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Sweet Redemption By Kilian by Jay T 2014-07-23

Quand j'ai senti le bouchon de la bouteille que j'ai détecté tortilla de maïs. J'étais très excité de le mettre sur, mais ça sentait très différent de celui du haut de la bouteille. Malheureusement, aucune taco. Le parfum change beaucoup. Je suis chèvrefeuille clair que transforme bientôt en cannelle.

XJ Richwood Eau de Parfum Xerjoff by Ginger Kitty 2014-07-23

I have yet buy the full bottle, but for now have sizeable sample ( a nats shorts of 30ml) that for me is pure bliss to own and use.

Is it on my list of future purchases?

Most definitely yes!

If you don't like sweet scents then this is not for you because it is pure sugar. I happen to love sticky, sweet, cakey fragrances though so this is my everyday go-to perfume. Everyone says it smells like caramel and flowers and this or that kind of sweet treat but to me it is all honey. It smells like wildflower honey and I have a body wash (generic that I get from the Dollar General store)that is honey scented and pairs with this perfectly. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't last long at all. Maybe two hours on me and for the price that seems pretty crappy. I recently tried Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer and it smells almost exactly the same as VLJ to me. I was seriously thinking of switching just because of the price difference.

Pure Poison Dior by antfarm 2014-07-23

My skin chemistry brings out something in this fragrance that smells like paper. It's not offensive by any means, but I don't want to smell like a slightly soapy ream of 8x11 plain white printer sheets. (This review is for the EDP)

Tocade Rochas by oldnose 2014-07-23

Some days it is hard to decide which fragrance I want to wear because I love so many. I wore this to work today and three people said "My God you smell good, what are you wearing!" It lasts forever without being overpowering, perfect for day or night.

True Love Elizabeth Arden by yvankraft 2014-07-23

This is an American perfume that smells like a sophisticated and classic French perfume. For me it is floral aldehydic. More: it's a very successful attempt to be a modern Chanel Nr 5. Very well done. Warm and romantic. I don't understand the negative comments about this jewel.

Eccelso Profumum Roma by Fábio Condé 2014-07-23

This is a legitimate aromatic fougere, an olfactory family that I love and that seems to translate what I always looked for in a perfume that line.
A fresh aromatic scent by bergamot, refined and enriched through floral lemony/minty touch by Magnolia, which makes it a fougere.
The touch of spice is notable and does not alter this bright and rich scent, he prepares the entry of sandalwood a little incensed but nothing so warm, just gives an creamy intriguing touch and perhaps with a velvety musk. Fantastic!

Red Roses Jo Malone by ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 2014-07-23

I surmise this a predominantly female feedback page (given the fragrance), but having smelled it on my sisters as well as on my fiancée, I can honestly say (to my nose)- no, there are much much better Rose-based frags out there!!!

*Rose Absolue: Annick Goutal
*Xerjoff: Damarose
*Fleurs De Bulgarie: Creed

This reminds me alot of Givenchy Ysatis. I see a few people have already mentioned this.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by 2014-07-23

This fragrance makes you feel like you own the world. I am currently sitting in class and all the students are on their knees worshipping me because of my amazing smell. After the alcohol evaporates the top notes of lavender and sweet come together to form the scent of fairy floss. The cocoa/vanilla/caramel notes then arise and will entrance anyone and everyone. Some argue that with the musky base notes it may be a more mature scent but i disagree. This fragrance can be worn by all ages and will instantly make you wanted by women. IT WILL GET YOU LAID!

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by camposg 2014-07-23

This stuff right here whether you like it or not is good stuff, a compliment getter

Midnight Romance Ralph Lauren by seaside 2014-07-23

I got a sample of this at Sephora after sniffing it and loving it. I used the sample, and it didn't disappoint.

So I just received my FB from an wonderful eBay seller, and I am so pleased.

There is something something seductively addictive about this scent for me, and I don't know which notes or whether it's the combination thereof.

A truly wonderful perfume. It is truly signature-worthy.

L`Homme Sport Yves Saint Laurent by camposg 2014-07-23

I smelled this today and i didnt get the original at all but it was on paper. I was surprised about that and relieved. This smelled very good, i have the original and Honestly i would buy this this stuff its great

Legend Mont Blanc by camposg 2014-07-23

Ive worn this a few times and ive always been tempted to buy it but its hard to pull off in florida heat. Its def. A night scent very nice good quality. Dont see where they get the fierce reference. Quality juice good performance

Fierce Abercrombie & Fitch by camposg 2014-07-23

Its a great scent but just way to cloying its almost absurd

SpellBound Estée Lauder by SadieBluesLady 2014-07-23

This isn't a real review by any stretch of the imagination - that will come in a few months when the weather cools down. At the moment it is the end of July and NOT the time to test Spellbound!! I did spray it on my arm after unwrapping the package but the overwhelming spice note quickly drove me to the sink to wash it off!! I believe that this is a winter perfume and not something to be worn in the summer.

More later . . .

Rozy Voile d`Extrait Vero Profumo by oldnose 2014-07-23

I have sampled or have in my collection many types of perfumes. I can love and appreciate them all, but I have discovered that my chemistry has to have the old fashioned rose jasmine accord. I bought a sample of this from Lucky Scent because the review said that it was like a contemporary version of Nahema or Shocking, my two most favorite fragrances of all time! Obviously, I had to try it! The first sniff was wow, this is how perfumes used to be made! The three notes that I get in spades are tuberose,honey and benzoin. There may be rose somewhere in there, but I can't distinguish it at all. The drydown is really lovely, a little smoky and full of honey and very much resembles the reformulated Shocking and something in the drydown hints of the the original Shocking. I do not tolerate tuberose very well, but the first shot of it doesn't last too long before the honey takes over. This fragrance is very beautiful and gives me hope that old time perfumery is not dead yet! Thank you Vero!

Le 3` Homme de Caron Caron by anguslairdmcangus 2014-07-23

Overall Rating: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ (masterpiece)

Longing, pure longing. And not longing for another, but rather for a version of oneself. The ancient myth of Narcissus, which is after all the root of all fashion.

No review of Le Troisieme can possibly do it more justice than that of Tania Sanchez, Luca Turin's great collaborator. She said:

“…a disastrously beautiful boy who turns every head in the street, even if his hair is overgrown, his grubby clothes fit badly, and he’s oblivious to the attention as he goes about his ordinary life–he breaks more hearts running out innocently to buy milk than we ordinary mortals manage to bruise in a callous lifetime.”

And oh how we all want to BE that boy, the effortless heartbreaker in ill-fitting clothes. Le Troisieme Homme gives the illusion, for at least a few hours, that we can be.

Ambre Gris Pierre Balmain by Vanessa Dunlap 2014-07-23

Love at first sniff! The reviews here are superb, and I don't think I could add much to them except to say that I think this has just enough masculinity in it to actually make this a unisex fragrance (it seems to be categorized here as for women). I think Ambre Gris would lovingly embrace anyone who wants to wear it. Warm, cozy and comforting, yet light enough to wear it on a hot humid day. I am not skilled enough yet to pick out what I smell, but it is ambery with a tiny saltiness to it and a soft muskiness that makes it light and snuggly. I didn't smell the other notes. It is very comforting for me, it reminds me of how your young child smells after having a bath and she snuggles next to you waiting for you to read her a bedtime story; it has that touch of realness and beauty to it. I don't care how "synthetic" this is (I ordered it from Amazon for only $35 USD), this is gorgeous! I think if I were to smell a man wearing this, my knees would buckle! I have been hoping to find a fragrance like this (warm, quiet, amber, sweet, cozy). I agree, please be careful when applying this, do not overspray! Beautiful! Thank you all for your reviews, this one is a gem!

Silver Al-Rehab by karlovonamesti 2014-07-23

Review of the spray:
My spray EDP bottle resembles the older curved styled bottle above, and not the newer square bottles pictured to the right. I imagine there is no difference in the smell between bottles.

How does it smell? Surprisingly different from the roll-on oil. The oil is much stronger and sharper, with clear notes (there aren't many notes). I like the oil, but it's a little hard to wear sometimes. Also I'm not wild about having oil on my skin, possibly rubbing into my clothing, so I figured I'd give the spray a chance. What really shocked me about the spray is that it doesn't smell nearly as much like SMW as the oil. But it does smell just like another Creed perfume, Royal Water!

