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More Than Words Xerjoff by allen.bwoy 2014-10-21

Beautiful, seductive scent on a woman. I like a strong fragrance, but this one is on steroids. 7.5/10

Vanilia L`Artisan Parfumeur by Lana148 2014-10-21

Vanilla and ylang-ylang composition.

Soft & delicate vanilla with some floral, tropical flair.

West Side Bond No 9 by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I have been a huge fan of vanilla and rose all this time. I thought I hated rose as a perfume note, but when mixed heavily with vanilla, it is heavenly.
This perfume surprised me. The lady at the Bond counter said it was her daughter's favorite perfume, and I tried to shake it off, saying, 'oh I've smelled that one, it smells like tangerines'. She said 'no, you must be thinking of another one, this one is very sweet'. So she sprayed some of it on a card for me, and I got goosebumps! This smells SO GOOD! She saw the look on my face and handed me the bottle to spray on myself. This smells like vanilla and an expensive rose soap. I can't stop sniffing my arm. It has lasted 6 hours so far, which is atypical of a Bond for me [they normally last 3 hours tops]. I have been getting faint wafts of it all day, so the sillage must be pretty good as well. I am going to have to buy this.
I am a huge fan of Mancera Roses Vanille, if you like that one I think you should definitely try this one.

Ahhhh! I tried this quite a while ago and remembered liking it. Actually Im not sure if I tried the edt or the edp. Today while cruising the discount stores I found the edt and snapped it up for a gift. The box had been opened but the bottle looked full. I couldn't help but spraying it on my wrist as soon as I got to the car. At first I thought I had made a mistake as there was a small metallic note that was slightly unpleasant. Within 20 minutes or so it went away and the lovely vibe opened up. Its such a simple composition but the scent is very feminine and sophisticated. Two notes make for a lovely fragrance. Im tempted to keep it but I was with my daughter when we both smelled it together. It's so nice that even an opened bottle will make a nice gift for her. I hope when she wears it she will remember the day she was dragged to 5 departments stores and made to smell everything with her loving mother.

Dreamer Versace by tabularasaus 2014-10-21

Like a previous reviewer stated, "This will make you the elephant in the room". Much like all of the Versace fragrances that I've owned. The first time I unleashed the dreamer onto my skin I was quite overwhelmed with the top notes. Almost to the point of wanting to wipe it off of myself with a jacket or a napkin nearby. To my surprise the dry down was fantastic. This one I have to apply at least 45 minutes before I leave the house.

season:all year round,preferably in colder weather for my skin.
occasion:casual or night out

Mamluk Xerjoff by muzzbait 2014-10-21

smells dirty, animalic and messy. i found it hard to like, not for any reason other than that it is just TOO dense. way too sense. i get the honey and sweet candy notes, but by gosh, they all seem to clash with each other. nopes...

A great scent for Autumn if you still like patchouli. To me it's mainly this that distinguishes Sexy from the original Blackberry and Vanilla Musk . Although I now find the patchouli slightly off-putting as there have been so many fruity patchoulis in the last couple of years I still wear it occasionally. It comes in a handy rollerball too.

Vanille Absolu Montale by Lana148 2014-10-21

Really, really nice woody vanilla fragrant. Soft, gentle, not too sweet. I like it very much!

Sander for Men Jil Sander by tabularasaus 2014-10-21

Picked this one up after checking out some reviews on here that suggested the purchase. Boy, am I a happy customer. Quickly becoming one of my go-to fragrances. Not necessarily an attention grabber. Which isn't a bad thing.

season: All (although I would gravitate towards mild weather)
occasion:casual,business,night out

Fahrenheit Dior by tabularasaus 2014-10-21

Ah at last, one of my favorites for the winter weather, Fahrneheit from Dior. Chinos, leather shoes, button down shirt and light outdoorsy business work. This fragrance loves this scenario.

season: Autumn - Winter
occasion: Casual or Outdoorsy Business
sprays: 1-3
longevity:8/10 (lasts all day)

Play For Her Intense Givenchy by Dara813 2014-10-21

I was lucky enough to come across this little gem on sale. What a beautiful rendition of orchid. For the record, I am a huge fan of orchids and this one is so well done. It's rich and sweet, with just the right amount of spice. Very well-balanced. I find many of Givenchy's scents to be very well-blended but this one is very special. I am a big fan of rich creamy orchid vanilla scents and this is a great one if you ask me.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by kiristarr 2014-10-21

Fig leaf and fish on my skin, I imagine Womanity accurately recreates the aroma of Eve's vagina. (Didn't they wear fig leaves in The Garden of Eden?) Perhaps, this is why we have feminine odor products named Summer's Eve. In any case, I won't go so far as to say it smells like BV, as some others have claimed, but there is a slightly vaginal smell, a bit gamey, due for a shower. And fig, in all its forms, tends to smell dirty on me. This fragrance just doesn't work for me, but it is unique, and I can imagine how it could work on others.

Angélique Noire Guerlain by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

Smells like Jessica Simpson Fancy Love on me. Very pretty, syrupy-sweet but still fresh.

Avant Garde Lanvin by tabularasaus 2014-10-21

I blind bought this fragrance for my father for Christmas. I'm wishing I would have purchased it for myself. Definitely love this one from Lanvin. Excellent for the winter or the latter half of autumn.

I can't speak for longevity or sillage.

Must de Cartier Pour Homme Cartier by nero77 2014-10-21

An elegant and luxurious discontinued gem.

Must de Cartier followed the women's oriental from back in 1981. This men's version fragrance is really such a refined, classy scent. You get aniseed, mandarin orange, grapefruit... followed by cinnamon, ginger, carnation, vanilla, sandalwood & tonka bean. It is such an elegant fragrance I can see a man in a tailored suit in an exclusive high class bar in either Hong Kong or Paris or New York... wearing this beautiful, elegant smell. The most elegant fashioned-suit and an aura of wealth and confidence. It just proves that you don't have to spend so much money on a fragrance to smell rich. It is such a shame that they discontinued this fragrance. Pure class and elegance, a mysterious oriental with anise, cinnamon, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla & sandalwood. I would love to see something so elegant for men being made again by Cartier. Either way a wonderfully smooth, oriental fragrance for men, and a real shame it was discontinued. R.I.P.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by tabularasaus 2014-10-21

Unfortunately Ck One Shock doesn't play well with my chemistry. Makes an excellent air freshener for my house though.

Rose Flash Tauer Perfumes by rickyrebarco 2014-10-21

I am thrilled to be wearing my newly arrived flacon of Rose Flash. Rose Flash opens much like Tauer's Rose Vermeille, with a deep red, jammy rose withy resins and some incense in the background. I smell opponax and some ambroxan, which can be an issue for me if they don't smooth out. These resins do smooth out and all those funky incensy and resinous notes that make up the "Tauerade," the Tauer leitmotif, warm up and balance the initially too sweet rose. As the scent develops, the rose becomes lighter and softer but still with a beautiful pure rose essence scent.

On my skin the scent begins with the abstract rose, and moves toward a more realistic soft, deep rose. I smell the woods in the drydown, a bit of something salty (ambergris?) and a light raspberry note, maybe a tiny bit of pear as well. I also detect what I believe is some tonka.

This is a beautiful perfect rose in my opinion; it represents both the ideal and the real, but it smells most like how I imagine a still life of roses in an eighteenth or nineteenth century painting would smell.

Fujiyama Homme Succes de Paris by tabularasaus 2014-10-21

Interesting fragrance for a low cost. A previous reviewer referred to this as the "Godzilla". I can definitely understand what he meant by that.

Scent : 6/10.
Longevity : 6 hours.
Sillage : 3/10
Bottle design : 4/10 (cheap plastics)

Light My Fire By Kilian by 2014-10-21

This one is the most lost on me of the new 3 releases. That being said I did find it the most I suppose non linear of the 3 as well.

The fist 15 mins or so is potentially offensive I think. It smells alright from farther away but up close its its not particularly pleasant. Its probably the cumin, but I will say unlike say chergui which I dont really pick out the hay note per say. This I can definitely smell the hay in.

It changes pretty quickly and becomes more sweet, and I get more of what you might think a honey, tobacco, some vanilla sorta vibe.

And then as it enters it final stages well maybe some baby powderish smell. Not that I think it smells like back to black, or chergui in the sense that those are honey tobacco sorta smells and also people say they smell like baby powder. But I guess all the same its a little baby powdery smelling...

Overall not very interesting to me. Pretty much lost on me. Maybe it will grow on me, but ya as it is, pass.

Habdan Parfums de Marly by Brian-Mayhem 2014-10-21

First I got a lot of incense with apple.....that slowly faded and I was left with an apple/vanilla....the apple then faded and in the drydown it was very sweet but also a lot of myrhh. Longevity was good and sillage was also great....definitely gonna get a full bottle.

Straight to Heaven By Kilian by Manny44 2014-10-21

Straight to heaven drives me nuts. I wish i could write it off completely but I can't . Its too expensive, feels unfinished, not especially "heavenly", sort of anonymous feeling, does'nt feel boozy to me at all.Its just a sweet, bright Cedar. And yet I can't totally write it off. Im stuck in Limbo with this fragrance. I don't think I'll buy a full bottle in any of its iterations (travel this, refill that, $250 bottles and coffins and oy vey). Yet I find myself wanting to smell it pretty regularly. Curse you By Killian!

Une Voix Noire Serge Lutens by ras.kel.5 2014-10-21

Sweet, boozy, smoky, creamy gardenia. For a moment, I felt like I was at some artsy dive bar with a bunch of bohemians and other creatures of the night. The boozy notes are fairly strong and almost made me sick so I had to scrub it off.

Aventus Creed by allen.bwoy 2014-10-21

It is what it is. 8.5/10

Iced White A Dozen Roses by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

A pretty mix of sweet and floral. I am normally not the biggest fan of floral but this is done well. Something about it reminds me of Pantene shampoo, which I love. Maybe that is why I think I want to wear this in my hair...

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

On paper this smells like Infusion D'Iris, but a version I would actually wear. I LOVE this perfume. Must try on skin!

Lilas Mauve Yves Rocher by Littlegrassstraw 2014-10-21

Wow, so beautiful life like lilac scent! I've not smelt any perfume like it before, so fresh, natural and beautiful lilacs. Perfect. Unfortunately it lasts less than an hour (possibly even less than 30min). It is really an very skin-close scent. I wouldn't at all have minded sniffing my lilacy wrist every so often... But I feel about this as I feel about the time of blooming lilacs: Gone way too fast.

