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Incredible Things Taylor Swift by Pooky 2016-12-08

I enjoyed this the first time I sprayed it in Target but I didn't enjoy wearing it for a whole day after buying it. The suede, coconut vibe, and vanilla are fine with me but then this dusty-chalky feel kicked in and it reminded me of Smarties candies - you know, the candy you threw away after trick or treating.

Miss Charming Juliette Has A Gun by whiscious 2016-12-08

I love lychee. It's hard to find perfume with a lychee note that doesn't have other notes that overpower it. This one succeeds at being lychee-dominant, the rose and strawberry work well to support it because they both smell similar to it. It smells just like a Calpico lychee soft drink. Lasts all day, but past the 4-hour mark it's mostly just musk which is disappointing . I wish it could have something else in the base like rose jam, vanilla or sandalwood, I don't know. I'm going to try using Lush's Ro's argan oil body conditioner before putting it on next time.

Something that makes this perfume fun for me is that it causes Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants to get stuck in my head.
Miss Charming
Miss Charming
Ridicule is nothing to be scared of
Don't you ever, don't you ever
Stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome

Sweet Like Candy Ariana Grande by Arlene-Beatrix 2016-12-08

Sweet powder. It's not like marshmallows, it's more like nicely scented makeup powder. All in all, not bad. However, I prefer Insolence by Guerlain that can be called sweet violets powder. Sole sugary note in Ariana Grande's scent is not that interesting.

Davidoff Amber Blend Davidoff by gracefullove 2016-12-08

I've received this as a gift, and I love it! It is a beautiful amber, quite spicy and smoky, very smooth and appealing. It is very very comfortable, the sillage is nice - just around me a few feet, and lovely enough to have received many compliments from people a few feet away, and it lasts extremely well..well into the evening from early in the morning. Really lovely - I suppose it's on the masculine side, but it really suits me. Definitely up with my favourites. It gives me a feeling of strength and courage to go for it!

My husband loves it too, and it smells quite a lot more spicy and boozy on him. On me it's more smoky, with a very smooth cinnamon and sandalwood. Beautiful dry-down, soft, yet lovely and rich.

Definitely gorgeous!

Paris Yves Saint Laurent by antihero 2016-12-08

I have to say it. And I in no way mean to even question the taste of the lovers of Paris.
To me, this is so sharp and acidic smelling, it is as if I somehow managed to find a shop where they sell odd things in jars preserved with formaldehyde. On a shelf there would be a bottle of Paris.

Chariot Boadicea the Victorious by Estebanz 2016-12-08

Beautiful like a morning rainbow

Burberry Men Burberry by robespierre_1789 2016-12-08

Another common mistake among those writing useless posts here on Fragrantica is comparing a fragance to one costing about 5 times more. It's exactly like comparing an Accent from Hyundai to a BMW 500`s series. Is anybody on this earth not to agree that the Beemer is far superior to the Hyundai?
BMB is an excelent choice for its price range because:
1. Has a decent longevity/projection.
2. Has a decent quality of ingredients.
3. Has mesmerized several generations of fans.
4. So many citizens of Fragrantica have spent their precious time to write the above enthusiastic and wonderful posts!

This is a wonderful composition that it must be understood as an artistic creation. It's very spicy, dry and ambery, it really manages to transpose you and creates an oriental image in your mind.
LADDM is a fragrance that you wear if you are into niche perfumery and don't care too much about getting compliments or being trendy...The situations where you could wear this in public are limited.
The performance is really good, radiates a lot and lasts forever.

I don't get the 1million bubblegum vibe at all from this

Tiramisu? Yes
Espresso? Yes
Similar to Rochas Man? Yes but just similar, it's not a clone. This scent is slightly more mature/serious and less playful. The performance of Rochas Man is a joke on me but I get good performance from this, performance is closer to that of New Haarlem.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by ramrell 2016-12-08

Much too strong. Only a dab will do.

I can add nothing new or insightful other than to say this fragrance is for manly-men and I love it. Boys, don't even dare put your mitts on this beast juice...just stick to your fresh & fruity mall scents, because this one is designed for men named James Steel, Snake Pliskin, Ted Fisticuffs and Kouros (Killer) Kowalski...and not Jody or Pat.

I get a strong, dirty, animalic vibe--with a flavorful but not overpowering oud--along with a dirty-leather that is expertly well-blended with a bunch of other masculine goodness. The end result is an outstanding fragrance that others have described in great detail.

I detect no civet, barnyard or beeswax smells that had me a bit nervous about this one. Okay, I admit the ladies are not big fans of Leather Oud the first hour or so (I love it but it can be a bit harsh) but they are fine with it when it sweetens-up and the oud and leather become more prominent. Needless to say, Leather Oud lasts 20+ hours on my skin (with or without shower) and will fill a small warehouse if you apply it as though it were a normal fragrance. One or two sprays tops! In fact, I would start with one-half spray on each side under the shirt just to be safe.

Overall, a Classic fragrance that packs one hell of a punch. As much as I love this fragrance, it is not a blind-buy so try before you purchase.

Davidoff Amber Blend Davidoff by shirazia 2016-12-08

Tried it last week in Dubai Mall. It's a nice smoky well done amber with a hint of spiciness on top. Performance and sillage is in the average range but it's a good intriguing fragrance. This will fall behind Leather Blend but definitely better than Agar Blend. Good attempt by the house considering the number of amber based perfumes from each and every house. It will not blow you away but it will definitely try to entertain you. It leans more towards masculine side but a woman with an attitude can pull this off.

Colours Alexander Julian by Jonathanrafael986 2016-12-08

Note so much a review, but rather a suggestion for an correction on the image.

The bottle cited is that of Alexander Julian "Womenswear".

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by Alvie Kuptz 2016-12-08

This perfume is overated. But i love it. Clean, crisp,fresh.
longevity is 6++ hours lol. My day time scent.

L'Instant Magic Guerlain by 1986 2016-12-08

Deppaholic, you can buy it in the duty free shops of the airports.

I lived a number of years in Japan and often return to visit my in-laws. I'm used to going to the family shrine (Shinto) for New Year and other celebrations, as well as occasionally to Buddhist temples. All I can say is that CdG nailed the aroma of the incense sticks, which are usually either purple or forest green in color, used at these sites. Of course, the sticks themselves are composed of many different floral and wood ingredients in addition to incense resins.

This fragrance smells wonderful and, even better, it transports me to our family's shrine in Japan. I find it completely unisex. Sadly, however, the performance is mediocre.

Sauvage Christian Dior by someonefromsomewhere 2016-12-08

It is to soon to tell anything but anyway. I bought the first bottle 2 days ago, tryed it in afternoon and the first impression was the intensivity which puts my nose away from the sprayed hand. After 20 minutes smell became much more pleasant, still intense and synthetic and I really liked it.

Yesterday I wore it for a full day and the performance of 2 half sprays was good enough for a 8h jobtime. The sillage is not so strong, but I think it is bit stronger than just 'moderate' from graph as it is fresh.

And today in the morning I was shocked. I think I have half anosmia or something like that. I can smell but very weak, also the odors are different - CDS smell today aquatic and sweet ... Also other fragrances smelled different. Hope my nose gets better soon :)

The One Desire Dolce&Gabbana by Alvie Kuptz 2016-12-08

i dont know what to say yet.. i got this 3 weeks ago and sprayed it once. for me it smells like vanilla noir. or dark vanilla. it is good for night time and cold weather.

Arso Profumum Roma by Vlud 2016-12-08

Arso is a very linear fragrance, there is no top/middle/base developing here as the composition is very smoky and woody.

To me it smells exactly like a Christmas-tree set on fire. Good warming scent for the winter, very original in the artistic way, but definitely not a sensual or date scent.
Very good longevity and pretty heavy sillage.

Hypnose Lancome by smellymouse 2016-12-08

This is great to wear for work. It is clean, calming and gentle.

The passionflower and vanilla notes combine to create a more refined version of the way bubblegum machines smell. Surprisingly, I actually like this. I wouldn't call it a gourmand scent because this bubblegum smells too posh to chew. The opening is very sweet but it gets more fresh and soothing with the dry down; this is when the vetiver becomes noticeable. The floral notes don't make much noise at any point.

The longevity is quite good on me -it can last up to 6 hours on me as a skin scent. I find that it lacks projection, but I wouldn't want this scent to project much, anyway.

This perfume suits any season, though it smells rather different in warm weather when the vanilla is amplified and the jasmine becomes more noticeable. I prefer the way it smells in cool weather, when the passionflower and vetiver are more pronounced.

Olympea Paco Rabanne by Lucyana 2016-12-08

IMO this is very similar to CK Reveal. I would say like 90% the same. I have Olympea and wanted to buy Reveal, but side by side they are almost the same so I will no longer have to buy Reveal. This two have some notes in common, especialy salt,ginger, cashmere, sandalwood.I like them both very much, but If You have one of those, You won't need the other.

Horizon Davidoff by hsuru4u 2016-12-08

anyone have a bottle to swap message me usa

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by 2016-12-08

One of my favourite fragrance of all time! Decadence and luxury in a bottle

Givenchy Play Intense Givenchy by JanneMan45 2016-12-08

EDP??? my GPI bottle says Eau de Toilette

Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by Ky1227 2016-12-08

Portrait Of A Lady is one of the most beautiful creations in all of perfumery. A work of art from perfumer Dominique Ropion that develops perfectly on the skin. The harsh clove opening sucks you in quickly. A spicy rose cloud will develop around you and fill the room. As the Berry note and Rose note rise to the top this starts to feel a little bit feminine but ends up leveling out with the spices to create a perfectly unisex smokey/spicy rose. This is the first fragrance so intense that it intimidates me. Its like looking into the eyes of an angry bull ready to charge. A true gift to the world of perfume.

Performance is excellent. Above average projection and insane longevity. I can still smell this stuff on my skin 20 hours later sometimes.

Gentlemen, do not be fooled by the name.


Iris Prima Penhaligon`s by Winter Sweet 2016-12-08

It is sweet,nutty,powdery(make-up like),woody,floral,musky ,and hence beautiful. However,it has also an animalic face (because of leather and jasmine, I suppose) that somehow bothers me and makes me a little bit nauseous.
First I thought I love it but then it went from love to like.
I don't get any pepper or bergamot. The vanilla, amber and benzoin make it very sweet. Overall,it is a classy perfume and long lasting.
As a side note,I hate the bows on Penhaligons' perfume bottles.

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Such a nice sweet smell

Flor De Mayo Coqui Coqui by Sweetbajanass 2016-12-08

Work at a restaurant and a woman wearing this came in. I had to ask her what she was wearing. I fell in love with this scent. I'm in Toronto so it's pretty cold up here now but it made me think of palm trees, smiles,sun and beaches. I love it and need to get it now.

such a lovely feminine and lasting smell!

La Collection Pour Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Freedomlover 2016-12-08

I love YSL fragrances the vintage M7 is my absolute favourite. The dry down of pour homme is honestly headache inducing terrible awful nasty drydown.please try before you buy. To me it literally STINKS.

Looking to buy this but is it really that much different than the original?

Wonderlust Michael Kors by dttk 2016-12-08

smells similar to burberry brit, which i used to like a lot at college. both have almond.
now i think mk wonderlust is nice, i might like it on someone if i smell, but it's just ok for my taste.

Realism Atrin Star by fred.lucas1990 2016-12-08

I wear the realism by atrin star. this is aromatic scent of citrus and green notes such as rosemary.The fresh scent of lime and bergamot keep it a seductive fragrance. After the citrus notes, a specific green note shows up which is a combination of rosemary, petitgrain and galbanum. I think that its heavy sillage is due to the mix of herbal materials. I really appreciate its note changing and whenever I wear it, I feel great self confidence. something special that makes me happy about this perfume is that my wife loves it too and she has a sense of satisfaction whenever we both use it.

Good Girl Carolina Herrera by Soofiya 2016-12-08

Received this beauty as a birthday present from love of my life and it sounds like he knows me even better than myself.I loooove it!
Can't get all these dislikes this is an amazing,very well blended,modern oriental floral.I can detect all the notes but none of them shouts at's a soft,creamy white floral,almondy vanilla confection with a dark,delicious chocolate bite,very delicious without being edible or too sweet,very rich,mature,classy,'s all the good things I expect from a great winter/night time fragrance!
Longevity is great(+10 hours on dry skin)and sillage is very good without being screamy
I also love it's bottle,it's very unique,feminine and pretty.I wish they make a flanker made of glass like a glass's packaging is also very classy and made of black suede but I think if that white line was not in middle of it,it would be much better
I'm so glad and so much in love I can't believe's going to be among my top ten fall/winter scents

Individuel Montblanc by ModernSven 2016-12-08

Blind buy off of fragrance net–the price was good and I decided to take a gamble based on the reviews here. This is probably the least risky, most agreeable fragrance I own–basically top shelf dryer sheets in a bottle. That being said, I find myself wearing it with some frequency. I'm still trying to determine it's longevity and sillage, but my initial impression is that it fades quickly to a skin scent, but has decent performance when sprayed on an undershirt.

Some fragrances evoke strong emotions, art, memories, inspiration. This is not one of those fragrances; instead, it's clean, practical, everyday.

Velvet Teddy MAC by 2016-12-08

The notes sound right up my alley, but I hate this SO much. At first, it has a very heavy honey scent. Not great but not terrible. Within minutes on me, it smelled exactly like henna powder (and unfortunately just as strong), with maybe a hint of honey. Not good at all.

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by stacia79 2016-12-08

Bright sour grapefruit and a shampoo floral. Online reviews claim this keep mosquitos away similar to citronella. Not my usual style but I liked it more than I thought I would. It's a nice break from all the vanilla and berry scents. Bombshell has an almost soapy angle to it. I wore it to a job interview. And got offered the job! They probably thought I seemed wholesome or something.

Another flanker in the extensive 'Sexy Little Things' line and a dead ringer for Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. Very gourmand and vanilla. Very caramel with a hint of fruit. Smells like something you want to drink. Another atomizer on the bottle, when will the madness end?

Body by Victoria Victoria`s Secret by stacia79 2016-12-08

The company has made 3 perfumes with this name so far. That's like if you named all your children John, even the girls. Most of their perfume lines are launched to go with a new line of lingerie and the 'Body' scents go with their no frills, streamlined collection of smooth shaping bras and panties. I figured out by smell that my sample was the second variation of Body by Victoria. Musky orange blossom, this one surprised me by being fresh and wearable. It's what you put on before or after a workout.

Lesser known flanker in the 'Dream Angels' line. Possibly discontinued? Interesting concept but I'm not sure I care for perfumes with mint leaves as a top note.The smell always makes me think of oral hygiene products. I had this same problem with Guerlain's Herba Fresca.

