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Al-Khat Xerjoff by Shibor 2014-10-24

The scent with an amazing development!

It starts with a perceivable animalic (oud) note. This can evoke by some associations with a cowshed. But the perfume requires time and patience to be developed! Then the agarwood (of very good quality imo) softens its vigor remarkably, and jasmine with some balsamic notes moves to the center of perception. Oud is only slightly noticeable le at the end, but still gives its woody warm base and “ground” to the perfume.

The perfume is highly recommendable to test (as well as the whole Xerjoff’s Oud Star series) for fans of natural oud oriental perfumes.

B. Balenciaga Cristobal Balenciaga by @jenniferlincoln 2014-10-24

Good for warmer weather, very green & fresh. Lovers of LOTV need to check this one out. The edamame that everyone is talking about just makes it smell fresh and green in a very outdoorsy natural way. The bottle is disappointing in person, it seems very cheap. Hey for $145, it shouldn't look cheap. I don't understand the launch timing, this is clearly not good for the cooler months. Longevity was not that great, sillage was moderate.

UDV Blue Ulric de Varens by sranjit 2014-10-24

Just like Nike Pure, UDV Blue seems to be a low cost version of Davidoff Cool Water.

Pretty Swan Oriflame by SIPLANTIS 2014-10-24

I am sorry but i won't agree to identify it as similar of L'instant magic, this is very aromatic like a aromatherapy fragrance and unfortunately it's not calming me down, i feel so masculine when i wear it. Magic is my favourite fragrance but i find it too expensive that's the reason i bought this but it made me disappointed :(

Quartz pour Homme Molyneux by stefanel80 2014-10-24

Where is NUTMEG in the pyramid shown???? this perfume is an elixir of NUTMEG (4%) rounded with citrus, galbanum, eugenol, rose, and moos notes (evernyl) and oakmoss.

The Sinner for Women Police by sissi75 2014-10-24

In my opinion this is a perfect dupe of Alien !!! In Italy the 30 ml of "The Sinner" costs 25 euros...I've tryed many times the shop tester: the fragrance is really very similar to Alien!it's longevity is not the same... well it's a eau de toilette...on my skin lasts about 3/4 hours!not bad for a dupe! : )

The scent is difficult to describe as it very changeable.

In summer, it smells different from colder days. The perception depends from one’s mood as well. And this versatiliy is what makes the fragrance so exciting!
The perceivable fragrance pyramid is thus difficult to describe as well. From the beginning on, one can feel some (citric) green aldehydic notes. Grassy (vetiver) joins very soon. The smoky woody base emerges but remains in the background.
The fragrance is very well balanced. Not heavy, not overloaded with spices and woods, it remains refreshing. One can feel some bitterness and even (metallic) chill.

Stilistic (not oriental, not spicy, not woody etc.) hard to classify, the fragrance is absolutely worth to be tested.

Intoxicated By Kilian by rossyegio5 2014-10-24

La nota di caffè è piatta e predominante, con una puntina di cioccolato appena accennata. Mi ricorda nettamente il monotematico Intense Cafè Montale. Profumo semplice. Preferisco di gran lunga Black Opium, dove il caffè è illuminato da fiori bianchi, più dolce, femminile e complesso (anche se di minor persistenza...). Per me, ad oggi, in ogni caso, il capolavoro di Kilian resta Rose Oud, splendido.

Lipstick Rose Frederic Malle by jadetrail51 2014-10-24

This is SO incredibly rich and delicious, I could eat it with a spoon. Violets and roses with a little rasberry powder to distinguish this from my other rose/violet scents. I understand the waxy make-up reference and think the name is brilliant. I was intrigued by it's naming, before I even tried it, can be so clever. I was hesitant to purchase, due to it's cost, but after depleting my sample in two days, I knew I had to have this utterly feminine, sensual, and somewhat "coy" fragrance. It is totally unique to my collection.

VII Petits Papiers Nobile Mad et Len by lemongrove 2014-10-24

Supposedly, the name Mad et Len is a play on the word "madeline" to reference Proust's iconic cake-and-lime-tea moment of sensory time-travel. I can't think of anything more appropriate because that's exactly what this scent is -- and atmosphere, an inspiration. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but I've honestly never had an experience like this scent before.

I first found this perfume spritzed in a bell jar in La Basílica Galería in Barcelona -- the shop is a bit of an accessory shop disguised as a natural history museum. Even without the advantage of being warmed over skin, lifting that jar was like being brought into a room I never realised I'd entered before --

Dark wood bookshelves stretching from floor to ceiling; a coal fire glowing away supplemented by a few pieces of peat giving off a mineral tang and an earthy savour; a well worn leather armchair, just close enough to the fire where the surface hums with a comfortable warmth begging to nestled into; the lingering sweet scent of tobacco clinging to the spines of the books and settling between the dust motes on forgotten tomes; the sharp smell of ink and the soft, feathery scent of old paper.

Nothing overpowering, nothing headache-y -- just pure nostalgia for something you've never experienced before.

Each 50ml vial comes with either a spray top or a dropper for application. I've been just dipping the dropper into the liquid and giving the barest swipe on my solar plexus and applying whatever's left to my wrists. The staying power is amazing, and with that small quantity, I'm able to smell it in wafts whenever I move without causing what I would imagine to be an enormous sillage cloud around me.

This perfume is definitely a private experience for me, but that little boost of aroma is just a perfect way to enjoy a bit of escapism during the day. The vanilla and tobacco notes are definitely the most lingering, but the drydown doesn't lose its complexity and the aroma is still completely palpable even after sleeping with it on.

I didn't initially buy the perfume after smelling it, but after a full day of just trying to inhale my own wrists I made my way back to the shop and purchased it from their own perfume department across the street. They had about 8 other scents in the line -- I was too afraid to smell any others seeing as how quickly and how hard I'd fallen for this one. I half regret it and half congratulate myself on my restraint. Maybe another time.

Rose Anonyme Atelier Cologne by hannah.reed.9085 2014-10-24

I love this scent. So woodsy and rosey. To me it smells like the inside of Circus Circus in Las Vegas.. Anyone agree?

Beach Walk Maison Martin Margiela by hannah.reed.9085 2014-10-24

Imagine sitting on a pier overlooking the ocean. The smell of the warm wood mixes with musk and a pinch of real coconut to create such a nice, warm, comfortable scent.

Lalique Pour Homme Equus Lalique by LaVieEnParfum 2014-10-24

love this fragrance very, very much - but only for the cold seasons.
what i never liked, is the bottle with the horse head.

scent 8/10
sillage 6/10
longtevity 4/10

Les Orientaux: Vanille Marine Molinard by mi55anthr0py 2014-10-24

All I get is rubber tires and a hint of vanilla. Not fair! :(

Bois Exotique Ava Luxe by SumoTigerCat 2014-10-24

I'm thoroughly enjoying my sample. On me, Bois Exotique has a few notes that I don't see listed. Namely, something like civet, and... gasoline. Yes, gasoline. And I've always liked to smell gasoline, so together with the spices and patchouli, this is, indeed, "exotique"!

Instinct For Her Avon by heather62 2014-10-24

My BFF gave me this one and also Far Away Gold last night. I like Instinct way better than Far Away Gold.

Will do a test tomorrow with Instinct as I am spending the day with my very outspoken sistercousin (a made up word for a cousin that acts/feels like a sister) who will tell me in no uncertain terms if it doesn't agree with me.

I wore it last night but already had perfume on from earlier, so not a good test. But right out of the gate, I liked it.

Far Away Gold Avon by heather62 2014-10-24

Seems like a fall fragrance. I might smell like a cookie.

Trussardi A Way for Her Trussardi by DINA21 2014-10-24

i love it! it smells like Dolce & Cabbana to me although they don't have similar notes. I can detect something leathery on the dry downn.I haven't something like that before and i like it a lot. Its more a day perfume but unfortunately the longevity is poor.

Miss Dior (new) Dior by Bruno57 2014-10-24

I know Dior's lying about Miss Dior. It's not "Miss Dior" from 1947, it's not "Miss Dior Chérie" and it has been reformuled so many time, but... I don't care 'cause this fragrance Miss Dior (2014) is just so beautiful, so chic and pretty ! Just perfect

Miss Dior (new) Dior by Andorsia 2014-10-24

Having owned and worn the original Miss Dior Cherie EDP I can say in comparison this is almost identical. This one is slightly better but only because it contains a subtle punch the original was lacking. That being said, both are equally gorgeous. MD gives a sense of fulfillment and beauty. For me I would like a bit more oomph as the sweetness stands out so clearly on my skin but otherwise a luxury gem.

Selection Verte Creed by sharmap14 2014-10-24

kind of smells like green irish body wash mixed with silver mountain water, very fresh and super long lasting with a pretty good projection.

Citizen Queen Juliette Has A Gun by Daniela_Beatriz 2014-10-24

Leather and rose mixed in a very sexy concoction. I don't usually go for the leather note, but this one is pure magic - smells expensive and chic. I think this one is very unisex.

I had the same reaction as Yourhumblenarrator's review, this was too heavy on the incense for me. The other notes just make the incense colder, darker and more profound. But I'm glad I tried Kyoto and Ouarzazate first, because they are magnificent. If I tried Avignon first, I might have skipped the rest of the series.

Limão Siciliano Phebo by gargaum 2014-10-24

It is cheap indeed, but by no means it smells cheap.
It's top quality all the way. Thumbs up!

The One Dolce&Gabbana by PurestJade 2014-10-24

This fragrance starts creamy, but ends powdery. I don't get any citrus in this. It almost smells like an intense honey scent on me, but that's the litchi and the plum's transformation on my skin. It borders on being sickeningly sweet; a little of this goes a long way. I smell peach, litchi, but no orange, no bergamot.

As it progresses, I get powdery florals--but not in an overbearing or offensive way.

I don't think this fragrance is office friendly. It's more for night-time wear and dates... This fragrance may be a bit heady, so I appreciate that I've worn it in cooler temperatures (fall/autumn). I could see this being a bit much in hot and or humid weather.

It's a good, smooth, feminine fragrance... With a light chocolate, vanilla, and powder scent upon exit. I'm still trying to decide if I truly like this fragrance, or if I just reeeeeeeally want to like this fragrance.

Eros Versace by tittertat 2014-10-24

Im sorry to say I don't like this much. Its not a bad smell but its a little too clean/industrial. Smells like aftershave. Not unique or "sexy" but not offensive.
My man tried this a few times, never id anything for either of us.

Bois du Portugal Creed by Layton S 2014-10-24

I wear fragrance every day and when I initially sampled BdP I loved it. I felt awesome wearing it. It has an old school smell to it but it is different than the others and it's what I felt a gentleman would smell like.

I went about a week without wearing any fragrances and that seemed to have reset my nose because I sampled BdP again and found it to be way to potent.

I still like the initial old school smell you get when first applied however, whatever is in it that gives it its fresh and cool smell is waaaay over-bearing. I scrubbed it off my arm and the residual smell was still too much.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette Chanel by Quasar 2014-10-24

Eau do toalette and perfume has been made by Ernest baux
It's complex more woody sensual and more bold aldehyde mixed with all flowers and sandalwood perfectly blended

Eau do perfume it's 80' creation which is more soapy with iris like finished less complex and more one dementional

Go for the best go for eau do toalette

Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette Chanel by Quasar 2014-10-24

Eau do toalette and perfume has been made by Ernest baux
It's complex more woody sensual and more bold aldehyde mixed with all flowers and sandalwood perfectly blended

Eau do perfume it's 80' creation which is more soapy with iris like finished less complex and more one dementional

Go for the best go for eau do toalette

Rumba Cristobal Balenciaga by nikoleta1 2014-10-24

Real silage and longevity monster, strong sweet 80s style. Wonder how to calm this monster down, may be layering with something. Any suggestions?

Laura Biagiotti Laura Biagiotti by rossiniopera 2014-10-24

Thanks to Kosmoskukka for letting me have this beauty!
It's a soft, but very pretty scent. I get more florals than fruit - carnation and narcissus are among my favourite notes, and although they are not strong here, they are noticeable. I think "chypre light" is also a good description. Aldehydes are very soft. A good floral for rainy autumn days, perhaps also summer evenings.

I nearly blind-bought this based on overwhelmingly-positive reviews when I found it hiding unwrapped behind a bunch of fragrances last night at a local Marshalls. I've been hungrily following the "Share recent TJMaxx/Marshalls finds (& other bargains) Pt2" thread, and couldn't believe my luck! I did a very naughty thing, and pulled the bottle out of the (opened, damaged) box to take a sniff. *Guilt* I gave the back of my right hand one good, surreptitious spritz, and...

