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Insolence Eau de Parfum Guerlain by vintage_scent 2017-02-20

One of my all-time favorites...forever

Mon Patchouly Ramon Monegal by ilsagold 2017-02-20

Is it possible to use this in Summer? Also anyone can compare this with Xerjoff's Al-Khat?

Yapana Volnay by Soofiya 2017-02-20

It was among a bunch of free samples that I received from shaghayegh site with my other purchases,when I checked notes list I didn't know what to expect here.I was just wishing for more vanilla,powder and rice and less labdanum,clove and pink's not as I wished but still I like it
I can get a lot of labdanum here,giving yapana almost a leathery quality but strangely I don't dislike it as usual.I think it goes well with iris and benzoin;which are other dominant notes on my skin
I can see Shalimar comparison and I agree.there's definitely a Shalimar gene here(iris-leather-vanilla)but this is a modern,a bit easy going version of Shalimar.while I can't Tolerate Shalimar because of being too leathery,too smokey,too...,actually hundreds of other "too"s there's nothing" too" here so I don't dislike it but I don't really like it enough to go and buy a bottle(even if it wasn't expensive) but if you'd like a more wearable and balmy version of shalimar,it's highly recommendable
Unfortunately I can't detect any rice or enough vanilla for my's a combination of iris,leathery labdanum,a hint of smokey vanilla,benzoin and resin and a dash of's definitely unisex and has acceptable Longevity and sillage
It's something between ❤❤ and ❤❤❤ for me
یاپانا ولنای عطری هست که میشه اون رو از فامیلهای شالیمار درنظر گرفت.ورژن مدرنتر،متعادلتر،قابل استفاده تر و قابل تحمل تر شالیمار
یاپانا روی پوست من ترکیبی از زنبق،لادن چرم مانند،بنزویین و رزین،کمی وانیل دودی و کمی هم کلاو هست.برخلاف شالیمار هیچ چیز خیلی زیادی در اون وجود نداره.یعنی خیلی چرمی یا انیمالیک یا خیلی دودی و... نیست و بالمی و نرم تر هم شده و درنتیجه پرکاربردتر هست و راحتتر میشه ازش استفاده کرد.هرچند این هم حالت جدی و فرمال و کمی تیره داره اما درمقایسه با شالیمار برای استفاده روزانه مناسبتره.ماندگاری و پخش قابل قبولی داره و هرچند من ازش خوشم نیومد،برخلاف شالیمار ازش بدم هم نیومد.درضمن کاملا یونیسکس هست

i'm very dissapointed by this one. toooooooooooo sweet , tiramisu note with shower gel vibe , cloying ......
big pass for me , sold my bottle today.

Smells like a classy coca-cola

I got the shimmer version quite by accident when I thought I was ordering a bottle of Alien Eau Extraordinaire without the sparkle. To my good fortune, I love this golden elixir better than the other as it is a little different to my recollection when sampling it over two years ago (see review).

AEE Gold Shimmer seems somehow smoother, less heliotrope, more lush bergamot tea, but still the same glow of amber and cozy cashmere and subtle musk. It also presents bushels of plush orange blossom and some velvety tiare.

The golden mica is hypnotic to watch too after gently shaking the bottle, like fresh spiraling honey warmed and illuminated by iridescent sunlight. The delicate microns are also subtle and pretty on the skin. The performance for an EDT is impressive too.

This is a versatile and charmingly alluring fragrance that would be suitable for a most seasons and occasions. Alien Eau Extraordinaire Gold Shimmer takes me to a place of joyful serenity!

Versace Man Versace by mustafa76 2017-02-19

مقدمة العطر قوية برائحة الدخان والاعشاب
وما يلبث العطر ان يتحول الى عطر خفيف برائحة العنب الصناعي والحلويات

Guerlain champ elysees was always intresting for me but I never dared to blindbuy it since I highly detest melon in perfumes and also I'm not much of a floral girl anymore.recently I received a sample of it from my sample swap buddy so finally I could give it a try
As I dabbed it,I could get a combination of fruity notes and flowers.thanks God melon didn't stand out and I mostly could see it as soft peachy fruits.after couple of minutes it becomes a tad drier(still not very dry)and more on the floral are very fresh here and it's a blend of lots of different flowers but mimosa and lilac are the ones which standout and give it a powdery undertone.
Although it's a flowery scent it never becomes heavy or sharp or's so soft,fresh and natural that I feel I'm a part of nature,standing in a's a sunny day and I can smells whiffs of mimosa and other flowers in a breeze of clean air.I can also smell a hint of green note,not a herbal's like smelling flowers and also their stems which make it more true to life just as woody notes,which become stronger as it dries down but don't overpower
I like this perfume a doesn't smell really perfumey to smells like's light but not weak,fresh,airy and beautiful.if I want to explain it in a sentence I'd say fresh flowers with a hint of fruits in a base of subtle woods.if you like mimosa you'd love this.I'm an almond lover and I can't get it here as a separate note but I agree there must be almond tree in here giving the scent green-woody-powdery's almost longlasting but sillage is modest
I may consider buying a bottle of it in's feminine,ageless,lively and elegant.if I had children,I'd like them to remember me with such a scent.natural and beautiful and full of hope,optimism and sunshine
گرلن شانزه لیزه یه عطر بسیار دوست داشتنی و بهاره ست.تو دو سه دقیقه اول کمی میوه ای هست(میکسی از میوه های مختلف نه یه میوه مشخص) اما تو ادامه گلها تبدیل به بازیگر اصلی این عطر میشن.ترکیبی از انواع بسیار مختلفی از گلهای اما میموزا و لایلک قویتریناشون هستن.گلها اصلا سنگین و یا قدیمی طور نیستن.سبک لایت و بسیار بسیار طبیعی و باطراوت و پودری و لطیف هستن.یه ته بوی سبز هم گاهی حس میشه که شبیه به رایحه ساقه گلها هست و عطر رو طبیعی تر میکنه.این گلهای زیبا تو بستری از نت های چوبی جای گرفتن که اصلا ضمخت نیستن
گرلن شانزه لیزه عطر ملایمی هست اما ضعیف نیست.برای من یادآور یه روز بهاری تو یه باغ سرسبز و پراز گل و درخته. یه روز آفتابی که نسیم عطر گلها و شاخ و برگ درختا رو با خودش میاره.بادوم به اون شکل همیشگیش برای من قابل لمس نبود.بیشتر به فرم درخت بادوم هست که تم سبز-چوبی-پودری عطر رو تشدید میکنه
شانزه لیزه جزو عطرهایی هست که اگه بچه داشتم دوس داشتم منو با همچین عطری به یاد بیاره.عطری با زیبایی طبیعی،خانومانه و لطیف،با طراوت و روشن و پراز امید آفتابی.اگه از دوستداران عطرهای با رایحه میموزا هستید عاشق شانزه لیزه گرلن میشید.ماندکاری خوبی داره اما از لحاظ پخش بو متوسط هست

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by jellybeantree 2017-02-19

This fragrance is starting to grow on me . Read K1's review . Spot on !

Cefiro Floris by queops 2017-02-19

Cefiro presents first and only citric, since opening with lemon, orange and tangerine in various acidic and liquid facets, and connotations of bergamot mature elevate the freshness almost as a drink, followed to his middle notes soft and fresh spices, until transparent jasmine, still echoing previous citrus, but after some time a distant Virginia pencil cedar, musk, amber and sandalwood, close this wonderful fragrance.
Distinct, although similarities with other fragrances shared use.
Floris Cefiro is citric, with a freshness almost ethereal, witty and spiritual smell, gently masculine, made for a special morning..
A comfortable cloudy day.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by K1 2017-02-19

Light aldehyde - lemony - musky
Color impression: pistachio green

A brilliant flanker that brings classic No5 to today's generation with harmony of lemon waft and soft aldehydic edition, without brutal animalic side. Instead of civet, musk delivers a smooth and soothing soapy aerial vibe to it. Splendid young, positive, chic and posh fragrance. The dry down is out of this world.

In New York Van Cleef & Arpels by animalintown 2017-02-19

Mad mad fragrance. Simplicity with a citrus twist.

This might just become my new signature fragrance.

Mercedes Benz for Her Mercedes-Benz by kateridelisle 2017-02-19

This reminds me of Christian Dior Dune's less pretty cousin. Nice try though, just doesn't have the talent and personality of dear sweet Dune.

Hommage a L'Homme Lalique by mohsen95 2017-02-19


L'Eau D'Issey Absolue Issey Miyake by mohsen95 2017-02-19


CK2 Calvin Klein by 2017-02-19

My liege requested that I take care of a less than desirable vassal. This fragrance worked perfectly despite the low plot power I was working with. Highly recommended.

Night Magic Evening Musk Avon by rubyacapella 2017-02-19

For some reason, Night Magic was my signature scent in high school. I don't know what drew me, at 14, to something so unlike the perfumes of my peers (usually sugary, fruity; things I adore now but didn't favor then). I had actually lost my current bottle for several years and recently rediscovered it- exactly the same heady aroma, sprayed cautiously into the air, lest it have gone rancid in our time apart.

Again I was 14, applying the roll-on deodorant form too heavy-handed in the girls' locker room after tennis practice, before Algebra. Again I was 15, spraying very deliberately in hopes that the "Evening Musk" would bewitch the pretty girl in the Chemistry class that I couldn't hope to pass. Again I was 16, imagining myself smelling mysterious, dark, forbidden, sweet without sugar.

I still like the smell quite a bit, but I don't know if I'll ever love a perfume as much as I loved Night Magic Evening Musk back then.

Purple Fantasy Guerlain by Soofiya 2017-02-19

Received a decant sample of it from my a dear friend of mine
I love a whisper of sandalwood but I usually can't Tolerate it as a prominent note.but guerlain purple fantasy is one of rare sandalwood-prominent fragrances that I soon as I dab it,sandalwood shows up,but there's also a touch of citruses and some coconut.this combination appears as a beachy scent to me but I get this strong beachy vibe just through first minutes since it dies down to a sandalwood-tea-jasmine combo with slightest hint of that citrusy coconuty beachy thing on my skin.I can't detect any apricot
I usually love tea as I'm a tea addict and even in perfumes it has a deep relaxing feature for me.although it's not a strong note here,I can happily detect it.jasmine isn't strong too so I can't see any similarities between this and alien which is all about a dirty,hot jasmine.on the contrary,purple fantasy manages to stay fresh and light while being warm and creamy
Can't say I'm crazy about it But I like it more than I expect.I never saw it in perfume shops or sites but if it was available for a good price I may give it a go.I believe it's name and color purple has nothing to do with this bright,sunny scent
All in all guerlain purple fantasy is a smooth,beautiful,easy to wear and easy to like frag and I highly like this sandalwood-tea-jasmine combo of it's drydown and I think it's very balanced and has the right amount of these three mentioned notes
I'll edit later to add about it's longevity and sillage
گرلن پرپل فانتزی جزو معدود عطرهای با صندل غالب هست که ازش خوشم اومد
از همون لحظه اول صندل بصورت غالب قابل تشخیصه و همراهیش با مرکبات و نارگیل باعث میشه یه عطر کاملاً ساحلی بنظر بیاد هرچند این تم ساحلیش برای من خیلی سریع محو میشه چون مرکبات و نارگیل بعد از چند دقیقه کمرنگتر میشن و چیزی که به جا میمونه ترکیب صندل و چای و یاس هست و از اونجا که عاشق چای هستم حتی حضورش تو عطرها برام آرامش بخشه مخصوصا ترکیبش با یاس رو خیلی می پسندم و هرچند اینجا نه نت چای خیلی قوی هست و نه یاس،اما کافیه تا یه حالت عمیق و آرامش بخش به رایحه نرم و گرم و کرمی صندل اضافه کنه و کمی بهش زاویه بده و نذاره صندل همه چی رو تو خودش غرق کنه
من هیچ شباهتی بین این عطر و الین نمی بینم چون خیلی یاسی نیست و درعین گرم و کرمی بودن،عطر سنگینی نیست.درمجموع من ازش خوشم اومد.هرچند هیچ جا ندیدمش تاحالا اما اگه دسترسی بهش با قیمت مناسب ممکن بود،سر فرصت به شیشه ازش میگرفتم.هرچند عطر پیچیده ای نیست اما انصاف نیست انقد گمنام بمونه.میتونست جایگزین تراکوتا باشه
درباره موندگاری و پخشش بعداً اضافه میکنم. گرلن پرپل فانتزی که بنظرم رایحه روشن و آفتابی اون هیچ ربطی به اسمش و رنگ بنفش نداره،قابلیت استفاده بصورت چهارفصل رو داره،عطر دلنشینی هست و استفاده ازش راحته

Myrrhe & Delires Guerlain by Das Huffer 2017-02-19

I think I understand why this was discontinued. Regulations? Sort of. I'm pretty sure this must contain an illicit and highly addictive substance!
One of it's strengths being that it's such a unique creature from wearer to wearer. On myself the liquorice isn't a star player, but rather wends its way through a bright, slightly powdery cloud. Sweet... but not too sweet. Laced with just enough "earth" by the patchouli and incense components, but not so much as to drag it down.
All in all the construction allows the components to seethe amongst themselves in slinky, sexy, colourful ribbons of scent.
The longevity... well yes, that's definitely one of its shortcomings. Reapplication is hardly a laboured or unpleasant task though. It lends to my theory of a narcotic content though, when I'm feverishly reapplying every couple of hours.
I was thrilled to score a bottle of this, after happening to see the box as the sales associate was looking for something else in the drawer (I'd asked about it at this very store previously, and had been told it didn't exist). I'm heartbroken that this may be the only bottle I ever find, though.
Who knows? Maybe Guerlain will sort out the longevity issues and bring it back to life in the future. At least it's already in the L'A&M line, so the pricepoint couldn't get higher... right??

Fairy Juice Green NafNaf by iongchin 2017-02-19

I like cashmeran in it and trail from it.

