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Me, Myself & You Helene Fischer by smellhunt 2016-07-30

This one surprised me. I didn't even know that there is a perfume by Helene Fisher and when I saw it at "Douglas"- the equivalent of Sephora in Austria, I had to try it.
Starts fresh-sweet-spicy-bitter chocolate and continues in the same way more or less.
Lasted for about 6 hours on my skin with moderate silage until it became a skin scent.
Very pleasant kind of familiar perfume that I got my self a bottle just because I kept sniffing my wrist...
I think I would really enjoy it and I believe you can wear it at any time.
If you find it, try it!!!

Dark Kiss Bath and Body Works by MrsPress 2016-07-30

This is sweet, but it is not a fruity floral like others have said. It is deep, from smoke, amber and resins. It is sweet from berries and vanilla. It has an animalic tone as well, I suppose from musk. This reminds me of a more expensive fragrance but I can't seem to put my finger on which one it is. This is probably my favorite bbw fragrance ever. It lasts a really long time as well, much longer than fragrances 10X as expensive. With the body cream, you can tell it's definitely a bbw product. However, in the mist and edp you cannot. The packaging used to be really pretty, not so much anymore.

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by lilybelle911 2016-07-30

I love Tommy Girl. A woman I used to work with smelled so lovely and rosy. When I asked her what she wore she said Tommy Girl. Later, someone sent me a bottle of TG in return for a bottle I'd sent her. It's true that Tommy Girl has a very astringent start. The dry down is lovely, though, and it always made me think of summer meadows in bloom. I never used the bottle up and eventually it turned. I have pleasant associations with the fragrance.

Tahiti Island Dream Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Excellent blend of orchid and vanilla, with coconut thrown in for a good measure. Sweet and piquant, one of the more noticeable fragrances from Bath & Body Works. I always got a lot of compliments when I wore it.

Mad About You Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Lovely berry-influenced floral splash. Sweet, sweet, sweet, best in moderate doses! I have used it in my perfume rotation for over a year and still enjoy it thoroughly.

Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Sweet, simple, honest. Could be cloying if applied too heavily, but as a body spray, overwhelming isn't a major concern. Exactly what I think of when I recall sweet pea flowers, no more, no less.

Sparkling Peach Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Quintessential peach!! If you love peach you will probably really love this. It has a slight vanilla/sandalwood effect when dry and worn a bit. I am neutral on peach but have always really enjoyed Bath and Body Work's version!

Lady Noire Bottega Verde by SIPLANTIS 2016-07-30

Yes this is similar to Hypnotic Poison but it has plus Anise.
Anise note is so strong that you can smell Raki (Traditional Turkish Alcohol Drink) . Didn't like it..

French Lavender & Honey Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Different kind of lavender that is not entirely bad, but not entirely great. I like peppery fragrances, for the most part, but came away feeling like lavender and pepper are not a match made in heaven.

Japanese Cherry Blossom 2011 Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

I really don't know why this one is so popular. To me it just smells like someone imagines microwaved cherry blossoms would smell, and not even REAL cherry blossoms, some discount knock-off cherry-like blossom. I don't understand why it is one of Bath & Body Work's top sellers.

Jour d'Hermes Hermes by bren400 2016-07-30

I didn't like IT-AT all! After testing this, I had been trying to pin-point ALL DAY what this reminded me of. I FIIIIIIIIIINALLY GOT IT-TTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! WELLA BALSAM CONDITIONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Kiss Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

To me, this fragrance is far too sweet and overpowering. I think it lacks any real depth. But for such an inexpensive perfume...

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by thenextdream 2016-07-30

This is beautiful. On me it smells like springtime and apple blossom.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Perfect blend of raspberry and vanilla: the title really says it all. I'm not a huge fan of vanilla OR raspberry, but the way Bath & Body Works does it, they're simple and elegant and could be worn anytime, anywhere, and offend no one's sensibilities.

Emblem Intense Montblanc by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 10/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :8/10
80% day / 20% night fragrance
reminds me a lot of 212 which is magnificent

Hello Sunshine Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

If you love citrus, this is the perfume for you. It is very bright and clean. Excellent example of Bath and Body Works with a lot of apple, aquatic base, no cloying sweetness. I enjoy it but may not buy it again. I like it, but don't love it.

Balenciaga L'Eau Rose Balenciaga by clara14142 2016-07-30

A well crafted rose perfume from a mainstream brand. Evocative, as was mentioned, of dew drenched, wild blackberries growing next to a wild rose bush early on a summer morning that will soon turn into a humid day. The top notes also fade quickly and what's left is a simple blackberry/rose that is not entirely remarkable but nonetheless good quality. You could spritz this many times and it would be impossible to overdo. Someone whose skin tends to "eat" perfumes might not have succees with this. I wear it on the weekend, to church, or if I'm going to be around children. I have tried many rose perfumes and I find this more memorable than say, Chloe or Bvlgari, much quieter than Stella and younger than Hermes. I also like to that I've never smelled it on anyone else.

Sweer Summer Kiss Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

This scent is sweet, floral, and simple. I enjoy it for daytime warm-weather use, but I probably won't buy it again because it doesn't stand out and, like all Bath & Body Works perfumes, does not last long.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by James99 2016-07-30

There is a reason this is a best's smells really amazing!turn the tv on and there is an Ad for it.I was a baby when this came out back in 1996 and I never tried it when I got older. It was this past January in New England winter when this guy walked past me wearing this in college and it left a nice scent trail,it was cold and snow on the ground! That moment sold me. This is an all season fragrance,in freezing cold,rainy spring,humid summer and cool in the fall. Will be buying this in time for school and it will be my signature scent for school. Of course, most dislike it because it's too common but because it's a really good classic that people enjoy 20yrs later not many others the same can be said.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by thenextdream 2016-07-30

This perfume is like some sort of Frankenstein monster. I avoid it like a plague. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love sweet scents and adore Flowerbomb and Angel, but... There's something industrial and plastic about La Vie Est Belle and all Lancome perfumes lately, I'm not even sure if they are healthy enough to be used on skin.

McQueen Eau de Parfum Alexander McQueen by auroramaria 2016-07-30

Available in Italy at Douglas stores but only on line, I'm tempted to blind buy but even though I can roughly imagine what it smells like for the price it would be great to test it first

Crush Victoria`s Secret by caitrun 2016-07-30

Now I have only worn it once thus far and have the rollerball, but I will be honest, this is just a like for me. Normally, if I am generous with my rollerball application I have no problem with silliage and longevity with VS perfumes. I am an avid VS perfume collector and do not think that VS has weak or cheap perfumes. It might have just been my nose that day, but I felt like this one wasn't lasting on me. I will update if I find that this opinion changes.

As far as the smell, it is very similar to several other releases, Dream Angles Heavenly Kiss, Dream Angles Blush and I suppose a bit similar to Bombshell, though only in that it is fresh. The peony is quiet pronounced giving off a rosey aroma. If you like rose and fresh scents, this is a safe buy. Nothing mind blowing or seductive, just pretty and safe. Certainly not one of my favorites, but only because it is so tame and safe.

Dzing! L`Artisan Parfumeur by Betsywoolbright 2016-07-30

That is so interesting, as it is so sweet on me, that it is literally sticky on my skin. It is medicinal, caramel apple, and slightly leather. Then all but the caramel apple fades after an hour or so.
Nice scent, but no sillage.
The performance is so strange, that I rarely wear this, even though I like it pretty well. It just acts weird for me.

Neroli Portofino Forte Tom Ford by landshark321 2016-07-30

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte is the answer to those critics of neroli-dominant fragrances, including the original Neroli Portofino, that are concerned that performance is weak or that the scent itself is simply too light-smelling, or even too soapy. Neroli Portofino Forte address both concerns: it performs better (I usually get 8-10 hours, not bad) but more so, the scent is more well-rounded.

Involving not only an opening of bergamot, but also a dry down invoking leather, woods, and musk, the signature neroli is complemented by notes that it make it neither sharply soapy nor disappearingly airy.

Again, performance is definitely an improvement from The original NP though it's not as strong as many of the flagship Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances like Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir, and Amber Absolute. NPF won't likely veer into the 16+ hour range by accident. Still, even for the added price (the 50ml/100ml/250ml pricing for NFP is currently $290/$400/$710 contra the standard Private Blend pricing of $225/$305/$595), the performance is sufficiently improved and he scent is significantly improved to make it worthwhile and a valued warm weather option of my collection. It also works as a comfort scent, relaxing in the most casual of environments. Really a superb accomplishment, and probably would be even more popular were it not for the price hike. Perhaps among my couple favorite fragrances for warm weather wear.

9 out of 10

Sikkim Girls Lush by Babygia 2016-07-30

Magical, sultry and bewitching delight. I never had such beatiful jasmine scent. Srong and sensual, amazing , enormous sillage and longevity.
First- jasmine cloud 9. This jasmine keynote lingers throuh all stages of the scent changes , then the sweet frangipani hits in, fast following by beatiful tuberose. All the beauties are adorned with soft but yummy natural vanilla , making the stron flower scent sensual, sexy and cuddly.
Pure exotic delight from magical far - away land.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by James99 2016-07-30

Now I understand all the dislikes, here the cinnamon is more like a cheap bubble gum,the bubble gum you buy for few cents. This is definitely not high quality and it's very juvenile. The best alternative is Spicebomb,it has the bubble gum vibe from cinnamon but it's high quality together with pink pepper.

Musk Al Ghazal Al Haramain Perfumes by qasimsheikh 2016-07-30

Exact notes got from al haramain website.

Top note: Aldehyde, Raspberry
Middle note: Rose, Geranium, Orris, Jasmine
Base note: Musk, Leather, Sandalwood

Dzing! L`Artisan Parfumeur by Martin__ 2016-07-30

Maybe it's just me but I can't get any, not even a single hint of sweetness coming out form Dzing!

To me this is dirty, spicy leather, with a little animalic twist.

And what is most amazing, when I smelled Dzing! for the very first time, I already knew I'm familiar with this scent.

This, I dare to say, is a predecessor, an ancestor of Rance L'Aigle de la Victoire. The same type of leather, the same type of musk in the same spicy-animalic "sauce". The only difference is that Dzing! is a little more subtle and less bold. Beautiful however.

Longevity is 9hours, sillage is small to moderate.

Beautiful, unisex leather.

This smells nice, fresh, citrusy but not much projection or longevity. As the Ad shows, you wear this when dressed up.

L'Eau de Chloe Chloe by Tussa 2016-07-30

I really do love Chloe, so this one was logical choice. To me, they are so alike, but different character. L'Eau de Chloe is more fresh and crispy with touch of citrus, but in the same time keeps that soapy luxury gentle powdery feeling. I was wondering if there is a sense of having both of them, but I simply couldn't gave up neither.
For me they are just perfect, with good longevity and silage, worth of every penny.
I am not a great fun of rose notes and happy to say, can not feel it here. But all notes are so well balanced and can not highlight any of them, nothing to stands out, nothing loud. It is safe office scent and also great for dinner time out. Warm in winter and gentle in summer, simply all year around for all occasions.
I think if it is labeled with Chanel brand, it would get higher rating.

Si Giorgio Armani by Taliera 2016-07-30

I avoided this perfume for a long time because I had a gripe with the name. Stupid, actually, because this fragrance is breathtakingly beautiful. A bit like La Vie Est Belle… What’s the problem with Si, you ask? Well, back when I was in college, this one time, I was in the shower and there was a peculiar noise coming from the next door cubicle… for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it was… it was kind of like scratching, more like a rubbing noise, and then I heard a girl's voice repeat this one word… Si… over and over!!!! I spent like fifteen minutes trying to figure out who it was, without success. She ruined such an innocent Italian word for me. I will never be able to see it in a plain way again! Maybe I've just ruined this perfume for you… but hopefully I just gave you a laugh!

Anyway, moving on. THIS perfume by Christine Nagel is another winner, a crowd-pleaser, an all-round attractive scent. However, for my own tastes I find it a little too sweet. It opens like cotton candy and watermelon, then quickly becomes peachy and vanillary. It's VERY sweet. I'm surprised more people haven't commented on this, because had it not been marketed towards a middle aged group, I would have guessed teen – young adult.

