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Great start, disappointing finish. Fragrance doesn't last much beyond an hour on me. I feel jipped on this one. I wouldn't say I don't like it, it just has longevity issues.

Chaldée Jean Patou by Dulce15 2014-11-21

This is so beautiful! I was tempted because of the cold to go for something heavier but this was calling out to me. I wore this in the Spring and Summer often this year. It is very floral and elegant. There is no mediocrity when it comes to Jean Patou and this one is another one the masterpieces. Even in Winter it is just amazing. It has enough Amber and Spice to be a Fall/Winter fragrance as well. It doesn't stay with me very long but I love it anyway. I carry some in a purse atomizer and reapply every so often. It is not a bargain but it is gorgeous!

MS Oud Marco Serussi by Mojtabaa 2014-11-21

EDP version review

I have an EDP sample of this fragrance.

It has a lovely and mild scent of aromatic woods especially Agarwood(Oud, very wellblendded with leather note and a bit mild spices and sweetness.

Longevity: +8 hours
Sillage: Moderate but noticeable.

سلام بر فارسی زبانان

EDP version review

کاری است بسیار خوشبو با رایحه ای طبیعی.
دقیقا بوی چوب های معطر رو میده، من چوب اصلی عود رو بو نکردم اما بوی چوب در این عطر کاملا طبیعی هست و بخوبی با بوی چرم تریکب شده.
کت چرمی طبیعی ای دارم و اولین بار که این عطر رو اسپری کردم دقیقا یاد بوی کتم افتادم

این کار بوی تندی نداره، گرم و ملایم محسوب میشه با کمی شیرینی طبیعی عود.

کاری است با کلاس و مناسب تیپ های رسمی ولی بنظرم می شود روزانه هم استفاده کرد.

جالبه که نمونه ای که من دارم پرفیوم هست و من نمی دانم که رایحۀ نسخه تویلت چقدر با این فرق داره.

ارادتمند همگی

La Panthere Cartier by piergeorgia.francesca 2014-11-21

What is going on with perfumes lately??? one disappointment after another. It's not a's a stuffed kitty covered with some face cream..Yes it does smell like scent free face cream to me. I don't know it my skin chemistry or my expectation are to high? or they're just dull..dull, dull, dull.

Tuberose Keiko Mecheri by massimilianoinquieto 2014-11-21

Anni fa ero rimasto stregato dalla Tubereuse criminelle di lutens, che aveva una nota di apertura sorprendente e nuova, di canfora e eucalipto, fredda e micidiale,ma quando ho provato questa tubereuse, beh, è la stessa identica. anche se poi la fragranza si adagia su fiori bianchi e muschi,resta molto simile alla tc di lutens, che peraltro è piu profonda e riserva altri sviluppi nel suo cuore,piu caldi e accattivanti.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by QueenieJo 2014-11-21

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so strong. One tiny spritz on my hand and it took several hand washings and the use of hand sanitizer to get the smell off ! This is a sillage bomb, and I hate Tuesdays now, because of all our senior clients (ladies anyway) wear this stuff. I can smell them before I see them, and 30 minutes after they are gone I still smell them.
3 words come to mind:

Encounter Calvin Klein by FlirtBoy 2014-11-21

got a travel spray (20ml)´s safe, nice, pleasant, warm boozy-spicy scent with faint oud note...nothing groundbreaking I´d say but for the price it´s ok


Tous Man Intense Tous by Mojtabaa 2014-11-21

A warm & sweet fragrance base on neroli and orange parts.
Not suitable for hot days.
Probably best suited for men under 35.
I think Best time to wear it is night times and dates. Not for everyday use due to its powerful sweetness it may become cloying and may cause feeling dizzy.

Longevity: +6 hours
Sillage: Moderate to heavy
Scent: Ordinary
Age: -35
Time to wear: night times, dates, weekends and the like...
Price: low and reasonable

سلام بر ایرانیان و فارسی زبانان

عطری است گرم و شیرین و رایحۀ بهارنارنج و شکوفه پرتقال در آن مشهود است.
در واقع قلب این عطر بر پایه پرتقال است.
بوی بهارنارنج و شیرینی آن توسط مشک و تونکا (کومارین) بسیار تشدید شده است.

پخش بوی زیادی داره، روی لباس اینطور که من تجربه کردم حداقل تا 5 ساعت بوش رو حس کردم بدون اینکه بینی رو به لباس بچسبونم.

ماندگاریش هم بالا محسوب میشه یا لا اقل متوسط رو به بالا.
به نسبت قیمت پایینش پخش و ماندگاری خیلی خوبی داره.

بوش تقریبا خطی هست و فقط مثل خیلی عطرای شیرین دیگه که پایۀ آن ها مشک و تونکا هست وقتی چند ساعت می مونند نت های مرکباتی و ادویه ای و ... کمرنگ میشن و اون شیرین مشک و تونکا بیشتر باقی می مونه.

به دلیل همون اینتس و قوی بودن رایحه برای استفاده روزانه و محیط کار و روزهای گرم اصلا توصیه نمیشه. حتی اگر خودتون سردرد نگیرید قطعا اطرافیات رو آزار میده.

مناسب افراد با ظاهر متین و بالای 35 سال نیست.
عطری شاد و جوون برای گشت و گذار و مهمونی و نایت کلاب و ...

ارادتمند همگی مجتبی

Sotto La Luna Gardenia Tauer Perfumes by curvealert 2014-11-21

Sadly I must concur with many of you who have left a negative review. I love gardenia in perfumes but this has an air of the potting shed about it. At the beginning, a pleasant coconut note appears, which is soon replaced by a very strong earthy, mushroomy aroma, which doesn't fade. Quite peculiar.

L'Instant de Guerlain Guerlain by vanillary29 2014-11-21

Smooth honey, fluffy vanilla cream and deliciously sweet powdery notes. L'Instant is a soft, luminous fragrance without any sharp edges. It has an innocent, delicate, graceful feel to it.
Like a very sophisticated, urbane girl who also happens to be extremely gentle and warm hearted. This is the true scent of an angel, more than what Mugler could have ever hoped to create.

Sensuous Nude Estée Lauder by QueenieJo 2014-11-21

One of my faves! Was leery of trying any Estee Lauder fragrances due to the overkill of women wearing Pleasures and that horrible Youth Dew. But this was a nice surprise.
I honestly don't get any coconut smell, at least not on me. This comes out as a soft, woody/powdery smell with just a hint of vanilla. Soft, but probably more of an evening scent than every day work wear.

Love's Baby Soft Dana by QueenieJo 2014-11-21

Bought this after a little girl spritzed some near me in a department store. Never wore it as a teen, everyone in my school wore some sort of musk.

How did I ever miss this gem? It comes off more of a soft floral on me, and I have never got as many compliments as when I wear this. And having asthma, it is great to find something soft and pretty to wear.

So who cares if it is marketed towards teenagers, if it smells good on you, wear it. Anyway, most of the teens I know wears stuff like Vampire, or Victoria's Secret. So this is my new signature scent, and the fact that is inexpensive is a bonus.

Antaeus Chanel by qatarkind 2014-11-21

It smells like burning leather bag with some pieces of woods inside it. I bought it but it's not for me just for old men. Too dark too strong.

London for Men Burberry by Chuck1969 2014-11-21

I absolutely love this fragrance. It's unmistakably and unapologetically masculine and warm. I've only just purchased it. I have several other Burberry fragrances but this one is my absolute favourite. I also have Brit, The Beat, Touch, Burberry for Men, Summer and Sport, all of which I like, however London is something special. I will never tire of it.

*First* opinion.

Great aroma.

About the head notes.
Very-very similar to Versace Pour Homme. But this is subtly sweeter. Less bitter than the original. Here there is much-much less ginger; only in the first few seconds you can feel it. This is more elegant and less versatile - more discreet. In my humble opinion this is a bit better than DHS-2008. Buuut - Allure Blanche (Chanel) is even better.

Heart notes.
Similar to 'Dior Homme'; more critrus & less chocolaty.

This is beautiful and nothing like the original Light Blue. It reminds me of the clear, blue waters of southern Turkey. It's sweeter, creamier and just a little bit masculine, with a spicy drydown. Smells really sophisticated to me, like Mediterranean summer evenings spent drinking cocktails and gazing at the sea.

Reem Acra Eau de Parfum Reem Acra by genny17 2014-11-21

This is a warm pleasant amberish scent , a bit oriental but not heady nor overly spicy I like it better in winter , it stays close to the skin but it is not weak by any is rich and feminine, a bit exotic, warm. Lovely!!! I can hardly detect the patchouli.Which is it is a note than cam be challenging to my nose
There is a quality throughout the scent, I like that it isn't worn by lots out there!!!

24 Gold Oud Edition ScentStory by steve0580 2014-11-21

My opinion falls along the lines of most others: This is essentially the original 24 Gold with a tweak.

Without question, the original 24 Gold DNA is evident, however the Oud edition isn't quite as "bright" in its scent. I smell cinnamon but it doesn't seem they've added more to the formula. The most evident change (although only slight) is that it's tempered with more woods, making it far more similar to Halston Amber Man.

This is a good fragrance but personally, I see no need to own the original 24 Gold and this one, due to the similarity between them. If I had to choose one, I'd stick with the original.

Tropical Passion Adidas by lannyM 2014-11-21

Fresh and clean. I love it. I want buy fruity rythm but i change my mind with this. This cheap but nice. I want buy pure lightness and natural vitallity too but same with my DKNY. And about floral dream that Nice too remind me baby powder...

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 22 Chanel by sleepy*weasel 2014-11-21

Wonderful, it will knock over everyone within 10ft of you for at least an hour, but it’s beautiful so no-one will mind. Dries down eventually to warm, soft and sweet, with just a few silver streaks running through it. You won’t want to wash the clothes you were wearing, either - your coat and scarf will perfume the hallway - this is seriously good. People won’t know which scent it is, which is also nice; although they may guess Chanel, after all, who else would it be? NB: if you re-apply after a day’s wear, you may get an aldehyde headache. But two sprays a day of this, is enough for any mortal ;)

Organza Indecence Givenchy by Elviraelbasan 2014-11-21

I don't know what life would be without this creation??? I can not imagine!!!!!!!!

Le Dix Perfume Balenciaga by lannyM 2014-11-21

I miss this frag. I got this 1996. It's nice but i think good to wear if go to party.

Intense Cafe Montale by CeciliaWilson 2014-11-21

Didn't turn out as I expected at all. I was looking for a the smell of freshly grounded coffee beans and this wasn't it. Nothing but a tired sweet smell, no coffee, at the most a overly sugared starbucksesque excuse for a coffee drink...