1 Million Prive Paco Rabanne by Uh-umm 2017-02-19

One Million prive, to sum it up, is a copy of the original minus the lasting freshness mixed with a sweeter darker (mature) twist. On paper, the opening is a Like at best, however the dry down is intriguing and earns itself two thumbs up.

Interlude Man Amouage by jw503 2017-02-19

Interlude is a true artistic incense fragrance which come off offending to many noses.

There are two scenarios which come to my mind when I smell this fragrance.

1. Imagine a scene from a classic horror movie where angry people were throwing fire at a church to destroy the monster.

2. Think of a rich man, in his mansion, sitting on his leather sofa by a well lit fire place and he's throwing his money into the fire place.

9+ hours.

No more than two sprays for the coldest of weather. It truly does fill a room up.

To the cemetery or a Halloween party where you wish to smell like your costume.

Age rating:
50 years and over.

I love the bottle design. The shadowy blue is truly sleek. However, if it were me, I wouldn't have made the bottle blue. The scent that it gives off does not represent the colour, I would have made it ashy grey to coincide to its scent.

Would I buy this again:
I sampled this. It isn't a scent that I would buy to begin with, unless I just want it covered in dust in my house.

My final verdict:

Don't hate me for this. I appreciate the art that this smell gives off; more so than Tuscan Leather. However, it's just too offensive for many scenarios.

I guess if you can afford to buy niche fragrances like it's nothing then you wouldn't really care about how you smell and just let your money do the talking; which goes back to my second analogy of the scent.

If I were to rate it for the artistic masterpiece, that it is, then I would give this an easy 10/10. Seriously, there's something about it that draws me back to the Amouage counter and asking to sample this many times. I do have a thing for incense, but I guess the smell of burning money also empowers/attracts me.

Black Tulip Nest by iain.russell 2017-02-19

Our youngest daughter chose this fragrance for her mum. What a beautiful choice for Mother's day. I adore this fragrance on my wife, very mysterious, soft, feminine. Gents, buy this one for your significant other and she won't be disappointed. A beautiful floral bottle as well.

Calamity J. Juliette Has A Gun by Mim 2017-02-19

The mediocre fragrance it is. Nothing complex or cutting edge about it.
Amber, patchouli, cinnamon and some animalistic synthetic notes.
I don't see it as a cool chic, rock star, or a tomboy fragrance, but I do find it comfortable, somehow comforting... like a nice soft blanket or an old overworn t- shirt/ pair of jeans.
Sillage and longevity are both medium (too soft toward the end).
In the words of The Civil Wars: "Oh I don't love you but I always will."

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson by Waldina80 2017-02-19

Cat urine? Ammonia? Harsh cleanser? That'd be my pyramid of notes. This is really some vile stuff. If you want a bottle of this swill, pm me

Angel Mugler by bjer-don 2017-02-19

I wore this back in college days when it was only available at the Bloomingdales by me. (There was no internet created back then, so online cheapies were not to be had.)

It was groundbreking then. I recall smelling pine needles mixed with cotton candy and loved it.

Fast forward, nearly everyone began wearing this crap. Even today, I still come across sooooo many women who think they are the cat's meow who smugly turn up their nose and proclaim, "It's my signature scent." I laugh. I you wish to smell commonplace and identifiable with zero mystery as to what scent you have on? You are so very plain and unoriginal that you feel the need to smell like 9 out of 10 other women in this city? LOL.

Acqua Decima Eau D`Italie by the_badger 2017-02-19

Why is this so expensive! It doesn't even last 3 hours.

Declaration Cartier by mohsen95 2017-02-19


Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by ElleNell 2017-02-19

Kind of reminds me of a bouquet of vintage pink roses in an elegant vase.
Used to love but now I have moved on from it as my tastes have developed more.
In saying that it may be other people's cup of tea.
It has a classy feel.

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor by Kshan 2017-02-19

White Diamonds was my mother's signature. She passed a few years back so I like to wear it as a way to remember her on days I miss her. It isn't necessarily a favorite of mine but I do think White Diamonds receives an inordinate amount of hate. That's unfortunate. This is a very well made perfume. It's a FiFi award winner and in the Fragrance Hall of Fame for a reason.

I don't consider White Diamonds an "old lady" perfume, but I do think it's an "old school" one. Much as Elizabeth Taylor likely did upon entering a room, White Diamonds makes its presence known. Immediately and distinctively. You won't mistake White Diamonds for something else. Very few fragrances do that anymore. There's no civet listed, but that really surprises me. Among the lily, tuberose and narcissus, I definitely pick up an ever-so slight, dirty, sexy civet; again, this makes it stand out from contemporary perfumes.

This really is a great fragrance, and it's a bargain, so approach it with an open mind. Respect its strength and composition, apply it sparingly and you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Sensi Giorgio Armani by Selena93 2017-02-19

This perfumes notes are spot on!
Although to my nose, in the beginning, I can swear that I smell vanilla & musk 
(heaps of it too)
I guess it's the sweet benzoin?
Smells breathtaking, very sexy, very aromatic.
I've had it on for about 6 hours now & suddenly caught a whiff of kaffir lime :D 
I'm actually surprised the notes are so accurate.
The lime however hasn't over powered, 
the almond & jasmine are in control now ;)
Sensi you are a gem ❤
Thank you Alberto Morillas & Harry Fremont, for such a beautiful perfume.

Angel Mugler by Sutori 2017-02-19

I tried this at Sephora and really wanted to like it after hearing all the great reviews, however, I found it impossible to distinguish any notes. It was very fruity, sweet, and cloying. Honestly, it also smelt like sweat. I am very sensitive to sweet and fruity scents, in which this gave me a minor allergic reaction. It might just be how it smells on me, but I expected much more from Angel.

Narciso Poudree Narciso Rodriguez by 2017-02-19

I can't believe all this beauty I'm makes me cry and smile at the same time.real's so soft.feminine. romantic but different with other feminine romantic perfumes.if I want to name it I will name it narciso creamy.I agree with sofiya about that it's like prada candy kiss.but kiss is younger and simple.narciso poudre is like a mix of narciso edp and prada candy kiss.I can't smell Jasmine too.I smell orange flower,coumarin,musk,a little rose and woody has very good longevity but little can be a great signature perfume because it's good for work,date and everywhere.good for fall and spring.I love it and I need more than one of it.I want it for rest of my life
if sillage was better I give it 10
این عطر واقعا رویایی هست.مثل یک اثر هنری ارزشمند آدم را هم زمان هم به گریه و هم خنده میندازه.اگر قرار بود من ان را نام گذاری کنم اسمش را نارسیسو کرمی میذاشتم.یا نارسیسو سافت.معنای واقعی لطافت را میشه اینجا دید.لطیف زیبا زنانه باوقار رومانتیک اما با بقیه عطرهای لطیف و رومانتیک زنانه فرق داره.برعکس بقیه اصلا لوس نیست چون نت های چوبی وقار و جذبه بهش دادن.من هم مثل سوفیا حس می کنم شبیه به پرادا کندی کیس هست ولی کیس ساده تر و دخترانه تر هست.نارسیسو پودر مثل ترکیب نارسیسو سفید و پرادا کندی کیس هست.با اینکه خیلی به نت یاس حساس و دقیقم،یاس حس نمیکنم.گل پرتقال کومارین مشک کمی رز و نت های چوبب حس می کنم.ماندگاری عالی دارد ولی پخش کم.برای عطر امضا خیلی خوبه چون همه جا و همه وقت میشه استفاده کرد.سرکار،دیت و...برای بهار و پاییز بهتر هست.عطری هست که عاشقش شدم و باید چند تا ازش بگیرم چون بابد تا آخر عمرم داشته باشم
اگر پخش بیشتری داشت ۱۰ می دادم

Eclat d’Arpège Lanvin by vintage_scent 2017-02-19

This is a lovely combination of lilac and enchanting potion for your valentine...a sweet little scent of love. Musk and cedar round out the composition and helps leave a special powdery cloud of purple aromatic lilacs while your sitting in that special nook or secret place reading your latest romance novel...yes this reminds me of a sweet historical romance...

It's a light and ever so delicate fragrance that I intend to enjoy during the cool mild spring season when the delicate purple blooms of lilac fill the reminds me of delicate teacup made of exquisite china'... teacups painted so lovingly of the delicate first spring buds...a beautiful floral tea with tables adorned with delicate lace covers, bouquets of lilacs, candles, and a spring sonnet playing on the wind...
A fragrance of romance, the bottle is simply exquisite...something magic like a violet colored gazing ball...

Very soothing and refreshing with a soapy quality. Not bad at all. The musk is very clean here and enjoyable. Black Musk has an average duration of 4 to 6 hours but quickly becomes a skin scent. I would wear it mostly at night when its not too hot as it projects better when its not too hot out. I think it is a pretty safe buy if you like clean, musky, soapy smells. I do give props to this fragrance as it does not smell like anything Ive smelled so far so very unique at that. Pricewise it is a very good deal. To me it is a great addition to my collection and a safe fragrance I can reach for when I feel like wearing something soft yet different. I have not see it available in many stores so Im guessing sampling is difficult. My advice is BUY, all ferragamos are pretty high quality and safe buys.

Omnia Crystalline Eau de Parfum Bvlgari by clara14142 2017-02-19

Musks and heliotrope dominate (for that reason it may be a bit heavy for some). This does not project and although it contains musk, it does not stay on the skin for more than five or six hours.

I find this a suitable cold weather perfume because it is comforting and sexy without utilizing overtly sweet notes. I believe the subtle sweetness it does contain is bearable-and even alluring-because the notes are heliotrope based, not synthetic. I wear this in the office in the cold months. I once wore it out partying one night, which is when it showed me its true colors: as not the party girl, but the project manager.

Guess Dare for Men Guess by Uh-umm 2017-02-19

One Million smells sweet, Guess Dare does not smell sweet at all. Guess Dare is a sexy fresh spicy fragrance for the fashion conscious. On paper this smells vaguely similar to Love & luck by Ed hardy, except Guess smells classier, and doesn't give you that headache like Love & luck. Based on the reviews I agree that it smells somewhat generic, but it also has it's own merits. Fit for adults 18+.

Love Sofia Vergara by FragranceFatale 2017-02-19

The more i wear this the more i love it. Its truely lovely just like her first fragrance. Lasts well and smells high end and very good quality. Am so happy to have discovered her perfumes.

L’Extase Nina Ricci by bjer-don 2017-02-19

Wow, I really liked this one. Unfortunately, it went back. Not because it wasn't a good scent, but because I ordered three bottles and they instead sent me three gift sets. I hate gift sets. I have absolutely no use for the body lotion, and, I find the bulky boxes annoying to store. The scent was divine though, so jammy, sweet, boozy and very lush. I would have had them replace them with the regular ones I ordered, but I had an opportunity to snag a few bottles of Fendi Elixir.....and couldn't pass them up.

Stars Jimmy Choo by PinkRainbow 2017-02-19

Very pretty and unusual. Intense candied orange with a hint of flowers. Soft and warm. Perfect for an autumn night.

Jardin d’Amalfi Creed by esteban747 2017-02-19

Green citrus peppery.
I was actually expecting a lot more citrus. I mean, mandarin and lemon are there but somehow the pepper takes over. It's interesting.
The start is alright but slowly it becomes better, more rounded as if the notes finally are synchronized.
The drydown is much better, the musk and vetiver bring some cleanliness and understated sophistication to the whole fruity composition.
I don't find it groundbreaking or innovative but if the longevity is as good as with most Creed fragrances, then I will keep it in mind.

Spice and Wood Creed by daveysprocket 2017-02-19

No question that this fragrance smells good, and the performance is excellent. However, in my opinion Terre d'Hermes does the same thing for about 1/10th the cost and just as much quality. Not saying they smell the (they don't) but they both would perform the same function in my wardrobe.

Cuba Black Cuba Paris by mkpunk 2017-02-19

Before I start, I want to reply to a few reviews, I don't know what people to get 10+ hours of performance on this scent, let alone any of the better performing ones like Cuba Prestige (Classic), Cuba Royal and Cuba Magnum (Black). I only got about five, six tops with an hour/hour and a half of moderate projection.

That said, I like the smell of Cuba Black. This is a scent I wore to a Sport Clips and it fit entirely. Even though Sports Clips is modern, the smell was still barbershopy like the Cuba Black I wore. I think it also has a teatree accord that matched the shampoo I got while at Sports Clip. To me that is a unique scent to the fragrance game.

Cuba Black is an old scent but at 29, nearly 30 I feel it can be worn by people my age too. It's a nice basic barber shop in a bottle scent. It's not complicated and a dumb wear. I must say of the three black Cubas, this is the least of them. That said, it isn't a knock on it because honestly Cuba Magnum Black is Cuba Black with a Dior Homme cacao accord to it and Cuba Prestige Black is a dark and herbal Coty Aspen so it is unique to that style of scent. This, is a common barber shop scent. Not saying it is a bad thing, just it is not a super unique and distinct scent.

Cuba Black I feel is a bit off to theming. I don't know what color I would assign to Cuba Black BUT, the color Black don't fit a barber shop scent. It isn't really dark of a scent and I don't find a barber shop that dark either.

Cuba Black is a nice scent but I can't rate it anything but a 7.0

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by le00000000000 2017-02-19

To me, its a very generic parfume that rich aunties wear, it has the similar vibe like Chanel No.5.
Don't get me wrong, Flowerbomb has good longevity and durable sweet-floral and not as expensive as Chanel, overall its a nice perfume. But I can't get as this always giving me that 'too-mature' image, I ended up giving this to my mom.

La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi by saiff anham 2017-02-19

The smell is exactly like how an arabian perfume suppose to be, its thick,its dark,its smell unique, and its smell expensive like nieche perfume (i even choose this one is similiar to tom ford tuscan leather). The main notes is leather and wood, and even its so dark i still can smell fresh too in the opening. this fragnance is some optional nieche perfume with touch of luxury.