Love Me Victoria`s Secret by stacia79 2016-12-08

Starring the signature VS amber note they have been using for years. They had an amber based line back in the 90s and this reminds me of it, but it's softer for today's modern woman that's afraid to offend anyone. Almost an edible amber and I do like the bottle with the exception of another darn pouf atomizer. Come on Vic! Get it together.

Very Sexy for Her Victoria`s Secret by stacia79 2016-12-08

There are a million variations of the 'Very Sexy' line and my sample was not marked with a year or anything to tell it apart. I tried to use my nose and listed notes to figure out which one it was but by this point all I could smell was a musky fruity floral in my nostrils, the combination of sniffing one too many extremely interchangeable fragrances. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

Mea Culpa V Canto by Calvini 2016-12-08

Where's this "official website" you speak of? I can't find it :/

I did find your list of notes on ParfuMaria however, which is less reliable than First in Fragrance (to me); it seems to have mixed-in the excerpt and notes of Mastin as well:
"'Soon as the wind in our direction sways them,
My voice uplift I: o ye weary souls!
Come speak to us, if no one interdicts it.'
There is great strength and personality in this rich fragrance of precious woods that can lead your emotions along the paths of freedom and pride. A bold choice for those who prefer not to conform, but know how to choose their own destiny."

This is the one for Mea Culpa:
"'Love, that exempts no one beloved from loving,
Seized me with pleasure of this man so strongly,
That, as thou seest, it doth not yet desert me.'
A pungent and sharp aroma, it lends a strong personality and creates an aura of positive energy to live your day as an 'Indomitable, haunting and conquering spirit'."

English Leather English Leather by guyakaguy 2016-12-08

English Leather doesn't get much love and part of me understands why, but that's not my personal opinion.

English Leather is THE first "real" or "grown up" fragrance I ever owned; it's where my trip down the rabbit-hole of frag-headery started. The first time I tried it was with a tester at Sears about 20 years ago, yes Sears still had English Leather testers back then, fell in love with it almost instantly, and forked over the $20 for the big ol' 8 oz bottle, which was a lot of money for me back then. It smelled NOTHING like what was popular back then, and even now, and that was the biggest thing that drew me to it.

I came out of the womb 20-30 years behind my time as far as "fashion" goes. To go back to my original point English Leather may seem dated to some, a victim of the kind of reformulation that is bottom-line-centric and says "to hell with what it 'used to smell like'" (which I think it has come back from in the latest formulation); my opinion, along with several others, is that English Leather is a timeless classic.

English Leather, as I remember it and as it currently smells, is a rather linear concoction. It starts out with a blast of fresh citrus with a hint (and I mean a HINT) of lavender. There is some LIGHT floral and musk that takes a clean powdery form, but never smells like an old woman, cedar that smells like pencil shavings, and leather that smells like sticking your head in a bin of freshly tanned (not oil tanned) leather which carries you through its 6-10 hour life.

The early-mid-2000's to about 2014 reform had a definite heavier musk and floral fixative that resulted in a more mature, crossing over into nursing home old lady stink. The current formulation has remedied that, but it is something to be aware of if you're buying from somebody that has old stock, which many retailers do because, let's face it, this isn't exactly flying off of the shelves.

If you can get your hands on a current paper label bottle it's definitely worth a blind-buy. For the amount it's going for it's a steal. Switch it up and wear a classic.

Pardon Nasomatto by nardius 2016-12-08

LIDGE with less patchouli. Not the first or the last one to say that. Excellent scent.
The problem with Pardon for me is that it is just too strong. Even small application makes me concerned about being offensive around others.
I also couldn't imagine many occasions to choose this fragrance.
For me this is an example of when "10/10 projection" is just too much. Diminishing returns.

Aventus Creed by bart4543 2016-12-08

if you look back at my former review i have praised this fragrance very highly but i have to admit this doesn't smell the way it did before. i have wasted over 500 dollars this year because i kept buying and selling different batches. all the 2015 and 2016 batches i have tried are not on par with the old batches.the smell seems softer and more artificial. its also missing something but i cant quiet figure out what. i have some 2012 samples that i absolutely love. honestly this bad experience will deter me to buy another creed fragrance. from now on im only going to pick up decant samples. not bottle worthy anymore sorry.Nevertheless i still contend that 2013 or earlier bottles is still the greatest fragrance ever created. if you find older bottles do not hesitate to purchase.

Alibi V Canto by Calvini 2016-12-08

You ARE talking about Mastin..

Alibi is on First in Fragrance with the same notes listed.

Homme Carven by joenick68 2016-12-08

I got it just because the reviews comparing it with Gucci Envy that I barely remember how it did smell... since I just sample it a couple times, but this one I am wearing today for the 1st time, and I am not bought by it yet, I don't think Gucci envy smelled close to it, but if it did it had more presence than this one, and I won't compare it at all with Mauboussin Homme that one I have and I like much more, I think they are not alike.

Arab Tradition Nabeel by richmilton 2016-12-08

Clone of Tuscan Leather and maybe even better IMO. My friend wears Tuscan Leather which is beyond my budget so I purchased Arab Tradition and sprayed both on different arms. I can't tell the difference... they smell exactly alike. My wife has a much better nose than I and she can't tell the difference either except AT is more richer. They both have killer longevity. The opening is Unisex and the base notes dry down to a much more masculine scent. Women can wear this because it's not uber-masculine like Azzaro PH, Polo Green, Fahrenheit or Aramis PH. All in all I'm happy with my purchase and will now check off Tuscan Leather on my buy list. Great value. I'm going to sell my other Tuscan Leather replacement (Monotheme Leather) because AT smells exactly like Tuscan Leather 10/10 while Monotheme Leather is close about 80% but no a dead ringer like Arab Tradition by Nabeel.

Interlude Man Amouage by adamthompson06 2016-12-08

I have the newer version with the magnetic cap and it is still beastly! Monster projection for a good 8 hours and it lasts until you wash it off! Totally worth the money, especially when you buy it from one of the discounters (3.4 oz for $150-$170 USD).

Aromatics in Black Clinique by Lucyana 2016-12-08

To me, this has a slightly resemblance with Alien. Maybe from the sweet jasmin note. It's Nice but i dont't love IT.

Blossom Jimmy Choo by chrinen 2016-12-08

Supergood longevity. Sprayed it on my hand yesterday 5pm and washed my hand several times yesterday and showered this morning and still I can smell a little off it this morning at 9am. Perfectly sweet and wonderful. A little harsh the first 10 minutes

Romance Rasasi by Nickie 2016-12-08

I was a bit wary as hyacinth can become an acidic screamer with my chemistry. However, in Romance, it is beautifully tempered with the powdery notes, jasmine and a touch of ylang-ylang.

It is quite linear: the initial blast of shouty hyacinth calms down and the other notes come through and are all evenly matched. Nothing much happens beyond that point, but I don't really care - the overall effect is lovely and I'm really taken with it.

The oil gives me around 10 hours of wear with moderate silage with only a light(ish!) swipe of the rollerball applicator.

If you like summery florals with a powdery finish, you could do worse than try this budget gem.

Inoubliable Elixir Patchouli Reminiscence by Aviance Milan 2016-12-08

THIS is JUST....LOVELY! It's a SPECIAL Patchouli...I'm confused as to why it says for women...I'm a man and when Inwear this jewel I always get a compliment...I think anyone can pull this off gender wise!!! The MOST beautiful scent in a bottle.

I received a miniature dabber bottle of this from Sephora a few months ago and am just now getting around to using it. Before I looked at the notes, my impression was that it was fresh and spicy, with an aquatic top note. It's not an extraordinary scent, but I enjoy this genre so I can see myself reaching for this often if I had a larger bottle. (I especially like the lavender, basil, and tobacco combination.) Just wish it lasted longer. It does seem somewhat weak for an eau de parfum.

White Diamonds Night Elizabeth Taylor by phoebe25 2016-12-08

I´m in love. Elizabeth Taylor would have been so proud of this parfume. It´s classy, and not to heavy. It has just the right notes of apricots and the romantic sounding Night blooming jasmine. It´s a perfect evening and night fragrance, sexy classy and elegant.

I bought this as a christmas present for myself, and I´m looking forward to wearing this beauty, to the christmas parties my husband and I, are going to. I got so many compliments, not only from my husband, the first evening I was wearing this.

Naomi Naomi Campbell by MyersAlice 2016-12-08

I was quite disappointed with this, I guess I shouldn't have had expectations, but I never learn! It's not bad.
I don't dislike it, its sweet and nice, just nothing special at all. And I can't really smell the notes that are listed, I just smell.... sweet. But again, it's not bad. I quite like it. Yet not. Confused.

Herod Parfums de Marly by landshark321 2016-12-08

Herod is the fragrance that seemingly put Parfums de Marly on the map, as its popularity grew quickly in 2015 despite a release more than three years prior.

It's in the elite group of sweet tobacco fragrances, and I find it one of the best offerings in this group, of which I'm a big fan and own a few examples.

Honey is the main player as far as sweetness, despite the slight presence of vanilla, and it's the main pairing of honey and tobacco in almost equal proportions that creates a very sweet, lovely experience. Herod is also rounded out by the presence of some cinnamon, pepper, cedar. I don't really get any vetiver, and the cinnamon and pepper are rather subdued, as the mix does not lean much spicy, only sweet.

I find Herod to be closer to By Kilian Back to Black than Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, frankly, as Herod and Back to Black share a honey-dominant sweetness, whereas Tobacco Vanille has a vanilla-dominant sweetness. In all three cases, though, the tobacco isn't overwhelming, as they're each quite sweet in their own ways.

Herod works well in its own right because it works the range from being a casual, fun fragrance (that's very easy to wear) to a dressy nighttime fragrance befitting more formal events. It's a little easier to wear in warmer weather than Tobacco Vanille, also, as it's not as spicy as Tobacco Vanille. Overall, Herod leans slightly masculine and toward cold weather use but both of these preferences are surely somewhat flexible.

Performance is quite strong---probably not in the uppermost echelon of beast mode, like many Tom Ford Private Blends (Amber Absolute, Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir, Tuscan Leather, Italian Cypress) but the next rung down, so quite superb.

One of the greats out there, and at a more reasonable price than Back to Black or Tobacco Vanille, as Herod is regularly available for under $200 for 125ml (EDP) on Beautyspin/Notino. Get your nose on it!

9 out of 10

Silk Way Ted Lapidus by AjaBlue 2016-12-08

I get so much sandalwood in this one and I'm surprised it is not listed as a note. I get a very creamy, dry, sandalwood. The opening is more complex, but then the fragrance quickly fades to the sandalwood note, also goes slightly sweet...ever so slightly. From then on, it's pretty linear. I like it, though. I find sandalwood to be very comforting. I will have to spend more time with this one, but I think it will be nice in the colder months or as a "one spritz" before bedtime fragrance.

Utopia II Ajmal by GustaveTheNose 2016-12-08

I received my bottle of Utopia II today and I'm glad I made this blind purchase.

As others have said, it smells synthetic, but I cant think of many perfumes includng designers and niche that aren't.

It smells of citrus, lavender, wood and some earthy aroma. It is not easy for me to tell each note apart, but all in all it smells really nice. It reminds me of another perfume but I dont know which one.

I would say its more of a summer fragrance, and its office friendly too. Thats all good for me because I have a trigger-happy finger when it comes to perfumes.

Very good quality as expected from Ajmal house, excelent sillage and longevity considering its citrus and wild flowers, which dont last long normally.


Shalimar Eau De Cologne Guerlain by AjaBlue 2016-12-08

I am wondering if I received a "bad" bottle. This does not smell light or citrusy. I get a distinct burnt rubber smell that is practically intolerable. It's very dry and the rubber smell lasts a long time. I do not like this. Just goes to show you can not go by what so many on Fragrantica think is the "cat's pajamas" because I have been mislead when it comes to fragrance suggestions many times. I will stick to Shalimar Parfum Initial as it is my favorite for winter months. Luckily, I was able to spray this over the horrible Eau de Cologne today. Blech.

Escada Moon Sparkle Escada by Bunnyka 2016-12-08

Does anybody know a smiliar fragrance? I used to love this one, it is the best scent I have ever had, but since it is discontinued, I am looking for a similiar scent :)

Bakhour Al-Rehab by drugstore classics 2016-12-08

I share some of the opinions of these reviewers as to the quality of Bakhour. Let me explain...

Usually a scent named 'bakhour' (a form of middle eastern incense!) would attract me like a bee to honey. Not so here. The reviewer who summarized this particular Al Rehab as 'sour fruit and detergent' did us all a favor! Yes, there's a tangy quality that could be good - if it didn't descend into funky acid territory. NO incense, depth, or beauty appeared. I tried it repeatedly in all kinds of weather and got nowhere. So when my dearest friend begged me to pass it along - Voila. History!

It took me ages to get around to writing this review. Why? Because I didn't know for sure WHICH attar I had! The little label is extremely similar to that of Crystal and partly worn away at that. Neither am I particularly fluent in Arabic, alas. ;)

On to comparisons... The lovely Badar is a TINY bit like Bakhour, but only in category. I find Badar goes a slightly sour on me, but that it radiates with warm beauty on the right skin. It's well worth trying, because Badar smells vastly more expensive than it is. Sweet honey, musk, and jasmine - with touches of patch and wood. In other words, Exotic yet Approachable.

What Bakhour DOES smell a lot like is Al Rehab Mokhalat. (Also with a similar label!) Interestingly, though it contains nearly all the same notes and clearly shares a strong chemical similarity, Mokhalat actually appeals to me. It's rounded out with medicinal oud, wood, and possibly saffron, feeling more balanced and earthy. Somehow it even seems a little pseudo-intellectual to me! Oddly attractive, rather than repulsive.

You decide! There is no way Mokhalat will appeal to those unfamiliar with middle eastern attars, but if you're willing to take your time and have an adventure, Mokhalat is the 'funky' Al Rehab I recommend. It's best in hot weather and layers well with the equally unusual Aroosah. Plus (if you live in the west) you're almost guaranteed to smell like nobody else you know.

Note - For those ready to give up on Al Rehab entirely, please consider trying Choco Musk, Soft, Sandra, Lovely, and Fantastic. Those with 'masculine' taste should try Space, U2 Man, Dakar, and Al Fares. These are more western in style. ALL will give you very good value.

You're welcome. ;)

This is a lovely scent, soft, not overpowering, I think this would be a crowd-pleaser. The notes all blend effortlessly and nothing is sharp nor screaming. More of a grown woman's fragrance, and a little sophisticated but not a 'snobby' scent. classy and timeless and lovely. HOWEVER..this is not a unique scent. The first thing that came to my mind with this is Sebastian Design, which can be purchased for a fraction of this price, as for lasting power, I think Sebastian Design lasts me longer during the day than this Lauder fragrance. This Lauder fragrance all but disappears off of me within a few hours, whereas Design lasts me all day. There are also fragrances similar to this I have smelled before, I am sure (Michael Kors and Coach also come to mind). But this is quite lovely, very soft, comforting, relaxing and feminine. Not overly sweet, which is appreciated. I like this quite well but it is just not the unique fragrance I had hoped for. I actually think I prefer the other fragrances a little bit better, and the other fragrances I mentioned last me longer. Still, this is quite lovely and feminine. Not overly girly, which is also appreciated. A slight sexiness in the background. Nicely done, but just not original in my opinion. But it is nice to get when they have those freebies gift with purchase deals. Other than that, I think for me, this is seen it, have/had it, is/was lovely, but won't buy it again.

