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This was on my Next-to-buy list for aeons and finally, I received a little bonus and bought it off an Amazon partner. I received a sample in a swap a while back, and I really enjoyed this one the most.

I thought the topnote was a little more orangy than this from today. A little sad at the loss of citrus. The bergamot is just very, very dry, and a lot of earthy vetiver this time. I also think I get violets. Unfortunately, it's just too soapy for me on the topnote.

Later, the vetiver comes out and ditches the citrus/floral notes. The middle is just plain and simple, something like a clean powder and I am guessing that's the ylang ylang heart. you'd want Overall, it's a cooling, earthy scent, such as a after a rain drenches the luscious citrus groves in the country, but the sun has just emerged from clouds.

The drydown is just a very dry soapy scent, something distinctively cool and floral such as violets. That could be the oakmoss too, which is a very cool scent.

I'm a little disappointed it's not got that nice orange scent tucked away in it, but there's always Rue Fauborg for that. Just a classy, simple fragrance that's perfect for a luxurious night out or a day at the office.

M Mariah Carey by tahia_loky 2015-03-01

Es un aroma muy dulce debido a los malvaviscos, sin embargo la nota de incienso es muy fuerte y hace que el perfume sea adecuado para alguien mayor. No es juvenil como pensaba que era, estoy decepcionada. No es elbsroms gourmand que la gente piensa !!!

Les Bohemes: Heavy Sugar Opus Oils by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

Nag Champa

Eau des Merveilles Hermes by metalgypsy 2015-03-01

Fallen for the gracious reviews yet again.. boring and sickeningly sweet amber and nothing more.

Mother Opus Oils by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

The cedar and rose make this seem more like chocolate and strawberries.

Scherrer 2 Jean-Louis Scherrer by highmaintenancegirl 2015-03-01

Alluring sophisticated semi-oriental perfume. The Chrysler like building bottle is really stunning. The p
pineapple honey accord is very well done, it gives originality to this very sensual composition. Caron Acaciosa also had a similar pineapple fruity note but a lot more dense and heavy, a great perfume which now smells dated whereas Scherrer 2 is this ultimate timeless grand feminine staple in my perfune wardrobe.

I'm reviewing the EDT. Scherrer 2 has been discontinued for a while now but looks like it's coming back soon. However the edt is still available with online discounters. The edp is a lot harder to find and more expensive, I tried an ebay seller but the edp bottle was older vintage, the top notes had completely vanished, it wasn't as fresh as the last edt bottle I purchased online.
I returned the edp bottle and the seller had relisted it at the same price.
Hopefully Scherrer 2 will be reissued in both concentrations soon.

Gucci by Gucci Gucci by metalgypsy 2015-03-01

Warm honey with a drop of patchouli. Expectations were met with indifference; too sweet to be professional. Ordered online after falling for reviews. Luckily my mother likes it.

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by harrietemily 2015-03-01

Red Door is not a perfume, or even a perfume-and-a-half. It is a PERFUME. A mixed up heaven and hell of one (like some of the best). I struggle getting the sprayer to release the minute drop required for the fabulous experience, and I agree with Charlotte462 that a splash bottle (for dabbing) would suit this PERFUME.

Wow, Red Door's opening is powerfully strong. Even the most minute of drops conjures up a vision of all the expensive lipsticks in the world being melted down in a giant bubbling vat, and this potent lipstick lava distilled into an essence that puts every nose nerve on red alert. 10 minutes later, I begin to see through the red mist of this PERFUME.

Stupendous, spectacular and lovely: honey, violet, tuberose, roses (red, red ones) and sweet powdery dreams galore. A rose-red choreography of sweet and floral scents dancing around the mind, an almost-overwhelming work of art, that becomes softer and more entrancing each moment through the long drydown. Wear a minute drop of this PERFUME for courage and irreplicable bizarre beauty. 10 generous sprays should do you for self-defence.

Triomphe Millesime Rance 1795 by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

I've been looking for a comfortable cedar-smelling fragrance for a long time.—this may be it!

Francois Charles Rance 1795 by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

I'd like to wear this to eat in an Indian restaurant.—Butter chicken.

Laetitia Millesime Rance 1795 by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

This really reminds me of Gucci Envy.

Jimmy Choo Man Jimmy Choo by skiadero93 2015-03-01

Disappointed. Don't get me wrong! It is a nice scent but it is for lack of better words, a knock off of Bleu De Chanel, at least in my opinion. Except it is not as strong.

Angel Face A Dozen Roses by lindaberlin 2015-03-01

I just purchased this yesterday and tried a bit on right before a shower. This is a lovely fruity floral, but not overly sweet. The black current is the first note I smell. I do not catch the apple at all. I can still smell it on the top of my hand after the shower, which is always a plus. It is a beautiful scent without being overly sweet. I detect the rose and patchouli in the dry down. Full bottle worthy.

Santal Carmin Atelier Cologne by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

A fifty year-old woman wearing a leather jacket.

Ambre Nue Atelier Cologne by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

This is caramel popcorn for me, like an old-fashioned candy shop.

A Kiss By The Fireside 4160 Tuesdays by Migotka 2015-03-01

Since my parents acquired a house with a fireplace, I became a bit obsessed with the smell of it. There is no better treat to come back to a home filled with a scent of smoked birch, wooden logs and hearing the fire crackling away.

I am not sure if there is another perfume close to the real fireside as this, I only know of some room fragrances with a similar vibe. A Kiss by Fireside is what is says on the bottle- a smoky, woody beauty reminding me of that warm fire and burning wood.

It is a bit similar to AP Tea for Two in a way that both are driven by the smokiness. In AP it came from Lapsang Souchong tea, here I have an impression I detect a similar smoky tea note, although it is not present. Maybe it is a combination of gaiac and cloves?

At times I get a whiff of an orange that brings memories of Christmas and mulled wine. I get a tiny but of herbal lavender. But the focus here remains the smoky wood, the accord dominates the composition.

Not sure how wearable this is, I would not pick it as my work scent, but it is interesting enough to give it a go for a long, winter walk.

La Favorite Dear Rose by Roge' 2015-03-01

This is a sparkler and a real expression of ostentatiousness. Very French and tailored for the quinquagenarian age range. La Favorite brings to mind of pearl necklaces, lace ivory tiaras and silk dresses. Though i would never purchase this however, i could probably pull this off. The saffron here is eager as it goes toe-to-toe with a sharp dose of oud. The faintest rosy tinge of pink pepper come and goes like the flame of a trick candle. There's a certain calm here that relaxes the olfactory and its undeniable. The patchouli is almost undetectable but the boscage of sweetness confirms the existence of the herb. Soon enough this will become a fan favorite simply because this has the ability to crack open your soul.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by ifat 2015-03-01

it has been reformulated in the worst possible way ! only last for 2 hours, very weak , dont waste money on this , there are way better stuffs out there like la nuit de homme by ysl or Dior homme intense !

New West for Him Aramis by karlovonamesti 2015-03-01

New West is the progenitor of Horizon by Guy Laroche, and perhaps Polo Sport and a handful of other "fresh" nineties aquatics. It's a fragrance that demonstrate how heavy and powerful Calone used to be - this isn't a fleeting "skin scent" by any means. I sense dihyromyrcenol is used along with Calone, and the effect is loud and somewhat herbal, with prominent bay and sage notes, and an interesting minty melon accord. It dries down to a wormwood-spiked herbal blend that recalls Yatagan and the original Polo, among others. One reviewer below mentioned a similarity to Krizia Uomo with Calone added, and he's not far off there. I'm reviewing the original formula in the round blue bottle, and unfortunately have not tried the new version, but I gather it's not tremendously different.

I enjoy stuff like this once in a while, but to be honest I'd rather wear something with less bombastic "freshness." For example, I'm more likely to reach for my bottle of Krizia Uomo than my bottle of New West. Same general idea, yet a bit less synthetic because Calone is absent, know what I mean? Quite good, nevertheless, a watershed moment in masculine perfumery.

Fame Lady Gaga by mystica 2015-03-01

We bought this perfume for my mum. It's a honeyed, fruity sweet, slightly incensey floral. That's rather an accentuated scent for day time use. Longevity could be better. The bottle and the black fluid is chic, but the claw shaped cap irritates me.

Fame Lady Gaga by Shiffy 2015-03-01

Questo profumo è caldo, intenso e sensuale, dolce quanto basta. Sulla mia pelle si percepisce molto la nota di miele, unita al gelsomino e all'incenso. Ha davvero un'ottima persistenza ed un buon sillage. Perfetto per farsi notare! Di sicuro non è un profumo da indossare tutti i giorni ma in serate particolari. Aggiungo che ,secondo me, è indicato nelle stagioni fredde.

Pink Friday Nicki Minaj by lollipopsneeze 2015-03-01

I think this bottle is so freaky. You have to decapitate her to spray it, and that is just bad juju Nicki! Also I have the big bottle, but it did not come with the cute necklace, so that is false advertising. I used to like her, but now she annoys me. And I'm not interested in buying her other perfumes, because this one disappointed me.

The scent is very similar to Viva La Juicy, but with a noticeable pear note, and it reminds me of a watermelon snow cone or bubblegum too. It's fresh and fruity, inoffensive, but seriously lacking in longevity and so faint too. I don't hate it, but come on she could have made it stronger. And it's a total Viva La Juicy rip off too.People are paying for the bottle and celebrity, not the perfume. Also no one has ever noticed this perfume on me! Not one single compliment, but I'm happy others get noticed with this one. at least someone had a good experience.

glad I bought mine on sale. Rihanna has better perfumes!

Opium Pour Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Jaradona 2015-03-01

Haven't anybody noticed that this one has an animalic note in it? anyway good fragrance but not the best. I liked it with the fact that I hate anise and star anise notes but they mixed it in a good way that surprised me. I didn't imagine it will smell like this when I saw the notes.
I smelled mostly strong balsam which I think is the Tolu balsam which smells like cream, also I detected animalic smell, some spice, cedar and faint vanilla. One of my friends bought it and that's when I got the chance to experiment it.. good for him ^_^
Oh, one more thing: the longevity and sillage are monsters.

Amor Amor Tentation Cacharel by Shiffy 2015-03-01

Si tratta di una fragranza decisa e speziata, molto particolare, adatta soprattutto per la sera poiché potrebbe rivelarsi abbastanza pesante. Da usare nel periodo invernale. Ho provato ad indossare questo profumo una sera d'estate e l'ho trovato invadente. L'aroma ricorda vagamente il vino rosso! Non ha nulla del Cacharel Amor Amor che. a differenza di questo, è dolce e fruttato.

Vetiver Royal Bourbon Oriza L. Legrand by Le_Coeur_Gothique 2015-03-01

If we except the skills of the one who uses it, the most important part of a sword is its blade. Its hilt and scabbard can be exquisite pieces of craftsmanship, often adorned with precious metals and gems, but it's always the least adorned part, its blade, that gets the work done. And if anyone is wandering about what is sword talk doing in a perfume review, Vetiver Royal Bourbon is like mounting a very old and battle proven blade on a new housing. A century old fragrance launched anew, with what seems to be lots of respect to its ancestry. And this is like something that does not happen every day in people's lives. Like something that is exceptional enough to be mentioned elaborately and in great detail. Something like being unlucky enough to fall from atop a juniper tree and hit every single branch on your way down. But also being lucky enough, to land on a thick layer of vetiver grass, and thus escape your fall unscathed. And there you'll doff your leather gloves and light up your pipe and think. Cause if there's something that this curio engenders more than anything else, it's thoughts.
Thoughts like "How dare they?"
Thoughts like "Are they nuts?"
Thoughts like "Didn't they know it was 2014?"
And all that stuff which come to mind upon encountering such an oddity during the second decade of the 21st century. But despite banging its own drum while walking a very lonely path, Vetiver Royal Bourbon has actually a lot of things to say.
This little weirdo is a very-very interesting case. Very bitter, very earthy, very herbal and very unique. Oh, and very challenging to wear too. To my silly nose, it smells like hot stones. But not hot because of being under a scorching sun for too long, but hot because this castle was burned during a siege.
I don't know whether it's the fact that I have not smelled it for many years, but I'm under the impression that Vetiver Royal Bourbon is very similar with vintage Daniel Hechter's Caractere. At first, this thought seemed like it had no grounds at all, since the two fragrances only share a couple of notes. But then came the epiphany. Most of Vetiver Royal Bourbon's notes are somewhat neighbouring the ones of this forgotten relic from the late '80s.
-Artemisia instead of vetiver.
-Fir instead of juniper.
-Amber instead of styrax.
-Sage instead of thyme.
-Basil instead of mint.
With the mystery solved, I relished the thought of how much I loved Caractere back in the day, cause it smelled nothing like anything else. So, the verdict here could not be any different. I love Vetiver Royal Bourbon too. I like bizzare scents, and this one is surely of the kind that will raise the "What the hell is that smell?" question. A lot. And if it wasn't so damn pricy, I could vision myself buying two or three bottles just in case it's discontinued. Finally, and despite that this may sound a bit out of the blue, I'll finish this review the way I started it. With swords. So, since I take it that Caractere doesn't ring a bell to at least 50% of the readers, I'll crown Vetiver Royal Bourbon as the Yatagan of our time. Not based that much on sheer similarity, but on being heavy, sharp and sexy to the nth degree...

