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White Musk Illuminum by flowers-in-the-springtime 2015-11-27

This is exactly like The Body Shop White Musk.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by hanin80 2015-11-27

This smelled exactly like the new One Direction perfume Between Us. I sprayed Decadence on one sleeve and Between Us on the other and after a while i couldn't see a difference. Most surprisingly the one direction perfume was stronger and lasted longer on me!! If you liked Decadence, Between Us is a less expensive alternative.

Cool Water Davidoff by kazak 2015-11-27

Iodine-geranium-tobacco, very cheerful and sonorous aroma.

Diorella Parfum Christian Dior by SuzySchnabel 2015-11-27

The second best perfume in human history. I havave exactly this bottle and I'm SO happy to find it suddenly here in the database!!!! This is the one.

Forget EDT/EDP ecc...Diorella the only and best one is edition 'parfum' like this cute designed bottle in his heavy iron armory.... or the spray version in different shape ( both vintage )It's impossible to describe and see my old review on Diorella EDT/EDP..that was meant for this one.
This perfume has full honeysuckle that acts like civet..acid-honey-drops..they keep going and coming back, this story is never finished ( 24 hrs...) and has endless depths related to your fysionomy. Never regarde as a 'green'own but MUCH more a floral...they told me that it contained so much ( real ) flowers that it became impossible to make any more, this was already before the scoring already then the older vintages.
It behaves like having civet( might )and is a feast for the senses, young , bright and energetic , but at the same time very elegant. This masterpiece-novelty and new reference in perfumery, was created by E.Roudnitska, and I'll never understand how and will never cease my immense admiration. The Bach of perfumery.

Chevignon For Men Chevignon by kazak 2015-11-27

A Cologne for those, who are tired of smell vanilla and cardamone. Contains note of peat smoke (not oysters) like good а whiskey.

Bergamot Roja Dove by Nbond007 2015-11-27

beautiful ..fresh and clean

Grey Flannel Geoffrey Beene by kazak 2015-11-27

Lilac after the rain...

Solo Dzintars by kazak 2015-11-27

Pleasant аroma of sweet fruit and flowering peonies, covered with morning dew.

English Pear and Freesia Jo Malone by amna723 2015-11-27

The notes in this are unique and interesting. It's a mix of the pear, various florals, and a woody musk. Although this has a pear note it doesn't smell sweet to me. It almost smells like a salty dough or something. It's so unique and strange that sometimes I spray the perfume just to smell how weird it is. Unfortunately, while this scent could have been promising, it just doesn't smell pretty, attractive, sexy, or any of the other reasons we wear perfume. When first sprayed, it literally smells like salty, rotting pears that someone forgot to clean in the fruit basket, which were consequently left to rot in 90 degree weather for a week. Or almost like when you accidentally leave a forgotten dirty dish in your room for a few days and it starts smelling (I did this many times as a teenager so I know the exact smell of rotting bits of food on a dish smh).The drydown is nice though, a clean musk mixed with the various florals listed. The pear note is really gross in my opinion. However...This scent is not sharp, nor is it super inoffensive despite the weird rotting pear smell. Despite me bashing the pear note I don't hate this perfume. I think it smells beautiful on the drydown. It's pretty light too. But there is just something in it that smells like something is rotting in the beginning, which totally turns me off tho this perfume.

Courage Novaya Zarya by kazak 2015-11-27

Russian variant of the french Savage, the last years of production. Top notes reminiscent of women's Light Blue. Serene, lemon-solar water.

Azzaro pour Homme Azzaro by kazak 2015-11-27

Desert storm. For strong spirit of men.

Bogart Pour Homme Jacques Bogart by kazak 2015-11-27

Warm, ginger-tangerine cocktail, the younger brother of Аllure.

Higher Black Christian Dior by wongkar 2015-11-27

Bitter version of Ed Hardy Love n luck.

not my cup of tea though.
but it projects and it lasts quite sometime on my skin.

6 out of 10 overall

Try before you buy fellas !

Manhattan Bond No 9 by walking44 2015-11-27

Incense, gingerbread, berries. It smells nice but after a while, it gets cloying.

Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo by timmytrg 2015-11-27

I really love this cologne. Its smell amazed me the first second i smelled it. Floral and woody in a very unique way. Soft and subtle so it does not offend people around you. Its great for spring and summer time. To me i does smell like incense, (like the type of incense you smell in the Buddhist temple but not very harsh like in your face), which is very floral and sweet. If you re planning on a blind buy, it's totally worth it.

Alien Thierry Mugler by walking44 2015-11-27

I like it. Its a nice, modern, jasmine. But I can't shake the feeling that every woman has this.

La Pluie Miller Harris by Henriette 2015-11-27

I am a long time fan of Aprés l'Ondée which remains an unsurpassed masterpiece of perfumery impressionism.
La Pluie by Miller Harris is the contemporary correspondent of Guerlain's chef d'oevre under not European but tropical skies.
La Pluie opens fresh and a bit sharp - black currant, tangerine and lavender setting the introduction in an admirable way.
Do you get the impression of rain? I am not sure but certainly the imagery conveyed is beautiful: I do feel transported under African sky at sunset. I know there's nothing African in these three notes but those lurking from behind are giving directions for what has to come.
Wheat is the bridge to the drydown: vanilla, ylang, jasmine, vetiver and they go on forever. The more they melt with your skin, the more natural and distinctive the impression of something tropical appears in your mind.
I would not pair this with Fleur des Comores or other tropical vanilla scents, La Pluie is very European in taste, I would say very French, even very Art Deco.
It's a beautiful experience, a beautiful floral, sweet scent very far away from many nauseating sickeningly tin-of-sweets perfumes of today.
In a word

Gypsy Water Byredo by Creamdeviolet 2015-11-27

This is the most expensive perfume i own so far, i love how unique it is! lasting power- if i only had 2-3 sprays, it will be gone in an hour, but 5-7 sprays can lasts 5 hours :)

CH Men Carolina Herrera by speqx 2015-11-27

It's an interesting fragrance I find it both sweet & fresh

Angel Thierry Mugler by walking44 2015-11-27

A really interesting concoction. It smells like patchouli and gourmet desert. Its sweet but not sickly so. The patchouli gives it an earthy, rich, warmth. I'd much rather smell it on a man :3

Dot Marc Jacobs by Creamdeviolet 2015-11-27


Flower by Kenzo L`Elixir Kenzo by satellite99 2015-11-27

I usually don't get compliments on my scents but I was in Trader Joe's and a young man working there literally started asking around if anyone was wearing perfume and I immediately knew it was my 6 spritzes of this stuff I'd given myself at Ulta (to test longevity and sillage)so I confessed, fearing I'd really overdone it. He said it was amazingly good, thank God, because I didn't think it was that noticeable from a distance. For me this is my most comfortable sweet yummy scent that isn't too much like a dessert flavoring.

Couple of key things about this version of Flower; it is definitely for the gourmand sweet lover. But the weird thing is the praline and vanilla really don't come out well on a test paper or even the spray cap. But it definitely is there when it sits on the skin after the fruity notes have dissipated - and this is really what sets this apart from the original Flower which I find more floral. Longevity is especially difficult to tell on this perfume for some reason because I stop smelling it way before other people and don't realize it is still there. Hence this can lead to over spraying as I did above. But if you spray on clothing it can last for a good couple of days if left aside, and you will notice it when you come back to it.

Royal Mayfair Creed by INJEN 2015-11-27

Love it at first sniff .

A natural, herbal citrusy spearmint almost set up in contrast with a dry, coniferous woody note that I initially mistook for incense. There's a singed, burnt smokiness throughout Nuit Etoilee that gives the entire composition a very bitter and gauzy gray dimension. On my skin this aspect dominates, and runs parallel to the mint. While it's an interesting combination, my favorite part of this is the opening five minutes before all the gray bitterness enters the picture. I find something about this fragrance depressing, it feels so desiccated and depleted to me, and when I wear it I just sort of watch that beautiful mint note from the beginning succumb to the weariness and dry desolation of its surroundings. It also burns my nose. I've discovered that I don't enjoy mint when it's paired with incense or smoke--Breath of God,Memoir Man, Burning Barbershop, Oriental Mint, Russian Tea, and now Nuit Etoillee--it's simply a combination that has never worked for me. Thumbs down.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 22 Chanel by feathers 2015-11-27

God do I love ylang-ylang! The first time I smelled that essential oil, I smiled inwardly...and they say they used to hide the tuberose from young women because it's heavenly aroma was considered carnally suggestive (tee-hee)...It is the presence of ylang-ylang that provides that tenacious sweetness that is just below obviousness, and permeates the fragrance from start to finish. The aldehydes are nothing short of intoxicating...and resemble No.5 in a very intriguing manner. The color is white. White. Bright, brilliant, austere, and illuminating: hiding nothing. There is gardenia, mmm. Quite an intense perfume, but so chic it can fit in anywhere you want it too. Chanels are the ones I can wear to work and /or to bed, and, negative connotations never follow. That is why I believe in their quality. They are something very special,maybe even magical. Try it.

Bvlgari Man Extreme Bvlgari by speqx 2015-11-27

I love this one. This was my first premium perfume. It's modern, masculine & fresh. I think it's suitable for guys in their mid 20s & up. I also find it to be quite sophisticated & sensual. It projects well & lasts longer than Bvlgari Man. You can wear almost anytime but it's a good fragrance for going out. I received the most compliments wearing this one

1001 OUDS Annick Goutal by silvereye 2015-11-27

Tried this in store. Didnt like it and it is not one of the nicer oud fragrances. It is strong but lacks the complexity of real oud. Too expensive for what it is. I had test strips with it on and have accidentally left it beneath my new unopened vera wang Perfume and smelt the horrible powdery dry down thinking it came from the vera wang. Lucky its just the test strip of this frag.

This flanker manages to maintain the Acqua Di Gio DNA. It's a bit difficult to tell apart from Essenza however when you spray & compare them side by side you can start noticing the nuances. This one is more masculine & Essenza is more floral. Essenza's projection is stronger though

Aqua Fahrenheit Christian Dior by The Phoenix 2015-11-27

Fahrenheit Aqua is a delightful summer fragrance!
Especially if you're a Fahrenheit lover like me, but want a more refreshing version for the hot days.

Gorgeous, fresh grapefruit, violet and vetiver with a subtle Fahrenheit DNA in the background.
For me, it lasts most of the day (but I do add one spray on my clothes).

Unfortunately, this fragrance no longer available in Australia.
I spoke to Dior distributors and they simply said, "sorry.....but have you tried the new Sauvage??".....I don't think she was really that sorry. And no I don't want the stinking Sauvage, have you smelled it?? (Gastly).

How frustrating to see the F Aqua on the Dior international website, but not be able to buy it!
What else do we do...ebay? Hong Kong YES, because we're desperate...

Clean Air Clean by nvenus 2015-11-27

Wow, no cirtrus notes? I'm shocked. It smells very fresh, aldehydic and citrusy.

I want to enjoy it more but I don't. It reminds me of True Religion and Revlon's Charlie White.

Midnight in Paris Eau de Parfum Van Cleef & Arpels by SchopenhauersNose 2015-11-27

I don't understand any of these notes. Last I heard, midnight in Paris smelled like spent Kalashnikov shells and human fear.

I kid, I kid...

Fahrenheit Absolute Christian Dior by The Phoenix 2015-11-27

Incense, Myrrh, Violet and Oud...for me, it doesn't get any better!

But can you believe that it is discontinued!
Dior what are you doing? Are you crazy??

