدید

Kashimire V Canto by iskander 2016-06-29

This is such a mood lifter. The word that comes to mind most when describing the fragrance is "clean". It's not sexy at all, but in a good way. A perfume to wear after a refreshing shower, putting on your best new clothes, buying flowers, getting things done. This perfume is very light and not cloying at all, but it doesn't fade away. It remains in the background in a very friendly and comforting way.

Evelyn`s Rose Evocative Perfumes by miss mills 2016-06-29

Oh how I love this oil! Thanks to Amarah for an incredible swag of samples to try, I have this on today and am transported to another land, one where I am young again and fairytales still exist, my darling granny is still alive and is making biscuits while I play in her garden and sniff the flowers there...roses, the real old school kind that actually SMELL like roses, her beautiful carnations, little forget me nots and wild flowers, mandarin trees and tomatoes. And Fluffy, the sweetest looking but grumpiest old cat in the world! These are the memories that come back to me now. Love this delicate oil.

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler by Shadow_Witch 2016-06-29

Does not smell like Flowerbomb to me, thankfully, since Flowerbomb is disgustingly cloying and demonically long lasting on my skin. I tried Angel Muse on three separate occasions at the store before deciding to pick it up today. To me it is a muted Angel EdP with distinct vetiver, hazelnut, and whipped cream. Not as easy to overdo as the original. Easy to wear. It really, really shines in the summer heat. Great longevity and sillage. I love original Angel EdP, but I grow tired of it because it can be quite "present" the entire time I am wearing it. Angel Muse is present but... again, muted is the word that comes to mind.

Gio Giorgio Armani by Vegas Pauli 2016-06-29

A medium strength woody/white floral that was in fashion big back in the day (aka Safari, Ysatis, Jil Sander No 4) but the clove in this made it distinctive and somewhat exotic. Too bad its discontinued, Armani needs to bring this one back.

Flowerbomb Rose Explosion Viktor&Rolf by krissykatpawz81 2016-06-29

Okay on MY SKIN this smells like red wine and roses with alot of oud and very woodsy,with green stems on the blast of first spray....after drydown it still smells like red wine and roses yet slightly the oud&woodsy notes tone down,it just becomes loud and does not agree with my skin or nose,however i like red roses by jo malone thats because its only roses mainly,on my SKIN lol this perfume is a disaster on me,my hubby agrees. I do love strong perfume,perfume that lasts,this one to put it bluntly just smells rotten then on drydown it still smells rotten then sharp not good!!! So i do like other perfumes by Viktor &Rolf.The bottle looks nice.

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by Shadow_Witch 2016-06-29

My daughter went through a 100ml bottle of Curious In Control and V&R Bon Bon is identical. If you loved In Control you will love Bon Bon -except for the hefty price tag.

CH Men Central Park Carolina Herrera by Cassiano 2016-06-29

CH Men Central Park is the latest release of Carolina Herrera within the CH line, continuing the tradition of the annual limited editions (launched in pairs), after CH Grand Tour (2014) and CH Africa (2015). The new duo CH Central Park was announced in March of this year and is already on sale in Brazilian stores, since the middle of May, which means it had an excellent distribution strategy. The inspiration was the famous Park of New York City, considered a green oasis in the middle of the city that never sleeps.

CH Men Central Park brings notes of ginger, grapefruit and peppers (pink and black) on top of the composition. Then, in the body of the fragrance, a main note of cardamom is intertwined with nuances of violets and black tea. Finally, at the base, cedar and vetiver give a woody aspect.

When reaches the skin, CH Men Central Park is refreshing and presents a beautiful scent of ginger. The feeling of open air, as if we were lying on the grass on a Sunday morning, watching the sky while children play around us, is quite enjoyable. Then, a nuance of black tea takes over, being slightly seasoned by the cardamom and resulting in a fragrance a little bit spicier. But there's something sweet in the air! It’s the violet, with its sweet and powdery facets, which insists in appear and show that is also part of this escape moment, in which you forget the problems of the daily routine in big cities and enjoy the nature.Finally, the woody and luminous scent of the cedar merges with the vetiver, this time more green and open than earthy and smoky.

On my skin, to be honest, the projection was very modest, but the durability was good: more than 8 hours in temperatures under 20°, since it is winter in Brazil. Something tells me that in warmer weather it will have best results, especially, regarding projection.

CH Men Central Park is, without a doubt, a daytime scent, a tribute to the days of summer (that is why it is a summer limited edition). It’s herbal, woody and spicy, with an aroma quite distinct of tea.
Its bottle keeps the visual identity of the CH Men line, but received a rattan finishing, which is obtained from the Malaysia Palm trees and processed manually, in order to provide a unique feel to the touch.

With this release, the house of Carolina Herrera proves that it is still possible to create refreshing fragrances, with good versatility and without appealing to the sportive category. I liked it very much!

Sweet Vanilla Montale by june7rose 2016-06-29

I love this. It's very similar to Comptoir Pacifique's Vanilla Apricot, but a thousand times more refined. If you took the green elements out of Peau de Peche and added vanilla, this would be it.