I CAN appreciate its beauty, and the same “sparkling” effect it has in common with La Vie Est Belle. I like it very much. What I don't like is that it is not innovative in any way, shape or form. As I previously mentioned, it’s a crowd pleaser. Just like a million others that have come out in recent years… La Vie Est Belle, Olympia, Black Opium, Candy, Bon Bon, Valentina Donna, Nina, the Daisys, the Angels, Flowerbomb, the Britneys, etc. etc. etc.

Now I'm finding it a bit cloying. It never stops being sweet and peachy for me. I can detect other notes, but the sugar and fruits are just in my face. Probably won't be buying this.

Love Spell Victoria`s Secret by thenextdream 2016-07-30

I have always belonged to Pure Seduction squad, used gallons of body mists every summer and dissed Love Spell for being "too sharp". This summer I was checking all mists and for no reason sprayed Love Spell on back of my hand and again agreed in my mind it stinks. Suddenly I hear "What is that?" Lady next to me was asking what I just have used. I gave her to smell my hand and showed the bottle. "Oh my! That is nice!". Okay, I thought...I purchased that body mist and you know what? I have purchased compliment magnet. Seriously, people tend to like it. Now after few weeks of constant use it reminds me Ralph by R.Lauren, maybe because of apple note.

Rochas Man Rochas by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
100% night fragrance
reminds me of givenchy play intense

First Van Cleef & Arpels by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 8/10
sillage : 9/10
longevity :8/10
60% day / 40% night fragrance
old-school, soapy fragrance

Pop Stella McCartney by thenextdream 2016-07-30

Something makes it smell like original Juicy Couture gone bad. And it wasn't bad tester, I have tested in all shops and that sharp expired perfume stink is big part of it. Even though initial notes reminded Gucci Bamboo and I expected it to be follower of that "fresh, no fuss, no sugar" trend but it kinda failed. Pop failed to be hit on my list.

Alien Thierry Mugler by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 7/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :9/10
100% night fragrance

Aventus for Her Creed by spidola 2016-07-30

Very pleasant fresh fruity floral with a good longevity and without evolution.... recalls so much D&G Light Blue,that I'll not add anything else :-)...

F by Ferragamo Black Salvatore Ferragamo by Anabol2336 2016-07-30

Since La Nuit has been reformulated the quality has degenerated quite a bit. Therefore La Nuit fans should give this wonderful fragrance a try. It certainly out performs the reformulated La Nuit for less than half the price.

Suivez-Moi Fragonard by saintlunaire 2016-07-30

Real pyramide :
top notes : lavender, pineapple
heart notes : orange, lily of the valley, iris
bottom notes : amber, musk, vanilla

Goode value for money : a mixe of Jaipur Boucheron and Lempicka au masculin (i dont know how the combo iris amber sounds like licorice).

Artisan John Varvatos by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 8/10
sillage : 6/10
longevity :6/10
100% day fragrance

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by thenextdream 2016-07-30

This is throwback in time for me, extremely alike to Magnetism by Escada. Flowerbomb is softer, but contains same lollipop scent. Lovely - that word comes to my mind when I wear it.

Shalimar Eau de Parfum 2009 Guerlain by MrsPress 2016-07-30

This review is for Shalimar edp concentration. I did not like Shalimar at all until fairly recently. All my life I've heard of the legendary Shalimar. Over the years I would go to the perfume counter and either sniff the spritzer or test it on a paper strip, not being brave enough to spray it on my skin. Each time I can clearly recall my reaction of "that is horrible! Why would anyone buy that?" Years later after learning some things about fragrance, I ordered a sample. When I got it in the mail it took me a couple of days to work up the nerve to actually spray it on. When I finally did, the first few minutes where bad, I mean really bad. I had to restrain myself from jumping in the shower and trying to scrub it off. I'm glad I found the restraint that day, because about 7-10 minutes in I was in love! I am now obsessed with Shalimar! This is the most beautiful fragrance I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I now even enjoy the opening, I suppose because I know what comes next. The opening can be a little harsh and somewhat medicinal, but it does not last long. The heart of this fragrance is pure being in a cloud of hazy, hot sexiness. The dry down is still sensual but in a cozy, comforting way. Like being snuggled up in a blanket with someone you dearly love. Now that I have experienced Shalimar, I cannot imagine not having it in my collection!

*side note* the notes listed above are not all of the notes in the edp. Also, as another person said, the juice in this bottle is the same as the regular edp, the bottle is just different.

English Pear & Freesia Jo Malone by firsttime 2016-07-30

This one id so unique. And in my opinion, this one is a signature for Jo Malone ( like Gucci has Rush or Chanel has No.5 ) this scent is so angelic, luxury and tender vulnerable.

Imagin for a white theme wedding in the winter garden, that's all my description.

It's sillage so strong, high longevity and beautiful projection.


Confetto Profumum Roma by Madrona 2016-07-30

This is going to sound horrible but on me this smells like old orange peels that have been sitting in the trashcan for some time. Being a massive fan of Hypnotic Poison I had high hopes for this, but it just doesn't work for me.

I do like this, but since smelling more fragrances I've kind of lost the initial love that I had for it. It is very clean, with a freshly-washed linen scent to it (reminds me of some kind of detergent). I also get this cleaning product smell/vibe with Lacoste Challenge - hmm, something about the brand going on there. Anyway yeah it's okay but not as amazing as I first thought. I think it's very average now.

Scent: 5/10
Projection: 5/10
Longevity: 5/10

Encre Noire Lalique by samuelgustav 2016-07-30

A really earthy and dirty vetiver with a touch of ink feel, like an winter walk on a dark forest, I don't like the smell but it's indeed a wonderful composition, almost like art.

A friend of mine described the smell like this "It's like i'm in a factory full os chemicals and someone brings me a glass of orange juice, but not a fresh orange juice, more like it has started to rotten" for some reason I think it's a pretty good description of it.

I can see this beautifully in a person with the right personality, I can see a writer (the type of moody artist, deep in thoughts) wearing this.

Dirty Lush by starassist 2016-07-30

quite simply, the WORST thing I've ever smelled. weird. disgusting. cheap. odd. the definition of a scrubber. fail.

This starts with a strong rose soap scent and gets very leathery later. I imagine that some women would like this one.
I think it's probably too floral and feminine to wear on it's own, but it gives Antaeus the boost it needs. For anyone who likes strong, heavy fragrances this is a great ingredient for layering.
Difficult to find in the UK. I've seen it twice in TKmaxx in six months.

Love this bottle

Verveine Cedrat Jeanne en Provence by CinnamonRose 2016-07-30

Really nice! A simple but sophisticated composition. A very true scent of verbena. Enchanting sillage, one that immediately stimulates your brain to release dopamine.
And one of those cases where you can't believe the quality for the price.

Carven Couture Carven by nvenus 2016-07-30

What does the bottle look like?

Summer Rock! Sweet Candy Shakira by nvenus 2016-07-30

Omg, I want to try this!

Si Le Parfum Giorgio Armani by FabulouslyLazy 2016-07-30

I have high hopes on Sì Le Parfum because I love the line and I am looking for a great, non-overpowering incense. Except for a tricky sample, Sì — the one in the bottle — has never been too sweet on my skin, and the incense note could enhance this aromatic/balsamic vibe of the fragrance. I guess it must be an extrait...and cannot believe the judgements on the pyramid above till it will hit the shelves next September!

CK One Calvin Klein by miza norizan 2016-07-30

yes, i remembered the scent on many of my male friends. And i know they said it is unisex but i don't find any female smells sexy wearing this scent.

i got the trial vials for free when purchasing other fragrance (the counter give one at random, we don't get to choose), i tried it on, and as i said, it reminds me of many of my male friends.

it does smell good. on a guy.

i dont think i will wear this, anyway.

Santal L`Artisan Parfumeur by Majja67 2016-07-30

Well well, finally Santal has join the other L'Artisans! I recently found a bottle on Ebay for a good price. It's the softest of the softest of all soft L'Artisans, the scent is almost not there but it stays quite a long time though! Starts with a bit dirty note but when i warms up it becomes a bit sweeter. As it is soo soo weak i have not decided yet if i like it or not. Only i can say is that is virtually impossible to overspray..

Dirty Lush by zombieldehyde 2016-07-30

It is either a men's product, or a toothpaste of sort comes to mind when I smelled this fragrance. Blame it on 'mint' as a common ingredient in toothpaste. Not a good fragrance if you don't want to smell like toothpaste

Scent of a Dream Charlotte Tilbury by katemax 2016-07-30

I got a sample of this and I can't get past the patchouli. Does me in everytime. It's the sort of patchouli that is in everything lately and when I smell it on others I find it repellent

Vetiver Royale Absolute Perry Ellis by Eyeteach 2016-07-30

It reminds me a little of Off bug spray. This is definitely a fragrance that fades into a skin scent pretty quickly. Not in my top picks.

Pink Tonic Azzaro by Southern Blonde 2016-07-30

Pink Tonic is so delicious and pretty. It makes me think of a pink colored magnolia flower and somehow made into a juice you can drink. It's got little slices of fruit: grapes AND grapefruit, yuzu. It's not very tropical but it has a slightly fruited scent. It's enjoyable and easy to wear even if you are not into fruit scents. The magnolia is gorgeous. It also has a sweet peony that is like a little rose or powdery rose. Very pink like the name suggests. A pink rosebud. The vanilla in the dry down is what I get from the base notes. Pretty good vanilla. I love this fragrance. It's subtle soft and inoffensive, girly, feminine and cozy. I wear this to bed and with my lingerie. It's not sexy just comfortable and very relaxing/soothing/therapeutic.

After all it is a tonic.

Oriens Van Cleef & Arpels by polkadot27 2016-07-30

I own this and I have a love hate relationship with it. But right now I am loving it. It is sweet, but spicy sweet thanks to the patchouli. It is a grown up fragrance. It smells menthol and balmy on my skin. I detect beauifully blended patchouli with praline topped with strawberries and raspberries, doused in blackcurrant juice. It has a warm feel to it, which makes me think it has an amber like base. It is balmy menthol spicy sweet thats how i would describe it, the patchouli blended with the praline gives it a nutty/woody vibe. I like it, it definitely isn't boring!

Projection is very weak for me though, it is a skin scent though it does last a long time.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Christian Dior by jana.hullinghorst 2016-07-30

Eau de cough drop :( Halls Cherry throat lozenge.

Huge disappointment for me. I was hoping for a stronger, less airy version of Blooming Bouquet. This is seriously just Givenchy's Hot couture with patchouli added.

Freak Illamasqua by Southern Blonde 2016-07-30

A good introduction to Oriental fragrances and incense. It can be a little weird at first. The little snail on the bottle makes you wonder what the hell does this smell like because all I'm thinking is insecticide LOL This is a poisonous floral scent like you're in Morticia Addam's greenhouse, you remember on that classic TV show she grew exotic flowers including a man eating plant she called Cleopatra. This is what this smells like. There's an opium and hemlock at first whiff, very distinct and true to the scent of opium in it's herbal form. There's a little bit of sweetness to it because it has a belladonna which smells like wild berry. There's a white flower here too angel's trumpet also known as datura. So you get a floral perfume but it's not all about the flowers. It's flowers and incense. The smoky incense and myrrh plus oud make it clear to the nose that this is an Arabic attar type of perfume. It's totally Arabic perfume. It can be powerful so spritz lightly. I actually prefer this as an oil so I deliberately removed the nozzle and made it into a splash dab on perfume. Love it. Smells good for Halloween and for evening affairs, especially if you want to make an impression at a dinner party or museum gallery. This is the kind of perfume that I like to put on to make myself appear more mysterious and intellectual. This is the same with Magie Noire by Lancôme and Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson or Dior Poison. This is a really well made Oriental. The best part about it is that it's very subtle. You might not experience the oud or incense at all. Like with John Galliano its a tad more powdery. I can still detect a bit of smoke and an unlisted musk or leather. The effect is unisex/masculine glamorous and sophisticated, and indeed very sexy and "dark". My nose loved it.

Polo Blue Eau de Parfum Ralph Lauren by slamdunk0208 2016-07-30

Have never thought of Polo doing a great fragrance until yesterday. Well, I went to Boots to check out something for my mum and saw New polos having free bag with purchase. So I tried on the Red EDP first, it was okay. Then move on the Black EDP, it was really good tbf.Then Blue EDP, voila, this one actually hit me. Got loads of compliments from everyone. P/s: for those who said that this EDP is not much different from the EDT, I dont know if your nose does work.