I found some on eBay, but I always get nervous buying online....will it be authentic etc.. but what other choice do we have now?

Absolute is definitely a darker, more mysterious version to the original Fahrenheit. I absolutely love the smell of the Myrrh and Incense on the dry down, giving a "church" like smell.

I read that this fragrance was replaced by Fahrenheit Parfum.
They are completely different, with the Parfum being a more sweet bourbon vanilla and boozy rum.

EDIT: This is my signature again!
Don't get me wrong, I do love the F Parfum. But everytime I wear this, I can't stop smelling my wrist!

BUT, if I want compliments from the ladies, I wear F. Parfum.
Fahrenheit Parfum has given me so many compliments, I have lost count.
One lady almost twisted her head off, turning around to see who was wearing "that fragrance" :) and she was with her boyfriend.

aaah....I love my Fahrenheit.

1001 OUDS Annick Goutal by Das Huffer 2015-11-27

I love weird compositions. Although 1001 Ouds doesn't seem to rank as an extreme example of oddness, it does carry that feel of an awkward person who stares a little too intensely, for a little bit too long. Then once conversation opens you find the quirkiness is actually delightful.
I too thought "oh lord, ANOTHER freakin oud!", but this has successfully carried itself in a different direction than what you may expect from the oud/rose combo. In fact, for the most part the rose is sitting somewhere way in the back row, and surprisingly even the oud isn't stomping across the stage in its characteristic heavy boots.
The myrrh carries a steady and hypnotic hum here, which seems to restrain the oud, and keeps the composition as a whole more on the dry side... almost hinting at bitterness.
The papyrus is a fleeting sliver through the papery woods.
As this marches towards drydown a soft shimmer of warmth comes through, and unites the ebbing layers of myrrh, rose and oud.
A classy and poised take on the oud theme (literally. I find myself straightening my posture with each whiff). Don't let oud-exhaustion prevent you from trying

Clean Shower Fresh Clean by nvenus 2015-11-27

Smells like shampoo. Not particularly bad shampoo but the ordinary ones you can find anywhere or "head & soulders".

I don't dislike it but I imagine people's hair to smell like this so I wouldn't want to use it as a daily perfume.

Clean Warm Cotton Clean by nvenus 2015-11-27

Why would I mark it with Dislike if I would like my cleaning products to smell like this? I don't particularly dislike the fragrance but as a perfume it isn't right for me. My bathroom sink and my windows (after cleaning them) should smell like this, not me.

Sea notes and citruses. Perfect for fresh cleaning products, less perfect for my clothes or my skin.

Laudano Nero Tiziana Terenzi by the_badger 2015-11-27

@Totroy, agree this smells nothing like Oud Wood but disagree this is not dark enough, to me this is dark and fiercely hot. What other perfume you know that is darker than this?

Miss Habanita Molinard by Angelica 000 2015-11-27

I really like this, but don't get grape at all...more Nectarine or even Guava rather than just sweet peach.(Maybe that's the grape/peach combo & I can't differentiate?) It is not sickly sweet as some of the newer fruity concoctions are, it develops well, with the mossier notes evident.In all a young, but sophisticated summery offering, I would think with a place in every wardrobe.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by MichelVaillant 2015-11-27

Nothing can prepare you adequately for the moment when you first experience Kouros. I tried it for the first time after reading oodles about it and smelling hundreds of other fragrances, many of which were strong, vintage fragrances, and I thought Kouros (or any other fragrance for that matter) could not wow me at that point. I was wrong. I guess a good analogy would be the experience of a long-time big city dweller seeing New York City for the first time. You may have lived in big cities your whole life, but NYC still wows you at first sight; with all that is good *and* that is bad about it. You may love it or hate it, but you cannot stay indifferent; just like you cannot be indifferent about Kouros.
I have only used (semi-)vintage Kouros from early to mid 2000s, possibly the last generation of bottles with the metallic shoulders and bottoms, and have loved it ever since the first spray. It is fresh, sweet, animalic and woodsy all at the same time, and lasts long and projects well to the point of preposterousness. The basenotes are more on the sweet/woodsy side than the other aspects, and seem to last for days, especially on fabric. A couple sprays on your skin can easily survive a light shower. If you look at the right places, (mainly online, or course), you may still be able to find a reasonably priced (semi-)vintage bottle as of late 2015.

My local store has it for $100 but I went for something else. Wasn't a hardcore fan of the original so I can wait for the price to drop.

Play It Sexy Playboy by nvenus 2015-11-27

The patchouli is too strong for my taste yet it's not bad but if you're sensitive to too much patchouli; beware.
The pink pepper, licorice, tonka beans and patchouli makes it too spicy and that doesn't work well with the vanilla. This composition isn't their best but it wouldn't bother me to scent it sometimes, on others, on the other hand it would bother me if my clothes smelled like this everyday.

The amount of patchouli makes me think of Pulse by Beyoncé.

Guerlain Homme L`Eau Guerlain by the_badger 2015-11-27

Ahh I finally found it, at the bargain bin. Picked it up right away, batch code shows it was made in 2010. L'homme intense has more going on and is better but still love this. To my nose this smells exactly like Xerjoff 1861 Renaissance only a bit softer, so I won't be needing that anymore.

Alessandro Mazzolari by Eos 2015-11-27

Alessandro is an uber-intense powdery scent.

As others have noted below, the opening of this scent is very specifically reminiscent of the pink opalescent soap that can often be found in public restrooms along with whiffs of something vaguely animalic and sharp (probably the honey note).

The good news is that as it dries down it looses its sharpness (and that association) and becomes a soft powdery cloud of makeup and sweet almond oil. Wonderful stuff for powder lovers who are searching for that "makeup bag smell". I prefer this to Teint de Neige which to me smells much more like baby powder (rather than makeup) with bitter edge.

So...? Sinful So...? by matillyrose 2015-11-27

This is a pleasant enough light perfume to wear during the day.

I do not get any of the notes listed here except for a little vanilla musk.

Nothing fruity or floral, maybe a memory of chocolate like what you smell in an old chocolate box.

Smells like aftershave, wears close to the skin, nice enough but not one I would wear on a regular basis.

Super Playboy For Her Playboy by nvenus 2015-11-27

At first spray I thought I disliked it but now I get the concept and it smells just like the listed notes. Well, I'm not sure about Strelitzia but I read that it has an herbal, subtly tropical scent so it should be good. I got some mango note from the perfume (edt) but I guess it could have been Strelitzia.
The orage is there but not taking over. The floral evens up the fruityness and the amber is strong in the base along with the musk.

I love the pink/cerise colour of the perfume but I figure orange would fit better.

Celebre Avon by mystica 2015-11-27

Sometimes we musn't let reviews influence us. I can't believe I actually haven't tried Celebre in perfume (rather than body cream) falling under the influence of negative opinions on it: "Too common, cheap, teenager etc." are just some of them. Not so...

That's a lightly spicy/fruity floral; and totally an ageless, classical, feminine perfume. It's true it doesn't last long, but just the right thing for me considering the scent and if I'm choosing Celebre over anything else in my wardrobe. This perfume does it night/day, all seasons, and all occassions.

Must have, it's a bargain, and not nearly as common as it's exxagerated. For example, definitely no more common than Lancome's LVEB + its dupes and all other fruitychouli hype which I so frequently smell around.

Lolavie Jennifer Aniston by Eden Street 2015-11-27

Blind bought this on sale last year but never had a chance to review it until now. Honestly? It smells incredibly similar to bodycology's floral rush and floral rush was probably a dupe for it.

The perfume it's self isn't bad, floral and light. I don't think this would offend anyone or cause anyone to move far far away from you. If you're looking for a work-safe scent or even just a summer scent I think this would do fine.

Laudano Nero Tiziana Terenzi by Totroy 2015-11-27

Must have gotten the bad batch. This was a blind buy. From all the wonderful comments, I was hoping for something in the way of Tom Ford's Oud Wood on steroids. But it is far from. The opening cognac, give this scent a sweetness that prevents it from going dark. When the sweetness of cognac begins to die off, a woody, nutty scent developes. This evolution is not for me. For me, this scent has little depth and although it tries, it never makes it over to the dark side.

Beautiful Estée Lauder by mystica 2015-11-27

For the reformulation:

Yes they changed the scent, but the longevity and strength is Enormous here. The strongest perfume I have, by far, and trust me with that. Even Dior's Poison pales in comparison. What they really put in this?.. It lasts and lasts, 1 spray is fairly enough. This is your way to go if longevity has been an issue for you. My 75 ml bottle will probably last me for a lifetime, because it's so strong more than 1 spritz makes me uneasy and gives me headaches. I see how some components have been replaced with the artificials, still though, a crazy unapologetic FLORAL.

Licorice, iris, almond, vanilla and jasmine with a tiny hint of cherry and incense (in the base). The licorice and almond are prominent from the first spray until it's almost faded.
Powdery and a little balsamic.

Unique bottle. Looks like the gold in the letters (on the bottle), which says "Lolita Lempicka", have faded and I understand it's part of the concept but I think it could have looked prettier if they were completely filled in with gold.

It has an ok scent, definately not something I'm a fan of but if you like the thought of the listed notes mixed together, you might be a fan of it :)

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by Eden Street 2015-11-27

Grabbed a sample from Sephora today and I have to admit, it is STRONG. The juice might be pink but instead of a super sweet or floral scent, I was gently punched in the face with a herbal, citrus-y fist that has left me reeling and hurting but also second guessing and re-evaluating my likes in masochistic fashion.

It doesn't start off too bad, it's a tiny bit sweet in the beginning, like biting into a kiwi or a grape. The middle notes however are herbal and citrus and lacking in sugar. It's not a bad thing though, I definitely find it... unique and if I were to smell this on a passing girl in the street I think she'd have quite a nice taste in perfume. At the end, it does fade out to patchouli, at a faint and lightly sweet level nothing that'd evoke gum drops or candy canes but maybe a more residual sweetness from a cup of caramel tea?

I know a lot of people say it's "classy, sexy, sensual, elegant, timeless" etc etc. Is it that? I think I can agree, more or less. I think it's more of an intimate scent, like waking up in bed the morning after and putting on that guy's shirt before yawning and wandering off to wash your face.

I don't know if I'd ever pay for a bottle of it, but I do admit that the bottle itself is very pretty; especially with the pink juice inside. Honestly I'm tempted to buy an empty bottle and fill it with water and red food coloring to use as decoration.

Wow, what a lovely scent!!!

I tried both the EDP and EDT.

On my skin the EDT disappeared very quickly and after about 1 hour became a skin scent, if anything at all, disappointing.

BUT...the EDP kept going and going, I became very excited indeed!!

I definitely get the sweet tobacco, but not much lemon.
It has a lovely warmth, subtle's very easy to like this one!

A delicious fragrance, definitely on my next purchase list.

Gaultier 2 Jean Paul Gaultier by Elia3 2015-11-27

So sad I can't find it anywhere in Canada :(
I loved it when I had it! Its a long lasting musky vanilla perfume. Perfect for all year nights out!

Sheer Love Victoria`s Secret by nvenus 2015-11-27

Tried it last year; loved it and now a year later I've finally got it. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as I first thought it was. The aloe wera is so intensive and it reminds me of cucumber. There is a prominent, soft floral note that takes away a bit of the strong aloe wera. The (weak/light) chamomile is in the base.

Sauvage Christian Dior by The Phoenix 2015-11-27

I'm confused about this one!

I know that Francois Demachy supposedly created this one, but
it doesn't come across as one of his gems.