Well, to sum it up, this fragrance is, for me, a big, bold, "gold" punch to the face. This reminds me of the Big '80s perfumes - loud, bossy, entering rooms before their wearers, and bowling people over as they pass by. I was shocked (as was my poor husband, who wrinkled his nose and backed away after sniffing)! It wasn't at all what I'd anticipated, based on reviews. It wasn't *bad*, per se, it just wasn't anything that I could ever wear. The odd thing was that I couldn't make myself stop sniffing my hand, even though I didn't like the fragrance!

In a twist of hilarious irony, the cashier who checked me out stated, "Whatever that is that you picked smells great!" Oy. This is a scent that can be detected for miles. For me, it was a total scrubber; I noted, though, that after I'd scrubbed about 95% of it off the back of my hand, it smelled pretty nice! Alas...

Patchouli Absolu Tom Ford by weaselize 2014-10-24

finally tried it. For me a pass. For a hardcore collector or patchouli lover maybe a go. I never really experienced patchouli but if this is a well made patchouli as i read in the reviews then patchoule isn,t for me i guess.
I can say that i smells natural and earthy.
It reminds me of wet forest land mixed with a little bit of playdoh.I don,t think it is appealing. It is pretty soft with a soft aura, fortunelately it is not overpowered, that,s a good thing about it.
I find the tom ford company is making some strange fragrances lately. The grey vetiver eau de toillette is also a dissapointment.

Hommage a L'Homme Lalique by gvd 2014-10-24

Blind buy, no regrets. Classy stuff. Like Fahrenheit, but more sophisticated. Less gasoline, more violet.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by lateeeno 2014-10-24

I love Givenchy Blue Label
I love Versache Pour Homme
I love Ralph Loren Polo Blue

And I get all of them in one bottle..
That is Aqua Di Gio !

One more thing ; it doesn't cause my
nose any undesired harshness.

Buy it with confidence.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by lateeeno 2014-10-24

I love Givenchy Blue Label
I love Versache Pour Homme
I love Ralph Loren Polo Blue

And I get all of them in one bottle..
That is Aqua Di Gio !

One more thing ; it doesn't cause my
nose any undesired harshness.

Buy it with confidence.

Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette Tom Ford by weaselize 2014-10-24

testing it as i'm speaking. From the initial spray i get a citrusbomb. It reminds me of 4711. After half an hour i can detect a little bit vetiver but not much.
It also got much weaker and earthy and it falls a little flat.
What i,m missing is the spicyness from the original.
I think this might be ok for soft earthy citrus lovers or people that find the original too spicy and too vetiver but not for me. I find the edp much much better with the razorblade spicyness and the vetiver that rules.
Thiss is a pass for me.
The name is innapropriate for this. It should be called grey sausage or something like that. very average. 2/5

Eros Versace by ladyconsistency89 2014-10-24

The versace Eros is different. It is most certainly fresh with a perfectly balanced warm twist! Loving it on my Husband

Etrog Oy de Cologne Ayala Moriel by kirinie 2014-10-24

I'm curious to try it just because it clearly has a bit of a Sukkot concept.

This smells exactly like a fresh baked pastry or tart with spiced fruits. This is sweet but not teenage-sweet, there some spice or depth or something in the fruits I can't out my finger on but it's lovely. Delicious and strong. This will definitely get noticed, you only need one or two sprays and you're good to go. I've never smelled anything like it :) I don't think it gets the fame it deserves.

Charleston Isabel Derroisne by Yohji 2014-10-24

Heaven for jasmine and narcissus lovers. Its rich, not of that intensity as Fracas, much softer, but still buttery, bright and feminine
Its might be my personal olfactory dream – but its first ever! floral fragrance where I happily can smell bird cherry tree in bloom and its un be lie vable! Created so many flashbacks in memory!
Charleston is sort of fragrance that opens at once, as definitely Big Sunny Floral. Despite very retro-name its not “dated” - just different, in a very pretty way.
Cloves are very soft here on case you cautious about cloves. They just add density, same as bergamot.
Its the first fragrance of Isabel Derroisne I ever owned and I am charmed.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette Chanel by Jose Marcos 2014-10-24

Memory is a very powerful tool, and it can sometimes bring the best or worse dependind on the experiences attached to it. I do understand why it's difficult for a man in Europe and USA&Canada to wear something like No 5 or Shalimar. Their memories tell them all the time that they are females scents. But i live in brazil and we are really, i mean really poor over here. There is no such memories of Chanel no 5 or Shalimar because women at most used to wear Avon. Now there are other deocologne makers ( Natura and Boticario ). So I can wear those two without anyone thinking I am his/her mother at all. We don't have ssuch collective memory to them. And the few people, women, who actually know the scent will problably say "times have changed", just as they say for almost everything young people do these days.

I do wear most Chanel and Guerlain female scents.
I do feel nice wearing them.
I do love them.
Nobody complains about them, quite the opposite.
And frankly looking at fashion nowadays smelling like a mother is the least of weird thing one can do today.

Dahlia Divin Givenchy by prairiebellecandle 2014-10-24

Opening notes are addictive in a sweet, clean, florally way (like Ameriage)but then it deepens and becomes a smooth, sweet but woody, steady fragrance you can still smell hours later. I don't notice the Mirabelle plum but there is something I LOVE at opening, and it's not just plain sambac jasmine or any other floral it must be the plum. I find this fragrance elegant and ladylike and inviting!

Si Giorgio Armani by prairiebellecandle 2014-10-24

Love this scent. At first it smells sort of like (omg!) beer. Now, I like beer, but don't necessarily want to smell like it. 1 hour later, I was haunted by a delicious woody, sweetness which I was drawn to in a crazy way! Drydown is delish and lasts! While I feel it's appropriate for all-day every-day (even workplace) reminds me of a fall morning. Absolutely LOVE it!

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum Dior by prairiebellecandle 2014-10-24

Sickeningly sweet is what I think now. When I first encountered it, I thought it was over the top LUCIOUS, DELICIOUS and wanted to eat it with a spoon, bathe in it, and have it be my significant-perfume! But later, the cloying sweet almond was too much! It does last forever and got me MANY complements. I just couldn't stand it on me anymore.

Dior Addict Dior by prairiebellecandle 2014-10-24

This was delightful at first! Jubilant, upbeat, overtly happifying, but after a month or so, I found it to no longer be charming, but cloying, overly flowery and sweet. It did stay on forever though.

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by Nesligul83 2014-10-24

Smells like a toned-down version of Gucci bu Gucci or Narciso Rodrigues for her EDT. If you love Gucci by Gucci, this is a softer, day-time, airy and more modern version of it...Sillage is not superb but ok. Was able get the smell for a couple of hours very pleasently:)

makes you feel pulled together, clean, fresh-minded, sober, energetic and cool!

Secret Amber Jovan by armacoonsum 2014-10-24

I added this to my "have" list, but I'm not entirely sure I "have" it at all... The box and label both say "Secret Amber", but all I smell is oud. I have "Intense Oud", as well, which also smells like oud, but *less* like oud than the one that calls itself "amber". I am no genius, but I know what amber smells like, and what oud smells like... and this is oud! Add me to the club of folks who feel they may have gotten an "off" bottle, i guess.

Crystal Noir Versace by prairiebellecandle 2014-10-24

I LOVE this SCENT! It is fresh, delicious, lasting and delicate all in one. That being said, there is still a "dark" element where you get a spicy, warmth which cuts the "freshness" (if this note wasn't in there, I probablyl couldn't wear it because too upbeat and fresh makes me want to run!) There isn't a bad note in the drydown! and it lasts and lasts and actually smells wonderful when first sprayed, but about 2 hours after, the scent is HEAVENLY! and surrounds you gently like a velvet glove! and my husband actually likes it too!

Hypnotic Poison Dior by verasdfghjkl 2014-10-24

I didn't know it was possible for me to find a perfume too sweet. Well, here it is. I almost became nauseous from just smelling it on paper. I can understand other people loving this, as this is either a love or hate scent, but it's not for me, unfortunetely.

Red for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills by topolcats 2014-10-24

Used to be a great scent...Now its ordinary and reformulated to be a commercial entity.

In Black Byblos by topolcats 2014-10-24


Giordani Man Notte Oriflame by kwnstanths 2014-10-24

An interesting scent from Giordani Man after all . It must has to do with the nose Nathalie Lorson. It's a masculine/classic would say . Full of citruses in the oppening , Cypress follows and stays longer for sure. Feels like bitter orange is included.

Apropriate for a man at his 40s.Best among Giordani series.

Onika Nicki Minaj by chuetta 2014-10-24

I'm going to re-confirm: smells like her other fragances. Why nicki whyyy

Silver Shadow Davidoff by AND-MAT 2014-10-24

A very under appreciated fragrance. Silver shadow is a very masculin scent. Full of spices and resins all tied up together with warm amber. Extremely well blended, silver shadow just screams class and maturity.

The advertising campaign as seen on this site describes it perfectly. Just like in the advertisement, this scent is best suited for a charming mid 40 man. However, the physical age has nothing to do with it. It's all about your level of maturity. It has decent longevity despite a less than perfect projection. First spray seemed to have disappeared after 10 minutes of application but the second spray on the same place lasted for a decent 6+ hours. The projection is not that bad! Not all perfumes have monster projection. And I feel that in this case, a shy and preserved projection is perfect for this kind of smell. It doesn't force itself too much while alluring ladies that stray too close to you! It's called intimate projection!

Dark, deep, sophisticated and fit for a gentleman, Silver shadow is a perfume from davidoff that keeps a low profile despite being all that beautiful. Which only makes it more unique and tresured by the ones who discovers it. Excellent!

Very nice,refreshing and versatile indeed,but is it me or is this smell similar to Alfred Dunhill Dunhill for men? Smelling this one on paper strip i found that shares too many similarities with ADD. Both are great,gorgeous and upliting scents!!

La Favorite Dear Rose by cleo cupcake 2014-10-24

In the UK they have just been launched and are exclusive to Harrods

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by GabriCookies 2014-10-24

About a year ago I was given a small bottle of this scent, and fell in love with it. For the first few seconds it smells just like citrus, but then it becomes a well balanced and definitely fresh, clean, and slightly aromatic floral scent.
Of course when it was time to repurchase I was put off by the price-tag. Many people here sound like they can afford anything, but I can't spend 120€ for a 30ml bottle of perfume just like that!
I decided to look for cheaper alternatives then.
4711 does not smell like NP at all. I don't see how everyone here claims they smell the same. 4711 is just a basic citrusy body mist. It's worth a try for the super low price, but that's all.
I've also tried L'Erbolario Neroli and Yves Rocher Neroli, which are both very good scents but they're just not Neroli Portofino.

I have come to the realization that, unfortunately, like for most of fragrances, there is not a real Neroli Portofino alternative: the original smells just too good, it has a depth and countless facets that other Neroli fragrances just wish they had.
Should you buy this fragrance then? No, not at all.
The longevity is outrageously weak for an EDP: I would barely consider this an EDT. I know that most citrus and neroli scents have poor longevity - it's a common feature of this type of essences - but you would expect them to disappear after some time leaving room for something more long-lasting, like the amber. But this does not happen. You are left with absolutely nothing after an hour from application.
If this scent had a longer longevity -as in usual Tom Ford longevity- I would probably pay a bottle full price, I really would, because this fragrance is anything but basic. But it is just too weak to justify the price tag.

If Mr. Ford comes out with a super strong version of this that lasts at least 6-8 hours -like Black Orchid, which I own and has an absolutely outstanding longevity- I will consider repurchasing. Meanwhile, I keep a couple millimeters of fluid in the bottle, so when I want to be brought back to that crisp and clean dream that Neroli Portofino is, I just need to lift the cap and give it a sniff now and then :-)

Jeans Couture Man Versace by mccontrol 2014-10-24

This fragrance needs to be reissued pronto! An absolute classic.

Love Chloe by hails_blogger 2014-10-24

Beautiful perfume so unique. Sadly, this one has been discontinued:-(

Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome by hails_blogger 2014-10-24

I love this perfume. It's definitely for night wear smells like sweet black current.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by hails_blogger 2014-10-24

Beautiful perfume! I love this always get compliments! I think it's a classy scent and is great for ladies in their 20's. It just lingers on your clothes the day after.

