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Azzaro pour Homme Azzaro by Casavulva 2014-09-02

Certainly in the top five of all aromatic fougeres.

Very extrovert I would say. Very Barry Gibb in the 70s. (Open shirt, hairy chest, the big brother and boss in the band, very rich...).

Barbershop and soapy, with a lot of anis all the way. The anis is not sharp, but more diluted into the fresh, woody, herbal foam, with a dry green lavender-coumarin note beeing true to the fougere tradition. A fresh citrus is also blended in from the start, but not a main theme compared to the anis.

There is a mix here of oakmoss and treemoss in the drydown, making Azzaro slightly "chyperish" also, but leather? Not to my nose.

Still big in France. A must have for any collector.

I was probably lucky to buy a bottle a few years back. According to some reviews the formula has changed since then, I don't know.

Stronger and wilder than Tuscany, another fougere of the anisic type.


Touch for Women Burberry by LuluCoconut 2014-09-02

Like a Rube Goldberg machine, Touch activates its numerous elements which tangle into intricate combinations to produce a simple, yet commanding effect of elegance and comfort.
Touch is rather dry, powdery and woody. The opening is savory, slightly sour with a hint of red fruit which make a counterpoint to the increasing presence of the cedar and pepper notes. I can also smell a bit of rose and the slightest trace of citrus, which are however quickly submerged by the woody notes. At this point the fragrance is at its driest stage and I can understand how some easily feel it is too masculine for them. On me though I can detect the comforting sweet softness of tonka and a bright but restrained lily note, perhaps even tuberose. The sour-sweet berries return to mingle with the ever present cedar. I would have never guessed there are so many floral notes, as they seem to play a supporting role to the powdery woods. Touch was certainly not a love at first sniff but I missed it to the point of adding it to my wardrobe. Touch is somewhat reserved, but after all it possesses that kind of understated sensuality, so difficult to pick among all the fragrances the market has to offer. The sillage is moderate to skin scent at the end of the day with excellent longevity. Could be a year-round fragrance, but I like it the most in autumn and winter. Versatile enough for any occasion.
And just to state the obvious, the bottle is so nice to look at with its wooden stopper.
The simple Burberry for women remains by far my favorite perfume, but Touch provides me with a break from its ambery juicy softness.

Shalimar Legere Guerlain by Majja67 2014-09-02

In addition to the notes mention above i can sense quite a bit of incense, some very faint leather so al in all i can easily identify it as Shalimar! Maybe as you would percive Shalimar EdP with a stuffed nose due to a cold!;) It's wonderful, suits al year round but for me best at late sunny summer days!:)

I just received it!!, with all my happiness!!. For me is one of the best Guerlain's editions, I can notice the regular in it, but updated and pleasing with the sweet, but high-class Musk edge.
Nice Bergamot, selected florals, Jasmin is soo pretty, all in a melodious base notes, the Vanilla is also there playing a more discreet role.
Has the french brand's know-how, still with that characteristic mysterious feeling, plenty of emotion.
Fresh, like a caress, wearable, utterly feminine!!.

Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne by Casavulva 2014-09-02

One of the best fougeres of all time, and also one of the eldest aromatic ones.

Beautiful start, a very rare if not unique herbal-citrus accord, perfectly balanced between bitter-sour-sweet. A little soapy (barbershop), but not as extrovert as Azzaro. Very slowly changes into a more dry, bittery green drydown.

Lasts all day on me with one spray.

Paco Rabanne has been described as a modest scent, well behaved and "melancholic". To me that makes sense, for this is the signature of my best friend in my youth. He died in a tragic accident in his 20s. For many years I could not wear this at all.

Now I do occasionally, and every time with respect and appreciation.


Knot Bottega Veneta by Jasminalia 2014-09-02

Very petitgrain & neroli.
A bit too sharp / metallic in the top notes for me.

Ambre Nue Atelier Cologne by spidola 2014-09-02

It opens with a sweet natural mandarin supported by benzoin and some spices. Not heavy, not disturbing - it’s soft and nice… but....I waited for 2 hours looking for some change - Ambre Nue remained to be a mandarin centered soft cologne, non as ambery as I hoped. The cinnamon with mandarin gave it even some Christmas time vibe - too sweet for my taste and a bit boring…

Pure Honey Kim Kardashian by debush 2014-09-02

It really smells like honey, i absolutely love it!

Its nice. Just nice, but nothing great. When I want a truly glamorous Magnolia, I spray on my Guess by Guess, and I get full money's worth, atleast worth what I paid for.

Knot Bottega Veneta by maen 2014-09-02

Hi!!, Germany You are really right, has a clean laundry vibe!, is a beautiful fresh floral scent, very mediterranean as They suggest.
Has a citrusy start, but then the Orange Blossom takes the importance with a creamy dry down, just that is mainly floral.
Seems light and is not strong, but keeps for a long, very classy.
Box and bottle are pretty too, with the gold tone!!.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by Finisterle 2014-09-02

As an olfactory recreation of a quiet soft night in a cityscape in central-northern Europe VC&A's Midnight in Paris edt hits the spot splendidly.

But herein lies the problem...

You may be one of those melancholic souls who likes to take a stroll on dark deserted streets when the rest of the city sleeps...
...but do you really want to smell like it in the day, like a silent hollow eyed recluse who stares at the moon and is barely distinguishable from the surrounding shadows ?

Longevity and projection could certainly be better.

Esencia Loewe Sport Loewe by Jasminalia 2014-09-02

OMG, the advertising seems like a joke !

Midnight Poison Dior by fatooma 2014-09-02

Sophistcated,mysterious ,womanish and enjoyable in all its phases wearing this perfume is a mere pleasure

Gucci by Gucci EDT Gucci by fatooma 2014-09-02

Tested it several times and everytime I couldn't figure the feminine aspect . It is really unique but it seems very masculine to me no offend to women who like it , only my nose gets that

Oudh Al Raghda Rasasi by golden 2014-09-02

This is a beautiful, soft, elegant perfume. IMO very close to Cabotine.
The scent lasts, and lasts. It leaves a beautiful trail of flowers behind you.
Lasting power is fantastic, projection is amazing. But you can over do it, and when I did, it became very metalic!
So be careful!
It is creamy, floral, elegant. Best suited for day time use.
I put this on in the morning, and can smell it the next morning!!!! Both on my. Clothes and skin.

My first reaction to this was "make-up remover lotion on a cotton bud". In a good way of course, as I ended up buying it - it was meant as my holiday fragrance.

To me, this is a great "just got out of the shower" scent, as it is clean and fresh and powdery, but still a bit interesting and not harsh and screechy at all. It's also good as as casual fragrance, for when it's hot, before sleeping or when you don't need anything complicated.

On me, longevity and sillage are on the weak side and I've had to reapply often. It may be better if I layer it with the lotion of the same range.
On the plus side, it's really inexpensive to get here in Greece.

Cinema Yves Saint Laurent by Houdini4 2014-09-02

I was expecting to fall madly for this fragrance as I remember smelling it several years ago on a girl I was seeing and thought it was nice.
Quick word on the packaging and presentation, I found them to be particularly inviting, The bottle looks great really classy.
Tried it the otherday and liked it, very pleasant fresh citrus opening then delicate florals not over sweet peony and jasmine. The base is a warm vanilla/almond which is evident throughout but dries down very nicely.
Nothing unpleasant here and as a man I don't have much credibility when commenting on 'feminine' perfumes but I just found this a little average. I suspect that was only due to the fact my expectations were so high.
It's an interesting and understated scent which is warm and pleasant and in actual fact I could probably pull off wearing it.
I saw that it was in the sale but still wasn't reasonably priced enough for me to buy it even for my girlfriend who was of the same opinion as me...that cinema is nothing special, though it's very wearable, good quality and lasts well.

Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo by andy84 2014-09-02

This is one of those fragrances which still remains complex and unique especially for an aquatics which are pretty dull nowdays. Great associations with spending time on a seashore on a summer but not very hot day and some garden or field with flowers nearby. For those who read about "plastic and rubber notes" but is intrigued by its uniqueness and are hesitating i recommend not to judge but the opening and wait for and 30 minutes until "juniper-sea" strong start will be warmed by sandal, florals (carnation,sage,rose, jasmine). Even the last reformulation (i heard there were four) has its famous layers which open gradually. I smell even slight peach at the base. Also i recommend to try not only on hands or wrists but on the collar zone too. Projection is above average, longetivity is in a beast-mode on my skin (12 to 24 hours). I put three sprays (all three on the collar zone or one on the neck, two on the each inner fold of the elbow when i wear clothes with short sleeves) and this is enough for me.
Worth trying (but not blind buy). This frag needs time to understand its complexity and uniqueness.

Bonito e duradouro! Sinto muita saudade desse perfume. Era um floral vanílico sensual,interessante, rendia muitos elogios. Usei dois frascos e tenho excelentes memórias dele

Emblem Mont Blanc by az1000 2014-09-02

Nice fragrance. Suitable for all seasons.

I Love New York Earth Day Bond No 9 by PurseJunkie 2014-09-02

Let me lead off by saying that I like this. My first true loves in the perfume world were all white florals, particularly tuberose, and that’s exactly what you get here. Also, it gives me a nostalgic callback to the 70’s, when Coty’s Muguet de Bois was still a thing. It’s not complicated but it’s…pleasant.

So I like it, but I don’t get it. I don’t get the positioning. I mean, wouldn’t you think the “Earth Day” fragrance would be a little more…green? And unisex? Ha! You’d be hard pressed to make something more femme than this. It’s like Product Development called down the lab and said, “we’re doing Earth Day, whatdayagot? Big, retro flowerbomb? Fine. Now it’s Marketing’s problem.”

Am I going to enjoy the rest of my sample? Yes. Would I drop $175 for a full bottle? No.

Angel Eau Sucree Thierry Mugler by larita91 2014-09-02

Sugary-creamy-vanille scent. A strong sweet gourmand, with good sillage and longetivity, however to me, this is a little bit too much.
Not like the original Angel, so if you don't like that, take a chance with this one. Actually it reminds me of Aquolina Gold Sugar or La vie est belle. Not so unique scent anyway.

Angel Thierry Mugler by sphynx97 2014-09-02

I blind bought Angel...

I got lucky! Angel is a very distinctive smell. And really shines on your skin. After 2 hours...

I get strong patchouli...really strong. But then I get chocolate dessert. Tho only at the perfumes end.

I really need to be in the mood for this perfume. Nothing I just spritz on at the morning a hot summer day. That would kill the whole town!

A real statement perfume. If you want to show, wear Angel <3

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore Chanel by Geurenland 2014-09-02

Lot of enthousiasts. But not working on my skin. It turns unpleasant. While other exclusives do well. I think it works better on bit bitter harsh soure skins. But if you have a more woody sweet skin (bit Wonderwood CdG like) chemistry it's not that nice. Never the less it's a great quality fragrance. Quality perfumes smell different on different people. The more synthetic it stays the same. Beside that it has character. And fits many people. But because many people like it doesn't always mean it works on you. So try it first.

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle Dior by larita91 2014-09-02

Very sweet, almost cloying vanille sweet scent. I would definiately call it gourmand.
I can wear only a drop of it, I have a mini perfume so I don't have to spray (even one spray would be too strong). One drop is enough for a whole day, and still, sillage and longetivity is a monster.
Really good, I love it. :)

Clinique Happy Clinique by milkyway 2014-09-02

It smells very chemical to my nose..I get cloying hairspray mostly..

Isvaraya Indult by Asaskian 2014-09-02

Isvaraya (generous sample) was gifted to me by a friend within a year or two of its arrival on the market. I pulled it out of my olfactory library today and it still smells amazing, same evolution when I first sampled it.
It is a rare and very harmonious confluence of patchouli, plum and jasmine accords. Someone said it smelled of colour purple; I'm intrigued by it. The closest I've come to colour purple/violet is with Amaranthine by Penhaligon.
I see shades of yellow orange but more, like streaks of gold; if Tagetes erecta (marigold flower) can be translated from a visual to smell, it's Isvaraya then. I can't get rid of this impression from the first acquaintance with it. There's something rich, vibrant, spiritual but demanding in the scent... Perhaps having seen garlands of marigold in Nepal temples may have influenced me... perhaps!
But beware, when you wear the perfume, you are very much aware of it, the awareness doesn't go away with time. Though, the reminder that the scent belongs to a land or time which could only be deemed exotic (as in not easily accessible) remains.
Even now after 4-5 hrs of being on skin, every sniff makes me still say... Oh, God!
What more is there to say to recommend it....?

Acqua di Sale Profumum Roma by Steleale 2014-09-02

I agree with Gosha, Rebella and CGV: when I smell Acqua di Sale I feel the Ocean, I close my eyes and I remember when I spent 5 wonderful days in Sagres (Potugal), the extreme western Europe, and I see a cliff with a lighthouse and the immense Atlantic Ocean in front of me... No cafe nor cocktail bar in Portofino, just wild sea.

Ungaro 2007 Emanuel Ungaro by Denoula 2014-09-02

I feel like a fruit trifle wearing this.

J'Aime La Perla by Taxidermy 2014-09-02

The actual notes are nothing like the notes listed here. The description is accurate but the pictures below are misleading.

