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Knot Bottega Veneta by SofiG 2014-12-20

I am not big on the finer details of how the ingredients come together. I know I like it. Knot is a lovely perfume. I love to wear Bottega Veneta Original but I like Knot as well. I have a lot of perfume allergies but I don't react badly to Veneta. On me it's warm and carmely without being sweet. I smell yummy. The bottle is beautiful. For once a great bottle that has great perfume.

Antaeus Chanel by junior halston 2014-12-20

The best from Jacques Polge the fragrance has a very baroque character like his Coco creation, the are rich fragrances Coco with its florals and spice and Antaeus with it's leather and spice. I've worn this fragrance for many years and Chanel has done an excellent job in reformulization without disrupting the character of this fragrance.

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace by brotha oud 2014-12-20

a complex signature scent exuding sex and animal magnetism. manly, virile and confident... regal and multi-faceted -a middle eastern desert scent evoking scenes of noble sheikhs rescuing damsels in distress. it opens with a deep and zesty sicilian neroli bitter orange scent that glides exquisitely into an aphrodisiacal mix of black pepper, spicy cardamom and persian zaffran settling finally into a deep and lingering base of cambodian oud, javan patchouli and deep forest woody leather. Eminently suited for tantric sex with your significant other. Enjoy responsibly... with caution...

Parisienne Yves Saint Laurent by bora8413 2014-12-20

A fragrance set at that prime moment a girl matures into a woman after hearing the words of a man she finally discovers she loves.
Not noticeable when a girl steps in the room, but only noticeable to the lover who steps close to her. That's what this fragrance is reminiscent of. Close displays of public affection.

Yves Saint Laurent fragrances tend to be on the safer, more positive fragrances, and this one is an amazing fragrance for not offending anyone yet smelling nice. Not a good comforting fragrance, and not the "ideal" seasonal fragrance as there is no specific season this fragrance could be worn well with, but I have a feeling that's the point with a lot of YSL fragrances. This one in particular has so many layers, each layer has something to offer for flattering every season.
Mashed up old grandmas isn't the equivalent of this fragrance, rather more of fashionable modern, extremely young looking grandmas doing the splits or something.

So beautiful, honestly. Not ideal for actually holding with one hand, spraying elegantly if you get the full size, but it's pretty :)
5/5: this tinted lilac sets a nice mood.

As to why this reminded me of a young girl suddenly turning independent and such is a mystery. Powdery fragrances tend not to do that, and instead, the reverse however there's this romantic essence to this fragrance that shouldn't ever be ignored and really caught my nose.
Lingering plastic wrapped berries with a bit of rose perfume oil drizzled over top. It's an odd picture, really, but that's what I'm reminded of whenever I smell this fragrance. The kind of fragrance where you can spray, be reminded of one thing when really, someone else is reminded of another.

Lasting power isn't the strongEST but when on clothes, it's still faintly there and only people who bother hugging you should be rewarded with a nice scent they can't just get enough of.
Soft, romantic, and mature. That's an awfully unusual connection but this fragrance makes magic happen, like a forbidden romance between plastic cups and berry jam. Or something weird like that.
5/5: lovely fragrance. That's all I have to say.

Not much of a "unique" aspect this tags along with.
=0: other than the unique blend, nothing too interesting about the actual formula.

Of course, this doesn't last the longest and won't be much if you want others to actually notice the fact you're in the room. However this doesn't bother me much as I've been looking for an elegant fragrance that doesn't scream "Yo, I exist".
=-2: may not satisfy you.

NOT GOOD FOR... nothing.
GREAT FOR... fancy occasions, school, cute dates, professional work (if you want to feel a bit more romantic), and when you just want to snuggle.

A lot of people love this fragrance, a lot of people own it, but not a lot of people wear since it's not TOO fragrant, since it's not a GOOD signature or it's TOO invisible. However, for someone with a mature nose, you'd love this and may even give this a go.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by Alysha 2014-12-20

I tried this one out of morbid curiosity after reading a review mentioning a "cloud of fishiness".

I was carrying something in my other hand so I only had the right hand to spray this on a tester- deliberately not spraying on my skin, however I fumbled and I got this on my hand.

The first few minutes of this was a kind of salty fish and unwashed skin smell. I was delighted to confirm that this is indeed a strange perfume but also repelled from the odor. I didn't have anytime to wash my hands in the mall so I let it sit there. The fishy smell wore off and it started to smell savoury, salty and metallic. I'm still not sure about why someone would wear this on their body, but the dry down wasn't entirely offensive. It wasn't a scrubber.

Voile de Parfum smells like a high end face cream that promises fewer wrinkles and dewy fresh skin.

It opens with a blast of lily of the valley and the same peach lactone and rose combo found in the Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP. After it has dried down, most of what I smell is a soft vanillic note mixed with an indistinct floral white musk. At no point do I actually smell a distinct iris note, though I do smell something akin to baby powder. Despite this association, I wouldn't call this powdery so much as it is creamy. I'm shocked that lily of the valley is not listed as a note as it is quite prominent for the first hour of wear time.

Fans of skin scents, cosmetic scents and soapy scents will more than likely enjoy this. If the original J'adore is gold toned and full bodied, I'd call this pearlescent and ethereal. Lovely.

Tristano Onofri by rcavs 2014-12-20

Tristano is not an easy fragrance. It's sharp, adstringent, harsh. Specially the top notes, due to the Lavender and neroli. In these gourmand times, some will be repelled by it, they 'll think their bottle gone bad. No way. Tristano is just like that: sour, amazingly sour. Once the middle notes exhale, a woody and powdery accord joins the sharpness. The bottle says It's a mix of cedar, sandalwood, benzoin and ylang. They bring some shy sweetness, enhanced by vanilla. Definetely old-school, prepare yourself to smell, mixed with all the notes described above, an earthy/musty accord of oakmoss and patchouli.

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by kristinejane 2014-12-20

thank you GIGIGORGEOUS!!! :)

Original Vetiver Creed by Meaty0 2014-12-20

Gorgeous soapy, grassy, hay-like smell. I love it - from the top notes through to the base notes.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by jadedsurrealism 2014-12-20

Old ladies and Gold Bond Medicated powder. Sort of mediciny... cough drops or cough syrup... after about a half an hour that went away, and was much sweeter. But nothing to write home to mom about. Can't get over the Gold Bond smell. Pass.

Jimmy Choo Man Jimmy Choo by SmellDatJoint 2014-12-20

All I have to say is that when I was blasted by it by the sales woman at Dillard's, I got chills down my spine. I haven't had that feeling since Romance by Ralph Lauren.

After lunch, the scent of Jimmy Choo Men lasted until the end of the work day and the after work drinks. Compliments from a cute 20- something chick and another one from a male friend just by walking by.

Get it. I definitely did, and have no regrets.

Escada pour Homme Escada by matty64 2014-12-20

This is good stuff, to me it smells similar to Givenchy Gentleman and Guerlain Heritage.

Believe Lollia by 2014-12-20

this fragrance has very interesting, unusual, complex notes--rose and citrus..I get rose first..then as it settles, citrus notes become dominant..It's fresh and has a long sillage on my skin..really like it

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules by becuille 2014-12-20

You can buy a bottle of this exact thing for around a fiver from any number of reputable companies. That price includes it already being mixed with ethanol, so you don't even have to do any work to get it for a tiny, tiny fraction of the price this company charges.

I don't know whether to be mad at Escentric Molecules for putting dirt cheap chemical compounds in some alcohol, telling people there's a good chance they won't be able to smell it then charging them around £65 for a bottle of it, or whether I should just be impressed by their audacity as they laugh all the way to the bank.

I guess if people are willing to pay for it... well, that's up to them.

The "perfume" itself is exactly what it says it is. Iso e super and nothing else. What I get, then, are some synthetic woods - cedar being the most prominent approximation on me - that last, very lightly, for around an hour, then I can't smell it at all. Fans of these frags and the company themselves will insist this is somehow a good thing, that other people will get a sense of it and it will heighten your aura. Or something. I say, if I can't smell it, I don't see the point in wearing it.

I know that may not seem like a very thorough review, but there is literally nothing else to this.

If you like this for layering, again, you can get exactly the same thing for WAY less money. (I've personally never understood full price perfumes that are intended for layering).

The modern art world has "artists" who will draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper and charge an arm and a leg for it. The perfume world has Escentric Molecules.

I know this is an unpleasant review, but rips offs get my hackles up.

Hypnose Lancome by MAGF1993 2014-12-20

This was one of my favorite fragances, and still is, but now I realize it just has too much vetiver :( It's a strong and sophisticated vanilla, but yeah, it's definitively for night time.

Hypnose Lancome by MAGF1993 2014-12-20

This was one of my favorite fragances, and still is, but now I realize it just has too much vetiver :( It's a strong and sophisticated vanilla, but yeah, it's definitively for night time.

A Thousand Wishes Bath and Body Works by tahoeaway 2014-12-20

I guess I'm the odd ball in this group but I've never purchased a B&BW Perfume before but with this one I had to!

Most of the fragrances from B&BW are all the same to me, very sweet and one dimensional well Thousand Wishes is nothing like those! This fragrance reminds me a lot of With Love and more recently Untold but with more of a sparkling champagne note and smoother finish. The lasting ability is very good but isn't overbearing or artificial. I've only been wearing this fragrance for a couple weeks but receive a compliment on it almost every time I go out! I'm in my 30's and this fragrance is far from childish or old fashioned, I absolutely love it.

i have this to swap a 50 mill hardly used gift with shower gel and lotion i live in nz

Truly Pink Vera Wang by saintleegray 2014-12-20

I'm on the fence with this one. I've been searching for a rose with no spices or powder, just a sweet, clean rose, maybe with some slight fruit or honey. This is really pretty, fresh and rose is front and center. I sprayed it on and was delighted, only a few tiny things keep it from being a total love. One, lasting power. I really anticipated this being a lot stronger and lasting at least half a day. It's noticeable but I would love it to be just a degree or 2 stronger. Lasting power is okay, not great, not terrible, a few hours and you have to press your nose in really close to get it. Two, (and this is really picky) there is a SLIGHT, very tiny amount of something that smells a bit sharp, a bit peppery. It's not intense at all, but it mars it just a bit for me

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 22 Chanel by Jillita 2014-12-20

Recognizable jasmine-aldehyde-soap-powdery open and heart of Chanel 5. But this one is boasts smoke, tart lemons, vanilla, incense, and a humid peat bog. Not getting lily, but a yellowy flower. Jonquil. Pepper. Unisex. Classic. Gorgeous.

Omnia Coral Bvlgari by CarmendyNola 2014-12-20

Coral is my favorite of the Omnias. It's warm musky backbone is a spec accent compared to the burst of floral and lovely pomegranate/pear that wears so beautifully on me. It reminds me of a warmer, less sweet version of Yellow Diamonds by Versace, which is brighter and more summery. Delicate dewy hibiscus is in the mix but is slightly muted by other florals. I sure get orange blossom though, which balances so nice with that berry burst. What I love about this scent is that the berries don't make it fruity or overly sweet, but rather they balance and accent the florals making them almost saltier and more natural on my skin. This one's a keeper! :)

Tolla Pegasus Parfums de Marly by matty64 2014-12-20

If I'm not mistaken a tola is a mass measurement for 0.375 troy ounces.

