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Valentina Pink Valentino by passionata20 2015-04-28

28. april 2015

I waited some time before writing this review, i have tried it several times, both on test strips and my skin and i wanted to be sure how i feel about it.

The bottle is bit awkward, but this is not about the bottle (doesn´t fit into the whole collection of other Valentinas) I agree with someone below, who said it smells a bit rotten fruit. Yes, there are strawberries and there are blackberries for sure, BUT there is definetely a trace of oud in here. I sware i can smell the oud or it might just be the tricky combination of notes with an amber, which is most likely to be so. I do light praline as well and the whole composition smells nice and unusual, however i can´t get over that "rotten" or "oud" smell, which bothers me. Nothing "sweet" or "innocent" in here, it is gorgeous in some way, yet not an exactly "pink" fragrance as i would expect it to be, based on the bottle. I believe this one is much better during colder time of the year, than during the summer, just my point of view.
I also have a complaint about sillage and lasting power. While on paper strip it smells strong for days and has an amazing drydown, on my skin it dissapears quite quickly and has a limited sillage.
My verdict is i am very undecided about this one, the price is affordable (around 50euros for 50ml) and since itś a limited one, i am most certainly getting it before they discontinue it. I want to try it during wintertme and autumn, hope it will grow on me.

Fougeres Marines Montale by latinkapetrova 2015-04-28

I still wonder if I tried a Montale or a drug store aftershave.

Bvlgari Man Bvlgari by meysam vazifeh 2015-04-28

ابن عطر با بوی گلی و عسل و خس خس (که حس خاک مانندی رو به عطر میده) شروع میشه که البته بوی ضعیف مرکبات هم این نت رو همراهی میکنه .
وقتی عمیق عطر رو بو کنید بعضی وقت ها شما رو یاد عطرهای سنگین و غلیظ پدربزرگاتون میندازه ولی این فقط یه حس ضعیفه
علتش هم وجو روایح صمغی همچون عنبر ، بنزوئین و عسل تو این عطره . البته فکر نکنید که عطر تند و غلیظی هست
در ادامه ، بوی خس خس ضعیفتر شده و عطر حالت چرب مانند به خودش میگیره که شیرین هم هست
ولی اون شیرینی هم بعد از مدتی ضعیف میشه

در نهایت عرض کنم که این عطر خاص نیست ولی واقعا خوشبو هست
کاملا مردانست و مناسب افراد بالای 20 سال - و به غیر تابستان ، در باقی فصل ها قابل استفادست.پخش بوی رضایت بخش وماندگاری متوسط به بالایی

Mukhallat Montale by latinkapetrova 2015-04-28

Smells like a cheap chinese toy or a hardly edible candy with the same origin.

Royal Revolution Katy Perry by Love_heart 2015-04-28

If you live in Australia and went to school before 2000 you will understand this !
This smells like impulse vanilla kisses the one in the yellow can with purple butterfly they don't make anymore ! It is that mixed with leather at times and sometimes with fruity bars that babys eat ! It's so lovely !
My little cousin text me to ask me what I was wearing she said it "smelt like perfection"
And it had left behind the scent on the seatbelt in her sisters car !
I was on holidays at the time so the day I left I gave her the rest of my bottle !

The One Desire Dolce&Gabbana by alice.livings 2015-04-28

I was given a bottle of this by a friend who complained that she felt it made her "smell like an old lady". My opinion was more favourable. It opened with a fresh sparkling pineapple and blood orange before softening to a sweet, smooth redcurrant and lime. Thereafter, it slowly morphed into a lovely, fresh tuberose. Interestingly, on the blotter the tuberose came across as quite synthetic, with little hints of redcurrant peeking through, before evolving into honest-to-goodness gin and tonic with a twist of lime, and an undercurrent of soap, then making way to a sweeter note that, to me, smells more of Turkish Delight than caramel.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by estaesta 2015-04-28

gourmand chai latte insence ultra powder soapy balsalmic orange rind chocolate hiacynth geraniums shaving foam old pepper custard spice gingernut cookies spearmint leather playdoh with heavey dollop of jasmin oils. much easier to wear than the ultra original but just as much a room fillling cloying complaining by others wtf is that cloying smell omg its you smell. i think the shame lies in the fact its no longer a exotic powerhouse monster, but just a very loud too drunk big boob implanted freak that thinks shes hot shit. until it settles down then karen elson sleeks over and says demurely.. excuse me what did you just call me?

i wear it sometimes alone to mock the whore on a camel vibe that cracks me up.

now it smells like pencil shavings : very expensive pencils wtf?

Fate for Men Amouage by atlaseetschristmas 2015-04-28

When I was first reading reviews of this I was totally confused. Some claimed that it was totally bizarre, disgusting, with a heavy dirty armpit note and weird saltiness. Others claimed that it was the most generic or easy Amouage masculine released in years.

Now, when I finally got my nose on it, I kind of understood both viewpoints. It is undeniably cuminy in the opening, but there is so much more going on. The licorice comes out during the dry down and it creates an interesting medicinal sweetness that really works well with the softened immortelle. There are also brief flashes of the wormwood accord recognizable from (my favorite) Memoir. It becomes more and more likable as it dries down. Like a villain slowly showing their soft side.

The first time I wore this the opening gave me an instant headache, but as the scent dried down I became captivated and my nose was glued to my wrist. Since that wearing I have been weirdly craving this and have actually worn it way more than I expected to. It provides an air of seriousness and control. It makes me feel powerful and confident and not too many scents do that successfully. Longevity is above average but not on par with some of the other Amouages, I get about 12 hours. Sillage was average on me for the better. Not my favorite Amouage but definitely a good one!

Domaine du Cap Herve Gambs Paris by sabnet2000 2015-04-28

I was taken aback by this one. It's so different and manly. The aromatic herbs and the fennel (and musk I believe) bring a sweaty, animalic undertone that's present throughout.
It smells like nothing else, very linear and quite pungent on my skin.
It's not a pleasing scent, it's rather scruffy. Yet I think I'd like it. Weird. Need to try that one again...

Présence d'une femme Mont Blanc by tanzp 2015-04-28

not bad got it at a bargin price a great winter scent reminds me of angel

Fleurs d'Oranger Serge Lutens by magda14012 2015-04-28

This scent is like diving in a thick balmy orange perfume pond. From the very first moment it takes you on a journey to a magic garden, with flowers in full bloom. Jasmin is very prominent and so is the orange blossom.The tuberoses here are quite heady, too.
It is not a scent for faint hearted. Still, it manages somehow, not to be sweet and cloying. Fab longevity and projection.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by atlaseetschristmas 2015-04-28

Reviewing the most recent formulation. Not nearly as revolting as some seem to say. Opens up with an obvious civet note, but theres a lot more going on. There is a thick, warm spiciness shining through that makes it really strong. The dry down becomes sweet and leathery but that warm breath of spice and civet still fill in the gaps. Most of the feedback I got while wearing this involved the words "old" and "man". Can't say I don't agree, but there is a certain endearing nature to these dated power fragrances. This is for a confident, borderline-tyranical, possibly coked-up, 80's business-man. Extremely aromatic and powerful.. I much prefer body kouros, but I see the appeal here.

Play For Her Intense Givenchy by shivabglr 2015-04-28

Long review for this underrated gem, only because I care so much about it.

I love orchid flowers and to me they smell like pure luxury. This note also sits beautifully on my skin and is naturally sweet and feminine.

Play Intense is unique. But it remotely reminds me of Flowerbomb Extreme, though more floral and less sweet, and therefore wearable in warm weather as well.

If there were such a thing as "green chocolate" existing, this perfume would be what it smelled like.

Very different from the original Play which is simply a soapy and sweet floral perfume, which I love, but sometimes the pink pepper note becomes too much and it's also got very short longevity and little sillage on me.

We used to have a candle at hour home when I was young, and I always loved the smelled and wanted to rub it all over my body! Anybody who came into hour home always commented on what an amazing scent they are smelling.

Benjoin here has got a waxy (at the same time chocolate-y) character to my nose, and this perfume reminds me SO MUCH of that candle! I'm actually beginning to think it must have been an orchid, citrus and vanilla candle, and I just can't describe the joy I experience when wearing this perfume, reminding me of that beloved, mysterious smelling candle!

Easily unisex, and compliments are cRazy with this.

Longevity and sillage: Again think Flowerbomb/Flowerbomb Extreme, though never as heavy nor cloying.

This perfume could easily be niche, because I smell no flat synthetic vibe (unlike the original Play), and it takes my breath away from the first spray till the very end and takes it even to a higher level.


Gris Clair Serge Lutens by Milk&Belladonna 2015-04-28

Originally, I bought this perfume purely becasue of the lavender note. There is nothing obviously sultry or sensuous, or rich about it, and yet... Once upon a time I was working in a wine shop that also sold cigars. Every Sunday morning there was this tall grey haired man in his late 40s, wearing a fresh crisp shirt, who came in to buy wine and a cigar. And this is what he smelled like: smoke and fresh, clean laundry, with just a hint of sandalwood. Just thinking about it makes me blush a bit, because it was so sexy.

Otherwise, Gris Clair seems to be refreshing enough to be worn even in the hottest summer, but I have yet to test that. I kind of understand the commenters who say this is a "room smell" for them and that it is a bit odd for a person to smell like this. But on skin I don´t find this such a straightforward detergent-like lavendery scent. It certainly has depth thanks to the accompanying notes. All in all it is delectable.

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum Chanel by ilovedior 2015-04-28

Elegant fragrance, lasts for days on clothes, for more than 10 hours on skin (but close to skin).
Poor sillage i think. Until now, I didn't receive compliments!!!
I don't care, I like the smell.

Play For Her Givenchy by JaxTheMinx 2015-04-28

A lovely, yet very familiar smell. I cannot place my finger on what it reminds me of though. Am on my 2nd tester today. It stays close to the skin and fades rather quickly on my skin. A pity.

Oddly, my husband was wearing CK Obsession and I was wearing Play this AM - both freshly applied. The two mingled in our car on the way to work and I felt quite ill - it smelled of Christmas cake loaded with dried fruit/fruit mince! Bleh. I severely dislike heavy brandied fruitcake so I'll not be wearing this one if I'm out with my husband. :)

L'Instant de Guerlain Guerlain by Rebemario 2015-04-28

I have reviewed this fragrance before, I think I jumped the gun on writing the review… I have lived with this lovely perfume a while and it has earned a great respect from me. I thought it before a bit fluffy, young… I am an older woman, lately I haven't been impressed with just anything. Guerlain really shouldn't have come under this label as I do own Shalimar EDP, I only wear it on special occasions. When I am in a mood to be comforted with a scent that is sweet, vanilla and yet complicated I reach for this. It is reserved on a place on my shelf next to my Shalimar, Chanel and Dior, my ultimate favorites because they are not cheap in terms of notes, ingredients even status. This is not too precious as I previously stated, it is amazingly precious not to be without, love it too much!

Uomo Trussardi 2011 Trussardi by AndreiCristian 2015-04-28

Good fragrance
Performance 8/10 ( Last around 6h , decent ,project enough to get compliments , and if you use it in spring/summer / fall days it work good )

Scent 9/10 elegant,verry good for all ocasions , night out party, work , bussines

Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior by shayz 2015-04-28

tried the o d perfume its smells like Disgusting cure
I do not understand how you can wear it
I tried it at work and people moved away from me and told me that smell is not good and Poor
This is very bad perfume that smells like spoiled Lipstick
A lot of noise around this crap
You have to be brave to wear it

Gorgeous, not overly sweet amber & ylang ylang fragrance, that's cosy and also luxurious. I feel so relaxed and comforted when wearing it, and as someone else here mentioned, despite owning over 50 fragrances and tons of samples, I can't find anything in my collection that reminds me of it.

The only problem is that it lacks both sillage and longevity:( Seriously though; No one smells it on me and it's mostly gone after 5 hours. I filled up a small decant to carry it with me all the time, because I love its smell, but for such an expensive fragrance, the lasting power should be better.

Note: Give it 5'-10' to dry when you try it; the first sniff/impression is not the correct one, as it quickly changes when it's absorbed in the skin.

Lovestruck Vera Wang by nirvana95 2015-04-28

This is the only floral fragrance that I can wear and enjoy! The musky notes are more prominent which compliments the floral aspect of the fragrance. I tend to gravitate towards this scent in the colder months and at night time but it is still a wearable daytime scent for all year round.

Joop! Homme Joop! by xxsaphxx 2015-04-28

This smells like sex. It's absolutely mouth watering, and will make any woman fall head over heels. If any man is wearing this, they'd better watch out for the stampede of women chasing after him.

to clarify, it's exactly the same formula as the original EDT.

Santal 33 Le Labo by Perfumedsecrets 2015-04-28

Maybe it's really just cucumber, and combined with the sandalwood and other notes it turns into a pickle.

Vanille 44 Paris Le Labo by shivabglr 2015-04-28

Yes I agree that this is the best vanilla scent ever.

My criteria for a great vanilla scent are these:

- should smell dark, like REALl vanilla, not the candy and cupcake smelling mainstream perfumes
- should be a little citrusy in order not to get cloying
- should be strong, but at the same time light, airy and transparent
- should be wearable in all season

SDV Guerlain came so close, until found it a bit too sweet and warm.