John Galliano John Galliano by Southern Blonde 2016-07-30

Galliano is one of the most attractive mysterious looking bottles I've ever owned in my collection. At first glance it looks like a Goth perfume, something that would probably smell like a lot of incense, an Oriental, smoky or woodsy, or something like Freak by Illamasqua with "poisonous" flowers. But this scent is very sweet, soft and perfect as an introduction to incense. It's really more a powder than incense. On me all the flowers are blooming. There's pink roses and peonies, iris violet and angelica. One flower that also stands out because of that familiar spicy scent is the lavender. But none of the florals are too strong. These are soft flowers and don't be scared of the aldehyde note. It's barely there. This is a delicate powdery floral. The packaging is so deceptive and I was actually disappointed it wasn't darker and edgier. I have worn L'Agent by Agent Provocateur and that smoky incense fragrance is what this should smell like based on the artistic design of the bottle. But this is very nice. I love the flowers and the thin veil of incense. There is also amber and a soft touch of musk. It's elegant, nocturnal, and youthful, like a girl wearing a little black dress at a funeral, but she's not scary. She's inherited millions of millions of dollars and can buy herself all the perfume she wants LOL

Glam Rose Les Parfums de Rosine by Readysniffer1 2016-07-30

A quietly beautiful, soft floral, with a touch of suede. It is being compared to Guerlain's French Kiss, which I haven't tried. But I can't imagine the quality of the FK is much greater than this. The quality of the Rosine fragrances is outstanding, it seems to me. They are not edgy in the slightest, but they are very pretty, and very interesting.

Sexy Little Things Noir Victoria`s Secret by zombieldehyde 2016-07-30

This one is sweet and somewhat vanilla-ish. You could definately smell the sweetness of vanilla in here. It's something that girly girls would wear. It's an okay fragrance but too young and girly for me because I have a very mature or fresh taste in fragrances.

Ballerina No 1 Les Parfums de Rosine by Readysniffer1 2016-07-30

A beautiful, quality scent from Rosine, with that signature Rosine rose. It does remind you of a very young girl, without anything cheap about it. It is a soft pink rose, with pear and a milk note which really makes this very creamy and smooth. It makes me think of a cookie, but really the hard, glossy icing on a fancy bakery cookie that was baked to appeal to a youngster.

Ballerina No 2 Les Parfums de Rosine by Readysniffer1 2016-07-30

Very pretty "Rosine rose". I don't get much fruit, but very floral, and lightly musky. Not musky like a Narciso! But maybe a perfume of that type. Very pretty. I think I'd pick this out of a line-up of rose musks, but probably not this one out of a line of Rosines.

Onyx Azzaro by pronose 2016-07-30

almost same as azzaro silver black with the same nose behind francoise caron! pretty strange is the same scent lack of inspiration!!!!!

Silver Black Azzaro by pronose 2016-07-30

same as azzaro onyx? and the nose behind is the same!!!!

Crush Victoria`s Secret by perfumeglam87 2016-07-30

Kind looks like the old VS Gorgeous bottle. You know they all smell similar lol

Mer & Mistral L`Occitane en Provence by dr.astrov 2016-07-30

I should preface this by saying I'm a fan of L'Occitane products in general and I think some of their older, long established male fragrances are classics. That makes my experience with this all the more disappointing. I was intrigued by the idea of a L'Occitane aquatic and could not have been more disappointed when, despite three strong sprays to the wrist, this had almost completely vanished in half an hour. The longevity is literally that poor on me. What there was in that 30 minutes couldn't have been more nondescript and generic. I don't mind fleeting fragrances if they smell great and are inexpensive enough to keep applying, but L'Occitane are charging £52 a bottle for this. Along with their equally boring and insipid Cedrat, this represents a definite step down in quality.

Madame Rochas 2013 Rochas by Oriane 2016-07-30

This perfume smells midway between Calèche and N°19, which is doubly flattering to my book. Aldehydes, flowers, soap, and the powder of iris. The sillage is just as beautiful as the opening.

I don't know how all the versions of Madame smell like, but this sure is a great fragrance.

Vanilla Musk Kuumba Made by goldiloks 2016-07-30

I've been on a cheapie musk mission lately, and have been gathering tiny vials of musk to try out. Kiehls and Auric Blends have massive thumbs up from me, as on my skin they possess both clean and skanky attributes. Being a pasty white Brit, living in a mostly cold dreary climate, it takes a lot for me to feel 'exotic' ! These two musks are just the ticket to feeling warmer and wilder :)

Also a big vanilla fan, so I thought Vanilla Musk would make a winning combination!
But sadly it was not to be. It smells like babies. Big lotioned babies. Nothing wild or earthy here. If you like Dahlia Noir, you may dig this also (and it's cheap!)

Aventus Creed by frankyyone 2016-07-30

To people who are wondering about the 2015 batches i would gladly announce that at least the 15x01 and 15x11 got 1010 for projectionsillage and longevity!
I have tried more than 20 batches since 2013 and i own 3 bottles with diff batches. The 2015 batches have a more synthetic opening but don't panic this minor synthetic feel lasts 10-15 mnts and then the real Aventus starts to shine!
I have compared to 15X21 to the 14c01. the 15 batch lasts 16+ "on skin" while the 14 batch lasts 10-14 and when i say its lasts i mean people will be able to notice it and smell it properly! many will say that well im getting max 6 hours what is that?? THIS IS NOSE FATIGUE nothing more nothing less!
Cheers all.

Cocoa Tuberose Providence Perfume Co. by Gardenia_Girl 2016-07-30

There is a contrast between the bite of citrus in the opening into a very rich deep bittersweet dark chocolate. It thickens from a lush full tuberose into a warm woody strong vetiver base. I would like to see how this presents in winter on my skin, right now it feels more masculine than I go for personally. Would love to wear this if it had more tonka and minimal vetiver - find the vetiver overpowers the delicate other notes, taking over the dry down and making them indistinguishable. Then again, I am no pro ;)
I have kept a sample and like it to smell when I need to feel grounded- has helped in that way.

Sunkissed Glow Jennifer Lopez by Delila 2016-07-30

I find this to be a fairly generic, fruity, sweetish scent with extremely poor longevity. It's perfectly pleasant and won't offend, but nothing to get excited about.

I have put it in my bathroom with my other my soft, short-lived fragrances, for use after a shower. By the time breakfast is over I am free and clear to apply a sturdier fragrance for the rest of the day.

now I see why my vintage No5 smells different and "bold" than the one I bought last year.

Encre Noire A L`Extreme Lalique by George1663 2016-07-30

A L`Extreme is not an EN flanker but EN EDP.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by Käfä 2016-07-30

Sorry to say, but this was my first ever scrubber.
On my skin it just smelled foul. I don't mind the scent on others, but on me it smelled a bit chemically rotten. Like sweet candy that went really, really bad.

I'm glad I didn't pay full price

Chance Eau Vive Chanel by kre 2016-07-30

I love this smell, it is so discrete yet classy, fresh and adorable. I have the Eau Tendre as well and I find both extremely good. They are light so you can put a lot on without exaggerating and enjoy the fresh energizing fragrance. Love!

Michael Michael Kors by Kybosh99 2016-07-30

Michael Kors has designed some nice fragrances, but this isn't one of them. I know it's top note is tuberose, but it comes across as sickeningly sweet gardenia. I'm glad I got a free sample bottle because I would never spend money to smell like my high-school drama teacher who used to spray down the classroom with Jungle Gardenia until you wanted to gag. Nothing subtle here; this one slaps you upside the head with its lingering, cloying scent.

Alien Thierry Mugler by Kybosh99 2016-07-30

Just about my all-time favorite perfume. Sexy, warm, and inviting, yet not too overpowering for daytime. I wore this out one evening and my friend kept passing me around for everyone to smell. (I believe if your perfume extends beyond arms' length, you're wearing too much). Anyway, Alien was a big hit.

Vraie Blonde Etat Libre d`Orange by black_orchid 2016-07-30

I smelled Vraire Blonde from the sample amd I love it! It smells like peach sherbet with touch of bright notes. It is different, uniqe and very creative. I'm sad that It is underrated.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum Chanel by Kybosh99 2016-07-30

My first grown-up perfume. Still love it. A real classic.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by Kybosh99 2016-07-30

I wear this when I want to be a sweet thang. Yummy.

RiRi Rihanna by Floral Bitch 2016-07-30

Just fine. not more.

Can Can Paris Hilton by Floral Bitch 2016-07-30

Looks like Fantasy & LVEB made a baby!
he scent is to die for, but the sillage and longetivy aren't as good. seriously, a big lost to sweet fragrances lovers.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Kybosh99 2016-07-30

I received a sample of this perfume and immediately after trying it for a day, I simply had to buy a bottle. Beautiful iris floral is followed by rich vanilla praline. Who knew they would mix so well? I'm not really noticing the fruity notes, but since I love the iris, who cares?

Black Orchid Tom Ford by gelo999 2016-07-30

Black Orchid is a splendid fragrance, and although it is a Oriental fragrance, is coiled within spicy, fruity and gourmand, leaving the orchid always in the background.

The game is really very good: a fresh point that dilutes fast, with a powerful fruity note of tangerine and blackcurrant, this fruity note is not green, or acidic, nor too cheerful, is a fruit that has ripened in the sun, something dark it is sweet, something spicy and with a floral background point to the fruity note is provided by the orchid and less feel the gardenia and jasmine, the note is really original and beautiful. The fragrance has an evolution towards a more smoky point for the contribution of incense conveys sensuality, causing a rise in the note of patchouli gives much body to this fruity-floral note making turn the aroma of a darker woody and somewhat narcotic, here the fragrance turns again and again devanearse between "two waters" increase and become more obvious notes of truffle and chocolate, the fragrance begins to sweeten more, and finally the final drying, somewhat boring, where only raises the note of amber and of course is evident vanilla note.

During this development, the fragrance feels quite unisex in some respects to male, and during the final drying more feminine. qualities are medium-high and so many notes makes Black Orchid is complex, well balanced with good length and wake.
The value is very good and the composition could fit perfectly into the niche segment.

Black Orchid, is dark, but not as black as the title says, rather, is the color of chocolate and reminds me of a box of chocolates with bow and all, filled with currants syrup.

Rating: 8.5

Invictus Paco Rabanne by gelo999 2016-07-30

Invictus is a fragrance with a very aquatic opening due to a very sweet and marked fruity agreement: aquatic notes that qualify in note fruit together especially tangerine give that sweet spot and yet refreshing, then there is a smooth evolution where appreciates the note also sweet and woodsy laurel with a soft floral point of jasmine (this is the best phase Invictus but short), the sweet balance has moments that deliberately crosses the line gourmand (guess much sought for a touch more youth and make it very salable and profitable) but below neutralizes an acid tone that is synthetic oak moss also do not like and unbalances the composition from the middle notes to much drying. Near the end a touch of very soft ambergris and more enjoyable than readjusted part of that imbalance appears.

The duration is good and moderate quality stele with medium-low Invictus make an option for a young audience but with a classic point.

Personally I find a fragrance that does not add much to perfumist art nor composition nor quality, but I have tested a lot worse.

Still, it is meant to be a record sales by advertising blitz, good distribution channels and a good price.

Rating: 3

Colonia Quercia Acqua di Parma by gelo999 2016-07-30

Fragrance based on a legend of Piedmont is about an immense oak, so Quercia Colonia deals with the scent that represents this vital and long-lived oak.

The central core is an agreement oak moss that during the game is very nice with the company citrus and aromatic touches, but as it evolves and disappear citrus and floral crops out an acid character to imitate oak moss, but it neither comes close (too synthetic and unbalanced).

The fragrance has good durability and moderate wake, but that lacks proper drying qualities (disservice he has done that Acqua di Parma oak Piedmont :))

Rating: 3

Erolfa Creed by gelo999 2016-07-30

Chypre fragrance, but it is a very soft cyprus is more, pigeonholed into the citric-water style. Evokes a family day sailing on the Mediterranean Sea.

