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Fetisch J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin by Marcjanssen 2015-10-05

Wearing it now as i write this...
they were so generous to let me try some of their tester at KaDeWe.
I was actually waiting for the big bang when i first sprayed it,....but NO
I understand their idea about Berlin being such a tolerant city in many aspects
( think about the fetish/sex driven club scene here). but i don't think the guy who wears a leather harness ( see their ads) wears this! cheeky grin ;)
For me it is more something of a 50 shades of gray fetish.
But anyway,.....
I am a sucker for the "light" leather and saffron approach....
well that is what this is all about.
velvety smooth suede/leather and saffron taking a vanilla/osmanthus infused luke warm milk bath. Slightly sweet but in a sugar sprinkled way.
The incense is tugged quite far away in the scent closet but it helps &
gives it this lingering trail and gorgeous aura.
As i bought Cuir X from La Parfumerie Moderne last year, wich for me smells 80% similar, i still think i want this one to join me trough winter.
At the end, nothing shocking, new, or earthmoving, but sometimes you just want a "friend" whom is always nice to hang out with.
Meet your new "friend" : Fetish :)

Fetisch J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin by Marcjanssen 2015-10-05

Wearing it now as i write this...
they were so generous to let me try some of their tester at KaDeWe.
I was actually waiting for the big bang when i first sprayed it,....but NO
I understand their idea about Berlin being such a tolerant city in many aspects
( think about the fetish/sex driven club scene here). but i don't think the guy who wears a leather harness ( see their ads) wears this! cheeky grin ;)
For me it is more something of a 50 shades of gray fetish.
But anyway,.....
I am a sucker for the "light" leather and saffron approach....
well that is what this is all about.
velvety smooth suede/leather and saffron taking a vanilla/osmanthus infused luke warm milk bath. Slightly sweet but in a sugar sprinkled way.
The incense is tugged quite far away in the scent closet but it helps &
gives it this lingering trail and gorgeous aura.
As i bought Cuir X from La Parfumerie Moderne last year, wich for me smells 80% similar, i still think i want this one to join me trough winter.
At the end, nothing shocking, new, or earthmoving, but sometimes you just want a "friend" whom is always nice to hang out with.
Meet your new "friend" : Fetish :)

First Love Demeter Fragrance by lemonjasmine 2015-10-05

It smells beautiful. It's a very soft and traditionally feminine scent. Super floral: I can only catch floral notes and nothing else. Very rosy. But it's nice nonetheless.

I have the rollerball. Sillage is almost nonexistent, and almost as soon as you apply it, it's gone within half an hour. But it's very calming while it's on.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by BriantheFragranceNewb 2015-10-05

I don't dislike this fragrance, but it's sort of an odd somewhat powdery scent on my skin. It didn't really change much on my skin over time, but I will say the longevity was rather good. This fragrance is not for me, but I can see why some might like it.

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Narciso Rodriguez by BriantheFragranceNewb 2015-10-05

I find this to be a straight up fresh green scent initially, and I don't find the dry down to be all that great. I guess I'll mark this as my first "dislike" fragrance simply because I don't think it will work for me.

Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens by lastcenturymodern 2015-10-05

The soapiness of both the sandalwood and rose creates a somewhat old fashioned yet impossibly refined bar-soap scent. I say old fashioned in the most positive way--the way I imagine my Japanese great grandmother would have smelled like as she spent her day sitting quietly in her tatami room surrounded by wafts of incense burning by the family altar. The scent would have lingered on her kimono afterwards.
The cacao note here is anything but gourmand, lending just the right amount of dustiness and softness to what might otherwise have been a sour sharper rose. There is something distinctly Japanese about Santal Majuscule for me although I'm aware this association is highly personal. It reminds me of Shideido Zen Original not for the way it smells but for the feeling of serenity and nostalgia it evokes.

Downtown Calvin Klein by shoshana25 2015-10-05

I'm not sure why this is getting so many negative reviews at all! I bought this at TJ Maxx for 20 bucks and it was 20 bucks well spent. I am not exaggerating when i say that I own over 100 fragrances in my collection. I love all genres so I do not discriminate. I happen to be a HUGE lover of florals though. Downtown starts out spicy and musky on me but also very fresh. As it begins to dry down the BEAUTIFUL florals starts to chime in and I am in ABSOLUTE LOVE. I cannot explain how gorgeous this smells on me!! It's a combination of florals, fresh, subtle sweetness, with a hint of musky spiciness. This doesn't smell like anything else in my colossal perfume collection. Every now and then i get a whiff and it honestly takes my breath away. I suspect that the people that find this regular and not special does not have the right chemistry to pull it off. I adore this. If I could possibly compare this to any other fragrance i would compare it to ED hard Love & Luck with the addition of the most BEAUTIFUL captivating, breathtaking florals EVER! Best Calvin Klein, hands my opinion. It's not the type of fragrance you want to stuff your nose into, just wait for it to waft up to your nose and you'll be swept away. THAT BEAUTIFUL! Not boring or mediocre at all. Your boyfriend will love this on you. Very alluring and sexy.

I love it! Dry woody-jasmin with refined immortelle accord. Beginning fresh citrus and sophisticated white flowers. Really nice, elegant.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by Naureen 2015-10-05

I have about 40 fragrances, this is my no.1 favorite..luv luv luv the smell of it on my skin..lovely soft scent of rose..warm & sensual

Alaïa Azzedine Alaia by flowers-in-the-springtime 2015-10-05

This rather seductive and attractive slender black bottle was displayed in my local perfumery. I had seen it advertised somewhere in Toronto but didn't get a chance to sample it.
I was hesitant because I thought it would be another fruity, floral, sweet and cloying, mainstream fume, aimed at the madness of the masses before Christmas.
Kudos to the designer, this one took me by complete surprise! The first note that I can smell in the opening is violets, of the Parma violet kind, but not too sweet and certainly not sickly or overwhelming. The second note to kick in is the pink pepper which complements the florals and the musk tones it all down, to something which is beautifully seductive, quietly powerful and effortlessly charming.
Other reviewers have said that this is an androgynous fragrance and I tend to agree, although I feel it leans more to the feminine.
The leather is brief and not too pronounced and there is a lovely sweet rose note in the composition.
The drydown is simply stunning! It takes your breath away.
If any of you have smelled the vintage version of MoschinoMoschino, it smells like that.
There is a subtle sweet woodyness which clings to the skin and whispers to you all day long.
This is a hidden treasure in a sea of mediocrity as far as new fragrances are concerned.
It is a far cry from fruity florals, sickly sweet vanilla puddings and banal bottles of smelly water.
I am impressed, I applaud the designers both in the notes and the bottle and I have already put a FB on my wish list for Christmas. (I'll probably have this before Christmas if I'm totally honest).
This is a perfume lovers perfume!! Gorgeous!

Joop! Femme Joop! by Jola 72 2015-10-05

Smells like an old dude on my skin,nothing feminine at all.What a dissapointment.

Tiffany for Men Sport Tiffany by WayneDN 2015-10-05

I tried to find Adaias dynamic sport cologne but all I could find is dynamic pure. Is this the same?

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by perfumer s8 2015-10-05

Reformulated>>>>>Game Over

Reformulated>>>>>Game Over

on my skin ,just last 2hours.prefer to the original fantasy.this one is nothing special..

Back to Black By Kilian by landshark321 2015-10-05

Understandably a very popular sweet tobacco option in the niche/luxury genre, By Kilian's Back to Black is the first and only perfume of their line that I've sampled due to my interest in sweet tobacco but the also absence of the brand's availability in stores near me (or in general).

Back to Black does not disappoint, being among top sweet tobacco options. The tobacco element is perhaps as rich and deep as in any tobacco fragrance I've ever smelled (it has the natural aspect of a Demeter or Jo Malone). The honey sweetness is also distinct from the more alcoholic sweetness of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and the more pure sugary sweetness of Parfums de Marly Herod.

Projection and longevity are both very strong--it's a promising example for the line, so it inherently makes me think that other By Kilian options will perhaps be worthwhile from a strength standpoint.

The composition on a whole, though, is still inferior to the giants Tobacco Vanille and Herod, and being more expensive than either ($260 for 50ml) is the main reason I wouldn't opt for a full bottle of Back to Black but rather a small decant for the collection. Many argue that Back to Black is the best, though, and I can certainly see why. It's inviting, and has both rich tobacco and sweet sides to it, fully ready to take on a variety of cold weather situations, especially dressed-up and special occasions.

Highly recommended as a sweet tobacco option. This could easily be a signature scent and certainly seems to be for many men.

8 out of 10

Sweet Memories CJ Scents by shushkin 2015-10-05

Amber, tobacco, rhubarb, vanilla custard, vanilla, sandalwood, almond and coffee cake
The other side of the tart! A bright melange, smooth blend of sweet edibles. The tobacco is detectable in this one and tones down the sweetness. There is a lot of amber and not much rhubarb. You will definitely pick up the vanilla custard and the coffee cake. I get most of the almond and sandalwood on the dry down.
Moderate sillage and longevity. A total delight

Escada Magnetism Escada by Britt206 2015-10-05

I love this perfume! I wish it weren't discontinued. This is such a unique smell. It has a tartness, yet balanced by being sweet and feminine. It's sexy yet I think girly enough to wear anywhere. This could easily make a signature scent and can be worn year around.

Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette Jimmy Choo by c0c0madmoiselle 2015-10-05

This perfume is so fresh and uncomplicated. 'Sparkling' comes to mind when I think of this frangrance. It is young enough for older teens and women in their early twenties but not in an immature way. I usually prefer heavier scents but I like this one for spring and summertime, when I feel like going for an easy to wear perfume.

Rouge Royal Princesse Marina De Bourbon by Kittycat63 2015-10-05

I've had my eye on this for awhile now (online, as it's not available in stores here in the UK, as far as I know!) and as I just started a new job and saw that it was still available on one of the Brit perfume sites I decided to treat myself to a bottle.

I love strawberry perfumes and have been mourning the loss of Fragonard's Juste un Baiser which, for some inexplicable reason, they seem to have discontinued despite it being, in my opinion, probably the best perfume they produced!

Anyway, so after reading so many good reviews of this perfume I knew that at some point I HAD to get a bottle of it, if it was still available on any websites here. To my delight, not only is it still available but also the price is surprisingly reasonable. So, I figured I had nothing to lose and ordered a big bottle of it last week . . .

Well, YAHOO! This perfume is LOVELY!! I got a gentle whiff of it around the neck of the bottle as I wrestled it out of the package when it arrived and hoped that it would smell just as nice once I spritzed a couple of drops on my wrist. Thank god it did smell as good and continued to for several hours! As Genny17 said, it's not a typical fruity perfume in that it's not sickly and reminiscent of some sugary fruit drink, like many fruity perfumes are at the moment, but although to my nose the strawberry note is quite bold it's fresh and sophisticated smelling, even elegant, so would be ideal for anyone who wants a fruity perfume but doesn't want to smell like a 13 year old schoolgirl! Having said that, I think it could be easily worn by girls / women pretty much of any age, young or old, as it's such a likeable, easy to wear and feminine perfume. My male friend LOVED this on me and also seemed to be extremely taken with the unusual Art Deco'ish bottle, which isn't so much to my taste but I suppose could be a 'grower' - the more I look at it the more I like it, although I doubt I'd ever love it as I'm not into Art Deco! Still, the bottle definitely catches the eye and stands out from more mundane ones!

