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Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by m1hashemi 2015-01-26

يك عطر بسيار كيري براي كون سفيد، زيبا و خوش تراش شما عزيزان.

Chance Eau Tendre Chanel by blaksa 2015-01-26

I am very anti Marc Jacobs fragrances, solely because every single female my age owns one. Daisy in particular. Initially I loved this, I thought it would be a new one for my collection. But after letting it settle for half an hour, it was identical to Daisy. If you love Daisy, you'll love this. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't wait to scrub it off once I was home.

Herod Parfums de Marly by meysam vazifeh 2015-01-26

جزو عطرهایی هست که وقتی بوش میکنم کنترل خودمو از دست میدم
از بس خوش بو هست
باید بخرمش

Eau de Bonpoint Bonpoint by ehrencan2 2015-01-26

For years I have looked for the children's store, where I first witnessed this very memorable fragrance. And when they closed down their store in my favorite shopping mall, my shopping experiences were never quite the same. I always found the fragance of Bon Point rich in "shopping" memories, and only wishing my home could smell like Bon Point every time I walked into it! No, shopping is more than spending money on needed (or not needed) items. It can be an experience in cre ativity and memories. One does not take pictures when they shop, many times we are by ourselves. No collaboration there, and as one knows, memories are great but in the busy, professional and family worlds we live, a beautiful aroma is the best way to spark that fading memory of a favorite day or moment. And if I am happy and oh smelling so good, its amazing how it warms my presence, and is passed on to those around me! All of the above, a bon point!

This rose stands really out from what is out there in the market!

The ingredients here are very natural, from top quality. It´s impressive how fresh it´s this creamy rose.

An extremely lady-like, classy rose.

It´s voluptuous, delicious, rich ...really a dream!

I can easily picture Grace Kelly, Diana and Jackie wearing this.

When I smell it, I know why the Rose is considred the queen!

Far Away Exotic Avon by harrietemily 2015-01-26

This is the older sister of Far Away. You know how, sometimes, siblings do not look alike? Well, this scent is beautiful (much as I love Far Away I would not use that word for it), subtle (nor that one) and kind.

It has a calming beauty, like a loving smile, a walled rose garden at dusk or dawn, a glowing rose-gold sunset while a faint, faint warm breeze blows. To me, the first fruit notes disappear almost immediately but I don't regret this at all because they have an astringent, artificial quality and are not worth any attention. Graciously, they give way to an ambrosial melange of rose petals in a soft sweet milky mist, subtly spiced and smooth tea, and the delicate fragrance of mangoes (the heavenly something about mangoes that is hidden under the stickiness and sugary sweetness). The rose and jasmine are purely and simplistically depicted, and the coconut is nothing like a sun-tan-lotion-pina-colada vibe (in my view). I think I would be happy to walk around in a blissful cloud of this fragrance all the time, if I was not so interested in exploring other perfumes....

Maybe it is just a blend of synthetic and artificial-smelling ingredients available very cheaply online or from Your Avon rep, but who cares, and hallelujah anyway! That so many worlds of sensory experience, exotic as well as intimately comforting (as many reviewers have already described, and most of them far away from Far Away), can be found in this lovely little thing.

Omnia Coral Bvlgari by demented_pants 2015-01-26

The drydown on this was just awful and I couldn't get it to scrub off my arm. What a disappointment! Reminded me of nothing so much as when my mom used to bathe in Jovan Musk (which makes me suspect it's a heavy muskiness in the base I'm not liking - but take that with a grain of salt as I'm new at this!).

I like it. It smells very lemony at first, like pine sol or lemon pez candy at first mixed with a little bit of a guava that is not sour or pungent, then it settles down and smells like a margarita made with very very very fresh lime.

Coco Noir Chanel by Catty 2015-01-26

After 15 years having Allure as my signature scent, Coco Noir stole my heart really!

This cream of musk-patchouly-rose is soooooo refined, cosy, feminine, extremely elegant. Patchouly here is the right precision, giving with musk this addicting balmy-creamy aspect to this gem.

The projection is moderate, I would say almost a skin scent, but the longevity is GREAT!

Coco Noir embraces you all day long with this creamy-balmy aura!!! and it´s impressive how it pleases people mainly at work. 3 Workmates told exactly the same: very elegant and pleasant to smell. Everybody feels in the room, without being invaded.

It´s really impressive how Chanel achieves to maintain the exquisite quality in their scents, in a time when so many "grande maisons" are really selling their souls to the devil, launching these cheap-candy things.

I´m really addicted to this scent! my number 1!

Prada (Amber) Prada by 2015-01-26

At first sprinkle it is just nice, heavy but elegant, and then, a bit later, it becomes beautifully arranged, sensual and feminine. Since I wear it continuously lately, as soon as I open my wardrobe I get enchanted by the scent coming from my clothes as a breeze, warm, comforting and luxurious. I find it perfect for winter accompanied by a classic cozy winter nights image: a fireplace with some hot chocolate....

Sahara Noir Tom Ford by susana75 2015-01-26

Wish Tom Ford relese 100 ml bottle for this masterpiece

Hot Couture Givenchy by Giv1952 2015-01-25

It was reformula, more floral, less fruity, less sweet. So sad

Rose 31 Le Labo by Me.Teejay 2015-01-25

Rose 31 - Spicy woody Rose

Don't go by the name, as is the case with most le labo releases. This one is a heavy mix of spices, woods and rose (of course).

Not a safe blind buy for rose lovers, as you may not like what you smell, due to the huge dose of spices accompanying the rose.

I get a good mix of spices (not sure what all, but I can definitely smell cumin.. ) mixed with a woody-ish rose.. a spicy pepper-ish rose in the beginning. It reminds me of some Indian delicacies, due to the spices involved.
The overall effect is quite dark and heavy, not at all a light scent. Some time later, I get a woody vibe coming through, as the spices take a little backseat, although still being aplenty.
The composition is fantastic as rose is often easily on the feminine side of things.. it is not so common to find a masculine rose.. or atleast leaning towards the masculine side of things, if any. The difficulty I have with most rose based scents is that they all tend to smell a little alike due to the nature of rose itself, as it is one of the easiest smells to identify. This however, plays the note quite differently.

Very nice scent and respectable performance too.. lasts a good time and not to be over-sprayed ( you wouldn't want anyone around you to have a spicy death, would you? ).
I shall be on the lookout for a bottle if I can find a good deal.

Wall Street Bond No 9 by 2015-01-25

Nice strong, masculine, metal, steel, water, minerals, long long long lasting

LP No:9 Penhaligon`s by Sherihan 2015-01-25

My sister's favorite, I told her it is Dune in a purple elongated bottle(sarcastically) and she agreed. I'm a Dune wearer and I can confirm the similarities, but you know, still it's a different juice, so you will feel som different vibes here and there, but this kind of similarities is not accidentally !! I have no clue how or WHY on earth this kind of things happen!

Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental Versace by schnirchj 2015-01-25

I've tried a sample, but this one isn't for me. It does have some opening and mid notes I like, but in the end (about 30 minutes later), the rose dominates and is unnatural smelling. One of the few fragrances I had to wash off. To me, it's an '80's' type of rose scent - bold and synthetic.Good thing there is a million different fragrances so we can all find something that smells good on ourselves! :-)

Theo Fennell Scent Theo Fennell by Adrien02 2015-01-25

This one is so like my BCBG Sexy that I am contemplating trading/swapping for another fume. Anyone interested PM me. It is a delightful chypre floral and I have a little less than a half bottle left of a 75ml/2.5 oz.

Colonia Leather - Chic Fresh leather

Having tried their colonia oud and loved it, I had good expectations from colonia leather. And Acqua di Parma surely did not disappoint.

What I love about this frag is that they've combined the elegance of the colonia dna with the ruggedness of leather.
This is the sort of leather I like - both fresh and dark, with an overall softness yet being full bodied in its nature.
It is utterly chic and smooth in it's approach and represents the class of ADP.

Fresh Citrus-y opening with a floral leather behind it. Screams quality from the first sniff. It feels quite airy and transparent at first, which then becomes a little heavier with the leather creeping up. It feels like a wet fresh leather, with some woody undertone - the overall result is truly splendid. The elegant leather then takes centre-stage and the little florals linger on in the background.. this is what remains till the end.

If you ask me, I love it's overall structure.. neither too harsh nor too soft, very sophisticated and alluring in it's demeanour. I also get reminded of the core of colonia intensa (their colonia ones) which is what supports the overall notes.

Great performance, around 10 hours with 3 sprays.. a nice scent bubble around you without being too heavy. This isn't as beastly as the colonia oud, but it packs a good punch in itself. In terms of versatility, one can wear this all year round, preferably so during spring and autumn.

Marvelous creation ADP! Can't wait for the next release in this series.

I didn't like this one when I bought it 2 or 3 years ago, thought the open notes were off and smell strange. Last year, I gave it another try, and it surprised me. There is no strange notes any more, just beautiful green flowers.

The first thing I noticed is, though the perfume is decades old, it still retains a sparkling quality, fresh like the new mown grass, newly picked flower. It's a quality that not all green/white floral fragrances, even those new launched ones, are able to get, they often get a mute or stale smell. But Crown Bouquet, still has it after all these years!

I think it's because this sparklingness, the scent never gives me "old" or "dated" feel. It may not be a young girl's scent, but certainly not socalled granny's one. It could be a bit reserved if we see it in nowadays view, but still very delightful. And considering the period of its birth! in the 30s! I can't bring myself thinking people in that era could produce such a timeless beauty. I'm suprised, amazed!

Bvlgari Pour Femme Bvlgari by Lillitth 2015-01-25

Pretty enough but nothing special on me. Mostly baby powder with some forgettable floral. I am sad because I love the classically beautiful bottle and I usually love the notes used.

Uomo Absolute Ermenegildo Zegna by angelmarc 2015-01-25

Really TRY this one its like an old fashion perfume so masculine and so attractive the amber smells son pure and crystaline i dont know if in the USA is, so if you have the oportunity to try this and buy it dont wait, the longevity its really good i get easily like 9hrs and proyection are super good this perfume is perfect when you go out for a date in a fancy restaurant or classy bar i imagine Don Drapper (Mad Men) using this.

I need help from you
Im from México city and here are not all the variety of niche fragrance that i want to get but thats not the point, so before christmas i went to the mall and stops in Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro (Like Macys and Bloomingdales in USA) so in this two stores gave me a sample of Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo Absolute and in the first i didnt shown much interest just because i was thinking to get Michael Kors men, well the thing is that after 2 hours this gem showed his whole beauty, i felt in love the notes are so natural and addictive so after a month i went and get this one but the problem its that the lady in the fragrance department told me that its a limited edition (let me say that in the box i saw that this fragrance its made in switzerland) and i didnt believe in the first time because in someplaces its just an old trick to get the sale, well i search online and the only place that i found it was in sephora germany so its weird and that convince me to buy it.

the problem its that i really love this frgrance i paid $950 pesos mexicanos (like $68usd) for the 50 ml. (1.7oz) and my memory try to remember or try to get a perfume that smells exactly or well try very close imitate this so please fragrantica community HELP ME to get one if my bottle gone.
greetings from México sorry for my misspellings

Oscar Flor Oscar de la Renta by Alexandrarae 2015-01-25

The notes sound very pretty and just right for a hot Australian summer...will give this a try when next in town. Hope it is available in Australia.

Guess for Women Guess by astarose 2015-01-25

Whats that perfume yore wearing ? Guess
-i cant ;)

Fate for Women Amouage by sweetnspicey 2015-01-25

Not a perfume for daily wear? I am a Leo, so bring it! I have no problem wearing luxurious perfumes for no reason at all. Fate is one of the most breathtaking perfumes I have ever smelled. It is just short of being perfectly balanced, as incense is a huge part of the whole fragrance. It does not take long for the ethereal incense to cast its spell; specifically frankincense, which I smell crystal clear and in large, billowy quantities. This is Boswelia resin of excellent quality, a scent that takes me back to my Catholic upbringing. But there is also a sensual blend of dry spices that lays like a soft blanket over the scent of two lovers' soiled bed sheets. Oh, blasphemy! This is not a church perfume.

Drifter True Religion by rick0757 2015-01-25

on my skin this stuff smells like a wet cat. This is a definite scrubber. It smells good on paper, but not on my skin at all.

It's such a shame that these little guys are discontinued. I have a small collection of them and used to be so obsessed! Unfortunately Vanilla Sucre Glace is no big loss. It's a rather boring and typical vanilla + musk combo on the very powdery side. It was a blind-buy based on the other flavors that I loved.

The other downside is that this solid perfume is so thick that in the colder months (January for me right now) it becomes a huge pain to apply and only partially melts into the skin, leaving a white waxy residue not unlike deodorant clumps in your armpits.

If you're curious about Crazylibellule and the Poppies and want to blind-buy one, don't let it be this. It's nice, simple and safe but NOT worth the ridiculous prices it's going for!

Also, not all the flavors are listed on Fragrantica for some reason. There is a curry one called Ginger & Coconut for example that is to die for!

Longevity: 1-2 hours
Sillage: Cold weather: 0 / Warm weather: 1/2 foot away if you're lucky / Hot weather: Someone standing RIGHT next to you might notice it.

Good luck, hope this helps!

Carmen Victorio & Lucchino by herculano 2015-01-25

My darling Dad brought two bottles of this home from one of his trips to Europe way back in the 90's, as gifts for my sister and I. No doubt my father bought them because of the good looking bottles. I was only 20 and had only used Alyssa Ashely French Garden Flowers Rose … it was my teenage signature perfume (and I've been searching for a bottle of it this year on ebay… It never appears! Looks like it may be long gone now). So at 20 years old Carmen became my new signature. Honestly… I loved it then. My sister (the gal who SAVES EVERYTHING) still has her bottle and its practically full. I sneak a spray sometimes now and then, and I still love this fragrance. Its really STRONG, though… possibly even too strong for me at this point.
Huge florals here, and then a sophisticated creamy dry down. Warm and also somehow pristine. The notes listed seem pretty accurate, but I don't have the perfume on me and haven't tried it in a little while.
I can however tell you about the most memorable experience I've had while wearing this perfume.
I used to work with a guy who literally could barely keep his hands off me or his nose out of my hair once I started using this perfume. Its like it was an actual magic spell. He was really darling and I had had a mad crush on him, and he rarely took much notice of me until the day I came into work wearing Carmen. After that he was always coming up to me and hugging me… or flirting in a really scandalous way. I mean… really scandalous. I won't go into how scandalous it got. He would smell my hair and say, "Oh God you smell so GOOD!!! " and plunge his face into my hair (we were all a bunch of actor types, and dancers… so a very playful, crazy crowd) I didn't have a boyfriend at that point, and was living with a group of gals in a flat… So I don't know if any other men loved it the way my co-worker did, but he ended up falling in love with me, and asking me to be his girlfriend. I turned him down… I wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet. But Carmen is exactly why he fell in love, I am certain of it.
So… As bad as the reviews for Carmen are here… For me it brings back amazing memories of my Dad's jazz concerts in Europe, my young adulthood in a new big city, and crazy passion between me and my co-worker. There is some kind of magic in this bottle, I'll always believe that.