Vanille 44 is a unique and unisex vanilla, and it takes sophistication, balance and beauty to the max. It matches my mood, my taste and my style. If you prefer heavier vanillas (e.g. Mona di Orio Vnille) or wanna smell like you've been eating dessert, I don't judge you.

For God know how long I've been looking for my perfect "sensual" vanilla which smells white and clean, like a skin just washed with a vanilla soap in the shower, and I have found it at last!

This is expensive, but really, really worth it!
Master Morillas nailed it again!

Side note
This stuff also contains hedione. Wink, wink! ;)

A La Rose Maison Francis Kurkdjian by pauroj 2015-04-28

when i first smelled this one i immediately thought juliette has a gun miss charming and then voila same nose!

this is a very light candied rose , soft and sweet

Onyx Pearl Agonist by pauroj 2015-04-28

i tried this today and it is floral velvety is good!!!
i wouldn't buy it but i am so happy i got to check it out

Blanche Byredo by pauroj 2015-04-28

i just got blanche and i am in loooooove so nice , awesome is clean but not laundry clean , just a lovely skin scent makes me feel so fresh

Bois de Violette Serge Lutens by shivabglr 2015-04-28

I'll be honest, I find most Lutens messy. I like the ideas and concepts of his creations, just not his blending style and the way they actually turn out.

Until I found Bois de Violette!
At least one he got right!

Still not sure if I want to commit to a full bottle, but it's a beautifully balanced unisex violet and I definitely want a decant.


Ok, so I reviewed twice the 2014 version because that's what I own. Mind you, I only wear this lovely thing on special occasions, when I want to blow someone's mind or when I am feeling like I need a pick up emotionally. This is my sacred potion, a perfume akin to Chanel no 5 in making me feel like the rich bitch I fantasize I am in my head! :) So, you must know, I do not use this very often, I save it. Today, I was finally able to purchase the illusive iridescent box, Mr. 2012.... As much as I loved my 2014 version, I just had no idea, this version is like 2014 x's 10. Amazing, that feeling I get when I wear my Addict is sadly surpassed in warmth, strength and I just sense more intricacies, its just too much. This one is going to allow me to wear my other version more freely, more often. This perfume is so amazing to my senses that I would be willing to narrow my purchases down to my Bal A Versailles, Chanel no 5 and my Addict. It really is that good. My advise? Get a bottle if you are at all interested, it is worth the pretty penny you will spend if the notes above at all interest you, you won't be disappointed. My next venture? If this is this good, I'm going to track down the 2002 version and I will review that as well, God bless! :)

Florabellio Diptyque by Cerulean 2015-04-28

I was at the Diptyque boutique the other day, and the wonderful lady there kindly sprayed this on my hand. It is a very nice spring fragrance to my nose. It smells a bit salty, and the coffee beans leave a very clever hint that makes it nostalgic. I think the concept is spot on (capturing a trail from the woods and flowers down to the beach)

It smells the same throughout, and longevity on my arm is great, especially for a summer/spring fragrance. That scent reminds me of the 90s in a very good way.

Still, Philosykos will always be my Diptyque summer King. Having said that, I am just using this sample drop by drop and leaning towards purchasing a 50ml bottle (for those easy and relaxing summer mornings that my Kouros will take a rest)

Chrome Legend Azzaro by vmann393 2015-04-28

Now this is one of those scents that has a WOW factor, the way this is made is beyond my first bottle I had from this house was chrome I really wanted to give Legend a try and thank god I did it's very pleasant nice inviting type of a scent performance is really good, I love this scent for two reasons one is you can wear it to work ect and works really good in summer as well lasting power on this easy 6 plus hours projects at least 3,5 feet away, the compliments are by far just insane with this scent I had this on at work and I had 4 compliments from my customers in one day

Scents 10

Silage 9

Projection 10

Overall 10

Emblem Intense Mont Blanc by AND-MAT 2015-04-28

Is it just me or the other Emblem is much more intense then this one? Weird! This one is softer and kind of weak and the smell isn't something special at all! A downgrade to the already generic emblem! IDK... I might be the only one who feels this.

Vanilla Fields Coty by Kiera79 2015-04-28

This is harsh and synthetic to me. I get vanilla, but in a plasticky kind of way that I am not liking.

Goldleaf Thymes by Kiera79 2015-04-27

I did not like this one at all. It smells very synthetic and heavy to me.

Tiare Coconut Lucy B by Kiera79 2015-04-27

This smells like musky sweet-tarts to me. Not good.

Pink Victoria`s Secret by innovativemomma 2015-04-27

This was my signature scent in 2002-2003. Every time I got close to the end I bought a new bottle. Now every time I smell it I remember when my ex husband and I were planning our wedding and it puts a smile on my face.

This is a nice floral at first, but then dries down really green, powdery and perfumy. Old lady.

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by deadidol 2015-04-27

Well, it's a sweet blob of something. I can't pull a single note out of it, but I'm guessing it's supposed to be vanilla? To my nose, the main notes are 1 Million, Spice Bomb, The One, and several of those scent with ponies on the bottle. It's very sweet, very characterless, and will be right at home on the Macy's counter. It didn't give me a headache, which is plus!

I can't imagine this was composed by anything other than a computer program or market data or an equation something. I'm sure the accompanying ads are really high quality and well made, though.

I honestly don't know how people tell these things apart.

I get smokey amber from this. Not my favorite from this line.

This has been reformulated FOR SURE. The early renditions of this circa 2008-9 had a very prominent rosy apple note which was pervasive throughout the scents life. The current version is just synthetic lavender, which is why it goes for such rock bottom prices at discount stores. It debuted at Nieman's initially back in 2008. I suspect the fragrance was reformulated around 2011.

Rosarium Angela Ciampagna by deadidol 2015-04-27

This is like Calling All Angels on a diet to me. It has that same balsamic-gourmand take on incense, only its density is closer to the infamous CdG series than the more sugary April Aromatics scent. And I think that’s Rosarium’s real strength: there’s a lot of restraint at work given the fragrance's theme and the materials involved. It’s cedar and rosewood (I think) with a coating of honeyed vanilla and a standard frankincense. Included, however, is the tiresome aldehyde C-12 that gives Avignon it’s chill, but here it’s tucked away to minimize the material’s industrial feel, allowing the warmth of the honey to shine through instead. The C-12, which is essentially a wonky pine-smelling material, is strong enough to clash with the honey though — especially once the frankincense has died down and the gourmand notes have elevated. It dries down to a uninspired ambroxan base, which is a bit of a let-down as the ambroxan swells up and swallows everything else. Rosarium is not wildly original, but it takes a decent stab at attempting to bridge two disparate genres (liturgical incense and gourmand) without trying to rewrite either one of them. Sadly, I find that these genres clash too much, largely because of the pine vs. honey battle, and so this was a tough one for me to wear. It won’t satiate the sweetest of teeth, nor could it be used to bury the dead, but it might hold some appeal for folks who want their gourmand and liturgical incense experience combined. I’m not that person, though.

Clean Rain Clean by Kiera79 2015-04-27

I get a lot of melon in this. It's a really nice, light, fruity with a bit of floral kind of scent. This might be my favorite of all the Clean scents I've tried.

Nox Angela Ciampagna by deadidol 2015-04-27

I love hinoki and often wear it as a solo note, but to me, it's like a dressed-up cedar. Nox places hinoki at the center of the composition, but blurs the focus in a way that neither transforms the note into something larger than itself, nor features it in the way that draws out its best points. The leads to a perfume that smells a bit Declaration-cumin to me — which isn’t a bad thing, but doesn’t strike me as the greatest treatment of hinoki.

Essentially, what this scent does is to adds greenery to a note that’s best served dry. There’s a patchouli in there (earthy and green) and some coniferous / herbal items that are too subdued to register as anything specific. The result is almost like hinoki through a green filter — the image tinted into a slightly unrecognizable state. Fortunately, the scent is quite airy so you’re not getting clubbed down with heavy notes, but the overall effect isn’t holding my attention in the way I wish it would. It’s not as confident a composition as others in the line, and personally, I’d rather wear the hinoki by itself. Nox doesn’t smell bad, but it is a tad uninspired and a bit uninspiring.

Liquo Angela Ciampagna by deadidol 2015-04-27

Part of me really likes what Ciampagna did with Liquo, but another part of me wants to fiddle with the levels a bit. This scent places a prominent hay note that’s clean and green (and only a smidgeon horsey) up against an anise that’s a tad too feeble to stand its ground. It’s as if the focus is on the hay and the licorice is just along for the ride despite feeling like it should play a bigger role. The thing is, one false slip with licorice notes and you’re plummeting face first into candy hell, and Liquo doesn’t do that at all — the accord is kept well in check. But the resulting problem is that the hay is almost too prominent in the mix until much later on when things have mellowed out some more.

For those of you familiar with Sova, the hay draws a parallel as they’re both sharing the same material. But whereas Sova is a sensory barrage, Liquo is minimalist by comparison. It feels far more refined and mannered than Sova, but that’s not a knock against Sova (one of my faves) — they’re just different aesthetics. This scent has the crafty, rustic feel of others in the line, but it’s melancholic and dusty as well — the lingering ghost of an herb stand in the Mercato Centrale that has closed its doors for the night (I googled Mercato Centrale to sound more cultured). Liquo creates an impression of a bouquet of dried, herbal lavender but I would never peg it as a lavender scent, per se. It's suspended over a powdery base (tonka merging with lavender to my nose) but it’s respectfully dialed back to let the hay shine, warming up the longer you have it on your skin.

Liquo is as melancholic as it is calming; the apothecary feel is unmistakable, but it’s a dusty and hazy kind of fragrance — one that feels mellow and peaceful. It’s not quite right for me, but it’s an impressive scent all the same. Definitely a highlight of the line, and this is the scent that I’ll think of whenever the line gets mentioned.

Kanat Angela Ciampagna by deadidol 2015-04-27

I'm totally smitten with the opening of Kanat — it almost smells like a sheet of metal crossed with nail polish remover. It’s so utterly strange, yet not unpleasant in the slightest. My guess is that it’s the cassis that's responsible — a material which, if not handled right, imparts an obnoxious cat pee effect. It’s so well managed here, though. Within minutes, it begins to smell more recognizably botanical and earthy with a fuzzy peach that sits perfectly in the blend. While it’s hard to pinpoint what the florals are (jasmine?), they’re present and definitely floral. The opening is seriously one of the most attention-getting things I’ve smelled in some time.

The disappointing part of this scent, though, is that the amazing opening sequence is strung over a mediocre vanilla base that shows up all too soon. Although it’s not a bad base unto itself, it just doesn’t convey any of the brilliance of the opening, and it ends up smelling too much like ice cream. Personally, I think a watery, earthy base would have suited this more, but I suspect the vanilla makes this easier for people to handle and gives more support where support is needed. The result though, is that the scent has the strangest transitional phases that simply don't make sense.

Whereas others in the line remind me considerably of Rania J, this one reminds me a great deal of the style you find in Soivohle — acrobatic transitions and really inventive combinations. In fact, as Kanat winds its way down to the base, it smells a bit like Soivohle’s Dog Star — which has a distinct vanilla ice cream feel to it as well. This is worth smelling for the opening alone, and even though I found the base to be a let down, it’s still a solid base to have. If nothing else, Kanat a testament to what this perfumer can do and the kind of ideas she's putting out there.

Hatria Angela Ciampagna by deadidol 2015-04-27

Hatria is the line’s token soapy rose, but it starts off with dizzying combination of (what smells to me like) grapefruit, berries, spices, burned chocolate, oud, and coniferous items. It’s bombastic and overwhelming. Part of what makes it so overwhelming is not just the volume (it is very, very loud), but the discord of bitter rose alongside soap and charred semi-gourmand items that, although they smell edible, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to put in their mouths. The degree of discord is akin to A*Men (although this smells nothing like A*Men) in that has a similar visceral effect on me, and it’s not a good one.

After fifteen minutes or so, Hatria calms down a notch, but it’s still a foghorn of a fragrance; the syrupy rose and the weirdly savory-sweet undercurrent remain intact throughout much of this stretch. It’s an dextrous effect, clearly one that's well thought out, but I personally find it too burdensome and too over the top to handle. After thirty minutes or so, it’s mainly bitter rose in which the soapier facets surface more and more — and that’s where it ends up and stays for quite some time with boozy moments popping up here and there. Once the clattery opening has died off, I find that it’s a bit easier to take, but at that point I'm exhausted by it.

This is so far beyond my comfort zone as I generally dislike prominent rose notes, soapy perfumes, and scents that smell like an avant-garde meal. I’d say that it’s accomplished and give it credit for being as bold as it is, but it’s only going to appeal to a specific audience. There’s nothing subtle here; it’s screaming from start to finish. Although it doesn’t smell modern, it has none of the old-world charm that others in the line convey. If you like screechy Montales, the complexity of older Amouage, and are okay with cavalcade of concepts, it’s worth a sniff. Although it ends up as fairly linear soapy rose, that opening is total insanity, which, I'm sure would map onto someone’s personality quite well.

