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Coco Chanel by moonprismpower 2015-05-06

this is Chanel's greatest masterpiece for all times. move over, number 5.
that is all.

Very Irresistible for men Givenchy by deanyunuss 2015-05-06

Givenchy please bring back this masterpiece. I love this perfume so much that when they discontinued it , i was like crazy trying to get it from anywhere possible...

Diorissimo Christian Dior by edlih 2015-05-06

I don't know what happened I used to like it, not anymore, good that my last purchase was only a 30 ml bottle....I had it in my youth and I liked it a lot, now I even can't stand the smell anymore...there is a different note in it I think...

Oud Wood Tom Ford by Stromboli 2015-05-06

Well , another disappointing overpriced eau de parfum, holy smoke! Far too expensive, at least the reform. Did a side by side test with A di PARMA OUD , and quite funningly the Italian eau de Cologne wins in longevity and sillage. Mr Ford is taking us for fools, such a shame.

The smell of Pluriel Masculin sends a shiver down my spine in a good way. The swish of a revolving door as I stand at the perfume counter, a few leaves and a smell of umbrella carried by the draught.

Just as a preamble I would like to hazard a guess this is a perfume that could potentially suit anyone, for want of a better word, unisex.

The lavender seems like liquid metal that mushes into the other notes to create the accord. It's really hard to come up with adjectives, as the reason I like to wear Pluriel is because it's nice, pleasant, comforting. A fellow wearing this might seem aloof but someone might be drawn to sit next to him and rest their head on his shoulder in a friendly tender moment, all the more remarkable because he seemed so untouchable. That is what I'd hope for.

Later on, even though there is a sense of a professor's leather chair in his study I don't find it a defined note, so there needs to be some added grit, a solid weight in the later stages to prevent it floating away into a cloud of lavender-like dustiness. Because of this I've found the best way to give it some much-needed angles, some definition, is to also spray on my shirt in the crook of my elbows and somewhere on the placket of my shirt, as well as on my skin. It doesn't layer well with other fragrances in my experience as it's just too, well, aloof. The following day clothes smell incredible.

N.B. thanks to a manufacturing defect the 'Maison Francis Kurkdjian' lettering on the bottle flaked off. Its look was actually improved.

Omnia Amethyste Bvlgari by Swamp Lily 2015-05-06

So delicate, so faint, like a dewy morning garden. I have a mini version and even though I like this so much, I don't know if I'll lash out on the big one, I just want it to be a wee bit stronger. Cool. Smells mauve.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by Lucky137 2015-05-06

Can't write such reviews, but this is one of the perfumes which change few times during the day, stay long, and smells amazing
Remind me very much of MILLER HARRIS Tuberosa eau de parfum ( not the Noix de Tubéreuse!)

Oh this smells amazing to me, not the typical Bath &Body works smell. I wish it wasn't limited edition. It doesn't last very long on me but a good 3 hrs and the dry down is.. was fantastic :(

Burberry Body Rose Gold Burberry by mirisfrik 2015-05-06

Over the yars, Burberry has spoiled us with so much unique, beautiful and high quality scents..This one is pretty unique and pleasant, but unfortunately not very longlasting on me. What I love is the blend of woody notes and rose, creating a prefect balance between flowery-woody, mature-young, sparkling-heavy scent, making it perfect for all day times, times of the year and occasions. It's disadvantage is the poor aura and having to spill half of the bottle on myself if i want it to stay all day.

B.U. Sexy Sarantis by sassa7 2015-05-06

Bought it in Greece when I was 15 and brought it with me when I moved stateside. Im 26 now and still wear it from time to time. Im amazed at how long it lasts and it has survived the test of time - it hasn't turned bad unlike most cheap perfumes that go bad after 2-3 years. excellent quality.

Poison Christian Dior by edlih 2015-05-06

Sorry, I am not an English speaker, but I try to express myself, poison Is my signature sent, I simply love it but with that I mean the pre reformulation I have around 300 ml all together off vintage at the moment, when I see them I bit on them and I don't stop, I also have around (in different small bottles) 50 ml esprit de parfum.
This was my first (and remained) my signature sent.
I know many don't like poison but I couldn't care less, I feel good when I smell it on myself and strange, many hate it, for me, I get so many compliments even very often from strangers, and in a good way, many are surprised when I answer it's "the original Poison" maybe on my skin it's smells better than on some other skins, but this is the sent that people notice in a good way on me, much more than other perfumes and I have many, way to many , I love to see them , perfume is my hobby

Pi Givenchy by Sherihan 2015-05-06

I tested Pi today in Sephora, and I noticed it reminds me of som of my fathers colognes from late 70's early 80's. I'm sure it has big vintage vibes for those nostalgia fans to enjoy. But I'm kind of shocked to see all these reviews that only tells that Pi is a best seller. All in all, I find it classy and romantic.

My only question will be, what is the big deal to make a simple scent as musk dominated like this, costing hundreds of bucks, just to sniff the synthetic material and pondering 'hmmmm, it's pretty straightforward, or, insipid, so why the hack? '.
Or you tell me, P&G is allowed to use legit musk for Hugo Boss and I'm missing something?

Dom Rosa Les Liquides Imaginaires by meysam vazifeh 2015-05-06

بلافاصله بعد اسپری کردن , اگر عطر رو بوی کنید ، با انفجار بوی یه ماءالشعیر(که پر آلدوهید و الکل و بوی خود نوشیدنی یا همون شامپاین) روبرو میشید که سرجمع 10 ثانیه طول نمیشکه که این بو فروکش کنه بعد از اون ، بوی گل رز با حجم متوسطی از شامپاین و مقداری هم مرکبات رو خواهیم داشت که بوی بسیار بسیار ضعیفی از روایح چوبی و گیاهی رو میشه آخرش متوجه شد

این عطر واقعا باکیفیت درست شده

پخش بوش تا 1 ساعت اول متوسطه ولی بعد اون ناامیدکنندست
ماندگاریش هم تا 3 ساعت خوبه ولی بعدش چیز خاصی متوجه نمیشید

Echo Davidoff by siomes 2015-05-06

I have a original bottle of this half used and I sprayed it recently and it still smells and performs as well as the day I purchased it in 2003.its Summer in a bottle and a nice one to boot.

Lacoste Pour Homme Lacoste by JeffreyHan 2015-05-06

As i heard many good reviews about this frag.. So i blind bought this..
For me, it is not a good fragrance.. I don't know why, but i got a cheapy vibe from this one..
It is not bad also.. So it's just an ok frag.. Gonna be dusty in my shelves..

I'm pretty convinced that Bel Respiro is the more sophisticated sister of Chanel No. 19. It reminds me of 19 too much since first sniff. Drydown is more delectable with a hint of flowers, though.

I always find the perfumes in Les Exclusifs de Chanel to be very intriguing. They are not for everyone, and when they smell great, they are really great, but when they don't agree with you, they could be disasters. Bel Respiro belongs to the first category: it is really great. I'm not very into green perfumes as they could be very dry, but Bel Respiro wins my heart over. It's green, but unlike its more sinister friends, Bel Respiro is definitely fresher, calmer and more innocent. It's not like the other greens I know: this one's very idyllic, possessing to it a quiet dignity.

It opens with very green smell which quickly evaporates to let the other notes shine through. A few hours into the application, it smells like how I imagine 18th century garden would be. The feeling kinda reminds me of one of my all-time favourites: Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermès. Both evoke the feeling that you're breathing in fresh, clean misty air after the rain. UJALM is more vegetal, though, and definitely spicier than Bel Respiro. If UJALM is a herb garden after rain, Bel Respiro is the frontyard of a mansion after rain. Green, misty and very innocent.

Overall, this is one hell of a green perfume and one which I desire most in Les Exclusifs de Chanel. It's soft, it's fresh and it's innocent. The perfect quiet scent which will take you to another world.

Rating: 9/10

Aigner Black for Men Etienne Aigner by JeffreyHan 2015-05-06

This is not a good fragrance IMO.. There is a toothpaste vibe in it.. And it is so simple, not in a good way.. Sorry, just my honest opinion..

London for Men Burberry by hossein_gi 2015-05-06

Great mix of tobacco and cinnamon make its scent like cherry jam.i really love it. wish sillage was more better.good job from burbbery.8/10
ترکیبه بسیار زیبا و هوشمندانه تنباکو و دارچین است. من به شخصه عاشق بوهای ادویه ای هستم. فقط ای کاش پخش بوی بهتری داشت. به هر حال کار ارزنده ایه و واقعا نسبت به قیمتش می ارزه.

Kelly Caleche Eau de Parfum Hermes by leschoux 2015-05-06

Kelly Calèche, you really are something else.

I got a sample of this and it was love at first smell. I fall in love with perfumes quite easily, but this must have set the record because I went right to "Give me a bottle of this" in approximately two seconds.

It's unlike other Hermès perfumes I know and love. Almost all of the Hermès perfumes I have and love are either very vegetal, green, herby or aquatic. This is something else. Kelly Calèche opens with a burst of floral which quickly turns into something very leathery and powdery. The leather and powder blend is very creamy and I'm actually very surprised I love it that much since it somewhat reminded me of YSL's Parisienne and I steer clear from Parisienne because it smells too synthetic to me. However, if Parisienne is like spilling perfume inside a cheap vinyl makeup bag, Kelly Calèche is more like spilling expensive perfume inside an equally expensive, very luxurious leather bag.

Anyway, over time, Kelly Calèche loses its creamy, soft leathery-powdery scent and turns more floral; the cosmetics-perfume-leather-bag combination also grows stronger. A caveat, though: this combination is perfectly lovely in colder weather but in hotter climate this could easily become dizzying scent bomb. Thankfully though, this perfume does not have enormous sillage like Dior's Poison.

Overall, this is a very lovely homage to both the bag and the original Calèche. This is a very yummy evening perfume and I fail to see how this would offend anyone if worn correctly. Kelly Calèche is elegant and mesmerising, just like Grace Kelly herself. Hermès did a very good job with this. Had I lived somewhere colder, this could very well boot Coco Mademoiselle or my Un Jardin perfumes out of my "favourites" list.

PS: the bottle is insanely pretty too!

Rating: 9/10

Boss Bottled Night Hugo Boss by aaref04 2015-05-06

Unwillingly I bought this and expected a better combination between notes, but to my surprise violet and musk is dominated too much and lavender is nowhere or very little.

I will not buy it again.


212 VIP Men Carolina Herrera by aaref04 2015-05-06

Good one but cannot call it amazing, sweetness is dominated longevity is good but not projection.

Quality can be seen not at all cheap perfume.

I got 50 ml bottle, after I finish will I buy it again, not sure.

