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Femme Individuelle Mont Blanc by MissElizabeth 2014-04-23

I have a new big bottle for swap. Anybody interested for swapping? Maybe for changing bottles presence d'une femme (intense)?
For me it not sweet enough.
Let me know

The closest thing to high mass. I was a catholic alter server for five years, and this is a vivid approximation of what was in the censer for holiday masses. If you love frankincense, you can't be without this one. All of the frags in the series are excellent (I love Kyoto as well), but this one is the quintessential western incense.

Jimmy Choo Exotic Jimmy Choo by ScarlettX 2014-04-23

It's great! The best raspberry scent ever! I liked the original, so I thought I also might like this one and I do!
I can smell some similarities between this one and the original. I am usually not a big fan of tropical scents, but Jimmy Choos are exceptions.
PS! The bottle is also very cute.

Upon first whiff it's super powdery...after a few minutes it's oh so powdery, within a couple hours it's powder upon powder. To me, this frag is absolute powder and nothing else...maybe it's powder on wood but it's like you buried a toothpick in a bucket full of powder. If you like powder, you'll love this one, if you hate powder, like I do, you're nose will hurt for days after smelling this one. Man do I not like this fragrance.

I wanted to love it...I really did. It's great all around EXCEPT for the fact that there is a strong powdery/nose burning note to it. I don't really know how to explain it. It really would have been great if they would have left that one note out...well, at least it would have been great for me. I was very disappointed.

Bogart Story Red Jacques Bogart by Cassiano 2014-04-23

Cologne of contradictions, intense and seductive aroma, very consistent with the red color of its bottle!

The output is exotic enough to be strange. The mixture of lavender and peppermint with cardamom, results in a medicinal and almost alcoholic aroma. They must have used the cardamom oil from the Amomum species, which has medicinal properties. This output reminds me of a fine liquor that has been bathed for some children's syrup. After a while, when the scent begins to show its evolved side, fantastic notes of violet and orange blossom emerge. The violet here is almost imperceptible, it only helps to maintain the balance of the sweet aroma.

Finally, in an evolutionary journey that lasts for a long time (Yes, its evolution is long!), we have a creamier base with vanilla, amber and labdanum. In this case, the labdanum shows a sort of animalic facet, and that’s why it is so compared to the Ambergris.

I believe seeing a bigger number of complaints than compliments, for this cologne. However, it is a scent that honors the Bogart quality, mainly in projection and lasting issues. And, without a doubt, stays out of the common place, without having to appeal to oud variations.
Do you want something strong and different? You found it!

Especially Escada Elixir Escada by ScarlettX 2014-04-23

I like it. It's nice and light rose scent with some fruits.
Nothing too outstanding, but very good for everyday scent. I think it's suitable for spring and summer.
It's a little soapy, smells like rose soap, but nothing annoying.

Clea Yves Rocher by icecube 2014-04-23

Sherihan - It is not sold by Yves Rocher anymore. You have to get it from a vintage perfume shop or auction.

Passport Paris Paris Hilton by Orshi 2014-04-23

I adore Paris Hilton Siren, but this one is just too sharp, unpleasant, vomit inducing..Thank god I only blind bought 30ml, unfortunately I won't be able to use it anywhere else but in the bathroom..It was very cheap but I should have bought Siren again..This one is really bad, even for £5 it's not worth it, money down the toilet..

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Dior by ScarlettX 2014-04-23

I really hoped that it would be my taste, but unfortunately, no.
It's fresh, there's a lot of peony freshness in it.
The whole perfume is one blooming peony. Too much peony for me.
The other Miss Dior's perfumes are much better.

Clea Yves Rocher by Sherihan 2014-04-23

How can I order Clea from USA?

Prada Candy Prada by spiderleenie 2014-04-23

Now THIS is a gourmand I can get behind. I don't care for sickly-sweet scents like Aquolina's Pink Sugar, as I find those type of scents to be overkill on the sweetness. Prada Candy, however, has just enough sweetness for it to be a youthful and fun scent, without becoming an immature one.

The caramel is quite dominant in this fragrance, but it's mellowed out by the spices and the musk, creating a powdery, sweet, and smooth fragrance. I do recommend spraying this with a light hand, though, as too much might become too much.

Personally, I would recommend wearing this during the Fall and Winter. I think it's too warm of a scent to wear during the late Spring, and especially during Summertime.

Man Amber Halston by Jibb Ski 2014-04-23

Terribly disappointed. Once again lured in with the insane love to dislike ratio. Very reminiscent of Dirty English, which is a despicable scent. What the first three people I asked called the 'old man smell', dies down after an hour, leaving a truly authentic and pleasant amber smell with undertones of Oud or perhaps myrrh with the labdanum.
Either way, by then it is too late. The projection will have become non-existent.

BLV Eau de Parfum II Bvlgari by ScarlettX 2014-04-23

I am surprised and disappointed, because every other Bvlgari perfume I have tried so far has been good. This one is not in my opinion.
It's fresh, and way too boring. If you look at the notes it's supposed to be sweet and strong. It's not. Only a hint of sweetness.
Also, a bit masculine. And even the bottle looks lame.(not in this picture, though) Everything about it smells and looks like cheap perfume from supermarket.

I love this for spring right now and its also very summery and fresh..i had to pull this out my stash and its like fresh femme beachy marine air..with the figs flowing fresh through citrus...a sexy beachy fruity scent...the original is not as good as this!!

Omnia Crystalline Bvlgari by lirael00 2014-04-23

For me Crystalline is not the best out of Omnia lines, but I still quite like it. It's a very gentle scent, perfect for summer days, when you don't feel like wearing your heavy-room filling favourite perfume.It starts fresh then the drydown becomes woodsy. Sillage and longevity are moderate, which usually applies to a lot of fresh perfumes. I don't think I will buy another bottle (just because, there is so much more to explore in the world of perfumes) but never say never!

Clea Yves Rocher by icecube 2014-04-23

What a wonderfull fragrance. I can mostly feel the amber and vanilla - but in the background a bouquet of flowers. It is so wellbalanced and rounded - a superfeminine and soft perfume for any age.
I cant comprehend why it has such a low price when it is has such quality and style.
I recomend it to everyone.

Arden Beauty Elizabeth Arden by lirael00 2014-04-23

I like Beauty but I wish it would be stronger. I don't know what it is, but whenever I spray it on myself,half an hour later I can barely smell anything. Maybe it's just my skin. Anyway, in the beginning when I can still detect it I get a scent of rice fields bathed in sun. It's a very crummy scent that doesn't demand an attention. Perfect for relaxtion of everyday stress. The staying power could be better.

Al Wisam Day Rasasi by vikasbahar 2014-04-23

Can some one suggest where can i get this from ? Is ebay the only place to purchase this ??

Dior Homme Sport Dior by burgundyaltima 2014-04-23

i have a 1.7 oz 99% full dior homme sport 2008 version= $55 shipped conus paypal only

Dior Homme Sport 2012 Dior by burgundyaltima 2014-04-23

I have a 1.7 oz dior homme sport 2012 99%= $55 shipped conus paypal

Passport Paris Paris Hilton by lirael00 2014-04-23

Don't get turn off just because it's from Paris Hilton. Passport in Paris is one of the best sweet/fruity perfumes I've ever had. It's sweet, but in a really exciting way. Berries and peach make it juicy and vanilly adds a little bit of powderness. Lasting power is moderate, about 5 hours on me. Oh, and did I mention the price, well it's not gonna hurt your wallet cause it's really cheap. So if you're looking for a cheap compensation for one of your favourite juicy, sweet perfumes you should get Passport in Paris. People are always shocked when they ask me what perfume I'm wearing and they find out that it's one from Paris.

Luna Rossa Extreme Prada by burgundyaltima 2014-04-23

i have a 1.7 oz new in box = $65 shipped conus paypal only

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by SheAlwaysSmellsGood 2014-04-23

I just received a 1oz bottle of this (special edition in the small spherical bottle) and it was a total blind buy. I do like JC scents in general, and I do like Peace Love & JC a lot even though over on that page there are a lot of negative reviews as well.

I saw someone (or more than just one person) comparing the scent to grapes/sour grapes/fizzy grapes. To me, that's a winner. I love that smell! But I don't smell it in this fragrance.

It's definitely very sweet and has that distinctive JC peppery smell underneath. I think it smells feminine and sexy. I really enjoy it and I'm sure this will be my Couture Couture summer. :)

Egoiste Platinum Chanel by burgundyaltima 2014-04-23

i have a 1.7 oz platinum egosite new in box =$55 shipped conus paypal only

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by burgundyaltima 2014-04-23

I have a 1.7 oz bleu de chanel new in box = $55 SHIPPED CONUS PAYPAL ONLY

Blush Marc Jacobs by Jenavira 2014-04-23

It's funny how you can change with time in what perfumes you like or what perfumes work on you. When I was in my early twenties this scent actually had a somewhat gross cumin note on me, fast forward about 5 years, and I had used up my decants of L'Artisan's La Chasse aux Papillons. I was looking for a clean summery floral that still had character and I randomly receive a sample of this in a swap. I suddenly am rather blown away by the resemblance to LCaP and that it actually smells good on me. Well long story short I got a bottle and have learned to love this in the dry hot summers of California. Blush has a rather cooling dewy effect and enough of a tinge from the peach, star jasmine, and star anise to be far more interesting than the usual clean white floral.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by burgundyaltima 2014-04-23

I have pure malt 100ml brand new in box $80 shipped conus paypal only..

White Musk The Body Shop by patxaran 2014-04-23

Not something I wear frequently, but probably my longest standing staple in my perfume wardrobe. I remember getting a small bottle and matching products from this range when I was a teenager. Since then I think i have never been without a small bottle. More recently I bought the perfume oil (a small squat bottle with a dab stick) and I find I like this better than the EDT spray. It made me remember how much I loved White Musk when I first got hold of it in those school years. Perhaps the EDT spray has been slighly reformulated since and that's why I don't feel so drawn to it anymore. The White Musk perfume oil comes across slightly more rounded, powdery and sweet whereas in the spray I can detect more of the notes mentioned above. No matter which concentration, this is an iconic fragrance, easily reckognisable and uncomplicated.