Chevignon 57 for Him Chevignon by Rerik 2014-11-21

This is a classy and sexy oriental.
Reminds me very much of perfumes such as Le Male, Nightflight. But this has a different smell. Difficult to describe. If you like those 2 mentioned, you will like this too.

Gengis Khan Marc de la Morandiere by groover 2014-11-21

Bought me a 5ml vintage today, and i must
say it smells really good, but i have smelled
better in my opinion it reminds me a bit like
dsquared potion royal black, but that is only in the
beginning, i would have bought a full bottle if
they were available in vintage bottles, but they
are rare now days.

Truth or Dare Madonna by ingelot 2014-11-21

Wauw..LOVE at first sniff!!

Costume National Homme CoSTUME NATIONAL by bassblaster 2014-11-21

One of the worse fragrances I have ever smelled. I get cloves and fig, which is vile. Not for me!

Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur by Revontuli 2014-11-21

Enough said about this fragrance both by those who love or hate. Well, I'll explain it very shortly from my point of view: Erotic and I'm in love with it!

Kelly Caleche L`Eau de Parfum Hermes by bren400 2014-11-21

What I'm about to say isn't gonna be nice but I would like to help out the girls who are looking to try this and have a similar wardrobe as mine. YOU ARE NOT GONNA LIKE THIS ONE! When I sprayed it, I was expecting something pleasant only because Un Jardin Sur Le Nil was my signature fragrance, so I thought I was safe, until I sprayed...i felt SOOOOO disappointed:-( I REALLY try to like every frag that I test but I was just thinking, UGH-smells like someone's bad breath-seriously! Like drool mixed with sugar or something sweet. Lol They effed up with this concoction!

Pure DKNY A Drop Of Rose Donna Karan by bren400 2014-11-21

When I first sprayed this I thought it smelled just like roses and instantly took me back to my childhood years. After about-let's say 10 minutes, it brought me back to the present because it smells just like Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. I sprayed it on my arm on 3 different occasions and I get the same thing. I seriously don't know why I'm the only one that thinks it does.

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by Nefelisparkles 2014-11-21

Valentina by valentino on my skin. This is what it reminds me of. Valentina is more special and close to my heart though..

Loverdose Diesel by Rianna1 2014-11-21

Nothing ground breaking for me unfortunately. This smells like your typical overly sweet perfume that you find everywhere. I get no licorice or spice everyone else seems to be picking up.. Weird. This one will be on my swap list soon.

The Voice of Reason Lush by Rerik 2014-11-21

This perfume smells like grilled sausages dipped in hot chili sauce.
If you like sausages, you will love this perfume.
If you are hungry, you will have the want to bite in.

I smell no sandalwood or mango. This perfume is really weird. But somehow i do like it anyway. Reminds me some candies from childhood. Maybe that's why. But i think there is way too much perfume out there to try instead spending money on this one. Sorry Cavalli, this is not a masterpiece.

L’Eau de Toilette Carven by cherubkiss 2014-11-21

There is only two words to describe this smell, very beautiful. Highly recommended. It has a freshness about it that reminds you of spring in all its glory. I JUST LOVE IT.

Wood Mystique Estée Lauder by Freakmotion 2014-11-21

Trying it for the first time today, it was a blind buy... And I still can't recover my sight. I mean, it smells good, but it's sooooo close to the skin. The smell is just pure rose and raspberry to me (like a very watered version of "Tea Rose" by TPW and a very fruity raspberry).

Although it feels very natural, 2 hours have gone by and I can't detect anything if I move my neck from side to side or up and down. An initial disappointment for me.

I'll review it again if I find it better in time, but to be the first wearing (15+ sprays) this is not what I was expecting for the price.

Greetings from Chile!

Jimmy Choo Exotic Jimmy Choo by glamgirl 2014-11-21

I initially liked being hit with a tropical mix of scents. Unfortunately, it quickly fades to an overpowering smell of raspberry that's just too sweet and unsophisticated for me.

Alien Pierre Magique Thierry Mugler by Antares811 2014-11-21

I have two of them, they are 15 ml refillable travel bottles. The scent is the classic EDP. Gorgeous.

Gucci by Gucci Gucci by ellina1984 2014-11-21

Upon spraying, I get a sweaty/ BO note which I really dislike. Once settled, this reminds me very much of Gucci guilty, only still with a sweaty undertone. Pass.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Mattysmum 2014-11-21

Sickness in a bottle for me,but not as sweet as le petite robe noire! But its that dreaded tonka bean again!. Stay well clear if you dont like sweet gourmands!

Pulse NYC Beyonce by pinnock22 2014-11-21

i just bought the gift set with the 100 ml and 15 ml along with a shower gel and body lotion all for £16.99 in B&M. its such a nice perfume I never thought I was gonna buy it until I saw the set.

the sweet spicy mix reminds me of another perfume but I cant think what...

Private Room Jeanne Arthes by joliecat 2014-11-21

Private Room is a very soft, delicate, very lightly powdery, very close to skin scent. Smells similar to Aquolina Pink Sugar Sensual, but much more gentle, fresh, lighter, and not as powdery.

Silage is moderate for a couple of minutes, then calms down to very low silage.

Private Room is perfect for scenting lingerie, since it stays on fabrics until you wash it off.

Also great for scenting pillows and bedding with its soft, delicate, gently sweet, feminine, comforting scent.

This scent is beautiful, cozy, light, fresh, long lasting and non-offensive. Another winer from Jeanne Arthes !

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by Mattysmum 2014-11-21

Yet another guerlain that i CANNOT stomach.Its the dreaded tonka bean(again) but this time with cherries!! I am almost vomiting thinking about it! Too rich,too gourmand,too sweet,too everything!

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by Antares811 2014-11-21

More powdery and sweet than the original EDP (which I adore), it's beautiful, feminine and extremely powerful.
Do you wanna feel sexy? Wear this.
Perfect for cold weather, spray sparingly!

Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum Selena Gomez by perfumemad62 2014-11-21

I blindly purchased a 100ml bottle of this perfume after all the great reviews, which is risky! Thankfully this definitely satisfies my sweet tooth.

The first 20 minutes are extremely potent, sweet and syrupy berries. After this dies down, the perfume really hits its potential. It turns into a BEAUTIFUL tropical, chocolate and sweet berry potion. Despite the sweetness, it is quite unique. Very youthful, kinda sexy and fun. It lasts around 6-7 hours and has moderate/heavy sillage.

Overall, another absolute love for me! Even though the beginning is very strong, it settles to a tropical, sweet and unique fragrance. Extremely impressed. Perfect for casual days or even a sweet date. Highly recommended!

Note: I think the bottle looks cute & colourful on my dresser!

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by Mattysmum 2014-11-21

I'm making a lot of apologies to guerlain fans lately. I'm so sorry i cannot stomach this one-its the tonka bean,thick,pungent,CLOYING.Really made me feel ill.A definate no.But at least i know now which note to avoid!.

Insolence Guerlain by Mattysmum 2014-11-21

Sorry again guerlain fans.This is a little less strong than the EDP but still full on powdery violets. Not for me.

Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by Juke 2014-11-21

Sweet but not too sweet, slightly spicy, woody smell that never chokes unlike the original Kouros. An allrounder perfume this is. Longevity and sillage are super on this one as well; and the best part is it is reasonably priced.

Insolence Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Mattysmum 2014-11-21

Sorry guerlain fans! Thick concentrated powdered violets,far too much for me. But if you like powder and violets this is for you!

Jubilation for Men Amouage by picknenders 2014-11-21

I personally see a strong resemblance to black afghano. It's a great scent, but not as unique as I had hoped.

Pentecost PK Perfumes by Cassiano 2014-11-21

I will try to be brief in religious matters, because I don't believe a good fragrance should be linked to religion, sports, sexuality or political affairs.

Pentecost is one of the prominent celebrations in the Christian calendar, which commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles of Jesus Christ. Is celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday and occurs on the seventh day after the Day of the Ascension of Jesus. That’s because he was 40 days after the resurrection, giving the last teachings to his disciples and adding up to 3 days in the grave, we have 43 days. Until the last day of the great feast of Pentecost, 7 days left, which were the days when the disciples remained in the upper room, until the descent of the Holy Spirit. For this reason, Pentecost is also considered the day when the Church was born.

This fragrance was created with inspiration in the decorations of the churches around the world, in a day of celebration, songs and spiritual renewal. Many churches are decorated with green branches, bouquets of flowers and, during the celebration, rose petals are shed over people.
With notes of birch leaves, green leaves and branches and accord of fresh air, in the output; followed by notes of rose, jasmine, tuberose and cassia, in the heart; framed by notes of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and amber, in the base, this fragrance is a real "floral celebration". When touches the skin, is strong and brings, right off the bat, the powdery content of jasmine and Tuberose. During the initial minutes, I consider it more unisex, with something that I referred to the aroma of Carnal Flower (Frederic Malle). And as in all the creations of Paul Kiler, a single drop is able to projects meters away.

But Pentecost is not linear as other fragrances of the House. On the contrary, it has changed its style and aroma, at least three times on my skin. After the initial phase, the powdery aroma decreases and the fragrance gains more feminine nuances. From this point on, there's no turning back: the floral aspect increases and the myrrh, from the base, becomes quite alive. A third stage emerges, in which the rose note becomes more present, making the fragrance even more delicate.

If someone asked me to define the ideal audience for this perfume, I would say women over 40 years of age. On them, the result will be beautiful, for sure! But it is important to be careful with the exaggerated application, because Pentecost is pretty strong.

Flower by Kenzo Essentielle Kenzo by Mooniq 2014-11-21

Well, I tried this one a year ago and it was all about Hawthorn all over me.. not nice at all. Now I have tried it again. Lovely Rose, Insence, Pepper, pink pepper, Jasmin, Musk and Vanilla mix. And its lovely!

Tja, jag provade denna för ett år sen och då skrek den Havtorn, inte alls trevlig. Nu testar jag den igen och den är ljuvlig. Ros, Rökelse, Peppar, rosa peppar, Jasmin, Musk och Vanilj i härlig mix. Helt underbar ju!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by daynierds 2014-11-21

I have just received my 125 ml EDT and what can I say...? is just amazing!, it is a very soft comforting/relaxed scent that smells expensive and confident at the same time, it is one of those that most people may like and just a few may find irrelevant...I really like it, it is great for any kind of occasion..specially for closer-romantic encounters...
scent 9
longevity 8
versatility 10
projection 7

great value for what you is a must have in any collection

Aromatics in White Clinique by soleia 2014-11-21

Preliminary review:

Tested it yesterday. I was wearing another 2-3 perfumes at the time, so I am not too sure of the notes, but:
This is soft and warm, I got the benzoin and the amber and not so much the rose.