At The Beach 1966 CB I Hate Perfume by Jillita 2014-12-20

Watermelon, Aqua Net hair spray, sun-warm skin, Prell shampoo, lime, Original Downy fabric softener, salt, laundry dried in the sun. Brilliant.

I'm a big fan of Narciso fragrances. I have For Her EDP and EDT, but this one is just plain lovely! I find the name quite misleading though. I don't think it's intense at all, but rather, approachable. Suitable for both day and night. The jasmine works so nicely in there with an underlay of woods and musk. Well worth having in any perfume lover's collection!

Rogue Love Rihanna by APassionateJourney 2014-12-20

Holy Viva La Juicy!!!!! Just smelled this tonight and this could pass for a dupe of Viva La Juicy. Strong burst of berries at the top with that swirly caramel finish. I'll get it cause it's Rihanna, though.

Phileas Nina Ricci by secamel 2014-12-20

They did it. They captured the smell of a tropical forest and put it in a bottle while most people wasted their lives in jobs they hated. I found it really cheap. I guess life ain't so bad.

C for Men Clive Christian by Swanker 2014-12-20

C for Men

I've been collecting leathers for a while and my favorites include 1740, Knize Ten, Oud Cuir D'Arabie, Skin on Skin, 2 Man, Azuree and Patchouli 24.

I've been taking dabs from my sample vial of C for Men for quite a while and, of all the rich leathers I've smelled, it has the most luxurious (yet comforting) presence. I have had to double-bag my sample vial because the strong scent of C permeates through the sealed cap and the plastic bag, scenting the paper labels on all of my other sample vials; it is astonishingly strong.

The price is also deceptively affordable. C costs considerably less (per mL) than extracts from Guerlain or Chanel. Compared to most EdPs I own (all of which perform well in their own right), I only need to use about 1/3 the amount of C per wearing.

I don't think it's wrong, necessarily, to label C as a limited occasion fragrance. With enough self assuredness, it could be worn casually. I suspect the price tag creates certain biases -- but it shouldn't. For leather lovers, this is about as good as it gets and, if you've got the means, why resist?

Escada pour Homme Escada by secamel 2014-12-20

Makes you smell like a Rockefeller. I guess that's good? I mean, it's classy and timeless. Like old rich dudes?

Memoire D'homme Nina Ricci by secamel 2014-12-20

For me this is like the ideal aquatic. Fresh but with substance and some spices that make you feel like a king who owes a lot of money but still smiles in this tragic life.

Fendi Theorema Fendi by secamel 2014-12-20

I like to wear this orange /woody scent when I'm the mood to defy the laws of physics or create a new mathematical model that proves that fragrances make me happy.

Chanteuse L`Aromatica Perfume by mirrorghost 2014-12-20

this starts off with a mossy woodiness that has a bit of a peppery thing going on. a bit later this woodiness is mixed with florals and a bit of citrus. i think i sense some ylang ylang and patchouli. then it gets much spicier but still stays pretty mossy and woody overall. it does have that 1920s/flapper sort of sort of thing going on. it's nice and very evocative.

Eros Versace by WayneDN 2014-12-20

Bought this juice recently and was very happy with its projection and longevity. However never got any complements when wearing it. I would give it 3/5.

Polo Red Ralph Lauren by WayneDN 2014-12-20

This was very disappointing. The smell is ok but the longevity is calculated in minutes. RL what are you thinking? Your juices used to be so long lasting and now very poor. Too bad! So many other great choices out there with staying power. Skip this company.

Ambre & Santal L`Occitane en Provence by valbona.bergman 2014-12-20

i absolutely love this. I can compare it with Organza Indecence - Givenchy but this is a darker warm scent, matches perfectly with festive winter events. Simple but luxurious.
Wear it with something red and gold accessories and drink a nice rich liquor or cognac. Cheers

Body Burberry by genny17 2014-12-20

Body is too rosy for my taste , it is elegant and a bit formal
I think women who like discreet scents would like it because it smells nice bib is t too exciting. I expected it to be more sensuous and it isn't , if could be the opposite of it actually , which makes it a bit boring
The Intense version is more amberish so more interesting to me , without being exciting
I think on days where you want to smell light it is good
It is a Burberry after all!

Nirvana White Elizabeth and James by genny17 2014-12-20

Nirvana White is rather simplistic but overall nice , it smells pleasant and feminine . I would describe it as a crisp floral with a hint of citrus so nothing unpleasant, it gets sweeter in the base , but longevity is weak overall
Very overrated though and too expensive for what it is!!

Body Burberry by wayway2hotinaz 2014-12-20

My husband bought this for me. I wanted to like it. But.... Bitter peaches at spray, not pleasant. 10 minutes later gets quite powdery. Peachy powder rose for about an hour. Then....just powder, like the talcum (baby) powder. It lasted hours like that, powder. And, it lasts a long time (10+ hours).

Chanel No 5 Parfum Chanel by Claire Marine 2014-12-20

i tried chanel no 05 couple days a go. But it didnt long last on my skin =(
i like the smell, but it is not long last on my skin. any idea?

Paradise Passion Naomi Campbell by LeVitrail 2014-12-20

I used to like it when I was a teenager and could not afford it like 10 years ago and now when I finally have it,I do not like is way too strong and makes me slightly nauseous if I spray my neck twice and that's in winter! I would probably get a headache if I wore it in summer.
Quite powdery and sweet with a potent vanilla note.

Sea Rem Reminiscence by Lilium86 2014-12-20

Strange story with this perfume.

I got a sample this spring and I really loved it, then I found a dupe of the original "Rem", Marine by Jean Louis Gady from Douglas and it smells similar also to this one but in a disgusting way that now I hate it.

Now it reminds me some car spray that I used to polish the interior and my boyfriend and brother thinks in the same way.

Naomagic Naomi Campbell by LeVitrail 2014-12-20

I am sure I would get very nostalgic if I got it now...When I was a teenager and couldn't afford Naomagic,me and my friend would go to this fancy cosmetics store and I would always get my wrist sprayed with this perfume,which would last for days,especially,if I got some on my sleeve...I remember sniffing a sleeve multiple times during the physics lessons at school haha
I wish it was not discontinued,because now a bigger costs anywhere from 120$ to 270$!
It is a warm,cosy and sexy scent with a depth to it,not too sweet or soapy. I find it difficult to describe,but I could recognize it among tons of other celebrity scents after all these years.
It is my secret dream to own it.

Rose Infernale Terry de Gunzburg by mirrorghost 2014-12-20

this starts off with a spicy incense that is somewhat green, i guess that's from the vetiver. i smell florals in this, but not really rose. the florals are peppery and soapy. it gets *very* soapy on me unfortunately, and kind of green. i was hoping more for incense and rose, and this is not it, at least on me. i don't know if it's my skin chemistry, but i am getting a headache from this. it just doesn't work for me at all, sadly. i was so excited by an incense/rose scent too.

Blue Encens Comme des Garcons by nakedcity 2014-12-20

Short review:
Picture a forest all made of night...on fire
Leave it to CDG to get the imagination going!

Guilty Gucci by briones 2014-12-20

i can smell anything , too soft for my skin

Amazing Shooting Making Of by riffjim4069 2014-12-20

Great Name for a fragrance! However, as a former Scout Sniper and a testosterone-laden man...well, this name carries at least two other connotations. :) I definitely want to try this one.

Nirvana White Elizabeth and James by Lace.S 2014-12-20

I got a tester from Sephora and sprayed it on about two hours ago, it's still heavy on my skin and I can smell myself clearly as if I'd just sprayed it on.

This is a crisp white peony scent with a fresh musky base. The floral note is very strong and overwhelming. It smells very generic, there's nothing special or impressive here.

A nice, inoffensive fragrance for the holidays. I can easily wear this to the office without it being too noticeable. The scent itself reminds me of white chocolate peppermint bark treats. It could easily be layered with another fragrance containing chocolate or coffee/espresso notes.

1881 Cerruti by valbona.bergman 2014-12-20

it reminds me a lot of Splendor-Elizabeth Arden but unfortunately this one is a bit boring in comparison.

I usually like this kind of light musky rosy scents, and so I regularly get this one recommended. Weirdly this one smells just like wet paper to me. Yes, a plain regular wet piece of paper. Its supposed to be a good one, but still, just paper..

Vetiver Essence Ferrari by freddiefingers 2014-12-20

The notes in this fragrance give it a tantalizing prospect.Given the name of the fragrance I was expecting a prominent dose of vetiver in overall feel and I was let down.

Right from first spray you get get the bright bergamot opening and that lasts for about ten minutes by which time the peppers and vetiver announce their presence in full.It really does not take long for the warm notes of tonka,cardamom,coffee,hazelnut and patchouli to blend in to give this a pleasing feel.

My overall impression of this is it's a woody,earthy and leathery fragrance that does not leave me wowed as a vetiver lover.The vetiver here is slighly smoky but not as dominant as what I am used to in other vetiver loaded scents.In fact,the peppers help give this its spicy edge:they remain well into the dry down.I honestly do not pick up much coffee nor patchouli but the cardamom and tonka are noticeable throughout .The hazelnut somehow gets muddled up in there somehow.It's curious how that got thrown in but my guess is it helps in giving this a leathery feel.

In terms of longevity,I have got to admit this is disappointing-at least on my skin.After a couple of hours or so of wearing this on cool autumnal days,the vetiver simply whimpers as the scent begins to disappear creating a close-to-skin scent bubble. Dont be fooled here this is really spicy and if you do not like 'hot and spicy' fragrances then this is not for you.Given that it is an EDP,I am disappointed.I was expecting a longer duration but I guess that's the problem with most EDP's:they are either too dense or the notes are not umped up well.
Given its performance,this will be great for spring,cool evenings and for autumn.It will not cut it in winter as it's just not potent enough to cut through the layers.One way of getting more out of this is to spray more and avoid the chest area lest you fall into sneezing fits from the peppers.

Overall,this gives a warm and pleasing sensation.One that lives up to its classification as woody spicy.Highly recommended for those who are either new to vetiver or are not massive fans of the note.I can only see this as an attempt to try something new with an already saturated market and somehow the experiment just got lost in execution and leaves me guessing what they were trying to execute here

I will not recommend blind buying this especially not at retail price anyway unless you get it dead cheap.Give it a try and see

Its a good fragrance, but i do like original more. This version is close, but somewhat sweeter. Longevity is not much better, unfortunately...(at least on my skin).

Endless Love Victoria`s Secret by Katiepop 2014-12-20

This doesn't smell like herbal essences shampoo it smells like garnier. if you like that smell a lot, go for this.
To me it's just ok.