Ducalis Angela Ciampagna by deadidol 2015-04-27

The whole Angela Ciampagna line reminds me of Rania J’s line — well put together blends for the most part, but a tad dated-smelling and too removed from my own preferences. Ducalis reminds me the most of Rania J’s overall aesthetic (a line that is similarly distanced from my style), only this one’s quite unpleasant.

What makes it unpleasant is the over reliance on dryness that’s the result of a norlimbanol kind of material (lots of it) — an aroma chemical so harsh that it’ll sear your nostrils and knock your nose out of commission for a few hours if you smell too much of it. Although there’s no risk involved of that happening here, the effect is just too forceful. It's as though it's being deployed as a featured note rather than a background effect which is not a good move at all. The rest of the scent seems to be a earthy, botanical, almost fungal take on oud, thrown together from a bunch of different notes: rose, pine notes, leather. It somewhat maps onto the style of Rania’s Oud, and perhaps even Piguet’s Oud, but it’s not a patch on Rania’s yet it's several levels above the Piguet (which is a hideous, hideous perfume). If it wasn’t for the norlimabol spill, this might be more tolerable, but I’m struggling to understand this scent’s place in the lineup. It’s the worst of the line for me by far.

Aer Angela Ciampagna by deadidol 2015-04-27

An herbalized, semi-retro take on a modern vetiver. This one’s juniper-powered with a great mint leaf opening, so it has that herbal-fresh berry-esque thing going on. Usually juniper spells disaster for me, but it’s handled with care here and it sits well with the vetiver to produce an aerated fresh scent that smells neither harsh nor overly angular. In that regard, I think Aer is a confident take on a mainstream fresh masculine but with more of a wildcrafted feel to it. The name seems appropriate as it conjures in my mind an (admittedly) idyllic image of what I envision the Italian country side smells like. It also smells crafty, but with none of the negative baggage that can come with that term; it’s more like a formula that’s been handed down through a family for decades or something. The only real gripe I have with it is that after an hour or so, most of the great opening notes are gone, and you’re left with a pleasant but standard-issue Iso E and vetiver base. Having said that, I still find Aer to be one of the better offerings from the line — one that’s very easy to get along with. I'd recommend this more for fans of herbal aromatics than anything.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by SniffSniff83 2015-04-27

Blind buy and love it. It's like wearing a light blue soft calf leather jacket perhaps with vanilla in the pockets to be dramatic. Whimsical but classy to me also. I don't see why it's labeled for men since that is a turnoff to women that would never wear a man's fragrance; really should be unisex.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Serville 2015-04-27

People say "Perfume scent is highly personal". This is true. I bought all the hypes, so I blindedly bought it.
The first few minutes after spray, I REALLY HATE it because it smells like something is burning ......99% resemblance to sharp Indian incense. I almost cried spending $70 for this smell. I asked my sister & she said "You smell like incense"...OMG she is so right. I went to the living room & my 70-year old mother was reading newspaper. She looked up & asked "Is someone burning incense in this house?". OMG, I almost cried hearing this.

Fortunately 15 minutes after spray, the drydown is becoming sweeter & nicer. The burning scent is almost gone, and I actually began to like it.

20 min after spray, it smells very nice.
But the first 15 min is like a nightmare for proven by my sister's opinion & my mother's innocent question. In the end I think I really like this perfume, but I personally object to going out of the house right after spraying least not until the 15-min of madness subsides.

Diva Emanuel Ungaro by andjela 2015-04-27

Simply beautiful...

Eau Sauvage Christian Dior by aqua_de_la_vita 2015-04-27

afraafra sums it up best...."still modern" now over 42 years. Out of all Dior's men fragrance this juice has it all. The beautiful citrus notes delicately balanced with a herbal aromatic aroma of rosemary, basil and oakmoss. The dry woodsy notes of sandalwood elevates this frag giving it a real attractive/classy aroma. There's a definite fruity scent making it refreshing.
Longevity and Silage is better than moderate lasting 8hrs sprayed on my skin 2x.
Finally thoughts,
When I think of a CLASSIC soapy/green /citrusy frag's....I think of 3 kind. YSL Pour Homme, Armani eau pour homme and without a doubt Eau Sauvage. Dior is the only one who has kept this amazing juice whereas YSL and Armani have reformulated there's... (much prefer the original version )
Dior...As the expression goes...if it's not broken, don't fix it! This has to be in the top 5 classic frag's of all times. What else...10/10

Vanisia Creed by lilalina 2015-04-27

Very old-lady like, Classic in that sense.. Just not modern enough for me.

The Cobra and The Canary Imaginary Authors by SchopenhauersNose 2015-04-27

Thanks to my Scent Trunk subscription, whose praises I will continue to sing, The Cobra and the Canary is the very first niche fragrance that I ever had the pleasure of putting on nose on. It also may very well be one of my favorite smells that I’ve ever experienced from a bottle.

The notes are (undifferentiated top-middle-bottom): lemon, orris, tobacco flowers, leather, hay fields, and asphalt. It was created by Josh Meyer in 2012 by the Imaginary Authors. The press blurb for the fragrance reads: “When a tip from a clairvoyant leads a 23-year old Neal Orris [really? Orris? really?] to a rural Connecticut barn housing his decreased father’s secret obsession, a pristine 1964 Shelby Cobra Roadster, it is the getaway ticket he as desperately searching for. After liberating his best friend Ike from his dead-end job on the family farm, the two hit the open highway. Aiming for the Palm Springs race tracks, their journey is a blur of seedy motels, cool swimming pools, hot debutantes, cocktails, and cigarette smoke. Each stop finds the friends inventing new pseudonyms and personas for themselves, their innocent game hurtling into the depths of decadence and desolation.”

It opens with a bright, grassy lemon and a soft, dewy, hippy-ish hay note that smells like it has a soupcon of patchouli and intense mixed in with it. As always, the citrusy top quickly disappears and a subtle, luscious rubber note (not industrial, not chemical, so banish that thought!). It’s like the barest hint of fresh tennis shoes that have just played a game on a grass court. On the top of all of this, there’s a tobacco note – again, unlike most tobaccos you might be familiar with. As you can tell from the notes, it’s actually tobacco flower, which is probably what lends itself to the leather accord, too – a leather that smells like it’s from a high-end English or French equestrian shop. Believe it or not, the leather note is light, almost citrusy, and floral. It’s absolutely stunning.

In the dry down, the leather/tobacco flower never quite goes away, and that’s how it softly dies down on my skin. If you could distill the dog days of summers long gone into a singular scent, this would have to be it. I’m still young, but I’ve always had a fondness for nostalgia, and this is it. For anyone interested in a tobacco that’s not chokingly masculine, but rather a fresh, grassy one that breathes on its own, definitely look into this. It might be the tobacco for everyone who thought they previously hated the tobacco note. I plan on treating myself to a bottle as soon as I can and spending long spring nights with my nose buried in my wrist.

Sunshine Amouage by cheekychee 2015-04-27

Sunshine reminds that I am somehow happier than you. Like my sunshine is made from finer and better smelling sun beams. Was Effy wearing this at the Capitol last Hunger Games?
Sunshine does smell beautiful; juicy, suede. So well built that one bottle should last a lifetime.
I adore it, but my tastes are a little more refined than yours. So.

Panorama Olfactive Studio by mathieuq613 2015-04-27

OPen realy nice! after 5min nothing but a weird sugar vibe that I cant stand what a disapointement!!!!!

1/10 I had high expectation from this one!!!!

Florabotanica Balenciaga by lesgalaxies 2015-04-27

I recall first brushing this one off as too powdery and boring and instead purchased Rosabotanica, its fresher, livelier sister.

After a few months I gave Rosa to a friend who commented on it each of the very few times I wore it out. She loves and savors it for special occasions, as she is not a perfumista like most of us here! So that made me happy, and it turns out I wasn't too sad parting with it.

While testing the latest summer additions at Nordstrom I came back to this one and thought, "I wonder if you're any different than before" and AH! Sooooooo instantly infatuated. No powder, no soapiness - this time it left me on a cloud of soft green bliss.

Fresh but subtle is how I'd describe this - gentle and herbaceous, nothing overpowering or obnoxious about this. Rose is a little less prominent on me, I actually mostly project green notes so I got a lovely dose of mint on top of vetiver with only teensy bits of carnation that deepen the freshness to an aromatic, full scent. Cannabis is a clear player in this, but does not overtake any aspect of the composition.

Also, longevity is kind of insane. Tested in the store, came home, could still smell on my skin several hours later and then the next morning caught whiffs of it!

This is one lovely, delicious garden!

Wish Chopard by Eugirlsniffs 2015-04-27

I don't know Angel but this smells exactly like Madame Gres on my skin. I like it. Lasts for a few hours, even longer on clothes.

Hajar Syed Junaid Alam by 1skyblue 2015-04-27

The bottle in person looks very cheap and nothing like the picture. It is perhaps the ugliest cheapest tackiest looking bottle I have ever seen. They must have changed the way it is made because it is so ugly it must be destroyed. Can't even gift this one to a 12 year old, just looks really bad. Sad, sad, sad on their part.

Florabellio Diptyque by Asaskian 2015-04-27

It's sweet, floral sweet, a hint of marine, then fennel mingling with a faint whiff of coffee, or is it??
And no, don't particularly like it or dislike it.
Despite linearity in perfumes from Diptyque, there is always something intriguing, something just right, something so "diptyque"!
This one... not really.
It becomes a faint jumble of scents.
Not graceful, but just a soft jumble.

It might have been a commercial perfume in a generic bottle and we wouldn't be so crestfallen. But, since one is looking at the bottle, the label with the beautiful sketch within that trademark Roman-shield oval....
perhaps I expected more, just perhaps.

Rose Jam Lush by princessmorbux 2015-04-27

I fell in love with this in a bath bomb I got from here...I wish they still sold this fragance, I would buy it in a heart beart :( It's so rose-y and delicious at the same time. 10/10

Love Spell Victoria`s Secret by princessmorbux 2015-04-27

I used to love this now I just find it annoying :( It's kinda cute though, like a right of passage.

Hi people, this review is just to say how happy this fragrance makes me feel, from the first spray to the last dry down, its fruity and very fresh, little bit of sweetness not cloying but rater pleasant, and its almost natural not synthetic at all jus little bit of woodiness in the far background its a happy fragrance for spring and summer, very good from Lacoste...

L Gwen Stefani by princessmorbux 2015-04-27

I love love love this perfume! I'm surprised so many people dislike it. I always get compliments on it. I think it must wear differently on certain people. Very strong rose and pear notes. It's green, fresh, floral, a little aquatic. I will probably buy another bottle but am looking for a good dupe since it's discontinued

Sucre Noir Arte Profumi by BERENGARIA 2015-04-27

Thank you for your advice Penguin 1010. I will hopefully be able try this lovely perfume.

Angel Thierry Mugler by Nicole5678 2015-04-27

Angel....I've been trying to understand this perfume since the 90s when, as a teenager, I was enchanted by the bottle. This perfume is a floral-yet-somehow-still-edible beast. I want to eat my arm and rip it off at the same time. I love it. I hate it. I want to say it's tacky but it's not the least bit cheap. I want to say it's too sweet, but it's got a woodsy heart. It's heavy and heavenly at the same time. It's perverse. A sticky sweet yet muscular intellectual challenge. I love it but I hate it but I love it.

Dream Angels Heavenly Victoria`s Secret by princessmorbux 2015-04-27

Ok, some how I ended up with two bottles of this stuff and I hate it. Smells very old to me. Too musky and powdery. It's floral, after about 2 hours during wear it starts to smell like hairspray. My boyfriend says he likes it and sometimes I end up wearing it but....yuck!

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by bamacharm 2015-04-27

A couple of minutes after spraying Spice Bomb to my arm, it reminded me of Yves Saint Laurent Opium Pour Homme. They have no common notes but, somehow, I still get that Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum aroma albeit with added spice.

This is a very pleasant fragrance although weaker than I expected. The drydown is slightly powdery. Hanae Mori HiM (bronze bottle) is very, very similar except that HiM has an amber accord that is missing in Spice Bomb. They both share a cinnamon opening.

I do like Spice Bomb but if forced to choose between the two, I would select the Eau de Parfum version of Hanai Mori HiM. I find it more classy and better suited for nightime wear. You could wear Spice Bomb in the daytime and apply HiM on top of it for the evening.

White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor by SammMinajj 2015-04-27

Overall, I really love this fragrance. The almost baby - powederness gives it a nice light scent and a really fresh dry down.

L Gwen Stefani by 2015-04-27

This is one of my top fragrances. I adore it. I don't think it smells great on everyone and I'm not exactly sure why. But I always get compliments on it. I have gone through 3 bottles of it and am about to order more. My boyfriend says it smells of straight roses and I think that is what I detect most on myself as well. I do smell notes of jasmine and sweet pea, faint peach and pear. It is also slightly aquatic to my nose. I'm looking for something similar, with a slightly sweeter, maybe even cotton candy or marshmallow note. Any suggestions?

Sucre Noir Arte Profumi by penguin1010 2015-04-27

Thanks for the orchid info, Megrim! That was educational and helpful...I know I learned something, anyway! :-) What did you think of Sucre Noir?