The opening is strong and very refreshing, feels very Citrus: lime, bergamot and lemon and an important note of melon, which provides sweetness and the freshness of the sea water, once green notes aimed acidity manifests appreciate that reminds me Bleu de Chanel to. The floral notes are tenuous and are in fourth plane, the woods too, and goes to the background note ambergris which provides that salty part that gives body next to musk, everything and very dim because both the duration and the last projection 15 'drops considerably and is very attached to skin until it disappears 2-3 hours and must be reapplied (negative).

A fragrance with prices handles Creed and so reapplication think goes well face. Besides all this, the fragrance is resultona, smells good, but is not anything special, and within this segment there are other better than other brands, in fact, fragrances Creed has much better than this.

Rating: 4

Diorella Christian Dior by gelo999 2016-07-30

If Le Parfum de Therese is the best fruit Roudniska cyprus, Diorella is your best floral chypre.

This review is based on the version without restating or classical.

The opening is bright, cheerful, very green and very citrus with an important note of bergamot and lemon, both very sharp and clear to which has been added a note of juicy melon brings a sweet and water point to the fragrance. cyclamen, jasmine: background and Honeysuckle floral notes where Queen and illuminates the entire central stage as a giant light screen, accompanied twinkling lights around as if they were invited to the party garlands are appreciated. carnation, rose all accompanied by lovely peach and the mossy background typical chypre emerges and gives glow and makes thread that carries electricity to the music and start dancing notes. Drying oak moss feels sublime (what a shame restrictions IFRA for this wonderful note) vetiver accompanies the mossy note as a mild smoke, notes of patchouli adds an earthy touch and musk makes based on the skin and all spread beautifully. All this gear works and works perfectly rhythmical, the mixture becomes voluptuous, elegant and sophisticated, this chypre fragrance looks great dressed in a female skin.

Roudniska knows how to make magic with a chypre fragrance, and he can do like no other.

Rating: 9.3

Parfume d’Extase Marchesa by Kybosh99 2016-07-30

I have extensive iris gardens surrounding my house and this perfume makes me feel like I've stepped outside in spring. Not a huge fan of florals, but I really love this one.

Le Parfum de Therese Frederic Malle by gelo999 2016-07-30

Le Parfum de Therese is a fragrance that Roudniska made exclusively for the use of his wife, his son later gave the master formula to Malle for the rest could enjoy this wonderful aroma.
Roudniska is the magician of perfect balance and blend like no fruits, flowers making the best chypre my nose ever smelled.

This fragrance opens delicious, refreshing and juicy: orange with a delicious note of melon and a perfect note aldehydic links with the note plum and especially takes you gently into a beautiful deep and elegant rose note, this all make a joint debugged , smooth and polished. I feel a background of oak moss (this effect cedar could be produced by mixing leather, vetiver and) that transforms drying fragrance in an ideal and delicate cyprus nothing acid conjugated to a mossy residual scent in the style of the classic eau refreshing and citrus toilette which lengthens a little espande drying and other notes.

Authentically delicate, exquisite and wonderful.
The duration is good with mild to moderate trail and although it may be unisex, it is remarkable how well it behaves in a female skin.

Roudniska spectacular fragrance of recreating a classic chypre, for my taste, one of his best works and a masterpiece.

Rating: 9.4

L'Eau d'Hiver Frederic Malle by gelo999 2016-07-30

L'Eau d'Hiver is a very associative fragrance with its title, the vision of Ellena over the winter is very much in the line of their work always so bright and full of subtleties.
The fragrance begins with a light freshness of bergamot, angelica undertones but in a third plane (not as obvious as it feels in French Lover) which produces a certain effect between green and spicy.
Here the focus is an agreement musk aligned with heliotrope and powdery iris effect under a pale jasmine waiting in the distance as the Spring to arrive on time. During drying an almond facet appears with a honey sweet spot.

The entire mixture is well integrated between notes, with a soft and elegant evolution.
This winter Ellena is dusty, fluffy, soft, warm and above all very serene, conveys peace and naivete.

The fragrance is very nice, but has a problem with the short duration as soon becomes pegadito to skin with a low projection (a penalty). On the other hand, the agreement: heliotrope-iris is so marked that makes it not so unisex, so L'Eau d'Hiver will be thinner in a female skin.

Rating: 7

L'Eau d'Hiver Frederic Malle by gelo999 2016-07-30

L'Eau d'Hiver is a very associative fragrance with its title, the vision of Ellena over the winter is very much in the line of their work always so bright and full of subtleties.
The fragrance begins with a light freshness of bergamot, angelica undertones but in a third plane (not as obvious as it feels in French Lover) which produces a certain effect between green and spicy.
Here the focus is an agreement musk aligned with heliotrope and powdery iris effect under a pale jasmine waiting in the distance as the Spring to arrive on time. During drying an almond facet appears with a honey sweet spot.

The entire mixture is well integrated between notes, with a soft and elegant evolution.
This winter Ellena is dusty, fluffy, soft, warm and above all very serene, conveys peace and naivete.

The fragrance is very nice, but has a problem with the short duration as soon becomes pegadito to skin with a low projection (a penalty). On the other hand, the agreement: heliotrope-iris is so marked that makes it not so unisex, so L'Eau d'Hiver will be thinner in a female skin.

Rating: 7

Teint de Neige Lorenzo Villoresi by gelo999 2016-07-30

Teint de Neige is perhaps the best known fragrances and sold Villoresi.

The opening is floral, a sweet spot (the hue of heliotrope and rose with a sudsy point is the most distinguished of all the floral notes), here and seen as characteristic of this fragrance is that agreement atalcado a cocktail of musks, everything feels very soft, white, warm and comfortable, exactly as if you were lying on a cloud with a down pillow.

The fragrance feels fairly linear, good quality, good length and wake.

I personally find it more a fragrance that deliberately turns to female tastes, and although the composition is not spectacular, is resultona and very versatile.

If you like fragrances where you want to smell like baby powder scented very fine and expensive, this can charm you.

As a special I was surprised that the line Teint de Neige is totally complete, it has a lot of things and is very well: the colony in various sizes, powders, gel, soap, body lotion, etc.

Rating: 6

Salome Papillon Artisan Perfumes by Alfredo86 2016-07-30

Salome is what people are afraid that Muscs Koublai Khan (Lutens) might be like, but it's actually not. This is an animalic beast to be terrified of in the best possible way: a blast of hyrax, castoreum and cumin. The flowers are there but only as a discreet ornament for the sweaty animalics (I am more than happy with this reversal: I own too many florals with a discreet animalic base as it is). Projection is astonishing and longevity too: Salome will turn you into a glorious skunk. This is sex in a bottle, and if you like animalic florals you could even blind buy this. Just don't wear it to work (unless you are in the sex business) ;-)

Ciel de Gum Maison Francis Kurkdjian by shushkin 2016-07-30

A very nice woody fragrance. I love cinnamon but its not dominant here. It shares the limelight with amber and some jasmine. After a while you become more aware of the vanilla and the pepper. This fragrance doesnt have a big sillage but it does last many hours. It gives you a fragrant glow that only those up close and personal can also enjoy. The overall impression is of resin and amber. I have FM Musc Rav and dont see much similarity. Musc Rav is much sweeter like Dior Add. Addict is more floral with the cereus being very distinctive. This is a truly unisex fragrance unlike Dior Addict. CdeGum is very pleasant but not addictive like FM Musc Rav or Dior Addict.

L'Air du Temps Nina Ricci by Soofiya 2016-07-30

L'air du temps is a classic and not everyone can appreciate it in modern days coz our nose is used to light,watery floral fruity or sugar I believe my nose is not mature enough to appreciate classics as it's justice but I know that I really like it
It opens with soft aldehydes and a dominant carnation..I can also detect a very faint green citrus,perhaps bergamot..soon spices,clove and other florals kick in..clove and spices are very well blended and feminine here..l'air du temps is all about soft spiced florals with a natural sweetness and lots of dusty powders,kind of vintage powder
I don't find it soapy or sharp or dark at all..of course it's strong and a classic,but velvety florals powders is really gorgeous and's long lasting with great sillage and I admire it

07 Vetiver Dance Tauer Perfumes by meysam vazifeh 2016-07-30

رویال عطر : مرجع تخصصی عطر ایران

برند تاور رو دوست دارم مثل سرژ لوتنز . چرا ؟ چون با نت های خاص ، آکورد های جدید و عجیب میسازه . عطرایی که طراحی میکنه ممکنه به دل خیلی ها ننشینه ولی خوب ؛ این برند نیش هست و باید توقعات عطربازان حرفه ای و خاص پسند رو برآورده کنه .
این اولین تحلیل رسمی فارسی در خصوص عطر شماره 7 اندی تاور یعنی وتیور دنس محسوب میشه . به خاطر همین خیلی محتاطانه و با دقت نکاتی که در موردش میدونم رو خواهم نوشت . ابتدا از نام گذاری عطر شروع کنیم . رقص وتیوری !
یکی از ساده ترین اسم هایی هست که اندی تاور برای عطرهاش انتخاب کرده . درسته ولی این وتیور هیچ وقت به تنهایی نمیتونست شکوهش رو به رخ همگان بکشه . ترکیباتی همچون فلفل سیاه، برگ مریم گلی ،عنبرگریز و صمغ لابدانوم نت هایی هستند که به طرز ماهرانه ای در این عطر حضور دارند ولی نه به اندازه سوپر استار این مجلس که کسی نیست جز وتیور !

تاور شماره هفت از ابتدا تا انتهای حضورش یه رقص تکراری ولی خاص و رسمی داره که به سختی کسی از دیدنش خسته میشه
پس شما شاهد یه عطر تقریبا خطی خواهید بود که خاص و عجیب و رسمی هست به خاطر همین هم مطمئنا بازخورد های جالبی هم میتونه داشته باشه چون این عطر عطری نیست که مردم عادی بشناسنش یا حتی عطربازانی که خیلی از رایحه ها و آکورد ها براشون آشنا هست مطمئنا براشون عجیب و مرموز و البته جالب خواهد بود .
بعد از بررسی نام گذاری عطر میرسیم به آمبولاژ یا طراحی ظاهری جعبه عطر و شیشه اش . به راستی چقدر خوب میشد که اندی تاور درب های چوبی نسخه های قبلیش رو ادامه میداد چون واقعا حس خوبی رو به کسی که میخواست عطر رو در دست بگیره و اسپری کنه میداد ولی خوب از حق نگذریم با اینکه چهار چوب و رنگ شیشه دسیبلین خاصی رو در عطرهای اندی تاور به وجود آورده که شماره 7 هم از این امر مستثنا نیست . دیزاین شیشه با رایحه و تیپ شخصیتی عطرهای این عطار کاملا هماهنگ هست و هر عطربازی رو مجذوب خودش میکنه که حداقل یکی از شماره های این برند خوش ساخت رو در کالکشنش داشته باشه .

سرتون رو به درد نمیارم . زود میرم سراغ نقد این ادکلن

تاور 7 شروع بسیار خاص و جدیدی رو برای شما به ارمغان میاره که تقریبا مطمئنم براتون جالب و خاص خواهد بود .
یه رایحه گیاهی و علوفه ای و شاید هم ریشه ای مانند خشک و معطر رو در ابتدا به همراه داره که چشم ها رو خیره میکنه به خودش . این رایحه خاص و جالب ، خس خس یا وتیور هست که نت غالب این عطر محسوب میشه و شما از ابتدا تا انتهای عمرش حضور این نت رو احساس خواهید کرد . یه ترکیب گیاهی خشک معطر بهترین توصیف برای شروع این عطره .
خیلی زود رایحه گس ، خشک ، خشن و بسیار عجیب برگ مریم گلی دست در دست وتیور آکورد اصلی عطر رو تشکیل میده .
در این لحظه شما میتونید سفری به کوهستان های بی آب و علف رو تجسم کنید . جایی که در میان سنگ و کلوخ ها گیاهانی خشک در دل خاک زندگی میکنند . نسیم معتدلی، رایحه معطر و خاص تمامی گیاهان خشک اون منطقه رو به سمت شما میکشونه واقعا لحظه باشکوه و خاصیه که فقط با تست کردن این عطر میتونید لمسش کنید .
ولی ولی این رایحه به هیچ وجه نمیتونه همه پسند تلقی بشه . میتونه خیلی ها رو ناراضی کنه ولی برعکس این قضیه هم ممکنه اتفاق بیوفته و شاید شما هم مثل من دوست داشته باشید این عطر رو داشته باشید . در کل عطر تاور شماره 7 عطری تلخ ، معتدل با کاراکتری کاملا پخته و مصمم هستش .

