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L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by Santos89 2015-03-27

This is one of those fragrance that I just hate, sorry to say.

It smells very good on tester strips, but on my skin it turns into the infamous "L'eau d Pissey". It reeks of cat piss.

It smells cold, sterile and icy with that pissy sourness running through.

This sucks, as I quite like it on strips, but it just doesn't work on my skin.

Longevity is surprisingly good for an citrus fragrance. 8 hours or so.

Rating: 6.5/10 (on tester strips) 0/10 (on my skin)

Red for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills by Santos89 2015-03-27

I don't get any similarity whatsoever, to Patou Pour Homme.

I am lucky enough to have a decant of vintage PPH, and this is nothing like it.

Instead this a quasi-Drakkar Noir clone, with added herbal notes.

I must say, I really looked forward to this one. Drakkar Noir is a mainstay for me. Unfortunately there is a single note in here that ruins it all. It gives the entire fragrance a distinct sweatiness, that stays from opening to end.

This just doesn't warm up on my skin, instead it smells quite sterile. Drakkar Noir has great personality, but this just has the scent of a cheap imitation.

Longevity is very good - 8 hours easily.

Rating: 2/10.

Yuzu Man Caron by Santos89 2015-03-27

This fragrance is the king of mediocrity.

A decent citrus smell with a hint of sandalwood. Add a bit of woods and fruity sweetness and that's basically it.

I get why many were disappointed by this. Caron is a legendary fragrance house, but taking that out of the equation, I still understand why this has underwhelmed so many.

It just lacks something is all I get from this. It's nice, but something is missing to give it some spark or depth.

This is a decent fresh fragrance and can be had for a song online, so it's worth checking out. Just don't expect something that will shake the earth.

Longevity is borderline poor. I get 4 hours or so with ok projection, after that it's a skinscent.

Rating: 5.5/10

Captain Molyneux by krmarich 2015-03-27

I have an older splash bottle of Captain from the late 1980s. Its top notes are a little wobbly yet beyond that its quite in tact. Splash bottles allow too much air exposure and can hurt the composition.

The above tree lacks many notes, obviously this has a good balance of patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver. Lavender, neroli and violet keep it fresh and clean. I would also add some amber and cedar. Its almost works like an Eau that was popular in the 1970s. It was pretty standard for its time-a classic textbook fougere almost note for note. Its strange to think something so old is much better than anything released today, yet this is the classic example from a little known house.

Its very green and far from the silly aquatic trend that was to come and is still in fashion somehow. I do not approve of calone in anything but the sea itself.

This is comfortable and familiar. I would wear it with a heavy cable knit sweater on cold days. It was never really popular in the USA. Today it would seem very retro in the best way on the right man. Its very "Mad Men" old school.

New West for Him Aramis by Santos89 2015-03-27

This is fantastic. I scored a bottle at a great price at a local retailer, and I am stunned by this.

It takes the fresh style that Cool Water would popularize, and adds a load of pine and woods.

This is quite an complex fragrance, but it works. It also feels more grownup than many of the fresh 90s fragrances i.e. I would gladly wear this with a suit and tie for a formal function.

This isn't without it's faults. It's a fragrance from 1988, and smells a tad bit dated, but I don't care. It performs great on my skin, and just works for me. In the end, that's all that matters.

Longevity is 8 hours or so, with nice projection.

Rating: 9/10

Passion Struck Victoria`s Secret by caylarhene 2015-03-27

I agree with the comment below. It is soft and sweet but I think this is the only one in the Victoria secret line u can wear just as a plain body creme everyday. It's not too strong at all and has a soft smell that won't interfere with any other perfume or body spray.

Memoir Man Amouage by Santos89 2015-03-27

Memoir Man is quite special. To me Epic Man, Interlude Man and Memoir Man are the trio of the Amouage line in the sense that they share some distinct notes and structures.

Where the other two feature either spicy notes or oud as the main motif, and have a brighter feel, Memoir Man is all grown up and is distinctly austere and with a sense of melancholia.

This is a serious fragrance, and it's very dark. I loved this from the first snif, as it's so different from the typical designers out there today.

In a way this pays homage to the woody fragrances of the 70s and 80s, with it's notes of leather, woods and spices.

At the same time it's distincly an Amouage, with that trademark Omani incense as the backbone of the fragrance.

This is a tough one to describe, as it's impeccably blended and with a great complexity. This is not a safe blindbuy at all, it needs to be tried on skin.

Longevity is great. 12-13 hours with great projection.

Rating: 10/10

Sensualite Valeur Absolue by curvealert 2015-03-27

This is a very pleasant, well-formulated floral spring fragrance. It is also a Chloe EDP clone. If you have that, you don't need this.

Coco Blanc House of Matriarch by Scentscape 2015-03-27

MMM Deep vanilla cream with some woods and chai spices. :)

Winter heaven in a bottle.
I have dabbled in some natural perfumes before so I know that it is rare to find stuff that actually has a good longevity; I smelled this on my shirt the next day -delightful this stuff! I am not sure why people are focussed on price, for sure it is more expensive but so are any other high quality houses like Guerlain etc. Gorgeous gorgeous juice these houses, just means I have to be very patient and save :)
This stuff lasted over 14 hours on my clothes, skin was at least 8-9 hours and ended up being a creamy vanilla and white chocolate balanced beautifully with smooth smooth sandalwood.

Amber Rose Shay & Blue London by curvealert 2015-03-27

Cor blimey. This should be renamed Rancid Rose. The rose is present, but unfortunately accompanied by a "vomit" note in the early stages, presumably attributable to the dulce de leche. If you're trying to mask the smell of baby sick on your work clothes in the morning, this is the one for you!

After a while, the baby sick disappears, only to be replaced by a weird, sour pepper aroma. Needless to say, this won't be joining my wish list.

Silver Shadow Davidoff by Santos89 2015-03-27

Davidoff Silver Shadow is an underrated gem.

Due to the shadow cast by Cool Water, and to a lesser extent, Zino, the rest of the Davidoff line tends to get overlooked. Unfairly so, in the case of Silver Shadow.

Silver Shadow is a very well blended oriental. The main notes on my skin are benzoin, amber and orange.

It isn't the most complex fragrance, but it's a nice allrounder, that works pretty much year round.

Longevity is a decent 7-8 hours for me.

Rating: 7/10

Beach Walk Maison Martin Margiela by yunvme 2015-03-27

I could not agree more with the review below by raw umber. I too love beach scents, although I still feel that at The Beach 1966 is the best I have found. I still wear Beach by Bobbi Brown, especially in winter when it is cold and I am missing the summer....This perfume is nothing like either of those which do emulate each other. This perfume for me has a definate aquatic marine fake undercurrent that I feel ruins it. The dry down brings on a scent to me that is reminiscent of Aqua de Joia..which really is too bad, because on first spray I smell a lovely citrus leaf scent mixed with green coconut ...the smell reminds me of cutting ingredients for a coconut curry, Kefir lime leaf and coconut which is lovely. Not what I think of as beach. I am a little disappointed, but will reserve judgement and hope that heat helps this one out as it really is not very pleasant in colder weather like now, which both Beach and At The Beach 1966 do well on me year round.

Dior Homme Eau for Men Christian Dior by Santos89 2015-03-27

I have to say, Dior disappoints me with this one.

The Dior Homme line is fantastic, it's quite unique and is one of the greatest modern fragrances in my opinion.

Eau takes the iris of DH, tones it down and adds a nondescript woody base to this.

It's actually an okay fragrance, but it's just not what I expected of Dior. It's not innovative or smells particularly interesting. It's a typical woody fresh fragrance, along the lines of Mont Blanc Legend and Fierce.

This has been compared to Bleu de Chanel, which I think is unfair. BdC took the fresh woody genre and raised the bar. My advice is to go and buy BdC. DHE is simply not worth the hefty pricetag.

Rating: 5/10

PG02 Coze Parfumerie Generale by rschmidt65 2015-03-27

Seriously! I just dabbed this on before checking the notes and I'm going to have to scrub. Not because it isn't pleasant, it actually is very nice, but because I'm helping drive my son's eighth grade class to a dance performance today and I can't meet his teacher smelling this disreputable. I actually really enjoy this and it's funny too but I smell like a clean, well groomed man who smokes a lot of tabaccy, wacky and otherwise.
So nice, humorous and completely unwearable.

Pure DKNY Donna Karan by LuLuGoes 2015-03-27

Review here is for Pure DKNY Drop of Vanilla Scent Spray.

There are a few versions of this (rose, verbena, original).

I have the drop of vanilla version. Ads say this lovely fragrance was built upon ethically sourced and fair traded vanilla from Uganda.

This is not a weak fragrance at all. You get an instant bouquet of freesia, lotus, jasmine, rose... misted with vanilla, hints of sandalwood. Beautiful. Lasts more than five hours on my skin.

I feel this one has been lost in the shuffle. What a shame!

There isn't even a proper category for it here on Fragrantica, and reviewers all over the web are confusing it with other versions. Then there are references to this being a drop of vanilla in water and that's it. So terribly untrue!

I have a limited love of florals. This one is natural smelling, dewy, and gorgeous.

SpongeBob SpongeBob Squarepants by isis_indarkness 2015-03-27

Oh how sad for me! It just smells like pale soap on my skin, and it lasted a couple of hours. I suppose that's what a (bathroom) sponge might smell like though, so whoever created it did try at least...

I agree that it's probably best for a child's fragrance not to last too long so I shall probably give this to my nephew, although I will have a little mess around layering it with other scents first to see if anything magical happens!

Eternity Aqua for Women Calvin Klein by diah.adams 2015-03-27

YES!! I love it. My very first love of CK was CK shock for her and this is my second CK perfume that when i test it on my skin, i go, hell yeah! Its so fresh, its floral, its ozonic, its just perfect for summer!Saw this on sale at TJMaxx for 20$,so I had to grab 2 bottles! I will be wearing this all summer long. I love it. :) Longevity, 4-5hours. I am not complaining!

24 Faubourg Hermes by spikitti 2015-03-27

As a 20-something, this does smell a bit "old" to me, but not in a bad way. Old to me is the smell of my Grandmother's classy perfume collection when I used to sneak a few daubs. Comforting and nostalgic. The green opening and musky drydown especially so. The heart notes are my favorite. It is all creamy, buttery white florals on me. Nothing too indolic, nothing too musty, but not too fresh either.

I own a small .25 ounce bottle and would happily use a full bottle, but am not in a huge rush to buy one. I have the feeling this is a perfume that will grow on me and turn to love very soon.

Minajesty Nicki Minaj by diah.adams 2015-03-27

Its not bad but its not like wow im in love. This is pretty generic sweet scents. I agree to those who says its for teenage. Its a sweet perfume but its not really giving a statement. The kind of perfume that when you smell it on someone, and you go "you smells nice" not like "oh smells lovely!!" type of scents.

Kenneth Cole Black for Men Kenneth Cole by FeelingRisky 2015-03-27

Overall: 8/10
Here's Why:
Suprisingly very nice!
Great price, very (wait for it....) Unique smelling.
fresh spicy : YES! Ginger in this is wonderful, lightly spicy and cold!
green : very. Dense greens, like a steamy hot jungle.
citrus : Definitely, this is lightened up witha splash of very fresh smelling citrus!
musky : yes. in the drydown.
ozonic : Not too sure?
balsamic : Not in this one.
Very nice and easy to wear. totally inoffensive and very 'safe'.
Can;t quite put my thumb on it, but this one smells pretty unique. There are some similarites to this and YSL La Nuit 'del Homme.
The staying power is reasonable and sillage is very nice.
Overall a nice safe bet!

Fabulous Victoria`s Secret by diah.adams 2015-03-27

I would love to have this work for me. I test it on the test paper, and it smells gorgeous. I test it on my skin and its just weak..I spray it once and i cant smell it, it seems flat on my skin. I ask one of the associate to sniff on my wrist and tell me, which wrist i spray the perfume on. And she cant tell either.So i re-spray this 3-4 times, there I can smell it, but barely. Idk..maybe its just doesnt work with my chemical. Sad..:( I really love the scents though. so fresh and sexy i must say..
Make sure you test this on your skin before you purchase it. If it works for you, go for it, if its not..welcome to the club!

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by chopshop 2015-03-27

Has anyone compared this to the Glenn Perri Unpredictable Sport? I hear they are similar?

Nude Rihanna by diah.adams 2015-03-27

I was debating to get this for a while. Cause when i did my sniff test, it just seems heavy for my taste. Especially summer is just around the corner. Then few weeks later, I saw this on sale, and im a cheapskate, and so i give it another go. I tried it on my skin instead of test-paper. At first spray smells the creamy vanilla orchid, a little bit woody, but minute later, the dry down its a pleasant surprise. It was fruity (i detect the guava) and just fresh clean scent. I wont wear it in the morning though. This more of a evening type of scents. And little spray goes a long ways for me. And longevity is about 3-4 hours on me.

