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La Panthere Legere Cartier by Protilde 2015-10-07

I had never tried La Panthere, because it suggested me something heavy and cloying... but, to my surprise, this one is really clean, fresh, absolutely beautiful! One more to my wish list.

Vanilla Flash Tauer Perfumes by jays786 2015-10-07

First where is the cinnamon on the notes above because this fragrance has a big amount of cinnamon in it... and yes it definitely shares some similarities to TF TV...

I'm not a big fan of TF TV never have and never will be... that's just my taste and opinion.

Vanilla flash is definitely a more easier to wear and versatile scent.

I don't love it but I do like it so I'm glad I only bought a 10ml rollon size which I will keep.

Play It Wild for Her Playboy by Protilde 2015-10-07

I enjoy trying frags when I go to the mall or supermarket, because sometimes I find beautiful jewels at a really low prize. But this is not one of them... terribly sweet, cloying, and synthetic, at least on my skin. Never again.

Pleasures Florals Estée Lauder by rosemacaron 2015-10-07

I love Chloé and I LOVE this, but I do not find them similar at all! While Chloé is a clean, slightly cold and elegant rose, Pleasures Florals is a sweet, bubbly and effervescent floral. "Florals" is extremely pleasing and feminine; neither too citrusy nor too floral and very youthful.

I want to wear this in the spring with a flowing lace dress and flowers laced in my hair, just like in the beautiful ad. When I first smelled this, I immediately thought that it is what a fairy would smell like. Not just any fairy, but the fairy princess who sleeps ensconced inside a fragrant ivory rose as if in the top of a thorny tower. It makes me imagine very sweet things and brings out my nymphish glee :)

Ambra Nobile Nobile 1942 by Mona-Jo 2015-10-07

I read somewhere it's not Amber that's in this, it's Amber Gris

Reveal Calvin Klein by zapling 2015-10-07

Typical CK thing to make a feminine scent that I find distinctively masculine. It reminds me a little bit of Roma in that there's a peppery fresh top note. but it gets down really woody and and sea-rock like.

I concur 100% with Gigi the Fashionista's friends. I bought this blind and was shocked when I sprayed it on myself - pure lemon furniture polish. I was quite amused to see my very first thought echoed in the first review I read. Disappointing fragrance. Gorgeous bottle though.

Jazz Yves Saint Laurent by cytherian 2015-10-07

Indeed, a fresh fougere it certainly is! Must be something with the lime note that works so well.

(My bottle is vintage, with the opaque black & white plastic shell)

This has a lot of notes in common with Tsar. And... well, I do not care for Tsar (too soapy). Jazz is "just right". I thought perhaps I just didn't care for the lavender, coriander, nutmeg, artemisia, and oakmoss accord. But Jazz somehow mixes things up a bit differently. It reminds me a little of Gucci Nobile, a favorite.

The Prestige version is even better, with heaps of sandalwood. But wow... basic Jazz is great too. You can definitely have both in your wardrobe and not feel like you've got duplicates.

Attraction Avon by dormir6 2015-10-07

Beside Today this one is the next real hit from Avon. Not tipical Avon smell, God bless! Beautiful, warm, light spicy, a little bit smokey. Like a refreshing, tasetfull cup of spicy tea with a hint of honey in the beginnig of chilly automn. Golden light. Comfort fragrance still sexy. A big hit!!!!!
Reminds me of L'Artisan Tea for two or Bvlgari Red tea.

Adidas Sport Field Adidas by udrako 2015-10-07

Reminde me brazilian north wind too, but with many more longevity e sillage.

Pour Monsieur Chanel by guerlainfreak 2015-10-07

A masterpiece. The classic of clássics of French perfumery along with eau sauvage and eau de guerlain in mi opinion. The smell of understated elegance, discreet sophistication and old money. An anacrhronism in today's age of flashiness and bad taste.

Coco Eau de Parfum Chanel by arrode 2015-10-07

Coco EDP is probably my favorite Chanel. I have been wearing this one all day and I couldn't remember what it reminded me of until it hit me. There's a warm, fuzziness about this fragrance that reminds me of the smell of Bounce dryer sheets after they've tumbled through the dryer. Dryer sheets have a little more floral of a note, but they are on the same vein of smell. Does anyone else get this feeling from this fragrance?

Edit: I'm glad other people feel the same way about this fragrance! Thought I was the only one.

Toy Moschino by mirisfrik 2015-10-07

The bear is absolute adorable. The fragrance itself is nice, wearable, safe and longlasting. Who likes CK One, will also love this one.
The only downside is the price. With almost 100€ for 50ml bottle, I doubt it will be added to my collection:(

Charm Rose Intense Thomas Sabo by LisaMari 2015-10-07

This is definitely a dark, musty rose, not sharp but not really sweet at all imo. It opens very softly with powdery rose, peach and a very sour note which I think is supposed to be coconut milk. That's the note I was most looking forward to and most disappointed by - I think real coconut milk is much sweeter and fresher than this.. its a very faint musty coconut, just vaguely milky. The rose fades a bit and then there's just this sour skanky masculine note.. it reminds me a lot of a tamed down version Pierre Balmin Ambregris.. which a lot of people find comforting. The sillage is too soft to be offensive

Polo Ralph Lauren by skiadero93 2015-10-07

Quite possibly the most disgusting putrid smells I have smelled across the board. Smell's like my dead great grandfather's cold damp basement with mothballs everywhere. This crap should have stayed in the 70s where it belongs. I don't even know how anyone can buy this!

L'Eau de Navigateur is completely crazy. A vivid olfactory image. A great 1982 offering by Jean Laporte. Ahead of the time then, and now somehow stuck in space-time continuum. Synthetic at the moments, transparent and dense at the same time. It's hard to describe.
A lot's going on here... spices, coffee, leather, tobacco, a bouquet of flowers, resins, incense... The notes hard to imagine together are successfully combined. The work of a genius.
I can easily imagine it on a man in a white suit on some Caribbean island, drinking his first morning coffee and smoking cigarillos while reading the newspapers about last night's coup.
It perfectly describes the small, but important rituals of life. L'Artisan please bring this beauty back.

Rating: joyful ****

Flowerhead Byredo by cristinaeeee 2015-10-07

Wow! What is this heavenly floral creation? So gorgeous and ethereal! Truly floral, lots of jasmine and tuberose but very clean and smooth with natural sweetness of the flowers, no sugar added. My eyes could roll to the back of my head with this innocent yet sensual scent from Byredo. It's going straight to my top shelf favorite!

Hidden Fantasy Britney Spears by lovealwaysalisa 2015-10-07

Saw this on clearance for $5 at my local TJMaxx. After seeing this in so many fellow perfume lovers perfume collections, I decided to buy it and try it out. I was initially turned off because I saw that it had orange notes, which I'm not fond of but once I sprayed it on, it was actually Very nice! The orange is blended with spices and woods and then there is a vanilla/cake note that turns this into another yummy edible Fantasy. This smells like a great fall casual scent. I even picture this worn for maybe the Thanksgiving holiday because it reminds of an orange spice cake or something you'd eat for Its quite sweet but it is more complex in my opinion than her original Fantasy.
Sillage is moderate, longevity on me is maybe 3-5 hrs depending on how much i spray and where. Another successful blind buy. :)

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by KLAC91 2015-10-07

Terre D'Hermes:
A few yeas ago (2009) when I graduated from high school, as a gift from my parents, I went on vacation all over Asia. And while I was at Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport, waiting for my flight, I had a couple hours to kill so I was roaming their tiny duty free area huffing and puffing every friggin bottle that caught my attention. That's where I saw this heavy, slightly orange bottle. I sniffed it and automatically dismissed it as a 'nice citrus scent' but sprayed it on my wrist anyways. I then boarded my flight to Korea. 11 hours later when I landed in Seoul, if you haven't been there, Incheon is probably one of the biggest airports in the world, so it wasn't easy trying to find the Hermes store. I found myself hunting down a bottle of this juice because this thing, smells AMAZING! It's citrusy at the top, and then becomes extremely woody at the base and I just had to have it! And throughtout my entire trip, this is what I wore. I just could not bring myself to wear anything else. It's both energizing with the zingy citrus top and calming with the deep woods and benzion at the base. It reminded me of home while I was away. It smells like a damp coniferous forrest floor to me with the woods and moss. This is what spring mornings in the Pacific Northwest smells like. Drinking your orange juice and the cool breeze from the outside has picked up the smell of the woods and moss, all wet from last night's rain. It was like having a piece of home with me whenever I felt lonely during my two month long trip. I still have a little bit left of that 3.4oz bottle that I bought in Korea. I don't wear it anymore, but still smell it from the bottle from time to time just to remind me of those times. Terre D'Hermes will forever remind of those carefree days I spent in Asia. Beautiful scent.

Side note: I noticed that in hot, tropical weather, the citrus here come out a lot more. In cold, dry weather, the woody notes become more prominent.

Fresh Couture Moschino by Wassim Gharbi 2015-10-07

The only thing I can say is... W...T...F...???
Only Jeremy Scott can create a bottle like this!
This is the weirdest and craziest perfume bottle I ever seen!

Lierre Rose Parfums 06130 by Dierre 2015-10-07

Lierre Rose is not the typical run-of-the-mill rose fragrance, but rather a perfume that is complex and interesting from the initial spray to the ending of its base. I have had a tester that I finally got around to trying, and now I would be very happy to have a full bottle to add to my fragrance wardrobe.

For me, the roses and white flora are what I would describe as "green." The notes smell as if I were in a flower garden adorned with dew early in the morning. I like tuberose and ylang-ylang but I truly appreciate them in Lierre Rose's opening; they are in smooth harmony with the rest of the notes. The top notes smell fresh and clean without any sharpness.

The middles notes continue with the scent of more flora, but this is where I really pick up on the gentle spiciness of the cardamom. And it is just enough to add additional interest to the white flora, and is quite pleasing.

The dry down is delightful. The best way I can describe it would be to say that there is a lingering smoothness with Lierre Rose that stays mature until it's ending.

I enjoy wearing Lierre Rose. It is feminine, smooth, a bit mysterious, and totally appropriate to wear at any time.

It bugs me that it's the only one from the Cruise Collection not classified under a certain scent group. Is it an aromatic fruity scent like Cassiano mentioned in the the previous comment?