بعد از حدودا 1 ساعت عطر به فاز نهایی خودش نزدیک میشه . تم گیاهی و خشک مانند عطر مقداری فروکش میکنه و رایحه ای تلخ ، چرم گون، کمی چرب و صمغی لابدانوم در کنار عناصر ابتدایی عطر جای میگیره . این حس نسبتا ملایم هست . یک تم خیلی خیلی ضعیف نسبتا صابونی که اون حالت تلخ و تند و تیز صابون ها رو نداشته باشه و فقط نرمی و حالت صمغ گونش رو در دل این عطر قرار بده . میتونم اینطور توصیف کنم : در این لحظه عطر کمی از حالت خشک و خشن بودن در میاد و کمی نرم میشه .

بعدش دیگه اتفاق خاصی نمیوفته و عطر به همین شکل تا آخرین نفس هاش در کنارتون خواهد موند .

کیفیت عطر : از 10/10
ماندگاری عطر : 8/10
پخش عطر : 6/10
رایحه عطر : 10/10
فصل مناسب : پائیز و بهار
استایل پوششی : رسمی
ارزش خرید : اگر تا 500 تونستید بخرید، میصرفه ولی اگر با قیمت های فضایی 600 و 700 و 800 روبرو شدید از خیرش بگذرید و خرید نکنید .

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by sashasshowroom 2016-07-30

Can start of by saying that this one is my families favorite womans perfume.

The green wave and black currant are noticeable but subtile, it´s when the heart notes comes in, it´s actually starting to happen something. The jasmine and the lily work great together! It gives the perfume a powdery sweetness.
The vanilla and sandalwood gives the perfume the deep base.

I think this one fits the younger generation more because the sweetness is the power in this one.

Great all day perfume.

Today I saw a mini of miss dior cherie blooming bouquet in my friends room,I don't know it's this one or the newer version
It's obviously floral dominant,with some citruses and a hint of fruity notes,it's likable,sweet,girly but not as light as I've expected,it's a great choice for a sweet young girl to use it in spring and summer
Not a love for me,but I like it..staying power is moderate on me and if it was still in produce,I may bought my younger sister a bottle

Eclat Femme Weekend Oriflame by nguyenvuhungvuong 2016-07-30

A new bottle which is not better than the original. Good longevity and sillage. Fresh, floral,.... and smells like the original. They just change the bottle.

White Musk Collection White Suede Tom Ford by wootforDOLCE&GABBANA 2016-07-30

I finally, after days of mulling over this, went over to Sephora and purchased it! I SMELL ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!

Eclat Femme Oriflame by nguyenvuhungvuong 2016-07-30

It is stronger than the original Eclat. The Floral notes is strong and elegant.

Eclat Homme Sport Oriflame by nguyenvuhungvuong 2016-07-30

The bottle looks very cool, the color and the glass. It's smells like a fresh cup of cocktail in summer. Really good scent.

Light Blue Love in Capri Dolce&Gabbana by sashasshowroom 2016-07-30

D&G Light Blue "Love in Capri" is very similar to "Escape to Panarea" except the sweetness is more subtile.
Immediate reaction is the light/dry freshness, not overpowering beachy scent. Almost like saltwater but with a floral twist.

The citrus and white fruits are the absolut dominate in this one. Honeysuckle and the woody base is true to description. Also the fresh mandarin and lemon is there if you smell the perfume for about 5 seconds.

What I like about the perfume is that the notes are clear and it does not feel like a heavy scent.

Because of the woody notes this is not a super sweet scent and it feels more mature to wear in winter as well in summer.

Great Perfume!

Lady Million Prive Paco Rabanne by anna.glowacka 2016-07-30

I'm not impressed with this version. I've been wearing it 3 times till now hoping it will grow on me but it didn't happen. Don't get me wrong, it's very nice scent, it performs good and lasts longer than average the dry down it's nearly identical to regular edp. I was looking forward to get more of the cacao but instead it's honey and vanilla variation which i love. Before it dries down for good it's lovely as honey gives it extra thick sweetness but in the later stage it just becomes too common. I had exactly the same feeling with Angel Muse, both Muse and Prive and good and well made scent but they don't bring anything new to standard line. I'd say give it a try maybe it will work better for you than it did for me.

Pi Givenchy by no-fi 2016-07-30

I accidentally spilled half of my 1ml sample onto my wrist, necessitating an immediate full test. That would usually be annoying, but in Pi's case, I don't mind. Why? Because it's a good scent, but really nothing special.

Pi does so much well. It's a great concept - a slightly sweet vanilla oriental for men - created by a truly great nose, Alberto Morillas. Oh, and the bottle and marketing are fantastic.

But the crucial shortfall is that Pi never reaches the rich, creamy heights of another classic masculine oriental released in the same year - the incomparable Boucheron Jaipur Homme. Compared with Jaipur, Pi is synthetic and almost cloying. Jaipur, by contrast, is smooth and sumptuous.

I'm glad I sampled Pi; I'm even more glad that I own Jaipur instead. Recommended for Morillas and Givenchy completists - otherwise, stick with the Boucheron.

Imperial Saphir Charriol by Soofiya 2016-07-30

Now that I own saphir and I've wear it couple of times,I think it's the right time to write my second review
I still believe it's more an oriental floral not a chyper, still don't detect patch here,or much floral notes,it's all about a very rich,creamy sandalwood,freshened a bit by bergamot and smoked by incense,there is also soft,velvet powders dominant to my nose,I believe it's orchid and maybe this powderyness prevents patchouli's sharp dirtyness to show up
All in all it's very well made,well blended and balanced,it's warm,very cozy,smoky,sweet but not in a cavity inducing way,rich,deep,soft,rounded and delicious..longevity and sillage are great and I also love the bottle and the ring
Happy to have it in my collection
امپریال سافیر به اعتقاد من بیشتر از اینکه چیپره باشه اورینتال فلورال هست،شاید چون هنوز هیچ پچولی در این عطر حس نمیکنم..به عقیده من رایحه غالب این عطر،چوب صندل هست..صندل شیرین و خامه ای که حالتی نرم و گرم و بسیار عمیق داره،صندلی دودی همراه با کمی ترنج
نت های گلی هم چندان برای من قابل تشخیص نیستن بجز ارکیده که بنظرم مسوول پودری بودن نرم و مخملی سافیر هست
این عطر شیرین هست ولی نه بیش از حد..اگه به روایح نرم و گرم و خوشمزه علاقه مندید حتما تستش کنید..خوشمزه بودن این عطر،خوشمزه بودن کودکانه و آبنباتی نیست..خوشمزه بودنی کرمی و دودی و کمی اسپایسی هست و بسیار بالغتر از عطرهای گورماند رایج
پخش و ماندگاری بسیار خوبی داره و شیشه زیبا و حلقه ای ک دور گردن شیشه هست و قابلیت استفاده بصورت تکی داره برای هدیه مناسبش میکنه

Breathless Victoria`s Secret by zombieldehyde 2016-07-30

It has a citrus floraly smell to it but it's not that fresh zing fragrance. It's more of a feminine sccent. It's a good scent but it does not evoke good memories or association for me so I won't wear this LOL

L’Extase Nina Ricci by ladenu 2016-07-30

Normally I go for florals. Something about this makes it different from all other sweet perfumes. I smell caramel vanilla rose but not in a sickly overwhelming way. Very feminine,sexy and delicious. I love it. :)

Dior Homme Christian Dior by goingnowherefast 2016-07-29

So i just ordered Dior Homme and i'll probably get the 2015 edition or maybe 2016. Can you guys tell me if there was any reformulation after 2011 or 2013? And how about the longetivity and projection? Thanks

Aventus Creed by goingnowherefast 2016-07-29

Guys, before you buy Creed Aventus, you need to try it first on your skin. Some people skins just doesn't work with Aventus. in my skin Aventus just won't cooperate. I can only smell the pineapple note and i didnt get any smokiness. So it's just smells like a cheap cologne that will turn people around you off. But when i tried it in test strip or paper it smells amazing. So DO NOT BLIND BUY this expensive fragrance. If you're the kind of people who likes to blind buy cologne, i recommend Bleu de chanel or YSL L'homme

Anyway my aventus batch code is: 15P02

Potion Royal Black DSQUARED² by [email protected] 2016-07-29

Nice & inexpensive;-) although it is very very similar 2 Tuscan Leather @ a fraction of the cost;-)

Bois du Portugal Creed by no-fi 2016-07-29

Bois du Portugal should be the first result if you type "masculine fragrance" into Google. It ticks all the boxes - woody, spicy, rich and restrained.

The composition reminds me of so many other classics. It has the bergamot note from Aramis Tuscany; the rich sandalwood from Guerlain Heritage; the spicy-smooth lavender from Caron's Third Man. The overall effect is subtly bold - Bois de Portugal has a bracing fougere top with a smooth oriental woody base. The dry down is superb, and the quality of the ingredients is top-notch.

BdP is the first Creed I've sampled, but it won't be the last. It's pricey, true, but it may even be full bottle worthy. Very well done indeed.

I am a child of the '60s, and LOVED Tigress. I have found that Emporio Armani smells very very close to Tigress on me.
So many wonderful scents from that time, many lost. Lanvin's My Sin, L'air du Temps, Oh! de London; but Tigress was my first love!

Songe d'un Bois d'Ete Guerlain by ndajani2013 2016-07-29

I do not understand the notes on Frgrantica.

This is the description from the Guerlain site:
Bold, unique, audacious.
Top notes: bay leaf, neroli.
Heart notes: patchouli, saffron note, jasmine, cedar wood.
Base notes: leather, myrrh.

They go on to describe the saffron note as follows under Perfumer Secrets:

The saffron note, specially created by Thierry Wasser for the Déserts d’Orient collection, is subtle and facetted, spicy and leathery, like all Oriental treasures. It is an extremely precious raw material, as these flowers have a very short life span of about 48 hours: an ephemeral treasure.
Ideal for men and women alike.

Armani Eau de Nuit Giorgio Armani by Bigsly 2016-07-29

I'm not a huge heliotrope note fan, but as others have said, this references scents like Dior Homme, though it's certainly no "clone." The notes seem to stick together more than in vintage Dior Homme, but not enough to be outright irritating. There's also a bare hint of the cedar/tonka that strikes some as pipe tobacco. In some ways one can argue that this is "what's wrong" with today's "better" designers, though it doesn't really bother me because I can simply not buy ones I don't like. The "problem" is that it smells like they did some product testing and then took bits and pieces that were found to be pleasing to the "masses" and threw them together in this scent. I guess this is why they realized that they needed to create "exclusive lines," but to me the issue is price. I can buy a Dorall Collection "knockoff" if I want such a scent, probably paying around $10 for 100, and it might smell better!

Crush Victoria`s Secret by aqua76239 2016-07-29

I certainly wonder what other people think of this perfume because it seems like yet another Bombshell clone(or very close to it)
I always try VS fragrances and almost always end up disappointed.

Jazz Yves Saint Laurent by no-fi 2016-07-29

Jazz is a competent, classy and very masculine fougere with plenty of earthy greenness. It's a very, very similar scent to Tsar, but Jazz is smoother and less soapy. I happen to like the bracing herbal soapiness of Tsar, but for those who don't, Jazz is a good (but alas, much pricier) option.

Cologne Etat Libre d`Orange by purpleturtle 2016-07-29

Love how orange this smells, but with low sillage and longevity, I'm afraid I don't find it fbw. Happy smelling! :)

Wanted Azzaro by Seattle Dweller 2016-07-29

Quick update for what it's worth.

I was able to have my college girlfriend and her 5 other friends test this alongside Versace Dylan Blue - all six of them preferred this fragrance. Kinda surprised me.

Not claiming this is a sexy fragrance that girls go crazy for, but it is the best I have tried and most modern from Azzaro.

I think over time people will appreciate the versatility of Azzaro Wanted once prices drop.

Definitely not groundbreaking however.

Someone just mentioned that Azzaro should have added the light smell of gunpowder to this - I love the smell as do my girlfriend and her friends of fireworks. Risky to add to a mainstream fragrance, but wow that would be something else!