The thing was, regardless of notes, at first sniff (and subsequent sniffs for that matter) it did remind me very much of the original Aromatics Elixir. Like it was its shadow or a pale version of it (which I guess is the point of the name). It was the same sort of relation like the one between Habanita and Habanita L'Esprit. I was not expecting that, but there it was! Perhaps the patchouli?

In any case, this is very nice and easy to wear. It seemed to me that sillage and longevity were on the weak side, but it was only one (generous) spray, so...

I will re-test and update soon.

Oud Wood Tom Ford by jays786 2014-11-21

Best smelling fragrance after sampling 1000+ BUT... it has big problems with longevity 2 hours maximum and that's it completely disappeared such a shame...and i bought the latest version 2014 i returned it back to the shop wouldn't buy tom ford fragrance in the future don't like fragrances that don't last just a waste of money.

Nilang Lalique by passionata20 2014-11-21

I have made some research and i believe the following is correct: (goes for the full size bottles of vintage version)

The white transparent cap and golden ring on the bottle´s neck (not beneath the cap, but on neck of the bottle) goes for EXTRAIT/PURE PARFUM (this is how you detect a miniature for pure parfum as well)

The pink cap goes for 30ml EDT

The turqouise cap goes for 50ml EDT

The light/pale yellow cap goes for 100ml EDT

The dark yellow cap goes for the 50ml EDP

The lilac cap goes for 100ml EDP

The dark green cap is for the other version of Nilang - "Claire de Nilang"

Hope that helps and makes sense :)

Bentley for Men Intense Bentley by jays786 2014-11-21

Really like this one smells classy and expensive very smooth long lasting beautiful bottle... edp is definitely stronger then edt unlike other fragrances that just put edp on bottle for higher sales... dont like fragrances that have poor longevity just a waste of money this one doesn't disappoint highly recommend to sample. Overall rating 9/10

Kenzo Amour Kenzo by Brian's Wee Sister 2014-11-21

Wow, this is definitely a scent for anyone who loves vanilla. I love vanilla, but even I have limits! This is vanilla essence diluted with Carnation milk. Too much for me. But still a lovely, warm fragrance for colder days and nights.

Aromatics in White Clinique by Playtime 2014-11-21

Just tested it. It is nice but for me nowhere as memorable as aromatics elixir. I find the rose very prominent. It has a vintage quality to it. A vintage well blended rose fragrance.

Allure eau de parfum Chanel by Brian's Wee Sister 2014-11-21

Tried both edp and edt today. The edt I found to be very chemically. Not nice at all. The edp has given me a terrible headache. I can't wait to shower and get it off. It's cloying, heady and completely overpowering. Sickly sweet. This is the perfume equivalent of squirty cream. I keep trying to like Chanel and just don't get along with any of them. I think that if I'm going to wear anything at all from Chanel, it will be Coco. That will be my next test!

Dior Homme Christian Dior by Bloodlust 2014-11-21

Had to review this one.

Originally, I had gotten this for my boyfriend at a great price. He eventually decided that he was way more fond of another scent, and found himself not reaching for this Dior Homme anymore! So I gave it a new home. In MY fragrance collection.

Not saying this one is super feminine - but it's definitely unisex! The opening iris is PURE waxy lipstick - I get delighted every time I first spray it on. Hidden behind the iris is a significant amount of lavender, leather, and a lovely sweet gourmand note.

The longevity on this one is definitely intense - I could still smell it after 24 hours on my skin!

I would say it's a unique scent for a great cost, for a woman or man.

Volupte Oscar de la Renta by silvia d 2014-11-21

It disappointed me, a little; it has a different smell than I expected.. But i like that oily(somehow) scent..It s like a mix between an old cologne and and a light, floral scent.

Don Algodon Don Algodon by Yessamin 2014-11-21

Cuando era pequeña, los reyes magos me regalaron los minifruits de don algodón, son muy parecidos en forma a esta botella, solo que de colores y un poco más pequeños. Cada pack estaba formado por 3 botellines de olores distintos. El primero estaba formado por 3 aromas, uno de manzana, fresa y mandarina. La versión tropical llevaba plátano, lima y piña. A ver si la cuelgan en la web! Un saludo. Todavía tengo la colección entera :D

Ambre Pimente Ajmal by haiau93 2014-11-21

love this scent. Projection and longevity are good

Sweet and Sexy Don Algodon by Yessamin 2014-11-21

En esta base de datos faltan unos cuantos perfumes de don algodón que puedo recordar. La nueva versión de este perfume es Chic and sexy, y no la tenéis registrada. A parte de esta, don algodón music también existe pero desconozco si se ha descatalogado, y por su puesto y no menos importante la colección de minifruits de don algodón, compuesta de dos ediciones diferentes con 3 olores distintos cada uno. La versión clásica con manzana, fresa y mandarina; y la tropical con banana, piña y lima. Espero verlas en la base de datos actualizada de fragantica ;)

La Panthere Cartier by Jasmindee 2014-11-21

It does smell expensive. I imagine a woman sliding out of some beautiful, vintage car in a little black dress and designer heels. Sunglasses on, hair sleek and up in a bun.

The bottle is very pretty, I think any woman who appreciates the finer things in life would love this.

To me, this is too spicy. It's identical to Gucci Gucci (By Gucci, y'know, the black and gold square bottle!) in that it's quite masculine, quite musky and could possibly be unisex.

I like it, but the price tag is a little hefty. Plus, being a fruity gourmand lover, this perfume would not get that much use. Although this perfume is perfect if you have a very important event coming up!

Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by machette 2014-11-21

Tried it today at Sephora, the new bottle, it's now just powder, they completely ruined it.

Onika Nicki Minaj by Jasmindee 2014-11-21

I don't think this smells anything like her other perfumes at all. This one, to me, is a lot warmer.

I think of Rihanna's Rebelle actually, it's very heavy on the coconut. I can't believe it's not listed on the notes because coconut is literally all I can smell. My initial reaction upon first spray was that it smells identical to a pina colada.

I like it, it's not loud or in your face. Just fresh, breezy, yet warm and pretty too.

I don't think it's going to be anyone's signature, but it's great for every day use, I'd purchase a bottle!

Valentina Valentino by Jasmindee 2014-11-21

This is absolutely beautiful.

I always appreciate nice packaging, and this is up there with some of my favorites. It's so, so pretty and looks so elegant. Much prettier in person.

Opening spray was this bright, sparkling strawberry laced with fresh bergamot. It's clean, feminine and fun.

The dry down is more elegant. Soft, calming vanilla with sexy amber. I get no tuber at all actually.

I really hope Santa is going to bring me this one, because it's absolutely gorgeous. It's LBD worthy, feminine, fun and classy all at once.

I love it!

Prada Candy L'Eau Prada by Jasmindee 2014-11-21

Oh my god!! This was absolutely DISUGSTING!! I have never been so compelled to scrub my wrists in my life!

Did some testing in Debenhams yesterday and this caught my eye and I made a beeline for it. I don't know if the tester bottle was off or something but this was utterly revolting. Smelt like cheap hairspray mixed with weed killer with just a hint of bug spray!

The only good side is, the dry down to this is quite pretty, It's a soft, gentle, caramal scent that is quite comforting, but dear god it's not worth it!

If you want a £50 bottle of bug spray, this is it!! Sorry Prada!!

Hellstone Lush by black_orchid 2014-11-21

Ah I love it very much! It's really weird but also I found very attractive. I couldn't understand what it smell at all but I can get something smoky and sweet. This collection really unique and creative than I expected. İf you are perfume addictive and also niche perfume lover I think that you have try them.

Nebras Al-Rehab by Mattysmum 2014-11-21

This smells like horse to me,a beautiful Arabian horse wearing a garland of the most beautiful exotic flowers round his neck,the scent warmed by the desert sun. Lovely!

Mandate Eden Classic by jays786 2014-11-21

Clean soapy with a bit of woods.

Miss Dior Cherie Christian Dior by parrothead58 2014-11-21

Love Miss Dior Cherie. Hard to find the real thing anymore!

Cialenga Balenciaga by Maodo 2014-11-21

Fantastic mossy, warm and spicey, but just a little bit too sweet and soapy for me. Maybe it's the ylang-ylang that I only like in small doses. But nevertheless, Cialenga is a beautiful floral chypre. One of the better chypres of the list.

Tarea Rue21 by parrothead58 2014-11-21

Another closer dupe to Miss Dior Cherie 2005. Not easy to find and not as long lasting. But nice!

Nuit d’Issey Issey Miyake by khosro.zk 2014-11-21

An inexpensive alternative to Amouage Journey. Wood, incense, citrus, and leather.
Very good fragrance.

There is not any similarity between this bottle and 1 million.

Pur Sang Giorgio Monti by parrothead58 2014-11-21

This is almost Miss Cherie Dior 2005, add a layer of fruity sweet and you have it. Not to expensive and easier to get ahold of than 2005 version of Miss Dior Cherie.

Touch for Men Burberry by RobbieX 2014-11-21

One of my favourites. A gorgeous smell, and does project more than you know.

Al Hanouf Al-Rehab by gtabasso 2014-11-21

cheap white synthetic floral; does not have these complex notes

Puzzle Friends Coty by Yessamin 2014-11-21

Is it possible that too long ago there was a pack of 3 bottles of this perfume in a little size and different smells?

Bakhour Al-Rehab by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-11-21

This fragrance is a bit too floral for me, it is the type of floral you would imagine a very old lady in her 90s to wear.

It is floral in the style of air-freshener. Don't buy this unless you really like florals like those soliflores in Marks and Spencer such as Rose, Lavender and so on.

My overall impression of this perfume: Yuk!

Delightful Al-Rehab by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-11-21

Blind buy bought on the basis that it had sugar in it and the votes for sillage were 'enormous'

It is a lovely sweet scent that smells like wood and flowers on first application but it is a skin scent on me

Bois d'Armenie Guerlain by K1 2014-11-21

Iris is Guerlain's signature for sure. Every time I smell smoothly iris accord the name Guerlain just come to my mind.
Bois d'Armenie is a very typical scent with high level synthetic quality (this does not mean bad).
First let me confess that I get gauiac wood stream very weak only in open air and not at all indoor. But what I get the most is Guerlain's strong iris (lagoony and watery fresh) entwines all the elements together: a portion of benzoin and patchouli. All this chore is covered by light incense air.