The official pyramid:

Top Notes : Pepper, Lychee, Bergamot
Heart Notes : Jasmine, Raspberry, Water Lily
Base Notes : Caramel, Patchouli, White Musks, Amber

Fracas Robert Piguet by 100mlEDT 2014-09-02

When I was a young lad in primary school my pride of joy was my pencil case full of coloured pencils and scented texters. I had all the colours of the rainbow packed tightly within the bulging fabric of the zipped case. It would explode its over stuffed content upon opening, spilling texters and pencils all over my desk. I enjoyed smelling the scented aromas each colour had within its plastic lid, often closing my eyes and guessing what colour I had in my hand. Sniffing so enthusiastically It left coloured smears on my nose.
Fracas takes me back to that time in my youth with its tutti frutti loveliness and images of the most vivid pink texter ink staining crisp white paper.
Fracas is an intoxicating, amplified neon floralesque smash up. Sensual, sexual and heady. Beware.

Polo Sport Ralph Lauren by farook 2014-09-02

Fresh, powerful, clean aquatic that is timeless. Its a big compliment getter for me and i will always have a sniff of it when i see it in the shops. I am too old to be wearing it these days, but the way it smells projects the idea of a nice, clean, young, sporty and fashionable person. Davidoff can't hold a candle to the awesomeness that's PoloSport. The only connection to AquaCuorom i see is that they were both aquatics, but Polo Sport was different and much classier. LOVE THIS! Its still easy to find here in Singapore, maybe coz the weather is more suited for this type of scents.

P.S. Yes, there has been some reformulations but its still a very good and sporty scent. Many a girl have fallen prey to it while on me! =P

Magie Noire Lancome by diamondkite 2014-09-01

Second review of this - this time for the vintage EDT.

You know how perfume with a strong silage leaves behind a trail of scent? The vintage Magie Noir leaves behind a trail of incense smoke. Go light a stick of Naag Champa and walk around with that in one hand and a bowl of potpourri in the other and that will give you some idea of what wearing this perfume is like.

All I can think about is being a toddler in the 1970s, at my very avant-garde godmother's parties, roaming around and falling asleep under chairs listening to people singing and playing the guitar until the sun rose.

Maybe I sprayed too much and it's gone to my head...

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by calculus314 2014-09-01

A surprising fragrance. I thought this would be a typical, weak, aquatic fragrance. I was so wrong.

The best way I can describe this scent is that it just smells very watery. Then I read it has star fruit. I went to the grocery store and bought 2 star fruit for $5. If you've never tried star fruit, it's a wet, refreshing, mild citrus tasting fruit. Tastes like watered down lemon-lime Gatorade.

Longevity: An absolute beast.
Projection: Nuclear in hot weather.

Beautiful... Can't help but to think of Paolo Coelho's Alchemist when speaking of this masterpiece.

Iris Poudre Frederic Malle by tubereuse 2014-09-01

Creamy, dreamy, a bit musky and certainly comforting. Iris is definitely present and in tradition with all other FM fragrances, this is complex, deep in it’s layers and very classy. Iris Poudre is strong with great silage and reminds me a bit of Datura Noir/Serge Lutens. Will have to try Ferre as per other comparisons here!!

Coco Noir Chanel by Rawannnna 2014-09-01

First I must say I have been testing this perfume for almost a year, at first I thought its a watered down copy of CCM, then I thought it only has the opening of CCM and the dry-down of Chanel Chance, two weeks ago I smelt it on a friend and I decided I don't know what it is anymore, but, its sure from the family of Chanel, this perfume plays tricks on you, it actually changes a lot, maybe I will end up discovering its darker side.
anyway, this perfume is pleasant, not shy but also not opulent, it may has a character of itsown, still, I don't know what it is.

Yoppy Sexy Glam Yoppy by Julie Billi 2014-09-01

I hate judjing without testing, but I dislike this brand's bottles & packages.....remind me of hair color packages.... bad marketing in my opinion....

I don't smell any citrus or spices. It just smells bitter.

Like fresh cut grass or eating a green salad.

If you're looking for a fresh summer fragrance, there are SO MANY better choices out there. I can never choose this fragrance over what's already available on the market.

Beautiful bottle though.

Mixte Homme Jeanne Arthes by vicvic 2014-09-01

So green and citrusy. Smells like Shaldan Lemon Car Freshner.

Sex Panther Romane by Enchie 2014-09-01

big foot dick? how did they smell the big foot dick?

Tommy Tommy Hilfiger by Jacquelyn1 2014-09-01

This is one of my most favorite mens colognes ever. Maybe because it reminds me of a very happy time in my life, or maybe because all the hot cowboys used to wear it at the honky tonks. I have even sprayed it lightly on my pillow before going to sleep I love it so much. LOL

Musk Lorenzo Villoresi by angel6 2014-09-01

Tried today from a sample and for me the strongest note is sandalwood, I'm not sure if Musc is the right name for this perfume. Anyway all I could think is that I knew this perfume and after a while I realize that smells like Cuir de Lancôme and I could compare them as I have the Lancôme one. So sad that LV musk don't last very long on my skin. But is a beautiful perfume, I really like it.

Rose 31 Le Labo by Upper East Side 2014-09-01

Smells like Big Red chewing gum.

B Marie Saint Pierre by Cereza 2014-09-01

Marie Saint Pierre "B" will be something that gourmand lovers enjoy...if they are ready to take their foody/sweet scents with an extreme amount of spices blended in. The first blast is almost choking - the scent is extremely powerful, you've got your caramel and loads of cinnamon. When the first blast is over I got and overpowering dose of cardamon and sandalwood, I can't really say that the mix of cardamon/sandalwood + caramel was something I'd be willing to wear, but it might work for some.

Silage filled the room and staying power was also very good, some 7 hours. An interesting take on gourmand scents, but definitely try before you buy, this is not a crowd pleaser!

Caleche Hermes by framorena 2014-09-01

As much as I can't say Chanel nr 5 is bad, but I could never spray that on me, the same is for this classic. You can't say it isn't a high quality perfume, that made history of the route of modern fragrance, or that its success is ungained, but... too fur-oldish woman for me. Maybe in '60 was a new way to mean classy woman, but nowdays it hasn't follow the concept it was made for. Ironically, I think previous creations like Femme de rochas or cabochard de Gres, 20 years older, make this work better than those aldheidic soapy-rose perfumes.

Burberry Women Burberry by yumcheesy 2014-09-01

the peach+apricot combo in this make it smell more like 'canned peaches' instead of 'fresh peaches'

Mandorlo di Sicilia opens as a fizzy cream soda with a touch of orange and anise. It's quite airy and light in the beginning, and then sweetens as it floats down to earth as a sweet vanilla almond with a touch of peach and a hint of coffee.
I do like this, but I am frustrated that I have to bury my nose into my skin to smell it. I am testing from a sample, so it might come alive and project more with good sprays from a full bottle.

Vanillary Lush by zenbabylove 2014-09-01


Vanilla is my favorite note and I collect niche fragrances with this note.

Vanillary is a mess! It smells like chemicals mixed with rotting Jasmine and
Yogurt with a touch of burning suntan lotion.

IMO most things by Lush are overpriced and overrated.

The packaging is hideous and the perfume bottles peel black flecks all over your hands.

The store is noisy with sales reps rushing at you and getting in your face.

Vanillary stinks....

Duro Nasomatto by K1 2014-09-01

My friend who gifted me the sample said this is magnificent but boring. I tried this monsterous creation and every time I try a newer face is revealed. The first time I got spice-coated leather and bold woods, then I got oud, then I got something animalic and of course some synthetic notes.
Duro is a thick yummy plastic monster demonstrating loud and spice-coated leather woodsy theme. The agarwood in this fragrance is remarkable, slightly synthetic, but great when it sits on fade synthetic pharmaceutical taste. The only disadvantage of this perfume is its immense power and long lasting linear performance.
My personal impression if I have to make a critic on Duro, is that it’s so uncertain although its projection is enormous. I feel a touch of every modern leather oud fragrance in it; Puredistance works for example.

Florence Tocca by edda88 2014-09-01

Very gardenia-forward floral with a sweetness that smells quite sincere and natural rather than like high fructose corn syrup. I love this soft, pretty scent, and I don't usually go crazy for sweet white florals. But if you want a really nicely done gardenia, this is for you. Nice to wear in the summer when spices can be overbearing. Doesn't last terribly long, so if you like it, be ready to reapply.

Luna Rossa Prada by edda88 2014-09-01

Ugh, this smells like 5 day old fish curry that dries down to lavender soap. They really took that maritime theme too far. I am a woman who loves wearing masculines but this one is a scrubber.

L'Agent Agent Provocateur by PaintMySleep 2014-09-01

This one was rough for me. Pure smoke, leather and incense. Mind you it doesn't smell bad but it is very masculine, and I am not someone who prefers fruity floras, in fact I appreciate a deep rich smell, but this is VERY unisex. This reminds me on some baroness who lives on top of a hill who only leaves her home on the blood moon to go sit in the local smoking jazz lounge, whose face is forever covered in a black veil and whose husbands all died under "mysterious circumstances". She has her own private booth and sit alone drinking her bourbon on the rocks and smoking her 10inch long cigarette and never fully lifts her veil, she's mysterious and somewhat something to be feared. She never says a word, simply gets up and pays her tab leaving behind a huge tip and gets in her vintage Aston Martin and drives away. Very much a "the woman in black" perfume.

Dramatic, I know...but that's what this perfume reminds me of. It's not a sexy scent but very demanding and masculine. If you have the personality to rock this then be my guest, but it's a rough one to pull off.

I am still waiting for it to be released in UAE. Man it a long wait now we are in September and fragrance like Dior Homme Parfum have just been released.

Tralala Penhaligon`s by kxnaiades 2014-09-01

The bottle is far more exciting than the scent unfortunately. This is not a gourmand on my skin but instead the Penhaligon's nod to 31 Rue Cambon by Chanel.A blast of aldehydes, a ton of powder, spice and musk makes up Tralala on me and the other notes seem to have disappeared under the weight of them. It's as if a carnation-aldehyde wearing Stepford wife just threw out her drunk on whiskey husband for wearing his leather shoes on the cream sofa. Stepford wife 1/Husband 0. Sillage is rather quiet on me, starts and remains as a close to skin scent for the better part of the day. It's a nice addition for the house and the bottle is truly charming, but the scent- nothing not done before i.e Chanel.

this is my first NR, and its a blind buy.. and for all its not disapoint me.
First i spray, you can smell musk, bergamot, and orange blossom.
After one hour its seems like powdery scent and for the silage its moderate 6-7 hours. very good for EDT.
To me i will wear in the afternoon. its great perfume..

Unfortunately its just limited edition.

Absolue Pour le Matin Maison Francis Kurkdjian by ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 2014-09-01

Great review Woodland! You've summed it up masterfully..... When you spoke of 'reapplying in the evening'.........., I thought: "No no no no no no........." That's why Kurkdjian created Absolue pour le Soir (*_*)

1876 Histoires de Parfums by sweetnspicey 2014-09-01

It started out very animalic on me--perhaps the first time I can say it smelled like body odor maybe. After that I smell strong rose and a shy and powdery wood violet. There is also something sweet and fruity, and I can't say that it is necessarily lychee or orange, but it's sugary. The drydown smells like vanilla with some vetyver, not gourmand at all.

On the whole, it is a nice perfume, but there is a note in it that bugs me, something a little bitter, that prevents me from really getting along with this perfume.

FleurTeese Dita Von Teese by jenniewebb 2014-09-01

From some of the reviews I was expecting a lot but ended up was slightly disappointed. The opening on me is screechy, fly-spray-like for about a minute, then it mellows out to the sweetish-fresh floral heart. I don't detect any individual notes but I do sense the lilac tucked away amongst the other floral traces. This one lasts for about an hour on my skin then it fades away. It also wears quite close to the skin, so this is not a statement fragrance.
If you own others of this genre you don't really need to acquire this one, although it is a pleasant enough and light scent.

Lapidus Pour Homme Ted Lapidus by S24995 2014-09-01

I agree that the scent itself actually isn't one of my faves, but I like the fact that it is unique & a good change of pace if you're in the mood to switch it up a bit from the more popular designer bottles. I'd be surprised if anyone under 25, or probably 30, would want to smell like this, but if you're a bit older & past your ADG days, you might want to dabble in some of the 80s powerhouses & this one definitely fits the bill. In other words, easy. on. the. trigger. Overall, it's about a 7/10 for me & probably not something I would replace if I ever use up all the juice.

Sexy Amber Michael Kors by stardust808 2014-09-01

i wear allure and have loved and worn it (EDT) for abt 8 yrs...this smells nothing like it on my skin but it does remind me a lot of JPG classique EDP and is almost a duplicate to B&BW amber romance both of which i wear regularly. both of these have superior lasting power tho...

Perfumista Avenue Bond No 9 by GalInGlasses 2014-09-01

To my nose, this perfume does not smell anything like its listed notes. On first spray, my first thought was "chemicals," and not the scented kind... More like bleach, maybe with some herbs thrown into it. I know I make this sound like a bad thing... And I have to admit, I don't think I really loved the effect... But I could actually see this potentially working as a masculine. Really, I'm kind of surprised that this isn't listed as such and marketed in a less feminine bottle.

Four hours later, Perfumista Avenue is starting to smell much better, and I am finally glimpsing the rose, plum, and saffron. It would've been nice if these notes had made their appearance earlier! Alas, I probably will not be trying this scent again to find out if they ever will on my skin.

