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Invictus Paco Rabanne by sparky910 2014-09-30

I've come to the conclusion that Paco Rabanne is the PewDiePie of fragrance houses. It's extremely popular and receives unwarranted amounts of hate because of that. I like this stuff and 1 Million. They aren't my favorite scents of all time, but that doesn't mean they suck. It deserves better reviews but it won't because it's in the spotlight too much. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

London Burberry by ozzieoz 2014-09-30

This is the most classy scent of Burberry. And the only one which is impossible to get bored my opinion this one is perfect for rainy fall days

Néroli & Orchidée L`Occitane en Provence by Littlegrassstraw 2014-09-30

Starts out with a nice airy neroli such as the one in Elie Saab. However this is much more of a light/simple/fresh/summer scent. It does have a sharp ozonic tendency which does not appeal to me. But if you are into fresh water notes and neroli this will probably be a hit.

Le Parfum Elie Saab by ira.singhal 2014-09-30

I bought this as a blind buy reading the reviews here and the notes which seemed the sort I would love. I got it a few days ago and on sniffing the bottle, I couldn't agree more with the people here! It smelled perfect and amazing. So I just finally sprayed it today. And Uh huh! It is nice and pretty....but it is SUPER STRONG! I have mistakenly done 2 sprays, one on my clothes and one on skin. The skin spray has faded and is mild now but the clothes' one is still tenaciously holding strong! It is so strong that even I, someone who loves and swears by Dior Poison, is getting a headache! I sprayed it in one room and went and sat in another and everyone who is entering this room, is commenting, even from a distance of more than 15 feet on how strong my perfume is! And it has that slight nose-block medicine kind of note in the top notes which is spoiling the whole lot. The notes on skin have settled into a softer combination of florals, not something special but passably pretty, and I am sure I will wear the perfume again. Just that I'd never re-purchase! Nor would I specially recommend it. It is a nice pretty floral fragrance with strong cedar. A decent buy if you are into florals, but I'd say, let the top notes fade before you step into company! Also don't buy without testing on skin!

Néroli & Orchidée L`Occitane en Provence by 2014-09-30

An initially strong floral which saves its best until last...

I applied 6 heavy sprays

0 - 2 hours 1.25 foot projection. This starts with an air of a quality brand and not something cheap and soon presnets Neroli with a fruity twist beneath. This frag is all about the florals and the fruity elements play a supporting role. It is mid-mature to mature and heavy to begin with. It's a common place aroma, which is very much a boquuet of strong flowers

2 hours - 4 hours 1 foot projection. This frag is very feminine and has settled down now and not as heavy as before. Sometimes it can feel more light and airy.

4 hours - 6 hours - 6 inch projection. Linear

6- 8 hours - 2 inch projection. Linear

8 - 10 hours Close to skin - Drydown sees the best stage, which is now not as the perfum pyramid suggests IMHO - as it is more fruity now which is cold and glacier like

Not bad

The smell of kindness

Still Jennifer Lopez by kattleia 2014-09-30

Still complements well on my skin throughout the day despite the humid place where I live. Can be worn at daytime or even at nightouts. Energetic, fresh, and feminine at the same time! Though, it must be used with caution as it has a tendency to be overpowering (esp. on the first use). On me, 2-3 spritz would last for the entire day!
There are actually a lot of popular brands with the same composition but true to its name.. I always end up longing for JLO Still. I love it!!

Dazzling Silver Estée Lauder by frag-overdose 2014-09-30

This is one of the many outstanding fragrances that deserves a comeback and made available in the market.

Dior Homme Sport Dior by Nuhgwin 2014-09-30

Sephora has the original Dior Homme Sport on display as a TESTER! Tried to get them to sell me the tester but they wouldn't... Original is way better than the 2012 reformulation, more of a crisp lemon, more projection and lasting power.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Cuir de Russie Chanel by frag-overdose 2014-09-30

Utterly, Cuir de Russie is an elaborate, sensual leather fragrance from the Les Exclusifs line.

This evergreen classic starts with a beautiful burst of citrus with a delicate powdery vibe, and sooner the artfully blend of floral bouquet and musky leather tenderly embraces and lingers for hours. Does it smell sexy? Yes, indeed!

Being heavily exposed to immensely fresh, aquatic, and fruity-floral fragrances has provided the public on the idea, "that 'IS' how a fragrance should smell-like, and nothing else." To make it worst, it has become fossilized to many, especially the youth as anything different is easily detested.

For certain it is hard for Cuir de Russie to get the affection it deserves and most unlikely being a hit in the Malaysian market, for only a few would treasure and adore this pride of Chanel.

Prada Candy Prada by magnolia_xx 2014-09-30

Expensive toffee.
This is what this stuff smells to me.
I would not be surprised to smell it on a 12 year old girl, as we all know that girls at that age love sweet fragrances and they would douse themselves with vanilla extract. I also went through that stage, a long long time ago.
But in my opinion it would smell unsuitable for any woman older than 25. Too childish and cheap-smelling.
Which seems very unfair, considering how high priced it is!

Chanel 2014 is unbelievable. I really love de smell and good for office wear.

121 Men Shirley May by peferrarine 2014-09-30

I feel like they're trying to offend me with this stupid play of numbers.
Do you want to make a dupe? Do at your own risk, but please, PLEASE, be original at least with the name.

Cheap & Chic Moschino by marina md 2014-09-30

From all of Moschino Cheap & Chic's this one I like the least. Someone had written that it smells like hairspray. It really does at the beggining, but after that what is left is pure boring musk. Nothing special for me really.

I guess nothing can replace the L'eau for me. Can't understand how that one is discontinued over this.

Angel Thierry Mugler by magnolia_xx 2014-09-30

It is hard for me to understand why this perfume is almost universally known as one of the great masterpieces of perfumery.
In 1992, when it was released, I was about 16 years old and, like all sixteen year old girls, I utterly loved everything that smelled of vanilla or fruit. Yet even then, this odd mixture of berries and toffee smelled harsh and wrong to my nose.
22 years later it does not smell any better to me.
The fruity top notes are too strong and sharp and make a bad contrast with the soft vanilla background.
How anybody could ever consider mixing chocolate, patchouly and all the other stuff that is mentioned in the pyramid? Just looking at the "recipe" makes me dizzy, and the fragrance itself makes me feel overwhelmed. The tremendous sillage and longevity do not help.
I admit that it becomes slightly better once the top notes have faded; it then turns into a sort of vanillic-fudgy fragrance, that could be acceptable on a girl; but I think it is totally unsuitable for a grown-up woman.
Many people speak with contempt of classic fragrances, calling them "old lady scents". Okay, maybe Opium is not suitable for a twenty year old (although when I was 20 I wore with pride), and a chypre fragrance like Mitsouko is surely difficult to wear. But what about 40-50 years old women smelling like cotton candy?

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by Deppaholic 2014-09-30

I have tried the original Alien twice. I was so wanting it to work on me as well as well as others describe and experience. I also have tried Angel. Neither one of those two work on me at all! We are all really like snowflakes, so individual yet we can create our own snow storm. This AEA is so pretty on me. I just adore it! Isn't it so weird how that works for us. I doubt I will use this a lot, so the fb will last me a long time. However, when I do reach for it I find that I will wear it at a week at a time. I will repurchase this juice. If you find that Alien is grape juice on you, or Angel is a patch field of nightmares, then do try this. I bet you'll love it!

Midnight Poison Dior by silsilg2 2014-09-30

Oh Dior , Dior ! The world of fragrances is very sad ! Why have you discontinued this unique , sensual wonder and created something so bland , common and weak as Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet ? Dior were you thinking ? Midnight Poison is a masterpiece of perfumery . No perfume you think . I hope to re- sell .

Royal Secret Germaine Monteil by chickenpotpie 2014-09-30

I was gifted some time ago a decant of some of this in the vintage bath oil version. First, let me say that a dab will do. Its quite strong, and 2, oh boy its fantastic. I was wearing this in the heat of summer and it just felt right. The, my head almost exploded. Current sandalwood aromachemicals have NOTHING on this!

There was a slight soapy feel to it after an hour or 2, but it just felt like the best damn thing I ever put on bar none. To which, I was able to score yet another vintage bath oil to add to my cache.

I didn't get any citrus, but I wouldn't totally expect to considering the age of the juice. I mainly got sandalwood, vanilla, herbal notes, soapy notes, woody notes. I could not discern a clear rose from this at all.

So lets cut to the chase; how long does it last? well in my case a heck of a long time. Just realizing, if you do like I do and wear in summer, YMMV, but a few dabs is all you need.

Sillage at first was quite strong, but died down to a more tolerable level after about 5 minutes.

I have never tried the 5 star version so I can't speak to how good or not so good it is.

Eau de Rochas Rochas by Tiger84 2014-09-30

Just when I decided no more fragrance... this one is back in stock! And for a good price... and who knows for how long... bit the bullet. :) Though summer is ending who knows if this scent will be available here next year for this cheap.

Eccelso Profumum Roma by BlueMoon 2014-09-30


Got tickets to the NYC Philharmonic? A few sprays of this elegant fragrance and you're all set.

My initial reaction was a bit of disappointment. Too floral. Mind you - not as in 'this is for women' type of floral. Perhaps a better way to express it - 'too perfume-y'.

However, my slight disappointment gave way to complete enjoyment. Soon enough a beautiful sandalwood (and other less obvious notes) harmonized with the floral to create a sophisticated experience.

Might I say this fragrance sparkled and danced off my skin? Yes, indeed.

Avery Fisher Hall here I come…

Gold Sugar Aquolina by aspirina 2014-09-30

Extremely synthetic perfume, not that bad actually, I smell a very nice combination of the caramel and neroli but the musk here is too strong and clashes. In the drydown I perceive a clone of Burberry Brit.

Alien Thierry Mugler by dianacreole 2014-09-30

In my search for a new fragrance for my mother who wants something floral and powdery with great silage and longevity, I decided she should try Alien. I had a sample so I tried it on my hand two days ago and I thought this is lovely, she'll love it. Kept sniffing my hand all day. At bedtime last night, I craved this scent again. So I put it on my hand again. Went to sleep inhaling Alien. Woke up this morning and I started to crave it again. I could still smell a hint of it, but wanted more. So today I'm fully wearing it. Two sprays - neck and wrists.

I like it A LOT. Maybe even love it. Maybe even want to tell my mom to forget I mentioned she should try it and just keep it for me. I feel happy, fresh and dreamy! (Yes dreamy, lol)

Angel never really worked for me no matter how I tried or wanted it to. But Womanity I adore and now Alien is early speaking to me. Sorry Mom, I might be keeping this one.

Green Aqua Shirley May by 2014-09-30

to me it smells like an amalgam of fennel with some citruses . It's a very unusual, fresh and light fragrance . i somehow like it .

sillage : weak (just more than "close to skin ")
projection : very feeble
longevity : 1.5-2 hours

Or Black Pascal Morabito by ficusmuskus 2014-09-30

Or Black is very Noir indeed, make that Film Noir, (talking about the vintage here)it's very dark and timeless but on me it disappears, such a let down, in an hour it's gone, but I want this movie to continue:(

Private Room Jeanne Arthes by mschnabel666 2014-09-30

This is a very light, feminine sweet powder smell. It's lovely, but it's faint and inoffensive. It's safe. If you like this one, but want more juicy-ness and potency, go for Jeanne's Capricieuse. That one is freakin' delicious and smells exactly like this but with more oomph and silage.
Private Room reminds me of my favorite gourmands... Curious In Control... The Fantasy Naughty and Nice remixes, Pink Sugar Sensual.... it is a great, basic, sweet scent. It's just too close to Capricieuse and that one is nicer. Still perfect for the gourmand/sweet fanatics.

121 Men Shirley May by 2014-09-30

very cheap clone (about 60-65 % resemblance ) of CH 212 men .
very light.

sillage : almost non existent
projection : very very feeble
longevity : 45-60 mins max.

bottom line : don't buy

Interlude Man Amouage by manzoor86 2014-09-30

I still have to check it.but the notes looks promising to me.i love inky sweet oudish dark aromas.and the the projection and the longevity would be great.i will review my comments once I put my nose on it.

