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Blue Jeans Versace by silentman26 2014-10-26

Bright, crisp and complex. An amazing blend creates a vibrant scent. Touching the roots of fragrances where genders coexisted. A scent that states its presence. Opens with lemon ... but soon lavender and woods radiate from the skin strong for hours ... along with amber and prominent vanilla .... zesty, cool, powdery and sweet ... a fantastic scent!

Red Shirt Star Trek by 2014-10-26

Bought it for a bit of fun. turns out better than I anticipated. it was cheap and it was nice. I certainly would buy it again although I did feel a bit uncomfortable wearing a red shirt on a night out (star trek fans will get what I am taking about)

01 06 Lime Absolue Fragrance Republic by deadidol 2014-10-26

A strong furniture polish-type opening that’s gently industrial and unusually compelling. It’s like a musty lemon-y citrus with some wooden notes underneath. Then a milky, dry cedar that gives way to a prominent fig accord. It’s not a Philosykos-type green fig, but rather a dusty, lilac-colored fig with a cardamom type effect added. But given how hilariously close to Pledge this manages to smell, it’s surprisingly nice and quite addictive. With that said, I’m not sure how many people would be interested in wearing something like this. It’s fun, aerated, and compelling given what I assume to be severe budget restraints on production. The perfumer has done a nice job, but it’s perhaps a bit too avant-garde and ironic to be considered a practical perfume.

01 05 Eau Verte Fragrance Republic by deadidol 2014-10-26

Slightly vegetal, slightly crisp and green, this one plays a series of grass notes against some minty and sage-colored herbals for a fairly realistic and bright stem effect that goes a bit “teal." Although not to my taste, this is the standout so far, and it keeps on the right side of the “chemically abrasive” fence (although it wears its synthetic nature on its sleeve). As the grass notes burn off, the herbal aspects take over, and what remains is something along the lines of a minty sage with a soft, peppery effect. Probably the most non-traditional of the bunch thus far (it as by Antoine Lie, after all), but still well within the realms of safety. The bad news is that the lifespan is pitiful, but that’s a given with grassy scents such as this.

01 04 Magnol'art 3 Fragrance Republic by deadidol 2014-10-26

Musty, milky coumarin with floral accents starts this one off. It’s a buttery yellow scent that feels full, but not cloying. Woody facets seem to be present, but they’re light and unobtrusive. There’s a note that stands out as a tad peppery and feels a little out of place, but overall, this is the best of the four I’ve tried from this line so far (going in sequence). It’s sunny, warm, and a bit of a nostalgia trip. Picture a more fatty, lactonic yet watered-down Marc Jacobs Daisy and you’ll be headed in the right direction. Gone within an hour, but it was a fairly enjoyable while it lasted.

This opens with a bit of industrial Nu_Be kind of feel. It seems to sit somewhere between a gourmand and a citrus accord—cotton-candy sugary, but not toothachingly so. It seems a little fizzy upfront, and it’s actually quite an appealing way to open the scent. Yet there’s something underneath—something vanillic and tropical—that seems out of place. The fizzy opening, sadly, is short lived, and the scent rockets toward a mundane and pitiful musky thing within 15 minutes. An interesting first spray followed by a nosedive into anonymity.

A tepid fruity floral over a soft powder which, on the one hand is bright and spirited, but on the other, smells suspiciously close to functional fragrance. It shares basic DNA with a number of celebuscents in that there’s an anonymous musky-gourmand glob sitting at the center while some appealing focus notes circle it in an attempt to create a distraction. There are some crisp green aspects that keep it from going too “pink,” but to be honest, it doesn’t smell that different from supermarket-quality scents. Not ugly by any stretch, but it’s the kind of scent you might expect to find next to the razors. Hilariously short lived, so I’m assuming that this collection is concentrated extremely low to keep the prices down.

01 01 Iris Safran Fragrance Republic by deadidol 2014-10-26

Gauzy, aqueous, translucent, yet terrifyingly chemical-smelling, this is a benzyl salicylate and saffraleine bomb accompanied by a scratchy-dry kind of ionone-iris/grapefruit accord that gets more shouty as the scent settles. To add to the abrasiveness, the main scent appears to be resting on a ghastly calone and white musk base. While I like the nod toward transparency, it’s far too synthetically taxing—bordering on painful. Imagine Clean Perfume trying to riff on Iris Ukiyoé or something. I’m going to assume that there was a very limited budget involved with producing this. Grim and stingy.

Armani Eau Pour Homme Giorgio Armani by silentman26 2014-10-26

Classy, refreshing and luxurious. The past, the present ... meet in a brilliant scent. A blend of bitter orange ... and prominent lemon ... joined by spices, as the orange fades away ... then fresh vetiver and a hint of oak-moss. Near the end, still spicy ... dry sandalwood and white musk appear. A great scent that embraces the skin ... sophisticated, timeless ... a true classic!

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by israuseli 2014-10-26

I have the 150ml, so I do think is is a good smell.

However, does not really match my personallity. I need something more aggresive(in the good way), more manly, with more "chutzpah".
It just smells like the "nice guy", just not for me.
Perhaps, romantic scent not sexy.

To me it smells like tea with honey. Good for every season, warm enough for the winter, and light enough for summer.
Projection is not good, BUT it is matching its purpose. Thus, I think projection and longevity are perfect.

Not gonna wear it a lot, but good to own a bottle even just for the smell

Aigner |man|2 Etienne Aigner by RobertdeNiro 2014-10-26

One word "Elegant"....

Shalimar Eau De Cologne Guerlain by cori.x 2014-10-26

i have a 2.5oz bottle of this, not a fan, just doesn't speak to me at all, i think i'll stick with florals, can swap or sell

CH Men Carolina Herrera by thebla5t 2014-10-25

Odd scent. Some whiffs smell like a sugary vanilla and leather; other times (especially on my neck), the grass note really comes through and throws the balance of the fragrance off, to me.

An amazing concept, but the signature Carolina Herrera grass note throws it off to some extent.

Worth a try, but not a full blind-buy.

Far Away Gold Avon by PLUMPIE 2014-10-25

Initial blast starts of rather pine like and reminds me of Avons skin so soft bath oil - but once it wears down it forms a jasmine/amber/vanilla bomb which is not as overwhelming as the original which I cannot wear myself as the coconut and orchid are so overpowering on my chemistry. There are hints of Organza indecence in here which come and go and I get a whiff of sugar cookies not unlike Shalimar minus the incense and tobacco notes - this is actually a very well blended scent and I am glad I tried it - I have a purse spray and when I first sprayed it onto the box I was repulsed by the SSS bath oil note and didn't want to try it on for fear of offending others - I am now glad I gave it a try - I may actually end up loving this!

Patchouli Absolu Tom Ford by FTW Nose 2014-10-25

I get patchouli, bergamot or lemon, oud, and a hint of mint. Reminds me a lot of Jubilation by Amouge, but not nearly as lovely at the opening and a little less tenacious on the skin. I purchased a 10 ml decant and I probably will not soon run out.

My Score 8.5

Lagerfeld Classic Karl Lagerfeld by RobbieX 2014-10-25

To add...In my opinion I actually think the new blend is nicer - for me anyway. I found the older one more powdery - the newer one is more soapy and aldehydic. Lovely silage, a potent fragrance and to be honest, I haven't found anything else quite like it.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by Sezyvex 2014-10-25

I share the same sentiments as ION down there...

This fragrance is just plain cold blue and lacks in something, maybe everything. It's there but it's dead, blue cold, not a rotten smell but a preserved one that hasn't been allowed to play any role...

Sitting here writing this and sensing the smell takes me back to my childhood when Brut was men's top choice. This is a blue Brut without the zingy texture. So what I am trying to say is that it is basically cold hahaha

Nerola Orange Blossom Pacifica by anet54 2014-10-25

This is a lovely, affordable alternative to a lot of the super-expensive neroli perfumes out there: especially Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino. I have both and honestly, I wear the Pacifica perfume more and most days like it better.

Fahrenheit Absolute Dior by Sezyvex 2014-10-25

I like this fragrance but on me it is really faint and I don't really get the effect even after spraying a few times like other reviewers have been getting. I also wanted to sell this off but thought to give it another try. Maybe I am just pushing myself to like it.

I am getting curious about this one because I do keep smelling my wrists but I am still trying to figure out what I get... A very very faint oud and incense slightly stronger than the oud. I sense a bit of the Dior note in this and prefer it to the original version.

I think I will update later when I have tested it properly...

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by Sezyvex 2014-10-25

I am in two minds with this one. When I spray it, I like it and after two hours I can't smell it so much and get no craving to spray it on again.

It really doesn't invoke much feeling within me than just smelling like a night-blooming Jasmine. I sense a weak neroli note in it but there's this kick factor missing to lift this fragrance up a little. This should be kicking and I don't mean hitting or even zesty. We used to have both plants and my imagination can still combine the two scents together although they were in different parts of the house.

The night jasmine brings back memories of the innocent nights when everything was quite and dark and this smell came with the cool breeze and sent a chill down your spine and made you ever so slightly fearful but reassured that the night is not always dark and full of terrors.

In my opinion, this would work better where the weather is almost always good and where the people are not miserable :)

Longevity on me has been no more than two hours and I have had no compliments so unsure about silage. Imagining how popular it is and how many people maybe wearing it, I have never smelt this anywhere other than close to my wrist for the first two hours of spraying.

Donna Trussardi Trussardi by pearlie17 2014-10-25

Oct 2014

Just receieved it! I don't know if it's the original, but it's in the white bottle shown at the top of the page. I do love this perfume, I've got the EDP, and it lingers beautifully. It does remind me of a more beautiful, softer version of Tresor by Lancome,

Candy Rose Montale by jdokicfan 2014-10-25

I have recently been sampling Candy Rose as well as Roses Musk and initially i thought that the one i'd love most would be Candy Rose, when in fact Roses Musk Trumped this one for me.

Unfortunately this one is extremely disappointing and boring, especially for Montale! I don't think that Candy Rose is quite an appropriate name for this fragrance either, maybe Fruity Rose (even though it sounds bad it gives a more appropriate name to the smell).

It is Rose at the front with fruits behind giving it more depth but it is nothing original, spectacular or interesting. This fragrance does not smell like it would have such an expensive price tag and personally for me doesn't live up to the Montale name.

Very underwhelming. Don't get me wrong it's nice but i wouldn't want to pay the expensive price for this when there are so many other beauties i can wear.

Sillage and longevity were quite average on me too for this one.