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by ring0 2016-06-29

عطر جالبیه
وقتی بدون هیچ ذهنیتی و اولین بار توی اینترنت به این عطر برمیخورید ممکنه با توجه به اسمش یه عطر تنباکویی محض که با بوی پودر وانیل توام شده رو واستون تداعی کنه و حتما میگید "وه ! عجب چیزی" اما متاسفانه اینطور نیست و باید قبل از اون بدونید که این عطر توی اسمش خلاصه نشده و اتفاقا روایح دیگری هم وجود دارن که اگه بیشتر از تباکو و وانیل توی این عطر نباشن کمتر هم نیستن
اما چرا جالب؟
راستش فارغ از اینکه خوشم از این عطر بیاد یا نه باید بگم عطر خوش ساختیه
تمام روایحی که واسش درج شده رو میتونین حس کنین و گاهی بعد از یک مرحله ، عطر وارد مرحله جدیدی میشه و یکسری رایحه جدید خودشون رو نشون میدن
این یک قسمته کار هست و قسمت دیگر کار بسته به اینکه روی چی اسپری شده معلوم میشه
من وقتی اون رو روی کاغذ زدم بویی که بیشتر به نظر میرسید بوی عسل بود که تنباکو هم اون رو همراهی میکرد و مقداری میوههای خشک شده (کمی آدم رو یاد قهوه خانه میندازه)
وقتی روی پوست اسپریش کردم بو های ادویه ای و کاکائو هست که فوران میکنه و تنباکو رو به شدت به حاشیه میرونه
و وقتی روی پیراهن زدمش یه بوی ادویه ای و دودی هست که پخش میشه
چیزی که معلومه اینه که نت های اسپایسی توی این عطر به مقدار قابل ملاحظه ای بالاست و تنباکو هم در پس زمینه عطر از اول تا آخر قرار داره
به هر حال نوعی خوش ساخت و محبوب از یه عطر هست
اما مسلما با اسمش فاصله زیادی داره . این با اون معجون رویاییه تنباکو و وانیل که قبل از شنیدن بوی واقعی این عطر ازش توی ذهنتون ساختین تفاوت بزرگی داره.

I love the bottle design. Will the longevity and sillage be like the original formulation of le male? I sure do hope so.

Irisss Xerjoff by glitteralex 2016-06-29

I am a huge fan of Orris. However, it often wears too cool or flat for me in a soliflore composition. Therefore, I rarely wear it alone, or have to find it in blended perfumes (Misia is a current favorite). In blends, I sniff endlessly in search of the Orris, never satisfied that I am getting enough.

Irisss is the exception. Orris is right there, the entire time. This is not so much a "perfume", but a performance, a perfect interpretation of Orris. While Oriss is by far the predominant note, and this perfume has the "feel" of a soliflore, it most certainly is not. Xerjoff has meticulously selected supporting notes, used in homeopathic quantities. In minute amounts, Jasmine and Rose add a palatable sweetness, Violet supports the powder, and Carrot Seed gives lift. Vetiver enhances the earthy quality of the Orris, and Musk adds a skin feel that Orris lacks on its own. I can't even detect the other stated notes. Doesn't matter, they are behind the scenes doing what they should- supporting the undeniable and perfect star of this show: Orris.

Yes, the price is absurd, but perfection doesn't come cheap.

The Beat Burberry by dayonti 2016-06-29

save your money

Tresor Lancome by gatsby 2016-06-29

I have a full unused 100ml bottle from 1996 (second picture here on the page) code CR311
If someone loves the old, original vibe of this gem, let me know in a PM

Citrus and Wood Yardley by farook 2016-06-29

This is a wonderful scent that exudes calm, maturity and class. Subtly refreshing and a gem for its price alone. Call me selfish but I hope less people find it

Pagan Mayfair by pandastisk 2016-06-29

Very much a Chanel No. 5 kind-a-fragrance! It has a fruity twist in the top, a nondescript heart of confusing aldehydic mish-mash, the the basenotes come on rapidly: a lot of oakmoss! Perhaps some artificial civet... It's a sweet kind of oak and woods, in no way natural. To me it is a fragrance for a night out dancing and being loud!

Just Cavalli Pink Roberto Cavalli by FayeLB 2016-06-29

I've had a small vial sample of this perfume for years and have recently rediscovered it. I now have a full bottle that arrived today. The first day I wore it to work I received a compliment and another today.

It's a delicate floral. Reminds me of a bouquet of white and pink flowers. The peony is so pretty in this. I can see myself going through a bottle of this quickly. The scent is not overpowering, no headaches. A very innocent fragrance. Perfect for spring and cool summer days. Love!

I personally think this perfume is at the Mason-Dixon of Serge Lutens Fille De Berlin & Perfumer's Workshop-Tea Rose. It has all of Luten's green, tamed tea-rose juiciness and all of PW's pungent, "old-fashioned", piercing spring brightness. Which Kinda spooked me at first. Rose De Mai, cleaned up the tea-rose here.

The rose note is simple. feminine-tea rose with a little "pink" on it, green foliage, and unisex musk. Not a musk that changes with chemistry. Its aroma is locked in place.

