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Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Gucci by assim.hayderi 2016-08-29

I don't like designer perfumes and at first I was really skeptical to this Gucci scent. They always try to maximize their profit and do not care much about quality. First when I sprayed this, It smelled very boring and mainstream but after an hour it smells really different. I love the dry down. The only question that needs to be answered is whether I should buy a bottle or not. I think I will try it at least 2 or 3 times more before taking any decision.

Scent: 5/10 the first hour, 8/10 for the dry down
Longevity: 6/10
Projection: 6/10

Pear & Olive Slumberhouse by landshark321 2016-08-29

Slumberhouse Pear + Olive, now being discontinued, is probably the most unique of their current offerings, as the signature note pairing strikes me as downright odd. Its signature notes highlight the experience--sweetness from the pair, freshness and green aspects from the olive. I really get only a very simple experience out of this, and most of the notes I cannot detect. I'm just not sure the two main notes go together all that well.

Performance is decent but not especially strong for an extrait, certainly not comparable to Norne, Jeke, or Kiste, all of which are top performers.

Definitely an interesting try, but a bit too odd and not really one for me.

6 out of 10

Eau Sauvage Parfum Christian Dior by PercivalGoldstone 2016-08-29

Eau Sauvage Parfum makes me sad.

In my opinion, it is the most attractive fragrance presentation in existence. The color of the juice, the bottle, the label, the typeface, the cap -- everything is perfect.

That's why it's a shame, if not a goddamn travesty, that it gives 4711 a run for its money in terms of horrible performance. I seriously get about 20 minutes out of Eau Sauvage Parfum before it's all but completely evaporated.

I would never waste the money on this. I mean... Eau d'Orange Verte is a beast in comparison, and that says something.

Ultra-ozonic. Ozonic is very hit or miss for me, my signature has a clear ozonic note, but in that blend it works very well. In this it turns the greenness up to #00FF00 levels, and I simply find it unpleasant. My SO caught a whiff of it and recoiled. Enough said.

Curve for Men Liz Claiborne by Anabol2336 2016-08-29

Yeah today's Curve is nothing like the one from the 90's made by Liz Claiborne. The current Curve really is just an after workout spray for me. It neutralizes body odor really well but I haven't had any extremely good compliments on it since around 2000 when it was really popular. Occasionally someone may mention it but it's no lady killer anymore like it was back then. I believe the main difference is that the original had oakmoss in it. Removing oakmoss can make a fragrance radically different smell wise and performance wise. Too bad because I did enjoy the original. The original was like the Chanel Platinum Egoiste for kids, good stuff! Lol.

Avon Luck La Vie Avon by aqua76239 2016-08-29

I don't actually have it but I smelled the sample-its fruity and fresh, mostly fruit, as florals make a VERY brief appearance and then POOF, all done. Don't get marshmellows or peach(for shame, two of my favorite notes) but still this is youthful and fresh scent, that smells young if you will. Bottle is very pretty too.

Accord Chic Yves Rocher by Tiwalii 2016-08-29

I received a miniature of this in a package from Yves Rocher earlier today

It's a very elegant and refined perfumed, but a bit too tame for my personal taste.

It's a scent that embodies balance. Balance between that cold and aloof iris, and the warm, slightly smoky and almost sizzling incense. The scent never goes too far in either direction, it stays in the neutral zone between aloof and approachable, cool and hot.

It stays elegant and tasteful throughout all its phases, but softens slightly in the drydown, due to the benzoin note. The drydown is also a bit sweeter than the opening, which to my nose is a bit dry and bitter (I believe the cause is that iris).

It's a very nice perfume, but it feels a bit too safe and controlled. And that dry, bitter-ish iris note just ruins it for me. But if you love iris, and you love classy perfumes with a somewhat restrained personality, you'll probably adore this!

Longevity on my skin as about 6-7 hours. And the sillage is medium to soft.

Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne Guerlain by ericrico 2016-08-29

For Vintage Eau de Cologne Habit Rouge -

Of ALL the various bottlings and concentrations of Habit Rouge, I decided that Vintage Eau de Cologne would be the most proper way to approach reviewing Habit Rouge. When acquiring or discovering the olfactory pleasure of a timeless classic, it is best to be introduced as it was initially. After all, I am a purist. I have a Vintage spray EdC (110ml) - red plastic on the top and bottom with glass and information in the middle of the flacon as it is stands (for those you who know). "Copyright 1976" is on the bottom of the old Guerlain flacon bought from an amazing seller, as it has been kept pristine in its original box all these years.

I have, of course, smelled it over the years (in virtually all the various formulations and concentrations) but never bought a bottle of any until somewhat recently! It was about understanding time & place - I nearly bought a bottle after my return from Paris that celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary 2000, but didn't. More recently (a few years ago), I did though. I have always been enamored by the sophistication and beauty of this true Guerlinade - but it was a matter of feeling it was just right on me. The association to maturity felt that, "I needed to be of the right age & perspective to truly feel it properly expressed the olfactory extension of self". I ended up with an Original Vintage (black & white/zig-zag box) After Shave of all things first, which is an absolutely brilliant After Shave/more of an incredible 'tonic & elixir' on my skin). But, onto the Vintage Eau de Cologne. So, the Vintage After Shave is on the back of my left hand right now while the Vintage EdC is on my right inner wrist. Incredible!!

The opening of bright citrus (lemon, bergamot, orange and a hint of lime) is prominent from the EdC - and so much the 'signature' of Habit Rouge, as well, there is a nice burst of crisp citrus in the After Shave that is pure invigoration. The EdC then evolves beautifully into a nice, slightly-powdery floral heart of rose, jasmine & carnation-clove (but dusted with warm, sophisticated and gentlemanly classic vanilla), blended with leather, actually smoothing out after 30 minutes (no longer powdery - but warm and inviting). The patchouli is working here, giving a nice accord of freshness and liveliness, but also a herbaceous vibe that counters the balsamic oriental notes with the wood, olibanum and leather. The balance, as stated by reviewers whom I admire is simply, harmonious. Perfection. I don't think any one note is dominant and the composition is clearly exceptional - a landmark in fragrance that smells so fresh. Definitely something I would prefer wearing with a nice button shirt and dress attire. This is class & sophistication poured into a bottle.

The After Shave actually has a bit more light, fresh leather than expected - along with the powdery vanilla, airy florals, some benzoin and the touch of patchouli is there as well. So, the EdC and After Shave, after going back and forth a dozen times now, compliment each other almost perfectly. The EdC is definitely stronger (this is when Eau de Cologne was rich - 85% volume is stated on box and bottle!), but the After Shave is a great skin scent with just a few dabs and actually accentuates the entire olfactory experience brilliantly. After doing research, I found that Vintage Eau de Cologne actually had more essential oils and aromachemicals in it than current formulation EdT. To smell them side-by-side, this is rather noticeable.

When reading more about this timeless classic, I saw a story of an individual that wore Vintage Habit Rouge - but only as a nice splashed on After Shave, of which he kept in a nice little refrigerator! It would stay for hours and he never wanted the power of the fragrance bottlings. That is a testament to how good that juice is. Personally, I like more power and, I would want to layer in some EdC or EdT (and even blend EdP to complete a rich wearing). However, the After Shave is truly fantastic and offers a lot more than just a light scent. One of the absolute best After Shaves I have ever used on my skin...simply fantastic after a fresh, wet shave.

The EdC has been on my skin for well over an hour and is actually so smooth and putting out more power than before. It is breathing - I am certain. This has been in a bottle for over 30 years and is ready to come to life in full form! Sure, the initial burst of citrus is bright and sharp - but this is a wonderful skin scent. I don't think I would apply more than a couple of shots to clothing when wearing this. It wears so well on one's skin. Spray to neck, wrists and chest - and you are engulfed in its beauty with a bit of the After Shave splashed on or perhaps decanted and sprayed lightly and blended with a nice neutral balm to create a gorgeous base layer.

This is, simply wonderful...totally and incredibly brilliant. It is invigorating. A legend and classic scent and forever, timeless. Rating not appropriate - just pure admiration.

Habit Rouge is beyond scent, it is the essence of one's, "dressage classique".

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Narciso Rodriguez by socorrosouza 2016-08-29

You are probably anosmic to the musk, so you canceled it from the scent and took only the background notes. Happened to me with a rose fragrance, where I felt only citrusy and woody accords (and were they annoying!!!) and not one bit of rose (fortunately I am anosmic only by this rose, since i love rose perfumes). Skin is tricky, each one of us sense things very differently.

Basi Homme Armand Basi by alexiou 2016-08-29

For women who wear mens perfume :This one is only for men!Armand Basi Homme combines harmoniously woody and floral notes.I can't comment precisely on the notes,but all i get is a slightly sweet touch of vanilla with incense.An echo of Lanender note from the backround,just balances the whole result in order to render a combo of floral and woody notes.It shares the vibe of 80's perfumerie, but it could be worn also from youngsters who want to stand out from the crowd.My only confession, is that it doesn't hold and project too much.All in all a great perfume!!!

Deep Euphoria Calvin Klein by Marmoris 2016-08-29

Sweet rot to start, masculine to finish. Gorgeous bottle though.

Villa Ocre Pascal Morabito by Mark Alexander 2016-08-29

Perhaps my bottle is past its best, but it seemed very weak and lifeless. Heavy spraying required.

Watermelons Shay & Blue London by Madrona 2016-08-29

Watermelon does indeed dominate in this one but it is also very green. I struggle with both of these things so needless to say, this is a dislike personally.

Beyond Paradise Estée Lauder by endge 2016-08-29

Technically, this complex, abstract excersise in exotic flower blending may be nothing short of genius. But I, like many others, find it unpleasant. When it was launched, I thought there was something nauseatingly dizzy about it. Now that I am into natural perfumery, BP smacks me as chemical and dated, for all it's worth. My needs in exotic island fragrances are far better satisfied by something so simple as Yves Rocher's Monoi de Tahiti, Noix de Coco de Malaisie, or better yet, a blend of Ylang Ylang, Mysore Sandalwood and Jasmine essential oils.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by stiliyan.borisov 2016-08-29

<---2016 batch owner. Great performance.

L’Extase Nina Ricci by Madrona 2016-08-29

There's definitely something My Burberry-esque about this one (same perfumer also). I like the opening better than the drydown, the opening is full of a nice, sweet rose, the drydown gets a bit sour on me. I can detect the pink pepper but it doesn't bother me that much. Inspired by erotic fantasies, huh? I wouldn't say so.

Private Collection Estée Lauder by scain54 2016-08-29

This is an instant confidence-builder. Wear it, and you stand straighter, walk taller, and fear nothing and no one.

A beautiful, very complex green floral, but very cold, haughty, almost regal. No shrinking violets here! I can see Dunaway as Crawford in Mommie Dearest wearing this in the Pepsi boardroom scene, as she intimidates all the execs with a "Don't f**k with ME, fellas!"

Wear this and no one will f**k with you.

This stuff is incredible. I received my bottle of the EDT in a lovely swap in late spring/early summer. I was immediately drawn to it but detected a weird peanut note in the opening that was very off-putting. Now, a couple of months later, I'm in another city and another climate, and the summer heat is stifling. J-LS is the stuff of dreams in this weather. The peanuts have vanished and with one cautious spray I get gorgeous spicy florals, green from start to finish. Then I got bolder, and went for two sprays. Now I get the aldehydes, underlaid with a gorgeous canopy of moss. I've been searching for a chic chypre that works on me (Cristalle EDT, Heeley Chypre 21, Mitsouko EDP, even Aromatics Elixr) and this is it. I don't feel like I'm wearing a loud 80s perfume. It feels modern, like it would complement a minimalistic wardrobe and just a dash of makeup.

Pi Givenchy by anikomarton 2016-08-29

I just love this scent, this is my other half's parfum and it just makes you want to be in each other's arms.
Warm and sweet with a light veil of anis and geranium, bringing a bit freshness to the whole. I smell orange after most of the components, and I find that this sweet citrus note is the final touch to enveloping and creamy composition.
It could be worn by women as well for my taste.

51.3 N Alfred Dunhill by sarfraz.usman 2016-08-29

Review for India and Pakistan's warm areas. I wear it in day but it was bad experience for me. just like some bad antiseptic.. but in a rainy night it has a grace..May be it is made for cold weather.. not a fresh perfume for outdoor, day or summer. I'll give it a 6/10 .

I was very surprised by this fragrance I was given a card with it sprayed on as I walked through a department store. I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. Later I kept wondering what this delicious smell was . When I eventually found it I was amazed . Where as I am happy to wear unisex fragrances I am usually not a fan of male fragrances but if my man smelled like this I would be very happy indeed. I do not to consider it to be a feminine scent . It is powdery and has a certain warmth but it is definitely masculine .And yummy .

Desire Silver Alfred Dunhill by sarfraz.usman 2016-08-29

You'll feel it when you are indoor but no one around will notice it.. no silage very poor Longevity. just like a perfume on ventilator .

Desire Silver Alfred Dunhill by sarfraz.usman 2016-08-29

Nothing special... better not use.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by lulami 2016-08-29

This is one of those cases where the perfume totally embodies the name and viceversa. Euphoria is feminine, sexy but in a highly mysterious way. It's quite strong and at the first sniff I didn't appreciate it, but then I was tempted by this scent when my cousin's young wife had it on. It is such a detectable scent with much presence. You cannot go unnoticed if you have this one on and the compliments will flow like a river. Euphoria is one of those perfumes that presents itself in quite a harsh and strong way but when it settles down it's simply euphoric. And you don't need to wait that long to start picking its benefits. The moment the perfume touches your skin the harshness becomes softness and delicacy and sexy. The perfume itself confers you a strong personality. Personally I consider it as one of the sexiest perfumes out there. I still remember the first time I saw the ad on a magazine and wanted to have it so badly even though I had no idea what it smelled like, but now that I do it surely is in my wishlist. And the shape of the bottle is just squisite.

Deep Euphoria Calvin Klein by Scentmad 2016-08-29

Original Euphoria + Alien = Deep Euphoria.
I like it. It's a grower. I bought it today and think the more I wear it the more I'll fall for it. It has an airy quality. It reminds me of a holiday I had in Turkey years ago. Warm and breezy, spicy and airy.