Idole d`Armani Giorgio Armani by ScarlettX 2014-04-23

This is spicy stuff. So much ginger and saffron. I can't enjoy it, it's too strong and old-fashioned for me.
I find it interesting, but I wouldn't buy it even if I had all the money in the world.
I think it's suitable for older ladies. This perfume is not youthful or fresh, not at all.
It could be that some people find it sexy but I find it cloying. This perfume is not for me.

Lavanda 1 Mahogany by Lailica 2014-04-23

I like it when the second it is sprayed - I can smell spices and some orange, but then it disappears and nothing is left...I am unable to smell the base notes..I tried it on my clothes and it is the same thing: it fades away completely after a few minutes. I wish this body splash would last a little longer.

Agua Fresca Adolfo Dominguez by Syzygy73 2014-04-23

This is gorgeous. Soft, woods with a lovely light but clean dry down. A comforting, masculine fragrance. There's something classic about it.

Pani Walewska Miraculum by miaou 2014-04-23

I wish the top notes lasted longer - the start reminds me of Vent Vert, and i love it! But after a few mins the scent turns into a dusty retro floral with no green notes. Such a pity.

Heat Beyonce by CPelly82 2014-04-23

First time smelled this fragrance was about 3 years ago. My mom purchased a bottle for my sister and I thought it smelled horrible. I decided to give it another try and I fell in love with it. It has a very spicy peppery scent to it but unfortunately it doesn't last very long. To get that sultry feeling I like wearing this on hot humid summer days

Tresor In Love Lancome by ScarlettX 2014-04-23

It's very pleasant sweet rose scent. Rose note blends so nicely with peach and sweet pear. It's not very strong and not overwhelming. I think sillage might be even too soft.
The scent is happy and playful but still innocent.
I think it's youthful sweet scent. Worth a try.

Dior Homme Eau for Men Dior by josevancouver 2014-04-23 I guess I'll weigh in on this latest creation from Francois Demachy. Since Dior (besides Creed) is one of my favourite fragrance houses and I own DH (reformulated), DHI (vintage), DHS (reformulated) plus Bois D'Argent and Ambre Sultan from their private line, I thought I would try out Dior Homme Eau.

Do I like it? Yes
Am I excited about it? Not really

This is a lighter, more aquatic version of Dior Homme. The citrus note added to the trademark iris differentiates this fragrance from Dior Homme and they don't smell as similar to me as others have claimed. Eau smells different and it smells nice. What I love about DH, DHS and DHI is that each of them has unique characteristics. My favourite is good old Dior Homme (reforumlated with a little less iris than the vintage version) with its buttery, lipstick note. I love DHI and DHS because of their unique characteristics whether it is the iris and vanilla in DHI or the ginger and iris DHS. Dior Eau is a bit bland and not as unique.

Having said that, I do like it. It smells great, and in part, I am starting to wear it as an everyday scent. I don't consider DH an everyday scent. I usually wear it when I am wearing a suit. I don't consider DHI an everyday scent. I usually wear that when I go out at night to some kind of event. I don't even consider DHS an everyday scent. I usually wear it only in the warmer months.

So there you have it from my perspective: DH Eau as a more everyday, nice-smelling scent with Dior Homme Demachy DNA that will get compliments. Ground-breaking? Nope, but good.

Amyris Homme Maison Francis Kurkdjian by Poboijosh 2014-04-23

I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a number of years, and being as PV is a beach city, every house, apartment, business, you name it, has tiled floors, so every flavor imaginable of Fabuloso™ is readily available along with the Mexican bleach brand Clorolex™, and PV being a dusty beach city, mopping continually was indefinite by everybody, and along with the fact that air conditioning is a pure luxury, the majority of people had to live with their windows oper year round, so dusty floors were a neverending battle. The used up contents of now dirty mop water along with those floor cleaning chemicals always ended up on sidewalks on every single street, every single day in PV, so there was always a very distinct smell daily, and along with the sweltering heat and humidity, this odor absolutely permeated everything along with all of the smells from the naturally growing floral and fauna. So, I am entirely in a gray area with Maison`s Amyris. On one hand, it's distinctly reminiscent of that glorious time in my life living in paradise that had good and bad memories, and on the other, it clearly reminds me of that tiresome and neverending chore of mopping, while being olfactory overloaded with chemical florals and bleach...

Ice*Men Thierry Mugler by Ryanmmas26 2014-04-23

Easily the worst smelling cologne in my collection.When I purchased this I was expecting a fresh,blue,refreshing aquatic. What I got was a bitter scent smelling of patchouli and coffee. Not for me AT ALL.

Easily a 2.5 out of 10

IMHO it's one of the best vanilla scents ever.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by The Swedish girl 2014-04-23

LB smells very nice when you spray just a little, soft fruity/musky/wooody/clean. But if you only spray "a little", the scent will disappear way to soon, and no one will be able to even notice that you are wearing perfume.

If you spray a lot, LB will only smell like acidic cleaning products, like really sharp citrus and nothing else.

Such an expensive perfume SHOULD have better sillage and longevity, shame on you, Dolce Gabbana... :-(

A*Men Thierry Mugler by Ryanmmas26 2014-04-23

Easily the biggest regret Ive ever bought blinding a fragrance. The opening is repulsive enough alone to make me vomit and as time goes on this does evolve into something more tolerable but even then its not worth it to me. Too sweet,weird, and it just doesnt do it for me.

However it projects like a beast and lasts honestly 16-24 hrs.

Quasar Fire O Boticario by periquito89 2014-04-23

Quasar Fire actually came a couple of years before Hot Water. I think it has its own particularity, what gives some distance from both Xeryus Rouge and, in my opinion, even more from Hot Water.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by Ryanmmas26 2014-04-23

As much as I like this cologne not too many people in my world like it as much as I do which causes me to only wear it for personal enjoyment.

To me this smells boozy,a little fruity,herbal and slightly creamy. It honestly smells like a creamy drink you might get from a bar. Its perfect for the fall as well :)

But like I said ive worn this and most people didnt really care for it so its not something I reach for that often.

The performance for this is pretty beastly tho as I get 10-16hrs with this and with only 2 sprays. Be careful with this because it projects like a beast only with a spray or 2.

All in all im going to give it a rating of 6.75. I want to give it a better rating because I like the scent. I honestly cant give it better marks because people just dont seem to care for this.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by divan.badenhorstbotha 2014-04-23

This stuff is just hauntingly beuatifull !!!!!! If you can get the extrait it wil take the experience to another level. Niches may come and go but opium is forever!!!

Gem Van Cleef & Arpels by kraxa 2014-04-23

After a long search I've found it in a small perfume shop in Amsterdam, full of vintage and almost forgotten treasures. What a delight, it is everything I imagined it would be and more!

Fantasy Britney Spears by AnitaAna 2014-04-23

I totally love it! It's very girly, lovely and sweet smelling!
It's not just some typical floral fragrance. It definitely is very UNIQUE! I love this kind of perfumes and I'm going to wear it proudly!

I'm very satisfied with this "blind" purchase!
I bought a set with a 100ml fragrance + body lotion + shower gel at!
I absolutely recommend it to all the girly girls and feminine women! ;)

Vice Versa Yves Saint Laurent by silverbutterfly 2014-04-23

Very strong dusty tomato with raspberry and blueberry after-math. It is unique and no comparison for some abovementioned. Too bad, it's discontinued. On the other hand- I have it in my huge collection, so may be it is not to bad.

Patchouli 24 Le Labo by abmr999 2014-04-23

Longevity - 9.5/10
Sillage - 9/10
Scent - 7/10

Exotic Boadicea the Victorious by abmr999 2014-04-23

Longevity - 8/10
Sillage - 8/10
Scent - 9/10

Explorer Boadicea the Victorious by abmr999 2014-04-23

Longevity - 9/10
Sillage - 9/10
Scent - 9/10

Blue Sugar Aquolina by Ryanmmas26 2014-04-23

Im not big into gourmands but was told this was a good gourmand to start off on or even for people that dont usually tend to like gourmands but just want a sweet scent.

And that was pretty accurate because this cologne really surprised me. Its very unique but quite simple at the same time. Ive never smelled any other cologne like this but its nothing to daring or out there. Its simply a cologne that smells sweet and pleasing. This smell reminds me of cookies that are fresh out of the oven. A VERY pleasing scent and I must say, ladies that have a sweet tooth really enjoy this !

Performance wise this is also very good. It projects well above average and lasts me on close to 8 hrs every time.

Id give this a final rating of 8 out of 10 ! Ill deff be purchasing this when the colder months come around :)

L`Air Nina Ricci by Lily2911 2014-04-23

I was craving so long after a beautiful soft floral and I tried already many in the meantime and l'Air was one I received from my lovely husband and Waaw, a big revelation like "I finally found my floral". I am surprised this beauty is not well known, probably over shadowed by the immense classic of l'Air du Temps which I don't like that much anymore and many other commercial releases. The irony is that I expected this kind of scent of my lately acquired Cerruti 1881 and that one was a complete horror story, the most harsh soap smell. And then I get this wonderful l'Air : how can I describe it ? It is just a lovely poet which whispers you and everything is in balance, it all smell very soft, fresh and sensual at the same time. It is a "skin scent" but one that lingers for hours, so don't get fooled, although it has a good longevity and the silage is for me amazing. I recognize all the ingredients, the honeysuckle is very pretty and that marriage of jasmin, magnolia and violet is divine, not too strong and gives that "velvet" feeling. Other describe it as "powdery" although I find it very discreet and subtle (but I love powdery so that can influence my judgement). The dry down is sublime : instead that this perfume would literately disappear in Air, you get that palisandar wood and patchouli. And no to be honest, I don't smell that typical strong patchouli, this combination provide me more a warm, woody, musky undertone which gives a lot of structure for such an ethereal perfume. Maybe it is that delicate balance which provides that beauty : they succeeded to capture such an ethereal spirit in a way that it stays with, whispering lovely words, rather than letting you down after an hour

Inner Grace Philosophy by sharihh 2014-04-23

I love all the Graces except for Inner Grace. It's very very mature to me. Like the 65 and older Club. Trish McEvoy's "Sexy" 9 Blackberry & Vanilla smells just like this. This is just a nauseating smell to me.