I'm writing the review because I was MOST impressed with the duration of the lemon note.Well into the middle. Not a generic citrus accord, but straight lemon oil. Like distilled lemon zest.

I agree with Miracleborg, it does smell 'antique'. Think wealthy matriarchs, debutantes, mid-length swing-dresses, fine china, etc..all in action at outdoor spring Tea-parties on big antebellum homes properties.

Not something I could see myself wearing daily. The Lutens's is more for that kind of "green Tea rose" wearing, IMO.

Gio Giorgio Armani by twylaleblanc 2016-06-29

I would be interested if anyone has some of this that they would like to sell. Please email me [email protected] Thank you!

Eau Parfumee au The Bleu Bvlgari by drugstore classics 2016-06-29

Among refreshing, aromatic fragrances this is a true delight. Worn all day in the piping hot sun, Bleu gave me a wonderful sense of freshness and calm this week. There is almost a therapeutic quality about it.

I would call Bleu a grounding and comforting scent, although I usually ascribe such qualities to powerful and oak moss centered chypres. This is not powerful at all in the traditional sense, but a soft and airy fragrance with tea and lavender. The most prominent note to my nose is IRIS - the powdery iris of Infusion d'Iris.

It is perhaps more airy and fresh than Infusion, and wholly suited to the most sizzling weather and soaring temperatures. Any fragrance can burn off skin rapidly in the heat, but worn on hair and fabric, Bleu stayed with me all throughout the day and still lingers on my shirt with serene freshness.

It is difficult to describe fragrance with mere words. The aura created by this bit of Bvlgari art transcends the merely fresh category into comforting elegance, were the two words ever used together... If there were one phrase ( other than the ones above! ) that encapsulates it, I would say:

Calming CHIC.

Five Stars

My favourite one on my boyfriend. Amazing fragrance, sensual and sophisticated.

La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi by MyCoh_JayRo 2016-06-29

My step-grandfather was a cowboy, rancher and construction worker from Mexico. And half of my family comes from the Texas Mexico border. Mostly New Mexico and Texas. As a young boy I remember his assortment of guns, his leather woven horse whips, saddles, boots, spurs, canteens, you name it, this guy had it. He was tall, and a nice man to me. And he was the first guy to let me taste beer. I could barely understand a word he said, because he spoke spanish and I do not. That sort of man would wear Tuscan Leather, no problem. It fits his personality. Like he's not trying to prove he is a man to anybody, he just is. Exuding humble confidence, just like Tuscan Leather. Rasasi exudes that same sort of confidence, but is much more cerebral about it. If Tuscan Leather is the humble but strong cowboy that I knew, than Rasasi is the sophisticated succesful brother that works in the city, that visits the family during the holidays, after work, wearing a suit. Rasasi is less intimidating, but when it starts talking, you know you are in for an intellectual feast.

Fath de Fath Jacques Fath by Irisaddict 2016-06-29

I still have a bottle of Fath de Fath that I bought in 1996 while visiting Paris. It was maybe one of the first perfumes that I bought for myself, without any guiding influences, and today for some reason I decided to remind myself why I chose this little bottle over all the others. The dark amber gold colour made me fear the perfume might have turned, but no! One spray and I knew it was still as glorious as the day I chose it in that Parisian perfumery :)

This is one of very few fruity perfumes in my collection, and yes it is syrupy but I find the opulent layers of golden peach, candied pineapple - I always get pineapple with this even if it's not listed, benzoin vanilla, honey, heliotrope and even tuberose (normally too cloying for me!) very well balanced. The orange blossom lifts the deep, rich, fruity notes while the light jasmine provides a touch of white floral elegance, all anchored by warming, sweet & spicy but not overpowering patchouli.
I do also get a few hints of almost savoury, spiced notes in the dry down from time to time, maybe from the cedar..nothing as strong as cumin but something earthy and a little acrid - strangely this is not a negative however, I think it keeps the sweeter notes in check.

I find this perfume almost intoxicating, it's exuberant, heady and deliciously more-ish. Whenever I wear it I find myself sniffing my wrists every few minutes to almost drink in the scent. I did wonder if my 1996 choice had been a naïve one, that I had just fallen for the lovely little glass bottle or an overly sweet fruit bomb of a scent, but having re-visited it I don't regret my choice at all!
The twinkly star shaped bottle will happily remain in my collection as both a treasured perfume memory and a perfume that I can still wear and enjoy today.

N.B. I haven't tried any recent or current releases of Fath de Fath so I can only hope they don't differ too much..

@bodm Well still, i have no personal problem with Le Male, so as far as i'm concerned, they can drop as many flankers as they want.

Vanilla Musk Coty by SnowVirgin 2016-06-29

I get more woody notes than vanilla but I still really do like this scent.

Patchouli Intense Molinard by Beaufort 2016-06-29

I tried this and quite like it.
I have a question please...

Does anyone know how similar this release is to the later Patchouli intense "eau de parfum" from Molinard ? Is it exacly the same,(they only altered the packaging and flacon)or is there a difference ?
I think there may even be 2 later releases of Patchouli from Molinard.

Thanks for any help.