Cuir Mona di Orio by 2746cstreet 2014-10-24

Castoreum smells like sweaty leather pants. I don't own or even like leather pants. I probably wouldn't be your friend if you wore leather pants. Especially if you never washed them. However, castoreum is one of my favorite notes. WEIRD.
So here we have salty/mineral castoreum, tarry leather and a Boodles martini (bitter).
I smell aniseed liquer. Is that absinth? I don't know as I've never felt any desire to try it. It seems so cosplay / steampunk.
Animalic, but in an aloof, industrial sort of way. Cuir lacks any human warmth.
I am strongly reminded of Gres Cabocard & Bandit. Both deliver a similar effect at a much lower price.
Mona di Orio does look super classy though.

Eau d'Eden Cacharel by AnnaMusht 2014-10-24

This is my favourite perfume in the whole world!!! I must admit that even now, after so many years since it has discontinued, I go online to check if there is any chance that cacharel have decided to bring it back. If they will, I'll probably buy it all!

Icon Lush by Floralsong 2014-10-24

This was a blind-buy and I was crazy excited about it. Now, all I can say is... it smells like Jesus' feet and dusty books. Not really my thing, but I keep it because it is really interesting!

Rose Poivree The Different Company by magda14012 2014-10-24

When tested in the summertime, all I could detect was pepper, so much pepper that made me sneeze. And a hint of rose. I was disappointed.
Gave it a try now that the temp is around 0C and what a difference it makes. There is this velvety dark rose, lots of rose petals in fact. Smooth, silky and oriental spices that make it all more interesting. Wow! Lasts all day.

Lovestruck Vera Wang by Fabulous Kevin 2014-10-24

IMO lovestruck is a very weird scent. When i first spray it's so sweet, candy sweet like Lancome La Vie Est Belle but after a while the dry down smells exactly like Purr by Katy Perry, so weird. Anyway, it still smell good. Sillage and longevity is moderate. 8/10

BCBG Max Azria Max Azria by Liu83 2014-10-24

It's light, girly and sweet. Can definitely smell the strawberries. Suited for day time wear in summer or spring. My bottle say's it's a EDP but I find it extremely light and not very long lasting for a EDP. It's pretty and feminine, although don't think will repurchase this one again once it runs out.

Insolence Eau Glacee Guerlain by dsty 2014-10-24

I wore this Eau Glacée side by side with the original Insolence (EdT) yesterday, and my impression was that they weren't much alike at all. Insolence EdT is pure candied violet, quite sweet and powdery, and above all very strong. It also lasts forever. The Eau glacée seemed weak in comparison: colder, certainly, and much lower on violets and powder. It doesn't last very long at all, and feels generally more like a conventional fruity floral, with a surprisingly strong sandalwood thrown in from the heart onwards. I liked the Eau Glacée but preferred the EdT, especially for the colder seasons when heavier scents are at their best.

Today, however, I'm wearing Eau Glacée on its own, and it's very much a different experience. Because it's not overpowered by it's bombshell older sister, I can see its merits much more clearly now. The violet and the powder are definitely there, just a lot more subtle and yes, made colder by the prominent aquatic/fruity notes, especially the apple. But I agree with another reviewer on this page: the fruits are so well blended in that they're not really dominant or even clearly recognizable at all, only as a modification to the main floral notes. I must have hallucinated the sandalwood as well yesterday, because I'm not getting any of that today, and no one else has mentioned it.
Altogether, this is fruity floral done right: very nice, light and wearable, but still unique and not cheap-smelling at all.

The EdT would still win if I could only keep one, so that's the one I'm most likely to get a full bottle of. But I like this Eau Glacée very much as well; it works great as a springtime version of the more fall and winter-appropriate Insolence EdT. I guess I'll just have to cherish what's left of my (big) sample!

Ambra Tibet Ava Luxe by 2014-10-24

This is a luxury, straight-forward, statement amber, the ageless aroma resembling of the early 20th century, the times of silent movies and black&white beauties with shaded tragic eyes, draped in tulle and silk. If jewelry – then it is Art Nuoveau, cascades of beaming crystals, heavy bundles of sparkling seed beads, if it’s a place, then it is a half lit saloon, polished carved wood and indecently rich velvet draping, candles and soft voices, glamour and seduction. The scent lasts VERY long. It seems that it lives on the skin forever, two sprinkles are enough to float in its majikly warm clouds until you reluctantly wash it away. I am really happy with this purchase, and recommend it to the people who are the fans of what I have mentioned above. And, yes, vanilla wave is absolutely HEAVENLY!

My Burberry Burberry by Toom_Snoopy 2014-10-24

My Burberry is thick sweet foral and patchouli, smell expensive and sophisticated. I think it's too much for summer. Perfect for winter.

La Panthere Cartier by freakypirate 2014-10-24

Review from a sample (dabber):

Opens very sweet with fruits and white florals. The scent develops into strawberry and gardenia notes. The gardenia becomes a bit indolic on my skin. The base is a creamy oakmoss. The drydown has a hint of musk as well and some iso-e-super. I don't get any leathery notes and only a tiny bit of patchouli.

performance is good: sillage is moderate, longevity is great and long lasting.

All in all, this is a very classic scent. Although fruity florals aren't really my thing, I do like the gardenia notes combined with the oakmoss, very delicate. The bottle design is an absolute winner! I am curious about the extrait and will sample it soon.

CK be Calvin Klein by sweetness1234 2014-10-24

For the people who like this perfume, there is a soap which smells so freakin similar it is Johnson's soap blossoms but not the pink colored one,the color is yellow it's the Arabic version of blossoms colored in yellow and got pink flowers..anyways the perfume and the soap smells very similar,, I love that scent so refreshing,,my mother use this perfume and it smells awesome ;-)

Cabotine Fleur d’Ivoire Gres by sweetness1234 2014-10-24

It is similar to allure indeed,I like it but not love it,soft,fresh and little sweet but it doesn't last on my skin 2 hours and it's gone with the wind

Fantasy Britney Spears by DJJellyBean 2014-10-24

This is the only perfume that I have multiples of (the nice remix is up next on multiples list). One 15 ml for purse, 1.7 oz half full, and a 3.3 oz back up bottle along with the lotion and shower gel, which (by the way) doesn't smell as good as the perfume itself. I just can't get enough of the white chocolate, cupcake, and fruit combination. Its so yummy. Normally I get sick of certain fragrances after so much use, but not this, I will continue to re-purchase. This is a very likable fragrance for most people and I highly recommend it. Don't EVER discontinue this wonderful creation.
Oh and one more thing. Sometimes I like to use BBW pink chiffon body spray with this perfume, and it smells amazing! You must try it if you like sweet scents as much as I do :)

Blue For Men Rasasi by VJG 2014-10-24

Expect the cap of this bottle , everything else is fine.. My uncle uses this and i tried it a couple of times..Its fresh, Minty and little cool spice in there.Suitable for the summer mornings I guess... Lasting power, cant say its bad...But don't expect much..

Intense Pepper Montale by da_markos 2014-10-24

This one is just unpleasent. Plastic lemon overwhelm whole composition. Pepper is very shady, weak. For me another "Mr Propper" scent. thumb down

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by dempsterstreet 2014-10-24

Fresh, sweet black tea and white washing drying in a sundrenched garden near a lemon grove...

This perfume makes me feel optimistic, clean and happy.
And it's cheap. For years I wouldn't even try it because of the preppy connotations. Thankfully I'm older & wiser now and can just enjoy its sparkly, citrussy mood.

A friend gave me a little rests pd this a couple of weeks ago and I love it, fresh and woodlands and almost mystical, like a visit from the man with the thistledown hair.

Lasted beautifully without overpowering.

But the next day, picking my shirt up to put in the laundry, eurgh! Its staleness was worse than hideous.... Moral of this story...don't wear this if you might end up at someone else's house after a successful night!

Burberry Men Burberry by FlashAdler221 2014-10-23

Nice stuff. I'm actually even considering it asmy signature scent. I have a 1 oz bottle of it and have decided to get the 3.4 oz.
it actually reminds me of dior Homme once you get past the opening. I say that because it's got a very similar elegance. I think that if you're the kind of guy who is too manly for Dior Homme, you should give this one a shot. It's easier to wear.
It opens with some citrus and some woods while a sweetness smooths it all out. Then the citruses calm down and they take a back seat while the woods and Amber take over. It's kinda manly but in a gentlemanly way if that makes sense. I like this one.

Fuel for Life Homme Diesel by brucifer 2014-10-23

This is a great smelling scent, that has quite a bit if Anise up front and then alot of sweet Raspberry. I do pick up hints of vanilla which I believe must be coming from the Heliotrope. I also get a little bit of the woody notes much later on. I however dont get the amazing projection and longevity most people speak of. I find it average in those departments which may lead me to seeking an alternative.

Jasmin de Nuit by The Different Company is a jasmine scent for people that don't usually enjoy jasmine. As confusing as that sounds, it's fairly apt. Jasmin de Nuit has more cinnamon, star anise and cardamom than it does white florals.

When first applied to the skin, Jasmin de Nuit smells of sweet spices and a hint of petroleum. It's both rich and heady with not a single white jasmine bloom in sight. As the fragrance settles the sweetness reaches its full potential, rather like a star anise and cinnamon infused dessert.

The jasmine is definitely there, but is relatively shy when in the presence of all those spices. If you've ever smelt jasmine incense sticks, it smells a lot like that. Jasmin de Nuit is an oriental lover's dream and is not necessarily something that will appeal to white floral fans nor jasmine enthusiasts. I actually find the name somewhat misleading.

I recommend Jasmin de Nuit for the cooler months, however it is Spring where I am presently, and I find the spiciness of this fragrance oddly comforting on a sunny, but not too hot day. It can be sexy, and is most certainly mysterious. I conclude that Jasmin de Nuit would make a unique addition to anyone's wardrobe.

First impressions. Pretty, inoffensive, light- reminiscent of a less interesting version of Champs Elysees. If there's Jasmine there I can barely smell it. Very feminine, wearable, a bit dull, and not me.

AB Spirit Platinum Lomani by alexgo 2014-10-23


Coco Noir Chanel by Rawannnna 2014-10-23

Sitting at my office, typing. The window is OPEN. Its behind me. very light wind outside, Its a cool weather in Jerusalem today.
Then It seemed to me that the wind carried a scent of rose, I was surprised since I know there were no roses planted in the garden. I looked from the window and checked. no roses.
The scent of a real, fresh, somehow juicy rose of the finest quality possible to imagine continued to exist. I searched the entire office for roses. NO trace.

I swear that I am telling the truth. for real I searched the office and then discovered that its my coco noir. the perfume I sprayed 6 hours before. The scent is unbelievable, its the second week I am wearing it and I have just started to discover this masterpiece.

Elixir des Merveilles Hermes by Kamicha 2014-10-23

I'm always bit hesitant with scents with "caramel" notes, ethyl maltol bombs give me headache. But Elixir is not one of those. The sweetness is very understated in this - and I agree that there is even a nice, balanced savouriness in this oranges, spices, resins and woods nectar. I bet that there is a sheer hint of cumin in the mixture, drying the composition and giving it a nice, toasty feel. No need to be afraid of association to body odour here, the effect is mere suggestive in this.

I also agree that the opening is beautiful, unique and very layered - the only association comes to mind is a comparison to SL Arabie, but these two don't really smell the same, the similarity is structural with those fruits, spices, resins and that hint of savouriness. But Arabie is definitely worth checking if you like this - and vice versa.

But the marvellous fireworks of Elixir last about one hour and then some; on my skin in dry, cool climate. After that what is left - a nondescript clean woody drydown with a hint of cool, medicinal patchouli (no hippies in the sight), reminiscent of upscale hair products. A bit of let down, I would have liked those resins and spices to stay as well, not to mention those happy, juicy oranges. The hour and plus lasting power limits this as "at home" scent, I can add some when needed. And the toasty, sparkling but cozy feel of this scent sort of fits to that, making my ordinary days almost festive, so no complaints.

On my skin and in dry climate Elixir is definitely not a sillage bomb, either. It is rich and lush but stays about arm length from body and gives just an modest trail behind when moving around.

White Aoud Montale by SexyJasmine 2014-10-23

When I first received a sample of this I smelled it and thought "what in the world!" I didn't like it or so I thought. Rather than dumping the sample and posting a review not in the fragrance's favor I decided to just put the sample away and meditate on what I had just experienced. For days the scent haunted me. I would be doing something random like paying bills and suddenly, like a ghost, a hint of White Aoud would waft past my nose. No...I would not have put any on, remember, I put it away and away it remained untouched until it finally called after me, inviting me to try it one more time. I accepted the invitation, placing a few drops sparingly on my wrist and behind my neck. Love. That's what happened. I immedialely fell in love with White Aoud the second time around. And now I'm off to buy a full sized bottle...