I get peppery, bergamot, soapy characteristics...and yes, that ambroxan.
The dry down is all ambroxan for me.

For me, not one of Dior's finest hours.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by The Phoenix 2015-11-27

GIO for me, has a grassy, soapy scent.
I definitely get the ocean vibe, mixed in with a bit of lime, citrus.
Sharp greenness....made me feel sick.

Not my cup of tea.

I've got the body mist and it smells nice but it has almost a patchouli note which I don't like.

Lilac Path Aerin Lauder by hills by the sea 2015-11-27

Finally, my search for a lilac fragrance may be over? Lilac Path is lovely. Yes, there are other notes in it but they support the lilac so that it shines beautifully - so essentially floral and graceful, it fills me with a longing for spring as it wafts from my wrist on this cold winter's day.

En Passant came so close to being the lilac for me -but for the cucumber in it. And some other lilac soliflores I have tried have all fallen short - too sharp on the opening or drydown, not long-lasting enough and so on. Of course I have not tried all of them - and perhaps I just have to do that before I actually acquire a full bottle of Lilac Path.

Laura Laura Biagiotti by nvenus 2015-11-27

I've got the 25ml Edt; the bottle is very neat & beautiful and it matches the overall scent. Floral, aquatic and a little fruity with a well-blended base. The cedar wasn't necessary. Light yet not weak. I don't find any of the notes superior. The melon (some some other notes) in it makes me think it fits warm weather the best.

I like it very much.

Spicebomb Digital Art Viktor&Rolf by spcmiller 2015-11-27

Brazen money grab. Just like the special art editions of L'Homme last year...or was it the year before?

Girlfriend Justin Bieber by nvenus 2015-11-27

Body mist:
Mostly orange, apricot and pear ith floral notes. The pear note is more sweet/sugary than fruity. The amber and orchid are more intensive than musk.

Don't like the bottle.

I'd say it's ok but not one of the best celebrity fragrances I've tried.

Cabochard Gres by odie 2015-11-27

Firsty, if you want a sweet tempered leather note check out "Baby Phat Seductive Goddess" ok.

That being said, if you want me to lie about how this perfume smells on my skin, read no further.

So I am perusing the perfume counter and I see two of these fragrances banded together for a reasonable price. I go "yipee!" and ask the girl at the counter for a sample.

My desire to buy ended there. Folks, talk about sharp, strong and green green green. The green note didn't stop. It smelled like an absolute of green grass filled in a bottle. No sweetness on my skin, no joy, and people there is absolutely No coconut! I'm from the Caribbean, one would think I would recognize this accord. And where is my rose Cabochard! You've got to be kidding! And what leather note is in this brew?

If you want to smell like a freshly cut lawn, or a tennis ball that skids between two players on the grass, this frag is the way to go. Oh and don't blind buy this, you might be disappointed! Test test test first. It makes me so disappointed when a perfume boasts so many accords and ends up smelling like a linear stinker. Felt myself hyperventilating a bit and moved away quickly when I smelled this. The counter clerk watched me knowingly.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Elia3 2015-11-27

I'm in LOVE!! This is a grown up sweet sensual vanilla coffee scent. The bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the vanilla give the perfect balance. The other notes complements this bittersweet perfume and makes it perfect! The silage and longevity is good to. 10/10

Imari Elixir Avon by Lybarra118 2015-11-27

Whoa...This is probably my most surprising inexpensive find of the year. I've never had much luck with Avon perfumes, much less heavy berry bombs, but this is a winner. Juicy blackberries, rich vanilla/amber combo, and velvety red rose petals. Appropriate sweetness, toned by the rose, enough so to keep it from falling into candy territory. It's actually quite seductive and sexy. If patchouli is in this composition, I don't smell it--thank goodness. It then would have fallen into Flowerbomb, LVEB territory and it doesn't. WootWoot! I like patch, but it's been overkill lately.
The bottle is somewhat boring, unattractive and cheap-looking, but the juice inside totally makes up for it.
Longevity is great, especially on clothes, and projection is fantastic!
Every time I spray it, my husband asks, "What smells so good?"
It reminds me a lot of The Body Shop Smoky Rose...they definitely have the same succulent, berry sweetness.

Angel Thierry Mugler by bluehydrangea 2015-11-27

To each their own.. But I find this nauseating.
I can't zero in on which combination of notes makes me turn my nose up to it, but I personally find its sister fragrance "Alien" far superior.

Angel Thierry Mugler by bluehydrangea 2015-11-27

To each their own.. But I find this nauseating.
I can't zero in on which combination of notes makes me turn my nose up to it, but I personally find its sister fragrance "Alien" far superior.

Ambre Fétiche Annick Goutal by NicheMaster29 2015-11-27

Wow, what a beautiful Amber. It's powdery and just very warm and well done. Definitely unisex but it leans a little masculine on my skin and I'm a male. I really like it. It's not my favorite Amber scent, but it's on the list.

Samsara Eau de Parfum Guerlain by olga_adriana 2015-11-27

I have a really complicated relationship with this scent. It is evocative of so many different things for me. I just can't pigeonhole this into one particular mood or category. At once, it smells vintage and yet modern, "mature" but timeless, so even me as a young woman can wear it and not feel old lady. It smells rebellious too. Like something a pirate would wear. And yet it's powdery enough that it feels utterly feminine and classically French.

I find I can't wear this every day. It's very sophisticated, and it's just not appropriate for every occasion. I need to feel kind of dressed up and put together to put on Samsara. It's not a fragrance you throw on to go to the gym.

There is an animalistic note as other reviewers have mentioned. And there is something "cold and calculating" about this scent, yet it's confident. I think it's nothing like something I've ever smelled before. It really does smell like a perfume, it's Guerlain after all, but there's nothing synthetic about this. Nothing tacky or juvenile. I think any woman over 25 can pull this off well.

This perfume is SO fruity and fresh!!! Perfect for warm summer time. I love it so I wish it will be available next summer because I don't wanna run out. Sadly the longevity is weak and the bottle is little :S But I love it anyway!

Dzing! L`Artisan Parfumeur by NicheMaster29 2015-11-27

Oh yeah... This is why I love niche. You come across one of these type of scents that are just totally original. Now I have to admit, smelling this at first right off the plastic stick from my sample decant, I was like...uhhhj.. But after I applied it on my wrist and waited a little bit I was able to connect with all the positive comments everyone has made on here.
I will have to say I favor the dry down most but overall it's a journey to experience that I don't care to have changed. It's great for what it is and I'm glad to add it to my collection. This is NOT a blind buy fragrance.

Laudano Nero Tiziana Terenzi by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

Smoky, woody goodness! Heavy camphor. Certainly cold weather gear. If this is what Paris smells like, I am quite jealous of Parisians! Chicago certainly smells, but never anything you’d want to bottle! Well done. Thumbs up!

Akowa M. Micallef by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

Pleasant enough, but nothing special. And I cannot identify all notes listed on it’s pyramid. This comes across as a citrusy vetiver, and that’s about it. Pass.

Tabac Tabou Parfum d`Empire by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

Animalic Opening. The honey note is quite pleasant, adding a faint sweetness that is never too much. This lends an almost caramelizing effect on the hay and tobacco. Nicely constructed, just not my cup of tea. Well done. Thumbs up pass.

Tibetan Mountain Temple Pacifica by matillyrose 2015-11-27

Camping fires and Cola.

That's what I get from this, sounds like a weird mix but for some reason it works.

A week out bush, smelling of eucalyptus fire smoke and sipping on a cola.

Dries down to a lovely sweet, creamy, slightly incense fragrance which lasts about 6 hours and wears close to the skin. Delightful couldn't stop smelling the trail on my arm.

I love it!!

Pardon Nasomatto by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

This is absolutely delightful! Again, Black Afgano’s dark reputation had me thinking all wrong going into this. This is no heavy hitter, but carries a weight with ease, making it almost creamy. The notes are very much crowd pleasing, but of extremely high quality and deft balance! Thumbs up!

Black Afgano Nasomatto by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

I do not know what I was expecting when first getting to try this notorious scent, but certainly not the balance that exists in this dark magic. This is an ideal scent for me. Hits home with an opening of smoke and incense, but never overwhelming! Turns into a lovely dark oud and tobacco concoction that remains within a few inches of the skin, and lasts all day long! Big thumbs up!

Patchouli 24 Le Labo by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

This is a unique take for a patchouli fragrance, as the patchouli really doesn’t seem to surface until later in the wearing. This is smokey and birch tarry at the beginning, but within an hour settles into a very pleasing woody, patchouli and vanilla skin scent. Very nice! Thumbs up!

Satyricon O`Driu by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

This does smell of Eva Kant after HGH Therapy. Perhaps not in as much the composition, as the notes here are just as mysterious, having you contemplate what you smell of all day long! For that, O’Driu is one of the best! Thumbs Up!

Malefic Tattoo LM Parfums by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

LM continues to make me a believer with each bottle tested! This latest release has all the ingredients to be a knock out on paper, and it delivers in person! Clean and sharp, Tattoo carries it’s notes independent of one another…clean linear profiles that blend so well together, making a fantastic scent! Thumbs up!

Fidji Guy Laroche by mystica 2015-11-27

I so love this perfume despite I've never tried the original and am talking about the reformulation.

It's so refreshing green and classy; it reminds me of Aromatics Elixir and Eau du Soir. A fresh lovely oakmoss with touch of flowers.

Whereas it's quite an affordable perfume online, it's like 4X the price in stores here in Cyprus; and I totally detest this situation! I condemn UK's embargo on online shopping perfumes!

21 CoSTUME NATIONAL by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

Toned down A*Men? This is luxurious. The previous comment on cashmere is right. Perhaps a bit sweet for me, but nevertheless a seamless scent. Very approachable, and not engulfing like A*Men. I’m thinking winter, late night out in the city with friends? Nothing great, but well made. Pass.

Image Cerruti by bigbz 2015-11-27

Barolo is right, this very closely mimics Johnson & Johnson "No More Tears" baby shampoo. Definitely a unique and long lasting "freshie" scent. I got surprisingly good sillage as well....had a compliment from a lady walking about 20ft behind me(with only 3 sprays)

Nice enough scent, but I got bored with it quickly. I liked the Harmony flanker a bit better than the original to be honest.

This is delightful! Nothing really new here, but simply quality ingredients brought together in a very balanced nature. This is what my “prototypical” office scent should be. Blast of citrus at the opening to refresh, then settles into a lovely honeyed tobacco and dry wheat. Just gritty enough…just soft enough. Thumbs up!

L'Eau Couture Elie Saab by Linaskye 2015-11-27

I've been curious about the Elie Saab line of fragrances for quite some time because of the mixed reviews from different websites and also because I'm a big fan of Elie Saab's gowns that I've seen on different starlets and singers. Also, the description of L'eau Couture intrigued me. I haven't heard of many perfumes being "nutty", and I had a few France's K. Scents on my test list. Been broke lately, but my birthday is soon, and so I decided to treat myself to a sale bottle at Marshall's. The packaging is what made up my mind, as I love pale aqua blue, pale mint, etc., so all the factors meshed into a blind buy.

I both really enjoy AND dislike the fragrance. On my skin, it's super nutty once it dries down, but at the same time, it's always light and clean, which I like. The first notes are fabulously clear, watery (but not aquatic...aquatic always seems heavier to me than when I think of "watery"), and lightly floral. On a breeze, I'd catch this elegant but whimsical scent that never would overpower me or give me a headache. The middle of the fragrance did nothing for me, being way too nutty without the grace of the top (strange how I get the middle note first and then the almond top note). Then the final drydown was somewhere in the middle, smelling fantastic on my shirt, but not impressing on my skin.