Scent : 8
Sillage : 8
Longevity : 7,5

Sublime Vanille Creed by daveysprocket 2017-02-19

Smells like vanilla extract and sugar (syrup). Performs amazingly well for a light fragrance; lasts all day for me. I find it too feminine for me to wear, but wouldn't mind smelling it on my wife. Now on to the real elephant in the room... $700 for a bottle of this stuff is absolute insanity. The fact that people seem willing to pay that tells me that rich people are no smarter than the rest of us, they just have more money.

Baiser Vole Lys Rose Cartier by redskyatnight 2017-02-19

On my skin just a very green, fresh rose. It's serendipitous that it's exactly the rose I was looking for - in a lily perfume. A lot of other roses are overpowering, whereas I want one that is actually as faint and fresh as a real rose. There is just a hint of sweetness here. Overall it is a very short-lived and low-sillage perfume but with a lovely scent, great for hot weather.

Fantasy Britney Spears by Lovely_D 2017-02-19

I am pleasantly surprised by this perfume. It's like an actually pleasant version of Dior Pure Poison. It has that sweet and creamy quality without any of the weirdness that distracted me and turned me off that perfume. The fruity, kiwi note adds the perfect touch of tartness without being too sour, unlike D&G L'imperatrice. You know your fragrance is good when people get closer to you than usual wherever you go ;)

No. 1 Clive Christian by 123tommyp 2017-02-19


Luna Rossa Prada by Murfdigidy 2017-02-19

A very nice scent but I like the flankers much more... LR sport and extreme AWESOME!

White Flowers Creed by esteban747 2017-02-19

As other reviewers noted, this is a very natural, ethereal fragrance.
Perhaps because most "white flowers" perfumes scream loud gardenia and overly heady tuberose is that I was bracing myself for a cloying scent.
But surprisingly this is a beautiful, delicate and refined composition. I get the image of a pristine white dress, a well mannered young lady, spring, warm rays of sun. Anyhow, you get the picture.
It's lovely (sorry Sarah Jessica Parker), attractive and delicate.
A big yes.

Old Spice Original Shulton Company by MissGirly87 2017-02-19

I love seeing this in the fragrantica database. It was my daddy's signature scent, although he'd scoff at that idea - he was such an old school manly man. He put this on every day before he left for work - the aftershave smell could project feet, I swear- and go off to his garage. He was a mechanic and owned his own auto repair business. We lived in a small southern town. He'd come home after a long day at work, tired and covered in automotive oil and grease up to his elbows and all over his uniform, but you could still smell that spicy masculine barbershop Old Spice smell.

Sadly my dad died years ago. But the way he smelled - it's a memory as vivid as if he were still here with me. That's Old Spice. Thank God this is still being sold so that I can remember him.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by rockindave 2017-02-19

This is a really beautiful fragrance. Classy and perhaps a little understated. I bought this for my partner and love the smell of the house after he's applied it. And the smell of him! Floral notes that dry down to something very woody, masculine and yummy.. Not the longest-lasting juice but we are in the middle of a very long and hot summer here which doesn't help. I would definitely rate this; sure, it might out-sell pretty much everything else out there but that is because it is good. I don't get all the "nothing special" reviews on here. Tall poppy syndrome?..

Divine Boadicea the Victorious by Buckeye 2017-02-19

"Luxury Soap"

There is not much to say other than it smells like luxury soap, and extremely pleasant.

Picture yourself working hard for a week and come home tired on a Friday evening. You sleep at night and wake up in early in the morning.

You take a shower, shave, trim the nails, comb and get ready to make breakfast for your family or yourself.

You want to be in an excellent mood, smell fresh, and positive to enjoy the beautiful sunny Saturday. Boadicea Divine is the solution.

I don't see a reason to wear this to formal meetings, events, or outside the home other than taking it to a gym and using it after shower.

The longevity and silage are OK, but nothing too crazy.

A blind buy worthy for me, but make sure you buy it at the right price as I don't think the retail price is justified.

Luna Rossa Extreme Prada by Murfdigidy 2017-02-19

I gotta say like all the flankers in the luna rossa line its better than the original. I'm in love with the original LR sport but this is so good too. Compliment getter all day. Definitely a winter fall scent, and Def powder (like most Pradas) but spicy unlike the other LRs. It's so unique it's got to be in everyones arsenal. With that said because it's so unique it's best suited for winter/fall, night time. Not really an office scent either, but I've worn it because it's not over powering but you will get noticed. This smells not for everyone but man is it unique and I always get compliments

Macaque Zoologist Perfumes by AveParfum 2017-02-19

If you love galbanum, and you like perfumes such as Chanel N.19 or even Bas de Soie, Macaque is an absolute must-try! The combo of the crisp, sour, Granny-Smith apple with a sharp, fragrant galbanum is superb. This was love at first sniff for me. It is a massive green perfume that is extremely fresh and vibrant.

As the perfume dries down, I get a hefty dose of green tea and a nice bit of mossiness that really rounds the fragrance out. In the base I get something vanilla-like, and it brings just the slightest hint of creaminess. I don't know if white oud is a naturally occuring thing, or if it's a synthetic accord, but maybe that's what I detect.

This is such a beautiful and super-unique take on galbanum. I never would have thought to pair the plant with fruit. Despite the artistic take on it, it smells surprisingly classy. Lasted a solid 12 hours on me. High on my Want list. It's such an uplifting scent (hey--uplifting, like monkeys swinging from vines?!)!

Hidden Fantasy Britney Spears by ashleynelson 2017-02-19

A couple of nights ago I had a dream where I can't remember anything that happened except at one point I was holding up this perfume and spraying it. And the bottle is very recognizable so I know without a doubt that this one was it. Because of how cheap it is I'll probably end up buying it blind just because dream me thought it was noteworthy, ha. Hopefully it's as good as her original fantasy, because I absolutely love that one.

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel by ashleynelson 2017-02-19

I need to get a sample of this one. I've never really had any experience with Chanel perfumes at all but I've seen a couple of obscure perfume collection videos on youtube where they showed this one. It doesn't even look like anything I'd be interested in truthfully, but a couple of nights ago the strangest thing happened in which I had a dream that I was hiding a bottle of this perfume under my bed and someone kept trying to steal it. So weird. Anyways because of that I feel the universe is telling me to check this one out, so I hope it lives up to dream me's expectations.

Dreams Mariah Carey by ashleynelson 2017-02-19

I just picked this one up from my local Ross, and it was definitely worth the <$15 I paid for it, however it wasn't what I expected. I sprayed this at a friends house a couple of months back before we went to a party and I loved it. Then it was such a warm caramel cotton candy like smell, and it was divine. Since then I've kind of grown out of sweet perfume such as this, but I couldn't get this one out of my head, and I kept seeing it for so cheap so I thought what the heck I can always just use it up whenever. And now that I have it, it's alright. I think my bottle actually smells different than hers did, maybe this one hasn't been kept as well, or maybe I just need to wait and spray it on a summer night, but either way it'll get used. I probably just need to stop with all these sweet girly fragrances. If those are up your alley though, this one is really good when it's found at an equally good price. Also lasts pretty good for a celebrity perfume.

Cool Cotton Clean by ashleynelson 2017-02-19

This is what I always wanted in a perfume, but just didn't know it. Since early childhood, I have been obsessed with the smell of laundry detergent, not clean clothes, just laundry detergent. And dryer sheets. And basically anything you can smell when you walk down the laundry aisle in your local grocery store/supermarket. That's what this reminds me of. Like the laundry detergent has just been poured on top of your clothes and hasn't gone through the wash cycle yet. It's so fresh and actually does create a cooling sensation when I smell/wear it. This line is absolutely amazing if you're into clean smells (just like the brand's name blatantly states) and if you don't I really can't understand why you'd want to seek these out in the first place. It doesn't last very long on my skin, radiating for about an hour and then becoming a skin scent, but I bought the biggest bottle and will have no problem reapplying whenever I want. My only complaint is that I wish these would go for cheaper online. If I could ever find a big bottle for around $20 I'd buy them all. But either way I'll definitely be checking more things out from this line.

Baiser Vole Cartier by ashleynelson 2017-02-19

I don't care what anyone around me thinks of this perfume; I love it and I wear it just for me. When I smell this it just makes me think of being clean and using a nice soap and I love it so much. This is what I wanted Chloe EDP to smell like, but I didn't know anything about what the rose note would smell like. Now I realize that lily was the floral smell I was after and I will be exploring more fragrances with them. It does last a good amount of time on my skin, becoming more of a skin scent after 3-6 hours but still lasting well into the next day. I think someone could wear this going out somewhere nice and classy, or just chilling at the their house in sweatpants. It's just really simple, but good.
And the bottle is too cute. I love flipping the top up and down- it's so satisfying.

White Luminous Gold Michael Kors by savageinstrangeland 2017-02-19

I thought this was a safe blind buy. Wrong. MKLG played out really, really weird on my skin. It was super masculine on me (even though none of the listed notes hint that it would be) And btw, being "too masculine" for ME speaks volumes because I have a few bottles of cologne marketed toward men that I wear proudly. So anyway, super masculine but I decided t to stick it out thinking to myself, "Well, sometimes the more masculine scents have the best longevity and silage! Maybe I'll find the "silver lining" in this luminous gold." Wrong again. Skin scent within 15 minutes and a weird metallicy smell lingered close to the skin.

Needless to say, it wasn't for me. In fact, I returned it. And I NEVER return fragrances. Even if I don't care for them initially, I usually save them for a second chance at a different time or season and if I still don't care for them I put them up for sale or swap... Not this one. I wouldn't feel comfortable trading a fragrance in such a high price bracket with such awful performance. This fragrance is better suited to a10$ clearance tag, not a 39$ clearance tag that I paid.

This was my experience only. I'm sure it's lovely on some of you.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by HurAcraft 2017-02-19

Smells like rotten orange peel mixed with earth... vile stuff, for 35+ only...

It's all subjective but I dont see how you can call this a masterpiece. Each to their own, you couldn't pay me to wear this.

@Sophisticated Redneck I dont own either of the two you mentioned, nor have I ever smelled them or any interest in smelling them. You do you and continue smelling like rotten orange mixed with earth. Scent is subjective, if thats your thing wear it.

Old Spice Original Shulton Company by peeachediva 2017-02-19

I absolutely love this scent! The cinnamon with the beautiful anise, make this an exceptional fragrance. I finally bought a bottle of the classic, and periodically spray it on a facial tissue, just to give a certain ambience to my workspace. Love, Love, Love!!!

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by camposg 2017-02-19

I just wore this again and I have to say to anyone interested in this fragrance, it didn't smell anything like what I remember. I sprayed it 3 times on my hand and in 1 hour it was completely gone. While it lasted it was terrible

CK2 Calvin Klein by camposg 2017-02-19

It is unusual I would say. It does have a laundry vibe to it, fresh, I didn't wear it enough to test performance but It reminded me of a unisex type scent from the house of "clean". It smells "white" unlike an aquatic that smells "blue"

Holy grail Amber for me. Gorgeous!

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by HurAcraft 2017-02-19

If you want to smell like every dude and his nephew.. father.. and his brother this is for you.

This is the type of cologne that will be recommended by a sales person to the average consumer, looking to purchase a scent as a gift for a guy in their life. Much like Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel.

Perhaps good smelling (subjective) but literally everyone has it and theres nothing special to it.

BRB making out with a girl "you smell like my father/ex bf".
Even the profumo version is boring, it's outplayed and overpriced.

No thank you.

Rien Etat Libre d`Orange by Joemoose13 2017-02-19

I received this in a trade, having never smelled it before and was really disappointed upon first sniff. I'm not the biggest fan of amber and that's what I got the most, it was a huge blast of amber blended really well with a lighter leather and incense. I noticed it lasted a long time, even through a shower so I eventually decided to wear it. The first couple of times I didn't care too much for it but got compliments so I kept it in my rotation. I now actually quite enjoy this scent, it's grown a lot on me and I can appreciate more than just the 3 notes I've listed earlier. Around the 4 hour mark, the aldehydes really start to shine through, along with the pepper, patchouli and oakmoss. It's also at this point where the amber, styrax and incense tone themselves down and the leather really blends itself well with the other ingredients I just listed.

This has great performance (recent formulation too, silver cap), +12 hours longevity, projects for 4-6 hours with a quite heavy sillage, all this with 2 sprays so be easy on the trigger. I would only bring this out in cold weather and as a casual scent, possibly for work and I could see this being someones signature scent, it's definitely unique (maybe not in the niche world, but when most of the population only really deals with designer fragrances, I would tend to lean towards unique) and it might even be polarizing but if you like it, rock it.

Overall: 7.5/10, not my favorite in my collection, but I still reach for it and can appreciate that it's blended really well.

Millennia Avon by Siv55 2017-02-19

How I loved this one! I had three bottles! The last one went off, so sad :( The pic of the bottle here is rubbish, I could maybe photograph my old one if the admins here wanted? I remember this as very soft and smooth but reasonably strong, especially for an Avon. If there was spice it was very mild. I'd be scared to try and buy this off Ebay or something now due to the fact my bottle managed to turn even though it was kept in a drawer, dark and cool, it wasn't like I left it in a bathroom.
The perfume was quite blue originally by the way, the colour it is in that picture looks like how it turned when it went off.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by skyelightfetish 2017-02-19

Loads of notes amounting to unpleasant nothing much. Had I bought this I'd ask for my money back.

Aqva Divina Bvlgari by epg 2017-02-19

In the beginning, very woody and salty. A bit too masculine for my taste. Don't get me wrong, I like masculine fragrances, just not on me. And I was just about to cross it out when it started to change into something sweeter, not candy-sweet, sweet with a dash of sourness. It kept the salty-beachy aspect. Something in it reminded me of reveal (ck), but this is so much better made that it's just a faint reminder. This one has a mind of its own. I'm sold.

