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Red Door Elizabeth Arden by jake.shouse 2014-07-22

I do like this Red Door in this bottle this is the vintage and this lasts about like White Diamonds would very beautiful scent must Rebuy again soon.

Secretions Magnifiques Etat Libre d`Orange by ParfumFetiche 2014-07-22

This review is based on their sample. Finally got a hold of it after hearing so much about it. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed because it doesn't smell anything like semen (and I am a man). It opens up with nice milky iris then turns into Tauer's plasticky Reverie with a metallic tinge. It has good projection and longevity on my skin.

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle by pcgtboy 2014-07-22

I have a 1.7oz (50mL) of this fragrance oil for sale if anyone's interested. It has both the sprayer top and the "dropper" cap with the box included.

Precious Woods April Aromatics by jreily88 2014-07-22

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this one. All I got was a very faint cedar wood.

Matty64, not sure what your question is, but if you're asking if natural perfumes are better than commercial ones, in my opinion, they are. You can "replicate" the true scent of something with synthetics, but only the true essential oil or absolute is going to give you the true smell. The only downside to naturals is that they usually aren't as strong or last as long on the skin as synthetics do.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by miguel.a.peralta.71 2014-07-22

I dont like it at all. For me it's 1 of the worst

Black Sugar Aquolina by c3c 2014-07-22

If you like Gold Sugar or M. Micallef Vanille Aoud then you will enjoy Black Sugar. While it doesn't smell exactly like either of those, it could sit on a shelf with them as family members.

It is cozy and warm as beaty_girl suspected. Sweet but not over the top.
First spray opening notes are lovely, then yes a bit of a strange masculine bug spray phase, but this is brief. That is the part that really makes me think of Gold Sugar, however with Black Sugar it quickly fades. Where I had a brief "uh-oh" moment, shortly after I noticed something very nice in the air, and this is where it stayed. Slightly masculine but still feminine enough to not smell like men's cologne. Sweet, cozy, vanillic, oud, warm, maybe just a tiny hint of smokiness in the background.
Give it a chance to adjust before you decide. I'm glad I decided to blind buy.

Fleur de Cristal Lalique by Aliakatt 2014-07-22

I recently tried the sample of this that I purchased several months back. My feelings on this are a little mixed. Initially it was way to sweet on me. Overwhelming jasmine note, and while I do love jasmine, it was too much. Once it dried down it mellowed considerably. I now detect more of the carnation, which I normally like, but it is still far too sweet for my tastes. I think I would like it more if the sandalwood were a little more prominent on me. I do like that it is a lighter fragrance, and very lasting.

Zen Summer Shiseido by Karineabdel 2014-07-22

Very interesting ! A Nice mix of freshness And fruitiness.Very glad to have it !

Polo Blue Ralph Lauren by Jay T 2014-07-22

J'ai été très déçu par cet. Aucun de la puissance de celui du père. Très sûr très ennuyeux. Je suppose qu'il n'y a rien comme la Polo originale. Il n'ya pas de substitut à mon avis. Les ingrédients ressemblent ils pourraient être intéressant, peut-être comme un nouveau "Escape", mais ils ne sont pas près.

Lollipop Bling Honey Mariah Carey by ChristopherK21 2014-07-22

I personally disagree with any comment that has been made against this fragrance saying that it is "cheap." I actually feel the oppisite way. I think Honey by Mrs. Mariah Carey is a lovely fruity summer scent! I think the bottle is absolutely gorgeous, and I own it in two sizes: 1oz (30ml) and 3.4oz (100ml). I use the 3.4oz as my regular bottle and the 1oz as my travel bottle.

I feel as though most people are dissapointed and let down by the scent because it does not necessarily correlate with the name of the perfume. Honey is not supposed to be a full on "Honey" smelling scent. It's a fruity tropical scent that goes along with the Mariah song and music video which is set on a tropical island. Mariah fans, like myself, will know and understand this concept and will be able to appreciate this perfume for what it symbolizes.

Right now, during the hot summer months, I find myself using this fragrance quite a lot, as it is a refreshing cool fruity scent, which is perfect for the hot weather!

I honestly love it, and can say it is one of my favorite MC fragrances from her entire collection!

I definitely recommend this perfume!

Kalemat Arabian Oud by bnicholasboo 2014-07-22

Top Notch Frag. By far, the best blind buy I've ever made.

BCBG Max Azria Bon Chic Max Azria by ChristopherK21 2014-07-22

Smelled this today in my local Marshalls store, and while I do think it's a gorgeous scent, with a pretty bottle, I was left feeling dissapointed because it smelled EXACTLY like another perfume that I already own, which is Mariah Carey's Lollipop Bling Honey perfume! Like side by side, they smelled SO CLOSE to one another! And the funny thing is, they both are in similarly colored yellow bottles! I paid about 20 dollars cheaper for my Honey perfume too, so I was not about to spend way more money for something similar in my opinion!

Definitely not a bad fragrance, pretty bottle, and will keep it in mind for the future! :) Just not what I am looking for right now!

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by In Vogue 2014-07-22

This is a powerhouse, in the tradition of big 80's scents. I tried a little on my wrists, and could smell a cloud of it around me, so the sillage is immense. A little goes a long way. It's also long-lasting, since it took quite a few attempts to wash it off. At first spray it was a floral-oriental, but almost instantly, the oriental part took over, and overpowered the floral notes. It smells warm, ambery, but that's probably the sandalwood, because it has that sticky, pungent, skin-like quality, and it's a little unisex. Yes, I think a man could wear this. The dry-down has that expensive Estee Lauder musk scent, which isn't surprising, since Ford is a huge fan of Youth Dew.

All in all, I wasn't impressed by this, because it's indistinctive, and lacks originality. I also find the name misleading, as it's not really a floral-oriental. It would probably appeal to those looking for a warm, cozy blanket of a scent, with an echo of their own skin.

Cologne of Love Le Couvent des Minimes by rschmidt65 2014-07-22

This is very nice in summer. I keep a bottle in the fridge and spritz liberally when I get home. The opening is creamsicle + orange blossom. This faces quickly and it becomes more of a vanilla fragrance. The vanilla, like it's cousin Eau des Missiones, is somewhat akin to Spiritueuse Double Vanille. Here the orange blossom sticks around and complicates things nicely. Surprisingly for a natural cologne it lasts quite awhile (6-8 hours) even in really hot weather.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by riffjim4069 2014-07-22

@ecerusen you nailed your review! A*Men is my least favorite of the line for that very is sicky-sweet and a bit funky too. I absolutely love Pure Malt, Pure Havane, Pure Wood and like Leather, Taste and Energy but this one is...well, it's not my favorite.

I am downgrading my like (only because it wasn't bad when layered with Pure Malt and it projected like a beast) to dislike. I find A*Men to be like an annoying ADHD kid who won't sit down and won't shutup.

Dior Homme Dior by camposg 2014-07-22

This is absolutley beautiful. It is way better than the original and honestly I never thaught that possible for a reformulation or had ever seen that. It is a little pricey still but if you have the money then spend it. This is HIGH quality juice on top of the game. I cant comment on performace because I sprayed on my wrist and then layered it by mistake...25 and up, preferably daytime but can pull off at night with no problem. 10 out of 10

Tommy Tommy Hilfiger by Felipe Peixoto 2014-07-22

This is such a lovely fragrance! It reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger store at Premium Outlets International Drive, Orlando/FL. When I got the place, there were salespeople spraying on paper strips, so part of the store was in a beautiful fragrance cloud. This was the first time I tried it and I loved from the first sniff, although I didn't purchase at the time. It is very fresh, clean, soft, has something metallic to it (which I personally love). I always wear Tommy when I'm running my errands or hanging out with friends.

Fahrenheit Dior by Sailinder 2014-07-22

Name: Fahrenheit
Perfume company: Christian Dior.
Perfumers: Maurice Roger, Jean Louis Sieuzac.
Released in: 1988.
Concentration: Eau de Toilette.
Gender: Male.
Professional Fragrance Classification:
▪ The Technical Commission of the French Society of Perfumers;
B7 - Fleuri boisé (Floral woody).
▪ Michael Edwards; Woods fresh.
My rating (on paper and on my skin): 10/10.
Date of review: July 22nd 2014.

The original version of Fahrenheit was a stunning masterpiece, consisting out of various magnificently crafted contrasts, which maintained tensions throughout the perfume. An elusive, intriguing and intoxicating perfume which evoked a beautiful 'autumn feeling': The last show of summer splendour with everywhere the brilliant fall of colourful leafs... (first phase), rainy days with an earthy smell... (middle phase), and a world preparing for the coming winter…(end phase).

The first reformulation was around 1998 and contained much less violet, Iso E Super, less honeysuckle etc. It was the first time the ‘gasoline scent’ - largely deriving from the chamomile note- became noticeable, but it wasn’t that distinct yet. It was still reasonably blended with all the other notes. The first reformulation overall was weaker, and radiated less contrasts. While the vintage was a 10/10, the first reformulation was an 8.5-9.0 in my opinion.

In the second reformulation (around 2005) the 'gasoline scent' overall emerged clearer at the surface, and it also became the leading note during the middle phase. Caused by the fact that several other ingredients were toned down even further.

The current Fahrenheit was launched in 2008; the ‘gasoline scent’ is absent, but the perfume overall has been diluted and weakened even further. It has become a ‘soapy’ fragrance almost without contrasts or transitions. The smell is still unique and someone who never knew the vintage version could like it. However, my memory would always keep comparing.
The unique smell that made Fahrenheit the outstanding floral woody perfume it once was, has disappeared with the third reformulation for about 95%.

Sadly, I have just one bottle of the classic 1988 version; a 50 ml./1.7 oz. silver limited edition bottle produced in 1993, which I use quit sparingly (mostly just once or twice every Autumn). It took me many years and a lot of failed purchases, but in the end I was delighted to find this one in a pristine condition. I can say out of experience that it has almost become impossible to find genuine bottles from the first version after so many years, kept in perfect condition.

S. Oedairamsingh

Pomelos No 21 M. Micallef by lizakaya 2014-07-22

I find the initial blasts of Pomelo to be similar to Chanel Cristalle, the dry down is much woodier with plenty of oak moss. The longevity is pleasing and the sillage is just more than moderate.

I also bought this as a refill bottle on ebay for a song. An excellent blind buy as well as a bargain.

Buy this. I purchased the oil and spray, and together, the scent is fantastic. It is very true to how you would think creamy pistachio smells. Great for everyday use.

Royale Blue Rasasi by Mango Plantation 2014-07-22

Would you gentlemen think this may be used as unisex? The notes look wonderful for summer - thank you!

Escada Magnetism Escada by nelise29 2014-07-22

I bought this as a blind buy at Ross. I don't really detect the caramel note. It is sweet, more of a cotton candy sweet. It smells very similar to P. H. Can can and hope, love denim.

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by Poboijosh 2014-07-22

@Sherapop: It's not Summer everywhere in the world simultaneously... it's Winter in Australia right now, and they are HUGE Tom Ford fans, and I think even more than Americans, hence why they received Velvet Orchid a few months before the States did, which was about the time that Fall was ending and Winter was beginning in Australia...

DKNY Delicious Night Donna Karan by Eaugirlspirit 2014-07-22

Personally I find the blackberry in this similar to the chocolatey berry in TF Black Orchid. But in order to feel this jammy, almost chocolate-like blackberry note, you have to wait 5-10 minutes after initial spray.
The initial burst is actually tart and sharp, but don't let that fool you.
In a few seconds the blackberry note takes over, and you can smell with it the spicy ginger, incense, spices, and musk. You have to wait for it to mellow out on your skin in order to appreciate the heart of this scent, which so many reviewers before me explained so well!
The vanilla comes later, in the drydown and it is oh so gorgeous, like a little reward for getting through the beginning of sharp citrus (pomelo) ginger and fruit.
DKNY needs to bring this back on the shelves....