Bois D`argent Christian Dior by weasley 2015-10-07

This is the only perfume that has been too weak on me. I'm that kind of person that only needs one spray usually, and sometimes that is even too much for me. But with this one I applied plenty, and still I can only smell it if i put my nose close to my skin. I don't know what happened here.

What I do smell up close is a watered down myrrh with a tiny hint of something green. I imagine it can be quite lovely if you can actually smell in on your skin. Sadly not for me.

Bandit Robert Piguet by ladykarl 2015-10-07

Trying on Bandit today made me realize why I waited so long to try it on,
I must have smelled it here and there and kept a note in the back of my mind-
'You know what this is'

It's really just at the beginning but it reminds me of travel sickness
That kinda nervous queazy unease of being in an environment that is set to fill a very specific purpose, sitting in a public chair (an airplane before it gets ready to take off) thinking about all spills and flakes of skin that were left by those before you, and the cleaners that were used to give the impression that it never happened and has been sterilized-
that you are the first and only to sit in the seat and have this experience
Once they feed you, you feel a little better because you stop thinking about what is going on--
feed me bandit !

Waterlily Sun Aerin Lauder by rachel.chel 2015-10-07

This perfume does not at all live up to its lively description -- or if it does, it does so in the way a Yankee candle or air freshener smells like its description.

Cheap and a bit tacky, this is best suited for someone used to mass produced scents. I really wanted to like this as a casual, "clean," easy to wear scent, but I just can't get behind it :(

I'll probably give it away to a young woman or teenager. It's pleasant enough, but not at all refined or sophisticated.

One of the best chypre perfumes of all time.If you are into woody fresh aromas ,then you should try this.The first and best(IMO)offering from the fragrantline of the italian house.

Ferre for man may starts very fresh due to the mandarin note but turns quickly sour and bitter before tobacco and oakmoss dominate the whole composition. FFM is also slightly sweet only a little bit ,just to balance the bitter and dusty notes.The presence of Vetiver - Oakmoss and patchouli(the typical trio that may someone find in Chypre compositions) can also be detected while the perfume dries down.

In general i'm very excited with the fragrantline of the italian fashion house cause Ferre have produced many remarkable perfumes (like Pontaccio 21,Bergamoto Marino,Bluemusk, etc..) and this one is no exception.BUT, if i had to choose between them i would easily pick this one because FFM lasts long ,is mature and above all is complex,cause all of the elements have artistically blended to produce a wonderful sonnet of floral ,woody an hesperoid notes.

Classic and elegant in the italian style.BRAVO!

Toy Moschino by Ambergris Intoxication 2015-10-07


Remember... anyone?

This is bizarre but when I was like 13 I carried around a tiny stuffed rabbit with that FUGAZI shirt I made for it. It was a good luck charm and it earned me no end of ridicule by my peers. Now I see this teddy? With that shirt!? FREAKY!

After taking paper samples, I had this one my want list. Until yesterday that is. I gave it a more proper test. I liked the opening, as it has the cozy sweetness of Fancy, but lighter. My problem is the dry down: the descriptions here is accurate- it's citrusy. I like my base notes to be rich and deep. This one smelled like Davidoff's Cool Water on me which is weird and not what I was expecting.. Not the worst scent in the world, just not what I want. Longevity is less than impressive.

Prada Candy Prada by Fabulous Kevin 2015-10-07

After testing this one i thought "deja vu" (familiar) and it smelled exactly like Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix, kinda sweet and dark but weaker.

Guilty Pour Homme Gucci by SniffSniff83 2015-10-07

Cool bottle.

Nautica Voyage Nautica by kcurtin90 2015-10-07

Fresh citrus fragrance. The ladies in my office commented on it being a great fragrance. One even asked what it was so she could get it for her husband. Amazing summer scent. I love it.

Halston Z14 Halston by sam ldh 2015-10-07

Its true calibre is evident from the simple fact that it is an immediately recognizable scent like Brut, Quorum, Antaeus etc., how many perfumes can you name that have similarly distinct personalities and are released within 2005-2015? None-at-all, actually!
This is still one of the best drug-store perfumes out there , and a cologne which is still a classy powerhouse with a distinctive fragrance and a
nostalgic retro-vibe which surprisingly doesn't push Halston-Z-14 into the "dated-scent" territory, because it smells indubitably contemporary and "updated" instead of "dated" despite of all the decades behind it!

Alongside Quorum, Giorgio Beverly Hills Red, Halston-Z-14 is my most appreciated (& most worn) drug-store cologne.
A member of a time when you were given what you had paid for, not like today's scenario when most companies lie through their teeth regarding the quality of their products and make you buy stuff (particularly perfumes) by glamorous advertizing and tall claims,stuff which invariably fails you by falling short off your expected performance-mostly longevity and sillage.
This one is "clean n green" leather scent which is fresh, warm and sexy in an
understated manner! All classic-perfume lovers would be pleased with this one, just make sure the box "does" mention either Oakmoss (Evernia-prunasti) or Treemoss (Evernia-furfuracia) on the listed ingredients.

Certainly recommended.

Gudluck &
Sam Singer

Fresh Couture Moschino by Ambergris Intoxication 2015-10-07

There probably asking too much $ but I love the bottle! It's so camp, kitch, punk and a lot of other outdated adjective. It's so sad that I have to live in such a dull and cynical time.

Fresh Couture Moschino by michael.j 2015-10-07

This might have been transgressive 30 years ago, but it is inert in today's commodity and media landscape of extremes, a relic of an outdated cultural politics. Moreover, I am doubtful Franco Moschino would have approved of it; its message is too obvious. Jeremy Scott's stewardship of the House of Moschino is altogether too literal. Franco Moschino's social commentary through the manipulation of the signs and symbols of popular culture and global consumerism was a great deal more subtle than Scott's ham-handed conceptual grammar. Scott's reach exceeds his grasp. None of this matters, of course, as long as the cash is rolling in.

Carven Le Parfum Carven by becuille 2015-10-07

Really lovely. If the phrase 'fruity floral' makes you want to run for the hills, don't run so fast away from this one. It's a very restrained, well-blended and mature take on the fruity floral genre.

It opens with a very soft, watery apricot then soon becomes a gorgeous jasmine and ylang-ylang frag. Sweet pea is a note I'm only vaguely familiar with so I don't feel I know enough about it to comment on that. I assume it's the slightly sweet green that runs through this, and if so, it's lovely.

I think the comparisons to Miss Dior are fair, but I don't see this as like it so much as it's MD's quieter older sister.

It's fairly linear on me, with moderate sillage and around 6-7 hours longevity. FB worthy in my book.

Aquae Nobilis Profumum Roma by atlaseetschristmas 2015-10-07

Aquae Nobilis- the quality of the ingredients and the blending here are both absolutely superb. It's soapy, but simultaneously organic, scratchy, and earthy. The contrast between the fresh cleanliness and the slightly dirty earthiness is absolutely memorable.

The vetiver is nutty and natural (think Chanel's Sycomore, but slightly cleaner), the wormwood adds a lovely forest green component, and the geranium adds a sweet, mildly citric freshness that gives the opening a borderline camphorous, minty-but-not-quite vibe. It sweetens up in the drydown, but it retains a sort of rooty scratchiness that feels perfectly unisex, and impressively distinctive,

I wish I didn't love this so much, because I'm gonna have to pick up a bottle. As much as I enjoy a dirty, salty vetiver It's nice to put my nose on something a little cleaner and more outwardly pleasant. The quality is apparent in the performance, lasting easily over 24 hours and projecting quite a bit.

Extatic Pierre Balmain by becuille 2015-10-07

Extremely syrupy opening. I get pear, syrup and sugar. It's far too sweet for me. Some of my favourite perfumes are sweet ones, but this is just too much.

The chocolate note isn't wonderful. I like chocolate as a note in perfumes. I think it can make for a really interesting addition. But this one smells like really cheap, nasty chocolate. You know when you were a kid at Easter and there was always some friend of your parents who obviously only remembered to bring you something at the last minute so it was one of those cheap no-name Easter Eggs because that's all that was left on the shelf? That's what the chocolate here smells like.

That's about all there is to this - fruity syrup and cheap chocolate.

It could have been an amazing perfume in better hands, but as it is now, it strikes me as one that highlights the problems in today's perfume industry: it's been quickly and cheaply put together for mass appeal. A board of directors somewhere have sat down and said "You know how Black Orchid made a ton of cash? Let's do chocolate and get our share of that money". And then they've kept sending it back to be reformulated until it lost anything interesting about it.

It could have been great, but sadly, it's not.

Oh, and I have no idea why it's being called an Oriental because nothing about it remotely qualifies.

Montana Parfum d'Homme Montana by BriantheFragranceNewb 2015-10-07

My very quick initial impression is that this does indeed smell VERY similar to Aramis Havana. Very nice, masculine scent. I will actually compare these side-by-side soon, so I will try to report back.

UPDATE: Just wanted to add that I do realize that Montana came first, so it's actually Havana that smells very similar to Montana. Plus, they rhyme! Haha.

Daytona 10 Panama 1924 by Colin Maillard 2015-10-07

A guilty pleasure for me. Boellis is a traditional shaving/grooming brand based in Italy, finally really connected to an actual historical boutique and an actual Boellis family, the current owner being an actual skilled and renowned barber. Now, obviously this means nothing as regards of their perfume range since they are not producing the scents themselves and rather just sold the license to a production and distribution company based in Milan (Profumitalia); but at least, the brand is honest and doesn’t need to boost its image and mock customers’ intelligence with made-up nonsense. And the fragrances seem reflecting that attitude actually, since the ones I tried seemed all as much unpretentious as quite solid. Maybe unremarkably, if not mediocrely good, but still (almost) worthy the price tag if you are into non-groundbreaking, non-luxury, but nice, well-made, compelling and slightly designer-oriented stuff with a refined old school, typically “Italian” twist.

