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Fate for Men Amouage by Bluedude02 2015-07-02

@Rob2B- I always like to give things a 2nd or 3rd evaluation. My latest find; my last post was riddled with grammatical errors and misspellings. Must have been an off day! LOL

After my last post, I revisited my sample of Fate man and sure enough, the B.O. note is just too off putting for me to stomach. If nothing else,Fate has taught me that cumin and my skin are not friends.

Safeer Junaid Jamshed by bravoboy 2015-07-02

is it enough for a perfume if it is long lasting? Well i will buy this hopefully but 1st i will test the fragrance...Junaid Jamshed Molvi sb ne kya banaya hai dekhein :)

Mexx Waterlove Woman Mexx by salman4001 2015-07-02

I bought it for my wife. It is a good and Has a good longevity. I like it.

Today Avon by shoareku 2015-07-02

simple, elegant and romantic!my signiature!

Paper Commodity by carcollector 2015-07-02

I immediately think of opening the drawer of an old wooden desk. It is not an offensive smell, but it is not a scent that I would wear. I would classify this as an "interesting" scent because it does not smell bad, but it is not pleasant or seductive either.


212 VIP Club Edition Carolina Herrera by safir perfumery 2015-07-02

نسخه زنانه کلاب ادیشن بوی خنک و شیرین داشته و با گل های بهاری یک حس خوب و خوشایندی به شما میده

VIP Men Club Edition Carolina Herrera by safir perfumery 2015-07-02

و نسخه مردانه کلاب ادیشن در ابتدا رایحه ای شیرین و برآمده از کاکائو داره ولی کم کم به رایحه ای خنک و تلخ ادویه ای تبدیل میشه

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by willfulmissconduct 2015-07-02

OK, for anyone who loves this....but not the price.....there is a perfume called "Rhea" by O Boticario. It smells enough the same but is super cheap. It has been discontinued for quite some time, but there IS a seller on eBay who has 3 bottles for sale. (They had 7.....but I scooped up 4 of them.) At 30 bucks, you can get the rest of them for what ONE bottle of CM costs.

Ok, so it is yet another Intense version of a pre-existing fragrance to include iris in the composition...the other being the L'Intense version of La Nuit De L'Homme announced last week. I think there is a lot of DH/DHI/DHP inspiration at play these days.

Nevertheless, I am interested in this new version of what is a very good EDT, if you have Annick Mennardo's original creation. It seems here that the star anise could add some masculine freshness beyond what was the really quite sweet licorice of the original....while still staying in the same ballpark. Myrrh will also add some exotic richness.

La Nuit De L'Homme L'Intense....Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Eau de Parfum Intense....Take to your corners and come out fighting.

I look forward to the battle between these two.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by willfulmissconduct 2015-07-02

I want to love this, I really do. Unfortunately, it smells exactly like the urinal cakes we toss in the men's room where I work. Reminds me of a diaper pail.

Insurrection II Wild Reyane Tradition by carcollector 2015-07-01

I don't advise you blind buy this. But considering the difficulty of obtaining a sample, and the cheap price of the actual fragrance, it's hard not to.

This was a blind buy for me and a complete waste of money because I hate it. It's just not for me because it reminds me of a commercial strength bathroom deodorant that was used in a restaurant I worked at years ago. At least go to the mall and sample Pure Havane to get an idea of the scent.

So...? So...? by Anywho 2015-07-01

Very much like Bijan. That was the first thought I had upon sniffing this...not bad at all. This will suit people who like Bijan, Red Door etc. The drydown actually reminds me of Si by Armani. I sprayed it on my cardigan and staying power is quite good for a fragrance at such a low price. Definitely worthwhile checking out.

So...? Sinful So...? by Anywho 2015-07-01

Sinful is a sweet fruity/chocolatey gourmand lover's delight! I sprayed it on my cardigan and as I was out and about this delightful scent filled my nostrils every now and then as I was walking the streets. It has presence but is not overpowering (at least in cooler weather) and after several hours it still lingers on my cardigan. This is a wonderful everyday scent that imo is not just for the younger crowd (even if it might me aimed at them) but will be enjoyable by anybody who loves the sweet things in perfume - especially at such a low price!

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by beautyhustler 2015-07-01

I absolutely love this scent. Its very very lovely exactly as titled. This is my favorite feminine scent. This is what I imagine a very feminine delicate lady woman or girl would smell like during the early 1900's due to its lavender and soapy sweet rosy notes. Its appropriate for any age, any place, day or night, any season. I will ALWAYS purchase. I feel the same for it as the first day I smelled it. Ive been wearing this since it was first released. It is very similar to Narciso Rodriguez and Guerlains Idyle as I have all three, however lovely reigns supreme for me. Its my favorite of the three hands down.

Skin Musk Parfums de Coeur by zenbabylove 2015-07-01

A true gem in the world of Musks! My special recipe is to mix this with Auric Blends Egyptian goddess oil and either China Rain or Kuumba Made Persian Garden oil ( which smells almost identical to skin oil and I get it at Whole Foods ( I highly recommend it) I loved this scent as a child when family members wore it and then when I heard it's Sarah Jessica Parker's favorite perfume ever,I decided to try it in the oil form.It is soft,sensual,delicate and gentle with alluring super powers! I notice the baby powder vibe in the beginning but it mellows to a bewitching sandalwood in the dry down.Try it on your pulse points and let it warm up and let the magic begin

Envy Me Gucci by AnnaT 2015-07-01

This is more fruity (sour and fresh kind of fruity not sticky sweet kind of fruity) than floral on me in the heat of tropical weather. No pepper at all. Have a strong tea scent if i sprays this on clothes.

Definitely make a cool light summer scent.

I hate the TV commerial. It doesn't make sense at all. The whole heavily mark up woman and a (half?) naked guy in an dark place with lots of leaf and a snake???? The TV commercial is so disconnected with the actual scent in this glass/pink patterned bottle, it is almost embarrassing to watch.

Bois du Portugal Creed by Nbond007 2015-07-01

good scent bought it blindly...expensive like all creeds...very classic cannot go wrong wearing this...good for any age in my opinion....thumbs up all the way ...another it

Mildew Demeter Fragrance by melanie.grimes 2015-07-01

This was strictly a curiosity purchase. I so wanted to know if it really smelled like Mildew. I was hoping for a damp, musty basement smell. Yes, Im a weirdo lol. Good thing I only got a sampler, because this is not mildew. It is quite disgusting, actually. It has a very spicy smell that I couldnt quite put my finger on at first. Then after a couple of weeks, it finally came to me. It's Thyme! No exaggeration whatsoever. I smelled the cologne again, then I smelled the Thyme I had on my spice rack. It is identical. Shouldve just called it Thyme because thats what it is 100% No trace of mildew whatsoever.

Vanilla Bean Noel Bath and Body Works by tashamagda 2015-07-01

To me I mainly pick up a very aspartame, fake sugary smell. It is nice but in small amounts and can quickly take over a room if sprayed a bit too much. The scent has great longevity.

Boss Number One Hugo Boss by aqua_de_la_vita 2015-07-01

I couldn't agree more with all of those who say that bar non Number One is a real aromatic Fougere which truly represents a tailored man who's well dressed wearing this juice in the 80's This frag has a real sweet(honey) woodsy-tobacco aroma making it ABSOLUTELY STUPENDOUS! A timeless classic which rocks, none of the other Boss frag's comes a smig close to Number One.
When I first sprayed it on my wrist, I smell honey and tobacco with a hint of rose. After this juice settles down the aroma of sandalwood and amber gives it a real warm powdery vib.
Finally this juice coming together beautifully with a really masculine vib. Longevity and Silage is excellent lasting well past 8hrs.
Overall opinion,
Even the bottle which is square with that pinstripes pattern on the front giving it a real masculinity identity. In today's market if I poured this juice into a Tom Ford bottle, a real nieche of a fragrance paying 3x the price. Perfect during the evening and during the cool weather with the aroma carrying off your skin. 9.5/10 ♥it.

Naughty Alice Vivienne Westwood by 69ingchipmunks 2015-07-01

From a male perspective, it is one of my favorite scents on a woman. Great longevity and projection. If you were to take Spiecbomb (Men's) for Viktor & Rolf and remove some of the spice but add some floral musk, this is it.
9.1/10 Uniqueness
7.6/10 Projection
7.1/10 Longevity
8.2/10 Sillage

8.0/10 Overall

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by Simurgh24 2015-07-01

I recognize that this is a good fragrance for many. I got this in the 5oz variant as a blind buy. Yet I somehow find it rather cloying, it is just intense lipstick smell that lingers and lingers. It definitely has the characteristics of a masterpiece but probably won't be my personal fragrance.

I will probably sell this fragrance after making myself a small decant. 7/10

Earthworm Demeter Fragrance by melanie.grimes 2015-07-01

Dont knock it til you try it! It smells amazing.

Lady Emblem Montblanc by Elmyra 2015-07-01

I want this! Montblanc create awesome scents
This sounds delicious.

Stella Stella McCartney by AlisonD 2015-07-01

A rich, sophisticated and long lasting fragrance.
Lovely for evening wear: Sensuous, sultry and exotic.

Too strong for work and in the Office in my opinion.
One of my absolute favourites!

Colonia Club Acqua di Parma by perfume243 2015-07-01

Muy bueno en saks me tiraron en la muñeca limpio un toque de menta ahumada

A*Men Ultra Zest Thierry Mugler by Simurgh24 2015-07-01

Great fragrance with A*Men DNA. I like it better than the original or pure shot. Orange is very fresh and I love the other beautifully layered notes.

Delicious 9/10

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Simurgh24 2015-07-01

Definitely a masterpiece. Nice spicey tones, cardamom with some warm lavender. I have the latest reformulation and it still smells great.

In my heretical opinion, better than DHI. 10/10

Vanille Yves Rocher by Marina_22 2015-07-01

I have a 20ml EDT of this. I asked my mother for a vanilla fragrance and she bought me this one from Yves Rocher. The first time I smelled it, I thought that it was artificial and it didn't seem like it was made from pure vanilla; it has some citrus note (maybe this is the reason why my nose found it artificial). Anyway, the more I wear it, the more I'm getting used to it and the more I love it. Also, today it happened something that I would never thought it would happen with this EDT; I received a compliment. My friends literally said: you smell like vanilla with chocolate and cookies! When this EDT settles down on your skin is when the smell is lovely, even though you can't smell it because your nose is used to it.

So in conclusion, if you are a gourmand person its worth to try it because maybe you will love it.

Eau Parfumee au The Rouge Bvlgari by AlisonD 2015-07-01

This is a gorgeous perfume.

I find it rich, interesting,warm and long lasting.

The red tea scent is somewhat unique, and the Roiboos variety of red tea(listed above) indeed gives off "a warm and gentle woody character"

It is lovely for evening wear and is a very sensual fragrance.

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by AlisonD 2015-07-01

I like this to a certain extent in the beginning, although I always found it a little strong.

To me its overdone and has been spoilt by being worn so much by so many, and you certainly know when someone around you is wearing it.

