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Happy Spirit Bouquet d’Amour Chopard by milkylover 2015-05-23

so sweet.I love it.

Incense & Cedrat Jo Malone by walking44 2015-05-23

I'm usually not into incense, woody, type fragrances but I gotta give this one credit. Its smells great! What stopped me was the drydown. It smells too much like dried spit. But I'm not mad at the fragrance because thats how the actual note smells lol. Must be frankincense or cedar. Not sure.

Exotic Jasmine Halle Berry by VELVETEEN11 2015-05-23

Dear FRGRANTICA people,these are the real notes:
Top notes-Violet Leaf,Neroli,Cyclamen
Heart notes-Jasmine Sambac,Plumeria Blossom,Fluid Hedione
Base notes-White Cedar,Vetiver,Musk...

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by Fumequeen32 2015-05-23

Was walking in a local park several years back with a friend when a guy ran past us, ran about 200 feet then U-turned back and asked her what she was wearing! I could not make this up, LOL. He siad it was his sisters birthday and he didnt know what to get his sister and thought Viva smelled so good he wanted to get it for her.

Fast forward several years, and being single i decided to try it since this juice has a following and is a well-known man magnet. Yet, Even though i have bough and own it im on the fence. First, the perfume snob in me wants to smell really unique and classy and literally eveyone I know owns this. Second, i was at a neworking event the other day and i guy said i smelled good and asked if it was Viva. No, it was not! Actually, not even close. Lol, so guys are expecting this aka are familar cause theyve smelled it time and time again.

I do think it smells great and has a broad appeal for a reason. i do hear it smells different on everyone once it mixes withnskin chemistry. When i spray it on me I get a heavy dose of vanilla with a dash of juicy berries and honeysucke (or whatever the floral note is). The drydown is warm vanilla but not with much depth. Sillage and longevity are gooo but i remeber the original formulation to be much stronger.

This is is a ripe and juicy scent, very youthful, definately not a sohpitocated perfume but delicious one none-the-less. It evokes a carefree, sweet, simple, chic, optimistic and delicious! If you are going for special or unique, this is not your best bet. If you are going for a fume with broad appeal or a good gift, esp for someone yourger, this would be great. Also, if you want a fun and girly mood lifting scent go for Viva!

Arome Absolu Jeanne Arthes by Anywho 2015-05-23

Yes, it opens like a big floral but then softens into a lovely melange of fruits and flowers; the orange giving it a healthy kick. At first I thought that it was gone after an hour or so but then I got wafts of sweet deliciousness every so often as I was going about my day and was surprised and delighted that this scent has a tenacity about it that makes it linger for hours. Arome Absolu is actually quite an uplifting scent that I will enjoy wearing in cooler and in warmer tempreratures.

Comme des Garcons 2 Man Comme des Garcons by amirali0072000 2015-05-23

سمپل 9 میل این کار موجوده کسی خواست پیام خصوصی بگذارد

Inflorescence Byredo by FragFrog 2015-05-23

Very overpowering flower smell. Nothing like Muget. Tried to like it but to my regret it gave me a headache. Same with the Flowerhead ... Sometimes less is more

Galloway Parfums de Marly by amirali0072000 2015-05-23

تعدادی محدود از این کار سمپلشو دارم...کسی خواست پیقام خصوصی بزاره

Douceur Brulee Perfumes by Terri by bibibling 2015-05-23

Many other people have said this on Perfumes by Terri reviews but it bears repeating: There's definitely a base that Terri uses in all her delicious smelling creations that makes you recognize this is a Terri perfume immediately. Like a signature in olfactory form. The best way I can personally describe it is like a fantasy edible perfumed amber... If that makes any sense at all.

With that out of the way, the caramel-lemon (and a gingerbread man soaked in rum note I smell that isn't listed...) combo added on top really does turn this into a very cozy fall/winter scent. Especially on a rainy or snowy day in front of the fireplace. If you want to wear it outside, I see it as more of a daytime scent for going on a Starbucks run with your friend or going shopping or going out to get a mani/pedi. Just casual girly stuff.

I can totally see this being an amazing holiday themed gourmand scented candle too.

Final note: very strong sillage, spray sparingly.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Jo Malone by Iamagirl 2015-05-23

This is a truly magnificent perfume. Sparkly and beautiful and I feel sparkly and beautiful and new when I wear it.

The lime is a sweet lime, not bitter or sour. I smell liquorice which I suppose comes from the basil. It is so uplifting and happy and pretty and just lovely, I think this will become my signature scent.

I get a lot of compliments and attention when I wear this from both men and women of varying ages, which is not necessarily what I'm after when I choose a perfume, but it's a pleasant side effect.

Also, longevity is fantastic and sillage is good but not heavy or overwhelming as I find with the orientals that I generally tend to have a thing for. It's floral, fresh, clean, sparkly and beautiful and I feel beautiful when I wear it.

Euphoria Men Calvin Klein by coalmn 2015-05-23

smells good but too weak and no last. too bad.

Miss Dior Cherie Christian Dior by Fumequeen32 2015-05-23

This is a classic in my opinion. Nothing beats the sillage and longvevity of Dior fragrances. Their fumes pack a potent punch. I have the original 2007 formulation and rediscovered a travalo of it in my perfumes. First, men love this stuff. Guys comlimented me left and right when i wore it to work. Also, had a guy friend that said this was his fav womens perfume.

To me, the reformulations (Miss Dior, etc.) are not as strong and do not have the popcorn note that is very present in the original. Sillage is so strong it gave me headaches if I sprayed to much on. With Dior perfumes when it comes to spritzing - one and you're done. Its that strong. MDC is both sophoticated and playful, fruity yet classic. The rasberry not is quite strong and will get you noticed and the bottle is precious.

For those that are not able to smell before purchasing, this reminds me of Chanel Chance, the new Miss Dior or Coco Mademoiselle but with a bit more juicy berries thrown in. Its pretty heavy so i would imagine its best for ages 20+.

Soul CoSTUME NATIONAL by danieq 2015-05-23

My first impressions were of a spice Bomb that has something in common with 21, though I haven't worn that one recently enough to be certain. Longevity went on and on and while I did like the overall effect, I found that until about 8 hours had passed it was a bit much. I'll try it again with a lighter hand next time.

Shalimar Guerlain by omixochitl 2015-05-23

I bought Shalimar Eau de Parfum two years ago and I couldn't stop myself from wearing it, although I always felt that it was too fancy for me, I always felt underdressed when I wore it.

Suddenly, I was a bit sick of it *gasp* and I neglected it for some time. I can not add too much to the previous amazing reviews that have described this fragrance in so much detail but I will add my personal experience. When I spray it, I honestly don't love it: it smells like a bomb of smoky leather and civet. I find it really aggressive at that point. But I know that I have to be patient. It does not take long for the scent to change into a very tame version of itself, where the amber, vanilla, tonic bean and citrus notes come through and shine. Literally shine. And then Shalimar is everything that the legend had promised me. It smells HEA-VEN-LY. It is powdery and sweet and spicy and like that, I know I am hooked. It is everything I had expected and manages to surprise me all over again every time I wear it.

It is definitely best worn at night and in colder weather and I honestly think that the eau the toilette and softer versions might be better suited for me. I do like some heady perfumes but this one takes guts. Maybe that is why Shalimar is not for everyone.

Intense Black Lomani by deathpill 2015-05-23

Blackorchids nailed it. This smells 'like' Royal Oud but very synthetic and has that vibe that all lomani (and some other cheap) fragrances have, that synthetic base whatever that is. Its much drier than RO and lacks the amount of Oud. RO smells smoother and balsamic compared to this. Its not a replacement at that price too but yeah if not compared to RO its a good cheapie and thats all it is.

Cristalle Eau Verte Chanel by Cheekypossum 2015-05-23

A very very expensive yet beautiful air freshener.. Too clean and fresh, I just can't apply it on my skin.. Sorry guys..

Infusion d`Homme Prada by harlemmal 2015-05-23

Classic scent. I love it. Last a long time and performance is stellar. Especially for a clean scent. One of my favorite designer scents.

Champs Elysees Eau de Toilette Guerlain by Cheekypossum 2015-05-23

This one is pretty, has that cute effect on the person who wears it..

One spray behind your knee that's all you need, otherwise it's gonna suffocate people around you, and this one lasts all day!

It's not a bad perfume, I still have this in my drawer, in the back row..
Am a little too mature for this one.. ( reaching my 40)
Scent: 6/10, it's okay to blind buy this, it's everywhere and cheap too!

Thanks for reading! xx

Burberry Women Burberry by Fumequeen32 2015-05-23

Still have my bottle, wont get rid of it although not likely to wear it anytime soon. Lovely vanilla with a muskiness and almost a tobacco-ish punch to it. Smell it and youll know what i mean.

I used to wear this in the winter to work back in my 20s and my male coworkers loved it. They always said "Wow! Someone smells really good. That smell reminds me of something..." Wore it for a while until they decided what it reminded them of. They said "i know! It smells like alcohol! Like a bourbon or a whiskey drink!" Wasnt what i was going for :( i want to smell like a lady, not a nightcap. So I tucked the bottle away.

I must say, silage and longevity are great. Men seem to love this, and in my experience men also seem to like scents reminiscent of booze, lol. So if neither one of those bother you, you might wan to try this out. Definately a fall/winter scent. Also, I think its both masculine and sweet.

Guess Suede Guess by RoyalPerez516 2015-05-23

I know I'm going to catch a lot of heat for this but, one day while bored and wanting to mess around with scents I mixed this with my old school half empty bottle of D&G.


This fragrance alone - 6.5 / 10
fruity, I barely catch the suede probably until hours later after the dry-down. I mostly get pineapple and wood, not a bad fragrance at all on its own, different but not ground breaking.

Combined with Dolce and Gabanna -INCREDIBLE!!!!!


If you have this, and D&G, try it, you will thank me later.

PS: After mixing the two, my D&G bottle became empty in about a month's time, no lie!!! I would spritz one of this and about two of D&G.

INCREDIBLE! I just can't explain the explosion of absolute sexiness that transpires when combining these two - they morph into this deliciously sweet gourmand, soft and creamy , yet somehow still woodsy/musky. Absolute madness in the most delicious way possible!

I now have to pay twice as much but it's so worth it. I'm very glad i fooled around that day, very glad indeed :)


Prada Candy Prada by Fumequeen32 2015-05-23

So I almost bought this a few months back, I was pretty sure i was in love with it and thought it was my new signature scent. I had several samples from Sephora so enough to last a week or two. I agree with the reviews that it is simple yet sophisticated, definitely caramel and bezoin with a muskiness. Bottle is pretty darn cute and looks expensive (cause it is), think "Coca Cola eau de toilette."

First, to shell out that kind of dough on a perfume I want it to have good sillage and longevity. It's $114 for a 2.7oz perfume but it acts more like a toilette. For that price i expect the potency of a Dior fragrance :) Second, Usually the perfumes i pick out get a lot of compliments and i know it was a good choice. At first i loved it! Then after 2 weeks of no compliments (at least for me) i noticed it fades very quickly. Not much sillage and i am heavy handed with my sprays - at least my family tells me this.