All in all, even though this doesn't smell like a dupe for my beloved Juste un Baiser, I REALLY like this perfume and could even see it becoming a 'go to' perfume for me. I just hope I can get more of it when I run out and am thinking of getting another big bottle of it as a backup!

Green Tea Elizabeth Arden by frosting712 2015-10-05

This has basically become my go-to daily signature day time scent more often than not and I'm an adult woman with a huge variety of perfume to pick from.

Sometimes simple is just the very best. I feel like a perfectly made cup of green tea with lemon when I wear it. I love how it's a green scent, but thanks to its other notes not just green. There's balance.

I find I smell the lemon initially, but it takes the backseat once the first spritz calms down and the mid and base notes take over. I love the base notes of this fragrance, very fresh. I don't find it "laundry", but more "feminine green".

Maybe this scent is over popular, but I can see why. For those who enjoy this type of scent, it's very lovely and well done. The longevity does leave something to be desired, but at its price point reapplication is fine by me.

Allure Sensuelle Chanel by Jessica777 2015-10-05

Personally, I find this EDP version too overpowering and, unfortunately, I was never able to like it as it gave me headache each time I applied it.
It is a great Chanel buy if you're looking for something warm and sensuous for an evening wear. However, I am way more happy to use EDT version.. :)

Princess Vera Wang by frosting712 2015-10-05

This is a bubbly, almost effervescent type gourmand. On my skin the water notes play very well with the sweet. I get some chocolate but more vanilla and amber that intermingles with the water lily. It's so girly and feminine I just love this scent.

Bouquet Vera Wang by fyrewoman 2015-10-05

For the last year,i have been looking for perfumes that highlight honeysuckle. Although bouquet has much honeysuckle,it isn't for me. This perfume is equally well blended with cassis,orris root and narcissus. It is sharp from the cassis and powdery from orris root which are the two things in the mix that are keeping me from keeping it in my collection. It is unique for having so much going on like powderiness with water notes,yellow floral and cassis which takes away from the honeysuckle i'm looking for in a perfume. Unique and pretty,just not for me. It does seem appropriate for a sunny day in fall and winter.

Allure Sensuelle Eau de Toilette Chanel by Jessica777 2015-10-05

I am so in love with this beauty from the first sniff, and am delighted to have finally found it!
EDP used to give me such a headache, whereas the lighter EDT version is much more enjoyable...and I can actually wear it... :) it is a lovely fragrance, warm, cosy, feminine, a pure masterpiece!
If you ever come across it, grab it - it is discontinued!...

Suma Oriental Une Nuit A Bali by rossyegio5 2015-10-05

Patchouli morbido, levigato, soave.
Si distinguono tutte le note, in buona sintonia.
Patchouli avvolto da fava tonka, dolce e moderatamente mandorlata; muschi tropicali, accenni di cacao, legno di sandalo, gocce di rum.
Piacevolissimo patchouli cremoso di ottima qualità.
Evoca paradisi tropicali, incutendo sensazioni di calma serenità.
Armonizzante, aiuta a pensare.
Molto "deixa a vida me levar...".

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Bath and Body Works by DJJellyBean 2015-10-05

I like the idea they have here for a cinnamon and pumpkin fragrance. But to me it smells very fake, perfumey, and masculine at the same time. I get a cinnamon note but it's not warm and spicy enough for my liking. Maybe it's the ginger creating this strong scent. I think they should have added cloves and/or nutmeg instead of ginger. It kinda reminds me of a apple and cinnamon candle. I'll look somewhere else for a fall cinnamon fragrance.

Chocolate Greedy Montale by nero77 2015-10-05

Deliciously surprising!

Well, first of all... before trying this one, I expected it to be all about one thing: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! I thought is would be nothing but one note for the whole fragrance.

How pleasantly surprised I was! Chocolate Greedy, despite it's name, actually reminds me not of pure chocolate, but of many things. Warm, aromatic tobacco, freshly baked chocolate cookies, and even dried, roasted cocoa beans. It's so complex that it always gives me a surprise when I wear it.

It is a very versatile gourmand fragrance in my opinion. I would recommend it to people who don't even like gourmands too much. Perhaps this has some of the Thierry Mugler - Angel Men vibe going on, but I don't find this heavy or cloying in any way. It reminds me of aromatic tobacco and cocoa. A wonderful combination. Highly recommended!

Blue Grass Elizabeth Arden by Taliera 2015-10-05

For me, this is a perfume that starts off beautifully - but gets bad, then worse, to the point where you HAVE to get it off your skin!! The initial spray is aldehydic bliss, followed by a manicured, elegant floral experience. But quickly, the scent changes into that "heavy" old-lady kind of floral we all know... Then it morphs into something really soapy. (To all the people who think modern-day florals smell like soap, you don't know what you're talking about...) Old-fashioned florals are REALLY soapy. The final part of the drydown is spicy as well as soapy - and strong... well I couldn't analyze it any more because I was rinsing it off my wrist!

Jil Sander No 4 Jil Sander by hdmc_2000 2015-10-05

It says fruity floral, but this is not a teen girl kind of fruity. Its very sweet and soft, but in a grown up way. It has just a touch of spice to it as well. I don't smell any civet, which is a good thing! :)

Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Jo Malone by umme.aisha.2k11 2015-10-05

I had been wanting to try this for a long time since Jo Malone boutique in Malaysia does not carry the intense line. So while in Tokyo, I decided to stop by the counter and check it out. It is truly wonderful. I did it spray it on my wrist and went ahead to explore other olfactory treasures. Thirty minutes later, the scent turned identical to one of my favorites Versace Crystal Noir. IDENTICAL. I can say for sure because crystal noir is one of my all time favorites and I own a full bottle of it. Ginger, cardamom and sandalwood are the dominating notes. I do think I prefer crystal noir because it lasts longer. I could barely smell dark amber and ginger lily after two hours. Nevertheless, a beautiful scent and worth buying if you don't mind reapplying!

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by mohammad alhasan 2015-10-05

With the hints of saffron and leather I smell a whiffs of Escada Magnetism but SpiceBomb is finer and smoother...Shall we initiate a new "reminds me of"?!!
What do you think freinds?

As I met Spicebomb in summer I would add my review later on..:)

This is Vanille Marine, so it is supposed to be sweet and salty at the same time which it is! Very original smelling and is pleasant enough for the colder season. I love the salty water notes mixed with the vanilla and caramel as well as the amber, but I am not quite sure about the floral notes as I think these could make it a bit dirty smelling with the other gourmand notes. On me they barely surface which is a good thing.

Not a generic scent at all, projection is good but cannot yet comment on longevity as I have just tried it today, but I guess it will last well because it is not like these scents with lots of alcohol that evaporates in minutes. This is rather rich and dense.

Black XS Paco Rabanne by SalouS 2015-10-05

Nice [ smokey/sweet ] fragrance.
Components are well-combined.
Longevity is good but somehow projection is not.
You can get the best of it after 1 hour of spraying.
For me I think it is best for night use.
Definitely masculine, there is no way this can be unisex.
I recommend this one.

Raghba Wood Intense Lattafa Perfumes by free tibet 2015-10-05

It's a nutty version of standard raghba, but with less vanilla.
I do not like it. The original is much better.

Fragrance 4/10
Projection 6/10
Longevity 8/10

Legni Fruttati L`Erbolario by Fede Buffay 2015-10-05

L'ho preso dopo aver letto diverse recensioni positive. Dentro ci sento le caratteristiche note frittate dei profumi l'erbolario. Mi arriva subito la pera, un po' aspra, la liquirizia arriva dopo un po', molto delicata. Lo trovo un ottimo profumo unisex, caldo, fumoso e leggero al tempo stesso.

Cabotine Gres by Old Herbaceous 2015-10-05

I couldn't resist getting some of this on sale from its already low price, because of all the differing opinions on it. So I tried it for the first time yesterday and I'm still thinking about it. BUT I discovered one pretty great trick to use with Cabotine -- layer it with cK One. This was suggested by a reader comment on a blog called Katie Puckrik Smells, some years ago, which I found recently; and I have a mini of cK One, so I thought I'd play with that idea. Wow, doing that really does lighten up Cabotine if that's what you want. The brightness of the citrus in cK One matches the fruity brightness of Cabotine but somehow cuts through the sweet florals and even seems to bring the sillage closer to one's skin.

Olympea Paco Rabanne by Rain Cloud 2015-10-05

This scent reminds me of Lady Million.

Ever though that coffee was a genderless scent? Try this then. It is so undoubtely masculine and unique. If you did not know that coffee was a note, it's hard to say what this smells like except: 'this is how a man should smell'. Once you realize that coffee is a note, you smell it subtly every time. Gold for Him has so much depth and is so revitalising every time I smell it. Perfect for a long day or long nights. This is probably one of the only fragrances that can cure sleep deficiency.

Raghba Lattafa Perfumes by free tibet 2015-10-05

It's the same scent like 24 gold scentstory, but a little bit stronger and without the almond chord.

Fragrance 7/10
Projection 6/10
Longevity 7/10

Chocolovers Aquolina by danielle.wisbey 2015-10-05

Love this! Not a review but add a comment on aquolina website to bring it back.... I need more :(

Fuel For Life Spirit Diesel by lneleman 2015-10-05

It is a very pleasant smell that is strangely unique. I don't absolutely love it, mainly as it reminds me a lot of playdoh, which is also what the woman's fragrance Classique by JPG smells like. I think this is the boozy note combined with the amber. As a man, I don't want to smell like playdoh, but it is a scent that will get you noticed as it is intriguing. The fragrance is overall solid. Will pick it up if it's cheap somewhere, since on the mens side, I have not found any fragrance that smells like this. Only see this as a casual fragrance.

Royal Mayfair Creed by Houdini4 2015-10-05

Okay I've never tried Windsor and have been tempted to purchase a stupendously over priced sample before now just to be one of the privileged few who know what all the fuss is about?
I'm suspecting like many, many folks who are smelling Royal Mayfair for the first time and having their hopes of a holy grail dashed, because it really isn't what they had anticipated Windsor to be like. Well I agree.
Although I could be wrong...This might be a pale imitation in comparison but even the sales assistant was quick to say that it was a Windsor doppelganger, so what conclusion am I supposed to draw?

Well, just going off the fragrance alone, instantly it smells like Creed. I'm not exactly sure I can put into words what I mean by that...but bare with me.
I think its the juniper/citrus opening which is fresh and bracing in a really good way. Then there's a slightly herbal pine refrain which settled down on my skin to a very different Rose heart. I say 'different' because it's not dark or thickly perfumed or jammy or anything like that but more like a Penhaligon's opus 1870 refined rose note.
This however is not the whole story and I've deliberated started talking about what I consider to be the 'garnish'.
The main offender (depending how you see it?) here is the eucalyptus which rides through each layer of this perfume from top to bottom. I actually found it to be quite an interesting and subtle note not overbearing but I can absolutely understand the aversion and negative connotations associated with it. Menthol cough sweets, cheap minty smells and coupled with pine in here cheap bathroom cleaning products. Thankfully I think it's handled pretty tactfully in this composition and doesn't tip over into that territory but instead walks a thin line of questionable appeal but for sure those who love it, they will revere this quality as setting it apart from other fragrances and in does.
My girlfriend hated this one. I however liked Royal Mayfair my minor criticism would be it's a bit weak and lack luster. I think a deep wood base and drydown wouldn't have gone a miss. Instead you get a scent which never really kicks but delivers some rarely (if ever?)seen olfactory ideas. After all I would say that is what I look for in a fragrance so I can't fault it there. Royal mayfair is certainly no rehashing of done to death and tired concepts, (well...maybe one of it's own?) which it must be commended and given some credit for.
Lasted reasonably on my skin but I think for the price you might feel short changed for anything other than beastmode strength.
I would like to trial this properly and give a better appraisal because my instant thoughts were that I wouldn't wear it but I have a feeling it might be a grower this one.