Berengaria, I am not sure if you can buy it in the UK, but I know you can't in the US. I ordered direct by emailing info @ and paying via Paypal. If you email them and ask, they may even send you samples! I have yet to be disappointed with the quality of ANYTHING from this house, having now blind-bought four of their fragrances. :-)

Eau Sauvage Christian Dior by ShotsK 2015-04-27

Just picked this one up. After three wears I like how it smells and how it makes me feel wearing it. It's a summer skin scent. You get sillage when you sweat. Very clean yet not too clean. Lasts 12hrs on my skin. Sometimes I worry too much about ingredients, I smell lemon and good stuff, my gf smells iris. lemon/iris whatever, it is good stuff it is.

Aye, it's good stuff!

Sucre Noir Arte Profumi by BERENGARIA 2015-04-27

Does anyone know if you can you buy this anywhere in the UK ?

Casmir Chopard by Vassallos girl 2015-04-27

Bought this as a blind buy based on the amazing amount of positive reviews. I really was excited when it finally arrived in the mail. I tried it on right away and WHOA this was NOT PLEASANT in the least. But I know the rules and I waited. Kept sniffing my wrist. Nope. Half hour later still nope. This is exactly dead on when people are saying it smells of baby doll heads, plastic, yuk. Soooo disappointing. Actually I spritzed it on again tonight as I am typing this to give it my honest review. It's been a few weeks since then and tonight it smells just as disturbing. I did check the date on bottle and it's not old. This is just so old ladyish and plastic smelling on me. I really wanted to like it. I do have this bottle on eBay for resale if you would like. (QnGsMom) hope this review helped.

Panda Zoologist Perfumes by SchopenhauersNose 2015-04-27

Usually the promotional material that goes with a fragrance is useless, but this one is both beautiful and apropos, so let me reproduce it here: “The adorable panda is a born charmer and true ambassador of peace. Indigenous to the Sichuan bamboo forests, the panda’s natural habitat is a majestic mosaic of dewy greens and enchanting aromas.”

This was released just last year, in 2014, by Zoologist under the nose of Paul Kiler. One of the things that makes this perfume so beautiful is that it’s one of the first scents that successfully tells a story and puts you in a unique place. The aromas are enchanting, the greens are dewy; the poetry of the advertising isn’t thoughtless fluff, but you can tell that it obviously informed every step of the perfume construction, and that’s one of the many things that makes it as lovely as it is.

This is an EDP concentration. The notes include at the top: Buddha’s hand citron, bamboo, Sichuan pepper, green tea, mandarin (Get it? Mandarin? China? Oh nevermind) , and zisu leaves. In the heart: osmanthus, orange blossoms, lilies, mimosa, and incense, and at the base: sandalwood, pemou root, cedar, fresh musk, Haitian vetiver, and damp moss. For those of you unfamiliar with zisu, it is native to China and, according to an article I found online, “the extract and volatile oil of zisu (Perilla frutescens) has shown significant antipyretic effect in rabbits and antiemetic effect in pigeons. So, rabbits and pigeons might want to especially try this one out. It is officially a unisex perfume (as most niche scents claim to be), however more on this below.

So what does this smell like? In the opening, I get a blast of wholly natural-smelling bamboo and fresh greens. It’s so sharp it’s as if you’re so close to the panda, you can see her tearing off the outer layer of the bamboo with her teeth. It’s something like a freshly mown lawn, but a lawn in Sichuan that has wild green tea and bright white florals growing like weeds in it. After the bamboo wears a bit (it never wholly disappears), the flowers start to rise. At first, I thought it might have been gardenia or something similar – but on looking up the notes, it must be osmanthus. This is another one of the things that I love about the construction. Instead of going for the easier-to-get, more affordable notes, Paul Kiler chose a flower that was autochthonous to the region. This only enhances the beauty of the picture the scent visually creates.

In the dry down, I get the softening of the green tea along with the barest hint of peppercorn (again, hints of the Sichuan). Unfortunately, the only note that really remains after a couple of hours and takes the time to fully develop on my skin is the osmanthus (and perhaps the lily). Guys (and gals) who enjoy feminine, green floral scents would adore this, but I’m just not one of them, especially when it’s one of the final scents that lingers on and on.

This is only the second niche scent that I’ve ever smelled, and I instantly realized (as I did with the first one) what people mean when they say that they’re wholly unlike anything you can find in Dillard’s or Macy’s. This has uniqueness written all over it, and tells a wonderful story. It’s a beautiful scent, and I would love to smell it again on someone who handles florals better than I do, but at the end of the day, it’s just not for me.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs by female 2015-04-27

What a disappointment. Although there is nothing special from the smell, I don't mind it. It is fresh floral fruity. It's just that this doesn't last and the projection is very very weak. I am not going to buy this again. IMO, this doesn't worth the money.

Better buy myself some Cussons baby cologne, much cheaper and similar longevity.

The bottle is cute, though.

L'Heure de Nuit Guerlain by Fragrantlife 2015-04-27

I just bought this beauty! This is what happens whenever I go to Montreal: I am so excited about being able to sniff some niche or higher end perfumes that I just cannot exert any cool self-control. It's the equivalent of the "now or never" deal.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not!

So what do I love about it?

It starts bitter and powdery which is something I happen to adore. It may be the heliotrope (although there is no vanilla effect at this stage) or maybe some roots iris. Maybe there is some hidden violet?

As it develops, the iris, musk and sandalwood become more present. It still is dry and powdery, with little or no rich or high pitched floral notes. Frankly, the listed jasmine and orange blossom are lost on me.

But then... The dry down... It is simply magnificent. A very delicate yet present guerlinade. Iris and heliotrope are clearly present and so is sandalwood. No vanilla per se, but one gets the dry soft vanilla feeling.

As for comparisons: yes I can smell a bit of l'Heure bleue... minus any spices. Since my skin just projects spices, l'Heure bleue ends up smelling somewhat like Mitsouko, which itself ends up smelling like dried moss and spice (and I mean dry... as in stale). So for me, l'Heure de nuit is like how l'Heure bleue should smell: tender, beautiful, a bit nostalgic, without the old arid desert scent of dry and unforgiving spices.

But mostly, I find L'heure de nuit to be a more a approachable (and likeable) Après l'ondée... Less violet and green, but still delicate, dry and powdery.

In fact, L'Heure de nuit is the most perfect combination of two perfumes I loved from afar, but could never wear... Spices and violets are not for everyone...

So thank you, Thierry Wasser.

McGraw Tim McGraw by ecojoe69 2015-04-27

This is a pleasant enough scent for the price. I would describe it as vanilla, sweet boozey and spice- like most everyone else has. It shares many of the same qualities as Michael Korrs- and note that I don't say it smells like it because it only has a faint resemblance.
Call me crazy, but when I first spray this on I think it smells just like those old, orange childrens aspirins that I think were supposed to be orange flavored.
I like it for a cheap everyday, manly smell.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by zinski19901 2015-04-27

I smelled this in store a while ago and thought it was one of the nicest fragrances I've ever smelled. I might pick one up sometime. Don't understand the hate and amount of dislikes on it either

Red Rose Al-Rehab by chuwey 2015-04-27

totally kenzo Flower.
I have kenzo Flower when i first receive this(Oil version) and Yes, they are similar. But Red Rose more heavy and strong. But still, similar.
The best thing about this is, there were never too much. No matter how strong, it doesnt get me that headache.

I'll try their 35ml bottle and see how good it is.

I love soft perfumes and detest very strong ones, but this is way too soft! I poured a fair bit onto myself by accident (it was a sample) and could hardly smell it even right on application.

On me, the scent is vey linear - musky rose all the way. Pleasant enough but definitely a letdown.

Tsar Van Cleef & Arpels by zinski19901 2015-04-27

Not bad. It smells great and like sophistication

Dalal Al-Rehab by chuwey 2015-04-27

agree with below.. sweet soapy scent..
That's all. The opening kinda loud. I prefer to rub it on my clothes,

360° Red for Men Perry Ellis by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

Great stuff when your working out

360° Red for Men Perry Ellis by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

Great stuff when your working out

Not for me. Way too sweet. Put me in mind of my sisters' first Bonne Belle from when we were kids. Our house is surrounded by rampant honeysuckle and it doesn't smell like this. I gifted it.

Just Confess You`re Obsessed Benefit by kelli.marie 2015-04-27

SO...basically we had to give up all of Crescent Row for this scrubber?? It's just. so. generic.

Cuba Prestige Cuba Paris by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

Good stuff

Beach Walk Maison Martin Margiela by Shadow_Witch 2015-04-27

I am finally testing this one this very minute. I wasn't expecting much from the fragrance notes and the reviews I read. I own and adore Bobbi Brown Beach. I wish I could afford Bond Fire Island. Beach Walk smells like neither. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Why anyone says it does is beyond my understanding. It does remind me a little of Demeter Salt Air but just for a moment. Beach Walk starts with coconut and dries down to a creamy floral that on my skin smells just like my long gone and dearly missed Stila Creme Bouquet, only BETTER. I love coconut therefore coconut makes everything better! Stays close to the skin. Not a sillage monster but it does have decent staying power. UPDATE: hours later, The "Creme Bouquet" is long gone. All that is left on my skin is coconut and Demeter Salt Air. Fun but I won't be purchasing a full bottle. If I can get the rollerball on sale, I might, but not the full bottle. I don't love it enough.

Boss Bottled Night Hugo Boss by zinski19901 2015-04-27

Best cologne ever. Out of all the bottles of different frangrances I have some cheap and some over 100 bucks this is the one I've recieved the most compliments on by both women and other men. I loved it when I first tested it and find myself wearing it most out of all my other bottles. It's just the perfect woodsy and floral scent in my opinion. Another strange thing is it seems to project on me more than other stronger colognes do.

Chrome Azzaro by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

Smells like a Wendy's restroom after they cleaned it...

Choco Musk Al-Rehab by chuwey 2015-04-27

Very Sweet chocolate here..

Smell like a bar of chocolate milk.

Too much chocolate in a bottle.

Sweet, dark and makes me hungry!

Royal Oud Creed by gedlive 2015-04-27

I just tried my sample vile, and my first impression was that it just smells like a good run of the mill designer fragrance, like a citrusy aquatic. Maybe the oud is very subtle. This is the king of subtle.

My second thought is that it's a fake because I dont detect oud. I became a fragrance enthusiast since I found M-7 Fresh almost a year ago. My review of m7 fresh was that they should have called it royal oud instead of a flanker of M-7. M7 fresh was a great lite oud composition, and it has way more oud than Creed royal Oud. I think this has been over hyped.

Midnight Oud Juliette Has A Gun by racheldaylewis 2015-04-27

i just got a sample.....its a beautiful rose, deep red. like one of those big red ones with the thick petals I remember smelling as a child. its got some depth under it, the oud.saffron.I got this because of the patchouli note, which I dont get at all. I dont know if Ill be investing in a bottle, depending on how it wears in the future. but as a rose-centric perfume, its lovely.

Pretty Petals Ellen Tracy by kyl77 2015-04-27

Pretty Petals is nice and cheerful. Starting off a little loud, it soon softens into a lovely fruity floral. I smell a lot of notes that aren't listed. For example, I initially detect ripe melon. Later I get strawberry. The rose is very faint as is the jasmine. The fruity notes definitely take center stage, but they're well done and don't smell juvenile. A winner.

Joop! Homme Joop! by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

if for any reason you need too throw up just spray some on your arm and take a wiff.... Nuff said

Lady Million Paco Rabanne by aztzura 2015-04-27

I was expecting something sweet and heavy. Lady Million reminds me of EA Red Door Aura. It must be the raspberry and jasmine. Lovely sweet floral scent.

360° for Men Perry Ellis by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

Smells like car freshener (not in a good way)

Florabellio Diptyque by kelli.marie 2015-04-27

Let's just say I had the bottle on preorder, picked it up in-store, and returned it on the spot. Diptyque, what is going on?? It smelled like a hot diaper! Ok, obviously that's an exaggeration but it is way too sweet and straightforward.

Nautica Voyage Nautica by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

Take shit put in a bottle add alcohol give it a good shake that's nautica....

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum Chanel by NickZee 2015-04-27

Chanel Bleu transitions from a fresh opening to a brooding sandalwood, incense and vetiver fragrance. It is a modern masculine, paying tribute to the current preference for freshness, but then moving into decidedly masculine territory, reimagined. It's brooding nature is fully unmasked on a hot day, when the sandalwood, vetiver and incense smoulder and begin to project forcefully off the skin. At that point, this fragrance is no longer playing mr nice guy. This effect is still there when you are indoors or on a cold day, but these brooding heavy notes cannot leave the skin as easily without heat, leaving you to believe this fragrance is the same welcoming, friendly liquid you splashed on in the morning. Only the heavy Amber in the base is keeping things civil at the end.

The initial burst of grapefruit, ginger, mint and lemon is wonderful and lasts a good amount of time. It is a predictable but high quality freshness and will have people around you swooning while it is doing its work.

Overall, brilliant. But be prepared to know it's dark side if you decide to make this a regular in your rotation.