I can see this being a "must have" for Autumn.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by anikomarton 2016-08-29

A very heavy scent, surely because of the very present patchouli. It brings fresh notes with tee and bergamot but their marriage with patchouli is too strange for me. I like sweet, delicious scents but this one is too sharp and harsh for me. I don't find harmony in it.

After the limited editions from 2015 (212 VIP Club Edition), in 2016 the company decided to launch another duo of scents in order to continue the 212 VIP saga. Born, then, the new pair of fragrances called 212 VIP Wild Party. The concept of private parties and VIP guest list continues and, this time, pays tribute to the dance nights throughout New York City.

The official composition brings top notes of frozen Apple and caviar lime (as well as in other male versions of the line 212 VIP Men). In the body of the fragrance, notes of black pepper and violet leaves. In the base, an accord of gourmand-spicy wood.
Again, I reinforce the need for attention with what can be read out there, because, according to some forums and e-commerce stores, this fragrance would have notes of lime and caviar, separately. And that's not true! The caviar lime fruit is the Citrus Australasica – a plant with citrus fruits of peculiar format with a fully differentiated pulp, which looks like caviar, but does have citrus flavor. It can have various colors and is also known as Finger lime.

When touches the skin, the first thing you think is: "that kind of fragrance, again?". And that feeling doesn't happen by chance, since the earlier versions had the same type of construction, bringing the caviar lime mixed with some frozen accord. Luckily, this aroma disappears almost immediately, giving place to the heart, which is spicier, lasts for hours and sets the evolution on skin. That makes all the difference because it shows a most intense facet of the original 212 Men VIP and ends in a woody base, while the latter ends with a sweetness of oriental content, because of the tonka bean and the amber.

When I began doing tests and publishing some pictures, I was questioned about a possible resemblance to last year's version (212 VIP Men Club). Now I can say the following: in this line, the Club Edition version is the one that differs the most and, particularly, the one I like best. I think all of them have DNA links – which is a very positive point, when it is about flankers – but this Wild Party version is a bit closer to the original version. If it have been called 212 VIP Men Intense would work beautifully, in the same way.
And that's how I define it: a stronger version of the original, which received sober nuances because of the violet leaves and the woody base. Both projection and durability, as always, don't leave something to be desired. If reaches the collar of the shirt, lasts until the next day!

But the bottle is terrible, in my opinion. The concept of the campaign brought palm leaves in the boxes and in the video and the bottles were made under this optics. And even bringing the same finishing and the magnetic lid from the rest of the line, the detail embossed looks like scales and the black paint does not help to convey the central idea. From a distance, looks of bad quality and it's tacky. An error of no return!

Richer, sweeter, more anamalic and thick than the original.
I am loving it, its more dynamic
I don't really smell the traditional leather note in this but i do smell cinnamon for some reason. Not a lot and i actually like it.
And i do still love the original and think that it suits more everyday
but this one is for special times, times you really want to feel amazing or make an impression.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by JovanK 2016-08-29

the reformulated version is not worth the 60eur. try to get the EDP version if you can.

Papiro Amberfig by Fábio Condé 2016-08-29

A masterpiece of the house without a doubt.
Papyrus is an inspiration in favorite note of David, cedar, and here has all kinds.
The opening is fruity, I feel guava and something citrus chord accompanies lightly, orange or lemon maybe. But this tone is to match for the red color to your body.
The woodsy combo of various cedars merged, causes this heart really pulsates, is bright, even hot and red, red cedar stands out, it is woody velvety and even red, has something amazing and different of varnish, earring that looks like soil from Mars, but all combine here making a woody alive and in flame.
Base appears comfortable leather nuance, stabilizing the previous woodsy tone, a unique scent and undoubtedly the best in the house.

Rating: 10/10

Divine Decadence Marc Jacobs by thiscantbegood 2016-08-29

Very floral but not sweet. Smelled this in a magazine and was immediately captivated. It smelled familiar but unique in the way Chloe gripped me. Even thought it contains no rose, Divine Decadence smells "rosey." It's more feminine than the original Decadence which resembles a man's fragrance (to me) due to the vetiver and woods. Divine Decadence reminds me of YSL's Paris but without the musky/dusty dry down. Both Paris and DD contain bergamot and vanilla. The fragrance is a nice diversion from the trendy fruity-florals and gourmand scents.

Kenzo Jungle Homme Kenzo by shamy 2016-08-29

I need a new bottle

Chloe Eau de Toilette Chloe by anikomarton 2016-08-29

This parfum makes me travelling in the time. I imagine it as THE SUBTLE fragrance in Mr Selfridge's luxurious fashion store in London in the 1910s.
The lightness of watermelon quickly overwhelmed by the sharp rose scent.
Like a fragile glass vase in a soft pink colour.

Oscar Celebration Oscar de la Renta by carolann1240 2016-08-29

I have had this in storage for a couple years and finally decided to try it. The gel blew my mind, wasn't sure what to do at first. The perfume is typically Oscar, non offensive but not an earth shaker. The price is cheap so it is a good choice for a go to perfume.

Angel Thierry Mugler by ShoelessDuchess 2016-08-29

OMG, I can't believe I've been missing this for all these years!!!!!! DEE-LISH-OUSSSSS! Deep, sweet, beckoning, it can't be ignored. Spray it on your clothes to smell the true story of this amazing scent if you feel it does not react well with your chemistry. Vanilla, chocolate, honey, caramel, with DEPTH! A masterpiece. I have to make up for lost time this fall/winter so I'm planning to wear this a lot! Delectable sex in a bottle!!!! In love!

Hinoki Comme des Garcons by Cauda Pavonis 2016-08-29

A pale but damp wood. Has a wet, almost moldy note that reminds me of some patchouli fragrances. Medicinal. An unusual fragrance, almost unwearable but never going that far, which seems to be typical for this house. Stripped down and modern. The very definition of "clean", that is, austere verging on antiseptic (but not quite). Not for everyone but I find its angularity quite beautiful.

Eau de Cologne Hermes Hermes by anikomarton 2016-08-29

An aromatic bitter citrus fragrance. I get a very fresh opening blast of lemon, bergamot and minth, enhanced then by basil and cedar.
As for me, I don't smell at all flower notes.
I find it rather men's fragrance, it is more spicy than Concentré d'Orange verte, for exemple.

Endymion Penhaligon`s by enjoythesilence 2016-08-29

A horribly romantic sequel, for a special someone. Game on, bro. Don't fuck with a creature that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die - and especially don't fuck with her friends.

"The night air was sultry under the light of the full moon. He scratched his short forehead underneath the brim of his oily trucker hat and wondered aloud about how to conceal the stench of the swamp. Hunting gators was hard work. He needed something clean and soap-like to make him feel less repulsive as he picked up his weekly scratch ticket at the corner 7/11. It was then that he saw her - pumping gas into her Audi R8. She had heard his plea for help. His lower lip trembled at her beauty, and a little bit of tobacco-laced drool slowly dribbled down his chin, mingling with what appeared to be remnants of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. She finished pumping gas, and turned to face him. Her eyes attempted to lock into his, but it was slightly painful for her as his left eye wandered off into space -- so she stared deeply into his right eye, and she closed the gap between them. His knees started knocking and he let out a flatulent burst of fear. This fear transferred to her, as she hoped the friction from his enormous flapping posterior wouldn't ignite the gas pump fumes. But she maintained composure. She stood before him face-to-face, and grasped his c. 2003 Ed Hardy T-shirt in her fist, twisting the holey material in her hand until it tightened uncomfortably against his moobs. He was frozen with fear under the light of the silvery moon. She took a red-tipped talon from her other hand and traced it up the trail of Cheeto dust to his neckline. She then lunged toward him like a vampire, and hovered at his neck, her body pressed against his. He felt her hot breath lingering near his collarbone and he began to feel an unusual sensation down below. It was a feeling he hadn't felt since he saw Hulk Hogan live in the ring in 1984. He felt a firmness pressing on his jeans...from the outside. It wasn't his own. Damn it! He thought to himself, "She be conceal carryin'. That's justa spare mag in her pocket." Decades of Twinkies and Mountain Dew for breakfast had rendered him impotent. Her hair smelled amazing. What is she wearing? What could it be? She smelled clean, powdery and soap-like. He dared open his mouth and stammered, "Er, be smellin' purdy, Miss. Whuddya wearin'?" She purred, "Penhaligon's Endymion." Curiously, he decided to look up fragrance reviews on his smart phone at this moment. If only the darn beautiful woman wasn't in his way, he might be able to see his phone! She remained lingering near his neck, her warm breath catching in his neckbeard. She assumed his smart phone was probably smarter than him, since she caught a glimpse of the back tag of his shirt in the front. Her assumption was proved correct when he asked her to spell 'Endymion' letter every five seconds or so. She then made a sudden move - she released his Ed Hardy shirt from her hand, and reached around to grasp the back of his hot, red neck...or is it 'redneck'? No matter. She felt the damp, squishy and meaty flesh in her palm and slowly moved her mouth closer toward his ear. Her hair's aroma was driving him wild. Still, he frantically looked up reviews on Fragrantica, searching for a breakdown of notes on Endymion. "Dang, woman! Why ya'll gotta be breathin' down mah neck while I tryna be lookin' up notes on Fra...Fragna...Frangtastica? I can't even find the damn perfume notes!! Some damn chick, en...enjo...enchilada...can't even write. She doesn't tell me whutta notes are! And Me...Met...Metallica just be writin' about being relax'd and feelin' good. Where da notes be at??" Her hot breath continued warming his neck as she inched closer and closer to his ear. This sensation was just enough to cause him to feel...something. Was it pleasure? Or was it simply a craving for more Cheetos? He dropped his phone, and they lingered in this moment for what felt like an eternity. She whispered in his ear, "I am enjoythesilence." He couldn't hear her - years of blasting Lynyrd Skynyrd made hearing whispers near-impossible for him. "WHUT?" he belched. "I am enjoythesilence. Well, 'enchilada' to you.", she replied in a hushed growl. It took him an agonizingly long time to make the connection that the woman before him was the 'enchilada' on 'Frangtastica.' "Oh, you is are ya? Well, tell me sumpin' what are dem dere notes of End...Endo...Endominion?" She sensuously breathed into his ear before screaming, "METALMAN SPELLED IT OUT CLEAR AS DAY, YOU FUCKING ILLITERATE MORON!!!" The end.

Epilogue: enjoythesilence stepped back from the swamp man's egg-shaped body and stumbled toward the gas pump in a daze. She fumbled for the gas pump nozzle and cupped her hand. She shook the nozzle and extracted a few teaspoons of gasoline from it and washed her hands in the potent, stinging liquid, as her entire body shook with disgust. Would the friction of rubbing set her hands alight? She kind of hoped it would. She couldn't get the smell of dead reptile, sweat and Cheetos out of her nose. She desperately tried to focus on the clean, powdery fragrance of Endymion, but the smell of gasoline was too potent and it overpowered her perfume entirely. She couldn't possibly re-enter her beautiful R8 in this foul-smelling condition, so she did what she had to do - she ran inside 7/11 and asked the clerk for the key to the bathroom. Everyone knows gas station bathrooms are directly connected to the seventh circle of hell, but she must be brave and find soap and water. Her gas-tinged hands shook as they grabbed the key. She managed to unlock the bathroom door, and she finally opened it -- her nostrils welcomed the pungent aroma of 72 patrons since the bathroom's last cleaning, for this was far better than the essence of the swamp man. She furiously pumped what she hoped was soap into her hands, and rubbed and rubbed them under the blasting hot water until she was fairly certain she'd exposed a bit of bone. She then began splashing her face, trying to get the remnants of the swamp man's aroma out of her nose. It was no use. It had somehow fused deep within her sinuses. Her hands hurt so much from the furious scrubbing that driving would be impossible. She asked the 7/11 clerk to dial AAA for her, so she could tow her R8 home. Within a minute, the tow truck arrived. Wow, that was fast! The driver stepped out of the vehicle. It was him. It was the swamp man. "No. No! NO! NOOOO!!!!", she screamed as she turned and ran away down the road under the light of the full moon. No one ever saw her again, but urban legend suggests that she's still running - running somewhere far, far far away from Florida as one could possibly get on the North American continent. Arctic explorers have noted seeing what appears to be a woman swimming with seals and rubbing herself on the sea ice as if to remove some sort of substance from her body. Every month during the full moon, the swamp man plays his banjo and yodels a sad tune, "Enchilada...come back tuh me, dear purdy enchilada! I got some Cheetos I wanna share with ya dear enchilada. Yer hair smelled so purdy...enchiladaaaaa! I ain't be stinkin' too bad no more, enchilada lady...I gots me some dere Endominion now!"

Soundtrack: Korn - It's Me Again

Hot Couture Givenchy by mschnabel666 2016-08-29

I blind bought this for a great price, it's always been on my radar since gourmand, over the top sweeties are my thing.

Um.... ok? I applied this liberally and had a Bluth Family Moment.... "I have made a terrible mistake!" (Arrested Developement joke)

My husband detected the immediate orange/citrus in the opening, but all I got was PICKLES! I'm sure it was the pepper and wood/vetiver-- this was not what I expected at all! Haha!

Then it calmed down to lose to pickles but it felt very cloying and sweet. Even to me! Long lasting, average to good sillage... and the next day my shirt smelled like Viva La Juicy, which I like. :)

Overall, not the best blind buy.... I probably would trade to try the EDT. Haha.
This is just too woody/smoky/pepper. I didn't get any fruit/raspberry.
Then I read about the comparisons to Gucci Guilty, I immediately agreed, and it helped me appreciate the sweet/cloying middle more.

Fiori d'Ambra Profumum Roma by RobBob 2016-08-29

Fiore D'Ambra is another great scent from the great house of Profumum Roma. When I read other reviews here I was excited to try out Fiore D'Ambra. I own bottles of both YSL's Opium and Dana's iconic Tabu. I get what people are talking about when they compare Fiore D'Ambra with both those fragrances. Fiore D'Ambra does have some notes in common with both. However, Profumum Roma being who they are, would never just copy another perfume. Fiore D'Ambra goes on with a blast of incense, and amber. The other note is supposed to be "opium" but, does that mean poppy flowers, which don't have any scent, or does that mean real actual narcotic opium, which I have read has a tarry, heavy, greasy smell. I have never smelled real opium myself. But Fiore D'Ambra is another amazing fragrance from PR that goes on strong, then drys down quickly into this dreamy, amber, incense/opium, sweet elixir that just keeps going. At first I was disappointed with the projection and sillage. I almost wanted to return my bottle. Then the next day I sprayed some on, it dried down and I smelled my wrist and had a nice "skin scent". Then two people in the same day complimented me and I got the "what's that you're wearing" question. I couldn't smell it, but they definitely could. Most of Profumum's scents are beasts that you really have to be careful not to over do. You will run people out of the room if they don't like the scent. Fiore D'Ambra is different. It's what I would call a subtle beast. It's there even when you think it has dried down to a skin scent. I have received compliments from both men and women on this one. It's really beautiful and I am definitely addicted to it too. This fragrance is so beautiful that anyone can wear it.