Outrageous! Frederic Malle by arthurfortune 2014-09-01

I tested this out today and really found it beautiful. It's a fairly linear yet incredibly unique combo of neroli, bergamot, and lime. This could make a great signature daytime warm weather scent. Highly recommended alternative to other sweet citrusy warm weather scents.

Iris Poudre Frederic Malle by hippiechick13 2014-09-01

This smells a LOT like Petale Noir by Agent Provocateur - only, Noir taken to the next level. Musky powdery, womanly, clean, and it swims around you in a haze. Well done fragrance, and less screechy than Petale Noir.

Definitely a predominant jasmine, but it works superbly with the iris.

Stella (2014) Stella McCartney by invaderlark 2014-09-01

I tried this today at Nordstroms at I have to say I'm disappointed. I get the rose of course but it's become soapy and "grandmother" like. The old one in my opinion was a jammy/juicy rose with lovely peony. Fresh as hell and very powerful. This one on the otherhand, not so much. I know the one I tested is the new one because of the gold perforated ribbon at the neck of the bottle. Maybe I smelt a bad bottle or maybe I was just having an off day. All I can say is if this is how Stella is going to smell then I'm gonna have to move onto another rose scent. The new Burberry called My Burberry will probably fill that void. Talk about a beautiful bottle and smell!

Love this. On first spritz, it’s gin (tonic please)! Next comes pink peppercorns, interesting & wow! Then woody, musky, powdery and something something. Multi-layered, multi-faceted, a chameleon. Bitter, cool and fresh all at once.

Oppoponax Les Nereides by Adrien02 2014-09-01

This is a review of the Imperial Oppoponax. Agree with ' orchid84' in that this scent is reminiscent of Shalimar. It doesn't have the soapiness of Shalimar, it is warmer, richer and deeper. A resinously sweet scent that becomes a richly developed skin scent after a few hours. Lasts and lasts but unobtrusive.

France 2000 Remy Latour by elegantpasha 2014-09-01

Good old memories with this one, it was a gift from my dad when i was in high school back in the year 2000..... spicy fruity fragrance, not so bad even though its a cheap one..... nice box with "Le drapeau français"

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by riffjim4069 2014-09-01

I pulled-the-trigger on this one...should be here in a few days.

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by genny17 2014-09-01

I don't think there is any Estée Lauder perfume that speaks so , much of sex!!??certainly not Modern Muse, which is a nice formal floral, may I add a bit serious!?
It is also clean, stylish. Like a teacher ' s type of perfume...I liked it, but nothing more, it is nice, without going beyond nice for me..
It would make a pretty gift too, as it is overall casual, and easy to wear.

Lapidus Pour Homme Ted Lapidus by brandonR 2014-09-01

Lapidus means "made of stone" in Latin, hence the dark gray marketing of the product and packaging. But what really makes this scent stand out over the rest is the power vs. price paradox that we the consumer have been blessed to experience from Ted Lapidus. There is no other fragrance that I know of that packs the olfactory punch that Lapidus PH offers at it's price point. But let's go one step further and set price point aside to say this...There is no other scent on the market that packs the olfactory punch that Lapidus PH offers...PERIOD.

I think for most of us, the main appeal of Lapidus PH is that it's a masculine H bomb. Does it smell good? Yes. Is it the best smelling men's fragrance of all time? Doubtful. Are people going to notice you when wearing this one? Hell yes! Let me shoot straight here. I would not even bother with Lapidus PH if it only had moderate projection and sillage because there would be better smelling scents out there with the same projection and sillage as this one. The draw for me is the epic "Conan The Barbarian" experience in which Lapidus PH offers that keeps it on my favorites shelf. Take that away, and you take the art of Lapidus PH away, thus becoming just another men's scent lost in the shuffle. Ted Lapidus house, are you taking note?

Daisy Marc Jacobs by CycoEva 2014-09-01

I have a new rollerball still in box MARC JACOBS DAISY from Sephora, it was $22.00 plus tax, I still have the receipt too and Sephora bag, I would love to trade for something else, this just isn't the right perfume for me and I live too far to return such a small cheap item.

Sensual Tuberose Bois 1920 by tubereuse 2014-09-01

Quite nice! This is similar to Versace Blonde. Call it a lighter version, minus the civet and minus the strength/projection. A very nice, sweet tuberose. The coconut and jasmine are present and obvious. Ladylike and great for any tuberose or white flower lover’s collection!

Bright Crystal Versace by CycoEva 2014-09-01

I give it a 7 out of 10. The following descriptives would best explain my interpretation of bright crystal versace, crisp, clean, sweet pea, freesia, tangerines, orange, citrus, fruity, floral, springtime, feminine . perfume review by cyco eva

Crystal Noir Versace by CycoEva 2014-09-01

I give it a 8 out of 10. The following descriptives would best explain my interpretation, creamy, coconut, rum, vanilla, sweet, warm, musk, winter, rootbeer, holiday spices, woods, complex, salt, figs, dates, tobacco, hazlenet, mature. perfume review by cyco eva

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by CycoEva 2014-09-01

This smells somewhat vintage. Modern vintage. Kinda reminds me of the day after sex, one might stand, walk of shame home in the same outfit you wore the night before, perfect perfume for that. there's really no other way to explain it. The following descriptives would best explain my interpretation, Woods, animalistic, musk, jasmine, mature, sensual, sex, crisp at first, later warm, moody, dark, mysterious, somewhat masculine. I don't know if I have the confidence or personality to wear this perfume, but I wish I did.

Rose Ispahan Yves Rocher by archivist 2014-09-01

I found a mini of this at an outdoor market in Paris and used it to the very last drop - it is the absolute essence of a rose macaron; a lovely balancing act of a lush full-blown rose and the almond meringue delicacy of the cookie; never too sweet, never too floral. I would love to find this again.

Aztek (original) Yves Rocher by nero77 2014-09-01

Wonderful spicy oriental...

It just shows you that not all great fragrances need to come from high-end perfume houses! This one certainly offered a lot for it's price and was quite pleasing.

It opens with spicy cloves and cinnamon and spicy black pepper, the caraway is also prominent and stays throughout the duration of the fragrance. i detect a hint of lavender and dry herbs, and the cinnamon definately gives the whole thing a nice warm touch, like a big hug or sitting by the fire. It also has a very nice pepper and sandalwood base, which makes it very smooth and very dry.

Overall, this a really nice creation from Yves Rocher, and as another reviewer has posted below "they don't make them like this any more!", indeed!

Maroussia Slava Zaitsev by Jernê Knowles 2014-09-01

Algo sublime e quase indescritível! Nossa, tá aqui ele, no meu pulso. Abre com cheiro de sabão em pó de lavanderia norte-americana, com naftalinas quebradas e molhadas levemente com água de sabão em pedra, vai crescendo pra um caminho de pêssegos frescos, mas as bolhas do sabão em pó quebram esse caminho e chamam Orquídeas e Cravos pra ele ficar mais misterioso, daí cresce uma sensação de Rosas e Ylang-Ylang que são misturadas ao Benjoim ao ardido do Cedro ao Sândalo e a uma pitadinha de Almíscar. Ufa, é realmente cheio de personalidade, um tapa na cara de muitos florais que existem por aí, uma obra com cheiro de armário de madeira (deve ser o Cedro) [risos]...

Resenha postada no Orkut a trilhões de anos atrás!

Old Spice Hawkridge Shulton Company by lemonfreshjoy 2014-09-01

My boyfriend wears Old Spice Hawkridge deodorant, and the scent drives me a very good way. To me, it's like coconuts and sunshine. Whenever I come across this in the stores, I have to lift the lid and sniff it.

Lacoste Live Lacoste by Nick M 2014-09-01

I think the bottle is well received; unfortunately they had to fill it with a silly mixture of red, blue, and white or whatever their slogan is. Have you ever mixed a bunch of different colors in art class? You usually end up with something resembling vomit. Although L!VE is not off-putting, it is flat.

In general, it's soapy fresh with a touch of mint. I usually enjoy safe aquatics and frags tailored toward youth because my sinuses are overly sensitive, but this is not doing a thing for me.

L'Agent Agent Provocateur by lollipopsneeze 2014-09-01

Seductive & Witchy!

Smokey spicy, a tad powdery almost a cross between Emerald by Coty & Chantilly with a deep incense spice.. think Angelica Houston

La Fin Du Monde Etat Libre d`Orange by Yurpdod 2014-09-01

What a great concept for a fragrance, right? That's what originally drew me to this scent. But if you're looking for a very avant-garde fragrance experience, look elsewhere. In ELdO's La Fin Du Monde, the apocalypse smells... well, downright polite.

The intriguing popcorn and gunpowder accords do actually exist in this fragrance, but they are MUCH softer and understated than you would probably expect from ELdO. La Fin Du Monde is so much more about soft, delicate florals than about the end of the world. Iris and freesia are the starring players in this composition, with a creative use of carrot seeds to play up the starchiness of iris. Popcorn, cumin, styrax, and gunpowder add a quality that can be described as hot, dusty, spicy, roasted, and ignited. This is mostly present in the first five minutes of this fragrance, as the drydown is almost entirely floral in nature.

This fragrance is clever, but not brilliant. It's a little too subtle and passive for a fragrance based off of a concept as chaotic, captivating, and unnerving as the end of the world. La Fin du Monde smells fine, but gosh, wouldn't you hope that the apocalypse would be a little bit more exciting?

Seduction Dark Orchid Victoria`s Secret by Blonde McBeatz 2014-09-01

I just reviewed here but I'm adding to it.

It's not like Euphoria. On the first spritz I get plumb and fruity sweetness, a little too sweet. Then after a minute the flowers come through. I just bought the mini body mist to try. I do really love this scent, but my signature is Euphoria and I think Seduction is almost as good as that.

Isabey Fleur Nocturne Panouge by sophiesmystery 2014-09-01

It's interesting to see how a scent changes over time.

I ordered a sample of Fleur Nocturne when I wanted to find a good floral I liked - I'm not a floral-type girl, but every once in a while, I find something I liked.

I had a preference for Fleur Nocturne when I first sampled it - it was fleshy white, narcotic floral with strong undertones of gardenia and clover.

After a few months, I come back to this and am completely turned off by it. It's now a very fleshy, sweet apricot jam with too much vanilla, very little gardenia/jasmine, and candy cane clover.

It begins lushly, with a carnal kiss of white gardenia. Anyone who has sniffed a real gardenia flower knows how intoxicating their creamy scent is - it's thicker than tuberose, fruitier than jasmine, sweeter than a rose.

Fleur Nocturne is beautiful, but sweet. The apricot is overpowering - very overpowering. It's one of my least favorite fruits - in flavor and scent, and this is the epitome of why.

This scent really isn't my cup of tea, but it is very beautiful, unusual, and seductive. If you can pull it off, wear it with pride! I'll have to pass though.

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by HanamiTsukimi 2014-09-01

This went up in a head-to-head battle against Light Blue, twice, and they both came out the winner.

Personally, I find the sweet lemon in both scents, lightly touched by woods and flowers, very similar in the beginning. Both evoke vivid ocean visions, both are cool and refreshing without being cold and distant - a trait that usually makes me shy away from aquatic varieties of perfumes.

But where Light Blue stays relatively linear on me, sweet lemon it comes and sweet lemon it goes, Acqua di Gioa takes a meandering little garden path to the beach. The mint interplay with the lemon smells like a lightly tart cocktail. This is a nice contrast to the very present sweetness of the fragrance, though I find that sweetness calms down as it develops. Then a note of pink pepper comes through, giving a hint of cheeky cheerfulness to it. After that, I really begin to smell the peony and jasmine. And I'm always so delighted when I find a combination of white florals that I actually find delightful. From a girl who tends to find these notes heady, this version is airy, sweet, and very nicely balanced with the other notes. During this stage the lemon subdues itself, but after another hour or two it pushes back up to the surface again. It's a welcome reunion.

I never thought I'd say this, but I love it. Light Blue is eternally calm but I find Acqua di Gioia to be brighter, more cheerful, and a little cheeky.

I can't choose. I must have them both. It's like trying to compare a beach in Sicily to the Amalfi Coast. Why must we pick?

Ducati Ducati by Extol 2014-09-01

Bought this last week. :)

My finding this was somewhat serendipitous. Just something I stumbled upon! I was iffy because of the "jalapeño" remarks, but those are untrue.

To me, it's more of a spicy soap mix. It's different, and I like it. Perhaps more suitable for the spring, but I wore it for a few days in 95°F heat and insane humidity, and it lasts.

I think it lasts about 7-8 hours, probably more if you don't work in the conditions I do. Projection is modest, about an arms length for quite a few hours. Perhaps 4. Then it hovers a foot off of you until the last hour or so, where it resides closer to the skin.

Definitely a different scent. But maybe try before you buy. Unless, of course, you like soapy and spicy scents. :)

Trussardi Uomo Trussardi by silentman26 2014-09-01

Trussardi Uomo is one of my first perfumes. It is a very, very strong perfume. A fine, masculine scent full of leather and vetiver. You can also smell carnations, roses and labdanum. No connection to the new version. This 1983 version is a classic. And the bottle is simply one of a kind. Overall a masterpiece.

