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Mon Jasmin Noir Bvlgari by Labaloo 2014-09-22

I just cannot stand the watery calone note in here- way too intense, and it ends up having that generic, "fresh-spicy" vibe that I really kind of... over. If you've ever smelt 'Sexual Sugar Daddy', this is like a feminized version of it.

Astor Place Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

To me this one wins the stinkiest bond competition. Just like I hate J'adore and other sweet "good girl" annoyingly cloying fragrances, this fits in the same shelf.
0 out of 10

Chocolate Greedy Montale by gomt 2014-09-22

Chocolate Greedy has a very attractive name, and a very attractive opening. It doesn't smell much like chocolate, it reminds me rather of a syrup-soaked spongecake, but still it's very promising. In a quarter, however, this heavenly scent turns to something much more similar to sherbet powder. So synthetic, it almost makes my teeth grind. In about two hours, it's gone for good.

I've given it a number of chances in different weather conditions, hoping it'd work with my body chemistry in the end, but no - sadly, Chocolate Greedy is a disappointment to me.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by Kimmy89 2014-09-22

Omg! My friend wore this for her wedding. Smells sultry! The toffee and patchouli is a stunning mix.
All the men were saying "mmmm you smell well nice!" (Typical common British comment) lol
Divine perfume!! I must have!

Manhattan Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

This is not a well balanced gourmand at all. I know some people are not into gourmand per se, but there are some good ones out there, and this one clearly isn't. It is a mish-mash of every possible warm home and festive notes, it could be called eau de Grandma, it even reminds me of Botrytis by Ginestet, but that one is way more interesting. I guess the problem with this house is that they never use any bolder notes, as if trying to be politically correct at any cost. Boring!
2 out of 10

I find this fragrance indicative of christmas anyway...they should've made the bottle a bauble instead. :)

Bleecker Street Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

At first I was surprised, this differed dramatically from all the rest bonds I just sniffed, it has some serenity to it. It might trick some futuristic people that have never smelled nature, but not me. The diagnosis is synthetic and much too generic and it's my final verdict.
1 out of 10

Cinnabar Estée Lauder by Acesm 2014-09-22

I used to wear this in my 20s...a while ago. I loved it. It is completely different now. Reformulated? "New and Improved"? Whatever, it's very disappointing. I was so excited to receive this in the mail. I sprayed it on me and powder. Next to Lilly-of-the-valley, baby powder is my 2nd worst fragrance (rose comes after that).

I love cinnamon....would love to find it in combination with some of my other favs.

I Love New York Earth Day Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Holly molly tuberose! Someone compares this Carnal flower? are you nuts? It's more close to Amarige kind of cloying tuberose, or even Narcotic Venus. Not bad whatsoever, yet painfully boring. Don't get me wrong, I love tuberose, but only when that diva sings a proper aria, accompanied by a great orchestra.
3 out of 10

I Love New York for Fathers Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

I get some weird and persistent air-freshener note in this and for some reason this reminds me of pickles, I bet it might be good on a man's skin chemistry, who knows..
2 out of 10

Declaration d'Un Soir Intense Cartier by lovetribe 2014-09-22

the definitive rose scent?

Knowing Estée Lauder by Scentmad 2014-09-22

Love love love this perfume. It is perfect for cooler days or eveningwear. I have been wearing this on and off since it's launch and I am always surprised when I put it on why I don't wear it more often. It's warm, spicy and really sexy. Easily in my top 20 perfumes of all time. One of the best EL ever made.

Oud Wood Tom Ford by widescope 2014-09-22

holy crap man, i just bought the new reformulation of this. I didn,t like it last year but with the new reformulation, waaay better. It,s almost as powerfull as tobacco vanille. A bomb, very good projection and longetive..

Tested in Boots today:

Smells tropical fruity and warmer. Less harsh than the pink bottle. On dry down the smell (cakiness) appears to be of better quality. Again im smelling a tropical fruit note added in, whereas normally its mainly kiwi.

hb01 biehl parfumkunstwerke by Cereza 2014-09-22

Usually when I see a perfume with many different flowers listed in notes I await one of the two things - that only one of the flowers will shine trough or it will become a mess.

Unfortunately "Hb01" is the second case. For the first 3 hours this was extremely messy, I couldn't understand what I was smelling, it was sweet, all over the place, heady and not pleasant at all. When "Hb01" calms down, I was pleased to find something a bit more wearable - there was tuberose, there was peach and then there was rose - all that in a bit of sour mix, but pleasant nevertheless. "Hb01" dries down to a musky peach/rose which I found a tiny bit boring.

As this is marketed as "unisex" I will also add that there is nothing unisex in my opinion, I could even say that this is a bit TOO FEMININE, imagine a grown up lady all dressed in short bright pink skirts, ultra high heels - you know, trying too much, this is what personality wise "hb01" feels to me.

Staying power around 5 hours, projected heavy at the beginning, but in the musk-peach phase stayed very close to skin.

Hypnôse Homme Lancome by Ashcroft87 2014-09-22

A beautiful smell from Lancome.
This fragrance is meant to be used for formal nights out or evening dating.
So it could justify the longevity 5-6 hours and the intense sillage for 3-4 hours.
I guess that if your allow your body to heat up, this scent could still show signs of life.
Nice scent, sexy, classy, soothing and wonderful bottle design.
I begun to consider this fragrance a valid alternative to La Nuit de l'homme.

Smell: 8.5
Longevity: 8
Sillage: 8
Projection: 8

I bought the 50ml version as this smaller version look nicer than the bigger one. But if you do fall in love with it don't hesistate to get the 75ml

You & I One Direction by ChesleyMusic 2014-09-22

So this perfume reminds me of a mature version of That Moment... its very fruity with slight floral. This is kind of the perfume you smelled before in Bath & Body Works. I hope they mixed the notes well or used a rare ingredients. I still buy it, its more of an everyday use after shower.

Coco Noir Chanel by amer1212 2014-09-22

Coco Noir Chanel ˝The dark Elegance ˝

Its starts blast of airy freshness of citruses.. roses.. flowers..then comes more thicker darker warmer from the patchouli & gets Smokier Sexier sweeter woodier balsamic from the musk & vanilla & sandalwood & resinous in the base .

The scent..its niche high quality..Classical & head Turner :

its definitely Unisex for me .

Master work from Chanel thumps up for me .

10/10 .

Weekend for Women Burberry by Julie Billi 2014-09-22

Very pleasant uplifting sweet, fruity smell! A bit caramelized!

My Burberry Burberry by Julie Billi 2014-09-22

Smelling very much like Burberry London!
Don't like the fact it's a copy paste perfume, at least for my nose...

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel by amer1212 2014-09-22

Allure Edition Blanche ¨The French Cocktail˝

Its a nice mix of juicy natural lemon with little paper the gets soft nice alluring with hints of Sandal wood & warm Sensetive Vanilla & amber with vetiver in the base.

The Scent its..Fresh & warm in the same time..Elegant modern..simple..Attractive..with quality
components & noted Chanel Signature .

One of my favorite Scents from Chanel


prolly get this just for that sexy bottle. merry xmas everyone

Four White Flowers Marilyn Miglin by suzycurlyq 2014-09-22

I usually don't like Gardenia it seems to make me turn away, but this blend of the flowers is drawing me in. :)

Joop! Homme Wild Joop! by vmann393 2014-09-22

This is one of those scents that will surprise you I have had homme wild for some time now it is very pleasant and very long lasting it stays with you for a good amount of time 6,8 hours. Compliments is by far easy to get with this one I had this on at work and was approached by a customer she said " I like that it smells good" it does get people thinking this scent. However it has got that party vibe to it as well. It starts off with a nice sweet rum and pink peppers followed by the white tobacco the scent itself is very nice I really cant knock this.

Scent 10

Versatility 10

projection 10

overall 10

KL Karl Lagerfeld by Corinne39 2014-09-22

This reminds me soooo much of everything about my teens! The grey and orange fan were the epitome of 80's sophistication..which was exactly what I wanted to be at 16.. KL was sweet and spicy and sexy...again everything I wanted to be!! Not as heavy as Opium or Cinnabar, just soft and warm and lovely, like wrapping yourself in a beautiful cashmere sweater.... how I wish they'd bring it back...

Royal Aoud Montale by maani 2014-09-22

very nice and unique oudh scent ,best for those who never used oud but want to try,,, after half hour its smells very nice and unique... best for oud lovers

Moschino Moschino by desdal 2014-09-22

I purchased this because I used to wear it all the time and loved it. Now it just doesn’t work so my bottle sits (minus a couple of spritzes) unused. Would be up for a trade if anyone is interested!

Alien Thierry Mugler by desdal 2014-09-22

I purchased this one in a reusable travel atomizer. At first I liked it (in the store), but now I’m just getting synthetic weird grape juice. I know this one works for many so I would definitely be up for a trade --- suggestions graciously considered .

Botrytis Ginestet by desdal 2014-09-22

I wanted to love this one and was excited to receive my sample. It went on like smooth honey and dried down pretty much the same way. For me it wears very very close to the skin and every now and then it turned into something beautiful and mysterious – then disappeared. So overall, I think it is nice but was disappointed that the mysterious beauty did not reside on my skin for long. This is a “no” for me but I can imagine that this can be truly beautiful on others.

Fatale Agent Provocateur by sandrabilling 2014-09-22

I'm in LOVE with this perfume!
At first it reminded me of Christina Aguilera's Unforgettable, then it reminded me of Diesel's Loverdose Tattoo (they are both my favourite perfumes) but now..Thierry Mugler's Angel, but softer? I have no idea, haha. I love it though and I think I've finally found my fall signature scent. To me, it doesn't feel "fatale" or 1940's Hollywood at all but it sure is sexy and I think the slogan "Flirt with danger" fits well :)
The only "minus" is that the juice looks like pee, haha.

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by cecilia.thorn.56 2014-09-22

Jimmy Choo is classified as a fruity chypre but I would like to add that is has some subtle gourmand tendencies since it contains caramel/toffee as a base note, but this is more subtle and less sweet than many of the famous gourmands, such as La vie est belle and flowerbomb - fragrances I have tried (but failed) to wear. The edp starts with fruity pear, but it does not get overtly fruity on skin. Then comes the pachouli and orchid note on a bed of caramel/toffee (there is also a peppery/anise note that is not listed). Jimmy Choo edp is warm and feminine but not sugary.

It is a good options for those who also likes modern chypre. This is not a wallflower fragrance; it conveys strength, independence and professionalism. Constructed and developed by Tamara Mellon (founder of Jimmy Choo) it would fit a women like her who focus on her career, cares about fashion and trends, is intelligent and strong and wants to stand out without being overtly provocative.