Valentina Valentino by mp2491 2014-07-22

It is a wonderful scent and though it is not the same, it reminds me of L'air de Nina Ricci (which now seems to be discontinued in my area and makes me super sad!) But anyway, it is floral, sweet, and has a little hint of a woodsy base note to it once it settles in. The sweetness is not overwhelming to me.
However, it has no lasting power on my skin. I can't smell it after 1 hr and the only place that it actually lasts for a decent time is when i spray it in my hair.
I am still debating on whether I want to buy the full size. If anyone knows a perfume that's similar to L'air de Nina Ricci, please let me know!!!

A very fresh, clean-smelling, feminine, and fruity body splash. Didn't really pick out raspberry, but I could definitely smell the peach and apple. All the fruit notes blended together really well and it smells very green. I was expecting this to be a bit sweeter, but I like it anyway. It doesn't smell gourmand at all - this is more like a fresh out of the shower, clean and shampooed smell. :) Great to use as a room/linen spray.

Cool Water Night Dive Davidoff by johannbale 2014-07-22

Another blind buys. Fruity Cool Water yet not really fruity. Opening just OK, nothing special for the first hour. The drydown just OK. Scents just OK. Light in its power. Terrible for its longevity. WAY OUT OF MY EXPECTATION.

scent 6/10
longevity 4/10 (3+hrs on my skin)
sillage 5/10

Overall 50/100

'Not too recommended' unless you don't really care why most superheroes wear their underwear on the outside.

Just Cavalli Him Roberto Cavalli by MrEnvy 2014-07-22

I don't get how anyone can compare this to Dior Homme...anyway it smells like Mont Blanc Emblem but not as nice, pass

Nice fragrance
Same scent as cool water Davidoff
Great summer perfume

Aqua for Him Avon by krayonkid 2014-07-22

This does have resemblance to Davidoff's Cool Water, but only in the opening & heart, as it lacks the depth and signature tobacco & wood notes.

Perhaps this could be considered a cheap alternative though, as I am wearing this in the heart of winter and I can still smell it faintly on my wrists and chest... So this might just be a killer in summer.

where to buy it? Is it available online ?

Azzaro pour Homme Intense Azzaro by anguslairdmcangus 2014-07-22

Azzaro Intense accomplishes what so few "concentrated" versions of classic EDTs seem to do: it delivers significantly increased longevity and sillage while remaining faithful to the scent profile of the original. For this alone, it should be lauded as a great accomplishment.

I get 12+ hours of strong projection and wonderful, spicy, anisic lavender!

Highly recommended.

Cote d`Azur Oribe by Sherihan 2014-07-22

Creative bottle design

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by ecerusen 2014-07-22

on me this fumes smell like "black orchid l'eau" or "black orchid edt". very similar with BO but in a less cloying way.

sillage and longevity is great as same as all tom ford products.

Cuir Noir Giorgio Armani by sharmap14 2014-07-22

they should have named this candy oud, lol i get a sweet slightly rosy syrupy oud leather scent. its really intoxicating TBH didnt think of it much at first but then i couldnt stop sniffing my wrist. its like someone mixed oud oil in some cream soda. good job armani but for 260$ the longevity and projection are terrible

Or des Scythes Novaya Zarya by Yohji 2014-07-22

Or des Scythes Novaya Zarya or “Gold of the Scythes” by other words
Favourite perfume of Russian house Novaya Zarya for many people from former USSR. Original formula was created in 50-s in Soviet era.
The golden jewellery, Gold Scythian pectoral, that you could see on the original box of this fragrance (not on this page unfortunately) is the one that Queen of Scythes was wearing herself on her neck.
The name of this fragrance was influenced by the tribe of scythes, (ancient iranian tribes who came on slavic lands in VI centure BC and created new Scytho-Siberian"culture) who buried their people together with all their gold, so probably till these days gold-diggers are looking for such places in hope to find hidden treasures of those legendary people, who's history surrounded by the thousands of myths

Modern formula is modern formula, producers go for cheaper substitutes BUT, again, lots of people who used to wear and love this perfume in 70-80-s, comment, that its still very much Or des Scythes...And as before you need just one spray, no more, to last for hours
So yes, after almost 20 years - I Am happy to wear it again

All is wild, intriguing and elegant at the same time in Or des Scythes, - wild honey, warmed by the sun heathy grass and bergamot, spicy carnation, in the heart – amber and patchouli turning into apple blossom, very aphoridisiac-y, dry down -from moss and vanilla with sandal...
Its Nature's evening time, time before the sunset. Season – August-September, rich, mysterious, calm, strong, sensual.
You will be taken on those fields of scythes and, hopefully, your imagination will reveal you something you never knew before.

Ungaro Party Emanuel Ungaro by drugstore classics 2014-07-22

Hmmmm. These notes look like Charlie White. Anyone tried both of them to compare?

By Dolce&Gabbana by sharmap14 2014-07-22

After reading all these reviews i thought to myself this must be something special, found a bottle rotting at an independant fragrance store in the middle of nowhere. bought it and opened it inside the store to see what all the hype was about. this could have been a winner back in the day when it came out because there might not have been anything like it, but now 2014, pretty much every deisgner fragrance house has something that smells like it or much better than it. chanel, armani, ferragamo. it smells pretty generic and nothing special. yeah the bottle is cool and stands out but the fragrance itself isn't anything to be going all crazy about.

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by sherapop 2014-07-22

What a strange perfume to launch in the middle of the blazing summer. I say this because Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is very sweet and thick and oriental. Definitely a winter-time scent... The very name connotes warmth and blankets and exactly the opposite of what we are seeking to combat the heat right now.

This composition smells so familiar to me, but I cannot say exactly what it smells like. Probably the thick caramel and vanilla which overlap with hundreds of fragrances today. The honey here is positively sticky. Why in the world are there four rock star perfumers involved in this project? How difficult can it be to throw some vanilla, honey, and caramel into Black Orchid and give it a stir? Reminds me of the lightbulb joke... Too many cooks?

I much prefer both Voile de Fleur and the original Black Orchid to this flanker. It's just too sweet. I might have a more positive take on this in the middle of winter, but Velvet Orchid appeared in July, so that's when I'm testing it.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by ecerusen 2014-07-22

the first time i!ll write a very very short review, here it comes :

"sickly sweet and neverending."

thats all.

Ed Hardy Love Is... Christian Audigier by KaelanLovesPerfume 2014-07-22

Fruity, sweet, fizzy, smells great. However, the lasting power is absolutely terrible. It faded quickly after about 10 minutes and was just a distant memory by the time half an hour came around. While it does smell good, it's not unique. Also, for those of you who don't know.. this perfume is oil based. Remember the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Double Body Mists? The ones where you had to shake up before you used them? That's what this perfume is... when i sprayed it on my skin it was so oily and shiny.. it had looked as if i had rubbed Vaseline on my skin. Definitely do not recommend, although i LOVE the idea for this.. it's very poor quality and not worth the money.

Espresso Royale Sebastiane by Manny44 2014-07-22

You can get it at Indie Scents.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by brandonR 2014-07-22

Thierry Mugler's house thought that they were going to pull the wool over my eyes with their shitty reformulation. Well, they were wrong and I want my goddamn money back. Imagine an opened 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola sitting in your refrigerator for about 2 weeks. That's the A Men reformulation in a nutshell. The harsh tar note in the beginning has been smoothed out, making the once epic opening that had so much character; flat, boring and watered down.

I would rather design houses discontinue these scents all together instead of trying to trick us into thinking it's the same fragrance. It's NOT the same fragrance. All the while charging us the same amount of money for less of what we used to get. Oh well, at least I've still got my beloved and original formulated B Men.

True Reflection Kim Kardashian by Aliakatt 2014-07-22

Purchased a sample of this. I liked it, but it didn't wow. There was nothing that truly stood out. I also found it faded to just a hint of a powdery scent within an hour on me. On the upside, it wasn't a heavy scent, and not cloying.

Nuit Etoilee Annick Goutal by Turtledove 2014-07-22

I love this so much, it's like leaving your windows open for a cool night breeze. The opening has this juicy leafy green-ness with the mint and pine that I just love! It feels outdoorsy and natural without being too "wild," if that makes sense, like a night walk through a park. It definitely has a cool, evening feel to it, like that woodsy smell that starts rising from the ground after the sun is down.

It starts out really crisp and leafy with a lemony citrus sparkle, then gets more woodsy-evergreen as time goes on, and in the drydown it has a hint of powdery sweetness to it underneath the warm pine. It has a touch of resin to it. Although it stays mainly green, the resin is ambery-sweet rather than bitter/dry. It's actually kind of interesting how it transitions from cool to just a little warm, I'm curious to try the EDP, which is supposed to emphasize the warmth a little more.

Adam Levine for Men Adam Levine by frednugentesq 2014-07-22

I have never tried this but when I read that there was Guava in the notes the first thing that came to mind was BO lol. Then I read the reviews.
I work in a grocery store, Produce department. When we get Guava in the entire department reeks of very strong BO Disgusting!
Never would I buy this cologne.

John Galliano John Galliano by nikoleta1 2014-07-22

Beautiful bottle and a box, very artists and romantic work, however the perfume is heavy on essence with synthetic origins, nothing else is going on there, unfortunately this perfume didn't work for me, I wanted it for a long time.

Monaco-Dependant Smell Bent by Museumgal 2014-07-22

Some green notes in the opening then a lovely, tropical, heady orange blossom. Sweet, still a little green like the flowers just opened. The resins make it extra sweet and enhances the natural sweetness of the florals. Great for spring or summer. A good one for white floral fans, especially orange blossom. Lasts well, not too strong but the sillage is noticeable, surrounds you in a nice cloud of scent.

4711 Original Eau de Cologne Maurer & Wirtz by Mango Plantation 2014-07-22

I really like the scent, unfortunately, it doesn't last past 3 minutes. Beautiful lemon and cedar - but I can't recommend a purchase, as it just breaks your heart at how fast it fades. I'm sure this is just ment to be a 'refresher' spritz -

Carven Le Parfum Carven by verdigris 2014-07-22

WARNING: mostly negative review ahead

I received a sample with a recent retail purchase and from the notes listed on this page I thought I might enjoy the scent. I am sorry to report that on my skin this is a complete scrubber disaster.

After the opening sweet pea bomb (duration maybe 10 minutes) this morphs into a patchouli/sandalwood/English Leather train wreck that honestly might smell great on certain men (think Mickey Rourke) but totally reeks on me and, most unfortunately, has incredible longevity. Despite the fact that I scrubbed vigorously to remove it I fear I may be marked with this stuff well into next week.

I am not one to avoid scents marketed to men if the notes are right but this one totally shocked me in how quickly -and vehemently- it switched gender. Gentlemen, get a sample of this and see if it works for you; ladies should under no circumstances buy it without a prior test, unless you really like uber macho scents and don't mind telegraphing that across the room and then some...

My unfortunate experience with this fragrance could be a quirk of olfactory wiring, and to those of you who do well with it I offer a heartfelt 'hooray'/'hoo-yah'. Too bad that this one is just not within my comfort zone.

Eau de Passion Men Franck Olivier by omesh17 2014-07-22

Smells like Platinum Egoiste. It's a little stronger in my opinion. Would recommend to try. For 20 bucks you can't go wrong.