Not for me this perfume!

Alongside Fire Tree and Old Delhi Station, Oudh Heart is the third component in The Smell of Freedom perfume. This part is minimal, but the materials are fascinating. Although I really don’t get anything oudh-y from it, I do get a top-shelf orris note that’s combined with incense to good effect. The orris is clean and slightly bitter, but it has all the richness that one would hope to find in the material. Having said that, to my nose, Oudh Heart is really more of an orris soliflor with a bit of incense thrown in, all cast over a decent-enough sandalwood that’s clearly authentic, but not quite as beefy as some other sandalwoods I’ve tried. Nice enough, but it’s not a full composition and it’s certainly not worth going out of your way to find.

Let Me Play the Lion Les Nez by deadidol 2015-07-01

This is quite a distinctive scent, and I can’t think of much else that smells like it. It’s basically a sharp cedar that smells almost like vetiver with some minor herbal nuances and a peppery smoke accord. The whole thing's spun green, but moderately so. The incense lends it an industrial quality — almost like a cardamom molten plastic effect that you'd expect from Nu_Be — but it’s handled in a way that hints at rather than mandates industrial imagery. Given that it’s cedar, which is usually a fairly heavy base note, the scent is pleasingly delicate and transparent — and I like that about it. Last, the scent has an arid dustiness to it. As the result, I picture cacti and sage scrub and long roads stretching out across a Road Runner-style landscape. LMPtL is a simplistic composition, but that simplicity is what opens it up for wide interpretation.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by L'amoureux 2015-07-01

Also, the longevity is outstanding, It would win for the title. Wish some of my favourites last as long and were as formidable lol

Eau Sensuelle Rochas by AlisonD 2015-07-01

The bottle is lovely.
The fragrance is nice enough, but there is a note in it that is a little harsh and remains so on me. This may be the bitter orange or the pepper but I am uncertain.

Maybe a little more musk in the base, and a little less of the pepper or jasmine and this might work for me.

I find it has a very good longevity.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by L'amoureux 2015-07-01

This stuff is so annoying. Not just because everyone wears it (i've actually only smelled it on one person). It fills a room and goes. Its overly noticeable and not pleasant, not appealing to myself. I hope it doesn't smell the same on everyone, if so... 'I don't want to live on this planet anymore' lol

White Linen Estée Lauder by Sandra Smells Scents-uous 2015-07-01

WHITE LINEN is a fine example of an aldehydic perfume and would be a wonderful addition to any perfume collection.

This frag smells like spring wash drying in the sun, on a clothesline strung on lemon trees, after a thunderstorm storm. WHITE LINEN is a clean, casual scent with rich soapy, waxy and lemony facets. The longevity is outstanding. As I write this, 16 hours after application, I still smell it on my wrists. Lovely, fresh and calming. Definitely worth a try.

L.I.L.Y Stella McCartney by AlisonD 2015-07-01

I love the original Stella, and I thought I was going to like this fragrance too so I bought a bottle.
It was not cheap and there is something in it I don't like.
I agree that the opening is harsh, but this harshness does not subside on me.
I wear it on occasions, but it doesn't quite work for me.

There are nicer fragrances available!

L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake by AlisonD 2015-07-01

This is an exquisite fragrance-better for summer than winter-in my opinion.

There is nothing like its sweet clean fragrance that I have come across. It smells like a breath of perfumed breeze from a lovely garden on a warm day-but possibly nicer.

Definitely worth trying.

Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari by hintay 2015-07-01

very attractive

Angel Thierry Mugler by NostalgiaStreet 2015-07-01

An iconic fragrance of the 1990's. I never got the chance to smell Angel back then. Actually, I only knowingly smelled it for the first time a couple years ago when I ordered a sample on Ebay. I didn't know what to make of it at first because it was truly one of the most distinctive and unique fragrances I had ever smelled. The patchouli stood out to me before anything. That's one of my favorite notes in fragrance, so I instantly liked that. The more I tested it, the more I started to smell the vanilla and caramel. After it had reached the base, the amber really came through, along with the patchouli that was still going strong. I only tested it that one time and then put the sample away. I have often thought about it, but for some reason never purchased a bottle. I think the star shaped bottle is one of the best bottles a fragrance has ever been housed in. It is too cute.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I received a surprise gift package from my wonderful friend and Fragrantica member, MattChartier. He sent me a brand new bottle of Angel Edp, along with a lot of other great items that were popular back in the '90's, as he knows that era is close to my heart. I was nearly moved to tears because it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I had ever received.

Well, I have worn Angel a few times since receiving it, and I have grown to really love it. I should have given it a better chance a long time ago. I keep a lot of fragrances in my collection to remind me of special people who have been a part of my life, and that I love dearly. Angel has been added to that list, and I will always think of my beautiful friend, Matthew. Thank you so much, and blessings to you always.

This is a lovely fragrance.
Its a fresh, clean and very pretty perfume that lasts all day.

It is a safe office/work fragrance but also perfect for evening wear.

Its so cheap at the moment I would definitely recommend trying a bottle.

Heliotrope Blanc L.T. Piver by perfumeaddiction 2015-07-01

I so love this forum for the honest reviews here! So I got a sample from a lovely Fragrantican. Upon first spray my thought was familiar! It smells like baby powder and I thought hmm niche maybe? Then as I scrolled down by God the mention of the blue liquid toilet cleaner is spot on! Don't get me wrong this does not smell bad or unattractive but that's a spot on review. Now everytime I smell my hand I can picture that blue tab you stick in the toilet. Don't hate me ladies I am just being very honest.

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by tia2905 2015-07-01

Smells great on the bottle's sprayer nozzle. Soft, warm, powdery, lightly spicy. Smells like urine approximately 5 mins after I spray it onto my skin. Urine scent lingers and lingers for about 5 hours. Bummer. Would be great on the right chemistry.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by moawiya.alanazi 2015-07-01

my experience with this awesome frag:

my first buy was a 50ML EDT ok cool, went home kept trying to hold myself back from the opening the box lol after nearly 5 days in foreplay i eventually did unbox it. "you had me from the first spray" is what played in my mind. I was supposed to preserve the bottle for when i get back to Egypt but guess what when my time had come to get back there only 5ML left YES that's how addictive this frag is! i kept spraying it on my wrist every 30 minutes and sniffed it I swear like crackhead LOL.

(that was back in 2011 and ever since i wanted to but the 100ML version but kept stalling & stalling)

Vanille Insensee Atelier Cologne by perfumeproblem777 2015-07-01

I really wanted to like this, it sounded delicious and people raved about it on youtube. However, after getting one of the travel sprays and using it for about a week, it smells exactly like Fancy. And that one does not work for me at all. It's cloying and sweet and the notes are just bad enough on my skin that they give me a headache. So it's too bad that this one smells exactly the same on my skin. Oh well. There are other vanillas out there for me.
Keep shining, you beautiful people!

Love Pink Victoria`s Secret by brittneyhoney 2015-07-01

I absolutely loveeee this fragrance. I don't know what it is but it is AMAZING. I could literally buy 20 of these.

Fresh Mint Durance en Provence by kigyo 2015-07-01

Absolutely enjoying this right now. Too bad it has a somewhat short life, 2-3 hours the most before it's completely gone. A nice simple, soapy, and minty clean fragrance that makes you want it all day and night. I will buy this again. 100% agree with the previous review about being a great summer scent.

Passenger for Men S.T. Dupont by kigyo 2015-07-01

Something about this reminds me of going through an airport. From the VIP lounge to the WC,from the fake nice to the nasty, and back. I am glad I only bought the 30 ML version, won't buy again.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by moawiya.alanazi 2015-07-01

each time i go to the pharmacy i must spray from the tester the pharmacists are starting to give me this weird look (dude are you buying or not?) hehe but i love it the frag is decent and has a unique note so def my next purchase.

Relique D'Amour Oriza L. Legrand by antfarm 2015-07-01

My skin chemistry does not like this one. The description, reviews, and notes sound amazing, but this is just a mess on me.

Immediately wet upon the skin I smell dusty carrots. Fifteen minutes later, it's buttered-popcorn-esque white florals. Now after an hour, it's just pollenated lily with a slight twinge of sweet, foot-like odor on a base of generic synthetic woods.

Where are the church walls, the incense, and the pine? With everyone else it seems, but not with me. So disappointed!

Boss Number One Hugo Boss by moawiya.alanazi 2015-07-01

BEST FRAG EVER. This is the frag that made me feel like a man when i was only 10. this frag is the story of my life.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by RMB18 2015-07-01

As much as I love this fragrance, I have to sell it. I would personally give it a 10/10 but EVERYONE around me hates it. This is niche quality and if you are the type of person who doesn't care what people think of your cologne then wear this one. But it is not a crowd pleaser as much as it breaks my heart. The scent is addictive to me but other people say it smells like piss and that its harsh. Even in the dry down, the best comment I got when asking someone was that it was "okay"

At the end of the day, you have to go by first impressions when buying a fragrance because other people are going to have the same reaction when they smell it on you. Usually fragrances that you have to get used to, are not the ones to get. Go for fragrances that smell pleasant on first sniff. Don't get caught in the A*Men trap that I got caught in. I hated it so much then became addicted to it and now I'm the only one around me who likes it. People around you aren't near the scent enough to appreciate it. When i first smelled it I didn't smell any chocolate or caramel. It just smelled like chemicals. It smelled like a synthetic mess, which is what others will smell when you are near them.

Well done fragrance with phenomenal performance. Unfortunately this is only pleasing to the person wearing it.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by moawiya.alanazi 2015-07-01

what a shame for reformulating what I consider the strongest and most potent frag i've ever smelled in my life (back in 2012 at bloomingsdale SF)i blind bought it last feb and was shocked that the frag opens up with what smells like SOAP and basically kept thinking it was a fake.




.I REALIZED I ONLY PAID MONEY FOR THE BOTTLE DESIGN (yay i own 100$+ frag that looks like a frag grenade woo hoo!)

life lesson: If you ever suspect your favourite frag to be reformualted NEVER BUY AGAIN

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by apixiefan 2015-07-01

as it dries down, it reminds me more and more of Amouage Lyric. And thats saying something about a fragrance that I bought for under 70 bucks, compared to the high pricepoint of Lyric and all of Amouage's frags..

I could analyze the poop outta this, just because its worthy of a proper review. But I'll just say that this scent is sexy as Hell..thats it, thats all. Its just sexy.

my two all time favorite rose perfumes...Aramis Calligraphy Rose and DSquared Potion/Royal Black..

after them, I dont need another rose fragrance, ever again.

Joy Jean Patou by compulsionosmia 2015-07-01

Have you ever tasted orange juice concentrate straight from the can? It doesn't taste like orange juice, and it's gross because it's just too strong. That's the mistake that can kill Joy for a would-be lover. Applied heavily, this potent juice can overwhelm its own pleasantness!
Spray into the air and walk through. If you can feel it hit your skin at all, you're wearing enough. Wait a few minutes, then sniff. Now you smell like the best rose soap ever, floral and clean, and it will last all day. The last thing you want to do with a beauty like this is destroy it because you thought it would be like some modern 5-spray EDT.
And for Heaven's sake, please don't call this an "old lady" perfume. Rich lady, classy lady, romantic lady, sexy lady, fancy lady, naughty lady; any of those work because Joy is definitely a "lady."