Champion Energy Davidoff by Forget Freeman 2015-10-05

Tried a sample today, sharp fresh scent that unfortunately doesn't last long or project well.
After 2 hours it was all but gone.

super spring scent. excellent!

Cobra Jeanne Arthes by Sheba10099 2015-10-05

I am new to this forum and do not have the knowledge to describe scents in terms of notes. But hoping to learn! So please forgive my basic perfume lingo. This was a blind buy for me and it did not turn out well. This perfume makes me feel ill. I've read other reviews here saying it is like Poison. I love Poison having started wearing it when I was in College. But unfortunately Cobra smells nothing like Poison on me..must be my chemistry, but on me Cobra is oppressively sweet and heady.. Not in a good way. II now have a 100 ml bottle of the EDP, once used, to swop with anyone who is interested!

excellent! sweet tobacco and cardamon. very nice

Fahrenheit Christian Dior by mhobba 2015-10-05

I smell chamomile tea and freshly cut grass packed into a brand new leather bag that has been dampened with soapy water. Unlike anything else out there.

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by fyrewoman 2015-10-05

Updating to my review below.
I woke up this morning smelling pure jasmine. Seems this perfume is long lasting. My body just needed to warm up between the sheets and,pleasantly,woke up to more than a skin scent. Only a fraction of perfumes i have are as beautiful upon waking up on the morning.
Modern Muse certainly has several levels and is a high quality scent. My favorite part is between the 2nd and 3rd hour,on me,when the honeysuckle and lily are most prominent. A strong like for me. Only time will tell if it becomes a love. Thumbs up for this lovely maze of a scent.

Adidas Victory League Adidas by joe38 2015-10-05

Medium-brand, high quality fragrance, good price!
Need more?
Edt & deodorant with a good Sillage!
We get a nice spicy, sweet, masculine fragrance,similar to Boss Bottled ....
Maybe a little sweeter ......
Weekdays excellent!
Rivaling the more powerful brands.
Good buy in great demand.

Olympea Paco Rabanne by jellybeantree 2015-10-05

I have tested this a few days and now I can review it . This is a savoury salty vanilla fragrance with a woody base . I also get a similar vibe in Lady million but this is more fresh as Lady million is more warm. I think its a very interesting and great smelling fragrance that is worth a try . Lasting power also very good ! This is how I wished womanity smelled like .

John Galliano John Galliano by Angeldaisy 2015-10-05

my second review for selective beauty EDP....i wore this yesterday and am writing this because it it still wafting up from my skin 20 hours later!

Henriette mentioned it is like Chanel no. 22's bad sister.
she could be the dark purple ball gowned, deep red lipsticked twin sister, beneath a heavy purple cloak.

the opening is massive! and having read many reviews (there are so many for this!)...i do get toilet cleaner and furniture polish mixed with liquorice!

then i get sharp pungent sweet boozy blackcurrants. this is very purple and fruity on me.
the luscious soapy flowers in this are stained deep purple. an iris, a rose...but mostly a dusting of powdery violets beneath.

the violets are sweet. the incense slowly emerges and i was left with dark bitter-sweet boozy fruits and incense that has lasted FOREVER.

is my nose having a bad day? i think i will have to revisit this before i pass it on...but right now, i can't think why i adored it so much!

Olympea Paco Rabanne by irisjetaime 2015-10-05

Encore un clone de milliers de parfums déjà sentis dans tous les Nocibés ou Séphoras de France et de Navarre....En tout cas pour ce qui est de mes narines.
Une senteur pseudo "embruns" grâce à la note salée mariée à de la vanille (bas de gamme) du cachemire de même gamme et une pseudo note légèrement gourmande.
Ouais ! Ouais ! Ouais !!!! Bon ben à part ça ??!!!
Rien de neuf, rien qui va mettre mon odorat en ébullition.

Allez ! Next...

Imari Avon by PLUMPIE 2015-10-05

I had my doubts about the reformulation of my beloved classic. I prefer the old bottle but it is a little dated and I suppose they are aiming at a younger market. I am pleased to say the strength is still there and this lasts all day. This is the original imari with perhaps a stronger rose note and a hint more powdery vanilla. I love it.

Jannet El Firdaus Swiss Arabian by HeavyBeatsUK 2015-10-05

First impressions - washing up liquid. But I get that with all Jannet El Firdous scents. Then it settles down into a soapy, clean, green scent. It's very warm. It's very well blended so you can't easily pick out the notes except green grass and herbal notes though the spice comes through as well, I think it might be the cinnamon.

I hoped it might be overwhelmingly strong but it's not. It's still strong though, not sure why it got most votes as 'staying close to the skin.' It's not a skin scent. I'd say the sillage is more 'heavy' but not 'enormous' It doesn't fill a room but will give wafts of freshness.

I can't invisage any particular type of person wearing this, normally I get a picture of a person when I smell a scent. It won't make you seem rich or seem poor, classy or not-so-classy. It just smells like cleanliness so you will seem like a clean person when you wear this.

A*Men Pure Wood Thierry Mugler by Neo Ramaphoko 2015-10-05

This one is that life time type of fragrance that you need to always have , absolutely unique and has a very good smell for men .. I love this one .. People that dislike this one have serious bad issues that needs to be resolved immediately! By a psychology or something you name it for me I will appreciate it .. Let's stop disliking for the fact of disliking , this is beautiful, heavy, heaven f# you name it .. It fits well with every season

Joop! Homme Joop! by m.junaid.ashfaq 2015-10-05

the first time I wore it, i get compliments. U might dislike the fragrance at the start but give it an hour or so because the dry down of this one is completely amazing.
at start it is a cherry like syrupy smell and after dry down, it is rich blend of cinnamon and vanila.

Joop! Homme Joop! by m.junaid.ashfaq 2015-10-05

the first time I wore it, i get compliments. U might dislike the fragrance at the start but give it an hour or so because the dry down of this one is completely amazing.
at start it is a cherry like syrupy smell and after dry down, it is rich blend of cinnamon and vanila.

Silver Mountain Water Creed by mashraf 2015-10-05

This is a very pleasant smell.I love wearing it. you can hear inky vibe ,metallic vibe this is true but not in a repulsive way as i mentioned earlier this is a very pleasant smell.As it is a refreshing smell i wear it in summer easily.
longevity :6 to 8 hours
projection: 7 out of 10

Deep Ocean Arno Sorel by heckoez 2015-10-05

the lavender is so strong. a little bit soapy and spicy. it's for the night i think. maybe it's a generic scent. but considering the price, it's worth to try...

Romantic Spark Impulse by CaledonianChic77 2015-10-05

Impulse has graced our shelves for nearly 40 years now, can't believe it can you?. The collection so versatile & sadly a few casualties also that have become favourable memory's. Romantic Spark is noticeably powdery and is yet soft & refreshing, floral with a child like sweetie sweetness then a violet heart & musky vanilla base. In a cheeky sort of way Spark could be easily mistaken for a very expensive perfume, it just has that quality to it. Subtle little gem which is feminine & romantic & leaves you smelling amazing all day long. A hand bag keeper!!!.

Aqua Profumata Catania Tocca by Papavero0 2015-10-05

Small correction: Catania, Amalfi and Salina are all in Southern Italy, not in the North. Imprecision really ruins the poetry for me.

Papagayo Milton Lloyd by BettyNoir 2015-10-05

Very long lasting and smells like a lighter version of Estee Lauder Youth Dew. Lasts about six hours and very cheap!

Tweed Milton Lloyd by BettyNoir 2015-10-05

Tweed is underrated if you ask me. It's a fabulous spicy woody scent that often escapes under the radar. Some would call it old fashioned today, but I call it a fantastic Autumnal classic and I wear it proudly!

Agua Lavanda Antonio Puig by Loca del Tó 2015-10-05

This is totally unisex. A refreshing clean, classic lavender fragance for the hottest days that suits equally well men and women. Yes, the longevity is very short, and the sillage is close to the skin but that´s the way you need it when it´s really hot outside and anyway when it´s between 45-50Cº outside, you don´t really want something that clings onto you too long, or something sweet and potentially cloying. As you´ll be having showers or getting into the pool as soon as you can, you will be reaplying often. That´s the reason many Spanish fragances are so very light in sillage and longevity and come in bigger, cheaper bottles.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by DJJellyBean 2015-10-05

In the beginning this reminds me of Katy Perry Killer Queen or something along those lines. It's a scent that I've smelled before, kinda fruit-chouli territory. Dry down is green, fresh/ozonic, and almost patchouli like from the vetiver. Not really a fan (too familiar/overdone imo) but I like the bottle.
Edit: I feel like A Dozen Roses Angel Face comes to mind with this one but fresher.

Tabac Tabou Parfum d`Empire by Mono 2015-10-05

Deep, rich, complex tobacco. A beautiful narcisse who makes me think that a horse is close to here.


Black Musk The Body Shop by sistermoon 2015-10-05

This is a powdery sweet scent, similar to their Smoky Rose, except that this one is sweeter. I don't find that the name "Black musk" suits it very well. Yes there's musk in it, but it doesn't dominate. This is a smoky, powdery floral with vanilla/patchouli base and some woodsy notes. I couldn't smell any licorice in it. The bottle is beatiful, simply black with purple label. I have to say I prefer Smoky Rose to this though.

Pull & Bear Antonio Puig by Loca del Tó 2015-10-05

This is one of my boyfriend´s favorites. Althought he is now more into Lío by Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, he always comes back to this. Refreshing and classic manliness, with no hint of chocolate, caramel, or other "modern" notes. I have nothing against those overly sweet notes in men´s fragances, but in the hot weather and in daytime the sweetness can be too cloying. And classics like this scream "I´m a man, a clean manly man just out of the shower" to me if you know what I mean. And without the 80´s "old man" vibe of some vintage fragances. Lovely, sexy and inexpensive.

M Mariah Carey by Electronic100 2015-10-05

Mariah Carey's M took me by surprise! Its warm, sweet (with out being cloying)and sophisticated. Im not really a celeb perfume lover, but this is (to me) very like 212 sexy! If the colour purple had a smell, this would it! A success!

Esencia pour Homme Loewe by AZ 2015-10-05

The smell is exactly like what the bottle represents a green green green smell of pine with little bit hint of leather equals a classic muscular smell. It is fantastic smell.

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Dolce&Gabbana by Jasmine2024 2015-10-05

Adore this perfume it is amazing, so amazing in fact that I am willing to wait for my husband and kids to buy this for me for my birthday ( instead of running out and purchasing myself) so I can be reminded of them every spray. I feel this perfume is family memory worthy- if I had to only ever own one perfume I think this would be my pick!

