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Aventus Creed by Russian's man 2016-05-30

IMO Aventus it's ''worth the hype'' since it's a different fragrance and with personality. The prominent ''fruity smokiness'' chord it's very addictive and original. The birch give that smokiness. Also, I perceive ambergris and oakmoss.

Longevity it's excellent. In return, sillage it's rather moderate. Clearly, it's a expensive fragrance but worth since it's unique and very versatile because it's not overpowering. If you don't like ''old school'' chypre fragrances, you will have to try Aventus.

Scent: 10
Longevity: 8
Projection: 7
Sillage: 6
Originality: 10
Versatility: 8

Overall: 8,16

Amarige Mariage Givenchy by miha81 2016-05-30

Today 30.05.2016 I tried Dior Addict ( Eau de Parfum ) and is the closest perfume I could find I somehow feel home with it since 3 h i put it on me. ( missing some Saltalwood notes but all the others are there ! For me at least: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom and Burbon Vanilla I can agree are there) I will tell you if is stays long enough but now I am pleasantly surprised.
I definitely use to love the Givenchy Mariage since 2006 was my cloud and everybody compliment me as it was so tender and different sweet but not too sweet and somehow summery in winter and I felt good like a cookie. Even in the pool or sea I could still sense the smell and I love it that it changed during the day and on my skin but somehow was the same. And I search it after it was discontinued .. order it online... sometimes the real deal sometimes some really ugly counterfeit bottles... in the end in 2014 I found some bottles in US - NY and I bought all from that shop 2x100ml and this was the last real ones.. Since then in every vacation abroad me and my guy are looking around in any perfumery that has old new things.
Since the discontinuing I think I spend all the hours when I was alone ( to not make colleagues thinking I am crazy) in some Airport, sniffing some perfumes... sometimes I bough some nice ones but sometimes were so far away of me. I hope it will come back sometimes.

VE Versace by LisaRenee 2016-05-30

It is the smell of warm summer nights and sweet kisses and whispered promises. I love this scent it's one of the first perfumes I owned and I was so so happy to find it again after far too long.....has it really been discontinued? I very much hope not!

Creation Ted Lapidus by Madrona 2016-05-30

This one is not only too mossy for me but also way too fruity and way too green. At the same time there is something charmingly soapy about it, but I'm still putting it as a dislike simply because I would never, ever wear it (perhaps if it were the last perfume in the world).

Illicit Jimmy Choo by elon 2016-05-30

This is really spicy in the opening. However after it sits on your skin a while, It becomes so good. It becomes a floral fruity and sweet scent which I love. However this is not long lasting. In fact the longevity is really poor. I spray this all over me and 3 hours later asked my mom if she can smell anything and she said she smell nothing.

Silver Mountain Water Creed by Russian's man 2016-05-30

Silver Mountain Water (SMW) it's has a remarkable "metallic coolness". It's a bright and fresh fragrance but very elegant and interesting no boring like other fresh fragrances.

I perceive SWM very musky although not a dirty musk like for example Musc Koublai Khan.

In summary, a polite and versatile fizzy fragrance. Althoung, in my skin it has moderate longevity and sillage. Suitable for all seasons since it's not overpowering.

Scent: 9
Longevity: 6
Projection: 6
Sillage: 5
Originality: 9
Versatility: 8

Overall: 7,16

Pure Poison Christian Dior by elon 2016-05-30

I had really high hopes for this one and it was a blind buy for me. I was expecting it to be really clean, floral, powdery scent. However this is a really strong floral fragrance and it has no freshness to it. You wouldn't expect it to be heavy because of the main accords in it but trust me this is heavy in its own way. It has this really strong floral scent (jasmine?) and it makes me nauseous. Try before you buy it.

Infusion d'Oeillet Prada by Madrona 2016-05-30

This is a perfume that smells exactly like the sum of its parts. I smell carnation, sandalwood, some resin, patchouli and mandarin orange. The carnation-sandalwood combo almost reads like cinnamon. Very christmassy, this one. Mulled wine.

The Library Collection Opus IV Amouage by Russian's man 2016-05-30

Like many Amouage's fragrances Opus IV it's builded around the ''incense''. This note here it's not very smoky; rather sweet and some fruity. IMO it's something linear but very rich and thick like many others perfumes of this house.

Opus IV it's not groundbreaking if not simply a quality incense fragrance with outstanding longevity and sillage. IMO it has a smell that it reminds me to a expensive ''candle'' or ''air freshener''.

Scent: 7
Longevity: 9
Projection: 9
Sillage: 9
Originality: 7
Versatility: 5

Overall: 6,16

Bis RODIN Olio Lusso by chove 2016-05-30

Supposedly, Bis is a juicy fruit-lipstick and powder smelling trip into the territory of old style glamour. Since its predecessor, named as the company – Rodin, in my mind was a mediocre scent of popular floral notes combined, I was not exactly tempted by the PR for Bis, but was I in for a chock? The perfume is not at all elegant, ladylike or ”put together”; but maxed up skanky, challenging and self met – the odour of a ragged animal trapped in a cage with its warning system alert and its stress hormones all over the place. First off, I get a truck load of anise. Then there is ambergris and the ambergris expands and multiplies endlessly as the fragrance grows increasingly greasy, coarse and faecal. The sweetness of the tonka behaves as if it is immanent to the ambergris note and by the drydown I am almost getting sedated by a life like smell of grilled brioche with melted butter.

I have no knowledge of the reception of Bis on its home market. From the perspective of a European customer with a fair amount of interest in new fragrant releases, it has pretty much gone under the radar. It is surprising, since Papillons Salome, released the year after Bis, has received so much attention. In my mind, Salome is undoubtedly a better fragrance, but this lack of interest in Bis is still peculiar, given the great similarities of these two perfumes. It is not excactly crowded on the shelf for mucky, animalic and blatantly sensual scents, so perhaps this perfume would have benefited from more accurate marketing? Then again, maybe the scent only smells like this to me, others might get Juicy fruit.

I am guessing Bis can be a real divider. Personally, I am all shook up and cannot decide whether I hate it or love it. As always when I am lost I turn to my very own source of expertise; my, usually disapproving, twelve year old son. His verdict: ”It smells wonderful, like flowers but not like the disgusting flowers of your other perfumes”.

Tuberose Angelica Jo Malone by Madrona 2016-05-30

Now I know what angelica smells like, I guess. The tuberose-angelica combination is rather delightful. I probably wouldn't walk around smelling like this, it is too lovely, but that's just me.

Cheap & Chic I Love Love Moschino by CherriedEmpress 2016-05-30

I bought I Love Love after wanting Light Blue but didn't want to deal with getting a fake one online.

When I first sprayed ILL, it didn't resemble Light Blue at all. It was a weird, cheapo, generic "fresh" citrus, almost like a car freshener. I haven't smelled those same notes since that first spray, though. Has my nose adapted? Now the top notes are still sharp and still don't resemble Light Blue. They are tolerable half the time. BUT... Sometimes the bitter, sour, dry grapefruit smell makes me have to check my arm pits to see if it's B.O. Yeah, it does smell just like B.O. to me for a maximum of 30 minutes.

After those 10-30 minutes go by, and the top notes burn off, man-oh-man! THIS is truly a dupe for Light Blue! Except this "dupe" actually smells better than the original, AND it lasts all day. In the age of weak fruit-water perfumes that fade within an hour, this one goes strong with excellent sillage for the full day. If you don't shower, you might even smell it the next morning. I did.

Nowhere in this fragrance do I get hints of "creamy lemon" or "lemon ice cream" like other reviewers. Those analogies have me a bit puzzled. It's not creamy at all and the lemon is sharp and doesn't last very long. The drydown is very woody.

It's modern, fresh, quality, strong, summery, citrusy. I love the frosted-glass, bright aqua-blue color of the bottle. It really fits the fragrance inside.

Crystal Noir Versace by elon 2016-05-30

This is a really heavy perfume. It is way too woody and spicy for my taste and I do not smell any coconut at all! This can only be worn in winter evenings. t is definetely not a daytime scent. Do not blind buy this one because it is a really different and unique scent.

Onyx Pearl Agonist by JoeMacchiato 2016-05-30

Barber shop, shaving cream, fougere

Cara Mia Etienne Aigner by Madrona 2016-05-30

The bergamot-patchouli combo evokes a spontaneus, happy memory of Midnight Poison (though Perles de Lalique is more literal in that sense). The peppery iris steers it in another direction (iris for some reason tends to make me think of Guerlain). Cardamom adds interest. A very pleasing, well-rounded fragrance this. I am positively surprised.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by elon 2016-05-30

I recently got this. I have both La Vie Est Belle and this and I must say they are really similar. So if you don't like LVEB I wouldn't suggest you this one.
As for the smell, it is a sweet perfume and I do not see why this is called Flowerbomb since I cannot smell any flowers from it. I think it has a masculine vibe to it, too. Although it is sweet, I think it is not very feminine. When I smell it I think of a really powerful, charismatic woman.
Also it has an amazing staying power.
To conclude, I think this is a really impressive scent. I love it!

Organza Indecence Givenchy by Madrona 2016-05-30

Mulled wine. Super-christmassy. I can tell that there is Organza in this, but it is certainly a standalone perfume.

Boudoir Vivienne Westwood by QueenieBee 2016-05-30

I feel like this bottle should magically transform me into a Sailor Scout! O.o

Whywhywhy gawd...must there ALWAYS be vanilla...?!

Eternity Calvin Klein by meltemd 2016-05-30

Whenever I smell this scent, I feel like I'm in heaven. It's a stong, feminine, longlasting and sexy smell.It's like the definition of women and perfection!

Casbah Avon by theladymay 2016-05-30

Having noted that many reviews here noted similarities to 2 of my favorites, I picked Casbah up for a song on Ebay. I take reviews with a grain of salt and never expect 'reminds me of' to mean duplicate - but still, when a fragrance has many 'reminds me ofs' I can ordinarily see *some* resemblance. I found this to be a bit similar to Byzance (like, if I closed my eyes and tried hard) for about half a minute and nothing like Samsara. I don't dislike Casbah, but it just doesn't strike me as anything very special either. I know that people loved it, as I've loved perfumes other people weren't madly in love with - it's not a *bad* fragrance, though not for me. It'a a little powdery with a hint of very mild spice at the start, but, sadly for this powder lover, it never came near being a powder bomb and quite shortly settled into a semi-musky, warm, soft, almost fruity, sweet, inoffensive white floriental. Good longevity and sillage.

Domain Mary Kay by iconoclast 2016-05-30

Having recently tried Tribute For Men - and liked it a lot - I was very much looking forward to my second try of an MK fragrance, namely Domain. At the beginning anyway, it didn't disappoint as a quite tonicky fragrance with a hint of classic machoism (Marlboro Man?). However, the remarkable thing about this fragrance is the base (or lack thereof) which causes it to peter away from my skin within an hour or two of spraying and only just after the middle notes have bloomed. For this reason alone, what might have been given a recommendation from me has instead firmly dropped it into the "don't go there category". Forget it.

