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Armani Code Ultimate Giorgio Armani by vserdar 2014-07-31

This reminds me of nothingelse.A special juice with perfect longetivty and sillage.Maybe one of the best Armani's ever produced.İt is better in cold wheather and keeps you warm and delightfull.Very sensual.

1 Million Intense Paco Rabanne by Attarzade 2014-07-31

Citrus, Oriental... Not very original.

Aventus Creed by MonsieurK 2014-07-31

A for 'Agreeable' (Hard not to like the scent of fresh char-grilled fruits permeated by light smoke)

V for 'Versatile' (Name one instance where this wouldn't be acceptable. Neither can I)

E for 'Exhibitory' (Only Pinnochio says he's not wearing it to be a peacock among peahens)

N for 'Narcissistic' (Just a touch. But wait till you've had a couple of compliments)

T for 'Territorial' (The Alpha in you is flexing his biceps. Just don't be a dimwit about it though)

U for 'Unapologetic' (Customer drops coin and has to learn a new word. 'Batch.' If true, replace with 'Unreasonable')

S for 'Standard' (The standard of excellence? Or just 'standard'?)

Aventus - try it on, be this fella for at least a day. Make up your own mind. Hype means nothing. No score offered here.

I have a tester of this. It smells nice from far but when i put it on; it makes me cough badly and gives me headaches. The lasting power is good though.

Ah ha ha ha ha... I'm a gurl but I want this XD

Champions League aside, the notes does seem nice

Journey Man Amouage by KIZILBAY 2014-07-31

Amouage, Journey öncesinde birçok parfümünü severek kullandığım bir marka. Journey, iyi bir tanıtım kampanyası ile piyasaya sürüldü. Beklentim biraz artmıştı. Hayal kırıklığı yaşamadım. Yine son derece kaliteli bir parfüm ile karşı karşıyayız. Ancak diğer birçok Amouage kokusu ile benzerlik gösterdiğini söyleyebilirim. En belirgin fark ise açılışta aniden etrafı bastıran Sichuan Biberi kokusu. Journey bu açılışı ile bir an için farklılaşıyor ancak 15-20 dakika içinde deri-tütün ikilisine yerini bırakıyor. Zaten Journey bu açılış ile sizi etkileyecektir. Bu ikilinin rahatsız edici bir ağırlıkta olmaması için sanırım biraz hafifletilmiş. Ancak bu farklılığı neyin yarattığını hassas burunlar alabilir. Ben çözemedim. 4-5 saat sonrasında bu karışım iyice yumuşuyor. Keyifli bir parfüm ancak söylediğim gibi açılıştaki biber kokusu biraz daha dayanıklı olsa harika olabilirdi.
Sıcak ve nemli günlerde sıkıntılı olabilir. Serin ve akşam saatlerinde çok keyif verecektir. Her yaştan erkek kullabilir. Kalıcılığı çok kuvvetli değil ama makul. Bu tespiti diğer Amouage parfümleri düşünerek söylüyorum.
Her ne kadar şık görünsede işçiliğini sevmediğim şişelerde biraz iyileştirme yapılmış. Artık şişenin kapağı mıknatızlı ve yerine rahat oturuyor. Kutu halen biraz basit görünüyor. Parfümü kutusunda tutmanızı tavsiye etmem. Rahatlıkla yerinden düşebiliyor. Daha mat renkler bu parfüme yakışırdı.Yaldızlı diyebileceğim renkler kutuyu biraz basitleştirmiş. Bu parfümü Türkiye'de satın almak isterseniz rakamlar çok yüksek. Körfez ülkelerinde Amouage parfümler genelikle 500-800 TL arasında satılıyor. İndirim olan bazı yerlerde 250-300 TL'ye satıldığını da gördüm. Türkiye'de ise 1250-1500 TL arasında

Arabie Serge Lutens by thoushaltnotdefy 2014-07-31

Yep, it smells exactly like Middle Eastern desserts... I'm just not sure why anyone would want to walk around smelling of Middle Eastern desserts :P

It's sweet, spicy, very syrupy and does have an exotic vibe to it. It's also incredibly heavy, longevity and projection are monstrous, one spray could fill a room.

As a collector I can seriously appreciate this fragrance, it's extremely well made, it's art. I'll gladly spray some on myself and enjoy it while I'm at home, but I could never wear this in public.

Though it smells fresh and floral, i find the price tag way too much for its longevity.

Just a little word of warning.......there is apparently 2 different limited editions from D.Y.
The ones available at Fragrancenet are an older edition ( 2008 )without oud and the colour is deeper. The one at the top of this side came later ( 2011 ) and was mainly targeted to the Gulf Area....and impossible to find.....been searching high and low.....:-(

Matz Ridderstrom

True Star Tommy Hilfiger by Tanyamarx 2014-07-31

Its really sad coz you can not buy it anywhere anymore... I totally loved it!!!!! Have they completely discontinued it???

Saat Safa Al-Rehab by garethjamesluke 2014-07-31

Awful! Far too floral for me.

Songe d'un Bois d'Ete Guerlain by sjam3295 2014-07-31

Dominant notes for me are oud and cardamom. Don't pick up any florals at all, nor bay, patchouli, cedar, myrrh. Very masculine, animalic. Not sure if I like it. Big sillage and long-lasting.

Dehn Amber Al-Rehab by garethjamesluke 2014-07-31

Very harsh medicinal note off the bat which I have encountered before in another 'amber' scent made by Yas Perfumes in Dubai. I absolutely hate this note; it is not amber, or at least not the amber I am looking for. Pass.

Shalimar Guerlain by benzippo 2014-07-31

My first encounter with Shalimar was not a pleasant one as I found it like smells bugspray.

Fast forward 20 years later..., now I couldn't get enough of it.

I have in my collection, the EDT, the EDP, the Eau Shalimar Floral Limited Edition and Ode à la Vanille Sur la route de Madagascar.

Not for the faint hearted as this is indeed a very rich and lavish fragrance.

Go try it if you are ready. You will, like me, grow to to love it!!!

Sandal Al-Rehab by garethjamesluke 2014-07-31

I cant see anyone wearing this by itself. It is literally a single, rather difficult to pick up woody sweet note (sandalwood). Could see it being layered with another perfume but standalone I would not recommend it.

Al Shariga Al-Rehab by garethjamesluke 2014-07-31

Maybe I got a strange bottle but I smell a rose/oud combo with one of the strongest rose notes ive ever smelled. Unsure why there is no rose in the note breakdown listed by fragrantica when its all i smell..

Pink Sugar Aquolina by AmandaGuerra 2014-07-31

Ohhhhh.... what can I say, just got it delivered by a week now... and already ordered a 2nd bottle, I love sooooo much, have so many perfumes, very high priced and great house ones, but this one is definitely one of my must have ones, and in my top 3 ..... worth give a try since isn't expensive! Just looove it.

Black XS Paco Rabanne by meroo 2014-07-31

This is a tricky one for me. I most of the time like it a lot but sometimes I just don't want to smell it for a second. It stands out for sure so it's a special perfume swinging from being very sweet (to a childish extend) to strong lemony smell IMO (some people don't find it so).

So it's particular. Got some compliments wearing it. Some other times people said it's a bit feminine. I find it masculine in a way but I understand their point with all the sweetness it has.

I would't buy it again but I enjoy it when somewhen wears it.

Recommendation: You rather dig it or hate it. It's a risky perfume, try it first.

Jessica McClintock Jessica McClintock by jake.shouse 2014-07-31

i never had much luck with JM but will retry it does smell like summer their is just so much lemon and citrus!

This is in fact really good. The schent is very simular to Laura, Laura Biagiotti that is an old fav of mine. Casuall perfume for all occasions. Nice bottle as well. One is going to be mine some day.

Al Wisam Day Rasasi by Mark0 2014-07-31

How strong is the oud in this folks, does it take a backstage role or is it quite punchy ?

Pink Sugar Sparks Aquolina by AmandaGuerra 2014-07-31

Just got my delivered, am not saying will smell like this in everyone, however on my skin is very similar to La Vie Est Belle it does not have the evolution of LVEB but is so similar that after 1 hour wearing almost impossible to tell difference, also very similar to Flowerbomb. ... really really love it, already ordered another one since the bottle is only 50 ml, is very cheap and worth a try!

Come L'Amore Bois 1920 by Par-Excellence 2014-07-31

Exquisite, wonderfully balanced, long lasting (but not overpowering) white musky floral. Tender yet sensual, truly feminine and alluring. Lasted more than 10 hours on my skin. Only 1920 bottles produced (mine is #543). Gorgeous! Would be a wonderful blind buy for anyone who loves white floral frags. Recommend!

A*Men Thierry Mugler by camposg 2014-07-31

ive reviewed this a couple of times. I know this is potent huice thats true. Its a great college scent. 1,2 sprays max but there is way better stuff out there. I feel like i keep trying to convince myself i love this when i jus think its ok

Vent Vert Pierre Balmain by ChaiLatte2009 2014-07-31

It has new beautiful bottle, please change the picture. :)

The scent is awesome, what a great smell, indeed. Best of the dsquared2 He Wood line. I sense this scent except woody of course but also as a cooling, comforting, oudoor-sy - Can be worn in hot humid climate as well - It was yet to see the day for me to find a current, non-vintage fragrance that i can from all of my heart give honestly FULL 5 STARS. Glad i found this one. Like it more than CdG Wonderwood for example.

That was for the scent/smell - unfortunately on my skin the longevity is really bad, only 1,5-2 hours so i will run out of this juice soon, but have already bought a couple of backup bottles - fortunately this one is a quite inexpensive frag.

Love in Paris Nina Ricci by energia 2014-07-31

When I need something light but with good staying power, something classy but not in your face, I use this fragrance and it makes my day.

It so nice and easy to wear, I think it should be a part of everyone's collection.

Anais Anais Premier Delice Cacharel by lovesky 2014-07-31

I agree, it has nothing to do with the original Anais Anais, so don't be scared to take a sniff, it is a very sweet-floral-fruity fragrance!

Fuel for Life Homme Diesel by meroo 2014-07-31

My ex-gf highly recommended this perfume and even tried to get me to buy it in the store. Smelled generic, cheap and really not special. She seemed to like it a big time. I didn't and I still don't.
It might be the only perfume by Annick Menardo that I 'hated'!! so I was a bit surprised it's created by her. Moving on...

Herod Parfums de Marly by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Possibly my favorite tobacco scent. Incredible. Price is high but you get a lot of juice. I would pull the trigger again and again and again on this one. Well worth it. Happy Hunting.

Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Dior by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

7-up in a fragrance. Pretty great at times during the summer. Doesn't last as long as I'd like but it's okay...reapply. Happy Hunting.

