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Arpege Lanvin by Miss Carol 2016-07-31

This one was my favorite when I was 18 and just started working at the Adams Theater in Detroit Michigan, I remember buying it at Hudson's in downtown Detroit. My first favorite was White Shoulders, only because it was a little cheaper. Arpege was more romantic and more noted and publicized at the time. I think the best thing I liked about it was that it lasted sooo long and the smell was Wonderful. It makes me sad that most perfumes nowadays aren't anything like the oldies. It was a big deal saving up for Arpege back then but the smell and lasting effect it had on me is something I can't find today and when I do I can't afford it. Thanks to the internet today we can find bargains like this. I love Arpege and alway will.
Does anyone remember spraying the light bulb on you lamp and enjoying the beautiful scent in your bedroom at night?

Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari by Nitrib 2016-07-31

Somehow reminds me smell of lipstick...So i kinda dislike it for first hour. When musk starts to dominantė, Scuderia smells warm and pleasant.
Not a fan. But still, good for the price.

Dark Horse Dame Perfumery Scottsdale by Paintedlily 2016-07-31

This opens up with lemony-lime and a hint of vanilla bean. It almost tip toes into house cleaner territory, but before it does, it begins to mellow. The bright lemon-lime whips into lemon meringue; there is almost a touch of marshmallow to it as well. Guaiac wood, jasmine, and clove warm everything up and keeps the opening in balance (ensuring the scent does not become too confectionary). After about an hour it becomes more woody, but not dry. Vetiver, I believe, is adding a "wet earth" aspect. I also get a bit of ozone, akin to outside after it rains. Melts into the skin beautifully and balanced quite nicely.

People who want to try gourmands, but don't like to taste actually edible, would probably enjoy this.

It's unusual, without trying too hard to be different.

Sillage is about 3 feet and lasting power is moderate at about 7 hours.

Lovely Fall/Winter scent. Warm and inviting. Unisex.

Oscar Flor Oscar de la Renta by Anywho 2016-07-30

Flor is all balmy, rosy, musk to me with a fesh, clean vibe (no sweetness in here). It gives you that creamy, soapy, fresh and clean feel of a shower gel or body lotion but in perfume form. I have it on a tester strip that I sprayed yesterday; more than 24 hours later it is still going strong - excellent longevity, and I dare say it projects well, too. Don't interpret that as Flor being overpowering; even though it is not a shy flower it doesn't overpower (well, if you are not too trigger happy lol).For me personally a bit too soapy, but I think if I'd pass someone wearing it I'd appreciate the nice balmy, clean smell.

Sexy Amber Michael Kors by MrsTefee 2016-07-30

This was a scrubber for me. Stale and sour amber...not sexy, not cute. It was like smelling flowers that a cat peed on the week before, after it stewed in the sun in 110 degree weather, getting nice and ripe. Lol.

Coco Noir Chanel by on the noze 2016-07-30

After reading around 30 of these reviews, there is nothing I can add about Coco Noir BUT, to those few reviewers who detect a mint note although not present, Patchouli is from the mint family, perhaps a certain nose may pick it up.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by beobeo796 2016-07-30

GIT feels like 212 on my skin. Does anyone have that kind of feeling?! It's still green, fresh and so sweet with base notes.

This fragrance is one I'm going to allow to "grow on me or learn to love". The licorice note in the beginning is very strange to me but it only last about an hour. The dry down is is lovely and it's at this stage where I can smell Hypnotic Poison. The longevity is about 12 hours on me. I can't say to much about the spillage as I only tested it once before bed. My husband is crazy about it but I much prefer the edt.

Sun di Gioia Giorgio Armani by *_Lilly_* 2016-07-30

MMMMMmmmm... this is yummy. I have not worn this (skin chemistry) but this is delicious otherwise. Creamy with a comfortable warm hug it gives you. I almost bought this today ;)
Has so many of my fave notes - vanilla, ylang-ylang, amber, frangipani, ambrox....

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by farah_crackhead 2016-07-30

strong of dry rose scent
very long lasting
love it !!

Bronze Goddess 2011 Estée Lauder by mirrorghost 2016-07-30

tried a bit of my mom's to see what it is like! in the beginning i get a strong coconut and maybe a soft musk, during the dry down i sense some subtle tropical florals and a sheer musk, but mostly this is coconut on me. i'd say it's a nice beachy summer scent. very uplifting. it's on the sweet side.

Untold Elizabeth Arden by fire2heart 2016-07-30

My first tie trying this and it's a musky pink pepper scent, sort of like pencil shavings. No pear, no floral. It's ok. I'll try it again in cooler weather and see if this grows on me.

24 Faubourg Hermes by nhledger 2016-07-30

There's probably not a lot more I can add that hasn't already been said here by other devotees of this fabulous scent, but I'll give it a go. I absolutely love this fragrance. My small EDP bottle has lasted for years now with only about 1/4 bottle left (if that). Like many others, I too keep this one for special occasions. It's such a luxurious scent and whenever I wear it I feel as special as a girl who's been allowed to wear her mothers most precious jewels! It is elegance and beauty, it sparkles with understated style and glamour, it is both uplifting and comforting, rich and gentle all at once. Even the bottle is something of an exquisite little gem. When I recently acquired Ungaro Diva, from the first spritz I recognised a similarity with 24 Faubourg, and needless to say, I love Ungaro Diva as well! But it somehow lacks the rich depth and opulence of 24 Faubourg. To my mind, 24 Faubourg is the classic and refined grandmother to the sophisticated and elegant mother that is Ungaro Diva....the daughter in this fragrant ancestral line is yet to be determined! Any suggestions? Perhaps Dahlia Noir....a lovely soft chypre fragrance and she shares 5 notes with 24 Faubourg and 6 notes with Diva.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by thegentleman89 2016-07-30

I can care less if this fragrance is too popular, or generic. The point is, this fragrance smells amazing and women love this. I was with my GF at Macy's just browsing around and when she smelled this one, she went crazy. She loved it. I had to purchase it right there. I give it a 10/10

Ari Ariana Grande by Pollyflower 2016-07-30

The bottle decoration must be a thing now. This is launching in a few months. Looks furrier. Tenue de Soiree Annick Goutal for women

Ari Ariana Grande by Pollyflower 2016-07-30

I tired this on a paper as I’d never heard of it and the bottle was interesting. It smells nice but nothing out of the ordinary or special. I like the sweetness but I think I’d only wear it once in a blue moon. If I found it on sale for $10 one day, I’d get it for the bottle. Maybe - I don’t really know this actress/singer, I try to separate the celebrity from the product but it still creeps in. The ad for this is basically saying it’s for spoiled rich teens. Boring. Not to say I wouldn’t ever wear it but it would not be something I’d want to cop to! If I had a free coupon for Bath and Body Works yeah, I’d get it. (ha ha the joke is that it’s not bbw). I wonder what the idea was behind the pom-pon? I think it’s attention getting even if it’s not something functional (maybe it was supposed to be a nod to an atomizer? Marshmallow? Fur (its a poly fabric I think). Maybe some kind of nosegay thing (? a piece of fragranced fabric)? It’s confusing but it has me thinking about it anyway.

Apuldre Molton Brown by bugsyiii 2016-07-30

Such a lovely green fragrance accompanied with juniper berry that's simply amazing mixed with the pepper. The pepper is not too strong or over the top either. Definitely masculine, however a female could pull this off if she so desires. Overall great fragrance with great performance!!!

I purchased this today on clearance at Marshall's for $10.00. I really love this. It is fresh and I feel like it is a scent that I could wear any season. The only thing is that I wish I had longer longevity. I am going to see if I can find some lotion and bath gel. This is by far my best blind buy ever.

Tuberose Royal Hawaiian by Addict2Perfume 2016-07-30

Tuberose by Royal Hawaiian smells so good! For being so price friendly, this is definitely a well-done tuberose scent. It is similar to Kim Kardashian and Do Son, but without the fruitiness of KK and less creamy sweet than Do Don. This is a very simple and straight forward lush green tuberose scent. I like to spritz this on with my other tuberose scents because it makes the top notes last longer. It is also great to wear as a casual, everyday scent!

Flora by Gucci Gracious Tuberose Gucci by EllenD1991 2016-07-30

I got this as a present from my mother after originally asking for Gucci Flora (the original).

After giving it a sniff and spray I am slightly miffed to say that it is actually very similar to Paul Smith Rose. Both beautiful scents, but a bit annoying when you then have two very similar perfumes in your collection.

I seem to get mainly rose and peach. It smells somewhat sweeter than Paul Smith Rose and I feel Gracious Tuberose is more complex.

Needless to say this is a wonderful floral, perfect for daytime and I think very inoffensive. The bottle is very pretty and classic aswell.

I am glad I stumbled upon this scent and will continue to wear it!

Sillage: 5/10
Longevity: 5/10

Halston Classic Halston by nhledger 2016-07-30

31/07/16 - Just adding to my previous review now, after having tried my new bottle of HALSTON CLASSIC on several occasions now, both on it's own and layered with others. Though it pains me to say it, sadly I just can't wear it anymore. I don't know what has happened because when I first tried it in 1997 I loved it! New formulation perhaps? And I generally love greens and chypre florals!! Anyway, I would like to swap my practically full 50ml bottle with anyone who's interested. According to cosmetic calculator, this batch was manufactured in Jan 2011. If you have anything you'd like to swap, please message me. I am in Australia. Cheers.

Alien Thierry Mugler by Teorema 2016-07-30

This ain't no skanky jasmine, this is Alien. Finally, a name that matches what Mugler is all about. It's more linear than Angel cacophony of notes but the sillage and longevity are almost as great. But the flankers are better than the original. Go for them instead except for Aqua Chic. Yuck.

Gardenia Royal Hawaiian by Addict2Perfume 2016-07-30

Gardenia by Royal Hawaiian smells of crisp gardenias that are a little soapy (like fresh laundry type of soap) and rubbery green leaves that have a menthol quality to them. I personally would not consider this a “true gardenia” scent because the gardenia is synthetic and I get a suntan lotion smell in this fragrance. However, I am not complaining – it is an excellent beach fragrance! I am gardenia lover so I am up for smelling all the different varieties of gardenia fragrances and this is a fun addition to my collection! For the price I could not pass up giving it a try!

Pure Blanc Karen Low by shavenonthedarkside 2016-07-30

When a bought this fragrance 5 or 6 months ago, I liked it the 1st spray. Then I smelled it very close, and thought it is too synthetic or the ambergris was not "wowing" me.

I put it down for a while, and picked it back up this summer. This fragrance is not bad, especially at this price point. My point above speaks to the purpose of this fragrance. It is a fragrance you spray to get "Oh, you smell nice" or "Oh, you smell good." You do not wear this fragrance to show off it's complexity or quality of notes. It just a good cheapie to garner compliments, and with that said it is a good cheapie!!!

Now, how does it smell? It smells like an aquatic suede fragrance!!! For this cheapie to smell good with those two vibes, but not be complex, is a major accomplishment. It feels creamy and aquatic (water like) with the violet giving it that little extra it needs to smell inviting. Very masculine, but still has a youthful feel.