Silk Blossom Jo Malone by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

A simple, easy to wear fragrance. It reminds me of Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. Nothing groundbreaking, but you won't offend anybody with this. This is one of the only Jo Malone bottles I have seen that is actually cute, that is honestly the only reason I walked up to it in the first place.

English Pear and Freesia Jo Malone by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

I really like this one on paper. Sadly, by the time I got around to this one, I had no more real estate left on my skin to spray it on. My paper strip smells exactly like pear and freesia. Must try on skin!

Russian Caravan Tea CB I Hate Perfume by sweetnspicey 2014-10-21

Very real glass of iced lemon sweet tea at first. The citrus does fad a bit to reveal true-to-life dried black tea leaves, the high quality kind that you can smell as soon as you open the tin. These black tea leaves lean towards floral and grassy, rather than, say, fruity. You are in for a treat if you like the scent of black tea. I enjoy it very much, but I would like a little milk with my tea. Such a simple scent, I am sure it is easy to layer with something creamy if desired. Well done.

Edit: I have the absolute, and actually the drydown seems to become sweet and creamy. The perfect cup of Earl Gray (maybe not Russian Tea, which, when I have drunk, I find to be a bit smoky and does not include citrus).

Tory Burch Tory Burch by Aspendina 2014-10-21

hubby likes it, but I am just so/so with it. it is citrusy but doesn't smell very young. It dies off quickly too, I have reapplied it 3 times in just an hour.

Vanilla & Anise Jo Malone by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

The first spray of this literally made me say 'oh!'. I really liked it. Sprayed a bit on myself, and I found the opening very enjoyable. About 5 minutes in, the vanilla goes away and there is only anise and something else that I find very strange. This weird, unnamable combination lasts for about 2 hours before dying away to nothing. On a paper strip the scent lasts for about 5 hours, but smells really weird, like a damp, slightly musty onion, mixed with the sweet/spicy anise.

Capucci Pour Homme Roberto Capucci by Mango Plantation 2014-10-21

So can someone actually say how this compares with ADP? If I went and bought a new bottle of Capucci right now - how would it suit?

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by xNanaOsaki 2014-10-21

I don't really smell the caramel and praline.
On my skin I smell the wild berries, mandarin orange, gardenia and jasmine.
On me it's really florally and fresh, definetely not sweet at all.
The only thing that bothers me is the longevity, it only lasts a few hours and considering that here in Italy it's around 110 eur (125 usd) I expected a lot more from it.

Little Red Dress Avon by catherine82 2014-10-21

Very similar to body shop smoky rose, although not identical. They would make good substitutes for each other, but being Avon & body shop they are equally in danger of being discontinued... Anyway, nice and long-lasting, but not my cup of tea.

Emma Laura Ashley by sherryberry 2014-10-21

I had the original fragrance from 1984. It was one of my all-time favorites. I miss it so much, but it sounds like the new one is a completely different fragrance.

Arctic Jade Agonist by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

I agree with the toothpaste comment. For the most part I enjoy this composition once it dries down, other than the ylang ylang. That note seems so out of place. This stuff otherwise smells like a sweet candy that I just want to eat. DARN YOU YLANG YLANG!

Dolce Vita Dior by VP95 2014-10-21

I love this perfume so much!!! I first came across this beautiful scent a couple of years ago. A teacher of mine used to wear that and when she would come into the classroom it was like Christmas morning in a big city, in a cafe eating cinnamon cookies and drinking hot chocolate! So warm, sweet, and elegant! It smelled so good on her! I will definitely try it on me too this winter!

Cheap & Chic Moschino by VP95 2014-10-21

This brings back so many memories! My aunt used to wear this in her late twenties when I was about 6 or 7! Now my cousin bought it some months ago and by only taking a sniff of it I went back to my childhood, doing things with my aunt! I love this perfume! I don't know if it would suit me but I definitely like smelling it!

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by VP95 2014-10-21

Extreamly overrated for me! I don't see anything special in this perfume! It actually smells like cheap drugstore cologne! A friend gifted this to my mom and she doesn't wear it, she actually uses it as an air freshener as outrageous as that may sound!There are way better summer fresh, light perfumes! A complete disapointment...

Midnight Rain La Prairie by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

Very pretty, but I feel like this scent has been done a million times before, it smells so familiar. I would wear this and enjoy it but it's not a love for me.

Clean Warm Cotton Clean by Frayja 2014-10-21

The fact that it smells like laundry detergent is EXACTLY the reason I loved this perfume from the first sniff !
Thank you Desiree for my Clean-ness !

I Love this perfume! It actually reminds me of one I had when I was a freshman in highschool (don't remember the name) and really great memories come to mind when I smell it ! I came across it recently and I really like it! don't know if I would purchase it though, I might go for hypnotic poison by Dior this year...!

J.Crew No. 57 Arquiste by StopHammertime 2014-10-21

Opening is nice but nothing to write home about. The alcohol note borders between amaretto and sweet whisky, and there is also a woodiness, along with the strong vanilla. It dries down to be a nice, albeit fairly boring vanilla, with a little woods. Overall I just find this really meh.

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by VP95 2014-10-21

I am currently wearing this perfume and I have to say I really like it! It's not my all time favorite but it feels fresh, clean and elegant! Little sour and heavy at some times (mostly on hot days) but a really nice scent in general! P.S I'm still in search of my signature scent though! ;)

Chloe Chloe by VP95 2014-10-21

I absolutely LOVE Chloe!!! It's the perfect spring/summer perfume for me! My mom bought it for me and I've been using this for 2 summers in a row at some point and I came across it this summer so I bought it again (of course!) That floral scent does something to me, it's really fresh and tottaly wearable from day till night! I have really nice summer memories wearing this perfume! Till something better catches my nose I think this is what I'll be using every summer! :)

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by purplesun 2014-10-21

In terms of quality, this one is equalled only by the now defunct M7.

Escada Magnetism Escada by VP95 2014-10-21

I have this perfume and you can clearly detect the sweet scents of vanilla and caramel! It feels cozy and agressive at the time (don't know how's that!) I haven't used it much since I got it at the beginning of spring and it's obviously a fall/winter perfume, and I have to say I'm not extatic about it... But my sister seems to really like it so I guess I might give it to her!

Oud Assam Rania J by Shibor 2014-10-21

A very wearable fragrance with a distinct oud note.

It starts with some fresh-citric notes with slightly bitter accent; oud is from the beginning very good perceptible. Oud has a slightly animalic touch, but - apart from that - is very clean and thus pleasant to wear. Sometimes the grasses smell like tea indeed, but this tea note is peripheral imo.

Although the scent hasn’t the thrill of being a radical and polarizing, it’s a really lovely perfume.

Among the fans of light and fresh oudy fragrances, it has a potential to fall in love with.

HM Hanae Mori by NobleRoman 2014-10-21

HM edt was a blind buy based on all the reviews here. Wearing it today and I'm loving it! The top notes are sweet lemon cream. The lemon fades in the drydown. At times HM reminds of a lemony Dior Homme, which is one of my top 5. I don't wear gourmands often, but I'll be wearing HM this fall and winter . Try this under the radar gem.

Saat Safa Al-Rehab by mindphaser 2014-10-21

oh wow. wow, wow wow wow. the oud in this is almost gourmand. it's DELICIOUS.

Trayee Neela Vermeire Creations by janjanjan 2014-10-21

There's a fruitiness here that reminds me of those freezer pops in the long plastic tubes you get as a kid. You wouldn't think so from the notes, but it's there!

Pacific Paradise Escada by VP95 2014-10-21

Way way way too heavy for me!! I wanted to try a sweet fresh summer perfume and I got a headache instead! It's like eating candy! I guess my skin chemistry doesn't take that so well...

Inner Grace Philosophy by connie.o'strand 2014-10-21

I love this scent.

I have the body mist and use this in cooler weather. It has a musky, warm earthy almost cardamom smell. I was suprised at all the negative comments but if you like florals, this is not for you.
I mix this with Amazing Grace (which I love)sometimes too.

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes by birdy 2014-10-21

Rose, rose, rose, rose water with a sweet zesty fruity note like a youg fruit green and unripe!

Hypnotic Poison Dior by VP95 2014-10-21

I've heard (and read) sooo many things about this particular perfume and honestly I can't wait to try it! I'm in a continuous search of my absolut favorite fall/winter perfume and I just can't seem to find it! I've smelled this on some people and it's really one of a kind but I never tried it on me to see if it suits me... I'm going to, really soon! I love vanilla, cinammon, sweet, fruity and powedery scents so I'm really excited about it! :)

Un Jardin Apres la Mousson Hermes by birdy 2014-10-21

it's like cristalle de chanel stronger, greener, younger, fresher.

Straight to Heaven By Kilian by allen.bwoy 2014-10-21

Straight to Heaven? more like straight to the sink to scrub this shit off. 0/10

This smells similar to the original, but better. This perfume is sultry, and has that whipped cream smell which is great. The coconut, and whipped cream, make this like creme brule which is great. I think you could wear this in the fall, day, or night. I can also smell the floral notes. Overall I give this perfume a 8/10.

Angel Thierry Mugler by VP95 2014-10-21

My aunt and my grandma have been using this perfume for as long as I can remember!! I've linked this perfume to them, my grandma especially! She uses it on Monday and smells till thursday kinda situation! "Angel" though is too much for my tastes. The sillage is enormous and it gives me a headache every time I'm exposed to it for long time! Even though I like powdery, sweet, spicy scents this is way too much. I like it when my grandma wears it though, but I would never use it!

Eternity Calvin Klein by LadyPilot 2014-10-21

Today I sprayed it and I suddenly sensed a beautiful scent of a flower shop - for the first time in my life! Before, I sometimes smelled a mountain brook on a cold and sunny summer morning. Usually however I can smell fresh soap (for me "soap" means something extremely positive in reference to perfumes). Upon entering my local clinic recently I got so many compliments, both from the ladies at the reception desk and the doctor - it was a very nice surprise, as this perfume seems outdated and undervalued as too "washing-powder like"... It's still amazing and I'm glad it's much cheaper than it used to be, with the same quality as in the past!:)

Black XS for Her Paco Rabanne by princetongirl 2014-10-21

The sexiest perfume ever ....perfect for winter !soooooo yummy <3

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by Dodgy 2014-10-21

I tried this this afternoon and, actually, it's quite pleasant. Its not powerful, but it IS an eau, it is persisting quite well, though. A nice simple violet on the skin, once the initial, slightly ersatz, 4711 moment is over.