Roberto Cavalli Acqua Roberto Cavalli by FeelingRisky 2015-03-27

Overall: 8.75/10
Here's Why:
aquatic : very, more on the Neroli, italian coast type of Aquatic though.
floral : Somewhat, I'm not getting too much of that here.
white floral : once again, not too much of anything too floral. If anything, fruit flowers (Citrus)
fresh : Very VERY Fresh!
musky : Slightly, more of a milky musk.
Very captivating, lots of compliments. I really enjoy this as a man. Got it for $16USD at a discount store and can't stop spraying it! Such a lovely fragrance, very light and cool like a night breeze on a beach.
Awesome stuff!
Longevity A
Sillage B+
Wears for over 6+ hours then a skin scent.
very nice!

John Varvatos John Varvatos by alxkwst1996 2015-03-27

Even though Vintage will always be my favorite from the John Varvatos house, this one is pretty good. I wouldn't mind buying a bottle of this stuff. This has a pleasant fruity tobaccoish aroma. I just love fragrances with a pipe tobacco feel to it. The only downside is the poor projection and longevity, just like with the others in the JV house. If you prefer your fragrance scents not to "scream" off of you, then this one is for you.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Polo Ralph Lauren by nonsisa 2015-03-27

This is the kind of scent I would want to smell on a classy coat. A conventional mans cologne.

While being very virile it cannot be denied that it's not contemporary.

Another aspect of it is its mossiness that adds a gothic feel to it.

However the pine-leather-tobacco combo works as a firm base and builds up its manly character.

A herb garden in a bottle.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by damightyheru 2015-03-27

This is on its way to becoming my new signature scent. I don't care that its not meant for this or that or this weather or whatever. Its just perfect. PERFECT...


I Love this scent because its DARK, SEXY, MYSTERIOUS, SENSUAL, and when I wear it I feel confident, assertive, and powerful. I would use this scent for ANY circumstance and I know people will say that its best used by men for nights and formal situations. Bump that...Im using this for anything...Any excuse I can use to wear it, its getting worn. It may evolve into my signature scent as it really fits my style and personality in many ways. Particularly if you are a stylish/well dressed man of color, consider smelling this scent.

This is another sweet fragrance worthy of pairing with other less sweet TOM FORD offerings...

I also love it because its a beast. It lasts on my skin and projects beautifully. This is without doubt on of my favorite scents and objectively speaking is probably the best out of his designer releases with all things considered imo. Get your nose on this...


Perles De Lalique Lalique by LisaLovesPerfume 2015-03-27

Perles is a very wood/pepper fragrance with virtually no sweetness at all. I like it in the winter and fall. I would suggest that a person test it before purchasing, for many it is an acquired taste.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by alxkwst1996 2015-03-27

Very masculine. This is one of those fragrances that has the right "manly" touch. The rum along with the other notes reminds me of really good pipe tobacco. Unfortunately, for me, I get below average projection and longevity; this is the only parfum fragrance that I have those kind of issues with. Other than that it's a great fragrance.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

The Game Intense Davidoff by ComaSaan 2015-03-27

I agree with the comment below, "great for smokers" was the first thing that popped in my head as well. I bought this sort of blind, actually in a rush, couldn't properly test this before buying.

I've been on the wagon for 7 months now and I assumed it would be more on the fruity side with a good sillage than the origanl. I was proven wrong. With the initail burst, i get a little citrusy fruitiness but then it dries fast into rich, deep, smokey and "oudy" scent. However, there is still the berry like smell in the background. For a brief moment I wished I had tried this 7 months ago.

Nonetheless, the compliments poured with this fragrance. Ladies love it!!

I believe this a well rounded fragrance, because you can really experience the transition of all the notes. This is a cold weather fragrance, but you can pull it off with minimal sprays in hot weather. Great for office too.

Scent: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10
Projection: 7.5/10

I like this more than any Britney Spears Fantasy version out there. I think I have tried every single one.

Naughty Remix really is a big musky vanilla frosted cupcake. It starts and ends sweet, like having dessert for dinner then having dessert. I enjoy it, but it is not in my top list of gourmands. Nice staying power. Decent projection. Funny campy bottle that reminds me of a Barbie doll accessory. But I don't mind it at all.

I have swapped or sold all of my Fantasy bottles. I started out liking them, then found I just wasn't drawn to them and that the dry downs were just not my style. I understand the charm of her fragrances. I have a bottle of Believe being shipped to me as I write this.

I have a sealed 1.7 oz. full bottle of this for swap. I am interested in Sarah Jessica Parker fragrances right now. Especially Twilight and Lovely. I am also interested in Glow After Dark or Deseo by J Lo.

(Side note: If anyone wants to PM me regarding my first swap on this site, I'd appreciate any instructions or advice. I was swapping with some super lovely people on makeup alley for a while till they moved the swapping to another site. I think I am going to be swapping in the USA only, unless someone can help me to figure out how to ship perfume outside the USA. The postal service has told me they will not take the package of perfume for shipment outside the country.)

Gold Sugar Aquolina by damightyheru 2015-03-27

So...Im a masculine guy and I know this scent is marketed to women but I also know when it comes to TRUE Gourmands its a free for ALL in our brave new world. This amazingly creamy edible frag is just further proof of that fact. Fellas...This is what is what Rochas Man should've been and If you are a fan of MJ legend this easily tops that too...Its one of the top 3 best Gourmand DESIGNER scents I've ever smelled and there is no doubt that this is a unisex scent. IM BLOWN AWAY...The majority of notes are also edible and the note most associated with women's perfumes in this frag, the Floral notes, are pushed waaaaaaaay in the back to an almost unnoticeable place. Trust me you won't think flowers after smelling this. Food isn't masculine or feminine, its food. If you can, do smell this scent. I like many of you was deciding on blind buying it and Im more than grateful I did.

Women are accustomed to very powerful, long lasting, performance monsters. So to them this scent wouldn't compare to other more dominating options she owns. But from a man's perspective this scent is almost A BEAST. It lasts on my skin 6-8 hours but projects for about 3-4 hours which for me is ideal. It leaves a scent cloud and many will notice you with this scent on. If it gets on your clothes you will catch wafts of it 12 hours later. It's also very versatile. It can be worn year round in weather not above 80 degrees. Feel free to apply this on cool summer nights. I can easily see men wearing this on a night out and for casual occasions with their significant other.

I can also see this being a scent men could layer also. Im curious what a little of this would smell like with a strong LEATHER scent like Tuscan Leather or La Yuqawam.

This is a definitely a hidden gem for men and outside the Fragrance community most women. If you've noticed, I haven't really discussed its price because in my opinion PRICE has nothing to do with smell...Great smelling designer scents like this out perform far more pricey scents in every way. If Bond sold this people would pay $150+ for it for sure...So, If you like sweet fragrances and you're into Gourmands, this may be your best blind buy in ages.


Perles De Lalique Lalique by Lovesmells 2015-03-27

Sounded good, real good, extremely good, and that’s the reason why I bought it. But to my humble nose (that does not have allergies or a cold at the moment), this is not cyphre, not Bulgarian rose, not voluptuous, not powdery, this is a bad mix of cedar?, patchouli? and some dried liquour left in the barrel. And, it does not last on my testing arm /wrist. Nothing develops here. As to the iso E super, it’s not blended well here and there’s definitely no “attraction” factor. I thought the iso E super is not really supposed to smell-I mix the iso E component with either alcohol or with other fragrances- and it is a “silent” note on me that others notice.
I know I am going to get thumbs down, no balloons :( but these notes are not there on me. I’ll probably place on a swap somewhere; it sounds as if others have a real good experience with this
p.s I have the Kenzo Jungle L'elefant. That smells like cloves not pepper. It is also very strong but it is sweeter than Les Perles. Kenzo is very strong when you first apply, almost repugnant but it does warm up and develop
Neither of these are for faint hearts

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by belgiumparfumlover 2015-03-27

One of my absulute favorites its so beautiful.
I like this one even more than the regular alien.
And It last so long time.
I cant live without this one.

Really special the new creation by Givenchy.
A warm and delicious jasmine in the Parfum and a sensual patchouli for tha Accord Illicite.
They have in common the feline leather accord. Love it!!
Both very long lasting, more the Accord Illicite.
If someone want to it easy, ask me, I do sending. I'm in italy.

Paris Hilton for Man Paris Hilton by Allen-at-home 2015-03-27

Sweet, yes, it starts out sweet: I immediately smell cantaloupe, which COULD be the cucumber and watermelon together. But then, it quickly turns sour; VERY sour. I don't notice any transition, just sweet and then sour. Cheap quality, not to mention the cheap name.

Womanity Eau pour Elles Thierry Mugler by belgiumparfumlover 2015-03-27

I love this perfume its so special and sexy!
It is a complex perfume and maybe its not for everyone but one of my favorites for sure.
I wear this mostly du ring the summer but i think you can wear It wwhenever you feel like It.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by Sasco 2015-03-27

OH, MAAAAN! I am so completely torn over this stuff (melodramatic? Moi?)! When I first got it (blind buy, after reading reviews on here), I absolutely lovvvved it. Those first few sprays and inhalations transported me to a world of marshmallow fluffiness; candy floss, cupcakes, softness, warmth, intimacy - all the best things in life. It's delicious, there's no denying it. I then wore it on an evening out with some other mothers from my son's nursery, and amongst the Chanels, the Pradas, the Guerlains and Givenchy's, I felt as though I'd turned up wearing the fragrance equivalent of denim shorts over tights, a crop-top and glittery eyeshadow - hell, we might as well throw in the infamous red heart-shaped sunglasses for good measure. I felt, in short, much like an elderly female sheep trying to smell like a much younger female sheep

Now I HATE age-branding perfumes; you wear what you like, and you like what you wear in my opinion, and as long as it's not making those around you sneeze and choke, then who cares? But this is sooo sweet, that I've now found myself using it solely for evenings in - shower, PJ's on and a generous spritz of heavenly vanilla goodness to curl up in. For women like myself who've crossed the thirty-something border and are having the same crisis of confidence with Pink Sugar, I definitely recommend checking out it's more sophisticated sister, Gold Sugar - still eat-your-arm-off sweet, but with an elegant edge.

Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette Burberry by Hipchick40 2015-03-27

I had tested this at Sephora and remembered liking it a lot so when I saw it for a great price, I took the bait. Wow! I didn't remember it all that well. I didn't like it, I loved it! On me, it is sweet from the get go. Vanilla and lime but also a very powdery almond, which is one if my favorite scents, I'm learning. I do like citrus elements but usually find them either overly screechy or somewhat too sweet and artificial. I can't stand either element. This is the perfect way to do citrus, imo, it's so wearable.
Today, Minnesota weather is sunny and cold, maybe low 30's F and j think I will enjoy it as this temp. But, I'm also hopeful it will be versatile with all kind of weather/seasons. It's a comforting scent without being weighted down. Perhaps the lime and pear balance out the vanilla and almond and my all seasons, all events dreams will come true! I haven't worn it long enough to comment on longevity, I'll return to update that, but I'd give it a moderate + on sillage. Two sprays is plenty.
So now, two Burberry's in (Burberry women and Brit EDT) I'm so happy to be familiarized with this house. Nummy all around!

Aire Sensual Loewe by belgiumparfumlover 2015-03-27

I love this perfume for me an absolute favorite when the Sun shines.
A very fresh and elegant perfume.
And It last a very long time.
i could recommand this one for a fresh and Classy summer sent

Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell by peferrarine 2015-03-27

This one reminds me of something that i can't quite put my finger on it. Also, there's so many notes that i can't get them separably.

First of all: sweetness. Not a cloying sugary one, but sweetness nonetheless. A spicy sweetness. The Pimento in this one gives me the same feeling that Crave (CK) - is important to note that they are not alike in any way, but the pepper mist that surrounds one, reminds me of the other one.

The caramel is VERY FAINT, nothing like Viva La Juicy, or Pink Friday or even Candy. Here, the caramel is very tamed, used to make you wanna sniff closer.

To me, a day and night kind of fragrance. Nothing groundbreaking or special, but not totally ordinary either.

Sillage is good for the first hour and a half, then becomes a nice vanilla skin scent.

A lovely green, aquatic smell.

A more armotic (green) version of the original Very Irresistible.

Perfect for non-formal wear.

Gold Sugar Aquolina by Sasco 2015-03-27

Deeeelicious! I've never tasted creme brulee but I sure want to now! This gorgeous fragrance starts out (on me) with pure creamy coconut and a hint of bright mandarin orange. It's so scrumptious I want to eat my arm off. As it dries down, the sandalwood and musk make a discreet appearance - and transform this from a scrumptious sugar-fest into something altogether more elegant and grown-up.

