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Classic Patchouli Von Eusersdorff by Rschloss 2014-11-23

The way Von Eusersdorff settles is somewhat similar to Profumum's Patchouli (for me) although Von Eusersdorff is more earthy almost animalic and Profumum's is somewhat more commercialized & high-strung (although personally I still love both). Very comforting and true to form.

La Liturgie des Heures Jovoy Paris by Lana148 2014-11-23

Green, balsamic incense.

Light and safe, easy to wear. One of the least challenging incense fragrances I've encountered.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by riffjim4069 2014-11-23

I completely missed-the-boat on M7 and went the M7 Oud Absolu route prior to recently acquiring a bottle of M7 (reformulated). I find this version to be three-quarters similar to Oud Absolu--which is a good thing--but there are some differences. To me M7 is a classy, smooth, confident, masculine fragrance that has a lighly-sweetened cherry-cola vibe going on in the background. It's just a sexy drydown that makes even Homer Simpson more appealing to the ladies than Fabio.

I'm usually pretty good as describing how fragrances smell or how they make me feel, but I dumbstruck when it comes to this one. I love M7 OA, but I love this one even more. IMO, it has a little more of that cherry-cola thing going on along with being slightly woodier/oudier than the OA version. Whereas I get a slightly more barbershop (e.g., Rive Gauche) feel to M7 OA.

Longevity is 10-hours and it M7 projects above average on my skin. I'm very happy with the performance...just thought it would be a little more on the beastly side. Also, this is not a beastly medicinal/sweet oud frag like some of my Middle Eastern and niche oud perfumes; it's softer. However, it feels rich, smooth, a bit dark and certainly intoxicating. M7 is just a very well-done and interesting scent.

Herrera For Men Carolina Herrera by Radus 2014-11-23

I don't know why but I always come back to this fragrance. Maybe because I feel some tobacco, geranium?

I like it very much...

1 Million Paco Rabanne by Radus 2014-11-23

I really don't know why loads of guys use it? You can feel it everywhere and when you stay next to the person you start feel dizzy.
Very heavy fragrance, too much people use it.

Tresor Lancome by suzycurlyq 2014-11-23

I really like the smell of this and also most of the other Lancome perfumes but alas they give me a raging headache on first sniff. So I have to say no to this one as it just makes me sick. And No it is not really super powerful either so I wonder what is causing the headaches...

delicate nice fragrance...

Only found these Notes on Other Sites :
Top Notes : VIOLET Blossom, Anise, Melon, Peach
Heart Notes : Rose, Mimosa, Lily-of-the-Valley, Peony
Base Notes : Benzoin, Vanilla, Cedar, Sandalwood

Portrait For Men Paul Smith by Radus 2014-11-23

woody, spicy nice smell...

It's amazing. I love it. But you do know what it smells like right?
A&W Root Beer Soda.

Tell me Im wrong.

Myrrhiad Huitieme Art Parfums by theperfumedveil 2014-11-23

Nothing but myrrh. Soft warmth with a sweet vanilla. Completely wonderful.

Sensi Giorgio Armani by fragranceoriginal2013 2014-11-23

This perfume is available (no imitations or knockoffs, but the original designer brand) at fragranceoriginal dot com.

This is not a sales pitch, just a suggestion.

Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Cheryl Cole by Isobela 2014-11-23

hmmm, for me this one smells like peach shampoo, a little cheap and chemically smelling in my opinion and I am very surprised to hear it is the no 1 selling perfume in the U.K?? I think it must be a lot of youngsters buying this or something?

It really surprised me that Cheryl Cole was into this type of smell and I think it is because of my silly instant ill thought out judgement that because she has dark features and is very glamourous that she would like rich strong florals lol! I should know better as I am blonde and like all the strong floral musky fumes that someone once told me were totally wrong for my colouring! (rolls eyes)

Now, while this is not my thing personally I can appreciate a nice soap/peach smell on others. Projection is fabulous, you know when someone around you is wearing this. As I would not consider this a 'perfume' ( ie rich, gorgeous smelling intoxication) I would recommend it for people who don't necessarily like wearing perfume but like to smell clean. What can I say..... it isn't a bad smell, it's peach, fresh and clean but this is what I want my shampoo to smell like not my perfume! :)

Individuality Earth Jovan by roguelobster 2014-11-23

I bought three of these Individuality sprays (Earth, Water, and Air) from eBay because I was curious. The tester bottle I own describes the scent as "petals, grass, rain". On my skin, it turns into a sweet, green floral. I wish it had more greenness and less sweetness, but it isn't bad. It smells like a light, fresh body wash. Rest assured, there is no moist earth to be found in this cologne.

Guerlain Homme Guerlain by Nicolas V 2014-11-23

The smell is nice, but completely lacking in projection and longevity. I wore it yesterday for the first time and found that I had to reapply it twice just to make it through the day. (Hate to be Captain Obvious, but that is three times!!) This is just not acceptable, especially for Guerlain's flagship scent.

In any case, I found it to be a nice breezy summery scent, but did not blow my mind at all. From my wardrobe I'll look to Live Jazz, D&G Light Blue, Roma, or Sculpture many times over before I reach for this one. I'll put it in the closet and come back to it in a few months.

At this point:
scent: 3/5
longevity: 2/5
projection: 2/5
overall: 2.5/5

Moschino Forever Moschino by Radus 2014-11-23

smells is long lasting.

Individuality Water Jovan by roguelobster 2014-11-23

I bought three of these Individuality sprays (Earth, Water, and Air) from eBay because I was curious. The tester bottle I own describes the scent as "cool, clean, oceanic". I would say this is a unisex cologne. It reminds me of Suave's Ocean Breeze body wash.

Blue Escape for Her Avon by Sierrasaurusrex 2014-11-23

I love this perfume! It is so fresh and sunny, like a spring morning. It has a light floral scent to it, but it's not too strong of a floral. I almost get a hint of a melon. It's slightly salty and aquatic, but more of a fresh air smell and not briny. This is a great perfume for warm sunny days when you just want to smell light and fresh.

Histoire D`Amour Aubusson by Le_Coeur_Gothique 2014-11-23

Histoire d'Amour... Oui, mais quel sorte d'amour est-il? It's strange, but this is one of the most ambiguous perfumes I have ever smelled. At first it looks and smells like it comes right out of the pages of a Victorian horror novel. This is how a theatre dressing room would smell back then. But whoever would be waiting for the young thespian outside, could be nothing less than Jack the Ripper. So the poor beatiful thing would meet her doom-laden fate, but smelling divinely nevertheless.
On the other hand it smells of something a firebrand would wear. Tough and hard-boiled, but straight and honest to the extreme. I don't know, how can be something romantic and cynical at the same time? Oakmoss battling narcissus and osmanthus quarrelling with basil? I love to watch such fights taking place! Their outcome is usually a mess, except some messes are unique and stunning.
And concerning its "gender", this one's feminine and (I'm Francisco "Paco" Rabaneda Cuervo and I've made) 1 Million (in a month) is masculine? Right... O tempora o mores!
Now, I can already hear the Old Lady Alert screaming, and see youngsters pointing at its "outmoded" bottle in sheer horror. So, do we have an old lady here? Of course we do! The youngsters are right, but also so wrong. She is an old lady indeed. Only this one packs a pair of knucledusters inside her old lady bag. And after flooring any arrogant and pompous brat, she'll kickstart her old lady motorcycle and vanish into the sunset. The very kind of an old lady who can use this gorgeous bottle to spray a mesmerising shroud around her, but can also bludgeon every hater to submission, before (s)he'll be able to say: "Hey, it smells like old la..." Bang! You're down! Now, be smart enough to stay down and kowtow before her prodigious awesomeness! It's so much fun being an old lady sometimes! Especially when embarassing clueless newbies is the name of your game.
I can't stress enough how much I miss smelling perfumes of this magnitude and quality in public nowadays. So, ladies, please, wear this and go somewhere. In a club, to a ball, it doesn't matter; somewhere. If there's any gallant and fine gentleman there, rest asured he'll come directly to you, like drawn by a magnet, tossing every fruity-candy-sweety girl aside in his wake. And pehaps your Histoire D'Amour will be born...

Fancy Love Jessica Simpson by QueenieJo 2014-11-23

Creamy and soft. Subtly sexy. I think this would be a perfect scent for spring and summer. I didn't think it lasted very long on me, but it must have. I had someone come up to me while wearing this and said,"Oh its you." They just got faint traces of it and wanted to know what it was. I got a lot of compliments that day from clients. Didn't smell the peach or champagne, got more of a powder and vanilla vibe, which is funny since vanilla doesn't seem to be listed as one of the scents involved.

All the Miss Dior Flankers are beautiful to look at. A bright fruity/floral. It doesn't sparkle the way J'Adore does for me. Maybe there's too much fruit. And none of the dior fragrances last on me. Weak sillage and non existent projection. I don't mean to be down on this one for those who it works for, And I do find it much prettier than miss Dior edp and edt. Maybe I'm missing the subtle beauty of this one. But for my money, if I ever add a Dior fragrance to my collection, it will be j'adore Essence L'Or. It lasts a little while and smells beautiful.

I am sad to see that this one has gotten many negative reviews :( people seem to be hating the house of Lancome (even though hundreds of people I pass in the street every day slap on the ol' la vie est belle with abandon) just as I am falling in love with it.

I can't take la vie est belle, I like it but for me it is just too dense and over poweringly sweet. Tresor is also one that I like, but truth be told is a little overbearing in a totally different way, in the way that it smells a little strong and dated. (I don't always mind dated am not an age snob for sure but in this case I mind). Tresor Lumineuse for me combines the best of these two fragrances. I can still smell all the lovely floral combination of tresor with a dash of praline cosey sweetness from la vie est belle. Much easier than either of these two to wear while with a nod of appreciation to both. The combination is simply gorgeous and it has gone straight on my wish list!

To those who are saying this one is yet another sickly sweet sugar disaster of this era I have to respectfully disagree. Yes it is sweet there is no denying that, but it's not cheap as it retains all the class from the original tresor. Lancome is fast becoming my favourite fragrance house, and if I stand alone in that then so be it! :) xx

Eau des Merveilles Hermes by nero77 2014-11-23

The upside-down fragrance...

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès is a lovely fragrance, if not slightly unusual in that it has an upside-down note pyramid. You start out with the woody notes, what Hermès call the "The Spirit of Wood", consisting of resins, balsams, woods (cedar and oak) and vetiver. Then comes the heart of the fragrance: Ambergirs; that wonderful material which comes from the belly of a whale and which smells salty, musky and sweet all at the same time! the perfumer here, Ralf Schwieger, wanted to create a fragrance which centred around this note... and I must admit it smells beautiful! It smells of the sea, with the salty air and also has a musky quality which blends really well on skin, almost like a "second-skin" type of scent. Then finally the dry-down gets sweeter with cardamom, black & pink pepper, followed by lemon and orange. This is a very unusual ending for a fragrance, but it somehow lasts a long time on skin, blending really well.

My impression is almost like someone sitting on a beach eating an orange. I really like it actually. it's also very unisex (no flowers are involved in the composition), but it is also quite feminine at the same time! Apparently this was the last fragrance made before Jean-Claude Ellena arrived at Hermès (although he later made the flankers to this one, including the Eau de Parfum).

I would say that anyone could wear this one, it's a very "happy" fragrance (the name means "Water of Wonders"), and there is something quite happy and magical about it, like fireworks in a bottle. I would say this version (the Eau de Toilette) is perfect for summer and the warmer months, although it could probably be worn at any time of year, but just sitting closer to the skin. Pure sunshine and fireworks in a bottle! If you like casual, happy, but unique or "different" smelling perfumes... then give this one a try!

I'm a guy living with memories of my past and Habanita is a fragrance for such moments!
This pure elegance is that straight and potent to not need a second chance to try. With a flashback to years ago I remember large American cars on the roads not Korean toys, ice-creams with real vanilla taste, patties, hippies, women with nice long legs not huge butts, and their smells... the most cruel thing of all time is smell.
Ah... Habanita, this pure romantic stingy burning vanilla, mastic and geranium bombastic perfume. What a pleasure to smell a perfume like this. With the memory of past I build my present. gonna call my old friends now...
Good perfume makes your day!

Eau Duelle Diptyque by Lana148 2014-11-23

Lovely, gentle vanilla fragrance. One of the nicest vanillas out there. It feels simple but complex at the same time. Little aquatic, citrusy, black tea, cardamom, saffron and more - just wonderful, alluring mix. Must try for vanilla lovers.

Field Notes From Paris Ineke by Scrilla 2014-11-23

I get lavender too! Big lavender in the opening. Glad it's not just me.
the French are known for their lavender so maybe it's in the blend to represent Paris? Or maybe I'm going smell-nuts.

Notes on the Ineke website are same as here:

Coriander seed, orange flower, bergamot
Tobacco flower & leaf, patchouli, cedar
Tonka bean, leather, beeswax, vanilla

No lavender! Maybe it is the tobacco flower mixed with something else? I'm not familiar with tobacco flower.

Dzing! L`Artisan Parfumeur by Lana148 2014-11-23

Sweet, animalic leather. Smells a bit vintage. Little too bodily-odor dirty for my liking.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by Furby76 2014-11-23

Yes this starts off spicy, but soon after it turns into a smooth sweet smell, that for me is exactly the same as Lacoste Pour Homme. How that is I don't know, as the notes are completely different barring Grapefruit, Cedar and Amber and there's no Vanilla listed at all, which really surprises me.