I also don't like when perfumes remind me of certain things and this one started reminding me of Coca cola syrup when i smell the drydown. Its a rootbeer like smell on me. Also, i cant help noticing now that is kinda smells like my clothes after leaving a Chinese food restaurant. Does anyone else smell that similarity? Like I said, i want to love it but its not a winner on me, at least not for $114.

Encre Noire Lalique by Zeyad 2015-05-23

Basically it is vetiver and wood in a best way to put together IMO. I think you can imagine the scent without smelling it. No citrus no sweetness no floral.
One of a kind. great quality. good price. have all the factors to be in everyone's collection.

Alaïa Azzedine Alaia by malencar 2015-05-23

Very chic Bottle and advertisement well hopping for a fantastic fragrance ! Alaia...high expectations on it !

Fashionista Ellen Tracy by Carnation 2015-05-23

I get absolutely no citrus,no woods,nothing musky and certainly no spice.
So what did I get?
Elmer's glue,flat beer and sour watermelon rind.
I don't think I need to explain any further.
I apologize for the short review but this perfume doesn't merit any more time to be wasted on.
Enough said.

Wall Street Bond No 9 by mikemuscles21 2015-05-23

By the way Smellyman, You'd probably like to smell those bills after bein in my briefs. Lord knows theres a lot of folks into that sort of thing and you just might like it. And trust me, I keep it fresh just like this frag. And not like your sweaty old man balls wearing Jack Black, which actually got a lower rating than this one in the "likes" section. Jack Black is the smell of being flacid. But your right, I guess everyones entitled to their opinion. Its just that a higher percentage of folks like this one. Guess you have to be a senior citizen to appreciate JB. Have fun in Shadey Pines grandpa

Cherry Blossom Guerlain by lotus and jasmine 2015-05-23

CB opes with a nice light citrus note before sliding into a lemon and tea blend. Pretty, very, very light, but with nice, low intensity sillage. In general, this is nice, but not special. I didn't get any cherry, this was a pure two note citrus/tea blend.

If you are looking for an innocuous scent that will not offend anyone, this is it.

Histoire d`Eau Amethyste Mauboussin by courant 2015-05-23

Black grapes en masse at the fruiterers, black grapes with the bloom on them at a distance. Black grapes with the woody stem attached at the vineyard. It really is a transportation device to a vineyard. Winery air, piquant creamy cheese, then some soft florals at the dry down. A lovely day time fragrance for those of us who look at raisins and wonder how much wine they could have produced.
So bite me!

Black Afgano Nasomatto by mruhollah 2015-05-23

يك كار بسيار خاص و بسيار سنگين با رايحه اي اعجاب انگيز. يك بوي گسي داره .با ماندگاري بالا. از بو كردنش سير نميشيد . يك توضيح اين كه با اينكه بوي سنگيني داره ولي از اين بوهايي نيست كه باعث سر درد بشه

Encre Noire Lalique by ezequiel91 2015-05-23

What a complicated fragrance is this!! Not dark, not sinister. Just an overdose on Iso E super. To notes and the first hour is amazing, really coal smell with full vetiver. But then the drydown is the overdose of the hyper chemical smell of ISO E, wich means too much. It's kind of Terre, but overwhelming. Where Terre is a reasonable use of ISO, Encre is the no necessary excess. Easy on the trigger, then, and you'll get good results.

Baby Powder Demeter Fragrance by risarii 2015-05-23

I love the smell of baby powder, despite it being so hated for some ungodly reason. Baby powder is comforting and clean. Demeter's is very nice, especially. Comforting, fresh, clean, light, smells like a cherub's head.

Love's Baby Soft Dana by risarii 2015-05-23

The smell of baby dolls and My Little Ponies.
Very girly, powdery, and reminiscent of childhood. Pretty, comforting, soft. It doesn't go into baby diaper territory, thankfully. Good for a girl's first perfume or for a quick spritz of comfort.

Society Burberry by lotus and jasmine 2015-05-23

Review of vintage edp:

OSMANTHUS. Plummy, suedey osmanthus. I love this note- it is always much darker than I expect it tobe, and for me that alone makes this an evening scent. If you want to like leather, but find you can't wear it, try osmanthis- it's a very similar effect, without the harshness or tang you get with leather notes.

In the heart, I get mimosa and a light orchid note, warming BS and softening the scent.

The dry down is greener, with a touch of green hyacinth, bergamot, and incense added to the now soft osmanthus.

Over all, I find Society to be warm, a little dark, plummy, with light floral and citrus notes. Very elegant, with an almost voluptuous vibe, but restrained. Think of a full skirted dress with a cinched in waist- controlled, but very, very feminine, and you can't help noticing the shape of the body underneath. Not in an obvious way, but you are very aware of curves ;)

This smells very similar to the original. Not as "heavy" as the original it would be nice if you prefer a more subtle version. Very HTF nowadays BTW. The notes here are wrong as it is not a spicy scent. It's full of yuzu and florals and other notes from the original but toned down.

Paris Hilton Paris Hilton by KellyKel 2015-05-23

Wow. Not aquatic at all. Nor do I spell the green apple. Instead I smell Raspberry and hairspray. It was better when it first came out. Now, I think they have cheapened the ingredients because as I said, now I smell a hairspray smell. The raspberry and hairspray smell battle each other.

Oud Bakhakh Syed Junaid Alam by the concentric eccentric 2015-05-23

My first straight up oud and initially I was a bit freaked out.
All I read about in many ours were all there, the pungent deep medicinal notes, the dank stank of band-aids….all in all, not very pleasant at all.
Not super easy for most western noses for sure, however, thanks to the previous reviews, I understand just how to wear this.
I too own Syed Junaid's Rasikh (not the Oud Rasikh) which to me smells like a bit of a sweeter version of TF Tuscan Leather.
The Rasikh on it's own was a little too sweet to my liking, but adding VERY light sprays of the Oud Bakhakh on the neck and wrist as a base, then light sprays with the Rasikh may seem to be a bit intense at first, but dries down to something utterly sublime. I often find myself sniffing my arm continually to take in the progression…which very light sprays of both lasted well over an entire day and en route home, there were still traces of this wonderful concoction lingering.
The Oud adds just enough of that stank to offset to sweetness which to my nose makes a very complex and intriguing scent.
I've received many compliments using this combo and may experiment with some other variations….perhaps under some Gucci Pour Homme.

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior by Yasa 2015-05-23

I don't know what makes people go crazy about this perfume because all I can see is an outdated and almost unrecognizable fragrance. I normally don't like pure vanilla scents, so this one is obviously no exception. Plus, the notes are extremely odd; jasmine, almond and coconut don't seem to form a good combination for me. When I smell this, all I can think of is an old sanctuary. After all, the title "Hypnotic Poison" seems a little bit of an exaggeration because the scent doesn't live up to it.

Philosykos Diptyque by risarii 2015-05-23

The best fig fragrance, bar none.
Green, fresh, creamy, leafy, fruity... Philosykos has all aspects of the fig. It's unique and addicting. I can't stop sniffing my wrist and crave some delicious figs. It's perfect for summer and indeed unisex. On me, it's a tad sweeter and creamier whereas on a man it's greener and muskier. A great fragrance to share with your significant other as I believe it's universal. I can't imagine it smelling bad on anyone (if you like figs.)

Longevity is quite nice and the uniqueness and naturalness of Philosykos makes it worth it's price tag. It makes me want to be in Greece (even more than I already do at any other given time.)

Heiress Paris Hilton by chio17 2015-05-23

Smells sweet, floral and musky...I love it so much!

Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant Kenzo by LisaLovesPerfume 2015-05-23

Very spicy, but very lovely. I was surprised at the opening...not overwhelming...but very prevelant. I abstolutlely love it. This will be one of my winter/fall fragrances

Cuba Royal Cuba Paris by the_badger 2015-05-23

Ok guys, I caved. I really did not want to buy a cologne or perfume that was similar or even somehow resembled 1 Million. I have been avoiding it for as long as I could in my relatively short fragrance journey. I know it smells good, but I just didn't want to smell like the 1000 and more rapper douchebags that wears it. But stumbled upon this one today in the perfume store, and just casually asked the lady how much it cost and was surprised when she told me. This must be the best fragrance one can get for that money! Next I'm going to get Prestige and Gold.

Une Rose Frederic Malle by alvin.tan.wx 2015-05-23

A rose solifore. This is not a sweet rose, this is a very, very photorealistic rose. On my skin, this opens with a blast of rose, rose, and more rose that is rich and opulent, yet slightly tart and fresh. As the fragrance progresses, I get a hint of that "truffle accord" which gives this fragrance depth. It certainly smells earthy and vegetal.

As far as roses go, this is an extremely high quality rose. Une Rose is a statement on rose and wearing it reminds you again that rose is indeed the queen of flowers.

I'm hesistant to suggest occasions to wear this because it does not feel like you're wearing a perfume. It feels like rubbing rose essential oil all over your skin mixed with a little bit of wine + truffle oil! A strange experience but a very delightful one. The fragrance will project and the longevity is amazing. At 25% perfume oil, this would really be classified as a parfum by most brands.

If you love rose, this is really worth seeking out. If not, you may not really enjoy this fragrance because it is rose magnified. Alternative include Sa Majeste La Rose (Serge Lutens), more dusty and musty, and Red Roses (Jo Malone), fresher, more transparent.

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by KellyKel 2015-05-23

After reading the reviews here I decided to purchase it as I had seen it at TJ Maxx and Ross. The first spray was sweet, citrus, and tobacco. Pleasant dry down, with tobacco, brown sugar, and citrus. I don't dislike it, but this one will have to grow on me.

Fleur de Figuier Roger & Gallet by 42gr 2015-05-23

(I'm) getting jaded in the search for the holy grail.

When I sampled this at Andre's on Geary in SF it was 'wow !'

His reaction was, 'nice when a person connects with a scent'.

It is difficult to do a decent fruit fragrance.
So it's refreshing when you get something so crisp and fresh.

Hyper realistic Figs.
Touch of grapefruit
Summer Scent
A linear scent (doesn't change over time) which is good,

Suitable for male


Costume National Homme CoSTUME NATIONAL by PeymanAhi 2015-05-23

سلام دوستان هموطنم. ممكنه كمكم كنيد و بفرماييد كارهاى كستوم نشنال بالاخص اين كار رو از كجا بايد تهيه كنم؟ ممنون ميشم كمكم كنيد.

Gentlemen Only Givenchy by the_badger 2015-05-23

The drydown reminds me of Bleu de Chanel. Not bad, very versatile, I like it but it is redundant since I already own Bleu.

Ice Station Pineapple Smell Bent by starvega 2015-05-23

This is definitely more pine than pineapple, but both notes are very noticeable. The initial spray is hugely pineapple-heavy but this dies down within a few minutes, leaving strong, fresh pine needles behind. It's probably the first pine-heavy fragrance I've found that I would consider wearing - it's such a lovely blend. Great job smell bent!

