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Dalal Al-Rehab by QuiltFinger 2014-08-01

My goodness. Dalal is a candy shop powerhouse. The strong orange top notes combined with the sugary caramel and vanilla heart, which smells somewhat like cotton candy, give this scent the profile of a true gourmand. A very contemporary and perhaps "younger" fragrance. Slight smokeyness adds a touch of the Mid East--an Al-Rehab hallmark.

Sandalwood notes are very light, and I wouldn't have guessed a woody ingredeint was in this heady blend. The combination of strong sugar notes and lack of sandalwood make this a gourmand rather than an Oriential frangrance to my nose.

Has the power to be cloying, over powering and headache inducing. The oil is VERY concentrated. Use sparingly and allow time for the oil to warm on the skin and project massively. Definitely resist the urge to apply more right away with this once since the scent takes a few minutes to fully develop.

Longevity: Forever
Sillage and projection: Massive fragrance cloud

Amethyst Lalique by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-08-01

I had to remove my last review, because when I tested this fragrance again, in summer, I fell in love!
It is dark berry fragrance, totally yummy, tasty, intoxicating and lovely!!!
It reminds me of berries pie. However, it is not sweet. It smells like authentic blackberries.
Wonderful, yeah.

I really don't like this perfume. I'm a lover of fluffy sweet scents & I was rather excited about this one. But this is just yuck. What I smell is a very cheaply made formula; a thick aerosol base with a dash of synthetic candy & slight whiff of citrus. I bought it for $15 but still feel ripped off. I don't think I'll even use it as air freshener I dislike it so much.

Charme La Perla by patxaran 2014-08-01

I am not one who is overly fussed about lack or sillage or longevity but this one really takes a unique position on my shelves... ready, steady, go? No, ready, spray, gone is more like. I have just decided to reapply (read: douse myself again) after just half and hour and again, after 5 min there is hardly anything left of the fragrance at all. I might just treat it as a vanilla body spray - hopefully overapplying doesn't poison me...
So to describe this 5 min experience, I would say a woody vanilla vaguely reminiscent of the vanilla in YR Vanille Noir. Nothing to write home about but a decent scent if it weren't for the abysmal non-existing staying power.

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by Kittycat63 2014-08-01

For some reason, when I first tested this from a carded sample (which I sneakily managed to grab a few of when I passed the Guerlain counter a few weeks back and the sales assistant wasn't there so nobody saw me!) I wasn't too sure about it and thought maybe it wasn't my cup of tea. I seemed to initially get a whiff of violets, which I really don't like the smell of in a perfume and that may have put me off, although I don't see that listed as one of the notes at all!

Anyway, I've given this another chance in the past few days and have been wearing it a few days running and I've now totally changed my mind and I LOVE it!

This is one of those perfumes that seems to blossom incredibly nicely on my skin. The creamy berry smell is what persists most on me and it's genuinely lovely and I think kind of endearing, if that's the right word in this context! Yes, it's a sweet perfume but I don't think, unlike some reviewers, that it's overly and sickly sweet. Not at all - it's just sweet to the right degree to make it so likeable, flirty and girly. I also don't agree with reviewers who say it's only for young girls ... it's certainly fresh, youthful and sparkly BUT who's to say that perfumes like that are only to be worn by young girls? If a perfume appeals to someone and suits their personality, skin, taste, etc, they have EVERY right to wear it regardless of whether they're young or old and there are no strict rules about it, thank god!

This perfume kind of reminds me a little of Le Vie Est Belle by Lancome as that's also sweet and of a similar quality BUT I think La Petite Robe Noire is much more likeable as it's smoother and doesn't have a nasty kick that I detect when I've tested Le Vie Est Belle on my skin. Also, the bottle is SO much prettier!

So, this is now a definite must have as it's so lovely, it lasts a long time on me with good sillage and the bottle is so pretty. The quality is excellent and it's well worth the money (and Guerlain perfumes in general are very good quality, very French, of course, and worth the price they cost, which is more than can be said of many other designer perfumes in the same kind of price range!). I'll get a bottle of it soon I hope!

Surprised by the number of bad reviews for this. I assume its because of the price, because smell alone it smells nice.

I kinda think of this the same way I do xerjoffs uden, or maybe creeds original santal. A niche thats not very out there in terms of smell. And perhaps can smell generic, mainstream, boring whatever. But its higher quality and youre willing to pay the bigger bucks for it. So I guess in terms of that novelty factor adding to the price youre not gonna get it here.

Again though I thought it smells good, and if I had a bottle of it I would deff wear it. Now would I actually pay for it? Nope, but thats just me.

For what its worth although longevity was just alright for me, projection the first few hours was very strong considering what ive sprayed. So bang for your buck at least in that aspect is decent.

Sensuous Nude Estée Lauder by Nil3 2014-08-01

One of the few perfumes that you can wear all year long.

A beauty! The jasmine,amber and honey give it a sexy warm vibe. Thats when the heliotrope and bergamot gently walk in only to be part of the warmer days of the year. The coconut is the party crasher of course! Like in the movie 'The wedding crashers' you can only smile at the coconut. A star so diffcult to resist. Nothing vulgar or harsh.

And the pepper notes? Dont get me started on the pepper notes. Wherever you see pepper notes you see Glory!

I feel charming.......:)

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-08-01

At the beginning it is quite similar to Elixir version which I love, but after some time Manifesto starts to be a lot greener and fresher. I can also smell a blackcurrant note and tonka bean. I think that blending vanilla with green notes and blackcurrant, gives a strange result.
Extraordinary scent, but not 100% in my style.

Meow Katy Perry by DeLinda 2014-08-01

If you're after a dreamy sweet candy wonderland then this is a scent for you. As a big lover of Britney Spears Fantasy & although a still very much adore it, I'd been wearing it for years & was looking for something new. Now as much as I love Fantasy, I'd have to say I love Meow more. It is a divine mix of gorgeous vanilla marshmallow, candies, a touch of light whipped cream, a dash of floral undertone. I just love it. I basically blind buy all my perfume (after a strenuous amount of research) & Meow is the most delightful purchase by far.

Weekend for Women Burberry by kittybobmeowpants 2014-08-01


But unfortunately, this is not my favorite from this house. It's nice/okay but not "me".

Alien Thierry Mugler by llburris 2014-08-01

All I can say is WOW. I am totally amazed wih his fragrance. I sprayed just a little bit on both wrists when I received it and about 3 hours later a friend of mine said she could smell "me" all he way to the front of our offices. Oops. Believe everyone when they say this is a monster fragrance. I am totally in love. This 3oz bottle is going to last me forever because I have to use so little. Great bang for your buck!

Smelled this at sephora and its a good one it smells a little similar to the original after all it is a flanker of it but this one the citrus stands out more and the yuzu no dah! I guess its the name of it but it starts off kind of bitter dry sour citrus kick almost kind of like a herbal plant kind of scent mixed with the citrus but its not a bad smell it changes more into the citrus scent after 20min to 30min like almost all the issey fragrances it has great longevity I sprayed one heavy spray to the back of my hand at the store early in the day I got home several hours later even washed my hands and I can still smell it,It has been at least 5 hours good thing I got 2 sample decants I can wear it and see how other people like it I'm a fan of issey fragrances so this is easy for me to like I own the original been wearing it for years I got the sport I like the light airy vibe of it and I own the 2013 summer version I enjoy that one as well and I'll most likely get this one too but I don't want to pay the full retail price but its worth it though its different unique and good quality 8/10 if you like issey fragrances like me you'll like this too if you're looking to blind buy I say go for it it is very spring and summery casual scent

Pink Friday Nicki Minaj by Kristabelle 2014-08-01

I love this! It's nothing elegant that's for sure but it's clean and pretty.

Royal Revolution Katy Perry by moonspace 2014-08-01

I love this new one. It's a completely different scent to the original and so much better. Only thing is soon after spraying it all over me, I can't smell it anymore but other people can!

Terracotta Voile d'Ete Guerlain by galaxy86 2014-08-01

All I can say is this perfume's opening reminds me of dental office. Thanks to the sample I was given by fellow fragrantican, I am not digging a full bottle.

L'Eau de L'Eau Diptyque by Jasminalia 2014-08-01

I'm expecting a fresher flanker. I'd call it : L'Eau de L'Eau de L'Eau.
Eau La La !

Girl Pharrell Williams by LadyMaverick 2014-08-01

This reminds me very much of Infusion d'Iris. It is slightly sweeter, less dry, but the idea is the same. It is green-powdery scent. It was slightly too masculine for me, but my husband uses it and likes it. The longevity is around 5 hours.

Sikkim Girls Lush by Jasminalia 2014-08-01

Lush boutiques smell soooo bad, that I always have a headache, even if I stay outside.
(Un)fortunately, it won't be possible for me to smell their perfumes on blotters.

L'Eau de L'Eau Diptyque by arrode 2014-08-01

I was quite surprised this is as spicy as it is. It's not an in-your-face spicy fragrance like some heavy-hitter orientals, but it's a light-spicy. Think cloves, spicy pepper, and cinnamon that have been diluted down in a ginger and lemon watery tea? I don't know how to explain it. It leans a lot more masculine to me, but I've been on a heavy unisex/masculine fragrance kick lately so this is perfect for me. At first I wasn't too keen, but after a few hours I really love this. Long-lasting, radiates out about an arm's length, and classy smelling.

Donna Borsalino by Jasminalia 2014-08-01

The bottle is inspired by Dali (Daliflor & Dalistyle)

Love the scent, but as many else here saying, at least 30 minutes and its gone, and I really ask a few friends to ask if the smell my sexy VS, they al say the same: no nothing, a pity, I have give it away to a person who loved the whole day long squeeze the bottle, so I'm glad I made someone happy.

Audace Rochas by migueldematos 2014-08-01

Wonderful! Green but with great combination of violet and Iris which makes it smell like makeup.

Sensuous Nude Estée Lauder by LadyMaverick 2014-08-01

It is a wonderful scent. It is fluffy, soft, silky, waxy. Coconut works very well with woddy notes. It is almost like smelling a new box of proper, oldstyle, wooden colour pencils. Where you can smell not only wood but the different scents of colours. It is very comforting.

For me this scent works better in summer. Heat makes coconut stand out.

Femme de Montblanc Mont Blanc by jamaral 2014-08-01

É uma fragrância muito especial, oriental e refinada. É um aroma diferente, não é um perfume que todos identifiquem, aconselho a experimentar antes de comprar. Eu especialmente gostei muito de usar e possivelmente vou voltar a comprar. É ideal para o tempo mais frio.
Deveria ter maior fixação.

Sikkim Girls Lush by Beaufort 2014-08-01

I really love a lot of Lush/ Gorilla perfumes and this is one of my favourites.
To my nose this is a more sophisticated version of Karma. More complex and more mature. This could almost be classed as a flanker to karma.
If you love Karma, you will definitely love this.

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette Dior by LadyMaverick 2014-08-01

Addict EDT has nothing in common with Addict EDP. It is floral, inoffensive smell. There is just one word that describes it: nice. Yes, it is just nice.

On my skin it starts with quite intresting, fresh mix of mandarin and neroli, but in less than 5 minutes it turnes into warm jasmin. This type of jasmin I smelled before. For almost whole day I was sniffing my hand trying to work out, how come I know this and moreover, I felt like I owned this scent before. Finally after inspecting my 'hads' it hit me - Addict EDT smells almost exactly like Acqua di Gioia! The opening is different and Addict's drydown is more vanillic, but the whole middle is very similar to Acqua.

A*Men Pure Wood Thierry Mugler by Jasminalia 2014-08-01

When you see the picture, you think 'Waah, this woody bottle is so nice, so luxurious'.
But when you have it in your hands, you realize it's just plastic in a cheap beige color.
A*Men... Pure Plastic !
So disappointed !

