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Eau d`Hadrien Annick Goutal by RJ Watson 2016-05-03

New? A fragrance from the mid 80s is new?

Well, i have been wearing this. Scent alone is great performance totally dissappointing. I cant even enjoy the perfume as it dissappears too quickly. Lasted 4 hours tops and thats with 6 heavy sprays. After the 4th barely noticable. Dont get me wrong the scent is awesome with the almond noted in the backround something diffrent. If only it would last a bit more. A scent is useless if you cant even enjoy the damn thing pointless. BTW this was a blind buy as i always do.

Scent 8/10
Performance 4/10 no lasting power.
Bottle design was awesome, but who really cares??? Lol.

Hanae by Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by DONNA VARSIK 2016-05-03

this is one of my all time favorite perfumes,i have bad allergies and this beautiful scent is not a trigger,i can smell it all day. buy it you won't be hubby loves this perfume on me he bought me my first bottle of hanae mori years ago. its very soft and feminine

Colette Tocca by zyby 2016-05-03

COLETTE is a delicate, poetic and almost melancholy fragrance that I find very appealing. On me, COLETTE starts with a flash of citrus which quickly changes to smokey violets. In awhile, the woody and spicy notes appear underneath. It’s not sweet and the vanilla is there but unobtrusive. It’s all very smooth and subtle and quiet, but not at all wimpy or boring. Something about the smokiness reminds me of autumn leaves, but it’s also lovely for spring and summer.

Although the sillage is on the soft side, the longevity is surprisingly good and I find that first applying a little unscented moisturizer helps the fragrance hang on longer. Warm weather also inspires this fragrance to bloom on the skin. I have the 0.5 oz size, but have a feeling I’ll be purchasing the large bottle soon.

In Me Armand Basi by Planet_X 2016-05-03

Well well well...It is chypre, in great bottle and with no musky pear and vanilla with caramel?.. I've got to be dreaming, wake me up, ppl
Is it for real?...All those notes been mentioned?.. I want it!

Miu Miu Miu Miu by BrittneyN 2016-05-03

A unique & refreshing scent IMO. The words that come to my mind are fresh, clean, and crisp, a breeze of fresh air & cut grass, with whiffs of lily of the valley. This one stands out, and the bottle is to die for, so cute.

La Colle Noire Christian Dior by sarabx5 2016-05-03

I smelled this one today (on paper, I have the paper in my hand now).

This scent is nothing to do in Dior's private collection. Smells like any current heavy rose base perfume with certain quality.

Regarding the composition, I can say it's a pure red rose with a net geranium leafs back note, nothing else.

Longivity and projection sounds over avarege going to heavy.

Reminds me Diamond by Armani that my teen age daughter wears but in an adult version.

At the end, announced for women and men? no way, for women only (my own opinion).

Not for me, not for my wife ...... Good luck for you

212 VIP Men Carolina Herrera by Jromas 2016-05-03

I see the similarity with Million on this one particular with the offensive synthetic blast it gives off. And seriously folks, let's replace vodka with rubbing alcohol as a main ingredient lol. Blind bought for $70 Canadian, and there's no way I can be wearing this Cologne. It's a shame. Headache in a bottle. The bottle is beautiful though.

Black XS Potion for Him Paco Rabanne by obahnas 2016-05-03

weirdest thing, I got a strong powdery coumarin note, a la 212VIP. Am I the only one here?

Tuscany Per Uomo Aramis by Guapo 2016-05-03

My signature scent in early 90s. Distinct, discreet, manly.
Excellent as all fragrances of the house Aramis / Estee Lauder. After reading a superb article about this gentleman scent, I could not resist and bought it already.
Certainly one of the best men's fragrances ever, something neglected by the signs of the times with these new repetitive fashion candy and aquatic scents. To my humble nose, the new formula does not differ from the vintage one. Notice that the shape of all bottles of 'Aramis Gentlemen's Collection' come from the design of the original classic bottle of this perfume.
I missed this old friend.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by djbuffoon 2016-05-03

On my non-existent list of the world's most underrated colognes, this has to rank near the top. I mean, what more could you want from a tobacco fragrance?

Hits the skin with a rich, fizzy Red Bull accord. Then, after that remarkably enjoyable opening, transitions into a delicious, syrupy (but not overbearing) cherry-vanilla tobacco. It lasts for hours and hours, and don't be surprised if people keep wanting to smell you. You may even be compelled to smell yourself. Seriously, it's that addicting.

The only drawback has nothing to do with the juice itself: why was it released under the CK One line? Granted, Shock is way better than all of the entries that preceded it, but it has nothing to do with them in the first place... Weird. Anyway, yes, this stuff is wonderful. I have the 3.4oz, and once that is finished, I will be buying an even larger bottle for the cooler months. 9/10

Wakely Abercrombie & Fitch by b.a.denney 2016-05-03

I just got a 3/4 full bottle of this at Goodwill. I'd always wanted to try it, and I'm wearing it now. It's not at all what I thought it would be. I really like Abercrombie 8, which is another perfume I'm still hunting for on ebay. I've smelled A8 and like it, but I took a chance on Wakely, and it's not a favorite. For the price I paid, sure, it's okay, but full price, no way.

On me, it smells very woody, and that funny because I don't see any notes of any woods. I've noticed that in other perfumes though, like Elizabeth Arden's Untold. Wakely smells very cedar laden on me. Pencil shavings type smell, not a lovely sandalwood smell. I also don't get much citrus, which I was hoping for. On me, whatever that note that is creating that cedar smell is just overpowering everything else. I'm sure with different body chemistry, it would probably be lovely.

Heat Wild Orchid Beyonce by Madrona 2016-05-03

I can see how this one is nice to noses that happen not to be mine, but it just doesn't work for me. I find the combination of notes a bit strange, I don't find the coconut works in this composition, but that's just me.

Endymion Concentré Penhaligon`s by DRA1974 2016-05-03

When Puig took over Penhaligon's and L'artisan I was worried they would change the nature of the two houses. It looks like my fears have been realised.

L'artisan bottles have been modernised and now Penhaligon's are releasing flankers!

I'll withhold final judgement until I get my greedy mitt's on it...but I'm a wee bit concerned that heritage is being lost to commercialism.

Endymion Concentré Penhaligon`s by Platinum1 2016-05-03

~ This EdP hopefully will be the answer to the longevity issues of Endymion and if it retains the originals beautiful masterpiece scent it will be Lavender perfection!
Kind Regards, Plat ~
PS I see above this versions tasteful bottle is marketed as unisex and how fitting as the original works equally for anyone.

Oud Saphir Atelier Cologne by jhericurls 2016-05-03

This stuff is disgusting!

The opening is quite nice, suede and bergamot. It is slightly reminiscent of Tuscan leather but they are not the same.

When it drys down is when it all goes wrong. Anyone who has ever dyed their hair would know this smell. It is the smell of ammonia! I can't wear this stuff, it knocks me sick.

Anais Anais Cacharel by rye 2016-05-03

I have owned this, I have worn this, back in the day and it's a lovely monster. Spray on cotton ball and dab the ball behind each knee. That's it. A beautiful gauzy summer dress and a soft, warm breeze out on the lawn. Very Victorian.

Hard to pull this off today and personally I prefer Alfred Sung's Jewel if I'm doing the big flower thing and for a softer, kinder everyday modern flower scent I reach for Avon's Today Amour (I think its called) or even Avon's Haiku. None of these smell like Anais, Anais but they are summer flower scents I love wearing in the heat when I don't want to think 'beach'. Anais, Anais, to me, is of another era and needs the clothes to go with it.

Eau Sans Pareil Penhaligon`s by Lord Licorice 2016-05-03

Can someone send me a (small) sample? I'm willing to pay for it. Please message me.

Style in Play Lacoste by frida.hultgren 2016-05-03

My boyfriend has this and I love it on him!

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by frida.hultgren 2016-05-03

This is my female version of my boyfriend's perfume. Whenever he is away I sniff this lol but yeah well I do wear it as well. (he wears la coste - style in play)

It has a strong scent of green apples. It's a very light scent that appeals to the masses because it is airy and the cucumber note which is one of my favorite notes makes it watery. And not like cool water or something like that, this is really watery and you feel as if you are in a rain forest craving water.

This scent will last and if you get it on your clothes you can smell it the day after.

Fits all ages I think.

Edge Swiss Arabian by Sadzjeno 2016-05-03

Smells like a vintage fragrance I once owned though I can't quite put my finger on which one. It is a great fragrance though and the bottle design is absolutely gorgeous. Projectivity and sillage are both decent although it's not a monster which is a great shame for a Swiss Arabian brand.

Violet Marc Jacobs by guachipiruli 2016-05-03

Total dissapointment. Very baby shampooish.

The patchouli is present from the beginning which ruins a nice idea. I don't find it powdery at all and the violet note is quite faint. Nothing new really. Has a masculine note that reminds me of Paco Rabanne 1 million for men... The sour apple makes it smell synthetic. I do like the kumquat.

Save your money, this is not worth the hipe. Another flowery smell of je ne sais quoi.

Endymion Concentré Penhaligon`s by perfumecritic 2016-05-03

MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!! (drools)

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by frida.hultgren 2016-05-03

I tried this at the store the other day and I don't like it. I wanted to like it because it has so many good reviews but the rose scent to me reminds me too much of gross-tasting turkish delight with rose flavor. I can't stand it! And it smells like an old lady, maybe someone has worn it around me that was old ;)

If you do like this scent you should check out the new british rose line from the body shop. Smells like this perfume but even stronger rose.

Si Giorgio Armani by Tovah 2016-05-03

This is going to be one of the "classic" scents that defines the decade. Everyone will have a memory of Si!I love's a sweet "chypre" that smells energetic yet easy-going. It's perfect for summer. To me it smells like peachy-rose-patchouli.

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier by queenofheartsx 2016-05-03

This was a blind buy for me and i was taken aback by how grown up the scent was, I really like it but i don't have the confidence to wear it, it's just been standing on my dresser looking pretty (and it is a VERY pretty bottle!)

I have a virtually untouched 50ml bottle so if anyone wants to buy or swap let me know

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by frida.hultgren 2016-05-03

Blind buy because of the many good reviews. I like it because it has the caramel note but it's light at the same time. Makes it easy to wear every day. You can wear it every day and it barely doesn't show in the bottle. Lasting time for me is 5-6 hours which is fine. I bought this on sale so it wasn't that expensive. I like it a lot and it has very fast become one of my favorite perfumes to wear, usually at night.

I have smelled the noir and the golden version and they are like a heavier scent of this one. The noir is the one I like best out of those two. The other one has got toooo much caramel in it, gives me a headache.

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme Gucci by mustafa76 2016-05-03

مقدمة العطر منعشة تبعث شعور بالراحة والسكينة ولكن ما يلبث العطر ان يجف حتى يتحول الى رائحة تشعرك بتعقيدات الحياة واجواء العمل .

Shelter Island Bond No 9 by perfume243 2016-05-03

Rico aroma

Hamptons Bond No 9 by perfume243 2016-05-03

Muy bueno

Christina Aguilera by Night Christina Aguilera by frida.hultgren 2016-05-03

I had this perfume for years as my signature scent and loved it! I always saw it as the best scent out of her self-titled and by night scent. Lately I have been liking them both.

This scent is hard to describe because it smells to me of so many memories. It smells very sensual but I remember I wore it during the daytime as well because it was my scent all day round and it usually lasted very long on my skin.

I still think this is the best Christina scent. I have smelled a few.