Alien Thierry Mugler by ScentologySummit 2015-03-01

This is gorgeous. I can see how it's not for everyone because it is quite powerful. I have a lot of trouble with fragrances not staying on my skin, but I get hints of this throughout the day. It's almost pure jasmine on first spray, but it settles into a creamy white floral that projects just the right amount. It's definitely a confidence booster. Magnificently done.

Also, love the bottle!!

Minuit Noir Lolita Lempicka by 40plus&fab 2015-03-01

Well, I'm not sure why this is not marketed as a unisex fragrance. I'm not sure why it was given the apple bottle of the other flacons in this line. While I have found VERY LITTLE discernible difference between the LL flankers, this is definitely its own little animal. On my skin it opens quite warm and spicy in a masculine way, like a warm spiced drink (not boozy). It then morphs into this sweet very oily black licorice with a little bit of patch garnish. I don't get any resemblance to the original or any of its sisters, this to me is more like their older brother with his very own rebellious personality.

This is a pleasant olfactory surprise if you like different or androgynous, spicy fragrances or disappointing if you're hoping for another similar variation of the original. The biggest disappointment is it has ZERO lasting power, maybe 2 hours on my skin then not a trace even with heavy application. It lasted on my clothes slightly better but only after a second heavy application. For this to open with such a bang and such promise, it ends with not more than a finger pressed to lips "ssshhh".

Zara Seoul Zara by cenkmami 2015-03-01

I agree to zeljo where Istanbul and Rio!!

Elegance Sombre Perfumes by Terri by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

What an olfactive confectioner Terri Bozo is! Elegance Sombre is dark chocolate and orange all the way! AMAZING. I wish I had all her scents so that I could just spritz them into the air when a little happiness and uplift is needed. I feel that this is definitely where the future of fragrance is going.

Okay, now for the harsh criticism ... the sillage and longevity are too weak for my tastes. I also HATE the label designs on her bottles. They do nothing by way of inspiring anything for these unique scents. Perhaps it's the equivalent of storing a gorgeously made cupcake in a ziplock bag? Also, I feel like her creations are more fun to smell than to wear. They don't seem to blend into the personality of the wearer, but instead it just sits on top ... for however long it lasts.

The combined effect feels slightly amateur, but the concept of her work is very innovative and modern. That's the compromise, which I'm glad is reflected in her prices.

Ambra Aurea Profumum Roma by the_badger 2015-03-01

Sorry but no. This is too strong for me, this is raw amber pure and simple and for me that is a no-no. I mean, I must give credit to Profumum for having created the most realistic amber I have ever smelled but no thanks. I like amber when it is combined with something else, like the tobacco-amber combo in Baldessarini Ambre or in many of Thierry Mugler's fragrances. Raw amber has a stinky urine-like odor, its not clean nor fresh and instead of attracting people you might be doing the opposite. It reminds me of Tom Ford's Amber Absolute and the first thing that came to my mind when I smelled that was a Middle Eastern or Indian merchant. I have noticed many Profumum fragrances are very simple in composition: Amber is amber, Patchouli is patchouli, Olibanum is olibanum, Arso is pine... Out of all of these, Arso is the only one I can tolerate.

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by Jaradona 2015-03-01

Absolutely wonderful.. my next buy for sure. subtle rose very calm and giving a way for the rest of beautiful notes to appear. suitable for all ages, love it, it is absolutely better than the intense version, and lasted on me longer.

I tested on my skin, and after a few hours it was still smelling strong/smoky.
All my female cousins loved it and want it for their man!!

Italian Cypress Tom Ford by SNOOPY 2015-03-01

Very good
I love it
Unfortunately out of my price range.
Makes me want to try the Halston fragrance despite that one being butchered by regulations.
Surprising about them both considering the ingredients seem inexpensive enough and unfortunately i do not understand these draconian regulations which seem toexist only to make classics extinct.
This fragrance itself is very good.
To me it is like L'Occitan Bavx minus the vanilla sugar.
Very different of course but cypress plays the lead role.

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by Jaradona 2015-03-01

I apologize Obsession, I said earlier that you don't have cinnamon in you. I admit that I was hasty.
It opens up with carnation, cinnamon, amber and pine. all are noticeable now. and after 15 minutes or so it mellows to musk, myrrh, nutmeg, sandalwood and faint vanilla.
As time passes by the lime, grapefruit, bergamot appear and vanilla's touch grows until the dry down it becomes soapy. brilliant and amazing how it changes.. 2 thumbs up.

Turquoise Summer Escada by lemmenkukka 2015-03-01

I smell strawberries, wild strawberries and Mango, which is not listed. Very summerish, happy, young, flirty and sweet. I smell no basenotes at all so this seems to be lacking a firm ground. Quite ok.

Battito d`Ali Profumum Roma by the_badger 2015-03-01

Not much to say, I have used up most of my sample and I like it. It's definitely unisex and on a man it gives off a soft "nice guy" vibe (Bad boys wear clubbing scents). Excellent longevity and sillage, lasts all day 12 hours. I like it very much, the scent is very unique to me and I have never smelled anything similar. One reviewer says it's similar to Meharees, got to check that out because although I love BdA I don't love it that much as to spend $250 on a bottle.

Miracle Homme Lancome by Colin Maillard 2015-03-01

Miracle Homme opens with a pepper-green-woody and slightly aquatic accord which smells really astringent, dry, bitter, with a peculiar sort of austere and almost boozy woody note (like mahogany) sweetened by a slight juicy tea-red pepper note on a fresh, elegant, formal and quite conventional cedar-vetiver base – that “hi everyone, I’ve just been hired here” type of office-safe elegance. Nice contrasts though, and a peculiar, interesting sort of sour, dry sharpness all over, perfectly contrasted by a fresh feel (not a matter of specific notes, just more literally a “feel”). Then, once Miracle starts to “warm” on skin, it brings cedar and vetiver to a prominent position, making them more “round” and warmer than the opening phase, pairing them with something smelling like a sort of powdery, gourmandish, dusty suede note on the very base, which I guess may be the coffee note. No oak moss at any point to my nose. What interests me here is that there’s some creativity in here, nice contrasts and shades, masterfully concealed behind a conventional look; you do feel this “fresh woods” are definitely, entirely “2000s designer”, but still there’s something more, some elusive hints you keep coming back to smell. Maybe it’s that coffee note, which – if I detect it correctly – is just more of a sort of mellow, kind of roasted but also sweet and silky-powdery gourmandish suede note, as I said above. Or that sort of syrupy and fresh “tea-red pepper” note that comes and goes. All I can say is that this scent is... odd, in a positive way: it smells kind of dull at first, but if you pay attention and make some (well, actually “quite many”) efforts, it reveals a really interesting and complex texture. It smells like a conventional aromatic-fresh “boisé” at first, with a nice warm feel, and it’s undoubtedly a pleasant, effortlessly elegant crowpleaser: but there’s something which makes me think there has been quite some creativity and attentive craft behind this. It’s like if all these “conventional” notes are slightly displaced from their usual perspectives, making them all smell just a bit different. The fact that this hides behind an almost dull look, I don’t know if it’s intentional or a “faux pas” though. I still consider this compelling enough, pleasant and cozy, not boring at all, even if we just take it as a dull mainstream woody scent – the quality is good the same. The main flaw of this scent is that it is really too light and “thin” to make you able to appreciate all its qualities at the fullest – and it surely would deserve that. I appreciate the understatement here and overall I consider this a tad more intriguing and compelling than most of other “office woodies” to which this may be compared to; but still, it would have definitely needed a boost.


An Ambery Eiderdown expertly toasted evoking nostalgia of One Thousand and One Nights. A golden sundance of florals capitulates in the wake of buttery vanilla which stimulates the senses in a manner only foody notes can do. Shaved wood chips drizzled onto a candied base of patchouli adds a comfort level that's not only pleasing but intimate. Heaven isn't hard to find, just go straight and make a left....and there it is, Olympic Amber.

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump by marylu 2015-03-01

Ivanka Trump is a sophisticated, feminine fragrance. Very soft and and sits close to the skin. This scent is long lasting despite it's softness. I don't get any fruit or pepper. On my skin it's more floral with a touch of amber and vanilla.

One of the very few scents containing patchouli which I don't find overwhelming. A truly lovely fragrance.

Chypre Mousse Oriza L. Legrand by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

Opening note ... I can't decide if this reminds me more of Anbesol canker sore ointment, super glue, paint remover or Murphy's oil soap! It's unique but I'd be afraid of spritzing this on. Am I trying to poison myself?!

However, if you can hold your breath for about an hour, the longevity of the scent does do something nice.

I would rename this "Asceticism" because Oriza's creations all seem to harken to the religious experience. I would say that this one makes you suffer for a bit of heaven.

Foin Fraichement Coupe Oriza L. Legrand by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

At first, this is toxic Ivory soap all the way, and then the other notes present themselves as it dries down.

Reve d'Ossian Oriza L. Legrand by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

It should be renamed "Thurifer".

Quorum Antonio Puig by Errol the Flynn 2015-03-01

I bought a bottle of Quorum yesterday after reading "pour Monsieur blog" The guy who writes the blog has basically tested and reviewed most fragrances for men on planet earth. It is a great blog. Apparently out of all the fragrances he has reviewed, Quorum is his number one scent of all time. Any way..... In my local Body care store there sits a 100ml bottle of Quorum EDT for £8.
My's OK. I wouldn't wet my trousers over it. It is great value and smells dark and leathery and does smells a lot more expensive than it costs. I just would not have this as my number one scent personally. Have worn it today and walked past the War office (the Wife) a few times and she hasn't mentioned it? Normally any new scent that smells good she acts like one of the Bisto KIds and follows you round to find out what the scent is!!
Anyway I give it a 4 out of ten for great value and long lasting scent.

Classique EDT is me and my hubby's favorite for many years...however this version is a love and sometimes dislike... Some days are it's over powdery and almost disinfectant is all I smell; other days I smell the beautiful vanilla and rose more. I just sprayed on my hand and today I'm smelling the beauty! Gonna keep this out for Spring and hope a new love affair starts :-))

Invictus Paco Rabanne by KyleN 2015-03-01

I can't really add much here but if you want a scent exactly like this but cheaper then look up ZARA Denim Couture, i've been wearing that and Invictus side by side and the only difference is Sillage.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by nettoyant 2015-03-01

I wore this all day yesterday, I'm testing scents similar to La Vie Est Belle which I actually love until a bitter harshness shows up on the dry down.  I love the sweet patchouli combo that is not a fruit-chouli.

Flowerbomb starts with sweet powdery caramel.  You have to wonder what the "orchid" here is made of.  It's probably similar to "caramel" notes in many scents - extremely sweet browned sugar and vanilla.  I waited for the patchouli to counteract the sweetness, it never came, it was just caramel in ridiculous amounts.  I don't get flowers, at all.  They are probably there, somewhere, but overwhelmed by caramel.  More patch, a bit of citrus, anything to cut the sticky sweet goo would have been appreciated.  2/5

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by sameh 2015-03-01

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein is one of the best releases from Calvin Klein for winter beside Eternity in my humble view ( mint , cucumber , black pepper, black basil & tobacco 0 are very well balanced ) & it gives u a Shock but in a fantastic way as it makes u feel a deep feeling of 007 Agent in a cocktail Party befor he blowes up the place.
Scent : 8/10.
Longevity : Up to 6 to 8 hours.
Sillage : 3 to 5 hours.
Bottle Design : 7/10

Higher Energy Christian Dior by azizhejji 2015-03-01

Higher energy is wonderful summer fragrance
Light - fresh - relaxing scent
Highly recommended.