Eau de Bonpoint Bonpoint by ehrencan2 2015-01-25

For years I have looked for the children's store, where I first witnessed this very memorable fragrance. And when they closed down their store in my favorite shopping mall, my shopping experiences were never quite the same. I always found the fragance of Bon Point rich in "shopping" memories, and only wishing my home could smell like Bon Point every time I walked into it! No, shopping is more than spending money on needed (or not needed) items. It can be an experience in cre ativity and memories. One does not take pictures when they shop, many times we are by ourselves. No collaboration there, and as one knows, memories are great but in the busy, professional and family worlds we live, a beautiful aroma is the best way to spark that fading memory of a favorite day or moment. And if I am happy and oh smelling so good, its amazing how it warms my presence, and is passed on to those around me! All of the above, a bon point!

Back to Black By Kilian by muzzbait 2015-01-25

dense, moist, sticky honey with tobacco. i don't wanna bad mouth this, i really don't, but i SERIOUSLY don't get the hype. this sorta kinda stinks on me! i usually dig kilian's scents, but this is a really disappointing mix. i much prefer 'light my fire' to this one, if we're talking about tobacco-honey fragrances. blech.

Light My Fire By Kilian by muzzbait 2015-01-25

this is a nice tobacco scent by kilian (don't really see the alure of 'back to black'). the sweet tobacco and honey waft through the air together to strike a nice sweet mix. the hay adds to it a little, though it's a little too green. only get a few scant glances of cumin. everything else is quite mute. i think this scent would do better if there was a deep and dark resin in the mix, maybe a smoldering benzoin, or labdenum or something like that. it's nice, don't get me wrong, just not quite amazing...

Hinlay pour Femme Lorelyane by pi^2 2015-01-25

On my skin it opens with a sour note, almost like lemon, which is not listed. Then it settles into a light soft and fresh scent, with musk and wood that give a nice base to the floral and aquatic notes. The aquatic notes, although clearly present, are not nauseating as they sometimes can be but blend nicely to make a fragrance that smells like the freshness of early morning. It reminds me of this time of day before the first rays of sun, when the light is blue and gray, the air is clean and fresh and everything is moist with dew.
A nice fresh yet calm fragrance, with soft sillage. The bottle is very nice too but slightly different from the picture here - on my bottle the outer leaves of the lotus are white and the inner are clear.

Reflection Man Amouage by UdayLalan 2015-01-25

Amazing white floral for men. Wear this and
offend no one. Certainly you should get noticed
with this.

Habit Rouge L`Eau Guerlain by pars2002 2015-01-25

IMHO Among EDP, EDT , Sport and this , L'Eua is the most wearable version. Rose is not amid claimed main notes but I detect a weak rose note. for young gentlemen who are into classics but avoid using old school frags, this is a big unique surprise.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by emmahlou 2015-01-25

Opium is such a comforting scent to me, as my grandmother has always worn it. She still owns all the vintage bottles of the scent and I love it. I'll never wear it myself, not for a long time but I probably will buy bottles and dab them over my pillows and blankets for the comforting sense.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked Madonna by SorceressOfTheDark 2015-01-25

I love wearing Truth Or Dare Naked by Madonna. I don’t compare it to Truth Or Dare, her first release, so I’m not disappointed in any way. It’s composition is entirely different.

It’s rich in its’ feeling, thick and balmy. It has an ample balsamic presence that borders on sweet, earthy and quite seductive. The benzoin is syrupy but not sticky or resinous. There’s a nuttiness that mixes in against a backdrop of faint woods courtesy of the oud to give Naked a strong spicy Mediterranean feel. Honeysuckle offers a delightful warm, fruity-filled, honey compote in the initial offering that’s wrapped in delightful spices. The oud is balanced with the combination of other notes and is blended well and doesn’t stand out alone.

I’ve worn this floral woody musk mostly in the colder and cooler weather because it is strong and could be rather cloying in the summer heat. Naked lasts for hours for me and I’ve received many compliments while wearing it. This is a rare bottle in my stash of perfumes that is already 1/2 empty because I enjoy wearing it often.

Dawn Sarah Jessica Parker by emmahlou 2015-01-25

I bought Dawn because I usually love SJP's perfumes... and I'm really glad I did. Dawn is such a fresh, clean and floral scent. Like a garden after rain, I love it. It fades to a very aquatic, sweet scent after a few hours as well. Also, lasts a longgg time for the lightness of the scent.

TL Pour Elle Ted Lapidus by maski_fm 2015-01-25

High quality, well balanced perfume. Go for it ladies and gentlemen, you will not be disappointed, totally undervalued

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by BluesRhythm 2015-01-25

There are great fragrances, amazing fragrances and there is la nuit .. a class of its own, to me this fragrance is all what i seek in a fragrance, there is no smell in my small collection that i favor than la nuit, people go crazy when they smell it on me. My #1 compliments getter, not just in the count of compliments but in the nature as well. I get compliments from strangers walking by me, from people who are upset with me and not talking to me!! Magic in a bottle and i can't get enough of the scent. Performance is good, it's long lasting, sillage and projection are above average and, one more strange thing it is as if it react to my body temperature and projects after periods of silent!
If i have to go with one fragrance only it will be la nuit.

Overall the perfect 10

Love Me Victoria`s Secret by kaejuntun 2015-01-25

At first Love Me reminded me very much of Noir Tease, but once the initial sweetness calms I smell a truly lovely, feminine, slightly floral fragrance that I really like. I can't pick out neroli clearly, which disappoints me a bit since I love neroli, so I am thinking the daffodil must be the dominant floral note on my skin... Kind of clean, but still warm. It's not much of a departure from their other fragrances, but it's really nice. I would happily wear this.

Lanvin L`Homme Lanvin by Platinum1 2015-01-25

~ This is what air, clean white shirts and heavenly dreams are made of! From the very crisp and fresh bergamot and neroli opening to my favorite middle notes of a soft creamy lavender this is a pleasant people pleaser! The base offers lingering amber notes that are almost translucent but still detectable in almost a subconscious level. A smart, sophisticated, safe skin scent with lasting sillage! Perfect for a day at the office or a sunny afternoon in the backyard on the hammock.
Kind Regards, Plat ~

Tumulte Christian Lacroix by Bigsly 2015-01-25

If you are thinking about paying a very high price for this one, I suggest sampling Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi first. The quality difference is huge, IMO, and TdN is incredibly strong, so you might only need half a spritz!

Charlie Revlon by Bigsly 2015-01-25

I have what I think is a vintage bottle (splash), Concentrated Cologne. The drydown is quite nice, with excellent interplay between the vanillic element and the woody/mossy ones, but it doesn't last as long as I'd like. I just did a dab sampling so when i wear it normally I'll update this review. It seems a little aldehydic but not nearly as strong as the major aldehydic chypres of the 70s. The florals are not all that strong, but I could see how some would find this dated. I'm just interested in whether the scent is pleasant, and at least for a while, this one meets that criterion for me.

Love Me Victoria`s Secret by star7733 2015-01-25

Smells like honey and a light amber to me, gorgeous and fresh but has warmth too. Not a heavy fragrance but has nice lasting power.

Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens by curtis.glenn 2015-01-25

Would love to try this but can't find it anywhere. Has it been retired or relegated to Palais Royal like ISM was? If anyone knows please let me know. I'm curious to see if it is as wonderful as PD'Es Musc Tonkin. Bye the. Way. The new EDT is really close to the now unattainable MT Extrait Limited Edition. But I'd give anything for some more Extrait if anyone has any. Thanks guys.

Baby Powder Demeter Fragrance by Blackirish 2015-01-25

I plan to try this one due to the many reviews saying it's so clean & comforting .
If I'm reading some reviews right ..... It's a possible " skip a shower " today spray (???)
Although no one came out & said that ..... I will . When it comes to clean fresh soothing soft soapy powder " just showered " scents .... I'm there . And most i pull it off very well . There are those mornings , you hit snooze for a good 45 mins , or it was a late night , maybe it's just to damn cold to shower . So we reach for what could pull off that just showered smell . I am the queen of this & I'm proud of it :) so I will try this & add it to my list of smelling
Clean & fresh tricks . Funny I get more compliments when I use my tricks then I actually put effort into my perfume of the day . Anyway I look forward to trying this one .

Iris Silver Mist Serge Lutens by curtis.glenn 2015-01-25

I am more curious about this Iris scent than any I've tried before. That having been said, I suspect the problem most reviewers are having with ISM being unwearable is that the Orrisroot or iris butter isn't natural. I've tried Irisss by Xerjoff and while it is more feminine it truly is the real thing. Especially given its price point. Make no mistake about it, Orris is more expensive than some Ouds. Nonetheless I want to try ISM but cannot find it anywhere but Palais Royal in Paris and I don't frequent the Champs d'Elyses often! If anyone knows where I might find it please shoot me a line! I would love to be able to cut the iris fragrance I wear by 2/3 %.
C. Glenn.

Pour Monsieur Chanel by Satan666 2015-01-25

A very distinguished, opulent and altogether classic example of the perfect perfume, showcasing the ambrosial smell that Chanel is famous for. It certainly is dated, though not in a bad way, recalling tales of a long forgotten era when everybody spoke eloquently and pleasantly, with perfect hair and matching clothes, living in picture-perfect social harmony with the world around them. Think 50s television, or perhaps the opening scene from "Ghost Ship". Nothing could be sweeter and more gentlemanly than this bottle of perfection.
The good: reeking of high quality incense and spices, the citrus is present but seemingly not the focus, rather adding zest to the other ingredients. All of the notes work together in perfect harmony, smelling like nothing of it's class and setting it firmly apart from similar colognes. It has a luxurious warm, thick and creamy smell to it, reminiscent of a distinctly French rum and eggnog. Also powdery, it smells of high quality cosmetics, though still masculine to the core. The bad: as mentioned before, it does smell rather dated, and though it mostly smells of vintage sophistication, it can come across as elderly, evoking the image of an old man's soft skin. Also quite strong in the incense factor, be sure to use delicately.
Overall, this is really a classic, a perfect picture of a gone but not forgotten era. Interesting for the young and nostalgic for the old, this is a guaranteed winner, but perhaps a little strong in the modern work setting. This one is more a showpiece best saved for special occasions, though that is not to say that for some it could be the perfect everyday suit.

Aleksandr Arquiste by miracleborgtech 2015-01-25

Pleasant, low silage fragrance. It has a slight powdery undertone on my skin, with a little neroli on top. Didn't get either the leather or the fir balsam which are two of my favorite notes, and I was disappointed. Anima Dulcis by Arquiste is one of my all time favorites, so my expectations were probably unreasonable. To me, Aleksandr is more unisex than masculine. The fragrance is classy, inoffensive, but ultimately too light and unmemorable.

1270 Frapin by svetlana.kogan.73 2015-01-25

The orange note creates a striking beginning which is not typically my cup of tea, but Frapin's 1270 evolves almost instantly into a sweet and boozy scent, which warms up on the skin to a honey-infused, resinous potion. I also somehow catch the traces of green moss. This would be a great fragrance to cozy up to in the coldest of the winters. It is intoxicating and celebrates joie de vivre.
P.S. This indeed smells to me as mostly for women and yes, I agree there is plenty of pineapple in it.

Pure DKNY A Drop Of Rose Donna Karan by Shinymouse 2015-01-25

Actually, human noses are very different from each other. I read, comment after comment, that this scent smells like fresh roses. My nose feels something different. I happen to have many roses in my garden, for some reason I only get to grow two types of flowers: roses and geraniums, everything else inevitably dies. All very dead. The roses are here as a pest, and as we have what we have, my boyfriend does nothing but to put roses even in the soup for me, which is very romantic, he is very sweet, but I'm starting to think that I would kill for a simple, clean and innocent white daisy. I love giant white daisies. Well, that said, needless to say I'm used to sniff roses everywhere, all the time, like it or not, and ... And!!! This thing smells like anything but a fresh rose. Indeed, for me it smells like roses withered. And I can not stand the smell of a rotten rose. What I notice is the smell of a warm, very dead rose, on a stone scorched by the sun, hot and flabby, with the characteristic nauseating odor beginning to emerge. I almost ripped my arm trying to delete this stinking horror from my skin. I've tried with soap, dishwashing gel, sunflower oil and olive oil. The roses keep dying clinging to my arm fiercely, God is my witness. It's almost as scary as Dior - Forever and ever, which I have the misfortune to own. I have not found a single rose scented perfume that smells like real fresh roses. I do not know what's up with the ingenious noses of the world, but my nose does not agree with them on this. On the contrary, I find out that there are many noses swarming out there while generating wonders smelling like violets. Why the h*ll do not get them the same with the roses? Anyway, if your nose is like mine but you like floral funerals, you'll love it. A Lot. Until the end of days. I really envy all of you, people, when you find this to be delicious and fresh, I wish it was the same for me, really, but I'm happy for you enjoying this fragance so much!