+1 to slv55 for mentioning the Stainless steel rat. Ha! Spot on sci fi reference.

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by RMB18 2016-07-29

This was the first Private Blend I got my nose on. I drove 3 hours with my friend to Nordstrom's just to sniff out niche fragrances for the first time. I explored Creeds first and none of them blew me away at first. After that, I went over to the Tom Ford stand and asked for a sample of Tuscan Leather and Tobacco Vanille. As they were decanting it from the flacon, I sprayed Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir, and Tuscan Leather on my arm. All three of them absolutely blew my mind. Tobacco Vanille is my favorite winter scent of all time. I keep purchasing fragrances like Spicebomb, Herod, Pure Havane, and Back to Black in order to get a Tobacco scent that amazes me but none of them come close. This is the most beautiful composition I have ever smelled. Tom Ford is the king of winter fragrances. The only downside is the price. This has the best vanilla note and best Tobacco note I have ever smelled.

Joop! Homme Joop! by istvan.buda.779 2016-07-29

I bought Joop today for nostalgic reason and it's no longer pink . It's clear juice

Shea The Body Shop by *_Lilly_* 2016-07-29

I returned this today. Although I did like it, I thought it a tad too much masculine and not worth keeping :/ It is a nice soft scent, like lotion but like cologne? It's not bad but wanted to get something else ;)
Instead I traded it in for the Black Musk lotion

La Nuit Tresor Lancome by PrissyCurls 2016-07-29

This was a blind buy for me and I wore this AMAZING/AWESOMNESS fragrance today in the 90° heat and it performed beautifully. I cannot pinpoint each note as they are blended very well, BUT What I can say is that I DON'T smell any Patchouli at all and I'm very happy about that. I love this and I'm glad I decided to purchase it.

Vanilla Lemon Gelato Dua Fragrances by ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 2016-07-29

Right off the bat- I get a refreshing burst of lemon and creamy vanilla... It's an inviting blast and the quality is very much present from the opening. I've read and heard much about the quantity & quality of perfume oil the founder infuses into his creations and this is very much evident from the very first blast that comes out.... That opening is so magical and so inviting that one ONLY wishes it would stay throughout ........ Don't get me wrong, it's not that the scent drastically changes- it's just that the initial blast and intoxicating opening fades ever so slightly....

The "Lemon Cream Pie"/"Lemon Gelato" vibe is very emblematic of what you're getting in this juice... DUA put together a seductive and very smooth mix of lemon and vanilla that is so well crafted and its unique among many others who try to pull this off in that it does not end up smelling like cleaning fluid, a room fragrance or some synthetic mess! Instead, we are left something that any man can and should wear.... Like that blue suit in your wardrobe, something like this oughta be a staple in your collection... One small caveat: DO NOT SPRAY ANY OF THE DUA FRAGRANCES DIRECTLY ON YOUR CLOTHES IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT LEAVING A STAIN.... The concentration of perfume oil is so rich that IT WILL leave its mark.... My lemon ice cream cone on those warm sunny days....... [9/10] Overall! Too bad they vaulted it and it's no longer available

Khaltat Al Oudh Rasasi by Lomasfuerte 2016-07-29

Great juice it reminds me de rose on declaration d'un soir by cartier for the price of 12 us dollars I feel bad foe rasasi lol
I took a shower and I can still smell on my skin that tells about quality
I think European and americans perfume makers can copy from rasasi quality

Fève Délicieuse Christian Dior by Anabol2336 2016-07-29

One of the best performing Wintertime fragrances you can buy, but man are they pushing it with the price....

New York Amber Bond No 9 by JoeMacchiato 2016-07-29

Where's amber? Those who claim to smell amber in this frag must be tripping! lol

On me this is bitter orange and mint. In the beginning it is citrusy mint with a tangy tarragon. The tarragon goes away unfortunately I like it. I don't smell cognac or cardamom. I really only wear this in the hottest most humid days of the year. I think it is nice and worth a try. I normally can't abide a big citrus but this is different. Its a strong like for me.

Chanel No 5 Parfum Chanel by Mercurial Muzz 2016-07-29

May have been good once. Years ago. But Lanvin's Arpege still tops it in terms of aldehydes. Most over-rated perfume ever.

Tonka Reminiscence by ducktuck 2016-07-29

I smell ROOT BEER! I know it's weird and maybe my schnoz is off cause I don't see any sassafras note, but none the less, that's what it smells like to me. It's pleasant! I decided to try this because of the comparison made to Hermessence Ambre Narguile. It does not compare to Ambre Narguile, it's lacking depth and warmth. There is an almost salty marine note hanging around as well. It has mild sillage, and good lasting power, although the scent itself is really very light, which I was not expecting since the only other Reminiscence scent I have smelled is Patchouli and WHOA!!! That one is crazy powerful.

Allure eau de parfum Chanel by SilverZeru 2016-07-29

One of my good friend wore this back in Uni. She smelled so great i beg her to wear it everyday. I did not dare bought a bottle then for myself since it was her signature. Fast forward many years later and i sort of forgot about this beautiful scent. I recently went perfume testing and tested this. I bought a bottle immediately. It still smell as lovely as i remembered. My friend laughed when i told her that i finally bought Allure. She said, took you long enough, you were obsessed with it, :).

On to the scent now, its a soft, smooth peach scent. Powdery as well but the powder is not overwhelming. I cant really detect all the individual notes, its so well blended and the end result is really pleasing to my nose. Projection and longevity is stellar. It projects well on skin as well as clothes and all you need is one spray or two.

Black Cashmere Donna Karan by Pinnacos 2016-07-29

Beautiful juice, especially if you like dark, woody frags. I have an extra 100ml of the vintage juice in its original sealed box. Contact me if interested. Serious US inquiries only.

Agave Nectar Thymes by cinsot 2016-07-29

I first stumbled across this brand/house when I received the Agave Nectar soap as a gift from a dear friend last year. I lathered and slathered the uplifting foamy goodness of this divine product right down to the final slither last Spring/Summer.

This Spring/Summer I will adorn myself in the magical mood-lifting properties of the cologne.

After a brief failed affair with Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune's metallic twang which I experienced in my mouth each time I wore it, (no cat's urine - not that I'd know what that smells like, I am a dog person), I have found my PERFECT GRAPEFRUIT scent in THYMES AGAVE NECTAR (for half the price of the AA in Oz).

It is everything AA Pamplelune promised to be from the bottle and was not. Infact, when that genie was released from its bottle it turned NASTY residing in my mouth with its rusty nail and soldered lead taste :(

The juiced guava does not compete with or override the deliciously refreshing pink grapefruit note, I think they actually complement each other and may be the secret to this grapefruit composition staying true to a real grapefruit note on my skin.

I gave my bottle of Pamplelune to a friend who adores citrus aquatics (she surfs) and it is a mutual love affair, they adore each other. She smells awesome in it.

I am ecstatic to have finally found MY grapefruit.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Christian Dior by j'adoremissdior 2016-07-29

This is one of the first fruity perfumes that's really knocked it out of the park with me. It smells so luxurious and expensive! Dominant black currant, pomegranate and raspberry make for a tart, unusual and sophisticated fruit cocktail. The musk is soooo smooth, truly a perfect base. There's definitely rose and peony in the heart but they are nuanced and help bind together the rest of the notes. It almost has hints of a sour candy...but don't get me wrong, it's much more expensive smelling and really unique. I can't stop sniffing!

Chanel No 5 Parfum Chanel by Neosmiaphyte 2016-07-29

After the cloud of aldehydes finally dies down a few hours into wear, it briefly gets sweetly powdery in a way that reminds me of Estee Lauder Youth Dew. This stage quickly fades, and the rest of the wear is a dry, starchy, powdery, slightly white floral finish before it fades into nothing.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by Miss Precious Orchid 2016-07-29

This fragrance shot straight up to my top 5. Very well balanced scent. Nothing screams out at you. The sweetness to me is just right with the right amount of patchouli to shake things up. JC where have you been all my life. Haha!

Egypt EIGHT & BOB by ConsumerThis 2016-07-29

This is a heck of a nice scent fellas! Wow. Super clean barber shop vibe and the name is throwing me off, but I really don't care. Amazing. This is a safe niche fragrance all around. Great feel of quality and blend on skin. There's that note I know (lavender) mixed with something I don't which is really nice and I think it's the middle notes throwing me off. The base leather and woods. Perfect gentleman scent all day long. Don't listen to any negative about this stuff, try it for yourself and you can thank me later :)
9/10 highly recommend

Euphoria Men Calvin Klein by Price302 2016-07-29

Fantastic scent. My wife loves this this on me but unfortunately it only last for about 2 hours on my skin. Can anyone recommend some similar scents that might have greater lasting power? Thanks!

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by Anabol2336 2016-07-29

Much to my dismay Spicebomb has been reformulated and the performance has degenerated quite a bit. Your only other option for something similar with much better performance would be Bvlgari Man in Black. It's basically interchangeable with the pre reformulation Spicebomb.

Sweet Sun Christian Dior by LavenderSky 2016-07-29

Shame on you, Dior! How could you cast such a magical scent away without even a second thought? Please bring her back in 2017 for us to embrace again next summer :)

Petales Chantecaille by MaiCecile 2016-07-29

This is the creamiest, most romantic and beautiful white floral around. It truly does remind me of Grace Kelly. Unfortunately it doesn't last more than 2 hours before I have to put my nose right on my skin to smell. I want it, but do I want it enough to pay $225 Canadian, then have to spray multiple times a day?

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by Anabol2336 2016-07-29

I'd rank this above Spicebomb anyday. The new reformulation of Spicebomb has very, very poor performance. Man in Black has monstrous longevity and projection. I disagree with the reviewers who have said this is more for an older man because I could see even teenaged guys pulling this one off with no problems at all.

Liz Claiborne Liz Claiborne by juniemoon 2016-07-29

I saw this at Marshalls' and had a twenty dollar gift certificate to use up. I was bored and they didn't have much in the way of womens' fragrances right then and I saw this one. I don't usually "blind buy" as you guys say, but as I said, bored so took a chance. Man, what a mistake. The horrid "hay" smell I think was the oak moss, and I think that marigold should be a banned substance when it comes to womens' fragrance. What a nasty combination, marigold and oakmoss. I couldn't get back to Marshall's fast enough to take this stinker back. I ended up getting Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman instead at another store. I know I said I wasn't a big fan of EA but this one is actually really nice, as I am a fan of woodsy florals and it's nicely done and pretty good lasting power, for 50 ml at 10 dollars Canadian a pop I think I did good.

Live and learn about impulsive blind buys, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, caveat emptor. Just make sure when you take that leap of faith the store has a good return policy.

Le Parfum Resort Collection Elie Saab by perfume_infatuated 2016-07-29

A daily, casual scent, not only suitable for the summer, but for all seasons. Nothing special, nothing sexy, a bit woody.

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense Elie Saab by perfume_infatuated 2016-07-29

Elegance in a bottle.

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by Eaugirlspirit 2016-07-29

For years I didn't want to admit that I liked this perfume. I thought to myself- this isn't sophisticated or mature enough-
Fast forward to this evening. I just purchased a 50ml. I am so excited to wear this perfume. I have denied it for years but now am thinking this might be the right time in my life to rock some Viva. I am addicted to the Noir Tease Body Mist and Lotion, so I figure I will also layer with this eau de parfum to strengthen my trail.
What this evokes is something so wonderful it is hard to put it into words better than so many others before me on this page!
VLJ is THE most gorgeous combination of vanilla, citrus, gardenia flowers and edible praline. There is something so warm about blending vanilla with citrus fruit. VLJ is absolutely addictive, sensual and pleasurable. I have always loved smelling this on people and I secretly always wanted to be a wearer of it. And VLJ is so well blended that you just need more and more. This fragrance reminds me of B&BW Forever Sunshine and Burberry Brit. And I remember the memory of those other 2 fragrances distinctly in the Summer-Fall of 2010 and still love and have them in my collection. The Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons to wear these fragrances and I can honestly say I will enjoy Viva la Juicy for many years to come.

Chocolate Greedy Montale by SheriSheri 2016-07-29

As others have mentioned this is definitely a dry dusty chocolate, that unfortunately on me, is very linear. The only time I can smell the orange notes is when I first spray, but they quickly disappear and I'm left with just the cookie vibe and not much else. No Jaffa for me :( I can't really pick up much in the way of coffee either. It is pleasant and I'm happy to use up my sample but don't feel it works with my chemistry.