Even just sniffing it from the atomizer, the resemblance to RW is uncanny. Unlike SMW, RW (another 90's Creed) is overtly "perfumey" and powdery, with a somewhat generic fresh/bittersweet idea incorporated into its melange of citrus, herbs, flowers, and musks. SMW is very much a classic unisex scent, leaning toward the feminine with its sweetness. RW is also unisex, but perhaps in a more mysterious way. It doesn't make its wearers feel like they're wearing a "Fits all shapes and sizes" perfume. It tends to confuse them, and even make them wonder who the fragrance is intended to be worn by.

I think Creed accomplished that by blending sharp, olfactory-fatiguing citrus notes with some "fresh" herbs of mint and basil, and then welding this whole "masculine" side to a feminine accord of powdery white flowers and musks. So the top is quite a bit manly in a very starched, aristocratic way. But then the drydown yields a bit of a curveball. The hinge for the two parts is a very fruity, semi-sweet juniper berry note. The fruit note in SMW always smelled rather "pink" to me. The fruit in RW is a bit more muted and "purple," although I understand that ascribing colors to notes doesn't really clarify their effect. It's just a sort of gender impression that comes across to me with these scents. I guess I envision these colors, and ultimately purple is less directly feminine than pink in certain contexts. So RW has feminine characteristics, but the note on which they hinge isn't a clear-cut portal to girlishness. Because of that, the fragrance as a whole remains much more ambiguous, and understandably a bit more confusing.

Silver in spray form does the exact same thing as RW. It starts off with an overly strong, piercingly metallic citrus accord that quickly softens into a muted semi-sweet "berry" note of no exact nature (the budget prohibits clarity in this regard). Within an hour there's the emergence of a powdery green-floral accord tinged with hints of what seem like mint and possibly basil, but there is clearly something else going on. Royal Water distinguishes itself from SMW by having a rather flinty darkness running through it - SMW on the other hand has a hint of an "inky" note, a bit softer and diffusive in the composition.

Silver's "dark" element is there too, but it's definitely stonier than anything found in SMW, more aligned to the characteristics of RW. Mind you, this is not an exact match to RW in any way, but it's as similar as something can get to the Creed at this price-point. Frankly I'm stunned that anyone could create a perfume this sophisticated on Al Rehab's production budget. The 35 ml EDP spray comes with an 8 ml travel spray from one of the Amazon retailers, so that's 43 ml that I got for $9. Truly amazing.

If you had me sniff Silver's spray version blind and asked me to name what it smells like, the first thing I'd think of would be Royal Water. If you dabbed the oil on my wrist and asked the same, I'd say it was like Silver Mountain Water. That's essentially the difference here between the oil and the spray. I happen to prefer Royal Water to SMW, so that makes owning the spray a win for me. If you're expecting the spray to smell like the oil, be warned, it's close, definitely cut from the same cloth, but the two variants are, for whatever reason, significantly different enough to warrant owning both, unless you happen to really dislike RW, in which case I'd say stick with the roll-on.

For the las time... Boss "Orange" is the name of the brand!!! BOSS ORANGE! It has nothing to do with orange scent.

Choco Musk Al-Rehab by Mammajamma 2014-07-23

Marshmallows coated with hot cocoa powder. Not a very dark chocolate, a milk chocolate with lots of vanilla sugar. For less than $4.00, I am very very pleased. Still on the lookout for something a little deeper, though :)
On dry down I can smell a little spiciness , and more of the sandalwood note. I'm liking this very much!

Rose Essentielle Bvlgari by Aliakatt 2014-07-23

This started off a little overwhelmingly rose. A little too much even. As it dried down though, it really mellowed out nicely. I now get a bit more of the musk and sandalwood. On me, I don't notice the blackberry or the jasmine as much. Overall, I liked this much more than I thought I would with the initial spray. Nice, light, fresh, and not cloying like some rose fragrances can be.

Buzz Entertainment Bottled Roja Dove by s.alswayeq 2014-07-23

ليتك باقي على عبواتك هذي يا روجا ووفرت علينا

Choco Musk Al-Rehab by kingdanny4754 2014-07-23

If you want chocolate base fragrance get this. Best chocolate on the market. Starts out with deep dark chocolate like a Hershey bar then comes marshmallows and vanilla. It's very sweet, smooth, edible, creamy, delicious, warm, comforting chocolate fragrance. This beats out other chocolate fragrances because not only the smell but the price. Must have for any gourmand lovers. I can't believe how it smells so realistic yet can get a 50ml for like $12. I kinda look at fragrances different after smelling this if such a masterpiece can be cheap and authentic, why other fragrance houses charge $160 to $300 for their chocolate fragrances? Beyond satisfied with this purchase. 10/10.

I received a sample set of 6 Olympic Orchids fragrances on the perfumer's blog, and I was most excited to try this one. Upon first sniff, I couldn't stand it. All it smelled like to me was musky animal pee and black licorice. The second time I wore it, I don't smell as much of the licorice but I'm still not crazy about it. I'm starting to appreciate the animal quality, but in my opinion it totally overwhelms the fragrance. I would prefer the floral and fruit notes to be stronger in this fragrance, but I suppose this odd balance is part of the charm. I doubt that I will ever smell something quite as intriguing and odd as this fragrance. If you're up for a truly unique olfactory experience, you should try Tropic of Capricorn!

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by Chiquis 2014-07-23

I just received a sample from Macys with an order I placed. Velvet Orchid is kind of like "Black Orchid the Remix" lol If there was a little something about Black Orchid that you sort of liked, but you found it to be too dark or too deep or too unisex or too dark chocolate, then you might want to test out Velvet Orchid. Velvet Orchid is much sweeter, less unisex and more girly than Black Orchid. I feel Velvet Orchid would be a bit harder for a man to pull off, but of course everyone should feel free to wear the perfume of his or her liking. I do think Velvet Orchid will be more popular with most, but I feel that it lost what makes Black Orchid so unique (and polarizing).

Rogue Rihanna by In Vogue 2014-07-23

I have to amend my review, after having worn this many times now. I now detect the lemon, vanilla, plum, and leather in this throughout. (As well the the violet). The leather smells like old books to me, or the inside of an old box.
The dry-down is still the same (s-mores) and I don't like the change, as I prefer the earlier part of the scent, and don't want to end up in a chocolate-vanilla gourmand.

Yacht Man Chocolate Myrurgia by newbee3114 2014-07-23

Nothing chocolate about this fragrance. It is a replica of Armani Code. I sprayed Armani Code on one side and Yacht Man Chocolate on the other and both start off the same both are really similar. After the dry down Yacht man Chocolate began to smell similar to Playboy Hollywood. So in conclusion, for the price this is an excellent pick up. Doesnt last long though. Give it about an hour and the smell becomes a skin scent. I recomend you go nuts on the trigger. overall good cologne. I also recomend to wear this as a summer/Spring night fragrance it smells better, if you apply in the hot summer sun it will evaporate sooner and will smell like soft sensual body oder. If you own Playboy hollywood you can combine with Yacht Man Chocolate for a better appeal.

Thumbs up on the replica smell of Armani Code....

Fig Tea Parfums de Nicolaï by miet 2014-07-23

I was very pleasantly surprised by this one after reading the negative reviews...I really love this one. I was expecting fig as a prominent note, but it's not a fruity gourmand or green fig, in fact, the fig isn't very noticeable to me at all. So the fig part of the name is misleading, but this dry, delicate herbal floral scent is tea-like. It smells very well-blended and natural- could be worn around babies and small children without seeming harsh or offensive.

The longevity is moderate on me- a two sprays last several hours.

J`adore L`eau Cologne Florale Dior by chrisndema 2014-07-23

At first spray i was like is this Dior? Coz it's so unlike the heavy fruity J'adore so i was dissappointed. But with time this fragrance has grown on me largely because it is so understated. It's gentle and puts one in a calm mode as it gently wafts around you. I think this is marketed for those people that like perfume but don't want to smell like a perfume factory.
Longevity is very dissappointing. I got 1 hour out of it with 3 sprays on my decollage.