Lalique Pour Homme Lalique by tani.nikshici 2015-03-01

If u like a soapy 1 this is 4 u .....

Im looking for this! anyone who has a bottle for me?

Excess Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

A hippy going to an Ivy-League university perhaps?

Grandma ,stale,oldfashion mix with new, there is a hint of Guerlain Chant d'Aromes

Dzing! L`Artisan Parfumeur by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

I wore this out on a cold winter evening and got so many compliments by the people I greeted with hugs and kisses. You could only really smell it when coming close, however it wafted out momentarily from time to time. Everyone kept telling their friends about how good I smelled, and how unique and inviting it was. Fragrantica sees this as a women's perfume, but I think when a young man, like myself, wears it, there's an extra layer of complexity to the experience. It made me feel attractive, confident and unique.

Yohji Yamamoto Homme Yohji Yamamoto by otzimlee 2015-03-01

pretty cheap, fresh, simple & sexy

Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere Chanel by rschmidt65 2015-03-01

Simply sublime! I'm so glad I overlooked the name, followed the advice of my fellow Fragranticians and gave this one a try. I can't imagine why this sweet tempered beauty was launched into the world in the shadow of her older relative - marketing, I'll never understand you.
This is not a real flanker. Yes it shares the typical Chanel bone structure with no 5 - the plush cloud of aldehydes and powder. But to me it more closely resembles Bois des Iles. It's lemon sorbet to Bois des Iles gingerbread. It deserves it's own name. Limonata or something.
The only problem is, I can't decide which Chanel I'm saving up for now, Eau Premiere, Coromandel or Bois des Iles.

Lanvin L`Homme Lanvin by Platinum1 2015-03-01

~ This is what air, clean white shirts and heavenly dreams are made of! From the very crisp and fresh bergamot and neroli opening to my favorite middle notes of a soft creamy lavender this is a pleasant people pleaser! The base offers lingering amber notes that are almost translucent but still detectable in almost a subconscious level. A smart, sophisticated, safe skin scent with lasting sillage! Perfect for a day at the office or a sunny afternoon in the backyard on the hammock.
Kind Regards, Plat ~

Moschus Wild Love Sophie Nerval by mary.f.jane 2015-03-01

My aunt had it unused for many years and I recently discovered it, it is such an amazing scent I use it only on super special occasions because when I go through it I'll never enjoy it again.I'm 29 and I feel like this is perfume that fits my persona the best.

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by aliciabrown14 2015-03-01

Can't stand the smell of this at all! It smells too much like the smell of some sort of sketchy guy, even though it is allegedly "unisex". I couldn't put up with the smell of it, it was too spicy of a smell for me, despite not having a spice note in it- reminded me of pepper and whatnot.

Jeke Slumberhouse by rp6969 2015-03-01

OMG,this is one amazing scent. Move over Norne, Jeke is the one. A warm, rich. resinous, honeyed tobacco scent that lasts all day. The smell is reminiscent of an expensive cigar plucked from an exquisite wooden box. A deep. rounded, woody, tobacco fragrance with subtle floral notes that envelopes you like a warm blanket. The more I move and work the more I catch wafts of this heavenly scent.

I have never received so many compliments/inquiries, from women and men alike.Several women have instructed their husbands "smell him" and many people have asked me to write down the name. JEKE. I think I love you.

Thanks to Norne and Jeke I am hooked on Slumberhouse. I can't wait to try Sådanne.

Burberry Brit Burberry by That_John_Guy 2015-03-01

My wife and I are huge Burberry fans. We have jackets, bags, boots, umbrellas, wallet, scarves, etc., of Burberry. Love the brand. My wife likes Burberry Brit Sheer and so we did a blind buy of this one based on that. Oops, mistake. Living in a tropical climate, it didn't take long for the vanilla to start to give my wife a headache. Two sprays, and now the bottle does us no good. I enjoyed the smell, but I'm not going to be the one wearing it, and it bothered my wife. Looks like we will be sending it to her mother in Germany where the weather is cooler and she might be able to enjoy it.

Sometimes whether a scent is a cold weather scent or warm weather scent is just a matter of opinion. Reading the reviews here, it looks like Burberry Brit has repeated problems of going really bad for folks wearing it in warmer climates. If it works for you, great, but be warned ladies, this one you really, really might want to try before you buy.

Dreamer Versace by tanweer 2015-03-01

What more is there to be said that isn't said in praise of this classic. Versace please keep making it till eternity. If we humans want to demo what perfume is to space aliens, perhaps they will choose dreamer for that :)

Fahrenheit Absolute Christian Dior by georgequeue 2015-03-01

I got a bottle of this masterpiece yesterday! It cost me $105, but I'm happy to have it my hands because it is completely scarce, and the asking prices on ebay are freaking ludicrous; the best part is that it was the only bottle available at a store in my hometown (and, perhaps, in my country).

When I smell the bottle, I feel some nutmeg, as well as violet, wood, vetiver, and incense. Drydown is so woody and creamy, not to mention how addictive it is. Duration is +10 on skin; it smells almost exactly the same as Fahrenheit le parfum without the rum note and with much less vanilla. I still don't understand why this wonder was discontinued.

Fahrenheit absolute is a fragrance that I'm going to use for special's incredibly delicious!

In conclusion to the fiendish bunch of scents, we have Dev #4...A bone dry campfire ash fragrance with a Comme Des Garçon Avignon vibe. I would argue that this is the gateway drug to the other 3 devil scents. The Reprise offers nothing but the good vibrations of the 1960's. In reality, this fragrance isn't so simple but in comparison to the other Devil Scents, this is Scooby Snacks. Don't dismiss this as a good incense fragrance on a budget. This runs circles around the most popular smokies in the industry.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by Wolfgang Mazrin 2015-03-01

Dark lady laughed and danced and lit the candles one by one
Danced to her gypsy music till her brew was done
Dark lady played back magic till the clock struck on the twelve
She told me more about me than I knew myself
So I ran home and crawled in my bed,
I couldn't sleep because of all the things she said
Then I remembered her strange perfume,

I heard this song as a child and when I smelled Black Orchid on my wife it immediately reminded me of that song.

The scent is Dark, seductive and somehow violent. Somewhere the silhouette of the gypsy, witch, vampress flies overhead. Dark haired and red lipped with the faint taste of blood on her tongue.

Pulp Byredo by megrim 2015-03-01

Pulp is an atomic blast of ALL THE THINGS!

It's a chaotic, glorious, frenetic mash of fruits. Real fruit at that, sour and piquant, no sugary-sweet candy fruit to be found. Unrelenting, unforgiving and surprisingly aggressive for something based entirely around fruit. Pulp is brash, bold and brassy.

Fairly linear, late in the drydown it gets a little woodier and dryer. For the most part however, what you smell in the opening is what you're going to be smelling for the next six hours.

Sillage is almost Montale-style atomic, if it doesn't sit well on you it'll give you a headache in about 45 seconds. Longevity is a good 6 hours as a projection-beast fruitpocalypse, with another 3-4 hours as a glowing skin-scent.

Certainly not everyone's 'bag o' fruit', but if you can handle the wild beast that is Pulp, she'll reward you beyond expectation.

Meow Katy Perry by samira1981 2015-03-01

This is only vanilla and sugar on my skin. It is way too sweet and way too simple.

Bullion Byredo by jeffwithfrags 2015-03-01

Bullion is definitely odd, becasue Plum and leather mixed together was always going to be a little too much in terms of rich, bold notes.

The main problem for me is there is an obvious animalic/musky 'furry' note that gives the leather that 'mouldy' or 'safari' tinge, and together with the not-too-thick but slighty airy-dusty Plum, it comes off all a bit too heady and weird.

I'd say it's definitely more feminine, there's just a lack of balance in terms of amber and woods, and it's not too sweet or 'fruity' either.

My rating: 5/10.
Quality: 8/10.

Cabochard Gres by Loubella 2015-03-01

I love this fragrance,own modern and vintage versions and have already reviewed it on this site. I just had to add though that have just bid for and received a vintage EDP in the same unusual "Pebbly" textured bottle as per Bigsly's review. Have no idea of age but the juice is a deep amber colour,very unlike the more modern versions of EDT/EDP.The box it came in was battered and mainly black but with the black and white stripy,grass pattern which I remember being on the bottles in my youth.I am guessing its from early seventies?
Sadly,the spray on my bottle does not work and I can only squeeze out a little spot at a time,its potent stuff though.I am now torn between breaking the top off to get at the juice and decanting it or just keeping it for its vintage glory.What a choice!!

Showtime EDT Kylie Minogue by SpringClean 2015-03-01

I really love this scent and so sad it's no longer being produced, I will hang on to my bottle until the last drop ;-(You must like sweet scents to like this one, no question. I would describe it as sweet, fruity, young, summer-like and candy-like. It's not for everybody though.

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by SpringClean 2015-03-01

This is a typical young scent, maybe typical for teens, but being a fan of sweet scents, I still love it, even though I'm in my early thirties. The scent is both fruity and sweet, it actually makes me curious to try on other fragrances from Britney, which is maybe a bit difficult to admit ;-)

Cedrat Boise Mancera by NormalUser 2015-03-01

Mancera Cedrat Boise smells great and it has 'something' of Aventus. But I have to disappoint people who say that this perfume is exactly the same as Creed Aventus and want to say something to these people:

"I think there is something wrong with your noses"

Valentino Uomo Valentino by victoria.mei1992 2015-03-01

It smells verycheap, ambery scent, like euphoria for women. It's like the same smell. I really thought that it's something great...

Lothair Penhaligon`s by randy.devost1 2015-03-01

Swiss Army was all I could identify with on the sample I tried. It seems more balanced than Swiss Army because it's softer, more rounded out. There is something annoyingly sexy about Swiss Army that this doesn't have. Is that a good thing? I don't know.

Chembur Byredo by jeffwithfrags 2015-03-01

Didn't take to this 1, the woody note for me comes out from the very start and it's the sharpish, prickly type with that characteristic 'woody skank' that may be also amplified by the elemni (resin?) and ginger.

Basically, not smooth and creamy type (like sandalwood) but I did like the Lemon opening, very natural where I could detect it and almost saves this one for me but all in all this is not for me.

It's basically a more daring, incensey version of their amazing Gypsy Water with sharper woods and that 'something a bit different' theme.

Could be a hit for someone that can relate much better with 'pricklier' types of woods and incense.

My rating: 5/10.
Quality: 9/10.

Clean Shower Fresh Clean by SpringClean 2015-03-01

No and more no...Initially I liked the smell a little bit, it reminded me of Pantene shampoo I used as a child, so I gave it a chance, having a nostalgic moment. After having it on for about 1 hour, I just wanted to get it off. The smell was just sickening and cheap, not clean nor fresh unfortunately...

Rue Rance Eau Superbe Rance 1795 by srininet1 2015-03-01

Bought this as a blind buy based on Makr's review and I was surprised with the outcome! I found the scent to be very similar to Jacques Bogart Silver Scent, but while Silver Scent is very strong and in-your-face, this one prefers to remain close to skin and stays that way for 4-5 hours before disappearing.

A*Men Ultra Zest Thierry Mugler by Bruno2theV 2015-03-01

I blind bought this one because it's not available in my country yet. Worth every cent spent. This is actually quite an impressive release by Mugler. After Pure Shot, which I onwed, I was a little afraid that Mugler didn't have the hand for summer A*men flankers, but this one is just amazing.

Once I smelled the opening oranges I imediatly teleported to the warm beaches of Algarve in Portugal and when the mint and the final combo of vanilla and coffee kicked in, I saw myself again in Algarve but at nighttime, walking longside the beach and heading to the restaurants to have a nice summer night dinner.

This is very worth the blind buy in my honest opinion. So if you are having second thoughts, stop having them.

Stella in Two Peony Stella McCartney by SpringClean 2015-03-01

I usually gravitates towards sweeter scents, but this fragrance is an exception, I love it and used it very often, the bottle is now nearly empty and it's sad it's difficult to get hold of now. Its very fresh, summer-like and feminine, I've never smelled anything like it, really special.

Tenera Rouge Bunny Rouge by mnzapp 2015-03-01

This is a really beautiful vanilla perfume. It is comparable to Vanille Insensee, but with less of the lipsticky powderiness and more of a smoky leather character, although is also somehow lighter. It's also not as sweet. It's not super unique, but definitely unique enough, and certainly more unique/elegant/interesting than most straightforward vanillas. I totally adore it, definitely my new favorite vanilla!