Quorum Antonio Puig by devrajsingh73 2014-09-30

This is how i feel 'Christmas' smells. WOW ! A sniff of Quorum takes me to a lonely lane of a small town in canada on a late night christmas eve with snow clad lamp posts emitting warm yellow lights and frank sinatra's Jingle Bells falling in my ears at the same time.

What a bummer. I'm a total gourmand freak, and wish to smell like candy, sweets, caramel, and other gooey goodness. This wasn't it. This is like a fresh shampoo. It smells clean and crisp, and fresh, but where are the sweet gourmand notes? No marshmallow, no caramel... just green and apple. And it stays pretty linear. I don't get a sweet creamy drydown.
For caramel apple, go to Mariah's Dreams.

Modern Muse Chic Estée Lauder by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-09-30

It's better than the first Modern Muse, but still I don't like it. Tuberose and lily combo based on orient woods are too much for my nose. It's a shame because bottle's decorations are very nice.

I Am King Sean John by frag-overdose 2014-09-30

I Am King is
a good everyday scent,
its fruity note is light and airy.
A good, short-lived skin scent,
it just is.

Would definitely be better
should the notes are denser
and more pronounced, with the
tangerine-lemon and woody notes
are made conspicuous than faint.

Despite being discontinued,
I am King is adequately available
in Malaysia. The bottles are
mainly from the 2012 batch.

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by freebirdsoul 2014-09-30

If the original Alien and Dior Hypnotic Poison had a baby, it would be Alien Essence Absolue.

It opens up very similar to Alien with a sharp blast of Jasmine. Then it drys down on the skin to be a warm, sweet, smooth and boozy cashmere vanilla.

The oriental incense and orris root do come out to play a bit, but I would say that this is a much more wearable, less unique scent than Alien. Still beautiful nontheless. Sweeter, and more comforting. If Alien was too strong for you, give this one a try. It's a beautiful feminine winter scent that is sure to please!

Gucci Premiere Eau de Toilette Gucci by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-09-30

Nice fragrance, I can smell mostly jasmine, rose, orange blossom and subtle woods. Sparkling note is also there. I like it, but it is not exactly in my style.

Pure DKNY Verbena Donna Karan by Isobela 2014-09-30

To Sweelty:

Mine is practically clear, it has a very slight green tinge when held up to the light, hardly noticable not sure if this is the actual juice though or the bottle. If yours is definitly green or on the darker side it doesn't sound right to me.

Quel Amour! Annick Goutal by nitschevo 2014-09-30

@ecoliere I totally agree with you! I received a decant of this and on me it's also the scent of dried roses freshened up a little by the fruits. Lovely for spring and fall I think and not as fresh and fruity as the description and notes would imply.

Secret Obsession Calvin Klein by ellina1984 2014-09-30

Gorgeously spicy and sensual, with a beautiful burnt edge. I don't know what mace smells like, but the spice here is bold, and brings to mind a brighter, more zingy cinnamon. Secret Obsession resembles Dior Addict, only nothing as sweet.
Great longevity, too.

Esprit d’Oscar Oscar de la Renta by nitschevo 2014-09-30

This is absolutely divine! I received this beauty in a swap (thank you again, desireegascon!) and couldn't be happier. Aside of So de la Renta I adore almost all of Oscars fragrances or at least those I got to test already :)

With Esprit D'Oscar I love the fact that they were able to reinvent the classic without losing it's main character. In my opinion it's as refined and elegant as the original but slightly adapted to nowadays vibe of perfume. Maybe less intense.

Upon first spritz I get fresh yet powdery flowers. I can detect the orange flower fairly well. As it starts to dry down there is a phase where it's rather spicy - but fresh spicy, not warm spicy as in Opium.

Around 2 hours into it the scent has dried down to a lovely powdery violet, iris and tonka bean scent. For me it has a similar vibe to Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere, classy and refined.

I feel very chic and womanly wearing this and am glad that I have this in my collection now - it fits a nice evening dress as well as my favourite wool sweater :)

PS: the bottle is stunning!

Jeanne Lanvin Couture Birdie Lanvin by lisa.e.alexandrea 2014-09-30

O my goodness...this perfume is similar with Jeanne Couture but its more delicious and i can smell berries here. I really love this perfume so much....

Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne by Rorshach1004 2014-09-30

This is a very happy, very lovely scent that smells like fresh oranges. I also got a delicious lemon and some spice as it dried down on my skin. This is a scent that works very well on a man, making you smell very fresh, very delicious and very yummy. If you are looking for a good fruity, fresh, citrus scent with a touch of spice then you’ll love Orange Sanguine.

I find the smokiness in the beginning very addictive and I'm wowed every time...just wow! More than one hour into it and the tonka makes it sweeter, just the right amount of sweet and I pick up hints of vetiver here and there as it plays a secondary role. I don't smell the iris or jasmine, but probably they give me the creamy sensation. It is very interesting and unique (for me because I haven't smelled the similar Vetiver Tonka as many stated) and it's among my favorite scents.

Scent: 10/10
Longevity: 7/10
Projection: 6/10

Chanel N°19 Chanel by myrna_minkoff 2014-09-30

This is the perfume I have been searching for all my adult life -- my Holy Grail.

Like Proust with his ineffable "petites Madeleines," so am I flooded with divine pleasure and memories whenever I catch the scent of this exquisite fragrance.

Of all the hundreds and hundreds I've spent on other fragrances, searching and searching... THIS is the one I was trying to find.

Lemon Line Mancera by yogabear 2014-09-30

I wish that this smelled like lemon candy or lemon ice cream, but the mix of white flowers and white musk in this don't smell edible to me at all. It's like lemon dish soap and Mancera's signature crisp, sharp, strong white musk. The lemon is very tart, sour and slightly soapy. Not sweet on me at all :(

Good quality yet not particularly distinctive woody-rose combo leaning towards the clean side of the spectrum. It honestly smell pretty darned good especially during the early stages but the drydown is really a been there done that type of woody-rose that makes of this blend quite an anonymous delivery in such a great range of offerings.

Somehwat of a filler in my opinion.

Rating: 6/10

Monsieur Huitieme Art Parfums by RUDOLFO512 2014-09-30

Monsieur (EDP) is a beautiful woody/green fragrance. At first spray I smell lots of incense, vetiver and patchouli. After an hour it dries down to a sandalwood/oak moss that I love. It is very elegant and sophisticated. In my opinion it is suitable for both day and night. 2-3 sprays should be enough to enjoy this beautiful and exciting fragrance from Huitieme Art.

Solo Loewe Platinum Loewe by Rorshach1004 2014-09-30

I got an initial scent of balsamic vinegar on this one, then a strong peppermint herbal tea. Now as it’s dried and settled on my skin it smells like one of the organic herbal teas that I have before bedtime, a minty scent that is a bit spicy as well. It’s quite nice, not spectacular, but pleasantly different, not too feminine and not bad at all. I would wear this one as a nice change-up scent every now and then, but I don’t think it has the stand-out quality or wow factor that would make it a signature scent, or something that I would wear for a special occasion. It’s something a little bit different, a bit quirky and a scent that would be nice to wear every now and then.

Arabie Serge Lutens by kareembrightman 2014-09-30

the most horrible Parfum EVER ... Disgusting

Quelques Notes d’Amour Yves Rocher by Orquidea 2014-09-30

O read some of the reviews. I cannot detect any similarity with Flowerbomb. I dislike Flowerbomb since to me it smells synthetic and sticky. Quelques Note however on me smells flowery woodsy and reminds me of roses in a dark forest.
Again, tastes and impressions are so different :)

Agua Verde Salvador Dali by deja vu-gr 2014-09-30

I can find it only online so it would be a blind buy,so can anyone tell me if there are any similarities with Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs or Good life by Davidoff?? Thanks in advance.

Arabie Serge Lutens by sheherazade80 2014-09-30

And I would like to add that it is not as sweet as someone states here!I mean, I know it is very individual how one perceives a smell, but I find it quite dry and yes, it is very similar to Mehares from Erbolario which, being italian, I own and use quite often, minus the sweetness! I don't find it syrupy, I find it more similar to the spices bazaar I visited in Northern Africa and Istanbul than a dessert! When I cook eastern desserts they smell in a similar way but they're far sweeter!!

Quelques Notes d’Amour Yves Rocher by Orquidea 2014-09-30

Love, love, love! I just received my Q N d A bottle and tried it today. And I am amazed by this scent. A deep rose scent with woodsy notes that gets creamy and involves me in a coat of warmth and cosiness.
For a moment I thought it will turn into one of those oud roses (which I love) but are so much around these days. But no, the woody note is different, softer, warmer more feminine. I do not detect gourmand notes at all, if they are there then well involved into the rose and wood.
To me a great scent for autumn which is starting here right now or winter. I will wear both during the day or night. I personally would classify it as a more grown up rose scent made with much love!

Obviously, all very subjective thoughts...

Fame Lady Gaga by pixiewinks 2014-09-30

quickly became a favorite! I find myself going for this choice often, it's a very nice blend of sweet and floral with hints of berries.
Lady Gaga describes her scent as "slutty" which i can see the sexiness in it but it's not too strong that can be worn for day as well as night and i often sleep with it.
great, great find at TJMaxx for 9.99 1.7 oz
scent: 9.5
packaging: 10

A*Men Pure Coffee Thierry Mugler by SmutRavageur 2014-09-30

Received A*Men Pure Coffee as a gift yesterday, as per the re-release of the fragrance last week, and I've been wearing it all morning for the very first time, and wow! I love it! Out of all the flankers (minus Pure Wood, which I haven't smelled yet) of A*Men, it's neck and neck with Pure Havane -- for me -- right now as the best.

With the first spray, I got a big blast of caramel mixed with coffee. I haven't read through many other reviews, but caramel seems to be a major player in this. (Yes, caramel is a big note in the base A*Men original fragrance, but it's a loudmouth extrovert in Pure Coffee!) There's some woods in there, too, but the woody note is unsurprisingly overshadowed by the caramel and the coffee. The notorious A*Men-made-famous tar note must have been omitted, as I'm not getting it.

A*Men Pure Coffee makes me want to kick back and flip open a good non-fiction crime/history book, as this fragrance is one for the ages. I've heard it dubbed 'overhyped' often, but as of this morning I can tell you that my nose is saying the hype for Pure Coffee is well deserved.

Arabie Serge Lutens by sheherazade80 2014-09-30

Thank you Ian! I've tried Aziyade on one wrist and arabie on the other, this morning. I'm sorry guys, they're just the same except for arabie being more 'dry', less sweet and maybe a little less longlasting! Besides, Parfum D'Empire increased their prices and format, so now you have to buy 100 ml (a total waste for me, owning hundreds of perfumes) for 120 euros instead of the 75 ml for 90 euros they used to package. What a pity when niche perfumery turns haughty just for the sake of it! Still, I can't decide between this and 'Like this - Tilda Swinton' by Eldo: they also share a big similarity in my opinion. I can say they smell almost the same, but Like This is sweeter and I can detect a greenish note (which is the only thing I don't like about this perfume).
I really can't say, I don't know which one I prefer! Maybe Arabie is more 'basic', I could layer it down with some other Lutens I own, while 'Like this' is already too elaborated, just like all Eldo perfumes! Any more suggestions?

Vintage Bloom Jessica Simpson by pixiewinks 2014-09-30

testing this today...
very standard generic celebrity fragrance.
this is very very floral and powdery. I don't care for it because I like a bit of gourmand in my fragrances.
It's not for me and my chemistry isn't agreeing either.
It's coming off strong on my skin and a bit overwhelming
though the bottle is pretty, this one is a scrubber.
scent: 5
packaging: 7

Printemps - Springtime Ajne by Galya 2014-09-30

It is a very nice perfume with Jasmin,gardenia,honey.also totally natural.

Adidas 3 Man Adidas by Ravinderpalsinghsethi 2014-09-30

It smells like a nice fragrance as when i purchased i used it after some time. When i sprayed it, it gives me immense smell alongwith cool feeling.

Bois du Portugal Creed by Casavulva 2014-09-30

Bois du Portugal (BdP) does have a lot in common with New York. I think New York is brilliant, but a little dated mostly because of the "powdery" feel. BdP is not powdery, but "dusty". This effect I could do without, but I wonder if it is possible to do this kind of fragrance without beeing either powdery or dusty.