Cabaret Gres by pearlie17 2014-10-25

Please buy Tocade instead! Cabaret is similiar but the EDP is faint, it's like a watery shadow of Tocade, without the happy punchiness of the Rochas.

Essenza di Colonia Acqua di Parma by Sezyvex 2014-10-25

I am more of a feelings guy so spraying this gives me a glad and easy-going feeling. I won't say clean because cleanliness should go without saying and this to me would be sprayed to enhance the groom-liness.

Longevity on me has not been the best although the first time I wore it, I smelt it in the shower the following morning and it did heighten my senses a little.

Silage; I got no compliments but the ladies took a keen interest in making conversation with me but that's maybe more to do with me feeling after spraying this than the fragrance itself doing any magic.

I felt relaxed and confident with this one so it gets my full marks.

S.T. Dupont Noir S.T. Dupont by aqua_de_la_vita 2014-10-25

When you try this fragrance..give it a chance to settle so that you can give it a fair rating!! I do agree this fragrance has a robust herbal/floral aroma of lavender and cloves. Lavender stays well past 4hrs on my skin, the woodsy/spicy notes with nutmeg/wood notes coming together with cardamom giving it a real deep sharp aroma.
Longevity and Silage is very good lasting 8hrs.
Overall thoughts,
The fragrance is far from being a mainstream, it has a pleasant wired/unquie blend of lavender/woodsy scent which is definitely not like anything out there. I do ware it but not as often...when I'm in the mood. Rating this is at least 6.5/10

I ordered straight from the boutique. I had smelled this before and completely forgotten why I had not bought this then until I sprayed this... Only one spray gave me a terrible headache and I realised this the following day when I was trying to figure out why I had this throbbing headache. It is good to smell but too hard on my olfactory nerves. A very cold (to my senses)and a hard medicinal oud. The dry down smells like a rotten milk shop in a third world country where the seller has showered in milk and sweat. I know because I used to live across to one ;)

Copal Azur Aedes de Venustas by rvb 2014-10-25

Copal Azur by Aedes De Venustas and created by Bertrand Duchaufour is a new and fascinating take on the incense genre. Bertrand Duchaufour has created many memorable incense perfumes including Aedes's own eponymous scent and the famous Avignon by Commes des Garcon.Here he creates a new genre.I'd call it "Tropical Incense" or "Oceanic Incense".Too often these days are the launches of perfumes accompanied by marketing drivel and florid descriptions that rarely live up to the hype.Descriptions of exotic locales, rituals and rare ingredients fall flat as the reality is far different from the promised journey.Copal Azur is one of the few perfumes I've found that indeed does take you on the promised journey and what a journey it is.Designed to recall the juxtaposition of the scared Mayan incense Copal,the lush oceanic locale of Tulum,and the verdant Mayan jungle,Copal Azur starts with a powerful blast of incense apparently constructed from 3 different extractions of Frankincense as Copal itself is not used as a perfumery ingredient.The opening is eye- wateringly strong.Behind the incense lurks a marine like ozonic note but don't worry aquatic phobes there's no Calone like note here.Because of that the incense has less of a Catholic or liturgical feel. It's more of a dry/bitter green ozonic note,almost chlorine like with a salty element.It has an airy and crisp feeling like staring into the depths of a deep blue cenote.Since cenotes usually occur at a fresh and salt water interface this makes perfect olfactory sense.Think of it as a salty fresh note,maybe Floralzone?.After a few minutes a tropical note begins to creep in.This is the note of the Mayan jungle.It is the scent of a distant jungle rot with a spicy sweet green accent provided by the Cardamom.Bertrand Duchaufour used a similar note in his excellent Aurore Nomade for The Different Company.In Aurore Nomade the floral element was turned up and accented with rum and spices.Here it's much drier and airier.It's like the distant humid veneer of the jungle made drier by the incense and ozonic notes.At this point Copal Azur really does provide a remarkable realistic feeling of being on the beach in Tulum surrounded by a cloud of burning copal resin.As the perfume reaches it's middle stages it becomes slightly sweeter as the notes of Tonka bean and Amber make an entrance. The amber is meant to represent the fire that burns the sacred Copal. That sweetness is tempered by the patchouli and the Myrrh and the resinous smell of the Copal still swirls like a sweet smoke holding everything together.As Copal Azur dries down the notes meld seamlessly into each other into a resinous salty/fresh tropical blur.With a polite sillage and excellent longevity this is a must try for incense lovers and those that enjoy fresh tropical salty scents.It's a new and daring take on incense.I truly enjoyed the journey.Bravo Bertrand Duchaufour and Aedes De Venustas!

It is so sad that every perfume released shows how the house is decaying.
I consider Opium, how overpowering, how complete and rich and how timeless it is. But today, Black Opium is just a badly sorted combination of mediocre quality synthetic notes with slightly fizzy vanilla accord on spiced patchouli and smooth touch of coffee.

Beautiful Estée Lauder by anet54 2014-10-25

I have heard and read so much about this fragrance that I finally had to try it, and now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what everyone else loves about it.
I purchased a small bottle of the spray perfume and spritzed my wrists, and all I could smell was a strange herbaceous, green scent (no flowers at all) that morphed into a sort of cat pee smell. I'm getting almost a curry scent...not something I want to smell like.
I know it's just my chemistry: I have a very hard time finding fragrances that work for me.
So, am very disappointed that this one didn't even SORT OF work for me... Sign me, "Still Looking..."

Amazonian Wild Lily The Body Shop by diamondkite 2014-10-25

I just bought this to wear to a wedding. I was thinking of something along the lines of Marc Jacobs Daisy - and this it IT for less $! A little bit green, a little bit floral, a tiny bit fruity. Fresh, green, natural & feminine. Amazonian Wild Lily is not overpowering or sour either. I'm so glad I found this :)

Believe Britney Spears by Peta22 2014-10-25

I ventured down to the local Chemist Warehouse to grab a bottle of Curious In Control but alas they were out of stock (I've now ordered it online) but then I saw Believe on special... After a quick check of the notes on Fragrantica, I bought a bottle and I am SO glad I did! I adore this fragrance! The opening is so beautifully fruity and fresh - the guava is very strong but it's just gorgeous. The fruity, delicious aroma continues on and on but does take on a more masculine quality as well which I just love. It's so easy to wear and fresh - it makes me happy and I need that so much at the moment... I'm so glad I bought this! :)

Secret Charm Victoria`s Secret by kattleia 2014-10-25

VS Secret Charm is so clean, fresh, girly, timeless.. suitable for any age. It's slightly sweet and floral but the green/freshness is more prominent and would last on me for up to 4-6 hours.. good enough for a body mist.

I got this 5 yrs ago and despite having other perfumes in my collection... I find myself longing for VS SECRET CHARM when I am so busy and yet, simply want to wear something refreshing. Yes, it resembles Incanto Charm but the latter is sweeter while VS Secret Charm has well balanced sweetness and yet energizing at the same time.

By far one of my favorites from VS Garden scents!
It's LIKEABLE.. Highly recommended!!

Manhattan Bond No 9 by Lana148 2014-10-25

I actually liked this a lot. This one is a little confusing, a little challenging but somehow satisfying for me. They mixed gourmand and woody-oriental and this is a result. The ingredient list is pretty accurate I could pick up almost all of the components, but cacao, oud, plums, honey, nutmeg, saffron stand out the most for me.

This is a comfort, winter fragrance. Pretty, dry and unisex, no extra sugar, just the way I like it.

The closest, what comes to my mind to describe it would be the blended smell of you eating freshly baked chocolate croissants while wearing some oud based fragrance.

As much as I like this I think the fragrance is totally overpriced, so no full bottle for me.

L.I.L.Y Absolute Stella McCartney by xXx CHAR xXx 2014-10-25

This is FABULOUS!!!

Dahlia Divin Givenchy by xXx CHAR xXx 2014-10-25


Modern Muse Chic Estée Lauder by xXx CHAR xXx 2014-10-25

This is the year of the PLUM for me and I quite like this frag!!!

Pretty Petals Ellen Tracy by Suzybee 2014-10-25

After reading all the positive reviews on this fragrance, I decided to give it a try, and buy a bottle at TJ Maxx. This has to be the worst fragrance I've ever put on. It smells cheap and the notes are not distinct, just a blend of undesirable and synthetic fragrance. The description posted from Ellen Tracy is very deceiving. I will be returning this asap.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by xXx CHAR xXx 2014-10-25

... Head turning ... just the way Narciso intended!!!

Oscar Oscar de la Renta by xXx CHAR xXx 2014-10-25

In homage to the passing designer I picked up a bottle of this. I don't know why I hadn't repurchased all these years... it was a delight to be thrown back to 17 ... Love it!!!

Midnight Fleur Nest by GalInGlasses 2014-10-25

I completely understand Staciecrew's review of this fragrance as containing something fruity and boozy. The first time I tried it, I largely got an ambery vanilla, but today, this fragrance opened on my skin like a pina colada with cinnamon, and the tropical fruit impression remained for several hours. I'm not sure how I feel about it! I think I'll have to try it again at some point to see what happens.

Great longevity and sillage! A warm and pleasant fragrance with an intriguing collection of notes.

Fresh Cream Philosophy by GalInGlasses 2014-10-25

I've researched so many fragrances on this site that claim to be "milky," but this is the first one I've tried that lives up to its listed notes. This really does smell like it could actually be a dairy product. I mean this in the best way possible. I wasn't expecting too much in terms of sillage or longevity for this fragrance, and although neither are especially impressive, they also exceed my expectations. I can still smell this fragrance on my skin about 7 hours after I sprayed it. Sillage is somewhere between soft and moderate. I expect it could improve if one layered it over the bath and body products from the same line. Fun scent, cozy and comforting!

Guerlain Chant d'Aromes Guerlain by archivist 2014-10-25

This review is about the 2004 EDT in the bee bottle - it reminds me very much of vintage Je Reviens. The only other Chant d'Aromes I've smelled is the vintage EDC (clock bottle), which I swapped away many years ago because it didn't make much of an impression on me. I like this very much - it smells like Cashmere Bouquet soap from my childhood (decades ago, kids), quietly floral, no screeching white musk, a bit of sandalwood and a hint of incense. It is calm, centered, timeless. Everyone needs something like Chant d'Aromes to help bring their nose back to center, away from trends and fashions of the moment (and of the past) and back to something that is neither overly synthetic nor honkingly natural, not a yell or a whisper, but just a direct and loving gaze of a scent.

Intriguing. Like opening the door to a sauna with some warm mellow spice oil in the air. And somebody left a wooden box of pencil erasers dampened in benzoin over in the corner.
Not interested in carrying this scent around on me. And it in no way invokes a sense of 'desert' to me.

Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by gabri 2014-10-25

I received this perfume for my birthday and I can't way to try it ! Thanks Mom :o)

Agrumes en Fleurs Yves Rocher by jlfears 2014-10-25

This is a very, very, very soft and smooth D&G Light Blue mixed with a large handful of sweet tart powdery candies. I love it.

Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by perfumeloverforever 2014-10-25

I really like this pretty feminine perfume. It actually reminds me of good old fashioned Turkish delight. I think it would have a lot to do with the rose. I smell rose more than anything in the dry down. This is like a lighter version of Casmir, which is also very nice. Casmir is more spicy and vanillic.

FCUK Him FCUK by alexgo 2014-10-25


What a lovely, elegant and subtle scent! A real spring/summer scent. This would be my summer signature if it lasted more than an hour on my skin! What a shame.. However due to it's relatively low price and amazing smell, I still own a bottle of this.

Thallium Black Yves de Sistelle by Pinnacos 2014-10-25

It escapes me why a bottle with that design wasn't used for a frag with a strong black pepper note.

Eden Cacharel by jlfears 2014-10-25


2 parts Fresh Sake
1 part Escada Escada (green juice in clear bottle)
1 part SMARTIES candies
1 part (light) patchouli-dusted dirt

I like it. It's not me, but I like it.

Cuir d`Ange Hermes by craftyminx 2014-10-25

I wanted to try this when I was at the local Hermes boutique today, but they haven't gotten it yet! I'm so looking forward to it. I've loved Kelly Caleche for a long time, and JCE does beautiful things with femme leather scents.

Reaction T-Shirt Kenneth Cole by Shoota#1 2014-10-25

Clean and Fresh!!! I wanted this one for a while. Glad to have found this gem.

Hermessence Ambre Narguile Hermes by craftyminx 2014-10-25

I saw the name Ambre Narguile and was expecting something with, you know, amber. No such luck. On the upside, this lasts longer on me than any of the other Hermessence scents, but all I really get out of it is the cinnamon, and warm-spicy isn't really my thing. I wish I got more of the honey, the rum, and the caramel from it, but I don't pick those up at all. I'm really disappointed in this one and am glad I only have a sample.

Reserve for Men Perry Ellis by briannyc94 2014-10-25

Great everyday scent for anyone. Great for high school or college students that want a cheap, fresh, sharp everyday cologne

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by catsngunsnyarn 2014-10-25

Tobacco Vanille is gorgeous, full, warm, and sensual. it reminds me of clove cigarettes (which i happen to love and would treat myself to in the late '80s/early '90s) wrapped in luxurious vanilla, balanced by a quiet underlying wood. you know how some fragrances announce themselves by punching you in the head, forcing themselves in your face? TV doesn't do that - it doesn't have to. it's a quiet, distinguished charisma that turns heads when its power slowly enters the room. Luckyscent sent me a sample, and even at it's high price point, i may just buy a fb.

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by thiefofnoses 2014-10-25

I'm going to quote ifjuly's review because this is what I thought too:

"Immediately it smells "perfume"-y, the way when you're very little and you go in to hug your grandma at an evening holiday party, when she's clad in a mink stole because that was still cool then and waxy lipstick and powder and hairspray and real pearls or gold jewelry, you get a whiff of her perfume. It's like that. Classic older lady who likes to have fun perfume."

But - it isn't as strong as an 'older lady who likes to have fun perfume'. There's a warm citrus accord but that is all the amaretto does - give the citrus warmth. It doesn't stand as a note on its own. Smoke? I strain to smell any sort of smoke in this and wonder if the fragrance wasn't called 'Breath of the Dragon' that anyone else would either. The drydown is unquestionably woody and musky with a touch of patchouli and benzoin.

It's not to my personal tastes, but I know I'd be in for lots of laughs if I met someone wearing it.

Essences Insensees Diptyque by claudia0219 2014-10-25

One of the best Mimosa fragrances out on the market. Smells green with a smidge of the heliotrope coming through. An elegant nicely done fragrance.

Cabriole Elizabeth Arden by genny17 2014-10-25

I wore it when it came out, and it smells real nice and quite unique, also strong...
I like the name, means somersault in french. It is a happy lively scent tbat reminds me of another time in my life!! Nostalgia!!!

Eau Sauvage Parfum Dior by SNOOPY 2014-10-25

It's a bottle of sweet smoke.There is a nice earthy vetyver with myrrh dominant in the drydown .I can't usually pick out notes but this minimalist masterpiece makes it easy.

New York Parfums de Nicolaï by crypticat 2014-10-25

Opens dirty dry woody floral but not a sweet floral. I liked getting kicked by a very masculine beginning. Spice starts to come out.
After an hour: let my wife smell it. "Ugh that's nasty! Old man smell"

Moschino Moschino by apixiefan 2014-10-25

vintage Obsession for Women is very hard to find. But Moschino for Women and Krazy Krizia (EDP) are so similar to Obsession, it's sorta scary. This EDT has the longevity of a lot of well made EDPs. Very long lasting and balmy, this is. A perfect winter scent, but just as effective and great smelling any other time, if used moderately. Very "galbanum heavy".

L'Affaire Regency Cosmetics by lorililly 2014-10-25

I'm writing this from memory...I wish I could find this again! The main reason I purchased it was the picture on the box...I now have a poster of that Renoir painting in my living room! The scent was soft and very pretty, and I wore it while working at the hospital...and got compliments. It was not expensive but it did smell soft and floral. I wonder if it is still around?

Beautiful Estée Lauder by lorililly 2014-10-25

I wore this when my son was small. A friend of mine gave me a bottle, and I LOVED it!! It was a fresh,"green floral" with lasting power. It smelled expensive. Unfortunately, while pregnant with my daughter, my body chemistry changed and this smelled TERRIBLE on me and I could no longer tolerate it! Rarely smell it on anyone any longer, but when I do, I recognize it and it smells lovely on...OTHER PEOPLE! I will continue to enjoy it vicariously :)

Lutece Dana by lorililly 2014-10-25

I haven't seen this since probably 1985 or 1986: the Houbigant version was really, really beautiful. I did smell the Dana version, and it was pretty similar, but it's been so long now I don't really know what to think about it anymore...except I LOVED it in the past. Maybe now I would feel many fragrances I adored in the past don't smell the same any longer, and don't go well with my chemistry. Wish it would come back as an "anniversary edition" or something so I could try it again!

Angel Thierry Mugler by lorililly 2014-10-25

I first smelled this in 1995, when a group of women I worked with and I went on a trip to Boston. One of the women tried it on and I thought it was a bit strong. Recently tried it again, and it works really well with my body chemistry!!! I am more of an "oriental" lover than a "gourmand" fan ( I gravitate to Obsession, Tabu, Imari and Far Away from get the idea). This doesn't really remind me of candy or cupcakes...this has a certain amount of exoticism to make it mysterious and edgy, but sweet enough to keep the enticement going. I only need a little, but it lasts. Cooler weather fragrance, for sure (I like my musks in the warmer months). Unique bottle...wonder if anyone has ever put it on top of their Christmas Tree?

I got a sample with my nordstrom order and oh wow this smells good it is a lil masculinebut I like this alot and when I can get it cheaper I will buy it.

The opening is nothing special,a little old style maybe but what impressed me was the drydown.smelled sort of like angel food cake tastes.Put it on a day before you go out

Michael Kors for Men Michael Kors by karlovonamesti 2014-10-25

I think I'll buy this when it returns in November. Michael Kors for men does with incense what most niche or "luxe" incenses I've tried could not: makes it wearable. I get just enough incense to remind me of church without pulling me all the way into prayer. The spicy elemi, coriander, and thyme are pleasant textures that complement the sturdy freshness of incense and star anise at the core. Very straightforward masculinity here, with fairly natural ingredients and good balance between the sweaty woods and silvery olibanum, and I think Kors has a winner on its hands. Let's hope the reissued batches are stable.

Drakkar Noir Guy Laroche by allen.bwoy 2014-10-25

nothing wrong with this, clean, shaving cream/aftershave scent, nothing special. unoffensive. 6.5/10

Guess Dare Guess by Elizete Araujo Moura 2014-10-25

Um cítrico perfeito para despertar/ depois da higiene matinal bom usar/ a silagem fraca, mas amei!!

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by apixiefan 2014-10-25

it's a very complex scent. One that I use for special occasions. Very powerful and very lush. And extremely expensive smelling, even though it's relatively affordable. You could call this a masterpiece or signature scent. I like smelling the cap on this scent, a few days after I use it. I get a powdery iris with a residual 'candy' smell that it simply beautiful. This is easily a unisex scent.

Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss by Elizete Araujo Moura 2014-10-25

Fresco, porém suave e tem silagem duradoura/ coloco de manhã
e no fim do dia está em minha pele deixando as notas que ficam ao fundo amadeirada; é como uma manhã em Paris/ é um perfume para a noite mas, o uso durante o dia e fica perfeito/ todos comentam!!

Invictus Paco Rabanne by karlovonamesti 2014-10-25

Paco Rabanne does yet another variation of Cool Water, this time opting for a spin on the damp woody citrus theme using unconscionably synthetic and overly-sweetened fruits over a bland vanillic amber of no distinction. The result is a fragrance that smells good in a laundry-clean hand-soapy sort of way, but it makes me yearn for the more rugged originals, Drakkar, CW, GIT, even Aspen. Invictus is like those scents, but dressed like David Arquette with a Justin Bieber haircut. No thanks.

Cannabis Santal Fresh by allen.bwoy 2014-10-25

a gourmand named cannabis santal is very misleading and a huge disappointment 5/10

Silver Mountain Water Creed by jotalopez 2014-10-25

SMW is undoubtedly a masterpiece. It's classy, manly, clean and vibrant. Honestly I don't get the ink note nor the blackcurrant accord mentioned in several reviews. I rather smell a fresh herbal-floral combo which is as unique and classy as it gets. Pricy? yes it is, top-notch frags cost money, especially when they are so well made. I don't regret having spent 135 bucks on a 75 ml bottle (which is very little compared to the actual price). Hands down Creed fragrances are expensive, but they are worth every penny.