Boss Intense Hugo Boss by dazzlin9 2014-04-23

For me it is warm, sensual, sexy, seductive.. i wear it at night and my husband really likes it..

Only The Brave Diesel by class 2014-04-23

This is a metro sexy scent that girls go for. But it is just too well known now, where a lot of guys are wearing it. So even though I like it, I can't see myself buying it, only because I don't want to seem like just another one of the sexy smelling guys that girls want to get to know physically- if you know what I mean. I like to lead and not be a copy-cat. So I'll give this a 7 or 7.5 out of a 10, just because it has become too common today and it is being worn by too many guys.

Silver Mountain Water Creed by skal1971 2014-04-23

Always come back to this wonderful scent: I would drink it or eat it if I could.
It's fresh, crispy, fruity, creamy, milky, and unique.
The balance between the blackcurrant leafs and the green tea is a masterpiece.

Finally bought a 120ml bottle, perfect for the spring!

Versace L'Homme Versace by murysusanto 2014-04-23

Ok, so this one is available in a new packaging, black box and the bottle still the same as the old one.
This is the exact same content, I wonder if the nose is still the same. One great product I will always keep getting over empty one.
I was thinking, why not the Versus Uomo re-launched again?

Versus Uomo Versace by murysusanto 2014-04-23

Still saw in stores of new old stocks. It came to USD 35 for the large bottle. The scent is so unique, up until today 2014 I never ever seen one scent similar to this.
That's why I repeatedly quote as score 1-10, I give 11.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by bonnie52 2014-04-23

This is my first Chanel perfume and i love it! Very feminine and it really gets my husband's attention! Just wonderful!

Antaeus Chanel by riffjim4069 2014-04-23

I recently discovered Antaeus and it's very nice; a true Classic that is bold & beautiful, yet not dated. Sure, I can pick-out a few notes in this juice but, to me, it's one of those fragrances that is so well blended that it projects an attitude. In this case, an attitude of pure masculinity that demands to be noticed.

My only issue with this fragrance is...well, to me, I don't get much of a leather vibe since I like my leather scents rich and full-bodies. It's not an issue since I plan to add Antaeus to my fall-winter lineup and I will continue to use Tuscan Leather and others to satisfy my leather fix.

Carmen Victorio & Lucchino by ZELJO 2014-04-23

Seville,s, well, southern in general, Spains spring in a perfum, be careful as its enough with few sprays, this is a very powerful floral, like mixing up tons of orange flowers with jasmins and a small touch of magnolia and lime, Carmen, a spanish female name, really suits it, as well with the bottle than reminds to an old andalusian bouquet of flowers with roman and mozarabic influences, a very interesting perfum suitable mostly to women older than 35 and for the daytime the whole year

Makkah Blend Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by thoushaltnotdefy 2014-04-23

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi’s aim has always been to provide a variety for each one’s taste and axiom instincts, thus the Makkah Blend was created, by the mixture of wild flowers, Indian agarwood and deer musk, with the touch of the soft western aroma, for your imagination to travel far beyond this world, taking you to your own kingdom.

Top: Bergamot, Lavender, Herbal
Mid: Patchouli, Coffee
Base: Agarwood oil, Musk, Vanilla, Caramel

^ Taken from the official Abdul Samad al Qurashi website, thought I'd add a bit more information as Fragrantica doesn't give much about this perfume.

First opening, I thought I would love this scent. It was fresh and green and reminded me of when, as a child, I used to lay out on grass that was still slightly damp with the morning dew. There was just the slightest hint of a sort of mild musty earthiness underlaying it. Just the right counterpoint to that heady opening greenness.

Unfortunately, as time progressed, that mustiness grew. Two hours into L'Arbre de la Connaissance and my wrist had turned into what I can only describe as a dust bunny. Smells like when I sweep cat-hair and debris from under the bed after a couple of weeks of being lazy on my housekeeping. I mean... how do you get essence of dust so perfectly? Every time I smelled my wrist, the odd question popped into my head "why am I not sneezing?"

It's too bad. I loved the opening but don't want to end up smelling like a giant, human dust bunny.

Cerruti Pour Homme Cerruti by class 2014-04-23

I agree with Roman86. This is a safe soft scent. I like it but it is a little too quiet for me. I use and prefer Anucci for my light scent, because it makes more of a statement. If you like Cerruti's innocent scent but you would like to have a little more emphasis, then I recommend that you also try Anucci which remains longer and it also carries a little more sillage.

OUD Franck Boclet by abmr999 2014-04-23

Longevity - 5/10
Sillage - 5/10
Scent - 8/10

Leather Franck Boclet by abmr999 2014-04-23

Longevity - 4/10
Sillage - 5/10
Scent - 8/10

Evolution Rocawear by RyBayBayMPLS 2014-04-23

Lovvve this stuff, 4sprays gets me very nice projection and longevity is about 6-8hrs.. very nice boozie/coffee/citrus vibe.. it KIND OF reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana the one.. very nice.

Smell 9/10
Longevity 7.5/10
Projection 7.5/10
Versatility 8/10
Price 8.5/10(if you shop around)

Overall : 40/50 which is 4/5

god this scent is beautiful. Elegant and one of a kind. This scent is poetry. It evokes an immediate mental picture, and the chosen name and accompanying text describe it perfectly.
I get an immediate hit of bracken, heather, thistles and violets, earthy, cold damp ozonic air. It paints a mental image of remote wild moorlands. I see the mountain, the mists, the bracken and the dark lake.
I wear it as an armour, to channel its remoteness, when i want something ethereal. And yet i also find it extremely wearable. It feels chilly yet warmly enveloping at the same time.

Moderate sillage, and only lasts on me for about 4 hrs, but many perfumes don't last long on my skin, so i'd imagine greater longevity for others. A unisex scent - i'd describe it as very masculine or feminine, dependant on the wearer. Frankly i want all of this line - they're all spectacular, but this is my favourite -currently!

Korrigan Lubin by jruwest 2014-04-23

I found Korrigan when I was looking for a substitute for Bond No. 9's brooklyn. I loved the juniper and leather hints in Bond but wanted something a tiny bit more unusual. After going to MiN I was given samples of Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleure, Keiko Mecheri's Cuir Cordoba, and Lubin's Gin Fizz.

Pleine Fleure was too heavy on the patchouli for my taste, while Cuir Cordoba devolved into something like baby powder. Gin Fizz is nice and bubbly but dissipated almost instantly.

Korrigan, though... Korrigan is special. The opening is atrocious. It reminds me of burning tires and the smell of... well, diarrhea. Those twenty minutes of acrid are almost impossible to get through... but then Korrigan turns into something that is, quite frankly, stunning. Warm, leather, wood, salty caramel without being too saccharine and with just the slightest hint of smokiness.

I spray it on after I shower at night so that I can spare the general public that opening hell. By the time I wake up it is perfectly mellowed. It has excellent longevity and decent sillage. After about six hours of wear you can still smell it about half a foot off the skin. Amazing,

Lalique Pour Homme Lalique by ehsanazmodeh 2014-04-23

بوی این عطر با یک بوی تند و تلخ گیاهی شروع می شه و یک شیرینی ملایمی هم توی رایحه این عطر هست اما نه شیرینی که دل آدمو بزنه و زنانه باشه در کل عطر خوشبو و با کلاسی است و بوی رایحه ها توی این عطر خیلی ماهرانه با هم مچ و بالانس شدن. متاسفانه پخش بوی جالبی نداره و ضعیف است ولی بعضی از دوستان از پخش بوی عالی این عطر یاد کردند شاید حس بویایی بنده ضعیف شده البته من نسخه ادو پرفیوم این عطر رو دارم ولی ماندگاری در حدود 6ال7 ساعت روی دست داره و بوی این عطر تغیرات زیادی نداره از نظر من ولی شیشه بسیار زیبا و قشنگی داره که هر عطر بازی باید حتما این توی کلکسیونش داشته باشه.

Loverdose Diesel by lauren.gonzalez.963 2014-04-23

Such an interesting fragrance. The overall vibe on my skin seems a lot like Paris hilton Dazzle meets Madona truth or dare. In the opening I DO get a lot of the listed notes, but after it dries down I get the PH Dazzle vibe with some tart tuberose also and sandalwood. Could be just me, but yeah. Its also VERY strong and long lasting. I wore this yesterday to mask the scent of freshly hennad hair (which reeks like dog/cow), and I ended up getting some compliments on it! Job done!

Florentine Iris Ermenegildo Zegna by smellME 2014-04-23

This was beautiful !!!
Really fresh and truly unisex. Far more beautiful than Prada d'iris flankers...though loving some of them too !
A brand I've never seen before now spotted at Barcelona airport.
If I had the money I would by it on an instant basis !
Gorgeous !

This is an awesome mint frag. It's all about fresh mint leaves, not at all like chewing gum and nothing like Menthe Fraiche. It's definitely got some pepper to it, which makes it unique. It doesn't project a ton, but it does last. It blends well with the cardamom and musk. If you're looking for a realistic fresh mint leaf frag, this is a great one.

O Oui! Lancome by joan100 2014-04-23

Based on my encounter with this in 2000 this was a wonderful fragrance! It may be a fruity-floral aquatic but it has charactar and depth like L'eau Par, Ralph Cool, New West and Donna. This can be used as an alternative to Donna by Sergio Tacchini (which is very hard to aquire!). I am put off buying it now because many people say this has become boring and simple. Please bring back the original formulation and I will be buying this by the dozen!

