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Sauvage Christian Dior by Endymion 2015-09-04

I'm on part with Stromboli regarding Demachy. All he did for Dior since appointing him in-house nose is continously reformulating classic (Diorissimo, Dioressence etc.) and new Dior perfumes (Dior Homme, Addict, Hypnotic Poision etc.).
However, the Private Collection line is another story, he made quality creations.

But only this Sauvage is his 1 and only own creation so far for Dior, all others are just reformulations and modifications (Fahrenheit Absolute, Aqua etc.).

Olympea Paco Rabanne by Nikkafragrance 2015-09-04

This scent is very interisting indeed - a new star of the salty-sweet perfume trend. Modern, sexy, suitable for all occassions and slightly masculine. Worth a try!

Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise Bvlgari by MademoiselleMaya 2015-09-04

I remember not liking it much from the sample vial I had once acquired, but today I've received a bottle of this juice, sprayed it on my wrist and I am thoroughly enchanted now with the deep and shimmery tea scent with juicy undertones of grapefruit, and distant jasmine heart. I love it so far. It's evening already and the temperature has dropped to 15 degrees. It seems to suit such circumstances perfectly.

Le Parfum de Therese Frederic Malle by Kentington 2015-09-04

My (rather florid) thoughts about the current formulation of Diorella are available elsewhere on Fragrantica, but since reviewing the new stuff I've been able to sample the vintage formulation - and I absolutely love it. Since the vintage formula of Diorella is so hard to find, and so expensive when you do find it, Parfum de Therese strikes me as a very nice alternative - but there are a few differences.

To my nose, Parfum de Therese is a bit smoother and a bit sweeter. Diorella has a stronger chypre vibe - it undoubtedly contains more oakmoss, and the presence of patchouli and basil give it a drier, slightly more masculine vibe. Parfum de Therese, on the other hand, contains more of the bright, ripe fruit and a sweet rosy note, drying down to a soft handbag-like leather. If the two perfumes were released today, they might be flankers - "Diorella" and "Diorella Esprit du Melon" or something of that ilk. Another key difference - my sample of Parfum de Therese dries down faster, and remains closer to the skin than its Dior counterpart.

Sauvage Christian Dior by snails 2015-09-04

Ladies and Gentelmen.... i give you SAUVAGE: "An ordinary, common, pathetic AVON fragrance in a DIOR bottle" endorsed by a former sexy male icon. Voila. 88 Euros. Let the orders com. It makes me sick! Mr., don't you ever DARE to use SAUVAGE name as your creation. The funny thing is yet to come: Sauvage Intense, Sauvage L'eau, L'Homme Sauvage, Sauvage Summer Mist, Sauvage le Parfum - and the last one will cannibalise an extraordinary Dior line.

Eau de Pamplemousse Rose Hermes by smellagent 2015-09-04

Gave it to my husband and I like it on him. Very clean and neat

Killer Queen Katy Perry by shell_bell 2015-09-04

Tried a test spritz while shopping in Target and loved this stuff - it must have been the forest fruits.
However, when I ordered a bottle of my own and tried it out I was overwhelmed with the patch and cashmere.

Nice enough drydown but just doesn't work with my skin as I was hoping.

I have a full 3.4 bottle still in the box up for swap. :)

L’Extase Nina Ricci by Verka81 2015-09-04

Nothing flowery about that on my skin. It's overpowering from the first spray. Very long lasting in its amber and caramel. I feel like I need to wash it off.

Champion Davidoff by Nitrib 2015-09-04

It's simple and not too generic. I like predominant citrusy-green edgy vibe. Masculine, confident in peaceful manner. Good at any age, and not only for sportsman. Woody base smells classic.

Escada Moon Sparkle Escada by astr323 2015-09-04

kinda like a grown-up version of a fruity body splash - certainly has a bit more depth to it than a regular body splash, but still not especially complex. what you smell initially is what you smell all day, and I smell a lot of citrus + currant (along with some cotton candy, maybe?) when I wear this. MUCH better longevity than Turquoise Summer and almost wears like an EDP imo. I spritzed this once on my decolletage last night after a shower and it's still regularly wafting up to my nose a full 12 hours later. this fragrance is also my boyfriend's favorite and seems to be a hit with guys in general.

I absolutely love this perfume and hope to always have a bottle of it in my collection. it's young and sweet, but also mysterious and enchanting. glad I can still find it at most malls but heartbroken that it's officially discontinued, this is a signature fragrance for me for sure.

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan by joe38 2015-09-04

Back to the ambience of bodybuilding workouts in the 90s ......
Great sports perfume !!!
Excellent for permanent and yet not offensive ...... more energetic and virile.
It was a great price and is present to this day !!!
Youth budgets friend.
I think instead autumn to spring is ideal for use .....
In the summer a little wild in the presence .......
Perfect quality is the name!
Good buy a sporty lifestyle.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Stromboli 2015-09-04

" What did you expect???..." So goes a TV commercial for a well known soft drink.
I'll stick to this question because I hate Mr Demachy !!! This guy has ruined Dior Homme ( Olivier Polge's masterpiece version from 2005) with a silly reformulation. He has even dared to tune D Homme Intense. The list goes on: this man has destroyed the original Cologne, created a so called Eau sauvage cologne and has finally crafted something of his own: SAUVAGE, a non scent, sorry guys, a nonsense.
Synthetic, ordinary, soft, non projecting etc. It's by no way WILD, it's rather a chicken sh*t with no teeth, a scent for guys with no ba**s, the exact opposite of the image vehicled by the ad campaign and that rogue American pirate.
Sorry Mr Demachy, I ll never put my trust in you.

Cobra Al-Rehab by Loca del Tó 2015-09-04

I don´t think this is a Poison dupe. It actually has the same spirit as Poison and Opium and other big classics from the 80´s, or even older spicy classics like Maja. But I don´t really smell the grapes here. The first thing I smell when applying this beauty are cloves. Strong and fresh cloves, followed by dry bay leaves and perhaps thyme and bitter orange. At this point this is more like a men´s classic fragance (I smell Agua Brava by Puig). About 5 minutes later there comes the oily tuberose and the indolic, dirty jazmine enveloping those cloves and bay and more citrus (perhaps bergamote or bitter orange) and some acid red fruit. When the tuberose and jazmine show up this turns into a very feminine fragance. There is some sweetness under the spicy cloud I can´t identify. Vanilla?. Lots of inciense too, the kind of ceremonial inciense in Catholic churches and processions. Very rich, opulent inciense wich is very different from the incense sticks you can burn at home. That´s the kind of inciense I smell here. After some hours this beast calms down into something woody, somehow cleaner and a bit soapy, reminiscent of black Magno soap by La Toja. And actually some hours after the dry down, all I smell is old black La Toja´s Magno soap, as if I were right out of the shower and had scrubbed myself with La Toja´s Magno bath gel. At this point this is totally unisex and clean.
This is utterly beautiful, but not for the faint of heart. This is a bold attention seeker. If you love big, spicy classics, you´ll love this. Smells like a very expensive vintage and lasts sooooo long I can smell this the following day and even after two showers. If you can get over the men´s cologne opening this is absolutely beautiful and sexy.

Gucci Premiere Gucci by CatherineLaundon 2015-09-04

Gucci Première feels like a fragrance made by someone who was sick of sweet candy scents, but, on the other hand, not really wanting to actually do anything that original. At all times still pleasant and discreet, this is a woodsy fragrance with citrus overtones. Without being dated, Première isn't ground-breakingly new; which might make it suitable for Christmas gifting; it's hard to beat something that offends no one! This of course can be a serious drawback too: one can end up pleasing no one enough.

Gucci's own description of the fragrance stresses element of Old Hollywood glamour, but Gucci Première seems to me the kind of fragrance that you would wear everyday around the house, a sort of "my skin but better" scent. To cut a long story short, it's the sort of thing that doesn't make any demands on you, take it or leave it, it's rather expected and -dare I say it- a bit boring.

The dominating notes are bergamot and white musk. Woodsy notes coat-tail under the first impression of fresh citrus and settle down on the skin with a softness that is surprising for such a composition.

Gucci Première however, for better or for worse, depending on your particular viewpoint, remains at all times subtle, even fleeting (it has the lasting power of an eau de cologne rather than what it is presented as, which is eau de parfum). Absolutely no detectable leather in there whatsoever. More's the pity for us leather fiends! It is a well crafted and heavily blended fragrance, with high quality ingredients-- it's just so00o boring!

Nice bottle in gold with the familiar charms by Gucci.

Silage- Skin scent
Longevity- 4 hours

Eau Duelle Diptyque by catsngunsnyarn 2015-09-04

the notes sound so lovely (vanilla, musk, juniper, black tea, amber), but sadly, Eau Duelle on me smells like a carboard box. disappointing.

Dior Homme Christian Dior by Florista 2015-09-04

Elegant and unique for mainstream perfumes. I wasn't sure about this one until I tried it because the top notes can fool you into thinking it resembles the typical fare at the Macy's counter until you let it dry on your skin and heaven unfolds. I'd heard so much hype including moans and groans about reformulation, but this one still delivers all it promises as an eau de toilette in 2015. I get a soft but long-lasting combo of leather, iris-rooty powder, vegetable-vetiver, and a little bit of sugar. It's all in a soft powdery state as though the ingredients were freeze-dried, sanded, and blown onto the skin and this quality makes it a great everyday scent (inoffensive but still luxurious and rich - a rarity). I like to wear this as a base fragrance and then amp up the richness with Laboratorio Olfattivo Daimiris, it's sweeter, more powdery Italian cousin.

Hugo Energise Hugo Boss by jashank_p 2015-09-04

By far ONE OF THE best fragrances I've smelt. This one was recommended to me by my girlfriend. She's in love with this fragrance.

This one is a simple Citrusy, Sweet-Spicy, mildly Peppery smelling fragrance; the notes being very balanced all throughout. To me it doesn't smell "synthetic" at all.

It lasts really really long, and I can even smell it on my washed clothes! The sillage, however, is just about moderate, which works well for a fragrance that's this distinctive. People sitting right next to you will get a hint of it and know that you're smelling really good. This, however, may vary from person to person.

Summing up, it's something that you should definitely try at least once.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by Rerik 2015-09-04

I have tried a lot of leather scents but this is the weirdest one. It´s not that I am a leather fetishist. But leather makes fragrances smell masculine, dark, mysterious. Some smell like tar, some like machine oil and other like dirt. Tuscan Leather is a different category, it´s difficult to describe. Leather, raspberry and some salty/powdery flowers rounded up with amber. The result is a sweet creamy leather. Definitely made for men and women.

Amour De Cacao Comptoir Sud Pacifique by catsngunsnyarn 2015-09-04

Amour de Cacao is like snuggling with a hot cup of cocoa. chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of salt. sillage is soft, longevity weak. very lovely and comforting, but doesn't last. perhaps if i go nutso wiht spraying and bathe in it, it might have better projection and power, but i don't want to sicken those around me.

White Patchouli Tom Ford by CarolynS296 2015-09-04


White Patchouli is yet another example of one of Tom Ford's quality fragrances. The name itself brings to mind a creamy, sweet and spicy earthiness. Coriander, incense and woodsy notes complete the fullness of it's body. White floral notes definitely add just the perfect blend to soften and achieve the smooth creaminess, which is flawlessly defined in the blend. White Patchouli is for those who appreciate and are not intimidated by a fragrance with a strong presence, a depth of warmth and richness unlike most. White Patchouli ... a definite recommendation.