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua Fendi by RUDOLFO512 2014-09-22

I must agree with the negative reviews for Fan di Fendi Homme Acqua. It is nothing out of this world to say the truth. It is a clone to many other aqua scents in the market. I find it boring and fades away after 1 hour. The bottle looks nice on my shelf though.

Golden Sand Al-Rehab by golden 2014-09-22

I know this is a men's scent, but I never knew this when I purchased it.
And ohh my was I inn for a VERY pleasant surprise!!
It smells divine, my now very favourite scent, other than Noora.
I purchased the oil, 10 ml for £5.00
At my local perfume oil supplier ( lucky me its within walking distance)
A very beautiful, sweeet, chocolatey, warm, wonderfully comforting scent.
It does tend to stay close to the skin, and doesn't develope much. Yet it has an air of elegance. Which comes with the dry down.
It lasts on my skin all day.i apply in the morning for work, say 7.30 am and I can still smell it before I go to bed at 10.00pm.
Its a daytime scent, IMO. and I wore this through both summer and autumn.
Worth every penny, and I would say, better than Dalal, as Dalal is too sweet, and can be a tad sickly, if you over use. Where this simply gets better and better, no matter how much you apply.

Un Coeur en Mai MDCI Parfums by desdal 2014-09-22

This is a beautiful and sophisticated clean green floral fragrance and I believe I’m falling hard. The pure clean scent reminds me of China Rain from the 80’s but with a much more modern and classy twist. I just received this sample so I believe I have the reformulated version. From the moment I tried this I could tell that this was well done and far apart from the mainstream synthetics that are mostly underwhelming bordering on “let’s get in on the newest scent marketing craze…..never mind quality.” This pricey nectar is well worth the investment and is going on my “want” list for sure!

Nina Nina Ricci by KajiraSuzanne 2014-09-22

Initially, I purchased Nina more for the lovely bottle and the fact I only paid $4.74 (clearance sale and coupon),although the times I smelled it in the past, I did like it.
However, once I actually wore Nina I fell in love! It is initially a sweet candy-apple scent with some citrus. This is certainly nice, but the drydown is remarkable--praline with a touch of musk and apple. It is the second-best drydown I have ever experienced (Evening in Paris is the best).
Longevity is on the strong end of moderate, while sillage is a bit lighter.
This is marketed as a perfume for young girls, but honestly Nina is perfect for anyone who wants a sweet but unusual fragrance.
It ALMOST redeems Nina Ricci for the sin of ruining L'Air du Temps---ALMOST!

White Patchouli Tom Ford by Wonderfugl 2014-09-22

I got this a few days ago and have worn it just once. This is my initial impression: that of golden dust and the earth in which rare botanical plants grow. It's heavenly discreet, clean and fascinating, a very sensuous scent that keeps me wanting more. I don't get the sense that it is overpowering, but I'll have to wear it again to be sure how prominent it is.

Patchouli Absolu Tom Ford by Houdini4 2014-09-22

So I tested this at the weekend and my expectations were met, in full! I mean, I anticipated what this fragrance would be like and in reality that's what I got.
Tom Ford is keen on patchouli in many other fragrances and I enjoy the way it's handled, Patchouli absolu is no exception.
Very linear and stays simple throughout, It's a smooth, classy patchouli scent with an unmistakable earthy nature but well balanced and never too dirty. This is maybe a disappointment for some and if you really love patchouli have no doubt there's much better ones out there.
I'm not the biggest fan of patchouli but this just about stays of the right side for me it's kinda thick a bit chocolatey, subtly resinous and has that truffle, tuber thing of Men Extreme and noir about it.
Not strong or dirty enough to offend me but perhaps not bold enough for some either. Performance was good on me but not spectacular as I mentioned I've tried some patch fragrances that don't wash of for a day or two.

Derek Jeter Driven Rush Avon by eric.cius 2014-09-22

Farewell Captain. Re2pect.

Prada Candy Prada by PureIce 2014-09-22

The perfume that Lucifer would wear every morning. Evil and vulgar.

Pearls Attar Al-Rehab by golden 2014-09-22

I went out and bought this today, what a shame! Smells exactly like Dalal, only Dalal is at a fraction of the cost, more practical, as you can carry it around.
Unless you love the bottle ( which I do) then just buy the Dalal instead.
On to the review, well its a beautiful, sweet, comforting scent that stays close to the skin. Creamy, warm good for colder months IMO.
Well balanced, not to sickly sweet, just enough.
I would say, doesn't project wildly, but you can smell it as the body warms up.
Good value, and great for every day.

Dior Homme Parfum Dior by gcmendez 2014-09-22

Iris quickly faded. The leather is in your face leather. Settled down close to skin. Original EDT formulation is better.

Play For Her Givenchy by princetongirl 2014-09-22

very nice scent ,but am notgonna buy it again bcz in my opinion , it lacks personality ,originality and uniqueness

Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Givenchy by princetongirl 2014-09-22

when I tested it in london freeshop I was smelled soo sexy an' fresh !however ,I regret buying it's all about skin chemistry ,I feel uncomfortable when wearing it ..not for me

Eau de Lacoste Lacoste by princetongirl 2014-09-22

it's fruity ,sweet a nice fragrance but not that attractive for me .

Tweed Lentheric by Scentmad 2014-09-22

Love it. It reminds me of my mum who wore this daily for work during the 1970's. I have a couple of bottles even though she moved on to far more pricy frags later in her life this is the one perfume that completely transports me back to my childhood. I also had no idea it was launched in 1933. Impressive.

The One Dolce&Gabbana by princetongirl 2014-09-22

sexyyy ,sexyyyy ...any guy would melt just when smelling it ,this is my signature perfume!it's perfect for winter !I couldn't wear it in hot days cuz i like fresh scents in summer and this one is heavy and strong (of course in a good way )

West Side Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Actually this is the only Bond I could wear and could actually own. Rather simple take on a vanilla gourmand rose, soft yet warm, just like a mother's embrace. Soothing and care free, yet balanced and gentle on the skin. Projection and longevity is amazing.
5 of 10

Love of Pink Lacoste by princetongirl 2014-09-22

this is woooow !it's sooooo yummy and fresh !perfect for summer !when wearing it I feel that am in pinky world full of happiness !it smells attractive and amazing on my skin

Madison Square Park Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

I have to admit, I actually secretly like it. Same way I get cravings for nonsense food. This has nothing to do with either naturesque or green. Synthetic as hell, but just like that childhood bubblegum full of sugar, that is bad for you and your teeth.
4 out of 10

This one is really nice.
The opening starts with a slightly straightforward nutmeg, as if deliberately trying to appear unfriendly, quickly turning to a sentimental and realistic precious wood. As if you hold a box in your hands that is made of some precious dark wood. And as you hold it in your hands, you realize it's truly ancient and filled with lingering scents of precious resins from the various parts of the world. The smell, created of all these vibrations is as gentle as the softest fur coat. And as you contemplate on the secret it kept inside for so long, the box vanishes and you try to sniff your fingertips, as the nutmeg again overpowers the whole scene.
6 of 10

Nuits de Noho Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Too too much like Angel, but I find Angel more interesting and original. I might wear my sample since I never got around owning the Angel.
1 of 10

Central Park West Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

This girl is one of those women with big bosoms, huge cleavage and that high-pitched voice. One of the most interesting bonds, but not for me. I get a weird metallic note, witch makes me think of ELDO's Secretions Magnifiques. Very active, very loud and cloying, for a seductress I am not.
4 of 10

Why do these tools keep on going to the expense of releasing a new bottle every few when what we want is a stronger juice.

Fools. I pity them.

Sag Harbor Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Actually not as bad as most of their fresh ones. But it reminds me of a fructis shampoo, and who wants to smell like a fructis shampoo for the price of 200$ for a bottle. Yes the Peony note outshines everything else, and the grapes are well behave modestly.
3 out of 10

Oud Mokhallat Momayaz Arabian Oud by gamal 2014-09-22

it's perfect

New York Amber Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

The amber in this reminds me somewhat of Kilian's Amber oud, but only for seconds, and I don't like either. Bond's amber is more tame, rounded and sweetened, and to some it might be an awesome autumn fragrance. To me it just seems cloying and unremarkable.
4 out of 10

The Beat Burberry by boannika 2014-09-22

Smells like shampoo.

Amazingreen Comme des Garcons by Scentmad 2014-09-22

A blind buy and my first (and probably last) CDG perfume. This, on me, smells far too masculine. It's more aftershave than unisex. I love masculine notes in fragrance but this is not great on my skin. I love green perfumes and had high hopes given the great reviews and the listed notes I thought it would be an absolute winner. Instead it has been consigned to my drawer of "perfumes that are not my friend".

I just checked the notes again and I think the note that jars with me is the aqua note. I particularly dislike the ozone/aqua accord so this purchase is my error - it will teach me to take more note of the notes! Shame.

High Line Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Synthetic and Screechy, almost painful to my nose. It seems out of balance and just like many of the bonds smells. Just Like you have been sprayed by many different brands of hairspray by a hairstylist who is vaguely trying to tame your silly mane, and you are left dizzy and nauseous.
1 of 10

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme Gucci by boannika 2014-09-22

This one was a blind buy. Bought it a month ago. Big mistake! There is just something sickening about it, I believe it is the combination of powder and amber that make this scent unwearable and somehow heavy. The packaging is great, and that is pretty much the only thing I like about this.

