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Patchouli Reminiscence by pravda48 2014-04-16

Good LORD this stuff is potent! This is EASILY one of the strongest 3 fragrances I've ever smelled. 1 spray fills a room and I have to breathe through my nose for a few mins before I can take it.

That said it smells VERY strongly of ambergris to me, which I suppose is actually tolu balsam. The patch, tonka, and vetiver/cedar pepperiness are all afterthoughts compared to the intensity of this earthy, almost smoky-dark scent I'm detecting most of all. In all honesty I get a sort of playdoh vibe behind this dirtiness as well, much as I did from Calypso's Figue.

My initial impression is... I'd rather smell this on a man! It is SO strong and I'm really not sure I can carry such a dark, heavy, earth-covered scent.

Will continue wearing it at least through today. May trade the portion I was going to keep from the split I hosted. Think I bit off more than I could chew with this baby but one thing is undeniable: this is STRONG JUICE and I'll be looking into more of Reminiscence's scents for that fact alone. They clearly don't pull punches and I love getting what I payed for! ;D

Prada Candy Prada by Sweelty 2014-04-16

Smells like powdery-musky honey. Caramel is not as noticeable as musk is

Seductive Musk Oriflame by anosh 2014-04-16

smell very very bad

Grand Cuir Parfums Retro by Q80 2014-04-16

this one is quite shocking actually. it smells EXACTLY like Aleppo soap, or in Arabic (صابون الغار او صابون رقي او صابون ركي بالعراقي) it is a kind of soap that is made from olives from the 2nd process right after bringing out the extra virgin olive oil. this kind of soap was originally used by َQueen Zanobia the Queen of Palmyrene Empire which is in Syria, & Queen Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt.
it doesn't smell anything like cuir or leather at all unless you combine your thoughts and try so hard to believe that it is leather in the most difficult way. not bad though but quite interesting to have that kind of smell in a bottle.

OP Juice for Women Ocean Pacific by chelseaperfume225 2014-04-16

This perfume has a soft scent to it which i like. It has a lot of good notes together very fruity. It leaves you wanting more, plus the bottle is pretty cool.

My Insolence Guerlain by Zaleska 2014-04-16

A blind buy.
To my humble nose, it smells like perfume shops - the big and renowned ones - or even like expensive make-up.

Yes, that's the sensation: I'm inside of a perfume shop, trying to choose something for me, and meanwhile a lot of people are doing exactly the same! So you can smell different scents, melting together, coming directly - but not in an overpowering way - to your nose!

A good sensation, indeed! Makes me feel like traveling abroad, entering duty-free shops, feeling happy and free...

*** Oh, just one more thing: If you think this one smells similar to the traditional Insolence, forget it! They go separate ways. Insolence is the best ever. This one is a good flanker. ***

L'Eau Couture Elie Saab by misscherie07 2014-04-16

I don't like this one it smell like almonds and synthetic vanilla and some green flowers. Its like toilet spray with vanilla.

My Red by Demi Moore Oriflame by anosh 2014-04-16

I totally agree with DeenaAdel93 and WolfyX .. In The catalogue smells very pretty but when i tested on my skin i feel it like a medicine very bad smell

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by misscherie07 2014-04-16

i love this one for fall and winter. It's sweet but no overpowering I smell violets and sweetness I like fresh sents but this one is great.

Flash Jimmy Choo by willfulmissconduct 2014-04-16

I wanted so badly to get the strawberry in this. Instead, all I got was a HORRENDOUS knock out of I don't know what! It was strong and chemical. After about an hour, it got powdery. After about three hours, a SLIGHT whiff of strawberry arrived, but more tart than sweet. From beginning to end, I got tuberose. Too bad this stinker didn't live up to it's name....because I would have loved it if it had been GONE in a FLASH! Total yuck factor for me.

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by misscherie07 2014-04-16

It smell like flowerbomb but 10 times sweeter.

Rebelle Rihanna by chelseaperfume225 2014-04-16

This is a nice perfume. I like the coffee note that drew me to this perfume. I put this perfume on before bed and I love it. It's not too overbearing or too weak. Plus look at the notes all very lovely notes!

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by sharmap14 2014-04-16

so i bought this cuz i went to go return something else i had bought but couldnt decide what to get, came home and didnt like it at all, but that was in fall last year, it sat in my closet all winter but i brought it out a few days ago to try it again and believe me it smells a lot better in the summer heat. fresh aquatic salty with decent longevity

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by misscherie07 2014-04-16

Its called Flowerbomb I taught it was a floral perfume but NO it is sweet sweet sweet, people who love this are walking under a pink sweet cloud :-D

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by Ryanmmas26 2014-04-16

This right here is easily 1 of my favorites as well as the people that I wear this around and in the colder months Id say this is my signature scent !

Id describe this smell as fresh,sweet,warm and inviting and is great for the holiday season. My girlfriend always tells me this scent reminds her of christmas(Usuaully with a big smile on her face)

With this I really get the apple and vanilla so i guess id say it reminds me of apple pie maybe with some vanilla sprinkled on top

The performance on this is is average. It lasts on me about 4-6 hours and projects well for about hour and then for me theres a bubble of this scent around you id say about a foot off of you and people will deffinitly smell you when your passing by.

Id rate this scent a 8. It smells amazing for the colder months and I want to give it a higher score because its 1 of my favorites but I just wish it would last and project a little better

well... it's like an orange soap with a bit of sand smell & some white clean Lenin. i can smell the Neroli but not that zesty orange Neroli, but the calm one. but to be honest, i'll never pay 250$+ for 50 ml of this perfume. i MIGHT pay around 50$ for a 75 to 100 ml of this MAX, and it would have been better if it were even 30$ for the 100. im not saying it has cheap quality no, what im saying is that there is nothing special at all about this perfume to make me pay that much, sorry but it doesn't worth it's price at all.

This is no where near Santal Blush.. that's my signature. (who reccomended that? and who agreed to it..??)

Well, I finally found the closest thing to Bvlgari's EAU BLANC. (It falls off of me in 15 minutes) But I am in LOVE with this, and it's funny I always like his womens fragrances.

Spectacular texture with the musk and tea, not powdery but more like a new skin. The thyme keeps the florals underneath it, everything about this fragrance is balanced. What a beautiful fragrance, if you want to wear something that smells like the price:

This one. 10/10 Mr. Ford

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by riffjim4069 2014-04-16

A very fresh, clean, green and soapy fragrance that is perfect (and safe) for the office or church. You won't wow anyone, but you'll sure smell clean. Anyway, this scent reminded me of Creed Original Vetiver in some ways, minus a bit more of the green vetiver vibe. I'll reach for this occasionally during the spring/summer when I have nothing important going on at work.

Golden Boy Dueto Parfums by paulhunter 2014-04-16

Sweet rubbery leather. I love the warm complexity of this, it reminds me of throwing plastic into the bonfire when you're a kid; your parents tell you not to because it is bad for the air but it's just too much fun to resist when you're eight years old. The burning rubber smell with the sweetness of youth, all centered around a leather-jacket-clad father.

This came into our store today in Finland. I didn't like it. Although I have to try it again. I find it quite boring how everything has to be in EDT and EDP. It's not original anymore. But this is just my opinion.
Anyhow, this scent was really strong, altough it's just edt. It wasn't as soft as edp is on my skin. It might be the lemon that makes this one so... Rough.

Eternity Moment Calvin Klein by CoffeeCup 2014-04-16

Something icky in there. Wished for a delicate, tender, romantic floral. Instead it's weak, sticky and annoying to me. I'm so sorry!

Individuel Mont Blanc by riffjim4069 2014-04-16

I'll just cut-and-paste my Creed Original Santal review along with a few minor edits...

My wife and I both love this fragrance; it is one of our favorites...just a wonderfully warm/sexy cinnamon, vanilla and sandalwood scent with a few other perfectly-blended notes tossed in to round-out this classic!

Of course, our flacon will last us years since it's not an every day fragrance. Moreover, we discovered Mont Blanc Individuel shortly after making our purchase of Creed Original Santal. Are both identical? No, but they are really, really, really close and we like Individuel just as much with the only difference being that Santal is extra long lasting and I get heavy sillage, whereas Individuel is merely average on both fronts. We have both Santal and Individuel and will probably repurchase the Mont Blanc fragrances since it's roughly one-third the price. Finally, I don't know where everyone is getting raspberry from in this fragrances; I've never smelled a dryer-sheet that anything like Individual; and no, Individuel smells nothing like Joop.

-Cool Water is no substitute for Green Irish Tweed
-Love & Luck does not compare to Millesime Imperial
-Insurrection Pure II is nice but cannot replace Aventus (if it's even available)
-However, most people won't know you're using Individuel instead of Original Santal

Forsaken True Blood by Wendie Gates 2014-04-16

I am in love with this perfume. Not to strong have a hard time wearing certain fragrances because of allergies and this one ROCKS!!! Like everything I will be in love with it and they will probably quit making it. That had been my luck for years. Please whoever reads these try and keep this one on the market it's a keeper!!!!

Grey Vetiver Tom Ford by Manny44 2014-04-16

I don't hate this cologne but I don't like it either. Bit too earthy for me. Something in the spice notes here that is too old-school masculine in the way that a strong oakmoss note can be.

Original Santal Creed by riffjim4069 2014-04-16

My wife and I both love this fragrance; it is one of our favorites...just a wonderfully warm/sexy cinnamon, vanilla and sandalwood scent with a few other perfectly-blended notes tossed in to round-out this classic!

Of course, our flacon will last us years since it's not an every day fragrance. Moreover, we discovered Mont Blanc Individuel shortly after making our purchase. Are both identical? No, but they are really, really, really close and we like Individuel just as much with the only difference being that Santal is extra long lasting and I get heavy sillage, whereas Individuel is merely average on both fronts. We have both Santal and Individuel and will probably repurchase the Mont Blanc fragrances since it's roughly one-third the price. this juice!

-Cool Water is no substitute for Green Irish Tweed
-Love & Luck does not compare to Millesime Imperial
-Insurrection Pure II is nice but cannot replace Aventus (if it's even available)
-However, most people won't know you're using Individuel instead of Original Santal

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier by ScarlettX 2014-04-16

It's a strong floral scent with amber and vanilla. Too strong and old-fashioned for me. I think I could never wear this one.
This one just doesn't charm me. I am more into lighter stuff.
I see that the sillage and longevity are also quite good.
It is a classic one, but I think it's not a good everyday fragrance. Too overwhelming.

Chance Chanel by saeglopur 2014-04-16

Powder and citrus, white and yellow, Chance would be the fragrance worn by your archetypal blonde girl in a tennis skirt. She's cheerful, energetic, and winks when she's being mischievous -- there is a hint of pepper in the perfume's opening and a hint of musk in the drydown that makes it both zesty and somewhat reminiscent of a light green men's cologne (I'm thinking Bvlgari Pour Homme). That being said, Chance is not me. I do like wearing it as a pick-me-up, though -- it makes me feel sunny without fail. It's not a complex scent, but it doesn't smell cheap. A definite like!

Woman Donna Karan by Blue wolf 2014-04-16

I tried a sample of DK Woman edp without a clue as to the type of fragrance or the notes. The initial note was something I didn't like, a slap sharp of aldehyde: it disappeared quickly. The second time I tried this scent, there was no irritating top note at all: this was a brand new sample. Then comes a beautiful note of orange blossom or lily backed by an aromatic note that seems slightly citrusy, woody yet fresh. If this is the vetiver, I love it. The image that pops into my head is A Midsummer's Night Dream, with Titiania and her court of fairies. Not the giggly Disney kind of fairies, but elegant, alluring, yet mysterious and other worldly. There is no mustiness, and there's some rich fruitiness that I suspect are notes not listed in the description. I would never have tried this scent because it was described as woody and aromatic, and I don't judge fragrances as 'male' or 'female'. I want a something different and unique, and this definitely is that in a very satisfying way. The middle notes continue to expand, with some tingly sensation in my nose which I would guess is the aromatic element. The sweet floral is subdued, and a full, soft only slightly powdery aromatic stays down to the end. I absolutely enjoyed this and am seriously considering a full bottle. The only small note I miss is a little touch of a citrus or something green to add some intrigue and complexity to the final drydown. This is lovely and warm; I feel it is a welcoming, enfolding scent with good sillage and medium longevity. I have to qualify this by stating my skin absorbs fragrance very quickly and longevity is always a problem except with the 80's type sillage monsters. If you have normal skin, this scent should have very good sillage and longevity.