Stercus Orto Parisi by nemorino 2014-08-01

This one is very good...reminds me of a place where people smoke pipes, pipe tobacco is where I get instantly reminded of!

This one to is in the line of Black Afgano but hey....That's where Gualtieri is at his best!

I would look at it as a BA variation-evolution, more tobacco like, with a pointier top ( if that word exists ).

Unfortunately the negative point, and that goes trough the whole Orto Parisi line, is that, his attempt to give his perfumes a dry middle note, tends to smell a bit synthetic and therefore artificial. I don't minde the use of synthetic notes but they have to be, just like naturals, well balanced.
And at some moments for my nose this dry note is just not well balanced enough.

Arden Beauty Elizabeth Arden by jamaral 2014-08-01

Foi uma compra com base nos comentários, o resultado foi desastroso, nunca consegui sair de casa a usar este perfume. O perfume funciona como ambientador de WC.. Não consigo gostar nem um pouco. Desculpem-me!

Boccanera Orto Parisi by nemorino 2014-08-01

Great sense, Love it!

It is in the line of Black Afgano but hey....That's where Gualtieri is at his best!
I would look at it as a BA variation-evolution, more chocolaty, gingery and round...gourmand, praliné I suppose.

Unfortunately the negative point, and that goes trough the whole Orto Parisi line, is that, his attempt to give his perfumes a dry middle note, tends to smell a bit synthetic and therefore artificial. I don't minde the use of synthetic notes but they have to be, just like naturals, well balanced.
And at some moments for my nose this dry note is just not well balanced enough.

Enchanted Forest The Vagabond Prince by raw umber 2014-08-01

One of my closest friends is from Chelyabinsk, and he says Enchanted Forest smells just like his grandmother's backyard. He walks around with his nose pressed to his wrist. Absolutely authentic.

Chloe Chloe by LunaTaylor 2014-08-01

I finally got to try this in a perfume store with mostly celebrity scents, I was surprised to find it. It is a bit heavier than I expected and though I can smell rose and honeysuckle I mostly get carnation which isn't my favorite flower. I don't immediately smell 'white flowers" I smell more yellow/pink flowers if that makes sense. I may be one of the few people who would prefer the new formula but I am guessing as I havent smelled it. I do like that it gets a bit powdery also. I like floral powdery smells as they remind me of Victorian ladies...I wish I could have smelled the other Chloe perfumes along side of this.

Karma Lush by Beaufort 2014-08-01

I love Karma. It is one of my all time favourite perfumes !!!
However, it has to be said that it is an EXACT copy of Tabu from Dana which was released in 1932. Tabu was very upmarket when it first came out - and at the time it was considered quite outrageous because of the 40% patchouli it contained. Over the years it slid in popularity to become a drugstore fragrance which can now be bought for $10 for 100ml which is much better value than a 30ml bottle of Karma for $50, but I am very glad that Mark Constantine re-invented this perfume and gave it a new lease of life.

Caprissimo Carthusia by spidola 2014-08-01

Caprissimo confused me… I tested it without have read any reviews or looked notes… The opening remembered me of O de Lancome, but it was not so sharp, it was softer. I associated it also with Y by Yves Saint Laurent and maybe also with First by Van Cleef & Arpels - there was something common in Caprissimo and all these three. Caprissimo was more rounded, though.
I checked the notes and I couldn’t believe it - there wasn’t any hint of oakmoss or aldehydes – …I was rather confused, thought that I had made some mistake with samples, but reading other reviews, I saw that everything was ok – I was not alone with these confused feelings.
So, for conclusion - Caprissimo is complex, interesting, green and soapy classic fresh floral perfume.Very pleasant and veratile, ideal for office use. Really recommended to ladies who miss vintage Y or Fidji or First or O , but not only...also Prada Infusion d'Iris or Chanel no19 Poudre lovers could love it...I do!

Bergamask Orto Parisi by nemorino 2014-08-01

My God Gualtieri, what have you been thinking!!!!
Bergamask, is an absolute disaster, it is not fresh, it is penetrating and annoying!
I like Gualtieri a lot but this one...I can't see the point.
It smells like an attempt to reproduce a cheap men cologne that has been on clothes for over a week or so.
Not for me

Heiress Paris Hilton by LunaTaylor 2014-08-01

I had this when I found several fragrances on clearance for $5 each. I initially thought it was OK in a very bland school girl way but as it tried down I got very synthetic bubblegum and pineapple. Smells like a non-alcoholic drink. I find most of Paris Hiltons scents too sweet and too "teen". Its fine for very young girls but as your body chemistry changes and your hormones mature I think sweet is not nice on most women--I mean very sweet like candy. Sometimes it can even turn sour.
I gave it to my 12 year-old niece but her mom wouldn't let her have it because it was by Paris Hilton lol.

Wings Giorgio Beverly Hills by LunaTaylor 2014-08-01

I had both this and Giorgio when I first wore perfume. This one seems more clean and sparkling. Somehow this reminds me of aquatic perfumes(and it was out long before aquatics were the in thing!)I now realize that the white flowers in this are gardenia and jasmine and Giorgio had tuberose. I do best these days without tuberose. Interesting that this has passion flower I didn't know that was used in perfume but I also like the tea.
I think the bottle is cute too.

Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills by LunaTaylor 2014-08-01

I used to like this one when I was a young teen. I thought the yellow and white stripes were really cheery. These days I wouldn't wear it...white flowers don't agree with my chemistry anymore and its too sweet. I am starting to wear dryer scents these days I guess growing up your body changes. You only need a bit of this its strong for a cheaper perfume.

Bobbi's Party Bobbi Brown by @jenniferlincoln 2014-08-01

I tested this in the Estee Lauder Cosmetics company store. I immediately wondered why it smelled so familiar. It smells like EL Sensuous Nude.

Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills by Searro 2014-08-01

Here's how it started. Down on my cash, I bought the Designer Imposters brand aerosol body spray of this fragrance, called Primo, at the local Walmart. Yes, it was strong, but creamy and lush with white, clean floral accents that made me proud to walk into a club or gala.

Fast forward to two weeks later, when I have sufficient funding for excess perfume purchases, and I buy a mere 1.3 oz. bottle of the genuine, notorious 1982 Giorgio Beverly Hills perfume, Giorgio--which smells absolutely nothing like its sweeter Walmart knockoff. Although it's undeniably one of those abrasive, designer perfumes that seem to've been drawn from the very vein of the American 1980's, I wish to god that I'd been able to test it before spending $45.00 on just little more than a single ounce.

Here's the bottom line: those of us who appreciate the loud, overpowering scents that fill a room and leave a Pepe Le Pew stench-trail are a dwindling clan in today's fragrance market. Giorgio literally smells like a vase filled to the brim with decaying honeysuckle and orchid. Not fresh flowers; ROTTING flowers. Should you have the dismal misfortune of spraying this on your clothing rather than your neck or arm, you might eventually assume you're inside a toilet bowl after a Taco Bell dinner. Yes, of course I'm exaggerating morbidly, and I'm insulting the ladies of the vintage perfume culture that hold Giorgio as a "beautiful" or "nostalgic" scent--to whom I heartily apologize. But to wear Giorgio by itself, one need only a single spray on the neck to induce a migraine, on yourself and to those who dare come closer than 10 feet of the wearer.

Some fragrances stand the test of time, capture the classical essence of an era and hold it's greatest elements within a tiny bottle--Shalimar, Chanel no.5, Modern Muse, l'Air du Temps(!)--but Giorgio Beverly Hills' Giorgio is NOT one of those scents, ladies. You have been warned.

Eau de Nuit Giorgio Armani by benchaabanebechir 2014-08-01

i love it <3

Oud Bouquet Lancome by milkyway 2014-08-01

That bottle!...stunning
L'Autre Aoud is exceptional, I am really loking forward to this :D

Far Away Gold Avon by Bazazel 2014-08-01

Un floral oriental abre con una fuerte rafaga de ylang-ylang,estabilizandose en un confortable jazmin cremoso,que reposa sobre una base de delicada vainilla.Su duracion y proyeccion son majestuosas,eso si,es para mujeres muy seguras de si mismas...prohibido para jovencitas timidas e inseguras.

Lightning Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by Pherise 2014-08-01

This is a great scent if I feel myself dragging, or I'm feeling mopey. It might be pretty straightforward, but it snaps me right out of it. I use it more for aromatherapy I guess. It's not all that sophisticated, but it's lovely all the same.

Fate for Men Amouage by majestic mammy 2014-08-01

Fate woman is better and a man can wear it.

Heiress Paris Hilton by Aliakatt 2014-08-01

My first impressions were fake and fruity, but it dried down to something pleasant. It reminds me of a tart candy. Definitely nicer than I anticipated, but not something I would buy.

Far Away Avon by Searro 2014-08-01

When purchasing from Avon, there's about as much turnover as with Victoria's Secret's fragrances. But I wanted something oriental and attention-getting. While not altogether disappointing, I can't say Far Away was worth the $14.99 I paid at the Avon kiosk.

To be fair, Far Away is a delicately exotic eau de parfum that's easy on the nose, and holds on the skin for a good 6-7 hours. It isn't terribly strong, and the coconut notes aide the sandalwood and ylang-ylang which cling gently in the eventual drydown. Ladies of all ages can appreciate this fragrance's resemblance to a summer body mist you might buy at Victoria's Secret, like Sensual Amber or the Heavenly line. "Brisk" might suffice as the most fitting adjective for Far Away, and it isn't one of those perfumes that divide its wearers into adamantly Love-It or Hate-It cliques. I might compare it to Avon's Haiku, in the sense that it's gentle, yet distinctive and foreign.
Give it a try!

Reflection Woman Amouage by majestic mammy 2014-08-01

This is the scent of a quiet whisper and a gentle smile. pleasing watery floral. Smell of clean floral soft and inoffensive. Not soapy. Watery soft clean floral. Pretty nice. Not to dismiss this calm appealing scent as less than a winner because its low key. Not all beautiful things need to be whistles and sirens. There is beautiful in large and in soft, a time and place for every thing. So fresh floral easily a unisex. Yes floral but fresh is unisex pleasant scent for anyone. Like this day time scent. If someone is looking for subtly and not displeasing or cloying for a sporty or office parfum this may be something to consider. Subtlety made from quality.

Adventure Davidoff by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

My father keeps it in his wardrobe, when I saw it I was curious how does it smells. I srpayed it on my neck and I was amazed. It's a great fresh but musculine fragrance. I love it, no matter I am female.

Ciel Pour Femme Amouage by majestic mammy 2014-08-01

A soft gentle white floral with green notes. Subtle calming very gentle and pretty. I adore the hand lotion and hand & body cream. I find ceil cream and lotion is easy to blend with and parfum

I haven't tried every single one of the Delicious scents (there are way too many flankers!), but I have tried about 5 of them, and I have to say this is gorgeous, and my favorite so far. I do like the original Be Delicious, but it is abit too sharp and citrusy for my liking....this, on the other hand, is perfection as far as apple scents go. So vivid, sparkling, juicy and unwelcome nose-biting tartness, no cheap/juvenile-synthetic vibes, no extra frills of sweet fruits. Love it! It deserves to be more than just a L.E.! My 2nd favorite is Red Delicious. Fresh Blossom is good too, but not as captivating. Delicious Night I used to love back when I was into darker scents, but I can't stand it anymore.

Truth or Dare Madonna by Searro 2014-08-01

Every time I'd peruse the fragrance aisle at Walmart, this one stood out to me, but I never purchased it. For $25.00/1.0 fl. oz., I've been disappointed before (especially when it comes to Coty) and felt I'd be wiser purchasing Calvin Klein or Versace instead. So I took a casual survey on Facebook amongst my fellow perfumistas, and found a disarming amount of positive feedback toward Truth or Dare. One friend even referred to it as "simply magical."