To Dream Sonoma Scent Studio by new friend 2014-09-22

تو دريم "للحلم" من سونوما للنساء والرجال
To Dream Sonoma Scent Studio for women and men
الإبداع هو أحد حالات الخروج من الواقع واليقظة لحالة أخرى أشبه بالتخيل أو "رؤيا المنام".
فدائما ما تبدأ الحالة الإبداعية داخل عقولنا حيث لا تستطيع أن تنالها حواسنا المادية،
وعلى قدر شغفنا بما يدور داخل أروقة مركز الإبداع في عقولنا وتلذذنا به،
تتولد طاقة ورغبة قوية في اقتناص هذا الطيف وتحويله إلى واقع وحقيقة.
أكاد أجزم أن لوري أريكسون من المولعين بالتأمل العميق لفترات ما قبل القيام بأي عمل.
مع تجربة عطر to dream استوقفني هذا السؤال:
هل سبق العطر الحلم الابداعي؟ أم حدث العكس؟
على كل حال فالحلم في هذه المرة كان عنوانه الأناقة الحالمة..
يمكنك أن تتعمق في تأمل الافتتاحية لتقترب من القول أنها تميل للجهة النسائية
فإن الدفع بكثافة بزهرة حجر الدم " Heliotrope" وهي ذات رائحة سويتية بعض الشيء
مع الورود النابضة بالحياة هو انحياز كبير بالعطر للجانب النسائي
ولكن لوري حتما ستعود بالحلم سريعا إلى نقطة التعادل والمنتصف
قد يظن البعض أن وجود طحلب السنديان برائحته الترابية الرطبة مع لمسات تشبه الرائحة الجلدية هو الذي أحدث هذا التوازن
أو أن تكون أخشاب الأرز الفرجينية المدخنة التي تختلط في شذاها روائح العنبر والتوابل مع الراتينج
وقد يكون وجود الاثنين معا هو سر هذا التوازن.
ولكني أرى أن فلسفة لوري كانت أعمق من هذه النظرة السطحية في إرجاع العطر
فلقد دفعت لوري بزهرة ثالثة لتقيد أنثوية الورود وزهرة حجر الدم على طريقة "لا يفل الحديد إلا الحديد"
والبنفسج كزهرة تختلف رائحته عن أوراق الزهرة وكذا عن جذورها
فالزهرة رائحتها خشبية رصينة قوية ربما تفوق قوتها أخشاب الأرز
لتعود لوري بالعطر لأجواء تقترب من عطر توم فورد بلاك فيوليت
أما قلب العطر فيسيطر عليه الفيتيفير والتونكا
الفيتيفير"النجيل الهندي": عشب اخضر عطري منعش، جاف، خشبي، ثابت وثقيل يمكن أن يستخدم كمثبت عطري لغيره من الزيوت العطرية الخفيفة، يتحد جيدا مع الجلود والأخشاب
أما التونكا": فنوع من التوابل، تجمع بين روائح القرفة والزعفران واللوز والقرنفل. يتم أيضا استخدام حبوب عادة كبديل للفانيليا، لها تأثير بودري حلو مكثف، تتناغم جيدا مع التبغ والعنبر وخشب الصندل والبتشول واللافندر
فالقلب بهذا خشبي بودري سبايسي
وهذا سيكون جاذبا لأطراف وبقايا الافتتاحية المتناغمة معه بشكل رائع
أخشاب البلوط والصندل والفانيلا هي مكملات فاتنة ستعطي العطر لمحات حلوة تخرجه عن الاغراق في القوة والجفاف.
القاعدة المكونة من: المسك البودري وجذور السوسن والألديهيدات والجلود والكاكاو
أيضا هي مزيج داعم للقلب الذي اتحد بالافتتاحية
فشخصية العطر تبدأ عندما تمتزج الافتتاحية بالقلب
وهي التي ستسيطر على عبق العطر حتى نهايته
العطر جميل وأنيق وذو شخصية دافئة ومبهجة ولكن في رصانة وهدوء وعمق

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by Marciu 2014-09-22

To me Man in Black has nothing in common with original Man. It's an oriental version of Bvlgari Black IMO.

Will update soon.

Chez Bond Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

For those that are hung-up on Cool Water, but just want something more expensive. With adequate dose of masculinity, yet on the safe clean and aquatic side. Yet still too synthetic for me to love it..
3 of 10

A*Men Pure Wood Thierry Mugler by Marciu 2014-09-22

A very deep woody smell with that famous A*Men tar note - that's what basically Pure Wood is all about. Patchouli, vanilla, coffee and probably caramel are here as well but the main players are patchouli and oak, maybe some cypress too.

Will update soon.

Versace Versace by boannika 2014-09-22

Hahah, wore this on the first date with my then bf (now husband). Enjoyed it only for a couple of days, my mom broke it while cleaning the bathroom. Reminds me of happiness, love, butterflies, kisses, and everything beautiful and romantic :. This will be my next purchase, for sure !

New York Musk Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Since Duchaufour made Blackcurrant note trendy, I notice more and more of it in nyche (I one can call Bond a nyche brand :D )
Overall pleasant, that safe "oh what are you wearing" office perfume. Should work great in spring, early autumn. I'd recommend this to a man under 30..
4 out of 10

Hamptons Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Not bad whatsoever, but to me it's just synthetic and annoying, little bit more interesting than most of their stuff, but still, just meh..
Aromatic group would fit perfectly, and I bet it's much better on a masculine skin chemistry. Eau de boring dude..
3 of 10

Bvlgari Man Extreme Bvlgari by kingderella 2014-09-22

A masculine, fresh citrus. Pleasant and classy, perfectly appropriate for work. Not exactly exciting or interesting, though.

Chelsea Flowers Bond No 9 by Tardigrada 2014-09-22

Sherapop is right about the Hair-conditioner overall vibe. Sadly it's not appealing any bit to me. Also aquatic florals get screechy on my skin-chemisty. Boring Boring Boring! There are much better ones out there especially without Bond's ridiculous price tag.
1 of 10

L'Air du Temps Nina Ricci by Bublegum 2014-09-22

I don't know if it has been reformulated, I owned this in the past and I also have a miniature bottle of it. Recently I found it online for something like 15-16 euros so I bought it. I need to say that althought it is a classic it was never my favorite, but I cannot say I dislike it either. But I guess I have a strong connection with it, since it was one of the first perfumes I got from a magazine when I was little, regarding the history of perfumes. Anyway, for me this perfume is totally autumny or wintery, maybe even a little springy. I cannot imagine wear it at summer. I can smell the flowers, but it is not the flowery-playful type like J'adore or Pleasures. It has more of a serious tone. I cannot imagine a teenager wearing this at school. It has more of a "serious lady" undertone. The longevity is still very good, more than 12 hours and the sillage/proejection is also very good.
Regarding the reformulation, for me it smells pretty similar to the ones I had before, but, since I don't have them with me to compare I cannot tell with certainty. There might be something that I am missing, but it is not obvious I believe.

Dirty English for Men Juicy Couture by Igor Bello 2014-09-22

Very Sexy frag. Smels Like a pub, Billiards, rock music, drinks, night.

One of the best fragrances I have, girls love it.

Encounter Calvin Klein by Have_some_scents 2014-09-22

@ecojoe69 - All bottle tops have to be put on a certain way or they don't fit. Lol. If you are so perplexed by it, just leave it off:)

Memoire D'homme Nina Ricci by silentman26 2014-09-22

Outstanding, fresh and spicy. A big blast of grapefruit, licorice and ginger and a hint of vetiver. Outstanding dry down of soft amber and wood. Great projection and longevity. An amazing scent.

Patchouli Leaves Montale by Yourhumblenarrator 2014-09-22

My personal philosophy with Montale is to always wait one hour after applying before attempting to form an opinion, and patchouli leaves exemplifies this well. That's because it opens with steroidal power. A small dab from a sample vial was almost enough to knock me out in the beginning. I initially wanted nothing to do with this, as my apartment instantly transformed into some early '90s head shop. But as the scent eventually mellowed out, I really started to enjoy it.

The thing with patchouli is that you've really got to mix it with something. And the amber/vanilla combo is an excellent choice. The end result here is a resinous, dark-brown, earthy patchouli that is quite warm and cozy. Sweet, but not obnoxiously. And you really get a lot of bang for your buck considering how little is needed. Wear it how you want to, but one spray is more than enough for me. Groovy.

If Very Irresistible Sensual is a dusty attic rose, wafting through lace curtains as isolated rays filter through particulate air, this lovely winter flanker is the scent that came from the same plant outside that window, smelled as though standing next to the bush on a clear, crisp winter day, as aromas of orange creme and holiday pastries sail out over the garden from a nearby kitchen.

Food notes are more prominent in the far drydown than the opening or heart. Spices are present, but blend to add to the gourmand character of the rose rather than featuring as prominent notes.

Those who find the attic rose of VI Sensual to be a tad aloof may prefer this warmer, but no less beautiful, version. I enjoy both very much, each for their own lovely character.

Silage with this version is slightly stronger than one might expect, so a little bit of experimentation with wear is advised over wearing blindly, especially to school or the office. Longevity is 12+ hours, though it becomes a skin scent after about six.

Overall, a lovely fragrance.

Hard to believe this doesn't have a tobacco note listed, because it's the stand out note to me, along with a delightful incense, some other resins and a citrus twist in the opening and some leather in the dry down (another note I don't see listed - maybe I'm losing it?). I find longevity isn't amazing with this, 4-5hrs and it doesn't throw that far, but the scent itself is delightful in my book. Not as sharp as many of the serious incense offerings and the citrus helps this fragrance lend itself somewhat to the warmer months as well, something I don't think many incense fragrances would claim. I'm not one for analogies, so I'm unsure what this has to do with Warhol, but it's a lovely scent if you're into tobacco and incense. Can't say I've found the pair playing together too often and I'm sure some will argue with me on the tobacco note, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thumbs up.

Violetta Penhaligon`s by Musume 2014-09-22

I'm in love. Violetta is the platonic violet soliflore fragance, clean, flowery, not too sweet, not too powdery, not too green, just perfect.

It's a victorian perfume with a modern edge, it has an airy quality that I enjoy a lot, I love powdery perfumes but I was looking for a fresher violet, well, I don't have to look further, I would've wanted to find a cheaper one, but you have to take advantage of the opportunities life presents you, and this is the VIOLET opportunity with capital letters.

It has medium sillage but it's very longlasting on my skin. Beautiful, and oh that bottle.

Bronze Ellen Tracy by flowers-in-the-springtime 2014-09-22

EllenTracy Bronze is proof that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality fragrance which smells totally unique, has enormous lasting power and a great silage.
Bronze is all that and more.
This perfume is violets with a twist.. The violet is enhanced by citrus notes which are subtle rather than sharp and do not dominate this fragrance. What seems to make this perfume unique, is the woody note that I smell, from the initial spritz, through to the heart and then in the drydown .
If you love violet in your fragrance then you'll love this perfume for sure, it's truly beautiful.
The price is ridiculous for the quality of the fragrance and don't be fooled by the name. There is nothing 'bronze' about this perfume, indeed, it's more of an autumn scent.

Adventure Davidoff by thiefofnoses 2014-09-22

Davidoff Adventure isn't a bad fragrance - a little citrus, a little pepper, quite conventional - but I have an awful problem with longevity. I sprayed 6-7 sprays of this. Fifteen minutes later I met my then-girlfriend and asked her if she could smell anything. Nope. Held my wrist (where I had sprayed it twice) to her nose. Anything? Nope. Mind you it was a humid summer's day, but for a fragrance called 'Adventure' and invoking images of the South American jungle I would have expected something with far more grit.