Endless Euphoria Calvin Klein by insolence 2014-04-16

It's quite pretty just like Ferragamo's fragrances from Incanto line. It smells very uplifting and reminds me of an yummy smelling hair shampoo I used to have when I was a student. It's a very positive scent and there is a slight tropical vibe about it (It will sound really weird but I can smell mango note in the opening) Though I don't find it delicate enough for the summer heat.

I almost liked it. It's really hard to dislike something that smells so cheerful. The main 'problem' is that it has a wrong name. Original Euphoria is sexy, unforgettable, does not smell cheap and makes a statement. These two perfumes have nothing in common.

Most importantly, I don't think it's sophisticated enough for someone in her late twenties. There are many other fresh and uplifting scents out there that won't smell like a shampoo, like Balenciaga L'Eau Rose or Dior Addict Eau Delice...

By the way, longevity of Endless Euphoria is more than remarkable. I can still smell it on my wrist after 9 hours! Very Impressive!

Omnia Crystalline Bvlgari by ScarlettX 2014-04-16

This is tender and soft just as I expected. I have began to like this Omnia line, so many great fragrances!
I think this one is a little fresher than the EDP version.
EDP is more powdery, so I like EDP better.
This one is also good. It is very tender, but i can sense the hint of elegance.
The perfume is green, light and floral. I can sense tea, lotus flower and some green note, bamboo, I guess. Not so musky, in my opinion.
A lovely one!

Prada Candy Prada by ameliunim 2014-04-16

One, funny thing: I don't feel it. Doesn't matter if I tried on paper or on my skin. I just don't feel the scent. Maybe my nose is disabled, but for such a price it should be more noticeable.

Ultra Sexy Avon by ameliunim 2014-04-16

That's the best Avon's perfum (for me) and it's different from Playboy, however, after 10-20 minutes it's totally gone of my skin. I would buy it, but I won't because of extremely quick disappearing.

Rosamor Oscar de la Renta by Migalex 2014-04-16

Isn,t this marvellous? I knew I would like it.It smells to me of creamy ginger, which I love and bitter egyptian musk. It does have a twist, does smell complex. Very pleasant and well balanced. A pity it is not stronger. As for the scent I find it perfect. And lovely bottle nd box.

my husband says it smells like his body wash that he uses at the gym and i have to agree. it definitely starts out lime and lavender on him. then after a time it stops being body wash and the sandalwood starts to come through making it more creamy and smooth.

my husband likes it and would buy it. i think its more for a guy who wears collared shirts and khakis, but casual. an older man in his 40s. its nice and sophisticated but not for my husband in my opinion. a boarding school reunion weekend fragrance. definitely safe for business professional and business casual. though i would say that to me its a certain type of man. quiet, strong, sophisticated, clean cut, and polite.

Let Me Play the Lion Les Nez by lanuitblanche 2014-04-16

Like a mentholated bonfire, it is beautifully melancholic. It's the olfactory equivalent to that scene in Tarkovsky's Mirror, where the woman is sitting by the well, watching the house burn down. Absolutely gorgeous.

Rocks Original Penguin by Shanester66 2014-04-16

Wow...for 3 season causal wear..this stuff "ROCKS"!

I get a bit of a tobacco vibe in the mid...could be just the suede playing tricks but it's pretty dominant OMS.

Kenzo Amour Kenzo by ameliunim 2014-04-16

Hypnotic Poison? Are you kiddin' me? It has nothing in common with that overwhelming perfum. For me "Amour" is a wanilla, milky, soft and sexy scent. Very calming, sweet but mature. Very good perfum.

Dreamer Versace by riffjim4069 2014-04-16

Although Versace Dreamer has been around awhile, it's new to me and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy this fragrance. I get a very nice lavender/tonka bean scent with a hint of tobacco rounding-out the major notes. To be honest, I really worried about rose in this fragrances because I'm not a fan of this note, but thankfully the rose/geranium/carnation trio was well blended and it add a rich, lightly perceived, floral vibe to this scent. Moreover, I didn't detect any vetiver...although I have been wearing fragrances like Grey Vetiver, Guerlain Vetiver, Vetiver Tonka and Terre d'Hermes (vetiver rich) this past week; nor did I detect any cedar. It also had a very nice fresh feel to it.

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by professorlilith 2014-04-16

I like it a lot--until it's been on for five hours or so. The pronounced cherry and almond smells rich and very girly on me up until that point. The kind of thing for a grown up woman to wear to flirt, or that you'd expect a little girl to wear to her first communion. Then the tonka bean and Iris start to take over, and it takes on a thin, sour smell reminiscent of tobacco. At least, it's reminiscent of the thin sour smell tobacco takes on when it's on my skin. At that point it still smells pretty sweet and fruity on my hair and my clothes, but on the skin it's quite unpleasant. Projection is pretty good--a couple of feet, plenty for me as someone who works in an office--and the staying power is prodigious. I've worn it a number of times and each time it's stayed on me from early morning (6-7am) until I get home 12-14 hours later. It would probably stick around longer, but I find the final phase of it so unpleasant that the first thing I do when I get home is take a bath or shower to wash it off.

Angel Thierry Mugler by ameliunim 2014-04-16

The written notes are exactly what I like: sweet, cacao, carmel. I wore it once and gosh.. I tried so hard to get rid off it. I was wasching my hand so long, but it lasted and lasted. Neverending scent, but it doesn't smell. It stinks. For me it only smells good on paper, but on human being (especially on me) it stinks. Disappointment.

Alien Thierry Mugler by ameliunim 2014-04-16

I don't like floral perfumes, but Alien.. it's really different. Smells very intriguing, even though with floral accords.

Old Spice Wolfthorn Shulton Company by KajiraSuzanne 2014-04-16

I have the deodorant body spray version of Wolfthorn, which claims "one spray lasts all day". This is not 100% accurate, but three sprays DID last all day (12 hours). There is a fairly strong, and pretty decent given the low price, ambergris/civet accord, plus a violet leaf/citrus blend. The total effect reminds me a little of a locally made solid perfume, called "Coyote Fur", sort of a "freshly washed furry creature". NOT "wet dog", but a pleasantly animalic fragrance that is suitable for daytime (used lightly).
Wolfthorn's sillage is good, not overpowering but you do get a nice cloud of scent.
I don't see how some people say Wolfthorn is "sweet", it does not smell sweet on me at all.I really enjoy the ambergris/civet accord, it is something different from the usual.

Minajesty Nicki Minaj by alex_deshazo 2014-04-16

So I was super excited about this perfume after her Pink Friday perfume just completely failed at any form of originality staying power etc. when she said that manajesty was suppose to smell like a "passionate love afair" I though alright this is going to be a bit more mature probably fruity but also more grown up and sexy! Maybe even a little naughty ;)........... No! Just No! This smells very similar to Pink Friday but with more citrus. You do get that lemon when you first spray it but it's not a cleaning lemon type of scent but more of a sugar lemon without it being lemony. Lemon can be a very dominating scent, it's a note that everybody is familiar with. I'm not a fan of lemon myself usually because any perfume/cologne that has lemon in it, the lemon is really the only thing you smell. But that's not the case with manajesty. My issue with this is that it's a very light body mist type of scent. Nothing stands out in it. It's all blended together and it's very light and sweet, it evolves into nothing more. It's a scent that nobody will remember, it's just a nice scent I will give it that. Manajesty fades in the background of all the celeb scents out there, it's not even a good celebrity scent in my opinion. I would say better luck next time but we a all know that won't happen.

Terracotta Le Parfum Guerlain by Aroussa 2014-04-16

Just tested it today. It opens very boldly with lots of coconut and jasmine. If I close my eyes, the scent transports me to a sunny Pacific beach, and I'm drinking coconut milk and feeling the smell of the jasmine/tiara flowers adorning my hair. Ahhh, heaven! But to smell this potion on myself all the time - not as attractive, a bit too tropical. Perhaps if it was a body lotion or a really luxe sun-tan lotion...
Thankfully, this scent completely evaporated from my wrist one hour after application. A bit too hasty of a disappearing act for a Parfum!

Fahrenheit Dior by katuliena 2014-04-16

this is very very strong fragrance with character. I love it. I forced my boyfriend to buy it, because I wanted to smell this all day long on him. So sexy. This one is not for boys. This could be the signature fragrance for a man.

Pineapple Demeter Fragrance by riffjim4069 2014-04-16

I love when my wife wears this fragrance. Anyway, I noticed she has been using my Creed Millesime Imperial and Original Vetiver for the past few weeks...and I suspect others too. (Lol). Turnabout is fair play so I layered her Demeter Pineapple Cologne Spray with Creed Aventus. Great Stuff!

Dior Homme Dior by Dandadda19 2014-04-16

I have just purchased a vintage 2005 100ml bottle in near perfect condition. Smell is so luxurious & smooth, but not powerful enough for me. Also my skin seems to eat it. Over 30 hours on blotter/ fabric & still smells good ,but only 3-4 hours on my skin.
I am happy to have experienced the subtle quality in this bottle , but I will stick to DHI .
Please message me if anyone interested in buying it

Cool Water Davidoff by riffjim4069 2014-04-16

I like this fragrance since it reminds me of Green Irish Tweed - similar in some ways, but far more synthetic and doesn't last or project nearly as long. Although I wear GIT to the office and in formal/casual settings, I don't have any trouble reaching for Cool Water when we're running errands or shopping at Costco, Wegman's, Walmart, etc. It's a decent fresh fragrance for the Spring and early Summer.

Anjali Reminiscence by ;-) 2014-04-16

Not my cup of tea. Too much flower, the tonka bean and tuberose is over powering. Smells similar to Roberto Cavalli EDP.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by devdev12 2014-04-16

I love love love this fragrance! It is edgy, seductive, I had to get it for my boyfriend. I love it so much that I sometimes layer it with Armani Code for women for a little extra umf :)

Chocomania The Body Shop by ForrealMe2 2014-04-16

I just got in the EDT and layered this with the oil & this smells soo good..just like the oil.If you are a nut fan you will love this one.It smells like a chocolate bar with nuts in it and the nuts give it a slight sweetness. What it really is is the oil's they are putting in this stuff.They have purposefully put more oils in the Chocomania line to make it more moisturizing than any of their other products that they have put out so this is why it has a slight nutty sweet smell to it and plus they added sugarcane in the EDT and i would think they did the same for the rest of the product line too if they all smell similar.The oil's used are Marula,Sweet Almond & Kukui oil's.

It is a deeper chocolate than chocolovers because chocolovers has hazelnut,orange and coriander but their mixture is a bit brassy and spicy but its still good..Chocomania on the other hand is smoother because of the oils used with the chocolate and it is more true to being closer to Chocolate,not exactly but very close with the sweet nutty vibe. The rich oils really remind me of beach scents. It kinda has that beachy vibe going on and since it does then you can use it at the beach. I know most don't think of Chocolate in the summer because it is dense but this is actually border-lining in that area so i think it can be done because Coconut is just as rich as Chocolate in my opinion. I need to test it more to see how the longevity of it is with clothes as some have stated before... but so far but this is a really nice smelling chocolate for a cheap price..the body butter is on the way and i can't wait to try it..the oil goes on rich but dries fast as to not really leave an extreme oil residue afterwards like most do but i layered it together with the EDT and i have a pretty loud and nice sillage cloud of chocolate.I can't imagine how much more intense this cloud will be with layering all three the EDT,Oil and Body Butter. Kinda excited about it! And as i learn about this better i will update for those wanting to know more about this product line and the longevity of it. But for inexpensive products i think its above average.