Aoud Melody Montale by Raldoman 2014-10-25

My first ever review so please make the necessary allowances. My olfactory knowledge isn't good enough to identify individual notes, unless they are commonplace and obvious, so I'll just give an honest opinion and leave the detailed stuff to the experts. In MY opinion this smells nothing like Mancera The Aoud, as that one is rose-predominant and I don't get any such rose with Aoud Melody. It's closer to Mancera Sand Aoud but they're not alike really. It's most similar to MFK Oud, with the common notes of Saffron and Elemi. However, Aoud Melody is more medicinal and harsh on first blast and the talked-about "creaminess" comes later, whereas the MFK is sublimely smooth from the start to the finish. Not Montale's strongest in terms of projection or longevity but still a hitter. The Aoud (or Oud) is more muted than in others like Black Aoud, Royal Aoud or Aoud Musk, but it's there and I like it. Very nice scent that needs an hour or two to settle to its best impression. The only reason I can comment on the comparisons is that I have all the above in FBs.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by dollycalifornia 2014-10-25

Okay so I usually love sweet perfumes, and I am a big fan of Loverdose Tattoo which is similar according to a few people here. Yes it is a bit similar, when I smelled Black Opium it reminded me of something I know but not sure it was exactly Loverdose tattoo. Honestly I don't know why, but my nose didn't like this perfume at all ! It is sweet, which is usually pleasing for me, but a not in it is spoiling the whole fragrance. You have a strong vanilla, then for coffee, it depends, I've smelled the fragrance once in store and had a strong coffee note (actually thought it was the strongest note!) But now I have a sample from YSL vanilla is the strongest and I'm not getting the coffee note (it's my second time trying it, so maybe I need to try it again).

It may please you if you like sweet perfume with strong vanilla accords, also if you like warm perfume, this one is very warm and I would only wear it on cold days. It has a strong smell so I will say the sillage is good, and longevity too. I would recommend to test it before buying, a testing it several times to be sure it is something you like, I thought I would like it since I like sweet perfume but not at all.

Rio Glow Jennifer Lopez by Rose_Noire 2014-10-25

Just found this at Shoppers Drug Mart for 20$ in Canada!
Judging by the design I was thinking it would be a Miami/Sunkissed Glow copy but it doesn't have a beachy suntan lotion-y vibe like those two.

It's more herbal and fruity than tropical, you get the apple and those green notes which then dry down to a soapy orange blossom. It's quite light and I think I'll be reaching for this in humid summer days.
It also has a slight resemblance to Daisy eau So Fresh. ;)

Coco Noir Chanel by Michylaka 2014-10-25

This is my new love. At first I was not impressed when I first smelled this at Bloomingdales of course on a tester strip. I was surprised my fiance bought it for me for Christmas last year. I did not tell him to. He just liked it. He loves Coco and Mademoiselle on me so he figured this would be great too. I did not want to return it as that would have been very rude. So I decided to spritz some on my pulse points and just see where it went. After the initial spritz wore off which is very strong it started to show its layers which are many. I became mesmerized by its florals and then the finish was so soft and warm. I now use this as my signature scent and it wears well on me as I have been told. It is not like Mademoiselle as some say. I find it more subtle. It is more like Coco to me. Although not as musky as Coco. She is the softspoken child of Coco and the more mysterious yet romantic sister to Mademoiselle in my opinion. My fiance asks me to wear this and I know why...Love love love!

Perry Black for Him Perry Ellis by mufasa 2014-10-25

I take back what I said, this fragrance is absolutely awesome! It smells so rich and refined! It definitely is in the same category as YSL La Nuit and I actually like the smell of this fragrance better than La Nuit. I highly recommend this fragrance to users who are at least in their 20s. Love this fragrance!

Hermessence Vanille Galante Hermes by Frayja 2014-10-25

I have to confess that I hate vanilla in perfumes.
I can barely stand vanilla only when very talented perfumers hide the note well,so I can't detect that is there.
But my dear friend Desiree send me a huge sample of this and because I am a devoted follower of Hermes,I test it.
What a beauty!If the name wasn't Vanille Galante,I could swear that isn't a vanilla in there.
A beautiful,ethereal white flower note,reminding me of full in bloom almond trees,blended with light tobacco and woods,maybe?Very light,very poetic,very vibrant.
Well,the thing about talented perfumers,high quality ingredients vs all the rest.
Thank you Desiree for the chance,thank you monsieur Ellena for prove me wrong hating vanilla.

Allure Sensuelle Chanel by Michylaka 2014-10-25

A friend bought this for me knowing I love Chanel fragrances back when it came out in like 2006. This fragrance is one of my favorites for winter especially. I wear it to holiday parties with my cashmere sweaters and pencil skirts or with my leather jackets and jeans. It makes no difference. This fragrance is soft and bold all in one. It is edgy in a way that is intoxicating to me the wearer and anyone who is within six feet of me. It is strong but it pleases the senses of everyone that I ever met anyway. I have heard people say "What is that perfume I smell?" "Do you smell that?" "Who is wearing that?" Then those who know it is me are always asking what I am wearing. I prefer this over Allure which also I have. This fragrance is a conversation starter. Not many are. Love love love!!!

Cabochard Gres by seamav 2014-10-25

Wonderful leather as many have described - smells to me exactly like Azuree

Boss Bottled Night Hugo Boss by Lybarra118 2014-10-25

As a woman, I love Boss Bottled Night…for myself. Yes, it's my husband's, but I always wear it when I have acquisition/budget meetings at work. There's an edginess to it that makes me feel strong and confident when I'm the only woman in a room full of men. It also gets very nice compliments, though I never reveal my secret. ;-)

This is very masculine, don't get me wrong, and I'm always surprised by the slight citrus opening, but the dry down is a woody stunner - unisex, imo. I do think it's more of a day wear. Of course, I spray lightly and always an hour before leaving my house, as I don't want to smell like I'm wearing my husband's cologne, even though I am. I don't know why, maybe I'm getting tired of the usual "Pour Femme" scents in my collection, but men's colognes are really starting to grab my attention.

Premier Figuier L`Artisan Parfumeur by Arabian Knight 2014-10-25

This is a beautiful balmy scent, very cool, creamy and fresh. It smells like body milk feels.

I suppose it's unisex enough, although I do feel the soft sweetness leans more toward feminine, whereas "Philosykos" smells sharper and more green. It is very natural smelling. I've really come to appreciate this house now thanks to this and Fou d'Absinthe.

For people complaining about longevity: The tester strip that I sprayed 6 hours ago still smells quite strongly of glorious creamy figs and coconut.
Spray it on your clothes and see if it lasts longer. Any fig scent that I've encountered has always been more of a skin scent anyway.

Casbah Robert Piguet by Poboijosh 2014-10-25

I'm an Incense lover, and I really like this juice, but I do not in any way see the association of Casbah with a Moroccan spice market of some sort... this perfume is very cold in feel, almost somber and a bit depressing, with a mountain of Frankincense and smoke, and from the very first moment I sprayed this juice on, all I could think about was that I've smelled this before. I used to burn Incense, a lot of Incense, all different varieties and brands, and there's one in particular that has the brand name of Bharat Industrial BIC Brand Incense®, or simply BIC®, and they produce an Incense that's appropriately named Himalaya, that's supposed to feel cold and snowy like, which it recreates quite accurately, and Robert Piguet`s Casbah smells exactly, and I mean to a T like this Incense. I`m having a difficult time dissecting this juice due to that overwhelming association with the Himalaya Incense, but I can say this... the Frankincense and Cedar accords are insanely potent and realistic in nature, and this truly is a `1 spray perfume `, because this stuff is overwhelmingly powerful and smoky with the kind of sillage that fills a room, honest, and Casbah will definitely fulfill your Incense fix, but it's not warm and cozy like Tom Ford`s Sahara Noir, this juice is truly frigid...

Fou d`Absinthe L`Artisan Parfumeur by Arabian Knight 2014-10-25

A bracing, sharp, aromatic scent, with a cool herbal sweetness that dries down into a fresh piney wood.

Very wearable and I think a good one for hot climates too.

Very Sexy Hot Victoria`s Secret by prettyswag 2014-10-25

I love this..pull this mist out of my stash..nice!

Truly Unique Avon by Legolas 2014-10-25

"Truly stinky" one of the worst smells i ever tried.. :P

Imogen Rose Lush by Littlegrassstraw 2014-10-25

Beautiful simple rose patchouli, I thought...but no patchouli in the listed notes! So well done, smells fresh, smooth and natural. I am not a lover of heavy or dry rose perfumes so this rose is surprisingly lovely fresh and the patchouli reminiscent base is smooth and creamy sweetened. For it to be exquisite it is lacking something in between the rose and the base but as a simple everyday scent it is lovely. This review is for the solid perfume. It was very modest in sillage and longevity. Will try spray version next time.

Bang Bang Marc Jacobs by 1welshdevil 2014-10-25

I sadly tried this today, and all I can say is yuck, it is really nasty, unpleasant sandalwood. Spicy in a nasty way like Opium, kind of fragrance you'd move if a guy wearing it sat next to you on a train

Bois Rouge Tom Ford by Angela Agiannidou 2014-10-25

I am in love with most of Tom Ford's concoctions and this is no exception.
It starts sharp, tartly sharp, and smoky to my nose, heavy, heady, utterly individual and beautiful, the vetiver is very present and there is a slight hint of cedar,it continues strong till the last and BEST stage, an alluring, slightly ambery smoky leather and sandalwood with gentle nuances of sensational jasmine and lots of vetiver! Only falling in love can rival the sensation this scent causes, what a beauty! I have exhausted the 3ml tester and would love to own this exquisite desirable juice from the Master of sensational thrills Tom Ford. Needless to say longevity is huge and sillage monstrous!

Acqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile Acqua di Parma by Chicago Tony T 2014-10-25

Jasmine and tuberose is all I get with emphasis on tuberose. I really don't get any musk or woods at the base. Tuberose is one of my least liked notes so this is a dislike for me. After about 4 hours the scent is unnoticeable on my skin.

Wild DSQUARED² by alfarom 2014-10-25

I've never been a fan of the Caten's twins aesthetic when it comes to their collections of clothes but, admittedly, their range of fragrances is not amongst the worsts in the current designers' panorama targeted at younger crowds. *Wild* came with the promise of freedom, pride and speed while the ad campaign showed a beefy male model together with a stallion in a, hrm, not so hidden sexual reference. Oh well, a lot to live-up to here…

The fragrance opens with an almost old-fashioned green / herbal aromatic blast. The accord would be pretty interesting if they didn't try to modernize it with the unmistakeable sharpness which is typical of department store masculines but, fortunately, the fragrance settles down pretty soon into a woody-incensey thing which is not *that* distant from Escentric Molecules type of stuff. Now, nothing really exciting here but at least it skips the usual sticky and exhausting sweet-woodiness of most current fragrances targeted to men.