Pure Turquoise Ralph Lauren by Carriewlin 2016-06-29

After reading a bunch of reviews I went ahead and blind-bought a small bottle of this on eBay. I agree with people who say it's an unusual smell, dry, green, good for warm weather. Yep, it's all of those things. But my first general impression of this? It smells like really good, clean laundry. Since Pure Turquoise is becoming harder and harder to source affordably, I probably won't buy more. My favorite clean laundry fragrance is Pure by Alfred Sung. They are different from each other, but if you are looking for a "clean" effect, it's worth a try. Pure Turquoise is a bit drier and warmer, but both have that fresh, inoffensive appeal.

Equipage Hermes by thatsmr2usir 2016-06-29

A very old school, aromatic, herbal, floral, leather, mossy fragrance with very well made ingredients that is suited towards the grown ups.

This type of fragrance will not appeal to many younger men IMO.. Something in this does not set well with me.. I am thinking it is the carnation & pine mix? I am not a fan of carnation, It literally flops on my skin.

It is classy & sophisticated but I don't have a need for this fragrance in my wardrobe. Lasting power is 5-6 hours with arms reach projection. If you like retro, masculine dated fragrances, check out Equipage! This gets a below average rating from me.

Jasmin Angélique Atelier Cologne by DexDegeaut 2016-06-29

There are many people in here that think this is a cologne concentration... Atelier fragrances are pure parfum extracts, everyone! 18% concentration. The word "cologne" is only used in the name of the brand. It does not notate the concentration of the juice.

That said, this was love at first sniff. Flowers and cigarettes combine in a beautiful and surprisingly fresh scent. I'm a 29 year old male, and I rock this stuff all day.

Sillage is not that great, so I use 6-7 sprays: 2 behind each ear, 1 to the back of the head, and 1-2 to the chest.

Tried this today. It's definitely got the Diamonds DNA. But this is quite different compared to the previous flankers. Club is softer and has sweet fruity notes as well as something that smells like tonka.
I've only tried it once but so far this reminds me of Joop! Jump with a touch of Code Ultimate.

Vanille Noire Yves Rocher by redcapricorn 2016-06-29

I ordered a mini bottle of this from eBay after reading the reviews here and knowing that it's hard to go wrong with Yves Rocher. This is a nice, woody, spicy, boozy vanilla. It does vaguely remind me of Hypnotic Poison except that I actually like this fragrance, and I don't get the yucky Playdough problem on my skin that I get with HP. For some reason, this one reminds me of a darkened jazz club. Maybe it's the slight booziness to it. This is a keeper for cold weather.

Orion Tiziana Terenzi by christianpc 2016-06-29

Just received this, right of the top you get a smoky aventus tone which as we all know is lovely, then 1hr or so into it the fragrance is 90% in keeping with byredo oud immortel. To the untrained noise indistinguishable. After 2-3 hours aventus returns with that gorgeous dry down. Haven't tested this enough but it's longevity is very good and projection above average. I did a side by side test with oud immortel and both come and go on strength one minute immortel is stronger then next it's orion. I do love Tiziana Terenzi house and Ursa is by far the best I have smelt. If I didn't have oud immortel I'd be over the moon with this but with all the clones of aventus and that I have oud immortel it feels somewhat redundant. That aside still a wonderful fragrance which has numerous facets and transitions which most will find appealing.

V pour Homme Valentino by 2016-06-29

Very well made perfume with something like citrus note without feminine sweetness, it's very good perfume for men.
Maybe I'm wrong because I get nice dominant fresh vetiver note on the top of everything but it's not on the list, huh?

No, it doesn't. It's another flanker, it might be better or not, but it's still Le Male...

The bottle looks amazing. And finally it looks like we will have a totally new fragrance coming from JPG. A welcomed change!

Nautica Voyage Nautica by Anast 2016-06-29

new formulation----> just skin scent

Gold Rush Paris Hilton by kl99 2016-06-29

Good Lord. The bottle is something of unwatchable.

But make me laugh.

Well,There was a reason of why nobody has made anything similar before. Was simply a matter of ridiculous bad taste.

Beyond Paradise Estée Lauder by MiituLoves 2016-06-29

Just close your eyes and envision the clear blue ocean, soft sand between your toes, and the gentle breeze whispering on your face. As the sun is setting on the coastal horizon on a perfect Hawaiian get away,don't forget the hibiscus flower in your hair. This scent is perfect for summer. Its basically Hawaii in a bottle! Love, Love, Love it! :)

Wild Elixir Shakira by senalica 2016-06-29

Although I don't have much experience with celebrity perfumes, this one I find quite interesting. It is sweet, warm and spicy, quite a strong sillage actually. It definitely works well with my skin - the woody notes stand out and blend very nicely with sweet fruity notes and spices. Also - lasts longer than I expected.

The sandalwood & musk made this very much like a mans barbershop aftershave on me. SCRUBBER.

White for Her Kenneth Cole by Lillibeth 2016-06-29

I was encouraged to see the floral notes listed here when I blind-bought this, but once I tried it on, I was less cheerful. The main notes that I detected were plum and later on, some vanilla in the dry down. This was clearly less floral than I had hoped, but I don't think it helps that I'm not usually a fan of plum in my fragrances (the exception being Elizabeth Arden's "Untold Absolu").