Escada Moon Sparkle pour Homme Escada by xoxoMyke 2014-07-22

Moon Sparkle pour Homme is an extremely fresh spicy, casual daytime scent. The fragrance is dominated by black pepper and a tame, non-descript sweet note. I’m guessing that sweet note is ginger or mandarin (or a combo of both). Eventually, the cedar note comes through and the fragrance is over. It’s not a bad fragrance by any means; it’s just completely generic and a run of the mill fresh spicy, sporty fragrances for men with a slight aquatic touch. With its low price point, it’d be a nice starter fragrance for a young man… but it’s still too generic to be a signature scent. The only interesting thing about this fragrance is the name – it’s quite amusing!

I purchased this fragrance a year ago, mid-summer of 2013. Smelling it today, the summer days of 2014, I am taken back exactly a year ago. Initially, I didn’t like it. I gave the fragrance a chance with multiple wearings over the course of the year I've had it. It just doesn’t do anything for me…. Besides take back to summer of 2013 and the fond memories I have from that time period. It was a good time. So I’ll keep the bottle around for nostalgia.

With my indifferent opinion on Moon Sparkle for men, if you ever come across the copy-cat designer oil for Moon Sparkle, BUY IT! The oil comes in a rich blue color. The dupe oil is everything the fragrance SHOULD have been. The dominant, overbearing pepper note is reduced. The sweet note is in full force, but the fragrance oil remains completely masculine. The sweetness is complemented by the mandarin and kept fresh with the controlled pepper. Buy the copycat oil if you’re truly interested in this fragrance.

I got a sample today from Macy's. I've had it on my wrist for about three hours. On my other wrist, I have on my Prada Candy.

I much prefer Prada Candy because it doesn't have the other notes getting in the way of vanilla and caramel. Both are about the same sweetness, neither of which is extreme at all.

But the Viva Gold just has an odd mix of notes that don't work well. Berries and flowers and woody stuff -- oh, my. it's a cacaphony, I tell ya.

I'm sticking with Prada Candy for my comfort fix.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by flowers-in-the-springtime 2014-07-22

Ok ok, so I was wrong, I apologise for being so hasty in judging this bottle of juice. Please disregard my former review.
I re tried this perfume and total love for me!! That sweet, yumpshus, delectable patchouli, mouthwatering toffee and wow!! Pepper and spice!! Unique and gorgeous. This perfume could well be my signature, it's THAT good!
JC is rather dramatic and noticeable, it makes me feel beautiful and dressed up. If one is having a bad hair day, JC will give you great self esteem because of its total fabulosity.
The longevity is pretty good and the dry down is definitely softer but still gourmand and delicious!
I love it! It may be a popular perfume but it won't stop me wearing it as it seems to have a life of its own, depending on which body it's on.
Highly recommended!!!!

Sous Bois Parfums Retro by jeca 2014-07-22

This one I like the most out of all three ;o) It has a great floral part that I enjoy very much. It also a nice woody, almost gourmand, slightly animalic, and still very masculine.

Santal Superbe Parfums Retro by jeca 2014-07-22

A very clean aromatic sandal with lots of lavender, very enjoyable. It turns spicier and woodier, but stays clean. Very nice ;o)

I would say it is typical Kurkdjian, if I may say that. It reminds me of Elie Saab, but less loud and sweet, more soapy clean, more lily-of-the-valley and orange blossom of course. I smell rose deep inside its layers. Very smooth, very cheerful.

AB Silver Lomani by Madholm 2014-07-22

Bought this instead of a decant of Aventus, but I'm not blown away by it. Smells pretty dead on with the other reviews here. Initial spray is very synthetic smelling and almost straight up plastic. If it's warm out it projects a little better, but generally is short lived even with putting on 7-8 sprays this morning, but I'll try it out on fabric next time. This scent isn't making me want to rush out to purchase Aventus, but it's fairly pleasant after the first 5m up to about 2 hours and it's gone after 3-4 hours of being a skin scent with only some trace elements (faint powdery scent) remaining by 5-6 hours. I will go on a mission to blow through this in order to free up space or see if anyone with Aventus is willing to swap a small decant for their own comparisons.

Black Sugar Aquolina by perfumeaddiction 2014-07-22

magdalinasugar I was so sad to see your review - I can't help but wonder if you got a bad bottle. I did not get the bug spray thing at all. What I got was almost the same as Sensual yet with a roasted marshmellow mild OUD thing. But it did not at all smell buggy. I would send those back something does not sound right.

And nope this is not ground breaking perfume it's so close to the pink and sensual brand with just that hint of OUD. My boys say it smells like skittles. message me I am curious about your bottles. I would send them back and not throw them out.

Nautica Voyage Nautica by camposg 2014-07-22

I sampled this today and i was blown away. Out of 7 scents this one stood out and is the one I will purchase. Ordinarily I am not a fan of apple because chrome legend ruined that for me but this was love at first sniff. I highly recommend this. It is college and above, def. daytime scent

I'm working my way through the Olympic Orchids catalog and this one is a huge surprise to me. It was an afterthought--I needed to pick a tenth sample for my sample pack, and thought, eh, what the heck.

This is such a gorgeous perfume. It's a rich, sweet, yummy rose with enough earthy notes to ground it so it doesn't smell like a confection. I'll concede that the longevity is not great, especially compared to some of Ellen Covey's other perfumes.

I get a strong Tom Ford Noir de Noir vibe from this, which is high praise coming from me--NdN is one of my top 5 all time favorite perfumes.

Seattle Chocolate & Sakura are also both absolutely stunning.

The Vert & Bigarade L`Occitane en Provence by lady_baskerville 2014-07-22

I usually go for super sweet, super feminine fragrances (never unisex) so I wasn't really expecting to enjoy this when I landed a sample of it.

It just goes to show that you should always venture out of your comfort zone once in a while, because I LOVE this for summer. It's strong but in a fresh way, and the bitter orange note sings LOUDLY on my skin. Will I shell out for a full size bottle when this sample runs out? I'm not sure, there are a lot of scents on my wish list. But this is very nice, no doubt.

Le Beau Male Jean Paul Gaultier by camposg 2014-07-22

I am a hugh le male fan because this cologne shattered civilization but i cannot recommend this version of le beau. Im sorry to say it is horrible and doesn't resemble the original at all. Pass for sure

Le Male Terrible Jean Paul Gaultier by camposg 2014-07-22

This is a beautiful incredible scent. High quality and perfoms well. I agree with reviewers that it is inviting. It has the original le male dna but it is not the same for sure. I highly recommend. I see it as more of a daytime scent for 21 and up although if your a little younger you can pull off depending on how you carry yourself. Its blended so well def. a little powdery

Dolce Vita Dior by lady_baskerville 2014-07-22

My boyfriend reckons this smells 'a bit old ladyish' - but I don't care!!

This is a divine fragrance, sweet spicy and utterly delicious. I'll admit that on my skin the cinnamon note is pretty potent and veers slightly close to the 'BO' line (but falls just on the right side of it thank goodness), but in my opinion that just gives it an earthy, sexy edge which is a bit more enticing than some other perfumes.

The spicy notes are really noticeable at first, but the scent is sweeter and fruitier as it dries down. Towards the end of its lifetime on the skin it's quite powdery on me, but I like that a lot. Not a safe blind buy, but well worth a look.

Acqua di Gio Essenza Giorgio Armani by camposg 2014-07-22

This stuff is so beautiful. Blended to perfection. Does not resemble the original at all to my nose. Only thing is it smells sophisticated so dressing bummy or thinking your wearing this to go by milk at the grocers is out of the question. This is def. daytime work if you work wearing a suit not construction! daytime date. really lite if your wearing for school because it performs well. I would say mid-twenties and up. I def. recommend

Chrome United Azzaro by camposg 2014-07-22

I tried it today and honestly not bad. It does not resemble the original chrome at all. I got sort of a baby lotion vibe at the begining? died down fairly quickly so the perfomance is not that strong but I would recommend for sure. The only thing is its not a cologne you wear "bummy" i would get dressed casual nice for this because its quality

Envy Me Gucci by butterfly29 2014-07-22

this is what i love....

I tried this today and honestly theres a sour note that I cannot get past. It does not smell in anyway like the original classic

Espresso Royale Sebastiane by ancaan 2014-07-22

Where can I find this? Thanks.

Le Pamplemousse Miller Harris by darkroomvisitor 2014-07-22

I sniffed this today and instantly said it was a copy of Memory of Kindness. Since I like that one this one appealed to me too. However, I subconciously accuse the maker of this that she is very strongly influenced by the masterpiece of Christopher Brosius. And I don't forgive copying.
But if you're not familiar with his work, don't let my opinion stop you from trying, for it isn't bad. The comments below quite nail it.

Splendor Elizabeth Arden by VanillaTabbyCat1963 2014-07-22

I have been getting rid of the excess in my fragrance collection. Those fragrances that I enjoy owning, but don't move my soul.

That didn't stop me from buying Spendor on a whim. The best whimsical purchase I've made.

I had heard it was a floral with a prominent LOTV accord, one of my favorite florals, so much so I got burnt out from it for several years. Happily, though florals have reclaimed their place as my favorite fragrance category. Really, I am just an old fashioned girl with her heart in the 19th century, and feet in the 21st.

Splendor is an olafactory journey through a garden of my favorite flowers.Soft, powdery purples and blues. I am in heaven. I bought it for peanuts at Ross, and it is so much better than many I have paid 4 times more for. I hope it will be available for a long, long time.

A real treat for me is mixing Splendor with a couple spritzes of Insolence and a little LouLou. Pure magic!!

Amethyst Lalique by shivabglr 2014-07-22

this is like my wildest fruity fantasies coming true,

it's just not a perfume to me, it's a scent that takes me places,

like being in a thick, dark forest, with all kinds of wild berry bushes and trees everywhere,

the smell is INTOXICATING,

it's linear, doesn't develop very much, but it's very long lasting with big sillage,
yes, it smells like a very nice and expensive shampoo, so don't expect it to be something else, it's quite a crowd pleaser too,

it's simply very fruity and intoxicating,
yet the freshness, and the very slight pepperiness puts me in a truly relaxing state of mind,

I've loved it for many months now, and I think I'm gonna be in love with it for a very long time :-)

English Leather English Leather by riffjim4069 2014-07-22

Horrible, terrible and cheap smelling crap! However, it really did smell delightful after sniffing Hai Karate and Brut 33. Go figure!

Shania Starlight Shania Twain by mad.kat.96 2014-07-22

smells weirdly like hair spray to me, very chemical. Not liking this one, sorry

Legend Michael Jordan by riffjim4069 2014-07-22

Champykilo, it sounds like you're a Legend in your own mind. (LOL) My bottle of MJL arrives tomorrow so I'll update very soon.

Armani Eau d’Aromes Giorgio Armani by antonpan 2014-07-22

A nice surprise from Armani. A fragrance of 100% Olivier Polge style and as I've understood his last work not for Chanel. If you like Dior Homme Cologne from 2007 and miss it the new Armani can be a high quality substition. It starts off with a quite ordinary smell of a tangerine peel, but the dry down is pure heaven! The second stage is cotton-y, even milky-y with a sweet warmth of the regular Dior Homme in the background. The final phase introduces some unobtrusive spiceness/ginger to the composition. In fact we get spicier and sweeter fantasy on Dior Homme Cologne 2007 theme.

Unfortunately, Eau d'Aromes is a very light scent that stays close to skin. Nevertheless it is extremely well done.

Jeu d’Amour Kenzo by Claire84 2014-07-22

I didn't think much of the bottle, as Endymion says it's very reminiscent of an Avon one!

The immediate thing that struck me after spraying it was how much it smelled like bubblegum!