A*Men Les Parfums de Cuir Thierry Mugler by spray_and_pray 2015-10-05

Pure Leather performs better than most frags in my collection. My skin eats up fragrance super quick or atleast I experience olfactory fatigue quick with my other frags. Either way PL, Pure Malt, & A*Men are pretty much the only juices I have that I can tell project and last between 12-24hours. PL and A*Men are 24 hours and lasts days on shirts.

PL in my opinion is easily one of the best juices for fall/winter and much more wearable than A*Men. I do like A*Men but I reach for Pure Leather way more often. Plus you can find it discounted for around $35-40 USD. For me, Pure Malt is my day time fall scent and PL is my cool/cold night scent. Don't let the opening steer you away from this gem. I agree the opening is harsh but the dry down is steller. Even if you didn't like A*Men, try this as it is toned down and much smoother. I recently ordered 3 more bottles of PL. At $35/100ml, you can't lose. The Thierry Mugler A*Men line is pure quality. Second only to Dior in regards to quality and unique original offerings. Much like Dior Fahrenheit, A*Men and PL are love or hate. I encourage those who live in areas with cool crisp falls and cold winters to give this a try. If you don't fall in love the first time, try it again. Fragrances like these often take multiple testings to appreciate.


Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop by joygrassman 2015-10-05

Rose. I mean this seriously just smells like a rose, plain and simple. Unfortunately people seem to think equate "old ladies" with one note fragrances such as rose, jasmine and lavender. I think this is most unfortunate since there's a reason these fragrances are classics. I loved this fragrance for it'd unapologetic rose-i-ness, but eventually got rid of it because I got tired of being made fun of for wearing it. Haters gotta be hating. :(

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas Loewe by asalljoon 2015-10-05

عطر كوييز كوييز كوييز محصول كمپاني لووه اسپانيا از كارهاي بسيار مسحور كننده مخصوص خانومها است بويي گيرا و جادويي و اغوا كننده نت اصلي اين عطر متشكل از : مشك ، چوب صندل ، نعناع هندي ،عنبر ،وانيل ماداگاسكار ،عسل . نت مياني : ياس هندي رز بلغاري ،گل مريم و نت پاياني : توت قرمز ، ليمو ايتاليائي ،سنا ، توت سياه . اين كار مخصوص بانوان است .

Pleasures Exotic Estée Lauder by oroszcindy 2015-10-05

This is the only perfume that smells good on me. I love it. The musk is not strong at all. I don't smell it. This is unusual because musk turns into horrible armpit BO on my skin. With this fragrance, no signs at all! The perfume has a sharp but inoffensive citrus note. It's beautiful. I'm still trying to find something like it.

Sorbet MOR by dsty 2015-10-05

Another discontinued scent from my beginners' coconut sampler pack - I really wonder why they include so many of those; what's the point in sampling things that are (almost) impossible to find, especially for "beginners"? Luckily, this one isn't so great that I can't live without it either, saving me from a doomed love affair, although it's pretty nice.

I'd never heard of MOR before and I know nothing about it: is it something they sell in supermarkets in some other country, an exclusive niche brand or something in between? Based on my experience I'm guessing that last one, but I really have no idea. That's probably a good way to sample a perfume: no expectations or prejudice.
It starts rather synthetic - I'm guessing the citrus notes aren't of the highest quality and they react strangely with the coconut, or else my sample has already gone off a little. But after only a little while it develops into quite a nice, tropical coconut. At first it's pretty fresh, almost sparkling, and I can understand why it's called "sorbet", but as time goes by the sweetness only gets richer and milkier, the vanilla becomes more and more prominant, and the sorbet turns into more of a regular dessert. Pretty delicious without smelling overly edible, and both longevity and projection are just fine.
So all in all this is very nice, albeit a little generic. Even though it feels pretty futile to be reviewing this, I'm glad I got to sample it - and equally glad that the thought of its discontinuation won't be keeping me up at night.

Agua Lavanda Antonio Puig by joygrassman 2015-10-05

I'm a chick and I used to wear this scent on days when I wanted to feel refreshed. It's very bright without being crazy intense. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long.

Red Musk Oud The Body Shop by Annasuya 2015-10-05

I love this is absolutely gorgeous.
I imagine a mysterious temple in a faraway, exotic place...perhaps tucked away in a magical mountainous region. The rain is softly falling outside the window, and a cool, gentle breeze russles the bamboo wind chimes. A thin wisp of smoke rises from a single burning incense stick. The sun is just setting, and one can hear the chant of evening prayers - hypnotic, enchanting and mesmerizing.

Pleasures Estée Lauder by oroszcindy 2015-10-05

I bought this off of Amazon. I was actually expecting Pleasures Exotic, but this is what I got instead. So, I might have received an old batch or even an imitation.
That being said... upon first spray, it was a very sharp floral. It smelled like honeysuckle to me, which must be the lily of the valley. At this point, the scent was OK. Tolerable. A couple of minutes later, it started to stink. It turned into this very intense bitter, rotten flower smell. I don't like it at all. Horrible.

Rapture Victoria`s Secret by joygrassman 2015-10-05

Cloying vanilla scent and not in a good way. The darker notes evaporate and all that's left is sickening sweetness. GACK!

Cologne of the Missions Le Couvent des Minimes by MoreScentsThanDollars 2015-10-05

Update to my review below.
Well Ive gone through 30ml in 24 hours, thats just crazy, I was ok to re-spritz but it gets beyond a joke. Sure it is a lovely smell but its just so so very weak that its sad.
Ill use and gift it away then not re-buy. :-/
one star ★

Dark Rebel John Varvatos by The Oracle 2015-10-04

This cologne is a HUGE disappointment. When I first smelled it, I got super excited: FINALLY a unique, dangerous, dark super-masculine cologne. It smelled like amazing smoky campfire and spice. Totally great. I was about to buy a bottle, but then thought I'd let the cologne sit on my skin for a little bit.

Fifteen minutes later, I was home, and had my girlfriend smell my arm. She looked puzzled. "That smells really sweet and feminine", she said.

Then I smelled my arm - and yeah, she was right: the stuff had totally changed. The first few minutes were amazing, but after that, it smells like a woman's perfume. I've never actually known of any cologne that changed that much. I even ended up wondering if some of it was just my imagination, so I went back the next day and sprayed some on again. Once again, it smelled fantastic - and once again, fifteen minutes later, I smelled like a nineteen year old sorority girl.

Really disappointed, and I'm glad I didn't buy this stuff.

Rapture Victoria`s Secret by NurseSmellGood 2015-10-04

I wore this today, and my six-year-old who shouldn't know anything about how old women smell said I smelled like grandma may, who is 90 years old. Back when I first purchased rapture, when I was about 20, I loved it! It made me feel like a grown woman, I remember the spiciness making me want to take on whatever the day had thrown at me, and to be honest maybe my body chemistry has changed because today I did smell like grandma may. And even my husband who used to like this perfume on me back when I was 20, said today that he couldn't believe he ever said he liked it! I'm kind of confused because I've never had this happen to me with the perfume before, something I adored so dearly I'm now repulsed At and probably will never wear again

Eau Sauvage Extreme Christian Dior by Luna_J 2015-10-04

Is this gone now? No longer on the Dior website, as far as I can tell.

Tenderly Oriflame by DiBonD 2015-10-04

@margoval Thank you! It's arriving in my country next month, can't wait

Amande Sucree Sinfonia di Note by lilalina 2015-10-04

Very very strong. Can easily become too heavy. Old-fashioned scent. Not very gourmand, very perfume-y. Reminded me of Confetto by Profvmvm Roma.

Platino Omnia Profumo by lilalina 2015-10-04

Very soapy, powdered almonds and musk. Sweet vanilla, I get no coconut. Definitely a skinscent. Reminded me of Jalaine's Silk.

X for Men Clive Christian by Q80 2015-10-04

It is a 50+ years old billionaire in a black velvet suit, he's dangerous, sophisticated, and quite trouble maker. A gang member, and mostly the leader.

It is a powerhouse vintage like from the 80s, spicy amber with mild dark citrus. quite expensive but the ones who buys it already can afford it :)

Hommage a L'Homme Lalique by aqua_de_la_vita 2015-10-04

Out of Lalique's men's fragrance this juice is in the top 3. I've had this juice since mid last year. I have used as of late during the early fall.
As soon as I sprayed it on my skin I pick up a powdery/woodsy scent from tonka bean and agarwood (Oud).
The underling layer is violet/violet leaf with musk adds a real warm floral aroma. There's a smig of pepper and tonka bean which awakens your senses.
Longevity and Silage is better than moderate lasting 6-8hrs when I spray it once on my skin.
Finally thoughts,
I adore the quality of this fragrance giving it depth. I would class this as a black tie/suit fragrance. The juice has a very SOPHISTICATED AND CLASSY vib. In my opinion this fragrance could be worn almost all year round. Rating this amazing GEM is easy...9.5/10. This juice is very affordable without it putting a hole in your wallet. This fragrance could be considered a nieche fragrance because of its high quality aroma..why shouldn't be?

Valentino Uomo Valentino by divenegg 2015-10-04

One of the most beautiful bottles I have ever seen, I'd buy it just to look at it everyday.

Parfum Sacre Caron by lalondem 2015-10-04

I have this and would certainly like to trade. Nearly full 50ml bottle - about 10 sprays gone...too spicy for me....old fashioned bottle with cap, no box but well kept in dark cool place...

Aventus Creed by alshujairy86 2015-10-04

Seriously guys! Go do smoke pineapple on the cooker and add some vanilla to it, and there you go. It is not worth the hype. For $280, you can buy:

Dior Homme Intense
Dolce and Gabbana
Dior Fahrenheit
Nautica Voyage
Versace Eros
La Nuit De L'homme

Always Red Elizabeth Arden by kdub 2015-10-04

This is a lovely fragrance, it's not too strong and headache inducing upon initial spray.! In my opinion this is a combination of Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir and GA Si . I tested it and got almost exact results. The Always Red lasted on me 7+ hours. Very nice

Guess Dare Guess by Naureen 2015-10-04

Am loving it..can't stop putting my wrist under my nose..smells like guava..isn't so faminine, isn't the kind that you would wear with skirts & gowns. A tropical scent which i find energizing, calming & bold. Good staying power. Love the packaging..elegant & nice to touch & hold

Aventus Creed by Brock 2015-10-04

Don't believe the bull, folks. Batch numbers, a big part of this scent's insane and unwarranted hype, are a total myth when it comes to Aventus. Yes, it's a cute pineapple fragrance that, inexplicably, has gained a rabid following, but don't believe the batch number crap. Complete fiction. (Alas,"panty-dropper" bros are notoriously gullible when it comes to marketing. God bless 'em.)

Overall, nothing special to smell here. Aventus is overpriced (there are many more fragrances worth your time and money), but good if you can score a free sample.

Pleasures Estée Lauder by rosyskirt 2015-10-04

"Pleasure Pleasure Pleasure" a pleasure parfum,a too simple cap is the pity. Fresh and delightful dew it is.

Caleche Hermes by champagnequeen 2015-10-04

I purchase some vintage EDT based on the "notes" and all I smelled was soap. So, I decided that I was going to put it up for sale. I thought it must have turned or who knows what but maybe someone would like the bottle or something. As I was listing it, I gave it one last spritz and low and behold, I was finally able to smell a few of the notes. I don't know if it was because we were saying goodbye or because I have become more attuned to being able to smell vintage scents better since I first made this purchase as they are much more subtle since many of them contain many notes simultaneously while still maintaining some composure (Le Dix).