Chez Bond Bond No 9 by perfume243 2016-05-03

Muy bueno

Onde Sensuelle L`Artisan Parfumeur by Happyme2009 2016-05-03

A blind buy for me that I wasn't sure I could love.
First of all, I adore grapefruit scents and anything related ( qumquat, pomelo, bergamot , etc ) however, based on reviews, I was expecting this to be a citrus based perfume. On my skin, it is not.
Onde Sensuelle opens with the most gorgeous pomelo you could dream of ... Juicy, realistic , fresh, fruit and zesty skin together. No cat pee or armpits associated sometimes with citrus scents. Unfortunately , the citrus is very short lived. The perfume transforms first into a cool, almost mentholated musc and amber concoction . I suspect it is the jumper berries that give this impression . A spicy ginger note is not hot enough to change the coolness into hotter notes,even with all the. black and white pepper. The musc ( which is definitely not the clean type , quote the opposite ) ,continues to intensify and becomes woody with some spices, probsbly cardamom and cloves, luckily no detectable cumin. I hate cumin so I am happy to report I cannot smell any. And then the oud takes over, smoky, raw, burnt, almost like burning Insense, without sweetness. I am surprised people don't feel the oud here, as I find it very dominant, at least for a while , along with musc and Ambre, I definitely don't smell any flowers or Jasmine .
Lasting power and projection are average, but surely not bad, this is an edp after all.
The scent is rather unisex, I believe it is leaning more towards masculine than feminine , strange how we all perceive different things.
Since I feel it needs some sweetness and more juicyness I layered it with Allegoria Pamplelune. It becomes better .
Still, having owned it for one day, I am no convinced at all I will keep it. But then, that's what I said about Deliria, and I still have it.
Edit : Having worn this fo a full day, I must add: it has something very addictive, the more I spray the more I like it. The top notes are to die for. There is something of contrast in this composition that is both attractive and slightly repulsive . But it is getting better , and turning to love. A very original creation , smells like nothing else I tried.

I bought the EDT because a) it's cheaper and b) it's not as overpoweringly sweet. I sprayed this morning (one on my wrists, one in my neck) and the scent lingered the entire day. I took a shower about 12 hours after applying, only to find the scent still present after my shower. For an EDT (or just about any fragrance nowadays) that's some pretty good staying power. Very impressed with this one which works beautifully during our Autumn

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by Knightofwands 2016-05-03

Lovely scent, poor longevity. I'm very disappointed by the poor performance. Bvlgari should do something to improve the longevity of their scents. The performance of Bvlgari scents is put to shame by the performance of £12 scents from houses like Lattafa and Armaf.
The "Emperor's new clothes" story springs to mind.

Amazonian Wild Lily The Body Shop by frida.hultgren 2016-05-03

I had the mist at first and loved it! And when Body Shop had a clearance I decided to go for the perfume oil instead. What a mistake! The mist is light and airy while the perfume oil stay too close to the skin and gives me a bit of an headache. I think it is because of the flower notes that becomes stronger with the perfume oil.

Overall it is a beautiful scent that I usually wear before I go to bed because it calms me down.

Vanilla Marble Agonist by Nosey49 2016-05-03

I agree with rickyrebarco - this vanilla is COOL. Most vanillas become heavy and oppressive on me. This stays light and cool. I really like it and would love to own it - but - $195? I just can't justify that much for this fragrance.

From the first time i sniffed it, i didn't like it at all as i thought that it is sweat because of that cumin overdose note, but the more i use it, the more i apply, & the more i give it time to settle the more i get attached to it specifically the d'extrait one with that silent jasmine covered by the sweetness of the orange blossoms on a bed of cumin.
It is not a love at first sniff, you just need to apply more till you reach to the point that u feel happy when you see that bottle lies over there waiting to be used.

Jardin d'Andalousie ID Parfums by wendyha 2016-05-03

Wow, what an honour to be the first to describe this bright delightful fragrance. Allthough I do love the smell of orange, I never owned an orange perfume. 20 years ago I really loved the scent Murano, but that went of the market before I could afford it.

I wasn't really looking for an orange scent, or for any scent actually, since I already owned 28 fragrances before today, this makes number 29. But I got an offer I couldn't refuse from Pierre Ricaud, I could get this fragrance, on top of my other free gift, if I placed an order. This scent isn't even in the Dutch assortment of Pierre Ricaud, so I looked it up on the French site, and I immediately understood, this is a unique opportunity for me, to get my hands on this scent, not only for free, but period.

I was really excited to open the package and smell this perfume. I fell in love with Siam Flamboyant and Sorrentina by ID Parfums immediately, so that only made me more curious about the orange scent in the same line, it comes in an exactly the same shaped bottle as those eau de toillettes and a few others from ID Parfums.

It was no dissapointment at all:-D! Jardin d'Andalousie is a really yummy bright orange jasmin orange blossom fragrance. The moment I smelled it, it lightened up my mood. It opened with fresh, fruity but also sweet light orange and then the delicious jasmin and orange blossom revealed themselves, I also pick up on the subtle white musk in the base, which gives this perfume it's depth and separates is from a very nice scented candle or airfreshener.

The notes are all so delicious! I can't stop sniffing my wrists! Years ago I owned the Neroli Jasmin eau de toilette from The Body Shop. That scent also really lightened my mood when I smelled it, but unfortunately, it didn't have enough longevity to please me. This is my fifth scent from ID Parfums, all other scents had very long longevity, so I am hoping that this one will have that as well. I really liked the scent from The Body Shop, but this one I love.

I also own Secret d'Essences Neroli from Yves Rocher. When I got that scent, I was expecting a good replacement for my Neroli Jasmin eau de toilette from the Body Shop, but with better longevity. That scent turned out to be totally different, bitter sweet, it is nice, but is doesn't has the lightnening instant happiness effect on my mood as de edt from The Body Shop had or that this scent most defintely possesses.

Just for reference, it reminds me a little bit of Sunflowers by Elisabeth Arden, this would be a light orange version from that scent. I looked it up, and all the ingredients of Jardin d'Andalousie are present in Sunflowers, so my description is accurate.

Perfect for the summer! Another gem from ID Parfums. I am really happy with this free gift.

Recently I discovered that Isabel Derroisné is a daughter company from Yves Rocher. That surprised me, because I actually got bored by most perfumes of Yves Rocher, they are all nice, but very middle of the road and not very outspoken, I only love Moment du Bonheur. I gifted my So Elixir Purple to my cousin on her birthday (I fortunately hadn't open the bottle yet, because I already had a 5 ml bottle) and I sold my open bottle of Quelque Notes D'Amour online. Fortunately I only own small bottles of 5 ml from So Elixir, Secret d'Essences Tendre Jasmin and Secret d'Essences Neroli, but I am even thinking seriously about giving my small bottle of Secret d'Essences Neroli away. I totally fell in love with ID Parfums, by accident, I only ordered three bottles of 7,5 ml in order to get a beautiful free red Daniel Hechter handbag, and am really surprised to find out, that the brand that really made get enough of the scents of Yves Rocher, is owned by Yves Rocher!

Halston Z14 Halston by jpgaud61 2016-05-03

I started wearing Halston Z-14 in 1977 when I could only find it in splash-on bottles.

Z-14 is still, today, my top compliment getter, for both men and women. I don't wear Halston much nowadays, but my wife will catch a whiff of Z-14 or 1-12 on me every once in a while & say: "Mmm-you smell nice". My Polo & Nautica fragrances don't elicit female compliments.

Yes, Z-14 is a little different (and slightly weaker) than I remember the original formulation to be, but it still has very good longevity, projection, and sillage. I'm glad Eve Arden picked up Halston's fragrance house.

Z-14 is a busy fragrance. I imagine Halston wondering: "How many different ingredients can I put into a man's fragrance and successfully market it?" Z-14's scent is very aromatic, but I can't classify it wholly as "woodsy" "green", "oriental", "balsamic" or "sporty". I personally classify Z-14 and 1-12 as "Mosaics"; I detect a little bit of just about everything tossed into the mix...except Aldehydes.

Like Liz Claiborne's Curve fragrances, Halston Z-14 & 1-12 are somewhat on the synthetic side, but still smell quite good; and they're inexpensive. I don't think Halston's classics are going away anytime soon.

Z-14 opens on me with a refreshingly warm, cinnamon note accompanied with Amber, Jasmine, and Cypress; which gives Z-14 that nostalgic vibe to my nose. After about 30 minutes, the Cinnamon steps to the background, letting the Bergamot and Orange freshness buoy the emerging Cedar, Coriander, and Patchouli. For a cheap fragrance, there's a lot going on here for another 3 hours before Z-14 settles to Leather, Tonka, Musk, Oak Moss and the predominately resinous, Benzoin base notes.

Z-14 has a warm, inviting, pleasant, lightly sweet, classy, and relevantly masculine scent.

Z-14 & it's lighter, greener, younger brother 1-12, are not only masculine, but still versatile. I can easily wear these fragrances in a suit & tie just as well as in a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. Z-14 is still a very good fit for me; just as well as Old Spice. Rather than calling Z-14 dated, I prefer to use the word: "nostalgic".

Halston's classic fragrances evoke memories of long ago, smell enjoyably great, and have very good longevity and projection on my skin. Z-14 reiterates the truism: fragrances need not be expensive to be good. Z-14 truly is an American classic fragrance that's being rediscovered generations later. Two thumbs up!

"For women only?" If I spray some on, am I going to melt into a puddle like when Dorothy splashes water on The Wicked Witch of the West? Call me defiant, but I'm up for the challenge.

Vol de Nuit Guerlain by shiva-woman 2016-05-03

Got my nice sample from STC of "Vintage VN" and it simply is of a certain time. My first thoughts were: Oakmoss!!! OMG Oakmoss! Then it was the resins, the spices, the citrus-bergamot, all wafting through with the bitter galbanum and oakmoss. Pungent. Within minutes though, what I was smelling on my wrists was a bit different from the wafts coming up from my decolletage, which was "peachy-citrus" sweetness (a tiny bit Coco on me). Then my second thought was "Tabu"! (Don't hate me out there), but this smells like the "old" vintage Tabu--not Walmart--the "good stuff"). So it reminds me of a time when many of these scents had the oakmoss, citrus (orange/flower and bergamot). This took a while to settle down, and when it did it became a gorgeous primarily amber and civet (to my nose) dry down, some of that famous "Gourlinade" vanilla-esque warmth and skin scent which I suspect is actually the superior sandalwood I'm picking up. This is an absolutely lovely perfume. Now, I do not think it is necessarily "one of a kind"--but it is definitely one for its time; other scents do remind me of this one, and I agree with Rasputin 96 who said that a lot of Guerlain fragrances have a similarity to them. This is not L'heure Bleue, but there is "familial scent tree" on which this is a branch--a very lovely branch on which to perch a while. This an absolute "try"--an "anchor" perfume, and it really reminded me again of the power that is "oakmoss" (yes, it tickled the nose). Silage is quite moderate after two hours (skin scent) and longevity is moderate as well. I have a 3 ml sample, so I'm half-way through that with one try! If one had "the bottle" I suspect a few spritzes would knock 'em over for an hour or two, and then it would linger more closely.

Versense Versace by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

The first whiff is promising, green and citrussy. However very soon the usual fresh-fruity-floral astringent combo of sourness and ozone overload makes its familiar entry and stays relentlessly. What a generic scent... shame, the idea was promising.

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah by Cauda Pavonis 2016-05-03

I can’t stop putting this on even though I should put it away for next fall. I’d heard about this from YouTube reviewers and have to agree that it’s a delicious, wonderful fragrance for next to nothing. It’s very similar to Angel but I personally think it’s better since it doesn’t have that weird plastic doll head smell. Starts off a bit strong (but still yummy in my book) but the dry down is to die for; a sweet, delicious gourmand oriental. Boozy vanilla goodness!

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel by lisa o 2016-05-03

For so long, I tried to avoid 19 Poudré because I really always found it too watered down when I tested it, and the iris too sour...and prefered wearing 19 in all it's austerity and elegance (I'm a galbanum lover).
But now I bought it (Freudian slip) and am in love. Yes, i agree, it could have been more special in its composition (actually I miss the galbanum here?!), but it's supergreat if it's still too cold outside for 28 La Pausa and the occasion is not formal enough for 19 and I have worn "my" beloved Sycomore for many days in a row. I even wear it after the gym or, actually, ahhm...everywhere at the moment, to be honest.
The sillage is not very strong, nor is lasting power, that's ok with me, I only need a soft trace and I enjoy it, really.

Fleur de Figuier Roger & Gallet by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

To me this does not smell like fig, it is more of a generic fruity floral, reminding me of shampoo. Fig is more of a green scent in my opinion. If you want a simple nonoffensive bodyspray scent this is not expensive and still has a decent sillage and longevity.