Bois d'Armenie is an everyday, mass-pleaser fragrance with strong earthy feel that reminds me the ignorant scientist in Patrick Süskind's Das Parfum: Marquis Taillade-Espinasse and his iris root perfume!!

Chrome Sport Azzaro by fraggy_man 2014-11-21

A great gym/sportz scent. To me it smells as a hybrid between Issey miyaki & versace man eau fraiche.

scent: 7/10
Projection: 5/10 (Weak)
Longivity:5/10 (Moderate)

category :Value for money

Tihota Indult by Hellita 2014-11-21

Where is this preciousness to be found? From the reviews I think this is a safe blind-buy being a vanilla lover and all. Can anybody help regarding where I can buy this from a place that ships to Europe? :)

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by sophywt 2014-11-21

I guess the positive and negative comments depend all on one's skin chemistry, and it's why some claims there is no tobacco while others detect it clearly.
The nature is a wonder, so we all have different reactions to the same thing. I really hope I could see more interesting personal feedbacks from people rather than debating whether it's commercial trash or a timeless gem.

Well, let's get back to the scent. I like Tobacco Vanille very much for it goes well on me. I won't claim it's classic, but it's the one that suits me best among other tobacco scents I tried, and for this, I'm willing to pay a higher price.

TV has a fresh dry tobacco burning smell, a bit honeyed. This is smell that some cigarette has when it burns. I like it very much though not all cigarette have this pleasant smell. Then TV gets a pleasant vanille mingled with spice, warm, rich texture, but not stickily sweet (that's good as well) and it won't go sour on me(very important). Though TV is under spicy group, I really think it has some gourmend touch which it's typical TF. Now I have a pleasant scent around me that I feel like to have a good apetite anytime anywhere - This is maybe the secret of TV, it arouses ones appetite secretly, makes one feel content and then the joyous feel gives one sensual feel.

It's perfect for me, except the price tag. Anyway, I didn't buy it until I tried the following ones in hope for finding a cheaper substitute but failed.

1. Mr. Blass by Bill Blass
It has tobacco, but somehow it gets a damp feeling, and a herbal base instead of warm vanilla base. It's masculine yet well-mannered, has a strong feeling of puritanism, in all, a serious scent for a serious and tough guy.

2. Tabacco by Odori
Odori is closer to what I want but it shares the kind of same herbal openning with Mr. Blass which I don't like much. The good thing is, Odori has strong honey smell which I like. Unfortunately, its honey and herbal parts just don't go well on me, they are fighting all the way from opening to the drydown.

3. Avant Garde Lanvin
It is very similar to TV when spray, but immediately changed to other things. The honey smell has a rubber feeling in it, a bit synthetic but not bad for a modern take-on honey. Tabacco notes are pale, almost transparent, and rest of it is an ordinary fresh spicy scent.

4 Bavx by L'Occitane
I tried it before, not remember it clearly, but don't think it has tobacco or honey vanilla.

My suggestion: try more and you will find the one that suit you. It might not be TF's Tobacco Vanille, but if it's, don't doubt yourself.

Silver Light Man Linn Young by Dayno 2014-11-21

To me, the opening is sharp and synthetic but this soon settles down - smooth caramel sweetness is what I get from this. Dry-down is very nice and the scent is long lasting, will stay on my skin for the whole day. Projection not amazing, but great value for money in my opinion. I still need to compare it to A*Men!

L’Ambre des Merveilles Hermes by rossiniopera 2014-11-21

This is not a very typical scent for me. I dislike gourmands, and this definitely has something vanilla-fudge-like to it. Still... I like it. The saltiness from Eau des Merveilles saves it, makes it feel classier. I'm not bothered by any patchouli either, which I normally dislike very much in sweeter scents. I enjoy this on cool, sunny days in autumn or early winter.

White Linen Estée Lauder by beingCrystal 2014-11-21

I have never dared to spray this on myself because many years ago whenever i smelled this on ANYONE i would really get dizzy and almost throw up... i don't know what it is that makes me react like that?!

i sprayed TF's black orchid on my scarf yesterday from the store to test it and today, it dried down to something similar to while linen...

Tam Dao Diptyque by AndrzejK 2014-11-21

Tam Dao is one of the most interesting and original perfumes with sandalwood as the main note. Very woody thanks to sandalwood and cedar, masterfully blended with spices, cypress and rosewood.

EDP: Richer and deeper than EDT.

DKNY Be Delicious Sparkling Apple Donna Karan by Alison Wonderland 2014-11-21

If anyone could please message me and let me know where to purchase this, you would be a total STAR! I am in love with all the notes listed, but cannot seem to find it anywhere :/

1828 Histoires de Parfums by NazguL2 2014-11-21

I love noir patchouli, 1740 and others HdP creations but this doesnt impact me in any way.
Is soft and weak, i think is my first HdP that I cant smell nothing after 4 hours ...

Flowerbomb Extreme 2013 Viktor&Rolf by mehrdad 2014-11-21

با سلام
عطری عالی و قدرتمند جهت بانوان محترم
در بین کارهای زنانه از رایحه ای بسیار قوی و درجه یک برخوردار است
پخش بوی خوب و دوام عالی آن از محسنات دیگر این کار است
قوی و با دوام
پخش بوی خوب
مجلسی و کلاسیک
کاری برای بانوان شیک پوش و عطر دوست
با تقدیم احترام
گالری عطر مهرداد
facebook: گالری عطر مهرداد
instagram: mehrdad_gallery
line: mehrdadgallery
Kik: mehrdad_gallery

با سلام و احترام
عطری خاص و عالی و بی نظیر جهت بانوان محترم
در بین کارهای زنانه از رایحه ای بسیار عالی برخوردار است
پخش بوی خوب و دوام عالی آن از محسنات دیگر این کار است
رایحه آن مسلما هر کسی را می تواند جذب نماید
در بین عطرهای زنانه که معمولا از یکنواختی و شاید یک خطی بودن بعضی از بانوان رنج می برند اما این کار و عطر میراکل از همین برند و عطر سی از برند جورجیا آرمانی و الی ساب در این سالیان اخیر جزو کارهای بسیار خوب زنانه می باشند عطرهای همچون:
وایت پاچولی تام فورد
اپیوم جدید از ایو ساین لارن
مانیفستو ایو ساین لارن
سی جورجیا آرمانی
له ویه بل لانکوم
میراکل لانکوم
مید نایت پویزن دیور
شانل نویر شانل
دیور ادیکت دیور
فلاور بامب اکستریم ویکتور اند رالف
امبر دس مرویلس
و بسیاری دیگر از این دسته کارهای خوب سالهای اخیر هستند
با تقدیم احترام
گالری عطر مهرداد
facebook: گالری عطر مهرداد
instagram: mehrdad_gallery
line: mehrdadgallery
Kik: mehrdad_gallery

This is Alien wearing someone else's clothes.

It opens with what seems to be Mugler's signature sambac jasmine, I mean it's definitely in there. But on closer inspection, this has an entirely new floral character. There is a lemony tone when you smell it up close and the florals in this remind me of "Alien Eau Extrodinaire". This feels like a more luminous Alien. I also find it to be sharper and the florals are just amped up even more (if that's possible)

I's gorgeous!!It's a more soapy Alien with green and clean tinges.

The dry down is where is starts to break away from the whole..Alien thing, which I'm really thankful for. I still feels like Alien but now the lily and orange blossom are keeping this very rich and sparkly. It's really cool! The alienesque tones are moving further into the background.

There is no doubt this is a Mugler, a gorgeous bold floral Mugler. I wouldn't mind a full bottle of this!!


By Dolce&Gabbana by naturasi 2014-11-21

someone interested in a 100 ml new bottle of this rarity???

Noix de Coco de Malaisie Yves Rocher by sazielenora 2014-11-21

coconut grows not only in filipina but everywhere else in the world
including my beloved country malaysia..xoxo

Rebelle Chic Eau Jeune by 2746cstreet 2014-11-21

Eau Jeune, I gather, is similar to Jeanne Arthes in price point and availability (in France). However, in the US these are a bit harder to come by and more expensive.

I'd been interested in trying some scents from this brand for a while, but I wasn't really up for paying $40-$50 for a drugstore perfume. Even if it's FROM FRANCE.

Lucky for me that I found this and L'Orientale for about $4 a piece. Snatched that.

The notes list was a bit "ehhh" to me because I don't really love sweet scents. Or fruity scents. Or sweet+fruity+patchouli. But I was like "$4!! Get over it!"

Objectively, I think this is a pleasant scent. The cranberry and bergamot top notes are more unique than the usual raspberry used to top off a fruitchouli. The marshmallow note is dominant. Fluffy sweetness that doesn't smell like sugar melting on plastic.

The drydown is a vanilla-tonka-patchouli affair similar to Coco Mademoiselle and other perfumes that smell like Coco Mademoiselle.

So it's not really special, but it is a respectable addition to this genre which is not my favorite genre. I bet teenaged girls love this. Or anyone who likes Coco Mad but wants to save some skrilla.

Longevity is pretty good and sillage is moderate.

Diva Emanuel Ungaro by Michylaka 2014-11-21

I have had my bottle of Diva since the nineties. I didn't like it when I smelled it from the splash bottle then but it grew on me when I decided to wear it ten years later. I loved the bottle which is mainly the reason I kept it. I don't wear this often but when I do it definitely makes me feel like a lady with an edge. It is strong of Civet and Rose. It is a complex fragrance but after the initial bold start wears off a bit it moves into a very feminine cloud of loveliness. My bottle is half gone and I fear from these reviews that it is not going to be the same Diva I have come to love. I guess I will cross that bridge eventually.

Secret Charm Victoria`s Secret by May Zacharopoulou 2014-11-21

A big like for this one!!! It's Romantic, discreet, not so girly (no fruity vanilla scent) but REALLY feminine (honeysuckle jasmine). . . Reminds me a little bit of the light blue, totally white floral couldnt say its a seductive scent but its as it says , truly charming! i get compliments with this on me! I can really smell the honeysuckle in it, and then , the jasmine! doesnt last too long but it is fresh dewy, uplifting and relaxing. Perfect for summer - spring!

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Sophisticated Redneck 2014-11-21

An exact replica of Valentino Uomo. Gotta keep it real.

I love the inspiration behind this fragrance, I've visited the Mekong delta and was really exited to read that all of the ingredients come from Indochina.

This has a surprisingly foody opening, kind of like a spiced bread. I'm not sure I like that part of it. The combination of pepper and the caramel like tones of the benzoin make this smelly gourmand. The benzoin in this glosses over the other notes and is always there bubbling away in the background.