Tuscan Soul Salvatore Ferragamo by Basteth 2015-10-04

I love the citrus in this. The opening is sharp and strong av very invigorating. The big problem is though, it lasts about 10 minutes and then it turnes into a skin scent. For about another 10 minutes... And then it's gone. Wish I could make it last longer.

John Varvatos John Varvatos by colin72 2015-10-04

Love this one but the longevity sucks. I get maybe 2 hours and it's close to the skin.

Smith & Wesson Smith & Wesson by Thanatos 2015-10-04

این صفحه جاییست که میشه با خیال راحت فارسی نوشت ☺
دوستان علاقمند یک عدد اسمیت اند وسون آکبند و بدون فریم فلزی برای فروش موجوده. با قیمت مناسب

Addicted Junaid Jamshed by zakriaarshad 2015-10-04

Super Leather fragrance

Truth Calvin Klein by MissDeeDior 2015-10-04

I just bought a brand new 3.4 FL. OZ eau de parfum spray of Calvin Klein's TRUTH. I sprayed once on my wrist and once on a card. To me it smells better on the card unfortunately then it does on me. (my chemistry is the culprit) I'm newly registered to fragrantica. Since I cannot wear this scent, anyone who would like it may contact me. I will need to find out how a trade, etc works. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch if you are a lover of Truth by CK.

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by fyrewoman 2015-10-04

The only similarity it has with NR,to me,is the patchouli-musk in the opening. After that first few minutes there is no more similarity of any 4 NR perfumes that i have.
Within the opening is a refreshing blast of citrus orange. That fades down a lot as well. Into an hour later is a nice moderate aura of honeysuckle and it just feels so perfect. Sadley,this doesn't last as long as i would like. It remains a skin scent of jasmine. 3 hours after application i find myself huffing my arm and shirt like a maniac. I feel i need to layer it with the lotion in order to try to get satisfaction from Modern Muse.
Maybe i waited to long to start wearing this. I believe it would make a great summer perfume for me compared to other patchouli musk combos that i have.

Hanae Mori N07 Hanae Mori by Suzifun 2015-10-04

I got a sample of hanae mori butterfly from a generous fragrantican and fell in love. I'd never tried the line...think I confused it with issey miyake, another Japanese sounding name. But anyhow, I loved it so much I went to the store to get Butterfly, and smelled other Hanae Mori's. The SA lit up when she sprayed this one, and at first smell, I knew why.

I get the comparison to fantasy, but I'm also in agreement that this doesn't smell like fantasy. This is way more berry, with less, but more delicate vanilla. Also fantasy has a tropical vibe that this doesn't have. This also lacks the melted plastic note in fantasy. But I digress...

To me, this has more in common on first spray as dolce & gabbana l'imperatrice 3, or Marc Jacobs oh Lola! With the tart, fruity, sorbet like opening. Except hanae 7 has an added soft vanilla note and drydown.

Whereas l'imperatrice 3 maintains its fruity opening and stays linear, and oh Lola ends up smelling like lipstick on me, hanae 7 dries down into a soft fruity vanilla.

I asked the SA to spray my wrist. As I left, a woman walked by me and she smelled wonderful. It took me a moment to realize that her walking by caused a slight breeze, and the smell that wafted up was my wrist! At that moment, I decided I loved it. Maybe not as much as butterfly, but enough to purchase a bottle. I ordered it online. The SA gave me a sample to take home. At the rate I'm using it, I'm sad it won't last til my full bottle arrives.

If you don't like the vanilla note, l'imperatrice 3 is better made, and lasts longer as far as mouthwatering fruity fragrance is concerned, but I will be reaching for this due to the hint of vanilla sweetness in the opening and the soft sweet dry down.

Chevaux d'Or House Of Sillage by I<3Perfume 2015-10-04

I winder whats the design for the luxury edition of this. Really hope lucky scent gets this! <3

Olympea Paco Rabanne by sandrile.saleysa 2015-10-04

why many people dislike it??!! it's loely one
I just tried it and i absolutely love this fragrance
first the bottle is great design i picked it up and tried its smell sweet from white floral warm from woody and i feel fresh with citrus fruit
The scent reminds me of Lady Million and the advertisement remind me of Versace Eros pour femme.

Silences Jacomo by Museumgal 2015-10-04

This is an extremely sharp scent to open -- with the particular resin, green notes and oakmoss being prominent. Astringent, soap like, and very green. It calms down a bit as it dries down but it can be a little harsh all the way though. I was hoping to get more of the florals but it was hard to distinguish them as they're mostly also green florals and tended to blend into the rest of the composition.

Fire Me Up Avon by oroszcindy 2015-10-04

It definitely smelled better on paper. The notes I got from it were amber and headache. It was very heavy to me. Not fresh at all. Perhaps slightly tart at first spray. I wanted it to smell more like pomegranate.

Le Parfum Elie Saab by pinktoe 2015-10-04

This one is straight up orange blossom. My neighbour has an orange tree which is now in full bloom and walking out of my house smells as if someone had poured Elie Saab le Parfum on the side walk. One morning I caught a whiff of the tree and went to the cabinet where I store my fragrances and did a side by side comparison. The truthfulness of the smell of Le Parfum to the real thing is uncanny. This fragrance is long lasting and projects nicely without overpowering. It's fresh and elegant and it smells natural. I really enjoy white florals and this one doesn't disappoint, in fact, it's one of my favorites right now. I strongly recommend this fragrance to all of you out there who like natural smelling flowery scents.

Starwalker Montblanc by psychoskip 2015-10-04

One of the best combinations of wood and citrus. The mandarin orange and bergamot are apparent, with the white musk as the base. It's smooth -- Don't be fooled by the funny name -- you will smell out of this world. I always dismissed this one based on it's name and the fact it was cheap. But after 1 wearing, I was sold.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by mikenac 2015-10-04

Fresh, spicy, cream-sicle, light tobacco, warm, beautiful.

The One has to be my favorite "intimate space" scent. I love to smell like this even when nobody else is around. Ladies of all ages love this and will get close to you to sample it. You have been warned.

It doesn't last overly long, nor does it project overly well, so do what I do: go heavy and make sure to spray on clothing as well as skin. Alternately, keep an atomizer in your car.

I rarely recommend (or do) a blind buy, but this one is safe.

Bentley for Men Intense Bentley by aqua_de_la_vita 2015-10-04

I bought a bottle after reading so many positive comments, I figured I couldn't go wrong I'm glad I did. This juice is UNBELIEVABLE...just like the car stands for quality and so is this fragrance....WOW. The top notes of rum and insence-smokey wood gives it a real attractive masculine vib The base notes of leather and benzion makes this fragrance majestic.
Longevity and Silage is excellent...perfect during the fall and winter months lasting well past 8hrs.
I totally agree with everyone who says that this fragrance is definitely worthy and it's very affordable. I have a hard time finding the same quality fragrance with nieche fragrance for the same price. I hope that they continue to make this fragrance and 100% I will buy another bottle after I finish this one. Easy 9.5/10 This fragrance is really intense...SEXY!

Buenos Aires Vibe mark. by lemonzest 2015-10-04

Nothing but passion fruit. Buenos Aires Vibe smells like passion fruit body spray, but with longevity. I wore this all day and nothing else ever emerged...totally linear. Actually I kind of got tired of the PASSION FRUIT after a while because it is strong.
Since I now own this, I plan to use it to layer with other scents to make them more summery. It's not bad, just not very interesting. Kind of like Demeter, a novelty one-note passion fruit replica.
What does this have to do with Buenos Aires? Sure there are passion vines there, but I have one taking over my back fence right now here in Texas. Fernet Branca & coke would be the smell of Buenos Aires for me. Or Malbec and gardenia.

Pure Poison Christian Dior by Ilprofumo 2015-10-04

A draping of pure sophistication by DIOR!
The initial scent is a strong citrus scent and not very captivating which perhaps is why many women have left this gem aside. I sprayed Pure Poison on my wrists and after ten minutes it began to transform and develop into a very sophisticated and sexy fragrance. VAVAVOOM. It is unique like Poison which I have been wearing since 1990. I really like it and will purchase it.

(Now, I've read some of the write-ups on Pure Poison and taken note of references made to Pure Poison being similar to Jaipur by Boucheron (which is also similar to Pour Femme by Bvlgari by the way). Guess are right. Pure Poison by Dior in the dry-down stage is very similar to Jaipur by Boucheron (for whatever reason) with the exception and benefit that Pure Poison does not become woody and remains very enjoyable. I love Jaipur by Boucheron and I wear it occasionally due to it becoming extremely woody in the dry-down phase and not suitable for asthma sufferers like me.)

Diamonds and Sapphires Elizabeth Taylor by lemonzest 2015-10-04

Just got this a month ago and I really like it. Somehow I thought Elizabeth Taylor fragrances were all heavy and powerful; Diamonds & Sapphires surprised me. It's very light and sparkly without being sweet or blue. The sapphire part of the name made me expect watery or blue notes, but there are none on me.
It's very melony, like a cantaloupe, but thank goodness there's Lily of the Valley and Ylang-ylang to balance it out. D & S reminds me so much of some scent from back in the past...Sunflowers? I don't like Sunflowers; however, there are aspects of it I do enjoy, such as the melon and the freshness. The elegant florals in D & S make it pretty and wearable. This is what Sunflowers would be like if it worked on me.
It's familiar but not ordinary. I keep getting wafts of melon and florals throughout the day. Very nice and comforting. Makes me feel a little more dressed up. Great scent for school, office, book club, church.
Diamonds and Rubies & Diamonds and Sapphires come in tacky, gaudy, blingy bottles that kind of scare some people away, like sequined sweatshirts with kittens. Don't be put off by the presentation: it's probably how they keep this stuff so inexpensive. It does not smell cheap...but I keep the bottle in my closet.

Unsaid Francesca dell`Oro by Krasnylips 2015-10-04

Smells like cream I used to apply when child. In fact it is just mind games and the fragrance simply makes me feel comfortable. I hear white flowers directly and something sweet, perhaps that's tonka bean. Creamy, girly, can't stop sniffing.

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by Ilprofumo 2015-10-04

I just discovered this perfume. I sat next to a very sophisticated lady who wore EL Youth Dew at a banquet I attended last night. WOW!!!



Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by Ilprofumo 2015-10-04

This is a "statement perfume" for women.

NOTE TO CARTIER: PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE BDD as it is in a top class of its own (better than similar perfumes/scents: Dior Hypnotic Poison, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Bvlgari Jasmine Noir, Chanel Coco Noir, etc.)I HOPE THAT THIS IS A KEEPER FOR CARTIER (please).

It is absolutely beautiful and classy, classy, classy.

I am ecstatic to have found it after a lengthy search attempting to find something close to the original Fendi perfume. IN FACT, BDD supersedes Fendi original perfume.

I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, and I am purchasing asap. BDD price at Cartier, Holt Renfrew, and The Bay is all the same, $173.00 CDN. Ill buy it at any price.