Light Blue pour Homme Dolce&Gabbana by AtticusFinch 2015-09-04

I find this to be a light and clean scent that is slightly more subdued than similar colognes. Granted, I was hoping for a bit more longevity, but still, I think that D&G Light Blue Pour Homme is a rather dependable scent in the warmer weather.

Cuirs Carner Barcelona by DerangedGoose 2015-09-04

There is no leather here. Do not go into this expecting a leather. It is a dry, spicy wood, along the lines of Bentley Absolute and Tom Ford Bois Marocain.

Chamade Guerlain by SCBohemian 2015-09-04

Wow! Chamade EDP is a brisk aldehyde explosion! On my skin, the galbanum resin and lilac blossoms were noticed immediately, followed by hyacinth. The base notes of bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, cloves and cinnamon are VERY prominent. The dry down reminds me of Samsara, another spicy Oriental Guerlain fragrance. Chamade is definitely assertive...not a perfume that I would wear to the office. Refined and sophisticated, but not one of my favorites. My husband commented that Chamade smells like "expensive hairspray".

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by manu.tq 2015-09-04

Just bought it today and now i'm wondering how could i have lived without this until now. Definitely the best i smelled and owned. It's such a comforting and delicate smell. I disagree with people who say it's too feminine. You can wear this with confidence.
Only con is the high price, but still totally worth it. I kinda regret not buying the 100 ml bottle instead.

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by Pinchu Prince 2015-09-04

Red Door reminds me of something that I lost somewhere during the journey of life. Its a smell that really makes me feel calm and composed. okay coming to the point

Style: its more of a 80s-90s. powdery, soapy, clean sophisticated etc
Scent: I do get rose, amber, ylang ylang, but no tuberose or jasmine.
Silleage: 7.9/10 you can feel it
Longevity: 6 hours. (I am happy with it)
dont wear it when u are sweating, only use after a fine shower.
Compliments: This section determines the likeablity of a perfume. its recognizable and i got a compliment the very first time I sprayed it.
Its a safe bet for me. Then again, body chemistry plays the lead..

Sauvage Christian Dior by mxer92 2015-09-04

The bottle is beautiful, but Dior really shouldn't have named this "Sauvage." There isn't much Sauvage about it, and name is too close to the Eau Sauvage line.

I understand the disappointment to us fragrance guys as this isn't a game changer like many Dior fragrances in the past (Dior Homme, Fahrenheit, etc). However, this will likely be a big seller due to it being safe, generic, and versatile. The scent isn't bad but it's not Dior-like.

This is beautiful! I blind bought the biggest bottle and am so relieved that I like it since I had bad luck with Salt Caramel. This was much darker than I expected but it really suits it's name well. It is absolutely a dark raspberry, and it reminds me of these Norwegian jelly candy-skulls with half side raspberry flavor and other half licorice. YUMM! I look forward to wearing this this fall and smelling it on my scarves. So warm and comforting yet dark and sexy! It's a definite love for me :-)

212 Men Carolina Herrera by AtticusFinch 2015-09-04

The green notes, musk and a slight bit of spiciness are readily apparent here, and they play well together, even in the summer heat. I'm pleased with getting a decant of this, and may be inclined to get a FB for next year.

Villain for Women Christian Audigier by mschnabel666 2015-09-04

I love fruity/gourmands/sweeties... and I have/love all the Ed Hardys (ok, some are generic and have no lasting power....) and I just love Villain.
This is such a juicy, "wet" aquatic with watermelon juiciness and creamy creme brulee. It's so odd, but it really works! I do get a floral essence, but nothing specific.
It's a hot Michigan day, and I am so happy in this scent!

I coated myself with it twice (4-5 sprays each time, an hour apart) before i left for work, and I can smell myself, but I'm not a sillage bomb, or offending anyone. So the juice itself is kinda weak, however you can find a huge 4.2 oz for less than $20 on ebay.

It's amazing how juicy Villain is!

I also highly rec Love and Luck (spicy creamy citrus) and Skulls and Roses (caramel fruit/strawberry). These 3 (incl Villain) have the best potency.

24 Gold ScentStory by Escoteric 2015-09-04

I think when one goes shopping for a niche fragrance, this has all the hallmarks, its is superb. This however does not have the price attached to pompous fragrances only available on 5th Ave, Bond Street New or Old for that matter, or the world's best dept. stores. This has great projection, superb execution and longevity like an elephant's memory. It is a tad on the feminine side, however in the world we live in this fits in, except if you live in the outback lands of Australia where men are men, and drink 10 pints of four XXXX, and have a fight. It is more in keeping with Brighton or Melbourne. The price and availability is what keeps it so unique.The first bottle I bought was £15 now it is double as the word spreads. Probably the best find in frags for the price. 24KT because its a rare find, which intrinsically is worthless except the price we place on it and you have to sift out so much poor frags to get to this precious element. All the hallmarks of alchemy. Gold for the price of lead, having said that lead has gone up in value

This smelt quite yummy peach from the bottle, but it doesn't work with my chemistry - too cloyingly milky! There might be cetalox in this - on me, it smells like milky, animalic children glue. Also probably ambroxan instead of amber

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by raw umber 2015-09-04

I contacted Tom Ford directly and a representative told me I was not wrong in smelling tobacco, and that though it is not "listed in the notes" it is in the composition. I was not confused in smelling it. Tom Ford company supports what I and other people have detected.

Also, even if Tom Ford did not agree that tobacco is in the composition, notes are suggestions, not literal lists of ingredients, just like with wine.

The white flowers in this just smell bitter and unpleasant on me, especially at the drydown - then they smell like some kind of analgesic /:( This also smells lily - ot reminds me of Baiser Vole from Carrier, which is heavy on the lily. Well well, money saved then.

Dont bother. I bought this purely:- as on paper it sounds sublime, and the fact that not many people would smell like me. I eagerly waited for the bottle. I am going to say, I was impressed with the packing afforded to it! Not the perfumes box, but the bubble wrap. That is like showing a picture of your loved one to your friends and all they can say is nice frame! This is sweet, and the amber is pronounced than any other chord. Nothing magical nothing extreme, except the price! Longevity is poor, the bottle, and marketing is where most of the money is spent in the cost of frags. and the cost of the actual contents is purely coincidental, if viewed in those terms. This is a fragrance which is 130 Euros, the bottle is a generic one, and very poor. Marketing hardly any, so I am at a loss to the extortionate cost of such a poor fragrance and bottle. There are 3 Euro fragrances, even deodorants, that will make this blush and with better bottles, or cans with thousands spent on advertising and marketing by the 3 Euroers. Dont waste your money on this. If I wore this to stand out of the crowd the crowd would say you can stay the only one wearing it especially at that price and can you go stand in the corner with a big D hat on!
If only they had a WISH I DIDN'T HAVE IT OPTION in the wardrobe!

Alien Aqua Chic Thierry Mugler by anna.kalinova.98 2015-09-04

First, I'm gonna start my review with samo facts ... Here ,in my country Bulgaria, this out-of-the-space classic flanker of Alien became a go-to perfume of many women, who don't know ,obviously ,how and when to use that masterpiece. I'm so sad about that ,because Alien is not just something to apply when you go to the shop; is not something that EVERYBODY have to apply when wants to feel naughty.
Alien is a state of mind. Alien deserves respect.
I'm 22 and work as a consultant in a perfumery shop. If I have to be honest I'm not surprised that there is a certain type of women who buy Alien nowadays. May be you know what I mean... Last week a customer and an Alien's ex-lover told me that she still loves the flanker ,but she's not gonna buy it anymore ,because she's not fond of the idea that she can smell it on every second woman ,no matter what time of the day is, no matter the place. True and sad story ... End of off topic
This flanker of Alien is very identical to new Alien Extraordinaire, but only in the first few minutes. Then the magic becomes! For me Extraordinaire edition is a dull and non-lasting at all useless stuff. But this Alien Aqua Chic is a true gem! I think that it's name is appropriate but I would add "Boho" Chic. This amber-verbena combo is to die for! You feel carefree, open-minded and a little bit hippie ... I often imagine Lana Del Ray could wear this gem , if that makes any sense ;) My new true love, my personality in a trendy bottle!

Omnia Crystalline Bvlgari by RapidScent 2015-09-04

So odd, it smells like vodka on me at first. Then it goes in to this light floral scent. Florals that remind me of a funeral and rainy days. I feel indifferent towards this perfume. But it does smells clean and fresh after a while. Maybe I could use it. A sort of toned down perfume. Way toned down for me.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by smellagent 2015-09-04

I normally hate every frag ck makes or ever made but I did and do like this one. It does not dry down on me very well but I like it on others.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by FrozanKaos 2015-09-04

Its ok, I prefer Ed hardy for men, sweeter, lasts longer, and much cheaper.
I think anyone likes this need to check it out.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by Germany 2015-09-04

This is my second review , after owning this fragrance for over a month and wearing it every single day I have more to say about it.
First of all it became my favourite fragrance. It feels really ME , and it's certainly more a cooler weather fragrance for most people , however I love it in heat as well.
This is a AMBER fragrance all the way. So if you are not big on amber you may not like it as I do. I don't always love Amber as much as I do here because it's paired so beautifully with the vanilla and the kulfi ( pistachio ice cream desert ) and the hint of ginger. I think that combo some people confuse with what they call tobacco note. Or maybe the notes together give a tobacco vibe to some noses !?
I love the gourmand feel of this fragrance. So good !
The addition of the mastic or lentisque gives it a slightly ceder / pine smell or olibanum feel. I love all that , it's sexy , sweet , grown up and sophisticated all at the same time. I have been getting lots of compliments from my family and strangers. People get the pen out to write down the name , which always makes my day !
The rose is slight in here but keeps this fragrance fresh in my opinion. I do not smell much of the orange nor the sandalwood , I tend to like fragrances with a patchouli base of some sort but this , again , is out of this world to me. And I don't miss the patchouli here.

The bottle is great for the purse which is a big bonus for me , great for traveling and day trips. Or addicts that need to re spray ever so often ;)

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by NostalgiaStreet 2015-09-04

I still think this new version of Opium is good. I am familiar with the original, as it was the signature of my mom's boss back in the 1980's, who was also a family friend. She wore copious amounts of it at the same time my mom was wearing the equally heavy and spiced Fendi. I always connected the two perfumes together because they had a lot of the same notes, especially in the base. Opium, though many find it outdated today, still stands the test of time for me. The winter months would not be the same without its clove, incense and myrrh to warm up the cool weather. To imagine that these types of fragrances used to be mainstream. I miss those days when you would smell these kinds of perfumes on others, when today, it seems many forgo fragrance all together.

Hidden Fantasy Britney Spears by mschnabel666 2015-09-04

As a foody/gourmand lover, I find the florals in this, and the spice/cloves are just "off".... however... 2 squirts of Hidden Fantasy and 1 squirt of L de Lolita Lempicka... and I'm in orange spice heaven! SOOOOOOO GOOOOD!

Norell Norell by HollyRockesq 2015-09-04

Norell...WOW. I hoard the vintage stuff whenever I can so I will never be without it! This is my number 2 favorite fragrance, only to be slightly overshadowed by my signature, Estee'. Norell's composition is complex and sophisticated but still warm and dreamy. I am biased because it has some of my top favorite notes: Coriander, Myrrh, and Cardamom. The strong carnation and rose notes are moderately heavy. It can remind me of Tea Rose (which I love), but Tea Rose is linear and has little warmth. The Coriander, Myrrh, and Cinnamon make this fragrance more pleasantly approachable.
The bath oil (which I also occasionally use as perfume) is slightly sweeter and translates the same as the cologne spray, but lasts on my skin until the next shower. The cologne has good longevity too and 2 sprays lasts through the work day. When I wear Norell, it adds to my confidence and assertiveness and definitely ramps up "FIERCENESS" in my persona. LOVE!!!