What I would conclude from my observations is that it is a unique, light, interesting, classy fragrance that stokes my curiosity for the rest of the line. For my chemistry, this isn't necessarily one I will reach for very often, but I am still impressed. I will say that longevity is somewhere between 2-4 hours, and silllage starts as moderate and eventually dies down to a closer to the skin finish that's kind of but not completely undetectable to passersby. I can't wait to try Le Parfum Eau de Toilette, as I also purchased a box of three purse sprays. Check this one out for something different if you find nutty and vanilla smells to be your cup of tea.

Montecristo Masque by Jrmcquill 2015-11-27

This is a challenging fragrance for me to wear. On paper, it’s pyramid looks to be a home run for me, but on my skin. it is overshadowed by a B.O. stink. I like a fragrance that dares to be dirty, but this is a persistent note that to me that is hard to overlook, which isn’t cool because I can tell there’s wonderful work underneath.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by Sezyvex 2015-11-27

Can someone please explain the difference between DH-DHI-DHP? Which one is similar to Valentino Uomo? If I already have VU, is it worth shedding cash on a similar fragrance?

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by xopreciseox 2015-11-27

This is a simple review! If you like old school scents from the 60s,70s,80s but think they're dated well this is the solution. This is a high quality classical fragrance made with modern ingredients. This scent has a natural orange,cedar,earth,spicy gunpowder. Those ingredients I just said smell very realistic in this fragrance. There is also a touch of old school barbershop/aftershave vibe going on. I guess it's from the vetiver or whatever the hell these perfumers put in fragrances. Lol.

Projection 8/10
Longevity 8/10
Scent 10/10

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Lucbyrnes 2015-11-27

Not so sure why so many are hating this. It's a well blended scent with good longevity. It is a bit sweet for my liking but that's fine, that's kind of the trend nowadays. I get the feeling most people wanted to dislike this before even giving it a proper chance. Pretty dumb if you ask me. It'll be funny in a few years when this gets reformulated to see all the folks hating on this now talking about how great it used to be.

For me, it's a solid 7/10.

It's a Guerlain and the quality is definitely there.

Someone below mentioned an "ashtray in a French cafe" smell in this...upon first hearing that description I thought "Ugh...what a horrid fragrance this must be!". Well...with an open mind and my eyes closed, I inhaled the fragrance off my wrist about a half hour after daubing it on...and that description is so accurate! Some people have a real talent for describing fragrances in such a way that I really "get" what they are talking about. The ashtray part is somewhat disconcerting at first but the French aspect of the description calls to mind beautiful European women wearing expensive perfumes whilst sitting at an outdoor cafe, smoking long slim cigarettes in even longer elegant cigarette holders.
Close your eyes, open your imagination and see what comes to mind!

La Nuit Tresor Lancome by Heleniko 2015-11-27

Praline,caramel,cofee,vanila-perfect combination for cold autumn and winter days. I simply love it!

Morn to Dusk Eau D`Italie by Suzifun 2015-11-27

Surprised there aren't many reviews here. This is a lovely non cloying, non gaggy stuck in your throat vanilla. Very gentle but sweet in the way honey is sweet. Reminds me a little bit of lostmarch lann ael without the milky cereal note. This one is angelic, bordering on gourmand.

Agree with the previous reviewer. Very little sillage. Skincent mainly. Might explain the lack of reviews. No one's going to run out and buy it if they can't smell it on you, and it's a hard one to recommend for that reason. Still very nice though. Listed as a floral woody musk, but I get barely any floral, no wood, and no musk, although I have been anosmic to musk before.

The Phantom of the Opera Parlux by Gigi The Fashionista 2015-11-27

The Phantom of the Opera Isn't There Inside My Perfume

I won this perfume in an ebay auction. Only 3 notes in thsi fragrance: orange blossom, jasmine and ylangylang. The jasmine is very strong. It's a jasmine bomb. I happen to love jasmine so I'm ok with that. This scent blender with the other flowers: orange blossom and ylangylang, make it a floral fragrance. No fruits, no musk, no animalic notes, no patchouli, no incense, no amber or wood notes. It's all about flowers. However, there may also be "hidden" unlisted notes of cinammon and vanilla. I could detect some cinammon and a little vanilla (probably as a base note). I'm a big floral frag fan but oh how I wish they had included a dominant red rose scent. To my sense of smell this doesn't recreate the feel or the Phantom of the Opera Broadway musical. There should be a rose in this perfume. The Phantom's signature flower was a red rose, the same rose he gave Christine in her dressing room after her debut. I wish this perfume had been more complex with more of a Gothic romantic flair, something more theatrical, mysterious, and with a sinister feel. I get more of a Phantom of the Opera feel to Krizia's Teatro Alla Scala than I do with this. So in the end, this isn't anything to go nuts about. It's a jasmine perfume with some spicy cinammon and some sweet vanilla. It's very sweet and girly and definitely not unisex. I would recommend this for casual wear day time wear although it would still be appropriate for evening wear, but not formal evening wear, casual evening wear. I like it but I'm not as impressed with it as I was with Krizia's Teatro.

Miss Dior Le Parfum Christian Dior by perfumeproblem777 2015-11-27

Alright, I have to add another review for this masterpiece. This is my fall/winter signature, everyone I've ever dated knows me for this scent. It's warm amber, patchouli, and deep vanilla that wraps you up in an embrace and stays with you all night long. The patchouli took a little getting used to, but after trying it out a few times I was hooked. It's mature, sweet, sophisticated, sexy, and everything I could want in a signature. It is my number one most - complimented fragrance, for men and women. This scent just smells like me now, and I will always have a bottle in my collection.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by Mrza 2015-11-27

Didn't know about the vintage one or been reformulated.
Just tried yesterday, as I wore Dior Homme Intense and also on the left wrist has sprayed DHI for me to joy and it was at 9AM. And about 3PM went to the mall and spray this Armani Code on my right wrist.. (Knowing that Armani Code such a must item to frags lover, Hahhha pity me never I had a chance to let my self to sniff it, but this time yeaaah).

The opening is joyful feeling cold and clean. Feels like flawless. (To my nose I found it isn't unique scent). And voila.. After 1-2 hours the scent become skin scent and soon I didn't detect whether it's Armani Code on my right wrist, it has gone :-/ but about on my left wrist I still even could feel and has something to sniff till I got back home at 10PM.

Scent: nice, clean (safe scent but not unique if youre into unique scent)
Longevity: 4/10

Not a hate but just not for me.


Black Bvlgari by alaub 2015-11-27

While I really do enjoy Black a lot, I'm not as impressed with it as I thought I would be. However, it will serve the purpose that I had intended it for. This was a blind buy, which I chose the take a chance on due to the high ratings. My husband is not into colognes whatsoever, but I saw how many good ratings this had, and that it could be worn by women also. So I thought, if he doesn't like it, at least I can wear it. While I do enjoy its prominent leather notes, the smell is much softer than I thought it would be. Also, there is a very noticeable smell of rubber in the concoction that I'm not very fond of, making me feel that as a woman, I won't be able to use this. However, because of its light smell, I know my husband will be more willing to wear it when I ask him to for dinner parties and family events. The sillage stays close to the body, and the longevity lasts about 4-6 hours. For the price, I am happy with the purchase, but am still slightly disappointed in the overall scent.

Oud Santal Brecourt by pravda48 2015-11-27

This is not a real review, I apologize, but THANK YOU THANK YOU Zoka & co. for adding it, eee I'm so excited! :D This is one of the smoothest spiced sandalwoods of all time. I adore it. Will try to give a proper review soon but I WANT it so.

Very unisex, utterly swoon worthy. This collection from Brecourt was sourced from some of the most delicious pure oil essences around the word; smelling the santal in this, I believe it!

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson by Jmalone84 2015-11-27

This had a synthetic sweetness to it which I did not enjoy. I was hoping for a warm, earthy patchouli but what I got was a synthetic syrupy patchouli with papyrus and quite a lot of vanilla. To my nose there was no balance or depth to the composition. I hate to say that it smelled cheap but it did. Had none of the class or warmth I was hoping for. But still, valiant effort. I do agree that this is not the typical celebrity fragrance, I can see where they were going with it. Perhaps I just don't 'get it'. I am a firm believer in the power of first impressions, and that you should go with your first instinct (it makes life a lot easier). But maybe I will try it again. After all, you can feel differently about perfumes on different days. Some of my favourite perfumes it took me a while to enjoy (Lolita Lempicka for instance). All in all, it's not terrible, but I really didn't enjoy it.

Celebrate Coty by Marie69 2015-11-27

Coty´s Celebrate is nice. Lemon and vetiver. Florals and herbs and vetiver are not listed but I smell alot more than citrus and fruit. There is a cumin note, or coriander, maybe. Or cardamom. Anyhow do try this one as to me it is fresh and not cloying at all. I rate this 8 out of 10. Humble and inexpensive. I am trying vintage cologne spray .5 oz bottle.

Colonia Club Acqua di Parma by periquito89 2015-11-27

The mint atracted me to it, and the green bottle was only a plus. The mint is clear and is one of the best, if not the best mint I got so far. Too bad when I'm not paying attention to it the overall feeling is of a nondescript scent, a bit heavy, a bit synthetic, not in harmony with what I thought it would be. I own assoluta and essenza, and unfortunatelly, I think its essenza that is mixed here. Good mint, good color, but a misfire.

Loud for Her Tommy Hilfiger by Bigsly 2015-11-27

I can see why some men like this scent, though I don't find anything outstanding about it and would rather wear other "rose scents," such as Potion Royal Black, Acteur, etc. There is good dynamism here among the litchi, rose, and patchouli, but the biggest problem is that the sillage comes and goes, so I catch a faint waft every once in a while. Next time I'll spray more and report back. As things stand, I don't mind having it, obtained at a "bargain bin" price, but I would certainly swap it for something I think I'd rather have, and I can't imagine wearing it more than once a year.

Simply Belle Exceptional Parfums by GrandmaGaga 2015-11-27

Like mostly everyone else, I got this as a sample from along with a $20 off coupon, which brings the price down quite a bit...I like the smell; it smells like damp hair that's just been washed with Prell shampoo! Very pretty, very light, very feminine. I think it would be perfect for a "tween" girl.

The Peradam Apoteker Tepe by lilalina 2015-11-27

On first apply it comes across very dirty animalic and leathery, must be the Orris root.. It gives a weird animalic sweetness mixed with a slight floral note of Jasmine. Dry down is less dirty, more powdery Iris-like.

Sauvage Christian Dior by MyCoh_JayRo 2015-11-27

This is one of those times I really wish I hadn't read all the reviews before I smelled the cologne. It kind of painted a bad image for me already. Well, I did smell it and it was fine. It didn't blow me away. But it's not disgusting. It's very peppery.

I see the bottle as being mainstream, but I don't think the scent is too mainstream. It reminds me of Hugo Boss' The Scent, or D&G's Intenso. It's good, not great, but it's good.

It's a masculine scent. I would wear it to a baseball game or to a dive bar. Would I purchase it? No, but only because I haven't tried it out yet and I'm curious to see what the dry down is like. Perhaps that's it's saving factor.

All and all for fragrance fanatics, I think this is the most anticipated, and now the most hated, fragrance of 2015. I think it's because of how good Dior's previous legendary colognes were/are, that people are so pissed off.