Mod Noir Marc Jacobs by Tovah 2016-05-03

VERY Tuvache Jungle doesn't connote 1960s "Mod" to me, at all. This is the scent of '50s icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood...or 1980s Jovan Island Gardenia. Cute bottle.

Acqua e Zucchero Profumum Roma by RickG 2016-05-03

Concentrated "sugar water" sweetness appropriate for a cool spring night out or fall/winter evening. A little bit goes a long way.

Dubai Citrine Bond No 9 by Tepatrojan 2016-05-03

I just sampled this at bloomingdales in Santa Monica. Blast of fresh citrus for the first 3 minutes. Fades a bit. Now it is settling into a woody floral with hints of orange/mandarin creamish sorta vibe. Smells really good. Reminds me of Atelier citrus edt. I cant say that im head over heels, since i feel that i have smelled this scent in other places, so, although its good, its not outa this world.

Carlos Santana for Women Carlos Santana by NouveauDruid 2016-05-03

If anyone knows where I can get some or a very similar scent, please inform me. This is a summer favorite for when I grow tired of the limes, pineapples, and grapefruits everywhere.

What I picked up from Carlos Santana for Women was a caramel note tempered by coconut and iris. I never smelled the neroli but then, neroli is fleeting to my nose although it's one of my favorites. The warm, musky drydown was perfection.

The best thing about CS was that it left just the right sillage trail and everyone roundly loved it on me, especially men. I always felt sexy wearing CS. It is missed!

Amira Gold Al Haramain Perfumes by golden 2016-05-03

I had this around 10 years ago. I had forgotten all about it, until I decided to buy many al rehab oils.
Now I really don't know what has happened, because the bottle used to be much heavier. A more solid metal, and the juice was more a syrup consistentsy.
Now on to the oil, well that seemed to have changed also..
To my nose it was such a beast..very overly sweet, and very much oud! Back then I never noticed many people wearing oud oils as they do now.
This smells the same, just much more watered-down. Its very unfortunate.But I will try it again this summer to see, how well it projects. Its sweet, well rounded, slightly floral, with a tinge of pud thrown in. Very, very feminine. I absolutely still have so much love for this attar.

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by shiva-woman 2016-05-03

My brief review only serves as a warning to deep, dark, wood/resin/amber lovers only: stay away from this. And, this post may last about one day (given the love for DKNY BDD), but imho, this is a horrid scent. My tastes are varied but do lean to richer darker woods, ouds, well-done florals, heavy, rich, powdery Guerlains.

But, I was in a "Jolly Rancher" kind of mood (hits every now and then), and I thought, "Why not try out this fun apple-citrus-cool summer fruity-clean scent?" Mistake.

This is the worst of the offending "laundry detergent smells" out there. This is "functional" taken to a lower level. And, to thoroughly bum me out, I did not get ANY Jolly Rancher Apple! I actually love/like many of the notes listed, but I just got an overall synthetic Arm and Hammer or something--just vaguely "clean musky" scent. I sprayed a few times to see if I would find a green apple or a cucumber. I did not. Nor was citrus lurking anywhere nearby--just a low-key white clean musk. And then it disappeared. I sprayed a few times, so silage and longevity should have been, well, fantastic. But it wasn't.

All in all, this is/was a dud for me. I think if someone likes this "genre" or category, they'd be better off with Coach Popppy Citrine (which I do like on occasion for super hot days and when I'm just dashing out the door). The notes are not the same (no green apple in Citrine, and it's more calone), but the overall effect might be. Of course, I never got the green apple...

I will try one more time, but this one is not for me.

Coral Michael Kors by Tovah 2016-05-03

This is very, very similar to Michael Kors Sexy Rio de Janeiro! It's a juicy, raspberry floral - an all-around feel-good summer scent. It also reminds me of Michael Kors Very Hollywood.

And now something completely different... I Wanted something that was missing from my collectio and I found it. I simplylove it, really different from all the similar perfumes that are out now.. And yes. It reminds me of a mojito

Eau d'Hadrien Annick Goutal by Cauda Pavonis 2016-05-03

LEEEMMOOONNNN!!!!!! Soooo much lemon!! It's a very candy-like lemon, like lemonheads. It's not all lemon though - I can definitely pick up the cypress, and the other citrus adds a juicy depth and sweetness - but this overwhelmingly about the lemon. Almost no longevity; dries down really fast to a faint, almost aquatic and slightly bitter, though still pretty, scent. A really nice (and really expensive) Jean Nate.

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum Chanel by MrLoveHisFragrances83 2016-05-03

I have a few samples of this edp version of "bleu" and what I can say is that it is a deeper more refined version which is truly a timeless scent.

In my opinion this is a more laid back version of the original so it far from screams, unlike the original which is more bright and sharper.

I prefer the edt for smell however, it is still a great scent in close quarters.

Lucky Number 6 for Men Liz Claiborne by Knightofwands 2016-05-03

A deep, dry fruity Fahrenheit. £2.90 plus postage on eBay. Less than £6 in total. Worth it for the lovely, unusual bottle alone.
Safe curiosity blind buy

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by MrLoveHisFragrances83 2016-05-03

I'm not an experienced nose or anything but what I can say is this is one of the most best smelling citrus aromas going, albeit Chanel with the added quality.

Ladies and gents generic or non generic to my nose it smells excellent and easily projects, has great longevity and leaves a nice scent trail.

Do you remember in 'Sex and the City' when Carrie see the shoes she covets in the store window and says "Hello Lover.." ??? This is the exact reaction I have every time I see this bottle. I love the bottle, I love the bow, I love the pretty pink juice color...and I LOVE this scent. I have a lot of trouble with floral sometimes and had thought Gardenia may be one of my trigger flowers. But for whatever reason on my skin I get hardly any Gardenia at all. I love that it's a sweet floral as opposed to a powdery one which I cannot handle. I love that it's fruity. I LOVE the way I feel wearing this scent. Happy the instant I smell it. It seems to last on me well. If you have trouble with florals you should give this one a sniff. Not offensive to me at all and my nose is SO sensitive.

Femme Icon Avon by tahia_loky 2016-05-03

Realmente se parece al perfume de escada?? quiero probarlo pero leyendo los comentarios me desanima un poco.

Endymion Concentré Penhaligon`s by acidnbase 2016-05-03

Finally, an Endymion EdP! Yes, please! :)

Yatagan Caron by Marilimorajaspani 2016-05-03

I bought this and I have given it a few chances but it is not for me, it is strange and unpleasant IMHO. Of course there are many who enjoy this smell... I have great admiration and respect for Caron but this Yatagan and Yuzu are not for me.

I have full bottles for sale if anyone is interested?

Krizia Uomo Krizia by K1 2016-05-03

I grew up with this barbershop perfumes, have lots of memories with them and know them very well. Krizia Uomo, while many perfumes are ahead their times, tries to step back stubbornly. There's something seriously retro in this fragrance that belongs to past but not certain in which past we're targeting cause it's older than any suggestion. Personally I don't like this retro-phil character but the smell itself is so good in fact.

Krizia opens with load of classic pine, fresh, soapy aldehydic and foamy plus delicious fresh sour junipers. While top notes are still callow a massive wave of grown notes including carnation, geranium, chypre leather accord, and sharpened pencil cedar appear and take hegemony. Cedar is so ephemeral, so as geranium, but carnation, leather and oakmoss beside pine which is still the king play an extremely fat and salty chypre theme. Does this reminds you something? Two-penny art of Jacques Bogart: One Man Show.

من با روایح آرایشگاهی بزرگ شدم، کلی خاطره دارم باهاشون و خیلی هم خوب میشناسمشون. کریزیا اوآمو، برعکس خیلی از عطرا که از زمانشون جلوتر و نوآورانه هستن، سرسختانه مصمم به عقب موندنه. یه حس جدی جدی قدیمی توی ترکیب این عطر هست که به گذشته تعلق داره. مهم نیست کِی، شما هر چی عقبتر برین انگار این قدیمیتر هست! راستش با اینکه کارهای کلاسیک رو اصیلتر میدونم زیاد از این خصلت خوشم نیومد گرچه خود عطر بد هم نیست

کریزیا اوآمو با لایۀ سنگینی از کاج شروع میکنه و خنک و آلدهیدی و کف کرده و صابونی هست و به همراه اون بوی خوشمزه و تر و تازۀ ژونیپر (میوۀ اُرس) هم بالا میاد. در حالی که لایۀ رویی هنوز تر و تازه هست و کامل نشده موج قدرتمندی از نتهای پایه شامل گل میخک، شمعدانی، اکورد چرمی شیپق و چوب سدروس با بوی مداد تازه تراشیده شده بالا میان و قدرت رو دست میگیرن. سدروس و شمعدانی زیاد دوام نمیارن اما میخک، چرم و خزۀ بلوط در کنار کاج که همچنان بازی میکنه، تشکیل فضایی چرب و نمکی شیپق میدن. شما رو یاد عطری ننداخت این حس؟ بله شاهکار دو قرونی ژاکس بوگارت: وان من شو

This reminds me of the EDT but it is more floral with a prominent rose it is very elegan and classy with an underlying sweetnes if you love rhe line this is a must try

Daisy Blush Marc Jacobs by plum 2016-05-03

Today I was aproached by a very nice shop assistant who kindly asked if I was familiar with the brand and would like to try this new fragrance.
I got one spritz onto my wrist and left the shop.
Actually I didn't remember the name - I noticed "blush" part only and pink colour and here I found it's a Daisy flanker.
It's very generic flowery sweet fragrance. like the other person here, I am surprised there's no peony - I can smell peony.
it's a crowd pleaser, nice, summery, sweet, non offensive fragrance. It's not very memorable or recognizable but you will know its Marc Jasobs.
Not bad but nothing I would buy for myself.

Nikita Slava Zaitsev by ladushka 2016-05-03

Discontinued...too bad, such a pity! Luckily I stll have two bottles. It is treasure in a bottle.. Starts fresh but very quickly turns deep: tiara and datura flower ( not listed here but listed on other fragrance sites and on the fragrance itself). Then ginger comes into play, spicy, playful and just a tiny bit sweet ( paprika, vanilla?). Enourmous longevity and good sillage. Dark, mysterious fragrance, colour purple....good for night wear.

Eau d'Hadrien Annick Goutal by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

At first there is an overwhelming lemony blast. Then it turns into a lovely subdued green and tangy composition. Grapefruit is evident cz. i like it but it is a little bit weak, to me that is better than too strong though as i could spray more.

Halston Z14 Halston by RL_S 2016-05-03

I got a 7ml. bottle (a miniature basically) today , which is a perfect size to try it out.

Initial impressions:
a tad dated, masculine, classy, quite a bit of that 'clean shaven' smell from the 70's/80's, some old citrus notes. Reminds me of some standout-ingredients from the scents my dad used (he was big on Kouros, Paco Rabanne & Santos) back in the day. I like it.
I don't get the big cinnamon thing (something I didn't like in CK's Obsession) here by the way.

Seems more suited for the classy gentleman, not the teenager heartthrob.

Will update this review after a while.

Received it for free as a "thank you" gift for my order from Yves Rocher website.
Used it yesterday for the first time, and, to be honest I couln't stand myself! Used it today again, and again, I was walking and wishing I could run away and leave this smell behind.
I wasn't familiar with tiare flower and I don't like it I guess. To heavy and overwhelming. It may be better for holiday in tropics or for just very hot weather becuse it takes you into that holiday mood. I almost found it inappropriate to wear in the spring time in the city.
Not sure if I want to wear it again.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by velvetnightmares 2016-05-03

I bought this perfume after I read all these amazing reviews about it. I absolutely adore sweet perfumes, at it can never get sweet enough for me, so I thought (since I heard so many great things about pink sugar) this would be a perfect perfume for me. I stand corrected though! This is the first time in my life I ever came across a perfume that was too sweet for me. It is so incredibly intense and overwhelming it gives me a headache and makes me nauseous. I have tried several times, but I always end up having to wash it right off again. It is really a shame, cause I spent 2 years trying to get my hands on this perfume.