The "Miel Mandarine" line doesn't have an EDT. I haven't seen one on the press conference, only the lip balm and hand cream. However, "Jasmin-Imortelle-Neroli" & "Pamplemousse-Rhubarb" includes a full line of body care products and accompanying 75ml EDTs.

So Elixir Bois Sensuel Yves Rocher by genny17 2015-10-04

Definitely a powerhouse of a scent!! Bold, heady, and rich in for me, I feel la vie est belle and Si are more complex, more floral, just more for me as a thick patchouli isn't for me..but if you like a thick earthy scent, it will work, it is very present, the base though is smoother, didn't waow me, because of the dense patchouli.

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca Guerlain by Carrieberry 2015-10-04

I love it! Smells exactly like a mojito! I love mojitos! And in the hot, sticky summer this is what I want to smell like :)

Sadly on my skin this smells absolutely repulsive. It smells too synthetic and too sourly, sweet. Basically the smell of cheap bathroom air freshener. Sorry to whoever loves this, I just can't wear it.

Jardin Neroli Comptoir Sud Pacifique by Konga5000 2015-10-04

DISCONTINUED ????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone update me!!!!!!!

Red Door Shimmer Elizabeth Arden by Fragrance Lover 30 2015-10-04

I have to say, this totally took be by surprise! I bought it back in March, and knew right away that I would wait until to fall to try, and well here we are.

This scent is really, really SEXY. I was not expecting that. Smelling this conjures up a certain setting in my mind.....Come along...

Picture this: A holiday party in the cold winter months, with cozy, almost romantically dim lighting inside, candles going, perhaps a fire is crackling in the grand room. You can hear the sounds of relaxing music in the background, the indistinguishable laughs and conversations of people mingling. Inside this intriguing woman is wearing mysterious and alluring perfume. She is dressed darkly, perhaps with a glass of bubbling champagne in hand. She talks to many people there, she is lovely, engaging, and everyone yearns to know what it is that is making her smell so very LUXE......

THIS is the kind of perfume that brings to mind descriptive words usually used like "Intense" and even "Noir". It is festive, and and darkly sparkling. I do detect some pear, and dark berries and amber. Don't spray to much of this, or too close to your skin. A suprisingly expensive smelling perfume, at a price that allows YOU to be that intriguing woman at the party.

Eternity Summer 2011 Calvin Klein by stellalove 2015-10-04

Just found this on my hidden box its the best like the original 2005 version

Daisy Black Edition Marc Jacobs by perfumelovermadz 2015-10-04

I love this perfume. The notes are the same as the original, but for some reason I think this one smells nicer. Besides that, it lasts a long time on me and it is a very safe scent. It is not quirky, and if you are purchasing a gift for someone you can't go wrong. I get compliments whenever I wear this (and I only spray once!). I am a fan and the bottle is very cute too.

Shelter Island Bond No 9 by Bigsly 2015-10-04

Well I'm not a fan of aquatics in general, but I like the idea. The problem for me is that they tend to be so "chemical" that what's evoked is not a pristine shoreline but a factory spewing toxic pollutants. This one is certainly better than the "low end" ones I've tried, and I can say that that I like the scent itself. However, I just can't seem to get past that "chemical" quality it has for me. I get a saltiness from it, which is interesting, and it seems like there is some amber and myrrh, but I can't say I noticed an oud note. The citrus and oud may be more like top notes here, or else some of the aroma chemicals are totally dominating my olfactory perception with this one (unlike some others, I don't find this to be sweet either). Since my experience with aquatics is limited, I doubt I can say anything more that would be helpful (except perhaps for one person, as I can see myself swapping off my bottle).

Tam Dao Diptyque by weasley 2015-10-04

EDP: To me this is a less foody bois farine. Very clean, simplistic and linear as I've found most diptyque fragrances to be. In the opening it's almost herbal and reminds me of a forest and newly felled trees. As it dries down it gets a little warmer and more spicy. To me it's a little bit too masculine in the drydown. Overall beautiful and easy to wear.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Christian Dior by Valleyofthedolls 2015-10-04

Oh my what a beauty! A luscious, velvety rose that's not heavy and only slightly sweet with the addition of the zesty mandarin. This is such a feminine, delicate perfume, I can't imagine this bothering anyone. It's the perfect scent when you want to smell clean, put together and confident. I can't wait to shower and bathe myself with this little treasure during Spring and Summer. Silage and projection could be better but when you find a rose that is this nice, just keep an atomizer in your bag and reapply during the day. Youthful, fresh and girly. Love!!!!!

Confidence Rasasi by nabtal5zama 2015-10-04

How about longevity & sillage ?!

Decadence Marc Jacobs by ChypreAnn 2015-10-04

I'm not sure if I like this or not. Not enough to buy, anyway. The opening has a hint of camphor to me, like muscle rub. Then the drydown is pure pipe tobacco to my nose. I don't actively dislike either of those scents; I just don't want my body to smell like them.

Mimosa & Cardamom Jo Malone by Lucy Peach 2015-10-04

I wish the cardamom was more prominent and lasted longer. It comes and goes too quickly and sometimes I don't even smell it at all. This is a fragrance which smells great on a cool fresh Autumn day. It's quite a sweet yellow floral, almost with a honey edge. And for some reason it reminds me of Jo Malone's French Lime Blossom. It's early days with this one, I suspect it might grow on me. I tried layering with Blackberry and Bay today and it was quite a nice combination.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by NicheMaster29 2015-10-04

The one stands for how many hours it will last
Scent is very good though

Gucci Rush Gucci by Layana 2015-10-04

Please...Please do not stop making this Gucci. Rush is the fun loving rebel of perfumes. No fancy glass bottle, or pretty obedience. Daring, spicy, sweet creamy heaven. If it works on your skin it smells tooo good. Love the coriander in this.

Alaïa Azzedine Alaia by Jomoves 2015-10-04

I was around in the 80s when Alaia was huge so this really does seem a few decades late to me. The bottle is lovely but the juice is an odd one. It's reasonably complex and has depth and longevity but for some reason it just smells cheap. This is the first time I've ever thought that about a fragrance.

Animale Animale Animale by arzacu 2015-10-04

Drydown on this one, is like Eden and Creation had a child...

Nice scent :)

Red Poppies Demeter Fragrance by sarahelizabethii 2015-10-04

Warm citrus and spice — my nose detects primarily lime and clove. Reminiscent of Coca-cola with waaaay less vanilla and sugar.

If I'd never seen the label, I'd never have known this fragrance is categorized as a floral.

Cast A Spell Lulu Guinness by dolachk04 2015-10-04

this perfume is very differnt then anyone i have ever owned. can not put my finger on it why i like it so much but i do :)

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah by dolachk04 2015-10-04

like this perfume but it does not last long at all

the advert states this is a LE scent.

Gold Kim Kardashian by dolachk04 2015-10-04

really dont care for any of the kardashians but i do like this perfume. get compliments all the time

Guess Seductive Guess by Kohla1 2015-10-04

Ok this is going to be kinda gross: Not for the squeamish. I warned you.

I sprayed this on in Target and when I got home a few hours later I went outside to pick up dog...stuff. I started smelling something really good and got creeped out cause (well you know I'm picking up dog ****) It had such great sillage 3 hours later that it masked the stench of dog...

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by Layana 2015-10-04

I loved this perfume. I bought it when it first launched and it smelt amazing. I never got so many compliments in my life. From men especially. It really worked well with my body chemistry.

I had the lovely light lychee note, beautiful crisp rose and a warm honey in the drydown.

Strangely, I bought myself more Chloe edp recently and it still smells lovely.....but more shampooey and the luscious amber honey is gone. It can't have been reformulated since then, can it? I've had two more bottles since and its just not the same for me anymore. Still lovely though.

Body Tender Burberry by softwater 2015-10-04

I don't know what happened, but I went from absolutely loving this to completely hating it! It actually makes me nauseous at this point. It must be the rose note that overpowers this fragrance and has turned me off to it because anytime I read that rose is in a scent I usually run in the opposite direction. Until about 2 weeks into it, I was wearing this scent daily. It's really such a crazy thing because there was nothing going on that would have caused me to associate anything negative to it, but for some reason I just came to hate it.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Krissylovesjesus 2015-10-04

If anyone would be willing to trade me I want this black opium ysl so bad I have a full bottle of hypnotic poison by Christian dior edp version brand new??? Let's swap?

Masculin Pluriel Maison Francis Kurkdjian by balkantraveler 2015-10-04

I like woody scents, and this is a good one in that it is doesn't just scream "high school woodshop!", but rather is fairly complex and "dressy," particularly on a cool night. It has a sharp spicy scent as it dries down on me, as well, ending with a nice aromatic scent.

However, I don't think that this offers anything that you can't find anywhere else for less. Penhaligon's Endymion provides much the same function for me at half the price.

There are certainly fragrances that you simply can't find anywhere else, so you will spend money to buy that designer fragrance. I like this, but no so much that I have to have it when there are available less costly alternatives.

Manifesto l'Elixir Yves Saint Laurent by Krissylovesjesus 2015-10-04

I have the original manifesto ysl if anyone could swap for this stronger version or something else I'd be happy?

Mon Patchouly Ramon Monegal by JadedMuse 2015-10-04

This is a powerhouse unisex fragrance. I agree with someone else who said that it's starts off with a punch of oak moss but quickly moves into Jasmine/patchouli and stays that way for the duration, which by the way is a LONG duration. Be prepared for a commitment when you spray this spray is enough for both wrists and stays strong into the next day. I sprayed my wrist at 7:00 last night and at 5:00 p.m. today it's still going on strong. If you like LONG lasting fragrances this one is for you. It's a hypnotic scent that makes you want to keep smelling it but it's a bit too masculine for me...I'd love this on a man though. I like this but I don't love it, in spite of its quality. I prefer a perfume with more complexity and shifting notes. I also love a soft, creamy, descending dry down...which I'm not getting here. I'm curious about Ambra Di Luna...might be more me.

Have a 100 ML bottle with pride. This is not a new fantastic very special fragrance, but it is of highest quality. It feels sporty and really gently, perfect for every moment. And according to the Swedish makers, more from Zlatan will come in the future!

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by Krissylovesjesus 2015-10-04

Manifesto -ysl Okay I heard all this hype&finally got my first bottle,I decided to post my second thoughts on this since I've owned a little longer,at first I wanted to sale this perfume asap,now it smells really green as it did in the beginning, along with a soapy champagne, powder and very faint vanilla&a distant rice pudding,if that makes sense it's a light scent&classy,so not what I wanted or expected, to be completely honest! I would like alot better if that green note atleast I think that's what smelling? Was less noticeable, and maybe more sexy,than it would match what I was expecting, lol. ☺ overall it's classy without that overpowering green note,I'd be head over hills,maybe add a floral or fruit to make it pop,yet stay in the champagne mood,and stronger,in my opinion,it's still a good perfume,my suggestions would only make it more wearable for me.I like the powder in it just that green note I don't like,enough with that,the bottle is pretty;-)lasts 6-8hours on my skin.I would not repurchase this.

Vintage John Varvatos by Erok32 2015-10-04

Vintage is extremely underrated. In my opinion, it's the best of the John Varvatos line. It hits that sweet spot between commercially and universally mass appealing, and unique. As far as the notes are concerned, I can't really pinpoint any specifically that stand out except for the rhubarb. It's synthetic smelling, but it's sweet and smooth- not terribly rugged and masculine like others have described it as being. I also feel that this fits right at home during the summer.