Satine Lalique by anna.glowacka 2014-09-22

As devoted vanilla lover i couldn't wait to try it. Finally i got a chance and i must admit the scent is how i imagined it would be. Cozy, buttery vanilla. Unfortunately when it reached dry down i changed my mind - there's some plastic note showing. This makes Satine artificial to my nose. It's definitely skin scent, i get almost no sillage, as long as it lasted (about 3 hours) it stayed very close. If you like soft, romantic scents but without manifesting your presence i would recommend it to try.

Idole Eau de Parfum Lubin by thiefofnoses 2014-09-22

I have tried both the EDT and this EDP and I prefer the EDP. This composition is sweeter than the original, with the balsams and amber layered over the smoky woods. Unlike the EDT I don't get a Southern Comfort accord, with rum, saffron and smoky woods all playing in equal measure. A summary of the differences between the EDT and EDP (in my opinion)

1. The EDP is more linear, with one true accord throughout

2. The EDP is sweeter

3. The EDP is more unisex

4. The EDP smells more 'exclusive'

Both are good fragrances, but my personal preference (bottle excluded) is for this.

The One Dolce&Gabbana by kati77 2014-09-22

I can see why this is a great frag for a lot of people. I retry it lately, vanilla type scent among many in the market.
But for me its a dislike because it reminds me of a woman that was snob and bad manners and treated me horrible way, two faced. So this was her signature scent and i will never like it.
I appreciate Manifseto Ysl, Si Armani ,lately also My Name Trussardi .........all those from vanilla category. The one will never be the one for me. From D&G perfumes i say much more "i do" to Sicily edp.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by KyleN 2014-09-22

I don't understand why this got released under CK One. The whole point of CK One was that it was a unisex fragrance, hence ONE for both. This however, has 2 seperate bottles. One for him and one for her, which obviously makes Two.

But now that's out of the way, i agree with everyone saying "CK One Shock was a shock". I picked up the bottle expecting absolutely nothing but i was blown away by the depth of this fragrance for such a reasonable price.

Sweet but masculine, very dark but also kind of fresh.
Longevity is ok on me, i'd say moderate, it lasts 24+ hours on my clothes though.
Sillage is moderate also.
This performs better in dry cold weather, i also prefer it at the night time.

Overall this is an amazing fragrance with a reasonable price. Try it out, don't let the bottle design fool you.

Highness Rose Montale by Nirhtuc 2014-09-22

This will probably be my signature perfume when I'm in my 50s or something... I don't know, it just reminds me too much of generic rose-scented soap bars from the 90s.

Tendre Friandise Molinard by Nirhtuc 2014-09-22

I somewhat agree with the reviewer before me. This is okay, but too unisexy for me. It does remind me of Laurence Dumont Tendre Madeleine, but this one's not as strong. I'm glad I just got a sample. There's definitely a pretty/yummy undertone hiding under the overly musky/citrussy 'furniture polish' smell, but I'm not tempted enough to buy a full bottle. Overall 'like'.

Esprit d’Oscar Oscar de la Renta by Anywho 2014-09-22

On first sampling Esprit d'Oscar I dismissed it. I'm not sure any more what it was that I didn't like about it, though. Today I came across the little sample again and put it on - and wow - I really like this. It has a guerlainesque quality and vibe about it, maybe in the opening reminiscent of Mitsouko and then settling into something more resembling L'Heure Bleue with Mitsouko still in the background. And while this is all going on, there is the Echo of Oscar, weaving its way through the whole composition without loosing a footing and not intruding where it shouldn't. If you like Guerlains and Oscar this is a lovely marriage of the two that you should give a go. I keep sniffing my arm!! I think I'm hooked...

Flowerbomb Swarovski Deluxe Viktor&Rolf by themattsky 2014-09-22

2000 Euros? For real?

Pink Sugar Aquolina by kitsunemagic 2014-09-22

this by far IMO has the best projection and lasting power of all my perfumes in my collection, I get tons of compliments and I can savor my craving for sweet freshly made Fairy Floss without the cavities!

its like heading to the carnival wondering around, then your suddenly greeted to the aroma of cotton candy being freshly made at the vendors where all the funfair food is at, warm, sweet, fluffy and yummy! after the cotton candy vanishes, your left with vanilla flavored pink heart shaped marshmallows! >w<

super adorable scent thats great for all ages for those with a sweet tooth! this reminds me of my childhood and reminds me off all the times I went to amusement parks and carnivals with friends and family! and I highly suggeest this for gourmand lovers

Himalaya Creed by Sussudio 2014-09-22

I received 2 samples of Himalaya with my last purchase of GIT and finally gave it a go yesterday. When applied the first thing that popped into my mind was 'where do I recognize this scent from', I glared at my collection and my eye immediately stopped at Paco Rabanne XS. A quick look on this site confirmed my findings.

For sure there are a LOT of similarities with this fragrance. In fact, the scent trails are almost identical, it's only when comparing with your nose buried in your arms that you notice the differences.

The similarities are in the same metallic soapy, stingy but masculine freshness vibe that oozes a certain amount of class and elegance. As such there is definitely nothing wrong with this fragrance and the notes are the ones I typically enjoy in (summer/fall) fragrances.

That being said, XS was a 90s powerhouse and I obviously have it still in my collection but the love for it died down over the years. I also find that fragrances like Chanel Platinum Egoiste are better alternatives.

Once in a while I wear it when I'm in the mood but over the last decade there are just more interesting fragrances to wear than this XS or Creed for that matter. Lastly, knowing that XS is dirt cheap and Creed is ... well not, the choice for not going to this Creed is an easy one.

Not disappointed by this one, just done before and very recognizable in a dozen of other scents.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by LanceDior 2014-09-22

A rare mix of deep sexuality and deep sweetness. Ideal if you like having a scent everyone in the room will associate with you, and if you want a scent you can share with your partner.

Egoiste Platinum Chanel by Sussudio 2014-09-22

The smell of corporate cleanliness with an undertone of self sexual awareness and manly confidence is how I would describe this superb fragrance.

One of the best office scents when wearing a business casual look. Clean crisp soap and metallic vibes dominate the scent trail. In fact, the metallic note that a lot of people seem to dislike represents the detached but to the point attitude of the scent and the man wearing it. However, together with the rich and luxurious soapiness it fits as a glove and makes a lot of sense to wear as a businessman, especially one that settled for a high position within the corporate world.

Draws compliments easily, both from man and woman (not youngsters tho).On top of that it will last you the entire day, continues to smells clean and crisp throughout and is definitely not a raw or unbalanced scent that will offend anyone.

Can be worn by 25 up but does not like tshirt/baggy pants sort of types. This is for men with style.

Bashert King`s Palace Perfumery by kati77 2014-09-22

I want to add its pomegrade just at the beginning ,then a sweet rose and wine and honey comes along, fantastic ,and narcissus does not overpowering this scent.
And also i adore its natural made ,nothing articifial here. For autuum better than summer.

Once the initial lipstick notes dissapear, this perfume reminds me a lot of Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir, softer and more subtle mind you but it has the same powdered, perfumed, lived skin aroma. I like Boudoir and I like this one, I have to test it more to know if I love it enough to buy a full bottle, maybe a 14ml one is the best option.

I love make up-lipstick-boudoir scents, to me they are the epitome of glamour and feminity and Moulin Rouge doesn't fail to conjure that image.

Wear it with proper red lipstick, perfectly coiffed hair, nice stilettos and prepare to enjoy the night.

Very nice composition.

1881 Men Cerruti by frogiforu5 2014-09-21

Nice scent - complicated and refined - lasts long and projects nicely but not for anyone under 45... Feels like it could be worn to fit in with the older gentlemen in suits at a social event at a hall but nothing that lasts past 8 pm ... (IE baptism)... but even then I would reach for Jil Sander, Porsche Titan or a Ferragamo depending on the season (I`m 29)... Will probably give this to one of my grandfathers but it may be too young for them... I would put this in the 45-65 age range or older if you can still keep up in the 48+ soccer league.

This smells incredible
But lasts about 2 hours if your lucky

Pink Sugar Aquolina by JFrags 2014-09-21

so excessively sweet it gives me cavities.

i like more dimension in scents; i was hoping this would be a mixture with florals and sweets but i'm just getting sweet.

as it sits it gets sweeter

Stetson Coty by JFrags 2014-09-21

if it works on you it works.

very talcum slight leather and dusty musk smell. it works on few people. i bumped into this 'adventurer personality' who's been all over the world who wore this one and another entrepreneur tight knit who also wore this.

on both it worked.
on me as a lady, it was wafting heavily so i cut it down with a cotton candy body spray [no lie]. oh yeah, this is ideal for some experimental layering. mix this one with a sweet scent to produce a seemingly designer gourmand.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Dodgy 2014-09-21

You know, you can feel the Guerlain under this youthful work, you can trace the trajectory from the early men's fragrences to this.

I'm not sure that I would have taken this particular route, but it has achieved a way of drawing in a younger crowd.

I can't really see a young man under 40 delighting in the animal pleasures of MdM... but this maintains at least the memory of the artistry of Guerlain's past.

Fleur du Mâle Jean Paul Gaultier by frogiforu5 2014-09-21

Wanted to like it but after several attempts, could not. Too much of a high end supper club bathroom urinal cake smell. There`s just something about walking around smelling like a clean urinal that`s hard to get over. That being said, this is the absolute best bathroom spray ever... neutralizes odors in a flash (including freshly used cat litter box scents) and keeps the room smelling clean for hours... I would actually buy this just to use as a bathroom spray... my cat also approves.

360° White for Men Perry Ellis by JFrags 2014-09-21


sweet floral and soft. ladies can wear this one too.

so subtle and only inoffensive to the people who detest gourmands.

gentle in nature and very likable.

Tommy Tommy Hilfiger by JFrags 2014-09-21

sprayed it on my arm.

needless to say, i was in a rush to wash it right off... the florals and fruits really clash together to give this horrid funk
one person described it as rotten apple; i have to agree and say that is does smell like something is rotting.

not sure if it was a bad bottle... but i couldn't wait to get the scent right off of me. Tommy by Hilfiger is really in no essence to Tommy Girl

men, you should wear Tommy Girl instead.

Interlude Woman Amouage by iam2sexy4uris 2014-09-21

If you have this and want to swap it away, I have a lot of great niche fragrances that I will be willing to swap for this one. Take a look at my collection and message me if you're interested.