I asked a women's perspective, and she said, "It smells like, yeah, you going out!" LOL.

longevity: 4 hrs, for me.

projection 2 hrs, for me.

Usage: All year, anytime, any situation.

Overall, 6/10, which is not bad at this price point. Good "glove compartment buddy"!

Review coming soon.

YT shavenonthedarkside

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by TechGuyZ 2016-07-30

"it smells like roasted peanuts to me ;o"


Lipstick On Maison Martin Margiela by Victoria Regia 2016-07-30

While I adore fragrances that smell like makeup, this isn't one of them. I like my fragrances to smell floral, waxy and balsamic, and this is too thin, boozy and vanillic for my taste.

Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence Bright Ferrari by shavenonthedarkside 2016-07-30

If you don't like gender benders, stay away. If you don't like florals, stay away too.
If you are still reading then you are looking at a good freshy!

If you follow my reviews, I like florals and fruits. Anyway, I get tired (or bored) of lemon, orange, and aquatic dominate MEN freshy scents SOMETIMES:).

Here, you have fresh peeled peach skins and a pear note, a fresh green tea in the heart, and a foundation or very present background of florals. The florals, to my nose, is similar to that of a unisex (everybody in the family) body wash or soap. The sandalwood is not a major player, if at all. The musk seems like a white musk; very light. Really projects nicely in high heat outdoors, so that is a huge plus.

You will get compliments or comments such as, "You just showered?", "You smell fresh!", " You wash your hair?" etc.

All year gym scent for male and female, all year bedtime scent, good all year office scent (non offensive and light, as the name suggests). Basically, a crowd pleaser scent.

Surprisingly, the projection is very good. It's 4 to 5 ft. first 2 hours then arm length another hour. This is with 5/6 sprays. It becomes a very present skin scent after that. Longevity is 4 to 6.

7/10 overall.

It would be higher, but this is a fragrance that will not 'WOW!!" every wearer. However, it will please the audience of the fragrance in the masses.

Scared you will offend people, but want to smell fresh? Buy this at a great price.
Review coming soon.

YT shavenonthedarkside

Bracken for Men Amouage by NZFH 2016-07-30

Just when I had convinced myself I need a bottle of Myths, I wake up to this fascinating and unexpected new release! Amouage will be the death of me, or my bank account at least. And the bottle design of Bracken makes it look like it's designed especially for the kiwi market - lol. @ConsumerThis - Amouage are definitely mixing things up a bit with Sunshine Man and now this release. I can't wait to try it!

Botrytis Ginestet by TessiiDob 2016-07-30

This was another free sample with purchase, and I have to say I was hooked from the first go – this is absolutely divine! When I first tried it, it made me think of Christmas – specifically, my mother’s Christmas pudding, because she soaks the dried fruit in a few tablespoons of brandy, and I get a distinct boozy note when it first goes on. It settles very quickly though once it dries down, and then all of the other notes come out to play. Warm honey, spice from the gingerbread, dried fruit, amber and a slight tang from the quince – so, so good! I asked my husband if he could buy this for me for Christmas last year, and he did (LOVE him!) so now I have a nice big bottle. Yum. This one gets a lot of nice comments when I wear it. Sillage is pretty good – around arms length, and it lasts reasonably well on me. Botrytis is a warm, comforting, beautiful fragrance – it makes me think of my favourite, soft, cuddly jumper whenever I wear it and it makes me feel happy every time I spray it on. Oh, and undreaming – thanks heaps for the recommendation on Coming To My Senses! Bought it, loved it – and yes, I agree, it’s a great book for anybody interested in perfumes and scent.

Apologies it's taken me so long to add this review and that's because the perfume is so forgettable I don't remember my experience each time I use. This is so fruity and powdery I am not sure what the plan was. I guess I am expecting it to be like the original be delicious so you can imagine my disappointment. I don't use my bottle often but I keep expecting a lot when I spray though I must say it lasts a bit longer than I thought it would and for that I give 6/10

Invictus Paco Rabanne by Labaloo 2016-07-30

Sampled this today, and am still suffering from the scent wafting from the back of my hand. I can't take the high level of calone or whatever the "fresh" or "aquatic" note is- just not for me. Yikes. Although... after it calms a bit, it's not the worst... not original by any means. Bottle is cool.

Icon Alfred Dunhill by Francoparfum 2016-07-30

So it's ok.

It has a nice grape opening and quickly it settles into a musky animalic scent that has manliness to it.

It doesn't last that long so you need to respray this once in a while.

Overall decent and pleasant but I'd say people are giving this one higher marks than it should because they dig the cool bottle.

Score: 81.2%
Proverbs 27:9

Perfume Calligraphy Saffron Aramis by Chicago Tony T 2016-07-30

I was expecting the same type of performance from Calligraphy Rose but this does not deliver as mentioned previously. It's more of an intimate/romantic scent. Perfect for cuddling up on a windy cool October night while binge watching Orange Is The New Black with your partner/spouse or whatever. Not a safe blind buy but still a scent that can be valuable in anyone's wardrobe. This one could have been named PC Marigold as it is the more prominent note on my skin. I think more women will like this over the guys just do to the softness of it to be honest. I was gifted a decant and now I must return the favor.

Pure Lavender Ferrari by msajoy 2016-07-30

beautiful bottle presentation, lovely color of the juice, long lasting and very high quality smooth lavender juice...usually i used to hate lavender based fragrances since they gave me headache...but this is benchmark for any designer lavender based fragrance, it will last and you will smell great in spring and autumn, ferrari hats of to you for stepping up to niche world with all the essence and latest releases...i own 3 already and ill be getting lot more bottles, in no time you guys will be the higher end designer brand in the competition... silver essence and bright neroli are in my list too

JLuxe Jennifer Lopez by Erinbath22 2016-07-30

JLuxe starts with a juicy-sweet blast at the beginning which is intense, glamorous, and short-lived. Is this pineapple and bergamot causing all the excitement? It shortly gives way to sweet, powdery heart of iris root, violet, rose....Hard to tell individual notes since it all becomes vague floral fruity here. This Jlo perfume has the same powder sweet quality that Forever Glowing has, but they don't share any official notes which makes me wonder why? Maybe they just poured in the patented Jlo liquid base, which is lovely. I'm not harshing on it for this, and I really love Forever Glowing, but it has spice and leather, where JLuxe seems fruitier with soft amber and subtle cedar woods. But they have the same sweet, lovely powder effect. I really wish the special juicy opening lasted longer, but the body of this fragrance is really sweet and powdery. Quite lovely, lasting around 5 hours before softly trailing away.

Egeo Provoque O Boticario by marcelomiles 2016-07-30

Ótima fragrância. floral docinho com uma fixação muito boa. Projeção mediana e unissex com leve tendência a uma vibe de perfume feminino, mas que não impede de homens também usarem, como é meu caso.
Belo perfume da casa O Boticário que se destaca de outros lançamentos da casa que, em minha opinião, não me encantaram.

C16 Indult by pravda48 2016-07-30

A VERY mild white musk, like Kiehl's on Xanax. Far too mild for the price. Unless I'm partially anosmic to it, this is, in a word, boring. (Sorry!) Al-rehab's $6 white musk is on par :)

Baiser Vole Cartier by aficionada 2016-07-30

A couple of years ago I bought Baiser Vole Eau de Toilette. I instantly fell in love with it. Now I decided to try Eau de Parfume. It's also a beauty. Floral. Fresh. Slightly powdery.
Very unobtrusive. At the same time it stays with you. You can sense it's presence. Even though it's quite linear, there is something intriguing and mysterious about it. This scent is very elegant and classy. It's not as effervescent and playful as Eau de Toilette, but not less beautiful. Now I need to decide which one I love better.
Pretty decent longevity: lasts on my skin 6 - 7 hrs.

Water of Arabia Dua Fragrances by deruitem 2016-07-30

This does remind me a lot of SMW. I would call it very close. The performance is pretty good. I would say it projects for a good 4 hours and then sits close to the skin for a long while. I could still smell it on my shirt 12 hours later.

Noel au Balcon Etat Libre d`Orange by TessiiDob 2016-07-30

Oh wow – this is just gorgeous! Juicy, fresh citrus drizzled with honey, gentle wafts of vanilla and musk, with cinnamon and patchouli peeping out from time to time. This is definitely a scent I’d describe as sparkling – fresh, feminine, sweet but not too sweet. And, wonder of wonders, my husband liked it! I’ve been asking him to have a sniff all of the scents I’ve been sampling, and initially he wasn’t impressed, but about an hour later he walked past me, then came back and started sniffing and said I smelt lovely. I kept on getting beautiful wafts of it through the day. Sillage is good, as is longevity – I could still smell it, although much softer, eight hours later. Definitely FBW, and definitely on my wish-list!

White Diamonds Night Elizabeth Taylor by celebrity89 2016-07-30

Oh so pretty! Was not expecting this. The bottle is beautiful in a retro way, and the scent itself is retro to me because it reminds me of the vintage, original Intimate by Revlon.

Interesting, I just noticed this is my second review, and they are totally different. This review is from a magazine sample. The first review was from a bottle.

Jubilation for Men Amouage by dmetzger 2016-07-30

I am so pissed off at this. I blind bought a bottle based on all the drop-dead amazing reviews, and it smelled great for a minute and then vanished. A half hour later and I can't smell it at all. I had some Bond No 9 Bleeker St on my other arm at the time and I still smell it just sitting here by the Amouage is undetectable with my nose to my skin where I sprayed it. A very expensive waste. >.< couldn't be more disappointed right now.

Edit: I have the magnetic gold cap version, bought brand new. Just my chemistry or what? Anyone want to trade a bottle of Lyric? 100ml size, only two sprays gone out of mine :0/

hsuru4u: I've never tried the original formulation, only the anniversary edition. Bergamot, a green spicy carnation note, a brassy rosewood accord, rose, vetiver, and leather is what I got from it. It sort of gave the impression of some kind of tobacco. I liked it, and so did my then girlfriend who often used my colognes. I went through a full 5 oz bottle in a few months and got a few nice compliments. All in all, quite nice.

I believe it has recently been re-issued after being discontinued for about 5 or 6 years. Very inexpensively, too. So it's worth a try.

New York Oud Bond No 9 by dmetzger 2016-07-30

Did everyone else get a different bottle then me!? This smells almost entirely of patchouli and a touch of plum, the barest floral hint and no oud. I wanted to love this so much but the deafening patchouli is making my eyes water.

I just ordered and received this after doing a blind buy of Lovely at Marshall's (fell in love so wanted to try them all). This smells sooooo good! I wore it to a work function this week and as soon as I walked in my co-worker commented on how amazing I smelled and what was I wearing! My clothes still smell like it and I'm obsessed with spraying it. I love the bottle as I'm an 80's girl, so fun:) It is a true strawberry scent but whatever else is in there makes it a gorgeous creamy scent. When it's 80+ degrees you can't go wrong with a scent like this.

Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker by peferrarine 2016-07-30

@Delila, you should check if your bottle is still good, of if the juicy is authentic, cause even with a light fixation, the projection for the first moments is really big.