Realmente, las narices humanas son muy distintas las unas de las otras. Leo, comentario tras comentario, que esta fragancia huele a rosas frescas. Mi nariz percibe algo distinto. Resulta que tengo muchos rosales en mi jardin, por alguna razon sólo consigo hacer crecer dos tipos de flor: rosas y geranios, todo lo demas muere indefectiblemente. Todo muy muerto. Los rosales son aquí como una plaga, y como lo que tenemos es lo que tenemos, mi novio no hace más que ponerme rosas hasta en la sopa, lo que es muy romantico, es encantador todo él, pero empiezo a pensar que mataría por una sencilla, limpia e inocente margarita blanca. Adoro las margaritas blancas gigantes. Bien, dicho esto, sobra decir que estoy acostumbrada a husmear rosas por todas partes, todo el tiempo, quiera o no, y... Y!!! Esta cosa huele a cualquier cosa excepto a una rosa fresca. Es más, para mí, esto huele a rosas mustias. Y no puedo soportar el olor de una rosa moribunda. Lo que percibo es el olor de una rosa tibia, muy muerta, sobre una piedra abrasada por el sol, caliente y fofa, con ese característico olor nauseabundo empezando a emerger. Casi me arranco el brazo intentando borrar este hediondo horror de mi piel. Lo he intentado con jabón, lavavajillas, aceite de girasol y aceite de oliva. Las rosas siguen muriendo agarrándose a mi antebrazo con uñas y dientes, a Dios pongo por testigo. Es casi tan terrorífico como Dior - Forever and ever, la cual tengo la desgracia de poseer. Todavía no he encontrado un sólo perfume con olor a rosas que huela a rosas frescas de verdad. No sé qué pasa con las ingeniosas narices del mundo, pero mi nariz no está de acuerdo con ellas en esto. Por el contrario, encuentro que hay muchas narices por ahí pululando que generan maravillas con olor a violetas. Por qué diantres no consiguen lo mismo con las rosas? En fin, si te gustan los funerales florales, éste te va a encantar. Mucho. Hasta el fin de los días. De verdad que os envidio a todos los que encontráis esta fragancia deliciosa y fresca, ojalá fuese así también para mí, en serio, pero me alegra que la podáis disfrutar tantísimo.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by DW1101 2015-01-25

Flowerbomb was the fragrance that I longed to dislike. I saw it as over-hyped, and associated it with the typical blonde-haired, spray-tanned, perpetually made-up type of girl that I desperately wanted to be in high school. (thankfully, I grew out of this phase and embraced the uniqueness that is truly me.) As much as I wanted to write it off as "not me," I decided that all fragrances should get a fair non-biased trial. I made a point to check it out at my local Nordstrom and silently cursed myself for my previously hasty judgement. Truth be told: Flowerbomb is lovely. It's opening is a burst of pepper and patchouli expertly blended with florals and a hint of green, sweet but not in a candy sugary kind of way. The dry down is drastically different, on my skin, it transforms into a soft vanilla marshmallow scent with a hint of woods. It's powerful stuff too, a few sprays will last you into early evening, though a touch up is needed to carry into the night. Perfect for colder weather, I can see that I would be terribly overbearing for me in the summer. And perhaps not suitable for office wear unless applied with a very light hand. Flowerbomb is truly special, maybe not totally unique, as there are others that smell similar, but worth the hefty price and absolutely deserving of its place in my fragrance wardrobe.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia Chanel by LuizaNasta 2015-01-25

How wonderful!!

My 11 year old cat's name is Misia, I named her in honor of my very first cat that I had when I was a little girl.
Misia in Polish means "teddy bear" pronounced: Meesha.

Anyway, the notes sound amazing! Looking forward to smelling this one!

Ciara Femme Fatale Revlon by Blackirish 2015-01-25

In fall & winter , on days I just don't know what to do
With myself , I put this on . Very Little , I just dab a bit on .
The smells changes through the day , takes me to different places .
I never knew anyone that wore it so I don't connect it to memories from the past so I use it for dull dark cold winter days to day dream . As the day changes the different notes come & go . Warm & mysterious . Comforting to me some how .
It's nice just to have on hand .

Meharees L`Erbolario by Cochlea 2015-01-25

L’Erbolario‘s Meharees is a hot, sensual, exotic fragrance. It starts off medicinal with hot cinnamon! It made me think of the exotic spice market in Marrakech, Morroco. The dates add a sweetness to the scent, they are sweet with vanillic orange drizzle. Maybe it is my imagination, I sense a bit of curry powder, it is used daintly here. The amber is warm and rich with a hint of cinnamon underneath. The Myrrh then joins in to complement the amber. The myrrh adds an exotic touch to the scent, I am transported to the hot dry Sahara Desert. I adore the sultry vanilla drydown. It lasts for about 7 hours and the sillage is soft for me. This was a great blind buy for me (Purchased from! The fragrance is marketed for men, but women can wear this too!

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by Satan666 2015-01-25

Another beautiful offering from Armani. Full of character, bold and refined, containing a powerful blend of traditional and not-so-traditional ingredients to create a truly unique scent. Warm and inviting, it is a seductive manly fragrance, but not over the top, remaining elegant but stubbly. Sharp and inventive, very exotic. A younger scent, speaks of a well composed man in his mid twenties, if I may put a face to it. However, it is appropriately gourmet for any age, and speaks volumes.
The good: light and airy, yet thick enough to be creamy, this one carries spice and flavour to a new height. It is not purely warm, with a minty touch keeping it clear and crisp. It smells of a Moroccan bazaar, with enough coolness to remain refreshing yet intimate. The opening is just barely citrus, letting the wood, spice, tobacco and leather shine through. In it's dry-down, it becomes warmer and loses it's frosty edge, becoming luxuriously inviting. The bad: lightly typical of most spicy woodsy scents, it remains distinguished yet bears that uncomfortable feverishly sharp aroma that should not be overdone. As with all colognes, tread lightly.
To me this is the James Bond of colognes. Perfect for evening yet reminiscent of playful sunlight, good for any season but outstanding in fall or winter. A true delight for the senses, a welcome fragrance in almost any situation, though possibly too seductive for work, being very warm and sensual. Apparently quite popular, you'll need character to wear this cologne, rather than let it wear you.

Halston Night Halston by krmarich 2015-01-25

Halston Night is the "lost" Halston. It was never really popular like the original. I have some left over from the early 1980s. I had to have anything with that label. I wished I could say the same about 101, as it is lost to time. I believe my DNA strands have Halston embossed on them!

The fragrance tree is missing the nice carnation that is very sweet, honeyed jasmine and a tactile narcissus at the heart. Crossed with the brash tuberose, this is one of the ultimate "lipstick rose" productions ever to hit the market. It is a strait up beeswax floral with some oakmoss, patchouli and a whisper of vetiver resting on an amber/sandalwood base.

The was NYC in 1980. Big city lights, Patrick Nagel sleekness ushering in the MTV generation. Blondie's "Call Me" is blasting on the radio. This is Halston, after all and it demanded a wild night on the town.

The bottle needs to be held in your had to be fully appreciated. Indeed, it is provocative and sleek. It is sculptural and reminds me of a vampire fang. I remember how my bottle of 101 felt

Wearing a few sprays can fill the room. Its big and feminine, yet I feel comfortable in this forgotten masterpiece. It requires you to act like you are in "The Hunger". This is forever 1983. If you missed this in the day, by all means hunt down a bottle before its too late and the already limited stock dwindles!

I agree with the previous comment. This smells fantastic but performance is dismal.

Vanille Reminiscence by mirrorghost 2015-01-25

i had to try this after comparisons to cuir beluga, which has become one of my favorite scents. it's a lovely heliotrope-vanilla with some powderiness and a bit of praline. so gorgeous, warm and enveloping and i am thrilled that this vanilla isn't too overly sweet or loud.

Dans la Nuit Worth by ms rochambeau 2015-01-25

Sweet and powdery violets. Reminds me of Vintage Givenchy Le De, only Le De is less sweet, drier and much cooler and the iris note stands out more in Le De.

Revelation CB I Hate Perfume by mirrorghost 2015-01-25

this is a green fig with honey, labdanum and some cypress. it's not a super green fig, due to the honey, but it isn't super sweet either, even though it has honey. something in this, for lack of a better word, smells a bit dusty to me. dusty fig and honey with hints of cypress, haha. i like it, it just tends to get swallowed up by my skin, i can hardly smell it after about 10 minutes.

Curious Britney Spears Britney Spears by Rebelrebel 2015-01-25

It's very fresh and floral smelling to me. I like it lots. I let my brother smell it and he said it reminds him of Febreze. I still love it. I love how most of Britneys fragrances remind me of stuff that would be considered "weird" for a fragrance, but I like them. Circus Fantasy reminds me of a thick, fresh, soapy scent. I love that. Fantasy reminds me of Vanilla Cake when it dries. Love that. Midnight Fantasy reminds me of Herbal essences Shampoo, and I like that. This does kind of remind me of Febreze, but I still like it. It's a very clean, floral scent.

Red Sin Christina Aguilera by Red Sin 2015-01-25

My favorite perfume of ALL time
This is the perfume that whenever i wear it
I would be like " oh god, this smells like heaven "
It lasts a long time and it's just amazing!

Chrome Legend Azzaro by Epley_MPLS 2015-01-25

They should call this Azarro "Chrome Legend Bomb" because it blows up a room when you release it from its bottle. I laughed at my "Spicebomb" bottle after I got this one, saying "you think you're a bomb???". If people think "Spicebomb" can light up a room, try spraying this one next. The "Chrome Legend" will kill it. I should stage a fragrance fight between these two. Have a spray off; do like 3 sprays of each, leave the room for 5 minutes, and see who ends up taking over. My money is on "Chrome Legend", and you'd be a fool to bet against it.

Unfortunately, the initial minutes of this fragrance are difficult. It's too much to handle. Notes are mixed with a synthetic punch. It's very confusing as to what it smells like. I had to walk away from my test shirt because it was not something I wanted to smell.

After it does settle, things get much better. Some people may still pick up on the synthetic presence, but now you can also smell a nice fresh, aquatic smell. The only problem I have is that there still seems to be a battle between the good and the bad. Sometimes I get more of the fresh/aquatic, other times I get synthetic and I'm turned off. One thing I rarely pick up on is the green apple. I really have to focus on smelling the fragrance to find it. Then maybe I just think I smell it...

Because I have better options, this fragrance has found work as a "freshener". The "Beast Mode" projection also makes this work well as a freshener. I bought a new car recently and the dealership used some type super fruity air freshener in it. I wasn't a fan when after a week I could still smell it. I suddenly remembered that "Chrome Legend" is a boss and would probably dispose of the crappy dealership air freshener. Now my black leather interior smells like a rich man's yacht. I sprayed the floor mats, carpet and head liner with about 8 sprays. Two weeks later, it's still easy to notice. I left the bottle in the glove box for more applications, or if I need to freshen up while on the go.

As you can see "Chrome Legend" takes things over. Rooms, cars, and other fragrances. It has plenty of power, with an okay smell. Because a large bottle is inexpensive, I suggest you get creative with how you use it.

This is definitely the Devil's cologne. It may not seem to fit the bill at first, but one thing you will definitely agree upon is that it is mysterious. It is one of the most versatile colognes I have smelled, transforming from clean barber's soap to flowery perfume to incense to a combination of every man's product out there. It is well-blended, sophisticated and luxurious, and as many other have stayed, clean. It's aura of cleanliness can be deceiving however, as it also stands out as one of the most pervasive and noxious perfumes I have ever smelled. Serious headache material if used incorrectly. Some have claimed it is too feminine, and while I agree it does not evoke the brusque manly lumberjack image like Armani or Azzaro, it speaks of a refined gentleman, with a flower in his lapel and a corsage for his lady. It does not smell womanly, rather like a man trying to match the softness of his counterpart.
The good: it is remarkably interesting, somewhat typical but not predictable. If it was made from lesser ingredients it would easily be dismissable, but Prada has so artfully blended precious materials to create a divine scent that is truly noticeable yet subtle. Upon opening it is flowery but not ladylike, powdery but not babyish, intense but not overpowering, and perhaps one of the most seemingly intricate combinations, despite the simplicity of it's ingredient list. All notes present themselves prominently, like the models at the end of Prada's runway show. Upon multiple smells, you will get something different every time, and I have smelled everything from icy glacier to musky incense to candy necklace. Yes, it is that unique. The bad: the incense and flowery smells can come across as stereotypical upon first glance, and can be downright sickening if applied too heavily. It is sharp, a little is preciously intimate, a bit more is pleasant and uplifting, but a little more is like a fortune teller's basement.
This cologne is very modern yet classical. Absolute sophistication, it may be a little heavy for work, but lightly applied could be refreshing if not friendly and playfully seductive. Perfect for anytime, a true all-around versatile parfum that I'm sure the Devil Homself would be proud to wear.

This is really good but the Brooks Bros. Lineup is incomplete here.
They had a fragrance called 1818 and another simply called Brooks Brothers cologne that featured jasmine and sandalwood,it was fantastic.

Elixir des Merveilles Hermes by Mohd93 2015-01-25

After months of obsession over this delicious perfume, I finally got it. This opens with a slightly bitter Orange that is delicious, edible and fresh. Caramel plays a big part, as it adds sweetness and edible quality to this fragrance. Resins and Ambers make this more resinous and thicker, and they are the most noticeable notes for me.

I'll be honest about the sillage without sugarcoating it, this is moderate on me at its best, and stays close to skin after a while. The longevity for me is probably 6-7 hours. So this is not like your typical powerhouse perfume, it's more quiet, but still noticeable.

Overall, this scent is Gold and fiery! All the gold and orange notes play big parts in it (Orange, Resins, Caramel and Amber). It feels classy, hot, delicious and expensive (for me at least). I highly recommend testing, sampling this, don't blind buy as it's not so cheap.

I tried perfume with Licorice from different brands such as Aquolina and Guerlain, and I must this Dior makes the most QUALITY licorice smell ever. This is not at all off-putting type of licorice. For the most part, I get a delicious, thick Vanilla + Almonds + Licorice combo, with sambac Jasmine in the background that is very similar to the Jasmine is Alien by Thierry Mugler. And let's not forgot the Tonka Beans adding darkness and thickness to it.

Since hardly anything projects on me, this is no exception, the sillage for me is pretty moderate, but I can see this projecting better on others. I have no complains on the longevity because it stay a long time, even after washing my hands with soap I can still smell it, and it stayed on my shirt for days.

If you're looking for a combination of "dark", "sweet" and Gourmand, I suggest testing this as I find it pretty amazing and refreshing to have due to the fact that many sweet scents are more bright and fruity.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by mntsrck 2015-01-25

Smell way better than any other mainstream frag out there like one million or any other. And this thing last for ages. Great fragrance from guerlain. Seriously I don't know why all the hate and it does smell guerlain to me. And for those that think this smells like A*men you're an idiot.