Now, Daytona is a fresh, elegant, comforting, maybe slightly dull but totally competent leafy-zesty-woody scent with a metallic fruity twist bearing quite a clear resemblance to Creed Aventus, with some key differences for me (besides the elephant in the room – the price tag). There is surely a tiny bit of that same department store feel, the dihydromicernol-driven kind of pungent-metallic-aquatic citrus-fruity note blending with dry, musky, ambroxan-infused and again quite “mainstream” crisp woods; but there’s no pineapple first, less cassis-driven fruitiness, and there’s more musky smokiness with a cozy minty-lavender accent and some more nondescript “grassy” feel, which seems connecting Daytona more tightly to the old school aromatic-green fougères tradition, making it smell a bit more barbershop-oriented, more distinguished and more mature than Aventus. And overall, aside from the notes, Daytona smells also more breezy, more smooth, and surprisingly more natural than that in my opinion. Still that’s the ballpark, so nothing really new; but if you feel something like that (like Aventus I mean, or in broader terms, like a safe and tame enough contemporary aromatic fougère balancing “charme” and a “crowd-pleasing” attitude with a really good persistence and projection combo) is missing from your wardrobe... then Daytona would make a really classy and quality choice, with a decent value for the price.


Burberry Brit for Men Burberry by BriantheFragranceNewb 2015-10-07

I definitely picked up on the rose initially and perhaps a bit of ginger. After a few hours, the dry down was very powdery for me. I like this fragrance, but, for a rose-based fragrance, I think I prefer Cartier Declaration D'Un Soir. This is still solid, and the performance also seemed solid.

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. White Lacoste by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-07

This is a perfume that my dream man would wear. XD
My dream man is cheerful, classy, romantic and has masculine side inside of him. Yeah, this perfume is really represent that kind of man.

It opens with clean and sporty fresh top notes. Then dry down to romantic flowery in middle notes but still has manly smart base notes in it.

I don't know about sillage or longevity because it didn't try it on my skin. But who cares?? It smells so amazing! XD
I can't get enough of it. Totally catch my heart. <333

Pretty Elizabeth Arden by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-07

Girly, sweet, calm, clean, simple and delight.
One of the best floral fragrance to me. Maybe it's a lil bit too safe and plain floral but I think it's very nice for relax day.

This fragrance makes me feel like I am holding a little pink flower and being 'Pretty' like its name.

The lasting power is unbelievable. It's over 8 hours on my skin. I'm very impressed. :D

Vanille Exquise Annick Goutal by DresdenDoll 2015-10-07

With Vanille Exquise I got exactly what I expected, a cloudy, naturally sweet vanilla.
I mostly catch hints of angelica - not so cloying here as I usually think it is - and a bit of powdered almond, which work extremely well with the vanilla bean vanilla and the woody notes to keep this scent from straying into cupcake territory.It's soft and cosy, but persistent and this is what surprised me most. In all my experience, Annick Goutal scents have extremely poor lasting power, maxing out after about three hours or less. Vanille Exquise is however an all day affair, which is fantastic.
This scent is simple on one hand, and very clever on the other. The only other real cuddly vanilla scent I like as much as this one is Lalique Le Parfum, however that one is more more aromatic and fresh in the opening, putting it somewhere between the crisp brightness of Vanilla & Anise and the gentle comfort of Vanille Exquise.
If you want a natural vanilla, that is work-safe and grown-up, while still holding on to the childish delight of baking with vanilla extract then Vanille Exquise is well worth a try.

Pure DKNY A Drop Of Rose Donna Karan by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-07

The first fragrance that I can call it has true 'fresh cut roses' scent.

It smells very soft, sensual and feminine.
Just like its name 'A Drop Of Rose', this perfume makes me feel like I'm laying down on a bed of roses and rose petals are dropping all over my body. LOL

If you're a big fan of rose, this perfume is the one you should not miss. ;)

Paul Smith Rose Paul Smith by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-07

This is very nice rose scent; pure, fresh, clean and young.
It doesn't gimme the 'WOW' feeling but it's very pleasant. I can enjoy wearing it in the good-mood/relaxing day.

The lasting power is incredible. It's over 8 hours on my skin. Light scent but strong lasting power. Very impressive.

If you want perfume that has pure rose scent like rosebud, I sure this is what you're looking for. :D

Cabotine Rose Gres by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-07

My first perfume from Cabotine line.
I always interested in this one because it has two of my fav note together (Cherry blossom and rose). So it won't be hard for me to like this perfume.

As I expected, I quite like it. Carbotine Rose is not any typical rose fragrance. To me, it's a 'warm rose'. Cherry blossom, peony and pepper are warming rose scent but still clean and feminine at the same time.

The longevity is quite good. It lasts almost 6 hours on me. And it sits very close to my skin like a kiss of petals.

Fresh Couture Moschino by zakkarah 2015-10-07

Love it to bits!!

The perfume trade is so hung up on posh bottles and snobbism that we could all need a bit of humour!

Matz in Stockholm

Bethany Noel Aeropostale by genny17 2015-10-07

Soft,delicately sweet, this isnt a bold candy sweet scent !! I find it pleasant to wear,refined, and very pretty!!! The lemon meringue makes it all in nuances. Nothing too much here!! Lovely!!
It is girlie but suitable for all women who want a sweet soft scent.Comforting, Not overdone, lovely!!

Coco Mademoiselle Eau de toilette Chanel by Matt Abdul 2015-10-07

I've been wearing CM Edp for 6 months now. I like the top notes, the base notes mmmm my love love love part.

But the middle notes, its too loud. The floral scents is choking me to death. Every single day I wear CM Edp, I was like "Omg here it comes the middle notes, ready to get choke again" and God when will the middle notes gonna end lingering and let the base notes emerge already. It's my favorite part u know.

So I was wondering, is the Edt version has the middle notes volume down & life period shortened ? and the base notes emerge sooner & linger earlier ? Because if it is, I might change to this Edt version then. My 50ml CM Edp can only last for 2 weeks now almost sucked up dry already.

All Queens here, spill some advice please.

Need to decide whether I should get the Edt to overcome my so not favorite CM Edp middle notes that chokes me every time I wear this juice problem.

Thank u.

Red for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills by sam ldh 2015-10-07

Another sure-fire classic woody/aromatic perfume with a clear-cut fougere baseline. It almost always brings a smile on my face everytime I wear it, taking me to the times of the 80's era........the era when cassette players-Duran Duran-Rocky/Rambo movies and other similar things were the rage and constituted the pop-culture of that day.....the glory-days!

Somehow, those guys at Giorgio Beverly Hills gotten the utterly elusive combination just right - elegant +sexy,all in a single perfume! And trust me, not many perfumes can do that, and of course, none-at-all if you'd look at the currently released wimpy metrosexual perfumes which have no idea which sex they're intended for.
A powerhouse for sure and not completely destroyed (yet!) by reformulations.Classics' admirers would indubitably love this .
And finally, it's not at all a dated smell and any young guy would make a good impression with this classy, manly scent much, much better than he would by wearing Axe/Lynx and other sickly sweet concoctions!
It is still out there for a reason, friends.
I'd reccommend this for sure.
Performance is good in currently available avatar, and commendable in older versions.

Sam Singer

Amouage Lyric Woman Amouage by amirali0072000 2015-10-07

Rose is a flower in the same way that sandalwood is a wood..I highly recommend this ,,
it is probably favorite for date

Dia pour Homme Amouage by amirali0072000 2015-10-07

i have it.This is definitely a high class scent.
. ..Very interesting...I love it!

Honour Woman Amouage by amirali0072000 2015-10-07

Tried this one today, it starts very strong,,Amazing luxurious Smell.
It's A Masterpiece Frag .

Santal Blush Tom Ford by kcurtin90 2015-10-07

Smells like straight whiskey. I love scotch and whiskey drinks so this is right up my alley. Not versatile due to how I think it smells so I can only wear this casually because at work I do not want to smell like an alcoholic wreaking of booze. But I love the scent because it is strong and potent on me.

Fresh Couture Moschino by MeThePerson 2015-10-07

Refreshing idea! Can't wait to try it and offer a validated opinion of the fragrance rather than just the container it is packaged in like the majority have done so far...
Don't get why conceptual ideas scare people so much...
It's almost as if...
As if people... FEAR something different?... ooooooh, spooky!
"We fear having our narrow ideals and comforting safety barriers challenged" 'Deliverance' style.

Crazy that this fragrance only got a 2.5 average rating and so many negative reviews I recently purchased it off of fragrancenet for $25.49 the set actually these reviewers got it wrong this is actually a nice fragrance it actually smells like a combination of kc black bleu de chanel and boss bottled night I'm smelling my under shirt right now and it actually smells somewhat like bleu de chanel my girl even noticed that this morning she was laying on my shoulder before getting up her exact words Mmmm! that smells good what is it is it bleu reason why I bring it up because the dry down did seem familiar but I couldn't figure out what it smelled similar too but she figured it out for me I get what some reviewers posted about it having a strong synthetic smell in the beginning but that could be a good or bad thing for some guys meaning it's strong but it lasts on me it's been almost a full day since I applied it and it's still on my under shirt and noticeably still here so good performance so far it starts off musky & kind of fruity but masculine this is my second review 8/10 and a like it's a year round fragrance for the people that's reading this and wondering if they should blind buy I say "[bleep]" the haters/dislikers and go for it and it's actually affordable now like $18 to $20 for a 3.4oz bottle

Versace Pour Homme Versace by kcurtin90 2015-10-07

Very simple and basic fragrance. This does not mean it is not pleasing. Clean/fresh scent with some citrus notes. I have worn this out to local college bars just because mainly guys are used to some heavier scents that this can cut through that and make a statement to be noticed. Not overly strong projecting or sillage I think. All season and very very versatile too. I'm happy I own this bottle.

New Haarlem Bond No 9 by kcurtin90 2015-10-07

This smells like breakfast. My girlfriend just said sweet until I said what it reminds me off. Imagine pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. Just yummy. It last a good bit on my skin, a few hours. I have dry skin so it tends to soak up fragrance like a savage. Something I feel you mainly wear in the colder fall months or winter. Spring and summer is too much I feel for this. I can just eat my arm when I spray it on.

Fresh Couture Moschino by BriantheFragranceNewb 2015-10-07

I bet that's one expensive bottle of Windex.

Fresh Couture Moschino by Ambergris Intoxication 2015-10-07

This isn't tacky, it's cute and funny. Lighten up, it's not like the bottle looks like an open clam or a pile of doo! That would be tacky!

I think the bottle is a fine example of Pop Art! I hope it smells nice!

Fresh Couture Moschino by smellagent 2015-10-07


Reflection Woman Amouage by amirali0072000 2015-10-07

The most beautiful perfume I ever tried. Deep, mysterious and ethereal. Lovely. I don't think I'll ever get fed up with it.