Beauty Calvin Klein by MWhitman 2016-05-03

I remember buying a bottle of this when it came out. I love jasmine and love the way it smelled on the paper strip. When it hit my skin, I was repulsed. I've learned my lesson on always spraying on your skin and not trusting tester strips.

I ended up giving this bottle to a friend and it is what she still wears to this day. I even like the way it smells on her. It just goes to show that different skin types give different results.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by MWhitman 2016-05-03

This is both one of my favorite and least favorite fragrances on a guy. It is so strong that the slightest over spray can totally kill it. I can easily pick this one out in a crowd. Most of the time it is too much.

Here is a tip: One spray behind your neck and you are good. Please stop bathing yourselves in this :)


I remember my brother having this summer flanker. My friends would go crazy when they would smell it on him. I'm 99% sure it was this 2002 year. I've always wanted to buy him another bottle if anything just for the memories. It is a tough one to find.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by MWhitman 2016-05-03

I'm a girl and I actually wear this on occasion. When I get ready at my friends house, I will steal a few sprays from her brothers bottle.

It is a great clean scent that I enjoy smelling on myself. I fell like it lasts a decent amount of time.

I wouldn't necessarily buy a bottle for myself, but it's good in a pinch.

In Me Armand Basi by mi55anthr0py 2016-05-03

@Matt - LMAO! I was thinking the same thing. Tempered glass, perhaps? Good grief... ;)

Black Vines Kerosene by JMSG 2016-05-03

This is quite possibly the most unpleasant scent I have ever tried, out of hundreds. Oriental? I don't think so. My 14-year-old son recoiled from it too. A scrubber for me, but it's hard to remove, even with soap and a loofah. So at least those who enjoy it can know it's tenacious! Moral: blind-buy at your own risk.

Sauvage Christian Dior by MWhitman 2016-05-03

It's true what they say about women loving this. I am a women and I can't get enough. All my friends agree. There is a bartender that wears it and let's just say it adds a few points <3

Beauty Calvin Klein by scain54 2016-05-03

Not sure what issue I have with this. Jasmine is my favorite note, but in Beauty I get a definite indolic vibe, and it's not at all pleasant. I'll try it a few more times....give it a chance. But it's not at all what expected after having read the reviews.

Coco Mademoiselle Parfum Chanel by MWhitman 2016-05-03

The parfum is soooo good. I sprayed from a friends bottle and like it better than my regular one. It's not enough to warrant me buying when I have a 90% full bottle of the regular. Once I run out, that will be another story.

Boucheron Quatre Intense Boucheron by auroramaria 2016-05-03

I hope this is a bit more interesting than original Quatre which is a bit boring in my opinion.At least thre's heliotrope and vanilla to give a bit of sweetness to the scent.

Shalimar Cologne Guerlain by snel hest 2016-05-03

Oh this is gorgeous. It's the perfect combo of Shalimar and Parfum Initial. Lots of vanilla, citrus and bergamot, the smoke and leather is toned down but still in the background and without being IN YOUR FACE.
This is Shalimar Wearable Version which dries down to PI. It's very lovely!

In Me Armand Basi by Matt Oldham 2016-05-03

This can't be real.

Polo Black Ralph Lauren by joenick68 2016-05-03

Another first timer, and I still discovering the performance of this fragrance, so far I think is enjoyable, but I haven't gotten any comment from it so far.
The notes are quite different from what I have smelled from the Ralph Lauren house.
Will need to make an update on it.

XJ 1861 Naxos Xerjoff by Q80 2016-05-03

This is a honey sweet slight saffron with cinnamon, tonka bean and a hint of tobacco. This fragrance i have sniffed somewhere but i can't remember! or maybe it is common to my nose as i think i have smelled similarities sometimes on people i know and it wasn't Naxos for sure.
It is quality and nicely blended but to me it's not what i seek as i feel it's kind of too sweetish to my taste and too common as well.

Seminalis Orto Parisi by alberto1964 2016-05-03

Carnal attraction? I don't know, but I think it's a great way to begin a contact between two people. Indecipherable content. Maybe traces of almonds, vanilla, musk, tangerine? Maybe, but all dusty, provocative, vibrant. Recognizable hallmark by Alessandro Gualtieri, magnificent his fearless search. To try to love.
Great longevity and excellent persistence

Fiero Xerjoff by Gabri031982 2016-05-03

Any one can give us feedback about The new 100 ml size ?
Thank you in advance

Pop Exotic Yves Rocher by MichelleLindh 2016-05-03

I ordered this today and I'm so excited for it. Hopefully it's fruity smelling and "pineappley" :D Will go in for a more i debt review once it's here.

Azzaro pour Homme Azzaro by Sorush 2016-05-03

I've got a tester of Azzaro pour homme. it is vintage and strong sillage and projection. a monsterous longevity. true vintage and I was lucky.
timeless masterpiece.

Kerbside Violet Lush by houstcs 2016-05-03

Oh my lord, I finally got the spray bottle today. Jeez this is so different than the solid. It's what I have been hoping for an more since it was released. Indiana finally got it and it's so intense. Very deeply earthy and metallic green. I dare compare it to prada violette and la violette by Annick goutal (without the strange hint of aerosol). It's like getting kurbstomped into a violet bush and dirt.

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette Gucci by dzingunyte 2016-05-03

why they make EDT for already very weak and poor EDP? it faded away in minutes from my wrist when i've just tried it :D

Nike Red Man Nike by mbothra1 2016-05-03

Similar to D&G One

Coco Mademoiselle Parfum Chanel by christina.shippey partin 2016-05-03

It smells VERY similar to me like Miss Dior!!!!!!!!I am stuck in the middle of which one to get for myself for mothers day!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eau D`Orange Verte Hermes by dzingunyte 2016-05-03

blind bought this today. i hope i won't be disappointed :D can't wait to try it!! :)

Sauvage Christian Dior by Florinakke 2016-05-03

Women love it! is good but don`t spray too much!

When you're working with fig you don't need to put too much effort to make a masterpiece, this fruit is a masterpiece by default; a collection of smells and impressions. L'Arbre de la Connaissance - the tree of knowledge - is a solid fig perfume with interesting touch of freshness, milk and cream.

Top layer presents verdant tone and intoxicating smell of fig freshened by citrus accord. It's enchanting, fresh, HD quality and you feel leaves' hairs and all the details borrowed from nature so far. Colin Millard named it arboreal and I second his perfect statement. I always appreciate such brevity explanations. L'Arbre de la Connaissance is indeed a feral human with broad fig leaves covering genital and this primitive outfit is the beginning of wisdom.

We don't have a lot of fig perfumes to be picky and as summer comes search for a fresh fig fragrance increases. LAdlC is a fresh green woodsy fig with shades of delicious and acidic unripe fruit. The perfume stubbornly displays this stony fig smell till it eventually settles in creamy and milky woodiness with sandalwood in the dry out. The sandalwood is much a neutre and castrated type without its monk'esque character, to merely deliver milky and fluffy warm impression of eastern wood. It has nice skin-mate longevity over 12 hours but mediocre in projection after a couple of hours.

I so like this fragrance but don't adore cause I'm a fan of carnal and lavish fig smells with damp intimacy air, but Jovoy preferred it to be fresh and sharp. This is just a personal choice not a drawback. But Jovoy someday gets bankrupt not because of odors, but because of titles. How do they name such perfumes while much more than half of the world still can't deal with logic in French pronunciations?! It's one of the hardest perfume to name.

وقتی دارین با انجیر عطر میسازین نیازی نیست خیلی تقلا کنین که یا شاهکار ارائه بدین چون این میوه به خودی خود یه شاهکار طبیعته؛ کلکسیونی از روایح و احساسات. "درخت دانش" عطری هست تک محور که با انجیر کار شده و رایحه ای بامزه، خنک شیری و کِرِم مانند داره

لایۀ رویین نُت سبز و بوی اغواگر انجیر که با اکورد مرکبات خنک و ترش شده رو به نمایش میذاره. خنک و فِرِش، با کیفیت اچ دی و شما پرز برگهای انجیر رو هم دقیق مثل اون چیزی که توی طبیعت هست حس میکنین. "درخت دانش" واقعا بوی انسانی رو میده که توی طبیعت زندگی میکنه و برگ پهن انجیر شرمگاهش رو پوشونده و این لباس بدوی شروع تفکر و تعقل بوده

ما چندان عطرای انجیری زیادی نداریم که بخوایم بینشون یکی رو به سختی انتخاب کنیم و همینطور که تابستون میاد میل به جستجو برای عطر انجیری مناسب هم بالا میره. این عطر هم یه عطر خنک سبز و چوبی انجیری هست با نمه هایی از مزۀ اسیدی و خوشمزۀ انجیر کال که عطر این رایحه رو سرسختانه تا انتها حفظ میکنه تا جایی که نهایتا عطر فرود میکنه و بوی چرب و گرم و مخملی و شیریِ چوب سندل خودش رو نشون میده. این سندل مثل کارهای شرقی بوی راهبه های هندو و سرزمینهای اسرارانگیز هندوستان رو نمایش نمیده، حالتی عقیم و خنثی داره که فقط میخواد چربی و بوی شیرمانندش رو به انجیر بده. روی پوست موندگاری خیلی خوبی داره. روی پوست من تا 12 ساعت میمونه. تو دو ساعت اول خیلی نشر بوی خوبی داره و قشنگ رد میندازه اما بعدش کم کم از محیط نزدیک مشخص میشه

از این عطر خیلی خوشم اومد اما عاشقش نشدم چون من طرفدار عطرهای انجیری با بوی شهوت پرستانه و دم کرده هستم و این فقط یه ترجیح شخصی هست و چیزی از این عطر کم نمیکنه. خب ژووی هم ترجیح داده انجیرش ترش و خنک و تابستونی باشه. اما یه روزی ژووی ورشکست میشه، نه بخاطر عطراش بخاطر این اسامی که انتخاب میکنه. این عطر رو که فکر کنم متوجه شدین از تلفظش طفره رفتم تو طول رویو "لابغوبغه دو لا کونیسونس" میخونن و من باید یه سال تموم زحمت بکشم که بتونم این رو بخونم! نمیدونم چطور در صورتی که میبینن هنوز بیشتر از نصف جمعیت جهان نمیتونن منطق تلفظ رو توی فرانسوی درک کنن، همچین اسامی سختی میذارن!!؟

Encre Noire Lalique by mustafa76 2016-05-03

الغيوم تملأ الوادي وانت تجلس في منزل ريفي على احد سفوح الوادي وباب الغرفة مفتوح وموقد حطب وعندما تضع احد قطع الخشب المبتلة في موقد الحطب عندها تخرج رائحة هذا العطر تشعرك بشدة البرد وقرب قدوم الدفء

هذا العطر يعشق الشتاء عندما يدب اللون الاخضر على الارض

Essence of the Park Carthusia by dahlia 2016-05-03

Though they don't share a single note, Essence of the Park and Feu d'Issey light are in my opinion quite similar, not to say at one point of their development - almost identical. Essence of the Park starts green and fresh, and some time liter changes into more warm, soft fragrance. Very beautiful - masterfully blended, not a singe note sticks out of the rest. Very cheerful, spa-like, uplifting, quiet and gentle fragrance. I don't see it as unisex, definitely feminine.

Sandalwood Pacifica by Carnation 2016-05-03

Pacifica Sandalwood is more about oranges than it is about sandalwood.
It opens with a slightly soapy and sweet orange (mandarin) note, which progresses to a very faint sandalwood middle and base note. However the ever present oranges sadly overshadows with what could have been a better done fragrance. That being said, it is a nice,linear scent.
As I am sure most are aware of, Pacifica's perfumes are not known for their longevity or strength of projection and having tried several from their line, this is no exception. I have this in the roller ball form. I have also had the solid as well.
Pacifica does make some beautiful perfumes but I do wish that they had more staying power.