Fahrenheit Le Parfum Christian Dior by georgequeue 2017-02-19

What can be said about this great creation by Monsieur Demachy? It's simply wonderful!

On a trip to the city of Medellin, Colombia, I started looking for fragrances at a very commercial area of the city; there were hundreds of scents to choose from, but Fahrenheit Le Parfum was the chosen one since I wanted it for my collection, and the price was very attractive--$58.82. And I had promised not to buy more perfumes until my birthday, or Christmas!

Fahrenheit Le Parfum opens with very sweet (but exquisite and powdery) notes of licorice and mandarin, where the suede gives it a somewhat "dirty" and organic nuance. One hour after application, an intoxicating rum-violet cocktail emerges, with the cumin and cilantro providing an herbal character, without overshadowing its sweetness; 3-4 hours later, hallucinating, oriental Bourbon vanilla stands out, which is the finishing touch that this potion closes with. In my opinion, it smells like M7 with some vanilla and spice.

When it comes to performance, Fahrenheit Le Parfum lasts 3-5 hours, with projection and sillage being a bit moderate to be an eau de parfum, so you would expect much superior performance and noticeability from it. As it is often the case, there are perfumes that increase their properties as the skin gets used to them, so I will not give it a final score yet; all in all, it is a pleasure to own this exquisite and addictive elixir that invites you to continue smelling your wrist on and on.

Boss Orange Hugo Boss by skyelightfetish 2017-02-19

Boring. Not really "dislike" but very meh.

Premiere Luxe Gold Blush Avon by Siv55 2017-02-19

I really liked this, it's basically Premier Luxe without the praline and with a medicinal vibe instead, which I think is the patch and rose together. Lasts maybe three or four hours. The bottle is great, the box lets it down.
I am unsure of it's similarity to Narciso because I'm one of those who can't smell Narciso. Which begs the question how come I can smell this?

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by sphynxcat 2017-02-19

I've tried it a couple of times, hoping to like it more, but it's not happening. The opening and 1st 20 min or so are like a pale citrus cologne with a hint of no 5 in there. This phase is pleasant and very refreshing, perfect for summer, etc. but then came the exploding dryer sheets which made it a scrubber for me and made it smell cheap, actually. They keep trying to re-work no 5 to appeal to the kiddos. "Why?" is my question. Are they that desperate over at Chanel? Most young people think No 5 smells "old". Just make more Chance flankers or something totally new, without dumbing down a classic. That's my 2 cents.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Joemoose13 2017-02-19

Let's just get this one out of the way: September 2016 batch (62N901). I, too, bought this from hearing this was the date night scent to have, but at the time did not know about the whole batch code drama (only second to Aventus, or is this one worst?).

Pretty simple smell, but really seductive. Lavender, cardamom, cedar and bergamot. It's a pleasant smell that makes me feel sexy, cliche as that might sound. A word of warning though, this is quite powdery, so if you are not into those kind of scents, stay clear of this one.

Unlike what other have mentioned for batches in the recent years, I actually get decent performance out of this one, pushing 8 hours longevity, 3-4 hour projection with decent sillage. Definitely a cold weather fragrance and I only really bring it out for when I plan on being intimate with someone, La Nuit definitely shines as a date night scent, possibly as a pick up scent if planning on going to a not so crowded bar. I have gotten quite a few compliments from various women with this one, none from men so far.

Overall: 8/10.

Red Hoba Xerjoff by Ishvires 2017-02-19


Histoire D`Amour Aubusson by MBB1111 2017-02-19

Thank you to the reviewer somewhere here who mentioned Historie D'Amour as having similarities to Rochas Femme! Based on that comment, I blind bought this at TJMaxx in the set with the lotion and shower gel and went back the next day to get the last of the set.

There is something about Historie that immediately reminds me of vintage Femme for sure, but it stands as its own beautiful (and somewhat moody) perfume, a little drier than what I'd typically like. It is definitely a chypre on my skin but with all the components blending so well I had to look up exactly what was making it at once sweet, spicy, and woodsy.

It has GREAT longevity and projection. When I wear it with the shower gel and lotion, my husband can smell it on his way up the stairs. It projects well on its own and is still hovering above a skin scent 10+ hours later.

Projection= very generous - proceed with caution
Longevity= this is a work horse!
Wear= for vintage perfume lovers, probably best for evening, very nice to spray on clothing as it hangs around like Youth Dew does

Hermessence Vetiver Tonka Hermes by Uni-Scent 2017-02-19

An excellent fragrance from the Hermes house. The scent gives off the auora of quality ingredients. Everything smells quite refined and smooth. I just love how the vetiver, hazelnut, tobacco, and tonka notes come together. The credit for this winner fragrance goes to Jean-Claude Ellena. I hope it never gets discontinued.

Scent: 8 / 10
Projection: 7 / 10
Longevity: 8 / 10

BLV Notte Pour Femme Bvlgari by bronni666 2017-02-19

i believe this is discontinued but you can always find one . it's just a google away.

this is an intoxicating, opulent oriental which has outstanding longevity and silage on me and my friend. my first encounter with blv notte was with my friend as she walked through my front door engulfed in a spicy cloud of sensuality. i had to have it. it's not my usual kind of fragrance. i am a sweet floral lady, the sweeter the better, but i fell for blv notte.

all these reviews here that state it's a weak perfume must have the wrong blv because this is a luxurious strong heavy scent. not really for summer or daytime.

it's not for everyone so i recommend trying before buy.

I'm so surprised amber is so far down the list here. To me, this is a dry, creamy, herbal, non-sweet vanilla Amber scent.

As mentioned before, the lack of sweetness is like a lotion. It has a sense of Sun in that way, but is extremely different.

It is unfortunate that this doesn't get more attention. I think I paid less than $15 for my NIB bottle on eBay. What an awesome bargain!

It smells like nothing else I've ever smelled. As with most Sander fragrances, each note is balanced brilliantly. This is by far one of the most unique takes on vanilla I've ever smelled... Not a small feat.

This has gone from solid like to highly admired, to a love.

Rive Gauche pour Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Donjuandemarco 2017-02-19

Wow just wow! I just got a half full of 50ml vintage bottle for 10 bucks it was a steal! sprayed it 9am in the morning and now at 00.50 still can smell it(mostly lavender) with in a half arm lenght.
Scent is really enjoyable i detect mostly lavender,anise,patchouli and some woods in that order. I think star anise is my favourite note in fragrances
Was not really a fan of barbershop oldschool scents but i like this one,never tried the newer version thou the notes listed differently most say they smell similer, ok.
spring night outs i think will suit this one good. Dates.. dont think so, casual, dress up or down i think so. Will see if this one gets compliments but also okay if it doesn't

So overall enjoyable scent for me

Venture Beyond Oriflame by Sahar_Pourhashemi 2017-02-19

The notes are mentioned in Oriflame catalogs and yet, they are not correctly listed here. Then why?!

It does not last long, but it does heal the soul. ♥
It's fresh, calming and intoxicating, somehow reminding me of Aventus Creed.

Dirty Trick Viktor&Rolf by jes1123 2017-02-19

My fiancé and I really love this fragrance (for ourselves!) meaning, can be worn by either male or female. Starts off with a lot of suede and an "old study" type of smell, but as it dries down I get a really warm brown-sugar-vanilla type of smell. This is easy to wear but the quality and uniqueness are apparent. The kind gentleman at saks was nice bough to give me a sample and if I love it after a few wears it may be FB worthy.

Powdery fresh fragrance

Acqua di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani by gerasimpedo 2017-02-19

Got the 40ml bottle 5 days ago and I've already sprayed almost 15ml. The smell is so addictive. Compliment factor is amazing. Lasts solid 8+ hours on my skin with two and a half hours of strong projection and sillage. Can get whiffs from it three hours later and after four to five hours it becomes skin-scent. Take into consideration that I wear this in Spring where is 1 to 8 degrees Celsius outside, so this might benefit better in the warmer Spring/Summer days/nights. I would totally recommend this to everyone that wants to smell as manly as a guy can get without breaking the bank and going for various fragrances. Buy this in 125ml and you're good to go. All seasons and almost all occasions.

Overall score: 9/10.

Fantasy Britney Spears by king.of.disaster 2017-02-19

In warm weather this fragrance is a sour mess, but in the colder months it turns into a smooth pleasant sweet feminine scent, it also is kind of sexy

Vince Camuto Vince Camuto by SparrowLight1 2017-02-19

I bought the body spray version of this scent at my local Walgreens, on a search for a scent sweet and light enough for my fruit/gourmand loving husband to like, but rich enough for my personal taste as well. I had never heard of Vince Camuto before, but a sniff of the the tester told me I would like this better than the other scents I had been trying...and trying and trying to like. After actually wearing this, I know what it smells like on me-the discontinued Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber! Sensual Amber was the first "sexy" fragrance I ever bought myself, when I started college. I loved the thick sweetness, and found it more elegant than the fruity/vanillary scents I wore in high school. VC is even richer and more complex, with florals to add a level of sophistication and my beloved patchouli note to ground it all. I have a feeling this could be my every day fragrance for quite a while, though I might not wear it to work since I teach in very small rooms. I already notice that this beauty sends whiffs up from my wrists frequently, so I would guess this has a rather public level of sillage. I'm so glad I found this gem! And for only $8 too!

Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere (2015) Chanel by sphynxcat 2017-02-19

I can see how this would appeal to a younger audience or to people who don't like classic no 5. It retains the DNA of classic no 5 but tones down the aldehydes and sweetens it up by adding a dollop of vanilla. But that addition of vanilla adds an odd plasticky smell somewhere in the heart of the perfume, which puts me off, and the reduced aldehydes makes it feel a bit flat to me. The far drydown smells more like the drydown of the original, still a bit sweeter with a slight baby powder vibe. I do like the originals, with the EDT being my preferred formulation.
I suppose if I weren't comparing Eau Premiere to the originals, it would be fine in its own right, and far more sophisticated than much of the other stuff on mainstream shelves these days.

A lemony, herbal goodness, suitable for all occasions. What more could a guy wish for? The first fragrance for men by YSL reminds me of such other masculine classics as Moustache, Eau Sauvage and Tuscany in having the same slightly dirty, sweaty tang which, on a man, makes the wearer irresistible.
So many citrus notes and a whopping dose of lavender at the top, a generous herbal transition in the middle followed by a gentle woody base, sounds like the perfect composition, which this fragrance really is, and more.

Minotaure Paloma Picasso by Zorayas 2017-02-19

This fragrance reminds me of tiger's eyes set in silver.
I bought this for my husband in 1999. When I got home I looked at the receipt and realized that the cashier rang up my purchase wrong and I ended up only paying 10% of the original price. This fragrance was truly mesmerizing, erotic and sensual. Definitely one that made me melt!

Oha Teo Cabanel by shiva-woman 2017-02-19

Many reviewers have already gone through the notes considerably, so I'll be brief. This is an elegant, evening-out perfume with low-to-moderate silage and good to great longevity. The first hour I wondered whether this was a Aromatics Elixir or Youth Dew riff. However--while this contains notes that are in both of the above, this is the "kinder, gentler" third sister in that spicy trio. Both AE and YD (which I enjoy) are heavy-hitters, and this one is "reminiscent" in a finer, quieter and less complex way.

The most prominent aspect is Rose! As some have said below, it's not a fresh dewey spring rose, but a mature richer rose. After that I smell the ylang, the woods, cardamom. I don't smell the tea aspect very much at all.

This is quite nice and I'll enjoy my bottle, but probably will not go through it entirely for some time because it has a richness that I wouldn't want to wear everyday. This is more a fall-winter scent, early spring.

Fierce Abercrombie & Fitch by MrBumblepants 2017-02-19

I had always heard about this fragrance but never tried it. So I got a little decant just to check it out. I really really like the scent itself. others have stated repeatedly, it's gone within a minute.

If this would last I'd buy a bottle immediately, cause I enjoy the smell that much. But no way I would lay out the cash with such poor performance.

I went to Nordstrom's today and was so excited when I saw this on the counter. I ran up to it and gave it a long sniff. Smells beautiful! I then sprayed one spray on each wrist. As I was enjoying the perfume I kept thinking...this reminds me of something. Then it hit me. Black Opium! It doesn't smell exactly like Black Opium but it's very similar. Bronze Goddess has more of a coconut smell than coffee but it was too similar for me to buy a bottle. It's much more sweet than the original EDT and if I didn't have Black Opium I would have bought it. It also didn't last that long on me. 3-4 hours tops (but my skin eats perfume). On a positive note the bottle is gorgeous...Metallic rose gold!'

Noir de Noir Tom Ford by lovecake123 2017-02-19

I've tried nearly every Tom Ford fragrance. This one is like pudding for the skin. It's wraps you in a deliciousness. It's a complex rose scent. Everyone wants to know what I'm wearing. They keep sniffing me. I fell sexy when I wear it. I like in even more on my boyfriend. It's amazing when it mixes with your body chemistry. Stays on the skin at least 6 hours.

Imagination Oriflame by WhiteVelvet 2017-02-19

I agree with most of the other reviewers. This is a
lovely scent.

Aromatic Future Zara by hopey 2017-02-19

Yesterday again! I sprayed that Zara on and hours (!) later someone complimented me on that he knows my cologne because he owns Sauvage on his own. Outstanding clone!

The only difference for myself: Sauvage got a way richer sillage. You can smell yourself the hole day. The Zara has a good longevity too, but you don't smell yourself very soon.

Wonder Flower Oriflame by WhiteVelvet 2017-02-19

I like this one. Nice for fans of almond flower and
powdery notes.

Wonder Flower Oriflame by WhiteVelvet 2017-02-19

Wonder Flower. I like this , I like almond flower and
powdery notes. So, for people who like these notes.
This is a nice fragrance.