Dior Homme Christian Dior by moawiya.alanazi 2015-07-01

I swear to god when i bought this (in feb 2015) and tried it on for the first time I thought wait a minute...was i sold a fake one?! but no, much for my disappointment i went online and found out about the STUPID trend called "REFORMULATION" (silver stem/black stem). let me add insult to injury i bought a V&R spicebomb at the same purchase which guessed it, REFORMUALTED! I CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I AM FRUSTRATED NOW. The EU should back off of fragrance houses and let them do their job!

In the end I apologize if this sounded more like a rant to you but believe me this is the reality.

thank you and buy at your own risk.

Big Pony 4 Ralph Lauren by sameh 2015-07-01

Long story short , Good smell , Poor longevity & Sillage , competitive price , won't be bought again unless it was given to me as a gift & then I will cry over the money spent!!!!!!!

Aoud Violet Mancera by megrim 2015-07-01

After a terrifyingly ozonic, almost mentholated opening 20 seconds or so, Aoud Violet settles quite nicely into a surprisingly old-school chypre.

A truly bizarre combination of notes, somehow this just manages to pull itself together into a cohesive whole. Once the opening moments have burned off, what you're left with is a loud, linear, unique, yet somehow classical vibe. Heavy oakmoss and dry, non-descript spices hum away relentlessly. A gentle, rooty, vetiver peaks through the background. The middle is dominated by a lovely, green violet paired with a dry oud, hinting at the waxy, cosmetic accord found in a lot of old-school chypres.

If you find a lot of chypres too stuffy and 'lipsticky' for you, then this might be a good buy. It has all the classic beauty of a stern, austere chypre, with a heavy dose of green, shimmering violet notes to freshen it into something entirely modern. Dry, stern, and heavy but with a fresh, cold heart Aoud Violet is unforgiving but ultimately quite wearable.

Projection is typical Mancera/Montale style heavy. Longevity is nuclear. Unisex in the same vein as a lot of 40's and 50's chypres. Enjoy on brisk evenings with hot food and strong wine.

Secret Man Al-Rehab by libou 2015-07-01

Magnifique!!!! Sent exactement comme Kenzo pour Homme (bouteille bleu). La version attar(huile)= Projection 10/10,longévité 10/10, odeur 8/10. Idéal pour les chaudes journées d'été

Invictus Paco Rabanne by California 00 2015-07-01

Tested this one out at Ulta store the other day.

I really don't understand the hate for this one. I had zero expectation prior to trying it out. Its not my first pick or my type of scent but it's not bad. It has a a sweet (almost bubblegum) smell so I can understand some not liking it.

I will say the $90+ price tag on it is the real reason I wouldn't purchase it. There are other fragrances at half the price that are on the sweet side that I would rather own. Perhaps the rep at Ulta was trying to up-sell me but she swore many guys visiting into her location who tested out a few scents kept coming back to this one and ended up purchasing it.

I will say the bottle design is real douchey.


SpellBound Estée Lauder by glitteralex 2015-07-01

I was just advised by a client who is a 20-year Lauder rep that there has been NO reformulation in any the the Lauder fragrances, only re-packaging. She did say, however, that Estee Super Cologne is no longer available and that the EDP is different. She also stated that Lauder is using natural musks in their higher end perfumes.

Of course, I am wondering about the IFRA banned ingredients, must have been reforms at that time.

Minajesty Nicki Minaj by egyptian_beauty99 2015-07-01

Viva la juicy dupe! This smell identical to Viva La Juicy. Minus the quality and sillage. I pick up the tequila, and Champagne notes though not listed. I smell the peach and cherries a bit also. I wasn't a fan of Viva so it's a given. That I would not be a fan of a lower quality wannabe.

The Aoud Mancera by getcarter 2015-07-01

It's our "Dry Season" - the coolest time of the year - sunny, clear blue skies, a light crisp breeze and a bare 27C - luvverly.
And my stinky of choice today? Mancera's "The Aoud" - it is just fantastic - transcendent!

Ivoire de Balmain Pierre Balmain by PurpleIris49 2015-07-01

When my grandmother died, I was given her vintage perfume. Among other things, there was a bottle of Ivoire, and a bottle of Jolie Madam. Unfortunately, the Ivoire bottle was full, and the Jolie Madam bottle was empty. Ivoire opens with aldehydes and B.O. (asafoetida), and closes with cedar. (Cedar isn't listed, but I am sure it is there.) Nothing much in the middle seems to matter. I totally agree with Mrs. Bucket on this one.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by drugstore classics 2015-07-01

Something odd happened to me after I tried the current formulation. I discovered that for once in my entire life there is a reformulation I like better than the vintage!

( Pause of stunned silence.... )

Consequently, if you are a US member with a despised newer bottle, please PM me and see if we can arrange a swap. Thanks! :D

Ciara Revlon by ptilda 2015-07-01

I'm still getting to know this lovely lady, but so far I am developing an incredible love and respect for her. She is one who you will want to take in moderation. I did the spray-walk-through. One spritz is all it took for me to thoroughly enjoy this scent.

First blast is deep and woody and a bit dated, but in the drydown it's timeless and sweet. The raspberries and vanilla balance well with the powdery musk to create a scent suitable for any age.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by massmurderer 2015-07-01

A deliberate commercial marketing creation in the vein of 1 Million that tried to use flamboyant packaging and bottle design to sell 25 and unders on its alleged sophistication conveyed in an overinflated MSRP. What you get is an overly sweet and synthetic plastic diabetes candy accord that pulsates loudly off the skin, making it completely unsuitable for summer day wear until it relaxes 30-45 minutes in and becomes a rather generic and very very standard citrus marine woods accord with a heavy dose of bay leaf thst is more of a gimmick and attempt of originality while at the same time a nod to the classic summer citrus aromatics of the 19th century.. Sadly the ambition was there in the concept but the execution fails loudly on both accounts. Yes, it lasts a long time, but so does Fendi's Acqua and it is a much better and more rounded fragrance thwt will get you far more compliments and a more variant and interesting wear. Prices on this are falling dramatically as Paco Rabanne's supply and demand enginerring tactics have been abandoned and their executives focus on the next big marketing bang we will likely see this fall. Try this one out a couple of times before buying, most peoole don't like it off the top but get used to it after a couple hours but don't find it adds much to their wardrobe and is too sweet and synthetic to be an everyday summer staple. Not as bad as some here are saying, but not nearly as good or as mediocre as the marketing campaign land packaging led us on to believe.

Sung Alfred Sung by Readysniffer1 2015-07-01

I actually put this on outside... it's synthetic (but I love it) and I worry it will waft over to my aquarium and kill my fish. I wear this for nostalgia, this is probably the only one I've had 3 or 4 bottles of over the years. I wore this in high school, & probably way too much of it.

Gentlemen Only Casual Chic Givenchy by periquito89 2015-07-01

I´m not really a fan of the sweetness of the original Only and the Intense version, so anything less Only and Only Intense would already be an improvement. And it is, allthough not enought to make me keep my bottle. I didn't notice at first, but then I could get clearly the same fizzy feeling I get from the new Dior Cologne (which is similiar to contless recent perfumes of this kind), plus that caracteristic sweet tone of Givenchy Only. This combination is interesting but not exactly beautiful. As how it happens with its brothers, may become tiresome rather quickly.

Chemical Bonding Ineke by houstcs 2015-07-01

Im surprised to see what his is compared to, not what I am sensing at all. This is a superbly documented epic drama playing out in my brain. The powder is masked by a light citrus that supports a fronted green. The powder and green remind my of some of the best perfumes available, such as Geurlain LHB, Prada No7, and Meteorites. I am so in love with this scent and I have only worn it one full time. This is straight neuro"chemical" in a bottle, pleasing my nucleus accumbens and amygdala over and over all day.

Fahrenheit Absolute Christian Dior by georgequeue 2015-07-01

Even though I have two bottles in my grasp, that isn't enough for me; if you ever take hold of a bottle (or more), take good care of it (them) as a treasure as this juice has become increasingly expensive and hard to get.

Fahrenheit absolute is a wonderful fragrance!!!

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme Gucci by periquito89 2015-07-01

Atrocious. CK Free and Tommy Eau de Prep are, as I remember, relatives of Gucci Guilty. I don't know how I convinced myself that this Black would be a real improvement over the original and at the same time the others. All the way synthetic, I smelled this kind before, with identical results.

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by AnitaWV 2015-07-01

I took a sniff at the Estee Counter one day at lunch. I really liked my first impressions of both Modern Muse & Modern Muse Chic. So I ordered samples from ebay - WHY don't department stores give away samples any more? Even the samples I buy say 'not for retail sale'. Anyway! I received my samples yesterday, so today I tried Modern Muse. I liked the beginning very much - there was a definite citrus note and honeysuckle. Two of my favorites! As the day wore on I truly enjoyed the scent. I can't define the drydown, but it was pleasant and a bit sexy. By about 4 p.m., there was no scent left. So I took out my sample and got a tiny bit on my neck and cleavage.

Well, it wore me out pretty quickly! I don't know if it was because I was tired, or hungry, but the overwhelming honeysuckle made me a bit nauseated on the way home.

I'm going to give it another chance in a day or two. I hate to think I bought six samples and will end up not liking it. :(

1270 Frapin by JEDI 2.0 2015-07-01

Just purchased a small decant from a friend, and I'm delighted by this stuff.

Spicy and sweet, it smells good enough to drink. The spices in this honestly made me think of Spicebomb, but when i compared them side-by-side, they're different but there IS a nagging spice-note or combo of notes that remind me of each other. Even as I sit here smelling both, they're "kinda the same, but way different".

I'm digging this fragrance. It was a blind-buy based on the note pyramid and just how cool the bottle and liquid looks =) I'm pleased. You could almost tell people it was made in 1270, has been meticulously stored and they might believe you, it really does have a rustic vintage, or even antique vibe to it. 9/10 for me.

Molecule 03 Escentric Molecules by WildDove 2015-07-01

Molecule 03 is a very dry vetiver, peppery grapefruit. Understated and classy.

Azzaro Club Men Azzaro by periquito89 2015-07-01

Many Azzaro scents, and I think most of then at least around here where I live, are being selling on very good prices. It must be an example that this house lost some credit, and I myself are not a real fan, despite the fact that I really think Azzaro pour Homme is a great scent till today. I´m certain many will think this Azzaro Club Men is a simple scent without personality (great, less people wearing it), and for that I think exactly the opposite. Run away with you are looking for a One Million ou 212 Vip Men type of scent (to my nose one of the mostly copied sweet smell from recent years): Azzaro Club Men is anything but. I can wear it even during the day. As how it happens with Gucci Made to Measure, it is another scent I can wear without worring about using a perfume, I mean, they are those type of scent that resolve any doubt of choice, whith the plus of smelling good and suit. Nice bottle, and I´m finding it at a laughable price. Not a kid scent, nor overly mature.