Infusion d`Homme Prada by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Powder fresh shower scent. Almost a scent perfect for a child. It has that baby powder feel to it. A great bedtime scent for sure. You won't offend anyone with it, which is why it is also a great work scent. I highly recommend giving it a chance. It's cheap and smells lovely. Happy Hunting.

Dune Dior by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Wonderful beach, fig scent. One of the most underrated scents I've smelled in a long time. Don't overlook this one simply because it's been around a long time. Well worth the time and money. Happy Hunting.

The one would be a LOVE for me if it lasted longer. It is nearly identical to Neroli Portofino but it only lasts an hour. You've gotta spray it constantly...BUT it cost almost nothing to own (3.3oz for like $15). Having said that, now that you know you can find it for dirt cheap, it is an ideal shower fragrance. After work or after the gym, spray liberally knowing you won't offend anyone and you'll smell great until you go to bed or get home from the gym. It's a goodie. For the price...why not add one of the classic frags in this game. Happy Hunting.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

I love this manly lipstick fragrance. Remind me a lot of Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense but much easier to find then DHI. I highly recommend getting the EDP version over the EDT version. It's much more powerful and pure. This one is highly available on discount sites for a great price. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did. Happy Hunting.

A classi 80's powerhouse fragrance that wasn't made in the 80's. A better version of Drakkar Nior. I love the cement like note this one adds. Wonderfully manly scent. For the price, I highly recommend it. Happy Hunting.

Couture La La Juicy Couture by Hannehoney 2014-07-31

I bought this yesterday, a blind buy... and I absolutely love it! This is what a perfume should smell like!

Fresh, clean, light, just simply good :) My new favorite :)

Fahrenheit Dior by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Dirty, oily, mechanical, manly! What more do you need? Oh and the women love this one. It's the perfect man scent. Get it!

Lola Marc Jacobs by Aysu 2014-07-31

I think Lola is a love or hate perfume, and I am on the lovers' side.
Purple bottle is very original, although the velvet cap is better than plastic cap.
For me this is a spicy rose scent with strong vanilla notes. Scent stays with you very long time, and after the dry down it gets better and better, smells like a rose scented lipstick with strong sillage.. I receive so many compliments with this perfume so I believe it fits to my chemistry. I love wearing this in winter, because due to its strong presence, wearing it in summer may be disturbing.
If you like your rose spicy and sweet, then this is a must try.

Blu Ajmal by binoybcompany 2014-07-31

Starts off nice and fresh Watermelon & Bergamot is what is got from the opening and stay's that way for a good 1 hr. Then it slowly evolves to a more of a lavender fragrance till the dry down, You will notice lotus & Jasmine at times but neither one plays a bigger role.

I should say a very linear fragrance but i like it, Could be worn indoors i will try the longevity & projection tomorrow once i wear it to office and update.

Scent - 2.5/5
Longevity -
Projection -
Overall -


Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Very close to Creed Original Vetiver. While I prefer OV to this one, the price makes it hard for most to choose OV over Mugler Cologne. Yes longevity and projection is better for OV but it is average or slightly better then average for this one. I highly recommend you pick this one up before you pick up original vetiver. That way you know what you're getting into and you can wear this one without worrying about price. MC is really really affordable. Its a very good designer fragrance. I love it! Happy Hunting.

La Panthere Cartier by MeThePerson 2014-07-31

Oh dear, I'm at a loss for words at the moment...
I looked at the notes, considered the possible effects, wondered and hoped, and set this aside as one to try at the next opportunity- looking forward to a nice long settling period on the skin to allow the development and see what occurred.
Not for me at all. The only notes I got, through initial spray to finally scrubbing through my tan after four hours of dry wretching, were an overdose of Anise and Cinnamon, the only other note I could bear to identify was the earthy Oakmoss that did not serve to benefit the other notes. It is a shame in this case that this review is affected by my reticence with heavily laden Aniseed perfumes and the fact that my only thoughts are memories of those Jawbreaker sweets that completely killed your taste buds(Fireballs?).
I'm sorry that I cannot be any more critical in a constructive sense in this case, just to say that I felt nauseous throughout the time it was on my skin. Sorry.
Striking bottle though, probably because of the panther image that I was expecting something more demure, slinky and seductive. Oh well, first impressions can be deceiving, interesting that I'm not the only one thinks the listed notes are misleading.

1922 Lily Sanguine Happ & Stahns by missmaggiebeth 2014-07-31

I recieved a sample of this and sniffing it in the bottle I thought it was one I would never use but that bottle leaked all over my hand as I scrunched up my nose in horror that I would smell like the sour mess I had just scowled at. On the skin it was beautiful antiqued flowers and simply reminded me of charecters out of a Jane Austin novel. I savored every drop of that sample bottle and just when I ran out I found the full size at Marshalls. It is not a good blind buy because I wouldn't say that this is a perfume for everyone but it has a romantic overly polite air about it and on the person it smells great.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Tomfinx 2014-07-31

Best fragrance in the world (the vintage one brown bottle). Better than BA by Nasomatto. 10/10

Prada Amber Pour Homme (Prada Man) Prada by victoria.mei1992 2014-07-31

Soapy, versatile scent. longevity 8-10 hours.

Grey Vetiver Tom Ford by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

My all-time favorite work scent. It's sharp but clean. Manly, yet wearable. But this scent can be worn for any occasion and during all season. I highly recommend this one. It is a great beginner vetiver frag. If you don't love vetiver, you might love this one. Don't discount it just because it has the name vetiver in it. It's very citrusy and clean with a good amount of woods. Classic. Happy Hunting@

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

A classic Eau de Cologne in the likeness of Original Vetiver and 4711. Perfect for any occasion and any time of day. It gives you that right out of the shower feeling. However unlike many eau de colognes, this one lasts. It doesn't fleet within a couple hours. It'll last you a full work day for sure. Perfect with shorts or a shirt and tie. A real pleaser. Price tag is steep but worth it. If you'd like a cheaper alternative that is almost as good, go with Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intense Essenza. Hope this helps. Happy Hunting!

Moroccan Rose The Body Shop by ladenu 2014-07-31

Poor sillage and longevity. Shame cause it is actually a lovely rose parfume.

Cool Water Davidoff by bunty62 2014-07-31

It is not great fragrance as it is praised.
Extremely Sharp fragrance it is.
Don't go for blind buy.
It may or may not suitable to your nose.
Lasting is average. Silage is good.
I found that it smells very synthetic.


Chergui Serge Lutens by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Sweet, spicy, dark and sexy. The women all love this one. A real pleaser while out on the town. Not one I'd wear to work. Would be a little loud there. A great night scent in the fall/winter/spring. Niche quality at a designer price tag. Can't get any better then that. Happy Hunting.

Declaration L'Eau Cartier by Marciu 2014-07-31

Ok, so I compared it to Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche.

They're not similar at all. Terre ETF is a very authentic grapefruit zest and some pulp mixed with a little spice. I love it. L'Eau is a fruit-drop, sweet candied version of Declaration with obvious presence of cumin and probably some cardamom and a synthetic feel to it.

They're not similar to me and my nose.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift by Hannehoney 2014-07-31

This perfume smells like it is expired on it's been standing in the closet too long..maybe it's supposed to be like this...
it gives me a headache, it's synthetic, very strong and kind of reminds me of a pharmacy scent...

How is it possible to make something like this?

I don't mean to be rude, but ugh....

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore Chanel by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

A truly remarkable scent. In no way shape or form a women's fragrance. This is as masculine as it gets. Sure a women could wear it, but I wouldn't classify it as womanly. The vetiver in this is the star. It's dirty but wearable. Classy and wild at the same time. It's last and last and lasts. The only downside is the price tag. Does remind me of Encre Noire but is no where near as dirty. Give it a try. Happy Hunting!

Egoiste Cologne Concentree Chanel by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

I had this one recently. Sold it to get some other bottles. I already regret it given that I'll likely never get my hands on another bottle of this. Literally the holy grail of fragrances right now. Probably the best sandalwood fragrance I've ever smelled. Unlike any other I've smelt before. The new Egoiste is pretty good but this takes that to a whole other level. If you can get your nose on it please do. For men ages 25+. A true gem. Good luck finding it. Happy Hunting!

Miss Dior Cherie Dior by meroo 2014-07-31

I review this one based on smelling it on my girlfriend. I usually am not so into Jasmine so when it gets into the base note it's a bit too jasmine for me but the musk smells very nice.
It's very popular and many girls wear it so I smell my girlfriend everywhere even when she is not around!! that's a negative thing about women fragrances in general and this one in particular.

It lasts long and it has good silage.

Score 6.5/10

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

I love this citrusy/vanilla/peppery/synthetic beauty. This one just draws me in for some reason. Probably because I haven't found a citrus that is as sharp and deep as this one. It's unique and fun. A great summer citrus for anyone ages 15-40. It's great for work or casual. Doesn't offend but people love it on you. I highly recommend getting it now that it's on sale again. Enjoy. Happy Hunting!

Touch for Men Burberry by daynierds 2014-07-31

Tender, smooth, romantic, easygoing and lovely are some of the words to describe this one, I bet 7 out 10 persons would at least like this, it is a great smell at the price and definitely worth having it in a collection....
edit: after 1 h. and 20 minutes it has remain quite linear....this is not a bad thing if the smell is good...that´s the case

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Dolce&Gabbana by victoria.mei1992 2014-07-31

Too sweet and powdery, yuck.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille Guerlain by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Guerlain's classic vanilla tone. Has a smokiness that I wasn't sure about initially but really liked after a wearing or two. It definitely crosses that line and should be considered unisex. Very expensive though. Eau des Missions is a cheaper alternative for sure. Great stuff though and the presentation is almost worth the price tag. Get your nose on this stuff. Happy Hunting!

Neon Roads by scented2014 2014-07-31

this smells very yummy...vanilla ice cream. very long-lasting, esp on clothes. beautiful!

Great citrus/woody/office scent. Has that classic feel to it. Give it a try. You'll likely be pleasantly surprised (though not blown away). Happy Hunting!

Very Sexy Now 2010 v.2 Victoria`s Secret by prettyswag 2014-07-31

this smells nothing like (OOH LA LA from v.s or Britney spears scents...none of those. This a fresh musky fruity blackberry amber wave...its a intoxicating fresh scent. too bad it was limited edition!

A classic barbershop scent. I love the way this brings me back to my childhood at the barbershop in our neighborhood in NY. Some might even think of a country club's bathroom. It's perfect for men over the age of 25. It's clean, fresh and timeless. The intense version is much better then the original. It's worth looking into. Also a great wedding frag. Not strong enough to overpower the groom but loud enough to get acknowledged. I love it. Happy Hunting!

Zino Davidoff Davidoff by skipster 2014-07-31

Finally got the chance to sample vintage Zino. It is definitely deeper and richer and more long-lived than the reformulation, but not THAT much. Compared to music it would be like a CD vs a high-quality MP3 version of the same beautiful song.