Sweet Honesty Everlasting Avon by fujii 2015-03-01

Is this the same as Sweet Honesty Forever?

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by Khurshed6338 2015-03-01

If i want Citrus and i want the most of it, i prefer this one.
This can be described in one word, CITRUS BLAST. :P
at the opening it smells bitter citrus maybe that's the yuzu i guess, coz i never smelt yuzu in my life. I do get the lemon vibe beneath it. And it later changes to a sweet floral type of scent, not that sweet its like sweetness backed up with citruses or yuzu. It DOES have a spicy aroma with it which makes it masculine.
It feels cool, gives u a fresh feeling. BUT others might not like it coz the opening is really sharp and bitter. But this fragrance, IMO, is about the drydown. The drydown is like a mixture of spice,citrus and florals. If i want something cool in summer then this is the BEST choice.
Don't be repulsed from this amazing fragrance by the bitter opening, it becomes really nice when it dries down.
Give it a try for sure, dont blind buy it by reading reviews in here coz its a love it or hate it type of scent, u MIGHT not like it. So give it a try urself and then its all on u.
so my ratings for this gem -
*Sillage/Projection - 8/10 - Projects really good for 4 hours max then becomes like if a person has to get the smell then has to be in a hugging distance, the reformulation made it weak i guess.
*Smell - 10/10 - if u r a citrus lover then this is it.
*Longevity - 9/10 - stayed for 7-8 hours on me.
*Versatility - 8/10 - really versatile, great for any occasions, formal,casual, summer, fall, it is great everywhere.
*Overall - 9/10 - The best summer scent ever for me. In fact its a Summer KING for me :v

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by SpringClean 2015-03-01

This is one of my signature scents, I fell in love with it immediately and just bought my second bottle. The scent is sweet, yet grown-up. Maybe more suitable for evening/night, but I use it all day, it's still light enough for that. Many compliments with this one.

Ettore Bugatti Diana De Silva by Rerik 2015-03-01

By the fact that I can not afford the car, at least I decided to buy the fragrance.
A very interesting water, neither modern nor old men kind, not fresh and not air consuming. Flowers with lime and a dominant share of castoreum. There´s something about it. Where is the car only.

Provocative Interlude Elizabeth Arden by SpringClean 2015-03-01

Love this scent, sweet an just lovely, one of my favorites. The original Provocative cannot even come close to this in my opinion. Unfortunately, the color of the fragrance in the bottle gets yellowish over time, even though the scent is still ok. It makes the bottle look very unattractive in the long run.

Nero Mazzolari by fuggerone 2015-03-01

Now that a full bottle has gone, I can finally say this scent is an Aventus faulty clone, poor sillage and duration, was good to be worn as skin scent while sleeping...

Arpege Lanvin by Venusia 2015-03-01

I have the new black bottle. At the first spray I get aldehydes and aldehydes and more aldehydes - unfortunately for an hour or so. When this is almost gone I smell intoxicating, overwhelming, in a good way, flowers, that I can't really name or differentiate. This part is GORGEOUS! but it only sticks to the skin. No sillage whatsoever on me. And it only lasts two hours and then it's completely gone. Too bad - my skin doesn't seem to develop the right projection for this scent.
This part when it smells like 1000 flowers is absolutely superb! I can't get enough of it and that's why I'd probably keep the perfume for my own secret delight...

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by shivabglr 2015-03-01

Long review for my baby,

I call this Lovebomb, for the effect it has on people, how it makes everybody go sniff sniff and makes their eyes and faces brighten up with a smile,

I know everybody has different tastes when it comes to perfumes smelled on others (for instance I hate smelling very citrusy or too floral or aftershavey perfumes on others),
but it's hard not to be pleased by Flowerbomb,

Personally for me, this perfume is like a drug (lately Bonbon is having the same effect on me, wonder if they put something in them at V&R!),

I'm not sure if it's the sweetness, because I don't like eating sweet things, and there are some perfumes that I find too sweet for me, and even though I love them, they lack a certain depth and sophistication (Black Xs, Loverdose, Fantasy, D&G Pour Femme, Manifesto, Si, etc) but who knows, maybe that's why I love sweet smells,

I am aware how this perfume leaves others wanting more, because when I was young, I smelled this perfume a couple of times on a few beautiful and rich young ladies and I remember I decided to find it someday,

and if Flowerbomb wasn't unique, I definitely wouldn't have been able to recognize it today, after many years and among loads and loads of sweet perfumes in the market,

The only reason this isn't my signature, is because it's so special to me and I really don't wanna ruin that by wearing it all the time, this is for special occasions only!

Maybe another reason would also be because this is too provocative!

To love Flowerbomb, you have to love patchouli, this holy note which (when well-done and good quality) can make any perfume smell more attractive and deeper,
and orchid, this powdery, sweet smelling flower, which is so penetrating into brains and so intoxicating! makes me imagine a secret admirer sends an expensive bouquet of orchids to me whenever I wear this!

Where Black Orchid is almost just as dreamy, but a little too masculine for me, Flowerbomb is utterly feminine,

I don't think I need to go on about the crazy longevity and sillage, so please, no more than 2-3 sprays!
I know it's hard and this is addictive, but strong patch can cause headache for some people if they're around you for a long time, and maybe that explains some dislikes,

So all in all, wearing Flowerbomb is like a dream,
makes me feel light-headed and happy!
makes me wanna do nothing but wear a fancy dress and just breathe it in!


Flowerbomb is unique, nothing like LVEB or Pink Sugar (at least to me!)

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by Shiffy 2015-03-01

È interessante come si evolve nel tempo questa decisa e audace fragranza. Appena spruzzato sulla pelle ho avvertito la dolcezza della vaniglia fondersi in maniera impeccabile con le note verdi e il ribes nero. Pian piano, l'essenza che era forte e decisa si attenua, diventando gourmand. Prima che svanisse del tutto, dopo diverse ore, ho avvertito la vaniglia e la fava tonka.
Ho notato anche come cambi decisamente il profumo se spruzzato direttamente sulla pelle o sui vestiti. Sugli indumenti risultano più evidenti le note aspre, e in effetti sembrava non piacermi abbastanza da spingermi ad acquistarlo; ma poi, sulla pelle ha rivelato tutta la sua potente dolcezza e incanto. Abbastanza persistente e lo trovo un profumo molto particolare da indossare nelle stagioni fredde e in serate speciali.

La fragranza è molto gradevole e le noti predominanti sono la petalia e la lavanda. Per non parlare del neroli, che sinceramente adoro a priori in tutti i profumi. I muschi e i legni di fondo conferiscono quel caratteristico aroma di talco che fa sI che la fragranza appartenga alla famiglia dei cipriati.
Credo che rispecchi in pieno la donna decisa e un po' rock immaginata dalla casa di moda. È un profumo che vedo adatto a una ragazza intraprendente, dal carattere deciso e sensuale allo stesso tempo, ma anche con un pizzico di romanticismo.

Lothair Penhaligon`s by Roge' 2015-03-01

I haven't found a Penhaligon that I wanted to own but then again, it's not like I've been on a Penhaligon scavenger hunt either. But THIS can very much change all of that. Wow, wow and wow! The reviewers below got it right. The hype is legit. For all you people out there, I'm gonna make a bold prediction: If you smell this in the atmosphere you very well will make love to a stranger. Lothair is psychedelic hedonistic pleasure. Rich and full, this is a well-balanced aromatic. It has a good mix of herbaceousness, fresh citrus and vanilla, all intense and floral. Lavender wrapped in Fig Leaves are generously layered with woods. Good everyday bubbly perfume, non aggressive but all so serviceable. Another stellar fragrance to put on your want list.


Guess Dare Guess by Shiffy 2015-03-01

Penso che sia un profumo rivolto soprattutto ai gusti delle più giovani per via delle sue note fruttate e dolciastre.

Love Story Chloe by Shiffy 2015-03-01

Love story si apre al nostro olfatto con una composizione prettamente floreale, da cui spicca la nota dei fiori d'arancio. Il profumo è pulito e fresco ma troppo fiorito per i miei gusti.Quando l'ho annusato mi dava un leggero fastidio al naso, per cui non fa per me. Sarebbe capace di farmi venire il mal di testa. Appena lo si annusa rimbalza alla mente l'immagine di un prato di fiori in primavera al tramonto. Grazie alle sue note solari e fiorite penso che sia una fragranza da indossare soprattutto nella bella stagione, per via della sua aura romantica e ottimista, sempre se vi piace il genere.

Si tratta di una fragranza elegante, sensuale, misteriosa e al tempo stesso delicata.
Credo sia un profumo senza tempo, di classe, adatto per essere indossato in qualsiasi occasione. Emana un'aura luminosa, pulita, di fiori. I fiori, però, si percepiscono in modo piuttosto tenue grazie alla presenza del muschio e dell'osmanthus. L'ambra conferisce profondità alla fragranza e aggiunge quel tocco unico che non so descrivervi a parole.
Io di solito non amo i profumi fioriti ma questa è una vera eccezione..

Si Giorgio Armani by Shiffy 2015-03-01

Con questo profumo è stato subito amore, fin da quando l'annusai la prima volta sulla mia amica. Si sa che i profumi variano con il ph, inoltre sono estremamente soggettivi e personali. Possono piacere come essere odiati, proprio come in amore! E per me è stato un accordo fortunato e riuscito! Questa fragranza crea una bella chimica con la mia pelle ed inoltre dura veramente a lungo.
Nonostante il doppio accordo di vaniglia, non si tratta di quei profumi eccessivamente dolci, tipo come quelli dell'aquolina che le ragazzine adorano. Al contrario, si tratta di un profumo estremamente elegante e femminile. La dolcezza è ben mitigata dalle note fiorite e dal patchiouli. Al primo istante si avverte la dolcezza vanigliata e la carnalità del cassis, ma già dopo qualche minuto si ha una bella esplosione fiorita che molto lentamente lascia spazio nuovamente alla dolcezza e al patchiuli delle note di fondo.

Sì Intense Giorgio Armani by Shiffy 2015-03-01

Questo profumo è davvero molto simile alla versione originale, ne è appunto una rivisitazione più intensa.
Il profumo si apre con un'esplosione fruttata, dolce e, allo stesso tempo, aspra, grazie al cassis, ovvero le foglie del ribes nero, al bergamotto e al mandarino; la fresia da un tocco magico e sofisticato.
Dall'apertura fruttata si passa a un cuore floreale, per merito di un delizioso bouquet di rose, neroli, artemisia e osmanthus.Al primo spruzzo di Sì Intense mi è subito saltato alla mente il ricordo del primo Sì; la differenza è molto sottile e la si avverte soltanto con una comparazione ravvicinata tra i due. Per cui, se siete già in possesso della versione originale vi conviene lasciare stare quella nuova, poiché non ne vale la pena.Infine la nuova versione è leggermente più fruttata

Surreal Avon by MoonGirl 2015-03-01

I agree ladies, this was definitely launched in spring/summer of 2003. I know this because I was coming up 39 years of age, and I treated myself to a bottle upon getting a job after moving to a new area in UK with my then-husband and part of our flock. I was addicted to the scent, wearing it both to work and at home as I laboured in my new garden while my son ran around outside, dressed up in his Harry Potter cloak.

If it'd been out in 1973 that would have made me 9. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in deja-vu but if I was THAT clairvoyant I'd be more famous than Avon.

Please Fragrantica, correct this little blip.

Petale Noir Agent Provocateur by Leah lilly 2015-03-01

It smells like an old lady. the odors are not related. first sniff very soapy and heady, the evolution is dark though transparent, the dry down is powdery and simply I don't like it.

Petale Noir Agent Provocateur by Juliana6 2015-03-01

This seems to be quite a polarizing perfume -no indifference, it's either a like (love) or a hate. I just had to get it.
This is really very complex, mysterious and adult scent, it's very changing, almost like it "feels" my mood, "reads" my mind.
The opening is fresh, dewy hyacinth, but then suddenly something sour and quite strong interrupts that gorgeous hyacinth scent. In 5 minutes that sour, strange note is gone, but the hyacinth becomes stronger, aromatic, more adult. The opening could be misunderstood because it's very rich, there's so many notes and nobody knows which notes will be more pronounced on your skin.
The base - sensual, sexy in a reserved way, not screaming, just tempting. And I get some aromatic, almost earthy, golden honey, which makes me think about Elie Saab Le Parfum - the same warm, thick, flowery honey drops. It's like the voice of Patricia Kaas, something "smoky", deep, complex and warming. You have to take your time to understand it, to like it. And I think the bottle reflects perfectly the perfume - the bottle is very sophisticated, light pink, romantic,flower drawings, golden lines and there's on the top- a black chain... very naughty indeed. :) A big like from me.
P.S. I still keep reading "an old lady smell" ... Very sad about that kind of expression. There are other ways to describe the impressions in English.