Rating: 6/10

Dark Rose Czech & Speake by Colin Maillard 2014-10-25

Notes of synthetic, humid, dark (as the name goes) rose, benzoin, quite a lot of patchouli, perhaps a boozy note too, and shortly after the opening, an oak moss note which an unexpected thickness and pleasant rich texture. I don't get any oud honestly, or it may be what I think was oak moss plus something boozy. A dark scent for sure, a rich and thick gloomy chypre centered on rose, with a metallic-camphoraceous aftertaste that somehow sadly "ruins" this sort of gothic ambiance, taking away a bit of its charm and deepness. Nonetheless the scent works, it's quite unpretentious and a bit cheap, so don't expect this to be some less expensive replacement for Lyric Man or other costly (and far more richer and compelling) "dark rose" scents. It smells masculine, but more like unexpensive and obscure chypres of the '80s – not the fascinating ones, rather the cheap ones. I've heard that this scent was much better some years ago when it was formulated and manufactured by Forester Milano, before C&S took back the manufacturing process in England. Other scents apparently did not suffer this change while this one did - this is just something I've heard and I am not sure if that is true, although I know there is two versions of this (you can tell the difference by the cap, the previous version had a golden cap, while now it's black). Plus anyway I did not try the "first" version and I can only speak for the current one. Which is nice, "if you have to", but nothing to really bother about.


Lady Vengeance Juliette Has A Gun by Colin Maillard 2014-10-25

The opening of Lady Vengeance is similar to other Juliet Has a Gun scents; a "white" gourmand rich in vanilla, talc and floral notes, with bergamot and citrus head notes and a general feel of silky, satin and glossy (and desperately dull) trendiness which is the trademark of this brand. Huge amounts of Iso E and synthetic amber give a modern and restrained shape to this overall whiteish sweetness. It's not unpleasant at first, but it soon loses its richness and its texture quickly becoming quite plain and close to skin, leaning towards a persistent yet really delicate drydown which comprises again a floral-ambery accord with a white sugary talc all over. All in the less creative sense possible – expressive and inspired, yet white and cheaply "contemporary" like a white Ikea chair. Unworthy its price (like any other scent by this brand in my opinion).


Anyway Juliette Has A Gun by Colin Maillard 2014-10-25

A completely useless scent which smells of completely nothing. For some ten minutes at the opening you smell a faint note of fruity-citrus greenness with something smelling like fig to me, something milky and zesty and the same time, and a dusty white note of cetalox (synthetic amber). All of this is really subtle, and it literally vanishes completely after a bunch of minutes. I had to reapply it to continue with my review, as the first time all I could come up with was the opening sentence of this review. I don't mean to offend anyone but this is the smell of pure idiocy to me – ok, probably not that much as "Not a perfume" (another "gem" by this brand), but we're close to that.


Forever Red Bath and Body Works by lbures68 2014-10-25

Whenever I wear Forever Red, I am stopped and asked about my fragrance. This has become my signature scent.

Ambre Gris Pierre Balmain by ingelot 2014-10-25

It took me a while to fully appreciate it, but now it's pure LOVE. This is an amazing & addictive fragrance! 1 of my favorites.

Burberry Brit Burberry by oxanagiel 2014-10-25

This is my go to fall scent. It smells like vanilla and almond to me.
It is sweet and heavy so I spray it far away and walk into it. It has this warm and sweet smell yet sophisticated. It lasts all day, even after a few days. I have a scarf that still has lightly the scent of it from a while ago.
I feel like this scent is perfect for the night time.

Interesting, I smelled a tiny Cristalle note in the opening of this and felt like Milly La Foret smelled a bit like Cristalle mixed with Mure et Musc. I see both have been mentioned so apparently I'm not the only one getting this! I think this is a beautiful fragrance, very graceful and elegant. Too often I find evergreen type scents to feel too "dapper" or something for myself but this is very female friendly. I can see this adapting to any season. Right now it feels like fall or winter but if I tried it in spring it would probably feel spring like. It is very light, not a powerhouse fragrance by any means. If you are looking for a loud bang for your buck you won't find it here. But if you are looking for a beautiful musky and somewhat gently exhilarating (yet somehow also tranquil and calming) evergreen scent that is office friendly and unisex, you may very well enjoy Milly La Foret.

Daisy Marc Jacobs by oxanagiel 2014-10-25

I love this scent. I love to wear it in the spring time, especially when it rains. It's so fresh and light. I'm not good with recognizing different types of scents.. there is a flower component, sort of smells like gardenia to me almost? And then there's a slight smell of strawberry. It's a perfect light scent for the day, especially in the spring time or whenever it's raining.

Velvet Rose & Oud Jo Malone by Shibor 2014-10-25

An oriental exotic rose.

The name matches the perfume very well. Since the rose is indeed perceived “velvety”.
Sharper at the beginning, the rose softens quickly and gets a very gentle character. Oud darkens the rose a bit without making it really dark. Then the praline balances the woodenness of oud but the praline note itself is not explicitly distinguishable. Even less appears the clove though it does its “job” as spicy-maker very well.

The scent on the whole feels very balanced, the rose mature and mellow. This maturity could create a “retro” impression, but the combination with oud and spices dispels this feeling.

The scent nuance - how the rose appears: more dark, more sweet or more tender - can depend on the season.

This harmonic rose scent is a real unisex fragrance.

Psychedelique Jovoy Paris by mehrdad 2014-10-25

با سلام و ادب
عطري شيرين و چوبي
شيريني دلچسب و شامه نوازي دارد مخصوصا بعد از آنكه ساعاتي از نت هاي اوليه آن گذشته باشد رايحه هاي شيرين را استشمام خواهيد كرد كه بوي دودي آنرا همراه مي نمايد
نت هاي عنبر و وانيل و نعناي هندي تركيب خوبي را بدست داده اند
البته غلبه نت عنبر و وانيل از حضور مركبات كم نموده و تنها در اولين اسپري حضور آنها را احساس خواهيد كرد
طبق آنچه در مورد اين برند كه از كنستانتره كردن عطرها بهره مي گيرد گفته مي شود آن است كه به دليل دوام بالاي عطرهاي اين برند هر ٤ ساعت يكبار رايحه اين كارها عوض شده و رايحه ديگر بوجود خواهد آمد
البته در مورد اين كار و عطر پرايويت ليبل اين مطلب را خودم تست نموده و بعد از ٥ ساعت تفاوتهاي آنرا با ساعت هاي اوليه مشاهده نمودم
به نظرم اين عطر اگرچه از قدرت پرايويت ليبل برخوردار نيست اما از آن خوشبوتر است و حداقل براي كساني كه ميگرن دارند و يا به بوهاي سنگين حساسيت دارند ايجاد سر درد نمي كند
كلاسيك و مردانه
شيرين و دلچسب
با دوام و پخش خوب
جهت استفاده در فصول سرد و هواي زمستاني گزينه خوبي مي باشد
از استشمام زياد آن مطمئن باشيد كه حالت گرسنگي به شما دست خواهد داد
فلذا مراقب باشيد آنرا وقتي استفاده مي نماييد به دنبال شما از پي شيريني فروشي خواهند گشت
با تقديم احترام
فيس بوك: گالري عطر مهرداد
Instagram: mehrdad_gallery
Line: mehrdadgallery

This is the much more sexier, playful, and wearable version of the Narciso Rodriguez house for men. I love the original, no doubt for it's simplicity and uniqueness but the way this Musc version is blended is just so damn BEAUTIFUL.

Rich musk with a creamy iris and red berries combination. Perfect scent for on a date and suitable enough for a work meeting. This is an absolute beauty in a bottle! Projection and longevity are wonderful for me on these cool autumn nights where I get up to 8 hours of 6 feet distance in projection. I prefer wearing this one when the sun isn't shining, meaning night time and when the rain begins to drop.


Black Vines Kerosene by fraggirl50 2014-10-25

Like all the offering from this house, in no way do they smell good. Sorry Kerosene.

L'Eau de Chloe Chloe by ojosverdes 2014-10-25

Just got it and it smells amazing. I don't know why I hesitated to try this scent before as I have all of the Chloe scents. I though maybe it would not be different enough from Chloe itself boy was I wrong. So woody almost like an Oud smell to it. It's so strange and yet it's fascinating. Chloe has not let me down. That why I love this house so much. If you want a dupe for less try Haiku Kyoto Flower Avon for women. It's the same scent with really good silage as well.

Not a review but for what its worth.. If you just go by the ingredients/note list whatever. Strangely platnium edition was the reform that came out of the one last year or so, it was harsher at the top imo, and note wise it had ambergris instead of amber supposedy. Now I havent smelled this one but this supposdly has amber again instead of ambergris but now has no orange blossom. Go figure.

Rochas Man Rochas by SC83 2014-10-25

Light. Sweet. Subtle. Vanilla.

Longevity is about 5-6 hours for me.

If you're not a fan of sweet/gourmand fragrances, you may want to avoid this one.


Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo by Raidersteveo 2014-10-25

Green, woody, oceanic, and best of all unique -- that's Kenzo PH simply put. There is not an ounce of sweetness in this. It's a bold manly man juice that lasts among the best of them. Joezilla who chimed in below me described it quite fittingly as the scent of evergreen trees swept by the wind along a Mediterranean coast juxtaposed with subtle wafts of an ocean breeze.

I love it! And to date I haven't put my nose on anything quite like it. I have no hesitation saying that I will buy another better when my current one is depleted. This is top shelf stuff at a pauper's pence.

Nina Nina Ricci by fishygal53 2014-10-25

hi This perfume used to be my signature perfume and i loved it and always receive compliments when i used it but recently the musky smell has been pronounced and its makes me giddy. i wonder if i bought an old stock or something or the scent has been changed? because i bought a "fresh" one and even tried smelling at other stores. now im using the nina elixir and had gotten accustomed to it. really sad coz i remembered the nina original was sweet and not so much on the musky side.

Battito d`Ali Profumum Roma by Lana148 2014-10-25

Unique, candy-like gourmand.

Very delicious orange flower opening -sweet, balsamic, sour, fresh. Little cocoa and myrrh on the background. Dry-down is less exiting on my skin - somewhat like baby powder. This feels innocent. Would be a great gift for a teenage girl, if you don't mind paying the asking price for it.

24 Go Dark ScentStory by brent0529 2014-10-25

This smells too much like The One Gentleman by D&G...very much like it. Like 95% I'd say. Decent fragrance on smell and power. Just not for me. Not terribly unique either. 7/10 rating from me overall.

Embers Rouge Bunny Rouge by adrienn99 2014-10-25

To me, first sniff is basicly burnt sugar with the rest of the notes providing a nice addition (spices, balmy and woody notes). Well-done amber although would not say it's particularly outstanding. Smells classy though (as well as priced as such).