Memoir Woman Amouage by amirali0072000 2015-10-07

This is definitely a high class scent.
The base notes are all detectable and intertwined and delicious. especially the woman's variant..Very interesting...I love it!

Dzongkha L`Artisan Parfumeur by RUDOLFO512 2015-10-07

Dzongkha is a very well blended fragrance. It is a very dry spicy and herbal composition. At first spray I get the pepper with a blast of Iris. It comes on as very strong, but wait for the dry down. Incense also plays a role here in the background. IMO it is calming and lasts a very long time on me. I like it for the fall when the humidity is a bit low here in South Florida.

Arabian Wood Tom Ford by Deefit 2015-10-07

@gray09; Actually, 'chez' means 'at'.

Fresh Couture Moschino by jasonx 2015-10-07

It's so easy being considered creative these days. Just do something extremely tacky & tasteless. Just as those entertainers in their outfits inspired by weed with their titties out. Cheap!

Deliria L`Artisan Parfumeur by stylenurse 2015-10-07

It smells like you're walking through a carnival at night holding a caramel apple in one hand and cotton candy in the other. The metallic note keeps this one unique. Maybe you're heading to see a freak show at this carnival. I love this. Too bad it's discontinued.

Leonara Leonard by ANNAFRYS 2015-10-07

I buying Bertrand blind I am NEVER disappointed..he is my man..i don't understand this chemistry I have with his fragrances...for me he can only exist and I would be happy..

Dior Homme Eau for Men Christian Dior by BriantheFragranceNewb 2015-10-07

This is a solid fragrance for me. Initially, I pick up mostly the iris, citrus, a little coriander, and amber. After a couple hours, it dries down to primarily iris, amber, and wood. Performance seems pretty moderate on my skin.

Aramis Aramis by alexiou 2015-10-07

No one of the reviewers has written yet negative
comments!Besides Aramis is considered as a perfume for grown up men ,the majority seems that appreciate it.

I also find Aramis a little bit conservative for the younger crowd but this one could be also used from someone younger -yet mature-who feels comfortable to wear a classy scent.I'm not sure if women could also wear this cause many of the reviewers have compared it with Gres Gabochard and Estee lauder's Azuree Pure, which also are basically leather-aldehydic scents.

Aramis is a perfume of huge contrasts.It is fresh ,floral,provocative and uplifting but on the other side is dark and deep due to the dominant animalic notes of leather and musk .Woody and earthy notes of vetiver and patchouli(typical for a Chypre scent)take place while the composition dries down.

Almost 50 years after the first arrival of original Aramis in the market ,still holds and destined to stay forever cause Aramis is destined to be a classic.

I don't usually give a rate but i think it's time to begin with a healthy 10!

Fresh Couture Moschino by Otakar Ishar 2015-10-07

Linda (pinda) Evangelista forever young :-)

Ambre Extreme L`Artisan Parfumeur by Steleale 2015-10-07

@lilimorena: try Profumum Roma Ambra Aurea or Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan.
Profumum Ambra Aurea is the strongest sillage ambery frag I've ever tryed.

Clean Warm Cotton Clean by weasley 2015-10-07

I've always been in love with the smell of laundry detergent and warm clean clothes. This does quite a good job at imitating that smell, but I find a bit too sharp, and very artificial.

However I did enjoy my time with this. It has a beautiful warmth to it, and I think it's really impressive that they have caputred that in a bottle. It literally feels like a warm towel. It's also very unique and distict.

There are some great aspects to this and the overall concept, but it's not quite what I was looking for. I find it's very polarizing, some hate it, but I also get a lot of compliments on it. I love some parts of it, but I can't overlook the faults.

I prefer 'fresh laundry' by Clean over this, as it is a lot softer and the citrus isn't so sharp.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry by FragGranade 2015-10-07

It's like a sweeter, more synthetic Versace Eros.

Gold Rose Oudh Tiziana Terenzi by birsen 2015-10-07

Whoever says that this is e weak scent, is so so wrong-this can kill you, but in a good way.
If you are a rose fan this is a must try, good stuff!

Fresh Couture Moschino by Ambergris Intoxication 2015-10-07

I had this idea in the 90's when I was like 16 and it would have been cool. I think it would have been a runaway hit back then.

I'm sorry but I have to brake my "no blind buys for campy bottles" rule and get this. It's so horrible I need this! I've always wanted a bottle like this. I hope it's reusable glass.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Fawkey 2015-10-07

A very pleasant surprise. Recommended by a shop assistant & I almost sneered as I really don't like Opium on me, but it is NOTHING like Opium! On me I get an instant coffee hit with floral notes which soon calms down to a warm vanilla, a comforting autumn/winter fragrance or maybe even evening in spring. Not sure I would ever wear it in warm weather though.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by Fawkey 2015-10-07

Oh dear. I bought Womanity Elles by mistake, a blind buy (as someone I know wears Womanity & I loved it on them) absolutely loved it! So, thought I'd try the original Womanity in store. Within a short time of spraying I had to ask if I could have a wet wipe or something to remove it, boy oh boy it smelled bad on me! Too sweet, too salty, just doesn't like my was beautiful on the woman I know. Gutted. Glad I got Elles in error as that is lovely on me!

Fresh Couture Moschino by interdite 2015-10-07

First, this will be sold in the perfume department of stores, not in the cleaning aisle.

Second, it comes in a plain white Moschino box.

Third, it is much smaller than the usual cleaning spray bottle.

Fourth? the price tag.

Anyone who confuses this with cleaner and actually buys it for that purpose deserves to look stupid!!

When brands are being boring and predictable, we whine. When they stay true to their original creative style, we accuse them of ridicule. I don't know how much people know about Moschino. They've always been weird and fun. Look it up?

Fresh Couture Moschino by nitschevo 2015-10-07

While all of you are commenting Moschino as a brand can already check off "most talked about fragrance launch of 2015" on their list ;) :D

Fresh Couture Moschino by alimuanis 2015-10-07

Just imagine ..
If any one bought it by mistake as cleaner stuff.. without noticing that is perfume for women !! and when they clean the glass of windows then he smell the good smell and says very good and wonderful smell , but Unfortunately does not clean the glass of windows well or kitchen or tools toilets. Shame the smells fresh nice quality, but this does not remove the dirt and does not cleaning well??
or any women take it form her bag and some says , god she forget some of kitchen tools with her !! she poor lady she look so busy in here house . god help her...!!!
just imagine more and more of stories of this bottle ................................................................................................>

Lutece Houbigant by Scout 2015-10-07

It's two years since my last review below. I scored a small purse spray of this in a metal decanter. WHOA. I don't know if this has turned or what. I have memories of Lutece being pretty and young and feminine and powdery and warm. It was what you wore when the weather turned. This smelled like Rive Gauche when I sprayed it. Metallic, brash. It felt sticky. Not even 10 minutes in I couldn't stand it and went to the sink and wiped down my arm with a wet paper towel. That tempered it a bit. Now I'm just getting "old lady" (sorry, I know people hate that phrase) with incense and lily. The incense-ish notes are becoming louder and I'm reminded of a Caron fragrance. No cinnamon though. I'm going to try to marinate in this all day to see if I can stand it, otherwise I think I've wasted my money. It could very well be that my scent sense has been corrupted by today's sickly sweet fruity floral, and this by contrast is "staunch" and of the natural world of woods, herbs, forest-y stuff. The lot number on the back of my box here is 2565. If anyone has this and would like to compare please do. I'd hate to think my juice is bad; would also hate to know the actual smell doesn't live up to my memory of it.

Fresh Couture Moschino by roseombre 2015-10-07

Pure Genius!
Ah break the mold, to subvert the traditions. Wow.
Ridiculing the fashion world.
Moschino insurmountable.
The Beat Generation of fragrances. Applause.
A must in design!

L de Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by stylenurse 2015-10-07

This is a great fall and winter scent. It is a sweet and salty cinnamon, caramel, orange, clove mixture. Very syrupy and warm. Very linear. Longevity is good. Sillage is good and people are attracted to this smell.

Zara Seoul Zara by sauko 2015-10-07

Is very similar to Invictus, but more powdery. Good sillage and longevity

Kingdom Alexander McQueen by pollyjean23 2015-10-07

I love this warm, dry, dusty, spicy scent. It's perfect for fall. I like that Kingdom isn't balmy or humid, as many fall-friendly scents tend to be.

For me, there's also a nostalgia element with this fume. It smells exactly like an old shimmer lotion from Victoria's Secret that I used to use on special occasions in the 1990s, and, as noted by others, it is a close cousin to Dune--another scent I wore regularly in my 20s.

Sidenote: What happened to the cumin in the notes? What is now listed as celery seed used to be cumin. I'm confused. I'll have to see if I can find original source notes listings for this fragrance.

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau Guerlain by Gigi The Fashionista 2015-10-07

This was my first perfume impulse buy. What a huge mistke that was. Now I'm stuck with it and have to wear it - whenever I want to smell like to quote my friends "lemon furniture polish". I'm a big fan of the original Shalimar, vintage Shalimar original formula. There is no other Shalimar reformulation that can top it. It is a masterpiece, a beautiful arrangement of flowers and spices that exude that exotic Hindi romanticism and a bold 1920's flapper vibe which cannot be found in any other perfume. The reformulations are a joke to me. The first time I tried it all I could pick up on was the citrus notes: bergamot orange and grapefruit. The only other notes I can detect that are swimming in this perfume: vanilla and white jasmine. I'm a big fan of jasmine flowers and I had hoped that this was a jasmine power perfume. I wanted so much for this to smell mostly like jasmine. The vanilla keeps it sweet and this is definitely a skin scent. Hardly anyone can smell it unless they are close to your body. This can mean that the person in the subway sitting next to you can smell it or the person sitting next to you in a movie theater can also smell it on you. I would clasisfy this as a spring and summer fragrance. Definitely not unisex but if you're a guy and you're big on citrus this is for you. On me this is mainly a citrus fragrance. I don't like citrus for a fragrance. I don't care for this perfume at all. The eau de parfum and eau de toilette are said to be different. I have both. The pure perfume is tolerable. It's sweet but not cloying and it is definitely stronger in vanilla but the orange is still very present. Gag. The eau de toilette is worse. It's all citrus. It's like someone got the idea to make a lemon scented polish into a perfume. I don't know why everyone like this perfume and why it continues to sell big time. For Guerlain there are so many other jewels in his collection, the 2 top perfumes being Shalimar and Samsara. Go for the original Shalimar and the original Samsara but stay away from these other Shalimar reformulations. They're quite ghastly!