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Adidas by vijayvenkat 2015-07-01

The after version is the one I have. Not bad for an after shave. A sort of fresh synthetic smell. If you like this smell, just go to Rue21 and buy CJ Black. Similar generic citrus/musk smell.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense Ralph Lauren by periquito89 2015-07-01

I don't even remember how Polo Red smells but just that I din't like. Too sweet I thought, but maybe because it was a try during a hot day when something iced could be tested better. Anyway, I took the chances again on a blind buy - relatively good price, and I´m linking this version. Its sweet but: 1. not overpowering; and 2. with good lasting power. Feels to me more educated scent than, say, Invictus, or Versace Eros, to point a couple. I think the notes are balanced here; I can get fruity-cranberry, a fizzy citric feel, and the sensation that those notes keep under control the most sweet ones.

Clubman Pinaud Clubman by vijayvenkat 2015-07-01

This is a Classic. It is somewhat of a barbershop smell, but it is very floral and a bit creamy as well. A lovely masculine smell. Very long lasting for an aftershave. Better than anything at this price.

Made to Measure Gucci by periquito89 2015-07-01

Two of the scents I recently dismissed are the two I´m wearing the most. This Gucci "Made to Measure" (I never really cared for this somewhat silly name) I first found kinda meh. A better one than the original meh Gucci. Maybe I´m not being so fair; they are both good scents, but in the meh way (here I went again). Anyway, I read on a magazine some person saying this Gucci was his day by day scent and Bvlgary Man Black the night one. Then I gave it another try and now I found myself apreciating wearing it during the day. What otherwise would be simply an example of lack of personality now became a sincerily linking. It's an ok scent that I can wear without preocupation of being noted but sure that smells good and composed, and this is working better than others when I go work. After lunch I can easily reaply. Ah, the other scent is Azzaro Club Men, a simply nice touch by Azzaro. Surprisingly Polo Red Intense is working well as sweet option.

Prada Candy Kiss Prada by chrissyc15 2015-07-01

Why couldn't the "kiss" version be an intense version? Prada you should know better? If you are going to spend the money on something, make it better juice... Not a smaller bottle!

Prada (Amber) Prada by chrissyc15 2015-07-01

I received a sample of this when I purchased Prada Candy... I first I thought is was way to mature and almost immediately wanted to go wash it off. I was actually on the way to do so and something distracted me. Because of this, I was able to last to the dry down. OH WOW!!!!! So glad I did not wash this beauty way!!! It is absolutely lovely! The dry down on me is a honey vanilla patchouli that smells "slightly" similar to Guilty by Gucci. The sandalwood smoothes it all out and helps the honey and vanilla in giving that hint of sweetness. I typically do no like perfumes that are "balsamic", but I am LOVING this! Now to get my hands on a full bottle!

Fantasy Britney Spears by Maddlesbubbles 2015-07-01

This was heavenly in the car on the way home, the kiwi note was strong on top of a base of very sweet cupcakes. Once home though it's turned sour and strong, blergh. It smells like an over powering breath mint! I don't know what happened. One minute it was lovely and the next it was awful. I've applied it every day since, hoping it will become what it fleetingly was, but alas it is still awful. I even sprayed it on my sister to see if it was just my skin but it was no better on her. It smells like a mess of notes that don't blend well together and cannot be distinguished from one to the other. Pretty disappointed.

Laguna Salvador Dali by francie79 2015-07-01

After hearing this mentioned a lot on the boards as a great summer fragrance I decided to give it a shot. This one was love at first sniff and I love how unique this scent is! To my nose it's a mixture of fruit and salty sea air...very invigorating on a hot day or anytime for that matter. It lasts about 6 hours on me with moderate sillage. A real keeper!!

Mesmerize Avon by adventurer 2015-07-01

Inexpensive, ultra fine, ultra masculine , seductive, masterpiece juice (surprisingly!) by Avon.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia Chanel by vintagevixen 2015-07-01

I'm confused why the notes changed? I don't recall reading that there was litchi, raspberry, peaches, and aldehydes in the notes. I definitely don't notice any aldehydes or fruity notes in the composition.

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by scarlett.angel 2015-07-01

Omg I finally found this priced heavily down and the last bottle left! If you asked me a year ago if I'd ever wear Juicy Couture, I'd say no way... I used to think only tweens wore JC. This one is the most "grown up" out of them all, and actually lasts on me! Starts out very sweet typical of JC scents, but wait a while and the most gorgeous spicy, oriental scent emerges! Sweet yet comforting especially on cold winter days. 10/10

Innocent Thierry Mugler by Kohla1 2015-07-01

At first I thought that this was going to be a scrubber but I decided to wait and see. Now I really like it. Glad I gave it a chance before scrubbing it off.

Ambre Sultan Serge Lutens by djuzz.becuzz 2015-07-01

I'm extremely thankful to our dear co-member nexangelus for gifting me a bunch of samples to try out, just because of my recent interest in Serge Lutens fragrances :)
This is the first sample I tried out of the bunch and I already feel like giving my first impression!
I notice that my tastes are changing and I'm getting more interested in niche as they tend to offer something completely different from the mainstream brands.
Ambre Sultan opens with a spice overload on my skin with dominant aromatic bay leaf and myrrh, which can come off as pungent. More spicy than ambery. It stays like this for about two hours after which it finally changes for the better. The spices tone down, amber and resins come more to the surface and by now it's way more wearable for me. Another hour in and I get whiffs of what reminds me of cacao??? It's not listed and probably not even part of the composition, yet that is what I smell. It balances and rounds out the scent and makes me wish it would smell like this from the very opening. I'm not a big fan of very spicy scents, that's why. I would like Ambre Sultan to be more about the amber right off the bet, less spicy, less sharp, more balmy and more sweet like the dry down.
Maybe I just need to give my 'to spices untrained nose' a little more time to get used to the spicy stuff, in order to like it better in time...
The dry down of AS is wonderful, but I don't think I would really enjoy spending over 2 hours wearing this before I get there... yet, maybe some day... :)

Exotic Bronze Ellen Tracy by Kohla1 2015-07-01

This smells like a creamy peach sundae on me. LOVE IT!

L'Homme Parfum Intense Yves Saint Laurent by dolcethadon 2015-07-01

I sprayed some of this L'Homme Parfum Intense on a tester strip to check it out, so this is my first impression.. L'Homme Parfum Intense opens up very bright but very sweet.. The citrus notes brighten this scent without making it smell to citrusy if that makes sense.. The pepper and other spices give a bit of a spicy kick to this scent, I am not sure if there is cumin in there somewhere but I smell something that smells a lot like cumin.. There is a nice sweet floral orange blossom note in the heart, but the main player in this fragrance is a nice strong sweet ambergris.. There are also some wild woody notes in the base to ground the scent.. L'Homme Parfum Intense is very different from the original L'Homme, they do not have much in common.. In fact I would say that L'Homme Parfum Intense has a lot more in common with Paco Rabbana 1 Million but I think I actually prefer L'Homme Parfum Intense because it is not as over the top sweet.. L'Homme Parfum Intense is a decent pleasant fragrance, it is nothing unique or groundbreaking but I am sure it has some fans out there..

Classic Peony Dana by Hollie 2015-07-01

I have to respectfully disagree with the last reviewer. I don't find this perfume to be boring...simple, yes...but not boring. I have been waiting for this to show up in the data base for at least a year. I found a bottle of this at a thrift store around that time and could not find anything on line about it. I have to be honest and say that I have never ever smelled a real, live peony. I think they're beautiful flowers but I have no idea what they smell like. According to the same reviewer ( Hyacinth Bucket ;0) this must be what peonies smell like...and if it is.....yum! I tend to gravitate toward Orientals and spicy scents ( Tabu being one of my favorites...also by Dana) but Classic Peony is the flip side of the coin for me and I was pleasantly surprised...soft...soapy....creamy....clean. It reminds me the tiniest bit of Glo by JLo which I find to be incredibly artificial smelling....I don't see Peony listed as a note in Glo either...go figure. They both have an "out-of-the-bath" vibe about them but Classic Peony has a lot more depth and is far less harsh.....much more natural smelling to me. My husband likes it when I wear this but, to be fair, he loves soapy, creamy, clean perfumes on me. If I want to please both of our noses, this is one I reach for. I have no idea if this is still being produced or not...but I hope that when I run out, I'll be able to find another bottle easily and not have to spend much either.

Luna Rossa Sport Prada by dolcethadon 2015-07-01

I ran into this new Luna Rossa Sport so I sprayed some on the tester strip.. This is just my first impression.. Luna Rossa Sport opens up fresh, powdery, and sweet which is similar to the other fragrances in the Luna Rossa line.. I did not detect that much ginger or juniper but it is there to give this scent a fresh opening.. After the top notes mellow out Luna Rossa Sport starts to warm up a bit.. It starts to get sweeter and creamier.. I do detect a lot of the lavender, vanilla and tonka bean in this one, those are the main notes.. It almost smells somewhere in between Luna Rossa and Luna Rossa Extreme.. Luna Rossa Sport is not a bad scent at all, it is similar to the other's in the line although it does not really smell like a Sport version to me.. It smells like a sweeter, creamier, take on Luna Rossa not a fresher take like most sport flanker's happen to be.. As far as the Le Male comparison's I do not think this one resembles Le Male any more than the original Luna Rossa.. But overall if you enjoyed the other Luna Rossa's than check this one out to, it is very pleasant..

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by butterflyblue 2015-07-01

I used to wear this in the 80's. What woman didn't. I haven't smelled it for a long time until my 22 year old Daughter bought a bottle. I put some on, and still like it. Smells the same as it did. Fresh and clean fragrance.

Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari by J.Gilmore 2015-07-01

At 1st spray I was blown away from its unique smell its like nothing in my collection I loved it then within the the hour it fizzled out on my skin and clothes just doesn't last long if they could somehow increase the silage and longevity on this frag it would be a beast but it's not I still wear it cause it smells good but was a little let down on the performance.

Coach Eau de Toilette Coach by butterflyblue 2015-07-01

The sales lady at Kohls sprayed this on my wrist. She told me don't smell your wrist for 30 minutes and come back let me know what you think of this. I walked around the store not wanting to smell my wrist because the top notes were strong to me. I waited and smelled such a beauty I couldn't stop sniffing. This went from headache to amazingly beautiful!
I walked back over and bought a bottle. The sales lady said, see I knew you would come back!

Soft, clean, fresh, feminine masterpiece. I really love this.

Forever Glowing Jennifer Lopez by butterflyblue 2015-07-01

This is one of my favorite perfumes in my lineup. Such a feminine sexy scent. It reminds me a little bit of Hot Couture. The dry down is smoky vanilla that is really warm and comforting.