A longtime fanatic of Madonna's, I'm pleased to report that this is actually a perfume worthy of the Queen of Pop. I do, however, advise against ordering the 3.0 oz. flacon, simply because not everyone's going to turn cartwheels over this one. Tuberose stands out as the strongest note, which, according to interviews, was specifically formulated in memory of Madonna Ciccone's own mother's fragrance. Coming in close second--though listed on Fragrantica as a base note(?!)--is VANILLA. Imagine falling into a chilly pool of rich, vanilla gelato--that's the drydown of Truth or Dare. If you spray too much on your neck or wrists, you can smell it more prominently--it's definitely a guilty indulgence. Jasmine and amber are intermixed lightly with the surprisingly pungent burst of gardenia (think Elizabeth Taylor's Gardenia, but times 10).

Best of all, Truth or Dare has excellent longevity (my personal best was roughly 16-20 hours), and sillage (not loud, if worn with proper reservation, but about a 3-5 foot noticeable radius with just two or three spritzes alone), well worth the meager retail price. After the eventual disappointments of Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie, Lady Gaga's Fame and Beyoncé's ongoing Heat creations, it's refreshing to find a signature celebrity fragrance that pays favorable homage to its namesake!

Cabochard Gres by rakkoma 2014-08-01

I wanted to wait a few days before I wrote my review. This is the conclusion I've come to:

1. Decaying dusty roses
2. Rich worn leather
3. Dry tobacco

I'd like to put emphasis on #1, the trait of being DUSTY. This is a very earthy fragrance to my nose. While I like this fragrance very much, on my skin, it needs to settle for quite a while before I'm in love with it. In fact, the last 2 nights, I've worn it to bed and by morning the smell was divine. That's not to say it *needs* that much time, but it does last quite a while and the longer it wears the better it smells.
Also worth noting, I get WAY more ROSE than anything, other than leather. Those two seem to be the most dominant notes. (Although as I mentioned, the rose is "dusty")

Parfum d`Ete Kenzo by CozyCat 2014-08-01

I was given a mini of this awhile back, it was the original version, and UGH I ADORED it!!! so fresh, dewy, green and clean with a damp mossiness to it and a coy, yet luscious white floral sweetness that makes it smell so feminine, innocent and rounded. I went to store and they only had the new reformulation for sale. They had no tester, so I had to purchase it blind. When I got back home and tried it, I wanted to hurl! It was so coarse, shallow, dry and flat in comparison to the lush dewiness of my mini, simply like mowed grass, nothing more. So I went and returned it the next day. The old version was so beautiful, the clean, lush, nostalgic vibe I got from it reminded me of another discontinued favorite, Oceanus perfume oil from The Body Shop.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by unshkbl00 2014-08-01

This is a beast...I sprayed this twice at a bar and 7 hrs later I can still smell it. Projection is different on everyone. But overall this deserves a 8/10. This smells really actually. I could wear it anytime, day or night. It has a masculine vibe with a fruity undertone.

Angel Eau Sucree Thierry Mugler by butterflyblue 2014-08-01

I really like this. My signature is La Vie est Belle this to me is more sugary vanilla. I really love it. Its lasts most of the day on me too.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by jdawg 2014-08-01

Very fresh and sweet. Nice hint of an onceanic scent. Smells masculine in a way. I might consider buying this myself. Great scent.

Poeme Lancome by jamaral 2014-08-01

Para mim cheira a mãe! É o perfume da minha mãe desde que me lembro. Nunca pensei em usar porque não me identifico nem um pouco com o cheiro. É sofisticado, marcante e único. Não aconselho a compra às cegas!

Sunflowers Elizabeth Arden by jamaral 2014-08-01

Foi uma compra às cegas, o preço era tentador, resultado um perfume difícil de acabar... desatualizado...fora de moda... o único perfume que gosto de Elisabeth Arden é o 5th avenue nights.

Aroma feliz mas demasiado subtil e discreto. O perfume do dia a dia para quem quer passar despercebida!
Pobre na fixação.
Para me sentir perfumada com este perfume só com umas 10 borifadelas....

Apple Blossom Helena Rubinstein by LeggysMum 2014-08-01

Just a heads up for those interested, a 3 piece set available on, for $9.99

( Although I am curious about this scent, I have no memories or nostalgia tied to this, as do so many others, so I'll leave it for those that already love it, as there's a world of other scents for me to discover...)

CK One Shock For Her Calvin Klein by jamaral 2014-08-01

Amoras, amoras ou morangos? Doce e muito jovem.
No máximo 4 horas de fixação!

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by jamaral 2014-08-01

Sofisticado e marcante .. perfume ideal para a noite.
Muito bom.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by jamaral 2014-08-01

Comprei no ano de lançamento e na altura gostei muito. Entretanto o sucesso deste perfume fez-me enjoa-lo porque todas as mulheres o usam!!! Quase igual ao Halloween Blue Drop... Acredito que para quem quer oferecer um perfume este seja uma opção que não desilude!

Poppy Wild Flower Coach by Jasminalia 2014-08-01

Looks like a fruitchouli !

Far Away Gold Avon by boheme_maras 2014-08-01

A more wearable version of classic Far Away...More watered more simple and it doesnt gives headaches like the original one...

Silver Shadow Davidoff by RAG1987 2014-08-01

Lovely fragrance, I would keep buying this and wear it regularly had it lasted on skin. Fragrances tend to last well on my skin but not this one sadly. Shame!!

Bright Crystal Versace by jamaral 2014-08-01

O meu perfume favorito para usar nas noites quentes. É fantástico, sente-se a frescura das fores e frutas. Sempre que o uso alguém me elogia e pergunta qual o perfume que estou a usar. Caro mas vale cada gota, uso em ocasiões especiais onde não quero passar despercebida. É impossível não ter este perfume! A fixação na minha pele dura 8 horas pelo menos!

Nightflight Joop! by RAG1987 2014-08-01

Love this little gem, I blind bought a 30ml bottle last year and although it does smell a bit synthetic it still smells good and it last. It is different from other fragrances and it is a shame that it is discontinued. I have bought a 75ml bottle and I will keep buying this as there seems to be a lot of them going around on eBay still.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by jamaral 2014-08-01

Adorável,Chique e docinho! Perfeito para os dias frios. Excelente fixação. Perfume dispendioso mas vale cada borrifadela.

Charlie Silver Revlon by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

It smells fresh but I can only detect fruits.

Eros Versace by RAG1987 2014-08-01

Having bought a bottle of this I can safely say that I really love this. I also own Allure Home Sport Eau Extreme. I love AHSEE however I find it to be a bit heavy on the tonka that if overdone it can cause headaches in warmer weather.

Eros does it right, I get a strong comparison to AHSEE however I wouldn't say it is a clone or copycat as EROS is in a league of it's own. Sweet freshness that lasts the whole day and into the night. The sweet minty freshness combined with the green and woody notes and tonka makes for a great combination. I do not get any cheap synthetic tones off this.

Have noticed reviews on various sites from people bashing this saying it smells cheap and synthetic and then instantly bigging up AHSEE. I own and wear the two and if I had to chose between the two I would go with EROS rather than AHSEE. Also Versace have got this right, the bottle is amazing, the spritzer works really well and sprays a nice burst of fragrance. One or 2 sprays and this stuff shines. 10/10

I shall keep buying this but for now I will need to get through my 100ml bottle.

This perfume is so boozy that if you give it a small shake it will burst on you!!

When I initially tried THETF, and knowing the original Terre d'Hermes EDT, I immediately shut it down and did not give it a proper chance. It did not smell like my beloved fragrance, to me it was orange juice!

Once I started to properly wearing it, I knew it's secrets and beauty. This scent is not made to impress you with it's complexity. It does not demand a special occasion nor an intimate relation. This frangrance's sole purpose in life is making you feel happy, energetic, fresh and alive! It gives you the energy, frees your mind from your troubles and just gives you this rush of great feelings and thoughts for you to just start your day in a good way!

It is indeed juicy. Like someone just threw at you a cup of sweetened grapefruit juice. Bitter but sweet. Fresh but fun. On the drydown it gets a little more serious but keeps it uplifting mood going on!

It has it's own character, it's like the carefree sister of Terre d'Hermes. they share some DNA but really different personalities. The original EDT is down to earth, calm, wise and gentle while this new interpretation is wild, fun, happy, energetic and always positive and I love them both!

Gold Kim Kardashian by Elizabby 2014-08-01

I once said I would never buy anything branded by this woman - but I had to have this! It is sweet, but not too sweet. Fruity and floral in a good balance and it smells warm to me. I find a lot of celebrity scents are very sweet and rather "young" for me - since turning 40 I'm moving away from overly-sweet scents and generally that means avoiding "celebrity" scents. But this had enough depth to it to be wearable for an older woman, and my husband liked it enough to insist on knowing the name of it. (I can't compare it to any other of the KK line, as I haven't tried any of them. I might in the future though!)

Encens Mythique D'Orient Guerlain by arunashamal 2014-08-01

Pears baby powder smell. Nothing special here. If I want to smell like this I would buy a bottle of baby powder. Which is far cheaper

Encre Noire Lalique by lvxifer 2014-08-01

What can i say else about this pure masterpiece...light smoky vetiver with cypress background,which gives to fragrance cold night feelings.must have!
p.s.also recommend arabian Baug&Sons pour homme noir(still not in fragrantica database)-smokier version of EN,more into depths of burning abyss.i call it "ashes to ashes dust to dust".

Far Away Gold Avon by suile 2014-08-01

Everyone who complains that Avon fragrances are too weak and don't last, should try this one, which is both powerful and long-lasting.

Very like the original Far Away but less sweet and more floral. I don't get as much coconut as I do from the original.

My UK bottle doesn't have the gold charm either.

Reading these new reviews about my favourite fragrance worries me now!

Last year I bought a full 75ml bottle of LIDGE and I am perfectly fine with it. I use it sparingly though! It smells deep, rich and complex. But, all this talk about a reformulation makes me sad! Why reformulate a perfume that was such a success for Guerlain?

I am happy though, because I think I bought the pre reformulation bottle. I hope they fix this because their new male fragrance is really underwhelming! Not bad but safe! (Talking about l'Homme Ideal) and now they ruin LIDGE?

I don't know what to say... But, they better fix this!
(I did not smell the new composition, so this is not a review. I am just expressing my feelings about the reformulation.)

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Hannehoney 2014-08-01

If you struggle with headache from perfume, don't try this.... I had a migraine after wearing this :( First and absolutely last time Iam wearing it.. Iam so tired of perfumes that make me sick.

J`Aime Les Fleurs La Perla by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

So nice for spring and summer. I really love violets!

Angel Thierry Mugler by mooglebuns 2014-08-01

I don't understand the vehement hate this perfume gets. I find it quite pleasant. I don't find it overly loud, overly sweet or overly anything really.

It's interesting and the dry down is really nice. It has a strange buzzing undertone of avon skin so soft, which bring back warm fuzzy memories of being a kid in the 90s. Along with that SSS note there is vanilla, patchouli, chocolate and vaguely fruity hints. It's fun for my nose.

I am really looking forward to seeing how it works once the weather cools down.

Homme Exceptionnel Mont Blanc by RobbieX 2014-08-01

A pleasant, sweet and spicy juice. A little like Pursuit but has more amber. I cannot smell coffee myself though. Moderate staying power. This has a lovely spicy dry down and silage. Exceptionnel is a nice scent.

Fahrenheit Dior by Ruben Ashley Westerhoff 2014-08-01

Thanks your professional and eloquent reviews! Keep them coming please.
Your review of Fahrenheit is very profound and insightful.
I have a few 10 ml. miniatures of the vintage. Epic stuff!!, still without the odd gasoline note.