New York is "better" to my nose, but I prefer dusty over powdery, so the score for BdP is about the same.

The dustyness probably comes from the earthy, smokey aspect of the woods (the type of vetiver?), but the overall composition is very well blended between the bergamot and the woods/ambergris, and a lavender I cannot detect at all. No flowers and more woods sets it apart from other bergamot/vetivers (The creamy and lighter Eau Sauvage-type). Also quite linear.

I can detect som Creed-DNA (think smoothness of Virgin Island Water), and the longevity is also Creedish (not that impressive), but that is to be expected with the bergamot.

Good, but not on my buy-list. A kind of allrounder for guys +30.


Body Tender Burberry by weasley 2014-09-30

This is one of those generic, anonymous, light floral perfumes that doesn't really leave an impression. It's so cold and impersonal. It's like having a conversation with someone that you don't know and they don't have an opinion about anything. music? oh, I don't really listen to music. favorite book? reading is so boring. what I like to do? I don't know....

I really enjoy the wormwood in this, which is very fresh and realistic, reminiscent of ferns in a forest just after rain. However beneath this lovely wormwood freshness there is an unpleasant aftershave sting. It doesn't draw me in, but it's not offensive either and if you like pretty, soft florals this might be worth checking out for the wormwood!

Love in Black Creed by Musume 2014-09-30

I'm afraid The Perfumed Court has messed up my last order, because I'm not smelling the rose, the lipstick or the Insolence smellalike. I smell violets and leather, maybe a hint of iris, and musk on the drydown, to me Love in Black is a well bred girl gone even better, this violet goes to an Ivy League college leather clad on a bike, smokes Black Devil cigarettes and dates wrong guys for the right reasons. My last violet love.

Iced White A Dozen Roses by Krasnylips 2014-09-30

Crispy - yes you really feel it - savoury rose. A very attractive scent.

Vinyl Demeter Fragrance by Allen-at-home 2014-09-30

I haven't tried this, but no matter how good it is (or isn't), it's Demeter, so it won't last more than 5 minutes.

Vinyl Demeter Fragrance by dezaval 2014-09-30

WOOOW! What a surprise! How is it? I can't imagine!

I thought I would recap my previous review by saying I may have prematurely criticised this scent.....perhaps wrong time of the month, wrong season, wrong mood.....

I finally decided to buy it today after researching the entire 'dark' line on this site & many testings of this range.
And I must really like it because I bought it!!! & I have changed my mind & I do love it (for now). It is a chilly Spring day in Aussie Land down under & for some reason it just suits my olfactory senses in this particular season.

It is EXTREMEMLY long wearing & wafts of its spicy smoky sweetness continue to resonate long into the evening. Probably best suited to Autumn/Winter as when I previously reviewed this it was high Summer & just became too cloying by mid-afternoon.
This does give me a 'Comme des Garcons' vibe with that familiar smokey incense accord. It is a unique & very subjective perfume.
It has definitely confirmed for me that fragrance is not a 'one size fits all' experience & scents that we may have loved or hated or were indifferent to at one time, may prove to provide an exact opposing experience & makes one doubt their tastes & preferences.

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by Blackperfume66 2014-09-30

I love it.It´s sweet but luxury perfume.Nothing like cheap perfumes.Many men loves that perfume.Long lasting on my skin.

Racquets Formula Penhaligon`s by Emma75000 2014-09-30

Please Penhaligon's...Raquet's is my fragrance since 1990...
I never find a fragrance like this it's like my skin my identity i have loose it since you have stop the production of Raquet's...Please you have a market for that women and men with humanity and elegance ...Thanks a lot

Scarlet Oud Illuminum by isanie 2014-09-30

I received my bottle today :0) For the wood-lovers: this perfume smells purely of wood and I love it! It isn't a bomb in terms of sillage. I'd say try a sample first before you buy. But it is a scent that keeps you in a pleasant cocoon of freshly made wood-cabin the whole day. I keep smelling my wrist when I'm wearing this one and that's a good sign. I keep thinking "mmmmmmm!" when the scent is coming up in my nose. For me, this is a winner!

Secrets to Keep Avon by beauty_girl 2014-09-30

Finally it is added in the database :)
It smells a bit like Fantasy but fruiter :)

Carven Pour Homme Carven by pervertedbydesire 2014-09-30

... me again ...
In my earlier review I forgot to mention the beautiful packaging and bottle. Both utterly stylish, elegant, timeless and oh so Parisian.
With Guillame Henry at the helm, CARVEN found a new voice and it's making itself heard with beautiful, quirky clothes, shops, perfume ... hopefully now there will be no need to change the bottle and packaging every few years ...this perfume deserves to be a HIT and a classic for generations to admire!

Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci by daisy 2005 2014-09-30


Pure Honey Kim Kardashian by Oahsa 2014-09-30

it is actually really good scent, and it does smell just like honey!

I would buy it if i saw it again.

Carven Pour Homme Carven by pervertedbydesire 2014-09-30

The wait was long but it's finally here CARVEN pour homme ...
My BF came back from Paris with a small bottle of this delicious juice as he knows I adore CARVEN.
This is instantly classic. A fresh opening makes way for a stronger yet still very fresh heart slowly becoming more woody even a bit spicy.
I have to say the first time I sprayed it on, I thought it to be something I'd smelled before but that was not taking into account the genius of Francis Kurkdjian.
I adore his perfumes and yet again he delivers a masterful concoction, subtle but with enough carachter.
I'm in heaven ... the big bottle will soon be on my shelf, together with the wonderful Vetiver.
Understated elegance and class - what more can one ask for?
Thank you CARVEN - I'm in heaven!

Possess Oriflame by mshimoz 2014-09-30

i want it <3

Oppoponax Les Nereides by Eneli 2014-09-30

I got a sample of Imperial Oppoponax and I really liked it. So I decided to buy a whole bottle. I see that it has a new name (just Oppoponax) and bottle. But is the content still the same? I don't want to spend my money on dull and watery versions.
Great longevity for a EdT by the way!

Mamluk Xerjoff by johanna.lindholm 2014-09-30

Xerjoff Mamluk starts off with a horrendous smell of dirty diaper, but it goes away pretty quickly and evolves to a wonderful honey, caramel and oud scent. It has really good longevity, which you would expect from Xerjoff, and pretty heavy sillage. When you get past the opening, it's a beautiful scent, and I think it's totally worth the expensive price tag. Go easy on the sprays though, if it gets overdone it can cause nausea because of the insane amounts of honey in here.

Too Much? Guerlain by jenniewebb 2014-09-30

Too Much is less rosy and less fruity than the original Champs Elysees. It is fresher and brighter, with more of the waxy-yellow-flower-pollen vibe than CE. It is a beautiful and joyful perfume and I love it. To me it is better than the original.
It's discontinued and therefore hard to find but definitely worth the search.

Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by Peta22 2014-09-30

Received my long awaited Jasmine Noir today... Wow - thats's Jasmine alright!! Rarely is a fragrance so true to its name! It is beautiful though - I'm very pleased... And looking forward to getting to know this fragrance much better - hopefully the longevity will live up to the standard set on my skin with previous Bvlgari fragrances. I'd love to be able to experience this for hours :)

Premier jour Nina Ricci by pi^2 2014-09-30

In the beginning it smells "polite" and PC, but it soon warms up and becomes smiling kindness. It is not a very unique scent but it is well balanced. Fresh without being sour, sharp or aquatic; warm without being heavy or overly sweet. A bit powdery, gentle, light and feminine. The aspect of femininity that is presented here is the caring, kind and confident one, not a wild and sexy one. I would love to smell this on someone who takes care of people - a nurse, a doctor, a teacher - it will make me trust her.

Magie Noire Lancome by Bruno57 2014-09-30

Magie Noire ... What a beautiful and magical fragrance !
I cannot imagine it is the same house which created this masterpiece and... La Vie Est Belle (who makes me vomit)

When I first sprayed this perfume this morning (from a sample thanks to a wonderful Fragrantican), without knowing I immediately said: this can only be a Bertrand Duchaufour. Now, in my book Monsieur Duchaufour can get it very right (see: Parfums MDCI's Chypre Palatin among others) or very wrong (Penhaligon's Amaranthine). Unfortunately this one is on the wrong side. It contains the same note(s) that made me gag in Amaranthine. I honestly don't know what it may be, probably the the type of musk he uses, together with the vanilla, but it is absolutely sickening. For some reason it reminds me of babies' saliva mixed with stale vanilla milk. Whatever it is it is absolutely repulsive and cloying to me. The rest of the perfume doesn't register in my mind, this sickly note is overwhelming. Sorry, on the dislike list it goes.

Rihan Al Aoud Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by alfarom 2014-09-30

An oriental-floral with a woody-ambery-incensey bone structure in the same mould of a bunch of the latest deliveries by Amouage (Opus VIII above all but, more generally, most of their latest feminines). It's extremely well done and easy to like, perfectly unisex and delivers a fantastic performance too but, just like those Amouage I refer to, it lacks a bit of personality…at least in my opinion.

Downline: If you like the latest stuff by Amouage (especially a bunch of the latest Opus and/or feminines), give this a chance as it is absolutely on the same level. For me though, while I appreciate the quality, it is still somewhat of a pass.

Rating: 6.5/10

Miracle So Magic! Lancome by mushkbar 2014-09-30

Love of my life.I love the bottle and the fragrance is awsome.its really magical,enchanting and very very long lasting.I searched so many stores and never found a perfume similiar to So Magic.I bought my bottle 7 years ago.I wish my bottle never ends...

Rose Oud The Body Shop by misstral 2014-09-30

I can't detect any oud in this...only rose...but not good rose..something like a wet wipes!

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum Hermes by 2014-09-30

absolutely love it! one of the classiest perfumes ever designed

Leonard Leonard by auguri37 2014-09-30

Je rejoins la critique précédente : le flacon est beau, classe, le parfum assez distingué également mais dommage qu’il soit si discret, il est vraiment très (trop) léger. Il faut en mettre beaucoup pour le sentir et il ne tient pas longtemps. Mais sinon c’est
un assez joli floral gentiment poivré, assez sage et plutôt agréable. Féminin sans en faire trop, finalement assez doux. Convient parfaitement à celle qui voudra être féminine tout en restant classique.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by syedemad 2014-09-30

I am just reading all the comments here but I want to ask "Where on earth I can get this?"

I live in Pakistan by they way :)

Armani Eau d’Aromes Giorgio Armani by AND-MAT 2014-09-30

This one is very nice! Eau d'Aromes is zesty and fresh with abundant citruses and earthy vetiver. However, it's very light and soft. It stays close to the skin making it office friendly and sure not to bother anyone in a crowd.

I don't find it boring or generic. It's a well blended everyday summer perfume and does it's job pretty well. Also, this perfume is not silly... It's very serious, Sage and Vetiver brings it back down to earth and prevent the citrusses from being too boozy and short lived.

Despite being somewhat weak, it does last a fair bit of time (4 to 6 hours).

Oud Assam Rania J by Twilight99 2014-09-30

I had the same experience as aphexacid did. The opening is fantastic, and at first I thought I had found the holy grail of Oud fragrances. But pretty soon this fantastic scent fades away into something stale and boring. This fragrance is up like a tiger and down like a sheepskin.

Flower's Barrow Lush by Yourhumblenarrator 2014-09-30

An intriguing description to say the least. I was really onboard with this one, especially after reading more than one review in which it was likened to the Seventh Seal, a gorgeous, haunting Swedish film from 1959. Flowers Barrow is a soft, herbal breath of geranium, rose, black currant, sage and thyme. It's a very beautiful and calming aroma, but unfortunately sacrifices too much atmosphere in place of sheer sweetness. I'm all for wearing whatever the hell you want regardless of gender, but this is just way too feminine for me. If the candy like sweetness were toned down I think it would really work as a unisex fragrance, but that's certainly not the case. Wish I could like the scent as much as I like the concept.

Dunhill Black Alfred Dunhill by Jola 72 2014-09-30

This One is so remarkable really for me.Black in this case means sadness,brocken heart,lonelyness.It,a bitter tear.Masterpiece ...