This is really fleeting though and the perfume quickly changes from foody to something more sensual. Once the thanaka wood kicks in a bit (which is supposed to smell very similar to sandalwood) this becomes much more wearable. Think..Madonna's truth or dare naked but more expensive smelling. Both this and that have the same combination of benzoin and woods which make it smell sexxxxy! :)

The spices calm down after a while and this finishes off being a lightly spiced, caramel with sexy woody tones.

The disappointing thing about this fragrance is the longevity and projection. It becomes a skin scent and I really have to sniff hard to try and smell it.

While I ADORE the inspiration behind this fragrance, I was underwhelmed by it.

Suffolk Lavender Shay & Blue London by frangipani_sandgirl 2014-11-21

Just tried this today. At first spray, I really liked it. It was unusual, like a spicy kind of lavender. Not sure where that was coming from, maybe the incense note? So I liked it, but then it started to become cloying in my nose and made me feel kind of nauseous. It reminded me of the time I tried Rive Gauche and couldn't stand it and no amount of scrubbing would get it off my wrist! This wasn't quite as bad, but it definitely has staying power and I didn't want it to stay!
After the initial spray, I didn't get much lavender at all, which might be why I didn't like it... Obviously incense notes aren't for me.
I feel like I should like this, and I really wanted to because I love what the company is all about, using real flowers, fruits and spices, but I just didn't.

Now Blood Oranges on the other hand..

Shalimar Guerlain by A La Angel 2014-11-21

@beaker's November challenge (one perfume, five days) selection #4

Oh, Shalimar.

I have been determined to love Shalimar. I've bought samples, I've tried testers, I bought and gave away a bottle... DETERMINED to love this perfume because, really, what does it say about me if I can't see the Emperor's New Clothes? Everybody just GUSHES about this fragrance. Oh Shalimar, OH SHALIMAR! But despite my very spirited (and costly) efforts, I have felt like Shalimar was just so... one-dimensional. Sexy. Very sexy. But that's it. And sexy alone is not enough for me. (Woah.)

So of course because I'm such a rational being, I again bought a bottle of Shalimar EDP after falling so completely for the Parfum Initial version. If I can learn to love the daughter, I can learn to love the mother, right? Five days wearing Shalimar to meetings, to the grocery store, to church (!!!), to brunch.

On me, it is so... how can I say? It's a very RAW sexiness. That leather + vanilla + citrus + musk goes very... RAW on me. It's feminine at the basest level (perhaps 'female' is more accurate than 'feminine') - it's a primal femaleness that's almost pheromonal; not a lady, but a WOMAN. And the sweet smokey musky drydown doesn't help because then it's just a woman that just had her post-romp cigarette! It's not my type at all in the sense that that level of sensuality is not something I generally wear on my sleeve (ha!). It's so OBVIOUS, such an obvious sexiness, so obvious, so obvious. And yes, men do respond to it - notice it and comment on it, but in a measured way that makes me suspect that it's because they suspect... well. Let's just say I don't blame them.

Around day 3, though, I started to enjoy the idea of having a surprisingly overt Sexy. I wear a lot of white, a lot of neutrals, I don't show a lot of skin, I'm not particularly vixen-esque, but I started to really enjoy looking like a lady... but smelling like an i-don't-know-what. Shalimar became the equivalent of wearing a garter and thigh-highs under a church dress. Très risqué, non? Something about it makes me feel more mysterious, and more... like a woman that could ruin a man. Shalimar is Mata Hari for me. DEFINITELY not for every day, but I'm sure there will be days when this will come in very very handy *winks at camera*

Ultimately, with Shalimar, I've decided that the Emperor's New Clothes... are invisible. But the Emperor looks pretty good naked ;)

Keeping the bottle.

Clinique Happy Clinique by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-11-21

This has a burnt rubber smell which ruins it

Calyx Prescriptives by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-11-21

Beautiful fragrance, it smells like beauty salons

That's Amore Kisses XXX Gai Mattiolo by NightNymph 2014-11-21

anyone know where I can purchase this?

Eclat d’Arpège Lanvin by Camilla91 2014-11-21

I can't stop wearing this one (it is not a very common thing for me I have to say). It is very feminine, fresh but warm scent. At first I thought it is for spring/summer use, but I wear it in a minus temperature and it is just BEAUTIFUL! Highly recommended and I get many complements too!

Vanitas Versace by mondaniaux 2014-11-21

Anyone else besides me who finds this beachy ? Yes, clean tropical beachy vibe...sea breeze, tropical flowers... I kind a like it but I agree with some reviewers that it smells synthetic...oh sigh...I might get it though cause it brings me back to my tropical island home...

1826 Histoires de Parfums by Marli1973 2014-11-21

I am wearing this for my yoga class this morning.
All the previous reviews managed to describe it the same way I feel.
However I must put a note in here to express how much I love it.
It is breathtakingly beautiful!

Noix de Coco de Malaisie Yves Rocher by mondaniaux 2014-11-21

I'm from the Philippines and I know coconuts ! This smells like freshly opened and grated coconut...yum ! I miss home...I think I'll wear Coco de Malaisie this winter here in France, might help with homesickness ! Why Malaysian coconut and not Philippine coconuts ???

Bois Satin Keiko Mecheri by m-hani 2014-11-21

i have it.WoooooW

Light My Fire By Kilian by aphexacid 2014-11-21

Something here reminds me of a mens bathroom urinal. The smell of the urinal cake, and stale urine.

Since intoxicated smells like A*Men without the stale urine note, if you layer it with light my fire, you'll have an exact reproduction of A*Men for only $500!

Intoxicated By Kilian by aphexacid 2014-11-21

What the hell? This smells exactly like A*Men without the stale urine.

Not much else to say!

Crystal Noir Versace by dsty 2014-11-21

I'm really starting to question my knowledge of my own taste here, it appears it's even broader than I thought it was: Crystal Noir is another one I really like, even though I never would have guessed it looking at the notes list.

It's lots of spices and white florals, really not my thing, but the combination plays so well with the coconut here. It's a really lovely smell, cosy but in a luxurious and feminine way. I love that coconut by the way, it's creamy and soft, not sticky or overly sweet at all, and it blends all the notes together beautifully.
Lasting power is great, and I can't complain about sillage eithet - to the contrary, I have to remember to be careful not to overspray with this one, because I used two sprays on my neck this morning and it was almost too much.

I'm not head over heels in love with this, but I'm sure enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. Not sure if I love it enough to get a full bottle, but at the rate I'm going my big sample will last until 2020 anyway, so I have plenty of time to decide.

Smoke for the Soul By Kilian by aphexacid 2014-11-21

When i first sprayed this on skin, the smell reminded me of weed when you sniff it in the baggie.

That smell quickly moved on to become a very dated peppery/lemon/vetiver.

Super boring. Does NOT smell like weed smoke.

Questionable performance.

My advice is sample it just to appease your curiosity.

1881 Cerruti by SuzanneRonelle 2014-11-21

Oh my word! This is my favourite perfume yet. Blind buy because of all the lovely reviews on the sight. I am so bad at discerning individual notes in a perfume, but this is a pared down, elegantly herbal fragrance. It is uplifting, fresh, strong. It isn't overtly sexy or sweet or flowery but it has a certain something - I think it might be described as a well behaved wow-factor;-) It might not be to everyone's taste but I'm incredibly happy to have found it.

Luna Mystique Prince Matchabelli by brian.cloutier1 2014-11-21

Hate gag!.... Similar to Elizabeth Taylor "white Diamonds, mixed with Dana Tabu" I cringe at the thought of this scent!.... Insta headache !....

Emporio Armani Night Giorgio Armani by semasayshi 2014-11-21

I had it in 2003 and want to have it again but alas not on the market anymore.

Miss Dior (new) Christian Dior by A La Angel 2014-11-20

@beaker's November Challenge (one perfume, five days) selection #3

This review is going up a bit late, as I just couldn't find many more words to say about Miss Dior.

My experience of this fragrance in the 5 days that I wore it was... pretty much everything I expected. As per my previous review, I still think this is a GORGEOUS patchouli-jasmine that really overshadows the Coco Mademoiselle that it is modeled on. I still think it is very rich and luxurious, much more so than any patchouli-heavy perfume I have EVER encountered. I've only ever reached for this on luxury/glam days - I thought it fancy.

However, the same thing that makes it so beautiful is the thing that made it so plain, and caused me to be so TIRED of wearing it by day 4. Patchouli + jasmine? Done. Done to death! Granted, this is very good quality, seamlessly blended patchouli-jasmine, but after 3 days... gimme a second while I yawn. I found that the longer I had it on, the more I was disenchanted by it, and that made me sad.

I think this is one where absence makes the heart grow fonder.
One special day with Miss Dior? Yes!
Five humdrum days with Miss Dior? No bueno.

If you wear a special dress every day, it becomes an everyday dress. Miss Dior is wasted as an everyday dress

Hedonist Iris Viktoria Minya by glucio 2014-11-20

The perfume is gorgeous! The scent is brilliant! Love it :)

Russian Tea Masque by Monsieur Aramis 2014-11-20

This is a blockbuster. A dense bunch of black tea with some lemon, mint and strong leather, perfectly structured, except the extremely smoky and slightly rotten drydown. Really excellent, but God forbids to wear it in summer.

4/4 - if the drydown was more gracious, it would merit 5/5.

4/4 - This has been a real Amber reference, and a great one. Simultanously gourmand, woody and plenty of sweet powdery amber, cardamon and some carnation and vanilla,I liked it Very much - until they discontinued. Not very complex, but really good. Not VIP, but common sense. Whoever finds it somewhere and likes some amber sweetness, should buy it immediately. Like a butterfly in Autumn.

Halloween Kiss Sexy Jesus Del Pozo by orlowska.joanna 2014-11-20

very similar to Cacharel Amor Amor - just more flowery and lighter

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. Noir Lacoste by Ken Perry 2014-11-20

Every now and again, if they don't seem busy, I will ask one of the SA's at Sephora to recommend a good fragrance and make me a sample. The last time this happened, one of them said that Lacoste Black was her favorite.

It opened up synthetic though pleasant, dried to a mid that was entirely generic and moved onward to a drydown that was quite nice.

You can find this for $40 which is reasonable. I don't see anything special here but its not awful.

Smell = 72
Sillage = 67 about 2 hours
Performance = 76 - I got about 4 hours but used a sample and with 2 extra sprays probably could have got 6.
I will give it 5 bonus points for price / value.

My final grade is going to be 73.