212 VIP Men Carolina Herrera by sproaty 2016-06-29

Oh wow, I wasn't too impressed with the opening, but damn this dries down to a stunning smell - can't stop sniffing the top of my wrist!

Will have to definitely seek this one out :)

Eau de Cologne Imperiale Guerlain by gedlive 2016-06-29

This was one of my first fresh fragrances, then I didn't have it for a long time and missed it. I have many great fresh, citrus, and aquatics. But just the scent of Imperial, is so clean, green, and fresh. It is outstanding, comfortable, wearable, soothing. It was used by Napoleon's wife to sooth her headaches.
The fragrance 4711 is allso one of the very best citrus fresh Scents, but longevity is very poor. Imperial also only has limited longevity, but much longer than 4711.
I use them as an aftershave, or before sleep or when I wake at night.
The scent alone is comparable to Creed M Imperial, or Tom Ford Neroli Portafino, just the silage and longevity are much better with those two.

Rating: 9/10

God bless you. John 3:16

The only thing I ask this beautiful perfume is a little more length and sillage. I love it! but in my I left very very very weak.

Virgin Island Water Creed by The Blue Eyed Gay Prince. 2016-06-29

Ugh, hate it.
too masculine for my taste.
i hate the sharpness of the zesty notes.
im sorry but even though this is a VERY highly rated fragrance....for me its not.

i like a creamy body fragrance.
somthing soft,feminine,creamy,sensual.

this is too unisex and to sharp.

sorry but i hated it.

Petale Noir Agent Provocateur by xJessax 2016-06-29

Hmmm... I blind bought this one based on reviews! I'm not sure what to think of it right now, but I know I "like" it. It intrigues me enough to keep testing. Although, I'm not getting any of the "dark" and "mysterious" vibes other people have mentioned... so far I smell a definite floral scent with a little bit of freshness, I also smell a hint of spice, possibly ginger or tobacco leaf? Kinda odd. Will update when I've "bonded" with this fragrance more!

Virgin Mojito The Body Shop by msajoy 2016-06-29

i was really bored and wanted something for the summer casual use without breaking my bank so hard, i usually love the mojito or gin and tonic kind of smell a lot, so i was checking the body shop if they had anything new, and i saw a giant 300 ml body splash, i knew right away it will suck at longevity and projection but its like 25 dollars here in malaysia, so i was like...lets get this, and i also got a bottle with spritzer to be able to spray, not a big fan of splash. the smell opens with alcohol...give it 30 seconds to dry down a bit, and there you go, you get the mint with a touch of lemon/lime....its so refreshing, and since its a huge bottle, you can go crazy with the sprayer. lasts about 30 minutes tops, but what the hell....can spray all day and it wont finish, probably is a good idea to combine the body shower gel and the cream/ will definitely give a much better performance. very nice for summer casual days :)

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier by Endymion 2016-06-29

Classique should be called Gaultier Femme (or Elle). Classique is just not a fitting name.

Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne by Purrbaby 2016-06-29

I received a small sample size in my monthly Sephora Play box. I really enjoyed this fragrance. A beautiful citrus Unisex scent that makes you feel happy. It's not in any way cheap smelling. Each note dances beautifully together. It's youthful yet elegant, great for all ages. The staying power is amazing. I usually go for more floral scents, but this fragrance worked its way into my heart.

White Musk The Body Shop by LuxAestiva 2016-06-29

The popularity of musk-centric fragrances is not something I grew up with. I grew up in a time dominated by fresh aqua for the guys and fruity florals for the girls. Yet, something about musks make me feel very comforted and nostalgic.

I have been exploring different musk fragrances, which fortunately happen to be quite cheap. After sampling it, I bought 2 of the 30 ml, 1 fl oz EDP White Musk from The Body Shop for only $14. The fragrance is quite simple: clean, slightly soapy musk dominates with hints of herbal and floral notes. For me I notice the vetiver, oakmoss, lily, ylang-ylang, basil and patchouli most. I also tried the men's version and I wasn't pleased. It smelled too sweet and spicy with the mask taking a back seat.

To my delight this reminds me soo much of those various Egyptian Musk oils, most of which I have recently had to accept have been ruined by reformulation and dilution. It also reminds me of a much smoother, better-rounded, less retro version of Jovan Musk for Men. This is labeled as a women's fragrance, but it totally feels unisex. Overall, The Body Shop White Musk is a really cozy, clean musk at a great price and should certainly be in your wardrobe if you like musks.

No. 10 Unter den Linden Frau Tonis Parfum by strawberryswitchblade 2016-06-29

I adore the scent of real linden blossoms and right now i can smell it everywhere in my town. I wanted a perfume of the same accord that can accompany me into the linden-blossom-less time of the year. No. 10 is a poor substitute though. I do get the linden blossoms but they are almost completely drowned out by an agressive and loud citrus note. I don't dislike this perfume, it still smells deliciously like citrus, honey, green leaves and faint traces of linden blossoms but even after the citrus has mellowed out over the course of a couple of hours it never reaches the creamy gentleness of real linden blossoms. Sadly, I will have to continue my quest for the real deal

Just Cavalli Her Roberto Cavalli by freddinos 2016-06-29

Coffee? Yes, no. I still find this really cute and a bit peachy-floral-balmy, but it is not what I was looking for. Similar to Burberry for women and perhaps a bit like Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, similar feel anyway.
Still very cute and wearable. On another note, a year ago it was selling on ebay for pennies (like 15 £ for the 50mls or something) and now I check and all of a sudden it is all rare and discontinued and overpriced as hell. This is what creates a hype around otherwise average scents.