Ginger Lush by QueenieBee 2016-05-30

I wanted to like this! And I probably would have if it was more spicy as I was anticipating, instead of older-lady perfume smell. I even tried the lotion, but no luck.

Note, I really really dislike mimosa and jasmine. They just tend to add too much of a soapy feel to things -especially when mixed with ginger- and in this mix it turns into those dishes of soap older ladies have in their bathrooms.

I feel like this would be much improved with the addition of cloves! :)

Bonbon Couture Viktor&Rolf by jovejove 2016-05-30


With Love Hilary Duff by avagard 2016-05-30

This is the first time in my life I buy a "celebrity" realease. I din't even know who Hilary Duff was. This stuff is gorgeous: a spiced tea with a hint of a milky coconut water, amber and dry woods ( they might be the Cocobolo note). It's not loud, as for example Jungle by Kenzo, nor is it particularly sweet- gourmandy. To be sincere I do not understand if the mangosteen note is realistic, since I've never smelled it, but there's something fruity, very lightly reminding me osmanthus, which could be that exotic fruit. Nevertheless this is not certainly a fruity girly fragrance, but a lightly spiced warm juice that can be well enjoyed by grown-ups either men or women. Much, much better that many designers'offers. Considering this, my score is 8/10

1000 Kisses Lush by QueenieBee 2016-05-30

Very lovely, but it's just not meant to be for me. The fruity/powdery/incense is a very nice blend, however, it's much too intense a scent for me to be submerged in. For those with less sensitive systems, or perhaps skin that resists hanging onto scent, go for it!

Fantastic longevity and sillage. It is a powdery gourmand in the same intensity vein as Karma or Lust, in my opinion.

Test on paper before skin if you are sensitive! *you have been warned!*

Sultane 1001 Nights Jeanne Arthes by Venusta 2016-05-30

An emotionally sensitive nose diva in the most delicious of ways. It really makes an entrance with its spicy freshness. This smell literally punches its way through your nose into your heart. Leaves behind a fine glitter trail as well.

I cannot for the life of me wear this scent and act like a goofball. I emotionally associate this beauty with class and refined taste. Suddenly I gain knowledge of the culinary arts, a passion for painting, and even want to work on my academics!

Belle, the disney princess, definitely wore this.

American Cream Lush by QueenieBee 2016-05-30

I like this scent, really I do! Alas, I cannot wear it due to allergies. It makes me violently ill. Made the mistake of using the hair conditioner/perfume and unfortunately was stuck with it for over a day because it just would not wash off. It was a lovely scent, but I remember lamenting that the strawberry note was absent to my nose before I was overwhelmed.

I'm shuddering now just remembering how sick I was from it.

Why do I do these things? I obviously don't love myself...


Rose Royale Lalique by Siamak 2016-05-30

يكي از بهترين هاي سري پرايوت لاليك همين رويال رز هست به محض اينكه اسپري مكنيد انگار تو يه مهمومين نشستي و يه سبد ميوه،پر از زردآلو و شفتالو هايي كه تازه چيده شدن، جلو دستت گذاشتن و از هركدوم يكي برميداري و قبل از گاز گرفتن يكم بوشون ميكني،ابتداي اين عطر دقيقا اين بورو تداعي ميكنه واسه من،كه بعد از زمان اندكي كه داري فك ميكني عجب بوي خوشمزه اي يهو تو اين گير و دار،رز با قدرت هرچه تمام تَر وارد ميشه و شما رو به يه باغ پر از ميوه با گل هاي زيادي كه تازه دميده شدن و قطره هاي بارون روشونه و بوي خاك بارون خورده كه همه با هم تركيب شدن،مي بره ،تو تابستون و بارون؟؟؟!!بله اتفاقا بعضي وقتا تابستون بارون مياد البته نم نم بارون نه اينكه رگبار بارون!!!خلاصه فضاي اين عطر دقيقا همچين حالتي واسه من إيجاد كرد كه كلي هم حال كردم باهاش چون بيست سالي هست از اون فضا دور شدم و خيلي كم پيش مياد تو اين فصل از سال گذرم بيوفته به باغ

Dune Christian Dior by MargotHarow 2016-05-30

I wanted to love this fragrance. The vanilla in it just was too overpowering for me. I love gourmand fragrances but was looking for a sense of the desert/hot sun/scorching heat in this fragrance. From the name I was hoping for a truly desert inspired scent. It does play along these lines with a kind of salty, sand, sweaty, woodsy smell. The vanilla tones just ruined the image/fantasy of the desert for me.

Sun di Gioia Giorgio Armani by UnearthlyApothecary 2016-05-30

Got a sample of this from a girl at the Dilliards perfume counter and just wore it for the first time today. I think this is a great summer scent that is unique and wonderful because it is a not the same old coconut, tropical fruit or aquatic notes. Which means it's perfect for me because aside from coconut the other two are not my thing. I love the vanilla in this scent, I will have to see how it wears throughout the day, but I think this might be my new favorite summer scent :)

Ginger Essence Origins by MargotHarow 2016-05-30

I ADORE this perfume. Had it years ago and will definitely get it again. It is fresh, vital and haunting. If you love ginger you'll like this fragrance.

Escapade Vanille des Illes L`Arc by Robyn59 2016-05-30

The salesperson told me this would be long lasting but I am lucky if it lasts 1 hour.

Valentino Donna Valentino by EmHyden 2016-05-30

Does anyone else think this smells EXACTLY like Elie Saab Rose Couture? I tried both of them today..... couldn't tell the difference!

Vol de Nuit Guerlain by MargotHarow 2016-05-30

I so want to try this! This is the most beautiful bottle I have ever seen. Guerlain by far makes the most fascinating complex fragrances.

Original Vetiver Creed by fabio.bernieri 2016-05-30

La quintessenza del Vetiver.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by MargotHarow 2016-05-30

Chandler Burr stated in the BBC documentary Perfume that this smelled like pot.

Tabarome Creed by fabio.bernieri 2016-05-30

Un fragranza elegantissima, distinata e raffinato. Molto maschile.

Accord Chic Yves Rocher by DistantSamantha 2016-05-30

I'm quite sure this was released in several countries that didn't get the Bois Sensuel edition of So Elixir. Does anyone know about this? I'd love to read your reviews and maybe consider ordering a bottle on Ebay.

Colonia Intensa Acqua di Parma by eliweisz 2016-05-30

A strikingly modern, enhanced rendition of the classic Colonia. On my first test, after a bitter citrusy opening, the scent was dominated by artemisia. Actually, I barely noticed other notes. Now I wear this juice regularly (once a week), just enough to learn it quite well. It's pleasantly dry, rich (plenty of wood, herbs and neroli) and invigorating. Makes you feel fresh and energetic all day long. Longevity and sillage are moderate. After 5 hours, it turns into a skin scent - still noticeable to you only, woody and bitter.
Better try before you buy - I like it a lot, but for many of us it can be a love-or-hate story ;)

Accord Chic Yves Rocher by DistantSamantha 2016-05-30

Quite sure this was released in several countries that didn't get the Bois Sensuel edition of So Elixir. Does anyone know about this? I'd love to read your reviews and maybe consider ordering a bottle on Ebay.

Gieffeffe Gianfranco Ferre by shavenonthedarkside 2016-05-30

I have to write a review as a truly manly man. This is a white floral scent. This scent does open up with a women type perfume vibe for the first 5 mins, but turns CK One-ish in genre. It's no more feminine than that, so fellas chill out and give it a try, if you do like florals such as 4711 etc. After that, it is akin or similar to the other fragrance from this house bergamotto Marino which got me curious of this fragrance. It does NOT smell the same, but once again no more feminine than Marino.

It settles down very well to a Dove or Caress soap vibe, which is beautiful on a man, like me, who is a heavy sweater.

**Fragrance lesson. I notice that MOST men are phobic of smelling like a woman. News flash. Men natural produce MUSK, so a fragrance labeled or viewed as feminine is going to turn slightly masculin any way on you--natural PH. Also, light scents or florals tend to be very fresh and not overwhelming on us.

Back to the fragance. It will not cloying because it is not obtrusive in nature. It is light and settles very fresh on clothes to a soapy or fabric jasmine vibe.

Tested it. Ask my wife to smell it, she said it smelled good & didnt occur to her it is for women too. Fragrances give her a headache quick, and if she doesn't like it she will let you know quick. It passed the wife test. Oh, I went with 6/7 sprays in the heat too. Sillage is arm length for 2 hrs. Longevity is 4/5 hours on none sweaty skin. 5/6 on fabric

9/10 unisex for hot or warm days. Dove or Caress soap dry down. It makes men's clothes smell fabric softener fresh and skin out the shower fresh. It is a $70 unisex fragrance by a respected perfumer you can get for under $15...blank stare

Green Irish Tweed Creed by kanak 2016-05-30

The word classic gets bandied about a lot these days but GIT actually justifies that tag in all senses of the word. Classic as in groundbreaking, the nose behind it is actually Pierre Bourdon according to Luca Turin's review ( I know it says Oliver Creed here) and he revisited this for a few years down the line in 1988 for Davidoff and Cool Water and the world has'nt been the same since. Cool Water might be more mainstream but this was where it started. Sadly at Creed's price point, your average Joe is probably never going to own this which really is a shame.Thankfully, we live in the age of decants so getting a 10ml of this gem is within anybody's budget.

The frag itself has the greenest top note I have ever smelled, an exact perfect olfactory representation of dewy green grass. This alone is full bottle worthy for me, I could smell it for ever. Reminds me of sitting on the wet lawn after a rain shower. What makes GIT "Green" to Cool water's "Blue". They share similarity in the violet leaf and sandalwood notes but when you smell them side by side, you definitely can smell the better quality ingredients in the Creed. And I am talking of older Cool Water here, the current version is a reformulated synthetic mess that gives me headaches.

In the end it depends on whether you can justify the price difference. For me personally, this is in a different league and I will always have a bottle of it. Like I said at the beginning, a true Classic. 9/10

Gieffeffe Gianfranco Ferre by shavenonthedarkside 2016-05-30

I have to write a review as a truly manly man. This is a white floral scent. This scent does open up with a women type perfume vibe for the first 5 mins, but turns CK One-ish in genre. It's no more feminine than that, so fellas chill out and give it a try, if you do like florals such as 4711 etc. After that, it is akin or similar to the other fragrance from this house bergamotto Marino which got me curious of this fragrance. It does NOT smell the same, but once again no more feminine than Marino.

It settles down very well to a Dove or Caress soap vibe, which is beautiful on a man, like me, who is a heavy sweater.

**Fragrance lesson. I notice that MOST men are phobic of smelling like a woman. News flash. Men natural produce MUSK, so a fragrance labeled or viewed as feminine is going to turn slightly masculin any way on you--natural PH. Also, light scents or florals tend to be very fresh and not overwhelming on us.