PS Fine Cologne Paul Sebastian by JFrags 2014-09-21

If you like Stetson by Coty and Old Spice; this is a more refined version.

I was in the Sams Club too and got a spritz of this classic on my skin. I'm a female trying out masculine scents.

So subtle and floral with an artificial essence that makes it so elegant and classic. Both good for men and women and definitely a quality fragrance. This projects moderately so apply in little doses.

I could not stop smelling my arm. Beautiful scent.

Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills by maelrr 2014-09-21

love it

Joop! Homme Joop! by JFrags 2014-09-21

I have to give MAJOR thanks and props to the fragrance community on giving this fragrance fair criticism.

I popped in the store to give this one a whiff and woof!!!! yes it smells like burnt plastic.

Gosh... this is really... not a good scent..
Its linear and if it already comes off as this then i wouldnt want this on my skin.

Plenty of video reviews on this bad boy. I got a whiff for myself just to prove it ( i was thinking, 'they're exaggerating')

if you like it by all means; do not blindbuy.

Reve d'Or L.T. Piver by hanzaw116 2014-09-21

First impression: it smells old and medicinal ... yet intriguing.

On proper smelling, yes, it IS dated. But you gotta learn to appreciate why/how it's lasted as long as it has. Here's the impression ... It smells like chunks of brown sugar swimming in maple syrup -- no waffles or pancakes though -- except it's sandalwood shavings instead of brown sugar, and it's nectar instead of maple syrup. Now, I'm not good at picking out floral notes, but I know it's neither rose nor orange blossom. The vetiver gives it a bit of sharpness.

I'm not using it as lotion. I've put it in a bottle with a sprayer. It does't project much, unless I overspray. And if I overspray, the sharpness takes over and it's cloying. Neither does it last very long on my skin (past 5/6 hours). But I'm happy with it. Although it feels "old", it's not old in the sense of a grandma-fragrance. Maybe because it probably smells lilke great-grandma (or great-great-grandma) and we don't know what she smells like. Its function feels more intimate and personal than social. I've been wearing it to bed mostly, in hopes of having "golden dreams", and smelling it for my own pleasure than featuring it in daily life.

Hypnotic Poison Dior by donimili 2014-09-21

I love this. What I smell very strongly from this perfume on myself, beside vanilla, are flowers. Very nice, smooth flowery aroma. Actually, that flower reminded me of Serge Lutens Datura Noir. I am not saying that HP and Datura smell same, no. They surely are different, but it is just that one accord, one note, and it's some flower. Maybe because of combination with tuberose?
I agree with what most of you said, they really have weakened Hypnotic and i do not understand why... Who ever was creating it wanted it to be strong, powerful perfume that will spin your head around and probably put you in a coma. Don't get me wrong, it is still strong it's only not knocking you down, but that was the part of it's charm. And longevity is moderate. But i love it anyway and you will always know it is Hypnotic poison. It seems to me that Sensuelle variant is a bit longer lasting.
I haven't tried regular Poison in a while. Have they changed it as well?

Gorgeous woody/floral juice which is smooth and mellow. High quality lavender based fragrance with great longevity. My new number 1.

Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Gucci by Abdulla Talib 2014-09-21

nice perfume, but needs more sillage.

Voyage d`Hermes Hermes by aqua_de_la_vita 2014-09-21

I don't know why every time I try this frag, a get a very GREEN/FRESH/SOAPY VIB. I can't help but it reminds of Irish Spring when I was a child. There's something about the notes all together giving me that vib.
This isn't a put down or a negative review, my sense of smells brings me back to a very happy time of my life.
This frag has a complexe blend of different notes coming together beautifully making it an excellent summer scent with a hint of woodsy/spicy notes giving it a real attractive/appealing aroma.
I hope to own a bottle soon....7.5/10

Silver Iris Atelier Cologne by mirrorghost 2014-09-21

wow, this isn't what i expected. it's a sugary berry-violet on me and has an underlying musk that reminds me of that vintage makeup or powder scent. i don't love this or hate this, but it is a bit too sweet for me personally. i think i'd like it a lot more with less intense black currant note and maybe if it was subtler with less sillage, but as is, yeah it's too sweet for me.

Encre Noire Lalique by Aamir Ahmed 2014-09-21

Went to buy somethin else n ended up buyin this absolutely mind blowin juice.Man this is somethin special.....A great scent by lalique....not expensive but smells expensive......i simply love it.
Longevity:Very long lastin
Go buy it u gonna love it.

Nononsense5 is a sharp beasty opener taking character from some harmonized notes performing an urban bizarre CdG’ish mood. I guessed the notes this way: resins, incense, labdanum, floral notes, musk, amber.
And yes, regards to his review below, the animalic vibe is slightly performing beside musky/resinous main theme. I’m not sure if I’m getting a resinous patch correctly, something emitting a type of sugary smoky atmosphere. Something like benzoin maybe.
NN5 is slightly warm, transparent musky, charming, modern, urban, fashionable and slight dark.

Incandessence Flame Avon by jovejove 2014-09-21

Reminds me of Feu D'Issey

Eternity Calvin Klein by jake.shouse 2014-09-21

Smells good but i felt like i was wearing Talc than perfume! Gave it too my mom she loves it i just like it i love powdery smells such as Cashmere mist ECT but this way too much powder! Still lovely on my mom!

Queens Bond No 9 by Charmianne 2014-09-21

A very sensual scent. The sweetness of tuberose in the opening and the intoxicating blend of amber, sandalwood and musk in the drydown just leave me mesmerized with this new fragrance from Bond No 9. I love it and the best way I can describe it on the skin is sexy! Lasting power on me is 7 hours.

Kate Kate Moss by rvs1182 2014-09-21

Sits very close to skin silently, but a wonderful fragrance. I smell lot of rose than anything else. She is for those special intimate moments without being very loud about your fragrance. Longevity is good 5-6 hours, but because you have to sniff your wrist every now and then to feel her, you often mis-interpret she is long gone.
I would probably wear her during my bed times than outside.

Hedonist Viktoria Minya by elusivek 2014-09-21

When I think of hedonism I think of more intuitively of animalistic/primal but perhaps that's because of media/social views on the idea of it. If you look at the actual definition: "the belief that pleasure or happiness is the most important goal in life", then this perfume is aptly named. It is a full scent that seems to conjure up an experience that encompasses not only multiple senses, but memories and feelings as well.

There's the fresh peach, sweet and mouth watering; there's the bergamot for a sparkling freshness, that mixed with the ever so subtle jasmine and orange blossom, evokes a moment of unadulterated pure bliss of endless possibility.

There's a blend of honeyed sweetness and a dash of what presents like cinnamon that is a gourmand side which brings a different sense of happiness that conjures the feeling of childhood innocence and memories of comfort and home.

Tying in to that is the rum, tobacco, and cedar. This gives the blend a slight masculine warmth and the final piece to the story. This element ties in two different ways. One it connects to the type of contentment you have in a lover's arms or it appeals to the more adventurous side of a woman who wants to experience all life has to offer and laughs in the face of convention by indulging in non-traditional exploits.

This scent stimulates all the senses and engages memories, which to me is the epitome of the definition of hedonism.

Hedonist reminds me quite a bit of Sushi Imperiale. Just swap out the peach for apple, temper the tobacco and rum a touch and you have a less gourmand Sushi Imperiale, which is both longer lasting and less expensive.

Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant Kenzo by rvs1182 2014-09-21

Kenzo Jungle le Elephant EDP - I am in love with you!
I never was a big fan of Spicy perfumes until I encountered with you.
Thank you for smelling "Gorgeous" spicy on me...
The bottle... The beauty!

Reviewers, Thanks for all those wonderful comments, because of which I hold this beauty today. Holds true to each of your honest lovely reviews :)

Lord Al-Rehab by Sveltekittie 2014-09-21

Great review, Labaloo! You gave us an excellent olfactory mental picture. Sounds like a potentially unisex one, although I think with the name it's technically being marketed to the menfolk. I am slowly becoming acquainted with Al-Rehab scents myself and will definitely be buying several new oils to try (and maybe layer) during the colder months.

As with most Al-Rehabs, it sounds like this one is a projection beast. But frankly I'm tired of fragrances that turn into skin scents after an hour. So I'm more than ready for a change of pace. Bring on the oils!

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Meursault 2014-09-21

What's wrong with the big houses? Hermes launched TdH "Eau Tres Fraiche", and now you do this, Guerlain...
You're going the opposite way, wishing to reach the mass public instead those who have a better taste.
What's next? Big doses of bergamote? Acquatics?

Sublime Vanille Creed by Eos 2014-09-21

Sublime Vanille is very nice, but somehow not what I was expecting since the vanilla is not upfront on my skin. Rather Sublime Vanille is creamy aldehydic fragrance with a touch of iso e super and citrus. The overall effect is soft, powdery and slightly citrusy. It reminds me a bit of Chanel Eau Premiere with a woody base and better projection.

Important note for gourmand enthusiasts: this is not foody at all IMO.

Alien Thierry Mugler by keydday 2014-09-21

This smells like grape kool aide at first spray then it drys down to a sugary floral scent after about 2 hours. It's longevity is about 12 hours and siliage of about 6 feet.

Allure Pour Homme Chanel by Nuhgwin 2014-09-21

I was going to let this guy go because Allure Homme Sport and Eau Extreme were becoming my main players for casual wear and gaining compliments. But then after I stopped comparing the Allure Homme Sport's to this, I remembered what made this scent special. It's classic, it's layered nicely, sophisticated, and was my high school graduation scent (cheesy).

I get a sweet citrusy/peach, vanilla, tonka bean scent throughout Allure's life. Not too sweet and not too sour. Now one of the main things that had me upset with this scent was the projection and longevity. This scent doesn't project as well as Allure Homme Sport, the longevity goes about 3-4 hours noticeable then to a skin scent. I'm betting the Original is on another level, sadly I got the reformulation.

Passiflora Keiko Mecheri by archivist 2014-09-21

Very heavy fruit cocktail. I was surprised to learn this is a Keiko Mecheri scent, I had a test vial that only gave its name. Extremely, extremely heavy.

Feminite du Bois Serge Lutens by hippiechick13 2014-09-21

This is a spicy fruity, mulled wine kind of concoction, that is sexy as hell. I am not big on the cinnamon, it can be a little overpowering, but once it settles a little, the result is really quite intoxicating.

Would suit the cooler seasons more, but would probably be delightfully heady to wear on a warm evening.