Baiser Vole Essence de Parfum Cartier by lizakaya 2014-09-01

This is heaven. Leads with a blast of soft, lush lily and follows through with middle notes of boozy vanilla. As the scent progresses, the vanilla and lily get equal playing time on the field, taking turns rising from the warmth of my skin. This is a fragrance I can see wanting in my collection for life. Golden happiness in a bottle.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by abj180 2014-09-01

I got this t shirt. I wanted to like this t-shirt but it was nothing ground breaking. I mean this t-shirt I got is just so boring. Oh what's that you say? I sound like a nut job?? Exactly what I'm trying to get across. These cologne snob freaks litter this review section with. This cologne is boring or this cologne is nothing ground breaking. Really? I mean really? Wow. So synthetic is another great one. I mean I can't believe a cologne or perfume would be synthetic. I thought it was organic. Bahhhh. Just take a minute and read through some of these. Hilarious. Oh... Thanks for reading this.. I hope I didn't Bore you. I got to go.. This t-shirt is killing me.

Almost Bare Bobbi Brown by lizakaya 2014-09-01

No. Scrubber. I get where they are going with this; clean and fresh, reminiscent of freshly ironed linen if the scent was a texture. But it smells like fabric softener. A little ozonic and maybe a touch of aquatic, both accords I can't. Washed it off my arms in the bathroom of a Cheesecake Factory. That, ladies and gents, is desperation.

I had the opportunity to sample this at an event recently and it was amazing. The longevity was okay, though I didn't get to try the fragrance properly. This is definitely a unisex fragrance, rather masculine if anything.
I really do recommend it and can't wait to buy

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by HanamiTsukimi 2014-09-01

I soon as I smelled my sample I realized how many times I've already smelled this, and I understand why. It's fresh, clean and bright, easily worn by most everyone and inoffensive to most anyone. Sounds nice enough but not exactly exciting, right? But I think I'm slowly falling in love with this. I've tried it twice. Once more and I may be compelled to pick up a bottle, popularity be damned.

It starts off a little cool and aquatic on me, notes I don't usually particularly care for. These types of fragrances don't suit my personality well... or so I assumed. It's the lemon that intrigues me from the start because it's so well done. I love lemon but it's used almost ubiquitously in household cleaners and products, making it a hard note to use without evoking thoughts of Pledge, Pine Sol, and the awkwardly sized pills my back requires after a full day of housework. But I digress.

This lemon smells only mildly synthetic, and that's when I scrunch my brow in an attempt to focus on it. Without straining my senses it's a freshly cut lemon, lightly sprinkled with sugar, laid out on a plate in the sun, ready to be squeezed into an icy glass filled with whatever beverage they consume in Paradise. Oh, and all this takes place on a beach beside the still waters of an Italian grotto. Che bello.

It's linear on me, and I don't say that by way of a backhanded insult. The only change being that it wears progressively sweeter on me. Naturally.

A modern classic.

Darn you, Light Blue. Darn you to heck. I love you.

Edited to add: This is a backdoor gourmand on me. I don't get the overabundance of cedar that some seem to suffer from. It's not even close to unisex, let alone masculine. So I guess there's nothing to it but to try it on yourself and see how it wears on you.

Very Hollywood Michael Kors by b.a.denney 2014-09-01

I was lucky enough to get a nice size bottle of this, for super cheap. The previous owner must have only taken one spray and not liked it. For the price I paid, I would have been happy just to have this fabulous bottle on my dresser. I'm actually liking the perfume more than when I'd tested this previously. Maybe they day I tested it, I didn't try it on my skin? Either way, I'm glad I got it. It's not my favorite, but it's nice. I'm really not into a lot of floral fragrances anymore, which is probably why this isn't a "love" for me. It's somehow sort of sparkling though, if that makes any sense? To me, it almost has a bubbly champagne quality to it. It's nice, and I'm sure I'll reach for it once in a while, and the bottle, is the bomb.

X 1861 Xerjoff by miracleborgtech 2014-09-01

Incredible perfume! ! ! Beyond the citrus, the underlying accord is gorgeous! It kind of smells like you took a citrus leaf and crushed it in your hand with spices - immediately refreshing and natural. No synthetic smell here. Sillage arms length, lasts for hours on my skin. Wow!

By Dolce&Gabbana by m1156943 2014-09-01

The best dolce and gabbana ever made!!!
The good one's always get discontinued.

Fumerie Turque Serge Lutens by StealthAngel 2014-09-01

There is a book from Colin Falconer called "Harem".
It's an epic story that spans across over three decades, involving the murky politics of life and survival in a 16th century Turkish harem.

Fumerie Turque is the olfactory equivalent of this book.

The scent is loaded with exoticism, mystery, seduction, the rawness of survival and more.
It is not a "pretty" fragrance, it is so fucking beautiful it will make your heart ache and your head spin... In a very good way.
The smoke in this is unctuous, hedonistic and deep, it feels dangerous yet sensual and troubling, it has such emotional magnetism it can make you feel goosebumps.

But for all its tactile disturbance, Fumerie Turque is above all smooth. It turns the air around you into silk, floating around and leaving covert caresses all over your senses.

If it were a piece of music, it would undoubtably be Peter Gabriel 01 The Feeling Begins.

Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Cheryl Cole by lizzie81 2014-09-01

It's a very light clean fragrance that is all about soapyness, peach and apricot. Quite pleasant but not at all what I expected! I expected something sumtuous and daring, but if that is what your looking for this is not it. A very safe scent, suitable for day wear or office. This isn't your night out or special occasion job.

If your looking for an everyday scent that you can spray with abandon and not have to worry too much this is perfect. Not sure that the name is all that appropriate, I would never associate this with a storm, that conjures up something much more powerful to me, nor would I associate it with flowers for that matter! The colour of the bottle fits it perfectly though, and is actually quite nice in person. Like I said, it is a soft, light, soapy scent. It's apricot and peach scented soap! I think it may have quite wide appeal but to be honest is nothing exceptional or unique and does have a bit of a feel of cheap ingredients to it. I still do think it's pretty even so and would probably wear it if I recieved it as a gift. Perfect for those who want to smell pretty and clean, not so much for perfume enthusiasts I wouldn't think, but ya never know ;) xx

P.S longevity not great on me.

Amouage Epic Man Amouage by muzzbait 2014-09-01

mostly an unburnt frankincense/incense scent, with that minty/resiney smell. it's okay but i don't think it's for me, the frankincense is just too prominent. can't get many of the other ingredients...

Si Lolita Lolita Lempicka by lemonjasmine 2014-09-01

I blind-ordered a mini of the EDP a few days ago and was so disappointed at the first smell. Sniffing it from the bottle, it smells like something a grandmother would wear. I put it on my shelf and forgot about it for a few days, then came back and decided I'd try it out.

I'm glad that I did, because the dry-down on this is amazing. It stays close to the skin; it definitely isn't overpowering. It lasts just a few hours. The initial smell is horribly strong and artificial; it almost smells like a bug spray. But it fades into something beautiful. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist. It's a really nice perfume.

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood DSQUARED² by thiefofnoses 2014-09-01

Rocky Mountain Wood has a peppery, bracing opening that stings my nostrils a little. Violets start to appear shortly after although this is a long way from being a floral. I find that Rocky Mountain Wood bears a striking resemblance to the smell of sawdust on a cool dewy morning. Longevity and sillage are moderate.

Like dofa91 mentioned a couple of reviews below mine, this is a suitable fragrance for humid climates. I would go even further and say that if you're looking for a fragrance that cools you down on a hot summer day, forego all the citrusy minty recommendations and try this instead. You may be pleasantly surprised.

By Dolce&Gabbana by silentman26 2014-09-01

This is a very interesting perfume. Before judging it let it drydown. The sillage is moderate. But after a while it projects great. It is a unique fragrance sweet and spicy. And to say the least eccentric. Sad to see it was discontinued.

I wore this to bed the other night, and I had a super sexy dream where the guy was sniffing my neck and telling me I smelled great.. xD Wow, this perfume has sexy magic in it.

4711 Original Eau de Cologne Maurer & Wirtz by glen.gemeniano 2014-09-01

I haven't tried Neroli Portofino so getting a 800 ML, yes 27 OZ of Eau de Cologne is a bargain. In mere minutes the scent disappears. Splash on as much as I want whenever I want should be the motto for this fragrance. That 800 ML bottle cost $45 at Ontario Mills. I need to find a spray bottle to reapply without having to look like a wino with this huge bottle in my hand every hr. I am starting to understand its charm and am going to start to use it this week to see if it will be my signature scent for the remainder of the summer.

Arabie Serge Lutens by gzalvares 2014-09-01

Maybe the smell of medicine? Perhaps. It may be weird to most? For sure. I'll try to get used to this eccentricity of the perfumery will not be easy. For this I have to concentrate on the fruity notes and try to isolate these spices. Later put everything together again!

Amour Nocturne L`Artisan Parfumeur by mister_chaz 2014-09-01

I've tried this, along the Deliria and Skin on Skin, and I must confess, Amour Nocturne is probably my fave! The opening is a little heavy, somehow reminiscent of Deliria, but later it gets better and better. A sweet milky caramel skin scent, paired with woody smokiness. Perfect!

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs by mrmattcat78 2014-09-01

smells like blackberries on me , on my mom it smells like coconut

Belle en Rykiel Sonia Rykiel by Gigi27 2014-09-01

I agree with everything in Ingridp's review. This is original, different, very wearable, comforting, sexy and clean, snuggly, the works. Not very long-lasting, but a joy to reapply.

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by jdawg 2014-09-01

This perfume is so amazing. It lasts so long on the skin! I'm so glad my mother bought this for herself. She loves it and is one of her favourites!

Love in White Creed by hippiechick13 2014-09-01

This is such an unusual but fabulous fragrance.

I've had a sample of it sitting at home for a while and last night thought I'd actually try some on. It's a creamy, fresh, floral and citrus smell that has an almost minty kind of redolence to it which I quite like. It seems to stay the same throughout being worn and doesn't change too much at all which I like a lot. It does eventually dry down like any fragrance but it's really quite nice and classy. It's definitely a white or silvery feeling when wearing it. Clean and intelligent.

I love it!

Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs by jdawg 2014-09-01

Smells like expensive washing liquid detergent. Not for me.

Trussardi Delicate Rose Trussardi by the_new_esta 2014-09-01

So much love for this scent!!

The funny thing is - I'm not just getting red roses from this. It's more like a huge bouquet of multi-colored and sweetly scented roses that you can't resist. It definitely has a fruity side to it - but is well grounded in florals.

I am so so glad and thankful I decided to pick this up as a blind buy from strawberrynet.

If you remember an impulse spray from the 90's called 'Alive'... this is the exact fragrance!

Pure Poison Dior by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

Of all notes, jasmine and orange blossom are the most detectable. They reside at the forefront, the heart, and the end. They do not leave your side. Good, though. Jasmine and orange blossom are allies.

Pure Poison is the enterprising younger sister of the heartbreaking Poison sisters. She does her homework and volunteers after school while her other sisters kiss in backseats. She isn't a bully like the original Poison, a shameless inamorata like Midnight Poison, or a boyfriend thief like Hypnotic Poison. I like that about her.

This fragrance is clean without being zesty or bubbly. Pure Poison is velvety and plush. Smells rich and milky on warmed skin. People want to get closer. Due to this perfume's nectarous, melted musk, they will be convinced this is one's natural smell.

Oldest trick in the book.

Diamonds and Rubies Elizabeth Taylor by BackTo1998 2014-09-01

Diamonds and Rubies takes me back to Christmas 1996. My mom bought this, and then bought one for my Aunt that Christmas. This is a wonderful spicy, powdery rose and carnation with peach and vetiver....reminds me a little of the gorgeous 1990 Tresor by Lancome. Sophia Grosjman is one of my top favorite perfumers, and her work shines in this perfume.

Diamonds and Rubies is proof that perfume does not need a big price tag to smell good. Elizabeth Taylor was such a beautiful, sweet person, and I find the same qualities in this fragrance.

I wear this to bed quite often, as I find it comforting with the powdery undertones. It's a favorite for the fall and winter, and not many know of it, so you will stand out from the rest.

Royal Oud Parfums Regine by drugstore classics 2014-09-01

Where on earth is this for sale? I love the notes!

Eau de Cartier Cartier by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

I quite love how metallic and sprightly this fragrance is. It opens with an eruption of stainless steel and sharp hints of purified air.

As it leads on, it expands, like a flashing moment of white landscape. It has a hygienic, medicinal quality to it without being sterile or dull. Eau de Cartier is clouds in a bottle. Clean, fresh air you can wear. Not too much like other oxygen based or ozonic fragrances, though.

I like to wear this fragrance when I need a sense of stealth strength. When vitality and power are important to my pursuit. It's a winning fragrance that takes people by surprise. Especially when worn by a woman.

It is also great to layer with overly fruity or forceful florals. For example: When combined with honeysuckle or orange blossom essential oils, Eau de Cartier facilitates an acceptable level of headiness by cutting the antagonistic heavyweight in half and sweeping away the excess.

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by rockegg 2014-09-01

I'm not expecting many balloons for this review but if I'm not honest why would you believe me when I talk about the ones I love?
First, I'm not a huge vanilla fan so a perfume has to have something else amazing going on for me to love when vanilla is a strong note. Unfortunately the other sensory impression I get from this is Play-doh. Play-Doh smells pretty good. I have nothing against it. But the combination of Play-Doh and vanilla is little girl to me. This doesn't smell like an adult at all to me. It's a nice smell, really. Brings up happy memories of childhood. And there is no way on Earth I will buy this.