Complex is not always the best.

Baby smells the most like the original, but you can smell the vanilla more in this one. It's a little disappointing how this hasn't changed much, since the original. I think the Baby Wicked Style, is more different, and better, and more wearable. This perfume really isn't for me, and is my least favorite out of the Pop Electric versions of Harajuku Lovers.

Endymion Penhaligon`s by ericgoesta 2014-10-21

This might be the ultimate "reliable and trustworthy - yet not boring or uninteresting - somewhat clean washed clooney-esque, father"-perfume.

Virgo CnR Create by weasley 2014-10-21

This is such a lovely one. It's earthy and warm and spicy, and so unique but I think anyone would like it. I definetly smell pear and a lot of earthy spices. There is something fresh too, that reminds me of ginger.

It has a calming quality, the world stops and quiets a little when I put this on. It reminds me of the smell in the autumn air when it has just rained and the air is crisp and filled with spicy fragrances from the earth.

I think it's similar to Burberry Brit in feel and I don't think it's necessary to have both. This is smoother and "wetter" than Brit, while Brit is more dry almonds.
A great unique perfume - definitely worth testing.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by Poncher 2014-10-21

@camposg's Review would seem similar to mine. I would compare this scent to my father's smokey leather jacket. He is a smoker but he also uses cologne to get rid of the smell of the smoke. Tuscan Leather smells great but it just reminds me of that jacket.

Arabie Serge Lutens by ericgoesta 2014-10-21

A fantastic scent, always carried on different dried fruits, evolving through the day.

Very sweet and candied, but not that in your face that it will offend anyone or that gourmand that it will make people think of eating.

Just perfect, like a visit to the fruit and spice market.

Euphoria Gold Men Calvin Klein by funnyboy 2014-10-21

This to me has the usual opening notes of 2 of the more likeable of the moment's fragrances. Those of Valentino Uomo and Dior homme.
To me this first 20 minutes has a furniture polish come beeswax dry smell.
This soon disappears and pure vanilla shines through.
Could almost be feminine at this stage.
Lasts at lest 6 hours with about 4 sprays and is almost edible in the Pink Sugar way with a bit of caramel to boot!
I love sweet smells and as I have only just tested this and not bought a bottle it could be bottle worthy when the price decreases as is usual in most cases with Calvin Klein fragrances. Might try it again when I am passing a fragrance counter but on the other hand I possess similar fragrances but longevity -wise this seems superior on my skin where some of the others have vanished in a couple of hours.
My rating :- originality 4 out of 10
lasting power 9 out of 10
I think it is a fragrance others will have a positive comment on but I see it more of an evening than a daytime fragrance.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by southchicagoray 2014-10-21

This is perhaps the perfect fragrance chameleon. First off, if you haven't gotten your nose on this don't expect to be blown away. With that being said, I will explain the chameleon metaphor. If you are dressing casual, its a great casual scent. If you're turning it up a notch, it can follow you wherever you go. All seasons...all the time. It works best on my skin during the early spring and all of autumn. For my tastes, its a bit heavy for HOT summer days or nights but I can see it possibly working. Initially I wasn't a fan of this but due to its versatility and the pleasing scent I reached for it when I was tired of going to my staple colognes. Surprisingly, this is one of my most complimented designer fragrances. I say surprisingly because I almost want to dislike it...not because its bad but because, as fellow reviewer Pete89 perfectly put it, its"a jack of all trades and a master of none".

Emozione Salvatore Ferragamo by genny17 2014-10-21

Emozione is a classy scent, very feminine, refined, it could be compared to a Chanel or a Van Cleef, in its chypre vibe, it isn't heady per se, but lingers nicely, Eau Premiere by Chanel comes to mind, I detect the Iris, the Rose , it is a smooth floral. Not sweet, but soo wearable, and pretty, more depth than the other Ferragamo creations...more mature , but not oldish..really a charming scent, I truly like it!!! In the base I smell whiffs of powdery Violet , very discreet...lovely! So nicely put together!!

Joop! Homme Extreme Joop! by funnyboy 2014-10-21

Tried this today.Nothing like the original Joop,which I love.
No sweetness and lasts just about 4 hours on my dry skin.
Smelled nothing like it,an artificial mess that made me feel sick. A combination of floor polish, toilet air freshener and bug spray.Just horrible and if it hadn't faded so quickly would have needed to scrub it off.
The most unpleasant Joop fragrance so far.
Avoid and keep your distance!!

Chloe Roses De Chloe Chloe by Beef1 2014-10-21

I love this! Fresh rose scent. Very similar to Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe but tI like this one a bit more.

Very rosy scent. Not so fruity as I thought. Reminds me of Lanvin Jeanne lanvin.

Omnia Amethyste Bvlgari by Vanie2784 2014-10-21

I love how I feel when I wear this! It's soft, cuddly, sexy, fresh, and amazing! lots and lots of complements.

Big thumbs up for this one and straight to the top of my want list. Love at first sniff doesn't happen often, but it did with this one. I don't know where the negative ratings are coming from either, this is an extraordinarily well-blended oud you can wear just about anywhere, anytime in my opinion. And yes, there is oud in here - mainly in the drydown but easily detected as an earthy dirty (as in soil) oud in the background. Again, this is very well-blended and an oud for anytime. Never harsh, medicinal or loud; just smooth, masculine and woody spicy.

Absolutely reminds me of Tuscan Leather layered with Oud Wood, and maybe a little La Nuit de L'Homme due to the cardamom. No longevity issues here either.

Found a place to buy a new 100ml bottle for $75, so I'll definitely own this soon. Way to go Versace, another vincitore.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by ashley7723 2014-10-21

One of my all time favorite perfumes. I had smelled it on a coworker and I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. When she told me it was Chanel I was taken by complete surprise because I always thought it was a brand for more mature women. For about a year when shopping at a fragrance counter Id walk by and sniff it from the bottle still not sold on it being for a younger women. Finally one of the sales people made me try some on my wrist and I immediately bought a bottle. I've never used anything with this much longevity and silage. One small spray is enough to last me an entire day. I smell this on my skin when I wake up after applying it at about 6am the pervious day. Oh how I love this!!!

To me this is similar to G of the Sea, but Music has that Amber dry down, so you can wear it in the fall. What I smell the most is the amber, berries, and the water note, which is really nice. In a way I think this should have been the updated version of G of The Sea. I'm still hoping in the future we get more flankers of The Harajuku Lovers, maybe like another Jingle G, or new Sunshine Cuties. Overall I give this perfume a 10/10.

Santos Eau de Sport Cartier by rcavs 2014-10-21

A great Green Fougere, in the same vein of Lacoste original (1984), but while Lacoste remains green until the very dry down, SS takes a slightly powdery direction. It's more aromatic and its blend of caraway, coriander and carnation is amazing!It's more refined too and nowadays It could be worn as a non sport fragrance easily. It's a pitty It was discontinued. The only problem I see is the longevity: on my skin It faded away in 4 hours.

Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Cheryl Cole by joan100 2014-10-21

When I initially sprayed this I got a blast of synthetic nectarine. While it is great that nectarine is making a comeback in new fragrance launches many unfortunately smell very artificial nowadays. In the 1990s many nectarine containing fragrances smelt more natural and they often were more complex. Examples include Cacharel L'eau de Eden, Burberry Weekend and Escada Un Ete En Provence. In this fragrance the other notes I could detect afterwards were freesia and musk and that's about it!
Some compare this fragrance to Paris Hiltons Heiress but even her fragrance is more complex smelling than this. While I love fruity floral fragrances I just wish they would stop producing simple, cheap smelling ''shampooey'' type scents with next to no longevity. They often put people off the fruity floral genre!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by Knows2Nose 2014-10-21

The leather is just too strong for me. As well as the incense. Thank god for the tonka bean, otherwise this would be straight motor oil and leather. I think it's an average scent, has a sweet vanilla dry down that I like. But the leather is too cloying. There are better ones out there.

Chance Eau Tendre Chanel by ashley7723 2014-10-21

This isn't your typical Chanel fragrance but I think they did a good job with making a very feminine and soft. Something about the original Chance perfume doesn't jive with my nose or body chemistry though I wanted to like it so badly. I gave this a shot instead and it's nice but not spectacular. My boyfriend seems to compliment me every time I wear this but I don't find myself reaching for it as much as I should. The lasting power is quite good on me which I wouldn't expect from this innocent fragrance. Something in it slightly reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue.

Violet Blonde Tom Ford by dianacreole 2014-10-21

This left me wanting more. A LOT more of the first hour. Where did all those flowers go? 4 hours later I am left with a subtle reminder of what was once there. Unless my nose is pressed right up against my wrist - I smell nothing. What I can smell is remarkable, soft powdery and makes me want to inhale deeply but the amount i'd need to spray in order to smell this way for the whole day is unacceptable given this price point.

EDIT: 5 hours later, I can still smell this on my wrist - as consistently as I could 5 hours ago. To me, this is a sillage issue. IF this was stronger, I would be in LOVE.

Fracas Robert Piguet by sapphirebear 2014-10-21

I cannot add anything to what has been said below or elsewhere about the notes of this fragrance, so this is just my personal point of view: I am a (straight) male and I LOVE smelling AND wearing Fracas. The tuberose plant is native to Mexico, where its flowers have been used since pre-Hispanic times in traditional medicine and for ritual ceremonies, and where it is still used as an offering in churches and graves. As a child growing up in central Mexico, I used to smell tuberose blooms when visiting old churches and cemeteries with my parents. You know, these places with a quiet, dark, otherworldly atmosphere. I am not a religious person, and I don't live in Mexico anymore, but to this day, the scent of tuberose brings me back to those peaceful, mystic childhood moments. And that's exactly what Fracas does for me, it evokes those beautiful memories.

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by crypticat 2014-10-21

I completely agree with the notion that this feels like walking through a department store fragrance section and getting bombarded with 'too much'

I'm usually not into overly musky fragrances. But my god, this is good. Narciso Rodriguez For Her (EDT) is a sensual, clean, and mischievously dark chypre. I will admit that I'm not in love with the opening notes, which are quite sharp. At first sniff, I definitely smell the orange flowers and osmanthus, which aren't really my cup of tea. (I'm not a fan of florals.) But the base notes smell incredible and are the reason why I decided to keep this fragrance. I definitely sense the the dry woodiness of the vetiver. I think it complements the warmth of amber very well. To my nose, there is also a hint of vanilla, but it's not too noticeable or sweet. And of course, there is the musk. As I said, I usually dislike musky perfumes, but I absolutely love how well it gets blended with the other notes. The result of the formulation is a mysterious, sexy, and expensive-smelling fragrance. I love wearing this on nights out.