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by Sole Reaver 2016-06-29

This is an amazing fragrance... the first time wearing this we were on a 5 hour trip with my band to go play at a show; on our first bathroom stop we got down and when we were waiting to pay for snacks one of the girls from the other car traveling with us says, "OMG its you!" im like huh? she says, "when you guys opened the van we could smell someone smelled amazing now we know its you." her 3 friends all agreed that they loved the scent... if your on the fence about it dont be go out and pick it up. it also started smelling good when i started sweating while playing in 105 degree weather. sounds a bit awkward but whatever XD

Royal Oud Creed by vihri 2016-06-29

Okay, I blind bought this.

Yes, I blind-bought a Creed fragrance.

Why? I love all things Creed, I love the sparkly, fresh but salty ambergris DNA that each and every one of the Creeds I've tried has. It's my little drug.

And I hoped, oh man, I hoped that this would be it. And my 'it' is the Aventus. There is no scent that has ever come close to what Aventus does for me. Royal Oud is not 'it'.

But it's still really good.

First of all, Creed Royal Oud is a very delicate and well-mixed concoction. For me, this is all about the angelica note. And as much as I wanted to like this, I don't see myself wearing this as a man. What I do see is easily falling in love with a girl wearing this. A slender ballerina, like a flower in full bloom, this is a scent that tells a story of innocence and sweet, girly infatuation with adventure and life. It's a scent for those girls with a poetic soul, the true feminine beauties. It's truly amazing for all that.

Tabu Dana by zyby 2016-06-29

TABU is one of those polarizing fragrances and people seem to get emotional about it. I’d say this means it’s doing its job – and has been doing it since 1932. I'm pleased to see that it's been making a comeback and I've noticed that at local drugstores, they've recently moved TABU from the bottom shelf to a middle one.

I wish I had a real vintage bottle. I have 3 modern ones: a full-sized spray bottle that is approximately 15 years old, a mini that is about 2 years old (cello-shaped splash) and a recent full-sized spray bottle. The two spray bottles are in the indented rectangular shape pictured above. The oldest bottle is a great deal stronger than the newer ones, but otherwise, they all smell the same. The weakest is the cello-shaped mini.

TABU is intensely spicy and for me, this spiciness remains dominant throughout. On me, the spices include cinnamon, although this isn’t listed. As the hours pass, I also get notes of sweetness, citrus and powder. I don’t pick up much by way of floral notes. The longevity is excellent. Although I regret that the current versions are less strong than the older ones, it’s true that the reduced sillage does make TABU easier to wear for a greater variety of occasions and locations. Also, it’s inexpensive enough to use many sprays if more extreme sillage should be wanted.

Kawthar Swiss Arabian by golden 2016-06-29

Blimey!!!!! Lol this stuff is very oudy. But I love it. It's a very acquired attar. The oil starts extremely heady, and softens into an absolutely sumptuous perfume.
I really feel this is a grown up smell. Imo.
Lovely middle eastern attar, which lingers, and lingers on both clothes and skin. I get lots of Oud for many hours ( around 3/4) and I'm left with the lingering trail of Rose ( yes I know its in the top notes, but not on my skin) and Sandalwood.
If you can wait that long for the dry down, its very elegant and sumptuous. Lovely, lovely oil. I blind bought this based on the reviews, and I'm very happy I did. Projection is pretty good. Longevity is excellent. Around 10 plus hours.

Infinite Intense Bentley by joenick68 2016-06-29

Giving it the first try, so I will need to make an update on how performs during the day, is a good impression to start with, but I don't agree so far with the comparisons with Terre de Hermes and I have 3 versions of it they are different at core for me.

Irae V Canto by iskander 2016-06-29

All I get out of this is cardamom, and it's not even listed as a note. Definitely no Sichuan Pepper. To me this smells more like Indian curry, albeit a good one. :)

Neroli Portofino Forte Tom Ford by Houdini4 2016-06-29

After being told I 'Had' to try this by a friend of mine who is a SA for Thierry Mugler who's boyfriend is a big fragrance fan and was going crazy about how good this one was. Anyway, she marched me over to the TF counter proclaiming how much I would love the addition of leather base notes to the Neroli portofino formula, something which I was open to of course.
I have to say although my nose couldn't detect the leather in the opening it is somewhat different to NP. Forte has a very nice and long lasting, high quality citrus opening then a more subdued and less overtly floral neroli. Make no mistake though neroli is well and truly at the heart of this fragrance and coupled with bergamot, I can't think of a much more of a glorious, clean, sunmmmery combination. So I waited and waited and waited for the leather to appear, this just speaks to how good the quality is as it lasts well. Sure enough after several hours a very buttery, woody, leather smell was very close to my skin. I had feared that it might be another cuir canage (something I'm not a fan of) but the neroli has all but died away by then and the 'leather' is very much it's own entity.
I think if you're expecting a truly pungent or sweet leather then you'll be disappointed. However if you want a tweaked (for the better) formula of fresh Neroli portofino and something a little warmer then this is decent.
I don't know how much it is? Tom Ford price structure confuses me slightly but I think this one is more than NP? (I might be wrong)
I actually really enjoyed wearing it, more than the original so I can't call it really...I won't be buying but it's worth checking out for sure.

