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I found it on sale today and got it. It's a nice modern fragrance, I prefer it for spring or fall. I don't know if I would repurchase, I like it but I'm not loving it.

Strong Patch but very weird. So much smoke and incense. Finally settles down....then it's rather irresistible.

Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme is not for the feint of heart!

VCAPH definitely smells of Oakmoss, Leather, but overall I get an in your face soapy vibe. It is super loud and almost headache inducing at the top. It does settle down thankfully and I get 12+ hours and good projection for a long time. It is a beast.

No real compliments with VCAPH. It is a bit dated, and people have smelled it before. It is the kind of fragrance that ruled the 80's, when fragrances were uber masculine and unisex acquatics were non-existent.

Still smells good though!

8 of 10.

this is a great cheap smells...comfy and can smell the boozy chocolate, the amber and a hint of biscuits.i definitely recommend it if you can find it.the staying power is great on me and it's not too intoxicating if you happen to my opinion this is the perfect gourmand perfume.

I also received this as part of the Fragrantica giveaway.
To my nose, the initial lime and fir notes were a surprise, but not overwhelming at all.Then came the black current and pineapple and finally a drydown of musky rose.
Although this fragrance isn't one I would normally choose, I can appreciate that a more fruity/rose admirer would like this one.

Tsar Van Cleef & Arpels by fragcentral 2016-09-30

Van Cleef and Arpel's Tsar, an 80's Masterpiece! I used to rock this one when it first came out.

It is green and oakmoss. The reform is weaker, but still get 8+ hours and good projection for the first few hours. The old formulation was a beast, lasting all day and a huge projector.

It does smell like YSL's Jazz to me. Not too many compliments with this one nowadays, but used to get a lot when it first came out. Some say it is a bit dated, and I can see that. But still a great fragrance.

A great fragrance classic.

9.5 of 10.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by Calinare 2016-09-30

Too much leather + spice + smoke + patchouli in this warm climate. Washed it off immediately. Will work on extremely cold weather IMHO but way too mature for me. This is something a female head of a syndicate would wear.

Amber Elixir Night Oriflame by thexis 2016-09-30

on me this is very strong, smoky and's not something i wear all the time because of how intoxicating it is, but it's great during winter nights at a me it just smells...opulent

Curve Chill for Men Liz Claiborne by TonyAKAMrClean 2016-09-30

Has no one compared this to Silver Mountain Water yet? That scent is unisex, so I'd agree with the reviewer below me.

Every year, for about a week, some time in the fall when the weather shifts, I wear nothing but Curve Chill during the day. It's a weird ritual. While not my favorite Curve, I do think that this is probably the best blended Curve I've encountered. After all of my scent exploration these past few months, I finally realized it's similar to Creed's Silver Mountain Water, but not quite.

It's as if original Curve, CK One, and Silver Mountain Water were all combined, but with more of whatever aroma chemical it is they use to make that "cold" smell. It's actually decently strong and long lasting for being a Curve as well.

Today Tomorrow Always Gold Avon by thexis 2016-09-30

this used to be my favorite still would be if they hadn't discontinued it.i still have 3 empty bottles of this.very sad they don't make it anymore

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by AirHale 2016-09-30

This was my to go fragrance but for some reason I can't stand the citrus in this anymore. Smells way too citrusy on me but so gorgeous on others :( such a shame. Also I hate that is too common now. I work in a place where I deal with a lot of people, almost 2,500 people in a regular day, and I smell this around 50 times a day. I wish I bought a smaller bottle.

Clementine & Orange Blossom Avon by thexis 2016-09-30

i absolutely loved this many many years mom had a sample and i kept it in my pocked and smelled it all the time. i've been trying to find something that smells like this for 15 years now and i still haven't. avon, please pleaaase bring this back.

Magnifique Lancome by crisjimmartin 2016-09-30

I blind bought a second hand bottle after seeing reviews, I love rose parfums in general and the woody notes keep its sweetness at bay, the woody notes are for me as predominant as the rose. Silage and longetivity are ok but could be better. All with all a nice fragance, no regrets in my blind buy, it reminds me a bit too much to Tresor though.

Avon Sensuelle Avon by thexis 2016-09-30

i received this as a gift and used it twice before i gave it to my's not a bad perfume, but it's very flowery and that's just not my type of scent.but if you like flower scents this is a decent one and it lasts for about 8-10h, at least on my skin

Egoiste Chanel by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

One of the best of Chanel masculine.. sandalwood is Great...spicy.better for Winter..rose(drydown) sent is masculine //.cinnamon is fresh...i love it..when you wear it you recive many's a special .One of the best scents out there

Intimately Beckham is my secret weapon

Wow, what a fragrance. I bought it the first time around since it was on sale and thought the box looked pretty. Such a well thought out buy.. Yet it ended up being one of my all-time favourite scents. If they ever going to discontinue this, they'd better give a fair warning so I can stock up for the next decades. Beckham's fragrances are not your average celebrity fragrances, but for me this one is definitely the best so far. When I wear it, random people compliment me and also my friends that have an expensive taste ask me what I am wearing. I never answer that question, especially when it comes to this one. Intimately Beckham remains my little secret.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by Wizology 2016-09-30

I tested Terre d'Hermes in May 2016 but didn't review it then because I thought I would revisit as there were so many positive reviews but I didn't quite agree with them.

The reason I am reviewing it now, is because I just acquired a bottle of Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir and quite a bunch of people tend to think that the two fragrances smell alike.

My initial opinion of Terre d'Hermes is that I think they went overboard on the Benzoin. All I smell is antiseptic and a eucalyptus-like smell found in liniments. Perhaps a hint of Pelargonium.

I don't like it, and as for being identical or even similar to Bleu Noir - the two are poles apart.

I will be fair and add that when I tested it a second time on card, it was very nondescript on application, but it did seem to redeem itself a day later when I picked up nice soft earthy notes which was quite appealing.

Thallium Women Yves de Sistelle by SniffSniff83 2016-09-30

Just wanted to say, this perfume is the one I wear when I want to feel unstoppable. I turn into a diva and you can't tell me nothing! I love this one.

Gold Jay Z by mkpunk 2016-09-30

This is my revised review for Jay Z Gold (NOTE: There are similarities from my previous two entries but this is a longer more in depth review.)

Jay Z Gold is the first celebrity fragrance that I purchased (not in the Michael Jordan wheelhouse) mainly because of the deal I got for it. It was either $30USD for a 1oz/30ml or $18USD for the 1oz/30ml with the shower gel and aftershave as a gift set holdover from Father's Day. So, I purchased the gift set and it was marked down another half on top of the sticker. I smelt it first earlier that day and it smelt pretty good so I felt confident in my purchase. After wearing it, I REALLY thought I made a good buy on it and bought a 90ml for $30 on the Walmart app when they offered free shipping the week of Prime Day a few weeks after buying the gift set.

That said, it is a different fragrance than the typical drug store or celebrity fragrance. It is unique different with moderate to long lasting length of scent but with soft to moderate sillage. I hear that it is niche like, I cannot comment on that since I never tried niche fragrances but due to the length of smell and sillage (both of which I'll get into later) and the unique scent, I can see it. I also hear comparisons to Paco Rabanne 1 Million but I don't see it. Gold is a sweet fruity experience that is good for virtually any day, any time; rather than a cinna-bomb based spicy scent that is suitable for winter nights like 1 Million is.

As for the smell It is unique but kind of smells like a blueberry-heavy Axe Night (so this would be a good shampoo, body wash and deodorant to pair with.) I have actually heard from a few people that they think I use strawberry hand santitizer or just ate strawberries while wearing it early on. At about the three hour mark it goes towards the violet leaf note. After about eight/nine hours, you smell vanilla. Not in a strong gourmand-like way but more so in a light way which makes this scent so much better. It's one of those scents that the more you wear it, the more you grow love it.

As for length as I mentioned it lasts over nine hours. I've had several days in late summer/earl fall that I find it lasts over 12 hours, if even the vanilla basenote. Its sillage is pretty strong as the blueberry fades into the violet, it gives about 4/5 hours as a moderate sillage before becoming a skin scent.

My rating for this cologne is 9.5/10 as there is no real knock on it. At first I thought that the $30USD price-tag for 1oz/30ml in the brick and mortars is a little steep but the performance and unique smell gives it that edge that make it worth it. I honestly LOVE THIS SCENT. It is my signature scent so maybe I am biased but it performs amazing on me and one I'll wear almost any time of the year in most situations. Well until people complain about me smelling like blueberry muffins but not bringing any to work...

Acqua di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani by sweetsmellingmama 2016-09-30

If a man wears this, I try my best to stay away from him because he smells like every other man who wears this....really generic fragrance with no personality.

Dolce Vita Christian Dior by socorrosouza 2016-09-30

On me, the vintage (95) was all about cinnamon and the peach and it was a bit shrill, dry but not warm. It wasn't my favorite, far from it. Femme vintage(70s/ 80s) was so much better, really warm and exotic and spicy (though not in an Opium way), so feminine and sexy (men would swoon when mother used it), a much better perfume on my skin. Dolce vita was a day to day scent, but Femme...that was seduction on heels.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by sweetsmellingmama 2016-09-30

You can purchase this fragrance from Estee Lauder Palais Royal starting in October and get a free gift. I LOVE it! Yes, it is a BOLD statement piece and that's what it's all about for all those reviewers who just don't get it! It does remind me of my mother who sometimes wore it in between her other fragrances, it was not her staple but an addition.

It is a mature, bold, elegant and sophisticated fragrance. Worn by Gwyneth Paltrow on David Letterman and I remember so clearly when he asked her what it was and she replied "Youth Dew" and he REALLY liked it!

No, it is definitely NOT for everyone, only those with a more mature sense of smell and taste.

Prada Candy Kiss Prada by hellina2000 2016-09-30

I received a deluxe mini of this as a free bonus from Ulta recently and had literally no expectations. Mind blown - I adore this. I get a fresh, soft scent that is just perfection. Vanilla and orange blossom are two of my favorite notes and those come through the most for me (orange blossom is most prominent). Musk sometimes goes crazy with my body chemistry and smells way too gamey but here it just adds a subtle warmth. It's become my favorite fragrance to wear to work, and may be a strong contender for my signature. Will definitely buy a full bottle!

Ysatis Givenchy by miss moto 2016-09-30

To be fair, you can't compare a cheap reform with another cheap reform and then pass it off as the original. The true original of this beauty came in a box without any bar codes on it.

I got this yesterday and haven't used it as such. But I have tested Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir before and it was in instant hit for me. I think it is absolutely spectacular.

My review to follow but I would like to share a few sentiments in the mean time...

I tested Cartier Declaration two days ago by pure coincidence as it is a fragrance I would like to add to my collection (see my review), and I would just like to add that I don't think it smells anything like Bleu Noir.

And as for Terre d'Hermes - a fragrance that contains no cardamom and is supposed to be more citrusy - in actual fact smells like antiseptic and is so nondescript you can barely smell the citrus after a few minutes, let alone regard it as a replica for Bleu Noir.

Individuel Montblanc by KyleN 2016-09-30

I'm so glad I'm not the only person on the internet that thinks this smells like Joop! Homme Sport.

I would actually say it's more towards that than the original.
Obviously Mont Blanc Individuel was released before Homme Sport so Joop! are the copycats in this round.

Vetiver Geranium Creed by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

The best !!!! My all time favorite!!!!, I will let you all know. Very fresh..Great and refreshing scent. This is a very nice fragrance..d it REALLY gets A LOT of compliments from people.

Jardin d’Amalfi Creed by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

it's a good fragrance for summer...classified as a Citrus fragrance ..
It’s open with fruits,flowers ,mandarin, bergamot, lemon, pink peppe
Longevity is moderate to good
projection is pretty good
wonderful scent,unisex
great job creed
Scent: 8/10
Quality: 9/10

Red Moscow Krasnaya Moskva Novaya Zarya by velosipedistka 2016-09-30

You are not Russian and you don't know how the smell of Red Moscow? I will tell you. This perfume was invented by Henri Brocard. Brocard were making soap and perfumes. One night he woke the whole house shouting "Found it!". His wife was frightened and did not understand what was happening. Henri said that he had invented a scent that is sure to appeal to the Empress Maria Feodorovna. A week later, he gave the Empress a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The flowers were made of colored wax and look like real. Each flower in the bouquet exudes its natural flavor. A mixture of smells blended into a gorgeous scent. The Empress was asked to make a perfume and call it "Favorite bouquet of Empress". After this Brocard received the title of "Main supplier of the Imperial court".
After the revolution, in 1925, resumed production of these spirits, but was renamed "Red Moscow". In the USSR it was the most popular perfume, they smelt of almost all Soviet women. But then it became unfashionable and was forgotten. Now "Red Moscow" is again popular. Many people think that that's the scent of an old woman, but it's not. Close your eyes and imagine Empress, in a beautiful dress, an updo that goes through the posh corridors of the castle. Around expensive crystal and gold. How do you think it smells this great woman? It smells wonderful, flowers, face powder and luxury. It smells like "Red Moscow".
PS: Sorry for my English

APOM Pour Femme Maison Francis Kurkdjian by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

I think it is lovely
.It is wonderful and clean smell,
It is floral and much better than the other perfumes

APOM Pour Homme Maison Francis Kurkdjian by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

APOM Pour Homme by Kurkdjian is a floral masculine perfume. The mail accords are Orange Flower, Amber and Cedar. Those people who are interested in "Amouage Refection" would like this magnificent masterpiece. This lovely product is a 4 season perfume for daily usage with great longevity and projection.