Cuba Orange Cuba Paris by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

Smells like a Wal-Mart Orange pop the really really cheap ones......nuff said

Shadha Al-Rehab by chuwey 2015-04-27

Shadha is quite loud. Flowery loud. But the dry down is soft. I apply it on clothes(wool cardigan) to make it softer. On skin its too harsh/loud. But overall, love shadha.

I need to sniff on Cabotine Gres to make the comparison, will update soon.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by sanjayrulz 2015-04-27

Smells really good. It has a really sweet smell, and kind of smells like polo black.

Im writing as I have the tester paper in front of my nose. Very unique scent, deep, seductive, fruity. I don't know why I get a slight masculine vibe but I love it. New fav! I don't have anything like this. I see why ppl compare it to Hot Couture, they both smell to me like sweet grape or fig dessert(the Greek kind), but Hot couture is a lot sweeter and heavier than this at least to me. Id never fall for Hot Couture. But this is fantastic esp for summer nights

Adidas Team Force Adidas by sanjayrulz 2015-04-27

Kind of reminds me of Axe Phoenix. Someone said it smelled like black polo, but i disagree. I dont really smell much tobacco, but i do smell citrus, and its really fruity.

Nightflight Joop! by Blackanime30 2015-04-27

This smells like a fruity grey flannel this shit sucks I just scrubbed it off taking this shit back.....Overall 1/10

Fabulous Intense Isaac Mizrahi by sassa7 2015-04-27

This is fantastic, it brings lavender flowers to my mind and clean sheets. Its nothing like the eau so fabulous, way better

Heat Rush Beyonce by sassa7 2015-04-27

I have both Taj Sunset which I wear a lot(on my second bottle) and Heat Rush and they smell nothing like eachother, sorry. Taj Sunset is more crisp less vanilla, more sour whereas Heat Rush is warmer and not as overly sweet as Taj Sunset. Theres no comparison.

Zinzibar The Body Shop by softshoulders 2015-04-27

I love this scent but it is not at all what I was expecting! I am a major ginger fan (being a ginger, myself, it seems befitting!) and what I was hoping this would be is a fizzy, ginger ale scent a la Origins Ginger Essence. What I was pleasantly surprised by when I spritzed this on my wrist was a well-balanced ginger FLOWER plus ginger root. Obviously, this creates a less earthen feel and makes it a little less cold and more friendly and sweet. Where there may otherwise have been a zesty bounce, there is a welcoming, comfortable roundness, with the missing gingery zing replaced by the pepper note. The cedar and cardamom create a softly spicy canvas that compliment and enhance the ginger flower and ginger root-an excellent supporting cast!

Not at all fruity, this scent is mild, bright and inoffensive...very cologne-like and easily unisex. Totally office appropriate, great for spring or summer and very light and natural. I love TBS fragrances because the natural composition means (on my skin) it never ever feels forced or grating...TBS is almost always a safe bet. I can tell this one will be gone by the end of the summer!

Chic For Men Carolina Herrera by deanyunuss 2015-04-27

One of my all time favs. the smell is very soothing.

V.O. Version Originale Jean-Marc Sinan by apixiefan 2015-04-27

the stuff you wear with a red, velour dinner jacket, and black tuxedo pants. Beautiful stuff, if you can appreciate how dated it is...altho' it reeks of refinement.

I have the original..and one glance at the weird looking bottle, gives you an immediate impression of how vintage it is.

HEAVY!!..with a thick, juicy geranium and orange, smothered in musk and lavender. It resides somewhere between Bel Ami/Hermes and Balenciaga Pour Homme, to me.

Nabucco Parfum Fin Nabucco by MARFUOFFICIAL 2015-04-27

I can't find the words to describe it...
fantastic masterpiece UNISEX scent.

scent: 10/10
longevity: 10/10
sillage: 9/10

Valentina Pink Valentino by jadelove 2015-04-27

I totally want this. Just tried it on my skin and a card on a recent trip to Melbourne. When I was a little girl, my Nana had a vast array of essential aromatherapy oils (this was the 90s of course). She had one particular one that smelt like sweet rosey strawberries. I loved it. Valentina Pink is that same sweet rose smell from my childhood. Needless to say, this has automatically made my want list.

For the technical stuff, the sillage is nice, I got a whiff every so often, not an overpowering sillage monster. It lasted for a number of hours on my skin, and is still on my clothing (days later)- good longevity. It is quite linear, which I was happy since the childhood memories stay the entire length of the fragrance. It is a sweet one, but not a sickly sweet (although, that is a matter of opinion).

It is expensive, which is it's only major downer.

Hindu Honeysuckle Providence Perfume Co. by MoonSparrow 2015-04-27

Egad. Very disappointed with this one, after the raving reviews. Honestly I get very little honeysuckle; it smells very sharp, pungent and sour to me. I blind-bought the travel size for $35 - my bad! I am guessing it is the coriander and perhaps vetiver that cause this to sour on my skin. Very occasionally I get a fleeting (and I DO mean fleeting) whiff of light honeysuckle, but it vanishes so quickly that there is little joy in smelling it. This is by no means sweet and heady like the honeysuckle bushes in the park near my home. It is with much regret and a heavy heart that I must say I hate it.

As reviewer Magenta106 stated, it is unclear what makes this "Hindu". Coriander? Musk mallow? Jasmine (though I get zero jasmine from this)? There is a large Hindu community in my area and I've never smelled anything like this on any of them.

I've an inkling that it is my skin that turns this so unpleasantly sour. Somehow I was expecting something delectably spicy/flowery, more along the lines of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. Certainly I hoped it would be as sweet as the flower itself. Twas not to be for me.

Wolfgang Joop Joop! by sameh 2015-04-27

Wolfgang Joop for men is a really good one from joop & all i can smell is the heavy orange & the lavender which is really good.
Longevity : up to 8 hours.
Sillage : up to 6 hours.
Bottle Design : 6/10.
Price : comparative.

Tabac Aurea Sonoma Scent Studio by sphynxcat 2015-04-27

One of my favorite tobacco fragrances. Smooth, rich, and very natural smelling. I don't get much, if any, leather or smoke in this fragrance. Just naturally sweet, golden, warm, slightly cherried tobacco in a vanillic-amber base. Truly a comfort scent for me. Fairly long lasting with polite projection.

Eau de Gentiane Blanche Hermes by RayF 2015-04-27

This is such an interesting combination! It smells like something that I will totally eat, some exotic fancy dishes with a lot of pepper toppings and special spices. Weired but worth a try!

Chic For Men Carolina Herrera by dremerick 2015-04-27

Lovely lemony watermelon sitting atop a peppery sandalwood base. Just a touch of cinnamon, cedar, tonka, and musk. A classy, airy, ethereal scent. Projection and durability better than average. A big like from me!

Reflection Man Amouage by RueCambon31 2015-04-27

This will be more my impression on Amouage in general than on Reflection itself. At the beggining of my niche journey I have been categoricaly against Amouage line, based on 2 fragrances I tried - Journey man and Fate man, and later Interlude. All 3 I found to be in one word awful and repulsive.
I thought all of them will have the same vibe, and I stopped searching for nice Amouage. Later I've heard that Reflection is same as Le Male, Ciel same as XS and I thought there is no point paying quite a lot of money for something you can get for "pennies".
And than, suddenly, Creed GIT changed everything! I knew that people compare GIT with Cool Water, even say that they are the same. I got the bottle and luxorious, rich and sofisticated GIT had nothing to do with sintetic, for my nose cheap smelling Cool Water. At that point I decided to give it a try to Amouages I haven't tried yet.
First was Reflection Men and it was instant love! Gorgeous masculine floral, rroyal jasmin, classy and sofisticated, somewhat powdery. Really unique! Nothing, but nothing to do with JPG!
And rest is history...started my new opsesion with Amouage. Not all of course, but the ones I love I will love for the rest of my life.
Next was another jasmin floral symphony enriched with resins - Library op.VIII. although I am not very keen on other Opuses. Maybe op.III is interesting one, but too girly, reminds me on ChampsElyses, and has Mitsouko vibe in drydown.
Lyric Man I dislike, smells to me like rose petals drowened in 7Up, and after some time like an old lady. Before mentioned Journey smell to me like mixture of sweet flowers cowered with sweat and piss :) Fate is also very akward, Gold smells too animalic and oldish, I simply dislike Interlude, Honor is too pepery and spicy for me, Jubilation left me indiferent and Beloved is also sweet in very akward way.
But....Reflection, Memoire, Opus VIII, Dia and Ciel...OMG!!! LOVE!!!
Reflection is so classy scent, you can wear it all year around, all occasion IMHO.
Ciel is also so classy, one of the best lavander combo, sweet peach, simply lovely. I wear it mostly on warmer weater. many layers underneath.
And, divine creation, warm and powdery in a good way. Nothing like dyper powder.
Everyone, searching for regal scent, classy, sofisticated, give Reflecion a try. I know that 3 people have 3 different noses, but Reflecion is so everyones fragrance, very versatile.

Versense Versace by theparfumfairy 2015-04-27

Purchased a Versense gift set as a blind buy. Versense is a problematic fragrance because I have to apply the fragrance in a certain way; in order to, get the refreshing citrus notes.

Initially, I applied the roller ball to my inner wrist and the scent on my skin became a fragrance that was very masculine. The fragrance was a very woodsy, fresh and soapy scent that was too masculine to be considered unisex. I did not like the fragrance.

On my second application, I used the spray bottle and applied the scent to my hand and the scent was very antiseptic and soapy with no citrus notes.

Finally, I sprayed some fragrance inside the cap of the bottle. The scent smelled like yellow lollipops and lemon drops without being too sweet or gourmandy and this scent was citrusy, sweet, energizing and refreshing. I took the cap and let the fragrance inside the cap drip on my inner wrist and the scent on my skin was the same wonderful fragrance from the cap.

An hour after application, the drydown on the different methods of application is different. The third application site has the best drydown and still maintains the citrus notes. The other application sites have a woodsy and soapy drydown.

The longevity and sillage is almost nonexistent. My feelings toward this fragrance is MEH!

Lumiere Blanche Olfactive Studio by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

Reminds me of a lighter, less determined version of Kenzo's Jungle L'Elephant, which is one of my favorite perfumes ever-ever. Very fresh and bright and spicy, with a good opening hit of cardamom, a touch of menthol, and a nice sandalwood, which is getting harder and harder to find.

Cheap & Chic I Love Love Moschino by lillypad33 2015-04-27

I love I love love. How am I the first person to say that? Hehe. I get the comparison to Light Blue, citrus is definitely the star of this one, but I like it much better than Light Blue. Not so musky/cloying, still grown-up but doesn't take itself quite so seriously. A bit lighter and more feminine. I also find that this one wears well as the day goes on, and stays pretty true to theme, rather than morphing into something head-scratching as some frag's can. I actually wore this while doing yoga one day and the instructor was like "who is wearing something so beautiful??" It is definitely happy and mood-lifting, as citrus is meant to be. This one is for sunny skies and the pep in your step. It proves that a good perfume doesn't have to be some kind of tortured olfactory love affair. It can just be healthy and happy and fun! But not cheap. Probably my favorite Moschino frag so far. Rating: A

The opening of Fleur de Chine is magnificent, the most wonderful Tom Ford I've encountered since Velvet Gardenia. I was very much hoping that FdC would do for magnolia what VG did for gardenia, but it was not to be. After that gorgeous, breathtaking, rich opening, FdC goes nowhere, and in fact disappears in about two hours' time, having already faded into the scent of nothing much. So damn sad.

Steam Aoud (Aoud Hoggar Mota) Montale by SexyJasmine 2015-04-27

I like it although it's not one of my Montale faves. It goes very floral on me and reminds me Estee Lauders Pleasures. I'm not saying it smells like Pleasures itself, it's just something about my chemistry that turns it once it settles on my skin. All-in-all it's a nice fragrance, though.

Kat Von D Poetica Kat Von D by lillypad33 2015-04-27

Anyone looking for a bottle of this, I have one mostly full that I'm willing to sell..

First of all, I don't get any of the fruits listed in this. For me the dominant feeling from start to finish is the woods and musk. Yep, some florals in there too, but they're kind of amorphous, not really recognizable underneath the overall greenness of this frag. It borders on masculine, but doesn't quite go there..maybe like Kat von D in that way! I don't smell rose at all, didn't know that was even a note of this one until reading the description just now. This one makes me feel like I wandered into a hedge and got covered in sap and leaves. I guess that's why I tend to wear it in the fall/winter. Agree with the reviewer who said this one is for rainy days. It's cozy and a little smoky, not at all sweet or feminine. The sillage is respectable, and the packaging was actually quite nice on this one. It doesn't smell like anything else I've come across, I'll say that much for it. Rating: B+

Maai Bogue by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

Maai opens with a green aldehyde, a smell that almost goes cross-eyed and woody after a moment, but it's rich, too, at a bit more of a distance, almost like cedar. It becomes a rosy jasmine and then, in motion, this is a motion perfume, it's very animalic.

For a perfume with seven listed notes, Maai smells much bigger than it is, a huge, sexy, animal floral, honeyed, which to my nose is never more than a step away from civet, which I love.

And, interestingly, at about six hours into the dry down of Maai and two into Amouage Gold Pour Homme, they smell nearly identical.