Basic rose, warmed & acidafide by mandarin. With a light note of woods at it's bace. I have thought about it and no word describes this perfume better than boring. It not bad, gross, cloying or offensive. It's just so simple and basic that there's nothing to take interest in. This would make a good scent for a young, feminine, passive, women. Working in an office. Maybe wear to a wedding, or a "I don't know what to wear so putting this on" backup.

Valentino Uomo Valentino by Gidimeister 2016-06-29

It is a wonderful fragrance, and certainly unisex. It opens very heavy with vanilla and cacao. It can be overbearing early on. But it mellow down nicely into something complex and interesting. It is not feminine, but it would work well with women.

I don't feel qualified to rate this. Vanilla, nutty and sweet is not really what I enjoy. My perfect fragrance would be closer to M7, Oud Noir, TF Leather. If that's your zone too, then you should stay away.

Only The Brave Diesel by Anast 2016-06-29

One of my best...i dont find it cheap..i love this fresh leather youth scent..girls and womens also loves it

Loewe 7 Anonimo Loewe by Houdini4 2016-06-29

This fragrance is absolutely superb. When I see notes in designer perfumes like Issey Nuit, BdC etc which are allegedly incense heavy... I just don't get it. Incense is a very broad term so I often forgive that but if ever a designer scent was to claim to be based in incense, it's Anonimo. Opening with pink pepper and spices, It's got the uplifting fresh edge of olibanum but with the smokey deeper tones of myrrh or labdanum. The main thing is the clove/cinnamon smell which runs through this whole creation and is more than a discrete nod to the original. I kinda struggle with the original 7, I have 7 Natural which I love but could never quite bring myself to embrace the original because of the heavy clove note. I can see a leathery base to this for sure perhaps with some vetiver but whatever is going on the drydown is very nice.
So all in all Anonimo is a decent, fairly well performing and not astronomically expensive incense fragrance that true fragrance fans will love. A really excellent flanker from Loewe, a house I really like...I'm going to this for sure.

Love all the Classique, will get it for sure !!!

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by Mr. Chris 2016-06-29

I just got Noir Extreme and I've been hearing this is very similar but has much better performance, I tend to wear more masculine fragrances but I like a good gourmand for dates and special occasions. New Haarlem is probably the closest thing to a feminine scent I've worn and probably don't want to go a whole lot more feminine than that so...

I need some ladies opinions, would a man be able to wear this?

Luscious Pink Mariah Carey by vattenmelon 2016-06-29

well this was boring. it smells like air,not really my type

Azzaro 9 Azzaro by Walking Unicorn 2016-06-29

EDP: Azzaro 9 is an interesting 3-phase perfume that begins with a very sharp, powdery, dried flowers, orange peel smell that's almost a little overwhelming. A half hour later a heavy indolic smell from tuberose comes out along with some hyacinth and lilies. There is further development a half hour after that as the perfume sweetens up with ylang-ylang, pineapple and basil. At this point it has mellowed out and become creamy as it blends into your skin for a most beautiful summer fragrance. I see why there is so much love for Azzaro 9. Super memorable and absolutely gorgeous!

Bad Diesel by jeremy fragrance 2016-06-29

Just released a Video on this Fragrance on my Youtube Channel "Jeremy Fragrance"

The Fragrance opens up like invictus, after 5-10 Minutes you get a slight Ch Men/Ch Men Prive vibe, sounds pretty interesting, it is interesting BUT the performance..disappointing.

Check my Youtube Channel "Jeremy Fragrance" for the Video

Classique Eau de Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier by mschnabel666 2016-06-29

On a typical Michigan summer day, I decided to wear this to work. It is a heavy, powdery, mature/feminine scent, but I TOTALLY AGREE THAT WARMTH/Summer brings this beauty alive!

I smell amazingly delicious!! I'm warm, and sunny... I feel feminine and pretty! Yes, it's strong, but I don't find it cloying. It's perfect!

I'm in this boozy yummy vanilla cloud with beautiful florals! I find the EDT a little more "mature" (old lady powder.... haha) but this one is a KEEPER! It's a little spicy, still powdery... but it all meshes together beautifully!