Reveal Calvin Klein by jessbug 2014-07-23

My first opinion of this perfume was a bit harsh. I wrote down: "Reveal feels like the love-child of Sensuous Nude, Shalimar Parfum Initial, and Womanity, only with all of the best bits of those three filtered out." I've since given Reveal a second chance, and if I'm honest I don't find it a bad perfume at all. I do keep thinking that it really reminds me of another perfume, but I haven't figured out which one yet.

Reveal is a warm skinscent, with a slightly powdery floral-woody sweetness. I'm a bit surprised to see that iris is the only floral here, because I'm also reminded of whiter, waxier flowers. There's also a fresh, aquatic, somewhat ozonic accord in Reveal. Something that smells like the seaside (it kind of reminds me of Womanity, but without the fig or the caviar). I've come to love these 'sea' scents, so I wish it was stronger! In the background some peppery notes give this fragrance a bit of a dusty, musty feel.

I actually think this will smell wonderful on the right skin. I don't want to pay retail prices for this, though.

Shalimar Guerlain by Chiquis 2014-07-23

I've recently gotten so disenchanted with the latest perfume releases, all seeming so generic and boring, that I've gone on a "classic fragrance spending spree". One of those classics is Shalimar. I purchased both the small 0.25oz parfum and the 1.7oz eau de parfum. The two are very similar, but develop differently on the skin. The parfum takes its time- after a dab on the skin a candied citrus stands front and center. Then 30 minutes later that thick rich amber emerges from behind the citrus and everything that Shalimar promises is exposed- the scent is exotic and rich and completely different than anything else you have ever smelled. The dry down of the parfum really centers around leather. That is where I have a bit of trouble with Shalimar parfum- my skin turns leather notes into something I can only describe as a urine smell. That makes me sad because I appreciate the slow "unraveling" of Shalimar parfum's beauty. The good news is that Shalimar EDP is much lighter on the leather drydown. Everything enchanting about the parfum is still there- the citrus, the rich amber, but it's all there at first spray rather than a slow development. It's almost like instant gratification vs slow build-up. I like both, but would of course personally choose the EDP for myself due to the parfum's leather drydown.

Shalimar is truly a special fragrance.

Patchouli Franck Boclet by HickorySmoke 2014-07-23

I agree with Kain...good call. This is M.Micallef Patchouli minus the violet opening. Horrible longevity on me at least. I have to use an absurd amount to be able to enjoy this fragrance for any length of time and just won't project at all. A plus side is it has never become cloying when sprayed on clothing, smells very good, perfect for a work environment, as well as lying in bed with a loved one.

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by bjlkt2 2014-07-23

Hmm...the powder sticks out too much for the first half hour to hour, then fades and you're left with a complex sweet and wood scent. I can't stand the first hour of it then (hate the strong powder scent) but after that it's nice. But *just* nice...not amazing. I'm undecided on this in the end...the sort of scent I'll finish the sample for, and if it grows on me might get a small decant, but won't buy a full bottle. I don't love it enough to choose it to wear.

Chantilly Houbigant by magie 2014-07-23

I wore this years ago as my everyday scent because it smelled good and was affordable. I also wore more expensive and at the time, chic fragrances. The EMT's where all men at that time and the one scent they commented on was Chantilly by Houbigant. I got more compliments on Chantilly that any other, by my male co-workers.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette Chanel by Mooncatt 2014-07-23

I have my mother-in-law's half-full bottle of EDT, from 30-odd years ago.
Her friend, who wears the Parfum, sneered that it was 'no good' by now, but, my word! How heavenly it is!
I tried to tell her that there was an entire movement devoted to vintage perfumes, but she wouldn't hear of it. Oh, well.

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by maybe_maybe not* 2014-07-23

The choice of the name is definately a failure,absolutely misleading.You expect it to be girly and sexy,but it turns out to be rather masculine,as I have read in many critics.Very strong grapefruit notes at the beggining,although I get lemon too,that balances the sweetness and gives that masculine character.I believe it can 't be offensive even to those with totally different tastes,since it is quite strong.I must admit though that it gives you a sense of coolness,as you have just had a shower!!

Incensed Short Fuse Smell Bent by Museumgal 2014-07-23

The cardamom is aggressive in this and very green in the beginning, along with the sharpness of the pepper. Once it mellows out it's more pleasant but you have to wait quite a while to get to the dry down. I was expecting more sweetness to this, and it is mostly sharp spice. I don't get any smoke in this one. Of the two I prefer the original "Incensed" version.

Rive Gauche Yves Saint Laurent by hippiechick13 2014-07-23

This is such a distinct fragrance. I think it smells of class, of elegance, of a strong and fun attitude, and it's very, very smart.

It's definitely Avant garde for its notes and the way they build, but it's still a very sophisticated and intelligent perfume. I'm a bit of a literary sort - and it appeals to me because of what it evokes, and it does have a slight bookish redolence to it - you know how pages have a slight dry sweetness to them? That's this.

There's also a perceptible pale liquorice note that surprises me as I don't mind it - normally I'm averse to aniseed or anything that smells remotely like it, but it's quite nice here. It is part of what would make this memorable, mysterious and dare I say, flirtatious.

All up, a lovely oddball scent that would abundantly suit someone a little different.

Un Lys Serge Lutens by Eloquaint 2014-07-23

Does it smell like lily?

Tremendouslys! And now I have made a bilingual pun! Ha!

It smells entirely of lily, in fact. I don't get any musk or vanilla, but it's a clean and uncloying lily, which in my opinion is hard to achieve. I'm not especially fond of lily, but if for some reason I needed to wear it, this would be the perfume I reached for.

Back to Black By Kilian by Eloquaint 2014-07-23

Another perfume with a curious name, as there is nothing dark (edgy, ominous, spooky) about Back to Black. It starts out with the kind of tonka bean, candy, mouth-wateringness of Angel, then morphs into a fertile cherry tobacco smell. After that I got chocolate, not syrupy chocolate but a powdery chocolate that was very interesting.

After about three hours I smelled both rich, full honey and beeswax, which are quite distinct and different smells, both of which I like. Then something odd happened. The intensity of that combination kept increasing, and the smell nagged incessantly at me, because it was very, very familiar. Then I got it: it smelled just like Honey and the Moon by Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite. I mean JUST like it.

Now I don't know what to think, because Honey and the Moon is my favorite...scented candle. It's light and lovely as a candle, or a hand lotion. I wish that B to B had stayed in the less intense honey and beeswax phase. It would be a more or less perfect perfume if it had.

Encre Noire Sport Lalique by Madholm 2014-07-23

Finally received my bottle and have done some scent tests; longevity and projection are as reported above.

Yes, this is still Encre Noire and it's DNA is intact, but it has moved to the base with a bit less spice. The ink accord is also slightly muted, but is still clearly presented; fitting perfectly with the Encre Noire name.

Let me paint you a picture:

IF - Encre Noire is a like a newly crafted hardwood table sitting in a wood shop when someone accidentally spills a good deal of ink on its top.

THEN - Encre Noire Sport is a similar table after it has been brought into a home with a fragrant floral centerpiece placed on top, then someone accidentally spills some black ink on it and attempts to use lemon juice to get the stain out.

Sorry if that sounds less than intelligent about fragrances, but an IF-Then comparison just felt easier to describe than to directly compare the notes of each.

It is a far more versatile & accessable scent than EN, but don't be quick to write it off as a being generic because it's does not come across as remotely generic. I heard some people talking about it being a lighter vetiver in the vein of Grey Vetiver, but in my opnion this stuff blows Grey Vetiver out of the water. Where GV seemed extremely well blended and somewhat one dimensional to my noes, ENS seems to have multiple layers of ink, wood, flowers and citrus. Not taking anything away from GV's popularity & success, but I would choose ENS over it in a heartbeat. I would be willing to bet in a blind sample that so would most of the users on this site; though it is a bit sweeter.

You will be hard pressed to find a better citrus + vetiver anywhere. If this was released with a better name it would sell by the boatload.

"Encre Noire - fleur d'agrumes" by Lalique would be much more appropriate. I also think it is better than the original as well, I would anyway, if for no other reason than I can wear it far more often than I could ever wear EN.

Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent by maybe_maybe not* 2014-07-23

Strong vanilla perfume,sweet enough yes,but common?I'd say definately not.I 've tried so many vanilla fragrances and I find that this one has its own personality,feminine but in a more adult way.It lasts for a long time especially on clothes.However,sometimes I get a bitter note like caramel,which is kind of cloying.I 'm not sure if it is the perfume or just the reaction with my skin.

NU edt opens quite strong: a blast of freshness, but also spicy thanks to the cardemom. This opening lasts for about 20 minutes. The florals come into play not long after. It becomes quite sweet at this point: the sweetness comes from the tart jasmine and orchid, while the iris and vanilla provide a powdery backbone. It dries down to a sensual musk/vanilla/iris combination, slightly spiced and sweetened by the jasmine and cardemom, while still retaining a hint of freshness from the neroli/bergamot. I use it as my summer perfume :)

Potent leather perfume with the acqua di parma colonia (DNA)infusion,the citrus balances out the fragrance nicely,it has reasonable longevity and sillage on me around 6 hours before fading into a leather only smell,very mature and masculine,I won't compare this scent to any other brand out there,it is what it is,one serious leather scented masterpiece.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by deda147 2014-07-23

Love at first sniff. Sweet, powdery, slightly dusty and quite 'heavy'. Smells like warmed, sweatty, sweet skin infused with cologne. The locker room references are on point. It is quite erotic, raw but also sensual. I love it, but I'm not sure if I could finish a whole bottle; it is quite potent. I also wouldn't know when I would actually wear it. Would smell fantastic on men, but I guess also sensual and intruiging on a woman.

Eww. Should have read the reviews, WAAAAAAAAAY too powdery for my taste. I smelled like a grandma and a baby at the same time. :/ nursing home and nursery in one fell swoop. If anyone wants my 1ml decant sample, I'm open for swapping for other Lolita Lempicka fragrances.

CK be Calvin Klein by debush 2014-07-23

My hubby's perfume. Smells zoo good on his body. Clean,sexy,green !

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by SayakaP 2014-07-23

I'm a perfume slut who picks up different bottle each day from my almost unethically big collection. I enjoy variety when it comes to smell.
But there's been only one bottle in my life had me keep picking up every day till she's empty... La Vie Est Belle.
I re-purchased the biggest bottle then fell back into my old habit. Our monogamous relationship was lost.

Haging said that, La Vie Est Belle is technically the BEST fragrance I've own.

Yes, its initial blast is big. This is actually an useful thing though. It prevents you from putting on too much. Some frags are coy at first then grow monstrous later. Those can be dangerous for novice wearers.

The longivity & projection is impressive.
This one doesn't fill the room. (I'm excluding the case it's worn by those who bathe in perfumes) It keeps pleasant 'conversational' projection ALL DAY, say 12hrs. No wonder many say this is a compliment gatherer.
The only other perfume I know behaves this way is Coco by Chanel (again, worn sparingly)

Of course I love the scent itself dearly, too.
This is just so yummy! From middle note the Vanilla, Iris, Patchouli combo is incredibly lovely. Not obviously 'sexy' or 'mysterious' scent but this one makes me smile. I picture a relaxed yet elegant, kind-hearted, most importantly, happy woman.

I have Flowerbomb as well. These two are identical in the beginnings, but they go separate ways from their middles. FB is much more Floral with noticeable Othmanthas & Cattleya.
LVEB is Grourmand Patchouli. Both beautiful, but I find LVEB more mature.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by Vegas Pauli 2014-07-23

One of a kind and very unique, I'll give Kouros that, but there is something in this that smells like a plastic shower curtain just taken out of its wrapper.
I just can't get past that initial plastic-y opening smell.

Secret d`Essences Neroli Yves Rocher by Rudy Arnak 2014-07-23

Lo probé hoy en la tienda de Yves Rocher en un cartón. Me pareció fascinante, así que decidí probarlo en mi piel. Fue aún mejor. Es un perfume femenino, pero como hombre, considero que puede ser usada por ambos sexos. Una excelente creación.

Chantilly Houbigant by rockegg 2014-07-23

This has definitely been reformulated since the 70's when I last went through a bottle and I would like to say: good job! I did like the old Chantilly. It was never my favorite but I liked it well enough. The new Chantilly has a more pronounced citrus at the start and the dry down is not quite as spicy. In other words, it's more in tune with popular taste. More of the spiciness seems to come from carnation now. It's powdery and feminine. I would not call it cheap smelling or old lady or despite it being relatively inexpensive and around forever.

Bel Ami Hermes by SirYugen 2014-07-23

I believe it is just my age, i am 21, but i recieved this as a gift and i believe i just don't appreciate the scent just yet. I can acknowledge it is a very well blended frag, with quality ingredients, but all i smell throughout the entire life of the fragrance is powerful charred wood, and burnt leather. with a touch of dirty sweetness. doesn't fit my age, maybe in a couple years i will think differently.


The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by SirYugen 2014-07-23

To this day this is "the" greatest scent I have smelled in a men's cologne. It is definitely among my favorites and is an easy reach for most occasions outside of the workplace. This juice has soo much potential that is blocked by is lasting power being so piss poor. But hey, the ladies seem to love it.

The "glass cannon" of amazing fragrances.

9/10 (only things stopping it from a perfect 10 is it's terrible longevity)

Dune Dior by Beepert 2014-07-23

I find Dune disturbing. Beneath the warm rosewood there is a strange metallic tang and the smell of plastic doll limbs. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. The 'dune' is not one at a warm, sunshiney seaside, but rather one on a desolate lunar landscape.
It's the only fragrance I've had to scrub off my wrist. It was too depressing!

Fleur du Mâle Jean Paul Gaultier by Bigsly 2014-07-23

I agree with those who view this as unisex but also it is more niche-like as well, being that it is focused on a small number of notes (and it's reasonably natural smelling). Beyond the fleeting top notes, which I mostly try to avoid, there is a powdery/floral quality along wiht a "dirty" muskiness that is like vintage Kouros diluted many times. The tonka overload you might expect from a Gaultier scent is not present but there is a mild vanillic quality and this is not one I'd call sweet, though it isn't especially dry either. Overall, I'm impressed by this one even though I'm not a huge fan of this note combination or composition. Perhaps it will grow on me over time.

Si Giorgio Armani by dkny27 2014-07-23

Without dissecting the notes, I would just say this is a scent that I would bathe in...
If I don't necessarily enjoy a scent, I don't review it... If I love it, I try to determine why by picking it apart.... But this is just captivating!
No one note exemplifies the buttery, fresh, alluring scent that has been intoxicating my skin for the past 3 hours.
It's a tiny bit soapy, and fresh, but in an eyebrow raising way....
Contemplating an even bigger bottle of this... MMMM...

Eau Gourmande Ambre Vanille Laura Mercier by djuzz.becuzz 2014-07-23

Such a cozy and sweet lovely fragrance :)
On my skin it goes on smelling like white chocolate and dries down like warm, coconut flavoured milk.
It lingers close to the skin, but I keep getting whiffs of this for many hours. Just when I think it's gone it reminds me it's still there.

Something Blue Oscar de la Renta by lalondem 2014-07-23

Just got 100ml (3.4oz) at Winners for $22.00! Already had a 50ml bottle so I knew what I was getting. This is a lovely perfume. I have about 20 perfumes that I have bought doubles for - not all of them are in the category of buy again, but this one is very good, especially for the price!

Incensed Smell Bent by Museumgal 2014-07-23

This is a very sweet take on an incense scent with the vanilla. A bit syrupy. The myrrh isn't bitter but blends into the sweet vanilla well. There's a hint of woodsmoke in the background. More of a sweet resin scent than a bitter one however. I don't get much wood in the composition, it's overwhelmed by the smoke note and the vanilla. It's a good incense for those looking for a sweet take on the not rather than a bitter one. Lasts well, soft projection.

Eau de Mandarine Ambrée Hermes by djuzz.becuzz 2014-07-23

Another delightful citrus creation I really enjoy!
It's simple and linear, but it doesn't bore me.
Right from the start I smell the realistic fresh and juicy scent of freshly peeled mandarins combined with the sweetness of amber.
As it dries down the amber tones down the freshness of the mandarin a bit, embodying it with a warm and sensual (even slightly powdery) veil.
Longevity might not be the best, but I still get a decent 3 - 4 hours out of it, while it stays close to the skin.