Eros Versace by charlieq08 2016-07-29

What it caught my attention with this fragrance, was that particular mix between mint and sweetness. For me, it was special. Must of my bottles in my collection are sweet scents, and some are kind of similar in a way, but this fragrance surprised me with that mint note. Then you can gradually feel how the vanilla and the apple take over. I like it a lot. Also it has a good projection and the bottle is nice. For instances the dry down reminds me a little bit of mont blanc Emblem intense. I enjoy to wear it to go out and sometimes to go to work. It is not something different or revolutionary, but it is a good fragrance, and it does easily a good job.

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by AngelEuphoria 2016-07-29

I adore Armani Code. It has a pure/fresh and clean base even though it's in the same heavily spicy note category as Alien, Angel and others. Armani got the balance right with this one: Freshly showered, but just a tad spicy and sexy all at once. It is my go to fragrance for fall and winter. I wear it to church and date night. My clothes even smell wonderful after wearing this. I left my sweater on a chair in my spare room and was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance when I opened the door.

Charlie Revlon by Gigi The Fashionista 2016-07-29

Fragrance Review For Charlie

By Revlon

Top Notes

Hyacinth Jasmine Gardenia Galbanum Aldehydes

Middle Notes

Lily of the Valley Jasmine Lily Geranium Violet Coriander

Base Notes

Sandalwood Musk Vanilla Oak Moss Vetiver

"There's a fragrance that's here today and they call it Charlie. A different fragrance that thinks your way and they call it Charlie. Kind of young kind of now Charlie kind of free kind of wow Charlie kind of fragrance that's gonna stay and it's here now Charlie. Charlie by Revlon A Most Original Fragrance"

- 1973 TV AD

Yeah I have the commercial jingle memorized LOL I was not a fan of Charlie because I first experienced it as a secondhand fragrance. My mother wore it a lot and when I first became old enough to start wearing perfume and did not make money of my own to buy perfumes for myself I had to inevitably wear her perfume. Charlie takes me back to when I was a teenager. The first spritz was ghastly. It was straight out cat pee. I swore to myself I'd never ever wear this even if I lived to be 60. I came across this fragrance once again in my journeys through perfume. I love it and wear it now because I'm a big girl now.

Charlie was targeting a demographic of young women of the 70's. For the longest time I associated this fragrance with CHARLIE'S ANGELS the TV series with the 3 young beautiful ladies Farrah Fawcett Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson. It is no surprise that Kate Jackson was replaced by Shelley Hack in later episodes and Miss Hack was the face of this perfume and she appeared in the TV ad so the Charlie connection is always going to be there. To me this is a feminine perfume which the kick ass Charlie Angels girls wore. It is straight out of the 70's with it's emphasis on aldehydes and florals. But it also smells very classic as if made before the 70's. It would be considered "mature" "old lady" perfume today but this came at a time when even 20 year olds took themselves seriously and wore perfume when it was real perfume.

The opening is flowery like a flower bomb detonating so it's important to apply with a light touch but hey if you adore flowers spray liberally! There's a ton of white flowers of which jasmine is most prominent. There are 2 notes of jasmine and they're rather noticeable. There's gardenia and lilies. These white floral scents are fresh and sparkling with aldehydes. This is very much an aldehydic scent similar to white floral plus aldehyde scents in the same league as Arpege by Lanvin or Chanel No. 22, without it smelling like either of them. There's a gorgeous green herbal nocturnal galbanum that really sends me. The galbanum gives this scent a botanical touch. There's violet and geranium. It's all about the floral top and heart. So you have to be into floral scents and if so this is a treat. But you have to get passed the aldehydes when it softens into sweet flowers.

At the base we have a touch of musk, some vetiver, vanilla bean and sandalwood. The sandalwood is very pronounced and it smells resinous, woodsy and the vetiver is also coming forth. But it's all about the oak moss. It smells like burnt oak moss. I love the scent of moss. For me this is all about the galbanum and the oak moss. It gives this scent the aspect of a chypre. It's still more of an aldehyde floral than a chypre but there's enough wood/moss to be appreciated as a youthful chypre. This is absolutely gorgeous.

Charlie is a perfume for a girl in the 70's who was just turning 18 or 21 and went out to her job smelling like flowers but would not mind smelling this way at a dinner date. At one time men were turned on by the flower scent on women. Today it's a different story. But let's travel back in time and wear flowers once in a while. I do. Charlie reminds me of freedom and care-free youth, having nothing to worry about and it's a comforting relaxing scent. I wear it now mostly to get to sleep. I wear this out from time to time. I love Charlie Gold as well.

This is a must have in any true serious perfumista wardrobe. I bet all the girls who wore this at the gas station putting gas on their car during the oil crisis must have smelled so good and you won't mind waiting for them to be done gasing up their car just to stand there and bask in the aroma.

La Fille de Berlin Serge Lutens by paneradfisk 2016-07-29

This is a peppery soapy violet-rose, deep and rich (this smells more purple to me than red) yet transparent and light. This has no sweetness, and feels cool almost like rain drops on rose petals or wet metal. It's not very vintage smelling, but mature. Tauerville's Rose Flash is less soapy, warmer and resinous, Yves Rocher Rose Absolue is much jammier and more gourmand. I'm more drawn towards Arabie and Jeux de Peau from Serge Lutens, but I have many other spicier and sweeter roses that I prefer over this.

I adore Light Blue. but this one is too sweet. I will try the orignal (Pour Femme). But if you are looking for an extremely clean, light fragrance with the slightest hint of powder/sweet, try PLAY for HER by Givenchy. It's not too youthful or classic or casual. I still get so many compliments on Play, even in hot/humid 80 degree summer weather. I was at a ball game and those sitting near me asked the name and stated it smells sooo good!

Loukhoum Keiko Mecheri by TessiiDob 2016-07-29

Shame about this one. My first impression, on application, was a dusty, musty sort of dry wood smell. Then it dried down into an old powder compact sort of smell with a touch of almond. And that was it for me – no rose, no floral notes, definitely no vanilla or honey. All I got was a dry, dusty, musty smell, which made me feel irritable. I gave it half an hour to see if it would evolve, but no. It just smelt more dusty and eventually it sent me hurrying to scrub it off. Obviously doesn't agree with my skin chemistry. Pity, because the reviews have been so good on this one.

Nice.. Sweeter than Ferrari Uomo which is also Farenheit Clone. I picked this up because I heard it smelled similar to my beloved Ferrari. Similar but not quite as good in my opinion.

Boss Bottled Intense Hugo Boss by warlockss 2016-07-29

I just went out and blind bought this got 100ml bottle and this smells like Ted Lapidus Altimir and Chopard Amber malaki. Is everyone just copying everyone else now . Wtf. Don't believe me then sample them yourselves.
It smells really nice though sweet apple with amber and Orris root smells sweet and sometimes sharp . 8 out of 10

Aramis 900 Aramis by heather62 2016-07-29

I read reviews about my beloved Aromatics and there were numerous references to it being very similar to Aramis 900. They are correct. Aramis 900 is very similar, Personally, I prefer Aromatics lotion over the spray. Aramis 900 is more like the lotion. I can see buying Aramis 900 instead of Aromatics. The difference in cost is significant. Aside from that, I always have a concern about wearing Aromatics to work because of its loud nature. I think Aramis 900 would be a little more wearable - Very, very nice.

Ici Coty by Lilithorvat 2016-07-29

Casual, soft and sweet. Perfect for when you don't know what to wear.

Such a lovely, soft and powdery scent. A nice musk for those with a sweet tooth!

I'm wearing it out today with a relaxed plaid button shirt, jeans, and converse.

The best part is the price and available at most drug stores, a great go-to everyday scent, can also be romantic for evening too since it's sweet and musky. Soothing as a pillow, fabric bedtime scent too!

CK Be We Are One Magnets Calvin Klein by Chicago Tony T 2016-07-29

I will start with the perfumer. She is mostly known for her work for creating a lot of Axe/Lynx products and numerous CK scents. Her best work was 212,CK Shock, Reveal Man and some of you guys might like Bang also. With that being said don't expect something totally new and inspiring but you will get a decent/average scent it just depends on how you look at it.

This opens with a blast of alcohol, no not a boozy accord but rubbing alcohol before the lavender and sweet notes intertwine along with the meant. This actually smells like a sweeter version of Swiss Army. The dry down is decent as Tonka and sandalwood give it a warm creamy vibe. Overall it's a decent scent like I said but nothing special.

I guess people are fed up with CK as this was released 6 years ago and labeled as a limited edition but this is the first and probably only review of it that anyone can judge it by. Performance is average BTW.

Eau de Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills by deb.martinez 2016-07-29

Blind buy based on reviews,and yay,its lovely! I had Giorgio edt before,this is much more wearable. Just like a bottle of sunshine,perfect for warm days,but basically any season too! Very recommended!!!

Shalimar Guerlain by MrsPress 2016-07-29

This review is for Shalimar in parfum concentration. Shalimar in the Pure parfum skips a lot of what the edp has to offer and gets straight to the base. With the parfum I get no bergamot or lemon, absolutely no florals to speak of. It's basically leather and smoke with very little resins or animalic notes. I like it but definitely not more than the edp. The edp is beyond beautiful and my favorite. I do find both the edp and parfum to have poor longevity, but maybe it's just my skin?

Incanto Shine Salvatore Ferragamo by thatgirl1269 2016-07-29

This 'fragrance' has been relegated to the bathroom/toilet. I had high hopes for this fragrance, going by the positive reviews & notes, however, any appeal it *may* have had is overshadowed completely by the bitter/sharp/over-powering top note I smell that lingers like the smell of a rotting corpse. I get absolutely no fruitiness or sweetness in this fragrance AT ALL. A blind buy for me that I am definitely *not* impressed with....ugh! The only positive I can even think to say about this fragrance is that the bottle is lovely.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by Anywho 2016-07-29

This is a lovely sugary concoction - candy floss in a bottle. You have to like really sweet scents in order to appreciate this one. As such I like the scent quite a bit but it is too intense for me. In the same league as Gold Sugar. In this range Pink Sugar Sensual and Black Sugar work better for me.

Incredible Things Taylor Swift by Pollyflower 2016-07-29

I only had this on for 30 minutes and I disliked it. I love the bottle, the art is beautiful. I felt like I smelled "pleather" (fake leather/vinyl) but now that I read the notes maybe it was pink pepper which usually I dislike. I want to like it. Maybe I'll have to give it another go. I did have another scent on early in the day so maybe it mixed even thought I thought that was gone.

Daisy Marc Jacobs by MrsPress 2016-07-29

Let me first say that I am not a big fan of most typically "clean" scents. With that said, this is my favorite of the "clean" scents that I own. It is perfect for summer. I do not think this is sweet at all. I think this smells like grass, spritzed by grapefruit, with some sliced strawberries. I know that sounds strange, but that's what it smells like to me...very green with a slight a hint of fruit. It's simple but nicely done. Like I said, it's not my style, but I like it.

Dot Marc Jacobs by AngelEuphoria 2016-07-29

I also enjoy Marc J. Daisy. I am careful to apply less of Daisy because some swear they detect a hint of banana in the notes. So, I have switched to the very similar Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel, (which I love). I still wear Daisy on casual days. NOW ON TO Dot: Dot has a familiar department store fragrance base that comes through in the dry down. Many expensive design house fragrances have this base (Michael Kors, Early Calvin K. fragrances, etc,) You will smell clean and fresh with Dot because it is a safe, high end fragrance. However, even the safest fragrances become cloying when too much is applied. This fragrance, though clean, will smell like soap or fruity bubble bath if you wear too much.