Back to the fragance. It will not cloying because it is not obtrusive in nature. It is light and settles very fresh on clothes. To a soapy or fabric jasmine vibe.

Tested it. Ask my wife to smell it, she said it smelled good & didnt occur to her it is for women too. Fragrances give her a headache quick, and if she doesn't like it she will let you know quick. It passed the wife test. Oh, I went with 6/7 sprays in the heat too. Sillage is arm length for 2 hrs. Longevity is 4/5 hours on none sweaty skin. 5/6 on fabric

9/10 unisex for hot or warm days. It makes men's clothes smell fresh in the heat, and the dry down on skin gives a Dove or Caress soap scent like you got right out the shower. This is a $60 or $70 fragrance for under $15.... Blank stare...

Super Cedar Byredo by jes1123 2016-05-30

I agree with the Light Blue/Molecule references, but this actually reminds me more of Terre D'Hermes. This is a soft, citrusy cedar. I am aware there isn't citrus listed in the notes, but I do smell a lot of it. The immediate opening elicited a "wow you smell awesome" from my boyfriend. After about 10 minutes the allure dissipates and this becomes a very sharp, boring, one-dimensional vetivery-cedar.

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by chopshop 2016-05-30

CDNI smells like Copenhagen snuff when you first put it on. That lasts for about 15-20 minutes then it dries down into a dark rosy-vanilla-creamy-chocolaty fragrance. It stays like that for hours. I can usually smell this on my sprayed shirts the next morning. I love wearing this around the house during the evening. My wife and I agree that the top note smells very uniquely like manly nicotine/tar or Copenhagen snuff. If that's not masculine, I don't know what is. High quality product that I'd gladly buy again.

Arsenal Gold Gilles Cantuel by GabrielCupim 2016-05-30

This scent indeed resembles the Paco 1 Million, however, in a more subtle way, because the projection and sillage are not so huge, so it becomes a little more versatile.

It's still as sweet, though.

Lasting power is decent, around 6-7hrs in my skin.

Price is great, which makes it a nice buy in the end

Versace Man Versace by CGV 2016-05-30

Glorious juice! This is what I call a second skin type of fragrance (like Very Valentino for example). Its lingering not screaming, yet very present and long lasting! No following any trend, rather setting it! Gianni would have surely approved this. Tobacco, saffron, amber, casmir....and that grape-like vibe wich makes it even more southern and seductive. Perfect designer scent!

Eternity Calvin Klein by christina.cvetkovic 2016-05-30

I really REALLY enjoy and love this scent!! I smell the most carnation which i like alot! My favourite scent!
It is so peacefull and floral at the same time. likeee

Island Gardenia Jovan by Madrona 2016-05-30

It's a lovely gardenia. I now understand the gardenia note of the old Crystal Noir, and why the coconut compliments it so well.

Accord Chic Yves Rocher by juji 2016-05-30

This sounds really interesting!

Ferrari Uomo Ferrari by Knightofwands 2016-05-30

Still a "King" in my collection and stands up to some very stiff competition.
I stand by my original review. I will never let myself run short of this one. For the price, (even if it cost double), it's a great scent with sophistication and impressive performance.
Don't take too much notice of the snobs/deniers who appear (with their tales of woe) in between the many fair reviews on Fragrantica, take a look also, at the reviews from people who've actually purchased this on Amazon.

I got a sample of this, and let me tell you...I usually never give bad reviews, but this fragance made me physically ill. I though it was going to be this amazing rose scent, and all I got is a very strong, pungeant, nausea inducing sweet candied semi rose with caramel and flowers... really bad, its like they were trying to make a gourmand scent and it went really bad. I dont think rose goes well with sooo much sweet. Awful.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by Go4broke 2016-05-30

I was pleasantly surprised by this scent. These days houses like Hugo Boss, Gucci, Armani, etc produce some seriously bland and boring fragrances and I was expecting more of the same from this one. I was wrong.
The scent is a warm, creamy, sweet vanilla. I'm a huge fan of vetiver and vetiver based fragrances and this works very well with the cinnamon and clove at the top. Projects moderately which is perfect and longevity is at least 7 hours on my skin. It's also well priced so I think I'll be wearing this one for a long time to come. 9/10

Muguet 2016 Guerlain by Matt Oldham 2016-05-30

All of these super expensive Guerlain things are so tacky. Ugh. You can buy old laboratory glass a thousand times cooler than this for next to nothing and fill it with vintage Diorissimo, which is still very inexpensive and smells way better than this, if you want something "special". Tried at Neiman Marcus and have already forgotten what it smelled like.

Bamboo Harmony By Kilian by farshid777 2016-05-30

يه عطر صابوني، كاري خيلي ضعيف و به شدت معمولي!

Reflection Man Amouage by Go4broke 2016-05-30

Having owned Reflection and Le Male for a number of years now (they are both sitting on my shelf upstairs right now) I never noticed the similarities until now. I think Reflection is more powdery, and certainly sets itself apart with the incense, and for me is the far better scent, but I certainly don't agree with the negative comments about projection and longevity. I can rely on this as much as Aventus to still be making my clothes and skin smelling amazing until the early hours after a night out. I have the older formulation with the click on cap, maybe that's why. A very intriguing scent and one i'm very fond of.

Muguet 2016 Guerlain by Pinnacos 2016-05-30

$500/100 ml for an EDT? Good luck with that.

Larmes du Désert Atelier des Ors by guidance101 2016-05-30

I have a bottle for sale and only used less than handful of times. Contact me if you're interested. Thanks
Private message

Ari Ariana Grande by Malibu 2016-05-30

Ari is one of those perfume's that I can call good or bad, just okay - somewhere in-between the two. There's nothing in it that I find disagreeable scent-wise, but I just don't think that there's anything in it that makes this fragrance stand out from the sea of other fruity/floral gourmands that are on the market.

On me Ari is more fruity then floral, with sweet citrus, watery pear & a brief burst of unidentifiable jammy berry, quiet powdered underdeveloped floral notes that could really be anything, and musk-infused sugary vanilla. This mix is very linear on me as the sugary vanilla is by far the strongest scent note, and it blends everything else too closely together for me to differentiate between very well.

The sillage and longevity are so-so; nothing great at 5 to 6 hours, but there are plenty of worse offenders out there.

I'd best describe Ari as being one of those fragrances which you wouldn't spend money on, but would wear happily enough if you got it as a gift.

Gentlemen Only Absolute Givenchy by Mr Cornells 2016-05-30

Eau de Parfum? I'm definitely trying this out, especially with the sandalwood and saffron notes!

Shades Wood Armaf by bunty62 2016-05-30

Very generic.
Very cheap.
Poor ingredient quality.
Poor blending.
Ppl saying it is worthy 400$....bwahahahahaha
It is greatest joke said in fragrance history.
Plz don't blind buy. I will say plz don't buy.

Cool Water Davidoff by n87 2016-05-30

This is fast becoming one of my favorites, especially with this warm weather we're having. It's like a fruity refreshing cool drink. Longevity and silage are just above average on me.

Muguet 2016 Guerlain by Old Herbaceous 2016-05-30

First, the notes listed above are wrong in one important respect: they include "water lily" instead of "lily of the valley"! Muguet 2016 is gorgeous. It opens with a bright, but not harsh, green note that smells like leaves with the flowers. There is no citrus, unlike the bergamot in its predecessor, the Guerlain Muguet of 1998-2015. As the opening fades, the greenness diminishes and the floral notes become stronger. Also unlike its predecessor, there is no lilac. I do love lilac but I usually prefer my muguet straight up, or with fewer floral companion notes, so I don't miss that. As it dries down, the jasmine note becomes stronger but never overpowering. I don't really smell rose separately but this is certainly not a jasmine or muguet soliflore; as it dries down further, it becomes creamier and even a bit like Nivea cream in the best possible way, given that Nivea's fragrance notes include lily of the valley, rose and jasmine. The fragrance is an eau de toilette, so it doesn't last long, but while it does it is lovely.

I saw the actual bottle at Neiman Marcus, where I was allowed to try it on May 1, 2016 (May Day) and it too is gorgeous. The price of this limited edition, almost $500 for 100 ml, is out of reach for most people but it does seem less outrageous if you think of the bottle as a lovely piece of jewelry, which it is (designed by jewelers Ambre & Louise). The photo here is accurate but doesn't really show how pretty it is in real life, with its silver filigree (including a part that can be engraved for the happy recipient).

Egoiste Cologne Concentree Chanel by Tarzan 2016-05-30

Considering what the new perfumer “created” since he arrived at this prestigious company, I totally agree that
the best decision would be to reintroduce this frangrance in their manly fragrance portfolio, then having time to look for a perfumer able to maintain the Chanel prestige.

Ilove this scent ;) I am true lover of seet, musky, vanilla, powdery scents, to begin with, not a big fan of flowers because often they are sour and then automatically reminds me of bathroom fresheners, don't know why...
This scent is not sour at all on my skin, it is sooo optimistic and feminine, creamy, a perfection :)
and also it doe not give me a headache, while the majority scent do, unfortunately :(

Swiss Unlimited Victorinox Swiss Army by Louismanuel 2016-05-30

Iman Amishe,

You are sooo wrong about Individuel (released in 2003)being a copy of Original Santal (released in 2005)

That the rest of you story about Creed and Tom Ford, is just a snobish idea, about expensive being better.

And the moral obligation of the so called better houses and copycats:Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. is just a copy of 4711 eau de Cologne. And that is the NP Parfum version. Take that for a copycat.
I just wonder how much Creed's and Tom Ford's succes is in fact based upon pure quality, rather than price exclusivity, which will always attract the upper class and the wannabes.

The fact is, that Tom Ford Neroli Portofino for example, has the scent of a world famous cheap cologne, but also performs just as poor for 20 time the price.

Parisienne Yves Saint Laurent by cherie97 2016-05-30

Parisienne is a delicate powdery floral with a fruity note. It's not loud, but very warm and calm. The composition is feminine, soft. I can imagine old fashioned movie production in Paris with a backstage filled with similar scent thanks to some luxurious beauty products. This is indeed a smell of cosmetics, mixed with dusty rose and a bit of juicy berries. I wasn't sure at first, because I can't smell it on myself and I think it's such an airy scent, but this is one of a very few perfume my husband loves from the very beginning. Usually he doesn't complement on my fragrance choices as I change them a lot and he is more of a signature scent kind of guy, but he said he actually loves this on me so many times and that it's beautiful. I still don't really feel it on me, but he still did complement on it in the evening after a whole day, so it must have a pretty good staying power. The bottle is beautiful and classy, I love the glass, the liquid color and gold cup.

Halston 1-12 Halston by beauty_girl 2016-05-30

Smells exactly like Bandit, i like!