Or des Scythes Novaya Zarya by flowers-in-the-springtime 2014-07-23

This was a gift from a wonderful Fragrantican who has introduced me to a little known Russian treasure!
Or des Scythes doesn't have harsh aldehydes in the opening, rather they are quiet and subdued, just as I like them. I can't describe this perfume in detail as it's the most unusual olfactory experience I have had in a long time, so I will try and describe my experience of this little gem.
From the first spritz I felt warm and comforted. There is something timeless and nostalgic about this perfume. I smell huge amounts of spicy honey, it sounds crazy, but that's what I can smell and this to my nose, is a true chypre perfume. There is a lot of wood and although this is a sweet smell, it's not cloying or sickly, it has more of a spicy sweetness to it.
I feel a sense of autumn in this scent, I can smell fires burning in the distance and I get a smokiness to the composition which just makes this irresistible.
Classic, timeless, elegant, unforgettable perfume with outstanding longevity and enough silage to make people stop and ask me what perfume are you wearing, it smells lovely?

Mandragore Pourpre Annick Goutal by ErinBerry 2014-07-23

What a shame....dies before it gets started. Would be a pretty nice frag if longevity weren't non-existent. :(

Reve Van Cleef & Arpels by Bihter 2014-07-23

Nice fruity summer scent. Reminds me of Gucci Envy me.

Unscripted Avon by SirYugen 2014-07-23

To me this smells like sharp lemons and armpits. I have given it numerous wearings to smell it out, but it just doesn't smell get to me.


Valentina Assoluto Valentino by perfumeaddiction 2014-07-23

This is quite a lovely scent. To be honest it is so very close to the other Valentina there is no need to own this one if you have that. The only difference and it's quite mild is that this lasts slightly longer. But honestly they smell identical.

Something strange I noticed the other day as I sprayed this on my arm and valentina on the other is both got a slight sour note. I think my body chemistry that day was off. Non the less this is beautiful and I am pleased to have it in my collection.

Tin House Fairy Dance Anna Sui by rosembloom 2014-07-23

So adorable! I love the concept of little houses as seen in Benefit ( Ring my Bella, Laugh with me Lee lee.. ) and 20:15 from Loulou Castagnette. It brings me back to a sacred childhood place within and makes the contents even more precious. Adorbs... ♥

Avant Garde Lanvin by SirYugen 2014-07-23

I really enjoy this fragrance! I'm a huge fan of Spicebomb and YSL La Nuit and this is definately very close to Spicebomb with hints of La Nuit. Dry down is a bit creamy and sweet but in an enjoyable way.

Very affordable aswell.

Amor Amor L’Eau Cacharel by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-07-23

Beverage note is quite prominent and that makes this fragrance quite interesting. Unfortunately, amber is too warm for me in summer, I couldn't wear it in heat.

Forest Rain Kiehl`s by Mnekb 2014-07-23

This smells like Balenciaga L`Essence but it's less earthy and green, more woody and musky version of L'Essence. I think it's more balanced and better than Balenciaga.

Terracotta Le Parfum Guerlain by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-07-23

I don't know what to think about it. On the one hand, it is sexy, playful, relaxing, summery and feminine. Coconut note is just great!
But, on the other hand, it is completely not in my style. Too sultry. Too boudoir. Too much tiare flower!
However, it definitely has a beachy vibe. True terracotta!

Uomo Ermenegildo Zegna by camposg 2014-07-23

Initially I thought from the bottle design that this would smell dated or mature but I was very wrong. This smells modern, fresh, and in that group of citrus aqua di gio types. Honestly Im blown back as to how good this is and for the price its impossible not to purchase. I definetly recommend this one and will probably be purchasing myself. I want to add something here, a lot of people do a diservice to this type of scent calling it generic but you have to remember this type of scent is the most complimented type of scent, also its a summer type. Do not hesistate to go out and test this or just simply buy if your into these types of scent you will not be dissapointed. Daytime but can also be pulled off at night, 25 and up, casual but also work its basically safe to wear this whenever and wherever and must garner compliments

Feerie Van Cleef & Arpels by Bihter 2014-07-23

Black currant and red berries. One of those kind that young girls like. I don't see why this is a haute perfume

CK One Summer 2014 Calvin Klein by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-07-23

It could have been a great, refreshing summer fragrance, but sharp lime ruins it all. Too intense and too sour for me. I think it is better for men than for women. There is no feminine spirit in it at all!

Cherry Brandy Jardin d`Amour by rosembloom 2014-07-23

Cheer up Cherries! my nose is yearning to try this. If it resembles Demeter Cherry :Barbados, i am surely wanting this little gem!

Sun & Roses Salvador Dali by Arlene-Beatrix 2014-07-23

Pleasant summery scent, but nothing extraordinary. A bit of citrus, little fruity, typical floral. Safe buy for sure.

Coco Chocolat Jardin d`Amour by rosembloom 2014-07-23

OOOOOOoooh.. this sounds sooo promising. My gourmand nose is already making me salivate. No clue about the quality but me loves chocolate in a fume. This looks like a happy little gem and the line itself reminds me of a desert. Wondering if it resembles Chocomania in any way...

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson by Sashira 2014-07-23

I adore patchouli, so when my grandmother picked this up for me I assumed I'd enjoy it. But like most people, at first sniff I found this sharp, offensive and featuring a really unpleasantly harsh patchouli (it's so peppery). To me, it doesn't even smell like patchouli, it smells like men's aftershave (like others stated, kind of like Brute), but just the first whiff before it settles. However, it dries down to a spicy, complex fragrance, smells like an interesting blend of sandalwood, amber and some kind of eastern rose. If anyone is familiar with middle-eastern attar blends featuring rose or sandalwood, this is will probably remind you of them. I don't particularly like this, but the drydown makes it tolerable. I think this is a test-before-buy fragrance.

Esprit du Tigre James Heeley by Wichapi 2014-07-23

Camphor and mint immediately assaulted my sinuses and eyes, highly medicinal and somewhat reminiscent of Tiger Balm. Gradually, but not swiftly enough, spices of clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper begin to emerge while the medicinal properties begin a long overdue retreat. The clove and cinnamon notes are not overpowering, and the cardamom and pepper begin to tame the camphorated beast. At this stage of development Esprit du Tigre becomes something very wearable but, unfortunately, the final effect is moderate in longevity as well as sillage. However, I found it layers exceptionally well with another animalic from Heeley, Cuir Pleine Fleur.

Aztek (original) Yves Rocher by Yohji 2014-07-23

Me and Aztek – the story of the bonding

Me: - what the heck I was thinking while bidding on ebay!...Who Are you, generally speaking?..Arrived out of blue, what should I do with you now!

Aztek, with a charming smile of a Heath Ledger:

I loooove you, baaaaaby!...
And if it's quite all right
I need you baby
To warm the lonely night ...

Me: go to hell! *spraying*

Aztek: mmmmm feels sooooo good to be around you

Me: ????!!!!

As for the juice... its not about the juice, its all about the damn character of the stubborn charmer! The juice is fine, caraway dipped in lavender, peppery rose, dry down is here is amazing, - like warm old leather. Guy from old american movie, on old american car wearing old jacket of his father to impress the girl!.. All in all – our favourite phrase on fragrantica – THEY DONT MAKE LIKE THAT ANYMORE!
Longevity....I wish others would be as good, (lol) but - the temper!...
Its like being in a relationship, no less.

360° Red for Men Perry Ellis by camposg 2014-07-23

Its true this bottle is ADG but a little spicey. This juice is amazing. I read here in reviews it smells the same for 1/3 of the price and Im just dumbfounded as to the similarity. No one will be able to tell the difference. It's just so hard to pay those armani prices yea they're quality bottles but to expensive. Do not hesitate to purchase this you will not regret

Aqua Quorum Antonio Puig by camposg 2014-07-23

I just purchased this cologne based on what I read here about reviews that it smelled exactly like polo sport and its true. This is BETTER than polo sport as polo completeley evaporates into thin air and this performs like a beast. One spray and thats all you need. Two and your pushing it. This is a true blue aquatic that has become my signature summer scent. Go out and buy it you will not regret it

Colonia Intensa Acqua di Parma by Oslo-fjord 2014-07-23

Classy, refined, masculine. Great longevity, with moderate sillage. Just as a refined scent like this is supposed to be. No doubt this is a well made scent from ADP. Highly recommended!