Bentley for Men Intense Bentley by Cassiano 2014-09-01

In 2013, the Bentley automobile company arrived in the perfumery market with the release of 2 new fragrances: Bentley for Men and this version, called Bentley for Men Intense. This is an Eau de Parfum with 15% of essence in its composition and a lot of quality to be appreciated.

According to the manufacturer, the official notes are: African geranium, black pepper and incense SFE (nomenclature used for 100% pure essential oils, extracted using the sfe-CO2), in the output. In the body of the fragrance are the notes of labdanum resin, Sage and leather NP (nomenclature used to validate the quality of vegetable leather). Finally, at the base, cedar, patchouli and sandalwood.

I don't even know where to start. This scent is very good! It’s an evolution of fragrances that are elegant and full of virility like, for example, Gucci Pour Homme, when it came to the market in 2003.

The perfumer was Natalie Lorson (creator of numerous successful fragrances for Designers and High perfumery markets), who united the luxury of the cars and the feeling of being inside of them, with the heater on, while the snow touches the glass, feeling the comfort of the leather and the scent of hardwoods, in a precious fragrance that reaches the consumer in a bottle created to gather the following characteristics: fluidity, strength, glass and metal together, soft touch and weight that conveys seriousness.

The output is slightly floral, with a beautiful incense (not dry, like those that remind us the churches). The heart is a creamy and sweet embrace, but forget the Sage! The evolution is minimal, but it is possible to feel the Woods, with emphasis on the patchouli in the base.

Frankly, in these hours I feel happy with the prejudice that the fragrances from car companies tend to suffer, because maybe, I'll be one of the lucky people who will enjoy this scent, which is - like a few - the result of a designer creation, with niche look. In my opinion, worth every penny!

Squeeze Lilly Pulitzer by Renata tang 2014-09-01

When I watch these comments, I was hesitant for buying it. However, it is an amazing buy, I cannot describe the smell, really pleasent and the best for the price, the bottle looks so expensive.

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women Burberry by HanamiTsukimi 2014-09-01

Finally, I have a proper sample of this stuff. I get the idea behind those rinky-dink scent tattoos. They're saving money, being stylish, and promoting the sexy nightlife image of the fragrance. But that's no way to get a real idea of what a perfume is made of. I liked it when that was the only option for testing I had. But I like it better now that the actual juice has met my skin.

Starts off a little masculine with lavender and pink pepper, but not overly so. It's more unisex initially - in fact its lavender muskiness reminds me of sentimental favorite CK be. As the top notes fade I start to really like it and I can smell hints of berry and other flowers below the surface. I get the lavender soap comparisons. But if so, it's lavender soap with character.

Don't be overly swayed by the campaign ad. I think this can be worn day or night, young or not so young.

Quelques Fleurs Royale Houbigant by Deppaholic 2014-09-01

I just got the the L'Original, and am in love. I cannot wait to try this one also. My hormonal body eats fragrance up as of late. So, when I find something that actually has a lasting power then I'm jumping into the pool. Love L'Original, so this one is probably good too. Will report back....

Chance Eau Fraiche Chanel by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

Having the original Chance, I was not sure what to expect from this fragrance when an "eau fraiche" was added to the mix. Could it be any more fresh? The original Chance is strong and zesty but sort of hollow. I wear it when I need to blend in and smell nice but it can be quite strong.

Chance Eau Fraiche, though? Completely different story. Initial notes are bright, smart, sparkling, and pleasurable. As it dries down, it develops a sensual, woodsy tone that reminds me of an equestrian rider after a long day. It smells fun but expensive. Nothing cheap or dull, just vibrant and loved like a beautiful spring or mild summer day.

I recommend you wear it in places where it gets a lot of room to breathe and roam, people will notice and I am confident they will like it.

I get lots of compliments on this one. Nobody has called it the way they do the original Chance. This one is the victor.

I do like Neroli Blanc Intense but as the reviewer below me noted, it's very sweet and much more about the vanilla and other supporting fruits than neroli. It's a very pretty, clean, youthful, and to my nose, rather feminine scent, due to the sweetness. The sweet notes have a fruit jam/orange marmalade quality. I can smell the neroli a little bit, but I want a little more of that complex, bitter-woody-floral neroli aroma. (I think the Neroli Blanc eau de parfum format captures that aspect better than this one, even if it doesn't last as long.)

That being said, it's a beautiful scent and if you like your orange blossoms with a side of creamsicle, this is a great one to try. Very much a crowd-pleaser, great for school or office wear.

Come la Luna Bois 1920 by sophiesmystery 2014-09-01

As another reviewer mentioned, this is feminine, but not in the way most people expect.

Something about this scent - maybe the name - somehow whispers of a sacred beauty.

In the autumn, sunsets are slow and vivid. The dry air causes the shadow of the Earth, known as the Belt of Venus, to glow like a field of violets in a sea of silver. When the moon rises, full and pearly white, you feel as if you are witnessing some heavenly spectacle.

This scent reminds me of that.

It's warm, a little woody, a touch bit citrus. It's dark and sensual, like a vintage perfume - it's the smoke of cognac, of amber hair and pale, translucent skin. Something in it begins to shine as metallic, ozonic, like wet stones. The amber makes it sensual and worldly, something in it whispers of dry, sunkissed earth. As it continues to dry and develop, the incense and cedar become stronger - they are translucent in texture but invigorating. It's the thick, violet smoke of frankincense wafting over you in the church - angelic, it's like the beating of dusk colored wings. I can't get enough of it!

Yes, it is feminine - but it is a woman of the past, not a woman of the now. We've been adultered by the sugar-pop little girl scents of the 21st Century. It reminds me of the beautiful 20th century classics my grandma would share with me - those luscious, invigorating, haunting scents that made men swoon. This is not the fragrance for little girl's who like scents that smell of pop rock candy and sugared florals. This is the smell of woman who smokes a cigarette, wears velvet, and knows everyway of love. A queen in a bottle.

Fullchoke Francesco Smalto by Bigsly 2014-09-01

I cannot tolerate such a bottle! Now leave me alone while I spray on some Rochas Man.

Deja Le Printemps Oriza L. Legrand by sophiesmystery 2014-09-01

I have tons of green, chypre-like woods, so I like this, but have better ones that give me my 'lost in the oak forest' fix.

Now mind you, this IS a beautiful, fairy-like scent. There's something in it which is a little dark, something that is half-way light, something that is not all quite there.

It begins with a good dose of cedar. It's not a sweet cedar, but the dark red cedar of a dark forest. Everything is swirling around you in shades of emerald, oak, moss, mist, gold. You get the mushroom of the damp earth, the crackling of the leaves, the cool bark of towering trees with long, crooked, ancient branches. It's as invigorating as an early morning run, and also as spiritual as seeing a thousand year old oak whose trunk is as wide as the sky and whose branches might hold stars.

Somewhere shines through the clarity of muguet. Her scent is waxy, but not creamy like jasmine. She's got a little spice to her, like a handful of narcissus, yet she's less confrontational. She's the shyer twin sister of narcissus, and probably likes you a little better (ever tried to pluck sprigs of narcissus? ITCHY!), but she's just as beautiful. I like muguet, because it's an unusually scented flower - it's clear as moonlight, yet fresh as grass.

It makes this heavy malachite scent a little lighter. There's spears of gold sunshine shining through this otherwise lush, heavy place. The closest you can get to being lost in a forest, and happening upon a hole leading into another world.

BCBGirls Star Max Azria by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

I need dupes. Emergency dupes. If you know of anything that smells like this, please message me. If you know where I can find a reasonably affordable bottle, please message me.

I wore this fragrance my last year of high school. A teacher in one of my classes interrupted a standardized test to find out which of us was wearing perfume. It was me. It was always me.

He asked me what the name of it was. Without inflection or enthusiasm, stone-faced and captured, the entranced captive said, "It smells terrific."

It was in that moment I realized how truly powerful my scent was. How invaluable my trusty fragrance arsenal really is. Perfumistas wield power. What scent does to others is our weapon.

I am desperate for another bottle. I have a small amount left from the first bottle and have not used it out of fear the remaining droplets will not be replaced. I almost stole this perfume from someone's home when I saw it years later at an open house. It drives me insane to know it is dying out.

This perfume is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by Manny44 2014-09-01

I wore this one all day on saturday and it has Nothing in common with Bulgari Man or Man Extreme. I mean nothing. Not a single note as far as I can tell and totally opposite vibe and genre. What are people smelling? This is a deep, boozy backroom at a club, heavily treated leather-borderline animalic scent. No vetiver/honey /lotus like Man or Cactus/ Grapefruit like Extreme.

5:40 pm in Madagascar Kenzo by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

I believe I received a stale version of this fragrance. Going by the reviews, I don't experience any of the woods or powder. Mostly, I'm just left with a stale vanilla that almost smells smoky and rancid. I don't pick up any of Hypnotic Poison at all and that is one of my most beloved fragrances. This bottle smells old and limp.

It is unfortunate because I was excited to love this one. I love what the notes were intended to evoke and was prepared to go on an olfactory adventure. Bought the wrong ticket. Maybe next time.

L.12.12. Noir Lacoste by Chicago Tony T 2014-09-01

It's a fresh watermelon and lavender scent. The chocolate and patch is very light and faintly noticeable. As mentioned, the performance is poor in every category. It does smell nice but not muck kick in it at all. Elegance is my fav from Lacoste.

Armani Code Ultimate Giorgio Armani by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

This was the first cologne I purchased for my current boyfriend.

Like him, it is strong, dark, and commanding. When we first went cologne testing, we were both equally enamored with the power of this scent. Smelling it on him filled my senses with lust; I was captured by the concoction. It made him seem stronger and more daring.

It is masculine and dominant. He wears it only while with me. Sexy but not synthetic and toxic like the multitudes of colognes manufactured to make a woman's panties drop.

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes by sophiesmystery 2014-09-01

This is the scent of a late February afternoon, when all the trees are just beginning to blush with lime green shoots, and the gardener has just mown all the tender, soft lawns.

Everything about this scent is fruity, green, lively, and ephemereal. It reminds me of a long, leisurely day spent at the stables - the sweetness of crushed hay, the buzzing of bees as they burrow themselves deeply into pale pink rose blossoms, the nuzzle of a velvet nose in your hands, running your fingers through a coarse yet silky mane that smells still of the pasture, the wind, and the sky.

Something in here is slightly peachy, a little bit like a nectarine. It's a tart, pale green pear, with slightly firm flesh. There's a kiss of clear florals, and translucent silver green that's refreshing, like eucalyptus leaves in the mist. It's not innercity Paris, with its cacophony of scents, but more the outskirts of the Ile. It's a Normandy garden, cool, shadowed, and lush, somewhere you can play and laugh and love and really not notice the time going by.

It's innocent, refreshing, and clear as dewdrops. I've been craving a good 'grass' scent, and need to get this for the long winter ahead...

Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes by sophiesmystery 2014-09-01


This was the perfume that awakened me to how much scents move me.

I knew I loved smells, but I didn't completely realize it till I got a few samples of this emotive, refreshing, clear scent.

I can close my eyes everytime I smell this and see the world it was created on - this is the clear, emerald-green sea of the Mediterranean, where the silver waves crash against rising cliffs, and the wind whistles through fragrant cypress and pine.

There is the bittersweet aroma of cool fig leaf, with shadows and beetles lingering beneath. Then there is that opulent kiss of aromatic cedar, a delicate mixture of bergamot and neroli. This fragrants starts off as a deep green citrus, with tons of woody notes lifted by bitter, oily fruits. It is like a moist wind rushing through an open window - it beckons you outward. It pulls you, seduces you.

This is a very emotional scent, at least for me. Of all the 'ocean' or 'green' scents I have tried, I'd say this was the most moving, the most emotional, living. A lot of passion was put into this scent. It's not for everyone, but I know I love it. I adore it - you have to experience this to understand.

Land Of Warriors The Vagabond Prince by smcandsmc 2014-09-01

Please-- an update on the status of this. The bottle and the list of notes keep me coming back to see if it's available yet...

Strawberry Flowers Fresh by sophiesmystery 2014-09-01

I loved this when I was younger - it was fruity without being sappy, floral without being plain, fresh without being too stereotypical fresh.

It reminds me, deeply, of California winters - when the sky is a vividly deep blue, the air is cool yet warm, and the still, dry air is filled with a delicate scent of grass, orange flowers, and ripening scarlet fruits.

Even now that I am in my 20's, and realized I am attracted to woods, musks, and spicier, darker scents, something about this perfume still excites me. There is the faintest, most delicate hint of freesia - one of my favorite flowers - the sweet juicy tartness of a freshly picked strawberry from Grandma's garden. There is the delicate warm of honey-gold lemon blossoms, a glitter of high, silver clouds and long walks in the late afternoon sun.

When I want to feel like a little girl again, playing with butterflies and loosing myself in the blue sea of the sky, I will wear this. It's feminine, but I sense a girl who has a little mystery to her, a little jazz in her step, a shadow of wisdom in her eyes when I wear this. It's not the playful virginity of a vanilla girl, or the soft budding sexuality of a rose girl. This is that child who probably knows every star in the sky, talks to the birds, and loves to gaze into the distance, dreaming of her future.

Nostalgic and beautiful. I think I will pull out that bottle I never finished and wear this again...

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by jellybeantree 2014-09-01

This is a very feminine fragrance, nothing earth shattering, it is sweet . The patchouli is way in the background . I get more vanilla. The coffee gives it a little edge but its not black or dark. It's cozy and a little edgy.