Tsar Van Cleef & Arpels by alicepolice 2016-08-29

Not my cup of tea at all, though in defense of Tsar, I should have realized as much for a scent released almost thirty years ago. It's not gonna warm up to my trendy nose.

I would call it a very classic, manly, aftershave scent. There's nothing adventurous or fun about it to me - it's more of a "smell pleasant" than "bring out my character" type of scent.

Majestic Black Afnan Perfumes by fahadharoon 2016-08-29

Got me a sample of pure havane and chergui. Afnan is most definately a knock on PH door. Very similar maybe a tad less smoother. But the price makes this a winner all the way.

Del Mar Baldessarini Baldessarini by RobbieX 2016-08-29

When I first sprayed on Del Mar, I thought " a little generic". After 2 or more tries, I find that this has a lovely silage with its own character and has moderate longevity. Del Mar is a woody, spicy citrus that is very pleasant. 8/10 for me.

Russian Police Cold Head Sergio Nero by kinetisphere 2016-08-29

Clearly this bottle is an "inspiration" from "Dunhill desire blue" o_ô hmmmmm?

Concentre d`Orange Verte Hermes by anikomarton 2016-08-29

A gorgeous composition with its few but very well chosen components. I smell a perfect equity of the sourness of orange and the woody cedar. Their duo is emphasised by the spicy green note of basil.
A really fresh fragrance with great silage and longevity!
And I love the bottle with its deep green opacity and the softness of the glass.

Boudoir Vivienne Westwood by SheriSheri 2016-08-29

A few tentative dabs of my sample onto my wrist and a blast of old fashioned, but still inviting, floral soap hits me. Powder, and something intangibly secretive follows, which immediately makes the name seem completely appropriate and perfectly literal. I do indeed feel as if I am in a bygone ladies boudoir. To me, it has the same transportive effect that Moulin Rouge does. I decide I would like to spend the night with the fragrance, to fully experience it, and to see if I can pick up the infamous skank note. I get into bed to relax, and go to apply a more generous amount to my neck and chest....then I accidentally let go of the vial and the sample upends into my bed. Fittingly, there is now a wet patch. Perhaps during the night it will seduce me into buying again.

02 Owari Odin by Foxysardar 2016-08-29

So i tried my sample and here my thoughts.

Opening i sprayed it was beautiful as i could smell the orange with lemon and faint dose of herbal note. Liked the opening though its does not last long sadly as it turned soppy and more importantly into skin scent . It did not lasted beyond 3/4 hours total which @165 dollars for 100 ML is bit of shame i will say. This one is big NO IMO and you could save your money get better citrus in the market .4/10

Carbone de Balmain Pierre Balmain by alicepolice 2016-08-29

no-fi made an excellent review, truly hits the nail on its head. However, I am still very fascinated by Balmain even in the shadow of Encre Noire - it's the dustiness of this scent that gets me. In one hefty inhale, it's almost as a sooty inhale of expensive wood (along with sweet resin), something I could imagine to be created by Dsquared2.

Encre Noire Lalique by alicepolice 2016-08-29

Encre noire... Why have we not crossed paths before? This scent is eerily seductive. I smell the bark of an old, dried tree, mingling with ink. Sublime in its simplicity.

If you like other Lalique scents (I LOVE!), then you won't be disappointed. EN actually has a resemblance to the base of Lalique's Amethyst.

Will I buy again? TO THE END OF MY DAYS!

DKNY Women Summer 2016 Donna Karan by cherubkiss 2016-08-29

A fresh summer fragrance. Not sweet, just clean and refreshing. Sillage good to begin with and then fades to a skin scent. Bellini is evident but quickly fades and other notes make there appearance. Need to spray every few hours but you can afford to given the size of bottle. Like it.

By Invitation Michael Buble by revealm 2016-08-29

this is looks so expensive
sure Michael Buble has taste
can't wait to smell what he likes women to smell

Vert d'Encens Tom Ford by Medusa82 2016-08-29

Smelled this today - really the best out of the four from this new rage -- very sophisticated composition - Defo on my to buy list

Cool Water Davidoff by lulami 2016-08-29

This perfume brings me back so many memories from when I was little. I remember its smell so well even after so many years but I didn't know its name. In the late 90s and at the beginning of 2000 it was so popular, especially among youngsters and I would constantly smell this zesty, crispy scent, a very acquatic one. Recently when I found it in the shops I was attracted by the bottle and smelled it. I realised right away that it was my childhood perfume. It's simply timeless and ageless. To me, is almost becoming a necessity having it rather than a simple pleasure. After travelling for 8 hours in a bus with another hundred of people, the sun hitting right in the head, the air that was still and the non existence of the wind(it seemed like I was travelling in the middle of the desert) I couldn't wish of anything else but some cool air and water. Right in that moment the first thing that came to my mind was this perfume. Only thinking about it it would cool me down. Everything in this perfume is so suggestive: the name, the bottle, the scent ; it reminds me of the cold bottle of champaign and the steam that comes out of it when you open the bottle, so freshening. I wanted this perfume on my skin and in my life so bad that during the whole trip I couldn't stop thinking that I must have it at any cost. I'm definitely going to buy it and always gonna keep it for the long, warm, endless days of summer.

This is just so utterly fantastic. I chose this sample randomly, and didn't pay much attention to the notes. . . it was mainly vanilla . . . But oh my goodness so rich and deep and bright. Resonant. Intoxicating. I guess my skin *really* loves civet . . . It is such a lovely scent, and also brings out the addict in me; a perfume to collect and hoard and drown in, and to take with me everywhere; I NEED it, lots of it, for *every* possible situation. It is very strong and lasts quite a long time, which surprises me as not many perfumes last on my skin. Ellen Covey, you're awesome. This is absolute heaven

Grace Grace Coddington by acep 2016-08-29

This is the effortless, elegant, and understated Grace Coddington that we love. I was expecting something very eccentric but I do envision Grace Coddington when I smell this. It's very easy and comforting and modern. Just like snuggling up with your cat on a fluffy white minimal couch in a sunny apartment surrounded by things that you love.

I get bergamot at the beginning. It goes from a fresh bright rose to a comforting rose.

Teazzurra Guerlain by Madrona 2016-08-29

Pleasing tea fragrance. Ever-so-slightly soapy. I can definitely sense the calone, as well as a lactonic character that adds a certain type of creaminess without going full coconut sun lotion. The citrus notes are not overpowering or even sharp, which is unusual. There's just the right amount of jasmine. Nice.

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by shahtheone 2016-08-29

Reminds me of Eid

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Shahram.yari 2016-08-29

Awful.poor performance.all the ysl perfumes suffer from poor longevity and projection.

Sultan Al-Rehab by sebbydee 2016-08-29

Not what i thought it was...from all the al rehab juices i have this is the one that will rotate the least i s floral and woody but mainly musky. Musk musk and citrus and musk... uni dimensional scent on my skin. Also the weaker i have from this brand. I was very fond on lord, dakar, for men and superman that i love...but this one won t do it for me. I have the 35ml spray and the projection is quite low as well. I wish i could have loved you like your brothers Sultan...

Dolcelisir L`Erbolario by Marco<3 2016-08-29

Bellissimo e buonissimo!
Davvero ottimo, lo vedo ben accostato al periodo invernale, con la neve che scende, davanti al camino con una tazza di cioccolata calda.
Parte con un Rum spiccato, che a poco a poco piacevolmente lascia posto al caramello e alla vaniglia, e solo dopo subentra il cacao e la cannella.


Amarige Givenchy by RavynG 2016-08-29

I get a honeyed, musky, mimosa with a rosewood and amber chaser. Very hard to describe, definitely a clean appeal and a hint of freshness but in more of a balsam rather than the citrus notes. It puts me in mind of a lovely green glade found unexpectedly in the middle of an old forest and a blooming mimosa in the center. I have smelled roses with this certain "quality" that I can't quite put my finger on too, but not the ordinary pink and red ones, maybe the fruitier orange indistinct delicate fruit punch rather like Juicy Fruit Gum! This is one of those perfumes you just want to smell all day long! I had forgotten about it until I switched shampoos, apparently L'Oreal has not fogotten it, because their new Extraordinary Oils line for Curly Hair smells enough like Amarige to trigger the memory and make me dig in my closet to see if I might still have a bit in the bottom of an old bottle! It is a clean, lush scent. Like drinking some decadent fruity-flowery cocktail for breakfast in a bed of clean white linen sheets.

Gentleman Aramis by collecteur 2016-08-29

Very disappointed about this Aramis. I've used it the way I always use an eau de toilette yet a couple sprays in my neck, a few on my t-shirt & shoulder &a few in my t-shirt spraying it to the collar. About 10 sprays. Best way for an eau de toilette to stay & best way for myself to smell the fragrance while wearing it. At first I had a huge splash of alcohol smell. Then came same pretty nice, warm spicy smell. Smell I was able to smell for about 1 single hour & gone! Even when puting my t-shirt on my nose! Very disapointed. The bottle itself is a classic winner. Except for the 30ml which looks ridiculously small! 30ml is to stay 30ml but some 30ml bottles look huge & massive comparing this tiny gentlemen! I would have loved that spicy smell to stay. Reason why I will not recommend it & will not buy it again. Unless for a classy cheap gift.

Heritage Eau de Toilette Guerlain by alexma 2016-08-29

I first got a bottle as soon as it came on the market. I really loved it, considered it a masterpiece. I bought a second bottle back in 2003 along with a Dior Jules, a long lasting love. My current opinion is that the perfume is a faint idea of what it used to be. Nothing to do with the original, very cinnamon-like, extremely linear, reminding me of "L'instant". Perhaps it's my nose but to me this is how a masterpiece is turned into a "has been".

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Spasticink 2016-08-29

@marcoz You work for L'Oreal ? Stop trying to justify what Yves Saint L'Oreal is doing with their scents by reformulations.

This is basicaly a scam !
In local Sephora or Douglas there are demonstration testers with batches 62Lxxx, 62Kxxx. People uses them and thinks "wow this smells pretty damn good and not bad longevity".
Than unaware buys a YSL box with 3xMxxx or 3xNxxx batch witch basicaly sucks with parameters.
This is NOT OK.

Twin for Women Azzaro by Bee-young-ka 2016-08-29

Well said below.

"It kind of reminds me of Nivea soft"

Yep. Nivea crème.

nothing wrong with that. good skin scent, I only wanted the groovy moon-age daydream bottle.

We have few by this brand and they are all super interesting.

Monsieur Musk Houbigant by mohsen.nasehipoor 2016-08-29

Eagerly I want it and id like wear it

Encre Noire Sport Lalique by nexangelus 2016-08-29

By no means a monster vetiver. Modern, quiet and peppery (iso e I assume), but as some have admitted easier to wear and maybe more crowd-pleasing (if that is your thing) than the original. The cashmeran does make this fuzzy, but it does not come across as scratchy as in some other modern bases, thankfully. Perfect as an intro to vetiver. Perfect for summer, with its fresh topnotes and softer drydown. Refreshing, woody and summery cool. I don't smell the "aqua" notes unless it is a slight salty perception. Thumbs up Lalique, no re-buy here as I have found my favourite vetivers.

Hoggar Yves Rocher by AndreiCristian 2016-08-29

This smell like a desert to me. When i use this i fell thirsty and i want to drink water.

I dont like that sandy vibe. For me is a fragrance for 30+
I think this is made for older people.

Performance is not a problem with this fragrance , and quality too. Well blended.

Smell 6/10 Sandy,warn.
Performance 9/10 Last around 8-10h , good silage.
Quality 8.5/10 Very good for this price

Celebre Ice Avon by Nikkafragrance 2016-08-29

Now I absolutely can't stand it and I wanna swap my bottle! PM me if interested.

Armani Code Ultimate Femme Giorgio Armani by Bee-young-ka 2016-08-29

Are you like me and love Loverdose by Diesel, and while its fine for everyday occasions when it comes to wearing it for romance do you find yourself thinking am I'm just a bit old for this scent?

I find Loverdose original sweet and smokey like backstage at a rock n roll gig or a waft of smoke machine.
puts me back in time in a mind to par-tay!

Code is a bit more refined but still sexy as hell.
Code ultimate is the backstage at a very classy burlesque show.

The vanilla is sexy smokey and the coffee is modern and classy but the woods add masculinity and remove the girly vibe that Loverdose has, making CODE ulti practically unisex.

I'll be trying this one out on him that's a given.


sexy in a experienced way. go baby go!

Safari for Men Ralph Lauren by Haroonjil 2016-08-29

The Current formulation has poor longevity and the scent weak. Big disappointment my batch code is 18M9009.

Tested it today and realized how much the fragrance world or maybe the concept of femininity has changed. I can still remember the original D&G. It was 1995 or 1996, I was a teenager in post-soviet country and this fragrance along with Red Door by Elizabeth Arden were an epitome of chic and femininity. My best friend’s mother owned original D&G and every time I had and opportunity to spray it on my hand I was mesmerized how heady, sweet and strong, deep and sparkling it was, femme fatale like. Compered to it, Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme and Pour Femme Intense are like teenagers, good and sweet girls next door. I’m in my early thirties now and can barely imagine myself wearing them. Nothing wrong with the composition (powder, sugar, vanilla, a hint of white flowers), lasting power and silage are good, but still – its infantile, fluffy sweet, not feminine, so the marketing is kind of misleading.

Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate Hermes by bisheh 2016-08-29

it's a fresh light fruity fragrance with a low longevity. i know smell of rhubarbe from my childhood but i think it was not like this.
سمپل اورجینال این کار موجوده. برای اطلاعات بیشتر پروفایل بنده رو چک کنید. همچنین برای مشاهده کارهای جدید اضافه شده به سمپل ها عضو کانال تلگرام بشید.