Always Red Femme Elizabeth Arden by MyersAlice 2016-12-08

Got a small test of this today and I loved it at first sniff.
It's a sweet and cute smell but it's also sexy and sophisticated. It's both a daytime and nighttime perfume,
but I'd mostly wear it at night. It's simply a beautiful scent, and the bottle as well.

This bottle caught my attention with its design. It was buried in a collection of many other perfumes in the store. I was looking for musky/powdery/sweet but woody scent and when I described these notes to the store lady, she gave me a bunch of testing strips with scents that just won't cut it. So I gave up, I decided to just go by the look of the bottles and see if I can stumble upon something I like. So this is how I picked up the bottle.

I find the bottle very beautiful - princessy with a bit of victorian style, a bit nostalgic but youthful and elegant. I totally picture it in my head the perfect piece of a perfume bottle to adorn the vanity.

The scent is beautiful. It opens up with this very sweet and rich mixture of Blackcurrant and Pear, then it moves to a delightful mixture of jasmine and lily-of-the-valley with later the wood base notes disclosing itself and playing a good part at keeping everything warm and intimate. I usually don't like jasmine notes in any perfume, but I like lily-of-the-valley, Blackcurrant, and pear. This one with its smooth blend with lily-of-the-valley, I was able to accept the jasmine. Though it is winter time for me right now but I see this more of a springtime perfume. :)

Chloe Fleur de Parfum Chloe by MyersAlice 2016-12-08

All I can smell is citrus. It's light, and just boring to me.

Sauvage Christian Dior by 2016-12-08

I'm a woman and I just loved it on my boss and after a month I asked him and found out that he was using CD Sauvage. I just had to get it for my husband. I want him to use it coz I love it on him. I simply love it. Perfumes are a personal choice just like everything else we choose and buy. Just because someone likes blue doesn't mean it has to be your favourite colour too.
So it's best to go by your instinct. If you like it on yourself, buy it and use it. If not, it sure does work well for others!

Cuba Orange Cuba Paris by mudpach 2016-12-08

This is not like Kenzo Tigre!

Bakhour Al-Rehab by Betsywoolbright 2016-12-08

I definitely smell laundry detergent; I'm surprised musk isn't listed as a note. I don't really perceive the woods or amber, but I do smell a generic "floral" smell. I can't identify which flower, or flowers, though.
It could be the power of suggestion because of the orange-colored packaging, but I'm sure I smell mango. Orange or tangerine, too, maybe. But definitely mango.
This is, in my opinion, a very uninspired fragrance, but not at all unpleasant. I received the 6 ml roller oil free with my purchase of some other Al Rehab oils. I would have never chosen this one, but I find it definitely worth the price I ended up paying!
It is easily found for $5 or less on ebay. Anyone who likes fruity or floral notes will probably like this one, and it is probably a much safer blind buy than anything containing oud.

Sauvage Christian Dior by hedward 2016-12-08

- The scent of lambs -

Interesting reviews here - such a basic fragrance and so many polarizing opinions! I do not hate Sauvage but I do think it's another spawn of mass consumerism and a great example of it's dullness.

They say, in the very end, it's the personality of one that really makes or breaks a relationship. You could have the most gorgeous guy with a greek god's body and a bank account thats resembles the horn of plenty but it's all irrelevant if his personality is as colorful as a Soviet Unionian block of flats. Well, Sauvage is one of those guys. In his deep blue chinos, boat shoes and a silvery watch round his muscular wrist he looks at you with charming brown eyes. You laugh and spill Moët on the designer dress he chose for you. He asks whats wrong... "Why does everything have to be so perfect?"

No kink, no element of surprise, nothing twisted, nothing to think about, no adventure or fun. Simply masculine, clean and unforgivably pedestrian. Again I don't hate Sauvage but for me it is as inspiring as an Axe deodorant. This is purely my opinion but I would rather have a partner that is less attractive but is hilarious to no end, has an aquired taste in music/literature and tells me stories that leave me in confusion and wonderment. I'm not denying one could posses all of those qualities simultaneously but let's face it.. there's a reason why most of us can imagine this cliché of a man described earlier.

The best travel experiences always come about when things go off-plan. The best dinners are not always the pretties or cost the same as a waitresses monthly salary. Our dearest memories weren't created in a Hilton hotel. Imperfections and oddities colour and embellish life. Same applies to perfumes - there needs to be a challenge or something that forces a reaction. Unfortunately, to me, Sauvage is none of that.

It's okay to be ordinary and not every wearing of fragrance must be of 80's powerhouses. What really differentiates Sauvage from many "safe" fragrances to me is it's cocky and brainless seek for attention - so loud and out there but has actually nothing to say.

Soundtrack: Drake - Hotline Bling

Want something easy and office friendly? Try Mugler Cologne, Chanel Allure Homme Blanche, Azzaro Visit, Montblanc Emblem, Gucci PH II or Lalique Living.

Nirvana White Elizabeth and James by Eyviab 2016-12-08

Call me crazy but this reminds me so much of Burberry Body edp! The initial spray has more peony but soon the musk envelopes it and morphes it into a BBody rose smelling delight! I prefer Burberry Body to this because I find it creamier but both are stunning simple scents that you can't go wrong with! Enjoy! Sillage is moderate and longevity idk yet!

Rose Goldea Bvlgari by chihchih 2016-12-08

Very beautiful bottle with romantic scent. Initially, I was only planning to test the scent in the store but ended up buying a 100ml bottle because the bottle is too beautiful not to own. I tested the BVLGARI Goldea (yellow bottle from 2015) before and found the scent quite delightful. However, when I saw the 2016 version Rose Goldea face-to-face, I couldn't help but fall in love with the look of the bottle instantly. It is like a jewelry! Many perfumes bottles are beautiful but I don't know, maybe it's the way they present it in store, making this bottle stands out as extremely elegant & unique.

It took me 30 mins to decide whether to get the Goldea from 2015 or the new Rose Goldea. Store lady said Rose Goldea is more youthful and sweet while the 2015 Goldea is slightly more mature with stronger character. To me, I actually like the Goldea smell better at first for its opening note but I like the middle note more when it comes to the Rose Goldea bottle. In the end, I chose the Rose Goldea (2016 pink bottle) for 3 reasons: 1) Goldea 2015 seems more of a winter scent to me and Rose Goldea will work all year round. 2) Pink bottle looks just prettier with it rose gold and all that 3) It seems right that Rose Goldea is fresher scented, does smell more youthful - wear youthful scent when you can cuz u can always wear more mature perfume later on in life :p

So there it is a beautiful piece of jam with the delightful scent. My nose detect mostly a beautiful mixture of rose, musk, vanilla and sandalwood :)

Sun di Gioia Giorgio Armani by Eyviab 2016-12-08

So delicious! Reminiscent of sunscreen and and something else but in the most delicious way! It's with and yellow florals with benzoin and a hint of creamy coconut milk it's delicious not overly decadent just right! Tender and right! Thanks Kenziemichelle for the sample! Again I NEED a fb now! Ahhh yummmm!

Oscar Flor Oscar de la Renta by Eyviab 2016-12-08

Such a bright sunny pink floral! Fresh with a hint of lit hi! Delicious refreshing and nothing boring or innovativive but still very nice! Thanks Kenziemichelle for the sample will buy a fb!

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by Andie68 2016-12-08

Just tested this today, identical to Britney Spears Maui Fantasy, couldn't tell the difference between the two.

British Rose The Body Shop by njn 2016-12-08

British Rose is a delightful fresh rose scent with a touch of citruses and hint of green, mildly honey sweet. Very good combination, only downside is poor sillage on me. I love this as much as I love Moringa and Vanilla Chai.

White Diamonds Parfum Elizabeth Taylor by carolyn.parker 2016-12-08

These Have Always Brought Me Luck



I was sitting in my home in Charleston feeling sick to my stomach as I had contracted a stomach flu from my trip to the Far East. I'd just come back from a wonderful travel experience in Japan, India, Sr Lanka, and Thailand. But the downside was the flu. I was in low spirits as I did not want to be sick. After 2 weeks of living like a shut-in, I was giving up. I felt like pardon my French - shit. I did not feel the least bit attractive, I hadn't had a shower in a while & was so depressed. My husband was at the low ebb of his career & his life as a man. He was much older than I was & was nearing retirement. An accident would leave him paralyzed and paraplegic in 1994. I was filled with a strong sense of doom. Without my husband working, we could lose the home. At home, I saw the TV commercial with Elizabeth Taylor for her fragrance White Diamonds, shot in black & white with the men gambling on a table in panama hats and white suits. She walks up to them & takes off a pair of diamond earrings and says: "These have always brought me luck". I thought to myself: well I need luck! I had to be strong for both myself, my husband and my children - although they were already adults by the 90's - in order to survive the long road ahead.

White Diamonds came into my life like a therapeutic balsam. A girl friend of mine from Mount Pleasant South Carolina bought a plane ticket for me & we went to New York City where Elizabeth Taylor herself was launching the fragrance at an event at Macy's on Herald Square in Manhattan. We were there for three days to go shopping, go to a spa, get our hair done & buy new clothes. And yes, we watched as Liz Taylor took out a large size perfume bottle (literally the size of a flower vase) of the perfume with an ostentatious "rhinestone that look like diamonds" stopper shaped like a ribbon. The shape of the bottle is like an egg. It was made of glass. These large size bottles were expensive but she also sold them in smaller sizes including even minis. As we had money to spend, we bought the large size bottles. There was no way of knowing what the scent smelled like before then except on a scent strip which is never quite the same as when you smell it off the bottle or on your own skin. On paper it smells like alcohol & soap.

When I got back home to South Carolina, I finally wore the fragrance on my skin and let it speak to me. The only way one can experience the original is through the miniature dab-on bottles. The first time I smelled White Diamonds from off that large bottle, I had to step back. POW! Aldehydes. Even for 1991, these aldehydes were quite harsh & a throwback to old school classic aldehydes from the 20's 30s 40's. Think Chanel No. 5. In the 90's, alcoholic content in perfume was more toned down so the White Diamonds opening didn't look promising. What's with all the aldehydes? Why would Liz Taylor think women want to wear this? It smells like grandma's perfume from the 30's. When the aldehydes settle down, the fragrance really begins to reveal her true beauty for you.

A subtle citrus follows along the aldehyde trail, not quite an orange blossom but definitely an orange. Even so this is not what I'd call a fruity perfume or even a citrus floral because this has only a dash of citrus. The white floral scents & spices are what I love most about the body of this perfume. There's white flowers galore: tuberose, jasmine, narcissus, and lilies. The tuberose scent is quite heavy, almost like a soapier version of Giorgio Beverly Hills' tuberose. The white flowers are more soapy than powdery, at least in the denser concentration of the parfum and not the toilette which sells today as the replacement for the original. This is not powdery but soapy like white flower scented soap or soap suds on your bubble bath. In this way it resembles my signature scent White Shoulders by Evyan but also fragrances of that same white bubble bath soap like Lanvin Arpege or Chanel No. 22. Liz Taylor must have been interested in wearing a perfume that reminded her of her youth when frags like this were more commercially available but by the 90's were long gone. She had nose Carlos Benaim make it for her to wear, not just for the public. It's a glamorous white floral dreamy perfume from the Golden Age of Hollywood. It's clean but spicy & makes a statement. It does indeed evoke white diamond luster but more like a hazy dream of diamonds.

When dry, this perfume is a strange attempt at turning into a spicy Oriental fragrance, not a chypre. There is moss & vetiver, amber & sandalwood, which are common Oriental notes but it is far too cinnamon scented and white floral to ever turn into some darker or smokier Oriental perfume. This has a bright and sharp dry down of moss & amber. Sometimes for whatever reason it smells of ink, I'm guessing that there is an iris in there somewhere as well; or orris root. When iris meets sandalwood you get a kind of inky smell, but it's very pleasant. I don't get any strong patchouli but I am detecting amber. This is a beautiful perfume with a lot going on in terms of spices & florals but it is not as complex as I thought it would be; but that's not putting this fragrance down as it is absolutely beautiful.

Ultimately it reminds me of evening wear - a white gown similar to the one Elizabeth Taylor wore in the TV ad, a white sequin gown with shoulder pads or puffy sleeves, sequins and big hair. And of course dazzling white diamond necklaces, bracelets & earrings. It would have made a better splash in the 80's competing with Giorgio Beverly Hills. In fact this scent shares some of the same notes as Giorgio, while smelling like an entirely different. Giorgio in original vintage form was fruitier and more tropical like a perfumed sun tan lotion. This is like a luxurious soap made of the finest ingredients to perfume the body of a mature regal lady while still in her bath tub! For me this was like White Shoulders times ten, far more full bodied and richer, spicier, and more floral. I was in Perfume Heaven.

This scent is a heavy hitter and has superior longevity than most other perfumes in the market today so apply with a light hand unless you are a habitual over sprayer and others are used to your strong perfume. It clashes with spicy foods at dinners in five star restaurants, so think about things like that. That's why Giorgio Beverly Hills was banned in restaurants. Strong perfume and aromatic foods and dishes don't go well together. I also really do believe this scent matches up not only with white diamond jewelry but with white pearls. It has a pearly quality that could have led to this scent being called White Pearls. I prefer pearls to diamonds but have worn a few diamond jewelry in my own life. My husband, before he became too old and a paraplegic, used to spoil me with diamonds from Cartier Winston & Tiffany's. This fragrance evokes that same type of luxury.

I put on a little of this perfume via the mini dab bottles on my neck and I'm good to go. I see it as being a formal wear dinner time evening wear perfume. It's a romantic perfume to wear for special occasions but can double as a glamorous perfume to wear to big gals, award ceremonies, weddings, the theater, the opera, the ballet, the symphony, or evening soirees. Definitely not day wear nothing casual about it. Don't wear White Diamonds with T shirt and jeans! Who does that anyways? Like a beautiful evening gown, White Diamonds can only match up with your most beautiful formal clothing and whatever sparkling jewelry you own. Glamour!

This is a lovely fragrance that should be experienced in every woman's lifetime.

I have enjoyed this fragrance since 1991.

Over the years they have been god to me these White Diamonds.

Thank You Liz for bringing me luck!

Crystal Noir Versace by lili1912 2016-12-08

Comments from 6 year old son:
First spray: hmmm you smell minty, like mint gum ( !?!?!?)
About 8 hours later: oh you smell yummy. You smell like gingerbread cookies!