Fullchoke Francesco Smalto by Mango Plantation 2014-09-01

Wow - the things you find, eh? I actually wouldn't mind smelling this, it looks good on paper - the name didn't bother me, until I saw the bottle - annnd then read the 'reviews'. Now HONESTLY. A company CANNOT expect to put out something as such and have it NOT thrown under the bus. You'd have to decant it and lie about it forever more, due to the ridicule you'd endure should anyone see the actual bottle in your possession - and lordamighty, you could certainly never tell anyone the NAME, for fear they'd go hunt it down themself - "yes Father, I am terribly, terribly sorry that the sales clerk handed you a glass penis. Yes Father, I should go to confession more regularly. Yes Father, I'll do my penance now - to the alter, on my knees, 300 Hail Mary's and 20 hours volunteering community service? Yes Father. Thank you Father. THANK YOU for not mentioning this to my family, Father - YES, you'll see me at mass this Christmas, Father."

Prada Candy Prada by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

When I first met Candy, I was smitten. Time went on and she got boring; I was resentful because she looked and smelled like she'd been around the block too many times. I gave her away and didn't look back. A year later, I contacted her again reminded of why we worked. She's sweet and warm. Now we're back on and it's going well.

Candy is warm, buttery, and cozy. It is inviting.

What drove me to pick it up again was smelling spun sugar at a fair and being reminded of how delicious it really is.

Candy is great in the fall or winter. Great to wear out on a cold night. My only concern is that it walks the line of smelling cheap like Fantasy or stale body sprays but I think it exercises enough restraint not to. Candy doesn't smell as easy might as you think.

Stella Stella McCartney by Lybarra118 2014-09-01

This is the ultimate, and best, non-berry-sweet rose scent that I've found to date. It's my favorite rose scent. I get a lot of similarities to Paul Smith Rose, but Stella is much more wearable and the rose is smoother and far less screechy. It also lasts longer on me, which is something I'm always searching for in non-sweet rose scents.
I find that many predominantly rose perfumes can come off as dusty or cold, and make me feel uneasy in my own skin, but Stella is oddly comforting. I'm pretty sure that's the lovely Amber coming into play.
It's quite beautiful, elegant and easy to wear.
Everyday appropriate, office appropriate, no age restriction. Very classy.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by AmazonGrace 2014-09-01

I looked at the notes in Black Opium and thought to myself: "Ah, at last! This could be my first ever signature scent!" I suppose it's still a possibility if the coffee note makes it's (hopefully dark) presence known and yet ceases to overwhelm the other lovely notes. Cedar, patchouli, coffee, orange blossom, and the few other notes sound cosy, classic, and very wearable/versatile as a whole if the composition is of good quality. I'm anxious to receive a sample of it!

Republic of Men Banana Republic by FlashAdler221 2014-09-01

Brutal! This stuff smells amazing but sadly all of the complaints about zero longevity on skin are 100% true. You'd be lucky to get 2-3 hours out of it. But I am in love with the smell! It's not special but it's so delicious in a classically reliable sense. I've noticed that girls like this one on me just as much as YSL's L'Homme or Chanel's Allure Sport. I can totally see why. Even though the actual juice isn't good enough to compete with the YSL's and the Chanel's it does however have a quality that can be perceived as sexy on the right person to the right person. It's a safe buy but keep in mind that you will have to reapply every few hours and you definitely wanna put it on your clothes so that it stays with you longer.

Armani Mania Giorgio Armani by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

I don't use this fragrance often. I have been surprised by it a time or two when I have randomly decided to wear it but all told, Mania doesn't do much for me. I imagine it is boring or normal enough for the masses, which is why I tend to only wear this fragrances in professional or academic settings. I would never wear this in a romantic setting.

It is like a weak, fake orgasm. It is not sexy. It's a sigh.

Mostly what I get from this scent is orange cream but not orange cream you would crave for eating. Maybe orange foam face wash or carpet cleaner. I don't detect much of the wood or powder. Floral notes don't arrive. Zzzz.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by gzalvares 2014-09-01

Another fragrance I think not arouse deep passions even appealing to the commercial side. Opening-green woody and spicy with mild smoky touch. Develops into something fruity (cherry?) And tobacco, reminding Bogart Pour Homme. The drydown has something Bvlgari Man plus leather, rum and tonka.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

This scent is rumored to have been designed with the sweet, laundered scent of male genitalia in mind. Upon reading that, I was perplexed as to how one accomplishes this but I knew exactly what scent Tom Ford was thinking of. He was successful and as odd as it is, I do not mind the taunt one bit.

Black Orchid is thick and sensuous; I feel like I am in a lush, opium den waiting for a long lost lover. He finally reached out to me after years apart. We agreed to meet. Nervous about meeting, I take deep breaths and let the fragrance envelope me. Before long, I am relaxed and willing. I am inviting of the darkness and depth. He arrives. He's tall, dark and handsome.

This perfume is intoxicating and rich, it opens the door to new ideas of what sensuality is. Black Orchid is the introduction to a new kind of scent and sex. Rougher and scarier than you are used to. Fleshy and unusual, a lot of people won't understand it or why you want it.

But you will. And that is all that matters.

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by HanamiTsukimi 2014-09-01

lushnight (6/19/14) couldn't have put it better. I can't imagine not liking it, but there's also no mystery in it, no seductive quality to it that would make me unequivocally fall in love with it.

I've been keeping my eye out for a bottle in a bargain bin somewhere. But even if one day I get it, I suspect it'll be like that skirt in my closet that isn't quite me, or perhaps was me five years ago, that I can neither bring myself to wear nor toss; too good to give up but not special enough to crave. But it's undeniably pretty and there's a reason it's so popular.

Rose Oud Illuminum by lombredansleau 2014-09-01

I agree with Bacall that this fragrance reminds a lot of D&G. I got a 50ml bottle today and I've been thinking all day what fragrance it reminded me of.
The rose is very subtle, confused in the oud and the stronger lily of the valley.

Rose Oud Illuminum by lombredansleau 2014-09-01

I agree with Bacall that this fragrance reminds a lot of D&G. I got a 50ml bottle today and I've been thinking all day what fragrance it reminded me of.
The rose is very subtle, confused in the oud and the stronger lily of the valley.

Curve Chill Liz Claiborne by HanamiTsukimi 2014-09-01

Starts spicy, almost masculine because of the ginger, then turns into household cleanser as the lemon comes through. A little too crisp and clean for my taste. Reminds me of the generic preppy scents of the 90s: unisex, outdoorsy, and inoffensive.

I've had an obsession about with perfume for a few months. Sweet combination of marzipan and almond seemed to be the candidate for my signature scent. Spending hours online, I've finally found it in reasonable price - definitely the best day in my perfume career.
Unfortunately, Amour d'Amandier is responsible also for my biggest disappointment among all the fragrances I've smelled. Instead of delicate gourmand, there's tart & sour powder. No marzipan, no almond, only an unidentified mix, which is extremely unpleasant for my nose or skin.

I've got it in Friday, today is Monday and it's already on the way to a new owner. Well, the best love is and unrequited love...

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic Guerlain by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-09-01

Wonderful mandarin basil combo, fresh and very comforting. If you need a scent that would help you relax, you should really try this one!

Bittersweet Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

This was my first Tokyo Milk Dark perfume. I bought it as a birthday gift (instead of cake) to myself years ago and am finally getting around to talking about it.

Weak sillage. Shy lasting power. Notes are simple yet interesting.

First, you are introduced to this endearing chocolate cake note. It isn't sweet or creamy. It's dry and doesn't have the orange note added to it like other chocolate fragrances we've come to know.

Next, the initial explosion of fudge cake mellows out and one can sniff out the musk quite nicely. Whether or not it is bronze, I cannot say. What remains of the cocoa and cake flour stirs a bit but ultimately fades gently out into forgettable musk and osmanthus.

Your dessert is digested. You miss it.

Jeu d’Amour Kenzo by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-09-01

Strange scent, strong oriental and vibrating. I really can't define why I don't like it. Tuberose? Maybe. I have a problem with many tuberose scents and only very few of them have stolen my heart.

This is a very classy and sophisticated scent. I blind bought it and wasn't sure I would like it. The more I wear it, the more I love it. Upon initial spray, it smells somewhat soapy, but once it dries down it's green, soft, and floral. It is not overbearing, but it does make me feel confident. It's perfect for warm weather.

Rosam Histoires de Parfums by Arabian Knight 2014-09-01

Very intense! I ordered this along with 5 other samples from Skins Cosmetics, NL. As I tore away the envelope, "Rosam" was humming its song through the box.

Lustrous feminine roses, pungent leathery saffron and a rich, black, tarry oud note that for the first time did not remind me of band-aids. This oud reminded me slightly of petrol in its initial pungency, then lacquered wood. Very striking.

I've smelled a lot of rose + oud perfumes. By far my favorite is still "Noir de Noir" by Tom Ford, but even I admit the oud note there is not the most intense or authentic (and that's probably why I like it).

I don't know how authentic the oud in "Rosam" is, but it's too strong for me, as was the intense leatheriness of the saffron.

This is definitely more snarling dominatrix than beguiling Eastern beauty.

D&G Anthology L`Imperatrice 3 Dolce&Gabbana by one_girl_rev 2014-09-01

Everything was going great for this scent and I until one of my coworkers wore it after taking a break to smoke. When she came back in, she sprayed this to cover up her reek. A combination of this perfume and her smoke created a stinging waft of recoil. Fruity sweetness fought with the cancerous smoke, trying hard to overpower against the toxic ruin taking hold of my coworker's skin, but it lost. I suddenly found myself hating the sweetness, it twisted itself into fruit rot.

What was once light yet syrupy, pretty and bouncing morphed into a heavy, sharp nightmare filling a room with sour stomach sickness. I saw this perfume's dark side. It looked like Naomi Campbell's. Angry and mean but trying so hard to be sweet. Guh.

L'Air du Temps Nina Ricci by irisjetaime 2014-09-01

@Amor und Psyche : you quote "the silence of the lambs"... right ? ;O)

La Cautiva Fueguia 1833 by Arabian Knight 2014-09-01

Its amazing how just 3 notes can produce such a complex olfactory experience.

"La Cautiva" opens with a note that smells curiously like anise or fennel. It then bounces back and forth between a thin, sharp green grass, and a mellow fruity bubble gum. Finally it settles into a juicy, tangy blackcurrant and sweet playful vanilla.

The tone of this is quite high pitched, bright, bubbly and very feminine. It has an intense clarity that cuts through other scents in the room. The blackcurrant here thankfully stays away from the cat-piss side of things, but has just the right amount of greenness to balance the sweetness of the vanilla.

Quite charming, innocent and will definitely get a girl noticed.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by yarks 2014-09-01

I like 1 Million. It's not bubble gum, but more like Juicy Fruit gum. It also has a metallic vibe for sure. The best part, in my opinion, is the sweet, candy-lover drydown. That's one of the few things the imitations don't recreate. You will smell good. However, if there's any negativity, it's the versatility. I strongly DO NOT recommend this as a signature scent (that is, your primary cologne that people will know you for). As liked as it is, it has become boring with overuse, not to mention it has a less mature vibe to it. If I smelled this on you everyday, I'd find you to be kinda dull. Certainly not a formal fragrance, and decisively for nighttime. It will last and project well, that's not the issue. This is a "for fun" fragrance, so treat it as that- an occasional good time. The imitations out there are becoming annoying, and the counterfeiting industry is rampant with this juice. Buy from a reputable seller for sure. The dislike bar is unusually high on this one (just scroll above), so understand that you won't be respected by all for wearing this. I do recommend this scent, though I understand the people who do not.

Absinth Nasomatto by K1 2014-09-01

Now here’s what I love from this house.
I had been influenced by public tendency on Black Afgano with lot of prejudice supporting that dwarf black monster like if someone doesn't love it he’s swag! Same happened about Duro, people made an over-masculine idol of it and if it doesn't go with somebody he has to take a look in his pants if his old fellow is still over there!
Absinth, nevertheless, fortunately or unfortunately, is not widespread like the other two. It is underestimated as Houdini4 mentioned below. Maybe for it’s not contributing in mass marketing. Or maybe it takes real budget for its realistic high quality notes.

Anyway, It opens so ostentatious and subtle with smoky dry wormwood which seems in used in an odd salad! Gradually what made my knees loose comes out: a kind of smoky bad burnt diesel motor smell which I can’t reject! A kind of gasoil of gasoline subjected to main aromatic green woody aromatic pleasure! That’s why I love Absinth.
When it gets cool in the middle phase, a conifer wood smell shines on. Probably cedar wood but when it sits in dry down it rather smell like sweetened pine smell under carpentry table saw.

Tabu Dana by Ivyswirl 2014-09-01

How I adore this! True love at long last.

Inspired by the rather 'interesting' idea behind it, I immediately bought a rather cheaply packaged violin shaped bottle. How our relationship has evolved! On first spritz it smelled a bit sour and very dark. My mother actually thought it had gone off (but then again, she likes all the fruity florals that I shun...)
Slowly I kept trying to figure it out; soon I realised it was the most warm, spicy and comforting smell of spiced oranges, cloves and sandalwood for me. Rather quickly this became my bedtime scent, it is as warm and comforting as having a crackling fire in the grate of your bedroom on a cold winters night.