Alien Thierry Mugler by oudorchid84 2015-05-23

Can a guy/man pull this off? Thanks for any advice, be honest

Fresh Cream Philosophy by sassa7 2015-05-23

straight up EAS vanilla protein shake. yeap. I know this smell VERY well lol

refreshing fruity floral BUT ends up smelling like a candle or like Forever Red. The same issue with B&BW perfumes, they all smell like vanilla scented candles, not a perfume kind of scent but something Id spray my room, office or car(only sweet pea, beautiful day and mad about you smell truly unique to me and escape the typical sugary sweet B&BW base).

I think this is my favorite from the DEV series. It is such a resinous, warm, woody fragrance. So comforting and calming to smell it. My husband loved it.

As the different notes intermingled and warmed up further on my skin, I was reminded of copal. While there is no copal listed as a note in this creation, it evokes the memory of copal to me. I thought of indigenous markets in Oaxaca, Mexico. It brought to mind the sound of the Mesoamerican conch horn blasting during the Day of the Dead dances on November 1st and 2nd. The sound of the conchero dancer ankle rattles and the wafts of copal in the air.

It put me in a meditative and calm mood. It also made me a little sad at how the large institutional religions have caused such bloodshed by labeling others who don't subscribe to their worldview as Devils.

I will definitely start exploring copal notes in perfumes now.

L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake by OliviaAlice 2015-05-23

I don't know how I feel about this fragrance, if I'm being honest. I got it as a gift (I mentioned it in passing on a wishlist and my incredibly sweet beau remembered it while travelling) near Christmas, so I haven't tried it in any sort of warm, sticky humidity, which from the strong melon, I assume it's better suited for.

Upon a fresh spray, seconds later, I smell something I can only equate to ketchup. Tomato-y, almost sweet vinegar, backed by a strange unripened peach bitter smell.

Once this fades, say like a minute or two later, it comes into a Very floral scent, lillies and other white florals mainly. Pretty, a bit one noted, almost a little bit like bubblegum?

A few minutes after that I'd say it moves into it's sort of stable scent on my skin of a very strong honeydew melon note, with a sporty freshness behind it, but the floral/ketchup/bubblegum notes still linger in the back for me.

I'm honestly shocked melon isn't listed as the main note in this because I find it so strong and obvious. As someone who's sort of grown out of feminine floral sweet scents, and who enjoys unisex/green/woody scents more, I can't say I adore this perfume. The ketchup notes throw me off a lot, I feel like I smell like a heinz factory for awhile. I wouldn't repurchase this as of right now, I'm looking forward to trying it on a hot sticky day though.

I usually prefer unique niche scents that feel warm and natural on my skin, like a sexier version of my own scent. This is a cold, watery fresh perfume which is the opposite of my usual taste.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by Fragrance Lover 30 2015-05-23

This was not even on my radar to try, or to seek out, but I popped in to Marshall's tonight to see what was new, and I could not believe some of they things they had in stock!

My eyes are scanning each of the tiered perfume shelves, and what do I see? YOUTH DEW!! One, single, box of Youth Dew for $25. What the heck?

Since it did not have the plastic on it anymore, I was able to open the box and smell it. How exciting for a little perfumista like myself! Lots of cloves and spice, very deep. I was not totally turned off b/c I had been prepared by what I have read on here lol. I chose not to spray it on myself out of respect for other shoppers.

The moral of this story is two fold:

1- Marshall's never fails to suprise me (pleasantly!) with there random selection of perfumes,
2- I owe my suprise and excitment about this fragrance to the fine folks here at Fragrantica. I had never heard of it or new anyone who wore it, but I've read page after page on here about it's importance and depth, and for that, it gave me a genuine smile.

(They also had a single box of White Linen. Random right?) I don't think I will buy it, but the discovery was exciting all the same.

May your perfume journey continue to be a fun one!

L'Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent by vijayvenkat 2015-05-23

Some people are saying it reminds them of Fahrenheit. The violet leaf is very noticeable in both the fragrances. While this is not dark like Fahrenheit, in my mind, it is a totally different fragrance. This reminds me of Jaguar performance except that the introduction is cypress instead of pink pepper. If you need the same vibe, get the jaguar, it also has mint that makes it excellent for sumer.

Eternity Moment Calvin Klein by vanillabean23 2015-05-23

I'm wearing Eternity Moment on my left wrist and Eternity on my right wrist. I see where CK was going with this one. This is a much more delicate scent compared to its mother scent, Eternity. Comparing the two together, I like both for very different reasons.

This is a spring/early summer fragrance that is very fresh, slightly woody and is reminiscent of blush coloured flowers (the peonies etc). A spring wedding fragrance that has echoes of the original classic, but not as big in personality, this will last the whole day and not be offensive or overpowering. It has presence, but it is respectful and inoffensive. I'd wear this to a high tea on weekend for sure!

Interesting bottle. It isn't as solid as the original eternity bottle. EM's bottle is taller and has a transparent lid. I think the marketing people are getting at the fact that yes, it is a 'moment' hence the transparent lid (as opposed to the 2 in 1 silver lid sprayer or the original bottle). The bottle is reminiscent of a Moment of the original Eternity as opposed to the boldness of the enduring, classic, Eternity. Maybe I'm being too philosophical here?!

Hellstone Lush by vanillabean23 2015-05-23

I love the way Lush market their scents! Little bottles a la ye olde timey droppers reminiscent of traveling salesmen peddling mysterious substances in the 1800's.

Hellstone has an acrid, harsh, sharp opening and settles down into something a little more palatable. Actually, when it settles it is warm, spicy and comforting. Definitely deserving of its name ('what the hell is this stuff!!??", you could almost think it was a little 'blugh' upon first sniff. Stay with it - the end result is not disappointing! This is definitely something for autumn and winter. In fact, it does remind me of smoky, glowing embers!

I recommend this because its a Lush fragrance and I love the fact that you can buy something niche for a fantastic price! If you want something different, trying and get your cloven feet/heels/hands on this.

Xeryus Rouge Givenchy by vonMises 2015-05-23

I keep coming back to this one, each time finding it even more ingenious. Really enthralling, which is not a word which comes to mind when I smell most fragrances. Somehow this must be a groundbreaking fragrance, from which a new subgenre of fragrances emerged. To my nose, a perfect success.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by ginawadsworth 2015-05-23

On a recent trip overseas, I chose to take my purse spray of this to remind me of my husband who had chosen this for me, but could not accompany me.

I loved using it not only for the above purpose but because in a strange house I could spray it on my pillow and get a good night's sleep. Silly me forgot to do this in the hotel for my last night and failed to sleep. Now home with my dearest man at last.

Style in Play Lacoste by x_perfumecrazy_x 2015-05-23

Loveee this on a guy its sexy sweet and fresh but in a masculine way. Lovely! :)

I list it under the same category of perfumes such as Eclat D'Arpege (which I die for and both contain green tea in the notes). These types of perfumes are my favorite. Its a bit sour at first and then it gets sweeter. It brings images of hot middle eastern nights with a shining moon. Very unique and mysterious scent. Much much better than the original which is abit bitter and obnoxious to me.

Eternity Calvin Klein by vanillabean23 2015-05-23

God, I had to laugh at some of the reviews listed here because I used to loathe Eternity! In 1988 I was 16 when this fragrance was released - I remember the marketing campaigns. Remember when a perfume was released it was a BIG deal?! When a designer/perfume house had created something new, you'd see ads, bill boards, magazines would be absolutely drenched with the new scent and these days you may see a fleeting TV ad and it's gone. I miss those times because when a fragrance was released you remembered it. It was a slice of history. Anyway, enough of my ramblings.

I worked with a lovely lady in 1997 and her signature scent was Eternity. I found it to be a strong, distinctive scent that lasted for (how can I put this without being pun ridden?) an eternity! I found it a bit cold, sharp and clinical for my tastes and would even go so far as to say that I'd never wear it because I couldn't appreciate the notes, so Eternity was added to my 'golden oldies that serve a purpose for some but not for me' list.

It wasn't until I'd seen a TV ad for Eternity's 25th anniversary that it sparked something. Keeping in mind that at this time I had become a fragrance fanatic who has a few in her collection - that I had to try the original classic again to confirm earlier thoughts. Oh how wrong I was! In today's golden age of sickly sweet fragrances I found the sharp, clinical, green and cold vibe of Eternity to be a refreshing slap in the face amidst this sweet spell! I bought a 100ml bottle and don't regret it.

I recommend this peppery, carnation, lily drenched beast to folks who want to wear something fresh, stylish, timeless and wants to leave a distinguished silage trail. There's a reason Eternity has stayed on the market for a quarter of a century and that's because it is immediately recognisable and beautiful. It's one of those rare, green 80's gems that has removed its shoulder pads and moved with the times.

Vaniglia Mazzolari by butterbean 2015-05-23

This scent is a dense vanilla with light hints of caramel. It literally goes on thick too- you can feel it on the skin, almost sticky oily.

It starts off very sweet vanilla and as it wears, while vanilla dominates the scent, the hints of caramel come through. It is definitely yummy.

The caramel notes in it are NOT overpowering...they are not salty or buttery, but they are there lightly.

It is like a thick sweet vanilla batter being blended and someone down the hall is making caramels and just the lightest scent wafts into the room with it.

Overall - a very nice thick sweet gourmand vanilla scent. It doesn't change too much either. It almost reminds me of Tihota. The longevity is incredible too - like 12 + hours easy.

Bohemian Spice April Aromatics by sweetnspicey 2015-05-23

Calling All Angels is my true love from this house's lineup. This is like a less sweet version--Calling All Angels minus the honey. I don't think I detect any spice in this perfume, so I am not sure I understand the name (I see another entry in the database for a version that has clove in it. My sample certainly does not contain clove, one of my favorite notes, so I think this must be the version I have). It is a simple, comforting, warm, and casual blend of woods, patchouli, vanilla, and incense. Great for mellow days and just hanging out. Not a lot to say after that, but I think the main thing to take away is that it is very nice and easy to enjoy.

I really wanted to like this fragrance as I love most of the YSL range, and I like the colour of the liquid in the bottle (stupid reason to want to like a fragrance I know haha)

It's not terrible, but if we're being completely honest. Without the name on the bottle I believe this would struggle to sell for 1/2 the price. Reason being, it's basically a weaker version of the diesel fuel for life spirit

I'm always confused when these designers release 'intense' versions of fragrances that are weaker than the entire range, surely they test these things, surely they can smell what we're smelling and must realise we're not going to be pleased when it turns out to not only not be intense but not smell anything like the original

Why not just give fragrances with completely different smells different names? Don't want to design a new bottle?

Mukhlat Abiyad Afnan Perfumes by ecscentrix 2015-05-23

Very superior product with equally good lasting & sillage .
Full value for money product.

Shocking Schiaparelli by Walking Unicorn 2015-05-23

What are you supposed to expect with a name like "Shocking"? I smell civet, honey, ylang-ylang, jasmine, aldehydes and cloves. To me its just not that shocking of a scent for a vintage perfume of its era. But wait....half an hour later this got interesting because it became smokey in a dark and sexy way and I now smell aldehydes, tarragon, patchouli, sandalwood, and civet, with honey and yang-ylang in the background. Was that the shocker? Wow, very sophisticated and sexy.