Tubereuse 3 Animale Histoires de Parfums by cumulnimbus 2015-03-01

This is an extremely pleasant composition to wear if you love warm retro slightly dark but sweet syropy scents. It is of course updated enough with the inclusion of notes which just didn't existed that while back, I'm specially hooked by the immortelle which gives the drydown such an interesting almost dusty twist, but also the sweet tartness of the kunquat ads interest to the start.

On me, the tobacco (blonde and sweet here) immortelle and plum are at least as prominent as tuberose itself. As some other reviewers have mention before, the leather isn't literally there but as a recreation, the animal aspect of this composition has more to do with its progress when blended with your skin than with presence of animal notes in the blend. Maybe that is why I wasn't that interested until I could properly tested it on my skin.

I must confess I don't even then find it that dirty compared to other scents in my collection, for instance, Versace Blonde is a real animalic tuberose, Habanita is a dirtier leather, not to speak of La Nuit by Paco Rabanne. I think the success of this perfume is precisely the fact that it is a pretender, achieving to revive a sort of cleaner modern Tabu, something that could have been thought of as impossible.

Its syropy comforting character reminds me of Luten's Cedre only in this last one is the woods and spices which lead the also gorgeous drydown instead of Tubereuse Animale's immortelle and tobacco one. If you enjoy tuberose and any of the above mentioned scents, you might get interested by this one. For me its an absolute pleasure to wear it.

Tubereuse Animal is quite polite and versatile due to this only pretended animal character. It has a very good longevity along with quite a sillage, so just be careful when spraying, it can be wonderful for you but maybe a little too much to someone beside you.

Cherry Cat Pussy Deluxe by beauty_girl 2015-03-01

If anyone has this and wants to swap it please PM me.

Escada Collection Escada by shivabglr 2015-03-01

being like a more feminine version of Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford, Escada Collection is intoxicating to the max,

seriously, I don't think I have ever smelled anything so femininely sweet and tempting, and I used to think the original Dior Addict was too provocative for everywhere!

Viktor&Rolf Bonbon is like a tamer version of Escada Collection, though more suitable than Escada for all seasons,

both are almost too attractive and not everybody can pull them off!

you know when something or somebody is too beautiful to look at that it almost makes you blind staring at them?!

I feel like my nose gets disabled from how amazing these two perfumes smell and it's like I CAN'T EVEN!!! lol

I had this as a teenager, and I'm so happy I could find this gem again!

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by chanka 2015-03-01

ok, so i tried so hard but i dont feel nothing powdery...
only thing i feel is on beginning sweet sour maybe citrus and than naft or something from garage than after a while what i can smell on me is cigarette... it is like you spend hours in smokey room and than later you feel it on your skin mixed with some 80's cheap parfume...
i like it and i don't... it is interesting but i am not sure people around me would say "wow so beautiful scent"..
they will be first shocked and then maybe interesting..
dont know what to think about this one...

Escada Collection Escada by rihabi 2015-03-01

It's my second time commenting on this - i loved it so much at first, that few months later decided to purchase it again. What not to love about it ?! the plum smells so tasty, it's like a jar of jam :D the rest of the ingredients are simply phenomenal. I know a company that distributes perfumes by famous designers and brands (of course not the original ones, immitations) but this is a good alternative for those that are discontinued. This one i got from such company. Try to find similar one in your country, prices are usually cheap and the quality is quite good :)

Satsuma The Body Shop by vivienlaura 2015-03-01

This is such a playful and uplifting scent.
My husband says that it's akin to orange tic tacs and chases me around whenever I wear this. Alas, he loses interest after 15 minutes as sadly the scent does not last on my skin.
I will explore the bath products in this range in hopes that layering will prolong this delightful fragrance on me.

A*Men Pure Energy Thierry Mugler by techno1980 2015-03-01

i have tested it twice at local parfume shop. really liked the smell, especially powerful drydown, but it looks like projection is not so good, while longeivity is great (i could smell it tomorrow on my skin), and sillage is amazing. it seems that few more sprays does its job for this one. price is pretty good - 45 euros for 100ml bottle. i think i will buy it in few days, and ill post update when fully tested.

Pi Givenchy by moonstarwolf 2015-03-01

This scent is soooo sexy on a man...ooooo la la Purrrrrrrrrr

La Mome Pierre Balmain by Yohji 2015-03-01

As soon as I bought it and sprayed on myself, I knew it will be long-term relationship.
Apart that its soaked in sweet berries and buttery opoponax dark rose, its beautifully layered - top with heart and base notes,- they all are visible and all are very well pointed, yet they all have ability to work together very well, so as a result you have truly unique rose-blend, delicious and feminine, enchanting and entertaining. You enjoy smoothness, yet your brain admits - it always changing ever slightly, - from berries to balsamic rose and aromatic woods, - it does takes time, at least over the month of regular date/use to understand this perfume for its not flat-each-time-the-same rose. La Mome seemingly easy to wear, but its definitely complicated fragrance, that you find yourself craving more and more as time goes by, like in a beautiful woman - some pieces are always missing and you determined to solve the task and find out her secret, with hope that you will never succeed to do so.

I'm puzzled. The listed notes outline a warm, balsamic, soft spicy perfume, yet my nose smells it completely different. Soft spicy yes, but I'd say this is a heavy musk fragrance, musk being the main note. I don't know what gives that unmistakably musky feeling to me as it's not listed here at all. I get zero sweetness from Indigo> no amber, no jasmine, and definitely no tonka. What I do get is bergamot, and the spiciness of plum and ylang-ylang. It's a nice fresh scent, but not outstanding unfortunately, even though it looks so promising going by the description. It's nice enough to wear.

This is an exceptionally awesome smelling perfume that's been superbly blended, almost too well. It's really difficult to dissect this perfume. There is a strong Rose and Oud accord from the very beginning, but the Rose subsides a lot to allow the very nice, and very real smelling Mysore Sandalwood to take over. The Oud is not barnyard, just deep and woody, slightly medicinal in nature. I do have 1 gripe about the development of this perfume though... with the exception of a moderately strong faecal smelling Ambergris for the first 30 minutes that's thankfully, short lived, the overall impression of Khaltat Al Ma'adeed is that of Incense which I can't quite put my finger on, but it's pretty close to what Nag Champa smells like, which over the course of 8 hours, everything becomes very dusty in feel, like super dusty, not powdery, dusty, which predominately gets stronger and stronger as the hours pass and almost becomes taxing on your olfactories. I'm really not sure if it's the combination of Sandalwood, Agarwood and Palisander Rosewood that causes this or what, but it's literally the exact equivalent of what your clothing would smell like after being in a room for a long period of time where mass amounts of Incense are being continually burned. Directly on the cusp of being ashy, slightly dirty and smoky, which for some strange reason I'm strongly reminded of the feeling that some dabs of vintage Opium pure parfum recreates after hours of endless wearing. Now mind you, this juice in no way, shape or form resembles Opium, but the olfactory 'feel' is almost an exact copy... strange, but very interesting! My nose reads Khaltat Al Ma'adeed as slightly feminine, but it's very pleasurable smelling, and very persistent in longevity and sillage. The flacon and box are overtly garish and ornate which are stunningly beautiful, and the giant crystal flacon holds 33 mls of oil, enough to last a lifetime, also, an amazingly cool keychain that's prefilled and holds 1/4 tola of oil is included inside the box.

I would lo love to hear from someone who has tried the parfum ..

Angel Thierry Mugler by angelapaul 2015-03-01

I don't know how I only just heard of this beauty now. Over the last three weeks I have card- and skin-tested this fragrance several times. It is just so complex and challenging, it took several goes to really decipher it, and it still feels like a mystery to me! I am very grateful that it seems to work wonderfully with my body chemistry. The honey notes that I don't love on the card blend away nicely when sprayed on my skin. Also, the gourmand notes really rise to the surface on my skin. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I will be purchasing a big bottle of this ASAP. Unfortunately (but also fortunately), it is very potent - strong with huge silage. It definitely won't be a work fragrance or a summer one... more for winter and special occasions. So excited to have found this one.

FCUK Friction for Her FCUK by angelapaul 2015-03-01

Tested this a couple of years ago, and thought it would make a good back-up bottle to leave at work. Very annoyingly, that delivery never arrived, so I paid for nothing! Might get around to re-ordering it sometime.

Anyway, this is a gourmand scent - it kinda reminds me of a pina colada - pineapple, coconut and condensed milk. Sweet and feminine, and not too strong, with soft silage. Inoffensive. For at work, and on warm summer days / nights.

Si Giorgio Armani by JaneCandy 2015-03-01

I really wanted to love this after falling in love with Si Intense, but sadly this smelt like cat pee on me! It smells very nice on paper but on my skin it was just awful! I don't think this should be a blind buy because it smells so different on different skins...and not always good different

Reb'l Fleur Rihanna by angelapaul 2015-03-01

I tested this on 28.02.2015. I liked this scent from first impression - liked but not loved. I think the sharpness of the fruits came as a surprise. However as the heart opened up, I began to really appreciate this perfume. It became a tropical sweet coconut, held down with patchouli and vanilla. Like I was on an exotic island. Later on it settled into a complex musky tropical punch (in a good way) and lasted really well. I'm impressed, and I am keen to purchase this before spring.

Taylor Taylor Swift by angelapaul 2015-03-01

I tested this on 15.02.2015. Firstly I quite liked the bottle, young but not childish. Chic. Then the scent - sweet flowers which settle down with musk. It has a warm musky-woodsy dry-down, very reminiscent of Burberry Women to my nose, although the notes listed appear to be quite different so it possibly smells very different to other people! This is very feminine, and I would wear this on spring-summer days or at work. I would be happy to own this or Burberry Women. Probably do not need both.

Sensuous Nude Estée Lauder by angelapaul 2015-03-01

Tested 15.02.2015, and then again 28.02.2015. I liked this immediately on spritzing - spicy citrus, perfect! I was happy with the dry down too. It developed into a lovely sweet-creamy musky flower, reminding me a lot of Kenzo Amour. Love the warm musky sweet finish, mmmmm. Very calming, soothing, warm. This would be lovely for every day, and I would be happy to own it. Unfortunately, right at this time I have an empty bottle of Kenzo Amour, and I would re-buy Amour before investing in this. Maybe one day.

Aventus Creed by Annica 2015-03-01

For me it conjures up images of sun, summer, salt water,boats, tar and an umbrella drink with pineapple juice.

Collection Rouge No1 M. Micallef by freakypirate 2015-03-01

Rouge no. 1 starts with fruity fizzy aldehydic notes, mostly peach. I don't get any distinct tangerine notes. Then the white musk starts to get stronger, it is quite briny. The rose also starts to bloom at this point and become stronger and stronger. The scent is sweet and has a soft kind of feel to it. There's still aldehydes doing their fizzy business. On the side, jasmine and ylang have now woken up together with vanilla notes, making the scent quite sweet. There's still a hint of peach on top. The resins in the base are not too harsh, very subtly done.

Sillage is soft to moderate, longevity moderate.

Quite subtle for a rose scent, rose tends to be very strong and sometimes sour on my skin. Here, no sour rose, but it does get a bit out there. I like the soft feel of the scent, almost gentle. The ylang and jasmine on the side make it a mix to dream away on. The aldehydes are too strong for me (tend to make me sneeze). The musk is the kind of musk I like-- briny and sexy. I like the drydown even better-- more musk and less aldehydes. This one goes on the wish list.

There is a note of lemon peel here superbly real. Actually this fragrance could be summarised as a perfectly well balanced duo between citric notes and the whole range in a fig tree... none other than, one and only!

Aqua Allegoria Mentafollia Guerlain by flowers-in-the-springtime 2015-03-01

Initial spritz is very harsh and herbal but this quickly settles into a soft,fresh, Cologne type fragrance, I can't for the life of me smell mint but it does have a predominant tea note which I actually like.
I really enjoy this perfume, amazingly it lasts ages on me and I love it for layering. If you layer this with something sweet and floral, the result is heavenly.
Mentafolia is very easy to wear, an olfactory delight and will be just as charming in the summer as well as wintertime.