Gucci Premiere Gucci by andrea2089 2015-07-01

This one has surprise me enormously I'm not saying is the greatest thing out there but it has all the notes I normally hate (white floral + citrus = disaster on my skin) but this one is so the opposite effect I was expecting to get, I received this one on a swap a while ago but didn't try it until today; on me it develops as a floral but very light its more orange blossom very well done with traces of woods and I guess the patchouli its what balances and makes it work for me, I don't smell the champagne mentioned on the description but it feels like some kind of clean smell but not on the soapy side its more like an expensive place will smell like don't know who to express it correctly but the vibe I get....
Its an office scent not offensive but done elegantly something you can put on and look and smell professional if u want to word it
I like it a lot and I will keep it.

Amore Mio Forever Jeanne Arthes by bcg153 2015-07-01

This is quite a pleasant perfume. A good scent for Spring, Summer and early Fall. The only problem is that it doesn't last very long.

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by willfulmissconduct 2015-07-01

Well, it is 90 plus degrees out and I have been wearing this all day. In the heat, it brings out the strong floral side. Citrus? Sure, it is there, but this is primarily ALL honeysuckle! I actually prefer Tommy Girl over my Gioia Essenza for most days. Essenza begins with citrus and jasmine, but dries down with too much woodiness. T.G. hold it's own in the heat and remains fresh and uplifting with the florals refusing to wilt. A good choice!

Parisienne Yves Saint Laurent by perfumeaddiction 2015-07-01

Ok so I am not a lover of rose at all, not in any shape or form, or wait am I? I never found a fragrance that had rose I liked until this one. Yes there is a prominent rose here but it's been so well done so delicately that it's not that heavy icky rose that I am repulsed by. I don't know how YSL did it or if there is another scent that helps blend in the rose more smoothly. Honestly this is a gorgeous fragrance. If you are repelled by rose of course you might not enjoy this but give a sample a try. I have got to say that I might actually love this one. It's so soft, feminine, perfect for most ages. Not a real teen scent, but perfect for 20's and up. I do not find it mature smelling (I am 46) and could wear it as can younger or older ladies. I'll report on the longevity later as I give it time to wear on me.

Shalimar Guerlain by izzo 2015-07-01

At first I hated this perfume. At first it smells very animal-like, almost meaty, or like a barbecue. After about an hour and a half, it started to change. The musky, animal scent was still there, but it had toned down to be very subtle and nice. It turned into a sweet, balsamic perfume that was VERY similar to Prada candy L'eau. Overall if you can get past the disgusting hour or so, it becomes a very beautiful scent.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by J.Gilmore 2015-07-01

DO NOT WEAR THIS IN A HEATED CLIMATE! I live in Texas and decided to buy this frag smelled good in a climate controlled dept store bought the bottle after watching countless you tubes giving much props on this stuff well when I reached the parking in a Texas November which is typically 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit it turned to a very musky savage smell that made me feel like a giant hairy chested man with a giant beard and a gold chain and bracelet. Intimidating! the February climates are around 38 to 48F degrees and drizzling so I thought I'd try a spray well that's when I smelled everything that everyone has been raving about it was definitely up for the task. IMO pure malt is a one trick pony if you live in heated climates.

A*Men Pure Malt Creation Thierry Mugler by J.Gilmore 2015-07-01

Dangerous stuff do not. DO NOT WEAR THIS IN A HEATED CLIMATE! I live in Texas and decided to buy this frag smelled good in a climate controlled dept store bought the bottle after watching countless you tubes giving much props on this stuff well when I reached the parking in a Texas November which is typically 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit it turned to a very musky savage smell that made me feel like a giant hairy chested man with a giant beard and a gold chain and bracelet. Intimidating! the February climates are around 38 to 48F degrees and drizzling so I thought I'd try a spray well that's when I smelled everything that everyone has been raving about it was definitely up for the task.

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by hsheep 2015-07-01

I've tried a few different "fresh" scents and this one is my favourite and actually the only one I liked, I hated the rest. It's very delicate, green and a very smooth blend. I think it may be the musk that makes it so smooth and comfy. It's very pretty, like white flowers covered in a sunny mist.
I never thought it would become a staple in my wardrobe, but it's the perfect scent for when I need something inoffensive, nothing terribly sweet, but still want to smell pretty.
Longevity is about 4-5 hours for me with a skin scent dry down for maybe 1-2 more. Sillage is light, just touching medium.

Notorious Ralph Lauren by perfumeaddiction 2015-07-01

Thank you to my swap partner. Notorious is a beautiful scent that seems to have a niche type vibe. Upon application you get a chocolate note. It's gourmand without being nauseating. LOVING this one and I must agree it smells very similar to Extraordinary. If your seeking a warm, chocolate note tasty fragrance that is not super gourmand or foody, something that has a niche quality this is your girl. If your seeking a traditional floral Ralph Lauren scent you might be quite disappointed with this as it is not a feminine soft spring floral.

Neiges Lise Watier by J'aimeParfum 2015-07-01

fragrantica doesnt have mahee by mahee payment parfum in the list,she comes from the same province as lise watier

Neiges Lise Watier by J'aimeParfum 2015-07-01

a must have

Classique Intense Jean Paul Gaultier by Cassiano 2015-07-01

In 2014, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to ask for help to one of his largest contributors, when it comes to fragrances: Francis Kurkdjian. Responsible for lots of successes for the House, in a partnership that began in 1995, with the creation of the powerful Le Male, it fell to him to renew the appreciated aroma of Classique (1993), which became a symbol of the ideal of femininity in the 90’s, in addition to receiving, in about 20 years, almost 40 different versions.

On the bottle, now in Gold, the famous corset which was immortalized in Madonna's body, during the Blond Ambition Tour, in 1990. In fact, many people do not know, but when the original fragrance was released, its name was only Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Parfum. And, for this reason, many people dubbed it of "Madonna", as if it was the official name of the perfume. Quickly, won an EDT version and was named Classique.

In this version, the perfumer sought inspiration in the original creation, guaranteeing that 40% of the scent was maintained, receiving 60% of modernity. It has notes of Pomegranate and Tiaré flower (Tahitian gardenia), in the head; Jasmine, orange blossom and roses, in the heart; Patchouli and vanilla, in the base.

It is inside of the floral-oriental category, but on the skin worked as a floral-gourmand. From the moment it touches the skin, is intense in its fullness. In fact, to call a Gaultier perfume as "Intense" is incredibly redundant. In this case, it seems to me that is more a marketing choice than a name chosen on purpose.

The pomegranate gives a glimmer of red fruits, which blends with the floral creaminess of gardenia. The bright side of the fragrance lasts for hours and is the result of the orange blossom. After about 30 minutes, the jasmin appears with clarity, but the note that performs a real show is the vanilla, because it is noticeable since the beginning, even though strategically placed in the base of the fragrance. Is liqueur and sweet in the right proportion. Along with the note of patchouli, exudes nuances reminiscent of caramel, but is not cloying.

During the tests, it has projected absurdly, even with only one spray on each wrist. On my skin, it lasted for about 10 hours.
Women compare it with Elie Saab Intense, Alien, Euphoria, etc. What I can say is that this is the kind of perfume that men love to feel in a woman. It's sexy, it's addictive and it's not nauseating.

Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge Jacomo by Rerik 2015-07-01

First of all, Jacomo Rouge doesn`t smell like le male. It´s different. Jacomo has a bright base which gives this scent an absolutely different character compared to le male. It has more similarity with Ted Lapidus Pour Lui!
Jacomo Rouge is a sweet gourmand with a masculine undertone. I am not sure about the notes, but tonka bean is mixed up with something sweet, is it praline, or incense, or vanilla or all together?
This scent is great for the night out or for the colder days.
Sweet, made to seduce.

Diaghilev Roja Dove by J'aimeParfum 2015-07-01

one word,impressive,and the name i just love the name,reminds me of russia,kavkaz,dancers,ballerina and all those stuff,voyage through perfume.

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua Fendi by Thomaso7 2015-07-01

I just tried this on as a sample (I have a sample of it), and it's pretty nice. It has something in it just like some of the Yves St Laurent L'Homme ones, mostly the sport version, because it must be cedar or something, that spiciness it's just the same.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian by J'aimeParfum 2015-07-01

emmhh..this shall not touch my skin?

Peonie L`Erbolario by Dafja 2015-07-01

It looks good i wanna try this. Italy here i come hahahah!

Iris L`Erbolario by Dafja 2015-07-01

Your simply the best, you better then everything!!

Diaghilev Roja Dove by calzim 2015-07-01

This perfume really deserves a full review, but it will require much focus and many wearings to dissect this one. The opening is very familiar feeling, right at home with chypres of years past. The first 1-2 hours the scent is huge and full, taking up all the olfactory space available, but staying close to the skin. Again this stage feels very familiar. The heart is the truly special part of this fragrance for me. The nutmeg loses its edge and the resins and sweeter qualities of the fragrance really peek through. The scent never actually becomes sweet. It is still the animalic chypre, most of all. But a nuttiness and mild sweetness really dance off the skin as the fragrance smooths out in this stage. The projection picks up in the heart as well, lending to these subtleties getting their proper attention. The fragrance then progresses toward a patchouli-heavy woody dry down reminiscent of vintage Givenchy Gentleman (Gentleman being one of the finest dry downs in all of perfumery IMO). Exquisitely blended fragrance. Not sure there's any reason to give it less than a perfect rating.

La Collection Nu Yves Saint Laurent by rostov14 2015-07-01

Pardon my polygamy, but I happen to have had relationships with all NUs: original EDP, EDT and with this LA Collection Nu, YSL by L'Oreal.
Love all of them unconditionally.
Nu is a scent of depth and sensitivity. Such a character! Colourful and temperamental. Putting NU on makes Her subtly aggressive in contrast to His passive intensity, and vice versa, if you wish.
This shamanic concoction of citrus, spices and balsams is both carnal and transcendentally lyrical.
Love is all nuance s.....! Even if it lasts hardly long enough, the pain from Love lasts forever....

Black XS for Her Paco Rabanne by Dafja 2015-07-01

No cocao in this that's for sure. This a verry elegant perfume! It's funny that good perfume gets always an ugly bottle. THis deserves definitly a nice heavy cubic perfume botlle. Anyway i dont care how the bottle looks like, it's just something that i have noticed.

This is a rich powdery, rosy, crispy scent.It is a little sharp, but it's a good blend. You will get a verry rich feeling if you wear it.

The lasting power is ok. (3 hours)

It's a night perfume. But you can also wear it in the spring,summer,fall & winter.

1920 Extreme Bois 1920 by cytherian 2015-07-01

Let's address the comparison, because I think it's very apt. This is very much like Zino, yes indeed. There are some subtle differences though.

Zino is the most abundant fragrance in my collection. I have 8 backup vintage bottles of the stuff, I love it that much. Well, with a little careful and persistent watching you can get Zino pretty cheaply. My last bottle was a NIB 75ml spray, for $17 shipped.