Bentley for Men Bentley by Black Russian 2016-07-30

Unexpectedly good. I would even say, as for a "car fragrances" it is a mind blowing good! Starting from bottle, to smell, longevity, sillage - everything is truly classy and outstanding, easily beating expectations!
This is definitely not unisex fragrance, all man - sophisticated and well educated macho man! But without being offensively aggressive or suffocating (as most macho scents tend to be).
For me opening dominates by bay leaf, but bergamot and pepper being right behind it, with cinnamon starting emerging as soon as 5 min after spraying and being present almost all the way to the end. Within 10-15 min rum start emerging too together with woody accord. All it still staying in the mix after base notes start to appear, with exception of bergamot than dissipates completely within 2 hours (which is still very long time for bergamot to be present). Scent slightly changes all the time first 4 hours, but at the same time core of it staying consistent and very pleasant all the time. After 4 hours it is bit less spicy, but still aromatic - sweeter, buzzier and more leathery.
It starts more like daytime perfume for colder time of the year and ends up like a night time scent. Which is great taking into consideration that it lasts and projects pretty well for about 10-14 hours! With about another 4-6 hours as a skin scent.
I would say it is among longest lasting not cloying or suffocating inexpensive perfumes for men out there, that are still in production now.
Scent 8 of 10
Longevity 9 of 10
Projection 8 of 10
Silage 7 of 10
Versatility 7 of 10
Originality 5 of 10
Quality for price 9 of 10
First "caf fragrance" I will definitely buy again!
I also think it is very safe buy for anyone who like this group of scents. Zero controversy is in here.

This on me is a very light fragrance. It's fresh in a flowery, neutral kind of way, with not enough intensity to report any more detail than that.

I'm extremely puzzled by others labelling it as a powerhouse that should be used lightly, because I find that I really can't spray enough to render it properly detectable! Also its longevity is very poor - though it's hard to be precise about this, given how light it is at the start of its journey.

The primary scent is the same as Al Rehab's Sabaya, though that one is vastly more intense and more chemical-smelling. Covet Bloom is extremely light and approachable by comparison.

Jimmy Choo Man Jimmy Choo by tlalexander210 2016-07-30

Super sweet, but not overpowering. This could work for some, but probably not for me. Definitely not worth the price tag at the department store. I would recommend trying before buying.

Gucci Bamboo Gucci by Siv55 2016-07-30

I had high hopes for this as I usually like perfumes with a bamboo note. A note that is not even listed here.. Fragrantica isn't always right with the note list, Jil Sanders are way off, so who knows whether this is correct or not? Anyhow, my sample card tells me this is "a scent inspired by the captivating power of contrast - sensual and powerful at once". That'll be why this thing doesn't hang together right then. On the one hand I get Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers, on the other I get Elie Saab L'eau Couture/Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir L'eau Exquise/any random eau fraiche pale green scent you care to name. Creamy unsweet yellow floral v sour bergamot. It's fraichyness has no sparkle and it's creamyness gets curdled with vinegar. No no no no thank you.
As is so often the way with these things, the bottle is great, I love the stopper. *sigh*

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by slan490 2016-07-30

I am 40 and recently tried SJP/Perfumes for the first time.I got this one today (after loving NYC/Lovely).The first blast was crazy, it smells like straight up super glue,but within seconds it settles and I've been smelling my wrist all day.It's so good! I'm a little miffed by that first spray but somehow it calms down instantly and smells perfect, a tad powdery, a bit of musk, and light floral. Great summer scent. Also, I ordered this from the Sears website and the perfume smells okay but the lotion smells aged. WHY don't they make her perfumes anymore...they smell so much better than anything I've smelled in the stores recently.

Legend Montblanc by tlalexander210 2016-07-30

It seems to me SAs in department stores and perfume shops are always pushing this. I swear I've been showed this 20 times in the last week. It's a good fragrance and better than Legend Spirit, but not near as good as Starwalker IMHO.

Vanilla Lace Victoria`s Secret by makisov 2016-07-30

This was my very first perfume, and I still have it on my shelf years later :)

Legend Spirit Montblanc by tlalexander210 2016-07-30

I agree with a previous poster, this smells like bananas. The SA that was showing me this (probably like the 20th SA that has tried to push this on me) looked at me like I was a nuts. I do like the original Legend a lot more, but I think Starwalker is Montblanc's best offering that I've smelled.

Royal Oud Creed by hafidzummc 2016-07-30

this turned out to be quite spicy on me. i dont hv anything spicy in my collection yet so this is a welcomed addition. the oud is subtle and as evrybody has pointed out, the wood component i.e the sandalwood is quite prominent. theres something soft yet warm underneath that i dunno what it is, which is a bit sweet. overall, a nice fragrance and i cant wait to experience more

Infinite Intense Bentley by Black Russian 2016-07-30

Have no idea why anyone compared it with Terre Hermes, which is totally dominated by orange which is nowhere close to be present here. If it is fair to say it is similar to some other perfume, it would be Ralph Lauren Safari. Although it is less complex or long lasting than Safari.
For me there's one more common attribute with Safari - I can't stand how it smells on me, but others tend to find it ok, and even compliment occasionally.

Ciara Revlon by makisov 2016-07-30

I get nostalgic whenever I smell this. It is my mom's favorite fragrance. She wears it all of the time.

Cedrat Enivrant Atelier Cologne by nero77 2016-07-30


An extremely zesty fragrance that is a joy to wear in hot weather and a real winner all round. One which is full of citrus burst in a very authentic and pleasing way. Phenomenal in it's freshness and light, effervescent quality.

I find this an extremely easy fragrance to wear. It's like a burst of lemon, lime or grapefruit juice which just lifts you up and works on any occasion. For a modern citrus I can't deny that this is very well done. A real achievement from Atelier Cologne. I would recommend it for citrus lovers and add to the list of fragrances suitable for hot summers. Really good stuff.

this to me smells like soft woods and white flowers in a caramel "stew"!

it is almost intoxicating and remarkably addictive. it's sweet but definitely not sickly so. I crave this sooo badly! especially at bedtime as it's extremly comforting for me, almost in the same way that my soft and cozy one-piece warms my body in cold winterevenings.

can't get enough of this! I gravitate between this and rihannas rogue at the moment.

maybe a bit odd but the last part of the dry-down strongly reminds me of jean paul gaultier's classique!

Hanae by Hanae Mori Hanae Mori by makisov 2016-07-30

This is my absolute favorite perfume, and I highly recommend it.

That is all.

Bebe Bebe by noni_345 2016-07-30

I've always seen this at tjmaxx, so i picked up a 10ml bottle out of curiousity and I must say I was pleasantly suprised, rosey n fresh, really great for spring/summer

Especially Escada Escada by bren400 2016-07-30

I own the Delicate Notes version, but now I want this one. After all this time wearing DN, I feel that I have to purchase the original version.

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by flyngace 2016-07-30

The opening is a little strong with sea notes with a hint of citrus (orange). After the 1 hour mark, the top notes die down and it smells more of cedar, amber, and vanilla scent lasting about 4-5 hours. Passing the 5 hour mark, the base notes are very close to the skin. Mainly a light musky, cedar smell with hint of vanilla lasting 8-9hours. My opinion, the opening I am not to fond of- it is a little strong to my taste, but as the middle to base notes come are more noticeable- I think this is where the fragrance shines.

The sillage for me is about 6-8 feet, around the 3-4 hour mark it dies down to when the base notes are noticeable it is close to the skin.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by WildDove 2016-07-30

Decadence opens with an ozonic-powdery sharpness, then mellows to a clean, sweet, classy, and dressy fragrance that suggests chocolate-mint and some gentle leather to my nose, even though the official note emphasis is plum-amber. I see Decadence being worn by a slender person who wears close-fitting bodycon clothes, loves art and cities, and is very particular and obsessed with design detail. Decadence intoxicates all who encounter it. (The ozonic-powdery and very sweet opening reminds me of the same aspect of Angel Eau Sucree 2015-2016.)

Cherry in the Air Escada by bren400 2016-07-30

This is more like: Marshmallows & Raspberries in the Air! Lol If sour cherries were the prominent note, I would've liked it-I love ANYTHING in sour cherry! There's SO much vanilla and marshmallow in it's composition that it overpowers the sour part of the cherries and seem nonexistent :-( On to my next sour cherry fragrance journey! This was a BIG fail for me

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by iconoclast 2016-07-30

Generic for sure - doesn't push the envelope out and got a bit tedious for me after a few wearings - even if it's clearly made of superior quality ingredients to most fragrances out there which also give it impressive performance. Not for me, thanks.

Rogue Rihanna by ohrite 2016-07-30

I have a confession to make; I absolutely L O V E blindbuying and I don't feel any bad about it at all! The thrill and the anticipation, aaah it's completely and unspeakably amazing and addictive! :D

Received this three days ago along with Madonna ToD Naked, Mariah Carey Forever and Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris.
And this time, every single one of them was a complete success!

However, Rogue has to be the absolute winner if I had to choose just one.

I've just recently discovered a peculiar desire for leather scents. Both MiP and Rogue contains this note and I'm equally in love with them. The Rihanna one however leads the race since I find both the sillage and longevity in Rogue superior to MiP's.

I mostly get suede and plum in this one while all the other notes definitley are there but sort of hiding in the background.

I'm almost speechless and feel I don't quite know which words to use to express my feelings for this. I'll just say that I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with this beauty and I've worn this every single day since our ways crossed!

Bracken for Men Amouage by ConsumerThis 2016-07-30

This looks like it may be a winner! I can't wait to get my nose on this one. I feel the house is in need of another "hype monster" again. Seems like it's been awhile. I'm just a little shocked as I don't see any incense notes listed from a house that is basically known for their incense vibe frags. Change is good! This looks great!

Kokorico Jean Paul Gaultier by icecube 2016-07-30

Protosv - thanks so much for your opinion - maybe I should go for the by night version - without patchouli and with rhubarb instead.
Seems this is a perfume to like or hate.
But you are right - very cheap - so a blind buy would be totally OK.
I will share my thoughts about it.

Apres l'Ondee Guerlain by laurakaye 2016-07-30

Except for a couple of attempts with Shalimar, I am a Guerlain virgin. I ordered a Guerlain sampler set and tonight, I randomly chose Apres L'ondee to try for the first time.

The very first thing that came to mind was "candy." The next was "purple," and then "wet." After trying and failing to pull up in my mind what type of candy I was imagining, I finally peeked at the notes and I realized I'm smelling the anise - a licorice note.

What an interesting scent this is...there's the anise/sweetness, the soft purple violets, and a sharp sense of wetness. I thought it was going to be a somewhat sad, nostalgic scent, but I find it uplifting and well-dressed ladies coming outside to gossip in the garden after being kept inside during a long rain.

Now, with the anise fading, it's really beautifully soft and comforting. I liked it upon initially trying it, and now I'm starting to fall in love with it. Soft, sweet and lovely!

