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Dior Addict Christian Dior by Aardwolf 2014-12-19

I tried on Dior Addict on my left wrist and Jil Sander no 4 on my right. To my surprise, at first sniff they were very similar. But the Addict devoloped into a relatively simple vanilla/jasmine blend (simple, that is - compared to Jil Sander), and the JS into a undescribable complex scent bomb. Both lasted loooong.
Jasmine is a scent that I a can only handle with moderation, but I must say that in the Dior it's bearable, especially in the dry-down when the vanilla takes over.

Twirl Kate Spade by Michylaka 2014-12-19

I found this one in my walk in closet. I was glad to find it in one of my drawers in there while looking for a scarf. I don't know how it got there but I remember buying it a couple years ago at Belks. I always liked this one. It is fresh and it is sparkling. It is very light and sweet of fruit. The main one I smell being watermelon but also I detect berries. It is really nice for summer. There are quite a bit of floral notes. The most notable is definitely the magnolia. I suppose this is what I liked most about it. I keep seeing it at TJ Maxx. It would make a great gift as it is a crowd pleaser. I got lots of compliments wearing it. Sillage is moderate and longevity would be about 4-6 hours. The bottle is adorable. I would say it is an 8/10 only because the longevity is wanting

Jil Sander No 4 Jil Sander by Aardwolf 2014-12-19

Undescribably complex, old-fashioned in a good way, VERY potent and longlasting.

Pardon Nasomatto by eldotjay123 2014-12-19

Just the greatest fragrance composition of all time. It's as simple as that. No oud frag out there is as well blended and as sexy. I call this ole my 'sexy oud'. Will be buying several bottles of this.

Burberry Brit Sheer Burberry by kxnaiades 2014-12-19

This reminds me of the original, loud and fun Escada perfumes like Taj Sunset, Ibiza Hippie etc. Except that Brit Sheer is not as loud or sweet as the Escada perfumes were. I smell the lychee and pineapple as well floral notes and a clean white musk. It's soft and not very long lasting, but it's pleasant and pleasing for those around you. Not something I would wear any more but maybe once upon a time in my early 20's yes I would have before Fragrantica opened a whole other world of perfumes to me.

Love Notes Ellen Tracy by sheridanellis 2014-12-19

I was on a business trip with my husband over the US Thanksgiving holiday to SOCAL ( Southern California). This is my perfume stomping grounds. I love visiting the Marshall's stores and discovering hidden gems at prices that make me succumb (happily) to possible blind buys. At a mere $4.99 "Love Notes" fell into the price range and perfume notes I would consider for a blind buy.
I feel that this review would be easiest if you allow me to break it down into a questionnaire.
Check yes or no:
Do you like raspberries?
Do you like the smell of hot buttered toast with fruity jam melting on top?
Do you like the smell of old, musty library books?
Do you appreciate the scent of amber/ambergris accord?
Do you swoon (not in a weird way of course!) at the raw scent of a freshly powdered baby's bum/skin?
If sunshine had a scent would you prefer that to the "smell" of a rainy day?
Do you get weak at the knees when you smell a food cart at a carnival selling cotton candy? (Sugar floss/candied sugar)?
Do you like the scent of moss growing under a tree in the woods...perhaps even with dank, earthy mushrooms growing in the proximity?
If you answered "yes" to three or more of my questions, I think this perfume may be of interest to you.
If you decline even one question...back away.
These are shockingly strong notes for such an inexpensive price range!
The bottle is frosted glass....a bit cheesy to me with the musical note
which seems to be almost a afterthought decaled onto a decent shaped bottle (albeit the cap is a bit clumsy to deal with).
All in all an amazing scent for the price point and I am enjoying it very much this holiday season. There seem to be no florals that would "clash" with any of the goody smells I am surrounded by at this time of year.
If you enjoy "Midnight Fantasy", or "Dark Kiss by B&BW", you will probably appreciate this.
Projection: 5-10"
Longevity: 2 hours or less
Silage: 12-20 or less on MY person.

Best wishes! xo

Va Va Boom is pleasing and comforting scent ever. Its smells a bit like men cologne at first spray. After a few minute its smell boozy and sweetly fruity + coconut + flower. Then chocolate + vanilla appear, with a slight dusty smoke at background. It's fantastic. Some of the reviews claim its masculine, but it means androgynous to me. Most important thing it smells soo good!!
P/s : My friend said its smell like Famous Amos cookies shop on me. LOL. Another friend said its not like choco cookies smells, just vanilla chocolate smell. Yummy! <3 ;-)

This fragrance is great. In fact, I would argue that 'Lupin Dandy' could have been the next big Guerlain masculine. Instead, LVMH would rather water down their "mainstream" line with idiotic releases such as 'L'Homme Ideal" and keep this beautiful work of art out of most peoples' financial reach.

Its leather note is more of a fantasy chord where the sum of its parts is suggestive of leather. No birch tar here, folks. More subtle and impressionistic like Chanel Cuir de Russie. All the more beautiful, in my opinion. It is a polished fragrance and absolutely reeks of class. Not foppish at all.

I don't wear it personally because I find it slightly too poised and urbane for my character. Hard thing to articulate and very personal.

However, this would be absolutely stunning on the right woman.


Rogue Love Rihanna by prettyswag 2014-12-19

Got the set in this and yes..its chanel green chance on first few mins of spraying...then it settles into a suble floral soft sweet...very nice scent.

Raghba Lattafa Perfumes by genvy 2014-12-19

Somewhere in between Cool Water and GIT. Better than the former, not as good as the latter. My opinion, anyway. Bottle is heavy and feels "expensive." Cap is cool. Nothing like Original Santal. That's about it.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by shynil 2014-12-18

its like soapy dertergent i dont like it sorry
i would give it a 3.5/10

I dislike all poison perfumes equally

Nothing beats the original Alien

This one is a bit shy, but very teasing. It dances around you with small wiffs for several hours. Next person have to hug me or stand close, to share those wiffs. A lot better then the Original in my opinion.

Denna är lite blyg, men väldigt retsam. Den dansar runt mig med små doftfläktar i många timmar. Nästa person måste krama mig eller stå nära för att uppleva dessa fläktar. Denna versionen är klart bättre än originalet, tycker jag.

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by KIARA85 2014-12-18

I thought I wanted this. then it reminded me of a pear? dont know its more fruity on my skin that floral

Santo Domingo Oscar de la Renta by Mooniq 2014-12-18

I can't see Santo Domingo as a Unisex. To me this is only for men. Maleish Patchouli, Maleish spices, Maleish Coriander. A nice scent for Men.

Jag tycker inte att Santo Domingo är unisex. För mig är den endast för män. Manlig Patchouli, Manliga kryddor, Manlig Koriander. En trevlig doft för Män.

Polo Ralph Lauren by JamesAQ4 2014-12-18

Still a quality fragrance.. but I was a touch infatuated with the tobacco-basil-oakmoss-cedar-patchouli-leather heart and soul of the bottle I had 13 years ago.

There was without a doubt a reformulation.
Now the leather plays a more central role, with less obvious tobacco, noticeably diminished basil, weak oakmoss.

No longer has the wow factor.. but it's still good, just harder for a young man to wear.. and i'm seriously tempted to buy basil and oakmoss oils to layer this with.

it's leather-patchouli-tobacco-basil-cedar. still a great combination but yeah. for a man 40's-70's where with the original formula I swear a man of any age from a 15 year old with gravitas up to a 90 year old could pull it off.

DKNY My NY Donna Karan by tracy.debloistalley 2014-12-18

I don't think I am a fan of any of DKNY fragrances :( Every one I try I dislike. This just smells like something I smelled in the 80s but can't put my finger on it. It's a bit much for me and smells synthetic? I think that's the right word for what i am trying to describe.

I smell the raspberry right off the bat and it's very intense to me. I don't do well with fruity scents on my skin for whatever reason, so this might be why i don't like this. It seems to be every DKNY fragrance is heavy with fruits and they turn sour which my chemistry.

I don't get many notes here except raspberry and a hint of musk and patchouli.

Top notes: raspberry, pink pepper and galbanum.
Middle notes: jasmine, freesia, and orris.
Base notes: patchouli, vanilla, musk, and ambergris.

SJP NYC Pure Crush Sarah Jessica Parker by Love_heart 2014-12-18

So most coconut is fake smelling In perfume this is so well done !!!
Pretty and summery without fake tan smell attachment !
However I am allergic to actual coconut if I eat it so whenever I try to wear this I have someone screeching " arnt you suppose to be allergic to that !"
Ugh !! No I'm not eating it !! It happens everytime so I've given it to my best friend

Gaultier 2 Jean Paul Gaultier by JamesAQ4 2014-12-18

I smelled this years ago in a magazine and found it alluring. Purchased it recently. I do like this fragrance, even though I'm picky. I don't regret buying or having it and I enjoy using it.

Starts off sweet vanilla amber powdery, like JPG le male but without the intense undeniable presence candy sweet soapiness (which can annoy people..) but instead still 'starts' off smelling a bit harsh and cheap. Thankfully I'm convinced it the powder bit which swiftly fades to obscurity.

Left with a vanilla amber citrus musk.. which smells more quality. Like a much more tasteful le male. Nothing cloying or annoying here.

Nothing earth shattering- But if you, like I, get fixated on certain scent combinations.. like vanilla-amber-orange blossom-musk for example ;] ...

So I had to have it, definitely like it, but would I buy it again? I think instead I'd try a different fragrance with the same notes and hope to be amazed.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by jolantuk 2014-12-18

I wanted new, modern, edgy perfume for everyday wear and the consultant spritzed this on my hand. And I could agree with her it was everything I wanted and almost bought it, when suddenly I started to smell this strange rubber note, that mentioned reviewer bellow. I thought that just my mind playing strange trick with me, but when that day I asked opinion of my relatives, they said it smells like burning tires! Is this my skin chemistry playing that trick with me, or this fragrance indeed too modern to me...?;) Maybe on someone this would sound really modern and edgy, but definitely not on me.

Organza Givenchy by fire2heart 2014-12-18

I've only tried this out on a tissue. I got a lot of gardenia and then I could detect the jasmine which gave it a dirty, almost fecal scent to it. My son said it kind of smelled like body odor, haha!
Then the scent to grew very strong after about 15 or 20 mins and I had to throw the tissue away.
I am going to try this on my skin but I think I'll end up returning it to the store if I can't get the beautiful notes from it as described in here.

Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Guerlain by Mouchette 2014-12-18

Distinctive. Passionate. Sensual. Habit Rouge is all of these. It is, in my opinion, one of only a few made for men orientals that competes with the best feminine versions.

I don't wear Habit Rouge. It doesn't suit me well. However, I have a 100ml bottle that I use exclusively as a bedroom fragrance. I spray the air, curtains and bedsheets and the fragrance develops beautifully--in slow motion, really--and it suits the atmosphere perfectly.


L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by JamesAQ4 2014-12-18

This fragrance starts off very much as described, a blast of Yuzu, green, fresh, artistic, very Japanese- which I love.

I hate it so much when people compare colognes but here I go: on me l'eau d'Issey becomes like a delicate white-tea spring brother to Acqua di Gios warmer bolder summer.