After testing this against Montale's Chocolate Greedy Montale really does have that darker chocolate slightly minty cake vibe going on while Chocomania has a Chocolate bar with sweet nuts vibe going on. So if you want the cake smell go with Montale it's intense..if you want the nutty chocolate bar smell go with Chocomania...both are great..and Chocomania layered is intense too and as long as i can smell it that is what truly makes me happy...Montale i can tell you lasts forever.. so for a chocolate lover you must get that one for sure but i equally love Chocomania even more than Chocolover's .They are my top two in the chocolate area for right now.If they ever make a more Chocolate mint fragrance from the Montale or The Body Shop line i might be apt to love that more but Montale does have a slight minty-ness to it that i love. But i am very satisfied with both..the key to Chocomania is layer. I think i am done with my Chocolate phase now. :)

Fille en Aiguilles Serge Lutens by twlahue 2014-04-16

Reminds me a little of Creed's Original Vetiver.

Beautiful. Like the florals of the original miss dior cherie captured in a bottle. Freesia brings a citrusy kick while the rose is gentle and fresh
The jasmine you can't really smell til later on but when you do its so lovely. Very nice. Could easily wear this on my wedding, i just wish it were cheaper :(

To me this smells a bit like the dry down of Bigarade Concentree. That's just me. Nice, a little dirty (spice) and bright.

Amor Amor Absolu Cacharel by larita91 2014-04-16

Very sweet and strong perfume. I smell tons of sweet almonds here, vanille and some kind of fresh shower scent, which makes it a little bit weird (I mean the mix of gourmand and clean is weird) but complex.

Reminds me Oriflame's Ultra Glam a lot.

Longetivity is really good and sillage is strong indeed.

I would choose this when I want to be noticed. I think this is a party-scent, becasue it is loud, strong and sweet. My bf does not like these kind of strong sweet scents so I wouldn't consider it as a date-time fragrance, but that recipe is only for me, 'cause lots of guys are into sweet perfumes.

Musk al Madinah Al-Rehab by mindphaser 2014-04-16

very nice unisex woody musk. simple, bright, clean and refreshing. one of my favorite al-rehabs. the longevity is super.

Ring My Bella Benefit by Tessabd 2014-04-16

Ugh, I want to like this so bad but it doesnt mesh with my skin! So I have a full bottle of this, I want to swap but I'm scared of scammers..

Elixir Of Love Caswell Massey by amnalenajasmine 2014-04-16

In the few weeks since I joined Fragrantica my perfume bills are up and my storage space is down. Yes, I have committed the cardinal newbie sin, indulging in multiple blind buys. One of them was Elixir of Love which arrived today at my office. It is true that I have not had much time to explore this magic potion, but when there is love at first sight, who can wait to share their feelings?

Yes, the love affair began already when I lay eyes on the beautiful eggshell and blue box with its graceful flower print and antique letters. It opens like a book, revealing a luminous blue bottle and a description of the main ingredients: "Lavender: Like magic it both soothes… and excites… the hearts of men"… "Egyptian Musk: A fabled aphrodisiac". "The original potion for love everlasting"… After having read this, I was definitely ready to take my budding romance with Elixir of Love to the next level.

A few drops on my wrist and I was enveloped in the scent of a Victorian garden with sweet flowers and fresh herbs, mingling in perfect harmony. An aphrodisiac? Yes, in the same way that a delicate buttoned up lace blouse with a an old fashioned pin at the throat excites by covering and yet revealing.

I believe in our relationship. No, I cannot commit to never wearing any other fragrances, but I will always come back to you, my darling Elixir of Love.

L'Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent by SDavis93 2014-04-16

I believe this is under rated, maybe because its one of many flankers or just doesn't get any love. but its a nice fragrance, it's a spicy sweet woody masculine fragrance, yes, its generic but that doesn't make a fragrance bad in my opinion, especially when its done well like this. it's also clean, fresh and sporty but without citrus notes like lemon,grapefruit,bergamot .e.g which is good.

It's a perfect gym scent, perfect casual scent and great for cool spring/summer days, it's a crowd pleaser nothing game changing or different which is why many will turn away at first sniff but its really ok. Projection for the first 2 hours is amazing could smell it leaping of my skin constantly. but longevity is pretty poor 4-5 hours max. Its also inexpensive if you look around as it isn't a top seller like the others in the line. So overall a solid scent for someone that just wants a good masculine fragrance 7/10.

Angel Eau Sucree Thierry Mugler by foxy_princess 2014-04-16

Smelled this yesterday and I must point out that it is almost an exact dupe for la vie est belle by lancome. This is just juicier and you can smell lots of cranberry whereas la vie est belle is very thick, syrupy and much heavier cloud of patchouli that is best suited for winter. Quite funnily I actually prefer this, silage on la vie est belle can be suffocating. I can spray this several times and get gorgeous juicyness, this mingles more with chemistry aswell, LVEB kinda just sits on my skin and doesn't really develop. Moreover I do prefer and want both, just with this yyou can get away with wearing during warmer weather though. I also highly recommend this if you like la vie est belle but its too thick and heavy for you - try this, the juicier lighter option.

Voyage d`Hermes Hermes by Cassiano 2014-04-16

The perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena uses travels as inspiration, a state of mind. You can see this in several fragrances from the brand.

In this fragrance, there's something located between peace and freedom, represented in the ad campaign by the encounter between the White Dove and the wild horse, which runs through several landscapes. Some say the bottle was inspired by a pocket magnifying glass, with its container in aluminium, but I own another perception, because I can only see the modernity of USB flash drives that are sold in this same style. The high-tech side speaks louder this time, though both are portable and made to carry on trips. Mere coincidence.

It counts on citrus (amalfi lemon) and spicy notes (ginger, cardamom and coriander), in the output; Green notes, Hedione (chemical compound that has floral nuances) and tea in the heart; Woody and musky notes, reinforced by the presence of Iso E Super (chemical molecule that has nuances of cedar, vetiver, crystalline and slightly ambery aroma) in the base.
It's another unisex fragrance and the results demonstrate diverse experiences, mainly, on the skin of women. On my skin, it has a great citrus output, which only grows to a more synthetic aroma with soapy aspect. I've seen many comparisons with Déclaration, by Cartier, but I don't agree, because the outcome of both, at least on me, it is not similar. In my perception, it remembers more the elegant and simple style of Bvlgari Pour Homme.

It has a very poor sillage, but it lasts forever. I can see this fragrance as a wildcard for the warmer weather because it can be worn without fear and in several occasions.

This is a really solid musk. The longevity is just as solid too.

It has a touch of hippy about it but overall I like it.

Angels Only Victoria`s Secret by TilasProdigy 2014-04-16

It smells very clean and fresh. But not an important sent. Angel's Only should have been show stopping.

Original Musk Kiehl`s by Mirabele 2014-04-16

It opens masculine on me. It also smells musky, animalic and slightly soapy. It quiets down after some time but I still dislike this one strongly. Public restroom note is a prominent note to my nose here. longevity is about 4 hours on my skin, but it dries down to a soapy skin scent after a few hours.

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by lirael00 2014-04-16

My roommate only wore Armani Code and Armani Code. It was her signature so I could never claimed it as mine. Code is a really warm fragrance. It's all about that sweet honey. The longevity is great but the sillage isn't really strong. You have to go closer to the person wearing it if you want to sniff on this honey potion. Whenever my rommie was out of town, Code became my mysterious companion for the night out. I don't regret any of those nights that we spent together.

Vintage Bloom Jessica Simpson by PhillyFoxy 2014-04-16

It's okay. To be honest it smelled much better when I first tried it in a sample from a magazine. For some reason it didn't translate that well into it's spray form. It's an okay fragrance, but it's pretty generic citrus floral. I don't love it. Just like.

Island Kiss Escada by tigergirl 2014-04-16

Just awful. make me dizzy.

Idylle Guerlain by lirael00 2014-04-16

I adore Idylle. I mean it's Guerlain's creation which is known for its classic and quality. It makes me feel all royal when I'm wearing it. Like I've covered myself with a blanket made of sun rays. A perefect combination of white florals and rose. The bottle is a masterpiece. Longevity could be better, I mean it's Guerlain it should have last the whole day. All in all it's still one of my favourites.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by shushkin 2014-04-16

I was looking forward to receiving the tester for this scent as from what I had read on here and elsewhere it sounded like just my cup of tea. I liked the top notes and the patchouli was very evident. The pear was fresh and zingy. There was the sweetness I expected. It dried down quickly and what I was left with smelt very similar to Johnsons wax furniture polish. Very disappointing. Thank goodness I didnt buy a bottle. The longevity was weak and the sillage not much better. I expected much more from a Jimmy Choo product. The profit margin on this must have been massive!

Killer Queen Katy Perry by mr_lestrange 2014-04-16

i smell a hint of radiance britney spears

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Katy Perry by mr_lestrange 2014-04-16

i received a bottle of this from my bf, ITs the SMELL of ROYALTY, FUN, LIGHT, a little seduction and LOVE.
I love the bottle too

Paris Yves Saint Laurent by vongocap 2014-04-16

Where is the Paris I used to know 20 yrs ago? This one is gone after half an hour, this smells even more plasticky than the original unreal cosmetic violet rose' in the old Paris smelt. Maybe it's no more it's time and it's place , who knows. Maybe I was only a young girl thrilled by such a womanly scent such as paris was. Now I'm used to all this modern scents, where a rose pretends to smell like a real alive rose with all the stem, the roots, the earth and the garden, that I'm no more able to love paris as it deserves,suddenly paris smells only like Barbie perfume to me... But it's not its fault..I'm sure it's mine!! Sad..

Water Calligraphy By Kilian by becuille 2014-04-16

I thought I would instantly fall in love with this. It's Kilian, it's aquatic, it's got water lily - these are usually all components I adore in a perfume. But sadly (for me, anyway) it also has jasmine, which turns to instant soap on my skin. So what happens with this is that I get shampoo for about 45minutes, then when the jasmine fades on me, I'm left with something beautiful but barely there.

If your skin reacts well to jasmine, I'm sure you won't have this problem (and I'm totally jealous of you!). But after that jasmine departs, I get the most gorgeous, elegant floral aquatic. It really is beautiful. The problem is that by this point, the sillage is so weak that I can barely smell it on myself at all. So my only option is to respray... which gives me 45 minutes of shampoo again. Argh!

I see a lot of comparisons to Issey Miyake. I've worn that perfume for 15 years now and I don't get the same smell from this at all. They're both aquatic florals, but that's where the similarity ends for me.

I was really excited to see a company like By Kilian choosing to make an aquatic because us aquatic lovers have a hard time finding well made ones since many perfume houses shy away from the genre. But I just wish he hadn't used jasmine and it offered a bit more oomph. The jasmine thing is my fault, of course, but the weak sillage/longevity I think I can probably blame on Mr Hennessey ;)

Potion Royal Black DSQUARED² by Alfareandhi 2014-04-16

Just got 3.4oz bottle, this is suprisingly for me it's reminds me a lot of Charriol Royal White, Incense Rose blended very well for cold weather, perfect for winter scents.
Maybe in europe or another place in the world with winter seasons or cold weather it's perfect but for me in the tropical country with 24-32 Celcius it will give you headache, at least this is still masterpiece.

and I told you, I just got it only $45 USD for 3.4oz / 100ml EDP, I don't understand why this perfume just hit expensive price tag on amazon.

Scent: 9/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10

Rigas Cerini Dzintars by six7 2014-04-16

Very very retro. Like fresh heliotrope..i could smell only one note. Still like it, nothing says "spring" like this one.

Rose The One Dolce&Gabbana by babykays 2014-04-16

a very feminine, rose perfume. it's quite enjoyable but it's not unique. i like it, but not my favourite. however, this was my first d&g perfume i bought, and it was a successful first impression. i wanna buy more d&g.

The Secret Antonio Banderas by AndreiCristian 2014-04-16

Scent 5/10 , nothing special , has a paco 1 million vibe , but the scent dont smell like 1 million at all.

Longevety 3/10 verry verry poor , only 1-2h on my skin.

Projection 3/10 10-20 min strong then verry weak

Overall 3.5/10
Pass it , i found this at 25$ for 50ml and over 30$ for 100 ml . You can find something more simmilar with 1 million , like cuba royal ... cheaper and much better.