Set Sail St. Barts for Men Tommy Bahama by riffjim4069 2014-07-23

In my opinon St. Barts is an inexpensive, synthetic, alternative to Virgin Island Water although--other than being a tropical fragrance--it shares little in common with that classic quality fragrance; they are both very different.

Having said the aforementioned...I do like it! I really do! It smells pretty good and it is reasonably priced! What's not to like? Unlike VIW, which last 6-8 hours on my skin and projects well, this one disappears in about an hour or two and sits much closer to my skin.

Still, St. Barts for Men is cheap, so reapply often as though it were a body mist.

Paris Hilton for Man Paris Hilton by riffjim4069 2014-07-23

Sorry...but this one is a scrubber; that mango note doesn't play well on my skin nor in my nose. It's unfortunate since I really like Paris Hilton Just Me (better that Acqua di Gio IMO) and was looking forward to this one. It's just not for me.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by lollero 2014-07-23

Very fresh and sweet in a way. This would be a perfect ocean smell if it had a little more salty notes in it. For me this came out a bit masculine too. A man could pull this of.

CK One Calvin Klein by riffjim4069 2014-07-23

While I really love CK One Shock (one of my favorite inexpensive fragrances)...well, I am not feeling the love for this one. I have only been wearing it for a couple hours, so let me just say that I'm teetering between like and dislike right now.

It's not an unpleasant scent, but there is just something a little funky about how the fruits and green notes are playing in this one. I'l give it a couple more tries and update later. Hopefully something will click...

I love lily of the valley scents as they are so rich and floral with a citrus-y touch. Woods of Windsor is no exception. I find it more sophisticated than Yardley's version and more long lasting. Really envelops me when I spray it on and it is long lasting. A really beautiful and timeless fragrance.Good value for money too!

Lucky Number 6 for Men Liz Claiborne by riffjim4069 2014-07-23's okay---nothing special---and good for the price. I like it, but I was disappointed with the flat-plum note which is nothing like the plum note you're find in fragrances such as juicy Atelier Vetiver Fatal and Gold Leather.

This one smells as though McDonald's were to make a plum jelly, spread it all over the parking lot, and then wait a week for it to bake in the hot sun. I can think of a lot of better inexpensive fragrances that I would reach for before this one.

This fragrance sits pretty soft and lasts about 4-6 hour on my skin.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by sharmap14 2014-07-23

i've owned this for quite a long time but today when i sprayed it, it reminded of fresh squeezed orange juice with black salt sprinkled on it. yum

Anniversary Roberto Cavalli by auroramaria 2014-07-23

Anniversary is a beautiful Oriental Vanilla rather than floral fruity I have this on today and it feels rather gorgeous with lots of warm vanilla and heliotrope very smooth and creamy this is a typical Cavalli fragrance very feminine and sensual and a bit tacky but in a very good way also sillage and longevity are very good the only problem is it's not so easy to find as it was a one shot edition

Zegna Forte Ermenegildo Zegna by LipMartell 2014-07-23

The drydown on this fragrance is absolutely incredible. Tonka bean, tobacco and lavender honey. Extremely sensual.

This is a beautiful fragrance! At some stage it reminds me of Terre d'Hermes and expensive suits. Very nicely earthy and subtly sweet, with a very well balanced masculine roughness that shows from time to time in a generally very smooth woody fragrance. Much better than the female fragrance, which is not bad.

Rose Anonyme Atelier Cologne by curlykitty8 2014-07-23

Oh well...I know why it RA went form rose loveliness to YUCK! Oud. Either you adore it or despise it and I fit into the latter group. If a mushroom went bad and it was dipped in rubber, that's what it smells like on my unfortunate skin.
So, lucky y'all that love all those gorgeous notes mixed with OUD!! Enjoy! I'll pass.

Eau Sauvage Dior by celoemi 2014-07-23

This fragrance is too. Yesterday I tasted (oh, I dunno ... seems old! Said in my ignorance). Today, I went again. It's like this perfume already in my DNA forever.
It was love at second sight.
9,5 / 10

This smells to me every bit like Prada Candy, at least like its shower gel form which I own. 20 ml bottle can be gotten from Yves Rocher website for peanuts. All in all delightful!

You ether hate or love this perfume.

It got a specific opening. Bright lemon with a grassy/floral blast.
Got a earthy smell to it during the whole time. The dirty maskuline Patchouli is just giving that natural smell to it.

And to be real with u. I am not a fan of this smell. To be exact I HATE IT.
This isn't a perfume to blind buy. If you do not know what you really like.
I have learn from experience that these kind of perfumes ether bore me or give me a headache and in this case makes me wanna gag.
I am a oriental lover. I do love florals I do. But this perfume gives me the feeling of alcohol based lemon smashed with moist dirt.

But I can see why some other love it. And I am just waiting to smell this perfume on someone that can give this perfume its fair chance to shine.

Promenade In The Gardens Maison Martin Margiela by @jenniferlincoln 2014-07-23

It is awful outside, very hot and humid today. The scent blossoms beautifully in the heat. I keep sniffing myself as I am wearing this and I just feel amazing with it on. I am not a patchouli person but combined with the woods it works in the fragrance giving it a mysterious quality. It's a high quality, beautiful, green floral. I'm not sure it evokes a scent memory for me but I am certainly going to make some now!

Classic Banana Republic by ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 2014-07-23

Having read all the other reviews, I didn't want to simply Re-hash what I've already read.... So I'll simply give a few bullet points:

*Very very safe scent for just about any occasion on very hot, humid and stuffy days....
*Casual, lunch, gym, dress it up, dress it down
*Fantastic drydown- it blew me away considering the name.....
*Great bang for your buck- given what you pay for this- the value is exceptional!
*TRUST ME ON THIS: on those not so hot and humid days- layer this with Orange Sapphire lotion by Bath & Body Works.... The two go exceptionally well together.... Like a full bodied Cabernet paired with an organic grass-fed fillet Mignon & Asparagus.....

Encre Noire Sport Lalique by Plantus 2014-07-23

I ware EN Sport this evening, after a heavy rain, and is absolutely magical!

I love it so much, and I still believe that is better that the original.

It is another creation for the line of supreme fragrances (fragranza suprema) with EDP concentration, from this Italian House, that I love everyday more.

It brings notes of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, grapefruit and yellow Mandarin, in its output. The heart contains notes of Brazilian Orange, Indian jasmine, neroli, petitgrain from Paraguay, Artemisia (wormwood) and red berries. The base is composed of sandalwood, benzoin from Siam, oakmoss, amber wood and patchouli.

The output is rich and essentially citric, typical from Italian scents that cherish the natural aspect of the citrus fruits such as lemon and bergamot. In fact, the bergamot is sovereign in this part of evolution.
About 20 minutes after application, the heart gains another color and the green nuances of the start give place to the energy and vibration of the orange color, with great presence of petitgrain and a bitter touch of wormwood. And even with the passage of time, the scent remains the same, linear and without big surprises. From its base, my olfactory sense only feels a little of oakmoss. Furthermore, the fragrance exudes no longer like before, although still alive on the skin.

I think it is a delicious scent for hot days. And I assure that can be also worn by men.

Joyful Escada by joan100 2014-07-23

I am amazed at all the people saying that this is a typical fruity floral. There may be a tonne of fruity florals on the market now but not all of them smell the same! I challenge those to name a popular ''nowadays'' fragrance that has the combination of melon, nectarine and magnolia? The floral fruity group has such a wide scope and there are still endless possiblities in terms of creating unique scents. However it is always the good fruity florals get discontinued!

Great in hot weather, a very citrussy and light fragrance that is not long lasting but is a great regular and refreshing spritz. You can smell the history of eau de cologne in its composition, somewhat old fashioned but fascinating. I don't regret buying it, but can't imagine it on a man.

New Yorker for Her New Yorker by Kodi 2014-07-23

Very trashy Hypnose-dupe.

Alguien Sueña Fueguia 1833 by Nico.bono 2014-07-23

Beautiful fragance, it smell fruity, fresh.
It felt like an explosion of passion fruit on my skin.
The experience on Fueguia Atelier was really amazing.