I believe this is my 2nd review. Mmmmmmmmmmmm-This is PURE sophistication in a bottle! Thanks to fragrantica, I found another love! The sweetest, strongest, longest wearing, and heaviest in sillage fragrance in my wardrobe. I tend to fall in-love with only floral/fruity/fresh/woody fragrances, and this has been the ONLY sweet exception since Incanto Charms in 2010 & Escada's Rockin' Rio in 2004. Though I gravitate towards this one in autumn, winter, and spring. I like to wear it when I'm all dressed up. One shouldn't be allowed to wear this in a t-shirt and DESERVES more respect than that. If you REALLYNfeel like you have to wear jeans when you choose to wear this, then wear them snug fitting, and throw on some stiletto boots or some pretty strappy sandals, some jewelry (mentioned especially for those that aren't used to wearing any) and you will KILL it! I take a whiff from the bottle when I miss it. It gave me a headache while riding a 25 minute ride in a cab on 2 different occasions, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing it! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS AND I REFUUUUUSE TO LET A MILD HEADACHE TURN ME AWAY FROM THIS BEAUTY AND HEAVEN OF A SCENT-MY GOODNESSSSSSS!!!!!! It will always remain in my top 5!!!!! It is just THAT good, guys!

1805 BeauFort London by ConsumerThis 2016-07-30

Cigarette smoke, hard core camp fire smoke, bunch of highly concentrated cigarette butt water poured over the black burnt logs, a bunch of guns going off and the gun smoke is also mixing in with all this smell, all captured in a bottle with some blood dripped in it, shake it all up...let it sit in the hot sun for a long time.....amplify that by 10 and bam! You got this composition :) enjoy, but please...don't wear it and expect to get complements!!!! Nostalgic reasons only.

Kokorico by Night Jean Paul Gaultier by icecube 2016-07-30

How bad could it be - made by a masterperfumer like Oliver Cresp.
And JP Gaultier sure have a very special sense of humor that I can appreciate.
Maybe this is more suitable for a woman then the original I was first thinking of buying.

Beach Bobbi Brown by Neosmiaphyte 2016-07-30

This scent is exactly what Bobbi Brown intended when she created it: Coppertone on skin. Beach is NOT one of those summer scents that is REMINISCENT of sunscreen because of the use of neroli and/or citrus. Beach IS the smell of sunscreen. No more, no less. This is a plus for some while being a negative for others.

Another option given by the Sephora SA: save money by going across the street to Target and buying Coppertone. Then you get SPF protection with the same scent as Beach.

Cherry in the Air Escada by smellagent 2016-07-30

Cherry in the air, love the name. Such a whimsical fun fragrance. The cherry is the star and not to artificial either. I like that. Reminds me a little of the smell when you walk into a candy shop. Very sweet which I like no matter how old I get. I get good sillage and longevity from this one and would buy another bottle if I ran out.

L'Eau d'Issey Pure Issey Miyake by mesmerisa 2016-07-30

Totally disappointed! Here is no even shade of the mystic, magical spirit of classical L'Eau d'Issey. It is just one ordinary, boring scent without individuality. I just can`t believe that Issey Miyake is able to create something so banal and pointless.

Man Amber Halston by Supremescent 2016-07-30

It is a skin scent, which isn't a bad thing, that lasts a far long time for an EDT. I get about 4 hrs. For 20$ can't complain. Good "not sure" what to wear scent.

P.S. I Love You Bath and Body Works by MrsPress 2016-07-30

I still have this, and I like it. I have to be in the mood to wear it. I think just because I used to wear it so much. If you do not like rose in a fragrance you will not like this. This is a spicy, somewhat smokey, full-blooming rose. The rose in this is not dew kissed or fresh. The rose in this reminds me of the rose in Boudoir by Vivianne Westwood, though the two fragrances are nothing alike. I was unaware that this had been discontinued, that's too bad. When I wore this a lot, I always got complements.

Kokorico Jean Paul Gaultier by protosv 2016-07-30

@icecube I think a woman could give this a shot for sure but at least on me the fig is mainly in the first hour to two hours. Then it becomes more of a cocoa and patchouli your fragrance but it's a more dirty and masculine patchouli than some I've smelled. Still it's cheap enough that is worth a blind buy. Look around I online auction sites and you should find a 50ml for less than $20US.

Very Sexy Now 2014 Victoria`s Secret by CherriedEmpress 2016-07-30

I was deciding between the 2014 and 2016 Very Sexy Now versions, and this one got the upper hand at the recommendation of a dear Fragrantican friend. She loves VS just as much as I do. :)

The scent is overall very nice, but for some reason I'm a little underwhelmed. Once I had my son, certain florals that I used to tolerate have become like paralyzing kryptonite. I love the mild coconut and watery quince, but the gardenia is making my head throb. I never cared too much for gardenia anyway. It's too sharp for my taste.

As much as I like the coconut here, and I LOVE the sweet drydown after the gardenia fades, this just didn't have that "extra something" that makes me fall in love. I almost want to say this is a generic smell, but I think it's chemistry at play. Other people seem to be half-mad over this fragrance.

Longevity is very good. Sillage is good. It's enough for people to notice.

I thought I had ordered a bottle "only sprayed 5 times", but when the bottle arrived it was only 70% full. I feel like I paid a little much for an ounce of perfume. If you buy a used bottle, look for pictures where they hold it up to the sunlight or a bright light. The bottle itself is lovely, though. This creamy white opaque one with gold lettering and a white jewel-cut top... nice!

Not sure if I will keep or not, maybe re-sell just enough to make my money back. I like VS The Beauty of Brazil a lot more. The florals in Beauty of Brazil are a little spicier and it's a heavier coconut, more "suntan".

I guess I'll be moving on to the 2016 version with heavier coconut. Having that suntan vibe is something I like, if it's done lightly.

Loewe 7 Anonimo Loewe by LaVieEnParfum 2016-07-30

For deja vu-gr & guest_ :

Anonimo = No Name???!!! Sorry, but so wrong!!!!

In english, very familiar: anonymous ;-))

And being anonymous has nothing to do with having no name.......... looooooooooool

True Rose Woods of Windsor by ChelleBelle84 2016-07-30

If you love Bulgarian Rose and want a simple, inexpensive fragrance to wear for casual wear and even for work, look no further because you've found it. It's inexpensive, but not *cheap* smelling. Perfect for summer time being it is light and not overwhelming at all. For Spring and Autumn, it would be easy to layer over a white musk oil with just a touch of cedar to give it a little more depth in cooler weather.

I think they must have reformulated this because I smell a bit more than just Bulgarian Rose and supporting geranium and freesia. It does have a woodiness and musky soapiness in the dry down or at least that's how it's playing out in my skin.

I live in the US and found this in a local British exports store near one of the major universities here. Just to give you an idea how it can be found so maybe you won't have to blind buy it online.

BLV Bvlgari by StarfireK 2016-07-30

BLecch. I don't like any of the Bulgari perfumes. This was a gift and it smells like wood wax. It dries down to a powdery fragrance. If you mix plastic dust with baby powder, you could recreate this scent.

1881 Cerruti by Soofiya 2016-07-30

This was a blindbuy and to be honest I was a little worried about it since it's a floral lunched in nineties,and you know how aggressive and sharp and soapy classic florals can be..but I am a really lucky girl when it's about blindbuys
This is definitely a floral,but not s sharp one..color of liquid,soft pink in the frosted round bottle truely explains the scent..this is pink but not in a girly,sparkly,playful way,it's an elegant,ladylike,serious but also very kind pink
Cerruti 1881 is all about florals,like a huge vase full of freshlycut flowers,florals are high quality and natural and blended well,though chamomile, watery rose and powdery violet and iris standout the most..florals are fresh,soft powdered,a tad green,a little herbal and clean in a nonsoapy way..I usually don't like green,herbal scents but here this qualities add a natural feeling to flower bouquet which I like a lot.but this initial green freshness fades and dries down to a warm Musky floral,very pleasant
My bottle is a bit different from the picture here,it's cap is rose gold color so I think it's a post reformulation one,I've not tested vintage one,but this is likable and non offensive, and Longevity and sillage are decent but in a soft,non aggressive way
I think it's good to wear it everytime except winters and is good for +25 but is not a sweet playful girly scent
If you like soft powdery florals I recommend you firmly to give it a try

Iquitos Alain Delon by gedlive 2016-07-30

I have a review from over a year ago below. But I was wearing Iquitos tonight after mostly compleeting a colection of my 50 favorite classics and modern.

To restate some obvious things about Iquitos that dont get said.
The shape of the bottle is representing a snakes head. This as their advertisement goes is meant that when men wear this fragrance, the sensual alure, will intoxicate any defensless woman into submission.
They have a point. Of the 100's of fragrances I own or have tried over the past few years of serious collecting, and beyond, only vintage Kouros comes close, to this kind of sensually alluring fragrance.
I' m a Christian, and I dont like thinking about this fragrance this way, because it is an extroerdinarry and exquisite fragrance, the lilly of the valley, rose, aldehydes, coconut and honey, with a rich dose of civet, it just smells undenyably great!

When I was young and Kouros drew me in to fragrances, I didnt realize why I was so allured by it, I just thought it smelled good. I remember going to a church prayer meeting wearing Kouros, and some pastor having to leave, I believe now, because of that overpowering scent.
I am wiser now, and I dont have or wear Kouros anymore. I sparingly wear Iquitos, usually at home, out of interest and appreciation of this unique and classic fragrance. Well, enough said...

God bless. John 3:16

L de Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by AngelEuphoria 2016-07-30

I have and love Lolita Lempicka. L De Lotia is not awful, but it smells exactly like a cupcake. A delicious cupcake but never the less, a cupcake. I feel it's better to purchase this at one of my favorite perfume oils sites for the purpose of burning it in my home. For an inexpensive, simple and SAFE home freshening solutuion: Boil a pot of water. Generously rub perfume oils or spray older perfume on a paper towel. Drop the paper towel into the water in the pot. SET TIMER ON STOVE FOR SAFETY!!! This method is much safer than oil burners. This works wonders, no more wasting money on fragrances you've tired of or didn't really like. Just use the leftovers to freshen your home.

Kokorico Jean Paul Gaultier by icecube 2016-07-30

I am curious about this one as figleaves are one of my favorite notes.
Could a woman pull this off ?
Grateful to get some opinions.

Growing up Catholic, I am not really with the whole church incense as a fragrance to wear. This is far from it as it should be, as Avignon takes care of that quite well.
This is a nice wearable great smelling fragrance.
I think the coffee, teak and patch really come together and make magic. This is my favorite incense from the line
Great and highly recommend!

Bergamote Soleil Atelier Cologne by StellaDiverFlynn 2016-07-30

Sniffing from the cap, I found Bergamote Soleil very similar to Cédrat Enivrant and I was very confused. But once sprayed on skin and compared side by side, these two have indeed a few differences.

Bergamote Soleil opens with a herbal, slightly aromatic citrus peel smell. It's gently sweet and devoid of the pith's bitterness, which smells very much like the edible kumquat rind. In comparison, Cédrat Enivrant suddenly feels more soapy, and more herbal, bitter and tart. With time, Bergamote Soleil also turns a bit sweeter, brighter, and maintains an overall warmth, matching perfectly with "Soleil", while Cédrat Enivrant feels cooler, more zesty and invigorating.