I think a lot comes down to when someone grew up and what the perfumes were at that time. With all the reformulations taking place it’s likely that in 25 years people will even enjoy perfumes that smell like plastic, because they never knew better. Well, to each his own ;-)

Far Away Gold Avon by energia 2014-08-01

Far away is the only fragrance from Avon that I like, and Calice Becker is one of my favourite noses. I'm expecting a lot and can't wait :)))

Omnia Green Jade Bvlgari by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

Although I am not a fan of woody scents OMNIA GREEN JADE smells like spring. So fresh, young and charming!

Orazuli S.T. Dupont by Glarnere 2014-08-01

I have been wanting it for quite long, finally got it! Well, this one is strange... It smells like no other perfume!
First spray is almost too much, so strong, but then in 30 min... i can´t smell it on myself at all, just veeery faint base notes!!! I wonder if others can smell it on me...
I think it smells of... dark blue color, it smells of what it looks like! :)

@robswift Aqua di parma is and EDC at 5% concentration while this is 24% it lasts more and projects better though i didn't try the ADP oud but generation 2022 lasts and lasts on me and projects nicely

Far Away Gold Avon by Kione 2014-08-01

I am lucky that I could buy this as I am in the UK. I am not a far of Fan Away original at all, but I love Gold! Its creamy and sensual, the amber gives it the touch I love and takes it away from being sickly.
I am wearing it today, cool and rainy summer day and it is just perfect to lift my mood. I can see why people class this as a winter and night scent, but I think it would be perfectly wearable on a warm summer night.
P.S. My bottle didn't have the gold charm :(

Paul Smith Rose Paul Smith by Soie 2014-08-01

Wow, what an interesting fragrance! I get very strong green tea with a fruity, fresh rose and white musk. I already knew about the note of tea but assumed it mostly would have a supporting role by adding a green note in the background. Green tea most definitely is the star of this fragrance.

Guerlain Homme Guerlain by lvxifer 2014-08-01

Guerlain homme is excellent fresh aromatic fragrance(mojito,mint lime opening=extaze) with beautiful bitter twist of bergamote and gently soapy vetiver drydown.i appreciate mature character,disagree that's for teens.20 + for sure.

Voile de Jasmin Bvlgari by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

This is such an ellegant fragrance. Perfect for everyday use. In my modest opinion one of the best perfumes based on jasmine.

Amouage Epic Man Amouage by Bodda89 2014-08-01

I have found an appropriate way of wearing this beast spray it on your pubic hair wear 16 underpants and a cast iron pant and you will not overpower the people around you

Prada Candy Prada by Dioguh 2014-08-01

Oh Candy, Candy, why can you last longer? It's gone after 3 hours. It's pretty exclusive though..

L'Acquarossa Fendi by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

I feel in love with tis smell from the first spray! One word:GORGEOUS!

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by Dioguh 2014-08-01

OMG, you haters are the worst. It's a really great scent, a true classic, incredible longevity... and it doesn't smell equal in everyone, in my skin, a don't get any lavender, but i like it anyway.. maybe i'll buy it soon

Little Italy Bond No 9 by Kayse 2014-08-01

"Wow! I feel like I've been splashed in the face with cheap pop, and I LIKE it!" Is my husbands review :)

Si Giorgio Armani by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

My mother gave me a sample of this fragrance. First time I sprayed it I thouht it is too sweet for my taste. I wear it when I go to a nightclub. It's very longnasting, it should be great for vanilla and sweet scents lovers.

Visit For Men Azzaro by daynierds 2014-08-01

I do like the wood in smells natural...however the spices are a bit strong and somehow remind me of one that I detest and ended up declaration d' un soir....anyway....visit is a few steps above..not a bad option if you want to smell elegant, classy and better forget about getting compliments from women...I am sure 7 out of 10 would be either indifferent or delike this one for it for yourself and a few others....not everybody's favorite for sure...

Loewe 7 Loewe by tomusiovy 2014-08-01

"7" is an extraordinary fragrance. Seconds after spraying I detect only cloves. But after a while it reveals a strong incense smell, which combines perfectly with cedar wood and creates beatiful and very masculine fragrance. Just after these sharp notes we can easily feel a wave of fresh, floral savor. Loewe 7 is a fragrance which is one of my favorites right now. Many opinions here say that it has great longevity, but 6h on my body is maximum this parfume can make.
Overall: 8/10

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

This is one of my favourite fragrances of all time! The simplicity of the composition makes it beautiful in a unique way! Thank you, DKNY!

Dia pour Femme Amouage by kxnaiades 2014-08-01

Aldehydes on steroids, of sinus clearing intensity right at the first spritz. After my head cleared, my nose registered a heavy floral scented powder following behind the aldehydes and remaining like this for the rest of its lifetime on me. It's not a light dusting of powder, it's like how the aristos in Versailles laid on the powder to hide their body odours since showers were a rarity. I get the comparisons with No. 5 but they are unique in their own ways and both deserve a place in the wardrobe of an aldehyde lover/old school(not old lady)floral powder+aldehyde lover. I cannot stress enough that there is no escaping the aldehydes and I would not have grouped this perfume under floral. It's much much more fizzy than floral. I don't personally categorize scents into day or night but this is too much of a powerhouse to be worn in my line of work, besides being a waste of a gorgeous beauty. Massive sillage and moderate longevity on me.

DKNY Golden Delicious Donna Karan by Nikkafragrance 2014-08-01

I smelled this one in a store and I was so pleasantly surprised! I thought that Be Delicious was the best from DKNY but this one is great too! When I went out I walked for a few hours and the light wind reminded me of the scent over and over again. I think this fragrance is excellent for early fall. It's like the sun gently touches my skin with its rays.

Santal Blush Tom Ford by Tigerlillian 2014-08-01

Provocative, yet not dark; independently sensual without a care in the world somehow. Santal Blush reminds me of the smell of crowded west coast beaches of Australia in the summertime.

The softly balanced spices make for a dry vapor rising from sun blanched sandy shores with a fine talc feel and deeply kissed with sweet sunshine. Fenugreek, cedar and carrot seed deliver a mustiness that adds to the dry vapor effect.

The sandalwood and benzoin resin in combination present a coconut-like accord with a slightly viscous undertone; it's also reminscent of expensive pressed powder compact makeup. Oud, subtle musk and caraway conjure up sweaty, salty bodies with a light veil of coconut oil on bronzed skin--carefree, sexy and effortlessly captivating. I also detect a little indolic facet from jasmine but not much of its floral aroma.

Everything here is in delicate balance and barely discernible to the nose, that is, except for the sandalwood. Here the art of enjoying this fragrance is in the application, at least on my skin. Too hard on the trigger and you get a good masculine sandalwood blasting that doesn't settle down for at least four hours. That was my mistake the first time, but then after the persistent sandalwood bomb I kept catching stunningly beautiful whiffs of sweet powdery woods; a light diffusive veil is really all you need to allow all the other notes to radiate through much sooner without the sandalwood/benzoin heaviness.

Santal Blush is smooth, woody, laid-back gorgeousness and will be a keeper in my collection. Complex with a minimalist finish making it ideal to wear alone or layered.

I tested Bottega Veneta Eau Legere completely by chance. Flicking through a 2013 VOGUE magazine at the hair salon, I was amazed to find an advert with a sample (the foil, peel-off kind) that hadn't been touched! I rubbed it all over my wrist, and that was it... when I got home, I was straight online to hunt down a bottle.

BVEL is all class. It starts out with a nice peppery blast, flowing though to white florals. The mossy, musky base is just divine. I find it very comforting and cosy.

The longevity is excellent - it does become a skin scent after a couple of hours, but it holds well. I get around 8 hours wear. Sillage is moderate, turning to soft.

This elegant beauty is easily in my top 10 fragrances.

Reflection Man Amouage by KIZILBAY 2014-08-01

Amouage'ın genel tarzının biraz dışına çıkan Reflection, özellikle Türkiye'de markanın "hacıyağı" gibi benzetmelerle karşılaşmasının dışında kalan bir örnek oluşturuyor. Yasemin baskın, portakal çiçeği arka planda ama hissediliyor. Fakat floral bir parfüm demek zor. Bekledikçe yasemin yumuşuyor ve güzelleşiyor. 2-3 saat sonrasında yumuşak odunsu bir koku haline geliyor. Yumuşak ancak kalıcılığı oldukça iyi. Bir plaj parfümü değil ancak serin yaz akşamlarında da kullanılabilir. 25 yaş üstü için uygun. Eğer bulabilirseniz travel tipi sabunlarından da almanızı öneririm. Sabun sanki sadece parfümden oluşuyor. Sanırım şeffaf olmasından Amouage parfümlerinden şişesi en iyi görünen Reflection. Eski üretim ise kapağı mıknatızlı değil ve dik durmadığı sürece kapak şişede durmuyor.

Encre Noire Sport Lalique by biscoff 2014-08-01

I am so happy that I made my decision and bought it.
It is an excellent fragrance from Lalique - aquatic, airy and clean - exactly what it should be. And the DNA of Encre Noir is there, too - vetiver and that deep, mystique vibe, which made Encre Noir so famous among the fragrance lovers.

10/10 from me!!!

Fahrenheit Dior by Smyle12 2014-08-01

You NAILED IT, Petrichor! :-) And YES, woman do LOVE it! My fiancé goes WILD every time I wear it (and by now, she has quite the specialised nose!) Fahrenheit is the true embodiment of a masterpiece of haute art. Ergot, it will forever exist wholly apart from "time" or "trend" as we feeble-minded humans conceive of it.

IL Lancetti by Bigsly 2014-08-01

I don't get clear sandalwood like some others seem to think, but there is a light and dry woody quality, no doubt. However, for me this is a lighter and smoother version of Azzaro Pour Homme. It's rich and natural smelling but if you find the anisic fougere type accord boring, as I do, then this might not work for you. Don't expect a wallop of leather, vetiver, amber, or moss here. This is more of a a blend with the anisic fougere element front and center. I think I prefer Grigioperla to this one, but that's due to better note separation. And I think I'd rather go with APH's crudeness, actually, because of the better dynamism.

Black Bvlgari by Smyle12 2014-08-01

Let me sum up BB like this: My 2.5oz puck is nearly gone, nor will not be repurchasing. Rather than smell amazing, Black is merely an amazing novelty. A distraction, a brilliant, one-off, circus side show that in the words of the late Hunter S. Thompson is "too strange to live and too rare to die."

Bvlgari Black ~ What canisters of brand-new tennis balls would smell like if, upon opening, they were discovered to have been packed, chock full, of dried Madagascar vanilla beans. Do I want to smell this way? No. Is it interesting? Without a doubt.

Baiser Vole Eau de Toilette Cartier by diamondkite 2014-08-01

Happy to have bought this. It's like envoking a cool, green lily-filled florist on a 40C day. Can't wait to wear this in our sweltering Oz Summer!

White Musk Tesori d`Oriente by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-08-01

I like the fact that this is a white musk fragrance but that it has heavy sillage so it can be smelled by others. If you smell your wrist close up, it smells like baby powder but the cloud around you smells like musk. My only complaint is that the white musk lacks the sexiness of White Musk by Swiss Arabian (lacks sillage), and lacks sexiness altogether :( It is more of a clean smell in the style of baby products.

Tierra del Fuego La Martina by daynierds 2014-08-01

if it smells like aventus, then I may need to operate my nostrils...sometimes I do not get such stupid comparisons...

Premiere Luxe Avon by KATERINA LABROPOULOU 2014-08-01

Nice perfume from Avon. I would compare it with "love never dies gold" due to its earthy note. It is rather sweet, the chocolate (praline) note along with patchouli is pleasant giving to the perfume a high quality hidden inside it. It is long lasting, with a nice bottle. I could wear it easily in spring but is better for winter time when perfumes are closer to clothes (scarves) and don't evaporate due to heat. I am glad with my choice!

Forbidden Rose Avril Lavigne by smnicholas 2014-08-01

This smells like a really nice shampoo.
It's present, nothing overly different.