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by Murray2524 2014-09-30

Received this one as a gift in error. But what a serendipitous mistake it was! Great scent; possibly one of Chanel's best.

Neiges Lise Watier by 2014-09-30

I love this perfume. Clean, crisp,green notes and citrus notes. Ever so light and beautiful.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by Murray2524 2014-09-30

I love this scent too. Pity the girls don't. At least not on me.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by Murray2524 2014-09-30

I love this scent too. Pity the girls don't. At least not on me.

Jaipur Homme Boucheron by mrlumis 2014-09-30

I have an EDT of this great frag and its one in my collection I often turn to because I cant get enough of the smell, its a soothing, warming, spicy oriental that I enjoy any time of the day or night. quite complex in makeup and smell but a definite winner in my books. 10/10

Acqua di Gio Essenza Giorgio Armani by Murray2524 2014-09-30

I am still a big fan of the original Acqua Di Gio, but I am disappointed with Essenza. Purchased it a week after launch, and my wife told me that having me in the bed was like 'sleeping inside an omelette'. This fragrance has a very strong "egg" smell that absolutely destroys it. Once your nose latches onto that egg note, its over gentlemen.

A warm and cozy fragrance great for autumn and winter. It is a perfect combination of both warm and clean – not another sickly sweet gourmand. It is true that it is very similar to good old Voice - a scent that I have missed for years. The bottle is also a real treasure. Great price and great quality.

Aqua Fahrenheit Dior by mrlumis 2014-09-30

wow, starts off with the hit of citrus up front then soon grows into a new beast with the violet followed closely by the vetiver and mint to my nose, much like the original Fahrenheit after a while but fresher and lighter. cant stop sniffing this great frag. g.f likes this 1 also. one for the collection for sure.

I must say I'm stunned at the lack of reviews for this fragrance, especially good ones!
This is a unique scent, that takes a little bit of getting used to.

It is deeply aromatic and resonates with your skin beautifully. The scent is extremely soft on me with distinct sandalwood and tonka, not harsh at all! coriander keeps it vibrant and fresh, but never dry and unpleasant.

Essence Aromatique is very long lasting and leaves a beautiful, freshly soft tail behind the wearer.

Enchanted Chopard by KaseyC 2014-09-30

Stunning bottle. I am fond of the jewelry watches made by Chopard and I love the idea of putting that design into a perfume bottle although just the cap. It is beautiful and iconic. I knew it is Chopard when I saw it the first time.

As for the juice, it's sweet fruity in the opening. Thanks to some woody notes, the plum is not sickly sweet. I find the fruity and woody combo just beautiful. Honestly, although patchouli is listed, I find it not strong enough to hit my nose. I guess it's subtle like the one in Chopard Wish or VC&A Oriens. That could be good news to most people. At the same time, I don't pick any spicy note at all. It is musky to certain extent but not to the point that puts me off. I have to add that I do find the jasmine note quite noticeable in the scent. Maybe the plum is so dominating that makes it weak.

Overall, the scent is nice and clean but I agree it's not very special. The bottle is gorgeous though.

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by Tiger84 2014-09-30

Wow, sherapop's review is so spot on! A perfect summary of what's going on.

Si Giorgio Armani by P0IS0N 2014-09-30

I really loved this fragrance on a friend of mine, but these sweet scents tend to get sickeningly sweet on my skin and I'm bored easily by them. I think not many women can pull of these kind of fragrances without them getting too sweet and headache inducing.

Oudy Al-Rehab by aphexacid 2014-09-29

Oudy by al-rehab has two different versions it can be purchased in. The EDP spray, and the oil roll on. Each smells completely different.

The oil is a nuclear Oud bomb! Its got that machine oil smell in the similar to Kilians Pure Oud and Kurkdjians Cashmere Oud. Longevity is excellent 8 hours +. Projection is not big at all, it is an oil. You will smell yourself, as will others close by.

The spray is an absolute useless concoction. There is no Oud note here. It almost smells like a cheap sandalwood. Its such a timid composition, i sprayed 6 times, and i could barely smell it. Neither could the people around me. Its essentially a skin scent. Even still, it lasted a few hours and disappeared. Huge failure.

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme Gucci by brucifer 2014-09-29

I know this fragrance receives alot of negative reviews but I really love this! While I can agree that it isnt something extremely unique thats gonna turn the fragrance world on its head it still smells really good to my nose. I dont have issues either with projection or longevity as others have stated. I do however think that Black wasn't a good choice as a name as this is definitely a GREEN smelling fragrance. I will repurchase this one. :-)

Oud Assam Rania J by aphexacid 2014-09-29

I found an excellent deal for a bottle of Oud Assam, and since i've seen it mentioned around the community more than a few times, i decided to add it to my collection.

I have to say i'm disappointed. The first let down came from the cap. The cap is a very cheap plastic, with shiny paint job. Otherwise the bottle is nice and heavy glass.

Most important though, the smell. Upon fisrt spray, i was delighted! This indeed was an excellent representation of real Indian Oud! The "barnyard" smell was poilshed nicely by the clever addition of orange.
For a split second, something reminded of vintage M7. Not the oud, because M7 didn't NOT have this kind of oud. I think there was orange in M7 as well.

The scent is absolutely gorgeous at this point. The trouble is, this totally fades into mediocrity.

After 30 minutes, it shifts into a cheap incense bomb. Oud gone. Orange gone. Its like some off the shelf incense aromachemical was tossed in, and the perfumer said "yeah good enough"

Annoyingly, it stuck to my skin for 10 hours so far, and while the projection isn't huge, i smell it constantly.

I will experiment on clothing once more to see if i can stop it from morphing into the nasty cheap incense bomb.

Si Giorgio Armani by Tiger84 2014-09-29

I haven't smelled this but I know it's similar to all the others released in these past years... and here it is classified a chypre? Calling these powdered sugar bombs chypre is like calling margarine butter. Ok, I should try this before writing an actual review but I'm sure I couldn't tell it apart from the many similar juices of today.

Idylle Guerlain by Aromawander 2014-09-29

Idylle is my first purchase from the Guerlain house, and while I tried different perfumes from the house it became quite clear why Idylle is such a classic favorite. Even with a distinct combination of old-age rose and white flowers, it would definitely charm those who are not particularly a fan of white floral fragrances. There are so many things that Idylle nailed perfectly - the rose is aging and old and not fresh, jasmine and lilies mild and not cloying, patchouli just enough to be indulgent and not imposing..

Opens with a delightful embrace of rose, rounded with patchouli and musk on me, and develops to release a bouquet of white flowers, pleasant and engaging, never too sweet. I love how the fragrance develops in stages and settles to patchouli-musk-faint raspberry notes. Lingers around on me for about 6-7 hours and then needs re-spraying.

A great find, for me. The full-bottle price in India is steep, but with such a classy and timeless fragrance you just don't mind splurging :)

Secrets to Keep Avon by DJJellyBean 2014-09-29

I'm so glad this is added in the data base! This is so sweet and fruity! I will have a updated review when I receive my fragrance :)

Lolavie Jennifer Aniston by MsBacall 2014-09-29

I wear this daily to work. The scent is light, fresh, and diplomatic. It is not a scent that will offend. It is a scent I need to reapply at the end of the day, but I don't mind, since I usually change up perfumes at night. My boyfriend loves when I wear this scent. He loves the jasmine notes. He says, "It makess me very happy." I love the salty scent I get from my skin. I find this fragrance delightful, playful, and simple. It is a perfect summer scent or one to brighten up a dull day. It makes me want to get some beers, good friends, and head to the beach!

Dior Homme Sport 2012 Dior by ahbtop 2014-09-29

I like it so much , i bought it once and i will buy it again

Bandit Robert Piguet by MsBacall 2014-09-29

This fragrance is unlike any other fragrance I own. It really is an outlaw of sorts. On my skin, the scent of oak moss, civet, and leather are very present. This combo stays for quite sometime. Eventually, bitter greens come through and smoky element. This scent is very uni-sex and unique. It isn't a mainstream or accessible fragrance. If I smelt this on someone, I'd be curious to know more about them. It is a scent that raises eyebrows and questions. I am still wearing this after several hours and some intense house cleaning. The scent that lingers on my skin is green, clean, and some white soft florals. This is truly a one of a kind fragrance.

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor by MsBacall 2014-09-29

I have worn this perfume a couple of ways. I have sprayed it on my jacket and I have sprayed it on my skin. I noticed when I wear it strictly on my clothing, the scent is super sharp. All I get are the top notes and they never develop. When I wear it on the skin, it is luxurious. I get the soapy aledhydes and lily, but as I wear the scent on the skin it develops fabulously. Oakmoss really gives this scent a vintage vibe. This is a big scent and is not for a timid person. It's for a person that means business. This one I would sample for a bit before purchasing. It is a bit polarizing, but I will say that after several wears on the skin, I am a fan. I love the drydown after several hours of wear.

Jazz Yves Saint Laurent by Ad nauseam 2014-09-29

Just a short note: YSL Jazz does not remind me of Tsar by Van Cleef and Arpels at all. They are different beasts. Jazz does make me think of the original Halston 101. There is a certain essence that reminds me of metal for some reason. I love Jazz and glad I still have a bottle. I still miss 101.

Tuberosa Profumum Roma by kxnaiades 2014-09-29

This is a super loud tuberose of the creamy kind. I find it similar in scent to Fracas and if possible, more flamboyant. I've been wearing this over six hours no and it's going on as strong as when first sprayed on. One of those scents that you won't have to top up in the day, for sure. Scent-wise, this is pretty much tuberose, tuberose, tuberose on me. Incessant and effusive, I am almost getting a headache from it, as much as I enjoy tuberose and lavishness. Definitely for big fat white florals/dominant tuberose lovers only. Even then, I am not sure that one needs a 100ml of this when one spray is more than enough and two sprays over the top. For those who have more sensitive noses, beware. This hits you hard.

Goutte de Rose Cartier by Peta22 2014-09-29

My first instinct on this perfume is ‘intensely pretty’! It’s also reminding me of our favourite high end department store in Hong Kong! It’s fresh, bright and so very, very pretty… not overpowering or cloying at all. I think it’s the type of fragrance that would be the perfect signature of an intensely feminine type of girl/woman (the beautiful ‘pink’ of the liquid absolutely sums it up)… however that isn’t me at all! Hehe…

I really like it though, and I’ll definitely enjoy wearing it when I feel the desire for a floaty, feminine scent. It is certainly a complete change from the sultry, warm and dark scents that I think suit my predominant persona a lot better

Straight to Heaven By Kilian by Jchebert1979 2014-09-29

Straight to Heaven was the first scent that I purchased from the house of by Kilian (henceforth Kilian). I am both very pleased and disappointed by this perfume. While it was not at all what I was expecting after reading a review from an online magazine, I absolutely love this scent. I have seen that others state that they cannot differentiate rum scent in the opening; however, if you have ever heard of or tasted a Venezuelan higher end rum called Ron Diplomatico Blanco, it is exactly what the opening of STH smells like for me.

After the dry down I can still get the hints of rum, but it turns into sweeter, crisp scent. Unfortunately, the longevity for this scent is a downright shame. I have both Black to Black and A Taste of Heaven and Kilian and these two scents last 10 plus hours. To pay $250 perfume ($150 if you get the refill) which only contains 50ml and that lasts for so little an amount of time is not acceptable. That being said, I will continue to scour the internet for either used bottles, testers, or just great deals on this fragrance because it is just that good.

Unfortunately, my nose is too new to break this scent down any further than I did. I do disagree with other reviewers who said it smells like a wood closet with moth balls, or dirty books. I agree that the booziness of the rum opening is overwhelming, I can't smell anything that resembles a rotted book or closet. To each their own though.

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 4/10 (I gave this a 4 because out of all my perfumes, this has the least longevity. I'm sure their are others with less though.)
Sillage: 6/10 (Aside from the overwhelming, room filling opening)
Cost: 8/10 (Based off the refill price. 10/10 if in retail packaging)
Value: 6/10 (I determine this by averaging the values I have given for the cost and longevity.)