Sexy Amber Michael Kors by lilymorena 2015-10-07

Sexy Amber? Oh yes for sure... Oh la la ...
I am testing it...

Strong and sweet flowers, it keeps changing. The first hour is a wonderful mix of amber and flowers. Gorgeus so far. After the first strong blast it sits close to skin.

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier by tuky 2015-10-07

Speaking as I am fan J.P.G. and one of my fourite parfume is Le Male, this specimen on Male is:

- Top notes: juicy natural pear with some green from levander and a touch of clasic (original LM) mint. This kind of pear is so distinct note, makes the difference between other perfumes. So good.
- Mid notes: Disaster begins.... the combination between cinnamon, sage and caraway = 1 Milion + Black XS. long I was trying to investigate the notes, yes, every single note is nice, but by smelling by distance, is Paco's R combination by far...
- Base notes: Vanilla stick + amber is trying to make it creamy.

All over it is strong, harsh, bold, rude, boorish and least, comparable with other JPG's. This time, first time when I say NO to JPG.
For me, is is not Le Male nor even Ultra.

This is so pretty and refreshing. Peach can be such a tricky note. When it's done well, it's gorgeous, but it's often done in a screechy kind of way which I find very offputting. This is one of the rare ones that does it well.

There's a tea-like vibe to this in the opening. Peach and tea. There's a restraint used that makes this perfect for days when you're feeling hot and bothered. It doesn't intrude and doesn't get too 'perfumey'.

The florals are really soft and pretty. There's an aquatic feel to this. Not ocean aquatic, more gentle stream.

Definitely full bottle worthy for me. I can't wait for next summer to wear this constantly.

Parfum Divin Caudalie by becuille 2015-10-07

I don't notice florals in this at all. On me, it opened with a blast of Iso E Super and musk, then dried down to a musky vanilla with a hint of burning woods. I occasionally get a hint of pepper, although this never becomes a spicy frag.

It's perfectly nice and very wearable, but it doesn't interest me enough to buy a full bottle.

I was wary to try this because I've used Caudalie skincare products before and they caused a reaction, but luckily, there was no such issue with their perfume.

Soft sillage and moderate longevity.

Fresh Couture Moschino by mirkamm 2015-10-07

I would rather purchase Dad`s Garden Lemon Tree by Lush.

Orla Kiely Orla Kiely by becuille 2015-10-07

Like others have said, great opening, not so great base.

I get fig, tea and a hint of chocolate in the opening. It's very nice. There's a refreshing quality to it and then when the florals appear, this becomes a fresh take on the fruity floral genre. It never gets completely floral, there's just a subtle whiff of general 'white flowers' (you know the one I mean. Anyone know the name of the actual ingredient used?)

I was really enjoying the frag at this point, but then the drydown came around suddenly and all I could smell was powdery plastic. The powder is definitely from the musk but I have no idea what's causing the plastic smell. I don't detect any of the notes listed here as base notes. I really enjoy powdery perfumes, but it doesn't suit this one with it's juicy, watery opening.

Half lovely, half scrubber.

Very light sillage and around 5 hours longevity.

Ambre Extreme L`Artisan Parfumeur by lilymorena 2015-10-07

Thanks to a swap I have now own this scent. I love it but it is too soft. The first blast is incredible strong but it settles to fast to a skin scent. I have to spray a lot to smell it all night. Does anybody knows a perfume like this one but with a stronger sillage?

Soleil Fragonard by becuille 2015-10-07

Unfortunately, this is another perfume that turns to soap as soon as it hits my skin. I know some perfumes have a soapy quality, but this literally smells like Pears Soap and nothing else. It happens to me quite a lot and I've yet to discover what the ingredient is that causes this reaction.

In the bottle, it smells like sunshine and I was really looking forward to wearing it. But my and Soleil clearly aren't meant to be.

Sorry that's all I can say, but I literally only got soap. The rest of you that can wear this are so lucky!

Paradoxe Pierre Cardin by Marie69 2015-10-07

It was a late November afternoon, and Paradoxe was waiting on the store´s steps for her older sister Lady Cabochard to arrive. Paradox tapped her Mom´s old wristwatch she always wore, hoping it had not stalled again. Six, forty-two. Her breath hung in the cold dull mixture of lights. At seven, they arrived.

¨So sorry we are late, dearest.¨ said Miss Cabochard, flicking out her cigarette, as she pulled Paradoxe into the plush back seat with her. ¨James, we are ready now¨, said Miss Cabochard, as she pulled off Paradoxe´s fine kid gloves and blew into her frigid hands to warm them.

Eau Duelle Diptyque by SwishingtonGrimble 2015-10-07

I have had, and used up completely, the edp version of this. I need this in my life but cannot justify sinking so much on a new bottle -

is there anything similar out there that doesn't cost such a pretty penny?

Scandalous Victoria`s Secret by Lauren Da 2015-10-07

So I was on holiday on Mykonos and I went to the V.S. store there trying to find a cool and sexy fragrance. I loved this one at first spray and although I tried all the other perfumes in that shop I bought this one and I haven't regretted it. It is a perfume with style and it is not easily forgotten. An excellent choice for spring- summer and early autumn as it has the elegant-cool-girly yet sexy vibe. However I wouldn't recommend it for winter time since it is not so "warming" and intense. On me it smells amazing and it lasts about 4 hours.

Fresh Couture Moschino by astamm62 2015-10-07

Tacky bottle. I could do the same, and empty a bottle of Windex and fill it with fragrance.

Touch for Men Burberry by hannahj 2015-10-07

This is a great office fragrance. It is safe and not overpowering. It has a clean fresh powdery scent in addition to a hint of musk and pepper. In my opinion this is by far Burberry's best fragrance for men.

Precious Musk Afnan Perfumes by Nostrodamus 2015-10-07

has anyone tried this fragnance? looks like a montale fragnance, can expert plz comment on this

Fresh Couture Moschino by pars2002 2015-10-07

Excuse me! Seriously they haven't found anything more irrelevant than glass cleaner bottle? Just imagine a lady who pulls out this from her bag in taxi and everyone may think she is going to clean the glasses. They might release new male edt in toilet cleaner bottle !

Ferre for Men Gianfranco Ferre by CGV 2015-10-07

Stylish and elegant perfection! I dont get pineapple, theres nothing zesty about this fragrance, its dense, bit powdery, with the most beautiful rose I have smelled so far in any fragrance. Its standing on a manly, intelligently base of oakmoss and tonka. Its performance is superior! Bravo Bourdon!

Nahema Guerlain by Marie69 2015-10-07

¨Honey and Rose, it is time for your both to get dressed. We will be late for the show.¨ said Mamie to the twin 21 year old girls. Atlanta was still a drive away, although thankfully cooler now, as the dry heat of the summer day was winding down into a restful sunset. Honey and Rose had been picking lilacs, in the shade of the old peach tree and had them plopped the blooms in the nearby hammock. Honey grabbed a fresh peach, and handed one to Rose. The golden setting sun fired embers of light into the juice as it glistened streaming down their necks.

This to me, is Nehema.

This is a splurge item but well worth it! To me perfume is an experience. Gently tearing off the CD gold seal, removing the clear over wrap, gently lifting the box open, and there stands the perfume in all its glory. Yes, the bottle may seem small but what is inside makes up for its size with magic. You then caress the bottle in your hands. Admire the way the gold thread has been wrapped with a small Dior charm to seal in the precious elixir. When you have appreciated the detail that has gone into creating this masterpiece, then you are ready to anoint yourself with the perfume. The truly glorious roses, jasmine and ylang-ylang will take you somewhere other than where you are. It is truly magnificent. This is not for the person that likes, fruity, girly scents. This is for a WOMAN. One of the best testimonials that I have received is from my honey who has said that he isn't sure if he likes it when I wear it when I am not with him. I quote "It draws me in to you so that I can smell this beautiful scent. I am not sure if I want other people to be getting that close to you." Well said.

Max Mara Silk Touch Max Mara by Smell 2015-10-07

I can feel berry in it but it not on the note list.

Vanille West Indies Ligne St. Barth by lilalina 2015-10-07

Very beautiful vanilla scent. Just gorgeous. Starts out smelling just like VdM, only develops into a scent with alot more depth. It's fruity, coconutty vanilla with caramel. Amazing quality.

Fresh Couture Moschino by Lauren Da 2015-10-07

what a terrible bottle! I dont care about the perfume... no matter how nice it may smell I would never ever use this oh-so-ugly spray. Why didn't they think of a toilet detergent bottle?? huh? good idea for their next one !

Fresh Couture Moschino by zoesmyth 2015-10-07

Weird. It would make a great novelty gift for someone who's obsessed with cleaning their house.

Fresh Couture Moschino by ChaiLatte2009 2015-10-07

You have got to be kidding me...

A true woods fragrance, while still a real perfume, as in being a composition that is much more than a recreation of a particular aromatic experience. For those who love the smell of fresh cut wood, especially cedar. Something I want to have around for immediate connection to the perfumed soul of trees.

Fresh Couture Moschino by Shwets 2015-10-07

OMG!!! Should this be worth £2-3 as the packaging is so off putting?!!

Fresh Couture Moschino by VIPMEN 2015-10-07

No by Consuela?

Sweet Oriental Dream Montale by Mehdi_M 2015-10-07

Very sweet, very very very sweet. One can not simply describe this perfume's sweetness! It starts with vanillic almond and as time passes by it just gets stronger and stronger, so be warned you are dealing with a beast.

Project and longevity lesson: I put it on, went out, 6 hours later came back and showered, put on oud wood (directly on the points I had applied this one before). 24 hours after that Oud wood is completely gone and this one can be smelled close to skin!

All that being said, too strong for my taste, have a full 100ml bottle up for swap, hit me if interested.

Want DSQUARED² by Czarcasm 2015-10-07

I was lucky enough to get several testers of this. I've been giving Want a shot for several days now and I quite like it. I'm rather surprised that it is considered an oriental floral as to my nose it mostly smells of soft, powdery vanilla. I consider this a 'transition' fragrance; perfect for the mediocre and sometimes rainy weather of spring and autumn. It's too powdery and comforting for summer, and not loud enough for winter.