:) as for me, I find it enjoyable, not loud. It is comforting . I like it both in summer and winter, I feel it behaves differently. In summer it's glorious on a warm summer night.... In winter, so cozy,., Very versatile perfume, and well liked. This one did not offend my husband who hates strong perfume..... One of the few he did not complain about and he actually likes.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry by avaloncm 2016-12-08

Smelled very nice in Sephora. Sprayed in on a napkin at home and smelled it several times over the next few hours. Very nice!!

I am trying it today. Does anyone else find it powdery? I really do and I don't like powdery. I am ready for this to wear off now.

Dunhill London Alfred Dunhill by rakan1985 2016-12-08

scent : 8/10
sillage : 7/10
longevity :6/10
70% day/ 30% night fragrance
reminds me a little bit of boss bottled

Potion Royal Black DSQUARED² by Taliera 2016-12-08

I'm not keen on the pimento (chilli). To me, pimento turns this deep, smouldering, sexy scent into one that is fiery. Now, anything that is too spicy is not my “cup of tea”, and this is no exception. I waited a long while before reviewing Potion Royal Black, because I blind-bought it and was in love with the idea of what it might be. When the reality didn't match-up, I didn't want to admit “FAIL”, so I tested it at regular intervals to make sure my perception hadn't changed. As a matter of fact, it has, but not for the better – I realise Potion Royal Black IS deep and niche-quality and everything everyone else mentioned – but the fiery pimento is not to my taste. And, while I don't like to draw perfume categories, it is masculine.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by lynwood234 2016-12-08

I finally got my bottle of Midnight in Paris. I love that warm leather scent. It is subdued and not to strong. I agree with all the comparisons to bvlgari black. I owned Bvlgari black twice but gave it away becasue something about would cause me to have allergies. This one does not offend my nose at all. Rich warm leather perfect for night or cool weather and romance and even the office due to low-mod sillage.

I have both this and the bomb shaped bottle. They are definitely different. This has all the wonderful spice and the other has white floral dominant. This is my preference.

Shalimar Guerlain by rakan1985 2016-12-08

scent : 7/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :9/10
100% night fragrance
too feminine for me
vanilla fragrance

Musk Abiyad Afnan Perfumes by Nickie 2016-12-08

To me, this is rather like a reduced-soap version of Rasasi's Sonia. Less powdery and floral, certainly, but I can certainly spot a connection.

Musk Abiyad is definitely unisex but some may find it errs a little on the feminine side. It's a very simple, clean musk that's balanced wonderfully with a background floral (I can't detect rose specifically) and a smidgeon of sandlewood. It is a little soapy, but that I find very comforting.

One swipe of the wand gives moderate silage for the first 4-5 hours then fades to a lovely soft pur from thereon in. Longevity is fabulous and rolls past 12+ hours more than comfortably.

A lovely, cuddly fragrance for winter. A real keeper, and excellent value.

Essenza di Roma Laura Biagiotti by agarobka 2016-12-08

Time. Time is of great importance when it comes to this perfume. It was my blind buy based solely on reviews here. When it came yesterday the moment I opened the bottle was...terrifying. So strong! Far too strong for my liking! A disaster, in one word. But I used it on my wrist nevertheless. And that's when a miracle happend. It blended in with my skin really smoothfly. Settled down nicely. I could detect vanila and mandarin orange (still working on almonds ;)) It's a very cozy fragrance, working great in winter. So to sum it up - try this not very popular beauty, but do give it some time to let you both acquaint with, in good way. :)

Equistrius Parfum d`Empire by Soofiya 2016-12-08

Equistrius is like nothing I've tried in my whole life and it's truely a work of art.I ordered a perfume from shaghayegh perfume site and they sent me ten free niche samples so I have to be thankful to them since I'd never think of trying it
I've promised myself to control my addiction to perfume buying and buy just one perfume per month and there are lots of them in my wishlist but I'm hooked so I'm moving it to toppest parts of my wishlist
I always wished I loved an iris/violet dominant scent but I couldn't.they were usually too sharp and cold to my only favorite iris dominant scents are Marc Jacobs decadence and lancome la vie intense so I think I need a bunch of gourmand notes to ground iris.there's dark chocolate and rice here that add a delicious and very unique vibe to scent without making it sweet.I love sweet scents but I'd also love to have some non sweet favorites and this is a powdery scent with non-sweet gourmand and woody naunces
Suede and ambrette add a warm,soft,voluptuous and luxurious quality and there's vetiver which adds slightest hint of earthyness which I find very appealing
Equistrius is very elegant,ladylike,formal but also's well balanced so powderyness doesn't suffocate and turn too dry
It's not loud and it's sillage is moderate at it's best but it's lasting power seems to be very good.I've dabbed small amount of it almost 9 hours ago and can still easily feel it
It's wearable year round but I prefer it for mild to cool weather

Corallium Carthusia by LuckyTwice 2016-12-08

One of my favourite perfumes! So complex yet delicate, fresh yet sensual. Every time I wear it people comment "OH MY GOD you smell good!!!" :-) literally every time! I love it.

Shalimar Guerlain by danielle.reeves 2016-12-08

All I'm getting is lemon scented leather. Not good.

Pegasus Parfums de Marly by rakan1985 2016-12-08

scent : 9/10
sillage : 9/10
longevity :9/10
80% night / 20% day fragrance
mix between givenchy PI and Dior Hypnotic Poison

Memoirs Of A Trespasser Imaginary Authors by je.sens.bon 2016-12-08

I recently acquired IA perfume samples and, after trying them, found that Cape Heartache and Memoirs of a Trespasser are my favorite.
I found M. of a T. a bit too dry at first, but the vanilla soon comes in and makes the scent warmer, rounder and never cloyingly sweet. It is a warmer scent, more "serious", less carefree than Cape Heartache. It doesn't smell like a wood plank though, thank God! I also like the subtle smokiness, and the fact that there is no musk or amber (I rather dislike those notes), which makes the perfume smell clean and "no frills". I would wear this fragrance at night and in Autumn/Winter. It is not a chic smell, but a comforting smell, an everyday smell that blends with your own. I reckon it may work to layer this fragrance with Cape Heartache... This frag is also unisex enough (more so than Cape Heartache) that I could share it with my husband.

December Smell Bent by shushkin 2016-12-08

This is not bad at all. Quite fabulous actually. Yes, I do get some musk but it's mostly about incense, ginger, cinnamon, orange and a bit of cocoa. The incense and ginger give a sort of peppery effect but it's essentially a warm inviting fragrance. If your expecting this to be sweet and sickly then you will be disappointed. This is definitely unisex and I would love to smell this on a guy. Good sillage and longevity.

Fairy Dust Paris Hilton by Selena93 2016-12-08

After gladly owning paris hiltons heiress & tease, I had to try this.
It's so good, I can smell the orange blossom & peony right away, I also get a bubblegum vibe somewhere between.
Very fresh, with a beautiful aroma.
Paris definitely knows how to put perfumes together.
Longevity: 4-5 hours.

smell is good but too weak

L'Instant de Guerlain Guerlain by rosymusk 2016-12-08

Another scent I love (the prominent iris and magnolia) but unfortunately it's too sweet and sticky (strong apple and honey) overall and the amber is also very heavy which is come off very old smelling for my taste.

Jamaica Man Puma by Arunas.K 2016-12-08

Very nice frag, I remember my mom gave this to me for Christmas when I was 19-20. I loved it.

It was clean, citrus and fresh. Simple, sweet. Not complex, but not offensive either.

The downside like with all Puma fragrances that it had no potency at all. Puma fragrances usually are nice in terms of composition but they are pretty much worthless in terms of longevity.

7/10 (Only because of good composition, because longevity is non existent)

Do I like it yes? Would I buy it? now, unless longevity is improved.

Cape Heartache Imaginary Authors by je.sens.bon 2016-12-08

I recently acquired IA perfume samples and, after trying them, found that Cape Heartache and Memoirs of a Trespasser are my favorite.
The synthetic strawberry note at the opening of Cape Heartache nearly put me off though, but it disappears (or blend in, not quite sure) soon to leave the stage to the coniferous woods. Born in a canadian city siting on the 50th parallel surrounded by the boreal forest, I always loved the smell of resins and fir needles, and dry forest floor. To find the smell of a coniferous forest in a nice summer day coming out at me thus made my day. The fir and pine doesn't come out pungent as it can in some other fragrances; maybe the vanilla is responsible for that? Instead, it come out with that dry sweetness that I miss so much from my walks in the woods. The woods are not overpowering, not too serious, so that the scent is kept light and easy to wear during the day. If you ever think, while hiking: "wish I could bottle this forest scent", then you should definitely try this! Now to buy a bottle...

Gold Michael Kors by Countrygurl 2016-12-08

Lovely , white floral. BUT I would save your money and buy Bodycology White Gardenia body mist instead, it smells very similar!

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by unshkbl00 2016-12-08

Suit & Tie Fragrance, This is like a fine bottle of scotch or brandy that you only break out when you have a taste for something different. Everyone's opinion of the scent is pretty much spot on. I've had a 6.7 oz of the bottle for over 2 years and I've probably wore this 3 times. It's important to appreciate the "Different" fragrances as well as the "Common".

Since 1996, when the original fragrance was released, the Kaiak collection still leads the rankings of Brazilian men's fragrances. Now, almost 20 years after the arrival of Kaiak on the market, followed by some versions, arise Kaiak Expedição, a limited edition designed to represent the explorer man in expeditions that begin at sunrise and that end only when it goes down.

Inspired by the elements of Earth and Air, it has a fougère-woody composition, with top notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, aqueous accord and a synthetic compound called Dihydro Myrcenol (which reinforces the citrus nuances). In the body of the fragrance, notes of lavender, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, geranium and violet. Finally, it the base, notes of sandalwood, musk, cedarwood, amber, patchouli, moss, tonka bean, cashmere wood, hardwood and cypriol (also known as Nagarmotha).

In the first test, I did not like. The fragrance was very mossy and green, with an old school aspect, which I like, but I didn't expect to find in a fragrance with such concept. In the second time I wore it, other notes were presented and a woody side came up and I enjoyed more the result. Still, I miss the spices that live in the heart of the fragrance. Notes like cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg don't usually play at work. But in Kaiak Expedição, it seems to me that they took off. The fougère aspect is very clean and the base of moss, cedar and woods is quite remarkable. And with respect to the projection and durability, I have nothing to complain about.

To sum up, I think this is a good fragrance within a wrong concept. In my opinion, it's not youthful as I expected, especially when I held the bottle, with its brown tones, which have given me an idea of a woody fragrance. Is much more for a classic that should have been released in another line, for more distinct and formal men.
I certify that worth knowing, but don't be fooled: the man of Kaiak Expedição combines more with a suit than with boots, helmet and carabiner.

To close this review, the bottle is still the same, keeping the visual identity of the Kaiak collection.

Luna Natura by Cassiano 2016-12-08

This new fragrance from Natura (2014), came to surprise and satisfy the needs of the loyal audience of the brand, who expected a new, feminine and above all, quality fragrance. Personally, I do not like derogatory comparisons and I think the Brazilian perfumery has evolved in large steps. But I will open an exception, making use of a very common expression around here: "it looks like an international perfume".

On the contrary to what I've seen around in some blogs, I will not do my review completely based on the press release sent to the media. This assisted me when I received the beautiful kit in order to present the material. Now it's time to analyze and unravel the details, without laziness.
First, let's talk about the composition: the information is a bit confusing, since the institutional video made for the launch, in which the perfumer speaks of her creation, says one thing; the press release says another (such as the presence of plum and violet, for example) and the official website shows a third, mentioning cedar and vetiver in the base, unlike the other information.

I will keep what the creator says, because nobody is better than she to describe her creation. Moreover, it is the closest to the official press release.
At the output we have notes of bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit, raspberry, blackcurrant and apple. In the heart, a floral bouquet of Turkish rose (also called Damascus rose) and jasmine sambac. At the base, patchouli, musk and vanilla.

The fragrance is really very tasty. Starts fruity, slightly citric with a bittersweet nuance (which I believe is a result of raspberry and cassis notes). The floral body is very soft, at least on my skin. The jasmine is more present than the rose. At the base, according to the creator, the patchouli was used in order to give a hint of chocolate. I managed to identify it, but it's not very alive. The vanilla stood out more, leaving a slightly creamy and sensual trail. Anyway, the fruity output remains throughout the evolution of the fragrance, which I admire, because it demonstrates quality in the raw material used.

Despite it is categorized as an innovator chypre in the national (Brazilian) perfumery (by using bergamot and patchouli), is far from being a classic chypre, full of mossy nuances and heavy aroma.
The bottle has great grip, was inspired by the woman’s curves and modeled on the clay, until reach the shape. It is painted in a very beautiful gradient of white and pink. Worth knowing.

Ilía Natura by Cassiano 2016-12-08

Many people think that Natura, an essentially Brazilian company, only manufactures products for the domestic market and that all of them are released first in Brazil. But the truth is that the company has immense acceptance in other countries like Mexico, Colombia and Argentina and that some of the goods arrive there before being marketed here. This is the case of Ilía, the new fragrance that has just been released in Brazil, but already has a variation in the international market, called Ilía Florescer.

Natura Ilía is part of a line that is inspired by the strength and delicacy of women. It's another joint creation involving Verônica Kato and other perfumers from Fragrance’s companies. This time, Christophe Raynaud and Alexandra Kosink, from Givaudan.
The official composition lists the following notes: red fruits, pink grapefruit, orange blossom and bergamot, in the head; Freesia, muguet, jasmine Sambac, gardenia and rose, in the body; Tonka bean, vanilla, musk and amber, in the base.

On the skin, the fragrance of Ilía behaves like vanilla from the first moments. There's a lightness that comes from the orange flower and a touch of red fruits, which does not last for a long time. If you are waiting for a bittersweet smell, forget it! The floral accord is delicate and the gardenia stands out, to the point of remember a creation of the Cartier House. However, the concept of delicacy was taken very seriously and the fragrance loses power in about twenty minutes, which disappointed me a lot. But the lasting is very good, staying for more than 8 hours on my skin, albeit subtly. From the base, the highlight is the vanilla, which is the most noticeable note.

That said, I think that Natura could have rethought the Brazilian market before bringing this scent here. I remember a presentation in the company, which was mentioned this issue of international markets and the differences such as cultures, temperature, air humidity, etc. Few people know, but everything goes in the briefing. Therefore, it was necessary to remember that the Brazilian customer, culturally, likes strong and striking perfumes.
The other important point to be clarified is this: it's not because it's a deo parfum (equivalent to eau de parfum in Brazil), that needs to be stronger than a deo Colônia (equivalent to eau de toilette). What determines the classification of a fragrance is the concentration of essence, not its projection or lasting power. There are numerous cases of EDT scents that exude more than their EDP versions. People can't criticize anything that hits the market without knowledge of the facts.