Musk Oud By Kilian by riffjim4069 2014-09-29

I have to concur with the below mentioned comments about this one...for under $50 I can find a whole slew of equally good smelling Middle Easter Oud fragrances, and all of them perform better. Save your buckazoids and order an oud fragrance from Arabian Oud, Lattafa, Rasasi, etc. - you'll thank me later.

Burberry Men Burberry by JFrags 2014-09-29

smells like one of those magazine scents.

on the safe side, unoffensive.
please do not overapply

Samsara Extrait Guerlain by Peta22 2014-09-29

Wow… ok – this was a surprise. I bought this blind on the strength of many, many reviews I’d read online. Everything I read had made me believe this was most definitely a fragrance for me. So today my first 2ml Pure Parfum sample miniature arrive (I’ve also ordered a decant of pure parfum and a 100ml EDP plus another 2ml will arrive as part of a collection of Guerlain miniatures – did I say I’ve developed a perfume and online shopping addiction!!)… I immediately dabbed it on my wrist a couple of times and inhaled… I had no idea what to expect really but it seemed much milder than I expected to start with! Maybe I didn’t really apply enough? I was being so careful not to use too much as I was expecting a bit of a monster from the reviews… anyway, it just seemed remarkably quiet – And as for the fragrance? Well, my first instinct was ‘old’! Having just re-read previous reviews, I now understand the reference to ‘old furniture and antiques’ that popped up a few times – that seems very apt to me now actually. I can also understand the references to this being a comforting fragrance… as it settles down I can also visualise old Asian antique stores and furnishings that date back through generations. When I was sniffing my wrist I was getting a very soft, old, florally fragrance (I’ve since washed it off my wrist) but now that I’m sniffing a dab of the fragrance on a tissue, I’m getting the sandlewood with tinges of spice and flowers that I can’t identify… it’s a very atmospheric fragrance to me though – it’s old Asia. Being lovers of anything Asian, my husband and I have spent many hours wandering through markets and antique stores through-out Asia and this fragrance is taking me back there. I’m not sure whether I want to actually ‘wear’ the fragrance though which is rather disappointing to me as I was so intensely excited about it! Anyway, I intend to continue to get to know this perfume in all its intricacies… Worst case scenario, I’ll have plenty of it to fragrance our home!

L'Eau de L'Eau Diptyque by Bloodlust 2014-09-29

What an interesting fragrance! I have yet to find a creation from Diptyque yet that suits me besides Volutes, so I'm glad I finally encountered another one.

This IS as fresh as the name suggests, though also mildly sweet as well. If I could compare L'eau de L'eau to ONE thing to convey what this smells like... If you think back to the 90's, to those dot candies that came in a roll, which you had to peel off of the thin white paper (And end up eating a mouthful of paper anyway...), THAT is the entire experience that I get from this fragrance; Soft spicy sweetness, and a hint of paper.

The opening is more spicy/citrus than any other part of the fragrance. Clove, lemon and cinnamon are all you get for the first 15 minutes! The rest of the fragrance is saturated with sweet lavender, which entirely tones down any spice remaining. Overall, there's a very pleasant, relaxing, neutral vibe to this scent, and it reminds me of a natural scent you'd find in an office, waiting room, doctor's office, to put people at ease.

Clean, non-offensive, unisex, stress-relieving, aromatic.

Eau de Shalimar Guerlain by Bloodlust 2014-09-29

This is more similar to the original Shalimar than any of the other flankers! The original does not behave well on my skin, I often can't carry fragrances with quite as much complexity - so I find this a great alternative to a classic! Though I'm sure other "die hard, been there since the beginning" Shalimar fans will poo-poo this into oblivion, (because if you take the essence of Shalimar OUT of Shalimar - what are you left with!?) I'm quite a supporter :D.

The opening is rather strong and dry, with a tangy punch; It's thick powder, a hint of leather and resins, and a juicy lime! As it reaches the heart, some of the powder subsides and it is replaced with an elegant, non-gourmand vanilla. This is where the classic peeks it's head through Eau de Shalimar to visit. It's fleeting, though, because almost immediately after, the drydown is all vanilla, all the time. Shalimar vanilla, but just vanilla nonetheless!

This is a perfect rendition of a "lighter", "fresher" Shalimar. My only complaints or criticisms would be the longevity & sillage. It can stand to be a little louder, and last a lot longer.

I'm hoping to use this as a stepping stone to wearing the 'One and only' Shalimar EDP!

Emporio Armani Night Giorgio Armani by surya vai 2014-09-29

are there any other fragrances that smells really similar with this?
I only have 1 bottle of this and only 70% that's left, and I have to use it sparingly.
It's so frustrating that this lovely fragrance is discontinued..

Mr. Armani, please re-release this Armani Night.

Central Park South Bond No 9 by redrozie 2014-09-29

I have a Bond obsession every since my first bottle. This is my favorite so far. One spray will last all day. Love Love Love Love! I have others that are great as well but this on is the one for me for sure.

Royal Oud Creed by Jchebert1979 2014-09-29

I will start by echoing what just about every other Royal Oud review states. I cannot smell the Oud. If you are buying this for a traditional Oud scent, you will be disappointed. That being said, Creed's Royal Oud is a fantastic scent. After reading so many reviews, it seems like no other perfume house polarizes people the way Creed does. Some people seem to hate Creed just for the sake of hating them and others love them for the sake of loving them.

Like my Clive Christian C, when I smelled my first sample of this perfume, I absolutely hated it. I am really glad that I actually put some on my wrist and sampled it for the whole day before writing it off because I have come to love this scent.

As stated in my other reviews, I am new to this am just starting to be able to pick out certain notes. That being said, I cannot isolate any notes in this one yet. I just know I like it. On that subject, I ask myself two questions before purchasing a perfume. 1) If I could only wear this scent for the next two years, would I? 2) Can OTHER PEOPLE smell it either if they gave me a hug, or at a minimum of 1" from my wrist after a reasonable amount of time (the higher the price, the longer I expect others to be able to smell it)? YES and YES.

I think Royal Oud is an elegant scent. I am looking forward to wearing this to a wedding, formal birthday party, or something of that ilk. Out of any of my other perfumes, it is this one that I can envision myself dancing with a beautiful woman whom I've only met that night, and having her associate that smell with me for the rest her life.

If you have sampled this and on first glance, don't like it. Please give it another try for the day. I am certainly glad that I did.

Scent: 8.5/10
Longevity: 7/10
Sillage: 7/10 (For me, this one fills the room until it dries down. After that, people can smell it approx. 3-4 inches from my wrist)
Cost: 10/10
Value: 8.5/10 (I determine this by averaging the values I have given for the cost and longevity.)

Flora by Gucci Glamorous Magnolia Gucci by AuraeliaBee 2014-09-29

The first few times I put this on I didn't like it. It was sharp and heady. But the dry down piqued my interest, so I kept trying it on.

One day I was in a rush and just grabbed the closest perfume, which was this one, and sprayed it on randomly and rather further away than I usually do and then magic happened. There was no more sharp and heady scent. Just this soft, interesting, unique smell that I usually get after hours into the dry down.

It's floral but not heady, musky and sweet but still airy, and it's cocoa without being sugary. I LOVE it. It's a nice break from all those typical floral-fruity and sweet gourmand scents going around.

It's staying power on my skin is moderate, maybe 3-4 hours. But on my clothes it lasts all day.

I read one of the reviews here saying that it's similar to acqua di gioia, I couldn't disagree more. Acqua di Gioia is absolutely sharp and rancid on me.

Tobacco Blaze Rasasi by riffjim4069 2014-09-29

@Aceman can you be more specific and detailed in your review?

Hommage a l'homme Voyageur Lalique by murysusanto 2014-09-29

Got my stuff today, I had a strong feeling as this was blind buy that this stuff will be something similar to Gaultier Kokorico and is! Very similar, although I like Lalique better, Gaultier has that overwhelmed earthy smell, soil like. But this tends to last even in hot days. Oh well, I'm not surprised. I expect to have sweeter smell though, but its ok.

Coconut Passion Victoria`s Secret by MAGF1993 2014-09-29

Of every perfume I've smelled in other people, this is a sillage monster to me, it's not even a perfume but I can feel this in any person like in a mile away. Even just the lotion is amazing on sillage and I'm not kidding... Oh and it smells amazing and delicious but it's very known and popular, like a bunch of people have this, that's the only one reason that keeps me away from buying it...

C for Men Clive Christian by Jchebert1979 2014-09-29

This is the first non-department store scent that I have ever tried. After running out of all of my cologne, I decided to google "high-end cologne". Wow, I had no clue what I was in for. I have always loved colognes and the emotions they evoke, but this went from a novelty, to a hobby, to a lifestyle in 8 short months. That day I ordered about 10 different samples, many of which came from an article names "The most expensive perfumes in the world". Of course I did not order just from the pretentious title; I did read quite a few reviews first.

My nose is new to the world of complex scents. After 8 months, I am starting to be able to pick out a couple notes here and there. So basically, it comes down to either I like it, or I don't. While reading reviews for that first sample purchase, I did read quite a few regarding its similarity to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather (henceforth TL). Some said it was similar while others said it was a carbon copy. This piqued my interest so I ordered both. I do think they are very similar; however, to me the dry down of Clive Christian C (henceforth CCC) is quite a bit different than TL (in a better way), which is the main reason that CCC does it for me when TL does not.

Neither sample had a spray top and for some reason I can never get an accurate judgement on longevity unless the scent is sprayed. I could not smell the TL after approx. 3 hours, although I did not have another person to ask if THEY could smell it. I could however, smell the CCC a full 27 hours after its application. This was after a full shower and 2 or 3 hand washes. I was blown away. Unfortunately I was also spoiled in that I assumed ALL perfumes in that price range would last the way CCC did. I was quite disappointed when I realized this was, and is not the case.

I now ask myself 2 questions before a perfume purchase. 1) If this is the only scent that I could wear for the next 2 years, would I wear it. 2) Can OTHER PEOPLE smell it either if they gave me a hug, or at a minimum of 1" from my wrist after a reasonable amount of time (the higher the price, the longer I expect others to be able to smell it)? CCC fit the bill for both questions. I usually wear it twice a week and use 2 full sprays (half spray on each wrist and half spray behind and below each ear) and if I had to "guesstimate", I think this bottle will last at least 2 years for me. Compare that to my Aberc. and Fitch 8 for women (yes I am confident enough to wear a "woman's scent) which was $80 for the same size but only lasts 3 to 4 months, and I'd say the CCC is a better value for the money. On a side note, upon first sniff, I though CCC smelled awful. Kind of like a cigar ashtray. For some reason though, I could not stop smelling my wrist. I don't know if that means it grew on me, or perhaps I liked it from the beginning afterall, but it is now my most favorite scent.

My final thoughts. I found TL to be linear while CCC was much more complex. I have only tried three or four scents that have leather as a major note, but most of them have a scent that I can neither identify nor explain that just smells fake/plastic to me. All but CCC. I still don't know if I can smell the oud, but again, my nose is still new at this. Some have stated that both TL and CCC smell like cocaine. In my college years of experimentation, I tried it 3 times. In no way do either scents smell like cocaine to me. I found an excellent deal on eBay from a seller that had 100% positive feedback and whom I bought perfumes from in the past. I paid $225 for a bottle without the display box. When it is time for another, I do hope I can find it for the same price; however, I will pay full price for it if I have to.

Scent: 9/10 (I am still looking for a perfume that leaves me speechless, although this is close.)
Longevity: 10/10 (I have neither sampled nor worn a perfume that lasts longer.)
Sillage: 9/10 (I get compliments from people I have stood close to even when the smell is faint for me.)
Value: 9/10 (I may get quite a few disagreements with this one, but I think I could wear this perfume every day and the bottle still last at least a year, or perhaps more.)

Majestic Rose Yves Saint Laurent by christianne1 2014-09-29

Majestic Rose took 3 wearings for me to realize how truly majestic it is. An absolutely gorgeous rose mixed with a smoky guaiac wood plus oud and saffron and just enough raspberry to sweeten it a bit which makes it slightly on the feminine side of unisex. Don't get me wrong it is still unisex but more female friendly than a lot of ouds of this type. It is sort of like a slightly sweeter and more rosy and smokier version of Oud Ispahan. They are fairly similar but this one has way more rose. I love Oud Ispahan but I may possibly like Majestic Rose even more.