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by paulokratos 2014-10-23

Guys, stop to thinking on this one like a "generic, common, non unique". Start to learn why girls Like this one so much... This is the trick... We didnt see so many experts everywhere that we always need a total unique fragrances at Every buy, in times women and men that havent this hobby(parfums) likes much more the ones they recognize and remember somethink on past or not . For some reason(details) this one works on the "lady killer" side, and some scents that have same vibe/notes not work... Why? Details, the demon is on details... Im not american, sorry for the english

Dune Dior by Kharnak Rex 2014-10-23

Quite a complex masterpiece here! It changes to 3 or 4 distinctly different phases

First, it's DRY, desert like, dry grass and hay.
turns medicinally sweet.
This is the Benzoin resin, which has a vanilla candy like vibe.

Finish is rather common, Soft sweet musk that lingers for a long time, even after washing.

This is unisex for me, anyone can wear this.

Blue Sugar Aquolina by Scotti 2014-10-23

I found BLUE SUGAR in search for any masculine Cotton Candy frags. I definitely was not disappointed with this one. It is a great find. I don't know why Aquolina has discontinued this frag.. it seems to have a following for sure. I think it is because Cotton Candy is rarely ever used in mens perfumery, and it is done great here.

Upon the opening I get the bergamot citrus with a definite cotton candy accord that never really goes away throughout the life of the frag (which I love). The mid the licorice/anise come out, and then the dry-down is very vanillic (probably from the Tonka).

I found it quite similar to the womens version PINK SUGAR, but because of the Patchouli in BLUE SUGAR it makes it just a bit more darker (masculine). But don't be totally fooled. Upon comparing side by side. I actually find BLUE SUGAR more of a syrupy sweetness, and PINK SUGAR more of a vanillic sweetness. So in this case.. the mens version of this scent is even more sweet than the womens. Very interesting.

Love this frag..if it was not discontinued.. I would wear it way more often. Very innovative especially for a mans fragrance wardrobe. I think this is one of the sweetest designer men's frags ever!

Hypnotic Poison Dior by ChristineInCanada 2014-10-23

Such a delightful little poisoned candy apple! Vanilla has always been my favorite scent in perfume, but it's nice to find something a little more complex and sophisticated. It's very natural, which is a must in my book, and deliciously gourmand without the juvenile quality so many edible vanilla fragrances seem to share. Sweet, lovely, but not in a...well, 'vanilla' way! Love it.

Paloma Picasso Paloma Picasso by Beezle 2014-10-23

I'm saying good bye to Paloma because a discussion of bad blind buys led me to mention this one. The other party says she likes it so off it goes. I read those notes on my phone as I stood in the discount store and went wow! gotta have it. When I got it home I was so very disappointed. I hadn't tried it a second time and she lived in a box for two months or so. So this other party wants it and I am happy to send it but being slightly more experienced I had to spray one more time to try to figure out why I was disappointed. One spray and it's love! This gem is the flashback to my good old days but its better than I was as a young awkward woman. Paloma sings a sweet tune and feels wonderful. It's truly amazing that a change of mood, heart, health or whatever can bring about such a different perspective on a scent. I would wear it out to work or in a social situation but not at home as it projects a bit because it deserves to be shared. If you like this type of scent give it the chance it deserves.

Éclat d’Arpège Pretty Face Lanvin by Mango Plantation 2014-10-23

But the notes make it sound terrific - what did you guys think of the scent?

I'm so thankful to be able to own this beauty,

the only oud perfume I've owned before this was Royal Oud Creed which I found too woody and masculine for my taste,

but this is a smooth oud, the rose is sweet, soft and springy, sometimes I even think I'm smelling chocolate or something!

I'm from the middle east but in my country people don't wear oud-y or arabic style perfume like arab countries, so this oud which is perfect for me might be totally ordinary or nothing special to others,

if you can't wear Montale's ouds or arabic ones, try this baby,

I was thinking about getting some decant of Tom Ford Cafe Rose or Oud Fleur, but when I came across this, I forgot all about those, because this one is perfect to me from beginning to the end,

this is very innocent and beautiful, with a touch of oud adding mystery,

very strong and long-lasting,

I think can be worn in warm weather too,


Ambra Aurea Profumum Roma by zaetown 2014-10-23

Before I smelled this bad boy, to me SL ambre sultan was the best amber I had ever smelled, but after smelling this I've changed my opinion. I don't know if amber could be done any better. The reason why I prefer this one over ambre sultan is because its smoother in the dry down and has a bit more sexiness to it. They both are staple frags if u must own an amber scent but when I am done with ambre sultan I will be purchasing a fb of this!

34 Boulevard Saint Germain starts with a blackcurrant note and ivy, with a fizz of citrus for a few seconds and then immediately the woods come in, plus what reads to me as a spicy vanilla. The woods is that ubiquitous warm woody molecule, rounded in feel, but it's in balance with what smells like a sweet vanilla blended with increasingly evident opoponax and styrax. So the overall feel is a heart of blackcurrant enveloped in a soft, cashmere-like cloud of vanilla woods and spices. As soon as sweetness threatens to overwhelm the composition is kept in balance by an almost vinegary tartness, which heralds an onslaught of spice-particularly cinnamon (styrax?). For me the rose, geranium, tuberose, and iris make a soothing and lovely foil for the spice. This phase lasts a good long while, eventually giving way to a surprising eucalyptus note in the base which casts a luminous glow on the spices, resins, and woods. There is definitely a chypre effect, possibly due to this vinegar note, yet the dominant feel is spicy oriental.

34 is a strange blend, sophisticated in its balance and contrasts, and unquestionably modern in its enveloping feel, with great sillage and projection, maintaining its phases distinctly for 4-5 hours, yet always with the prudent good taste not to offend. The appeal of the scent is that it's comforting and almost--but not quite--foody, enveloping yet not at all overwhelming. It's very noticeable, but at the same time it lacks a certain distinction, even though this blackcurrant vanilla spice rose tuberose iris creme is quite identifiable in its construct. But it all morphs and shifts around and stays interesting without becoming a singular accord. It doesn't advertise itself, yet you still notice it while you are wearing it.

In some ways 34 goes further than the other EDTs and EDPs of Diptyque and is more of a real perfume composition. There is a strong relationship to 34's resins and the resins in Volutes EDP formulation, however I think I like the complexity of this one better--it's got the iris opoponax and styrax, replaced the myrrh with Eau Duelle EDPs vanilla, with that pretty blackcurrant increasingly enveloped by rosy florals on top to sweeten the whole thing. The vinegar to restrain the sweet is a wonderful touch and complex for the nose, and may be how I am identifying it's chypre effect, as it lacks the classic richness of the bergamot/labdanum/oakmoss and instead seems to be created by lemon-mandarine/opoponax/ivy. Its nice and unexpected.

There is something about 34 that suggests a muddle, or that it lacks personality. Yet when you look more closely it is a constructed muddle, with an intelligence behind it. This is not a boring scent, but it is difficult to hang your hat on it. You could smell it a hundred times and not have the 'a ha! that's 34!' moment--maybe because it achieves its story of capturing the well known icons of Diptyque so well. Wearing it I keep recognizing other scents from the company line. But when you deconstruct it, there's an impressive intelligence. It would be nice if it lasted longer, it's a refined EDT with a old style sophistication but modern tenacity.

34 could be a woody feminine or warm spicy masculine. For me it requires a bit of elegance--no workout clothes with this one--it's incongruous. A fall/winter fragrance for a cashmere sweater or wrap, or with a crisp white shirt or LBD. It's quietly assertive, like a person who never shouts yet always seems to get what they want, living a life of good taste effortlessly. It's very french.

Chanel 1932 in some ways reminds me of this, not the actual smell of it, but the bland impression it leaves, while remaining complex and always sophisticated. 34 is more modern, more versatile, and maybe a bit weirder because of its story. I think its really interesting and merits wearing for its intellectual credentials, which are high.

Stella (2014) Stella McCartney by Tovah 2014-10-23

That photo makes it look as if this is a mouth rinse rather than a fragrance. Very unapplealing...which suits this stupid new version of the masterpiece that was Stella. I have owned a bottle of Stella non-stop, since 2003, which, believe-me, is record-breaking. I rarely repurchase a fragrance after I've used it up (if I ever use it up). But Stella was unique, mysterious, and perfect for this avid rose gardener.

Maybe I'm crazy, but this Stella smells like a "version" of Stella to me; like Chanel No. 5 edp now smells like an "our version of" and Shalimar edt smells like Everclear grain alcohol...

How I wish Stella Rose Absolue was still around!

Maybe my nose is just tired today. Maybe I'm completely wrong. I hope I am completely wrong.

The bottle I have at this time is an art deco-ish, octagonal glass bottle with amethyst tones fading to clear, from top to bottom. It's gorgeous. My husband loves this fragrance, and it seems to be uplifting to everyone who comments on it.

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by vonMises 2014-10-23

I have a half-ounce bottle that will be a lifetime supply. It is very good, but to me it is suffocating. Strong, thick, sweet, like a big milkshake.

Stella Stella McCartney by nina.klokset 2014-10-23

One of my favorites of all perfumes. It is classy, romantic, discrete and 'out there' - all at the same time. Magic captured in a bottle! Love the smell of roses - without it being overpowering or anything, - and love the fact that it does smell floral - yet it has some mystery to it, - not your 'regular floral perfume' (whatever that is...) perhaps because it is both dark and light at the same time.... it is such a unique perfume in my opinion, - and I am gonna get another bottle of it, that's for sure :) <3

Burberry Men Burberry by Chicago Tony T 2014-10-23

Been wearing this for over 5 years now. Strong cedar/amber drydown. Very masculine and good for nights and days. A bit of spices help to balance it out and I also get a honey accord which a previous reviewer mentioned. Performance is solid with about 5 or 6 hours of longevity and 4 hours of silage. A nice economy woody scent that can be used for daily wear.

Arpege Lanvin by hippiechick13 2014-10-23

This is an incredible perfume.

I smelled the bottle years ago, but confess I never did try it on. My interest in it was recently piqued, when I read that it was a favourite of Rita Hayworth. So, today I tried it again, and was immediately surprised and delighted with it.

My first remark to the SA was that it had an almost coconutty smell. The girl went "yes, that's what it is!" and said she found it kind of tropical smelling. It's definitely an aldehyde, and it's a gorgeous one at that, and on that note, I am wary of calling it 'fresh', but for a powdery, floral fragrance, as warm and seductive and pretty as it is, as classy and attractive, there is a definite coconut, levity, holiday-feeling nature to it, that I really really like!

The lasting power is gorgeous, and it swims about me in a discreet, polite, lady-like aura, but is certainly a scent that lingers and hints and is a pleasure to catch in the air.

What a high quality, noble little black bottle, a real beauty. I paid $29, what a steal!!!!!!

This is definitely one of the top fragrances out there - vintage and divine! Rita knew what it was worth.

As a fan of erstwhile era's, I am looking forward to wearing this on my road trip to the country in a few weeks, with my straw cloche sun hat and 40's red dress. This should dazzle.

Clinique Happy Clinique by Tovah 2014-10-23

I vividly recall when Happy launched. I had an office on the top floor of the building, (with a lovely view of the freeway), and it was always ridiculously over-air-conditioned. One day I received a paper sample of Clinique Happy in my Macy's bill and I just about plunged out my window in a sprint of joy. I couldn't believe that ANYTHING could smell lovlier. Prior to Happy, the only thing I'd worn that came close to such a "free-spirited, casual scent, was Calyx...and the Calyx of 1990 was very, very different from the Calyx of today. Inhaling Happy felt like I'd finally found the scent I'd NEEDED, for years, and I was amazed. It really did raise my spirits. That very day on my lunch break I crossed the freeway to the mall and bought the largest bottle of Happy I could afford. A couple of weeks later, my boyfriend proposed to me, on one knee, at the Chart House in Dana Point, overlooking the Ocean. I was wearing Happy. Two months later, we got married...I was wearing Happy. About a year later, when I was pregnant, Happy turned on me. Instead of the bright, amazing, fresh scent I thought I knew, it became something akin to bathroom cleaner, only not that pleasant. I've never again been able to tolerate this on my skin. I find myself complimenting it on others, but it just smells rancid on me. Seventeen years after that paper sample seduced me, a couple of days ago I received a tiny little bottle of Happy in a Clinique bonus gift from Macy's. It's been years since I've sprayed the stuff, so I gave it a go...
It smells terrible :-(

Dior Homme Sport 2012 Dior by Soul37 2014-10-23

Received a compliment today from a sexy bank teller with the 2012 DHS. "What are you wearing? You smell good. Really good." - Sexy Bank Teller. I thought she was going to give me some free money! Bank error in my favor. Thanks Dior.