Natura Ilía exudes quality, but exudes poorly. If could exude for about 2 hours, at least, it would be perfect. But there is no doubt that will satisfy the taste of many women, who only wear soft and discreet fragrances.
Finally, the bottle is cute, rounded and the size is deceptive. Contains 50ml, but seems to have 30ml. It is great for carrying in the purse.

L`Interdit Givenchy by lucia.lawson 2016-12-08

Let Me Take You Back In Time Via My Memories

June the 11th, 1961

I met Audrey Hepburn when she was married to Mel Ferrer or rather, I met her at the very end of that marriage. I was a young operatic singer at the time, developing my soprano voice, but had not yet performed any leading roles. We were both sitting down at the same table during a small recital of a friend who was singing some bel canto arias by Donizetti & Bellini & at the Savoy Hotel where she was staying during production of a film. I suspected she had other business to attend to in London. Whatever the reason, there she was. I was not sure of what film it was at the time but later I found out it was THE CHILDREN'S HOUR which co-starred Shirley MacLaine & James Garner. She smelled of something I mistook for her make-up which was a dab of pinkish powder on her face and a little pink lipstick that looked like her natural mouth's color. She was lovely in a beige cream vanilla colored suit skirt. The recital was very successful and Audrey & Mel appeared to have enjoyed themselves. After this encounter, I never saw her again. There were times I would go back to the Savoy to see if I could run into her again or at least other Hollywood stars who frequented the hotel at the time - Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Robert Taylor, Stuart Whitman, Rod Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock, Natalie Wood, Eva Marie Saint, Sean Connery, Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day and many others.

I had heard of the fashion designer Hubert De Givenchy & his connection to Audrey but had not experienced any fragrance by that house. Before L'Interdit was launched, I don't believe Givenchy had even commercialized any fragrance. It's very possible Audrey Hepburn helped him to establish himself as a perfumer. As any Audrey Hepburn fan will tell you, and I can see that many of the reviewers on this page (Parfumee & Gigi The Fashionista) are indeed Audrey Hepburn fanatics, Givenchy became a good friend to Audrey when they first met when she went to him for help in choosing fashions to wear for her second American film SABRINA (and not Roman Holiday for which she wore costumes by Hollywood Oscar winning costumer Edith Head). After that initial meeting, they became life long friends & Audrey continually wore Givenchy couture. The fragrance L'interdit (Forbidden Fragrance) came about when Givenchy & Audrey made a special behind the scenes deal for her to wear a fragrance created for her by nose Francis Fabron (who formulated Femme by Rochas). For about 2 or 3 years Audrey wore the perfume and was the only woman on the planet wearing it. After the allotted time, Givenchy finally launched & commercialized the perfume. Not even an Oscar winning actress like Audrey Hepburn could keep a perfume all to herself! In the end business won over personal feelings.

The vintage original bottle (launched in 1957) looks exactly as the Fragrantica page depicts it. It was a square shaped glass bottle with a mushroom shaped glass stopper. It was a miniature splash bottle. The color of the liquid was a sort of cognac color, reddish-brown and quite similar to the color of Coty's Sophia perfume. When I first purchased it from the Givenchy house, it was in a red miniature box and it was quite easy to carry around. One could even put it inside one's purse.

This led me to believe that the fragrance was not a statement perfume for the time, not an Oriental, not a formal wear evening cologne, not a chypre, not terribly woodsy, aromatic or incensed. It was going to be quite an innovation. I braced myself. At the first whiff straight off the bottle, the aldehydes! Effervescent fizzy aldehydes, quite strong by today's context but for the milieu of the 1950's 1960's this was a very familiar aldehyde.

It is fresh & fizzy, similar to the opening to Chanel No. 5, Chanel No. 22, Arpege, L'Aimant, Crepe de Chine, White Shoulders & any other aldehyde floral fragrance available at the time. Many perfumistas have compared this scent to Chanel No. 5. Well in my experience, the opening or top notes are as far as the similar notes go. There are aldehydes & a dash of citrus, and not even a bergamot, a sweet somewhat tart mandarin orange flavor. The first time I wore it the fruit was very sweet and densely concentrated, like a sort of strawberry jam or juice, fresh from aldehydes but eventually turning alcoholic and rummy, like a strawberry inside a champagne glass. There is also a boozy peach & delicious but cloying sugary strawberry, with the strawberry being the major note.

Smells like strawberry scented baby pink lipstick. The lipstick scent is there from the start. At once, I was all but hit in the nose with a beauty salon smell. It smells of all the pleasant scents you get at a beauty parlor: fragrant hair spray, lipstick, rouge, powder, nail polish, toe nail polish, and eye make up. This fragrance is a 1950's beauty salon in a bottle. In her heightened femininity aura, with the beauty salon smell, the make-up, and the powder, devoid of musk, woods, green notes and civet secretions (which were staples of the original Chanel No. 5) L'Interdit is not at all like No. 5. Truthfully, orignal No. 5 is a musky, provocative, sexualized mature scent, whereas L'Interdit is youthful, sweet, playful, innocent and more girlish. Smells of Audrey Hepburn in the prime of her youth. The YOUNG Audrey Hepburn we remember in Roman Holiday, Sabrina & Funny Face.

When dry, the fruit notes are gone & the floral notes & vanilla (courtesy of tonka bean) and vetiver plus benzoin are detectable. Still, it's a soft, and moderate scent. It never gets dark or too dry. It has a powder & vanilla dry down. There's plenty of orris, or iris & violet which are petals that are powdery like literal flower talc powder. The iris & violet, plus a pink rose, oh, such beautiful flowers. I wish they were more dewy & green but they are pretty fantasy flowers, like the smell of light flowers in the air. It is indeed suggestive of spring time & innocence, care-free youth & girls under eighteen. This is a fine intro, or rather, WAS a fine intro or first grown up perfume for a teenager in the 50's. She would have worn pink or baby blue poodle skirts or dancing dresses and smelled of this perfume with her hair made up stylishly and she was all set for her Prom Night. A young man gives her a corsage of carnation on her bosom and takes a whiff of this perfume & would have been overwhelmed by the extreme femininity. Audrey Hepburn is as feminine as the soul of femininity itself and this perfume does her justice.

The perfume is quite easy to wear and such a delicious and loveable scent, not very complex, linear but hard to resist. This is a perfume that I wore when I was still young enough to wear perfumes like this, even when I was already wearing heavier Orientals like Shalimar or Habit Rouge. This perfume is such a delicious boozy fruit cocktail and make-up scent. I wore it mostly as day wear to luncheons, cocktails & summer get-away trips with my first husband Richard who loved this perfume on me. He was the love of my life & the father of my children. The perfume was a delight for him to smell especially after I was all dolled up & wearing make up. I think even today you can't go out wearing this perfume without first having been to the beauty salon.

A most delicious & beautiful vintage classic

For my Richard...I love you

And for Audrey

Aventus Creed by Arsenal Till I Die 2016-12-08

Review for Batch: 16ao1
I smelt this fragrance 3 years ago and it was great! Full bodied, long lasting and you could really smell the quality especially in the drydown. Fast forward to today and I'm not sure how many times this has been reformulated but it's a ghost of its former self. Gone is the oomph it once possessed. It's like half the notes have been removed from the fragrance all together. Apple? Cya! Black currant? On ya bike! The nice trademark ambergris drydown? Back to the ocean!

Now In the opening there's a good dose of pineapple but it's fairly synthetic and depending on temperature doesn't stick around long. Dries down in under an hour and all your left with is a woody/green skin scent with a musky base. That's it! There may be the feintest of vanillas but like I said it pales in comparison to the original stuff. To me I smell a cypress note now thrown in there as well. Performance is crap and I'm not paying half a weeks worth of pay to let a fragrance mancerate for 4-6 months so it can decide to improve in scent and longevity.

Now I know why people are hyping all these clones because the Aventus of today is dead! .

November Smell Bent by shushkin 2016-12-08

Well, Im really enjoying this woody delight. Deep, dark and maybe a touch mysterious. This makes a good alternative to SJPs Stash as this really lasts. I reckon there is also a tonne of cedar or maybe Iso E Super in this. I love the burnt wood aspect to this (no I dont smell just like a piece of burnt timber lol) and the incense just gives a bit of edge. The amber gives some warmth and sweetness. I think its very unisex. Good sillage and longevity.

Ambre L`Occitane en Provence by Cherry_Darling 2016-12-08

Oh I just love a nice sweet amber. So syrupy and comforting. Jealous of the lady below who found this in a charity shop!

Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice Guerlain by Cherry_Darling 2016-12-08

I knew I would love this based on notes! So much woodsy piney balsamic perfect winter perfume! I wouldn't say this is masculine, the sugar and vanilla make it super delectable. BIG love.

Precious One Angela Flanders by adrienn99 2016-12-08

This one's quality as well. Smells mossy, dry grass and bit herbal too. Think this one is leaning a bit more on the masculine side, as the floral notes are not enough dominant

Passage d'Enfer L`Artisan Parfumeur by Cherry_Darling 2016-12-08

This smells a lot spicier than the notes lead you to believe. There's a certain sharpness to it that I can't place in terms of note, pepper maybe. Smoky maybe inky in a way!

Ambre Loup Rania J by duftdust70 2016-12-08

Ambre Loup starts of pretty heavy and i can smell the amber and a little oud.
I get the rootbeer vibe and its absolutly unique.Perhaps more masculin then fem.
I have one for swaps.

Seville a l`Aube L`Artisan Parfumeur by Soofiya 2016-12-08

Artisan is one of houses I've always had good feeling about it and always wanted to try it's fragrances
I thought I'd love this one since orange blossom, honey,lavender and benzoin are among my favorite notes
When I dabbed it's sample on my skin I was shocked.I could detect mentioned notes but unfortunately they're buried under a sharp,green,herbal scent.I don't know it's petit green,olive blossom, olibanum or a mixture of them but I can smell something if I cut a bunch of vegetables and my hand smells grassy and green
I can't stand green scents so no wonder I dislike Seville L'aube.after more than 2 hours this green smell calms down a bit so a little sweetness shows up.but it's too late and that vegetative thing hasn't faded completely
I think my skin chemistry has problem with olibanum because when I tried Amouage opus VIII I could smell lots of greenery too
Longevity is very good,sillage is also good especially during first hours
It's a warm weather scent and if you like your orange blossom with an aromatic,fresh,herbal undertone give it a try

Terre d`Hermes Parfum Hermes by remy.cullen.5 2016-12-08

Im sorry, I know this is The Holy Grail of fragrances to some people, but I just cant like it. It smelled intriguing and misteroious at the start, but turned into a rotten orange left on the gravel, continuing do develop into something even worse, which I couldnt stand anymore. If the ending is the most majestic on Earth, I wouldnt wear this stuff, because Id have to wait to get there, and that is not something that seems possible.

Alien Thierry Mugler by teapeach 2016-12-08

I tried this fragrance in store and was quite shocked - I was expecting a complex, spicy scent like Angel, especially since the notes were woody and amber, however to me it smells a lot like a preteen's "first perfume"-it's super sweet, in a fake sweetness sort of way. It reminds me of grape bubblegum with jasmine in the background. If you like super fruity, tangy sweetness then you might like this, but to me it lacked any sort of spice or sophistication and is definitely not my kind of scent!

Black XS Los Angeles for Her Paco Rabanne by insolence-guerlain 2016-12-08

Very agreeable and nice fruity-floral scent. Just nice, since I couldn't discover anything special, mostly berries, or rather sour-cherry jam, with a touch of geranium. Nice as a whole, but the longevity is too short, about an hour, with a soft sillage.

Al Fares Al-Rehab by premu86 2016-12-08

I have had the chance to use CK Eternity perfume recently. It's my brother-in-law's. A couple of weeks before, we went on a trip and during that time, I was using CK Eternity. I really really liked it.

It was so fresh, green, aquatic and cool. I was determined to buy one for me, but the only problem was that it was not long lasting. It was lasting probably about 4 to 6 hours.

Recently I have stumbled upon the Al Rehab collections. I wanted to try something from this house. Since I had a very good experience with the other middle eastern houses such as Rasasi and Armaf.

I found a great seller in eBay and ordered 4 Al rehab 6 ml Roll-Ons.

1. Al Fares.
2. Silver.
3. Superman.
4. Original.

I have to say I really like Al Fares a lot our of the other 3. This is shockingly so close to CK Eternity. I mean this is so terribly close that I have decided not to buy Eternity. So clean and long lasting.

I'm wearing this perfume as I type and it's been almost 6 hours and I can still get the whiffs very often.

I'm no perfume expert, I can't tell the notes in a perfume. But I can tell a good perfume and bad perfume. This is a great one. If you are like me, then please get this one, you will be glad!

Happy sniffing!

Olympea Paco Rabanne by rougenoirmakeup 2016-12-08

This is a bit of a basic bitch of a fragrance, but I love it regardless.

It's a true, mouth-watering gourmand; people always tell me I smell nice (even edible) when I'm wearing this one. I detect salty vanilla and water jasmine from this, just as promised. It lasts for a long time, up to 8+ hours. I wore this in the summer because the saltiness and floral notes make it suitable for summer, but it also suits winter perfectly being the sweet vanilla it is. I have absolutely no complaints - this may not be the most unique one out there, but it's delicious and reliable.

Flash Jimmy Choo by teapeach 2016-12-08

This fragrance is light and inoffensive. I don't dislike it, but I can't get past a middle note that smells strongly of pine o clean/cleaning product... probably coming from the white flowers. But others I know who have smelt it don't get this impression, so it could be a personal thing. Still, I wouldn't blind buy this one if you're not a fan of super fresh white flowers.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by Cherry_Darling 2016-12-08

I absolutely adore this stuff. I know it's men's perfume but it's right up my street. So spicy sweet woody yummy peppery tobacco mmmmm. The extreme too! I might just buy a full bottle.. Totally unisex I think! Also pretty affordable considering what's out there. Unicorn!

Black Orchid Tom Ford by teapeach 2016-12-08

I understand that this is a unique fragrance and is very appealing to many, but I just can't get past that strong, strong scent of... is it the tuber? it is pungent and earthy, almost like rotting fruit or dirt and I really dislike it. Sadly, this scent doesn't work with my tastebuds, however the other initial notes in this perfume are bomb!! I much prefer Velvet Orchid as a slightly less dramatic alternative.

Polo Supreme Leather Ralph Lauren by umsultan 2016-12-08

I get tonka bean, spicy cardamon mixed with milk and honey. warm and soothing winter formula. Good so far then i read the label, and hmm its "supreme leather"! I can't detect Leather at all.
The name is misleading...i can understand all the disappointment here. But if you forget the name for a moment and just accept the scent. it's not that bad and i think women would like it.