If you have the uncompressed original plus a good hi-fi system and a pair of good ears, you will notice the difference and enjoy the higher quality. If not, you are still in for a wonderful experience and you won't miss a thing.

Buy vintage without hesitation if you should be so lucky to find it (but prepare to dig deep into your pockets). Otherwise enjoy the splendid and ridiculously inexpensive reformulation as I have done for years now. Zino still rocks if you can - and dare - pull it off.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

The Cherry Dr. Pepper of dark fragrances. A wonderful scent. Seductive, sexy and perfect for a night out. The women love this one. Probably too strong for the office. If you can find the original, its even better and louder. I highly recommend this to anyone trying Oud for the first time. A great starter oud scent. Happy Hunting!

Very Sexy Now 2010 v.2 Victoria`s Secret by prettyswag 2014-07-31

i grabbed this scent out of my stash..and have been wearing this lovely sexy and its just a fav all over again..its so seductive, fresh fruity warm floral..this is one of the best quality scents that V.S had put out...and this does last and linger..i get so many ppl stop me and say : you smell so good!..its the scent that will turn a guys head! love this!

Sandalwood Taylor of Old Bond Street by rudo.jandel 2014-07-31

yes, nice scent ..

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

I don't usually look at notes until after I smell/wear something. Without looking at the notes, I get a gingery/apple feel from this. It's lovely and extremely wearable. i wear it during any season, summer especially. Projection and longevity are average which for a designer fragrance is okay. I think its another one of those scents that every guy should own just because it's a staple. To me it's the Cheerios of fragrances. Great for what it is and used daily (often). Great beginner frag too. Good luck. Happy Hunting.

Eau du Sud Annick Goutal by dsty 2014-07-31

Another one I'm having a hard time with: I find it hard to make up my mind or even describe it. But in this case, I don't think that's a bad sign, because I do feel compelled to "get to the bottom of it"; I'd like to test it a lot more thoroughly than my 1 ml sample allows. A clear candidate for a decant if I ever see one offered.

At first spray, it reminds me a bit of Ninfeo Mio. It's that slightly resinous, delicious blast of sparkling citrus that they have in common. But even then there's something else going on in the background, something a bit suspicious, dark and murky. Then after an hour or so it veers off in a direction that confirms its distinction from Ninfeo Mio once and for all. The murkiness intensifies and it becomes very warm, but in a different way, a bit spicy even. I don't normally like that but here it's subtle; I really can't pick out any individual notes, except for oakmoss, although even that isn't dominant and certainly not overwhelming. The abundance of other notes also explains why this fragrance is so strong and longlasting for a citrus scent; at this point it's not really a citrus scent at all anymore, although some echo of the initial citric fresness does remain in the scent. I don't think it's particularly masculine, as others have said, but it's pretty heavy for a summer fragrance.
Conclusion: undecided; to be continued...maybe.

I don't know what to compare this to. It has that AdP DNA, but it also has a woodiness to it that is just lovely. If you can get this with the coffin case, that alone is worth the price tag. I find it has an almost sportiness to it, that many probably wouldn't want to agree with. It's definitely wearable. Isn't something you only can pull out on special occasion. You can use it whenever: both casual and professional. I love it and will keep it in my collection for a long time to come. Happy Hunting!

Clockwork Roads by mfoord 2014-07-31

Nutmeg is pretty intense.

Essenza di Colonia Acqua di Parma by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

A classic style eau de cologne fragrance. In the likeness of Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino (and 4711) but cheaper. Longevity and projection aren't quite as good as NP but that might be acceptable for the price difference. Any way you spin it, it's a wonderful citrus/neroli/soapy fragrance that you just want to wear all the time. For those who love smelling fresh, go for this! I have it and I love it! Happy Hunting.

Mackie Bob Mackie by VanillaTabbyCat1963 2014-07-31

Mackie is almost a dead ringer for Amarige on my skin-only not quite as potent. I get a colorful tutti-frutti like melange that is jubilant, sweet and fruity. No aldehydes, no hairspray or worse yet no bug spray as some have suggested.

I find it difficult to associate this fragrance with Makie's fashion sensibility. I always found his look to lean in towards matronly. Too much Vegas in the 1970's The clothes worn by the mother of the bride hoping to look younger by virtue of becoming more adventurous with shiny fabrics and bold patterns but nevertheless slipping uncannily into that undesirable fashion category steriotype: women of "a certain age". Fashion-wise, a place not one of us knowingly would want to go out of our way with our hard earned money.

I have been wearing Makie for about an hour, and I am liking it more and more. It's lighthearted, sweet and bubbly like a nice Asti Spumante.It is not too anything, moderate in every way. It is soft on sillage and because of the quality of the sweet accord, I think it would be great for any age group. As long as you are not of the unfortunate who get the aldehydic explosion.

Would I again? Yes, if I am successful in downscaling my fragrance library to only my soul sisters and I come across it in my travels. Not as loud as Amarige, and less synthetic to my nose. That just reinforces my belief that pricetag does not guarantee greatness. And you can't beat the price..

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

What more could possibly be added about this fragrance. It's a hall of fame designer fragrance. If you don't know what to grab on a spring/summer day, this is what you reach for. It's pleasant, moderately strong and lasts. You can't possibly offend anyone with this. Great for office, home, beach...hell funeral. A constant goodie. Happy Hunting!

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Citrusy, woody, patchouli. A true classic! I love it in all season. Completely wearable and not overpowering (unless you let that trigger fly). It might not draw compliments like some others. But it does draw interest. It's a perfect middle of the road, unsure of what to wear today fragrance. I think every man should own a bottle of this simply because! Happy Hunting!

Ange ou Demon Givenchy by gaz525 2014-07-31

So i have worn this a few times now,whilst I absolutely love the scent it only seems to project for the first hour and then just becomes a really close to the skin scent.I love it,but thats the only downfall and for the price and the fact it's du parfum I'd expect abit more projection.

03 Lonestar Memories Tauer Perfumes by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

An amazing scent! It's reminds me of Dior Fahrenheit on major steroids. Mechanical, dirty....MANLY! If you like Fahrenheit, try this. You might love it. I know I do! Happy Hunting!

Wonderful winter scent. When you first sniff it you think it'll be so heavy that it's unwearable. Give it a chance. That's not the case. It is much lighter then you'd imagine. It settles in perfectly. The spices make you imagine the middle east. It's almost a Westerners idea of what an Eastern scent should be. And that's perfectly okay! This company is the definition of niche. With that said, the prices for Tauer's line is incredibly affordable. Most other niche frags of this quality would be 50-100 dollar more. Do yourself a favor and get a sample. You'll be happy you did! Happy Hunting!

Ruehl No.925 Ruehl No.925 by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Possibly made before Abercrombie and Fitch Woods, but I consider it Wood's little sister. When A&F stopped selling Woods, this is what I went to. They are sister companies, so it makes sense. Now they are both discontinued, sadly. On second hand markets, this one sells for a lot more. I find that unnecessary. While I love both fragrances, I prefer Woods. It has that classic man connotation with lavender, woods and musk. If you ever want to find a fragrance for a working man, this is it. If you can find either fragrances for a good price (under $50-100) get them. They won't likely be made again. Happy Hunting!

JLove Jennifer Lopez by sweetmagnolia 2014-07-31

Just recently, I have found myself enjoying fragrances featuring coconut....And I must say, J Lo creates a pleasing one!

JLOVE is a very subtle and well balanced blend of soft, feminine flowers, juicy tropical fruits and of coarse creamy coconut, with a pinch of vanilla

This is a scent that no doubt, radiates beautifully off warm skin in the heat of summer, yet as the add suggests, (Jeniffer is wearing fur) JLOVE was actually created with cooler weather is mind. Yes! this in absolutely a multi-seasonal frag and that is the beauty of the coconut note.

So, as much as I am enjoying JLOVE in the HOT, desert, Las Vegas summer, I definitely plan on continuing this yummy, sexy little coconut skin scent well into the cooler monthes ahead.

Woods Abercrombie & Fitch by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Nothing like what you'd imagine an Abercrombie and Fitch fragrance would smell like. Unquestionably the best of the fragrances they've ever sold (IMO) and naturally never sprayed around the store (go figure). This was my signature scent from 1994-2010. It is perfect for nearly any occasion. I have never had a person tell me they didn't like this. It projects well and longevity is adequate. The lavender, musk and vetiver blend perfectly (regardless of whether they are synthetic or not). This is now discontinued, which is sad. It was easily wearable by men (and some women) between the ages of 17 - 110. It doesn't offend and draws people near. If you can find a bottle of this (and the vintage is even better) do yourself a favor and get it! This one gets a bad rap because it is associate with A&F. Don't succumb to that logic! Good luck! Happy Hunting!

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by mildspicej17u55l 2014-07-31

This smells amazing. Reminds me of blueberry pie.

The Scent of Peace for Him Bond No 9 by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Sure this is an Aventus clone, but it's so much more. This pineapple note in this is so superbly done that I own this simply because of it. The longevity and projection on this are excellent, I get 8-10 hours longevity and 3-5 hours projection. It is not a smokey fragrance, unlike Aventus or It is a fruity/fresh scent. The women at work prefer this to Aventus and They absolutely adore the fruitiness of this. If you love Aventus, but don't necessarily want to smell like all other Creed wearers, give this one a try. I highly recommend it.

Montauk Bond No 9 by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

A very good citrusy, summer scent. While I thoroughly enjoy this scent, it doesn't necessarily set itself apart from the hundreds of other great designer and niche scents that might be lighter on the wallet. I might seek out other, less expensive leafy citrus scents before I pulled the trigger on this one again. If you're looking for Montauk 3.3oz at a great price let me know. I'm currently selling mine :)

Chez Bond Bond No 9 by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

I absolutely adore this fragrance. Possibly more then I love Creed Green Irish Tweed, and GIT is my signature scent at the moment. While the two are similar at first glance, they differ in many ways. I find GIT to be a bit heavier and masculine. Chez Bond is a little more sparkly, with a sweet note to it. The citrus in both are done superbly. I love them both equally, that I keep both on hand at all times. The women I work with seems to prefer Chez Bond more then GIT (but only slightly). As with most Bonds and Creeds, price doesn't help you make the decision with which to purchase. Get samples of each and make the choice accordingly. Or if money isn't an issue do what I do and get both! Enjoy. Happy Hunting!