A.Maze The People Of The Labyrinths by mirrorghost 2014-12-20

this is very rosy as expected, and i get saffron which seems to turn just a bit sour/herbal on me. after a few minutes i think i'm getting the oudh coming on stronger, but the rose really continues to dominate the scent. this reminds me of rosy middle eastern oils i've tried, to be sure. this blooms into a woody, somewhat musky oudh-rose and the herbal/sourness thankfully disappears. the dry down is a musky rose that's very very pretty.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by Sashira 2014-12-20

Pink Sugar will be too much for a lot of people, it's nearly overpowering if you use more than one spritz. Upon first sniff this really smells as sweet as sugary icing, with an undercurrent of soft musk. But very soon it becomes a gourmand, smells like straight up creme brûlée to me. I generally dislike gourmand scents, not generally a huge fan of sweet scents either, but (and I believe someone else already said this) it smells like a warm, cozy, caramelly hug on chilly winter nights. I'm curious to see how others feel about this on me, I I'm a tad bit worried my friends and boyfriend will find it headache inducing.

L'Heure Bleue Guerlain by nero77 2014-12-20

A thing of beauty... is a joy forever.

L'Heure Bleue is really a perfume unlike any other. You sometimes have to ask yourself if a perfume is still being made over a century after it was first launch then it really must be quite something, in order to still be able to captivate hearts & minds.

The story is that the master perfumer Jacques Guerlain was one day walking along the banks of the river Seine in Paris during the "blue hour", the very last hour of daylight before evening sets it. In film & photography, this is known as "magic hour", when dusk is approaching twilight, and it is arguably the most beautiful time of day. He was overcome by emotion at that point and felt something so strong that he could only express it in a perfume, and so created L'Heure Bleue, or the blue hour.

This perfume is significant for many reasons... and it's symbolism runs deep. It was created in 1912, the year in which the Titanic sank (at that time the world's biggest ship). It was also released two years before the First World War, which would claim the lives of millions across Europe and elsewhere, and which would leave an entire generation devastated. To some, this perfume represents the last breath of an old world, a world which would later disappear and vanish forever.

The perfume itself follows a very elegant, masterful blend of gentle, sweet, evocative, refined powdery notes (most of which are so well blended that it's hard to pick out). It's very much like an impressionist painting, the painting itself is made up of a host of tiny dots with the paintbrush but which comes together to blend into a masterpiece of art and expression. To me it is a waxy, subdued, sweet, rich, slightly-gourmandish oriental floral perfume. The notes which stand out are iris, heliotrope and carnation, mixed with a deep, almost gourmand oriental vanilla (a typical hallmark of Guerlain). The iris provides the soft, powdery "waxy" note, whilst the strong heliotrope mixed with the vanilla gives a feeling of soft yet ever present sweetness in an almond desert kind of way. The carnation is a dusty floral feel in the background which contributes to this old and otherworldly feel.

For me L'Heure Bleue is a very special kind of perfume. In fact it's less of a perfume and more like an "experience". I have the Eau de Toilette, and I find it very easy to wear. There is nothing shocking about it, it just smells very different to anything you will find today. I really cannot explain the smell more than that, but the last thing I would say is that even if you never own this, at some point you should try it. If you have any serious interest in the appreciation of what perfume is, as a creation, then you should try this. If only to "experience" what it is all about. It doesn't smell modern, for sure, although it's still totally wearable in my opinion. Like some other complex perfumes, you may also need to have a lot of experience with smelling different types of fragrances, in order to really understand this. Try it, and you'll see what I mean. Incredible!

Gentlemen Only Intense Givenchy by ThatMakesScents 2014-12-20

One of those fruity/citrus fragrances but has very good performance compared to other intense versions of frags.

Good for high school kids that like to smell fresh and pretty.

Living Grace Philosophy by all4knowledge 2014-12-20

I was strolling through Belk last Sunday & sampled this just out of curiosity. When I first spritzed it on, I thought "This is identical to Amazing Grace." (I adore Amazing Grace, btw.) By the time I got home, WOW!!! This fragrance dries down into the most amazing, indescribable, powdery-clean, softly-sweet fragrance with just a suggestion of spiciness that I have ever experienced. No, it's not assertive, complicated or ground-breaking - it's just plain heavenly. Amazing.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by ThatMakesScents 2014-12-20

Big Bottle and Hefty Sprayer for Big Guys that like to smell pretty :) Somewhat tacky but could be funny and amusing at the same time.

The smell ? A hefty tuberose and iris dominate. It reminds me of one of those Bogart fragrances. Same type of vibe as a One Man Show Gold type of thing (too much going on) but sweet on the tuberose/iris tip and not the least bit alpha masculine.

Bad idea if you ask me. This could be one for the TF Black Orchird crowd.

Performance for an EDP is only that of a decent EDT if you ask me.

Cheesey !

Heat Beyonce by all4knowledge 2014-12-20

After resisting buying this for years, I broke down & bought a bottle. I tend to lean toward soft, powdery fragrances...the kind you spritz on & not really think twice about. Heat is not that type of fragrance. You definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to wear it. It's unapologetically sweet, but that sweetness is tempered by a sensual woodiness. Heat is also a tad fruity but not overly so. It's interesting...definitely not for retiring types.

When I first sprayed this I got a very strong association with expensive suntan lotion. It dries down to a deep and round, sweet fragrance. But its not sweet in a young or candy-like way. It's sweet in a tonka bean mature way. To me it's a summer fragrance, but still warm and deep. I don't know why, but I start to think of Real Housewives of "something something". I'm a little bit scared of those ladies, so I also find this fragrance a little scary.

Gucci pour Homme Gucci by Redrogue32 2014-12-20

This scent is nearly identical to Fendi Uomo from the late 1980s early 1990s. I owned a large bottle of Fendi Uomo, but had to give it away because while I liked the scent, I did not like it on me. It was over powering and lasted all day (I didn't want to smell like a church). Gucci Pour Home reacts the same way on me at first, it is really too much. Later though, it calms down and becomes more of a body scent. Nice, but again I feel this type of scent is more appropriate for a candle and not for cologne.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by NightShade6 2014-12-20

I brought this sadly because I wanted to know what all the hype was about (Don't ever do that without buying a sample first)

With such a name like Euphoria you would think this perfume was going to be deeply sensual but no, to my nose, it was nothing more but your run of the mill fruity, sweet, and somewhat woody fragrance.

Overall, cute fragrance but nothing special.

Signature for Her David & Victoria Beckham by all4knowledge 2014-12-20

This was a blind buy for me...based on reviews that I'd read, I was expecting a beautiful, sensual orchid note to predominate. On me, it doesn't. I'm not quite sure I how feel about this fragrance. It's nice enough, but it's shockingly masculine...there's definitely an aggressive macho note of something in there.

Boss Orange Hugo Boss by all4knowledge 2014-12-20

On me, this fragrance opens with a burst of white flowers with just a hint of citrus. As it dries down, it becomes sharply, surprisingly spicy. Not what I expected or particularly like.

Egoiste Chanel by Bretto66 2014-12-20

Its like going to rosy cinnamon heaven. Just a masterpiece!

Rose Marks and Spencer by mystica 2014-12-20

Straight, simple, natural smelling, unmistakably feminine, timelessly classic, fit for all ages, lovely, this fragrance is PURE DELIGHT!

The best light English Tea Rose ever. It's so non-offensive, baby soft, I can't think of anyone who won't like this scent.

Soapy kind of says it all. I would not recommend this. Very synthetic and not why I buy or wear cologne. I should have trusted the negative reviews and not listened to the likes because this is synthetic average boring stuff indeed.

Passage d'Enfer L`Artisan Parfumeur by kellymi 2014-12-20

Smokey, soapy scent--with a bite of lemon. The crispness of the lemon dissipates and it becomes smoother, a touch of sweet incense. It vaguely reminds me of Marni, the smokiness. It disappears quickly from the skin, less than 2 hours and it was gone, except for what I sprayed on my scarf. I love it, regardless.

Guilty Gucci by Brian's Wee Sister 2014-12-20

One of my friends wears this and every time she wears it I think it smells gorgeous. It's got a lovely liquorice note which reminds me of Delicious Night. Sultry perfume for colder weather. May have to buy ...

Dead Sexy Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by GeorgiaMoxie 2014-12-20

This was a blind buy and I wasn't crazy about it. It's not a warm vanilla sugar type flanker (which is a plus) although it still has a sort of synthetic quality to it that I couldn't place. Like lower budget vanilla perfumes before warm vanilla sugar came out maybe? I added light musk to it and that's all it needed.

Beloved Man Amouage by genvy 2014-12-20

It's kind of as though Chong said to the perfumer, "make something that probably won't offend and will please most people, make it smell expensive, and let's limit distribution." Why they chose THIS scent for an exclusive / limited distribution is beyond me; it seems like this one was made for the masses. Nonetheless, for what it is, it's well made. I think it's lovely, anyway. The note list on the right will give you a good idea of what's going on. In the opening there's a good amount of grapefruit, cardamom and elemi, and it rounds out to a pretty rich smooth woody scent. I don't get as much saffron as others seem to, and I'd place patchouli, musk, and gaiac much higher in the list than they currently are. It's all a pretty seamless blend, though this one doesn't last as long as its more eccentric Amouagian predecessors. It's comfortable, rich, and I like it :)

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by beritskagen 2014-12-20

I have avoided the vanilla sweet gourmand fragrances, and then I have been won over by this intense sweet hype. It is so long lasting, I'm not even sure if it ever ends. This one I can smell on the sleeve of my coat two weeks after having applied it to my wrist. I can walk by the coat hanging inside my closet, and still smell it. Its insane...and a little dangerous... You will be sure to offend somebody if you don't use it sparingly. I know this one has got a reputation for getting compliments. Well a part of that is probably just because people can't avoid smelling it! But all this aside....I think it's gorgeous... I just can't help it...I like it, I love it and I sometimes even crave it.

What a weird beautiful mess this is. It's not even very well blended. I get one whiff of iris here, and one of praline there. Maybe there is some black currant in here. Maybe some pear somewhere. I don't know! This mess lasts for a few hours, then it settles, or should I say calms down, into a more stable and warm vanilla- praline.

Not every thing is meant to be understood, just enjoyed. I'm throwing all common sense aside for this one. La vie est belle...

The bottle I received was out of date so it only lasted 15 minutes or so. I have smelt this before at Debenhams and the opening is somewhat like a banana milkshake, not smoothie. It didn't really last long then either.

I got almost nothing from my purchase as it had expired so I returned it but having said that I am not really for buying this as it doesn't really do anything for me. Nothing here intrigues me apart from the aforementioned notes but the composition itself is not great when you smell it. I used to think otherwise when I smelt it on a friend once.

I really like the Musk for Him - Musk Collection and the way it makes me feel. That is so sexy...!

This is well... a waste of bucks, for me at least :D

Dirty Lush by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

Ohhhhhhh amazing!

Yog Nog Lush by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

Sah yahgahrtah!
I mean, I love it :)
It's a spicy, sweet eggnog scent with just enough yogurt bite!

I'm another one getting the black grape vibe. I missed the citrus somewhere! There is also a slightly licorice vibe as well. Its called intense but I dont think its intense at all. I like it. A pleasant fragrance thats doesnt offend. Average sillage and longevity. A very reasonable price for a fragrance that smells quite expensive.

So White Lush by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

This is Zoella's fave bath bomb, and I love it too! Hope you like it!
- xoxo Fruity Purr.