Anyway, back to this. Yes this does smell great and I can understand why the women love this sweet vanilla smelling scent, but out of this and LPH with regards to longevity, LPH lasts and projects much better.

Seeing as I was able to buy 100ml for £22, compared to £46 for 100ml of The One, it's a no brainer for me and I'll stick with Lacoste Pour Homme.

Alf Zahra Al-Rehab by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-11-23

This reminds me of Clinique Aromatics

Fer Louis Feraud by avonman 2014-11-23

Wow! I Never knew this was sold under a different name,FER....Here in The U.S. this was sold Simply as Louis Feraud Pour Homme Cologne... in 1984 Feraud was AVONs Debut in Designer Fragrances and What a debut this was with FANTASQUE being it's female counterpart...There are No Notes listed here but I get Lemon..Herbs..possibly a little Lavender and Oak Moss...All I know this is STILL IMO one of AVONS Finest Mens fragrances...I Currently have 2 New Full 2.5oz Vintage bottles(So LUCKY)...this is Type of fragrance as Vintage YSL home was as I owned this Too! or possibly Dior Eau Sauvage...fresh,clean,soapy, and lightly spiced, Wonderfully Aromatic.. the kind of fragrance that requires you Dress Nice for the wearing of this Elegant Gentleman!
Also won a FIFI in 1985!!

212 VIP Carolina Herrera by shivabglr 2014-11-23

I love this perfume but I can't wear it due to the alcohol note,

honestly it's so boozy specially at the opening that almost makes my head spin!

however it smells so great and feminine and that's no wonder from Mr.Morillas,

I love the soapy gardenia and musk finish too,

but still it's a fresh mixture of alcohol and vanilla from beginning to the end,

extremely long lasting with lots of projection,

this is almost the sweeter and boozy version of my beloved 212 original (the silver one),

does anybody know whether it's the actual rum used in it (which I personally doubt but still wanna make sure) or is it synthetic?

I'd be grateful if someone can answer ✿

turns out it's synthetic and I can enjoy this!

Gap Established 1969 for Women Gap by Missyee 2014-11-23

A decent fragrance at a decent price.
It is a bit soapy but has a light basenote of Oud which i really like.

Stunning Katie Price aka Jordan by dness92 2014-11-23

Stunning is a lovely, feminine/ girly perfume. It has hints of strawberries, which would make you think it will be a sugary sweet strawberry bomb but it's not! It's a really well balanced creation - there's something sour in it which prevents this from being an infantile smell for teens. This sourness keeps the scent quite fresh and carefree.

With hints of sweet strawberries, it keeps you happy all day :) The bottle is very cheerful too and looks lovely on my vanity xoxo

Jasmin Vert Miller Harris by TillyWave 2014-11-23

This is a very simple but beautiful perfume from Miller Harris. I love this house because everything they do is so natural and so provocative. Initially, this perfume goes on very strong, it is almost overwhelming, the jasmine is huge, along with a citrus topnote, and the daffodil note is not far behind the jasmine. As it wears on my skin, the jasmine does not turn indolic, but there is a humid, nighttime quality about it. The jasmine is the most prominent note for the entire wear of the perfume, and there is a touch of blackcurrant and pear, just a fruity hint to sweeten it up a bit. I really don't feel that the base is woody at all.
After initial application, the strength of the perfume dies down quite a bit. It lasts for a good 6 hours on my skin. I put this on and my husband said, "I wish every summer day smelled like that."
Jasmin Vert is beautiful, natural, and a perfect antidote to cold winter weather.

Reflection Man Amouage by Me.Teejay 2014-11-23

Reflection Man - Soapy floral Beast (Scrubber).

This seems to be one of those love or hate fragrances, with me being in the latter.

This is a sweet floral composition with a soapy vibe that exists throughout its life.
Opens with a sweet jasmine note with neroli joining in. The sweetness due to the floral tone is sickeningly sweet for me, and since it has the potency for which the house is known for, the resulting combination became the source of a massive headache for me.
Soon after the opening, the sweet jasmine gets accompanied by a soapy accord, which is most likely the neroli playing its part. This soapy sweet floral smell meant only one thing..... scrubber!

Unfortunately, I can't get myself to like it, as everytime I give it a try, it causes an instant headache. I wore it to the office one day (first wearing), to my horror I coudln't scrub it off and it kept making me nauseate.

Performance wise, Beast mode. Lasts ages and radiates like anything.

Anyhow, for what its worth, those who love jasmine and neroli and can bear sweet florals would do well with Reflection man. I however, will maintain distance from it.

/Rant over

It's an innocent, inoffensive floral fragrance and it was love at first sniff for me. It's floral but has a fresh vibe from the mandarin notes which are amazingly blended with the floral notes. It's one of my favorite floral fragrances. It makes me think of a cute and shy person wearing this perfume with a smile. I love the bottle with the pink juice inside.

Nike Woman Nike by Forest 2014-11-23

Has been blind purchase, but unfortunately not my cap of tea.. Please PM me, if interested.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry by petercool 2014-11-23

Having owned and used more than a dozen hyped—up fragrances, I don't understand the bandwagon negative reviews. Being vaguely similar to a few of the big hitters is in no way any indication this is a bad fragrance. On the contrary, this to me and many of my co-workers(many of whom having their own sizable fragrance wardrobe) smells sophisticated, rich, fresh, and mildly sensual. It's like a cross between Armani code and Prada Luna Rossa, both of which are rightfully popular fragrances. To a patient and objective nose, the top note has a greenish minty freshness that reminds of Luna Rossa, the dry down adds to the freshness an apparant woody/lavendar-like twist which is balanced by some vanillic warmth in the background. For the two week period I wore it, I'd garnered more compliments than I would have gotten wearing Hermes Terre D'erme, Armani Code, Paco Rabaine One Million, or Chanel Allure Homme. Highly recommended for the young and urbane professional.

L'Eau d'Hiver Frederic Malle by Cyrus Smith 2014-11-23

Simply beautiful. Everything has already been said... if you want to know a little bit more about Jean-Claude Ellena, the nose behind this gem:

Book suggestion:
« The Diary Of A Nose » (Journal d'un parfumeur).
A year or so in the life of Jean-Claude Ellena in the form of a journal/diary. Him commenting his research and travels and visiting bergamot orchards in Italy. Fascinating for all scents hunter!

Hechizo Victorio & Lucchino by Vanessa Dunlap 2014-11-23

After reading Dr. Marlen Harrison's review, I had to seek this one out (the very reasonable price helped...I paid around $30 USD for a 3.4 oz.) and his description of a winey, patchouli/rose intrigued me. Also, this is my first Spanish fragrance, so I am very happy to have it in my collection. It is a delightful, light fragrance. Something about it makes me want to gleefully spray myself with abandon! This fragrance is light enough (in my humble opinion and experience) that you could do that. The patchouli I think is what causes a slightly winey/boozy feel to it (I didn't actually smell "red wine") and the rose is very soft. It isn't what I would call sweet, but it isn't earthy/musty or heavy. I am impressed with how well this is blended. The more heavily you spray it on, the more this helps with its longevity for the day; just a normal 2 sprays will get you only two hours. Office friendly. I think some men could pull this off. I certainly would like to smell it on a man, I think it would actually be quite nice, if not intriguing. Sometimes you need a fragrance that you can just have fun spraying yourself like crazy with, and this one is light enough (and inexpensive enough) that I think you could do that and not choke anyone else out or give yourself a headache! It is a well made little sleeper of a gem!

Crystal Noir Versace by Persefia 2014-11-23

It's a little weird at first impression. I find some arbre magique hints,yet i find it very sensual... i just got it, so maybe it's too early to judge, however from the reviews i was expecting something different. What i definitively smell is flowers and like a lotion smell. Can't find the proper words. It's surely an original fragrance and not common to find,but I'm not so crazy about it.

CH Men Grand Tour Carolina Herrera by dolcethadon 2014-11-23

I have never tried a Carolina Herrera fragrance before but the notes to this one do look quite promising.. Incense, matte, spices, suede and mahogany.. It sounds pretty good, not to mention the concept of the train is very nice.. The bottle looks very nice to, it reminds me of Versace Man..

Joop! Homme Joop! by obenno 2014-11-23

This is a love/hate scent, not subtle at all, so expect some interesting looks when wearing this. In my opinion, this is just terrible.

This is the cologne version of Ed hardy clothing, It's something you put on to say: "hey! Look at me!" but in reality it's cheap junk that only a hand full of people will like.

Zero Plus Masculine Diesel by obenno 2014-11-23

Terrible! I found an old bottle of this from when I was 16 years old with a few sprays left in it. This is loud and synthetic, something that stings your nose. Stay away from this junk. I can't believe I used to wear this

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by turtle91 2014-11-23

Smells like the natural body odour of grandmas.

Confetto Profumum Roma by Hellita 2014-11-23

Yesterday I was meeting three of my girlfriends and I wore 1 spray of Profumum Romas Dulcis in Fundo (on my chest and 2 sprays of Confetto (on the back and front of my neck). The instant after they gave me a hug two of them said: Oh gosh, is that a new perfume? It smells divine!

That's what I mean guys. This stuff just draws you in. And those are not the only comments I've received after I bought Confetto a short time ago.

Confetto is a compliment-getter for sure!

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by Sirène Cryptique 2014-11-23

Intoxicating, romantic, warm, sexy, elegant, comforting; the scent of my Love, the one for my 'One'...

This is to die for. I cannot get enough.

CH Men Carolina Herrera by Ashcroft87 2014-11-23

Just bought this few days ago and I find it to be classy and sophisticated.
Surely a pleasant smell, but projection wise it is very soft. Longevity average 5-6 hours.

So far i used 2 sprays on the neck, 1 behind neck and 1 on chest. But for some reason I stop smelling it after the 4th hour.
I don't know if this duration issue or my nose going numb.
I would happy to hear if anyone else has experienced this yet.

After few weeks using this I can say that the perfume itself is enjoyable.
But I won't buy another bottle as the longevity, projection, sillage are a funny thing (weak).
It's not nose fatigue, it's the fragrance formula. Stop. :)

Anyway give it a try and consider it as valid alternative to D&G The One.
Very good alluring power and it never offends even if over applied.

Aventus Creed by Me.Teejay 2014-11-23

Aventus - KING Aventus.

Ok, I honestly think everything that can be said about it has already been shared. However, I'll just pen down my thoughts for it.

A crowd pleaser, fragcomm darling and almost universally loved, Aventus is a fragrance that requires no introduction.
Personally, I was mesmerized by it from the very first wear. The juicy opening was refreshing and very unique, something which I hadn't smelled before. It kept forcing me to sniff my wrist every now and then, taking me on an olfactory joy ride that I thoroughly enjoyed.
This phase lasted for quite a while, and after some time the birch note started making its presence felt.
The evolution from the playful juicy phase to the more serious (smoky? musky?) masculine phase was marvelous and the subsequent drydown made the experience all the more captivating.

Performance wise, this beauty is a beast (haha I so wanted to write that). I try not to spray above 2 sprays, or else I'd be killing people around me.
2 sprays on the chest lasts around 10 -12 hours , with a hefty projection in the first few hours.

A must try!

Reflection Man Amouage by osiris5 2014-11-23

This house uses natural ingredients or at least high quality ones.
And that is something we have to reward with greatness. I myself look for great fragrances that are more than 80% natural.
How happy to find some houses with this policy.

I'm a great fan of Creed, Carthusia, Alquimia and Korres, Aqua di Parma. When i got this (with gold) as sample i had great expectation.
This perfume opens like a tornado of freshness. But in the long run you can't discern what notes are there and how the notes develop. They are just there and thats it. This perfume and also the other lack of mark. They are there, they stay and don't develop. It is like you step in a grocery or cashba with all the oriental herbs and incense mixed with each other. There is no nuance. It is loud like an Arabian market and prominent without character. And that is a pity because if y look at the price mostly all over the € 200,- it is not worth the money. There are better perfumes for less money also natural like carthusia, korres and Creed, that have far more character and nuance.

Cornubia Penhaligon`s by Fiammuz 2014-11-23

Identical to Borgo delle Stelle by Collina Toscana. Ohne safron.
I prefer Borgo delle Stelle, more sensual and less old lady. Bond No 9 by Me.Teejay 2014-11-23 - Amplified Juicy Pineapple.

All those lusting after the fruity holy grail batch of Aventus, please give this one a try.
If the fruity top notes of aventus is all you seek, you shall find it here.

This is quite a linear scent, and right from the word go, it bombs you with its delicious fruity pineapple and apple note. So delicious and fruity but it can get quite sweet and cloying if not worn properly.

I made a mistake of wearing it to office, as I had misjudged its strength and potency. I was like a walking pineapple all throughout the day and it just wasn't in any mood to let go of me.

Due to its linearity, it can get boring quickly. But those seeking the Z01 /xyz fruity batch (only for the fruity notes ? ) should definitely give this one a try.

Personally, I'm not that impressed. I prefer a little bit more complexity (Oh hi, Aventus!) than what it offers, and the sweet juicy smell becomes a bit too much for me.

One of the better releases from Bond No 9 though.

Encre Noire Lalique by kingboy0 2014-11-23

I love the day that a girl likes probe said it is beautiful, in my lasts many hours I put the previous day in the neck at 12:00 pm today at 11: am I rub his neck fingers and leaves a little Holor very good, would recommend for fresh and nice cold night.

Gingembre Rouge Roger & Gallet by marwa 2014-11-23

Fresh and fruity fragrance. I sometimes borrow this from my partner when I get tired of my stuff :P Love ginger and fruity fragrances. I know she got it pretty cheap also.