I know Faye Dunaway was once the face of Norell, and when I wear it, I think of that scene in Mommie Dearest when she's meeting with the board of Pepsi and shouts, "DON'T F*CK WITH ME, FELLAS!!!!"
---Norell :o)

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by Rie60 2015-09-04

Wow, just got this in the mail and boy they weren't kidding in the reviews- it is potent. I'm an oversprayer anyway, so I need to be careful with this. Rose is definitely prominent and next comes the musk. I can actually smell the oregano at the end--a very nice exotic oriental without the "grandma" rose smell.

Sweet, spicy and seriously addictive, if only i had the money for a full bottle 10/10

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by Escoteric 2015-09-04

This is, or was a wonderful fragrance, however if you have gone to the trouble to go to forums, and in the search of perfume to represent the individuality and something that stands out of the crowd, you will unfortunately end up smelling like the masses. That is fine if your happy with that. However we all look at Elizabeth Hurley in that Versace dress which caused such a stir because it was unique One off and if everyone wore the dress it would not raise an eyebrow. Ask yourself if everyone had a Mercedes Benz, as nice as they may be, you may want to have a another marque so that you do get noticed and not part of the crowd? JUst to be different at times and individual. Thierry Mugler's A-Men. This like Issey was a revelation, however once the word got out everyone wore it and the individuality and wow factor had slipped to another Mugler or Issey wearer.

when I seen the review of this on YouTube from greggieboy76 I couldn't believe it finally the day have been dreaming of THE ONE EDP.

I had to get a bottle and thanks too a very kind man on fragrantica my dream has come true.

You know who you are thanks again your a star.

Have just sprayed it on my wrist and I must say I love it.

Not has strong has I thought for a edp but I don't mind because I get a good 6hrs with the ept on my skin so fingers crossed for the edp.

But Things are looking good so far.

Light, natural and airy tea rose. It's juicy, fresh and young in feeling, like dewy petals in early morning. The base is soft white musc and cedar.
It's a very lovely rose soliflore and for an EDT the longevity is decent. To my nose it is very, very similar to Roses de Chloe, in fact it was hard for me to tell the difference between the two.
So, if you like this type of scent I suggest trying l'occitane as it is much cheaper than Chloe and you get the same effect.

Island Fantasy Britney Spears by ALIFA 2015-09-04


Lumiere Blanche Gres by anessa 2015-09-04

@tota: I haven't smelt GGO neither, but reading the many reviews and the pyramid, I now have a better picture in which direction this one goes. Thanks to you for your reference :)

No 10 White Oud Agonist by smellagent 2015-09-04


L'Amandiere James Heeley by doxology 2015-09-04

Back in stock at Heeley. This stuff is going to ruin me. While they were restocking, I looked around for other almondy scents and nothing came close - they all lacked the fresh, bright wow factor of the Heeley. I'll wear it in any season. I don't really know or care whether it's original. It's lovely and it's in my bag forever.

Poeme Lancome by Sasco 2015-09-04

Poeme is a salutation to the sun; one of the brightest, happiest 'fumes I have ever come across. To be worn by an exuberant, warm and extrovert woman with a smile that lights up a room......... Sadly, I am a dark and twisted little soul, and therefore feel a fraud wearing this. Nevertheless, I have huge admiration for this big, bright beauty.

Catch...Me Cacharel by sonia.kassambara 2015-09-04

I tried this on at a duty-free airport store. I find a lot of perfumes that way, since U.S. stores seem to stock the same thing everywhere. The top notes were kind of like Orangina, "pétillant", sparkling and citrusy, pleasant but not surprising. Then came the jasmin/white flowers in a pleasant but predictable blast. Next the resinous woods and almonds created a luscious toasted marzipan drydown on my skin. It sits very close to the skin and lasted over 4 hours. After some indecision, I bought it. The end of summer into winter and even into early spring is the perfect timing for this fragrance. So cozy. Sweet but not cavity-inducing. That drydown is the hook!

HOLYGRACE is an expensive and interesting little piece. It has this weird quality of being kinda enchanting just to slip away to return few hours later. On my skin (and I did spray almost 8 times from my sample vial) it has such a skin-scent quality that within an hour I do get to the point that I don't feel it anymore. Then I just forget that I put something on just to be surprised a bit later that HOLYGRACE is still on my skin. Even 7 hours later I do get hints of it.

The scent itself is not bad, it's kinda "as good as your skin", but a bit on the dark side - there is incense and spices, but also amber (the soapy and clean kind!) plays a huge role. It does get a bit boring as it doesn't bring anything new to the table, but the "dissapearing act" adds an edgy, playful tone to the scent.

Worth a try, but I don't think it's worth the 85EUR/50ml this retails for.


Poeme Lancome by Adrian_jacobs1984 2015-09-04

Oh best of Lancôme hands down.

Poeme Lancome by Adrian_jacobs1984 2015-09-04

My 2nd review I do love this but I wished it had better sillage. On me I have this problem with almost every perfume except (360) and opium and vintage beautiful edp coco has great sillage but this doesn't on me and it makes me melt becsuse it does tell does tell a Poeme it is a gorgeous scent and quite strong also. I love you Poeme.

Incognito Rouge Bunny Rouge by Rerik 2015-09-04

No no no, Armani Prive Cuir Amethyste is absolutely different. Armani is a powdery, sweet scent of violet while Incognito is a spicy mix of pepper and woods.

Sauvage Christian Dior by khosro.zk 2015-09-04

Sauvage has nice scent indeed, and it does not smell cheap at all. But I think its smell is somehow generic.
If you want to wear a safe and pleasant fragrance, you should try it

I like this fragrance and recomend it to people who want to smell good, but it is not for me

Christian Lacroix Nuit Avon by HeavyBeatsUK 2015-09-04

On first impressions and without looking at the notes on Fragrantica, I smell a sweet and spicy perfume. I like the fact that it doesn't remind me of any other perfume. It smells like a modern perfume trying to be classy. Modern fragrances aren't very good at being classy because they are too sweet. This is the case with this perfume. But I like it anyway. Sillage seems okay but I won't know until I've let the fragrance settle on my skin.

Luna Natura by sanzioonofre 2015-09-04

I am simply in love with this! Sometimes it reminds me of Coco Mademoiselle and Miss Dior Chérie. Sweet rose, dry cedar, warm patchouly and creamy musk. The middle notes are sweet and sour, earthy, creamy. The base notes are just dry woods. Perfect!

Armani Prive Cuir Amethyste is a powdery, sweet scent of violet. I also recognize some coriander in the background. But I don´t get any cuir out of it. The Vioelet smells rich an gets me all the time the comparsion to scents from Clive Christian.
By the way, I don´t find anything similar with RBR Incognito like mentioned below.

A*Men Pure Shot Thierry Mugler by Momenti 2015-09-04

"Fresh Patchouli" ***

The Mugler's patch touch (this time added to spices and a fresh minty note) is always recognizable. And I love patchouli.

Try it on a summer night, and perfect for a beach party.

Brasil Dream Estée Lauder by jana.hullinghorst 2015-09-04

This is perfect for summer. It's getting much more wear this year than some of my more expensive bottles. It's easy to wear, soft, but present. A secret beauty!

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by chevelle 2015-09-04


No, I agree with llloyd. I've had L'Eau D'Issey in the past and it lasted me the full day, 8hrs or so. The bottle I currently have (2014 batch) barely lasts 4 hours. I've tried everything, layering with scentless lotions, applying extra sprays, keeping skin moisturized. And I bought it from a department store, so no fakes.

Oh well, gotta find a new long lasting citrus for the summer.

Le 3` Homme de Caron Caron by Escoteric 2015-09-04

I tried this scent, and I immediately thought of Magnum P.I, the A-Team, and Hip Hop and breakdancing. This just took me back to the 80's. It has the hallmarks of power that all of this era have, Quorum, Sybaris, and YSL. In-fact I kept saying I have smelt this somewhere, then I ran up-to my extensively stocked cupboard where it has to be said I found fragrances which I had forgotten even existed. MUst list them on eBay, like DG BY for Him, anyway I digress, I then got the Rive Gauche bottle out (Homme) and bang the DNA is the same. The Caron is like a turbo charged Rive Gauche for men, with a heavier citrus note and fresher. Considering what YSL Rive Gauche Homme goes for this is a steal. Its a very beautiful fragrance, a powerhouse of double breasted suits, cigar wielding yuppies and some Sloanie Called Shara Jane with a flat in Chelsea. It is a classic but YSL's RIve Gauche just had the edge.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by n4jl1 2015-09-04

Well uts quite expensive to buy,teat n dislike. Would any haters plz give me a free bottle plz? :)) im a narciso fan xo

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by VanMarlton 2015-09-04

I like this one but in my opinion it is way too similar to the original Amen. Definitely not as harsh, but the base of the scent is unmistakably taken from the originator. Tar/patchouli/vanilla accord is toned down but is still pretty obvious. As far as variations on the theme, I think Pure Malt has been more successful as far as bringing something new to the counters. But... I like em all anyway!

Perfume Calligraphy Saffron Aramis by DAL123 2015-09-04

Holy Moly!! This is amazing juice!! First spray was not what I had expected-I could smell that non-descript perfumey smell which I do not like. Then just minutes later....heaven!! Its very warm and spicy and the saffron is just delicious. The rose is soft and smooth and not the pushy broad she can be in so many other perfumes. The dry down is spectacular with warm spices and tonka. I do get a "Thanksgiving/Christmas" vibe from this but not in a cheap, cheesy, holiday in a bottle kind of way. I don't think I am doing this perfume any justice with my review but if you enjoy saffron and soft spices and have the chance to sample this jump on it! Silage and longevity are very good as well.

1899 Hemingway Histoires de Parfums by Jack_Hunter 2015-09-04

On the opening you can smell bergamot and lots of cinnamon which is soon joined by vanilla and juniper.

It's a very soft spicy scent which does not really change from the dominating cinnamon and vanilla. Here and there you can smell the juniper and a soft floral note.

1899 is very pleasant with average longevity but it's not very exciting and it is let down by poor projection.

To sum up a pleasant subdued soft spicy cinnamon and vanilla fragrance that just needs that ooommphh to make it more exciting.

Encre Noire Sport Lalique by kanak 2015-09-04

Encre Noir Sport has everything I loved about the original given a fresh citrus twist. Kudos to Nathalie Lorson, very very well done. If the original was a walk in a dark forest of cypress trees, Sport is coming upon a green, mossy stream in aforesaid forest and splashing in the water. The photo in the ad is actually spot on. Same fantastic longevity and good projection as well. Sure, they could have come up with a better name but when it smells this good, I really dont, love, love. 9/10

1 Million Cologne Paco Rabanne by Cassiano 2015-09-04

In 2008, the house of Paco Rabanne released a scent that became, almost immediately, a worldwide best seller: 1 Million.
To continue the 1 Million saga, there was the launch of a more concentrated version, in 2012, called 1 Million Absolutely Gold, which had less notes in its composition and of which little was heard about, here in Brazil. In 2013, the market won 1 Million Intense and in 2014 a commemorative limited edition, called 1 Million $, that brought the original composition of 2008.