I love Pink Sugar, but I tend to wear it at the end of a long day - once I've showered and put my pyjamas on, I like to spritz PS for sheer comfort. I don't tend to wear it much outside the house just because, being almost forty, I am a little self-concious about it's unashamed sugary girlishness. It's gorgeous; but grown-up it aint. Gold Sugar is quite different (although you can tell they're related) - the drydown is definitely the more sophisticated of the two. Is it sexy? It's not an unashamedly sensual perfume, in my opinion, but it certainly coaxes the mind to drift off to tropical beaches and bare, sunkissed skin - and that IS kinda sexy, isn't it?

This was a blind buy; again thanks to the wonderful and detailed reviews on this site, and I went for the 100ml bottle - bit risky, as I had no idea if I'd like it.....and I'm so glad I did! This is a scrumptious, pretty and elegant little fragrance that belies it's absolute bargain price tag. Love it!

Versace L'Homme Versace by petranfx 2015-03-27

I blind buy this old dude and now i can tell my first impression of this stuff.I am 19 years old and i have test a lot of fragrances.Some people said that versace l'homme is a grandpa fragrance and dont buy it because is oldschool.Definetelly you can say tha is not like no other fragrance tha i have ever smelt beforw.But guys is manly,is unique,is romantic is one of the best fragrance tha i have ever smell.If you want to be unique and you want to smell manly but modern than you can try this.Is not for everyone but i am 19 years old and i have e balls to wear it.So give this a try guys ;)

This is really great.

A serious, elegant, Middle Eastern, spicy oud smell.

If you've ever been to a formal event in the Middle East, than you already have an idea of how Oud Noir smells like.

This is wonderful!

A must try for the oud fans.

This is the 1st Versace fragrance that I truly like enough to buy it.

Black Bvlgari by Dark-X 2015-03-27

A faint, mildly-sweet smell.

I find it hard to describe.

Definitely not a bad smell.

I can smell the vanilla note, & maybe a little amber, but I can't make out the other notes. I'm not sure of how leather smells, so that could be it & I fail to detect the green tea.

This a suite/tuxedo or a mature casual wear.

A little bit dreamy, may I say.

A pleasant smell.

A faint fragrance, that smells like a mix of spices & fruity notes with a touch of vanilla.

Smells like as if Van Cleef isolates the base notes of another fragrance & sold it as it's own smell.

Not a bad small, & is a safe one that is very unlikely to be disliked. It's also versatile, could be used almost anytime, any day.

It would be good to own along with other fragrances to use it occasionally.

Contradiction Calvin Klein by RobbieX 2015-03-27

Used to find this a little boring years ago. But now, I love it. My tastes have changed. Contradiction is a smooth, sweet delicious scent that has moderate to good potency and silage. It's fresh too and definitely not boring. The dry down evolves in to a smell which is a little like Photo (Lagerfeld). This is one of the greatest CK's by two great perfume creators.

Well, I love Un Air de First, and this one is a good sister. Here I find a little bit more jasmin, Aldehydes, Vanilla and Musk. Very fresh and easy to wear. For both teenagers and adult women. A keeper.

Tja, jag älskar Un Air de First och denna är en härlig syster. Här hittar jag lite mer Jasmin, aldehyder, Vanilj och Musk. Väldigt fräsch och lättburen. Funkar både för tonåringar och vuxna kvinnor. En självklar doft för våren. En vinnare

Le Bouquet de la Mariee Guerlain by henri345que 2015-03-27

Even that this one is not one of my favorites or one that has created on me the necessity of having it, Le Bouquet de La Mariée is in my vision a tipically Guerlain creation in all the possible senses.

The first one is the bridal theme, one that fits like a glove in the brand story, permeated of scented narratives related to love. The second one is a conjunction of classic notes used in the guerlain's signature accord, notes that em several concentrations and combinations have been presented on their creations, used to define the romantic and sensual side of their perfumes (here we find mainly orange blossom, vanilla and almonds). The third and forth sense by which i see this as tipically Guerlain is the recurrence of a certain formula, explored in all of its possible variations in fragrances that are limited in its distribution and tend to last as long as there is stock or interest, married with precious bottles and bigger prices.

Basically, Le Bouquet de La Mariée is the bridal version of the delicious Mon Precieux Nectar, a more bodied version which also references one of Guerlain Sur Measure creations from the past, one called Cute. It's a bridal bouquet where the main flower is the orange flower one, that gives hwere a sweet aroma with grape nuances and one that completes the sweetness comming from the almonds and vanilla. There is something green here that curiously reminds me of tuberose and that i suspect is the angelica; i think it's a interesting association because it cuts at the openning part of the sweetness and suggests, even that slightly, another white flower in the bridal boquet. I would say that jasmine and rose are used in a secondary way here, more to make the sugary white bouquet more harmonious.

A drawback in this composition is that the base is very simple, keeping the vanilla sweetness and adding it white creamy musks; For a luxury fragrance, the one of your special wedding day, it could have been more embellished, more stiking, something to stay on your memories of the bride as something special.

Finally, i can see very clearly (even that this could be easilly an unissex creation) a type of bride here: that one with delicate voice, sparkling eyes, sweet, of broad and infectious smile. But even for those, considering the benefit cost ration and the resemblance with the other i mentioned, i think it's totally possible to switch it for Mon Precieux Nectar on the most special day of your life.

Paris Hilton for Man Paris Hilton by JeffreyHan 2015-03-27

just bought and tried it today..
i do get the mango vibe on the first spray.. but, soon after 2 minutes, the mango notes turned into some bitter notes, is it true??

Pretty in Pink Pell Wall Perfumes by shushkin 2015-03-27

This is gorgeous! I can see the initial slight similarity with the Perfumers Workshop Tea rose. Its like a beautiful bouquet of garden flowers. I particularly like the rose, lily and lily of the valley in this. This fragrance is not overly sweet and again well balanced and true to these flowers fragrance. There is a delicious warm vanillary spiciness on the dry down. Really lovely.

Ange ou Demon Givenchy by Rielle 2015-03-27

Wow, this scent is hauntingly mesmerizing, especially in cool breeze. My new love, thanks Fragrantica Friends for introducing this beauty. I have over a 100 perfumes but this one really stands out. Starts with saffron and tonka bean and mellows into powdery flower vanilla. If you like this try Agent Provocateur Maitresse.

Temptress Harvey Prince by Olive2023 2015-03-27

I got my big spray bottle from a friend who did not like this scent. I love it, it's sweet and very pretty. I get the pumpkin, lavender, some floral notes and something deliciously sweet which may very well be the cupcake. Not very citrusy on me, the citrus note combines well with the others so it is not sharp at all. The first spray gives me that ripe pumpkin smell but within seconds it all blends well and I am left with this amazingly appealing scent. Very easy to wear, not complicated but still interesting. I'd say it's a gourmand-floral. Longevity is decent at about 4 hours on both my skin and clothes. Stays close to the skin after about 30 minutes. I feel upbeat and happy wearing it.

Green Carnation Pell Wall Perfumes by shushkin 2015-03-27

I like this. So vibrant and invigorating. If it was sweeter I would say that the ladies would love it as well. I love carnation and clove notes but it seems they have been commandered by the men. The initial blast is all clove, carnation and mandarin. If this does not wake you up then nothing will!
I swear I fleetingly can even detect banana! The dry down is mandarin, clove, nutmeg, musk, oak moss and ambergris.

Artemis Pell Wall Perfumes by shushkin 2015-03-27

It might be listed for men but to me it is definitely unisex. It has enough warmth and sweetness for us ladies to enjoy. I grow artemisia and the fragrance is very true to life. So fresh, so vibrant. Theres pepperiness from the freesia, blackcurrant and pink pepper. The tea note is dry. The green mandarin and mint help to make it pop and largely remain through out. The drydown is warm peppery woodiness. I love it.

Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by noseyboysniffy 2015-03-27

Sourly suffocating! Unpleasant! Scrubbed it off! My nose couldn't handle it, it was as if I powdered down some incense sticks, cinnamon and cloves, mixed them up, placed the powder on a mirror table and snorted it like cocaine. The blood vessels in my nose and eyes felt as though they were going to rupture, I didn't get ANY rose at all and I couldn't stop sneezing and no I didn't get it online, I bought it at Saks 5th Ave. so I know it was legit.

Artisan Acqua John Varvatos by nonsisa 2015-03-27

As nicely as the Toscanol molecule looks, what you'll experience from it will be something soap like.

Artisan Acqua definately makes you smell molto pulito.

This divests the normally so boring aquatic scents and sets a new standard of what is possible within this genre.

The only downside is that it dries down with a little bit of Norlimbanol.

Its not like a mansion in Tuscany but rather a walk in its sourroundings.

Bon voyage.

Geir Ness for Men Geir Ness by wesleyhclark 2015-03-27

I tried some of this in the Norway store at EPCOT; sprayed some on my arm. I didn't like it at all because it's way too floral for me.

When I got to the Italian section at EPCOT, the guy at the fragrance section sprayed the other arm with a sweep of Prada Infusion d'Homme. I bet you could smell me coming from a mile away that day.

Gucci Eau de Parfum Gucci by Kristina25 2015-03-27

I'm in love! Spicy, smoky, vanillic gorgeousness wrapped in soft beautiful leather. It's a gem of a soft oriental and it's a travesty that this has been discontinued. This is so seductive and womanly yet it's cosy and comforting. A winter warmer for sure! Perfect for evening wear and cocktail parties . I can see it being a head turner and impressing men and women alike.

This is what Gucci should smell like. It should be their signature fragrance. It's a fragrance for sensual, classy women who know how to enjoy themselves. And that's how I feel wearing it.

Halston Z14 Halston by Marand75 2015-03-27

If you do not like cinnamon stay well clear of this.
It's leather and cinnamon. Mostly cinnamon. Lots of cinnamon.
I like it.

Cap d'Antibes EIGHT & BOB by nonsisa 2015-03-27

Cap d'Antibes is a fresh violet that enters the realm of Cool Water & GIT.

What you get is like a breeze from the Ocean punctuated by flowery as well as some green notes.

The mint is also there and plays it well in the background.

Humongously Cap-tivating.

Hommage a l'homme Voyageur Lalique by E-Jam Q 2015-03-27

I bought this frag.Because I find The encre noir too strong.This is more my kinda scent.Yes it tend to smell glueish in the first 10+ minutes but after that it,s super cool.8/10 for my taste.

Patchouli Molinard by beep_beep 2015-03-27

Earthy Patchouli. Very linear and very boring. Doesn't worth the price.

Carbone de Balmain Pierre Balmain by E-Jam Q 2015-03-27

Balmain; Carbone is a scent that is uplifting,Fresh,sharp and masculine of course.The idea that it's confident smooth.makes you feel like you can concur any obstacle.7/10 for my rating.

Rose de Nuit Serge Lutens by Readysniffer1 2015-03-27

Alas, no.

04 Reverie au Jardin Tauer Perfumes by Rene007 2015-03-27

very bad one! also can not use it as a room spray

Beyond Love By Kilian by 9154mf 2015-03-27

Rich opulent tuberose!

B. Balenciaga Balenciaga by Kristina25 2015-03-27

I've been waiting for the young, modern and impossibly cool Alexander Wang to release a perfume and he hasn't disappointed! If you're familiar with his designs then this will make sense to you. It's clean, woodsy, soft and I agree with Gamme82 - it reminds me of aromatherapy.

It reminds me of something a very stylish Japanese lady would wear while strolling around Paris. It has a rather androgynous quality to it but it doesn't detract from the feminine "perfumey" overall feel. l find it quite warm and reminiscent of fresh, fluffy hotel towels.

I get mainly Cashmere wood and edamame beans but it's very well blended and the notes make a very good marriage. If I were to describe it in one word it would be "chic".

Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère Rochas by jasminegreentea 2015-03-27

Finally managed to get hold of a bottle, the notes sounded gorgeous BUT sorry to disappoint its awful, the only thing I can smell is OUD and then only for about an hour, after that an awful smell of chlorine. Bought this because luca turin gave an excellent review, which just confirms my thoughts on the subject of smell, it is purely subjective. I suppose if you like the smell of Oud then you might like this, but if you after a complex fragrance with all the notes arising this is not the perfume for you.

Alien Sunessence EDT Legere Thierry Mugler by eliasradiance 2015-03-27

excellent , very very similar to Alien EDT , the jasmine is less edgy but it exist , there is some kind of moist fresh grass scent in it .

Bubble Gum Les Petits Plaisirs by plumblossom 2015-03-27

A very realistic smell of bubble gum,pleasant,for little girls or teenager !

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules by mainaman 2015-03-27

I heard of Molecule 01 while watching fragrance reviews online. Decided to try a sampler and the Iso E Super solution that can be gotten online. First, to me both smell the same, no difference whatsoever. I get woody mainly cedar note, I have worked with cedar a bit and Molecule 01 smells exactly the same to me. I read that many can't smell the frag after the first ten or so minutes, I am not one of them. I can smell it all the time on me as a skin scent, that does not mean it does not project on me, just have not worn it enough yet to get reactions from others.
I experimented layering Molecule 01 with other frags, Allure Homme Sport, YSL La Nuit De L'homme, Dior Homme Sport, Ambroxan (Molecule 02). I got excellent results in longevity and performance, for me YSL and Dior Homme Sport last ~5 hours on my skin, with Molecule 01 I got in the 8-10 hr range.
For me Molecule 01 is worth buying, but I would definitely go with a few samplers first before a commitment to a bottle.