It's a fun, young scent, and I think I might treat myself to a bottle. :D

CK IN2U for Her Calvin Klein by lady_baskerville 2014-07-22

This is a nostalgic fragrance for best friend used to wear this when we were in our late teens and the only reason I didn't get a bottle of my own was because it was her signature!

Because it's youthful and informal, it makes a perfect summer scent, and I'm a sucker for citrus paired with sweet spices and/or vanilla.

In my opinion the bright citrus gives this a lovely sharp edge that sets it apart from the usual sweet summer scents.

D&G Anthology La Lune 18 Dolce&Gabbana by perfumeproblem777 2014-07-22

Anyone else get a strong banana scent with this one? It's lovely, but reading the notes, it doesn't smell anything like them. Except the floral. Really light and nice smell. I like it =)

Eternal Oud By Kilian by ularewolf 2014-07-22

Because the Arabian Nights line wasn't expensive enough.

it just makes sense...boucheron pour homme for the colder months and boucheron edt fraicheur for the summertime...both are exquisite...and when you look at the prices for both...unbelievable !! Top quality !!

Olene Diptyque by InfirmièreParfumée 2014-07-22

Olene Eau De Jasmine ... is what they should have called this truly wonderful fragrance from Diptyque.

Just like my favorite Eau Moheli. This floral fragrance reminds me of my childhood in the islands. The true jasmine scent is captured in the bottle. No hint of anything if they packed a ton of real fresh jasmine flowers in the bottle and made them into liquid.

The scent is just super nice and super real. Very much floral, very much jasmine.

If you dislike jasmine or anything floral, this perfume is not for you. As a matter of fact, if you don't like anything floral....I have nothing left to say.

Diptyque Olene is a wonderful fragrance. Worn day or night, I concur.

Old or young, go ahead !

Do Son Diptyque by InfirmièreParfumée 2014-07-22

Fresh and lovely tuberose up in the air at its finest. This is what Do Son is all about once it is sprayed. Very, very much so !

What I love about Diptyque fragrances is that once I spray it,I can totally tell what fine note it has. Like Do Son... "Tuberose !" Amazing !

I love tuberose.

If you don't like tuberose anything, this is not for you.

Do Son is very tuberose. From top note to base note.

It is not that overpowering. Just enough to please ... like real flowers in the garden during a nice sunny weather.

Great for the day.

1881 Cerruti by JaxTheMinx 2014-07-22

Someone here remarked on the marbled cap versus the golden cap. I've only ever seen pics of the marbled cap but just acquired a blind-buy one with a golden cap. I cannot yet remark on the sillage. The staying power of this EDT on my dry skin is negligible - sadly. As for the fragrance I was expecting to find, it's totally off the mark (of MY expectation mind you). I had hopes of a very powdery retro fragrance. This is certainly reminiscent of the late 80's/early 90's and truly an easy to wear and non-offensive one.

Still, it's not entirely what I had hoped and it has too little body for my liking. I also get a bit of a burnt rubber smell 20 minutes in. Bleh. I will give it a few more chances in warmer weather. It would make for a great office wear fragrance. Mild and timid... I cannot at this premature time separate the elements into citrus/floral, etc. I do not however detect any citrus on my skin though - not that I mind citrus.

UPDATE: Put this to the test on my German husband's rather picky nose. He said it smelled cheap on me. Boo-hoo. Now I need to find a new home for 1881.

Cool Water Davidoff by smalltownbeatnik 2014-07-22

I graduated from high school in 1995 and most of the guys I knew at the time wore either this or Drakkar Noir. I loved Cool Water! I knew nothing about perfumery at the time, but looking now at the notes, I'm not surprised I like it so much. Jasmine, Cedar, Musk, Amber, Tobacco. All of those notes turn deliciously sinful on the right person's skin. Yum!

Radiance Britney Spears by Orshi 2014-07-22

I know a lot of people love all the Fantasy scents, but for me this is Britney's best. It's quite underrated in my opinion. A lovely, fresh raspberry. Delicious.

Is it the most sophisticated fragrance in the world? No.
Is it perfect for pizza with the girls? Absolutely!

Lol, I feel like Simon Cowell, he speaks like this..:))

Chance Eau Fraiche Chanel by semsem_sunshine 2014-07-22

I usually tend to love oriental heavy vanilla-y perfumes,,, but I couldn't use them in summer otherwise I'll get suffocated and end up hating these perfumes, unfortunately the weather here in Egypt is "really hot" most of the year so I had hard times searching for a perfect summer scent, and I finally found it
I can summer up this perfume in 3 words

English Leather English Leather by carlayorke 2014-07-22

Hey's an English riding saddle featured, not the crusty old Western type. Therefore it is a tad more sophisticated. I love reading the reviews for this one.
It's a classic drugstore scent which I remember making fun of in later years.
I remember thinking it was more pleasant than Brut or Hai Karate.
And there is something wonderful about a granddaddy wearing these types of scents....not as a cologne, but as an aftershave. Practical and trustworthy, if a bit out of step and style.

But still love the imagery in the reviews for this!
I remember giving my brother a EL soap on a rope one year. :) The good old days.
And for the record, I really like many drugstore scents and wish for the old formula of Chantilly by Houbigant.
Just hope that Hai Karate doesn't make a huge comeback. Buy why not? It's iconic, too.

Dot Marc Jacobs by smalltownbeatnik 2014-07-22

I don't quite understand who Marc Jacobs is making his fragrances for. Tweens with waaaay more disposable income than I have? Middle aged women with a Peter Pan/Lolita complex? Listen, I like me some whimsy. I like the hell out of some whimsy. But you can't put all the thought and art and beauty into the bottle and then fill it with a mediocre (at best) scent. You might as well buy something by Katy Perry or Britney Spears and spend half the money.

Legend Michael Jordan by champykilo 2014-07-22

I am a "LEGEND" whenever I wear this!!!!!!

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by almondbreakfast 2014-07-22

Can you believe L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme is now 20 years old?

I first wore this when I was 18, it was one of my very first perfumes along with Clinique Happy, Lolita Lempicka, Gucci PH 2003.

Having collected perfumes for many years and dived into niche perfumery, I almost forgot how beautiful this is. I think it's so popular and easy to get that people tend to underrate its beauty and complexity. People would have raved about it if it had been discontinued years ago, its price would have gone crazy on ebay or sorts.

It's 2:31am and the reason I am writing this is just to express how thankful I am that we can all still enjoy this beautiful creation and also pay homage to its creator, Monsieur Cavallier. Without sounding cliche, this is a true masterpiece that deserves more credits.

Scent wise, it is a warm aromatic woody fragrance that exudes calmness, zen and wisdom. Yes, wisdom. I couldn't believe I just said it but I think it's a very rare condition where a fragrance can represent wisdom yet classy.

Fashion wise, this would have gone well with Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake itself, where simple and genius cuttings meet modernity and minimalism.

Taste wise, it would have been green tea and sake with yuzu.

Weather wise, it would have been Fall, kissing and hugging Winter; like a fireplace with burning woods.

Longevity wise, ... does it matter given its such beauty? Well, it's not disappointing, the fire will burn for at least 10 hours.

Kudos to Issey Miyake.

I am looking forward to new releases from Issey.


Corte Belfiore La Collina Toscana by adrienn99 2014-07-22

I have gotta disagree Mooniq, not much similarity with Shalimar. Shalimar is a lot more rounded and this one's a bit sharp on the patchouli. No patchouli in Shalimar. I find this very similar to Kat von D Sinner, which is a fruitchouli too. If you compare the notes, you'll see. Sinner is a fraction of the price of this so probably worth to give it a shot.

Honey Marc Jacobs by kendallmanson 2014-07-22

mmm it's really good, i can REALLY smell a nice mix of honeysuckle and honey but there's also a smack of punch in it that makes it kind of different. overall you smell clean but not soapy or "fresh" necessarily. not as good as daisy in my opinion but worth taking a sniff. you'll probably really like it.

Jolie Madame Pierre Balmain by carlayorke 2014-07-22

This is beautiful and elegant and a little heavy but sadly smells terrible on me!
I really love the idea of wearing classic deep scents like this but they don't love wearing me.
That's okay, because at least I know I have good taste in fabulous scents. Just can't wear them.
Glad I have tried it out :)

I Love New York for Mothers Bond No 9 by Mimielle 2014-07-22

I had a complimentary sample sitting there one day, I was bored and out of blotter strips so I thought "Why not?"
Spritz-spritz, rub....eugh, nail polish remover and straight up isopropyl stinging my nose.
Wait, I thought, it's just the top note blast, it will calm shortly.
It didn't.
The oatmeal and milk bath was lovely though it took some scrubbing to get this stink off me! I'll save it in my sample trading box.

I have heard people say they like very crisp cologne scents and some who like the very modern synthetic smelling scents that stay sharp and have some lasting power and heard of people who like scents similar to the alcohol and polish remover though.
They should try it.

"Carillon Pour Un Ange" classified as a unisex fragrance but it's completely feminine to my nose. I don't see anything masculine here.
The opening of this fragrance is a semi fresh, semi sweet green grassy aroma mixed with soft floral notes that smells very pleasant and inoffensive.

As time passes while the scent keeps that fresh green grassy feeling, the floral part gets stronger gradually and push the scent more and more toward feminine side.
In the mid beside this fresh grassy floral aroma I can smell a little bit of woods as well but they are way in the background and they can't help the scent from being feminine.

In the base the scent stays almost the same but now it has a soft musky feeling too.
It's a safe and very pleasant scent but definitely suitable for women not men!
Projection is strong and longevity is average on my skin. I'm getting around 4-5 hours.

این عطر با اینکه یونیسکس قید شده به نظر من بوی کاملا زنانه ای داره و اصلا هیچ چیز مردانه ای نمیشه توش پیدا کرد که بتونه حتی یونیسکسش کنه
رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با بوی نسبتا شاداب و خنک و کمی شیرین، ترکیبی از رایحه های سبز و گیاهی که تقریبا حس چمن مانند دارن و رایحه ملایمی از گلها شروع میشه
بوی ملایم و خوب و دلپذیری داره اما کاملا زنانه اس

با گذر زمان عطر اون حس نیمه شاداب و سبز و چمن مانندشو همچنان حفظ میکنه اما رفته رفته رایحه گلها قوی و قویتر میشن و حس زنانه عطر رو بازم بیشتر میکنن
البته تو رایحه میانی رایحه خیلی ملایمی از چوبها هم به مشام میرسه اما بسیار ضعیفه و در حاشیه قرار داره و اصلا در حدی نیست که بتونه عطر رو از حالت زنانه بودنش نجات بده

تو رایحه پایه بوی عطر همون حالت رایحه میانی رو داره و فقط ملایم مُشک هم بهش اضافه میشه تا کمی کاراکتر بیشتر به عطر بده
همونطور که گفتم بوی خیلی ملایم و دلپذیر و استانداردی داره و چیزی نیست که باعث اذیت کسی بشه ولی بوش کاملا زنونه اس. برای آقایون اصلا مناسب نیست
پخش بوی زیادی داره اما ماندگاریش متوسطه. حدود 4-5 ساعت روی پوست

J`adore Eau de Toilette Dior by JaxTheMinx 2014-07-22

I am not sure whether the remarks about the similarity of Benetton Giallo are based on the EDT or the EDP. However, I tested the theory this evening with my 10 yo daughter. Initially, on first spray, J'Adore EDT is much more complex and rich. Then once it all settles, Giallo's alcohol base tones down and J'Adore EDT just evens out - they are pretty much one and the same thing. I realise Giallo has no sillage in comparison. How sad, especially at that price! :) My little daughter initially said that CD J'Adore smells like old people/death (a bit dramatic, I agree) whereas Giallo was lovely to her from the outset. She's officially swiped one of my bottles of Giallo... *sigh*

Memoir Man Amouage by Osaka1983 2014-07-22

This is a very nice fragrance, for me the best amouage, it has a nice silage but and ok longevity. I would say is the perfect scent for a date!