Clémentine California Atelier Cologne by mustlovetravelanddogs 2017-02-19

I will agree that Atelier Cologne California Clementine has sort of generic dry down. In gives off a vibe in projection that most of fruity floral fresh designer fragrances do. It's pleasant enough to wear in summer and spring, non offensive, light and playful I would say. The first notes are really sweet intense citrus but then its all faded and like someone has pointed out turns into floral fruity base. I don't get any woods.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift by PaceLuce 2017-02-19

This is one of the perfumes that start with something and end with something completely different. Opening is fresh and green with raspberry, peach, and blackberry tea. After it settles in an hour or so you get creamy but not cloying vanilla with sandalwood and a touch of floral. This scent is by far better than any of Britney Spear's in my opinion.This perfume does not give off a tacky or overrate vibe, it's very hard not to like, silage and lasting power could be better though. Overall 8/10.

Flying Maison Martin Margiela by mustlovetravelanddogs 2017-02-19

At first I loved the fragrance because it seemed very woody and earthy on the initial spray. But after some time it turned into sweet floral concussion with aromatic citrus on the background. It did remind me first of Neroli Portofino but then I realised it is very similar to Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc because of that sweet ylang ylang and almond heart. I like the citrus bitterness that this fragrance contains but I am not a fan of floral compositions. I wish it stayed on that initial stage with aromatic, woody, androgynous character.

Orchid Soleil Tom Ford by redfuzzycow 2017-02-19

This perfume made me sick, as others have said. I have never been as revolted by a perfume before. I was going to wait until it dried down, but I had to scrub it off and change my clothes because I couldn't stand the smell.

Vanilla Musk Coty by anneschrock1982 2017-02-19

This is one of my all time favorite scents. I am 34 years old and have been wearing it since my teenage years. I believe it was my first ever real perfume given to me at Christmas by my grandmother. The scent is so simple and without all the notes most modern perfumes have. You get a straight up sweet creamy vanilla with a strong sandalwood, musk undertone. For me, it lasts all day and the longer it sits the better it smells. I have gotten so many compliments from people over the years wearing this and they are shocked to find out it is a cheap ten dollar cologne spray. I own much more expensive perfumes but this one is a classic.

Tease Flower Victoria`s Secret by MrsTefee 2017-02-19

In my honest opinion there isnt anything particularily special about this one..another sweet fruity floral put out by victoria's secret and its rather uninspiring. I went to the store to smell this specifically and I was very underwhelmed by it. Yea it smells nice but nothing special. I bought noir tease instead!

Beach Bobbi Brown by missguided23 2017-02-19

When I first put this on it smells like when you get to the beach in the morning. The suntan oil, sand, the seabreeze and warm salty skin. Perfect if you want to escape in your head. But you know that feeling at the end of a day at the beach when you feel too sandy... too sticky... too oily... that's what it ends up like on me. All you want to do is take a shower and get it off. Definately the beach in a bottle. Won't repurchase though.

Vanilla Fields Coty by anneschrock1982 2017-02-19

I found this perfume after wearing Vanilla Musk by Coty for years and I find them both very enjoyable in different ways. To me, this smells exactly like the name. It smells like a very sweet vanilla very similar to the Vanilla Musk from Coty but instead of a musky undertone, it has a more "green" scent. It reminds me of being outside in a field of fresh cut grass and flowers. It is a nice break from the more foody vanilla scents I seem to always find that smell like cupcakes. I do not smell any peach, coconut, or bergamot on my skin. Just an airy vanilla great for spring and summer. The cologne spray lasts all day on my skin and is very inexpensive.

Starwalker Montblanc by thetoochaiyot 2017-02-19

The scent is one of a kind. It represents my lifestyle of powerful and sporty guy who also comes up with classy and sexy.

Le Male Essence de Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier by mikemuscles21 2017-02-19

Haters gonna hate.

I am surprised the love column isn't a lot longer. I think this one is an amazing new scent. Definitely one of my favourite new releases. I am coming back to you Rez.

I might be biased though because I tend to always love leather fragrances. And I realise leather is nothing new but I still just love it.

Bois de Copaiba Parfumerie Generale by ranchorita 2017-02-19

I agree with many previous comments, particularly in their comparisons of Bois de Copaiba to L'Heure Bleu. If you don't like copahu, you should probably avoid this one. The sandalwood is no shrinking violet here, either-- it is a considerable presence in this fragrance. BdC a persistent and warm resinous presence, but without a cloying sweetness. I racked my brain to recall when I've smelled something quite similar, and it was about 30 years ago when I bought a sandalwood soap in a Chinese market. Reading other reviews that called this "soapy" toggled my memory on that uncanny feeling I'd smelled this before. I prefer my resins a little more sweet, but if you like a very dry resin and you love sandalwood/copahu, this may be one you should check out.

Comme une Evidence Yves Rocher by Frangipani01 2017-02-19

One of the few YR 'composed'( =opposed to unilaterals like Neroli or Cuir-Vetiver) that I find wearable and actually loveable, being not too much ROSES, not too resh or chemical or bitter or messy. Tested this from a lady who has it and it smelled god on HER and ME as well. Surprised. Better then the Body Shop's similars like 'Gardenia-Morning" and others ( yakky to me, too bitter/fresh) This is quiet classy.

Douaa Al Janna Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by Frangipani01 2017-02-19

Good, very longlasting , it's similar to Al Haramain's Makkah. Same jasmine/strawberry indolic fruity but wild vibe.This is less floral and more fruity/musk/amber. Regularly I long for it. Easy to wear and just lovely.

Cristalle Eau de Parfum Chanel by Catty 2017-02-19

Cristalle is simply the Royalty of the greens for me.

A green scent is normally categorized as a sport fragrance, but Cristalle is so chic, cool, elegant and updated because it´s not heavy...the good projection is there, it´s noticeable but it doesn´t have this "heavy vintage" smell that kills everybody in the room. You are smelling fresh, elegant, approachable, cool all day long.

This goes after the gym, in a lunch with your friends as also in a beautiful summer evening with the ONE or simply hanging out with your friends.

Cristalle really stands out...the Queen!

Amor Amor Cacharel by 2017-02-19

I was 13 when it came out. It was already two years since I fell in love for the first time so I felt like I needed some heavy artillery to win the guy over. After smelling many fragrances in the shop I came to conclusion that Amor Amor was the love potion I was searching for. My mum hated it, she kept saying it's fragrance for mature women, which persuaded me completely that this is exactly what I needed. :)

I remember buying a big bottle straight away with my own money and on my way home not being able to wait any longer, opening it and spraying on myself. It was winter time in Russia, minus one million degrees, and then I get swamped by the frosted black current and vanilla... mmmm... I've used up at least two big bottles of it until I switched to newly released Hypnose by Lancôme two years later. I loved it.

Back then I had no idea about fragrances, but I did notice how Amor Amor was constantly evolving from when I first applied it, to 15 minutes later, to the beautiful softening that stayed on my scarf for days. It was so multidimensional, and definitely not linear like so many people commented here. But I'm talking about the very original version.

I recently bought a 30ml of it just to remember that time in my life. Maybe they did change the formula or maybe I've matured, but it definitely doesn't have the same effect on me now. It's nice to smell it every now and again just to remember how it made me feel once.

Vertigo Cuir Kyse Perfumes by SuzanneS 2017-02-19

This is so groovy!
A patent leather opening with a tinge of plastic covered in caramel. The white flowers have a green watery tinge as if they have been rained on and freshen up the fragrance. The musk adds a sexiness with the leather. Id say the leather really does look like the ad copy. Im getting a 70s vibe done in a modern gourmand way. Classification: Gourmand Leather. Great for rainy days, spring or when you need a change.Fun!

Ambre Noble Zara by Freedomlover 2017-02-19

I.hope this is the same quality as zara exclusive oud which is beautiful. Managed to order 2 bottles will leave review once I've tried it a few times.
If your in the UK it's available to order from zara website.
Get it while you can! !!!

Anyone who has this is it sweet fruity or sweet like vanilla i can't Wait to try it but won't be able to collect my bottles unroll the weekend.

I wanted to love this SO BADLY. I really like Beach Walk and wanted to find an offering for fall, but this just comes off as campfire and stale cigarette smoke on me, and living in Colorado, I could go up to the woods for a weekend, not wash, and pretty much smell just like this. It's a great smell in nature, but not as a personal scent, to me. It's a shame because the Replica scents are always so spot on and I guess this is an example of where that can go wrong. I still applaud them for getting it right, I just wish they would have made it a bit more wearable.

Frollino Lavanda Kyse Perfumes by SuzanneS 2017-02-19

Oil Sample Review.
A gorgeous soft lavender dipped in butter. Im not a huge lavender fan unless its growing in the garden. A lot of times I associate lavender with mens barbershop Fougères.

Kyse adds sugar, caramel, vanilla and beeswax and berry to keep things balanced. Im glad Kyse reclaimed the note of lavender and put it into a lavender scone or herbal cookie scent. Fresh, new and really doesnt get the attention it deserves. Perfect time is the in between winter/spring changeover. Perfect when you want something sweet but not a sugar bomb.

Beach Bobbi Brown by laurniko 2017-02-19

I LOVE the smell of suntan lotion and in the summer I use banana boat dry oil for a body moisturizer instead of lotion, so I do love all beachy scents and this is no question right up my alley. BUT..BUT.. it doesn't last very long! And it's not really that cheap, so I do feel Demeter offers some scents you could layer and make this more your own, but I get crazy nostalgia when I've worn this and I am questioning buying the whole bottle for summer, as I've only sampled it. It does what it's trying to do really well and if you're looking to smell EXACTLY. LIKE. THE. BEACH, then this is a great one to try! For my money though, I'd rather go with Replica's Beach Walk.

Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Christian Dior by VexedRomance 2017-02-19

Fresh, zestful, light green and effervescent.

Dior Homme Cologne is a simple, yet well executed fragrance. I think it captures the soul of the cologne style very well. The citrus is awakening and energetic, and the effervescent green you get from the grapefruit blossom adds a real refreshing twist. It's that special something all cologne needs to transcend the traditional style, and add something new or unique to it.

Although refreshing, it is a bit linear. And something about it gives me the strongest feeling that Dior Homme Cologne has a vintage style to it.

As cologne was greatly popularized in the 1900's, a very prominent concept from that time was errand running. And the style of this cologne seems recapture that essence—seemingly composed in the style of something a man would wear for the duration of some errand running—but not exceeding that.

Not the first fragrance I've come across in this style either—Lacoste L!VE is another one that comes to mind. And even so, Dior Homme Cologne is definitely still an enjoyable fragrance, but I would have to say it's best sticking to the intended style, and keeping your wear brief to best preserve the awe and enjoyment of it.

Modern Muse Le Rouge Estée Lauder by laurniko 2017-02-19

This is nice. It was gifted to me, my mom loves Estee Lauder so over the years I have been gifted Pleasures, Beautiful, etc. This falls into that group of popular, vaguely sweet, department store perfume. I wear it seldom, when I have a meeting, or some other work function. it's not very unique to me and I do love Estee Lauder classics like Magie Noire and Youth Dew, but it's just a little too fruity/floral for me. The sillage is nice and it does project and last, so for the person who loves fruity florals, this might be right up your alley!

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by alyxdavidson 2017-02-19

I love this perfume. Classic yet very wearable. On me, I get hours of strong, noticeable wear. I have a sample but will likely not buy a full-size because of the price and how similar it smells to Miss Dior EDP (which I already own). They're definitely not twins or even duplicates, but similar enough to pass for now.

On me, Miss Dior comes out sweeter due to the stronger mandarin. Coco Mademoiselle has a stronger base of patchouli and velvetier/tonka/spice that lessens the sweetness.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Jo Malone by laurniko 2017-02-19

My sister in law gave this to me at Christmas bc she tried it and said it smelled like a "dirty sweaty old man", to which I said "lay it on me" because I LOVE dirty, stinky patchouli/musky/manly hippie fragrances. It's pretty strong out of the bottle but I REALLY love it. This is totally unisex, and if I could get my husband to wear it - he doesn't wear cologne - I'd probably never let him leave the house because it's just pure sex. I find the name of this to be a misnomer - I don't smell basil, lime, OR mandarin. Just patchouli and a zingy, fresh and vaguely citrus smell. It's not overtly masculine or musty, but it does have a sharp, almost aftershave tang to it.Maybe the sharpness is the basil. I can't tell, but I LOVE IT! And I'm not sure what I'll do when this bottle is gone because it's a bit out of my price range so if anybody knows a similar scent that is more affordable I'd love to go buy it so I can make this last!

Dahlia Divin Givenchy by laurniko 2017-02-19

This has the one flower I really like beside rose - Jasmine. It's got patchouli, its a really nice scent gives me a terrible headache! I only have the parfum so I use it sparingly but every time it seems to go migrain-y on me. It's a shame because I love it, and I have a really hard time finding florals that I like.

Ari Ariana Grande by Caledonian77 2017-02-19

I can't help myself ( forgive me! lol ) but i have to say it!!, regarding my take on Ari by Ariana Grande, it's like Pink Fluffy Unicorn Dancing On Rainbows. It's immensely sweet, soft floral yet warm but so unexpected especially from Ari Grande incautious calibre profile. I love how it embodies itself into this candy, creamy musk & marshmallow, powdery goodness & overall it suits me well. I find a gentle half press of the sprayer does me & that lasts me all day, have tried her other one 'Sweet Like Candy' which by far is more fruitier but this is my favourite, it's more yummier.

Elegance Sombre Kyse Perfumes by SuzanneS 2017-02-19

A pretty cocoa patchouli combination with orange, birch leaf and buttered coffee. On me, it shows up as a nice coco/patchouli scent that reminds me of a niche called Sammarco Bond-T. Here the cocoa/patch isnt as dark, but more wearable.

In comparison to Mandorlo Cioccolato:
The notes do seem similar and one thinks about do I need both? What are the differences?