Endymion Penhaligon`s by Platinum1 2016-05-03

~ I thought I had smelled, tested, worn all the quintessential Gentleman scents up until I shook hands with this top hat, leather glove, lavender lapel wearing proper English Gentleman! This is perhaps the first serious contender to potentially dethrone my Signature Chanel? I am completely enamored with the perfection of Endymion's soft, sweet, confident personality. The lavender is so smooth so romantic this will surely please anyone who would accompany you on a Sunday drive or a fall walk in the park! This is warm and welcoming in it's subtle leather and musk base the perfect companion. I give this Penhaligon's an endorsement for any man who wants to bring his style to the next level and please many noses along the way!
Kind Regards, Plat ~
Scent - 10/10

Eau De Charlotte Annick Goutal by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

Ver feminine and girly. I got violet, then sweet oliander. Love the oliander, not so much the violet. A skin scent.

Emblem Montblanc by mustafa76 2016-05-03

الطبقة الاولى عبقة بالحمضيات ثم يتحول العطر الى طبقة خفيفة من رائحة عطر كارولاينا مان
وعندما يجف هذا العطر على الجلد تظهر رائحة الاخشاب
بصراحة هو اول عطر عندي اشعر فعليا ان طبقات رائحته تتغير فعلا اعجبني هذا العطر

عند جفافه تماما على الجلد يمكنك ملاحظة رائحة خفيفة للعود و بعد استخدامه لمدة ستة ساعات وفي اخر الامر فهو قريب من عطر جاكور اكسلنس

Insolence Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

The insolence of a 19-year old girl going rampant in the candy shop. Not as bad as it may sound like though. Cause the girl is quite breathtaking and it is a luxury caramel store. Insolence is a very smooth version of the nowadays big crowd of very sweet tonka based scents. The high quality blend shines through but so does the slight obnoxiousness of overly sweetened musk eventually. Sillage and longevity are impressive so if you like tonka gourmands it is one to try.

Encre Noire Lalique by Chambery 2016-05-03

not for everyone.. which adds to it's mystique. 4 out of 5. something for a cold day. smell the fumes!

Allure Pour Homme Chanel by Chambery 2016-05-03

one of my favs. hope they never stop making this. 5 out of 5

Aqua Fahrenheit Christian Dior by Giv 2016-05-03

يه بوي خيارمانندونفتي وخنك به فارنهايت اضافه كنيدميشه آكوافارنهايت.خيلي خوشبو وعاليه فقط من توليد٢٠١٤گرفتم وپخش وماندگاريش خيلي بالانيست متاسفانه بااين حال ارزش خريدوداره(ازنظرمن البته

All About Eve Joop! by ladushka 2016-05-03

All about Eve was my signature scent when I was in my twenties. Crispy, fresh, warm and lomg-lasting with a light sweetness. Green apples, cinnamon and champagne. Playful slightly woodsy undertone....elegant beauty. It is reformulated now, and it is more linear, less complex, a bit boring but still quite a decent scent. Nothing like Donna Karan's apples, a bit more like Burberry's Brit ot the Beat but with much more character.

Discontinued. Get it while you can!
The vetiver and spices in this has a familiar smell of a bag of pot. Whenever I wear, that's what I think of.
O the good ole days.

PS Caligna to me is light and soft. This has a more definite scent.

Amber Queen A Dozen Roses by mellymel10 2016-05-03

I don't really get the ginger in this but all the same I'm crazy in love with this scent. It's light and fresh and pure. I couldn't ask for a better spring scent.

Chloe Narcisse Chloe by jenmyarbrough 2016-05-03

One of my favorites of all time. It has a snappy, vegetal freshness that is otherworldy and beautiful. I think that its closest companion is Byredo's La Tulipe, which has the greenest, stemmiest, waxy quality. In juxtaposition, Narcisse evokes the moist petals of daffodils, and the peppery crispness of carnation along with the snap of stems. Within minutes, the peach and apricot begin to infuse the flowers with a fleshy sour note. It's not a ripe peach exactly, more like the firm, golden fruit before it has come to fruition.

It's freshness is reminiscent in some ways of Estee Lauder's White Linen, in that Narcisse evokes a clean, wind-scrubbed outdoorsiness, a no nonsense, cleanliness that retains sunshine in the bottle. Remarkable!

I believe that the official description above that suggests that one "be careful how much you use," does Narcisse a disservice. The same could be said of any fragrance, and such a directive might scare off potential sniffers. Don't be alarmed fellow Fragranticans! Narcisse is well worth discovering.

Angel Les Parfums de Cuir Thierry Mugler by lastcenturymodern 2016-05-03

So I'm dousing myself with the stuff while reading the back of the box where it says "Partly matured in a vat containing fragments of leather, Angel eau de parfum has smooth and subtle leathery overtones..." and I'm thinking, how much of a difference is stirring a few "fragments of leather" into the world's most polarizing powerhouse perfume going to make?? If this were anything else I'd be annoyed but who are we kidding, it's Angel, it's awesome.

Chance Eau Tendre Chanel by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

Starts out as a totally gourmand fresh juicy apple you have just bitten into. Nice if you like to smell like an apple. Later on some more usual fruity-floral notes are noticeable and a light musk. But beware, this left an ammonium stench for a few days on my coat so i would recommend taking care not to let it get in contact with fabrics you want to use again before washing. I wonder if anyone else had this experience or was i just unlucky. Anyways, on to other stuff, i am not interested in fruity gourmand and musky fumes.

J`adore Christian Dior by magnumgirl51 2016-05-03

Sasco, you left a great review and I absolutely agree with you. Your remark about sexy perfume being something much darker and deeper with incense or musk, is what I believe, too. But if I wear this or Classique (I love both) and I run into my ex-husband, he always says something very nice and doesn't leave my side!! I, of course, think this is hilarious. This one is very sweet and flowery, but also has a very clean scent. I really like to wear it in warmer weather, so I guess it's time to move it to a more prominent position on my dresser just in case I run into my ex again.

Xeryus Rouge Givenchy by tim782 2016-05-03

My first review here and I'm a novice fragrance fan.

Xeryus Rouge was the very first fragrance I ever tried, and I have a strong connection to it. It was 1995, I'd got hold of a tester of Xeryus Rouge, and I'd sloshed the whole thing over me on my first school theatre trip. It was an incredibly happy evening - a combo of culture and feeling independent on an evening trip out with friends (Michael Maloney as Hamlet, btw) and the fragrance has meant a lot to me ever since.I recently became actively interested in fragrances via Tania Sanchez' and Luca Turin's book, and I thought I'd buy a new bottle of XR.

I have the very last dregs of my original bottle of 'splash' aftershave, and have got the current spray EDT. Quite an eye opener about what a reformulation can do! The original had a wonderful fruity top note. This seems to me - with my novice's nose - to have been replaced by a much less interesting 'smoky' opening, but I think this is more accurately described above by others as 'peppery'.

It has the same construct as the original, but the freshness isn't there. So for me, I think I'll have to get my hands on a 'vintage' bottle if I'm going to be satisfied. I wore one of my last splashes of original the other day for the first time in years and got two compliments (which I never get!). I think that speaks volumes about the originality of this fragrance. Highly recommended from me - mainly for an October night at the theatre, although that's me being biased! :)

PS Recently bought Azzaro Pour Homme (which to me smells like Spandau Ballet's Paint Stripper), Chanel Pour Monsieur (which on me smells like my Granny getting dressed up for bingo...shame as I love it on other people) and Guerlain Habit Rouge, which I do like, but it's a bit almondy for me. Where next, if we consider XR my favourite?

Chance Eau Vive Chanel by sarage 2016-05-03

This is a very pleasant scent. Something, that could easily become my everyday scent. Very easy to wear, not challenging in any ways. It's fresh and elegant. I don't like iris, but in this scent it doesn't bother me a bit.
The citruses remain dominant, and that's what I like.

Gentleman Aramis by jpgaud61 2016-05-03

Forget Freeman's review is spot-on in my opinion. I agree Aramis Gentleman is a modern, lighter take on Aramis' classic men's fragrances. Gentleman is a Ginger bomb accompanied with the arrestingly edgy pepper spice note, but there's something else; I'm certain I detect a faint Lavender accord lurking in the background. Gentleman's scent is linear and doesn't change much through it's dry down.

Unlike Aramis for Men, Devin, and Havana, Gentleman lacks endurance and doesn't have the projection I'm used to expecting from Aramis. Like Adventurer, Gentleman fades fairly quickly to a skin scent with very little sillage inside of 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Gentleman is a pleasant, mature, casual scent for daily wear but since Gentleman is a shrinking violet on my skin, I get the best performance in the warmer Summer/Fall climes, when I can get about 5-6 hours out of Gentleman with an application of 4-6 sprays; ditto with Aramis Adventurer.

Gentleman is an elegant scent to my nose but not all that remarkable. Still a good scent to wear when I want to shake things up a bit in my fragrance regimen. However, if I want to add a little more aromatic class and sophistication, I'll still be reaching for Devin or Havana.

Chanel No 19 Eau de Parfum Chanel by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

Lovely oldstyle perfume which has a perfect blend of slightly warm ambery powder notes and green/floral notes that sing together. Later on it turns to a slightly soapy skin scent, still lovely but no sillage. Even if it is definitely a conservative and very polite scent - there is somehow something mother-in-law-like or tea partyish about it - it still somehow manages to be lighthearted and sensual. I would love to have this. The only complaint i have is that for the price it is not sufficient for me that the sillage only lasts for a few hours, then it stays a skin scent for a long time. This an coco are the only chanels that appeal to me so far.

L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum Guerlain by originaldeftom 2016-05-03

Just literally tried it in London's first perfume destination in Knightsbridge.

I am very happy to reveal that we got "3rd time lucky" with Guerlain's 3rd version of this scent, the EdP that represents itself as a more mature and mysterious (incense) specimen of the 'ideal man'.

The first burst is "colour orange" and whilst we read Bergamot as the sole hesperidic ingredient, I swear there is more; a mandarin or pampelmouse perhaps?

The original, which is still a good release, was too sweet and cloying to me, as it is a marzipan-chocolate-neroli overkill, geared for the youngens.

This one here is more adult-contemporary, aimed at the modern charismatic executive, who, let's face it, struggles to go clubbing to Ministry of Sound or Horsemeat Disco, because he has to get up the next morning for work. He still could do it, if and when, but he rather focusses on the really important things in life: his loved ones and his career and prefers to go to galleries or exhibitions.

This is truly an amazingly well-rounded composition of an already good fragrance, but it is THIS version I was waiting and yearning for.

Thank you Thierry Wasser (and Delphine Jelk)for going back to basics (yes I can smell the Guerlinade)and delivering 100%.

10/10. MASTERPIECE. My new Signature (L'Instant used to be the one).

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel by sarage 2016-05-03

This is..horrible. It is as awful as Infusion d`Iris. In the picture the perfume looks light, bright green. It's not light, bright and green.

It is powdery in a very dusty way. Yes, this smells like dust.
It is now a member of my Perfume Chamber of Horror.

I tried Chance Eau Vive in my other wrist the same time, and .. what a difference!
Yes, I love Chance Eau Vive and Chance Eau Fraiche, as much as I dislike this one.
Iris is not my thing.

Manila Grace Eau Fraîche Manila Grace by auroramaria 2016-05-03

Good job they did an eau fraiche the original Manila was so cloyingly sweet it wae unwerable and this is coming from someone who loves sweet fragrances.
This is an Italian brand justo sold in Italy but the rest of the world didn't miss much I guess

Shalimar Eau de Toilette Guerlain by badloser 2016-05-03

Damn this smells good! Baby powder, vanilla, spices. Last forever and ever and ever, and it's only an edt! Sillage is incredible too. I love Guerlain and I'm glad people think of Shalimar when they think of the brand, edp and edt are both works of art. Long live Shalimar.

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique Bottega Veneta by lastcenturymodern 2016-05-03

This doesn't get much love anywhere and I know there's a single scathing review of it on basenotes. I wrote a lame review last year which explains little to nothing and I'm giving it another go because I think it's special and here's why: It's a citrus cologne that's creamy without relying (heavily) on vanilla or white florals.