Si Giorgio Armani by MattChartier 2014-11-23

I don't understand why grapefruit isn't listed as a note in this one. All I smell I'm this perfume is grapefruit & roses over a base of rancid butter. Not pleasant at all, and unfortunately I'm starting to smell this on people in my day to day life. I threw away my sample.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by Me.Teejay 2014-11-23

Carnal Flower - Tuberose beast

This one is straight up tuberose to me, very fresh and true to life. A floral beast, this one is a sure shot hit for all the floral lovers.

Starts out very fresh and green, and soon transitions to become a creamy tuberose. I'm not much of a tuberose fan personally, but I can understand why it has garnered so many fans and lovers.

Here in India, the flower is quite commonly used and even more so in marriages. That is probably why I wasn't wowed when I first smelled it, as it is quite a common smell here.

Performance wise, this isn't a POAL level beast. It however, does a good job in lingering around your skin and lasts a good while.

Good but not for me.

I have 3 bottles. New. I put on ebay. Price reasonnable :-)

OK...for once the 'intense' in the name of a scent means something! This is a hippy marathon runner!
I'm a self acknowledged lover of the patchouli and sandalwood combo & this is bang on the money. After a little citrus, lavender and geranium in the head notes, which more or less burn off after an hour or two, there also emerges a gorgeous Turkish rose note that has me thinking back to Histoires' Noir Patchouli, which gets very 'pink musk stick' in the mid notes. But PI, never rolls right on down that sweetness alley, I think thanks to that lovely dry sandalwood and its outstanding base, which keeps it more grounded and dustier than Noir.
In the base I feel some amber and incense along with a hint of leather. It takes a few hours to hear these notes, but that's the wonderful thing about powerhouse scents that take their time to develop and escort you on a scented journey.
As previously mentioned, this is a longevity beast. I put a single spritz from this sample on each wrist almost 12 hours ago & it's barely lost any intensity at all. I hear its predecessor Patchouli Homme has somewhat the opposite issue, so some good work has been put into it's sibling in that department it would seem!
Not sure I'd be brave enough to wear this in an office or anything where I might frighten any of the humans, because this throws like a total mofo too!
What more can I say? As a patch lover, this sample was worth every cent I paid for it (it was quite a lot of cents for 4-5ml if memory serves me!), and due to it's strength and the fact that I'd only find the odd occasion suited to wearing it, I'd say I won't be requiring a further purchase any time soon! Great stuff!

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by jays786 2014-11-23

Middle and dry down is exquisite.

Iris de Nuit James Heeley by Gwizz 2014-11-23

As a lover of the brutally in your face Iris of Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, I was initially disappointed by this offering by Heeley. There is so much to like on paper, such as angelica and wild ambrette, cedar and amber. But on initial spritz I was instantly choking on a big fluffy violet stuffed up both nostrils! Not one for loud violets, I came fairly close to scrubbing this one off, but I'm glad I persevered.
As Iris tends to do, it lurked in the background until those lascivious violets got a bit tired, before taking its friend carrot tops by the hand and springing more to the forefront.
The middle stage is pretty much how this scent stays for the rest of it's life, which is rather short for the price tag it must be said. This is a slightly carrot laden iris, but not overtly so. It's not a waxy (lipstick) type of note either. It's kind of dusty and more subtle than many iris notes, which makes this eminently more wearable for most people who might otherwise struggle with iris, especially males. This lacks that powder and lipstick floral vibe, and is much more unisex as a result. That and the cedar and amber in the base make this a genuine all rounder. But once again, as has been my general experience of Heeley scents, I have quite a problem with its staying power. Other than that, this is lovely!

Jour d'Hermes Hermes by zepauw 2014-11-23

This review is a QUIZZ, hopefully not a real challenge for the many frangrance lovers and specialists here. I am looking for a perfurme from the 80's/90's (which hopefully still exists, and which I suppose is a men perfurme) which exactly smells like Le Jour d'Hermès (not the first minutes but after a few hours).

I met a woman in the London metro recently whose perfurme clearly reminded me that perfurme which the owner of a shop to which I used to go wore at that time. She told me that she wore Le Jour d'Hermès. I went to a shop, tried it and got disappointed at it clearly smelt flowers not the fragrance which I smelt beside the woman in the metro. Back at home, the fragrance had changed and the 20 years ago perfurme which I was looking for revealed.

I went to 3 perfurme shops already to try to find that perfume and nobody found it mainly because the smell which I am looking for is the one that reveals after a few hours...

Reading all the reviews here, I feel like a few of you must know what perfurme I am talking about...

Looking forward to reading your findings!

Thanks and good luck!
Have a great Sunday.

Did someone say pour elle? Sorry, what was that? Haha. Nope, this was Tauer redemption day for me (after a slightly less than inspiring Orange Star experience).
Le Maroc is a true beauty. The Moroccan rose is obviously the prime mover here, but for me it's the patchouli that lights the lights. This is a classic example of the "wait for the dry down" phenomenon. It's a bit in your face initially, the (surprisingly sexy) lavender and mandarin combo come on a bit strong & bawdy, but...cometh the dry down, cometh the mind boggle! The patch & some resin/incense team up with the rose and that ripping Tauer sandalwood to whisk me straight back to those late 80's Melbourne bong shops faster than if I had a flux capacitor hard wired to my medulla oblongata! Those places were exciting, edgy and slightly risqué for a young man back in the day & clearly the scent memory has stuck around!
This might not sound too classy to y'all, but that's just an impression I get when I smell this in the dry down phase. This truly is a classy woody incense/rose scent for the ages. Ignore the fact this is designated feminine please, it's totally wearable by all and sundry. A real gem that's bound to find it's way on to my shelf in FB form one day!

C`est La Vie Christian Lacroix by Yohji 2014-11-23

C'est La vie is a fragrance which belongs to after war time by its spirit. Its bright smell of woman's hairdressers colognes, has design of antique flowery wallpapers and image of feminine woman admiring herself in front of table-dresser while brushing her hair. 100 strokes by natural brush only of course!
Beautiful solo of spiced carnation with osmanthus, cheerful, energetic, long-lasting, dancing mood under vintage gramophone
C'est La Vie should receive an Oscar from Perfumery Award for such a beautiful vintagy-vintage composition which was made in 90-s (by smells like 50 years earlier) by Edouard Flechier

Golden Oud Alexandre.J by gaurav.verma2308 2014-11-23

The perfume is pretty POtent !!
If any one has tried MOntale Aoud Musk they will be able to tell the similarity between both of them..!!
Projects lik a monster with lasting of atleast 12 hours.!!!

Its like "LOVE IT OR HATE IT:"

Patchouly Etro by Gwizz 2014-11-23

Just when you think you've smelled all the patchouli hits, another one comes along. Etro Patchouli is nothing short of perfect.
An elegant, woody patchouli that is supported in the opening by bergamot and orange for a short time, before an outstanding sandalwood takes over and balances out the patch note perfectly. There's a small compliment of flirtatious mint and cypress lurking in the background with some geranium in their hair and a light touch of amber/vanilla to lend some sweetness. But apart from the dominant patch/sandalwood presence in this, for me the star is artemisia. It announces itself in the opening, lasts throughout and is one of the most well executed examples of this note I've yet experienced.
So...for me, Etro Patchouli is a refined, classy, woody patch featuring primarily sandalwood and artemisia, subtly supported by a compliment of other notes (mentioned above), and has gone straight up near the top of my favorite patchouli scents. So far I've been enjoying it's presence for 6 hours, from a few little dabs, so I'd suggest that it's performance is excellent also! I see an FB in my future for fact, I'm off to eBay now!

Mercury [80Hg] Nu Be by Gwizz 2014-11-23

Mercury is for me, the perfect summer antidote. It's a cool, clean, bracing number, but is also so extremely weird that it gives me my avant garde fix at the same time, in a scent that revels in the warm weather.
It opens with the biggest smash in the face aldehyde/citrus combo you can imagine, but it's so metallic that I can only think of one or two others in the ball park (Blood Concepts - AB & ELDO Secretions Magnifique - also by Antoine Lie). That is backed up by a flower bed apparently planted by a new age cyborg in metal shavings, from which have bloomed geranium and violet, but in name only. To look at them correctly, you need some serious virtual reality goggles. Add to all that a base of electronic cedar and a vivid hologram of a sandalwood tree and you have one bizarre experience.
Lie has nailed the idea of presenting an amorphous, shimmering metal like mercury in a scent here. I must stress that I also find it totally wearable nonetheless and it's performance is unquestionable. I put it on this morning at 10am and I've been getting whiffs of it all day (it's almost 5pm now).
Trust me, if you're a perfume purist, you might like to keep on walking. If you like things that push the boundaries of perfumery however, look no further!

Corsica Furiosa Parfum d`Empire by Gwizz 2014-11-23

Corsica Furiosa is an aromatic green fragrance that lives up to its name! This is a furious fragrance indeed, at least in the beginning!
If ever there was a reference for the familiar 'cut grass' fragrance description, this is it. It's built around mastic, but it's grass, hay, moss, mint and tomato leaf that dominate. It's one extremely unusual scent indeed! I was thrown for the first hour or so, unable to get a footing on where this baby was heading in it's sharp/furious opening salvo. Then it settles a bit and opens the door to a little labdanum and honey, which sands off some of the angularity and buffs down the noise levels. With those faders pulled back a little, CF becomes a real gem! All the grass, hay, tomato leaves last throughout, and a touch of mint tempered by an incense like base makes this a unique head turner indeed! A surprise packet and a total thumbs up here!

Pulp Byredo by Me.Teejay 2014-11-23

Byredo Pulp - Fruit Blast.

Wow, what a unique one this is! All those who love fruity scents must give this one a try. This is unlike anything else you've tried, or so I hope.

Starts off with a very powerful juicy opening, most of which is the fig in it. Incredibly edible and realistic, this one makes no effort to shy away and instead, gives a full frontal display of what it is all about right from the start.

Juicy, sweet and sour, the fragrance radiates around you and creates a juicy scent bubble , inviting everyone to come and have a sniff. The combination of fig, blackcurrant and apple creates a wonderful sensation, and invokes a very realistic imagery of a fruit basket.

Versatility wise, it is best worn casually when going out with friends during the summer days. Wouldn't recommend wearing it anywhere else.

As for performance, its a beast. Keeps pumping for hours and radiates very nicely. Quite surprising for a fruity scent as most of them don't perform that well.

All fruit lovers, please take a look and a sniff or two.
All those wary of fruity notes, please proceed with caution.

Midnight Oud Juliette Has A Gun by Gwizz 2014-11-23

So many oud/rose combos, so little fire! Haha! Nah, I'm only serious.
Oud, rose, sandalwood, rose, oud, patch, rose, oud, amber, oud, rose, geranium, oud, rose. Forever and ever. Amen. Done & done to death.
Actually, this is one of the better ones! It lasts an eternity and projects well. It's a tired theme, but very well executed I must admit. If oud & rose is your thing, you could do far worse...

Ambra Nera Ortigia Sicilia by Gwizz 2014-11-23

Well, this is one dead set heavy hitter! I'm not in any way what one would call a devotee of amber I must say, but this thing might just have turned me around! First off, let me say that this is a performance über beast. It lasts and lasts and its projection is superb. If value for money is one of your boxes, tick it straight away!
I get a perfectly balanced amber that rubs me all the right ways. Despite being more or less a base note, it is there, front and square for you to enjoy right from the outset. In fact, most of the prominent notes in this to me are base notes. Amber, oak moss and labdanum all providing a beastly couch for the glory boys to sit on; patchouli, spice, cedar and some woody resins.
But the thing with this scent that takes me somewhere else and transforms it for me is the sense of booziness I get. I mentioned to the benefactor who supplied me with this sample, that something about this smell reminds me of a dirty night out on the rock n roll express. A blurry night of alcohol, sticky carpets, nefarious liaisons, blinding music and waking up shattered, but with a satisfied smile. I think I may have referred to my home ground The Tote Hotel in Melbourne.
If oriental style ambers and kick ass performance are elements you look for in a fragrance, you may want to give a nod and a wink to Ambra Nera!

If you're looking for a quiet family member of TF Tobacco Vanille, one that is less daring but will be around in a pleasurable way, you could try this vanilla-and-smoke concoction from Kiehl's. I get more smouldering tabacco than cedar, it's in no way fresh, but not cloying either. Well done!

Ombre Indigo Olfactive Studio by Gwizz 2014-11-23

Olfactive Studio is a small niche house with only 6 fragrances from 6 noses to its name so far. Each perfumer was paired with work from a different photographer as the basis for the inspiration for each scent. Ombre Indigo is the latest and I think, the best offering from OS thus far.
Presented as "the scent of a shadow", OI is a smoky, resinous and quite unique blend that features primarily olibanum, benzoin and leather, balanced fascinatingly by vetiver, tuberose, saffron, plum and petitgrain. This is a composition I've not come across before and on my skin it works wonderfully well! As you can see in the photo above, the juice itself is a gorgeous indigo blue (hence the name), which I also love!
The opening is amazing and has one's nose going in all different directions wondering "what sorcery is this?" (yes, apparently my nose has a brain now!). Then disappointment briefly seems to take over as the scent appears to wander off. But then it does something odd & re-emerges once again in a more refined, less pointy manner and lasts for hours. This really is a fine juice from an emerging house with some great ideas. Recommended!

Dhofar Xerjoff by Shibor 2014-11-23

The fragrance is very multi-faceted, of high quality and good longevity.