This is maybe my favorite fragrance, though I usually prefer more musky, spicy, sweet numbers. d'Issey is elegant like Creed Aventus, but so much more preferable and balanced to my tastes.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss by Ravisto 2014-12-18

I have always thought that this fragrance was similar to Dunhill Desire, and for good reason... they share the same two main notes apple and vanilla. Boss bottled is a little more complex though with a woody background and florals and spices bubbling under the surface.

The opening of this fragrance is pretty generic citrus. The heart is much better as it balances out fruit, floral and spicy notes quite well. The woody feel is always in the background and dominates along with vanilla in the dry-down. The apple note keeps Boss Bottled fresh while in Dunhill Desire is it more prominent and being a fan of the apple scent I prefer Dunhill Desire to this.

Boss Bottled is an extremely popular scent where I am from and for good reason. Personally I can understand its popularity as it is a very versatile fragrance but it is just average to my nose.
The sillage and longevity are moderate to good.

Scent : 14/20
Longevity : 6/10
Projection : 6/10

Total : 6.5/10 ... Decent versatile fragrance.

Ysatis Givenchy by fire2heart 2014-12-18

i found this at a store for a good price. I've only tried it on a tissue, not on my skin yet. I'm a spicy oriental type woman (Obsession, Spark and Opium) but want to spread my wings.

I think I might like this. It started out with the aldehydes and them moved to a clean soapy scent. In a day or so I'll try it on my skin. I really hope it does well with my chemistry and that I love it. It might need to be tested when it gets warmer outside. We shall see!

I'll do another review after I try it out on my skin.

Paris Yves Saint Laurent by jenniewebb 2014-12-18

This one seems to have been around forever, so long that I can't imagine how anyone could have missed trying it. I've had bottles of this on and off since the nineties. I've also had some of the flankers, which have all been quite close to the original.

I've always thought of this as just a sunny, fresh French rose perfume, so I was most surprised when I found out it features violets. I guess they are more shy than the rose notes, at least on me, so I need to try hard to detect them in the mix.

This is such a happy perfume, it's a total mood lifter on me. It takes me back to a time in my twenties when I did a backpack-around-Europe trip and came upon a magazine shoot taking place in one of the public gardens in Paris. Wow, those models looked SO sophisticated, so Parisienne. Just like Paris!

New Zealand Demeter Fragrance by JamesAQ4 2014-12-18

I have very reactive skin. Even flat scents develop on me.

Starts out very grassy, become more aquatic, fruity light grass.. but only exists close to my skin.

Arlesienne L`Occitane en Provence by jenniewebb 2014-12-18

I am a sucker for L'Occitane, I just love the vibe of the shop, so I sometimes purchase things from there that I don't really mean to buy. This fragrance was one of them.

It's actually a lovely, inoffensive scent, with a citrus opening followed by duelling heart notes of rose and violet. Pretty enough, but not particularly long lasting and not especially memorable. I like to wear it on a hot day when I'm not particularly concerned about impressing anyone. It's a simple scent, not sophisticated, and longevity is short.

Luckily I only purchased a small bottle, so I'll use it up and move on to other beauties.

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by JamesAQ4 2014-12-18

I'm no perfumer but my qualifications consist of having a very developed and sensitive sense of smell, and having smelled this particular perfume on two young ladies with very different body chemistry.

First girl: Love at first smell. A delicate young feminine musk, citrus aquatic. Hints of florals and sweetness lingering beneath. I was a little taken with both the scent and the girl.. perhaps the scent played a larger role than I realized? ;]

Second girl: I took my best friends little sister perfume shopping- Went to show her my favorite perfume. Strong florals, sweet and.. mature 30-40 woman kind of scent. Nothing of citric or aquatic. I could see it as a desirable scent- lovely, but just not so much what I like in a lady.

This is still my favorite perfume- but only with the right chemistry.

With any fragrance skin type is a factor, but with this one, it's very telling. Try it on yourself and wait at least two hours before buying.

Grey Flannel Geoffrey Beene by fire2heart 2014-12-18

This was suggested for me to try. I'm a female but I tend to like more masculine smelling scents.

I remember this vividly from the 80's. I briefly dated a man who seemed to take a bath in this juice, yuck! But I'm open minded and thought what the heck as long a I don't put it on too strong.

Anywhoooo.... So I saw this at Ross and bought it. My son was over and I asked him to try it out and while I went upstairs. He had sprayed it in the air and waved his arm through it. Upon coming downstairs, I smelled it and asked him what he thought. He asked to keep it! He is 27. It smelled better on his wrist than in the air.

I recommended to him to spray it in the air and walk through it since it is such a strong fragrance and he agreed.

I never tried it, haha! I might sneak some on when I'm over at my son's place and see what happens.

Toujours Glamour Moschino by scorpiosheep 2014-12-18

The house of Moschino is turning out to be a love/hate one for me. Although I have really enjoyed a few of their fragrances, it led me to want to try all from this house, and just lately they have all been failures - including this one. All I can get from it is overwhelming heliotrope and jasmine. I really wanted to smell almonds, but cannot find any evidence of almond here. I really cannot tolerate the white & purple flowers here and had to scrub, not because it's a bad perfume, but because it makes me nauseous. I did not expect this from the notes as described.

Nightflight Joop! by shahab.zaidi 2014-12-18

Name is very nice along with packaging and bottle. It has a bit that deep night effect but could be worn any time. Bit different from mass citric and aquatics.
overall good.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by mlglopez 2014-12-18

baby powder, baby powder, baby powder. 4/10 for scent.

Indonesian Oud Ermenegildo Zegna by myra83 2014-12-18

@manny44 tq so much dear.. i love so much this smell.. its same level with amouage. I love combination oudh n rosed in this indonesian oudh. Tq once again

Eau des Merveilles Pegase Hermes by susieqrj 2014-12-18

Funny to see how a color or packaging can influence people. The juice is the same but pp imagine a whole different frag...

Mustang Sport Mustang by esteban747 2014-12-18

Surprisingly, this is quite an enjoyable fragrance. first of all, the bottle is quite heavy, that doesn't make a real difference or yes, depends.
It opens with a pleasant fresh mix of bergamot and grapefruit. It's then followed by cardamom and sandalwood, an enticing combination.
After that I get lost in a blend of herbs and subtle spices.
I have to say, I didn't had much expectations but Mustang Sport managed to surprise me in a good way.

Indonesian Oud Ermenegildo Zegna by Manny44 2014-12-18

@myra83 It is an EDT. It is strong and long-lasting however. Beautiful scent.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by KIARA85 2014-12-18

I do not like this guys fragrances!!

L'Eau Couture Elie Saab by KIARA85 2014-12-18

I like the almond smell so I guess thats why I find this perfume ok, but just ok,I wouldnt list it to my fav

Blackbird House of Matriarch by mirrorghost 2014-12-18

this opens up with a coal black leather note and some oudh and pine. it is a deep rich oudh and smells like wet wood in a forest, mixed with leather. after a bit the pine seems to disappear and in comes the cannabis and seaweed, mixing with the leather. this is one of the most leathery scents i've smelled. it reminds me of a perfume i had by aroma sanctum called russian leather, but that was slightly sweeter/muskier. (as well as a lot of other leather perfume oil scents i've tried previously, but i digress..) the cannabis in this reminds me a bit of patchouli, and not patchouli as it is in modern alcohol based fragrances, but patchouli oil you buy from a hippie shop. on the drydown that's what it reminds me of, guys in leather jackets wearing patchouli oil. i like this quite a bit. probably won't wear it a whole lot, but it's great for a certain mood.

Indonesian Oud Ermenegildo Zegna by myra83 2014-12-18

Hello all... ive this indonesian oudh but i confiouse is that this got edp and edt version??? Or just only edp version anyone can help me???

I have the reforumulated version of the original Rien, and this is what I was hopeing that fragrance would be. This is a beautiful smokey leather with incense. It's very linear and lasts forever. This is a must buy for anyone out there into dark, smokey fragrances.

Le Male Terrible Jean Paul Gaultier by arcade_blox 2014-12-18

Sweet sweet lavender... I love it!
Smells soapy, but really good. Nice, soft, i don't get why "terrible".

Not versatile (I think)

Vanilla Autumn Nights CJ Scents by tessture 2014-12-18

One of my favorite autumn scents. A comforting, dark vanilla incense, smoothly spicy. A perfect compliment to autumn moods.

Bello Rabelo Les Liquides Imaginaires by mirrorghost 2014-12-18

wow, this definitely is extra-alcoholic when sprayed on the skin. when first sprayed, it feels so cold that it almost burns, how odd! after it dries a bit i definitely get the red wine and dried fruits, along with immortelle, which is kind of straw-like. it adds an odd dimension which makes this smell kind of edible, but not in a typically sweet gourmand way. it's a little unsettling to me honestly. it kinds of reminds me of wine that's been spilled and dried up.

after awhile i get a resiny smokiness that leans a bit masculine but is still gourmand. i like this a lot more than the opening stage, but something about this is just off on me. i get a burnt caramel/sugar thing going on that isn't all that pleasant...probably a skin chemistry thing.

London Burberry by lkha37 2014-12-18

This is a warm, cozy scent enveloping you in a soft cloud of beautiful florals. One of my favorite fragrances. It never feels over or underdone. You can wear it with office clothes or jeans and a tee and it will still be suitable. I like wearing it when it's cold because all I want to do is cuddle up with a shawl and breathe in the scent coming off my skin as it warms up. Love it!

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by lil_taul 2014-12-18

I like it. if u can get past the first 3 minutes, this is a beautiful fragrance. kinda harsh when you first spray it but u will be smooth sailing after the first 3 minutes for atleast 7-8 hrs plus

Noa Cacharel by rufflesbows 2014-12-18

Words I think of with this perfume are warm, soft, powdery, comfortable, friendly, feminine, inoffensive, relaxation. I don't smell any floral notes at all. I definitely smell the coffee! It is a very natural lotion type of smell. Sits close to the skin. I want a full bottle very much!
My young daughter smells it and says "smells just like Great Grains cereal with a cup of coffee". I think she is right on the money about that!

Soir de Lune Sisley by jana.hullinghorst 2014-12-18

soir de lune + Quelques Fleurs Royale Houbigant = <3 <3 <3

Reminds me of Jubilation XXV so far.....

Rogue Love Rihanna by prettyswag 2014-12-18

This fragrance is really nice, smell nothing like viva la juicy. ...smells close to chanel chance fraiche green one...yall need to sniff it again..this nice.

Dark Andrea Maack by mirrorghost 2014-12-18

this is a very metallic and lemony rose. it's light and airy and crisp, and is almost slightly salty to me. i tend to like deep, rich warm fragrances, and this is pretty much the antithesis of that, but it sounded like an interesting rose from the description at lucky scent...but that description mentioned leather and violet, (though the notes don't say that, the description does!) which drew me in. oh well, not my favorite rose, but interesting to try. nonetheless.

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by Bretto66 2014-12-18

My mummy has always worn this and it has special place in my heart.

Nahema Guerlain by Bretto66 2014-12-18

My late sister received a bottle of this for her 21st birthday in 1980. I loved it then and now every time I smell it I think of my beautiful sister.