In April 2015, the company announced this fresh version, made for the summer, called 1 Million Cologne. It contains notes of cardamom, Mandarin orange, citrus nuances and marine accord, in the output. Then, the heart brings an exotic mix of Juniper and roses, which comes on a base of patchouli, Indian tonka bean and leather.

The concept of the playboy still remains, but in a more relaxed manner. 1 Million Cologne is a game of seduction with three steps: a refreshing swim, a touch of exuberance and a dose of disinhibition, to break the ice. And that is exactly how I interpret the fragrance.

When it touches the skin, it's refreshing, fruity and juicy. Then, the heart reveals itself as a floral, with a luminous and lush rose that makes of this one the most shareable version of all, which is good news for women who love men's fragrances. Finally, a sexy and sweet base (don't expect to feel the leather), which guarantees the success during the conquest.

Unfortunately, for reasons of pure prejudice (already established with the entire 1 Million line), I think this cologne will be judged without proper attention. But, in my opinion, it is a wonderful fragrance, which brings the nostalgia of the fruity scents from the 80’s and 90’s, with a special touch that lies in the heart of the fragrance, causing it to break gender barriers, as it is done in the high perfumery.

The only negative point that I see is the lack of the characteristic DNA of the line, which bothers me when dealing with flankers. 1 Million Cologne follows the latest trends in the market, which arrive with famous names, bringing products completely distinct.

I don't particularly feel any resemblance to the other fragrances of the line. And before you ask me, I can say that the only similarity that I feel with the aroma of Invictus is the fruity accord, with the same mix of Mandarin and marine notes. But it is fast and does not determine the evolution. If we're going to talk about similarities, I think this scent is much more similar to Lacoste L.12.12 Red, within the fruity context. Yet, 1 Million Cologne presents powdery nuances and gives a sensation of bath taken, which grows over time. It exudes very well and lasted for more than 10 hours on my skin.
Finally, the bottle shaped as a gold bar was kept, but didn't bring the metallic application on the face. Now, the bottle is all glass, with yellow content and a gold lacquered paint inside, which reflects on all the sides, conveying light.

I'm sorry for the exclusivity followers, but I loved this launch!

This is terrible! Right off the spritz, I smelt sweet rose, although rose is not in the list of ingredients. It smells like an Indian Pan shop, or Indian Saree shop. Where its cloyingly sweet, and smells of sweet cloying rose petals and some spices. Very Indian / Asian smell. I hate oud it smells of damp wood, I don't know how people like damp wood smell. You wouldnt go into a house full of rotting wood and say ahh what a lovely smell, you would say open the window and get the dehumidifier out. Rotting wood, cloying rose, and damp, hemp sacks and an cheap incense stick burning in some corner with spices which are known carcinogens. I was so looking forward to this, and wow lucky I bought the sample, that was £10! Im just glad I didn't shell out the £235 they want for this. I can go down to the Indian Panwala and smell like this for 50p. YUK! I think this should have been named 666 instead of 777.

Alaïa Azzedine Alaia by Svezzy 2015-09-04

Tried on paper due to a enthusiastic review from a friend.
Didn't have any wow effect, it reminded me impulse deodorants, that also in fact of longevity and prices are a lot better.
They put it in a price range that is a bit challenging as well.

Sauvage Christian Dior by naipe 2015-09-04

I agree 100% the below review by Onria. Furthermore I finally understand the concept behind this product: Savage means tough and rude which is how the fragrance really is. Depp fits like a glove here, the kind of mainstream rude boy with a classy touch (although in my opinion he results dull and boring after decades burning this character)

Regarding the fragrance, the sichuan pepper note is interesting but overall is totally uninspiring. This is an effort to offer a counterpoint to Chanel Bleu and hit the market but I cannot avoid considering it a failed product.

Touch for Men Fred Hayman by KJS88 2015-09-04

@jeffreydame, a child of yours? Your child is no more!

Fred Hayman for Men hasn't just been reformulated, it's been completely and utterly re-made, and quite sneakily too. The packaging is the same as always. So is the bottle. Going by outward appearances, the only thing that is different is the cap (now glossy silver plastic). There wasn't a dicky bird about a re-launch, re-package, or reformulation. But you don't need to spray it to know something's not right; you can smell it when you take it out of the box.

Fred Hayman Touch for Men was once, and to the best of my knowledge, until quite recently, a powerful but never garish ambery-spicy-powdery fougère in the styles of Canoé, Pinaud Clubman, Brut, Neutrogena Rainbath, and YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme. Versatile, dependable, lasting, and great value for money. You could use it with a number of men's toiletry products without it ever clashing.

Now, it's a sad, cheap homage to a sad, cheap genre of fragrances created with approval at every stage by 20 year old girl dominated control groups and testing boards. It basically smells like a messy cross between Lynx/Axe body wash, CK Encounter, and Gucci Guilty for Men. Fruit jelly chucked in a food processor with a 6-pack of cheap pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, a pound of sugar, and a bottle of body wash.

If you enjoy Touch for Men as it was, you're out of luck. I've been buying and wearing this stuff for years and feel pretty ripped off by who ever is making it now. I find out just who it is and I'll never buy a product made by them ever again.

Gucci pour Homme Gucci by Svezzy 2015-09-04

Excellent perfume, wearing it today and it's much much better than the rubbish that Gucci is making now.
Shame that is no longer available.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by june7rose 2015-09-04

I like it, it borders on gourmand, though not enough to tempt someone who wears only those. Ambery, good for fall. Like it but not enough to buy a full bottle.

I agree with the other reviewers that this is going to sell like crazy, especially around the holidays. The bottle itself a major draw.

Tres Nuit Armaf by edge42 2015-09-04

What a gem this one is! Yes it smells like GIT, no doubt about that. Not exactly though, this is fresher and not so "just-cut-the-grass" as Coldgaze mentioned.

I only like GIT, but I LOVE this. My wife doesn't care for GIT at all, thinks it stinks, but she was impressed by this one and that says a lot.

I'll have to agree, this is better than GIT. If you like that scent and others in this genre, try this!

Lovestruck Floral Rush Vera Wang by TLight 2015-09-04

I definitely detect the combination of champagne and pink peppercorn. It sounds strange, but the combination of aromas reminds me of tea for some reason. There is an herbal note that I feel is pretty strong in this; might be the apricot blossoms and freesia? I can’t be sure, but for me there is something green and grassy about this fragrance. For it to be called “Floral Rush” is misleading to me, personally. It isn’t that intense of a floral at all. I got a lot of compliments after wearing it, though. That is always a plus!

Noir Tom Ford by spasianspasov 2015-09-04

Tom Ford Noir. Great,classy,manly and rich masculine fragrance. Dark and mysterious. Sweet and powdery. Night use only, no matter of the season. Great longevity and sillage. Perfect scent! Fragrance for real men.

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 8/10
Sillage: 7/10

Great job, Tom Ford!

White soft genuine gloves leather, gentle and clean, and i guess it was washed before exposed! elegant and bossy that belongs to Rayna Boyanov! and surprisingly at the same time it could belong to a 25 years old Harry Hart (a.k.a Galahad)!

amazingly polished! i mean blended!
the first spray shows the powerful of that bubbly soapy leather that gives the impression of a shady whiteoff whitepaige elegant leather of a gentlemanlady gloves who comes out onto the runway from a brand new shiny white Rolls Royce Ghost with a black interior wearing a slim white suit for the man with a white fur, white top hat, & a fancy cane or over the knee tight Red dress, overhead mesh black scarf, a sun glasses, & high heeled shiny shoes walking towards hisher private jet.
this scene is what the top note of this fragrance presents, the leather citrus clean soap note.

As it calms down a bit, the ylang ylang starts to show up with the Jasmine, and few more spices which i guess the patchouli presents which hintly reminds me of "Je Suis Un Homme" by "ELDO" on this specific stage.
This stage is quite interesting as it shows up the bubbly sparkling citrus fireworks leather effect! kind of wierd but i guess the firwork effect is presented as a slight burnt essence that i can hintly smell within this stage and from a far distance. this fragrance is never gender classified as it could belong to a bossy elegant lady or a handsome elegant gentleman. perfectly made.

Tom Ford for Men Tom Ford by landshark321 2015-09-04

Tom Ford for Men, unlike most of the private blend line, leans very masculine. It immediately smells like a classic men's fragrance, at the intersection of citrus, spice, and leather. It strikes me as a natural extension of something like Ralph Lauren Safari, a classic citrus/spicy mix that harkens back to an earlier time when more men wore fragrances along the line of Pour Monsieur instead of overly fruity or aquatic entries, not that I have anything against either of those. TF for Men is a fragrance that both you and your dad and grandfather can wear and all seem correctly in place. Certainly it's not as befitting a teenager but there's nothing wrong with a young man being ahead of his time, fragrance-wise.

It's also very versatile--good for day or night, summer or winter, and very pleasant throughout its lifespan (it does not evolve much).

The biggest criticisms are projection and longevity, which are both moderate at best, as it has a very strong opening (within an hour) and then quickly retreats to a skin scent for the remaining 6 hours or so. This is appropriate for an EDT priced well below the EDPs and even private blend EDPs that Tom Ford offers, so while it makes sense (TF for Men is only $50 or so for 50ml), it might still disappoint some TF fans that are only accustomed to the private blends, which are generally outstanding in most respects, and should be, for the price.

If you're looking as a man or to buy for a man, check this out. Very good fragrance all-around, just not a projection/longevity monster.

7 out of 10

Samsara Eau de Parfum Guerlain by hdmc_2000 2015-09-04

Overall, I like it. Not sure what that horrible pungent scent is in the very beginning, but luckily it fades and becomes a soft woody and spicy scent. Just wish whatever that smell is in the very beginning wasn't there.

Evelyn`s Rose Evocative Perfumes by missveronica9 2015-09-04

Hands down the prettiest true rose scent I know. It's not a 'grandmotherly' rose. It's not a clone of Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose. It's not a musky rose, an oud rose, a patchouli rose, a sour rose, an earthy rose or even a jammy rose (it leaves LUSH's Rose Jam for dead!).

Mark's inspiration for his "Evelyn's Rose" was the David Austin rose named Evelyn (which Rose and I actually located yesterday in the Rosebud section at the State Rose Garden). According to the David Austin website, the Evelyn rose has "a sumptuous fruity note reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricot. Named on behalf of Crabtree & Evelyn, who used it in their range of rose perfumes." Mark has captured these qualities beautifully in his scent. I also think it has a hint of geranium, which I love paired with rose.

FYI I own a sample of Crabtree & Evelyn's 'Evelyn Rose' in EDT and also a FB of it in a room spray. But the C&E scent is not something I want to wear - it just smells like an 'old-fashioned', slightly sour rose frag. Mark's version is a million times better!!!

Chic For Men Carolina Herrera by koome 2015-09-04

Men!!I Love this stuff. Ever since i bought it, its become my every day go to scent. The classy wood and mandarin Orange at the dry down makes this one a true masterpiece. Gals Love it Alot. Compliments getter!

Lei Mazzolari by shushkin 2015-09-04

I have SL Borneo 1834 and i see hardly any similarity with Lei. Lei is far sweeter and has none of the damp earthiness of Borneo. I love them both and appreciate their differences. Borneo is more masculine.
I first get the citrus notes and then its all labdanum and sweet chocolate without getting sickly sweet. Theres lots of patch and vanilla. I also pick up a sort of sweet chocolate liqueur note. Moderare sillage but great longevity.