Midnight Poison Dior by Deppaholic 2014-10-25

Score! Going to test this tomorrow to see what all the hoop la is about on this discontinued fragrance. I did not care for Hypnotic or Pure. When I ask for this, they had 2, by the time I got there it was down to the one, good thing I ask her to save it for me! Guess I'll be sniffing perfume instead of eating this weekend! LOL.

Rainforest Pino Silvestre by kigyo 2014-10-25

Absolutely love it. Pino, for me, always delivers.

So Dark Orchid, i have the perfume, mist and bosy lotion, my favorite VS buy EVER!

i am not a big fan of VS scents in general cause they tend to be sweet or fruity like, but some exceptions, one of them is this! I totaly love it! I use thr mist for day wear, perfume for the night and the lotion for layering

Orchid and amber is what i detect by my nose and i love it :)

White Patchouli Tom Ford by Deppaholic 2014-10-25

Oh boy! I got the sales girl to open the bottle for me to spray on my hand. THUD! I am not even a patch lover! But thanks to Mr. Ford, his rendition here blew me away. I said I'll take it without it even unwinding itself. Again, I will say his creations are nothing like anything else out there! There is a gluten feel about this, or as one reviewer picked up the fresh paint smell. As if you can smell dough rising or something to that effect. I love it! Well, I certainly am glad I got a bottle before it has disappeared from this planet. Yet, have no fear, he creates masterpieces! I will alternate between this and Velvet Orchid and some of my beloved Guerlain this winter! Yes! Score! His fragrances always last forever and a day on me! Not something I can say for very many Houses! Do yourself a favor and try to sample this beauty. I agree with Germany, a man or woman can pull this off! It comes to life with your heartbeat if it wants to play with you. I will admit I hate patch too! I don't know why, but I really loathe it. However Ford works his magic again! Grab one while you still can!

Green Irish Tweed Creed by Thecameltotem 2014-10-25

Got the old non reformulated version of Cool Water from 2008.

Soo good! Much better sillage and longevity than GIT. Also i think it smells better, so imo you are better off getting an old CW bottle.

I however LOVE Aventus and Royal Oud :)

Guys stop with this reformulated stuff. I got an 2013 bottle and it's crazy as hell.

2 sprays can be too much sometimes. With 3 i learned my lesson lol...

You will be smell it for a long time and people WILL smell you. There are reformulated perfumes that are ruined but this is not one of them :)

This fragrance never fails to get comments and raves. Fresh and clean and well worth the price. My Serge Lutens' Fille en Anguilles gets yawns compared to this.
I put 'Forest' on 4 hours ago and I can still smell and enjoy it. I am on my 3rd bottle.
For that piney fragrance, much better than Norne, Knize Forest, or Chanel's Bois des Iles.

Fancy Love Jessica Simpson by Kerielle 2014-10-25

To me this smells exactly identical to Tribe. A fragrance from the 80s ina purple and green or blue bottle. I wasn't expecting this after the slightly gormand of original fancy. I don't get this one .. I get no peaches and cream just a lot of sharp notes, that on some days, makes no sense. But, I don't dislike this either. I keep trying it to get what a lot of you do with this. Maybe one day it will click.

Unique Rose Avon by DJJellyBean 2014-10-25

Is this available in US? I want it!

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by sweetness1234 2014-10-25

I love this perfume soo much it smells clean,refreshing and it got this hint of sweetness which make it husband love it too when I wear it he comments on how nice I smell and sometimes he says u smell like a shampoo :-D

Dune Dior by antihero 2014-10-25

Dune. The iconic Dune.
I have wanted this for a long time, however I did have to settle for the the reformulated version, but I love it!
Dune opens with an arid woodiness, the smell of a sauna. Rosewood, sandalwood and amber. This moves to a slighty sweet scent, still dry and woody.
The aldehydes don't bother me in the least.
Dune is narcotic to me; I absolutely love this. It makes me wonder who those lucky enough to have the pre-formulated version are enjoying.
This is a beauty, just intoxicating.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by jovejove 2014-10-25

The rubber flask is now refillable! :D

Black Muscs Alexandre.J by alfarom 2014-10-25

I honestly believe this line brings tackiness to a completely higher level. This is not simply tacky. It's way beyond. The bottles are a painful-to-watch mash-up between cheap coffee cans and Montale's metal flacons. The little golden crown on the cap is actually a ring you can wear when you dress up (no kidding).

The fragrance is basically an extremely powerful metallic musky amber in the worst style of Montale. Obnoxious.

Is there really someone buying this stuff? If so, kudos to SAs all over the world.

Rating: 4/10

I have a 1oz. Bottle of this up for swap if anyone is interested.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by hgonzalez 2014-10-25

I get 2 samples of GIT from 2 reputable diferent sites. This is good stuff and i really like it.

I compare side to side to Coolwater and to my nose, are similar (very close). I do not want to upset anyone but that is my opinion.

Of course, GIT feels better (maybe for the quality ingredients) and have a slightly better longevity.

Respect those who pay the price for the quality of this fragrance, but for now I'll have to continue with my Coolwater (yes have to overspray and yes, reapply after 3 hours but, c'mon, CW is $42 USD for 6.7 oz). Maybe someday i decide to get a bottle of GIT.

Imperial Millesime Creed by Evamomma 2014-10-25

I love this scent but it does not last very long on me. The sales lady at Saks said the Creed house does not recommend mixing their scents, but I have had an excellent result from mixing Creed Royal Water and Imperial. Does anyone else mix the Creed scents?

Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne by C@nn@r 2014-10-25

Excellent fresh scent! Smells like, as many people say, fresh squeezed orange juice. That is definitely not a bad thing!! I tried a small sample and it was perfect to wear just around the house on the weekends to smell great, feel refreshed, and relax with. However, I would not buy a whole bottle because it is not really a perfume that I would wear out and about. It has minimal projection and longevity but the smell is an amazing natural authentic orange!! Definitely try before you buy.

Dulcis in Fundo Profumum Roma by Lana148 2014-10-25

Orange & vanilla.

Plain and simple, delicate, not too sweet, powdery. Another spinoff of vanilla by Profumum Roma. Nothing extraordinary, just nice, comforting fragrance.

@latelittlesleeper what does that mean?

Glam Jasmine Michael Kors by pmaxlover1 2014-10-25

Very Earthy and Musky! Love it!! LoL

Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci by antihero 2014-10-25

Ricci Ricci is a Rhubarb lover's dream.
Tart and tangy with bergamot and a medium dose of patchouli. The rose complements the rhubard in this slinky, luscious fragrance. Excellent.

Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Guerlain by 1welshdevil 2014-10-25

I nearly burst a blood vessel when I was challenged on buying a new bottle, and was told it's old fashioned. I want it out there that this is the most timeless men's fragrance on Earth. One of the best blended, beautiful and relevant scents there is. It's a magic potion, considering it was first introduced in 1965 it knocks spots off most 'new' fragrances, and for anyone who thinks it's feminine, No, this is a man's man's scent. Gorgeous!!

Ambre Gris Pierre Balmain by Emma0714 2014-10-25

What. Has. Happened?

I clearly remember this smelling dirty and a bit "ugly" on me. I wasn't convinced at all, since I felt there was something really off in the fragrance. Something... that smelt an awful lot like... well.. like a crotch. Ehurm.

But... now?

Now I'm convinced that there has been a reformulation, OR, more likely, that the tester bottle I sampled from had turned bad.

Because now, now it's like the most amazing thing on earth.

Me and my colleague started to discuss perfumes (as always) at work one day, and she mentioned "Ambre Gris" and that she was about to purchase a 100 ml bottle.

I was suprised, and started do discuss my experiences about this and that I did not care for it much.

Well, she couldn't have that, of course, so she actually brought the bottle to work a couple of days later and spritzed me down.

Oh boy. No more crotch. It was a lovely, salty, flowery, powdery, musky fog of amazigness. Cozy and warm. Like a sweater. A sexy sweater. It has a way of tricking the mind of thinking that this is the smell of YOU. Your skin. Your smell of sexy.

Instant buy.

Sniffing it on me now makes me wanna wrap my self in grease, doing an enfleurage on my self, Jean Baptiste Grenuille style, haha... Haa... ha. Just kidding.

No I'm not.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by mls.ivanovic 2014-10-25

I'm one of those who loves this scent. Usually I don't like sweet scents but there is something unique about this.
Great for cold weather. It can be very loud but secret is not to overspray it, 2-3 max.
Lot of people here say it's feminine but I don't see it that way.
Don't blind buy it, either you love it or hate it.

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian by latelittlesleeper 2014-10-25

Me, sniffing arm: Why does this smell like the boys from my old grade school?

Me, after a few minutes: Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh. :( Ohhhhhhhhh.

Learning uncomfortable new truths today about my childhood.

Guerlain Homme Intense Guerlain by mls.ivanovic 2014-10-25

Great, minty, pleasant scent. It's not offensive to people. You won't get any negative compliments on this one. On me lasts about 6 -8 hrs, after that its just a skin scent, projection is average. Just inoffensive, sophisticated, pleasant smell. If you blind buy it, you wont make a mistake.

Scent 8,5
Silage 7,5
Longevity 7

La Fille de Berlin Serge Lutens by ColdDiss 2014-10-25

This starts out with a vinegary health-store rose, reminiscent of a hair rinse I had as a teenager. Then it changes into a neon magenta rose, laced with raspberries and black currants, highlighted by a spice note that I agree smells more like cinnamon than pepper. Later still, there is a little powdery violet thing going on, reminiscent of YSL Paris. The overall effect is somehow diffuse -- it's difficult to smell it correctly with your nose pressed against your skin. I'd love to smell it on someone else. I didn't feel that I could really get a handle on this just from putting it on myself.

If this feels old-timey, I read it as a reference to the recent past (Berlin nightclubs circa 1990 or so) moreso than WW2/Marlene Dietrich/etc. It feels like a beautifully crafted, high quality, understated version of the type of fragrance meant to stand up to cigarette smoke, smoke machines, etc. A clubby fragrance remade for a decidedly un-clubby customer.

Seville a l'aube L`Artisan Parfumeur by archivist 2014-10-25

I get a ton of honey out of this one, and of course the powerful bubblegum smell of orange blossom. This actually reminds me of three-ingredient fruit dip (if you haven't had it, you're in for a treat): soft cream cheese, a jar of marshmallow fluff, and a few tablespoons of orange juice. Blend, add citrus zest if desired. Also makes a fantastic french toast stuffing or light/fluffy frosting for carrot cake.