Shalimar Guerlain by Juliana6 2014-07-31

She found an adorable, refined bottle, took off the wonderfully shaped, deep blue cap and... set the genie free. And she doesn't know if the genie has slept a million years inside that bottle or it has hidden inside herself, inside her desires, her dreams and wishes and now it has come true.
Gourmand vanilla and oriental spices, a mixture of sin and desire served in a heavy, silver goblet covered with oriental decorations and wrapped into a sensual, soft piece of leather. A magical potion for her and for her beloved. Deep, rich, exciting, sensual, black silk serpent.
This is not a perfume, it is a personality. Well... The Personality. You can't "wear" it like usually, you can only live with it, respect and love it. Bond No 9 by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

This fragrance is very well done! I really do love it, regardless of it's comparisons to a slew of other well known fragrances. Yes it does have similar traits to Creed Aventus, BN9 Scent of Peace for Him, Reyane Insurrection Pure II and Lomani AB Silver. While I do not care for AB Silver, I do like the remaining three. This is probably the closest direct relative to Aventus. While that might be great, the price tag doesn't warrant choosing this over Aventus. Find the one that you like best and go with it. If money isn't an issue, get all of the above (minus AB Silver). You'll be able to use and love each for different reasons. Happy Hunting!

Amber Romance Victoria`s Secret by DJJellyBean 2014-07-31

I really like this perfume, it does smell like Revlon fire and ice, but fire and ice has a plasticky note and does not last as long as this. This is sweet (not sickeningly sweet) , light and just has a wonderful unique scent to it. It truly is amazing. Its kinda hard to describe how wonderful this is. The first time I smelled this I fell in love, and it's a new favorite for me. I highly recommend this perfume if your into sweet scents, also if your into fire and ice, this will be a new love for you too!
I really want the body butter that goes to this but I'm afraid that I might eat it! lol

Mefisto Xerjoff by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

A cleaner, more refined version of Creed Silver Mountain Water. Whether or not it is listed, the tea note in this one is excellent. Love the citrus top note but the soft woods at the base. A classic fragrance that is easily wearable in any occasion. Longevity is 8-10 hours, projection 4-6 hours. If price isn't a deterrent, get ahold of this beauty.

Sung Homme Alfred Sung by israelgonzales 2014-07-31

I think its funny how people bash this one but, if it came with a CREED label attatched it would be considered a masterpiece...I love this, long lasting, pleasant smelling and can be worn in any season (i prefer Fall)...lets count our blessings that this isnt more expensive people!

Oudh Al Misk Rasasi by Laci 2014-07-31

What a gorgeous and unique scent! I love it! Very fresh, airy, but not weak! Rain in a sunny day.

Reflection Man Amouage by johnsmunro 2014-07-31

Love this fragrance. While it does have feminine qualities to it, I feel it has no issues crossing the masculine line. Reflection is vanilla, powdery delight! It is a perfect summer scent. It is Le Male's rich cousin twice removed. Longevity is 8-10 hours. Projection 4-6 hours. If you like fresh, clean, smooth fragrances, check this one out for sure! Happy Hunting!

Guess Seductive Homme Guess by jdfarley 2014-07-31

I own and love the Blue flanker of this one. Tested Seductive Homme at Kohls awhile ago and thought it was pretty good. Nothing groundbreaking of course, but a solid cozy quasi-gourmand fragrance for evening or going out. Longevity isn't too great, however. If I was to consider getting this, I would have to decide between this one and CK Euphoria Intense (in the same vein). Euphoria Intense also has better longevity.

Bianco Trussardi by scented2014 2014-07-30

truly fresh,spicy and citrus! it's like bubbles of a citrus fizzy drink))

Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by JizzJuice 2014-07-30

Love this frag and how all of its components come together. My only complaint is that it doesn't last long enough on my skin. Turns into a skin scent within an hour. I will use my stash until it's gone, and that'll probably be it.

Choco Musk Al-Rehab by Chicago Tony T 2014-07-30

Wonderful again. Al Rehab has 2 gourmands that I love. This and soft are excellent! It's more than chocolate scent as I detect every note but rose. The amber and cinnamon give it some substance while sitting on a base of musk. Great chocolate and well rounded scent? Can be worn by guys as well.

Sensuous Nude Estée Lauder by ladenu 2014-07-30

This is such a soft parfume. To me it smells like coconut and vanilla :)

Ellen Tracy Ellen Tracy by JizzJuice 2014-07-30

One of the most overlooked sandalwood frags out there! I picked this up at a great deal and for all that it offers you can't beat it. All of the "Main Notes According To Your Votes" fits to a "T", which is how I arrived at choosing this alluring gem on a blind buy, couldn't be more happier! Thank you, fellow Fragranticans!

Set Sail St. Barts for Men Tommy Bahama by aqua_de_la_vita 2014-07-30

I don't why Tommy is saling this frag at a low price? Anyhow you can't go wrong..if you like it great, if not give it to someone else who might enjoy it. Everyone's taste in frags is different so not everyone is going to like "A" timeless classic.. (not to be compared to this fragrance!)
Now about this fragrance, I totally agree with Grottolla and gypsy parfumista..both their comments are dead on..this frag starts off VERY sweet with a lime/green tone. I have to admit that it's a bit harsh at first but once it settles you certainly get a vib of fresh/saltery aroma perfect for daytime causal wear and best during the HOT SUMMER days!
Longevity and Silage are beyond anything I would expect for $20.
Overall thoughts,
look it's not a MASTERPIECE or GEM of a fragrance, on the other hand it's not that synthetic that you would use it as an expensive air freshener either. Come on...I've spent more money on a fragrance which turned out to be just AWFUL. I have a bottle and yes I do use it occasionally during the summer months. 6/10

Soft Al-Rehab by PrincessofScents 2014-07-30

There are many ways to use this fragrance even if you're not interested in wearing it! I use a drop of it in the dyer before my linen comes out as it makes it smell beautifully fresh and luxurious. I have a lovely deep beauty sleep in its romantic and fresh aromas.

I also add a few drops to my vacuum cleaner to freshen the floors during summer or after a party. Sometimes, I even leave the bottle without the lid into my lingerie drawers. The lacy items smell divine! Like delicious caramel and lemon, but only lightly. These are little tricks my French mother taught me.

Heat Wild Orchid Beyonce by diggerbey 2014-07-30

Just recieved my bottle today and I must say I quite like this perfume but it's not on my top five like "Rise" her previous perfume was.

First and foremost this fragrance has slight similiraties to "Twilight Woods" by Bath and Body Works and ironically enough the perfumer who created "Twilight Woods" also created "Wild Orchid". Now for me that isint a problem since I love "Twilight Woods" but I wish it wasant so similar. TW has coconut as well and you can definatly get that vibe in WO but the diffrence between them is that this is much sweeter and softer while TW has a lot more musk and depth.

I would say WO works better for almost any season and it dosent feel heavy. It has good lasting power without having to layer products like BBW.

I think this scent is a great addition to the Heat line. It is my third favorite out of the bunch.

Would I say to blind buy, it depends if you want a sweeter less musky version of TW. Other than that NOPE.

Overall it is nothing groundbreaking but for what it is its a nice fragrance with a sweet smell that makes you feel good. That's all that matters anyways.

Aoud Orange Montale by s.alswayeq 2014-07-30

احد روائع دار مونتال عطر ناعم رائع مشرق غير ثقيل ويختلف كثير عن نمط عطور دار مونتال
سارشح هذا العطر لاي شخص جديد على مونتال حتى يكون عنصر جذب لهذه الماركة
لاحقا ساحوال وضع توصر عن الرائحة.

Lune Jean-Marc Sinan by curlykitty8 2014-07-30

Wow! I just realized this is a softer version of Soir de Lune! A bargain at any price.

Molinard de Molinard Molinard by gishgamesh 2014-07-30

Blind bought this and I LOATHE it. I love Habanita in all forms but this has a combination of sweetness and bitterness that turns my stomach. It is a shame the daffodil is hidden under the fog in this creation...

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Kittycat63 2014-07-30

This has to be the worst perfume I've ever tried. I tested it one time years and years ago and it was a HUGE mistake instantly ... it clung to me for dear life and was suffocatingly heavy, strong, spicy and foul. I tried to wash it off desperately but still it clung on, as strong as before if not even stronger. I literally was turning green and felt nauseous after about 5 minutes of having it on my skin. God knows I've smelled some stinkers, and sometimes made the mistake of testing them on my skin, but have never had a perfume give me such a stomach churning reaction like that! NEVER AGAIN!

Be warned - this is DEFINITELY not the type of perfume to risk blind buying and should be sniffed and tested on skin before buying. Personally, I'd banish all heavy, clingy stinkers like this one into outer space if I could!

Tragically, this seems to be one of those perfumes that totally divides people - it's either (totally inexplicably!) loved or hated and, of course, I'm one of the latter types! I've also noticed that most negative reviews on here for it get no arrows and / or disappear without trace very quickly because no doubt the people who love it get infuriated that anyone dare criticize it and not gush about it! So, let's see whether this negative review gets any balloons ! !

Butterscotch Demeter Fragrance by Bloodlust 2014-07-30

So sweet and delicious - Smells just like the taste of butterscotch candies! Smelling the fragrance straight out of the bottle gives it more of the 'liquer' feel, more full of alcohol, but on the skin it's very warm and is actually making my stomach growl!

Very straightforward, and my first try from Demeter - I'm enjoying it as a novelty!!

Tresor Lancome by moonprismpower 2014-07-30

I seriously hate this. It smells violently of alcohol, hairspray and some kind of fake gross fruit that does not even come close to smelling like peach or apricot but is supposed to. It reminds me a lot of one of those body sprays from Victoria's Secret, possibly Love Spell. Honestly, all I could think was that it smelled really cheap and chemical, and the bottle felt cheap in my hand like it was made of a thick plastic rather than glass. I don't usually outright hate a perfume but this stuff is truly cheap-smelling and awful, it is just not a quality product.

I just don't understand all these dislikes and thumb downs. Citrus Paradise is an underestimated masterpiece of citric air plus classical fougere smell of oakmoss. The result is spicy-mossy bed under citrus realm which smells smoothly like freshness and cleanness of dentistry and it quite astonishing.
Personally I'm picky guy especially about citruses and maybe I never go to buy it for a sort of personal reasons but this perfume is a really precious alternative in citrus world which must be tested.

Eau Gourmande Ambre Vanille Laura Mercier by lesgalaxies 2014-07-30

Taking this one back to the store :/ woooof, it was just way too sweet for me. Could hardly differentiate the amber and vanilla, as everything seemed to be entirely swamped by an ominous sweetness. No idea what's trying to be achieved with this fragrance.. an amorphous sugar blob, perhaps?

Jealous of all the ladies who are finding the warm, cozy nooks to settle into with this fragrance. All I get is a toothache :/

Paris Yves Saint Laurent by lesgalaxies 2014-07-30

Just re-ordered this after receiving the 'Paris Premieres Roses' and absolutely loving it! I can recall exactly what I did like about this scent and am now ready to give it another chance.