Beet Root Great American Scents by SquirrelMonkey 2014-12-18

this is very light.
I have a little sampler of it.
I tried it once and thought, gee, it is so delicate of a skin scent.
so I tried it again and dabbed on more.
I love this natural clean crisp smell, earthy and yummy.
a wee citrus tang, it is like crunching into a tasty fresh salad.
I only wish it had a bit more sillage.
I will wear it again, surely.

The Social Parfum The Social Parfum by almondbreakfast 2014-12-18


The so-called "personality" doesn't come from the color of the packaging, let alone it's a boxy shape packaging.

The true "personality" is reflected by the scent a person is wearing.

Knot Bottega Veneta by eaudemoi 2014-12-18

Well done, Bottega Veneta.

Neroli is one of my favorite notes and I like to see houses do some good with it :)

I get neroli and orange blossom for sure, but the interesting thing is, I almost feel like I'm smelling the inside of a very fine leather bag from which someone has just taken out a large, fragrant bouquet. The cloud of scent is creamy, floral, and well-blended, but it isn't very green. Leather isn't one of the listed notes, but I get something of a restrained dryness that would suggest some high quality hide. The top had a few taut, ripe citrus fruits drop in, but they roll to the back before long.

All in all, I find this very similar to Yves Rocher's Secrets d'Essences Neroli, which I also love. Granted, the YR is less elegant and more simple. It's more citric, more honeyed, more cheerful. It's of less quality than Knot, but I can't say I like it any less. They're different takes on similar themes, and getting both would be justified by my book. Bottega Veneta: Elegant, refined, the classic it-girl at the office. Inoffensive but quite notable. YR: field day, a bed of flowers just for you.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by Bretto66 2014-12-18

Ive got three words to say about this perfume "CHANEL IS PERFECTION"

Chanel N°19 Chanel by woodlandwalk 2014-12-18

This has the classic bracing feel of No. 19 as we know it - cooler in feel than No 19. Poudre, more floral. There's oakmoss here, at least in a small amount and the florals are all those that lend a spring-like feel

I find the Eau de Toilette delightful, the mood is uplifting, tonic-water-like, it's as though the scent from nearby spring hedgerows is drifting past on a warm breeze while you sip pure icy tonic-water. I love it!

This shares the Parfum's austerity and elegance, but in a minimalist way; less rich, more 'natural' in as much as its florals, though similar to the parfum, are lighter, giving way to drier, more savoury facets such as oakmoss and galbanum.

Of all the No 19's, I find the Parfum and Eau de Toilette the most authentic in feel. The Eau de Parfum and Poudre, though lovely too, are sweeter and softer.

Sillage moderate, longevity good

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel by woodlandwalk 2014-12-18

I can see I'm not alone in finding that this immediately reminds me of Infusion d'Iris - gentle, elegant, powdery with the sense of a warm, perfumed woodland breeze.

The drydown is sweeter though, with a sweet musk (possibly synthetic white musk?)

To me, Poudre doesn't really say No 19, as much as make a statement that Chanel were here first, and they're right! - it's why I immediately liked Infusion d'Iris, which reminded me of No 19.

Poudre is pretty, softer than No 19 Parfum and Eau de Toilette. There's less iris/orris in this than there is the parfum. But in general, I'd wear Infusion d'Iris rather than Poudre, as I'm not so keen on the sweeter dry-down.

But I can see what Chanel were getting at - here's a contemporary version of No 19, and let us not forget that Chanel (or perfumer for Chanel, Henri Robert) was here first in the 70s with this ground-breaking cool green floral. This is a softer version though, maybe more appealing to younger women? All depends on taste.

I still think that the Parfum and Eau de Toilette are the Queens of green though!

Sillage soft, longevity a few hours till it dries down to light musky skin-scent

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by NostalgiaStreet 2014-12-18

I have worn this perfume for years, and besides my signature, it is the one I am probably known best for. Just recently, my mom was cleaning out some stuff and came across a box of my old clothes....she said when she opened the box, the smell of Aromatics was still on the clothes...she had forgotten just how long I have worn this. The point of this story is, most people, such as myself, who have a strong affinity for Aromatics, stay true to it over the years, with only more love for it as time goes on.

I struggle with depression, and Aromatics Elixir is one of the two perfumes that actually helps me feel better when I am at my worst. I guess it is the patchouli and herbs.... not really sure. All I know is, it has some mind altering abilities to it.

I have always had positive comments when wearing this perfume, and it is the one fragrance that I have always loved on others. It recalls the 1970's and 1980's when it was at its most popular. It was the perfect fragrance for all the big hair band rock concerts of those eras.

Aromatics is about the dark red roses, patchouli, leather, oakmoss and herbs. It is from the old school, and it stands its ground. This has never been a perfuem for everyone, and though many dislike it, those of us who do, we know that nothing can take its place. I only hope Clinique will never do away with this fragrance. It would be extremely hard to live without it, because for me, it is more than just a perfume.

Sensuous Noir Estée Lauder by houstcs 2014-12-18

Beautiful and pretty unisex. Woody with a sharp pinching opening that is very close to midnight poison, which is why I have been wanting this. After 30 minutes it does go away from midnight poison vibes and becomes a differnt scent. This is close but will not satiate those seeking their thirst for midnight poison, however may be a good alternative to people who have not had MP in the past but want to understand why people love or hate it.

Emblem Mont Blanc by alabangcute 2014-12-18

If you are a mont blanc fan and choosing between Legend and Emblem, go for Emblem. It is far more elegant and despite comments about its longevity, it is still very classy and people who will be able to get a whiff of this scent on your neck will want to hug you no end!

Clean Skin Clean by Cecile27 2014-12-18

I absolutely love how simple and fresh this smells! This will become a go-to if I want to smell clean and light. It has a subtle soapy-floral scent that I adore. Perry Ellis Reserve for Women is my signature but if I ever want to change it up and still have that just out of the shower scent, Clean will be what I reach for. Can't wait to own a bottle!

Pure Grace Philosophy by Hamano_Chiaki 2014-12-18

There must be something wrong with my nose, but to me this doesn't smell clean at all! Rather metallic and salty instead. Not pleasant to my nose at all. And yes it does smell very similar to Clean Ultimate which I also find unpleasant because of the saltiness.

Not for men. I mean, for some men. For me it's just perfect. Maybe I enjoy nice smells and think stereotypes are stupid like most of the things we worry about. Wear it and maybe cry a little just to piss people off.

5th Avenue Nights Elizabeth Arden by Amber Mirianda 2014-12-18

The first time i bought this perfume, i wasn't quite interested with its packaging and the label of the bottle, however.. the scent of the fragrance what blews me off. the smell was so addicting, sweet floral and gourmand scent.. however, don't spray it too much or it'll give you and the prrson beside you to have nausea, because the smell is quite heavy and depends on the skin type of a person for the longetivtity, mine is long lasting.. so 2-3 sprays is appropriate..

Mackie Bob Mackie by drugstore classics 2014-12-18

A loud, proud BEAUTY.

Thanks to a fellow fragrantican, I discovered Mackie about 3 years ago. She's everything I've ever wanted and then some. And yet....I must confess there are moments when I wonder if Mackie is truly for me. Usually within 30 minutes of first applying, in fact! That first onslaught of sweetness gives me pause - before the beauty sets in.

Yes, she's loud. That's what the opening is all about. Even though the tuberose is bold enough to occasionally remind me of Red Door, there is substantially more going on in Mackie. She's grounded in a way that Red Door and other 80's florientals ( no matter how unique ) can't quite manage. And the depth of Mackie's drydown is the reason she's so memorably beautiful.

For one thing, her base notes last a gratifyingly long time. And they're amazing! Patchouli extends and blends the fruits, flowers, and musk into a terrific finale. One would have to be curmudgeonly indeed not to enjoy Mackie on someone else, if not oneself. She manages the frothy joie de vivre of Red Door with substantially more sophistication. But not TOO much. ;) Like a Bob Mackie gown, Mackie is the star of the show and not shy about it.

Five Stars.... enjoy with caution or bravado, at your own risk. ( In other words, a little dab'l do ya! )

Imperial Millesime Creed by secamel 2014-12-18

This makes me smell like a fruit salad. Hey, what if I want to smell like a fruit salad? Who are you to judge? Everybody loves this, from your gradma to your creepy uncle. Being popular is only a bad thing if you suck. This thing is good.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by vitolezio 2014-12-18

Love it....smells sweet but fresh, good for winter but still wearable on summer. Longevity is 4 to 5 on me

Zino Davidoff Davidoff by gedlive 2014-12-18

I just blind bought this after researching and good reviews. Very good blind buy. Its a bit old school but must be one of the best old school. Smooth well blended. Beutifull manly florals, but masculine and a bit sexy scent. The clary sage is an amber like aroma that reminds me of Kouros, the first frag that wowed me 25 years ago. Its a bit like Aramis but more refined, no raunchy tabaco. It's also compared to Guerlain Heritage which I have. Heritage is more saturated contemporary with Amber. But I allmost feel more comfortable wearing Zino, it is more masculine and Heritage more conservative.

LLD Live Love Dream Aeropostale by jordanlkelley 2014-12-18

I got this perfume on a whim when it was on sale. I love it. It is very girly and sweet, but not to the point where it makes you sick. It is by far my favorite fragrance from Aeropostale.

Style in Play Lacoste by PocketRocket 2014-12-18

Smells like an imaginary beer made from apples. Never had one but it's what comes to my mind.
Right off the bat this is green, green, green apples. People are definitely on mark that this isn't a baked/pastry apple scent. The apple here is prominent but morphed enough to come off as boozy, probably from the green woods and musk.
I'm testing 2 other frags on my arms and this one's sillage is just beating the other two into submission.
Quality is great. Definitely bottle worthy.

I not good to my skin' helical &smell too strong.

Luna Rossa Prada by fresh_scents 2014-12-18

I'm really loving this scent! It's a modern spicy fragrance that yields some citrus undertones. I have just added this one to my list of wants.

Tenere Paco Rabanne by riffjim4069 2014-12-18

Other than having a '80s concoction vibe, which is created by tossing-in 20-30 ingredients along with an overabundance of oakmoss, I don't see any similarity between Tenere and OMSGE. They are two very different scents IMO. I am using a mini-Splash and I'm getting more of a Brut 33, Sung Homme, Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui vibe; a sort of a generic spicy 80s power cologne.

Tenere projects very well during the first hour and perhaps slightly above average thereafter. And it lasts a solid 6-7 hours on my skin. My takes? Although it's better than some '80s power colognes, such as the vile Antonio Puig Quorum, Tenere is nothing I'm likely to reach for ever again. I'm likely to reach for Sung Homme or Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui when I'm in a power cologne mood. I'm just surprised that oakmoss is not a listed note in this fragrance.

I don't dislike this one, but I don't like it eather.


The third fragrance with the oud note i tried.
This medicinal scent doesnt work for me and i find it headache inducing.
However you do get an oriental feel without the sledghammer effect since jo malone has a light touch.
I cant give this a proper review because i just cant wear it for long.

Pure Grace Philosophy by Emilee1978 2014-12-18

I'm a nurse and love this for work- this and Amazing Grace have gotten me more compliments FROM PATIENTS, than anything else. That being said, I'm sometimes confused by the "people who like, may also like" column that I see on the website. This one is listed with Hypnotic Poison and Viva La Juicy- two perfumes I love but would never wear to work, kinda hard for blind buys.....