Individuel Mont Blanc by thebla5t 2014-10-23

A 5ml decant of this came in the mail today. Everyone that said this smells like dryer sheets is completely right. But not in a good way-- the scent is heavy, awkward, and offensive to me. I will definitely give it another go, but it might have to go.

Very Sexy Eau de Parfum Victoria`s Secret by lesecretforme 2014-10-23

Stop reformulating! If it ain't broke don't fix it! Gorgeous bottle! Crappy perfume!!! For shame!!!

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by FBenoit1 2014-10-23

Very beautiful fall fragrance. I have been looking for a new fragrance to add to my collection and just happened to test Terre on my skin. My skin carries vetiver and woody scents nicely in the fall and winter. If your a woman and carry woody scents well and are looking for something not gourmet/sweet this is wonderful. Getting a bottle, a wonderful surprise. Happy sniffing ♥

Must bottle arrived so I just had to sample it albeit a little out-of-season. I basically get kiwi, grapefruit and pineapple with a healthy-dose of that Issey DNA working throughout this composition. It's a pleasant, likable, summer-scent that would work well on a hot summer day.

Projection is about average and it lasts 5-6 hours on my skin. Of course, I will have to revisit my review when I am able to wear this fragrance in the heat next summer. It's nice!

Very Sexy for Her 2 Victoria`s Secret by lesecretforme 2014-10-23

I miss this so freaking much! It kills me how Victoria's secret these days keep curbing out such poor quality fragrances. This one was a gem! This lasted days on clothes. It was always my most complimented. This sang out loud with my chemistry! I'm so sad!!!

Prada Candy Prada by ChesterVa 2014-10-23

I think Prada Candy, in a nutshell, smells fantastic. Infusion D'Iris is my favorite perfume (both created by Daniela Roche Andrier)and as mentioned by others, they are similar, if you like one you will most likely enjoy the other.The only problem both share, for me at least, is that both are light and fleeting. I wish both were more intense.I enjoy gourmands and I love powdery orientals and Prada Candy is an exquisite perfume. don't like the name though. This perfume is classy in a way that the name does not convey.

This is a lovely cologne, and very odd....

The initial, gorgeous, sour grapefruit lingers for maybe 20 minutes and leaves a delicate floral residue, which slowly fades over the next hour. It is eau de cologne, after all....

Then, when you think the show's over, you move slightly and from nowhere comes a waft of a fresh country garden, a thrill of heavy evening fragrance after a sweltering day. This continues to happen for the rest of the day.

A second joy of this scent is that, even locked away on a cupboard, and the bottle top securely tightened, the fragrance pervades my room.

I'm so glad I found this little gem.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by Arielrose 2014-10-23

Ahhh...Pink Sugar! As soon as the weather starts getting cool, I find myself reaching for this. Most people seem to either love or hate this - I personally love it, but my chemistry works really well with it. On me I get 'Raspberry cotton candy' right away - then it mellows and turns into a delicious crème brulee, vanilla with a touch of berry in the background. I get compliments on this one, while my other more sophisticated scents get few comments! No doubt, men LOVE this perfume. My guy friends, my fiancé, even my dad who NEVER says anything about perfume - all say something good about this one.
For me, it's 'happy in a bottle' and always gives my mood a lift if I'm feeling down or blah at all.
If it doesn't sit well with your chemistry, you will probably hate it - because it IS relentlessly sweet! But if it works for you, you'll never want to be without it!

Love in Black Creed by missk 2014-10-23

I absolutely adore Love In Black's opaque bottle design and black packaging so I had my fingers and toes crossed that I would eventually fall head over heels for the scent also. I do love the smell of violets and I own many violet scents including Fragonard's Violette, Tom Ford's Violet Blonde and Jean Charles Brosseau's Violette Menthe. I was almost convinced that Love In Black would be my violet holy grail.

Love In Black is a beautiful, elegant and somewhat powdery representation of violet. It is ever so slightly edgy in its approach, but for the most part it is a classic English floral.

There is a tendency for perfumers to add a sugary note to violet perfumes as a way of appealing to the masses. Thankfully that sugary-sweet aroma is absent in Love In Black's scent pyramid. The result is a sometimes masculine, unforgiving blend of rich blackcurrant, earthy iris and powdery violets.

Like Sherapop, I really enjoyed Love In Black's opening. I was quite enamoured with its boldness and classic femininity. Unfortunately Love In Black tends to lose momentum as the fragrance develops on the skin. It goes from being a strong, powdery violet and iris blend, to a musky, delicate and oddly sour blackcurrant and cedar blend.

If Love In Black were more affordable I would have definitely bought myself a bottle, however due to Creed's somewhat extreme prices, I have to be realistic. I find Love In Black incredibly similar to my much more affordable bottle of Fragonard's Violette. I also don't find it as intriguing as the wild Stephen Jones, commissioned by Comme des Garcons. It's more than pleasant, even attractive on the skin, but Love In Black is just not for me, nor right for my collection.

Joop! Femme Joop! by apixiefan 2014-10-23

Joop for Men, is way sweeter than this, to me. This has a unisex vibe to it. Extremely strong and very funky. And I think the comp to Creed's Royal Delight is a pretty good call. The 3oz bottle should last forever, because you dont need to spray it more than twice, in my opinion. Especially in warmer climates. This is one of those off the charts, underrated masterpieces that got forgotten bcuz there were more popular brands getting all the pub' and hype when this was put on the shelves, back in '87.

Chocolate Greedy Montale by catsngunsnyarn 2014-10-23

i just applied some of my Chocolate Greedy sample that arrived today. the open vial had promise, and i had such high hopes, but on my skin it's acidic and ammonia-like, with the teeniest hint of cocoa. i had to scrub it off :-( bummer.

Just tried this one today ... So much more envoyable than the eau de parfum !
It's still sweet but lighter and less heavy/sticky.
But remember: only one pschitt, it's enough ! Don't do like so many person who bath with this fragrance

Uomini Black O Boticario by MSL 2014-10-23

Strong and dull. But - on cold days it might be interesting.

I Fancy You Jessica Simpson by Caitlyn.Taliaferro 2014-10-23

I got this perfume after purchasing fancy. This smells absolutly NOTHING like fancy. It doesn't smell "bad" but it't not sweet or feminine at all. You have to have a certain taste for this kind of stuff. I don't fancy it!

Fancy Jessica Simpson by Caitlyn.Taliaferro 2014-10-23

I love this fragrance! It's one of my favorites. It's pleasant and sweet, great for day wear. It lasts quite a while too. I fancy it!

Embruns Keiko Mecheri by sharmap14 2014-10-23

Yuzu, sancho pepper, cardamom, salty notes, orris, suede leather, cedarwood, sandalwood, incense, toasted tonka beans, vanilla, and amber..... those are all the notes half of which aren't even listed..& its a unisex fragrance

My favorite scent ever but this edt is SO WEAK for my taste that I spray it every few minutes to be able to enjoy it as I like it.

Original Santal Creed by Fehdandoo Del Enzioo 2014-10-23

This fragrance is amazing .. it seems like everytime i where it i have a good time .. absolutely perfect ..

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs by aigilia 2014-10-23

Love the bottle so much!! The smell not much different from other daisies line. Since this is EDT so i cannot expect much of the lasting power coz it is very light and fades away very quickly..

Pi Givenchy by SC83 2014-10-23

Next to Versace Eros, this is probably the best vanilla dry down you can find. While the top notes are nothing special, the vanilla then kicks in and takes over. The vanilla note literally runs the show with this one.

Longevity is top notch.


Hugo Energize Spray Hugo Boss by adorkable_scent 2014-10-23

I could die just to smell this. It smells amazing on my friend and i intend to buy this for my brother. Looooveeee this. Soft, gentle, sweet but also masculine at the same time.

L'Ombre Dans L'Eau Diptyque by myownflagg 2014-10-23

The most beautiful perfume I've ever smelled. I'll never get tired of it.

Instinct For Her Avon by aigilia 2014-10-23

This perfume was given by my sister on my birthday. For me the smell is not sexy at all as what i expected from the bottle and the model @-@ Megan Fox! I also think that this can be a unisex scent since i will think of my husband perfume whenever i smell this.

Simply Belle Exceptional Parfums by MsBacall 2014-10-23

Received a free sample of this with my purchase of Robert Piguet’s Visa. My initial reaction to the parfum was positive. It is a diplomatic fragrance. Universally accessible. The opening was super fresh and clean. It does nod toward bar soap or a fabric softener scent. It is not full on my any means, nor is it a bad thing. The elements of fresh, clean, and pleasant are what reminds me of soap. I like the jasmine notes and the musk. It reminds me of a more floral version of Jennifer Aniston’s perfume minus the salt ocean notes. This sits super close to the skin like a soft body lotion does. On my skin, the longevity was pretty good. It dried down to a soft musk. This is a scent I would spritz my hair with, or wear if I am in close contact with someone like my dentist’s office or something. This is a great one to wear, if you work in fragrance free environments, which I do. I can also see using this on my blankets and pillows to fresh up the room. What would hinder me from purchasing this is the price. I echo that sentiment like many other reviews. I wouldn’t mind having something similar in my collection. I am going to check out what one reviewer recommended, which was “ Bvlgari Omini Crystalline.” If I am willing to spend $45 bucks on a perfume, I’d get one with a touch more ump. I am intrigued by clean scents. I love their versatility. I find that I prefer clean fragrances with more vibrancy. I fell like Simply Belle is missing something. It needs another note. Maybe some patchouli or green notes? Who knows?! Think this perfume should be called Simply Meek.

All in all, this fragrance is more a wallflower fragrance. It is for those quiet reserve days, when you just want to blend in the crowd. This would also be a great one to buy for a young girl, who is wanting to start wearing perfume. It is the polar opposite of my Visa fragrance, which is for a woman who is very bold and wants you to smell her.

Tobacco Oud Tom Ford by riffjim4069 2014-10-23

Tobacco and Oud? What's not to love! Unfortunately, this fragrance does not get much love over here. I have yet to put my nose on it, but I plan to do so this weekend and hope to be pleasantly surprised. We shall see.

My absolute favorite fig fragrance of all time. I have a bottle, which sadly, only has 1/5 left, and I've owned it for... 8 months. Which may not seem that crazy to run out over 8 months, but when you collect fragrances, you know it can be hard just to finish a decant!

This is fragrance is HIGHLY volatile and dependent on what other body products you use (soap, body lotion, shampoo). I think maybe because the notes are so delicate, and "natural". Sometimes it smells more of lemon, sometimes more of fig. The lemon is gorgeous; bright, fresh, sour, tart, juicy, REAL. Not even close to being any sort of nasty Pledge or chemical lemon. Sometime it smells like the tart, bitter lemon essence that squirts out as you rip apart a fresh lemon skin, sometimes like sweet, authentic lemon juice. The fig is sweet, fresh, a bit dusty, and natural. A bit of wood and very creamy, smooth, and mild. Sometimes a herbal note is very apparent, that smells almost like fresh basil. Sometimes the creaminess smells a bit like raw almond meat.

I highly, highly, suggest you try this out with a few different soaps/lotions, if you use them. It really, makes a difference in the scent, more so than any other fragrance I've ever tried (and I love me some "light and natural" fragrances like Jo Malone and Annick Goutal).

With Love Hilary Duff by vixw 2014-10-23

Really like this, but it has been discontinued. Wore it for 3 years but now I only have the body lotion, which has not turned bad yet. Love the woodsy/cedar scent. Always get compliments. Just a really nice scent. Can't go wrong here.

Angel Thierry Mugler by vixw 2014-10-23

I wore this a few years back. I loved it. My mother detested it. She said I smelled like I had been sweating. I didn't get it! Is a great scent if you jive with it I suppose.

I wore this for a year when it was first introduced. LOVED it. Wonderful scent but I have moved on. Scents remind me of certain times in my life, so alas, they must be replaced in due time.

Gucci by Gucci Gucci by llburris 2014-10-23

I absolutely LOVE honey.....but sometimes patchouli is all I can smell in a fragrance when it's presence is so dominant. I have several with lots of patchouli that I totally love. However, there are just some mixtures that my nose can only smell the patchouli.....makes it too masculine for me *boo hiss* I was so hoping to love this. Someone suggested layering with Elie Saab. Maybe that will make it wearable for me, because I love ES.

Victoria Victoria`s Secret by celcia.snow 2014-10-23

This perfume is... just okay. When I first sniffed it on paper in the store, I thought it smelt delightful. When there was a Black Friday promotion going on last year, I got it for about $25 compared to the usual $52 and honestly, it's not worth more than that. The sillage is really bad, I mean, really... REALLY bad at only 2 hours. The note that stands out on me the most is the raspberry, apple, and red berries so so I get a bizarre sweet and sour scent. What a difference body chemistry makes... Sadly, I don't get any hints of the rose, the note I wanted the most.