White Musk Jovan by kiristarr 2015-01-25

When I first spray White Musk, it is indeed very musky. As it dries down, it becomes very beachy, almost like pure coconut. It lasts longer than many fragrances designed for the beach, so pick it up on the cheap as a bikini scent.

Oxford Bleu English Laundry by Chiefs353532 2015-01-25

Amazing. Best kept secret

Armani Eau Pour Homme Giorgio Armani by Satan666 2015-01-25

Continued from the review below, I have also had the immense pleasure of experiencing the deodorant, the soap and the aftershave balm, all vintage. The scents are not the same but complimentary. It is smoother, more aqua and woodsy, but still wonderfully fruity. While the deodorant and shampoo smell pretty much the same, the aftershave balm smells like the finest lotion, while the scent plays in the background. It is lightly spicy, still citrus and refined with the characteristic woods, though the florals are noticeably absent. The soap and deodorant provide a smooth base for the magical cologne, and the aftershave balm finishes it with a powdery finesse, like a perfect gentleman. I have not smelled the aftershave lotion. This is one scent you will love to surround yourself with, I highly recommend trying these products if you are as infatuated with the scent as much as I am.

Manakara Indult by MoonSparrow 2015-01-25

I truly wanted this to smell like the litchi and rose I was promised but I detect none of either on my skin. And I don't mind a bit of sweet in my fragrances...but this is an incredibly sweet, cloying scent to me, very gourmand. If I had known it was gourmand before I ordered the sample, I never would have even considered it. Somehow I missed that in the description.

On me it is pure rich caramel and I really can't smell anything else but that. I am not a fan of the flavor of caramel (unless it is a caramel apple), much less the scent of it. If you are a fan of rich sugary gourmands, you will love this. I did not loathe it in the way that I loathe Vanillary by LUSH, but it is still too sweet for me and after 30 minutes I was compelled to wash it off.

I bought the $4 sample of it through Luckyscent so no great loss!

Armani Eau Pour Homme Giorgio Armani by Satan666 2015-01-25

This is THE cologne. First time I really smelled it, I was like "this is what I've been searching for!" I had been lusting after a certain smell, the classic, like something my grandfather would have worn, and I have to say I experienced what I'm sure can only be compared to a junkie's high when I smelled it. It's that good. If you're strong of character and don't mind being noticed, this one could be for you. Not saying that it isn't subtle, but for the most part it makes a bold statement. Overspray this and you will be the man whose cologne enters the room before he does.
Scent appraisal: let me start by saying all perfumes have a good smell and a bad smell. This one starts of VERY citrusy, so much it could almost hurt your nose, while still pleasant if you don't over-inhale. Also noticeable in the opening is the very prominently masculine cedar wood. It is quote musky and amazingly refined, guessing that's the oAkmoss. The florals also shine beautifully, none particularly distinguishable, so as to create the effect of a lightly pungent yet relaxing bouquet. In drying down, the warmness of the patchouli becomes more noticeable and the bitterness of the citrus plays in to create not the usual chypre but something far more unique and fine-tuned. It is masculine and professionally seductive. The bad smell associated with this cologne is that the citruses can sometimes smell sour and too sharp. This "bad" smell I mention (every perfume has one) is simply our brain misinterpreting it, but it does happen. This one will make your eyes water, so if a girl doesn't like you, this cologne won't win her affection. Think of the sweat you get from orange juice when you have the flu. All in all, the scent is the typical cologne smell, only (in my opinion) the highest class of it, and should not be dismissed among the countless other citrus based fragrances out there. It has been reformulated, and while the new edition smells wonderful, they are of the same class but altogether not a substitution for eachother. This is a rare gem and if you can find the vintage, it is well worth the price, no matter what they're charging. This is a piece of history.
As for practicality, this will cover you in aroma. Don't overspray, as it is intoxicating. Lightly applied it could be appropriate for work, but I would go for something less bold. Longevity is about four hours, sillage is moderate to slightly more than that. Perfect for day, it evokes the Italian heat, but is also classy enough for nighttime, though in an intimate low light setting like a dinner, I would opt for something smoother. All in all, the PERFECT men's parfum.

Place Vendôme Boucheron by Ju Toledo 2015-01-25

Adoro a Boucheron mas achei esse lançamento bem ordinário, levando em consideração tudo de maravilhoso que essa casa já produziu. Me dá um desgosto enorme imaginar que descontinuaram Trouble, Initial, Jaipur Saphir e lançam essas água com açucar... revoltante!
Vamos ao perfume: mais uma água adocicada que não fixa nada. Tem uma florzinha de laranjeira tímida e... advinhem? Açucar! Mais um floral com toque gourmand. Ultimamente parece que só lançam isso, tudo igual. Cadê a criatividade? Será isso uma tendência baseada no perfil dos novos consumidores? Vou me calar...
Quem curte La Vie est Belle com certeza vai gostar dele. Eu passo!

Oud Wood Tom Ford by SNOOPY 2015-01-25

I finally found something i like more than Creed's Green Irish Tweed.
Love at first sniff!
I did not know it could get this good.
Only scent in my collection remotely this rich is Opium.
I need to sit down!

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson by orangetree 2015-01-25

So I was quite excited to get this one, as someone said it smells like old dusty books, and I love that smell!

On my arm, it starts off with a green herbal type of smell. Then the patchouli comes along and is very promninent for most of the part. As the minutes go along the patchouli turns sweeter on my arm. In the drydown I get that dusty sweet smell.

I like it! Its not a typical perfume, and it smells earthy and tea like. This is a good one to keep.

Eau Duelle Diptyque by kitschwitch 2015-01-25

Typically, I am not into vanilla scents. They kind of remind me of buying Bath and Body Works prodcuts when I was in middle school. But this scent is a total game changer. This scent is very warm, cozy, and most importantly - sensual. This is a very grown up vanilla - like if you went on a hot and heavy date and split a milkshake that was spiked with a top shelf dark cuban rum. Its very delicious. The dry down is very incense laden. It's a very sexy vanilla, but also very wearable. I wouldn't hesitate to wear this during the day as well.

Obsession Calvin Klein by kiristarr 2015-01-25

Born in 1978, I am a child of the fragrance heavy 80s and 90s. Obsession reminds me of Christmas, not only because it is spicy, but because it was a much wished for and joyously received gift during my childhood. A couple years ago, I purchased the Coty reformulation. It instantly brought me back, yet I didn't love it quite as much as I remembered loving it. After seeking out vintage Unilever/Calvin Klein Cosmetics editions, I recalled the true holiday enchantment. In the reviews, some people speculate that the plastic note is a product of the reformulation. I can tell you that Obsession always had a plastic note. That may be your taste or not, but that's Obsession for you. However, the original Obsession is soft and round where the Coty version is sharp. So far, every vintage bottle I've purchased smells amazing. Obsession must be one that keeps well. I hate to drive the prices up, but do yourself a favor and buy a vintage bottle before it's too late.

UPDATE: I meant to mention - I have noticed many bottles listed on ebay as vintage, but they are Coty versions. I don't think the sellers are necessarily out to scam. They've just had a bottle for a few years and think that's vintage. Please pay attention to the difference in bottle tops. Camel edged by gold is vintage. The semi-clear brown top is Coty. Also, ANY COTY PRODUCT IS REFORMULATED!!!

Child Perfume Susan D. Owens by Silverlinings 2015-01-25

I bought Kuumba Made Kikake lei roller ball from Whole Foods today based on some of the reviewers comments on how similar it is with Child. I have never tried Child but I love the smell of Kikake flowers so I gave it a shot. On my wrists the floral is super strong. It Is nauseating and gives me a headache. So suffocating and Not airy. Definitely warm. I want to feel like I'm sitting at a beach house where these fragrances are softly filling the air around me... But this is like being buried in them alive. 5/10

L`incendiaire Serge Lutens by Eloquaint 2015-01-25

Were I given to titling my reviews, this one would be called "The Prattle and the Price." And it would go like this:

Gentle readers, who does Serge Lutens think he is these days? Is he having an identity crisis? A midlife crisis? Why can't he just buy a convertible and get an inappropriately young girlfriend and deal with it like a normal man, and spare us, his paying public, the ridiculous half-baked fairy tales that now stand in for sensible press releases? And the laughable, unjustifiable price? Does SL actually want to sell perfume, or simply to make a statement about perfume-the statement in this case being something like "I have entirely divided material reality from common sense" or "I think my customers must be fools?"

This is not to say that L'Incendiare isn't a good perfume. It's a very good perfume. It simply isn't $600 worth of perfume.

L'I opens with carnation and incensy resins before doing a quick change to smoky, smoky leather. It smells ripely of candied fruit and has an old-wooden-church saturated-incense quality in the drydown that is delicious and reminds me a bit of cedar. The sillage is very good, and the longevity is too.

But the price-!L'Incendiare doesn't do anything that other smoky incense perfumes don't do just as well for less money. Try Tauer's Incense Extreme, or anything from the Comme des Garcons incense series. Try Encre Noir!

All in all, a lovely perfume that I think is destined for a quick extinction due to inept handling by its marketing department.

Elite Gentleman Avon by Nyssa Ainley 2015-01-25

The rub on was enough to convince me that maybe I can be brave enough to add a masculine fragrance to my own collection. It was lovely and fresh.

I definitely got the fresh citrus zing that this fragrance held I felt protected by this fragrance and, yes, I do want this one.

I hope that is not too weird?

Success Trump by frittsjones 2015-01-25

I just got this on clearance for my son. It is a soapy, fresh, clean scent. It's ok. I prefer classics like old spice, brut, etc.

Island Nights is pretty, but it doesn't stand out as special to me. It is a classy but generic tropical fruity floral. My main complaint is it doesn't last but a couple minutes on my skin. Just today, I saw a bottle on ebay with only one low bid. I briefly considered bidding it up with a plan of flipping it, but I decided naw. Let the one bidder, who possibly loves a discontinued fragrance, get a bargain.

Crystal Noir Versace by noonbob 2015-01-25

I brought this as a blind buy and was extremely pleased with the smell. It's not your typical coconut fragrance I love the twist this perfume has.
The Gardenia is sprinkled with a sugary coconut drizzled with amber.

Will have to buy this again once my bottle finishes. Smells exquisite, Very long lasting and strong. The perfume develops smoothly and is very inviting.

Crystals come to mind when I wear this :)

Daisy Marc Jacobs by Silverlinings 2015-01-25

This is a beautiful floral fragrance that is not too floral. Fresh. Strong white floral gives me a headache but this is very gentle. Suited for young ladies. Spring/Summer fragrance. It lasted on my wrist the whole day. 8/10.

Gucci Rush Gucci by noonbob 2015-01-25

I have always loved this fragrance, each time I wear it I am just reminded of my mother and how good she smelt.
I absolutely loved this fragrance when she wore it and always wished I would have it one day.

The bottle design works very well with the actual fragrance and smells perfect. It has a way of luring you in to get a better smell. A must have if you want to have a great night out. You will get all the attention.

Very long lasting and sillage is strong.

Woman Christina Aguilera by Silverlinings 2015-01-25

I sprayed this fragrance on my wrist and gave it a good rub. It smells synthetic, sweet candy. Very generic. Nothing special. I whiffed it a few times after it has dried down. Still synthetic and headache inducing. It has been about 3 hours passed and the smell still here. 5/10

Rebelle Rihanna by Rebelrebel 2015-01-25

I just bought this today. I love it. Again, I'm very new at trying to detect notes/describe perfumes. I find it spicy and strong, but not attackingly strong. I mainly detect ginger, cocoa, coffee and patchouli in it as far as I can tell(As I said, my nose is still very new at this!) but I REALLY love this! I'm used to sweeter, sugary perfumes generally, so this is a nice change. I love it. I think of this as a really good "entry" to more spicy, strong perfumes. I can't wait to try more spicy perfumes now. I can see myself using this a lot, and once I run out of it, I'll definitely buy more.

This is gorgeous. Rich plumminess and a bit of smokiness. It is sweet. I would happily wear this but my other half said he would most definitely not wear womens perfume. Well, that told me. He did like it on me. Yay!
The sillage was moderate but easily lasted all day.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by noonbob 2015-01-25

This perfume is very beautiful and smells very expensive.

It's a sweet toffee delicately wrapped in patchouli that occasionally has a touch of mandarin orange. No where near sickly sweet and sometimes I get a gourmand vibe from it.

Would definitely say it's an evening fragrance, the sort you wear whilst out with friends, or dates and romantic evenings.

Long lasting and sillage is pretty strong. This perfume is well worth the purchase and it's Jimmy Choo so you cannot go wrong.

Samsara Eau de Parfum Guerlain by zosoroxy 2015-01-25

I can't tolerate Shalimar's lean into Amber territory, so I've wanted to try Samsara for a long time.

Oh Samsara is sooo beautiful! Just like a dry, wooden sauna- That après-skiing smell of hot, bone dry wood chips- softened w/ some flowers & fruits. Very soft whisper of fragrance- Barely there (EdP). Seems like an EdC, the fragrance is fleeting. I *so* wish Samsara to be a stronger presence of scent :(

It's so absolutely gorgeous upon application, but, after 1/2-1 hour, dries down to barely a skin scent, for another 6-8 hours. I'll enjoy wearing this 100 ml. bottle & will use it up very quickly, not sure whether I'll re-purchase- I can buy Mitsouko EdP at ~ the same price, for epic Guerlinade sillage & longevity bang for my buck :)

Also- Samsara's translucent, deep ruby-jewel toned bottle, w/ gold trim, is elegant & simply *gorgeous* (!!!) among my perfume vanity/ top 25 bottles! Even the 100 ml. size is comfortable to hold & spray (some frag's are too bulky, in 100 ml. bottle size). Lastly, the sprayer mechanism dispenses a just-perfect, ve-r-r-r-y fine mist of EdP!

Alien Thierry Mugler by Tracyarts 2015-01-25

I sampled Alien yesterday afternoon in a department store. I had read so many mixed reviews about it that I wanted to try it on my own skin to see which way it went with me. I like all the component notes, jasmine, amber, and wood; so I had high hopes for it.

And I really like it!

I get the jasmine right there front and center as the top note, but something that comes across as sharp and almost peppery too, which contrasts with the floral. I'm guessing this is the wood note. It's a bold fragrance for sure and it immediately made me think about the first time I smelled Poison so many years ago. Not in that they are particularly similar, but in that they are both very much bold, in-your-face fragrances and I feel that you will either love it or hate it. It softened up considerably as it dried down and mellowed out on my skin. After a couple of hours I was left with soft, sweet, floral remnants.