Bentley for Men Intense Bentley by rmf1112 2016-09-30

An update- don't try to wear this in the heat unless you love vanilla/benzoin.

I don't care for that note so much. I kept trying this all summer, and it was so strong vanilla was all I could smell, and was a scrubber for me. Today, the high is only 65F, and I tried this again and it is amazing. Also, this stuff attaches to everything and has a way of getting stuck in your nose, literally, not figuratively. I have taken a whiff of this at times, and it is all I could smell for a while after, without even wearing it. Intense indeed.

My dumb ass assumed fragrances were intended for summer or winter, just based on the scent, not how the notes develop in the heat, or blend differently in the cold temps. I have learned my lesson, and am looking forward to revisiting many of my heavier frags in the cooler weather.

Erba Pura Sospiro Perfumes by Calvini 2016-09-30

*Disclaimer: I rarely like a fruity fragrance...
The fruit in here is not your typical berry stuff found in 80% of female commercial fragrances; it's a very natural & juicy (barely ripe) mango smoothy with a touch of passion fruit! I didn't know fragrances can smell THIS tasty (aside from chocolate)!

1725 Histoires de Parfums by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Finally I bought a bottle of this superb product. When I wear it, the first thing that impressed me a lot was a nice blend of Lavender and Vanilla that was mixed with a bit Spicy notes and I can smell a powdery sweetness scent that is really perfect. 1725 is a great perfume for Spring and Fall and It can be wear in Winter, but this is not for warm Summer at all. The scent is awesome, the projection is magnificent and the sillage is moderate. All in all It is a magnificent perfume which never disappoints its advocates!

Himalaya Creed by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Himalaya Creed is a great masculine perfume for all seasons. A fresh fragrance with the main accords of citrus,woody,musky. This magnificent perfume is a superb choice for daily routines. I wear it for several days and I have received a lot of good complements.
so clean and soapy scent.

Fancy Girl Jessica Simpson by Arshia16 2016-09-30

I've smelled this perfume on a girl at stein mart and her perfume was like following her (in a good way). Ever since then I've been on the hunt for this perfume. Im actually interested if anyone wants to swap this perfume with me for the Jessica Parker lovely one. I have a 3.4 oz with box. Spayed once and not my style.

Dolce Vita Christian Dior by shauna.parra 2016-09-30

Keeping this review short

It's a beautiful fruity floral, probably the best to come out of Dior in most recent times. This is reminiscent of such full bodied fruity florals as Casmir by Chopard and the new formula for Femme Rochas. It's a fruity cocktail in the summer time. I guess if it's mean to evoke Italy and the Dolce Vita it's an Italian couple having fruit cocktails in a resort in Capri, the south of Italy.

First spritz: grapefruit, bergamot, peach and apricot. Absolutely delicious. Love my fruit. The apricot and grapefruit are noticeable as the bigger players but frankly the fruit is well blended together like an actual fruit drink. The freshness and summery vibe is cheerful, happy. Wearing this perfume makes me smile and giggle more often, laugh more often and enjoy the hours of my day, even at work. Speaking of work, being a big Dior fragrance, don't wear this to work. It's too much for the co-workers.

On me the floral notes that stood out are white lilies (two notes of lily) rose, heliotrope and magnolia. The magnolia and lily smell a bit alike here. Definitely white floral, just the tiniest bit soapy and sweet/powdery but spiced up with the dry down of sandalwood and amber I think. There's also a really rich vanilla cream base.


I wore this to Italy last week for Milan Fashion Week and received many compliments. This is such a great fragrance. Highly recommended for fans of longer lasting grown up fruity florals. Dior is a line that exudes prestige, class, femininity and sweetness. It's awesome.

Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta by Gui76 2016-09-30

One of the most beautiful perfumes ever.
Sexy, soft leathery scent.
On my wish list!❤️

Decadence One Eight K Edition Marc Jacobs by AmoreProfumi 2016-09-30

EVERYTHING! should have been GOLD! black trim & gold tassel too, like a Midas effect.

01 Le Maroc Pour Elle Tauer Perfumes by framorena 2016-09-30

This one is the same (not similar, I mean THE SAME,even in colour and oily texture) of an arab musk oil I bought on e-bay for 6 euros.
I'm sad.

A sweet and summery citrus

Orange blossom is the big player here and citrus based notes of neroli. Fresh, delicious, not quite like a skin freshner though, because it does have a better projection and longevity despite being simple and a bit linear. The orange blossom reigns over little spices of ginger and a fruity pear. There's also vanilla and light woods.

All in all, an excellent fruit-flavored summer citrus fragrance, a pick-me-up scent, something to wear to the beach or to a pool. I love the neroli, the pear and the few florals in it. There's a jasmine that is sweet and freshened up, lightened up. The whole thing cries summer mornings, cool breezes and orange peels.

The dry down is a wood note. It has decent longevity and sillage. I think it might be a bit too standard-citrus in it's theme, but I like fragrances like that in the hot summer months. Here in Malibu California the weather is unbearably hot at 90-100s and it's already autumn! I love to wear this with bikinis and shorts. I think the name Turquoise does not aptly represent the scent. This is an orange colored fragrance. They coulve called it Armani Code Orange.

Love it

Silver Al-Rehab by Ignas39 2016-09-30

Bought this on the basis of all those great reviews online. I've got to say that I am very pleasently surprised. It's fresh, lemony and flowery. I can't compare to Creed SMW, because I've never tried it, but if it's any close then wow, just get this. The price is stupidly low, you'll definitely won't go bankrupt if you buy this. Highly recommended.

Red Giorgio Beverly Hills by UnearthlyApothecary 2016-09-30

This is a very nostalgic scent for me, I remember when my little sister broke my moms bottle all over the bathroom floor when we were kids. Needless to say the bathroom smelled wonderful forever afterwards lol I loved this scent so much as a young teenager I used to buy the perfum de couer knockoff body spray "a little sexy" I always thought to myself a little sexy? This is way sexier then a little! I am not sure I agree with the notes listed, because I hate aldehydes and I never smelled them in this. Also, if you go to the Giorgio website and look at the notes aldehydes aren't listed. If they were included in the composition at some point I am pretty sure they no longer are. It's been a long time since I smelled this and I am getting ready to purchase a vintage bottle on eBay and hoping that all the magic will still be there for me.

Rose des Vents Louis Vuitton by zoryana81 2016-09-30

I have to dissagree with the reviuwers that say its boring and not original. I personally like this perfume and find it very feminine and romantic. And on top of that this perfume gets lots of compliments from males.

Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes is a great aromatic,woody,citrus perfume with a lot of citrus
notes. It is a good perfume for spring and summer seasons with moderate projection and longevity for daily use.

Dior Homme Eau for Men Christian Dior by vincent.meloche 2016-09-30

Fresh scent. Long lasting at least on cloths.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by Arshia16 2016-09-30

I have a full bottle of this. Sprayed only once a 3.4oz if anyone wants to swap perfume with me please let me know. It's a bit strong and it's very long lasting. A spot on dupe for narissco rodriguez. Not my style of fragrance though.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by shauna.parra 2016-09-30


It's a fragrance tailor made for Sarah Jessica Parker fans Sex In The City fans and it seems to describe her as well. It's like a sweet, salty, citrusy, booze to wear with a cocktail dress at a bar or nightclub with your girlfriends. That's exactly what I used to do with this perfume.

The first spritz is citrus and martini so that it smells like actual orange flavored booze. Sweet but not too sweet. The rest of the time the scent develops into a spicier and more salty note like tasting the bottom of a liquor from a glass when it collects saltiness. It's spicy, a bit floral with orchid, and woodsy-musky at the dry down. The patchouli is noticeable but it's like a warm tobacco.

For whatever reason despite the pink packaging and the look of the bottle, this is totally a unisex fragrance and it can be rocked by guys as well. I don't know if the nose created this fragrance with both women and gay men in mind to wear it but it works. This is a fun party perfume, boozy, delicious, sexy, but subtle.

It's not a statement perfume and it's a bit of a skin freshner. It makes you feel good wearing it and it's not going to hit anyone's noses hard on the dance floor. This is not terribly intoxicating but it is addictive. True to whatever SJP's intention was you have to keep spritzing this on and refilling, wearing it over and over again like reaching for more martinis and cocktails because once you've finished up you want to freshen the drink and continue to drink.

A great perfume for wekeends, and nights with your girlfriends, parties, clubbing and bar hopping. Not romantic, mature but also catering to young 20's demographic. Such a sweet booze.

Bottom's up!

This is one of the most beautiful Vetiver base fragrance i have ever smelled.interesting fragrance.
It's woody,aromatic,green.
It's a good perfume for all seasons.
It's a good perfume for males.
I love the smell of Vetiver and it's the most prominent note in this fragrance.
it's all well balanced by the woody notes.
It really smells awesome.

Paul Smith Rose Paul Smith by dyaver 2016-09-30

I tried Paul Smith Rose, because I thought that maybe I was mistaken to discard perfumes with rose as a main note in the past. After all, rose is the queen of flowers, a symbol of love, femininity and elegance. Well... I wasn't. The fragrance is womanly indeed, and although I can detect some other notes that make it richer, it still reminds me of rose water. It will be a perfect fragrance for rose lovers - nice fresh rose.

Fragile Jean Paul Gaultier by shauna.parra 2016-09-30

One word: PRETTY!! This was a gift from a Fragrantica Friend. Thank you Gigi!

Fragile is a sweet lighter EDT version of Gaultier's Classique. I don't know if anyone else has made the connection but the notes are virtually identical to those of Classique and there are many similarities. Both fragrances are fruity-floral gourmands with lots of powder, vanilla and feminine sweetness. Both perfumes are quintessentially girly and very delicate boudoir perfumes for the girl that loves being a girl. Like Classique, Fragile is a fragrance that belongs on the dresser table of your bedroom. This is shaped like a snow globe with a beautiful doll/fashion model in black evening gown. I wish it was also a music box! This is one of the most beautiful bottles and packagings ever.

The first spritz is a tangerine and ginger, spicy but sweet. I thought I smelled peaches and citrus as well. The opening is fruitier than Classique I guess because of that pronounced tangerine and fresh citrus. The fruitiness lingers for a while before it settles softly into powdered floral notes: orange blossom, lots of roses, ylang ylang, iris, jasmine, and tuberose. It's a distinct tuberose but it's not a heavy tuberose and not mature. It's an edible sweet tuberose that has been sprinkled with cinnamon and ginger. There's also plenty of rich creamy vanilla that feels just like a vanilla frosted cake.

The dry down seems to be warmer and muskier with amber. The perfume is absolutely perfect and such a delight for fans of Gaultier. If you wear Classique without any problems, this is going to be so easy for you to wear. I would have to say that this fragrance is warm and spicy as a gourmand fragrance, so it is best worn in winter time when it's cold and you need a warm but gentle comfy scented scarf of perfume. This is a warm sugary vanilla with florals, powder, fruit and amber. I wear it to Christmas parties.

Beautiful and the best part is that although it has been discontinued it can still be purchased on ebay and other sites that sell it if you look for it. It's worth the price they sell it for. I love this fragrance and can't get enough.

VRAI Fragonard by irisjetaime 2016-09-30

Très très agréable en été.
Sur ma peau il ressemble à l'eau de toilette Fa des années 70. Aromatique. Hespéridé. Frais.

This is Her Zadig & Voltaire by FabulouslyLazy 2016-09-30

This is him/This is her - the commercial is everywhere these days and last week I was given a sample of both fragrances. Today I decided to try the female one without knowing the notes and therefore without knowing what to expect. Definitely not my cup of tea! I find it sickening to the point of feeling nauseated. The dominant notes are pink pepper, whipped cream and chestnut. Just a hint of jasmine and faint woodsy elements. I have no idea of what silkwood blossom smells like, but the result is extremely sweet and disturbing! Sillage potent, longevity medium! If you like Angel Muse perhaps you might like this one too.

P.S. I cannot associate it with "boho-rock with a dash of cool elegance"; it's not dark either.

Fresh Couture Moschino by auroramccandless 2016-09-30

Review For The 50 ML Eau de Toilette

Fresh Couture by Moschino is a fun fragrance!

I saw an ad for it and have followed Moschino's fashions during Milan Fashion Week enough to know that this label is all about experimentation, innovation and fun. There was a fashion show not too long ago with the models dressed like Barbie dolls in classic Barbie outfits. Other frags in this line come in bottles with the most unforgettable shape and designs. This one comes in the form of a Lysol or Windex bottle. The 50 ML is the exact same shape of a household cleaning product. I leave it in the bathroom on a shelf next to a real Lysol product!

This scent opens with a citrusy bergamot orange or mandarin orange and lemon that is a more fresh and fruity/perfumy version of the Lemon Breeze scented Lysol scent. It's a good citric juice as it opens, but because it's an EDT it's a mist and doesn't throw out too big a sillage and projection. So it's sweet and subtle citrus and nothing like the big spray that is an actual Lysol bottle. The orange scent is accompanied by raspberry and honeysuckle. A delicious fruity floral first spritz.