L'eau d'Issey Eau de Parfum Issey Miyake by ruthann60f 2015-05-23

Beautiful sent, top notes are light fresh floral, middle notes are of lotus, then the dry down lingers on the skin and I can still smell the lotus. It lingers on the skin for at least 6 hours with the body cream much longer. I'm a fan of this one.

Wall Street Bond No 9 by future1911 2015-05-23

I love it. If anybody want to sell their bottle let me know

Pink Dreams Al-Rehab by x_perfumecrazy_x 2015-05-23

Where can i get this???

White Sandalwood Nest by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

I tried it on because I have a sample. I don't like it on me, and I had to wash it off. Gave it to my husband to see if he likes it better. It's veeeery almond.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Dort0625 2015-05-23

I was out perfume hunting yesterday and this one caught my eye, mostly because of the hype surrounding this fragrance, and because of that I had wanted to try it for quite some time now. Well, I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this but this has to be one of the most rank stank nasty mess of a perfume. I will be the first to admit that I'm not into vanilla type scents, nor patchouli! I wanted to see what the hype was about, hoping to leave there with this " ahhhh now I understand why everyone loves it" feeling, but what I felt was relief to not have to smell it anymore. Maybe my chemistry doesn't mingle well with this fragrance.....I tried it on my skin AnD my scarf and sadly all it was for me was an overbearing, over powering powdery patchouli mess. It honestly reminded of a cheap Avon perfume from the late 80s to early 90s! Sorry ladies but this is a huge miss for me!

L'Eau D'Issey Absolue Issey Miyake by ruthann60f 2015-05-23

I like this sent, to me, it smells like an a cream sickle. It bring back memories of summers past.

Poison Christian Dior by D Men 2015-05-23

I would like Dior to make men's version of Poison, Poison pour Homme. Wait, and J'adore Homme too! :)
On the other hand, Dior can also create women's perfumes based on their men's offerings, like Dior Homme pour Femme, Dior Femme Fahrenheit.

Dahlia & Vines Nest by ruthann60f 2015-05-23

This is one of my favorite perfumes. I have it in a purse spray a splash. I absolutely love. For those who like a sweet floral without a strong musk or patchouli note I would suggest this sent.

White Narcisse Nest by ruthann60f 2015-05-23

I love this sent it's fresh and light. The dry down tho smells more like I took the flower and rubbed it on my skin. It's not unpleasant but I wasn't going for the dead plant aroma.

Dalal Al-Rehab by ecscentrix 2015-05-23

Very informative reviews, most of them!
Thanks! Fragranticans!

Dreams by Tabu Dana by shellapoo 2015-05-23

I ordered this perfume after reading the reviews here, and I'm so glad I did! I would describe this as a very soft, fresh, absolutely beautiful, subtle floral scent with the tiniest hint of green. My nose mostly picks up the flower notes, and although I can't identify the flowers individually, as a group they are oh so lovely. I don't pick up any of the fruits or base notes listed. Other than the florals, I only pick up a slight hint of green and also a little warm sandalwood. Sadly, this is really a skin scent for me. I sprayed some on quite liberally a couple of hours ago and my husband who is sitting 2-3 feet from me never smelled a thing. Also, it really doesn't last long on my skin at all. (Sadness!) So, to enjoy this fragrance as much as possible, I keep the bottle handy for frequent reapplication. I just ordered another bottle because I must admit I'm already an addict! This would be a perfect perfume for a lazy day spent in sweats at home, for a casual outing with friends, would be appropriate for running errands or going to appointments, and is definitely non-offensive enough to be worn even in a very small, confined office environment. This is definitely a keeper!

Connect Jivago by SadieBluesLady 2015-05-23

NOTE TO SELF: hold your breath when you first spray it on or you will sneeze at least 3 times . . .
Once that initial blast is over, and it lasts less than a couple of minutes, I get lovely sweetness and LOTS of clove! On my skin this is a very spicy scent from almost the start. But the balance of sweet and spice is good, neither overwhelms the other. So far I haven't gotten any "green".

This fragrance gave me an appreciation for labdanum. A very complex note. Just focused on interpreting labdanum and trying to grasp it.

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by Aquaura 2015-05-23


Fracas Robert Piguet by Dufteren 2015-05-23

I have a great weekness for Her Majesty Queen Tuberose, and I am trying to get acquainted with the different shades of scent that she presents her self in. And today I am wearing, Fracas.

I adore truth or date by Madonna, and the similarity between them is obvious, it it so present that I don't understand how someone can love one , but not the other. Yes Fracas is the by far the superiour scent, it is deeper, darker, and stronger , but for me they are still sisters, and both worth having.

For me Fracas is as beautiful as a perfume can ever become, it is pure perfection. It literally screams "I am a beautiful woman, and I am not afraid to show it".
Wearing Fracas I am transformed into Anita Ekberg, bathing in Fontana di Trevi, I really don't care what my mirror is trying to tell me.

"Marcello come here !!!!......... "

Ps. If you want to seduce Marcello, don't overspray you will end up killing him instead.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by D Men 2015-05-23

TM should make A"Men Enrty Level, since the original is very much a challenging fragrance and many potential buyers skip it because of it's boldness. It should be lighter and easier to use and appreciate from the first sniff, but still a definite gourmand. In terms of a smell I think about Very Irresistible by Givenchy or V pour Homme by Valentino.

Fleur Defendue Lolita Lempicka by margarita.angelova 2015-05-23

This is a lighter and more floral version of the original. And is just as lovely. I think this one here is more suitable for hot summer days.

It's debatable if it's worth owning both versions at the same time as they are 90% identical but the beautiful bottle might be a good reason to consider adding it to my collection.

Glad to get my hands on this.. Grabbed the matching lotion as they were both 50% off and I was told it WAS being discontinued :-( Why do they always get rid of the good ones??

...sooo do I go back and get another?? lol

DKNY My NY Donna Karan by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Pleasant, safe berry perfume.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by moonprismpower 2015-05-23

this is so memorably bad that it warranted a repeat testing. I'll try not to be as mean about it this time.
i can't get over the "shitty weed" note i smell so pungently (i guess this is the "tar" note people talk about) and clearly in this. it really smells like some old dry brown cheap pot, or like someone forgot to take the seeds out before smoking. combined with the thickness, strength, and cloying sweetness of this, it becomes disgusting and honestly, nauseating.
i suppose i can see why it would appeal to a young man who didn't know any better but this is the complete opposite of sexy or inviting to me. i need a freaking gas mask.
well. at least it's DIFFERENT, even if it's not my cup of tea and it's been overused for 20 years. just BE CAREFUL with this or you will crop dust everyone within a 10 block radius.

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by canadianpetite 2015-05-23

Boozy with rum and extremely sweet with honey. A bit of vanilla too. Youthful and casual over the more glam and sultry TF Black Orchid. I have both but I prefer Black Orchid. In the drydown, I dislike Velvet Orchid for its coca cola soda note on my skin. Like other TF, this lasts long and has big sillage so spray lightly when in small quarters or around scent sensitive people.

One spray on me:
Sillage - two to three feet with trail
Longevity - 5 hours then skin scent for next three
Rating - 2/5

Neroli Eau de Parfum L`Occitane en Provence by BlackAmberMoon 2015-05-23

The original Neroli was one of the most incredible fragrances I've EVER, intoxicating, and lasted forever! I wish they'd bring it back.

Bliss Bliss by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Smells like Vix mixed with Mentos. It'll wake you up, that's for sure. I'm a bit confused that mint and eucalyptus aren't listed. That's all I'm getting.

Whiskey Commodity by mse-21 2015-05-23

I tried it on my skin. I get a warm and pleasant combination of Woody-Ambery notes with Oak.

I think of this as a watered down Chambre Noire plus a little bit of Oak. This one is more masculine and less complex. To be honest, I like the smell a lot.

It hardly lasts for 2 hours. Overall: 5 out of 10.

Marni Marni by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Unisex scent. Smells strongly of incense and patchouli. I'd rather have this as a candle.

Gin Commodity by mse-21 2015-05-23

I smelled it in paper and tried it on my skin as well. I get a generic musky leathery scent with sharp green edges. It's pretty familiar to my nose while I can't point to a certain perfume.

I enjoyed having it on my skin to be honest but it only lasted for 2-3 hours. A big disappointment. Overall: 4 out of 10.

Coach Poppy Coach by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Very nice. A bit sweet for my taste, but done very well.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by koskhandeh 2015-05-23

Good scent, rediculously short longevity and low silage... Stepped out of the shop and was searching all over my arm with my nose, but couldn't find the point I sprayed it :)

Flower by Kenzo Kenzo by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

This smells like a wimp. If sad trombones had a scent, this would be it.

The Iceberg Fragrance for Men Iceberg by motelirrelevant 2015-05-23

Taking the suggestions of other users here and finding the price to be too good to pass up, I tried Iceberg and was not disappointed. The initial cedar overtones are compelling enough and I swear I'm not making this up within minutes of wearing this out in public I was told "you smell really good" by a total stranger. Great spring scent, and for under $30 for a 100ml bottle with shipping from most retailers this fragrance is worth investigating whether you were a fan of the nose Antoine Maisondieu scents as I was take notice and buy this scent, you shan't be disappointed...

Wishes & Dreams Bebe by Fumequeen32 2015-05-23

Picked this one up at Ross for $11.99 plus tax. First, bottle is really cool! Almost made the perfume worth keeping. Very heavy top made of real metal (not cheap plastic). Ok, I got a bit of an old lady vibe off the perfume. Very powdery, very mature scent. I did not smell pears or any fruitiness. To me, a very generic perfume smell. That said, I am pretty young and lean towards gourmands, etc. This smells very old school so if you are into classic perfumes like Estée Lauder or Chanel you might like this. Also must not that none of the bebe fragrances smell cheap or look cheap for that matter.

BLV Bvlgari by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Not what I was expecting. It just smells of sandalwood and musk to me. A nice unisex scent.

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by apixiefan 2015-05-23

I am, MAN....hear me numbers too big to ignore!, LOL

yea, Ive owned this for awhile now. And when Im in the mood to make a statement, I wear this shit, and I wear it proudly. I REALLY dig it. People, will ask you what you're wearing, so if you're not ready for that happening, all day or night, I dont think you should bother with this.

it smells expensive. I know thats an overused tag on certain fragances, but it applies perfectly to this one. And to me, "expensive smelling", usually means its very well made.

starts out, hot..with a balmy/boozy, vetiver...that phase will last awhile, according to your environment. If its warm or hot, it'll stick around. If its cold, you wont notice it, as long. In warmer weather, this scent REALLY shows its just smart to apply carefully.

the base notes is where it hooks you. There's candy, patchouli, amber and a creaminess that makes Dragon border on being gourmand.

this is a masterpiece, and I dont throw that word around much..very unisex in my book. I havent used much of it. But thats a compliment, not a knock. I suggest the EDP, but Ive heard the EDT has more range and projection with the vetiver, which probably makes the EDT smell more herbal. Which is fine, if thats your thing.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by D Men 2015-05-23

YSL should try to make Kouros EdP, more minimalistic, modern with hihger quality ingredients. Still very much masculine and rugged. In a round white/transparent glass bottle (think of Fahrenheit 32) this perfume wound be an instant hit!