Bottle is gorgeous though.

L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake by Toom_Snoopy 2014-08-01

This fragrance is so pure, very close to the real flowers which grow in my country (wrightia) with a little green and watery mildly sweet. Very unique scent and perfect for summer. I imagine a woman wearing white dress walking in the garden. One of the beautiful flowery scent of all time. :)

Captivating Ghost by nitschevo 2014-08-01

Update: who would have thought but this has very quickly become my summer go-to,office scent. It's so fresh and uplifting :) Lasting power also improved in warmer weather - try it out! :)

Musk Al Ajeeb Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by HAL9000 2014-08-01

This perfume reminds me of the 70s hippie days and head shops with musk, patchouli and sandalwood. You know, THOSE shops... where the minute you walk in there's this great cool vibe, complete with tie-dyed t-shirts and posters of Pink Floyd and Iggy Pop. An assortment of smoking paraphernalia can be found near the black light posters displays in the back behind the bead curtains.

But then you realize that your memories are of those cheap synthetics in $4 roll-on bottles while the Ajeeb you are lucky enough to be wearing is the professional perfumer's version of this memory, as it is far more smooth, sexy and complex.

Totally FB worthy for anyone who is cool and likes the dark musky sensual feeling that comes free with purchase.

Fahrenheit Dior by Petrichor 2014-08-01

I bought a bottle of Fahrenheit from Walgreens online in 2012. It's fantastic. I don't usually shop there, but they were running a sale

I hate when people moan about what they don't have rather than enjoying what they do. Is vintage Fahrenheit better than the current bottles? Probably, but why worry about it unless you have the option to buy a perfectly stored vintage bottle? Oh, but it used to be better! Yeah, and we all used to be younger. Stop living in the past.

My bottle is from either 2012 or maybe 2011, and as I said, it's fantastic. 3 sprays last 10 to 12 hours. It opens with that bizarrely beautiful gasoline note, but here's a secret that most people don't realize: the more fragrances you sample and the more you learn about different notes, the harder it becomes to smell the gasoline. Instead, you smell the individual notes that make up the gasoline accord.

I never wore Fahrenheit back in the day, so to me, it might as well have been a new scent. I was surprised to find that Fahrenheit can be worn year round. I should mention that summers can get hot but not humid where I live, so YMMV, ETC and so on and so forth.

I don't know if Fahrenheit is sexy to a woman these days. I'm a guy, so I can only say that to me, it smells very masculine and kind of muscular.

I wish I'd found Fahrenheit years ago, but as I said above, it's foolish to live in the past. All I can say is that I'm glad I own it today.

When in doubt, buy a small bottle. That's what I did, and believe me, a little goes a long way. Fahrenheit is probably in my top ten all time favorite fragrances. It's absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it.

24 Faubourg Hermes by ingahoberg 2014-08-01

What can I say, so many great reviews, but there seems to be a negative thread running through so many of them. This perceived class, age, wealth and other classifications that I just don't get. I bought a big bottle on ebay, a tester, I wanted to try it. When my bottle arrived my mail carrier said there is something that smells so good in this box. I unwrapped the bottle and it had been leaking quite a bit. I felt an immediate affinity for the perfume. It smells so nice, sunny, cheerful, beautiful. I felt like I'd finally had a winner out of dozens of so, so perfumes. Sadly it does not last long on me as I have a case of anosmia that is getting worse all the time. I will wear it so others can enjoy it. It is so lovely. Why is it that so many reviewers have such an agenda toward this scent?
I don't see anything but an ageless, timeless, beautiful scent. It may be expensive, but so are many perfumes and yet there is not near the animosity as this one seems to garner. I'm a senior who just discovered this scent, I have a very low income on social security, and I love perfume, how can it be that my choice in perfume is enough to put me in a category, old, rich, when that is completely opposite what I am. If I have learned anything at all here, it is that everyone's sense of smell is different and that we all enjoy perfume. What one likes is determined by their nose. Nothing else really matters. If there are people silly enough to wear something just cos its popular when they get nothing from it, they really are not giving an opinion of the perfume but what they think others want to hear. My sense of smell is compromised in that I don't smell anything after 5 minutes, but during that 5 minutes
I know what I like. And something that lifts one up,and is joyous, has got to be a winner.

Body Burberry by jessihsia 2014-08-01

I just LOOOOOOVE this smell, i don't care what others think cuz i wanna smell this all day

Jardin d’Amalfi Creed by MOODSE 2014-08-01

I got superbbbbbb fresh with this. Love this scent but too expesive.

Chance Chanel by moonprismpower 2014-08-01

This is my favorite Chanel and I think one of the most wearable by anyone of any age. I went through several bottles bathing in the stuff as a teenager and got a lot of compliments. The lemon and pineapple are bright but never too sour, the patchouli is clean and the pink pepper is just spicy enough to catch your throat a little. The base is classic, warm, earthy and musky/musty. I had EDT which was plenty as far as sillage/longevity. EDP is lovely, very similar but slightly warmer and darker. I prefer EDT overall. I'd still wear this if I didn't associate it with stupid ex-boyfriends and it wasn't so extremely popular.

Beach Bobbi Brown by lolipophead 2014-08-01

I just got back from a few days camping and the only fragrance I happened to have with me was Beach. Amidst all the chaos, I found myself chasing after a scent....someone smelt fabulous, and it was driving me crazy. I even sniffed the necks of people to discover who it've guessed!! Something happens to this scent when it is worn under your clothes, just lovely, a little piece of everyday magic.

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by newbieScentLover 2014-08-01

I love this fragrance, but I am having such a difficult time with the new formulation. The bottles of new formula EDP just don't last on me. At first I thought I was buying bad batches on e-bay, but then I went to N.M. (the only place that stocks retail) and spritzed on a sample/tester and got the same thing. Poof, gone in sixty seconds. I find the EDT lasts on me (probably because it's old formula) but the EDT isn't being produced any more. I recently grabbed a few bottles before they vanish forever.

Pomegranate Noir Jo Malone by Sandra221 2014-08-01

Really didn't work on me. I found it harsh and bitter, odd to pin down but certainly no pomegranate or fruit smell. Persisted but eventually sold it on eBay

Casmir Chopard by newbieScentLover 2014-07-31

Smells like pure heaven on me. This one is a keeper

Dolce Vita Dior by newbieScentLover 2014-07-31

I got stinky B.O. Couldn't scrub it off fast enough. Glad it was only a sample.

This does seem to start off with a citric scent but upon closer inspect it is actually a dry, thin and high-pitched scent of white grape & green apple. These two notes aren't sweet but they aren't quite sharp or sour-smelling either. There is also a fruity but still rather low-key note of rhubarb, as well as white musk, a softly fresh floralcy, and a hint of pepper.

As being of the "fresh & clean" genre, but also having a sheer and mild quality at the same time, the fragrance becomes even more fresh and sheer with each passing second, and within mere minutes it is a wonderfully soft & clean white musk skinscent with airy hints of white grapes and lotus flower.

Interlude Man Amouage by spectrum83 2014-07-31

smell more of oregano than incense. i don't know what type of incense u been using. almost resembles strong vicks vapor rub or weird lipbalm eucalyptus smell. kind of gourmand culinary woody herbaceous. Savory. like thick honey pastry but with two tablespoons of oregano herbs added inside and sprinkled on top and then baked in oven. weird combination with a weird, very balsamic almost powdery, ozonic Cream Soda, oregano and musk drydown. very disjointed and unusual but does not smell good at all. in fact it smells offensively bad and weird like stepping in a turd of a dog that has been eating oppoponax and mint.

"ashes and smoke" makes interlude sound very romantic; heroic. but actually to me it wears - and smells - odd, strange; sweet but weirdly savoury. like the meaty smoke coming from a totally burnt roast chicken, with a freshly added side-dish of pure fresh oregano. All underpinned by this strange, ethereal, mineral, abstract/aromatic, skewed cream soda accord, or 'ghost'. Really lop-sided overall. 

interesting smell. But.. perfume? good perfume? really?

AB Silver Lomani by namak 2014-07-31

Aventus clone. Yes. Smells nice. Yes.

Horrible longevity and projection. Not even worth $20. There are better cheapies for that price and it's not much of a clone if you can't smell it.

Miel De Bois Serge Lutens by pravda48 2014-07-31

Just received this in a swap and it's getting much love from me upon my first test run.

I put 2 sprays on my wrists and it was initially WAY too strong! Strongest. Lutens. Ever. Haha, my whole room really reeked of it for at least 2 hours.

Anyway the scent: Up front there was a heavy blast of honey & distinctly beeswax for sure, along with a definite almost dirty undertone of some deeper/spicier woods (guaiac mostly so far).

30mins in: it's getting spicier now as the ebony wood really comes forward. Mmm, I like it! Even the oak is distinctly noticeable. This is really a fun, heavy sweet-spicy scent. I like its character.

5.5hours: a skinscent now, I ask my male roommate to smell it. (He initially said my room stunk when it was super strong at the beginning, so I thought perhaps it was just overpowering him). His exact response?
"It smells like piss." So, that's a strong 'dislike' in his view. To me it now smells like a more powdered honey and more subdued woods. Still no iris or musk in sight to my nose. Again though, this was with 2 sprays only on my wrists and it took up a room for hours. I bet it'd last forever with double the application (if you could stand the opening!).

I can only hypothesize from his perception & reviews for Maison F. K.'s Pour le Soir scents that honey is perceived by some people's noses as human piss. How sad. I guess that's similar to how certain indoles excite other people while smelling like a urinal cake to me ;)

Sadly I'll have to mark this one a 'for myself only' perfume. But I'm cool with that. It's kind of amazing if honey smells like honey to you as it does to me!

Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Guerlain by ada.cotoi 2014-07-31

Well, first I should say that I`m a woman in my mid twenties and I am wearing Habit Rouge with such a pleasure.

Like Shalimar, the opening is citrusy, not bergamot this time but lemon, a very refreshing hint, perfect for summer mornings.

After that, the magic take it over. It develops with a powdery, velvet feeeling given by the rose and vanilla is doing her job too, with all its coziness and sensuality subtones.

And finally, but not least, because it`s a Guerlain fragrance you can find the tipical vibe in it, maybe due to the perfect smokey leather and lovely woody notes.

Sillage and longevity are both great!
This may be the classiest scent for men, but for a woman sure is the secret weapon of seduction. Wear it with passion!

I only have a 0.5 ml sample of this, so I have to make up my mind after only one wearing, and that's a pity because it'll leave me wondering: would I still find it this weird and ultimately unconvincing after multiple wears?

I got this sample because of the bitter orange and galbanum, notes I love, but I don't get any orange and the galbanum behaves in an unexpected and not altogether pleasant way here. In fact, I can't really pick out any notes, but what dominates on my skin is a vaguely creamy, sour smell. It reminded me of something immediately, and after a while and a lot of sniffing I put my finger on it: it smells slightly like mayonnaise. At the same time it's very resinous, which is a saving grace, because it actually doesn't smell bad: it's like someone mixed together mayonnaise and furniture polish, and somehow it turned out better than you'd think, but of course it's not good either (you can't expect that much from a mix like that).

I can't imagine they were going for the mayonnaise/furniture polish vibe, so I wonder if this effect is my skin chemistry's fault, or if my sample already went bad. I'll try it again in a store if I ever see it around.

pure chemical shit. Yak !!

Rosabotanica Cristobal Balenciaga by beautyhustler 2014-07-31

This scent wasn't re formulated. There is florabotanica and this one is rosabotanica. two different scents. I thought I was smelling a strong honey note but I guess its the fig in conjunction with other things that threw me off…very nice scent.


In my review I indeed mentioned that I would consider this to be a masculine scent. I just have trouble envisioning a situation(like a date or some ballroom dancing event) for a female to wear this masterpiece.