Eau Sauvage Dior by Sandra221 2014-07-23

The quintessential male scent. Have adored it from the moment I first smelled the wonderfully fresh, lemony fragrance. I used to wear it, I loved it so much. If I smell it on a man it always turns my head. In my opinion nothing has bettered it. There are many other different colognes but this is the archetypical European fragrance for men, sophisticated and assured. It was the first fragrance I bought for my then 18 year old son, and at 25 it is still his favourite and the one that attracts the most comments from women. A true classic that has lasted the test of time, with wonderful packaging too

not bad. but a little annoying to me after about an hour. just not that into it. im sure it didnt help that i had pure malt on my other wrist..yummmm.

Fruits of the Musk Montale by rschmidt65 2014-07-23

First off I should explain that I just don't get Montale. I've tried close to a dozen Montale fragrances and can't find a single one I can even appreciate much less like. They're all very strong and have a lot of oil in them so they tend to last a long time which is a big plus in my book normally. The issue is that they seem very simple and similar. Normally I just sniff them and move on without commenting because these perfumes are just not my thing. This one was both particularly awful and emblematic of what I don't like about Montale. Strong, sour, unripe berry note with some kind of chemically musky base that went on and on without changing. No thanks.

Rose & Reine L`Occitane en Provence by Vivette 2014-07-23

Just got this today on my birthday. I guess it is better suited for warmer seasons ( here we are in the middle of winter), but pretty wearable all the same. Sweet, crisp roses and the whole garden of Eden, so to speak. I will always think of my husband and how much he loves me whenever I feel this on my skin.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by claytron 2014-07-23

Let me start by saying that women really like this fragrance. I mean REALLY like it! I have shown a few female friends of mine my collection because they were curious and this is one that they singled out as a favorite.
It's more sweet than I expected but certainly not in a bad way. Sweet, wet, earthy and spicey. Very well done, extremely sexy. Also, I get gardenia out of this. Gardenia is not in the notes listed but it smells like that to my nose...
I love wearing this in the fall months, its perfect for that. Can't wait to start wearing it again!

It smelled a lot more interesting on paper than on my skin. I mean, it's a nice, creamy and cosy scent, but it just... reminds me of a Dove soap bar a little too much. It's very pleasant, but nothing that'd swipe me off my feet.

I get a lot of tonka bean, which is one of my favorite notes in general, some magnolia, some rose and a dash of pink pepper... and well, not much else. There's no "neiges", no cold and snowy part, on me. However, I'd feel more comfortable wearing this one in winter.

Both sillage and longevity are decent.

Flowerhead Byredo by Cereza 2014-07-23

I ADORE tuberose and I'm always super excited when I pick up a sample dominated by my beloved note. I also enjoy suede, so I was really looking forward to trying "Flowerhead".
Well, first I have to say that the name "Flowerhead" represents the scent perfectly. If there is such thing as a perfume too floral, then "Flowerhead" definitely is it. It is a great bomb of tropical and sweet tuberose mixed with extremely sweet jasmine, it stays rather linear all the way and I'll admit that I did not get any other notes. And it turns out i'm not such a big fan of tuberose if it's not supported by non floral notes, well this was nice, but simply...too floral, too much for me. But, hey, if grand florals which are by the way very crowd pleasing and safe for everyday use, your thing, you should try to hunt down a sample.

Staying power was very good, more than 7 hours.

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by auroramaria 2014-07-23

Bon Bon is going to be launched in Italy in January 2015 Heaven knows why so late anyway I'm travelling to Switzerland (only a couple of hours drive from Milan)to get a bottle of Bon Bon cause I cannot wait to try it I read all the reviews and as I love sweet and gourmands I think I will like it still you never know fingers crossed sorry this was not a review

Black Orchid Tom Ford by virga 2014-07-23

Big, dark, strong, beautiful, dirty indeed, but in a very subtle way – I love it, although the drydown is not as impressive as deep and earthy beginning. Smells great both on man and women.

Coach Poppy Flower Coach by Dort0625 2014-07-23

this is so fresh and clean smelling. love it. hate e price though! I decided at walmart yesterday that since ot was 54.99 canadian that I was going to buy it since it was SOOOOOOoO much less than anywhere else. well I wasnt even fully into the box when I realized WHY it was so cheap! they box makes it looks like it is the full size..the 100ml bottle...and its NOT. its actually only 30ml. big rip off. so sad!! least I got some of kt

Oudh Al Mubakhhar Rasasi by harmatir 2014-07-23

I think the Mukhallat Oudh AL Mubakhar is very different, quite sweet any feminine, still very oudhy. For me it is very much like Montale's Black Aoud, which i also adore. Sadly enough Mukhallat is not as longlasting as Black Aoud,after half an hour or so it will change an slowly become something more feminin and soft, which is very similar to Montale White Musk. At least it is how it works on my skin. Two Montale perfumes for one Rasasi price :-)
Oudh Al Mubakhar on the other hand is just a soft rosy oud on me that disappears quickly.
Don't think that the two fragrances are just variatons- they are very very different!

Boss Orange Sunset Hugo Boss by kittybobmeowpants 2014-07-23

sounds very similar to Cacharel Liberte... anyone know if they smell alike?

Green Tea Yuzu Elizabeth Arden by Dort0625 2014-07-23

I must say, I truly LOVE this scent....I say scent rather than perfume because as lovely as the scent is, the perfume lasts no longer than the spray as you push down to spray it. I have never in my life seen a perfume that you literally can not smell other than as its being sprayed. The place I buy most of my perfumes gives samples and testers when you make a perfume or body care
urchase. so this was my free omg love at first sniff! so I literally turned back around not even home with my other purchase, so that I could go buy the actual bottle. I must say its beyond disappointing to have such a lovely smell last such a short while. I went through my 50ml bottle in less than a week. It pains me to say this but dobt waste the money!

Deliria L`Artisan Parfumeur by virga 2014-07-23

A weird one, but truly distinctive, I have never smelled anything like this before. Deliria is like a knife after cutting caramel cake – it smells sweet and creamy (vanilla, caramel, powder – I smell no apple at all), but with a strong cold metallic note, which stays prominent all the way. I cannot imagine myself wearing it, but testing Deliria was definitely an experience. Staying power and silage are great.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by Knows2Nose 2014-07-23

This cologne stops people in their tracks. Instant compliments. SB is very different than your typical cologne, so if you want something that stands out, this is it. This and Midnight in Paris are two great colognes that stand apart from the pack and gather plenty of compliments.

Angel Thierry Mugler by dcookoo 2014-07-23

I've seen alot of negative reviews saying Angel is an overpowering perfume and it made me wonder if people are wearing it correctly. I thought I'd share some of my rules I follow when wearing Angel;

1. Do not apply more than 1 spray - one on the wrist or neck is more than enough, and it will last all day.

2. Do not apply on an empty stomach, or when you're feeling unwell. This rule really goes for all perfumes, but especially Strong ones like Angel.

3. Do not apply on your clothes - Angel was made to worn on the skin. Spraying on clothes or tester strips means you don't get a full experience of all the notes.

4. Do apply 15 minutes before leaving the house - it gives a chance for the patchouli to settle on your skin before the delicious goumand notes come into play.

Follow these rules and you'll find Angel is wonderful perfume to wear.

Curve Soul Liz Claiborne by DJJellyBean 2014-07-23

This is nice and fresh. It reminds me of cross between Hollister malaia, and Davidoff cool water, but lighter and more airy. I'm defiantly getting some fresh fruit in this like someone else mentioned. Perfect for summer! I just wish the bottle was as pretty as the box. I just bought this at TJMaxx, 3.4oz for $9.99 on clearance. :D Whata deal!

Play It Rock Playboy by mschnabel666 2014-07-23

I just tried this perfume... $10 shipped on ebay for the 2.5 ounce new. It's very sweet and fruity but for me-- it quickly became a fruity patchouli bomb and lasted quite long. I'm not a fan of patchouli and it often ruins scents for me. :( I like it in Katy Perry's Killer Queen, but that is about it. (Fans of this Play it Rock would like Killer Queen I think.) I will still get some use out of it, maybe try in the winter? For $10 you really can't go wrong.