ES is dryer, more patch, licorice and cocoa powder. MC is more almond,boozy, wet or syrupy in feel than ES. ES has a more unisex feel and very low sillage.I dont think you can over spray this so heavy handed sprayers-- this will work for you. A sophisticated gourmand. Id recommend layering this perfume spray with its matching oil for more mileage. Is there room for both in a wardrobe? Absolutely! Kyse's affordable pricing and bohemian artistry allows everyone to indulge. Id buy something from Kyse over 90% of chemical soup name brands in sephora. Just better quality and niche artistry.

Exclusive Oud Zara by Plantus 2017-02-19

Notes according to the spanish Zara website:

Saffron, Cinnamon, Cedar, Oud, Patchouli, Leather

Confit de Rose Kyse Perfumes by SuzanneS 2017-02-19

CdF you odd little thing.

It opens strong with a graham cracker and a buttery/nutty note. The berries and plum start to seep through. Im not sure if I like the odd opening but give it time to do its thing.I think im having a chemistry issue with this one, which makes sense as the reviews here are pretty varied. Ill have to give this one multiple wearings to get a handle on it.

Armani Code Colonia Giorgio Armani by Ewanmacteagle 2017-02-19

I blind bought Colonia when it became available at Macy's. Honestly, I don't understand the hate this fragrance is getting - it's a very nice, classy oriental fougere with floral tones. They aren't your typical floral tones, but, as someone that is allergic to most florals, I really appreciate it; I can actually wear this one, filling a long-standing gap in my wardrobe. I find that it works equally nice for casual days out as it does the office, and even bought a spare to keep in me desk at work to freshen up. Especially at work, I've received more compliments on this than any other cologne, even much more expensive, niche ones. Is it a cologne that's going to make a bold statement? No. But I don't think it's supposed to be either - none of the Code line is. If you want a statement piece, look elsewhere. If you want a classy, spicy, floral you can wear year-round with above-average performance, Colonia is a great fragrance to try!

Jamaica Woman Puma by brigitazdaneviciute 2017-02-19

It was the first parfum I bought it myself! I was 15 years old. My husband knew it and he bought it for me as a Christmas present ( 11 years later) ☺️☺️I still like it, but it is to much Pear for me today . I will try again on a suny day

Body Crystal Baccarat Burberry by foxy_princess 2017-02-19

should be called body crystal bourgeoisie not baccarat. everything so excessive these days. whatever happened to accessibility and affordability? worst part is some stupid person is going to buy this just to say they have it.

Body Crystal Baccarat Burberry by foxy_princess 2017-02-19

should be called body crystal bourgeoisie not baccarat. everything so excessive these days. whatever happened to accessibility and affordability? worst part is some stupid person is going to buy this just to say they have it.

Clear Heart V 1 Map Of The Heart by spumyland 2017-02-19

Mmm.. non ci siamo.
Al mio naso soprattutto acqua agrumata,verde,peonia,sandalo e ribes stomachevole.
Ne esce fuori una crema notte tipo oil of olaz dopo uno struccante.
Estivo si
Rozzo anche.

Unisex??..una drag queen stanca e sudata post show?

Mandragore Annick Goutal by MBB1111 2017-02-19

Thank, God for pre-batched perfume sample packs that force me to try something I'd never normally reach for.

Mandragore by name conjured for me an image of a dark witch's brew of some sort. Interestingly enough, I got only bright, fresh, natural, and uplifting on my skin.

First blast came out as all citrus and settled quickly into citrus, a subtle pepper you find only when you breathe deeply, ginger, and herbs. I could not detect any flower notes although they are listed.

I would gift this to my quirky, off-beat friends who dislike "perfume." Very cool choice of ingredients that works very well together.

Projection= minimal
Longevity= moves quickly to a skin scent on me
Wear= day, spring, office-friendly, easy-to-wear

L'Instant de Guerlain Guerlain by VanniGodfrey 2017-02-19

I love this perfume so much. It makes me smile any time I smell it because it smells identical to a bronzing tanning lotion my mother and sister have always used. Everything about this fragrance is summertime to me. It may sound odd, but there's something solar about it, to me reminiscent of bare skin in the bright summer sunshine. The floral creaminess reminds me of sticky summer air with soft breezes perfumed by sunscreen and magnolia trees. Though I haven't known L'instant de Guerlain too terribly long, it's very dear to me because it reminds me a lot of home, lounging poolside mid-summer when the magnolias are in full bloom and the air is so thick it's almost solid. I've been particularly homesick lately so I'm eager to pick up a bottle soon.

L’Extase Nina Ricci by MademoiselleMaya 2017-02-19

Gourmand, no doubt about it. Exactly in the same vein as just about everything righ now. But it is pleasant and seductive even. Under the caramel there's a good rose - I'm not entirely sure if the caramel suits the rose, but it is pleasant, lasts well is not overbearing.

Fiori Vince Camuto by kaejuntun 2017-02-19

Found a 1 oz bottle or this for a steal - definitely a dupe for Marc Jacobs Daisy, which was my very first signature perfume. It's beautiful - simple, innocent, clean, and totally wearable. it's unseasonably warm where I live, spring weather in February and all the snow is melting, and this fragrance is perfect for a day like today. It smells optimistic and hopeful. Even though I still have a 1/4 full bottle of Daisy, I am glad to have this one in my collection.

Boss Bottled Tonic Hugo Boss by TheGoodfellaANDSmeller 2017-02-19

Ok here we have one true and honest review but nearly over 20 rates on the performance, without any statements, how can that happen? I mean 20 people voted "very long lasting" and 19 "enermous sillage" but how?

I got a sample, together with Vivamore, as I was curious of the young celebrity fragrance. In two words: 'very berry' or 'bubble gum'. Waited longer but on my skin all I could smell was the sweet berries and bubble gum. The berry notes are nothing like 'cold' or 'wintery' berries, but rather sweet/sickly berries. Immature and generic. (Btw. Vivamore is much different, much more mature and much more non-generic.)

Narciso Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez by aquarius_moon 2017-02-19

I’ve never been sprayed by a skunk or indeed lived anywhere where there’d be a danger of that, but my imagination will henceforth insist it’s just like being sprayed by Narciso Rodriguez.

In fairness, I’ve only tried this and two other of his fragrances on paper, but that’s because I found them so vile I couldn’t bear to try them on skin. ‘Vile’ is a word I may have used lightly in the past, but now I realize that on all previous occasions I merely meant something like ‘too sharp,’ ‘too strong,’ ‘too cloying,’ ‘too much of this or that note that I don’t like.’ Narciso is the first perfume ever that I’d call, in all seriousness, a stench.

A single spritz on the paper, and I recoiled in disgust. Return to it periodically every half hour—the same thing. Repeat with Poudre—more of the same thing, only of a slightly lesser intensity. Repeat with the one in the white bottle—a lesser intensity yet, almost bearable by comparison, but still not. All of them are all about musk, but in a way I’ve never experienced it before—animalic in a bad way and, at the same time, as harshly synthetic as burning plastic.

I mean no offense to anyone who likes Narciso scents and fully believe they transform on skin, but I can’t emphasize enough how much they’re NOT safe blind buys. The bottle is so appealing that it might seduce you into buying blind (as I almost did), and you may even be reconciled to putting up with a so-so scent (as I was—based on the notes and the fact that I’ve never disliked musk before, I figured the worst that could happen would be pedestrian), but you might, in fact, find it infinitely worse than that. Soft, delicate, cozy, intimate, purring like a kitten—that’s what the bottle suggested to me, and let’s just say that the scent caused me a huge, hollering cognitive dissonance.

The upside of the experience is that it had an educational value. For me, musk has always been a pleasant yet vaguely defined note. Post-Narciso, it’s so clearly etched in my mind that even something like a Felce Azzurra shower gel, innocuous and familiar since childhood, gives me a twitch of wary recognition.

Christian Provenzano strikes again. I fell in love with his perfumes since Clive Christian C. BtV Blue Sapphire is an absolute beast in projection and longevity. For some reason I get notes of sweet myrrh in the dry down. Must be the agarwoon and amber.

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10
Sillage: 10/10

Absolutely superb fragrance. Not a blind buy as it is not for everyone but definitely worth testing. Smell it, like it, buy it wear it.

Vivamore Selena Gomez by basgam 2017-02-19

I got a sample of it as I was curious of the young celebrity fragrance. I must say that on first opening it was pure D&G Light Blue on my skin. Then the notes turned into cucumberish smell as opposed to citrus like in D&G LB. I liked it, but not loved it. Very inoffensive, pleasant smell. Gave the sample away to a person in love with Light Blue, and she loved Vivamore as well. Obviously.

Prada Candy Prada by MeThePerson 2017-02-19

... Just felt that perhaps 'natfragrant' missed out on the irony of complaining about a lack of complexity in a fragrance that was created as intentionally basic with only four main notes. Benzoin... check. Caramel, Vanilla... check. Musks... check. Balanced and blended by the Perfumier chosen by Miuccia to create the majority of PRADA fragrances because she delivers the goods as asked. Oh yes, and by that I refer to Daniella Andrier alone. Not a group or committee of lower grade chemists working to a general conveyer belt of schlop as referred to in the review. Oh, and I still love the fragrance... makes me melt when I catch it on someone. It invites you to follow the trail to the source in the way it is not overpowering, but enchanting when close and brought to life by skin heat.

CK2 Calvin Klein by RobbieX 2017-02-19

A clean, light and fresh perfume with a white musk base. A lovely "laundry" vibe to it. Moderate to good longevity and silage. Yes, there is a "pebble" or "cobblestone" note there. This is a pleasant, modern and unusual fragrance from Calvin Klein. I'm glad I got this.

Myrrhe Impériale Giorgio Armani by TopBase 2017-02-19

Hi from Amsterdam!
Today I would treat myself on a scent I bought maybe a year ago but still was wrapped in its original packaging.

After opening the nice box a rectangular square bottle with a Mediterranean white marble top invited me to quickly spray its content onto my skin.
After going through different phases of notal development one part of my olfactory brain kept bugging me that I knew this scent or at least an important part of it.

It stayed for hours on my arm and I forgot about it; I was deeply involved in my work on this Sunday, finishing some files and lingering on some study-subjects,when suddenly the olfactic brain and its memory fused in a split moment:

it was Armani's Myrrhe Imperial !!! from 2013.

The wrapped treasure -in -the box was

Profumi Del Forte's "Versilia Vintage AMBRA Mediterranea"- conception in 2009.

I hope this might solve the puzzle for some of the reviewers.

Rainkissed Leaves Bath and Body Works by ChypreAnn 2017-02-19

Is it just me, or does this smell like the long-ago Bath & Body Works scent called Flowering Herbs? I really think it does, which is great because I've been pining for Flowering Herbs for a long time, hoping BBW would bring it back as a Flashback Fragrance. It really is a good balance of floral and herbal.

Imperial Patchouli Police by fragrand 2017-02-19

Yesterday i tested it and immediately reminded me Gucci Envy for men.
I like it.

Black Aoud Montale by bugsyiii 2017-02-19

This is a great fragrance...very aoud-ish, aoud-like, aoud bent; no matter how you try and distinguish this, you will come to an aoudy result.

[Thanks to my frag bro-Jabbara97 for being gracious with a sample to test-thanks friend!]

First, although this is Montale's Black Aoud, this is very reminiscent of Mancera's-The Aoud. Same family,( in terms of company spilt) having similar tastes, packaging, etc. across the board.... Black Aoud is a nice sweet rose fragrance that gives off this almost creamy, but sharp, sweet, pungent accord. The Rose, Agarwood, Patchouli, Musk, and Mandarin Orange really work well together giving off this wonderful array of notes yet blended together nicely!!

Because I already own The Aoud, might be a bit redundant to have both of these in the wardrobe (at least at the moment)! If the right deal comes along, I might have to change my mind......

I would say masculine by gender, yet unisex!

Word of caution: Be careful with the trigger as this could get cloying if you are not conscious of the amount sprayed! Could clear a room....

Projection and longevity is great!
Performance and silage and above average!

Acqua di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani by HorseusMaximus 2017-02-19

Girlfriend gifted me this on my birthday. I've used this on special occasions and boy is it a compliment getter. This smells like the orginal with some added incense and has a "rocky" smell if you will (like water smashing up against rocks by the Oceanside). Outstanding fragrance, super masculine and easily #1 in my collection! 11/10! All time favorite!

Chloe Chloe by laurniko 2017-02-19

My father bought my mother a bottle of this in the 80s, and I associated it with watching her put on her glamorous dresses and do her hair before she went to some fabulous event with my dad, who was a travel writer in the 80s. I bought it blind for the memory of her, and I wish this worked for me but it doesn't. I respect and worship Uncle Karl and I love the history of this perfume, and especially love reading everybody's amazing stories below, but this is suffocating to me and doesn't settle into my skin or become my own scent in any way. Admittedly, I'm not a floral gal, but this works SO well on my mom. I would be happy to trade the big 3oz bottle I have with somebody or do a sample swap bc it is a classic, and if it works on you, a great bargain that smells expensive!

Musc Alize Comptoir Sud Pacifique by laurniko 2017-02-19

This is the WORST blind buy I have EVER made. I use and love CSP Vanille Abricot and I love it, so I thought "what the hell" and bought this for a steal on ebay. It was a mistake. There is NO MUSK in this. I love musk. All musks. Laundry musk, dirty musk, give me all the musk. This is not musk. This is my dad's bottle of White Rain hairspray from 1985 with an basenote of sickening butter/popcorn. I hope it works for somebody bc for me it doesn't even work as a linen spray. I was looking forward to this so much but am so sad I bought it! If anybody wants the giant 100ml bottle, I will gladly trade or sell for a steal!

Love Story Chloe by jr 2017-02-19

I L-O-V-E this scent and receive many compliments when I wear Chloe Love Story (CLS).

It may appear to be more of a Spring and Summer scent to some but when it is cold and dreary here in the Rocky Mountain winter, CLS is a reminder and hope of the coming Spring.