Alas all is not lost. I.e. I love Fahrenheit and Dior Homme Intense and the original Sauvage, but my fiancee hates those fragrances, but she love's this version of Sauvage, she gave it a 9/10. Outside of her, I've heard this receives compliments too. Perhaps there is something we're missing here, that those with less refined noses are picking up. I honestly suspect that is the case.

Initial Impression: 6/10 maybe a 7/10

Volupte Oscar de la Renta by Marie69 2015-11-27

Testing . . vintage spray 1.7 oz, EDT...Big marks for sillage, nuclear and longevity. Once it gets into your nose, it will stay there....A floral, fairly classic SG creation. Similar to some of SG´s others. A fairly heavy white floral, but something in it makes me smell it over and over. Maybe the musk. When it dries down, like an hour later, it is quite soft. This one needs to be applied in the tiniest amount though as they oldies were a force to be reckoned with. I personally prefer Oscar, but this one is more floral and less smoky. If you like bold white florals like Beautiful, you will like this also I think. Bottle has a great feel, really solid and heavy. To me, this is the kind of classic perfume that if you were in a womens washroom, randomly testing, 80% of the women would think this is OK, even if they didnt love it. It is a good price. If someone wants to trade this, my bottle is full 95% and in good condition, no box.

Eau de Cologne (2014) Helmut Lang by lilalina 2015-11-27

Lighter version of the Eau de Parfum and much more wearable, soapy and earthy patchouli. Lovely skin-scent.

Si Giorgio Armani by RayOfWind 2015-11-27

This bottle makes me laugh simply because of the cap. I don't know what but it reminds me of an apostrophe. Was that the intention?

Anyway, I have had a long history with Si just because the Top Note hits me harder than I could imagine a shot of a hard liquor would feel. Cassis, from my first and only experience, is a tough note to swallow. It is like someone bathed in Crown Royal or another hard liquor and decided to call it a day. I do like boozy scents, and this one is boozy in the opening.

As overwhelming as that Cassis was, I then decided to keep the perfume on my skin to let it mix with my chemistry. I have never smelt May Rose (regular rose?) but I do smell freesia and and something else that was floral, but overall, a floral cloud with spice and a little cassis left over. From experience, the middle notes were quite temporary. I am ok with that though.

The bottom notes come rather quickly, within an hour or two for me. The scent has changed from tavern girl to a lovely lady wearing something cozy. It is solely vanilla base, Patchouli non existent. Woody notes help break up the mix, slicing and dicing to change it up a bit.

Definitely not candy like "Prada Candy" or a fruit bomb like any means. It does not reach the hight of Flowerbomb or Bonbon in terms of sweetness. Si is sweet with a tartness to it. Can't comment on longevity or projection. I wouldn't go as far as to say this is a fruitchouli either (Rihanna Rebel Fleur). Different from my collection, worth a try to say the least! Give it some time, do not judge from the first spray like I did oh so many times. Cheers!

EDIT: Sort of reminds me of the Nest Perfume that has dark flowers painted in the background?

I have tested this on my skin and on clothing. This is such an amazing fragrance. The opening is really strong and smokey, and It was frightning to my friends when I first sprayed it on. I was intrigued immediately because I love woody scents. The scent settled down within half and hour and then it became woody and sweet on my skin. I then sprayed it on my cotton sweater and that's when this gorgeous perfume exploded! The sweet, warm scent that reminds me of a hot cup of Chai Tea but more creamy then spicy kept wafting up to my nose. Four days later the perfume still sits on my sweater catching every breeze and scenting it for everyone to enjoy. My friends who were taken aback from the first spray are in awe of this wonderful unique perfume. I LOVE YOU BULLETPROOF! I will spray you on my scarf and keep you close to me.

Litchee Kokeshi by DJJellyBean 2015-11-27

We need some reviews here!! :)

L de Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by starvega 2015-11-27

Really confusing marketing for this one, as there's nothing remotely beachy/aquatic about this scent at all. After a strong rubbery opening, this dries down to a unisex, burnt spiced vanilla. Recommended if you enjoy deep, slightly masculine scents. More suited to cold weather, when you want to wear something warm and comforting.

Oud Delice Robert Piguet by rooa 2015-11-27

A seductive and mysterious fragrance.
For some reason I smell leather (which is not present in the composition) and honey (such a warm flavour!) Overall, a sexy combination.

212 Sexy Carolina Herrera by x_perfumecrazy_x 2015-11-27

Love this so much, dont know what it is but its perfect for me, i feel like me when wearing this, soft sweet gentle warm but a little spicy ;) so me love it ♡

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by x_perfumecrazy_x 2015-11-27

Want to try this ♡

Tuberose Gardenia Parfum Estée Lauder by malinkonija 2015-11-27

My favorite perfume ever created! Hope that this one will never be discontinued! This is way more gardenia, than tuberose, with just right amount of sweet vanilla. Very feminine and elegant. Never ending love <3

A*Men Thierry Mugler by mehdi zakeri 2015-11-27

This is one of my most complimented fragrances when I wear it. The women seem to really love it. very sexy.unique.enormous sillag.
جزء عطرهاییه که اکثرا خانوما ازم میپرسن. و دوسش دارن. پخش قوی. سکسی و منحصر به فرد.
من عاشقشم. اما از هر 2نفر یکی متنفره از این عطر. من دوسش دارم

Secret Wish Anna Sui by Jmalone84 2015-11-27

I thought I got dewy sweet white florals, clearly not. Would like to try again. My first impression was of Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie- had that same effervescent sugary quality- which must be from the citrus. Would like to try again. Might consider as a gift for my sister. It's quite playful and whimsical. I have a feeling she might enjoy it. One caveat, I thought the bottle was quite cheap & tacky looking, I tried it thinking it was Paris Hilton's Fairy Dust. It looks like one of those bottles a disney perfume for little girls would come in. Which could be sweet. Many of Anna Sui's bottles tend to be plastic cheap things that reminds me of toys. Maybe that's part of their appeal.

Spicebomb Digital Art Viktor&Rolf by Sarwari 2015-11-27

This is just a special edition of Spicebomb, not a flanker.

Fidji Parfum Guy Laroche by LizzieDee 2015-11-27

I was amazed to read all the notes in this perfume as the overall effect is fresh and green. In fact, it reminds me of the scent of cut grass.

Poison Christian Dior by mystica 2015-11-27

Poison is a very dark perfume. It's like dabbling with the occult. You may get (it may get you) what you want, but it comes for a price.

I don't think Poison is "just a perfume". It has played a big role (as part of my image) in seducing a guy; an experience which cost me 3 years of my life. Don't get me wrong, am not blaming our stupidity on a perfume, but please beware of the men who *loves* Poison. They are dark. And I've been dark too... "Normal guys" don't find Poison attractive. Because it's simply not a normal scent. (It's been introduced to f*ck the norms in the first place!)

Another member below says how a man just approaches and asks if he can kiss her while she was wearing this... If that doesn't say enough I don't know what does.

I'm not complimenting the perfume but warning you here. If your purpose is to seduce, go on. Beware of your target profile that's it. I don't think you can seduce a homely king by playing the queen bitch herself... You can only introduce Poison later into the game, as a sauce. Where you are sure that you are totally in control...

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by gregk 2015-11-27

I love Pure Havane. I sampled it and then bought a bottle of Insurrection II Wild after reading it was '95% similar' or something. While it's very close, I found Wild more feminine, softer, and more honey than tobacco, and it's the sharper tobacco and cherry (and the quality of these notes) that makes this scent superior to Insurrection II Wild. Strangely, I've received several compliments when wearing Wild, but none with PH. Oh well!

Jeanne Lanvin Scandal Lanvin by rostov14 2015-11-27

I love freesia note in the perfumery. And Anne Flipo is one of my favourite noses. Will the accords match the promise? The promise of the scandal.
Looking forward to tasting that. Enticing!

Allure Sensuelle Eau de Toilette Chanel by Jmalone84 2015-11-27

So mine smells different than the ones currently available to test in store. Not sure if the fresher ones are a different formula, or if mine has aged considerably. Perhaps a combination of both. The EDTs in the store are very different from the EDP. They are very light, sillage and longevity is unimpressive, and they definitely smell more 'fresh' than anything else. My EDT is darker in colour (I suspect it is on the turn), and is more similar to the EDP except not quite as potent. I actually prefer mine with a bit of age on it, have had all sorts of compliments and it lasts for ages. The review down there about the 'perfect patchouli' was right. I have come to appreciate both the EDP & EDT equally. EDT can be worn during the day and EDP for night. (If you're a hardcore fan like me). It is certainly a unique smell. There is what I can only describe as an ozonic element to it. Alluring and sensual indeed. Chanel doesn't 'go off' like other perfumes.

Givenchy Play Intense Givenchy by jean02 2015-11-27


Sexier the D&G The One.

Young. Playful Vibe.
A mix between D&G The One + CH Men + La Nuit de l'Homme

For a date. or evenings. Fall/Winter

Perfect. Manly. 10/10.

Good Life Davidoff by Ramy salah 2015-11-27

A scent that combine a fresh with heavy notes to project nicely and get you compliments all the way especially women.

Coco Mademoiselle Parfum Chanel by elizabeth.grayton 2015-11-27

I wore this ten years ago. I loved it then but left it because I became bored with the warm vanilla sweetness.

Several months ago I was passing through an airport and a walked past a lady pushing Chanel fragrances. She smelt delicious.

"What is that you are wearing?", I said.

"Why, Coco Mademoiselle my darling!"

Sometimes fragrance invokes memories and pulls you back into another part of your life. I feel that way about this. It's a young lady, sweet enough to eat and too beautiful to tire of.

I'm glad I found you again.

Ambre Tigré Givenchy by nightcutter 2015-11-27

I agree with katemax. The Perfume Parlour version is lovely.

Incanto Shine Salvatore Ferragamo by Pinksugarplum03 2015-11-27

I just bought this fragrance, it smells so nice! It really does smell like Victoria's secret bombshell. I can't wait to wear it during the warmer months

J.Crew No. 57 Arquiste by atlaseetschristmas 2015-11-27

This is a nice unisex vanilla for 20 bucks. Just don't go into it expecting something more. When I first tried this i was turned off because I was expecting something much darker, heavier, and boozier. There are woods and smoky peaty whiskey notes, but the drydown is all about vanilla. A woodsy, cinnamon-kissed vanilla that is perfectly cozy, unisex, and lasts all day. Nothing essential, but very wearable and pleasing.

Amarige Mariage Givenchy by dinceraysin 2015-11-27


Ambre Tigré Givenchy by taabbatkhairan 2015-11-27

أفضل ماأعجبني من هذا المجموعة الجميلة والتي تبحث عن خير الحلول " الوسط "
ويعيبها حقيقة : ارتفاع سعرها ، وثباتها المخيب

Diva Emanuel Ungaro by Carolann59 2015-11-27

Bought a bottle in '81, I thought...soon I realized I smelled like a dead animal wrapped in insect spray. But, I can't wear Civet and I applaud anyone who can!

Modern Muse Le Rouge Estée Lauder by elizabeth.grayton 2015-11-27

I smelled this first in my local Boots store and it smelt warm and sweet and inviting.

My daughter gave me a bottle as a Christmas gift from my curiosity overcame me and I felt I just couldn't wait for Christmas and had to open the box and consume it!