The sillage is quite good (about an arm's length, which is perfect for me), and the longevity is impressive, especially when considering that it is an eau de toilette; on me, this will last all day (or night) and I don't ever find the need to reapply it. I don't expect people who usually wear girly fruity florals to enjoy this, as this has a slight masculine tinge to it. (But who knows? I suggest you take a sample when you can.) This is not an innocent, happy-go-lucky type of scent. Rather, it is for a confident woman who knows exactly what she wants.

I have smelled the EDP. I personally do not like it, only because I can still smell the rose notes in the dry down. I'm not a fan of rose and most florals, so my opinion on the EDP is biased. But it might be worth trying if you are into florals and think that the EDT is too sharp.

The same parfume!
After some many time i can absolutely tell you they are the same identical fragrances!

Salvador Dali Pour Homme Salvador Dali by LaVieEnParfum 2014-10-21

to all salvador dali frangrances fans.

they have a new official website, where you can order almost all his fragrances, even exclusivities and rarities.

have a look:

don't now if fragrantica is interested in publish this, the first review has been canceled immediately!


Salvador Dali Salvador Dali by LaVieEnParfum 2014-10-21

to all salvador dali frangrances fans.

they have a new official website, where you can order almost all his fragrances, even exclusivities and rarities.

have a look:

don't now if fragrantica is interested in publish this, the first review has been canceled immediately!


Tonka Purple: Dreams Come True Korres by ellina1984 2014-10-21

I wouldn't say this is similar to SI, but it is awfully close to Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme. Sweet, feminine, cosy.Good quality at a great price!

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by pixiewinks 2014-10-21

Smells great. Interesting how it smells different in the bottle then on my skin. In the bottle you get that sort of "old lady" smell that people comment about but on my skin it becomes sweeter, and slightly powder floral. A bit strong but no doubt high quality, 2 small spritz and it's radiating all around me.
I can smell the Jasmine quite well but the sweetness of the plum and honeysuckle tones it down a bit so it's not overpowered with Jasmine.
Overall I think it's classy, sexy, sophisticated, and the bottle is FAB. I want more Juicy Couture fragrances!
scent: 9
packaging: 10!

Lithium [3Li] Nu Be by Cereza 2014-10-21

If you're into all rose-saffron genre you might as well give this a try. It reminds me very much of many other fragrances I've tried and I own, so I won't be getting a FB of this, but nevertheless this was an excellent journey.
"Lithium" is extremely well done scent, the saffron is almost suffocating and the rose is deadly cold, the patchouli and spices enhance the coldness and dryness of the rose making this incredibly dark and Gothic scent. Musk is extremely clean and almost leatherish and metallic on my skin bringing this to a whole new level of rose-saffron dark scents.

Perfectly unisex. It reminds me of many I've tried and owned, but in all honesty if I'd tried "Lithium" before I'd buy this. Perfect price/performance ration. Worth at least a try!!

Dalimix Gold Salvador Dali by LaVieEnParfum 2014-10-21

got it today, it's nothing spectacular........very simple, fresh and green with a bitterness/sourness summer eau de toilette.

212 VIP Men Carolina Herrera by camposg 2014-10-21

for the average nose, you would think this is one million. It smells just like it but this is fresher with that light vodka note in there. I dont know which one I like better

This scent is difficult for me to come to grips with. For me it was like meeting an extraordinarily beautiful woman that takes your breath away with her beauty, but the more you get to know her personality or lack therof the more boring and less attractive she becomes. Seeing as this fragrance comes across more feminine than masculine, the female personification works here.

Now there is no denying Midnight in Paris is a beautiful fragrance (awesome movie, too, by the way!)... from the bottle all the way to the gorgeous sweet and smoky, resinous tonka and suede leather blast - this stuff delivers. My preference is for the EDP, no doubt. Much richer, higher quality and more palatable smell vs the EDT. Very long lasting with moderate sillage.

First impressions, I loved this stuff (especially the EDP) and would recommend it. But there's a catch... that first impression quickly fades and MiP becomes boring, lacking personality and overly feminine -- and sadly a fragrance I rarely reach for in my collection. Like that beautiful woman, the initial impression is where MiP really shines but as you get to know her the lack of personality casts a shadow over her beauty that makes her less attractive in the end. Only a like for me.

Recommended, but there are better options. This is ideally suited for the fairer sex.

Whenever I see the supposed cannabis note I cant help but think of Black Afgano since well that seems to be the most hyped fragrance that some people say smells like weed....

Well for me BA didnt smell like weed when I smelled it. But this however perhaps although not weed exactly it certainly was very "stoner" sorta smelling. So I felt the name actually fits. I could wear this and definitely imagine myself smoking with friends. Then again why I would wear this while smoking with friends in the first place is another question but lol anyway...

Compared to something like BA this is much more green, and smokey and "fresh". Where as BA is much more rich, and thick, and creamy. However saying that when I smelled Smoke for the soul I did think of Black afgano.

I got a fair amount of eucalyptus out of this as well which would randomly give it a sorta vicks vapor rub element smell to it at times hiding underneath all the smokey yet pleasant in its own kinda novelty sorta way smell.

Id say it probably smells better than BA for me. BA is pretty blah, and even on days ive thought it smells good sometimes it makes me a little sick the times ive tried it. And even saying that ive never once gotten any positive feedback on BA. Where as this doesnt seeem particularly offensive to me.

Also id like to mention perhaps placebo effect but I even got a bit of a alcohol or boozy note in this.. Placebo effect because of name? Im not sure but there was something else going on here or some mix of notes that adding something else interesting to the mix.

That being said however this performed the worst out of the 3 new by kilians.. I got 5 maybe 6 hours. And it was quite light. After that it was a skin scent in every sense of the word. And at times even worse. Only randomly I might get a wiff of something. So it was hard to even judge how long it truly lasted...

I plan on testing it again. But as it is, a nice smell in its own kinda way, but for the price really awful.

The fragrance is divine and I love it. However, the problem is that for the price which I have paid for it (which was pretty high, the longevity is too poor. It stays on me no more than 2 hours.

Royal Diamond Yardley by mabelcruet 2014-10-21

I was really disappointed with this-I bought it blind as I liked the sound of it but on me it evaporates within 10 minutes. Its a pretty, slightly sweet (in a pleasant, non-sickly way) and elegant scent, but longevity is non-existent and sillage minimal. I got bergamot predominantly, then a generic classical light ladylike floral. Its a very fresh and natural scent, not at all synthetic and really very good, what I consider a 'happy' perfume. I just wish it lasted longer and projected a bit more on me, its no stronger than shower gel on me. Maybe I have perfume eating pores.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by Labaloo 2014-10-21

I smell black pepper and salty, marine air strongly against the other notes listed. I normally don't like "fresh" fragrances, but Womanity is an exception for its bold uniqueness.

This is way better than the original, and doesn't smell like the original. To me this is very sugary, which I really like. The sugar, rose and the sweet notes really blend together, and that's what I smell the most so far. To me, I think this perfume would be best to wear during summer days. Overall I give this perfume a 10/10.

O Oui! Lancome by Bublegum 2014-10-21

I loved this back at 2000s. I tried the new version in the new bottle and in the beginning all I could smell was alcohol. Maybe they overdid it with the vodka this time. I understand why some people say it lacks originality, but back at 2000 it was really original. Of course, they are a lot of perfumes similar to this nowadays. But, still I believe the 2000 one it was a lovely perfume. As for the new reformulation, it takes about one hour for the initial alchoholic scent to turn to normal, but the drydown is identical to the old one and also long lasting. But, I will try to find the old one still.

This smells similar to the original, they aren't completely the same, but there is that same feeling to it. I can smell all the notes, but what I smell the most is the jasmine. This is a better version than the original. I think Pop Electric is the evolution on the Harajuku Lovers, just like Gwen said on HSN. Overall I give this perfume a 8/10.

Pink Flowers M. Micallef by Jitterbug Perfume Lover 2014-10-21

This is another fluffy pink "gateway gourmand". It's strange that there are no reviews here and nothing online, and I can sort of see why.

This is all girly pink flowers and diet loukhoum. It's super light and not sweet. It reminds me of Boise Torride and/or any of the pinky Guerlains because I get a ton of pink flowers. It has a loukhoum feel, but it's a loukhoum with training wheels, or "loukhoum light". This is very dry and unsweetened, like loukhoum made with splenda instead of sugar??

However, what makes this stand out is a deep dark patchouli note. It's not the skanky patchouli and it's not the dryer sheets patchouli. It's a clean but earthy patchouli. I actually would have sworn it was oud - the same oud that's in M. Micallef Aoud Gourmet.

This composition is all about the contrast. The light fluffy pinks against that deep dark oudy patchouli.

Wearing it feels like I am walking through a rose garden in the summer, sniffing the pink roses, and all of a sudden a vampire comes out of nowhere.

What made me laugh is when I goggled, "vampire in the sun" a pic of a sparkly Edward Cullen came up! Yes, this perfume is kind of like that...

Guerlain Homme Guerlain by Juiceman 0331 2014-10-21

I bought two Guerlains for the very first time, homme and l'instant. Let me start by saying that both of them are winners and I am now a Guerlain convert. If you want to start with niche cologne collection, definitely go for Guerlain. You can tell the difference between designer and niche fragrances.

Now back to Guerlain Homme, I find it very difficult to leave a great review, because almost everybody below me have already covered every good thing about this fragrance.
Every note is well balanced and complimented, not too citrusy, not too sweet, not too minty, and not too spicy. Every note is like an orchestra that plays perfectly their own part on time and not a single instrument standing out.
The citrus is not overpowering and tames the alcohol smell. The mint Is not like a mint toothpaste, but a real natural mint that just got crushed. The sweet sugarcane smell is my favorite, it's not like sugar from your kitchen. Raw crushed sugarcane smells very different from processed sugar. The mojito alcohol vibe is not too overpowering either.
Last thing and the most important, you can really smell the transformation of this cologne from top, to middle, and down to the base. The hotter the weather, the better this gets.