Pink Praline Soivohle by Jitterbug Perfume Lover 2014-04-23

Because this house uses all natural ingredients, I think this is a scent that will rely heavily on skin chemistry to develop. My ex’s hobby was woodworking and he often used exotic woods, so I’m pretty used to the smell. On me, the cocoa/cinnamon/coffee/tonka bean/maple syrup notes translated into brazilian rosewood sawdust covered in maple syrup in the middle of a cinnamon factory. My skin projects spice and the cinnamon in the opening was waaaaaaaay too strong for me. This is the first perfume in a long time that actually makes my stomach turn. I’m sure that on the right chemistry, this is pure magic, but on me, not so much.

Sulmona Essenza Sulmona Essenza by Mellyhelly 2014-04-23

I really like it! This is totally not into my fave group because it's so sweet and candy, but I loved it nonetheless for its beauty.
Sulmona is a lovely town in Italy where they produce the best known confetti with Almond, the original type.
This perfume smells like true fine Italian almond confetti, very strong and very vanillic almond, it makes you crave for sweets, but in no way it smells like all the candy Lollipop fake synthetical cheap perfumes around. It smell like the open rear door of an exquisite Italian patisserie full of fresh cakes and mignon. Flowers are listed, but honestly I smell them in the background not as dominant.
It's a fine scent and not cloying in spite of big sweetness. I love it. It lasts forever on fabrics, it has sillage and duration. The packaging is also lovely.

Tagetes Homme En Voyage Perfumes by Jefevaizen 2014-04-23

Hey Fragrantica, can you add Durango and Chang Chang to En Voyage line?... Thanks.

50 Shades of Modern Fougere - ★★★★★

How does it smell?
Grey. Wet cement and mud masks aren't far off at times. Dark, mysterious, provocative and daring are more accurate most of the time. Narciso Rodriguez for Him is the classic fougere, reinvented and modernized by mastermind perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. This is a simple fragrance of violet leaf and patchouli, mildly sweetened by amber with sensuality and warmth added to the otherwise cold composition by musk (in that order of intensity to my nose). But in no way is this boring or unsophisticated.

Achieving a lot with very little is Francis Kurkdjian’s forte, and in Narciso Rodriguez for Him he does this again masterfully. Every time I wear this I am reminded of his Lumiere Noire Pour Homme, only substituting the rose for violet leaf.

Performance and seasons?
Longevity is fantastic, at least 8 hours with moderate projection throughout. Of note is how great the atomizer is on this bottle, it sprays amazingly well so 3 sprays will last you the entire day. Warnings of possible reformulation seem unjustified.

This one’s a 4 season fragrance, and I particularly enjoy it on rainy spring and fall days like today.

Is it any good?
That depends, I love it but this is a true love or hate fragrance. Personally I like the fact that it is so different and polarizing because the result is mysterious and challenging. What’s more, this feels just as well made as his personal MFK line and other high end niche fragrances too - there was no skimping involved here. Definitely try before you buy, but if you appreciate the notes in this or like FK’s other work, you may love this too. This fragrance is an experience, and an exceptional one at that.

5 Stars ★★★★★

Fire From Heaven CB I Hate Perfume by charles_carmichael 2014-04-23

I really like this combo of sandalwood and incense - but it doesn't last more than 2 hours on my skin. This seems to be an issue with all the CB water perfumes (at least for me). Chris Brosius has created some interesting and thoughtful fragrances, but they just don't seem to have any tenacity.

On the other hand, this fragrance and others from the line might suit you if you're looking for something transparent and insular.

Vince Camuto Homme Vince Camuto by WayneDN 2014-04-23

Just tried this today at Macy's as it just came in. I really enjoyed the scent and the longevity. This might be my next purchase for summer 2014. I had Eternity Aqua last year for summer and reeived tons of compliments when wearing it.

Intense He Wood DSQUARED² by fuggerone 2014-04-23

not up to be an intense version is not so intense low duration and light sillage not so different from the original...

Spirit for Men Antonio Banderas by Chicago Tony T 2014-04-23

Very close to Carlos Santana but without the apple note.Cinnamon and incense with light fruity notes. Very light as mentioned but for the price I can't complain. Great to wear for spring/summer due to the lack of sillage. A safe scent that I don't think many will complain about.An extreme version would be fantastic!!

L'Eau Couture Elie Saab by Lilyfey 2014-04-23

Another beautiful creation. This one smells very different on paper than on skin. On paper the white flowers are prominent. Fresh orange blossom stays politely in the background, soft but noticeable and well blended with sweet vanilla. On (my) skin the orange blossom comes out nicely together with almond and what I'd describe as vanilla-honey notes, even though honey isn't listed. After a while its like a fresher, greener version of Elie Saab EDT. It's a great perfume for spring and summer, especially if you like the original but find it a tat too sweet for hot weather. I'm a big fan of all the Elie Saabs, this one now included.

Michael for Men Michael Kors by C@nn@r 2014-04-23

Just got a sample from and I am surprised. It is very heavy in tobacco, fruits, and incense. However, it is backed up by spices and woods. It smells very masculine and rugged however it is not in your face. Michael Kors for men is pleasant with soft to moderate projection with decent longevity 6-8 hours but it will sit mostly close to the skin. This is perfect for dating, casual, or even dressed up because it smells classy enough. I would say it has a similar vibe to pure malt with regard to the berry note. However, I would say this is closer to pure havane and burberry london the pure malt. This has the spice of burberry london which almost gives it a spiced boozy wine or liquor accord. This is probably from the anise and cinnamon with fruits and incense. Overall it is a very well blended smooth cologne that is undoubtedly masculine. The biggest downfall is projection and longevity. With this many dark and heavy notes listed one would expect it to me beast mode in both regards. It is not! This will sit on your skin and not want to budge after even only a short while. If you are looking for a darker cologne for fall and winter to use in a work or dating situation this might do the trick. You will smell good and masculine without chocking anybody out. I would still recommend pure havane.

Carolina Carolina Herrera by Velvet_Touch 2014-04-23

A sweet, sensual, feminine fragrance! I tested it last week and still remember the special cardamom notes. If you're a business woman, this is perfect!

Versace Woman Versace by viviana.eveline 2014-04-23

Beautiful bottle en soft fragrance .. Love it !

Galloway Parfums de Marly by THEREALJWIL 2014-04-23

This is not the bottle for Galloway, it is the same as the rest of the recent bottles like Godolphin, Herod etc. It is a matte white with a platinum cap which is beautiful looking. This is a great citrus and musk scent that lasts forever on my skin. I haven't given it a "true" wearing yet but this will be perfect for spring and even summer. It is not heavy and will not choke you out. Don't let the musk scare you because it is well blended with the other ingredients. The other notes are detectable at times but not prominent.
Another well done creation by this house.

So Elixir Yves Rocher by Velvet_Touch 2014-04-23

I adore this perfume.I just received it as a gift for Easter! I think it's very rich-smelling and perfect any season of the year. It reminds me a lot of Chanel Mademoiselle but at a difference of the cost.Good for casual events, like lunch and coffee with my friends but probably perfect for "dressy" evenings!

Metal Paco Rabanne by 2014-04-23

I would love to try this scent, only a vintage version. However, you mention that galbanum is included in the topnotes but it's not pictured. Odd?

Wood Mystique Estée Lauder by smellME 2014-04-23

Met this beauty for the first time last week, at Frankfurt airport.
Strong , powerful - in a good way , flowers and pepper, wood , honeylike and mystique !
Couldn't wait to see her again yesterday, still lovely, been hiding in the dawn for too long.
I need it in my collection, regret I didn't bring her home with me once I found her !
Miss her sweet woody embrace.
A good deal of sillage and longevity.
Not close but in the same chategory as Gucci edp.
Lovely bottle too, heavy classy.
Niche quality !

Potion DSQUARED² by edge42 2014-04-23

Nice scent, but I'm appalled by it's performance (or lack thereof)! Luckily I got this in a swap because I'd be choked if I had paid for it. The EDT literally vanished to a barely perceptible trace within 30 minutes (on fabric even!), making it the worst performing fragrance I've ever sampled. Unfortunately this is only good for a bathroom spray, because otherwise it smells great.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 22 Chanel by byrum.tzn 2014-04-23

My fascination with chanel started with no 5 as a kid, i was probably 3 or 4 in around 1996 and my aunty who was and still is a really young, lively beautiful blonde loved both no 5 and no 22. No 5 was her signature perfume and no 22 always got overshadowed by no 5, yet no 22 became her wedding fragrance. that kind of say's it all, It fit her so well, she had a halter neck wedding dress with elbow length white gloves, very contemporary 90's. Anyway fast forward to around 2006 and suddenly no 22 was gone, from stores, boutiques, it had completely vanished along with bois des iles, cuir de russie and gardenia. My auntie had stocked up on the no 22 and decided to sell me a few of the bottles adorned in the white case. I was completely ecstatic as I was always intrigued by this fragrance!

No when this came out in 2007 I didn't immediately buy it, partly because my fenwick department store didn't carry it until 2009, then I went and forked out for a huge 200ml bottle. I didn't notice a huge difference between this and my vintage other than this seemed fresher. Still smells very much like the same 22 I always loved, same sillage and strength but something is missing, then I realised it was orange blossom. Now my vintage 22 was big on aldehydes and orange blossom on the initial spritz, then after a while I got some it was warmed by jasmine and ylang ylang, then finally a musky powdery vanilla was left on the skin, very cosy and beautiful.
The new no 22 is almost the same expect orange blossom is only faintly present, toned down quite a bit, this also seems a lot warmer than my vintage but longevity wise this actually beats my vintage, Stayed on my skin all day which makes me love no 22 even more.
This is my first signature and continues to be a favourite for me; I’ll never be without it!

Bamboo Harmony By Kilian by Germany 2014-04-23

Oh wow I love this fresh green citrus woody aromatic fragrance , It reminds me of FICO all the way , in fact that's all I could think of when I first sprayed it. When you get more familiar with it and wait for some time you can tell more of a difference and other notes mingle within. I like the bamboo in this. This is a great summer fragrance by Kilian. Might be my next buy. Nice unisex fresh fragrance.