Nice scent, only just nice. My reason for this is that the scent is very synthetic but still quite pleasant. One could wear it during any type of weather because its fresh and sweet with a tad bit of spice to it but like I said the synthetics always sticks its neck out whether it be in the opening or the dying end.

Price wise this is very reasonable. I suggest one should use this at gym because it's non offensive and has a decent smell to it that will still draw a woman to you whilst sweating at your worst lol.

Scent: 5/10 (Nothing original/unique)
Versatility: 9/10 (anywhere, anytime, any season)
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
Sillage: 7/10

L'Acquarossa Elixir Fendi by Kristina25 2015-03-27

I will get this perfume. Whatever the cost may be. I will fight on the beaches and on the landing grounds. I will fight in the fields and on the streets. I will fight in the hills...I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!

Wanted Jesse McCartney by TassieDk 2015-03-27

I like this one. It's a bit sharp at first, but then it mellows down. It's light, fresh, fruity and a bit sharp. It lasts a while too. It's sillage is medium. Its longevity is good. I sprayed it on, did my exercises and took a ride on my exercise bike, and Wanted wafted off my arm. It smelled alright. I showered and it still lingered. I guess that says a lot. LOL. Usually, I can wash the perfume right off, but this time I couldn't. Not that I mind it, though. :)

Chanel N°5 Chanel by victoria.mei1992 2015-03-27

I tried this maybe 4 years ago. At first it smelled like nail polish, similar to hypnose lancome. But after smell became more soft. Can't remember that specific smell what it was like, but I know that I liked it. I want to test it again.

Chapeau Bleu Marina Picasso by rossiniopera 2015-03-27

What an unusual and lovely fragrance!

Complex, but not heavy; it feels rather airy and transparent, with lots of osmanthus and peach. And there is something in there that immediately felt very familiar, something that reminded me very much of summer... Then I suddenly realized what it was: home made elderflower lemonade. I pick flowers of black elder every summer, cover them with sliced lemon and pour boiling water on top. After 2-3 days I pour it through a strainer and add sugar. This perfume reminds me of this whole lemonade process; from the fresh, sharp, nearly sweaty-smelling flowers in my garden, to the juicy lemon and then finally the sweet, slightly green and peach-like aroma of the cool lemonade served in a glass.

So to me, Chapeau Bleu really is summer in a bottle...

Red Roses Jo Malone by landshark321 2015-03-27

Described as a blend of seven roses, Red Roses does not disappoint in that respect. It's a fresh, light, slightly green composition of roses that seems quite natural, as is generally the case with the Jo Malone offerings. The other notes that I can detect (mint, mainly) are definitely overwhelmed by the roses, and are likely incorporated primarily to keep it fresh, rather than create a blended effect.

It leans slightly feminine but could probably work for a man (though not as well as other rose-based fragrances like Tom Ford Cafe Rose or Noir de Noir, or even Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud), so its lightness makes it also lean slightly to warmer weather, and probably for the day rather than night.

As with the other Jo Malone colognes, Red Roses lacks in both projection and longevity but still comes at a hefty price, so I won't be opting for a bottle, but would certainly recommend this to any interested in a fresh rose smell.

7 out of 10

Versace Pour Homme Versace by LerouxC 2015-03-27

A very pleasant clean and fresh citrus smell. Nothing to write home about because there are countless other fresh smelling scents that could top this one.

I have a average to semi moist skin type and a medium dark skin tone. On my skin type this juice lasts 5 hours and then one needs to re-apply in order to keep the scent at a constant. Projection is average at best and so is the sillage.

Not a bad scent for its buck. I would say use this for summer because its fresh and non offensive.

For the record this scent cannot lace the boots of Chanel Allure Homme Sport/Extreme.

Omnia Indian Garnet Bvlgari by Fragrantnatic 2015-03-27

This smells citrus good at initial spray, but after half hour it has complete evolve to nothing.. sad, the sillage is so weak. Sorry, it just didn't work for me..

Moschino Forever Sailing Moschino by fisken23 2015-03-27

My female co-workers love it...

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by HebaD'Opium 2015-03-27

Surprisingly on me, it doesn't give off a 'sweet' feel at all.
First off, I want to say that this perfume is delightful. Suitable for spring and summer in my opinion.
Even though I seldom liked sweet and fruity fragrances, they're slowly growing on me and this one doesn't feel as sweet on me as it is somewhat fruity.

It open (on me) with a hint of sweetness, fruity sweet not sweet sweet, definitely the pear and that almost tarty orange note. What impressed me in this perfume is how the mandarin is consistent and is still lingering there in the dry down.
My general impression of it is very unlike the one mentioned up in the notes, cause after a while it just feels green, a bit powdery and the patchouli is doing wonders for this baby.
It's very fun and perfect if you spritz this before going to the beach however I think a person could pull it off regardless of the surroundings, it's a pretty fragrance.

I own a sample of this and I think for me it's enough.
I'm writing this review because the perfume somewhat surprised me, I didn't expect a "jimmy choo" perfume to be worth the try. I know, awful of me to think that but it's true (I don't even try "celebrity" perfumes). So, point is just try the perfume no matter what "category" it falls under. I never gave it a try till the salesman just threw in some samples and that was one of them. I think if it weren't for the sample, I wouldn't have given this perfume the light of day.
So, next time I go into a perfume store and the salesman offers me to try a celebrity perfume or a perfume that -seems- less worthy, I might just try it instead of refusing and making a weird face.

Back to the perfume, unfortunately on me it doesn't last long at all, a couple of hours so I'm guessing that if I owned a bottle it'd be finished in no time. The sillage is not that strong, when i sprayed it I didn't even feel it in the room. I can barely smell it on me to be honest.
All in all, not a bad perfume.
Btw, I had flowerbomb and this doesn't resemble it in any way.

Fracas Robert Piguet by moonprismpower 2015-03-27

fracas is one of a few perfumes that could bring me to tears
for several hours, loud, wet, green tuberose plays around with the other white flowers, it's one of the most hyper realistic floral perfumes out there.
the drydown is vanillic, but not powdery, candied, narcotic, skin. yes. the sweet, clean yet dirty smell of a baby's fat, soft, rosy cheeks. it could make me cry. fracas, on me, is the scent of a baby angel's skin.

This frag. is clean and well blended.Great for the casual wearer. the notes are nicely balanced throughout.
Very professional.I enjoy this, reminds me a bit of Joop! pour homme.

L'Acquarossa Elixir Fendi by Scentmad 2015-03-27

I don't just WANT this, I have to have it, end of.

Versace Woman Versace by Briarthorn 2015-03-27

This opens with a powdery, sweet berry accompanied by a bergamot bite that quickly fades. Under the berry there is a hint of lotus. This opening surprises me. I was expecting something much different when I looked at the bottle. The opening settles on the skin rather quickly and within fifteen minutes the opening has faded, and we are fully in the heart.

The heart is the star of this scent. There is a rich, dark wood that comes out and adds a deep mysterious element to the sweet berries. The berries are now touched by a rose and there is less powder than in the opening. The lotus isn't noticeable now. The wood here is worth noting. I think it's the main thing that makes this scent stand out. The wood is very cedar-like but it has a slightly citrusy quality to it while at the same time it's dark and even a tad broody. It balances out the bright sweetness of the rosy berries nicely

The dry down hits after about two hours. It's a soft amber touched musk. Very basic, nothing out of the box, nothing really worth noting. The scent is completely gone after about 4-5 hours.

Overall this scent is short lived, but nice to experience while it's here. The wood used in this composition is really the most interesting part of this scent, and is the one thing that saves this scent from being completely forgotten about in the halls of "eh, boring". I believe that the horrid bottle is quite deceptive and not at all a reflection of the scent inside.

B. Balenciaga Balenciaga by anamalia 2015-03-27

i dont like this fragrance, smells very commercial and alot like kenzo flower in the air. it is sweet, and while the notes look fresh it is more of a sweet freshness. i thought it would have been more green and unisex but its very girly despite the cedar

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by 49424 2015-03-27

The kind of scent you would wear on a warm summer's day with a white linen shirt. Clean, classy and expensive smelling, it is a shame that longevity and sillage do not do justice to the otherwise well balanced and fragrant composition of this YSL offering.

Regardless of the reviews below, I do enjoy this very much. This scent is pleasant and like the original it's much more appealing.It's a complement getter; and for nights out, is best to use if you don't need to draw attention.For those purposes I use other fragrances.This is by far a better scent than D&G light blue.or "the one".Don't get me wrong I like D&G the one.But it lacks longevity.This on the other hand is a eau de parfum with a projection and longevity up to 12-16+ hours.8/10 for my rating.

Rose The One Dolce&Gabbana by victoria.mei1992 2015-03-27

Drydown is very strong sandal. On clothes it stayed about 6 days already and it's not gonna go enywhere.

Fiori di Capri Carthusia by MoreScentsThanDollars 2015-03-27

Yes loving this sample, I totally agree with ancaan's review, This is very much the same as 24 Faubourg, So much so, If you have one, you not need the other. <3

The Game Davidoff by Minayounan 2015-03-27

it's similar to Ch men but intense .

New York 1955 4160 Tuesdays by becuille 2015-03-27

A sweet, fruity, sherbety concoction. It's a little too sweet for my personal taste, but my daughter loves it and it's beautiful on her.

I'd love to know what was used to give the candy floss (or cotton candy as it's called in America) effect because it's very realistic. The opening smells just like the candy floss stall at the funfair.

The raspberry is very prominent and the violets heighten the sweetness. I don't notice much rose.

The vanilla dry down is lovely and creamy and takes things from pick-n-mix candy to ice cream candy.

Longevity is around 8 hours and the sillage is moderate.

If you love sweet/fruity perfumes, you're on to a winner here. It's very reasonably priced and doesn't smell at all like the million other sweet/fruity scents out there.

Ambre Russe Parfum d`Empire by Denoula 2015-03-27

My first thought on spraying this was that it had something peculiar about it. To my surprise, I identified the vodka note. The cinnamon is quite noticeable too, as is a pleasing powderiness. Not keen on the fruitiness but overall I like it.

Couture La La Juicy Couture by lilymama22 2015-03-27

smells like a lemon scented dish detergent to me :( shame, i think the bottle is sooo cute!

Dior Homme Eau for Men Christian Dior by ShiveringTimber 2015-03-27

As of March 26, 2015, the Dior site does still have this Eau on their site. Go to the Dior Homme line, then you should see it.

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Katy Perry by lilymama22 2015-03-27

First of all, can we just take a minute to appreciate how pretty the bottle looks :3. It's such a good one for a celeb scent and I don't think the cap is that cheap as someone said. Back to the fume, the opening smells like a bunch of purple-ish berries, which is quite similiar to the original one, but less deep and more fruity. The fluffy berry scent holds on to the ending. I don't smell too much of patchouli in this actually. It's a very soft fruity scent from the opening till the end. It has less edge than the original one but it's of course more wearable and suitable for warmer weather. Something in the drydown of the original one puts me off (i can't quite figure it out :@ but i am guessing the excessive praline of it).
BTW, as a big fan of the band Queen, I had always felt like i need to own this XD and the name doesn't sound tacky at all to me of course, it's awesome :D

I don't hate this one, but this is not intense, this is not dark. "Dark", seriously??
This is a light acuatic and synthetic lavander, a little boring and at least, suspect quality.

I must say that this seems better than HORRIBLE "Pour Homme" sold today.

Good longevity with moderate-low sillage.

Only this. :)

The Scent of Peace for Him Bond No 9 by noseyboysniffy 2015-03-27

2 words, BEAST MODE!

Harajuku Lovers G Harajuku Lovers by Love_heart 2015-03-27

Ok so this is coconut and plastic dolls ! Seriously Malibu barbie ! Plastic is what I can smell ! No thanks

I Fancy You Jessica Simpson by Love_heart 2015-03-27

So u know when u have a single cup of water u just finished and maybe u squirt a little bit of dishwashing liquid in it to think u will give it a quick rinse ...well that's what this smells like watery clear dish liquid !! I sprayed so much of it and no one could smell it unless I shoved my wrist under my nose :/

Facets Avon by SorceressOfTheDark 2015-03-27

Avon Facets, circa 1988, is definitely a throwback to when perfumes were real perfumes, when real ingredients were used, when perfumes smelled strong and bodacious. It’s womanly and not for someone looking for a body mist full of fruit and bubblegum. It’s full of wonderful notes of oakmoss, leather, amber, incense and sandalwood that unfold as the hours go by as you sniff your wrist and you’re surprised as each layer unfolds. To reiterate, it’s a real perfume.
It lingers. It reminds you what perfume should be. It’s a classic scent that makes you want to dress elegantly and put up your hair. It reminds you of going out to dinner in a nice restaurant instead of a chain that advertises on tv. Is it old-fashioned? No. It’s just refined.
My bottle is from a box dated 1988 and is a faceted glass with a blue sapphire top that is really quite pretty. The eau de cologne surprisingly lasts for hours and a few sprays is enough to let others know you’re wearing it. It’s creaminess is beautifully done. Facets is a graceful perfume, sophisticated in a quiet way.