I can still feel the citrus on my nose even when the floral notes emerge. A soft peony flower is the principal note. If you've experienced other peony notes in perfumes, this is a soft powdery floral scent that is very lovely and easy to wear. An ylang-ylang is also there, but it is almost like a mimosa or orange blossom scent, it has a citrusy floral type of air. It's probably ylang but it has swum in the opening's citruses. The name of the fragrance Fresh Couture is accurate in describing the fruity freshness and citrus lemony freshness of this perfume. As such it's appropriate for summer because it's so cool and fresh and fruity.

I don't get what the ambroxan chemical note is and on me the dry down is soft woodsy notes, patchouli leaf and amber. If ambroxan is amber, this is not a bad amber. It's clean and soapy. This is such a well composed fragrance and deserves credit for being one of the most delightful modern citrus based perfumes in the fragrance industry. I am loving it.

Acqua di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani by doc blu 2016-09-30

What an amazing and uplifting, pleasant and enjoyable scent this is. Opens up with a very nice freshness that reminds of adg essenza but this one has a salty sea water note along with a smokiness that makes Profumo a little more mature and sophisticated than essenza. Bottle design is pretty good but I find essenza to have a classier design which made me get that. Being similar to essenza this does deserve a place in your collection and the reason being its versatility as it's definitely more mature and sophisticated and more masculine. The smoky citrus vibe might give this a barbershop feel initially . The floral notes along with the salty sea water and bergamot give you the feeling of being in a garden by the sea on a summer evening with the cool salty sea breeze bringing you freshness while you are having a cool lemonade surrounded by pleasant florals. If jean Claude Elena was the nose behind it, he would have named it un Jardin sur mer.
Can be worn in all seasons at all times of the day except during the winter as it's a soft scent that will get drowned and become unnoticeable among the heavy scents others would be wearing. How I found out about this was when I tried it out with other scents and did not like it much at first but on its own, it's a pretty decent scent.
Performance is good on this, I find this to be slightly better than essenza as 6 sprays of this on me kept projection to an arms length for about 2 hours

Signature Celine Dion by suzycurlyq 2016-09-30

I think this is good but not great. It just amps up on me as some Jasmine fragrances seem to do. The pretty top becomes a screeching bottom. Perhaps a nice layer of something in my stash will give this the needed help for me personally. This is for those who love sweet fragrances.

I must admit I did not expect much of this perfume, I was afraid it is quickly done with some old formula. At the same time I was very curious to test Life.

I was positively surprised!
Life reminds me a little bit of versatile and classy Today, but Life is a bit more woody and relaxed, more for the wondering woman in nature than the classy lady in the office, if I may simplify a bit.
There is some particular nuance in it that I love, that something that makes this special. I wish I could differentiate the notes better.

Kenzo made a beautiful, versatile fragrance, which is easy to wear. Smells like the outdoors on a beautiful day.
I'm going to buy the whole set.

Eau Noire Christian Dior by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Dior eau noire
Green,bitter and a little sharp opening.Almost confusing for a few seconds but quickly unfolds to an aromatic lavender and dark bitter leather.Then some sweetness arrives.Must be coffee beans or licorice and vanilla.
Dry down is a very balanced well mixed classy and rich perfume.
A must try..lasting and sillage are really nice.

Citrus and Wood Yardley by Forget Freeman 2016-09-30

Yardley's Citrus and Wood is a fantastic affordable scent and is (IMHO) a hidden gem.

Well blended, lasts 3-4 hours on me, and reacts well to heat, especially if you are out and about. I'd recommend it for transition periods of the year (Autumn and Spring).

Citrus and Wood gets compared (understandably) to Terre d Hermes. Although quite similar there are some distinctions.
Longevity on TdH is better but at 3 times the price that is to be expected. Citrus and Wood is a little more restrained, it also is more linear. The Orange note from TdH is substituted with Lime, but, to be honest, if I smelled either on someone else I would be hard pushed to tell the difference.

I got a boxset with 50ml Edt and 200ml Shower Gel for £16.95 (around $22 for friends across the Atlantic) and is an absolute steal for that price point.

As dubairob states in their review buying the toiletries line is a great way to compliment either Citrus and Wood or Terre d Hermes fragrances (the later's toiletries line is criminally overpriced in my opinion) so can save you some money.


The bottle of Mysteriosa is beautiful. The name suggests that you find something mysterious and intriguing inside that beautiful bottle. What you get instead is a rather simple gourmand scent - a milky mousse with blackberry and vanilla. It's not powdery to my nose. It's delicate, creamy and smells delicious, to the point that I want to eat it :)
Simple, but charming fragrance.

Blessed Baraka Initio Parfums Prives by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Blessed Baraka has got different accords. The main ones are amber, woody, balsamic and musk scent. Amber, sandalwood and musk are the main scents that I can smell. This magnificent perfume smells superb in Fall and Winter with a great longevity and projection.

La Nuit Tresor Lancome by Soofiya 2016-09-30

Call me crazy but lancome tresor la nuit's opening reminds me fantasy of britney spears,that sugerbomb+litchi tartness is almost identical to fantasy's opening,atleast on me,but they're totally different after some minutes
La nuit tresor is very sweet,even for me,and I believe it's one of the most interesting sweet never becomes boring as the notes dance together very artistically,initial blast is a litchi sugerbomb as mentioned before but as sweetness calms down a bit I can get other fruity notes mingling with st,powdered rose and's beautiful..opening and middle notes are bright,happy,clean,colorful and playful,a very sweet fruityfloral but as basenotes start to showup it becomes totally different,darker,more mature,not as clean as becomes sweeter than middle phase.but it's sweetness isn't sugary anymore,it's a buttery caramel/praline sweetness,incense adds smokeyness and patchouli provides woodsy/earthy quality of becomes sexy,dangerous and mysterious..after sometime it becomes softer and less smokey,now I can get vanilla and coffee.I think this stage reminds black opium for some people but in whole they're totally different fragrances as it's totally different with lancome la vie este belle's dark,bitterness adds an intresting edge to vanilla's sweet creamyness..unfortunately I can't detect any liquorice here which is one of my favorite notes,but I still love la nuit
This is exclusively a cold weather scent and recommendable for sweet scents lovers..Longevity is great,sillage is's great for clubbing and parties
I love it's bottle and it matches the juice inside it greatly

Cuir Cannage Christian Dior by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Dior make another masterpiece.Cuir Cannage is a 4 season perfume with leather and flural accords. In addition I can smell woody and a bit smoky scent too. The main ingredients that I recognized are Leather and Iris with a bit Jasmine odor. This perfume has great longevity and projection.

Divine Decadence Marc Jacobs by ismellsogood 2016-09-30

It smells nothing like the EDP decadence. I really don't like it. It has some type of weird fig like food smell. The design is not as beautiful as Decadence. Unimpressive.Trust me! But as it goes everyone will have a different reaction.

EIGHT & BOB EIGHT & BOB by milkyway 2016-09-30

Definitely a generic and unimpressive fresh woody smell. Very unexpected, considering the ingredients and the expectations they created for their fragrances. Will not be buying.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by Calvini 2016-09-30

At last, I finally got to sample (and incidentally purchased) it! It's pretty much what I had hoped--an even more sophisticated "grown-up" version of Dior Homme, deeper with a more sesual leather, and more importantly, loses some of that fresh transparency. This iris fragrance is practically niche! (I have 3 niche-iris samples at hand, will compare later**)
Before this I had tried the Parfum version, but it was dull to me; it has completely lost the charm of Dior Homme, and instead was austere (I think it was the lack of sweetness, and the heavy "rubbery" leather takes away some of the aromatic qualities).
I'm just glad this was the best of both worlds (I was surprised by its dark almost-smoky masculinity); most reviews here have scared me into thinking this is going to submerge me into a lipstick jungle...or a cougar lol.
Can't wait to see which batch will arrive... If it's 2011-12* I'm selling -.-

*It's said to be the odd bunch.. with iris overpowering other notes; while I'm equally worried about the post-2015 formula 08666/A, I probably wont feel as unlucky since I'd assume that's the one most people get in 2016.
For more info check out Raiders of the Lost Scent :)

Alba Profumum Roma by landshark321 2016-09-30

Profumum Alba isn't bad but is definitely more geared toward women, so it's simply not for me. A well-balanced powdery, woody, floral blend, Alba is decidedly lighter in terms of character but its decent performance gives it year-round potential. And with a hint of vanilla at the base to round things out, there's at least something to mitigate its powdery sharpness. Definitely just a miscalculation on my part to think I'd enjoy this one.

5 out of 10

Le Parfum Elie Saab by Soofiya 2016-09-30

It's heavenly gorgeous
I believe there's no need to talk about how pretty,elegant,sophisticated,feminine and high-quality elie saabs are,and this one is a must have for every woman can have hundreds of perfumes but nothing can replace this pretty,classy,womanly can hypnotize everyone
It's a combination of orange flower(which also smells like a hint if sweet orange),lots of honey,soft and sweet,and some Jasmine and rose..very well blended,beautifully balanced and one of the bests of Francis kurkdjian's masterpieces
Highly recommend to floral lovers.highly recommended to Armani code lovers.highly recommended to serge lutens fleur d'oranger lovers.and I believe highly recommended to all pretty and classy women's who want something very feminine,elegant,mature but also youthful
Longevity and sillage both are very good without being annoyingly too much.wearable in mild temperature..lighter than the intense version,heavier than edt
It's bottle is as elegant as the scent

Exactly a week ago, I was able to sample Gourmand Coquin again and I put a few drops on a tissue that I tucked into my handbag… Since then, that tissue has been a source of pure joy to me! I’m almost hesitant to sniff it too much as I don’t want to lose the fragrance before my special order full bottle arrives… I sampled this before in HGK and reviewed it here from my thoughts at the time. I can only assume that my tastes have changed – or maybe I had completely different expectations then – because my review wasn’t hugely positive and yet I can’t let this tatty tissue go now! I recall an overwhelming marshmallow scent from the sample before but then it seemed to become florally and rather unappealing. I’m wondering whether I’d contaminated the fragrance (or myself) with another sample at the time, or was I spritzed with something else… or was it that I was just totally besotted with the SDV on my other arm and Gourmand Coquin was overshadowed? Whatever the case, a week later and now my precious tissue is giving me wafts of milk chocolate with pretty rose undertones. It’s sweet but deliciously so and not overpowering in any way. Its delicate and dreamy and so very, very edible. I’m dying to get my hands on my full bottle and take up the perfumers suggestion of layering it with my precious SDV… it’s SOOOO nice to have something to look forward to again!

Her Golden Secret Antonio Banderas by zairra9 2016-09-30

This is one of my favorite, sweet and luxurious.

This is obviously a scent that u either hate or love. I loooove it. It is so unique and deep that i cant stop sniffing my hand.

This frangrance is not your typical Eau de toilette scent. To me it leans toward a clean kitchen or a scent of a nice herbal meal (maybe because of the rosemary note).

Very natural smell but weird to wear. I wear it at home and enjoy it alone because i doubt people will get its smell.

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Neroli Portofino by Tome Ford is a masterpiece product of this recognized company. This great perfume have got a Citrus and White Floral scent with a bit sweetness. I also can smell something spicy in the middle note. Orange Flower scent is dominant and then I suppose I can smell Orange, Bergamot and a bit Lemon scents too. The longevity and projection are great and It can be wear in Summer and Spring for daily usage. With no doubt It is a marvellous perfume for people who are choosy

Fève Délicieuse Christian Dior by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

This perfume is really something. I have tried it for some days and I found it amazing. It is superb product.

Iris Poudre Frederic Malle by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Iris poudre
Sensual powdery floral with undertone sweet fruity
Feelings.Delicate and feminine.
Its warmth would surprise you as feels more like a newly sun-dried tropical friutes
I can imagine yaung girls and chic ladies wearing it.

DNA Bijan by Soofiya 2016-09-30

This smells lovely,actually one of most gorgeous 90s scents my nose had the pleasure to try and I'm very sad to see how much underrated it is,there are some classics that are very famous but are totally unwearable,they don't even smell good and they just receive some great reviews because of their great names
Aromatic,woodsy,green,herbal scents are not my thing but I still enjoy smells really bad when I smell the bottle but on skin,as it unfolds it's notes and becomes warmer,it shows it's magic
Opening is fresh and green.definitely not my favorite but florals kick in and it becomes pretty.this isn't a floral fragrance and I can't pickup florals specifically,they're creamy/oily,a tad spicy,warm and golden.I can only get ylangylang and geranium as separate part of bijan dna is it's base.It's a lovely combination of myrrh,balmy woods,spices,amber,creamy vanilla/benzoin and a hint of soft florals and green's delicious and charming,unique and strong,warm,golden and enveloping
If you love myrrh,spicy sweet amber and balmy woods give it a try but be aware about bottles that may have gone bad because I've seen lots of them.they were sharp,smelled bad and had almost no lasting honey-colored dna lasts more than 8 hours on my skin and has an almost huge sillage
Also make sure to use it in chilly weather,it becomes too much sticky sweet and spicy in heat
I only have a 0.16 oz mini bottle of it which was a gift from a dear friend and it's enough for me right now but if I see a bottle which is still ok with a good price,I'll buy it to be able to enjoy this sweet balmy myrrh heaven more often
I like lots of 90s and even older perfumes but I like to use them for my own pleasure and use them when I'm at home so I prefer mini bottles of them,this is one of rare ones that I would appreciate owning a bigger bottle of it
Ps:it has also unique bottle and packaging

London Oud Fragrance Du Bois by arnefag 2016-09-30

A quite unusual scent in the sense that it brings together notes that are not often combined. The oud has taken a back seat and left center stage for lavender, spearmint and lemon, then gradually cardamom and nutmeg appear. But what really makes this beautiful scent is the aquatic note (calone)! This feels like a fresh wave from the great oceans.