Clean Skin Clean by saeglopur 2014-04-23

I am a fan of musky-skin scents (signature: Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT), so I made a beeline for this on my last trip to Sephora. I had sniffed it before and added it on my "want" list because I thought I liked it, but upon spraying it on my own skin I was underwhelmed. Where was the fresh, floral musk of last time? Instead here was cotton à la Bath & Body Works. Alas, to my nose this perfume is more Clean Shirt than Clean Skin. What a disappointment!

Does this smell at all like Enchanted Forest?

Carolina Carolina Herrera by Amelie59 2014-04-23

This is my favourite all time fragrance,but sadly it has been discontinued- I'm so sad.
I wear Chanel Mademoiselle which is similar.
I wish Carolina Herrera would bring it back.

Secret d`Essences Neroli Yves Rocher by saeglopur 2014-04-23

Veronique Nyberg's creation is honey-sweet, fizzy, and a little bit bitter -- if you steeped neroli in club soda, this is probably what it would smell like. As with all neroli and orange blossom-based fragrances, it reminds me of my childhood, calling to mind doves and orange sunsets and garden parties with flowing white sundresses and blackberry tea-cakes soaked in a mixture of wildflower honey and orange blossom water. Pure, carefree joy and musky comfort.

The bottle is simply divine. It's made of clear glass, wrapped in a milky white gradient with sparse lettering and topped with a matching cap, befitting of the juice. Secrets d'Essences Neroli is suitable for daytime and office wear due to its soft sillage, but as others have mentioned it can easily be combined with something darker to suit other purposes. I am taking it along on a Central/West Coast adventure this summer and hopefully creating memories with it :)

P.S. Upon further research, I found out that neroli is indeed actually used to flavour cola!

Konig Yosh by fuggerone 2014-04-23

apple woody opening then burnt wood! Great for burnt wood lovers!

Tease Paris Hilton by DivaDiddles 2014-04-23

Managed to grab a bargain with this. I had the 50ml bottle for just £8.00 and its perfect for the beach I think. I can see myself wearing this in summer. Very fresh and warming.

Dazzle Paris Hilton by DivaDiddles 2014-04-23

My first review on here. I have to say after years of collecting the Paris Hilton perfumes, I was excited to see a brand new perfume on the market from Paris. The notes excited me even more, this fragrance is pure yummy. So fruity and creamy on my skin, it reminds me of a tasty dessert. Also I am loving the fact it came as a 125ml bottle. Nearly finished my bottle, going to have to order another bottle very soon.

Great job Paris.

Hothouse Flower Ineke by pravda48 2014-04-23

On me this is lush, creamy, and dare i say tropical. It is thick and milky feeling, just delicious. Fig + gardenia are the most obvious by far w touches of cypress and green adding a tropical freshness somehow. Want!!!

Nonplussed is a nice word and probably the way I would describe my feelings towards this fragrance. It's not at all bland but rather a bit stale perhaps? I love incense fragrances and believe they should be heady & rich but sometimes come off as weird and this is one of those occasions. I had expectations of love for this juice but all that I felt was disappointment compared to the brilliant Ambre Fetiche. Will any other Annick Goutal fragrance reach those dizzy heights again? I hope so.
Heavy on the smoke and pepper in the opening Encens Flamboyant doesn't do much in the way of freshness. The fir becomes apparent and just makes it darker if anything.
I'll be honest this could be a slow burner and may well require some more time to get my head around.

Malafemmena Mansfield by amaraztavich 2014-04-23

In the u.s., where can I buy this?

Cabotine Gres by Arina.K 2014-04-23

Cabotine is a modern classic. Green, airy and fresh but also exotic and warm. Just wonderful!

Miss Miss Sixty by kingavagyok 2014-04-23

Flirty, cheerful, girly and sweet, these words describe this scent the most, don't expect anything serious or strong. When I spray it on I get hit by the sweetnes, but I can't decide if they are the fruits or the caramel. Sometimes this, sometimes that, as if they try to overpower each other. This is the only thing that bothers me or maybe is it just my nose? It's like when I'm standing in front of my wardrobe and can't decide what to wear!

Sacred Wood By Kilian by -RJ-seventh 2014-04-23

Big surprise for me. Made only of 2 components but so complex.
It wasn`t special on paper. It started to live when I wore it.

It reminds me a hot windless summerday. Ground is crying for rain. Grass is drying.
I feel some dill seeds, some plant or herb and milky note.

Happy soft scent!
Unisex and well-lasting.

Nina Nina Ricci by misstierra05 2014-04-23

Just an okay scent for me. I purchased a travelo of this and wear it mainly to work just to use it up. I'm not blown away by this fragrance at all.

Amor Amor Cacharel by misstierra05 2014-04-23

This isn't a bad fragrance, but I just can't see the need in purchasing a full bottle of it. I bought a travelo of this and I'm glad I did.

Fabulous Isaac Mizrahi by misstierra05 2014-04-23


I own a 3.4oz bottle of this perfume and I've only worn it about four times total. Please message me if you are willing to purchase it or if swap it out for something that may interest me. I also still have the packaging and instructions that came with the fragrance as well.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by anastasiak 2014-04-23

Headaches,headaches...caused by the two colleages that insist on a daytime use in work.Same category as the Angel by Mugler,almost as a desperation try for making a presence noticable.

Morning Glory Calgon by Snicole82 2014-04-23

This fragrance makes me feel so fresh. It's like a breath of fresh air. The best out of the shower fragrance.

Pleasures For Men Estée Lauder by Laurdess 2014-04-23

I got to smell this yesterday and was shocked. This is nice! There is a summery ...light.... Happy feel with this. It doesnt smell cheap or over produced. It doesnt even have a familiar vibe either that screams everyone wears it. I would buy this one for sure.

Very Sexy (2012) Victoria`s Secret by babykays 2014-04-23

give me back my very sexy 2002 formula.. :((

Chai Robert Piguet by truffles 2014-04-23

Don't smell honey or tea but whatever it is I smell, it's gorgeous! Almost green, almost 'neroli', but not. Pity it's so darn expensive.

Perry Ellis Perry Ellis by Laurdess 2014-04-23

I got to experience this yesterday. A man at Macys had it on. I thought it was nice. As the reviews below say it has a Chanel Blue de feel.... I agree. I was not a huge fan, but ALL the women in the conversation loved it. Its a summer juice for sure. Not over powering at all.

Ellen Tracy Ellen Tracy by smritivsingh 2014-04-23

I luved it when I first sniffed it... bought it right away... realized later a synthetic note in it is irritating me... I think the woody note didn't gel with me... So, I gave it away :(

Fahrenheit 32 Dior by Laurdess 2014-04-23

I was very shocked by this one. I do not know what I expected. It was ok, but nothing like the org. Its light, for spring or summer. A vanilla mint is what I got. Not really manly. It was not bad, but it was not good either.

Touch Me Nabeel by Laurdess 2014-04-23

I bought this on a blind buy due to the reviews. This perfume is possible the most disgusting smell I have ever experienced from a "perfume". It reeks of cheap overpowering out of date yuck. Its so gross I couldn't even zero in on what makes it so bad. If you are American, this smells like an rancid "Charlie" mixed with fingernail polish. It says its alcohol free but it knocks you back like fingernail polish. There is nothing subtle about it. I gave this a fair shoot and took it to work, I asked a staff of 30 to pass it around. 30 people told me to throw it away.

Cuir Mauresque Serge Lutens by hmarrachel 2014-04-23

What a fateful meeting. I went to the serge lutens display to smell Chergui, liked it but wasn't too head over heels for it, I picked up another bottle of serge lutens nearby...'Cuir Maresque', not something I had seen before, smelt it and wham! Instant love, no doubts. I did not even spray it on my skin, it was magic, that whiff on the tester strip had me taken so much that I bought an FB in 10 minutes. Only Carnal Flower has done that to me one other time. I'm surprised that I liked this so much seeing that I'm not into leather at all nor am I a fan of balsamic perfumes. I do not think this is masculine at all, unisex yes, feminine definitely. Its a sweet, warm delicious type leather...yes it does come across as synthetic but its a beautiful incensy and deep, intense fragrance. After a few minutes, the scent reminds me of walking into a Indian shop selling flowers for prayer and incense. It lasts pretty well on clothes and I haven't worn it on my skin yet but I don't mind if it doesn't last too long its a wonderful fragrance. It does smell familiar...if you know the smell of Melissa shoes, this is it in a bottle, but of course intense and sophisticated.

Aqua Fahrenheit Dior by Sh_oK 2014-04-23

After wearing it an entire day, to my nose this one is identical with Antonio Banderas Diavolo.

I cannot stand the smell of Diavolo, after i used it heavilly when i was very young.

Even though it's not a bad fragrance, it's not for me. I feel like i'm chocking when i weare this.

It doesn't seem too aquatic to me

Sexy Amber Michael Kors by sirop de Liège 2014-04-23

I like it, it reminds me of Estee Lauders Sensuous but not as sweet and a bit softer on the sandalwood.
The sillage is rather minimal, it is a skin scent imo. I happen to like Crystal Noir a lot but this is softer, not spicy at all so I don't really see any resemblance. I have been wearing heavy floral perfumes lately so I think this will make a nice change. I couldn't resist buying a 50 ml bottle!

London for Men Burberry by gbad 2014-04-23

caution : fragrance for gentleman

Bobby Jones Bobby Jones by gbad 2014-04-23

it's very woody scent with moderate longevity. all you can smell just woody. similliar to Jean Patou Voyageur but in light version. overall it's a good and unique scent.

Eau du Sud Annick Goutal by teresissima 2014-04-23

very similar to cristalle by chanel..not very original in my opinion

Rosabotanica Cristobal Balenciaga by Yohji 2014-04-23

Beautiful admirable scent of sweet briar flowers on me, fig leaf gives herbal - grassy fresh burst, with eyes closed not knowing its Balenciaga one I would vote for Hermes type of fragrance - very silky, urban image of perfect alien-faced woman. Without a shadow of a doubt - will be liked by many of us.

Aqva Pour Homme Marine Bvlgari by Ryanmmas26 2014-04-23

Well I tried giving this scent a few wearings as Im really looking for a scent with its descroption.