Powdery scents are a favorite of mine, and I'm excited to have another version of the beautiful 'Paris' in my life again! Bright, enlivening and fresh! Will update this as soon as it arrives next week :)

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Dior by Eaugirlspirit 2014-07-30

I cannot believe when this happens: you try a scent on and then realize, this is what "so and so" has been wearing all this time!
This has got to be a family member's signature scent because I am transported right back to her when smelling this.
This perfume smells like Bright Crystal for 10 seconds when first sprayed, which is highly unoriginal.
Then it becomes tart and very artificial floral smelling:
like super waxy, pungent flowers for a few minutes, then the mid notes veer us terribly into laundry detergent land and finishes off with a dry down of aquatic-floral type musk. This is a terrible review because this is a very difficult fragrance to write a review for. I'm sorry, give me Miss Dior EDP, EDT and Le Parfum but blooming bouquet is a complete downgrade from the other 3 I just mentioned.

Dior Addict Dior by moonprismpower 2014-07-30

I was at Dillard's and they still had the old 2002 version tester of this so I of course couldn't help myself...
WOW. This is how I remember Addict.
If you think the 2012 EDP is strong...which it is...this blows it away. The tester strip is still smelling up my dresser drawer over a week later. New and old Addict are extremely similar, but the old one is just...that much better. Longer lasting, more powerful, richer, smoother, deeper. The scent is almost the same. 2002 version is a little smokier but in NO WAY is it sharper like I previously thought, in fact it's even smoother! Something in this smells like very expensive suede or leather, a facet that isn't present in the newer Addict reformulation. Smooth, smoooooth luxurious rich fancy boozy smoky leathery powdery vanilla. This is what I wish Shalimar smelled like. One of the sexiest fragrances out there if you can find it, the new version will do just fine in a pinch but THIS...this is IT!

Eau de Gentiane Blanche Hermes by tkomaigo77 2014-07-30

I like this fragrance because it reminds me of high school when I used to smoke camels drink Moxie and chew on Korean Red Ginseng chewing gum. It's possible only people from the northeastern US will understand that. Moxie is a kind of soda that was produced in 1886 and it tastes about that old too. The secret to its bitter medicinal "acquired taste" is Gentian root extract.
Most people connect Hermes with elegance but this fragrance brings me back to melancholy teenaged autumn days in Massachusetts. I may have to pick up a bottle when the seasons change.

Love at First Glow Jennifer Lopez by ChristopherK21 2014-07-30

Hello all,

I have had this fragrance from Jennifer Lopez for probably about a little less than a year now, and I feel like Now is an appropriate time for me to review it.

In all honestly, out of my JLO collection, this is the one that I wear least. Now, let me start by saying that, yes, I do think this is a pretty fragrance, BUT the reason why I do not wear it that often is because it lacks a certain "it" factor that the rest of the JLO fragrances that I own have.

I do like that this is a floral/citrus smelling fragrance. I find it to be a little bit more floral/powdery than I do detect the citrus, which is nice, but it comes off a bit flat for me, which is why I do not wear it.

Some have said that this is a fragrance for "little girls" etc.... And honestly, I kind of don't see that. I find it to be a little more mature than that. When I think of what a younger girl would wear, I think of morE sweet/gourmand/fruity scents. Not something more floral like LAFG.

With that being said, I was a bit disappointed when I first got this fragrance because from the looks of the package and the name, I honestly thought that it was going to be more fun and friendly and girly and fruity smelling.

It was literally not love at first glow for me with this one.

BUT I have this to say, this fragrance has now started to grow on me a little bit over time. It is the summer months now, and I can see myself wearing this now a little more.

I like this scent, and that is coming from an Anti-Neroli, anti-green fragrance stance!

The opening of this fragrance reminded me of two separate things: A freshly opened box of fruit loops, and freshly grown ivy vines. The combination of notes with rose gives it a slightly fruity/green quality. The rose comes out more towards the tail-end of the fragrance, I don't get any vanilla, or any of these smokey notes that anybody was talking about!

This is something that is so far out of my comfort zone - but I really enjoy it, and I think it's something that's straightforward but still unlike anything I have/or have smelled.

Jour de Fete L`Artisan Parfumeur by Bloodlust 2014-07-30

To me, this is a pretty straightforward, simple scent! I really enjoy it in that aspect. Is it interesting enough for me to shell out full price for a full bottle? Not so much!

The best way to describe this scent is "natural". It is an inoffensive, peaceful, round, airy little scent. A nutty, soft almond (Nothing sharp, nothing sweet, nothing overly synthetic), and the tiniest hint of a powdery vanilla.

As stated previously, the staying power is very minimal, but that is the only drawback! If they had an "intense" version of this - I would be head over heels, since I like my fragrances bold!

Masculin Pluriel Maison Francis Kurkdjian by Robmeister32 2014-07-30

I tried this today and my oh my, this leather fragrance is just amazing. My only issue is the longevity is not that great and sillage is really soft.

Does this smell like the shaving cream?

Blamage Nasomatto by deadidol 2014-07-30

While I’m perhaps one of a handful of people who appreciates this bottle’s freaky and somewhat disturbing design, the scent itself is the polar opposite in that Blamage is possibly the most safe and mundane thing that Gualtieri has done for Nasomatto. And considering that it’s the line’s swan song, it is (as the name suggests) a bit of a “disgrace" given the originality that came prior.

Not that it’s an utterly ghastly fragrance, mind you (it smells like a combination of several mall scents folded together), but it’s far from a grand finale. Essentially, it’s a straightforward chemical woody-amber with some white florals over a cheap-smelling ambergris type accord. Gualtieri’s prevailing base (maxed-out levels of ebanol, sandalrome, ambroxan, ambrocenide, etc.) is merged with some insincere ambergris replacers, all cranked up to tacky levels designed to make the scent stay on your skin until the middle of next week. The heart is just as phoned-in as the base with an insipid sweet sludge that would feel right at home in a shampoo bottle. The construction of Blamage, in other words, is a disgrace. It smells like a slightly vanillic, slightly floral musky amber with a heavy dose of powder. There are zero discernible dynamics, and there’s no sense of space; it’s a wall of chemicals trying to choke one another out. Consequently, it’ll probably be a big hit.

While I can see how this would automatically be popular with certain groups (it’s sweet, loud, demands no contemplation), it’s a much less taxing wear than something like Black Afgano or Absinth and so might it might open the door for some to Gualtieri’s future projects (although I’d step cautiously when approaching Orto Parisi if you were scared by BA). But what’s most surprising is that given the requisite gimmick behind this scent (he created this while blindfolded, apparently . . . uh-huh), it’s one of the more collected and mainstream-esque scents of the line. So, while I’d say that even if sweet, powdery, mindless stuff is your thing, the questionable construction and lack of definition is what really sinks Blamage. Whereas the bottle is reminiscent and fascinating, the scent itself is a total snoozer—floral ambroxan over sour sandalwood replacers, essentially.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by hiram.j 2014-07-30

The optimal number of sprays of this for EVERYONE is between 0 and 3. Less is more.

Mistral Patchouli Atelier Cologne by thomkallor 2014-07-30

Lovely but I don't get any patchouli or star anise...very soft and powdery,indistinguishable to my nose from Burberry Brit.

Walden Sweet Anthem Perfumes by thomkallor 2014-07-30

Gorgeous, but absolutely "feminine" to my nose - pretty gardenia ruling the roost in this scent.

Eau Sauvage Parfum Dior by Jay T 2014-07-30

Je suis encore à la recherche d'une réponse à ma peau bizarre qui n'est pas titulaire Eau Sauvage. Cependant, cela a eu une grande longévité mais il manque le début de la classique ES HAE. Cela me rappelle plus de Armani Homme Nuit, l'Eau Sauvage originale.

Cashmere Mist Donna Karan by blue_belle 2014-07-30

Another one from Mom! Lovely on her, awful on me. On her it's very soft and even though it's powdery I wouldn't describe it as "baby powder" at all. It's woody and sueded, a mature woman's powder fragrance. It's not my favorite, because powder scents in general aren't my favorite, but I like it and it suits her well as a daytime scent.

On me...I think I'm scrubbing this off. It's almost sickeningly sweet, and extraordinarily powdery. I think I've smelled this before in old scented toiletries, but not the luxurious kind everyone wants. No, thank you! Perhaps I should stay away from Mom's perfumes completely. This one is a hideous monster on me.

Duro Nasomatto by soleroc 2014-07-30

Hello All (that choose to read),

So... I don't know what the 'deal' with Perfumiers actively concealing (or rather - refusing to reveal) the contents of their work - is. **Assuming role of Devil's Advocate, here:** I know... It's "Art" & should certain Perfumiers choose to NOT reveal their "creative process," then that is their choice! Humph! ...right? I am sorry, but I must DISrespectfully DISAGREE! In my opinion, it is the equivalent of being forced to watch a fascinating movie on MUTE!! You like what you see, but very much want to know what is going on as well. *Hangs head* I know, that was an awful analogy. It just irks the hell out of me. Yeah, onward...

I apologize for the rant and thank you for the kind ear/shoulder. I do enjoy this fragrance. A lot, in fact. There is a lightly sweetened, tart black-currant. This note plays well with the Ambergris. Neither are listed, but both are very much present. A clean, synthetic Amber, generic "All-Wood" (if I may) and soft-untanned leather are what this ends up drying to. Blended well. If you Iike musks, then you'll almost certainly dig this. Thank you very much for your patience.

Thanks again,

Heat Ultimate Elixir Beyonce by PerfumeManiac101 2014-07-30

I finally bought a bottle of this!

Pretty Woman Barbara Orbison by mirrorghost 2014-07-30

i got some of this on ebay after reading an online review and description of the notes, thinking it would be a scent i would love and i was right.

it starts off a bit sweet leaning towards gourmand-floral, but spicy and woody backing it up. not candy sweet at all. then the sweetness fades a bit and the smokiness comes through and it's sweet and smoky at the same time. the the florals mixed with patchouli, vanilla and incense seem most prominent. it's just gorgeous and warm and sensual. after awhile it becomes more ambery and a bit less smoky-sweet, but still gorgeous.

ETA: even more time has passed and now it's creamy, smoky, ambery florals. so so gorgeous. also, i get absolutely no citrus from this the entire time, so it must be very subtle.

Cereus No.3 Cereus by shasta 2014-07-30

This is so much like Diorissimo! (The vintage one, of course!) So fresh. No lily of the valley but the combination of peony, magnolia, rose and jasmine gives that impression. The citrus in this is just lovely and juicy! This is the closest thing to Diorissimo out there and just as good.

Meow Katy Perry by smnicholas 2014-07-30

I first thought i hated this perfume because of a woman i worked with wore this everyday.
But it turns out i couldn't stand the smell of this on her because she wore WAY too much.

this perfume is gorgeous, when applied with a slight hand!
i see why everyone says it smells like cotton candy, marshmallows.

sweet and delicious.


Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by NeoXerxes 2014-07-30

JPG Le Male.

Wear this if and only if...

1. You have terrible taste and love flaunting it.
2. You love wrapping your hands around a male body every time you spray.
3. You want to smell exactly like the last guy she ... Well, you know.

On second thought, never wear this.

Dior Homme Eau for Men Dior by Shaheen 2014-07-30

I had high hopes for this one, but it simply smells like a watered down version of Dior Homme mixed with Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce. A wasted opportunity by Dior.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by NeoXerxes 2014-07-30

If this fragrance were a person, it would be the thug-looking slob at a bar/club. You know, the guy with the pristine white sneakers, backwards cap, sports clothes, and garish sunglasses. Loud with hideous taste, while managing to be extraordinarily pedestrian.

Don't be that guy.


Paris Roses des Bois Yves Saint Laurent by lesgalaxies 2014-07-30

This just arrived, after checking the batch code, I found out it's a 2012 formulation. Such a gorgeous, and delicate scent~

Smelling this makes me want to get the original Paris again and see if my tastes have changed. Something about this feels so classic, yet it's so accommodating in that it doesn't challenge you to like it. For some, I can imagine, this just isn't "your" scent. I don't really think I have just one scent that was made for me, so I couldn't really ever pick just one -- but if there were a "that's so me" list (however long), this would be one of them!

NOT synthetic to my nose, but very classic in its interpretation of rose. Not some vanilla-laced blend of florals that ultimately mask each other -- this seems to highlight both the dusty, softness of the rose and highlights the dewy, juiciness of a rose at its peek in spring.

You know those roses that just smell wet, and sweet? This is it. It's almost fruity, but only ever so slightly..


Rose Nacree du Desert Guerlain by sjam3295 2014-07-30

This is a really beautiful scent, a standout in the field of rose-oud perfumes for me. It's so well blended, a woody, oudy, velvety, faintly smoky rose in just perfect proportions, resting on a faint mist of saffron, patchouli and resin.

That's my description of the smell - which is lovely. But the magic of it is, when I breathe it in it makes me feel so wonderful, I feel I could just sit here breathing in this scent from my wrist all day and all night forever. That's the magic of a really good perfume.

Love Diane Diane von Furstenberg by JazzBirdSinger 2014-07-30

lots of juicy red berries & sugar, nearly identical to gucci gorgeous gardenia.
fun, young & sweet

Les Orientaux: Vanille Marine Molinard by princess_buttercup 2014-07-30

I may be reviewing this prematurely as I've only worn it fir one full day. I am just too excited about it to not share. I got a sample of this, (and many other vanilla scents) from the very kind fragrantican Linzyb. Based on the notes, I would not have guessed that I'd like this. I have a hard time with vanillas, and the words sweet and caramel would have put me off. This has sweetness, but it's not at all cloying or overwhelming. It's light and fresh, and that salt note is incredible. It pushes this from pleasant to absolutely fantastic. It is, as I've read, like vanilla ice cream on the beach. I didn't think I'd want to smell like that, but it's so much better than I could have hoped. Wonderful.

Love in Paris Nina Ricci by parfumlikker 2014-07-30

Great fragrance

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by parfumlikker 2014-07-30

This was my fathers signature scent.. Would be my top5 fragrance of all time IF it wasnt so over-used by EVERYONE. Like everybody in my country (netherlands) had or has this fragrance. So it isnt anything special anymore.

A great blindbuy.

Cologne Reloaded Bogue by Brenao 2014-07-30

A very interesting fragrance...very bold and soapy at beginning, I can't detect any notes at this moment. Later I can feel herbal lavender, an animalic aura shows up, in a very appealing way. If you like Mouchoir du Monsieur, may you like this, but it's richier than Guerlain, more complex. Seems it came from 30's. Dense, ultra-longlasting, soft powdery on basenotes, the best soapy smell I've smelled. It's not a sunny cologne, it's more like a skin covered with soap. Congratulations Mr. Antonio, nice job, even if I consider the market these days.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by parfumlikker 2014-07-30

Dior Homme Intense is a top5 fragrance(of all time). It smells really great.
I get all the hype and it's well-earned.

I wear this one all seasons, but it is just sooooooooo freaking good when it is raining.. I cant describe the smell of DHI when it rains. Damn.

Lipstick bag? I dont know... and I dont care... I love both DH and DHI.

Both must have fragrance.

Monoi Eau des Vahines Yves Rocher by temporalgrace 2014-07-30

Sweet tanning oil! I adore tiare flower so there was no way I wasn't going to like this. Is it unique? No. But it's a fun, sweet summer scent that you can pick up for peanuts. If you're looking for a sweet sunscreen, look no further. This is it!

Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur by temporalgrace 2014-07-30

Very retro vintage rose. The saffron ruins it for me though. It smells dirty. Not in a sexy way, but in an unpleasant way. Not quite BO, but close. I had high hopes for this scent but it fell way short.

Legend Mont Blanc by parfumlikker 2014-07-30

After all the positive reviews I red, I watched the FragranceBros review and they really get what I get from this fragrance. It smells like a cheap bodyspray, makes me feel old and it's nothing legendery.

It just smells OK, I guess. I dont really like it, so I dont get all these positive comments.. I wear it now and then though, because I received it as a gift.

Spirit of Heaven Homme Milton Lloyd by tucktimosprime 2014-07-30

By far the best amen clone I've tried, and the price on this is ridiculous,,£5.00 that's including postage.
The tar top is sort of there at the beginning, but it's when the mid kicks in that sealed the deal.
It gets nice and powdery just as amen does , with the coco,caramel, and even the mint note,that's missing in Cuba's prestige.
It has great sillage and longevity and I will be picking up another bottle for backup.
I can now stop worrying about picking up vintage amen, as the new formulation is crap..
The house "Milton Lloyd" seems to make lots of clones,,I'm gonna check out some more,,I've already purchased the female fragrance called "tutu woman" as a gift for my wife, and that is a great copy of "coco chanel".
Give this house a go,,I think you'll be very happy with your purchases..

Basala Shiseido by TheLumineri 2014-07-30

I'm fortunate to still have some left - which I use VERY sparingly in fear of running out. Such a GORGEOUS SCENT!!! So disappointing that it's been discontinued. If you happen to come across it, even if it's the Aftershave, BUY IT! Worth every penny, IMHO!

10 Corso Como Uomo 10 Corso Como by JPS1979 2014-07-30

Amazing! I was given a sample of this in one of the nicer department stores. LOVELY! I love anything with jasmine and ylang-ylang, which are in my favorite creation Guerlain Samsara. This one is, needless to say, is a masculine take on those notes. The sillage is enormous as is the lasting power. Love the smoky warm dry-down. For me, this would be an evening or fall/winter scent. I want to purchase sometime.

Sira des Indes Jean Patou by temporalgrace 2014-07-30

This is lovely--a marriage of Bronze Goddess and Matin d'Orage. It opens with a cheerful burst of green bananas and then deepens into a wet floral burst of champaca. There's a hint of milk, and the sandalwood is creamy. It's a beautiful scent; retro but not dated. I don't know if I need a full bottle right now, but it is definitely unique!

24 Gold ScentStory by C@nn@r 2014-07-30

I don't care if this gets thumbs down. I am not saying anything bad about this fragrance. I just want to openly voice my opinion on a very popular cologne in the fragrance community.

I ordered a sample from fragrancex. When the package arrived I was so excited to finally try the legendary 24 gold. I ripped open the package and sprayed it on. WOW!! The scent hit me immediately. This is strong!! The opening was, to my nose, a heavy dose of medicinal sweetness. I was completely overwhelmed by the scent. I let it dry for a bit and gently sniffed my wrist. The fragrance definitely settles. I started to pick up on sweet amber/smokey guiac wood nuances that cut the sweetness ever so slightly. However, the oud adds a certain medicinal band-aid/mosquito repellant vibe. On the dry down, which takes a while to set in fully, I get smokey overly sweet mosquito repellant. All the people I had try this fragrance said it smelled more feminine then masculine and that it was too strong, too sweet, and too overbearing of a scent that they just couldn't comprehend. The complexity of the oud, smoke, floral, and sweet combo is just sickeningly overpowering and anything more then 1 spray will choke you and everyone else in the room out!!! BE CAREFUL with spraying.

In the end, this fragrance I feel is not for me. As much as I wanted to love this based on reviews, I just can't get my nose to like it. Plus, I would just feel very uncomfortable wearing this in public. I feel like a big sickly sweet floral smokey bomb!!!! It's very polarizing scent. Try a sample before buying.
Projection: 10/10
Longevity: 10/10
Versatility: 3/10
Scent: 4/10
Overall: 6.75/10

212 Sexy Men Carolina Herrera by Hz.rtro 2014-07-30

this thing really stinks on my skin. it has a body odor top note that make this frag a total mess and not sexy at all.

Sensi Giorgio Armani by 420 2014-07-30

every girl should smell like this, it is so amazing. It isnt to soft but isnt to powerfull its just perfect, very white floral and really sweet with a hint of balsamic, just a perfect blend, its so nice, girls get this stuff!

I really want to try this one!! anyone thats wants to sell there bottle or have more than one please PM me :) Check my collection and see what yall like! Im in the states so this is alittle harder to get here

Ciara Revlon by JPS1979 2014-07-30

This is definitely distinctive. Perhaps I don't enjoy it b/c I remember two particular mean teachers who wore it. It is instantly recognizable. It just seems outdated and dusty to me and more suited to older women. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't see this translating into today's younger woman.

Loukhoum Keiko Mecheri by temporalgrace 2014-07-30

Lovely sweet perfect turkish delight with a dusting of sweet powder. This is a much better loukhoum than Jo Malone's Rose Water and Vanilla. The notes in this are so beautifully blended that it feels like you can actually taste the turkish delight in your mouth. I'm not a gourmand freak but this is definitely lovely and I would consider buying it if it wasn't so pricey!

212 Men Carolina Herrera by Hz.rtro 2014-07-30

i got the new formulation(NYC) and its pretty good on my skin. it last for two days (srsly) and has a great sillage for the first 4 hours.

This is really a nice juice. I really get the licorice, ivy, cherry and vetiver on me. It doesn't have an enormous sillage, which is probably a good thing if I ever tried wearing this more feminine fragrance. This mirrors the "au masculin" version for men extremely well. I'd wear this myself even. I think this is a nice change for folks who like Angel. It's still somewhat gourmand but not as cloying and somewhat on the tame side. Understated and simply lovely!

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by Hz.rtro 2014-07-30

i cant handle this, every time i use this, it gives me a terrible headache.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by Hz.rtro 2014-07-30

the scent itself its pretty decent, but the performance, at least on my skin, its bad.
this frag doesnt project a damn inch on my skin.