The scent is created as a journey through the different phases of a busy day in the British capitol, from the fresh morning dew in the city's green parks, through the spicy, international atmosphere, going on to remind us of a nation known for its naval contact with the rest of the world.

Lasts forever on the skin, I can easily see myself wearing this in formal setting during the summer season, as well as clinging to the memory of a summer that has passed...

High end perfumery, top notch quality, very sophisticated.

Ambre Sultan Serge Lutens by SavageScent 2016-09-30

I rarely buy blind, but the reviews of this made me curious...and hells bells it's gobsmackingly gorgeous. Warm, complex and grown-up; echoes of incense, spices, gardens on warm summer nights. I think this might be the beginning of a Serge Lutens obsession...

Trefle Pur Atelier Cologne by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

This is one of the most beautiful Bitter Orange base fragrance i have ever smelled.
It's a fantastic
one of my most complimented fragrances when I wear it.

Aqua Vitae Forte Maison Francis Kurkdjian by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

What a beautiful mixture of citrus,flowers and woodsy notes.
Opens up with a somewhat bitter soure and fresh spicy citrus.Within five minutes sweet bright ylang comes in and takes this blend to a whole new level.
Woodsy notes are dancing along with mildly sweetened citrus and freshly cut pepper grains.
Marvelous is the word suited well this perfume.
Great presentation.

Costarela Carner Barcelona by usas 2016-09-30

The ambroxan ruins it for me!

Costarella opens quite promising. Fruity, citrussy, beachy, salty and sandy. I actually thought I discovered a new winner.
However after a short while the ambroxan predominates. It's the tabacco-pipe type, very dominant, heavy and nagging. doesn't fit the "airy/beachy" image that Carner Barcelona is marketing this fragrance with.

Too bad!


This is all about dominant tonka bean with little spicy notes and some citrus. Nothing worth to say, a nice common classical mens scent. I've smelt it before so it's not for me.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Christian Dior by Christina Ivy 2016-09-30

Very similar to 'Poison Girl', another headache inducer. Overly sweet, sharp. So far the worst of 'Miss Dior' collection. I'm not a big fan of the 'Miss Dior' collection, but I really like Miss Dior Le Parfum and Miss Dior Cherie L`Eau (discontinued), which are way better creations than this 'Absolutely Blooming' and 'Poison Girl'

I believe Miss Dior Le Parfum is the best version of 'Miss Dior' on the market at the moment. Although I didn't like when it first came out, I guess I was too young (23) back then. It is indeed a unique breed in the 'Miss Dior' family. The rest are way too generic, or you can say, boring. Miss Dior Le Parfum is very suitable to wear during the cold season and night time, but way too strong for hot climate like Queensland. If I ever move to a colder area, I'll definitely consider it.

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by annetadp 2016-09-30

Never thought I'd like cherry and liquorice but this one changed that opinion. I'm not that good at describing smells, but smelling this makes me think of woman dressed in pink frills wearing a black daring teddy underwear. Like, this smells works when you plan on going all sweat and sugary, also when you're going saucy.
This is becoming one of my fav smell right beside JPG Classique Edp (my signature smell).

Royal Princess Oud Creed by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Some one here mentioned its Aventus's sister; I agree.Smaller nicer more delicate and less loud sister.
This is also smoky,woody,classy and year round.Even less sweet.
A lovely sister any brother wishes.
Great lasting.

Since I hate patchouli and also raspberry isn't my favorite fruity note,la petit couture doesn't seem to be my thing,but the truth is,I like it very much
After owning la petit fraiche and edt,I became intrested in this one and it never disappointed,among edp,edt and fraiche,I can see more similarities between couture and edt,cherry/raspberry and a green vibe is common between them but couture is sweeter,a tad warmer,less clean and fresh and more charming..I can't say which is my favorite,I like them all,each if them in it's special occasion and mood
Guerlain la petit couture opens with a fresh,tart,juicy fruit note,combination of raspberry and a hint of bergamot as notes suggest,but my nose can tell there's also cherry..yeah I believe star of this fragrance is raspberry+cherry..I don't have much raspberry scents..there's lancome midnight rose,Givenchy hot couture edp,guerlain my insolence and this one..among these four famous raspberry scents,Guerlain la petit couture is my favorite,still not a passionate love for me,but I like it so much
As rose blooms,fruity notes become sweeter and less's sweetness isn't sugary and doesn't lead to a raspberry jam,there's still a fresh,tart undertone beneath other warmer and sweeter notes
Base notes are completely woody,patchouli doesn't add masculinity to scent as it usually tends to do so,it's almost green's not as clean as edt and fraiche but still it's not dirty..woodsy notes aren't as earthy as usual here,they're soft and blend nicely with raspberry,cherry,rose combo providing a warm and strong base for these sparkly notes
For me la petit couture is exclusively a fall scent but all in all it's wearable in mild temp,day or night
Longevity is good on me,not as good as edp but still more than moderate,sillage is other raspberry scents it tends to receive more nice compliments from men
This is something in between the range of casual and elegant so it's wearable in friendly parties,nights out and other freindly/not too formal occasions

Vetiver Extraordinaire Frederic Malle by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Vetiver-Extraordinaire is a masculine perfume. it's better on men.
Top notes are bergamot and bitter's a little spicy in the has herbal(green)quality with fresh top notes..
it smells really good quality Vetiver.
In my opinion it's all well balanced by the woody,aromatic notes.
longevity is about 8 hours on me.
it's warm and really extraordinaire.
The best vertiver fragrance!

Drakkar Noir Guy Laroche by renzo 2016-09-30

to Endymion, a bit late, but incase you didn't it by yourself already ;-)

following our request to quality services for your application on a formula change your perfume DRAKKAR NOIR, here the answer is given you:

Our fragrances are regularly subject to reformulations, some ingredients being replaced
by others to be perfectly in keeping with the evolution of EU law. all
reformulation is made in respect of the original perfume, but this does not exclude that some
people, accustomed for years to the same perfume can hear the difference.

Nude Bouquet Zara by lulu169 2016-09-30

well, this is most definitely NOT a dupe of Blooming Bouquet by Dior - dont let the name and the bottle fool you! this is much sweeter, soapier, no rose, no peony, no patch - this is very similar to Emozione by Ferragamo with the vanilary sweet heliotrope and honeysucle and citrus. not as good and complex as the original, though

Roberto Cavalli Man Roberto Cavalli by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

It is a flowery, fresh Spicy and Citrus perfume with a bit aromatic and woody scent. The main accords are Lavender, Bergamot and Ginger. This lovely perfume has a great longevity and good sillage. This is a masculine perfume for daily activities in Summer and Spring.

Royal Mayfair Creed by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Starts a little sharp,green and herbal.
Aromatic lavender rulles and other componants obey dancing.Gradually lavender gets calm and sweet smoky herbal accords start to play and keep it to the end.
A chic perfume and more on the masculine side.
Very long lasting.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by California 00 2016-09-30

Almond + baby powder + dash of mint = Midnight in Paris.

Blind purchase. Not a masculine scent. I'm not getting the leather or citrus notes at all. Maybe I purchased a knock off from Amazon, I don't know. I will try the department store version in the coming days.

Not a bad smell. I just think if I used light baby powder and a tea tree oil shampoo or body wash I could achieve a similar scent. I will ask my female friends what they think, and check out the dept store version then report back.

Doesn't smell cheap or alcoholy, just very powdery and girly. Not my cup of tea and I don't mind a soft scent like YSL's L'homme. But this one is bit more on the female side. Maybe it'll grow on me. Not offensive but I'm also not smelling what all the rave is about. POWDERY.

3/5 stars

Green Tea Jasmine Elizabeth Arden by linnea0101 2016-09-30

If you like jasmine flower fragrance, you will like this too! The jasmine scent is very natural and quite sharp. Orange blossoms is also noticeable. This edt is not as sweet and peachy as Green Tea Honeysuckle so I wouldn't compare it with that fragrance. But this is also overall uplifting, refreshing and light.

Trayee Neela Vermeire Creations by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Fantastic is absolutely gorgeous perfume.This fragrance opened with a surprisingly clear Ginger.Took a little time to appreciate the opening Cardamom note but can't get enough of it is a very well blended aromatic fresh spicy fragrance.For me,this fragrance is smooth and sexy. Actually, I want to smell it all day and night.I Love it.

Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

If you are looking for smelling like a juicy orange, I recommend buying this masterpiece!!!
The name ORANGE really suits "Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne". When I wear it this first scent that I smelled was orange, one hour later orange, 2 hours later again orange, several hours later orange, orange and orange, lovely, fresh, clean and beautiful orange in a beautiful and professional bottle!!!. This orange has got great longevity and good projection. It is a good perfume for Summer and Spring for daily usage. Thumbs up Atelier Cologne !

Stash SJP Sarah Jessica Parker by JacquieDS 2016-09-30

So not for me!!!

Sacred Wood By Kilian by MimiJoy 2016-09-30

Maybe it's because of my skin but Sacred Wood on me lasts looooooong time (at least 10-12 hours!) and has quite a heavy sillage.
It has this crispy sandalwood note when first sprayed and then after 30' or so the sandalwood rests on a comfy bed of milk which rounds beautifully the opening edges.
It's quite linear and does not develop much along the day. I'd say Sacred Wood is really a play it safe sandalwood fragrance and probably that's just its beauty. Simple, reliable, true to its couple of notes.
I get compliments by women when wearing this, men simply ask me what i am wearing and take note for themselves.
As per all By Kilian perfumes the packaging is stunning and pure luxury.

Not a signature fragrance but a very reassuring one. Just spray it and let it do its sacred blessing.

Imperial Boadicea the Victorious by dmetzger 2016-09-30

I get a lot of leather (a real soft upholstery leather), geranium, sandalwood, lavender and what to my nose smells like cattails in shallow water. This isn't a "warm" fragrance but does have a slight resinous floral vibe that reminds me of Creed's Royal Oud. It's not skanky or offensive. If anythig it comes off very "new England" proper and dressy and authoritative.

For me, this smells like my summers on Chincoteauge Island. To a "T".

Very wearable and sophisticated. In Southern California, the right hoodie and jeans can be "dressed up" and so I will usually stick to that, but it is certainly a more formal scent. Not so stiff you cant wear it out as an *amazing* date night fragrance though.

Think YSL M7 (reformulated) mixed with some Creed Royal Oud, and layered with Creed's Original Santal and you're in the right ballpark. Beautiful juice.

Scent: 10/10 seriously. Two different wears with a tester and it was full bottle time.

Longevity: 10/10 monster longevity, I've been wearing today's spray for 11 hours in the heat and humidity and I can still clearly smell it on my arm.

Projection: 6/10 for the first hour or so, then pulls in closer to the body (about a 4/10) for the next few hours, then becomes a close range-point blank scent afterwards for the rest of it's life.

Sillage: 8/10 for the first 45min-1.5 hours. 5/10 afterwards till the two-three hour mark, then nothing. Shame really but the rest makes up for it in my book. My skin eats fragrance so you may have better results.

Would I buy another bottle?: No question. No hesitation. Yes!

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by dyaver 2016-09-30

Such a lovely, bright, gentle and feminine fragrance. Really nice composition of white flowers with dominant jasmine and comforting patchouli-musky base. It's a pretty, floral scent that would please many. Safe for a blind buy, perfect for a gift.

Eau Sauvage Cologne Christian Dior by daynierds 2016-09-30

When you try this fragrance you can see the CLEAR difference between the many average houses/ citrus fragrances and the really deal....DIOR almost never let us down..this is a high class, sophisticated citrus fragrance...I may even like it better than Dior cologne, great for the hotter months...
overall a nice 8 out of 10

Untold Elizabeth Arden by labellavienna 2016-09-30

Today I received this gorgeous crystalline bottle of Untold by Elizabeth Arden. It was not love at first sniff, the pear and gardenia was overwhelming. I am extremely prejudiced of sugary fragrances, and the first layer of Untold reminded me heavily of Prada Candy. A fragrance so sweet that I imagined myself swimming in a sea of hot caramel and honey syrup; I am still recovering from that traumatic experience by the way lol.

However Untold had an unexpected surprise for me, after fifteen minutes the amber and patchouli mysteriously appeared and I went from being completely repelled to absolutely in love. The dry down transformed into something delicate and creamy…like a soft vanilla spice. I think pink pepper really complimented the patchouli in this fragrance; combined it gave the floral notes a much deserved lift that made it remarkably feminine and sensual.