But you are right, anytime, male or female, anyone that needs a boost to feel good and confident this perfume is ideal.

Kudos to you.


Herve Leger Herve Leger by agentj 2014-07-31

This has been my signature scent for the pasy ten years or so, and when I ent to Nordstrom today I had no idea they'd brought it back. I was so excited I took a picture of the shelf and sent it to my best friend (of 27 yrs) because she had begun to wear it also. Its a slightly different color, more blue-ish than the purple I remember. I had resigned myself to doing without after ordering several bottles on ebay that didn't smell right. Does anyone know if this is the same formula or if it's been tweaked somehow. It still smells amazing, the perfect scent for me. Now I just have to reorganize my budget so I can buy a big bottle! I hope the will keep it around permanently this time.

Lolavie Jennifer Aniston by deadidol 2014-07-31

A shrill, chemical jasmine with some vague grassy things (dimethyl hydroquinone?) over a murky dryer-sheet galaxolide musk. It’s a bit like being water-boarded by fabric softener for ten minutes—which is about the entire lifespan of the fragrance.

Not for grownups.

Flor Alegria Avon by DJJellyBean 2014-07-31

I wonder why this is the same as Avon fleur, but has different notes. Fleur has mango, and this has a mango smell to it, I'm confused.

Rokka Antonia`s Flowers by Nurse Feratu 2014-07-31

There was a HUGE sample bottle, not a vial but an actual bottle, of this tucked inside the box with the Tiempe Passat I opened today. It's labeled a man's fragrance but I dabbed some on anyway. The opening is sweet, citrus and floral, much more floral than I was expecting for a masculine scent, and also with that floral note being violet. Thankfully, it's a green violet and not a powdery violet! The middle is fresh, somewhat aquatic, and woody, namely cedar. The bottom is rounded out with more sweetness, I get amber, vanilla and earthy patchouli. I agree with LisaMari, this is definitely a unisex perfume. I handed the bottle to my husband explaining about how it was a free sample and all expecting him to blow it off and hand it right back to me, he is not a cologne guy. Instead, he opened it up and dabbed some on his hand, then proceeded to "ooh" and "mmmmm" and finally announce, "This smells great!" He gets to keep the bottle and I get to enjoy him wearing it.

Bora Bora for Men Liz Claiborne by emad.siddiqui 2014-07-31

Very under-rated fragrance. I got it as an Eid Gift from a cousin. I did not even know that a perfume named Bora Bora existed :P I saw it and thought it is a local cologne not a branded one :P at the first sniff it reminded me of Cool water a bit i thought it wont last at all...I tried it last night and it turned out to be quite long lasting. I would wear it at day times mostly as a daily use cologne.

Girlfriend Justin Bieber by shannonatt 2014-07-31

I am 32 years old and I bought this on a whim in the clearance rack at Winners and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. I think Justin Bieber is an absolute douchebag, but I almost liked his "Someday" fragrance, it was just missing something I can't quite put my finger on. This fragrance is equally as youthful, but a little more complex and wonderfully fruity. The drydown on this is reminiscent of Viva La Juicy or Fcuk 3. Having said that, it is a pretty generic fragrance that a lot of people might like a little, but nothing stands out to it that would make it a "signature scent". If it was on sale and I ran out I might repurchase, but I wouldn't go out and buy this on purpose. The bottle is really cute though. Some may think it's tacky, but I like the visual appeal on my perfume shelf. It's sweet without being overly sweet and not an overpowering scent at all.

I am a big fan of this as sweets and gourmands are definitely my thing. The vanilla and caramel works beautifully. This is such a lovely, warm and happy scent. It makes me smile. I also find the longevity and sillage really great with this perfume. It's what I wanted Mariah Carey - Dreams to be but that one didn't really last on my
Skin and was boring. But that's another review.

Fate for Women Amouage by hippiechick13 2014-07-31

This is art in a bottle. Not sure if I can wear it.

It's kind of unreal how they have blended the chilli and the cinnamon... it's just fantastic. But again, more a smell for a high end hotel suite, or at home. Or perhaps a very, very special occasion. I can't imagine it being anyone's every day fragrance, because it takes time to experience, and it is oh so unusual.

Light and effervescent, this is a great daytime scent. Starts out with a fresh citrus burst due to the mandrian blossom and the orange blossom, then a bit of sweet honey and rose. The rose is more prominent in this version than any of the others so if you're a rose fan its definitely the one to pick. The orange blossoms aren't as prominent and the honey isn't as sweet in this one than the Parfum or Intense. Feminine and lovely.

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by jake.shouse 2014-07-31

Yes spotlights I like red door and I am re buying it as we speak everyone I knows hates this but I think it's lovely! And I wear only women's perfumes check out my profile on here see my collection! Jacob.

Thirty-three Ex Idolo by Kain 2014-07-31

Have you ever smelled "Montale Black Aoud"?!
This fragrance is the same garbage except this one has much more oud and better quality notes.
The opening of this fragrance is a heavy in your face oud and rose combo with lots of sweetness and some patchouli in the background. the oud note is stronger than "Montale Black Aoud" and it has better quality but rose which smells like rosewater (scent of the funeral in my country) is exactly the same. impossible to stand!
There is a sharp herbal and earthy patchouli right beside these two that gives the scent more masculine edge.

In the mid oud and rose both settled down while the sweetness and patchouli notes got stronger.
The mid is a syrupy sweet vanilla plus heavy earthy patchouli mixed with oud and rose a few steps behind these two notes.
If you think "Montale Black Aoud" is a bomb you should check this out. it has even stronger projection and longevity could pass 10 hours without any problem.
Not my cup of tea at all xD

اگر از طریق مونتال بلک عود به رستگاری نرسیدین و نتونستین با دنیای مردگان ارتباط برقرار کنین و نتونستین راه بهشت یا بهتره بگم جهنم رو پیدا کنین شاه کلیدش اینه. یه عطر مزخرف و بی خود که تا حد بسیار زیادی شبیه مونتال بلک عود هست منتها بوی عود تو این عطر قویتره و در کل عطر کیفیت بالاتر و بهتری داره به نسبت مونتال

رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با بوی قوی عود و رز و مقدار مشخصی نعنای هندی شروع میشه که مقداری هم رایحه های شیرین همراهیشون میکنه
بوی عود به نسبت مونتال قویتر و مشخص تره و کیفیت خیلی بالاتری داره. رایحه رز که دقیقا همون بوی گلاب خودمونه. نثار شادی اموات یه فاتحه هم بفرستین که روحشون شاد بشه و سنت زیارت اهل قبور رو اینترنتی هم به جا آورده باشیم
یه سینی هم حلوای گلاب نشان فرد اعلاء سفارش دادم که اموات بیشتر شاد بشن
نعنای هندی بوی تند و تیز گیاهی و کمی خاکی به عطر میده و باعث میشه عود و رز گلاب نشان کمتر حال آدمو به هم بزنن

با گذر زمان عود و رز ملایمتر میشن و همزمان نعنای هندی و رایحه شیرین عطر قویتر. رایحه شیرین عطر دیگه زیادی شیرینه و مثل این محلول های فوق اشباع آب و شکر میمونه که تو علوم دوره راهنمایی میساختیم به عنوان آزمایش. بوش حال آدمو بد میکنه از بس شیرینه. رایحه نعنای هندی هم خاکی تر و تند و تیز تر از ابتدا هست که حس مردانه و خشن بیشتری به عطر میده
پخش بو و ماندگاری این از مونتال بلک عود هم بیشتره. یعنی یه پیس بزنی بوش از اون پنت هاوس بهشت بگیر تا زیر زمین و فاضلاب جهنم توجه همه ارواح رو جلب میکنه و به سمت خودش میکشه. یه جورایی اسپیریت مگنت بسیار قوی. ماندگاریش هم به راحتی مرز 10 ساعت رو پشت سر میگذاره
هیچ وقت ناامید نشین. همیشه راههای جدید برای رسیدن به خدا هست. صلوات

Incense Suede Salvatore Ferragamo by aqua_de_la_vita 2014-07-31

I have several of his frag's... it looks expensive. I can't wait to try it...the notes used will definitely make it a fall/winter frag. It probably be launched in the late fall.

Gucci by Gucci Sport Gucci by lollero 2014-07-31

I feel like this fantastic scent is ruined with the name sport. If they had gave it a totally different and unique name this smell would definitely ve more appealing to the fragrance enthusiastics. This opens with a little soapy smell with the mandarin and figs making it more sweeter and juicy. I can honestly say that I've never smelled anything quite like this! This is perfect for the summer and especially for spring. I feel like this could do very well on a chilly or even on a rainy day.

Alamut Lorenzo Villoresi by s.alswayeq 2014-07-31

كنت قد كتبت تعليق بسيط حول هذا العطر واعتقد ان ظلمته كثيرا، ونسيته بعدها، جربته لاحقا وتفاجأت بجمال الرائحة اكثر ما اعجبني هو التوازن الرائع ين تلك الازهار والمكونات الاخرى الشرقية
العطر كلاسيكي بالشكل الذي افضلة
نوتة البودرة مزجت بممكونات الازهار البيضاء الاكثر وضوحا لدي بجانب اليلانج مع لمسات مقبولة ومتقنه من العنبر والاخشاب (الساندل..) وكذلك اللابنديوم وجدت بشكل ناعم اضافة شخصية اخرى للعطر ليكون مناسب ايضا للرجال
بداية العطر ربما ستلحظ دعني اقول مكونات قد تصنفها انها خشبية عنبرية مع مشاركة للازهار البيضاء وربما لمسات من الوورد والبودرة

البداية عجبتني كثيرا تارة المح الزهور البيضاء واليلانج مع لمحات بودرية بجانب روائح الاخشاب وتحديد خشب الساندل الذي استطعت ان المحه اكثر من العنبر وكذلك اللابنديوم؟ اجد التصويت على العنبر واللابندويم بهذا الشكل قد يوحي بان العطر عنبري بالنسبة لا اراه كذلك فهور عطر زهري، بودري خشبي عنبري، كلاسيكي
ولو كان عنبري بالشكل الثقيل لما برزت تلك المكونات الكلاسيكية الرائعه من الزهور البيضاء و لكنه متواجد بشكل لمسات .

اجد بعد خمس دقائق العطر يصبح بودري سويتي طبعا هذه المرحلة اقل جمالا من بداية العطر

قاعدة العطر اجدها مزيج من العنبر وروائح البودرة طبعا غير ممزيه بالنسبة لي
وكما ذكرت افضل مراحل العطر هي البداية

جمال الرئحة لبداية العطر : 8.5/10
جمال الرائحة بعد خمس الى عشر دقائق : 7/10

Z Zegna Extreme Ermenegildo Zegna by Manny44 2014-07-31

Well, its a beauty. Is it a $175 beauty (thats what 3.4 oz bottles on Ebay can go for), not that much. Rose, gin, and Vetiver. Got lucky and won a 10ml travel spray on Ebay for a fair $20. The vetiver gets stronger as the fragrance develops and it reaches a point where, at least to me, it smells very much like Voyage D'Hermes with Rose. Wonderful, Fresh and MAsculine. Loses the rose note when the White Musk comes in and loses some of its charm.

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson by skylamor 2014-07-31

Ok, back for a second review since I've actually worn Fancy Nights several times since then. This turned out to be narrowed down to one of my favorites scents and I have many. I believe that incense should be in the description. The papyrus does give it an 'old book' smell as a few have mentioned before. It actually reminds me somehow of my father's very old family home from years ago so it brings back a bit of nostalgia for me on top of how much I love the scent anyway. It does smell somewhat similar to Tabu as I stated before and others on here have, too. Fancy Nights is a scent that would please someone from India or the Middle East as they use those really nice spicy, incense type fragrances there. So, if you like scents along those lines you'll love this one. Although, I know a few people that really like it as well and they are not into incense type fragrance at all. It's inexpensive on ebay, too. I got a 3.4 oz brand new in box spray for $6.50 free shipping. What a steal!