The more I wear Majestic Rose the more it grows on me and I find it to be one of the best and most interesting rose ouds I have ever tried. Yes, it is expensive but it also smells it. Lasting power and sillage is outstanding. High quality in every possible way. I can't get enough of this beauty.

Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto Fendi by riffjim4069 2014-09-29

As much as I love Fan di Fendi Pour Homme (excellent light-leather scent)...well, I'm just not feeling it with this Assolute version. I love oud, but I don't get any oud in this fragrance - none! It's just an okey-dokey uninspiring lightly-spiced, lightly-sweet fragrance with some patchouli tossed-in. It's okay but nothing I am wanting to buy or wear.

Extraordinary for Men Roccobarocco by gzalvares 2014-09-29

A mix of Le Male and 1 Million(or, perhaps, Spicebomb).I believe that has notes besides those listed, I feel something like cinnamon and tobacco.

Donna Trussardi 2011 Trussardi by mo212 2014-09-29

A man's opinion,,, I would love my girl to smell like this. and by girl I mean a lady. Because this is a perfume for a FINE BEAUTIFUL LADY with a Flawless Figure in a white short dress. WoW

Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes by aqua_de_la_vita 2014-09-29

I really enjoy Hermès because they have created a fine fragrance with unquie aroma's covering a wide range. I have fair size collection's starting with Rocbar, Bel Ami and last Terre D' Hermès perfect as fall/winter fragrance. Recently I picked up Terre D Hermès eau Très Fraiche, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil and finally Un Jardin Mêditerranée.
My review on Un Jardin Mêditerranée,
Every time I wear this fragrance I feel like I'm in Italy going through a vineyard/garden. In the first 2hrs the aroma of orange blossom and lemon gives it a real zesty aromatic aroma. The main notes of fig leaf is so intense you get a green vib which lasts well past 4hrs. To balance this GEM both cypress and juniper berry gives it a hint of herbal/woodsy undertones. Floating is a floral aroma giving it a deep warm/sweet aroma.
Longevity and Silage is very high lasting well past 6hrs.
Finally thoughts,
Out of the different fragrance's from Hermès this juice can be worn from early spring throughout the summer months and till the end of fall. What's nice about this fragrance is that every time you wear it gives off a calm relaxing happy vib. I enjoy using it and several co-workers complimented me because it wasn't a heavy fragrance which has a cloying aroma. This fragrance has a delicate balance between green/earth notes topped with floral aroma. I recommend to those who know Hermès, if your not sure test first....if it's not for you I'm sure there's something else that could be substituted. Rating this fragrance is easy...It's exquisitely crafted. 9.5/10 ♥♥♥♥

Nuit de Tubereuse L`Artisan Parfumeur by heatherjtrumbo 2014-09-29

I bought a sample of this and I have fallen in love! This is a deep and mysterious version of tuberose, definitely not for a wallflower. This is just what I've been looking for, a tuberose perfume with enough warmth to it that it can stand up to the cold months ahead. I just ordered a bottle and can't wait for it to get here!

Breath Of God Lush by christianne1 2014-09-29

God kinda needs a tic tac.

Smells like He has been trying to save folks in a burning automotive shop, while gargling melon body wash.

Based on His breath He is clearly a multi-tasker.

Omnipresence makes for some very interesting breath.

Oolang Infini Atelier Cologne by Inventress 2014-09-29

Atelier Cologne Oolang Infini is the lightest cologne I have encountered! It is a barely-there wisp of citrus, followed by dominant tea on vetiver and tobacco blossom. I think I would be able to smell the other notes, too, if only Oolang Infini was just a little stronger. Its green and woody accords would only be made magical by a stronger concentration. As it is now, Oolang Infini is a fragrance for a no-fragrance occasion - it doesn't leave a trail nor is it easy to detect after only about 1 hour.

Vanilla & Anise Jo Malone by little elf 2014-09-29

When I first sprayed this, I loved it. It was like an airier take on Hypnotic Poison with a great anise note. However, the excitement faded rather quickly. About 2 hours, to be exact, when I could no longer smell the faintest trace of it.

I smell a fresh watery version of Burberry London in Jasmin du Nil. Since I like BL but was too strong florals, I'm happy with this light similar version. It's funny that I like this perfume because I used to hate Jasmine most of the time. I'm sure that Jasmine is not the only star in it.

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme Dolce&Gabbana by anna.dkr5 2014-09-29

Some have compared it to Johnson's Baby Shampoo, and I can see (smell) why: the sweet tobacco mixed with the lavender here creates a chamomile-like scent. It's also powdery. I'm not the only one who perceives this accord, but I'm surprised to read that I'm in the minority. Still a really pleasing scent; I own a bottle of this myself.

Girl Pharrell Williams by pravda48 2014-09-29

Apparently the opening of this LOVES my chemistry. (& I say 'opening' since I'm just 15 mins into wearing it.) I see some odd comments or that it's very masculine, but on me it's a soft, beautiful, just a tad spiced iris. And the best iris, I mean. That kind where it almost gets a doughy sweet quality to it, highly textured and with a warm fuzziness around the edges. I know it reminds me of something I can't put my finger on... Infusion d'Iris but w/ more sweetness and more earthiness, maybe. The pepper does add interest and the neroli/sandalwood are amping the creamy/sweet/doughiness, to my nose. It does have an overall cool comforting aura & the perfect amounts of grounding patch/cedar underneath this semi-sweet purple creamy spice.

I'm really enjoying it so far, but it's early yet so I'll report back.

Thanks for my oh-so generous sample from APassionateJourney! <3

P.S. WHAT, pray tell, is that blue... thing, on the bottle?? lol!


Coach Poppy Freesia Blossom Coach by bluepistachio 2014-09-29

I'm not a big fan of the Coach Poppy line, but this one is quite nice. It's sweet, creamy, yet light. The only downfall is that it doesn't last. After 1-2 hours it's completely gone. It would be a nice gift but not something I would love to buy anytime soon. Overall, good job Coach! I recommend this to gourmand/fruity lovers. The sugar stands out here and the berries.

Krasnaya Moskva Novaya Zarya by Krasnylips 2014-09-29

A lovely spicy gingery scent, fades away quickly though, so don`t rely much on the fact it is a perfume and not EDT. What is good about it is that they managed to keep the spirit of old Krasnya Moskva. It reminds of the vintage version, but sounds modern.

Al Mas Al Haramain Perfumes by Krasnylips 2014-09-29

Spicy at the beginning, it even tickles your nose. Soon vanilla appears - it gently mixes up with flowery scent and that probably gives the touch of good bitter chocolate. Gourmand strong flavour, requires time to get used to it.

Delight Swiss Arabian by Krasnylips 2014-09-29

Spicy and citric at the beginning it soon turns to a powdery rose - and that powder is made of vanilla. This scent wraps around you like a silk shawl. Very comfortable and decent. Though it is an oriental scent it is quite easy to get used to it. It is obviously a mass market sample but it doesn`t mean it is cheap and boring.

Cashmere Mist Donna Karan by jake.shouse 2014-09-29

Too light!

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by missmim 2014-09-29

Ooof, this is unfortunate on me. Dirty diaper til the cows come home. And longevity is monstrous. Not for me, which is too bad cuz it's cheap!

Centaure Cuir Blanc Pierre Cardin by Have_some_scents 2014-09-29

I ordered this from Ebay and just got it today. At first, I get the citrus. Then, a few minutes after it settled, it reminded me so much of something. Couldn't figure out what it was. Later, it hit me a - Carolina Herrera for men. Not that it's a bad thing, but I already have CH for Men, and I was expecting something new and different.

Black Musk Jovan by britton0299 2014-09-29

I love musk but this....omg it smells terrible to me! I mix it with egyptian musk so maybe i can give it a little push.

Cashmere Mist Donna Karan by britton0299 2014-09-29

I've wore this for some time now really like the powdery freshness.

Elixir des Merveilles Hermes by carbocookie 2014-09-29

Love this one!

The opening blast smells just like a shot of a good quality triple sec - very orangey and a little boozy.

The heart is delightfully resiny and a little sweet with just the right amount of woody-spiciness. I could swear I smelled a little cinnamon in there too.

The dry-down is very clean, woody and a little medicinal. Though its a femme fragrance, it would definitely be suitable for men.

Personally, there's something very Christmas-y about this scent. Another blind-purchase success for me!

Xeryus Rouge Givenchy by Rorshach1004 2014-09-29

A spicy, warm, red berry scent that is very pleasant to my novice nose, and a little more unique and different than a lot of the other scents I was trying out in the department stores. It's not flowery, not girly and it has a spicy edge to it that makes it a very masculine scent. I invested in a 100ml bottle, and am very happy that I did so.

Dulcis in Fundo Profumum Roma by missmim 2014-09-29

Completely surprised by this one, and it's love. I don't like sickly sweet vanilla OR gourmands as a general rule but this one is perfection on my skin. Very linear but beautifully so. Orange blossom then vanilla, that orange creamsicle thing people keep referring to. But really gorgeous. Saving up for a full bottle.

Prada Candy Prada by Lucy Peach 2014-09-29

Have always liked Prada Candy especially this time of year as it gets cooler. I keep noticing there's a faint similarity to Infusion d'Iris as it settles. Understated and loveable.

Angel Thierry Mugler by missmim 2014-09-29

Hated. Smelled like chocolate mixed with dirty underwear; overpowered everything else I smelled. Just does not work on me.

Jimmy Choo Man Jimmy Choo by riffjim4069 2014-09-29

Jimmy Choo Man starts off sweet and fruity and then turns into a very soft leathery-patchouli scent on my skin. I never would have guessed there were pineapple in this fragrance...just sweet/fruity stuff. The opening is boring since it reminds me of a hundred other designer fragrances I have already sniffed, and the drydown is uninteresting, dull and well...kind of like the dopey kids and dullards who quietly nap in the back of the classroom. Besides the solid and attractive bottle, this fragrance lasts 4-5 hours on my skin...which appears to be JCM's biggest achievement. I recommend a pass on this one.

Only The Brave Wild Diesel by Rorshach1004 2014-09-29

I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I got a free sample and wasn't expecting much ( it was probably the horrible looking fist bottle that initially put me off) but what I did get was a very nice smelling spicy coconut scent. Don't be put off by the bottle, this one will surprise you. It's a lot better than it looks.

Luna Rossa Extreme Prada by riffjim4069 2014-09-29

I tried this again today at the local Macy's. I found it to be a decent cologne Fall/Winter fragrance; it's okay, but there was nothing extraordinary or extreme about it that made me want to part with my eighty-six buckazoids. It lasts about 5-6 hours and projects moderately on my skin. Not bad! I would gladly wear PLRE if it were given to me as a gift, but I am not likely to buy this one anytime soon.

Does it smell like Tobacco Vanille? No, it does knock-off the comparisons and punch your faces, both of them, if you said, "Yes." (Lol) Granted, the opening pepper-spray does give one that very brief association--for all of 30-seconds while the juice is still wet on the skin--but the lavender and ambery notes quickly push forward. To compare this fragrance to TV is like comparing a motor home to the Playboy Mansion simply because they both have four walls and a door.

Anyway, I find Luna Rossa Extreme to be likeable...much better than the non-extreme version. Let's just hope we don't see an Intense Sport flanker.

Vince Camuto for Men Vince Camuto by jozemo 2014-09-29

A nice all around fragrance ,nice low key scent for the evening ,longevity is decent around 4 hours if sprayed on clothing and then your pulse points,sillage is low to moderate but close to the skin which is quite good, a nice leather based alternative if you're looking for a inexpensive scent.

Rosa Nobile Acqua di Parma by Lucy Peach 2014-09-29

Very longlasting, A little too powerful for me but perfect for someone who is looking for a heavier, more intense rose for the cooler season.

Gothic I Loree Rodkin by chickenpotpie 2014-09-29

The first time I tried this, it smelled of Mount Gay Rum. I got the vanilla but whoo I really smelled like I spilled a drink on myself. Unlike Gothic II, while there's a chocolate vibe, its not a very loud one. Its more vanilla, rum and chocolate to me.