Overall I feel Untold would be great for the office woman, or as a nightly routine. It is inoffensively gentle and not incessantly commanding like most fragrances in this category. I love that it isn’t aggressively sexy, vying instead to leave things to the imagination, very classy indeed.

Lovely. Simply and utterly lovely. Fresh and musky. Simple but just enough. Peony and rose are the stars, with a lovely hint of apricot opening. Decent longevity but subtle sillage.

I Am Juicy Couture Juicy Couture by emmahlou 2016-09-30

The first burst is disgusting. The synthetic raspberry is quite awful and produces quite bitter and foul like. Picture a rotting raspberry that was made in a lab to begin with. Which turned me off because I was DYING to try this.

But, it turns around. The heart of IAJC is lovely. Soft sweet pea, gardenia and a hint of a powder like rose. Turns very warm and amber-y.

Overall, it's a nice scent. Nice longevity and decent sillage. Safe blind buy for sure, and I will probably purchase. But, if you don't like raspberry to begin with stay away.

In New York Van Cleef & Arpels by Wizology 2016-09-30

I tested In New York a few days ago and I liked it. Then I got a sample which I'm wearing today and I must say that I am suitably impressed.

I love the Italian Lemon as it opens, and the Mandarin Orange tends to linger a little longer. Followed by the Sea Notes and the Amber, I get a little bit of floral which I assume to be the Lavender. And later I get hints of Tonka and Musk.

It reminds me a bit of the new Invictus Aqua but a lot more well-rounded and not as sweet.

And in my opinion, I think it's the remaining notes which I can't individually discern that gives In New York that added depth and balance. The Sage seems to play an integral part in bringing together the other components.

Sillage : 7/10
Longevity : 8/10
Overall : 8/10

Albeit that I might be a little biased as Tsar was my first fragrance I ever bought and loved, this one is definitely going on my WANT shelf.

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by emmahlou 2016-09-30

Tried this today on a whim, I was expecting syrupy sweetness that everyone falls for. I was pleasantly surpised to know it didn't unfold on my skin that way at all.

I honestly cannot remember the first bursts, but about 10-15 after spraying it was a gorgeous jasmine and honeysuckle. Hints of berries, orange and caramel are there but I mainly get florals from this, which made me very happy. No starchy, waxy or fresh florals. Just simple sweet ones. Which is sometimes all you need and want. I quite enjoyed the simplicity of it.

It's now on my wish list, impressive perfume! There's a reason why there's so much hype and love for it.

PG23 Drama Nuui Parfumerie Generale by shushkin 2016-09-30

Ive tried loads of jasmine fragrances and I havent been able to find the right one until now. This retains whats fab about jasmine and manages to conceal the indolic or animalic aspect. Clearly some spice and artemesia are what is needed. Artemesia is a dry almost astringent note which I actually like but I cant actually pick it out here. I do though detect a touch of spice. The sillage is good but sadly the longevity only moderate. I know I do like good longevity but I am willing to go fb on this cos its just too good. If you always thought that jasmine was not for you then do give this a sniff.

Original Santal Creed by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

Original Santal by Creed is an Aromatic perfume with Woody and Spicy notes. The main notes are Cinnamon and Sandalwood. It bis a good perfume for Fall and Winter with good Longevity and projection.

Allure Pour Homme Chanel by amirali0072000 2016-09-30

If you are looking for a great perfume for all seasons and any occasion with no doubt it is the one you won't regret buying it! Allure Pour Homme is really a masterpiece by Chanel which has caught a lot of compliments. It is a Citrus perfume with a bit Spicy, Woody and Sweet scents. The main note that I can smell is Lemon. The Longevity and Projection are magnificent. It is a superb perfume for people over 30.

Debut by Night Etienne Aigner by bisheh 2016-09-30

when i sprayed it on my skin i feel smell of poor synthetic citrusy notes. also feel a little pear scent. after 2-3 minutes orange blossom and patchouli show themselves. unfortunately still i feel these notes are very synthetic.
after 10-15 minutes the smell is more tolerable. however patchouli and orange blossom bother me in this frag. now after 20 minutes the fragrance come to a sweet fruity one. generally debut by night is not bad perfume and can be wear in fall. be careful patchouli might bother you!!
this is a personal opinion. try test and make a decision on you personal opinion. Good Luck
بشخصه با کیفیت این کار نتونستم ارتباط برقرار کنم هرچند اگنر کارای با کیفیتی دیدم ازش. بعضی کارا با اینکه قیمت بالایی ندارند ولی کیفیت مناسبی دارند و میشه به عنوان یه کار روزانه ازشون بهره برد. این کار یکم سنتتیک و مصنوعی بودنش رو بینی من تشخیص داد. هرچند کاملا سلیقه ای هست و هرکسی ممکنه نظر شخصی خودشو داشته باشه .
سمپل اورجینال این کار موجوده.

White Linen Estée Lauder by Rosabee 2016-09-30

Love it but don't like the drydown, particularly on my clothes. So it's a no for me I'm afraid!

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by Satyajeet73 2016-09-30

Wow now this one is a really hyped fragrance. It's an okay frag ... In my humble opinion the original Versace Man is a far better fragrance but doesn't get much love from the fragrance community.... The carambola note in the eau fraish is something unique but it's such a weak scent. Can't recommend.

Missoni Eau de Toilette Missoni by Rosabee 2016-09-30

The bottle is the best thing about this perfume!

Fuoco Infernale Linari by mohsen95 2016-09-30


Dia pour Femme Amouage by thachaya 2016-09-30

My signature searching has ended! Finally I got my very loved and so Me perfume.Where have you been? I'm so overwhelmed with this new love right now and will be forever.This is a classic like Chanel no5 but better and less popular.Very uplifting,breath-taken and joy in the same time.The lasting power is forever plus the sillage is heavy but not the loudest.Thats what I have been waiting for! Ohh,Im very falling in love!

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum Chanel by jpgaud61 2016-09-30

I have an on/off/on again affair with Bleu de Chanel EDP. I wear it for a short period, then I'll go months without it. Then I'll catch a whiff of it on someone, like how it smells, and go back to wearing it again.

I thoroughly enjoy the cheerful, invigorating, Grapefruit, Mint, and Ginger opening notes. If I had to describe Bleu de Chanel EDP in one word it would be "classy". The dry down lasts nearly 8 hours on my skin, segueing from the citrus/Mint opening, through a peppery, incense, Nutmeg and Vetiver phase, then finishing with woods, Amber, & Patchouli to my nose.

The formulation of this Eau de Parfum is well blended and the scent well homogenized. It's very difficult to single out individual notes through the dry down. Still, Bleu de Chanel's note composition blends into an exquisite symphony of masculine elegance.

Bleu de Chanel's scent isn't uniquely original, but still has its own distinct personality. Bleu EDP smells classy and elegant. Bleu EDP reminds me somewhat of Dior's Eau Sauvage EDP. I find this scent versatile for casual and formal wear year round. I don't mind the wide circulation and exposure of this fragrance. Bleu de Chanel EDP is a winner for me.

Shalimar Guerlain by Starlett_Sexton 2016-09-30

This is a lovely scent on the right skin and the right women, yet the lemon is to intense for my taste and I get a very gourmand type of "Vanilla" from this and I don't like gourmand type of Vanilla, but I have given this a try like 30 times hoping that I will love it one day I do have a 3.4 ounce EDP that I hold dear to my heart my mother who passed away last year at age 90 and it was a gift from her she has worn it forever and I could never through away such beautiful memories it would be like throwing away apart of me. I miss ya mom I loved this on you I just wish it smelled the same as it did on you. Starlett Jade!

Hugo Hugo Boss by Esmeralda1 2016-09-30

I Love this! Its very masculine, long lasting, great projection as well. You get a LOT for the money.. Will make the man very attractive.. I think this now is My favourite for My husband to wear!

Coco Mademoiselle Parfum Chanel by Vanian 2016-09-30

Actually I didn't have any intentions to write a review at all. However, I changed my mind after I read the last couple of reviews. The same like some of you, I bought my first bottle of CM a few months after it was released in 2001 and it was EDP as there was no EDT, or pure perfume at that time (can't believe 15 years has gone since than). The same like most of you I made it my signature and there was not a single friend who didn't ask me what my perfume was. Of course it was understandable that a few years later, by 2003 you could have smelt it from almost every corner in my city. Irritable it was for a person like me, I think you all can understand what I am talking about. So, like some of you I stopped wearing it at all. In the last autumn, something, or more likely some memories made me to buy it again (this time the pure perfume, as I think the last reformulations haven't made a good favour to the EDP, but this could be just me, of course) and decided just to keep it as a souvenir for the future when all the fuss about it will calm down and I will be able to enjoy it like I was enjoying it at the very beginning. As you all know it is still very popular. However, got back home and of course was not able not to open it right away. Applied it! And then what has happened was, that I felt so stupid to ignore that heavenly beautiful fragrance just because of its huge popularity. A fragrance is made to please the wearer, isn't? And isn't it beautiful that there are so many people around The Globe who also share your feelings about one and the same fragrance. If, it makes you happy and uplifts your emotions, feelings, etc., please do not stop yourself by wearing it, just because it is so, so popular, and so many people wearing it at one and the same time. Please, do not make my mistake of not wearing it for so long, as you might regret it after all. We are all unique people, no matter whether we are wearing the same fragrance, or not. Because, this is our Coco Mademoiselle and she is unique, and beautiful, too, just for us, to make us beautiful, just like she is. How lovely isn't it? I am back in the 'CM club' again, after so many years! Happy? Yes, for sure!
p.s. And next time when you meet someone who is wearing CM, just give him a nice, warm, understanding, friendly smile. 'Just from all of us'. Be happy!

Oud & Bergamot Jo Malone by BABYBEAR1910 2016-09-29

R2,040.00 WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Alaïa Alaia Paris by BABYBEAR1910 2016-09-29




Poison Girl Christian Dior by Von Freckle 2016-09-29

A late to the party, generic capture of the smell-of-the-moment. Uninspired

TL Pour Lui Ted Lapidus by DharmaBum 2016-09-29

ledlight: It does not..different on many levels

A*Men Thierry Mugler by Loewengel 2016-09-29

To those who claim this extraordinary elixir has been reformulated, I say no emphaticalley. I have both bottle versions: the metal one, that I bought in 2001; last year, I ran into the dark rubber flask and had to have it. Of course the fragrance in the metal container, which I still keep and never get rid of it, smells a bit stronger than the new one because it's been sitting there for 15 years and aged, but a few seconds later, the fragrance is the same as the one in the rubber bottle. I've sprayed each on my wrists, compared them and the smell is identical. Even my friends can tell a difference at all. 20 years ago, when this beast was unleashed for the first time, it would cause havoc among perfume lovers with love/hate reactions. Now, when I show it to friends who are in their early or mid 20s, they just love it and find it awesome because they say they'd never smelled something like this in their time: nowadays.

Sables Annick Goutal by amnalenajasmine 2016-09-29

My mother used to dry immortelle flowers in the attic. They smelled all herbal and sunny, bringing a touch of summer even in the middle of winter. Lately I have been on a nostalgic hunt for a good immortelle fragrance, and one of the suggestions I got was Sables by Annick Goutal.

This turned out to be one of those fragrances that immediately conjures up an image in my head: Full sunshine, immortelle flowers growing in dry soil - almost sand dunes - next to the sea. It is reminiscent of Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain, not in its notes but in the very similar quality of dryness. The immortelle really stands out as the lead actor, with cinnamon in the most prominent supporting role on my skin. Possibly it is what some describe as the caramel or syrup note in immortelle that leaves me with the impression of sea, since there is a certain saltiness to caramel.

My sample has a sillage of at least arm's length and very good longevity. After over ten hours it is still distinctly discernable on my skin, a mellow mix of dry herbs and cinnamon. Unfortunately I don't know which formulation the sample comes from: According to some, the current version has longevity issues.

Is it a "masculine" or a "feminine" fragrance? I think this is just as gender specific as the sand, the wind and the sea.

Vetiver Guerlain by nandor70 2016-09-29

new glass after one hour there is no projection.

Katy Perry`s Mad Love Katy Perry by ginaestheradams 2016-09-29

From a paper strip this smells EXACTLY like vanilla Wunderbaum car air freshener.

Hello childhood memories of Sunday trips!

Fire & Ice Revlon by kapted 2016-09-29

The interesting thing about Fire & Ice is that it is exactly the same as the original. I've owned the first batch that came to Australia and the current one. No difference at all! What you get now is the same kick in the nostrils I got when I was 21.

It is a confident woman's scent; in the same vein as Chloe Narcisse and Estee Lauder SpellBound. The kind of scent I associate with Marla Maples and Stephanie Seymour - 90s and thick skinned sensuality.

It is a heavy amber. Go easy with it on warm days.

Patchouli 24 Le Labo by Mr. Chris 2016-09-29

Is this at all similar to comme de garcons black?

Endymion Concentré Penhaligon`s by leovn 2016-09-29

This is a darker version of the original that sometimes becomes harsh and uncomfortable to be around. It's hard to say that I don't like it since I'm a big fan of Endymion but I think the scent goes against the name "Endymion". Endymion, in my mind, capture the night full of moonlight by the lake where Endymion sleep peacefully. Incense, suede and leather are just too standout and ruin the whole thing. It makes me feel like the statue of David is dress with Viking's clothes.