For Ever Al Haramain Perfumes by ginandjewess 2015-04-27

Wow, I really, really love this! I really think what the one reviewer said about varied batches smelling differently must be true, because I am getting a much different experience than most of what I see described here. And DaddysLittleHelper (the 1st reviewer) captures the drydown perfectly, spot-on!

(My) For Ever opens with ripe coconut and sweet tropical fruit, but that very quickly deepens into a woody coconut and LOTS of incense. Like, mostly incense. I'm not familiar enough with the different kinds to identify what's most present (ie. Frankincense, Myrrh etc) but I love it! Like just a very strong, deep, rounded incense smell with a coconut musk backbone if you really hunt for it. IMO the coconut just rounds out the fragrance and makes it more sensual and approachable.

This scent LASTS. I've smelled it through other scents, in the shower, like at least 24 hours later. Probably the longest lasting scent of any perfume or oil I have tried. Moisture or a surge of body heat seem to refresh it. Sillage is moderate, good for an oil. I'm considering mixing it with perfumer's alcohol and using it as a spray, to see how it changes the fragrance. I'll report back with results if I do.

Shaal Nur Etro by ericrico 2015-04-27

Released in 1997 and truly unisex, however named after an Indian princess (which is so apropos for the aromas found in here). Truly wonderful perfume...the movements are vivid and remarkable. Intelligent, exotic and never disjointed - very high quality ingredients present themselves distinctly. The opening is of very bright, but contrasting citrus (crisp bergamot, warm mandarin & bitter lemon peel) - even a squeeze of sour grapefruit - with a nice dusting of earthy coriander and a light note of smooth rosewood.

Karo Karounde is found in the heart with its interesting peppery quality that begins to warm the scent, and is blended with a detectable rose note and a nice melange of chopped herbs - rosemary, tarragon and thyme. At this point, there is a green quality that is slightly bitter, but so very realistic & not off-putting. While there are some more notes that waft in and out, this is the main essence (up to this point) - overtones of the citric top show in the heart with petit grain. A nice touch.

The looming base notes are coming through in light, soft plumes. Frankincense and opoponax reveal themselves in the middle of the heart along with the wonderful and very nice vetiver (a touch rooty and well-presented) and patchouli...slightly herbaceous initially, but warms with the smoky resins. Both join with a nice cedar note that is rich and meld with the herbal & floral heart that has all but faded. This stays rather fresh up to a point, but there is a stage that this becomes deep, warm and the vibrancy goes away...not completely, but it fades to the background. The sun is setting.

Shadows fall and this ends as a very cozy scent with great incense and wood...Shaal Nur, the Indian princess closes the canopy over her bed with the resins still warm in the bronze burner, filling her room with magical, seductive aromas drifting on ethereal, misty trails of smoke.

What impresses me most is how it opens so vibrant, lush and high-toned and how it warms so naturally on skin - the evolution is incredible to behold. I didn't spray on fabric. I've always loved the way Etro scents seem to reveal themselves over time on me. Shaal Nur evolves about as much as a scent can within a single bottle. The dryness is compelling and what makes Shaal Nur work so well. If the base had oriental notes, it simply would not create this wonderful vibe. The wood all dries out naturally & integrates seamlessly - while the citrus fades with the green herbs, which is rather amazing as you start with so much dampness and greenness well into the heart.

This is an exquisite bottle of fragrance - one that I love with lust & passion. Cheers.

"Daylight dies,
The Camp fires redden like angry eyes,
The Tents show white,
In the glimmering light,
Spirals of tremulous smoke arise, to the purple skies,
And the hum of the Camp sounds like the sea,
Drifting over the sand to me.
Afar, in the Desert some wild voice sings
To a jangling zither with minor strings,
And, under the stars growing keen above,
I think of the thing that I love."

A verse from: "Reverie of Mahomed Akram at the Tamarind Tank"

Fracas Robert Piguet by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

My first tuberose perfume. I will always be grateful.

Rich, creamy, silky smooth, with a bitter green talon concealed in its depths, waiting to take a swing at you when you least expect it. Anyone smelling Fracas for the first time could easily be forgiven for assuming that tuberose is a carnivorous plant.

Dark Aoud Montale by SexyJasmine 2015-04-27

This smells delicious on me. Not masculine at all. Very powdery, creamy and sweet. I love it. One of my favorite Montales.

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

I got a sample of Musc Ravageur at the pretty little perfume shoppe that opened here October last. At first, I couldn't tell what it wanted. Did it mean to smell like a girl's lip balm, vanilla with a touch of menthol? No, I decided, it was zippier than straight vanilla, with some citrus tidying things up. Was that musk I smelled, or precious resins? The styrax, in all its waxy glory, is clear. But is it musky? Is it really? Certainly not in any rapacious way.

It smelled good to me; in fact, the more I wore it, the more I came to think of it as borderline enchanting. In the end, Gentle Reader, I bought a decant. Whatever MR wants, I want it, too.

Chambre Noire Olfactive Studio by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

Leather is one of my favorite notes in perfume, and "weird" is probably my favorite single school of perfume thought. Not unwearably weird, like Secretions Magnifiques, but off-kilter, certainly.

So Chambre Noir is my new playmate. It goes on gloriously, with few opening minutes of really odd, green, fruity, booze, and then it morphs into the smell of leather pencil eraser! Like when you were a little kid and you were scrubbing hard at your notebook to remove a letter you'd formed wrong in spelling class. Oh, I was in heaven.

After two hours I got the scent of vanilla, and after three a rather pretty baby's breath floral, soft and powdery and ambery. But it's the eraser/leather accord that I'm never going to forget. Perfume is so much fun!

Angel Thierry Mugler by lillypad33 2015-04-27

And yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of patchouli, I shall fear no evil...

Like another reviewer, I too went from hating this one second to loving it the next. Even now I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's almost like an addiction, you don't want to love it..but ya do!

The patchouli totally overwhelms at first, giving off a pine-treeish sort of scent that threatens to strangle you. This was when the fragrance enraged me. But pretty soon that mellowed and turned into something warm and sweet and gooey. Honey, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, all the gourmands coming through very strong but not "cheap"...somehow very erudite and complex. Can't say I smell any discrete fruits in here, but somehow the drydown is very sweet and smoky at the same time, like marshmallows toasting over an open flame.

Love it or hate it, this is what perfumery should be about! Taking risks, taking a stand, and doing something bold. Truly a groundbreaker. The composition of notes reads like a joke, like someone is goofing on the perfume industry. But somehow it And the sillage and quality of the notes is impressive. This frag says, love me or hate me, I am here, and this is who I am. I am Angel!

Shaal Nur Etro by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

Very interesting shot of piney green resinousness, with a lemon sorbet chaser and incense/tarragon undertones. All in all like incense, but without seeming like an oriental; more like a cleanly citrus incense, very unusual and very nice.

Encens Mythique D'Orient Guerlain by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

I love resinous, incensy perfumes, but after a while they all start smelling alike. After your palate is set by CdG's Avignon, it takes quite a while to recover and want to smell anything else that purports to be any kind of incense.

Encens Mythique D'Orient kept me on my toes by opening incensy and dirty, very rich and deep, and then cleaning up a bit with a very good saffron and the sort of back-of-the-nose chill that I find often means rose. As the hours went by I got a lot more rose, a green, metallic rose that was refreshing.

Excellent longevity too-I woke up and found I was still wearing it the next day, by which time it smelled beautifully of incense and sandalwood.

Toujours Glamour Moschino by miss_piggy 2015-04-27

I got a bit of resemblance to Flower by Kenzo at first.. and don't ask me how, but later it reminded me Harajuku Wicked Style Baby.. and later still a faint whiff of Light Blue. Anyway.. it gave me the idea to put on Flower and one of my many dupes of Light Blue, together. Not bad, so far.. I won't be needing to replace my sample when it's finished.

Piper Leather Illuminum by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

Like the peppier, brighter younger sibling of Tom Ford's Tuscan leather, an ashtray leather that's a bit soapy and peppery. Sweetens up after a while to a semi-translucent bat-wing leather, still scruffy but pleasant. I recommend it.

Loverdose Tattoo Diesel by TonioValentine 2015-04-27

I got this one as a Christmas gift last year, I love it so much! When I opened it and saw the pitch black heart and the name having the word tattoo in it I thought it was going to smell a lot different then it actually does. It's very sweet, the vanilla/tonka bean mixture coupled with the milky note almost gives me a sugar cookie and milk kind of vibe. It lasts a really long time on my skin and even longer on my clothes, I can still smell it a day later on my hoodie! The sweetness could get very cloying so I'd suggest using this one with a light hand, two sprays will do.

All in all it's a pretty perfume, if you like sweet scents then I'd say this is for you and if you don't like sweet scents then this is definitely not for you.

Jil Sander Woman III Jil Sander by Endymion 2015-04-27

I bought a tester as a gift but during bringing it home it leaked a little bit due to lack of box, the spray has been pushed some times in my bag.
I was very suprised when I picked it out of my bag at home. This perfume doesn't smell "feminine" at all! No, not at all. For me it's masculine or at least unisex. Reminds me of old school green chypre scents like original Trussardi Uomo, really :)
I kinda like it! And my bag smell interesting now :)

Update: This smells very very very much like Boucheron pour homme, the old one! :) A bit less citrusy and less herbal but they are siblings. Check them out together!

Mouchoir de Monsieur Guerlain by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

I am allergic to lavender oil, in a big, bright red rash way. As a result, I can't say I'm very keen on the scent of lavender; I have a sort of Pavlovian fear response when I smell straight lavender oil. It makes it hard to get a decent massage, unless I call ahead and warn them, because apparently lavender is supposed to be universally calming, and not make you begin itching on contact.

So it is always a total mystery to me when men's fragrances manage to incorporate lavender so beautifully that I fall into immediate love with them. Mouchoir has a beautiful lavender, then a creamy citrus and an even creamier vanilla. I feel as if I could bathe in it, and get only a contact high. Irresistible.

This is extraordinary. I am an avid chypre fan and this one is probably the best I have smelled. Absolutely beautiful rose, ylang ylang and other ingredients are beautifully blended to create a drop dead gorgeous fragrance. Will update later about longevity and performance.

Ombre Indigo Olfactive Studio by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

This is the equivalent of new car smell for people, like what used car dealers spray around the interiors of old beaters with uncleanable ash trays.

Horrible opening that's almost pine-like, then a morbid floral that feels like a chemical reproduction of saffron, mixed with maybe papyrus and water?

After an hour's dry down something that might be organic, like a very bad and unappetizing leather. Just terrible. Avoid like you would the salesman with the greasy comb-over and the dollar signs in his eyes.

Calyx Clinique by Edee 2015-04-27

This is a nice fragrance. Not outstanding at all, but I will enjoy during the hot summer months. Man on man I am getting so I somewhat hate summer high heat. Love the sunshine not the blistering heat. Will probably use this around the house or while doing the barbecue thing with friends.

Cilice Euphorium Brooklyn by Eloquaint 2015-04-27

Smells like a camping trip in the mountains out west. I loved the smell of the air when we went to Sequoia National Park, and noticed it again outside Phoenix, AZ and in Santa Fe, NM. Memories of early morning light through the nylon of the tent, down sleeping bags, campfire, the sweetness of dry forest and scrub-brush.

Rather like a cake from a sad bakery, this frag really needs more than one or two ingredients to make it into something delicious. For those who bake this would be my analogy - like making a cake with shortening, no salt, non fat milk and battery hen eggs. Yes, the vanilla is in there but it is very lonely. Needs the equivalent of free range organic eggs, proper butter and a pinch of salt to save this recipe.

Ralph Fresh Ralph Lauren by genny17 2015-04-27

This is very fresh, aquatic, but in truth not worth buying as I agree there are better fresh scents out there..on me it is vaguely synthetic, with lots of is also so light, and evaporates quickly..
I expected a floral undertone, it appears very softly in the drydown, this is like after the gym, fresh out of the shower body spray..nice but not too interesting
reminds me of Bliss

J`adore Christian Dior by Edee 2015-04-27

I overindulged in honor of mothers day and ordered this in gift set. Had smelled it a few times courtesy of magazine samples and smelled pretty good. I wondered if it would smell too loud so I sprayed lightly and got perfection. I think that is the secret to this perfume. A light hand and you get classy and elegant. Too much and you border on trashy (as with any perfume). I don't mean to offend anyone. I am just saying people will notice in a good way, with just a light spray.

Bal a Versailles Jean Desprez by juji 2015-04-27

I have a very old bottle mostly full and cherish it! Info glad I now appreciate it for the beauty that it is.

Bal a Versailles Jean Desprez by VanillaTabbyCat1963 2015-04-27

Thank You, Jean Desprez! I was wondering what happend to my Beautiful Bal a Versailles!! I became worried that you would be ending production for a long period of time.