Citrus? No, unless you count the slight citrus vibe you get when you put your nose right next to your skin within the first hour of spraying it. The citrus doesn't project at all.
Vannila? Very much so, but not the loud, gourmandy vanilla that we usually smell in todays perfumes. Instead, it smells rather powdery and clean. It's really nicely blended with the woodsy and floral notes.
Unlike lilymorena I didn't get any coffee or tobacco from this. Be cautious about spraying this on clothes, as it left yellow stains on my white shirt.

The sillage is soft to moderate. The lasting power really surprised me. I could still smell it after 10 hours. Overall I would describe this as a comfort scent or one for confident women who don't feel the need to flaunt their confidence by walking around snapping their fingers and making sassy remarks. This is quiet confidence, a relaxed state of mind that everything is under control.

Paradis Perdu Frapin by wesleyhclark 2015-10-07

Wow - this one is weird! It opens with an incredible mustiness that reminds me of Salvador Dali Pour Homme, then transitions into a rotting grapefruit accord rather than a floral note like the Dali.

It's like a roll in the hay - and not clean hay, either.

I'll hand it to Frapin for coming up with something unusual, but I don't want to smell like this.

Fortunately it doesn't last long on me or my sample would have resulted in a long, long day.

Madly Kenzo! Eau de Toilette Kenzo by nitschevo 2015-10-07

Now I completely understand the differing reviews. I had the same experince - Kenzo Madly EDT is a chameleon. I recieved a decant of this and when first smelling the nozzle I thought "what a delicious pear scent". That was around the end of spring. Unfortunately it didn't play out very well on my skin around that time. Overripe pear and really just weird. Tried it again around summer - nope. Now I grabbed the decant again because I need a purse spray for one of my bigger bottles and thought I'd just empty it (sorry). However - being the never-give-up type I sprayed it again and wow! There are no spices listed in the notes (technically) but this is now a wonderful scent of spiced fruits with a little jasmine, woody notes and musk. It could be the cedar working its magic. Absolutely wonderful and very different. I will gladly use up my decant in autumn. At least for my body chemistry this seems to be the perfect time!

Jimmy Choo Exotic (2015) Jimmy Choo by Yasir Shahbaz 2015-10-07

Might it sound different, i find it lighter than the actual version.
2013 version carries an initial punch that lasts and is perfect for fall
this one gets lighter after two hours, which means it can be worn through the summers without any issues.

Fresh Couture Moschino by tinaelisa 2015-10-07

just no..

Bvlgari Man Extreme Bvlgari by Endymion 2015-10-07

Why do they name it Bvlgari MAN Extreme when it has no, really zero, similarity to Bvlgari MAN?!
It's a completely different fragance, should be called Bvlgari MAN 2 or anything else.

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier by małgorzata.kupiec 2015-10-07

It's like Angel (without that super strong patchouli and the dead man note) meets Eau des Baux. Beautiful spiced Vanilla with a hint of resins and just a bit of lavendar. I can't smell the pear or any fruit on my skin though.

The best of Le Male series.

Fresh Couture Moschino by OKcololo 2015-10-07

Hey Moschino!! Lush called: they want their idea back!

Fresh Couture Moschino by Endymion 2015-10-07

I think Linda Evangelista an attractive mature woman now, why the hell should these marketing experts photoshop her to look like 20 years younger??? So annoying!!!

Dalal Al-Rehab by Delila 2015-10-07

I love a good gourmand and was very excited to receive my batch of 6 Al Rehab fragrance oils. What a disappointment...

All very synthetic. All very linear - no transformation, which makes their greatest asset, their excellent longevity, more of a disadvantage.

The star of the show that I was so looking forward to was Dalal. Turns out it's sickly sweet and actually juvenile. And that's from someone who happily wears Katy Perry, Paris Hilton and YSL Black Opium!

Made me wonder if these are even intended to be worn on the body, or are more of a novelty for some other purpose. So surprised to actually dislike them.

L’Ambre des Merveilles Hermes by Steleale 2015-10-07

Not an opulent amber, far from the spicy amber typical of Lutens. This is almost creamy, gentled by the vanilla note, sensuous but comforting at the same time. I love both of them. This one is an Ellena amber: it could only be so.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by Nebelung 2015-10-07

I promised to update if longevity changes to the better and it did! I can safely say it is long-lasting,even in the warmer days on me,it lasts minimum 8 hours but there are times that it stays on even longer and its sillage is sometimes moderate but mostly soft.I really love this quality on a fragrance!!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by landshark321 2015-10-07

Even seeing numerous prior descriptions didn't prepare me exactly for Midnight in Paris (EDT), but "powdery leather" probably is the best quick-reference descriptor that could be applied to it. In that respect, MIP scores high on uniqueness, since such a boldly unisex take on a men's fragrance usually is in more of a floral direction. The tonka adds some sweetness to an otherwise pungent composition but the powderiness is all-consuming to me. Not even the leather aspect really holds a candle to the styrax/benzoin/incense trio that I believe to be mainly responsible for the powdery vibe, though the note list is considerable longer (I don't get much citrus here, though listed).

I don't love it; I kind of like it, yet some hours in, I remain so puzzled by it that I'm not sure under what circumstances I would wear it. Surely it's preferable for cold weather, but at night? Formal? Date? I don't believe it's flattering enough on me to wear for formal occasions so this would probably remain an odd option to wear casually in cold-weather days or nights. Projection is very strong and longevity is very good, especially at the price (this came to $23 for 100ml on FragranceNet).

Perhaps the EDP takes a different direction but I admit I'm not eager to try it after experiencing the EDT. It's just not my preferred genre of fragrance--perhaps if it were a little sweeter it would come off as more balanced and less offensive. Very interesting and unique composition, though, as far as I'm concerned.

7 out of 10

I have been using this scent since Monday. I wanted something light and beautiful for my antenatal appointment. It is now summer here in mauritius. This perfume lasts very long on me. I can still smell it at the end of the day. I think this perfume needs tropical heat to be long lasting.

Fresh Couture Moschino by Nikkafragrance 2015-10-07

Perfume in a bottle for a windows cleaning liquid?! You gotta be kidding me! This looks so... unmarketable. I haven't tried the scent yet, but this is one of worst ideas for a perfume bottle I've ever seen. Sorry Moschino :(

Vanitas Versace by Malonet9189 2015-10-07

one of my least reached for fragrances...i liked it when it launched but now its just meh..smells nice but nothing too special.

Ange ou Demon Givenchy by Malonet9189 2015-10-07

This is simply nookie in a bottle. Think black lace lingerie and 4 inch pointed stiletto heels....It is sexy, dark, haunting, mysterious...aaagh! its amazing! I only reach for this in winter and on special nights out. Longevity, sillage and dry down: collectively 9/10.
Not for the faint of heart!

No. 1 Clive Christian by ZELJO 2015-10-07

I do have better things in life to spend 900 euros rather than in an edp...

Fresh Couture Moschino by bellemoore 2015-10-07

Notes sound lovely but the bottle is enough to put me off!

Fresh Couture Moschino by vagabondant 2015-10-07

I don't appreciate this silly bottle at all.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by Malonet9189 2015-10-07

I'm a 26 year old female and I received a sample (1.2ml) when I purchased some cosmetics online. Not one to throw away perfume even though I don't care for male fragrances, I used the sample as room spray. 2 to 3 sprays and I absolutely hated it! It was nauseating and headache inducing. Even on a guy, I thought it would smell horrid.
Approximately a week or 2 later, I had sprayed it again (don't ask why) but this time, I sprayed it on one of my cushions. A few hours later, I kept getting lovely whiffs of predominantly vanilla/cocoa, with a bit of iris thrown into the mix and I couldn't identify where this loveliness was coming from. Once I identified it, I literally sunk my face into the cushion and was repeatedly smelling it. It was like I was on crack. I couldn't get enough.
Now, I am not fond of how this smells immediately to 30 minutes after being sprayed. It smells waaaaaay too woody for me. However, I LOVE the dry-down. I later tested it on myself and the dry down drives me nuts. I'm a female and I believe that this fragrance is sooo unisex. It will be the first ever time that I will be buying a male fragrance for myself. I hope I can still be approached by guys when wearing this as opposed to scaring them away :)

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by elbarto 2015-10-07

Amazing fragrance. Just love its spicyness, ambery woody leather and tonka sweetness. More elegant and sofisticated version of Spicebomb. But there's one problem...projection and longevity. After an hour it turns into a skin scent. I expected much more since it is an EDP. Great disappointment, because it is such a beautiful fragrance.

Miss Dior (new) Christian Dior by amirali0072000 2015-10-07

This is patchouli done right.I love this one..
I like this new version of Miss Dior but it is very similar to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I LOVE this new formulation! It's sweet at first, but in a more grown up way than the original., lovely
سمبل ارحینالشو دارم..طالبین پبام خصوصی بدهد

Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome by allie kat 2015-10-07

If diamonds had a smell this would be it. Fresh, bright, crisp and sparkling, like champagne.

L'Instant de Guerlain Guerlain by Pelander 2015-10-07

IMHO, the sexiest scent a woman can wear. Period.

Inexpensive and short-lived (2 hours) but while it lasts it's really quite enjoyable. Chocolate and fig are the most prominent notes (to my nose) and that's a combination not found in any other fragrance I've encountered.

I find this neither synthetic nor masculine. Va Va Voom is a sweet little cloud of yumminess that's perfect after a pre-bedtime shower: you'll fall asleep with chocolate dreams and by morning no scent remains so you'll be able to apply your fragrance choice of the day.

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by Sarwari 2015-10-07

I am pretty sure this juice has been reformulated, the bottles that have the silver sprayers are the old formulation they were beast 9+ hours longevity and heavy silage, but the new formulation the bottles with the black sprayers barely last 5 hours, they smell the same but there is a huge performance difference. So disappointed with CK this was their best mens fragrance and they ruined it!

Fresh Couture Moschino by rickyfreaky13 2015-10-07

Who wants a silly glass cleaner bottle in their wardrobe?

Fresh Couture Moschino by francesca.w 2015-10-07

brilliant packaging!

I love the scent, it's very pleasant but the juice itself is not potent at all, it is nowhere near heavy or strong. Silage and longevity are moderate at best, in fact, I think that longevity here is better that silage, as it stays on skin for quite sometime but performs not so good. I have hard times seeing this scent as a winter option or even for a cold fall, because it simply won't stand out in low temperatures.