Rating is 3.5/5

Envy for Men Gucci by mrlumis 2015-05-06

first impressions of Envy..1 spray on arm, wow in my top five already. Short while later hang on this reminds me of something in my collection...then it hits me.. envy has a very similar back bone to Dior fahrenheit absolute AND YSL M7 original. I did a spray test to confirm it and yeah to my nose the DNA is the same and Envy does have notes in common with both M7 and fahrenheit absolute but the key difference is Envy has the spicy ginger note. All three fragrances are fantastic but do you notice a theme going on here! Gucci, YSL and Dior how come you treat me so bad!

Bois D`argent Christian Dior by Citrus2014 2015-05-06

This is elegant, luxurious and eterial/diaphanous (the feature that attracts some because it makes it wearable , while others ban them , probably because they are accustomed to strong flavors in niche fragrances).
The mix between myrh and iris make it a comforting perfume, powdery and lighty spiced, which it is not a widespread thing where niche fragrances and can be worn throughout the year.
It's versatility reminds me of Amyris Femme and, like Francis Kurkdjian perfume, I see it only worn by a woman.
Anyway, this fragrance is one of the best I ever smelt.

Fragrance 10/10
Projection Medium
Longevity 12 h
Repurchase Yes

Irish Leather Memo by Joshuawrng 2015-05-06

Is anybody ever try or hear about the Limited Edition Irish Oud? Its a variation of Irish Leather with addition of Oud...

London for Men Burberry by SleepySheep 2015-05-06

EDT is very good, smells like berries. Funky.

EDP is a failure, smells like a bit better bottom shelf generic feminine parfume.

Polo Blue Ralph Lauren by Pianopolice 2015-05-06

Imagine you are in the bed getting ready to sleep and then you can smell it on your cloths. Brings you the relaxation that can not be described. Lets you feel that everything is just right.

Vanitas Versace by Bluemarinejosephine 2015-05-06

Versace “Vanitas” – 05/06/2015

This is a beautiful, inoffensive, subtle floral scent with a touch of powder. It is not sweet neither is it loud (something that I would expect from Versace.) It opens up as very alcoholic which is something I do not like but, quickly, it settles as a nice floral-powdery scent.

It is not a ground breaking fragrance that will rock your world but, it is suitable for all occasions, office wear and I doubt that anyone could perceive it as unpleasant so, it can be a good choice to offer as a gift.

It stays close to the skin and its longevity is about 2-3 hours; someone must come close to you, hug you or kiss you on the cheek to feel how beautiful you smell. I quite like that. When I kiss my friends on the cheek (which is a rather continental habit that we have here in Europe) I always like to feel pleasantly surprised by how good they smell and it gives me a reason to offer a nice compliment “Oh, what a lovely perfume that you are wearing, it suits you so well, excellent choice!”.

I like it and I do recommend it.

Enjoy the perfume quest!

Fahrenheit Absolute Christian Dior by deadidol 2015-05-06

Fahrenheit flankers have it rough. The original was (and still is) instantly recognizable and, to this day, nothing really smells like it. So, if you’re Dior, do you reference the original directly? Take it in a completely direction? Or try and find a balance between the two and see where it lands? I find Fahrenheit Absolute to sit awkwardly somewhere in between those first two options and, as the result, it doesn’t quite work.

This is a schizophrenic and confused scent in a number of ways: it seems to reference aspects of the original through a heavy, almost oily kind of aesthetic, yet it’s also trying to converse with contemporary tastes by placing the quasi-formal heart over a mall-like sweet bro-base. It just doesn't quite pull it off.

I think it’s fairly well known at this point that Fahrenheit Absolute swerves sharply away from the original, opening with a slightly green blast of sweaty cumin as opposed to the violet of the original. There are gasoline references, but much of the violet has been supplanted by a hefty myrrh and synth sandalwood. The result is a dense, convoluted blend that's somewhat engaging yet too opaque. But it's really let down by a level of sweetness that's pitched too high and continues to amplify the longer you have it on your skin. The sweet accord is half decent, splitting its time between the honeyed oud of Kalemat Black and the overly sweet bases of a line like Orto Parisi. It’s basically a combo of caramel, synth sandalwood, and myrrh which, if you have the sweet tooth that enjoys the current wave of sugary masculines, could work out well for you. But the problem is, people who seem to like these sweet scents don’t get along with sweaty cumin — and there’s a fair amount of it here. And that’s the schizo dilemma once more: is Fahrenheit Absolute aiming for a refined gentleman or the younger club crowd? It’s trying to do both and it’s not working out.

Don’t get me wrong: it's not as sweet as a Nasamatto or Orto Parisi, but it’s in that same vein and it's sweet enough to feel like an inauthentic cash-grab. I can see Dior's dilemma and the reason why this was discontinued as the result: it's too much of a cartoonish cliche for fans of the somewhat grimy original, and yet it's not sickening enough to sit alongside mainstream sugar bombs of today. It's a shame really, as it's a pretty okay scent despite being a tad muddy, and it offers a slightly more refined take on really sweet scents like Armani's Myrrh Imperiale and Imaginary Authors' Memoirs of a Trespasser -- both of which do the candied myrrh thing, only with more candy. For me, it feels too confused and too divergent from the original while trying to hold on to some of what made the original work so well. While I wouldn’t say “sit this one out” (and I might even buy a bottle myself if I saw it for a good price), just know what you’re getting into: a sweet, contemporary masculine with a bunch of interesting aspects that clash in too many ways.

Definitely a great scent. Better suited for milder temperatures but I can see this being worn in three seasons.

I would recommend getting a bottle (if only for the great design) soon as it has been discontinued.

Fahrenheit Le Parfum Christian Dior by deadidol 2015-05-06

This is a pretty compelling simulation of the original with all the key parts in working order. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it could supplant the quest for good vintage bottle of Fahrenheit.

As someone who recently paid far too much money for a sealed 1989 bottle of the original (don't ask), I found that expired top notes were enough to negatively color my enjoyment of the vintage. Fahrenheit is driven by its great opening and heart, and while the base is insanely powerful in the vintage, it’s not that interesting on its own. When you wear Fahrenheit, you’re signing up for that initial, bright gasoline spark that it’s so famous for, and sadly it’s the nature of vintage perfume to lose top notes at some point. Current versions of Fahrenheit are actually pretty good at capturing that opening, but as scents they fall apart too fast and feel significantly less substantial overall. Spraying on the vintage, and following it up with a blast of the current stock will get you closer to where you want to be to get the full Fahrenheit effect.

But Fahrenheit Parfum, I’m pleased to say, bridges the two quite nicely. You get the clarity of those great opening notes and it feels more substantial and lasts a long time without becoming too muddy or boomy. The original feels a tad more blended, smooth, and dense, whereas Parfum almost seems a little hyperreal in comparison — almost as if the original were an analog record and this version is a lossless MP3. But aside from that, Fahrenheit Parfum does Fahrenheit in a true-to-form way to a degree that I would say it renders a vintage hunt as somewhat unnecessary. To be honest, I wish I’d smelled this before splurging on my 1989 bottle, but I’m perfectly happy to have both. This is a solid and respectful take on the original that's probably as close to the overall feel of it as we’ll be able to get with material restrictions underway, but it remains a simulation. With that said, as a huge fan of Fahrenheit, I’d be willing to settle with this in lieu of the alternatives.

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir Bvlgari by Heetkin 2015-05-06

True story.

When I first tried Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir, I wore it out for dinner with a friend. I loved the grapefruity, papery opening, but as I left the house was left with a (very) faint tea note.
Went for dinner, and to my nose, I now smelled of nothing - the scent had completely vanished in under 3 hours!
Got into my friends car on the trip home, and noticed this lovely biscuity aroma coming from somewhere, 'What's that Amazing smell!!??', I said.

Turns out, it was me.

Sometimes receiving an unsolicited complement from yourself is rewarding enough.

Pink Princess Vera Wang by DW1101 2015-05-06

Bought this blindly last October and wish I hadn't. It's very singular, all raspberry, sugar, and musk, doesn't develop at all. Quite juvenile in my opinion. I think others could pull this off fantastically, but it just doesnt feel like "me." This will most likely go in my giveaway pile.

Michael Michael Kors by DW1101 2015-05-06

I feel like maybe I'm missing something? I bought a rollerball of this about a year ago and kind of just forgot about it. Decided to give it a go today, and it's just awful on me. I love the smell of it from the bottle, and it definitely hasn't gone off since it still smells the same as when I bought it. Maybe it's my chemistry? But I just cannot like this fragrance, on my skin it comes off a bit like wet dog, I think perhaps it's the tuberose.. Maybe if it sprayed and wasn't in a rollerball I could just spray it on my clothing and get away with wearing it. Such a shame, everyone seems to love this fragrance. I feel like I'm missing out on something great.

Coco Chanel by pepperoniann 2015-05-05

I just received my vintage bottle today. As I sprayed and sniffed away I was instantly hit by this epiphany: this beautiful spicy-rosy fragrance with a deep, astonishing amber base is what I was chasing after all the floriental fragrances. This is nothing like the reformulated crap I smelled at the department store a month ago; this is perfection. I consider it an important moment in my perfume journey: now I finally know what a proper floriental should smell like, and I can stop searching and hoard my 40ml of Coco goodness.

Which leads to my conclusion of the day that if all florientals were like vintage Coco everyone would smell nicer and the world would be a better place. Unfortunately this seems impossible nowadays.

Valerie Crystal Estiara by sokar_zeyada21 2015-05-05

smells just like Bright Crystal Versace for women

When i first tried it on (sample) i did not like it. However, after trying it out a few more times, i fell in love with it. I literally went and got a full bottle. for me, it is like a little bottle of sunshine. It smells fresh, citrusy, kind of soapy like others been mentioning.

If you dont like citrus i would avoid this. otherwise personally for me this us a great spring/summer fragrance.

Hermitage Estiara by sokar_zeyada21 2015-05-05

smells just like Terr D'Hermes Toillete version
with a good value of money
thanks to sterling parfums

Beauty True Princess Disney by nickhiklusmann 2015-05-05

I'm quite surprised by how long this lasts & it smells very nice too :) It's nice and cheap, so why not ;)

Imperial Millesime Creed by sky019 2015-05-05

I just got a sample of this at Nordstrom. when i first smelled it, it was really nice. I even wore it when i went out for dinner with my friends. They all complimented on how good it smelled! I do not know if i would ever buy a full bottle but my god you cant really go wrong with this one!

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by Perfumedsecrets 2015-05-05

I could smell 100 perfumes and recognize this instantly. This is my mom's signature perfume too. When I was younger I didn't understand the appeal or why she finds it so irresistible. She's always told me that she smelled it on another woman one day and found the scent incredible, so she has worn it for well over 35 years. This is from a time when women stood out with their perfume and made a lasting impression.
To me it is "That's my mom." in a bottle.

Eau de Caron Caron by Gjilchrist 2015-05-05

What a glorious surprise! It begins light, smokey, and masculine, like a sporty Tabac Blond, and grows oriental--the ambery vanilla Cybernoir identifies. I love all stages of it. Ms rochambeau's review makes me wish I'd bought the Alpona that was available a mere two years ago at the Caron boutique in NYC. (IFRA is doing the kind of aggressive cultural damage, I daresay, that the Hays Code did to Hollywood, the US, and all of us.) Eau de Caron is an absolute hidden treasure.