This is probably too sweet for a full bottle for me, but I will enjoy my 2 ml sample down to the last drop, I'm sure.

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by mls.ivanovic 2014-10-25

Fresh, sour scent, very strong opening. Great for summer. On me has good longevity (8+ hours) and great projection. Not so common in my country.

Joop! Homme Joop! by renzo77 2014-10-25

I buy joop 2013 by curious did not know his scent I like the intense and persistent odors but this is not the finest and rich compared to Xeryus rouge is just as strong but smells better if compared to roadster is much more rich and equally intense I keep comparing with fleur du male smells more than joop or equal but smells better joop and fleur are fragrances to have sex but does not smell like the others for the price smells regulate this it is not expensive ahh and I pour about 8 and sometimes 12 sprays fleur like .
scent 6/10
longevity 9/10
hard 8/10 eye unless one million intense smells or invictus men.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by Kateri81 2014-10-25

I have to say BRAVO!!!

I knew I'am gonna love it as soon as I saw the bottle. And I was right. Impersonation of sofistication and elegance itself. I feel secretly seductive while wearing this. Innocent on the outside, but let me show you, what is hidden underneath. Gardenia and warm musk, that is what I smell the most. The longevity is outstanding on me. And when I first sprayed it on me, my husband said,"I hope you'll wear this to bed" :)

Gold Kim Kardashian by llburris 2014-10-25

Turns too, too, too masculine on me. I wouldn't suggest blind buying.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by mls.ivanovic 2014-10-25

I love this scent, just great. Very serious, fresh. Not for younger guys(<25). I also noticed one thing, my male frends love this scent, several of them even bought it, but female frends or girlfrends are not so crazy about it. They say its ok but nothing special!I didnt get single female compliment on this one, just ok. But I dont care, I love to start a spring morning with TDH and let him follow me through the day.

Ange ou Demon Tendre Givenchy by szilvihorv 2014-10-25

Such a unique scent, hard to come across anything alike. I find this a particuarly melancholic scent, and cold like an icicle. The bottle design makes it look like one as well, funny. Strange enough, while I consider it a cold scent, I also like to wear it in the colder months of autumn and winter.

There's this sharpness in the opening which must be credited to the citrusy notes and I swear I can smell rose petals somewhere in there, which must be down to the Brazilian rosewood playing naughty tricks in the opening. Anyway, the initial sharpness is gone within 10 minutes and what I'm left with is is an armful of damp lilies spread out on a damp rosewood table, and the dampness is coming from the heady, earthy patchouli. Strange enough, while strong patchouli is a turn off to me in most cases, in Ange ou Demon Tendre it doesn't bother me at all. It's playing a huge role in the overal melancholic feeling, and I like that. nd while these notes seem to be very prominent on me, the rest of the flowers stay undistinguishable and in the background...

This is one of my favourite perfumes. Although it's the Tendre version, it is still relatively strong. It lasts at least a good 6-8 hours and it has a noticable sillage as well. To me, this is more Demon than Angel, and I like it that way.

Mukhallat Asgharali by ladyfragantica 2014-10-25

Unique, long lasting, it is really good, the oud is definitely there but is not so overpowering indeed an exotic fragance, I can also sense some tobacco, leather but definitely a unisex fragance.

Chergui Serge Lutens by samlovefragrance 2014-10-25

the ultimate essence of the middle-eastern desert, the souks, oasis gardens, quiet narrow alleys and arabian tales. Whenever i smell im instantly travelling in time and space. Marvellous.

his is the best fragrance for men d & G was comparing and comparing with others and in longevity exceeds that nonsense of fahrenheit all armanis and lacostes hugo and bvlgaris is finer than those craps.
Is on par roadster last year to buy pour homme and let dior intense already had is that they are at par in smell and price ranges out there that this has only 125 ml is a beautiful and hard scent
longevity 8/10
scent 8/10
sillage 8/10
force 8/10

Cosmic Radiance Britney Spears by eirenelisa 2014-10-25

Floral vanilla with a strong note of clean laundry. The laundry musk bothers me somehow so I can't wear it anymore. But I do wash my clothes regularly! lol. But I think it is an interesting fragrance in composition.

Fiero Xerjoff by pingoon 2014-10-25

Having just bought a back up bottle couldn't resist the urge to write a review..citruses and herbal/spicy notes full tilt blast, a very modern green chypre, good sillage and great longevity, this is the best scent of the whole house.....the only let down the small size. This juice deserved a 3.4 oz bottle!

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by mls.ivanovic 2014-10-25

Tried this today, saleswoman in store persuaded me to try new bvlgary fragrance. To be honest I am very surprised. I like this fragrance a lot. It is sweet and spicy, but in a good way. On my skin lasted over 8 hours, good silage.
Just great scent for fall/winter.

Gomma Etro by Miss LaCreevy 2014-10-25

Bitter and leathery. Could be layered with Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa. I like Gomma when I relax with a glass of Laphroaig, the scents are complemental

Poison Dior by framorena 2014-10-25

this perfume is superbe; if you try this, you ask yourself why Dior House tought it was necessary to make so many variations, splendid, pleasant, but... its dogsboys. I love the complexity, the dozen of notes perfumes had in '80, they made you dream and "listen" to your perfume while changing during hours, during the day... not during seconds. Yes, we live in decadent era even for perfumes, I'm afraid.

Dior Homme Parfum Dior by LadyKiller 2014-10-25

This boy cannot compete with his brothers.But It is good stuff It's more manly but really Leather note dominates it more than Iris and that ruins it to me.
Scent : 7/10 As I told you It is good but never great
Projection Longevity Sillage : 9/10 DHI Level
Overall : 7/10 If you have both DH and Intense version you dont need it but If you only own DHI you can pick between Dior Homme and Parfum version but obviously this fragrance will never compete with the quality of DH(The god of designer frags)

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by C@nn@r 2014-10-25

Amazing of the best on the market (including niche)!! It is warm, boozy, and ambery with a bold masculine tobacco. It opens with a blast of citrus which quickly transitions to a spicy mid with the coriander, ginger, and cardamon. It is then fades out to an amber and tobacco scent that is distinctly masculine and unique. It has an intoxicating smell that is both fresh and rich and the same time. The longevity is alright (3-6 hrs) with minimal if any projection. This is a cologne for close quarters situation where you don't want to offend or if you are with your SO. It is a romantic scent but I do not consider it a night out scent because nobody would be able to smell you.

Scent: 10/10
Longevity: 5/10
Projection: 3/10
Versatility: 7/10
Overall: 6.25

Urban Legend Sebastiane by fraggirl50 2014-10-25

This is the third Sebastiane fragrances we have tried. This smells like nothing else on the market.

It opens with a heavy black licorice, and then dries down to very elegant, masculine fragrance. It reminds us, on the dry down, of a very fine spirit (something boozy). I love this on my husband, and we did purchase a bottle. Totally original, and if you want to be different this is a must try.


Vera Wang for Men Vera Wang by C@nn@r 2014-10-25

What a great hidden gem!! It's a cheapie too! It is a warm, masculine, spicy cologne with fresh citrus up top, spice in the middle, and smooth warmth at the bottom. The yuzu, mandarin, tobacco, and nutmeg blend beautifully together. It is a perfect all year round cologne but it shines in fall. This can be worn casually as well as for a night out/date, and formally. Even can be worn to work. It is an inoffensive masculine scent that gets attention and compliments. It lasts about 6+ hours on me but with soft projection. The scent is unique but nothing earth shattering. However, it is definitely not boring like many have written it off to be. The drydown is amazing!! Overall i'm so glad I picked this up for $15 you can't beat this!

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 6/10
Projection: 5/10
Versatility: 10/10
Overall: 7.5

Sensei Piotr Czarnecki by fraggirl50 2014-10-25

This does not live up to all the hype. Very synthetic, very weak. It does not last long. People call this a perfect coffee fragrance but for me I say no thank you.

The best part of waking up in the morning is having Espresso Royale (Sebastiane) on.

Sensei 2/10 sorry Sensei you don't cut it.
Espressso Royale 10/10

Weekend for Women Burberry by pacciosa 2014-10-25

I love it!!! Weekend is the most beautiful fragrance I've smelled in the last two years, it's powdery and floral and so creamy but not too strong lasts many hours on my skin, it is very feminine and intimate like woman skin... Love love love thank you burberry for this masterpiece!!!

Oudy Al-Rehab by mdeghdak 2014-10-25

This is an absolute oud perfume, the EDP version is very light and has weak sillage and longevity.

I tested this, Shalimar PI and Cartier La Panthere. And I liked this best. It's a heavy bubble gum smell but it's also very mature. Not girly teenage bubblegum. Overall I find it sweet, just a liiiittle bit balsamic, classy and HOT. The reason I didn't buy it because I have other fragrances that give me the same feel and vibe so I'm going to spend my money this time on something different to add to my wardrobe.

BUT I will get this sooner or later. It's AMAZING. Might make it my signature scent someday.

Fleur Fatale Kim Kardashian by polka 2014-10-25

This bottle and the Michelin man would make a great couple.
(Sorry, this was stronger than me.)

Ghost Deepest Night Ghost by 9154mf 2014-10-25

I have a brand new full bottle available if interested please message me.

Relique D'Amour Oriza L. Legrand by mi55anthr0py 2014-10-25

Carrots! Then carrots and sadness (after about 1 minute), then carrots, sadness, and musty books (after about 5 minutes). As it dries down, it gets "warmer," and I start to detect faint woody and resinous notes. The sillage, on me, is very close to the skin, and the fragrance all but disappears within an hour, sadly. This is so awesome, weird, and interesting, though, that during its fleeting life on my skin, I can't stop sniffing! It smells like a haunted house, but not in a frightening way - it's more like a haunted house inhabited by Casper the Friendly Ghost. Perfect for Halloween!

Dior Star Dior by 9154mf 2014-10-25

Something about this scent makes me happy. It smells very unique and is a great summery scent without being typically oceanic or citrus. It's like a sexy summer scent with a nutty? Type feel but there's something else I can't describe. It's just great I love it.

No. 23 Ava Luxe by 9154mf 2014-10-25

I have an almost full 30ml bottle available please message me if interested.