Pardon Nasomatto by FTW Nose 2015-03-01

This fragrance is amazing. I recently sprayed it on my dad and then saw him later that day. My dad was in awe of it and wanted it until I shared the price. Needless to say, this is one of those fragrances that buries itself deep in your nostrils and somehow works it's way into your conscience. The chocolate will still be with you when you get in the shower 24 hours later. The oud, though, is what I think that really is the highlight. I truly love this fragrance and consider it to be a masterpiece in my collection. I don't wear it often as it is very expensive. When I do, it is a guaranteed good day!

My score 10

Explosive Etienne Aigner by flowers-in-the-springtime 2015-03-01

This perfume literally blew me away.
It was instant love and I immediately bought a FB. Impetuous I know but it's 'that good'.
Damask rose in the initial spritz is so lovely, so sweet and very fresh.
Sometimes rose can be bitter or a little powdery with a vintage Elizabethan vibe, but this is soft and gentle.
Bergamot freshens the fragrance without adding too much of a citrusy note and please don't be put off by the aldehydes. They are calming and just enhance the beauty of this perfume.
This wonderful perfume shape shifts continuously but retains its beauty throughout. It doesn't lose the sweetness of the rose, nor does it ever become herbal.
Silage is powerful and a little goes a long way, longevity was amazing as I wore this for 8 hours+ and I could smell it continuously wafting up at me.
I think this perfume will be even better in the heat of a summers day, it will become more intense, sweeter and more powerful.
Explosive is a perfume for 'perfumistas', it should be savoured like a great wine and should never be abused or worn to death. This is a subtle beauty which needs to be saved for special occasions!
Stunning but stunning!!

A City On Fire Imaginary Authors by Pare159 2015-03-01

This is for the barbeque aficionado. It brings back memories of spring and summer time barbeques. Smells like a slab of ribs will be coming of the grill. Not sure if I want to smell like this. To each is own but definitely a grill on fire. Potent juice.

Aqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq Bvlgari by Dad jax 2015-03-01

Excellent for summer nights,i wont wear it in summer days as it might be over salty or fishy or what so ever!!! but i m impressed by the longevity..

Vetiver Lorenzo Villoresi by kxnaiades 2015-03-01

For the first time I would say that a scent really does smell partly like an Indian curry and partly like a sweatshop. That's how Vetiver started on me. Lots of aromatic spices, herbs and the glacial galbanum making up a mixture that is a combination of- bitter, green, invigorating, metallic and the....cumin with its sweaty/BO effect that has always been so appealing to me. A whole lot of notes that are potent and competitive beings and Vetiver could have been a jarring disaster but it's not. Far from it. Everything blends beautifully and all the notes fall into place like a choreographed dance, smooth and seamless. It gets rather dry and dusty in the later stage and befits its name Vetiver better than the spices and galbanum did at the beginning but the green bitterness and the spices remain and contribute to the arid climate that makes Vetiver smell like it were part of an Old Western movie. Vetiver is softer than I like my scents to be, I have to sniff myself closely to detect the scent trail but it does have a decent longevity.

Skin Musk Parfums de Coeur by Carnation 2015-03-01

I first tried Skin Musk back in 1985 when it was still made by Bonne Bell. I bought it once and truthfully forgot about it. It didn't really get to me and appeal the way the more woodier Coty Wild Musk did.
Fast forward some 30 years later, Skin now being made and in fact has been for some time by Parfums de Coeur.
I think very little has changed. It still greatly reminds me of Johnson's Baby Oil with a a very light musk and small sandalwood note thrown in. I personally don't find that it lasts long at all. Maybe 1-2 hours on me then fades into the skin and this is in reference to the oil.
Skin also comes in a cologne spray,which is pleasant and lasts about as long as the oil. The body spray is also available and surprisingly very well done as far as body sprays go. Curiously enough,it is more woody than the oil or the cologne spray.
Well,the truth being is that there isn't much separating this from J&J baby oil except a nanosecond of musk and sandalwood. Still it may be good to have around for layering with other perfumes.

Incredible Things Taylor Swift by celebrity89 2015-03-01

I adore the 80's style bottle. The fragrance is pretty nice, one to get in a holiday set. I was a little disappointed with her last two, the Fancy Love copy and the Mizrahi copy.

Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa Guerlain by lovesky 2015-03-01

More red berries than rose is what I get here. It smells chemical and sour to me with a little powdery accord. Weird. I expected more from Guerlain to be honest. Maybe it's my skin chemistry.

Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Guerlain by ShiveringTimber 2015-03-01

This is the Guerlain I was looking for. I traded with another member so I could I try an ounce of both the EdT and EdP. I'll say I prefer the EdT. The EdP eventually gets to nearly the same drydown, but it is more complex and goes through multiple changes on me. While I like complex fragrances, it's not always essential to me.

The best way for me to describe Habit Rogue is it starts out with a very similar scent to Dior's Eau Sauvage EdT, lemony, refreshing. It then seems to take on the role of a more masculine Shalimar EdT. It then dries down into that unmistakable Guerlain vanilla smell. I rarely would call a fragrance "beautiful", but this one is.

Admittedly, I may have emotional ties to this cologne. My late father used to wear Dior's Eau Sauvage and my now elderly mom still wears Shalimar and has for as long as I've been alive. This Habit Rogue reminds me of holidays with them when they were all dressed up and going out to parties.

Guerlain Homme Intense Guerlain by ShiveringTimber 2015-03-01

I have been around a lot of Guerlain fragrances in my life. My mom, who is now 70, says she was wearing Shalimar before I was born and still wears it today. She's always telling me she wishes I would find "my" Shalimar. I really thought this Homme Intense could be it, but I'm going to say it's not. First, I paid a fairly high price for a 2.7 ounce bottle of it, around $105 USD. I sprayed it on, loved the opening though it reminded me exactly of Guerlain Homme EdT. I do really like the regular version of Guerlain Homme, but it's 1/3 the price of this Intense version.

Somewhere during the middle and base note sections coming out, I dosed off. My wife woke me up and said, "You know I love it when you wear Bleu de Chanel." I came to my senses. Smelled my arm and sure enough, not exactly, but I would say 95% similar to Bleu de Chanel during the drydown. Now don't take that wrong. I actually love Bleu de Chanel and Guerlain Homme, but I already have bottles of both. If you have bottles of neither and like both, this perfume really is a nice blend of those. I'm mostly finding that I expect way too much out of Guerlain. There's nothing wrong with this one. Very nice smell, longevity is good, lasted about 8-9 hours on me. Not a whole lot of sillage, but still would be a good addition to most collections unless you already have Bleu de Chanel and Guerlain Homme.

Musk Jovan by Carnation 2015-02-28

Ahh. Jovan Musk. This fragrance is as iconic as Charlie by Revlon. It has been around since 1972. I am going to compare the vintage edc to the current and the vintage oil to the current. I will not even bother with the body mist,which comes in an aerosol spray can. And you shouldn't either. It does this fragrance an injustice.
Vintage Cologne: The bottle design from the 70's was glass,medium sized ( certainly not like the tall bottle with the orange cap that is seen today,although the new bottle harks back to the 70's inspired design.)and had a slightly sweet jasmine and neroli accord with a soft musk very dominating throughout. Not particularly rich and full bodied and the longevity was fair to medium. Very soft and unobtrusive.
Modern Cologne: Why they reformulated this is beyond me. I was no fan of the cologne spray but what they turned this cologne into was a shame: An alcohol laden opening assaults the senses and the middle and base notes aren't much better. This is the orange capped spray bottle with the ribbing on the glass body. There's the newest version out whose design is glass with some partial gold rings around it, reminiscent of the 70's design. I will say it is a vast improvement over the orange cap,however they seemed to tone down the alcohol and replaced it with water.
The vintage oil and the modern oil version are quite similar and very little has changed. Personally I think the modern oil version is a bit thicker but the two smell a bit identical. Both are long lasting and musky,more so than the cologne. The vintage seems a bit more richer.
If you want to wear this,of course the original is best but if not attainable,then choose the oil.

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by SingaporeBeast 2015-02-28

For me, this is strictly for mature men who wear suits.

2 sprays is more than enough, can get nauseating at times for me

You & I One Direction by celebrity89 2015-02-28

A dupe of Bright Crystal and maybe a smidgen of Yellow Diamond.

Beautiful Estée Lauder by sswinney 2015-02-28

I really enjoyed reading these reviews. I wore Beautiful in the 80's when it first came out and I LOVED it. Stopped wearing it years ago, just because I like to change it up. Recently I wanted to relive the wonderful memories of that time, and decided to use the small bottle that came with a gift with purchase. I was so disappointed! It smells nothing like it used to. It brought back no memories at all! I can't put my finger on what has changed, but it clearly is not the same. It used to be delicious, and so memorable, and now, whatever that was, is gone. So sad! It gave me some comfort to read here that other people agree, and it's not just my imagination.

J by Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston by celebrity89 2015-02-28

Gorgeous, expensive smelling. Soft jasmine opening which rounds out to Oscar by Oscar de la Renta. Probably one of the best perfumes I've come across in years, but nothing new.

Aventus Creed by ficusmuskus 2015-02-28

Cheap masculine fragrance, got out of hand!

Ralph Ralph Lauren by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

I loved Ralph Hot, and tried the other Ralph scents hoping I might like them too.

It's not that there's anything offensive about this sweet, strong scent. But to me, it smells cheap, like I've accidentally sprayed on something little girls would use while pretending to be princesses.

Curious Britney Spears Britney Spears by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

A cute everyday scent, but much too weak to make any real impact. Nobody knows you're wearing any perfume and it dies off within an hour.

Contradiction Calvin Klein by Pinchu Prince 2015-02-28

Update: I am in love with the scent.
What I feel:
I get orange note first which is so sophisticated not the tutty fruity type. then musk which really compliments the oranginess. Eucalyptus is really sugared down if not it would have dominated the whole scent and made it a medicinal syrup. During the dry down, i get the lily of the valley (usually i dont like it) which is quite cool. Overall this fragrance just blew me away.

Quality: Unique I cant find anyother perfume smelling like this
Silleage: 8/10
longevity : only cons (which doesnt last more than 4 hrs)

Angel Thierry Mugler by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

Ew. I was talking to my friend about my search for a new fragrance, and I told her how, according to my perfume preferences and the internet, I should totally love this Angel perfume but when I tried a tester, it smelled like urine. She didn't believe me - surely they don't sell designer perfumes that smell like pee? - so the next time we were going past as store, we sprayed a tester.

She actually recoiled. The initial hit of this perfume is absolutely disgusting. The drydown is nice, but nobody wants to explain why they smell like wet nappies all morning while waiting for the initial whiff to go away.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by Wheresmybeer 2015-02-28

I just blind bought this based on the reviews.. $29 for 200ml...Bargain! This stuff is really good, I'm impressed with it.. I tried most of the CK range, & im not to impressed with the house. But it would seem I own the best 3 CK's now 1: shock, 2: euphoria intense, & 3: truth ..

If you haven't tried shock, do yourself a favour & give it a blast on your skin, it might just "shock" you....

Escada pour Homme Escada by aqua_de_la_vita 2015-02-28

When Escada Escada pour Homme came out I made a blind purchase without any internet, instead I made the purchase because I loved the boozy/warm spicy blend giving it a animalistic quality. Just recently I found a 100ml bottle and I wasted no time buying it. A really attractive masculine fragrance which is extremely worth having. I absolutely ♥ this old-school juice which settles down with a sweet creamy vib.
Longevity and Silage is excellent lasting over 8hrs on my skin.
Finally thoughts,
I don't regret buying this GEM after many year's later. I use Escada on special occasions...this unique juice has a very distinct aroma which is perfect during the fall and winter months. Rating this easy....MASTERPIECE 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Burberry Women Burberry by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

I encountered a wonderful perfume salesman once, and I was telling him how much I love gourmands and sweet, bakery scents. "Wait!" he said. "I will make you smell like cupcakes!", and he liberally sprayed me with this fragrance.

It really does smell like a freshly baked vanilla cupcakes. There is perhaps a bit of stone fruit lingering on the kitchen counter next to the cupcakes, but I wouldn't say it's prominent. If anything, I get a whiff of lemon.