This is my second review of this scent. Honestly, sometimes when I wear the Chanel Exclusifs line I get the urge to throw away all other scents and start over with just the two scents I own from the line. They are that good.

Coromandel is a rich, sumptuous blend of benzoin, a multi-faceted patchouli, amber and incense. This dries down to one of the most intoxicating oriental dry downs in modern perfumery. Coromandel is a modern classic and one of the standout classical compositions of the last 10 years. For patchouli lovers only.

Coco Chanel by Perfumedsecrets 2015-05-05

Trying to buy perfume for my mother for Mother's Day has been difficult. I went back and forth on several perfumes, but I was never confident that she'd like it. Besides the disappointment in reformulations from Chanel, this receives high marks as a chic and classic gift. I remember the original perfume fondly, and I can only hope that this new Coco captures half of it's charm.

Very, very good! Original with a powerful sillage. It is a very classy scent. Always comfortable using it in any event day or night. One of my all time favourites.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by luistdc 2015-05-05

Became very common. Great scent but literally everbody uses it. I did eliminated it from my "eau de cologne library" some years ago... but I still like it very much.

Russian Tea Masque by RickyDot 2015-05-05

Yes, it smells like a bag of very rich black tea. That is pretty much all there is to it. I would say it's for an older man in a suit. It's definitely not for me. Not that I dislike the scent, it's just not something I want to smell like.

By the way, it projects VERY well.

Ambra Nobile Nobile 1942 by lilalina 2015-05-05

This is a beautiful amber fragrance, opens warm, vanilla-ambery with sweetness from the tonka bean, kind of a gourmand feel to it.. dries down to a more powdery soft scent with more patchouli.. I find it to be more feminine..

Givenchy Gentleman Givenchy by luistdc 2015-05-05

A great classic that I use occasionally. It has a great longevity and a powerful sillage. I really love it!

Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne by luistdc 2015-05-05

I rediscover it a few months back. It smells slightly differently than I remember. It is still a great scent. I brings me back to my teen years. I am a fan of it.

I have to agree with another commentator about the squeeze-bulb atomizer: it looks stunning on the dressing-table, but sprays very weakly... it didn't start spraying an adequate amount for me until after about 20 sprays... so, I'd recommend buying one of testers that has a plain nozzle- less pretty, but definitely more functional.

That being said, JN L'Elixir is quite beautiful- a sweeter, more-gourmand version of the original (the sugar'd orange-peel note is quite prominent, and yes, I also sense vanilla), with a base that is tweaked to be more ambery, with less of the coumarin-woody facet in the original. I'm glad I own a bottle, and reserve it for special occasions.

Though grand in its luxurious elegance and limited availability, I would, however, place it third in line according to my own taste: L'Essence gets my #1 vote for its solemn woodiness, then the original, followed by L'Elixir.

24 Gold ScentStory by RickyDot 2015-05-05

While I am not a fan of amber, I do like some fragrances with amber in them. I just don't like it when the amber is potent and stands out above the other notes. For example, Ambre Précieux and L`Air du Desert Marocain were instant dislikes from me, but I do like Dior's Ambre Nuit and Prada's Amber Pour Homme Intense.

That said, to me, 24 Gold is just a big glob of sticky sweet amber. Really fruity, juicy, in-your-face amber. I do not get any oud at all in this. All I smell is the amber and I cannot get past it. I would not recommend this to people looking for oud scents, I would recommend it to those who love really syrupy sweet scents and lots of amber.

Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere Chanel by lilalina 2015-05-05

Definitely more wearable than the classic N°5. Very clean-soapy scent, light.. The aldehydes are something you need to love in order to wear this comfortably, since they are strongly present.

Ambre Noir Sonoma Scent Studio by Walking Unicorn 2015-05-05

A warm, woody, incense with a touch of amber. It's not an outdoorsy campfire incense, but it is more churchy to me; a low light, old cathedral with burning candles and wood pews. It lasts for a good 12 hours and has a medium silage, as in, people close by you will smell this too. Love Love Love this scent!

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by alshujairy86 2015-05-05

I can say that this is one of the best colognes I ever smelled. However, it does not last long on my skin. It is that kind of ephemeral scent. There is also an oriental cologne called "Garam Al-Layel" that smells exactly that this one and that you can get it for 1/15 of the price of this one.

Good job Jacques Polge!

The Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors by walking44 2015-05-05

Tennis balls smell like hot onion breath.

Guess Seductive Homme Blue Guess by YSL homme 2015-05-05

Tested in Target smelled very nice. Not sure on price they had 50ml. Smelled more manly than the original.

Nirvana Black Elizabeth and James by Shadow_Witch 2015-05-05

This reminds me so much of M.A.C. MV3!

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by matty64 2015-05-05

To my nose this smells like a toned down Tuscan Leather, which I own. So, what's the point?

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by SNOOPY 2015-05-05

got a test.
It is nice,sweet club type thing.Still need to wear a few times to judge.
So many sweet fragrances out now though.
Not very unique
Nothing to do with the other noir bottles.
I like it and would probably wear it but there are too many others i love that i already want to purchase as of now.
The other review about it basically being creamy vanilla is right on.
I can barely smell it for some reason.
Personally i like the original TF for men better than this.
I think this would be better on a woman.just one opinion

3 AM Sean John by tetsuoyouth 2015-05-05

Tested this out today and I've got to say I'm not impressed at all and was turned off to be honest.

Best description I can provide is that it smells as if someone tried to mix Dior Homme Sport(wonder where the bottle inspiration came from??) with Paco Rabanne's 1Million. Sounds interesting but trust me its not worth the drive or even walk if you live down the street. Has a slight synthetic note that turns the whole fragrance into an odd smelling fragrance, and not in a good way.

Perhaps do what works PDiddy, copy other niche fragrances.. it worked well for Unforgivable(i.e Creeds Original Santal)

Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Gucci by Emilee1978 2015-05-05

I own this and do like it, it's a watered down version of Viva La Juicy, and smells almost exactly like viva la Juicy La Fleur. It's pleasant, inoffensive and "easy". I completely agree with Esteban747 that there is NO gardenia that I can smell. It's more of a generic fruity-floral. I also agree with another reviewer that said this smells "pink" . To me, if colors had a smell, pink would smell like this or Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by Jack_Lumber 2015-05-05

All good buddy.
I appreciate your clarification. I guess I am disappointed at the level of personal attacks on this site that I jumped to a false conclusion regarding your comment. No hard feelings :)
The reason I chose not to mention any notes regarding this fragrance in my previous comments was out of respect for it's creator, who has chosen not to disclose them as yet. All good things come to those who wait I guess :)

Givenchy Gentleman Givenchy by Ourfrank 2015-05-05

Love love love!!!! You will put this on and feel offended, wish you had not bought it, swear you will never touch it again! THen you will begin to find yourself sniffing yourself and becoming allured to the scent cloud that is following you around. Then you will revisit it, wear it more frequently trying to wrap your head around what youre smelling and feeling insecure about it. Wondering if others are offended and if you smell of old man. But then you will find yourself completely in love with the patchouli and will feel so confident that you hope it offends others because at least it made a statement. But then you will realize that you are in fact the envy of every other poor soul around you. Women will swoon, men will be intrigued. This really sets you apart from the boys. Own it!

carnation、carnation,carnation。。。beautiful powdery smell of carnation.BTW,it's hard to find this in store or on internet.Pity

Hypnôse Homme Lancome by Sezyvex 2015-05-05

I used to have a bottle of this and had a few drops left when one of my friends just took it away because I wasn't using it. I used to wear it quite a lot some 5-6 years ago but then stopped using it. Same happened with Dior Homme. At the time, both were somehow very similar to my nose.

Recently I somehow managed to get my hands on this at a very good price and it smells as if I had just smelled it yesterday. I love this over Dior and I still remember buying it after smelling it on my bro-in-law and was intrigued because I had never smelled anything like it before!

This thing stays and lingers for hours. Silage and longevity are just perfect. A great smell for those perfect occasions when you want to put a good impression on someone on a date/dinner but I would wear it just anywhere. A solid love for me!

Heritage Eau de Toilette Guerlain by Ourfrank 2015-05-05

Guerlain heritage EDT is a really really nice fragrance. It opens up kind of sharp, citrusy and green.the first few minutes are not my favorite for sure. But give it a few minutes and it becomes something else completely. It becomes much smoother and creamy and a bit powdery. I can't really decide if it's formal or casual. It definitely feels grown up without feeling "dated". If this stuff performed a little bit better I would say put on a suit, walk into a room and knock em dead! However, it does become a skin scent pretty quickly (at least on my skin) so throw on a button down, some chinos and tennis shoes and rock it on the daily. If you like a big boy scent but dont want to smell like your paw paw, then this is a great one!

The bottle looks amazing! I really like the bottle design of Armani Code line and I think this one took it to an even higher level of beauty.

When it comes to the juice inside however, lack of creativity is evident. Don't get me wrong, it smells really nice. But to be honest it's very close to the original. It can be even called - as sometimes used by my fellows here to mock flankers - a 'watered down' version! This being said, if I want to buy Armani Code and ONLY wear it in warmer weather, this would be my choice.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by matty64 2015-05-05

Hey Jack, I was speaking metaphorically. When one person out of thousands who read and rely on these posted reviews claims they have smelled an unreleased perfume and doesn't even mention one note. Then, I'm very suspicious of that potentially misleading claim. That's all it is. Sorry, if you thought I was calling you vermin.

Fendi Uomo Fendi by rowan.walters 2015-05-05

Recently got hold of a 30ml EdT.
Wow - this is really nice stuff!
Leathery, woody and aromatic on my skin but for some reason, the first time I wore it, more than anything else, reminded me of the original Gucci pour Homme.
Not quite sure what was different about my skin that day, but today the leather note comes across more consistently.
I'm impressed.

Siren Paris Hilton by PinkMelon 2015-05-05

Vanilla ultimately saves this fragrance from the overly zesty notes of peach, apricot and oranges. This is definitely a summer daytime fragrance. It's fresh, clean, and vanilla adds the final touch. This lasts a long time on my skin, and I have to make sure to just mist this on or I get a headache. Not Paris's best but it's definitely quite a bright scent.

Secret Obsession Calvin Klein by georgetaylor 2015-05-05

One of the worst fragrances I have ever tried. Smells awful and lasts a long time.

Un Jardin Apres la Mousson Hermes by Bretto66 2015-05-05

I bought this on EBAY and just got it in the mail. My thoughts.....even a bad Jean-Claude Ellena perfume smells pretty good.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by roo_p 2015-05-05

…I don’t know, yet. I’ve tried it once, and had to wash it off after a while. There’s definitely a nice leather/suede in the back, very dry like vetiver.