It's super light so it's best suited for the summer. Although it's not my favorite perfume in my collection, I'll use it on occasion in warm weather since I don't like to let perfume go to waste (unless it's horrendous like Sephora's Kiss The Girl).

I love it! I do not like vanilla anything and I detect none at all. More of a woodsy/amber scent which is my favorite. I have the lotion, bath gel and spray. Does not last a super long time, but is light enough to reapply without becoming overpowering. Give a spritz to my hair also. Inexpensive as well. I am over 40 and it is very becoming. Not just for the younger crowd!

Ecko by Marc Ecko Marc Ecko by Chicago Tony T 2014-10-23

A heavy citrus with a base of ginger. I wore this to bed last night so I can't comment about performance as I only smelled it for about an hour. It's nice for it's price but I prefer Nautica Voyage over it which is in the same category as this. I will wear it again to comment about the duration of the scent in month or so.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by Mango Plantation 2014-10-23

(Regarding the review just previous)

I KNOW!!!! Isn't it simply FABULOUS???!! If I'd have only found it sooner in life - " I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum!"!

Black XS L'Exces for Him Paco Rabanne by THEBEAST 2014-10-23

Es una fuerte y alcohilica salida de anana en el aire, y en la piel una lineal y muy dulce escencia de anana es todo lo que detecto, Dura muchotiempo y es para chcios de 17 años que todavia estan descubriendo o la madre les compra el perfume, o aquellos con sindrome de peter pan,
es solo mi opinion, hay mejores por el mismo precio y deberia paco rabbane hacer un lanzamiento que sea un shock para las fragancias, se vende bien, pero siempre se mira mal con one million y demas de esta casa.

Alcohilica strong output and pineapple in the air, and a linear skin and very sweet scent of pineapple is all that I detect, Dura chcios muchotiempo and is for 17 years who are still discovering or mother buys the perfume or those with peter pan syndrome,
is just my opinion, there are better for the same price and Rabbane paco should make a pitch to be a shock for fragrances, sold well, but always look bad with one million others and this house.

Eau des Baux L`Occitane en Provence by THEBEAST 2014-10-23

Hermosa fragancia!
Vale la pena ver que por mucho menos de lo que hoy sale un perfume de diseñador se pueden conseguir buenas fragancias por lo menos en esta parte del mundo.(argentina)
Y parte de lo que destaca esta fragancia es que es muy buena a pesar de que por aqui no es conocida l occitane.
Arranca como una mezcla de PI de givenchu con L homme ideal, lo cual es fantastico y se mantiene asi por dos horas apareciendo cierto incienso en el medio, lo cual es mejor aun, es para empezar a usar cuando queres reemplazar o cambiar a PI por algo apenas mas maduro, por muy poco.

No dura una eternidad, se vuelve muy pegado a la piel despues de 1 hora pero dura mas de siete en la piel, lo cual hace q destaque si se mezcla con el sudor o agua, 0.30 cm seria lo que se llega a sentir q es bastante para una fragancia dulce que intriga al que pasa y la siente, vale la pena probarla.

Muy aconsejable para cenas citas y salidas nocturnas si tenes que estar en un lugar abierto y si es al rio mejor,
la brisa te hara notar, y recibiras muchos cumplidos.

La mejor alternativa al Givenchy PI origianl, sin reformular.

Beautiful fragrance!
Worth seeing it for much less than what we now get a designer perfume fragrances can get good at least in this part of the world. (Argentina)
And part of what sets this fragrance is that it is very good although it is not known around here l occitane.
Starts as a mixture of IP givenchu with L perfect homme, which is fantastic and well maintained for two hours some incense appearing in the middle, which is even better, is to start using when want to replace or switch to PI something just more mature, just.

It does not last forever, it becomes very attached to the skin after 1 hour but lasts more than seven in the skin, which makes q stand out when mixed with sweat or water, 0.30 cm would be what comes to feel q is enough for a sweet fragrance that intrigue happens and feels worth trying.

Highly recommended for dinner dates and nights out if you got to be in an open place and if the best river,
the breeze will make you notice, and you will receive many compliments.

The best alternative to Givenchy PI origianl, without restating.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by THEBEAST 2014-10-23

Seria mentir decir que esta no es una de las mejores fragancias de hombre para la noche, pero tambien uno de los puntos que mas le resto en el mundo de la perfumeria, es la fijacion y longevity.
En cuanto a la fragancia, es algo que todo el mundo elogiara y querra saber que llevas puesto, les gusta a todos, especiado dulce con algo de tabbaco, everybody loves it!
Pero pasadas las 3 horas o menos, no se siente mas, y solo acercando la piel a la nariz se peude oler algo, y ni hablar si queres ponerte mas y se vuelve mas pegado y se siente menos, mas no es mejor en este caso.

Si dolce & gabbana mejorara la longevidad, seria un suceso en masa, porque siendo tan pobre de tiempo en la piel, llevo muy buenas ventas.

Perfecto para cenas o salidas cortas en noches frescas sobre todo, cuando el viento permite oler a lo lejos, y con esta fragancia lejos es 0.5 metros, que es demasiado para esta fragancia.

Sin embargo y sobre todas las cosas, sigue siendo de mis favoritos por el olor maravilloso que destaca.

It would be lying to say that this is not one of the best men's fragrance for the night, but also one of the more points you will rest in the world of perfumery, is the fixation and longevity.
As for the fragrance, it's something that everyone praised and will want to know you're wearing, like everybody, spicy sweet with some tabbaco, everybody loves it!
But just after 3 hours or less, you do not feel more, and only approaching the skin nose peude smell something, let alone if you want to get more and becomes more attached and feels less, more is not better in this case .

If dolce & gabbana improve longevity, would be a mass event because weather being so poor skin, I have very good sales.

Perfect for dinners or short trips in cool nights especially when the wind allows smell in the distance, and this fragrance is 0.5 meters away, which is too much for this fragrance.

However, and above all things, my favorite is still the wonderful smell that stands out.

Royalty Tammie Garr by dgus82 2014-10-23

Greetings my little pretty smellers. I have not tested this yet, but after finding the notes and the price rather likable, I'm sure I'll get my hands on some and will review then.

So, the notes are as follows-

Bergamot, Ylang-ylang

Lily of the vallegy, Jasmine, Patchouli


Amber, Vanilla, Cashmere musk, Cedarwood

Has this been done before? Yes, and probably to death. Will this stop me from blind buying just so I can try it? Duh, of course not. ;-)

Mukhalat Jumana Swiss Arabian by Bigsly 2014-10-23

From a dab sampling I got the violet but very little else. I'll have to do a regular wearing and report back, though I think you'll be disappointed if you want a powerful oriental/oud base here.

Pi Givenchy by THEBEAST 2014-10-23

Comenzare diciendo que no puedo ser muy objetivo porque amo este perfume, pero tratare.

Es una mezcla perfecta de todo lo que uno busca cuando dice "quiero un perfume de hombre dulce y a la vez que tenga buena aceptacion" ... aqui esta, es el sumun perfecto de vainilla con todo lo que se le pueda poner para mejorarla ...

Use la primer tanda, la ame, hoy reformulado, puedo decir, que no es tan complejo, pero que va a ayudarte a recibir cumplidos ya que se mantiene mas lineal y sin tantas sorpresas, pero por mas que parezca mas sintetico, sigue siendo mejor que la nueva onda de dulces que salio en este ultimo tiempo. Espero lo mejor de lo mejor, y siempre sigue sorprendiendo.

Arranca con una vainilla dulce con madarina y con cierto fresco, con azucar y caramelo en cierto punto muyy poquito de este ultimo, y llega a convertirse en una mezcla naranja que endulza hasta el propio aroma a transpiracion ... increible.

Para salidas romanticas, es para encargar el primer hijo, para salidas nocturnas, quizas en verano si no se te acercan un poco no se alcanza a sentir, pero en cuanto te lo sientan lo elogiaran hasta que te vayas, y para un soltero que mejor que le elogien el perfume, siempre es un punto a favor.

Es perfecto para quienes les gusten los perfumes dulces y la vainilla, no para quienes no soporten un buen perfume.

I will begin by saying that I can not be very objective because I love this perfume, but I'll try.

It is a perfect blend of everything that one looks for when he says "I want a perfume sweet man while having good acceptance" ... here is the perfect vanilla sumun with all that you can be put to improve it. ..

Use the first round, the love, now reformulated, I can say that is not so complex, but it will help you receive compliments as it remains more linear without many surprises, but more that seems more synthetic, still better the new wave of candy that came in this last timeS. I hope the best of the best, and always continues to surpriseS.

Starts with a sweet vanilla and some fresh tangerine, with sugar and candy in a little muyy latter point, and grows into an orange mixture to sweeten the smell of perspiration ... incredible itself.

For romantic outings, is to commission the first child, for nights out, maybe in the summer if you do not approach a little is not enough to feel, but when you feel it to praise him until you leave, and for a single best praise him perfume, it's always a plusS.

It's perfect for those who like their sweet perfume and vanilla, not for those who do not support a good perfume.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by WildDove 2014-10-23

Sweet cinnamon-spicy casual. Unisex. ~~I'd catch a grenade for you.~~

Empecemos por decir que este review es de la version sin tapa dorada, sino la que tiene la tapa incorpoada al vidrio casi violeta.

Durante mucho tiempo fui amante de los gourmands, creo firmemente que pi de givenchy es quizas el mejor o de los mejores perfumes que probe, probare y usare.

Un dia buscando una Vainilla que me ayudara a dejar un poco de lado a Pi y THE ONE de D&G, cruze con esta fragancia que me dejo estupefacto, pero en el buen sentido.
Comienza con un fuerte y fresco dulce olor a vainilla anis y regaliz, pasando a olerse en el aire llenando la habitacion, algo que me gusta, pero al probarlo en la piel comenzo a sentirse con el tiempo una mezcla fresca y dulce de anis y regaliz, no detecto la vainilla en mi piel y por mas que entre en contacto con mi sudor o el agua, siempre sigue el mismo olor, muy lineal, dura bastante tiempo 5 6 horas pero siempre lineal.
Si te gusta lo dulce y salir de lo habitual, vas a ver que esta fragancia te va a hacer destacar, salidas paseos cenas siempre te van a preguntar que llevas, y a todos les va a parecer muy linda fragancia, pero no llegue a amarla como quizas se merecia, es diferente, pero no por diferente es mejor.

Una fragancia para usar hasta los 25 26 años, luego queda muy fino pero a la vez juvenil.

No apto para clubs nocturnos o salidas muy largas, mejor de usar en invierno para marcar una diferencia, pero no una duradera.

Let's start by saying that this review is the version without gold cap, but having the incorpoada top to almost violet glass.

For a long time I was loving gourmands, I firmly believe that givenchy pi is perhaps the best or the best perfumes that probe, and proves usefull.

One day looking for a Vanilla to help me leave a little aside to THE ONE Pi and D & G, cruze with this fragrance that left me stunned, but in a good wayS.
Start with a strong, sweet smell of fresh vanilla and licorice anise, going to smell in the air filling the room, which I like, but when tested on the skin began to feel over time a fresh mix of sweet anise and licorice not detect vanilla in my skin and more coming in contact with my sweat or water, always follow the same scent, very linear, hard enough time May 6 hours but always linear.
If you like it sweet and out than usual, you will see that this fragrance will make you stand out, dinner outings rides you will always ask you wear, and all going to look very nice fragrance, but not love her as reaches perhaps it deserved, it's different, but different is not better.

A fragrance to use up to 25 26, then is fine but once youthS.

Not suitable for nightclubs or very long, better to use in winter to make a difference outputs, but not lastingS.

EDP: it's quite resinous, and the frankincense/incense comes through thick and heavy. doesn't give off that 'minty' high note that frankincense can sometimes be renown for, so it's certainly wearable. there's just not enough background character for me. it's all base with no mid/top notes. straight to business, which is fine if that's your thing. could probably do with a bit of floral/citrus sweetness for mine. anyway, it's certainly nice, just not quite for me...

Black Cashmere Donna Karan by Tracyarts 2014-10-23

This review is based on the original stone shaped bottle.

It starts off as a woody spice box with a sharp peppery note. Then as it dries down I get a bit of patchouli and some floral notes peeking through. The faintest hint of vanilla comes in to soften and sweeten the mix and it if I really focus on it I can pick out the carnation.