White Musk Libertine The Body Shop by armacoonsum 2014-12-20

What an odd bird! Freshly spritzed, it sang loudly of what I expected- white musk sweetened with honey and cream- perfect for me as I love musks, but the Body Shop's White Musk is a bit sharp for me.
But then...
Not even a *minute* later, my husband asked if I had sprayed, of all things, Poison! Sometimes his interpretations of fragrances completely baffle me, but in this case, he was at least a little bit right!
I got the gist of Poison, minus the parts that make it the smoky mystical brew that its whole self is- just the tuberose and plum, mainly, but definitely enough to give the impression of Poison... and... Ivory soap?
Yep, watered-down Poison and Ivory soap. For a couple of hours, more Poison than Ivory, then mostly Ivory in the hour-long drydown, and now at the tail-end of things (a whole 3 hours later) just the fintest trace of soap if I bury my face in my wrist.
Sillage is a bit more assertive than I expected, longevity is just about as brief as I expected... Poison and Ivory Soap blend? Not *at all* what I expected.
Nice, though. I think my sister-in-law will like it more than I do, when she gets it for Christmas. :)

Rose Jam Lush by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

I like the balsamic rose and sugar combination, it's heavenly! Try the bubbleroon!
I love anything by LUSH (I'm not a part of its team)
xoxo Fruity Purr

Snow Fairy Lush by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

Same as the shower gel, and I love it. It's just so perfect! And sweet and sugary, and childish, btu mature at the same time. LOVE IT!

Honey I Washed the Kids Lush by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

I love this one, but it's definitely not the same as the soap (which smells freakin delicious). I like the light citrus-y and toffe blend, but the soap is SO much better. xoxo Fruity Purr

CH Men Carolina Herrera by brent0529 2014-12-20

This is one of the best smelling colognes in my 100 bottle collection. Hands down. Period. Girls are fools for this shit. No other cologne I own smells so much like sex to me.

To me it smells like La Nuit de L'homme, with a touch of Spicebomb's spice, and a touch of Polo red's sugar. All in the style of Abercrombie's Fierce.

Longevity is really good, projection is moderate...I've only worn it in the winter so far, so I'm expecting in the spring and summer that this one will project more and radiate louder from the heat.

I hope this cologne stays under the radar, making me more of a unique, badass smelling dude. Maybe I should erase this post. Nah...Fuck it.

Twisted Peppermint Bath and Body Works by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

OMG LOVE IT! It's totally my style xoxo Fruity Purr

1 Million Paco Rabanne by HanamiTsukimi 2014-12-20

I really dig this. That, frankly, surprises me since based on the reviews I had braced myself to hate it, and based on its accompanying commercial I would prefer to hate it. But taking the scent for what it is, I can't be mad at it.

Yes, it's sweet, but not overbearingly so... unless, of course, someone sprayed up a storm. I don't really get the leather note, and I tend to be sensitive to leather in fragrances in a negative way. I get lots of dusty spices and a beautiful rose note.

Unfortunately, 1 Million's biggest problems seem to be its popularity and its wannabe playboy image. Maybe, being a girl, I'm not sensitive enough to what smells "cheesy" in a men's cologne. And I probably haven't been to enough clubs in my life to have negative frat boy associations with this scent. I'll choose to ignore its materialistic, hedonistic, chauvinistic commercial and take the fragrance on its own merits. I think it's great. However, If I were a guy concerned with the image my scent might project... I'd give it some real thought before buying.

Aloe Vera Demeter Fragrance by fruitypurr 2014-12-20

Beautiful. I love this scent.

Le De Givenchy Givenchy by Chloe354 2014-12-20

Le De by Givenchy. It is very French, elegant, I love this - sweet yellow flowers and the hint of lily of the valley. Classic, delicate, yet strong. It can be hard to find, but found my beautiful bottle at Thefragrancefactory
It is a fragrance for all seasons and for all occasions. The reformulation is a competent one but lacks the depth of the original. I am slowly using the last bottle of this beautiful fragrance, and will be purchasing another soon before they are gone forever. I rate this fragrance 4 out of 5.

Play-Doh Demeter Fragrance by fruitypurr 2014-12-20


Gold Kim Kardashian by sugahuni 2014-12-20

Love this perfume with a passion.Smells amazing.Receive great compliments when worn.Worth purchasing.♡♥

Vetiver Guerlain by iammyping 2014-12-20

Good stuff.Maybe a tad too strong at the beginning,but it is holding beautifully. Smells so simple,yet majestic,pure,elegant and clean...

Angel Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler by HanamiTsukimi 2014-12-20

This is absolutely recognizable as Angel. It shares its patchouli core. But it's fruitier, spicier and lighter. It sparkles as only a fruitchouli can.

Both this and the original on the same shelf? Justifiable.

However, don't let that EDT designation fool you. This is still a Thierry Mugler fragrance with all the silage and longevity stereotypes that brings. Over-spray at your own risk.

Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Cheryl Cole by sugahuni 2014-12-20

Pretty bottle & name.Smells gorgeous,long and lingering.A pleasure to wear,captivating☆♥

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by iammyping 2014-12-20

What can I say. If You like sweet vanilla-alamond-ish scents-this will propably be something for You.I put Ideal on my wrist something like four hours ago.Scent is still there,unfortunatelly.Because to be honest it reminds me of my parfume Nemesis- the horrid A*men. Too much,too sweet.Noxious.Tiring.

Twisted Peppermint Bath and Body Works by GeorgiaMoxie 2014-12-20

The name doesn't work for me, when I think twisted I'm thinking dark and unconventional instead of vanilla. The fragrance itself though is nice and easily duplicated so I make it myself. The mint is more of a top note so while initially it's weird to douse yourself with candy cane the drydown is pretty much a soft vanilla. I personally need a break from all of the heavy holiday fragrances and this is really refreshing and not likely to be offensive to anyone.

Lady Million Paco Rabanne by beritskagen 2014-12-20

To me this one is a glorious salon shampoo scent. Nothing wrong with that. I love the feeling of coming from the hairdresser. Question is, is that the aim when buying a new fragrance? Actually I'm not sure. Maybe it can be. And you will surely smell pleasant and well groomed in this fragrance. Many people appreciate that. We use fragrances to smell nice don't we?

If you like J'adore you might like this one as well. They are kind of similar, even though J'adore may be a bit more spicy/oriental. If you want a stronger and more obvious honey basenote, witch does not settle into an expensive shampoo-like scent I think Elie Saab is even better.

Declaration d'Un Soir Intense Cartier by Aleccsei 2014-12-20


I don't know how and I don't know why, but when i sprayed it on me, i smelled only patchouli and cedar. But after a few seconds cedar transforms into dark chocolate. I don't know where there is any rose or pepper.

'sifone' is right, it reminds me a lot of Tom Ford's Black Orchid.

Opinion: It's a not that bad fragrance - 7/10.
Longetivity: not bad - 6/10
Sillage: medium - 5/10

All in all: 5 out of 10 points.

Fleur Fatale Kim Kardashian by FionaNewZealand 2014-12-20

This is not available in New Zealand yet and I can't find anywhere that ships Fleur Fatale to NZ, but I did not let that foil me. I am lucky enough that my brother is airline cabin crew and he bought it in Australia for me (such a good brother, he said he was so embarrassed buying it). It is very rosy and fresh. Imagine if Estee Lauder Pleasures put out a rose version then it would totally smell like Fleur Fatale. I loved and wore Pleasures for many years so I am thrilled at the similarity.

Galloway Parfums de Marly by usas 2014-12-20

Tried ot today on both paper and skin. The top notes are nice, they remind me of masculine Mexx, Adidas or S.Oliver scents (which start out ok, but deminish really fast). I was curious if Galloway, a much more expensive scent, would have a better and longer drydown.
It didn't. After half an hour the fragrance fell apart and smelled "old". Not recommended.


Valentino Valentino by Sherihan 2014-12-20

I immediately detect the peach note, but I don't know why the perfume does not smell "sweet" at all to me!

Le Parfum Elie Saab by beritskagen 2014-12-20

A lovely honey and jasmine scent. It's not the kind of fragrance you would call trendy or groundbreaking. I would still say it feels modern and also the word classic comes to mind. That combination is kind of what we are looking for in our chanel bottles I guess... Its still very different from all the chanels anyhow, not even worth comparing the notes.

To me this one has got a very scandinavian feel to it as well. It's got a "tall swedish woman vibe" to it. It could also be a suitable bridal fragrance I think.

It is a transparent scent, not creamy. But its still quite...not rich, but, well...strong. I guess that's due to the prominent honey basenote. Actually, you could smell a jar of honey, and that's the kind of "richness" that this fragrance has got in the dry down. I love it. It brings a certain feel of elegance, so if that your aim, maybe you could try this one.

Coriolan Guerlain by Colin Maillard 2014-12-20

A classic formal herbal-mossy fougère with a leather base accord, aldehydes and a floral-spicy “barbershop” heart (citrus, coriander, lavender, tonka) on woods, mostly vetiver to my nose. Honestly a little dull at first to me, as it reminded me a lot of other cheaper (quality and price wise) scents of that era based on the same herbal-floral-leather structure. Coriolan is undoubtedly pleasant, mellow and refined, and you can tell it’s a Guerlain by the particular high quality of the composition, the solid feel of elegance, the range of colorful nuances from soapy, to leathery, to bitter-greenish and to smoky: yet... well, to me it’s not exactly a must unless you’re really a Guerlain collector or a fougère enthusiast, this meaning it is rather conventional and as I said, not that far from most of other similar fougères from the ‘80s or the ‘90s. Let’s put it this way: good and classy, but in my opinion probably the most negligible among Guerlain’s “vintage” masculine offerings (obviously they’ve done worse later on...).


WT" after all of these years,this is the result a smell
of ''goat with cheap grass scent'' ,it is very clear
they need only your money by any way,they don't care if you are satisfy or not or happy with their products,they are looking to your pocket that is it.

nothing intersting at all ,nothing new only the color of the bottle is darker than before with the word ''intenso''
if you can't make something better than the old version
leave it as it is ,otherwise surprise us with the new scent .


La Panthere Cartier by Aleccsei 2014-12-20

rich and sophisticated, expensive and alluring like the woman, wearing it, itself.

Grey Vetiver Tom Ford by Colin Maillard 2014-12-20

Grey Vetiver is a good contemporary vetiver, “grey” in fact as regards of its sort of urban and discreet refinement, with a subtle smoky undertone well contrasting the luminous head notes. Clean and sharp, but also showing a pleasant feel of “dark” refinement. Simple, versatile, safe in pretty much any circumstance: a compelling modern version of a classic vetiver cologne, that sort of fresh-woody stuff you can bath in any time of the year always smelling nice and elegant. Surely not that unique or groundbreaking, but classy, well made and highly enjoyable.


Fantasy Britney Spears by KVM 2014-12-20

I get the fruity notes on first spray, especially the kiwi, this then slowly dries down to a white chocolate/cake sweet scent and lasts quite a long time on my skin, this is a good quality scent, really impressed.

L'Air du Temps Nina Ricci by Yohji 2014-12-20

I belong, probably, to the not very wide circle of people who in pre-Christmas time prefer to watch in hundreds time "The silence of the Lambs" to the "A Christmas Carol"
And in hundred's time would wonder, how Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) smelled on first meeting with Lecter, wearing L'Air du Temps...Since I was gifted recently really vintage mini of this perfume I know how.