My overall rating 9/10

Fleur de Cristal Lalique by hissyknit 2014-10-21

This little known gem seems, at first, to explode with florals at first--very strong. I almost jumped in the shower to rinse it but after 10 or so seconds, the initial blast wore off and settled into delicate floral musk.

I sprayed a bit on right before bed and smelled it when I woke up.

Cristalle Eau Verte Chanel by WildDove 2014-10-21

Cristalle eau Verte is a fresh floral, however the magnolia can take over to make this fragrance heady, cloying, and unwearable. Test repeatedly to a final drydown before purchasing.

The reviews are interesting to read. I loved this, but got gas and leather vibe from the accord. I did not buy it because I have others similar, but will eventually pick it up later or at least test again.

Toujours Glamour Moschino by Allinug 2014-10-21

No no nothing for me. I can only smell violets and something woody.

Styletto O Boticario by arigarj 2014-10-21

Citrus, sour, masculine. Starts a little funky, urine-like, then it dries to a good wood + citrus. Good to wear at the office.

David Yurman Fragrance David Yurman by Reese1861 2014-10-21

I was afraid it would be too strong and give me a headache but I really like it. Good long lasting fragrance. I layer the perfume with the lotion. Good stuff!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by archivist 2014-10-21

I find the EDP and EDT very different, now that I'm able to compare them (both from original spray bottles). The EDP has the most amazing balance of tonkanilla and lush incense, whereas the EDT is more of a straight and somewhat heavy tonkanilla, to my nose. The EDP is more complex, but I wouldn't say that it's heavier than the EDT (which seemed pretty rich to me). The incense seems to drift off pretty quickly, which is too bad - but this remains a fantastic fragrance. I don't see myself needing any other vanilla but this, because vanilla-vanilla is unkind to me, whereas tonka and I get along just fine, and I tend to prefer my vanillas on the masculine end of the spectrum - the other one I have is Givenchy Pi, also for men.

Lapidus Pour Homme Ted Lapidus by jcba69 2014-10-21

I am not an expert and I am not able to define notes for any perfume... I bought this Ted Lapidus last week and I love it. I find it a winter perfume. Like the projection and longevity... You should be bold to wear this perfume

A*Men Pure Wood Thierry Mugler by VanMarlton 2014-10-21

Didn't like this fragrance. Its got a strong resemblance to the original, but with a very unpleasant twist. That oak note or whatever really doesn't work for me. I was even slightly embarrassed wearing it.


Have you ever been on a crop field? Especially in autumn when peasents dig in the soil to bring out the potatoes? If the soil happens to be wet (or moist) it releases a unique scent of dirt or even dirty! in the air.

This is the first thing I reckon when I spray Ritual's "Nr. 19 - Sandal Wood & Patchouli" on me. It is a weird combination of gorgeous patchouly and awful dirty patchouly. I cannot sense any sandal wood at all, only patchouli, patchouli, some vetiver and cedar and a lot more patchouli.
Did I mention the strong patchouli?

It's very strong a long lasting. And for that it's quite cheap (50 ml - 40 Euros).

Fine, classy stuff indeed. I am not sure who would be wearing it, beacuse this one is a bit out of time for young dandies, yet too feminine for true gentlemen. Still, you may enjoy it at home on your own.

Adventurer Aramis by bronstein 2014-10-21

This one pretends to have more character than its unimpressive older brother Gentleman, but this first impression doesn't last. There is a hint of a classic undertone in it, which at least makes sense when using the strong Aramis brand. Neverthelss, at the end of the day this one is not adventerous at all and is suitable for poseurs only.

I am really really surprised to read that people who don't like Angel like this one. The opening is almost identical to Angel and then I can definitely feel the "Angel" vibe even in the drydown. Really makes me wonder what is the ingredient of Angel that they dislike. Anyway, I like Angel La Rose, but I also like Angel. I believe that if someones likes Angel or Innocent, s/he will definitely like this. I prefer Angel more, but this is just a matter of taste. I think this is sweeter than Angel. Angel has a more mysterious air around it.

Gentleman Aramis by bronstein 2014-10-21

Obviously an attempt in creating something light for the 2010s market by building on the strong brand of Aramis. The scent as such has nothing to do with the classic male stuff, which seems far too heavy for our age. Unfortunately, this one doesn't work: The scent reminds me of something of the He Wood range, which is not the best start in the first place. After you had a chance to figure that out, it disappears almost completely. In the end, this one is nothing much of anything.

The One Sport Dolce&Gabbana by Cassiano 2014-10-21

Sportive versions exist in the perfumery market a long time ago. It seems to me that, since 2010, the companies started to improve a little bit this type of fragrances, because it was possible to perceive an improvement in the aroma and also in the durability of the majority that receives such name. If on the one hand there are a lot of criticism, on the other there is a benefit to people who live in extremely hot regions during all the year and need this type of scent on their shelves. And in Brazil, this type of audience is immense.

In this version from 2012, the D&G brand wanted to convey the Italian ideal, inherited from classical Greece to ancient Rome, in which sport is competition, celebrating the most genuine value between sport and life.
With hints of Rosemary and marine accord in the output, the fragrance won Mediterranean touch. At the heart, the same cardamom from previous versions, now sharing space with Sequoia wood. And in the base, notes of patchouli and musk.

As I wrote in my review for The One Gentleman, it’s been a while since I've been treating any flanker as a new fragrance to be added to a fragrance's line. I only create greater expectations when dealing with lighter versions (Fraiche / Fresh) or intensive versions (Intense). In these cases, I always look forward to identify the DNA of the original version, either in a more refreshing or intensified way.

In this Sport version - the first released by D&G - I have not identified any relationship with The One for Men. This is a different fragrance, which is not innovative, but also not generic. The marine output works fine, doesn't fade quickly and gives freshness. The aroma is delicious, but the heart that brings wood and spice together has failed. The base is stronger and the musk is quite present.

Oddly enough, it has good durability, passing the common 5 hours of the majority of the sport fragrances. Luckily, they didn't keep the actor Matthew McConaughey in this campaign too, because it would be too much.
The bottle kept the visual identity of the line, now in transparent tones and with the details (neck and inscriptions) in red, almost a standard in sportive fragrances.

Clinique Happy Clinique by phyucinmyint 2014-10-21

Meh... There are far better citrus scents out there. This one smells like some kind of hair product that I've used when I was in my teens but I no longer remember.
This is by no means a bad scent. It's just not special.

Boss Number One Hugo Boss by bronstein 2014-10-21

At first sniff this one does remind one of Aramis, whether the similarity is intended or not. After that, strong undertones emerge, among them honey and something unpleasant which smells like human dirt. In the long run, the undertones disappear and it becomes similar to Aramis again, maybe a bit sweeter.

In other words: This is one of the surviving fragrances of the classic era of male scents. I doubt that anyone younger than 40 can wear this. That said, this one is - without doubt - elegant, masculine and classy.

Luna Rossa Prada by SC83 2014-10-21

Another floral bomb by Prada.

That being said, the longevity is amazing. Even with my dry skin, this fragrance lasts 8-9 hours on my wrist.

I sprayed this stuff on my hooded sweatshirt and I could smell it 24 hours later. No joke.


Reflection Man Amouage by jude1321 2014-10-21

This is great stuff...but I'll make it real simple...Le Male is better. That is just my personal opinion, but Le Male is sexier and has better lasting power on me. Reflection Man gets too powdery too quick...while Le Male might be the sexiest scent ever made (it's actually second behind Kouros). I suggest trying this stuff, it is very very good, but, again, for the price, my suggestion is Le Male. I do not believe Reflection Man is "so much higher quality" than Le Male. Personally, I don't see it. Both are awesome and smell VERY similar (at least at first), but I prefer Le Male.

But, I must admit that I love designer fragrances and generally find the obsession with Niche scents way overrated.

Intoxicated By Kilian by 2014-10-21

I was pleasantly surprised by this. I didnt know the names of what was what when I recently tried out all 3. But immediately on paper I knew intoxicated must be the A*men one. Because on paper they do smell similar.

On skin though the difference is much more apparent and its more of its own scent. I was shocked by how much this reminded me of coffee. So many times coffee fragrances dont make me think of coffee at all actually. But this one definitely did. Its a very spicey, sorta thick, chocolatey(although not really a mocha smell per say), coffee. I suppose since its in the notes lets call it a nutmeg coffee sorta vibe. I feel it actually smells like something exactly however I cant place the flavor or what it is off hand. But when I do ill update.

Anyway this probably preformed the best for me out of the newest 3 from their line. However that being said although not a overpowering by any means in projection. I did feel the mix was a little much for me personally. Something was just off and I felt like if I took to much in it made me a little sick feeling. So I would be careful to wear you spray.

This is probably I think what Pure coffee should have been. Granted pure coffee has its own place I guess. For me thats a actually wearable A*men. Where as this is really a coffee scent to me with some A*men in it.

Whatever the case although I did enjoy the smell, its not quite the coffee scent im looking for. And ultimately its to much money for what it is I think thats going against it. But props for a coffee scent actually reminding me of that sorta vibe of drinking coffee and relaxing, or getting ready for the day. So many coffee scents are just blah for me. And I have to "look" for the coffee and many times its just a note at best. But this does achieve the "vibe" at least, but just not quite the right flavor for me.

Fan di Fendi Extreme Fendi by @jenniferlincoln 2014-10-21

A true oriental that has kick to it. It's much better than the other mainstream Fan di Fendis. Beautiful for the cooler months, might be a bit much for warmer weather. Imagine the sweetest most expensive smelling leather around, that's Fan di Fendi Extreme.

Intoxicated By Kilian by becuille 2014-10-21

This is a very rich, beautiful fragrance. The coffee is the star of the show, and it's deep, dark and rich. I could swear I get hints of rose too, but apparently there's none in it, so it's probably just me.

The cinnamon and nutmeg are lovely and remain fairly subtle.

This isn't the most easy to wear fragrance. It's very rich, fairly bitter and a whole lot of coffee. It's not something I could imagine myself wearing every day, but it is so beautifully intriguing that I'm definitely considering a full bottle.

I've never smelled A Men, so I can't comment on the similarities.

Absolutely do not blind buy this. You're going to need to wear it several times to get an idea of whether or not you want it. I smelled it on card first of all and had a very negative reaction to it. The description alone sounded off putting to me. But upon wearing it, I started to fall in love.

Fairly soft sillage (although not a skin scent) and I got around 7 hours longevity.