But for me, it caught an almost overwhelming creamy, citrusy vibe. If you know Allure Homme Edition Blanche, the top felt almost *exactly* the same.

I’ll have to try again later, but if the creaminess still comes to the fore and lingers, I’m afraid this one isn’t for me.

Still Jennifer Lopez by cecejras 2015-05-05

My older cousin, Jinette, who has always been one of the most beautiful and stylish women I know, introduced me to this fragrance. I immediately loved it but felt I was too young and insecure to buy this at that time, and it also cost more than I could afford back then. But I always loved it. Then I was reacquainted with it when a mom whose children I babysat wore it. Kelly, the mom, is a very trendy, beautiful, classy woman. So I associate this perfume with two beautiful, sophisticated ladies. About the perfume itself: it's very unique. Like someone else said, it does kind of bring to mind the freshness and calm of a rainy day. If I were to pick a color to represent this perfume it'd be white. The bottle fits the personality of the perfume. I think of trickling water, rain, leaves, exotic flowers, and tea when I smell this. It's a very calm scent. I agree with what a few people have said already, elegant.

Chinatown Bond No 9 by crazedbrit 2015-05-05

Tried this for a couple of hours before I had to wash it off, not only for my sake, but my husband's and children's who thought I smelled like "a campfire with rotten food cooking over it," and a "crystals and candles type of store." As for me, I just think I smelled like my old college dorm: heavy incense and smelly garbage. Not for me!

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by GeorgiaMoxie 2015-05-05

Not for me at all! I tried this at the store out of curiosity because Fantasy is sweet but in a white chocolate way that somehow works and I think a woman could carry it but this stuff? No way. If you remember chewing gum girl from Willy Wonka who swelled up into a blueberry this is probably what she smelled like. The bottle even LOOKS like her.

My daughter likes Sweet Pea that I think smells like Nerds so she'd probably like this one too.

Endless Weekend Bath and Body Works by cecejras 2015-05-05

I really like this fragrance, but I can't say that I really love it. I still bought it! (I'm always doing the 3 for $12 at Bath and Body works.) It's a nice enough scent. I think a lot of women will enjoy this. I think it smells a lot like Maurices' new perfume, "I Am Sweet."

Blue Agava & Cacao Jo Malone by Alpha.Leonis 2015-05-05

The vanilla and cacao really shine through on my skin with a bit of spice and floral to make things interesting. I honestly get more spice and floral with the initial application, but then that quickly fades away to mostly just the vanilla and the cacao. It's such a lovely scent that is enjoyable and unobtrusive.

Unlike a number of you, I actually sought out a sample of this, hoping that it would be a replacement for the original RL Romance (the reform really is a different scent).

Well, no such luck. It is a musky floral, but there's no hint of rose, chamomile or green notes whatsoever. I didn't get spice as much as a metallic note that seemed a little off and became somewhat sour as time went on.

If you do like this scent, but not the price tag, my suggestion would be to check out the InStyle version of Romance which is 12.99, but sometimes they have a BOGO. Get an Exceptional Deal . . . Because You Can!

Romeo Gigli Uomo Romeo Gigli by rowan.walters 2015-05-05

I love everything about Romeo Gigli per Uomo.
The box is simple, stylish and understated, the bottle is a work of art, and the juice itself is a masterpiece - exquisitely masculine in a very Italian way.
For some reason, when I first savoured this heavenly fragrance, it took me back to Saint Tropez many years ago, and brought to mind an extremely good-looking young Italian model with a dark tan wearing the kind of swimming costume that only an Italian man could wear without his masculinity being questioned.
Not that this is in any way exclusively for Italian male supermodels, it's just that that is the association this fragrance evokes for me.
The opening is quite strong, rich, spicy, a bit green, with a woody dimension and as it develops I'm positive that I detect the presence of an animalic note - specifically civet, (à la Furyo, although much more subtle and understated) although it might be an aspect of the musk, accompanied by a symphony of spices, herbs and woods which compliment one another so beautifully that it becomes a wonderfully harmonious tribute to masculinity.
Another reviewer likened it to a soohisticated Dalì painting and that description seems very apt - per Uomo is so multi-faceted that, like a Salavador Dalì masterpiece, there is a wealth of fine detail, depth and style that it seems to adapt itself perfectly to each individual who wears it - on my skin it becomes very woody, musky and almost animalic, yet on another guy I know it seems that green, spicy, almost herbal notes come to the fore.
Longevity is outstanding,sillage is moderate and subtle, it is wonderfully complex and unfailingly pleasant to others, and attracts lots of compliments.
Per Uomo is a masterpiece, stylish, timeless, masculine, and so multi-faceted that it adapts itself to each individual wearer beautifully.
Worthy of a standing ovation.
I absolutely LOVE this fragrance.

Arthes Essential Patchouli Sumatra Jeanne Arthes by drugstore classics 2015-05-05

Today I discovered an oil available at Whole Foods and Wild Oats (from Kuumba? ) called 'Amber Paste'.

Oddly, this unappealingly named, wee fragrance oil has a scent very close to Jeanne Arthes' Patchouli! Lots of patchouli melded with sweet/herbal amber. Either Amber Paste OR Patchouli Sumatra are - IMHO - essential for the patch lovers among us to try. Unisex, strong, and long lasting, I feel that both fragrances are equally good. It's just a matter of which suits YOU best!

Oh, and Testers are available in store for the oil. :D

This is a very intense orange blossom and honey scent in the opening, as so many others have observed. It's pretty nauseating in the opening, but it quickly settles into a very near approximation of Seville a l'Aube, with lots of pillowy marshmallowy goodness, zested with citrus. This one is sweeter, but also much less expensive and easier to find. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves Seville a l'Aube.

Omnia Amethyste Bvlgari by nebbe 2015-05-05

Not a safe blind buy. This went straight to soap on me. Not a pleasant, mild soap, but a detergent. Tester could have been off, or it just doesn't work with my skin. Boo.

Soir de Lune Sisley by archivist 2015-05-05

Great thwacking blast of oakmoss, AND aldehydes. Be very cautious in application because it can turn on you and oakmoss is REALLY hard to get off your skin (Windex seems to work better than anything else I've tried).

Electron A Dozen Roses by archivist 2015-05-05

Very basic scent - it smells like Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets, perhaps with a bit more rose. I wish Bounce Outdoor Fresh came with a bit more rose! But I'm not about to stuff my pockets with them so I have dryer sheet sillage. I guess these were available briefly at TJ Maxx for $30, which is probably a fair price for it.

Just Cavalli Him Roberto Cavalli by sameh 2015-05-05

Long story short ,very average in every aspect !!!!

Love Story Chloe by kittiwisk 2015-05-05

Clean, powdery, soapy. Honestly, I didn't know there was neroli and orange blossom in this until I read the notes. I just get tons of jasmine! For me, this a very dry white floral -- truly not one of my favorite types of fragrances. I suppose for some it would be nice for spring, greatly reminds me of one of the Tocca fragrances (I forget which). In fact, I feel like I've smelled this scent many times over the years. It's lacking in creativity for me.

Exotic Jasmine Halle Berry by georgetaylor 2015-05-05

I sampled this at the perfume counter, and it is a lovely floral, but it is so light and fades so quickly, I wouldn't buy it.

Promise Me Aeropostale by angelamaria1234 2015-05-05

This is an amazing apple scent, you will always get compliments when wearing it. Ts kind of sweet, but with a fresh note at the end

Boucheron Boucheron by EnoughScents 2015-05-05

For anyone that did not live through the late 80's or early 90's, but desires a sampling of the era, I suggest giving Boucheron Pour Homme a try. Reminiscent of robust period fragrances such as Azzaro Pour Homme or Giorgio Beverly Hills. With that written, I do not suggest this one is for the old...rather for the bold.

Imagine the Miami Vice duo, Crockett and Tubbs, rolling down the streets of Miami at night, Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" blasting, undercover in their Dayton Spyder, linen suits and loafers. This is the scent matching that swagger and "flash."

Night Magic Evening Musk Avon by estaesta 2015-05-05

the essence of tia maria spilt in ashtray with johnsons baby oil night. and weirdly ok. it used to be a love but ive been huffing so many top perfumes right now its nasty to compare. for avon= thumbs up

Leather Oud Floris by mse-21 2015-05-05

A very nice and refined Floral/ Oud composition. It's unisex and very wearable. Smells really pleasant on my skin with good strength....

Josephine Rance 1795 by aokiwen 2015-05-05

I have a testing sample giving by a perfume salson gathering. When I tested on paper, it smells so fresh, but on my skin it so violet. Very wormen classy, sillage is Ok, on my skin its last like forever.

Valentina Assoluto Valentino by Circuit FAiry 2015-05-05

Valentina Assoluto - The opening is beautiful, the middle captivates, and the ending is enchanting. Very elegant yet wearable, it just melts into the skin. Amazing longevity with moderate sillage.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by Peters155 2015-05-05

Guys. If u miss the old version of le male. Please try miltion loyed bondge. It is exactly the same as the classic smell and its long lasting not just sticks around few minutes and then gone. The scent dose last hours. You will not be let down same way jean paul let u down by weakening this grate cologne

(untitled) Maison Martin Margiela by archivist 2015-05-05

Just an FYI - all the Maison Martin Margiela scents are developed by L'Oreal; they're nice and everything, but it's not like they're sourcing really great components or anything nichey like that. The name, the bottle design, the label design - it's all very MMM, but the juice itself is something you shouldn't expect too much from.

The wet ashtray scent is the galbanum overdose; if you try Silences by Jacomo you'll get the same effect.

Escada Magnetism for Men Escada by rowan.walters 2015-05-05

After falling madly in love with Casual Friday, (of which I discovered a bargain source in the remaindered stock of an out-of-business perfume store) I was keen to explore the other - sadly discontinued - Escada masculine offerings, due to their almost legendary status among certain fumeheads I respect, and recently acquired a 100ml tester of Magnetism for men.
I certainly wasn't disappointed with Magnetism for Men.
The opening is rich, hypnotically beautiful and quite unlike any other fragrance I have ever savoured. To me, it is sublimely beautiful, and so perfectly blended that I have a great deal of trouble discerning individual components - it evokes the bouquet of a fine red wine, with subtle hints of woods, a mild aromatic sweetness and a complexity and depth that, true to its appellation, is extremely captivating and alluring.
Magnetism is certainly a very apt name.
However it seems that I become somewhat anosmic to the fragrance as it develops (which also happens with the original Rocabar by Hermes), since after about half an hour I find that it fades to the point where I can no longer detect it except as a (beautiful) skin scent, although the sublime beauty of this masterpiece remains evident to others, and elicits both curiosity and compliments from people around me.
I was wearing it last night actually, and on waking this morning, after eight hours sleep, I was delighted to be greeted by the magical fragrance which I could once again smell.
So inspite of the fact that it had been almost undetectable to me the evening before, it's presence returned to my senses after a period of sleep. Thus, the longevity seems to be far greater than I initially thought.
I find that I lack the lexicon or vocabulary to translate my response to this amazing fragrance into words, and I agree wholeheartedly with other reviewers who use the term "sexy" to describe it.
To put it simply, Magnetism is just a very, very, sexy fragrance.