As time goes on the patch turns dark, musty, and dirty. That sounds bad but its not. I wish it had started this way to be honest. Of I and II I do enjoy 2 more as there is less foody vanilla to contend with.

As I and II share basically the same DNA, one of these would be enough (unless you collect)

Does anyone know where I can buy this perfume from in the UK? Or has it ben discontinued? (I don't want to buy off Ebay} I love Incense, and would love to have this perfume.If it has been discontinued, and there is anyone in the UK who has this and does not like it please, contact me and we could arrange a swap.

Versace Pour Homme Versace by thiefofnoses 2014-09-29

Another fragrance on my quest for an excellent aquatic, although I note it is listed as an Aromatic Fougere on here. Bears a very strong resemblance to Chanel Allure Homme Sport from the bottle, although when sprayed has lemon rather than orange and is not as creamy. Deceptively strong with both deceptive longevity and sillage, and I suspect pleasing to others' noses - a very fresh kind of fragrance. It has much more of a watery vibe to it than AHS, and I must say I prefer both its scent and pricepoint.

I have a passing like for it, but can't say I love it or that I'm extremely enthusiastic about it. It's also very ubiquitous here in Australia and reminds me of a stereotypical 'young male office worker' fragrance. Nice bottle though.

Ed Hardy Love & Luck Christian Audigier by djuzz.becuzz 2014-09-29

The first time I tried it I didn't really care for it and I didn't try it after that until today. And I have to admit that I actually DO like it quite a bit!
It smells wonderfully fresh and sweet at the same time. The fruits smell boozy to me, don't know if it's the vodka responsible for that or the rich plum note...
The first seconds it's definitely mostly citrus that I smell, but the plum and black currant join in fast. The citrus makes it fresh, the plum adds sweetness and the black currant makes it juicy.
As it dries down there's creamy sandalwood showing up and a fair hint of musk.
It's really yummy actually, very much fruity gourmand!
The packaging is pretty cool as well, a cylinder shaped bottle with a cap that's just as big as the bottle itself and carries the cool 'geisha' print. On top of the cap there is this metal plate with a 3-dimensional bulldog's head, complete with collar and cap and I think it even wears a piercing...
Longevity is moderate, sillage is gentle.
I found that it also layers wonderfully with Jeanne Arthes' Boum Vanille Sa Pomme d'Amour with the praline & vanilla.

Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo by Shaheen 2014-09-29

Ok, so I appreciate the uniqueness of this fragrance. I have sampled hundreds of colognes and haven't smelled anything that even resembles Kenzo Homme. Many people mentioned a rubber note, and I can sort of detect something like that. I also detect the plastic or "glue" note that others complained about.

I don't really find this fragrance to be aquatic or salty/oceanic at all. To me, it smells like some oddball avant-garde women's perfume. I agree with the person who said that this could pass as a perfume that you would smell on an old woman. But not in a good way.

Here's what comes to my mind when I smell this: A tanker truck is hauling a chemical that you have never heard of and can't even begin to pronounce. The tanker jack-knifes on the interstate and crashes, spilling its contents all over the road. You try to hold your breath, but you inevitably take in a huge whiff of the chemical.... of Kenzo Homme.

Gothic II Loree Rodkin by chickenpotpie 2014-09-29

know what I get from this? Floral chocolate, and lots of it. The vanilla, frangapi, and patch came across as a chocolate note, one that I liked but got kinda hairy for a while. That was quite a surprise and not one I had planned on.

What I don't get a lot of is incense and I don't get any clove until hour 2 of the drydown.

As a spray, it has more sillage than if it were dabbed on, but still, the sillage sits close. After some hours, the chocolate fades to where I smell the herbal patchouli I had looked for in the first place. Longevity is very good. Maybe TOO good. In general perfumes do last a while on my skin and this one is no different. 8+ hours from first spray until it fades to oblivion.

This maybe would play out better in colder weather, but for now, it quite a bit sweeter than I had anticipated. Well worth trying as its quite a bit unexpected.

Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme Kenzo by Shaheen 2014-09-29

Whoever mentioned Diesel Fuel for Life for Men hit the nail on the head. From the first spray that is the fragrance that immediately came to mind. This is like a "sport" version of Fuel for Life. Therein lies the problem: Kenzo Sport Extreme shares Fuel for Life's milky sweetness and anise/fruit note. There's no way I would recommend that anyone wear either of these fragrances in hot weather. Too sweet and cloying for that. I would dare to say that this fragrance is better suited for moderate or even cold weather. Either way, I don't care for this at all.

Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift by amna723 2014-09-29

I just can't get over how much I love this scent. It's so warm, soft, comfy and luxurious. It's sweet with lots of soft elegant vanilla, some light berry notes (not excessive) and mysterious woodsy notes. This perfume is the equivalent to cuddling a warm, super soft cashmere blanket in the winter. It's so rich and warm, and I think that makes it most perfect for winter and fall. It also lasts super long on me...The whole day.

This smells like a mix of all my favorite celebrity perfumes...Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted, Paris Hilton Can Can and Jessica Simpson Fancy...It's really sweet, warm and "comfy". Perfect for fall. I like it :).

Hippie Chic True Religion by amna723 2014-09-29

This perfume is really watery, light, airy and floral. You get watery fruit notes, aquatic notes and just a generic musk. Smells exactly like Ralph Lauren Ralph in the blue bottle. Like exactly EXACTLY similar to it :).

Viva la Juicy Gold Couture Juicy Couture by Lybarra118 2014-09-29

Caramelized flower petals. Goodness, I love this edition! It's the original VLJ mixed with Prada Candy. It's not straight caramel and vanilla. It's got character. Not screechy or sharp or sickening at all. And somehow Juicy Couture managed to make this flanker stronger and slightly longer lasting, while calming it down and smoothing it out. Fantastic!

It's definitely on the warm, cozy side, but there's something about it that's uplifting and...perky...cheeky...classic Juicy Couture style. Autumn/Winter wear, without a doubt. Yummy without being a straight forward gourmand, imo.

As one of the few who dislikes the uber popular original Viva La Juicy, I was hesitant about this one. There was something extremely sharp and harsh (synthetic?) about the original VLJ that gave me a migraine of epic proportions; however, I've always felt that if VLJ could be made a tad bit sweeter, or calmer (or something), that it'd somehow work for me.

I'm so glad I took a chance and bought VLJ Gold blind. (Thank you nikki.rouse.10)

Angel Garden of Stars Pivoine starts out with peony, patchouli and pepper. The peony adds a really fresh brightness that works well with the rose. The patchouli is prominent, but not overwhelmingly so, as in the case of traditional Angel.

There is an interesting combination of freshness and spiciness. There is a soft, clean, powdery feeling from the rose and vanilla. I couldn't pick out the lily of the valley note at all. I found this fragrance more interesting because of the spiciness.

The contrast of musky patchouli, spicy pepper, and bright peony made it interesting to wear. Its not my favorite fragrance, but I thought it was fun to try. It wears down to a sweet, clean, soapy scent. This is a long-lasting fragrance with moderate silage.

Calypso Lili Bermuda by Cassiano 2014-09-29

Just like Fresh Water and South Water, Calypso is another unisex eau de cologne created by the company, made to please everyone, without exception. It was launched in 2013 and its inspiration comes from the musical rhythms and lifestyle of the islanders.

It has notes of neroli and bergamot, in the output; loquat and seagrass, in the heart; aquatic notes and white musk, in the base. Do not expect a unique or innovative fragrance because it is not what you will find. It is very difficult to create a cheerful and invigorating fragrance that can be worn by both sexes and escape the common place. This achievement has already been reached when the company created South Water, which is different, juicy and tropical.

For those seeking an olfactory reference, Calypso touches the skin with a very pleasant fragrance, reminiscent of several others in the same style of Tommy for Men (Tommy Hilfiger). Then, sweet and sour nuances emerge, changing the citrusy aspect into a fruity aroma. Finally, the fragrance shows itself oceanic, but still fruity, only much weaker, remaining very close to the skin.

The projection is weak, but the lasting is good, taking into account the composition and the EDC concentration. If I had to make a ranking of the three unisex fragrances from the house, I'd say that Fresh Water is the weakest. Then, this one comes with better durability and, on top of the podium, South Water with great projection and lasting. I will not discuss the scent, because it's a matter of taste and this is very personal.

Speaking solely about the smell, for me, this is one of the nicest perfumes ever. Like, if Indian marketplace really smells this way, I'll have to move to India someday.

It has that trademark incense note of CdG and, especially, Series 3, but, other than that, there's a whole new world around. The incense backbone is surrounded by an abundance of spices in the opening - mostly cardamom and pepper, but with a dash of cinnamon as well, and later there is a fine mixture of ebony and oriental resins as well. This simplified picture, though, can't describe how divine the smell is, through the top, heart and base notes, all the time.

Unfortunately, the longevity is abysmal on my skin. I can't get more than an hour or two out of this one, and that's really a shame. It also doesn't project well while it's present, and that doesn't help either. To make things even worse, this is as wearable and as unique as any CdG, so that just makes all this more sad.

This is an one-of-a-kind smell, aura and atmosphere but, unfortunately, with very, very short life.

10/10 for the smell
7/10 for the perfume

Sexy Rio de Janeiro Michael Kors by shasta 2014-09-29

Love it! Smells like Paris Hilton Tease in the opening notes.Juicy fruity floral lushness! Then it turns into a soft vanilla with no juicy notes left.

Bright Crystal Absolu Versace by westernlady 2014-09-29

I was interested to try this after liking the Yellow Diamond version.

Bright Crystal Absolu follows in the footsteps of their typical line with a lighter, shorter longevity. It definitely falls under the fruity-floral line with the sweet raspberry note.

Initially, it smells floral, citrusy, and aquatic. The fresh citrus wears off within 15 minutes. It has an almost grapefruit, tart impression. I think the pomegranate feels slightly bitter and sweet. It feels like a good introduction to tart notes due to the sweet and aquatic notes.

The lotus makes it aquatic, floral and soft. It's pretty well-balanced as far as floral, tart, and sweet. It's not my favorite perfume, but it's a nice, fresh fragrance for summer. Overall, this is a decent, but not earth-shattering fragrance.

Bull's Blood Imaginary Authors by calyx93 2014-09-29

just got a sample - upon first spritz it reminds me of a less mossy/herbaceous and less leathery MPG Parfum d'Habit - a dusty, dark rose with an obvious patchouli and animalic musk - not getting any pipe tobacco, really. The costus lends its hair-like note, but not heavily.

again, just first impressions - will add more later.

Midnight Poison Dior by P0IS0N 2014-09-29

So sad Dior discontinued this fragrance... It is one of my favorites, makes me feel super sexy because of the dark and a little bit masculine scent! It's a very unusual perfume to me, hadn't smelled anything like it before. I noticed that YSL Elle seems to resemble it quite a bit. However, Elle seems to miss that extra something that makes Midnight Poison amazing.

Moon Dance Juliette Has A Gun by BlueMarine 2014-09-29

An explosion of Rose mingled with intense Tuberose, plus some other white florales (is it Ylang that I seem to detect that is not listed in the pyramid?), this perfume hits you in the face much in the More-is-More 80s style: Big, bold, strong yet sensual, substantial sillage and long-lasting. For someone who wants to make a statement and an entrance (and cash to spare).

The packaging couldn't be more different from JHaG's standard line - classic suqare flacon, creamy-white lacquer box with silver plaque with a velvet wrap, definitely Luxury but almost nothing in common with the rest of JHaG's bottles. I am curious as to the Nose behind this latest creation (is it still FK who, according to various reports, worked on the other JHaG)?

After getting my hands on this supposedly "exclusive" bottle, I saw the entire JHaG prominently displayed in Sephora Paris including the two from the latest Luxury Collection (along with several so-called Niche brands), so expect to hear a lot more about this brand in mainstream media. Just hope it won't get over-exploited.

24K Jivago by Aria1964 2014-09-29

Definitely unique, but unfortunately does not appeal to me.
I've given it a fair shake, and have tried it 3 times in 3 different temperature conditions. This perfume is very powdery, and a has a disconcerting, unidentifiable note that I just can't get past. It's not a cloying sweet scent, and I could see how someone could really fall for this. It has quite good sillage and longevity. Even after I washed it off, and used rubbing alcohol, I could still smell it on my skin. I believe this is suited for cool weather evening wear.
This one is now up for swap.