Azemour Les Orangers Parfum d`Empire by Winter Sweet 2016-12-08

Damn oakmoss! This perfume is all about oakmoss and citrus peels (and not the flesh!) on my skin. Soooo bitter and masculine! However it has a softness.
No tangerine,clementine,cypress,hay,floral notes or pepper. Also a little bit headache-inducing.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by umsultan 2016-12-08

Earthy, fresh spicy and woody scent. This is perfect for the office. to me this is a scent of a mature and well groomed man. something about it remind me of a lux hotel soaps.

I read many mixed reviews on this fragrance, it must be body chemistry because on paper this smell like a very well thought and put together fragrance.

Nectar of Love April Aromatics by fillifelle 2016-12-08

Luckily for this brand, Nectar of Love isn't the first perfume I tried. This smells like cardboard and stale expired dried fruits. I loved Precious Woods and that is what I like to think of as representative of this remarkable line. This is in no way an amber or a tuberose scent. It's just dry, papery cardboard for me :(

RubyLips Salvador Dali by Gigi The Fashionista 2016-12-08

Fragrance Review For Ruby Lips

Salvador Dali

Top Notes

Yuzu Apple Red Currant

Middle Notes

Rose Orchid Water Lily

Base Notes

Sandalwood Patchouli Lemon Tree Honey

Well, this is one bottle you can't take with you! This is by far the heaviest bottle of perfume I've ever encountered in my life. When I'm done with it, I'm going to keep it as a Salvador Dali Objet D'Art. That's what they turn into these beautiful Dali perfumes: sculptures for your home! And if they ask who's it by just say Salvador Dali! LOL I love the lips of the bottle of the original Dali eau de parfum from the 80's and some of the flankers in sold silver or gold, not to mention the unusual shape of bottles for Dalimix & other frags in the line. You can never say that any of the Dali bottles are boring.

Ruby Lips has that red color theme going on. Red Lips Red Lipstick, Red Currant (Red Grapes) Red Apple, Red Rose. Something about it is oddly & almost jokingly like red Cool Aid! The red currant is juicy like boozy red wine mixed with apple juice (the apple note). This is both alcoholic and sugary-juicy. The fruit notes dominate the fragrance, not the florals nor the patchouli, sandalwood or honey. This is a fragrance for summer, when the fruit comes out - of my perfume wardrobe. The fruit is delicious and evocative of red mini dresses with a full skirt, evocative of picnics at the park, a red apple on a teacher's desk, a delicious wine tasting party, and so forth. The fruit is also sweetened with yuzu. When you step back from inhaling the aroma up close it comes off as a sort of red berry. There could be a berry note or it's the effect of the fruited accords, which smell like berry when put together.

After the red lips have eaten the red grapes, red apples & red berries, the floral notes come through. It's not terribly floral, and in fact the only flower I could detect was the red rose (again the red theme). In my experience there are no red water lilies or lotus. I've seen a few red orchids but this is mostly a red rose scent. It's also not a typical botanical green & red rose, like a garden rose, but a fruited rose, a fantasy note of juicy roses which have become chemically sweetened with the fruit notes that preceded the floral notes. A faint red orchid is right behind the red rose scent but it's not as romantic or sultry as I love my red roses.

Still, at times it can get deep when it so happens that the base notes are getting stronger. Then it turns warm, hot even, with a warm honey. A lemon tree is also on here & that was quite a lovely note to have and very rare in perfume. On me it smells of warm lemon & honey tea. This gets warmer and more delicious like a tea or apple cider (that's been out in the sun). It has a youthful & saucy air, and the patchouli & sandalwood give it an Oriental flash (not flair) and can feel flirty & festive. I agree with the reviewer who said this smells Latin-blooded. It evokes a young woman between the ages of 18 and 23 who is tan or bronze skinned with a body to die for, even if she is petite, wearing a tight red mini dress with no shoulders, red heels & red handbag, red lipstick or even fake red hair. And where is this lady in red going? Club dancing in Manhattan the whole night long, maybe even going to pick up guys because guys do not pick her up. She chooses. A bold red fragrance for a bold but fun loving gal.

This is a perfume I have recently discovered as I'm trying out some of the Dali perfumes which I'm late to. This is a youth-oriented Dali perfume. In the beginning the Dali perfumes (formulated by Dali the artist himself) were mature & Oriental, artsy & mind blowing in their vintage glamour but nowadays all the big brand names are making perfumes wearable for the Millennials (Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Mon Paris, Dior Poison Girl) so one must conform at times because there are not too many choices for mature scents. This is not bad but I'm saving it for summer.

Osmanthus Interdite Parfum d`Empire by Winter Sweet 2016-12-08

It starts off with a warm dark tea note and very soon a mild and fresh osmanthus accompanies it. I get neither apricot nor other fruity notes. Also no rose and jasmine to my nose. After the transient ozonic osmanthus appearance, the addition of musk and suede turns it into a cream-like smell that is not super pleasant but still tolerable and somehow nice imo. The overall combo of tea, osmanthus, musk and suede remains on my skin thereafter. It is not a floral fruity perfume with my chemistry and I don't call it crisp either but it is soft and mellow.

Obsession Calvin Klein by JacquieDS 2016-12-08

Yes, Sex in a bottle

Very Irresistible Givenchy by Khariz 2016-12-08

I love this perfume. Great longevity and sillage. This perfume is a head-turner.

White Roses Angela Flanders by adrienn99 2016-12-08

perfect. Lush rose, no sourness, no soapiness, no distraction. Not a screaming rose but not a shyster either. Just right.
Longevity around 3 hrs, not a beast.
I can picture a natural woman wearing this.

Nu Yves Saint Laurent by Cherry_Darling 2016-12-08

This is a beautiful spicy Christmas scent - with a soft floral sweetness but definitely an identifiable woodsiness to it. Lots of cardamon which I LOVE. This is a little like Estee Lauder Cinnebar without the strong florals and soapiness imho.

Quite a lively scent. The orange adds a zest to brighten the other notes. Not a traditional rose, nor sweet. Pleasant and safe.

It is a pretty white floral. It is oily feeling, which I adore. It isn't in my face, but comes in wafts like a spring breeze. Longevity is about 2-3 hrs on me, and projects arms length for the first hour. Great if you can get a sample, but there is no way I'd pay for a full bottle.

MCM Obelisk Mode Creation Munich by Khariz 2016-12-08

This fragrance reminds me of our Santorini and Crete trip last June 2016. The Hotel we stayed at smelled like this. Actually, when we were back from that trip, I told my husband I wanna get a perfume that smells like our Greece trip. A few months later, there was a woman who walked by me and I smelled this on her. I automatically asked her what perfume she's wearin. She said Obelisk. So I searched it on the net and found out it is from MCM. :-) So happy I finally have this and everytime I wanna remember the Santorini air, I spray this on.

Fleus d`Himalaya Rituals by camillann 2016-12-08

Gorgeus! On me this is peppery, musky sweet rose and the longevity is good. It´s fresh and in the same time mysterious in a soft way.

Lilac Path Aerin Lauder by Calvini 2016-12-08

I'm so surprised by how much I like (even love) this! It's almost the same feeling when I first discovered En Passant.. How can such effortless fragrance caught me so off-guard! It has a similar vibe (not in notes) to YSL's Paris, but more natural, and I can definitely smell the honeysuckle even though it's the lowest-voted note. Definitely my favorite from this brand (the rest I don't care for).

Hypnôse Homme Lancome by ruhi_ 2016-12-08

I belive that, most of the Lancome Hypnose owners bought this fragrance because of its gorgeous opening. It has great top notes with some sweetness in it. However, things are not going well for the heart and base parts of this.
In my opinion, LH is an elegant frag for 20-30 years old people in colder seasons, who prefer slim fit suits. Not only jeans and hoody guys, but also someone who is in his late 30s should avoid LH.
Opening is gorgeous as i said before. Women loves this part of the frag and it is impossible to over apply it. You get the whole attention of the opposite gender in the event with the 5-6 sprays. However, you need to know that, this gonna lasts only 1 or 1.5 hours, then frag looses its best part and becomes a skin scent with close range sillage. Longevity is max 6 hours on skin, 10 hours on clothes.
If you want to attract women, this will probably do the job.
If you are a frag gig, this is not gonna be sth that you are gonna turn into again.
last words: Great bottle design.

Life Style Antonio Rossini by reza malekzade 2016-12-08

When first I smelled it, I felt really fresh and also happy. This perfume is a specialty for the elegant people.

Pearl Mancera by MoMo-1408 2016-12-08

the notes from Mancera site:

Bergamot, Fig, Green Apple & White Peach.
Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, Violet.
Amber, White Musk.

Lipstick On Maison Martin Margiela by AllieJ 2016-12-08

I unfortunately blind bought this based on the notes, which I don't screw up too often, and because I love Replica: Flower Market (and also loved Beach Walk, although it doesn't work with my skin chemistry.) This one unfortunately is a dud. I see a lot of mention of grandma's lipstick, and my grandmother worked for Estee Lauder most of her life & wore Chanel No. 5 every day - and this reminds me of nothing of the kind. I can't even tell you exactly what it smells like, except not what its marketed as, and not like the notes (or as I see them voted) either. Its just powdery, and only powdery, and not in a good way. I think this was the all-time worst blind buy I've ever has the misfortune to make; I ended up selling it. I gave it multiple chances and tried really hard to like it but it just falls so flat. Does not evoke any of the memories its purported to, does not even smell good, is totally flat and linear, and is overpriced to boot for the strength (or non-strength) of the juice - and I'm consistently annoyed by this house that they don't make any smaller size bottles - its all or nothing. I much prefer nothing on this one.

High Line Bond No 9 by elena.kurlaviciute 2016-12-08

That's a very very nice grass scent! I like that it's sweet.

Allure Chanel by rosymusk 2016-12-08

I adore the smell and the quality is top notch, but, it makes me feel like a grandmother! I love many classics and not even Chanel No. 5 or Shalimar make me feel that!

I seriously have no idea what's in it!

Karima Swiss Arabian by JoyfulPisces 2016-12-08

This is terrific!! Lovely lovely spicy floral, with beautiful sandalwood and a nice luscious fruity touch, which makes one feel very fresh and invigorated. It's very sweet and gentle, and the vanilla is beautiful, adding a lovely custardy flavour to it, and the wood holds it all together beautifully. Very smooth and creamy, sweet and flowery. Delicious really. Lovely.

Rose de Grasse Aerin Lauder by Calvini 2016-12-08

It's in no way a "rich" rose fragrance, and not necessarily "musky" either because the texture is very watery. If you think this is nice, I strongly recommend Serge Lutens' Sa Majeste la Rose or Montale's Highness Rose.
*I second temporalgrace's review (below).

Kashkha Swiss Arabian by kaka brar 2016-12-08

Ok good. Smell is good . But it not a unisex fragrance at all . Its very feminine scent .

Nice but really weak. Easy-going in an "I'm really trying not to impress anyone...just want to smell fresh & clean without too much citrus" way. Stick with Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver EdT if you like this.

PG19 Louanges Profanes Parfumerie Generale by waruna gomis 2016-12-07

Simply Sexy.
There is a lipstick (waxy) note that is kept under control.
I cant really place any of the finer notes but there is something very warm and comforting. Sillage is a nice soft bubble around you extending not more than 3 feet.

This is their most popular one and I can see why. Starts out really shy with a quick second of cypress and mostly spicy sandalwood. As it dries, other notes start to come out (along with the return of cypress), then eventually becomes pretty soapy (in a green-woody way). Probably the least one-dimensional of the collection.

Lipstick On Maison Martin Margiela by esteban747 2016-12-07

Yes, brings olfactory memories of a lipstick, powdery and synthetic.
I'm struggling to like this perfume, it's almost as if I'm smelling two different fragrances at the same time. One is powdery with an off putting floral note, while the other is a creamy heavenly vanilla.
But the plastic powder persist. And by now I decided to give up.
It's an interesting scent, although I'm guessing this is more because of the novelty than something more profound.
Anyways, before you rush and fall for a blind buy, I recommend you to test it first.

A very transparent and unimpressive typical/commercial oud accord..

The juicy cardamom in the beginning made this my favorite in the collection, but as it faded away, the rest of the cologne fell apart.

Joop! Homme Joop! by Taghi 2016-12-07

نمیدونم چرا بعضی کامنتهای فارسی ما تو این سایت حذف می‌شه؟ به نظرم مدیر می‌زنتش تو گوگل ترنسلیت ،با اون ترجمه قشنگ گوگل، یه خورده به نظرش کج و کوله میاد حذف میکنه!
در هر حال من سنگرمو حفظ می‌کنم و مجدد کامنتمو می‌زارم ، باشد که رستگار شویم

من اصلاً اين عطرو درك نمی‌كنم
بوي عجيبی داره ،‌ اگه نگيم مثل لاستيك سوخته ، ولي مثل بوي شكوفه های بد بوی بعضي درختاست!
اصلا ذره اي نه وانيل نه دارچين من احساس نمی‌كنم
ماندگاری فوق بالا، دو هفته پيش زده بودم به لباس كارم ،‌هنوزم بوش واضح مياد

اگه بتونيد با بوش كنار بياييد، با توجه به قيمتش بهترين خريده ، ولي من با بوش اصلاً حال نمی‌كنم

Shambala Auphorie by Calvini 2016-12-07

It smells dusty and a little sweet...I perceived cocoa somehow. It's well balanced and not overly anything (floral nor incense).

Zen Auphorie by Calvini 2016-12-07

It is very green and very zen--borderline boring (only because I like richer scents, and also because I was expecting more Japanese incense)...

L'Eau d'Issey Pure Issey Miyake by SoulScent 2016-12-07

I liked, but wouldn't of worn the original as it has very strong associations with someone I used to know.

Pure however, I love!

Opening: Fresh aquatic
Middle: white flowers
Finish: Fresh aquatic, white flowers and a woody note.

So great for a hot, humid Australian climate but still enough depth for all occasions.

Dior Pure poison if you minus citrus and add some fresh aquatic notes.

La Rose Jacqueminot Coty by carolyn.parker 2016-12-07

A sweet little rose perfume the likes of which I'd never experienced before! Forget about any other rose perfume you can think of: Stella McCartney, Tea Rose, Jo Malone, this is a rose perfume that is set apart from the rest. I won this fragrance by bidding for it on ebay. I have a 1980's edition spray bottle. I'm not sure if it's a cologne, toilette or parfum concentration. Because it doesn't last very long on my skin and it seems to eat it, I'm guessing it's a toilette. I was interested in this fragrance for it's history. I'd read the reviews here, all of them, and this perfume sounds like my cup of tea. I was not mistaken. It's such a dreamy rose.