Bebe Nouveau Chic Bebe by Fumequeen32 2015-05-23

I snatched this puppy up after purchasing bebe Nouvou a few days ago. First, I agree with reviews claiming it smells like Light Blue. When I first sprayed it, have to admit it smelled almost identical to what I remember DG LB smells like. I purchased the 1.7 at Ross for $12.99 (big spender - I know). Have worn it for a few hours and it has settled down quite a bit. Base notes still smell like LB but I also have to say I do smell a similarity to Bebe Nouvou - just not as sweet. Call me crazy, but I think Nouvou smells more femme and this has a unisex vibe to it. I typically prefer what is considered very girly yet sophisticated fragrances. I do like this one though and do prefer it to DGLB actually. Smells less lemony on my skin. I would call it a clean or sporty scent. If you like DGLB, try this it's way cheaper.

Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Givenchy by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

I like it, but citrus and tea is just not my scent. It's a little too wholesome for me. Ange ou Demon? No question. This is all ange, no demon.

Very Hollywood Michael Kors by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

This smells like freezer-burned berries. Always store your produce properly, people.

Candy Fluff Lush by x_perfumecrazy_x 2015-05-23

Where can i buy this??

Bebe Nouveau Bebe by Fumequeen32 2015-05-23

Ok, I read the reviews and picked a 1 oz. up at TJ Maxx for $9.99 plus tax. This was a blind buy for me but I was curious because the box looked pretty cool and kinda ritzy. I sprayed it once then returned it because I didn't love it. Then a day later went back and picked it up for keeps. First, I don't get a masculine vibe off it at all. It's very bright, kinda sharp/sweet floral notes (I'm new at this) definitely a pretty strong floral to my nose. I find it to be a very uplifting perfume and would put it in the same category as yellow diamond or Marc Jacobs daisy. I have worn this for several days and even got a compliment from a female coworker who said "I love that and I'm really picky, I don't like a lot of fragrances." She actually asked the name if it and asked where I got it. The bottle is beautiful with an Art Deco vibe and perfect size to tuck in my purse. Definitely looks and smells way more expensive than the $9 I paid for it. Sillage is prob 3-4ft (I spray a lot on). Longevity is great. Wore it to a wedding last night and it was going strong after 4-5 hrs. Finally, I do not think this one smells like Viva. I think this one smells floral and modern, I don't think it's linear - but it's definitely unique. I don't think it smells "sexy" per se, but it does smell beautiful, bright and feminine . For $9.99, it's a great deal and smells far more expensive.

Princess Vera Wang by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Princess indeed. This is an overwhelmingly sweet perfume. Nothing really to dislike here, but like the office birthday cake, there's nothing terribly interesting in it for me to like, either. Would be worn by Amy Poehler's character from Mean Girls: "I'm not like a regular mom. I'm a FUN mom!"

Coco Noir Chanel by gardeniapetunia 2015-05-23

The hype and buzz drew me in, how I want to love this!
To me, however, it is mundane, and doesn't last long at all. I want to love this, yet I get bug spray and no magnificent drydown.

Ultimately, I much, much prefer the original Coco, which, btw, is equally as new to me.

I got to try both about the same time, over and over, in order to make an accurate assessment, and the mother won.

Florabotanica Balenciaga by gardeniapetunia 2015-05-23

This has become my go to perfume for summer; it's not complictated or in any way difficult, yet it lasts and projects without being syrupy nor is it commonplace.

I always enjoy the smell.

I Love New York Earth Day Bond No 9 by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

This is a remarkably green tuberose. Very clean and happy. This has to be one of the ugliest bottles and dumbest names in all of perfumery, so I would never pay for the full size, but I like my small sample size.

Amazing Grace Philosophy by aura_therapy 2015-05-23

I tried this at Sephora today. It smelled clean but in a I just cleaned my bathroom kind of way. It smells like a cleaning supply to me. I didn't smell flowers, just cleanliness. This is hard to describe. It didn't smell like perfume to me.

Fille en Aiguilles Serge Lutens by guerlainfreak 2015-05-23

I can understand the relation some reviewers make to the smell of Christmas for Fille en Aiguilles. However, this is NOT a poutpurri smell.
This is a wonderful combo of pine with incense. At first, the dried fruits give you an slightly annoying sweet smell but then they blend into a smell that's wonderful.
This is Yatagan for the 21 century. If Yatagan was the aggressive, merciless swordman of the 20th, Fille is the same swordman finding his inner balance through meditation in a quiet, austere church in the middle of nowhere. I do not know why this juice reminded me of the great samurai films of Kurosawa.
To me, this is a wonderful spiritual scent. Something to bring you into balance in your times of turmoil.
Smell great, my friends.

At The Beach 1966 CB I Hate Perfume by WitchyD 2015-05-23

Perfectly Realized!
I recently purchased a small trial of At the Beach 1966 based on the reviews I read on here and other places. I LOVE IT! Personally, it takes me back to a lost and more innocent time in the early 1970's and long summer days at the swimming pool and the beach. If I close my eyes, I can almost hear the song "Wildfire" playing over the loudspeakers... Ah! The memories this scent invokes.

My husband only thought it smelled like flowers though.

Omnia Crystalline Eau de Parfum Bvlgari by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Gentle, spicy, citrus scent. Very warm and inviting. I think Rose from the Golden Girls would wear this. The scent of a beautiful, kind, mature, feminine woman.

Linda O Boticario by helenfernanda 2015-05-23


Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by zind 2015-05-23

This is quite a lovely perfume. But I unfortunately find it a bit sickening, and scents that are heavy on sandalwood tends to do that to me.

I had to try this and casmir on for similarities and yes, they are definitely there! They both have a "fizzy fruity champagne" sorta vibe, especially the opening. Casmir is little bit more grown up imo, not as heavy on the sandalwood and it is a warmer scent. Hanae mori is more fruity, lots of wonderful strawberry. They are both very nice and I am sure I would LOVE HM if I only liked sandalwood

Guerlain Chant d'Aromes Guerlain by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Baby powder.

La Panthere Legere Cartier by sail0rmars 2015-05-23

Great opening, with fresh notes of fruit and gardenia! The drydown was not that good, even masculine because of patchouli and leather. Gardenia disappeared at all in the end, and I wanted it to stay. I regret buying it. It doesn't suit me at all. If someone is interested for a swap, pm me..

Vanille Exquise Annick Goutal by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Smells like an herbal vanilla concoction. Like something the evil sorceress from a Disney movie would give you to enchant your beloved. It's definitely interesting, but I don't know where I would wear it.

Joop! Homme Joop! by RoyalPerez516 2015-05-23

I used to love this...back in my highschool, not so much.

I like it, not saying I don't, it's just a bit too overwhelming? Now that I'm older, I don't really want something so "in your face" if you catch my drift?

Anyways. The only way i can describe Joop is a strong, almost bublegum like scent. If anyone has ever tried bubble yum, you've smelled joop! heck, it's even got the same color bottle as bubbleyum's wrapper! ha!

again, not saying it stinks as it certainly does not. What I am saying however is that it's too strong and too young for my taste.

Scent - 6.5/10 (smells great, just way too overpowering for me)
Sillage - 10/10 perhaps even a 12/10
Longevity - 10/10


With Love Hilary Duff by poemefreak 2015-05-23

i bought a sample of this and love love love it, i have had it on since 2pm and 8 hours later its still there, skin scent only obviously now but is still there. It smells warm and cozy to me and i will be trying to buy a FB

Flora by Gucci Gucci by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

This smells exactly like what I picture Elizabeth Taylor wearing in the original Father of the Bride with Spencer Tracy. Wonderful.

Harajuku Lovers G Harajuku Lovers by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Wet juicy fruity floral.

Bright Crystal Versace by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Summery, fun and elegant.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by DiaAnna 2015-05-23

I don't go in perfume shops because I hate people in crowds so I have no chance to test this before buying it , I blindbuy usually over internet for everything except food .. So I would like to know if this one is similar to clinic aromatics scent or something from that category for let's say more mature women , can anyone tell me pretty please because I don't wanna regret this purchase . If it's not , then this will be mine very soon . I have nobody to ask about this particular fragrance .

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by lotus and jasmine 2015-05-23

For me, Un Jardin sur le Nil opens with a wonderful grapefruit note, just lovely. The heart is white musk, strong, crisp, clean- much nicer than most musk notes, but still strong white musk. The dry down is lemon and white musk.

It's nice enough, but not at all what I was expecting, given the pyramid above and the other reviews here. Definitely unisex, and possibly more comfortable for men than for women- I associate strong white musk with masculinity/men's scents.

TEST before buying! This one seems to only show it's facets to a select few.

The Vert Roger & Gallet by XLsizeNoodle 2015-05-23

It smells like green tea, it just does. If you like that smell then it's for you, if not, it's not for you. It's as simple as that.

It's very nice to smell that on a woman on a hot summer's day yet it's not too light, it smells kind of dark (like tea basically).

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Light and fresh and sparkly. I would wear this for a day at the beach.

Nina (1987) Nina Ricci by Elizete Araujo Moura 2015-05-23

Vetiver ; Ylang Ylang and almiscar notes... try remember me in night go to the place prefer the theater with a men charmous!!!

Don't be fooled by the negative reviews, this is a man's fragrance, not a boy's cologne.

People are complaining about the projection of this, but fragrance should not project in the whole room. It's something intimate that's either for yourself or for someone which would be close to you.

It's very dark and it really fascinates, it makes people come close to you to smell you, it doesn't shout. If it were a person, it would be the kind of person who's quiet but the more you get to know them, the more you want to know, imagine a guy dressed in black at a bar.

This fragrance is a sport scent, well... A bedroom sport scent anyway.

Kalemat Musk Arabian Oud by Londonjasmin 2015-05-23

Lovely musk, smells very clean yet has a certain warmth to it. This oil lasts a very long time but isn't too heavy. Smells similar to Arabian Oud's Asalat Al-Musk perfume spray, but this is nicer as it has a hint of vanilla in the background.

As the previous reviewer states, this Kalemat doesn't have any similarities with the other Kalemats. I find it softer and more feminine. Good fragrance for the warmer weather. Beautiful.

Daisy Marc Jacobs by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

Young and fresh.

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Narciso Rodriguez by XLsizeNoodle 2015-05-23

I smelled this from the bottle and on a paper, it smelled like beef with tabasco on it. I do not like what I have smelled from it. Do not blind buy.

Dolce Floral Drops Dolce&Gabbana by MadMadamMimm 2015-05-23

It dries down quickly, but the opening note smells like Raid. After that, it is a perfectly nice scent, but a bit boring.

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum Guerlain by margarita.angelova 2015-05-23

This transports you straight to the 1920s and you can see yourself as a bold flapper girl at a party, laughing loudly without a care in the world even though there's a sense of danger in the atmosphere on that cool, wet and foggy night.