Hugo Hugo Boss by roachburn 2016-09-29

perfect for work, last all shift, inviting but not sexy. Very clean and fresh, above average performance especially for this group of fragrance. Day time for sure. Primarily a spring / summer scent but Can be worn any season due to its good performance. Any occasion but personally i wouldnt wear it on a date only because i have better options for that purpose. This is the Scottie Pippen of fragrances, great in every area but the best in none.

Katy Perry`s Mad Love Katy Perry by TessiiDob 2016-09-29

This goes on in a big, sweet, fruity blast, but it’s not overpowering or sickly. I get the coconut straight away, along with the strawberry and pink grapefruit. After an hour or so, the peony shows up, along with the jasmine. I’ve never actually tried any of Katy Perry’s perfumes before – I’ve sniffed the bottles & sprayed some on test strips, but after I’d sprayed this one on, and found that I liked it, and as I got a discount voucher for my birthday and was able to pick up a bottle for a decent price, I thought what the heck. This is a fun fragrance. It’s sweet but also fresh – it makes me think of sipping fruity cocktails from coconut shells while you laze by the pool in a nice beachside resort somewhere, with swaying palm trees and those cute little cabanas with the thatched roofs. I quite like it.

Perfume 11 BLK DNM by AngelRock77 2016-09-29

A beautiful woody/spicy fragrance that became instantly on my top ten fragrances list.A very modern urban fragrance.
Lasts for a long time.
Love it

Poison Girl Christian Dior by Christina Ivy 2016-09-29

The moment I tested this in store I thought, Hallelujah! Thank you so much for saving my money, Dior!

To me, it has absolutely no relation to 'Poison' or Dior. Rather feels like the 'Nigerian Prince'' email you often found in your junk.

If I didn't try it in store, I'd thought this is a cheap knock out.

Once again, thank you for saving my money, Dior! According to this rate, there's really not much worth to spend money on in the next 2-3 years.

Antaeus Chanel by Lunchbox148 2016-09-29

In my opinion the best Chanel fragrance for men, by miles.

I bought this hoping it would be a lot more animalic with an obvious castoreum note. That is not what I found in this current formulation I have. However what I do get dose not disappoint. A lot of leather and myrrh is what I get and it's masculine as hell but still manages to be classy? To my surprise I find it to be very versatile. It's easy to wear to work and doing errands, the only time I wouldn't wear this is in summer. I find it to do almost the exact same thing for me as Fahrenheit, it gives me that bad ass vibe that Fahrenheit gives me, but it just goes about it in a different direction. I feel as tho if you love Fahrenheit you will most certainly love this as well!

I have never smelled the vintage but I'm quite happy with the newest formulation.

Shalimar Guerlain by Inspired91 2016-09-29

This is not a popular view it seems, but I just don't understand the love for this perfume. I wanted to try it for months and when I did I found it revolting. I usually love darker heavier scents (I love oudh), however this was strong in a bad way, very old ladyish. On top of that, my boyfriend is from India and has been to the Taj Mahal. I asked him if it smelled like it and he said no but that it strongly reminded him of the tombs nearby where spices were put on the recent corpses. So basically rich Western women are walking around smelling like Indian tombs.

Passion Elizabeth Taylor by Pet Ams 2016-09-29

I received Liz Taylor's Passion today and could not wait to smell it. Took off the cap and smelled the bottle and ah yes! Soapy for real!
Sprayed sparely (after reading reviews) and oh boy what an amazing smell.
At first it smelled very manly, something I would love on a guy; it didn't start feminine sexy on me; it smelled perfect for a sexy man. Later it settled down to a wonderful sultry sexy perfume. I still feel it isn't purely a edt for women, it's easily a unisex sent for sure.
Got me a new gem in my collection. I may try some of her other fragrances !

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier by Mitsouko-san 2016-09-29

Take care where you spray! I think body heat is a huge factor in how this will play out. On my wrists, it falls flat, soapy, and overly powdery. But in the crook of my elbows? Divine.

Blue Amber Montale by Waltzing Matilda 2016-09-29

A touch melancholic. This is my first encounter with Montale and I like the top notes but find the base notes are very dark. I seem to detect a bit of marzipan.I I love to eat it but don't really want to smell like it. I won't write it off yet though, I'm a bit fickle with fragrance and just might find it's my new best friend.

Dreams Mariah Carey by cara94 2016-09-29

I just found this at Ross after smelling it at Kohls. Definitely interesting. It is a smell I feel like I have techincally smelled a lot before...

I picture myself at a fancy hotel or cruise ship and the outside sample is this and I try it thinking "This smells expensive but not extraordinary". For some reason it just has that quality to me.

For the life of me I'm trying to get that caramelized apple everyone talks about but it is just not there........I'm almost bewildered. It is sweet, but floral, but....I do not get rich caramel. I get star anise and a warm spicy fruit kind of smell and super musky on me. There is some freesia I pick up. But caramalized apple.....I do not smell it which I wish I did :(

It's super warm, and sultry. I would wear this to a fancy cocktail party. For me it's not an every day wear smell. Way too heavy. Not sure I would buy again if it were more than the Ross price. It's a nice backup for my car in case I need to smell decent fast.

But it will give me a headache after a while. I probably have an allergy to this because it actually makes my nose itch lol I am pleased that it's not a cupcake caramel, but if there are others in its genre that are better I might try those next.

I don't think I would tell people if they like JS Fancy that they will definitely like this. I don't think they're really in the same genre. They smell nothing alike to me, nor have the same sweetness.

oh ya and the longevity and sillage is craaazy. I went to wash this off my arm and it's still there.

This one has great longevity and the silage is amazing. This is very sharp and green with some great plum and grassy notes. You will only need 2 sprays. This is a good fragrance.It is excellent

1873 Histoires de Parfums by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

Tangy opening,different kind of citrusses gathered generously with a touch of herbal aromatic lavender and powdery florals.let's not forget caramel,deos a lot here and prevents the scent from getting too soure and green.
Finally vanilla and musk which make it alittle deep and femminen.
A delicate brighte fragrance.

Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie Creed by Audrey2 2016-09-29

Napoleon 3rd and Empress Eugenie were well documented Guerlain customers ( Eau de Cologne imperiale) as everyone knows. I am sure it is not illegal to make up a past that did not exist, but it is insulting the intelligence of their customers. A perfume should stand on it's own merit, and not on the memory of a fabricated client. Jolhn F kennedy, Winston Churchil,I don't think so. I am just surprised Diana princess of Wales has been left out, but I mustn't put ideas in their heads,
P.S. when i worked at Guerlain, it was said that their perfume " Ode" (1955) was made to celebrate Princess Grace and Prince Rainiers engagement. It was a gorgeous floral, a little like Joy, presented in a gorgeous flacon of plain and opaque glass with a rosebud stopper. A more believable story than any Creed fantasy!

So... yes, lavender it is. A lot of it. The fragrance is very powdery and soapy, but there is also something edgy about it, maybe due to vetiver and musk? Its aroma is quite overwhelming but not mesmerizing.

Amouage Lyric Man Amouage by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

I like Amouage a is Definitely a man, not a boy... this fragrance had a very fresh... I'll buy it

Armani Eau d’Aromes Giorgio Armani by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

ginger and vetiver are worked very good..good balance. Eau d'Aromes is fresh and , clean, really esthetic, plenty of tea and some provence.citrus parfum
Eau d'Aromes is some light scent...Sillage and longevity is very well.

Egoiste Platinum Chanel by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

Excellent scent. excellent projection.. The ultimate fragance for men. A powerful masculine fragrance..excellent . masterpiece from Channel!
complete and different

Ambre Russe Parfum d`Empire by ankali 2016-09-29

Y'all, I'm so bummed -- the notes on this are everything I should love, but all I get from it on me is catnip, literal catnip!

Fougere Royale Houbigant by lucia.lawson 2016-09-29

This was my 1st husband Richard's fragrance when it was still selling and smelling like the original back in the 50's. He passed away and the bottle remained in my possession and I too began to wear it for old times sake and to remember his scent. I finished it up circa 1962. By that time I had moved on and was involved with another man who would become my second husband. This fragrance is so melancholic for me. I can't help but shed tears for the loss of my Richard. It's such a sentimental aroma for me. I can no longer smell it and it has a reformulation that is selling today but it is nothing like the original. I have bought an old edition through ebay and wear it out of nostalgia on the anniversary of our wedding.

The opening is fresh bergamot and anise (not listed) spicy and not fruity. It smells like a man's aftershave and a bit similar to the opening of JICKY bu Guerlain. The sage and citrus are very aromatic and green and fresh. This part is very enjoyable. I remember being close enough to kiss Richard and inhaling that citrus scent.

Fougere Royale is a traditional fougere and in fact THE FIRST fougere so it has a very important place in fragrance history. This scent has a lavender note that smells very typical of fougeres, which are essentially floral fragrances for MEN, but are unisex as well and can be worn by women. This is the first floral fragrance for men and it would be a formula and style that would continue to be used up to the time Sophia Grojsman created Eternity for Men. The lavender is floral and spicy, aromatic, and it's joined by additional flowers of rose, orchid, heliotrope and geranium.

The one thing the rose and heliotrope have in common is the light touch of powder but they never get into powder scents because the lavender reigns supreme in this fragrance. She is too spicy and too bold to let the heliotrope and rose becomes dainty and girly. For the most part however this is a floral fragrance and each flower can be detected. The heart is floral and I have always enjoyed the progression it takes from sage to florals. Beautiful!

The dry down is vanilla and it, too, is sweet and powdery, soft, but then it's embraced by a musk that returns the fragrance back into the realm of men's colognes. The musk is realistic and warm. It also has oak moss and lots of it. The fragrance becomes green and wild, like a scent of forest lavender and sage, moss and woods. The scent starts and develops like a woman's perfume but finishes up like a man's cologne. But it's soft and lovely and today even in that reformulation can be worn by both sexes.

This is my Richard's fragrance and so far I have never smelled it on anyone but him. It is a fragrance that has not had too much attention and is a rarity in the world today. It's out there and I recommend you fume heads to check it out. For me this is a one of a kind fougere and a good example of a traditional classic fougere. It has so much meaning to me and my past life that I am able to literally smell it in my dreams when Richard shows up in my dreams smelling of Fougere Royale.

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by Calinare 2016-09-29

Ah. This scent is surprisingly the same with other reviews. Beautiful vanila orange soda at first spray. Few minutes after, the jasmine and the orange flowers. I don't know if this is my chemistry but the orange seems to disappear. Totally no trace in my skin. The jasmine here is like Alien(complete with grape note) and although it is sort of "bright", it is more meek and mellow thanks to the vanilla and the honey. This is an attention seeking jasmine perfume but more on the mellowy side.

When you wear this outside:
Armani Code = "Good day everyone."

Oscar Oscar de la Renta by champagnequeen 2016-09-29

I happened upon a find of some of the last made bottles of Oscar at YSL. This would be 2008 and they would be labeled "Stern Neulily Cedex". I was a bit excited and it actually gave me so much more appreciation for the brand and I am looking forward to purchasing other scents that were made and formulated while Oscar de la Renta were part of YSL.

I have to admit that I would never have tried this on my own, but this fragrance is magnificent. Just the variety of notes and the base is fantastic. Unfortunately for me this does not translate on my skin. It smells awesome on clothes, once it gets to my skin it changes into some kind of camphorous note that is very distracting from the rest of its beauty. I would like to deny this fact, but it is true.

Eau de Creme Harvey Prince by Kohla1 2016-09-29

Smells almost just like Angel only I think this is better and easier to wear. It still turns into a pickle smell on me just like Angel though so in the swap pile it goes.

Weekend for Women Burberry by dyaver 2016-09-29

Grassy notes in the opening are very vivid, a bit irritating but different than in other perfumes thus intriguing. It cools down to a composition of powdery purple flowers lead by hyacinth. Hyacinth strikes here strong with its spiciness and freshness, and gives the fragrance an old-fashion feel. After about 2 hours the flowers are tackled by sandalwood, and this is when the fragrance becomes quite nice. If you like Hyacinth - Weekend is your pick.

Orchid Soleil Tom Ford by ameagari 2016-09-29

to contribute my piece to @luxaestiva's review--i have fragrance eating skin. its not necessarily dry, but i wear no lotion or anything of the sort. its interesting that we got a similar impression in that regard--quite fascinating actually.

Stella Summer Rose Stella McCartney by shauna.parra 2016-09-29

I had the opportunity to sample this when it was first released and loved how it smelled so I bought it. I have kept it for a while now and forget to wear it. I discover more to love about it every time I put it on. Such a pretty soft fresh and girly scent not unlike Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, but actually much better because the projection is greater and the longevity is greater!

The opening is fresh fruit scents of lemon orange citrus notes and a green apple. Fruity, a bit like a shampoo by Garnier Fructis but I don't mind that. The fresh fruitiness is very delicious and that green apple introduces the floral notes because apples are in the rose family. The apple and citrus begins to transform into roses. It's pink and red roses in a little bouquet. So pretty.