I own another perfume under guise of a "citrus cologne", Guerlain Cologne du 68, and that one fools you into thinking it's a refreshing herbal mediterranean thing until the vanilla creeps up on you and starts choking you by the neck. Essence Aromatique is linear by comparison; the thick, waxy texture is present from the beginning. I don't know how they managed to do it but it smells in equal parts like scented surf wax and a legitimate perfume. It conjures images of the beach without being too literal and let me assure you the marketing has nothing to do with it because I wasn't even aware of the beach ad until later.
So some people are calling this light, others are calling it heavy, and it makes sense to me because it's both. Only the heaviness they speak of, that creamy thickness, is something I actually associate with the beach. I wouldn't choose to wear this in the winter. Meanwhile, the lightness and airiness associated with colognes is never lost due to the tonka, sandalwood and vanilla being kept perfectly in check. Coriander is certainly prominent but not overwhelming; it provides an interesting twist to the fresh bergamot.
I have a hard time describing Essence Aromatique because it's simply so pleasant to my nose. It's easy and breezy while retaining an elegance that so few beach scents have.
A wonderful creation by Michel Almairac that's definitely worth a try should you have the chance.

Dune Christian Dior by badloser 2016-05-03

It smells "like and Indian beauty shop" according to my friend who loves to sniff me when I wear Dune. Soft and spicy, yet somehow clean and new. On me, I was surprised to notice the scent developing a notable sweetness as time went on, starting after the first 10 minutes. I think it must be the orange. A lovely contrast. I'm not a huge fan of the prominent amber, however, because that aspect reminiscent of the 90's (and prior) makes it feel a bit dated. Doesn't last as long as you want it to (about 3 hrs).

If Dune was an item of clothing it would be a sheer cream colored blouse, unbuttoned halfway.

It does remind me of last years lipari,
but this one is less fresh and not as
salty, i prefere lipari over this one tho.

Luna Rossa Sport Prada by groover 2016-05-03

Got myself a bottle of Prada Eau sport today,
and i think i can say its a cross between
the original and the sport, it has the freshness
of the original, but there is also a little bit
of the powdry sport version in it, i liked it
but i need to test it a bit more before i can give my
verdict as sillage and longevity goes.

Rosewood Banana Republic by badloser 2016-05-03

This was a bit odd. I was expecting amber bergamot and tea; AKA not a gourmand smell, and was very surprised when the gloopy thick vanilla ice cream mingled with something woody came streaming out of that bottle. It's really sweet like cake or candy or ice cream, but for a bizarre balance, that sweetness is contrasted with something warm and woody. It's actually pretty nice once you move past the gourmand surprise and has grown on me increasingly due to it's SUPERB longevity! IT LASTS ALL DAY ON SKIN AND INTO THE NEXT DAY ON CLOTHES. And that's with just 2 sprays. Great value for the price.

Ari Ariana Grande by ChloeKeny 2016-05-03

Normally I wouldn't consider owning anything by Ariana Grande but this was given to by a friend who didn't like the scent. Putting aside my dislike for Miss Grande, I have to say that this fragrance is alright. The bottle is really cute with its puff and pink juice, perfectly reflecting her feminine persona. However, the actual fragrance is pure boredom. This is the exact same raspberry, vanilla, musk that every single celebrity seems to be churning out. Sillage is very soft, requiring at least 10 sprays for a noticeable scent and longevity is about 30 minutes. Not one that I'd wear outside of my house, but it's perfect for days at home. I'm not disappointed because I understand I am not the target demographic, it's meant to be geared towards a younger crowd. Strictly based on that, I'll give this 4/5 stars. It's perfect for the younger generation that has yet to learn how to wear perfume. if they spray too much, no big deal, it won't overwhelm and it's gone on 30 minutes. The only thing I have to deduct points for is originality. I wish a celebrity that interests the younger crowd would stop holding up the status quo and push for something unconventional.

Paul Smith London Women Paul Smith by Planet_X 2016-05-03

Typical story for Paul Smith house - underrated, yet highly elusive juices. Both Londons - male and female versions, are little masterpieces in group of everyday very enjoyable fragrances, hard to get, expensive prices. Yet seems like no one really knows much about them, strange after all.
London is very interesting patch with heliotrope, smooth, rich, vanilla infused, with light bitterness of lime and with cute freshness of lilacs, it is very likeable and very well-blended, I miss scents like that - friendly, easy to wear, long-lasting and happy, yet not trivially so.

Loverdose Diesel by DONNA VARSIK 2016-05-03

Love the bottle but this makes me cough like crazy.i can't wear it too so sorry I bought it.

J`adore Christian Dior by Sasco 2016-05-03

I snagged a used bottle of this from the Bay out of sheer curiosity. It's not my usual cup of tea, but I find it rather pleasant in a clean, fresh kinda way. I'm mainly getting pear, melon and lily here; the other notes are a tad indistinct on my skin but that happens quite a lot with other frags. Bright, slightly sweet and a little soapy. Golden, in fact.

What I found strange with J'adore is that both my partner and a guy at work said it smelled 'sexy'. This is not really my idea of a seductive perfume; I imagine something much darker and deeper, perhaps with incense or musk. Certainly not something as bubbly and effervescent as this little lady! Intrigued, I asked my boyfriend why he found such a 'clean' scent to be so enticing - his response was that J'adore is exactly that - clean. He said soapy, fresh fragrances always made him think of the wearer showering, of her bare skin - which led predictably on to thoughts of sex! (Hmmm. How many chicks has he been thinking this way about?!).

Not saying this is true of all guys, of course, but it kinda makes sense. I just think it's a darn nice perfume for this time of year. Would I buy a bigger bottle? Ask me when I finish this one - because I definitely WILL finish. Versatile enough for all occasions, but I think I'll use it after a shower at the end of a long, hot, bothersome day. Sillage is average, longevity pretty good. Me likey!

Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Christian Dior by D A V A R I 2016-05-03

بفرمایید کمی آرامش

دقیقا یک ظرف آب خنک که توش لیموی برش خورده تازه باشه همراه شاخه و برگش و شکوفهای لیمو حالا بفرمایید استشمام کنید و لذت ببرید.
فرمول این کار خیلی طبیعی هست
دیور واقعا جایی برای بحث نذاشته با این کارش ، من تاحالا رایحهای طبیعی را توی بعضی از کارهای برند کریید و هرمس تونستم پیدا کنم که حالا این کار هم بهشون اضافه شد.
عکس تبلیغاتی این کار دقیقاً حس استشمام این کارو تداعی میکنه.
بله بفرمایید کمی آرامش.

Les Indes Galantes MDCI Parfums by juji 2016-05-03

Thanks to a generous perfume fairy, I now have a decant of this and it is perfect . Just a beautiful, perfect spice perfume. To those whom it didn't work for, feel free to send it my way, haaaa!

Passion Elizabeth Taylor by pablOSO 2016-05-03

Why is this one still marketed for women? This is very masculine.think lapidus pour homme minus the pineapple note or a softer kouros. Very nice

Horizon Davidoff by Houdini4 2016-05-03

This is an extremely decent and respectable new fragrance from Davidoff. The opening is ginger, grapefruit and that fresh/woody then clean and soapy accord of something more boring or that I would usually label as very mediocre designer business. However, the redeeming characteristics of Horizon are the warmer & dirtier elements in the base. There's patchouli and even a hint of cacao which you'd think has no business being in here but it is and makes for a subtly different dry down. You can't fault this fragrance for maintaining that fresh spicy feel throughout and an almost uplifting menthol type feel to the ginger and spice. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it the other day.
The performance was okay on me but it dies down to a very nice but close dry down which again I can't fault for not being a powerhouse.
All in all this is well worth checking out. It didn't blow me away but it's nice to see a new release that is masculine, wearable and with an aspect of interest to it.

Silver Mountain Water Creed by Cauda Pavonis 2016-05-03

Invigorating, refreshing opening. Very men's afrershave-y but in an expensive way. I normally try to steer away from genderizing perfumes but this smells all man to me. A lovely invigorating citrus/aromatic cologne, with more emphasis on the aromatics than the citrus, especially after the opening. Fresh and green, evergreen-like. Soapy, but a clean, white soap. I personally can't make out any notes (green tea???) but I think this is would make a wonderful summer fragrance.

Roberto Cavalli Acqua Roberto Cavalli by Renata tang 2016-05-03

Smells like Pantene? LOL!

Sweet Dreams Joseph Jivago by pxcrunnercat 2016-05-03

I simply cannot get enough of this fragrance. To me, it smells like the color light pink. A perfect mix of powder and sweetness. When I wear it, I feel feminine and just plain happy.

Macassar Rochas by DIARKQIKU 2016-05-03

Today I am wearing Rochas Macassar. It is a rainy spring day.

The perfume smells deeply woody and leathery. To me, to a certain degree, it has some similarities with Aramis Aramis, with Aramis being more bitter, synthetic and with Macassar smelling more like an old wooden desk.

It is a powerful fragrance and it is distinctive. I like it a lot. I could picture a 40 something mafia boss wearing this while being cleanly shaven, with dark hair and suit, just like the man in the advertising. It is a dominating fragrance and not playful and gives an old school vibe. It gives the impression of being intensely woody, of something like and old wood smell. In my opinion, it smells better than Aramis, because it's not that dry and synthetic and it is more complex. It smells like a medieval mansion, furnished in wood which has been painted with wood preservative.

If I were to describe it in one word, it has the smell of the dried outer green shell of the walnut, but less piercing to the nose and with a note of wet musk and leather in background.

In the end, it is an alpha male fragrance, it shows status and seriousness, it is bold and intense, it is quite complex and well blended, woody and spicy.

For those who like old school retro powerhouses, it is a nice one, strong and pretty unique, used more for fall and winter. Recommended.

Keywords: Man, dominate, strong, elegant, character, bold, woody, spicy, old sophistication.

Rating: 7.5-8 / 10

Infusion d'Iris Prada by ouladybird2005 2016-05-03

To me Infusion D'iris smells like a slightly herbaceous iris scent- I will repeat what others have said is that it is a bit chilly, but part of that I that I think comes from the herby smell. The colder herbal note I think is probably from the combination of galbanum and resins in the heart. I typically am not a fan of galbanum, but in this scent its not overly green. I love the base however though, iris and woods go so well together and the cedar that I smell in the base while giving is bite is balanced well with the iris which is almost creamy to my nose.

Wild Cherry Mancera by alberto1964 2016-05-03

Lately Mancera did not miss a beat but this time .....I would expect a more daring fragrance. Old fashion style with the predominant musk and cherries just mentioned. Heliotrope remains a long time after 10 minutes after sprayng. Harmless, not for me.

White Musk Arabian Oud by ninaboo 2016-05-03

I have the oil concentrate of this and it's super lovely. It lasts forever on the skin and is fantastic for using as a base for alcohol suspension musk perfumes. I've had my 15ml bottle for 8 years now, so it lasts ages. Pricey but delightful. If you like Lorenzo Villoresi's Teint de Neige, you will enjoy this because it's very much in the same 'clean cotton, baby powder, cosy hug' family. I must add that it is much better than the Body Shop's white musk- that's a touch shrill and underdeveloped for my liking.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Yourhumblenarrator 2016-05-03

Long running heavyweight house Christian Dior releases "generic" fragrance. Fans are surprised given the house's respectable history of innovation. Lots of disappointment ensues amidst some praise. It's like the fragrance world equivalent to Metallica cutting their hair and releasing the Black Album.

Sauvage smells as midnight blue as the bottle suggests. It's being deemed a crowd pleaser and compliment magnet in league with Bleu de Chanel, which I've personally never had the pleasure, or displeasure of smelling. And if that's what you're after than Sauvage is no doubt a worthy contender. It opens with that deep, plush, metallic blue and a subtle pepper teetering on generic aquatic territory. After a short while the lime rears its emerald face, and there's a faint hint of fruity tropics.

Personally I don't think the problem is that Sauvage is way too derivative, though it's mildly agitating that Dior released something so clearly unnecessary in this time and age. The real deal breaker for me is it's almost sporty vibe, invoking images of sterile men's locker rooms. I hate to hop aboard the hate train, but I doubt I'd bat an eye if Adidas put this one out.

Loverdose Tattoo Eau de Toilette Diesel by Toom_Snoopy 2016-05-03

I just tested it today and really disappointed.
At first it's smooth and lovely, really nice, then it developed into play-doh bomb, heavily powdery smell. :(

Sicily Dolce&Gabbana by irisjetaime 2016-05-03

C'est amusant de voir apparaître la banane dans un parfum qui n'en contient pas un seul gramme.
J'y décèle de la mauve et du lila. De la rose.
La partition est très opulente. J'adore.
Par contre D & G ne fabrique plus ce parfum et ça c'est dommage.