I don't think this is anything special and I probably would never buy it. Women that like sweet smelling fragrances might like it and give it some added value but there are others that do the same thing better. The watermelon chocolate is somewhat unique but it comes across synthetic while the rest of the fragrance is generic. The drydown is nice but who really buy fragrances hoping for nice drydowns ?

Nothing special here but it might appeal slightly to a select few watermelon chocolate lovers and those who have girlfriends with a sweet tooth.

Its not something that I would buy.

Drakkar Noir Guy Laroche by thiefofnoses 2014-11-20

You know how this has a reputation as being a fragrance for sleazy men? I'll tell you a story. I tested it about a year ago and it brought back a horrible memory: I was maybe eleven years old and this was worn in great quantity by a real estate agent who lied to my parents about a property deal, the end result being that the agent's lie cost my parents a lot of money. I remember only vaguely what the agent looked like but I recall exactly what he smelled like - and it was Drakkar Noir. If you like the smell by all means wear it, but if you wear it around me it will bring up a very bad memory. Also I may get the urge to punch you in the face.*

* The urge - I won't actually do it

Oscar Oscar de la Renta by incrediblemelk 2014-11-20

Esprit d'Oscar is one of my favourite perfumes yet I really get no similarity to the original. But I like Oscar too – it opens with an orange blossom scent with something strange underneath that I can't really put my finger on. I like the crisp, classic and clean scent – it strikes me as perfect for the office. Sophisticated yet understated.

Dia pour Femme Amouage by frag-overdose 2014-11-20

Its initial reminds me of the aldehyde beauty of Van Cleef & Arpel's First, while First turns to a woody-powdery base, I find Dia is sweeter with a sturdy aldehyde at its drydown, giving this a soapy-scent to it.

Dia is overpoweringly 'light' as its aldehyde is nuclear, so does its honey-sweet floral accord. Having both at its atomic blast, makes Dia a beautifully robust 'floraldehyde' fragrance.

Its longevity is eternal while silage is exceptionally mesmerizing.

Midnight Romance Ralph Lauren by incrediblemelk 2014-11-20

I like this so much more than regular Romance, which smells pretty plasticky to me. This one has a musky sent which smells much more organic and complex. Still a little sweet, like musk lollies, however. Not really my taste.

reaaally dry patchoulli here, which is great if that's your scene. but man, this is quite dry, astringent even. nice.

Knot Bottega Veneta by incrediblemelk 2014-11-20

A nice effervescent mandarin scent that fades down into a fresh blossomy scent. Very different to my usual tastes but fun and fresh – could be lovely in summer.

an interesting opening, then it calms down to an animalic vanilla-amber scent, which i assume is the smoked tea. not really my scene, but certainly quite interesting...

J`adore Christian Dior by Yayayaya223 2014-11-20

When it first came out I thought of grandma smell I didn't like it at all and at the time I was still in high wonder...

Last year my mom gave me this,she got it as gift but she doesn't wear it so gave me to try.i falling in love with it it's so pretty I just love this it's very soft.almost finish my 30ml will repurchase the high bottle to keep around.

Eau de Guerlain Guerlain by Sylvie-Aus 2014-11-20

Now That What I call a Masterpiece ! I wouldn't call it " a classic " per " scent " . It's a citric aromatic aura . Such classy and complex fragrance which glows with simplicity . It has caracter and can be used in all seasons. It also develops on each person differently , adapting with style to one personality / gender / skin chemistry .

Joop! Homme Joop! by Aamir Ahmed 2014-11-20

i was afraid of buyin this scent n it was all cuz of those negative reviews....its not cloying at all....i dont get it why all this hate???????to me it smells amazing n i like does smell like individuel by mont blanc but individuel is more refined with less projection n of the best seller in my country n m happy i finally bought it.....

Chloe Roses De Chloe Chloe by incrediblemelk 2014-11-20

This is a surprisingly fresh and lovely rose perfume. It has that green scent I associate with real roses, rather than the aggressively distilled quality of rose essence. And it's beautifully light rather than overly sweet or strong.

I would totally buy this but unfortunately it's a bit close to the much much cheaper Tea Rose by Perfumers Workshop, which is more powerful too. I have only tried this on a card but I fear its sillage and staying power wouldn't match Tea Rose.

Romance Ralph Lauren by Yayayaya223 2014-11-20

When I started working I got this with my own money because my mom will not buy it for me. I was still in high school and I wear this everyday and loved it. It's very clean girly scent.i never repurchased it but it really bring back memories. I might re visit the fragrances that I had it might be fun!your taste change as age so I have not smelled this in 15 years or so it might be great surprise....

Citizen Queen Juliette Has A Gun by incrediblemelk 2014-11-20

Powdery scents are often considered old-fashioned, but I was struck by how modern this smells. It smells almost soapy. I don't smell irises in particular but since they're a component of most of the perfumes I like, I'm not surprised.

English Leather English Leather by Bigsly 2014-11-20

I agree with karlovonamesti's assessment, though I prefer the MEM version personally. I have an older Dana and it's a bit too harsh for me, with a really hard leather note. I also can't say much for the supposed iris or rose in that formulation. In the MEM one, however, there is clearly a bit of rose and iris, and that makes it a somewhat odd composition (the mild honey gives it a slight urinal/animalic quality). However, I've come across a couple of "major" niche company scents (rather popular ones!) that are also rather strange, IMO, so I don't know that the MEM formulation should be criticized on that basis. Also, if you don't like it at first, it might "grow on you," if you have some patience (I usually give a scent two or three regular wearings if I think there is anything at all promising about it). I'm not saying that the MEM version is a "great" scent but it's at least somewhat interesting and not unpleasant, though of course not "modern" at all.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by Yayayaya223 2014-11-20

I have been wearing this since it came out and love it I am on my second bottle,but my bottle always get so dark and dirty the silver part of the top. I used silver cleaning cloth to clean it it goes back to silver but as expensive as thus it's annoying....
It's pretty soapy clean I really love it.will continue to repurchase.

Armani Prive Encens Satin Giorgio Armani by Bucephalus 2014-11-20

Identical to Tom Ford Amber Absolute, but more diluted. I am not incredibly experienced at all this, but I really cannot tell the difference.

Amber Absolute is my favourite fragrance ever, but it is now unavailable. I am glad Encens Satin is here to take it's place. I only wish it was stronger. I needed four sprays of this to produce the same experience as a single spray of Tom Ford Amber Absolute.

I have both Amber Absolute and Encens Satin, so I made this comparison legitimately with thorough experience of both, and with the facility of both side by side.

A La Nuit Serge Lutens by Scrilla 2014-11-20

When I looked to my left I noticed a jasmine shrub into the night. Jasmine. Beautiful, fresh jasmine was in bloom and wafted over my eyes. I didn't have to open them to see the stars. Moving slowly the warm breeze fell over me like midnight meringue.

In the morning I shivered and pulled the sheet tighter over my body. I went to close the balcony door when I saw the jasmine flowers were bowing their heads. They left their guard and I took up mine.

Kokorico Jean Paul Gaultier by Kokomander 2014-11-20

Love this unique juice! One of my favorites for some reasons. This gives me power and energy like no other. I feel like i own the place with this one.

At first i wasnt sure, especially with those super harshass top notes.
But it grew on me like no other, it has this delicious cacao vibe to it, so yummy.
Only problem with it is that i hardly reach for it, and i sometimes struggle finding a good occasion for it.

Bro tip : never wear this fragrance because it just was there, otherwise it'll wear you instead lol. Only wear it if you're feeling bold and daring, and trust me it will never let you down.

Nope, there's a Barbie`s face alright, and in fact, it looks like Barbie with a mustache!

Vigour Swiss Arabian by Poboijosh 2014-11-20

These are almost the same exact notes as in Tom Ford`s Black Orchid... I would really like to smell this!

Bobbi's Party Bobbi Brown by relle 2014-11-20

I'm going to call this Party, because I hate the name, Bobbi's Party. Party is a new take on an old rose. To me it comes off as real and natural, with a backdrop of sandalwood. I was very skeptical about trying this blind swap, but I've been searching for an interesting rose; I got my wish. This rose/sandalwood blend has outstanding longevity with a smoldering sensuality. It could be for a party of 2 or as a standout from all the mall 'fumes at a party of 200. On a late fall day this juice warms me deliciously.

Journey Man Amouage by hill2dtops 2014-11-20

It's a good fragrance, not great. It smells like a leather jacket of a cigar smoker. It smells both modern and old school at the same time. It doesn't change much from beginning to end. A perfume good for over forty years of age

If you loved Laura Biogiotti's Venezia or Escada Collection (original), you will LOVE this! I did love them, and this is a gorgeous perfume!

Eternity Calvin Klein by marioslg3 2014-11-20

This was the iconic perfume of early 90s. The guys closing to finish high school, had two perfumes to wear, Eternity and Fahrenheit. I choose Fahrenheit myself but i realized the beauty of eternity as well some years ago.
Classic perfume! All others are details.

Le Parfum Elie Saab by LisaMari 2014-11-20

horrid and caustic, like cigarette smoke

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by LisaMari 2014-11-20

Yeah, there's nothing inspiring in this scent - I don't dislike it but its nothing special. It has a nice skin like musk - but its rather generic, simple,linear and way too sweet and flouncy. Disappointing ;(

I love lily of the valley, and this is a really good version of it. It's soft but has amazing longevity, it's been over 8 hours since I sprayed it on and I'm still smelling it, though it's turned a bit more 'rosy' now. I have 7 varieties of lily of the valley, two of which I blended myself, and this is one of the best. It comes in a lovely cobalt blue bottle too!

Juicy Dessert Jessica Simpson by kaypops 2014-11-20

I just got a bottle of this today and sprayed some on and's sticky! Then I did more research and learned that this stuff is edible!...I licked my arm and's sweet. I will not be wearing this as a fragrance. It will be more of a fun thing to use to spice things up in the bedroom. Lmao

Acqua Nobile Gelsomino Acqua di Parma by stefaniezou 2014-11-20

I always let DH take the first whiff of my perfumes. His first impression was, "wet sex". Then again, he was a bit intoxicated at the time lol.

To me, its pretty but I was really looking forward to the Jasmine, my favorite flower. It was really nonexistent. It also does not smell very unique or expensive. In fact Its quite drugstore generic, and reminds me of the headache inducing Clnique Happy but not as artificial.

Acqua di Parma did not impress me with this one.

Boss Bottled Night Hugo Boss by lou6 2014-11-20

Wow this scent is great. not annoying and smell professional. Very safe not annoying and I don't understand why people complain about his projection because Its a great scent for the office because it is subtle and clean( you don't want to choke your customers). It reminds me the scent worn by few businessman, lawyers and accountant.