But on my skin this comes off really salty and with a heavy pine like, seaweed smell thats really repulsive. Ive smelled this on my step dad and it smelled decent(still not great) but not as bad as on my skin. But if I were to give an honest opinion on how it came off on me id have to say I strongly dislike this 1. So deff try this out before buying.

On the bright side this deffinity projected like a beast and lasted on my skin 8-10 hours.

Id rate this a 5.5 out of 10

Jil Sander No 4 Jil Sander by roseau 2014-04-23

Jil Sander n°4 is a very heavy , warm , spicy and enveloping fragrance. It is not cloying-sweet, the sort of "light sweetness" it develops only has the effect of rounding off the scent and to avoid the scratchiness of the vivid spicy notes.

Overall, no. 4 a typical Floriental , the "beginning of the 90s mood" is well recognisable in its time of origin.

He should be dosed very sparingly and is probably a fume for the evening. For an office and everyday use is in my view rather inappropriate for it also exudes a certain eroticism.
I noticed that this scent needs a sort of "mandatory body heat" to develop nicely . Dont't spray it in the hair. I did it only one time, with relatively cooler temperature and the perfume has developed an urinous, uncomfortably sharp note. Maybe civet... don't know. So always spray it on your skin!

Eau Parfumee au The Vert Bvlgari by sidrasyzygy 2014-04-23

I've found it! The perfect summer scent for the nearly year round heat and humidity that I live in. The first Rush of delicious lime is uplifting and fresh and after 20 minutes turns sweet, as if the lime was dipped in honey. The dry down is effervescent clean with lime peeking through. Perfection!

Yes! For me too, where can i buy this??

Rose Anonyme Atelier Cologne by becuille 2014-04-23

Perfumes can be funny things.Scents you love in your bath or oil burner suddenly do weird things when you spray them on your skin. Rose is one of those scents for me. I absolutely adore the smell, but as soon as I try it in a perfume, I smell like an old folks home.

I've had some luck with Imogen Rose by Lush, which is a lovely, powdery rose that has none of the "someone needs to change their Tena Lady" whiff that I get from so many other rose perfumes. But while nice, it's a very light and flirty rose. A "girly" kind of a perfume. I was looking for something more womanly, edgy and sensual. I think I've found it here.

For me, this is definitely a night time fragrance (although I tend to favour light perfumes, so I may be in a minority there). The rose is beautifully realistic and the ginger adds a lovely pinch of spice, never turning this into a fully spicy scent, mind you, it remains floral at its core.

I was a bit concerned that the mix of oud, patchouli and incense would all become a bit too much, but they never do. There's a smoky, woody suggestion from them that offer the rose a bit of an edge, but they never fully steal the show.

Longevity is pretty amazing - 3 sprays lasted me morning till night. Sillage is moderate.

Armani Attitude Giorgio Armani by valantis 2014-04-23

Dark and sweet = manly effect!
Longevity? 8 hours![Just spray 4 times, next to the adam's apple=2 sprays for each side..For me next to the adam's apple, is the best pulse point,the others pulse points{ ARE NOT EXIST!]

This is lovely-very smooth. I normally find rose too floral for me, but this is tempered with the bergamot which smoothes out the floral note. The top note was fresh and almost tangerine, but never sharp or bitter. The honey didn't appear on me until about an hour in, but its not at all sweet or sickly because of the woody note-cedar? All in all, a complex, rich, smooth and sensual fragrance, feminine without being girly, sensual without being overtly lustful. I really am going to have to stop buying decants, because I generally end up buying a full size bottle and its costing me a fortune!

Viventy Bernd Berger by McF 2014-04-23

Clean, powdery and pleasant. It feels a little like Allure light, wonderful for warmer weather with soft sillage and good staying power.

Aqva Pour Homme Marine Bvlgari by francess.raymundo 2014-04-23

i use this perfume even if i'm a gal. it's very fragrant.

Parure Guerlain by themonkeys 2014-04-23

this reminded me of a spring summer garden after a rain storm , wish they still made it

Nahema Guerlain by themonkeys 2014-04-23

this to is a rounded smooth intense very deep and alluring with a deep soulful heart , whimsical ,remembered like a lovely dream

Mitsouko Guerlain by themonkeys 2014-04-23

first bought when l was a teenager and now again at 50 ,what more can l say

Jardins de Bagatelle Guerlain by themonkeys 2014-04-23

another lovely remembered fragrance

Beautiful, gentle, realistic and natural lilac top notes floating above the jasmine. Unfortunately it doesn't last on my skin for more than about an hour. Love it but am disappointed with the staying power.

Jammy, fruity, delicious. Initially rose with berry jam, but not too sweet (thankfully). Later on the cedar and violets kick in. Juliette has a gun mentioned the similarity with Lutens FdB, and I second that. I have FdB myself, but feel the need for Pousierre de Rose as well.

Late drydown, this is even more beautiful, when the musk starts to whisper it´s seductive phrases. Soft like-your-skin-but-better.

Definitely FBW, for me :)

Eau de Verveine Guerlain by themonkeys 2014-04-23

wish they still made this one

Eau de Verveine Guerlain by themonkeys 2014-04-23

wish they still made this one

Yerbamate Lorenzo Villoresi by pioggia-secca 2014-04-23

True is the review below describing it as "hay drying in the sun" - exactly this! And in particular, to me it opens first with the almost-freshly-cut grass, and then quickly goes to drier hay scent, like in a sort of time-comrpessing machine. Didn't scense much mint, actually.
Perfect for July-August, in my opinion.
It is not sweet, but dry and non-intrusively herbal.

Mad Madame Juliette Has A Gun by alittleofeverything 2014-04-23

Yes, yes, I get the "rat cage"-reference. I get the "plasticky"-thing. To a certain degree I even understand why some people get a "crazy cat lady"-feeling.
But dammit, people! This is SEXY!
Not virginal-damsel-in-distress-sexy, NOT asinine-fruity-floral-submissive-flirty-sexy, but In-Your-Face Sexy. This scent fills up the room and tells people that she's the boss. She knows what she wants and she doesn't mind using aggressive persuasion to get it.

Unfortunately I wore my sample to work. Oooooops.

Nüwa Roja Dove by mjkpecwt 2014-04-23

Way too much cumin. It you don't label the bottle, most people will guess this was a vintage Femme. Hard to justify the price tag.

Eau Mega Viktor&Rolf by themonkeys 2014-04-23

this is the only and l mean only! fragrance that a man has ever complimented me on, and believe me l have tried and used many many fragrances over the years, l love its almost ethereal enveloping fragrance l layer it with the body lotion and think it is almost an anytime anywhere fragrance

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by Nil3 2014-04-23

I wish.....I wish.....I WISH, I had Stefano and Domenico next to me for them to tell me what that thing is that stood out on my skin the most. I WISH. I really do. Narcissus or the other ones...I have no idea how they smell.
But something just stood there,stayed and didn't go. I think it's that cashmeran wood. Very peppery.

And it smelled like I walked into an old,antique DUSTY living room of an old lady. It smelled like her life. All those years she wore the same fragrance,through thick and thin. Through weddings and funerals. Through good times and bad times. Through ALL the seasons.

It smelled like an old,antique,DUSTY living sunny Sicily,in Michael Corleone's mothers house.

Taj Sunset Escada by Nil3 2014-04-23

(shaking my head in despair,and writing)

Oh Escada,is this what your products are gonna smell like for the rest of your existence?

Someone has to tell you that this and the others,but epecially this DOES NOT smell like perfume. I smelled it on my arm and wanted to DRINK my arm. No perfume quality to it. Absolutely!

A pure, exotic mango cocktail. Pure mango. Only mango.

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by Nil3 2014-04-23

Hmmmmm, I think I'm done with the citrus scents for summer this year. I think I'm growing out of it.
Too citrusy. Too lemony.....and above all too 'Hugo Bossy'. People who are into generic lemony scents would wanna swim in it. Enjoy!!!! :)

Wow. The bottle is a gem.

Excite Oriflame by ekmawloud 2014-04-23

Elegant , fresh and very SEXY

Tumulte Christian Lacroix by Ahlamsarah 2014-04-23

Even though the main accords not mentioning sweet, but this is the note that came to my mind when i 1st smelled it. Sweet in a good way plus woody.

Madera Omnia Profumo by lalaps 2014-04-23

I put this on shortly before going to bed, and I kept waking up thinking "I smell fruity pebbles.." This is a very creamy, sugary scent - like a kid's cereal. It's also very soft though. I like it, but I feel the scent would be more at home in a body spray than a perfume.

Diamond Musk Oriflame by emi 2014-04-23

Clean, musky and a little bit dusty with hint of vanilla sweetness. To me it's almost all about musk and ylang ylang.

Mankind Kenneth Cole by Nick M 2014-04-23

It's a bit too soft for me in the end, seems like it's missing a pepper pop or woodier base -- my skin tends to mute those earthy notes unfortunately. I still think it's a solid spring/fall scent though and will work great for anyone.

M Ted Baker by thoushaltnotdefy 2014-04-23

Quick story about this fragrance:

I was at my friends house getting ready for a night out, he's not knowledgeable about frags nor is he a collector, I think he owns maybe 2 or 3 bottles which were probably gifts.
Anyway before we left he got out a bottle of this Ted Baker M and put on 3 sprays, me being a fragrance addict and serious collector I kind of laughed at him (in a friendly way) and said something along the lines of 'Thats not going to last half an hour mate'.
I was wearing around 5 sprays of Aventus. Anyway, we were out all night and guess what - he got just as many compliments and got noticed on his fragrance as much as I did!

Moral of the story is: Don't judge a fragrance by it's price, it's brand or how many dislikes it has on Fragrantica :D

Eau des Merveilles Hermes by Amal Elyahyaoui 2014-04-23

a perfect platter for a classy lady who is serving elegence everywhere she goes... i love it

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by Amal Elyahyaoui 2014-04-23

very very frech and light, it is not strong or sharp at all to the point that it can be easily overlooked but if you get closer you can't just pass by, it is very shy and work more in a windy climat that can help the smell to travel further.... also good for summer time

Rumba Cristobal Balenciaga by roseau 2014-04-23

Since this week I'm wearing RUMBA by Balenciaga daily in order to focus me entirely in on this extraordinary fragrance.