Ounce per ounce, there's a clear winner: Zino. However, putting money aside, I would choose Bois 1920 Extreme. It takes the best qualities of Zino and accentuates them, and achieves a wonderful aroma without patchouli and rose. That's about the simplest way I can put it. If you really like Zino and sandalwood, you will definitely enjoy this... In fact, if you *want* to love Zino but patchouli stands in the way, here's your answer! Yes, that's right -- there's no patchouli in this (would have thought it did, actually--Zino rubbed off on me a bit too much).

Fragrance: 9.5, Longevity: 8.5, Value: 7.5

Moonlight Path Bath and Body Works by SnowVirgin 2015-07-01

pros: I love this fragrance.

cons: It took me about 1 month to use up the 2.5 oz bottle. This is a very weak scent. I literally have to douse myself to smell anything.

A couple of fragrance houses have tried, and failed imho. But this is the closest clone/alternative to 1 Millon definately

It reminds me a little bit of Miss Dior edt and Coco Mademoiselle edt, but this is sweeter and lighter. Here the patchouli stays in background while the fruits and flowers play the main role. The pear is juicy and so elegant. Very well blended and it has its own personality thanks to the leather and almond notes! I love this and my boyfriend too! Perfect for a spring or summer signature scent! It is long lasting and moderate sillage, you can wear this everyday, everywhere, even in the office!

Can anyone who have tried this and the others in the line, please explain whether or not it is different from the original & Essenza

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by dannysmom 2015-07-01

Here are the notes, as listed on the Nordstrom website:

Top: mandarin, bitter orange, ginger
Middle: jasmine, orange blossom, rose, pistachio ice cream
Base: sandalwood, lentisk, amber, vanilla

This is now available at Nordstrom (and probably other department stores).

Amor Amor Summer 2011 Cacharel by izogn 2015-07-01

So fruity and fresh smelling! I love the original Amor Amor, but this one is so much more appropriate for casual days, especially during summer months. It smells sweet, slightly tropical and fresh at the same time. It isn't cloying at all and I would consider it rather inoffensive. Lasts for a couple hours on my skin, which isn't terribly bad. Considering getting a backup of this gem, it's quite unique.

I blind bought this after receiving a sample of Amor Amor Delight, and according to reviews this summer version is similar. I actually like this one more than the Delight version, which smells a little like pink lemonade. This summer version is also very similar to the orange Summer 2012 (a tad more citrusy) version.

Encre Noire Lalique by alxkwst1996 2015-07-01

What a wonderfully well composed fragrance from Lalique! This is definitely a masterpiece. Not only that, but it's also reasonably priced! This fragrance gives off a masculine appeal. When I wear this, I feel like I'm in a damp forest surrounded by a pleasant aroma of various kinds of foliage. Pretty long lasting on my skin too. I love the unique feel to this.

My Rating: 9.5 of 10

Mmm- this zesty Summer frag is refreshing. Its dry, tangy-woodsy reminds me of an older vetiver-heavy frag from the 70's.

It actually reminds me of the smell of an Origin's shaving product for men called 'Save the Males.'

It's new to me so I'm still learning about it, but it does capture that golden woodsy time of before summer sunset.

Love the bottle. I would recommend this frag!

Infusion d'Oeillet Prada by cumulnimbus 2015-07-01

Soft but sparkling carnation. Happy and summery, a good choice if you like carnation note with a modern twist.

Daywear, safe, moderate duration and sillage,

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by dda 2015-07-01


It is not that it is not suitable for the summer-season. It is just not a suitable scent on very hot days/nights. That is an ingredience thing, but of course rather just a personal opinio.n

Kinda like with an ice cream/popsicle or even just a cold beverage. Most people prefer things like that in the summer/ hot days. But it can easily be enjoyed in the winter, if that is what you prefer

As for longevity, most summer flankers are usually a lighter version, slighty different from the original frag, so they rarely has the same power as of the original frag

Ps. Armani Code and Armani Black Code are both names for that same fragrance

Sensual Embrace JoAnne Bassett by joseph.sagona1 2015-07-01

Sensual Embrace EDP by JoAnne Bassett (Sample) New (Review) this is classified as a Floral, the notes are Jasmine, African Orange Flower, Tuberose, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, Clementine, Tobacco, Rose and Ambrette (musk mallow).

I get the clementine, rose, tobacco, tuberose, patchouli and amber, it starts off with some clementine and tuberose, making it sweet, juicy and creamy, the clementine is strong, the tuberose is mild.

The opening of Sensual Embrace is quite beautiful, especially the clementine note, tuberose in most fragrances I have experienced is usually very heady and almost has a meat smell, in this it is blended perfectly.

Then after about thirty minutes the clementine dissipates, the tuberose softens and remains, in comes he rose and tobacco, making it dry, fresh and a touch soapy, the tobacco is mild, the rose is soft.

Then after about two hours the tuberose dissipates along with the rose and soapiness, in comes the patchouli and amber, making it green, earthy and a touch powdery, when the fragrance develops to this point I get a soft honey note that lasts about thirty minutes.

Sensual Embrace reminds me of Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse 3 Animale and House Of Cherry Bomb Tuberose Tobacco, Tubereuse 3 Animale is sweeter and softer, Tuberose Tobacco comes off boozy and much more musky, they all have similar floral and tobacco notes.

What I love most about Sensual Embrace is that with those mix of notes you would think the fragrance would be very haphazard, not at all, it's very smooth.

This is a really strong yet soft, citrusy, smoky, complex, with soft woody, animalic and musky undertones Floral fragrance, this is unisex but leans more towards the feminine side, great for ages twenty five and above.

This would can be worn all year 'round, it would be perfect for the fall and winter, I get good projection and average longevity, this is another winner for me, great fragrance JoAnne Bassett 4/5 Stars

You can purchase this in a 1ML sample for $6.00, 30ML spray for $170.00, a travel size spray for $30.00 and a 1/4oz in jojoba oil in a French Flacon for $200.00,

3 AM Sean John by Vegas Pauli 2015-07-01

Smells just like a cold fizzy gin tonic with lemon on a hot summer day. Usually this kind of scent would turn me off, but this is quite refreshing. Totally unisex and easy to wear. Expecting garbage, but I'm pleasantly surprised by this. Thumbs up.

Amber Aoud Roja Dove by deadidol 2015-07-01

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this came out of the same machine that makes the Clive Christian stuff. It’s your standard ostentatious rose / oud / saffron combo that’s so rich and overstuffed it feels like being force-fed truffles. The only noticeable difference from the slew of other scents in this style is that this one is spun a tad sweeter up top with a slight maltol-esque note, and there’s a slight smokiness tucked away in there as well. Aside from that, there’s nothing that makes this stand out from legions of other Orientalist compositions doing the same thing. Polished and competent, but redundant and blingy; it’s a gaudy aesthetic that would go well with massive gold jewelry and rhinestone-encrusted clothing.

Costes Costes by walking44 2015-07-01

I agree with the chai latte and ginger bread comparisons. Like a gingerbread, chai, soap bar. At first sniff, it was so minimalist, I didn't quite get it. But after wearing it for a day, I think its the best fragrance ever made. It smells like Italian leather seats with a rosy, cinnamon, soap bar. Clean and creamy at the same time. I rarely like spicy scents but this is spice done the right way. Very nostalgic and expensive smelling. And it really does smell like a fancy hotel.

Wall Street Bond No 9 by perfume243 2015-07-01

10/10 limpio

Enslaved Roja Dove by deadidol 2015-07-01

Like most of the scents in the line, Enslaved sounds like it was inspired by an E.L. James novel. The scent is a xerox of a classical chypre: herbalized citrus and spicy florals over a mossy base. The opening is sharp and bitter, and then it dawdles along on vetiver and lavender for much of the middle. Over time it sweetens up into a vanilla ice cream thing, but I’d still file it as a chypre over an oriental. Although it seems polished overall, it’s derivative and soulless — all veneer with little substance, and frankly, it’s boring. Decent construction, but uninspired and anachronistic.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by theperfumemaniac 2015-07-01

It smells dated. A very old fashion perfume. This all about patchouli so If you don't like that, make sure you test it before buying.

I Want Candy Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by BringUsAShrubbery 2015-07-01

I tried it and couldn't smell anything. The notes sound nice though, so I won't dismiss it just yet - I'll test it again just in case.

Givenchy III Givenchy by LizzieDee 2015-07-01

Exploring the Mitsouko / Givenchy III comparison again, the Givenchy is astringent and dry whereas Mitsouko is lush. It was 35 degrees in London today and I turned to Givenchy III For cool refreshment. Mitsouko could be too heavy on a really hot day.

Actually, what Givenchy III reminds me of most of all is Cabochard, but Cabochard as it was, not the thin stuff we get nowadays.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 22 Chanel by mongibella 2015-07-01

Very delicate, zero sillage, feels like a flickering flame - even when I put my nose close to the wrist sometimes I can detect this, though sometimes I just can't.
Strong aldehydes in the opening, then some faint traces of flowers. Staying power is max an hour, unfortunately. No5 is my all-time favourite, but I see absolutely no similarity with No22. Even the aldehydes are different. No22 is super soapy, like very fine handmade soap. But would I want to pay this much to smell like a (very good) piece of soap? No.

It is really hard to describe this perfume, it slips out of hands like you are trying to capture some white water on a lake at night and then realise it was the moon's reflection which coloured the water white. It is leaking through your fingers back to the lake and before you even notice it all is gone.

I believe the pure parfum version might be very different though, would like to try one day. I also believe No22 will smell differently in colder weather. Will give it another try:)

Apres l'Ondee Guerlain by mongibella 2015-07-01

Such a beauty! Honestly, I don't feel any garden after the rain here, no spring here either. To me the scent is powdery, creamy and smokey. Why smokey? Have no idea. But this reminds me (after half an hour on skin) SO much of Burning Leaves by CB I hate perfume which I have a bottle of. The same melancholic smokey-insensey-powdery sweet flowers sprinkled with some spices. Anise is strong. And I absolutely love all this. For the right mood and time this is the thing.

Apres L'Ondee is beyond gender, and like Christopher Brosius' creations is more like a memory, definitely a perfume for oneself, not the world.

Ibiza Hippie Escada by California 00 2015-07-01

I love this smell on younger females. Plan on purchasing it for my GF next holiday. I'm a 30 yo male and this is such an inviting smell. Its slightly musky smell like a light incense mixed with a slightly sweet smelling note. Really really like this one on women. Top 3 of mine.

Visited a fragrance oil shop that specialized in remaking trademark fragrances and discovered this one on accident.


Nautica Voyage Nautica by California 00 2015-07-01

This cologne isn't one that'll garner questions like "what cologne is that? Where did you buy that fragrance?"… Rather, "hey you smell nice!". The later comes from the fact that Voyage comes off more like a clean body wash than a distinct fragrance. I bought a 3.4oz bottle at Marshall's for $19 with tax. Great Value.

Not a bad smelling cologne at all. In fact I think the vast majority of people will like the smell. It has that I-just-took-a-shower-smell with a hint of Green Apple. The only problem lies with a more sophisticated nose smelling you and thinking you just used a nice body wash or god-fordid use a good smelling Axe body spray (haven't received that comment yet thankfully lol). I wouldn't go so far as saying its that much of an aerosol-type smell but its a non-distinct, watery-appley shower gel or shampoo type of fragrance.