Fuel for Life Homme Diesel by Hz.rtro 2014-07-30

this thing gave me a headache

Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle Dior by chrisndema 2014-07-30

The minute i caught a whiff of this i hated it. Maybe coz it was at the end of the day and i had sampled close to 10 fragrances. But no! ThIS to me is harsh, chemical bleach. I'm blown away by how horrible this perfume is!!
Why Dior?

Italian Cypress Tom Ford by C@nn@r 2014-07-30

This definitely gives me a headache!!! I sprayed on only two sprays because of my last experience. However, after only a few minutes I noticed I got a very strong headache to the point i got dizzy!! I tried wiping off the fragrance with a damp cloth. That didn't help. I had to take a full shower to scrub the scent off and only then did my headache subside!! There is something in this that I cannot stand!! Definitely try extensively before buying!!

Five O`Clock Au Gingembre Serge Lutens by temporalgrace 2014-07-30

This is primarily nondescript tea and dry cinnamon. It's not super special, but it does smell a lot like a cup of spicy black chai sweetened with honey. I was hoping for something similar to Jo Malone's Ginger Biscuit but this falls short. Don't get me wrong, it's likable enough, but it just seems kind of monotonous. I like this well enough, but it just isn't as special as I would like. It is a nice warm comforting scent though!

Invictus Paco Rabanne by Hz.rtro 2014-07-30

its not bad actually i got a lot of compliments using this frag and my girlfriend loves it, so.. its perfect for me and its my signature scent by now.

projection: 8/10
LongevityL 9/10
Scent: 7/10
overall: 8/10

for the average person this is a excellent scent, but for the "niche fanboys" this must be a synthetic mess.

Tompion Pecksniff`s by Ferdinand66 2014-07-30

I would love to get a bottle of this offering from Pecksniff's of England - TOMPION. This niche design house creates such high quality perfumes and very much under the radar but well known for their other offerings like their wonderful soaps, hand cremes and other beauty & homescent products.
They also design perfume & fragrance specifically for discerning individuals who pay highly for this service under their Bespoke brand or line.
It is very hard to get information about this niche design house from England though.
I would certainly appreciate it if Fragrantica and anyone here would know & if they could share some information especially regarding a men's perfume that I had bought but could hardly get any info on it. It's called *Professional - Lemon, Cedar, Amber* which is in an edt concentration & to me it smells like a top-notch perfume with a classic vibe all through the whole composition. On the inside flap of the hard box that this simple but classy bottle came in it reads, "PROFESSIONAL- A rich chypre fragrance, opening with top notes of sparkling citrus, bergamot, lemon, mandarin and a hint of earthy green."
But to me there's a lot more going on with this composition. I smell leather, maybe with some wood, resin & incense accords..and it's an amazing smelling juice from this illusive perfumery. I wish it was listed on here?..
Again I would certainly appreciate it and much thanks in advance! :)

Musk Jovan by rockegg 2014-07-30

I came of age in the heart of the hippy movement in the 60's and 70's -- near Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. If you want to know what a real hippy smelled like this, or a pure patchouli oil or sandalwood incense, is it! Or if you're trying to educate your nose and want to know what the musk component smells like by itself, this is it.

This is my husband's favorite. Musk is a classic for a reason. I find it a cuddly, warm scent, completely inoffensive, but I am aware that is not everyone's experience.

All I get from this is Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud, which is great, but I would be remiss if I didn't address the price difference: Acqua di Parma is $210 for 100ml vs 2022 Generation Homme, which is $340 for 50ml.

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by PrincessofScents 2014-07-30

This is a fresh, sweet fragrance that is very young and daring. I had this when I was 17-18, and I remember all the attention I received as it stood out with its sweet fresh scent at sweaty parties and clubs.

Overtime I've become more experienced with fragrances and so this scent does not even have the same affect on me. It now seems like an overtly in your-face type of apple boldness.

I don't feel sophisticated whilst wearing it, and dislike smelling like Garnier Fructus. I think there are more fresher, indulgent fragrances on the market and it would be more interesting to explore newer perfumes than this now out-dated one.

Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens by temporalgrace 2014-07-30

Santal Majuscule is a dusty, sharp, slightly sweet sandalwood. There's a dry current of cocoa powder underneath, and the slightest bit of green, juicy rose underneath. It's a little dark, a little mysterious, a little unusual, and a little romantic. This would probably smell ah-MAZ-ing on a man. It's a great fall or casual evening scent for those who don't care for sweet things. Another great Lutens to enjoy! It's like a more feminine version of Diptyque's Tam Dao.

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette Dior by fiouu 2014-07-30

Inofensive but by far the blandest perfume ever made by Dior. Longevity is very weak, smells cheap, mandarine is very prominent, not very representative of the Addict fragrance range, but, Who cares anyway? All Demachy does is mix J'adore/miss dior with more or less Vanilla and mandarine and there you have it! Another dior flanker (pure poison post reform, addict eau fraiche, addict eau sensuelle, all J'adore flankers, add patchouli and you have all Miss Dior flankers). Thanks but no thanks, smells cheap because the citrus note is very sinthetic, fake, something expected from juicy couture. I'll pass

Indus DSH Perfumes by s.alswayeq 2014-07-30

عطر لذيذ رائع التوابل ناعمة دافئة لا حدة ولا ازعاج قد تلمح ربما الهيل والقرنفل بشكل صعب جدا, المكونات الاخرى كالعسل والشاي والحليب جعل العطر سويتي بشكل ناعم ولذيذ

لاحقا ربما افصل اكثر
جمال الرائحة

Wild Musk Coty by rockegg 2014-07-30

Despite its name this is a very comforting scent. This is the sort of thing I like to wear to bed. It's cozy. My husband likes this and a few of the other musk fragrances the best. I love the fact that there are several good musk fragrances to choose from among the lower cost crowd. I like this and Jovan Musk. Jovan Musk is the musk we all wore in the hippy era. This is slightly different but remains true to to the musk scent, unlike many of the higher end fragrances that claim to be musk based but are so complicated you can barely tell they are. This is nearly all musk with a bit of floral overlay. A nice product indeed. Kind of a silly name for it unless you think of musk as being wild.

Nina L`Elixir Nina Ricci by bjlkt2 2014-07-30

On me this smelled so strangely *warm*...from first spritz I didn't get the fruity sweetness other people smelled. It was a very strong floral which quickly morphed into a powdery-ish scent? Then about 10 minutes in I'm smelling more of the warmth of the cedar o.O Either I have strange skin and this just doesn't work for my chemistry, or I was sent the wrong sample.....

Individuel Mont Blanc by freddo 2014-07-30

Okay boys this one is a tricky frag. I bought this when i was away on camp and was having withdrawals so was kind of a desperate buy. However i do not regret it. Its sweet and aromatic accords leave almost everyone trailing you. But it will not impress the people who are knowledgeable on the fine world of fragrances. It is a great buy for the new cologne lovers as it is a reasonable price and smells great! The only downside it that it does not last very long. But i believe that with this juice you will get some action ;)

My girlfriend wears this fragrance.. very very sexy.

I've been into fragrances for only a couple of years steady now and I didn't really notice this privet line but when I did and came across this,instant fireworks, couldn't get enough of it. I've been wearing it ever since for two months now.. This is sexy, the amount of compliments I get with this is the most I've ever gotten from women and men wanting to know what I'm wearing... Don't watch the name of the frag. so deep cause what matters is the end result, do you like it or not.. 9 out of 10 are going to love it.. I could go on and on about this but, really!! "Every man should have a bottle of this".

Lacoste Live Lacoste by Idlehands 2014-07-30

Eh. On paper it was interesting for about five minutes..on my skin it was very generic. The water note and lime is prominent and just turns me waaaaay off. Try again Lacoste...

Allure Chanel by blue_belle 2014-07-30

This is Mom's signature scent, and because it's so beautiful on her I keep trying it and expecting it to be just as good on me. It's not. When this is good it's elegant, classic, almost sparkling: it can be worn for any occasion or time of year, and by, I think, every age. On me it's sharp and verges on metallic, and I think the magnolia must really dislike my skin. I get none of the scent that reminds me of liquid warmth! What a shame.

This is another I'll admire on my mother and others who can wear it and steer clear of myself. There are other Chanels I can wear well, and certainly others I want to explore.

Diva Emanuel Ungaro by perfumeaddiction 2014-07-30

This review is for the vintage Diva Pre 1997 -

Dear God what a heavy hitter. I was brought up in the 70-80's when real perfume was made. These heavy hitters were common and priced well. One spray would stick with you the entire day, night and even through the next morning. One of the biggest tragedies is the loss of the heavy hitting fragrances. Yes it was the old time ingredients which made it last and reformulation has unfortunately changed it all. Granted I am an animal lover so I support removing these ingredients but the Oak Moss and other natural ingredients are all but gone now leaving just a shadow of the former glorious scents.

Diva is a mean girl who will bitch slap you back in your place. She is loud, no she screams... but she is like that bad ass friend of yours who you know deep down is more gentle and kind. After Diva has time to settle... which let's face it that is many hours, you are left with the most damn amazing aroma there is. If you can muscle through the Sally bad ass for a few hours you will be in love. Remember I am talking the vintage here as I have no clue what the new formulation smells like.

With that being said I don't think I am bad enough for Diva or patient enough for the dry down however I am in love with the longevity and quality of our old timers.

Forbidden Euphoria Calvin Klein by PrincessofScents 2014-07-30

My ideal fragrances are the light ones mixed with floral but have something more sophisticated, deeper for sexiness. This, had hints of deeper notes but the sweetness dominated before it faded to something that is not exciting and slightly turns into a bitter-burnt plastic scent.

The add campaign puts out that 'under-age' vibe that I disagree with totally. It is not 'every-man's fantasy,' and how daringly close it comes to stating it. A lot people criticise CK being so suggestive in its advertising campaigns and it's for a teen girl with 'frozen raspberry treats' trying to act sexy, and be 'forbidden'.

I prefer the original, it is deeper and more sensual and the lightest one of all is completely fresh. Overall, this particular scent does not entirely linger on the skin for much longer. I think there are more fresher, sexier scents on the market for sophisticated adults.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by PrincessofScents 2014-07-30

The most sensual out of the collection! Although, it does not properly linger upon the skin for an extended period of time so 'top ups' are required. The wood, after an hour, vaguely reminds of what was sprayed in the area. It contains some decadent scents that are attractive.

I think this one is best not done as a blind buy, and you should spray it upon you skin and wait an hour to experience the way it develops naturally. On some people, the scent may cling onto the skin a bit longer.