Far Away Avon by cecejras 2015-05-05

I love this perfume! I worked with a woman named Kathy, and this is her signature scent. Because she is one of my favorite people, I love this even more. It totally reminds me of her every time I smell it. I get where people are saying this is not for a young girl, but I think it's one a woman of any age can wear. 20-65. The name suits it very well. It's very unique. When I smell it, I get mostly oriental and amber or some type of woody aroma, but it's also lightly floral enough that it's still a very soft, pretty scent.

Copper Skies Kerosene by siomes 2015-05-05

An absolutely wonderful fragrance. It's very waxy and very overpowering in the first spray so hang in there as it settles down to a wonderful honey/wood note.sillage/longevity is dynamite so be careful how much you spray or you could Chloroform someone.this would be the perfect purfume to take camping with you.

Weakish; fresh and clean smelling, this summer scent sits close to the skin and could be unisex. Safe, though nothing outstanding or too original. Pleasant, but certainly not divine. I doubt I'll be buying it again.

Blanche Immortelle Atelier Cologne by blauriche 2015-05-05

I smelled this at Sephora the other day. It's nice, but I personally don't think it's worth more than half of its current price.

I think as far as immortelle fragrances go, I prefer ELdO Like This or ELdO Afternoon of a Faun....

I did notice quite a difference though when it came to comparing this on my skin versus on a testing strip, so make sure to try it on your skin before buying it.

Today Tomorrow Always Forever Avon by estaesta 2015-05-05

its o...k. but just because im trying to choose 1 out of 10 avon testers i got given.
its still very much a $1 dollar shop scent but has some development : fresh crisp white flowers, aquatic watermelon, soft musk accents now drying down rapidly into a pitchy sour bergamot plus powdery mess.

sometimes it tries to catch l'air du temps by nina ricci? but also grapefruit babydoll ysl...or rosamor ? but the powdery overdose and cheap musk should have been left out. shame, this could have been a nice splash

Jasmine Angela Flanders by becuille 2015-05-05

I'm trying to make better friends with jasmine. I have problems with a lot of perfumes turning to soap on my skin and I've just realised that the common note in all of them is jasmine. For a while I was convinced it must be what did it and thought I couldn't wear it at all - which is tricky considering it's practically ubiquitous in perfume. But of course, there are jasmines I can wear fine, so maybe it comes down to what type is used and whether synthetics are involved or not? (if anyone has any ideas about this, please message me and let me know!)

So, I figured jasmine soliflore is the way to go, one at a time. I ordered a sample of this and warily dabbed a little on my wrist, waiting for either soap or something overly indolic to happen. To my delight, it was all lovely. So lovely I kind of want to apologise to jasmine for thinking badly of it.

This is a slightly sweet, fleshy jasmine. There's the animalic touch that's often present with this note, but it's not overwhelming - it's enough to take this from pretty to sexy, but not so much that it becomes difficult to wear.

The idoles are kept well at bay. This never gets *that* scent (you know the one I mean) at all.

It's womanly and sexy, but not in your face about it. Easily suitable for pretty much any occasion/season.

Jasmine, I think me and you are going to start something up again.

Moderate sillage, amazing longevity.

Forever Red Bath and Body Works by cecejras 2015-05-05

One of my favorites! One of my triplet sisters got me hooked on it. When I wear this, I smell the wine, pomegranate, and creamy rum/slight marshmallow. It does get a little bit powdery at the end. But I don't mind that. A little bit goes a long way. My experience with Forever Red differed from some of the other reviewers on here. The deep wine and marshmallow and rum make this less of a sickly sweet smell on me, and more of a beautiful and distinctive mouthwatering fragrance. I would describe this scent was very enticing, distinctive, and attention getting, but somehow it's also very mellow and calming at the same time (I think that's mostly the red wine). when I wore this to work, my co-workers, and a mom at the YMCA, told me I smelled so yummy, and asked me what I was wearing. :-) But it never hurts to test first. I suppose perfume can smell so different from person to person. But based on my experience, I would recommend this to anyone!

Santalum Slivers Kerosene by siomes 2015-05-05

It's a truly awful scent that smell like battery's .never has a Purfume hurt my nose when I try to smell my wrist and also it doesn't last on me for very long at all which is the only good thing about this fragrance.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by fresh_scents 2015-05-05

A Men is not for everyone, and I am sure that it has been reformulated, but I still love it. A Men is a unisex, loud and proud fragrance that is either loved or hated. There is no gray area with this juice.

CR&S is a lovely little sweet and sour number that is perfect for fans of subtle, refined fragrances. It opens with a playful juicy cassis, which actually never really went away for me. Further into the drydown, I experienced a warm rose that hugs the skin, still with those tangy undertones. Normally, I am someone who tends toward "loud" scents, and I will admit that I was a little concerned about the sillage and longevity of this one. While I do wish that it were a little more noticeable, I also caught whiffs of it at times that I thought for sure it would be long gone. I think that ensuring that a little gets onto your clothes will prolong the olfactory experience. Many thanks to Jeffrey Dame for the thoughtful sample. Sure can't be beat for customer service! This makes a great alternative to the omnipresent summer aquatics and citruses.

The hole VIP Collection sounds awesome , especially the pure woody Edition , can hardly wait till it comes to Egypt & the bottle design really great !!!!

The hole VIP Collection sounds awesome , especially the pure woody Edition , can hardly wait till it comes to Egypt & the bottle design really great !!!!

The hole VIP Collection sounds awesome , especially the pure woody Edition , can hardly wait till it comes to Egypt & the bottle design really great !!!!

The hole VIP Collection sounds awesome , especially the pure woody Edition , can hardly wait till it comes to Egypt & the bottle design really great !!!!

The hole VIP Collection sounds awesome , especially the pure woody Edition , can hardly wait till it comes to Egypt & the bottle design really great!!!!

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum Hermes by Paulo Rocha 2015-05-05

Can a citrus be "warm"? They have done it this time! A superbly well balanced concoction. It's almost as if they have used vanilla or cocoa(no trace of these) to reach the effect. It is classy and exudes good quality ingredients. Addictive. Fresh and a bit (just a bit!) sweet. Top stuff. I just wished it had greater longevity, but then...maybe I sniffed it all from my skin. Bravo!

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by fresh_scents 2015-05-05

When this fragrance hit the market I loved it so much that I went through two or three bottles. Today, this stuff smells downright awful to me. Either my tastes have changed or it has been poorly reformulated or a combination of the two. I just know for sure that I cannot stand the smell of it.

Balkis Al-Rehab by sam ldh 2015-05-05

Sometimes I wonder, what would peoples' response be like, If these Al-Rehab oils are packed in heavier crystal flacons, with exquisitely gold metallic caps, priced at $ 30 per 3 ml , and renamed "La Orientale Arabicana" Al-Rehab Exclusive Collection", what would be the response of people? Especially, those who outright, shunned these attar,and despise them so much,that the only place they believe these attar belong are their dustbins!
But, throwing away a $ 4 value vial is easier, and rather insignificant,compared to throwing a $ 30 "La Orientale Arabicana" bottle!
I believe these same snobs who are trashing away bottles, in review after review, wouldn't even dare to trashing a $30 bottle even in their dreams! Rather, these same bunch, would be singing an entirely different song altogether! Praising these very oils as being Indigenious creations of Arabian perfumery, proclaiming these same attars to be well-made stuff!

Infact, I challenge, They wouldn't be able to differentiate /recognize an
Al-Rehab attar, unless they're told, in a blindfolded Sniffing!
So, what does it bring to light? It unfolds the reality of human-nature, how we keep deceiving others , ourselves, with pretentious fabrications of our mind which creates a spurious sense of importance , and self-deception, alongside deceiving other people, too, by phony baseless opinions,
to what end?
None. No output, really!

As the name implied, I didn't order for buying this feminine scent, so, this time, I can only speak about Al-Rehab overall impressions discovered so far!

If you like the notes, please consult Fragrantica,and read the positive & neutral reviews, that will be enough to make up your mind, and going forward to buying this attar!

Rest assured the performance and blending quality won't let you down!
This, after twenty three scents' performance-monitoring, having been done personally!
And yes, the positive reviews writing public isn't anosmic!!

You might want to checkout my reviews of Lord, Sultan, Zidan etc.,they're amazing perfume, friends, and very western-oriented, too!

Gud luck
Happy Sniffing!


Imari Avon by estaesta 2015-05-05

soft musk on steroids, chalked out, drys down like scented baby tissue, linear cheap mess. $1 shop opium dupes would probably smell better. horrible and wrongly loud, smothered by powdered lavender rose draw talcom powder draw liners. vanilla mothballs for the salvation army.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by cecejras 2015-05-05

Even though this is a very popular, main stream perfume, it's still my signature scent. It's one of those perfumes that smells different on everyone. I love fragrance, but a lot of them give me a headache. (Even my favorites.) This one does not. It's a fresh, clean, airy scent. On me, I smell mostly blue bells and lemon. And almost some sort of light, tea aroma. It's really pretty. The first day I wore it, I was complimented by two women at work. (One was my manager, and the other, a customer I helped.) I would definitely test this out before buying, though, 'cause it seems to do very different things with different body chemistries. I am pretty certain I've smelled it on customers at work. Sometimes it can give off a very strong, almost masculine scent, and sometimes it can smell a little like lemon pledge with certain skin types. Maybe it also depends on how much you wear? I spray just a little bit at a time, and it's perfect! I love it.

Voyance Baruti by siomes 2015-05-05

I'm wearing a sample of this as I type.very nice has a very strong tuberose smell and in the dry down the musk shines through that also has a some what Rum smell.this would be the perfect scent to go sailing with but it's not an everyday fragrance.its very strong but at this price.its well worth it.

Nirvana Black Elizabeth and James by BrittneyN 2015-05-05

Amazing! I had no idea who Elizabeth & James were when I tested this, and the Nirvana White. I just thought they both smelt amazing. This is a finely crafted perfume that has the most amazing longevity, I'm talking 12 hours on my skin. They are both on the top of my want list.

Soft Musk Avon by estaesta 2015-05-05

weak powdery musk and thats all... maybe a hint of potpourri elderly care room smell.:(
avon soft musk- atleast it didnt lie: its exactly that
very sad perfume 70's toweling bed smell.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by Jack_Lumber 2015-05-05

Why did you feel the need to imply I was a rat?
Seems rather unnecessary, when all I am doing is sharing my excitment about this fragrance.