Rose Etoile de Hollande Mona di Orio by houstcs 2014-10-25

This opened for me with a syrupy rose, beautifully. Very little of the preachiness some people are smelling. Take each review with knowing it is different for everyone. I great rose for rose lovers, but at the price not a safe blind buy. I purchased a 4ml official sample at a decent price and will use it all up

Love by Kilian By Kilian by Germany 2014-10-25


Like comfort food. I crave it at certain times , like a treat, its wonderful.
This perfum has amazing staying power , it's very unique and smells nothing like mainstream sweet scents.
Due to the Chivet , musk as well as the coriander this is unique and special to me unlike other sweet fragrances this is one of a kind , sweet and animalistic with its muskiness and fecal Chivet notes,,,,The Labdanum in here combined with the just mentioned notes carries me into another world. Sexy, musky and wild.

Kilian LOVE is like a Fantasy !

Noa Cacharel by zanell06 2014-10-25

Although it is very difficult to find Noa in South Africa, this will remain one of my favourite perfumes of all time. I wish I could find another bottle though, just to have that lovely fragrance lingering about all day again.

Jazz Club Maison Martin Margiela by josevancouver 2014-10-25

I still love this stuff, but the more I wear it, the more disappointed I am with the longevity....

5th Avenue Elizabeth Arden by zanell06 2014-10-25

This was one of the first perfumes I ever bought myself, way back in the 90's, and I am still wearing it with pride. It always makes me feel feminine and classy.

Made to Measure Gucci by splendid_atrocious_henry 2014-10-25

This perfume is really surprising! To my nose it is extremely well balanced: the right combination of citrus opening, sweet flowery heart (nevertheless decisively masculine) and amber-leather base notes. I decided to try it on at the store because from the card tester I couldn't recognize any distinctive note. I sprayed it on my neck and on one wrist and I could not refrain from bringing my arm to my nose to go for the next fix. I don't understand how one may call it anything other that classy and sophisticated. Walking in the bubble of Gucci MTM made me feel like I was finally wearing something that suited me perfectly, I didn't have any of those "maybe it's a little too much" uncomfortable thoughts. As the evening progressed I received a few compliments from different girls and one insistently kept reaching for my neck saying the scent was just "mmmmmmmmmm!". It doesn't project much, which is something I actually look for in a fragrance. It lasts approximately 6 hours after which only the amber will remain on your skin, making you smell like the neck of a very beautiful, confident, blonde and sexually voracious high school classmate of mine called Maya. ---9/10---

Scent Essence - Romantic Bouquet Avon by zanell06 2014-10-25

I love this scent. It is a lovely sweet smelling scent which is not overpowering at all. And whereas a lot of people complain about Avon fragrances not lasting, I can honestly say this one lasts all day on my skin. I smell nice and lovely all day long.

Unique Rose Avon by zanell06 2014-10-25

b.a denney yes! And it's awesome. I love it, and it's not an old fashioned rosy smell at all.

The best coffee fragrance I ever tried!

Sushi Imperiale Bois 1920 by 9154mf 2014-10-25

I have afull 100ml bottle in box available please inbox me if interested.

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum Hermes by laantjebanaantje 2014-10-25

I really love the opening of this perfume. Fresh, elegant lemon mixed with a beautiful, very true to life cardamom note. Just so happy, smooth and effortly classy at the same time.
Later it becomes a lot more powdery, at least on my (feminine) skin. Rose and tea are main players now and the perfume's strength has dried down to a whisper.
The last stage (after about two hours) is a soft spicy, light and transparant amber, with some woods to balance any sweetness the amber might bring with it. There are also some floral notes to balance the spicy ones. I normally don't like amber scents, but the transparancy here does make it work for me. This last stage is a quiet skinscent for sure, albeit a very elegant one, but it does linger for a few more hours.

I really love the elegance of this perfume, but it is very quiet and short lived, my search for a cardamom fragrance does not stop here.

Creme Bouquet Stila by 9154mf 2014-10-25

The bottle is lovely. I put this on and forgot about it then kept thinking what is that gorgeous smell? It was me! I'm not a violet or LOTV fan but in this they just enhance the creaminess of the vanilla and in fact give the scent a milky quality like the flowers are steeping in cool milk. Just beautiful! It's sweet but not teeny or candyish. I'm just loving it I can't compare this to anything I've ever smelled! I only put one spray and it's staying quite close to the skin so will see what sillage is like next time when I spray some more. So glad I have this!

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by born for shalimar 2014-10-25

Hello this suitable for ladies.i like s sweet perfume and need some advise as whether to buy.the notes look wonderfull and i love rose.i have amouge lyric on my want list.its been there for some time while expensive guerlains have taken precidence .calligraphy rose looks like it may be next in line.if anyone has s bottle to sell will be quite happy to buy.this perfume could fit me like s glove.i am an assertive but very gentle colors are purple burgandy and blue and calligraphy rose seems right.any word of wisdom.the reviews here are so helpfull i coudnt be without fragrantica and its loyal members.

Secret Amber Jovan by ceecee474 2014-10-25

I love this on my skin. Don't smell oud, just warm amber and vanilla. I layer it with a "Brown sugar" oil I got on etsy and it's warm, sweet and almost buttery. Will buy this again for sure.

Dahlia Divin Givenchy by Nikkafragrance 2014-10-25

Sexy and sweet! On my scarf it smells adorable.

Pergolese Parfums Pergolese Paris by Nikkafragrance 2014-10-25

I absolutely love it!!! It was my signature scent in my teens - the most innoscent and clean scent I've ever smelled. I missed it for a long time, thankfully it's available again.

1881 Men Cerruti by dr.hamada 2014-10-25

- Thanks God, Finally I found it in Egypt and I bought it with a very suitable price ( nearly 40 US Dollars ),But after the first spray I felt that I had this one before, I'm sure that it resembles one perfume in my collection. So, after one look to my wardrobe I found it, BOUCHERON HOMME EDP = CERRUTI 1881, It seems now that I just have 200 ml of the same juice. In spite of this identical similarity between both perfumes, I'm glad to add CERRUTI to my collection.
SCENT = 8:10
LONGEVITY = 10:10 ( There's remnants of the smell on the dorsum of my hand after 12 hours with just one spray ).
OVERALL = 8.5 :10

Comme une Evidence Homme Yves Rocher by deja vu-gr 2014-10-25

Finally i got it!! The more i smell it the more i love it. Excellent,fabulus almost to be my signature scent. It brings a happy smile to the face and lifts the mood. One of the best rose's compose that i have smelled in a male's fragrance ever. So natural and well crafted. Great,two big thumbs up!!!!

Mystery Naomi Campbell by 9154mf 2014-10-25

This is a lovely woody oriental with something different about it and certainly not like all other boring celebuscents. It's really well blended and nothing really stands out too much but I sense a creamy gorgeous tonka with a hint of sandalwood and something else, is it hibiscus? Not sure as it's so well blended but this beautiful creamy scent has something dark about it. Really nice.

Pink Sugar Sparks Aquolina by catherine82 2014-10-25

So similar to Jimmy choo edp. Lasts just as well too.

Philosykos Diptyque by Buysblind 2014-10-25

A word of caution to those considering Philosykos: If you don't know what fig smells like then you need to sample this first, as it is the quintessential fig fragrance.

That being said, I love this stuff! Philosykos is a green, leafy, watery, creamy coconutty fig fragrance with excellent projection and good longevity. It smells extremely natural, but is easy to wear at the same time. What I appreciate in Philosykos is how the fig note is treated with respect to its weight and texture. It's very well-balanced. There is a light, airy, watery green quality to it on one side, capturing the fresh leaves of the tree as if marked by dew in the morning, blowing in the wind, and then this is balanced by the juicier, sweeter aroma of the fruit with a creamy, coconut-like smell that rounds it out. While there are several very good fig fragrances out there, I find Philosykos strikes the nicest balance between the fig tree, leaves, and actual fruit.

100% unisex and very well priced for what it is, Philosykos is a spring and summer staple in my wardrobe and an absolute must-try.

Escape Calvin Klein by Michylaka 2014-10-25

Ahhh the delightful scent of Escape. My granddaughter who is five and I share a bottle as this is her favorite fragrance on my vanity. It takes me back to the early nineties before I was domesticated. I wore it quite a bit back them. It was and still is so very refreshing. Sunflowers is as well which I have too. This wears better on me however.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by catherine82 2014-10-25

I think pink sugar sparks is very much inspired by this one. The drydown is identical, and it's very similar at the first spray too. Obviously the aquolina is much cheaper, but they are both gorgeous and quite long-lasting.

Kokorico Jean Paul Gaultier by tabularasaus 2014-10-25

Just received this fragrance yesterday. Honestly, I can't figure out why there are so many negative reviews. Nothing exactly groundbreaking here, but not offensive by any means. From the first initial spray, I thought to myself, this is somewhat of a dialed in version of B*Men. B*Men was never a fragrance I particularly enjoyed, so it took me a moment to sit back and soak in what Kokorico was offering me. After an hour I was sold.

season: Preferably Fall and Spring perhaps. Not exactly a summer or winter fragrance here
occasion:casual or night out

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by requiemforasmell 2014-10-25

On paper smells similar to Allure Homme.

Rare Diamonds Avon by The_Entity 2014-10-25

This was bought for me as a gift, I wasn't too keen to buy for myself as I saw many reviews saying it didn't last a few seconds. But on me it lasted a long time, the cashmere wood note especially. Not my favourite of the rares collection (that goes to emeralds...) but this is better than Pearls.

Feel Good Man Sergio Tacchini by Almach 2014-10-25

I still remember the day when I bought this fragrance - it's the first one I've ever bought. I love it because it's very fresh and it reminds me of summer and wind.

But I can't buy it anywhere anymore. Does anyone know where could I buy it? Thanks for answers! : )

Fresh Cream Philosophy by katmo 2014-10-25

As for the name, it doesn't smell like fresh cream but it does smell fresh, if that makes any sense lol. It's not sickly sweet. PERFECT for layering with other perfumes! If you can find it, give it a go!!

CH Men Carolina Herrera by BorisRubio108 2014-10-25

Joven, guapo, narcisista, simpático, CH men.

Rouge Royal Princesse Marina De Bourbon by Alexmover 2014-10-25

Rouge Royal Princesse is an explosion of strawberry-at first. But after a while it turns to a very salty-clean scent on me. It is a very nice fragrance, very unique. The dry-down is almost “manly”. The longevity isn’t great and the sillage is pretty gentle. I personally think this is office-safe. It isn’t a typical sugary scent; it is more sophisticated and elegant. Would recommend trying it since it isn’t common and very pretty.

Rose and I do not agree but i bought a sample after hearing the jammy reviews. And dabbed on from the vial it is lovely sweet raspberry jam with the faintest hint if rise. Lived it. But when I poured the little vial on for a night out oh rose came out and bit my head off. I got old fashioned lipstick rose ugh! Crossing this off my list.

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