White Patchouli Tom Ford by Malonet9189 2015-10-04

I have a tester of this fragrance and the more that I wear it, the more that i fall in love with it.smells classy, sophisticate, no-nonsence kinda woman.

سلام نسخه جعبه بزرگ این عطر رو دارم 80% پر هست ساخت امریکا میخوام بفروشمش قیمت 210 اگر کسی قصد خرید داره میتونه به شماره 09382705527 پیامک بده

This fragrance is pretty simple. Litchi is the strongest note through out the scent with some raspberry.Litchi in this one is very sweet and almost cloying. It holds a similar feel to Lancome Miracle that I love and wear a lot. It's been six hours and the raspberries are gone and I'm left with litchi.

Good longevity 6+ hours and moderate sillage.

All in all very simple,long lasting nice scent.

Pamplemousse, not pampelmousse.

Acqua di Bergamotto Ermenegildo Zegna by Cyrus Smith 2015-10-04

When I heard Zegna was releasing this one, since I already bought ITALIAN BERGAMOT from the ESSENZE COLLECTION, I thought there was no need for something so similar. But I was wrong!

Yes, most of the components are basically the same (Italian Bergamot contains lime), but when applied on skin, this fragrance shows its differences. A citrus note softer, less acid & biting. Also vetiver (missing from the notes here) is lightly suggested. Add neroli with it's clean, floral note that makes a classy (so often use) partner to bergamot to soften the citrus note. ITALIAN BERGAMOT is, to me, a little more sharp or tart and the vetiver note, stronger. Acqua di Bergamotto is like true bergamot essential oil.

So why purchase something expensive when you can can get something cheaper? Simply because all of Zegna's fragrances carry such quality and subtlety in their offerings. For the past releases, the house has presented simplistic, yet extremely well blended mix with bergamot as an essential part in all of them (from Zegna's own orchard).

ACQUA DI BERGAMOTTO arrive here with autumn. I have been wearing it for the past few days and, despite the colder weather, it is beautiful & crisp. It is a citrus cologne and has a very good longevity. I still can smell it after 5-6 hrs. It comes with a beautiful line of products (shower gel, deodorant) that helps reinforce this citrus little treasure!

In a few words... simple pleasure for the classy citrus lovers!

Framboise Noire Shay & Blue London by pepperoniann 2015-10-04

I was very looking forward to this release. I like the house conceptually and I really like the smell of real berries. I talked to some members and ordered a sample once it became available to me. In my head I imagined it to be foresty, evergreen, unsweetened or even tart berry scent with a dark oud lurking in the background. Like The Body Shop Blueberry but noir version, or the air of Pacific Northwest in winter.

Then I read reviews while I was waiting on my sample. My heart sank. I desperately hoped that Framboise Noir wouldn't smell like what's been described: jammy, sweet, candy-like, no freshness, sticky. These words made me think of Blackberry Vanilla Musk by Trish McEvoy, a perfume I swapped the same day I received it for something worth much less.

And Framboise Noir turns out to be exactly like the reviews. Its sticky sweetness is the same as that of Blackberry Vanilla Musk. It's a very, very syrupy, artificial and dense type of sweetness. There's no leaf or tree branches here. At the beginning the sweetness is less obvious because of the large shot of oud but as it dries down oud vanishes and so does my desire to test further. It's just too sweet for my taste.

I would say this is better done than Trish McEvoy though and is cheaper. So if you like that you gotta try this one.

@butterbean I think your review was on the new release page instead of this. I could be wrong but I remember on there it got lots of balloons!!

I got this perfume as a gift. Never really liked the original Womanity, but I quite like this fruity concoction. This perfume reminds me of Victoria's Secret's perfume called "Strawberries and Champagne".(Strange, that no one mentioned that in the comments.) This is the most unique perfume I own. Wish it lasted longer though.

This is an awesome creation but not everyone can truly appreciate it as it has a very damp, dark patchouli blended with a pungent musky note that gives the notorious "wet cement" feel. It creates a depressive vibe, I find it perfect for rainy days.
A really unique perfume, a must try for every fragrance enthusiast that loves darker, unique scents.

Excelent performance.

Lord of Misrule Lush by izzo 2015-10-04

sooo nice. a great spicy, sweet, earthy perfume. reminds me of church incense. if you like velvet orchid or really anything by tom ford you will love this.

سلام نسخه 150میل این عطر رو دارم میخوام بفروشمش خیلی کم استفاده کردم بالای 90%پر هست قیمت 260 اگر کسی قصد خرید داره میتونه به شماره 09382705527 پیامک بده

Someday Justin Bieber by m_mtz40 2015-10-04

My 23 yr old daughter is in love w this perfume! Pretty much her signature. It just blends very well w her/our chemistry. Yes, it is a modern sweet but not overly & the quality is unsurpassed. BEAUTIFUL! I don't know why on some it isn't but on us it is amazing n we don't find many w this lasting ability - again on us. Very well made, excellent! L-U-V!!

RiRi Rihanna by Dort0625 2015-10-04

Omg I love this. I was shocked at how much I love this. It's so many different types of scents all at once, which I mean honestly, 99% of the time does not work out. I'm happy to report in this case it does work out. I'm buying this this week, retail price or not lol it's gorgeous

Eternity Now For Women Calvin Klein by Dort0625 2015-10-04

This is stunning! I was blown away honestly! I kind of like eternity moment and a few other from this line but not any love for any of them, this however was a major love. I'm not sure what notes stand out, but it's very fresh, very soft but bold at the same time. It's the type of grown up woman scent, but a grown up that doesn't have to be too grown up all the time, someone fun and flirty. Love this! Sad that it's so bloody expensive! Saw it for 98 dollars, and. I doNOT pay that kind of price lol

Soleil de Capri Montale by Vlud 2015-10-04

I find this a very inspiring fragrance and the name suits to it perfectly. It's very floral and fruity... a summer sunset in a bottle. An unusual creation by Montale, but a solid one. A good choice for the summer.

The Pinkprint Nicki Minaj by Dort0625 2015-10-04

So I got to smell this today, it's very soapy, very safe. Honestly it's nothing I expected, I had higher hopes for this big time! It's not bad it's not gross it's pleasant enough but that's the extent of it....pleasant soap! If I found it cheap I would definitely buy it b it would have to be major discount

This was my first blind buy (TJ Maxx) and started my obsession. I love warm, spicy scents that are not dry. The booziness makes it warm and comforting, yet sexy. I do not get any sharp, unblended notes, and there is no obnoxious beginning. Queen is a balance between light and dark. It announces its presence but doesn't scream for attention. I do not get the comparison between this and Rebelle by Rihanna. To me, Rebelle is chocolate, ginger, and coffee powder with a hint of patchouli. Queen is golden, sugary (think of candied walnuts), vanilla, and boozy. It's sweet but never cloying, spicy but not overpowering.

Sauvage Christian Dior by spcmiller 2015-10-04

What I find most remarkable is the disparity between the reviews posted here and the reviews posted on for this scent. On, there is almost 100% praise and I'm guessing that reflects the cologne buying public here in the US. If I were to just go off of those reviews, I'd have to say this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think my review is the only one that went below 4 stars.

But, it just goes to show the divide between fragrance aficionados here on Fragrantica, and the cologne buying public. It's amazing! Anyone else notice this?

Nivea Eau de Toilette Nivea by peferrarine 2015-10-04

This site should have an 'i need it' button, right next to the 'i want it', cause that's what i feel about this fragrance.

Like everyone else here, i'm hoping this smells like Nivea body cream, also hoping it makes its way to Brazil.

Vanille Passion Comptoir Sud Pacifique by fallingtrees 2015-10-04

Wow @villey91 I didn't know about the re-released version! This is my signature for years.. such a beautiful vanilla. Powdered sweetness just divine! I'm going to check out the re-issue I'm beyond excited!!

I absolutely love this fragrance and right now it makes me go Mmmmmmm every day. It's like fresh-made lemon meringue pie, slightly caramelised on top. Delicious praline after the initial lemony blast. Not too sweet. A very comforting scent and longlasting.

Shiraz Natura by ehaley29 2015-10-04

Please if anyone have this for sale or trade let me know...I am in search for shiraz natura perfume any size

Italian Cypress Tom Ford by amirali0072000 2015-10-04

i have it.This is definitely a high class scent.
. ..Very interesting...I love it!
سمبل ارحینالشو دارم..طالبین پبام خصوصی بدهد

L'Eau d'Hiver Frederic Malle by pepperoniann 2015-10-04

Last time I ordered perfumes from Strawberrynet I realized I could either pay $10 for shipping alone or pay $10 for shipping AND a bar of soap. Of course I took the soap. I chose the cheapest one available on the website, namely L'Occitane Bonne Mere Milk Soap (100% vegetable ingredients).

Now every time I go shower I smell like I douse myself in L'eau d'Hiver. It's truly wonderful and I'll probably get the soap again.

Now to make this more like a perfume review: I will not spend $300 to smell like a $10 dollar soap, but the decision is up to each person. To those that want to sample this perfume but couldn't, get the soap and grind some pepper on it, and viola! You just made some L'eau d'Hiver for 10 bucks! The soapiness and and musk is identical it's shocking.

Musk Al Haramain Perfumes by sam ldh 2015-10-04

A very unisex, warm and cozy scent featuring rose and clean, white-musk and a slightly fruity vanilla undertone. Very suitable for warm/hot-weather and safe for office useage (if applied lightly!) .
Its a sort of a crossover perfume between Western & Middle-Eastern

Recommended if you like floral musks!

Happy Sniffing!
Sam Singer

Bakhoor Al Arais Swiss Arabian by roseau 2015-10-04

Bakhoor Al Arais is quite a puzzling scent for me. It smells as quite unique, and with some soapy, clean and rétro, fairly pleasant overall. It’s a bit old styled, but in a good and fascinating way. Out of the notes listed, I actually get a citrusy amber (the powdery, quite intoxicating sweet vanilla note featured in hundreds of cheap or low-class arab scents are framed by an untamed harsh soapiness, that fades away when frag dries down): rosewood for sure, some really undefined crisp woods (“cedramber” and the likes), some citrus, a really faint white flowers accord, and most of all, a lot of a really peculiar accord of, basically, spicy musk and ambery imbued woods (which then turns into “spicy vanilla-infused amber”). This accord, which is basically the main structure of Bakhoor first and mid phases, smells subdued and discreet and I’m surprised of the staying power, that is, on the contrary, quite impressive. More than 7 hrs.

Meow Katy Perry by MrHearst 2015-10-04

This scent Was terrible, it smelt like pepto bismol but I salvaged it as room spray cause I loathe the smell on me. Purr is a much better perfume and probably her best scent to date. On a more positive note this would be a great scent for girls from ages 8 to 15 its very candy sweet and child like.

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by arenee92 2015-10-04

Let me start by saying I hate the bottle. It's super adorable, but I find too hard to hold/spray one handed.

Now, the scent. The first time I sprayed this on myself a year ago, I really didn't care for it. It smelled super sharp. I recently was given a sample of it at Saks, and decided to try it again. This time, I really, really love it. I still smell that "sharp" scent, but it definitely settles down into the creamy, peachy-woody-caramel I had always wanted Bonbon to be. It's creamy and sweet, but sophisticated and feminine. Definitely not too young. As with most perfumes, a little goes a long way! I find this lasts at least 9 hours on me.