After a very short period of a citrus-green opening the scent develops its complex woody firry character. Carnation, the clearly smellable bay leaf and resins give it a good amount of an enjoyable spiciness.

It can be said quite clearly that the scent is distinctively masculine. It’s a little bit old-school-like, but this in a good way of being stylish!

Nuit d’Issey Issey Miyake by davna 2014-11-23

I just smell it, no any similar with one million at all, with XS.... maybe yes in the dry down. For me it's mostly like Dsquared Potion Royal Black, minus the Rose.

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle Lacoste by verasdfghjkl 2014-11-23

Oh. Dear. This is good. I am a gourmand lover and this is just so, so good. First spritz, I went 'Whoa! Wow'. This is for me. Love at first spritz!

It's super sweet, cozy. Can't stop smelling my wrist. This is going to be my next purchase. This smells sweet and cozy but it also has a darkness to it that I love. It's mysterious, but out there too. It has something of a paradox to it. It couldn't be better for me. I'm so glad people here recommended this for me.

Also, the bottle is so beautiful. Very minimal, but dark, mysterious. To me, it's bottle perfection.

Boss Number One Hugo Boss by orestes 2014-11-23

This fragrance still produced or discontinued?

Black Saffron Byredo by Me.Teejay 2014-11-23

Black Saffron - Fruity Romantic Suede.

If Tuscan leather is the raw manly butch leather , then Black saffron is the trendy romantic chilled out leather.
The comparison to Tuscan leather is not to mention the similarities, but only to highlight the contrast between them.

This one is a fruity take on leather, and a gorgeous one at that. Simply put, it is a raspberry infused leather with the leather taking a backseat and allowing the berries to steal the limelight.
Semi sweet and fruity with a suede leather like backbone, this one stays in a nice scent bubble around you and intrigues others around you, whenever they get to sniff.

This is my easy to wear winter scent, and very casual and chic. A trendy leather, and quite unisex in my opinion.

Performance wise, it sticks around for around 8 hours. Projection is controlled, stays around in a scent bubble around you and doesn't project like mad.

Very versatile and a mass pleasing scent. Good job Byredo.

United Dreams Live Free Benetton by mynerva10 2014-11-23

Realllllllllly good!!! Very beautifull, refreshing, green, strong and easy to wear at the same time!! Excelent Benneton,perfect for summer!!! OMG, long lasting & very good sillage!!! :)

Tom Ford for Men Extreme Tom Ford by iranperfumer 2014-11-23

ترکیبات این رایحه مخصوص یک فرد بسسار شیطون و سرحال است
اما در حس اولیه شما می توانید شیک سنگین وبا وقار را در مسیر
حرکت او به این توجه دقت خاص داشته تا بتوانید این احساس را درک کنید درون این ترکیبات جمع بند یک مرد شرق کاملا بارز است

Empressa Penhaligon`s by narcisse_noir 2014-11-23

An over-priced, commercial fruity floral that fades away within half an hour. Too much attention given to the 'story' and not enough given to the actual juice. Ellenisia is far better.

El Born Carner Barcelona by wetland 2014-11-23

این عطر رو به همه دوستداران عطرای شیرین توصیه میکنم . ماندگاری بالا و پخش بو متوسطی داره به نظرمن رایحه خطی نداره و تغییرات نوت رو میشه در عطر تشخیص داد. اما واقعا خوش بو هست . رایحه بسیار باطراوتی داره. نسبت قیمت تقریبی 450000 تومان می ارزه

Perceive Avon by valbona.bergman 2014-11-23

Despite this being a very affordable perfume, i find it is a very nice one! It is peppery mostly and after comes flowery and fruity...i wear it either winter/fall day or spring day/night. I would not wear it on a summer day because the pepper and warmth would make it unbearable and sneezy...but if there is a freshness in the air it acctually adds a nice touch...

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Pianomelody 2014-11-23

I immediately realized that this scent is a masterpiece !!! different from all the others, begins with pungent freshness ... and after 10 minutes you can hear the other notes merge with each other .. creating a mix really elegant and mysterious .... Coumarine is wonderful in this perfume as a base note, it combines perfectly with all the other species ... is a magical perfume, night, mysterious, long lasting on the skin, is intense. !!! in a few days I'm going to buy it in perfumery :), suitable for winter .. advice !!!!

Scent 10/10
Longevity 8.5 / 10
Projection 8/10
Overall 9/10

Rozy Vero Profumo by Roge' 2014-11-23

A floral buffet? A movie on your skin, perhaps Pretty Woman? Rozy is great but only in fewer occasions. Smells like one of those Bed Bath and Beyond scent packs or better yet..a fabric softner. Deemed a winner for those fond of lemons, longevity, and lilacs however, the peachy opening can not and should not be ignored. Ensconced in this marginal oriental is traces of powder generated from both rose and sandalwood. Overall, this isn't something that will remind everyone the day you wore Rozy. Instead, I find it somewhat common from past offerings but forget the past; in the present this could very well be your future.

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by aliciabrown14 2014-11-23

I sprayed this on my wrist the other day and I absolutely love it! It lasts soo long and I love the powdery soft notes in it!

Fancy Jessica Simpson by aliciabrown14 2014-11-23

I absolutely love this perfume! I can smell the caramel notes on my skin and it is almost good enough to eat! As usual, my skin picks up on floral notes as well as pear. Pear is one of those notes that are in pretty much everything I love.

Cheap & Chic I Love Love Moschino by lilia_c 2014-11-23

no, no, no to sharp to bitter, to lemony.

Its a nice summer perfume, nothing special about it.

Paname Keiko Mecheri by massimilianoinquieto 2014-11-23

Immagino che assomiglierà in modo evidente a Douce-amere di Lutens...viste le numerose somiglianze precedenti...

Burberry Brit Sheer Burberry by lilia_c 2014-11-23

love from first sniff . Its already on my to list.

Body Burberry by lilia_c 2014-11-23

I was looking for a fragrance for winter and tried this one and didnt like it at all. I felt to much rose in the opening and i would prefer a subtile rose, close to skin worminess kind. It becoms better while drying, but no, its not me.

Herod Parfums de Marly by fuggerone 2014-11-23

great sillage and longevity.. this is Tobacco Vanille how it should have been made.. no cloying notes... vanille and tobacco till the last minutes of the drydown....

Pan Anya`s Garden by K1 2014-11-23

Well I expected a brutal animalic combo when I saw the animal's hair is used into the creation. But actually it's very nice homogeneous bombastic rare type of fragrance.
It opens deep in fruit-beverage cocktail smell which is too ephemeral. Then quickly some sort of quirky fruity green vibe which you just ring a bell if you know Arabie by S.Lutens and 03.Apr.1968 by Rundholz (a slight touch of each). It's a foggy misty semi-sparkling fruity-patchouli dour yet playful, evil yet so charming.
The middle phase happens like sunshine beyond dense cloudy sky. Radii of animalic theme shines out and the realm begins. It's odd, soft, skinny, nasty and very enthusiastic alternative kind of animalic accord. You either love or hate it. Goat is not leather, nor musk not even castoreum. Goat is a very challenging filthy-sense of smell.
This perfume is hilarious!
My rate 7/10

Incense Pure Sonoma Scent Studio by tdwctdwc 2014-11-23

Now that the weather is colder, i'm revisiting this. So here it goes:

I bought a sample last winter and loved it so i ordered a full bottle in May.

When i wore it in May/June, i started loosing the same passion i had when i first tried it from the sample. So now that the cold weather is back, i'm wearing it today and let me tell you: The sparkle is back. It's absolutely gorgeous. Just to show how seasons can affect our appreciation for scents. Whoever tells you that you can wear some scents all seasons is wrong. There are scents that simply blossom and shine in cold weather. And this is one of them.

This concentrates on the sappy raw resins as opposed to the burning ceremonial resins. As it develops on the skin, it becomes darker, atmospheric, channeling and transporting but it never reaches the stage of becoming liturgical.

It's like you're walking on a snowy winter day in a forest filled with frankincense trees. You smell the sappy dry resins surrounding you, the oakmoss on the ground, the herbs in the forest mixing with creamy sandalwood, the clean pure air coming from the rocky snowy mountains, slightly "warmed" by a distant smoke coming from a log cabin somewhere.

What helps with the experience is that it's 99% all natural. You won't even smell one single hint of synthetic additives. You won't feel you are wearing a perfume made of chemical ingredients, you will feel you are experience a place.

This is an epic example of how rewarding natural perfumery can be.

Dolce Acqua Profumum Roma by emily7 2014-11-23

Opening smells exactly like a doll in patisserie (plasticky/vanillic), but 10 minutes (and several hours) later Dolce Acqua is all about the nicest, almondy heliotrope I ever encountered; a hint of sweetness on a fluffy, almost edible heliotrope cloud. Angelic and asexual.
I really like it, but cannot imagine myself wearing it for various reasons; not into this type of fragrances, not into very longlasting/linear fragrances, not girly-girl enough... But, I wouldn't mind smelling this on others :)

All in all - kudos to Dolce Acqua heliotrope.

Oud Afghano Khayali by brotha oud 2014-11-23

in the realm of the senses... red blooded, manly, heroic. imagine being on a wild horse riding up the afghan mountains,stopping for a shade, the smell of tobacco from the shisha intermingled with the pungent sweet smell from the opium fields, wafts of jasmine, sandalwood and amber bringing to a final maqam, the mysterious oud wood from the indus valley... take da trip and be prepared to be blown away.

Donna Trussardi 2011 Trussardi by valbona.bergman 2014-11-23

This is how i imagine a floral/fruity sent should be like! Light ,happy,delicious ,giving me a better mood, making me feel cleaner and more colorful like i leave a trail of fresh cut citrus fruits and flowers behind me in a sunny field! Great for spring and summer ,but also for sunny days of winter if you like the extra freshness :) wonderful...i believe it will compliment the special way every woman expresses her femininity not cover it.

The Beat EDT Burberry by marine blue 2014-11-23

The Beat smells fresh, light and soapy. It is ideal for the workplace but it doesn't last very long

Mukhallath Seufi Al Haramain Perfumes by Vuurvliegje 2014-11-23

I love attars, but they are mostly completely linear, what you smell on the ball of the bottle is also what you smell on your skin after a half day. And that's good, but not always exciting. Until I went to test the Mukhallat Seufi. A first sniff of the bottle reminded me of a pharmacy. A very old-fashioned pharmacy where someone is mixing herbs, that's prabaly the combination of sage, lavender and geranium. The first few minutes after applying a drop on my skin are pretty medicinal, and then the spectacle begins. The attar is fresh-sweet! Never knew a attar can smell fresh. The opening phase of the development is very fast, in fact you should stick your nose on your skin, so you do not miss anything. The freshness makes room for almost a gourmand-like and fruity sweetness, and there appears a rose on the scene. She descends down a long staircase and mingles for a while with the other scents. Then she decides that enough is enough and demands attention for herselves, and I smell a while just rose. Not just a rose, a whole rose garden, where the air is warm and still, so the sweetness is not blown away but grows fuller and fuller, so intoxicating that butterflies get dizzy and sit down on the garden wall heated by the sun for a bit to recover.
What happens next is very interesting. The rose stands back and give other fragrance notes room to enter. But she remains present in the background and if she wants to be back at the center than she does so. It's like a dance, the rose steps backwards and forwards and dances with a different flower or herb. I smell very clearly lily of the valley, then rose, then spices, then rose again, iris, rose, spices, and this continues for a while. I am forced to stay smelling my wrist because my curiosity is very excited by all this and I wonder where we are going. Eventually the rose gets back in the spotlight and the lighter elements of the attar retreat into the wings. The rose begins to mingle with wonderful woody notes. Rosewood, I suspect, but also a lovely soft sandalwood (which reminds me of Villoresi Sandalo, my favorite sandalwood). The combination of rose and wood is becoming softer and creamier and sweeter, and I start to smell oud. A creamy oud, it seems, which is in perfect balance with the rose and sandalwood and tonka. A classy oud, as I've never smelled before. I feel that every oud I smelled before contains a chemical component, but this smells so natural and earthy, and the "dirty" side of the old (you probably know what I mean) is perfectly restrained by the rose and the other woods. I feel that this attar is purely natural and balanced.
The smell is heading more and more towards sweet when a tiny bit of vanilla and a lot amber to come out to play. We are now hours away, and ended up in the final phase of the attar. This phase lasts the longest (the next morning I smelled him, and a top that I had with him when I first tested lies on top of the laundry basket, and even there, the smell still lingers) and is delicious, and seems calming. Different fragrance components are so soft and so warm, and so round, that it has something reassuring, as if you get a warm hug on a cold day, or when someone says to you: "Dream safe, nothing can happen" . And I mean that literally, when I smell it in the final phase I close my eyes and dream away. Sometimes perfumes do that to me, you smell, you close your eyes and you see something from your deep memory, fields of immortelles, or a shimmering sea, or an orchard in Portugal or cathedral.
In this fragrance, I see a walled garden, where the sun beats down on rose beds and herb patches and a variety of trees, and where under a small gazebo sweet incense is burned. Flirtatious giggles are heard in the distance and some insects are buzzing around. The atmosphere is becoming more languid and sweeter and warmer, giggles and the insects quiet down and a deep calm descends over the garden. The Rose knows that she is the queen of the garden, and folds its petals closed. Tomorrow, the dance begins again.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Narciso Rodriguez by Fabulous Kevin 2014-11-23

Just tried it few hours ago and i was very surprised that it so similar to Purr by Katy Perry with less annoying. Glad that i did not going to buy that because i have already had Purr in my collection.