Kaprīze (Caprice) Dzintars by six7 2014-04-16

It's exactly the same as Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy.

No. 5 "Second Skin" by VPL Six Scents by Chicago Tony T 2014-04-16

A total waste. Leans more towards feminine. Super soft and quiet. a decent summer scent for women that don't really want to get noticed. Some powder and mild fruits that don't grab anyone's attention. An unfortunate blind buy for me.

Very Irresistible L`Eau en Rose Givenchy by smile4thecamera 2014-04-16

L'eau en Rose opens up on me like a big floribunda rose with the musk scent in the background. I could already tell when I first applied in the morning that this would stay with me most of the day. And it did. The musk seems to really anchor the rose to my skin, however, I get very little of the berry notes in this at all and so I'm disappointed. There is definitely a hair-spray vibe in this from the mid point on, along with a soapiness for extra added strangeness.

To me, this is a typical musky rose scent. Not bad, but certainly not ground-breaking, either. Too bad Givenchy didn't spend a little more time coming up with something gorgeous instead of something that kind of makes me say "whatever."

Vertige Pour Homme Pierre Cardin by AndreiCristian 2014-04-16

Another poor fragrance , smell is good but projection and longevity are extremly poor.

Longevity 3/10 ( it last only 2h )

Sillage 3/10 (verry weak )

Scent 6/10 ( Nutmag balsamic sweet fragrance , smell is plesent , but sintetic )


Pass this .... 25$ for 75ml in shop for this is way too much ...

Fruit Wind Dzintars by six7 2014-04-16

This is a very nice, sweet body spray rather than perfume. Great freshing up in summer, reminds me of a nice, cold, berry drink. Dosn't smell cheap.

Ombre Rose L'Original Jean Charles Brosseau by Angel in the South 2014-04-16

This was another blind buy for me but I have no regrets. I do wish that it had better sillage as it does stay close to the skin in a soft romantic way. I sprayed in on my wrists and top and went out for a couple of hours. I was very pleased that I could still smell it after 5 hours, ok not a long time but inexpensive enough to buy another bottle and spray twice a day if I wanted to. Rose, powder and a little soft woody background. I would be in 7th heaven if I could find this in EDP but until then I will happily enjoy this little beauty. I think that I will layer with a rose scented body lotion to make it last longer.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by sedan79 2014-04-16

Original aquatic scent, long lasting, unique and very nice... makes me feel so good all the day

Bvlgari Pour Femme Bvlgari by vongocap 2014-04-16

I love woody - rose - violet blends, and this is no exception. But me and bvlgari fragrances stay on different levels. They are too ethereal for me, I'm staying too low for them..I can't really manage to reach them I don't know how to explain it, they live a life on their own but in another dimension than mine, so we can't understand each other

Hermessence Ambre Narguile Hermes by Lexxy 2014-04-16

So this is what happens when someone like Mr. Jean-Claude makes a gourmand. Beautiful..elegant. Opening is gourmand but in the dry down the woods and amber start to come out, making this fragrance very wearable and just a little joy, hard not to like this one. Wonderful for winter. Sillage and staying power is great, bravo to Hermes for still producing quality durable scents! And products in general.

Mon Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by vongocap 2014-04-16

Totally forgettable. Don't get me wrong, it's nice. As mostly of the bvlgari perfumes are. But that's all. When I put this on I think: lovely, classy, delicate, elegant, refined....and the next day I don't even remember vaguely how the scent mostly of the bvlgary perfumes, again.

Love, Chloe Eau Florale Chloe by Angel in the South 2014-04-16

This was a blind buy for me but I have no regrets. It is such a beautiful soft and very feminine perfume IMHO. Powdery and flowery at the same time. I usually stay away from perfumes with tea in but I am so glad that I bought this. Amazing longevity and silage for EDT. It lasts 7 hours on my skin and even longer on my jacket. This is just perfect for the coming spring and summer. A winner in my wardrobe.

Batucada L`Artisan Parfumeur by Houdini4 2014-04-16

To me this is a sugary floral, Tiare flower and ylang ylang with a thirst quenching hint of aquatic seabreeze and an exotic cocktail type feel to it. I'd largely disagree that this fragrance is all about the lime margarita thing which it does vaguely conjure up in the opening but soon becomes apparent Batucada is more about the flowers.
It leans toward the feminine for me but do you know what...that doesn't bother me in the slightest.
I love this fragrance...I really love it.
Not sure I could pull it off with such a butch reputation to uphold, another wear and I may have an answer. L'Artisan is a good house offering quality and invention at a slightly more reasonable price this is yet another good one.

Filly Roberto Capucci by spa 2014-04-16

Filly is sadly discontinued so yes it was a great one!
Few last pieces were sold at fragrancex where i found.
It was not ebay.
The one bottle i have is different from the picture shown.
It has a red cap and is a slim tall bottle.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by Lexxy 2014-04-16

Sometimes I really like this one, others.. Well honestly, it reminds me of air freshener. I prefer the body butter as it melts better into my skin as it warms up the scent and brings out the musk and coconut more. Which I wish the perfume had a little bit more off. I do wish Carnal Flower was a bit more warm, a bit less sharp flowery.. just a tad, so that it was less air freshener and more carnal, more close to the skin. You have to like Tuberose to appreciate this one. And I most definitely cannot imagine a man wearing this, just my honest opinion.

Pure Poison Dior by squirrelhead 2014-04-16

I was nervous about trying this thinking ,it would be heavy and bold .
I was surprised to find the top notes of the Orange and Mandarin Orange so , noticeable .
They tend to overpower the middle notes of Orange Blossom and Gardenia .
The bottom notes are neutral in the dry down . It reminds me of one of my all time
fragrant scents called...... ( the original ). Dolce Gabbana with the red velvet top , introduced
years ago ......They have now re -formulated a watered down version of this fragrance
if , you like a lighter body . (The Dolce Gabbana original).
Because , the Pure Poison tends to be a little strong for the spring and summer ,
It would be enjoyable to try this again , for fall and winter .

Aquawoman Rochas by sandrajj 2014-04-16

...Continued from my Post last week. So, I've been liberally spritzing this on for over a week, and yes I've spent waaaay too much for this. Unless I've been sorely duped by the seller and I've bought a dud, this Aquawoman is completely a joke. The only thing I can smell is faint salt water, and even that fades within the hour. For almost $200.00 I am sick, knowing what a great fragrance I could have had for that.
Very disappointed. This is the last of my Blind Buys, at least as recommended on this website. :(

Silky Rose Jovan by MzScents8ional 2014-04-16

Can these fragrances be found at Walmart? If not, where may I find Secret Amber, Silky Rose, and Intense Oud? I'd love to try them.

Arctic Jade Agonist by Houdini4 2014-04-16

I'm firmly in the middle here to be honest. Opens really well for me I love sweet scents and this one instantly reminds me of some sort of fruity sweet thing, can't for the life of me think what it is. maybe like fruit bon bon sweets or something?
That natural orangey, ylang and yes raspberry opening is then suddenly met with (and I don't mean to be crude here) a kind of pissy note. As it settles the vanilla is right there throughout which this creamy complex array of sweet notes.
I really like it! It's kind of contrary to my common sense which kinda makes me think this is a bit of a stupid fragrance or a mess of notes!
Marshmallow!!! That's it smells like marshmallows for a split second then swirls through some other notes...what an odd beast.
Another wear is on the cards and it could go either way to me honest this and judging my the votes this fragrance is the epitome of polarizing!

Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry by garett 2014-04-16

My second review on this.

It is different than most of others out there. In my previous review i told that it is similar/exactly same like chanel allure homme sport eau extreme.And i am going to stick to the same line.

At the time of my previous review ,i hadnot bought it , considering it same to allure homme sport ee , but this time i have bought it , and it is 98.8 % same to chanel's.
It could be that , chanel's is better in terms of quality or longevity , but this also is not behind.Surprsingly it gives me good longevity. i.e > 7 hours.
It is a pleasant safe scent.Somehow it smells innocent to me too.It makes me feel that , i am an innocent guy who just does what is best and doesnot trangress in any form in any aspect of life in negative way.
Cannot comment much on stupid advert of this scent though. Dunno what rockstars wear as a cologne and then some. To me it smells like entirely different theme than rock music and stuff.

Final points after 2 reviews (fall 2013 and 2014)->
1.) longevity - A
2.) trail/sillage - B ( it is a bit closer to skin scent)
3.) season -> i think any season is ok for this.
4.) bottle design -> surprisingly good.
5.) occasion -> could be any.

Insolence Guerlain by vongocap 2014-04-16

There's something déjà -vu in this scent, it's not totally original, there should be an old 70's or 80's scent similar to this, but I can't remember..does anybody know?? And it's loud, overpowering, offensive. I dislike it totally, I can't imagine someone wearing it without horrifying everyone around. Insolence is a perfect name for it, so berry-berryish harsch and nauseating, it's really disturbing me. I don't know about the flankers and I even don't wanna discover.. But this is a nightmare for me..although I normally like strong and loud fragrances, but as they're individual, this is definitely not for me, even the bottle looks totally silly. In any case, try it first, no blind buys recommended, there's really something weird about it, although the ingredients sounds beautiful, this fragrance is absolutely not a crowd pleaser. Love or hate I guess. Certainly no love for me..yuck

Killer Queen Katy Perry by Lexxy 2014-04-16

Agree with reviewers that said it smells very similar to La Vie Est Belle and Flowerbomb. Was wondering if others thought same thing. While the scent is very pretty it's nothing original, there are SO many other perfumes that smell like this. Now I'm not complaing, I really like these types of scents and they sell for a reason. Because they are sweet, soft, yummy and easy to like, but I do wish they threw in a little twist here and there. Maybe add some citrus (neroli) and bring down the sweetness a bit. I like the bottle it's different. And the scent itself seems less cloying than Flowerbomb.

Yellow Diamond Versace by Lucy Peach 2014-04-16

When I last tried this it was a cold, dull time of year and I didn't think this fragrance was that good on my skin. NOW it's sunny, fresh Spring ......and wow Yellow Diamond is soooo good! A really clean, fresh scent. I smell gorgeous today.

Obsession Calvin Klein by redrapturelove 2014-04-16

For an exquisite blend try combining obsession with a few drops of tabu. Heavenly!!!

Greyland Montale by Houdini4 2014-04-16

Yes it is pretty similar to Man 2 certainly puts me in mind of it but it doesn't quite have the same spicing, pepper sure but not that of nutmeg and caraway. Montale Greyland hits you with a fantastic opening of cedar ginger and pepper then turns to warm sandalwood, guiac and vetiver decent spicy woods!
Some fragrances claim to be woody, Greyland is apologetically wood and spice and I love it as much as Man 2 or Encre Noire.
Has great longevity maybe not as legendary as other Montale's but possesses as much as you'll ever need.

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by ScarlettX 2014-04-16

Very lovely sweet scent. Edible.
I like the licorice, anise and vanilla in it. I can also sense some cherries.
It smells comforting and enjoyable.
Also, it seems to have a good quality, longevity and sillage.
The only problem is that, after trying all of those sweet fragrances I don't see it as the most original one in the market. But that's all right, the scent is good anyway.

Ambre Nuit Dior by spirit966 2014-04-16

This is great!
It's not a powerhouse oriental. Rather a very refined, sensual scent.

Opens with a pink/red rose that dissipates within 30 minutes. The opening is quite feminine. Dark roses like Montale or Portrait of a Lady have more masculine openings because of the woody notes and incense underneath the rose.

You are then left with grapefruit, hints of pink pepper, and earthy patchouli. The rose is still there, so still a little feminine.

The smell after one hour mark is beautiful, hints of citrus and a leathery second skin amber. Lovely, just lovely. Very wearable for men too. Its not a dark amber, no longer a floral amber, but a fresh and waxy amber with hints of citrus which makes it wearable for all seasons.

This could seriously be an all season scent and is signature scent worthy for all sensual types that don't need huge projection and sillage to prove their point!
I'm scratching my head between whether I prefer this or Lumiere Noire Pour Homme.
Musk or Amber?!

This is one of the best close quartered sensual scents I have ever come across. Maybe I am a sucker for the waxy ambers...