Rose Essentielle Bvlgari by saintleegray 2014-12-18

I'm really surprised at how much I love this, I've always found bvlgari scents to be a little old lady-ish for me, but this really works. I don't get very much powder from this (thank God), more of a light, fresh rose. Sweet, but not overwhelming. A little musk, a little raw berry but mostly a really lovely rose. Very good, elegant and lady like. My only complaint would be that it isn't very strong.

Volutes Diptyque by dioraddictfan 2014-12-18

I love this scent! I prefer it to Tobacco Vanille, which is similar. This is smoother and lighter, and a bit sweeter with the honey note. I have it in both EDT and EDP, which is a bit richer generally. A really sophisticated tobacco scent worth sniffing and trying. My go to for fall/winter.

Vetyverio Diptyque by dioraddictfan 2014-12-18

This is a really nice clean vetiver scent that is inoffensive. Very wearable. Longevity could be better, but it is a beautiful scent overall.

Eau Lente Diptyque by dioraddictfan 2014-12-18

This was a blind buy for me, and I wasn't disappointed at all! When I saw the notes on here, I just knew it would be something I'd love. I'm glad I bought it. It's a beautiful amber vanilla, with lots of cloves. Suitable for winter wear.

Boss Nuit Pour Femme Intense Hugo Boss by kelly_xatz 2014-12-18

Very dynamic and little dark although fresh. Not romantic, not sweet, not girly. Perfect for work environment. Screams there is a mature and energetic woman here, be careful!!

Cuba Red Cuba Paris by riffjim4069 2014-12-18

I smelled some type of an aromatic, metallic, woody, tobacco skin-scent and *poof* 90-minutes later it was gone. I didn't dislike the scent (it's not the least bit offensive IMO) but it's also a generic type of a scent with no discernible notes.

On a positive note, Cuba Red is bargain priced and comes in a really nice cigar-shaped bottle. I would not be offended smelling someone wearing this one. Let's be honest, it's "cheap cologne" and it is what it is and it does what it does.


Cuba Orange Cuba Paris by riffjim4069 2014-12-18

Okay, to me Cuba Paris Orange smells like a synthetically engineered generic citrus bathroom cleaner. Although it's not a bad scent, I am not a fan of spraying myself with bathroom cleaners while rubbing urinal cakes over my body. I'll, I mean...I'll pass on this one thank you very much.


Oyedo Diptyque by chrisbar1104 2014-12-18

Started out immensely citrusey, but soon turns to "gummy, spice drop" candy smell. Meh. Not bad, but not great either.

Wish I hadn't thrown away my Sephora receipt, pure impulse buy and smells like toilet bowl cleaner/citronella candle on me. Oh well, I'll try it in summer since I'm stuck with it........

ITISLOVE Salvador Dali by SquirrelMonkey 2014-12-18

this is lovely.
a very soft and yummy fragrance that smells nice right away and dries down into a mild warm vanilla and immortelle scent.
it is very light. I spritzed a bunch on in the morning and it wears like a skin scent within a couple hours.
I may try the intense version to see if it has a bit more longevity and sillage.
a comforting and friendly smell, easy to wear, I do recommend.

Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Gucci by secamel 2014-12-18

Just got it as a x-mas gift. I smiled politely and thought " I won't like this generic capitalist thing for corporate robots." I was wrong. Nice smoky/clean scent that won't make you win a Nobel prize for originality (actually, no fragrance will) but will make you smell good which I guess is our main objective when we purchase any fragrance.

Nuit de Tubereuse L`Artisan Parfumeur by deborahmorais 2014-12-18

This is too musky and woodsy for my taste. I can't even imagine how bad this must smell if applied heavily. I bet this must smell nice on other peopl, but this is definitely not for me. I much much rather have that loud, sweet and happy type of tuberose fragrances than this one. This is way too mature and it gives me a feeling that was created 100 years ago.
Second impression an hour later: this is much nicer and subtle now, still I don't get tuberose, it's a nice woodsy fragrance with a hidden tuberose.

Agua Brava Sea Power Antonio Puig by hernie 2014-12-18

Sadly discontinued like a large number of gems...
In my skin it seemed a little bit like Aqua Quorum, of the same brand.
I loved both. And both dissapeared!

Lucky Number 6 for Men Liz Claiborne by Old Werewolf 2014-12-18

I tried this again today after leaving it on the shelf for a few years. I didn't care for it when I first got it, but I like it now. (I have quit smoking since the last time I tried it). It has an unusal opening note which I attribute to the plum. It reminds me of my grandmother's house when she was making preserves. The dry down is very nice. The Sandalwood and spices blend with amber to make a very pleasant ending. It stays on for about 8 hours. I will use it. I'm glad I decided to try it again before getting rid of it.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs by LisaMari 2014-12-18

the scent is like real fresh daisy and reminds of threading daisy chains as a little girl.

Princess Power Vera Wang by LisaMari 2014-12-18

its ok, smells woody and elegant, not silly, and insipid like the others, the only sensible one of all the Wang Princesses.

Evil Max 4160 Tuesdays by Komuloc 2014-12-18

Really nice unusual chypre. Beautifully blended and thus hard for my nose to pick out specifics other than slightly cherry opening and wonderful oakmoss drydown with interwoven spices.

Gingembre Rouge Roger & Gallet by lorennab 2014-12-18

Love at first scent, but so weak as a cologne...

Secret Obsession Calvin Klein by takeasniff 2014-12-18

I was wearing this the other day and it kept reminding me of something not the same but similar vibe. For me it was Elizabeth Taylor's Diamonds and Emeralds. The Diamonds and Emeralds is a little more traditional old school but still has the sweet smoothness that the Obsession has for me both similar feeling. If either one is over sprayed it just ruins them but if used with a light spray from a short distance they settle really nicely. I have worked out if something has tuberose or gardenia in it for me it needs to have a sweetness as well so Secret Obsession has the added plum which makes it perfect for me. I like Diamonds and Emeralds but find it can lack the dark sweetness that I want.

Secret Obsession lasted all day for me but it became less complex and more sweet and smooth with a bit of a musky dry down. Not stale or unpleasant but not a complex result. It reminded me of Kate Moss Luxury Edition with it's smooth, musky sweetness there was no spice left in it. It also reminds me of Kim Kardashian Gold because it is a sweet, musky and could be slightly masculine on some type of mixture.

I can understand the comments about it smelling like cough syrup or medicine when it is first sprayed it does have trouble knowing where it wants to go and in its case I think skin chemistry decides which way it goes. I like the way it goes on me maybe people think I smell like medicine but I don't care because I enjoy it. It really has to be tested a blind buy is not a good idea unless you can find it very cheap or maybe just get a sample for a couple of bucks but do try it because it could be a hidden gem for you.

Amber Romance Victoria`s Secret by pinnock22 2014-12-18

Tested this the other day in the new Victoria's secret that's opened in Birmingham and I've gotta say I fell in love with it. its such a warm amber milky scent that I can see myself wearing on cold days in. for a body mist its quite strong and lasted 3 hours. 9/10

Cyprès et Pamplemousse Yves Rocher by calyx93 2014-12-18

Not much of a review, Sherihan … really. Could you tell us more about it?

This is one of my favorites. To me this smells exactly like Trader Joe's caramel cashew cookies. I get a lot of compliments on this perfume. It is just delicious but I'm one of those girls who loves to smell like baked goods so if you're not chances are you will not like this perfume.

Paloma Picasso Eau de Toilette Paloma Picasso by Odenir De Faria 2014-12-18

Finnally listed here! I am glad this happened.

This is an excellent fragrance. Milder that its eau de parfum version, but still pretty. (I have writen a review about the EDP). Great choise for warm nights, when the occasion requests for an elegant fragrance.

This eau de toilette is very alike Magie Noire by Lancôme. Tested them both side by side.

I recommend it.

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle Lacoste by deinnorra 2014-12-18

To my nose this is "Armani Code meets Addict Eau Fraiche". And by Eau Fraiche, I mean the discontinued one from 2004, my favorite of all times. Sadly, the slightly cool highlights in this fragrance makes it a no-go for me because I really like the rest of it and it's a pain to try and enjoy the creaminess with that coldly sharp shadow. I mean I would be okay to wear it occasionally if I didn't like the other face of it this much, if that makes any sense. You know, because I wouldn't have to chase that delicious effect constantly. Shame!

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by Colin Maillard 2014-12-18

A pleasant and nice scent indeed, as much leathery as tons of other contemporary leather-based scents (suederal-safraleine type), without any particular twist that let this stand alone in the crowd. Classy and refined for sure, in a rather safe and tamed down way though: "brownish", smoky, crisp and clean like a new pair of leather brogues. Not bad, actually rather pleasant, just a bit overpriced for the quality. And in fact there's quite some cheaper alternatives which do the same job: Godolphin by Parfums de Marly, Golden Boy by Dueto for instance.


Gucci Premiere Gucci by antihero 2014-12-18

I love Gucci Premiere. White florals make this glamorous. I also love the bergamot and wood.
This is simplicity and the result is a rich, gorgeous fragrance.
I immediately bought this after sampling; I am glad I did.
Great longevity after many problems in that area with recent Gucci fragrances.

Very well done.

I appreciate the NATURE way of YR

Cyprès et Pamplemousse Yves Rocher by Sherihan 2014-12-18


Rosarium Shiseido by Speedie 2014-12-18

I bought Rosarium in Japan and it is a lovely fragrance. It smells like roses. Not complex but nice. Yes, it was "cheap" in Japan but it is certainly not cheap if you want to purchase it outside of Japan. I have tried several rose fragrances and I really like Rosarium the best.

OMG! Yay! This is my first time winning a giveaway...
Thank you so much! I can't wait to try Land of Warriors!

Wildfire Romane by Futuremrspbb 2014-12-18

This is awful. This is like granny perfume taken up a notch. Up as in more powerful, not nicer. Very heady, in a bad way. Big sillage and longevity—unfortunately. I love the notes, and in the bottle it's a nice scent, but as soon as it's sprayed I get strong alcohol and SPICES. I don't know where the spices came from, but they're there in a big way and they don't play nice. The beautiful white florals I see in the notes are definitely here, especially the gardenia and jasmine, but they smell more like an old lady's potpourri that's been sitting around getting dusty for ten years and then you stick your nose right up in it than the lovely flowers they represent. Some people may like this, as I've smelled similar things before on people passing by, but I would definitely suggest you TRY before you buy it. Mine was free, so I have no regrets...but I do have an almost full 1.7oz bottle if anyone wants to swap!

But my opinion? Eww. Just eww.

Escada Moon Sparkle Escada by Sorendara 2014-12-18

A lovely floral fragrance with a fresh lift from freesia. On my skin it smells like Armani Si mixed with Pink Sugar Sensual. Then granted a little magical aetherial character.

If you know that Si and Pink Sugar are among my favorite scents, and that I love freesia, you'll not be surprised that I very much love this perfume.

This has a moderate sillage and nice longevity.

I actually prefer this version of Pour Femme to the original, I like the strong sandalwood and am glad the raspberry is gone. In fact I like it so much more I will probably swap or sell my full bottle of the original as I can't see myself reaching for the original over this version.