Princess Vera Wang by 2014-11-23

I purchased Princess about a month ago and was super in love with it because it reminded me of my mother. I recently had a cold and it has since passed. I had lost my sense of smell but it has come back and I decided to wear princess and now I can't stand it! It smells like pepper to me now for some reason when before it smelled so yummy just like chocolate I had to shower and scrub it off. I even had to put my clothes to wash right away because I just couldn't stand the smell. For some reason it just stinks to me now. :(

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by Fabulous Kevin 2014-11-23

If you want to smell like baby cream, this one is for you. Very milky and creamy, a little sweet. Anywway it's a nice fragrance! 8.5/10

mb03 biehl parfumkunstwerke by madameka 2014-11-23

just boring

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by Fabulous Kevin 2014-11-23

Just tested this one today and it smelled exactly like Radiance by Britney Spears that i already owned,very sweet and fresh. Highly recommended testing the scent before buying!

Oud Wood Tom Ford by Smelly old man 2014-11-23

Along with tobacco vanille , this is a classic scent but please Tom I need longevity lucky if I got two hours out of it need to reapply continually , still I will hold on to this as the two hours are worth it

A definitely winter and night sent.when summer comes, hide it!!top in my list, consider buy it again!perfect with butter and vanilla body cream.sent of a human!very dangerous if you plan to get along with vampires!!!

Incredible Things Taylor Swift by Jomoves 2014-11-23

This one has just arrived in Australia and I made a special trip to get a sample today. I've been looking forward to this one, not because I'm a mad Swifty or anything like that. I really liked the retro bottle and it's every bit as cute in real life, although the colours are clearer and brighter than they are in the image above. As for the juice, it's absolutley fantastic on the first spray, but then gets a sweet caramel sour tone to it that I'm not crazy about. I find it quite mature and almost masculine, so any guys out there who are partial to celebrity jperfumes can wear this because it's nowhere near as girlie as her first two.

I like that this isn't the standard fruity floral. It's a new direction for Taylor's fragrances, but I'm just not sure if they're going the right way.

yes..lavender and wood in a soft gentle combination, a bit classy as well...nothing to WOW you but instead just another comfortable scent to wear after taking a bath and wanting to smell clean...for the price tag..not bad at all...but as I have said...viaggio keeps being the winner from the entire private collection

It is a VERY CLASSY but refined cologne smell, yes...smells like the typical Aramis DNA...not bad at all...nothing cheap about it...but again..viaggio d' Africa keeps being the winner from the whole private collection..the most unique and sophisticated I would say

Fan di Fendi Leather Essence Fendi by lyciumchld 2014-11-23

Fan di Fendi Leather Essence is a Heavy Oriental floral with a smoky and sweet resinous character and warm, animalic undertones. Though this Fan di Fendi flanker features leather in its name, it would be a bit of a mistake to classify it as a leather perfume. Leather does feature prominently, but it is so well-blended with elemi resin that the effect is more cathedral and spiced musk than leather handbag and high heels. And, while those seeking a straightforward leather may be disappointed, oriental lovers will rejoice: Fan di Fendi Leather Essence is an incredibly beautiful one.

Silage is strange with this one - the scent will not precede you, but the cloud filling your immediate personal space is thick and intense in the first few hours. You may not offend your neighbors, but you will certainly overwhelm yourself if a light hand is not used.

I'd classify FdFLE as a heavy hitter with moderate spread. The scent continues to project with intensity for several hours, and the deepening of the smoke and powder effect actually seems to make it more powerful at the 4 hour mark than it is at first spray. This is high quality juice.

10 hours into the wear, FdFLE still projects. The cloud has dissipated now, and I catch milder, softer whiffs of candied, syrupy, almost citric vanilla, and the smoke from a fireplace. I am quite impressed by the tenacity of this fragrance, the journey it takes, and the understated and subtle beauty of its far dry-down.

Enthusiastically recommended for oriental lovers whose tastes lean toward the classics (like Shalimar and Coco), and to those who enjoyed Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant, Tresor L'Absolu, and the original Fan di Fendi. Skin test is recommended prior to purchase. Beautifully done!

*Note: To those whose bottles appear to be green - swipe your finger over the corner of the green portion of the bottle, going from back to front. You should find that the green coloring comes from a plastic scratch-protection shield, which can be removed.

Guess Girl Guess by Jasmine2024 2014-11-23

Mmmm not sure, I ended up taking this back its not me, kinda has a sharp sweet smell I'm no expert by any means but this perfume is just too sweet

Romance Ralph Lauren by christabella 2014-11-23

Who has this perfume and wants to swap it please send me a private message.

Clinique Happy Clinique by Jasmine2024 2014-11-23

I don't know why this is getting such a bad rap. When it settles it is classicly beautiful, it is citrusy and nicely lasts for hours. If you like soft citrus- get this!

Al Oudh L`Artisan Parfumeur by Arbre Amer 2014-11-23

This is a powerful combination of notes but not with as much projection as you'd think. It is more of a very distinctive skin scent centred around labdanum which isn't even listed here but to my nose is the most obvious note in there. This labdanum is dirty, almost urinous, probably because of the civet and somewhat sweetened by balms and nicely tucked under a blanket of sandalwood. In other words a very classical recipe for an amber scent. All the other notes listed here might or might not stand out to you (what is so distinctive about the smell of dates exactly?), but they appear as ornaments against the huge amber fond. The oud note is like a small bitter counterpoint to the overall sweetness of the middle phase of the perfume, blink and you missed it, but it smells nice to me who don't have any experience with real oud.

Overall I like it but in the deep drydown, after the sandalwood has disappeared, there are still hours and hours of that dirty labdanum that is simply not as nice -to some won't even feel proper- on its own. The drydown reminds me very much of Kurkdjian's Absolue Pour le Soir, another dirty animalic gem where I dare say the sexy dirtiness is a bit more artfully contained.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by Joeri 2014-11-23

I sniffed a bottle in the shop. I had a lot of brownish remains of the juice around the sprayer and on the bottle. Holy shit! I had a single whiff and put it back very carefully... making sure to prevent any contact with the juice on the outside and my skin. It smelled like a sweaty lower sfincter. Seemingly a lot of men love this, but it florishes in the fields where I fear to tread... The bottle itself had it's place on the lowest shelf. Of course...

Carpathian Oud Soivohle by deadidol 2014-11-23

This review is for the demi-absolute:

A strong, syoofi, cheesy kind of oud is balanced against an array of violet notes. Oily, musty chords swirl around in the mix, but ultimately this is a massive, convoluted composition that’s hard to boil down to single elements. Wafts of cocoa, rotting fruit, and mossy notes rise and fall in unison, and the scent succeeds in that it’s truly the sum of its parts. Despite that, it’s not the most pleasant thing ever produced—and it’s certainly not that forgiving when worn. There’s a sweaty quality that stands out when placed up against what seems to be a bodied orris root and a camphorous laurel, and this is all spun in an oily, greasy fashion. Super evocative but oppressive overall. Although it smells quite different, I’m reminded of Salvador Dali PH in that it’s a cavalcade of stuff getting thrown at you. Although I wouldn’t necessarily suggest this for oud fans, I would be inclined to push it toward those who love iris as that’s what seems to be at the center of the blend.

Goldskin Ramon Molvizar by Alina K15 2014-11-23

This is one of my new perfumes and I like it so much! I tried all the perfumes made by this house but I cannot say I was interested in any other one.
Goldskin is really a perfume that makes you feel that you are made of a strange way! It lasts all day and I have people asking me in the streets, cafes and restaurants what perfume I'm wearing :-D!
So, Bravo Mr. Molvizar for this creation!

Goldskin Ramon Molvizar by 2014-11-23

This is one of my new perfumes and I like it so much! I tried all the perfumes made by this house but I cannot say I was interested in any other one.
Goldskin is really a perfume that makes you feel that you are made of a strange way! It lasts all day and I have people asking me in the streets, cafes and restaurants what perfume I'm wearing :-D!
So, Bravo Mr. Molvizar for this creation!

"Citrus top notes" and “all natural” doesn’t bode well for the lifespan of a fragrance, and there are really only a couple of trick available for perfumers to keep such a scent from going pear-shaped in minutes. This usually involves a bright opening over an oriental base that compliments the citrus rather than dominating it. It’s part of a popular genre in which variation isn’t all that common. Spiced Citrus Vetiver suffers from many of the standard issues involved with the genre, but it sets itself apart through the vetiver that thickens up the citrus and supports the overall structure, but fails to keep it stabilized.

Yet, because this is a natural composition, there’s a greater dimension and body in the time it’s around. The vetiver is relatively clean and thin as opposed to the meaty, gourmand style vetivers that are available. Upfront is the powerful white floral / citrus combo, shaded with jasmine to provide a more rounded sweetness. A slightly amber-y vanillic base serves as the foundation, but what’s odd is just how dialed back the vetiver actually is. Clearly this is to showcase the citrus, but it feels gaunt given its namesake. The base lends the composition some heft, but it seems a little contradictory given the freshness of the opening.

But these are traits of the genre that are hard to bypass—especially without the use of synthetics to carry the natural components. And so the result is a very nice, bright, refreshing blast that becomes a relatively characterless base a bit too fast. In this sense, it’s a good "freshening up” kind of a scent that is arguably on par with others like it. Fans of Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino and even Xerjoff’s Kobe will find an all-natural alternative here that adds a degree of character to the genre, but ultimately succumbs to a similar fate of lackluster lasting power. If a pleasant, bright citrus is what you seek, this is a good option. But if it’s the vetiver that draws you in, I might look elsewhere.

Sahraa Oud Fragrance Du Bois by wendyyparty 2014-11-23

You can find it in Bangkok, Thailand, @Intercontinental Hotel. I've tried it today... Very charming, rich, round and nice.

All other FDB fragrances seems to have specific characters but this one is more complicated. I'd like to say it's a mix of modern woody balsams with a hint of chrype.

First you get Oud, Sandalwood, and Rose very vividly, then a sweet & sensual scent of patchoulli and other spices follows. The vanilla in dry down is soft and velvety makes the scent really well balanced.

Sadly I'm not a fan of patchoulli so I have to pass on this one...but a Masterpiece indeed.

Rebelle Rihanna by jedrzejowskia 2014-11-23

Very few patchoulis satisfy me.This is of the Angel kind, but where Angel edp is an instant scrubber, this one is divine and I don't want it to come off at all!

This fragrance evokes long evenings spent in coffeeshops nibbling at pastries with cardamon and vanilla, drinking spiced teas and coffees with cinnamon while it snows outside. It's like a very fluffy shawl that keeps your neck warm but at the same time your nostrils smell the cold, the dry twigs and a bit of frost in the air.
This is so much a winter perfume!
It also smells SO expensive that I am in awe that it is released under an affordable brand name like Rihanna.
There are, fortunately no white flowers from what I detect, that could come out and ruin it for me, the patchouli verges, I mean it really balances on the precipice of falling past my comfort territory but it manages to stay on the right side throughout. However this makes it quite a difficult one to wear for me, since it's not a relaxing scent to me, it's one that I'd put on if I need to stay alert. But at the same time it's pleasant. This one has my respect.
On me this is a skin scent within 3 hours, silage is low to moderate, longevity however is ok, 6-7 hours. Great value for money.

Dog Star Soivohle by deadidol 2014-11-23

An unusual composition that sends your mind spinning down several paths at first.

There’s a watery EdC structure in there somewhere, but it’s largely obfuscated by a creamy, orange popsicle effect—milky, vanillic, but not overly sweet. It smells a little bit like ice cream, but contrast that against the citric notes of an EdC and a mellow, yet solid blond wood base, and you’ll get the idea. A striking concept that's surprisingly appealing from a gourmand perspective without going too far into sugary territories. But given that it settles into a predominantly milky-creamy scent, it’s probably not the most versatile thing under the sun.

Funtastic Wild Citrus for Boys Benetton by Ritarudna 2014-11-23

Ugly box.

Journeyman Soivohle by deadidol 2014-11-23

A hard-core smokey cedar and charred-leather biker-style scent that’s perhaps a little too over the top. It’s spicy and somewhat warm, but it really does smell like a smoldering wood pile with a tractor tire thrown on as well. Picture a more linear Jeke that ramps up (yes, really) the smoke to the point where that’s really what dominates, then add in a sort of motor oil kind of note and you’ll get the impression. Butch leather, for sure, and persistent as hell, but not an easy wear. This is the kind of scent that wears you rather than the other way around. For fans of the smoky leather genre only, I think.

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by jedrzejowskia 2014-11-23

I can see this could be a nice instant love for someone, I blind bought this and Rebelle, there is more patchouli in the latter than in this Rebelle Fleur however this patchouli is of the very raspy kind, it really doesn't tickle the right 'olfactorians' in my brain.
It's too tart but too sweet at the same time, I get that weird metal accord that throws me off so many perfumes and is not related to the notes I've noticed.
It should work in theory since its actually in a similar family as "black orchid by Tom ford".
This will be given away to a friend. I'm sure I'll find a new home for it since it seems to be a well liked fragrance.
in the mean time, I'm bringing out the alcohol and the wipes. This one is coming off.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by gaurav.verma2308 2014-11-23

Amazing Scent from Thierry Mugler !!
Its a mix of basic Amen DNA with the whiskey note in it making it very versatile.!!
The Vintage version is more boozy and was lucky to grab it in India.!!!
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Splash Fragnance

Eau Ressourcante Clarins by username101 2014-11-23

At first whiff it was too masculine for my taste and I thought it was a waste of money. As the hours progressed the scent became just right, I liked it, and it didn't smell masculine anymore. There may be some who like it right off the first whiff, but if you don't give it some time.