One of my favorite things to photograph the most is this old abandoned school building. It was built in 1902- It is a barbarous style one room building with arches resembling the gothic arches one sees on the cathedrals in Paris. The doors and windows are missing, the floorboards are damp and rotten infested with woodworm. The floors are weak and could easy give away under your feet. The once reddish bricks are now aged, they are deeper, blacker in color. Dust are caked-on the desks, chairs and the black board. The smell of the air is sickeningly damp. Unearthy moss and shrubs are growing on the building. I like to imagine a ghost of earth bound beauty living there waiting for her lover to return to her.

Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille is an elegant but grim and gloomy fragrance. The composition while sparse in the number of notes is truly unique. The first scent is the beautiful powdery iris, along with the plum- the plum is sharp here. The misty heliotrope has a hint of vanilla to it and supported by the rich antique patchouli, in the end the drydown is powdery. The patchouli to me is like the lichen that grows on trees, very dry, earthy and bitter.
I simply adore Mon Parfum Chéri it has an old-worldly quality to it.

Imogen Rose Lush by gh0stly 2014-09-21

I love this! I decided to give it a shot since Rose Jam probably won't be available in perfume form till the holidays. Although I'm glad I did. I was given a sample of the solid perfume and wore it the other day. I'm surprised by this because when I read the reviews on the LUSH website so many people said the solid perfume did not last long etc. I put it on my pulse points so my neck, behind ears, wrists and the inside of my elbows. I kept smelling it while I was out that day. I would get random whiffs of this lovely fresh red powdery rose. I usually hate anything powdery but I do like this one. For some odd reason it reminds me of the 90's like Daria and grungy clothes/music. I have no idea why. Maybe because I remember one morning on my older sisters birthday in the late 90's her friend came over and gifted her a solid perfume that smelled like some type of hippy flowers haha. Anyways I do plan on purchasing this. Not sure how the actual perfume is but loved the solid perfume.

Meow Katy Perry by velvetrose23 2014-09-21

Meow is a hard scent for me to describe. It's very warm and cozy feeling. The vanilla/amber is the first two notes I smell when I spray this perfume. The other notes swirl into play at the same time. I can't really distinguish any of the notes. I do know that pear,citruses,jasmine,and honeysuckle are notes that always blend well with my skin chemistry. This perfume is one of few, that actual smells good as soon as I spray it on my skin. It also stays fabulous smelling until the end. Meow lasts about four hours on my skin. The silage is moderate and noticeable in the beginning,and then it tones down after about an hour. Every time I wear this perfume,my teenage daughter tells me that I smell so good :) and yes,she likes to wear this fragrance too. I don't feel too old for this perfume,nor do I think it's too,"young" smelling. The cat bottle is unique and collectible. I love everything about this perfume!

Black Jeans Versace by sauko 2014-09-21

Versace The Dreamer + Blue Jeans + Bvlgari Black = Black Jeans

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor by pretty mini collector 2014-09-21

I do not like this perfume on its own. It smells only like soap and baby powder on me. However, when I pair it with a sweet scent, the combo is amazing! If you have the same issue, I highly recommend trying to pair it with something else. Not only will you be able to wear this scent, but you will have something unique that no one else is wearing.

Gold Jay Z by Freshguy_twan 2014-09-21

Very nice frag. Reminds me alot of Versace Eros.

It smells like almond milk.

Queens Bond No 9 by snowtree 2014-09-21

Very similar to Chinatown. The ever so slight additional touch of berries, champaca, and benzoin make it a bit more powdery and softer, but the waxy tuberose is still the main player here, just like in the beautiful Chinatown. Leans on the feminine side, but I as a male wear the aforementioned happily so I will have no problem enjoying this. Definite winner!

Omnia Green Jade Bvlgari by st3vy 2014-09-21

I read one of the previous comment that "it starts off crisp and woodsy then settles quickly and becomes softer" --> totally agree

at 1st, i got bother with the alcohol smell? but when i use it on my skin.. the fragrance combines nicely for me

Sensuous Estée Lauder by Carnation 2014-09-21

Honeyed sandalwood and sweet florals. Sensuous is appropriately named. I do detect some pink pepper in the composition but it's inclusion is not obtrusive but subtle. I would have preferred a bit less sweetness because I think the white floral notes in this do a good enough job without the additional honey accord. That said, it is a very warm and beguiling perfume.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by Binjy 2014-09-21

Fell in love with this one when having a sniff around Myers perfumes here in Melbourne. Got it but am now disappointed on it's lasting power, I think I sprayed every 30 minutes just so I could keep smelling it. Not just one or two sprays either!

Londoner SE1 Bex London by 2014-09-21

Free sample from lucky scent.

Reminds me of a typical designer fragrance, with a Calvin clien euphoria vibe.
Picking up a bit of clove, overall a nice clean scent. Lasted 12 + hours easy with a minimal application.

Valentina Valentino by wind83 2014-09-21

I loved the bottle, but i think in my body only detect tuberose and strawberry, the floral is None, i cant smell it. its very sweet perfume, but not last just for 2-3 hours.


Angel Thierry Mugler by Sylvie-Aus 2014-09-21

Just tried it . This brew trigged just one word , with all respect of course ! But , Oh my ! YUK !

Burberry Brit Burberry by ellaquintero 2014-09-21

This is the only perfume my dad's ever complimented on. He often says "that doesn't smell bad" or "I tolerate that one of all of your perfumes". But today he asked "What are you wearing!? THAT one smells amazing on you".
I think that says a lot.
Great longevity, great projection, not overwhelming at all. No migraine, no allergies. Just lovely soft, kinda powdery vanilla. Lovely, elegant, and classy.

Ivoire Pierre Balmain by diamondkite 2014-09-21

Ivoire is like a Spring day - crisp in the opening and then blooms over the hours.

And this perfume does last for hours and hours, making you feel clean and well-groomed even at the end of the day.

A beautiful fragrance that evokes the feel of a creamy, luxury soap, for real.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by ScentedRomeo 2014-09-21

Ok, I have no idea why the Frag-Comm is so hating on this juice but IMHO I don't think it's that bad at all..I don't even think it's bad! But then again that's coming from someone whose not an expert on fragrances and I don't pretend to be either. I just buy them if I like them and that's the end of the matter, nothing complicated you know.
Maybe the expectations were so high after 1 Million, I don't know but the Frag Community must've thought that Puig would come out with something over-the-top after that one.
But you see, in all marketing ideas, they go with whatever worked the last time, until the masses says to move on.
Anyway, this juice is basically a dinner date scent and after that a clubbing scent. According to Paco Rabanne(Puig) marketing which is obvious on their ads and billboards it's for guys with highly charged testosterone!..and maybe somewhat Ok whatever, it's real cheesy but seems to be working!
If you're male and under 30 yrs old and you have the coin to afford this, you'd probably buy it because your girl or guy for that matter loves to smell it on you whenever you're out with them having a good time. And if you're the type that gets high on hearing compliments about how great & delicious you smell, solicited or'll get them for sure, so damned guarenteed!.
And generic?..Old Spice is pretty generic but do I hear complaints at the gym lockers when guys use Old Spice deoderants? hell NO! them it just
And with regards to synthetic..all frags are mostly synthetic and the composition of this one seems to be pretty good and comparable to many other frags out there on the market, IMO.
The performance on my skin with regards to sillage and longevity is way above average which I would compare to 1 Million actually.
At the end of the day the dynamics of scent is subjective people "and opinions are like assholes, we all have them" if you have one please express them wisely...and so yeah, I like this juice and that's that, I guess? :p

Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci by wind83 2014-09-21

My first Nina, love the bottle, and my review is:
Citrus, orange blended with cherry, its awesome perfume, very smooth, not overpower, very feminine perfume.
And in my body its last for 4-5 hours, Not Bad at all.
And i guess this is perfect for summer, hot spring day.

I gave it 8/10

Fame Lady Gaga by foxy_princess 2014-09-21

I get a lot of the apricot saffron and jasmine but this smells sooooooooooooo good! omg!

Fame Lady Gaga by foxy_princess 2014-09-21

I get a lot of the apricot saffron and jasmine but this smells sooooooooooooo good! omg!

Rose Anonyme Atelier Cologne by lcommisso 2014-09-21

This is a rose perfume that is neither powdery or fake and has a fancy soap vibe to it. I saw a lot of papyrus mentioned in the reviews. I'm getting more of the patchouli and benzoin, which I am grateful for.

Tabu Dana by alittlebrittle 2014-09-21

I feel the need to share a little memory byte that involves Tabu.

When I was 13, punk rock started making an appearance in So. Cal., and I was absolutely shaken, to the core, by the entire movement. My best friend at the time had an older brother who was devastatingly handsome, so cool it hurt, and he and his equally cool and handsome friends had started to listen to a bit of PIL, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Elvis Costello, etc.

My near-obsession started one evening when this same friend called me and said, "listen". I'll never forget the three minutes or so as I experienced Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Christine" over the phone. We weren't even sure how to pronounce Siouxsie. I asked my friend, heart aflutter, to play it again, and she did, (I honestly don't think I drew a breath during those moments) then she said, "oh, here's another record my brother just bought (we were very fortunate to have had one of the greatest import record stores in our town at that time. VERY fortunate!), it's called 'Janitor' by The Suburban Lawns. It was as if someone switched a lens in the viewfinder--forever. From that moment on, everything was a sharper, deeper more rare and delicious hue.

[may I note that I feel deeply for the young immersed in this current 'culture' of vapidity..small, but so pivotal, was the experience of waiting for a scrap of vinyl to arrive at the shops, tearing that cellophane (how many cuticle injuries did I suffer using my thumbnail to slit the cello over the sleeve opening), savoring every bit of the artwork, every note, every lyric...but. I digress like a true 'old-timer! Alas, I have tattoos older than Miley]

There were no Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters stores in the malls at the time, so one's style was quite 'guerilla', in that you did what you could with what you could find, where you could find it. So, we managed to get hold of the brightest red lipstick we could locate at our Sav-On drugstore at the time: a super-matte, Rocky Horror red in a black tube (way ahead of their time for 1980) by...yep, Dana, that was scented with Tabu. Although this may seem really unappealing,it wasn't; it was sexy glorious, dark, rich, and I associated the scent (and still do), texture, and color of this cheap little drugstore lipstick with Siouxsie, and peripherally Gary Numan, et al.