Nothing special but won't offend. You will probably get a compliment or two but most mature women (25+) won't fall over themselves just to be near you. Works well with a younger crowd anytime OR for a clean summer daytime fragrance for the more mature man.

Stays on well! For that I bumped up my score a 1/2 a star.

4 out of 5 Stars

Cleopatra Tocca by perfumeaddiction 2015-07-01

Ok this one is really beautiful. I did not make the connection to it's resemblance of NR or Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker until I read here and I concur. They all do smell very much alike. I think the main difference though between the three is the stronger Patchouli note that Cleopatra has. I don't get that with NR or Lovely. Since this has the patch I love it. If your not a fan of patchouli you might not care for this. If your a fan of the other two you may really enjoy it. I would without hesitation purchase a bottle of this and probably use the whole thing. It's a gorgeous scent! Very signature worthy.

One down side: Lasting power is quite poor. Lovely is one that will hang on my skin for up to 8 hours, and this little number fades within the first hour or so.

Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari by sawyer82 2015-07-01

Totally agree with @genvy. Don't hear those who say Aqva is not for young people. This fragrance is darker, more masculine and a bit more serious than other aquatics, but that doesn't mean old. I've been waring it since I was 22(10 years ago) and I've recieved compliments from the first day. So don't listen that comments, especially coming from someone who thinks that Light Blue is not for young women.

In my opinion the age range is wide, anyone can wear it. Maybe the opening is a bit organic or even raw for some noses, but after 30 minutes is a very nice fresh fragrance with a deep sea touch.

For someone who has never been near to the sea I can understand that "fishy smell" comment. But I've always lived near to the sea and the people here say that Aqva reminds them the sea. Nothing fishy.

Again... masculine doesn't mean old.

Unforgettable Christina Aguilera by lulu169 2015-07-01

love from the first sniff....a better copy of The One - I mean rewally BETTer than D&G, somewhat more intense, more natural, more sexy...I can really smell the juicy, naturally smelling plum and loads of intense natural doesnt happen very often, that the cheaper one is the better one...but voilá

Vanille Yves Rocher by rougenoirmakeup 2015-07-01

This is a nice simple scent (well, obviously, hence the name Vanille...) that smells exactly like vanilla sugar to me. I don't know if it's very common outside where I live, but here it's used often in baking instead of vanilla extract. The sugary impression makes it slightly powdery, which kind of reminds me of icing sugar. So I guess to me this smells like vanilla flavoured icing sugar. Now, that doesn't mean it smells very authentically vanilla-y to me, because it doesn't - it smells slightly artificial, but somehow I don't mind it. It's not an overpowering artificial quality, it just reminds me of the synthetic vanilla used in some foods. That being said, it's not the perfect vanilla scent I've been looking for, since in an ideal world I would love something authentic and warm, but this one is nice to own for now and I will definitely use it up. It's convenient to have for layering as well - to my surprise I've found that I love to wear this with sea salt-scented things.

Escada Moon Sparkle Escada by Dafja 2015-07-01

This is a sparkling refreshing scent. For summer evening.

Verry blue fruity and fresh.

Lasting power is good.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by vanillary29 2015-07-01

Bright, happy and fresh with just the right amount of sweet to it! This is a perfume for the good days. I mostly get clean patchouli, juicy orange and rose (wish I got more of that vanilla and tonka). Nothing too sexy, it is feminine, pretty yet sort of reserved. This perfume has massive appeal and it is completely understandable since it ticks all the right boxes. The staying power and projection is definitely better than most designer scents that share the same vibe. I don't reach for my bottle of Coco Mademoiselle every day, but I know for a fact that this shall always be in my collection. Definitely a modern classic.

Little Italy Bond No 9 by JamesBeach 2015-07-01

I feel this is best enjoyed with the correct expectations. This does not smell of orange fruit. It doesn't smell of orange leaves or orange soda either.

Little Italy smells like orange candy. Specifically, those jelly-filled ones that are sold alongside flavors like pineapple and cherry. You can google Arcor Kosher Candies for an image that might ring some bells.

And that's all it is, an orange candy scent, fairly linear aside from the cilantro that rears its head a bit as time goes on. Appreciated on the grounds of that imitation, I think it is very good. I'm a fan of scents that give a faithful impression of other things I've smelled in life, though. If that's not you and you're more about artful concoctions of scents that exist only in perfumery, this is probably not for you.

For orange fruit, Atelier Orange Sanguine.
For orange foliage, Roger & Gallet Bois d'Orange.
For orange candy, Bond No. 9 Little Italy.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by Dafja 2015-07-01


You can smell this from a mile!! It smells like as if your car dripped gasoline on rainy asphalt. Its such an annoying smell. Some people overspray it i almost died when i frist smelled this

I really don't understand the hype behind this perfume?
It gives almost everybody headache that i know, if a perfume gives me headache then let i say behind the fact that the perfume does not smell good.. but it even gives headache. Thats enough proof that the perfume is disgusting smelling.

Ocean Lounge Escada by rougenoirmakeup 2015-07-01

I have never smelled an Escada perfume that I would've liked, and this is no exeption. This just smells plain cheap. I got it as a present when I was about 16, and I never really liked it. To me it smells like strawberries, pears and satsumas made into a juice with sugar and something very artificial in it. I do sometimes like fruity fragrances, but this one doesn't smell like authentic fruits at all, but more like the synthetic scents I remember making in chemistry class in secondary school. If there was a way of getting that synthetic scent out of it, it could be a nice one for summer, but the weird cheap plastic-y smell is just way too overwhelming.

Bois des Iles Chanel by Anvil_of_the_Sun 2015-07-01

So, just checked, Beaux anticipated Lulu with Louise Brooks by 3 years. Who said perfume ain't art?

Voyage d`Hermes Hermes by amirali0072000 2015-07-01

سمپل 2 میل هرمس ویاژ معروف موجوده دوستان کسی خواست پیام بدهد تقدیم میشود
این کار مشترک آقا و خانم میباشد

J`adore Christian Dior by Dafja 2015-07-01

This perfume is good smelling but lets be honest people its not that big of a deal. I only smell lily of the valley, pear and orchid.

The lasting power is 3 hours on skin.

Bois des Iles Chanel by Anvil_of_the_Sun 2015-07-01

Dry, witty, edgy joke, entirely parallel with that book by Nabokov.

1881 Men Cerruti by omar.melmo 2015-07-01

I don't know how vintage 1881 used to be.. but the new bottle I bought two years ago still contains an amazing juice ! why all the drama ?

Ode à l'amour Yves Rocher by Dafja 2015-07-01

I miss this perfume so much!!
It was one unique blend!! Let me tell you.

Plump is the first thing that i smell, it is combined with a flower bouqet and some cranberry with dark rose wine.

The lasting power was amazing!! it stayed put all day!

They dont sell this no more!! They replaced it with garbage.

I wore this as a tip to the opening of Wimbledon 2015: the heady fragrance of Dunlop tennis balls, fresh out of the tube on a hot summer day!

Mister Marvelous Byredo by Anvil_of_the_Sun 2015-07-01

CdG Blue Cedrat with its shoes polished, its shirt pressed and a hipster pop-up shop fennel seed lozenge in its pocket, holding a G&T made with Cornish Gin and thoroughly convinced that it looks like Cary Grant. He's not so far wrong, but the real problem is that he thinks *you're* going to pay for dinner.

1881 Men Cerruti by boulouboulou 2015-07-01

IFRA killed 1881

Rebelle Rihanna by Dafja 2015-07-01

Coffee, sugar and musk.
Longevity=1,5 hour
Price 3.4 oz= around 25 dollar

Is it worth it?

Look the smell is ok but i recommend you to spend your money on a perfume that understands the meaning of the synonym stay. "if i spray you there then stay there"!

And this perfume does not understand the word stay.

1881 Men Cerruti by Úrbez larres.lardies 2015-07-01

It is true that the reformulation destroyed longevity and sillage of this fragrance , as in many others.
Sillege moderate. Longevity moderate.

1697 Frapin by JamesBeach 2015-07-01

In a fire-warmed pub somewhere, a man chases fruit preserves on toast with shots of rum. Predictably, this combination doesn't end well and he vomits on the carpet. An apple pie is baking in the distance.

Frapin 1697.

More personally, this fragrance reminded me of the smell of the inside of my childhood lunchbox if someone had spilled rum in it. There's a lot to like but I also find there's something stomach-churning about it. The way-deep dry down, what remains after a night's sleep, is the best part but it's faint and it takes a long time to reach it. It is very original and I'm happy it exists for that reason alone, but it is not for me.

If you're loving the spiciness of this one but the sum of the parts has proved problematic, I recommend checking out Costume National Homme. It forgoes the booze but manages the spice and warmth in a way that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach.

Avant Garde Lanvin by boulouboulou 2015-07-01

I expected a bomb, but no, it's settles gently close to the skin for a nice sweet and aromatic effect.

Nice, but nothing to die for, nor new.

Lovely stuff, but reminds me of things I used to wear in junior high school. For this reason, I can't imagine anyone paying more than $10 for this. I can admit the packaging is better, the name is theoretically better but while I like AU, I don't find a single thing remarkable about it. That is, besides the fact that the ultra riche would rather wear it than drugstore perfume for some vague, arcane reason.

I don't mean to offend the sensibilities of this house, but I wish Revlon or Coty would make their own flavored laundry detergent. I wouldn't mind my clothes smelling like Wild Musk or Cherish. I'd buy it.

Admit it, you would too.

Fancy Jessica Simpson by Dafja 2015-07-01

You know what i hate about some people on this site. That they actually always say how much they love the perfume.. and almost never state the longevity, silage, honest opnion about what they smell in the notes. But i guess allot of people depend on the notes what are translated in the fragrantica site.

The reason why i am writing this is because of the fact that i bought a perfume a long time ago based on a review. I ended up giving the perfume away. because of false claimes. But people are brainwashed with the notes on this site. Sorry but 8 out of 10 times when i buy a perfume and if i compair it to the notes her on fragrantica then it's not accurate. So trust someone that is giving an accurate and honest review. Hej i am here just to help:)

Check my review of this perfume in my profile. I made it a long time ago.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by dylan.kohout 2015-07-01

Good stuff. Fresh, yet it has some sweetness. Heavy, but can be worn in the heat. Lasts a good while, and its pretty affordable, and overall great fragrance!

Mandarine Glaciale Atelier Cologne by perfume243 2015-07-01

10/10 en la mañana

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Bottega Veneta by boulouboulou 2015-07-01

Not convinced, too generic after a promising opening.
Too bad !

Aqua Fahrenheit Christian Dior by dylan.kohout 2015-07-01

Not a bad fragrance, but it has this strange vegetal quality at the top that kind of throws me off. It sort of reminds me of how my hands smell after I'm done chopping up vegetables. Maybe the tester was a bit off, but that's what it reminded me of.