London Burberry by ktyhan 2015-03-27

Nice and elegant... plus decent lasting power. LOVE
My 5 yr old keeps sniffing around me, HAHA

1996 Inez & Vinoodh Byredo by K1 2015-03-27

1996 is a perfect perfume, all the notes are measured and balanced in appropriate volume. The layers are masterly edge-faded overlapped.
From the opening 1996 makes marvels. It exhibits a mass-pleaser tangy smell pattern of juniper berries and pepper emerging tonic/gin cocktail smell, twisted with unusual creamy orris that provide intriguing semi-aquatic/leafy splash to the opening. Orris underlines every single element and attribute all to the main theme in an enchained integrity.
Beside orris which rules for the opening and the heart layers, vanilla and amber are prominent and responsible for the base. The leather is pretty infused by this duet.
1996, both on skin and paper blotter, is satisfyingly strong in both longevity and sillage, It's stable till the end with more than arm length projection. But with these all, 1996, is not a perfume for everyone and every skin. It's of those hate-or-love perfumes (hate-or-dislike is a better phrase)!

I seriously can't understand the hate on this one ! :)

It is what its suppose to be. Intense version of original. And it does live upto that name, 'Intenso'. Darker, Stronger, mysterious and sexier. 1-2 puff is all you would need on winter night date .

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by shivabglr 2015-03-27

Just when the lavender and cardamom are starting to seduce me, the spices kick in and this unique scent starts to smell like indian food.

It does have a certain heaviness that makes it suitable for night wear, but it doesn't smell romantic like Dior Homme/Home Intense.

Not great sillage or longevity, unless sprayed heavily.

Unique smell, but pretty weak like most designer scents.

For that matter, Voyage Hermes could be a great alternative as it's stronger and imho smells better.

Calyx Clinique by dsty 2015-03-27

(re-adding this here now that the new version was added to the DB)

Calyx is a fruity floral that's anything but typical, and it was a favourite of mine this summer. It has a lot going on, too much to be expected to be good really, and it's not subtle at all, but somehow it works, and very well too.

The opening is extremely green, very soapy and quite sharp (although I don't think it dips over into harsh territory). It catches the attention at once, because it's not what you'd expect from a fruity floral at all. Later it mellows down, it becomes more and more fruity sweet as time goes by, really delicious. Still, that unique soapy accord stays (more subtly) present throughout, preserving the interesting and instantly recognizable character of Calyx.
I've always thought of this as a grapefruit scent, but I don't really know why. After all, there are about a hundred notes, and although the ones listed here are still for the Prescriptives version I suspect it's about the same for the current Clinique version. So it's difficult to pick out anything distinctly; you get an impression of the mix, which contributes to the fragrance's charm that is a little old-fashioned in character.

The Beat Burberry by Kain 2015-03-27

Burberry fragrances are usually good and easy like. "Burberry Brit for Women" is one of the most beautiful and loveable creations that I've tested in the world of women fragrances and now lets talk about this one!

This is a very good and safe choice for spring and summer. a fragrance with very pleasing fresh fruity scent that lasts good amount of time on your skin to feel refreshed all day long.

At the opening I can smell a fresh fruity scent with lots of pink pepper, a little bit of floral notes and very mellow sweetness in the background.
The fruity scent feels very fresh, but not in citrusy way. to my nose smells more like peach or apricot but very watery along with some green feeling.
The pink pepper here is strong (just like her brother The Beat for Men) and if you like pepper you will definitely enjoy it. there is a little bit of sweetness and some floral notes at the opening as well to make scent more charming.

In the mid pink pepper settles down and fruity scent gets a little stronger and a little sweeter, but still very watery and fresh.

In the base I can smell pretty the same smell but it seems the pepper note comes back again and gets stronger against the mid.
If you don't like pepper don't blind buy this!
Projection is below average at the start but it gets better in the mid and base and longevity really surprised me with around 8 hours which is really nice for a summery scent!

عطرهای برند بوربری معمولا عطرهای ساده و خوشبو و دوست داشتنی هستن. بوربری بریت زنانه یکی از خوشبوترین و جذابترین عطرهای زنانه ای هست که من شخصا تاحالا تست کردم و حالا نوبت به دومین تجربه من از عطرهای زنانه این برند میرسه

یه عطر خیلی خوشبو و دوست داشتنی که گزینه خیلی خوبی برای بهار و تابستون هست. یه عطر خیلی شاداب و میوه ای که پخش بو و ماندگاری خوبی داره و باعث میشه در طول روز بوشو قشنگ حس کنین و شاداب و سرحال تون میکنه

رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با بوی خنک و شاداب میوه ای به همراه مقدار زیادی فلفل صورتی شروع میشه. کمی رایحه گلها و کمی رایحه های شیرین هم به مشام میرسن
رایحه میوه ای با اینکه اینجا چند تا نت مرکباتی ذکر شده اما اصلا بوی مرکباتی من حس نمیکنم! بوی شاداب میوه ای به نظر من بویی شبیه به هلو یا زردآلو یا همچین چیزی داره منتها خیلی شاداب و آبکی هست و یه حس سبز هم میشه در کنارش احساس کرد
رایحه فلفل صورتی کاملا حس میشه و شروع عطر رو تند و تیز و فلفلی میکنه که شخصا خیلی دوست دارم. اگر بوی فلفلی دوست داشته باشین به طور حتم ازش لذت میبرین اما اگر دوست نداشته باشین که خوب جای خود داره! کمی رایحه های شیرین بصورت خیلی ضعیف و کمی هم رایحه گلها رو میشه در کنار این دو تا حس کرد که بوی عطر رو دوست داشتنی تر میکنن

تو رایحه میانی بوی عطر همونه منتها فلفل به مراتب ملایمتر میشه و رایحه میوه ای قویتر و شیرینتر ولی همچنان اون حس شاداب و آبکی خودشو حفظ میکنه

تو رایحه پایه بازم بوی عطر همونه اما انگار فلفل صورتی مجددا هوس میکنه برگرده و دوباره عرض اندامی کنه! تو رایحه پایه بوی فلفلی قویتر از میانی هست و شخصا پیشنهاد میکنم اگر بوی فلفلی دوست ندارین به هیچ وجه این عطر رو بدون تست نخرین
پخش بوش اولش خیلی کمه اما یه مقدار که میگذره خیلی بهتر میشه و ماندگاریش هم حسابی منو غافلگیر کرد. 8 ساعت برای یه عطر شاداب تابستونی رقم خیلی خوبیه

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by 2015-03-26

Rating this 1-10
i will honestly say this is a solid 9.2

Reminds me of my first cologne I purchased @ a Dillards called
Gucci homme II.
Explode on the scene with this frag . I find it to be a great all year smell if you don't get trigger happy in the summer you will make a great aroma.
my only wish is for it to last a bit longer but ladies love this, Must own

Kelly Caleche Hermes by Linipie 2015-03-26

Good Heavens! This smells EXACTLY like the inside of my Nonnas' handbag when I was little! I don't get grapefruit at all, I get leather,lace hankie, lipstick & powder compact....maybe memory embroidering there, but very very nice.

Eau de Pamplemousse Rose Hermes by possumke 2015-03-26

Hi Everyone,
just thought that I would inform the people who are so disappointed in the weakness of this Edc, that Pamplemousse Rose DOES come in an EDT version, it is called CONCENTRE de PAMPLEMOUSSE ROSE.
Fragrantica should add it into the data base.

Her Money Liquid Money by DJJellyBean 2015-03-26

I'm thinking about ordering this one... hopefully if I do a review will be coming. Another hope is that it will smell like money and not just smell like a boring fruity floral.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Jaradona 2015-03-26

Yup, it is one of the greatest of scents no kidding, shame is that the longevity performs this manner:(
I love both this one and l'homme parfum intense the most of l'homme series, and both perform the same way.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Jo Malone by sukanya.oa 2015-03-26

First time,i wear it. I smell fresh and bitter in the top note.after that this fragrance was surround about me.

This smells nice but as mentioned, very poor performance. Some citrus with a little spice and a little woods that does not last more than 2 hours. I thought maybe my bottle went bad as I bought this years ago but my speculation has been confirmed.

Baroque Bleu Stacked Style by fyrewoman 2015-03-26

I do get the coconut note from this. When i recieved my pkg in the mail i smelled a reminiscent of Michael of Michael Kors just from taking my sealed box out of the padded envelope. The grass note makes it dirtier. Sillage is significantly less than Michael. I get the mixture of gardenia,rose and tuberose mixed with grassy coconut. Nice.

Lalique White Lalique by AquaCitrus 2015-03-26

Wow!! What a "stand apart from the crowd" citrus fragrance. I just got my 125ml bottle yesterday (a blind buy) and am loving this. Lalique White absolutely shines in the first 3 hours of spraying on. The notes are Lemon Tree Leaves, Calabrian Bergamot, White Pepper, Guatemalan Cardamom, White Amber and Musks. Initially its a fresh citrus blast, but totally different from the usual suspects on the market and it always maintains a classy woody undertone throughout.On my skin I'm not getting a prominent pepper note but its an equal battle between the lemon tree leaves, bergamot and cardamom. There is a brief period in the 2nd act when I get a 7UP like vibe followed by a "make up kit" note. The last bit is the famously talked about "pencil shavings" note (but lovely). Longevity is not great, I'm getting 6 hours on my skin and will edit this review when I get compliments for sure. What I love about Lalique White is how unique it smells. A special thanks to YouTube users Kristo and Greggieboy for bigging this up! And its such a steal on

Girlfriend Justin Bieber by pixiewinks 2015-03-26

Immediately detected the strawberry and jasmine on initial spray, and develops into some kind of tarty floral.
It's a pretty standard fragrance, youthful, you would expect it to be.
Nothing that really makes me want to smell myself over and over.
Slightly cloying & synthetic and a bit to young for me personally but overall a decent perfume.
scent: 6.5
packaging: 6

Fame Lady Gaga by Circuit FAiry 2015-03-26

I sampled Fame a few weeks ago and my first impression was that its opening was nice and familiar. I couldn't put my finger on it. Until I cycled to TF Velvet Orchid. It has a very similar opening though of course it is not as lovely and complex as TF VO. After Fame goes through its dry down the honey, apricot and orchid scent remains with a tinge touch of spiciness and smokey notes.

Overall, Fame is nice, and for the price I suppose you can afford multiple applications. If you like Fame and are looking for a more refined long last juice I suggest to give TF Velvet Orchid a try.

Sillage: 3/5
Longevity: 2.5/5
Package: Ok somewhat clunky but interesting nonetheless.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by the_badger 2015-03-26

Thanks for the tips! I still like it, what I ended up doing is carrying an travel atomizer with me to refresh every 4 hours or so.

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by CycoEva 2015-03-26

The dry down is nice, and young women compliment me on it. However, all Juicy fragrances are manufactured by COTY (of vanilla fields fame) so that's a let down. Also their highest selling stats are from the CVS chain. So don't expect great quality.

Love Me Victoria`s Secret by YunitaArien 2015-03-26

I have this but the body mist. I fell in LOVE! This is sweet, warm but fresh at the same time. Mood lifting and just nice! Such a basic scent but with a little sexy spark in it. I bought two full bottles straight up! As I would take this whenever I go to the gym, sweet and yummy scent! I dont like the perfume, I hate the bottle. For perfume, I would rather go and spend my money for something more sophisticated like Flowerbomb or Prada candy. But the body mist...... YES.

En Tendre House of Matriarch by pravda48 2015-03-26

Wow. This is the most beautiful, realistic sandalwood, ever. Equal parts soft warm spicy, soft woody, and just a touch soapy, like very fine milled soaps. Smells just like a real sandalwood fan my mom once brought me as a souvenir. I don't get the rose but I'll keep it just for being the best spiced sandalwood I've encountered!

AB Spirit Lomani by jmray93 2015-03-26

It has a lotion vibe of florals, a bit woodsy if any, and very creamy. Like basically spraying lotion on myself. Very niche and the quality of scent is very high, surprisingly! 7/10 from me and for the price, you cannot go wrong for a blind buy.

Eau des Merveilles Hermes by CycoEva 2015-03-26

One of my favs for many years, very much like salt water from the beach and fine suede. No florals in this at all. Unfortunately Hermes has become a hood trend, thus has been ruined for me. And all mystery has dissipated. I like to be first, I hate to be last, or a follower. I will no longer buy Hermes fragrance's.