Balenciaga's Rumba is a potent scent grenade , as it could not be stronger and more luscious for me. Someone describes it as "harmless" and suitable for warmer days, but I don't think so. On the contrary, I'm deeply pleased that many fragranticans do not perceive it as a " typical 80 firecracker ", which surprised me ... For me, Rumba is a madness mirage, as it could not be more intense and hotter . Perfect for the cold season. A composition like Rumba's one is no longer common today and it may shock younger noses.

Rumba is an extrovert, fruity - chypre animal, floral, velvety and heavy stuff. Ultra feminine , seductive and hot. * Hot * would not be the right word for it: it's probably a mere understatement. In fact, it is fierce, sunny and dark, mystical and profound as Spain in XVI century would be: it is probably the scent that St. Teresa of Avila would have smelt during her visions.

Rumba unfolds on my skin to a fiery scent cocktail. Two delicate whiffs and even my room smells enticing.

This passionate fragrance is comparable to the strength and Sillage of Youth Dew, Opium or to older Oriental Serge Lutens fragrances. One can almost taste the Rumba on the tongue. The composition is balanced around waxe-y, sacred notes of honey and incense and they do not appeal to everyone for sure. It takes quite a bit of self confidence to wear Rumba.

The fruity top note, especially the plum, floats throughout the fragrance flow which is probably obtained without banal synthetic-fruity manipulation. It smells more like a delicious compote or a spiced plum jam. The flowers in the heart notes form such a perfect unity that I can not smell one by one. Even the dominant tuberose for me is not recognizable and restrains, almost hides itself .

The base note is similar to the overall impression, that doesn't change much during its impressive projection: more than 12 hrs. I would almost call it a linear fragrance, because everything is so harmoniously composed around honey and incense.

You shouldn't overdose it, otherwise you'll probably induce a headache to the ones who dislike fierce fragrances. Everyone should be careful with this fragrance grenade.

Ted Lapidus has taken Rumba in the 90's. Whether the smell has now also been reformulated, I can not notice any relevant difference between the old formulation and the recent one. My comment refers to Balenciaga's original .

Yacht Man Metal Myrurgia by mwendia 2014-04-23

was well impressed by the way it smells but not so with its now lookin for a similar smell but with way more longevity and silage!any advice is welcomed....

Jeanne Lanvin Couture Birdie Lanvin by Amal Elyahyaoui 2014-04-23

it is a welcoming note held on your chest saying that you are full of life and that your heart is that young hard longing for more years ahead to enjoy life and go through tremendous moments... it is attracting you before the other, whenever i smell it on me i feel like kissing and hugging me and running hand by hand ... i fell in love with it the first time i smelled it and promised myself to have it in my wardrobe next to my best perfumes

Dior Homme Dior by mikedvd5588 2014-04-23

tidak bisa di percaya nih scent keren bener!!! gw salah satu manusia yg beruntung masi bisa dapet nih scent original formulation 2005 di toko offline dgn harga yg sangat terjangkau 100ml pula. gw salah 1 penikmat wangi, gak mentingin SLP. dior homme new reform 2011 mmg punya SLP yg lebih baik, tapi banyak notes2 yg di hilangkan dari nih vintage one. magic in a bottle!!! 9/10!!!

Dupont Oud et Rose S.T. Dupont by Amal Elyahyaoui 2014-04-23

a strong arabic night by fire in the desert, it is your shadow as you walk and make everyone asks what perfume you are wearing today, but not a choice at all for summer time or hot days or everyday wearing, it should be typically for the long winter evenings when you step out the house heading your favorite restaurant walking under your umbrella and hearing rain drops!!!

Cabotine Floralisme Gres by courant 2014-04-23

I'd just made berry muffins and I guess something said I should keep the theme. Seldom used, my bottle came out and I was a fruity floral for a day. More than a day in fact, it still had the Cabotine dry down the next morning. Cabotine has a cynical bitter edge to it and the Floralisme flanker retains it, much to my approval. My granddaughter commented on the scent (she has Cabotine Rose) and so did my husband "Sweet? You never wear sweet" so, all in all, a bit of fun. She wore a raspberry beret, sang Prince, and a bit of Floralisme
It smells of Mentos, the candy, at first, but does improve to release the Cabotine base

Mandragore Annick Goutal by Houdini4 2014-04-23

I've tried Mandragore a few times now and I have to say it's unique. A herbal, spicy fragrance that opens with citrus then becomes all about a heart of aniseed, mint and pepper. The mint is very menthol like and darkly medicinal in it's feel. I can't help but feel this fragrance is like something from a bygone era, almost a medieval potion mashed in a pestle and mortar by an apothecary. I love the smell of star anise and the combination with mint and sage just in essence but not something I'd consider wearing on my skin also the longevity of this juice is not up to scratch for the quality I've experienced from this house in the past.
An interesting fragrance this one, worth sniffing out.

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle Lacoste by djuzz.becuzz 2014-04-23

As I was online shopping for a Mother's Day gift I found this beauty for a very good price, just because the packaging (outer box) was damaged. I could not resist the temptation and ordered it for myself. Not a blind buy this time, I tried it when it came out and immediately added it to my wishlist. So, today I received it and I'm very happy with it!

At first it reminds me of YSL Manifesto, but they're definitely not all that similar.
It starts out a little bit green and slightly spicy (pink pepper). The green sensation must come from the gladiolus considering it's odor profile: very subtle floral scent of freshness and light sweetness mixed with "clean" green.
It soon settles in what becomes the dry-down. The spicy notes fade, amber comes to the surface, but most of all there's predominant notes of sweet, nutty nougat. This is what distinguishes Lacoste Sensuelle from other oriental/gourmands like Manifesto. For a change there's no vanilla and no caramel,... just... nougat!
It's not heavy, but it is lasting!

Manifesto l'Elixir Yves Saint Laurent by xclairabellax 2014-04-23

Truly a top quality scent. I can see why people are reminded of Dior Addict with this one.

The Vanilla is indeed similar and as I find Addict difficult to wear, Its a huge bonus for me.

The first blast gives a feeling of opulence and refinement, a lady with charisma and poise.

There is a freshness from the mandarin which awakens you and prepares you for what is to come.

As it settles the richness from the florals blended with the pure vanilla screams class! Then the seduction begins to take over, before you know it you are captivated and drawn in by the deep sensual aroma of the subtle yet prominent sweet and woody notes!

The original is much fresher and a little masculine in my opinion, its says - professional, strong minded woman.

Whereas this Elixir - I much prefer. It says this woman is bold, yet sits silently watching and listening, reading everyone, until she is ready to reveal a slice of herself.

You are already captivated before you have even spoken to her, you are under her spell and she leaves you forever wanting more....

Istanbul Rose Al-Rehab by jacquir 2014-04-23

There's a zing of citrus as it goes on, but after that on me it's pure rose, and a very specific rose at that, like a vase of full blown old fashioned roses. It veers towards potpourri but it's not over powering. It reminds me of a rose scent that Boots sold many years ago which seemed to me to be the quintessence of perfume at that time.

Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition Roberto Cavalli by Rasyima Ghazali 2014-04-23


Yatagan Caron by pianist75 2014-04-23

im opening the box of Yatagan right now as we speak, and I find it very weak! no projection and the strength its for the first couple of minutes then its there but very subtle! I find ELOGE from ETAT LIBRE more powerful and long lasting. Yatagan smells great amazing really! but who wants to wear a cologne like that? cheap performance! sorry...I will pass

Dirty English for Men Juicy Couture by Gokhanburak53 2014-04-23

If their purpose was to make it smell dirty, they achieved, it really smells dirty, reminds me of old fashioned pubs which smells whiskey, a little bit heavy for me but not bad

Zara Oud Zara by carlita 2014-04-23

I just got this from the Zara in Athens..Syntagma..Just for 7,99 Euros! Its the round bottle BUT there is another ZARA OUD in a rectangle bottle...for 12,95!!! Apparently new! Got that too PLUS ROSE ELIXIR!!!! NEW as well...They are all lovely and you cannot beat the price!

Fernanda Brandao Fernanda Brandao by nitschevo 2014-04-23

Was really surprised with this one as I expected a super fruity gourmand kind of scent! But this is really nice and the floral notes dominate - in my opinion. I can smell the jasmine really well and after a while it becomes sweeter - must be the marshmallows. It's nothing groundbreaking but very nice - safe gift I think!

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish Anna Sui by CaledonianChic77 2014-04-23

Fairy Dance is a gorgeous fruity fresh, floral & easy to wear fragrance by Anna Sui. The mango & mandarin right at the start is like walking through Spain's finest fruit courtyards & the fruity/citrus aroma cheers me up. I love the heart of this scent as i am a devoted rose fan as i am sure Anna Sui is also & combined with the woody notes this is actually a sexy little number. Overall Fairy Dance is beautiful, cheery even the bottle is magical & with the vanilla base notes this gives Secret Wish a mature edge.

Jaipur Homme Limited Edition Boucheron by malik2011 2014-04-23


I have tried this one it smells summery and melon-y notes combined together seemingly if they are crammed and pressed very hard together. It also smells a bit peppery. In a nutshell it smells familiar yet nice there is nothing special about it, when you sniff it you will say hah ha i have smelt that somewhere urrr yet i forgot where.


Kalemat Arabian Oud by stephan 2014-04-23

Nice bottle, nice packaging, nice fragrance.
Longevity is moderate.
Projection is weak.
This is a blind buy after reading reviews, so I'm disappointed because of the poor performances.


*wink wink*

Aventus Creed by mohmd.taha 2014-04-23

Aventus is the least Creed fragrance talking sillage & projection otherwise it is just a beautifully composed fragrance with high quality ingredients.Top notes are so fresh thanks to the beautiful pineapple note and the Bergamot... After 15-20 minutes the patchouli & birch combo take place which compose a kind of (ashy scent) and stll you can feel the pineapple there , 3-4 hours later it becomes a lovely skin scent of smoky pineapple which will last long but only as skin scent .
Finally I think its one of the best fragrances for the summer period but if only it projects more .