Intenso Tonino Lamborghini by collecteur 2016-05-30

I was expecting to love this one seeing leather, spices & othersbut I'm afraid I don't! Not bad but nothing to shout for.There's even a little something pretty disturbing in the drydown. At least to me, got the idea it's that apple thing. Too bad as Prestigio & Sportivo are absolutely fantastic fragrances with very long staying power when used the way an eau de toilette should be used. I wanted to test it the way I want to test all fragrances. Very happy I bought a small 50ml bottle for a very cheap price. I do agree with Laci though, it's cheap but the smell is not. Just me not really liking it

Chanel No 19 Eau de Parfum Chanel by Désirée 2016-05-30

Oh how bad I want this! It gets more and more difficult to find it at the stores here in my country.
When everything is pink and super bubbly, sugary, why I want this old green juice? Let me explain: this starts with the famous monstrous greens and aldehyde notes. But after 1,5 hours, it settles as a very clean, almost soapy, flower scent that is not offensive and it symbolizes purity and cleanness to me. Very professional, very feminine..
It's not your regular flirty scent but it is attractive in a different way. It kind of reminds No.5, with the aldehyde notes, you get the vintage "Chanel vibe" but you can't really put your finger on it! It's so rare to find someone uses this, isn't it amazing?
To me this scent belongs to a lady who has a classic, universal style. The way she dresses doesn't seek for attention; she wears quality pieces, basics but high quality basics! She doesn't wear heavy makeup but wears a true-red lipstick that catches eyes.. And when she walks by, she smells so out of this world, yet there is a "note" that makes you think, even though you haven't met her, you feel like you know her before..
Intellectual,sophisticated, refined, introverted, classic....

Azzaro Now Men Azzaro by ralopa 2016-05-30

I have barely seen another one similar to this. This is so fresh, so clean, and long-lasting for 8+ hours, with 1x spray, at least on my skin.
If you are looking for fresh juicy with a green vibe for warm days especially for high-heat ones, you cannot miss this shot.

L'Homme Ultime Yves Saint Laurent by Spasticink 2016-05-30

as @sammy_sweden already said:

"probably the biggest WTF in a long time. this is simply a watered-down version of Invictus with a slightly woodier base. completely forgettable & in no way worth what YSL charges for it. After this I am 100% done with YSL, such a shame....horrible fail!!"

This is indeed not EDP, ITS 100% WTF ! :D

+1 (both hands)

Interlude Woman Amouage by polly golightly 2016-05-30

sofisticato, caldo, orientale ed avvolgente, questo amouage ha, come tutti gli altri dello stesso brand del resto, una netta impronta arabeggiante, che mi piace moltissimo. la piramide è complessa: ci sono resine (benzoino, mirra, ambra, oud), fiori (rosa, gelsomino, neroli), frutti (kiwi, noci, agrumi), ma anche caffè, vaniglia, etc etc. l'effetto complessivo di questa meraviglia è un'esplosione iniziale di elicriso e sentori balsamici, con punte di incenso e di cuoio, che ricordano tobacco vanilla di tom ford. buono, persistente, tenace. ottimo e costosissimo.

Eau Sauvage Parfum Christian Dior by Konga5000 2016-05-30

(revised review May 2016)

This scent makes you feel like James Bond (circa. 1965/66) and you effortlessly dismantled a bomb, saved the world and now you are getting ready for a hot date at a swanky upscale lounge with velvet-y green wallpaper and purple button-tuck leather booths.
(The magnetic cap that snaps on the bottle makes you feel James Bond-y too! As if you're attaching a "silencer" to the barrel tip of a gun & ready for danger! )

If Tom Ford , Creed or Bond No. 9 made this-- it would be called "Noir Amber Verde" and cost 3 times the price! (screw them and their inflated prices!)

Without question: a classic and a staple in my frag collection.

The 25 years old and under crowd might not get it -- but they will when they're older.

P.S. the bottle design and color of the fluid match the scent PERFECTLY ! This is actually something that a lot of high-end frag makers miss out on OR simply don't care about.

P.S.S. It's affordable!


Soleil Blanc Tom Ford by fnzeee 2016-05-30

The aroma is a pleasing creamy coconut, but the projection is not there...a skin scent at best.

LOVE all the Diamonds for men and women from Armani - I have them all and this one is going to be mine as soon as possible, too! <3

Minajesty Nicki Minaj by MissLane20 2016-05-30

Would be one of my favourite everyday scents if it lasted longer than an hour or so!

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum Hermes by teotwawki 2016-05-30

One of the greatest unique smelling summer fragrances providing you a sense of sophistication and smoothness while remaining airy yet present. The opening is very close to how a freshly blended Gin Tonic smells and afterwards it gradually smooths out to a fresh spicy/woody base that lingers on for a good while. Near the end it's a light citrus musk with hidden traces referring back to the opening.

Very refreshing, very compliment friendly. Voyage has great longevity and the projection is what it needs to be, present but not obnoxiously screaming for attention. Where it particular shines in my opinion is this very airy presentation allowing the fragrance to create a supersmooth scent bubble that is just so damn alluring and inviting.

It's like a soft statement boosting peoples curiosity. It basically shows good taste.

Oh, side note : perfect counterbalance for Terre D'hermes during the warmer days. If you would only buy 2 Hermes designer fragrances I would not hesitate and pick up both of these gems. To me you could actually categorize this as colors. Terre would be dark orange and Voyage would be light green.

Great fragrance and perfect if you're sick and tired of acquatics but still on the lookout for freshness, in a different way.


Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate Hermes by Michael1962 2016-05-30

Gorgeous fresh and crisp rhubarb note opening.You can smell the stems and leaves,the whole damn thing,I only wish it lasted longer.
Soon after that initial blast subsides into a berry musk skin scent.
A shame really as I feel its one of the more innovative and different fragrances from Hermes in quite a while.

Chloe Chloe by DonnyOsmond 2016-05-30

I had a professor who always smelled like bleach to me. I wondered if put it in her bathwater or something.

I am a fan of the French singer Mylene Farmer, and she wears (or at least used to wear) Chloe.

While killing time in the department store I saw a bottle of Chloe and tried it, curious as to what Mylene smelled like. Instead I got a strong flashback of my teacher and realized she didn't smell like BLEACH she smelled like CHLOE!

I guess I can sort of see the appeal, it does have a very clean smell- a bit like a toiler bowl cleanser. Personally I wouldn't want to smell so... sterilized.

[Just worth mentioning it's possible I tried the Eau de Toilette and not this version. I only remember seeing Chloe on the bottle.]

Euphoria Calvin Klein by Madrona 2016-05-30

This is one of my favorite fragrances. However, when I put it on this morning, I finally got that men's shaving cream edge that people have been talking about, a straight up masculine smell. I hadn't thought of it that way before. Luckily I don't mind it, but I am amazed that the perception of fragrance can change so much from one day to the next. I remember finding it nicely sweet and musky, but not masculine. Maybe it is because I will be getting my period in a few days...

Joop! Le Bain Joop! by SIPLANTIS 2016-05-30

Definitely smells like Grain de Soleil by Fragonard. I love ittt!

Absolutely great, I'm really impressed by its quality and uniqueness. This is a great seductive warm spicy, woody scent for perfume connoisseurs, you can easily compare this to the other niche exclusive perfumes. Both the Cinnamon and clove including the sandalwood are very pleasant on the skin. Chapeau to Monsieur Dominique Ropion!

Egoiste Chanel by Beyonder 2016-05-30

Mon parfum préféré depuis plus de 20 ans. Dommage qu'ils aient changé la formulation. Il y à une note dans la nouvelle qui me donne des maux de tête. Peut être le nouveau bois de santal utilisé.

Egoiste Cologne Concentree Chanel by Beyonder 2016-05-30

Chanel remettez le en vente SVP!

Bois Noir Chanel by Beyonder 2016-05-30

The holy grail of perfumery!

Orchid Soleil Tom Ford by ladyofcamelot 2016-05-30

I fronted up to the Tom Ford counter of a major department store in my city, and asked the SA when it would be available. He kindly said, "Would you like to try it?" How could I not??? He opened up a drawer under the counter and produced a 50ml tester bottle. He sprayed, I wore, fell in love and advance ordered my bottle for the release in July. That's how some people get to try a fragrance before release. It does help to have regular contact with your SA on the Tom Ford counter. They get to know you and you get that little bit of "VIP" treatment.

Rainforest Pino Silvestre by CGV 2016-05-30

Very nice synthetic freshness! "What?", you could argue....Nice synthetic? Well, yes. It has nothing to do with with any forest or natural things yet its sooooo nice! Maybe because of the unnatural vibe. If you do like those canned fizzy, artificial refreshment drinks or juicy tropical cocktails, this is for you. Fruity, zesty, first sharp then smooth, warm, fresh, invigorating and fairly long lasting also. A great, carefree synthetic scent with a decent character to it. Price vs value is very good also! The bottle has an amazing shape and color, very nice packaging! Perfect for spring & summer!

Adam Levine for Women Adam Levine by bonnieb00m 2016-05-30

Just on the basis of the below review I must buy this as soon as possible xx

Beauty Calvin Klein by mmm777pisces 2016-05-30

This perfume is truly beautiful. I love the simplicity of it, the freshness and depth. It is the loveliest jasmine I have ever smelled - normally I find it a bit sickly, but this combination is very fresh and sweet, but earthy too. It is very uplifting, and always makes me feel happy and calm, and freshly showered. It is really lovely, and one of my all time favourites. I would like it to last a bit longer, but I do enjoy adding a few squirts during the day, it's a great pep-up.

Orchid Soleil Tom Ford by nitschevo 2016-05-30

@smokviva, my friend received this from a friend who works at Teaser magazine. I assume they send some bottles out to editors to try.

Armani Code Profumo Giorgio Armani by Florinakke 2016-05-30

Doens`t smell at all like L’Homme Ideal by Guerlain. L’Homme Ideal is gentle and smoth like a warm hug, Profumo is a sex inviter, passional and elegant. I just love this one more than Sauvage.

Aramis Aramis by Francie Taylor 2016-05-30

Fragrance is always associated with a memory for me. In 1974, I was 21. It was sometime during the week after Christmas and before New Years Eve. I was flying home to El Paso, after spending Christmas with my family in Seattle. There was about a two hour layover in Denver. Right after I entered the terminal, I smelled the most wonderful scent. It was delicious and so was the older man wearing it--he must have been about 40. I had to know what that fragrance was called. He was a fast walker and I followed him all the way across the airport, before finally stopping him to ask what cologne he was wearing. It was Aramis. I don't think I've had that kind of reaction to any fragrance, men's or women's, since. If I catch a whiff of it anywhere, I'm instantly 21 again, following strangers in airports.

Absolue Pour le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian by Merino-Teflon 2016-05-30

I've tried a sample of this a few times over the last couple of weeks, and at first it jolts the senses, and then, the first two times, I wasn't sure what to think...Definitely a urine note there, and I mean deep, golden urine, urine with a history...but, my god, the more I try, the more the magnificent honeyed incense, that I do not believe would have it's depth and breadth without the urine note, addicts me. Just ordered from MFK's online shop itself, 130 euro, which is about £98, which is £15-ish cheaper than the one place in the UK that has this in Absolue at the moment, and, free postage, and two free samples. This is perfumery as I like it, not about other people, it is for me, for travelling without moving, for sensory pleasure.