This smells incredible. I don't have the most experienced nose, but not a bit of it smells synthetic to me. All I get is a warm, resinous, dryly sweet vanilla. I was worried about it being a cologne and the longevity issues that might come with it, but silly me. It has better silage and longevity than perfumes three times its price point.

Yes. That price point. This is a steal. And from what I understand, it's currently on sale (!) at L'Occitane. I will surely betake myself there upon the morrow.

Cristalle Eau Verte Chanel by Lucy Peach 2014-09-29

This was a summer favourite for me this year. Light and refreshing, especially on a warm day. Much fresher and crisp than the original Cristalle which was my first ever perfume as a teenager. I love it. I also love Eau Premiere which I find is quite similar in the beginning. Gorgeous. Timeless.

Hugo XX Hugo Boss by tanzp 2014-09-29

just to clear up i have the edp in a 60 mill bottle it does exist ;]

Coco Chanel by HanamiTsukimi 2014-09-29

I will try not to gush because I know that's irritating, but bear with me.

Coco is a lovely, spicy, lightly soapy fragrance that smells like a Christmas Ball. In its smoothness it manages to be both elegant and familiar, opulent and cozy.

I've just entered my 30's and I would wear this in a heartbeat. It's like a good pair of Mary Janes. Yes, it evokes the era it was born in, but that doesn't stop it from working just as well today. Classics are like that. To me, this is youthful, but it's a sumptuous youth rather than an uber-casual, cutesy youth (not that there's anything wrong with that either). This was youth in the 80's: rich, bold and fabulous. It can be your youth too.

Wow! So pleased I stumbled on this one, it is very close to Acqua di Parma but currently without the big price tag.

This is probably one of the best scents I have in my collection at present, Colonia Purissima is pure sophistication in a scent, it politely oozes class.

It opens with citruses of lemons and oranges each buzzing with spicy accords, there's green tea, floral aromas of flowers, geranium and orange blossom. Dry down is long and there is a very smooth transition from the opening accords to the more elegant woody accords of Java vetiver, Bourbon vetiver, Haiti vetiver, along with musk and amber. This is a seamlessly complex scent that is balanced with sheer perfection.

I am told from more than one source that this is being discontinued which is why it can be found at a good price, get it while stocks last people!

Le Fantome 12 Parfumeurs Francais by BlueMarine 2014-09-29

I was initially attracted to this little known brand by the bottle design (similar to a certain brand of Cognac's XO) in a specialist niche boutique, so went on to try several and eventually settled on this one. Only afterwards did I realize that Fragrantica classified this as For Men, the fragrance could easily be worn by female devotees of woody notes.

There is an Aquatic/ Ozonic element in the initial freshness that somehow was belied by the Woody Aromatic label, it certainly is less Woody"than Feminite du bois. Soft, airy top notes (citrus + marine) gradually settling into a light patchouli/ vetiver base, with just a hint of spice.

An everyday type of pseudo-unisex scent though steeply priced, perhaps the super heavy cigar-box-styled packaging accounts for half of the cost?

Hedonist Viktoria Minya by chickenpotpie 2014-09-29

Let me start by saying Peach and I don't always get along. When its good, its bombastically good... Fresh, juicy, a bit of tang. When its not good, whew! funky unwashed armpits after a 20 mile run!

I the case of hedonist, I was very cautious on how I approached. knowing that peach can be the nemesis note, I tried this one at home alone.

At first I got rum, then...peach...

The peach here is absolutely amazing. Peach, jasmine, and a very interesting honey vibe. Sounds foody but its not. Moist, juicy, and seductive. The basenotes really hold up will against the top and mid notes. I don't get a heavy tobacco here, just a mere hint. I also don't get a ton of vanilla, its well mixed.

I know people have said this is like Amouage Journey, but my skin says differently. This isn't a very sillage heavy scent; it tends to sit close, but I think thats the beauty of it. Were the sillage louder, it would be quite a giant mess.

Longevity is decent. Dries to a skin scent in about 6-7 hours.

Though well liked, I don't see myself going for it any time soon because to be honest, I think its quite pricy for what it is. However, I'm not a bottle person but for someone who enjoys the entire experience, from bottle to spray, this would be an absolute treat because you're not only paying for the perfume, but the experience the packaging brings with it. (which is gorgeous btw)

Rasha Al-Rehab by CherriedEmpress 2014-09-29

Firstly, Rasha is extremely concentrated. A tiny, tiny dab goes a long way and lasts. This is coming from someone who likes wearing heavy scents. I haven't even "rolled the ball" - I only rubbed my finger on the inside of the cap, dabbed on wrists and hairline, and blended well into skin. If you buy more than one Al-Rehab scent, I recommend trying them separately, as singles, to get a solid feel of each. I got four. Myself, I am test-driving one per day because they don't wash off easily. It's a little frustrating to wait, but... ;) Sniffing it nose-to-bottle, you are going to smell the concentrated form of what Rasha is supposed to smell like. You must wear it and let it dry down. I have never smelled Gucci Rush, so I cannot compare the two. I WILL say that Rasha smells like it cost a lot more than five dollars! It smells expensive! The scent itself is hard for me to describe, so please read others' reviews. I read everyone's review before buying and then picked out what I believe I smell.
Rasha is confident, sexy, very sensual. This smells like the color "red", like the Red Light District. This fragrance says, "I know where I'm going, what I'm doing, and how I'm going to do it." Although it is sensual and intoxicating, I can picture a man wearing this. Rasha is absolutely NOT a girly-girl, bubblegum scent. I smell the gardenia and a lot of spiciness. I can see peach being in there too, but it is blended well. It is an even better scent after it has dried down somewhat, maybe an hour after application. The drydown is more powdery and creamy. I get the feeling Rasha would smell different to people around me who are getting an arm's length whiff than it does up close on my skin. I'm curious to see what others think. Bottom line is that I'm very glad I gambled on this one.

While others complained of too much rose, my rose was buried underneath bushels of sharp citrus (listed as mandarin, but smelled just like the ubiquitous "citrus blend" we all know).
And the cashmere wood never showed up at all.

I think we'll be seeing this at Marshall's very soon.

Rio Glow Jennifer Lopez by Isobela 2014-09-29

It does indeed smell almost identical to 'Live Platinum', I used to own 'Live Platinum' so I am quite familiar with the scent. Great news for those who wanted to get hold of it again, but really I feel like it should have been a re-release and not completely repackaged and sold as something seperate.

Very fruity opening, layered with the classic JLo soap. Pleasant enough but no wow factor. Very casual, shower scent I wouldn't wear it for special events or formal occasions.

Bebe Nouveau Chic Bebe by aqua76239 2014-09-29

I smelled it while I was in BEBE store-this is really nice, light citrusy sweet scent-you can't escape citrus, plus some sweet floral notes and presto, you have Nouveau Chic. Incidentally, it doesn't resemble original Nouveau scent at the slightest-original is really quite masculine, to my nose.
I wouldn't say this is anything earth shattering but I like it and it bears more than passing resemblance to Light Blue by DG

I am cautious about celeb fragrances, but got a chance to try this one on and was both surprised and impressed with it--lasting, mature and womanly, with a lot of prescence--and when I found it marked down to nothing at TJ Maxx, I picked it up, along with "My Life Blossom"--which seems to have the same base, but a little lighter and fresher. Jasmine and tuberose---they speak to me and I wear them well. This is a celeb scent with character--like Ms. Blige, it is strong and it can REALLY sing!!

Envy for Men Gucci by weaselize 2014-09-29

Tom Ford was director at gucci when this was created right? And gucci discontinued it at the time he left? I,m really wondering who has the rights on this formula..

Is it gucci? or tom ford? or even the perfumer who created it??

Maybe whe should adress to tom ford whit this demand of customers instead of drewling to gucci? I dunno..

Now who of these 3 (gucci "procter and gamble nowadays", tom ford, the perfumer) has the power or the legal possibilities to revive this masterpiece?? That is the first question that has to be solved if we possibly would want to make a chance this being revived ever.

Procter & gamble (gucci) don,t listen.

There must be a way but how??!!

Even if this would be considered as a limited edition and request from many buyers, i would happily pay extra for receiving this. Imagine the producer would like to open a register for a couple of months for anyone who would like to order this one on prepaid. Once they got the cash they could produce a limited edition payed by us. I mean, the formula is out there right? They don,t have to do any research anymore...

Who can come up with the answer on who owns the formula and the legal rights for bringing this back to life?
create this sucker agaaaiinn :)

My first reaction to Souffle was repulsion. I thought it smelled very blah and cheap and like one of those "our impression of..." sprays. I decided to try it again and while I still don't want it, I don't feel nearly as negative about it.

Like others have said, you really have to separate this from the Shalimar name. The only connection I can see is if Mr. Wasser was trying to reference the actual Shalimar Gardens by making an airy, floral scent. I think Souffle should have been an Aqua Allegoria and been released in early spring.

It makes me think of powdered sugar and jasmine. Not in a powdery way, but in a light, sweet, sneezy way -if that makes sense! It starts very sweet and stays pretty much the same. Up close I do notice a sour mandarin musk that reminds me of a lot of modern perfumes (especially the Miss Diors) that I don't like, but it's light enough to not be annoying. I think the sillage stays sweet, fresh, and floral and other people will say it smells pretty on you.

If you can get past the name, it's a "nice" scent, just not what I was expecting.

Shelter Island Bond No 9 by K1 2014-09-29

This is so near to Bond No 9 Perfume, with more aquatic less floral; or better to say powdery floral vibe. It’s a nice vintage style summer time sea shore’ish fragrance; very practical and so wearable.
It opens with crispy fresh juicy slight sparkling note of lemony spicy cocktail which quickly draws smooth powdery floral side up with sea water soaked agarwood. It’s marine, fresh, and woody and citric. With all these it’s not a resort tropical trip fragrance. Rather it is an urban summery perfume for sea side streets of New York! Nice stuff in fact.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by lovetribe 2014-09-29

maybe the reformulation has more longevity and sillage?

Too Too Betsey Johnson by greenelf 2014-09-29

I have to be honest--I bought this just for the nutty bottle! The scent is all over the place, fruity, woody, spicy, powdery! The orange/ginger mix makes me think of the old, ORIGINAL Albert Nipon fragrance, which, in my 30's I hated, because I thought it dried down to smell like moth balls. This scent avoids that, probably because of all the fruit and the tuberose, which is probably why I can wear it!

Coco Chanel by P0IS0N 2014-09-29

After making a perfume analysis of the fragrances I really love, I discovered that I tend to love notes that are also present in Chanel Coco (e.g. citrusy notes, rose, white flowers, orange blossom, but also amber, vanilla and sandalwood).

Reading the comments about this fragrance, I really wanted to try it. Ooooh, and when I did... I instantly fell in love! This fragrance makes me feel so classy and sophisticated! Most seem to find this an evening scent, but for me this is the perfect scent that is also very wearable at daytime. Maybe because I generally like warm winter and evening scents, so for daytime I also want a richer and warmer fragrance. The lasting power is amazing; after just one spray on my wrists at the store, it lasted for hours until I showered, and even after that I could smell it on my wrists. I seriously can't wait to buy it... Think this will be a 100ml bottle.

ITISDREAM Salvador Dali by Penny Urn'd 2014-09-29

Much more sophisticated than the delightfully whimsical bottle would suggest. Ladylike, but not stuffy.

The rose does show up on me-- prominently, in fact. I love that it is not bogged down with peach, violet or amber-- notes that often take over. The citrus, cedar, and other floral notes support and harmonize with this rose beautifully. It lasts about 4 to 5 hours on my skin and remains lovely throughout.

A very happy surprise!

Joyful Escada by lat 2014-09-29

This fragrance is plain, vacant, yet self-absorbed and narcissistic, just like the model who happens to be the face of it.
Sorry but I'm not sorry.

Marry Me Lanvin by Muddauberwasp 2014-09-29

I bought it for the name. I got it to give to my son for him to slip into his fiance's Christmas stocking. Very little sillage on me with no projection. Scent is fading fast and I just put it on. very pleasant citrus floral, and I can smell the peach.



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