Aventus Creed by pdubrogers 2014-10-21

Finally purchased. Sale price was out of my comfort zone and this new purchase does not have the wow factor of my initial sample. I really like it still but it's different. The sample lasted hours, even in to the following day, but the new bottle seems to not hold it as long. Still an instant classic-these are my observations.

Smoke for the Soul By Kilian by becuille 2014-10-21

This smells exactly like someone smoking a joint. All I get from it is cannabis, start to finish. Very, very pungent cannabis.

It's strong and lasts all day, but considering it makes me smell like I'm doing drugs, that's not a good thing in my book.

It feels gimmicky to me. I just cannot imagine paying this sort of price to smell like a group of teenagers in the back row of the bus.

Surprise Heidi Klum by drugstore classics 2014-10-21

Sillage and longevity are typical of a cologne strength, which is fine at this price point. In 'flavor', rather a nice chance from most celeb scents. I think the name is apt.... 'Surprise'!

If killer sillage and sugared fruits are your favorite celeb trademarks, look elswhere. Surprise is likely to be an unpleasant surprise to you. But I'm a bit impressed, and here's why:

Surprise comes across to me as a genteel, modern soliflore! A slightly spicy opening quickly leads to fresh rose. Rose she remains until the end, clean and simple. Not a tea rose or anything remotely as strong as Al Rehab's Roses. Just a fresh and modern rose, perfect for those moments when simplicity is everything.

Note - Ahh, a retro bottle about as cute as they come....

Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun by Lana148 2014-10-21

I am totally anosmic to this, I can smell nothing! Some sort of clean smell for the first few seconds and then nothing.

A joke, a gimmick!

Miyabi Woman Annayake by rickyrebarco 2014-10-21

This fragrance surrounds you with a filmy veil of beautiful scent, vanilla, peach and light florals. The fragrance opens with the peach and tonka in the forefront followed by a pretty strong vanilla. The peach is a deep scent and it smells much more like apricot to me, probably due to the addition of amber to the mix.

While this fragrance may initially give some of the same feeling one gets from Kenzo Amour, I think Miyabi is a superior fragrance. As Yohji and flowers-in-the-springtime said, this fragrance gives you a centered, peaceful feeling, like being surrounded by a veil of peace. I have that quiet meditative feeling all day long when I wear Miyabi. Also there is no rice note in Miyabi so one does not get that "foody" vibe.

As the scent develops it becomes more of a skin scent but it remains with you all day, a calming presence, a balm to the spirit. As the hours pass you can smell the freesia more and a bit of green and a tiny bit of almost a hay note that I believe is the sunflower. I do not find the musk or amber to be excessive at all. They give Miyabi a depth and lasting quality without overpowering the beauty of the other notes. Finally, I rather like the bottle. It's very simple. It reminds me of a small vessel that might be used in a Japanese tea ceremony.

Soir de Lune Sisley by Yohji 2014-10-21

I like rains and misty weather, being a grumpy misanthrope deep inside)
And nothing can please me more in such weather and mood as Soir de Lune. Because its hauntingly beautiful, has ghostly presence of English Victorian lady in style of Nicole Kidman in movie “The Others” and its not intrusive one, its just adds what is missing – beauty to your own soul when its in mood for good thinking

The honey, rose, coriandre and moss in Soir de Lune are singing an aria of discreet elegance, its like wearing long gloves and walking under an umbrella in silence – you got the picture.
Dainty, airy, classy, exceptional...Nice to be like that once in a while.

Christian Lacroix Ambre Avon by Patricia888 2014-10-21

I was looking forward to this one so much as it has all the givens to become by all time favorite but in the least - this fall`s favorite. I love the ingredients: amber that would give the comforting warmth, caramel that would give happy indulging feeling, balsamic - mystery. But it`s not even close to what I have envisioned it to be or what it could have been. If it was not the bottle and the ingredient list I would not even take the time to sniff it. The smell is just boring, no layers to it, no mystery, no deep comforting feeling, nor joy. It is yet another ordinary perfume to run the errands.

Avon Luck for Her Avon by Patricia888 2014-10-21

This is pure joy and fun in a bottle - such is the opening. Fresh but sweet, it recalls laughter and sunshine. It is very uplifting emotionally. Now that joy only is there for the first 5 minutes really then it dries down into a more "nothing special" kind of smell. But I`m considering to buy a bottle only for that opening, a real shot of anti-depressant drug;).

Pour Un Homme de Caron Caron by tomerits 2014-10-21

Classic.the opening is harsh for me but as time after application goes by it's becoming more and more wearable and "edible".
the father of all lavender frag's.great.
my rank 4/5.

Smoke Goti by alfarom 2014-10-21

Goti is an italian brand mainly focused on high-end and avant-garde jewelry using the most unusual materials together with precious metals and gems. Sometime in 2008 they collaborated with Santa Maria Novella's perfumers to start their own line of fragrances and delivered three compositions (Black, Earth and White) that, for the most part, had flown under the radars. Both because they were poorly distributed and not advertised at all.

In 2013, they re-designed the packaging, reformulated their previous range (this time working with historical florentine pharmaceutical lab from the 30s, Laboratorio Therapeutico M.R.) and introduced two new perfumes of which Smoke is my personal standout. Now, given the name, if you're expecting a fireplace type of smoky thing, get ready for a disappointment because Smoke is anything but that. Instead, if you're after a radiant and modern incensey thing, you'll have much to love here.

Smoke opens with a sour-ish and fizzy accord that makes me literally salivating. On one side there's the red and slightly sweet fruity vibe of pomegranate juxtaposed to the zesty and aromatic quality of the ginger. It feels sparkling, joyful and even light-hearted if you want but never dull. The top notes tame down pretty soon but they keep on lingering throughout the rest of the evolution of the fragrance which is made out of a darker, simple yet pretty impeccably executed crispy incense with woody notes as reinforcement. There's a nose-tingling thing going on throughout that might vaguely remember of gasoline or other kind of combustibles. The woods are smooth and elegant as opposed to the sickening powerful synth-woody notes we often experience in modern masculines and eastern-themed compositions.

Overall, I would suggest Smoke to those who like the more incensey Comme Des Garcons or certain fragrances by Olivier Durbano (especially Citrine, Lapis Philosophorum and Heliotrope). It's a modern aesthetic, restrained, quirky and effortlessly elegant.

Quick note on the packaging which is simple but very striking in a post-Owens way. The bottle design is pretty much the same for all of their fragrances but you can choose to have your bottle in chrome-finish porcelain (cheaper) or plain metal (much more expensive). Big 100ml bottles come with a leather bulb-pump which is simply stunning. All of the bottles come is a plain black box wrapped in a black leather belt.

Rating: 7-7.5/10

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by glitterlust 2014-10-21

After the first flowers this morphs into Cuir Amethyste/Bottega Venetta on my skin. A dry, woody, slightly spiced petrochemical accord. Interesting.

Lagerfeld Classic Karl Lagerfeld by missan 2014-10-21

@shayz, the newer formulations has the name Lagerfeld on the bottle in all capital letters.

Tuberosa d'Autunno opens quite brash, with a kind of conspicuous, artificially upbeat accent, perhaps coconut, that feels as if it's there to give the tuberose a round of cheer just in case it decides to get stage fright.

It’s a straight-forward and non-dramatic rendition of the flower, like the not-too-artful but esthetically pleasing portrait that succeeds at drawing viewer's attention towards the flattering features of the subject matter. The tuberose in here smells lush, yet is simple and clean. It doesn't hit any awkward notes, quite the opposite, it rests comfortably on a bed of powdery violets. I quite like this phase but it's not meant to last.

After about an hour the base notes come along and, rather unceremoniously, upstage the tuberose. At this point it's the warm, ambery vanilla I end up smelling the most, while the namesake note is more like an afterthought. The scent is very nice still, but not in the way I was hoping for. I even recognise some elements of Ambra del Nepal in that drydown. However, while Ambra del Nepal lasts and lasts on me, Tuberosa d'Autunno tends to fade away a lot faster.

Easy and likeable tuberose with a violet undertone, but I would probably like it better if it could stand its ground with more success.

Viva La Juicy So Intense Juicy Couture by rachelanne87 2014-10-21

It's the same exact scent, just a different bottle! Was hoping it would be different, but it's exactly the same.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by Electronic100 2014-10-21

Richness. An array of different moods in one bottle! I love it!

Malibu Night Pamela Anderson by SheAlwaysSmellsGood 2014-10-21

Unfortunately the bottle I ordered off of eBay came destroyed (like, literally I think the postman had some sort of grudge against me that day), so I only had about 5% of the original juice left in the bottle, which, by the way, was literally EATEN away by the alochol content in this perfume.

So, my review may be a little biased. Maybe.

It smells awful. Nothing like I hoped. I'm a huge patchouli lover and was looking for something sweety and patchy for night time. This just smelled like a mess of acetone nail polish remover and stayed very linear for 20 minutes before it was gone completely.

I threw the bottle in the trash and got a refund from the seller. Sorry, Pammy, I tried!

Colonia Intensa Acqua di Parma by Lestat 2014-10-21

Lasted only an hour on me ... Good fragrance but not worth $100 plus ..

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by chuetta 2014-10-21

it happened again, yet ANOTHER rihanna perfume that smells like incense on me! why do you hate me riri....
I'm going to refrain from scrubbing it off to see if the dry down is better, maybe i will edit this later.

John Galliano John Galliano by drugstore classics 2014-10-21

Stunning floriental.

Galliano is everything I love in a modern scent - balsamic notes, iris, patchouli, and incense. In other words, a powerhouse with fantastic flair!

Sadly for me, the only 'modern' note in the composition ( PEONY ) doesn't mesh at all with my chemistry, creating harshness and imbalance where lush warmth is intended. Even so, I feel very privileged to have met this beauty.


Galliano has my respect for giving us such a dazzling creation for the modern perfume market. Five Stars!!!