It's an artifact from a different era, a totally beautiful classic but other than wearing it to a 1920s themed event, I can't see myself smelling like that on a day to day basis. It's strictly demanding a particular character and setting in order to make it fit and not be ridiculously misused.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by tc312 2015-05-23

Good, safe scent that could be used when going out or at the office. It's a bit of a citrus fruit scent mixed in with some aquatic and some amber note to it. Better for a warmer month in my opinion though as it does have that 'fresh' kind of scent to it. It does have a little bit of Acqua di Gio synthetic to it but that's not a bad thing. Although you probably won't stand out from the crowd too much with this, you'll certainly smell pleasant and some stores have this scent in a small bottle on discount.

Smell: 7/10 fresh, fruit and aquatic
Sillage: 6/10 very middle of the road
Longevity: 6/10 again, middle of the road
Price: 7/10 moderate
Uniqueness: 5/10 eh, a bit synthetic

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women Burberry by willfulmissconduct 2015-05-23

I am still on the fence with this one. Is it pretty? Yes. Groundbreaking? No. I wanted something fresh and clean, like linens. I get quite a bit of fruit out of this, the orange, neroli and blackberry stand out against a backdrop of powdery musk.

At certain points, I feel like someone left a can of fruit cocktail to rot in a diaper pail. I am hesitant to seek out and try the "Floral" version of this one, as it shows even more fruits listed in the notes.

This is no EdP orgasmic honey-jasmine, but nevertheless it is a light echo of it. It's not so sweet--it's orange flowers in a nice and classic base. This signorina is more demure and carefree, more wearable and less sexually charged then the EdP. I bought it as a purse spray with perfume refill bullets. This scent is classic and distinct without being objectionable. She is smiling intalian woman in expensive shoes.

Near Gap by lillypad33 2015-05-23

Really really nice. I just blind bought a mini of this from Marshall's for $3 and am really pleased. Not sure why peach is listed as a note, since the description clearly says pear, and yes you can smell the pear strongly as the fragrance develops - at first the peony is dominant. The pear is not sweet or plasticky at all to my nose and I am pretty sensitive to that stuff - it's not fruity sweet in the Escada-esque way. Just very pure smelling, warm and pleasant. I like this one.

Le Parfum Elie Saab by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

ES EdP is one of the rare occasions where I know I will re-purchase. This honeyed jasmine number is truly fabulous. It's rich, it's abundant, it lasts and lasts and lasts. It's a full-on floriental that lives up to its highest potential on skin. The honey and the laziness of the midday heat in a jasmine garden, the one-thousand-and-one nights with Sheherezade, the rahat-loukum of the kings. The voluptuousness of her body is absolutely enchanting, and she knows it. This is why she is one of my favourites in my perfume harem. What a beauty!

Inis Fragrances of Ireland by suzycurlyq 2015-05-23

I think my heart stopped when I first smelled this! It is the best sea fragrance I have ever smelled! Since visiting California years ago I have searched for sea smells for my house and car to capture that exact smell of the big ocean calling you to itself with salty air. I loved that experience!
Inis captures that in a wearable beautiful sea-like sweet way. I am so thrilled to have finally gotten a bottle! And to think it was in a boutique in the little city I visit every week all along! Wow what a happy girl I am!

Made to Measure Gucci by PaulJM 2015-05-23

Watered down for some reason. Got it from 2 locations and they both didn't do me any justice.

Little oily compared to other colognes. Means, it leaves an oily trail once after it dries out. overall, i was so damn disappointed with this choice.
never gonna buy this again.


Miss Dior (new) Christian Dior by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

I have a full bottle of this up for a swap. I can't take the sticky sweetness of it personally, but would be glad to pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. Message me if you are interested.

One of the best there is.
Have tried almost all the other Gucci colognes for men, and this ranks in my top 5. Long lasting and the sexy of course.

When I first started wearing this, I got complimented many a times. People kept asking me for the name of the cologne i was wearing...pssst! as if i was going to share it with them. Hell to the NOO! it's my signature cologne!


Tresor Lancome by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

This soft powdery peach treasure is truly lovely. You wouldn't think that from the initial spray, at which point I must admit it's a little weird. Ok, hella weird. And the opening has nothing to do with the actual Tresor personality. She really is a true skin scent that emulates supple delicious "lived in" sexy smooth skin. After the initial hurricane of confusion it eventually settles into a fine powdery peach, and you can nearly touch its velvety texture. Give this a shot if you are a fan on velvety skin scents with decent longevity but low projection factor. I find this one a real find! :)

I bought the parfum version and not the EDT one.
it smells ok. I can see why people say it smells like Indian food when it dries out lol. The spicy scent comes out when it dries off.
overall, not that great on my skin.
doesn't last for even an hour.


Black Orchid Tom Ford by margarita.angelova 2015-05-23

A very complex and interesting perfume. Definitely a loud one that won't go unnoticed. It's dark, smooth and very warm.

Sadly, I personally can't get past the chocolate - this note always annoys me in perfumes and is yet again ruining another promising one for me.

The dry down is VERY similar to Euphoria by Calvin Klein, I am comparing them right now.

Cinema Yves Saint Laurent by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

Delicious dry vanilla-almond. And it doesn't smell of pastries. which is a GOOD thing. Cinema is not so much glamorous as it is cozy. Comfort whafts about your body when you are wearing this scent, and it suits cashmere perfectly. Maybe fine wool. But definitely soft luxury fabrics. Soft waves, Cinema, and a cozy sweater. Voila!

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by PaulJM 2015-05-23

It's on OK cologne.
Not that long lasting, but certainly will catch other's attention. Light, fresh scent. Good for any day (not night) in the spring/summer.


Alien Thierry Mugler by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

This little number is a powerful statement. It was inventive initially but now many houses do a similar tune of a scent. Alien is never going to be out of style. It contains great quality jasmine and amber, it is simple and the effect is dose-dependent. It lives for a while with its personality intact. A very well made scent, a must have for floral fiends.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by PaulJM 2015-05-23

One of the best YSL colognes I have ever owned.
Trust me, compliments galore when you wear this.
My GF loves this whenever I wear this. It turns her on! *wink*


Intoxicated By Kilian by Bigsly 2015-05-23

Think A*Men without the tar and rough edges and you'll be fairly close here. The notes seem to be easier to detect and enjoy as well, and this is clearly in unisex territory. I like this better than others of this type, including New Haarlem.

Angel Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

Praline and patch, patch and praline. This lady is no tramp, but she has a lot to say. she smells of tainted love and the eighties, and she is not about to step off the runway anytime soon. Her crazy sister EdP is a whacko who is in and out of the mental asylum, but EdT treads carefully on the edge of insanity without tumbling over into crazy town. It is a gentler, more understandable Angel, one that you can take out on the town, and perhaps even eventually take to meet your mother. Eventually.

Couture 6 Bill Blass by kera_5j 2015-05-23

Well, I took a chance on this one, after finding it on Amazon for a paltry $8.

It was a bad move.

It may be the most indistinct scent in the world, and as far as quality, any "fragrance" it does have immediately evaporates...
Basically, the bottle is great, the packaging is cute, and the juice is best used as some kind of "unscented" linen spray.

Angel Thierry Mugler by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

EdP was going to be my baby, my love, my sanctuary. After all the hoopla and the praises, after the promise of chocolate and sweet patchouli and the gourmet heaven--this turned nuclear on my skin. Which is damn unfortunate, but it was not wearable in any way. I'm not sure whose skin it was designed for but this complex "beauty" was completely lost on me. I don't get it. EdT, however, I don't dislike and kept it to use, although it does have the "angel DNA.". So, I guess I like the idea of Angel, just not the original.

This fragrance it's mature (25+), manly and elegant, yet very versatile. And it's not dated or feminine at all. I love the combination of the main notes: citrus, cocoa and woods. The blending is executed perfectly!

The performances are good, it's not quite a beast like LIDGE is, but it's not a shy fragrance either.

I still prefer this EDT over the much more hyped Extreme version.

A modern classic!

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

This is first and foremost a gourmet AMBER to me. Very little floral goodness in that baby, but amber is divine. It doesn't have much to do with the pure jasmine delicacy that is the original Alien (which I have and treasure), but it's a loveable lush amber. Recommend!

Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta by Redpula 2015-05-23

Less complex, non heady, suede, kinda wet yet smooth. Erotic, sensual and magnetic. Projection is average while longevity (close to skin stage is amazing) is fantastic, even on clothes. From cold evenings, fall, winter and rainy days (as good as NR for Men) this will rock. As per compliments, men and women gave high remarks. The scent is unique, the occasions to wear it varies depending on the number of sprays. From formal, date, intimate moments, work and even outdoors. When it's windy, it captures the attention in a very good way just like Paco Rabanne Ultrared Man. I wear frags whether for men or women and BV played good on my skin. The harmony between patchouli and leather with some pepper vibe up to the heart and a bit of oakmoss to complete this wonderful music in the air is simply comforting, charming and sensual. I detect no milky, metallic or animalic smell on it. Let me get it straight, if this smells awful on me, why would three of my girl friends wants to buy this from me? It happened at my old job, Christmas dinner and new job. Last Valentine's day, another brunette friend asked me if she can come to my place and choose her night perfume before we attended a party. She picked this, four sprays and she earned many beautiful comments from both men and women. BV matched our skins. I decided to decant some for her. Try if it works on you.

Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo by Guinea54 2015-05-23

I bought a decant of this stuff. I don't know if I got the wrong juice or not, but this smells very feminine to me. It smells a lot like a ladies perfume with a lot of florals and a soapy vibe.. I have no idea what people are talking about.. unless I got the wrong juice

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

Lolita turned out to be less than my ideal. It's not sitting on me perfectly like some of my favourites, so now she is looking for a new home. I'm open for a swap, it's 3/4 full still (I gave it a good try). Msg me if interested!

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by landshark321 2015-05-23

I fall into the category of not understanding note breakdown of Tom Ford Noir Extreme, but the result is pleasant, nonetheless, as a spicy/vanilla mix that leans heavily on amber and that seems to do pretty well on my skin. I can detect some nutmeg, cardamom, and rose, as well, but the host of other notes escape me. Projection and longevity are good, but it's not great in either respect. Not a ton of evolution, either, not that that's a bad thing by my standards, though some like to know.

A different direction of the "noir" name, wholly distinct from both Noir and Noir de Noir, I'm not sure Noir Extreme merits the $100 price tag, as I feel I've smelled this spicy/sweet combo before. Nonetheless, it's relatively agreeable and unoffensive, and is appropriately a little safer in the Signature line than the Private Blend line. Worth trying if you're looking for a slightly different twist on a spicy/sweet combo, but it doesn't do a ton for me, at least not more than Acqua di Parma's Mandorlo di Sicilia, which I tried on the other arm at about the same time

6 out of 10

Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum Selena Gomez by TonioValentine 2015-05-23

It smells like a big sweet grape lollipop.... and I like it.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

Toothache in a bottle. Holy mother of god, that thing is sweet. Screetchy sweet. But my husband went bananas for it, he found it delectable.

White Patchouli Tom Ford by BeautyNotes 2015-05-23

I wanted to love this one so very much, but on me it does not resemble the spicy dirty naughty patch that i love desperately. It resembles burning plastic. I am open to selling or swapping. After it airs out it morphs into quite a delectable medicinal apothecarie's scent, which I don't mind. I just can't withstand the wait--too much burning plastic for me...