For the most part this is a rose but because of that fruit opening it's summery and easier to wear than most grown up roses. It never turns to powder or sachet, it's not a candy rose nor green/realistic rose. It's a light sweet soft rose which though artificial is very pleasant to the nose. This is my kind of rose perfume.

The amber at the dry down is really nice, not overpowering, soapy and clean. The whole thing turns into a really luxurious rose scented soap.

The perfume lasts a long time and it can be worn with a cute summer dress to parties in either the day time or night time. Smells vintage and feminine. Love it.

Body Tender Burberry by dyaver 2016-09-29

A big NO for me. The fragrance is dominated by three notes: rose, lemon and warmwood. As a result you get a bitter citrusy rosy scent, which is neither sexy nor elegant. Could be good for summer for those who like fresh and sharp rosy fragrances. But what's tender about it?

Fleurissimo Creed by Audrey2 2016-09-29

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but Creed as a perfume house did not exist in 1956. The internet is full of information on this company, who , it seems, only appeared in the perfume market in the seventies. Claims to have created perfume for movie stars and crowned heads ( queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie) would therefore be sheer fantasy, I have always thought it odd that all the celebrity clients are no longer with us, and so cannot dispute their claims. This should not stop the enjoyment of the perfume, if it is to your taste,

Bvlgari Pour Femme Bvlgari by auroramccandless 2016-09-29

Class in a bottle!

I bought this blindly on and I hope to God that this is the same fragrance that was created by Ms. Sophia Grosjman the Mistress of All Perfumes! This is a beautiful and well-behaved floral fragrance. I thought with all the notes that it would be a bit too much or perhaps an Oriental intellectual scent a la Byzance or Giorgio Beverly Hills Red, or Krizia Teatro Alla Scala or Opium, Coco, you get the picture. But no. This is a sweet and elegant woman's perfume. It smells so good and so soft and you can take her to your dinner dates without fearing the scent will clash with the food or your date. It's just such a pretty perfume!

The first spritz is a peach and orange blossom that didn't thrill me. It's typical Sophia Grojsman fruit flavored fragrance with top notes of fruit. It is definitely peach and a bergamot orange, but in comparison to scents like Tresor or Ex-clamation it's less fruity. It doesn't take long to get into the floral notes of rose, carnation, heliotrope, lily of the valley, jasmine, and iris. The florals are both heady, sweet and powdery. The note of orris root is pure powder. It's really delicate and soft like a little veil or scarf.

At the dry down the fragrance is deeper and stronger but never intrusive. It's a woodsy dry down with equal parts of vanilla, green tea, sandalwood, musk and benzoin. It's warm and smells like the bottom of a tea cup after you have finished the tea. It's a bit spicy but never too much. It's a bit like a whisper of an Oriental. It doesn't remind me of any fragrance but at times it seems to be a skeletal L'Heure or Oscar de La Renta Esprit with more fruit, or a Boucheron Jaipur which I think is also Sophia Grojsman's doing. This is beautiful and sweet, inoffensive.

While it is soft and sits close to your skin, it is elegant and way too classy to wear to work. So it's up to you to wear her to dinners, weddings, Church, or any formal event or occasion. Gorgeous. My favorite part is the floral heart with sweet powdery iris and violet and rose combination and the vanilla and tea/amber at the dry down. A stunner of a perfume. Smells more expensive than the price so it's a steal! Go and get it!

Lipstick Rose Frederic Malle by Southern Blonde 2016-09-29

After sampling this fragrance on a strip I knew I had to have it!

Instantly, it felt like a pin-up model or Marilyn Monroe/Jayne Mansfield type of "boudoir" fragrance. It's sexy and sweet, old fashioned, and even on the vintage side. It smells like powdery "make-up handbag" fragrances like Yves Saint Laurent Paris, Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden, Ombre Rose by Jean Charles Brosseau and to a degree Violet Eyes by Elizabeth Taylor. A powdery floral scent, feminine, sweet, perhaps too much, a fragrance of heightened and exaggerated femininity. I don't mean any offense but it might suit a drag queen or Marilyn Monroe impersonator such as myself! That's why I'm wearing it.The fragrance is pretty linear and it doesn't take a long time to develop, but I think it does have a structure and it's like this:

Top Notes: Grapefruit

Middle Notes: Rose Violet Orris Root Iris Powder Notes

Base Notes: Vanilla Musk Amber Vetiver

The brief intro of grapefruit or pink grapefruit is fresh and fleeting. It jumps straight into the powdery florals that smell like lipstick, make-up, powder puffs and the inside of a woman's purse. It has a sweet and powdery rose but it's also candied like fruit candy or a raspberry. The orrris is both powdery and candied like the licorice in Samsara by Guerlain. There is definitely iris and violet. The violet is clearly responsible for that lipstick scent. It smells sexy and provocative. It doesn't seem to go with every day regular casual clothes. You have to dress up to wear this stuff. It matches with a cocktail dress or evening gown and it's best worn in the evenings/night.

The dry down is vanilla, musk, and amber. The vanilla is powdery as well and the musk is a white musk, lighter and also somewhat powdery, not leathery. The amber is clean and warm, golden and supportive of the florals. The base notes only serve to keep the florals grounded and from becoming too ephemeral. This is really such a well composed fragrance.

Sweet, girly, sexy, a perfume for Betty Boop, Barbie, Marilyn Monroe, and Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. There is a cartoonish vibe to this scent, but it really is my type of fragrance. I dress up in costumes all the time and have performed as Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe at parties.

This is going to be dress up costume lipstick fragrance from now on!

Infusion d`Homme Prada by rushrocker 2016-09-29

Ok I was really looking forward to trying this because I like the soapy scents like Gendarme, Mugler Cologne, etc...

But dear god. This is literally just like spraying yourself with a slightly sweet baby powder. Yuck! When wearing this I feel that I smell like a changing room at a daycare center for children!

Not for me.

Lily of the Valley Yardley by MonsoonMemories 2016-09-29

It was Thursday Night Market, shopping I cannot resist.
The cool evening air and scent of fresh goods persists.
I venture through crowded market lanes, vendors calling out my name.
Early Fall beckons, I need a new scent, the same.
But for me, old is gold, always has been this way.
I find the last pistachio coloured box, waiting, not in vain.
I don't hesitate a moment, this Lily is mine.
It takes me back to those summers, long lost in time.
Suddenly I'm ten, the soapy white flowers, come alive.
They were Indian Summers, in my grandmother's arms I would hide.
I was safe, I was fine, it was home, I was nine.
It has been ages it seems, since I had such a nice memory.

Yardley VINTAGE Lily.
Takes me right back.

The Library Collection Opus VII Amouage by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

Dark green is rich and complex perfume..
i like The dry-down its a complete and different .
unique and expensive and women love it..i love has so complimente

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

Excellent ..masterpiece. I love this fragrance.Works very long and gets better over has a very elegant, alluring and soothing vibe.I recive many compliments when i used it...women love it..

Cedrat Boise Mancera by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

marketplace for summer fragrances,The opening is a little similar to Aventus,,onnly opening..ofter that is very difrent...Cedrat Bois dry down is less smoky on my skin and more fruity/sweet...One of the best summer fragrances///try it

Sadanne Slumberhouse by SoftWisdom 2016-09-29

I go back and forth with Sadanne. I've tested it several times. When I love it, I really love it. And when I don't, it's really, really bad and stinky. Each time I test it, I never know if it will be amazing or terrible. It really intrigues me! I've hesitated getting a full bottle because I just can't make up my mind whether it is the most interesting and unique strawberry scent ever, or just a terrible body odor smell :/ I do normally like ambergris and other animalic notes. Maybe my skin chemistry doesn't work with it, I don't know. One day I will decide!

I am crazy for vanilla fragrances and blind bought this gem based on the recommendations here on I have a small decant of SDV and was intrigued at the prospect of an affordable doppelgänger. To me, Cologne of the Missions smells VERY boozy in the bottle, like gonna get me fired because it smells like I've been hitting the bottle boozy. Once sprayed, it almost instantly turns into a gorgeous smoky vanilla with just the barest hint of liquor. I completely agree with the SDV comparison but, to my inexperienced nose, Cologne of the Missions smells a bit less boozy than SDV on. I wore it all afternoon the day I bought it and couldn't stop nuzzling my wrists. Unfortunately this has almost no staying power on me and I felt constantly tempted to respritz. Before bed I showered, moisturized with Body Shop vanilla body butter and sprayed myself liberally with the Cologne. I was in heaven when I fell asleep but by morning it was all gone. I'll happily use my bottle but I probably won't repurchase, as it's just too fleeting on me.

Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue Versace by HorseusMaximus 2016-09-29

Love this juice and so does my woman. My signature scent. Period. Smells like Sauvage/Bdc and you can't go wrong there. My Panty dropper ;-)

Blind buy. I hate vanilla and patchouli. I like this. It's not dirty hippie. It's not syrupy sweet. It is a dry vanilla balanced by the earthy patch. I would say it is more vanilla. I get the patch when I stick my nose in my arm. This almost reminds me of an unsweetened, decaffeinated, let potent, more genteel and sophisticated Mugler A*men.

Prada La Femme Prada by Christina Ivy 2016-09-29

It's not too bad but no where near Prada's classics.

I found it was bit sweet for my taste at the start (on the paper), then I got a simple to take home. I gave it another go, found it's actually not too bad. Although it is kind sweet, but it didn't fall into the cliche of 'vanilla sugar' scent (which give many people headache, which is a lot better than 'Candy'). It balanced ok and not synthetic.

For me, it's not as overly sweet as most perfumes have came out in the recent years. I'd prefer this one over the Miss Dior EDP I currently own (impulse purchase, got bored about it pretty soon).

However, I don't think I'm impressed enough to even considering purchase. I still would prefer Prada's old classics such as Infusion d'Iris Prada. But wouldn't mind to finish the simple I received.

Palissandre d`Or Aedes de Venustas by Calvini 2016-09-29

It has a similar milky dry woody vibe to Tom Ford's Oud Wood, but more natural with the support of different spices. (To me Oud Wood's nicer, but in an obviously cologne/perfume type of way)

CK2 Calvin Klein by Amac24 2016-09-29

So I tried this today at Kohl's.. smells like a bunch of chemicals soo strong & headache inducing after I got home I tried to wash it off my wrist but I could still smell it.. "sigh"

Incandessence Flame Avon by ali50scentz 2016-09-29

I like this perfume, I can smell bergamot, gardenia and jasmine, most comments are that it's nice, but not for everyone

Le Dix Perfume Balenciaga by mothwings 2016-09-29

I loved the opening of this, it's dominated by a gorgeous peach with aldehydes and I can definitely detect the civet right from the start. Complex and sensual. But as the lilac begins to dominate it becomes cloying and I dislike it a lot. It smells a lot like violet. I cannot for the life of me detect the other flowers, I wish they balanced out the bouquet more. If you love purple flowers try this!

212 Sexy Carolina Herrera by cutemehzz 2016-09-29

Once again, this is an underrated type of fragrance. Although I don't think this is unique to my nose, the spiciness and the small hints of vanilla and cotton candy is what gets me into this perfume. The bottle is very unique and gives a futuristic vibe; also reminds me of medications for some reason. The scent is a bit of a 'meh' to me, the pink pepper is strong with this one. The musk is also intense from the bottle. I could also smell bergamot in the given notes. vanilla? not so much. Cotton candy? yep. I only use this fragrance whenever I'm on a night-out because of the strong scent. Gives a sexy and wild type of vibe to me. Overall, these are my verdicts:

Packaging: 8/10
Scent: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10
Intensity: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

Cherry in the Air Escada by nvenus 2016-09-29

I think this would be nicer without the raspberry which makes it a bit sweeter than it (Imo) needs to be. It's definately not as sweet as it could be but I would like more cherry and less raspberry.

Seems like not so many people consider this being a winter-scent but I actually do. A combination between marshmallow and something else (maybe musk, orange and oak) makes it suitable for cold weather but I also think it'd be nice in spring.

APSU Ulrich Lang by jeca 2016-09-29

If you are looking for a just very green and moist scent, which is not aromatic, cutting, rough or flowery, but pure green like a dewy leaf or grass, this might be right for you.

Philosykos Diptyque by astan 2016-09-29


Coconut or fig leaf? I think that these two notes are in conflict. I can't imagine them together in a perfume , especially, the note of fig leaf is like a pancake(cosmetic) scent in this perfume. I love the smell of coconut , but there is a 'pan-cake make-up' note in here which is incompatible with the delicious smell of coconut!