Fresh Couture Moschino by mots 2015-10-07

ha ha I already LOVE this


Joop! Homme Joop! by spacecreature 2015-10-07

A bit late to the party I know lol. Blind bought it yesterday at a bazar:) This is a very masculine scent. It has a very dark smokey base, like a woody incense of some sort, but it is softened by a sweeter vanilla synthetic floral layer which prevents it from turning into an"old man's" perfume, giving it a younger vibe. Like others have mentioned, it must have been watered down in the reformulation as its no longer a sillage monster, though it lasts a very long time on the skin and clothes.

Gucci Premiere Gucci by MinnaMo 2015-10-07

This is my favorite right now. I feel so classy when I wear it. This is a business woman's fragrance.

Michael for Men Michael Kors by Kış Güneşi 2015-10-07

perfect winter...

Fresh Couture Moschino by Berta15 2015-10-07

This is a fu***g silly idea!I'm sorry,but the bear was so cute,and now this is too much!Yes,it's a attractive bottle,but not elegant,feminine,just like a bad game,and idea from Moschino!
"Mom where is the window cleaner?"
-On the table,my dear......(few minutes later)
-Mooom this cleaner smell sooo goood!
-My dear I hope you don't use my Moschino perfume which was a lot of money!
-Shit!..........Noooo mom!

Si Giorgio Armani by Solar Girl 2015-10-07

LOVE this one.
My signature perfume, next to Guerlain L'instant.
Sweet, sexy, seductive..mmmm
Powdery, pleasant, enjoyable, like silky bed sheets on bare skin.
Although disappointment in quality.
Tester smells way better with much longer longevity. Tester is The Perfume. Edp I purchased (not on the market, in exclusive parfumerie) was at first "what is this? this is not the same perfume!". Would have paid more to get the real thing. Otherwise, this for this price is overrated.
But I still love it :)

Fresh Couture Moschino by Bruno57 2015-10-07

Wahou ! Probably the most ridiculous bottle I ever seen !

Vanille Charnelle Annick Goutal by Jasminalia 2015-10-07

Strong and woody vanilla. Reminiscent of Hypnotic Poison in a certain way

Ambre Sauvage Annick Goutal by Jasminalia 2015-10-07

Very animalic and leather. Styrax is missing in the pyramid, by the way.

City Rush for Her Avon by Solar Girl 2015-10-07

I like this one.
Hard to explain why. Nothing special about this perfume, but it is soothing and pleasant. Sweet (plum and vanilla) but with nice dosage, so sweetness doesn't bother.
Sweet, fresh, youthful, modern, moderate. For every day. Adds a bit of brightness and good mood in everyday routine. A bit sexy.

Endymion Penhaligon`s by vbjanos 2015-10-07

There is a coffee note in the background that is strong but not obvious. I love coffee and it turns out most people love it in Endymion too, without realising. The coffee and lavender gives it a relaxed vibe. The quality of materials and the complexity gives it class and elegance.

The longevity and sillage are "adequate", to borrow the phrase from a Rolls Royce description.

It is time for me to get a back-up.

L'Acquarossa Fendi by daniela.llanos 2015-10-07

I don't know about this one. It's a strong scent and opens with something that reminds me of a cheap drugstore perfume...It pleasant when drying down, but still nothing special on my skin unfortunately.

Bvlgari Man Bvlgari by gamd 2015-10-07

The base note is like Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir. This could be Bulgari's signature.

Rare Pearls Avon by Solar Girl 2015-10-07

Floral, cold and sophisticated.
Not a big fan of floral scents, but this one was nice surprise. Indeed it goes well with little black dress, red lipstick and pearls. Not for every day. For me mostly for house use, since I am not a high heel type. But good enough to smell it on my wrist and shirt while I drink my tea. Nice one.

I had the one in old bottle, should be the same, perhaps it is not.

Far Away Bella Sunset Avon by Solar Girl 2015-10-07

On scale from 1 to 10 this is 5.

Why not more? Because it is weak and without personality. If I need to describe it, I have no words. A bit sweet, a bit fruity... Just a bit. What else? Nothing.

Why not less then 5? For the same reason, lack of personality is, on the good side, lack of annoying things. So it doesn't bother as much as it doesn't do the magic.

Daim Blond Serge Lutens by diamondsr4ever 2015-10-07

Today I am wearing Serge Lutens Daim Blond.

A short while ago I went into my bedroom caught the wonderful aroma of Bottega Veneta and thought for one moment that was what I had put on. Daim Blond (to me) could be the twin sister of Bottega Veneta. And I adore it. My review for Daim would be almost identical to my previous review for B.V.

I got this one quite by accident, so I didn't have any expectations. And after wearing it for several days, I have to say it's been pretty hard to form a definite opinion - the Essence of Reminiscence doesn't give up its secrets easily. It's pretty hard to describe but I'll do my best.

It starts with what feels to me like quite an oldfashioned kind of vibe, cool and very "perfume-like" and even vaguely animalic: looking at the notes pyramid none of this makes much sense, and it's pretty surprising. This only lasts for a couple of minutes, though, and what follows makes much more sense in regards to th elist of notes: the scent starts to warm up on the skin almost immediately, and before long it has morphed into its powdery, spicy heart. This is where I recognize a bit of a general likeness with Do Re, the only other Reminiscence I've tested so far. It's different because of the prominence of the aniseed and other spices, but it has the same cosy, powdery base: just a bit reminiscent of playdoh in a good way, even though there are no almonds involved in this one. Eventually it ends up where so many cold weather gourmands do: in that familiar, comfortable vanilla drydown that I love however many times I encounter it.

So I like Essence: I think I smell nice, it's obviously high quality and it has exemplary longevity (it easily lasts all day) and projection (it stays just noticeable for hours with a couple of sprays, but doesn't fill the entire room). It has a lot of (initially hidden) depth but it won't offend anyone AND it's a comforting gourmand - it sounds like it could be perfect for day to day wear in the colder months, exactly my kind of scent. So why haven't I fallen in love (yet)? I'm guessing it's because of the dominant aniseed: I like the smell a lot in the real world, but in perfumes I'm just not entirely crazy about dominant spiciness. This was a hard review to write, though, which makes me think I'm not finished with this one. I think it'll take me a while to use up my little decant, but maybe I'll love it by the time I do. In the mean time I think anyone who does love warm spicy scents and especially aniseed should definitely try this one!

Name speaks for itself, its a Duet of two different flowers on base of a standard Idylle. It's definitely created for spring time, as everyone knows how fresh and green lilacs smell at first. Until they don't stay in your vase over 5-6 hours. Then indolic nuances appearing and taking over the freshness. Well, In Duet, lilacs are kept fresh all the way, in fantastic harmony of the whole white cluster with heart-shaped leaves of rich green colour. Little star jasmine adds certain depth, as its a night flower, it also makes composition optimistic and alert. Overall, beautiful clean romantic floral, very well-lasting and easy to enjoy by yourself and those who lucky to be around.

Halloween Man Jesus Del Pozo by Thanatos 2015-10-07

It's synthetic stuff with unbalance sweet accord. Give me dizziness and headache.A cheap copy of 1million which these days can be seen in a large number.
BEWARE OF YOURSELF and beware of your pocket☺
یک نسخه استفاده شده این عطر با قیمت مناسب برای فروش موجود است.

True Religion Men True Religion by meysam vazifeh 2015-10-07

یه عطر خیلی خنک و فرِش از یه برند نوپا در ضمینه عطر
شروع عطر چنگی به دل نمیزنه ولی چند دقیقه بعدش عالی میشه
یه بوی تلخ و گیاهی رو در ابتدا حس خواهید کرد که خیلی زود روایح مرکباتی به اون اضافه می شوند و هر چه میگذره حس مرکباتی عطر بیشتر میشه
مرکبات واقعا درهم هستند ولی بیشتر حس لیمو تازه رو القا میکنند . نت های سبز درسته که در اوایل حال آدم رو می گیرند ولی بعد از یه مدت شاید 10 دقیقه طراوت پیدا می کنند.

خیلی سریع یه نت دیگه از گیاهان به عطر اضافه خواهد شد
که معلوم نیست اصلا چی هست ولی خیلی زود می شینه سر جاش
مثل یه مجلس که وقتی شخصی واردشمیشه همه نگاه ها به اونه
ولی وقتی که می شینه سرجاش خیلی زود عادی می شه برای همه

خالت گیاهی عطر همون طراوتی رو داره که در ساحل بوش رو حس کردید .جلبک ها و پوشش های
گیاهی اطراف ساحل به همراه مرکباتی که دارید در اون لحظه میل می کنید

حس بسیار خوب و خنک و پر انرژی رو به شما منتقل می کنه که وجود نعنا هندی و مرکبات نقش ویژه ای رو در به وجود آمدنش
ایفا می کنند .

عطر خوبی هست برای کسانی که یه عطر خیلی خنک و ترش و آبدار و کمی تلخ و گیاهی میگردند .

ماندگاریش بدک نیست بالای 6 ساعت رو مچ دستم حسش می کردم
ولی پخش بوش فقط در 1 ساعت ابتدایی متوسط هست بعد از اون ضعیف میشه

Khaliji Al-Rehab by BourgeoisNose 2015-10-07

Oddly, it does smell a bit like BO on me at first, but it fades away after a while (I want it to persist though, I like a skanky edge to scents). As the oil dries down, it becomes more citrusy, but it's not a light scent. More like heavy, sweet citrus. Reminds me of a mature, classier version of a drugstore cologne my sister used to wear when we were kids. Has good staying power but moderate silage. A good one from al-rehab.

L`Essence de Cerruti Cerruti by daynierds 2015-10-07

Nice smelling can feel the spice and some kind of uplifting vibe as well...Longevity is about 4-6 hours and projection is moderate, I cannot imagine myself wearing this cologne better fits the office or formal, semi-formal settings...good value for what you pay...I would also say it is for somebody over his 25-30....

L’Extase Nina Ricci by lacuitez 2015-10-07

i found this parfum 2 months ago in a departement store, i was sniffed about 8 different parfum. most of them was nice but wasn't wow to me,and when i've tried this i was like.. ahhaa.. i really love the smell, prettty, sweet, but not overly sweet, mature but still young, fruity, flowery, and the drydown very elegant and grown up, little bit sexy and lovely. i bought it and was very happy untill today. my boyfriend love it and most of my girl friends like as well, also the bottle very interesting..