Cuir Pleine Fleur James Heeley by deadidol 2014-11-23

This is a palimpsest of a scent; several genres and styles overlaid on top of each other. There’s an anisic herbal aspect, a strong hay note, a polite leather, and a glowing, neon-violet forcefield effect that buzzes and flickers around the scent from start to finish. CPF builds an encompassing aura, but one that’s well ventilated—impressively so. Associations are formed in my mind to Santal 33 (the dill), Iris Ukele (the “purple”), and even aspects of Bel Respiro (crispness)—but these (the latter especially) are incidental connections that stem from the fact that the scent has so much going on with it. But I also draw connections to chalky violet candies—a sweet, fuzzy kind of quality that seems almost effervescent.

This stuff is truly genre-bending and strange, but it’s somehow cohesive, palpable, and perhaps even a tad too polite. I think I'd be hard pressed to suggest it as a leather-centric perfume, and I’m not sure that I'd wear it often myself, but it’s definitely one that deserves some attention. I respect it more than I like it.

Love by Kilian By Kilian by dsty 2014-11-23

After all the glowing reviews I've been writing lately, it's a bit ironic that the first one in a long while that I don't like, let alone love, should be this LOVE. But it's also a bit of a relief: I realize I haven't gone into some kind of craze where I love everything after all, I've just been picking most of my samples right, and my sneaking suspicion that I'm letting myself be convinced by high prices and exclusivity alone turns out to be wrong as well. Because this one is very expensive, obviously high quality, and I really, really don't like it.

There is something about this scent that is almost degenerate, the overpowering sweetness combined with the powerful animalic note is almost physically upsetting to me. I love sweet notes and it's rare for me to think something is too sweet, but this one definitely crossed that distant line for me. Don't get me wrong, I get what the other reviewers are saying, there IS something very nice in there, but it's hidden so deep under layer upon layer of queasy animalic sweetness that it's ruined for me. I'm really not into animalic notes and I seem to be getting a lot more of them than some other reviewers, so that might be the problem.

Kalemat Musk Arabian Oud by alyaa 2014-11-23

This seems to me to have no similarity with the original Kalemat. It comes as a 20ml oil in a beautiful metallic bottle covered in Arabic writings. The applicator is glass and picks up a generous amount of the oil. This is a gorgeous scent which starts with a strong animalic musk mixed with a sharp gardenia. The scent takes about 30 minutes to quieten down and thats when the vanilla surfaces and takes over the scene. I dont find this to be overpowering but is very longlasting and can smell it on my clothes on the next day.

Amber Amouage by deadidol 2014-11-23

Amouage, as of late, has been grim. There appears to be a fully-fledged westernization underway, and their recent offering have leaned dangerously close to mainstream MOR homogeneity. So, smelling this fragrance is a nice change, but it’s also a sad reminder of what Amouage were once capable of.

From what I understand, the brand has discontinued all of the attars (part of the westernization plan) and this one is sadly no longer available barring a few exclusive Saudi outlets that have remaining stock. But for those who bought it, even in the smaller 12ml size, it’ll last you a lifetime as a single drop of this stuff absolutely explodes on the skin.

Although this is most likely a synthetic composition, it’s an excellent ambergris perfume that’s highly convincing from start to finish. The opening blast will be off-putting for anyone unfamiliar with what ambergris smells like—it’s a sharp, acrid halitosis note that’s part civet and part algae. But almost immediately the lactonic and grey vanilla qualities float to the surface, and what you have for (no kidding) the next 12 hours, is a bubble of animalic, oceanic warmth that’s a little dry and scratchy (a cedar/sandalwood blend, I think), but totally encapsulating.

While I don’t doubt that this contains some trace elements of actual sandalwood and ambergris, the scent is largely powered by a massive dose of ambroxan and cashmeran. The musty ocean effect is totally convincing, and it seems to stem from civet in part. I don’t consider the fragrance to be a fully composed perfume on its own—it’s more of a base; it’d be the kind of thing you could potentially layer another scent over but then you’d be sacrificing the beauty of the scent itself. And it is beautiful—powerful, evocative, and totally compelling. But be warned: it’s not amber as experienced in modern perfumery (no vanilla-benzoin or powdered resins); it’s quite a stinky affair overall.

Acqua di Parma makes the most unique scents. In the perfume world, citrus is so overdone, boring and sometimes so artificial / headache inducing (especially when mixed with florals).

Instead of "forcing" your nose to examine the different notes, a good scent should conjure up beautiful images in your head and bring you to a moment in time/memory immediately upon smelling, focusing on the whole feeling of the scent instead of it's components. Mirto di Panarea does exactly that!

So in love! Another gem from Acqua di Parma!

Versace Pour Homme Versace by warlockss 2014-11-23

this smells great . first like others here i thought it smelled soapy ? maybe cost the bottle was still full so it didnt allow for it to develop as always . but when i wasted a few more sprays and got the level of the juice in the bottle down a bit it started smelling like it should . smells manly .great fresh summer warm scent its doesnt dissapoint and its pleasing to everyone around you , it doenst overpower anyones noses . safe blind buy summer scent .

Herod Parfums de Marly by miticothor 2014-11-23

It's a great perfume which deserves, between tobacco based fragrances, a place all to itself....Gorgeous!!

Smoke for the Soul By Kilian by deadidol 2014-11-23

Certainly gimmicky, but it does walk an appropriate line between authentically weed-like and somewhat wearable. When the initial smell hits, it certainly triggers the association to marijuana, but within seconds it becomes clear that what you’re smelling is little more than sage with some additional culinary herbs added. It is very convincing at first, though. What follows is a camphorous, minty herbal thing that’s nicely shaped, but a bit too one-trick-pony. Aspects of Kinski emerge in the juniper/citrus vein, but a tobacco note steps in to round out the journey whereas Kinski steps up the interest with some major animalics.

The problem with weed scents is that they’re so gimmicky that they have to work extra hard to actually use the note in surprising ways. Smoke for the Soul fails in that regard in that the top notes are an exercise in replication (and are really convincing), but what follows is mundane, slightly mentholated vagueness of no great distinction.

Light My Fire By Kilian by deadidol 2014-11-22

By far the most wearable and appealing of this trio. This is a boozy, smoky affair with a pronounced cumin that never gets too sweaty. What dominates the scent is a vanilla and honey combination that sits politely against the tobacco and the herbs. This isn’t a Back to Black style honey though; it’s quite sheer and watery and fits the scent like a glove. It does, however, get sickly sweet after it starts to transition. It reminds me a little of Chergui, but Chergui is much more characterful and, frankly, far superior. Having said that, this is a perfectly cordial, ultra-safe fragrance that’ll be a smart business move for the company due to its mass appeal. Hilariously sweet, largely redundant with zero adventure, but that’s what sells these days. The "least terrible" of the “addictive” trio.

Intoxicated By Kilian by deadidol 2014-11-22

A coffee note that's colored by a slew of herbs and spices dominates the opening of this scent. The coffee isn’t overly strong, but smells a little bit too realistic for fragrance, and it’s placed against something that smells a little like a pine bathroom spray. The herbs and spices are (thankfully) tame, and a cinnamon note is well behaved to round things out. Strangely, there a note in there that’s green and slightly soapy which, when juxtaposed against to the gourmand aspects, is unnerving. Although I’d argue that it’s more wearable than anything Mugler has done, this smells laughably close to A*Men—a scent that truly turns my stomach anytime I smell it. This is no different in that respect, but I’d argue that it’s more tastefully rendered overall in that it doesn’t smash you over the head. Despite this, to me it’s just as foul and nauseating as A*Men.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur Juicy Couture by DarlingNikki 2014-11-22

I have an adorable mini bottle of this and at first, I wasn't too impressed when I just dabbed some on. I decided to go against my own natural inclination towards less is more and really let some splash out on my wrists and arms and that was the ticket; this scent comes to life on me in more generous dosages. On me this is bright, clean and airy with a well-balanced mixture of white flowers that blend seamlessly into my skin. The caramel and vanilla DNA of the original VLJ come into soft focus several minutes later, but La Fleur more than holds it own identity from top to middle to bottom notes and I am pleasantly surprised to admit I very much enjoyed this scent journey!

True Love Elizabeth Arden by KJS88 2014-11-22

True Love is one of those perfectly competant, nice, quality smelling cheapies that you don't always smell on others, yet you just "know it from someone or somewhere." Powdery, sweet, rosy, but never really harsh or in your face, but not necessarily natural smelling either.

It is often said that just for the body's natural processes, life as a woman is a lot harder than life as man. I wouldn't disagree, but here's something women have over men: you can go out and buy very decent perfumes and clothes that do not break the bank and you still look and smell a million bucks in the eyes of us men, and this perfume is the perfect example of that.

Tease Paris Hilton by llburris 2014-11-22

I really enjoy this one from Paris. It reeeeally reminds me of another fragrance though. I am completely surprised at the longevity so far. I've only had it on for 2 hours but it's still about the same strength as at the dry down. That's very unusual for her scents on my skin. Wouldn't buy another bottle however.

Cuiron (2014) Helmut Lang by deadidol 2014-11-22

I must admit that I’ve been hesitant to talk about this scent as, when I first tried it, I suspect that my expectations got the better of me. Therefore, I’ve been wearing and smelling it off and on since the day of the re-release to try and form somewhat of a measured response. But to make a long story short, I’m seriously underwhelmed by Cuiron.

Obviously, this is a nostalgic scent for many. It signifies a specific time and place, and it’s a scent that many fragrance fans connect with on a level that goes far beyond scent alone—I totally, completely get that. In addition, as has been noted by Alfarom and others, Cuiron was indeed forward-thinking for its particular moment, pushing back against dominant trends. Today, it doesn’t smell quite as futuristic, and I think this is because many of the aromachemicals that seem to make up the scent have been hideously, violently abused in mass-market trash and so our perception of their use differs today from when Cuiron was first introduced.

But as far as how original it felt at the time of its release, I can only imagine as I don’t have that context (I was mainly wearing hippie oils at that time), nor do I have the emotional connection that others have as this is was my first time smelling it. But even with that in mind, I find it truly difficult to understand what all the fuss was about and why it garnered such a cult following after its demise. I can’t speak to how the reissue compares to the original in any way (and reports have been conflicting so far) but given how unapologetically synthetic Cuiron is, I can’t imagine anything would need to be altered for cost/IFRA concerns as it seems to be made from rudimentary and off-the-rack chemicals. Therefore, I doubt much has changed.

It wears linear and exceptionally light, and the impression that comes through is cold, anonymous, and devoid any emotion or passion. It’s essentially an lanky, severe cocktail of norlimbanol (cardboard), iso e (dry cedar), linalool (a citrusy effect), and a mercifully faint isobutyl quinoline (“leather”) all mixed at a low concentration. There’s a shiny, metallic facet to it that stems from a large dose of benzyl salicylate—a sort of fake jasmine molecule that lends a green shimmer to a blend. The overall effect of Cuiron is really just the sum of its parts—a dry, cold, cardboard-y chemical smell that’s vaguely suede-like. I personally wouldn’t consider this to be a leather scent at all—it’s more of an abrasive and industrial smell. It wears a tad oily (hedione), but overall it feels, to me, like being splashed by water that contains flecks of silver and grey naugahyde. It lasts a ridiculously long time (because it’s almost entirely aromachemicals with insane shelf-lives), but it sits extremely low on the skin, working in wafts at best. I’d liken the way it wears to something like Molecule 01, Nu_Be’s Oxygen, or Odeur 53—which isn’t a bad thing at all, but just don’t expect more than an occasional glimpse. It might be summed up as something like getting your skin subtly tinted with a hue of grey, shiny chemicals.

And while it feels like it’d slot in well with the likes of CdG or Nu_Be, it somehow manages to feel dated to a point prior its own time of release. There’s something about it that makes it seem like it belonged in either the 1970s or the 1980s. It might be the steel/leather combination reminding me of bad ‘80s aesthetics, and I’d imagine that it’s the kind of scent that Max Headroom might wear. At moments it somehow feels like you’re wearing a vintage masculine scent, but it doesn’t smell much like any of them.

Again, I’m concerned about how measured and reasonable I’m being with my response given that I don’t have ties to the original, but considering the cult status and the praise that this stuff has received (as well as the high prices the vintage now pulls in), I’m left scratching my head. Cuiron, to me, is not a good leather scent in any way. It’s a highly synthetic affair that has none of the redeeming qualities that even the most abrasive aromachemicals can produce. It’s cold, flat, and dreary. I hope the reissue is faithful and I hope it makes many people happy, but to me, it’s a lousy fragrance.

Malibu Lemon Blossom Pacifica by Fhaldara 2014-11-22

Nice citrus fragrance with a slightly edgy aspect thanks to the datura (aka Angel's Trumpet). I got the solid form of this, I find it has more longevity plus its easy to carry with you!

Polo Blue Sport Ralph Lauren by joshrj711 2014-11-22

Wow. I love how people rag on the name and the bottle. Who gives a rats a$$ about that!? What matters is the juice inside and this stuff is legit. I just got a bottle of this and this is an absolute gem. Great opening... Great dry down... Great fragrance... period.