It's an official chic, perfect for intelligence agent, who is a woman. Shows status, brain, good taste, but not more. The rest you must figure out yourself in process of "communication" - if will be lucky to get that sort of "intimacy". Sincere talk is a luxury nowadays. Same as perfumes like this one.
I would say it smells as bitter-wise tenderness of a woman, not sarcasm, but delicate irony and slightly sad forgiving smile.

Eau de Pamplemousse Rose Hermes by Fhaldara 2014-12-20

Fabulous! Opens with a sharp burst of grapefruit, then settles into a soft rosy citrus, reminiscent of palmarosa with a slight musky note at the end. Like cutting into a grapefruit on a summer morning with the scent of a rosebush drifting in through a window.

Hypnose Lancome by gloom 2014-12-20

sharp noticeable fragrance
very white floral powdery/ woody a hint of sweet passion flower and creamy vanilla very strong and gourmand scent special and memorable its smells just like fall season

Ahhhh now that woke me up!

Lovely fresh spicy aldehydes at the beginning. I loved the opening, what a strong blast...

This strong opening powders down to a savoury, spicy, woody incense, not as sharp as malaki oud. More powdery (the iris note?) and slightly bitter (carraway and vetiver). I am liking the classic type depth to this. The dryness is also alluring. It wavers between a sharpish incense and a spicy leather. I prefer masculine incense notes to sweet feminine ones. This is lovely and lively.

To represent where all the creativity and life of Ditpyque emerges from, 34 Boulevard St. Germain have to be an icon of all Diptyque world in liquid form; and it is.
34 BsG is soothing floral spicy and freshening warmth; very heavenly and airy.
It opens potent fruity and woody with bright transparency that quickly develops into misty woody incense-like eucalyptus and spices. It's not sure I'm right but one house from application it is apparently a different guy. This scarce me, a perfume that changes entirely inside out; a complex and pleasant anyhow.

Pink Sugar Sensual Aquolina by Peachysugarbuns 2014-12-20

This smells exactly like Pink Sugar but with a tinge of liquorice to it - like a syrupy digestif. I know there is no age restriction when it comes to fragrances, but sweet scents like this make me feel self-conscious and embarrassed when I wear them now-a-days. I am more complex and womanly than a scoop of sugar, dammit! ;) Luckily, Pink Sugar Sensual stays close to the skin and the drydown is quite powdery on me. I'll rarely choose it to wear on its own, but it could possibly be used to add a sweet dimension when layered with other fragrances.

Moschino Forever Moschino by vismundcygnus 2014-12-20

Loving this. So sad I bought a bad batch that only lasts 2 hours and leaves no trail-

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by hector666 2014-12-20

یه عطر عااللییی و خیلی سکسی با موندگاری بالا که تو شبای زمستون گرمای خاصی به شما و اطرافیانتون میده.من که تا حالا چارتا شیشش رو تموم کردم و هر بار که بوش میکنم بیشتر عاشقش میشم. حتما بخرید و استفاده کنید پشیمون نمیشید.

My oh my! Just got this one today and I have to say I'm more than happy with it. Has more than a passing similarity with Gucci pour homme II with a couple of crucial differences. This has a fearsome opening of complex notes which are sweeter, sharper and then dry. This smell of sticky dates and the overall intensity is totally different but the combination of citrus, tea, and Vetiver is very similar. The tea in this is gorgeous, metallic at first then wonderfully aromatic and slightly peppery. There's subtle stuff in this one it has the animalic qualities of tibuktu, a slightly smoky, earthy vetiver and then even a hint of violet, wormwood and maybe olibanum?
The Drydown is a much softer affair settling down to a pleasing and slightly deeper GPH II.
It's a stunning fragrance and that sweetness with the tea gives a great new dimention to a very well blended fresh fragrance.
This EDT performs okay too, nothing rather shattering but a worthy purchase.

Play It Lovely Playboy by Flowercat 2014-12-20

Very diverse reviews!
I'm on the fans' side...Christmas shopping in Walmart, I smelled a "LOVELY" scent coming from the perfume isle. I stood and sprayed every bottle until I found it! Yay, Play It Lovely was the one! I couldn't begin to identify the notes...nothing was obvious, which added to its allure. It's simply a soft, gentle, slightly soapy fresh aqua cloud of scent. Way too delicate to be a man's fragrance.
Who cares if it's Playboy or a cheap bottle? I will call it "Lovely" when I get compliments on my need to go into detail unless it's a friend asking about it ;-)

Love in Black Creed by becuille 2014-12-20

The name made me think I'd be getting a sultry, seductive violet wrapped in some naughty spices. What I actually got was an hour of plastic and pencil shavings followed by another hour of a perfectly nice, inoffensive floral.

This is a disappointment to me. I can't see how it can possibly be worth the money it costs.

The dry down is much nicer than the opening, but I had to resist scrubbing to get to it. I don't know what is causing the plastic smell, but combined with the pencil shavings, it gives me the strongest impression of a classroom.

When I do get the other notes coming through, they are quite pleasant. Violet is noticeable, as is blackcurrant. I don't get the clove. The violet is very sweet and the blackcurrant is very well done.

The sillage is very soft and I found this only lasted just over 3 hours.

Very loud opening!

Oily church incense and a lot of wood.

Repetto Repetto by HanamiTsukimi 2014-12-20

With no disrespect intended, it smells like a Bath & Body Works fragrance, which is nothing to complain about unless that just isn't your style.

It opens with a strong "cherry blossom" note (cherry blossoms don't actually have a fragrance) that reminds me of a great lotion my Aunt bought me once from B&BW. In tandem is a strong pear note closely followed by orange blossom. It's very sweet in the popular style but it also stays soft and delicate. It's very feminine and likely to appeal to girly girls of all ages. It also has excellent longevity for an EDT.

That artificial cherry blossom note is too strong for me, personally, but I'd still consider this a people-pleaser.

Zizanie Fragonard by marenanne6 2014-12-20

Oh dear, after reading the reviews from everyone else I think I must have gotten a bad bottle. I get a synthetic, metallic smell, and it reminds me too much of aluminum foil. Now and again I get lovely whiff of the sandalwood, but the patchouli almost has a sharp bite to it.
Nah, it's not you Zizanie, it's me.

Eau du Soir Sisley by HanamiTsukimi 2014-12-20

I don't know but that this has really grown on me. I have a bottle of this featuring real oakmoss (it was produced in 2007) that I inherited, untouched, from under my mother's bathroom sink and that I was planning to give away, swap or sell. After several trials, I've rethought that plan. I suspect the key is to use it sparingly.

The opening notes are strong and sharp and green, very heavy on the citrus. I admit that's still not too much to my taste.

But after that stage it really grows on me. It becomes warm and spicy, deep and sumptuous, like old world romance in a luscious Italian garden. Maybe that's also why it reminds me of something a sophisticated woman would wear to an opera.

Vintage John Varvatos by panamamaverick 2014-12-20

smells nice, but not for late 20s. probably might consider it when im 40+!

Royal Extrait Guerlain by julieekerr 2014-12-20

this is just beautiful. it is one of my all time favourites. It reminds me of Elixir Charnel Chypre Fatal but with iris powdery finish. it is heady sweet and i get whiff throughout the day. i am so glad i purchased it and got another as a spare.

Amazingreen Comme des Garcons by nexangelus 2014-12-20

It opens with a fresh, sweet watery spritz. When drying I catch hints of slightly bitter green pepper and sharp vetiver. I am surprisingly (going against all the other reviews it seems) getting a sulphurous hint. Not explosive, but like a wrong note in a tune. A foul note in a brew. This is not pervasive enough to make it awful, but yes, the gunpowder (or stinkbomb smell) note is there.

My brother used to make gunpowder in the kitchen at home (supervised by my father who gave him the recipe and the ingredients) and his stinkbomb creations with this powder were not as funny as he thought!

This is different, definitely a warm to hot weather scent because of the green-ness and lightness. When completely dry I get an earthy note. I like this one, it is savoury and reminds me of a salad (hint of celery?).

Lucky You for Men Lucky Brand by marenanne6 2014-12-20

Unfortunately I have a biased opinion with this cologne, which stems from the association with an ex boyfriend. Pushing that aside, it has a nice grassy smell, but I feel like the dry down is almost like sour bad breath. Overall a 2 or 3 out of 5 for me. It's not the greatest nor is it the worst. Definitely for a younger generation.

Anyone else perceives boiled apple?

With Love Hilary Duff by marenanne6 2014-12-20

An unfortunate sickly sweet scent on my skin, from when I first put it on to the dry down. It's a shame because it looked like the woody and spicy notes would blossom out after awhile, but each time I give it another chance I always feel slightly nauseated. It reminds me of eating too many divinities in one sitting. But oh well, it's a lovely bottle and I think the overall scheme of it was a great one, even if I can only stand it for a few hours.

No. 17 Vetiver & Bergamot Rituals by SundayMorning 2014-12-20

Something really wierd happend when i tryed this.
Like if i turned into a little girl, smelling 4711 for the first time, but now i was standing there all middleaged with my daughter beside me, this was stronger! This was traumathic!
So i left the store without buying anything. Then we walked with no goal in the mall.. I asked my daughter "-so, isn't this perfume really really Really something?" She aswered "-mjeee" with great lack of interest.
Something snapped, and I turned around and walked as fast as i could towards the Rituals store and bought it. It got a spell on me . Therefor im not sure if im able to be critical enough to write Anything negative about this perfume.
The love for scents was again woken.
The child inside me just gazed like a Beatles fanclub.
I have no idea how this happend, im stunned.

Kenzo Homme Night Kenzo by GRAF 2014-12-20

Kenzo Night is a very sweet oriental scent, the best I’ve ever smell from this company. It is one of my favorite, sweet and fruity, playful with a gorgeous longevity and heavy sillage. It reminds me summer, beaches and summer cool evenings, unique and sensual.

Fantasy Stage Edition Britney Spears by SweetShelly 2014-12-20

Sweet,Sweet,Sweet! Reminds the first reformulation for sure
Much sweeter than the original one and less fresh or sour,you smell the cupcake and white chocolate strongrly.
Also its a boys magnet
Just Perfect!

Viva by Fergie Avon by HanamiTsukimi 2014-12-20

Viva is one of those fragrances that make me shrug. There's nothing in it that excites me but at the same time it's perfectly pleasant.

I'm a big fan of lavender and wish it was featured in more women's fragrances. Here it's very green and comes off, as many have mentioned, very masculine - as if this were a watered down men's cologne rather than a fragrance specifically designed for women. (And I too take slight issue with the idea that a strong, "powerful" woman smells like a man. Women are strong and powerful insofar as they take on masculine traits?? But I'm not particularly philosophical and I hold nothing against the fragrance for all that.)

It's a little crisp and clean for my taste. I'd like a little more warmth. It smells like laundry hung outdoors on an overcast day, clean with no sunshine. There's a very mild sweetness to it, nothing gourmand. The prominent mint note is a nice touch.

Amouage Gold pour Homme Amouage by Eloquaint 2014-12-20

This is the first Amouage pefume I've sampled that I like well enough to buy.