Armani Mania Giorgio Armani by Orshi 2014-07-22

What an unusual, lovely fragrance! I received it in a swap from a lovely Fragrantica member and I love it! When I first tried it, I literally couldn't recognize any notes in it because it's all so well blended, creamy and balmy.
Someone below wrote a negative review comparing it to a pharmacy smell. Funnily enough, I understand what she means although for me it's an expensive, posh, designer pharmacy/cosmetic store smell. It's really, really unusual but feminine, attractive, elegant, soft. It's a hit with me.:)

Jolie Madame Pierre Balmain by Mango Plantation 2014-07-22

Has anyone sampled the newer EDT? Thank you,

Cool Water Davidoff by becuille 2014-07-22

Yes, this smells of the 90s. No, I don't care. 90s aquatics seem to get a much harder time than any other older perfumes. Nobody smells aldehydes in a perfume and says "Eww, that's so 1920s!" The 90s was long enough ago that the clothing styles are now back in fashion for people who weren't even born then. So to me, much like many other great fragrances, this one is "classic" rather than "dated".

This is a remarkably fresh, feminine scent. Like L'eau D'Issey, the melon note is very prominent. There's also lashings of calone, which is a chemical compound often added to aquatic scents to give a watery, oceanic smell (I think this may be the very compound people who hate aquatics with hate so much, so it's a very love it or hate it kind of a note to add).

It's a beachy, summery, sea breeze kind of a scent. The floral notes are pretty but soft, the fruit is more dominant.

Longevity is stellar and sillage is... well, if you like this you'll think it's moderate, if you don't, you'll probably think it's far too strong!

The men's version makes me absolutely melt when I smell it too - and I've even worn it on myself from time to time because I enjoy it so much.

It's easy to pick this up very cheaply, which makes a nice change from when I usually get a sample then try to figure out which bills I can delay paying to buy a full bottle ;) It's not maybe as nuanced or subtle as many other, pricier scents, but I love how it smells so I'm ok with that.

cannot stop using, now in summer after a shower in the gym, the body milk of Alvarez Gomez called Emulsion hidratante, generally its included in packs with the cologne and isnt easy to find alone, but lucky enough theres a shop in my city where you can get the 500 ml bottle for only 8 far the best ever body milk for summer days, confortable feeling in skin and not sign of humidity or soaking just after being in street again...magical

Fancy Love Jessica Simpson by ChesleyMusic 2014-07-22

This is the salty peach version of Taylor Swift...

Light Blue Escape to Panarea Dolce&Gabbana by beauty_girl 2014-07-22

The Swedish girl:
If you dont want yours im happy to take it.

Rose Essentielle Bvlgari by AneV 2014-07-22

Everyone is talking about the rose, but can we talk about the blackberry!! After all it shares equal spotlight in my skin. The berry in this is so natural and the violet gives it a sense of green( fruit leaves and all) and there just happens to be a very fragrant rose bush right beside it

I have two a new bottle and one that has 30% or so. it tuned yellowish and I didn't realize it until i got the new bottle. It didn't spoil but you get the feeling that it aged. The blackberries feel like they've matured, sweeter if that is even possible. Very weird but I like it.

Flash Jimmy Choo by tessgreenham 2014-07-22

I just bought this fragrance yesterday and I wasn't completely sure how I was going to feel about it because of the pink pepper, but then I though that i probably wouldn't even smell it, this was not true. You can totally smell the pink pepper in this, and I thought I wouldn't like that BUT I LOVE IT. First of all, I put this on right after I got it at about 2:45 PM yesterday, it is now 11:39 AM of the next day and it is still on my SKIN, usually if fragrances stay at all overnight it's on your hair or clothes but this stayed on my SKIN after like one or two sprays more than 12 hours ago. So it is super long lasting, and the silage isn't like super intense but I like that because then when people get close to you they just get this amazing whiff of you and they go "wow you smell good" it's a very pretty fragrance and the bottle is dope, I would suggest going for it.

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by smalltownbeatnik 2014-07-22

If Shalimar is a grande dame descending a baroque staircase at a ball, Shalimar Parfum Initial is her debutante daughter at her coming-out cotillion.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by antihero 2014-07-22

Light Blue is perfect for this time of year where I live. I am by the ocean and the minute I walk out the door I am hit with high humidity and heat and I am sweating.
I thought I must get a light citrus scent. I grabbed Light Blue read the reviews and then sprayed it on. Perfect. A big splash of lemon; then cedar and apple and later a bit of rose, great!
Light Blue is perfect for summer.
Citrus fragrances do not usually work well with my skin, I have tried many. This was just what I needed. A Love.

Playboy VIP for Her Playboy by LiveWicked430 2014-07-22

I had very high hopes for this fragrance but I was very wrong. From the very first spray I knew I didn't like it at all. Very synthetic, almost reminds me of very old fruit. There is a sweetness to it but it's like, once again, almost smells like it's old. Not old lady, not old man, just plain old. Not pleasent at all to my nose and the longevity is terrible. Lasted no more than a few minutes before it was hardly detectable on my skin.

For the price I mean it's not the worst perfume I ever smelled but I would never purchase again.

To give you an idea of how it smells to me, I'll do my best: From the first spray I clearly get a jumble of notes. Floral top right away with some sweetness. Fruits start to peek through, mostly that nectarine and apple, almost fighting to be noticed. Reminds me of soap for some reason, like a scented soap. From there that's all I get.

Loukhoum Keiko Mecheri by latinkapetrova 2014-07-22

they have nothing in common. I prefer Loukhoum, but I must admit that Traversee du Bosphore is much deeper and distinctive.

Reflection Man Amouage by zaetown 2014-07-22

Not that I didn't like it at 1st sniff but I thought it was only ok, but the more I wore it the more I began to appreciate this fragrance and its quality. It maybe in the same fashion of a le male but this stuff is truly on another level. So the compliments start rolling in after that and it almost seems like the more I appriciated it the more it wud return the favor. Guess whyvthey call it REFLECTION MAN

Egoiste Chanel by Marciu 2014-07-22

I don't know how come I haven't reviewed Egoiste yet...

This is a classic and I don't mean it by the year it has been created in. Actually it was Chanel's entry to the world of men gourmand fragrances.

On my skin Egoiste is full of contrasts. It's soft and spicy, it's sharp and mild (or even cozy), it's masculine but again women can pull it off. I detect mainly rosewood, tobacco, cinnamon, vanilla, rose (this is done really gorgeous here!) and sandalwood.

Longevity is about 6 hours (a little dissapointment), sillage is good for 4 hours.

I love it and I think I've grown up to buy a full bottle - I had same experience with Platinum Egoiste (which is a totally different beast btw).

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by smalltownbeatnik 2014-07-22

I am so ambivalent about this scent! I just can't determine if I like it or not. There's something sort of odd (in a good way) about it though that keeps me coming back for another sniff.

I really like the pleasant amber-vanilla-sandalwood drydown. Nothing groundbreaking there, but it's cozy and warm and nice. The citrus top notes are a little harsh but strangely intriguing. Then you have plum, rich and jammy, with the honeysuckle and jasmine frolicking in the middle. Perhaps there's something jarring in the transition between the stages of notes. The last time I wore this scent, I remedied this by layering it with Jovan White Musk. It softened the citrus and made the whole thing a lot smoother.

I'm going to give this one more try, this time with a layer of vanilla. If I don't love it, I'll consider putting this one in my swap list. I think it's a much nicer perfume than I expected from Juicy Couture, but maybe someone else could appreciate it more.

Le Feu d'Issey Issey Miyake by Eloquaint 2014-07-22

Why must the good die young? Le Feu D'Issey is one of the most interesting, difficult to quantify perfumes I've ever encountered, and I'd like to get to know it much better than the .004 oz testers I found are going to allow.

The strangeness of Feu at the moment you spray it, as it glistens on your wrist, is alcoholic in its splendor: rum, or perhaps tequila, slightly repellent, but so curious I kept sniffing. As the dry down begins I smell coriander, and lactones. I had to look up coriander leaf in the notes glossary, which reported that coriander leaf smells "spicy woody-resinous, [with a] clay-like background." And yes, I smell the clay, the wet earthy smell of potter's clay fresh on the wheel.

But the smell of Feu is also like the rich and slightly sour rightness of saffron, a spice of two colors, deep gold and deep red, which is a perfect description of Feu D'Issey. This perfume is glorious. I am going to be watching ebay very, very carefully for a while.

Onika Nicki Minaj by GregorAPBDH 2014-07-22

looking for help getting this to the uk asap as i would kill to get this perfume :)

Bottega Veneta Eau Legere Bottega Veneta by InfirmièreParfumée 2014-07-22

My eyes were closed when I sniffed this perfume at the store for the first time. I had to make sure at least one of my senses were shut so I can focus more on one when I tested this fragrance.

Of course I went home with the bottle.

Bottega Veneta Eau L'egere is my first Bottega Veneta fragrance. I fell in love with this fragrance right away as it smells very unique and lovely. It is very sophisticated, lovely, and totally different.

This scent is not overpowering yet is has some nice silage. I can tell if someone is wearing a Bottega Veneta fragrance ..and it smells very lovely. It is not a typical floral fragrance but it is very pleasing to the nose.

Eau L'egere is something I will always want to have in my perfume cabinet. This is something to wear when traveling in a boat, in a yacht for a weekend, or in a cruise...or something like that. I don't know but it somehow fits a water adventure.

Did I say it smelled lovely ?

Voile d'Ambre Yves Rocher by rosembloom 2014-07-22

My bestie gifted me with a 15 ml purse spray and I just adore it! Great for cool days, Fall and evenings. The amber is nice and cozy but not stiffling nor too heady. It takes on a buttery quality on me, milky and sweet as it mingles with my skin's chemistry. It is balmy and rich without that stuffy note that turns strangely foody ( think Eggo waffles) on me. Good sillage that won't burn other's braincells yet has an impressive longevity. Kita ;thank you!!!! Just like Néonatura which I simply adore, you gave me another Yves Rocher crush! xxx

Balenciaga Paris Cristobal Balenciaga by carlayorke 2014-07-22

I believe this is could become an enduring classic due to its pretty blend of scents.
I also think as other reviewers have written that the topper is a bizarre little plastic soccer ball. After all the effort put into this beauty, why the dreadful lid??!If I do get some, I might toss that out.
However this is an elegant and unusual perfume!
I do find it soft and weak. I'd have to bathe in it or reapply +++.
But as I read on another person's review about another fragrance, "then the story can unfold again".
It's like a lovely poem you might read on a hill in summer that gets you thinking and wandering through memories.

Omnia Indian Garnet Bvlgari by InfirmièreParfumée 2014-07-22

1/5 stars if I was to give it a star for review.

When I found out that this Bulgari fragrance had saffron in it, I was enthused. That made it very exotic. Not to forget I love saffron.

I brought a tester bottle and bought the new bottle with me at home and lo and behold ! I went to work wearing the fragrance and right after I stepped out of the door, not only did I notice nothing really lovely about the perfume... there wasn't anything to smell anymore.

The scent was gone.