Ivoire Pierre Balmain by Frayja 2014-04-16

Dear Ioli19,your review is what I had in my mind-and in my nose!A great perfume,indeed !

My final scent in the sherbet series and I was looking forward to this one so much!
Thankfully it didn't disappoint...I love rhubarb the taste the smell, the synthetic apple based flavouring in sweets...whatever I love it!
Every fragrance I've ever encountered with a Rhubarb note has been an instant hit with me but this one takes the biscuit.
This doesn't appeal to my slightly snobby fragrance head this goes straight for my childlike soft centre and makes me love it uncontrollably, as much as I love Rhubarb pie!
My oh my... it's absolutely beautiful sharp, sweet Rhubarb but just like the rest of this series surprised me with subtle complexity of very mellow, exotic floral notes from orchid and the tiniest hint of vanilla.
A strong woody base would've grounded it and maybe lent some more substance to the fragrance but I didn't detect any.

All that positive stuff but then a huge negative is that the longevity is pathetic! I don't think I've ever used that adjective to describe even the most feeble of juices but this really is gone in Minutes rather than hours, never known anything like it!
If Mark Buxton's devil in disguise is similar I need to hunt that down and see if it lasts better because otherwise I would've bought CDG Rhubarb in a heartbeat! Such a shame.

Ivoire Pierre Balmain by Ioli19 2014-04-16

Adore this one! Classy, elegant, feminine. It's very creamy and soapy, lots of comforting powder! Makes you feel cozy! Would not offend anyone, you could wear for any occasion and I think any season! I don't get any orange or jasmin, I get lots of iris, violet and mostly galbanum!
The bottle is pure class!
Moderate sillage, longevity on me is around 2-3 hours, the only drawback but am happy to reapply!

L'Instant Magic Guerlain by vongocap 2014-04-16

Not a memorable scent, there are already tons of sweet almond vanilla iris scents out there, and though guerlain does usually create really well done quality scents, and often masterpieces, we did not need actually another one of that kind. Anyway it's well done, the ingredients are well balanced, so if you are addicted to almonds and you can't get enough of in your perfumes, this is a good choice. Personally, I far prefer original l'instant, much more on the floral side, and fortunately, no almonds at all!

Chance Eau Fraiche Chanel by arrokaj 2014-04-16

i was traveling and i bought it at the airport.then it was just released . i love it...fresh chanel :)

Blind buy purchase from my local drug store and I LOVE it. The scent lasts forever on me and it's great for work or evening wear. By applying directly on my skin I get deeper scent for the evening but if I spray it on my clothes I get a very light powdery scent.

Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon Nina Ricci by ScarlettX 2014-04-16

Dancing Ribbon is my least favorite from Ricci Ricci line.
It is a little sharp because of the ginger. I can also smell wood. And there it is - the raspberry again. It adds the sweet sharpness. I think it's not the best composition, but not the most terrible one either.
I also think it's getting soapy after some time. Usually I like soapyness, but this one has a bit too much for me.
I think it's my least favorite from all the Nina Ricci's perfumes.

Eau de Mure Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier by scorpiosheep 2014-04-16

Once again we have a fragrance called mure and an illustration of black currants. Mure is blackberry, black currants are cassis - I DO wish they would get it right.

Guess Girl Guess by ScarlettX 2014-04-16

I find it very simple and girly. It somehow reminds me of disney princesses.
I find it suitable for girls who wear a lot of pink and enjoy to be in the center of attention. But in a girly way, not in a grown up way.
The scent is okay, not very delicious and amazing, but just fine. Fortunately the raspberry is not very sweet.
I think it's lacking sophistication and elegance.
It's preppy and trendy, it ain't classic or luxurious.

I say this is a woody floral scent which when it's dried down is complex enough to be interesting but subtle enough to just as easily be forgotten.
I fear I am getting ahead of myself.
Not being someone who is overly familiar with Osmanthus, I must say it's a lovely fragrant smell mixed with jasmine in this composition it's very nice. The opening is really sweet, playful and quite feminine with ylang ylang and a boozy berry scent which fades quickly but made me stand up and take notice.
Then it just becomes a bit lack luster, pleasant but far from special. I think the tongue in cheek title of this fragrance is definitely poking fun at pretentious blurbs associated with brands like By Killian which @Sherapop points out brilliantly below.
I've only tried 3 Etat Libre d'Orange fragrances so far and each has been a real experience Dangerous Complicity is no exception.

Pink Grapefruit The Body Shop by ScarlettX 2014-04-16

I tested the body mist today and I find it adorable. It's such a light and fresh grapefruit scent. Very nice for summer, I consider it a little sour and I love it.
I bought it for my friend as a birthday present and it seems that I need one for myself too.

No Rules Nicole Richie by Radchick 2014-04-16

I smell berries, sugar and musk. No Rules is a typical sweet fruity floral on a musky base with a hint of wood. Nice, but if you are looking for anything unusual or tropical from these notes, you won’t find it. This opens up with sweet berries, and then some unspecified floral notes move in. The base is a clean musk and wood. I smell no coconut whatsoever. I think this is a fun, playful scent. The bottle is quite pretty and made of rather heavy glass. The liquid itself is actually dark purple, not pale like the picture shown here.

Eau Noire Dior by spirit966 2014-04-16

Unique, masculine, complex, fresh and warm at the same time, but not my cup of tea.

Opens with a very soapy fern and lavender note with spices such as thyme and sage. Thyme should be a sweet note (check MFK's own line of Pour le Matin) but this one has a heavy hand which makes it earthy. If anyone ever put too much dried thyme in their stews, you'll know what I am talking about... Sage gives it a anisey tinge to the smell.
The licorice note is VERY prominent and along with the sage makes this fragrance even more sour and anisey. Herb de Provence with winter spices like star anise, fennel, sage!

I don't like this combo because it reminds me of cough medicine and/or disinfectant, or chlorine in the swimming pool; no such note here, but does give me this feeling.

The coffee note peeks through around the 30 minute mark and this smells like dark coffee beans with no dairy; unlike the typical gourmands. Unfortunately the sour notes at the top makes this coffee smelt burnt, rather than enveloping. If only the top was less sour and herbal...

Immortelle is here also,and gives a hint of body to the scent and towards the 1 hour mark this and the coffee and some woods creates an enveloping scent which is actually quite good. I get a hint of coriander or tumeric here too; perhaps the infamous curry note? Its not as pronounced as what most make it out to be though I think it complements the coffee note just fine..

This is one of the best coffee notes I have ever smelt so far, but the sour top really spoils it for me...

I understand that the spices are here for the "Noire" in this fragrance, but I would have preferred more woods and coffee and immortelle, and tone down on the anisey, licorice notes.

Perhaps a lavender, clove and bergamot opening, with similar mid and basenotes?

Could be an all year fragrance.. Probably best for fall I would say
Thumbs down for me, but thumbs up for complexity. So net-net, a neutral.

Btw, is this an EDC or an EDP?

Hermessence Vetiver Tonka Hermes by sharmap14 2014-04-16

spicy sweet fresh.. different .. i kinda like it :P

Simply Because Avon by emi 2014-04-16

I'm surprised how sweet and woody this is. I wouldn't guess it only by looking at the notes. And the lasting power is impressive not only for an edt but for Avon as well. It slightly resembles City Rush in my opinion.

Pentachords Verdant Tauer Perfumes by ddworkin 2014-04-16

What? No one has mentioned celery? Burnt celery. Then smells like potting soil that someone used to put out their burning celery. Sorry.

Vanille Outremer by cake n' cuddles 2014-04-16

Sweet, SWEET vanilla, of yummerific proportions. Outremer Vanille is one of those perfumes I've had 3 years, it's never graced my swap list, and my bottle is only a third full. Serious, non-fleeting love.
To me this fragrance captures a buttery sugar cookie with a dusting of even more granulated sugar on top!
The brown sugar and cotton candy notes in here are a little bit unusual and I've thought a lot on the interpretations of them. For me, the brown sugar and cotton candy translates into the fragrance smelling "baked". The cotton candy picture in here is misleading to the eye IMO because I really don't think it's a pink cotton candy that went into outremer, just a plain caramelized spun sugar. White plain cotton candy, with no fruity flavor.
The texture of the perfume is interesting to me, it seems more oily than most perfumes I have. It's nothing to be alarmed about, but occasionally I notice a little bit of crusty film right around the sprayer like there might be something almost solid in the fragrance.
The perfume lasts good n' strong for 6 hours on me. It's the kind of perfume I put on when I want to smell delicious for miles, people notice when I have on vanille. If comments like "Something smells like cookies!" bother you then don't wear this one because you'll be hearing it a lot, lol.
Fantastic foody vanilla perfume well wroth the $20.

Eau Duelle Diptyque by Jenge 2014-04-16

I really love Eau Duelle. It is what I wanted L'Artisan's Tea for Two to smell like! The top notes smell like opening a jar of a fine Earl Grey blend tea and inhaling. It's cool and spicy with the juniper & pepper mixed in. Then, like adding the hot water to the tea pot, this starts to warm up. The spices calm down and the vanilla amps up. This is a very close to the body scent that's soothing and energising at the same time. It has a moderate longevity and becomes more straight warm vanilla with occasional whiffs of pepper & juniper to me. I think every tea lover should experience this one!

L'Instant de Guerlain Guerlain by vongocap 2014-04-16

This is beautiful, really sweet and powdery from The beginning to The end. I detect mainly honey and magnolia and it reminds me of The stunning drydown of chanel's allure EDP, because of the notes of Jasmine, vanilla and magnolia, which they have in common, I guess. i prefer allure, it has more twist and begins fresher. i love sweet scents in the drydown, but I prefer them to begin a little freshier, or I get tired soon. with l'instant, there is the risk to get sick of so much honeyed sweetness after a while, I don't feel it develops that much during the hours. It ends sa it starts on me. There's also something of Idylle on the flowery side, but I love this more. Maybe because In Idylle, i get so much lily of The valley, and I'm not so crazy about that flower. Anyway. Absolutely worth a buy, classy and elegant, totally different from The l'instant magic version, more flowery although same uber sweetness.

So Elixir Eau de Parfum Yves Rocher by over_caffeine 2014-04-16

Sacrilegous but I think this is way better than Coco Madamoiselle. So Elixir edp is cheap, but you get all the elements of an excellent fragrance. Development, Depth, Sillage, Longevity and that intangible quality of being able to alter/enhance your mood. This is one of the best floral chypres. Smooth, luxe, velvety. Reminds me of Paris, and not because it is found in every street corner/ metro station in that wonderful city, but because just like Paris, there is something in this fragrance that would never get old.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by saeglopur 2014-04-16

Considering that my name is Chloe, I should love this perfume. But I don't. I just like it.

Chloe is one of those scents that is definitely feminine -- fresh, green, and rosy, overlaid over a powder base. Thus, it would smell as great on a blossoming teenager as it would on an elegant old lady. It is this universal character that keeps me from naming it a signature, in spite of the name and how marvelous it smells on me. And oh, it does! There is something about this scent that reminds me of pink powder and pencil shavings, and rose is obvious, but the lychee is an unexpectedly good addition to the mix. I eat lychees in syrup for dessert and it definitely smells like it tastes.

So, Chloe is a sophisticated, feminine, and delicious fragrance. It is also a scent that transitions easily from day to night. I probably would love it if it weren't for the fact that in this big city of mine, every third woman walking down the street is wearing it -- and it smells great on all of them.

Sung Alfred Sung by squirrelhead 2014-04-16

I am a retired flight attendant for a major airline . I had worn this fragrance as my signature scent for years . The passengers were constantly asking about my Perfume .
I was amazed at how many times the male passengers wanted to write it down to purchase it for their wives and girlfriends . Through the years I had moved on to other scents while, studying other notes in hopes of finding something different . I am still following that quest .
I only only own about four favorite fragrances but , I seem to reach for this one on a regular basis . I do realize the lily can be a little sharp initially . All the other notes blend into a warm floral dry down with great spillage .