I'll always associate the scent of Tabu with a sort of awakening, and although I wore the actual fragrance at 15, I kept that dry, rattling old lipstick tube for years, long after it was replaced with MAC, so I could open it once in awhile for an olfactory flooding of memories. The waxiness of the lipstick added an antiquity, a perfect haunted mustiness to the scent. Shame, it's long gone, and even though I'd graduated to Opium and Mitsouko by 17, that wonderful memory stamp of incense and dark clubs--that chill I would feel as the bass of BauHaus or the synth of Echo's The Cutter or Heaven 17 would greet me from beyond the velvet rope; the adrenaline, the prospect of a night on that dance floor almost making me nauseous with anticipation-- dark clothes, dark boys, dark music, even dark cigarettes, will always solely belong to Tabu and a song heard over the phone when I was 13..."my brother just got this record. listen"....

1 Million Intense Paco Rabanne by Raidersteveo 2014-09-21

Starts out with a big bubblegum opening which quickly fades into a weak version of the original 1 million and as such very disappointing for a flanker labeled 'intense' as it is far from that. A big NO for me.

Personally, ADG Essenza is more long lasting and its difference from the classic ADG more pronounced. It's just the bottle that is different. The same scent.

Jaipur Homme Boucheron by Raidersteveo 2014-09-21

Based on the EDP, I find it to be the truest cinnamon out there (compared to very synthetic cinnamon in Spicebomb and 1 Million). The second strongest note is the tonka bean which to me gives it a bit of a sandalwood vibe even though sandalwood is not listed in the notes. Very good performance. Sillage is respectable and the longevity is quite good as well. This is a very classy scent and great for office or formal events (just go easy on the trigger). At the same time I see no reason why it couldn't be worn clubbing and put up some good competition against the typical 1 million/Spicebomb haze hanging over the dance floor.

Luberon Maria Candida Gentile by demby 2014-09-21

Luberon /de Maria Candida agaentile es sin duda la mejor composición de lavanda que he disfrutado en mucho tiempo,
en la primera aplicación parece que es una lavanda común , pero a medida que se desarrolla es un aroma único fresco y muy agradable para el día , lo malo es que dura muy poco , pero es una rica fragancia.

Fourreau Noir Serge Lutens by MadLynne 2014-09-21

Years ago, when FN was just new on the market I tried it amongst a couple of other perfumes in the amazing store of Palais Royal and thought that it was not for me...just too heavy, too was somewhen in early summer. During one of my later visits there I received the entire collection of wax samples. After another long while I happened to open the one with the FN sample finally was just stunning. I didn't get any lavender or flower from it but the deep musky side of this scent reminded me right away on my dear black she-cat how she often used to sit next to me giving me company while I was lying on the sofa during long, cold and dark winter evenings...such a warm, cosy and comforting memory. It's not that my cat smelled exactly like FN but her black warm hair was the first thing that came to my mind when this scent started to develop to something so familiar on my wrist. It took a while to discover FN for me. But now it's one of my preferred scents from my SL collection. I just bought the bell bottle last this week in the store in Paris - my fragrance for cold weather. Can't wait for autumn to come.

Long lasting on my skin with a polite sillage.


Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua Fendi by alabangcute 2014-09-21

This fragrance, if you can call it that, smells like a brand new automobile tire. I wonder who would want to smell like a Michelin tire? Lol.

(untitled) Maison Martin Margiela by lucysky 2014-09-21

a man should totally wear this, it's so hot

Santal Wood Montale by muzzbait 2014-09-21

wow...disappointed. veeery disappointed. this smells like something bvlgari would've put out. generic 'fresh' scent with negligible sandalwood scent. this smells like the countless 'joop' varieties, which isn't bad, just not the expected sandalwood. le sigh...

Valentino Uomo Valentino by alabangcute 2014-09-21

I had the salesman spray it on my arm and went about the store to allow it to dry down. It didn't last very long. And it kinda smells like Armani Nuit.

Angelo di Fiume Linari by 9154mf 2014-09-21

I have a BNIB bottle available if anyone is interested please PM me. I'm in Australia but will ship worldwide.

Ma Dame Jean Paul Gaultier by DarlingNikki 2014-09-21

I remember smelling this when it first came out and I thought it smelled like a citrus freshener you use to cover the odor of pet urine. Something in it was too sharp and metallic for my taste--so glad I only tried it on paper and not on skin...

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo by Treacherous 2014-09-21

Gorgeous fragrance! Love, love, LOVE this one! It's feminine, warm, sweet with a little bit of spiciness to it.This really is a lovely fragrance that is not overpowering at all. It instantly reminds me of Flowerbomb but only softer and not as sweet. Even the packaging is similar to Flowerbomb. Then the dry down is similar to Gucci Premiere. So it's not a terribly unique fragrance compared to others like it on the market, but it's still an A+ in my books. This is a fragrance you could wear during the day and then it could easily take you into the night too. The longevity is OK, you may need a top up throughout the day though, but it does seem to last longer when it's sprayed on my clothes. Very nice.

Safari Ralph Lauren by lindafoley58 2014-09-21

Just got a mini of this fragrance & love it. What a treat. I'm in love with this fragrance. I love buying minis because it gives you a chance to try different perfumes without making a costly mistake, but after trying it I will tell you I will be buying a big bottle soon. This is such a delicate fragrance. I could just bathe in it. It's not too much of one ingredient, but a well blend of everything.

Silver Rain La Prairie by 9154mf 2014-09-21

I have a bottle available if anyone is interested please PM me. I'm in Australia but will ship worldwide.

Moschino Moschino by Kattmatte 2014-09-21

It's warm, it's sweet and it's nothing like Shalimar.
Some here say so but that is to diminish this beautiful scent. Moschino is great all by itself, not a copy or even pastiche of a classic.
I agree that this is an eighties perfume. But there must be a place for it today. It is a true classic on it's own merits. And a very pleasant one.

Vanille 44 Paris Le Labo by 9154mf 2014-09-21

I have a full bottle of Vanille 44 available for slightly cheaper than you'll find it at the retailers. I'm in Australia but happy to post worldwide. Please PM me if interested.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by Mitonios 2014-09-21

A Classic for sure! It's not my favorite scent to be honest but I appreciate it a lot. In my opinion the best mainstream fragrance (everybody wears it but I am not tired of it because is a really good creation). As the scent goes, vanilla being freshed up by lavender and mint with a hint of spice in a creamy sandalwood base. In other words Sweet-Freshness. A fragrancehead must have! Get compliments, BUT everybody knows somebody wearing it.
Quality: 6,5
Scent: 8,5
Projection: Excellent(on the extreme side)
Longevity: 8+hours

I really like this one, I've had it a few years. To me this is spicy in a way which is great. I can smell the oak moss, but it's not overpowering which I like, I don't really like oak moss that takes over a perfume. I like her perfumes, because they are different, and unique from the other celebrity scents, she has stepped it up. I haven't smelled all of her perfumes, because some of them I can't find. This is nighttime, and I love it. This is one of my favorite perfumes by her. Overall I give this a 8/10.

Ma Griffe Carven by Kattmatte 2014-09-21

This was one of my late mothers favourite perfumes. I remember it as a very special favourite of hers and to me it has always been a fond memory of Mumseing her in a shantung silk dress, ready to go to a party, putting on Ma Griffe to get in a festive mood.
Ma Griffe then was green, very green and with base note of spices. As I remember it.
Today I was foolish enough to try it in my local beutyshop. Big mistake!
The asafoetida was overwhelming. Actually it made the whole experience really unpleasant. Why reformulate a classic perfume to smell like poo?
I am sorry to say so, but this is one of the worst reformulations I have ever come across.
It could have been so nice to use a perfume I remember from my Mum, to remember her by. But this isn't it.
So I will stick with the memory of Mum in her shiny dress, smelling soo good, and in a happy mood. She used to lift me up, telling me to be a nice girl and not tease the sitter. And I would snuggle up to her and breath in the green scent and think about how exciting it must be to be a grownup, going to a party.

Black XS Paco Rabanne by thiefofnoses 2014-09-21

Black XS was one of the first 'adult' fragrances I purchased and I liked it for quite a while.

Calamansi (kalamanzi) is a citrus fruit often used in Filipino cooking - kumquat would be its closest relative - however I get very little of that here, probably because it has been coated in patchouli, praline and cardamom. The drydown is unquestionably a synthetic strawberry accord, 'fruitchouli' as someone else mentioned. I would go so far as to describe this as an 'oriental gourmand.' Tobacco and ebony wood, which you would expect to give Black XS a smoky facet, are nowhere to be found.

I have a few issues with Black XS:

Synthetic strawberry: I like the smell of strawberries, but I live in a major strawberry growing area and the smell of strawberries - especially now (September) during the spring - is ubiquitous. Why buy a perfume when you have the real thing?

The fruity sweetness: I honestly wouldn't blink if a tween girl was wearing this.

The bottle: I'm not sure if it wants to be an Ed Hardy bottle or something more gothic. I already find it to be quite dated and at this stage, I have to love everything about a fragance - bottle included - if I'm to buy it.

Admittedly I still quite like Black XS and enjoy the smell, but I'm really on the fence about whether it's full bottle worthy.

Allure Pour Homme Chanel by wonderlife 2014-09-21

In the past, Allure meant I was in good hands. It was rich, down-to-earth yet sophisticated. A very rare quality that's hard to find today with modern fragrances. I first received this gem as a birthday gift. My relative said "This is what a real man's cologne should be." And she was right. Unfortunately I was a novice to fragrances and I took it for granted. I didn't realize how right she was until a dozen fragrances later.

Few can compare to the vintage Allure, much less the current reformation. Allure today is unrecognizable. The opening is dull and it dies within an hour as if it was never there. Looking back I should have bought one every year since my 21st birthday. I never thought Chanel would actually tamper with something that perfect.

more intense sexier

Arpege Lanvin by Akarui_hana 2014-09-21

I have been anxious about this one for a while but since I could not find it in local stores I have ordered a sample online because a blind buy of a full bottle seemed too risky.
The first day I received the package I was on my way out in the town so I was already wearing one of my signature perfumes on all my pulse points but still... the curiosity was eating me up. So I took a few seconds, and regretting the fact that I will not be testing it directly on my skin I opened up the tiny bottle to take a sniff. I was ecstatic! I thought it to be a gorgeous and cheaper alternative to Chanel no.5 (which I adore). I left home thinking that I will definitely order a full bottle and Oh how happy was I about it! The sky was brighter!

Then the second day something went terribly wrong. I finally tested it on clean skin. I must say that for the first seconds I was still on my little cloud of happiness, I was visualizing getting this wonderful fragrance soon and adding it to my collection and then... I began to smell something fecal. It took me by surprise, at first I did not even even understand where it came from. I thought some bad smell entered my room through the window but no no no, it was Arpege. Ohh... the horror and the disappointment! I had to wash it off completely disgusted and confused. Then I entered fragrantica to read other reviews about it and saw that many people before me actually mentioned this fecal "quality" and how it is only present in the new formulation. What can I say, except for the fact that I am sorry I missed the "old Arpege" and I got to be so traumatized by this new one. Such a shame, I feel like I have lost something precious that will never be recovered.