It took me days of wearing Gold Homme to decipher what I was smelling. I went at it backwards, because immediately after I put it on for the first time I was called away from the Perfume Lair, and was not able to give proper attention to the opening. So evaluating the dry down first, I found GH to be a fantastic powdery musk, ambery, deep, animal.

I didn't catch the flower power that time around. On my second application I sat surrounded by an amazing, show-stopping jasmine, backed by a rosy, pissy honey. Third time, I finally got it: massive civet jasmine.

One of the things that fascinates me about Amouage perfumes it the way that you can sense the notes that you can't precisely smell lurking in the background. It's like walking into a fantastic house. You'll probably spend your time admiring the precision of the joinery in the custom-built kitchen cabinets and the polished, seamless floor, and never think about all the components that went into laying the foundation and doing the framing; but without the care lavished on those hidden elements the perfection that you can see would be impossible.

Violet Blonde Tom Ford by Sister of the moon 2014-12-20

There is a staleness to this perfume that I just can't get past. It leaves behind a smell that is like someone spraying deodorant over stale sweat. Bought a 100ml bottle and I can't wear it. Wish I had been more patient and waited for the proper dry down before purchasing. An expensive mistake!!

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by mnementh 2014-12-20

OK, bought this blind on the notes listing given above.

I got a 75ml bottle for £15 (GBP) delivered and I have to say that I'm glad it wasn't more expensive.

On me, this is a very mild non entity fragrance with poor sillage and not very great longevity.

It's certainly fresh and pleasant to the nose but given some of the prices listed at the heading of this page, I most definitely would NOT be inclined to pay even the £15 I did for this bottle, again.

Fine as a daily, "go to work and not stink the place up" spray but that's all.

Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior by AND-MAT 2014-12-20

Dior Homme parfum is very strong. Excellent longevity, Monster sillage and a very nice smell to boot too!

However, for me this is not the best Dior Homme! Sorry to rain over your parade but it just isn't the best! Dior Homme parfum is a all about soapy and powdery iris on my skin balanced with leather. Not a bad fragrance at all but Dior Homme intense is by far better because it's darker, edgier and bolder!

Dior Homme parfum is formal! Perfect for a classy late night event. It's just not my personal style and taste. But a very good release as usual from Dior and another massive hit among the Dior Homme line!

Place Vendôme Boucheron by ScarlettX 2014-12-20

Pure luxury! I loved this one right from the beginning.
It's sweet and light white floral, smells very exquisite.
Orange blossom and honey mix perfectly, I think this is really lovely composition!
I also love how pepper, praline and benzoin smell togheter in this perfume.
If some perfume is well done, it's this one!!
This is my new favorite now.

Solo Loewe Absoluto Loewe by GRAF 2014-12-20

I think that this Solo is the best of the rest scents of Loewe. I find it not so oriental at the dry down when you get the citruses in a lightly sweet way. It is fresh, playful, vivid and beautiful for a summer night, autumn, or spring. Longevity is moderate, about 4 hours and the sillage is heavy. Generally a very nice fragrance.

BLV Notte Pour Femme Bvlgari by nexangelus 2014-12-20

Opening notes are fresh and spicy (hot gingery citrus) which then dries to a strong, sharp incense aroma. This is a strong perfume, so carefully spray. It is also very sweet on my skin. Totally settles into an interesting melange of notes which include ginger, powder, amber, tobacco and sweet florals. This is intriguing because one minute it is very sweet and powdery, the next it is deep and spicy. The sillage is mostly boozy floral though. A confusing mystery to my nose. I would definitely wear at night, in cooler temperatures.

L de Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by miss mills 2014-12-20

Everything that Bublegum said plus my 5cents. My hubby just gifted me an enormous haul of samples for my birthday today and this was love at first sniff! It's delicately sweet for a Lolita Lempicka (to my nose, anyway). This is honey, honey and more lovely light honey to me. Goes perfectly with my morning coffee and has the inviting feel of the aroma of honeyed vanilla cookies, of comfort, sweetness and a big warm cuddle from the right person just when you need it.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by AND-MAT 2014-12-20

Bvlgari man in black is a very well made fragrance. It is extremely well blended and has excellent quality to the juice.

Spicy leather is what it is. Bvlgari man in black opens with a very dominant spicy accord darkened after some time with a leather, tonka and rum accord. It kinda reminds me of Angel Pure Wood. The two fragrances share the same dark vibe but Pure Wood is woodier and heavier while Man in Black is sweeter and rounder. I love both fragrances.

This is a rare example of a perfume that follows perfectly it's concept. It's called Man in black, the bottle is brown/black and gold and the juice smells exactly what you expect it to smell like. For me, this is what dark and intense smells like!

It's the strangest thing. I spritz this on skin, and within 10 seconds i cannot smell anything. Totally asnomic. That's not the strange part, I've not been able to smell notes before. But this is different - i can sense an abrasive scent in my nose.

Love For Her edp, this concentration is not for me.

I have this as a decant from my friend and oh my! I love the very strong chocolate top note, for one or two minutes. It's very strong. Then it paves way from a molten chocolate fountain to a spice. People are saying here it's patchouli. I think that's correct, as I am one of those former granolas who did have a bottle of Patchouli essence oil for a few years.

I like seeing the comments here, some are saying plum blossom and mandarin, which I do not get but it's good that it's coming out on some of our F posters. I am not a huge fan of Angel, it's just too bizarre and spicy on me and I have given it away to a D&G Light Blue fan (again, that pepper spice).

If you can't wear Angel but you like the idea of it, I can totally see this stuff working for you. I like it because it's simple and there's not a kitchen sink of stuff going on.

the bottles here are under the made in Spain label...

In my past review of this fragrance, I said I didn't think I would buy a bottle of it, since I didn't know if I liked it that well or not. Well, I did buy a bottle of this recently. This truly is that good. I'm sort of disappointed that I can't smell much of it on my skin after lets say, in 2-3 hrs and I put plenty of sprays on my neck.

I was surprised to see on the bottle that it says, "Made in Mexico". That is such a different local of where it's made at than most colognes or perfumes which are made here in the U.S. or in Europe. The bottle is nice but sorry to say the labeling has ink which is starting to wear down on the sides, but that doesn't deter me from wearing and enjoying this fragrance. :)

Wood Bejar by ZELJO 2014-12-20


Strong, stunning, insuperable, deep, wild and green,sensual, loooooooooooong lasting, if you love wood and want to smell like a real man, go for this one, only in cold days, otherwise too deep and strong,one of my treasures

Silences Jacomo by nero77 2014-12-20

Part 1: Jacomo Silences: A walk through the ancient forest...

This is a beautiful, real example of a Chypre perfume with an emphasis on the word "green". I really get more of the green notes than the florals with this one. The oakmoss, vetiver, bergamot, the classic galbanum and the accompanying floral notes of watery hyacinth and soft jasmine, iris & lilly-of-the-valley.

What I get from spraying is a very rich, slightly dusty green floral vibe. This "dusty", slightly "bitter" note comes from the galbanum, a resin from a desert plant which is musty and damp and bitter, but also slightly smooth and sweet. I think what balances this "bitter green" is the use of the florals, especially the iris/orris root. The iris is used in another famous fragrance No. 19 by Chanel. But I find that here the dyrdown is richer and a little more complex. It's really nice.

Immediately this fragrance reminds me of spring and summer... in the forest. During these months the forest has a certain smell of damp and drying grass and leaves, and moss from the trees, and the smell where there is a lake of river or swamp, with all the animals living there and in the trees and grass. Like the full circle of nature. This fragrance is like two children playing in the summer forest, all day hiding in and climbing trees, catching frogs, singing songs all day, laughing. There is a feeling of "childhood innocence" to me here. But if you have not had this kind of childhood, then imagine it is also like a walk in the mountains, with the tall trees along your path, as you walk, rest, camp, make a fire, all throughout your journey. It also reminds me of the great forest of Europe, Asia, and North America. Especially the ancient forests of Europe, which the early ancestors used to live in, and which covered the whole continent from the sea to the ocean. It's very nostalgic.

Overall, I think if you are a "green" or "outdoors" person, who loves the smell of nature and being in nature itself, then you will like this one. For me I do not really see it so much as a "formal" perfume, but depending on the situation yes it is versatile enough to be used for that, and it will add character and complexity to your presence. In my opinion it can be worn all year round, but especially in the spring and early summer, I think it would fit perfectly then... and also the late winter, where it will remind you of the smell of pine trees outside. Do I recommend it? Yes! If you like the description above, then yes. But just remember, it has a personality of it's own so you have to make sure you like it and can become friends with it. Some people say it's too sharp and green. But for others it will fit just right. Give it time, wear it outside for a few days, and you'll see what I mean. A classic for sure!

Part 2: A tale of two sisters... Chanel No.19 & Jacomo Silences

Now, I want to compare between Chanel No. 19 and Jacomo Silences, as these perfumes are often compared together. Let's first start by saying that No. 19 was first, and so most other "similar" perfumes are descended or "inspired" by that one. But there is something about Silences that I like, which No. 19 doesn't have... and that is an entirely different character and personality. From the start these two are very different. Put it this way, if they were "sisters", then No. 19 (the older sister) would be the wealthy, successful rich woman of society. She has married someone rich, she lives in a nice, expensive house, she hosts dinner parties wearing her perfect black dress and pearl necklace and earrings. She hangs out with rich, wealthy people in society. She has perfect white skin, like a Greek statue, perfect hair, perfect nails. Perfect life. But, she is cold, she is quietly unhappy. She has everything but she feels like she has no control. Like her rich, successful life has been "planned" for her by others. She smiles for guests, and laughs politely, but when she takes off her makeup at night in her mirror, she sometimes wants to cry.

Her younger sister is Silences. This one you could call a "free spirit". She is an artist and was once a beautiful model. She is a painter. She lives in a small, cute house by the river. She goes for a run every morning with her dog. She does not take everything in life too seriously, but she enjoys every minute of her life. She spends most of her time outdoors, in nature. She loves being in nature, running, painting, enjoying the different seasons. She loves who she wants, and she lives each day to the full. Cooking, being artistic, with the dog, out in the woods. She has no regrets in life. She does not have the money that her older sister "acquired" by marrying a rich man. She does not smell so expensive like her older sister, but she has character, and a big heart. She does not want anything more in her life, and she is happy.

To me these are the differences. They are both green, both have an iris note, but this note is unbeatable in the Chanel, and is powdery, floral and smells clean, polished and expensive. The Jacomo smells "greener", like you are in the forest outside, with the smell of herbs and green leaves which the Chanel doesn't have. Basically, if you are an "active" person, or if you have memories of childhood in the countryside, then you will like and enjoy Silences. But if you want to smell the smell of "perfume", or want something "posh" or "expensive", then go for No. 19. Both are great choices. I think the Jacomo is a little more relaxed and carefree, but if you want to impress or are in a very formal situation, then go for the Chanel. Both are masterpieces!