Lagerfeld Classic Karl Lagerfeld by shayz 2014-10-21

I have a bottle and I do not know if it's old or new formula
Can anything please tell me how to differentiate between the two
it's made in usa

Thank you

Dior Grand Bal Dior by Houdini4 2014-10-21

This could be accused of being very linear... and quite honestly it is.
Let's be fair though the quality of this is excellent, I'm not a white floral fan and this is far too feminine for my butch sensibilities (if that's not a contraction in terms?) but I have to say I love jasmine.
Jasmine bomb then pretty much?
Grand Bal isn't quite as sweet as some jasmine notes, could be that hint of ylang and sandalwood but more likely it's accurately floral and delivers all aspects of the jasmine spectrum, sweet, powdery, waxy even a little dirty?
You know what though? I still like it!
This Dior line doesn't have to hit the mark with amazing creations each time because enough of them are superb, original compositions to carry a few fillers.
This is for the lady who can afford it, and far from being an expert I'd suspect they're cheaper options that deliver in this department.
Lasted very well on me and does what it sets out to.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by Le_Coeur_Gothique 2014-10-21

Four figures enter the lab. One of them is Dominique Ropion. Dominique Ropion for chrissakes! He has created Ysatis... And Amarige... And Kenzo's Jungles... And Krazy Krizia...
He's surrounded by three other perfumers. They have not created anything near as legendary, partially because they're younger, but since they were chosen by the master, it can't be, they must be of some considerable worth and potential.
The perfume world is holding its breath.
And after what seems to be a strenuous effort of taming the extracts, the resins and the oils, an effort from which nothing less than a masterpiece should be expected, they give us...Invictus.
Really guys? No, I'm serious, really? Did this storm in a teacup really require the combined efforts of four to create it?
It's not a horrendous fragrance per se, but come on! I could make a better scent in an afternoon.
"But... But this marvellous blast of marine notes topped with delicious grapefruit and crowned with laurel..."
Yeah, right...
Believe me, I know of marine notes, I'm from Greece. These are not marine notes. This is a chemical mess! Not a single person who lives by the sea would perceive this cacophony as "marine". And if the laurel was a hint about its ancient use of wreathing champions with it, it's unfortunately only the grapefruit's bitterness that leaves its aftertaste in the end. And I don't mean in olfactory terms...
And Invictus? For reals? Who were its opponents during its struggle to the title? Nothingness and complete incompetence? It wouldn't last a single round against any of the dudes of Paco Rabanne's glorious past. And I don't mean 1 Million, cause it wouldn't stand a chance against it either.
As for its bottle, unless it's a joke, it's kitsch redefined. It reminds me of something "Made in an Asian sweatshop" that could be found in a souvenir shop with "You are the champ!" written on it. Or a promotional table lighter on the desk of an underground car repair shop. Made in an Asian sweatshop as well.
Oh wait! Wasn't it Avon that paved the way for funny looking bottles? At least Avon bottles achieved a certain cult status over time, while this bloody poseur seems to really expect us to be stunned by its gravitas right from the start.
And to add insult to injury, three out of four noses did the same with Burberry's Brit Rhythm, another benchmark of mediocrity and "forgotten in a heartbeat" quality. In the same year! The whole thing reminds me of some travelling sideshow, blaring about the wonders you'll behold by entering its tent, but all you'll see by doing so, are some miserable fake monsters made of plaster and badly painted. I guess Veronique Nyberg had some dignity left and jumped off the caravan before its downward spiral hit the bottom...
The only positive thing about it is that it spares me the chore of writing a review for Burberry's Brit Rhythm (what an "inspired" name!), cause by simply reversing the names and subtracting Veronique Nyberg from this unholy equation, there, you have it already!

P.S.: I'm sure that some younger readers will go livid on me, but I'm afraid I can't stress enough how someone who has smelled Paco Rabanne pour Homme and Ténéré in their heyday feels about today's releases...

Elle L'aime Lolita Lempicka by swampgirlie 2014-10-21

I'm always interested in reading the different reviews both positive and negative. How notes are revealed on individual skin gives us all a unique perspective. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to submit reviews. I find them not only extremely helpful but also entertaining and objective. My feelings on this fragrance....
This is my second Lolita Lempicka experience. Once again, for me, she has knocked it out of the park. This one conjures up happy summertime memories. A creamy coconut delight. Oil on my skin and an umbrella in my drink.

Love Chloe by Electronic100 2014-10-21

A special one, this one!

Imperial Millesime Creed by BlueMoon 2014-10-21


Definitely one of my favorite 'fresh' fragrances for a warmer day (and to take along on a winter getaway to Aruba.)

I've had a difficult time finding a warmer climate fresh scent. Most citruses go sour on my skin, and many of the niche 'fruity' fragrances lean towards adolescent female.

There are other Creeds that offer a fresh scent (Original Vetiver and Green Irish Tweed come to mind), but this seems more contemporary, and unisex.
(Virgin Island Water is fresh - but more specific with its lime/coconut notes.)

This lasts longer on my skin than I anticipated.

I think MI and I have a long friendship ahead of us.

John Galliano John Galliano by Electronic100 2014-10-21

Too much. Too strong.

Laguna Salvador Dali by Electronic100 2014-10-21

Every time I pass my bathroom I have to have a spray of it! Wonderfully evoking. Very unusual.

Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Cheryl Cole by Electronic100 2014-10-21

Saw it in the shop, Picked it up (out of curiosity) I wasn't surprised that it smelt of furniture polish. Awful.

Santal Blush Tom Ford by dolcethadon 2014-10-21

118 votes saying this smells like Gucci Rush.. There is absolutely no similarity in the scent besides the fact that they both contain some cedar and sandalwood.. I have no idea how all the votes are continuing to be skewed on the same pages.. How ridiculous..

Purr Katy Perry by HeidiLynn 2014-10-21

I feel like I should be too “mature” to appreciate Katy, her music, her adorable purple cat bottle and this fruity perfume—but I’m enjoying it all despite myself. Purr is like Burberry doused in sugar and put under a broiler—peaches and crème brulee. It started with a hit of orange or clementine, zesty and sweet; then progressed to the sugary peaches. No citrus is listed, so I have no idea what my nose was smelling in the opening, but it felt distinctly citrus. And truthfully, the initial note was more apricot than peach. But as it dries down, it’s a syrupy, warm, peachy dessert fragrance with a backbone of musk and a hint of sandalwood and vanilla. I absolutely concur with similarities to Beyonce’s Heat, although Purr is a tad less warm and toasty; if Heat is for winter, Purr is more all-season. I think the light woodiness of bamboo and the apple are there to cool down this fragrance and give a little fresh structure and crispness to what otherwise might be a gooey mess.

Sillage was fairly strong, longevity only about 2-3 hours. Now, it’s only a light peach musk—still pleasant, but not with the initial strong character. This is fun stuff, especially if you love a fruity gourmand.

Darwin Cindy C. by SzekelyEmoke 2014-10-21

Is quite intense and bittery perfume. Not my type at all.

a real beast. two sprays are more than enough.

Iris Prima Penhaligon`s by Musume 2014-10-21

Leathery iris with a citrus note, so incredibly beautiful and perfect. I love the name as much as the fragrance.

First half hour I smell woody violets, second half hour plastic violets, then nothing. So sad:(

Oud 27 Le Labo by ms rochambeau 2014-10-21

Has a kind of strong saffron note in the opening like your sniffing a bottle of the actual deep red flower parts and it's little odd, overwhelming and medicinal. Maybe I haven't had enough experience with oud, except with Montale's Aoud Roses Petals. In ARP the oud, while odd and strange, is absolutely gorgeous. But Oud 27 smells very weird and chemical mess on me. 15 minutes later you can detect soft woods, but then the scent suddenly disappears. I was very disappointed as I expected Oud 27 to be as rich and lasting as Patchouli 24. It isn't. This really needs to be sampled before you purchase a full bottle.

Interlude Man Amouage by fan.of.devin 2014-10-21

Smokey peanut butter cookies... Interesting?

(It is hard to review this without referring to the rest of the other Shalimars, but the first paragraph references no other fragrances, in case you are new to the range. The following paragraphs make comparisons with the two most famous other Shalimar scents.)

This starts as a smoky, well-rounded vanilla before pillowy iris and resins emerge with a faint, powdery cocoa note. Although there is definite sweetness right into the lovely drydown, the chocolate and caramel notes do not make this a sticky gourmand; the vanilla retains a peppery, fruity quality, and the smokiness keeps things dry rather than gooey.

In comparison to the original Shalimar, this is gentler. It lacks both the bright citrus opening and the strong animalic notes. It is still smoky, but the vanilla here compliments the smoke, rather than emerging later as it does in the original. For me, this is less masculine (although still a unisex scent) and more passe partout. You could actually wear this one to work, whereas for me, the original is for late nights and ferocious intentions.

In comparison to Parfum Initial, it shares some of the sweetness: the chocolate and caramel notes, although these are far quieter in the Ode. It also has similar middle powdery, fluffy iris florals. However, the Ode is smokier and more grown-up than the sweetie pie Parfum Initial.

If you hate the original Shalimar, this is unlikely to convert you. However, if you like Shalimar's drydown but find the opening too harsh, or if you are looking for a drier, more masculine Parfum Initial, this could be just the trick. This is what I was hoping Chergui would smell like.

Good if: you've been looking for a mysterious vanilla that won't bore you or give you toothache.

Clinique Wrappings Clinique by ms rochambeau 2014-10-21

This is based on a vintage, 5 ml spray bottle that doesn't indicate the concentration. First, a blast of pine, then lovely oakmossy greeness. Other subtle things are going on, but it's the oakmoss that stays dominant throughout, on me and that makes me happy. I agree that this evokes Vero Profumo's Mito, as I'm wearing both Wrappings and Mito right now for comparison, but where Wrappings is more on the dry side, Mito seems a tad more spicy and has a kind of champagne-like effervescence. Both are wonderful and are working well together. If you are into scents where the floral aspects are obvious and right out front, that ISN'T Wrappings.

I'm sure someone has written this somewhere in all these posts, but for those of you who don't read them all..........I'll say it again. This is a monster. I absolutely LOVE strong fragrances and this one is near the top. It smells divine, don't get me wrong. Please just remember 1-2 sprays or a walk through for this one. Then it will be absolutely perfect!

Amore Mio Jeanne Arthes by mschnabel666 2014-10-21

As a gourmand, nut, fruit, foody fan... this disappoints- much like some reviews warned. But I still had to try it. It's a lot like Nina, which I didn't like either. It's wearable, but far far from my favorite or even something I'll reach for. It's sour fruit, sweet, with some tang/spice that I'm not sure about...

BCBG Max Azria Max Azria by mschnabel666 2014-10-21

A light, feminine floral with fruit... Basic, light, inoffensive, wearable, sweet... but generic. Honestly, this could have been an Ed Hardy because it's just a basic floral-fruity. I'll wear it, it's nice... just nothing special. I'm a gourmand/sweet/fruit nut, and this popped up on my radar, so I tried a cheap tester bottle.