I will definitely be getting a bottle of this one to add to my collection.

Tango Masque by sfdla 2015-01-25

Promising start, with a warm and spicy vanilla blend. So I happily sniffed that for minute or two until the rose, patchouli, and vanilla lifted off my skin completely and left me with an unyielding amber.

Personally I like amber better as a component of a fragrance. Within a half hour the amber here is completely domineering. Don't get me wrong--Tango smells nice--opulent and finely crafted--but on me it's an unremarkable, very strong amber. I might wear this if I were someone's kooky aunt who brings home weird gifts after traveling abroad.

Good longevity. After several hours, the amber relents and gives a little ground to vanilla. This amber-vanilla combo is very nice, but frankly not worth the wait. Again, I recognize the quality of the ingredients and craftsmanship of this fragrance; it's just not one I'd buy.

Black Jade Lubin by scorpiosheep 2015-01-25

This a powerhouse perfume, reminiscent of the "big bold 80's" types such as Tabu, Rumba, Youth Dew etc. It is definitely not for the shy, retiring types of women (or men for that matter as it could easily be unisex). It is very well blended and really the rose is the only note that is slightly more prominent. The cardamom, incense and tonka bean add a delicious spiciness which is almost boozy. This should be applied with a very light hand, at the risk of the wearer being labelled "o-- L----", you know, that naughty expression. The powdery, old-fashioned, make-up applied two inches thick smell that comes with the retro vibe used here. I like this, and appreciate its complexity, but would only wear it at night and not if food or close proximity (e.g. theatre) were involved, as it could become cloying in a confined space.
Thanks to Megrim for the sample, this took me by surprise!
Edit: an hour into the wearing this smells very much like a powdery version of Emeraude.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Deirdre1969 2015-01-25

OK, no. I finally spritzed a tiny bit of this onto a paper towel (I had a free sample from somewhere) and it was instantly familiar and not in a good way. Opium must have been worn by someone my parents didn't like. I was whisked straight back to the late 70s-early 80s, and reminded of everything that was tasteless about the style of those years. The things that I considered tasteless even when they were at the height of their popularity. It also seems oddly masculine to me.
In particular, it brings up a picture in my mind of the bedroom of the awful parents in the movie "Matilda." Maybe I knew someone whose parents had a master suite like that and it smelled like Opium? Who knows. I think the movie came out in the 90s, but the style on that set was 70s I guess.
With apologies to Opium fans, I am just never going to get past the associations this fragrance has for me, and I'm going to be giving the sample away to Goodwill. At least I learned something.

1) Allure Homme Edition Blanche EDP has not been launched yet (the pre-series isn't even out). Chanel used to launch fragrances at different times in different places, but NOT ANYMORE. A global strategy was made to launch fragrances internationally simultaneously.
Therefore, those who have been claiming to have the new EDP probably don't (lying? being conned?), unless they got their hands on something leaked.

2) With Chanel, every concentration is also a different interpretation; THAT IS A SIGNATURE AT CHANEL with EVERY FRAGRANCE. Some notes are added, some removed, some enhanced or altered. Therefore at Chanel, EDTs, EDPs, Eau Concentre, and Parfums are all different, and have always been different. Anyone saying otherwise is (lying? trolling? mistaken?)

3) There never was an "Allure Sport Edition Blanche"...

Atelier d’Orient Plum Japonais Tom Ford by scorpiosheep 2015-01-25

Thanks, Megrim, for his generous decant of this perfume. It's one I had been looking forward to trying...but I am disappointed. Massive sillage, yes, impressive longevity,yup, but Tom Ford has used oud in this, and I would not have expected oud in a "Japonais" fragrance. It is in a very noticeable quantity too, nothing gentle about this. It overwhelms the mashed up fruit and spice mix which otherwise would have been a winner for me. Sorry, but for me it's a no-no.

I have to add that I think it's a very masculine fragrance, and may smell much better with male chemistry.

Amarige Givenchy by herculano 2015-01-25

I dont quite know what to say about Amarige. This one has been my favorite for many years. It is absolutely beautiful, and yes, it is loud. But I like the big fragrances.
Its just really gorgeously composed. There is all the crazy neon brightness of the white floral, tuberose and peach, and then the dry down is a hot smokiness... reminding me of smoking, glowing embers on a dying campfire. It doesnt smell like a campfire... its more like it FEELS like one, or hints at the feeling of one.
This fragrance is the most commonly loved by men, in my experience. Men find it sexy in a really womanly feminine way.
I find it to be very classy with a really nice dash of darker, intriguing sexiness. It smells of good, real fun, too. Fun of a higher quality.
Its not only loud, its deep... Its not a shallow fragrance. It goes on and on... unfolding like a kaliedescopic blooming flower. I am not speaking of the longevity here, I am referring instead to the actual scent of it as a whole perfume. Taking a wiff of the smallest dab on your wrist... You can breath it in and experience the depth of its ability to unfold, and display its nuances, each one almost surprising.. they just keep going on, revealing more, and delighting the senses. Hard to describe what I mean here.
I always feel really pretty wearing this.
Certainly a little dab behind ears and on wrists is all you need.

I had blind bought Truth or Dare Naked based on the note and reviews. Initially I was set aback, all I could think was "too much". It didn't strike me as sophisticated but rather as being hit over the head with a boozy sweet sandalwood chunk. I tried to wear it perhaps twice and ended up thinking I would sell it or give it away. Then I started experimenting with layering. Now I know the true purpose of this juice in my wardrobe. It is the warm sweet canvas that blends fabulously with a wide range of scents, from woody smokey ones (think Encre noire) to arabian attars. Thanks to Suhaesa's layering advice I have been layering this today with AR Saat Safa and Rochas Femme and the result was mindblowing. So all of a sudden, this made "sense" and for the first time, underneath these two powerhouse fragrances, I could detect the tiny bit of oud that's present in TOD Naked. Weird. I could not smell the oud when I tried the scent on its own. If you are not keen on oud but like sandalwood and boozy sweet scents you might well appreciate Truth or Dare Naked. If you find it too sweet....go ahead and get layering, you won't regret.

Konig Yosh by Lana Lool 2015-01-25

It's so interesting how different people smell a fragrance and perceive very different notes. To me, this is predominantly a leather scent, although there is nothing dominant about this fragrance. It is a discreet leather number with definite cypress, papyrus and apple laced throughout. The Vetiver is very very minor to my nose and just slightly colors this piece of art. Definitely for those who prefer restrained fragrances, but with a sharply masculine overtone.

La Tulipe Byredo by akhala 2015-01-25

This fragrance combines happiness and love; truly a representation of early spring. For me this is like walking barefoot on fresh, wet grass in the morning. Some first flowers, lemon trees and just popped out wild strawberries are surrounding me. And then... then I notice the tulips. I pick several and bring them home, put them in a glass vase on a wooden table, open the windows. The breeze, bringing in the lushness of the day, and the sun, bringing in the joy, enter the room. Simply amazing!
I blind bought this, just knowing that I will love it. And I really do. Also, the magnetic cap of the bottle is fun.
As the days become warmer I will definitely wear this very often. On me longevity is satisfying: around 6 hours. Quite unusual and noticeable.

Passport St. Moritz Paris Hilton by FloralMoonlight 2015-01-25

I think this might be my least favorite in the Passport collection, but I still like it. The initial spray is pretty harsh, but after it dries, it becomes a beautiful crisp, cool, winter scent. Winter fragrances are difficult to execute, but since I only paid $7ish, I think it was a good buy. It lasts about 6 hours on my skin. If you try it in the store, I definitely recommend letting it dry before forming an opinion on it. It makes a huge difference!

Tumulte Christian Lacroix by mymlan 2015-01-25

Tumulte is a mess, but what a lovely mess ;). A rosejam and patchouli mess amped upp with a lot of sweet tonka that in the end cooks down to something lotion like. I like it a lot but for me it takes a certain mood to wear it: I need to feel careless, flirtatious and daring in order to put it on. I wish it was the other way around, that Tumulte made me feel that way ;).

Imperial Millesime Creed by slayer1833 2015-01-25

With eloquence in it's layering, gentlemanly refinement of the overall scent, and subtlety that makes people wonder if you truly smell that good; this is a cologne that many a connoisseur has in their all time top ten in terms of scent.

However, the subtlety of this cologne makes the wearer wonder if the scent is still there after just a couple hours, and although it is, it is almost unnoticeable outside of a very short distance unless reapplied.

Better for going on a date where you'll be in close quarters, than if you were trying to create an initial attraction in other words.


I've got a 5ml bottle to test. It' s sheer tuberose with fine hints of jasmine and lime blossom. My man made his first statement regarding a perfume from my collection: "Beautiful! You smell like spring!". No big sillage or longevity, but totally pure, delicate and inoffensive.

Z Zegna Extreme Ermenegildo Zegna by sameh 2015-01-25

Z Zegna Extreme is a good freg suitable for the winter ( in my opinion all day long ) , safe one & non offencive beside the bottle design is really good .

Big Pony 4 Ralph Lauren by slayer1833 2015-01-25

I first bought this cologne living as a Military member living in the Mohave desert of Southern California. Late spring through summer, this cologne shines if you are looking for a simple citrus scent that smells good without being overpowering. That being said; if you are looking for scent layering and complexity this isn't for you.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by Smelly old man 2015-01-25

What was I thinking put this away as its summer here but took him out for a reminder of what I'm missing , opens up sweet but the presence of the bergamot and grapefruit takes what could be a very sickly sweet opening under control . On settling the citrus is still there but over powered by its alluring spices and the gentle coldness of the leather , it's longevity and sillage is way above average and yes night time is more the go but wear this and feel confident that you are turning heads as this leaves a trail , buy it you will not be disappointed , yes it's my signature scent and it's staying out for the summer

Bois de Copaiba Parfumerie Generale by Arabian Knight 2015-01-25

Starts of like a soapy citrus shampoo, which then turns several minutes later, into a slightly almond soapy shampoo...


As it continues to dry down, the soapiness subsides and I do start to get more of the warm boozy Amaretto vibe I was looking for, but it's still rather faint and transparent. I was expecting more density and richness from the woods and more spiciness from the ginger, but it mostly just smells like very clean almond soap to me.

It's pleasant, but not quite the grown up gourmand treat I'd hoped for. Bear in mind I'm only testing with a dabber vial, from which I poured a generous amount onto my hand. Perhaps I'm not getting the full picture, but so far I think it's just ok. At least a wearable unisex almond scent, but definitely not boozy.

I will enjoy it while it's on me, but I won't be buying a bottle.

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah by Greicealix 2015-01-25

I had won a 3.4 ounces bottle almost three years ago from a person who knew that I'm crazy for Angel by TM. Although I have found, in fact, a certain resemblance to Angel, especially when applied in hair, at some point Queen made me terribly sick.

But today I decided to give it another chance, and I can say that my sickness from three years ago was perhaps because of something else, as Queen today seems really cute and sexy at the same time, very foodie.

What I regret is that the patchouli and cognac punch in the opening soon vanishes, and the patchouli and cognac opening is precisely what I like about this perfume. Unfortunately, it lasts very little, giving way to a boring vanilla and the vanilla, yes, lasts more than 8 hours ... Anyway, it's a beautiful scent for those who love sweet gourmands or are crazy about vanilla ...

Eros Versace by Chicago Tony T 2015-01-25

I do like it, and I like 1 Million. It dries down to a nice sweet oriental with some mint and apple. If you are looking solely for compliments this will do. I almost bought a bottle but decided not to as someone gave me decant. It is synthetic in the same way that XS Black is but I love that one also. I prefer sweeter fragrances and if you do as well then this will not let you down!

Truth Calvin Klein by LadyPilot 2015-01-25

Fresh and beautiful, like the scent that lingers in the cool, humid air in a flowershop. I get mostly lilies and peony, a little bit of bamboo and vetiver and some wonderfully delicate soapy notes. And maybe a few molecules of cinnamon but really a few... I'd wear this on a rainy April day:)

Just very quick first impression.

I smelled it yesterday in a tiny sample bottle under very secret circumstances. It smells to me like the lovely old pancake make up that my Mother used to wear in the 1950's. The kind they used to use in the Movies and on the stage. It is very bright, and sharp in its opening and then becomes lush and luxurious. I was told there are over 200 different types of May Rose from Grasse in it. 200! But to me it was more Iris and powdery. A stunning beauty.

Bravo to the nose Olivier Polge for this magnificent debut into his career at Chanel

Full review to come later when I can really get to know it.

Eau de Narcisse Bleu Hermes by FlirtBoy 2015-01-25

I like the smell but longevity and sillage are shameful...wouldn´t waste money on most of Hermes EdCs (the only one that lasts a bit longer is Mandarine Ambrée which I can smell for some 4 hours). Maybe in 1915 (when traditional colognes were widely used) this could have been a hit but in 2015 it´s a pass...

6/10 for the scent itself

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum Guerlain by GBoo 2015-01-25

I wore this for the first time today (from a vintage sample from TPC) and I am twitterpated.

The opening is so Guerlain-- bergamot for sure, but the jasmine is there, and mild rose, and everything all at once. Now, seven hours after application, I get lilac, anchored by cinnamon and vetiver on a bed of moss.

Yes, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Si Giorgio Armani by ladyone1 2015-01-25

I received a tester of it. It's actually a nice cent, but kind of too strong for me.

Animale Animale for Men Animale by Arabian Knight 2015-01-25

I'm assuming this has been reformulated? I'd hate to give such a dismissive review of a scent that so many people swear by based on a crappy reformulation, but from what I've tested, this really does smell like it costs nothing.

Sharp, sugary and synthetic.

Take out the pineapple and you basically have a carbon copy of "Rochas Man", another cheap sugar-rush from the 90's gourmand train. I can't believe anyone who says they can smell half of the notes listed here. It's just one flat, syrupy, tangy mess.

In fact, I could probably remake this "masterpiece" with some pineapple juice and a dash of lavender water.

Not impressed :/

Declaration Cartier by romansandals 2015-01-25

smelled bright and crisp on the the test strip, but unfortunately the tea mixed with spices came off with the smell of cat pee on my skin. No meow.

Deep Red Hugo Boss by PLUMPIE 2015-01-25

I get a lot of red-berries, ginger and vanilla from this. It is quite gourmandish on me. I can see why others like it but on me it's all a bit too unbearable.