Obsession Calvin Klein by MoreScentsThanDollars 2015-09-04

So true GourmandGirl, I do love it on its own but more often than not I put it with Fancy or Pink Sugar.
One member said she puts it with Lou Lou so I do that as well now and its a mind blowing love for me.
So yes, I have to agree its super for layering.

Obsession Calvin Klein by GourmandGirl 2015-09-04

When I first smelled this after blind buying it, the first words that came out of my mouth were "What the **** is this??!" It was truly awful! I am into really sweet, gourmand scents, so this was waaaay out of my comfort zone! Spice, musk, more spice, more musk...

After the dry down it mellowed off a little, and I got a slight whiff of vanilla, but I noticed it had given me a headache, and I knew I couldn't wear it on it's own. So I decided to experiment layering it with other perfumes, just to take the spicy, headache inducing edge off.

One perfume that I've had success in doing this with is Rihanna's Nude... complete polar opposites, but they actually work really well together!! Honest lol!

Sadly, on it's own, not one for me, but if you have an unloved bottle at home that you never use, try layering it, you'll get great unexpected results!

Jelly Ana Hickmann by applestrudle 2015-09-04

I cannot find this anywhere online in the uk!

just smelled at duglas in Rome,

one word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

i think i could go sniffing it for rest of my life

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by linken89 2015-09-04

want test next time!!!!!!!!!!!!amazing

Body Tender Burberry by Fragaria 2015-09-04

I first thought, "This smells like a million other florals". I like florals so I didn't mind. I wore it again and it was magic. The only other non-family scent I can compare this with is Infusion d'Iris. It has no iris. Still, it's so very similar and light but, persistent! I'm loving Burberry everything so far! To me, their scents are remarkably unique. Often I try the offspring of a scent and it seems to be no more related than any other scent out there. Burberry Body and this are definitely from the same family. Tender is so lovely. This is just a sheer veil of fragrance. It's so frail...just the finest mist of delightful air. A more beautiful wedding scent can't be found as far as I'm concerned. Way to go Burberry!

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by lastcenturymodern 2015-09-04

If one tries this expecting a toothachingly sweet straightforward gourmand, the intense green ivy note might come as a bit of a surprise. Having recently revisited this after years of wearing Au Masculin, I think it's a wonderful and charming scent, even better than its masculine counterpart thanks to the fresh green notes being more pronounced, toning down the gourmandish sweetness with their crisp, cool quality.
The packaging and advertising imagery certainly convey this scent well; Lolita Lempicka brings to mind a dewy winter forest of fairy tales and dreams. But what really draws me to it is how despite its cuteness, LL never feels childish or bratty the way say, LPRN sometimes can. The older I become the more I appreciate this scent which suggests perhaps that this is actually a perfume best suited to adults who are young at heart.

John Galliano John Galliano by x-x-x-ANGEL-x-x-x 2015-09-04

Incredibly beautiful, dark and mysterious sweet incence so absolutely romantic.

This scent in a strange way makes me think of how the Corpse Bride's bouquet would have smelt.

Dahn Al Oudh Atheer Ajmal by Dark-X 2015-09-04

This is the oud I was on a search quest for!

This is how oud should smell.

Soften the animality of oud with spices that add just the right amount of charm to create this wonderful, warm, hypnotic aura.

Personality in a crystal bottle.

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by revealm 2015-09-04

I don't like it
I like the bottle that's all

D&G Dolce&Gabbana by dolcethadon 2015-09-04

@shayz - Yes, I am not sure what the logic behind this is.. It seems that they are trying to update the site.. They are changing pictures of the fragrances and even changing the pictures of the notes but "if it ain't broke don't fix it".. The correct picture for this page was on here previously and now someone had to try to update the page and put the "wrong" picture on here.. Even some of the pictures of the notes they are changing do not look half as nice as the original picture.. Once again "if it ain't broke don't fix it".. There is nothing wrong with updating the site but don't try to fix things that don't need fixing because than you mess it up in the process..

Fantasy The Nice Remix Britney Spears by applestrudle 2015-09-04

I don't know where the kiwi is (maybe i just don't know what I'm looking for). To me this is a super special version of The Body Shop White Musk which is very popular (but in my opinion boring). I also think the jasmine makes it a bit much for day time wear (a bit heady). But I like it.

First Love Van Cleef & Arpels by Yohji 2015-09-04

Mmmmm, how marvellous and feminine, how soft and tender, yet very distinctive and different. I love other Van Cleefs, yet this one has own place in my heart, its romantic and sensual, there is something from baby powder, old-fashioned lipstick ,yet with after-shower creams and body warmth. Its not extremely sweet or powdery though, its just right from all angles. When you are cuddled in warm bed on the morning, stretching yourself and see little flower bundle at your side of the bed. Nice feeling, lovely fragrance.

Xia Xiang Revlon by juzme 2015-09-04

I had bought a bottle of this bcs of the great reviews and had to return to the seller bcs it had turned and smelled like a v bad ,pungent medicinal,disinfectant.
That was a beautiful round edt or edc bottle.
Would have been great for display only ;but was too expensive to keep it only for that purpose.
Would love to smell one in it's original condition.
Mine was from a pro seller and kept well.Maybe it had suffered for heat in some store ??

Boss The Scent Hugo Boss by Seanfah 2015-09-04

To me it smells kind of like a lynx/axe bodyspray but I can't for the life of me think which one, It's not so bad though 7.5/10

Kenzo Homme Night Kenzo by snoooooopdogg123 2015-09-04

One of the most horrible/synthetic fragrance ever!Too sweet and cheap.i saw it in the mall with more than 50% discount (no wonder).. My instant reaction with my wife:Its a cheap air freshner,peroid!

D&G Dolce&Gabbana by shayz 2015-09-04

It is true I got confused
The bottle In the picture is the Second formula produced in Germany .
This is not the first bottle And it is not exactly the same smell .

Versace Man Versace by Normpaps 2015-09-04

Trying this one for the first time today so far all i can say is that it is very close to pour homme oud noir but much more lighter ,now have to see how it develops on me !

Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior by aliks 2015-09-04

One of the most elegant mainstream perfume for men, if not THE most, existing today. The intial version of Diot Homme were already very original and very elegant, but this new alternative makes it really upper class in my opinion. Very hard to wear if you are below 35 I think, and not self-confident or with a particular personality to match with the dark and very strong leather element of this version. The initial sniff evolves quickly into a cocoa and leather base but without losing the lipstick iris note that is the originality of Dior Homme. I think it will be perfect for fall and winter. The bottle is great too.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by Sussudio 2015-09-04

The Experience? Makes you feel like a naughty boss. In control and seductive ;-)

I don't care if it comes close to being synthetic. Boss Bottled is a masculine sexy scent and never fails to get compliments from the misses. Great combo of warm spices and sweetness. The fruit notes make it literally delicious and brighten up the entire fragrance.

Power? Longevity : 6 hours easily on the skin and lasts forever on clothing. The strong projection will tune down after 2 to 3 hours but still noticeable by anyone entering your personal space. Heat/sweating definitely gives this a second life and this is where the sweetness will project nicely to create this comfortable aura.

Compliments? As said, they sure do come easy with this one. Received comments from all age groups. There is something very like-able about this fragrance, girls typically find this sexy but with a certain level of maturity and sophistication.

I wore this A LOT during my younger years and will always have a bottle lying around. No problem to wear this to the office, be the seductive one in control.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by Oudy 2015-09-04

I am relaxed...I'm just sick and tired of people not allowing another's opinion. I have never thumbs down an opinion just cause I don't like it. I believe it's good to have diversity of thought. That's the point I'm trying to make...

A*Men Thierry Mugler by oscarsh86 2015-09-04

Oudy, relax.

Ma Griffe Carven by Elreno22 2015-09-04

Vintage: I am kind of ashamed to say I have a vintage bottle, from the 70 s, and it still is marvelous. I agree it is green, with a complex mix not found in many these days. Strong. Serious. And I'm going to do more research to find out when this classic was updated. I can't believe I collect so many scents and hang onto them so long. Embarrassing.

Cool Water Davidoff by goodwood2020 2015-09-04

whenever there is a fight with my wife, i wear this juice, fight turns into love

Crums Sugar Cookie Lalaloopsy by Fonna2 2015-09-04

Obviously it's a perfume for little girls.
Personally, I think kids already smell like cookies and fruit juice. bandaids and popcorn, spaghetti sauce and chocolate milk, with a little bit of dirt mixed in there if it's a boy.
They don't need to rev it up

DKNY Women Donna Karan by LotteFromDenmark 2015-09-04

I started to use perfumes in the 80's, where it was all about the "big" scents, often oriental, woody and musky. Ysatis, Opium, Poison etc. If you wore these scents they "came into the room before you did", enormous longevity and sillage, often considered "sexy". DKNY was the opposite of all that. Ultra-citrusy, light, sharp, watery, green and floral. It was like a breath of fresh air, and I loved it. Maybe it wasn't "sexy", but it was happy and optimistic and it started my love of those kind of scents, especially the citrus and green. I think it's funny that I wore the "ladylike" scents when I was in my 20's and the "young" scents when I was in my 30's and up. Just goes to show how much history/trends affect you.

Boss The Scent Hugo Boss by sniffmaster 2015-09-04

Absolutely shocking... Nothing special about the smell and lasts only for an hour max. Stick with the original much better quality than this marketing crap. What's on earth happening to new release fragrances they absolutely lack quality!!

Gourmand. Yum.

This is delicious vanilla that's heady and warm but not overpowering at all. I don't get a lot of rose and just the merest hint of cedarwood, it is a charming fragrance, easily unisex, with a very slight spicy undertone that really works with the vanilla.

A blind buy and I bought it based on great reviews and I have to say I am really rather pleased with it. Lovely.

Update to previous review: Putting this on this morning, I kept thinking I was reminded of something else I have. Then I realized this smells just like Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille, only richer, deeper and creamier. YUM!

this is my least favourite in this line, for me it lacks something. the scent is very powdery on me but thats all i get really.

Faqat Lil Rijal Rasasi by rd115leo 2015-09-04

Never smelled oud before so no idea if i'd like it, turns out i'm not overly keen, only had it on my wrist for 15 minutes so might change my mind on a proper wearing, but for now i'm not a fan.

Gothic I Loree Rodkin by Q80 2015-09-04

Vanilla spice with a tiny hint of dark amber & patchouli and a mildly hint of turmeric. the Vanilla is quite dominant and softens the darkness that it brings from the spices and the patchouli. not that complex but pleasant for dark vanilla lovers.
Gothic | & || are quite similar and shares common factors, so sample them both and choose.

Euphoria Men Intense Calvin Klein by warrioromar 2015-09-04

Anyone up for a swap or buy a 50ml off me, I have 90% full bottle in London for swap, I can take any of the bottle even if little juice is left from one of the bottle I have on my Want list, or even on "I have" list, send me a PM please

Cristalle Eau de Parfum Chanel by LotteFromDenmark 2015-09-04

I bought this about five years ago and I liked it because it was fresher and less heavy than the other Chanel perfumes (for some reason I'd decided that I had to have one!). Haven't used it much, so I tried it again yesterday....and I hated it. I still found it cool and crisp, but with an overwhelming bitterness that I could't get past. I detect no citrus at all (love citrus) and no melon/peach. Maybe some jasmine, but almost no sweetness. It's cold, unforgiving and dry and I don't think the base is very different from the opening (which I had hoped). I'm still new at this, but I think it must be the oakmoss and vetiver that I don't like. Does anyone know?