Armani Code Profumo Giorgio Armani by jdfragrance 2016-08-29

My recent purchase, what I was looking for in a party and outgoing scent that performs like a beast.

It does have similar purposes as 1 Million and smells familiar in the beginning, but I personally find this more enjoyable and more classier, not as immature as 1 Million as some would suggest. The dry down is what pushed me forward to get this.

It has that bubblegum feel when first sprayed but then it morphs into this sweet and slightly better original code which I love, although nothing new.

Longevity 12+ hours, while projection is pretty solid, it does the job.

It's a winter/autumn scent that I personally use for night outings, parties, social events and clubs etc. Anything you would use 1 million for.

Overall, a very handy fragrance that's both youthful and mature. I personally enjoy it myself and use in many outgoing occasions.

Scent - 8/10
Longevity - 10/10
Sillage - 8/10

Do Son Diptyque by Mooniq 2016-08-29

A beautiful white flower filled scent. I almost get a feeling of Lily-in-the-valley, but like a whisper. Very airy soft smell of them, but they are not included. I also get a softspicy smell - so for daring men - I say, try it.

En ljuvlig doft fylld med vita blommor. Jag får nästan en känsla av Liljekonvalj, men som en viskning. Otroligt luftig, mjuk Liljekonvalj-doft men de är inte med i doftpyramiden. Jag får även en kryddig känsla - så för modiga män säger jag bara - testa den.

Dunhill Pursuit Alfred Dunhill by jioffu 2016-08-29

When i testing it in Charity Perfum shop in Samarinda, i sniff it along with Aigner pour homme and Calvin Klein escape. They're all in the same style i think but assuming the aigner and the calvin klein will not last longer, i decided to take this one. The scent is so good, classic classy man but it only stay on my skin about 3 hours with projection only about 20 to 30 minutes. So this one gonna be a stay home scent with respray every 30 minutes.

Scent : 8/10
Projection : 2/10
Longevity : 3/10

Pleats Please L`Eau Issey Miyake by Mooniq 2016-08-29

A very fresh scent in a sparkling mix of Rose, pinkpepper, Neroli, Patchouli & musk. Perfect for office or every-day-use. Timeless - both teenagers and women can wear this beautiful, flirty and fresh scent.

En väldigt fräsch doft i en sprakande mix av rosor, mjuk peppar, neroli, patchouli & musk. Perfekt för kontoret eller som varje-dag-doft. Tidlös - funkar lika bra på tonåringen som på kvinnan. Fräsch, flirtig och härlig doft.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by Marco<3 2016-08-29

Provato, davvero interessante, una versione leggera e spensierata del N°5 Eau de Parfum, personalmente lo vedo come una versione appunto soave e sopita di quest'ultimo e non come una nuova variante più fresca del Premiere.


Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by jdfragrance 2016-08-29

My second fragrance and my favourite one of all time.

I purchased DHI in need of a winter scent. After having to choose between this or the parfum, DHI was my preferred choice. Never smelled the pre-formulations ones so, reformulated or not, This DHI still is my favourite out of all my collection.

To be specific, it's the late 2014 one which I believe are the ones that been negatively reformulated according to reviews but I still enjoy it and can't imagine it being better. I've even smelled Valentino Uomo Intense and still prefer this reformulated DHI, in my subjective opinion.

It's the Iris note and the cacao I really enjoy. I personally like the 'airiness' of this formulation which I find it to be more versatile and less cloying in warmer seasons. It's a great night scent, for outings, dates and personal enjoyment. It's perfect for winter, although probably not as great as the pre-formulations. The reformulations allows me to use it for my sporting and fitness gears which I find suitable(if not over-sprayed) since it's a 'watered down version' as others have compared to the old, which allows me to enjoy it so much more.

Longevity is great, 10+ hours and even much longer on clothes which I could still smell for days from a few sprays. Projection is superb in my opinion, projects like a beast and leaves a trail. I use it for training so I don't overspray say if I'm going to the gym, and because of it being watered down you can get away with it anywhere.
Even sprayed my whole room and it's not as suffocating, at first it was from over-spraying. All in all it's really versatile in my opinion.

Overall, it's my favourite scent, appreciate it, addicted to it, a lot of memories with it and one of my signatures.

Scent - 10/10
Longevity - 9/10
Sillage - 7/10 (since it's watered down)

Prada La Femme Prada by jellybeantree 2016-08-29

Immediately going to try this fragrance ! This looks amazing! I

Rock Rose Clive Christian by ComposerX 2016-08-29

Rock Rose by CC is a very well crafted fragrance that is true to its name. The opening is undoubtedly masculine, but after the first transition occurs it becomes gender neutral - still leaning slightly towards the masculine side. The second phase slowly transitions into a green/sweet/floral/musky kind of scent, which smells almost exactly like the essential oil of rock rose (with a touch of sweetness). The dry down to the base notes is somewhat inviting (warm) with a hint of ... I don't know! I honestly think it's the massive amount of ingredients in this fragrance that makes it difficult to define. I must say, though, it does seem to become gender neutral after a few hours, leaning towards the feminine side. But it really depends on the wearer's skin and chemistry with the fragrance.

I strongly feel that this fragrance was well designed, however, it doesn't draw me in or excite me (which is usually what I look for). Instead, it's a calming fragrance that will work wonders in the heat and compliment the vitality of spring. By no means is this a head turner; it's rock rose subtly supported by a mysterious blend that creates enough intrigue. You either like it or you don't. Rock Rose is a fragrances that literally is in a state of constant change. On myself, I enjoy the opening, the first transition, but everything after that is not to my personal taste. For a fragrance to be great for me I need to love every phase - beginning to end - and the end, while nice, is not something I enjoy wearing.

Scent 7/10
Longevity 9/10
Sillage 6/10

Recommendation: 1 spray of C on your chest, one spray of X on your clothes and one on your wrists, followed by one spray of Rock Rose on your wrists. After trial and error I found this combination to be very nice. I wouldn't recommend buying Rock Rose just to compliment a combo. Unless you're wearing it exclusively with Cosmos Flower, which is an amazing feminine combination.

There are essentially three different ways to smell a fragrance on your skin and it's as simple as how quickly you breath in through your nose: fast, medium, and slow. These methods of smelling a fragrance will strongly determine which notes you pick up on the most.

Immediately after spraying Rock Rose I smell the cardamom, black pepper, spearmint, patchouli, mandarin, neroli, tobacco orange, a hint of lavender. This lasts for about 2 minutes and then the rock rose comes into play with the nutmeg and cinnamon slowly emerging. The patchouli dies off rather quickly followed by the black pepper and neroli. After a short while the nutmeg and cinnamon fade away as well. To say the least, the opening of this fragrance is extremely complex. The transition into the heart notes is rather quick (about 10 on my skin) and this allows the base notes to play their role and beautifully infuse with the heart and top notes.

After about 20-30 minutes the musk has a strong presence, and I think this is mostly due to the interaction between the many green (heart) and woody notes (base), which through combination creates a musky scent. All of this compliments the natural aroma of the rock rose, which is where this fragrance resides.

The rock rose remains present in the final phase (fourth hours after application), but many of the heart notes fade into the somewhat sweet, mildly musky base with a hint of woodsy notes. A huge shift from the opening.

The Vert & Bigarade L`Occitane en Provence by delicatefabric 2016-08-29

Unfortunately this is not for me. On me, this scent is too sharp and tangy, and I am saying this as a fan of citrus. It feels like I have accidentally 'drank' lemon juice from the nostrils. Also reminds me a bit of cleaning agents. Once it settles as a skin scent it becomes dominated by the thyme.
I own the shampoo version of this and it is lovely. The shampoo(and its conditioner) truly conveys the tea and freshness of the scent without irritating my nose. It stays in your hair too. If you are interested in this, get the shampoo instead.
I also wonder what these perfumers think when they make green tea perfumes. Most green tea scents I tried, including Elizabeth Arden, are very very tangy and squeakily clean like air fresheners. However, Japanese and Chinese green tea do not taste like that at all. Although they do leave a faintly acidic taste in your mouth, they are generally mellow and slightly bitter. It seems like these green tea perfumes only took the literal 'green' out of the tea and oversaw its comforting gentleness.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Lemon Lime 2016-08-29

To be honest I had never heard of this scent. I discovered it only last year after reading reviews at my leisure. Having been lucky on ebay I now own 2 full bottles of this. The all brown one (2002) and the reformulated version (2008). I actually bought the second one by mistake cause I didn't know then, how to distinguish between the 2 versions. Anyway, here they are now !

Having read about the "groundbreaking usage of oud" in this scent and having already owned and enjoyed scents ranging from Montale's Dark Aoud to Ajmal's Al Shams Special Edition, I was puzzled if not disappointed at first sniff. I couldn't detect any trace of oud in M7. Just a mellow, cherry cola, spicy, soft and warm sensation turning more insency and dark at drydown. I soon realized that I was judging this from the wrong perspective. M7 was not meant to be an Oud bomb back in 2002. M7 perfumers used Oud as an integral part of the whole formulation. More like a key cog-wheel but as part of a highly complicated mechanism.

To cut a long story short, it took me several wearings to fully appreciate this scent. It is masterfully blended. It offers a short but fantastic opening to quickly turn ambery, woody, spicy, peppery, warm, not so sweet anymore with a delicate medicinal vibe. Fantastic and long lasting classy and dark drydown with woods and light smoke to my nose. M7 quickly turns to a rich skin scent but it possesses the magic power to reappear at random instances and drive my senses wild ! A fantastic addition to my collection.

Now, as far as the reformulated (2008) version is concerned, well, in my opinion it is not bad at all. It is slightly harsher at the opening and it does dry down to a less mellow-thick scent. My guess is that the more striking differences between the 2 versions (should they exist) are for the expert noses - which is not the case with me !

The older version offers better longevity & sillage on my skin.

2002 : 9/10
2008 : 7,5/10

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by smellyman67 2016-08-29

@psyside -knob

Lira Xerjoff by Alasse 2016-08-29

A glorious citrus desert (and I don't tend to like lemon pie), this one stays on the skin for hours and is absolutely my choice of autumn/winter scent this year, my antidote against the gloomy grey days to come. It vibrates warmly and engulfs the wearer, it is sweet without being overwhelming or sickly.

The opening is a blast of lemon and lavender which then slowly retreats in to the caramel, the ending is a soft vanilla caramel vibe with hints of citrus. Yes, the bottle is a particular 'style' however I gladly overlook this - quite frankly, it sits in my closet anyway to keep in dark, cool and dry - and to top things off, prices are more than reasonable for this line!

Melodie De L`Amour Parfums Dusita by Calvini 2016-08-29

First I have to say the opening is DIVINE, but its breathtaking beauty is short-lived (2 hrs--although I only truly indulged in the first one).. The rest I'll sum it up with quotes from Kafkaesque:
"I’ve spent so much time on Melodie de L’Amour’s opening stage because...I’m afraid the rest of the fragrance doesn’t live up to that heart-stopping tender beauty... There is far, far too much white musk from the middle stage onwards; the bouquet turns completely amorphous and shapeless; the musk essentially whitewashes the depth and richness of the notes into one-dimensional anonymity”

Erolfa Creed by vihri 2016-08-29

Wow, so much love for this fragrance, interesting.
I'm a huge Creed fan, but this is just disgusting to me. It opens up with a nasty smell of an old person, and by this I mean it smells like piss. I've tried this on various occasions to see whether it's just my imagination, but no: every single time this thing is just very disgusting to me. Glad, I only bought a sampler and not a full bottle. Naturally, would NOT recommend this as a blind buy.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by ayaya 2016-08-29

@ Fatihhh Yes it has been reformulated for sure, I regret y I bought a 50 ml bottle. perfume reformulation kills frags. but atleast we have the eau de parfum version

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by Anast 2016-08-29

Which is pre reformulation batch code?

Pure Poison Christian Dior by elena gonzalez 2016-08-29

The gardenia is my favorite flower , very difficult to transfer a perfume. But in this case I smell completely.
The citrus scent completes a sophisticated , elegant and feminine fragrance. Tranquilizer - energy . Perfect for love .

Rock Rose Clive Christian by Calvini 2016-08-29

While Myths Man (Amouage) contains an unrealistic chrysanthemum note, Rock Rose actually captures the flower's essence quite well!
The flower tea is a popular summer drink in Taiwan with a medicinal cooling properly that not only tastes floral & minty-spicy, but also lightly bitter and almost tart (+sweetness from sugar or honey). The fragrance somehow showcases most of its facets and creates an almost complete & realistic image (I'm sure it was not intended); however, other than that it's just an ordinary "nice" fragrance (at this price range) one can live without... I'm quite disappointed at Clive's new direction (even his Twists were mostly okay)

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by callesjonas 2016-08-29

Well, what do you say.
Syntetic Cherry, leather and Tobacco is the first thing that strikes me. Like normal Amen very Heavy at start but calms down on the skina fter a few hours, very long lasting though.

I actually tried to mix it myself with Le Male (Gaultier). Try it yourself at own risk ;-) I like the blend, but to powerful fro most I guess...

Aventus Creed by 2016-08-28

Creed Aventus is amazing juice ! The pineapple and smoky birch combination is fantastic. I get 12 plus hours longevity and projection is great. This is suitable for day or night. I love wearing this especially dressed up. It exudes power and confidence. This is my personal favorite. Don't worry about the batch variations. They are all great.

Scent: 10/10
Projection: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

As Always from Acqua di Parma, well preserved scent that delivers as promised.

Nice Bergamot oil mixed with mediteranian scent top notes.

Not to powerful but perfect for shower creme.

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by Angelica 000 2016-08-28

I've just bought a backup of this, my husband absolutely loves it, so after hearing my tales of woe regarding discontinued or reformulated treasures, he actually said "Shouldn't you get at least 1 more bottle? You'd hate to be without it..." I speedily agreed :)
The deep, heavy Amoretto vibe is unctuous & addictive.

Oudh Infini Parfums Dusita by Calvini 2016-08-28

I'm sorry to be a party pooper, but on paper this crap stinks!! I've finally gotten over authentic Middle Eastern "fecal" oud, but this is on another level! The stink does not seem natural...
Maybe I should've checked out the reviews right then and there so maybe I would've tried it on the skin and appreciate it more

Aventus Creed by jdfragrance 2016-08-28

This is my first ever full sized bottle of fragrance I've purchased. A staple that sets the standard for the rest of my collection. Definitely one of my favourite scents out there to begin with.