The sillage is moderate to close, and the longevity on me is around 6 to 7 hours on a hot sunny day. Although overall, Bergamote Soleil and Cédrat Enivrant are both relatively realistic tart citrus fragrances, they do exhibit slightly different mood and characteristics, with Bergamote Soleil being more sunny, sweeter and less soapy. I'd recommend it, especially if you happen to find Cédrat Enivrant a bit too masculine.

Amber Malaki Chopard by alpa 2016-07-30

این شبیه باس باتلد !!!! شبیه باس باتلد؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ این بوی غالبش وانیله؟ وانیل غالبه ؟وانیل وانیییییل ....خوب با بینی بو کردین مطمئنین با بینی بو کردین بینی ؟؟؟!!!

Creamy Coconut Kuumba Made by lemonzest 2016-07-30

Kuumba Made Creamy Coconut smells like coconut and sugar. This is a very sweet, very Coppertone coconut. It can be cloying if you over apply, which of course I did because it's coconut.

Delicious. 9/10 if you just want to smell like coconut, but this has no depth and is very linear. Lasts forever because it's an oil.

Compared to Black Coconut, this one is more cream/gourmand. Black Coconut is not as sweet: drier and more grown up. Both are great; it's a matter of whether you want sweet or noir coconut.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by joenick68 2016-07-30

OK I finally gave it a try for a night out, and it was not a bad impression but I am not totally bought by it, it feels like a modern fragrance but the sweetness of it can get you annoyed at some point. I think it will perform better in the Winter

Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath and Body Works by Betsywoolbright 2016-07-30

It seems like something that would have universal appeal, but it smells like chemicals to me.

I agree, this is not a random perfume and as someone below commented it has an open door for masculinity because of the leather, although I rather say the door may be just unlocked and barely open, ;-)

Bracken for Men Amouage by musk 777 2016-07-30

عطر مثير
اتمنى ان اجربه في اقرب وقت

Pino Silvestre Original Pino Silvestre by beavisbonce 2016-07-30

You can have mine it smells like pizza

Gold Bouquet Roberto Verino by Riisssaaa 2016-07-30

I am taking very deep breaths but I find it hard to distinguish the florals and fruits in this perfume so I'll leave it as a very fresh sweet floral. Overall its well blended and nothing really stands out of the crowd.

At first this perfume reminds me of floral fabric softener with a small amount of Dettol antiseptic added to it and then it becomes a creamy tropical fruit frappe. To me the fruit-like scent is most reminiscent of loquat/pipa but I'm sure not everyone has smelt a fruit like that before. Even I had no idea what it was called until I googled it.

"Right on that line between sweet and tart, loquats have a highly adaptable flavor." (Full and Content, Loquats: Here's What You Do with Them.)

The fruitiness takes it's time to go away and the lasting scent is a ladies powder compact smell. I'd say it's a pleasant young lady-like work-safe scent.

I have both GOLD Diva and GOLD Bouquet but this (Bouquet) is more similar to my D&G L'impertrice than Diva. Bouquets lasting power is greater than Diva (4-5 hours) and less than L'imperatrice (till the next day). I'd place it at about half a day's wear but it is less prominent outdoors on a breezy day.


If anyone is curious about GOLD Diva instead it's slightly less fruity, moderately less floral. The start is fresh and the dry-down is also like ladies compact powder but with more chalkiness. I will follow up with a review about it later but I haven't worn it much because its been overshadowed by Bouquet.

Boudoir Vivienne Westwood by beavisbonce 2016-07-30

For men also. Depravity in a bottle. If you can handle kouros now meet his motherfuckingsister

Alizarin Penhaligon`s by moodypaws 2016-07-30

Tried this today on my skin, and on me it's primarily a leather scent. Sadly the narcissus is lost on me.

A couple of hours in, it acquired a soapy character which I didn't like - a squeaky-clean mimosa/iris combo - and then a clean leather took over again until a creamy tuberose appeared after 8 hours. At this stage, it had been a skin scent for quite some time but it was never very loud to begin with.

Quite pleasant like all other fragrances in this house but nothing mind-blowing for me. Good longevity.

Decadence Marc Jacobs by Dunebuggy8970 2016-07-30

I almost blind bought this because I love the bottle and the notes look interesting, I just tested it in the store and it smells just like Roberto Cavalli EDP on me, so similar i don't need to get this one.

Kenneth Cole Black for Men Kenneth Cole by syedsiddiq 2016-07-30

Kenneth Cole Black is Nice Smelling Perfume with Orange Mint Ginger Spices Musk Combination. Its not Black it has Fruity Spicy Accord smells Good. Projection is not good after 1 hour it becomes Skin Scent. Longevity is Average. It could have been Better. My Rating is 3.5 out of 5.

My Favorite Orange Note Perfume is Clinique Happy

Tabaco Coqui Coqui by ConsumerThis 2016-07-30

Just put this on again guys...WOW. I am just really blown away right now. This is like the best tobacco scent ever. It's sweet but not pipe tobacco sweet, like by kilian. It's a different kind of unisex spice sweet. Truly a carribean a take on tobacco, feels awesome wearing this stuff just knowing how great and different I smell. Very unique.
I have just never smelled a tobacco scent that smelled this wonderful...
9/10 overall
Highly recommended

Caron Lady Caron (2014) Caron by kvan 2016-07-30

People write this off as boring. I don't know about that. It's infinitely wearable and pretty to me. The magnolia is evident. I love magnolia. The fruits are juicy and don't get powdery or sour as the day goes on.

I don't get any oakmoss, but I don't miss it. There is 24 Faubourg or any of the great floral chypres for that angle. There's a saltiness to the mid and base of this blended in with the florals that is everso appealing. The bottles it comes in are huge, so I may not spring for it...but I love it!

Obscuro Santa Eulalia by ñasory1994 2016-07-30

Nice leathery ,

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Guerlain by muncierobson 2016-07-30

125ml up for sale (UK only)

Been sprayed a few times (worn for two days)

I really love but it has caused sneezing fits...

Anyone interested?

Alizarin Penhaligon`s by star127 2016-07-30

Alizari is an arabic word...this is a plant - Rubia tinctorum - common madder
Alizarin is a beautiful red pigment...

Sauvage Christian Dior by walker.djaw 2016-07-30

What a great smell very unique clean all season fragrance
Sillage 8.5
Longevity 9
Creativity 10
Smell 8

Pino Silvestre Original Pino Silvestre by SuzySchnabel 2016-07-30

Must have it, am really nostalgic since I found a mini today ( maybe vintage ? )
It's fresh, woody, aromatic, and reminds me of classic Italian smell when I was very little. I have a old big splash bottle, but empty now.
Will search it for myself! Such a classic is just fun to have, even if I'll wear it just a couple of times ( like now in hot weather, or just after shower, seems good idea )

Innocent White Lilac Oriflame by TexBex 2016-07-30

Smells like the lilac bushes of my youth when I lived on a farm in Sweden (and was innocent). Gentle and simple, impossible not to love. (Thanks to all the reviewers below who helped me find this fragrance!)

Royal Rose Aoud M. Micallef by j'adore1 2016-07-30

Sometimes I get whiffs of strawberry when I wear R. R. A. even though it's not listed as a note. Opens with sweet pink rose and sparkling bergamot, the oud, guaiac, sandalwood and jasmine notes appear in the heart. I hardly detect any patchouli on me. It's an easy take on rose and oud combination for starters or those who are not particularly fond of agar wood. It makes me feel like a princess every time I wear it. Very feminine and refined.

Love Is On Revlon by zyby 2016-07-30

The other day, I tested LOVE IS ON at the store, but found it underwhelming. On me, it had the light, indeterminate kind of fragrance I might like in soap, body wash or even scented drawer liners. Sillage was soft. I can’t speak to the longevity as I became bored with it and washed it off after an hour or two. There wasn’t anything unpleasant about it, but I didn’t feel moved to purchase.

Ambra Falconeri by loveperfumes 2016-07-30

A budget take on Serge Lutens' Un bois Vanille. The sillage is so so, the longevity is not bad. I like it. A gourmand feeling :)

Beyond Rose Clinique by Tovah 2016-07-30

Is the perfumer Christophe Laudamiel?

Luscious Pink Mariah Carey by SheAlwaysSmellsGood 2016-07-30

It smells so good... for the first 5 minutes. Then it's gone like a butterfly. ~~~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Naturelle Osmanthus Yves Rocher by Yurippe 2016-07-30

I bought this hoping I'd love it, but it's too citrusy aon me, and on top of that reminds me of a hard time I had recently, so it went to my mother.

It starts with a slightly sweet oud smell.

Then it drys down & Nuit Oud's true beauty appears.

The end-product that is a powdery rose-oud combo with a lively light brush of spices.

A soon as I smelled came here looking for iris & there it is!

It is not a new, ground-breaking smell, but it is another new oud smell that you should consider if you are in the market of an oud spray with an occidental twist, especially if you, like me, love iris.

RIYL: Hajar by Syed Junaid, Versace Oud Noir, Montale Black Aoud, Khateer by Swiss Arabian...etc.

Aromatics in Black Clinique by Tovah 2016-07-30

Possibly Nicolas Beaulieu?

Euphoria Gold Calvin Klein by EmiliM 2016-07-30

This is so average to me I don't even know what to say about it.
It's sweet. I smell something that I assume was supposed to be honey, but it's so synthetic and generic I would honestly prefer if it was the urin-ey kind. At least it would be interesting.
This is really just sweet, slightly fruity and weak. Nothing that would even remotely represent gold. And nothing that would connect it to the Euphoria line.
I really have nothing more to say than average and completely forgettable, at least for me.

Straight to Heaven, Splash of Lemon By Kilian by Don Fragrancio 2016-07-30

Having been a fan of the original, I thought I would absolutely hate this "splash of lemon" version.

My Initial thoughts were "really...a niche flanker?" And ""what's this? Straight to Heaven Eua Tres Fraiche?"

After trying this I have come away with a much different conclusion....the Lemon should have been there from the very start!
Who would've thought that the simple addition of lemon would take this from a "nice fragrance" to something truly extraordinary.

By Kilian did not to water down the composition as all of the original components are still there. It has lost zero complexity. The splash of lemon only seems to add another layer to that complexity while simultaneously making the composition a bit brighter, and infinitely more versatile.

Original straight to heaven in my opinion came across as very distinguished and incredibly serious the addition of Lemon however has made it more daring and added a bit of confidence, adventure, and sexiness to the overall work.

Unlike previous reviewer's I find the lemon stays around for a good portion of the fragrances becomes more subtle but it remains certainly present

This does NOT however come across as a carefree/simple little summertime version, Eau Tres Fraishe, or a Sports Flanker.

Straight to Heaven SOL has Depth...the Lemon cuts some of the thickness without totally killing its general boozy texture. The woods and booze still come off quite dark but are lightened just enough. The patchouli and cedar mix perfectly and remain ever present with a hint of sweetness that softens it up and rounds it out ever so beautifully.

I could, in truth never go back to wearing the original Straight to Heaven again.
Possibly My favorite By Kilian.