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by mandyrose 2016-07-29

Hope this is the solution for anyone who has been unexpectedly disappointed with this scent on their skin,yet loving it on others as they pass by.
The impression I liked,when first smelling Aromatics Elixir,was the breezy herbal chamomile mixture with just a little warmth and outdoors feeling from a hint of damp earth. I smelled it first outside, at a garden party,so the wearer was moving around and the breeze was diluting it.I loved the airy smell then.
Last Christmas,i bought the perfume spray,body smoother and bodywash.As well as this,i bought online,an EDT version. The body products smelled perfect and had a little fresh fizz note,keeping the sparkling top note smell alive.Was very pleased and noted that they smell so true to how I remembered,that the body products on their own would be good enough as a fragrance for a summery lighter smell.They are true to scent but without the heavy drydown the actual elixir gives.When I sprayed the Elixir,i loved it till the final dry down.When the fragrance settled,i was not keen on the camphor impression.It had lost the sparkle and I actually preferred the body smoother scent as it did not reach the heavy dry destination ! If there is anyone out there who feels the same,then I have a hopeful answer for you! The EDT version does not have the same camphor-like end result.It stops while still retaining an airy fresh smell.It is the edt fragrance version of the body products.Perfect for summer. Another bonus is that after around 3 hrs,it has faded enough to refresh and that is perfect in hot humid weather. For the lovers of the original dry down-there is still a faint whisp of original drydown but it is much more friendly in the hot weather.The edt was bought online and the others from uk department store.I hope this helps! x

not as good as the original formula! :(

Casmir Chopard by AngelEuphoria 2016-07-29

To those confused by the unfavorable notes in Casmir, your concerns may be better summed up in one word "dated." Casmir is an 80's 90's fragrance. While some classic notes reign supreme, the dry down will reveal the popular notes from that era of perfumes. I recently experienced the same dilemma with one of my old favorites, Hanae Mori. H.M. is still a great fragrance, but the notes are now "dated". However, due credit should be given to any design house who commits to a fragrance without changing what customers love. Casmir still has many fans. Better to remain true to the loyal fans of Casmir and other classic fragrances than to reformulate a much loved fragrance. Cheers to fans of Casmir and Poem (Lancome). P.S. I still rub a bit of my first favorite fragrance (Yves Saint L. Opium) on my wrist in winter. Opium is a fragrance you should try if you enjoy spicy scents like Cashmir, Cinnabar, Dune or even Angel. A young woman can get away with a small amount dabbed on wrist and behind the ear. I have replaced Opium and Casmir with fragrances from the Bvlgari line (Omnia and Jasmin Noir). Nostalgia often plays a part in our love of many things.

Mr. Burberry Burberry by 2016-07-29

If you're read the reviews, you probably now know that Mr. Burberry is:

-very safe and professional, yet highly offensive

-opens with a clean, messy, natural, synthetic note

-remains exactly the same, while changing significantly in the drydown

-smells exactly like Axe, Bleu de Chanel, Dior Sauvage, and skunkweed

So, what have we learned?

1) Smell is perhaps the most subjective of the senses.

2) People are polarized in their opinions on Mr. Burberry.

So don't let anyone tell you that this is a good or bad scent without trying it yourself. Trust your own instincts.

As for me, I like the scent very much. The first spray on paper reminded me of clean linen, and not too much else. Performance on my skin is very different: the cleanness remains, but the fragrance opens up with a lot of warmth and citrus. Sillage is stronger for the first couple hours, but quickly fades to a skin scent, where it remains for the remainder of the day. As it dries down, it starts to feel very much a part of my natural scent. The heat from my skin will occasionally waft up a clean woody scent with a powdery backbone. Unmistakably masculine, but not overwhelmingly so. It leaves me constantly thinking, "Wow. I smell amazing."

The closeness of the sillage makes this an ideal scent for the workplace, social events, light dancing, and drinks at a quiet pub. I wouldn't wear it to a club or in a place where there might be competing smells.

Fuji Green Tea The Body Shop by nero77 2016-07-29

Beautiful Green Tea fragrance...

This is such a nice product to use. I have always been a fan of The Body Shop products, and this is no exception. I actually bought this after trying their exceptionally good body butter and other products. This one was a great addition to use. This is based around Japanese green tea, or sencha and matcha types. It really does remind me of those teas (especially hot matcha).

Overall, I can say that this does smell slightly different from the other types of green tea fragrances out there. Definitely a summer staple (along with the exquisite body butter). Perfect after a shower on a hot summers day, the perfect way to cool down and stay calm! Really good for that purpose!

I found my bottle of Elie Saab Le Parfum EdT at the TJ Maxx in a gift set with the body lotion. There was only one left and I snapped it up whilst looking around just in case someone grabbed it before me. All my loves in one place, orange blossom, rose and gardenia. I adore this one for so many reasons and the main reason is how it is masterfully blended. I can't really pick out any singular notes, but I think I have fallen in love with vetiver. I've smelled vetiver in other perfumes and did not like it one bit. BUT this dry down is to absolute die for and I think it's the vetiver. On my skin, I get the spiciest, sexiest, rich, deep scent. Also, I never ever get compliments, but this one does. BOY OH BOY! I've found my ultimate perfume love, finally. All in all, if you see this at TJ Maxx, buy it. It is worth every penny.

Poison Esprit de Parfum Christian Dior by ClairaNox 2016-07-29

For anyone in the CONUS who is interested, I am currently selling a 1.0 oz bottle of Poison Esprit; it is approximately 50% full, and unboxed. I am also including free samples of other fragrances to whoever purchases Poison Esprit.

If interested, please message me for details.

Signorina Salvatore Ferragamo by IrisLily 2016-07-29

Like being at a summer wedding reception and smelling roses placed on your table along with the creamy cake or parfait that is placed in front of you mixed with the pretty smell of various flowers people use at receptions...all mixed together. It is fresh and creamy and yummy but not really sweet. It was a blind buy, and I am delighted with it.

L'Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent by sproaty 2016-07-29

Beautiful violet smell that retains the original L'Homme DNA yet goes off in its own direction. Very nice and warm off the top, and I think it'd be well suited for all seasons. I've been wearing this in the summer and high heat really works well for this scent.

The opening is somewhat unpleasant like Jubilation IIV, but not as strong as Jubilation IIV. It is very short lived though.

After 10-15 minutes on the skin, it transforms to one of the spiciest, most mysterious, and most elegant scents I have ever smelled in my life. The journey continues for easily +15 hours on the skin. I can even smell it after I take a shower.

It is subtle, yet everyone within 5ft notices the smell even after ten hours on the skin.

A must have in any collection.

L’Eau Jolie Lolita Lempicka by francie79 2016-07-29

This is the first Lolita Lempicka scent that I have actually enjoyed. It's a crisp, slightly sweet, fruity floral that has very good sillage and longevity on me but I do spray liberally. It was also very inexpensive and a 100ml bottle was only 25 bucks. I love the bottle too, so pretty. I love this one and it's very refreshing in the summer heat. :)

I have the EDP. I didn't think I'd like a VS perfume, but this is really, really lovely! I normally don't like summer perfumes with coconut because the coconut ends up smelling very artificial and sickly-sweet. On me, VSN's initial blast is "pina colada", which segues into a light, natural-smelling coconut. I don't get the sand and lotus notes but that's fine. It definitely says "beach" and "summer" to me. It's not overpowering and stays closer to the skin. This is a plus, since I work with people who aren't perfume wearers. I will say that even in extreme heat, this doesn't turn sour or sweaty. I have dry skin, so on me, this lasts for 2-3 hours on my arms and longer on my clothes and cleavage. I am OK with respraying if I feel the need to.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by vintage.doll 2016-07-29

This was my first perfume ever but they change the formula and i stopped using it for long time.. But its back to being my signature because now they have it in hair spray and gel and lotions. Its really sugary and fresh at the same tim. I love it and will always buy more when i run out. It dries down to the most perfect vanilla sugar and i think any age can pull it off because its subtle. It's the most comforting adorable fragrance ever made

Christian Lacroix Rouge Avon by Xamapola 2016-07-29

Very disappointed with this fragrance. I liked it when I smelled from a bottle but did not sprayed it on me because it was not mine. Bought it and found it very masculine and cheap smell, I can not even tell the notes, it smells so cheap and lasts minutes. Very good price but wasted money for me.

XJ 1861 Renaissance Xerjoff by Buckeye 2016-07-29

A world class fragrance by any stretch of imagination. It is art in a bottle. It is arguably the best fresh scent I have ever smelled.

Rose Gold Ormonde Jayne by JennyRose 2016-07-29

This is absolutely gorgeous! Smells a lot like OJ Black Gold, but with more rose, obviously. Very elegant take on woody rose scent. Love!

I tried Shalimar EDT, and got mostly the same experience as Stoicov, just faster. First impression was leather and burnt rubber. After a few minutes, it morphed into smoky baby powder on leather. No florals or citrus. My skin amplifies powder in an unpleasant way, so I ended up taking it off as soon as I could. Even then, it lingered. It's a classic but it's not for me.

Someday Justin Bieber by Glamamour 2016-07-29

this smells pretty similar to Nicki Minaj fragrances, this is a little more juvenile, Nicki's could pass for a 20 something year old, this one is more of the teenager version of that, more watered down

Saturn Chris Adams by sproaty 2016-07-29

I'm impressed with this - nice wooden opening, the cardamom really jumps out prominently and has a nice spice feeling to it. I've noticed that the strength dies down quickly but then rises back up with a nice aura.

Smelling this on my arm now and I was just hit with a comparison - Boss Bottled! Looking at the composition of both, I can see many of Boss Bottled's notes in this one and yeah - there's a definite resemblance.

Biancolatte Zeromolecole by freddinos 2016-07-29

I am reviewing a sample kindly gifted by a Fragrantican friend:
Biancolatte opens very similar to Britney Spear's Fantasy the Intimate edition, the resemblance is uncanny . Some extra sweet vanillic notes are then added slowly, and from the mid notes down it is pure sugary vanilla, overpowering even to my gourmand loving nose. This vanilla is neither natural or very synthetic, it is passable but so very sweet!
Overall I was left with the inpression of a very sweet perfume, that was far from being unique or groundbreaking

Stunner Pour Homme Chris Adams by sproaty 2016-07-29

Very sweet opening which quickly gives way to a woodier feel coming through. It reminds me of something else of my other cheapies which I think is a clone, but I'm not sure of what exactly (some Carolina Herrera fragrance?)

I can see what wilso55 means about it being unisex, from the opening it doesn't seem too manly to my nose.

It's a really nice bottle too especially as I paid under £5 for it, and is an EDP.

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior by Mel_ 2016-07-29

Started out rather nice. Almond-y, warm, a little powdery but not off-putting. I was pleased, since Poison doesn't agree with me. My family agreed it smelled nice. Bonus. After a short while, I got - play-doh. Once I identified that, that pretty much ruined it for me and it's all I can think of. I asked others, who confirmed it. Now, I sniff HP and think, "play-doh" and I have no desire to put it on. I guess my chemistry doesn't quite agree with it. It's not a scrubber, but it's not as nice on me as it might be on someone else. Love that bottle, though!

Shocking Schiaparelli by juzme 2016-07-29

Cologne concentre = one of the best perfumes of extrait concentration ever created.
A beautiful honeyed floral. Gorgeous.
They don't make them anymore.............

Tomorrow Avon by Cocotea 2016-07-29

First blast: peppery peach and and cinnamon (although no cinnamon in the pyramid, I know what my nose smells!) After, I get some soft flowers and the dry down is creamy peachy amber. Very long lasting, with moderate sillage. I like it.

are the reformulations that bad?

Let me start off by saying I love it!!! Hands down the BEST vanilla ever and I'm a vanilla fiend, I would know. This reminds me of Christmastime in my country because there is a lot of baking going on using tons of vanilla. This is a different sort of vanilla, not just sweet. I detect some spiciness and woodiness that gives it some dimensions. I have it in the mist and body cream and layered together the scent lasts more than twelve hours. I keep sniffing my arm and the bottle caps...I'm addicted. It's so good!

This layers well with any vanilla fragrance too. I tried with Black Opium, Meow by Katy Perry and Amber Romance by Vs, Pure delicious decadence all around!

Alizarin Penhaligon`s by arrowdk 2016-07-29

To Gina,

I am not sure that they would alter a name just because of your misperception.
Perhaps try googling the name. You might learn something.

Black Amethyst Bath and Body Works by Cocotea 2016-07-29

This does indeed smell like Coco Mademoiselle after CM has settled on your skin. I get musk, patchouli, vetiver with some creaminess. I get some earthiness too and no citrus. It's quite different from the sugar bombs BBW normally churns out. I have it in the mist and body lotion and together I think they smell like an expensive perfume shop. I think I like it....

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