I am so thankful that you are letting the old stuff sell out because I bought a bottle last year to replenish, and I found it not to be as opulent and rich as my bottle that I purchased earlier and thankfully still have a quantity of. The scent seemed rougher and the alchohol content higher. Thank you kindly for the 50% off you are offering on your site!! Reading your message made my day!! God Bless, LMF

Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere Chanel by Edee 2015-04-27

This smells really good, and I do mean really good. It resembles No 5, but not. It is like No 5 got mixed with the fountain of youth and came back younger, more fresh and vibrant. Like her younger sister. It has a slight powdery feeling to it that does not in anyway distract from the beautifully blended ingredients. They are blended very well, yet I can smell each. It smells elegant, pretty and just outright good. I repeat it smells really good. I had tried samples from magazines and wondered if it would smell as good on my skin from the spray bottle as it did from the sample in the magazine. It smells better. Going to enjoy this one.

Longevity is good: 6-8 hours
Silage: About 1 to 2 feet. People who pass by you within that range will smell this beautiful scent as will people who come up to talk to you. Or those who you pass by (within 1 to 2 feet).

Lovely, lovely perfume. I especially like that I smell more flowers and there is an added sweetness that the original did not have. It is not in your face sweetness. The fragrance hovers in the background. It lets you know it is there but it does not shout at you nor become cloying.

Can Can Paris Hilton by enigmaticessence 2015-04-27

A friend recently bought this, and it is quite womanly.
Sweet and powdery, only a little fruity, I was delighted at it's ability to take backstage and make her stand out as herself.

On the right chemistry this is gentle and charming. Black currant and orchid give the sweetness a creamy aspect that could almost be called timeless.

Good longevity and mild sillage, at least on my friends absorbent chemistry. This could be a very personal scent.Give it a try!

Molinard de Molinard Molinard by enigmaticessence 2015-04-27

Evesoho, your review enchanted me so much I had to try this. <3

There is a vintage vetiver green edge to the narcissus and perfect blend of the notes listed. It gives a happy, clean sunshine impression of yellow flowers, and has the added quality of a kind of odd verdant dampness that is Warm in chilly spring air.

Some will probably not like this if they dislike vintage chypres or narcissus. For me, this one of the only fragrances I can wear with that flower dominating, along with Van Cleef and Arpels First. I didn't have difficulty with it as I would with narcissus bulbs, yet Molinard is still true to the real essence.

Once more I find my skin loves Molinard and my style does too. If you love fragrance and this brand, even if you find it's not "you", this is a fascinating vintage experience not to be missed!

Moderate sillage and longevity.

LouLou Cacharel by enigmaticessence 2015-04-27

Although this is still quite sweet, I was surprised to find it less so in Spring moderate weather. In fact, I pared it with Gold Sugar for more vanilla!

Powdery orange blossom, thick with incense this beauty may need a light hand on most skin, and sends an indefinable impression of amazement. There is a rich under layer that must be woods and resins, spices, etc., which I can only appreciate in the right weather. But then, it is magic intoxication.

Longevity and sillage even more powerful than it's mysterious message, which is hard to do!

Fig Tea Nicolai Parfumeur Createur by jana.hullinghorst 2015-04-27

This is a great summer/spring scent. Has good longevity for those with the proper skin chemistry. 7 hours and I can still smell it. If you like tea scents, if you like osmanthus, if you like powdery mate scents, you should try this one.

Jeux de Peau Serge Lutens by Kain 2015-04-27

Jeux de Peau is a great composition of resinous and woodsy notes in a very interesting way plus a funny vegetable kind of feel that I will explain later why I'm calling it funny!

At the opening I can smell a mellow and delicious milky, sweet and oily resinous scent plus some bright woods and a very dry coconuty smell and that strange and funny vegetable kind of feel mixed with it.

About that funny vegetable feel that I told you ...
There is a very famous and very popular stew, local of my country (Persian folks) made from mix of chopped and fried different type of vegetables, lamb's meat, beans and some dried lime pieces that we serve it with rice!
This vegetable kind of aura in this fragrance smells exactly like that stew which makes me laugh!

After a while that vegetable aura goes away and scent gets slightly sweeter. it's still milky and sweet but resinous, slightly woody and kind of bitter at the same time.

In the base the sweetness settles down and I can smell a dry bitter, resinous and woodsy smell in a mellow way which is very beautiful. it's slightly earthy as well, but not too much.
Projection is above average and completely noticeable and longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.
A great and very interesting different scent.

این عطر یه ترکیب خیلی جالب و متفاوت از رایحه های صمغی و چوبی هست که یه بوی گیاهی خاص و خنده دار هم باهاش ترکیب شده که در ادامه توضیح میدم چرا میگم خنده دار

تو رایحه ابتدایی یه بوی نیمه شیرین، خامه ای یا بهتره بگم شیر مانند با حس سفید، صمغی، روغنی و کمی چوبی رو میشه حس کرد که یه بوی نارگیلی ولی خیلی خشک هم باهاش ترکیب شده به اضافه یه حس گیاهی خاص

مورد خنده دار اینجاست که این حس گیاهی عطر دقیقا بویی شبیه به بوی خوشت قورمه سبزی میده. اصلا انگار همین الان تو خونه خورشت قورمه سبزی رو اجاق داره میجوشه و بوی اون سبزی های تفت داده شده اش تو قابلمه میخوره به مشام شما
یه عطر که یه حسی شبیه به بوی قورمه سبزی داره مسلما چیز عجیب و خنده داری از اب در میاد نه؟
البته نگران نباشین

بعد از گذشت چند دقیقه اون حس قورمه سبزی مانند و گیاهی عطر از بین میره و عطر کمی شیرینتر میشه
البته همچنان همون حس صمغی و روغنی و کمی چوبی و تلخ خودوش داره منتها کمی شیرینتر

تو رایحه پایه شیرینی بوی عطر کم میشه و عطر یه حس خشک صمغی و چوبی تلخ ولی در حالت ملایم و خیلی عالی و دوست داشتنی به خودش میگیره
کمی هم حس خاکی داره اما نه زیاد
پخش بوی نسبتا بالا و خوبی داره و ماندگاریش حدود 5-6 ساعت روی پوست هست
کار خیلی جالب و خوبیه و در عین ایتکه یه سری فاکتورهای آشنا داره کار متفاوتی هست

Femme Rochas Rochas by LizzieDee 2015-04-27

I have read a lot of people saying that Femme has been wrecked, it isn't was it was, it is a shadow of its former self and so on. Well, back in the 1940s it must have been truly mind-blowing, because it's still pretty amazing. To me, chypres are boardroom, take me seriously scents and the chypre side of Femme is there in full force, but there's a sexiness to Femme that isn't there in Miss Dior or some of the other classic chypres. Incense isn't listed among the ingredients, but the spiciness somehow blends with the woods to recreate a frankinsence-based incense. This was launched in 1943, in the Second World War. I doubt it is possible for us to imagine what the impact must have been back then of this wonderful breath of exoticism and sensuality in a world of rationing, utility and total war.

It's doesn't surprise me that Aerin Lauder had the same nose work on this as her other line. They all have a simple, natural elegance, just as this does.

I found this for a reasonable price a while ago, and now must find it again! Gardenia is Spring, and Lauder always exceeds my expectations.

Sova Slumberhouse by ankali 2015-04-27

Huge drunk California Raisin (thanks, Livelyup_URself!) with a generous dusting of allergenic pollens. Awful but compelling, like a supervillain that you love to hate. I have my decant in an airtight Ziploc bag so that it doesn't stink up the rest of my sample box, but I'm not strong enough to get rid of it.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by kittiwisk 2015-04-27

My boyfriend picked this one out for me. I love it! Though, I don't use it every day. This is for days when one feels very elegant, opulent, and luxurious. I also think it is a perfect scent for Christmas!

It makes me think of all things warm, rich, and indulgent...a luxurious fur rug near a crackling fire, a string of pearls, blushing red velvet, fancy praline sweets, and an expensive bottle of brandy.

Not to mention, the lasting power and sillage of this is unbeatable. I think this is an example of patchouli done right, as well, as it accentuates the other notes, but doesn't overpower.

Spicy, floral like, sweetish haylike, steamy rich soap like, and a light puff of patchouli now and then.
Gives the impression of freshness like coming out of the steamy bathroom after lathering up and washing off. Spicy too. Very fresh laundry feeling. Nice for the daytime, casual to well dressed.

Alien Thierry Mugler by kittiwisk 2015-04-27

Meh. I loved this when I first got it, but this stuff turns to a menthol/baby oil scent on me after about 15 minutes. It is cold, metallic, and just bizarre.

Ambre Solinotes by Darius HIldenbrandt 2015-04-27

a piece of true gold for small price...

Angel Thierry Mugler by kittiwisk 2015-04-27

Angel is, for sure, an experience. Definitely not something I can wear daily, and no matter what I cannot enjoy how this smells out of the bottle. I get the "rotting fruit" vibe in the opening, and for a long time that scared me too much to try it on my skin. Eventually, I went for it.

When first sprayed I get a lot of bitter dark chocolate, patchouli of course, and a bizarre mixture of mismatched fruity notes (mostly red berries, but also some orange and I think honeydew melon). Once it dries, I get blasted with the cassis which borders on a urine-type smell, ew. As it settles down, it morphs into some sultry vanilla-amber-cacao spicy patchouli which is very nice. But by the dry down this just becomes too earthy, like the scent of a hippie incense shop, by that point I end up washing it off. The spicy amber phase of this is my favorite, everything else about it leaves me confused and somewhat put off. Not to mention, the lone patchouli drydown lingers on clothes for days...

Perhaps my skin chemistry amplifies the patchouli more than other people. I get few gourmand notes out of this... no cotton candy, coconut, or caramel to my nose. I'm sure with the right chemistry this could be a great scent.

A sensual scent, for sure, but I'm beginning to doubt it'll ever really work for me.

Eau de Cartier Concentree Cartier by metalgypsy 2015-04-27

Intoxicating blend of sharp citrus, golden coriander and crushed green grass. A long cherished favorite.

Allure eau de parfum Chanel by Catty 2015-04-27

I don´t know what happens with me...when I´m wearing edt,I miss the sultriness of the edp and the other way around. Summarizing, I looove Allure at any form, but I confess I enjoy a Little bit more the edt.

My edt is getting empty, and I will go for edp again.

This is my number 1 for more than 15 years!

It´s really hard nowadays to get such a quality flowery-vanilla with very good projection full of class and presence, without being pungent, penetrant, smelling cheap like many vanilla scents out there in the market.

This is a real Dream!

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Hermes by sphynxcat 2015-04-27

Zesty slightly bitter citrus, very subtle floral which is not identifiable as jasmine in particular. Very fresh and subtle as is the style of Jean Claude Ellena. If this was blind sniffed I would have guessed Jour d'Hermes. The differences or balance of citrus to white florals are not detectable to me. I happen to be fond of JdH for summer. Can't see the need for this one as well. I've read reviews lauding this fragrance in the context of waxing poetic over JCEs retirement from Hermes. It almost seems that the romance and nostalgia are creating a less objective critique of a nice but already too familiar composition.

Herod Parfums de Marly by Nbond007 2015-04-27

my favorite from the house...all i can say is its good its good and its the the stuff!!!

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by Boxere 2015-04-27

It's Awesome !!!!

unisex , very beautiful

sillage 7/10
longevity 9/10

You must try it !!

The epitome of delicate femininity... This could be the best gardenia scent around. The woman wearing this is approachable and classy... and this perfume suits every age group.

EL's Tuberose Gardenia is universal. Otherwise I can't explain how a scent is just as suitable and classy for almost every occassion.

New Haarlem Bond No 9 by Nbond007 2015-04-27

very good stuff..different..bought it blindly...has a cookie flavor to it....i like it..good for cold weather...good quality...geared more towards men i think

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Katy Perry by lirael00 2015-04-27

Similar to the original, but it's weaker so even though I own it I would rather have the red bottle again. Minus points are deifintely longevity and sillage, cause they're really weak. Otherwise it's a nice girly perfume.

3121 Prince by lirael00 2015-04-27

Prince perfume is made for the brave ones. The juice in the bottle is not a crowd pleaser, so 90% of people who'll try it will run away. But maybe if you give this frag a little more time and consideration, then maybe you'll find it magical. I'm not there yet as I can only wear it in my house, I still don't feel confident wearing it in public. I don't love it and definitely don't hate it, actually my feelings are very mixed, so that' why I like it even more,cause it confuses me to the point when I do have to retry, retest and rethink everything I feel about it again and again.

At first spritz I get bergamot all the way, then gardenia and cedar come in. There is tuberose there too. Those notes are all very powerful so they create quite strong scent with incredible longevity and sillage. If you're up for experimenting go and play with this one.

Monoi Eau des Vahines Yves Rocher by mystica 2015-04-27

I found that Monoi Eau des Vahines has a soothing effect. It's so sweet, soft, light, delicious, summery, beachy and relaxing... And detectable. When this combo goes with filter coffee and biscuits, it becomes something terrific for the office environment which may be stressful. Go for it. In my case it soothes people and makes them wanna come closer.

Glamour Excessive Bourjois by lirael00 2015-04-27

If you want something similar to Chrystal Noir by Versace, go get this one. It sweet creamy delicious, I just want to eat my skin when I apllied it. I'm a big fan of coconut note, but you can easily go wrong with it, but not in this one. What is more suprising is the longevity and sillage, both are awesome! So if you would like to smell like whipped cream with coconut flakes get it cause you won't regret it. Btw I got it for ridicolous price: 5 euros, c'mon are you joking! Really great fragrance!