Timeless Avon by juzme 2015-05-23

On my skin this is same like Ramage edc.

Halle Halle Berry by Rawannnna 2015-05-23

This was a pleasant surprise. Its warm and has this "wired" vibe I dont know how to describe. However, its a warm, cozy type of perfume. for the price, the quality is fine. Try it, even if you think celebrity fumes dont worth it, this one is actually worth the try.

One of the most gourmandy of gourmands, and the first of the Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo line that I've actually tried, Mandorlo di Sicilia is a very pleasant and sweet mix of almond, anise, and vanilla. I liken it to liquors and liqueurs, perhaps being the closest expression to amaretto as I've smelled in a fragrance. It doesn't involve much evolution, as it's only slightly more acidic at its opening as it is in its drydown, but that's certainly fine since it's not unbearable at its start. The main top notes are almond and anise, which work surprisingly well, with a base of vanilla and cedar, among other more subservient notes.

Projection and longevity are both good, and I see this working as a year-round day fragrance as it's refreshingly sweet but not so heavy or light, and is fun, not serious.

Bottom line, this is only for fans of gourmands. Comparisons to root beer and other beverages are valid, and this certainly primarily reminds of sweet food/drink above all else. I found it a little too liquor-ish on my skin to probably buy, but this is good to try if for no other reason to indulge your curiosity, given how distinct it is from some of the Blu Mediterraneo line, which are generally on the fresh/fruity side.

7 out of 10

Sballo Bruno Acampora by Petunia50 2015-05-23

There isn't much that I can add to Colin Maillard's review. He said it all much better than I ever could. I can only add that I really love this scent. It so beautiful and I find it very comforting. Although I usually wear this scent for daytime, I will sometimes wear it to sleep, particularly on cold nights. I've tried both the EDP and the oil. I prefer the oil but settled for the EDP for budgetary reasons. Both are beautiful. Luckyscent has $25 off today if you spend $100, so I could not resist since Sballo has been on my buy list for a while.

I'm a little disappointed, for as much as i wanted Miss Dior Cherie the PERFUME, because i loved the notes - it had caramel and stuff...but i received this one by mistake i guess....At first as i was unpackaging, nothing bothered me, but minutes after, i realized i'm holding a different bottle, more square-ish, different bow...As i sprayed, i felt strong alcohol smell, then it slowly settled to a fruity-floral....where am i wrong i dont understand...I clearly wrote i want Miss Dior Cherie, and i got anything else...
I like how it goes on my skin, it's delicate, but it has weak longevity and i'm definitely not repurchasing it...

Prada Candy Prada by margarita.angelova 2015-05-23

For being this sweet it's still wearable without seeming childish. It's not necessarily something I would buy for myself but if I happen to have it around, I would spray it every now and then during the summer.
It's an OK smell, safe but also not particularly interesting.

Total Attraction Victoria`s Secret by SongOfSolomon1:3 2015-05-23

I have the eau de toilette. When I first sprayed this, I thought it smelled a bit fruity, maybe plum-like, but it quickly softened into a powdery floral on my skin. It is not the sort of fruity/floral "happy" fragrance that I am so fond of, but the powdery floral softness is pleasant.

Euphoria Calvin Klein by rihabi 2015-05-23

What an awful blind buy :( Extremely annoying floral-woody fragrance. It was on my wishlist here, because i saw it was classified also to categories such as sweet and powdery. I despise "barrels of flowers" playing the role of perfumes... At first i sensed an annoying rose, eventually i saw it's actually about orchids, lotuses and violets. Ugh. Nothing sweet, nothing delicate, my nose still can't recover....

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by punitshalyal 2015-05-23

Great smell but extremely poor performance for me. its not ever in acceptable range. had to sell off.

StormFlower Eau de Toilette Cheryl by callumnicholson 2015-05-23

I love this scent! I loved stormflower edp and now I love stormflower edt. They are both quite floral and very feminine scents. Stormflower edp was a much more stronger and a fragrance for younger people yet this fragrance is a more elegant scent. I personally like stormflower edp better for the simple reason being it is stronger and is more to my fancy! I love this fragrance and I am so glad I bought it. I really think there could be a long line of stormflowers just like fantasies by britney spears! Keep them coming cheryl! X

Mon Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by margarita.angelova 2015-05-23

Violets. This is all about violets for me (and the faint sweetness of lily of the valley. As it develops, the violets fade and the jasmine comes forward.) even though there are obviously no violets in the notes. It reminds me of She Wood Velvet Forest Wood by DSQUARED² which is more greener and fresher but both are still very similar.
The dry down in particular is the same as Eau Parfumee au The Blanc by Bvlgari.

Mon Jasmin Noir is such a tender and etherial fragrance that it's impossible for me not to love it. It's incredibly feminine and makes you imagine the most pure at heart girl, filled with love and care and wearing a fairy white dress, basked in sunlight.

I wasn't impressed by the original Jasmin Noir but this one here is definitely something else.

Reveal Men Calvin Klein by kaju23 2015-05-23

This is epic. I received a 5ml sample and decided to test it for the weekend a week ago. I invited a girl I have a crush on for a date, but I don't think it would turn out to be like it turned out to be without cK Reveal.

The scent is just simply fantastic, mix of agave and brandy is so well done it tickles your nose and makes you the center of attention. It outscores every other perfume I've ever had to be honest - it's classy, it's charming, it's reckless, it's sophisticated, it's sexy.

Long story short, when my crush noticed my perfume she was already mine and we had an amazing night with cK Reveal playing with our senses. Time to buy more of this magic potion, cause it works. It turns a donkey into a magnificent dark stallion.

Don't wait - go out, buy it, you can thank me later by thumbs up!

White Tag Zara by Plantus 2015-05-23

I have no idea if is similar or not with SMW but absolutely it's very close to my Rasasi Al Wisam Day. Performances, at least on my skin, seems to be not as good as the Rasasi.

Still it's a very solid release from Zara, for the price you can't go wrong with this one. The bottle looks very nice too.


Emblem Montblanc by meysam vazifeh 2015-05-23

بوی برگ بنفشه نت ابتدایی عطر رو تشکیل میده
این رایجه دوام چندانی نخواهد داشت و در لابلای روایح دیگه زود گم میشه
بعدش رایحه دارچین به عطر اضافه میشه و عطر رو گرم اسپایسی میکنه

حدود 10 دقیقه بعد از اسپری عطر ، بوی میوه ای به همراه تونکا ، عطر رو گرمتر و شیرین تر میکنند

حس میشه Hugo Boss Unlimited اینجاست که شباهتش به عطر جدید

با ترکیب شدن تونکا با روایح قبلی عطر به تدریج شیرین تر و گرمتر میشه و اینطور بگم که یک ساعت بعد از اسپری ، اوج شیرینی و گرمای عطره و بعد از اون رفته رفته این شدت افت میکنه تا اینکه در نهایت روایح چوبی به همراه یه بوی نیمه ترش ضعیف عطر رو تا آخر همراهی میکنند

تیپ عطر به سبک کارولینا هرراست
کیفیتش با ارفاق متوسطه

Aventus Creed by Mighty lion 2015-05-23

Pretty much its a Smoldering pineapple wrapped in leather, I'm not impressed.. If you want some grand fragrances to take a whiff of from creed in the warmer weather you should try Original Vetiver, Milliseme imperial, Erolfa(sleeper) and Virgin island Water which is an excellent frag but performance is a little spotty .. Broaden your horizons and sample more than just Green Irish tweed and Aventus (which might as well be designer frags now because everyone and their pops have them)..You might just find a hidden gem..

Fairy Dust Paris Hilton by Fragrance_Lily 2015-05-23

I am 25 years old and I love this perfume. It smells classy and sophisticated (NOT "old lady"), and it smells much more expensive than it is. This fragrance works so well with my body chemistry since it becomes very sweet and floral on my skin.

It is not for everyone, but I can definitely see myself wearing this more often for professional meetings and while I teach.

Galanos Galanos by Walking Unicorn 2015-05-23

Ah yes, what a beauty. A warm and spicy oriental with carnation, geranium and rose. Then it dries down adding in the scent of cedar, vanilla and bay leaf. It doesn't have civet so it is not anamalic, and it doesn't have incense but it reminds me of a lighter version of Youth Dew, Cinnabar, or Opium. If you like those then you should definitely give this a try. And since it's not as heavy so it would be a nice alternative for daytime use. Its very gorgeous!

Gin Fizz Lubin by becuille 2015-05-23

This is snapping freshly laundered sheets after they've dried in the sunshine.

The clean trend mostly didn't produce anything I was overly enamoured with. I found most of them smelled like soap, detergent or very synthetic impressions of grass. This one though, late as I am to trying it, is for me the best of the clean scents.

It's not really what I was expecting. Given the name, I was waiting for a burst of juniper, or for something to get a bit boozy, but that never came. What I got instead was fresh laundry and a fizz of lemon.

It's completely inoffensive, best suited for summer days.

But - and it's a J.Lo sized butt - the longevity is horrendous. After two hours, this was completely gone and even before that it was pretty much a skin scent.

If it was cheap, I'd be raving about it. But at the price it costs, I just can't justify buying a full bottle. Yet another pricey perfume let down by poor longevity. Shame.

Halle Pure Orchid Halle Berry by Fragrance_Lily 2015-05-23

This is the last perfume in my entire collection that I reach for (out of 53 bottles). It is not the most exciting out of the bunch. I even often forget what it smells like because it is not eventful. It does not last long at all either.

Frenzy Nicole Miller by RoyalPerez516 2015-05-23

Nicole Miller doesnt seem to disappoint. If you like darker, muskier scents (I do!) she doesn't seem to miss the point at all!

I wouldn't say this is unisex as it is more on the floral side, but it has that earthy, musky scent I love in Nocole Miller.

Definitely for the older, mature crowd - very sensual, warmer - the dry down is amazing, my wife and I have had some incredible moments together while she's wearing this...i just sit still like a little puppy at her command while she wears this, i'm not kidding Lol


Mukhamria Ateeq Al Haramain Perfumes by Poboijosh 2015-05-23

This is a really amazing attar. Take Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Oud and add a powdery Violet flower, and an amazingly incensy Labdanum, and boom, you've got MFK's Oud but done way better, oh, and you're also getting real Oud here, not synthesized.

Aventus Creed by Sarius 2015-05-23

It smells like Minions of Gru in despicable me 2(the wedding at the end).

Dulcess Costamor by Sanza 2015-05-23

still awailable? in which country? thx

Champs Elysees Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Aleccsei 2015-05-23

Like the warm embrace of your elegant grandmother.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by globus pallidus 2015-05-23

I feel like many people shy away from this one because it lacks the foodsy sweet notes the most "modern" aromatic fougeres incorporate (I am looking at you, Fuel for Life).

The top notes feel pungent and overbearing, but herbal in my opinion - almost like plants trying to imitate an animalic scent (bergamot/clary sage combo maybe?). If this didn't ward you off, the heart rewards you with a classy, old-school, harsh spicy floral bouquet - give it a try if you are a carnation person. Just like many before, I agree that the drydown is probably the best about it. It's powdery, naughty, strangely dirty-clean, aromatic and addictive.