This really is lovely, albeit simple. It's a beautiful creamy blend of sandalwood, marshmallow, orange blossom and tuber rose. It is stronger than the original which I also appreciate, although the original has decent longevity, it is softer and wears closer to the body without as much sillage. I'll definitely be enjoying this flanker this winter.

Scandalous Victoria`s Secret by stacia79 2014-12-18

Another fruity perfume from VS with a name trying to make it sound like more than it is. I don't get that store. I feel like it used to be higher caliber, for classy sexy WOMEN. Now it seems to cater to teenagers with all their nearly identical fragrances, always fruity or floral fruity or fruity gourmand. It's the dumbing down of society. Let's keep women thinking they are little girls and we can keep them from conquering the world. But tell them it's SEXY!

How does Scandalous smell? Chocolate covered raspberry. Not real raspberry of course, the synthetic raspberry. After time the sickly sweetness fades and the VS signature peony drydown remains on the skin for hours.

R'oud Elements Kerosene by Colin Maillard 2014-12-18

The opening of R’oud Elements by Kerosene shows quite many features and recurring notes of America’s contemporary indie perfumery: powerful, slightly boozy-terpenic, dark and incredibly rich, halfway the dark-syrupiness à la (early) M7, mostly for the same amber-oud-booze-herbs structure, and the metallic black amber reminding me of some Slumberhouse scents. Above this, a sharp, sour, dry and aromatic greenish accord with bold metallic whiffs (which don’t sound cheap, though, as they seem “intended” to provide a sort of post-industrial feel, which I guess quite fits the brand – or at least its name) and a base woody accord in fact quite similar to oud – smoky, dry, animalic, with a compelling shady and warm richness. The sandalwood lies somewhere on the very base, just providing a subtle drop of sweetness well contrasting with the general smoky, dark and almost “rotten” vibe. Overall: not bad at all, I enjoy the contrasts between the dark notes and the hints of sweet colour, wrapped in a warm, dark amber and woody feel. After a while the bold metallic aftertaste gets kind of annoying to me, but at least it seems a creative choice with its “raison d’etre” here. The projection is quite loud and the texture in my opinion smells as much creative as quite “elementary” somehow (not minimal, rather just barely simple to the point of smelling clumsy from times to times), but as I said... not bad at all for me!


Antaeus Chanel by Sorendara 2014-12-18

Someone below commented that this is a lot like Tom Ford's Italian Cypress. I agree, but the castoreum and oak moss notes are strong enough in this to make it an even more masculine scent.

A bit too masculine for most women, I imagine. At least too masculine for me. And although I like it, I'd prefer any men around me go with Italian Cypress if they're headed in this general direction.

Musk Al Ghazal Al-Rehab by patxaran 2014-12-18

Thanks to repeated mentionings in the "whiffy" thread and elsewhere I decided to give this a go. Well, this is quite a phenomenon...First impression when sniffing the rollerball bottle and cap was slight undefinable fecal inky but from a little further, sweetish smell. So I put it on my wrist and roll a little, then rub into the other wrist... Deep breath in... Oh dear all of a sudden the clock has moved forward a few days and I don't seem to have washed, but spent time outdoors in humid conditions with loads of rolling tobacco in my pockets, oh and I am wearing some old tight leather trousers. Before you think this is it and I am going to slag this attar off... not at all. There is definitely a tobacco vibe about this fragrance, especially in the opening and middle phase whereas in the end all I can detect is an animalic musk that as someone said reminds of the beautiful air behind my cat's ear. I think the key is to use this really sparingly but spreading all over thinly. I will probably use it for layering. Yes it is a dirty fragrance but a little dirty is nice. This is not cumin dirty, this is more like bike saddle dirty and it brings that tobacco leaves / flowers notes with it. I have an attar called "White Musk" by Swiss Arabian and that is like a superfresh and clean version of this one here, yet they both share what I can only describe as a tobacco note.

Gucci by Gucci Sport Gucci by our lee 2014-12-18

Picked this fragrance up on ebay about a year or two ago for a very low price, a blind buy. And, for the price, I got a decent scent (it certainly isn't unpleasant). I had never had the pleasure of fig in a scent before and, although it is nothing 'special', I enjoyed it.

The things that let this down, and I'm aware I'm echoing many reviewers before me, are the longevity and silage, i.e. that are virtually non-existent! Seems to be a common trait among Gucci fragrances - sort it out please.

Lily Calypso St. Barth by Futuremrspbb 2014-12-18

@MzScents8ional — you may have "mimosa" by Calypso Christiane Celle. I think the two companies may be related, considering the similar name and almost identical bottles. Calypso Christiane Celle does in fact have a "mimosa" you might want to check that one out!!

Climat Lancome by Chloe354 2014-12-18

Climat perfume. The Vintage is fabulous, lots of compliments with this one. Climat vintage is on the Endangered Species List of fantastic perfumes.
The hunt for this beautiful fragrance is worth it.
Found my vintage perfume at Thefragrancefactory
This fragrance is one I keep returning to often.
Just a classy fragrance that I never get tired of.

Ofresia Diptyque by myownflagg 2014-12-18

Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I get this unpleasant, rubbery smell from it. Clinique Happy does the same thing on me. I'm not too sad about it as I already have about five Diptyque perfumes on my want list!

Jasmine Demeter Fragrance by LisaMari 2014-12-18

Its a very pure and natural jasmine to me, one of the best jasmines I've tried, v floral, flirty, feminine and fresh.

Habanita Eau de Parfum Molinard by swetilik 2014-12-18

One of the works of art, art object, the bottle and its contents. Perfume, which can decorate women and men. It is only necessary to make a step forward, take it out, open your heart to him.
I accepted it immediately, at first it seemed gloomy, dark and heavy. Only with time I open it sensual tender heart ... on a background of viscous resinous balsamic base notes sound clearly fragile flowers, oriental spices and succulent leaves. The aroma is revealed slowly, requiring heat, sun, revealing all its beauty for a few hours, showing her not only the carrier of flavor, but also to others, creating a trail of intermittent, short but expressive so that makes turn to extend it.

06 Incense Rose Tauer Perfumes by zaetown 2014-12-18

Citrus, rose, and incense are the main notes I pick up. Brutal and abrasive opening for me which I dont care for almost smells like urine cake. But the drydown is awesome and super long lasting. I had to test this twice b4 I really noticed how great a perfume this is so if u dont like at first sniff give it another try. Definitely unisex work of art that adapts to the gender.

Overall 8.2/10

Yendi Roberto Capucci by Chloe354 2014-12-18

Yendi. Another favorite fragrance gone but not forgoten. Well almost gone, found my vintage bottle at Thefragrancefactory
Yendi is one of the very best perfumes ever created but in the vintage version only. Now so rare I only use it on special ocasions.

Si Giorgio Armani by olga.stefan 2014-12-18

Si is not the kind of fragrance that tells a pre-fabricated story. It somehow inspires you to create your own. Its linear sweetness is not disappointing and I have this feeling that Si, together with La Vie est Belle, which is a less aggressive approach of sweet longevive patchouli, will be the iconic scents of our decade. People will smell these 30 years from now and see these cat eyed instagram beauties that will make them feel oddly nostalgic.

@vitolezio : You probably bought the reformulated version, cos the older one lasts like crazy!

Only for Men Julio Iglesias by HORACIOAG 2014-12-18

so nice, misterious, it´s a pity it´s discontinued, i can´t see it anymore, anyplace

Si Giorgio Armani by chinna 2014-12-18

It is a very strange aroma, seems a linear perfume. It smells of patchouli and ambre

Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci by chinna 2014-12-18

In my opinion apples should have started with this. Nina is a scent too shocking. Unlike red apple this output is involved in citrus and aquatic notes. The extra neroli, cherry, and gardenia, give it a more elaborate facet to the base. And stop smelling like an ordinary perfume of apple and clove.

Santal Carmin Atelier Cologne by TakaBeata 2014-12-18

Saffron saffron , saffron <3 and carmel )

Love by Kilian By Kilian by Hedgehog_0828 2014-12-18

I recently got a sample of this piece of worderfully created gourmand of notes and even when it is presented as a women fragrance I love it. Trus some other's comments and mine this should be profiled as a women/men fragrance. It beggins by letting sweet notes of vanilla and caramel not overly sweet and then as the fumes flow it remains sweet with touches of musk and fur i would dare saying. I got complements from both viewpoints feminine and masculine and I'm definitely getting a bottle of this juice.

Majestic Arabian Oud by Poboijosh 2014-12-18

This is going to sound crazy, but bear with me here. I reviewed this juice a while ago, and finally I've figured out what this stuff smells like after months and months! Okay, you know how around Halloween time when you go into a haunted house, and you'll walk into a room where the fog from the fog machine is really thick, and it smells oily, and sticky warm and sweet like, and you can almost taste it in the back of your throat, but you really like that smell? Well, that's exactly what Majestic smells `and` feels like, and that's totally awesome!

Passion Elizabeth Taylor by marenanne6 2014-12-18

Passion was the first perfume I ever had as my very own. When I was five my sister gave me her old mini parfum and I loved the bottle. I misplaced the bottle and had quite forgotten about it until a few months ago I stumbled across a picture of the same mini bottle in a set with a large bottle and lotion. I was so excited and bought it immediately.

My initial impression was of a burning sensation in my nose which caused me to sneeze a few times (might have been the aldehydes), but also of strong white florals. Unlike a lot of other reviews I could really only smell white flowers instead of the musk or incense. Keep in mind though, I am more of a dilettante rather than a connoisseur.

A lot of people mentioned that the strong smell settles down once on your skin, which it did. I could smell a bit of honey and the spices, but throughout the day the white florals were still more pronounced. It's still a very lovely smell and I think I'd have to wear it more than once to have a more refined decision.

Funnily enough, I had no impressions of a passionate love affair. Instead, as soon as I sprayed it, I was transported to scenes of hiking in the mountains near my home. It was no means a fresh mountain air and streams kind of smell, but it reminded me of the heavy smells of animals, sweat, and flora in dry mountain heat.

Overall, I think this is an older lady perfume, no not an "old lady" perfume, but one in which a WOMAN wears, a sophisticated, sexy, confident woman, just like Liz Taylor herself!

Sofia Sofia Vergara by willfulmissconduct 2014-12-18

Maybe it is the vanilla, orchid and wood....but I get an intense smell of cotton candy. No berries, no plum. Just lots of sugary fluff. Anyone else? I am curious.

Chanel No 5 Parfum Chanel by LisaMari 2014-12-18

Ugh, its giving me a headache, I washed it off but can still smell it!
Its like powdered aspirin - very dry, sharp, bitter and soapy.

My two cents on Allure Homme Edition Blanche EDP...

It's less "lemony" and definitely more gourmandish. Actually to me it smells like a lemon candy, you know these fruit-drop like. I thought also to some it might smell like lemon sorbet or lemon mousse - with a lot of sweetness in it. It reminds me somehow of Hanae Mori HM EDP.
The drydown is a step towards gourmand fragrances - even more than it was in EDT Concentree. Officially there's no tonka bean in this EDP but I feel it quite clearly.
To me it's less woody and less spicy as well than its predecessor.
Projection is bigger than in EDT Concentree and longevity is between 10-12 hours.
To be honest - I like it much more than EDT Concentree.