Sova Slumberhouse by miracleborgtech 2015-03-26

Love it! Gorgeous clean herbal hay smell. If you have ever been in the country when they are baling new hay - this is the scent! Looked at the reviews after my first impression, and I can kind of get the rum raisin scent too. Really nice!

Reve d'Escapade Givenchy by Waldina80 2015-03-26

If you love Ange out Demon Le Secret, you will probably like this.

I found the opening too spicey, and wrote it off.

However, the dry down is devine.

I was in the parking lot, about to get into the car, and leave without this bottle & sniffed my wrist one last glad I did, as I have been lusting over this one. Picked it up for $50 Canadian @ duty free, so tax free as well.

Envy Gucci by CycoEva 2015-03-26

I'm a tad annoyed of all the reviews on this page for "Envy Me" .... we are talking about "Envy". The Original, this should be a nostalgic tribute page to "Envy by Gucci". "Envy Me" is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT perfume.

La Religieuse Serge Lutens by ranchorita 2015-03-26

If you like the jasmine accord but usually find it too cloying in perfume, La Religieuse may be the jasmine fragrance for you. I found it pretty, and pretty light. Jasmine can make me feel a little green around the gills, but this version is not too overpowering. That said, it's not my favorite Lutens by a mile. I'd recommend this for someone who wants a low-key version of jasmine.

Envy Gucci by CycoEva 2015-03-26

This was one of my ATF's, whats up Gucci? Why did you discontinue this? I think it was too expensive to manufacture, as newer perfumes are all synthetics. I enjoyed smelling like a fresh cut vine and I've been heartbroken for many years! Don't be a sucker and buy "Gucci Envy" online as those are all FAKES. Gucci STOPPED manufacturing Envy in 2002, so if you do find an authentic bottle it would be at least 13 years old, and unlike wine, perfumes don't always get better with age.

Loverdose Diesel by CycoEva 2015-03-26

This is my current favorite and I'm out. Sephora no longer sells it locally. I will have to find it on ebay I guess, and hope I don't get a fake. I'm not a fan of the brand "Diesel", I just love this scent.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by CycoEva 2015-03-26

Without reading the notes I'm hit with WARM SWEET CIGARS(TOBACCO)AND CHOCOLATE and a hint a sweet cream. Once I read the notes; Coffee, White Flowers, Vanilla. I get it, I could sorta smell the coffee now. I don't smell any floral at all. I'm perplexed, I like it. But I don't love it yet. Maybe best suited for a winter scent.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent review by cyco eva March 2015

L`Homme Sport Yves Saint Laurent by djews 2015-03-26

Possibly the best in the l'homme line. This one is right up there!
Wow! All the hate for such a beautiful fragrance. No projection? No staying power? Yeah... ok. Some people must take A DAMN LOT to impress! That's all I can say...

Fantasy Britney Spears by jeelove92 2015-03-26

i did a blind buy on this from a selling app because it was so cheap for the 1.7oz size, and tons of people on youtube have raved about this and i seen on here that it has good reviews as well. i expected a more vanilla-y, sweet scent. it is sweet and vanilla scented, but i also find it has a powdery note? i also find that it smells like a sweeter, less strong version of escape's magnetism. not sure if my scent has begun to go bad because i didn't buy it brand new. overall, it is nice, but not a total fave.

Eros Pour Femme Versace by CycoEva 2015-03-26

First i'm hit really hard with citrus, then it drys down into sweet indian spices. Really really odd!!!

Versace Eros Pour Femme review by cyco eva

The medusa on the bottle doesn't mean or signify anything in particular as per this fragrance. The medusa is the official house of Versace logo. Its also on their sunglasses, clothing tags, and most perfumes in one way of another. Sometimes Versace will use a sun, moon, or a lion (sorta like the anne klien lion) but the medusa is their official logo, as well as those interlocking squares that are the boarder frame on this bottle.

Encre Noire Lalique by BroomRider28 2015-03-26

Ink + hairspray + skunk = Encre Noire.
Unique ? Of course it is ... but in a most unpleasant way :)

A*Men Pure Energy Thierry Mugler by cyberzigot 2015-03-26

I see a lot of bashing for this fragrance as many Thierry Mugler fans are only expecting gourmand scents so I had to get one and see what the fuss is all about.

This is a non-gourmand, fresh scent that is more suited for hot climate use. The scent does try to project a cold feeling and is successful to a certain extend.

It is a solid fragrance and is well better than many summer scents out there. Longevity is decent and siliage is just right. However to me the scent is too 'cold' that I get absolutely zero warmth from it. It's emotionless so to speak. I can't see myself putting it on and having a blast out doors. I would use this for office use.

Overall, a good effort but seems like a wayward son compared to the other gourmand scents in its line.

Alien Thierry Mugler by CycoEva 2015-03-26

I got a few of these on a spray card vile for free from Sephora the other day. I had to double check to see that's its the original alien, why push something that isn't new? Anyhow it smells like soil to me until it dries down. Wet soil, which isn't a bad smell, but not something I would purposely want to smell like. It dried down into a creamy black licorice or root beer with some jasmine/amber(which is okay), but I still didn't really like it. There's much better options for those notes. I don't smell any grape, I think people get that idea from the purple bottle.

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by aqua_de_la_vita 2015-03-26

Obsession from Calvin Klein is probably the most recognized name of all modern fragrance's. I'll never forget the productive sexy appeal conveyed in his famous advertising with huge billboard. The shape of the bottle is iconic as is the fragrance itself is!!!
This juice is a classic besides Eternity from CK.
I enjoy the warm/sweet/powdery scent from amber and vanilla with a definite cinnamon note making this juice very LUXURIOUS!!! The added notes of Myrrh, sandalwood with nutmeg and patucchli makes this frag an ABSOLUTE powerful, a real exquisite complex creamy vib.
Longevity and Silage is excellent lasting well past 8hrs and you can pick up the aroma at least 3ft away.
Finally thoughts on this juice,
I don't know what tops off all of Ck's frag's....this juice does have a real attractive sex appeal so be warned if your partner is all over you giving her multiply orgasms. Almost every woman who smells this juice on me finds it appealing all they wants it for themselves because of the sweet scent.
This is my second bottle and I'll never get tired of wearing this fragrance!
Rating this fragrance is definitely a CLASSIC 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9.5/10. Those who have this fragrance know what I'm talking about...Viva Obsession.

Allure Pour Homme Chanel by ryguy17 2015-03-26

does anyone happen to know where i can still buy a non reformulated version of this?

Passport Paris Paris Hilton by Piscean-Blue 2015-03-26

Eh... Yawn...

It's fruity with a strong vanilla element. That's it. It's not horrible but it's simple. Basic. Teenagerish or even pre-teenagerish. This would make a great starter fragrance for a young girl. Something she can spritz on while playing dress-up with Mommy. There's a reason why there's a cartoon on the box; this stuff is a bit too tacky for an adult. On a kid it goes from tacky to cute.

-After it dries down it smells synthetic and cheap.
-Doesn't last long. Crappy projection. You get what you pay for.
-Smells strikingly similar to Escada's "Moon Sparkle", except Moon Sparkle has more sophistication and isn't cheap smelling.

Glow after Dark Jennifer Lopez by Suzi 2015-03-26

This is in the wrong spot I don't know I managed to get here from being on my Ralph page lol!!! this perfume is nice too :)

Glow after Dark Jennifer Lopez by Suzi 2015-03-26

I love this one I also love Ralph Cool it is a simple fragrance but I love it the best out of the number ones I reckon it really blends with my body chemistry perfectly. A great perfume for full summer and spring it is light and it reminds me of a sunny day and the beach the bottle is bright and very summery looking I would have to say in my top 5 and I'm pretty picky so yes I am a fan well done Ralph so few notes but oh so good.

Very pleasant powdery creamy vibe with some light spice...if you are not into powder try before you blind buy..I like it and its a solid addition to your collection..overall score 8/10...

Snooki Nicole Polizzi by ChristopherK21 2015-03-26

I don't care what anyone thinks... I really like this perfume! Yeah it is in the same field as Britney Spears's Fantasy perfume, but I own that one and I do NOT think they smell the same... I surprisingly over time have realized that I like this one by Snooki better! There is something that can be overwhelming about Fantasy that does not happen with Snooki! I own a 1.7oz 50ml bottle of Snooki and I am about half-way done and I also own a rather large body spray that I wear in addition to Snooki's perfume, They compliment one another great! I look forward to getting a large bottle of the Snooki perfume in the future!

Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by chford 2015-03-26

More of a like than love for me..not sure I really like the odd metallic vibe that stays with that great powdery vanilla smell..its a nice cologne for a occasional change of pace but not elite in my opinion..just go with Chanel allure sport which has some similarities without the odd metallic notes with this one..overall score 7.5/10.

Drifter True Religion by chford 2015-03-26

Kind of a similar type of ed hardy love and luck type vibe with this...very light and can barely smell after applying..would prefer something a Lil stronger and noticeable...but its not a bad scent..nice but not exceptional in my opinion..smells like fresh apricots...score 7/10...

Lolavie Jennifer Aniston by LuLuGoes 2015-03-26

I am pleasantly surprised by Jennifer Aniston's first signature fragrance. I bought this for the jasmine and musk. It's very nice.

How can there be no tuberose in this?

It reminds me of an ultra light, non-animalic, dryer sheet version of Madonna's Truth or Dare. Yet there's no tuberose or gardenia in JA. Hmmm...

Definitely clean. Yes, if you told me this was a Philosophy fragrance, I'd believe it, because it has that fresh and fluffy laundry feel.

I might not sound like I enjoy this all that much, but I do. I will keep the 1/2 ounce spray I have. Not sure I will unseal the bigger bottle just yet.

This is worth a try if you like jasmine and musk. Just don't expect a power fragrance. This is more a pleasant fragrance.

I read some reviewers who compare this to the original Glow by Jennifer Lopez, which I dismissed, because it sounded too "soapy." But maybe I will have to give it a try.

Dreams Mariah Carey by PerfumeLoveKK22 2015-03-26

Soft vanilla, crisp apples, lightly drizzled caramel, pinch of salt and an aquatic accord is what I get from 'Dreams'. This is Prada Candy's younger cousin IMO. Compared to PC, Dreams is more toned down with the caramel and it has more freshness; suitable for warm weather. Dreams also possess the same saltiness Mariah's debut fragrance 'M' has. I think this fragrance goes well layered with a vanilla lotion. I recently layered it with BBW's Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion and it smelt devine! If you want a fresh-caramel-gourmand perfect for spring or summer, Dreams is the one to go to.

Egoiste Platinum Chanel by WSAENOTSOCK 2015-03-26

If only I could have this juice on tap in the shower.

I would literally bathe with it.

It's that good. :|

My bottle is a recent batch, but in the older style bottle. Fortunately, I snagged it off eBay.

I compared the new (shorter/wider) bottle's formulation side by side to an old style tester in Macy's. I couldn't smell the new formulation because the older one was so much stronger.

I am seriously considering buying a new style bottle to use daily, & hanging on to my older formula for special occasions.

Again, it's that good.

Vera Wang Vera Wang by victoria.mei1992 2015-03-26

I want this for the bottle, never smelled it.

Eau de Cade L`Occitane en Provence by gedlive 2015-03-26

I put my full review of this under the 2000 Cade formulation, then realized I have the Eau de Cade 2014 reformulation. It has a nice fruity smoky resinous note and that is the Labdanum, and a great cedar note, maybe a red cedar, or a cypress. This may have some immortella flower as the original Cade.

It is my fav Loccitane frag, the juniper note is dominant and natural, it opens a bit medecinal which setles to a sweet smoky vib along with the juniper and spices make for a great foresty accord.

This reminds me so much of a fav, Lutens Fille en Aiguilles, just a bit watered down , but much less expensive, same quality. If you love this and would like it more intense with better sillage and long, try Lutens Fille...

I like this. It is definitely a stronger version of the original.

Realize though that the berry and sweetness notes are amped up so high that this smells like a female celebrity fragrance made with higher quality ingredients.

Polo Red Intense, or Rihanna Red Intense. Noone would bat an eye if it was marketed as either... Nice smell though.

Vol de Nuit Evasion Guerlain by goldeneraglamour 2015-03-26

To sum up this wonderful fragrance:
Mitsouko peach + warm ambery vanilla + powdery florals = Vol de Nuit Evasion

When perfume became a major hobby of mine last year, Guet Apens/Attrape Coeur was one the perfumes I was most curious about from Guerlain because it was described as being modern with classic touches, with notes that I love. I gave up searching for it because it was discontinued, HTF, and outrageously expensive. But one day I randomly searched 'vol de nuit' on eBay, looking for a good deal on vintage EDT or parfum but saw Evasion testers sold at a decent price! I then alerted fellow MUA members about the listing, and the rest is history! From what I have read on MUA these elusive bottles are resurfacing due to duty-free shops clearing their old stock. I have a feeling we will see more of these on discount sites and eBay in the future!