Vento di Fiori Bois 1920 by Cheramy 2014-12-20

This information comes from the producer's leaflet inside the box of scent. Go figure.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by GRAF 2014-12-20

A masterpiece, this is what it’s all about. I do not understand the negative reviews for this outstanding scent. It is one of my favorite scents, very sensual, young and modern. It is a super-nice sweet masculine fragrance, balanced and stable in a half an hour to the end. The longevity is superb and the sillage is enormous. It is one of the best scents I’ve ever had or smell. I like how people keep saying to me 'you smell so good' and I know that this fragrance is superior from dozens of scents that I had. If I’ll buy it again? Definitely, without second thought the big bottle next time. I’m addicted...

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by Tiwalii 2014-12-20

Gagas Fame was a huge disappointment. I loved the bottle and the black liquid, but the scent was bland and way too mainstream.

This scent on the other hand is fascinating. Not in a complex way, but because it is so simple. Just four notes in a perfume is sort of brave. It can turn a scent into a one dimensional flat creation, or it can become sharp, crisp and somewhat avant garde. I think Eau de Gaga belongs in the avant garde-section, much like the lady herself.

The scent starts with an explosion of lime that qickly calms down into a fresh tea-like note. White violets joins the composition and gives the scent a pleasent, sensual and almost old fashioned feel. It could be just my association though. Violets make me think of ladies from the Victorian era.

Soft wood and a very pleasant and discrete leather note appear, and gives the perfume a slight masculine vibe. This is actually one of the most pleasant and discrete leather scents I have ever come across. I love the more intense and strong leathers also, but this is really a nice one.

Over all a very nice, fresh, but not too fresh, scent that stays close to the skin and lasts about7-8 hours. For me this is a typical daytime scent, soft and clean enough to be worn to work and throughout your daily chores.

I bought the smallest bottle of this (30 ml) as a blind buy. I think I have to get another bottle of this in a bigger size. I really enjoy wearing it. It's a nice variation from my usual oriental, dark and spicy scent favourites.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by becuille 2014-12-20

I quit smoking a couple of years ago, and the thing that most helped me to stay quit was smelling other smokers and realising I must have smelled like that (and wasting so much money on my beloved perfumes!). Unfortunately, that smoker smell is all I get from this on my skin. It's exactly like an ashtray on me.

After around an hour, I get the faintest hint of raspberry which lasts for around an hour. Towards the end, I get a sense of the leather, which is lovely, for all there is of it.

But apart from that, it's all ashtray. Stale cigarettes and a smell that reminds me of something I don't want in my life any more.

This is definitely one of those challenging perfumes. I can imagine if it works for you, you've got yourself something really special. But if it doesn't, it REALLY doesn't.

Amber Oud By Kilian by svetlana.kogan.73 2014-12-20

I am comparing this to the Oud Velvet Mood which I was wearing yesterday and found to be incompatible with my body's chemistry. The Kilian's creation is different: the amber notes, which I happen to like are soothing the oud note and there is a mix of honey-animalic undertones which I sense on the dry-down. Overall, interesting, intense and extrovert fragrance. Very long-wearing: I kept smelling it on me all day today.

Violet Blonde Tom Ford by becuille 2014-12-20

On me, this is almost identical to Atelier Cologne's Sous Le Toit de Paris. This one came out first, but I'm only just trying it now and I already own a full bottle of SLTDP. The only difference is that this one is a little more powdery.

It's a sharp, tangy violet, not the more common sweet, creamy note. It slightly tickles your nose.

Like SLTDP, this is mostly a violet and leather/suede fragrance. There's a hint of iris and a nod to a cool vetiver in the dry down, but it's mostly a linear scent.

Of the TF's I've tried, this one, while nice, is the least interesting to me - although that may just be because I already own something that's pretty much the same thing.

It's uplifting and cheery and from Atelier Cologne, it's what I expect from them (and I am a big fan of that, I'm not knocking it at all). But from Tom Ford, it lacks the complexity I've been coming to expect from his scents.

Soft sillage and the longevity is around 6 hours on me.

Encens et Lavande Serge Lutens by nakedcity 2014-12-20

Luminous, hazy, clean, non Lutensian (no fruits or spices) interpretation of a classic theme. This is the perfect companion to whatever you are doing, the two main notes interact equally, neither one competing for attention. This smells primitive, timeless, effortless.

Si Giorgio Armani by Muzoona 2014-12-20

I bought it from Bangkok airport when I was coming back to Dubai, I was so sad to say good bye to a such beautiful country and friendly people. Any way, I tried it and I felt there is something special with it. I always admire theses perfumes which are unique and has its own character. Si is very sweet, you will confuse what type of notes, thats why i liked it. However, Im not going to buy another bottle if the one i have it over. its just once a while.

Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne by eddie.gallardo 2014-12-20

I bought the cologne for myslef, I thought it smelled rather girly so I gave it to my gf. She flipped out when she was wearing a guys cologne, but quickly got over it. She loves the way it smells on her. She tells me guys compliment her all the time lol

FCUK 3 Him FCUK by AZJeff 2014-12-20

I got a 2-3 ml spray tester of this fragrance and it doesn't smell too bad. It's sweet. I like it better then 2 of "Ed Hardy" fragrances that I have tried. They are also on the sweet side. This is more of a casual wear perfume and to me would be good to wear in the Fall and Winter, and maybe early Spring.? This has about average longevity on my skin. I think this would be more for college age group.

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood DSQUARED² by bearinganhourglass 2014-12-20

Just a nice smell. Equaly woody, peppery and slightly floral. It will stay like that for a couple hours. The drydown is nice and calm mellow amber. It will not wow you or people around you. The smell is always close to skin. The wood note is very well blended under other undertones. I still prefer Kenzo Homme for woodier and fresher parfume.

Easily the best smelling one in the line.

Vanille Insensee Atelier Cologne by hadew1 2014-12-20

Starts off warm, creamy, vanilla ice cream with subtle dry woods. More complex than a mall vanilla scent. Gorgeous. (Reminds me of the Burberry Women woodsy-vanilla drydown.)

Two/three hours later, it's strongly spicy, very very warm, very dry, strongly woodsy-vanilla--still lovely, but far too spicy for my sissy sinuses. :( I may try to cool it down by layering Orange Sanguine or Cedrat Envirat over it, but this may be a reluctant scrubber for me. I'll give it another hour or so. Good sillage!

Still going very strong four hours in. Very spicy. Need to scrub. Gosh darnit!

Vu par Ted Lapidus Ted Lapidus by Pinnacos 2014-12-20

If Vu required a lot of Oakmoss, don't expect it to ever get re-released, except as a noticeably inferior frag.

Roses Musk Montale by thisman 2014-12-20

One of the best rose fragrances.
Very long lasting, powerful projection. It smells niche!
It has no similarity with PR Black XS.

Born in Paradise Escada by rickyfreaky13 2014-12-20

Thank God i found this!!!! Will wear it for my summer holiday next month to Phuket, Thailand

Looks like the traditional, also linear, but a little sweeter and more floral, which helped to reduce the serious and formal tone of the traditional, and in my humble opinion, better aroma and longevity.

Beach Walk Maison Martin Margiela by bibibling 2014-12-20

This was a blind buy for me. It was a toss up between this and Bobbi Brown Beach and although they are the same price, the container for this one held slightly more juice so that was the tie-breaker. It literally just arrived this morning from Sephora. I got the smallest one they had which is the roller ball and like a kid at Christmas, I tore open all the boxes and rubbed it on my wrist while squealing with glee.

Upon first sniff, I was disappointed. For some reason I was expecting a coconut + sunshine + salty ocean orgasm and it fell short of that.

I waited it out and rubbed some more on, this time without expectation. Have you ever thought you were drinking milk but grabbed and drank a glass of orange juice instead? How ridiculously weird and vomit-inducing did that orange juice taste? Even though it was perfectly fine, delicious orange juice that you usually love? I think that's what happened to me with Beach Walk.

Now sniffing it again with zero expectations, I'm smelling a jasmine-ish topnote (which is probably the ylang-ylang+heliotrope) and suntan lotion, but not the cheap kind (which I ADORE the smell of by the way) but a more expensive luxurious suntan lotion. There is also this unexplainable "beach" smell, I especially feel it when I inhale deeply. I want to describe it as warm wet sand at 6pm (summertime) when the temperature is starting to cool and the sun is getting lower in the sky and the waves are crashing against the rocks and the night-blooming-jasmine is getting ready to do its thing. Like beach-dusk. I'm not sure what chemicals they mixed up together to capture that but I'm impressed.

So... yeah. Disappointed but also pleased. Not sure if I will re-buy after I finish what I have but sure that I will definitely use up every drop of what I have.

A definite 'try before you buy!'

Also, if any of you guys have both this and Bobbi Brown Beach or Lolita Lempicka Elle L'Aime, can you please do a side-by-side wrist-by-wrist comparison?

Gucci Premiere Gucci by Cochlea 2014-12-20

Gucci Premiere is a lovely white floral scent. The first spray is the sweet, tangy bergamot. The fresh orange blossoms comes through shorty after. The scent becomes warmer and sensual from the patchouli and the sandalwood, on my skin the citrus undertone is consistent. The drydown is a soft, musky orange blossom scent. That is it.
From a 2ml spray- the sillage is too delicate for my tastes, (I need more sillage, more!) and the longevity is good. I think that Premiere is a classy and versatile scent to wear every day. Its just not my style.

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by Arabian Knight 2014-12-20

Pfft....this just smells like lime juice and green tea. Fresh, airy and clean...sure, but it's not remotely interesting.

Anyone calling this "complex" needs their nose syringed.

Le Roy Soleil Salvador Dali by Chloe354 2014-12-20

LeRoy Soleil by Salvador Dali. Art in a bottle a masterpiece. Sweet notes with amber this one is delicious. A beautiful bottle and fragrance. Almost impossible to find these days, I found my delicious bottle at Thefragrancefactory
One of my all time fave's! Spicy, sweet and great lasting power; an elegant and unique scent. The dry down is divine!!! LOVE IT!

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by dadulka82 2014-12-20

I must admit, first time I tried it last summer, I really did not like it. I thought it was one of those candy-floss like perfumes.
I gave it another go this week and I must say, the body chemistry was very different.
I would wear it more in the winter, love the smell.
Rich, sweet, elegant and quite addictive.
Lasting power was very good, I could smell it on my wrist the next day too.
I so want it!

360° Red for Men Perry Ellis by Luis_arg 2014-12-20

Better bang for the buck than ADG. Do your self a favor and buy this stuff!

Alien Thierry Mugler by CarmendyNola 2014-12-20

Deeply mysterious for how obvious the notes are. Like a black diamond, it sparkles but is completely opaque. A vapory opening invites you into a field of night-blooming jasmines: this is an evening scent with no exceptions. An amber note reaches out to grab your attention and make you feel like it might be turning into something familiar, but the persisting vapory floral and oaky suede base keeps it anchored. It's longevity is impressive for a jasmine scent, like it is trying to prove it's worthy. For most, I would venture to say this dark amethyst gem will look pretty on your vanity much more than it is spritzed, but you will know the right occasions for it. Its sensual, sharp... really alluring.

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by dadulka82 2014-12-20

Unfortunately not the one for me :(
Too musky, can`t smell any vanilla neither flowers.
So disappointed.