This is an innocent child-like rose. She is sweet, too sweet, almost but not quite sugar coated. Like the previous reviewer states: a rose dipped in beeswax. Smells like honey. This is a rose & honey scent with a cloyingly sweet scent. The pretty florals are not limited to roses (pink, red, white) but also violets. I smell quite a bit of violet. There is also a lily note, ever so soft, in the background. There's faint green moss, woods & vetiver. Because of that super sweet honey there's no way this can pass for a chypre or rose chypre. A lot of people smell different things about this one. It's one of those perfumes that changes her face for each individual. For me this is a sweet honey rose bud, very dainty & pretty.

This is evocative of a little rich girl from the 1900's Edwardian Era, with a pink bow on her light brown or blonde hair, a pink sash on a red dress; almost like a living Victorian doll. I'm thinking: "Poor Little Rich Girl" starring Mary Pickford? The 1917 silent film. Smells of a pampered very sheltered girl who wore a little splash of rose toilet water every day to smell as sweet as she looks.

This is such an adorable & complex scent. At times if you put your nose to it there's more going on, a mystery chypre. Green notes, moss, woods, a wild forest berry, perhaps patchouli oil, honey, a secret garden; tobacco leaves. It's a beautiful, romantic rose perfume and very VERY old fashioned, so outdated as to belong to even another century and it does, this fragrance was released more than 100 years ago in 1906. I want to thank reviewers kmarich Lucia Lawson & Gigi the Fashionista for your terrific reviews on this absolutely beautiful and delicate rose scent of floral sweetness.

On me, this perfume is all about the papyrus and amber. The vanilla lends sweetness, but in a very subtle way. I feel the rose and jasmine are there as a sort of platform for the papyrus and amber; the flowery accords don't come through as themselves. They give a fresh dewiness to the papyrus and the lime brightens this impression. Fancy Nights drys down rather quickly and lasts a good 10 to 12 hours or longer on clothing.

I like it and it's a good buy. If you like syrupy amber wood, you'll like this. Good projection, as well.

Aoud Lemon Mint Mancera by Gwizz 2016-12-07

Interesting that this is called Aoud Lemon Mint, but I see no mint in the notes list. Is this just an oversight on Fragrantica's part?

Arsenal Gold Gilles Cantuel by juan cruz 2016-12-07

This fragrance is rich in all the notes except wood, but this unknown juice will delight everybody even the so call sophisticated experts on the fragrance world, to my nose is sweet not cloying like one million from PR, but similar more wearable for sure in any occasion don't let anybody tell you what to wear because if you are in a mood to spray any juice you like do it let the world evolve at their own frenetic pace, and you just enjoy your life.....

Trouble in Heaven Christian Louboutin by esteban747 2016-12-07

A citrus opening that slowly turns medicinal to finally become sweet.
Some perfumes like opium or black orchide are fragrances that grow by the minute like a wonderful sweet irresistible monster.
Trouble in Heaven suddenly stops mid way. It stays on a sweet note, like a linear honey. It's a bland sweet ( if that makes sense), although, if you over spray this perfume may turn into a heavy obnoxious fragrance.
If you are after a sweet fragrance without being ultra sticky, then I guess trouble in heaven might work for you.
But if I have to tell the truth, if you can't afford this perfume, don't worry, you are not missing much.

I have tested this yesterday at 17:30, 3 sprays on the same spot on my arm. It projected quite well. At 22:00 I had a shower. After that I have still smelled it all night from my arm. Now it's 7:00 and still can smell it all around me without putting my nose close to the spot. By the way I love this juice, this will be my next purchase.

Shalimar Souffle de Parfum Guerlain by auroramccandless 2016-12-07

I was able to grab this perfume before they discontinued it via a good friend who sold it to me. I'm so enchanted by this perfume; not only by it's fragrance but the darker midnight blue color of the bottle. This is a magical & romantic pretty perfume. My husband loves it on me and my children do too & that is a rare thing in my family indeed!

Souffle is a sweet citrus floral & powder based perfume that is definitely more feminine than any of the Shalimar flankers including Initial which this most closely resembles. The notes in the orignal Shalimar & the cologne are toned down and more straightforward. The first spritz is a delicious fresh and invigorating citrus which of course is no big surprise. All Shalimar fragrances start off with citrus. If they ever create a fragrance with the Shalimar name on it that opens with any other non citrus notes that will be the day!

The floral notes are minimal here. I picked up on white florals, not the usual rose & iris that is common in most Shalimar perfumes. I smelled white jasmine, lots of it, but it's more on the powdery side. If there is no iris there might be a dash of orris. There is also an orange blossom that tags along after the citrus notes fade. The white jasmine is eventually sweeter & creamier as it embraces Tahitian vanilla & more vanilla. This begins to smell like a delicious French dessert based on vanilla. That's not rare in Shalimar's modern formulas but here it's practically edible. No wonder they are calling it souffle. It smells like a souffle with vanilla aroma.

The imagery that comes to mind is a French girl with all the sweets and desserts laid out for her on a large table with jasmine floral arrangements. She's having tea & cakes. Like another reviewer cleverly pointed out, it's evocative of Marie Antoinette. "Let them eat cake"! Well I'm eating this cake, or souffle!

Very nice perfume

Please bring it back!

Eau du Soir Sisley by AllieJ 2016-12-07

I've always had trouble with oakmoss - most "classic" or vintage chypres smell awful on me. (Sole exception: Acqua di Parma Il Profumo, which I adore.) I got this one in a swap and I have to say I'm very impressed. Yes, I smell oakmoss more than anything else, but it doesn't go the seemingly inevitable either overly sharp or musty alternative routes on me. This smells like a very classic chypre, without being overpowering or feeling too out-of-date for regular use. I think I'm actually going to put it in with my spring collection to mix things up there a bit since I'm very heavy on the florals in spring - it is quite a lovely scent. Thank you perfumeaddict777!!

Zzzzz Hilde Soliani by paneradfisk 2016-12-07

A simple sweet honey scent, unfortunately my friends said it smells like urine. I love honey but there are several I would choose before this, for example Mamluk, Honey and the moon, Botrytis and Escada Collection.

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by dglightblue 2016-12-07

This frag is a beast.
I tried only in a tester, but it has something old, or perhaps classic is a better term. Chanel doesn't suit me either, so perhaps it's from a family I don't warm to.

Miyako Auphorie by Calvini 2016-12-07

I'm surprised at all these leather talk... To me this is an osmanthus soliflore, and a damn good one--with a scent profile similar to Olympic Orchids' Sonnet XVII and the syrupy sweetness of Xerjoff's Zanzibar/Najaf.

When I first tried it at the Art & Olfaction event, it didn't leave much impression; I simply liked it, but quickly moved on and was more focused on other brands. After seeing all the buzz around Miyako, I decided to give it another chance. Although it still didn't wow me, I can safely say it's one of the best osmanthus fragrances (and my second-favorite) around!

Miss Dior Le Parfum Christian Dior by dglightblue 2016-12-07

I don't know how people love this...
I get a very woody opening, heaven help you if you get in your clothes, you might smell musky rose or patchouli, but then you get sweat smell. I don't get much else for hours, only after 3 hours do I get something I like, a long lasting subdued musky floral thing.
But to wait that long to like it, no thanks, not for $200.
I'll give it credit though, its deep, it shows it's layers slowly, it seems like a long lasting frag.. I would try this first though. Nice that it's not a fruit bomb

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali by eliza.gelman 2016-12-07


Salvador Dali


Alberto Morillas



Inspired By:

Apparition of The Face of Aphrodite of Knidos

I wore this beautiful fragrance with the signature woman's lips shaped bottle in 1987. Dali adorned my dresser table in an apartment that I was very proud of, as it was my first SoHo apartment & I felt like I had moved on up to Greenwich Village. On the wall of my bedroom where I kept the perfume was the aforementioned Dali painting which is a modern work of art with a woman's eyes nose & lips (sight, smell & taste). The packaging of the bottle matches with the painting. As for the scent, I don't find it to be as sweet, sexy or feminine as one would imagine Aphrodite the Goddess of Love to smell like. The fragrance is itself a unisex Oriental chypre. There are similarities to Paloma Picasso & Opium; but most like Paloma Picasso which would make sense since both are Oriental perfumes & both associated with artists.

The opening is slightly & briefly reminiscent of the opening to Chanel's Coco Eau de Parfum. There is a fresh aldehyde & citrus (mandarin orange & bergamot). Sweet & fresh, but not necessarily a summery citrus. The orange flavor fades fast & the scent turns suddenly spicy. It has a sweetness (from nondescript fruit notes) and the florals that can come off as sweet like rose, tuberose, jasmine, narcissus, mimosa, orange blossom & lily, but the cloves, basil, styrax, & incense take over before you can call this a fruity floral which it most certainly is not.

A hardcore Oriental fragrance, this is a unisex incense bomb on me. The incense is the major note for me. It smells of all the classic Oriental ingredients: incense smoke, myrrh, benzoin, patchouli, green notes, sandalwood, and moss. It doubles as a chypre because of the woods. The incense & patchouli are very similar to Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, while smelling like an entirely different perfume at the same time. I would call this one the less intense version of other intense Orientals; but it can still be strong too. It's more straight forward as an aldehyde, as an Oriental and as a chypre.

Firstly, if you don't like aldehydes or Orientals, you should not be looking into this perfume nor reading this review. Secondly, this is a 1980's fragrance and you know what that means. Brace yourself! This is a bomb that detonates when you spray and it's an aromatic fragrance of power & prestige. Luxurious, glamorous & dark, like I like my perfumes!

Smells like Paloma Picasso & Salvador Dali got together in another dimension in the afterlife & are hosting a grand gallery exhibition of art by Dali the living have never nor will ever see. Can you imagine the great art he could produce if he could still work after death?! The notes are redolent with spices, resins, incense, cloves, woods, moss, myrrh. It's a Middle Eastern Arabic Persian scent, but it can be subtle & discreet and even powdery depending on how you use it or how much of it you use.

I used to douse myself in this scent before heading out to dinners and the theater, the symphony, opera, ballet, soirees, dinner parties, galas, black tie affairs or even funerals/Church. But it smells of the night & formal wear.

It's also very much a perfume of winter time. It's warm & smoky and would not smell as nice in hot weather or cool spring weather. This is not as musky as Paloma Picasso but it is even "hot" with myrrh. Just cries winter wardrobe.

This is an evening cologne. Nothing day wear about it. She asks you to wear her with expensive furs, coats, or bold evening gowns backless, showing one leg, sequins, or even suits, all the powerful feminine attire of the 80's. I still wear the original (not reformulation toilette) because again unlike actual clothes perfume is an invisible outfit that never becomes passe nor old fashioned.

Everything old is new again!

Love this perfume.

Declaration Cartier by Luna_J 2016-12-07

I generally believe in leaving past reviews up when I have revised my opinion, if only to underscore how one’s nose evolves (and to serve as a warning to anyone who puts too much stock in reviews!) Suffice to say: I take it all back. This is a masterfully crafted scent that I only failed to appreciate its soapy orris accord before because of a lack of understanding. It is not a scent to be worn on the wrist and sniffed assiduously, but something that should wrap the whole body in its pleasurably evolving aura: radiant warmth and dusty spices, with cool iris and tea wafting on the balmiest accords of soft orange and aromatic vetiver. I wish I were not quite so sensitized to ISO E SUPER (it hurts me), which here is used so much more effectively to render texture than in the (still very pleasing) Terre d’Hermes. This is a wonderful, idiosyncratic signature that I especially suggest to those who’ve tried TDH and are ready for something a little more worldly and unusual. For me, anyway (though not for me), it’s a classic.

Shalimar Eau de Toilette Guerlain by mishlava3000 2016-12-07

I tried this for the first time only last week.

My heart skips a beat for Shalimar and I dont care if it is from another generation.

This... This fragrance is so confounding and seductive I must place it into the 'Timeless Enchantress' category.

Confounding because of the what-the-heck smell of 'grandpas aftershave' that the bottle gives off from a cautious sniff. And confounding because of the opening tyre factory note from the very first spray.

But beware, this fragrance beguiles. When you think you have it measured, the seduction begins. This is when the delicate matte, powdery iris particulated with vanilla questions if you are such a good judge, if you are so sure you can resist. All Shalimar needs is for you to wonder whether it can be as beautiful as people say. And by now it is too late to avoid the heart. The spell is cast. It is here I cannot ignore the teasing scent.

Shalimar. People cant let you go because you have an unassuming way, a soft and persuasive call.

Easily one of my very favourites.

1 Million Intense Paco Rabanne by Fraghead84 2016-12-07

The opening reminds me of Christmas. I'm from Finland and we have this traditional non-alcoholic christmas drink called "Glögi", or mulled wine in english. And the opening smells exactly like that. I really enjoy this fragrance. I've gotten many compliments with this bad boy.

Gucci Rush 2 Gucci by RosieRachel 2016-12-07

I'm so happy to have found Gucci Rush 2. I even had a man say that this "smells like me", which is one of the highest compliments I have ever received for a perfume :)

About this scent, I find this so be so spring-like and charming. Beautiful, bright and fresh freesias, lightly spritzed with water, with a tinge of green from the palm leaf and anchored by that woody-musk base. Something slightly creamy often appears on my skin at times, too. I love how this is never too sharp or overpowering, which makes this effortlessly chic to wear at anytime and anywhere. I often wear this one to work.

Longevity is for about 5-6 hours on my skin; sillage is soft to moderate :)

Eau de Cade L`Occitane en Provence by Luna_J 2016-12-07

I may be wrong about this, but here’s a theory: coming to Eau de Cade after having had some history with the house’s ‘classic’ offerings (Eau des Baux, Occitan Eau de Toilette and Eau de Vetyver), I would argue that what this newest offering does is to basically craft accords around the base that is characteristic to all of l’Occitane’s past masculine offerings. Is the word ‘Occitaneade’ too awkward? All of those trusty brown bottles have featured a tenacious skin scent that was a little bristly on top (a texture like cedar), warmed with spice in the middle, and based upon a nutty, unguent musk. Eau de Cade’s juniper topnote accents the textural opening (like the reviewer below, I get no bergamot), and cistus labdanum, tonka and cedar create a smooth, abstract woodiness through what is essentially one long base solo. There may be a touch of nutmeg, and pink pepper sounds credible, but if you’ve ever smelled a test strip of any of the l’Occitane’s brown bottle masculines a day or two after the topnotes have burned off, this is what you’re smelling with Eau de Cade…
To be clear, none of this is bad news, per se. The result is, as has been remarked, a bit of a barbershop fougere meets woody-fresh naturalness. The effect is pleasant, unisex but trending ‘masculine’ and tenacious as a skin scent rather than a trail. In today’s unadventurous fragrance market, I’m hardly surprised to hear an SA tell me it is their top seller, but the plot seems to lack conflict, for lack of a better word. I’d take any of the others (notably the sadly discontinued Vetyver) first.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Christian Dior by bunnycrush_ 2016-12-07

Salespeople of America must've been given a memo re: Blooming Bouquet, because all three of the fragrance sections I've entered in the past week (Sephora, Macy's, and Ulta) were HAWKING this scent. But I digress...