Evasion smelled so unique to my nose, yet so familiar at the same time. It is reminiscent of classic Guerlain perfumes, but modernized with its amber and vanilla base. Out of all the classics I've tried, Evasion is most similar to Mitsouko with its prominent peach- dry, not sweet or gourmand. Powdery flowers such as iris, rose, and violet lend to the old-school feel.

Yet there was something else that Evasion reminded me of- I couldn't put my finger on it until days later. Finally it hit me- The One by Dolce and Gabbana! Crazy comparison, I know, but hear me out:

The One used to be my favorite perfume for years, but after perfume became a hobby of mine, the peach become annoyingly screechy, synthetic, and cloying to my nose, overpowering the rest of the composition. I gave my bottle away to my mom because I didn't enjoy it like I used to.

Looking at the notes pyramid on Fragrantica for both VdN Evasion and The One, it makes sense that the two resemble each other somewhat- they share the prominent notes of vanilla, amber, and peach, as well as jasmine. VdN Evasion could be what The One may have smelled like if it had the dry Mitsouko peach replacing the cloying synthetic peach as well as a powdery floral heart.
I layered Mitsouko EDP and The One together to experiment, and it kinda does smell a little like VdN Evasion, minus the powdery flowers!

I have to resniff them first to confirm, but I'm thinking VdN Evasion probably shares similarities with modern fragrances with vanilla and peach at the forefront like Burberry, Fancy Love, Allure, etc.

And THAT is why Guet Apens/Attrape Coeur/Vol de Nuit Evasion/Royal Extract/etc (what's with all the different names Guerlain???) has that modern edge that sets it apart from anything else I've tried- the fruity sweet vanilla base (modern) mixed with the classic powdery florals (iris, rose, violet) is quite special.

Being a college student, I limit wearing Shalimar, Vol de Nuit, L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, and Apres L'Ondee for home use because they are not practical for my lifestyle but Evasion can be worn anytime, anywhere!

Evasion performs like a typical EDT in my experience, with moderate sillage and lasting about 6-8 hours on my skin.

Also to note: Some of the Guerlinade components are present but the base does not smell like Guerlinade to me.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by EdwardRose 2015-03-26

I wanted love this one, it has potential to be a really great scent and I can see why it's so well received. It's unfortunately too cloying on me and can make me feel a bit nauseous.

Acqua di Gioia Eau de Toilette Giorgio Armani by MoreScentsThanDollars 2015-03-26

On me this was a very long lasting luxurious, pretty' scent.
Its not my cup of tea, If this is light blue, smooth velvet, Im in to black studded leather! But I think it is a high quality product that id recommend sampling if this is your type. That's the EDT I sampled, A highly recommended EDT, smooth, fresh clean, long lasting & lovely.

A*Men Ultra Zest Thierry Mugler by rer227 2015-03-26

?? I put this one on expecting a citrus scent with vanilla, a nice creamsicle vibe. Not on my skin! I get the initial blast of citrus and then bang!!! There's that tar note found in the original a men, elbowing its way to the dinner table to get the lion share of the food, at all costs. The citrus and tar lock in a wrestling match for hours with each gaining and losing ground, but inevitably still equally juxtaposed to each other
This bare knuckled brawl for supremacy would sound like an absolute mess, but I truly love it! How on earth does blood orange and tar smell good on someone's skin? This is NOT a stab at a beachy summer scent, this turns the concept of a citrus scent on its head, and forces its will onto your nostrils. To complete this analogy, while the tar and citrus fight at the dinner table for seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths, the vanilla note peeks its head out from under the table periodically and sneaks a few crumbs, careful not to draw too much attention before it's much bigger stronger brothers notice its presence, snatches its morsels, and flings him down a flight of stairs.
Will this be for everyone, absolutely not, and I have no doubt on others it's Orange creamsicle all the way. On my skin though, I get mugler being mugler and challenging an over used top note, citrus, to bend to the will of the angel DNA. another winner and a must have for a men and its flankers fans. Try before you buy but most fragrance collectors will see the uniqueness of this scent and quickly add it to their collection.

Patchouli 24 Le Labo by ranchorita 2015-03-26

Maybe it's my chemistry, but this is more dry than I prefer in a fragrance. It's definitely smoky, but pretty much all my nose is getting is birch and styrax. I can't detect the patchouli anywhere. Maybe this is a shell-game? I love patchouli, and I expected to sense more of it in this mix. Alas, I don't smell a whit of my beloved patch.

Room 237 Bruno Fazzolari by ranchorita 2015-03-26

This fragrance achieves its mark: it smells like an old hotel that was updated with middling-grade materials in the 1970s. Vinyl is definitely in the mix, as is soap. There's a vague musky weirdness to this, almost as though this was a broader fragrance that lost all its attractiveness once the tiny molecules flew away early in the mix, leaving a big, clunky base in the middle of the floor. It's a pedestal with no statue, maybe? It's not my cup of tea, but since I'm a Kubrick fan, I HAD to give it a go. It's an oddity, and I'm glad I've smelled it, but I'm not intrigued. I vastly prefer Fazzolari's Lampblack.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by MoreScentsThanDollars 2015-03-26

Review for EDP
Ive now sampled both EDT & EDP, defiantly EDP is the one to get if you can.
On opening spray of MIP I imagined, Shalimar Cologne had a wild night of passion 'in Paris' with Dior Homme EDT.
Shalimar got pregnant, This is the baby. ;)
It smells how I wish my Tuscan leather did.
Then I smell similarity to Valentino Uomo, if he wearing leather pants.
This is a frag you can say "wow It reminds me of this, It reminds me of that" it reminds me of many great frags I own but it cost less, well it used to cost less but here in Australian the prices are going up fast on the EDP so if you can get it at the lower price, best you grab it.
A lovely leather frag that performs more like a good EDT, worth buying if at the cheaper price but if its more than 50 bucks then Id start looking at the Higher concentration perfumes like Dior Homme Intense, Shalimar EDP ect.
Dear Van Cleef & Arpels, Please bring out the super, heavy, Intense, elixir :)

I own the original, which smells good for all of five minutes, then fades. Tried on intense today and this is a flanker that far surpasses the original. Longer lasting, more rich, complex, with the woody notes more pronounced. This absolutely exploded on my skin and commanded attention from those around me. This is going to be an absolute go to in the fall and winter, anyone who accuses this as a cash crab should line up the original polo red and make that claim.
An absolute treat with great staying power, the dry down does settle but you can still smell the top note prominently, this doesn't just deteriorate to a bland base. If I had to rank the polo fragrances I've tried, this sits only behind the original, vintage blue and modern reserve, and Im not so sure it isn't better than polo blue or modern reserve. I've always been partial to polo fragrances (polo green was my first purchase ever) and this fragrance has restored my faith. A winner coming from a much maligned fragrance house, I now cannot wait to blind buy supreme oud. Well done Ralph Lauren!!

White Jeans Versace by jessica.rios 2015-03-26

I can wait to have you back!! It will be my last perfume purchase (coff) (coff) . I think perfume have the power to trasport you to a time where you enjoy most that essence! White jeans is sexy , warm and way unique! Is strong , powdery ! Sassy!! I tend to love strong some how perfume! Like red cap dolce & gabanna! This is not typical flowery sweet! This is sexy!! Self confidence , woman . Like organza or jean paul gautier!! They stand out! Not like this day , most new perfume you buy are replicas or close to another 10 u already have!! Hands down on this one!! Ohhh pretty baby we will meet again this april!! Lol

Truth or Dare Madonna by GalInGlasses 2015-03-26

I think my take on Truth or Dare is going to be a little different from many of the other reviews below. First, I should say that I really love Fracas and would have it in my wardrobe if it weren't for two drawbacks: the price point, and the weak sillage of the current formulation. I fully expected Fracas to be a powerhouse all day, and while the opening is a dazzling bright burst of tuberose so rich it's like a cloud of cream, it dies to a whisper on my skin after about half an hour. I bought Truth or Dare in the hopes that it would be a good dupe.

So here's what I've gathered after wearing Truth or Dare all day. A lot of people have said that it's the brighter, cheerier version of Fracas, but I must respectfully disagree. I actually find it to have an earthier, almost slightly dirty, opening, and a much warmer, more vanillic drydown, like combining vanilla syrup and gardenia. Fracas stays on the sunny, fresh, almost coconutty side of tuberose, while ToD is a little more like a spiced artificial sweetener, with a darker chemical undertone. I normally don't distinguish very well between fragrances that have similar dominant notes, but this time, I don't think ToD smells too much like Fracas.

However, it is really difficult to argue with $7, 12+ hour longevity, and good sillage. Those things do matter a lot to me. I'm not sure yet if this will make it onto my I-want-it-forever list, but I am really glad I tried it.

Copper Skies Kerosene by Guinea54 2015-03-26

I love how people are so matter of fact on here. I think copperskies is a great creation. When you first spray it, it can be a little harsh, but give it a little time and everything starts coming together. I get a sweet amber smokey almost incense sweetness. Depending on the day and temperature you can get different things out of this. Sometimes it is a very smokey kind of scent for me, other times its hitting the gourmand side. Its a very complex scent that has gotten me some compliments and I find it to be a dark fragrance with depth. It is also daring, yet maintains an appealing smell.. I don't know if this would be for everyone, but it is a brilliant creation to me. I like it a lot. Just give it a chance and let the fragrance settle in before rushing to judgement.

Passage d'Enfer L`Artisan Parfumeur by carlosrafael 2015-03-26

The Passage To Lily's Hell...

I love me a good church incense frag. I love the likes of Comme des Garçons Avignon, Heeley's Cardinal, Montale's Full Incense, or similar. However, as much as I like to smell church incense all day long, I don't think most people at the office and similar public venues, outside Church, would like to smell incense all day long. So I was looking for something church incensy but more tamed...something that would be more wearable but still would give me a little of that enticing incense smell I like.

Introduce Passage D'Enfer (Passage to Hell) least by the accounts of a few Fragrantica and non-Fragrantica I bought it based on reviews stating that it was a wearable church incense frag...but certainly I disagree w/ that statement and this is not for me, I'm disappointed to say it is not what some reviewers have led me to believe.

PdE is lily bomb, and assault of lily flowers. I would say this is more of a lily fragrance w/ a very soft incense/woody background. The strength of the lily is such and so polarizing that it takes too much away from the incense, leaving it outside the flowery smell of lilies dominate strongly.

I dare to say that, not only this is not a toned down church incense type of perfume, this does not have any trace of church incense smell at all.

It is flowery sweet...pure and simple, and a screeching one at that...that's all. The only reminiscence of church this fragrance has is perhaps the smell of lily flowers you might smell at the statue or painting of Virgin Mary you see at Catholic reminds me of this garden featuring a statue of the Virgin Mary just outside my prep school's church.

PdE smells very crispy, soapy (extremely), and aldehydic (I know aldehydes aren't in the scent list of PdE here in Fragrantica, but PdE does smell as if it had them because of this high pitched flowery smell, just like Chanel No 5 (the queen of aldehydes) smells to me.

I'd say this is a good fragrance for women. I can easily see many women liking this one, perhaps that explains why the "Love" bar of PdE here in Fragrantica is the longest. I bet there aren't too many guys being part of that vote because the Fragrantica marks above don't align well with what I think guys usually go for.

Guys, this is not an heterosexual masculine or unisex fragrance.

Ladies, do check PdE out. I think many of you will like this one if you like flowery-sweet compositions.

Far Away Bella Avon by suzycurlyq 2015-03-26

OHHH I hope they do have Far Away Bella come out in the US again! I have only a small purse size of this and I looove it! I should have went ahead and bought a large size. You snooze you lose!! :)
This is perfection that is for sure!

the best from the house, i cant believe its discontinued, this is a grown mans le male. longevity easily over 24 hours, silage strong for 8 hours, compliment factor is insane.

Michael Kors Michael Kors by Piscean-Blue 2015-03-26

Oh man. This stuff is so fly.

One of the many things I love about this scent is it is truly tropical, but not in a typical Miami beach coconutty kind of way (not that there's anything wrong with that necessarily). It's flowery and sweet, yes, but so classy and sophisticated. I think it's the tuberose element that sets it apart. And the musk shines through just enough.

-Great for date nights. It's sweet and romantic (and bold).
-Excellent sillage and longevity.
-Really pretty if you wanna mix it up at work. I wouldn't wear this all the time though.
-Not super expensive, but it is pricey. One of the few that is worth the investment IMO.

Luna Rossa Extreme Prada by bart4543 2015-03-26

make no mistake about it, this is the best offering from prada that doesnt get enough love. better for me since not too many people wear this. take the mint out of the now discontinued Le Male Eau d`Ete and add pepper to it and you get this.