Unfortunately, I realised too late that it's not for me. It has a lingering dry down that has a synthetic, cheap and trashy feel; reminiscent of a drugstore brand and a silage that makes me want to shower and wash it away! I feel there is too much going on with this fragrance as if the "nose" decided to throw in as many notes as possible and the result is something unbelievably overwhelming but not in a complex and interesting sense, but like when a child mixes three or four of their mothers perfumes together and they each battle for prominence but you are left with nothing to enjoy.

I will try and see if I can love it, even a little.

I didn't try the original, and I applied this one about half an hour ago. It seems linear, other than perhaps the first minute or two. It's dusty/dry, a little sweet, and doesn't have much dimensionality to it. but the smell is pleasant. I get the rose, muted spice, and wood notes - it strikes me as quite formal. I think I might grow to really like it, but so far it seems like it would be best used for layering purposes. Fortunately, nothing comes across as overtly "synthetic," and it's not animalic.

Good Life Davidoff by MAURO 2015-11-27

Provavelmente o melhor perfume que já tive.
Grande perda à perfumaria mundial sua descontinuidade.
Espero encarecidamente que relancem.

Uma pena ter descontinuado.
Era elegante e complexo. Discreto e marcante.

Gostei muito deste perfume.
Apesar de ser muito intenso logo ao aplicar, seu aroma não é muito marcante.
A longevidade e sillage são baixas.
A composição de aromas é perfeita; um ótimo exemplar para dias e noites quentes.

Calyx Clinique by bronwen80 2015-11-27

I remember hating this when I was younger, but Ulta had some freebies and I decided to give it another try..... So glad I did!!! It's fresh, clean and sweet all wrapped into one! As a general rule I hate green scents, but this is amazing. I've worn gourmands for years but this has swayed me :)

Hermes Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche Hermes by meysam vazifeh 2015-11-27

نیاز به توضیح زیاد در خصوص این عطر نیست
عطری تابستانی
بسیار ترشو تلخ و آبدار و دوست داشتنی

بیشتر از اینکه بوی پرتقال بده بوی لیمو تازه میده

در کارای شاداب تابستانی قیمت مناسب ، روی دو تا برند میتونید همیشه حساب باز کنید
ایسی میاکی

در کارهای گرون کرید و آکوا دی پارما کارشون حرف نداره

در خصوص این عطر هم باید به عرضتون برسونم که ابتدا با بوی لیمو ترش و پرتقال و کمی فلفل صورتی روبرو میشید

فلفل صورتی فقط نقش افتتاح رو در این عطر ایفا میکنه
وهمون اول کار حس میشه و بعدش کلا محو میشه
که شاید همین جا تعدادی از دوستان رو یاد تق هرمس بیندازه
ولی خیل یزود عوض میشه مسیرش

بعد از این عطر کاملا خطی میشه و تغییران کاملا ضعیف هستند و میشه راحت نادیده گرفتشون بوی چوبی عطر اگر یکم زیاد تر میشد به نظرم کار بسیار بهتری میشد

ارزش خرید
اگر به عطرای ترش و تلخ و طبیعی علاقه دارید کار بسیار خوبیه

پخش بو : متوسط
ماندگاری : 5 تا 7 ساعت
استایل عطر : روزانه
روحیات عطر : سرزندگی و شاداب

Musk Al Sheikh Al-Rehab by abdullahnoonari 2015-11-27

have this love this
creamy flowery

Malaia Hollister by m_mtz40 2015-11-27

My nieces absolute fave. She's 25 n excellent taste. She says it's long lasting too. She says she bot since 2005 so it's not 2014. I normally do not like lavender but this is dreamy! Also it's vaguely familiar but can figure since its out of my regular style. It is gorgeous tho!!

This is maybe the best leather based fragrance that you can wear in the summer. A very authentic leather blended to perfection with citrus.
A masterpiece in my opinion.

RiRi Rihanna by astamm62 2015-11-27

I like this scent, very girly.Reminds me of Katy Perry's Meow and Body Fantasies Pink Vanilla Kiss.

Girl Pharrell Williams by atlaseetschristmas 2015-11-27

I think when I first tried this I had a bit of a vendetta against it considering the fact that CDG is my favorite house and I despise Pharrell quite a bit. Trying it a few months later, It's actually quite nice.

I detect a dry blend of vetiver, violet, iris, dry cedar, a touch of sandalwood and a prominent fig note (despite the fact that its not listed). It's modern and clean in the same way that stephen jones is, sort of rooty-dry-floral with weird chemical detergent overtones. It starts out very strong but quickly turns to a muted slightly salty green powdered skin scent. Kind of contradictory in nature, but it is CDG afterall.

Definitely not a "must-have" from the line, but I do, however begrudgingly, enjoy this. I could see this being nice in fall or spring.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur Juicy Couture by Rochellesc 2015-11-27

Sprayed this on my wrist almost three hours ago at a Beauty Brands store and I'm still sniffing it every few minutes just to see 1) if it's still there, and 2) if it's morphed into the usual treacle that these fruity florals seem to do on my skin. Happy to report that it's still there and still lovely, fruity, and just a tad spicy. Might have to break down and join the Juicy Club!

I love the Harajuku girls, and this scent was my instant favorite from the Pop Electric collection. I love the freshness of the apple, which blends beautifully into the other notes. Its a lively scent that lifts you up, and it reminds me of the energy of music. Great job Gwen!!

Hesperides Fresh by wesleyhclark 2015-11-27

An excellent grapefruit scent at a good price, but, uh-oh... Longevity is less than an hour on my skin...

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric G Harajuku Lovers by dreamdreamdream 2015-11-27

This pop electric version of G is very creamy, with a lovely coconut scent. Definitely one of my favorites I have ever purchased. The bottle is beyond cute! A mini Gwen Stefani! LOVE. I do wish it lasted longer and was a bit stronger (only criticism). Harajuku Fans - go pick up this set at HSN (less than $50 for all 5 pop electric girls)!!!

Haute Voltige L`Artisan Parfumeur by Happyme2009 2015-11-27

Adding to my previous review:
I just realized what is probably happening here, and I noticed that only because I sprayed the Haute Voltige in the morning and decided not to wash it off until it goes away on its own.... If you have patience to wait, and you survive the masculine phase, the base is rewarding as it's becoming more aromatic and a bit sweet.... To me it brings the memory of Enchanted Forest. Bernard Duchafour thought to use some of his previous success with the Vagabond ? No black currant but the juniper berries, pomegranate and balsam fir create quite a similar effect.
I think many negative reviews came from people who didn't wait for the drydown .
Longevity is good, silage low.

Lil Angel is a very sugary-sweet scent that is not too overpowering. The dry down is really nice. I LOVE the Harajuku Lovers fragrances and was so happy to find the new collection on HSN (very good deal on the whole set). I must say the longevity and sillage are truly lacking. Nonetheless, adorable packaging and a wonderful dreamy scent!

Soft Al-Rehab by MoreScentsThanDollars 2015-11-27

Such a happy surprise!!! For a very low price you can enjoy the deliciously sweet delights of perfume similar in nature to Lira and L de Lolita, No one Misses out!
Al-Rehab make lovely perfumes that even the lowest income can afford, I think thats marvelous.
This is a adorable low priced perfume oil that My Lira loving girl friend in Netherlands told me she thought I may love. Ive got it now and she was so right! We both laugh at our selves about the similarities to Lira and the price difference.
This is a little beauty and I highly recommend if you've got a strict lower budget but want to feel special, You love gourmand, You love super sweet! try Al-Rehabs Soft.
If you not love, you've not wasted a fortune but my bets you'll love this as much as my friend and me :)

Black Suede Touch Avon by nm4 2015-11-27

It smells ok but longevity and projection- zero!!

Start very pungent,smoky, thanks to incense. I like the middle part when the other notes begin to evolve...The opening is not my favorite part, but after a few minutes begins to get interesting and mystic. After about one hour it proves decisively: Resinous,smoky,almost like I was in a house in the mountains with incense in the distance but always present, with fir trees close reading a good book. This fragrance I like, is well made and long lasting on me. Council to try for lovers of perfumes Annick Goutal.

Sillage: 6/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
Scent: 8.5/ 10

Overall: 7.5/10

French Leather Memo by Vlud 2015-11-27

This is a very refined leather scent. An elegant blend of lime and suede with a very watery rose that joins in perfectly. I see it as a feminine scent and perfect for a warmer weather.
Beautiful projection & sillage.

A sweet, yummy, tender and full bodied fairy perfume...

I used to wear the masculine version called "Au Masculin", and it was my signature scent back on the days... I knew this one on 1997, when the original old formula was just launched, my auntie got it and I remember it was so strange but so attractive at the same time... so when Au Masculin came out I was very curious about it and it became on my favourite fragrances ever...

But let's talk about this new re-launched Le Premier Parfum...

It's almost the same scent than the original from 1997, the only one difference is the cherry note, which in this one is kind of prominent on the first impression... the original is darker on the beggining...

I'm very happy with this last addition to my collection, it's weirdy medicinal and sweet anise, floral, with powdery undertones of iris and sticky violet... strong licorice and vanilla noticeable from top to bottom... and the drydown is to die for, and very similar on this phase to Au Masculin (or maybe is my skin chemistry) kind of a powdery vanilla with licorice and yummy praliné added to the final spirit when it lingers on skin...

Lasting power, AMAZING 10 hours +

Compliment getter

Very noticeable, perfect for winter and as a night/evening fragrance...

Gorgeous perfume, and one of the best creations ever, since its controvertial and strange smell, giving place to a tender, inviting and seductive fragrance.

Love it.

Isis Agonist by the big totoro 2015-11-27

This is my favorite perfume out of everything I own and out of everything I've ever experienced. It is just gorgeous! I've never smelled anything that can compare to it. This is the most amazing deep, rich, complex fragrance. The overall impression is a multifaceted intense caramelized amber. It is so seem-less in the blending that you cannot pick out the individual notes.
I sampled a few of Agonist's frags this year but none impressed me like this. So far this seems to be the house's "one hit wonder".
Excellent for special occasions and evenings out. Also great when you feel like you could use a pick me up. Longevity and sillage are up there with Amber Absolute. This is worth every penny! 10/10 all the way!

Vince Camuto Femme Vince Camuto by cdhar2 2015-11-27

I love this perfume!I got a great deal on a 1.7 ounce for $20 at Marshall's. It is very fresh and aquatic. It has a little musk, but doesn't seem manly at all to me. A very safe scent for everyday use. I just wish it were longer lasting.

Red Musk Oud The Body Shop by girasolina 2015-11-27

At that price I can not understand how anyone can think that there is even a drop of true oud !As synthetic oud does not suck but it is impossible to propose it in the Middle East if you do not want to be teased or reported for this invention gourmand ! It would be like trying to sell plastic bananas in Costa Rica !

Gucci Oud Gucci by speqx 2015-11-27

I love it, I'm enticed by these oudy, oriental fragrance. When I smell this I smell opulence & ceremony although I do feel it's more of a women's fragrance & Gucci Intense Oud is more of a man's fragrance

Decadence Marc Jacobs by Jomoves 2015-11-27

The bottle looks great in real life and the references to Si are onbvious. But what really puts me off is the advert with the model practically shagging the bottle and rolling around all over the place. She needs to calm down.

This is a very elegant and understated Tuberose. Very feminine and classic. Clean and floral. Not too overpowering, not a strong projection however it has a decent longevity.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille Guerlain by Yankee599 2015-11-27

I first smelled this gem at the guerlain boutique in champs elysees, Paris ...