What I do not get is how everyone describes this as "very masculine". Yes, it is a bold, strong, sassy scent, but I feel that some women could absolutely rock Kouros. For me, a scent like this is not at all about macho "alpha male" demeanor, but about confidence. About being "different", probably unpleasant to some, but comfortable with oneself and one's physicality. This scent is just there, and it's here to stay.

Luna Rossa Sport Prada by antonpan 2015-05-23

Guys, that's pure heaven! However, I can't say this is a sporty version of Luna Rossa, but an another interpretation of a Luna Rossa theme. A mix of vanilla and tonka from Le Male with a lavender from Luna Rossa with berries.

Do not test Luna Rossa Sport on a paper, do it on skin!

It starts off with a combo of vanilla and tonka, and berries with a drop of ginger make this old union more modern. I would name this stage Le Male Sport. But wait for 10-20 minutes and lavender from the regular Luna Rossa comes to the stage changing the direction of the scent. This sweet and a bit bitter lavender smells really heavenly!

To me Luna Rossa Sport is the best sport flanker come out after Dior Homme Sport 2008. Good quality, nice longevity and connection with the regular Luna Rossa - a winning set of qualities to me.

Green Tea Revitalize Elizabeth Arden by Mari_on_net_te 2015-05-23

Very lovely, feminine, sweet yet fresh, green scent.
I love both Revitalize and the original Green Tea, but GT is a fall-winter perfume for me; stronger, more balsamic.

Were I to give them personality traits, Green Trea would be an older sister, strong, straightforward, very pleasent and refreshing, but the one unfamiliar with the notion of "subtlety".
Whereas Revitalize would be a bit frivolous, daydreaming younger sister, who always stops to smell the flowers and dance in the sun :)

However, longevity and sillage is very poor. I cannot smell it on me unless I bury my nose in the scarf or shirt's collar.

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic Guerlain by pepperoniann 2015-05-23

Not only do I not mind having multiple backups of this perfume, the thought of having multiple backups of this doesn't stress me out! Now that's something.

To me Mandarine Basilic is an aromatic fruity fragrance, belonging to a category that is magical when well-made, but are so hard to find. The realistic clementine/mandarine note that opens blends so well with the fresh herbs that neither is too sharp or overpowering the other at any given time. It lasts long on me (6 hours +) with good arm-length projection and dries down to a beautiful base scent that I cannot quite put my fingers on. Definitely not sandalwood or amber, but more like a comforting natural skin scent... just so plain wonderful!

The citrus is present the whole time during the dry down, which is not commonly found.

I'll be using this so much in the next couple of months, and I recommend anyone who haven't tried this at least give a sniff to this beautiful AA!

Gengis Khan Marc de la Morandiere by cytherian 2015-05-23

The flacon is terrific (the original). Looks so classic, like a lost treasure in the sands of a desert.

But the fragrance? I bought a mini of this... and was sorely disappointed. Not at all what I thought it would be. It's no wonder why it's hard to find. Morandiere discontinued it then brought it back, but in limited distribution. You can't easily buy this in the USA. But... no reason to. It's not worth the going prices at all. The cap isn't even metal--just plastic that looks like metal.

What I feel is missing is oakmoss. If there was a good heady dose of it included, this formulation just might work.

Supremacy Silver Afnan Perfumes by iwhiffwaft 2015-05-23

Afnan Supremacy Silver (EDP) - Most exactly like Aventus' fruity batch. Mostly fruity. This is powerful, strong. Frankly, this or Aventus and I wouldn't be able to tell. You could almost just put the label Aventus on this and get away with it. It does go on a little alcoholic, so wait 30 seconds or so. Creed always has just something that smells so natural, and that might be the only difference. Its like a harmonic of a harmonic of a difference. I'd go so far as to say this is the same thing as Aventus. However, I only put it at the top here because its the fragrance being's not my favorite.

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man (EDT) - This is the Aventus which may be the more smokey batch. which I don't have. There's that something added at the bottom end of this that is totally awesome. Its the fruity smell at a high quality.....even maybe a little brighter, but its got a hint of bottom end which makes it my favorite. This is, not by a mile, but my most favorite rendition of the Aventus fragrance. For me, its like my Aventus, except done slightly better. Its Aventus with some slight embellishment. Yeah, I know, but its just how I feel. I've gotten so many compliments with this stuff its unreal. This is my favorite fragrance. Even above Aventus right now. The price is stellar. Aventus and Afnan are also really potent EDP's and this is more like a Designer EDT strength, so it just reminds me more of that. It's easier to apply and wear. Aventus and Afnan can be a bit too potent at the EDP strength. Armaf, is more familiar in its strength and longevity. You probably have lots of designer EDT's that resemble this high quality, but not so strong you have to watch out. It lasts, and its high quality, its just not.......ridiculously so. Aventus can be like that, also Afnan.

Fragrance Unlimited Atlantis - This would be Supremacy Silver, but it just is missing that tanginess found in Aventus. Call it Pineapple, or what, I don't know. It's all there in Atlantis except just not at the top of the top notes. However, this can wear with the fruity batch of Aventus I have. It's mostly the same, just some kind of pineappley tang that isn't quite there. This is also an EDP, not quite as potent as Atlantis or Afnan though.

Glenn Perri Unlimited Adventure - This is a cheap quality synthetic, reminiscent of Armaf at a much lower quality. Armaf is the Chanel version of this maybe. Glen Perri's top notes fade rather quickly and then there is the smokey burnt woodsiness that dominates this scent. While in Armaf the burnt woodsy plays the bassline to a much better lead of pineapple and fruit. This one just blasts 30 seconds of fruit, then the fruit goes away to a much dirtier burnt wood. I don't want to say I don't like it. I just think that some might think you spilled ashes on yourself at some point. I like it, and its a good try.........and at the price point its getting you in the game, but its not nearly the quality of any of the previously mentioned upper tier smell alike's. I would definitely say this one screams "cheap", in comparison to the others.

Insurrection Pure 2 - Wow. The hype train monster. This one isn't really Aventus to me. It's not as close as any of the other one's I mentioned. This is a Vanilla scent. It has the sweet Aventus like top, supported by this Vanilla which I smell most. Maybe if Aventus were dominated by would be more similar, but it isn't. Vanilla is listed in the notes of Aventus, but its hard to pick it up at all. Its all over Insurrection Pure though. Then after 30min to an hour, I get something very Ozonic, or Aerosol like. I don't know what it is, but it will give a headache. I don't mind this as much sprayed on a girl. If you like Le Male, or maybe its Fleur De Male, this one is more like those.......except with the Aventus Pineapple for a few minutes at the beginning. I can see, in the absence, of the other better copies of Aventus, why the comparison was made.........just nowadays with the other, better done copies, this one doesn't seem close.

Dark Saphir Agonist by archivist 2015-05-23

This is actually pretty good. There are a squillion rose-oud perfumes out there at this point, but this one initially smelled to me like Amouage Interlude - major bigtime KIWI and INCENSE (yep, in all caps, right up in there) rather than rose and oud. After a few minutes the rose blossoms out of the extreme kiwi, and the oud is a background player rather than a big stanky pit all up in your nose, and that's nice.

Seems to fade ultrafast, but I'm testing from a dauber, and those don't really give you the chance to check sillage or longevity, you can just kind of vaguely get a sense of what the major notes are like. I wish I could buy disposable sprayers just on their own by the bagful, so I could stick them into these daub vials from Luckyscent and really find out what something would smell like out of the actual bottle.

Wild Roses Aftelier by MoonSparrow 2015-05-23

Interesting - a rose perfume that does not smell much at all like roses, wild or not. I get mostly geranium (which I like very much), a splash of patchouli and some pepper. There is a licorice ghost note as well; not listed but my noses detects it all the same. This fragrance comes across as chypre to me and the longer it is on my skin the better I am liking it (wasn't sure at first).

Wild Roses is spicy though not in the way of Mitsouko or Opium, two spicy powerhouses that just rub me the wrong way. I can't help being reminded somewhat of Mitsouko, though this one has an edge of sweetness that tames down the spice factor, smoothing it out into something quite aromatic and utterly natural. At first I thought it a bit jammy, something else I can't abide in a fragrance, but this impression fades after about 20 minutes and becomes a cool and actually quite soothing herbal aroma. I am considering a full bottle...

I ordered a sample kit from Aftelier's website and was so pleased with their presentation and packaging. My samples came in a pretty little orange and purple paisley slide box that I will keep even after I've used up my samples.

Do try this if you are a nature girl or boy. It is absolutely unisex and I am going to have to say now that I love it!

Chanel No 5 Parfum Chanel by RayOfWind 2015-05-23

Can anybody give me suggestion as to where I can find I vintage bottle of Chanel No 5? I'm dying to try it but I have no idea where to look for an authentic vintage parfum. Please and thank you!

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by aura_therapy 2015-05-23

My husband and I have been married for 14 years and he has never worn cologne. He uses Dial or Irish Spring soap and calls that good. I really wanted to buy him a fragrance but didn't know where to start so I watched A LOT of men's reviews of fragrances on youtube. It was so helpful to have a list to try, a starting point.

At Ulta I sprayed this, Channel Bleu, One Million, Channel Allure Homme Sport, Invictus, and Nautica Voyage on tester cards. I brought them home and smelled off & on all day through the drydowns. I liked the others okay enough but this one really stood out. It smelled the most sexy to me. It smells to me like what a good looking, well dressed man smells like. I bought it for him last weekend and he likes it (although he is not picky at all and would have liked anything I got him).

I have no idea what this smelled like pre-reformulation or whatever. All I know is it makes me want to cuddle & get closer. That's what I was looking for in a cologne so I'm glad I found this.

Onyx Pearl Agonist by archivist 2015-05-23

Smells like shaving foam to me. Pretty much musk and woods, fougere leather. The bottles are gorgeous but I have yet to smell an Agonist worth the price tag. The fragrance itself seems to be an afterthought. This is Ye Olde English Barbasol. It would be nice on an older gentleman.

Jour d’Hermes Gardenia Hermes by ScarlettX 2015-05-23

A strong white floral for sure. Tuberose gives it rather sharp tone and gardenia is not creamy and nice, like in many other perfumes. I also sense it as green. I guess it's a little too green and a little too white floral for my taste.

Vanille Noire Yves Rocher by jazzypom 2015-05-23

Bought this as a blind purchase. It's a pretty different vanilla- the cedar lends a slightly bitter, astringent note that balances the sweet, creamy notes of vanilla. Its scent doesn't linger on my skin, but it does cling to fabric. I'm glad I bought it. It's not a sweet, girly, gourmand kind of perfume. It's the sharp scent of cedar with the sugar of vanilla and it smells more expensive than it is.

Alien Thierry Mugler by margarita.angelova 2015-05-23

The most popular opinion of Alien is that is unusual, different, etc. Really? This is an incredible perfume, that's for sure, but it is not surprising in any way - and how could jasmine ever be considered unusual?

It is beautiful but also ordinary jasmine scent and goes to my wish list but I suppose the marketing campaign and the interesting bottle has created a mass psychosis around this perfume. If it was plainly packaged and marketed under more unpopular brand no one would have ever heard about it.

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