Valentino Uomo Valentino by perfume243 2015-07-01

5 minutos 10/7 5 minutos más tarde 10/4

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by dylan.kohout 2015-07-01

Probably the best out of the pure line, but that really isn't saying much. Performance is there, but this fragrance just has this overwhelming carmex smell to it. It's not bad, it's just not really for me.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by dylan.kohout 2015-07-01

I don't get why everyone is so bonkers for this. It smells like plastic. Not great whatsoever.

@Germany, this is not available until the end of August, I smelt via a small promotional bottle my local counter had:))

Eternity Now For Men Calvin Klein by Nota Loka 28 2015-07-01

Eternity Now, much elegant bottle

Fahrenheit Christian Dior by Aamir Ahmed 2015-07-01

Fahrenheit a true smells like gasoline n i happen to love gasoline smell...its amazing....i sampled it back in 1998 n i didnt like it n the reason is very obvious i was a damn kid then....its definitely not for KIDS.....

Fabulous Victoria`s Secret by b.a.denney 2015-07-01

I won this off ebay a while ago, and pretty much forgot about it. I pulled it out today, and am finding it to be really nice for summertime. It's sweet, but fresh, and not overly floral, which I like. It is rather similar to some other VS scents, but I don't view that as a bad thing. Sillage seems okay, and longevity seems decent too. They recently changed the bottle, for the worse, I'd say. I have the old bottle, thank goodness. The new one is tacky.

I have no idea what this smells like but when i see the bottle and the notes. It makes me think that it smells like as if you scrape a coconut and pour it into a glas and squize the lime and add sugar to it. The taste of these 3 ingredients but than reversed in a perfume.

Original Vetiver Creed by perfume243 2015-07-01

Perfume vetiver más limpio una otra de arte

Pine opening to die for, followed by a transcendent heart, no wonder this was highly regarded on release. A modern legend born, a must have for anyone's collection.

Set Sail St. Barts for Women Tommy Bahama by Sierrasaurusrex 2015-07-01

Smells extremely similair to the mens version.

Nina Nina Ricci by Dafja 2015-07-01

This is an unforgettable fragrance. It's enriched with amber, honey, mandarin and wine. It's delicate and strong at the same time. Not my favorite perfume but hey i am here to give a honest review on this.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Valleyofthedolls 2015-07-01

I think this is what Cleopatra would have worn had she been born in recent times. Didn't she used to bathe in goat's milk? Luscious, smooth cream with sugar sugar sugar on top. Yet earthy. Not enough to convince you? Ok, it is very feminine and absolutely beautiful. Dab it gently.Half a spritz too much will take you from a walking sugary angel to just plain gaudy. You don't want to be that girl reeking of LVB. Lancome's pink bottle thrives in the fall&winter. You'll be the warmest, most caring hug in the room. This is what the right dosage of this little poison will do; lovely warmth. I bet LVB will probably become the new Coco Mademoiselle given its recent popularity. But really, can you blame girls everywhere? La vie est belle is just too alluring. We all want it.

Fleur de Portofino Tom Ford by perfume243 2015-07-01

10/10 2 botella en una

Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs by Dafja 2015-07-01

Genie in a bottle! s.o.s!! It's not long lasting!!
The smell is incredible soft and fresh as if your'e walking through a flower garden with pineapples and oranges aside.

You know i can't say ''if you love this or that note in a perfume'' and then you should go get it... To me it's more like go try it out in the store and smell it and maybe you love it! It's that simple. (and if they don't sell it in your country than just smell my comment:)

Poison Christian Dior by Alex1984 2015-07-01

When I was growing up in coastal Cyprus, I remember that at the seaside kiosks you could find among usual tourist souvenirs and suntan oils, cheap perfume imitations that were obnoxiously sweet, strong and cheap smelling. And somehow my thought of Poison was that it resembled one of those perfumes.

My curiosity led me to try Poison for the first time some months ago. So, I entered Sephora, went straight to the tester and taking a big breath I sprayed. Twice.
Well that was interesting. While it somehow felt close to the image, or scent, in my mind it was completely different. It was subtler than I expected for starters, and intoxicating afterwards.

It's not a wallflower perfume, even today. Among the massively sweet and loud fruitchoulis Poison screams in a different way. It's boozy, rich, decadent. It feels so righteous of its name; it couldn't be named any other thing than Poison.
What I get is a grapey liquor-ish tuberose. A flower soaked in fine Grappa wine, with some spices thrown in for good measure. And plums. And dried fruits. And a carnation in the hair of the genie that mixes it. As the tuberose soaks up this elixir, there's a subtle release of the mentholated aspect, something that leads me to believe that many current tuberose based fragrances are actually very much inspired by Poison.
This is Poison on my skin, along with some oppoponax in the drydown. There's a certain ambery sweetness, but as a whole it all feels incredibly boozy. Sometimes it even goes straight to my head, but in a good way.
Current version, which I own, has average sillage and above average longevity. It's not far fetched from what I believe Poison originally smelled but I can't be sure until I secure a vintage sample. And this, along with Kouros and Opium are the only fragrances that actually make me feel I'm in 1980. There's a certain melancholy of what was and is no more. And just think that some years ago you could actually buy juice like this in any department store.
It's gone from like to love, even in current formula. And it's sad that today, the reference for sultry and dangerous is stuff like Black Opium and the like.
Oh well! Give it a try if stuff like wine, and tuberose, and spices with honeyed fruit call your name. It's got a bad reputation alright. But not the kind that you think!

Hi Brimandolan, thanks for the review :) where is this available already? I can't wait !!! Love the original.

Chez Bond Bond No 9 by perfume243 2015-07-01


Malizia Bon Bons Milk Shake Mirato by chrissyc15 2015-07-01

Can not find it anywhere.. if anyone has it up for swap or is putting it on Ebay... please let me know! Im dying to try it! thanks!

Andy Warhol Bond No 9 by perfume243 2015-07-01


Heiress Paris Hilton by candyfluff7 2015-07-01

This smells exactly like that old Outragous Revlon shampoo from the 90's! It is an unidentifiable synthetic fruity, aquatic smell with a bit of floral. Soft, sweet, simple and clean, nothing sophisticated here, this is a casual daytime scent.
Actually, this smells like something that Escada would make, only it has better lasting power. Teenage friendly, weekend appropriate, good to toss in your gym bag type of perfume. Happy to have it, a guilty pleasure.
I also love how unapologetically tacky the bottle is, just an added bonus.

Vent Vert Pierre Balmain by AngieGCarp 2015-07-01

I have had this on my want list soo long that I think it still came in the "lettuce" on top bottle which has since been re-bottled into a classier looking, but not as fun, flanker. This is a lovely fresh fragrance that is VERY similar to A Scent by Issey Miyake. A Scent though is more floral where this one is more herbal. The difference is minor but in my opinion it is still worth owning both. For me, the house of Balmain can do no wrong and this is no exception. This is age appropriate for all....fresh, classy and non-offensive.

La Perla In Rosa Eau de Parfum La Perla by valenceis 2015-07-01

This isn't available in the US - anyone who wants to help me procure it, PM me.

Harrods Agarwood Bond No 9 by perfume243 2015-07-01

Oscuro brillante elegante mencanta esto chicos muy buena fragracia tratenlo 10/10

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel by valenceis 2015-07-01

Ah, yum.

This stuff makes me want to pump my fist in the air and stomp around with excitement. I want to spray it on my bed sheets and jump around violently before rolling around in it, twisting the sheets around me to near suffocation.

I ignored this one for a long time. I like some flankers, but it just didn't appeal to me. A couple of weeks ago I was passing through Saks and I said to myself, "I wonder what overpriced garbage they have at the perfume counter". There I was, tiptoeing around the SAs, spraying test strips and trying to hide my grimace for fear it may be interpreted as a cry for help.

I sprayed no. 19 Poudre on a test strip and immediately shook my head in approval. Not bad, not bad. I put the strip in my bag to sniff later (I was testing 24 Faubourg on my wrists with underwhelming results). I had the card up to my face the whole drive home. When I got home I was still mmmmmm-ing and hmmmmm-ing over it. I said to myself, holy crap I've got to have this. It's slightly green, snappy, a little bit dry thanks to the galbanum. It's also clean and powdery; not baby powder, fantasy magic powder - think Guerlain Meteorites. The iris isn't moody, it's just mellow and subtle. Gentle, pretty, understated. The vetiver adds just a hint of naughty underpants-ness, a la Bandit. I am a believer.

Now, Chanel, Saks, I don't have a problem with you. I considered going back or ordering directly from Chanel (the temptation is too great to also buy a lip gloss here, a night creme there...). But I have an ebay addiction. Poor SAs. But if we're being entirely honest, Saks doesn't carry the unpopular after-market gems I usually want in the first place. Anyway, I snapped this up and it is everything I could ever want.

It does have a little bit of what I like to call "mall musk"; that synthetic musk that many modern perfumes have as a base, but thankfully it doesn't dry down as such.

I love it! I love it.

Vote NO !!! 4 the Diesel: Fuel For Life Spirit comparison...



...disparaged, trivialized & undervalued..

A Fleeting Masterpiece.

My Wabi-Sabi of Parfum..
Signature Approved ✓

FYi: i completely disagree with thee repulsive Paco Rabanne 1 Million comparison; please, don't be foOled.

The dry-down; the Base Notes; Posh & Passionate..

Longevity: 8
Projection: 8
Scent: 10
Season: All Year Round {Gr8 4 Spring & Summer Nights}

Overall: A+

Tested today at the store. Horrible. I always try to leave a good word for a fragrance, but this stuff is just awful.

This smells like too much candy and musk, a combination we have seen just too much lately. This one is even sweeter, childish sweet. Very, very synthetic and too alike to all her other fragrances mainly. I couldn't even tell a single genuine note apart, it was just a mess of sweet stuff. No white chocolate, no orris root, but one thing was for sure; there is a whole lotta cupcake in it. Too much for my taste. the background was filled with musk and 'the usual notes', like it needed to cover up even more sweetness. I do like sweet, so son't get me wrong on that, but this smells.... Cheap. There is no love for the craftsmenship in here, only sales with a big name.

Note that this is my opinion and I do not mean to offend anyone but the fragrance.

Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant Kenzo by AngieGCarp 2015-07-01

Ahhhh...this is the epitome of spicy woodsy fragrance. In my humble opinion, it is along the lines of Opium but Jungle is better. It's more milky and soft whereas Opium is sharp and headache inducing. When I bought Opium, this is what I thought the dry down would be like. Moving forward, I pulled this out yesterday and wanted to see what it would be like to wear this to bed on a warm Texas evening. It was great! Of course, I sprayed it on in moderation. Every time I stirred I was greeted by a warm milky chai latte...because of the roundness of this perfume, it didn't get ruined by the warmth of the night. I love it! My suggestion might be to always wear this in moderation, do not wear around friends who are sensitive and to jam this all year round. This Jungle L' Elephant is in a league of its own!

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