The pineapple (primarily from this 2015 batch) is like none other, very fresh compare to other batches and fragrances. Pineapple stays throughout, quite linear for my one in particular which has no smokey notes, with a hint of pine, apple and blackcurrant. Conveniently best for the summer as my personal choice, it's perfect for the summer and it's my signature summer scent. Still Sophisticated enough for formal occasions, suits, dinner outings and every other nights beside winter.

Sadly, my one doesn't suit the cold winter as I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would with any other warm spicy & sweet fragrances. I've smelt the older batches so that's what I'm basing my opinion on in terms of my one being a summer scent.
However, works well in Autumn and especially in Spring.

Longevity is quite good, not beastly but good. It stays on my skin maybe 10 hours, which would become a very faint but enjoyable pineapple. Projection not a beast either but just enough as you would expect from a quality fragrance. Seems to project a lot better in warmer days, just a very expensive smelling quality true summer fragrance.

Overall, it's one of the best fragrances to own and without all the hype there is no actual flaw, besides the retail value.

Scent - 10/10 (Obsessed with pineapple)
Longevity - 8/10
Sillage - 7/10 (8.5/10 in hot summer)

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by niraina 2016-08-28

My all time favourite

Haiku Avon by Cloverstone 2016-08-28

A wonderful and beautifully enticing surprise! I love, love, love the original Glow by JLo (I have a very detailed review on it if curious) and this is absolutely the closest I have accidentally stumbled upon, a blind buy from reviews here and notes I typically enjoy. I also wear SHI which I noticed some have made the comparison. Personally, I do not find the correlation at all?? SHI is much more fresh aquatic than floral citrusy; SHI being a lovely scent but not too complex imo, more rather just fresh aquatic and great for day wear.

As of yet, I have not found any of Avon's perfumes to be my style but Haiku, it is elegant and has a lot of sex appeal. I literally almost can not tell the difference between Haiku and the original Glow. It has a slightly "warmer" feel to it but is still extremely close.

I would personally describe Haiku as a warm citrus, the perfect blend of light, white florals, woody, a hint of spiciness, fresh and clean (I do not detect any vanilla whatsoever, but I am glad tbh as I have begun to steer away from vanilla scents and perhaps only, only a very minimal light musk which comes out more woody which also may give it the slightly more warm feel when comparing ot to Glow). It us perfectly suited for day wear and also a great date night sexy attention grabbing scent. (Just like with Glow, I have been asked without fail what beautiful fragrance am I wearing by both men and women?) It is inoffensive and truly smells quite high end to my surprise too.

As much as I do really love it AND the price point which will factor in here for the need to use more; the longevity is not great, the sillage is perfect but I do find I need to reapply every couple of hours...and I do not like to be the overbearing perfume person in the room. When on clothing, it will last longer though and even in the air as I get a whiff of it when I come home when gone only a few hours.

Lastly, I do not care much about bottle appearance but I do quite like the Asian Pagoda Temple look and soft green hues of this unique bottle. If you like the notes listed or if you are a Glow fan, I would highly recommend giving Haiku a try!! ☺

Never tried the Alien perfume range, because I used to find the print ads so terrible. But if those pictures couldn't evoke a thousand words, the scent could definitely evoke a thousand pictures. What I smell when I wear this is a smoky, boozy, creamy and caramelly rice pudding, with hints of warm cardamom (I know this isn't a listed ingredient). It is very rich and pungent balsamic and yet honeyed like it's colour. It feels like being wrapped in a warm cosy cashmere pullover in fall colours. I always thought that I would never like an amber fragrance (I've got to say i based that opinion on absolutely nothing, lol), but here I am really loving it.

All the components are so much in accord and so well blended, that despite only 6-7 ingredients, it smells really complex (I mean look at how many adjectives everyone has used!). I really dislike the vintage perfumes from the 1920's till the 1980's, as, for me, they have way too many ingredients with the end result very generic and mature. I like the new trend of using minimal notes. And yet this to me is so complex and well balanced. I love it!

But it has a huge personality, so do not blind buy!

Oud 27 Le Labo by cologneblanche 2016-08-28

I first came across this scent about 2 years ago... At first, I remember being shocked by it. However intrigued and repulsed at the same time. It was polarising. I didn't dare to have it on and felt very self conscious that it may offend others.

This is not an easy scent to appreciate immediately. I suppose as you age and your taste develops, you no longer find what you thought was funny and entertaining, entertaining. And you develop intrigue and appreciation for things more complex and sophisticated; in all aspects of life.

So this happened with my taste in perfumery. I revisited this scent during a time of nihilism. For whatever reason, Oud 27 spoke. It is confident, gutsy and honestly gives no fuck. And for that, I love it.
I gave it a test wear... Whether it's the attitude of the wearer or not, people seem to appreciate the scent and I started receiving compliments.

It's so beautifully original, balsamic, and so mysterious. This work has integrity. I applaud Le Labo for conceiving such a concoction. It is unlikely to appeal to mass market but for those that's 'smelt it all', would be excited by this. Please don't ever stop producing this.

Incredible Things Taylor Swift by AjaBlue 2016-08-28

Vanilla. Coconut. Floral with hints of leather way in the background, Girlie but slightly masculine, ...which makes this fragrance a "love" for me. Also making it a "love" is the fact that I was wearing this one daily when I began reconnecting with my daughter's father again after many years apart. It has been a wonderful summer that kicked off with the text "When are you available to come with us to take care of our passports?" followed by "Let's move to Germany." Truly "Incredible Things." :)

After wearing a sample for several hours, overall it’s just Ok. I wouldn’t buy a full bottle. And honestly, it gives more of a “Bath and Body Works” vibe than a Niche fragrance one. The notes just don’t blend together nicely. I’m having a hard time detecting the scent pyramid. It starts and ends with a bland mix of ambiguous notes. I really don’t even see myself using up the rest of the sample.
That and it’s too much of a skin scent for my tastes. I sprayed it multiple times and can barely detect it. I prefer sillage monsters à la Mugler.

Cobra Al-Rehab by ptilda 2016-08-28

I fell in love with this beautiful scent first time out of the gate. I then gifted my new rollerball, then recently replaced it.

This is a white floral scent. It's beautiful. But in the AC, and with Susan on my other hand, this has almost a plastic note that I didn't get before. I think it works better in the heat.

I get patchouli, fruit, and sandalwood in the development? It's another elegant scent, but less opulent than Susan, I think. It also has less obvious tuberose. This is more about the overall bouquet than the single bloom.

It's a gorgeous scent that absolutely thrives in the heat.

Susan Al-Rehab by ptilda 2016-08-28

When I first got this, I got lots of florals and some musk with little fruit. Now I get a distinct white floral of Jasmine and tuberose, but initially, there is a bright citrus note cutting through. It's not overpowering at all. Just a nice break from the typical floral bomb.

Upon further sniffing, apricot appears for a moment. But it's rather brief.

What this scent settles into is a gorgeous and sophisticated white floral and musk. I've only tested Amarige once, and don't much remember specifics. But this might be close.

I sniffed a few tuberose scents today, and this might be my favorite. I'd like to experiment with layering this under Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian, one of the Michael Kors Michael Kors fragrances, or even with a leather like Gres Cabochard or Pierre Balmain Jolie Madame.
It dries down to a gorgeous scent that I could wear all day any day... And I'm not so partial to florals. This is a love for me.

Journey Man Amouage by [email protected] 2016-08-28

An amazing masterpiece;-)

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by tyekristopher 2016-08-28

hands down one of my favorite perfumes of all time! this scent truly is lovely, soft, angelic and airy it reminds me of narcissio but narcission is a little ''BOLDER'' I love lovely and it's innocent vibe it gives off

Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by dmetzger 2016-08-28

Super unisex? Potent? Mature? New school?

No. None of those things. Am I smoking something or is everyone else?

The perfume is lovely and I did buy a 100ml bottle knowing it didn't last long because while it leans decidedly feminine, I can pull it off.

It's a skin scent only. Period. No sillage, no projection. And for my purposes that works for what I bought it for being a "clean" powdery slightly woodsy (very slightly) scent you can only smell if you are RIGHT UP on me. It is beautiful but it is not groundbreaking or deserving of a "Noir" designstion at all.

It is not a "mature" scent either. It is more classic then Black Orchid and a bit more reserved but this would not be out of place on a 20-something young lady (or in my case a 30-something tattooed man).

Scent: 8/10 it is very nice and well blended in my opinion.
Longevity: 3/10 it only lasts a few hours as a skin scent only so no high marks.
Sillage: 1/10 none
Projection 3/10 for the first 15 minutes then 1/10.

Would I buy this again? No. I got it KNOWING it is a skin scent but for an EDP I still expected better. I'm glad I have the bottle I have and will enjoy it while it lasts.

Gris Clair Serge Lutens by N°0012 2016-08-28

I've had the pleasure of growing up in a region covered by lavender fields and was looking to find myself a lavender fragrance that captures the natural aroma of lavender radiating in the dry heat. After doing research and reading reviews, I had a feeling that Gris Clair could be the one. There is a brief moment (under 2 minutes) when first sprayed where I like the bright lavender, but then that vanishes as powdery tonka and sugary amber syrup rain down and ruin this for me. It turns into something that reminds me of Armani Code for Men, which is a fragrance that I hate. I really want to like Serge Lutens since I adore his concepts and bottles, but all of his scents that I have tried have been too syrupy, sickeningly sweet and powdery for my taste.

If you are into the powdery sweet (usually containing amber or tonka) genre that dominates the designer male fragrance scene - La Nuit de l'Homme, The One, Sauvage, Armani Code - then you may like this a lot more than I do. I would suggest a testing first for sure.

Limette 37 San Francisco Le Labo by cwerge 2016-08-28

I think this is an amazing Fragance. I don't know why all the hate. I honestly don't find it boring or simple. It's an extremely complex scent that changes a lot from clean to dusty, from white to gray. I find it in some way futuristic. I think if I were to make the connection to San Francisco it would be the fact that it has dual/double face with its history and its ultra modern and forward personality.
I would totally buy this juice and I may do it sometime soon. Great job To Le Labo on this beauty

Balenciaga Paris Balenciaga by Lovesmells 2016-08-28

A sweet violet at first spray. The sweetness becomes powdery but creamy. No sour or sharp here. Violet is a flower, but this is deeper and I would consider it for warm evenings-Summer or Fall-because the heaviness of evening would bring out the creaminess. It also stays close to you. Endearing.

Kun Mukthalifan Men Rasasi by almarhoobi 2016-08-28

its a nice pleasant fragrance. that all I can say

Egoiste Chanel by Anabol2336 2016-08-28

I firmly believe that this was the greatest fragrance for men created by the house of Chanel. I remember my father spraying this on me before I went to school on cool autumn and winter days. It truly was a Christmas in a bottle smell. Unfortunately it has been reformulated and it just doesn't have the performance that it once did.

Ella Arquiste by muskymoi 2016-08-28

She's spectacular. Got a bit from a friend and it blew my mind. This blend of notes is pretty magical. Angelica and carrot seeds produce a sweet sexyinnocent mix with rose. Wow. What a gorgeous blend. I'm actually beside myself with wonder. So ultra femme. All of the above is based on the first five minutes of wear. I suspect I'll love it start to finish. If that changes I'll update. But I doubt I'll change my mind. Getting a bottle asap.

This smells like a sensual horchata. The drydown is so relaxing- as relaxing as L'homme but in a sexy kind of way.

Scent: 10/10
Complements: 8/10
Performance: 3 hours

Far Away Infinity Avon by aqua76239 2016-08-28

I just got my bottle-I think people may think that Avon is just cheap smelling stuff but lot of their fragrances are quite nice. When I smelled it, it was totally not what I was expecting. Spicy, sort of chypre floral but sweet. Hmm. I thought it smelled kind of familiar.

After I seen people comparing it to Alien-I concur. I think there are definite similarities. But I smelled Olympia recently and I don't see it being alike at all. Must sniff it again

Anyhoo, this is HEADY stuff. One spray will last you for several hours. This is not your typical "I can spray half and bottle and not smell a thing" weak perfume of today. Total powerhouse so use sparingly.

I am kind of on the fence with this one-I like it but just don't know if I want it for me

Cedro di Taormina Acqua di Parma by Hellokt 2016-08-28

Wore this today on a hot dry day to the hills for a hike, and then to the beach for a swim. I smelled the petti grain and lavender most strongly at first. After about an hour I mostly smelled the lavender and a bit of dry cedar. The lavender smelled soapy and clean. After about 7 hours I smelled a gentle mix of cedar and labdenum, almost vanilla-like. The dry down was definitely my favorite part. I liked this one..definitely fresh and smelled real....not synthetic at all, which I greatly appreciated. I will continue using my sample until it wears out...and consider buying a full bottle. This is a fresh and inoffensive, light fragrance for summer. I wonder how it will smell in the dead of winter....I suspect it might bring back memories of summertime, which would make it a worthwhile purchase. It smells more masculine than feminine to me, which is neither good nor bad....just an observation...although I think both genders can get away with wearing it...embellishing it...with their own personal style and flair.

Ame Torturée Ikiryō by damightyheru 2016-08-28

I had an opportunity to meet with the Perfumer of Ikiryo, Vincent Dreamhouse and I smelled a lot from the house that I liked. This entire line is inspired by Dreams and when you smell the scents Vincent makes, it's easy to see how a dream state ties into the theme of the brand and the scents within it.

'Ame Torturee' means "tortured soul" in French and while the name is intriguing and represents what the Perfumer had in mind when creating it, there's nothing Torturous about the smell. I've never smelled a scent like this is my life. It's so unique and so captivating. I am really falling for the smell every time I spray it. Which has been a lot. It challenges me in a good way and I think that is the main reason I find myself drawn to it...One of the main players in 'Ame Torturee' is Wisteria a very unique floral note. I can detect a floral aspect of the fragrance which I assume to be Wysteria but it doesn't come across overtly feminine on a man's skin and smells very unisex. It is blended with Vanilla, Olibanum and dries to a very sensual, slightly sweet amber and wood smell...There is a tinge of a resinous nature to the smell from the Amber and while it is sweet, 'Ame Torturee' is tamed by its woodiness and the spice, Coriander. The sweetness doesn't run amok.