Vanille Cacao Parfums Berdoues by sherapop 2015-01-25

Hard to believe that I am moving again (having done so only nine short months ago!), but at least this time it's self-imposed. I'll be spending most of 2015 in New Zealand, which necessitates my sorting through and downsizing all of my worldly possessions to the point where they'll fit into a climate-controlled storage space measuring 8ft by 8ft by 10ft. It's somewhat amazing how much stuff one can fit into that volume--provided that one has figured out how to make use of the vertical space... After these two moves, I do believe that I am qualified to work as a storage consultant!

One of the fun parts of such a move is discovering long-lost perfumes such as Berdoues Vanille Cacao. Did I ever even wear this one before? Apparently not, given the non-aspirated nozzle. I am happy to report that it smells good, but I cannot say that I am surprised, as Berdoues, a traditional French house, nearly always produces likeable scents to my nose. They are often simple, as this vanilla composition is, but pleasant and natural smelling, which is a huge relief after sniffing so much nauseating chemical soup at the Sephora wall. This particular creation is SOOOOOO much better than the tsunami of vanilla celebrity scents. Plus it costs less--believe it or not!

Vanille Cacao does not have a very strong cocoa component. It's really more of a lightly floralized vanilla, but the vanilla is by far the dominant scent. I'm sure that no one who dislikes vanilla would be buying a bottle of fragrance with that word in its name, but it's worth pointing out that this particular composition is on the sweeter side and strikes me as more feminine than masculine. It's not cloyingly sweet, but it is pretty sweet. I like it, and will look forward to wearing it once again in 2016--assuming that I return from the land of kiwis and penguins....

Pulse Beyonce by Alysha 2015-01-25

I tried this one out and enjoyed its powdery and orange scent. It is delicate and fun, like a mild perfume. It does not last very long ( maybe 1 hour) and certainly doesn't radiate. Would be good for when you want a personal scent, and don't nessesarily want others to be subjected to perfume.

For the review that said it smells like celery, I think perhaps you got a spoiled bottle- sometimes when perfume turns it has a bad scent of celery overpowering all the other notes. I've smelt that same celery smell in many tester perfumes stored under hot lights, unfortunately. There's no celery scent in my bottle.

Delicate, pretty, and discontinued I think, I do like this perfume. I wish it was a little stronger though.

This is a gorgeous orange blossom cologne!

It is sweet and creamy, I imagine it taste like pastries made with orange blossom water.

Is a pick me up scent, can't wait to try it on warm summer morning.

It has great longevity and sillage moderate.

Nebras Al-Rehab by PLUMPIE 2015-01-25

Starts out super screechy fleshy orange, peachy-rose but give it a bit to warm up before you judge. You need the tiniest dab, literally this will eat your nose if you over dab it.

I definitely get Boudoir from this, but it is a better boudoir for me, less the same rosy/fleshy/milky/tobacco, but a little less 'worn undergarment and bubble gum (can't stand the bubblegum note) a bit more honeyed-rose-gardenia-jasmine but indeed very similar.

Once it warms up it definitely develops a boozy-honeysuckle-nutmeg-gardenia-jasmine thing that smells like the original pre-reformulation Organza. Back when Organza turned deep orange in the bottle and had all it's syrupy yet never too sweet character.

This could not have come about at a better time, this is cheap as chips, I got my roller ball for $5 NZ and it will last a lifetime. I also just re-homed my boudoir and my current formulation Organza which I cannot tolerate anymore. This oil really captures the both of both scents and smells incredible

This perfume has an aura of a magical aromatic air around it. Such a strong, gothic, church-like scent that evokes an atmosphere of mystery. The best review I've read here is that "it smells like a Russian novel". Indeed. But not any Russian novel. This is truly a fragranced backgroud for Dostoyevsky's novels. I can envision Prince Myshkin meeting Nastassya Filippovna for the first time and in my scenario, she would be the one to wear Fille en Aiguilles. I find it unique and dignified. After it develops, you are overwhelmed with an unusual, evocative scent and enjoy every movement you make since it keeps reminding you of some long forgotten beautiful places.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by onlymynoseknows 2015-01-25


There is no fragrance in the world that gets you laid. Don't take the word pantydropper too serious. A lot of men call sexy fragrances pantydroppers just as a word for a sexy fragrance.

La nuit de l'homme is a good example of a sexy fragrance/pantydropper.

Starts out a little dank and musty at first - makes you think 'this must have turned'? Within a few seconds the rose comes in, I almost get a saffrony-tumeric warmness, warm but not spicy. This is what I wanted agent provocateur to smell like, a sultry musky rose scent that doesn't smell like grandmas rose talc or pink sachet paper liners in your knickers drawer. A true leather note, like a worn leather jacket which has absorbed the smell of it's wearer and tobacco from nights in the smokers area. Jammy spiced plum jam tartly sweet but only just, A musky, slightly dirty patchouli to skank it all up a wee bit and it definitely has a masculine edge to this to take off the sweetness which I love. A leathery, rose-patchouli musk with incense and dry warmth which screams sexy femme fatale without being too hippie. Very modern but could have easily been created 30 years ago. This is the best Givenchy since they brought out Hot couture another oddly cool yet warm, smokey fruit-liqueur bomb which has vetiver in place of the patchouli. If you love one I would say you will love the other.

Gucci Rush 2 Gucci by ladyone1 2015-01-25

I was in a store a few weeks ago, looking at gucci perfumes, and they told me, that they do not produce Gucci rush 2 anymore

FCUK Friction for Her FCUK by PLUMPIE 2015-01-25

Not one I would have gravitated toward usually but a friend has this and I couldn't help but notice the pineapple cut glass bottle. It looks like a retro whiskey decanter turned soda syphon. On my friend it smells like a summery buttery vanilla scent. On me it is gardenia-coconutty then develops a banana Hawaiian tropics pina-colada scent then bam gone. Definitely not a true EDP. Very affordable. I would suggest trying if you love coconut and summer smells. Personally I am not much of a beach bunny and I don't want to smell like sunscreen but I can see the appeal. I definitely get why people are picking up the pineapple note. Something about the pina-coladaness of this makes one's brain detect pineapple and rum in this by association of the vanilla coconut.
Smells a lot like Diesel Zero plus to my nose and the red berries-vanilla thing is reminiscent of Deep Red so if you are fan you must try this one it is oh so affordable!

Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss by ladyone1 2015-01-25

At the moment I am a huge fan of floral fresh light perfumes so I got this one last week. Very long lasting!

I was a tad disappointed with this one. I have anticipated trying it for awhile now and got to try it on the weekend as I finally found a department store which had a tester for this scent. Gorgeous indigo blue glass bottle in the classic diamonds style. I was disappointed as I hoped it would be a modern version of white diamonds which kept the character of the original which I have heard that it does. For me this does not, the oakmoss is missing as is a lot of the original scent. This is a cooler scent, not a lot of warmth and at first spray I got bergamot, white florals and a sweet fruit I could not place. A sort of fizzy candy top note which is hard to describe? It was fresh and floral but a tad generic. It definitely has staying power though and later throughout the day it became a musky scent but I never found any white diamonds in there unfortunately. Nice but not nice enough to buy.

Clinique Happy Clinique by Jenifer66 2015-01-25

For those who find this chemically, rubbery etc. there is a solution. I find perfumed sprays of any kind overwhelmingly "in your face". Initially disappointed with this, however, the solution was to remove the spray head (throw it away), press down on the stick to release a small amount of liquid and just shake onto the area you want. A much softer outcome - just perfect.

Glow Jennifer Lopez by ladyone1 2015-01-25

I just bought it again after a decade, found it by coincidence in the duty free on the airport yesterday, very cheap, only 34€ for 50ml

Stella Stella McCartney by noelia86 2015-01-25

I disagree with the old lady comments. This is a perfect modern rose perfume for all ages. I went through an entire 50 ml, and have moved on to other rose scents lately. Sometimes rose can smell sour on my skin but Stella stays a fresh and true rose.
This would be a great signature because it performs so well during the day. The longevity is very good. Uplifting and a crowd - pleaser.

Side note - I now realize this is more of a peony than a rose perfume. If you like rose but find them sour, you should try this. But at the time I wore it, it was "rose", and others will smell "rose".

Nice fragrance but very over priced if it gets bit cheaper to buy then i may consider it.

Iris L`Erbolario by valentinocerca.amore 2015-01-25

profumo pazzesco, di una potenza incredibile ,mia moglie lascia una scia di dieci metri è come una stella cometa. chi metterà questo profumo non passerà di certo inosservato,i profumi tom ford dal grande sillage e prezzi incredibili può fare solo il solletico a iris dell erbolario.

Purple Patchouli Tom Ford by houstcs 2015-01-25

I can't really write a better review, but want to add I'm now depressed that I purchased my 1ml. I will probably never know what it's like to spray this on, and that's a sad thought. This is marvelous.

متاسفانه اینم به سرنوشت دیور هوم اینتنس و گرلن لینستنت دچار شده حتی نصف سابق هم ماندوپخش نداره ، خاک تو اون سرتون با این سیاستگذاری مسخره تون

Si Lolita Lolita Lempicka by Shinymouse 2015-01-25

First of all, sorry for my english, chaotic english. Well, I sprayed it on my wrist and I gave it for smelling to my boyfriend, he told me that it smelled like "those yellow HB graphite lead pencils". What?!? I smelled it again and... he was right! Minutes later, he said that it started to smell like a rubber, and, my God, I have discovered that my OH is a genius. I love him, how couldn't I? Too much pink pepper for me for now, I'm going to let this settle... and

Edited few hours later, about five or so: pink pepper has subsided, pencil and rubber still around, all mixed into a sweet patchouli wrapped faint murmur. The truth is I can not deny that it's something nice, although I remain unconvinced. My boyfriend likes it, actually. He told me that he liked it from the beginning, that thing with school material was not a negative review, it was a real perception "as the top of a pine tree" (spanish expression, it means something like "huge"), but he liked it. I must say that I sprayed it on my left wrist and, on the right one, I sprayed "L de Lolita", with the result that, at this time, "L" is held three times more intense than "Si".

This is indeed fairy tale in a bottle. This fragrance tells a story which is intense, intriguing, quirky yet at the same time conceals a dark shadow like mystery.
It is such a great story you just don't know where to start and yet for some reason can not remember how it ends because long after you worn it, long after it is gone, the story keeps going on in the depths of your subconscious.
This fragrance starts indeed with that fizzy pop sparkling behavior the previous user mentioned. Just when I thought the fizzy face would just remain for just a few minutes. However it keeps bubbling for easily 2 to 3 hours on my skin. And I never expected the effect to last so long.
Even though it is a smell, it tastes like sparkling sweet red muscat wine with a lot of interesting facets.
There is indeed a lot going on to keep you entertained for hours and hours. This is an intense orchestra of notes played very well in such a manner which might be overwhelming to others.
I personally think this entire composition is great on all levels. Scent wise, strength wise, longevity wise and quality wise. Applause to the perfumer for making a fragrance which is true to it's name. Her name is Red and one would be lucky to fall for the magic she has to reveal. With this review I have failed in being able to explain to you how this fragrance smell like. It's just that this fragrance is one I highly recommend you to try along your fragrance journey. You may not like it because it may not suit your personality very well , however you will highly appreciate and respect it for the long hours of interesting olfactory entertainment it has to offer.

Brit Rhythm for Him Intense Burberry by antonpan 2015-01-25

The new Intense is much better and richer than the regular Brit Rhythm. However, it is not anything groundbreaking or new for the market. The Intense smells as a drier, peppery Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb clone with addition of coconut note similar to that in Marc Jacobs Men. The result is sweet and trendy. If you like Spicebomb, you can prefer this one.

Interlude Woman Amouage by sweetnspicey 2015-01-25

This must have been badly reformulated. I have to assume this because my sample (from a completely reputable place) smells like nothing but fruit and is barely detectable after 20-30 minutes. There is no incense nor any other sort of depth. I took a shower, and it came right off and left no trace. I don't even feel right about reviewing it as I don't think I have the version that others are commenting on. Mostly this is just a warning. If you are considering buying this, a reformulation likely took place. I am sorry I may never get to try the real thing, as I have fallen hard for Amouage.

Jetlag Azzaro by ShotsK 2015-01-25

I like the idea behind this one. It smells fresh, it's like a slap to the face. Not a hard slap, more like a slap you give yourself when applying aftershave. It may be psychological but it seems to pick me up, like caffeine. Safe travels.

Peony and Blush Suede Jo Malone by cbluestar27 2015-01-25

I didn't realize how much I loved this until I was half way through the bottle. I started craving it.
Curiously, as my bottle was about gone, my husband finally tells me how good I smell. There is something in there that turns you into an addict, I swear. I've been out for a short while now and I need to go repurchase as soon as possible. Bigger bottle this time!

Pair with Jo Malone's Saffron for a dark twist. You'll be irresistible.

I've heard it's great with the Sea Salt too - maybe I'll grab a smaller bottle of that when I go to the counter.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by Me.Teejay 2015-01-25

Green Irish Tweed - Timeless classic

There are some things that never age, some things that retain their charm and grace with the years that go by. This, GIT, as it is commonly called, is one of them.

I'm really impressed how fresh it still is, how it still fits in the current wave of fragrances, knowing that it was released 30 years back!

This scent has 'spring' written all over it. Almost my perfect spring fragrance, a wearing of GIT makes me feel like I'm walking in the country side with greenery all around and a cool breeze blowing through. Everywhere around is green and fresh vegetation surrounds throughout.

A mixture of fresh, green, herbal notes from the start.. and maintaining its green floral vibe throughout (violet and sandalwood) with the lemon verbana and iris in the background and then joined by the creed signature millesime base.

Extremely versatile scent, can be worn both casually and formally. Well worth the price (120-140 for a 4 oz at fragnet etc) and can often be found cheaper in the case of partial bottles.

I'm very happy with it's performance, lasts 8-10 hours on me on an average with 2-3 sprays. The sprayer has changed and the newer sprayers spray less juice than before (beastly pumps before).

A well loved classic, it shall continue to remain so and I'll always have a bottle in my collection.