-A truly masculine fragrance that can be worn all year round.
-Although it is fantastic during the day, this one really shines at night.
-Great for both semi formal and formal settings.
-Lasting 6 to 8 hours I get average longevity with slightly above average projection and Silliage.
-Could be a great confidence booster if giving a presentation or meeting but could also be pulled of as a great work scent.

Certainly signature worthy.

My only criticism is, while the bottle is nice, I prefer the black casket presentation.

Character: Mark Hanna played by Matthew Mcconaughey in "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Mysteria Miro by Sanza 2016-07-30

This is an Alien dupe. A very well-done.....

Sun di Gioia Giorgio Armani by Tovah 2016-07-30

Someone sprayed a scent strip and I thought I was smelling Bobbie Brown Beach (which I own). I gravitated toward the tester, and tried it for myself. It's more floral than Beach, and it doesn't smell as much like Coppertone, but it's the same type of gloriously carefree, warm, soothe-the-soul kind of fragrance! I cannot fathom anyone disliking this. It's impossible not to smile when you get a whiff of this sunny delight.

Angel Thierry Mugler by Rinio 2016-07-30

My Goodness, Angel by Thierry Mugler! A perfume that made history. Everybody wanted it in the 90s in Europe and lots of women wore it, even my Mom...haha, it was nothing for her though, loud, offensive, in your face, dirty with too much 80s crazyness leftover in it. I liked it a lot from 92 till 96 then it was just nice and now its a memory scent. Would not dare wearing it in my late 30s. A young hot woman could possibly give it a try and shock some male for sure:)

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum Hermes by interdite 2016-07-30

If you're having trouble keeping simple citrus scents on your skin for more than a few minutes as I do, you may want to give this one a try. I'm usually a big fan of more natural ingredients, but in this case, the blatant synthetic vibe is what makes it a winner in my book. It glows and radiates and is a wonderful contemporary idea of a citrus cologne. Fuzzy, warm, woodsy lemon. Super modern and minimalist. I am not sensing "spices" as I usually know them.
(I have super dry, oil-less skin and if you are the same, you may get similar results)

Opium Parfum Yves Saint Laurent by SuzySchnabel 2016-07-30

Found today minis of the perfume, almost for free...
I won't review Opium as a scent because too much a favorite, can't find right words, except that this is THE BEST 'oriental' EVER. If you don't test this, you miss out BADLY.
Now, the perfume: I love it ( think it's vintage ) ..more then EDP-EDT..and was wearing it today in warm weather, BUT : tonight a lady at the supermarket did not smell this, but my AElixir -leftovers from yesterday + days before !! Just to tell that AE is even stronger then Opium-Perfume ( had showered/changed clothes, but she smelled AE anyway )
Now, Opium....there's no better, it's totally unique, and like I said maybe not the best perfume EVER, but certainly the best ORIENTAL perfume EVER ( today I noticed and appreciated its 'soapy'facet in paticular )
To men I advice not Opium-homme, but ( female) vintage Opium. ( no, it's NOT 'female'..just much BETTER then the 'homme')

Well, Rive Gauche is a masterpiece of gorgeous silage. It really exudes a floral, musky, mellow, woody waft on the air. Lasts ages. Cavallier can really blend those notes! 9.5/10 for me.

Nüwa Roja Dove by Bbjr 2016-07-30

Have the original and reformulated and, yes, they are completely different. Personally, I like the new version much better from a wearability standpoint. The original formula is laden with cumin and spice, and while I like that, it's not something you can comfortably wear outside the house unless you wait 5 or 6 hours.
I think the new version is absolutely fantastic just don't ask me to describe the notes because it's unlike anything else I've smelled. Is it worth the price, well, that's anyone's decision to make but I don't think there's a fragrance on the planet worth that kind of money. I guess it's just a question of how bad you want it. I get by with the 7.5 ml atomizers directly from Roja Dove. So I guess on a per ml basis I am paying the price. The things we do to smell good.

Really comes into its own on those ultra humid hot days in the city, it's a breath of fresh air. Holds well. A citrus rose with green tones, lingers and uplifts.

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by SuzySchnabel 2016-07-30

PS: I can't believe it ! Even happier now, this happened:
After wearing it 3 days in this weather ( yes, it holds..) ..I changed today to Vanilla + Rasberry , and later on to PERFUME-OPIUM ( found today some minis, dead-cheap in a local shop, yes, counting my luck..) ..and had of course changed clothes+showered these days.......and tonight in the supermarket a lady came to me, asking if I was wearing AE !! She smelled me standing 3 m from me and she said : "Ah, my daughter asked me what new scent I 'd like.....but now that I smell THIS, I want again AE !" ...She did not smell Opium, only ( the left-overs of ) AE..unbelievable !

Grand Amour Annick Goutal by Angeldaisy 2016-07-30

EDT (2011):
after reading some the reviews I was very reluctant to try this, but having just scored a vintage extrait of Chamade (of which this has been likened to) on eBay, curiosity got the better of me.

for one, i do not get any of the talked about leather, or "nasty", or civet(??) undertone. there is nothing animalic, fusty or dusty about this perfume. i am a bit confused that this is classed as an oriental???
it is a floral and it is green.
lovely flowers, the kind of flowers that in real life, would intoxicate if presented as a bouquet! but in this, they gently uplift the spirits, like a breeze across a flower garden.

this begins with is a green blast. and i love AG green. this is a green rose to begin.

then immediately after that lily, honeysuckle, hyacinth. a dusting of mimosa.
i love hyacinth, but they are the only flowers in the house that trigger asthma, so to be able to wear this (almost a hyacinth soliflore on me) is personally a real pleasure.

and by the way, i don't think it smells like Chamade Extrait. perhaps just the rose green right at the start for a moment. Chamade is a vintage that is a deeper, darker, curvaceous, Guerlain, which smells of the 1970's to me. of the ladies wearing slinky outfits and skinny eyebrows, turning up to my parent's parties.
Grand Amour is a bright, sunny, green, honeyed (broom) floral.

to summarise: a divine (mostly hyacinth) floral from start to finish, drying down to a beautiful skin scent, a touch sweet, green flowers, with a wisp of myrrh.

Lovely! really lovely.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 22 Chanel by Rebemario 2016-07-30

I wore the original Chanel no 22 in the nineties when it was still in the white bottle. I wasn't quite sold on no 5 or no 19 which I now love. There was something enticing about 22 that just sold me then. Im thinking its the rose note because most of the scents I truly love have some kind of rose in it :) So I was on a desperate search for no 19 edp which for me is so hard to find and by experience I don't trust online shopping so I had to go to the Chanel boutique. I almost passed out, shoes, clothes, purses! They didn't have my no 19 edp in stock but they did have this one. One smell of the nozzle and I was 19 again. Got the pitter patters in my little heart even! Powder, but this amazingly clean powder with masterfully blended rose. I know when I will be wearing this. Of course on special occasions, but also if Im ever feeling down and need a lovely friend to surround me for hours. In short, its absolutely gorgeous, no denying. This is a lifetime love affair...

Tag-Him Armaf by Nostrildamus 2016-07-30

Hmm - have a sample of this, smells great but lasts about half an hour. Armaf make some good budget stuff though, Club de Nuit Intense is far better value for money.

Bvlgari Pour Femme Bvlgari by freddinos 2016-07-30

Review for the eau de parfum: if I could only use two words to describe Bvlgari pour femme they would be 'Sophia Grojsman'. It smells exactly like her creations , unmistakably feminine.
On me it is very peachy-floral-powdery, with the iris dominant and the rose and maybe the violet in the background.
It is surprisingly strong for a Bvlgari, and I find it is more appropriate for cool spring temperatures, might feel too much in hot weather.
Overall, even though I felt overwhelmed from its opening I am in love with the soft, womanly drydown. Would love my little daughters to associate me and our cuddles with it, it's that good. Thank you Sophia❤️

To Be Rebel Police by 2016-07-30

Start- fruity, bubblegum- 1 hour

Finish- lavender, violet, vanilla, musk- 8+ hours

cons- ugly red plastic cap, tester lasts longer than bottle I've bought in the same store

pros- ladies act pretty weird near me when I'm wearing it(in a good way)

Dark Angel Victoria`s Secret by michelle.schlossman 2016-07-30

I agree it smells like Juicy Hollywood Royal. Another VS/Juicy dupe. I didn't like this scent at first because it was more fruity than I expected. After the fruitiness settles it is a nice warm almondy smell. I wish they hadn't discontinued it so fast right when I started to love it!

Si Giorgio Armani by Taliera 2016-07-30

I avoided this perfume for a long time because I had a gripe with the name. Stupid, actually, because this fragrance is breathtakingly beautiful. A bit like La Vie Est Belle… What’s the problem with Si, you ask? Well, back when I was in college, I once took a shower next to a cubicle where somebody was repeatedly moaning Si... let me stress that it was an accidental situation. But it turned me off this otherwise sweet Italian word.

This perfume by Christine Nagel is another winner, a crowd-pleaser, an all-round attractive scent. However, for my own tastes I find it a little too sweet. It opens like cotton candy and watermelon, then quickly becomes peachy and vanillary. It's VERY sweet. I'm surprised more people haven't commented on this, because had it not been marketed towards a middle aged group, I would have guessed teen – young adult.

I CAN appreciate its beauty, and the same “sparkling” effect it has in common with La Vie Est Belle. I like it very much. What I don't like is that it is not innovative in any way, shape or form. As I previously mentioned, it’s a crowd pleaser. Just like a million others that have come out in recent years… La Vie Est Belle, Olympia, Black Opium, Candy, Bon Bon, Jimmi Chew, Valentina Donna, Nina, Flowerbomb, etc. etc. etc.

Now I'm finding it a bit cloying. It never stops being sweet and peachy for me. I can detect other notes, but the sugar and fruits are just in my face. Probably won't be buying this.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice?
Not necessarily!

At least not in this BLACKberry laden fragrance offering. It's sweet alright, but not obnoxiously so. The sweetness is natural, fruity. It lacks the synthetic, intense artificial sweetener sometimes present in fragrances.
The fruitiness is accompanied, by a heavy doses of both vanilla and musk, providing both comfort and something I can't quite put my finger on, but I wouldn't describe it as typical musk "sexy", not even sensuality. It's comfortable and slightly creamy. It doesn't present as warm, more room temperature. The florals are fleeting at best, but I can detect an unlisted pinch of cinnamon. As usual for me, the patchouli grounds all the notes nicely. NOT so usual to me is the overall feel of the combination of vanilla, blackberry, musk, patchouli. Sexy 9 is strangely thick and doughy to my nose. It's what is the most appealing about this fragrance to me. The dough is more reminiscent of pie than a child's play-dough.