The quality of the scent is very impressive. There isn't any offensive blasts of Alcohol whatsoever. U are greeted to a very smooth almost spiced vanilla/amber in the background (the amber and vanilla combo grows more intense as the scent evolves), with the floral note of Wisteria and a hint of neroli and benzoin dominating the top. I believe the Benzoin and vanilla account for the sweetness of the scent while a resinous amber, woods and olibanum support the drydown. The drydown is very heavy on amber and woods...It's not linear at all and comes across during its stages as a complex scent. It's not entirely smoky as it is balmy but there is an incense vibe to the smell coming from the combo of Woody notes, benzoin and Olibanum...

The scent lasts in a notable fashion on my skin for 6-8 hours or more with a subtle, but noticeable scent cloud through 3 hours. It will stick to cloth and waft even longer. The oil concentration is high so it won't project like old bottles of Joop after house 3-4 but it will linger. Fragrances like this however, from a male perspective held by many guys, doesn't need to be too loud. The Perfumer Vincent Dreamhouse was very smart to focus on longevity over sillage with this particular scent. It allows it to be a lot more versatile.

Using my P.A.G.E. Rating system, if i were unbiased and honest based on the total makeup of this scent I'd have to say 'Ame Torture" is a strong G or Good fragrance that leans Exceptional...If I were being Biased though my personal rating would be an enthusiastic E...or Exceptional Scent, my highest rating because I'm very drawn to the smell. It's very well blended, very natural smelling, very alluring and sensual, equally good on both men and women, can be worn yearly due to the fact that it won't cloy in heat (tho I'd prefer to wear this during evenings in hot weather) has the strength to handle the cold, is very unique and is a scent people will remember. Many Indies are really restoring my hope for the fragrance industry. I highly recommend smelling this. Some may be thrown off at first sniff, only because the smell isn't typical to what most people are used to but these are the types of fragrances that make the most memorable impressions. You may find yourself returning to sniff it again and again and again...

Ikiryo is certainly one of the most interesting and unique new Indie Houses with smells that are challenging, evocative of the theme of the house (dreams), and wearable while being distinctive and captivating. 'Ame Torturee' is a great smell that deserves more attention. The same can also be said for the Ikiryo House. There are a lot of amazing brands that don't receive nearly the exposure that their product quality and their scent's craftsmanship would indicate. I feel more inspired than ever to investigate these small houses more often. Ikiryo gets the

Disclaimer: While I met the Perfumer and was given a free sample of Torturee to test and experience, my feelings as described here are completely genuine and from the heart. If I didn't like this scent I'd not discuss it. Being that they are a small house, I'd not bash a scent from them that may not work for me or go with my skin chemistry...My integrity and credibility are more important than free samples.


Is it just me...but I cannot with this perfume. No matter how many times I try it, how long I let it sit, how much I may layer smells like feces to the point it makes me sick. I really wanted to love this scent too because I wanted something more womanly and sophisticated smelling (everything today smells like a 15 year old) but this is very overwhelming for me. Maybe my sense of smell is just not sophisticated enough for this one LOL. Just not a hit for me and I have a full size bottle of it too!

Gucci Rush 2 Gucci by PinkRainbow 2016-08-28

Pretty! A light floral with some very distinctive notes. Great warm weather fragrance. I like it!

No. 37 Veilchen Frau Tonis Parfum by adventurista 2016-08-28

This is somewhat reminiscent of L'Heure Bleue for me also. A more affordable version. It is strong, especially before it dries down. I've gotten mixed responses when I wear it, but. Once it settles mostly compliments. I am a new fan of powdery scents, not the old fashioned sort, just the soft, muffled aspect. Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige has a strong "baby powder" vibe, but layers beautifully.

I discovered Frau Tonis visiting someone in Berlin and they have some very unique fragrances. Good online purchase and shipping rates as the EDPs are available in a large range of sizes.

Curve Crush Liz Claiborne by Venusta 2016-08-28

I remember hating this in high school because it smelled like the color baby pink. Yes, smelling colors is real to some crazy people like myself.

Literally everything about it was cute. Not at all like all my VS-buying friends who wore their "sexy" (basically basic) "grown up" fumes. God forbid you're different (gasp) from your friends at that age!

Anyway, now I appreciate the milky delicacy I shunned before. It's feminine and pleasant. Sharp, slightly sugary floral, and a little bit spicy because of the cinnamon. I'm going to add this back in my collection soon for nostalgia's sake.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by lyon 2016-08-28

The 100 Days Challenge - Day 19:

At first, the darkness of the subconscious. The overture full of strings, is obscure and triumphant. Sounds like a warning, quite like Puccini's Turandot opening. The spirit is aroused with trembling, luscious temptations. A new someone emerges from the void in your head, fulfilling a never seen image that can't be erased. The creature is now haunting you. Then, the mirage becomes clearer and clearer. The haunting is now a sacred ritual in which you take part and nobody forces you. You do it because you want to taste new dimensions, things you thought were only found somewhere in a distant galaxy, or in a fantasy world, or maybe in heaven. And there you are. A ray of light hits you like a thunder, and all around you becomes drenched in a golden haze, with a dripping, decadent light. You revel in this beauty like a child.

That is what Angel Man is for me. An eye opener, that introduced me to the luxurious pleasure of perfume. The first time i smelt it on myself i wanted to go Jeffrey Dahmer all the way over my arm. And what i love the most about this dreamy creation is that, if such ecstasy was transfered from the ethereal world into this physical phase and -with magnificent alchemy- encapsulated in a bottle, then everything must be possible. Everything.

Today's phrase: Ainsi soit je.

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by psyside 2016-08-28

P A T H E T I C - P E R F O R M A N C E.

Black XS L'Exces for Him Paco Rabanne by charlieq08 2016-08-28

Its marvelous opening really makes my heart beats faster. The sweetness, with that delicate blend of green notes is wonderful!! You can also feel it a little "dirty", which it gives it more character. The dry down is also magnificent, but you can sense that projection decays a lot on that point. after 2 hours my nose has look for it because it seems to get lost in my skin, which is a really sad, because I love this fragrance. I think It has good longevity, but projection could be better (I hope it is only my nose)

Instinct David & Victoria Beckham by adoratek 2016-08-28

To me... It's a nice morning fresh aftershave scent. Very reminiscent of Armani Eau Pour Homme or, Dior Eau Sauvage.

Not to say that it is "aftershave" as in being a cheap scent, rather the strength is pretty moderate to poor. So, if you want a great scent that is fresh and uplifting and only need it to last a short time, or one that you can do a quick shot before going into a meeting or public without worrying about it needing a cool-down time, then I would say go for it.

No, it's not unique, nor is it memorable, but it is fresh and clean citrus notes with a bit of sweetness from amber and a little earthiness of vetiver.

Untold Luxe Elizabeth Arden by Jillzilla 2016-08-28

Soft, airy, and diffuse, not saturated or loud. Sugary but not syrupy, nor is it sharp as some sugary scents can be. It opens very close to Britney Spears Fantasy, both in smell and in weight, but with pink pepper instead of kiwi and litchi. Predominantly a sugary-white-chocolate-vanilla-cupcake-fantasy scent, the sweetness of Untold Luxe is initially offset by shy top notes of pink pepper which disappear by the heart phase. There, the white chocolate intensifies and rose acts as a supporting note. I did not detect cinnamon specifically, but it must be influencing the composition, keeping things warm. I also did not smell orange blossom or jasmine, or any other white flowers, and I am sensitive to those! The longevity is impressive for this genre of scent...I'm four hours in and it shows no signs of stopping. The base grows warmer where it becomes vanilla, benzoin, and a little labdanum. Very cozy. I love it!!

Almost a skin scent, sillage stayed within my personal space, despite heavy application, but I can still smell it wafting up, and it leaves a soft trail. This would be a good office scent if you work with people who like to smell occasional whiffs of vanilla in their surroundings.

Had Britney Spears released this as "Fantasy Luxe Edition" or another Fantasy flanker, no-one would have batted an eye because it fits right in, but some fans might have been disappointed that it wasn't different enough. I think this is like a fraternal-twin-sister or female-cousin-of-the-same-age to Fantasy.

Orchid Soleil Tom Ford by ptilda 2016-08-28

This is Tom Ford becoming commercially appeasing.

It's a lovely scent. I get a big whiff of spicy tuberose. I also get orchid, patchouli, cypress, and pink pepper. I enjoy the experience, and it's not overly sweet as the whipped cream note might lead someone to believe. I don't really get whipped cream.

This is lovely, but quite honestly, I tested some other scents today, such as Paris Hilton Tease, and while I tested that one on paper, and this one on my skin, they are not all that different. Both are lovely scents, but price wise, I'd much rather go for Tease.

As was stated before, this is a gorgeous bottle. But I don't think this is worth a FB. While several of the TFs are beautiful and unique, this is not one of the unique ones.

Rebelle Rihanna by Venusta 2016-08-28

Delicious smell aside, Rihanna's bottles in general really depress me. Out of the 4 I own, all the caps snapped off and the smell is leaking everywhere. The color on the bottle is chipping. Basically just sad all around.

Luckily I'm still allowed to get the juice out if I find the right cap for the bottle (since the broken plastic prevents me from using my Travelo atomizer) and PERFECTLY align it back in the hole. I find myself performing elaborate hand acrobatics to spray myself.

I need to end this abusive relationship but I can't. Inside those ugly, inconvenient bottles hides a buttery scent I can't get enough of. Perfect for snuggling and bedtime. I don't get coffee or anything fruity. Instead I smell light cocoa powder, a touch of amber, creamy musk, sugar and ginger.

Eau de Givenchy Givenchy by Helio215 2016-08-28

I loved this scent in the early-1980s and still have a huge empty bottle (with the blue knob top) to sniff when I want to remember my life in the 1980s. A softer more feminine scent than Cristalle or Diorella, and less citrusy.

Taj Sunset Escada by Lovely_D 2016-08-28

The bottle is absolutely gorgeous, and actually does look like a sunset.

This fragrance is young, fresh, sweet, and awe-inspiring. It instantly carries me away to a vacation on a beautiful island- the perfect fragrance escape. It's hard to put my finger on why, but I feel a little nostalgic when I wear this.

If you're into fruity and sweet perfumes, I can't see how this would disappoint, except for the fact that it doesn't last as long as an eau de parfum. Who would want their island escape to dissipate anyway?

Maui Fantasy Britney Spears by Awater01 2016-08-28

I got a strong association to hawaiian breeze air freshner when I first spayed this, but it's mellowed now and I keep sniffing the spot I sprayed thinking maybe I could like wearing this in summer. I'm completely anosmic to coconut so it's all fruity floral to me, but it's a nice combination of tropical fruits and flowers, sweet and fresh. It gives me the feeling of drinking fruit cocktails by a swimming pool with a tropical garden nearby.

Pure Poison Christian Dior by Lovely_D 2016-08-28

When I tried this perfume for the very first time a while ago, I definitely noticed both the creamy quality and aftershave-like smell that some people on here have mentioned.

Fast forward a few years, I can't help but notice a waxy smell that is reminiscent of a candle. It's not an unpleasant scent by any means, but not how I personally want to smell.

Halston Z14 Halston by adoratek 2016-08-28

I have always liked Z-14... ON SOMEONE ELSE.

It's an odd duck, and I can't deny that it is an attention grabber. But, to me it is best coming from someone else's sillage trail.

Honest.. I really do enjoy it from a distance, but I have never really enjoyed wearing it, and part of my enjoyment in wearing a scent is for my own personal satisfaction, not only for those around me... even better when the two can collide.

Aventus Creed by RoyalPerez516 2016-08-28

Oh aventus, like the court jester you seem to be, always in the courts of kings and queens but mocking them all the same as they thing you are rather amusing them.

This perfume is the most chameleon perfume I own. For those of you that say this perfume lasts two hours, some of you are right, then those who say you're crazy, this thing is a BEASt and lasts for days - those of you are correct also!

this perfume is tempermental. There are days when it's 80 farenheight here in boston and the scents will evaporate, then there are days where it is cool and a beautiful 72 degrees and it will last for days on my work shirt.

Sometimes the 90F heat will indeed boom it and make it last, some days it will make it dissapear entirely! Strange concotion, this creed aventus is.

one thing is for sure though, it smells FOOKING amazing and thats all I really care about.

10/10 a mischievous and masterful creation by the house of CREED!

So de la Renta Oscar de la Renta by Sailor Pluto 2016-08-28

Overdose of watermelon once the soapy opening is over. Not my cup of tea unfortunately...

Le Temps des Secrets Jeanne en Provence by Happyme2009 2016-08-28

A fantastic dupe for Flowerbomb ! Made in France .

Hanae Mori Purple Butterfly Hanae Mori by LaLaPop75 2016-08-28

OK. If you are a fan of the original HM Butterfly and you love iris, violets and patchouli......YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! Honestly, I love it more than the original Butterfly. This is Butterfly covered in a nice layer of powdery iris, violet, and earthy patchouli leaves. Vanilla and toffee also dominate. Less floral than original, more earthy, sweet and powdery. Definitely has a 'purple vibe' compared to the original Butterfly. Wonderful twist on the original!! Utterly Gorgeous! Notes as written on tester bottle: Rose, Blackcurrant Berry, Bergamot, Plum, Tuberose, Toffee, Black Tea, Orris Powder, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, White Musc, Patchouli Leaves.

Encre Noire Sport Lalique by ecojoe69 2016-08-28

I scored an amazing price on a 3.4oz bottle and I couldn't pass up on it because I really like the original even though no one else in my life really thinks highly of it.
To me, this is Encre Noir light/summer/fresh. To me it smells JUST LIKE the original- just a bit lighter or fresher. I note no major difference between the two and although I think the original is very strong I don't find this particularly strong.
I have recently been noting how many people post about being complimented on their scents because I RARELY if ever get complimented on my cologne. The weird thing is, my wife complimented me right away, my mother-in-law complimented me right away and then my sister-in-law complimented me too. I do NOT understand what the difference is between this and the original- but other people seem to like this much better.
I'm keeping it if for no other reason than the compliments.