Mon Paris Yves Saint Laurent by kl99 2016-05-30

"Italians do it better" Laura Biagiotti made Roma and Venezia for both sexes. Cities belongs to all, and Paris is not the first town populated by amazons, so why there is not a Paris pour Homme, or follows the new brand: Lui Paris?!

Petale Noir Agent Provocateur by igalmusic 2016-05-30

This perfume is like an early morning in woodland during a spring time... Its very musky, woody and green . There is lots of flowers as well but only noticeable after spraying .Its definitely a sexy fragrance for daytime , very long lasting , Agent Provocateur make the most unique scents ever , and Petale Noir is surely one of a kind...

Sauvage Clone, smells very similar on the dry down and gives a similar vibe on the opening overall a descent scent, if you like sauvage get this cause it's cheaper :)

Nautica Voyage Nautica by skkozz 2016-05-30

Recently bought a 200ml bottle of this juice, batch sept 2015, never had it, blind buy based on it, glad to have this on my collection. Beautiful apple/watermelon note which last for good period of time, finishes off with woodsy musk. Overall 8/10 for me.

Sauvage Christian Dior by NapoleonLives 2016-05-30

This is a teen fragrance. It resembles a decent antiperspirant and nothing more. For those of you aged 30+, don't even dare.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Spasticink 2016-05-30

worst frag ever ! And its from Dior ?! Mother of god....
Shared with David Beckham Homme because of sichuan pepper strong vibe. Its funny that DBHomme is much better despite of the parameters.

Super Cedar Byredo by bananas 2016-05-30

If I had sprayed this on without seeing the brand or label I would without a doubt, think this is Escentric Molecules Eccentric 02...
As I already own & love 02 as my regular 'go-to' need to covet this one.

It seems like recent reviews of this are somewhat negatively prejudiced by the hype and expectations that this will smell just like TV. Well, it doesn't. It also doesn't have the same depth and layered complexity. However, this is a fragrance that costs about a fifth of the price, if not less, and on the broader scheme of things, is also a very good fragrance. It also smells very natural as do most scents from this house. It has a great mix of smooth balmy vanilla, dusty incense, spices and a cedar note which never strays into woodhop territory. By no means a gourmand though as far as I'm concerned. Excellent is winter and easilyu unisex if a female wished to wear it. As for performance, from what I'm reading it seems like the latest batches are really lacking in this department, which is a real shame as half the appeal of this comes from its drawn out development which is almost linear. My current bottle is from 2012 and two sprays projects for a good twelve hours before becoming a skin scent for another several hours. In fact, I don't use it in the evenings as my partner finds it too strong and cloying come bedtime if it hasn't had a good 6-8 hours to settle down. At first thought, I wish I had stocked up ion previous batches given the apparent reformulation. But then, I do wonder whether I actually need to as my current bottle will likely never need replacing given it's strength and the fact I don't use it too frequently in my rotation. Still, if I came across an older bottle, I would grab it in a heartbeat.

Bentley For Men Absolute Bentley by joenick68 2016-05-29

Finally I got to wear this jewel, and yes I gotta admit is very close to Gucci pour Homme, although the Oud note is listed on Gucci por homme and actually I do not get to much of it on this one, but as being created for the same nose as I have read here, the similarity is remarkable. Most of it has been said already here, and get it while you can, because pretty much will be long gone soon like the Gucci PH.

Royal Oud Creed by BlkSkiMaskJoe 2016-05-29

Period point blank
No questions asked

I have a 4fl oz bottle
And I am now rationing this
I have used up a lot of this juice

I am down to 20% of juice in my bottle

For me

The scent switches up
From the opening to when the scent finally settled on your skin

down side is the price of this

I would love to buy another 4fl oz bottle of this
When I run out

But because of the price
It kinda turns me off
I could fill up my car with gas
Pay a phone bill and still have money left over to buy
Food at a restaurant with that type of money

Let's get realistic here

Ufff this cologne is to damn good

With that said
I will have to work OT for this one


Allure Homme Sport Chanel by BlkSkiMaskJoe 2016-05-29

I love this cologne
A very casual scent and versatile cologne for any occasion
My wife loves this cologne

Will be buying another bottle of this
Either that or give the extreme version a try

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by pjvillarante 2016-05-29

Someone told me this one is for the pleasure of security guards. They are the only ones who can smell this during security check. I hope it's not true.

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel by BlkSkiMaskJoe 2016-05-29

It's decent
Don't get me wrong
I like the scent of this cologne
Too much hype on this

I bought this in Las Vegas back in 2014
At the Chanel store
In the summer

I sprayed it on in 105°F weather

Which I thought it would be a good place to try it out
And nothing just a very soft lime cologne
Sits very close on my skin

Like I said ON MY SKIN

I would rate this a 6/10 for me
But it's not a offensive cologne
Just not a strong scent just a soft skin type scent

Cabochard Gres by arzacu 2016-05-29

Found this Gem at a bargain price but I know back in the days it was very expensive, and I do understand why...

This perfume is quintessentially french is classy, tastefully and elegant. Picture Marlene Dietrich smoking a cigarrette, giving beautiful face but with a badass cold hearted attitude. One word: BITCHY.

The first impression is sour lemony soap with a strict bitter oakmoss and a very light leather touch, after 5 minutes it goes darker and earthy... smokey undertones of tobacco came along with dirty powdery leather. It makes me think of an old leather makeup purse with face powder leftovers and a pack of strong red cigarrettes...

Lasting power on me is about 6 to 7 hours and then becomes a skin scent.

Overall it's a very seductive fragrance, this gem screams style and sensuality, I think is not for everyone, many people will not like this since it's very old fashioned and nothing similar to the mainstream sweetie/gourmandish/cottoncandy style that has been too far and is getting boring... this is for someone with confidence and a strong sense of personality and style.

It's perfect, and I can´t stop wearing it!! I love it.

Greetings from Chile!

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by BlkSkiMaskJoe 2016-05-29

This one for me is a 7/10
I like this one
I honestly vaguely smell it on me after 4 hours
But other people can smell it on me
Which is cool with me
Compliment getter
Depending on the projection

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by BlkSkiMaskJoe 2016-05-29

This one for me is a 7/10
I like this one
I honestly vaguely smell it on me after 4 hours
But other people can smell it on me
Which is cool with me
Compliment getter
Depending on the projection

Allure Pour Homme Chanel by BlkSkiMaskJoe 2016-05-29

I love this one
It's sweet and pepper scent
I love wearing this one
And I will for sure be adding another 3.4 bottle

Honestly if you mix this one with the
Chanel pour homme deodorant
You will be set for the whole day

Antaeus Chanel by BlkSkiMaskJoe 2016-05-29

This is a good cologne
It's manly
Dark and smooth
Woody & incense
Is what I get
Classic scent for sure

If you love strong explosive cologne
This is the one

For me

I get various longevity but for sure more than 8hrs

5th Avenue NYC Limited Editon Elizabeth Arden by Pinksugarplum03 2016-05-29

I wanted something a little different from my fragrance comfort zone (I have many sweet and fruity scents, many celebrity fragrances), I quite like this fragrance. It's a light, fresh, floral, and easy to wear scent. I would recommend this to a young lady looking for a sophisticated fragrance.

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Parfum Chanel by [email protected] 2016-05-29

Strangely, Allure Homme Edition Blanche Parfum reminds me of the Inside of The Executive Class of Fights…Mentholated Clean Towels….Refreshing Lemon Soft Drinks.

AHEB starts with semi-bitter, zesty citruses (read it lemon), joined by a creamy note, which keeps the citrus in check. With time it develops a salty texture , may be due to Vetiver. The zestiness of lemon surrenders, making the vanilla creaminess getting more pronounced with slight salty Vetiver and bitter citruses.

That ends the story.

Frankly, I really didn’t get the hype for this Perfume. Yes, it’s Inoffensive, blind bottle worthy, but at the same time lacks depth and character.

Sillage: Moderate, for the 1st 2 hours, after that it’s a skin scent
Longevity on My Skin: Approx 8 Hours
Longevity on Fabric: Approx 8 Hours
Occasion: Regular Office Wear or To Gym.

Rating: 7/10

(P.S: I Don’t know the EDT, but EDP surely does not justifies it’s price tag)

Old Spice Original Shulton Company by Matt Oldham 2016-05-29


Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by YouSmells 2016-05-29

Over 40 male reviewer:

I've scrolled down a little ways and can't find hardly a single "this is amazing" vote, but I do see lots of people that give it a "I like it," vote...

...and no slams yet. allow me to be the first. ;)

Opens bubble-gummy sweet. Rather immature, with spice notes, but definitely too juvenile sweet.

The dry down (and I know others who get this from it) is a blast in the face of incessant white powder that refuses to go away and stings the nose. I was begging it to just stop and leave.

SO: Just a sweet powdery Stink Bomb in total, with projection and longevity.

And definitely offended someone in one of my three tries. They seemed outright disgusted, moved away from me while griping under their breath, and it was clearly due to me. A mere two sprays of Stink Bomb on me. I almost apologized. I certainly couldn't blame them.

Has some ok moments here and there to try to give it what love I can muster; but I've given it my three shots, and it won't get a fourth. Too immature, teenage-ery, powdery.

That dang powder.

Axe's Dark Temptation is actually better. Straight out of the high school boys locker room.

And yeah, no joke on actually is much better than Stink Bomb, tho of a different gourmand, (chocolate) if we can dare put teen boy body spray in that category.

There's my review.

P.S. Man In Black has almost the exact same opening, but very different dry down. The sickly sweet opening however dissipates very quickly.

Modern Muse Le Rouge Estée Lauder by jlfears 2016-05-29

I swear I smell licorice in this!
It was super perfume-y at first, but calmed down...eventually.

I definitely get rose, currants, berries, and patchouli ~ done before, sure, but it's nice.

It's very, very strong ~ on me, it was a love child of Lolita Lempicka (the original gangster) and des Filles a la Vanille Je T'Aime, with hints of sour currant and extra rose.

I think the right person could rock this. That person isn't me. It just didn't sit right with my chemistry.

My Burberry Black Burberry by matty64 2016-05-29

Francis, what are you doing to us? Can't wait to smell this one.

My Burberry Burberry by arwa hussein 2016-05-29

sweet spicy fancy fragrance love it

Elvira's Zombie Demeter Fragrance by gypsy parfumista 2016-05-29


Over 400 DSL (Demeter Scent Library) scents are available in 10 ml rollerball and cologne sprays of 30 & 120 ml. depending on fragrance, are available BELIEVE IT OR NOT on a discount US consumer site called Fingerhut. (Their site is simply their name dot com)

Flabbergasted...and giggly with delight at the thought of my 1,200 USD credit limit (!!!)...I immediately began brainstorming and scribbling until I had my order down to Snow, Thunderstorm, Dirt, Funeral Parlor, Cannabis Flower and Black Bamboo-for me mum.