While i Heard so many great things about tonka imperial, I decided to sample that one first and it actually didn't do much for me. Spiritueuse double vanille is the only fragrance that blew me away out of the l'art et la matiere line. Now don't get me wrong this line has some great fragrances such as cuir beluga or angelique noire but SDW is the only one that had a wow effect on me.

Very luxurious,sophisticated not overly sweet boozy vanilla (which makes it unisex to me) coupled with benzoin and a noticeable cedar in the opening.

The melange of Floral notes and incense comes forward 30 minutes later in to the composition. While still maintaining that great balance i get some pepper here and there that gives it a mouthwatering kick...A masterpiece.

In the dry down you are pretty much left with vanilla and incense with a little bit of rose while that booziness from the very opening is still lingering around weaker though ...

Projection and longevity are both average but you dont need to reapply this as even in the drydown the scent will still be noticeable paired with your own body smell and keeps you confident .

Best for fall's romantic dinners or if you want to make an impression to the opposite sex.


Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace by scentfollower 2015-11-27

So It was given to me today as an early Xsmas gift and I love it.Also I was sampling TF oud wood and the latter is probably better ingredience-wise but the smell is very similar.It made my day.

CK be Calvin Klein by speqx 2015-11-27

This fragrance smells like bubble bath. I find it unique. I definitely feel the presence of florals

Couture Couture Juicy Couture by Rebelrebel 2015-11-27

This is musky and sweet at the same time in my opinion. It reminds me of a grape lollipop, the plum seems more grape-ish than actual plum. I get a little bit of the honeysuckle, jasmine and perhaps amber and vanilla, but none of orange or grapefruit.
To me this is a sweet grape musk. It's not an overpowering musk though, and I really enjoy this fragrance. The bottle looks really nice too. I think Juicy Couture bottles are always pretty. I'd say this fragrance can suit all ages, and would be suitable for both daytime and nighttime.

Provocative woman Elizabeth Arden by myram7 2015-11-27

This is an ok fragrance. I wanted to love it, since I got for $10 at TJ MAXX. But the more I wear it, the opening reveals that it's quite florally-cloying. The middle and dry down are beautiful, the spicy warmth of it is my favorite part.
And it does last awhile. But that opening is too much to bear...if florals are your thing, then you will really enjoy this fragrance.

I was devastated to find out Twilight Woods was discontinued & the price is on the rise daily. I found this totally accidentally doing some
Black Friday shopping at Ross and I found this for $10! This is a 99% identical fragrance to Twilight Woods. So vanilla-ey but SO warm and comforting!! Absolutely amazing fragrance and this is only $20-$25 on amazon for the biggest bottle.
10/10 - (No exaggeration)

Roma per Uomo Laura Biagiotti by joe38 2015-11-27

A classy men's fragrance!
I personally am glad that even today it's available days of perfume.
Even if only one treadmill - called "light" - versions !!!
At the time of publication there was a "freak" among the scents that time!
Almost smell went against the trend in the 90s!
But more striking and more unique phenomenon in itself was a civilized way!
I think in today's world begins to come alive when a "retro" feeling great fashion and may pass this veteran fragrance for today's fashion world perception and an occasional perfume last!
I think it is from the original release and now is 10 / 10 !!!
The revised version I think is slightly underperform, but it is still a "bright spot" in addition to today's fragrance !!
Heritage Classic!

Touch for Men Fred Hayman by karlovonamesti 2015-11-27

Without a doubt, Touch (Parlux vintage) smells like a slightly stronger, slightly smoother 80s vintage Brut. The only difference is that instead of skanky musk ambrette, its musk is on the cleaner, mossier side, though it does have a decent warmth to it. Its lavender isn't as sharp and minty, either - it smells softer and has a light, somewhat bitter coriander note tucked in next to it. Its coumarin is dry and diffuse, only faintly sweet, with a cool talc effect, which reminds me of Rive Gauche PH. Lovers of traditional barbershop fougeres must try this, although unfortunately I can't comment on the silver-capped reformulation, which is no longer made by Parlux.

Hypnose Senses Lancome by hissyknit 2015-11-27

This was a blind buy. I was feeling rebellious and looking to break out of my usual white floral rut.

This is a honeycomb wrapped in a flower with a touch of cream. Beautiful and so very different from others.

Passion Struck Victoria`s Secret by alex227 2015-11-27

I like this fragrance but I think it smells kind of juvenile. I wouldn't wear it.

Orange Cream Pop Demeter Fragrance by The Blue Eyed Gay Prince. 2015-11-27

Listen guys i understand your love and desire for an "orange creamsicle" type perfume but this cheap useless crap is NOT your answer!

yeah it has a **fairly** nice scent but its so flat and it lasts 30 min (Max!).

guys, if you REALLY love orange creamsicles and you want to smell like orange and cream then you need to look elsewhere.

i too LOVE this type of scent and i have tried at least TEN different perfumes with these types of notes and i always would dream of finding my orange creamsicle dream perfume.

and now i have!
YES it is VERY expensive,
and it retails at about 170$ per ONE once!!!
but it is orange creamsicle heaven in a bottle!
its all made with pure oils....
only the best of the best.

its also alot more complexed then two notes of vanilla and orange.

its the best orange creamsicle scent i had EVER smelt.

plus, it lasts like a dream.

if you guys wanna know what it is and where i get it from....then go ahead and send me a message and ill be happy to help you guys.

i just rather not post it here cuz its a small secret of mine and i only want to share it with ppl that really love the orange and cream scent and are in search for it.

thanks :)

Intense Cafe Montale by Eos 2015-11-27

Delicious! The first half of Intense Cafe (IC) reminds me a lot of Guerlain's Gourmand Coquin. The notes of IC combine to conjure an olfactory illusion: one of rich, floralized chocolate. The rose is powdery, velvety soft, slightly fruity and pink toned. Combine that with the luxuriously creamy vanilla note and the dark bitterness of coffee and VOILA!: Chocolate. After about the 30 minute mark the chocolote hologram fades and most of what I get is a vanillic rosey musk.

Versus Time For Relax Versace by rostov14 2015-11-27

I agree that Versus Time To Relax smells in the drydown a little like She Velvet Forest Wood by Dsquared2. But if SVFW is a refreshing piny blast,
VTTR has a soft woody touch like a hug from a friend, reassuring and relaxing.
Pleasant green smell, a little spicy, fresh and warm at the same time. Perfect for the summer. Perfect for meditation. Mantra versus Nature. Love that.

Girl Pharrell Williams by Lazaro 2015-11-27

Macy's have a gift set of this....full bottle and travel size for .....35 bucks...
I was like... !omggg this can be real!
But then when a tried...fuck men...this is almost so disturbing as my nose smell like a rotten peanut butter jar,the blast of flowers is tremendous and the cedar is very potent

The One Royal Night Dolce&Gabbana by dolcethadon 2015-11-27

@acidnbase - Thanks for the info! Please test this fragrance out some more, and give us a more detailed review.. I am very very interested in this fragrance.. Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men with sandalwood, that sounds great! I hope it will also be available in the west..

Avon Luck La Vie Avon by sarage 2015-11-27

Inexpensive, yet gorgeous and luxorius strawberry scent.. something I was once trying to find. The strawberry smells real and delicious, it's not one of those teeny bubble gum fragrances. This has class and fits a woman of any age - if that matters.
Avon has done great job with Luck La Vie.

The One Royal Night Dolce&Gabbana by acidnbase 2015-11-27

okay folks, i got the chance to test this one, it is already available here in Saudi Arabia.. this comes in EdP concentration and i would say it still retains the original The One DNA but this comes off a bit fresh and airy because of the more pronounced cardamom and basil.. Sandalwood and cedar are obviously there "replacing" the tobacco from the original.. i can't gauge the performance yet but will be reporting back soon as i will be testing it more.. i didn't care about the original The One and its flankers but i might get a bottle of this..

Eau des Merveilles Hermes by LeonieB 2015-11-27

I couldn't agree more with afartherroom - it's the amber gris here that defines this airy, natural and yet strange scent, especially since the orangey opening is so fleeting. On me at any rate!

The presence of amber gris notes or accords I find very distinctive, and very open to interpretation - to some it smells like your skin after a day on the beach (lovely....) but sad to say on me it smells like sweaty spit (not so lovely). I had exactly the same problem with Balmain Ambre Gris and also Dior Gris Montaigne. For me, it makes it difficult to pin this perfume down to an appropriate time or place - too much summer warmth brings out the animalic, but not enough warm spice, sweetness or wood to carry through winter chilly air. Perhaps this is one that has to appeal to your personality. I believe they call that a "signature scent"!

Not for me, but fascinating how fragrance behaves on different skins and in different minds!

Gelsomino Indiano L`Erbolario by lala-jaenner 2015-11-27

I like it! It's nice to wear a fragrance no one else wears and no one knows. I would say body cream is better that the perfume: smells sweeter, younger and less Samsara-like. And lasts for days on clothes.

Potion DSQUARED² by RobbieX 2015-11-27

Beautiful spicy and woody scent. A sort of a cross between: Visit, Dirty English, Derrick and Obsession. There must be cedar in this though it's not listed here. I have the EDP and it's warm and lovely. Potion is a brilliant winter scent that lasts with a very nice silage.

Xia Xiang Revlon by Moonflower2012 2015-11-27

This was an old favourite and I used to buy it on Ebay until a few years ago, when I got three bottles that were definitely 'off', so I don't buy it any more. I might, if I could find an EDP but the EDT seems to be past its sell by date. I took it as a sign that it's time to move on and have new experiences! So I'm trying lots of samples and decants to find my new signature. Maybe it's age, but my tastes are changing anyway.

Lady Emblem Montblanc by loveperfumes 2015-11-27

If you like roses, give it a try. This scent is associated with airports for me. Calm, light, elegant.The bottle outdoes the perfume.

Spicebomb Digital Art Viktor&Rolf by Sezyvex 2015-11-27

Seems alright but definitely prefer the original bottle and fragrance Spicebomb. They never really need a flanker I think. Anitodte is available... Surprisingly in the UK. The perfume shop and boots are selling it!!

L'Aimant Coty by Moonflower2012 2015-11-27

I love both L'Aimant and Chanel no.5. I was interested to read of the link between the two. I didn't think they were so alike, but then one day I caught a waft of the Chanel and smelled ... l'Aimant. Since then, it happens more and more. It's as if Coty, in L'Aimant, captured the way the Chanel No. 5 smells on my skin when I've been wearing it for an hour or two.

So now I have an economy version of Chanel for days when the complexity of the original is superfluous. I also have access to bath and body products that I can layer with the chanel, cheaply, without any clashes. I can use the l'Aimant perfume to extend the life of my bottle of Chanel no. 5.

L'Aimant was a perfume I liked as a teen, and it surprised me that I still like it now. If I could also find my other old favourites, Yardley Sea Jade and Revlon Xia Xiang, I'd be very happy indeed!

Angel Thierry Mugler by FruitDiet 2015-11-27

ANGEL Rewarded

In a Series of
Familiar Internet Postings
from a
Handsome Young Man
to Fellow Perfumistas

The last seven months have been the first time I've not had Angel since I was introduced to it years ago. My partner became transfixed with it after I told him to smell it in the store; he found it revolting, then fascinating, then wanted some, over the course of several months. He said it smelled like the butt crack of a rich guy with good taste. I sprayed a bunch on from the tester and he said it smelled good on me, and that we had to get some.

Wait, what? Was I dreaming?