Black Afgano Nasomatto by StarSpectra 2014-11-22

The aim of the manufacturer was to create a fragrance that “evokes the best quality of Hashish”. In all the reviews I have not seen where anyone states whether the manufacturer was successful or not. Now I have never tried black Afghanistan but I am quite familiar with black Pakistan. Back in the olden days, 40 years ago, I had a black market business in Andalusia that specialized in blonde Moroccan. I used to make trips to Amsterdam to pick up black Pakistan for my own use. One day I was on my way to the Oktoberfest in Munchen and took the wrong train. Due to American propaganda I assumed the train would not stop in eastern Germany because the train was filled with capitalists and socialists. I was wrong. Fortunately my maiden name was VERY German so they let me slide. I was a classically trained vocalist that specialized in German. I didn’t particularly care for singing in French or Italian. They liked it. No one found out I was in the American military with a secret clearance. Good for me. They deported me to Denmark with my black Pakistan in tack. My German grandparents were long dead. I’m sure they were rolling over in their graves. I telling this to give my opinion credibility.

Getting to the task at hand this fragrance smells wonderful. Not only does it remind me of the olden days but I think the manufacturer got it right. It reminds me of the commitment I made to myself years ago. If I gave up certain activities in order to embrace an American corporate white-collar career, upon retirement I could do whatever I wanted. I’m currently 60. I live in the Appalachian Mountains. I have all kinds of things planned for my retirement. This is definitely FBW. I will be wearing this as I write untold amounts of code from my Appalachian forest to keep the American corporate world churning.

Something to keep in mind is that my skin has a unique chemistry. Often I am jealous when I read reviews of folks that are experiencing something I will never smell. On my skin this smells great. It smells like the real thing.

Sofia Sofia Vergara by willfulmissconduct 2014-11-22

This is the first celebuscent I have ever purchased. I was not very fond of LVeB, my impression was it was overpriced for something that smelled like it should be a drugstore scent. Then pops up Sofia. Close enough to LVeB, yet different enough to not be a knock off. And at 30 bucks for a huge bottle, I can get three of them for the price of ONE LVeB! Well done!

Eau Sauvage Christian Dior by sumandre 2014-11-22

I have been wearing the new formulation for the past year and only just found a bottle of the old formula circa 2010. I used to wear eau sauvage in my teens and have forgotten how much oakmoss the is in the vintage juice. Very chypre and a little drier than the current formulation. I tend to wear the new as a cologne during the day and the vintage at night during balmy summer evenings. DIOR have done an amazing job with this. Even without as much oakmoss, the latest Eau Sauvage is still a remarkable fragrance.

I've smelled this one, the original edt, and edp.

To me, this was indistinguishable from the edt: blueberry roses. No amber, jasmine, raspberries, or anything else in the note pyramid. Maybe they all combine to give me "blueberry roses" again?

On me (one spray on the wrist):
Linear but pleasant
First hour: gentle wafts, 6 inch sillage
Second hour: skin scent
And third hour: gone

I like the smell, I find it quite unique so I don't mind owning it. Wish it had better projection and longevity though.

Vetiver Guerlain by pars2002 2014-11-22

first, you should be a vetiver fan to enjoy it. If you do not like vetiver please don't buy. Second, It is definitely classic and old-fashioned but I don't mean it is bad.It is very clean and after spraying you feel you had a long shower with "Fa" soap. Let it dries down to show the vetiver amazing beauty since the opening could disappoint you.
Among vetiver base designer perfumes, Creed original vetiver is a safer choice although more expensive.(Almost 200 USD)if you are vetiver lover Guerlain vetiver is a MUST in your collection.

PS : I am lovin it!

Haiku Avon by ShalimarMoon 2014-11-22

Haiku is a delicate floral with lily, light citrus, and a hint of earth. I love how garden-like it is. A serene day scent, it's mostly safe for the office (at one spray), and is the perfect touch after a workout and shower at the gym. The clarity of notes is startling for such a reasonably priced perfume. Love this classic!

Beach Bobbi Brown by archivist 2014-11-22

A memory of sun. I sprayed this on and immediately felt relaxed and languorous. Scent memory can be such a physical thing. This smell is so closely entwined with indolence and hot skin and cool water and warm light through decades of accidental operant conditioning. I'm in bed and it is winter outside, but a part of my brain is admirably tricked, and is purring. It went to the beach. Napped. Floated. Slathered sunscreen. Swam. Napped. Showered, shampooed. Now clean, relaxed. Works way better than aromatherapy with herbal oils. Zonked!

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by PerfumeEmpress 2014-11-22

I made the deadly mistake of spraying this on my wrist instead of on a paper strip. Oh, goodness. Nobody likes a strong, heady scent more than I. But this is just loud and vulgar. On me, anyway. Glad it works for others. I had to go to the ladies' room and wash this off asap.

Apple Brandy By Kilian by agentj 2014-11-22

Love, Love, Love. The lack of longevity makes me sad. If it were longer lasting I would buy it in a heartbeat. What's the point of making such a beautiful, high quality product when it's not around long enough to really enjoy it? Surely the testers at by Kilian don't sit around going, "hey, if we make this scent really weak people will have to buy more"? This, I feel, is the bane of my perfume habit; finding one you can truly love, only to have it lack the oomph to make it worthy of a purchase. After sniffing my wrist again though, I may have to give in at some point.

Floratta in Blue O Boticario by Hamayana 2014-11-22

Igual o CK be, ou seja cheiro de sabao em pò.

Floratta in Gold O Boticario by Hamayana 2014-11-22

Me da dor de cabeça...

The Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors by bamapachyderm 2014-11-22

I don't play tennis and wouldn't recognize the smell of tennis ball if one whacked me in the face on the court. But oh, do I love this - and I thought it would not appeal to me at all, because "green" doesn't usually appeal to me, but THIS DOES. It's not boring-green.
I ordered the sample collection from Imaginary Authors mainly to sample this before buying a full bottle blindly for my tennis-obsessed sister. If this is what tennis balls smell like, I get why she's obsessed. :)

Diva Emanuel Ungaro by PerfumeEmpress 2014-11-22

I completely agree with Hermesfan. Every word.

Black Cashmere Donna Karan by PerfumeEmpress 2014-11-22

Oh, how I wish I could get my hands on a bottle of this! Without mortgaging the house, that is. It sound just like my kind of scent. Why do they always discontinue the good ones?

DKNY Delicious Night Donna Karan by PerfumeEmpress 2014-11-22

I love this. It's so different. And that is the best compliment I can pay anything. Or anyone.

Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum Selena Gomez by ChristopherK21 2014-11-22

I have tested this perfume multiple times, and every time that I smell it, it straight up smells like Loreal Kids Shampoo. Like the no tangle shampoo from the 90's lol. It's a good memory, but I don't think I would like to wear this as a perfume.

Gorgeous bottle, but I don't think I can take the smell. Too bad, because I really like Selena and wanted to like this one.

Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum Selena Gomez by ChristopherK21 2014-11-22

I have tested this perfume multiple times, and every time that I smell it, it straight up smells like Loreal Kids Shampoo. Like the no tangle shampoo from the 90's lol. It's a good memory, but I don't think I would like to wear this as a perfume.

Gorgeous bottle, but I don't think I can take the smell. Too bad, because I really like Selena and wanted to like this one.

Grand Cuir Parfums Retro by PurseJunkie 2014-11-22

To me this smells like nothing but lavender and Ivory soap. So, basically: my grandmother. Oh, it has a “leather soul,” does it? So did my grandmother.

Parfum de Peau Montana by PerfumeEmpress 2014-11-22

Strong and beautiful. So different from the smell-one-smell-them-all, girlie-girlie variety, so lamentably in vogue these days. Gloriously 80s!

Snooki Couture Nicole Polizzi by ChristopherK21 2014-11-22

Just purchased a gift set of this perfume tonight at my local Burlington Coat Factory for $20, which I thought was a pretty good deal!

I own the original Snooki perfume, which I liked a lot!

I tried this one out in a store and it immediately reminded me of Dolce & Gabana's Light Blue fragrance! Very citrus and floral! I was surprised. :)

Happy to add this to my collection! Good job Snooki!

Michael Michael Kors by PerfumeEmpress 2014-11-22

One of my absolute favorites. I've been wearing it since it came out (among others, of course). This is one of the frags that gets me the most compliments. Two of my friends bought a bottle after they smelled it on me. The only floral scents I like are white flower scents. This is heady and creamy. Just as I like it. I hope it is never discontinued, or worse (panic ensues) reformulated.

Champaca Absolute Tom Ford by Angela Agiannidou 2014-11-22

For the PC police, I stick to my view, they can remove my comment all they like, it is disrespectful to all members who write in English, though it's not their main language, to produce a two meter review in a language unintelligible to most without the slightest hint of what it is about.
You can delete it now..

Cleopatra Tocca by llburris 2014-11-22

I agree this is a lovely fragrance. The sillage and longevity are very disappointing however.

Florence Tocca by llburris 2014-11-22

I received a sample of this and was very excited to try Tocca for the first time. When the bitter opening came to my nose, I thought this wasn't going to be anywhere near the types I like. Then 5 minutes later the gardenia sprang forth and the bitter notes subsided. I can't stop sniffing my hand to see what it does next. I would be thrilled if it even stayed in this heavenly gardenia layer. Love it!

Angel Thierry Mugler by HanamiTsukimi 2014-11-22

I think Angel's biggest problem is that people wear too much of it. Really. All you need is a spray or two! We can smell you! We can!

Now, I've been an Angel lover since high school when I had a mini, gotten for free, somewhere, that I kept hidden away as My Precious. No occasion was special enough for me to wear such a magical scent. And I still think it's magical, like a dark fairy, sweet but unapologetically earthy. I actually don't smell any distinct coconut, cotton candy or caramel. It's not as literal as many of the derivative gourmands that have come after it; there's more of an overall aura of sugar than any sweetness you can put a name to. And yet, as I said, there's something dark and bold about it. No doubt it's the heavily dominant, earthy patchouli. This isn't a scent for a wallflower.

But still. We can smell you. We can.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by risarii 2014-11-22

One of the best male colognes, imo. SO sexy. I just want to cuddle up to a man wearing this. I know it's really popular, but I haven't known so many guys that wear this (they all wear either Axe or Abercrombie *shivers*) and I wish I knew more because it would make me one happy girl. I smell the lavender the most, which is one of my favorite notes in a cologne.
As for the bottle, I actually really like it! I think it's unique and kind of quirky. I can't believe there's so many guys that are so offended by it; it's ridiculous. I think a man should not be offended by a bottle depicting a version of their body. I'm not offended by the bottle of "Classique" (which I wear and love.) A person really shouldn't be offended by any sort of body, as it's just a body, but whatever.
This also does not smell "gay" as one cannot smell gay; a person doesn't smell different because of their sexual orientation. I also don't think this smells cheap, but that's subjective.
In conclusion, if you are considering testing this cologne and are put off by the hate comments on here, let me say this: as a 21-year-old straight female, I find this cologne attractive and a man wearing it always gets my attention. Of course any fragrance depends on the individual's chemistry, so it's not going to smell the same or good on everyone, but if you like it, wear it! :)
P.S: I love the ad for this (and Classique) with Rianne Ten Haken.

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by russtyruss 2014-11-22

LOVE THIS! This is absolutely wonderful. It's classed as a women's fragrance but as a straight, and quite manly man, I freaking love this. It just smells fresh and 'nice'. It's florally but not girly. It's a bit like Chanel 19 or Prada infussion d'homme/d'iris. It's a clean smell and to my nose, is a bit warmer than black orchid. Just buy it, won't be disappointed. It's sublime.

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by russtyruss 2014-11-22

Okay, so... I really wanted to like this but... I just don't. it reminds me of a medicated heat rub; kind of warm and spicy cloves with a touch of menthol. There's the slightest hint of fresh tobacco, like when you first open a pack of cigarettes but mainly it just reminds me of heat rub. There is a warming chocolaty kind of vibe going on in the drydown after a few hours which is quite nice but the opening is, frankly, horrid. Apparently Daniel Craig wore this on the set of Quantum of Solace, or maybe he just pulled a muscle?
Sorry Tom, I love you but... I won't be buying anymore of this.

New Haarlem Bond No 9 by HanamiTsukimi 2014-11-22

I won a decant of this in a great giveaway earlier this year and loved it immediately. But I wanted to wait to review it until I could experience it in its proper context, namely cool weather.

Like cake n' cuddles below, I'm usually not overly conscious of the seasonality of perfumes as I live in a climate that stays pretty constant year round. But this is a case where cooler weather definitely brings out the best in a perfume.

I can understand the comparisons to maple syrup, but don't let that fool you into thinking New Haarlem is sticky sweet. It's more "rich" than "syrupy" with an almost boozy quality to it. I'm a big fan of lavender and it doesn't show up in enough women's perfumes. Here it adds a touch of masculinity to what I think is a truly unisex scent. It's not pancake syrup, it's just evocative of that flavor of cozy comfort.

The best part is smelling it on your clothes days afterward.

Je Reviens Worth by Kelsi87 2014-11-22

Oh my gosh I haven't seen this one in years! Was just thinking about it the other day because my mom gave me a bottle for Christmas when I was about 16 and I absolutely loved it but couldn't remember what it was called (just that the bottle was kinda rounded with a black cap). Wonderful fragrance!

Infusion de Rose Prada by JaiTee 2014-11-22

Would love to try this. Please PM me if you'd like to trade decants.