Sillage is surprisingly gentle. It's more like being wrapped up in the fragrance rather than trailing clouds of it everywhere I go. Staying power is strong, and it never gets harsh on my skin.

It is my signature scent and one of the reasons I look forward to the first cool evening of Fall.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by THEBEAST 2014-10-23

Mi historia con este perfume es muy larga, pero a la vez me hizo darme cuenta de que mis gustos cambian pero no la escencia.
Las primeras veces que lo probe resulto a mi nariz, un perfume para gente mayor, el padre de mi novia lo utilizaba. Jamas lo mire siquiera para comprar.
Con el tiempo vi que empezaba a agradarme cada vez que me lo mostraban en las perfumerias, y cada vez que compraba otra fragancia, SI O SI lo probaba.
Hasta que decidi ir por el.
No me arrepiento.
Para una nariz no muy entrenada las notas que se obtienen son:
-Salida: Flores y especias dulces. Casi como una floreria adornada con velas aromaticas dulces.
-Corazon: Lavanda, a veces fresca, a veces seca ... pero lineal con cierta cremosidad y vainilla en el fondo.
-Fondo: Cremosa Lavanda que si se moja o se activa con la transpiracion se convierte en un el olor magico de la floreria con lavanda detras muy pero muy fresca, es casi un refresh de la salida. Un aroma muy up y q es muy fresco. Fantastico.

LONG: 7.5/10
SILL: 7/10(primeras 3,4 horas)
5(10 (4 a 6,7)
7/10 final si se junta con transpiracion u agua

total: 8.5

Es perfecta para una noche de salida con tu pareja o para salir con los amigos a bailar.

Siempre vas a recibir cumplidos y va a ser muy versatil con muchas oportunidades.


My history with this perfume is very long, but also made me realize that my tastes change but not the essence.
The first few times I tried it turned out my nose, a perfume for most people, my girlfriend's father used it. I never even look to buy.
Over time I saw that was beginning to like every time I showed him in perfumeries, and every time he bought another fragrance, SI O SI proved it.
Until I decided to go for it.
I do not regret.
For a not very trained nose notes obtained are:
Output: flowers and sweet spices. Almost like a florist adorned with sweet scented candles.
-Heart: Lavender, sometimes cool, sometimes dry ... but linear with some creaminess and vanilla in the background.
-Fund: Creamy Lavender getting it wet or activated by perspiration becomes a the magical scent of the flower with very very fresh lavender behind, it's almost a refresh departure. A very up and q scent is very fresh. Fantastico.

LONG: 7.5 / 10
SILL: 7/10 (first 3.4 hours)
       5 (10 (4 to 6.7)
       7-10 meets end if perspiration or water

Total: 8.5

It is perfect for a night out with your partner or out with friends to dance.

You will always receive compliments and will be very versatile with many opportunities.


La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi by edge42 2014-10-23

Finally! My bottle of La Yuqawam arrived after a long 22 day journey from Kuwait to Canada and I have been busy getting to know it, as this was a blind buy based off the great reviews. Truth be told, go ahead and blind buy this one - it is as wonderful as all the reviews said it was. Absolutely no regrets.

Deep, rich, high quality, opulent and yes, very similar to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. La Yuqawam could easily come in a Tuscan Leather bottle for multiple times the price and everyone would be just as happy, if not happier with the Rasasi juice. It is that good. Irony is, the packaging of the Rasasi is even nicer than the Tom Ford fragrance. Go figure. It comes in a handsome magnetic-capped brown wood box and a unique black ceramic bottle (also with wooden cap) that looks impressive.

What's more, this is parfum concentration all the way, it seems at least 90% as strong as Tuscan Leather when compared side by side.

When I bought this I was hoping it would become my "unequivocal leather fragrance" as Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather is to so many. I was not disappointed, it definitely fulfills that role. If you've been on the fence about blind buying this one, don't be. If you like leather fragrances (especially Tuscan Leather and similar scents) you'll probably love Rasasi La Yuqawam because this is about as good as they come.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by MadeiraD 2014-10-23

I got a sample of this from Sephora and I've got to say it's very wearable regardless of gender, warm and spicy and cozy. It makes me think of tea shops or spice markets.

Pure Poison Dior by demurre 2014-10-23

Long time favorite! I find that this is one of the only perfumes I keep coming back to. It's so unique and beautiful. I hope they never discontinue this one as it has so many memories to me. I have always loved perfume but I think this was actually one of the first perfumes to really get me into fragrances. So addicting in all honesty.

Arabian Nights Gold Arabian Oud by Angela Agiannidou 2014-10-23

I was just looking at this today trying to figure out what it is about, thank you for your review!

Victoria Victoria`s Secret by demurre 2014-10-23

I don't know much about Victoria's Secret fragrances but going from every single one of them I smelled the other day when I went in.. this is my top favorite. There were a few I liked but this was the one that really grabbed my attention and stuck out the most. I ended up getting the 3.4oz bottle because I love it so much. I typically go for higher end perfume and do not like these ones so I was surprised with Victoria. I really hate to sound like a perfume snob but it is true. Today was my second day wearing this one. Yesterday my boyfriend mentioned how "magnificent" I smelled. Which I found rather odd as he typically does not smell or comment on my perfume. I think I'm in love and have found my signature perfume. At least for now as I am always changing it. But I really do love this one so dearly.

I find this scent, to be similar to the original but better! You can really smell the coconut & the whipped cream. If you like coconut scents then this is a must try! The bottle looks super cute on my vanity as well. Defiantly prefer this one, to the original, the scent has improved & evolved. I can't wait to try the other scents now!

Royal Desire Christina Aguilera by myjebo2012 2014-10-23

Its' a light sugary smell. It has some bright notes that are introducted in the opening but quites down to a soft subtle sugary smell. A must try to those who like the smell of sugar cookies but in an elegant way.

Dior Homme Sport Dior by FlirtBoy 2014-10-23

not bad...very gingery on me...longevity is quite well for a "sport" fragrance (about 8 hrs) 7/10

Bijan Men Bijan by brandonR 2014-10-23

Smelled the Bijan Men deodorant stick at TJ Maxx today and fell in love! A unique and clean "spice rack" as the reviewer below stated. This one will garner attention, and make you stand out from the Macy's fragrance counter zombies for sure! This is my next buy.

Black Magic Sebastiane by fraggirl50 2014-10-23

I agree with the review below. This is MAGNIFICENT! This truly original, and you don't have to pay a fortune.

I was enveloped, in a most wonderful, cloud of florals, and blackberry! The florals, and blackberry lasted the entire time. Three sprays filled the room, so I can see a bottle of this lasting a very long time.

This is the second Sebastiane fragrance I have tried and I am very impressed!


Espresso Royale Sebastiane by fraggirl50 2014-10-23

I am in coffee heaven!!! This is the best coffee fragrance on the market! I have tried Thierry Mugler, Montale, New Harlem, Cafe Lux, Sensei and this beats all of them!

To be able to capture a Espresso bar in a fragrance is pure genius!


Sweet Honesty Avon by drugstore classics 2014-10-23

I have to wholeheartedly agree with 2746cstreet's intelligent review.

As a relative newbie to fragrance, I find it amusing that this is one of the few scents included in my limited fragrance reminiscences. Mothers everywhere must have purchased Sweet Honesty for wee ones, because mine sure did. And I didn't get another fragrance for well over a decade! Even then, I considered this to be unending parsimonious misery. :(

Apart from the distressing memory of perfume penury, I genuinely enjoy the simple goodness of Sweet Honesty now and then. But I find myself most impressed when it is Layered with a warmer, sweet scent, such as Gale Hayman's Delicious Vanilla. Ahhhhh.... Now THAT'S nice!

Pavlova Payot by Fonna2 2014-10-23

Have to write another post, because this fragrance morphs once the weather cools off.
Got two "Mmmm, what are you wearing"'s today!!
Very nice....
I didn't get that in the summertime when I wore it.

The weather is cooling off , becoming drier. With that comes a change in the way this perfume (and most perfumes) exudes its fragrance.

The astringent top note isn't quite as astringent, and it instantly "blooms" into sweet, yet complex, flowers. Very unique, and not innocent. Not a bouquet, not cotton candy, and certainly not apple fruit fritters.

Used with an easy hand, this is a wonderful cool weather fragrance.

Bogart Pour Homme Jacques Bogart by mrmattcat78 2014-10-23

love this one, its very strong , so yes spray only one or 2 sprays , i spayed to much didnt bother me , think it might have bothered others around me being that i drive a bus have to watch what scents i wear if they to strong might bother some people have to remember to tell myself less spray with the heavier stuff lol i love it the tonka bean really comes through to me along with the lavender and Patchouli it is very sweet i like sweet stuff though

* lasts forever i spayed this on hours ago and still smell it , thats really awesome

Instinct For Her Avon by PLUMPIE 2014-10-23

A fresh green white floral that I can actually pull off without getting any herbal/celery like notes which I will usually get from a green scent. Almost reminds me of a greener more floral soft musk. Shampoo sort of note comes through which reminds me of Jovan musk. Wears close to the skin and has a very natural just washed skin smell. A classy, fresh and never overpowering day type of scent which would be perfect for casual days, when unsure what scent to wear or for the office. Smells fresh and clean but I would agree with others the name is out of place - it should have been called 'Avon shower fresh' or 'Avon fresh cut soft musk'. Lovely sandalwood base. Fresh cut white florals with a musky base just a touch of fruits but not the overly sugary type of fruity notes - almost like a love child of Jadore, Jovan Cabotine and 5th avenue to my nose.

Fendi Fendi by MadeiraD 2014-10-23

My grandmother always wore this and I love it deeply. I'd love to get my hands on a bottle.

Arabian Nights Gold Arabian Oud by Poboijosh 2014-10-23

I have Arabian Nights Gold in the oil form, and it took a few proper wearings to really figure it out, but here's my take...

In the usual manner of Arabian Oud perfumes, the sillage and longevity is astronomical. This juice is the epitome of soapy cleanliness, thanks to a very strong pink Rose that dominates this entire composition for a good 4 hours, until the Incense accord kicks in, which smells exactly like Nag Champa Incense, and it's a very pleasurable Incense. Outside of these 2 very strong notes, there's a slightly smoky Labdanum far off in the background, with a very muted medicinal Oud nuance throughout, with the exception of the first 30 minutes being machine oil-ish, but the rest of that scent pyramid is non-existent to my nose, but I could really care less, due to the fact that I've never come across a perfume that has such an amazingly strong, incensed pink Rose before. This is a really beautiful perfume, and the ridiculous and insanely potent amounts of soapiness and smoky Incense that's in this juice gives me the impression that Arabian Nights Gold was clearly designed to mask even the funkiest of body odors...

Cuba Gold Cuba Paris by israuseli 2014-10-23

The opening is awful, the drydown is good.
However it is close to the skin even before the drydown, so there is no rason to wear it

Tbh not sure if worth even 10$ due to the problems I mentioned

Only Imagine Avon by PLUMPIE 2014-10-23

This is a classic case of don't judge a book by it's cover! The bottle, the advertising campaign and the colours on the box pretty much sum up everything I generally can't stand in a modern scent, however this is actually a very fresh uplifting scent for warmer months and to me is an almost green floral. Definitely very similar in flavour to DKNY delicious which I also really love but this has less of the slightly dreary lily of the valley notes and more violet. I also really love the raspberry note - two of the only fruit notes I can enjoy (green apple and raspberry) paired with a beautiful musky sandalwood base. So easy to wear a great grab and go scent for when you can't decide what to wear. The bottle is an embarrassment though - what is with that neck ruffle and patterned cap? All I can think is they are trying to make it look a bit like Marc Jacobs Lola which I despise and this fortunately does not smell like at all!

Scarlet Larkspur Ineke by SumoTigerCat 2014-10-23

Scarlet Larkspur... I want to be wearing you while my beloved and I are laying on a blanket in a field of wildflowers. Drinking pomegranate wine between kisses.

This is going to be a wonderful scent for an evening in late spring or summer. I can really understand what others are describing as its' translucency. It is a touch sweet, a bit sour. I've never seen Larkspur in real life, but now I want to. This is a unique fragrance that I'm glad to have in my collection.

Vivacity Oriflame by DiBonD 2014-10-23

Better and more intense than Light Blue in my opinion. The musk is a little bit strong but I'm OK with this. Surprisingly, it doesn't smell too sharp on hot days, just casual.

I really like this one, but after I spray it, I can't smell it that well. This reminds me a little bit of Sweet on Paris, by BBW. This is better than the original. If I could smell this more than I can it would be a 10/10, because I can barely smell it I give this perfume a 8/10.