Surprise Heidi Klum by emi 2014-04-23

Smells like suntan oil or lotion.

Volupte Oscar de la Renta by Soie 2014-04-23

A beautifully fruity fragrance with really wonderful floral note; the osmanthus (tea olive); heliotrope; ylang-ylang; spicy carnation; mimosa and peony are especially lovely in this as blended with notes of juicy honeydew and fresh realistic watermelon (both of which I usually avoid in fragrances), which I find to be excellent choices here over the more typical fruit notes of peaches, plums and berries.

The blending of sweet fruit & lovely florals -- some of which present nuances on their own of fruits, vanilla, almonds or spice -- along with a mild powdery aspect is something I especially enjoy in this fragrance.

Volupte does, though, have a hint of smoky bitterness to it (I think it must be due to the note of incense), but I find this to be an interesting foil to the overall sweetness of the fragrance.

Ferrari Black Ferrari by Ale 2014-04-23

It's also similiar to "Iceberg Burning Ice" which is a litte bit more fresh. The apple note is predominant on a soft fruity base. I think it's very comfortable for daily use.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by LookGoodSmellBetter 2014-04-23

Bentley to VW may not be the best analogy. Have you seen a Flying Spur next to a Phaeton?

Untold Elizabeth Arden by passion4fashion 2014-04-23

I received samples of Untold and Pretty Hot from a kind and generous Elizabeth Arden SA. I have already smelt Pretty Hot so many times in the past, so Untold was the only one that sparked my interest.

First of all, the bottle design is BEAUTIFUL,
whoever designed it is a genius,
it fits comfortably in one's palm,
looking directly at its front it looks round,
tilt it a little bit to its left or right,
it looks like a heart shape, how fascinating is that?!

Interesting enough, the perfumer stated that he had wanted to capture many facets of a woman, and goodness gracious, he succeeded!
While wearing, I felt...sophisticated, classy, bright, pretty, mysterious, elegant, feminine, vulnerable...just everything. The perfumer did capture the facets he had wanted to. Please do try this one out.

There are a few fragrances that can make me happy instantly, this is definitely one of them, I'm hoping to own a bottle(but I'm broke), and it shall be a untold secret I keep to myself. ;)

The opening of Royal Secret II reveals the aroma of perfume of a long-past bygone era: dark, deep, rich, and reminiscent of a fine, aged fortified wine.

The most prominent notes for me as the fragrance begins to develop are smooth cinnamon (not the fiery scent of, say, "Red Hots" but rather the warm cinnamon aroma of a fresh baked Cinnabon) and sweet vanilla with a slight bitter foil coming from the note of grapefruit and a hint of brightness from lemon.

The heart is beautifully powdery with high notes of sandalwood, violet & indolic jasmine, and a slightly lower floracy from muguet.

The patchouli in this is minimalist -- it is there and noticeable but neither strongly featured nor pungent in quality.

Overall this is a vanillic, powdery, and warmly spicy fragrance that I myself would categorize as a Oriental Vanilla type rather than a chypre, and as being "feminine & comforting" as opposed to "sexy & daring".

Fougere Bengale Parfum d`Empire by stephan 2014-04-23

It has more projection than the reformulated Sables. Is is also more complex, a little bit sweeter, I think it is the tobacco note. I think this is more bottle worthy than Sables because of the projection. Sables is not half as good as it was before reformulation.

Sables Annick Goutal by stephan 2014-04-23

So sad this has been reformulated. Zero projection now. I really mean zero. I can spray 20 times and 10 minutes later, people have to sniff my skin to notice the scent. Next time I'll buy the delicious Fougère Bengale or Eau Noire. I am immensely disappointed. And I bought it in the Annick Goutal shop, so it is not a fake.

Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills by chenriquemedeiros 2014-04-23

I'm a man and use it for my own delight. Love it. Smells like gold - if gold had any smell of course (by the way, does it have?).

Cereus No.12 Cereus by Bigsly 2014-04-23

The fruit accord lasts a very long time. At first, it's somewhere between a juicy orange and some kind of orange candy. It never comes across to me as "feminine" peach. I'm not much of a fan of scents with strong fruit notes, but this one doesn't bother me as most do. There is a fairly good rosewood note in here, but you have to give it time. Otherwise, vanilla and musk are the other major players. After a couple hours I get a better sense of the different fruit notes involved, especially the black currant, and it's more natural smelling. Perhaps if the wood note was stronger this could be marketed as unisex, but I have no problem wearing it. If it seems weak just spray more. This is only slightly sweet and the vanilla is not very strong, so I think this would be good for the office if the weather isn't really hot or really cold. Note that I never detected any watermelon, and I've got a Popy Moreni scent that possesses this note clearly, so I guess it was a very fleeting (and perhaps weak) top note.

UdV Ulric de Varens by chenriquemedeiros 2014-04-23

Reminds me of Azzaro Pour Homme, though UDV is not a copy, it seemed to me inspired on the previous.

Jaipur Homme Boucheron by Mancorp 2014-04-23

After sampling the EDT, I got a bottle of the EDP thinking I'd get more bang for the buck. Instead, I got to find out what a harsh, over-the-top cinnamony concoction this is. It could be I'm overly sensitive to this note or, more likely, to its particular combination in this fragrance with benzoin, cedar, and tonka bean that makes it unbearably cloying. I suspect that if I were to get a whiff of this off someone else, I would find it intriguing but having to smell it on myself for hours on end makes it unpleasant. Light application helps but having gotten off on the wrong foot, I find myself staying away from this one.

Pretty Elizabeth Arden by Ayina 2014-04-23

It's very calm, feminine & safe fragrance. Just like the name "pretty". So it is just pretty enough, but less beautiful for me, not on my skin. I like to use it when I'm in lazy mode and don't want to use strong fragrance

Just Cavalli Roberto Cavalli by ellina1984 2014-04-23

This has confused me. First of all, it doesn't feel like an EDT,but like a body mist. It just feels less conentrated. In the beginning I definitely smell some kind of tea - white, or maybe very light black tea? Then, for me, there's also a bit of rose. I know none of these are listed in the notes, and yet I can distinctly smell them. Apart from that, I feel there's some kind of citrus involved. There's an exotic vibe (probably the tiare), and vanilla. It's not a warm, cuddly vanilla, but a fruitier, fresher version. This stays close to the skin, and it is a clean scent, in the sense that it feels like you are smelling great after taking a shower and slathering on some body lotion. I'd use this in the summer, or for a relaxed evening home any season.

For those who love musk, it's the right fragrance for you. Musk is soooo dominant here. I can smell rose a little bit. My husband love it.The lasting power is about 4 hours in my skin. I like it, but not my favorite from EA house.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by Sophisticated Redneck 2014-04-23

GIT is a beautiful men's fragrance. All of these comparisons to Cool Water. Goodness, that's like comparing a Bentley to a VW.

Hugo Boss Unlimited Hugo Boss by robbledino 2014-04-23

opening in quite nice and fresh/zesty but then a couple of minutes later, it just smells of deodorant

Yacht Man Metal Myrurgia by 2014-04-23

used this a while back and i must say was very impressed by its smell a 9/10 by the way..tho was pretty dissapointed by its poor longevity! so now im on the hunt for a similar smelling cologne with ten tyms the yacht metal longetivity...any ideas1?

Polo Ralph Lauren by Jennypennypocket 2014-04-22

Love it.

It reminds me of my framed print of a fox hunt with dashing men on horses, wearing their pink (really red, though) jackets, surrounded by dark green woods.

This was the popular Catholic HS scent for all the boys I liked, who didn't wear Drakar Noir, that is. Haha Maybe that's why I like it.....but there were other frags floating around too. The guys who wore them, though, never turned my head, I guess. ;)

4711 Original Eau de Cologne Maurer & Wirtz by Jennypennypocket 2014-04-22

I LOVE this fresh scent, though I shouldn't because:

1) I usually despise aquatics (like CK one), and

2) I don't prefer citrus scents (unless they are gourmand, like J. R. Watkins "Lemon Cream" lotion)


This classic version is the best, IMO. I don't prefer the other versions (two of which I own and will soon be passing on):
• 4711 Acqua Colonia Lemon & Ginger or
• 4711 Acqua Colognia "Blood Orange & Basil"
(which smells like Elizabeth Arden's "Grean Tea")

The original 4711 is PERFECT for repeat spritzes throughout the day because it is very affordable and it's also so light and fresh, not to say it doesn't have longevity --it's just that my senses become dull or overloaded and I often can't smell my own perfume after about 5-10 minutes past the initial spritz. But unlike rich perfumes, like Angel by TM, where everyone else and the boy down the street can smell you, however, you can't really overdo this one!

Soir de Paris (Evening in Paris) Bourjois by Jennypennypocket 2014-04-22

The new formulation of Evening in Paris (Soir de Paris) is, in my opinion, a harsh and linear fragrance. After my initial spray, it's scent was so odious that I believed I had received a counterfeit--as it smelled so similar to the counterfeit bottle of Guerlain's L'heure Bleue, which I got duped into buying off of eBay.

Anyway, Soir de Paris starts out as a nauseating blast of artificial-smelling chemicals, which reminds me of the scent of pink bubblegum and clove oil....It actually made my tongue numb when I inhaled the fragrance from my wrist! And since, clove oil is still used in dentistry for it's analgesic and antibiotic properties, it's no surprise that my olfactory system would react with numbness.

Last, I called this fragrance linear, because it failed to develop over time. The top notes were the same as the dry down. The fragrance stayed constant, until it had worn off enough to be bearable.

Save your money. Buy a sample, if you can find one. Or save up for the vintage version....Or instead, just go buy the classic, Chanel No 5 if you'd like a perfume that starts out rather harsh, but then dries down to a mellow and comforting, soothing yet complex, classy scent.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by TopPilot 2014-04-22

Mary-Jayne, like so many budget scents it's the over use of musk that makes you feel that way.

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