Paloma Picasso Paloma Picasso by AngieGCarp 2015-09-04

When I was young (about 16/17) I would sneak a spray of this to go out with friends girls and guys..I met a young man on one of those outings that obviously was impressed with me for some reason and he eventually became my first boyfriend, kiss, husband. I never really thought my stolen sprays of perfume meant much to him until we were dating and he snuck a huge gift set of this into my room when he came over for family dinner. Well, the marriage ended but my love affair with Paloma Picasso did not. I have had a bottle in some form my whole adult life. For me, it is instantly recognizable. I prefer to wear it in the cooler months but there are moments that it is entirely appropriate year round (as the gentleman below has mentioned).

As far as the much as I love the vintage, it is like fine aged bourbon, the refreshened version, as I prefer to call it, brings this 30 year old perfume into date. Plus, it makes me feel good to know those civet/castoreum/heavy allergenic elements are taken down a notch. This way, I can wear Paloma without worrying about offending. It's all still there. It's just not a power rock ballad anymore....more like a dreamy love song both beautiful in their own way. I guess it's aged with me...I'm less about the statement..I'm much softer and kind. Thank you Paloma Picasso for fragrancing the past almost 30 years of my life.

1881 Bella Notte Woman Cerruti by Sasco 2015-09-04

I pretty much agree with Musky4's review in its entirety - this is sophisticated and pleasant, but nothing groundbreaking, and certainly not 'noir'. I get citrus and musk - it's refreshing and feminine, clean and crisp but lacking in sensuality or depth. Having said that, the bottle is lovely, and wonderfully tactile, and I will no doubt use this one up - but a re-purchase is unlikely. I have never smelled the original Cerutti, so this has certainly sparked my curiosity.

Eternity Summer 2014 Calvin Klein by Jasmine2024 2015-09-04

Blind buy in winter, first spray and...... I'm in summer. Blazing sun, long hot nights and iced drinks!!!! Oh wait it's frosty outside- mmmm better go and spray again, argh there we go back to summer. Bliss!!!

Omg, this is amazing. Beautiful autumn / winter fragrance. I can smell an amazing ylang-ylang (which I love, generally), the "typical" HP vanilla, but it's less sweet than the original Hypnotic Poison. So happy to have it.

April Violets Yardley by RaggedyAnne 2015-09-04

A nice scent, but longevity is terrible, so much so that I use it just as a body spray.

Alien Thierry Mugler by neshat 2015-09-04

I wonder how 3 notes can be blended so pretty that makes this uniqe perfume!
so mysterious and strong

it has a very strong musk scent that i think it should be in floral-woody-musk category.
very good sillage and longevity, tnx to its oily liquid.

Bronze Ellen Tracy by AngieGCarp 2015-09-04

The amber coumarin mix gives this an unusual caramel smell interestingly mixed with a light hit of green and citrus. Nothing too heavy or dark. Very wearable when you are going to be in a crowd, at work or play. It's just a friendly, non offensive perfume. Very mellow and soft for all seasons.

Daphne Comme des Garcons by spidola 2015-09-04

DAPHNE is balsamic tuberose - smooth and caressing.... It's velvety, without edges. The feeling it gives me reminds of Bal a Versailles... It's not fresh, nor green, not at all like Carnal Flower (that I love too)'s opposite of La Chasse aux Papillons (that I don't like)...and it lacks the soapiness and the lady-like feeling of Fracas (my love again)...but Daphne - it is the most sensual tuberose !!!

Very Sexy (2007) Victoria`s Secret by neshat 2015-09-04

first notes are blended so nicely , specially cappuccino that get this one a very lovely scent.
beautiful perfume.

Rive Gauche Yves Saint Laurent by AngieGCarp 2015-09-04

Very Chanel like in my opinion...the aldehyde/oakmoss is HUGE.....softened by sweet rose and green notes. This perfume is a bit glamorous, very classy. It is gorgeous. I am very pleased with this blind buy.

L’Eau Jolie Lolita Lempicka by iamdow 2015-09-04

I tried a sample, and feel disappointed. It starts with sharp citrus scent, then comes a plain floral scent (really plain!). Musk and floral are blended okay, but I can pick some scent that makes me feel headache. I don't know what it is, maybe either naroli or cedar, it smells like old ladies's clothes or something like that. I just don't like it ! Also, I can't smell any sweet from fruity as they mentioned in the description.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by Oudy 2015-09-04

2 of 2 repost...

I tried this...a carbon copy of JPG le male...the opening is a bit more spicy than the sickly sweetness of JPG, but the weird " green" dry down is the same. So If you want to smell like an ashtray with the burnt residue of cheap vanilla incense then this is for you. Personally, how anyone could like this is beyond me. It's just so bad. And no, it's not cause this is some masterpiece of olfactory wizardry and I just don't get's just not for me. The bottle is ridiculous and heavy enough to bring down a cow if dropped from a tree on its head. I don't know, maybe some of the flankers are a bit better. Or perhaps it's a reformulation issue and the original was much better. Anyway, if this is your thing then "salute", but like a protection order, if your doused in this please don't come within 50 yards. Which, by the way, is how far this can be detected. I'll give it that.

Scent 1/10
Projection 10/10...
Fortitude 8/10....hangs around forever...and can't get this cheap stink off with boiling water and a Brillo pad...I tried

P.S....this a repost of my review...apparently fan boys who don't agree with free thought and opinion can vote my review off. Well all I can say is bring it on. It's easy to dislike something anonymously and then run off and spray your teddy bear with AMEN and cry yourself to sleep wishing for a clue, isn't by all means keep deleting and I'll keep reposting. It's not even a good review!, lol, but I've nothing better to do and I know you hate it.

2 of 2 repost

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by plutodagirl 2015-09-04

Am I the only one that thinks this smells like Rogue by Rhianna? I have been wanting to sniff this one for a while, and finally came across a magazine strip sample, and let's just say I'm sooooo glad I did not blind buy this. I have Rogue, and to me this smells so similar, minus the peachy note I get in Rogue. I kept sniffing and then I thought... Bottega? This one has got me all discombobulated.

Knot Bottega Veneta by maltatude 2015-09-04

I want to like this, I really do - because it's beautiful on the card, and it's a lovely composition. Somehow on my skin, I get a whisper of leather, Dove soap, and the remnants of what can only be described as a dash of cumin/coriander. I know right. Cumin. I am envious of those with skin that doesn't make this happen.

Gucci Bamboo Gucci by NEFI 2015-09-04

Very, very labile smell, after 30 minutes the smell completely disappears. Absolutely not justify the price of 65 euros, I am very very disappointed ....

Katy Perry's Mad Potion Katy Perry by GregorAPBDH 2015-09-04


This perfume is perfect for me !
I love vanilla in perfumes.
The box is very cute and actually goes with the name of the fragrance. The bottle does indeed look like a potion bottle and the scent is perfect. I pick up every single note in this perfume. People say this has no projection or lasting power but this lasts about 12 hours on my skin and everyone can smell it but not in an overpowering way. This is my joint first favourite Katy perfume. Keep the great scents coming Katy. This gets 10/10 from me xo

B. Balenciaga Balenciaga by maltatude 2015-09-04

Oh I adore this! There is something reminiscent of the 80s in this fragrance. I want to say Poison but that is a risk because Poison is very strong whereas this is delicate and fascinating. It is sweet on my skin and oriental, interestingly it's not sharp or green on me - I get sweet florals and a lovely sweet soft wood wafting through. This is beautifully balanced and composed and both interesting in its moderness (in that it isn't a clone of something that's been done 100 times) but it has a timeless, elegant quality to it. I feel there is control with this one - you get to decide if you want more or less, this is a beautiful skin scent. I am definitely buying this for my collection. Bravo.

Edit: the dry down is Roses Musk by Montale. In between first spray and dry down is the watermelon. Ingenious. I am so impressed by how much happens with this, yet it doesn't scream loud or horrid or anything. It's very clever

lady review / comparison: i keep trying the EDT and the EDP side by side and i honestly cannot tell the difference in projection or longevity.

...perhaps the EDT is a smidgeon more masculine/cologney, perhaps the leather in the EDP is more rubbery and there's a tad more creaminess.
but really. no "significant" difference. last and project the same. just as sweet as each other.

oh...and this is a beautiful leather, creamy, sweet, seductive perfume btw!
(not tried bulgaria black.) it is quite dense...nothing light and fluffy about it...a skin scent mostly.

perhaps the MIPs work different on a chap.
i wouldn't consider this unisex, but who cares...if you like it girls, wear it!

my faves are pretty much unisex, Iris Prima, Coromandel, terre d'iris...but Midnight in Paris to me is definitely a man strolling through Paris...

I'm not sure i want either EDP or EDT...because manly perfumes smell quite, well "manly" on me (am carrying out a man test today, comparing the new and old lolita au masculin right now.)

i would seriously recommend this to all chaps.
it has all the parts perfectly put together, to make a beautiful complex leather evening man perfume. and it is such good value right now too.

RiRi Rihanna by GregorAPBDH 2015-09-04

This is just a yummy fragrance !! The box is visually stunning. When I saw pictures of the box I didn't like it at all. The wood effect looks great with the gold band on the bottom. I think having the bright pink writing and the bright pink top gives it a quirky touch. The bottle is beautiful. The actual glass part is very thick and heavy. I love bottles that have weight to them. The actual smell is great. The top opens with a huge burst of orange. When I wear it I spray it about 15 minutes before going out so that the orange is died down a little. Once that has died down the top is an amazing passion fruit, rum and soft citrus top. The middle is great with a soft, clean, fresh floral arrangement. The base is a beautiful creamy, musky vanilla scent. This is a great perfume and I'm so happy Rihanna finally launched this. (This was supposed to be launched after Nude and before Rogue but she shelved it until now) Keep the amazing perfumes coming Riri. This gets a 8.5/10 from me xo

Want DSQUARED² by d7just 2015-09-04

Want smells like a field of roses an vanilla fresh, soft and oriental. Nice new Scent from the Dsquared2 Designers Dean and Dan. Reminds me a little bit Etro - Rajasthan

I would say that this one is the most comforting scent I can wear every day and everythere.Just right amount of everything I love in perfume.Even silage is right to my likening .Not to sweet ,well rounded perfect autumn fragrance,this one surrounds You like soft cape of suede .

Thank,You Yohji,for your rewiews...

StormFlower Noir Cheryl by GregorAPBDH 2015-09-04

I am in love with this fragrance. I love Cheryl's first two perfumes but this is her best so far. The box is a very heavy duty thick cardboard which gives it a high quality feeling from the start. The bottle is a matte black with 'Stormflower Cheryl' written on it. This time the cap is matte gold to go with the colour of the box. The actual scent is AMAZING !! I'm not always the best at picking out notes but I can smell the mandarin and pear in the top with a warm undertone of rhubarb. The middle blends in well with notes of tuberose, rose and orange blossom. The middle is a very soft fresh layer to the fragrance. Once it dries down and the base notes start to shine through you get an absolutely amazing fragrance with notes of brown sugar, musk and sandalwood. To me the base is a very creamy musky scent with a nice sweet burst of brown sugar and warm undertones of the wood. This is a great perfume for any time of year. Cheryl keep the perfumes coming !! This gets a 9/10 from me xo

Vanilla & Anise Jo Malone by weasley 2015-09-04

wow, the cleanest, freshest vanilla I have ever tried. Very different and very lovely. I'm a huge vanilla addict, sweet, creamy and dark vanillas - give it to me! But this one will be a great addition for when I need something less sweet. Its mostly salty and spicy on me, with a subtle and delishious hint of something sweet. It's very natural smelling, both in the sense of the quality, and in overall feel. It doesn't smell like 'perfume' to me, it just feels like this is how you would naturally smell - if you are awesome :) It reminds me of my mothers baking, and sunkissed skin on the beach.. haha, sounds like a weird combo, but its not, its magic.