Maybe that's by design, something the perfumer cooked up? :)

Honey Demeter Fragrance by artemiss 2016-07-30

I was afraid to try this, so many things claim to smell like 'Honey', but what they really mean is cloyingly sweet flowers with a powder note. I shouldn't have been.
This is very much a true raw honey scent. Smells sexy as all get-out on man or woman. A touch powdery on the drydown and lightly floral on the opening, this pairs very naturally with orange blossom/neroli based scents.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille Guerlain by applestrudle 2016-07-30

I think I adore this

Poison Girl Christian Dior by applestrudle 2016-07-30

Smells like a celebration perfume

Sanguine Keiko Mecheri by julmax 2016-07-30

I am trying a sample today and really like it. Very nice musk, reminds me of Costume Nationale Sheer Scent. Unfortunately, it does not last on me. It's my first experience with Keiko Mecheri, I wonder if it's all like that. I gave up on Jo Malone and Artisan completely because of horrible lasting power on me.

Bonfire Demeter Fragrance by artemiss 2016-07-30

I used to say that someone should make a men's fragrance that left you smelling like you had a fireplace or woodstove, as I always found that scent to be incredibly masculine and sexy. Demeter has done it.
It doesn't open well at all, honestly somewhere between spittoon and pine-scented urinal cake for a few minutes, but once the alcohol dries down, that sweet piney, smoky aroma comes through, and there it is: a big thick sweater and a roaring fire keeping you warm.

Me, Myself & You Helene Fischer by smellhunt 2016-07-30

This one surprised me. I didn't even know that there is a perfume by Helene Fisher and when I saw it at "Douglas"- the equivalent of Sephora in Austria, I had to try it.
Starts fresh-sweet-spicy-bitter chocolate and continues in the same way more or less.
Lasted for about 6 hours on my skin with moderate silage until it became a skin scent.
Very pleasant kind of familiar perfume that I got my self a bottle just because I kept sniffing my wrist...
I think I would really enjoy it and I believe you can wear it at any time.
If you find it, try it!!!

Dark Kiss Bath and Body Works by MrsPress 2016-07-30

This is sweet, but it is not a fruity floral like others have said. It is deep, from smoke, amber and resins. It is sweet from berries and vanilla. It has an animalic tone as well, I suppose from musk. This reminds me of a more expensive fragrance but I can't seem to put my finger on which one it is. This is probably my favorite bbw fragrance ever. It lasts a really long time as well, much longer than fragrances 10X as expensive. With the body cream, you can tell it's definitely a bbw product. However, in the mist and edp you cannot. The packaging used to be really pretty, not so much anymore.

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by lilybelle911 2016-07-30

I love Tommy Girl. A woman I used to work with smelled so lovely and rosy. When I asked her what she wore she said Tommy Girl. Later, someone sent me a bottle of TG in return for a bottle I'd sent her. It's true that Tommy Girl has a very astringent start. The dry down is lovely, though, and it always made me think of summer meadows in bloom. I never used the bottle up and eventually it turned. I have pleasant associations with the fragrance.

Tahiti Island Dream Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Excellent blend of orchid and vanilla, with coconut thrown in for a good measure. Sweet and piquant, one of the more noticeable fragrances from Bath & Body Works. I always got a lot of compliments when I wore it.

Mad About You Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Lovely berry-influenced floral splash. Sweet, sweet, sweet, best in moderate doses! I have used it in my perfume rotation for over a year and still enjoy it thoroughly.

Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Sweet, simple, honest. Could be cloying if applied too heavily, but as a body spray, overwhelming isn't a major concern. Exactly what I think of when I recall sweet pea flowers, no more, no less.

Sparkling Peach Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Quintessential peach!! If you love peach you will probably really love this. It has a slight vanilla/sandalwood effect when dry and worn a bit. I am neutral on peach but have always really enjoyed Bath and Body Work's version!

Lady Noire Bottega Verde by SIPLANTIS 2016-07-30

Yes this is similar to Hypnotic Poison but it has plus Anise.
Anise note is so strong that you can smell Raki (Traditional Turkish Alcohol Drink) . Didn't like it..

French Lavender & Honey Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Different kind of lavender that is not entirely bad, but not entirely great. I like peppery fragrances, for the most part, but came away feeling like lavender and pepper are not a match made in heaven.

Japanese Cherry Blossom 2011 Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

I really don't know why this one is so popular. To me it just smells like someone imagines microwaved cherry blossoms would smell, and not even REAL cherry blossoms, some discount knock-off cherry-like blossom. I don't understand why it is one of Bath & Body Work's top sellers.

Jour d'Hermes Hermes by bren400 2016-07-30

I didn't like IT-AT all! After testing this, I had been trying to pin-point ALL DAY what this reminded me of. I FIIIIIIIIIINALLY GOT IT-TTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! WELLA BALSAM CONDITIONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Kiss Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

To me, this fragrance is far too sweet and overpowering. I think it lacks any real depth. But for such an inexpensive perfume...

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by thenextdream 2016-07-30

This is beautiful. On me it smells like springtime and apple blossom.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

Perfect blend of raspberry and vanilla: the title really says it all. I'm not a huge fan of vanilla OR raspberry, but the way Bath & Body Works does it, they're simple and elegant and could be worn anytime, anywhere, and offend no one's sensibilities.

Emblem Intense Montblanc by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 10/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :8/10
80% day / 20% night fragrance
reminds me a lot of 212 which is magnificent

Hello Sunshine Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

If you love citrus, this is the perfume for you. It is very bright and clean. Excellent example of Bath and Body Works with a lot of apple, aquatic base, no cloying sweetness. I enjoy it but may not buy it again. I like it, but don't love it.

Balenciaga L'Eau Rose Balenciaga by clara14142 2016-07-30

A well crafted rose perfume from a mainstream brand. Evocative, as was mentioned, of dew drenched, wild blackberries growing next to a wild rose bush early on a summer morning that will soon turn into a humid day. The top notes also fade quickly and what's left is a simple blackberry/rose that is not entirely remarkable but nonetheless good quality. You could spritz this many times and it would be impossible to overdo. Someone whose skin tends to "eat" perfumes might not have succees with this. I wear it on the weekend, to church, or if I'm going to be around children. I have tried many rose perfumes and I find this more memorable than say, Chloe or Bvlgari, much quieter than Stella and younger than Hermes. I also like to that I've never smelled it on anyone else.

Sweer Summer Kiss Bath and Body Works by lydiatschappler 2016-07-30

This scent is sweet, floral, and simple. I enjoy it for daytime warm-weather use, but I probably won't buy it again because it doesn't stand out and, like all Bath & Body Works perfumes, does not last long.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by James99 2016-07-30

There is a reason this is a best's smells really amazing!turn the tv on and there is an Ad for it.I was a baby when this came out back in 1996 and I never tried it when I got older. It was this past January in New England winter when this guy walked past me wearing this in college and it left a nice scent trail,it was cold and snow on the ground! That moment sold me. This is an all season fragrance,in freezing cold,rainy spring,humid summer and cool in the fall. Will be buying this in time for school and it will be my signature scent for school. Of course, most dislike it because it's too common but because it's a really good classic that people enjoy 20yrs later not many others the same can be said.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by thenextdream 2016-07-30

This perfume is like some sort of Frankenstein monster. I avoid it like a plague. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love sweet scents and adore Flowerbomb and Angel, but... There's something industrial and plastic about La Vie Est Belle and all Lancome perfumes lately, I'm not even sure if they are healthy enough to be used on skin.

McQueen Eau de Parfum Alexander McQueen by auroramaria 2016-07-30

Available in Italy at Douglas stores but only on line, I'm tempted to blind buy but even though I can roughly imagine what it smells like for the price it would be great to test it first

Crush Victoria`s Secret by caitrun 2016-07-30

Now I have only worn it once thus far and have the rollerball, but I will be honest, this is just a like for me. Normally, if I am generous with my rollerball application I have no problem with silliage and longevity with VS perfumes. I am an avid VS perfume collector and do not think that VS has weak or cheap perfumes. It might have just been my nose that day, but I felt like this one wasn't lasting on me. I will update if I find that this opinion changes.

As far as the smell, it is very similar to several other releases, Dream Angles Heavenly Kiss, Dream Angles Blush and I suppose a bit similar to Bombshell, though only in that it is fresh. The peony is quiet pronounced giving off a rosey aroma. If you like rose and fresh scents, this is a safe buy. Nothing mind blowing or seductive, just pretty and safe. Certainly not one of my favorites, but only because it is so tame and safe.

Dzing! L`Artisan Parfumeur by Betsywoolbright 2016-07-30

That is so interesting, as it is so sweet on me, that it is literally sticky on my skin. It is medicinal, caramel apple, and slightly leather. Then all but the caramel apple fades after an hour or so.
Nice scent, but no sillage.
The performance is so strange, that I rarely wear this, even though I like it pretty well. It just acts weird for me.

Neroli Portofino Forte Tom Ford by landshark321 2016-07-30

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte is the answer to those critics of neroli-dominant fragrances, including the original Neroli Portofino, that are concerned that performance is weak or that the scent itself is simply too light-smelling, or even too soapy. Neroli Portofino Forte address both concerns: it performs better (I usually get 8-10 hours, not bad) but more so, the scent is more well-rounded.

Involving not only an opening of bergamot, but also a dry down invoking leather, woods, and musk, the signature neroli is complemented by notes that it make it neither sharply soapy nor disappearingly airy.

Again, performance is definitely an improvement from The original NP though it's not as strong as many of the flagship Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances like Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir, and Amber Absolute. NPF won't likely veer into the 16+ hour range by accident. Still, even for the added price (the 50ml/100ml/250ml pricing for NFP is currently $290/$400/$710 contra the standard Private Blend pricing of $225/$305/$595), the performance is sufficiently improved and he scent is significantly improved to make it worthwhile and a valued warm weather option of my collection. It also works as a comfort scent, relaxing in the most casual of environments. Really a superb accomplishment, and probably would be even more popular were it not for the price hike. Perhaps among my couple favorite fragrances for warm weather wear.

9 out of 10

Sikkim Girls Lush by Babygia 2016-07-30

Magical, sultry and bewitching delight. I never had such beatiful jasmine scent. Srong and sensual, amazing , enormous sillage and longevity.
First- jasmine cloud 9. This jasmine keynote lingers throuh all stages of the scent changes , then the sweet frangipani hits in, fast following by beatiful tuberose. All the beauties are adorned with soft but yummy natural vanilla , making the stron flower scent sensual, sexy and cuddly.
Pure exotic delight from magical far - away land.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by James99 2016-07-30

Now I understand all the dislikes, here the cinnamon is more like a cheap bubble gum,the bubble gum you buy for few cents. This is definitely not high quality and it's very juvenile. The best alternative is Spicebomb,it has the bubble gum vibe from cinnamon but it's high quality together with pink pepper.

Musk Al Ghazal Al Haramain Perfumes by qasimsheikh 2016-07-30

Exact notes got from al haramain website.

Top note: Aldehyde, Raspberry
Middle note: Rose, Geranium, Orris, Jasmine
Base note: Musk, Leather, Sandalwood

Dzing! L`Artisan Parfumeur by Martin__ 2016-07-30

Maybe it's just me but I can't get any, not even a single hint of sweetness coming out form Dzing!

To me this is dirty, spicy leather, with a little animalic twist.

And what is most amazing, when I smelled Dzing! for the very first time, I already knew I'm familiar with this scent.