After I parked my car, I sprayed a few more on my pulse points. The perfume from the tester bottle is from the store, from the counter, so there is no doubt that it is the right Bulgari fragrance. I get into the building and once again, I was asking my lady friend if she can smell my new perfume. She said she can, but barely, it smells very light... like a light cologne.

I returned the bottle and exchanged it with another eau de parfum.

Ylang 49 Le Labo by anna68 2014-07-22

I have to agree with an earlier comment here,it does smell very similar to Aromatics Elixir,which in my opinion isn't bad at all,quite the opposite. I suppose the price point of this makes me want to buy AE,instead of this,as it is quite a difference in price,but sigh,I do love to feel a bit different and will most likely end up buying Le Labo's Ylang instead ,well when I have saved up a bit,I don't know if I should go for the oil or the spray fragrance,anyone aware of any differences between them two?

Sexy Little Thing Victoria`s Secret by caylarhene 2014-07-22

I love this. it smells exactly like a softer version of live luxe by jlo.

Tok'yo Mama Fizzzzz Smell Bent by Museumgal 2014-07-22

This is a good yuzu scent. It captures the delicate almost grapefruit like accord without the bitterness perfectly. Would be nice for people who like the crispness of grapefruit without the bitterness. Great for hot weather. There's just a touch of cedar and some other wood (hinoki I guess although I haven't smelled it before) that gives it just the slightest touch of woodsmoke in the background. But it's mainly a scent showcasing the yuzu note and it does a great job in that capacity.

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor by spotlights 2014-07-22

I do not understand why this word is used so much - please enlighten me.

Knowing Estée Lauder by spotlights 2014-07-22

KNOWING is up there with the very, very best fragrances of all time. It is sheer loveliness in a small bottle.
WHITE DIAMONDS and RED DOOR are very similar, with big, big, all encompassing scents.

CK IN2U for Her Calvin Klein by carlayorke 2014-07-22

This fragrance has taught me that you should never give away or sell any scent that you once seemed to love but now dislike.
I was looking thru my bottles for a summer scent, and though I have worn Womanity recently (which I think is best as a late summer frag--the ripening of dark fruits and almost-ready-to-harvest crops) I saw this at the back of the shelf and when reading about it again, gave it a whirl on my wrist.
Wow! The blecchy male type notes today seem spicey, darkly citrusy and summer holiday-ey.
It might be a green herbaceous smell, I think. Like field hay just cut before baling.

If you love perfumes, and have several or more, it keep them and try them in different seasons--of course!
I now 'get' this aspect of perfumery and am happy for the variety and subtlety of it all!

Gold Sugar Aquolina by CPelly82 2014-07-22

I'm suffering from a cold and when I sprayed this on before coming to work I didn't realized how strong it actually was. I wanted to get an opinion from a co-worker and when I arrived he was taken back by the scent. The sillage is amazing and now that I smell it for myself I think it's awesome. The whipped cream and coconut is lovely but alittle goes a long way.

So it's been about 6 hours since I put this on and it's still going strong. Now that I can smell better it truly does smell like crème brulee. The burnt sugar, vanilla and cream is absolutely amazing. My co-worker described it as " yummy ". If you are looking for a fragrance from Aquolina that's not too sweet like Pink Sugar this would be great for everyday use.

Meh, notes of "our era". As far as I read all those comments: amber.

To me, amber in mainstream fragrances most of the times is not done right - the first example could be this year's release: Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy.

Bleu obviously has that "synthetic" vibe but I'm afraid Bleu EdP will be even more synthetic.

Gentlemen Only Givenchy by Marciu 2014-07-22

I just can't agree with all those comparisons with L'Homme Libre. You just can't compare these two, guys. It's different genre, totally. L'Homme Libre is citrusy, spicy, aromatic while Gentlemen Only is mainly woody, I'd say woody-aromatic (eventually woody-spicy). And L'Homme Libre doesn't have incense in it.

Lavander Bronnley by lavaman 2014-07-22

Really like this scent also. Violet isn't mentioned on the list but it has to be in the blend. I do perfer the original it is softer and more powdery. I don't find it particulary feminine but more on the line of androgenous/unisex. The scent is so super clean and uplifting it could be worn by anyone. this product is getting more and more difficult to find in Canada

Light Blue Escape to Panarea Dolce&Gabbana by The Swedish girl 2014-07-22

Synthetic vanilla baking powder + citrus + carnation (!).

Has nothing in common with the original.

Similar to Dior Addict actually.

Smells christmas-y.

Another trick designer frag, initial spray is lovely, sharp, sweet,cirtus, masculine almost creamy aquatic. but after ten minutes it becomes non existent close to the skin deodorant smell with a slight vannila accord. poor sillage and 2 hour max longevity. extremely dissapointed as soemone stated below duty free stock filler, for sure. 3/10. I can see no reason to buy this, unless by mistake, as there are fragrances 10x better than this and cheaper Available.

Ninfeo Mio Annick Goutal by dsty 2014-07-22

I love this! Anyone who looks at my perfume wardrobe can see I've been going a bit cRaZY with ordering samples recently, and this is the first one I've actually used up, which probably says enough.
To me the smell evokes a hot day in a coniferous forest, which somehow also includes fig and lemon trees (exactly as intended, I guess, the name suggests a Mediterranean garden after all). It's distinctly warm because of the dominant woody/resinous notes, but not stuffy at all because they're beautifully balanced out by the fresher, brighter notes. So it is very summery, but not in the sense that it's light or insubstantial or very fresh: it actually reminds me of summer. Which I think will make it a great choice in all other seasons as well; I hope so, because I think I will order a full bottle soon and I plan on wearing it very often for the foreseeable future...
I can also add that this is the longest lasting of all the Annick Goutal samples I've tried so far; it lasts most of the day on my wrists.

Eros Versace by GaryG 2014-07-22

Another Versace fragrance that works great on me. Very good longevity and the fragrance does not change during the day. I can definitely smell the vanilla and mint, it is sweet but not overly. On my skin I do smell a resemblance to Paco's 1 Million. I would tend to wear this in cooler months like Fall or early Spring. Nice stuff.

Green Tea Honeysuckle Elizabeth Arden by LadyPilot 2014-07-22

It smells neither green tea, nor honeysuckle (at the moment I have a blooming honeysuckle in my garden and they're nothing like one another), still it's very nice and sweet, great choice for summer.

Pulp Byredo by Estebanz 2014-07-22

It's one of my favorites Indeed, there quite a few aspects that I really love about Pulp:
First will be how different it is from everything else on the market for summer.
Second: How powerful and unapologetic it is, 3 sprays will fill up a room with the aroma, and lasting power is 10 plus Hrs.
And last but not least: How this composition manages to do both Sweet & Sour in a genius way, there is lots of sweetness but almost camouflaged by the sour quality of the scent of some of the fruity notes in the composition.
I will say, always sample before you buy,specially with fragrances like Pulp which are unique & strong, Pulp is the definition of a Unique Summer scent,but the main word I will use to describe it will have to be RARE.
Lastly, if it matters, there is a beautiful dominant Fig note in this blend as well.

Ambra Etro by nebbe 2014-07-22

From 2003 - 2008 I wore an amber/mhyrr oil when I wanted to wear scent. It was rich, balsamic, spicy and totally sexy (especially for summer nights). Ambra reminds me of that oil, but cozier with the addition of vanilla. Can see thus as a date night fragrance this fall...will keep my sample safe until then.

The vanilla note reminds me of the vanilla in Shalimar, which I was just wearing yesterday. Very nice.

Leonara Leonard by nikoleta1 2014-07-22

Blind swap, I was looking to try another perfume by a famous designer Bertrand Duchaufour. Leonard has very dominant benzoin, that is what I can only smell, it is deep and lasting, not loud, but you may need time to getting used to this smell. Can be used as unisex. Today I found a good utilization to this perfume, I mixed it with Hani Mori (vanilla based), Leonard added so much deep meaning to the linear sweet vanilla side, now all together is a beautiful and sophisticated and lasting combo. I will try Leonard with other frags I have.

Black Bvlgari by SKY AND SOUL 2014-07-22

Не знам защо досега не съм била запозната с този аромат! Тествах го днес- не знам, зашеметена ли съм, повалена ли съм... В началото ухае на ''два фронта''- типично ''по мъжки'' и на подпалена гума. После двете течения се сливат и се получава... Не знам как да го опиша... Сякаш влизам в някаква стая, краката ми потъват в дебел килим, разгръщам тежки завеси; запушено е, но не задушливо... по- скоро упойващо и мирише на тъмни, замайващи виолетки- хем плътни, хем въздушно леки... И тази атмосфера е някакси нереална, като сън... Макар че, не искам да се събудя. Там ще срещна някого, може би...

John Galliano John Galliano by nikki.rouse.10 2014-07-22

Finally got around to testing this perfume. WOW!! I'm soooo in love! I've only had this experience with a few perfumes. Now I'm on the hunt for a bottle (hint hint to all of you).

I'll write an official review soon. I'm just so excited that I HAD to exclaim my love for this right away!!

Coven Andrea Maack by Houdini4 2014-07-22

This is some dark perfumery here. Just starting with the name it evokes a coven of witches in a damp Forrest stirring up witchcraft and of course...their cauldron.
It's the fithiest of filthy soil tinctures and moss, which goes far beyond normal acceptability and actually into a realm I find interesting. It's a further place where fragrance goes and runs the full gamete from horrid all the way back to exquisite.
Patchouli lovers with like this because it's dank and soily but green and grassy almost figgy in the top notes. As it dries down there's a slight wet wood and a little peppery spice in there too.
Great longevity on me...doesn't project all that much which is probably a good thing as it's not exactly a crowd pleaser.
Bizarre stuff but not all that unpleasant...still wouldn't wear it though...maybe on Halloween?

Legend Pour Femme Mont Blanc by The Swedish girl 2014-07-22

Oranges/orange flowers... it seems to be in every perfume I try nowadays. I`m very tired of it`s warm sickening and boring smell.

And yes, it`s similar to Dior Pure Poison. Same dense white floral and orange combo.

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by NoirEternal 2014-07-22

After being a die hard black orchid fan this fragrance will make you wonder... It's basically the same feel as black orchid but different in its own universe

Velvet orchid is the VANILLA version of Black Orchid... That imaginary but smellable black orchid accord is present here but take out the chocolate, spicy floral accord, and incense.... Put vanilla, berries, caramel, honey and vibrant florals in the mix.. Guys can still try it, but I have to add this to the orchid collection might not be around for long

I would call this a fruity floriental gourmand... Very complex smell mixture.

I do agree with a commenter... No matter how many vanilla fragrances you have velvet orchid is in a class of its own.. Reminds me of j'dore l'or but with more soul, depth, and personality with a kick of quality

Eloge du Traitre Etat Libre d`Orange by charles_carmichael 2014-07-22

This is my favorite from the ELdO line. There's nothing hugely original going on here, but this is a very well executed fougere that was clearly inspired by some of the virile masculines of the 1980s. When I first smelled this, I was instantly reminded of Halston Z-14, which my father wore some 20+ years ago. There is also a definite resemblance to Caron's Yatagan.

Still, I'm always attracted to fragrances that attempt to capture the scents of the forest. This is definitely that - you're immediately struck by a beautiful pairing of pine and laurel in this fragrance. The wormwood is nicely aromatic, and the patchouli is actually quite subtle. The real twist here comes in the form of jasmine - not an ingredient you'd expect in this sort of fragrance. That said, the addition of that jasmine really gives this an additional dimension - and balance.

Since this is a throwback to those ultra masculines, it will still scare a few people. Too bad - this is a wonderful, earthy fragrance that is particularly nice in cooler weather. Wear this one in the fall and be transported to the northern woods.