It's a rainy fall day today, I put this on right after I woke up and it was a perfect wake-me-up scent. Very uplifting and gentle and refreshing, this might sound weird, but it felt kind, like it was greating me gently, giving me a warm hug and wishing me the best today. I've found a new friend!

Polo Ralph Lauren by Nirav Walter 2015-09-04

Polo by Ralph Lauren is JUST ME.

I enjoy every moment of the day when i wear Polo.

The balance is awesome and i cannot get enough of it. I have been using it since last couple of years now and people recognize and associate me with the wonderful fragrance.

Cabotine Gres by emi 2015-09-04

Nothing chypre about this one. It is pure sweet floral. Smells like very luxurious, expensive and highly fragranced soap. Longlasting and very intensive. It doesn't smell oldfashioned or anything. I really like it a lot.

Angel Thierry Mugler by Sasco 2015-09-04

Well, I tried Angel AGAIN yesterday, and I'm extremely sorry to report that I get NO l'eau de lady-bits, nor do I get freshly perfumed male derrière - shame, because the latter sounds right up my street. Just a big oil' thundercloud of heavy patch. At least the genitalia notes would have made it a little more interesting! On the plus side, I got three compliments from random guys who came into the shop where I work, which leads me to believe that, for me, Angel works as some kind of olfactory dog-whistle - I can't 'hear' the better notes, but the opposite sex can.

Cristalle Eau de Parfum Chanel by Jola 72 2015-09-04

Very impressed by this one.It is rich and complete evening scent for a glad wild lady with classy outfit. She knows that she wants,for sure.I just adore this edp Cristalle ,all the stages of it.I used to wear edt for several years ago,just like every day scent,but edp is more for a night. It has that defenitely Chanel vibe from the begining to the end,just like in Mademoiselle ,everyone knows what I mean,but Cristalle is not that "baby face"scent.I am wearing my black leather bikerstyle jacket and skinny pants with high heel boots and silver hand bracelet and I am gonna rock this evening with my Cristalle ed Perfume .Thank You ,Chanel

Acqua Nobile Gelsomino Acqua di Parma by lilalina 2015-09-04

Beautiful floral scent, creamy, sweet honeyed flowers. This is suppose to be a lighter version of the Gelsomino Nobile, it's still very potent.. Lovely dry-down, ideal for spring or summer.

Grey Flannel Geoffrey Beene by besamehu 2015-09-04

فلانل در عین اینکه رایحه ای پیچیده و غریب داره بسیار گیاهی و سبز هست و به شما حس بودن در طبیعت رو می ده. بوی خیلی مدرنی داره و پخش بوی متناسب با ترکیباتش اون رو بیشتر به طبیعی بودن نزدیک می کنه. از نظر من کلاس و صمیمیت این کار 10/10 هست.
یه نکته که باید بگم این هست که ماندگاری و پخش بو باید با ماهیت عطر تتناسب داشته باشه.
هنر ساخت عطرهای مدرن در همین تناسب بین اجزای ترکیب کننده ی اون هست.

Puro Fico Officina delle Essenze by lilalina 2015-09-04

Beautiful fig scent, woody and fresh sweetness. A lot like L'Artisan's Figuier.

Gucci Eau de Parfum II Gucci by Russkaya1 2015-09-04

I used to wear this perfume 10 years ago in my twenties... It's very sweet and playful.
I loved it then. Now it's so different on me.... I guess I'm all grown up now and graduated to niche perfumes:)))
Whenever I smell it now on somebody- it brings back memories of fun I used to have...
Great perfume for a girl in her twenties who is out dancing and having fun:)

Not entirely convincing, still better than Leather (labdanum and birch notes saving the whole thing).
IMO, more suitable for gents.

Oudh Al Junaid Junaid Jamshed by Tayyabshahbaz 2015-09-04

I cant resist loving it, it is now the best Arabic perfume i ever smelled. its longevity and silage is far better than many other highly expensive Perfume even it is not expensive. Hence i would say that it offers best value for money. Other than its good fragrance, longevity and silage the Bottle itself gives that luxurious look that most of us demand for.

This is actually a distinctive Perfume as its woody fragrance will make you say that it is made from natural sources. When i wear this Masterpiece every one ask about its name, i have received dozen of appreciative comments for its distinctive and unique Fragrance. Well done J.J

Too sweet and too synthetic-smelling.
On the other hand, I never did like TF Tuscan Leather.

Gucci Bamboo Gucci by SpaceCowgirl 2015-09-04

This is so utterly boring. Pleasant enough. Fresh and a bit green and airy. But it reminds me of so many other scents that I used to wear YEARS ago. Like maybe Lucky You or some Ck unisex scent. Its utterly forgettable, and don't even get me started on the ridiculous price tag. I'm a first impressions kind of gal. You either intrigue me enough to try you again or you're out. I am a fan of quite a handful of Gucci scents but you lost me on this one.

Oud Fleur Tom Ford by Soie 2015-09-04

Lots of notes are very obviously missing from the above pyramid, especially the rather prominent spice notes ginger, cardamom, cinnamon bark, and pimento berry; and the just as prominent base notes of incense, leather accord, and castoreum.

The ginger (a fragrance note I normally try to dodge) in this, I truly enjoy: it is clean, bright, and uplifting. Its note of cinnamon is quite true to life in that is smells of the actual ground cinnamon I've used for preparing pies etc., only in this it is less nostril-singeing. The note of cardamom is subdued, while the pimento berry (AKA 'allspice') is represented by its aromas of clove, nutmeg, and black pepper.

Last but not least are incense; a leather accord; and castoreum. I actually purchased this a while ago and never really tested it, as it seems to have only a trace of a note of oud, and oud was what I was looking for in the first place.

Fast forward to today when I decide to dig it out and give it another try. Minutes after applying it, however, I'm starting to look around to see from which direction the men's cologne smell is coming. Well what do you know, it was coming from me. Immediately performing a Google search to find a more comprehensive olfactory pyramid for Oud Fleur, I come upon the names of the culprits: smoky incense; leather; and the tar-like aroma of castoreum....

To some, this "unisex" fragrance skews more towards feminine, and this, they usually feel, is due to its jammy note of rose; to my nose, however, its overall scent is a masculine one, and this I find is due to the blending of oud and ambergris with patchouli -- and most especially with this combined accord coming together with notes of castoreum, leather, and smoke.

While its not bad ... I kinda do feel like I'm a little girl who has splashed on her daddy's aftershave ....

This is just not for me.

Top notes: rose, geranium, elemi
Heart: rose, elemi
Base notes: oud, patchouli, rose

Not much development in whole, yet completely unpretentious and far more interesting than some expensive or much admired rose/oud based niche offerings.
Opening reveals a fresh, spicy geranium-rose, standard and thin-smelling, but soon enough carefully sweetened with elemi - for me, this was the point where I thought "OK, 15 Euros not thrown to the wind" - and from there it gets only better moving towards more pronounced oud and gradually more and more dark rose. The heart is a succulent flash of elemi-rose and rather quickly the base appears; dark and dusty oud garnished with patchouli and dark rose.
Steady and moderate in every note. Sillage moderate, long lasting longevity. Nothing unique or spectacular, but for the price decent if not great.

Starts out sparkling and juicy grapefruit with a hint of pepper and settles into a woody, green (from the lime) scent more masculine to me than feminine. However, a woman who appreciates citrus/woody scents would probably like this. This brings to mind a confident, fun-loving, casual but well dressed guy, definitely over twenty-five. This is a happy scent, smiles and sunshine.

For Lana148, I'm not an expert but some grapefruit scents I really enjoy are:
Guerlain, Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune (big juicy grapefruit with a little rind),
Jo Malone, Grapefruit (Grapefruit and minty grass),
Annick Goutal, Eau d'Hadrien (Grapefruit and cypress),
Fresh, Hesperides Grapefruit (grapefruit with peach and musk),
Hermes, Eau de Pamplemousse Rose (my favorite, grapefruit and rose)
As you can tell, I love my grapefruit scents!

Behold the olfactory equivalent of a Gregorian chant! Inspired by a 14th Century Gothic cathedral in Avignon, France. Wafting like catholic church incense, clouds of frankincense and myrrh, drifting smoky and resinous. Incense Avignon unfolds into a high mass or peaceful meditation, depending on mood. Captured in all its stark beauty by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. Like his best scents, it transports the wearer to another time and place. Perhaps the holy grail of incense fragrances.

This a blast of citrus that calms down to a sunshine mix of orange, spices and woody background. I detect the original A*men right underneath the summer facade. After a while it becomes quite tame. Not particularly strong player so for freshness I would turn elsewhere and for mystique I would too. The wood is penetrating through the citrus and all in all I find the balace to be just s little off. I prefer frags with one contained personality, this is good but leaving me puzzled as to who wears this.

Eternity Now For Women Calvin Klein by SpaceCowgirl 2015-09-03

Grapefruit!!! That is what Eternity Now screams at you right at the get go. The "sorbet" is just an icy sweetness dulling down the sharp tang. The florals never really have a chance to sing because the soapy muskiness masks their beauty, and instead really has a BO scent that rears its ugly head in about 3 hours. No one wants that. Another disappointment from CK in their women's line in my opinion. The unisex and men's cologne are generally far more pleasing.

I agree totally Jasminalia! I tried this one yesterday at a SA's insistence, there must have been six different Miss Dior versions on display. I already have and love Le Parfum, I'm not as fussed on MD edt which was MD Cherie.. Or was it!? I really don't understand what Dior are doing with this line. Anyway this one truly is a beautiful version and really has a pronounced vintage vibe. Who knows how close to the original it really is.?!. The old school bottle is a nice touch but Le Parfum will do me for now.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

A warm and creamy vanilla-mint blast that is insanely nice, however the reformulation has made it weaker and it cannot really be used for clubbing which means it may not be that great anymore. Versace Eros is a nice alternative, but not as strong and won't come off as offensive.

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

Smells really great and like a more expensive and refined version of Acqua di Gio.

Insense Ultramarine Givenchy by the_badger 2015-09-03

How come the original Insense gets so much praise while this one gets overlooked so easily and even scorned? C'mon they are not that far apart guys, it has the same DNA but with a cheap 90s synthetic aquatic overlay that ruins it completely. While 100ml of this costs $38, the original can cost up to $140!! Want to know what the original insense smelled like? Well, this one is 70% in the ballpark. It begs the question, why didn't Givenchy discontinue the flanker instead?

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

A darker, more powdery and rich version of D&G The One. Really nice and sophisticated. Great for going out at night.

Dior Homme Christian Dior by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

A very powdery. waxy, floral scent. It smells okay, but almost too simple and just not that great. Smells like a woman's lipstick. La Nuit de l'Homme is a much nicer alternative to this scent.