After six years of marinating myself in Angel against the wishes of everyone else in my life, I have found a man that actually *requests* that I wear it? Previous boyfriends were forced to tolerate it while quietly wishing I wore either nothing or some modern ISO-E thing so they could better project their drab fantasies of faceless, conformist liberal hipster blandness onto me without distraction. Angel was practically a third person in the relationship, and I insisted on wearing it out of artistic allegiance to it but also out of contempt for the expected dilution of personality in the homosexual hipster dating scene. When I took a seven-month break from it, it was something of a depressed resignation to conformity.

After the happy event I wasted no time in getting another bottle. My Angel situation is perhaps too symbolically perfect to be believable. I clung to my Angel in the face of adversity like Samuel Richardson's Pamela clings to her virtue. Like Pamela, I was rewarded in the end with a man who loves me for it.

Lapidus Pour Homme Ted Lapidus by Darius A. 2015-11-27

Looking for nice, not offensive scent? Well, Ted Lapidus Pour Homme is not what you're looking for.
First time I tested it I sprayed it on my wrist. After half of an hour I put my jacket on. On the other day I was wearing this jacket and some other perfume for all day. But all I was able to smell was TLPH on my jacket, like I was wearing TLPH and nothing else. This is so strong and long lasting.
Something in drydown reminds me a bit of Zino Davidoff (patchouli?), but honey and rose there makes TLPH different. And it's much stronger than Zino. Carefull on a spray.

Dangerous Woman Bruno Banani by drooling tomcat 2015-11-27

Extremely sweet. It is in the cotton candy category. I smell black currant, coconut, and vanilla, all bathed into a vaguely alcoholic note.
The "Vanilla" soap from Le Petit Marseillais brand, the range currently on the market, gives off the same alcoholic note, so I think the vanilla ingredient is responsible for this state of affair.
In the dry-down, the fragrance settles into this thick, dark, sweet vanilla.

I guess there are tons of brands with this type of perfume in their repertoire.
In its entirety it is not bad and the adolescents seem to be most likely the target. Wearing it daily would be to tiring so, for me, this would be a one day per week fragrance.

I was a bit underwhelmed by this scent - I think I was expecting a little too much. Trying to be objective, so I will say that it is a lovely scent. At first, you get a very animalic orange blossom/neroli, that is very old school and deep and lovely. I just had a hard time appreciating it because I was expecting a burst of real life tuberose. The drydown involves more of the white florals - lily, tuberose, and sweet gardenia - and they are all buttered up by vanilla. I think it smells lovely - but it's a little heavy on the vanilla for me. I wish it was more the natural sweetness of white flowers instead of the heavy sweetness of vanilla. The lily and tuberose are there, but they are somewhat drowning in butter. The search for the perfect gardenia/tuberose scent continues! Also, something about this reminds me of Beyond Paradise.

Black Bvlgari by Little Prince 2015-11-27

It is said that that rarest of flowers grow in the strangest of places. In this case Black has been a phenomenal release that came out from a designer brand with an obnoxious marketing campaign and a bottle that self-suggests any potential buyer to believe he/she is buying some metropolitan cult fragrance.
Black is an oriental perfume that proves the fact that all great smells are both genderless and timeless. It possesses a sweet vanillic face, a resinous ambery allure, a bold dry woods backbone, a floral green aura and finally a special, avant-garde rubber accord. In short Black has depth but moreover smells unquestionably beautiful and is a generous, warm and imaginative perfume. If smelled in close ups it reveals a perfection to tiny details, if smelled from distance it provides comfort in the league of the few such as Caron PUH and Yohji Homme.
Created by Annick Menardo for Bvlgari, Black is perhaps her best perfume so far and one of the best designer scents of the last 20 years. Unluckily even to this day Black is being treated more as a cult fragrance and appeals to people that seek the peculiar and weird rather than people who want to smell great. Too bad since this should be treated like Shalimar.

Amouage Homage Amouage by Rerik 2015-11-27

Now this was the last fragrance on my list must try.
Amouage Homage is a very strong perfume oil.
Its smell is leaning more on the feminine side. I would say about 75% feminine. Rose and incense create an aura that reminds me of saffron. A slightly bitter, floral musky scent.
Overall very specific fragrance, not for everyone.

Spicebomb Digital Art Viktor&Rolf by stevenchkim 2015-11-27

The listed notes are exactly the same... A new frag? Sure it's not just the same juice in a "fancy" (not really) bottle? V&R should've neve discontinued Antidote, the dolts.

Vanille Yves Rocher by Minority Reporter 2015-11-27

The best smell ever!

J by Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston by Arlene-Beatrix 2015-11-27

Strange composition, to be honest with you. It is a bit sweet and a bit marine. Not my cup of tea.

Lady Emblem Montblanc by Arlene-Beatrix 2015-11-27

In short it's nice and simple fruity scent. Nothing extraordinary. Patchouli note is quite subdued so I guess it's a safe buy.

Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Victoria`s Secret by Minority Reporter 2015-11-27

Not vanilla at all. I use it and love it but I've to put it on too much- I mean really too much- to smell it.

Smells strikingly similar to L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme in its opening, with a bitter, grapefruit/yuzu aroma and even something of that "cat piss" note that's prevalent in Issey. It's a dry, bitter type of citrus smell, sharp and kind of rough. However, this is NOT a clone of L'Eau d'Issey. It quickly develops a much softer, and in my opinion, appealing dimension as a floral note very similar to the lotus/mimosa accord in Nautica Voyage emerges and takes control in the heart. That's not to say this necessarily smells like Voyage--because it lacks Voyage's big synthetic green apple --but it definitely smells like part of it. Everything works together pretty well, and Energetic Aromatic comes across as a very clean, semi-formal citrus/floral fragrance for men suited for spring and summer; think white button-down and khakis. The florals (or ivy and galbanum as listed in the pyramid) do a nice job of tempering the sharp citrus component and add some elegance to the composition, separating it from your standard, sporty style of citrus. Energetic Aromatic has strong projection and solid longevity, and seems appropriate for all ages. If you like some of the Issey Miyake fragrances, or things like Bergamotto Marino and Monsieur Balmain, you'll probably like this. Avoid if you're tired of the citrus genre or prefer your citruses sans flowers and on the loose, casual side. Thumbs up. 6.5--7/10

Uninhibited Cher by villey91 2015-11-27

The notes listed here in fragrantica are not completely correct. The official notes are:
-blend of casablanca lilies
-dried fruits
...I read that from Cher's statements about the perfume in 80's newspaper.

It's so sad that this is discnonitued. However, you can still find this scent on ebay in top condition. Not the cheapest price but I know some discontinued newer perfumes that sell a lot higher on ebay. I have many bottles of this so now I'm not worried. I'm waiting for Cher's new perfume which will launch sometime next year !

Uninhibited begins with strong aldehydes and fruity sweet rum and ylang ylang! Reminds me of honey or syrup or coca cola. But quickly flowers join in. I even smell some oakmoss and sandalwood in the beginning.
The scent's top & middle -stages are strong. Huge sillage, not unlike Chanel n.5 or Oscar by De La Renta. There actually is similarities with those two in the opening. But this is more sweet and sexy and not as clean. In a good way ! Words that pop in to my mind when I smell this would be: fabulous, diva, sparkly, diamonds, rock&roll...simply Cher.
In the middle stages (30 minutes after spraying) there is flowers(peony, geranium, lilies), amber, vanilla and tobacco.
The drydown is woody and sweet. Very musky vanilla. Super cozy and luxurious. Some people have said in some comments that the drydown in this is kind of like Shalimar's drydown but I'd say it's waaay more like Dior Addict, when speaking of these more mainstream vanilla fragrances. But mostly it reminds me of L'Artisan's Vanilia !

BTW the description of the bottles is not quite right here. Really there's: Pure perfume of 3,7ml, 7,5ml, 30 ml and 50ml ! EDT of 10ml, 45ml & 90 ml (splash and spray bottles) There was also body bath, lotion,"after bath body sensation" and body powder of it.
I have two(soon 3) 90 ml bottles of edT, both half used nowadays and the third will be unopened! Also two 45ml bottles of edT which are almost empty and two 3,7ml pure perfume bottles and one 10ml edT special edition bottle.

Cher also still wears this perfume ! She has a few bottles left and layers this with couple of pure vanilla perfumes(CSP's, Lavanila, L'occitane-to name a few) before her shows, I actually know this for a fact ;) And I also love to layer with those scents because the end result is magnificent !
Before Uninhibited, Cher used to layer Charles of The Ritz with a high end Vanilla perfume. My guess for the vanilla is Comptoir Sud Pacifique and/or Vanilia by L'artisan, because many sources has claimed so and also the vanilla in uninhibited is so much like the "Vanilia".

I totally recommend this perfume for everyone young and old who hasn't tried it. If you don't like it you can always sell your bottle to me! haha

Italian Cypress Tom Ford by lennard904 2015-11-27

I bought this fragrance to be my primary work scent. Be advised that it does smell very “similar” to Polo Green in that it is a woodsy scent but it is light years ahead of it in complexity. It is does not have an artificial smell and the Cypress is true to reality. I don’t get the pine-sol smell other people mentioned but this is a very “woody” (green like in a forest green) fragrance. It is a truly masculine scent (Outdoors guy think Elk Hunter) in my opinion and is worth every penny. That being said I just bought two 250 ML decanters last week one from Neiman Marcus and one from Nordstrom. Both sales associates said it was going to be discontinued which is what spurred the purchase. I called TOM FORD in Vegas and they stated that indeed there were plans to discontinue it but at the last minute those plans were scrapped. My suspicion is that it was due to the Oak moss limitations in the EU but in either case it will be in full production for some time to come. As of today there are 10 250 ml Decanters available through TOM FORD directly and several 50ml bottles as well. 11/25/15

Prada Candy Prada by Tracyarts 2015-11-27

I didn't think I'd like this fragrance at all with it having the name "Candy" and the top note being listed as caramel. Sugary gourmands aren't generally my cup of tea, because my body chemistry tends to lock onto the sugar notes and they usually go sickeningly sweet on me. But, there are rare exceptions.

I decided to give Prada Candy a good and thorough test one day at Ulta and was pleasantly surprised at how fast the caramel note faded down and the musk and benzoin notes pushed through into the foreground to cut the sweetness drastically.

I remembered I had a sample vial from a Sephora sampler box and gave it a few more trys before deciding that it was a perfectly wearable fragrance for me and spent the money on a full size bottle.

I don't have anything else like it in my fragrance collection, and it's something I enjoy wearing in cooler weather. On me, it's a sweet, resinous musk with some rich burnt-sugar caramel and vanilla notes. The powder is subtle, but there too. Which I also think helps tone down the caramel and keeps it from going syrupy on me.

Peau de Peche Keiko Mecheri by Pianomelody 2015-11-27

Dreamy,delicate and powdery..light as a cloud. I really like this perfume,covers me with his notes in perfect harmony, the white peach here is very well balanced. It evolves slowly in an enveloping aura dream ... This parfum gives me simplicity, freshness and lightness, it makes me feel peaceful, I think this may be fine unisex. This is a work of art by Keiko Mecheri. It deserves to enter my collection :). The sillage is soft, but the longevity is good. Great perfume.

Sillage: 5.5/10
Longevity: 8/10
Scent: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Linda na Dança O Boticario by susieqrj 2015-11-27

Same Fragrance of Linda. Just changed the bottle.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by Little Prince 2015-11-27

This is a fruitier and muskier Dior Homme in Eau de Parfum strength. All the avant-garde charisma and silken comfort of its brother is present here but in a more intensified and smoother version. A non-redundant addition to the Dior line and my wardrobe.

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