CK One Summer 2010 Calvin Klein by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

I had loved a previous edition of CK Summer, but I didn't realise they release a new edition every summer! So I was very disappointed with this. I love the smell of someone freshly cracking open an orange across the room, but I don't want to smell like that myself.

I ended up using it as a room freshener for a while, then gave it away.

Fire & Ice Revlon by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

My signature scent, a great fragrance for every day. It lasts on the skin all day and can be smelled from a mile around. It's as cheap as chips, and can be worn to any occasion, whether you're at the office or out to dinner - or even around the house.

A lovely, sweet oriental that will leave an enticing trail wherever you go. DON'T OVERSPRAY! You'll make yourself sick.

The only perfume that I have ever bought with any regularity for years and years.

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

Once, I was in a dairy (this is what we call a corner shop in New Zealand) and a man came rushing up to me holding out a piece of paper and a pen. I automatically assumed I was being asked to sign up to something or donate something. "Please," he said, as my heart sank a little and I desperately glanced at the door, "Please, can you write down the perfume you are wearing? I need to buy it for my wife!"

It was Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. Enough said!

Ralph Hot Ralph Lauren by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

Absolutely gutted that it's been discontinued, it was my favourite scent and I always got wonderful comments when wearing it.

I've tried a few alternatives, the best I've found is, oddly enough, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted! Missing the gorgeous spiciness and doesn't last as long, but give it a go.

Halston Z14 Halston by karlovonamesti 2015-02-28

Review of the 2014 formula:

I sense this fragrance has been tweaked again, and the word on the street is that there's an abundance of cinnamon where there was once citrus. Z14 continues to be one of the cheapest fragrances on the market, retailing for three dollars an ounce at discounters across the country, so I guess if I wanted to I could purchase nine or ten bottles of the stuff and still have change left over for lunch. The only reason to do that would be to compare the supposed formula changes between different years and different distributors, but so far the four bottles I've owned in the last ten years have all smelled almost identical. The oldest bottle had unbalanced cinnamon, likely an effect of its advanced age, while my newest bottle has no more or less cinnamon than the other two bottles, namely my 2008 and 2011 batches.

How does the rest of the 2014 juice perform? If there is any other notable change-up, it's in how lavender and moss is treated. EA took a break from the fizzy "clean" lavender note of seven years ago and replaced it with a duskier citrus and pine accord in 2011. Back in '08 they were still putting oakmoss in the formula, which added to the "fresh" effect, but in '11 it was all about treemoss, with oakmoss nowhere to be found. That made Z a little drier and darker. Oakmoss continues to be absent from the formula, which is a bummer for some people. But last summer it appears they brightened Z14 back up a bit and dialed the lavender back up by a hair. Is this noticeable? Only if you're looking for it, and just barely at that. Yet changing the lavender just that little bit does hearken back to the days when the formula had oakmoss, and it smells identical to the oakmoss formula now. The dry, woody treemoss effect is infinitesimally reduced and replaced with a smooth, piney lushness.

The only other change is in concentration - the new Z is a tad bit more transparent, and takes more sprays. Longevity is still decent though, at around six hours with liberal application. This fragrance is cheap enough and still readily available enough to make searching out the "perfect version" of Z14 a harmless pursuit for formula fanatics, but I personally think 2014 is the end of the road for me. Z14 smells like Z14, smells like Z14 . . .

Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

I was absolutely gutted when I found out that my favourite perfume, Ralph Lauren Hot, had been discontinued. I turned to Google looking for an alternative, and I came up with a few options - but this was the best.

It's similar, which is surprising because they share very little in term of notes. It's missing the gorgeous spiciness that I would always get comments on, and of course more berry, but a great alternative. I'm glad I got it, as a celebrity scent it's a great price and in a beautiful bottle.

Yellow Diamond Versace by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

This gives the lovely impression of standing beside a window where a lemon tart is cooling, as floral scents waft in the window. Just enough of a foodie undertone to satisfy a gourmand lover like me!

Acqua di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani by thegreat787 2015-02-28

This will be available soon, today I got lucky and tested at xxxxx, I asked AS if they have (Acqua di Gio Profumo, AS said they did received tester and I asked her if I can try. AS was nice and let me tested on my skin.
All I can say it has Acqua di gio DNA, but little spice in there at least at my skin. I do liked it but not sure if I am going get bottle yet.

I sprayed on my skin and its lasted about 5-6 hours still can smell.

I need to do more testing.
After first testing 8/10.

Prada Candy Prada by Shelly84NZ 2015-02-28

Was there something wrong with the sample I tried? Honestly ... fly spray. The dry down become lovely and sweet, but smelling like a walking insect poison for quarter of an hour first was really unpleasant!

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by serge00271 2015-02-28

I just worked my way back to trying this again after some time under the sink and having a "meh" view of it. I love the fresh, citrus top note that lasts as long as it takes to put the cap back on. I tried to apply 5 to 6 big blasts and get a slightly better result. It has been 2 hours and as I stick my nose in my shirt.....nothing but the first hour was like heaven.

Khumar Junaid Jamshed by Aamir Ahmed 2015-02-28

A very beautiful scent with a terrible longevity....i m callin it terrible cuz other j perfumes i tested have very good longevity....

Boss in Motion Hugo Boss by brent0529 2015-02-28

The special thing about this fragrance, is the warm cozy orange patchouli vanilla glow it forms around you. It just radiates quietly around you, and although it is on the softer side, its lasts very very well and projects better than average. People love it a lot.

Tareekh Junaid Jamshed by Aamir Ahmed 2015-02-28

This is quite potent with longevity more than 10 hrs....sillage is subtle....main accord that is of rose stays there till the end....i like this scent...

Vetiver Guerlain by Asaskian 2015-02-28

Someone said, reference vetiver.... I shall take it a step further, it is "The Vetiver".

Oddly enough, both men.... and women in my life have worn this fragrance. And it smelled uniquely their own, it was somehow new for me on each one of them. The background colour and music it creates in my mind, in my head is calm, a watery palette but which can't be ignored, a certain benevolence and a warmth which feels like love. Oh, I don't know, but there: I said it!... it is there.

My favourite scents have a monologue with me in private only since I don't, I can't wear perfumes. But, when smelled on people close to me, they take on a fourth dimension, like sunlight experienced through prisms, rather than window glass.
So many have described it so well, here.
I shan't plague you with my description.
Needless to say, try it, spend some time with it.

This is the most bada*s vanilla I've ever smelled. It's dark, moody, and it has a naughty streak. It is incredibly boozy up front, so much so that those around you may question your sobriety. For a while it smells like straight vanilla extract, then it develops this strange, salty facet, and it almost smells like cookie dough. After about an hour it settles down into a rich, luxurious vanilla with just the right touch of musk and spice. One of my coworkers walked around the corner and said "Whoa, it smells really good over cinnamon sugar." I waved my wrist in her face and she confirmed that I was the source. I have only worn this on frigid days. Exercise caution when wearing this in warmer weather, or risk suffocating yourself.

I ordered this blind. ..from lord n taylor....waiting for my large bottle to arrive.....hope its good!

LIL Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes by miracleborgtech 2015-02-28

Metallic lemongrass is what it smells like to me. Kind of a post apocalyptic perfume, like Citrus Verbena Intense by Occitaine, for androids. It surprises, because just when you are comfortable with the lemon, the metallic zing zaps you with an interesting array of complexity. The notes don’t really do this fragrance justice. Reviewer Lipglosandbackpack nailed it when she said “LIL was like sitting on a metal guard rail beside the highway drinking an ice-cold margarita on the rocks”- fun, summer scent for those days when you want something different!

I'm reviewing the body spray, which I've worn quite a lot for years. In the bottle, it has a great, not too sweet, fruity, slightly tart pomegranate scent. At first spray, it smells of berries and pomegranate, but I've never loved the dry down, which is very strong, and has a slight bitter scent on me. It has very strong pomegranate notes, fruity but not light, and I'm just now noticing the candle-esque cinnamon spice and woodsy notes that come through when it's dried .I think it can have a very slight candle scent if you really, really smell it, which seems to come from what I smell as a fake cinnamon scent. Occasionally, I get a patchouli note, and I can sometimes also get an anise note, and other people have remarked that it has a strong tobacco leaf note. Some people have also told me it smells like delicious and yet clean, comparing it to fresh laundry. On me, it smells very dark, and reminds me of deep, wine red velvet, which is why I wear it a lot. The sillage is strong, and the longevity is too. Overall, it is a very nice, dark, and more adult pomegranate and fruit scent.

Dalimania Salvador Dali by Labaloo 2015-02-28

I'm just trying this one now- I'm rather surprised because it smells nothing like what I "pictured"! It does indeed smell like peach or apricot jam nestled between the layers of a coconut-vanilla cake- with a few dark curants added to pull the orange hue toward red. The base is intriguing: a hefty dose of musk with amber underneath, a touch of sweet coumarin, and a "dark wood" that I've smelt before, but still haven't found what its called- guaic or ebony, maybe? Sandalwood adds its smooth, stable serenity.

Dalimania actually reminds me of two other fragrances that I've had the pleasure of sniffing: Mon Jasmin Noir... but without the sickly calone ruining everything, and Pink Sugar Sensual- but with more "naturalness" than PSS and with a different fruit-blend. Anyway, if you're into the fruity-muskies, Dalimania is lovely!

Elle L'aime Lolita Lempicka by francie79 2015-02-28

I was looking for a fun coconut, lime fragrance and on ebay I got a 80ml bottle of this for under 25 bucks...score!! This is sooooo lovely and everything I hoped it would be, plus some. The lime and coconut are the main stars on my skin with the floral notes giving this almost a pineapple vibe which is so divine. This is the best blind buy ever and in the summertime this will really shine...LOVE this!

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by SNOOPY 2015-02-28

This is a love /hate fragrance for me.
I remember it as being like cough syrup and evoking heat.
It had the medicinal flavor of agarwood.
I do not like the fragrance itself but I do like the style of a unique flavor.
It appeals to many but did not stay in production unfortunately for those who enjoy it.
Only YSL knows the reason but it seems anything that doesnt have mass market appeal has now become niche.Its understandable for economic reasons.
Had i not tried this and bought it based on reviews i would be extremely disappointed
It has achieved more mythic status than even Chanel's Egoiste it seems.
No Surprise then that YSL resurrected it highlighting the now in vogue oud ingredient.
Perhaps TF will create another version of it in the future.
I imagine that will be slightly more expensive(due to inflation)than the 60 bucks this cost in 02 @ Macy's.
I hope it comes back for those that lament its cancellation sake
It is very irritating how every fragrance by YSL,Tom Ford,or anything with an oud note gets compared to this.

Avant Garde Lanvin by Bigsly 2015-02-28

I don't remember what Shock smells, so I won't compare the two. This one is a very nice blend that is reasonably natural smelling. There are no major "spikes" to it, so if you don't like lavender, strong wood notes, etc., you don't have to worry. I also don't get any significant iso e super or any other aroma chemical overload situation. The tobacco is obvious, as is a sweet/creamy quality, but it never becomes super-sweet, syrupy, or "blob"-like. At these prices you can't expect anything better. IMO. Imagine a much weaker Tobacco Vanille without that dried fruit accord and it's not too far off. This can compete with the more expensive designer scents of today.

Nicely done rose with an underlying freshness that is balanced just right. I like it a lot.

Sweet but fresh lily beautifully melded with subtle spices.

Very nice.

As many have said, it's a very fresh, very natural, very professional scent. To me none of the notes stick out over one another, they seem to blend well. You won't get sick of this thinking that, "all I smell is X". It has a balance. The opening is weird but aren't most scents?

A great daytime scent, I would wear it for work during the day or a lunch date. And not to mention the value is incredible for the amount of product. If you're looking for something a little herbal and a little spicy then try this. I don't recommmend more than two sprays. I bought this blindly and am thrilled I have such a unique scent in my arsenal.

Mercedes Benz CLUB Mercedes-Benz by diazzegaf 2015-02-28

First i sniffed, i could detect Bvlgari Aqva Marine the dry downs goes softer & nothing special of this scent, it just the same with other aquatic and citrus fragrance!

Angélique Noire Guerlain by snifferdogx 2015-02-28

Gorgeous fresh herbal/bergamot opening, with the angelica note smelling so natural and vibrant, and unfolding layers of creamy gourmand vanilla and jasmine.

Absolutely ravishingly and deliciously beautiful.

Tonka Imperiale Guerlain by snifferdogx 2015-02-28

Oh my god this is so exquisite! A true work of art, with so many layers and facets.