So far I have to admit I've never actually worn it out anywhere, but this is in part due to what seems to be the low sillage level on me. It's not of course the most long lasting either, but at the price I'm not complaining.

This is something that; despite all the other niche or expensive fancy scents I may collect, I will always keep a bottle of in my collection.

Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari by yarks 2014-09-01

A superb aquatic. It truly does conjure images of the ocean and the beach environment. It lasts long and projects somewhat (could certainly be better, but it's an aquatic). The true seaweed scent is the highlight of uniqueness in this bottle, other than the stellar bottle itself. This is a salty, lovable fragrance that should make one more inviting. Most people will like it. I don't necessarily think they'll be *impressed*, but it is fully likable. It is, in my opinion, superior to Acqua di Gio. I do recommend this cologne.

Misiones Fueguia 1833 by Arabian Knight 2014-09-01

A wonderful ode to liturgical incense, predominantly myrrh. Smells surprisingly bright, pure and fresh, as lemon enhances the sharp, zingy characteristics of the myrrh, while the nutmeg provides its own unique mouth-watering properties, creating a texture that feels cool and liquid, not smoky as I was expecting.

I will admit it bears a resemblance to "Cardinal" by James Heeley, but in my opinion, smells much more natural.

I wouldn't consider this a winter scent. Far from it, I am finding that even an hour after application the freshness from the lemon and nutmeg continues to breathe, like rain droplets on the skin.

Nor would I categorize it as masculine or feminine either. "Misiones" is not a sexual scent, it is pure atmosphere and evocative of something sacred and ancient. It's rare that I smell a perfume that manages to evoke its concept so masterfully.

Definite win from this house.

Premiere Luxe Avon by polkadot27 2014-09-01

This is a very classy perfume. It is a cross between coco chanel mademoiselle and La Vie Est Belle Lancôme. Both are very classy, expensive signature cents, ones were you can just smell and feel the quality. This one is the same. Avon have really pulled it out of the bag with this one. It's soft and it's creamy with sweet praline seething through. I pick up on nutty undertones in this one, probably hazelnut blended with the slightest trace of patchouli wrapped up in magnolia and gardenia. For me the black current is the base note, I have to smell hard to detect black current but it is present underneath the other notes. It is beautifully blended just like La Vie Est Belle Lancôme. The only problem I have with this fragrance is when I wear it the silage is rather poor and for such a quality expensive smelling scent, this sort of lets me down. Therefore for me it is kind of a skin scent, a beautifully thick rich creamy skin scent indeed. Perfect for autumn and winter months. This fragrance is sexy in a classy way.
I imagine ladies who like the finer things in life and who are materialistic but never in a tacky gaudy way wearing this. They have impeccably high standards but are by no means lacking depth or shallow. They seek quality and respect along with stability and security in life. They are reserved and somewhat hesitant when it comes to love, but prove to be the classiest most loyal ladies.
I disagree with those who say this could never be a signature, it very well could be, for the right type of woman. This perfume isn't brash or in your face which a lot people seek in a signature scent, it is quiet and reserved but individualistic in its own right. It doesn't have any crazy off the wall combinations of notes. But it is a safe, beautifully blended scent for the reserved kind of lady who knows and seeks quality.
When I think of this perfume I think of beautifully blended smooth coffee beans. Safe, warming, comforting and seductive in a peaceful way.
The beautiful vintage, bottle is very nice. It looks very expensive. Just like the fragrance the bottle is classy, understated and subtly charming.

Liquid Cashmere Donna Karan by nebbe 2014-09-01

Dannysmom: Not the same scent as Liquid Nude. I have Liquid Nude, and love it for its cuddly sandalwood/floral/musk.

I recently sniffed the new Liquid Cashmere, and to my senses it is a L'eau version of the Liquid Nude flanker. Does not have the musky body of Liquid Nude.

So if Liquid Nude was too musky or heavy for you, then Liquid Cashmere could suit well.

Hopefully this helps!

That Moment One Direction by Smunky 2014-09-01

I am 40 years old and I own That Moment (and it wasn't a gift either). Now that that is out of the way... while I get the comparison with Be Delicious, this is a softer, rounder, less in-your-face apple. There's a certain something in the original Be Delicious that is just shy of headache-inducing for me - something that this is (thankfully) missing. I only get the slightest hint of grapefruit - and not like a white grapefruit, but like a pink grapefruit juice cocktail. And I'm good with that. This isn't anything innovative, or groundbreaking, or mindblowing. Just a soft, pretty apple fragrance that should appeal to One Direction's fan base (and possibly even some well beyond that demographic, like me).

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by yarks 2014-09-01

This *technically* smells good. I previously only had it on paper, but trying it on my skin, my initial reaction wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Acqua Di Gio's top notes are bitter and unpleasant, but the drydown after 10 or so minutes reveals a more flowery effect. Does it evoke images of the beach? Absolutely. Is it a bomb of freshness? Yes. Do women like it? Of course. Do I want to wear it? No. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the scent evokes negative feelings in me. Perhaps it is due to the ubiquity of the fragrance among the working class population. Perhaps it's because the tester at Macy's made me want to throw up (must've been an old bottle, because the one at Dillard's smelled 100% better. I blame the fact they leave the test bottle out in bright light). I don't fully know why I don't 100% like this, but I don't. It makes me feel like spitting after every whiff. It lasts long and has soft projection. Do I recommend this scent? Not personally. Its over-popularity ruins it and it doesn't work on my skin. There are better blended aquatics, like L'eau D'Issey or Aqva Pour Homme. Of course, I can't say you'd go wrong buying ADG because the hype isn't wrong- to most people it smells great. Just not for me, sadly.

Pardon Nasomatto by K1 2014-09-01

Pardon is a melancholic 19th century dandy style like novel characters in colossal mansions; rich, self-assured and remarkable. This perfume opens with the same blast of oud Duro, a bit sweet, and way synthetic; everyone implied. The chocolate note overcomes the oud and oud fades gradually till in the dry down you hardly smell it. The spicy theme joins cacao milky burnt sugary air and the concoction shows its real face, warm, dandy, fashionable, gourmand and playful. But let me compare its gourmand side to another release of the year: Pychédélic by the house of Jovoy Paris; an lustful earthy patchouli emblem. More volume of insanity and gourmand, more character and much more vivacious. Comparing these two; although the notes are irrelevant; Pychédélic is much successful cause of the intense melancholic gourmand vibe drives you crazy. Pardon is rather more serious and weighty try to be significant but the synthetic patches somehow draws it down.

fresh, cheerful, smells like shampoo. projection isn't amazing but every so often i catch a whiff of this and i get a clean, youthful fruity-floral. as previous reviewers stated, it's nothing earth-shattering and the longevity is a bit weak, but it's a very enjoyable scent for spring and summer.

i like light scents, so my biggest gripe with this is the plastic flower on the bottle, i think it feels a bit cheap and it gets in my way when i'm trying to re-cap it. cute idea though.

Invasion Barbare MDCI Parfums by GenuineR30 2014-09-01

So I bought a sample of both Invasion Barbare and 1725 Casanova. Here is my take.

Invasion Barbare - At first sniff I thought it was a little to harsh of a scent. I get a serious blast of lavender. If I was to describe how heavy it starts off - think of Sandalwood by Art of Shaving and mixing in lavender. Its softens with a bit of vanilla but the heaviness lingers around softly but never really leaves. Ideally when you walk by a person the draft you will create should make the person smelling you, think...sweet but masculine and distinguished (just left the barbershop) Its like clashing heavy and soft together. Invasion is a great name for this scent because people will feel invaded by you when walking by but very happy that you did.

*Longevity - Great!! All day
*Projection - excellent, it will concur and invade
*Fall/Winter wearer this at in the colder months, too heavy for the summer

Casanova 1725 - It almost has the same lavender barber shop scent that Invasion offers but without the harsh blast. This scent is mellow and soft. I get a creamy almond vanilla scent from this. It almost has a powdery smell to it but not in a feminine way. Casanova is an excellent name for this fragrance. You're left wanting more from this scent which is what Casanova was all about. Its like you're drawn to it but if you get to close and figure it out you'll be left dissatisfied. Best advise I can give the wearer of this scent is don't wear it for you, but wear it for the people around you. This becomes a close skin scent after about 4 hours and if you haven't been able to get the girl close enough to you within those 4 hours of 1st application you'll lose her. Casanova was patient but didn't spend too much in one place remember that when wearing this.

*Longevity - Good not great 6-8
*Projection - Good but soft
*Year round scent easily worn in the warmer months unlike Invasion Barbare

1725 Histoires de Parfums by GenuineR30 2014-09-01

So I bought a sample of both 1725 Casanova and Invasion Barbare. Here is my take.

Casanova 1725 - It almost has the same lavender barber shop scent that Invasion offers but without the harsh blast. This scent is mellow and soft. I get a creamy almond vanilla scent from this. It almost has a powdery smell to it but not in a feminine way. Casanova is an excellent name for this fragrance. You're left wanting more from this scent which is what Casanova was all about. Its like you're drawn to it but if you get to close and figure it out you'll be left dissatisfied. Best advise I can give the wearer of this scent is don't wear it for you, but wear it for the people around you. This becomes a close skin scent after about 4 hours and if you haven't been able to get the girl close enough to you within those 4 hours of 1st application you'll lose her. Casanova was patient but didn't spend too much in one place remember that when wearing this.

*Longevity - Good not great 6-8
*Projection - Good but soft
*Year round scent easily worn in the warmer months unlike Invasion Barbare

Invasion Barbare - At first sniff I thought it was a little to harsh of a scent. I get a serious blast of lavender. If I was to describe how heavy it starts off - think of Sandalwood by Art of Shaving and mixing in lavender. Its softens with a bit of vanilla but the heaviness lingers around softly but never really leaves. Ideally when you walk by a person the draft you will create should make the person smelling you, think...sweet but masculine and distinguished (just left the barbershop) Its like clashing heavy and soft together. Invasion is a great name for this scent because people will feel invaded by you when walking by but very happy that you did.

*Longevity - Great!! All day
*Projection - excellent, it will concur and invade
*Fall/Winter wearer this at in the colder months, too heavy for the summer

Fleur de The Rose Bulgare Creed by Mango Plantation 2014-09-01

Not a review, but just wanted to say - the reasoning behind some houses putting out such large flagons is that in some countries, it has become quite the norm for people to go in together and purchase and then divide it. It's not that the house expects one to race thru an 8oz bottle before it turns. So if you do the math, bring in some friends, it actually can work rather decently.

Liquid Cashmere Donna Karan by mister_chaz 2014-09-01

Either I'm anosmic to this, or this fragrance is simply a barely noticeable nondescript musk. I found the opening somewhat generic and strong, but hoped for better development... Was left disappointed, as it melted into nothingness. There are so many wonderful notes listed - where is all of that?

Biblioteca de Babel Fueguia 1833 by Arabian Knight 2014-09-01

Contrary to what some reviews have said, I don't think this smells remotely like old books or antique furniture, well at least not at the beginning.

To me, "Biblioteca de Babel" smells more like a thick, spicy slab of gingerbread, the hard kind that nearly snaps your teeth when you bite it. The sweetness is that of toasted brown sugar, tempered by a rich, dark mahogany that gradually becomes more pronounced and complex as the initial burst of cinnamon wears down. I do get a vague 'lacquered' quality, if I search for it, but mostly I keep getting reminded of the warm, yummy gingerbread tones in "Like This" by Etat Libre d'Orange.

This is bolder, but there's no denying the gourmand aspect here. Very cosy and totally unisex.

Coque d'Or (2014) Guerlain by Dorothy Grace 2014-09-01

Brought up, as I was, on Scheherazade and Night on Bare Mountain (although I do admit I thought it was Bear and stalked around the room accordingly) I adore both Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky.

Rimsky-Korsakov's 'The Golden Cockeral' is performed as Le Coq d'Or (The Golden Cock) in France. Was it sometimes titled The Gold Shell or did Guerlain make a play on words - coque/coq - because they couldn't use the name of the opera? I don't know but these notes and this bottle don't say Rimsky-Korsakov The Golden Cockeral to me - (maybe something by Faberge would?).

Is the bottle beautiful? Cobolt blue crystal is beautifulI to my eyes regardless of the shape (a bow-tie) but the metal case (in the photograph) less so, looking for all the world, as it does, like a gold bow to put on a Christmas parcel. Are the bottles old or new from the moulds made in the 1930s?

I wonder how similar the 2014 version of Coque d'Or is to the original? The pyramid of notes is quite different. Aniseed and lavender in the top notes is quite a change. Patchouli and jasmine as middle notes, vanilla in the base, no leather. Hmmm. A side by side comparison would reveal all.

So 17,000 euros for one of these or a 17,000 euro holiday visiting French perfume houses with a special stop off at the Guerlain museum to smell some original formulas - my spare cash would definitely go for the holiday.

Just some idle chatter.

Fujiyama Mon Amour Succes de Paris by Renata tang 2014-09-01

This is really classy one! Like few hundreds years before, vintage perfume. Enternal and elegance, great for the price.

Reveal Calvin Klein by darksome 2014-09-01

Looking at the notes, I hoped that Reveal would be a non gourmand, still a little sweet, woody and creamy. I hoped for the brilliant saltiness that I enjoy so much in Molinard's Vanille Marine.

Unfortunately it's totally different. It has a fresh/green note, (which I highly dislike), but it's indeed a tad creamy and a little sweet. The salty note is very subdued - in one way quite natural and raw smelling. Not herbal, but more "animalic" salty, if that makes sense (ambergris), but somehow it's not enough dominant for my liking.