Body Fantasies Vampire Parfums de Coeur by StopHammertime 2014-07-30

This stuff is confusing. With any normal perfume, I can spray it on and detect the notes that I am liking or hating. This perfume just has a strange hodge-podge of fruit, floral, sugar, citrus... everything, with nothing identifiable.
I wore this for a while because I was having a hard time deciding if I was REALLY loving it, or thought it was truly disgusting. At first, I found it very unique, which I can still say even though I'm not a fan of the fume itself. Up close, it smells like old refrigerated chocolates and dark cherry liquor, mixed with some strange flowers I've never smelled before. When it wafts up to my nose throughout the day, I get STRONG cheap, trashy, heavy, fruity smell. It took me a while to decide this but I can finally say it's the cherry that is causing this 'cheap' smell on me.
The positive - this lasts ALL DAY. I got the cheapest of the cheap aerosol deodorant spray for a dollar at wal mart. I sprayed it in the morning and was getting strong whiffs of it through an 11 hour work shift. 14 hours after applying it I am sitting here and I still smell it without even lifting my arm to my nose.
Sadly I just can't stand the smell. It is just... too much. Also, I was embarrassed wearing it at work because of the smell. It smells cheap and tacky to me. I wanted to like it because the gimmick is fun, but it makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Euphoria Eau de Toilette Calvin Klein by PrincessofScents 2014-07-30

This is fresh, airy and light. It smells more sophisticated than the forbidden and more suited to the summery climates and warm weekends. However, it does not last more than 15-20 mins.

It is like spraying a cooling spritzer when you just want to be a bit shower fresh for a moment and feel delightful. A smaller bottle would be perfect for summer travel and to freshen up anytime.

Feeling fresh in summer is lovely with an EDT like this one.

Pi Givenchy by camposg 2014-07-30

Very rich fragrance, liniar, sweet, and sensual. This is really good stuff I would put up there with the main players. Yes it's pure vanilla but very manly and done right. I believe this if for a mature man over 40

AB Spirit Millionaire Lomani by camposg 2014-07-30

I remember testing this when it came out I knew then they were imitating one million. One million had the quality this bottle was lacking. It's not bad but it gave me a childish desperate vibe

Mitsouko Eau de Toilette Guerlain by hippiechick13 2014-07-30

This is pure cinnamon and an old, lamp-lit room in 1922, as a woman sits listening to old records and cross-stitching a pillow. It also strikes me as woman in an elegant chartreuse green silk gown at a theatre, or laughing over champagne with friends in a candle-lit bar.

It's a fragrance of another time, and for that I give it respect and charm. But it is a little stuffy in its initial spray, and for me, it only warms into something peachy and soft powdery after wearing it for a while, when the oils and temperature of the skin change it.

It's not delectable, like Histoires 1969, but it's somewhat gourmand and if you have a sweet-tooth you might enjoy it.

The oak moss is classic in this fragrance too. I might have to give it another go to see if it becomes something I can enjoy more.

But definitely an interesting retro fragrance.

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by PrincessofScents 2014-07-30

There are newer, fresher, more sophisticated feminine creations are on the market than this highly masculine perfume. It is not even a sensual type of masculine that makes you go "ooohh."

My partner had a reaction to it, and most men will not be thinking that you're NOT sexy/sensual fresh in a womanly-way. The sweetness seems to mingle well to freshen to sugars and salts that come out with the sweat, whilst the dry-down is a like metallic deodorant.

I know a woman who loves this because she works in Australia as a construction/mining manager does not want to come to work with a sexy, feminine or sophisticated fragrance. On her, that "strong woman" scent suits well.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by 8j-sun3 2014-07-30

If you want to test it out, go downtown toronto @ Hudson's Bay Company on queen st. And try for yourself...

Petite Guerlain Guerlain by IsabelHR 2014-07-30

This fragrance reminds me so much of my childhood.

When i couldn't sleep my parents gave it to me and for whatever the reason is it helped me to sleep.
So this reminds me of my bed and my bears.

Now when I look at the shop of Guerlain they made one for girl and one for boys wich is kind of heartbreaking because i'm quiet sure that the scent of my childhood has disapeared.. and they look hard to find so yeah, that's really sad.

Polo Ralph Lauren by camposg 2014-07-30

The current formulation I own is more leathery than it is piney. I see no comparison at all to quorum or sung. Also, there is nothing soapy about this fragrance 10/10 in my book. This bottle is still on display at any department store on the planet, that says a lot

Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by camposg 2014-07-30

Im surprised this never got more love. It really is one of the most unique and great scents I've ever experienced. I see what they mean by the "medicinal vibe" but it's not what you think. Make sure you test this as this is not a good blind-buy. 25 and up I would say evening wear/night but I see they list as day. I guess it's up to you. Truly an Icon in my book

Pulse NYC Beyonce by 1welshdevil 2014-07-30

Looking for a substitute for Deci Dela, and with some digging I came across this one. Yes I know it's ladies, but the more research and testing I do, the more I realise that girls have such a better choice of fragrances, so many mens fragrances smell so generic. I digress, this is so good. I sprayed it 10 hours ago, and since sprayed Bvlgari Homme Soir on top, the Bvlgari has gone and I can still smell the Pulse NYC.
The opening hit is sugary raspberry, it takes its time to develop, but the sugary'ness continues and the patchouli starts to develop. I don't get the floral notes in this at all, just the fruity notes and cupcake. It is definitely a gourmand scent, perfect for use day or night.
The lasting power I find incredible, 10 hours or so, I know it's edp but it really does have incredible longevity, weird that guys and girls have said I smelled really good. One I will use sparingly, very very similar to Nina Ricci's Deci Dela, which is sadly a thing of the past.
I have to say when I started delving into fragrances I was put off by Celebrity names, but I have to say some of them are seriously good, this one, and the original being among the best, the Summer version is on order, so I will be reviewing that soon.
Only criticism here would be the bottle, it's a bit on the tacky side, and not the most sturdy design. All in all, LOVE!!!

I used to be a real asshole to this fragrance, and I feel bad because it really didn't deserve the hatred I had towards it. Back in my early days of fragrance discovery, I had a serious problem with gourmands, for some reason. It's crazy how time can mellow a person out in their views towards fragrances.

Anyway, Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men is actually a very nice, accessible gourmand with an enjoyable praline note that drives the gourmand concept home.

However, interestingly enough, this fragrance falls into three distinct phases, at least on my skin:

1. The first phase, which lasts maybe ten minutes on my skin at the most, is the initial "gourmand" smell, a slightly fresh, but mostly warm and chocolate-flavored praline-heavy gourmand. Strangely enough, it's not too strong or overpowering. Very subtle.

2. Some kind of saffron-esque note comes out, the praline goes away, and, wouldn't you know it, this fragrance turns into... Lolita Lempicka. I'm dead serious. It goes from fresh gourmand to Lolita Lempicka offspring with a distinctive saffron tint. This phase lasts for at least two hours on my skin.

3. Finally, the woody-amber base. At this point, the fragrance is so faint that I've nearly forgotten about it. It gets to this stage after about two and a half hours.

If Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men lasted a little longer (3 hours, to me, is not acceptable for a gourmand) and retained the initial accords for most of the fragrance's life, I might enjoy it more, but otherwise it's a brief, semi-sweet, three-movement pop song of a fragrance. Enjoyable while it lasts, though.

In Control Curious Britney Spears by caydesugar 2014-07-30

Sometimes I like to mix this with the original fantasy :)

Si Giorgio Armani by Eaugirlspirit 2014-07-30

Ok, the cassis ruins this for me. That's pretty much all I can smell at first, mixed with vanilla. But the bitter smell of cassis is SO strong and dominating, it's overwhelming.

Not my cup of tea. I was looking forward to a creamier vanilla scent that I feel like everyone's talking about, and this is really sharp on me. I see the reference to Carven Le Parfum, but I don't like Carven, either. I think it's my body chemistry and preference...Better luck on someone else's skin!

EDIT: Like the drydown better than the first couple hours.This scores major points for longevity- 6 hours and I can still smell it!

Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by Kristinb64 2014-07-30

I personally really like this! I have the EDP. When I first started wearing it, I knew it reminded me of something, but it has taken me some time to figure out what. I just figured it out today. I once had a body spray from Aerie called Apricot & Sugar Cane, and Hanae Mori smells just like it to me. I know Aerie sprayed this body mist in their stores at one point. I always loved the smell while shopping in there, and finally asked an employee what the smell was, which led me to buying the body mist.

Anyway, if you know what that spray smells like, it is almost identical to Hanae Mori. At least as far as I remember! It is unique, pretty, and uplifting. I also find it very comforting, without smelling like food or a bakery. My only complaint is that I can't get it to last on me. Regardless, I still like it quite a bit! It is inviting and people will wonder what you're wearing.

Dior Homme Eau for Men Dior by Budman 2014-07-30

This new flanker by Dior is a bait-n-switch fragrance. Irritating.

The initial spray smells like the old friend and wonderful masterpiece of the Dior Homme we all know. One of my favorites for just being so sexy and original. Lipstick and all. At first I just thought it was the same scent but they just changed bottle design. So I sprayed some on myself thinking "it's been a while since I've worn this". BAIT

About 1/2 hour to hour in the SWITCH happens. Gone is the Dior Homme and replacing it is basically the scent of every other mainstream Ulta/Sephora release. Nothing more than Versace Pour Homme, Prada Luna Rossa, Burberry Rhythm. Etc. UGH

Insense Givenchy by Mohamed Taha 2014-07-30

Indeed it is the masterpiece from Givenchy

Mon Parfum Cristal M. Micallef by pravda48 2014-07-30

Just received this in a swap/sale (thanks!) & I'll be honest; my initial impression was a bit disappointed. I was expecting more of a powerful rose-candy vibe due to the Mancera Roses Vanille comparison and on me all I get are the toffee and vanilla at first.

BUT... then a slight musky warmth with amber makes its appearance underneath all the sweetness and the initial almost too syrupy vibe is toned down into more warmth. But still, alas, almost no rose to be found on me.

THEN I had a brilliant idea: layer with Stella McCartney! Stella's always been gorgeous but a bit too one dimensional to me. And VOILA! Now it does indeed smell like the Mancera, which I couldn't decide whether I wanted to bathe in or take a bite of. Delish. I highly recommend this combo to others like myself who want a more gourmand-floral.

Eau Sauvage Dior by aqua76239 2014-07-30

for some reason I expected citrusy fresh type of scent, especially after I heard about many women wearing this scent. What a surprise-yes it has citrus in the initial notes but after it wears off, I find it to be rather spicy, and yes, floral, which has woodsy dry down. I had my husband smell it and he thought it was women's perfume. I can see guy wearing it but I think its perfectly appropriate on females

Gaultier 2 Jean Paul Gaultier by maruge62 2014-07-30

To me, this fragrance is very similar to L'occitane Ambre

Boucheron Boucheron by RachelGrigg 2014-07-30

I enjoy it but it does smell quite soapy to my nose.
After enjoying two samples I did find it full bottle worthy never the less. Great for us girlies who hate big blousey florals.

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