Cuir Mandarine David Jourquin by alepoz84 2014-12-18

Allora è uno di quei profumi che appena spruzzato ti fa l'effetto di spegnere la luce del mondo e ammirare le stelle in cielo, lontano dalla mia pelle annusando il PROFUMO che invade l'aria circostante si riesce a percepire la scorza del mandarino e un cuoio e un tabacco per niente aggressivi, sulla mia pelle invece, il legno di lavanda prende il sopravvento, mischiandosi alla nota di cuoio tabacco ambra, la nota di fondo è Patchouli schietto. Qui il naso, come in tutti gli altri profumi da lui creati, giocano con l'armonia olfattiva, ben strutturati e ben fatti, l'unica cosa che mi ferma nel non comprarlo, sono i 240 euro che dovrei spendere, a questo prezzo ci sono altri odori,sentroi ed emozionanti profumi ,da intendere, tutto questo ad mio avviso.

Voto 8

Then it is one of those scents that makes you just sprayed the effect of turning off the light of the world and see the stars in the sky, away from my skin smelling the PERFUME invading the surrounding air you can feel the zest of tangerine and a leather and tobacco at all aggressive, on my skin instead, wood lavender takes over, mingling with leather note tobacco amber, the base note Patchouli is blunt. Here the nose, as in all other perfumes created by him, play with the olfactory harmony, well-structured and well-made, the only thing that stops me in not buy it, are the 240 Euros that I should spend, at this price there are other smells, sentroi and exciting scents, to be understood, all this to my opinion.

rating 8

Tiffany Tiffany by foxy_princess 2014-12-18

Interesting fact: Amber Rose uses this. Now I want to smell it! :P

Shay Anfasic Dokhoon by Hedgehog_0828 2014-12-18

Wow. No reviews yet. I havent been able to get this fragrance here in U.S but a customer at the place where I work wears it and trust me it is good (to my likes) sweet but on the unisex edge. I would not over spray it though.

This has a clear sharp geranium, pepper, and bergamot opening, followed by a pleasant but generic floral. The basenotes are warm and complex. They complement the development of the perfume flawlessly.

This is a well balanced and well thought-out perfume, more sophisticated in it's development and composition than many modern perfumes.

It's also pleasantly spicy and moderately dry, running strongly against the current trend to simple sweet fragrances.

Now to the rose element. It isn't there. Certainly, there is an attractive - but generic - floral note that is evident throughout.
But it is not 'rose', and it isn't even all that reminiscent of rose.
I checked - I went out into the garden and smelled fresh roses (of several varieties) and the elements of their scents are not even close to this perfume.
Nor does it share much in common with my various rose (turkish, bulgarian, tea)soliflores.

So: very pretty, but not a rose. :-)

Traversee du Bosphore L`Artisan Parfumeur by Colin Maillard 2014-12-18

Traversée du Bosphore opens with a pleasant, evocative and invigorating Middle-Eastern blend comprising warm notes of powder, amber, vanilla, spices (tonka above all to me), a sweet and earthy tobacco note providing a darker, yet always mellow “support” to the powdery-amber-spicy accord. It may sound simple, but actually it’s a rather pleasant and perhaps quite complex harmony of colours and shades, with a thin but totally solid texture, basically a sort of warm Oriental talc-amber-spicy scent with an ephemeral boozy heart. Now... the issue here, as with many scents by L’Artisan, is that of all this suddenly turns into a fairly light (and somehow generic) skin-scent, as much pleasant as “faded”. It’s like a time machine that in 30 minutes transports you directly 4 hours later, on the very drydown. Great until it lasts, then barely nice overall, but... meh, bit of a tune on the “volume/persistence” knob would be appreciated in my opinion.


Driftwood Arran Aromatics by scotrob 2014-12-18

As a proud Scot, I like to support local (Scottish) businesses, and Arran definitely deserves that support. Driftwood for me captures the smell of wood pencil shavings, mixed with a slight sweetness and slight pine/toluene heaviness and possible menthol or eucalyptus in the background. I have never smelt a fragrance so delightfully and wholly woody as this one and it is absolutely one of my favourites. I often receive positive comments when I wear this because it is so different from any other scents on the market....I cannot think of another which captures REAL wood aroma so successfully.

Tobacco Oud Tom Ford by Colin Maillard 2014-12-18

Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford opens with a smoky, warm and sophisticated woody-tobacco blend, bearing a nice and quite simple juxtaposition between a (so-called) oud note – quite unsubstantial as basically any of these Western ouds, but pleasant enough, and pleasantly “shady” – and a really compelling and good tobacco note: rich, slightly humid, sweet and aromatic, with floral nuances and sticky, dark boozy heart. Initially Tobacco Oud is discreetly mellow and sweet, then as times passes is progressively becomes darker, denser, unleashing the main tobacco accord which brings Tobacco Oud closer and closer (as weird as it may sound) to some indie niche tobacco scents like Jeke by Slumberhouse and above all, Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio – with just a hint of Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere (because of some spices, perhaps). The oud note lasts for really short, leaving only a sort of pale, smoky-rubbery nuance beneath the rest. The central phases of Tobacco Oud are quite mostly centered on tobacco, which as I said is really good and vibrant, and remarkably similar to the names I mentioned – which to some extent, is good in my opinion, as it shows a fresher “indie” side of Tom Ford; but on the other side, well, it’s hard not to think of a bit of a ripoff... anyway, although too expensive and a bit derivative, Tobacco Oud smells undoubtedly good, solid and refined. Great persistence.


Delirium Dr. Gritti by alepoz84 2014-12-18

è un profumo difficile da indossare, all'inizio il pepe dalle sua varianti di pepe rosa e nero esplode insieme alle note speziate quasi ambrate, l'incenso domina tutto il corpo di questo profumo, i sentori di legno vagamente si sentono verso la fine, almeno questo sulla mia pelle, personalmente è uno di quei profumi da tenerne conto, e dosarlo bene, poichè a lungo andare se abusato può stancare, di certo si fa notare, si nota, e a molti ,almeno nella mia cerchia di persone può non piacere.

voto 7,5

It is difficult to wear a perfume, beginning pepper from its variations of pink pepper and black explodes along with spicy notes almost amber, incense dominates the whole body of this perfume, the scent of wood vaguely feel towards the end, at least that on my skin, personally is one of those scents can be taken into account, and dose it well, because in the long run if abused can tire, certainly stands out, you notice, and to many, at least in my circle of people may not like it .

rating 7.5

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by scotrob 2014-12-18

Initially, very very soapy...quickly dissipates to the vanilla that many others detect...but always in a very soft, sensual way....and does anyone else get coconut along with the vanilla? Makes me think of warm nights on a tropical beach, coconut aroma mingling with soft vanilla and spices with musky undertones....

Jeu d’Amour Kenzo by chinna 2014-12-18

It's like Tresor EDT 2014, more powdery and more milky. What makes it more delicate. And seems to increase their age range.

1899 Hemingway Histoires de Parfums by Chicago Tony T 2014-12-18

It's pretty much a soft Spicebomb. The sillage is not as big making this a Fraiche version. I have not heard of many niche copying designer scents but this is evidence. If you think Spicebomb is too loud and should be worn by the younger folks then spend hundreds more and get this. I am not one of these people. A big thumbs down!

Afshan Rasasi by FlirtBoy 2014-12-18

floral-aldehydic (probably because of ylang-ylang)...this has kind of vintage (70-80s) touch that I remember from many women´s perfumes of that era (White Linen by E. Lauder comes to my mind as one example)...but this is rather unisex and can be easily worn by men without feeling too feminine 7.25/10

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by Dellow 2014-12-18

i really liked this scent when i first bought it. The sweet scent with a tint of a fruity-freshness blew me away 5 years ago. But now im not a big fan of this perfume. When i first bought it this was the bottle i reached for all the time, but now im not even using it anymore. The scent is too sweet for me and it's giving me headache. It's good for speciel occasions since it lasts for quite a while. I smell something like star anise or fennel, i dont know why but i do, and that's not a smell im a big fan of, so that kinda ruins it for me. i dont know if it's because i've had it for a long time and it has reached its expiration date.

Ambre Nuit Christian Dior by calzim 2014-12-18

Maybe I'm crazy but I get mostly myrrh with a good deal of amber. Some rose. A touch of pepper and vanilla. To me this is a more refined Eau Sauvage Parfum. Both are beautiful scents. The myrrh is less in your face here and is filled out beautifully by the amber. (I'm writing this in the heart of the scent. The far drydowns may very well be different.) I gave ESP an 8/10, and this is more refined but serves less of a purpose to me (ESP is the ultimate frag for sensual moments). 8/10.

edit: The drydown is amazing. Not sure how far it's projecting but the sillage is unusually great! Adding half a point. 8.5/10. LOVE it!

Odah Al Abiad Rasasi by FlirtBoy 2014-12-18

almost pure rose and light woods on my skin - very close to Haramain´s Khaltath but not so overpowering 6.75/10

unisex but a bit more suitable for ladies in my opinion

I was so excited that this had been relaunched and bought a bottle. Found it in abundance in Tenerife perfumerias.
So disappointed though.
As well as the bottle changing, the smell is not the same at all. It's much more powerful in an unclean type of way!
It smells a lot like Knowing by Estée Lauder now but more pungent, if you get the idea.
I ended up giving it to my 80 year old mother and when I smell it on her it makes me feel sick.

Keflavik KEF The Scent of Departure by Tiwalii 2014-12-18

I love Iceland. Been there twice. So I had to have this scent. I took a chance and bought it without testing it. It is much lighter than the scents I usually go for, but I like it. It's a great everyday sort of perfume.

It starts really fresh and citrusy, and moves into a wet, juicy and green phase with a hint of sea air. I guess it is supposed to illustrate the first impression people usually have of Iceland - the intense green landscape, and the ocean that surrounds it.

Then the scent erupts into spicy warmth, like a volcano or a geysir. It's still moist in a way, but not as cool as the wetness of sea water.

The next phase is deeper, more like earth and wood. Cedar wood is a prominent note, and it brings this feeling of being in touch with the heart of Iceland, I think. I can still smell faint notes of green and sea, and with the dark, smokey earthiness of vetiver it all comes together. The wild nature, the sometimes rough climate, the colours of land and sea - all mixed together in a bottle.

At the very base of this perfume lies a cozy, soft vanilla. It tones down the pungent earthiness and gives the scent a smooth finish. It gives me the feeling of finally coming home, curling up in front of a crackling fireplace and enjoying a big cup of vanilla tea after spending the entire day out in the wilderness.

The scent lasts quite long on my skin, about 10-12 hours. The sillage is intense at first, but then it goes down to a medium. Not to strong, a perfect everyday scent with a slight masculine undertone.