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum Hermes by eric.white.9216 2015-03-26

Not everything stays in Vegas!!! After trying this at the Cosmopolitan Vegas, I made the purchase without thinking's fantastic!!! I wear it a lot for the memories of the trip...this fragrance and a few awesome days in Vegas will be forever galvanized!!! Upscale and casual...#goodthings!!!

Tam Dao Diptyque by EdwardRose 2015-03-26

Reminds me of walking through a home improvement store, which I love- just not to wear.

Gucci Rush for Men Gucci by lovetribe 2015-03-26

oh my god that masterpiece !!!!!!!! do not know where to start to describe it. is a kind of milky sandalwood musk. a smooth fragrance that makes you feel good, is not excessive and does not want to be, not pungent, does not want to get noticed, but it does and also very good. seems a version 1.0 of body kouros. knows the man decided, clean. suitable for all year round and for every occasion. until now I had never experienced such a wonder. I'm in love. for me there are other notes not listed: a bit of incense, a light touch of purple. can also remind eau des Baux and slightly Fahrenheit ...
dusty, balsamic, woody without irritare.un amazing scent. I now understand all know fame 10/10 !!!!!

Jeanne Lanvin Couture Lanvin by SzekelyEmoke 2015-03-26

I wanted to give this time before I review it. I think this perfume is either love or hate. For me is hate.
I hate how there's only violet leaf and raspberry. It's artificially sweet & bitter in same time! I feel like there is a beautiful scent hiding between these two extremes, and they wont let it develope!! :(

Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens by EdwardRose 2015-03-26

The scent of Valentines. Your lover brings you roses and chocolates in a wooden box. All the notes are there, easy to pick out. Well blended, balanced and inoffensive. Another one I would find charming on a woman but not for me. There isn't anything really grabbing about it overall.

Halle Halle Berry by dexxter2012 2015-03-26

I thought I liked it (even wore it a few times) but it gives me a headache. Sniffed from afar, it has a nice, plesant, warm whiff... but sniff closely and I get a cloying, sweet, rotten flowers/bug-spray scent.
May be my bottle turned?
Though looking at the notes I spy my fragrance enemy, THE MIMOSA... every perfume with that rotten/bug-spray note on my skin has this! :-/

Meh. I will be giving this away soon.

J`adore Christian Dior by Piscean-Blue 2015-03-26

The only logical explaination for this purfume becoming so popular is the name "J'adore" (which is a pretty name for a fragrance) and the brand: Dior.

Is this a "bad" scent? Nah. It's actually a pretty fruity floral and it's a very safe pick. But that's it. There isn't much more to say about it. Well made, balanced, lasts reasonably long on the skin (which is great) and folks around you will smell it, but other than that, it really isn't that special. It would behoove a shopper on a budget to first get a sample and see what you think (hey, it might work great with your body chemistry) and, second, to shop around for a more inexpensive scent that's comprable. But if you must pay the same money, check out the Lancome scents. Much better IMO.

This is perfect for someone who isn't interested in having a large array of fragrances but just wants a few dependable go-to's. Again, there's nothing "wrong" with J'Adore. Just don't look for it to take you over the rainbow.

Interlude Man Amouage by tansu 2015-03-26

Already very excellent. . Very happy when I buy it . wonderful . amazing . Thank Amouage

Reckless Roja Dove by joyjoy 2015-03-26

I so agree with Alasse. Very sad personally with the reformulation. I think I can get my hands on the original-of course the SA's didn't mention anything about any discounts. Lilac has also been reformulated fyi and is very different, very spicy. I was told Nuwa was reformulated as well. Creation S smells the same to me. I didn't notice any bottle changes which I'm used to seeing with reformulated perfumes so buyer beware.

Eros Versace by EdwardRose 2015-03-26

I hate to say this, but this smells EXACTLY like the toilet bowl cleaner I use. I wish I could have a more objective review than that but I can't get past it. The most I can say is it's synthetic and astringent, it's a very cold scent. It's not masculine but boyish. Beautiful name & bottle, bad juice imo.

Felce Azzurra Paglieri by Cerise Noire 2015-03-26

I bought the body powder in this scent and after powdering myself with it I realized even if I came across this EDT, I wouldn't need it. The powder's scent lasts. I put it on 10 hours ago...I can still smell it and not faintly either, it's crazy.

It's a very familiar, comforting kind of scent. Unisex to me. Sweetness, powder, light musk and pine. I wouldn't like to smell strongly of this and have it really project far. But to have someone notice it when they sit really close to you or when they hug you is great. It's just lovely to me to have skin smell like this.

Tigress Brut Parfums Prestige by Radchick 2015-03-26

There are so many versions of Tigress out there, I think we all must be smelling different things. I have two bottles, each smelling a bit different from the other. My older bottle has a fake fur cap with bold black, white and orange tiger pattern. It's probably from the 70's. The scent in this bottle is gorgeous. Warm and spicy throughout and becomes softer and powdery as it wears. This one is beautiful from start to finish, along the same lines as Youth Dew, Tabu, and the like. The newer bottle is packaged with a gold cap, no fake fur at all, but still says Faberge. I think it's possibly from the 80's. This version is not quite as impressive and not the best example of Tigress. This one opens up a bit harsh, but as the opening notes subside, it develops into a sort of cola and incense scent. I like this one after it settles down but it's not as pretty as the one with the fur cap, and I prefer to smell lovely notes right away instead of waiting for them. Apparently the most beautiful and coveted version of Tigress has the fake fur cap with the muted golden colors. I have not smelled that one but I believe it must be truly gorgeous. Apparently there is a more recent version of of Tigress produced by a company other than Faberge but I don't believe it could possibly be true to the original. Somehow those new versions of old classics are never as good. Even Faberge reformulated Tigress a few times during its approximate 40 years of production, so I doubt a different company would bother going back to the true original. Too bad.

Gai Mattiolo Man`s Gai Mattiolo by tansu 2015-03-26

pelsssssss Come Back again

24 Faubourg Hermes by endge 2015-03-26

I also think that this is quite similar to Red Door, especially in its dry-down (I have them both on at the moment, for comparison). Mind you, I can't stand Red Door, for its metallic sourness lingering till almost the very end. But 24 Faubourg is actually enjoyable and comforting. It too has slightly brash, sour opening, but quickly gets plush, soft round the edges and honeyed all the way through. Dry honeycomb, actually. Only I have no idea what could smell like honeycomb except beeswax honeycomb, and that one is not in the list. Besides that, amber, candied orange peel and orange blossom stand out for me. All the rest of its complexity is beyond the detection range of my nose. Perfect for wearing your tweeds, cashmere and leather in autumn, I'd say. It is very dignified, in no way fun and I would not call it red carpet-like or even night out-like glamorous.

Andante Sospiro Perfumes by tansu 2015-03-26

pelsssssss Come Back again

To me it smells exactly like Angel but the dry down is a little softer, less harsh.

Gai Mattiolo Man`s Gai Mattiolo by tansu 2015-03-26

Already very excellent. . Very happy when i buy it . wonderful . amazing

Waterlily Sun Aerin Lauder by Michylaka 2015-03-26

Upon first spritz this is awesome! I get the Waterlily and the Bergamot right away. It is so refreshing! The Jasmine mixed with Musk on the dry down is beautiful. I could imagine that this was what Cleopatra may have smelled like those two Millenias ago. Seeing it is an EDP I would have expected it last a bit longer. That is the only drawback really. I don't mind refreshing myself however. So I picked up a bottle as one of my Summer scents. 9.5/10

Si Eau de Toilette Giorgio Armani by Arlene-Beatrix 2015-03-26

Very similar to EDP version, maybe it is only little fresher. Very little! I mean it is not a fresh scent. It is very sweet scent. I think it would be better for cold season, because such sweetness can be nauseating in heat.
EDT which is meant for summer, should be fresh. Well, better don't take it for granted! And please, don't over-spray it on hot summer day unless you want people to pass out.

Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta by Strappyshoo 2015-03-26

I almost feel like I need to apologise saying this but...this smells amazing on me. I'm quite surprised how this fragrance has polarised opinion on here but I equally it's a good thing that not everyone agrees, that's kind of the whole point of it I guess. Anyway, into the review. This reminds me a lot of Chanel fragrances (which I generally dislike) especially La Pausa and also Jersey. It is however more uplifting than Pausa which, to me at least, really is very depressing, like an old lady decaying in a Parisian apartment. It is less cloying than Jersey which is overly sweet. I think this is a melancholy but romantic and intelligent fragrance which needs the right skin chemistry to shine. And luckily I have that skin :-) Full bottle for me tomorrow.

Organza Indecence Givenchy by StinkySally 2015-03-26

First impressions.

I'm sniffing a near pristine vintage mini, the juice still fresh.

Not sure what the note is, but I smell milk, warm, sweet milk, on a bed of amber and spice and caramel. Exquisite!

Buy vintage whenever! There are so many short cuts and substitutes out there now. And they usually just don't cut it.

360° Perry Ellis by jake.shouse 2015-03-26

This is my signature scent and I love it so clean smelling soap and water clean smell that is just simply a work of art nothing and I mean nothing smells like this I get asked and followed around all the time asking what am I wearing so men and woman can buy a bottle for someone special or for them I love smelling fresh I once noticed I was being
Followed by a cute guy in the mall and I finally stopped him and asked if he was following me he said that he was sorry but he had too know what that fresh scent I had on he said I had the most wonderful strong trail I just smiled and said PE 360 he said it was fabulous I had beautiful by Lauder as my signature for years but it's worn by many in my family
So now it's still a scent I will never be without always have a bottle but I don't have any one in my family who wears 360 so this is my known scent it's amaZing love love it don't judge it by the initial spray give it alittle bit than the magic sets in and it last for a week or more on my clothes after I have taken them off it's still lingers on them it's got good staying power

A good scent! Very natural!

It does smell like fig leaves...this also reminds me of a fresh out of the shower smell but way better.

A bit feminine sometimes...but nothing that you guys can't pull off

Now, the bad part: it doesn't project for more than 1 or 2 hours...Yeah you could reapply...but this is not a cheap, it's your call

It's a try.

Valentina Valentino by Rhairis 2015-03-26

The strawberries left the list.
I do not understand.

i hate when fragrances are so identical to each other.The same isssue here...nothing more ,nothing less just 100% Davidoff Cool water women.Why they release same fragrances I dont know?!

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by Teahupoo 2015-03-26

I've been wearing only this one the entire summer and let me tell you, I couldn't have chosen better.

This is like a sea breeze, very good smelling...girls compliment me all the time when I wear this.

The bad part is that it doesn't project for very now I carry a small decant...problem solved! Every 3 hours I reapply a little.

Projection/longevity is overrated. Carrying a decant, I smell fresh all day/night and get many compliments from people.

I'm lucky that this is not well known in my area. It was a great buy for me!

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by DiaAnna 2015-03-26

Was a blind buy , gave it to my mother , idk , jeez , it just smells like that stuff old women oil themselves from the church , it's terrible , terrible strong as well , would've been great if it would've smelled good but it's a nightmare , definitely hell no !

Si Lolita Lolita Lempicka by lotus and jasmine 2015-03-26

Do you ever get tired of scents that smell the same? Si Lolita doesn't. The notes in the pyramid above say pink pepper, but I do not detect the rosey scent of pink...instead SL opens with a puckishly intense black pepper accord. Charmingly abrasive, refreshing, odd.

SL is confounding at first. Why would anyone want to smell like black pepper? keep sniffing yourself. Over time, the pepper remains, but drifts of sweet pea, heliotrope, and juicy mandarin catch your attention...

Where are they coming from? You sniff your wrist, and it's still crisp, dark pepper. But that sweetness lingers around you, behind you, where ever you least expect it. Si Lolita sneaks up on the wearer. You'll fall in love with her, after you get to know her. Cinnamon, is not listed, but can be found, anise, clove, and fenugreek as well. Surprisingly bright, given the potential darkness of the accords...but that's the point,right?

But on first acquaintance? She's really not what you expect. Particularly not from a brand known for sweet scents. And why would ANYONE create a perfume that smells like black pepper?

Think Audrey Hepburn. Think flying monkeys. Think of the most gloriously unexpected sights you have ever encountered. An elegance comprised entirely of parts that should not harmonize.

Si Lolita is the Pablo Picasso of perfume, the cubist blue, the scent that is too simple to be true. The unexpected, but much anticipated. the Cirque du Soleil of perfume.

Almost too good to be true.

Gold Leather Atelier Cologne by annija8 2015-03-26

When I first put on this fragrance, my boyfriend, a bartender, said that it smells like Long Island Ice Tea. And it does! It's a boozy, unusual scent that is more masculine but could be worn by a female too. I loved it on my boyfriend, it has a delicious and sexy feel to it.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille Guerlain by Upper East Side 2015-03-26

Only if that initial eggnog smell could last during the whole duration.

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