Firdous Al Haramain Perfumes by sam ldh 2015-10-04

@ hollyc

I totally agree with you, it's a great find, indeed.
And loaded with Oakmoss, too!

This one is just a cover-version of Swiss-Arabian's original masterpiece-scent Jannet-el-Firdaus, but with its own character.
It's more soapy, less pungent/masculine and thus more unisex, more smooth and less dark than the original. I love the original obviously, but enjoy wearing both!
For detailed description please refer to my Jannet-el-Firdaus review.

Happy Sniffing,
Sam Singer

Perceive Dew Avon by margoval 2015-10-04

Hmm... I seem to be the first to write a negative review. I'd like to specify that I'm talking about the new bottle (without swirls and with different font). I don't know if the scent has been changed but it doesn't smell like sea air nor like a meadow... It is very artificial and short lasting. The crystal-like bottle is much more beautiful than the fragrance.

Cecita O Boticario by peferrarine 2015-10-04

On my skin, this one is very herbal, green and floral.

It has that 'old fashion' quality, with a vintage and romantic vibe.

Galbanum is the most prominent note, being a green kind of herbal and floral at the same time, soon being followed by the roses and the jasmine. At first, it has a powdery aspect, but is just a feeling, not exactly a note.

After it settles, you get the apricot note, faint in the background.

Is comfortable and cozy, with that 'fresh out of the shower' feeling. Not sexy or sultry. Is not 'fun' or flirty'. Is for staying in, or walking in the park with your dog, or for working at offices or schools.

Not for someone who wants to stand out. But great anyway.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia Chanel by sweetnspicey 2015-10-04

Since I don't care for violet it goes without saying that I knew I would not care for Misia. Still, I was given a sample of it while at the Chanel boutique, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

Being the Chanel lover that I am, I pictured what Misia would smell like in my mind, and in reality it was identical to the perfume in my head, no more, no less. Heavy violet, a touch of rose, and a little musk. Very feminine and playful. The musky, slightly creamy drydown is reminiscent of Jersey (without the lavender), so I like that part best.

This powdery violet and rose combo has been done over and over again. I am a little disappointed that Chanel has brought nothing new to the table. Despite that, Misia absolutely belongs in the Chanel lineup. It has all the markings of a Chanel perfume and seems destined to become a classic.

I know that many people say Misia smells like cosmetics, but as I mentioned, violet is a note I don't care for, and I have never noticed cosmetics to smell like violet, thank goodness. Powder, yes. Violet, no.

This is not a fresh nor green take on violet. Reminds me a little of the scent of violet pastilles.

If it's powder I seek, I will stick to my classic Ombre Rose. Much less violet.

Jannet El Firdaus Swiss Arabian by sam ldh 2015-10-04

And perhaps, for a Christian like myself, it might as well be called -
Scent of Eden !!

Happy Sniffing!

5th Avenue Elizabeth Arden by Sobe 2015-10-04

This is a really Beautiful Full Floral. Natural sweetness from the Florals & a hint of Vanilla. A bit of Amber, Sandalwood & Musk keep it interesting. Never too much or in your face. Timeless, Ageless & Classic. I love a lot of Elizabeth Arden Fragrances. Especially the 5th Avenue Flankers & the Green Tea ones.

It's funny how scent can impact & remind you of things. I had a friends mom who used to wear this. She smoked, so every now & then when I wear this I can smell her smoke.

Comparison (since I own & love them all). It seems they all morph into the next along the way & remind me slightly of its predecessor.
-5th Avenue (1996)-The Most Floral out of all of them

-After five (2005)-Citrus & Woodsy while still Floral

-Nights (2008)-Brings in Another Dimension with the Creamy White Chocolate & only a touch of Citrus mingling with the Florals.

-Style (2009)-Still has the Creamy White Chocolate, Light Floral & adds some Pink Pepper & Plum

-NYC Limited Edition (2913)-More Balsamic & Ambery With gorgeous Black Currant & Apple keeps it Fresh. Closest to Nights

Jannet El Firdaus Swiss Arabian by sam ldh 2015-10-04

I've been avoiding this 70's classic for quite some time, despite my dear friend and Muslim brother who owns a big store and sells perfume oils recommended it many times, and I really am annoyed with myself for being such a fool because this one is indubitably an opulent,
straight-up 70's classic, masterful little gem!
And needless to say, it does complete justice to its name Jannet-el-Firdaus (which means 'highest paradise') with its ambrosial scent!
The moment I opened its Cellophane wrapping and lifted the top half of the handmade box,I knew I was in for a beautiful surprise, and what a splendid surprise it were,really!!
Nestled inside, wrapped in silken cotton lain a gold-capped, hand-polished, sparkling tiny glass bottle with dense, dark green perfume oil. And as I unscrewed the gold cap and took in the wafts escaping through the tiny stopper, right at that instance, I fell in love with this Arabian classic perfume!

Now, the scent: Jannet-el-Firdaus starts with a very crisp and sharp camphoric /minty/cardamom/cinnamon accord, which only greets the wearer briefly, right at the perfume's opening / topnotes. A dark rainforest is unfurled immediately afterwards, accompanied by dark rose, jasmine, lotus and gardenias in an subdued accord which is enveloped in lush foliage, grass, dollops of musky soap-all l lying on a lush bed of thick Oakmoss! (Surprisingly, oakmoss is not mentioned in the notes above.)
And friends, being an Indian, Masala Chai (spiced tea) is part of our daily diet, and honestly, I don't get any such notes in this attar/CPO ,even remotely.
It so pleasantly reminded me of the powerhouse scents of the 70's & 80's era which were loaded with greens, Soapy-clean with gentle (but masculine) florals and my favourite (and now oafishly banned by IFRA!) Oakmoss!
All of the classics' lovers are going to lap it up very keenly!
Performance is mind-blowing with tenacious longevity, heavy and relentless sillage and solid projection.
I'm quite sure that even those few people who are somewhat tendentious towards Arabian perfume oils couldn't outright shun its tremendous success as an all-time classic which has won millions of fans worldwide over the last three decades.I've perhaps received more compliments wearing this scent than any other Western perfume I can recall!

Thus, this comes highly recommended.
And I hope this review helps!

Gudluck &
Happy Sniffing!

Sam Singer

Great creamy cookie smell. lot of vanilla and tonka bean!
Project very well.
great longevity 10h+
casual, dates, office yes (with moderation) night out ..hell yes!
1 or 2 sprays maximum depending where you are.
Is it my kind of fragrance?, but I love and I understand why its popular. Great compliment getter from the ladies!
21 and up because I consider it a mature scent, Versace Eros fits more to the younger side than Code Ultimate, but If you love it wear it :)
fall, winter and early spring

Ari Ariana Grande by Treslicious 2015-10-04

This one smells like Dahlia Divin Givenchy meets Viva La Juicy.

Among all the pop star perfumes out there, this one is not bad!

Noa Noa Otto Kern by Pinnacos 2015-10-04


Of course you can still find Noa Noa. You GOOGLE for it now. Many places carry it.

Italian Summer Fig The Body Shop by nettoyant 2015-10-04

How wonderful is this fragrance!? :o The Body Shop hasn't quite been the same since they did away with their gorgeous and large selection of oils. Their latest (sadly limited edition) options are fantastic though!

This is a slightly sweet, green and refreshing scent. The fig and vanilla scratch that gourmand itch, the greenness keeps it fresh. There's also a rich milkiness and I'm not sure what it is. Lactonic, but from where? I don't care! I adore this. If you're not a fan of saffron, no worries, it's not noticeable. It actually lasts quite a long time on me (6 hours), unlike any other regular Body Shop scents.

Magie Noire Lancome by Douceamere 2015-10-04

I can't add much to the wonderful reviews about Magie Noire; this is undeniably a beautiful, unusual, sophisticated scent. I sprayed some on for my husband to smell, and he really liked it: "Mmmmm, nice. Very elegant. VERY elegant. Wear jewellery with this." (Lol!)

About the reformulation:

I just bought a bottle from Lancome's website, and am very, very pleased with it. I owned the original formulation of Magie Noire when I was younger, and although it was very badly reformulated in the 2000s, I think they've RE-reformulated it recently, because it smells fine now.

Compared to the original version I had in the 80s, the current version is brighter and more citrusy, but it seems the original base of Magie Noire has been somewhat restored (the 2000s reformulation had all but stripped its original drydown to some boring soapy thing).

So now it smells fairly close to what I remember Magie Noire to smell like, a little less mossy and animalic perhaps, but still close enough for me.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by Lexy656612 2015-10-04

This reminds me of the sweets 'palma violets' a little. Opens with a burst of sweet berrys but not too sickly. I sprayed this on my coat and two days later it is still going strong ! To me, it is worth the price tag.Probably aimed at the younger woman at a guess. Gorgeous bottle too =D

Decadence Marc Jacobs by Aurorquill 2015-10-04

I was given a sample card of this in a department store and after a week of melting every time I opened my bag and caught a whiff I finally cracked and picked up a bottle of this in the duty free. I adore it. I love that is it not too girlish and I can still smell it on myself 12hours after applying 2 sprays. Delicious!

Encre Noire A L`Extreme Lalique by Jaradona 2015-10-04

I think one must smell a fragrance and only then one should decide whether to like-buy or pass.
No matter what others said.
How can I pass a fragrance when I haven't even smelled nor sampled it?

Aoud Leather Montale by Vlud 2015-10-04

This is a very authentic masculine leather. A really great composition by Montale. A must try for any leather lover!
Awesome performance in Montale style.

Illicit Jimmy Choo by elph 2015-10-04

Tested this one. It's a very low sillage, sweet honey ginger fragrance (at least on me it is). Very inoffensive, even kind of comforting, like a hot cup of tea. Just not my cup of tea, really, though I don't hate it. I just don't love it, is all.

MAC Hue: MV2 M∙A∙C by dezaval 2015-10-04

Amazing scent! Too close to vanilla scent itself! I also loved MV1 and MV3. Why were these discontinued, anyway? I hope they bring them back! They would be best sellers!

Romantina Juliette Has A Gun by EmiliM 2015-10-04

Usually, I find that "pretty" is a negative adjective when it comes to perfume. But, oh my, this takes pretty to a whole new level.

Dirty, musky soap.
Lush pink roses.
White silk.
Velvety tonka.
Powdery iris dipped in honey.
A bit of castoreum to make it so addictive.
Smokey vanilla.

Dusk in Rome.
This is an impressive creation. It captures romance and mystery and both open skies and boudoirs. It's both satin and velvet and I swear there's some sandalwood in it, somewhere. Along with lily of the valley. I could easily love Romantina.

The longevity and the sillage are breaking my heart. It makes me genuinely sad how I can barely smell it after an hour. I've been trying hard to justify the price but it's not working.

L'Air du Temps Nina Ricci by HanamiTsukimi 2015-10-04

I tested the EDT and experienced a thick, soapy floral. It's not loud or offensive but it's still not my proverbial cup o' tea. The florals are almost indistinguishable but the bouquet of them is such that it bothers my lungs. I don't get the spicy notes at all which was a disappointment. The whole experience didn't last, however, as the longevity was relatively weak.

TO BE The Queen Police by Kohla1 2015-10-04

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