Deja Vu Signature Fragrances by Sweetfragrance 2015-05-05

In the beginning I smelled sweet coconut with a light almond/vanilla. About an hour into wearing this was when it really projected from my skin. It has lasted from 8 am today to 9 pm where I now have a very light prescience of the oil that many hours later. I did also receive a few compliments while wearing.

No 89 Floris by mse-21 2015-05-05

Here we have a decent classic citrus scent. It's a masterful blend of Citrus, Lavender, and Rose notes sustained by a solid woody-mossy base! And of course belongs to a bygone era...

Love in White Creed by Hilda0414 2015-05-05

i applied with a spritz to each wrist. Screaming, high pitched, alcohol-laden disappointment....but only for several minutes. Then it dried down to a smooth combination of white, Spring flowers and I was happy.

Actually, had forgotten about it and several hours later I was working in my North Carolina flower garden and a gentle breeze brought me an amazing, light scent. No, the lilac bush is flowered "out". My dianthus had a barely detectable scent, the irises perhaps? Too far away...then I realized. It was my new EDP! Lovely!

Couture La La Juicy Couture by Labaloo 2015-05-05

Tested this one, and walked around the store sniffing my wrist. The "fresh/aquatic/ozonic" note of calone is way amped-up here to the point of being revolting. Pass.

Villain for Women Christian Audigier by celebrity89 2015-05-05

A generic mix of Viva La Juicy and B.S. Circus. Cute bottle for teens.

Eternity Moment Calvin Klein by pushya 2015-05-05

It's very elegant, very sophisticated jasmine scent. It's not grandma type, it's classic.

Full Incense Montale by muzzbait 2015-05-05

this is a classic somalian frankincense note -- full frontal and massive. i once tried to buy omani frankincense (almost impossible to find as it's (a) more expensive, and (b) sold by unscrupulous vendors), and i KEPT on getting the somalian stuff. omani frankincense is otherwise known as 'silver frankincense', or 'louban' in arabic. i finally got it from an omani student who got some from her mosque (she said it's 100% genuine), and when you burn the two side-by-side they smell very different. both are majestic and worthy to be given to jesus christ (as a mix or a pack), but the somalian strain is a little more 'cloying' and sickly sweet. i love both, and i prefer the omani just because it's the most savoury, if you will. anyway, this perfume is entirely somalian frankincense and it's refreshing to hear a company distinguish the two different varieties...

Ysatis Iris Givenchy by sandrajj 2015-05-05

Ysatis Iris is a longevity bomb!! Sillage is also waaaaay out there, so go easy when spraying this lovely juice! This is an incredibly beautiful floral fragrance...initial spritz is opulent; this is a modern frag, nothing like original Ysatis except perhaps in the basenotes, vanilla and patchouli. Although I really don't get too much patch, just soft powdery vanilla in the drydown. I will save this for evening...or luncheon by the ocean!!

Violette Tocca by Sandra Smells Scents-uous 2015-05-05

Sweet candied violets with a squeeze of lemon. A very delicate, girly scent. Whereby it is sweet, it maintains a fresh powderiness throughout which keeps the fragrance from being cloying. Perfect for casual, daily wear. But, the longevity with my chemistry is slight, I wish this gem lingered longer. . .

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by muzzbait 2015-05-05

lovely buttery white floral explosion, it's just that (in my opinion) the suede-honey accord ruins it for me. it's just too yuck. there's a 'moist' accord created, and that sorta-kinda kills the buzz created. without it, it would be top notch...

Journey Man Amouage by Sezyvex 2015-05-05

Journey Man came as a surprise to me after feeling let down by my recent experiences and expectations from this house.

This opens with a burst of spices which sting the back of the nostrils. As soon as I had that, I uttered a sigh of relief because this is something I wanted from Epic but never got. I smell similarities of some sort here but let's not get into that.

After an hour or so, the spices mellow down and the aromatic tobacco sweetened with Tonka, Neroli and what not kicks in. I was reminded of Raghba Intense Wood in this phase where the coffee replaces the Tobacco. I prefer Tobacco to coffee as a smell but think tobacco and coffee go well together generally. The dry down is somewhat similar to the mid phase, if a little softer.

Longevity is monstrous, surprisingly 10+ hours on my skin and silage is pretty good, leaving a trail in places which I think is really good. This may have the potential of becoming offensive so those who are concerned about this aspect should keep a light hand on the trigger.

Journey Man is indeed an acquired taste and one of those that you sip and savour instead of gulping down. That aspect of it most certainly lives up to it's name and the journey seems never ending. If you get that kind of duration from it then I think it's really worth the money one spends.

Finally, I am glad that this one from the house has lived up to it's notes description and it most certainly delivers what it promises. Also I found this is the only complex fragrance out of what I have tried from Amouage and it's definitely a keeper!

Soleil Fragonard by Hills by the Sea 2015-05-05

A stunning classic floral! The flower essences in this are so incredibly fresh and natural smelling - I might actually be leaning over the balustrade overlooking the Mediterranean coast, inhaling the gorgeous sun-soaked essences of the purest most delightful jasmine and wisteria growing nearby.

A perfume for a chic woman, well-coiffed and dressed simply, but with a natural unmistakable elegance. Amber lends a touch of warmth and provides a fragrant base for the flowers to shine through.

I have always adored florals but had been moving away from them lately towards other genres and only chance led me to test this lovely perfume recently. Now I have to have a bottle of this - soon!

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by woodlandwalk 2015-05-05

Really reminds me of Terry's Chocolate Orange - milk chocolate and synthetic orange, quite sweet. There's no chocolate listed mind you.

I can see why this is a crowd pleaser in many ways, nothing wrong in that. I sometimes wish I could enjoy these simple, sweet and cheerful perfumes. I'm probably just not simple, sweet and cheerful enough, ha!

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by sumandre 2015-05-05

Unfortunately, this fragrance has been reformulated tester or in tin can. The ones you can buy in the tin can nowadays have no depth, smelling more synthetic than ever. It lacks the cumin, warm wormwood, apple and a musky dry down. The latest version is watery, weak and linear.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by jenvi 2015-05-05

I don't care how many Guerlain's or Chanel's I have in my wardrobe.. Without Pink Sugar it will forever be incomplete. This is a fragrance I will repurchase over and over again and never grow tired of. It's my go-to comfort scent and I love wearing this to bed. Serious compliment magnet on me, and I love it!

Untold Elizabeth Arden by pg1864 2015-05-05

Love at first smell <3 :) I have this and the absolu.

Cabotine Gres by jake.shouse 2015-05-05

Okay let me start by saying how ugly the too is just awful have been reading reviews for sometime now scared too death too buy the because of all the bad reviews some saying it smelt like pickles on their skin I was abit terrified but since I was scared too buy the 3 ounce blind because fearful that this would be trashed let me tell ya I was excepting the worse I just got my package from ebay in the mail and was so excited and scared I got a 1 ounce for 11 bucks in vintage form and let me tell you this is GORGEOUS just amazing how does this smell like pickles lol it's a beautiful floral with some green notes this doesn't seem as strong as others have talked about my living room does smell like CABOTINE I think this stuff is lovely and now I'm sad I didn't get the largest size since this is so I hate the word cheap lets just say you get a big bottle for a good price lol I am loving this I will be getting a larger bottle for sure I have smelled this on other women over the years and never knew what it was now I know I will be smelling good darlings. Happy perfuming.

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by Rorshach1004 2015-05-05

Mugler Cologne is a fresh soapy after shower scent. I get lavender and neroli (orange citrus) on my skin, but no musk, which is a good thing to me as musk always reminds me of wet dog, and although I do like doggies, I don’t particularly want to smell like a Labrador. The scent isn’t exactly in the same league as Pure Malt, but it does what it intends to do. It’s not going to turn too many heads, but if fresh and clean is what you are after then this one is at least worth checking out, along with my own personal favourite after gym/shower freshen up scent, the legendary Cool Water by Davidoff.

Fahrenheit Christian Dior by Thomaso7 2015-05-05

This is great in the summer. The cool/warm contrast, the dry nutmeg, the dampness, and the oily leather sweetness really come out and it lasts a while. I like how the commercials show the water references in the overall desert landscapes.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by RayF 2015-05-05

I doubt its connection with the Opium because it smells nothing like the latter one. One thing I really love about the Opium is its maturity and non-sweetness and the Black Opium lose both of them.

212 VIP Carolina Herrera by victoria.mei1992 2015-05-05

Perfect for ocasions like graduation, and stuff. Wonderful in rainy days.
Real notes:
To be consumed to your heart's content - Bitter orange, Exotic passion fruit

An exceptional aura - Overwhelming musk, Distinguished gardenia, Intoxicating Rum

An unique allure with great style - Feminine vanilla, Sensual tonka bean, Benzoin

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by RayF 2015-05-05

Unfortunately my skin absorbs almost all apple scent and maximizes the cucumber. I smell like a girl who happen to forget to wash off her morning cucumber hydrating facial mask. Not terrible but way too casual and simple on me.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by matty64 2015-05-05

Kitty cats are great at cornering vermin!

This is a disappointment for me. I fell in love with the velvety pacakaging and I was expecting something luxurious and sophiscated. However the perfume turned out to be very cheap-smelling on my skin. I got the marshmellow and tuberose mixing up in a very straightforward and girly way. To sum up, this is a pleasant scent but def does not smell very Dolce&Gabbana-y.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by iwhiffwaft 2015-05-05

This is the like the best pound for pound fighter that ever lived. Pound for Pound, you just can't beat this fragrance. It is great in every category, but not at the top of any, if that makes any sense. It isn't cheap, but not too expensive. It's high quality, but not Creed quality. It's wearable under any circumstance. It's never offensive and everyone finds it pleasant. The only fragrance that is even with this one pound for pound is Aventus, but the big AV loses when it comes to the price point. If Aventus were being sold for this price it would be the only scent that would top this one across all categories. The best overall fragrance, right here.

Trefle Pur Atelier Cologne by RayF 2015-05-05

The Trefule Pur is a very crisp citrus scent without the support of any other creamy base notes. On my skin the openning is a typical citrus blast and kinda harsh. The smell is rather single-dimensional and does not last long. To sum up, this belongs to the stereotype of summer-y colognes that are uplifting and happy in the simplest way.

Figuier Ardent Atelier Cologne by a5n8g8e2l4a 2015-05-05

Unfortunately, this did NOT do well with my skin chemistry.

I don't get much fig, I get mostly pepper. So, unfortunately this one's going back to Sephora.

Santal Carmin Atelier Cologne by RayF 2015-05-05

The Santal Carmin has to be my fav among all Atelier colognes. The openning is kinda sweet, almost marshmallow-like on my skin, but def not so overwhelming. Then it develops into a round, subtle, creamy scent that really works its way deep down into my body. I can almost feel the scent penetrating and sinking into my skin and gives this final combination of vanilla and sandalwoods which is truly beautiful and oh so natural and calming. Def go get the full bottle next time!