The rollerball format is IMHO the best way to go, when you're dealing with an already sizeable collection. More akin to pure perfume it projects less but last longer and adds a sensuality to DSL I had not experienced previously.

I have not gone back to the retail site, but I am thinking that it's a good time to add some new DSL titles to the fold. How a propos that the sexagenarian Elvira is leading the mob-darkly delicious and salacious, even in her undead form...

Yellow florals with hints of spice mingling with a sweet cherry tobacco, with all of it surrounded by a cannabis haze with hints of poppy?? YES PLEASE

My Burberry Black Burberry by arwa hussein 2016-05-29

classy strong perfume very luxurious

Dark Angel Victoria`s Secret by arwa hussein 2016-05-29

very soft sweet floral fragrance but it stays on the skin

Victoria Victoria`s Secret by arwa hussein 2016-05-29

fresh sweet fruity summer time fragrance

Fearless Victoria`s Secret by arwa hussein 2016-05-29

powdery soft sexy fragrance

Hermessence Muguet Porcelain Hermes by Bourgognais 2016-05-29

Muguet Porcelaine (there is an e at the end, Fragrantica) smells exactly like my parents' living-room on the 1st of may. I like that Ellena stayed true to the flower and did not contrive to make it cleaner, fresher or prettier: the character is thus preserved. This perfume is lovely to me and to my spouse, on whom I could still smell it when she returned home in the evening.

Amore Mio Forever Jeanne Arthes by Mimosatique 2016-05-29

Wet on the skin: fresh fruity a bit aquatic. normally i don't like "watery" scents but the fruits salvaged. As for rose, it come across as more of yellow rose/sweet nectar fruit scent. I don't get a straight bergamot nor lemon, just an essence of light, airy lemon tang.over all feel of the scent is airy fruits with aquatic quality over. sillage is medium, lasts about 3 hours on the skin before light musks linger on. No sight of cinnamon. I like it, it's pretty, youthful type of scent. I got it for less $12 for 3.3 oz! what a deal.

Ore Slumberhouse by protosv 2016-05-29

Dense, realistic, gourmet chocolate cake, made with tons of baking chocolate (not the sweet candy bar kind with vanilla added) with a high cacao content, layered thickly over a dark woody base that doesn't really show itself until 10-hours in. Absolutely mind-boggling, and so deep and complex! If you prefer chocolate mousse, go for Al Rehab Chocomusk. If you prefer freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, go for Montale Chocolate Greedy or Comptor Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao. Never tried Aquolina Chocolovers, but that one seems well-liked as well. This fragrance, however, is only for those who want a true cacao scent.

Black Cedarwood & Juniper Jo Malone by ahmedzkhan 2016-05-29

UPDATE: Saw this again at Nordstrom and was told by a JM rep that this scent is back and now part of their regular line-up. It was originally part of the limited 'London Rain' set from Spring 2014, but of the 4 from that collect, this one is now available again.

Italian Leather Memo by Silent.Dragon 2016-05-29

Love. Reminds me of Amouage Interlude. The difference is the tomato leaf/clary sage vs the oregano in interlude. This is also a little sweeter. I'm surprised at some of the reviews. I do find this to be very masculine, and heavy. I do love very much, but this falls into the same category as my many arabesque, strong Ouds/leathers that my wife hates very much. This is not a tuscan leather, aoud leather, colonia leather. My wife prefers the African leather.

Polo Sport Ralph Lauren by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Quintessential 90's scent and still one of my favorite classics though I am a little too old to wear it.

Nautica Competition Nautica by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Definitely better than the yellow relaunch and a shame they stopped making this formulation. It was my daily scent for years

Joop! Homme Joop! by tp53 2016-05-29

It's a very fun scent to wear in the spring! Heavy on the cherry note...similar to cough syrup but in a good way lol. Sillage and longevity were perfect (7 hours on me). Don't purchase this if you are inclined to avoid androgynous scents, as Joop Homme is as sweet as scents can get.

Izod Izod by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

One of those scents I find myself buying every 2-3 years or so after finishing the last bottle. It is a nice, masculine scent for a great price.

Oudh Al Misk Rasasi by GodKing 2016-05-29

This fragrance opens with a blasts of bright citrus and is green and slightly aromatic. With a few minutes it begins to develop woody undertones along with the grapefruit; moreover the cedar/woods are enveloped in an aromatic, slightly herbal, accord.

Oudh Al Misk continues down this road in the drydown and remains largely linear, except it does become slightly more woody and perhaps even earthy. What do I think of this fragrances? It a nice, pleasant, fresh, likable aromatic-citrus-woody scent that is unlikely to offend anyone. I felt comfortable, laid-laid, yet professional while wearing it. Drawbacks: this will not garner many compliments; the wearer will simply smell good and this fragrances is does not stand-out or have that Wow! factor.

Oudh Al Misk projects soft-to-moderately (personal scent bubble) and lasted 5-hours on my skin. I am likely to wear this one at work (business casual day) or while out running errands - definitely a daytime scent. OAM is something I am likely to carry in my gym bag and apply after a Noon time workout during the warm Summer months.

Why wouldn't I wear this? No particular reason other than Terre d'Hermes, Montale Red Vetyver and La Martina Bayres Homme (I own all three) do this scent genre better than Oud Al Misk. Over, I do like this scent and it's bargain priced and a solid safe daytime fragrances that will be liked and won't offend anyone. But it in the end I don't wear it often for the reasons noted.

Quorum Antonio Puig by tp53 2016-05-29

Having trouble saving up for YSL Kouros? Already have Kouros but need a lighter, more diluted version? Want a more woody version of Kouros? No problem!

Quorum will suit your needs. Great sillage. Average longevity - it becomes a skin scent after 2 hours (hence the price). 8/10

Riverside Drive Bond No 9 by JEDI 2.0 2016-05-29

I finally sampled this fragrance, after kicking the can for so long. I mean, there's like a gazillion Bonds, can I really ever try them all?? Well, I'm trying.

I enjoyed this one immediately! Right away I noticed a quasi-similarity to Green Irish Tweed; I wouldn't say it smells like GIT, but this scent and GIT do the same for me, for the most part.

I just think it smells crisp and masculine. This is a potential unisex fragrance but i feel it better suits a guy. My wife LOVES this on me, which makes it more alluring for me.

Longevity is there, it should easily last a full workday. Sillage is a bit strong at first, but mellows out after maybe 30-40 minutes, and in true Bond fashion I get obvious wafts of it as my temperature spikes throughout the day.

I would certainly own this! Of all the Bonds i've tried, many I've liked but most are not bottle-worthy for me. Maybe like 3 or 4 out of about 16 that i'd consider owning, and this is among them. 8/10 for me, a really strong like with a potential to be a love!

Aramis Aramis by tp53 2016-05-29

Recently wore this at graduation! Sillage was beastly. The longevity was about 3 hours (I was in a humid arena the entire time packed with thousands of folks). Great scent, though! Just don't expect anything sweet or androgynous with this thing.

Eros Versace by tp53 2016-05-29

Versace Eros is EXTREMELY long-lasting, and its sillage is perfect, granted that you've sprayed only twice on yourself. Wearing this in the winter can induce headaches (according to my experiences with it). I recommend wearing this one in the summer. Eros is overall a very, very good scent. 8.75/10

360° for Men Perry Ellis by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

A very spicy scent but great nonetheless. A lot of people prefer Summer wear but I go with Winter because the cold weather tones it down a bit and makes it more enjoyable

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by tp53 2016-05-29

My girlfriend tried this on while we were at the mall earlier today. It's an extremely attractive scent that I associate with a woman (25+) who knows what she's doing. I wish this scent was worn more often that the typical fruity and vanilla scents. Overall, YSL Opium is a very appealing, sensual scent. Although one may consider this ann "old lady scent," it certainly is not; it's IDEAL for formal occasions and dates.

Tonka Imperiale Guerlain by miss mills 2016-05-29

Thanks to Melzy, I have been able to try this today, thank you Mel! On my skin this is warm, cosy and close. I get mostly vanilla, tonic and honey with amber warming the whole lot up beautifully and tobacco giving it a little hit of something sexy. I am not getting any almond, unfortunately and also unfortunate is that my skin seems to eat this one. It lasted maybe two hours and after the first, I could barely smell it. What a shame as it really is beautiful - I am glad to read that it seems to last longer on other reviewers! This does lean towards oriental gourmand. Sophisticated, I can picture this on a sexy librarian or bookish type.

Halston Z14 Halston by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

One of the worst colognes I have ever had the displeasure of owning.

Agent Provocateur Lace Agent Provocateur by smellagent 2016-05-29

I love Alien so I might get this just to have a similar but probably not exactly alike fragrance. I love orange blossoms and never really grown tired of them. I hope the musk will not be too dirty.

Erolfa Creed by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

One of my top 5 Creed scents and a great one. As for the price if you are like a lot of people on here it should take you awhile to go through a bottle otherwise just by the sample vials for when you feel like wearing it.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by thegentleman89 2016-05-29

Perfect for the office. This is my go-to office scent. It is best suited for the sophisticated gentleman. Not for extroverted people who want attention. I am one of the lucky few that gets good performance from Lhomme. I had co-workers notice Lhomme well after 4 hours after applying it (6 sprays).

Royal Water Creed by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Have it and love it.

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. White Lacoste by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

The Lacoste line is hit or miss for me but this is one of the hits. I wore it daily but you can do a more formal setting with it as well. Very crisp initially but ends in a leather/musk scent that is awesome

Sauvage Christian Dior by thegentleman89 2016-05-29

My most complimented fragrance. Everyone just loves this scent. This is my weekend scent whenever I go out with my friends. It just smells fresh and clean and what a man is suppose to smell like. However, you would not want to wear this on a date or whenever you go out with your girlfriend as it might be a little too strong. But if you just want to get compliments from women at the bar, the super market, or the mall Dior Sauvage is perfect for you.

Twice Pour Homme Iceberg by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

A decent scent for a great price. If you are looking to start a collection this would be a good start

La Nuit Tresor Lancome by blake.lee 2016-05-29

I bought this blind hoping to love it, but it's only a like. The bottle is beautiful but the scent is your typical modern gourmand heavy on the chocolate, praline and fruit. It's a close relative of Angel. It's lighter and easier to wear than Angel though. If you like this type of scent with a heavy praline note, I find Loverdose Red Kiss much more sexy and unique.

Donald Trump Trump by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

I have a feeling that people disliked it for his political stances and not the scent itself ; this isn't Huffington Post. It's nice but more of a formal scent than a daily wearer.

Adidas Originals Adidas by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Great scent but it is becoming more difficult to find and the prices are going way up.