Watermelon Lemonade Bath and Body Works by relativelystoic 2016-06-29

Yes! This scent is so great. The watermelon note is pretty strong. It is fresh and sweet at the same time. This was a blind buy. Glad I got this. This reminded me of watermelon shake

The Library Collection Opus VI Amouage by Cauda Pavonis 2016-06-29

Holy cow, huge sillage! Almost citrus like aromatic note supported by a soft, cuddly amber. The amber isn't your typical vanilla-like amber but a soft, powdery sweetness that reminds me of Perfume Calligraphy Rose. The amber definitely takes a back seat to the tart herbaceous heart, though. It smells almost like an amped up cetalox, the fragrance molecule that created Juliette has a Gun's Not a Perfume (!) A grand, stately fragrance. If this is a library, it's an ancient library in the east, filled with the wisdom of the ancient world. Remains fairly linear although the amber fades - the cetalox-like green note stays strong, though. Not exaclty my style note-wise but meticulously and beautifully done. All the Amouage fragrances I've tried have a lush opulence and classic, timeless feel and this one is no exception. If you want to project wealth and taste, wear an Amouge.

Sweer Summer Kiss Bath and Body Works by relativelystoic 2016-06-29

Typical fruity floral with strong passion fruit note

Sunset by the Pool Bath and Body Works by relativelystoic 2016-06-29

I can smell a sweet, freshly washed apricot. It is a very safe scent. Not spectacular and a bit common.

Azzaro Now Women Azzaro by Joeri 2016-06-29

I gave this one to my 14-year old daughter and it is much, much better than I expected. It's green fruity on skin and suits her fine. Definitely worth the 10 euros I payed for it.

Gardenia & Fresh Rain Bath and Body Works by relativelystoic 2016-06-29

I love the combination of floral and fresh scent at same time. This reminded of soap, a freshly opened soap.

Tresor In Love Lancome by ladyarizel 2016-06-29

Too powdery. Cloying. Not too sweet but oddly nauseous. A lot of people might like it though. I thought it's a more "demure" scent but it's too fruity for me. Mature fruity, which, I don't like most of the time.

Wanted Azzaro by Rorshach1004 2016-06-29

Awesome bottle, looks really cool in the flesh, and I really wanted to like the scent just for that bottle...BUT.....(always wait for the BUT)...the scent is just a soapy invictus/one million clone that dries down to a damp woody musk. Gosh darn it. I need that bottle, it's just a pity that the scent it contains is so soapy blah. Gutted man, gutted.

First Instinct Abercrombie & Fitch by Rorshach1004 2016-06-29

Exciting opening, youthful drydown, gone completely after two hours. Try it on your skin before buying, leave it, and you'll see. I got a one million bublegum vibe and some green notes, and I was really enjoying it, but then it was gone. It's a shame, nice bottle, nice scent, but no longevity whatsoever.

Artemisia Penhaligon`s by paneradfisk 2016-06-29

A soft, powdery and delicate scent, slightly sweet, inoffensive yet not boring at all. Pale and translucent yet memorable, cozy and comforting. The violets are well desguised, and marry very well with the rest of the notes. Don't judge it from the nozzle or the first spray, the drydown is the magic. A lower priced alternative is the perfume oil Madam X by Alkemia, which has more violets, but the same soft powder and sweetness.

Heiress Paris Hilton by Fiury22 2016-06-29

Smells wonderful.. get so many compliments everytime i use it.. such a nice, fantastic perfume

CK One Calvin Klein by socorrosouza 2016-06-29

When CKOne was first launched, in 94/95 was no powerhouse, but had moderate to heavy projection for 4 to 5 hours and lasted for 7/8 hours. It was only when Coty bought CK that CKOne's longevity and sillage suffered a severe decline.

Tea Menthe Citron Laura Mercier by Vanian 2016-06-29

Ups, it seems my review above appeared as Guest one. Do not know how this has happened and do not know how to change it to be under my name. Anyway, hope it will be helpful for anybody who will read it.

Local company sent me L'homme ideal edp sample. This perfume smells so familiar. I remember some other scents like Guerlain Petite Robe Noire, Jesus del Pozo In Black, VC&A Midnight in Paris, BLV Man in black. I can feel soft creamy, leathery, sweet almond/cherry powder which is enough feminine to my nose. I think young pretty face boy can wear this too. It's sweet but not as Robe noire or MIP and very faint, I barely smell on my skin after 15 minutes, unfortunately a skin scent or less:( I like it, but non sense the minimal sillage and longevity, especially if we considering eau de perfume concentration...
Smell: 10/8
Uniqueness: 10/5
Sillage/longevity (at least on my skin): 10/3

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle Lacoste by LetsGo 2016-06-29

Wow!!! Men go crazy with this scent and I can not understand why! It is not bad, but to me it is a bit too syrupy, sticky and sweet. It reminds me of Angel the way I smell it on my best friend.
It is not a complex fragrance. I misses a dark sharp note. It is sexy, but in a cheap way. I expected much better longevity. The sillage is quite strong.

What a lovely mint tea in a sensual cup. At the moment where I am it is raining, it is windy and the sky is grey, however this fragrance makes me feel like I am wearing a nice, cosy, warm cardigan. And I am sure that, if it is hot and sunny I fill feel cool by applying it, like if I wear a finest pure silk dress. All in all very happy with the purchase, especially it was a blind buy.

L'Homme Panos Emporio by Pares 2016-06-29

Is this Fragrance EdT or Edp? Any clue?

Accento Sospiro Perfumes by roozbeh.rezaie 2016-06-29

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