Saffron Cologne Intense Jo Malone by cbluestar27 2015-01-25

I tried this for the first time in London; where the sales lady covered my wrist in it as well as Peony Blush Suede(which I already owned) told me to crush them together while wet, and then sent me on my way. I spent the rest of the day pulling my wrist to my nose and inhaling followed by my eyes rolling in the back of my head and a long 'ahhhhhh'. It lasted at least 6 hours.

I kept craving it after back in the US so I went and got a big bottle. Now my Peony Blush Suede is out (and #1 on my to buy list - bigger bottle this time).

I like this on it's own too. It's not something everyone is wearing and I like that. It's also nice layered with the French Lime Blossom lotion, although my husband doesn't like that stuff - says it's too old lady for him.

I think this will last me a while, and I may miss it when it's gone. Jo Malone hooks me like that.

only for woman

Champaca Absolute Tom Ford by jackoca 2015-01-25

Not for me, Whoever likes Champaca go for this one, especially woman, i dont think its a man kinda perfume :P

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by Toni Lop 2015-01-25

The person voting "like" before May 2015, congratulations! You have won little samples from Uncle Tom.


Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by Lesser 2015-01-25

I'm still in love with this.

agh... memories those memories....

I recently bought a 200 ml of the reformulated juice and even though it is a more subtle than the original I still think it has that special Character that is ascribed to this fragrance.
I had my first bottle of this a 75 mL in 2006 and I fell in love with this scent back of them. Even though the new juice is reformulated I still feel that it resembles the original and it really takes me back to the first years of my marriage. yes it is not as powerful as the original and it lost and lost ass long but either way this is what we have to cope with if we as collectors still want to wear this fragrance.

So what do I get out of this fragrance?
I clearly get the lavender mint and the vanilla which this fragrance is so famous for. and this is backed up by sandalwood Amber cinnamon and all the spices.

I would suggest to anyone that would like the original better than The reformulated to go for le male terrible it has The DNA you all looking for.

even though it can be discussed how much this fragrance has changed my honest opinion is that some of the commentaries that I has been given on the site are overrated and i'll even go as far as to say childish.

for me I like this fragrance and I am glad that I got this special offer to buy the 200 ml one. I think I will use it a lot ass every day work fragrance and maybe place it in my locker at the school where I work so I can always freshen up after going to the bathroom.

Overall 7/10 (old juice was 9/10)

I am sure that I will keep coming back to this fragrance.

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by jackoca 2015-01-25

How can i get a sample of this Uncle Tom? :) let your fan boys here get a treat :>

Nina Nina Ricci by LisaMari 2015-01-25

warm, sweet, red apples.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by Violettera 2015-01-25

I do not know why nobody mentioned the resemblance between Agent Provocateur (the classical pink bottle) and Narciso. They share the same notes, they belong to the same family of fragrances, although in a different axis, they smell almost the same. Of course, Narciso is more rounded, not so intense, like a girl who behaves herself in all circumstances, office, university, restaurant. But sexy no, it is not, sexy is Agent Provocateur, in spite of its age and its pounder tone.
In sum, Narciso is a balanced fragrance, but when I want to feel really confident and sexy, I wear Agent Provocateur.
As for Narciso, I do not understand all the fuzz about it. It is indeed well crafted, it is versatile, it is pleasant enough, it is different from the majority of perfume industry products, but it has not the wow factor, its sillage is pale and its lasting power is not so great.

Poeme Lancome by Brielle87 2015-01-25

Revisited this after a long time and it was as if I were encountering an old friend.
The structure of this falls into that of a classic floral oriental, yet it wears so much differently.
The scent does not go between too many alterations over the course of wearing it, but the different facets are highlighted along the development of the scent over time.
The two notes that are most prevalent on my wearing this scent are the orange blossom and the mimosa. There is also a very unique character to the scent, which I could only assume is the Himalayan blue poppy, which does give this a truly intoxicating quality.
I also am aware of the honeyed amber aspect of the scent on me, but it never really becomes too sweet. It just comes across as more of a warm, cozy facet of the scent.
This really is a fabulously orchestrated scent where all of the different notes come together in unison and never try to overshadow any of the others; a very difficult thing to achieve when rose, orange blossom and mimosa come together in a scent. I guess that is just the finesse of the creator Cavallier and his touch.
Definitely a scent to envelop you in a soothing cocoon and wonderful lasting power to keep you feeling cocooned all day.
I do have to mention the almost ethereal drydown the scent has after around 8 hours of wear. It is the sweetest, most gentle, memory inducing aroma one can think of.

Sultan Al-Rehab by libou 2015-01-25

Odeur fruitée/musquée,frais. Je pense qu'il peut etre porter en été. longévité + de 7 heures; sillage 7/10.

Since I’m not a rose fan and I barely admire rose creations it is so hard for me to pick high rank for this wet juicy rose/booze fragrance but to be honest it is impressive enough to make me think twice or more about that is it and what not.
Dom Rosa initiates with vivid image of champagne, highly sparkling like the moment the cork explodes out. So it draws up pamelo, dry and sour, mixed with guaiac accord.
Dom Rosa, for me, lays more on feminine side. It’s a kind of rose addiction luxury, no track of artistic melancholy nor violence of natural oils. All it presents is classifies in a limousine and fancy dress.

Moment de Bonheur Yves Rocher by sophiesnose 2015-01-25

I used to think I hate florals but I think my nose is changing as I get older. These Rosy smells are winning me over. Soft and sweet. I don't get sexy from this, but motherly (not in a bad way either) A comforting smell that I hope triggers happy memories for my children when they are older. Non offensive and pleasant. SFW.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by glambertized4evr 2015-01-25

velvet67 i am having the same experience. i came here today to see if i could find out if they have reformulated my former favorite fragrance. it has been my favorite for at least eight 3.4 oz bottles. i also have found that the last bottle i purchased has lost the woodsy dry down that i so love on me. i have since quit wearing it for that reason. it is just lemon. and not a very interesting lemon at that. i love the smell of lemon but this combo they have going now is not appealing to me at all. very disappointing.

I adore the patchouli from this house, but there is that piercing, sharpness from I'm not sure in Essence. Is it the anise?? Totally ruins it for me. :(

Super Playboy For Him Playboy by libou 2015-01-25

Très fruité, odeur agréable mais le sillage est inexistant. J'ai appliqué 30 spray sur mon cou,il disparait en moins d'une heure. Très déçu, encore un achat inutile!!!!

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by Lesser 2015-01-25

I am not obsessed with obsession.

I recently bought A bunch of sample vials and this one was among them.
I get a masculine 90's feel out of this fragrance. I don't know what it is all about but this is what my mind tell me. A man in the late 30s all in the beginning off his 40s wearing this scent in casual clothing. Nothing special but this is an every day casual scent. The design of the bottle should be updated I think.

So what do I get out of this fragrance?
My first impression is the smoky resinous Amber with a hint of spice I guess this is where the cinnamon comes in but I don't recognize it as being cinnamon like in flower bomb or one shock but more like a subtle not so strong cinnamon scent. and the next thing that hits me is like a dark sweet Pelargonium and sandalwood which all followed by nutmeg and musky undertones. The scent evolved into a smoky spicy amber mélange that sits very close to the skin and lasts. for quite a while.

Longevity is ordinary and the sillage is okay but this is what you could expect from the notes and composition.

In my honest opinion I think that Calvin Klein should discontinue this fragrance it is nothing special there is an old feeling to this fragrance and honestly I do not like it and I am glad that I didn't go for even a small bottle as a blind buy. I have been offered a small bottle once or twice and I am glad that I declined the offer not knowing how it smells.

Overall 3/10

If you like it you will like it and if you don't just keep away - for me I keep away since the fragrance world is filled with other delightful scents.

Ispahan Yves Rocher by Chloe354 2015-01-25

Ispahan. The original is a beautiful and enchanting fragrance,
ravishing spicy oriental which dries down to a soft creamy base and lingers for a very long time. One of my most treasured perfumes. This was relaunched a few years ago, and it is not like the original. The original Ispahan is hard to come by today, found my beautiful bottle at Thefragrancefactory website cheaper then ebay.

Calling All Angels April Aromatics by sweetnspicey 2015-01-25

Once again, I thought I had reviewed this ages ago. I guess I meant to...Anyway Calling All Angels is my favorite of the April Aromatic samples in my possession. It is a deep, sweet, woody, and smoky incense. It reminds me of the scent of beach bonfires at night. The price is indeed steep, but I have not come across many 100% natural perfumes that smell this good, so whether it is worth the price or not is relative. I tested this perfume when I was pregnant and seeking 100% natural perfumes. I found the price to be prohibitive, personally. Yet I have not forgotten about it either--it smells fantastic.

10 Corso Como 10 Corso Como by svetlana.kogan.73 2015-01-25

I cannot relate to all the negative reviews I have seen here, as a I have never tested the older version of this fragrance. But 10 Corso Como does it for me. Great unisex perfume. It opens with a non-offensive balsamic, agarwood note, which then molds itself into woodsy, resinous type of scent, This cocktail has a great chemistry with my skin. It makes me feel both elated and aware. The sillage is not strong but I like it this way - I am a private person. I think this will become one of my "go-to" winter and fall perfumes. By the way, lucky for me, I did not smell any rose in it.

Obsession Calvin Klein by EnglishCountryGarden 2015-01-25

There was an elderly lady the other day, wearing what can only be described as pancake make up, dollops of boot polish on her eyelashes and brows, groucho marx stick on eyebrows, hot pink lippy and blobs of magenta rouge on her exceedingly pale face. She was at least in her mid 70s. I was near her, wearing For Strange Women Bollywood. I was aware of my own perfume, but it was mingling with something so utterly spicy, so dipped in vanilla, orange peel and that unmistakable musk that Maurice Roucel uses in Musc Ravageur. You know that moment when you really want to look away, but your cat like curiosity just drives you to the precipice? It was that moment. "Excuse me, are you wearing perfume today?" I asked. She turned slowly, as if she had expected abuse of some sort, and her face broke into a bashful, blooming smile. "It's Obsession" she said, and shyly looked down again. "Madam", I replied, "you smell wonderful". And she did. Never just a book by it's cover. The lady had it going on - and I learned that the perfume I forgot about years ago, is, when combined with my FSW Bollywood, like chai and vanilla dessert in a Rajahstan spice market. Cushty.

The most delicious thing I've ever smelled, as simple as that.

Faith Hill Faith Hill by tittertat 2015-01-25

Since Faith Hill is a country singer I expected something breezy or meadow- y or on the other side, leathery but this isn't either. One review said it smells like germ sanitizer I have to agree, sorry do not like this at all, too astringent maybe the gardenia is just too big for me. I don't get fruit, if it was more of a peach- magnolia I think it would be better.

Jubilation for Men Amouage by Moonlitknight 2015-01-25

A heads up for Jubilation XXV lovers. It has been reformulated!!!, the new bottles come with metal,magnetic caps. I had the chance to get a decant from the new formula, upon several full wearings I confirmed that it lost about half of longevity and sillage. Smell is the same, it just lasts half of what it used to and doesn't projects as much. There are still some plastic cap bottles around, if you have the chance to get a hold of one , go for it!!!

Labdanum 18 Le Labo by slapdash 2015-01-25

Labdanum 18 is a nicely rendered soft and powdery musk fragrance that, in prosaic terms, is all about close-quarters comfort and enjoyment. Eschewing the opportunity to dial up the pungency - with the civet or castoreum, for example - informs the low-key nature of the composition.

The vanillic/ambered sweetness seemingly entrenched in these types of fragrance is minimised, which I appreciate, and birch is a smart inclusion to help steer Labdanum 18 away from the probably unavoidable comparison to baby bath products.

What's missing, however, is a discernible hook, something to help disitnguish this fragrance from its peers. For price Helmut Lang EDP/EDC has it beat and Musc Ravegeur wins out in intensity and quality stakes.

Which isn't to say I would refuse a bottle; I'd probably wear the heck out of this for being both versatile and undemanding (in the best possible way). It just costs too much for what it is.

CH Men Grand Tour Carolina Herrera by BluesRhythm 2015-01-25

A complete revolution on the original CH, i love the scent of the original but the performance is a huge disappointment, but this CHGT .. oh my!!

The scent, is even superior to the original, although they are not listed in the scent pyramid but the sweetness and leather are still very present here with the suede, nutmeg and vanilla and a few more notes that I can not recognize because probably i never smelt them before in my life!! The only take i have on this is the suede is little too much in the 1s hour to my nose, but after that it starts to fade away ... all in all a breathtaking and mind blowing scent, particularly after the 1st hour

The performance, with the original i get one hour of performance and then it becomes a skin scent for a long time, but with CHGT ... ladies and gentlemen meet the newest sillage, projection and longevity monster of the men fragrances.

First day i applied this i got 3 compliments, one of them was when im not even in the room, just the scent trail stayed there after im left for a decent amount of time that it made this person look for the source of this wonderful smell to know what is that!

Bottom line this is a brilliant revamp of the original that actually produced a fragrance that is more superior and beats the original in all the aspects!

Im still testing with this beauty but for now here are my ratings

Scent 9/10
Projection/sillage 10/10
longevity 10/10
overall 9/10

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Alison Wonderland 2015-01-25

Do guys really need to refer to fragrances as a "panty dropper?" Getting really tired of all the "this will get you laid" talk in male perfume. Just as I find those AXE deodorant commercials in poor taste.

Sure, as a female professional model and perfume lover, I have a couple scents that I think are sexier or more sensual than others. But we all have different noses and preferences and skin chemistry. I see hardly any "this will have men wanting to have sex with you" comments on female perfume.

If you smell amazing, I'm not saying it can't be a confidence booster (my favorite perfumes always make me really happy). But attraction is based on so many elements both physical, mental, and highly depending on the individual. One should bu perfume for their own pleasure, not as some magical elixar into women's pants.

Yellow Diamond Versace by MuirinS 2015-01-25

This is one of my favorite fragrances of the last ten years. It's light but not elusive, clear but not too sharp and it has this delightfully warm, rich floral/citrus vibrancy. I love it.

(As an aside/on a related note, while I can't wear Versace Bright Crystal with my skin chemistry I can wear this one quite well.)

I really love this one, it's got a lot of sweetness without being too girlish to wear it as a man, giving that light androgynous touch I like but other men may dislike. It's definitely on the light side with a moderate sillage but an astonishing longevity in clothes. It makes my scarf scent just like my scarf does, so I can only confirm its addictiveness at least for me. It's a perfect combination of freshness and woodiness, all on a delicate spicy and musky base.