Cool Water Davidoff by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

I really just didn't like this fragrance very much. It's smelled like weird, synthetic water. Acqua di Gio is definitely the best summer fragrances, hands down.

Liz Liz Claiborne by fyrewoman 2015-09-03

My favorite part of this fragrance is the beginning that is magnolia & melon laced with fizzy paprika. I love that combo. Wafts of pear,peony and amber present as well for the first 2-3 hours.
This would have become my new signature if it didn't dry down right into the old Curve perfume. No offense to Curve but 60% of girl friends and i wore Curve soo much for so many years (1996-2002) that i cannot own Curve even for nostalgia anymore. The smell is so alive in my brain still.
My signature has stayed the same since 1991 and when i first wore Liz i thought i was ready for a new start with a signature. Something totally different. To me,that cayenne note makes all the other opening notes distinctive and exciting with it's fizziness it adds. But once the cayenne pepper fades 2-3 hours later i am left with Liz Claiborne Curve and the beautiful fruit & florals that i enjoyed falls flat with it :(

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

The perfect summer scent for any man. It is a timeless classic and has the most bottles ever sold for a reason. This is fresh but just smells so damn good. I have finished a few bottles of this and will continue to buy when the sun comes out and it gets hot. It's light and non-offensive but with a hint of citrus it's fresh and vibrant. Great compliment getter. Simple and wonderful; you can't go wrong with Acqua di Gio.

Place Vendôme Boucheron by Narkus 2015-09-03

This has become my new signature-- as in I wear it three times a week in rotation : ) on my skin citrus comes out much more than others from the note rankings: Jasmine and orange blossom perfectly blended with the citrus weaved intricately through and delicately glazed in honey -- gently sweet and not gourmand. It's a warm, femine, floral elixir! Longevity and silliage is very good on my fragrance eating skin. The bottle is beautiful and the price is amazing online.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

An absolutely amazing scent with a creamy ginger dry down that is to die for. This is a very non-offensive scent, but does not smell generic. A perfect scent for casual situations like work or going out, but also amazing for cuddling down at night with your partner or meeting their parents. It reminds me of Boss Bottled, but just on an entirely new level. This is my signature scent and just smells like heaven. This is not extremely masculine, so it is better for guys who are more metro. In conclusion, this is a must have and is the best fragrance I have ever smelled.

Valentino Uomo Valentino by Mrza 2015-09-03

At last... The stupidity has healed. Those images of Valentino's stuff has brings back here on Fragantica.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

This fragrance is absolutely beautiful. A spicy, rich, fresh, warm cinamon and grapefruit dry down that is downright amazing. One of the best things I have ever smelt. It has great projection and longevity, so 1-2 sprays is plenty. The one bad thing is that it can be overly popular so if you wear this you can be labelled as just another dude who wears one million. I think in a few years when this dies down, I will reach for it again. In summary, it is a youthful, rich and warm scent with an overwhelming popularity that may take away from its appeal.

CH Men Carolina Herrera by BurtReynolds 2015-09-03

I blind bought a 1.7oz bottle of CH Men back in May. I've almost finished it now and I can say it's the closest thing I have to a signature scent. The first time I wore it I had a woman ask what I was wearing. She said it smelled amazing and I totally agree with her. It does.

I do tend to enjoy leathery scents so that may be part of why I like CH Men so much. My only issues with this is that it doesn't last very long on my skin. It turns into a skin scent rather quickly, but it does project decently within those first couple hours. I've noticed plenty of head turns and told many times that I smell great while I've had this on.

As I mentioned, I purchased in May so I've been wearing it mostly during warmer days and haven't had any issues with it being cloying. I have a feeling it's going to perform better on me during fall and winter, but I see this as an overall versatile, all-season fragrance that smells fantastic.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by erkek 2015-09-03

Basic fresh and safe scent. Briefly, bodrum mandarin and cedar with a little bit citrus. Shortly softened citrus. You can a bottle . It will be lovers too.

Scent: 8
Long.: 6.5
Sillage: 7.5

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by MrHearst 2015-09-03

This Just smells like a plum... Not much else, so if you're a fan of plums give this a try. :)

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by mostpeopleheresmellgood 2015-09-03

This fragrance smells really nice, however, a common issue is problems with longevity and projection for a lot of people and is something that I also face. It's smells great but becomes a skin scent after an hour or two, and can completely disappear within a few hours.

Jaipur Homme Boucheron by erkek 2015-09-03

Poor silage and no very long longevity. If you like rochas men or givenchy pi, you like this too. Powdery, creamy clean scent. You may get a few compliment your entourage..

Scent: 7
Longevity: 6
Sillage: 7

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by 2015-09-03

Smell good, nice.
After two bottles Cool Water i try this.
And i smell Chanel ( Aigner Blue Emotion ) Bleu.
Really ? Really

CK One Calvin Klein by mccains 2015-09-03

My best friend during grade school wore this everyday. To me, CK One symbolizes the 90’s; citrus, spicy, musky, unisex and fun. Even when I try to tell myself I don't like this fragrance or don't need it, I smell it and reminisce.. and smile deeply. I mean isn't that what a perfume is suppose to do? The fresh, fruity green top mixed with hints of spice and animalic florals like jasmine, really remind me of being a kid growing up in an urban , concrete jungle.. we didn't have big backyards but CK One lasted through out our adventures (literally walking 100's of blocks and double dutch battles). I adore this fragrance and I hope it lasts to always add another dimension to the pictures and flashbacks.

I noticed that this frag can be purchased in a 15oz / 450ml bottle. Given the monstrous sillage and longevity of this beast (assuming you've got the original formulation) could one person actually use up a whole bottle in ones lifetime? Has anyone out there done so? Speak up!

The Odd Fellow Bouquet Atkinsons by MysteryBuff 2015-09-03

The storied house of Atkinsons (London, 1799) has been reborn (Italy, 2013). What followed was an intriguing catalogue of fragrances in impeccably styled bottles.

The Odd Fellow's Bouquet is a re-issue of a scent created to celebrate the return of Lawrence of Arabia. Atkinsons conjures up the appropriate imagery: "Lawrence of Arabia ensconced in the splendour of a St. James gentleman’s club, its weighty silence broken only by the occasional turning of a sheet of a newspaper, and the Oriental fragrance of Ottoman tobacco issuing from the depths of upholstered winged armchairs… This rarified ambience is conveyed with almondy heliotrope flowers and dark tobacco, heightened with ginger and fiery peppercorn and, finally, deepened with a rich ambery accord of benzoin and labdanum. A fragrance of immense leisure."

The history of the firm and the Lawrence of Arabia story may be the best thing about this fragrance. Although the notes suggest Five O'Clock au Gingembre or Tobacco Vanille, The Odd Fellow's Bouquet is much closer to Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree minus the vanilla, a less distinguished cousin of Bois du Portugal or De Nicolai's New York.

This is a straight up woody oriental in the old school style. It could come across a bit dated and a bit feminine in the opening. Too much amber for my personal taste.

Very pleasant at the end, however, mostly stark woods with slight smoke and sweetness, like the aroma of a sauna.

I love how serious this smells. It's the perfume for a strict piano teacher.

Cuba Gold Cuba Paris by Shivsri 2015-09-03

This surely resembles JPG Le Male, but then is quite enjoyable. A little lighter, the longevity is good and stays close to the skin.

Not as offensive as I thought it would be. But not great. A forgetable, mild, incense that smells like an antique chest.

Ari Ariana Grande by Peachysugarbuns 2015-09-03

The tagline for Ari is, "Playful. Timeless. Confident." Replace those descriptors with, "Childish. Played-out. Cheap." and the tagline will correlate with the fragrance.

Lapidus Pour Homme Ted Lapidus by Rod1969 2015-09-03

I must have fluked an older bottle. I have no longevity or silage issues. Purchased 2013.

On me, this stuff smoulders away for hours from just one spurt to the chest from an outstretched arm, more of a mist than a direct hit.

Smokey pineapple and tobacco with just the right amount of sweetness rose and maybe tonka bean. Its sweet but never sickly.

$30 for 100ml its outstanding bang for buck. I love these heavy hitters.

Rebelle Rihanna by burstoffragrance 2015-09-03

Not really my type of perfume. I'm not good with notes but this smells like a mixture of chocolate and spices.

Eau de Molinard Molinard by KJS88 2015-09-03

Smells like a softer, lemony, more watered down version of Eau de Rochas Pour Homme to be honest. Nothing to write home about.

Bora Bora Liz Claiborne by burstoffragrance 2015-09-03

Simple fragrance. It's sweet tropical-musky smell. Great for office use. At certain days it can be long lasting but I usually end up spraying a lot.

Aventus Creed by Onria 2015-09-03

Finally Aventus is mine! The wait is over.
From first blast I love this! my batch is LT 11 something like that so I don't know if this is a great batch or not.
I care less.
Fruity heaven! Musk and pineapple/apple/bergamot from the opening, leathery smoky woody on the drydown.
The hype is real, very addictive!
I am unsure that the price tag matches though, although I am not upset with my purchase.

Sillage and longevity is great, I can smell it wafting around me and I have sprayed my hand and can whiff that when I desire, I do get the olfactory fatigue though, but others around me can smell it.

That quality musk that a lot of Creed frags have is present an hour later, like that in Himalaya.

I don't feel that this is a projection monster though, and I don't think I am too upset about that, I enjoy this nethertheless.

9/10 overall

Sauvage Christian Dior by Onria 2015-09-03

Okay, so much hype and reviews on this one.
So I tested this at a major retailer, instantly it is very pungent, I am not a major fan of the quality of this frag, although the scent is decent.

I enjoy the fruity quality and aroma this scent lets off, I find the drydown doesn't offer very much though, I do see the similarity to Bleu de Chanel, but for some reason I get a similarity to Jimmy Choo- Man, which isn't a good resemblance in my opinion, I think it may be the quality.

I understand the marketing involved and the direction this scent is going for, so I give it marks of respect there, but I wouldn't purchase this.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by KellyKel 2015-09-03

Le Vie, oh how I wanted to love you. You enticed me and roped me in when I smelled you on that girl at the Lancome counter. But I'm mad at you now because you are one expensive little trickster. You're so pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside Once you got me, you turned into a powdery, syrupy, medicinal smelling mess. After 2 days I'm taking you back from where I got you and there you can lie in wait to trick some other poor unsuspecting soul. Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by KellyKel 2015-09-03

Every time I wear this, a man is enthralled by it and asks me what it is so he can get it for his wife or girlfriend. I love the patchouli, white flowers, and tea in this. One of my all time favorites.

Amethyst Lalique by mllekuz 2015-09-03

I have a 98% full bottle of this if anyone would like to swap!

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by mikenac 2015-09-03

I'm not a fan of this. The "overripe orange" flavor is rabid on my skin. After this fades to a non offensive level, there is some spice, but I just don't get this one. I tried twice and washed it off both times.

NOT a safe blind purchase.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by mikenac 2015-09-03

I smell warm, creamy vanilla, and perhaps cocoa? I do understand the comments about the "lipstick smell". This lasts long for me (8+ hours).

Women want to get closer to you when you wear this for sure.

This says "We can cuddle on a blanket in front of the fire".

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by mikenac 2015-09-03

As mentioned, this is spicy, but way less sweet than Spice Bomb. It is much more complex , darker, and more refined. I don't find that it has the "here he is" projection of Spice Bomb, adequate but not great.

I wear this to work, and I cannot imagine it offending anyone.

This says, "I am wearing an Armani suit, but also a samurai sword".

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