Pour Un Homme de Caron Caron by Merdogan1 2014-09-01

Sevenin çok abarttığı, sevmeyenin ise gereğinden fazla kötülediği bir parfüm. Genç işi değil ancak lise öğrencisi olmadığınız sürece çok da kötü olmayacaktır. Bu kokuyu kullanmaya yakıştırdığım erkek imajı ise biraz maskülen, kirli sakallı ya da yeni traş olmuşsa bile sert mizaçlı, çok parlak kıyafetler giymemiş biridir. Koku harmanını gayet yeterli kalitede buldum ve sevdim. Uygun tarzda yakışıklı bir erkek için gayet çekici olabilir. Tek eksiğiniz günümüzün moda kokularına meraklı olup da çakma parfüm ile kalite arasındaki farkı fark edebilecek bir hatun kişiye denk gelmeniz.

Not : Yorumlarımı ve özel mesajlarıma cevaplarımı sadece Türkçe olarak yapacağım. Böylece yabancı dil konusunda sıkıntı yaşayan arkadaşlara gerçekten denediğim parfümlerdeki kendi görüşlerimi paylaşmayı amaçlıyorum

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by C@nn@r 2014-09-01

I still want this even though I have VPH. Although there are similarities between AHS and VPH there are major differences. VPH is slightly more transparent and has more floral and sharp sour fruitiness while AHS has more of a sweet fruity oceanic feel with a more rich spicy musky base. The AHS is much richer and deeper and smells very fresh but definitely is not generic or boring!! I get the blast of aldehydes and orange. Then I get more of the woody, peppery, and oceanic notes come in. Lastly I get the sweet vanilla, tonka, and amber all wrapped up with a musk. Overall an excellent cologne that I could use almost any season or occasion. Definitely a crowd pleaser!

La Panthere Extrait Cartier by Germany 2014-09-01

I will be getting this as soon as it is available. I did not see it at Holt Renfrew yet.
A stronger more intense version of Panther is exactly what I want. I love Panther but I find it a very soft composition and not necessarily very long lasting. This extrait will be more animalic and has iris added. Sounds amazing. Please message me if you spot this anywhere. , and its likely tiny like the chanel extrait blotters? And 300$ ? Does anyone know ?

Pour Monsieur Chanel by pdschrader 2014-09-01

PS - I've found that putting an unscented after shave balm or lotion on before spraying with Chanel PM results in the scent lasting hours longer while still remaining close to the skin.

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum Chanel by dindolin 2014-09-01

Can someone tell me why so much discord in the category projection?

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Intense Dolce&Gabbana by victoria.mei1992 2014-09-01

Smells like heliotrope, raspberry, vanilla with orange flower. Nice :)

Roma per Uomo Laura Biagiotti by OneRedRose 2014-09-01

My best blind buy ever. I had read reviews about it and how other people described the scent. Bang on. Great scent! :)

My own view..... Very elegant and classy, gentlemanly, fresh cool aquatic citrus, sensual and suave. Like eating a refreshing orange sorbet at the beach but not as sweet. Great scent!

Havana Aramis by Knightofwands 2014-09-01

Lovely smooth rum/tobacco scent. Notes described as below. Sadly, I had to apply this 4 times today as has extremely poor longevity on my skin! That said, I would buy again :-)

Chantilly Houbigant by Mistressvoodoodolly 2014-09-01

Oh, I agree with ricepritchard, the Dana dusting powder is quite nice but I don't like the lotion. El cheapo smello.

Bal a Versailles Jean Desprez by jana.hullinghorst 2014-09-01

Bal a Versailles is a beast. Mostly for hippie chicks and bohemians. This isn't something you wear when you want to feel beautiful, you wear it when you want to feel powerhouse sexy! An old school rock and roll bad girl, a main stay at CBGB's.

Where do you purchase this at? Thanks!

Le Beau Male Jean Paul Gaultier by beavisbonce 2014-09-01

What are they thinking? I tested this in store and went about my business occasionally sniffing my hand. Who puts pineapple with mint?? It's like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth, a big no no. A few hours passed and I was pained to find something good in it. A total clash and a failure. I got home and in the confines of my room it hit me. Had the cat puked? I guess so much cash had been ploughed into this to not justify starting again. Shame, because the gaultier house is risking reputation here. Kokorico which isn't as bad as this is discounted everywhere to get rid of it, this is going straight into the landfill site.

Chantilly Houbigant by Mistressvoodoodolly 2014-09-01

This is about the parfum vintage Chantilly. I realize now why I adore it so. It's so similar to the original Coco, the citrus being a major difference. But the orange blossom, rose, benzoin, leather, musk, tonka bean, oak moss, sandalwood - all there. You must try the parfum strength to see this. The citrus always stays with Chantilly. It's a shame such a renowned House like Houbigant has so deteriorated. But good things are on the way. They just came out with a lovely orange blossom fragrance which is getting stellar reviews. I can't wait to try it, it's my favorite single floral note. For now, Fall is coming and my spicy Chantilly will keep me warm during the day, and at night her big sister Coco.

Rebelle Rihanna by Jillybean17 2014-09-01

I first heard of this perfume in 2011 when Rihanna released her Talk That Talk album & I received a sample of this in the album when I bought it. When I smelled the sample it smelled amazing, & it was like a sweet smell with a hint of coffee. So anyways I finally ended up actually buying it 2 days ago in a store in the mall called Perfumania. I'm happy to say I officially made this my fall perfume! When I think of fall I think of warm spicyness & sweetness like pumpkin & caramel & cinnamon. This perfume is the closest scent I could find that reminded me of all that except without the pumpkin & cinnamon. The coffee scent is terrific for fall & it reminds me of a nice warm starbucks vanilla latte with a hint of mocha syrup with maybe alittle bit of ginger & that's exactly what I want to smell like in the fall! When I first spray it I can smell the ginger & the plum but I can hardly smell the strawberry. Then when it gets to the heart of the perfume I start to smell the coffee & a hint of the cocoa & the ginger & the plum start to fade but are still present. Then slowly the ginger & plum disappear & it gets to the vanilla orchid smell & the patchouli. When it dries down completely it smells like vanilla & patchouli with a slight hint of coffee & chocolate & amber. My least favorite part is the opening but it's not bad at all & the perfume starts to smell better & better as it unfolds. The lasting power is pretty good & I only really need to apply it twice a day AT LEAST! & you don't need to use that much when you apply it because it is a very loud fragrance. Overall I give this perfume a score of 9/10! This perfume is extremely unique & I've never smelled anything like it!:)

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle by Kayvon87 2014-09-01

From the beginning once my nose hit's the skin, the lavender keeps me at ease of tension and calmness. You can sense the blend of bergamot and citrus residing in the backdrop. It's opening is like a layer of gravity that keeps you stuck to the skin in wanting to know more. The real magic happens within the next hour. The trio of cinnamon, tonk-a bean, and vanilla blossom's with sophistication and maturity. A type of scent that I never could imagine a smell could describe with such class and responsibility. ImagineThis.

To See A Flower CB I Hate Perfume by deadidol 2014-09-01

Stemmy and green with a sprinkle of wet soil, To Se a Flower is highly naturalistic, but like others in the line, it relies on the petrichor effect of what I assume to be geosmin. This smells like a flower shop; the scent of wet stems placed onto paper prior to being trimmed, wrapped, or arranged. The individual flowers themselves aren’t the focus, though; it’s all about the crisp, green stems. Sadly, the lifespan is akin to the time it takes a leaf to fall to the ground—at least in the water perfume version. For something this diaphanous, the absolute is absolutely essential.

Bright Visit Azzaro by Redbeard 2014-09-01

A light, somewhat fruity, and very soapy aquatic. This is pretty nearly Azzaro Chrome without the heavy metallic notes in the top, though they start to creep in a bit later. I don't have my old bottle of Chrome around or I'd do a side-by-side, but they're close enough that if you waved this in front of my nose and said it was Chrome, I'd believe you. Only well into the mid notes do I start to recognize a hint of the cedar and nutmeg of Visit, though again much lighter (thank god!). It has a little bit of the Lanvin Vetyver chemical presence, but really only a trace. Overall, it's weak once you get past the top notes, and ultimately ends up being an "Eau de Grey Flannel" generic weak aquatic flanker of something else with name recognition. I don't see why this was necessary since they already sell tons of Chrome.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Germany 2014-09-01

In my opinion it's really nice. Its a little generic but in the same sense it also resembles some beautiful niche fragrances. It's very long lashing. Not a fruitchouli no !!!!,,,, an oriental gourmand I would say. In the same category as angel and other gourmands with vanilla and chocolate and patch. In this case, coffee.
It smells like a weak sugared milk coffee. ( I say weak because the coffee is weak in here. I would appreciate a cappuccino over a thin late ! I suppose it is though how many people like their coffee. I however like mine strong !)

It's very pleasant and I can't wait to receive my bottle soon :)
I like the original Opium and its spice and appreciate it as a masterpiece of the past but wouldn't necessarily run out and get it, although never say never, the EDP is quite nice although for my particular taste a little incency.

Black opium is geared towards the younger crowed for sure. Most mature women would likely laugh at it. I am mature I suppose ,,,,or fall in the middle of young and old. So many times I love new stuff but I often find myself love " old fashioned " smells or things ( including people ) much more than modern things ,,,,,
,,, anyways this is a foody smell, I love gourmands and I love patchouli, what's not to like? This has many bad reviews , likely from people that expect this to be somewhat closer to the orig 80 s opium? I left many reviews on this now. I always feel compelled to put my two cents into it when I read other reviews that leave me puzzled.

For a man? Well I find it feminine and sweet. So I think there are better choices for a man, but again I don't think smell comes with gender.

Sables Annick Goutal by Redbeard 2014-09-01

I almost couldn't bring myself to review this because I remembered how vile I thought it was during the first two testings. The beginning is fine: light florals and amber with a maple syrup edge. A bit feminine for me, but OK, I can follow it through. More woodiness develops, but it's the sweetest, most stifling wood I've encountered in a while, with brighter notes of Pepsi. I don't know if there's oud in here, but the wood also has that familiar cherryness to it. During this phase the maple syrup had subsided a bit, but soon it's back in force, and getting all over my fingers and nose. By the end, the base is pure maple syrup with flowers: my own personal olfactory hell. I won't even say that it's too feminine, as I so often do, but rather that it's too sugary. I need to wash my face now.

White Linen Estée Lauder by Osusanna 2014-09-01

I wore this in the 90's and I have a small bottle now. The last time I wore it was awhile ago but I do remember it well. This one shrieks around like the Tasmanian Devil for a good 2-3 hours before finally settling down into a smoother, more gentle fragrance with reasonable sillage. While it's not super high-pitched like Paul Sebastian Design, it's still got a tone to it that is not going work well with everyone's chemistry. I really like this, I can't wear it to work even in small doses and that makes me a bit sad. This does not smell like anything else out there. It's big, it's aldehydes to the max and it's a big floral. It's also beautifully composed and unique.

Vetiver Annick Goutal by Redbeard 2014-09-01

Along with the new Lanvin, this is one of the few vetivers I've tried with a distinctly hair spray / nail polish quality. Initially it's very dark and subdued, with more pineyness than most, and the almost nutty quality of the old Guerlain. A lighter green starts to show through, with makes me think of aloe vera for some reason (moreso the actual plant than the juice or processed products). It becomes inky, but in an unpleasant way...much heavier than Encre Noire. The inkiness becomes more and more rubbery over time, and thus heralds the beginning of the beauty salon smell. A bit of the nuttiness remains for a while, but soon all that I smell is harsh chemicals; any plant material of any sort is secondary. This really could have been good, but ended up just being a big waste of time.

Tom Ford for Men Tom Ford by Redbeard 2014-09-01

The very first minute or so is surprisingly light and citrusy, like it's trying to be orange-centric (Varvatos Artisan?). As this recedes, a quiet reassuring musky leather begins to take shape, and brings with it detatched florals in the style of Rochas Lui. Unfortunately, it also starts to get sweeter and more powdery, with a semi-rotten honey vibe. I assume there's some oud hiding in here, because I also get a medicinal quasi-cherry aspect, even though it doesn't clearly stem from a woody ingredient...maybe fruit? Either way, it contributes to what I would call a Habit Rouge air: heavy, poofy and powdery in a strained and phony way. I would not be comfortable at all wearing this.

Real Patchouly Bois 1920 by ecojoe69 2014-09-01

I get a very forward pine/fir incense smell that is quite pleasing, rounded with a sweetness of vanilla, amber, sandalwood and sweet spices. I was really looking for a patchouli note but I don't detect any so far. I smell just like an incense cone that I burned in the past which I loved for a homey, pine smell in my house but I am not sure I want this as a signature scent. Its pleasant, but nothing I expect to garner compliments except maybe from those who are reminded of pleasant camping trips as I walk by them.

Green Tea Al-Rehab by JaiTee 2014-09-01

I'm a fan of green tea scents and this is my favourite. This perfume oil has a touch of citrus blended with the green notes, so it's perfect as a morning scent. It doesn't scream at you, and is great for sitting on the porch with a morning cup of tea, walking the dog, doing some gardening. When I need to concentrate and focus, I'll also apply a dab because it clears my mind. A wonderful addition to any perfume-lover's wardrobe.

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