I give 7/10 but I don't think this fragrance is to be worn casually, at a club or night out.. this is clearly an office scent who (don't believe the name) can be wear easily in the day at low temperature (fall-winter-early spring)

Euphoria Calvin Klein by PLUMPIE 2014-11-20

I despise this perfume, especially when on me. I am not in particular a fan of orchid fragrances in general but this one has a somewhat of a medicinal feel to it - it's like spraying Children's tixy-lix cough syrup on ones self mixed with a generic man's aftershave - it feels sticky and suffocating with a sweet amber note which lingers and just gives it a cloying quality.

Diamonds and Sapphires Elizabeth Taylor by drugstore classics 2014-11-20

Since melon and freesia both go 'sour' on me, Diamonds and Sapphires is hardly my fragrance of choice. I can distincly smell something here that reminds me of the dreaded 'calone' aromachemical used in so many 90's releases. Dreadful ON me!

That said, you really could do worse than this pretty release. :) I consider Diamonds and Sapphires to be an excellent choice, provided this variety of Grown Up Fruity Floral appeals to your taste. Don't underestimate the aquatic vibes, which are prevalent throughout, and may well contribute to the long lasting melon note. It reminds me of picnics and summer fun. I really see this as a fine choice for certain chemistries such as Ms Taylor's!

To sum up:

I'd enjoy smelling D and S on someone else (!), and am very thankful for the kindness of a Fragrantica Friend who allowed me to test hers. Great longevity, sillage, and value. In other words, Drugstore Classic's approved! :D

The One Dolce&Gabbana by PLUMPIE 2014-11-20

Everything about this is very mainstream in regards to composition but there is a powdery creaminess which rounds it out beautifully and makes it something different to all the scents out there right now. I wouldn't make an effort to buy it but I could happily wear this as a casual day scent. Something in this just saves it from becoming a syrupy fruit cocktail like everything else being released of late.

Basile Basile by nikoleta1 2014-11-20

OMG, such a unexpected find. Appears to be a vintage bottle, low price ebay find, but inside is a PARADISE. Classy floral chypre with Clove spicy opening, this chypre lasts and lasts, what is how I like me perfumes to be! Very recommended.

Classic Orange Von Eusersdorff by jubal 2014-11-20

I agree with Geurenland, a masterpiece of a fragrance!

Love and hate this. The top notes is mess of anise and warm notes, but the dry is Heaven, nice dark cacao blend with creamy elemi and Patchouli vibe. Crazy,

Coney Island Bond No 9 by Lana148 2014-11-20

Pretty odd and messy fragrance. Totally unappealing to me.

Bleecker Street Bond No 9 by Lana148 2014-11-20

Cologne type mens fragrance. Nothing new or interesting.

Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop by ChouliGaloria 2014-11-20

Licorice & can spritz a little bit of the Tea Rose over your other perfumes to give them a rosey edge. Use just a little bit. It will work! I like to do this myself.

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah by la_klaire 2014-11-20

I really like this perfume so much its very strong and long lasting love it

Burberry Men Burberry by GoodVibrations 2014-11-20

Spicy, sexy soap. Intoxicating. An apple accord almost peeks through the lavender-spice woolen scarf that warms this authentic, seductive manbrew. It smells like the color of the box. A modern successor of Habit Rouge.

Breath Of God Lush by Lana148 2014-11-20

Oh boy, God must've have pretty bad breath the day they checked him to make this fragrance.

This is awful. I tried Lush from this line yesterday and didn't mind it - but this? Smells like sugary burnt rubber. Sorry!

Amber Wood Ajmal by Poboijosh 2014-11-20

This 3rd juice of this fantastic trio named Amber Wood is just out there, I can't even really figure it out, but I can tell you that it smells like a sweet and sticky log of wood that's hot and humid like, and musty with a tad of armpit skank , and a hint of rotting fruit as if this whole shebang has been locked away in some sauna for years just festering away... but, this smells incredibly cozy warm and inviting! The sillage is very light, but the longevity is persistent, lasting through water kinda persistent. This W Series is extremely interesting. The 3 juices are all unique in smell, but they behave so mildly which makes them that much more beautiful, and the quality of these perfumes is astounding!

Diamonds and Rubies Elizabeth Taylor by fire2heart 2014-11-20

Bought this today. I wasn't sure what to expect from the mixed reviews on here. I like powdery scents and spicy scents so I thought this would fit the bill. And it does, sort of.
I actually love the opening of this juice! The blast of powder is delicious on me but it fades away too fast. Maybe 10 mins of powder. I get hints of rose and jasmine in it. Then I get a strange wet dog smell that I can't explain and that lasts for an hour or so and then it smells like Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession, which I own

I'm going to work with this a little more, but I have a feeling it's going to be swapped or sold.

Send me a private message if you want to swap me!

Pour Un Homme de Caron Caron by Refxo 2014-11-20

Caron closed in the 90's....
when Caron opened again under new ownership, has changed all the fragrances!
I have smell a Caron Pour Un Homme fabulous from the 50es
A Caron PUH from the 80s... Beautiful.
And Caron PUH current formula :/ ... that is lightweight and not very bright.
So, I now what do I vote? What of 1950? that of 1985? or that of 2014? They are very different.

Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop by LicoriceAllSorts 2014-11-20

I blind bought two great big bottles of this, I gifted one to a swap and gave one away but she gave it back to me and we dont like it!
Fairdinkim, Its to real-a-rosy for me, so now it sits doing nothing, If some one would like this Id take just about any thing for it.

Patchouli Absolu Tom Ford by ularewolf 2014-11-20

This is the first fragrance I can truly say makes me feel like you NEED to dress nice with this. This smells so sophisticated that I feel like I couldn't pull it off. It's so opulent and majestic that it's ridiculous! I never felt this way before about a fragrance.

It's a massive love on my end, but also a little sad that it feels not as versatile as I'd want it to be.

I am impressed with this fragrance and I don't say this often. Excellent Chypre fragrance, yes Chypre not leather as stated here. Super rich, super aromatic, fresh citrus based fragrance with a mix of oakmoss, spices, tabacco and more. I'd say it's leaning towards masculine. Very well done! Love it!

Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop by SquirrelMonkey 2014-11-20

I love rose fragrances.
and yet, after a few tries, I passed this one on to a friend.
on me, no matter how little I used, KAPOW! it was an overwhelmingly strong scent.
it's a nice rose fragrance, just too potent.

Aventus Creed by lollotyp 2014-11-20

If you love iso e super, ananas and a lot of bullshit, Creed (a brand founded not in 1760 but in 1980!) is for you (give your money to them)!

L'Agent Agent Provocateur by Peachysugarbuns 2014-11-20

L'Agent is a fantasy in a bottle - an impromptu sexual encounter with a mysterious, sultry stranger so beautiful that there is no other choice but to have them as your lover when they, with intense eyes and a slight curve of a smile, extend the offer. You are unafraid as they lead you into their hazy bed chamber decorated in dark, lavish textiles and illuminated by golden, flickering candlelight which dances off of elaborately faceted crystal vases. Your gorgeous host pours you a small glass of a medicinal tasting liquor that delightfully warms your body after you take the first sip. Smokey myrrh and the light scent of velvety roses mezmerize feel dizzy and gingery with anticipation as your new lover leans in for a kiss...

On my skin this is a leathery, smokey, woody fragrance, yet the spicy tonka bean and discreet rose give it a feminine edge. I am wearing this with an all black ensemble and a leather jacket and L'Agent fits in PERFECTLY. Try this fragrance if you're feeling unabashedly sexy and dark.

Furyo Jacques Bogart by gallian 2014-11-20

IMO Joint by Roccobarocco and Kouros by YSL are much better than this. Furyo is "low quality", it's cheap :/

Vanille Noire Yves Rocher by icysdn 2014-11-20

of all the perfumes in yves rocher store that i tested, only this one got me right in the first sniff. pure and embracing vanilla in a little dark bottle. its not cake sweet, it is mature and plain vanilla. it doesnt confuse you with lots of notes, yet it is stunning. good to have in winter. actually, just two words are enough to describe it: deep & sexy.
yves rocher, when you gonna have that huge 50% discount on everything again?!

L`Air de Rien Miller Harris by LuxeLove 2014-11-20

This is an unwashed scent; it reminds me of a pretty 20-something woman who has lazed around her apartment all weekend and just not bothered to shower as she watches television. It isn't a bad smell; just a bit musky and skin-like. I smell mostly amber and vanilla and it is a very generous scent, feeling something like a warm embrace from a good friend. It's subtly animalistic in a sexy "come closer and nuzzle" way. All of that said, this is not my scent. I like feeling clean. I can't be this bohemian person but I could certainly be her friend.

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by NeoXerxes 2014-11-20

Despite having just purchased a 100ml of this stunning fragrance, I understand the comparisons with 4711.

Both fragrances are based around neroli and the traditional eau de cologne structure. Both are refreshing, beautiful scents that smell clean and energetic. But at the end of the day, only one is left standing. 4711 is fleeting, smells comparatively cheap, and performs poorly in all categories. In contrast, hot weather turns Neroli Portofino into an absolute beast of a fragrance.

Neroli Portofino is not an original composition, precisely because it is structured according to a very traditional formula. That said, it is the best in its class, perfectly balanced, with very high quality ingredients. Beyond its tendency to gather an extraordinary number of compliments, Neroli Portofino is very versatile. It pairs well with jeans and a t-shirt, and will also match more elegant attire.

Additionally, Neroli Portofino has an almost magical quality that comes out in the heat. Just like a few Acqua di Parma fragrances that I have reviewed previously, Neroli Portofino shines when the weather gets hot, increasing in projection, sillage, and duration. Oddly, when one begins to sweat many hours after application, the fragrance seems to reactivate itself on your skin, projecting strongly all over again. To put it simply, for those living in hot climates, Neroli Portofino is a perfect fragrance. In the heat, it smells watery (not aquatic), crisp, and clean - never overpowering, never offensive. As a bonus, it plays well with one's perspiration.

Sometimes a person just wants to smell clean, fresh, and energized. In this area Neroli Portofino delivers masterfully. Pair with a shirt, comfortably unbuttoned at the collar, and your nicest and most genuine smile.

Smell: 10/10
Longevity: 8-12 hours
Projection: 2-4 hours
Sillage: Moderate
Compliment Factor: High

If Neroli Portofino were a song, it would be "Knee Deep" by the Zac Brown Band.