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by Jyrhara 2015-10-06

I agree with NostalgiaStreet, there's something very comforting about AE if your skin gets it right. It's a perfume that makes you strong and will take you out of bed after a break-up.
Many people say it's too heavy but I put on two good sprays and on me it's just something clean and elegant. I love that there's nothing sweet about it.

Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Guerlain by barbkory 2015-10-06

I am a woman and I love love love Habit Rouge! Classy, elegant, timeless! Heavenly, it lingers for a long time! I'm in love.

Velvet Rose & Oud Jo Malone by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

This fragrance makes me imagined like I lost in the ancient dark forest and I found a velvet black rose that alluring me to touch it. (It know I'm crazy but I was really thinking this. Lol)

One of the best rose&oud combination fragrance ever! Very dark, sensual but really sweet. It's like a guilty pleasure that you want to stay away from it but then you find yourself fall in love with it even more.

Longevity and sillage are really amazing. There is no doubt why it's expensive. Lol

Corteccia (Bark) L`Erbolario by NazguL2 2015-10-06

Great woody scent for the price.

Sea Island Cotton Bath and Body Works by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

Very soft, calm, polite and clean.
I get musk, cotton and sea notes very strong. Really reminds me of warm sea breeze scent. 'Sea Island Cotton' is such a perfect name to describe this fragrance.

It has nothing special but very nice for relaxing day.

Enchanted Orchid Bath and Body Works by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

Orchid fragrance which is not too generic.

Orchid is the strongest note here. Musk is also very strong which make this fragrance even more deep and romantic. You can notice some powdery and slightly citrus(just at the beginning) as well. It also has incredible longevity and sillage. I'm wearing it over 12 hours now and it still strongly noticeable.

This is a very unique orchid perfume that all of orchid lovers should give it a try. ;)

Naomagic Naomi Campbell by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

This is the strongest perfume from Naomi Campbell. It's powdery, sharp but feminine at the same time. I can smell almond and lily-of-the-valley very strong. I think this perfume is perfect only for special occasion because it's too classy and too elegance for everyday use. :D

The lasting power is unbelievable. It stays on my skin for days.
It's pretty sad to know that this perfume is discontinued but at the same time it makes me feel so proud even more to have this perfume in my wardrobe. XD

Night of Fancy Anna Sui by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

It smells like creamy blueberry milk for me. Very warm, deep, sensual but has slightly juicy vibe. Unfortunately, it's not my type of fragrance. Pretty but not impressive.

The actual bottle looks absolutely gorgeous. It looks really pretty on my wardrobe.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by aqua_de_la_vita 2015-10-06

I've been attracted to Hermés frag's for many years. My first frag from Hermés was Rocobar, to this day I still love the aroma. After several years I found Terre d'Hermés. I enjoy the top note of orange with a noticeable spicy blend of pepper that's noticeable asap. After this juice settles, a real woodsy/benzoin blend comes through giving it an overall charismatic/sophisticated aroma.
Longevity and Silage is excellent lasting over 8hrs
I love to wear this juice every chance I can...I certainly don't get bored of it. This fragrance gives off a happy-feel good vib. The orange notes carries through to the end. ABOUSOTLEY BRILLIANT!!!! 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐...10/10 this fragrance is worth having as part of your collection. Highly recommend...

Flight Of Fancy Anna Sui by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

Magical fruity floral fragrance with phenomenal bottle design. ;)

It opens with super fresh citrus then dries down to dreamy floral which is so young and girly. I love to wear this perfume when I want to lift up my mood.

The lasting power is okay. It lasts about 6 hours on me. The sillage is moderate. You can smell it so strong at first hours then it sits very close to your skin.

I think this perfume is very easy-to-wear and perfect for everyday use. :D

Gardenia Chanel by NoirEternal 2015-10-06

just ordered me a sample of this... will do a review afterwards

I always call this one as a 'green apple bomb'. Haha
I think the bottle looks like a handy bomb and it has a burst of fresh apple and citrus scent.

However, it smells too generic for me. I prefer original Be Delicioius which is more deeper and has better longevity and sillage.

Fragile Eau de Toilette Jean Paul Gaultier by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

Reminds me of Dior J'adore at first sniff. Very beautiful and feminine. After a few minutes I notice some fruity scent which makes it much deeper and sweeter than J'adore. I like it a lot.

The bottle is stunning. I love that it has magnet inside the golden part of the bottle so it's very easy to put a cap back on.
The sillage and longevity are moderate but acceptable for EDT.

So sad that it discontinued so I have to treasure the last bottle that I have.

I quite like overall design of it.
The color is really pretty and that feathers satin ribbon is weirdly beautiful. It looks like a glamourous angel. XD

Volare Eau de Parfum Oriflame by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

WOW! Another beautiful rose-shape bottle. Really pretty. I don't care about the scent anymore. I just want to get it just for its bottle. LOL

Solo Rosa Luciano Soprani by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

I totally in love with the bottle. So pretty!
Even though I don't like the sound of its notes but I really wanna buy it just for the bottle. XD

Iced Green Tea Elizabeth Arden by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

This fragrance is a burst of freshness like you're showering with mint and eucalyptus water.
Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of mint and eucalyptus so this perfume is not my taste at all.
However, the only thing that I like about this perfume is it has cooling power. I always wear it at home in very hot day. XD

Vanilla Lace Victoria`s Secret by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

Sweet and delicious vanilla with a creamy musky base. Everybody keep saying that I smell so yummy and they want to eat me. Hahaha

CK IN2U Heat for Her Calvin Klein by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

I really like original CK IN2U for her so I blind buy this one.
Unfortunately, I don't like it much. It has strong blood orange combines with floral and spicy scent. It gives you warm and exotic vibes like its 'HEAT' name.
However, I personally think it's just a general warm summer fragrance. Nothing special or unique about it.

Longevity and sillage are pretty weak. This fragrance doesn't impress me at all.

BLV Bvlgari by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

I'm personally not a big fan of any spicy frags but I really like this one. It has powdery and fresh spicy scent with slightly floral base. Casual but still classy. Perfect for any occasions.

The lasting power is pretty good. Unfortunately, it doesn't have great sillage on me which is very disappointed because it smells really nice.

Harajuku Lovers Love Harajuku Lovers by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

It smells like fruity bubblegum. Very sweet, cheerful and girly at the same time.
Unfortunately, sillage and longevity are very weak. Even myself barely smell anything, which is really disappointing because I absolutely love how its smell. :'(

Villain for Women Christian Audigier by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

First of all, mermaid on the bottle looks beautiful. I'm a big fan of mermaid so I fall in love with it at first sight.

It also smells amazing. I can smell very strong creme brulee mixing with fresh juicy scent at first. Very sweet and girly. Then I get a hint of floral scent, which make it more sensual. I think this fragrance is very versatile and perfect for everyday use.

Longevity and sillage are pretty good. It lasts over 6 hours on my skin. Very impressive.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Bob Marley 2015-10-06

Sweet beautiful long lasting fragrance i love it

Original Pink Soap & Glory by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

First of all, I really like the packaging. Metallic silver bottle with baby pink letters and chic ribbon. How cute! It's modern but also has vintage vibe in it.

For the scent, I agreed that it's similar to Miss Dior Cherie. That's because they have strawberry, patchouli and rose in common. However I think there are some differences. OP is juicier and girlier while Miss Dior Cherie is deeper and more mature.

Fortunately, this fragrance lasts long on my skin and it has good sillage. I'm very impressed because I didn't expect it to be this good.

Touch of Pink Lacoste by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

This is a sporty girl fragrance. Start with refreshing citrus then dry down to sweet and powdery floral. I looooove it so much. Very cheerful and girly exactly like a girl in its commercial. This perfume really lightens up my day. <3

I quite surprised to see someone said it has poor longevity because it really lasts on me (almost 10 hours now, I guess).

My most favorite fragrance from Lacoste so far. ;)

Heiress Paris Hilton by ShiraJemJem 2015-10-06

One of the iconic perfume from Paris Hilton. It smells exactly like fruity bubblegum which is super young and girly. And boys seem to like it a lot.

I agree with a comment about it smells a little bit synthetic. However, for someone like me who love fruity/sweet candy fragrance this perfume is full of joy (even though the bottle is quite tacky). XD

Longevity and sillage are very impressive. This perfume is really worthy for its price.

J'ai Osé Guy Laroche by gfp 2015-10-06

on me it is almost the twin unidentical brother of mitsouko. though at the last stage j'ai ose gets a bit more sour than mitsouko and has less sillage and staying power. this perfume is not for girls or even very young women. is has mossy-dusty qualities that turns it to be a serious, cold weather scent. i like its Weirdness, but will not be using it everyday. i can see it becoming a gender bender

London Burberry by Naureen 2015-10-06

On my wrist it smells so powdery & strong, even just a bit of it, the powdery smell is intense. this slightly suffocates me sometimes & i also get headache.

On my clothes, it smells so good.

What I don't like about the bottle is the cap is very loose. But I do like the smell of it on my clothes

Purr Katy Perry by number9 2015-10-06

I bought this on sale as I was curious about it. Right off the top I get gardenia. On me that is the most prominent note I get. I can smell vanilla and the faint scent of orchid. I'm going to test it out some more.

Incense Oud By Kilian by mikemuscles21 2015-10-06

I find myself layering all my ods lately. At the end of the day I have no idea what I'm wearing anymore. But I am 99% sure that this is one of my favorites.

Back to Black By Kilian by mikemuscles21 2015-10-06

I love this one, however !!!! It's old. Something about it reminds me of the 90's. I'm not sure what it is exactly. It's not 90's in an old school mature mans way.
but in a The cure, Duran Duran, Depeche mode, Shakespeare's Sister- sort of way. I have no idea why I feel that way. It's definitely not Wilson Phillips.

Sauvage Christian Dior by CDGfan 2015-10-06

I retried this again, and while the opening is pleasant the drydown is abysmal. It literally smells like stickers I use to use as a kid back in the late 80s/early 90s

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by Carrieberry 2015-10-06

I really love this one...but sadly I smell it in the streets, in every coffee shop and in the subway....:( I wish this wasn't everywhere because I love the smell of apple.

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