Hugo Dark Blue Hugo Boss by OCNBreeze7 2015-05-05

Whoa - this juice is good.. !! Hugo Boss’ Dark Blue is not to be overlooked. For those of you who like the aromatic citrus blends (myself included), you will love Hugo Boss’ Dark Blue. Out of the bottle, you get the cool pleasant blend of aromatic and citrus notes with a background of vetiver – it is in there and I like it.. While geared more for Spring and Summer wear, there is sufficient diversity of notes to allow wear for most occasions and across seasons. Definitely office safe, but refined enough to engage in more formal events. Much to my surprise, performance is above average. Today, I found that Dark Blue lasted comfortably 5-6 hours and even longer on clothing – still going strong at the 8th hour on the cuff of my sleeve. The projection/sillage is average at about arm’s length until settling close to skin level around hour six. In my opinion, the price/value is good for this “best kept secret” for Spring/Summer wear. All said, my final tally for Dark Blue is 4.1 stars out of 5. If you are in search for a little known citrus aromatic fragrance that is underrated, I highly recommend adding Dark Blue to your collection. Enjoy your day and happy fragrance hunting…

I really like this but I dont need two bottles. I have a .5 oz new in box for swap (US only). Not picky or want list only. I only ask that its not old or in bad shape and comes with original cap.

Taylor Taylor Swift by pg1864 2015-05-05

I recently wore this to a friend's wedding. Everyone was saying "someone smells REALLY good" and lo and behold it was me :) I fell in love with this fragrance, it lasts all day on me and is very sophisticated and elegant just like Taylor. I plan on always having a bottle on hand!

Petit Ange Nicolai Parfumeur Createur by Fhaldara 2015-05-05

Disappointed in this one. After finally tracking down a bottle, I was expecting spring lilacs. After spraying I got a hint of tangerine which disappeared five minutes later into the benzoin base. This perfumes smells like benzoin on me and nothing else - I don't get the slightest trace of lilac at any point.

Loewe 7 Loewe by king_basim 2015-05-05

فوحان وثابت جيد جدا ولكن الرائحة

قريبة جدا من لوى سفن ناتشورال

!!هذا بخور بالفلفل الاسود

وناتشورال بخور بالفاكهة

لااعتقد اننى ساشترى ايا منهم

تحديث :

بعد مرور ساعة تحولت الرائحة الى رائحة فلفل اسود فقط

Sud Magnolia Atelier Cologne by a5n8g8e2l4a 2015-05-05

I just got my travel spray of this, and OMG, this is gorgeus!

I get a slight bitterness for the first two minutes, and then get the magnolia. It's a sweet, almost creamy floral note. Then I get the saffron and sandalwood, which blends into the magnolia beautifully!

It seems I'm going to have to buy the full size of this!

On my skin this cologne smells like cough syrup mixed up with some cool lime maybe mint. The dry down is better because I def get some good vanilla and coriander. To sum up, my body chemistry only works out a strangely artificial and sugar-like vanilla scent. It is weirdly pleasant though and people around me keep asking me about it.

Loewe 7 Natural Loewe by king_basim 2015-05-05

عطر يتميز بفوحان جيد جدا وثبات ممتاز

ولكن لم تعجبنى رائحته

اجدها مثل اعواد البخور

وقريب جدا من لوى سفن العادى

!!هذا بخور بالفاكهة والعادى بخور بالفلفل الاسود

ربما ساعطيه فرصة للتجربة مرة اخرى

Alien Thierry Mugler by RayF 2015-05-05

Finally brought this beautiful perfume home. This is by far the best jasmine scent that I have ever tried. Such a true, sexy, and sensual jasmine that no other scents can possibly match.

Narcisse Noir Caron by ms rochambeau 2015-05-05

This review is for vintage parfum and Eau de toilette. Everyone who has reviewed this has pretty much summed up Narcisse Noir from every angle, so all I have to say is that the vintage Narcisse Noir parfum is heavy, oily and dense, overripe florals with the underlying note of thick incense like nag champa and a hint of civet. It's strange and off-putting in a good way...sinister even. I wouldn't be surprised if the inspiration for Lancome's Magie Noir came from Narcisse Noir as at some point during the dry down, I keep thinking I smell Magie Noire. In my opinion, the real skankiness comes from the edt concentration: floral indoles right out of the bottle and I love it! However, the EDT lays closer to the skin and doesn't last very long. In some ways I enjoy the EDT's indoles more than the big incense note of the parfum. Whenever, I wear Narcisse Noir I always layer the parfum and EDT to get both. I don't dare try the reformulated version as these two have such big personalities that I know anything else would be a huge disappointment.

Taylor Taylor Swift by herculano 2015-05-05

I bought this AND Fancy Love after I fell in love with a sample of Burberry. Both Taylor and Fancy Love are supposed to be not only identical to each other, but also to Burberry. I couldnt justify spending 80$ at the time for Burberry, but I wanted to smell like Burberry NOW. So I bought these two instead. Another big reason I opted for these two was because I had read over and over that Burberry had poor lasting power... So if I could spend half the money on TWO perfumes that were supposedly identical to Burberry, it seemed a far better deal, and I may find one that has some real staying power to boot.
Ive had a month to get to know Fancy Love, and while I do like it, I have been greatly disappointed with the way it develops, and the fact that it just doesnt last at all on me,
Now to Taylor:
This is not identical to Fancy Love, but its sorta close. You could say very close. Taylor is tangier... more tart ... as others have said, its more apricot up front than peach. Fancy Love has more musk than Taylor, also. The lack of musk in Taylor is not something I miss, as musk is sort of "meh" to me. Another difference; Taylor does not have that quality that develops into a yummy Play Doh scent in my hair, like Fancy Love does. The Play Doh is something I WILL miss, though. Love that.

I do like Taylor a lot. I may even like it more than Fancy Love but I need to wear it a bit more to really know.

Will update later, but as it is now I am seriously considering giving the Fancy Love to my 12 year old niece, and keeping Taylor. If Taylor lasts longer than Fancy Love I will most certainly do this.

As opposed to some other reviewers of this perfume, I do not feel that this is too young for any woman to wear. It may not fit everyone's personality or persona, but its not a perfume that screams teeny bopper in any way. If you read my review of Burberry you will understand what I mean. All three of these perfumes have a nice sophistication to them, while still being fresh fruity florals. They are all undoubtably feminine. They are all fresh, bright, clean, with some creaminess to them.

Next month I will finally splurge on Burberry... and I will review the differences of each of these three similar perfumes.

Portfolio Green Perry Ellis by SadieBluesLady 2015-05-05

"Women's fragrance is a blend of lavender, mandarin, jasmine, musk, black pepper, sandalwood, tonka beans, tobacco, clary sage, orange flower and rosewood"

Perfect for spring!!!

When it was just launched I loved it, must have used 5 or 6 bottles, now I can't find it anywhere.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by synergypsy 2015-05-05

Got this as a GWP from Sephora. Free is nice! I was afraid to select it because Opium choked me and throttled me. So, I hoped it was "toned down", which it is. NO opium. NO spicy incense. NO "black". Forget it, not there. Absent. Which is great for me. Name is a misnomer, and that is probably why this fragrance doesn't get much love. People were expecting one thing and got something else entirely. I get that.

But the something else is very lovely, seriously. This is a sweet, calming, reassuring scent. Meditative, contemplative, untethered, but not soaring. Jasmine, beautifully blended, soft, intermingling with delicate orange blossom. No sharp edges here. I don't get brewed coffee or pepper. If there is coffee, it's coffee bean which can have a warm citrusy note, which I do detect. In the intermediate stages I do get cedar: perfect. It latter stages, there is warm chocolate, but just a hint, and not bitter, not sweet, just the impression of milk chocolate.

Can a fragrance be tooooo well-blended? If so, this may be it. Will I invest in a FB? Not now. Far more expensive than warranted, coat-tailing on the Opium name.

Moment de Bonheur Yves Rocher by jessie.yue.5 2015-05-05

For the first 10 minutes, I could not find any similarities with Chloe. But the dry down does share some common notes. But I really don't think it smells like chloe. Too rosy, not a fan. Don't waste your money on this one if you want Chloe.

Mexx Pure Life Man Mexx by abtin.landi 2015-05-05

It seems to be out of production. Does anyone know if they have re-launched it as s new model?

Simply Jil Sander Jil Sander by glitterlust 2015-05-05

I get Fahrenheit too and that's a great thing.

It opens brightly with a little cologne-citrus tint to the green violet leaf. The violet is there but it's not candy sweet or powdery. There is a tiny hint of the anisic violet from Karleidoscope but that is a balmy oriental and this is certainly a drier chypre in comparison. Then it becomes very leathery in a birch tar kind of way. Very woody, and yes masculine.

Outstanding for a contemporary Jil Sander, something to stand proudly amongst the best scents from this house.

Ghost Ghost by AllyWillems 2015-05-05

P.S If you spray it on paper, it doesn't develop and smells like a very heavy rose-flavoured Turkish Delight, not as classy. I suggest you try it on the skin as it is blends in with your natural scent and is subtle and elegant

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by agnieszka.scislowska 2015-05-05

First I thought It will be veeeryyy sweet. Sugar all over. After testing... Wow Black currant, so delicate choclates, vanilla, tonka and patchouli but not in a men version. It underlines all notes with a simple signature saing "just watching". Full of life full of every aspect of life.

Custom Alfred Dunhill by joe38 2015-05-05

A very pleasant, elegant fragrance.
Few ingredients, but in line with top-notch.
It's not loud, the phenomenon is more subdued, but still absolutely aristocratic, sophisticated and straightforward men's fragrance.
Worthy members of the Dunhill brand of perfume!
I do not feel that this is the age-related perfume ...
Rather, in harmony with the look and dressing.
For me there is a special place among the interesting and unique scents!

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Donna Karan by agnieszka.scislowska 2015-05-05

Like "margarita.angelova" wrote this smells like antiperspirant and You are right:) It is exactly Rexona Blossom Orchard. Nothing more nothing less. Powdery sweet aplle blossom, with a little bitter like in the green version.

Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur by AngieGCarp 2015-05-05

Hmmm let me see...well, provocative maybe, a delicate virgin bride on her wedding night? Continuing the white theme in her lingerie. Not wanting to smell like a dominatrix...this is a gorgeous perfume but like the beautiful country of England in which it came, it is NOT something I would wear to woo my husband to the bedroom. It is a very all around safe perfume to wear. It is a very complex rose and I, loving rose, will wear it everywhere (except the bedroom)...

Don't save your fine perfume for a special occasion...everyday is a special occasion if you choose it to be-AGC

DKNY Red Delicious Donna Karan by agnieszka.scislowska 2015-05-05

Ohhh like them much. I smell there a little champagne notes with raspberries, so young and so fresh. Like a soda drink or something. Sweetness with bubbles.Lether and patchouli notes on me does not exist.