Hajar Al Haramain Perfumes by FlirtBoy 2014-12-18

on my skin this is very close to Kashka (but with longevity being lower and Hajar is missing fruity notes of Kashka) 7/10

unisex all the way

Tresor L'Eau de Toilette Lancome by chinna 2014-12-18

It smells like peach and apricot marmalade. It amazes me that being so different types of fruit, is very much like the central note of Kenzo "Jeu d Amour.The note of Kenzo is more powdery and creamy

Max'd Al Haramain Perfumes by FlirtBoy 2014-12-18

Terre d´Hermes clone, very close to Byblos Black as well...nothing more to say, good quality and price 6.75/10

Khaltath Al Haramain Perfumes by FlirtBoy 2014-12-18

very green rose and cedar on my skin

Excellent Men Al Haramain Perfumes by FlirtBoy 2014-12-18

heavy spicy rose on my skin, not bad, not outstanding - but for the price (about 10 USD) it´s pretty ok...6.25/10

Miracle So Magic! Lancome by chinna 2014-12-18

Only smells like soap for clothes. Many persistence generally lancome has this particularity, its products have high quality. Personally, I do not smell chestnuts, or protrudes a flower over another. If it is a very clean floral, with a luxurious persistence

Chanel No 19 EDP Chanel by nero77 2014-12-18

Part 1: No. 19 Eau de Parfum: Powder & Class...

Chanel No. 19 Eau de Parfum is to me a very "posh" perfume. It's powdery and elegant, and I can imagine the kind of woman who would wear it. Very controlled, very posh, but still young and beautiful. I think some kind of successful woman or rich woman. Personally I really like the Eau de Toilette and I wear it myself (I find the EdT works better on a man's skin). But first let me describe what it smells like.

This perfume has a gorgeous iris/orris root note. It is well known that the type of iris used by Chanel, iris pallida, comes exclusively from a specific field in Grasse (exclusive to Chanel, it previously used to be from Florence, Italy)... and iris butter (made from roots which are dried for at least 3 years) itself is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients on earth, with the best quality (80% purity) costing around £70,000 (or $105,000) per kg. So what you get here is a wonderful iris note. This is an iris note surrounded by rose (also exclusively from Chanels field in Grasse), lilly-of-the-valley, and some green oakmoss and soft sandalwood. I would describe the Eau de Parfum as a "soft" fragrance. Soft but powerful. It smells expensive. The EdT is brighter, greener and more "alive" somehow. This one is very calm and controlled, but very beautiful. If you thought the EdT was too "green" or "sharp", this EdP is more controlled and powdery. In a word, it smells like expensive "perfume". So I would expect a woman who was rich or wealthy to smell like this. But it's a wonderful smell, and iris is definitely one of my favourite notes in perfumery.

Part 2: A tale of two sisters... Chanel No.19 & Jacomo Silences

Now, I want to compare between Chanel No. 19 and Jacomo Silences, as these perfumes are often compared together. Let's first start by saying that No. 19 was first, and so most other "similar" perfumes are descended or "inspired" by that one. But there is something about Silences that I like, which No. 19 doesn't have... and that is an entirely different character and personality. From the start these two are very different. Put it this way, if they were "sisters", then No. 19 (the older sister) would be the wealthy, successful rich woman of society. She has married someone rich, she lives in a nice, expensive house, she hosts dinner parties wearing her perfect black dress and pearl necklace and earrings. She hangs out with rich, wealthy people in society. She has perfect white skin, like a Greek statue, perfect hair, perfect nails. Perfect life. But, she is cold, she is quietly unhappy. She has everything but she feels like she has no control. Like her rich, successful life has been "planned" for her by others. She smiles for guests, and laughs politely, but when she takes off her makeup at night in her mirror, she sometimes wants to cry.

Her younger sister is Silences. This one you could call a "free spirit". She is an artist and was once a beautiful model. She is a painter. She lives in a small, cute house by the river. She goes for a run every morning with her dog. She does not take everything in life too seriously, but she enjoys every minute of her life. She spends most of her time outdoors, in nature. She loves being in nature, running, painting, enjoying the different seasons. She loves who she wants, and she lives each day to the full. Cooking, being artistic, with the dog, out in the woods. She has no regrets in life. She does not have the money that her older sister "acquired" by marrying a rich man. She does not smell so expensive like her older sister, but she has character, and a big heart. She does not want anything more in her life, and she is happy.

To me these are the differences. They are both green, both have an iris note, but this note is unbeatable in the Chanel, and is powdery, floral and smells clean, polished and expensive. The Jacomo smells "greener", like you are in the forest outside, with the smell of herbs and green leaves which the Chanel doesn't have. Basically, if you are an "active" person, or if you have memories of childhood in the countryside, then you will like and enjoy Silences. But if you want to smell the smell of "perfume", or want something "posh" or "expensive", then go for No. 19. Both are great choices. I think the Jacomo is a little more relaxed and carefree, but if you want to impress or are in a very formal situation, then go for the Chanel. Both are masterpieces!

UPDO Chic Linn Young by Dellow 2014-12-18

i got this one as a gift. It's very strong and sweet for my taste normally, im not into sweet scents, but this one is actually good. Just don't spray too much because it may give you a headache, or at least if your not a big fan of strong scents like me. It's a very sweet and feminine scent and its very long lasting, so thats a big plus when you look at the price of it.

A Thousand Wishes Bath and Body Works by GeorgiaMoxie 2014-12-18

There's just something about champagne fragrances that I love (like Amber Blush). I will crave wearing them sometimes because it brings a sort of effervescence to regular citrus notes.

I personally create my own fragrances by either tweaking it to be what I want it to be (ones on my list included) or I come up with my own concoctions. I always have fragrances unique to my tastes so I don't smell like anyone else with the exception of a few. I've found that I can't tweak a champagne fragrance and still keep the effervescence.

I do agree that BBW keeps bringing out "new" fragrances that smell like ones that they discontinued which is annoying because if there is a fragrance that has a loyal following that gets discontinued then you lose the repeat buyers. They seem to go with the "new" fragrance campaign strategy to attract buyers who want the next "new" thing.

Truthfully they are partly right because most of them are aimed toward younger buyers who want to keep up with new trends.

Fruity Zara by Dellow 2014-12-18

A very lovely scent, but it doesn't last for very long. I like to use this for mixing with other perfumes.

Eau d'Energie Biotherm by Dellow 2014-12-18

It's basically oranges in a bottle. It smells like vitamin c (if vitamin c had a smell).
I love the smell of oranges so i love this perfume. I do mix it with my Zara Fruity perfume so i dont smell like a walking orange. I really like that mix, so i think this perfume is good for mixing, and a bit boring on it's own.

L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake by Dellow 2014-12-18

I remember my cousin had a handcream tester with the exact smell of this perfume, and everytime i went to her house i would use it because the scent was just so amazing, very clean, fresh and nothing like any of the other scents i've ever tried before. So after a couple of weeks i decided to buy the perfume. It was 3 years ago. the bottle is still half full. I really love this perfume, but it's not a perfume for special occasions, or at least thats how i feel. I use it when i want to smell clean and not too florally (i like floral scents, so i dont use this one very often). Thats the only way i can describe it. It just smell fresh, aquatic and clean. I dont think it's for everyone, you either like it or you dont, i definately LOVE it, so take a sniff next time you're in a store, it's definately worth trying.

Dolly Girl Anna Sui by ScarlettX 2014-12-18

Anna Sui's has one of the most eye-catching bottles. Unfortunately, this perfume is not that fancy. It's really so childish, that it's even too childish for a 12 year old.
Even the celebrity perfumes are above this one.
Weak melon scent mixed with some lightly but annoyingly sweet fruity notes.
A little like some cheap shower gel scent or cheap perfume from the food store.

Bright Crystal Versace by Dellow 2014-12-18

I really love this perfume, it's fruity and fresh and just basically spring/summer in a bottle. This was the only perfume i used in the summer period. My only complain would be that the scent doesnt stay on for too long. I would say maximum 3-4 hours, i myself couldnt smell it after 1 hour, så you may carry it around in your bag to freshen up through out the day. But definately try it out next time you see it in a store, you won't be dissapointed if you're into fresh floral scents..

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by bibibling 2014-12-18

I recently purchased the 'pokéball'-looking pink/blue Fantasy/Midnight Fantasy Twist combo and it just arrived today. I've been a fan of Fantasy since the original formula days but had somehow managed to never try Midnight Fantasy for some reason. Anyway here goes my review:

The sweet, happy blueberry that many people noticed also hit me immediately. It's literally almost the exact same blueberry note from POM blueberry pomegranate juice with a hint of raspberry. With a little bit of patience and coaxing of the imagination, I can see how it would also be interpreted as plum & cherry though. The vanilla and flowers are also there, as well as the musk. Could not smell any amber.

Although it doesn't have the lychee-kiwi-cupcake-white chocolate thing going on, somehow it realy does feel like it belongs in the Fantasy family. Like for example If You Seek Amy and Early Mornin' are pretty different from each other, but no matter what, they're both still unquestionably Briney songs. It's hard to explain, it's one of those 'I'll know it when I smell it' things.

I think this is perfect for anyone from middle school and up. Especially the Fantasy/Midnight Fantasy Twist ball which would make an awesome first perfume for any girl who isn't going through that 'I must hate anything pop-culture related' phase. Sassy boys and girls of all ages who love sweet & sugary perfumes should definitely give this a try!

Truth or Dare Madonna by ScarlettX 2014-12-18

This is probably great for someone who loves white floral perfumes with passion. I have some white floral favorites, but I can't stand this one. This is just too much! It get's nicer and sweeter after some time, but firstly after spraying I was suffocating in the white floral cloud around me.
Tuberose is too dominant, there's some creamy gardenia and neroli is smelling poisonous as usual. I like the vanilla notes though.
I think it's kind of elegant and expensive smelling for it's price, but I just couldn't spray it on myself.

Gucci Pour Homme II Gucci by Erikkkk 2014-12-18

No Tea for you.

Everbody talks about the tea note but in my nose this note is put in the background by the cinamon note, it'sad because I love tea notes. But it's exquisite and manly frag, old spicy. A blast of pipe and red Pepper introduce the show, the cinamon shine and the end olive oil, insane, goodness note close to the skin, I love this! Avarage long/sillage but the scent do the job.

Mississippi Medicine D.S. & Durga by s.alswayeq 2014-12-18

عطر مميز من اجمل عطور هذه الدار اللبان مقدم فيه بطريقة فيها جانب روحاني شعرت به وعندما قرأت اكثر حول العطر وجدت انه مستوحى من طقوس معينه لممارسة غريبه...نفسي اكتب اكثر ولكن الحاله املزاجية لاتسمح لذلك ..
هذه الدار رائعه بحق في كل رسالة واسلوب مميز...ومع ذلك اسعار معقوله الى حد ما..

Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-12-18

Very natural orange fragrance, it's like a bitter orange, but not very bitter, I mean it's very pleasant. Lovely, fresh, ladylike, perfect for warm season.

Believe Britney Spears by ScarlettX 2014-12-18

A quite fine tropical scent with patchouli. I have tried better and sweeter patchouli fragrances, but it's nice enough and was worth a try. Also, it's affordable.
I guess I still like Britney's Fantasies much more. They are just more outstanding than this one.
By the way, this bottle didn't look that pretty in real life.

Ambre Tigré Givenchy by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-12-18

Absolutely amazing! Quite oriental at first, intense & bold, intoxicating, dynamic. A scent for a lioness - I've thought. However, when it settles down, it's completely, deeply comforting. Warm and sexy, better than any words can describe.