Iris Pallida 2007 L`Artisan Parfumeur by asher.jessie 2014-07-31

I've had this for a while, and I bought it from my friend who runs a Niche fragrance boutique in my town. Ever since I first started going, I always saw a tester bottle of this, with its beautiful purple label sitting there virtually untouched, with one lone box of 1.7oz in stock. I never mentioned it to her, because I was a bit intimidated of irises. I'd always seen them as a cold, stoic flower that my skin could never pull off. I saw iris in the name, and never touched it.

Then one day, on a whim and looking for something different, I sprayed the untouched tester to see what this was about. She saw me pick it up and told me it was the last one she had, and that she won't be getting it in stock again because it's no longer in production. On paper, it was certainly nice. I detected the iris in very large quantities, but I was a bit overwhelmed with the woodsy, licorice-like anise note. With anise, my skin tends to turn it into something really tart and astringent, especially with Thierry Mugler's B*Men.

BUT. Far be it from me to turn down something rare. So I bought it, and I would wear it every now and then like as a special-evening perfume.. but, as I had predicted, the anise was out of control and tangy and it severely overstated the iris accord.

So it had sat on my perfume shelf for quite some time. I had a date today, and I wore B*Men for the date.. by the time night had fallen, B*Men was gone, leaving behind only a slight trail of anise. In preparation for my nightly run, I was trying to pick a fragrance.. I've been trying to use fragrances that I don't use too often, this week.. so I grabbed Iris Pallida and drenched myself before my work-out. I figured, "Hey, the tart anise note might be kind of fresh in this heat."

Wellllll… In warm weather, this is a completely different scent. The anise took the passenger seat for the iris, which was strong, powdery, vegetal, silvery, and dusty.. Just how I like it. For the duration of my run, I literally left a cloud of silvery iris mist around me. It was heavenly. This is a fragrance that I would never have predicted would come alive in warm weather, but it does, and it's glorious. The Guiac Wood and Musk notes were much more pronounced as well, giving the composition a much more "full" feeling, when compared to the straight up anise-iris bomb in the winter.

Midnight Romance Ralph Lauren by the_new_esta 2014-07-31

SO DISAPPOINTING!!!! Love Romance, and love all the flankers that I've had over the years of it... except this sweet, light, barely there cheap smelling teenager's first berry scent. I waited excitedly for months for this to come out in Australia - as soon as I saw it I ran over to the sales assistant and said 'spray me!'. At first my fiance and I were both like ', can't smell anything! Not even the usual initial alcohol scent that disappears.' And then it dried into a barely-there berry scent that you could get from a celebrity scent mixed with water.

Tresor L'Absolu Lancome by the_new_esta 2014-07-31

So good. Almost as good as the discontinued 'Magnifique'. I like this because it's a bit more fresh than the original Tresor. I still like Tresor and Tresor In Love... but this one takes the cake! (And the price, can't believe $150 for 50ml).

Fierce Abercrombie & Fitch by ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 2014-07-31

@Scentgent: the BEST assessment of all thus far..... Well balanced critique with great information and overall assessment.... After your review: NOTHING MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID!

Mitsouko Eau de Toilette Guerlain by benzippo 2014-07-31

Whenever I apply this, it never failed to garnered compliments...such a nice perfume you are using today.

Had decided to make this one of my signature fragrance and had ust stash up another 3 bottles of 50ml EDT.

APOM Pour Homme Maison Francis Kurkdjian by ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 2014-07-31

Ty for All your reviews guys: well balanced, thorough, informative and unbiased.... Just ordered two samples from Luckyscent & now I'm waiting to behold MFK's magic!!!

Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel by MathildaFhyr 2014-07-31

My boyfriend have this perfume and I really love it! It's sweet but still very masculine because of the tobacco notes in it! I agree with everyone who thinks this is a nighttime perfume. It has good longevity!

Sensuous Estée Lauder by perfumeaddiction 2014-07-31

This is such a gorgeous perfume. It's warm with a gentle sweetness without being a younger gourmand. It is summertime and I was easily able to pull this off in the summer heat. It's just simply a gorgeous sexy high quality fragrance with very good lasting power. I just can't say enough about how lovely this is and how my skin just eats it up.

Loverdose Tattoo Diesel by MathildaFhyr 2014-07-31

A VERY sweet perfume wich I like, but i tried this in the middle of the summer, and then it feels too heavy! But I can totally see myself wearing it in the winter. Smells alot of vanilla and milk!

Cape Heartache Imaginary Authors by naomi.scott 2014-07-31

I struggled really hard with this one. It opens with a very sharp pine & Fir note with a background of wood and vanilla, which I find pleasant but unfortunately when the strawberry comes in (after about 15 mins), it's quite chemical and I find it overpowering. That strawberry note never went away and after 8 hours I had to scrub it off because It was nauseatingly strong.The Pine, woods, vanilla and "strawberry" just never sat comfortably together, they seem like they are all fighting against one another rather than blending together smoothly. I can't fault the sillage or longevity as they are amazing, and it was quite hard to get rid of.

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by MathildaFhyr 2014-07-31

This vanilla perfume is not heavy or too sweet! It is fresh and doesn't smell too much vanilla, just the perfect amount. I loved it from the first moment I smelled it and this will most definitely be my fall perfume! <3

Drole de Rose L`Artisan Parfumeur by hippiechick13 2014-07-31

It's 1954.

The air still has a slight chill from evening woven through it, the day's heat not yet settling in. A faint breeze plays at lace curtains. Morning light pools on one portion of the floor, by a pale leg. A young woman sits at a mirror, still in her night-gown, brushing the curls from her hair. She is smiling, dreamily, thinking about her dream Thunderbird or Cadillac, and last night's kiss with her boyfriend (they've been going steady a little while.)

Or, it's a cool and lazy-wind summer night, the sound of crickets, the hum of electricity buzzing in the lights, the feel of warm concrete under bared feet. Walking under the stars, with the brush of this sunset-coloured fragrance rising to your nose now and again. Lingering in the air, like the feelings after a first kiss.

A candy heart fizzing on the tongue.

This scent is happy, light, but notable. It's a girly-girl fragrance, but luscious enough to carry through the various stages of a woman's life. It's got that compact-powder puff smell. A vintage rose, but not Nanna-ish.

I can't agree with other posters who compare it to YSL - I get the likeness, but this is far prettier. YSL, as I find one of those fragrances to be, is quite strong. This is softer. More easy to wear.

It follows the wearer with all the lightness of summer time and cotton. It hints at old Hollywood, or romantic ideas of older years. It's magic in that sense.

Definitely wear this one without just sniffing the bottle if you want to try it. On the skin it's precious, and different than what you might expect.

If you feel like being coy and ultra-feminine, gorgeous and clean and romantic, this is your scent!!!! It's so, so beautiful! And wistful.

It makes me think of Ray Bradbury's 'Ann' in The April Witch. Or the aging, gorgeous Helen Loomis.

It would suit pin-up girls, rockabilly sorts, anyone who enjoys erstwhile periods in time, and a rose fragrance that isn't your every day and doesn't smell synthetic.

I think a fragrance that is understated is way more impressing than a powerhouse.

As the little note on the top of the box says...

"let melt on the skin and become pink pleasure"

Red for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills by ShotsK 2014-07-31

First impression is wow there's a lot of stuff in there, it takes me a few wears before I can wrap my nose around it. It smells good, like the 90s. To me, the dry down is sweet leathery and powdery, I wasn't expecting it to be as sweet as it is, I was hoping for minimal sweetness, even so it is good.
I have to say I like this and for the price everyone should try it. Enjoy

For a "sheer" fragrance, this seems stronger than the original. The patchouli really stands out, and not in a good way.

I'm really not feeling this new partnership with Coty. I think she's really diluting her brand instead of crafting a distinctive niche for herself the way Britney did (even if her brand seems to be running out of steam and ideas.)

Oh well. Between the Britney's Fantasy line and Katy's first two scents, I'm not exactly hurting for tasty fragrances.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by Erikkkk 2014-07-31

Warm Up!
I describe this frag like a blossom of lavander in the to p notes who cheats you with fresh accords. Fool of you. In few minutes the iris and ambrette warm the place, and getting hot, hot, hot, and blended by the sweet pear liquor; the cedar and vetiver close to skin turn more masculine vibe. The lipstick powdery are the, chasing places with the ambrette. I think the vintage the iris note is more unique, shine more, pure; here we have a blend, also amazin, hot.

Perry Ellis Love Perry Ellis by michelle.p.stpierre 2014-07-31

I started wearing this and got so inundated with compliments that I made it my signature. I agree, it's a cross between Chance and Coco Mademoiselle. It starts off like Chance and towards the middle becomes more like Coco Mademoiselle. Both Chanels end nearly identically on me and this scent follows suit. If you're a fan if those two scents, this is a must try.

Online, the price point is very good for the quality. This last 6-8 hours with moderate sillage but with the price point this is at, I don't mind reapplying to experience another cycle of the notes in this. I got the body lotion and shower gel coming in so I'll edit later on how that worked out as far as longevity.

Very wearable in hot summer and I think cooler weather will bring out the spiciness of this scent. Again, I'll edit in regards to wearability during cooler months. Where I live, it can get cold, but snow is rare. If you live in a climate that has snow, this may not be able to stand-up.

Still, highly recommended.

Cadjmere Parfumerie Generale by mse-21 2014-07-31

When I put this on my skin it only needs a few minutes to dry down to a mesmerizing comfort scent. The scent is very well orchestrated and each note has its own role to play. But there is one distinctive note that I couldn't tell what it is before checking the list of the notes here: Coconut milk! Of course there is a solid base made up of Sandalwood, Cypress, and Amber-Vanilla. But I think it's the Coconut milk that provides Cadjmere with the distinctive character that it has. As you can imagine, this character can't be anything but a gentle, luxurious, and comforting one.

All in all an incredibly elegant comfort scent that I really enjoy! An all season scent that is more suitable for colder weather. Pretty much unisex but a tad feminine. Good longevity with moderate projection. Overall: 7.5 out of 10.

360° Red for Men Perry Ellis by scorpiosheep 2014-07-31

I have just come out of hospital and one of the male nurses was wearing this. At least I think it is this as he says he gets it from New York, and all he said was it's Red for Men. There are two "Red for Men" in the data base but looking at the notes I think it's this one, and he also said he prefers citrus. Well, on his skin it was delicious, not overpowering at all but he left a trail and it was breezy, citrusy and warm. If all men smelled like this I would be very happy!

Eau So Sexy Victoria`s Secret by seaside 2014-07-31

I reviewed it negatively early on here, but I'm actually warming up to it quite a bit.

As an aside, isn't this the place where we review, not continually post to argue with others who have a different opinion?

This is a very nice modern rose scent. There is something classic and vintage about it as well but definitely not old fashioned. There's nothing abrasive or cheap about it. It's a lovely soft fresh rose scent with a touch of sweetness from the raspberry and the ambrette gives it modern smoothness. Very nice.

Fuel for Life Homme Diesel by zehjoe 2014-07-31

I love it! This one its a really pantydroper!
Sweet and syntetic. Very strong anise, a little citrus and lavander.
It has a huge sex apeal. Very good for party.

Aqua Fahrenheit Dior by zehjoe 2014-07-31

Masterpiece! This one keeps the original DNA of Fahrenheit, but with a lighter toucher.
Open with citrus, then the violets grows up, with a lot of leather and a reconfortating vetiver.
Linear frag, very versatile.
A lot of compliments with this.
Very sexy and women realy like it.