Eau de Mure Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier by polly golightly 2014-04-16

le prime note di questa acqua sono assai simili a quelle di Mure et Musc dell'artisan, ma la somiglianza tra i due profumi si ferma qui. una volta che i sentori volatili di frutti di bosco evaporano, stavolta ci si trova con un accordo che insieme al muschio (che non compare nella piramide olfattiva) mostra ambra e qualche accenno cyphre , molto classico e femminile. la persistenza, a dispetto della denominazione "acqua", è piuttosto lunga; il sillage è invece quello di un profumo di pelle: non si lascia la scia indossandolo. gradevole e ottimista, nell'insieme è decisamente più complesso di Mure e Musc (che-per inciso-sembrava uno shampoo ai frutti di bosco e poco più). un piccolo gioiello che mi fa pensare a mitsouko mentre gusta more, ribes e fragoline di bosco.

Encre Noire Lalique by Ferdinand66 2014-04-16

@freddiefingers....OMG dude your comment/review was just hilarious!!...

For me though, this is a dark gorgeous piece from Lalique...just had a spray when I ventured into a perfume store and thought it so mysterious and will have one for myself sometime soon. I've had it's amber rich cousin Lalique Pour Homme Le Faune in the past and it was beautiful. But this dark brooding wooded enclave waiting...reminds me of the Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks lyrics from the song "Sara".....

"And it was just like a great dark wing
Within the wings of a storm
I think I had met my match
He was singing,
And undoing
And undoing,
Ooh, the laces
Undoing the laces.....

Hold on
The night is coming
And the starling flew for days
I'd stay home at night
All the time
I'd go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere
Ask me and I'm there, yeah
Ask me and I'm there, because I care...

In the sea of love
Where everyone would love to drown
But now it's gone
They say it, doesn't matter anymore
If you build your house, then please call me home.....

Amour Amour Jean Patou by Alexandrarae 2014-04-16

Love to try this one - will it be available in Australia? Sounds heavenly.

Hamptons Bond No 9 by wesleyhclark 2014-04-16

A very timid fragrance... on me it's almost not there. It's mildly suggestive of a summer oceanside, but, sorry, it really doesn't make much of an impression.

Much more bang for the buck with the same sort of vibe can be gained with one of Guerlain's superlative L'Homme mojito fragrances. This is summer done right!

This reminds people of Creed's Silver Mountain Water - I suppose I agree. I thought that was a nebbish, indifferent fragrance as well.

On my skin this is a sweet patchouli pleasure in a bottle! Dark and mysterious. Balsamic and spicy, but soft and warm at the same time. It opens beautifully on womens as well as on mens skin. Very wearable, very unisex. And it smells gorgeous on leather clothes! ;) Rouge Cardinal is a long lasting fragrance with a moderate sillage.

Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Dior by aleksandar.dragas6 2014-04-16

for you who say that chanel did it first: actually, mugler did it first! :D

Incanto Heaven Salvatore Ferragamo by boardbat 2014-04-16

very synthetic when first sprayed, like nail polish remover. luckily that doesn't stick around long. then it's a fruity floral with the grapefruit and apple as the stand outs. nice enough for casual day wear, like me today.. at home, cleaning and doing laundry. lasts a couple of hours, goes on strong then ends up a pretty light skin scent. one bottle will be enough for me.

I like this fragrance, reminds me of Egoiste, cause of the timeless and unisex feeling on my skin.
I think it's so much better and wearable than the feminine version, I don't feel this old, but mature. Soft, fresh, little bit sweet balsamic and spicy, not offensive, sillage is moderate, for me it's not enough from this great smell, I need huge cloud:) Not a cold weather smell, I think, because it's enough fresh, rather spring-autumn and daytime. I recommend strongly for both gender and who likes soft spicy scents.
Smell: 10/10
Projection: 8/10
Lasting: 9/10

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by anna.dkr5 2014-04-16

@jese Marcos: according to my nose, it doesn't.

Amarige Givenchy by Juniawati 2014-04-16

I don't like the smelt, its smelt makes me headache.

Purr Katy Perry by KATERINA LABROPOULOU 2014-04-16

Purr is a lovely perfume, a little sweet, exotic and fresh at the same time. I would wear it during spring and summer. The aromatic coconut vibe along with gardenia gives the perfume a summery blend. The bottle is very nice and I love its purple color. Is decent long lasting, and with the competitive price I can reapply whenever I need. I am happy choosing this one.!!!!

Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde Guerlain by chrisndema 2014-04-16

I get the lime and the caipirinha that everybody is talking about. But sad to say this does not excite me and i like my citrus frags to put a spring in my step. But on the right chemistry this could be very nice.

Divine Oriflame by Juniawati 2014-04-16

One of my favourite.The smelt is so fresh. I love it so much.

You love rose fragrances and haven't tested Coup de Grace yet?! You must ASAP! I haven't tested such a strong and heavy rose for years. On my skin it is a rose solifloral, which gets stronger and stronger as the time passes. At the end of the day it seems I've been soaked in a rose oil bath! The rose in this fragrance is interesting - not sweet, rather green and oily. One time it seems like it's a Bulgarian rose, then I feel it might be a Tea rose as well. Anyway, it's the Rose from capital R. A bit too strong for me, though :)

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by Jose Marcos 2014-04-16

One question: does it smell like Fleur du male? Thanks,

I was looking for a fragrance to go with my leather biker jacket. Yes, I sometimes do that - try to find a fragrance which would suit my very particular robe :) Hotel Particulier was one of the two best options (the other one was Herve Gambs Rouge Cardinal). Hotel Particulier is thick, balsamic, spicy, not overwhelmingly sweet fragrance with a nice sillage and a great staying power. It opens beautifully, especially on leather clothes - the most prominent notes become powdery patchouli, incense and a tiny drop of vanilla. Mixed with a scent of natural leather it creates a glamorous aura which people simply cannot pass by! I receive so many compliments when wearing it. It's a true discovery for me, who loves orientals, balsamic, spicy, gourmand fragrances. Give it a try!
I love Herve Gambs home fragrances and I am really impressed with their whole perfume line.

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by RobbieX 2014-04-16

A gorgeous summer fragrance. In my opinion more masculine than feminine. Lasts quite a while for a cologne. A safe bet anytime and it's great.

D&G Feminine Dolce&Gabbana by michelle50 2014-04-16

I adore this perfume and I'm so upset it has now been discontinued. I looked on Amazon but it is so expensive. Up to £250. Does anyone know any perfume that comes close to the smell of this?

Opium Pour Homme Yves Saint Laurent by alexanderthegreat 2014-04-16

no words are needed to be spoken, the things are so very very simple with this's just a fucking amazing. No even close similarities up to now, OPIUM was, OPIUM is, OPIUM will be the greatest male frag ever....

212 Men Carolina Herrera by ergun.can.ilhan 2014-04-16

great scent but lacks longevity

when you first smell it yes you feel like youre in barbershop.

but you also get the feeling that its the most elegant and expensive barbershop in world.

good choice for daily use if you are over 25

Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne by popescuionut100 2014-04-16

Just tested this and it smell nice,in a way it reminds me of L'eau D'Issey,same vibe.Just the vibe,they don't smell alike!
It is definitely for spring /autumn and summer nights,it's airy & light.I dont see how this could be a winter fragrance,it wouldn't cut it in cold weather.
I mean lots of mint for winter???
Longevity/projection are moderate on my skin,about 4 hours or so.Projects heavy only in the first hour,after it fades away pretty quickly.
I'm just wondering if it was reformulated since many said that it's longlasting and projects heavy..???
As i said it smells nice but i'm not impressed enough to go buy it anytime soon but you should try it at least!
For now i have my mind set on Versace- Dreamer...i gotta have that one...soon!@

Im always curious how others perceive this scent. For me it is such a borderline experience. My favourite bottle, sophisticated and mysterious. Whats inside has its own individual life, it cant be tamed. It decides which days i can wear it comfortably. Some days its sharp all musk detergent intrusiveness, leaves me asking "why??" . However, on those days when it allows me, its truly my close friend ; Empowers me , i feel strong and feminine in an artistic way. Moments of clarity, contentment, ambition.

Maisam Rasasi by Akarui_hana 2014-04-16

Could anybody please review this? The bottle looks so adorable, I am very curious to read opinions about the scent.

Nautica Voyage Nautica by ergun.can.ilhan 2014-04-16

very good frag. for its price. aquatic and fresh great choice for summer.

sillage 6/10
longevity 8/10

Today Tomorrow Always Amour Avon by boheme_maras 2014-04-16

This reminds me of premiere luxe also by Avon.

Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui Oscar de la Renta by ergun.can.ilhan 2014-04-16

its the most disgusting fragrance ever for me. unless you want to smell like an old lady dont buy it

Celebre Ice Avon by boheme_maras 2014-04-16

Spray celebre in you hand give it time and then smell it. Tada you can easily smell Christian Dior j'adore.

Bois d'Ascese Naomi Goodsir by Lana Lool 2014-04-16

This has very quickly become one of my favorite perfumes.Yes, it's tremendously smoky, in fact it may indeed make you smell like a smoker, BUT if you wear it often enough, the nose will become used to the smoke and slightly anosmic to it. When this occurs, the other aromas will become much more apparent. And what gorgeous accords indeed, so much so that I have become a little addicted to this scent. I crave it on days I dont wear it. Is it worth mentioning I am an ex-smoker, perhaps, and I will let you draw your own conclusions. I am surprised that leather is not listed as a note, because IMO there is a wonderful dry leather note in the base of this.
For the record, I am not the biggest fan of amoky fragrances, but this perdume is unique, while being very appealing and interesting. Give it a wear and reserve judgement until after a few wearings.

I agree with eliweisz. I had and enjoyed the old version and blind bought this one. It was dissapointing, indeed. The only thing that gets one attention is the bergamont/lemon opening, but since it lasts very little, its not worth the money. The drydown and sillage are, once again, very dissapointing.Didn´t expect a fragrance´s new version to be so different from what I expected, specially regarding the middle and base notes.

Fleur du Mâle Jean Paul Gaultier by jkdienes 2014-04-16

Baby powder from start to finish on my skin. Wanted to love this, realize it's beloved, but I'm not kidding when I say it's as if I dowsed myself with baby powder.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by heidisimpson 2014-04-16

the smell is nothing crazy but definitely a panty dropper! the sillage is quite heavy i would say. a few sprays are only needed. reminds me of hugo boss's fragrants but this one is sexier!

Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger Prada by panthere 2014-04-16

This perfume seems to be a love/ hate scent. A lot of mixed reviews. I'm in love with this scent. It stays fresh and true on my skin and I can pick out all the individual notes. It doesn't turn at all soapy on my skin. This is what Armani Code smells like from the description of others. On me it's a beautiful , sexy scent which has gained me compliments and no wrinkled noses.

Spring Break Demeter Fragrance by heidisimpson 2014-04-16

this definitely smells like tanning lotion which is coconuty. reminds me a lot when i go to the beach and i put on tanning lotion, and the changing room is full of this coconuty smell.

Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant Kenzo by rhaineclayton 2014-04-16

I recently bought an InEssence candle called Zanzibar and I have been searching the database for something like that smell. Vanilla, cloves, ylang ylang - yum! Then today I stumbled across this in a perfume store and decided to test it.
It's exactly what I'm after! Sure, it's strong but I like that. Going on my want list immediately.

Noir de Noir Tom Ford by alfarom 2014-04-16

Woody-rose plus vanilla and patchouli. I'm not a fan of half the notes involved here but there's something so nailed about Noir De Noir that makes it impossible for me to dislike it. Thick but not heavy handed, good balance between the earthy notes and the sweet ones. Satisfying performance.

Maybe if smelled today for the first time, it might result a bit too stereotyped but still pretty darned good if you're fine with the price tag and a tad of decadence.

Rating: 7.5/10

Secret d`Essences Neroli Yves Rocher by sophia*rose 2014-04-16

I got this for my mother, because she loves the smell of orange blossom and generally anything floral, herbal, fresh that has a natural scent to it.

This was perfect because the orange blossom note is very natural, not synthetic at all. We usually have a bottle of orange blossom water in our fridge in the summer, and use it to make cooling drinks with cherry syrup over ice (it's a persian specialty).