Nanette Nanette Lepore by LoveJoy22 2016-08-28

Poetry in a bottle! This is Gorgeous, Sophisticated, & Brilliantly Uncomplicated Sexy! It's purple berry jam with a touch of incense & florals.....Truly unique....I have never smelled anything like this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!

La Petite Robe Noir Intense Guerlain by Mom2girls 2016-08-28

I've had this for about a week. I hesitated about it at first because I own LVEB, black opium and Si and hearing this is a sweeter fragrance didn't think I needed any more of the like. Once I smelled though I was hooked. There really isn't any comparison to other scents, this one is unique. The blueberry note is amazing and really lingered on my skin. There are enough woody/spicy notes to keep the fruit from being too cloying. Office appropriate and just gorgeousness. Smells expensive. I bought it specifically for the cooler months ahead but I honestly think it could be worn year round. I think if you wear this you will smell different from the crowd, guerlain is not a super popular house where I live. My best fragrance purchase in a long time!

Cristalle Eau de Toilette Chanel by Helio215 2016-08-28

A sweet lemony/leafy daytime fragrance that I would only wear in the summer. It's fleeting, too, for better or worse. I'd spritz this on before/after an aerobics class or after cooking an oniony/garlicky dinner. An elegant scent that will cover your bases, but not at all sensuous.

All For Love Celine Dion by CLeeK 2016-08-28

@Lizzyshreds: I just saw a couple of bottles of this in marshalls in Colorado...

The Afternoon of a Faun Etat Libre d`Orange by carlosrafael 2016-08-28

Beautiful Immortelle all the way. Turned into a very powdery smell half way thru. Baby fresh, clean and easy going. But then at the end turned into some sort of tomato garden soup smell. WTH?

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by Butterball 2016-08-28

Well, today is my lucky day. I feel lucky that Youth Dew works with my body chemistry.

I'm starting to really get into the oriental spicy category of fragrance, and I recently bought Obsession. That worked beautifully on me. I'd heard a lot about Youth Dew, and I've read tons of polarizing reviews. So I went on Ebay and blind-bought a bottle of Youth Dew just for the sake of trying it.

I know nowadays it's being sold in the blue bottle. I opened the box I bought and realized I had a clear, ribbed bottle. I looked up the batch code on, and it said it was manufactured in 2008. So I scored a pre-reformulated bottle!
Upon first spray, it's very aldehydic. That scared me. Then these beautiful, warm, spicy notes took my fear away. I mean, wow! This is my kind of scent. I'd read so many reviews claiming that it stunk, and that it only works on certain people with the right chemistry. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I'll also add that I only put one spritz on my neck. It's very strong. I read that the EDP contains 30% perfume oil, that's why the liquid is so dark.

I would recommend sampling before buying. And don't let the top notes scare you off. This is a late autumn/winter scent. And I'm 26, not an old lady, and I loooooove this stuff. My first EL perfume. Now I'm off to try Opium and Shalimar!

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore Chanel by Mouchette 2016-08-28


As the sun begins its daily retreat behind the jagged snow peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the gentle exhale of the earth’s chilly autumnal breath fills the swirling air with its coniferous bouquet. Beautiful, but slightly disconcerting…

Then, there was the snapping and crackling of the campfire—its flames performing a perfect waltz—appealing to our primeval nature, and allowing us to return to the true essence of self.



Sauvage Christian Dior by Falco4758 2016-08-28

When sauvage just came out my GF texted me a picture from a magazine test strip saying OH MY GOD please get this is smells amazing! I said bring the test strip over. I smelled it and I hated it, I laughed at her for liking a fragrance like this. Fast forward 6 months and I smell a fragrance on someone at work an I was blown away, it was one of the best scents I've ever smelled. Turns out is was sauvage, I said I must re-smell this. I re-smelled it and fell in love, bought a bottle immediately and it has become my signature scent. It reminds me a bit of creed SMW, that metallic note it has, a little Armani code,and some aventus in the opening.This may sound weird but it does smell a little like an axe spray I used to love and febreeze, but all said and done its in my top 5 of all time.

Acqua Essenziale Salvatore Ferragamo by ChrisSmellsGood 2016-08-28

This has really grown on me and I have been wearing it to work every day for the past few weeks. Its cheap, but doesnt smell cheap. Its a nice somewhat sweet and musky ocean breeze type scent. I just love it.
I disagree with the last review regarding performance. 2 sprays - each side of the neck, and then tap your wrists on your neck right after. Lasts ALL DAY in the areas I apply it to. I am actually very IMPRESSED with the great performance! Though I guess its different for everyone.

Michael Kors for Men Michael Kors by camposg 2016-08-28

This reformulation is better than the original and that is extremely rare with only less than a handful of times occurring in the fragrance industry so far imo. It smells amazing but unfortunately performed for 30 minutes before completely dissipating. Very sad

Lalique Le Parfum Lalique by SniffSniff83 2016-08-28

Ridiculously good. My description would be, buy it.

Miu Miu Miu Miu by BeguilingBeauty 2016-08-28

This isn't a review per se just guessing that the Akigalawood is giving off the pepper vibe to those wondering where it's coming from.

Primitif Max Factor by Marie69 2016-08-28

Vintage - same bottle as the photo in the profile.. This. is. perfume. Oh yes. This is not a smell of apple pie, nor guava grape, nor ozone, nor candy gourmand fluffy fluff fluff. No, this is sex, on an old leather couch. Little bourbon spilled, laden vase of sweet white flowers overturned on the silk wool carpet. That´s OK, better things to do than tidy up.

Dreamer Versace by Anabol2336 2016-08-28

Versace the Dreamer yes it's been reformulated but it's 99.9% exactly the same as it was in 1996. This is one of the few actual good reformulations I've run into actually. Longevity is around 8 hours for me and projection is very good. Gives off amazing sillage. I usually receive quite a few compliments from ladies young and old when wearing this gem.

FleurTeese Dita Von Teese by Ozzzeh 2016-08-28

I was lucky enough to buy Dita's actual 20ml bottle used in the print campaigns and the fragrance is lovely - a soft floral Spring scent much different to other soft florals. Shame it's been discontinued, but more fragrances look to be on the way from Dita soon!

Le Beau Male Jean Paul Gaultier by mshilov 2016-08-28

It was a blind buy at the duty free store, immediately after Le Beau Mâle release. They even had no testers yet for this brand new scent. I was intrigued and expected something like pleasant summer cologne with a classic Le Mâle vibe. To be true, I was disappointed first: it was completely different fragrance, and it was fresh, reminding of all those faceless soapy safe 'sport' scents which I always ignored, both mentally and physically. But I had to give Le Beau Mâle a chance - it was already at home, 125 ml bottle. So I put it on for few days, without much enthusiasm though. The result was interesting: I didn't enjoy it too much, but I definitely was pleased by the character of Le Beau Mâle - yes, fresh (absinthe) and rather clean (mint), but at the same time sexy (orange blossom) and playful (musk), with an invisible touch of original Le Mâle concept (lavender). I can say that same story happened to me with other Gaultier fragrances in the torso flask. Initially, I was not happy nor with Fleur du Mâle, nor with Le Mâle Terrible. Later they found themselves in my collection, each with it's very special mood, each unique. I don't think that all these fragrances can be as successful and versatile like original Le Mâle, but all of them are definitely interesting, with rather good longevity and sillage. The only one which I don't own and don't plan to buy is Ultra Mâle - I just guess it's too much to make one intense version of the classic Le Mâle after another. Maybe it's time for Jean Paul to create something new?

Vanilla Fields Coty by artemiss 2016-08-28

The quintessential 90's drugstore fragrance for crunchy little teeny boppers wearing floral babydolls with Doc Martens in the Midwest where I grew up.
My first kiss smelled like this, as did my subsequent first heartbreak.
Lots of vanilla, musk and white flowers. The second bottle I bought didn't quite smell like the first, and I think I gave it away to friend. Years later, I smelled it on a coworker and instantly was taken back to those turbulent teenage years, but I still appreciate this for being a well-crafted scent of the times at a more affordable price point. It might trigger a lot of memories in someone my age, but for a younger set unencumbered by those, this would be the first retro drugstore scent I'd recommend to a someone who doesn't like the loud floral or fruity fragrances like Eternity or Escape the decade spanning 85-95 was known for.

Stash SJP Sarah Jessica Parker by nakedcity 2016-08-28

I've had this on for almost five hours, and it's still going strong. The top, heart and base defined, cohesively moving from top to bottom; that is to say the perfume is not linear but the phases are part of the whole. What I smell first is a wet woodsy aroma, dry and stark and pleasant, no lookatmeimnicheyandweird assault, although you can tell this is far from typical mall stuff. An hour in I can detect the pirate accord of rum, leather, coconut and rotting woods that is done so well in Rodin 10 Roam, although here it's done dispensing with the sweetness that Roam has. More than four hours after first spray comes the drydown with vetiver, pepper and what I think is the massoia, to me it's similar to sandalwood without the rosey facet. All in all this is an outstanding scent, well done in the traditional way with newer materials and a daring concept. Like I said I get a piratey vibe from it, no hobos on a train, just a dry and boozey scent that knows exactly what it wants to be. SJP has done a great job, and hopefully she doesn't cave in and sell out to Estee Lauder or LVMH.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by Situationist88 2016-08-28

As a huge fan of both Chanel No. 5 EDT and Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere, I was excited and eager to blind-purchase a bottle of Chanel No. 5 L'Eau upon it's release in September. However, I recently received three 2ml samples which has significantly cooled my interest in L'Eau. I went through the first 2ml sample in just over a day, as I constantly sprayed it in an attempt to experience something...anything... before it quickly fades. While it lasts, it reminds me very much of Chance Eau Tendre in the way that it's soft and clean and nice, if a little bit disappointing and "easy". I was hoping for just a little bit more character and personality in a flanker bearing the No. 5 name.

This is one I have to disagree with almost everyone on. The sillage isn't a bomb, but its a blast of sweet frangipani on me. It lasts a couple hours (that I can smell, I'm sure I get nose-blind after a bit as I do with most frgrances.) I can smell the freesia as well but mostly sweet-honey frangipani on my skin. I wear a couple light frangipani scents in the daytime in the summer, so this goes on great later in the day afterwards. Feels classy and luxurious, and definitely one of the favorites of my collection - also my all-time favortie Chanel.

Reading the reviews, I'd say I got a bad bottle, or you guys are pulling my ear.
Just when I thought it sank into my skin, and reapplied three times within 5 minutes each, I started to smell that familiar fruity floral scent everyone wears. I do not smell one hint of musk
This frag takes a lot of time to develop. I mean a LOT of time. Like 2 hours, andthen, it's gone.
Once you press your nose to your skin to get a whiff, it's very light, genetic, and, I am sorry, unexciting.
Not worth the wait.
Reminds me of Gucci Guilty without the lilac.

I bought this because I smelled a paper sample of NR. However, I think it was the white "musc", which smelled devine. I thought this would be a near shot.
Boy, was I wrong.

Thank goodness I bought the roll on, only.

Update: Family members smelled this perfume at a distance. I couldn't believe it. And yes it was the same smell as the bottle I stuck under their nose. This stuff must have that molecule in it. Hmmm.... I might use it as an amplifier of my other frags..hmmm.

This is a nice scent. It ended up being a BB from luckyscent. This lasts on my skin for a good 6-7 hours. Projection isn't what I would like it to be. I can smell it for the first hour and then becomes a skin scent. I guess that's what it is supposed to be though. A fragrance for people who do not normally like to wear fragrance. I get a woody baby powder vibe from this fragrance. I'm not totally disappointed with this purchase but am also not super happy. Overall it is a nice fragrance but just not my cup of tea. If anyone is interested in a possible USA swap PM me with an offer 50ml 98% full w presentation.

Provocative woman Elizabeth Arden by Erinbath22 2016-08-28

This is a sweet, exotic floral/fruity with ginger zing and good projection for the first 2 hours, then morphs into a sweet floral/woods (sweet, like sandal- not sure what "hinoki" smells like-do you?) for the dry down which lasts around 4 hrs. Im loving the really nice ginger spice-bite that lasts for a few hours. The last 3-4 hours of sweet indistinct floral and wood notes stay fairly close to the skin and you will get little wafts now and again just when you think it has faded. I'm not sure that "provocative" really describes this perfume's personality. To me, it has two personalities, the first is exotic and fun, the second is sweet and demure.

Obsession Summer Calvin Klein by Mom2girls 2016-08-28

I was looking for this all summer without success. Just found it at a discount store so it was a blind buy. I'm pleased does have a hint of the original Obsession but it is softer with citrus notes not present in my recollection of the original. Not sure it needs to be restricted to warm months. Dry down is almost all musk, so I am planning to carry on wearing it into the fall. I love the scent, only complaint is poor longevity - glad I didn't pay full price. I have Eternity summer which is a long lasting beast compared to this one. Bottle is identical to regular obsession other than the color. It's different from other CK scents but the echo of Obsession makes it seem familiar and comforting.

Aurum Kemi Blending Magic by Bbjr 2016-08-28

An absolutely phenomenal boozy fruit tinged oud. Kemi blending really is magic as they somehow bring all the notes together perfectly. As the previous reviewer noted, this came off as very sweet at first but a few wearings and this is an absolute gem. The longevity is easily 18+ hours.

Chantilly Houbigant by Marie69 2016-08-28

Trying a 50´s vintage toilette. Marked stages as this old time Beauty unfolds. This was from a time when one went to the cinema, not the movies...when waiters wore white gloves and all things were silver and crystal. It is how the elegant lady standing on the train platform smelled as she passed by. It is light, yet rich, almost fruity too in a bourbon sort of way. Not strong nor cloying, this is soft. The notes come through and the dry down is nicest with a patchouli frankincense vibe. Leather too in the dry down.

Ghost Moonlight Ghost by samloves 2016-08-28

I quite like this one, it's very fresh for a night time scent I personally would not wear it as a night scent. I say its fresh but not shower fresh its more chemical, room freshener or cleaning products but having said all that I do like it even if it smells like an air freshener.

Eden Cacharel by MoonSparrow 2016-08-28

The cedar makes it brilliant.

I had a discussion with member LLB_addict about Eden and blind-bought it based on her enthusiasm. I had been eyeing it for quite some time. What a fragrance! How can it be so inexpensive when it is chock full of rich, gorgeous cedar topped off with swirls of heady floral notes and a punch of earthy patchouli chatting up the lot?