Ghost Ghost by Arabian Knight 2014-12-20

A sweet, juicy smelling peach and pink rose petals, with an underlay of creamy vanilla and sandalwood. I thought I detected patchouli also, but it doesn't appear to be in the notes.

It's quite high-pitched, but not shrieky or cloying like some other peach + rose combinations I've come across ("Liaisons Dangerouses", "Hedonist", "1969" for example). It's feminine and youthful smelling, with an allusion to Turkish delight.

The bottle's not much to look at, but still, it's a pretty good price.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by meroo 2014-12-20

I usually like perfumes with a cedar note but this one just put me off for two reasons, it is a bit "overdone" in my opinion! they went too much on the cedar and tobacco that the perfume ended up being too masculine and too spicy!
There is also an almost identical perfume from Zara which is cheaper and stronger, believe it or not there is not much difference between the two bottles!

Oud Velvet Mood Maison Francis Kurkdjian by svetlana.kogan.73 2014-12-20

This is a complex and fragrance which should be worn by a serious "no frills oud lover". I personally found the untamed oud to be too straightforward, especially in the beginning. However, the drydown was somewhat intriguing and cinammony as well as woody. Not for me...

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by meroo 2014-12-20

I don't own this perfume but I tried on and I really like it. My girlfriend says "It is intriguing, it has something different or mysterious". I agree.

For a moment, in a good way, the notes of this perfume seems to be contradicted! there is contrast in different scents in the fragrance and that makes it more "alive" and intriguing.

I would say it suits men who have that calm, classy, manly and mysterious character.

I might give it a go myself and buy one!

I was excited about this one. It smelled too much like alcohol for me (my girlfriend said it smells like whisky). It is also not that strong and it just disappears quickly that once it turns to a more powdery scent it is already gone, almost!

I wouldn't recommend it specially that it is not the cheapest fragrance around!

Zino Davidoff Davidoff by meroo 2014-12-20

I like the scent but I wouldn't wear it and I only recommend it if you are +50 years old and apply it 30-40 minutes before going out!

This fragrance is very nice a scent. However, it has two problems: first, it really is very old (1986!!) that you can't smell it without going back to your childhood memories and recalling smelling it on your father or teacher for example. The second is that it is too strong for the first 15-20 minutes that you can't walk around right after application. It is aggressive in the begging that my girlfriend and I almost gagged! after 30 minutes it was much calmer but still prominent and strong! I still smell the one spray I had on my wrist after 4 hours!!! I even washed my hand!

Gucci Oud Gucci by KIARA85 2014-12-20

Its ok , but oud smells bad to me, so its not for me

Incredible Things Taylor Swift by KIARA85 2014-12-20

too fruity

Cedrat Enivrant Atelier Cologne by hadew1 2014-12-20

Tart, true, effervescent lemon-lime--neither sweet nor sour, but bright and sparkling and very, very natural. It reminds me of Bath & Body Works' White Citrus in the same way that a fresh lime seltzer reminds me of Sprite--same idea, but with a much better/fresher/truer execution. Less sweet, less synthetic, more refreshing.

Decidedly unisex. The juniper, mint and vetiver gave it an outdoorsy finish not found in many of the sweeter citrus fragrances. I'd love smelling it on my husband as much as I loved smelling it on myself.

Lasted nearly eight hours, fading down into juniper woods with a faint tang of lime around hour five. Very impressive longevity for such a natural-smelling citrus!

Land Of Warriors The Vagabond Prince by swampgirlie 2014-12-20

Oh my.The notes overwhelm me.Intriguing and complex. I'm looking forward to my own "Land of Warriors" experience. ............................Be still my beating heart.

Al Nabha Al Haramain Perfumes by Starcounter 2014-12-20

I blindly ordered a bottle of this scent based upon impressions of the previous review. It's fine, however for me it has too strong strawberry and coconut notes. It's much more feminine rather than unisex.

Land Of Warriors The Vagabond Prince by Fezziwig 2014-12-20

Thank you Vagabond Prince. Keep up the good work. Happy Holidays to All!

Insense Ultramarine Givenchy by shahab.zaidi 2014-12-20

My long awaited aroma and finally i bought it today. Cool breeze, fresh windy beach and pure love. Straight up Masterpiece and yes 90s the era of Masterpiece. Thanks.

BLV Notte Pour Homme Bvlgari by tujiang 2014-12-20


BLV Pour Homme Bvlgari by tujiang 2014-12-20


Violet Disguise Imaginary Authors by GodlyGil 2014-12-20

I find the top notes extremely unpleasant, a sort of honeydew and plastic accord that really doesn't work. However the heart of VD is a sweet, hot fruit number, the same 'heat' of Josh's previous creations, like a follow-up to Yesterday Haze. The dry down is unremarkable but pleasant.

Adidas Ice Dive Adidas by tujiang 2014-12-20

最近一直在用的就是这款香水,阿迪达斯的ICE DIVE男性淡香水:芳香型香料调 2001 前调:奇异果、薰衣草、橘子、柚子、薄荷、葡萄柚、八角茴香、佛手柑 中调:檀木、广藿香、老鹤草 基调:零陵香豆、麝香、香草、胡椒、龙涎香 这又是一款让人意料不到的香水。虽然我自己一直以为阿迪达斯根本不可能有什么好味道的香水,这款香水的前调主要是以水果为主,再加上薰衣草和八角茴香,表面上看似不搭,但其实味道还是挺好闻的。中调主要是以檀木和广藿香为主,基调主要是以麝香和香草为主。留香其实也还是不错的。这款也同样是在聚美优品买的,100ML59.90元 但大家在选择阿迪达斯的香水要注意一点,一定要买产地是西班牙的。

Closer Halle Berry by Lakambini 2014-12-20

Not a review, but a yowl of disappointment. I bought the gift box containing minis of four of Halle's fragrances from a website in the UK. To be honest, I bought it to get Closer, which is hard to find where I live. Well, when the gift box arrived, the Closer bottle was completely empty. No trace of scent. It had never been filled at the factory, but had been packed in the box anyway. Can't believe a reputable fragrance company would allow this to happen.

Burberry Brit Summer for Women Burberry by marina md 2014-12-20

This is much more lemony than the original one so it's perfect for ones who like EDP but find it to strong for warmer days. I really miss the almonds in this one so it's going to be a like for me (and LOVE for the original).

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by Manscents 2014-12-20

Trying Terre d’Hermes for the first time.

On my skin, this started out very clearly citrus, a tart orange (tart presumably because of the grapefruit, but my nose didn’t detect the grapefruit specifically). Shortly after, for a brief time, I picked up a metallic/flint-like smell which was surprisingly pleasant (not usually my style) with a strong whiff of pepper. About 15 minutes later the pelargonium arrived with a “wow” factor that I really liked. At drydown, there was very faint patchouli and cedar, but the prominent lingering note at the base on my skin was the vetiver that strongly reminded me of lemon grass.

On me, this went on very strong and for the first several hours had fairly strong projection and moderate sillage. After about 4-5 hours it diminished to a mild projection with a drop in sillage, and by about 6-7 hours was a strong skin scent on me. However, even 15 hours after applying this, it is still a skin scent on my wrists, chest and shirt.

The initial blast out of the bottle was a bit overwhelming, but my patience paid off at the drydown, which I absolutely love. I would be comfortable wearing this year-round, and would wear it to the office. I would probably use this more as a day fragrance since I tend to prefer heavier scents at night. I found Terre d’Hermes to be a very sexy, masculine and seductive fragrance, and if I smelled this on a man I would definitely notice him. This could quickly become a new favorite.

As always, your results may vary!

TL Pour Lui Ted Lapidus by Pinnacos 2014-12-20

For $23 delivered, I'm quite impressed with this juice. Sure, it's not going to last more than 4 or 5 hours, but it's a relaxing vanilla/lavender with just enough mint to make it interesting. It also resists crossing that fine line into cloying sugarbomb territory. Most of the frags I've got are 80's powerhouses, so this juice provides a nice olfactory respite for when I just want to give my shnozz a calm day at the beach. Thanks to Eric Rico for suggesting it and to Maurice Roucel for creating it.

Beautiful Estée Lauder by junior halston 2014-12-20

To me this fragrance was Estée Lauder's response to Oscar de la Renta that was very popular during the time.

Unforgivable Sean John by mfeezy 2014-12-20

This really was a gamechanger.

I know that people say this smells like Millesime Imperial but that's what Puffy does. He takes something you're familiar with ("Juicy Fruit" by Mtume or "Between the Sheets" by the Isley Brothers) and makes something that reminds you of the essence ("Juicy" and "Big Pooppa" by B.I.G.). Whether or not you like it is up to you...

That being said, I really do like this. It's very sexy but also versatile. You can put this on and be confident that you smell good.

Roberto Cavalli Acqua Roberto Cavalli by lapurrla 2014-12-20

Just like a hair product! I'd love it as a rather sweet perfume if it wasn't just like the scent of the shampoo and conditioner of a person I know. Think it's Pantene.

Fatale Pink Agent Provocateur by ScarlettX 2014-12-20

This is not similar to the original Fatale, but is still quite nice.
I sense some similarity to the Juicy Couture Perfumes. I think it smells a little like Viva la Juicy.
It's sweet and juicy, pleasant scent. Pink is very suitable name for it, because it's ultimately girly and suitable for young women/girls.
A lovely one!

L'Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent by essenzion 2014-12-20

The pink pepper is amazing in this one with my skin Chemistry! Yet fresh and clean as i use it for day time, and it last all day! Quite linear scent, sort of like sporty frag! BTW I find it more sporty than "L'Homme sport" IMHO!

It has great smell but it doesn't last for more than 1 hour!!!

Vanilla Noir Bath and Body Works by purplesugar 2014-12-20

Okay so I had to chime in on 2009 I asked for a sample of a vanilla thinking it must have been this one...I still to this day have the litte tiny jar the lotion came in (empty of course) and I STILL smell the cozy warm vanilla scent that makes me feel ahhh lol..its not masculine to me at all..its not little girl vanilla..its more of a grown up, seductive very rich smelling warm scent...I think it should still be at bbw and it should be there classic always in stock fragrance...I want this again but im afraid since its been out so long that on ebay it may not smell the same..I may take my chances though:)♡

Valentino Uomo Valentino by brandonmont 2014-12-20

Quite a disappointment from such a talented perfumer like Olivier Polge. Lasting power is zero to little. Smell is nice but nothing to write home about. Needs some re formulating if Valentino wants this to be a "classic"

Si Lolita Lolita Lempicka by tittertat 2014-12-20

Love this one, sadly don't have it anymore due to a bottle which leaked :( Would love to have it again, the spray of the lotion.
If anyone has it and wants to swap please PM me I have a few items to offer .

If you heard about LN and expected to be blown away you may be wrong, not that this fragrance disappoints but it doesn't work that way, this fragrance is ART!
If a song hits you right away sometimes the desire disappears quickly, but some times it comes creeping slowly inside you and it stays with you, Lumiere Noire is just that, not a rose fragrance, not a patchouli fragrance... just a beautiful fragrance, very sensual cozy and gentle, when you wear this you don't care if people notice it, this is just for you, and if you smelled it and didn't like it, you probably were in a rush, go back sniff it again when you're at ease, and then you'll realize what you've been missing... the extraordinary.

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