And it's some magic in it as someone wrote earlier here:
"It is perfect combination of polite, yet alluring tone. Like high heels for everyday wear, red lipstick in strict office, and men in suit changing flat tire. Naughty L`Amoureaux."
I couldn't find words more fitting my feelings on this scent.

Unfortunately this is the second scent in a row after Victor & Rolf Antidote that's got this mystery in it just to get discontinued. I'm very sorry and desperately searching again for another magic scent.

Calling All Angels April Aromatics by priyalugus 2015-01-25

Too heavy -- an incense should drift heavenward, not stay weighted down amongst sickly sweet, cloying gourmands. Nope.

Mind you, I do love two of this houses' offerings: Rosenlust and Precious Woods, especially together.

07 Vetiver Dance Tauer Perfumes by feathers 2015-01-25

I came to the House of Tauer in search of a green floral, and this is the winner! I had originally tried Carrillon pour un ange, but in the winter time, the dark, vegetal green had a repulsive effect. This one however, is a different shade of green, a bright spring-green. The vetiver essential oil I have smells dry and dusty and like dirt. It smells brown, almost black. This vetiver is different, it smells like a cut and peeled root of vetiver, almost celery-like with the clary-sage going on. The grapefruit and black pepper are really invigorating in the opening, almost gourmand in a salad-like way. I can really smell the lotv in the heart, but it is subtle and well-blended, not screeching to high heaven as in Carrillon. The dry down is powdery enough to take this quirkey scent into somewhat more elegant territory, but yet very far away from the more oriental like base of many of Andy's other , more popular scents. The vetiver is very deep and sensual, grounding, a deep greenish-turquoise colored salad, with some edible yellow and red flowers in it. To me, it is a quirky, colorful perfume, bright with a promise of spring. At times, it can even go a bit pickle-ey. I realize my review doesn't make this perfume sound like something many people would actually want to wear, but those are my honest impressions. If you like vetiver, green, floral, and unusual, it is a very interesting perfume I reccomend you try it! I think this will be the Tauer for me, full-bottle worthy!

Faith Hill Faith Hill by Rebelrebel 2015-01-25

I got a mini bottle of this for Christmas.
It's... Okay. I don't love it, I don't hate it. It is very generic, simple and basic. I'm new at perfume so I'm not that great at the terms, but I don't notice any particular notes that stick out. It's not strong but it's not weak, it's not sweet but it isn't tart or spicy, it's not fruity. It's a bit flowery and floral. I think. When I put it on it just kind of is... Yeah. It just kind of "is". That's all I can really think of to describe it. It just is. It's not bad in any way, I do like it but I don't love it.
It is a good perfume for perhaps... a lazy day at home, or running errands. When you want to smell simple and nice, but not stand out.

Nectar of Love April Aromatics by priyalugus 2015-01-25

It started out nicely on my skin with the citrus, jasmine, tuberose, neroli + hint of vanilla. somehow it dried down to a hazel-nutty gourmand that I could not stand. I'm trying to give my sample away now.

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca Guerlain by Circuit FAiry 2015-01-25

For me this opens very sharp citrus and the green seems to be lemon leaves. It is not a real pleasant opening as it is quite sharp, like squeezed lemon leaves and fresh cut lemon. It takes a while for the tea and mint to develop but the citrus is still very dominant. I would say the heart is very light and the pear is what I get last but very faint.

This might be a nice summer scent, it is still pretty cool here in Miami, and I’ll wait for summer to see how this works then. For now I am on the fence on this particular scent.

The wear is light to moderate depending on application. A Skin scent.

Eau de Rochas Homme Rochas by Lesser 2015-01-25

Lemonade in a bottle...
So I have a couple of old samples of this fragrance that I just found again since I want to try it out in order to write this review. As these came with a dapper I poured The perfume into a small spray that I had.

So what do I get out of this fragrance?
wow this is Really citrusy and is really going on the lime fruit. Also you get all the citrus fruits but they are very subtle compared to the lime. Here on the site that is a number of ingredients listed but for me I only recognize the lime the lemon and the Cedar. Actually this is a bomb of lime and lemon which after one and a half hour turns into lemony cedar scent that stays.

Longevity is poor and so is the silage. I don't know if this is general but this is what I experience on my body.

if you can get this fragrance cheap I would recommend that you buy it if you'd like a strong lemon-lime scent for the summer. but Persimmontree it is not something I want to go out to buy or wear.

overall I do not think that this is a bad scent but it definitely lacks some enthusiasm and needs quite a lot of work on the basenotes since they in my opening in nonexistent.

Overall: 3/10 sorry folks i'll pass on this

Tresor In Love Lancome by Yayatan 2015-01-25

Not bad! I have this and Tresor Midnight Rose in miniature forms and I like this only a little lesser than Midnight Rose. I don't get much of the top and middle notes thank to my body chemistry but the drydown is Lovely. It doesn't smells fruity to me. Boozy is how I would describe it (does anyone feels the same?). It's a great alternative to gourmand perfumes for me, as they don't work that great with a hot climate. I find this more wearable than Tresor Midnight Rose, which I find to be more of a night perfume, and I would buy this in a full bottle along with Tresor Midnight Rose if I have the money for both. But since I have to choose between these two, I'll be getting Midnight Rose instead as I LOVE it. I'll get this too if I could afford it in the future, but a miniature bottle is enough for me for the time being.

Fantasy Britney Spears by Rebelrebel 2015-01-25

Fantasy is of my absolute favourite perfumes.
I'm very new at using perfume terms and such. I really love how it's sweet, but not over-the-top and headache inducing. It's a very fun, yummy, fragrance and I find that it's "dry down" smells a lot like vanilla cake or vanilla cupcakes without frosting on me. Which I love! To me, this perfume could really suit any age. It's not so sweet that only children would like it. I'm 18 and I love it and I've gotten lots of compliments while wearing it.

Whiskey Tobacco Demeter Fragrance by artemiss 2015-01-25

This is very sweet from the Whiskey notes, so much so I almost find it too cloying. I bought it for my husband, who likes it, but the sweetness could easily work on both genders.

Clover Demeter Fragrance by artemiss 2015-01-25

Grassy and sweet, although there is a melon note at the top I find I little discordant with 'clover', it does fade into a grassy floral. Although, to be honest, I still think White Shoulders smells more like actual red clover than this.

Tory Burch Tory Burch by sandrajj 2015-01-25

Received a sample of Tory Burch from Nordstrom the other day, and am finally trying it this AM. After about an hour, I'll have to say, "Meh"--I won't waste my money on this. It's high priced and only so-so.

Trussardi Black Extreme Trussardi by Miruna 2015-01-25

Very strong and masculine, but fresh, because of the sea notes. I can also feel the leather notes.
Totally worth trying.

Eau des Baux L`Occitane en Provence by Syzygy73 2015-01-25

I live in Ireland where it's cold all year round, but for a day or two in July and the first week of September- this fragrance hits every mark, it's warm, creamy-spicy and utterly lovely, it layers with many scents, it's a real bargain and is beautifully blended. The cypress and pepper at the top give the opening a real freshness but it soon mellows into the most refined and ice-creamy bourbon vanilla, but not with the cloying sweetness you find in Tobacco Vanille. In terms of what you get this is a winner, especially given you could spend hundreds on something high-end that's nowhere near as good. If you enjoy tobacco, vanilla, warm scents this is must buy in my opinion.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by JustAverage 2015-01-25

This was one of my 1st fragrances and I recently purchased this one again. It opens with a burst of tobacco and amber. Then as it dries down I pick up the black pepper and more fruity notes. The tobacco is still there though but not as prominent. The projection is good and the longevity is awesome, good for a night out. This is my dive bar cologne. I save the 1 million for the club and this one for nights out where I'm having a good time but not necessarily for a crazy club night.

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier by AngryChicken 2015-01-25

I really don't understand the big deal with this perfume. I got 100ml given to me around 2 years ago, and i've probably only used about 25ml of it. I definitely smell the amber and the orange, and it surely is sweet, but not girlie pink candy sweet. I can't smell any vanilla or musk. To me it kinda smells like sweet, fruity champagne. And the drydown of it is even more dull. It's a nice smell but i don't think it's anything special. Mabey it's just not my thing. Perhaps i'll start forcing myself to wear it more and see if it grows on me.

I'm wearing this one today and it fits today's winter sunday's sun perfectly.

I love original Aromatics Elixir but I wasn't disappointed by this version in anyway.

I just agree with previous reviewers who mentioned this version is smoother, a bit quieter as it stays closer to skin and slightly powdery, adding up as a different though very elegant scent. Still connected to the original while distinct enough to deserve a place, it is a wonderful chypre and a very good ingredient quality one.

It is this cuter version that I go for in the privacy of my home or when I'm going to be among friends. The darker and stronger original fits better working days. Maybe the original is like a perfectly engraved heraldic detail on an armour versus the pretty and detailed embroidery work on the shirt under it which this version can be thought of as.

Miracle Lancome by LaviniaMidnight 2015-01-25

This is a scent that I first smelled on a fragrance strip in a magazine and immediately went "WOW!" and had to go out to try it on right out of the bottle. It is an outspoken floral that one should use sparingly as it can be overbearing if used with a heavy hand. It is an upbeat floral spiced by pepper that was a refreshing change from others at the time, I noticed as time went on pepper was popping up in fragrances. This is another I always keep available for special occasions or when I want a lift in mood. I once gave my bottle to my mother-in-law when she admired it and was so desolated by my loss (over dramatic, I'm sure, haha) that I immediately got online and purchased another, vowing next time never to give away my favorites again. Oh, and also the staying power is wonderful...I can go a whole day and still smell it on my skin hours later.

The One Dolce&Gabbana by catherine82 2015-01-25

Aargh I can still smell this on my coat and I think I like the weird fake peach after all! Damn my perfume obsession. I'll have to re-test.

Sicily Dolce&Gabbana by Ivyswirl 2015-01-25

It smells like Dove soap!

Having found a half full bottle for a fiver, I was pretty thrilled!
Now, as mine is only the deodorant type, (not even edt) I expect its lacking in complexity but so far it's Dove soap with a hint of banana! Would love to compare it to the edp!

Don't get me wrong, I rather love it actually, I've always wanted a Dove perfume but I'd be a bit miffed if I paid a big sum for it as it isn't as complex as I had expected, not seeing much honeysuckle!

Still, despite all of this, it lasted better than quite a few I own!

Arden Beauty Elizabeth Arden by mirul 2015-01-25

Perfect for work. inoffensive. Good amount of powdery smell.

Insolence Guerlain by mirul 2015-01-25

Too sticky- heavy-powdery for me.

VV Man Roberto Verino by ses101 2015-01-25

I find this a bit watery and sickly. A couple of hours after applying it I went to bed and had a vivid dream that I was dating an old woman, and I put that down to me still breathing in this fragrance. So no, I don't want to smell it again!

L'Eau de Neroli Diptyque by aquadinka 2015-01-25

This was my first full bottle of Diptyque. This is easily unisex which I love wearing with very feminine clothing. Like others have mentioned, it is a classic cologne. Light, clean and sophisticated. It starts off with a blast of herbal neroli that is never cloying or artificial. I found this to be a more feminine version of Neroli Portofino because it's Neroli seemed more chic and less skin bracer.

Got a sample of L'Eau de Hesperides with my purchase and definitely see a lot of similarities with L'eau Neroli with the former having more rosemary opposed to the tarragon in the latter.

Princess Vera Wang by AngryChicken 2015-01-25

Apple and chocolate are the main notes that i get with this, mabey a hint of vanilla but not much in my opinion. It's a very soft fragrance, not too in your face. I bought 100ml and kinda wish i didn't, i think my bottle will still have some left in 10 years time LOL it seems to take ages for the liquid to go down, no matter how much i spray (which isnt very often) So you definitely get your moneys worth. The bottle is very nice also. This perfume seems to grow on me and then other times i'm not too keen. I think i just have to be in the right mood.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by That_John_Guy 2015-01-25

This was the first bottle I got after using Creed's Green Irish Tweed, and I found this to be great stuff. The stated notes are pretty much exactly how it read to me: start with a peppery orange citrus that turns into an earthy cedar. Not too much floral, but some herbs and roots along the way. I definitely liked the drydown better than the opening, but I didn't mind the opening. If you don't want orange-pepper-cedar, then this isn't for you. I don't really think Terre is for everyone, though it definitely is for me. It also might not be as versatile for some, but for some special occasions. Very strong and long lasting, not too many sprays needed at all. I went through the bottle and plan to get another one. Tough, yet calm. Simple, but complex. Classy, but earthy. Folks complain about scents that are bland, that don't have character, that are too mainstream... that does not describe Terre. An easy "Love It" for me.

Amouage Lyric Woman Amouage by sweetnspicey 2015-01-25

Lyric was my first purchase from Amouage. Upon the first few minutes of contact with its exquisite cloud of oriental incense, my thoughts went something like: Must own now. Must buy now.

The blood-red bottle is eye candy.

There is a heavy hand of saffron in the top notes, although I don't see it listed here or anywhere else. It dries down into a tantalizing melange of spices including a mellow and woody cinnamon, like the freshly grated bark. Lyric has a musky base with creamy, unsweetened vanilla beans. The florals are not prominent. They are there, but there is far more incense, woods, and spice than rose or jasmine.

Lyric is a perfume fit for a queen. The scent profile is enormous. Its hits the olfactory nerve and completely engulfs the nasal passages and frontal lobe of the brain. The structure of the perfume is complex and very nuanced, leaving an aura that is hard to describe other than spellbinding, ultra feminine, unique, and a little mysterious. To describe Lyric as art or a masterpiece would be a serious understatement. Lyric is divine perfection.

Valentino Uomo Valentino by Colin Maillard 2015-01-25

I smell almost no differences with Dior Homme, except a more prominent gourmand side, and less complexity. Which means this scent smells undoubtedly good, actually much good if you are into that "metrosexual gourmand" type of fragrances, but well... I don't see the point - it's not even cheaper. Get Dior Homme if you like this, it smells better and at least *they* had the idea.


Flower by Kenzo Kenzo by Marie76 2015-01-25

One of the true original perfumes that don't follow trends; it was a weirdo when it came out and despite it's success it still is unemulated. How can something be at the same time natural but synthetic, warm but cold and distant, powdery and stiff but feel so modern? A wonderful creation, a masterpiece.

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