Nacre Blanche Antonio Alessandria by JungleSpark 2014-12-18

It really smells like a warm hug feels. A deliciously elegant scent. On me I smell a slight tangerine top note then warm jasmine enveloped in musk, leather, sandalwood and vanilla, seamlessly creating a very beautiful perfume.

Accord Oud Byredo by JungleSpark 2014-12-18

I adore BYREDO's complex Accord Oud alone and for layering! At first its androgynous and aloof with a slight F.U. aspect to it - imagine a mysterious Marlene Dietrich in a suit slowly smoking her cigarettes. Then lazily, Accord Oud dries down into an intoxicating boozy Blackberry with whispers of Oud. From Dietrich to Eva Green's femme fatale in "A Dame To Kill For". A gorgeously sultry wink at the dark side.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by ScarlettX 2014-12-18

This is the most eccentric perfume I've smelled so far. I think fig leaf smells like poison. This is something you shouldn't wear on first date for sure.
I guess I couldn't spray it on myself. At least thank god I didn't!!
I understand, that it's widely recognized, but I can't imagine an occasion for wearing it.
Also, when I once tried a raw fig, it didn't smell or taste like anything. but this perfume definitely smells. It smells like poison mixed with dirt.

Premiere Luxe Gold Blush Avon by dormir6 2014-12-18

One of the biggest hits and surprises of the year.An outstanding fragrances among the generic avon frags. Full of roses, but the fruity accord makes it delicious and young. Fresh but not in the acquatic way. Fresh like a rosy, summer morning.
I adore it! It really reminds me Narciso Rodriguez, but for me it's almost similar to Juliette Has a Gun Miss Charming.
Big Love!

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by edge42 2014-12-18

Just wanted to share real quick...

I smelled someone else wearing Bleu de Chanel again yesterday. This marks the 2nd time I've smelled it on another person during my workday. Both times I was enormously impressed. There's just no denying it, this stuff smells incredible to people around you. It gets my attention and impresses me every time.

Habanita L'Esprit Molinard by polka 2014-12-18

Baby powder gone wild. Boozy vetiver and citruses with chalky musc in the opening make rather disturbing combo.The middle notes somewhat remind me of Bvlgari's Jasmine Noir with its unusual, metallic interpretation of jasmine. The drydown is much easier to like - more creamy and very powdery, but still on the naughty side due to labdanum.

I usually don't pay too much attention to perfume packaging, but this bottle stole my heart.

Alkemi Laboratorio Olfattivo by Lana148 2014-12-18

It's hard to pin-point the ingredients in this fragrance, all I get is: some sweet-balmy-musty blend. I straggle with Alkemi, because there are also some dirty-animalic notes here that just do not agree with me. This is definitely a peculiar scent and should not be purchased blindly.

Avant Garde Lanvin by mfeezy 2014-12-18

Started seeing a lot of reviews and SOTD/N online and came across a 100ml tester on eBay for $17. Already (from the reviews) I had it in my head that this is similar to La Nuit by YSL. When I smelled it, I could see the comparisons. I would say it smells 75-80% like La Nuit. Other reviews say it smells like Spicebomb but I don't really see that as much.

The honey and tobacco notes are blended very well. I don't get a lot of spicy notes but it does smell good. Good enough that I'm not too pressed to replace my bottle of La Nuit.

Like La Nuit, this is a very sensual scent. Not necessarily a "pantydropper" but great for the main event.

Amber Oud Nicolai Parfumeur Createur by Lana148 2014-12-18

Sophisticated, herbal, amber-oud combination with a rich, delicious texture. You can also smell a nice doze of really good Lavender here. I am not a big fan of Nicolai's but Amber Oud is very well done. Classy and mature - definitely worth checking out.

04 Petrana Odin by Lana148 2014-12-18

Definitely ozonic and a little aquatic - "thin" texture. Peppery, lightly powdery iris and violet leaf stand out the most. Pleasant, but forgettable.

Fatale Agent Provocateur by ScarlettX 2014-12-18

I can't help it, I just LOVE fragrances like this one!
Similar to many other great sweet bombs like La vie est belle and it's flankers, also Pierre Balmain's Extactic and Flowerbomb.
This is just deliciously sweet orchid, cacao and patchouli scent with some lovely gardenia and black currants.
This has so many qualities I love, I'm considering buying it.
The best thing is, this one is quite affordable compared to my other sweet favorites!
Need to have it in my collection!

Rodier Rodier by migueldematos 2014-12-18

Anyone knows this? Can anyone describe it please?

Jacomo Oud for Men Jacomo by Fahrouq 2014-12-18

Got this in the mail today, so glad i had the chance to buy it because this one is quite hard to get if you don't like purchasing on foreign websites.

The bottle:
On a pic it doesn't look that fancy or special, but after i had experienced the scent, i came to love the bottle too. It's very simple and kind of less is more. yatta yatta moving on.

The Scent from the bottle:
I take off the cap.. sweating gallons because this was a blind buy. I close my eyes, i take a gentle sniff, followed up by a sniff compared to a cokehead. This is heaven! I smell citrus, fruit, and a slight touch of oudh and musk. Smells very promising, let's apply it to our skin.

The opening:
i smell citrus, fruits and spices! It is very well balanced, if it had less spices it would be to sweet and it would ruin the opening for me. Not enough oudh yet though...

The middle:
Spices are coming more into play, YAY, fruit remains a bit on the background with the citrus and i think the oudh is starting to come in here, i can sense it very lightly. This fase is very nice!

The base:
Musk & Oudh <3 with just a liiiiitle bit of freshness remaning from the fruits and citrus. Wonderfull drydown and the oudh isn't too strong. It's a kind of "newbie" oudh because heavy oudh lovers will say it's too light.

longevity and sillage aren't great, but overspray it a bit and it will last a little longer.

i don't do reviews as you probably can tell. but this scent needs to be tried out by people, i love it!

Lalique Le Parfum Lalique by JungleSpark 2014-12-18

Lalique's Le Parfum is beautiful. It gives off a powdery floral vanilla musky scent on me. Its smells almost identical to Shalimar Initial. It has a very LONG staying power and the notes in this perfume are of good quality, the details on this bottle are absolutely gorgeous. BUT there is nothing at all interesting or unique about this scent, its just your average run-of-the-mill type of perfume. Nothing screams out "I'm different" to you, it just blends in with all the other heavy scents you've smelt before. Its pretty sad because it is a very beautiful bottle and if Lalique had tweaked it a bit here and there, it could've been a great perfume.

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by alabangcute 2014-12-18

Back in the 90s when this was the "in" fragrance, I bought a big bottle. After I a few sprays, I found it to be overpowering and strong for my taste. It's powdery too. If you live in a warm country, this will bother people around you in an enclosed space. It's still on my night stand about 90% full. Any takers? Lol.

Dream Angels Forever Victoria`s Secret by Ginger1111 2014-12-18

I love this perfume. I bought it at one of the semi annual sales and am kicking myself for not buying a backup. The plus side is it is a strong fragrance and a spray on each wrist and 1 spray on my neck lasts all day so my 2.5 ounce bottle will last a long time. It smells like blackberries and cream on my skin...delicious. :) There is a slight powdery scent but if you've ever smelled blackberry jello powder that's what I get but it's mainly blackberries and cream like I mentioned.

Nomadic Oriflame by Mado Haddad 2014-12-18

My new signature for this winter.. soft, dark, gentle
With a mysterious vibe, good silage and staying power
I just love it

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier by Antares811 2014-12-18

I love this scent: it's unique, original and very womanly. The opening is floral, fresh and spicy, the gorgeous vanilla drydown is warm, sultry and slightly powdery.
The lasting power (for an EDT) is excellent.
Perfect for an elegant, confident and alluring woman.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by AriaW 2014-12-18

I love it so much that I bought the Pink Sugar Sensual to see if I love that one also. I just got that today and it is nothing like the Pink Sugar, it's more of a fresh and citrus scent for summer while Pink Sugar is warm and cozy. I know some people prefer Pink Sugar Sensual, so I would like to exchange my 3.4oz Pink Sugar Sensual for ANY SIZE of the original Pink Sugar if anyone is interested. Please leave me a message.

Love at First Glow Jennifer Lopez by ChristopherK21 2014-12-18

Just finished off my 100ml 3.4oz bottle of LOAFG and as I grew to "like" the scent over time I have now come to the conclusion that I will NOT be repurchasing this fragrance. I just did not like it enough to do so.

London for Men Burberry by PGHChris 2014-12-18

This is a wonderful scent for Halloween to New Year's, maybe even my favorite. I will echo that performance isn't the best; I do wish it had better longevity and projection. However, the scent is so fantastic that I'm willing to look past that. Great warm, boozy, tobacco scent. Again, perfect for the holidays.

Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense Prada by Gandalfsson 2014-12-18


I can understand what You mean -Even I would not call it sour milk, but I do not like the opening= On me the opening last about an hour, then it turns into beautifull notes

The Scent Of Peace Bond No 9 by Sorendara 2014-12-18

A very pleasant fragrance with a medium-heavy scent and light sillage. That combination is excellent if you want to feel like you're perfumed, but don't want to announce your perfume more widely.

While it does have some similarities, to my nose this definitely isn't the same as Light Blue. Light Blue has a much stronger cedar note that is weak in this, and this has beautiful black currant note I miss in Light Blue. The difference between the grapefruit here and the lemon in Light Blue is also quite apparent.

Of course, that's my nose and my skin. Enough people have made the comparison that if you already own Light Blue you might want to try a sample first rather than making this a blind buy.

I'm a woman, but I'd like to test it...:-)

Hommage a L'Homme Lalique by bonacosta30 2014-12-18

Sweet sour powdery oud. I don t get much spices here but a lot of violet for sure. Strangely, the oud seem to be in the head note and i don t smell it after a few minutes. A very original scent, unusual, so i can see why people around here compare this to a niche scent. Longevity and projection are mayble a little bit above average. A scent that can be wear in most occasion, more unisex than masculin IMO, the strong flowery powdery sweet note make it very wearable for a women. Not expensible, could be a nice introduction to "niche like" scent. Not sure if i love this smell on me yet, need to give it a few more try. Got it for a very good price, so i will give it a chance. Let s see what we got:

Scent: 7/10, very powdery scent, sweet, lot of violet, sour at the same time. Not bad, but not excellent.
Longevity: 4/5, around 6 hours. Good.
Projection: 3,5/5, arm lengh, doesn t project a lot and not a compliment getter IMO.
Versatility: 4/5, can be use in most occasion, most of the time. Could be a good yr around frag, safe for office i would say.
Overall: 18,5/25, something to try (in my case i should have try it more than a few time before buying it), not safe for blind buy.

Pink Sugar Sensual Aquolina by AriaW 2014-12-18

I just got it in the mail! I get a lot of citrus and it reminds me of Victoria's Secret perfumes! To me, it does not smell like Pink Sugar at all. Pink Sugar is cozy and warm this one is fresh and sparkling, it's a summer scent. I like it since I love citrus, but I don't love it as much as the original Pink Sugar. But the packaging looks more elegant than the original.
If you like citrus scent you need to give it a try but please don't expect it smells much like the original.

I think I'll exchange my 3.4oz Pink Sugar Sensual for any size of the Original Pink Sugar if anyone is interested. Please leave me a message.
BTW I live in the United States.

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