Some of my most favorite notes include Grapefruit, Lemon and Bergamot which are totally uplifting and happiness to the mind and soul. The Pear, oh how I LOVE Pear as it reminds of romantic period films that I might watch cozy by the fire with my husband and in rememberance of times gone by. Stephanotis is a variety of Jasmine and gives CLS a White Floral or even sense of purity note and as some suggest, a perfect Wedding scent or remembering one of the happiest days of ones life. However the base notes of Musk, Cedar,Cashmirwood and Patchouli bring in the added Romance.

CLS can safely be worn around people of all ages including elderly and small children, imho.

The reaction and/or comments I receive the most is mmmmmm, you smell good or you smell N-I-C-E (as so called Millenials might say).

CLS can be a bit pricey, but I bought mine in a buy one get one 1/2 off sale which helped to make more affordable. Would I repurchase? Well there are so many wonderful scents out there, but if the price were right, I absolutely would as everything about CLS is beautiful including the cute yet classy bottle. It is a Love Story!

If only, if only, this had more sillage and projection I would repurchase. In one summer I have gone through almost an entire 3.3 oz bottle. You have to use a TON for it to be smell-able to others, but it's one of my favorite comfort food scents.

If you grew up in the 80's, you probably remember getting a new doll or My Little Pony and opening the box. Remember that sweet plastic scent that wafted up from the doll? THAT is this scent, and for me it brings back such good memories. It's the perfect vanilla tempered by the apricot, and I just call it my Doll Head scent. I'm so sad that I have to use so much, so it's just not a good buy for me. But if anybody knows of a similar Doll Head scent that actually has sillage power, please let me know! I'd love to find it and make it my holy grail!

Prada Candy Prada by laurniko 2017-02-19

I do love Prada Candy! I layer it with my Kuumba Made Amber Paste to give it a little more lasting power and depth. It's warm, cozy, gourmand. It's really a great scent and I feel like it gets a bad rap because of it's name. I don't find it to be candy-like at all, rather it's a beautiful amber and caramel blend with a bit of vanilla and musk. It has decent lasting power but I take a rollerball with me on the go when I wear it because you do need to touch up. My husband really likes this one. More grown up than it seems.

Amber Paste Kuumba Made by laurniko 2017-02-19

I agree with everybody's sentiment - this is a perfect amber. It's tempting to think that because of the cheap price and small bottle, that you need a more expensive luxury amber fragrance, but you do not. It's got lasting power, it's got decent projection, and it layers really nicely. I blend this with Rochas Femme and it is perfection! I love the other reviewers tip of mixing this with body lotion! It is a PASTE that comes out of the bottle with a little dipping stick, so it's easy to go crazy. It is such a beautiful, perfect scent, for so cheap. If you love amber pick this up at your Whole Foods, you really won't be dissapointed!

Amber & Myrrh Kuumba Made by laurniko 2017-02-19

It is a great scent but it is STRONG. The Myrrh really comes out more than the amber here, and if you love Myrrh, it's a great and cheap option. But it does have sort of a head shop smell, which I personally love, but if that's not for you stay away. Mix this with the Amber Past from the same brand to bring up the amber a little. Heady, yummy scent!

Egyptian Musk Kuumba Made by laurniko 2017-02-19

I love this, and always, always have a rollerball on hand! I feel like when I die, this will probably be the smell everybody associates with me. Which is a great thing, because it smells fantastic! I layer it with Narciso Rodriquez's For Her, and it adds some staying power to that spray. It's great on it's own. I feel like lots of people, including myself, feel like this does not have staying power, but really that's because I think most people aren't able to smell musk after a while? Bc I will reapply this over the course of a day, and when my husband comes home he will say the whole house smells of it! In a good way! Good to mix with body lotion as a base for other fragrances. Just a good, sexy, skin scent that last and lasts on your clothes.

Coromandel Eau de Parfum Chanel by houmanmatarsak 2017-02-19

فقط میتونم بگم این عاااالیه باید بیشتر درکش کنم که بتونم بیشتر درموردش بگم

Coromandel Eau de Parfum Chanel by houmanmatarsak 2017-02-19

فقط میتونم بگم این عاااالیه باید بیشتر درکش کنم که بتونم بیشتر درموردش بگم

Fresh Laundry Clean by laurniko 2017-02-19

It smells like Tide. It was given to me as a gift and I like it, but I spray it on my clothes and my linens more than I do on my body. It's great, but I feel like I could *maybe* just take some Tide and water, mix it in a spray bottle, and do the same thing. In fact, I may do this now, compare, and get back to you! CLEAN scents are relatively cheap, but Demeter has similar fragrances for less. But it's a nice laundry musk and very comforting.

Lily of the Valley Crabtree & Evelyn by Konga5000 2017-02-19

Feb. 2017. This frag was obtained by me BEFORE I knew it was reformulated!
Well this was fate! There is a thrift shop near me that I do not often frequent because their prices are pretty high for a "charity shoppe".
Out of the blue- on a whim - and because they often get used fragrances - I took a trip there on my day off.
The prices on their "used" fragrances are really off the charts (used bottles of Estee Lauder Pleasures for $39.99, half used bottles of Britney Spears Panty Liner Fantasy for $18.99 , crazy prices for USED frags! )
All the while I have been looking for a good Lily of the Valley EDT because my bottle of Yardley LOTV is almost gone--and I needed something a little stronger (As much as I love Yardleys--they have no staying power).
Lo and behold what do I see in the glass case at the counter .... Evelyn & Crabtree Muget / Lily of the Valley in the box! (The box had age wear and seemed to be 10 or 15 years old?)
Never having tried anything by this company I expected a cheap department store "room spray" thingie -- like something from Marshalls or T.J. CrapRack.
I asked the associate to show me the box--I took the 80% full bottle out and just sniffed the nozzle......WHAM! This is the real deal!
I bought it on the spot.............$20.00 !
Paid & raced to my car and gave myself like 6 spritzes (which is way way too much as this stuff is STRONG--in fact this is a Lily of the Valley Bomb! Sounds pretty funny, I know. LOL)
First blast is an unbridled fresh watery white pretty feminine Lily of the Valley ! Like "orgasm strength" ! I was euphoric!
Now- ignoring the notes listed here (I always do) , I do not really get peach , citrus, or too much of anything else but a little Jasmine which MAY be giving this LOTV it's "headiness". This has GREEN in it as well- like green stems and leaves.
THIS IS STRONG STUFF! It lasts a very long time and develops into a lot of SOAPY notes.
If you have a SOAP issue you should avoid this . By nature I think LOTV (like Lilac) has a "soap note" built into it?
When the soap notes dried out -- the next DAY I was left with a lovely gentle yet faint LOTV smell that echoed the first time I sniffed the nozzle in the store!


Epilogue: So I come her to rave about my score and find out it's been reformulated into a Yardley skin scent after all. Ironic!

Clean Skin Clean by laurniko 2017-02-19

This is a good, cheap(ish) laundry musk that you can wear to work, and not worry about spraying too much on. I feel like I use it for a closet spray/linen spray more than I wear it on my skin. CLEAN also makes some awesome home fragrances, too! I feel about this like I feel about all CLEAN fragrances - it's nice, it won't offend anybody, ever, it has moderate to weak staying power, and it plays well with others. I'll probably always keep the vanity stocked with an array of CLEAN fragrances because they are easy to reach for when I just can't think of what to wear, and they are relatively inexpensive. But I don't feel passionately about any of them. And you could probably find some Demeter scents that do the same thing for less.

Clean Warm Cotton Clean by laurniko 2017-02-19

This layers REALLY well with most musks/skin scents. I have used it with Coty Wild Musk and love them together. I don't feel like this has super duper lasting power but it could be that I'm anosmic to some musks and that I'm just used to it. I wear this when I'm just going to be hanging around the house or am going to be around little kids at a school event. It's completely inoffensive and easy to wear. Put it on and go. But I don't find myself sniffing my wrists all day or thinking about this one. I also use this with my Auric Blends Egyptian musk to give it staying power and add some depth/sexy times.

Clean Cashmere Clean by laurniko 2017-02-19

I love this one, and carry a rollerball in my purse at all times because A) it doesn't last very long and requires touch ups and B) It layers and plays nicely with all other scents. This is a skin scent, and clean white musk. It really does smell like a cosy cashmere sweater! But like all the Clean scents I have, it doesn't LAST and I use it more like a body spray! A good way to try this is the buy the rollerball trio - Clean Skin, Cashmere, and Warm Cotton - and try them all if you like laundry musks and skin scents. They also play well together. I love Clean's scents in the way I love Philosophy's scents - when I just can't think about what fragrance I want to wear, or can't justify using a luxury scent, these are what I reach for. They're easy on the wallet, and you can use them with abandon. As a signature, not really one that stands out or smells unique, but there's a place for these in the world nonetheless.

Rudis Nobile 1942 by konstantin.voronkov 2017-02-19

opens with woody single malt, quickly transforms into sweet wood and leather and after six hours turns into sweet wood and resin. masculine and interesting perfume. lasts long enough, 8 hrs at least

Fresh and green scent for summer, smelling mostly like apple and lily-of-the-valley. Unpretentious, light and office safe.

I picked up a small (5ml) sample and have to say I'm extremely impressed. This is a high (practically niche) quality scent which puts the majority of bland designer offferings to shame. A prominent incense-resinous note dries down to a delicious warm vanilla base with a hint of spice - I'm reminded of freshly baked gingerbread. This is definitely full bottle worthy and I will revisit later on in the year.

Projection: Moderate
Sillage: Moderate
Longevity: Good (6 - 8 hours on my skin)

Verdict: You really can't go wrong with this. A solid 8/10.

Boudoir Vivienne Westwood by laurniko 2017-02-19

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. I adore the bottle! It is sexy and intimate but I still wear it in the day, lol. It's very...private smelling. Not like private parts, but certainly gives off that feel of when you've been wearing perfume and lotion and then engage in "activities" and have some clean sweat going on. But that's only if you spray yourself to high heaven with it! Which I do -at night. For day, I've worn the parfum version, just a dab from the splash bottle, and it warms up to a nice fall scent. So like many intense scents, I find it's all about how you wear it. I do love this. I only have the vintage - peach colored juice - not the newer, pink version. When I run out, this is one I will buy again. I feel like it's been sort of forgotten, so not everybody wears it. It's really a beautiful floral musk, that is perfect for the person who does not really love florals.

La Nuit Tresor L'Eau de Toilette Lancome by Arlene-Beatrix 2017-02-19

Nice blackcurrant & berry scent, well rounded, good for almost every season, except for hot weather. The only thing that bothers me is this specific vanilla and patchouli combo, similar to La vie est belle. It would be better to create really nice and fully original scent than just a better copy of LVEB.

Safari for Men Ralph Lauren by LeotheLion 2017-02-19

I recently purchased a small splash bottle (vintage Cosmair). What a wonderful fragrance. It's amazing how scents can take you back to another time and place. My father had this fragrance in his rotation in the early 90's along with the original Herrera and Giorgio Beverly Hills colognes.
I believe it's a versatile scent; great for any time of day and any type of weather. Good stuff right here. If you can find a vintage bottle, grab it!

Mon Paris Yves Saint Laurent by laurniko 2017-02-19

Eh. I'm a gourmand girl, and fruity doesn't usually bother me. This is nice. It's safe. You can wear it to work. It's not sexy to me, it doesn't have depth, and coming from such a legendary house, one of which I love most things from, I feel like it's pretty pedestrian. It may be bc I tend to go for "darker" scents, but I have worn this to work, to mother's day brunch, to PTA meetings, so it has it's place. That's exactly what I bought it for, so it's met it's purpose. But after a while it just seems to fall into that same fruity flowery category that every single fragrance has. It's not signature material to me. It's a safe gift, if you're the gifting type. The best way to keep and wear this, to me, would be to get a purse spray and keep it handy for impromptu work happy hours, client meetings, when you forget to wear something out of the house and just need - something - to wear. It has it's place, but for something from the legendary Yves, I expect more!

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by laurniko 2017-02-19

You know when you go to a bar and there's always that girl who has doused herself and then smoked like a thousand cigarettes and then doused herself again? That's what this smells like to me. Smoky hair, wet leather shoes, and not in a good way. The shame is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE YSL Opium, and it works for me. But this just does NOT work on my skin. It was an expensive mistake. To make matters worse, my bottle fell off my vanity and broke - a bad sign - and my bathroom reeked of this for weeks. Its very sweet, and the smoky notes give it - to me - that ciggy smell. It's just very young smelling to me, and it doesn't work with my skin. Such a shame bc the bottle is GORGEOUS. I am a HUGE fan of all things YSL and I was so sad that this didn't work for me!

Where are Jesus del Pozo fragrances actually sold in Western Europe? I've searched in French, British and Spanish department stores (yes; Spanish) and can't find them to sample!

Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop by laurniko 2017-02-19

Tea Rose! I'm not a huge rose person usually but I was watching The Crown a few months ago and got swept into a frenzy of Anglophilia, and read that Princess Diana used to wear this. I got a HUGE four ounce bottle for under $20, so it's a great bargain! This is a really nice rose scent perfect for spring. It's such a huge bottle, I spray it on my pillows before bed. Right now it's winter, so I haven't had occasion to wear this, but I imagine I will be reaching for it on the daily come spring. I work from home 80 percent of the time, so for me to wear Chanel or something luxury on the daily is not practical for me. That's where scents like these come in - something you can wear to feel "done" but nothing complex, nothing fussy. The bottle is hideous and I don't love to look at it on my vanity, but it's truly all rose, and really beautiful, and clean. I don't smell a thing besides tea rose, but I don't have the most sophisticated nose. Don't let the awful bottle and urine colored juice fool you - this does NOT smell cheap and it really does smell like a garden rose!

On me this one is much different than the others. It's more citrus.. Orange or Lemon not sure but I do know it is different enough to warrant adding to your collection if you love the others. For some reason I also noticed the ones released in gold bottles last longer than the others. I really need them to release an EDP! Can you imagine an EDP from estee of this? I would buy it forever! I need to say that if you buy the body cream or oil it will for sure extend and project this fragrance, it's the only time I get compliments is when I layer. Worth doing so because it's so yummy.