It is a nature-girl fragrance for sure, oddly sexy and compelling for a hippie fragrance. I feared it would be too sharp and green. It IS sharp and green. And I liiiiiike it! Sometimes florals turn up sour on me but this never goes that way; the sharpness is not ticklesome and it troubles me not at all. Thanks in no small part to the addition of cedar, this goes to a rich velvety drydown, something akin to a moss carpet in a cedar forest. It is indeed not overtly floral on me at all.

So...many blessings to one LLB_addict for her recommendation. I think I can wear it through all seasons. Best blind-buy EVER.

Exquisite is a light creamy inoffensive floral. It's clean & a little soapy & reminds me a bit of vintage Arpege (must be the Ylang Ylang?).Stays close to the skin & smells very "gentle", the rose (on me) is quite subtle. Longevity is average (5-6 hours) & for the price I would have liked it to be a bit stronger & last a little bit longer. I can't imagine anyone disliking this, although evidently one person already does :) It is elegant & ladylike & has a "classic" feel to it, imo. It definitely needs testing on skin, when I sniff the bottle I don't like it at all, but in the actual wearing it seems less sweet, & I do like it very much. I think it's very good quality & nicely blended.

Edit: I think Bella Bellissima perfumes are exclusive to Selfridges at the moment. I tested quite a few & I look forward to trying some more next time I visit. The whole line is worth investigating ..imo - Also I want to add that the bottles & presentation of the range is top quality, & absolutely beautiful !

Stash SJP Sarah Jessica Parker by SmellieKat 2016-08-28

Visited Ulta today, very excited to try the new SJP perfume. In theory, I like it, and I respect what she tried to accomplish. However, once on my skin, there is something about it (vetiver, pepper, sage) that irritates my nose and throat.

Lasting power is good and sillage is above average. Also, it has a nice, oily base and feels fairly high quality. But all of those notes together are just a little too...much. Unfortunately, it's not going to work for me.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by ILGIN 2016-08-28

How should I begin? Carnal Flower is one of those fragrances that hit me at the heart. I am now emotionally attached to it, I am in love! (good for my emotional fulfillment, bad for my wallet) A very green (eucalyptus) opening... In fact, it is a very linear fragrance that does not transform on skin but every time I try it, it reveals a different side and now my nose definitely smells sage in it (am I hallucinating or what?) Of course, tuberose is the star here. I feel like it gives a kind of softness to the other heavy florals and provides a perfect comfort. High quality, seductive and exotic perfume. I can't get enough it! One of the top fragrances on my wishlist!

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by Kon-nos91 2016-08-28

Nice, just nice. I promised I will try with no fear No.5, mostly the EDT that I have a past since I've tried it when I was around 8 years old, but again, I didn't even touch none of the them mentioned above.

L'eau? A lighter edition of the super sillage Chanel's master and famous perfume? Yes. I grabbed it immediately. L'eau and the idea of starting with something lighter got my heart. It's centimeters away to be called a granny-mature type of perfume. It's fresh, strong, luxurious and a statement.

Next time, on my skin although I am not a huge fan of those perfumes. Hope they will not discontinue it like other No.5's editions. Aldehydes, ylang-ylang, precious woods and a soft hug of Chanel's classic neroli, jasmin, rose, citrus combination.

Voleur de Roses L`Artisan Parfumeur by curlykitty8 2016-08-28

After having read all the reviews (good, bad and so so) I plunged in and bought a bottle of this reportedly potent, plum, patchouli and rose concoction. I was expecting everything those three ingredients could be but sadly, after three tries I get nothing. Nothing earthy, no rosiness and certainly not even a prune danish.
So, for all of you lucky lovers of this fragrance, I have a 3.4 EDP in its box, barely used up for swap or purchase.
Please PM me if you are interested.

Single Malt By Kilian by Liquidasset77 2016-08-28

Wow. Period.

Beautiful soft and powdery floral, ideal for everyday wear. Will continue to repurchase this, as it's fresh, feminine and light. I get the Cherry Blossom and Magnolia at the start, and then it dries down to a lovely woody and powdery floral. To me, the powder note comes from the Wood notes, Osmanthus and Musk. It lasts a fair amount of time on me and is an example of a cheaper perfume which smells like it's way more expensive than it is!

Turbulences Louis Vuitton by Jean B Grenouille 2016-08-28

An earthy, mushroom-like tuberose is complemented by a pairing of petals of Chinese jasmine sambac and grandiflorum from Grasse with a dreamy, luminous may rose. Slightly citrus infused blossoming magnolia and musk provide further creaminess. The heady and mildly animalic florals are bedded on a base of subtle calfskin leather, which offers warmth and comfort.

A very solid offering from Jacques Cavallier that delivers medium strong longevity and average projection but here I prefer the smell on naked skin over the sillage trail - so, for me, its intensity is correctly tuned.

Priced at niche levels it's not exactly a turbulent ride but nobody really expected bumpy roads or crashing waves here. A thoroughly pleasant, uncomplicated floriental and probably one of the better ones of the lineup.

In comparison with the Hermessence line (and it is well documented how closely LVMH have been monitoring, straining and even obsessing about their great rival) there is less artistic originality here across the range and less playfulness but better strength at EdP concentration.

I am not certain whether LV can make a totally compelling case re olfactory globetrotting even though the range as a whole is well enough made with quality ingredients. The voyage misses two key components to being on tour: excitement and adventure. Instead it's safe travelling First Class.

Perles De Lalique Lalique by gtabasso 2016-08-28

weird, sour, fruity, almost like wet laundry left in the washing machine over night with a hint of powdery floral

Sunflowers Elizabeth Arden by AliCat77 2016-08-28

This perfume smells amazing on other people, so I decided to try it out on myself. Unfortunately it doesn't smell so good with my skin chemistry. On me it smells like peas and freshly cut grass. Not a nice combination :-(

Pomelo Paradis Atelier Cologne by StellaDiverFlynn 2016-08-28

The opening of Pomelo Paradis is such a delight: sweet, juicy, sparkling, like orange soda. I seem to be going against the vibe here, as on my skin, Pomelo Paradis lacks the characteristic tartness and bitterness of grapefruit. Therefore, I'm reminded of a high-end orange soda instead of a realistic grapefruit.

Like most fragrances in Atelier Cologne's Collection Originale such as Orange Sanguine and Cédrat Enivrant, most notes in the pyramid of Pomelo Paradis are tangential on me, and serve to complement the eponymous material. Here, the orange soda turns into orange gummy bear, as the texture of the scent somehow turns a bit more opaque and chewy, probably due to iris and amber.

Pomelo Paradis has a soft sillage on me, and the longevity is around 7 hours. Compared to Orange Sanguine, Cédrat Enivrant and Bergamote Soleil, Pomelo Paradis is probably the least realistic citrus fragrance among them. But it's not to say that Pomelo Paradis is unbearably artificial. It's merely a result of skin chemistry and personal references. Even though it makes me think of orange soda, it's very pleasant and mouthwatering. Because of this unexpected warmth and sweetness on me, I think it can work pretty well in a cool spring/autumn day as well, thus quite versatile year-round.

Amor Amor Cacharel by AliCat77 2016-08-28

Sorry, but this perfume is too overbearingly sweet and nauseating. I wished I did like it as I was given it as a gift, and feel bad for hating it for this reason alone. I'm surprised that I think it's as cheap and nasty, considering there is Jasmine, Cedarwood and Amber in it and these are three of the notes I love in perfumes. However, all I get is a cheap musty floral note and tonnes of sugar. I know sugar isn't listed in the notes but it smells like sugar to my nose.

I agree that it is a bit similar to TDH in the background but the sweat note is replaced with a clean opening like an aftershave.
It's pretty good and will last all day.
You could wear it anywhere I think as it doesn't scream.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by muotarek 2016-08-28

Having 20ml sample is enough for me, i won't pay too much for this one
Scent: 8/10
Longevity: 6/10
Silage: 5/10

Encre Noire Lalique by SNOOPY 2016-08-28

Very very strong.
Mostly vetyver and the cashmeran is what I get.
I do like it but probably not buy it.1spray is all you need,if woody style fragrances with a little spice is what you like then this would certainly be worth a try.
No sweetness at all.

Golden Al-Rehab by Cherry_Darling 2016-08-28

This is so underrated. It comes in an ugly cheap bottle, but imagine it in fancy dress and you have a delicious complex good quality scent. On the soapy side.

Organza Givenchy by Asenaaa 2016-08-28

When i first put on perfume, i didn't like it. But after 20 minutes, it comes to me very good and after minutes i fall in love with it. Then i understand that it is my fragrantica yes finally i found it. You should absolutely test it one time.

I suddenly saw it. A friend of mine did a blindbuy-gift for me since he knows I love Miss Dior line and EDP edition is my signature. I would say I pretty like almost all the editions but this...why?

My advice? Never and I mean never do a blind buy. Buying a perfume without testing on skin, even on paper, is like jumping from an airplane without a parachute! Who said that this is close to Miss Dior Cherie? Not even for a joke. The only closest to it is EDP edition and again it's less complex, more 'serious' and simple.

First smell and you know what I said? Armani Si! Absolutely Blooming belongs to the trend: Armani Si, Lancome Tresor la nuit, something sirupy, heavy and expensively gourmandise-like type of perfumes for 'matures'. A dissapointment and now I am with an 100 ml bottle haha. I know how it is before I even have it on my collection. At least I know how the explosion of casis smell. Can you believe that instead of spraying it on my skin I prefered to spray EDT edition and just go the gate to fly?

We were so close and I rejected it. A friend here said, don't judge it so fast, try it. I'll do it if you're reading my review now. I'll try it on my skin and try to rock it. I always wanted a perfume of this type and it happened to be Miss Dior. No problem. I'll say thank God since La nuit tresor impressed me like hell, but it's so feminine, so dressy that I dislike smelling it from a sporty girl to a classy-outfited one. Exactly like La vie est belle and to end with Armani Si is so intense and a little bit of too much, not bad though. Promise to update soon my newest Miss Dior and let you know! <3

p.s: Someone must fix the notes! They are wrong. At least by Franchois Demachy, it's perfumer, we find: Bulgarian rose, centifolia rose, red berries, strawberry, casis (the leaf not the actual blackcurrent like a fruit). It's a playful, a not well behaved person you want to bite due to it's special kind of sweetness.

Light Blue pour Homme Dolce&Gabbana by Buckeye 2016-08-28

I don't mind the fresh and light scents, but this one is a total failure. It can't get more boring than this one. I could not wait until I finish it, and I almost trashed it. Good riddance.

Fleur d'Oranger Solinotes by Paula80 2016-08-28

Orange blossom is not the only one note in this fragrance. Other notes: citruses, fig leaf, honey, white musk, jasmine and rose.

Reveal Men Calvin Klein by LaVieEnParfum 2016-08-28

CERO point CERO !

Eau de Lierre Diptyque by Chris v.V. 2016-08-28

Ever been to an cottage? Did you notice that there's a "cottage smell" inside? There's a woody scent in everything you touch: from putting clothes away in dressers, to pulling out old books and board games. Comforting and cosy. Ivy strong at first. Dries down a bit too musky and masculine for me, but certainly not unpleasant.

At The Beach 1966 CB I Hate Perfume by mariyka 2016-08-28

@Jillita: "Prell shampoo" LOL Yep, I agree ;*) The Copertone note is spot on. I'm saving the rest of my sample for an autumn walk along the pier.

Aqva Amara Bvlgari by Benguin7 2016-08-28

If anybody wants to trade for this let me know.

The sea notes are not working for flexibility-wise.

Ysatis Givenchy by jessrogue 2016-08-28

Very elegant.. However, Is anyone else getting a very strong Channel No. 5 vibe from this? Like, I almost think the store I got the sample from decanted the wrong perfume.

Baiser Vole Essence de Parfum Cartier by Addict2Perfume 2016-08-28

Baiser Vole Essence de Parfum by Cartier is a rare floral-gourmand treat! Lilies are often thought of as a cold, distant, and sharp smelling flower (people often associate them with funerals) while vanilla is a warm, sweet, welcoming scent that most people really enjoy. The contrast in this fragrance is so alluring! Light meets dark as the icy demeanor of the lily slips away to the warm, sumptuous vanilla heart. I could imagine a very stern, wealthy, intelligent, hard-working woman who appears to have it all - yet is very lonely wearing this. This fragrance is her meeting her one true love and falling head-over-heels. Tears of joy. Tragedy turned into romance. This perfume tells a story like a beautifully written poem or song. Gorgeous fragrance!

A bit white floral,touch of green crispness and some shampoo going on. Dried down nicely. A vintage feel to it in the same vein as some of the Chloes. I'd be pleased to be given this as a gift or receive a free sample. If anyone - some fragranticans in the UK may - purchased the perfume clothing brand Jigsaw brought out a few years ago in the pale green box that is now discontinued it reminded me alot of that one. Unfortunately, a bit too safe for me to buy but I like my howler fumes. And I still love her lipsticks!

Reveal Calvin Klein by Soozatska 2016-08-28

Hmmm this is a tricky one for sure. The opening has a hint of pencil shavings that I have detected in other powdery scents too. The pepper softens quickly, though, and gives way to that lovely creamy skin musk. Somewhere between the pepper and sandalwood, I get something which echos patchouli, which does not work well with my body chemistry. Overall, I would say this is a very mysterious fragrance that is reminiscent of the desire to capture a perfect sensual moment, as well as the disappointment that inevitably follows that feeling.

Zen Shiseido by lollsazz 2016-08-28

Hmmm... for some reason, this smells a bit like Chance EDT by Chanel to me

Jimmy Choo Exotic (2015) Jimmy Choo by nomi_22 2016-08-28

an amazing scent!.. longlasting... try to imagine Haribo .. all of these egzotic bears ... it's sweet but not too sweet!!!... with that oriental, modern note... it's TROPICAL and unique like her sister "Jimmy choo" very femini... sensual! it's not too heavy... and not powdery at all!!!
it's for ladies who like to smell in cristal way...

Womanity Eau pour Elles Thierry Mugler by Addict2Perfume 2016-08-28

Womanity Eau pour Elles by Thierry Mugler is a deliciously salty strawberry sea breeze with hints of fresh fig. This one is not as green or fishy-salty smelling as the original and I really enjoy the fruity strawberry kick!

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