This could have been Agent Cooper's signature scent in "Twin Peaks". ELdO has already done a collaboration with Tilda Swinton - maybe they should do one with David Lynch?

Aventus Creed by lollero 2014-07-22

This is very masculine scent. I personally don't like the pineapple in this at all. Well maybe if it weren't smelling so strongly. I also think this has the same kind of smell as there is in a cow feces due to the mix of pineapple and musk. I like it but not enough so I won't be bying a bottle. I can see though why this is the ladykiller and it is because the drydown is very sweet but manly and in a way so so sensual. This scent gets better and better the more it develops on your skin.

Celadon : A Velvet Green DSH Perfumes by celticelle 2014-07-22

I would adore this perfume if all it consisted of were the top notes. The mixture of the lime and clove is so luscious, but all the green elements in the perfume don't seem to last more than an hour, and then it declines into powdery violet. I'm surprised that powder is not listed as one of the attributes of the perfume, because it really takes over. If you like a violet leaf green scent that is not fresh, this is for you. I was looking for something with more snap.

The Iceberg Fragrance Iceberg by Ivan22 2014-07-22

it's definetely both female and male fragrance :-)
I like it very much

El Paso Lomani by fraggy_man 2014-07-22

OMG...! Class ,matured perfume if worn sensible. True! you must have heard "Less is more"- This statement holds true for El Paso EDT. Just 2 sprays; one in the chest,one in the neck..thats are set to go!
This juice makes me think -all thats cheap are not indeed cheap!
Scent: 4/5
Sillage & projection:5/5
Ocassion:winter & rainy season

Remember "Less is More"

Royal Peony Rose and Mandarin Musk Lucy B by Penny Urn'd 2014-07-22

On me, this is a very literal interpretation of a rose soliflor for the first hour. After that, I get a hint of citrus and just the tiniest bit of peony. Unusual, because normally citrus notes will greet you first!

Ambra Etro by lollero 2014-07-22

First you get the coriander which on my skin is quite strong. When the top notes settle the amber comes on display. The bottle is beautiful and the scent is okay. Not for me though.

Green Tea Honeysuckle Elizabeth Arden by The Swedish girl 2014-07-22

Neroli/oranges + tobacco all over.
This is a "warm" type of freshness, I prefer my fresh scents cold.
This gets a bit stuck in your throath. Especially in the heat...

Midnight Fleur Nest by seaside 2014-07-22

I just read joonzmoon's review and wondered whether she had read my mind. I was about to post the exact same thing. Love the bottle and can appreciate the scent, but it was nauseatingly strong on me.

Terre de Sarment Frapin by lollero 2014-07-22

This might be too balsamic for my taste. Smells like a really strong smelling oil in a steamy and hot massage room. Very masculine and quite strong.

9IX Rocawear by dmirror 2014-07-22

Nice year round fragrance it starts off kind of strong but then it settles down if your looking to buy this scent I'd say go for it I've owned it for a couple years now and it gets complimented when I wear it I actually knew about this fragrance when it came out but I didn't try it until I seen the little holiday gift set at Walgreen's for $20 came with a 1oz spray shower gel and aftershave balm the first time I wore it I got compliments from almost all the women at work so because it's so affordable I'll keep buying it until they stop making it this fragrance can be found online for a little of nothing surprisingly its a very good scent casual wear at work or just shopping it doesn't smell cheap or nothing like that 7/10 it'll surprise you

Malizia Bon Bons Milk Shake Mirato by AshesofGlitter 2014-07-22

Was hoping for a creamier vanilla milkshake, but it was more like powdered milk & vanilla with sugar. Ended up selling my bottle because I barely touched it.

Midnight Fleur Nest by joonzmoon 2014-07-22

I can see how this perfume would appeal to people, but I find it to be nauseatingly strong. Maybe it is also a bit too incense-y for my taste too.

It absolutely reminds me of the Calvin Klein's Obsession my mom used to wear when I was a kid. It is VERY strong with intense sillage and is long-lasting. Definitely spicy and probably a better fall or winter perfume than summer or spring.

I feel like I like the scent in and of itself, but wearing it and having it last this long/be this intense is just too much for me.

Hayati Nabeel by sajualex1 2014-07-22

This perfume was a blind buy, but just wasted some money. I felt like smell of floor cleaner. its cost only around USD:16, still smell very cheap.

The Taste of Fragrance Womanity Thierry Mugler by guilhermefalcai 2014-07-22

I layering it with Virgin Island Water Creed and was a sucess! I recommend you try too! Turns delicious...

Agarwoud James Heeley by lollero 2014-07-22

The sillage is way too good that it almost is annoying. You leave behind an enormous scent cloud of rose if you apply it more than three sprays. This is way too feminine for my taste. There's too much rose for that and the combination of oud and rose in this is not good. The oud is there only to make this more manly and it's not succeeding. It makes the fragrance smell a little bit like rubber. I see many people say it smells like gasoline but to me it's more like burning tire!

Attache-Moi ICONOfly by lollero 2014-07-22

Loved this the first second I got my nose on it! At first spray it smelled almost like there's leather in it. The musk, cedar and woods came through and it was so marvelous and masculine. Then after a while the sweet amber came at the top and left all the others behind. Definitely bottle worthy! Only if the longetivity and sillage was better. And the price is also a little too high.

Mediterraneo Carthusia by Houdini4 2014-07-22

This fragrance is special. Somehow captures all that sicilian juicy, fruitiness a lemon which is not at all sharp but superbly realistic. It has the cooling effect of a summer breeze lightly spiced with cardamom and somehow a touch of those wild flowers.
Green tea is a perfect companion for this light, perfect scent...reminds me of Iced tea and Lemon. I'm head over heels for Carthusia Mediteraneo just the remedy for hot weather.
I've smelled a few citruses which have made me rethink this entire olfactive group recently but this one is a real achievement.
The longevity is not great and it doesn't have any surprises underneath in terms of base notes and as such, is pretty linear affair.
Not so good...but I still kinda wanna add it to my collection, it's that good.

Gentlemen Only Intense Givenchy by Marciu 2014-07-22

@AZ - on me longevity was average. Gentlemen Only is definitely doing better on my skin than its intense flanker.

Ex`cla-ma`tion Coty by smalltownbeatnik 2014-07-22

Soft musk, creamy sandalwood, warm apricot and peach, and sweet spice from the cinnamon. Cozy, comforting, and unpretentious. The scent is very linear and simple, so to bring it a little more personality, I like to wear it on my wrists with a spray of Burberry Women on my neck/chest after bathing with Vanilla Sandalwood soap. Sometimes I'll even add a little Kuumba Made Amber & Sandalwood oil on the back of my neck.

Ex`cla-ma`tion does sort of resemble Vanilla Coke or Dr Pepper when first sprayed. That's not a negative to me, however. I love the way it smells!

Versace L'Homme Versace by elda white petals 2014-07-22

Really , really looove it !!! First impression- aristocratic , for a man with personality who know what he want and want to say " l am here " ...unforgettable !!!! Also one of the best "huge projection " perfumes ever made with great sillage and longivety . will buy it for my husband and soon l will describe it better .

Green Comme des Garcons by Houdini4 2014-07-22

All these fresh wonderful and beautiful things in one fragrance. The opening IS a Mojito the greenest freshest leafy mint note and accurate lime citrus I've smelled. It also goes a little figgy for a second then the juniper freshness, settling to a straighter more herby vibe...which to me is tea. The heart of this fragrance smells like black tea, elemi with clean earthy vetiver and prehaps some cedar.
I love it!
I think sometimes they get the names of fragrances muddled because yet again Comme des Garsons have made a scent which truly is Amazingly green.
Oh well I suppose this is called 'Green' to be fair.
The drydown is different again it's oddly sweet the elemi possibly coming out again? It has this meditative incense kinda thing of CDG and a little of the Amazinggreen about it too.
Major let down is the longevity...few hours at best and despite good initial projection it fades quickly.
Can't fault the smell though it's excellent, sparkling and refreshing juice with a touch of earthy edge to it.

Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel by elda white petals 2014-07-22

First impression ---is very good in my opinion also similar with black xs one of my favorite . Who is looking for a sillage monster must try this one. l was looking for a gift a strong one with heavy-enormous sillage in a pleasant way and l was wearing(trying) in my arms more than 6 in that moment and this was the most dominant in my skin. ( the other perfumes l was trying was spicebomb,Ralph black,Opium,LaNuit,Fahrenheit,Legend mont blanc, armanicode and Armani Diamonds Black) . After taking a bath and trying to crub it was still there.

Pure White Linen Estée Lauder by Smunky 2014-07-22

I enjoy the original White Linen on others, but have always found it a bit harsh on me. Pure White Linen has a similar "clean" vibe to the original, but with its edges softened by the fruity notes. This scent plays perfectly on a hot, muggy day (such as the one we're having today) - not at all cloying, but fresh, clean and just sweet enough. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Sun Moon Stars Karl Lagerfeld by IntentOnScent 2014-07-22

I see some of this for sale on right now ..noted a lot of comments saying its discontinued?
edt version anyway

Mexx Pure for Him Mexx by seleko 2014-07-22

Doesn't worth attention.
Heavy sweet suffocating :(

Takis Farmacia SS. Annunziata by Houdini4 2014-07-22

I'd describe Takis as a creamy/herby/floral scent which is dominated in the opening by one note...Vanilla.
It's that combination with a strong white musk and herbs, thyme and sage which make that sickly and vaguely reminiscent combo of lavender/musk/vanilla from things like JPG Le Male or MDCI Invasion Barbare.
The top notes are an unmistakable ylang ylang which can be divine or awful dependent on composition and luckily in this case its okay.
For something so creamy and vanilla like it dies a quick death on my skin, which is not that disappointing because I'm not fully on board with this sort of scent anyway.
It's a well blended piece which doesn't offend me but doesn't ignite a spark in me either. If I had the option I'd get Histoires 1725 or Invasion barbare instead.

Aeroplane Detaille by Houdini4 2014-07-22

Got my girlfriend to test my note knowledge with this one and I impressed her when she picked it out of a bag of samples I was yet to try. To be fair this was a really easy test as the scent was pretty clear to me.
I really enjoy the yesty opening right away I identified the juicy sharp bergamot and then petitgrain. The base is a slightly herbal mixture of a very subtle patchouli and a more pronounced moss. At first I didn't get the mint but it's there as it settles down.
Classic, elegant fragrance reminds me of something my dad would've worn. Mediocre longevity but all in all a good fragrance.

Sung Homme Alfred Sung by DSun 2014-07-22

I'm still trying to figure out why someone would want to make cologne that smells like soap. How did the creative process go? Sung Pour Homme is unique in that sense, but couldn't they make it smell like expensive soap at least? After an hour, it starts smelling less like Irish Spring and more like laundry detergent.

Image Woman Cerruti by polly golightly 2014-07-22

sorprendente questo accordo che inizia con note agrumate miste a pepe bianco (molto inusuali se comparate con altre colonie femminili estive) assestandosi su un bouquet metallico e muschiato, di incredibile morbidezza. le legnose note di fondo, androgine più che femminili nel senso classico, sanno di cuoio e di terra umida. molto originale e gradevole.

Classic Pink Nana de Bary by mudpach 2014-07-22

I have a bottle but not my fave fragrance. Yes, I bought because I believed the "cult" label and probably Madonna used this scent..haha..I was naive. I'm not saying it's not good but I was very disappointed. Classic, feminine scent, powderly and woody not sweet!

Insolence Guerlain by Chilly28r 2014-07-22

Oh behave! Guerlain's Insolence.

You smell too wonderful to live up to your name.