Swiss Guard Swiss Guard by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

I owned this years ago and loved it when I first had it however you need to use it up in the first couple years otherwise it begins to go bad(or at least it did for me). It is a very bold scent with a long scent life so be careful

Canoe for Men Dana by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Definitely an older man's scent(think 60+ years old). It smells like baby powder

Lacoste Pour Homme Lacoste by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

I had this years ago and like it okay but ended up giving it away with half the bottle left. I found it to be too sweet for my tastes

Benetton Cold Benetton by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Nice but the scent life is low, 2 hours tops on me. I wear it to bed after I have showered because I am a freak who cannot stop wearing cologne

Jasmine Brown Sugar Voluspa by VanillaTabbyCat1963 2016-05-29

I'll admit I am not so interested in sweeties anymore, since I tend to not be able to differentiate betwwen sweet notes too well.

Voluspa's Jasmine Brown Sugar, despite the name is totally different to my senses It is very heady, but in a heady floral sense that the sweetness served as a buttress to the jasmine and nag champa, not a loud overpowering prescence.

I tested it while shopping at a natural cosmetics shop in Morro Bay sometime ago. I have been hot on the trail for sweet heady exotic florals. Of the selection present, this sweet exotic recipie hands down won me over, as did the shop owner, who had bought this for herself.
I tired several of Voluspa's scents,including Linden Blond Tabac and
Migonette. They just didn't "send me into orbit" like this sweet heady temptation.

I think the fact that the ingredients are top notch and scent real and do not smell like a phony rendition of the real thing was what sold me. I love other sweeties, but over time they just don't morph and transform through the life of the scent like the real deal.

I can see why some might feel this to be just too sugary, and adrien99's review split my gut it was so funny. It's just a chemistry thing, and how interesting is that to read the different reactions to this giddy summer day captured in a bottle.

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by JetsBabe 2016-05-29

Got it Feb 2016, and paid an arm and a leg for it, but the sparklyy bottle is SO pretty so worth it, I guess.

The scent is nothing like original VLJ or the is very light.8 I smell flowers...mostly rose.

Lacoste Essential Sport Lacoste by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

My go to Summer daily scent. It opens with a huge blast of grapefruit but tones down to a nice, mellow scent that is very complimentary.

Romance for Men Ralph Lauren by Desertmirage93 2016-05-29

It kills me and I find it moderately amusing when all of these reviewers on here say that 'I can't find it!', and 'it's unavailable!'... have you never heard of the link that is very easily clickable that's directly under the pic of the item itself? Man, good Lord people are so freakin' stupid that it boggles my brain, oh I'm sorry.. 'people are not so bright that it 'confuses me'... man am I sick and tired of dealing with you lazy asses that can't even account for your very own breath. You have the IQ of black folks which is about 80 which means that you're a retard, oh my bad, black lives matter, so I take that back. Sorry I'll re-illiterate... Yo review sux nigga!

Erotique Dita Von Teese by tia t 2016-05-29

i finally received this product today after purchasing the last bottle from an ebay seller after i found out it was limited and not sold in australia. exepnsive to do so but i dont care as i love dita and i own her original fragrance which is my favourite out of my whole collection of perfumes

i adore this fragrance

its a sensual fragrance that to me smells like amber, pepper and woods

it reminds me of the fragrance by estee lauder called sensuous and so i have added that note to the above section. it also slightly reminds me of the original bvlgari omnia perfume

Eros Versace by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Great scent for a great price.

Royal Copenhagen Royal Copenhagen by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

I blind bought this after using the after shower splash they used to offer(which was great). It smelled like an old man's nut sack and I threw it away after one use. Truly one of the worst colognes to ever be made.

Polo Explorer Ralph Lauren by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

You will either love it or hate it, no middle ground with this one. I wear it in the winter because I find it extremely bold and the cold weather helps to tone it down.

Vanille Debauche Kyse Perfumes by ouladybird2005 2016-05-29

Thank goodness I only get booziness when I smell this directly from the vial, but not in my skin because, whoa it packs a punch. At first application it smells like khalua, chocolatey, vanilla and a hint of coffee. This develops on my skin really quickly, moving through the initial vanilla on application, the woody heart notes with tobacco, and finally the sweet tobacco / vanilla base. This lasts in that final vanilla base for a solid 8 hours on my skin. I do like it, but I think that I probably have a lot like it in my collection. I'd recommend picking up the sample collections as they are a great way to try out her whole collection.

Safari for Men Ralph Lauren by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Masculine and mature this scent is one of my go to Winter colognes. My father wore this when it first came out in the 90's and gave me his last half a bottle, been hooked ever since

Burberry Brit Burberry by lady_ireth264 2016-05-29

It's what everybody has said.

This is fresh with the opening of lime and pear. It does have a potential for headache inducing but just make sure you sprayed it not close to your nose. I spritzed on the sides of my neck and inside my clothes and on my wrist.
I work in a very hot place and it's invigorating.

Then Brit sweetened as the almond stands out with sugar and flowery peony. Definitely not cloying.

I wear it to bed last night and I can still smell the faint vanilla in the morning. I loooove the dry down. Vanilla, almond, tonka bean. It's dearly sweet, close to skin and cuddly and enticing but never cloying.

Contrary to all those who think this is for fall and winter, it's summer for me. Very nice and men do love it as well, not that that really matters but it's a plus.

Romance for Men Ralph Lauren by chazmo1234 2016-05-29

Hands down one of the best scents I have ever owned. I have no idea why RL decided to discontinue it for Men

Oud & Bergamot Jo Malone by 2016-05-29

Agree with @stephen.r. I bought this one in Auckland JM Boutique store. The sales told me that their Colognes are actually EDT and Cologne Intense are EDP. They call themselves "cologne" only to express that these products are light-weight and very wearable.

Despite the longevity problem with others in this house, I personally get a 6-10 hrs with a full-arm projection depending on temperature.
The scent itself is aromatic in winter and a little heavy/formal on hot summer. Definitely a cool summer night/formal event/winter scent.
Of course when I say summer I mean around 24 degrees in Auckland :)

Since I haven't tried a lot of oud scents, I cannot say this is the best oud-themed one. But absolutely a go if you would like to present your professionalism.

Adam Levine for Women Adam Levine by lemonzest 2016-05-29

So much better than Estee Lauder's Sensuous, and that is coming from a Lauder devotee. Adam Levine replaces the woody notes in Sensuous with vanilla, saffron, and spicy pepper/marigold, which works so much better on me. This smells rich and creamy, almost like an oil. It opens with a buttery feel almost like tuberose, oddly enough. The dry down is mostly sandalwood with that twist of saffron, much as Agent Provocateur is mostly rose with a twist of saffron. The saffron makes this interesting and not so straightforward.

Adam Levine for women lasts the whole day on skin as well as on fabric, but smells sweeter on skin. The sillage is just enough so that people around you can smell it, not enough to fill a room or leave a swath. Generally I consider sandalwood and all woods to be fall and winter scents...since I live in a humid semi-tropical steam zone. However, if you live in a milder climate this could definitely be a year-round scent. It could also be unisex because sandalwood works on men and women, and this version is not sweet.

Great scent, not the usual celebrity approach at all.

Crushed ants? Is that a smell many people are actually familiar with? I am intrigued by those comparisons, but not enough to go squash ants myself. Oh, dear.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by Lubeff 2016-05-29

I'm not a fan of the CK fragrances, but this one hooked me up for two bottles. It's a good oriental woody scent with a good balance and projection - sillage is also very good. Fragrance wise is more layered than its similar Mahogany Woods by Bath and Body Works. Has a good opening with a sweet and woody accent, but yet fresh, clean and not overpowering. A winter piece for cold places.

One thing I never coped with it, is the name, the logo and the packaging comes with a screwed in cap and the sprayer aside....

Mahogany Woods Bath and Body Works by Lubeff 2016-05-29

This is a good scent with a favorable cost/quality ratio, nothing memorable, but pleasant and consistent in what delivers. As other reviewers mentioned this is a consistent and generic oriental woody solid performer, it opens with a citrusy accent that soon let the sweet portion (vanilla, amber and sandalwood) taking over and consistently boosting the sillage (6-8 hrs in my case). It is definitely a winter fragrance that will hold very well with your scarves and sweaters - I was expecting more of the woody element (mahogany wood), but i guess the sweet powdery element is hard to capture in a fragrance name targeted to a male audience. Overall it reminds me of CK One Shock For Him

Passport Tokyo Paris Hilton by emmahlou 2016-05-29

Spicy, sour and heavy citrus. My three most hated components of a perfume. Dislike from me.

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by emmahlou 2016-05-29

This is nice! I tested Nude, Rebelle, RiRi and Fleur all on sheets of paper and this one alongside Rebelle stuck out to me.

Very original and unique. Starts off fruity with a hint of coconut water adding base to the perfume. Peach, plum and berries. It then fades, never to be smelt again on yourself but by others. Hours after I thought Fleur had vanished my boyfriend remarked "you smell so nice! like flowers!" lmao.

It's one of those perfumes. So don't freak out over not being able to smell it after an hours... those around you definitely can. I won't repurchase but I do enjoy this smell.

By the Fireplace Maison Martin Margiela by SnowFleur 2016-05-29

After reading reviews here I had to go sample this! KisaSlater said it smelled like Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside candle. WOW! Very accurate comparison as that is one of my favourite candles. It also reminds me a tiny bit of the now discontinued Kiehl's Vanilla Cedarwood. Once I finish my bottle of that I will buy this as a substitute. On me so far it has lasted 4 hours on my wrists. Perfume doesn't usually last long there. I look forward to see the far the smoke has died down a bit and the sweeter smell is coming through. This may be a love for me!!!!!

One of my new favourites this smells so rich and this could suit summer or winter.
I first tried the EDP and found it abit too mature and chemical smelling but with the EDT they got it right.
Love it!

Hypnôse Homme Lancome by shalimaraddict 2016-05-29

This is a really well done fragrance for men from Lancome! I am surprised how much I like this, it projects well but has a nice dry down and stays close to the skin. It's masculine, but complex. Very good!

Sweet Tobacco Spirits 18.21 Man Made by flowers4me 2016-05-29

Aah--the scent of the nicotiana flower. There's nothing sweeter in the garden, and here it is in perfume form. A few moments after the shock of recognition one can separate out the honey and vanilla, but maybe its better not to deconstruct this fragrance and just breath, in and out.

I was quite disappointed with this. For the price, I thought it would last a bit longer, and that I could be able to detect it on myself. I can barely smell it if I put my nose right up to it if I spray it on my wrists...
The faint trace of perfume I CAN smell though, smells very good! Sandalwood, raspberry and marshmallow. They are all there, just very weak.

La Panthere Cartier by HoneyPamela 2016-05-29

I recently received a sample of Cartier La Panthere, and chypre fragrances are my favorites anyway. I have been dismayed to think I will never be able to find a suitable, or close, replacement for Miss Dior vintage of the 80s--Miss Dior fans from the 80s know the latest version is not the same. Finally, this may be the one. It's just as good--maybe better.