I've worn this three times (see above; see also: I am an agreeable pushover when people want to spritz me with their latest and greatest...) and while I find it too frou frou for my tastes, the perfume develops in a nicely, surprisingly complex way -- from that strong citrus oranges and peaches top note, into a very full floral peony body. Tons of sillage, tons of staying power (like, stuck with me until the next *day* level longevity). But ultimately, this scent is too sickly sweet to/on me. Maybe it's the unadulterated peony, maybe it's the strength, but I found myself headachey after wearing.

Grey Line La Rive by sniffmaster 2016-12-07

It has that really pleasant and comforting smell great for winter months. The dry down is wonderful. If you're wondering what it smells like then I would say La Nuit de l `Homme by Yves Saint Laurent.

Smell: 7/10
Performance: 6/10

Nuit d’Issey Issey Miyake by D-Bo 2016-12-07

For the price, this is one of the best compliment getting fragrances that I have. It is very inoffensive in my opinion. I think it smells great. Definitely test this on skin and allow it to settle for a few minutes before evaluating. It takes s few minutes for the real magic to develop.

Solid fragrance and value. Projection and sillage are great and longevity is average.

Agartha April Aromatics by Betsywoolbright 2016-12-07

A unicorn, only because the demand is created artificially.

Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne by atreyuas 2016-12-07

At first sniff, my nose itches with a sharp ticklish burst of orange peel and something green. Then once that mellows I get fresh orange juice - the super pulpy kind - in which some ripe jasmine has been steeping. Amazingly aromatic and strong, but natural. Like the ripest, sweetest orange you've ever smelled. And then a creamy base of sandalwood and amber, with that bite of tonka bean hidden somewhere in the background. That's what I smell based on the notes and the vendor description, which seem pretty accurate to my novice-level nose. The orange RULES this fragrance, with the jasmine and other notes making a fit and elegant compliment. Beyond that, all I can say is this is just what I wanted, without even knowing it, from a citrusy scent.

Each time I sniff my wrist, I'm breathing in a warm spring/summer afternoon out on the porch peeling blood oranges, smelling flowers in the sun and sipping orangeade - lazy and carefree and refreshed.

The only downside is that the scent disappears within a few hours, though a faint juicy sweetness still hugs the skin for a long while after. But that's not too unforgivable for a scent this indulgent.

It's winter as I write this, but I swear I'm not on my couch cuddling up to my dog to stay warm. I'm on the porch peeling oranges and smelling flowers in the sun ... If this isn't love, then it's at the very least a very passionate, luscious spell of lust. Warming and wonderful, even if it doesn't last quite as long as I want. I'll take it!

Ylang in Gold M. Micallef by mary_pineapple 2016-12-07

A floral/boozy vanilla. I imagine this being the signature scent of merryl streep's persona in the devil wears Prada. It's very classy! Another association that comes to mind is of spiked eggnog infused with floral essence. The vanilla is soft like custard, and the booziness complements the floral top notes beautifully. The floral is ylang enriched with a hint of tiare. It's feminine, classy, soft, and powerful without being blunt. It has the illusion of a simple linear scent, but there is a lot going on in the background to make it work and really come together.

Mariella Mariella Burani by JoyfulPisces 2016-12-07

It sounds wonderful! I wish I could find it!

Made to Measure Gucci by bart4543 2016-12-07

very generic. it smells like shampoo. after an hour it was gone

Messages Mariella Burani by JoyfulPisces 2016-12-07

Gorgeous! So refreshing, delicately spicy, lovely florals, especially the rose and lily of the valley, and the carnation. The sweet/bitter combination is wonderful, and the woods are heavenly, joined by the lovely soft carressing musk in the dry-down.

It is quite long lasting, and strong, but stays close to the skin, which I love.

A really beautiful scent. One of my favourites for giving me a lift! Very feminine and warm. I love it.

Original Denim by syarul 2016-12-07

Great value for money to say at least.

Mine got RM22 for a 100ml bottle in Malaysia, and easily can be found at Watson & Guardian pharmacy here. Big supermarket also sell this gem.

Very soapy, fresh, long lasting & matured scent.

I prefer this over Brut although they are usually placed beside each other on the shelves. Brut nowadays have poor longevity, and this one last from my 9 a.m - 6 p.m work time, and the scent still linger on my body before my shower.

I hope they never discontinue this evergreen perfume.

Beach Bobbi Brown by emmahlou 2016-12-07


Bouquet de Roses Sensuelle Mariella Burani by JoyfulPisces 2016-12-07

A real beauty this. Really lovely. Excellent quality, beautiful.

Angel Thierry Mugler by PandaQween 2016-12-07

When I first sprayed it on my wrist....I was like... "What is that strange and strong smell???!" THEN, after 5 minutes to completely dry...there goes the magical worl that your entering. It is really sweet and I could detect the dark yummy chocolate and the patchouli got lighter. Then after a few hours, I can smell the caramel,vanilla, red berries and all the sweet factory together. Longevity is really really STRONG AND POWERFUL! it lasted on my wrist till the following day even after showering. Rate: 10/10. (Told dad to buy me the "Raising Star" Angel for this coming Christmas!) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Curve Crush for Men Liz Claiborne by Str8edge 2016-12-07

I REALLY enjoy this, and it gets compliments every time I wear it. It's a unique scent, stands on its own. It may have similarities to other things, but it's definitely original to me. My life was off track for some time, and I did not invest in any decent EDTs or otherwise, and this was the first I got in some years back in 2012 - a gift from a great friend. I'll have the bottle in my collection for years to come.

Bouquet de Roses Relaxante Mariella Burani by JoyfulPisces 2016-12-07

I love all of Mariella Burani's perfumes! They're very lovely. This one is a lovely fresh zesty, slightly herby (with the very lively lavender), floral, with a gorgeous soft smooth feminine dry down. Very creamy amber and sandalwood. It lasts well, stays close to the skin, and is beautiful.

Curve Connect for Men Liz Claiborne by Str8edge 2016-12-07

Warm and addition to wearing in certain weather, I agree with the color of the bottle...I wear this scent when wearing certain colors, such as red, sand, and other fall hues. It just seems to make sense. And like other products from the Curve line, it has fantastic longevity. 8/10, no doubt.

Musk Aswad Abdul Karim Al Faransi by kaka brar 2016-12-07

Nice attar from al faransi house . Sweet dense earthy masculine musk . Also get smell of wet soil like .
Overall very nice .
Rating 7.8

Bouquet D'Amour Mysterieuse Mariella Burani by JoyfulPisces 2016-12-07

It's a gorgeous bottle, and a gorgeous sweet spicy floral. I love it!

Pink Happiness Little Secrets Revlon by Femigirl 2016-12-07

Very nice. I would have pegged it as an oriental floral though.

Intense Victoria`s Secret by shauna.parra 2016-12-07

Intense is a new Victoria Secret fragrance that I had overlooked because all I kept smelling straight from the bottle & the nozzle was: COCONUT PASSION which is an older fragrance (I think from the 90's) and thought all they did was use the same formula and adorn it with a really attractive looking glass bottle. The pink liquid makes you think that it's going to smell like strawberry or rose but it's neither. I finally bought it and have worn it.It's such an interesting and changes-all-the-time perfume. I love it!

The first spray is a sweet apple scent. I don't know about you but to me apple is the one fruit note that doesn't come off as super girly or feminine (like peach or strawberry). The opening to Intense is like green apple being peeled and eaten, leaving that apple scent in the air. It has a faint plum note. There's hardly any detectable floral notes except maybe a peony which is usually thrown into VS perfumes. But this time this frag focuses on the gourmand fruity smells of apple, plum, & above all coconut. The coconut in this scent is milky, sweet, and again, neither too feminine nor masculine. Smells like coconut with a hint of vanilla that matches up with a vanilla body butter I have at home. This is a delicious coconut fragrance; again similar to Coconut Passion, but with more fruit notes in it, namely that tangy apple. It's not really "intense" and it's subtle but I have discovered that when you spray too much it does turn into real perfume and the fruitiness comes through, almost like a tropical scent.

Totally day wear but flexible for evening wear. The way it begins is "day" and it ends in "night". When dry the musk emerges. It's suede/leather & musk. Unisex musk. It's like a warm dark fur & leather that reminds me of the inside of a walk in closet. Warmer but still sweetened up by coconut milk. This is like a tropical fragrance for a vacation to Hawaii or the Caribbean, when you want to wear something that is sweet and not too bold. The musk is not bad but I think it's very unusual for a new VS perfume. I do like it and it's very comfortable on my skin. A pretty & very well made fragrance from the familiar Victoria Secret line.

I was at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris last weekend and wore this perfume the whole time although because it was cold, the musk was dominant. It's a perfume that keeps changing in different weather. In California where I am now it's a sweet apple & coconut fruit perfume, tropical & feminine, but back in cold December Paris streets, it was a suede & leather jacket with a little more masculinity. The saffron note, I think, is also pretty unisex and has been featured in Orientals (which can be worn by guys) in such scents as Marc Jacobs Decadence. Well this is not too far from smelling like Marc Jacobs Decadence except lighter, more discreet & fruitier. This also bares a slight resemblance to Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede.

Beautiful fragrance!

One question that I'm dying to have an answer to:

Who are the noses that make the Victoria Secret fragrances?

They are never credited!

Orchid Soleil Tom Ford by Konga5000 2016-12-07

This is an old quote : "Strangeness never disappoints" .
Meaning-- like if someone says "Isn't that baby cute?" "Isn't that painting pretty?" Or "isn't that joke funny?"-- objective terms that You can argue back and fourth -- and ultimately feel "Oh that wasn't so funny/cute/pretty" and it can come as a disappointment.
But when you encounter something strange (by most people's standards of course) --you are left perplexed and your brain is trying to figure it all out and process it sometimes for minutes or hours later...............but you are NOT disappointed!
Makes sense- right?
Well- Orchid Soleil is a strange scent and I am NOT disappointed!
It's dry and almost smells like..... corn husks or corn tortillas (I know--not many people want to smell like tortillas ) ..... but this is ultimately a work of art in a sense. Something puzzling but unique -- that's for sure. Orchild Soleil has a DENSE creaminess that almost suffocates ....... and the floral parts smell natural and the ingredients smell high quality too!
THIS IS NOT for EVERYONE. In fact most people will hate this and cast it off as "weird". Well- I like weird and after my small sample vial is gone-- I think I will invest in a large bottle! Longevity is great with "hours later whiffs" coming through.
Sample it today if you see it on display somewhere!

Cypress Fig Apolis by johngreenink 2016-12-07

Very beautiful perfume with huge longevity. A liberal spraying in the morning lasted with great silage well into late afternoon. This is an exceptionally rich dry fig and cypress perfume, those two primary components are balanced exquisitely. Very nice sandalwood aspect, slightly salty and "meaty" in the sense of providing sustenance. Very unisex, voluminous, broad and satisfying. A very new world scent, modern and generous, pulpy wood. Can't say enough good about it, just give it a try, it's top quality.

Made to Measure Gucci by Konga5000 2016-12-07

Got a free sample from Sephora as well.
Nice yet a little too generic for me. Fresh...clean.... below average longevity.
Would be a good gift for a casual person that likes fragrances but does not discriminate.

Aventus Creed by noseyboysniffy 2016-12-07

I truly do not get the hype. I've tested this for over a year in different temperatures and settings, I've taken it to work to get unbiased opinions and it just fails. I love the first 5 minutes of Aventus but then after that it's just boring..... all that's left is a twiggy, woody smell reminiscent of Philosikos, no sweetness, no vanilla, no smokiness....all I'm left with is a sad, stomach aching, dry woody smell. To my nose, this is actually offensive and totally not worth the price.

February Smell Bent by adice 2016-12-07

Sniffing from the atomizer this reminds me of fresh raw beets. On the skin, it smells like beets covered in dirt on the floor of a workshop (like for metal or wood working) my dad is a gunsmith and it reminds me of his workshop + dirty beets. Yep, dirt covered beets, saw dust, and metal shavings. Weird.
(Dec 2016)

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by adice 2016-12-07

Super inoffensive scent perfect for the office. It's not "too" anything, not "too" woody, or "too" musky, or "too" spicy, or "too" floral. No one should absolutely love or hate this. I'd be surprised if anyone ever had a really emotional reaction to it. It's a clean, floral musk, very tame and lady like. Boring but pleasant and wearable. This has great performance and is cheaply priced. Easily lasts 8+ hours. Perfect gift for someone who likes to smell good but doesn't really care about perfume.
(Dec 2016)

The smell reminds me of Dior Fahrenheit. A strong, steady and very masculine fragrance.

Canoe for Men Dana by brian.fitzgerald 2016-12-07

Canoe was my father's cologne & aftershave & consequently it became my first aftershave & cologne upon hitting puberty. Takes me back! Junior high school dances, summer jobs, driving school. Canoe is a superb introduction to cologne for young boys. It has an informal air, very relaxed & casual, powdery & pleasant as a fougere with citrus, lavender & vanilla woods. As many have already noticed, Canoe has similarities to Pinaud Clubman but I also detect similar notes to such powdery barbershop scents as Stetson & Old Spice. If one wears these fragrances, it follows the same formula of citrus, lavender plus other florals, woods & vanilla. This is a very soothing and calm, innocent fragrance devoid of sex appeal. It's evocative of a summer camp for boys in North Eastern United States like Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut. It smells like being in a wooden canoe out on a lake with wood cabins visible by the shore. So many notes are evocative of a summer camp & forest: woods, cloves, moss.

This fragrance got me through many "firsts" & it's a classic vanilla fragrance. I have no problem with the powdery florals - heliotrope, lavender, geranium. Because it is floral it can easily be worn by the ladies as well, if you're a girl who gender bends & tries on men's colognes with floral notes like this one. In fact this formula is a tweaked version of Dana's own AMBUSH. They are quite similar except for the one note of bourbon & more cedar wood notes. This bourbon is like a delicious drop of bourbon (vanilla bourbon) someone spilled into a citrus based cologne. The first spritz is citrus (lemon) & lavender, fresh and clean. Then it turns into a floral scent with light powdery carnation, heliotrope & geranium.

When dry the fragrance is a bourbon vanilla with moss & woods. It's decidedly more masculine then when it opens. Like I said, informal & subtle, casual, discreet, clean and easy to wear. Canoe matches up with casual day wear: polo shirts, T shirts, jeans, or even dress shirts with jeans. Not a heavy hitter nor complex, but very enjoyable & a beloved classic. I always remember my father smelling of it and the matching aftershave. He would shave for a long time while I watched in the bathroom doorway on Sunday mornings. Canoe is a nostalgic & many of us do remember this smell and have good memories of it the way we do with Old Spice.

For Dad


Lolita Ya Ya (Stanley Kubrick film soundtrack)

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