This perfume is the absolute perfect choice for the woman who wants to complement her strong, bold character.

It has gorgeous, undulating waves of violet and raspberry notes that makes this "rude" perfume conduct itself with grace and aplomb.


Omnia Indian Garnet Bvlgari by Fmcandy 2014-07-22

Yes, súper skinfriendly, easy scent. Very femenine, classy. At first it was all tangerine, fresh uplifting, then I felt like If my aunt was near me, naive, traditional, lady like, at the end it was soft, warm, still femenine, more interesting. I dont know why but I remembered Jour d Hermes. Not very longlasting. Nice scent!

Stella Tocca by waternight 2014-07-22

Opens with a bloom of orange and lily. The citrus doesn’t last very long, but after it quiets down it lends a very light juiciness to the scent. Light, flirty floral floating over a softly spiced, softly musky sandalwood. A very light-hearted and inoffensive scent. Good for summer, work, casual backyard cookout. Unique enough to keep my interest but crowd-friendly as well. Honestly, this would be a good "first time meeting the boyfriend's parents" scent.

Florence Tocca by waternight 2014-07-22

Like gardenias? Looking for a purely gardenia perfume? Look no further.

Live Colorfully Kate Spade by kikinha 2014-07-22

On my skin it's basically a watery version of Lancome Poeme. I used to love that fragrance, it is just way too strong for warm weather and day. In that case, I would def. buy this one to wear during warm months and day. Would keep cozy, warm and remarkable Poeme for cold weather and nights!

Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette Chanel by Charlotte462 2014-07-22

Thick, oily, sickening smell from this one. Gross.

Guess By Marciano Guess by chri5tin3 2014-07-22

This fragrance is lacking in a lot of areas, unfortunately. The initial spray is a burst of deliciousness, thanks to the curaçao and vanilla mixing beautifully. However, after 5 minutes it just gets REALLY boring. The sweetness of the vanilla is the only thing I can smell throughout the duration of the scent, which isn't long at all (3 hours tops). On top of that, it is SO weak and barely detectable unless you try really hard to smell it. Before receiving the fragrance as a gift, I was really excited to try it because the notes are right up my alley. It just needs something stronger to give it a bit of zing and oomph. Smells like a light, weak version of Beyonce Pulse.

Loukhoum Keiko Mecheri by angelayio 2014-07-22

Is it in any way similar to L'artisan Traversee du Boshpore?

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked Madonna by chri5tin3 2014-07-22

The best $19 I have ever spent. This scent is GORGEOUS, so smooth and ambery, spicy, sweet, woody, sexy. Naked is one of those perfumes that goes on loud, then settles into your pores like a second skin. All day long this baby keeps creeping up on you, I've gotten over 12 hours with it. I've also noticed that it smells better and obviously projects better when your skin is warm, it smells best and lasts longest in the crook of my neck and on the inside of my elbows. Oh, and it is almost a dupe for Hilary Duff's With Love, I noticed the similarities almost immediately and so did a friend of mine when I stepped into her car. However, Naked is more mature, tolerable and longer lasting. Ladies, treat yourself and try this!

Fuel Power for Women Jeanne Arthes by annaariaalex 2014-07-22

This smells almost exactly like Armani Code Luna. Upon initial 2 sprays the similarity is exact and the dry down is a scrumptious floral vanilla marshmallow, This past my overnight test going pretty strong 7 hours later. I could easily see this going from day to night , summer to winter, very versatile. This smells like a quality perfume, fruity floral sweet but the patchouli is very light and in the background. If you love the Armani codes and want something way cheaper-got this for 3.50- go for it. The longevity alone is worth it, this is my biggest pet peeve with expensive perfumes, longevity is lacking in many

Very Sexy (2012) Victoria`s Secret by loada82 2014-07-22

I love his perfume.
many people I smell this perfume on them.
it is new cent and very sexy.

Gelsomini di Capri Carthusia by Houdini4 2014-07-22

An attack of white florals which is so potent in the opening it comes across almost animal like a feral musk!
Waxy, orange blossom, ylang ylang and sweeter jasmine are dominant in the beginning then becoming a more powdered geranium type vibe. There is the tiniest hint of clove in there too. The scent for women who enjoy this traditional floral fare and not for this man to wear at all. The saving grace here is the jasmine in the top notes otherwise I really wouldn't like Gelsomini di Capri.

Red Vetyver Montale by gomt 2014-07-22

I am surprised how many of you find this one similar to Terre d'Hermes. On me, they don't turn out alike. While I really enjoy Terre d'Hermes and consider it one of the best popular fragrances for men out there, I find Montale's Red Vetyver unwearably sharp.

Too much vetyver, too much patchouli, too much pepper - and nothing to balance, smoothen them in the mix. It's just like sticking one's nose into dry soil.

I guess it's not meant for my body chemistry.

Supreme Bouquet Yves Saint Laurent by Annica 2014-07-22

It opens with amazingly creamy flowers (a bit "in your face") but gets less flowery when the amber and patchouli step in. This is a gorgeous oriental fragrance. Best expensive buy ever. Love it!

Liquidnight A Lab on Fire by Colin Maillard 2014-07-22

The almighty, one and only Iso E Super. Nothing else here. Not saying Liquidnight smells bad, it shows the usually set of nuances of this aromachemical (a warm, woody cedar-incense-spices blend), but first, speaking about niche, Molecule 01 did that already and "openly", and second, you can get the same by buying a way cheaper bottle of Iso E and diluting it yourself. I get that many people are legitimately not that interested in how a perfume is made, and Liquidnight surely smells nice, but... come on!


Valentina Valentino by pi^2 2014-07-22

It is very nice, but the strawberry makes it a bit too sweet for me. For an orange blossom lover like me it was hard to decide to skip this one, but I ended up buying the Assoluto version instead, which is more of an evening fragrance. This one is ligher and sweeter and more of a daytime perfume. The bottle is lovely.

Baiser Vole Lys Rose Cartier by dollycalifornia 2014-07-22

This one is my favorite of all "Baiser Volé" perfumes, Probably because it has this sweet vibe. You can definitely smell the raspberry, well mixed with floral lily which is making it easier to enjoy for my nose. The pink bottle is very nice and classy. The smell is clean, sweet and floral but is not too much, very classy perfume I would say.

Moment de Bonheur Yves Rocher by Mooniq 2014-07-22

One of few scents where the Cedarnotes doesn't turn male'ish on my skin. I can smell most Cedar, Patchouli, green notes and a small hint of rose. Very nice every-day-scent.

En av få dofter där Cedernoten inte blir manlig på min hud. Jag känner mest Ceder, Patchouli, gröna noter och en aning av Ros. Mycket trevlig varje-dag-doft.

Crystal Noir Versace by sphynx97 2014-07-22

At first sniff, clean woody potent Eau De Toilette.
I have always gotten the smell of clean woods, especially from the bottle.

On my skin The Gardenia comes out. I am not a fan of Gardenia but this one lingers beautifully.
But it has a sort of sweetness to it.
I would not have said it smells like Coconut. But the sweetness and warmth comes definitely from the Coconut and Amber.
On some on else the coconut might come out more.
During the whole time I get a twitch of pepper. Can also be explained as a fresh strong draft at moments.

This perfume is quite complex. You might get straight woods or coconut warmth. But most of us fall in love with this lingering beauty.

Its a beautiful fragrance from Versace that I will repurchase.
This is another hit from the big wonderful Versace.

Chinatown Bond No 9 by seachase 2014-07-22

Judging from the ingrediants pyramid, and the great reviews, I was certain that my wife and I would love this fragrance, so I made a blind purchase to surprise her with.
Big and costly mistake.
Regardless of how hard we try to detect the various ingrediants, all we get from this perfume is a very disagreeable blend of black licorice candy with a top note of pink bubblegum. Thats it ! ...... from initial spray through drydown until the scent completely disappears about 3 hours later, it's licorice and bubblegum all the way.
We were both severely disappointed with this one, and we hope her 14 year old neice will enjoy it as an expensive birthday gift next month.
All the perfume hounds that are fans of this and claim to experience all the different notes, the truth is, when you walk into a crowded room, every one in there will simply smell licorice and bubblegum.
Final word ..... this is such an immature, candy scent that's definitely not worth its price tag, especially when you can go to Bath and Body Works and purchase any of their candied scents for an 1/8 of the cost.

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum Dior by Amparo Noir 2014-07-22

No other fragrance houses that is so skillful in making all of its luscious, rich, super sweet, intense, lavish, buttery, creamy, full-flavored, robust or so-called 'fattening' fragrances turn to a diet version, than DIOR!

It happens to Poison, and all its flankers. (RIP to Tendre and Midnight), it happens to Diorissimo, Diorella and Dioressence, also to Miss Dior, and J'adore. Addict is no exception, so Dior has to make it 'healthier' too, therefore we now have the latest offering from the house, a 'reduced-sugar' version of Addict.

Instead of making the 'flavor' being delicate, it is more to meager, tasteless, far less appealing and unpalatable due to the insubstantial amount of ingredients used in Addict.

Addict is now just like any other vanilla fragrances available in market, the only thing that makes it bold than the rest is because it is so self-assured and prideful bearing the name DIOR.

Omnia Coral Bvlgari by djuzz.becuzz 2014-07-22

Unique freshness, definitely memorable!
I love it, it's a composition of notes I have not seen being combined together before and therefor it's unique.
It's fresh & uplifting, sweet & enchanting, invigorating & beautiful.
On my skin longevity & sillage are pretty good for an edt.
Pure bliss for me!

Now, on to another of all the many samples a lovely member provided me with!

I thought this smelled like paper. Cardboard.
Like vanilla tend do in many perfumes. Like in Yves Rocher Vanilla, Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace and so on.

I don`t get any golden, warm amber at all. I thought this was going to smell more like CK Obsession/Must Cartier and the like.
If you smell it on fabric, it smells a bit citrusy.
I don`t get any ylang ylang or cinnamon either.
What I do think I can smell though is a bit of patchouli.

Apres l'Ondee Guerlain by The Swedish girl 2014-07-22

Yes, Oscar de la Renta Esprit really do smell like this!
I wouldn`t be able to tell them apart.

I have a love/hate relationship to Esprit, because it both smells like lovely purple flowers and powder, but also like tobacco, which I hate.
Hence, Apres has the exact same problem.

But the bottle showed here on Fragrantica is sooo pretty, so princess-y...

Le Parfum Elie Saab by InfirmièreParfumée 2014-07-22

The bottle is no joke, so is the fragrance.

Elie Saab, Le Parfum is a powerful yet soft woman's fragrance that truly captivates the senses.

Well, that's what it did to me at the perfumery at Nordstrom when I first tried it on my wrist ! I couldn't seem to stop smelling my wrist all day after that.

Elie Saab Le Parfum is warm, sweet-is floral appeal which makes you think "hmmmm...have I smelled this before?" but you actually haven't. You just like how it smells, hence you keep wanting to sniff it.

Not for younger girls...sorry, sweetheart. I would wait until you can actually afford it (and pay your bills all together !).

Anyway, I will not consider this perfume something to wear on a daily basis. This is a classy fragrance, something for a more executive appeal or a business outing, outdoor dining or concert, quiet dinner sort of thing.

Definitely not something to wear to your doctor's appointment, perhaps?

It's quite strong at first...and it is quite long-lasting.

Une Fleur de Cassie Frederic Malle by The Swedish girl 2014-07-22

This is pure shit. Poop. Feces.
I almost vomited when I smelled it, for real.

I had to wash my arm with dishing liquid, and it still wouldn`t go away.
One of the most disgusting "perfumes" I ever had the misfortune to smell. Haha.

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