This is why Guerlain is my favourite perfume house.

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum Christian Dior by magicalmysterytour 2015-02-28

Hypnotic Poison the redeemer!

Why? Well, I had thus far been disappointed with Dior, after sampling J'Adore (shampoo) and Addict EDT (boring) I was seriously starting to wonder if I would ever try anything from the Dior house that satisfied.

Enter Hypnotic Poison!

The powdery, sweet, rich vanilla lends a huge dose of sensuality to this is truly divine!

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense Ralph Lauren by snifferdogx 2015-02-28

Really really bad synthetic red berry accord with some amber/wood.

Truly awful.

Tommy Tommy Hilfiger by calculus314 2015-02-28

Tommy + Polo Sport + Hugo + Cool Water = Great Memories

Waikiki Pikake Pacifica by kittybobmeowpants 2015-02-28

Between this and Royal Hawaiian Pikake, I would pick this one however, the sandalwood is a little overpowering. I feel like I smell that more than the pikake. And the jasmine is a little too heady for me. Dry down is different the few times I tried it, one is jasmine and the other is masculine sandalwood. This scent is just confusing on my skin and unfortunately, is not for me. Luckily, I found MY perfect pikake in Pikake Lei by Kuumba Made.

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette Christian Dior by magicalmysterytour 2015-02-28

Sampled this today - quite disappointed, considering how much this retails for I was expecting much more than what it turned out to be, which was just a run of the mill, one dimensional, cheap smelling citrus floral.

I'll try and seek out the EDP in the dark blue bottle!

Sultane White Pearl Jeanne Arthes by imochy 2015-02-28

Against all odds, I used this perfume along the Viennese winter in 2011. Now, each time I smell this, all I could remember was the chilly crisp and the fresh winter breeze.

This perfume is super fresh! I did the right thing. :)
Affordable perfume without cheapy scent. Loveable.

Aperture Ulrich Lang by cloyd42 2015-02-28

As a rule of thumb I'm really not fond of pink pepper since it has become a lazy cliche when someone wants to punch up some boring juice but I think I've found an exception here. When I first sprayed this I got about of minute of -- absolutely nothing, which is startling in an aldehyde scent. Once it warmed a got a big waft of cedar and tobacco, followed by civet. As the evening has passed I keep getting whiffs of camphor--not a listed note but the effect of the cedar and tobacco working together. I'm not finding floral notes or much ambergris but the pink pepper gives this a bit of bite at the edges. I'd consider this a civilized version of Lutens Borneo 1834 so use that as guidance if you know the Lutens perfume.

Sillage: soft, close
Longevity: 3 hours and going strong
Fabulosity: hand carved teak
Value to price ratio: low but not unreasonable

Coeur de Parfum / Parfum Rare Jacomo by Angela Agiannidou 2015-02-28

Amazing! Smooth musk and patchouli with a huge dollop of carnation, powdery, smooth, classy. The cardamom adds a superb spiciness to the whole composition and works in full harmony with the rest of the notes. This is so well blended, and could be worn by men too thanks to its amazing composition that balances beautifully sweet and dry, spicy and smooth, soft and deep. Towards the dry down the vetiver becomes intense and deep lending a more masculine vibe to the scent. A masterpiece!
Couldn't recommend it more!

Battito d`Ali Profumum Roma by zaetown 2015-02-28

I cannot put into words how intoxicating this is on my wife. Its okay on me but it does a female justice! Someone said it smelled like angel wings and I would have to agree that's a great metaphor in my book. The vanilla is not too heavy but is a perfect balance w/ the myrrh and coconut in there. I haven'tsmelled anything like this before. It can be worn year round but lightly on hot summer days this is some high quality juice that last alllll day 24 hrs long and projects at least 12 or 14 hrs not joking!

Overall: 9 out 10

Valentino Uomo Valentino by C@nn@r 2015-02-28

Although in the same theme as Dior homme, I feel Valentino Uomo sorta missed the mark. It is very singular in its composition, composed mainly of sweet nutty coffee vibe with a base of powdery leather and cedar. It is sweet but powdery bitter at the same time. I feel it is just too feminine for a man to wear, IMHO, confidently. Someone will definitely think you are wearing perfume or a type of baby/talc powder. This type of a scent I feel is only suited for cozy intimate moments with someone who also enjoys this fragrance. There is not enough projection or seductive qualities to make it a date or going out scent and it is too playful to be taken seriously.
This just misses the mark on almost everything, and I just don't like the smell unfortunately. The bottle is also extremely tacky! If you want powdery/chocolatey vibe that is more masculine, classy, and versatile go with Dior Homme.

I have to start with saying that I absolutely adore this perfume! Not many perfumes are so much up my street than this one! Funky, edgy, prominent (despite it being edt), playful and yet serious enough to wear to one of those important meetings at work, or an interview for a new dream job. I would wear it for both, work and a date. Saying that, I had a great deal of dissapointment lately. I contacted Lolita Lempicka Perfumes to ask about their testing on animals policy, and let's just say, their response was rather ambiguous and unsatisfacory :-( they sell their perfumes in China but they claim they don't know exactly what happens to their exported products (ha hmmm...) They also claim, I quote: "we are talking about a small amount of products", as if an amount of products really makes a difference in this case :-( Needless to say, the bottle I have I am going to enjoy until it's gone, no re-purchase. Shame, as it is one of my most loved daytime scents. Will stick to DVF for the time being, as I know she's cruelty free certified.

Do you remember the other day when you were walking through the mall and you were tryna figure out where that aroma was coming from? It was probably me and I was wearing the lemon-lime bomb of a fragrance otherwise known as Lil. Extreme Compliment Getter to say the least. There's other stuff going on besides citrusy notes...For instance: The opening has a barely herbal yet puply ylang ylang nuance transitioning to some sort of sharp metallic/industrial freshness as described by the reviewers. Not long after the lemon lime detergent accord comes barreling through, what I thought to be neroli was probably a combination of Lily of the Valley and Angel's Trumpet. I could go on and on to describe the different notes I detect but the fact of the matter is this is a lemon-lime floral fragrance. I had zero intentions of putting a feminine fragrance on my want list. Welp...guess what? already know....

Blind Buy Worthy

Vivacity Oriflame by ais-sama 2015-02-28

Fresh citrus-y scent at first, then turns into some floral notes. Not unpleasant, but a bit overwhelming for me. The longevity is poor.

Femme Nicole Farhi by Justynka 2015-02-28

I love this perfume! It is smokey, dark chocolate is prominent but not overbearing. Very feminine and warm, perfect for colder seasons. I like to layer it with a strong patchouli scent, like 'Diane' by Diane Von Furstenberg. It's definitely different to most 'wintery' scents, and it's quite mature, I don't smell it on a teenage woman. It smells gorgeous on my mother (a retired lady) but she doesn't like it that much; she prefers classic 80's florals. Still, it's a beautiful fragrance, unique and comforting.

Cherry Vanilla Parfume de Vanille by Carnation 2015-02-28

I must agree with the previous poster about the opening on this: It is,in my words,awful. Caustic and chemical smelling while sour. However,thankfully,it is mercifully brief. Then something else takes over.
I honestly don't get much cherry out of this. While I am no big fan of vanilla,in this composition it appears to be well done and not artificial smelling. Is it my imagination or has anyone else getting a real strong sandalwood coming from it? For this is the main accords of vanilla and sandalwood that emits from this perfume and nothing else. Definitely unpretentious and for 12.00 at Rite Aid, a cheap little thrill ride.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs by xxsaphxx 2015-02-28

If anyone wants this, I have a 75mL for swap :) Based in Aus but may post WW :) let me know what you have, just PM me

Imagination Oriflame by ais-sama 2015-02-28

At first spritz this edt is very fresh and fruity, but in the middle it turns into a heavy floral that I can't stand and gives me a headache.

Coco Noir Chanel by savannalove07 2015-02-28

I really want CN to be my 1st Chanel fragrance! Lovely bottle, top and middle notes were promising, but hours later the dry down was horrific, made my stomach curl. I couldn't wait to get home and wash it off! Good thing I got a generous sample from Sephora instead of buying it on spot. I gave my sample to my mom and she likes it.

Vanilla is not normally my cup of tea, but I decided to gamble on this one, and I think I'm pretty satisfied by it. To me this vanilla is delicious and does not give headache to me, rather gives me a warm feeling. I don't smell any flower, just a single vanilla note. Not that it's unpleasant. Overall, one successful gamble to me.

Pink Sugar Luxury Extract Aquolina by VanillaTabbyCat1963 2015-02-28

If anyone knows where to get this, I would love to know. On me, Pink Sugar reads gormand oriental. It is heaven!!!

What we do in paris is secret

This is ridiculously sexy. Strangely but appealingly erotic and confident in it's sexuality.
On my skin this is the sweetest kind of honey with what seems like vanilla and a hint of Very sweet florals making it without a doubt one of my favourite fragrances of all time, when i wear this i can't help but feel turned on, i feel totally open and receptive to what may come my way. Sexuality and fragrance for me seem to go hand in hand- i walk into the night and feel the cold air against my skin as it filters between the tall buildings that surround me. The vanilla is heightened and the rose makes a short but effective appearance adding a floral layer to this already complex but seemingly simple fragrance. The lasting power is excellent as is the projection. All you need is confidence as you step out into the night.

Cool Water Davidoff by math2001 2015-02-28

Love my Cool Water! Sometimes water, sometimes sun, sometimes mild and sometimes strong. Exciting smell to wear, always changes. Picks me up every time.
Probably not for everyone though, since it resonates so overly well with me, it is likely to crash equally bad with someone else.

Very Sexy Now 2015 Victoria`s Secret by karencherries 2015-02-28

Another sickly sweet fragrance. Over the top sunscreen mixed with jolly rancher candy. Boring.

Chloe Roses De Chloe Chloe by melttee 2015-02-28

Totally agree with the other reviews here that said this rose comes with stems and all. I think this prevents this rose from becoming too plain. :) to me, this is how a bouquet of freshly cut roses would smell like- rosey and pretty, but still quite fresh. I have the set of miniatures: 2 EDTs, 2 EDPs and 1 intense.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by iTryToSmellGood 2015-02-28

I'm not going to say anything about how this smells because I'm pretty sure everyone else has you covered on that front. But one thing I do want to comment on is the potency of this fragrance. I bought this early today sprayed some on and now after my shower I can still say it's a good skin scent. this is now my signature scent since down in Florida it should be getting hit again soon.

Joop! Femme Joop! by LizzieDee 2015-02-28

It is so interesting reading these reviews and which notes are evident to different people. On me, Joop smells almost medicinal. I wouldn't call this a sensuous scent, it's appeal is intellectual. It is oddly unisex and very distinctive. I went through a phase of wearing this every day when I went back to university as a mature student to do a masters degree. It was part of my daily "uniform" of crisp white cotton shirt, black jeans and tortoiseshell glasses that somehow helped me to concentrate on my studies.

Fame Lady Gaga by Dort0625 2015-02-28

Ok, I wish there was a way to skip to this section of the page and not need to scroll!!! Ok now that I got that off my chest, onto my review :) so I found someone on a local classifieds ad selling a large bottle of this for 20 dollars!!! I must say, it's a really nice scent! It's really soft but yet bold at the same time!!! Way to go GaGa!

Arabian Gems Afnan Perfumes by sunnysaintstar 2015-02-28

I bought this baby in Dubai, with no intention to buy it at first! The guy spritzed it on a tissue flower and I wasn't impressed but after on my skin.... a whole other world!
It's warm, vanilla spice, but I feel like there's a hint of wood and spices. The description here is very short, lacking of some fine ingredients but I'm not a nose so I can;t really tell that much. Balsamic, yes... Vanilla, yes... tonka bean and benzoin... sure... but I sense's velvety, soft but strong. I'm in love with it and got it super cheap. 100 dirham is like 24€ or 27$ for 100ml. A steal for such a good quality perfume!

Wild Glow Jennifer Lopez by Dort0625 2015-02-28

Got myself some gift cards for shoppers drug Mart for my birthday yesterday, naturally I buy perfume!! :) so I was review-hoping and came across this and thought why not, it's only 19.99 for 100ml bottle, and it's gift cards, so worse case if I hate it it can go to my 7 year old! Well, it is awesome! It's so fun, and summery! Fruity sweet and juicy without being teenage girl! I wouldn't go spend any crazy amount of money, but for 20 bucks...well well WELL worth the money!

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