So the orange blossom scent is very familiar to me, both to my nose and tastebuds, and I have to say that this a very beautiful orange blossom indeed. The musk compliments it very well. I'm really impressed with this one.

I bought a 20ml bottle directly from Montale. The fragrance is very nice, as other described, but it has zero sillage/lasting power.

Eternity Calvin Klein by Jomoves 2014-04-16

Should have been named Fabric Softener Intense.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Narciso Rodriguez by PAMELAIASTRUBNI 2014-04-16

oooo la la!
sensuality in a bottle,a crisp old style sensuality it's almost a demure sexy.
straight up from the packaging you get an Itch, a Lean smooth black bottle like this can only seduce you in.and it is, very inviting in such a soft musky way.

the potion takes over you but in such a mellow cloud,you just don't mind it being so dominating.

quality and elegance never go out of style and that is why ten years after its still holding it's own in a very celebrity fruitpatchouli market.

Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger Prada by Alexir101 2014-04-16

Totally enjoyable - wear anytime for soft enjoyable fragrance that everyone around you will appreciate and enoy. Has my vote as a 'go to perfume'.

Prada Candy Florale Prada by maen 2014-04-16

Hi!, is very perceptible the difference from the regular and L' Eau edtion, more floral and bit honeyed at first.
The Limoncello note makes a sweet start, then the Honey appears, but quickly mixed with the other notes.
In this edtion, white - pink, which reflects very well the essence, Peony is very noticeable, is all time there, making it even more feminine, young and bright.
I prefer this edition, all is rounded, Caramel too.
Very fresh, wearable and beautiful.
Bottle is soo pretty, nice colour combination.

L'Heure Bleue Guerlain by Alexir101 2014-04-16

This is my one. My essence. It moves me and it states clearly 'I am here'. I only wear the eau de parfum. It is the beautiful and the inbetween. To be worn when feeling strong and needing strength. The treasure. A magnificent scent! Enjoy, indulge, love.

L'Eau de Phaedon Phaedon by Houdini4 2014-04-16

Woah! I literally can't wait to sample this one!
I thought agave was a fruit? shows what I know! That thumbnail of it looks awesome anyway. I know Jo Malone has a fragrance containing agave but it's not that common, Phaedon haven't had any bad scents so far and this seems interesting.

Aventus Creed by liamcallender1 2014-04-16

Despite being unique in Creeds fragrance portfolio, I believe that it's costs too much money for what it really . I find that you can get the same if not near same fragrance from Armani called attitude. You save around £100.

No.4 Vetivert Angela Flanders by becuille 2014-04-16

Although this is advertised as being predominately aromatic, I don't get that from it at all. On me, this is pure earth. I think that's perhaps because the lavender never seems to come through.

This is a very rugged scent and as such, there is something very pure about it. I've never smelled a vetiver that's been treated this way before. It's a very raw, simple treatment of it. No attempts to mask or romanticise the earthiness of the natural scent.

It's certainly a very interesting fragrance, but I feel I would prefer it in a bath oil than as a fragrance on my skin. Of course, that's purely subjective, and may be to do with how masculine it smells on me.

Sillage and longevity both moderate.

Angela Flanders offers samples on her site. I would advise sampling this one several times before making up your mind (same for everything, I know, but this one really seems to need some time for you to decide about it).

Signorina Eleganza Salvatore Ferragamo by Schnuppernase 2014-04-16

Signorina Eleganza has the same warm pear aroma to it as Jo Malone's "English Pear & Freesia" - and I totally love that. Still it is more sophisticated and elegant...

The almonds and leather make the scent deep and creamy, but the most striking note in my opinion is pear, followed by a nice bunch of spring flowers full in bloom. It is chic, expensive and uplifting! "Eleganza" fits the perfume so well.

I associate it with classicism, royal gardens and sunny weather.

Feraud Homme Louis Feraud by moniote 2014-04-16

Fresh And sexy ! Lemon + ginger = perfect match !!

Acqua di Colonia Santa Maria Novella by snowwleopard 2014-04-16

If I put the decant I have of this up close to my nose I get: Brut. Yes, Brut.

Sprays on as a very pleasant citrus with some white flowers in the background. Very simple and gone without 1-1.5 hours. Suitable for summer or spring.

Certainly not worth the cost.

Petale Noir Agent Provocateur by Alexir101 2014-04-16

I love this. Could become a second signature. Always commented on positively and makes me feel special and improves my mood when I wear it. I wear this when I need an edge. Complex - yes. Buy it and get out there and live it up! Yummy and warm and sexy and just lovely.

Dia pour Homme Amouage by angel66 2014-04-16

Put some light baby oil on the spots you spray on, and then spray. It Will last a lot langer.

I really love this juice, a Nice fruity/soapy fragrance.

Nirvana Black Elizabeth and James by deadidol 2014-04-16

I recently had to ask some friends what it is exactly that the Olsen twins do these days, and I’m still not entirely sure I know the answer. Their talent seems to culminate in their capacity to look a bit gormless in various photographs. So I assumed that this perfume release, to which they’ve graciously lent their highly contoured cheekbones, is little more than an exercise in “lending their name” to whatever commodity can be hawked to a target audience.

But if this is the case (and let’s be honest—that’s exactly what this is), Nirvana Black isn’t that bad at all. I expected absolute trash—and to a degree, it is a bit trash. But it’s smart, thoughtful and pretty articulate trash all the same.

Although I didn’t spend enough time with the bottle to check the quality, the design looks cool and kind of ‘80s retro-glam. Aesthetically speaking, it’s a bit a hollow throwback—a superficial gesture aimed directly at a target audience who would recognize and appreciate such a design as ironic nostalgia (Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 etc.) But again, it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been, and some real thought went into the production and design.

The same might be said for the scent itself, which is a dodgy Tam Dao-ish thing—a javanol/ebanol cocktail of sour synthy sandalwood with a touch of lipstick iris for interest. It's cheap, gaunt, and probably not well suited for grown-ups, but it's not entirely vulgar either. Although it's got the weird "celebrity blob" effect in there (that sort of olfactory equivalent to GenericMeatProduct™ that invades 90% of these kind of fragrances), it's harder to dismiss this stuff quite so cynically. Again, greater consideration appears to have been given than what you'd expect from a fragrance like this, and I’d even venture to say that it’s “well handled.” There’s little to it, and the materials are "economical," but the blend’s quite solid overall. Ultimately, it’s a simple sandalwood scent that’s very similar to other simple sandalwood scents—but it does the job it sets out to do quite well and makes no real claims to do anything else other than being a simple, textbook sandalwood.

What's unclear to me about this release is the level of sincerity. Yes, it's a mass-produced celebuscent that's shamelessly riding on the back of socialites (socialites who would probably never let something like this anywhere near their skin). Yes, the bottle is designed to seduce an audience that has some affinity toward ironic nostalgia and kitschy glam. Yes, the scent is cheaply made, but it doesn't feel obnoxiously cheap—and probably wouldn't be parsed as cheap by people who haven't been exposed to actual sandalwood, extracted vanilla, or proper violet. But I'm curious as to how much of this is a genuine attempt to step it up a bit, or how much of it is a crass attempt to pull one over on a more focused demographic?

I'll never wear it again—I've no need to. But I've smelled worse expensive niche than this. If you're serious about sandalwood, there's much better available. But if the aesthetic, brand, and approach have some appeal to you, you're at least getting a reasonably solid product here.

(N.B. I guess this is technically a designer fragrance, although, given their afore-mentioned roles, the delineation between designer and celebuscent is a bit blurred here. With that said, whether you're a fan of the bottle, the brand, or you simply collect Olsen Twin memorabilia, the upshot is that you're getting a better fragrance than what all three of those options would usually offer.)

D&G Feminine Dolce&Gabbana by Mooniq 2014-04-16

Feminine is a soft and warm whisper around you, next person have to stand close to you or hug you to get a wonderful wiff of Feminine, and I lovet it. I love those shy, close, whispering scents thats encirceling you all day. Sadly i sneeze alot when I wear this one.

Feminine är en mjuk och varm viskning runt dig, nästa person får stå nära eller krama dig för att uppfatta Feminine och det älskar jag. Jag älskar dessa lite blyga, tysta nära dofter som ändå omringar dig hela dagen. Trist nog så nyser jag enormt av Feminine.

Gucci Rush Gucci by arrokaj 2014-04-16

i got it as a gift...good one but not really my favorite scent

The One Dolce&Gabbana by arrokaj 2014-04-16

i got it as a gift and i liked it. too shame i broke accidentally the beautiful bottle and it was full :(

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by nikkibom 2014-04-16

I have really been wanting this for ages, have noticed it has become available once more online! Cannot help noticing that so many have compared to Gloria, which i already own, and am not that keen on. I would wear it at work and a colleague would start moaning that i smelled of cigars!!! maybe I will get it in the end - just to piss her off again!

Amethyst Lalique by arrokaj 2014-04-16

i like the berry notes perfume so i loved this one . it has a notable french touch. i would buy again

Bourbon L`Aromatica Perfume by dave.dreimann 2014-04-16

First of all the care that has gone into the packaging and craft here is obvious, this is a fragrance made by someone who is passionate about what they do and it shows.

In the bottle it starts with fresh tobacco, hint of cedarwood, and then a big rush of vanilla, it’s more of a rum than a bourbon for mine, - quite sweet, reminds me a bit of Sailor Jerry’s.

Clove comes out on my skin, then something akin to bubblegum, like the kind you’d find in a packet of baseball cards, bubble gum and cardboard, it’s a lot sweeter on the skin than I thought it would be, almost too sweet. The bubblegum doesn’t last for long though (thankfully).

As the sweetness fades the clove rises up again, and it settles to be quite spicy, more clove and cedarwood and booze, with a lingering hint of the vanilla. Wasn’t expecting so much clove and was hoping for more tobacco but its still very nice, classy fragrence. Fades down to be pretty subtle after a couple of hours but it’s still there, mostly, clove and a bit of incense, cedarwood, cardamom and vanilla. Nice evening fragrance fairly masculine.

Hypnotic Poison Dior by arrokaj 2014-04-16

i got it as a gift. sexy smell

Venezia 2011 Laura Biagiotti by nikkibom 2014-04-16

Just received my bottle. I love this kind of perfume - smell. Bit heavy when initially sprayed - but this is what perfume should be like. You either wear it to smell and be smelled or you don't! There is one note however - I cannot put my finger on what it is. It is the same note that I could sense in Avon Perceive in the dry down - that i do not really like. Like a 'dirty puddle' smell - if anybody can understand where i am coming from??
Excellent scent all over though!

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by waleed2006 2014-04-16

the best

Liquid Gold Euphoria Calvin Klein by sue165 2014-04-16

I smelled it yesterday And I Love it there's a soft Aoud on the top notes

On me, this one smells more like dark chocolate with a smattering of coffee. It's foody for sure, but there's something 'dark' or 'deep' about it that somehow acts like a veil to keep the sweetness at bay. I can't really smell the floral and citrus notes on myself. It smells better in the bottle than on me. I'll rate this perfume as 'like' for now and update if I end up loving it (or hating it)!

Tendre Madeleine Laurence Dumont by Nirhtuc 2014-04-15

This one's okay, but not quite what I expected. I've heard it being described as very madeleine cake-like, so that caught my interest and I ended up buying a 5mL decant of it from Surrender to Chance. I dabbed some on a couple of minutes ago, and the top notes did smell foody but also somewhat masculine, like aftershave. I think this impression might be resultant of the particular concoction of notes other than vanilla used to compose this fragrance (especially the cinnamon, musk, and bergamot). This 'masculine' note also reminds me of 80s perfumes for some reason (e.g. Downtown Girl by Revlon), which is quite displeasing to my nose. I can't see myself wearing this a lot, but I will definitely keep wearing it every now and then.