Valentino Uomo 2015 Valentino by Mr Cornells 2015-04-27

Hahahahahahaha @ "Valentino Uomo Oud"! Well, I won't mind giving that a trial though! Meanwhile, I'm curious about buying this cologne. Guys, it's concentrated as EDP right?

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes by PindleKitz 2015-04-27

There's a hint of pickles, not grass, even after the dry down on me. This is not for me, but I usually love fresh scents.

Tigre Du Bengale Malbrum Parfums by Stregolina 2015-04-27

Tigre du Bengale is a true tiger, not a tame scent
but one that reflects wild nature, freedom, adventure.

The scent starts out with a spicy note but slowly
wraps you into an aromatic warmth involving amber and
other secrets of the creator. Most captivating is the basis with an utmost stunning tobacco note having a touch of caramel and leather.

Tigre du Bengale is different - in a beautiful way,
far from mainstream.

I bought it for my boyfriend since for me the scent
represents: I am proud to be a man.

This reminds me of my teenage years. I don't know why,cause I never owned the bottle, maybe my friends wore it, who knows? But it doesn't matter as this still brings up good memories so why not own a bottle. It's musk all the way with some sweetness added (I assume that's vanilla) It something I would wore if I was 15 again in my mini jeans skirt walking around the highschool halls,being sweetly naive and in awe of everything around me.Definitely a keeper.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette Chanel by kittiwisk 2015-04-27

Perfection. Classic, nostalgic, clean, soft, shimmering, lovely. Ideal for any situation in my opinion, because it is so feminine and non-offensive. I prefer it to the EDP since it is lighter and more wearable. It makes me think of many simple pleasures in life.. fresh laundry, a spring day, a warm hug, clean linen... I suppose my one word to describe this would be "effortless" can be worn at home with a plain sweater and jeans, or at the fanciest party with a little black dress. I like to wear this to bed, too, simply because it is a comforting scent to me. It can also be sensual and romantic, in its own way.

I disagree that this is an "old lady" scent, because what does that even mean? I'm 22 and this is one of my favorite fragrances of all time. Many fragrances the younger generation prefers -- Angel, Flowerbomb, LVEB, etc. which are all unique fragrances in their own right, will be the "old lady" fragrances of the future since so many love them, and will wear them throughout their lives. It's all relative! :)

There are times when I want to feel just lightly spritzed. It may involve some intimacy or dancing which will leave me hot and lightly, positively sweaty.

So when a perfume with a capital "P" is just too much, that's the way to go.

Chevrefeuille is soft, sweet and still feminine.

For a cologne spritz, longevity is very good, and the sillage is just soft and very moderate. Somebody should come a bit close to smell you and this will be a light whiff.

Despite so, I don't recommend applying repetitively, since it gets very sweet and cloying in a slightly flowery way then. Not the purpose I'd use it for...

This scent is also a big hit with its affordability and simple, big bottle.

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel by lilalina 2015-04-27

This is a brilliant unisex cologne, i know it's marketed towards men.. however, i think women can wear this too! easily.. in fact i do wear this sometime, i steal it from my boyfriend's

Pure Poison Christian Dior by margarita.angelova 2015-04-27

This is a masterful interpretation of an otherwise cliche composition. It is perfectly balanced and the thought put into blending it is obvious. It's another example of why simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

This would be lovely as a scent to celebrate spring with; when you start to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin already but the air is still cool enough and a slight breeze playfully carries this beauty around you.

To me it also has a nostalgic connotation. My kindergarten teacher used to smell like that (She was using one of the Impulse sprays actually. I remember asking my mom what this lovely perfume was - and I should have been only 4 years old then :)

I wouldn't buy it for myself but if I happen to receive it as a gift, I would be happy to wear it from time to time.

Tease Paris Hilton by kristi.cathcart1 2015-04-27

I bought a set of 4 Paris Hilton scents and this is my favorite out of the 4. It lasts a really long time and smells wonderful but it's more of a fruity smell to my nose than a floral-although after several hours I can really smell the musk more than anything. My hubby hates floral or fruity perfumes, but he really likes this one. I normally wear spicy orientals because my man likes them, but I myself love a classy floral scent and this is one of my favorites along with MJ Daisy and Prada Candy. I definitely like the price of Tease better. I paid 9.99 for 1 oz at Gordmans.

Shalimar Cologne Guerlain by sensuous@midnight 2015-04-27

Mmmhhh... Just paid 75€ for a lovely (just lovely, nothing revolutionary here) perfume which is gone after 30 minutes...another disappointment from Guerlain's mainstream range.
Reminds me of evaporated Souffle de Parfum. A lot of grapefruit and other citruses, an unidentified green note which is unpleasant to me but luckily quickly fades away, some sweetness (which mainstream isn't sweet nowadays...) and a delicious gourmand dry down, which sadly disappears....too...quickly...
If I spend 75€ I want people around me to be WOWed. Otherwise I can find cheaper skin scents ;)

Tabu Dana by DJJellyBean 2015-04-27

I just wanted to add that I think I would like this more without the civet. I find if you spray it on your clothes it does stick forever. The note that sticks is the musky civet (in the dry down.) I think I can avoid this by not spraying it or getting it on my clothes. I can still smell the musk on my jacket even over a week later. I was at work and I set my jacket somewhere, I went to get my jacket and the musk scent was lingering throughout the entire area (that's a week after using this perfume.) As long as I don't spray my clothes I find I won't have a problem with the civet. I would love to find something like tabu minus the musk, but I still do love this perfume and will continue to wear it.

Muguet En Fleurs Yves Rocher by mystica 2015-04-27

In my life, I have a new love which inspires me to wear fresher and lighter scents like a spring time.

The Opium, Poison, Youth Dew woman has gone, from withering away to blossoming.

I love the smell of baby lotion again, which goes with this stuff and all the aura surrounding it.

Muguet is simply fit. If you are in love. With a giant angel. And are loved back. Or if you wanna welcome such an aura into your life and scent-sual environment...

On a technical vein, this delicate spritz is an accurate representation of the flower which it bears its name.

Demi-Jour Houbigant by lotus and jasmine 2015-04-27

Review of vintage formula, in the round cut glass bottle, silver cap, with "Houbigant, France" on the bottom. I have no idea what the concentration is, as the bottle doesn't specify, and this came without a box.

Above, the description states that Demi Jour is an oriental, and the notes imply it is an aldehyde. To my nose it is neither, instead presenting as a robust fruity floral.

DJ opens with a strong fruit note, cherry to my nose, although perhaps raspberry. In the heart ylang ylang is forward, supported by the slightest touch of LoV, rose, and jasmine, a very bright and cheerful combination.

This is the first bright and cheerful Houbigant I've encountered. Demi Jour is quite unexpected, and just lovely.

The dry down brings out a lovely crisp cedar, and a creamy sandalwood (pre IFRA). The cherry note remains throughout, but softens in the dry down. Heliotrope showed up on my skin during the dr down as well, lending a powdery feel to the scent. White musk also appears in the dry down, keeping Demi Jour clean and fresh smelling.

Demi Jour feels like an Easter picnic, with everyone wearing their crisply ironed best, children and dogs rioting on sugar highs, and adults decked out in flowered hats and crinolines relaxedly watching the madness while sipping the first batch of sweet tea to be served that year. Cheerful, lively, playful, relaxed, but still dressy. This is definitely a day scent in composition, but has enough strength for evening.

Long lasting, very good sillage, and generally a sweet, fruity floral. Dainty in composition, rather than in volume, this one has some power to it. I didn't detect any violet, oakmoss or cedar here.

Periodically someone will ask on the boards for a strong shampoo like perfume recommendation- I think this might qualify as such.

Fame Lady Gaga by Artemisia Poppycock 2015-04-27

Fame isn't an unpleasant perfume; it's just a rather disappointing one. The most interesting thing it's got going for it is the perfume's black color and the bottle's slightly asymmetric gold top.

Honey and belladonna are the two most predominant notes, with the barest suggestion of apricot and incense making an occasional appearance. Sillage is laughably weak, but what little that does manage to project sticks around for several hours.

The "push-pull" technology, rather than being inventive or unique, simply makes for an unbalanced perfume. There is no linear progression in the fragrance as a whole, nor any stellar performance from any particular solo notes, nor any diligent note working "behind the scenes," so to speak, to make the lead look good. The individual notes simply compete with each other like mildly talented nobodies trying, with varying degrees of success, to get your attention.

But perhaps that is the whole point Gaga is trying to make about fame.

Lagerfeld Femme Karl Lagerfeld by lotus and jasmine 2015-04-27

What a lovely lily note! This is the second scent that I've found that hosts a realistic lily note. I had thought that I disliked this note, but it turns out that done right, the lily is wonderfully evocative.

Femme opens with a strong citrus and white musk blast, which slowly mellows into a beautiful lily note in the heart, supported by crisply lemony elemi and nicely oily narcissus. The rhubarb doesn't show up on my skin until the dry down, when it joins the flowers, adding a softly sour dry note to the mix.

Overall, very pretty, bright, clean, refreshing. A lovely summer time scent!

S.T. Dupont pour Femme S.T. Dupont by DiaAnna 2015-04-27

Great ... DISCONTINUED .. 300e 100ml .. Guess I'll stop searching :/

Noa Cacharel by kyl77 2015-04-27

I'm really into quiet fragrances at the moment, and Noa is a really unique option. The juice is very light and delicate. It opens up with a clean musk which quickly mellows to include soft milky florals. I get just the faintest hint of coffee to keep things interesting. Beautiful and ethereal.

Far Away Avon by laurakaye 2015-04-27

What IS this mysterious potion?

I inherited a bottle of this from my mom after she passed away. The bottle was half gone, and it's so odd that I don't ever remember her smelling of this - I am CERTAIN that I would remember because it definitely stands out!

I have tried this several times and I just can't figure it out. It starts out with a bang, that's for sure. But it has the lightness of a cloud - if you were walking outside and it started raining vanilla-coconut juice, it would smell like this. Some days I love it and it feels like a clean blanket draped across my shoulders, and other days it seems very heavy and cloying and just too much for me.

I don't own another perfume that I have this kind of relationship with...which I find interesting, since it came from my mom, the one person in my life who could drive me crazy, but I loved her with all my heart just the same.

It's actually perfect, now that I think about it.

La Tentation de Nina Nina Ricci by sammydevlin 2015-04-27

Sadly the gorgeous bottle does not redeem this perfume from smelling like soap from a public toilet. The drydown after about an hour is okay, but not worth enduring that first hour. Seriously overpriced. I can imagine perfume creators from 100 years ago being horrified at this creation.

Secret Obsession Calvin Klein by KarlekLila 2015-04-27

Nilu a summer scent for you? I'm surprised.. I would've thought it was more suited to autumn weather. Now I must try this in the heat of July!

Khaltath Al Haramain Perfumes by sam ldh 2015-04-27

One thing which new users of Al Haramain or any Attars/perfumes made in UAE /Dubai is not worry about longevity and strong powerful performance! Trust me, forget if someone whines about lasting power being weak is only a result of wrong/ improper application methods! Three basic ways are best varying from scent and bogy chemistry.
One, is directly swiping on pulse points.
Two, similarly but, rubbing and spreading it to a coin sized patch of oil.
Three, is taking one or two drops on palm, rubbing vigourously, and then applying on neck / chest and ears (on and behind, both).

Weakest oil is still powered enough to last a full workday! And, the stronger one will last way past the 24 hours mark! I ain't joking friends, if you have been reading my reviews, you already know I am committed to give my Fraghead friends the best I Kouros, Antaeus Pino Silvestre, Reviews!
And thanks for all your support friends, which inspires me in my writing.
I am planning a blog soon, about scents but with an Eastern Spiced touch! And I hope to receive similar love and support!

Gud luck,
Happy Sniffing!

Sam Singer

I would describe this as sweet,mature, bubblegum white floral.

It opens VERY sweet, has a similar "bubblegum/floral" to Roberto Cavalli EDP, and it only gets better from there. The dry down for me is still sweet but not as sweet as the opening, it becomes more... sensual.

I would say the mixture of Tiare, Jasmine and Vanilla makes this somewhat bright, sweet and balmy. I love Patchouli in this as it appears lightly and balances the scent without ruining it. Not a powerhouse, but strong enough (very good longevity and projection).

Oh, and this is not at all like the original, it's less powdery, less spicy, sweeter, and more modern. I do suggest testing before buying but if you love perfumes like Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum I don't see how you can dislike this. I love this even more than RC EDP.

Paris Hilton Paris Hilton by Afedrich 2015-04-27

I used this scent regularly when I was in high school and loved it. It has a lot of crisp fruit scent with some light florals. However, over the years, I have noticed that the fragrance does have a very synthetic quality to it. I still enjoy it, but not as much as I did in my younger years.

B. Balenciaga Balenciaga by margarita.angelova 2015-04-27

The woody twin brother of Light Blue by D&G and Eclat d'Arpege by Lanvin.
For something brought out last year, it's so odd to me that they release the same fragrance over and over again. I don't understand. It's such a waste of good effort.

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