Eau Noire Christian Dior by Lana148 2014-11-20

I smell licorice, lavender end coffee the most. With Lavender being the dominant note in this fragrance. Although coffee is present this doesn't smell as a typical, sweet gourmand. On the end I get soft woody-herbal scent mixed with some slight leather undertones.

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by icysdn 2014-11-20

nope..nope..nope!I blind bought it deceived by the bottle, but i smelled something sour and rotten in it and that destroyed all the sweetness. I quickly gave it away.. definitely not for me.

Silky Rose Jovan by lisalgreer 2014-11-20

This starts as a sweet cotton candy rose and softens into a warm, patchouli dry down. I love it! It's a great addition to my rose collection, which had sadly dwindled of late. The lasting power is decent, too.

Ore Slumberhouse by Buysblind 2014-11-20

This is one of the best cocoa scents out there. Dusty, dry, and confident, it sits over a complex woody base with a dense, pervasive foundation. The chocolate note is rich, and will certainly not deprive you of your fix, but it's not exactly food-like or overly sweet. There's some dirt in the mix as well, a dry, baked earthiness that tempers any potential sweetness and keeps this from becoming a complete gourmand. The balance works very well and allows one to enjoy Ore's superb longevity, which easily spans 10 hours. Projection is about a foot from the body. Slumberhouse transitioned from Eau de Parfums to extraits about a year and a half ago, and the new extraits sit much closer to the skin. In my opinion, this is where they should be. They project, and they're strong, but they don't shout across the room. I would consider Ore best suited for low-key, casual situations or perhaps an intimate setting, during the fall and winter months. Easier to wear than you may think. Overall, it's an excellent fragrance and definitely worth investigating.

**Note: Some of the earlier reviews for this may be referring to the original EDP. That no longer exists and has been replaced by the extrait. The EDP was drier, dirtier, and more balsamic. It wasn't as smooth or well-constructed. In fact, it was a little chaotic. The extrait features a more prominent cocoa note, a smoother composition, and less challenging aspects than the EDP. In other words, most people will find the extrait more appealing.

Gateways House of Matriarch by Lana148 2014-11-20

Interesting, pleasant woody-gourmand.

At first Tuberose, cacao and woody notes stand out the most. Then white floral fades away leaving cacao and woods. On the end - woody scent only. The fragrance feels sheer and lightweight but not diluted. I could smell it on my skin for several hours.

Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop by lisalgreer 2014-11-20

This smells just like a rose. I love it! :)

To me M7 Oud Absolu is a classy, smooth, confident, masculine fragrance that has a lighly-sweetened cherry-cola vibe going on in the background. It's just a sexy drydown that makes even Homer Simpson more appealing to the ladies than Fabio. I'm usually pretty good as describing how fragrances smell or how they make me feel, but I dumbstruck when it comes to this one. I just love M7 OA, and Rive Gauche for that matter, because...well, just F'in because they're great! Longevity is 8-hours and it M7 OA projects slightly above average on my skin..

With the arrival of my bottle of vintage M7, it occurred to me that I have never provided a review of this fragrance - probably because I was too busy sniffing my wrist and/or fending off the ladies with one of those patented Hai Karate chops I never actually used while wearing Hai Karate. Okay, perhaps I wasn't fighting all that hard. Great stuff! (Lol)

Mukhalat Barq Swiss Arabian by PerfumeEmpress 2014-11-20

I do not detect any incense. But I do detect cinnamon, sandalwood, and vanilla - among other things, of course - which are my all-time favorite ingredients. This scent is woody, spicy abd sweet, but not cloying. Very exotic and delicious.

I rub some drops of this all over my skin while it's still wet and warm from the shower. Great results! And I love the bottle. So exotic, too

Benetton Hot Benetton by icysdn 2014-11-20

this smells so warm, so nice, so innocent that you just wanna cuddle yourself and fall into sleep with peace of mind... it exactly made me feel like it when I first sprayed it on my neck. and my friend shared the same opinion with me, we both sprayed it on our pillows excessively in the dorm room:) now that it's becoming cold, i need to have it again nowadays but the problem is, it has a very poor longevity and sillage that you would only be able to smell yourself to feel better. so, expect nothing more than that. and it may become too powdery for your taste when dried down if you dont like powdery scents that much, but i personally do like it, it feels fresh and clean. just give it a try only to treat yourself.

oh, and about the bottle, I find it really cute and it spritzs plentifully and the mist is thinner, i dunno but it is in a different way than other perfumes or body mists. this is another thing that makes you feel good. so, apart from longevity, i think i love everything about this one.

Noir Eau de Toilette Tom Ford by andronicos 2014-11-20

On a paper it smells well, after a few hours, it smells like Burberry Brit.

Aoud Roja Dove by originaldeftom 2014-11-20

Possibly THE best Oud your money can buy!
Heavenly creamy, warm, sensual, rose, sweet but aromatic and not cloying.
Does not cause a itchy throat, like so many Ouds can cause.

Perhaps the best (reference) oud out there.


10/10 as an OUd fragrance.

Pi Givenchy by riffjim4069 2014-11-20

Pi is one of my first fragrances and I cannot believe that I haven't reviewed this one long-ago. In a nutshell, Pi is a sweet, warm, vanilla scent with a touch of almonds and tonka bean; it's extremely gourmand and very nice. Pi (not the latest reformulation) lasts a good 8-hours on my skin and the projection is about average. It makes a perfect night-in/cuddle scent.

I used to love this one--a lot--but I must confess that it has fallen-out of favor in recent times. I still like it, but I just don't love it. There's nothing wrong wit this fragrance, it's just that my tastes have changed and I am now into much deeper, darker, spicier, woodier and oudier type fragrances. Although Pi has been moved to my shelf of unloved/unused fragrances, my daughters love it and use it often. Pi is down-the-line unisex and the ladies can wear this one with absolutely no trouble. Still a solid like.

The note pyramid shows only patchouli on this one, and while it IS the most prominent note (from start to finish), it is not the ONLY note present in this lovely scent.

The opening is a fresher greener patchouli than you might be expecting (I know it was a bit 'medicinal' for me in the beginning), but it instantly starts to morph into a sweeter, woodier patchouli. Within minutes I'm wearing patchouli plus hints of sandalwood, and I am really thinking there is a bit of amber and tonka in here. The amber and tonka add sweetness, but yet still a dry 'hayness' to it which I don't find unpleasant in the least.

The bottle is beautiful, this was very affordable (100 ml for less than $20 online) and it came with mini vials inside the box for the other 2 Essentials fragrances in this line (rose & jasmine). My only complaint is this is a skin scent on me almost the entire time I am wearing it. It's good for about 4 hours without having to reapply, but projection is fairly close to my body....MAYBE 2 feet. I did get a compliment from my coworker on this one, she enjoyed walking past my desk all day yesterday. :)

If you like a pleasant, sweet, fresh patchouli without a lot of bite or mustiness to it, then this is for you.

Karina Rose Al-Rehab by CherriedEmpress 2014-11-20

Again, agreeing with paxtaran. When I first sniffed it, I can't smell anything but a meager hint of rose and some unpleasant synthetic notes of no exact nature.

Even if the smell was pleasant, which it is not, the scent is so light that I would probably use the whole bottle within 6 wearings.

I think I have overstayed my welcome in the house of Al-Rehab. I probably have fifteen oils now and I'm getting the feeling that I've already bought la creme de la creme from this line. They are very good at manufacturing sweet gourmands, and I think Soft is about as good as it gets.

Fuel For Life Spirit Diesel by Molko 2014-11-20

I wrote a review about Diesel FFLS already, but I just bought it recently. I'm confused, because when I tested before several times, I found it very potent, but now I don't feel enough strong on my skin, it becomes very soon a skin scent, I don't know why. My batch is from 2013 March...

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by Tine1world 2014-11-20

I initially tried this few years ago and thought maybe, maybe not! I was on cortisone and that particular medication affected the way fragrances smelled on me. Mind you I kept blaming the cat. This strong stench emanating from my fine self was nothing short of hot mercury. A strong metallic odour. You have to be in that situation to know.

I made the poor old cat pong.

There begin's my addiction to collecting fragrances. I always had up 20 fragrances at any given time, but during my stint with prescribed cortisone to control a serious condition my affair with scents all sublime began in earnest.

I thought too as many here seem to think that price usually meant a better quality fragrance, but my pockets are not that deep, and indeed times have truly changed and what's fashionable now seems to be what's available.

I've always like fruity fragrances, and in my day there were hardly any available.

Just this past week whilst out shopping yet again for fragrances and making my budget stretch to extremes and this week it did just that. I tried this on again.

It's a fairly strong scent on me almost sickly sweet, but in a way that reminds me of the day's when our then garden was over flowing with plums of all varieties, making the best of them into a plum sauce for asian cuisines.

This reminds me of those occasions in a nice foodie way.
This reminds me of the dark. This is delicious.

What did surprise me after a few hours of dry down that this powerhouse fragrance from Ms B Spears 'Fantasy' range, harks back to the 80's and 90's. A time when I wore 'Fantasme' by Ted Lapidius. I swear this is a carbon copy of that on me. It even lasted well into the next day on my arm where I sprayed, even though I had done housework, dishes etc..

I am going to buy this for myself even though it is a 'Flanker'. The question remains when? Now before xmas or after when it may be on special on the boxing day sales.

This will be the strongest potion I will own, and it will compliment the other flacons I own from Ms B Spears 'Fantasy ' range.

Cheers T.

Wild Essence Halle Berry by amy1983 2014-11-20

Wild Essence is tart,chalky,and green. It's like a tart fruit. I do like the green vines winding around the box.
It's pretty rough around the edges,though. This needs to be smoothed out with more rose.
I don't care for the bottle,either. It is boring,and cheap looking. It looks like those Essence of Beauty bottles. But,the lotion is a good consistency,and the perfume lasts a long time. Not one of my favorites,though.

Africana Al-Rehab by CherriedEmpress 2014-11-20

I received Africana today, and I'm going to heartily agree with paxtaran... overripe fruit/brewing liqueur. It smells like alcoholic, fermented fruit with incense swirling in the background. If I had to pin down which fruit, I'd say it would be pears. While Africana isn't exactly offensive, it doesn't do much for me. I could live without it.

While my experience has been that Al-Rehab attars not only radically unfold on the skin during the day, many of them also smell different to me after a few weeks. I find myself thinking, "Even if I thought this oil smelled gorgeous after a month, would other people smell what I did when I first bought it and think to themselves, 'she smells like liqueur'?"

I'm going to try blending Africana with a few other oils.

Woman Christina Aguilera by lizzyshreds 2014-11-20

Also I went to Christina's perfume page, and it says that Woman will be available in the USA in January.

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