I have a full 100ml bottle if anyone is interested please message me :)

Chypre Palatin MDCI Parfums by farang 2014-10-21

A gorgeous classical chypre. But too feminine for me.

Santal Blush Tom Ford by 9154mf 2014-10-21

I have a half full bottle available for anyone who is seriously interested please message me :)

Grey Vetiver Tom Ford by dioraddictfan 2014-10-21

This is a good vetiver, not my favorite, but it's well done. It's very citrusy and a clean, smooth vetiver. Very classy. Longevity isn't that great though.

Delicious Cotton Candy Gale Hayman by mandy.may 2014-10-21

This smells good,like straight up cotton candy.but it lacks the magical notes of pink sugar,in my I just keep the beautiful bottle in my collection even though I hardly wear it...

Terre d`Hermes Parfum Hermes by dioraddictfan 2014-10-21

This is a much smoother version of Terre D'Hermes. Strong citrus opening, with smooth vetiver, it gets a bit smokier in the dry down. Very nice and classy!

I'm having bad luck with violets lately, I don't know if the samples are wrong/off/rancid or what, but I'm not enjoying the last violets perfumes I've tried:( Blanc Violette is lovely, soft, creamy and very retro, the problem is that it is not violet, not to me. Ok, good for my bank account.

In Control Curious Britney Spears by guachipiruli 2014-10-21

Not my thing. Smells cheap and chemical. Has a skank note to it that makes it 100% Britney and 0% me.

Taylor Taylor Swift by Princess Adora 2014-10-21

I have smelt this and at first it was ok then it went to this weird sour musky smell,it was like the notes of the fragrance did not go together and were clashing,I was very disappointed with this perfume but I think her other perfumes smell nice and I'm keeping an eye out on the new one that is coming out soon.

White Woods Clean by esteban747 2014-10-21

White woods opens with a floral bouquet, slightly powdery. I guess we didn't reach the forest yet and we are just strolling around a flower stand.
The mandarin is perceptible and it adds a sparkling and uplifting note. But then again the musk takes over quickly.
At this point the musk is prevalent with a sweet note of praline (I'm guessing) and a light sandalwood in the background. At least now feels more woody.
Just when this fragrance starts to turn into a real "white woods" scent is then that the sillage drops dramatically. Suddenly it's barely perceptible, very close to skin.
The drydown leaves a musky, soapy type of scent.
It's a nice fragrance, clean and powdery. It develops quite quickly and it falls in the growing category of "safe for work".

Blue Jeans Versace by mandy.may 2014-10-21

I am female and I wear this delicious scent sometimes...

Oh Lola! Marc Jacobs by Sayyy 2014-10-21

Very fruity. The description is everything I love, I thought I'd fall head over heels for this, but for some reason Oh Lola! bothers me. I don't know if it's the sandolwood or the tonka beans, but something about it displeases me.
I don't hate it, but it's not a perfume I reach for often.

Khaltat Al Oudh Rasasi by ZELJO 2014-10-21

Armani rose prive styled but less than half of the price, dark and masculine, so suitable for long nights of celebrations, rich oud, rose and amber, magical like a night in saudi arabian jaimas of the desert

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by Sayyy 2014-10-21

Love this on colder days. But the strong caramel and vanilla scent are headache-inducing on hot days. For me, this is perfect for Autumn

Rose Oud By Kilian by Germany 2014-10-21


Rouse Oud by Kilian is a spicy Arabian fresh rose oud perfume that has a warm woody, fuzzy feel to it. It's quite genius and takes a few applications on different times to fully appreciate it and figure it out, at least it did for me. It's all about rose, saffron and oud along with good spices like cinnamon ad cardamom ,both of which I love !

It has this fresh tart feel to it, like most good oud fragrances have. Sort of like a wet feel, dewy, walking through the woods type of smell after a hefty rain downfall.

Aromatic, fresh , tart rosy and soft spicy with a large dose of saffron and sprinkles of cinnamon with a leathery feel would sum up Rouse oud for me.

The Kilian oud collection is an amazing line but extremely over prized if you asked me , or anyone else for that matter , I would own the entire line if it was more affordable.

I often think of L'Artisans Saffron Troubant when I wear this , Rouse Oud basically a more complex , fuzzier and thicker version in my opinion.

Sweet? Sorry guys , not overly sweet to me at all more a sour ,fresh smell, like a walk In a rose garden after a rainfall.

R.I.P. Oscar you left us with a classic fragrance to remember you for.

Shadha Al-Rehab by mindphaser 2014-10-21

shadha by al rehab. to me this is a confused warm fresh floriental slash chypre. very comforting and cuddly, but also uplifting. it is a perfect bedtime/relaxation day scent. i don't detect anything animalic in it at all, i wish i did though. i do love a good animalic floral, like black aoud.

My favorite Eternity Summer, I wish it wasn't limited edition..

Dreamer Versace by deathpill 2014-10-21

This can make you the elephant in the room, If you want attention, and not be hated too, this is your scent. If you have a personality that draws attention anyway, this scent will allow you to enslave everyone around you. FOREVER!
True story.

FCUK Summer Him FCUK by deathpill 2014-10-21

This is the only wearable FCUK scent, though generic, it is a good rendition of an aquatic fragrance, and it lasts really long, though it sits very close to the skin for all its life. Excellent if you're in the sun. Like Gator83 said, it is the beach in a bottle.

I totally agree with Descartes what an utterly crappy fragrance. Reading some of the reviews makes me think there must be a parallel fragrance universe, a fragrance Matrix.
Avoid this one there is nothing in there, it does not deserves the Dali name pedigree in there.

Smells more synthetic than Barbie's knickers!I can't believe all the possitive comments,my God! what's wrong with people's noses!! they must smell through their rectums,is so bad,generic,boring,ofensive, synthetic,artifivial,there is nothing natural there. Too bad the Dali perfumes are far from what Dali himself would had created with the exception of Dali pour homme created by Guerlain's nose Thierry Wasser

Myrrhe Impériale Giorgio Armani by nevern te republic 2014-10-21

Can you still buy this and where?

Angel Thierry Mugler by Peta22 2014-10-21

I resisted for so long... Constantly seeing references to Angel while I was reading other reviews but it seemed so popular (read: 'common') that I didn't really even want to try it! Then after trying - and buying - many different fragrances, I discovered my tastes tended towards warm, spicy gourmand orientals and Angel kept appearing as 'the' Must Try perfume. I 'sort of' relented and bought the Taste of Fragrance Angel... I instantly loved it! So then I ordered a 15ml of the original Angel - it arrived and here I am writing an Angel review and declaring my love for it!! I guess there is no point trying to explain it - apparently everyone but me has already experienced it! Anyway, I can see another long term association for me - this is truly a bold, warm and delicious delight!

01 06 Lime Absolue Fragrance Republic by henri345que 2014-10-21

I see that this brand follows a similar approach as the one Frederic Malle does,a kind of curation work of diverse perfumers. They act intermediating the final user and the perfumer, trying to make that ideas previously rejected or unpublish target who might be able to appreciate them. If i think it's a good idea at the same time i'm kind of critic about it too - for some reason i question, why were those projects rejected? For being groundbreaking, avant-garde, or just for being unfinished or maybe they were missing something? I have the second impression wiht the first FR i test, the 6th one - Lime Absolue. Conceived by Karine Chevallier, it's the encounter of lime and vetiver, but what else more? There is no much more left, and this disappoints me. It seems to me pretty but crude at the same time and with such a basic structure that it keeps me wondering where i have smell this before; The lime at the opening is great, refresing and a little bit sweet, the vetiver is that variety that smells woody and leathery or rubbery and there is a little bit of milky fig and milky sandalwood, and whole at the intermediate notes. The woody synth aura makes me see it perfect for Comme des Garcons, but it's like one of their unfinished projects abandoned at the development. It's quite good the way it's, but it could have been much better.

This is a mild vanilla scent similar to Cashmere Glow. I can grab either one and be happy about my choice. I don't think I prefer one OVER the other, even though they still have their slight differences. This one might be slightly softer, actually being more "cashmere" to my nose. Both would be acceptable during the very warm days of summer.
Warm Vanilla Sugar could have been a triplet when it first came out. The Warm Vanilla Sugar they have now can not be compared to these two. I find it quite offensive.
I wonder if a true vanilla lover would love all three? You might!

Oscar for Men Oscar de la Renta by Palosanto 2014-10-21

RIP Mr. Oscar de la Renta.

Thank you for all, including this beautiful cologne.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by deathpill 2014-10-21

Picture this, you're in a dry muddy clear field in the countryside with some dried grass or hay scattered on a warm pleasant day and there is an orange orchid nearby. Suddenly dark clouds cover the spot above the field and the wind starts blowing from the direction of the orchid and it starts raining making the warm field and the hay wet. The cool wind is warming itself up brushing against the muddy warm carpet and you are standing there getting wet and cold and thoroughly enjoying the scenes and the smells. Now isolate the smell and thats what you get in this bottle.

The only complaint I could come up with for this scent is that it's not strong to scent the whole world for fall. This is probably my favorite cheapy scent I own. I'm angered over the fact they don't make an eau de toilette of this. I love this stuff. It's like a tradition for me. The very first brisk morning is when I use this. The lotion/cream is just as wonderful to me. I'd feel pain if this was discontinued.

Straight to Heaven By Kilian by Guermantes 2014-10-21

On me, it is very similar to Neonatura Cocoon from Yves Rocher.

Bal d'Afrique Byredo by muzzbait 2014-10-21

quite moreish! very citrusey and sweet. enjoying catching notes of this. yes! must try again..

Black Saffron Byredo by muzzbait 2014-10-21

quite a leather-heavy smell with traces of sweetness in the background. niceish...

CK One Summer 2014 Calvin Klein by deathpill 2014-10-21

This is a good one for casual summer wear when chilling with friends by the pool or at the beach. It does smell like I've spilt my cocktail on me but I love it. Its fresh and chilled out. Longevity isn't great but its okay for a summer scent and the silage is decent in the sun.

Charlie Red Revlon by patxaran 2014-10-21

Think I have fallen in love with this! I have only tried the "Charlie Red" body spray (white bottle with red chiffon design) but if the EDT smells like it then I need to get it asap. Creamy tuberose, powder, honey... a good pinch of carnation too. Just make sure to get the EDT and not the Eau Fraiche which is not listed here but widely sold - so many reviews here and elsewhere saying the Eau Fraiche is not as good so I will pay good attention to avoid that one :-)

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