Dalal Al-Rehab by thang92 2014-11-22

Dalal by Al Rehab is a sweet scent for sure as you can expect from the notes, however thankfully it's not strong or overbearing which is nice. I like sweet scents but not on the level of some perfumes like 'la vie est belle' which I personally find sickening. The only downside to this perfume oil is that it has poor longevity or sillage. It's definitely a skin scent but it's comforting and nice. You can definitely apply more and I find that whilst it is a skin scent you can still fainly smell it hours later, I have even tried putting it on clothes and it does stay on for a while. I would say 6 hours maximum before it more or less fades completely away. A bonus point about Dalal is that as some reviewers have mentioned there's something smokey or tobacco like which I LOVE. After reading those reviews I went and put it on to see if it was there and it WAS! That's good if you like scents like that.

Flowering Tonka Demeter Fragrance by Arielrose 2014-11-22

I've been testing a lot of Demeter fragrances lately and this is a VERY good one! I'm planning on a full bottle for this scent. It's quite sweet, yet fresh and not cloying. It has that almost vanilla-note with the Tonka Bean, but doesn't overwhelm you. I agree with the GartenGnome review, that you can wear this alone or layered. I would also mention, it has a little more lasting power than most of the Demeter scents I have tried so far.

Snow Demeter Fragrance by Arielrose 2014-11-22

This is a fabulous scent that creates a refreshing, snow day feeling. It has the ozonic quality, along with subtle aquatic and earthy notes. It's very light, which is fitting for something called 'Snow'.
I like wearing it on casual days, or when I'll be outdoors and don't want to smell perfumey, but still want a bit of fragrance.

Rose Cut Ann Gerard by theperfumedveil 2014-11-22

A very old-fashioned rose scent with a sharp opening. Slightly sour and patchy. Not something I would invest in.

Vanilla Ice Cream Demeter Fragrance by Arielrose 2014-11-22

If Demeter's Vanilla Cake Batter is a warm vanilla, their Vanilla Ice Cream is a cool vanilla. I personally like the warmer vanilla more. I do have to say, this is surprisingly authentic - it even has a slight freezer smell! If you want to smell like an ice cream shop, grab this one! ;)

Caramel Demeter Fragrance by Arielrose 2014-11-22

From reading the reviews, Demeter's Caramel is absolutely in the nose of the beholder! I was REALLY hoping for a true caramel scent, so I could add it to my Prada Candy, which is a musk-monster on me with almost NO caramel. Sadly, this will just not cut it - because I belong to the Maple Syrup camp on this one.
It smells like it in the bottle and on me - straight up fresh Vermont Maple Syrup! If that's what you're after, it is fabulous - but I'm still looking for an authentic caramel.

Galaad Lubin by Chicago Tony T 2014-11-22

This is a mild and tame earthy/spicy slightly sweet scent on me. The cypriol oil gives it a slightly feminine feel and unbalances all the other masculine notes. I get very little if any oud and tobacco. The honey and cardamom play a nice supporting role. It's more about the oil and myrhh on my skin. This is my 1st time sampling it so maybe I will edit my review after a couple wearings but I am not digging this at all.

Dior Homme Christian Dior by groover 2014-11-22

I do remember when this first came out, i found it to be a very strange feminine smell, now years have past and i love it more than ever, when i use it i feel like kevin kline in a Fish called Wanda i walk around smelling my armpits all the time.

Dulce de Leche Demeter Fragrance by Arielrose 2014-11-22

This is a wonderful, cozy scent to wear while relaxing around the house - or before sleeping to make your pillow smell delicious! It's a light scent, so it's won't be overwhelming. Definitely conjures the Dulce de Leche scent, with all the notes of caramel, warm milk, caramelized sugar and vanilla represented.

Vanilla Cake Batter Demeter Fragrance by Arielrose 2014-11-22

I love vanillas, so I ordered sample bottles of all the vanilla type scents from Demeter - this is the hands-down winner! It is the truest vanilla of them all and once it settles down isn't overly 'foodie'. It definitely has the vanilla yellow cake scent, but something about it keeps it from being too 'baked good' smelling and that is a very nice thing! It almost has a TINY hint of spice that just makes it divine for cooler weather. I like to add this to other perfumes to amp up the vanilla and people always say 'you smell amazing!' when they hug me :)

Green Tea Demeter Fragrance by Arielrose 2014-11-22

I love this! A perfect green tea scent - sweet, fresh, lightly green and delicate. I love to spray it by itself or layered with Flowerbomb or Pink Sugar Sparks - both of those perfumes have a tea note and this enhances it :)

Aventus Creed by John Mason 2014-11-22

Designed to appeal to the modern crowds.
Masculine, roasted pinapple creates a cloud of authority around you, giving you the confidence you need, perhaps, for important meetings with clients or investors. It projects an aura of sensual dominance in a modern, superior and almost erotic way.
The pineapple note stays to the dry-down phase, which, as in many Creed perfumes, is a soft mix of salt and grey amber.
Good for office wear with good longevity and sillage.
Highly recommend.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by John Mason 2014-11-22

It's nothing like you have ever smelled before. It's designed to leave all the mainstream fragrances behind and walk its own path of extravaganza. Inspired by the world of exotica and all it represents.
Opium is not going to step down, it's not going to make it easy on you.
The stage is set with dense incense and heavy (and I do mean heavy!) resins, carnation, clove and sharp aromatic spices.
Not suitable for office wear. Be sure you go easy on the trigger.
Judged from a sample. Will acquire full bottle for sure!

Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson Revlon by Rosalind34 2014-11-22

My mom got me a bottle of Electric Youth for Christmas back in the day. I remember I was so disappointed because I wanted an Oriental powerhouse like Opium and I got Electric Youth instead. LOL! Oh well....what can I say about this fragrance? It has got to be the sweetest perfume I've ever smelled. It's a complete cotton candy bomb! The bottle looks so dated to the 80s that it's hilarious. It's so very new wave. It looks like it should have been launched earlier than 1989 -early 80s perhaps -about the time the movie Valley Girl came out! If you're into 80s retro, you should try and snag a bottle of this off ebay. It's good for memorabilia if nothing else.

Coach Poppy Coach by HanamiTsukimi 2014-11-22

The same thing happens when I try this fragrance on skin as on paper: It starts off nice if a little extra sweet, then it slowly morphs into something slightly unnatural smelling, like metal coated in ice cream.

The first spray pumps out pillows of sweet, sweet marshmallow cut by a dash of cucumber that keeps the sweetness from being overwhelming. The combo is actually really interesting, so much so that I wish it didn't eventually make me feel ill or that some other perfumer might one day be inclined to brew something like this to better results.

On skin the drydown brings strong notes of Freesia and Rose that give it a little bit of needed maturity. It's pleasant if not very dynamic. I'm a little sad it's not for me.

Sira des Indes Jean Patou by HanamiTsukimi 2014-11-22

I get a lot of pink pepper and cardamom in the beginning. No pear or even banana, but a spicy, warm trip to some exotic local. Then a beautiful dose of sandalwood and... champaca? I wouldn't know. Some of these notes are so unique. In fact, I wonder if I wouldn't recognize the banana in this if I slipped on its peel.

Regardless, Sira des Indes is creamy and cozy and soft as a fleece blanket in fall. During the drydown it becomes just a tad animalic, but nothing risque. It sweetens over time as the amber and vanilla make their way to the front. An incredibly well-balanced concoction, and usually available at a great price. I'm tempted.

I think this is the first scent created by MFK as a nose that I've actually *disliked*.

The fragrance overall is very linear - and while that seems to be MFK's signature thing, "simple luxury", or high quality simple scents... this to me is just bland, and 'meh'.

The atmosphere of this is stuffy, standard pink bubble bath scent. A really soapy rose, and lily of the valley. I feel almost that if I add water to this, it will surely turn into suds!

Pretty boring, and certainly not worth the crazy $.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by HanamiTsukimi 2014-11-22

I agree with the comparisons to Flowerbomb, they're clearly in the same vein particularly with the sweet patchouli and orchid notes. But Jimmy Choo is sweeter (if you can believe it), more candyish and less floral. It has a crowd-pleasing appeal but it still says "notice me." This is the kind of femininity that walks around humming "I Enjoy Being a Girl."

Flowerbomb is more complex and sparkling, but this is a perfectly good fragrance for those with a sweet tooth. Lots of projection with this one, too.

Sultry Drew Barrymore by lisasrevenge79 2014-11-22

I was quite surprised by this fragrance! Normally I go for the cuddly vanillas. But I decided on this after some bad luck with the Katy Perry killer queen scent. I wore this out to a bar with some girlfriends, one of my girlfriends, her wife commented how nice the perfume smelled. Many other people passing by us on the street as the wind blew, caught a faint whiff of this & asked what I was wearing. I will definitely be repurchasing! Love it!

Prada Candy L'Eau Prada by wayway2hotinaz 2014-11-22

I absolutely love this perfume, but I can't smell it longer than an hour on me. I'm so disappointed! I went into Sephora and sprayed 8 perfume strips and this was one of two that I left in my hands that I liked. I knew I loved it the moment I sprayed it. But, then the smell was gone, an hour later. I kept smelling the scent from the other strip I had left in my hand. So, went back and got a sample made for me to try at home. I tried it today. Sprayed it on me and love, just like I loved it on the strip. An hour later I can barely smell anything on my wrist, and I definitely don't have any scent coming off my chest (where I also sprayed it). So, I sprayed it again. This time it seemed to last even less time, if that is even possible. Arg. I just love the citrus, sweet pea, and vanilla - caramel. Why can't it last longer!? And, if it isn't going to last longer, why can't they have a rollerball for easy re-application. $68 for 1.7oz is just so much for something lasting no more than an hour (and it sits very close to my skin)!

Classy and inoffensive. Starts out pretty with the citrusy pink pepper, then merges into a beautiful Italian ambery/musky iris. It is very neutral and sits very close to the skin. I would not buy a full bottle of this, as I am looking for more oomph in a scent, but it's a nice and elegant office-safe iris.

Longevity: good
Sillage: soft

I have both Like This and AoDlSPduPdH (good GRIEF) and the Givenchy is a pretty good match for Like This. Not perfect, not a dupe, but you can find it on ebay for $35-50 and it is pretty damn close. There's honey/praline instead of immortelle (browner/maple syrup sweet), but the gingerbread is present, the tea is a decent sub for vetiver, the jasmine is nice (subs for the rose/neroli in Like This) and not animalic. The drydown is a little more common than Like This. The drydown of the Givenchy is basic clean all-purpose musk, the end of so many mainstream frags. Drydown of the Like This is more cuddly and warm.

I prefer Like This, but I had to try this, I was kind of hoping it would be spicier and sweeter and orangey-er, like a more gourmand Elixir des Merveilles, like nonnettes. And truly, it does hit most of the right notes for nonnettes, just not enough spice. It smells mostly Like This, which I already have.

Asian Green Tea Creed by Bloodlust 2014-11-22

I would definitely buy this immediately if it was a little bit less expensive $$$. Until I figure something out... it will remain on the want list!

I'm relatively new to Creed fragrances, I tend to turn to this house when I'm looking for something high quality & fresh - and that's exactly what this is! It's a substantial, long-lasting, non-synthetic, non-linear, fresh scent.

I definitely get the tea note, with a hint of lemon & bergamot - even a dash of violet sometimes. The screechy notes in the pyramid (jasmine, neroli), I don't encounter too much with my skin chemistry, thankfully!

I'm most thrilled with this scent because it's refreshing WITHOUT any woods to balance out the tangy notes - which is what I've been searching for! Definitely a refreshing, zingy, energizing option for warm weather. Though, honestly, you could pick up something like Light Blue and get a similar effect throughout the day - really depends on how much cash you're willing to throw around!

Drakkar Noir Guy Laroche by Zazenh 2014-11-22

This was my signature scent in the 90's. It's my wife's favourite scent on me. It's a complex scent. I find it best to wear it at night and in the fall/winter, especially on cloudy and grey days. It can also be worn on a date. It's a seductive, mysterious scent, that is also fresh. 2-3 sprays does it. Great longevity. A classic and it belongs on every collector's arsenal.

Honey Marc Jacobs by Lybarra118 2014-11-22

Looks like I get to be in the minority here once again, but I have no problem with that - more for me *grins*. I actually really like Honey. It does have a pretty harsh opening, but it's nothing that will slap you in the face, at least not me. Give it fifteen to twenty minutes and it calms down to a lovely, strong Honeysuckle scent and it doesn't change from that moment on. I'm pretty sure the "honey" in the naming of Honey was meant for Honeysuckle and not the actual honey you eat (even though it's in the notes). But I can't speak for Marc Jacobs, just a wild guess.

It truly reminds me of the sweet and almost bitter taste I used to get from eating the nectar of the Honeysuckles my mother used to grow, which could be why I enjoy this so much.

Either way, I'm not getting the furious amount of synthetics everyone is complaining about. This is also one of the few Marc Jacobs perfumes that lasts on my skin longer than four hours.
Longevity eight hours, projection is strong for the first 3-4 and then calms down.

White Lilac Mary Chess by grayspoole 2014-11-22

Like Stacia79, I have fun with my box of vintage nips. I pick one at random, and I give it a try. When I saw that the random nip of the day was White Lilac, I was a little disappointed at first. I don't wear lilac perfumes and I don't plant them in my garden. On the other hand, It can be lovely to walk by a lilac bush in full bloom and be surrounded by their sweet floral fug. So, onward with my sampling game, only to be pleasantly surprised and impressed by White Lilac. How can a 50 year old scent smell so fresh and alive? The lilacs are blooming right here in my bedroom, in late November. And if we can believe Wikipedia, Grace Mary Chess Robinson was an interesting early perfumer who began making her own scents using natural ingredients in the 1930's. White Lilac was her first perfume. If you really like lilacs, you might enjoy a vintage bottle of this.

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