A Mi Aire Loewe by arrokaj 2014-04-15

i got it today . it was a blind buy. fresh and clean sensation

24 Faubourg Eau Delicate Hermes by hbomb9410 2014-04-15

I tried this on today, and within fifteen or twenty minutes I was ready to write it off. It bore absolutely no resemblance to the original 24 Faubourg, which was fine with me since I'm not a fan, but it was heavy on a very lemony geranium and smelled like a pretty generic light fruity floral. I didn't wash it off, though, and then I discovered the fragrance I'd expected from the original 24 Faubourg. I know there are a lot of die-hard perfumistas here who adore the original, and my nose is surely not as well-developed as theirs, but it's just too big, heavy, and mature for me. With the Eau Delicate, I get a soft, sophisticated white floral. Not soapy, not screechy, not too "Everyone notice me, I'm wearing PERFUME!" It's not mindblowing enough to warrant a full bottle, but I'll enjoy wearing the rest of my sample.

Oxygene Homme Lanvin by aqua_de_la_vita 2014-04-15

Alberto Morillas is a genius and Lanvin was so fortunate to acquire his talent creating Oxygene Homme.
I don't know why I waited so long to consider such an AMAZING FRAGRANCE.  
After spraying on my skin I could smell the herbal/woodsy notes starting with artemisia, fur and cedar giving it a real attractive green aroma. I also pick up a slight spicy blend from coriander and myrrh. The base notes of cedar and musk gives it a DESIRABLE aroma coming off being very fresh and uplifting.
Longevity and Silage is slightly better than moderate lasting at least 6hrs.
Overall view,
I have several Lanvin frag's....Oxygene Homme is one of a few frag's which doesn't have any citrus or floral notes and still across as a real aromatic scent which is perfect during the summer months. The spicy blend increasing the sense of a real masculinity fragrances. Ladies that doesn't mean that you couldn't wear it...I know more women wearing men's fragrance then men wearing women's frag's. There's only one rating that this fragrance deserves...10/10.... ★★★★★
Lastly, to Alberto Morilla....Thank you for your passion and creativity giving all of us PHENOMENAL FRAGRANCES. You are a pillar in the purfume industry.

Philosykos Diptyque by hippiechick13 2014-04-15

This is definitely more of a cedar-coconut-fig, than the creamy Fig found with L'Artisan. Cedar is romance, and creamy is more sexuality.

I feel torn in trying to describe their differences as they are awfully similar. I do like cedar, and I think the cedar enunciates the fig here a lot more. But then I like the way the coco-fig develops in Premier because of the sweetness evoked. But there's an undeniable charm to cedar - it reminds me of old cedarwood chests - not in a dusty way, but something natural, rustic and timeless.

I think that this one is a little stronger than the original L'Artisan, as I have not tried the Extreme, and I only feel like weighing them because of their interesting relationship in being very alike.

I think it all depends on whether you prefer your fig to be more cedar or more milk, as it does change the dynamic on contact with one's skin chemistry.

The mood and feeling is fresher too with Philosykos. It's less dark and eccentric, and more breezy, evoking a feeling of holidays. It's not to say it is far less milky, or a fragrance lacking in complexity, but it reveals itself differently on the wearer than PF, which sits more quietly and fades rather quickly, where as the longevity and strength of this is pronounced, despite the fact it gives a lighter feeling. It's a pleasure to wear.

This one's extremely clever and deceiving. I was fooled at first, disappointed by what seemed to me to be a rather ho-hum boring retrograde '90s-evocative creamy vanilla bomb with a dash of warm sandalwood, albeit perhaps done more elegantly and softly than those notorious old drugstore labels. Given that, the name seemed like careless, breathless but empty copy hype. But then...!

Here's excerpts from what I wrote of it at first:
"perfume of the evening: what we do in paris is secret. apparently what we do in paris is secretly go to lots of ice cream and pie shops (i'm sorry, tarte tatin shops) and gorge on vanilla ice cream and apple pie or fritters maybe (i get a saucy cinnamon-y cooked apple thing at first big-time with this, no lychee as described by many fragrantica posters...though it is a little juice-jammy which i could see relating to lychees sort of), and then go into a food coma and wake up a few hours later with only the faintest trace of evidence on our breath. it's sweet and creamy with bakery spice. there is a hint of powder, like compact mirror face powder, but it's mostly just rich creamy sweet gourmand vanilla and spices. i am surprised at the "dirty sexy" notes people mention, but eh, one thing you learn immediately reading comments on perfumes is how crazily polar opposite people's experiences can be due to skin chemistry and nose-memory connections. it's like a nicer somewhat more spiffed up '90s dessert-y vanilla cologne. not bad, but not, to me, interesting enough. it did make me want to eat way too much cold leftover pineapple bread pudding after dinner, though. the vanilla sandalwood body wash i got a while back i like better; it's more sandalwood, less vanilla, fresher and zingier, less sweet. (maybe surprising thing about me: i actually don't like food-focused perfumes much; when demeter became pretty much a dessert shop library i checked out...i have this weird grudge against women's beauty products marketed as sinfully dessertish in this way that reads as "you can't eat any of this amirite so live vicariously through your makeup smelling like bon bons!"'s not really logical, but i still don't care for it. i'd much rather just eat really good food and smell like memories or moods. plus i've always been more of a savory than sweet person anyway with food.)

this is a relatively "safe" choice for wearing out. but i suspect anything i think is neutral or popularly pleasing enough to be safe that way is also not going to really interest me, which means i probably will never find a perfume i am wild for and also want to wear all the time everywhere. mm."

thennn, a couple hours in i added:
"hours later, this does get better, less one dimensionally warm dessert sweet, but it's still a little too sweet and ladylike for me."

and THEN, over four hours later:

"oh, i spoke too soon! a good 4 hours in--after a long subdued period where the sweet vanilla finally backed off but there wasn't much of anything left, period, and i shrugged and figured that was that, time to close the pie shop and go home with nothing but some faint "ladyish flowers" smell for my trouble--i start getting all the wonderful things people describe, particularly a relatively clean [i want to say musk but it's not listed--not sure what it is, but to me it reads sexy, like skin and intimacy, the face of your favorite person smashed up against yours, or their neck maybe...i don't know if this is ambergris or tolu balsam which i'm not familiar with or amber] accented with powder (which, on paper if you listed that i'd wrinkle my nose but it works really well here--the powder keeps the "body" note from being too funky, and gives it this feminine softness, and the "body" note keeps the powder from being the musty dowdy sort i dislike), and the honey and sweetness flit gently as backdrop. it's really quite nice actually, and while yes a femmy warm skin smell, it's not froufrou because of the "clean" aspect and the hints towards heat/sexiness. i like how it's not outright funky bedroom, more like the trying-to-maintain-lady-like-composure intimation of it--the small but unmistakable tilt of one's head to imply that's what happened in the past, or that you'd be up for blowing this popsicle stand (which, by the way, now i can finally see as the picture someone on fragrantica described as the banks of the seine with people at little tables, pipe tobacco and little vanilla iced cakes and earl grey tea, not that you're drinking but someone at a table nearby is, river water and flowers and grass and warm skin) and checking into a nice hotel for the rest of the afternoon (the cheerful clatter of that seine scene comes in first, with just the right fresh intensity, not too overwhelming but colorfully welcome after that long dormant period, then the demure hints at something more private creep in and deepen as the fanfare recedes). it's strange to me it starts out so child id bakery neutered and soft and stays that way for so long, only to then turn so vivid and delicately adult (the projection at first bored me too, because while never heavy it was pillowy soft surrounding you, to match that neutered sleepy feel...then it felt like it nearly disappeared altogether for a while only to much later sharpen but also sit closer to the skin once the powder and musk comes in, which i rather like). this is a much better crafted, more interesting scent than it lets on initially! i agree with a bunch of fragrantica reviews talking about this, the initial "this is nothing new or impressive" disappointment followed by hours-later astonishment. wish i could bypass the first part somehow, 'cause all it makes me want to do is eat pie on the couch and take a nap.

i have egg (no, perfume) on my face! i also just realized this transformation makes the name of it much less silly seeming and actually makes me appreciate how cleverly layered it is to match the name's story ("oh, we just ate dessert...tarte tatin a la mode. that's all."). it also almost kind of explains/forgives how innocent and sweet it is for the first few hours. huh!

well frickin' played, i must say."

Really love how clever it is, and how it does tell the story of a secret (and also love how it implies the contents of the secret without being sexysex explicit, to match the wry smile of the story), but I'm not sure I'd love to wear it and tell myself this story over and over again. But hats off for the craftmanship.

A blind buy from years ago. Very refined and a bit macho. Powerhouse scent. Great for nights out and not for the under 30 crowd. The notes blend perfectly with amber,spices and leather being the main draw. Longevity of around 6-9 hours is outstanding. I might have to buy this again or use my last 10 ml's very sparingly

Navy for Men Dana by rabbipinaud 2014-04-15

I found this recently at a "dollar store" so you know it wasn't purchased for the low cost it would cost in it's noraml drugstore environment. I enjoy a number of inexpensive Dana (English Leather, Canoe, British Sterling) offerings so to spent $3.99 for two 1 1/2 oz bottles in a gift set wasn't much of a risk. The blue bottle is atractive and due to that and the name I was expecting a typical cheap aquatic type scent. I was actually quite surprised. It has a spicey, herbal, slightly sour/sweet musky tone to it, not so aquatic and I like it. It is something like a distant cousin of Nautica. this low cost frag has a surprising longevity and a medium range siliage. No nasty "cat pee" or "laundry detergent" smell. Navy is not sophisticated or special but a nice addition to the rotation of a guy who enjoys wearing a variety of drugstore and old fashioned scents. Not for the crowd who bases scent enjoyment on price.

Loverdose Tattoo Eau de Toilette Diesel by mistykerryn 2014-04-15

Same here! Still waiting for the first Loverdose Tattoo to reach Australia, I want to try it so badly. This version looks nice also, I love tea notes in a perfume so this sounds perfect. Also the rice note is intriguing. I loved the original Loverdose as well so I have high hopes for these flankers, if I could try them already! Even if not, this is something I'd probably buy just for the bottle haha.

Mariella Burani Mariella Burani by Soie 2014-04-15

This scent of this is very similar to Ombre Rose L'Original. Mariella Burani as compared to Ombre Rose, however, is sweeter, smoother, ambery, more vanillic, and lacks notes of aldehydes, fresh geranium, honey, and cinnamon, which are prominent in Ombre Rose L'Original.

Mariella does indeed have a mildly spicy prickliness to it, though. Although there is no actual note of spice listed, there is tarragon, an aromatic herb with a perfume-like aroma.

I'm thinking it's this note of tarragon that's giving an air of spiciness to Mariella Burani.

Pink Friday Nicki Minaj by alex_deshazo 2014-04-15

Extreamly unoriginal to the point it's depressing. I'm not sure why every celebrity wants the same smelling perfume it really just baffles me. I'm sorry if I was dropping thousands of dollars into making my own celebrity scent for all my fans I wouldn't want some thing that smells like/ reminds you of viva la juicy, justin bieber, VS noir tease?,etc. I would challenge the perfume company that I'M PAYING! into making an original scent or something more interesting and or unique than this massive synthetic stuff nicki calls "Eau de parfume" which sucks because the scent is so light it has weaker longevity (I guess that's the proper terminology to use) than a body mist you'd get from BBW or even Wal-mart. If I were Nicki I would want a scent my fans would smell and and automatically know it's a nicki minaj perfume! That being said I am a Die hard nicki minaj fan! And personally I love her bottles they are fun and gaudy which I like! I'm just disappointed that out of all the samples I know EA Fragrances Co. whipped up for her that this was the best one. ?????? Hahaha! Seriously? You mean to tell me It took a whole team of perfumers to come up with this scent. What ever happened to thinking of something creative with that thing that sits between your ears? Now normally I would write more constructive critsim but I know that nicki herself doesn't care about improving her products. This is just a quick and easy way to make a couple million and to just say that you had your own perfume. Keep up the great work Nicki! Lol! What a joke.

CdG - Energy C Grapefruit is very refreshing. Such a powerhouse for a citrus fragrance. It's a close reminder to Hermes Concentre Orange de Verte too, although CdG has more power and punch.

Like any other CdG, I assume that they used synthetic material for the grapefruit notes which results to the unnatural tartness of the fruit. I'm not saying that to convey negative's that syntheticallity (I'm not sure if that's even a word) what makes this perfume a good mood lifter, especiallly for those who live in the tropics.

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