Crystal Noir Versace by dormir6 2016-05-03

I think, the current one is edt with Head: fig, Violet,Black currant Dry down: cashmere, vanilla, santal.
It was reformulated, but the new edt is super strong at first, then comes the coconut vibe.
I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!
And just got an old edt, which is paler, softer than my new edt test vial :-(

Pop Collection CoSTUME NATIONAL by venush 2016-05-03

A great modern fruity chypre. Opens fresh-soapy-citrusy-berry jam-ish. Middle and base are musky-patchouli-mossy with a cold-icy touch, like the Sisley fragrances (Eau du Soir, Eau de Campagne). Very good, especially for summer.
Longevity is the only disadvantage - less than 3 hours on my skin.

Blonde Versace by KateInDC 2016-05-03

I have a nearly full 30 ml bottle (the blue bottle) to swap. PM me if interested!

XJ 1861 Renaissance Xerjoff by Q80 2016-05-03

It's not a cologne version as much as a citrus minty fresh fragrance. It is kind of a heavy citrus fragrance and more of lemons and limes, and some of cedar maybe and bit of musc but quite hidden to add some dark base to the fragrances.
It is quite good for summer time but we need to consider the price.

Alexandrie mon Amour Georges Rech by Paula80 2016-05-03

ALEXANDRIE MON AMOUR is an opulent, sweet-oriental and elegant scent. I found it at TK-Maxx and bought it mostly because of the coffee note in it...I can't detect here a very strong espresso note; I find here a sweet creamy coffee mixed with vanilla, some flowers and woodsy notes. This fragrance is perfect for cold Winter days...It's not easy to find, so I'm very glad that I have it in my collection :)

Virgin Island Water Creed by Umut Kurtoğlu 2016-05-03

If you want to drink your margarita near the beach at your office than this is the scent that you are looking for..

Villain for Men Christian Audigier by Drbasem 2016-05-03

Anyone else sees the huge similarity to Boss Bottled in the drydown?

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler by Solar Girl 2016-05-03

In 22 years of my perfume addiction this is 3rd time I had this reaction.
First was 18 years ago when I first tried Hypnotic poison, got totaly hypnotised and it became my signature for years. The same happened 8 years later with L'instant de Guerlain which also became my signature for many years.

And third was when I tried Angel Muse.
Pure nose/brain/body-gasme. The opening (first half an hour or so) is the most gorgeous combination of whiped cream, sweet hazelnut, dry woody vetiver and spicy pink pepper. Patchouli is present but quiet and in the background. Since Original Angel is all about patchouli from beginning till the end, I wouldn't say this is much like Angel at all. Very different fragrances. Some vague touching points, but still far enough to be world for itself.

Maison Mugler breaths with the market: inspired with all the gourmands out there this one adds an extra layer which makes it special and beautiful above others:

it is Gourmand: and gets sweeter and sweeter as it settles down and comes closer to skin. While others gourmand have chocolate and caramel and fruit packed together, this one is hazelnut and cream. Much more subtle, kind a darker and smoother. Non sticky screaming sweet.

it is spicy: woody-spicy, yes! Just vetiver and pink pepper, yet more then enough to break the smoothness and launch it into spicy space of perfume masterpieces. And it has the magical patchouli packed in so it is hardly detectable, but present.

it is creamy silky smooth: the touching point with original Angel, the creamyness, best part of the fragrance.

On my skin: it is not masculine, it is not copy of Angel, it is not copy of other gourmands.

The only downside is that the drydown is much more simple version of the fragrance: there is no pepper anymore, and vetiver and patchouli are almost completely gone, all it stays is sweet hazelnut, a bit boring compared to magnificent opening.

L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Hugo Montez 2016-05-03

I tried this today and i like it. It's a good quality juice, like the others Guerlain. I get a strong sweet almond, that comes from the vanilla, and leather notes. In the background i get some boosy aspect that reminds me of Bvlgari MiB (probably the spices note) and, of course, the original edt L'homme ideal. This is a little lighter than the original, in my opinion. I can see me using this in a spring night event while the original its more for a winter night event. Anyway, i think the original is better.

Lalique Le Parfum Lalique by hedward 2016-05-03

I'll write a better review later.

I just got this in the mail as a blind buy and WOW!! What an amazing aromatic minty opening. To me this is what I wish Dior Homme Intense was. They're somewhat similar in style but Le Parfum is much edgier and much more masculine. The thing I like about DHI is the herbal lavender opening but it quickly fades into dull powdery vanilla nothingness - Le Parfum in turn keeps the aromaticity and only sweetens up a little bit.

If you like Dior Homme Intense, but want something more masculine, less powdery and more spicy go for this! Amazing scent and very sexy in an intellectual mature way!

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by Knightofwands 2016-05-03

Look at this on Amazon. The people who have ACTUALLY bought this have given it 5/5*, and even over at, it's managed a very respectable 4.5/5* - over 73 reviews!
I don't believe that buyers on Amazon are lying. Reviews on there tend to be pretty unforgiving about shortcomings in their purchases. So, a great vote of confidence from those who purchased this.
In contrast, the Fragrantica reviews are varied to say the least.
In my humble opinion, snobbery and denial often seem to skew reviews. I suppose some people, having parted with £200-ish will find it difficult to admit that a £25 (or less, depending on brand) fragrance can hold its own against their beloved purchase. I couldn't give a shite what 'fume snobs think or say, unless they're telling the truth and giving an honest opinion. There are even reviewers on YouTube who I otherwise have the utmost respect for, referring to those in their little group of pals as "senior reviewers" FFS! Who actually gave them the validation, and who says that other reviewers are in some way junior on YouTube?! Lol!
Real Aventus is great, Armaf is great and affordable . I love this hobby, but there are more important things in the world to worry about, like war, conflict, and don't even get me started on mass poverty!
This is nice smelling liquid when all said and done!
May the clone houses continue to produce these amazing scents, allowing those who would otherwise be excluded to come to the party!

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette Gucci by auroramaria 2016-05-03

Yes the EDP is already weak I can only imagine this will be even more watery

Armani Code Profumo Giorgio Armani by Ricks44 2016-05-03

Been excited to try this for a few months.

Tested it today. Reminds me of Armani Diamonds. It's a sweet chocolate, caramel, vanilla mix. But a dull sweetness. I get a tiny bit of original code in it. It smells nothing like 1 Million. It's gourmand to me. I find it very uninspiring.

Kind of a burnt caramel, chocolate with a vanilla/amber base. If you like gourmands. It will please you.

Bottle is cool. Scent is a boring to me.

Also reminds me a bit of Givenchy Pi, there's a definite marzipan vibe to this fragrance.

Quite good at what it does, if you like those kind of scents. I'm not too keen on that style of fragrance so it's a pass for me. Killer bottle though.

Fève Délicieuse Christian Dior by lastcenturymodern 2016-05-03

I'm going to go straight to the point and say that sure, there's a sort of cheap, synthetic, plastic toy-ish aspect to this, but there's also something charming about the way it hovers awkwardly between tasty and inedible. The chocolate is dry and crumbly, the milk's a bit sour, the cherries are more like artificially flavored gummies, and the tonka with its half-assed "vanillic aroma" pushes it even further into supermarket candy territory. But there's something special about the way it all comes together, creating this waxy, chunky, junk-y smell of something you want to put in your mouth but know you shouldn't. (The pun possibilities are endless, this being named the way it is)
What's wrong with it is that it's Dior Privee and hence grossly overpriced with pretentions of a Michelin dessert served on a diamond platter. This is the kind of thing that should be scooped out of a bag and shoved into the mouth by the handful while watching game of thrones on a weeknight.

Prada Candy Kiss Prada by auroramaria 2016-05-03

To be quite honest after properly testing I find it a bit too weak it smells lovely but I have to keep spraying all day.I find all the Prada to lack longevity this is no exception.

OT - 11 Olfattology by Joeymaz 2016-05-03

One of the most beautiful scents I own.

Aventus Creed by renzo 2016-05-03

it is indeed a special fragrance, but after 3 full bottles, I find it to become cloying and I get a little bored with the scent..
Compliments for sure, but that s not the reason one wares fragrances :-)

Noir de Noir Tom Ford by polly golightly 2016-05-03

ci risiamo: un altro profumo supercostoso che richiama -o scimmiotta?- gli attar arabi. stavolta si tratta della rosa, non tanto percettibile in verità, con una buona dose di patchouli e zafferano. l'impatto è buono, molto mediorientale come già detto, con un fondo di vaniglia e muschio di quercia che rinfrescano la prima impressione super resinosa. la qualità è alta, la durata imponente, ma, continuo a sostenere, meglio perdersi nei profumi arabi che costano un decimo e offrono infinite possibilità di esperienze odorose con gli stessi ingredienti.

Flower by Kenzo Kenzo by Selena93 2016-05-03

I had this for a while, never reached out to it much.
It's very nice, gorgeous floral scent. Gave it to my mum & she fell in love with it. Smells beautiful on her:)

Aventus Creed by MrMhMs 2016-05-03

العطر بصراحه عادي جداً لايستحق قيمته العالية وثباته وفوحانه ضعييييف للغاية
أذكر شميت عطر رخيص مثل ريحته

Black Afgano Nasomatto by landshark321 2016-05-03

After being pleased but perhaps slightly let down by Nasomatto's most-hyped men's fragrance in Pardon, a woody/boozy/oud/sweet mix, I'm much happier with the other hyped offering, Black Afgano, which seems far easier to wear despite being provocative in its own right.

Black Afgano is a dark mix of cannabis, resins (benzoin?), tobacco, oud, and incense. It's certainly a dark, smoky, woody mix that leans heavily masculine, anchored by the oud most of all. I don't explicitly detect coffee but it could certainly be in the mix---it's well-blended in the darker notes to the point of having difficulty identifying individual notes. The resin provides a subtle sweetness.

It does not smell like burning marijuana, despite some claims about this, but it certainly smells ever so slightly of cannabis. In that respect, it's an interesting and deviant fragrance that might not be appropriate for many situations, even in the cold weather, for which it is certainly suited. It's formal enough to wear mainly at night or when longevity is needed, but it seems that reviewers frequently warn against over-applying.

Performance is unsurprisingly phenomenal for Black Afgano, one of the stronger perfumes I've smelled in my limited time.

Pricing is similar to Slumberhouse extraits ($185 for 30ml), so not cheap, even for an extrait, and like the Slumberhouse extrait I own, Norne, the juice is powerful, and seems dark and dense enough to stain skin, so beware if you spray close to the skin.

This is at first smell a "love" not a "like" for me and renews my interest in the Nasomatto line. I might need to acquire a sample of Duro next.

8 out of 10

Perpetual Pearl Jane Arthes by RaggedyAnne 2016-05-03

This is incorrectly listed, as it is JEANNE ARTHES ...
Perpetual Pearl is a wonderful perfume, reminiscent of La Vie Est Belle, but with a much prettier drydown, and just as long lasting. This lasts me 10+ hours, and the best bit? it costs £10 for 100ml.... which is why I have 300ml in my cupboard as back ups, it really IS that beautiful.

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette Gucci by marina md 2016-05-03

Why create an EDT? Isn't original weak enough as it is?

Enigma Wajid Farah by gtabasso 2016-05-03

Unreal what a gem for the price! This goes on a little too sweet for me. It starts at the top like a sweet oud. Then it dried down smokey leather. Lovely. A blind buy that I will keep on buying.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by jenny_sokols 2016-05-03

I adore this oriental exotic fragrance! sexy and tempting. I detect exotic fruits like pinaple, passion fruit,berries. Amazing lasting power about 9 hours on my skin. Suitable most for winter or fall. This is classic!

Spice and Wood Creed by Umut Kurtoğlu 2016-05-03

I dont know if anybody else feel this way but after first application (fruity opening) it really reminds me a bit of Aventus because of the birch note i suppose.. Than it evolves into a nicest cedar-spicy combo that i havent experienced before.. Surely one of my secret weapon for specials occasions.