La Panthere does smell like money. It's the leather. Cartier has gone above and beyond many of the perfumes and fragrances that are out there today. I have Declaration D'un Soir, a men's fragrance, but I love it for daytime wear when I need to be less feminine. It's not any wonder I would also love La Panthere, created by the same perfumer, Mathilde Laurent. A breath from heaven, a walk in the woods, a sunny memory. Classy, sophisticated, understated, and at the same time unique. I detect the berry, but also Iris? Not claimed to be in it though.

Superb fragrance, 5-star luxury. Definitely buying a bottle.

Angel Passion Star Thierry Mugler by risarii 2016-05-29

It's the regular Angel. Exactly the same.
The bottle is stunning and, dare I say it, even better than the blue (but red IS my favorite color).

Fantasy Britney Spears by emt1986 2016-05-29

While I still wish Fantasy was more gourmand on me, I am otherwise over my initial disappointment with it. On me, this is a fairly light, sweet, fruity shampoo scent. It works quite well in heat and humidity. Definitely a safe blind buy if that's your thing. I found myself reaching for it the past couple days and it seems like it's inoffensive to others. Fantasy is a strong like.

Egyptian Musk Nemat International by risarii 2016-05-29

I've been wearing this for months and my bottle is still half or 3/4 full. You only need a drop on pulse points and it lasts and lasts. It's strong stuff and smells high quality. It's my favorite Egyptian Musk. I like it much better than Kuumba Made's.

On my skin, it's slightly sweet (I turn anything sweet), powdery, spicy and floral. I'm so glad this has been added on here!

5/5 Hearts

Santal Floris by 2ScentsWorth 2016-05-29


This is beautiful from the first spray. There is a hint of lemon at the start, but you are greeted with a spicy sandalwood aroma as soon at it hits your skin. The spiciness (in particular the cloves)fades quickly but never vanishes. The combination of the lavender and cardamom give this an almost soapy quality, while the faint spices keep it from being dull. This has tremendous longevity (about 7hrs; winter 15oC), great projection (arms length after several hours) and mesmerising delicate sillage. It is very inviting, and draws admiring compliments in just about any setting. I have noticed that if I spray this on my shirt, the spiciness remains much longer, so if you want more of this character, one spray on a cuff or collar will do wonders. On your clothes (cotton) it will last 15hours

Toward the end of the day the sandalwood and lavender remains dominant and with the vanilla becoming more prominent. Eventually, the cloves, nutmeg and pepper nuances disappear.

I recently wore it to the gym (after 8hrs work) and inspite of my perspiration it smelled very alluring - by that stage it was a soapy sandalwood scent.

Habdan Parfums de Marly by ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 2016-05-29

I just added this to my collection to give me 3 officially from this House: Oajan, Herod & Habdan... Please allow me to give my two cents worth on this SUPERB OFFERING from the House of Parfums de Marly………. In my humble opinion, this is one of the most criminally underrated in the ENTIRE LINE having sampled all of them as well as reading several reviews in the fragcomm!

Habdan is a phenomenal oriental-vanilla that sits right in between Herod and Oajan...... If you want something that's STRONGER or more potent than Herod, while having the nuances of Oajan- Habdan is your baby! WHY……?!?! It's balsamic, it's a little smokey, it's got caramel, it's warm, it's got spice, it's fruity, it's ambery, it's got some resins in there & it's very very REGAL - just a beautiful fragrance ... It's very resinous, very opulent and IT WILL garner you compliments big time! Again, it's sits right in between Herod and Oajan, but on steroids....! It's a MUST BUY to be worn in the winter or very cool/cold temperatures....!
Sillage: 10/10
Projection: 10/10
Longevity: 10/10
Versatility: 5/10: Only because of season and occasion.... For very special occasions!
Compliments: 10/10
Scent Quality: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

CK One Summer 2007 Calvin Klein by Chris217 2016-05-29

I enjoy this one!

Obsession Calvin Klein by Chris217 2016-05-29

When I visited my grandma, this fragrance would make me nauseated. She had to stop wearing it around me. I don't remember disliking it.

Es un perfume floral dulce,hurle exactamente a violetas con un poco de vainilla, dura bastante preferible uso en primavera.

Praline Rose Adopt` by Reserve Naturelle by tahia_loky 2016-05-29

Es suuuuper dulce, me recuerda mucho el olor de pink sugar.

Marshmallow Adopt` by Reserve Naturelle by tahia_loky 2016-05-29

Es un perfume super dulce y super gourmand. Lamentablemente es tan fuerte y tan dulce que me desagrada, si se hubiera mezclado con otras notas seria impecable, pero el caramelo la vainilla y el mashhmellow agobian en lo dulce. Soy una amante de los perfumes dulces y amo la nota de mashmellow pero este es demasiadoooo fuerte.

Huele al tipico jabon de rosas rojas. Si te gusta ese olor, entonces te fascinara este aroma.

Pomme Jasmin Adopt` by Reserve Naturelle by tahia_loky 2016-05-29

Acaban de llegar a chile !la encontre en la tienda beauty store, es un aroma fresco floral. Huele a manzana mezclada con jasmin, dulce y solo para uso de dia. No es fuerte para nada es sutil.

Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by Azzam 2016-05-29

Perfiction in a bottle

Longevity: 12-18
Sillage: Between moderate and heavy
Smell: 9.8/10

Tip: It is magnificent when you wear it with Oud.

Hermessence Ambre Narguile Hermes by rnasim 2016-05-29

It smells like a barberry mixed with incense and vanilla. Too sweet.

Straight to Heaven By Kilian by sheynose 2016-05-29

Watered down Burberry London.

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme Gucci by iwhiffwaft 2016-05-29

I've absolutely fallen in love with this stuff. I can't get enough. I was sniffing paper at Ulta and initially thought this one's brother just stood out a bit from the others, so I thought, yep, if I was to choose I'd probably choose this one, but I wasn't buying, and really wasn't that impressed, I just thought Gucci Guilty was better than the other waft's I whiffed.

Then though, it stayed in the back of my mind. I started thinking I wanted another juice to add to my collection. I went to another store that has way more options and whiffed a bunch of stuff I saw get rave reviews. Then, I saw the Gucci Guilty and wondered how it would compare. Darned if it wasn't still better to me than even all these greatly reviewed scents. Then, I saw the Intense version. Had to compare the two.

Lo and behold, Intense was just a more potent stronger example of what I liked about the lesser strength brother. Still though, I had to repeatedly go back and forth between the strips to decide. Heavenly, I pulled the trigger on the Guilty Intense. It won the shoot out.

Now, I'm wearing it and loving every moment. This stuff is much better to me, than any reviewer has indicated. I have no idea why that is. Most stuff I tend to agree with the majority of reviewers, but I really think this stuff should be lauded over La Nuit, or any of the Chanel's, or Dior's. It's just a pleasure to smell on yourself. I don't have any fragrances I want to smell my arm this much with. I love this stuff.

Bois De Filao is a nice versatile masculine scent for hot weather. The quality of this juice is remarkable. It opens harsh with a blast of citruses, lemony citruses, but as time passes, it becomes smoother and smoother. It is a beautiful mix of wood, lemony citruses, violet leaf and papyrus with a sweet aura and some spices. A scent suitable for summer, spring and fall. I find it very attractive for hot rainy days because of the watery warmness of the papyrus note..
The longevity is above the average, about 7-8 hours and the sillage is heavy for the first hour but settles down to a moderate projection after 1.5-2 hours.
The most distinguished notes are pink pepper, violet leaf, papyrus, bergamot and patsouli. I can feel the rest of the notes but they are weak.
It is clearly a masculine scent or at least if you prefer a unisex with a strong masculine orientation. No, it's not for women. I do not believe men's scents must smell like after shave, raw lemon or air freshener. Bois De Filao is perfect for men who want something different from the common scents. I like it very much! Worth to buy!

Individuel Montblanc by khosro.zk 2016-05-29

It has released 2 years prior to Original Santal. It deserve respect, not only for its originality, but also for its complexity

Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior by MetalMan 2016-05-29

I think and feel little today as my mind is awash in the possibilities of life. Dreams still cling to my waking mind and I must try to capture them. It is the end of another week and I long for growth, for a change as I am stifled by my existence. I am reaching out - I wait to see who shall see answer. In this place between wake and dream, I chose an angelic companion - Dior Fahrenheit 32.

The air is alive around me - every breath is tinged with new beckons me to join in its harmonies. I fear what may happen...but I submit. I am awash in whites and golds, a gentle tolling of bells amongst the songs of angels - this is of otherworldly origin. You materialize as if from thin air - your hair made of golden tendrils of vetiver, floating, your skin an earthen vanilla, warm and loving, the humid chill of rose and iris linger on your breath. I am paralyzed in your presence. You reach out and gently touch my hand - my mind is electrified in this transdimensional union. I see in waves and helices - space and time are my playthings. I feel grey, I feel blue, I burn white, I am endless. Our heated skin becomes honey and pepper in a moment of elusivity. Here we linger awhile, lost in fields of radiating orange blossoms. Your words setting off endless chain reactions, resurfacing the neural pathways of my brain, illuminating the infinite possibilities of existence. Eternity passes before I open my eyes - you are gone. I am pierced by this transaction - my skin still bears the mark of a heavenly vanilla and a soft floral vetiver. I stare out at an endless sea mirroring the still sky. For a moment, the tranquil sea and the pale sky become one - you are lost in its endlessness...a pale blackness permeates. This is my existence.

Day 56 - Touch
Listening to: The Gathering - Black Light District

Notes: This is definitely one of my favorite florals - something about white florals gets me all giddy. Over time, my opinion on what's actually in the fragrance has shifted (I'm able to sense more as certain notes are less overwhelming - I could not handle the scent of fragrances until I was 21. I would get physically ill from smelling anything in fragrance form. It's odd to be able to sense more as your senses lessen...). This opens in a flourish of radiant orange blossoms contrasted with the cool touch of violet, rose, and iris - these notes are quickly met by a golden vetiver and a decadent yet airy vanilla. This is one of a few fumes that actually makes my mouth water. Somewhere in the heart, a lively pepper note joins the vetiver to make it more earthy and grounded. All of this slowly dies down into a rich honeyed vetiver and cloud-like vanilla with the gentlest nuances of orange blossoms to carry it on to its end. It is surprisingly durable with longevity somewhere around 8 to 12 hours on my skin. Of course this would be beautiful on anyone, that is, if sweet and beautiful is your thing!

Funfair Evening Maison Martin Margiela by DracheMitch 2016-05-29

L'Oréal basically has 5 or 6 perfumes and then tweaks them slightly and re-releases them across their brands. Funfair Evening is basically Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto, which I LOVE and constantly receive compliments on. It is surprising how many Fragrantica users don't understand the Relica range. They're designed to be a complete experience, not a traditional fragrance. The top notes of anise and apple do not last. It is there to add to the entirety of the carnival vibe. When it settles, you get warm vanilla and amber with a touch of orange blossom. I have a full bottle of Manifesto but I still bought this. ADORE

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