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Deppaholic 2014-10-23

Not at all blooming lovely on me. The tiniest of sprays on my inner elbow, and very potent, even lasted through a shower! I find it very manly. I think I would love it on a man. As I read about this, I have a 2012 formulation, and it has gone through reform school a few times. I guess I can live without it. I don't even think in it's glory days it would bloom on me. There's plenty of other Guerlain I love, and get tons of compliments from. I will try again, but this is about the 3rd time in 2 years I've tried it. Shoo Mitsouko, I can see we walk very different paths.

Habanita Molinard by theperfumedveil 2014-10-23

But this is Tabac Blond! Oh how lucky I am to find this: powdery vintage feel with that inoffensive feminine tobacco. And the price! I am so satisfied.

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by SumoTigerCat 2014-10-23

Frankly, I'm amazed that I've tried this, and shocked that I like it as much as I do! Being a staunch long-time Original Shalimar worshipper, I have poo-poo'd these Johnny-come-lately Shalimars. However, I got a chance to get a decant of this, so I thought that I'd prove myself right. Well... surprise, surprise! My face is red! I really do enjoy this Shalimar Parfum Initial, it is NOT an imposter, it is like Shalimar's lovely precocious child.

I can pick up every single one of the listed notes. It is sublimely powdery. Makes me think that I sprayed a touch of Shalimar and then a touch of Villoresi Teint de Neige over it. It is like riding a pretty, puffy cloud on a summer day. Somewhere over the rainbow.

Chloe Eau de Toilette Chloe by ScarlettX 2014-10-23

Chloe Chloe Edp is my temptation. I want it so bad.
This one is also great, a lighter version of the EDP.
I love that kind of rose scents. Impressive.
Still, as I can't buy all of them, I would choose EDP over this one.
It is perfect!

Corduroy Zirh by 1welshdevil 2014-10-23

Arrived today! Big solid no nonsense chunky 'man bottle' It's very nice and fresh, it's a little on the light side. I get the citrus notes and the tonka, don't get me wrong i'm not giving it a negative review it is actually a really nice fragrance. I own a pretty old bottle of Bvlgari Black, and I have to say on the drydown of Corduroy there is a bit of a similarity, there is definitely a hint of rubbery tyres, which I hated for years but now kinda like.

I find the bottle very tactile, it feels nice and way beyone the £12 I paid for a 125ml bottle. The more i'm going on with this review, the more i'm liking it. Keen to try Zirh's other fragrances.

7/10 ideal for a bloke, not really one for the 'heavy' fragrance connoiseurs.

Reveal Calvin Klein by mamufa 2014-10-23

I tried it yesterday and had the same impression.

Tried today, beautiful scent! It may be similar to TF Black Orchid but it's not the same thing. While Black Orchid is quite of a brick, Precious Oud is more of a nuanced oriental, somptuous, warm, lingering, but not harsh nor thick. It keeps a lighthand and it smells almost gourmand. Wood is there and so is a feeling of dried fruit in an Eastern suk. Also the tuberose is dominant and luscious yet well managed.
I appreciate the top quality of this line. Notes smell real and they are full of nuances as it happens with natural raw material.
The longevity is very good but the sillage is tamed and quite close to the skin.
It's a winner, pricey but not more pricey than most mainstream.

Black Rose For Men Refan by misstral 2014-10-23

I love bulgarian brand Refan and more of the products is perfect. This one is very good fragrance but it's discontinued. Very similar to Dupont's Oud & rose and OUD Oriental.

I think it's quite pretty. I like the freshness of citrus and floral notes. I actually enjoy light orange blossom note in this one. This line of perfumes seems great to me. Tender and nice. I can't believe I thought because of the bottle that it's an old-fashioned scent!
It's fresh, light and modern. I am glad to find new good scents by Givenchy, because my first expensive perfume was Ange ou demon le secret.

CK One Red Edition for Him Calvin Klein by 1welshdevil 2014-10-23

It's quite nice, lasts pretty well, got about 8 hours at close range, didn't project very well. It smells to me like leathery gin, once the initial fruity opening has gone. There are in my opinion zero hints of aldehydes here, I think we all know from no5 and Arpege how big and powerful a content they can be, no signs at all here. Another excellent CK One Flanker, get one :-)

Reveal Calvin Klein by Miss-Fragrance62 2014-10-23

Je l'aime ce parfum et ce qui est drôle c'est que dans tous les parfums que j'ai mon neveu de 6 ans ma cousine et ma mère préfère tous ce parfum.Et j'ai toujours le droit à cette remarque "Reveal est un bon parfum mais quand tu le portes il est si différent que le parfum du flacon et il te va super bien" donc trop contente car d'après les avis j'embellis le parfum lol .C'est vraiment ma signature ,mon parfum :)

Zara Gold Zara by Mojtabaa 2014-10-23


من بیشتر درش بوی مرکبات قوی همراه با شیرینی حس کردم
زیاد جالب نبود برام.
چندا هم مردانه نیست بیشتر یونیسکس هست بنظرم.

Fatale Agent Provocateur by aisten 2014-10-23

It's a love child of Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb and Lancome La Vie Est Belle :) Nice frangrance

The Game Davidoff by 1welshdevil 2014-10-23

OK so it's a bit of a Million dupe I guess, but it has a lot of redeeming features, lasted enormously well on me, literally 10 hours, couldn't believe it. Slightly syruppy sweet start, but it mellows to something quite addictive, for anyone brave enough to try M & S Autograph homme there are similarities. Quite impressed by The Game, like the bottle too.

Fiero Xerjoff by Colin Maillard 2014-10-23

The opening of Fiero is in fact *fiercely* zesty, green and fruity, with rich, vibrant, "juicy", slightly pollen-resinous notes on the base, refreshed by balsamic nuances and a slap of quite realistic citrus notes on top. It reminds me of several masculine classic colognes, less shady and austerely "masculine" and more on the herbal-citrus side - at least initially. It then evolves on a drier and darker path during which herbs and spices arise with increasing strength (a load of cumarin and nutmeg, a blast of aromatic minty-culinary herbs), all still topped with an invigorating and nice citrus accord on top, which lasts quite longer and bolder than usual - and more surprisingly, smelling still good, green, zesty and powerful. Shortly a citrus-spicy-herbal cologne with light woods and mossy-earthy notes on the base. Classy and beyond classic. A little tacky on the spices to be honest, completely unoriginal but pleasantly comforting and well made.


J`Adore Voile de Parfum Dior by ScarlettX 2014-10-23

Wow so few notes. I thought there were more. I didn't like the original very much. Mainly because of it's complexcity and lily of the valley note.
But, this one is much much better. More tender and light.
Powdery and musky. And quite sexy. No old-fashioned complexcity there, it's very modern.
I like it!
Iris is the main note, I think.

Zara Silver Zara by Mojtabaa 2014-10-23


کار خیلی خوشبو و در عین حال خاص هست.

برند کمتر شناخته شده ای هست در ایران و کارهاش کمیابه و خوشبختانه این مدل کارها فیک درشون در حد صفره...

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by jlfears 2014-10-23

I agree that this smells vintage and creamy. It's to die for. That said, it took a few tries before I fell in love.

At first, it was just a blast of chemicals, and then poof! I didn't think I could smell anything. Then came the main (and first, really) player: something very similar to Bond Success is a Job in NY. Granted, Success is a creamy sandalwood with powder, rose, lemon, etc (on me) and this is a strong cedar, vetiver, vintage "gardenia" and rose ~ but they have exactly the same feel, at least for me, for about an hour.

Then the heavenly drydown: It smells a bit like a much softer Dove soap. It still has vetiver and cedar, but they've both somehow turned milky. The gardenia never smells like a gardenia, and the rose isn't rosy, but this is one very, very well done perfume ~ and one that's also hard to explain.

Incanto Salvatore Ferragamo by bosem 2014-10-23

Very "groismanesque" indeed. Definitely similar to True Love, Tresor and Sexual. I, even, get that pungent, harsh, migraine and headache inducing fake melon note that Groisman favored (and I hate) so much (see MG Sexual, PE 360 ).
Inspired by L'Instant? Not to my nose...

Reveal Calvin Klein by ScarlettX 2014-10-23

Very spicy, powdery and woody scent! Interesting and quite good in a way. Light and quite fine, but I wouldn't run to the shop to buy it.
I don't like the bottle, it almost fell on the floor when I tried it at the shop.
It's close to nature in my opinion.

Lady Million Paco Rabanne by LisaMari 2014-10-23

This just smells very sharp, metallic and rather cheap

Siberian Snow D.S. & Durga by wordwizard82881 2014-10-23

DS & Durga scents are never safe; niche fragrances aim to suggest(sometime gently, sometimes strongly) to take a risk on an unforgettable olfactory journey, and with DS & D the results always pay off and shatter expectations.

This brilliant genderless composition guides one from the hard chilly crispness of a boreal forest wherein life's energy is all potential and stored-up, to subtle whispers of eros and warmth, wherein life is already dancing, so in this way it is very much a winter/spring scent, rather than a fall/winter scent.

The opening is exquisitely crisp and dry, a small fire of fallen leaves, roots, and twigs, oozing with amber, and this smoky haze is delicately coupled with the slightly sweet musk of a man who worked all day. And this man stands within this haze, chewing his favorite mint gum to help quell his anxiety of being in such a forbidding place. Incense and patchouli come into play as he begins to bed down for the evening and load his pipe.

The heart of the fragrance comes like a gossamer memory of the man's long-gone beloved, hinted at by soft rhythmic waves of fresh jasmine, which crest and break upon him, challenging the omnipotence of this incense haze of self-obsessed sadness that he's created in light of her absence.

The dry-down is EXTREMELY dry, and leads in with the ever-present amber but adds mild sandlewood and other woody accords, which instead of hit you head-on, envelop you in a peaceful darkness. memory and reality blend, and the man can rest easier now.

L'Air du Temps Nina Ricci by LisaMari 2014-10-23

the notes are misty and nostalgic like a blurry old photo or hazy memory - it's all very ethereal, romantic, delicate and vintage. I like it.

Cristalle Chanel by ScarlettX 2014-10-23

All the notes are very easy to detect. Oakmoss is very strong, lemon and hyacinth a little less.
Overall, I don't like it very much.
It's sharply green grass smelling scent. I liked cristalle eau verte, but this is not as good.
Too strong and old-fashioned for me.

Loverdose Diesel by mandy.may 2014-10-23

I loooove this.when I spray it on it intoxicates my senses in a beautiful,faraway,kind of candyland so sad that after I put it on the scent seems to disappear...

Sables Annick Goutal by allen.bwoy 2014-10-23

Maple syrup opening turns into french toast dry down. 5.5/10

Insense Givenchy by Yurpdod 2014-10-23

I actually love the commercial for this. It's nice to see men being marketed to in a way that is fun, playful, and romantic, instead of always needing to be a macho badass.

One problem I sort of have is that the identity of Insensé is a little muddled. The packaging, the commercial, and the name Insensé (French for "foolish" and "senseless", not incense) suggest that this fragrance will be a bright, sweet, citrus-floral for men, which is not exactly the case. Disappointingly, the bottle is completely milquetoast and doesn't really fit in to the identity of this fragrance.

As for the scent, it is fresh, pleasant, and high-quality, but not as wildly different and innovative as I was expecting. I was excited to try this men's floral, but it doesn't really smell like a floral. It's more of a fruity-aromatic. There's loads of blackcurrant, mostly juicy and fruity, with the catty-urinous facets present but definitely toned down. Lavender and fir make Insensé smell natural and outdoorsy. The floral notes are not really perceptible or noticeable. There is a heaping helping of aldehydes in this fragrance, which smell very soapy and make the composition feel more classical than modern. Sillage is good but longevity is slightly below average. Although I wouldn't buy a full bottle of Insensé, I would love it if more men were open to wearing this kind of scent.

Ma Dame Jean Paul Gaultier by Vegas Pauli 2014-10-23

To me sniffing right from the bottle it smells harsh, cheap, synthetic and plasticy. maybe on the skin it changes, but my first impression is a chemical vat of toxic waste. I hope I am wrong here.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by jana.hullinghorst 2014-10-23

This is another fragrance that relies heavily on skin chemistry.. on me is smells gorgeous.

2 sprays of EDP on the back of the hand: 5 mins after applying I get clean soft cloves blanketed in tolu balsam and cinnamon.. with time it becomes sweeter, more balmy but always maintains the cloves and balsam. Sometimes the camphor shows itself but only for a moment, just consider it a nod to an era gone by. Over all a highly pleasant experience for those whose chemistry agrees with Youth Dew.

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