بوی این عطر مرکب از دو نوع رایحه ست ؛ یکی رایحه خوشطعم نارگیل که حالتی خامه ای داره (و کاش سراسرِ عطر همین یک رایحه بود)، و دیگری رایحه ای پنکک مانند (لوازم آرایشی زنانه) که ظاهرا بوی انجیر و برگ انجیرشه که اینطوری شبیه پنکک از آب درومده
اگر عطر متشکل از همون رایحه نارگیلی بود یکی از بهترین عطرایی که میتونستم داشته باشم میشد ، اما متاسفانه یه حالت لوازم آرایشی یی هم مدام کنارشه که خیلی تو ذوق میزنه واسه من
حسی ما بین جذب و دافعه به این دارم ، وقتیکه یاد بوی اصطلاحا میلکی و نارگیلش میافتم دوست دارم سریع برم و یک اسپری ازش بزنم ، اما تو همین لحظات اون بوی پودری و لوازم آرایشیش هم واسم تداعی میشه که کلا بیخیالش میشم
این دو نوع رایحه توی این عطر بخاطر تضادی که دارن درهم آمیخته نمیشن که بویی یکپارچه ایجاد کنن ، بهمین خاطر نه میتونه طرفدارای بوهای خوشطعم و نارگیلی رو راضی کنه و نه کسایی که بوی لوازم آرایشی زنانه رو دوست دارن . چون حس میشه یکی از این روایح کنار اون یکی چپونده شده! البته یه سری ها که هر دو نوع رایحه رو می پسندن این مسأله به چشمشون نمیاد و میتونه عطر خوبی باشه واسشون
اما علیرغم بوی طبیعی نارگیلش و تلاشم برای دوست داشتنش، واقعیت اینه رغبتی برای استفاده کردنش ندارم

Today Tomorrow Always Forever Avon by sophiesnose 2016-09-29

I can't remember the last time I received so many compliments on my perfume. This one is pretty workplace safe. I become nose blind to it pretty fast but people keep telling me how good I smell. This one really doesn't "do" much for me but it's nice to have a safe trusty choice for work etc. The bottle is heavy and beautiful, however, I HATE that all the perfumes in this series do not have their names on the bottle. When people ask me what I'm wearing I just say "I can't remember it's Avon in the big rectangular bottle with pink fluid. ANNOYING.

Born in Paradise Escada by nvenus 2016-09-29

I have to do an update on the EdT (on my skin). It's nice and good but it's just like a sweet, exotic, tropical fruit punch (with not so much alcohol). What I dislike about this is what I've disliked with all the other Escada frangraces that I've tried; they're similar to some cheap, drugstore fragrances which aren't necessarily bad but I expect more from a perfume that's as expensive as an Escada perfume can be.

Maybe the price is because of high quality or the brand... Not sure but the scent isn't as special as I expected or expect. ... But, it's still a beautiful fragrance, it just has a scent that's similar to less expensive perfumes.

I'd rate it 4-5.5/10 but yes, if you do love Escada and tropical (pineapple, coconut...) scents; 6/10.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by cutemehzz 2016-09-29

Once you've taken a sniff from the bottle, you'll be captivated by the playful mixture of patchouli, praline and vanilla. Adorned by glass curves for a better ergonomic feel of the hands, the bottle is both beautiful to look at as it is enjoyable to hold . The praline and vanilla gives the sweet almost-sugary part of the scent while the patchouli offers a clean, earthy feel to it. I could smell the patchouli more than the notes included in this fragrance. If you're likely to gravitate towards perfumes that are sweet, earthly a a hint of floral notes in a bottle, I could recommend this to you. The sweetness is not too overbearing and is a more sophisticated type of scent. Age-group wise, I could visualise an adult with the age of 25 wearing this. I could also imagine a teen with the age of 15 also wearing this. Overall these are my personal ratings:

Packaging: 8/10
Scent: 10/10
Longevity: 9/10
Intensity: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10

Nude Bouquet Zara by ismellsogood 2016-09-29

I wear this to bed it is a very soapy clean scent which is comforting, step out of the bath rich dove lotion, powder and soapy fresh scent. Simple. Sometimes you need simple .

Patchouli Nosy Be Perris Monte Carlo by Tassio12 2016-09-29

Starts out as a really nice earthy almost dirty patch fragrance. 30 minutes in, the patch smooths out and the cacao starts to take center stage. I get the vanilla and there's certainly a balsamic quality added by the labdanum.

This is nice. I must say it reminds me just a bit of Coromandel without any of the florals. Probably more masculine.

Fans of Guerlain's L' Instant Extreme might want to check this out. There are some similarities but I find Patchouli Nosy Be to be smoother, with LIDGE being more complex and ultimately satisfying due to the added star anise note that I personally love.

All in all, I think this would be a great addition at discounter prices, but full retail would not be worth it.

Myths Man Amouage by hafidzummc 2016-09-29

there was a fire in my workplace the other day and i was like, ive smelt this before and suddenly it hit me: the exact smell of amouage myths! it was so funny i told my friend about it and she was like, who the hell would ever want to wear this? but i tell u guys, this is ash notes at its best. i guess ash-flower combination = divinity

dont do more than 2 sprays guys. if u do, dont tell me i didnt warn ya!

Majestic Rose Yves Saint Laurent by Rafael Banda 2016-09-29

Delicious yummy rose mixed in with something sweet. It must be the raspberry, or maybe the alchemy with the agar wood and saffron combined. Wherever it is this reminds me of Oud Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdijian. The only difference is that Kurkdijian´s composition is somehow sweeter in a most amazingly delicious way.
It begs the question: Is Majestic Rose an inspiration from Francis fragrance? Definitely so!

Oud Wood Tom Ford by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

masterpiece from Tom Ford's private blend! One of the most safe to blind buy ...when i wear it i smell expensive...This one's full of darkness, is my favourite fragrance...oud sent is very balance..Oud Wood is a wonderful/// especially on a winters day,

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

Wow! amazing fragrance..the best blue fragrance for women
very nice for´s similar to Sport fragrance.women and men love it

Fantasy The Naughty Remix Britney Spears by barentonwithaba 2016-09-29

Very woody/waxy version of the original. The combo kind of gives off a sandalwood vibe. I wouldn't say I like it but I don't hate it either.

Virgin Island Water Creed by amirali0072000 2016-09-29

This Perfume has got fantastic scent
It is a good perfume for spring and summer
A perfect scent from heaven
I have found this product so lovable
The longevity is well.
The projection is good.

Daisy Marc Jacobs by cutemehzz 2016-09-29

Daisy is a great fragrance to wear on a bright sunny day. The scent just soothes your nose and blows the stress away. You just can't go wrong with this one and I don't see much people criticising this fragrance in such negative means. I personally think that this is a sweet, flowery and a hint, fruity type of perfume. The only thing I dislike about this scent is the longevity and intensity. It evaporates a little too quickly (although I can't blame the fragrance; this is an Eau De Toilette). Other than that, this should be a staple to whom would like to be a fragrance collector.

Packaging: 8/10
Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 6/10
Intensity: 6.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10

I smelled this in a plane where a few teenage girls decided to spray it on themselves in the middle of a 4 hour flight. Bad idea.. but great scent!! I loved it. It was fruity but in an aromatic sort of way. I found it unisex.

After wearing this for a few days, I'm really starting to like it. The sweetness makes it perfect for these cold autumn days we have here now. I've been switching between this and 1 Million Prive, and I feel they are pretty similar. Uomo has better sillage, but I can't decide which I like better. They both are just so cosy. In the beginning I was unsure if I liked this stuff, but now I'm really happy I bought this bottle.

Fantasy The Nice Remix Britney Spears by barentonwithaba 2016-09-29

This opens more sweet than the original. More like an actually cupcake. A few moments later it turns right into the original fantasy.

Cabochard Gres by Betsywoolbright 2016-09-29

Thank you for your thoughts, Tillywave. I am not sure what incarnation my bottle is; though it looks like the one pictured―only my bottle and lid don't have edges. They're an oval, I guess, and not a hexagon.
I am glad that it isn't "me" and actually, apparently, the perfume itself. I smell no leather. No one note jumps out at me, actually. I just don't know why I don't like this one! All the notes (with the possible exception of the Aldehydes) are big winners.
I know my bottle is fairly current; but I guess I can't "do" stuff with a vintage/Chypre vibe like I always fantasized that I could. I like everything else that is from other eras. Just not perfume.
I respect it. It is iconic, even if it is reformulated beyond recognition. I may swap it eventually, but for now, I believe it to be a good perfume to keep in my perfume library. Maybe I will give it another try this winter.

Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo by originaldeftom 2016-09-29

Another commercial release that will appeal to the masses.

Think of Paco Rabanne "One Million (rancid toffee apples)", mixed with Dolce Banana's "The One (I cannot stand)" and you get this in an inferior quality.

The bottle is also rather tacky and in your face, but hey, the kids, pretending to be men will love it.

A total miss for me.

1/10. Forgettable and irrelevant.

Herod Parfums de Marly by RMB18 2016-09-29

Upon first impression, I didn't think much of this. It has changed on me over time. I think this is a great Tobacco scent BUT it isn't natural. I find Spicebomb to have a more natural Tobacco note. This Tobacco note smells more like D&G The One EDT. It opens up beautiful and fruity but not sweet like Pure Havane. Pure Havane and Spicebomb smell nothing like this. I smelled PH before this and hated it upon first impression and never grew to like it. Pure Havane is sickly sweet and overly synthetic just like all Mugler scents. It's hard to describe Herod but it is good and worth the money if you get it through a 3rd party seller.

Reveal Men Calvin Klein by FishTank 2016-09-29

Canned pears drowned in brine. I cannot think of a more syrupy fragrance 'dedicated to men'. Vulgar, improbably tenacious.

Brit Rhythm for Him Intense Burberry by TonyAKAMrClean 2016-09-29

Brit Rhythm is my favorite, so I finally got around to buying the Intense... And it smells nothing like I imagined! I'm not complaining however, because I recently purchased Invictus and I can't help but think - if there were such a thing as an Invictus Intense, this is similar to what it would smell like!!!

I prefer the smell of the original Brit Rhythm, but I wish it were as intense as this. I have no complaints about longevity with the original, but it's not as strong as this is. After a few hours, this does get closer to the smell of the original, but not quite. This keeps ahold of some of the added spice, and becomes less sweet and less fruity. I'll gladly be keeping both, however.

Although the original Brit Rhythm is my personal favorite right now, I will agree that if you kind of liked but didn't love the original, this will probably be more your tastes, if you can appreciate the differences. This is spicy, a little less sweet, and a little bit more bitter, and the leather is much stronger.

Rose Gold Ormonde Jayne by originaldeftom 2016-09-29

One of the best rose scents ever created.

Not a warm, cloying, sweet rose, but more of a pungent, hesperidic, yet fragrant and aromatic rose from TAIF.

It's an original. A masterpiece.

Immediately you feel like a £1m (pounds, not dollars, lol).

There is a metallic, cooling and soothing quality to this fragrance and it is also somewhat peppery, oudhy, and musky.

Mainly geared for women, but I think a man with a feminine, yet confident touch to his personality can equally well wear and pull this off.

Highly recommended for spring, summer, day or night. Definitely a modern classic with a twist, personality and soul.

Verdict: 10/10 (I want it very baaad, but it is a bank breaker).

Stash SJP Sarah Jessica Parker by drugstore classics 2016-09-29

I wish I could do Stash justice! Other people have shared good descriptions already, so I will merely state that in wearing Stash I feel the therapeutic quality of wood floors and pungent resin. Not a cozy wood, but a wood for wakefulness, mystic and almost witch-like in quality. Distinctly unisex, I would enjoy smelling this on a man as much if not more than on myself.

Hats off to SJP for releasing a niche type of scent. As a completely UN-sweet, non-floral brew, many would consider Stash a risky release. It's bound to be quite a bit less appealing to your average perfume shopper, but far MORE interesting to your dedicated Fume Head. ;)

One note about sillage and longevity. I truly understand where the disappointed reviews are coming from. Why? Because I tested this in the store with a dear friend whose taste is similar to mine. Oddly, on her Stash VANISHED.... almost as though it had never been. On me? It kept going throughout the day, close to the skin after the first hour, but very persistent! Usually I am the one who has poor luck with light formulas, but I believe this was all about chemistry. It was not that one of us was anosmic, for both of us clearly smelled me and neither of us could smell her! Lesson learned: Some fragrances are TRICKY.

Aside from the aforementioned trickster side of Stash (now you see me, now you don't!), I have not a critical word to say about this unique and niche quality release. Test before you buy, and all should be well. <3

Four Stars - Five if sold in a larger bottle for a smaller price. ;)

Amber Aoud Roja Dove by Jarrock32 2016-09-29

Delightful and unique way in perfumery to start a dificult and astringent chord of oud, ambergris and rose. Like no perfume that I could test. Then begin to shine the saffron and soft ambered texture. Starts very promising, but then the initial strenght goes down and ruins, in my opinion, a perfect smell; an "unstable-stabilized" perfection of oud. Perfume turns into an ambered soft common base mixed with saffron that we all have seen before, and we can get of many other perfumes in a cheaper range of prices. I can see clear references to Red Aoud of montale. Worth the price? Sample yes. Full Bottle.. I don´t think so..

Invictus Paco Rabanne by TonyAKAMrClean 2016-09-29

Funny I mentioned the Invictus Intense in my review below... I wore Invictus to work today, but I just received Brit Rhythm Intense in the mail after a blind purchase, and guess what... it's kind of what I pictured an Invictus Intense would smell like. Go figure! I'm happy :D

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Shahram.yari 2016-09-29

I had a chance to find it in a shop in my city.i bought it for afair price of 85$ for has a fabiolous scent oud is the dominent note and has woody spicy smell .its dark scent suitable for matures 25 above .
دوستانی که خواهان این عطرهستند به پروفایلم پیغام بذارن.

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