This, I dare to say, is a predecessor, an ancestor of Rance L'Aigle de la Victoire. The same type of leather, the same type of musk in the same spicy-animalic "sauce". The only difference is that Dzing! is a little more subtle and less bold. Beautiful however.

Longevity is 9hours, sillage is small to moderate.

Beautiful, unisex leather.

This smells nice, fresh, citrusy but not much projection or longevity. As the Ad shows, you wear this when dressed up.

L'Eau de Chloe Chloe by Tussa 2016-07-30

I really do love Chloe, so this one was logical choice. To me, they are so alike, but different character. L'Eau de Chloe is more fresh and crispy with touch of citrus, but in the same time keeps that soapy luxury gentle powdery feeling. I was wondering if there is a sense of having both of them, but I simply couldn't gave up neither.
For me they are just perfect, with good longevity and silage, worth of every penny.
I am not a great fun of rose notes and happy to say, can not feel it here. But all notes are so well balanced and can not highlight any of them, nothing to stands out, nothing loud. It is safe office scent and also great for dinner time out. Warm in winter and gentle in summer, simply all year around for all occasions.
I think if it is labeled with Chanel brand, it would get higher rating.

Love Spell Victoria`s Secret by thenextdream 2016-07-30

I have always belonged to Pure Seduction squad, used gallons of body mists every summer and dissed Love Spell for being "too sharp". This summer I was checking all mists and for no reason sprayed Love Spell on back of my hand and again agreed in my mind it stinks. Suddenly I hear "What is that?" Lady next to me was asking what I just have used. I gave her to smell my hand and showed the bottle. "Oh my! That is nice!". Okay, I thought...I purchased that body mist and you know what? I have purchased compliment magnet. Seriously, people tend to like it. Now after few weeks of constant use it reminds me Ralph by R.Lauren, maybe because of apple note.

Rochas Man Rochas by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
100% night fragrance
reminds me of givenchy play intense

First Van Cleef & Arpels by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 8/10
sillage : 9/10
longevity :8/10
60% day / 40% night fragrance
old-school, soapy fragrance

Pop Stella McCartney by thenextdream 2016-07-30

Something makes it smell like original Juicy Couture gone bad. And it wasn't bad tester, I have tested in all shops and that sharp expired perfume stink is big part of it. Even though initial notes reminded Gucci Bamboo and I expected it to be follower of that "fresh, no fuss, no sugar" trend but it kinda failed. Pop failed to be hit on my list.

Alien Thierry Mugler by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 7/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :9/10
100% night fragrance

Aventus for Her Creed by spidola 2016-07-30

Very pleasant fresh fruity floral with a good longevity and without evolution.... recalls so much D&G Light Blue,that I'll not add anything else :-)...

F by Ferragamo Black Salvatore Ferragamo by Anabol2336 2016-07-30

Since La Nuit has been reformulated the quality has degenerated quite a bit. Therefore La Nuit fans should give this wonderful fragrance a try. It certainly out performs the reformulated La Nuit for less than half the price.

Suivez-Moi Fragonard by saintlunaire 2016-07-30

Real pyramide :
top notes : lavender, pineapple
heart notes : orange, lily of the valley, iris
bottom notes : amber, musk, vanilla

Goode value for money : a mixe of Jaipur Boucheron and Lempicka au masculin (i dont know how the combo iris amber sounds like licorice).

Artisan John Varvatos by rakan1985 2016-07-30

scent : 8/10
sillage : 6/10
longevity :6/10
100% day fragrance

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by thenextdream 2016-07-30

This is throwback in time for me, extremely alike to Magnetism by Escada. Flowerbomb is softer, but contains same lollipop scent. Lovely - that word comes to my mind when I wear it.

Shalimar Eau de Parfum 2009 Guerlain by MrsPress 2016-07-30

This review is for Shalimar edp concentration. I did not like Shalimar at all until fairly recently. All my life I've heard of the legendary Shalimar. Over the years I would go to the perfume counter and either sniff the spritzer or test it on a paper strip, not being brave enough to spray it on my skin. Each time I can clearly recall my reaction of "that is horrible! Why would anyone buy that?" Years later after learning some things about fragrance, I ordered a sample. When I got it in the mail it took me a couple of days to work up the nerve to actually spray it on. When I finally did, the first few minutes where bad, I mean really bad. I had to restrain myself from jumping in the shower and trying to scrub it off. I'm glad I found the restraint that day, because about 7-10 minutes in I was in love! I am now obsessed with Shalimar! This is the most beautiful fragrance I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I now even enjoy the opening, I suppose because I know what comes next. The opening can be a little harsh and somewhat medicinal, but it does not last long. The heart of this fragrance is pure being in a cloud of hazy, hot sexiness. The dry down is still sensual but in a cozy, comforting way. Like being snuggled up in a blanket with someone you dearly love. Now that I have experienced Shalimar, I cannot imagine not having it in my collection!

*side note* the notes listed above are not all of the notes in the edp. Also, as another person said, the juice in this bottle is the same as the regular edp, the bottle is just different.

English Pear & Freesia Jo Malone by firsttime 2016-07-30

This one id so unique. And in my opinion, this one is a signature for Jo Malone ( like Gucci has Rush or Chanel has No.5 ) this scent is so angelic, luxury and tender vulnerable.

Imagin for a white theme wedding in the winter garden, that's all my description.

It's sillage so strong, high longevity and beautiful projection.


Confetto Profumum Roma by Madrona 2016-07-30

This is going to sound horrible but on me this smells like old orange peels that have been sitting in the trashcan for some time. Being a massive fan of Hypnotic Poison I had high hopes for this, but it just doesn't work for me.

EDIT: Two hours of walking in the rain wearing my synthetic leather jacket later the shriveled orange peels have dissipated leaving something vaguely vanillic and almondy in the borderlands between Dior Hypnotic Poison and Reminiscence Dragée. Not bad, but practically a skin scent.

I do like this, but since smelling more fragrances I've kind of lost the initial love that I had for it. It is very clean, with a freshly-washed linen scent to it (reminds me of some kind of detergent). I also get this cleaning product smell/vibe with Lacoste Challenge - hmm, something about the brand going on there. Anyway yeah it's okay but not as amazing as I first thought. I think it's very average now.

Scent: 5/10
Projection: 5/10
Longevity: 5/10

Encre Noire Lalique by samuelgustav 2016-07-30

A really earthy and dirty vetiver with a touch of ink feel, like an winter walk on a dark forest, I don't like the smell but it's indeed a wonderful composition, almost like art.

A friend of mine described the smell like this "It's like i'm in a factory full os chemicals and someone brings me a glass of orange juice, but not a fresh orange juice, more like it has started to rotten" for some reason I think it's a pretty good description of it.

I can see this beautifully in a person with the right personality, I can see a writer (the type of moody artist, deep in thoughts) wearing this.

Dirty Lush by starassist 2016-07-30

quite simply, the WORST thing I've ever smelled. weird. disgusting. cheap. odd. the definition of a scrubber. fail.

This starts with a strong rose soap scent and gets very leathery later. I imagine that some women would like this one.
I think it's probably too floral and feminine to wear on it's own, but it gives Antaeus the boost it needs. For anyone who likes strong, heavy fragrances this is a great ingredient for layering.
Difficult to find in the UK. I've seen it twice in TKmaxx in six months.

Love this bottle

Verveine Cedrat Jeanne en Provence by CinnamonRose 2016-07-30

Really nice! A simple but sophisticated composition. A very true scent of verbena. Enchanting sillage, one that immediately stimulates your brain to release dopamine.
And one of those cases where you can't believe the quality for the price.

Carven Couture Carven by nvenus 2016-07-30

What does the bottle look like?

Summer Rock! Sweet Candy Shakira by nvenus 2016-07-30

Omg, I want to try this!

Si Le Parfum Giorgio Armani by FabulouslyLazy 2016-07-30

I have high hopes on Sì Le Parfum because I love the line and I am looking for a great, non-overpowering incense. Except for a tricky sample, Sì — the one in the bottle — has never been too sweet on my skin, and the incense note could enhance this aromatic/balsamic vibe of the fragrance. I guess it must be an extrait...and cannot believe the judgements on the pyramid above till it will hit the shelves next September!

CK One Calvin Klein by miza norizan 2016-07-30

yes, i remembered the scent on many of my male friends. And i know they said it is unisex but i don't find any female smells sexy wearing this scent.

i got the trial vials for free when purchasing other fragrance (the counter give one at random, we don't get to choose), i tried it on, and as i said, it reminds me of many of my male friends.

it does smell good. on a guy.

i dont think i will wear this, anyway.

Santal L`Artisan Parfumeur by Majja67 2016-07-30

Well well, finally Santal has join the other L'Artisans! I recently found a bottle on Ebay for a good price. It's the softest of the softest of all soft L'Artisans, the scent is almost not there but it stays quite a long time though! Starts with a bit dirty note but when i warms up it becomes a bit sweeter. As it is soo soo weak i have not decided yet if i like it or not. Only i can say is that is virtually impossible to overspray..

Dirty Lush by zombieldehyde 2016-07-30

It is either a men's product, or a toothpaste of sort comes to mind when I smelled this fragrance. Blame it on 'mint' as a common ingredient in toothpaste. Not a good fragrance if you don't want to smell like toothpaste

Scent of a Dream Charlotte Tilbury by katemax 2016-07-30

I got a sample of this and I can't get past the patchouli. Does me in everytime. It's the sort of patchouli that is in everything lately and when I smell it on others I find it repellent

Vetiver Royale Absolute Perry Ellis by Eyeteach 2016-07-30

It reminds me a little of Off bug spray. This is definitely a fragrance that fades into a skin scent pretty quickly. Not in my top picks.

Pink Tonic Azzaro by Southern Blonde 2016-07-30

Pink Tonic is so delicious and pretty. It makes me think of a pink colored magnolia flower and somehow made into a juice you can drink. It's got little slices of fruit: grapes AND grapefruit, yuzu. It's not very tropical but it has a slightly fruited scent. It's enjoyable and easy to wear even if you are not into fruit scents. The magnolia is gorgeous. It also has a sweet peony that is like a little rose or powdery rose. Very pink like the name suggests. A pink rosebud. The vanilla in the dry down is what I get from the base notes. Pretty good vanilla. I love this fragrance. It's subtle soft and inoffensive, girly, feminine and cozy. I wear this to bed and with my lingerie. It's not sexy just comfortable and very relaxing/soothing/therapeutic.

After all it is a tonic.

Oriens Van Cleef & Arpels by polkadot27 2016-07-30

I own this and I have a love hate relationship with it. But right now I am loving it. It is sweet, but spicy sweet thanks to the patchouli. It is a grown up fragrance. It smells menthol and balmy on my skin. I detect beauifully blended patchouli with praline topped with strawberries and raspberries, doused in blackcurrant juice. It has a warm feel to it, which makes me think it has an amber like base. It is balmy menthol spicy sweet thats how i would describe it, the patchouli blended with the praline gives it a nutty/woody vibe. I like it, it definitely isn't boring!

Projection is very weak for me though, it is a skin scent though it does last a long time.

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