Iced White A Dozen Roses by Sweetiekitty 2014-09-21

Very very faint on me. Like I showered with a really nice soap. I prefer things to be a bit stronger particularly at this price point. This one is not a keeper for me.

Tom Ford for Men Tom Ford by Cyrus Smith 2014-09-21

Loving it. To me it doesn't get more classier than this!
An everyday fragrance. Fits a pair of jeans as well as a suit.
No complaints regarding longevity or sillage. I don't want to smell a fragrance for 7 or 8 consecutive hours. That would be suffocating. After being much present for 2-3 hours (at least on me), it quiets down but you can still feel it's presence. Classy-sweet-citrus-spicy-tobacco scent. It's what we could call the stereotype of a manly fragrance. Inspired by it's predecessors but unique in it's own way. One of the rare fragrance that I will buy again and again.

By a cold autumn night, a spray on the light bulb of a lamp and your home will be a welcoming comfy place!

Polo Blue Ralph Lauren by 611 2014-09-21

too much money for a scent that doesn't even last for an hour. Not a fan.

212 VIP Carolina Herrera by Rawannnna 2014-09-21

Start up with this zesty note, really nice combination of rum and top notes. after an hour or two it turns into more " regular" kind of floral fruity scent. nothing unique and no character. something similar to million of other things. well, dry down is poor and it lacks intensity. lasting power is so so and also the sillage. for the money, you can really buy something way better.

Do you want to smell like headache inducing soap? No? Me either. I have never wanted to scrub off a perfume so bad until 1932. My head blasted with pain as soon as I put it on. It's not worthy of being in the exclusives range I can tell you that much. Boring. Moving on quickly from this.

Lychee Blossom The Body Shop by raw umber 2014-09-21

I used to own Lychee Blossom EdT and body wash, but I ended up getting rid of them because there was something a little bitter and plastic about them that I just couldn't get down with. Bitter and plastic does not always mean bad or unwearable for me, but in certain scents it works, and in this one it just didn't.

For Body Shop scents, I strongly prefer the fluffy milky sweetness of White Musk Libertine EdT, and for lychee scents I prefer Fresh Sugar Lychee, which is a delectable refreshing lychee/pink lemonade scent, and I also enjoy Kiehl's Orange Flower and Lychee, which is a sweet summery and joyful blend of big lychee fruit and white florals. They are all pretty affordable as well.

Karma Lush by Knightofwands 2014-09-21

Amazing stuff! I love it :-)

Michael Kors for Men Michael Kors by Gussick 2014-09-21

This reminds me of bathing in a pool of money-shot spunk post 6-hour cock-spelunking gang bang.

Michael Kors for Men Michael Kors by crestfallen 2014-09-21

I feel like this is the exact same fragrance as Michael. They just relabled it Michael Kors for men. Same bottle, same juice...lame attempt for sales

Nude Rihanna by SweetShelly 2014-09-21

Smells like expensive vanilla ice cream.
Very lovely

Michael Kors for Men Michael Kors by Idlehands 2014-09-21

@dolcehadon I'm glad I didn't trade with ya. I curiously opened my box before returning and no joke, it smelled like urine or something rancid. Not like the test strip that sold me in the first place. Maybe there are some bad batches? Or maybe it just smells that way. At any rate, it had zero in common with what I smelled at the counter.

Sunshine Fragrance Clarins by Medea12 2014-09-21

This fragrance smells a bit like Clarins sunscreens! I love it! It's different and natural! NO synthetic oils and aldehydes!

If you like this, try Body Fantasies Silver Lining. Notes are different, but I find they smell very similar, even having a similar dandelion gone to seed on packaging.

When is Fragrantica gonna put Axis Caviar oudh-wood on here???

AB Silver Lomani by EdsonNardi 2014-09-21

Initially I became interested in this perfume because comparisons with Aventus created on YouTube and Basenotes. Previously I experienced a decant of Aventus version and I had enjoyed it very much but the price became a prohibitive element. For the price of a single Aventus I could buy several other good perfumes. Then I tried AB Silver and I'm very pleased with what I found. The pineapple and smoky are in AB Silver as in Aventus. I agree with Chris.Kragel about the lack of strength of the AB Silver compare with Aventus, however, as we are talking about an EDT fragrance and the price of US20,00 I certainly have nothing to complain about. As the price of ml is far smaller I could do an experiment. As in my country (Brazil) Aventus is a total stranger I introduced AB Silver for several women who work in my job to evaluate it and praise exceeded my expectations. Although disagrees with my daughter I must say she said it was the best perfume that I had used up to that point. The weather in my region is hot and the projection of it lasts for about 1:30 or 2 hours and soon after becomes a skin scent. Definitely is a compliment getter! I believe some notes and considerations expressed here do not take into account that is a cheap EDT or perhaps are worried about the loss of exclusivity that a very inexpensive version can lead to who has the exclusivity of a Aventus.

Terre d`Hermes Parfum Hermes by Sergio14 2014-09-21

This Smell made me curious about smells. After buy i it, I started buying other Perfumes... Very Good Super strong!!its becoming commom thou.....

Champion Energy Davidoff by Sergio14 2014-09-21

I Do like it! i Think its Fresh!! Common yes, unpleaseant no. By it on Sale though.

Gold Jay Z by Extol 2014-09-21

I think this smells good :) definitely a winter smell. This will be my "bed time" cologne when it's colder out. It doesn't last long and isn't great in terms of projection, but it's perfect for sitting at the house all day in, or an hour or two before you sleep.

Secret Potion Christina Aguilera by Red Sin 2014-09-21

this is my new signature scent!
the passionfruit and the amber mix really well
together, it could be worn in the summer because of
the fruitieness, and it could be worn in the winter
because of the warmness of the amber in the base
very nice all year round fragrance.. i could wear this
night, day, anytime.. i love it !

Noir Tom Ford by Sergio14 2014-09-21

Literally no punch, a weak Perfume on me. Use this if your a lwayer and want to spary it on you every Two to Three hours on you. Good Smell, really smells like business, I own and wear it to work, Buy again I dont Know but I don not regreat buying it.

Manhattan Bond No 9 by Extol 2014-09-21

While I received a sample of this (kudos 3starmagnum), I am not sure at this time I would pay this much for a frag. But I will say this... it smells amazing. It lasts a long time (8 to 10 hours?) and has respectful projection (arms length). I'll agree with others below that it evokes feelings of Christmas. Can't wait for it to get colder. :)

G Him Gap by Extol 2014-09-21

Good, not great. Took a shower and put this on just to sit inside all day with. Lasts about 4 to 5 hours. Doesn't really project further than a foot.

My Burberry Burberry by persefoni 2014-09-21

Wonderful bottle, in the style of the very first gucci perfume - square, heavy with a spectacular top!!

Upon first spray, i was awed: a very distinct, original, unusual smell. Deep, resinous with a splendid sweet summer fruit, and somehow a leather-woody undertone! Marvellous!! And this could be an understatement!!

Unfortunately the whole olfactory experience lasted shortly - i was in the store for about 40 minutes, and by the time i left, the magic was gone..

I will of course try it a couple more times, but i have to say this is the first Burberry EVER that amazed me!!

Fame Lady Gaga by gaz525 2014-09-21

I honestly don't know how people can say this doesn't last long,I get a good 5 hours and then it's very close to the skin. On clothes it stays for days

My Burberry Burberry by LisaMari 2014-09-21

I love the ad campaign for this, and most of the reviews are good so I'm looking toward to trying this

Chocolovers Aquolina by Silkpuppet 2014-09-21

Definitely too much orange for me. It is important to note that Chocolovers is much more of a hazlenut scent as others have established. Not much chocolate to be found here. After it has settled, this fragrance does have a sweet, Nutella-esque quality, but the opening has way too much citrus for me. In fact, this is mostly a nutty orange scent on my skin. I would like Chocolovers if it did not have this odd waxy quality to it that is reminiscent of Yankee Candles or off-brand Easter candy. I do enjoy the dry dark cocoa scent of Angel Taste of Fragrance, but I definitely have yet to find a true chocolate beauty.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Nudieburger 2014-09-21

I was very excited to try this on skin today as I had enjoyed the fleeting test on paper during my last visit to the department store.

Almost immediately I was struck by a delightfully strong boozy-marzipan aroma that smelled almost edible and incredibly indulgent. My fathers favourite sweet was marzipan and each year at Christmas and on my Birthday I enjoy a box of chocolate marzipans as he always did. And here lies the problem.

Unlike most boxes of chocolate, which contain a wide variety of tastes, this does not. The first amaretto-flavoured chocolate marzipan is sweet in every way. The second, almost as pleasant. Unfortunately, soon all I am left with is an empty box and a sickly feeling in my stomach - too much of a good thing.

And this is how I feel about Guerlain Ideal. The boozy amaretto note was all-encompassing for me, staying for at least three hours until it suddenly faded into what was, in comparison, a reasonably non-descript leathery-wood. Unfortunately by then, I was glad that it had.

How often would I wear it? Probably once or twice a year. Birthdays and Christmas.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Jersey Chanel by Strappyshoo 2014-09-21

I have just committed to a full bottle of this and am hoping I won't regret it. I am wavering between loving it and then thinking it is overly sweet. Having said that, there is something about it, that other reviewers have identified, that is so calming and comforting that I'm hoping that it will become a favourite. Fingers crossed.

Lilabelle Truly Adorable Kate Moss by Bublegum 2014-09-21

I blind bought both Lilabelle versions and I was afraid since I didn't like that much the original. Luckily this is totally different. You can say that it is a affordable version of J'adore. Indeed it smells very similar to it and I really really like it. Especially after the reformulation that J'adore has turned to a watered version...I liked Lilabelle Truly Adorable to the extention that I if I don't find an old J'adore, I will just replaced it with this one.
Lilabelle Truly Adorable is a flowery scent, I can understand why it is considered as teen fragrance, but I believe that it is a scent that it can be worn regardless the age. It is very classy, it doesn't smell cheap and the bottle is lovely. Truly adorable. Well done Kate :D.
Its lasting power is more than 12 hours, although its projection is moderate.
Note that I don't know if you like the original (Lilabelle), if you will like this one, since I didn't enjoy the original that much.

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