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by agnieszka.scislowska 2015-05-05

It has been one of my favourite since creation, until I've found there a little bitter note, like from cucumber skin or grapefruit. Since then I do not like them so much. Fresh but not sweet, a lillte bitter fragrance. Of course... much much ... to much apples.

Daisy Marc Jacobs by agnieszka.scislowska 2015-05-05

Very polite, smooth fragrance.I do not smeel violets only strawberries , vanilla and jasmin. Very fresh but not soft. Genius to job.

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by agnieszka.scislowska 2015-05-05

I do love them:) So perfect, crushed mint with sugar and citrus... wow !!! First time fresh fragrance stays with me almost all day long.

Nu Yves Saint Laurent by Carah 2015-05-05

On my skin and on my clothes I only smell cardamom and incense, which is rather unattractive and repulsive. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone, I was given it as a gift about 10 years ago and it's still full and unused. The bottle is so cool though, that I enjoy having it as a decoration ;)

Eau de Prep Tommy Tommy Hilfiger by Elizete Araujo Moura 2015-05-05

woody with long silage, sophisticated scent that although male, I love this female use it!!!

Madame Rochas Rochas by AngieGCarp 2015-05-05

I feel like I must have French blood....Madame Rochas is absolutely another Rochas masterpiece. It stands alone in its formulation however here is my way of relating this perfume to another famous Rochas...Madame Rochas is to spring and summer to what Femme Rochas is to fall and winter. It is glorious! I must say however, if you do not like aldehydes that come in the form of perfumes like Chanel may want to skip this one.

Don't save your fine perfume for special occasions...everyday is a special occasion if you so choose...AGC

Emeraude Coty by Miss Muguet 2015-05-05

A lady in the perfume department of a department store introduced me to Diorissimo when I was a girl, and I fell in love. I had my signature fragrance. But when I was living on my own and working as a bank teller, it got too expensive for me. Astonishing, go figure. So I went looking for more affordable substitutes. Muguet des bois, Emeraude... I wore both at different times, liked both, forgot about both. Yesterday I tried a spritz of Emeraude, and wow. I don't remember how it used to smell, but I sure like how it smells now. All I got was patchouli at first, but not the overdone kind my friends wore in the 70s. Then it softened into something delicious. I can't wear a lot of current perfumes because they all have something in them (I'm suspecting it's white florals) that gives me a sick headache. Emeraude, thank goodness, doesn't have whatever it is. On the contrary, it has some magic that compels me to take another sniff and another, to consume it ravenously almost like a forbidden sweet. I never wore powdery scents or Orientals -- those were for my mother. Now I'm wondering if she wasn't on to something great.

Set Sail St. Barts for Men Tommy Bahama by Br'eauDeCologne 2015-05-05

Very good lime/salt/coconut concoction here that wears well in a linear way and has some unique notes. It's not a simple fragrance but don't look for much change in the notes while wearing it.

I really like the fact that it is subtle. It is not one of those screechy kind of fresh things that nearly does you in while getting to whatever the drydown is supposed to be. (An EDT, EDP, or otherwise "intense" version of this may frankly be overwhelming.)

Recommended for a casual and fun scent that won't break the bank.

Light Blue pour Homme Dolce&Gabbana by Pianomelody 2015-05-05

Not bad as a perfume for the summer! perhaps it will come in my collection :D. It opens with bergamot and grapefruit very, very cool, solar, the bottom is warmer and softer .. good overall!

Sillage: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10
Scent: 7/10

Overall: 7.5/10

Dia pour Homme Amouage by aniwolfe 2015-05-05

This is a great scent. It's light, but you can smell it on yourself very easily. Its does have a little bit of a grannie perfume vibe, mixed in with a little bit of Comme des Garcons 2 EDP. It doesn't have an ink note listed, but I do get something that smells similar to it. I also pick up a little bit of leather. The only downside is the price $$$. Longevity is decent (6-8 hrs) and the fact I can smell it without putting my nose close to my skin is a huge bonus.

Wish Chopard by AngieGCarp 2015-05-05

I don't know where the Angel and Wish comparisons came from but I think Wish might be Angels baby teenage sister...I'm a woman...I wear Angel. The only thing I think are the same about these they have pretty bottles with blue juice and silver lids...

Viva la Juicy Gold Couture Juicy Couture by marcela heredia 2015-05-05

I love love love it!!! Its sweet but not sticky and the caramel smell so delicious this makes me feel happy and confident with my self this one have something special it's similar at the vivav la juicy but not the same for me it's better than the original viva la juicy >^.^

Hugo Just Different Hugo Boss by Zaidy 2015-05-05

You would like a review about it? Go buy it. Just go buy it and you will fall in love with it the very first moment.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by FragranceMaster 2015-05-05

Hello everyone, just a warning for you guys, this fragrance has been reformulated and the longevity and projection is no longer beast mode. So please do not do the same mistake i did buying a tester. if you want to buy this scent buy it in the original packaging (tin can) to gurantee the original beast mode projection and longevity

Jasmine Full Montale by canny1234 2015-05-05

Sweet pure jasmine slightly sweetened with orange blossom,with honeysuckle freshness on first spray.I don't get the nasty acrid opening that many mention.This really does smell like the Jasmine garlands I used to buy for my children in Penang's Indian town.These used to scent the apartment for days afterwards,even when turning brown and wilted.
This perfume smells like a true Jasmine soliflore with the orange blossom and Honeysuckle as supporting notes.Jasmine Full is the most beautiful Jasmine perfume I've ever tried.

Sui Love Anna Sui by Beccaru 2015-05-05

I bought a bottle of this purely for old times sake. Its near impossible to find now but I was lucky enough to bag a new 75ml bottle for £30 on eBay. I'm 28 now but I first bought this when I was 16 and it stayed with me through until my early twenties and while never being my no1 go-to scent it definitely holds some wonderful memories!
Anna Sui Love is a bright, juicy, citrusy fusion - its mouth watering without being overly fruity, sweet but not in the sugary sense. Its also pretty unique I have to say, I can't think of anything remotely similar. At 28, I feel like I have slightly outgrown it but you can't resist this one when the sun is shining, I'm taking it on holiday with me this year :)
If you can find a bottle, buy it - this one is almost extinct.
Sunshine in a bottle.

Dolce Floral Drops Dolce&Gabbana by genny17 2015-05-05

I think it is a very nice delicate floral, better than the original, it has more personality, but I feel it is overall soft, and longevity not great! I wouldnt call it Intense!!
It is soft, a bit leafy, the floral notes delicate...only for lovers of softer scents!!
But it is indeed quite pretty!!

Feerie Van Cleef & Arpels by georgetaylor 2015-05-05

Really love the bottle. It is a really nice smell. A little bit simple, at first. Mainly super sweet. Sweet like blue raspberry jolly ranchers or pixie sticks.. Has a citrus tanginess to it.

Once it mellows out, the smell is soft and more floral and complex. Less like sweet candies and more like velvety silk. Easy to wear and easy to like. I would like to sleep in this.

Very happy to have it in my collection. Will bring me sweet dreams.

Le Parfum Elie Saab by georgetaylor 2015-05-05

I recently ordered a bottle of this, and though it is pricey, it is really worth it. It has so many good qualities that people look for in fragrances.

The smell is beautiful. Soft and elegant but long lasting and unique. Very floral, sweet musky start, and it dries out to be so soft, smooth, and sensual.

A must have!

L`eau The One Dolce&Gabbana by anna1987 2015-05-05

such a nice fragrance to wear at any season anytime during the day.
Smells very similar to the one, but it's an eau de toilette and a bit lighter than the original.
I am so sad that they discontinued it, bring it back on the market please!!!

Walk On Air Kate Spade by genny17 2015-05-05

I like this, nice green scent, fresh, floral, I don't find it synthetic, it is well constructed, it is overall quite light, but longevity is not bad at all!!it makes me thing of spring fields, on a warm day..
A bit of Daisy too...

Ghost Ghost by AllyWillems 2015-05-05

Oh my goodness I found it. I found my signature scent.

I've been wanting a rosy scent that isn't too green, and that has enough base notes to last and be a real scent on me rather than a teenage girl floral. I also love vanilla.

This has ROSE AND VANILLA and is sweet in an unusual, mysterious way and it stays close to the skin. Great for everyday and work, but definitely recognisable.

Superdrug had a deal for a 150ml bottle for £29. Last bottle left and last day of the offer, I made the jump. No regrets.

Grey Vetiver Tom Ford by Tassio12 2015-05-05

Gorgeous scent. I love Guerlain Vetiver and always will, and it is difficult to compare the two. Difficult because despite their similarities, there are some obvious differences too. First, Tom Ford's opening is far superior to Guerlain's. I've learned to love Guerlain's harsh opening, but the first ten minutes of Tom Ford Vetiver is just heaven for vetiver lovers. Second - it is a smoother scent. Again, this has been said, but it truly smells smooth while Guerlain smells sharp. Tom Ford is way more versatile - you're not going to get too many "old man" comments. Guerlain has more depth of course, pretty obvious when you look at the notes. Guerlain is much less linear.

Either way,
Guerlain 10/10
Tom Ford 10/10

Unless you are a vetiver fan, I would argue owning both is redundant. And if you're not a vetiver fanatic and you want one, I'd have to go with Tom Ford. Not because it is better but because it is more versatile and yes, modern.

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by gaz525 2015-05-05

Mmmm yummy woody Tonka bean! I don't usually like vanilla but here it's different. I think it's the bergamot in the opening that stops it from being childish sweet vanilla. Don't get me wrong this fragrance is still sweet but in an adult way. The sandalwood and Tonka bean come through after about 15 minutes and that pretty much how it stays,a mix of Tonka sandalwood and vanilla. I can't detect any florals sadly. The sillage is moderate as is the longevity but it creates a cloud around you that does project maybe 4 to 6 feet. Personally I wear this for myself and so love the comforting cloud that sorrounds you. Only negatives for me are that the fragrance doesn't really change,you get the bergamot initially but this is gone quickly and then what your left with is pretty much how it stays. I wouldn't pay full price for this (around £90 UK) but since I got a 90ml bottle for £35 I'm pretty happy with it.

love all Oudh based perfumes...Al Haramain are a quality range

Eros Pour Femme Versace by gypsy parfumista 2015-05-05

Although I have yet to try it, many non-perfumisti have and love it. Its on my list of "must sniffs" and judging from the notes and nose, factoring in designer factor it might just be a hit...

My only question, dearest Donatella, is if you really wanted to run with the mythic thing-why on Earth didn't you call this "Psyche"?? Cmon love story?...Its really a no-brainer. The love of Eros (Cupid) & Psyche is legendary and epic and their names' translations of 'heart & soul' were perfect and rife with possible marketing campaigns....*sighs*

We miss you, Gianni!!

Infinite Intense Bentley by Pinnacos 2015-05-05

Next will be Infinite Intense Supra Extreme, followed by Infinite Intense Supra Extreme Extrait. And they'll both last about 30 minutes.

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