La Panthere Cartier by laurniko 2017-02-19

I purchased this blind for myself and my mother after we went to the Cartier show at the Denver Art Museum. The bottle is beautiful! I have the huge 2.5 oz bottle, and in a few years I've only used about a third. So that tells you, that while it's a great scent, especially for special occasions or nights out, it's not one I reach for. It's sort of generic. It's a nice woody floral, and I LOATHE floral, usually. So the fact that I wear it says something. It's got good sillage, good lasting power. It inoffensive, you can wear this to a client dinner or a night out. It does not scream sex or femininity to me. I feel like it's an older woman's scent, not very playful, I would wear it when I feel like I need to be taken seriously, but not for my husband or a girls night out. It's a great scent but for the price I feel like you can find similar for less.

Cristalle Eau Verte Chanel by woodlandwalk 2017-02-19

I like original Cristalle edt, so as I also like citrus perfumes I thought this would suit me, but I find it a bit nothingy - the citrus opening is fresh and pleasant, but nothing new, then it dries down to slightly mushroomy, vague clean white floral notes.

I'm glad if it pleases other people, and it's just one of those subjective things, but where Cristalle edt has this lovely, low key sparkle, like dew drops on moss, this version doesn't stir my soul.

Very light indeed, best suited to hot days

Bal a Versailles Jean Desprez by Holli 2017-02-19

Beautiful in the way that seeing the person that you love without makeup or clothing is beautiful. Warm skin. Sunlight. Not trying too hard. Very human. It's chalky, powdery, warming and sexy. I don't think you can get a good idea of it just by looking at the notes. My husband never fails to compliment this one.

Coco Vanille Mancera by Duskfall 2017-02-19

This smells like... ehmh... coconut and vanilla. It's pretty heavy (especially in the beginning) and yet it feels totally out of place in the middle of Nordic winter. It has a tropical beachy vibe resembling suntan lotion.

Coco Vanille is extremely sweet and the sweetness makes my nostrils tingle, but it smells nice in a somewhat generic way. Not really my thing, though. The performance is average after the opening blast.

Calamity J. Juliette Has A Gun by kerion 2017-02-19

mmm. powdery vanilla Iris and Patch on me. So different than what I usually go for. This is a naughty night out perfume. Oddly I get a tad bit of a shalimar gone rogue vibe.

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson by laurniko 2017-02-19

I totally bought this for $4 after reading it was similar to Prada Amber, which I love and used to have. I do like it. It sort of smells cheap. It's awful in the beginning though! It's all alcohol and patchouli, with this weird reek of BUTTER?! A sickening butter smell. But I persevered, as my daughter would say, and after a half hour it settled into this great warm amber/vanilla/patchouli. I ended up taking a nap in it and when I woke up a trace was still there, that certainly had the Prada Amber feel to it. If you can get through the godforsaken first few minutes of this thing, it's a great bargain and doesn't smell like a single celebrity scent out there. It's all patchouli, so if you're not a fan of the patch, you're not going to be able to deal with this. I will use it up for day to day activities so as to safe the good stuff for special events, but I'm not sure I'll buy again.

Ma Dame Jean Paul Gaultier by kerion 2017-02-19

This is such a classic smelling fragrance. Packs a punch like my old 1980's classic favorites before they started harsher regulations and reformulations. I am so happy with the longevity of this fresh, citrus rose. I do get orange and rose mainly and it's perfect for spring. This dries down a bit powdery on me like a soft, powdered orange scent. I enjoy and recommend!

Dark Angel Victoria`s Secret by kerion 2017-02-19

If you love this get Sofia Vergara Love, smells nearly identical but to me better and is for sure longer lasting..All day on me! Reminds me of this as well as a tad YSL Black Opium, also beats that one in longevity and at a fraction of the cost.

Angel Mugler by laurniko 2017-02-19

Oh Angel. How I love you! I had Angel in college and then I moved away from it, forgot about it, until I went into an office building and the receptionist was wearing this. It's a smell you've smelled before, and you love it or you hate it. If you hate it on somebody else, it's probably because they were wearing too much and you should really try it for yourself. I immediately went out and bought a bottle after smelling it on this woman because it really worked for her and I remembered loving it so much. It's such an iconic, warm, sweet, fuzzy scent. The first time I smelled it was on my cousin in the 90s, in Chicago, and I was always so intrigued. I wear it at least a few times a week, I wore it for my wedding day as well. I adore it. It's big, it's a sillage bomb, and the .8 bottle should last you at least a year. In that way, this really is an affordable fragrance. Don't let others mistakes with this one put you off, wear it sparingly, respect it for what it is, and it will be in your rotation forever! This is one of those that I can't pick any notes out from except vanilla and patchouli. It's well blended, which is why it's so iconic! It just smells like...Angel!

If you love this one try to get your hands on the VLJ Intense , It's a twin sister to this accept with Praline added as well as longer lasting! It is my top VLJ with this coming in second for the creamy Caramel Apple smell I get. I know it's berries but to me that is what it reminds me of, a tart granny smith with caramel. I am impressed over all the others with this one and the Intense.

Madera de Naranjo Angel Schlesser by BoxOfRain23 2017-02-19

With a warm summer like day in winter, I thought I would break out this most summery of fragrances. I picked this up in Barcelona last year and have only worn it infrequently, it being truly a scent suited to summer temps. We've had a lovely two-day stretch of warm weather and I thought I would give MdN a go.

Initial spray unleashes a deep and complex citrusy component that is accompanied fairly quickly by the subtle mint and anise notes. These latter notes provide a structural foundation to the citrus and help carry it through the dry down. Sillage and longevity are both moderate at best but the scent is so uplifting that it's worth refreshing every few hours. This is a self-assured masculine fragrance best suited for afternoons strolling around in the sun.

Fleur Musc for Her Narciso Rodriguez by blueviolet 2017-02-19

On fabric this is beautiful. On my skin it suffers the same fate as many rose heavy perfumes of late. Stale makeup. On some, this note turn into a lipstick rose. On me not so much. It's ironic, since I love the smell of roses and musk.

Femme Rochas Rochas by laurniko 2017-02-19

I just bought a little vintage splash online and I really love it. At first it's a little SPICY but it tones down to a beautiful, womanly scent that hovers close to my skin. But I don't have a spray bottle yet so I feel like that makes such a difference and can makes these big vintages easy to wear - a dab is so different than three or four BIG sprays. I really want a full bottle of this - to me it is a sister of Bal A Versailles in that it is sort of skanky and dirty and sexy. But I still wear it during the day! To me, I don't feel any fruit in this. It's all spices and amber and musk. I don't have a great nose for these things but it's definitely a warm and cozy scent. I wore it to bed last night and it was amazing! Definitely let this one sit on your skin for a bit before you make a decision. I imagine it could be far too much if you sprayed a bunch on, but the parfum dabbed from the bottle is really, truly, beautiful.

Wanderlust 27 87 by Marmoris 2017-02-19

This perfume wants to say "I am a special snowflake" and does just that in a memorably annoying voice. It is not like anything I ever smelled before, but that doesn't make it good.

Stunning, so beautiful, a masterpiece. Long lasting, surpasses my six hour limit and projects its ultra femininity!

Strong and deep, serious and sensual, a totally aromatic vanilla stripped of any gourmand aspect and dressed up with jasmine and orange flower detergency. Ginger and cream are prevalent in the late drydown mostly. Inoffensive aldehydes. All blended seamlessly.

Why isn't this more popular? A vanilla that I am glad to wear, aromatic and not nauseating!

A yes from me.

Bal a Versailles Jean Desprez by laurniko 2017-02-19

I finally ordered a small vintage splash of the Parfum and I don't know why I waited so long! It's really beautiful, and frankly, I feel like you can absolutely wear a dab of the parfum during the day or to work. I have been mixing a TINY dab with my Kuumba Made Amber Paste and it adds depth to the amber and tones down the civet for a warm cosy sweater/skin scent. However, I also have a giant 3 oz bottle spray, and that is what I break out for evening - the sillage is BIG and it's a little much for daytime. But I really love it, it's so beautiful and unique - it satisfies something I've been looking for for so long but never have been able to find at Sephora or department stores. The small bottles online are very affordable and I suggest everybody try this, even if you feel it might scare you off - it IS animalic, it IS musky, but it really didn't offend my nose or my husband's (who knows nothing about perfume). It's really more wearable than most people thing! So gorgeous. I'm in my late 30s and I feel like I can absolutely pull this off, but I never could have worn it in my early 20s. However - my 7 year old ADORES it and loves the bottle too! Maybe she was just born with great taste!

Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve Bvlgari by camposg 2017-02-19

The scent was good. It has gotten bad reviews for performance etc.. I can't comment on that but the scent itself was better than the formers of which I've owned I was surprised by that

Sunshine Men Amouage by justtwan 2017-02-19

I love that this is a fragrance that pulls the ladies or at least make them turn around and look at u in ur face and smile at u, not to mention I'm the only one wearing this. The lavender and sweet vanilla kick it off strong followed by the lovely orange about 10 minutes later accompanied by the next layer of sweetnes that just says summer in the sun for sure and it stays that way for some 3 hours at very good strength. Makes me feel like I know I'm smelling right and that adds this extra layer of confidence to any nice outfit on the right occasion.

Opium Parfum Yves Saint Laurent by SuzanneS 2017-02-19

RE: Castorum

In the parfum its well blended with everything else to give it warmth. You should be fine, unless your own skin amplifies certain notes like castorum. Ive tried many scents with castorum like Esprit de Poison (definately stands out) and Opium EDT first edition in the splash bottle stands out in the drydown. Parfum is fine. No issues.

Cool Water Night Dive Davidoff by camposg 2017-02-19

I would say this and Versace Dylan blue are very similar on the opening. This is dirtier and more casual. I love how blue this is but then it turns purpleish. It is sweet and it is spicy but done right not tingy

It projects for like 1 1/2 then lays low for at least 6 hours

Cuoio Nobile Pineider by mohsen95 2017-02-19


Fève Délicieuse Christian Dior by DL2017 2017-02-19

Really not sure what all the fuss is about. Smells like a honey powder bomb on me for a couple of hrs, then it's a skin scent. I do like the minty freshness in the opening but the rest is meh. The best part of this fragrance was after it became a skin scent then disappeared. Reminded me a lot of By Killian Back to Black - though FD is more complex.

My husband told me I reeked of sweet baby powder. yeah....not what I was going for.

Gris Clair Serge Lutens by aquarius_moon 2017-02-19

Gris Clair is my first Lutens and among my first forays into niche perfumery. I bought it blind because I had nowhere to test any of the Lutens. I chose it over its more famous brethren simply because I had a hankering for lavender. Happily, the risk paid off. I’m entirely pleased with the purchase, but I do have a few cautionary remarks for a possible starry-eyed buyer.

First, about lavender. This might be a bit obvious, but if you hate the note and irrevocably associate it with anti-moth sachets, I don’t think Gris Clair will magically change your mind and expose you to new, undreamt of vistas. Cleverly done it is, but it’s still unmistakably lavender, and how you’ll feel about it will depend largely on how you feel about lavender.

Conversely (and somewhat contradictorily), if you crave a hit of lavender and nothing but lavender, you might actually wish there were more of it. On my skin, the initial blast of pure, intense, clear-as-a-bell lavender disappears in a matter of minutes, and the rest of the time, I’m left mostly with the sweet and the woody notes. Mostly it’s tonka, followed by a powdery iris, followed by a delightful on-and off note of burning wood—the scent’s most intriguing surprise. The lavender makes an occasional return with a ghostly, foamy quality of a lavender-scented soap, but never with the initial naturalistic purity and strength. Overall it’s the best lavender scent I know of, but I think it’s fair to say it’s a tonka scent as much as a lavender one. The briefest description that comes to mind is ‘sweet lavender’ (with a burning wood twist.)

On my skin, the silage and longevity are modest, which I count as pluses. I’m especially happy to report I can’t detect any screeching synthetic notes or anything headache-inducing. Based on some other niche experiences, my worst fear was of an intense, everlasting, toxic cloud. Thankfully it’s been put to rest—I find the scent easy to get along with and would try another Lutens without fear.

A word, however, about managing expectations. A lot of the poetry written about Gris Clair strikes me as fanciful. I think it’s a pleasant, quietly interesting, and eminently wearable scent—and since I have more use for work and travel scents than perplexing olfactory experiences, that’s a high enough praise for me. I just don’t know that it’s an otherworldly experience, or that one should feel like less of a cool kid if one sticks to designer scents.

And a word about gender: I’d put it right in the middle of the scale, but not in the most uncomplicated of ways. If it can be said of something like CK One that it appeals with equal ease to men and women, of Gris Clair I’d say that men and women on the far ends of the scale might find it equally challenging. It is a bit too ‘barber shop’ to appeal to a girl’s girl. It is a bit too sugary to appeal to a guy’s guy. On the whole, I think it’s more like a simultaneous presence of opposites than a middle ground between them. I’m comfortable with that, but not everyone will be.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by HorseusMaximus 2017-02-19

I don't think girls really care about "notes". What you may think is exquisite could smell like utter trash to others. And let's face reality if you have to smell "exquisite" and rely heavily on a cologne for a woman to like you, then you got work to do on other fronts!

As for this fragrance, this is shower fresh and adds an air of confidence to any man. I use this as a work fragrance (grabbed a bottle for $38). It is very professional and clean but by about 3 o clock it is barely noticeable, which in reality I prefer as I can wear one of my other more robust fragrances (PR Invictus Aqua, Aqua Amara, Sauvage, ADG Profumo, Dior Homme, Mont Blanc Individual)

Overall I give it 9/10 (wish performance were slightly better). I also own the more masculine 360 Red for use in colder months (as well as keeping for nostalgia, check out my review of that) but there is nothing like the original.

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