Magie Noire Lancome by massimilianoinquieto 2016-05-03

E' inutile provare Magie Noire di adesso e dire che Magie noire non è buono, dovreste provare quello vintage perchè la formula attuale è chimica e scadente.Come per il 99% dei profumi rifatti.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by Umut Kurtoğlu 2016-05-03

This was my first niche fragrance that i bought 2 years ago.. After 2 years by a lot of experiences with perfumes it still remains as my best fragrance in my wardrobe so that i wanted to make first review about this timeless masterpiece. I can not understand how can it be still so modern so manly after many years.. İ dont think i will replace its place with anyother perfume anymore..

It is sweet coming from violets and full of green that makes you feel like you are in the middle of Ireland fields..

People always comparing it with Cool Water. I have also vintage Cool Water .. They can be reminding each other Yes. But if you compare them side by side on your wrists. You are going to understand the quality difference between those 2 perfumes.

Eros Versace by Angelo1011 2016-05-03

A little tip I always give ppl who hate on this fragrance - wear it outdoors! The fresh air makes that mint go to the background and you're left with this sweet tonka bean. Beautiful stuff. Women love it to ;)

Aventus Creed by VictorLeon 2016-05-03

Finally tested it, and I don't know was it 'cause all the hype around it my expetations were too high, but I wasn't blown away...while it certainly smells nice, I don't find it edgy enough to make a big statement...Maybe I tryed bad batch? Got mostly pineapple/apple/smoke.To me it's nice and safe scent, nothing less, nothing more.

Magie Noire Lancome by magimae 2016-05-03

I fell in love with the dark, mysterious, sensuous, titillating, exotic animalistic scent of this back in the early 90's in the department store. I loved it so much just spraying it in the air, I didn't bother to try it out on myself.
Big mistake. Although I am drawn to most of the ingredients in this, for some reason the scent on me was more like an outhouse exploded all over me. The acrid scent screamed and never really died down. It was totally nauseating and it just crushed me. Fortunately, a gal I worked with loved this and wore it at home and was thrilled to death to get this bottle from me. Live and learn. I haven't tried the newer reformulated scent may go better with my chemistry.

I agree on previous comments - this smells like creamy and more rounded, less dangerous version of YSL Nu EdP.

Floral notes and spices - mostly lily and cloves - are prominent notes, so it's not exactly soft or cozy fragrance, but these are followed by more mellow notes (vanilla, cashmere wood) adding to a cozy, more feminine aura.
What differs it from Nu EdP is the incense - noticable, but not as nearly as prominent (cold, metallic) as in Nu, making Shanghai Lily less dark and edgy, but more feminine (floral) and easier to wear, I guess.
Very pretty and sophisticated, but I still prefer the edgy darkness of Nu.

Paul Smith Rose Paul Smith by EllenD1991 2016-05-03

Bought this yesterday after eyeing it up in Superdrug for a while. Chose the best day to get it aswell as it was half price with an extra 20% off on top! So it cost just under £22 for 100ml.

This is a very fresh green rosey scent. When sprayed on there is no mistaking this is primarily a rose scent. To me, it doesn't smell as old lady-ish as most floral/rose perfumes. It smells like it could be worn by a young girl all the way up to an older woman. I am 24 and I think its lovely - a perfect daytime and spring/summer fragrance. This is a total contrast compared to my usual perfume purchases and my collection. Never go for green fragrances usually but this one is truly gorgeous. It is a simple yet sophisticated rose floral with hints of tea.

Longevity on my skin isn't that impressive, just a few ours. Sillage is however as I can smell it around my desk at work when I get back to it after a coffee break!

The packaging is pretty but the bottle is very plain. I think in a way though it suits the perfume. I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty rose patterned bag the bottle came in though!

All in all a new favourite for me and a perfect scent for day to day wear.

Rarely my expectations from a perfume I read about are fulfilled so greatly as it happened with The afternoon of a faun. I'm enjoying my sample so much I'll be sure to buy a bottle.
People talk about a forest vibe, but it's not a damp, old forest. I see strong young trees in a forest that's kept clean of undergrowth by human hands...
I tend to like all fragrances with moss, and I like immortelle too, I smell them here along with resins. The spices on my skin are not too loud, which is fine with me.

I'd have to say this is the best leather fragrance I've ever smelled. You definitely don't need to shell out Tuscan Leather money to get this, in fact the price is almost too low to be believed. The longevity is top notch and the scent itself is superb. Wish I knew about this house earlier. Purchased from a dealer in the US and got in 2 days.

Just received this and Monotheme Leather and all I can say is stunning quality and longevity for the price. This one is different from all the other rose oud scents that I have. It probably leans toward the feminine side but still just fine for a man. Rose is a bit stronger than the oud but it's a spicy rose ala Rose 31 and it's just simply a great fragrance. Puts many, much more expensive, rose oud scents to shame. Just my opinion.

Ikon Zirh by PolyOlfaction 2016-05-03

Where is the Zirh Pure Ikon page?

is this the same as the original, just another bottle? the notes are different here but I have read that ist the same scent like the original, so whats true? I dislike the lilly in the original sop maybe this one I would like much better then

Poison Girl Christian Dior by QueenK13 2016-05-03

This review will be short :)
Not a disappointment. I feel it like a white, vanilla enriched chocolate with almonds and a hint of juicy oranges. Very pretty overall.

Sillage: medium
Longevity: 5-6 hours (2 sprays on my wrist)

Blue Touch Franck Olivier by PolyOlfaction 2016-05-03

Just because a fragrance is fresh smelling it automatically gets compared to Aqua Di Gio by Armani.

Paris Hilton Just Me for Men. So close that people think I'm actually wearing ADG.

Perry Ellis 360 Red sometimes gets confused as well even by ADG lovers. (But suprisingly not as well pefoming as Just Me for Men.)

But this is not the case with Blue Touch. Initial spray might remind you slightly of ADG but then it becomes in its own right a beautiful, amazingly clean, green and aromatic aquatic.

This fragrance gives Aqua Di Gio a run for it's money.

Smell - 9/10
Logivity - 7/10
Sillage - 6.5/10

Sun di Gioia Giorgio Armani by oktober 2016-05-03

Ma perche no "Sole di Gioia "? Sarebbe suonato meglio.
Ok, I got to test this, it smells sad like badly cooked and wrong seasoned seafood. Or like suntan gone bad. There's a sad "wilted" air about it, still summery though, they did nail that, but nothing at least pleasent.

Insolence Guerlain by tessa2809 2016-05-03

Powdery raspberry goodness! The artificial violet reminds me of Paco Rabanne's Ultraviolet. Yet, the artificial undertone does not bother me, instead it seems very fitting: this perfume is bold, brash and fun. I mostly wear this when I have important stuff to do. It makes me feel assertive and powerful and not to be messed with. Great sillage and longevity as well.

Edit: I'm currently at work and just caught a beautiful whiff of sandalwood incense. 'Wow', I thought, 'who is that'? Then I realised: it was me. Insolence never ceases to amaze!

Burberry Women Burberry by Lily_smith 2016-05-03

Burberry was given to me by a fellow arabian classmate I tutored in my college. I taught him English. He was so thankful that I helped him pass, that he was kind enough to buy me A gift (Burberry). It's not something I would usually go for but.... There is just something about it that gives it that mature vibe that I look for in fruity perfumes. It's so lovely!

It is a mature fresh fruity scent with a hint of floral.
Very unique!


Prada Candy Kiss Prada by ginger68 2016-05-03

Kenzo Flower has the same vibe. Soft, innocent, a delicate skin scent. Nothing to say.

Oeillet Sauvage L`Artisan Parfumeur by undreaming 2016-05-03

Ack. I'm afraid that for me this fragrance was all hairspray(!), literally the scent of Aqua Net dragging through my sinuses and bitterly hitting the back of my tongue. If I hunt for it, I can detect something sweet and pleasant in there - lily and vanilla? - but it is swimming in a heavy, synthetic, chemical miasma that I associate with cheaper perfumes. I get no carnation whatsoever, no spice, no powder, just faint peekaboo lily and a heavy hairspray fog. I'm super disappointed to have such a negative experience with a scent that worked so well for others!

Low lasting, close to skin and very non impressive! The first moments were promising, but soon it faded to a powdery, woody base with almost nothing to show.

It lasted strong 2 hours and then within few hours it was gone completely.

I cannot even comment on the development of the scent as it was so unnoticable that I actually forgot at some points that I'm trying something new.

Not worth the price tag, but maybe that's just me.

Well well well… It’s the trend and I cannot discuss this aspect. This fragrance is pretty but it’s another fruity-patchouli scent that nowadays you can get in a store. The new Missoni has got the same vibe. The dark and mysterious side is interesting.
I’m not a fan of this kind of fragrances, on my skin it becomes too sweet and sickening.
Well done but nothing new.

Aventus Creed by Merino-Teflon 2016-05-03

Too many words have been expended upon the alter of Aventus, but it makes me smell like I'm part of the human race, except with added godliness. I feel like a power ranger.

Un Jardin Apres la Mousson Hermes by Lord Licorice 2016-05-03

I have a full bottle with box, message me if interested :)

Fresh, elegant and natural. It’s Terre d’Hermes with it’s peculiar mineral element, but much more transparent than the original, airy and with it’s own character. When you smell and wear this fragrance you don’t wear something generic.
I like it even if I’m a woman, and I’m sure ladies will wear easily and with pleasure. Perfect for summer and for who finds the original one too complex.
Good job and top quality!

Charlie Gold Revlon by catherine82 2016-05-03

Pains me to say it, as I used to love this, but it 'turns' very quickly indeed!
I have now thrown 2x 100ml bottles away at around the 75ml full mark, both around 12 months old. It develops a weird stale mothball note.

Dior Addict Christian Dior by Linh96 2016-05-03

To my nose, this scent smells like washing powder :P I dont like it

Rem L`Acqua Reminiscence by ginger68 2016-05-03

Sparkling, the hint of bergamot gives it a clean and fresh aura, it’s a salty musk. Not a work of art, but pleasant. Rem l’Acqua doesn’t last. It becomes so quickly a barely noticeable skin scent. I sprayed three times and voilà… gone. For sure summer scents must be light and fresh, but I would like to smell something on my wrist after two hours. What a pity! I waste my money, even if I hope I will appreciate it in really hot days. It seems an airy and unconventional cologne.

Itinerary II Acqua del Garda by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

Very long lasting fig scent. More fruity than woody fig but not an overly sweet scent. wonderfully fresh and simple. Sillage is pretty good too. I have been looking for something like this.

Weekend for Women Burberry by Littlegrassstraw 2016-05-03

Very smooth fresh watery floral, and for once i am not overwhelmed by calone or ozone as usually happens with watery florals, neither is it sharp on my nose in any way, just smooth fresh watery flowers in a very good blend where nothing really stands out actually but it just smells good clean and simple. I think frosted glass is the perfect material to portray the scent. in fabric it would be a cool, smooth and synthetic jersey material that feels really nice on the skin. I would love to experiment a bit more with this unexpextedly pleasant scent. By far my favourite burberry so far, none of their perfumes have captured me so far.

I have a love-hate relationship with this perfume. It first comes off as a citrus, not a fresh citrus scent but rather a warm, sensual citrusy smell (if that makes sense..). 10 minutes later, it dries down to an almost overwhelming vanilla. If I smell it too much I'll get nauseous. I like the scent as it reminds me of some good memories but I don't find myself reaching for it very often. I bought a full bottle in August 2015.. It is May 2016 and 3/4th of the perfume is still left in the bottle. Maybe it'll grow on me but right now I don't feel like reaching for it very often.

Vintage Muse Kate Moss by tessa2809 2016-05-03

I bought this on a whim because I really enjoy the 'original' Vintage - plus, it was dirt cheap. I tried it out on a test strip first and was slightly disappointed, because I only got 'cat pee'. However, when wearing it on my skin it quickly turns into a sexy, musky scent with that typical vintage 80's vibe - must be the ambergris! Unfortunately the longevity isn't all that great, lasting 3-4 hours on me. I'm still keeping it because it's such an interesting scent and the bottle is beautiful :)

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