Plus Plus Masculine Diesel by lollero 2014-07-31

This scent starts out very strong. I only need like two sprays or it will become too cloying and I won't enjoy it. I don't detect cinnamon that much. This smells so masculine, sweet and wonderful! The longetivity and projection on me is amazing. Sprayed on skin it lasts about 6 to 8 hours and sprayed on clothes it can hit the 10 hour mark pretty easily. For the price you're paying for, this is an amazing scent that needs to be in every man's collection.

Yatagan Caron by Bunino 2014-07-31

Antaeus but brighter and piney. Very well crafted. Smooth. Could be a signature scent for a toned down gentleman.

Guerlain Homme Guerlain by sf2explus 2014-07-31

The new formulation is a little sweeter and the lime note is not as strong as it used to be also the nice bergamot note has been slightly changed. still a nice scent intact even after knowing about the changes i still went out and got a new reformulated bottle one which does not have the silver front. Although have to admit the silver front bottle is slightly more complex. And i would know this since i have used four bottles of the older formulation.

Parfum Sacre Caron by drugstore classics 2014-07-31

Parfum Sacre proves quite different 'in person' to my nose than the notes here would seem to indicate. But I like it!


I wonder if it's the mimosa that creates the utterly beguiling CREAMY note I am smelling?! I also sense few if any spices, a hint of incense, and well mannered florals perfectly blended in the best old fashioned tradition.

Remarks about this drying down to a skin scent are quite correct - for me at least it is not a heavy hitter but rather subtle and refined. I am also smelling a sort of undergirding of soft musk and perhaps sandalwood that truly reminds me of Guerlain. ( FYI - I have a sample of the vintage version. )

All in all, a lovely creature. I think I would fall in love over time, were this sample just a TAD larger.... hehe. ;)

Four Stars ~ Five if the sillage was superior!

Liberte Cacharel by Karineabdel 2014-07-31

Powerfull for the first 5 minutes and then, it becomes creamy, musky, almost like baby powder. Not enouht orange but a Nice Sweet undertone. It IS very délicate on me, but i AM ready for something else !

Ready to swap it, 50 ml.
I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Email me ...

smells like burnt rubber tyres once it dries down not a fan. it is over priced for sure
this is too hyped up and people are falling for it imo. to me all i get is dry scent of smoke and tyres. if you stand on the side of a motorway this is the smell combined with a light cologne. I can understand it is niche so this is quite experimental but why smell of something burning also farehight from dior comes to mind only the burnt smoke tyres par not the entire scent they are very different as a whole.

La Tentation de Nina Nina Ricci by Raggagirl1 2014-07-31

Have been waiting for this to come out and I finally saw it and had a test...Thank goodness, bottle is beautiful and attractive but the scent is not. Its very simple I myself didn't find it gourmand at all and it smells like a lot of other perfumes out there its got nothing special about it didn't smell the delicious macaroons was disappointed had high hopes!

Eau So Sexy Victoria`s Secret by Brenda Legaspi 2014-07-31

I really love this scent, ussualy VS perfumes end up smelling the same to me, but this is sweet, creamy and subtle.. I will definitely be buying this!

Poivre DSH Perfumes by mirrorghost 2014-07-31

starts off like an extra spicy carnation, with a slight citrus that fades off fast. the spiciness becomes less potent and then it's a clove-resin blend. in the end i think it's mostly labdanum and other resins. i get absolutely no rose from this at all and it's quite masculine with my skin chemistry. i think i may re-try it in the fall/winter to see how i like it then.

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir Bvlgari by riffjim4069 2014-07-31

Unfortunately, this smells like Bvlgari Pour Open Sore on my skin; a wet cardboard box filled with soggy teabags and urinal cakes in what I get out of this fragrance. In all fairness, the dry-down does smell slightly better. Longevity and projection are about average...which too is unfortunate. I was looking forward to very nice tea fragrance, but this one just didn't play well on my skin or with my spidey-senses.

Aqua Fahrenheit Dior by m.t.alkawa 2014-07-31

Thought a lot before writing my review, this perfume is almost alive, it grows on you by time, and isn't stable enough to make a judgement after the first couple of usages.

It clearly is a much lighter option for those who are still in love with the classic Fahrenheit, but can't find convenient outings to wear it, this is clearly for them.

The astonishing past is that it is really a much lighter/citrusy/morning version of the original, the first time i wore it, i was asked by a friend if this is Fahrenheit the original, when i mentioned it is a new Aqua version, he said yes, it seems now lighter, after i told him. This shares the same core notes of the original, much lighter/citrusy opening, Lemon/mandarin/mint and violet could be smelled along with a smoky note, after an hour the perfume tends to shift rapidly into a much closer version to the original but with a crispier/sharper smell, the original was subtle and smooth, this is not.

After 5-6 hours most of the citrusy notes fade away, a little bit of grapefruit is still there but it turns a little bitter, leather (sharp) notes appear along with a hint of vetiver, all welded together by Gasoline note that appears clearly in this phase, very sharp and crispy note that seems very close to burning your nostrils if you smell it hard. can be a little intoxicating. There is also traces of crisp oud notes, discreet though

7-8 hours, something unexpected happens, the gasoline, vetiver, bitter notes fade away leaving traces of a sweet note that i cannot interpret what it is or where it came from, it is the very last phase of dry down, the note seems odd to the perfume and not detected in any of the other phases.

i have to add also, that there is a strong note of cucumber in the opening.

The first couple of times notes were not very clear, neither the silage of the perfume, the third time i could tell that the longevity and silage are perfect.

Many will love this, i bought it and love it, although i believe something better could be done with the blending, i am not a trained nose, i might be wrong after all.

Also, i have to say that the higher the temperature the more bitter and gasolinish it becomes, it also projects better in higher temperatures

Recommendation: try on skin, not on paper, it reacts differently with skin, temperature as well changes the notes a dramatically.

Honestly "Fire meets water" is the perfect exact explanation of this perfume, Aquatic while pumps heat.

Not to be missed by any citrus notes lover or those who worship the original.

I hope this was useful.

Fuel for Life Homme Diesel by JohnB2014 2014-07-31

very sweet, 6/10

Dune Dior by smalltownbeatnik 2014-07-31

Dune scares me. Hold me.

Boss Bottled Sport Hugo Boss by JohnB2014 2014-07-31

OMG, 0/10

Burberry Brit Burberry by Avarie 2014-07-31

I've smelled this several times and can never reach a definite conclusion. Upon my first smell (on paper), I hated it because it somehow smelled like medicine. All the subsequent trials have flipped back and forth between too strong, just right, too sweet, I actually like the comfy almond scent... Right now I'm leaning towards "like." The sugar note is still a little much for me, since I don't normally like overly sweet perfumes, but I find that the almonds and lime balance the sugar just enough so that my arm doesn't smell like caramel. Young, but still mature enough to where you're not necessarily reminded of a high school girl wearing Juicy. And then when the sweetness fades off, that's where I get the most enjoyment out of this. It is soft, warm, somewhat nutty, nicely vanillic, and kind of enveloping and cozy. Only a tiny pinch of sugar remains, and finally the youthful sophistication of this scent settles in. The third scent on my list now... I wore Burberry London during my senior year of high school in rotation with Vera Wang's Princess (a gift) and a fruity-floral fragrance from Hawaii (fruity sweetness got tiring very quickly). At the time I Ioved the florals of Burberry London, but its drydown was not good friends with my skin. It even smelled a bit too mature for me. I feel like wearing Brit instead would have been better suited for me during that time, but I was afraid of smelling "too sweet." It's never too late to try! Hopefully I won't regret it like London!

Orange & Jasmin Bronnley by Pasaka 2014-07-31

Uff.. it opens with a strong bitter smell that reminds of rotten fruits. I have never seen such awful combination of lily & jasmine + orange. Better test it in advance

This scent is a powerhouse of powdery, smoky vanilla and amber...
There is nothing subtle about this scent... Nothing!

I also get an anise note (which I believe to be the orris root), something confectionary but not tooth aching sweet... Just mouth watering, like a Christmas cookie with spice...

This lasts for over 12 hours without any re-app. and the sillage makes me feel like I've got a cloud of heavenly warmth around me....

It's a must try for anyone remotely interested in Oriental Woody Vanilla's.....

St Tropez Dispenser Smell Bent by caro78 2014-07-31

no no no
This smells like melted plastic so much that I don't care about the coconut at all. The most artificial coconut scent I've tried. There are much better high end (Vittoria Apuana, Memoire Liquide vacancies) and low end coconut smelling options out there (SJP Pure Crush, VS Coconut passion, Avon Tahitian Holiday)
Doesn't even smell like suntan lotion either, I don't understand the love it gets

L`Origan Coty by Avarie 2014-07-31

This scent I remember, when I first encountered Coty Airspun at the drugstore and it was still sold in the cardboard container. I loved the scent but couldn't buy the powder. On the next visit some months after, I searched for the powder, determined to buy it this time, but no longer was it in the cardboard container. It was kept in the current plastic container. While it did smell powdery, I knew it wasn't the same. Imagine my excitement upon smelling this! Exactly the same, although I feel it's much spicier as a cologne. The definite classic, makeup powder-scent is still here, and it's quite sophisticated to me. I do not see it as a date fragrance, though. I see myself wearing this in the wintertime (probably because of all those delicious spices), wearing the scent on the body and clothes while I have a heavy coat on top. The heat from the coat traps in the scent, which makes it blossom even more into something a touch floral, and a hint of creamy vanilla as well. Speaking from experience, if you haven't guessed yet. ;) I feel like I would also wear it to holiday-themed dinners or performances. To me this fragrance does evoke an older woman's age, yet it also evokes riches and wealth... Hence the imagery of a heavy coat and some fancy-pants events to attend. ;P The bottle has lasted me for quite a while, but I don't wear perfumes constantly. I believe it's had a good run. Muguet de Bois is next on my wish list!

Far Away Gold Avon by drugstore classics 2014-07-31

Looks wonderful....

I will definately have to sample this and share a review as soon as it's available!

Sheer Love Victoria`s Secret by Katiepop 2014-07-31

Mmm, I smell watermelon

Dreams Of Romancia Swiss Arabian by yola40 2014-07-31

This scent is very light on me I like it though. It is not much I can say about this scent due to it being light.

Dita Von Teese Dita Von Teese by Avarie 2014-07-31

These florals are absolutely gorgeous. It smelled similar to Burberry London when I first tried it, but this beats London by a country mile. Sadly, like London, the drydown goes a little off on me, and I don't know what causes it. Is it the patchouli? I've never smelled straight patchouli before, so I can't say. It's a chemical-like sensation that I can taste, and it begins to turn the whole scent off for me. Whatever it is, my skin just doesn't agree with it. It's too bad, since I love the combination of florals here. So classic!

Chanel No 5 Eau de Cologne Chanel by pamelapuffadder 2014-07-31

Wow -- this cologne is the only one I love. I have vintage and new perfume, edt and eau de parfum. I won an unopened powder and cologne set (late 1970s) and I only wanted the powder. I have usually shunned colognes as inferior. Well after reading the reviews of the cologne i tried it and it is devine, gorgeous, lush and I'm wearing it now. It is a must and there's lots on ebay. I'm getting a few more bottles. It's high quality and not a watered down version of the perfume. It's a stand-alone stand-out.

Oud Bouquet Lancome by blueviolet 2014-07-31

Ermegherd! I cannot wait!

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by Inventress 2014-07-31

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Eau de Parfum is a summer scent, sunny and warm, calling to mind mojitos, sea waves, and holidays.

It starts out bright. A cocktail of mint and sugar opens the balmy composition. It deepens with the onset of florals, which are so aquatic, that they remind me of lotus, a note which I generally dislike. I feel as if the flowers are drowning. However, as the fragrance dries down, so does the water. The saccharine quality present from the first spray remains, as does the mint.

Overall, Acqua di Gioia is a sugary mojito. In terms of impressions, it is turquoise in colour and medium in tone. Generally likable and appealing to both men and women.

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