Azzaro Duo Men Azzaro by Pinnacos 2014-07-23

I seriously wonder how many of these had to be extracted with tongs in an ER.

I love love love "love is..." its a very fresh fruity and fun. it almost feel like it may have some moisturizing aspect to it because it feels a bit oily on the skin...not in a bad way! I have wanted to buy this since it came out but wanted to hold off just a little whole and hope it wouls go on glad I waited because today I got a gift set of this with the 50 ml edt a shower gel and a hair mist which I have never seen any perfume have a hair mist....I paid 63.75 canadian for rhe gift set and to buy JUST the perfume is 62.00 so I got the other items free basically! I would like to say though...for anyone who LOVES this scent but perhaps doesnt want to spend or can not afford to spend that much....there is a perfume that Aeropostale (clothing store) put out and its in a little purple bottle I THINK its called Peace LOve ....and something else...anyways it smells the EXACT same...exact exact same!!!

Patchouli Intense Parfums de Nicolaï by williamvargas 2014-07-23

very impressed with this, after sampling the original patchouli homme.. I felt they are on to something but it was just a little underwhelming.. they figured it out with the extreme version. very nice.. now this is what I am talking about! Did not go too heavy with this to start and I am finding it to be the patchouli scent I have been looking for. it does remind me of the 70's when that scent was floating around on great looking hippie chicks, my older cousin was a great looking hippy dude and he wore patchouli oils.He always smelled so good. One of those smells that was on his clothes and you could detect traces of it even after he left the scene.. to me this is a masculine patchouli and worth testing if you love patchouli. I could see this as a frequent wear for me, beginning to love this fragrance.. it seems to have excellent longevity and that is such a wonderful bonus when you find a fragrance you dig wearing. two thumbs up, and thanks for the memories.

Maharadjah Parfums de Nicolaï by oliseeger 2014-07-23

Maharadjah = Jicky

Vanderbilt Gloria Vanderbilt by tia t 2014-07-23

im 31 and i wore this when i was 12. i would work for $5 an hour on the weekends from that age and would always get this frag. it reminds me of my youth and in particular- winter nights in my youth. i will never grow tired of this scent and i believe it has always been such a staple in my perfume wardrobe which is great as it is always such value now. when i was younger it was far more expensive

Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo by dmirror 2014-07-23

It is very different from the usual aquatic but I wouldn't call it a aquatic its not like cool water or aqua di gio this scent I would say is more so woody fresh spicy with a little citrus I'm not a cologne note expert or fragrance guru but just comparing it to other aquatic scents its different and a OK scent this one I'd say check it out before blind buying I blind bought it off of various reviews its OK I like it but it doesn't amaze me or got me feeling like this is the best scent ever this fragrance I would say is a mature scent can be worn year round starts off strong almost kind of like a powder-ish kind of smell but it changes after about 15min to 20min its kind of a toss up I was considering the sport version but this one had slightly better reviews so I got this one instead I'm kind of thinking I should've went for the sport version first I usually like sport fragrances cause their light

Double Whisky Evaflor by theperfumedveil 2014-07-23

Does this actually smell like whiskey? I'm looking for something like Pure Malt or Wiskey Tobacco.

A*Men Pure Coffee Thierry Mugler by Xanovia 2014-07-23

Contacted Here is the response... (Took them 3 days to respond with this form letter mind you...)

Thank you for contacting Thierry Mugler!

As you know we no longer carry the Pure Coffee in the United States. It is only available in Europe unfortunately. Thierry Mugler UK does not ship to the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Should you need any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact Thierry Mugler Customer Service at 1-877-843-7968, Monday through Friday, 9:30AM - 6:30PM EST.

Thank you for exploring Thierry Mugler’s fascinating universe on!

Celestially yours,

Customer Experience Lead
Thierry Mugler USA

The translation in plain English = F*ck Yo* United States!!!


Amazing summer scent!! Open very citric and drys down to a very woody scent, the sandalwood here is great. It's fresh, casual, versatile and a great alternative to Creed's MI. Performance is average, no more than 6 hrs of longevity and projection is average, still I get a lot of complements when I wear Love & Luck.
Shop for this online, it can be found very inexpensive.
3.5 out of 5

Alien Liqueur de Parfum Thierry Mugler by Angel in the South 2014-07-23

I love Alien Absolute and also Alien Liqueur de Parfum but I am not really sure that there is a noticeable difference. The opening of Alien Liqueur does have a slight rum vibe but that disappears in a few moments and you are left with the Alien Absolute. I was going to buy a back up of Absolute but feel I do not need to now. I know that my bottles are authentic because I purchased them from the Mugler website in London from which I had great service.
Longevity and sillage on both are amazing lasting a good 8-10 hours on me. I would buy all the flankers if I could still find them simply because I adore this perfume.

Unforgivable Sean John by dmirror 2014-07-23

This is the shizznitz! I haven't smelled this in a few years or longer I know I smelled it and really liked it but for some reason I didn't buy it what a mistake its one of the best scents out so fresh so clean actually I just thought about it I was going to buy it but I waited until it was too late I thought they discontinued it but I recently went on perfumania website and discovered they have it back in stock they didn't have it for a couple of years after they sold out so now I finally own it and its great 10/10 I haven't smelled it in so long this was basically a blind buy for me hopefully they never discontinue this scent or slow production again I'll be a regular purchaser of this fragrance its a keeper

Double Whisky Evaflor by freddie.wheelman 2014-07-23

It's a great fragrance, it's a scent you don't smell on younger men, it's something betwen 30 and 50. It's my personal opinion.

Euphoria Lush by K1 2014-07-23

Good perfume makes you shake your body and sing song!
Lush perfumes are always fantastic, intriguing and loyal to nature! I bought Euphoria in a big sale and I'm really happy for that.
Euphoria is a short-time happiness overdose in its purest form. Seriously guys, it really makes my day. I like perfumes which smell like herbs and pharmacy. Euphoria starts out and ends out with a same tone: fresh rural smell of lime attributed to deep clary sage. For such cheap price it's a really precious perfume and precious experience.

La Panthere Cartier by nayesha 2014-07-23

I love cartier baiser du dragon but unfortunately this one is really nothing special except for the bottle ... I did purchase it blindly and all I love about it is the beautiful bottle :(

Choco City by Gordaya 2014-07-23

Ordinary drugstore scent. Good for children. Just like any other "Choco smell" cosmetics: sprays, shower gels

Velvet Rose & Oud Jo Malone by nayesha 2014-07-23

I have sampled this beauty a few days ago and ive added this to my favourites . It is a beautiful yet mysterious sent ( angels and demons ) it was a little too sweet when I first sprayed it on but the sweetness subside after a while it is still present but not as strong !, for I don't usually like sweet scents ! This one is a winner, longevity is outstanding and surprised me how long it lasted ! It is a rose and oud as it is called and very well done !

Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy Givenchy by Elisabeth M. 2014-07-23

This is French chic in a bottle. Elegant, tamed and the prominent basilicum topnote makes it a bit tart - I imagine Francoise Sagan to wear this. A fragrance that could have been quite popular around 1965 in Paris.

Coco Extreme Comptoir Sud Pacifique by TheSultan 2014-07-23

Ive been complimented on this fragrance, more than any, Ive ever owned, be them niche or designer. Older women, a skater, baristas, bank tellers, dentist assistants and recently a woman I encountered, who was squaring away her visa documents, after moving to the US two weeks ago. She could barely speak English but was bending over backwards as she motioned for me to write the name of it down. And it's the only fragrance that I have several bottles of. Lasts most of the day on me.

La Panthere Cartier by tommy_girl 2014-07-23

actually what I smell is nothing like the notes listed here(except for oakmoss and chypre smelling)
I guess lunching La panthere was a good news for ladies who complain about the new fruity or fruitchouli trend in perfume smells very much like classic perfumes,the ones which are mostly designed for real mature ladies and the name matches well the perfume.
strawberry?!fruity?!I don't feel any of these.I just feel an earthy chypre aroma mixed with some sweet notes and flowers and patchouli listed here?what about rose?!I'm just confused.from the notes I thought I could wear it easily,as I love the listed notes,but now I think maybe it's a better choice for my mother.
the aroma is not a monster sillage and can be worn easily during day to diffuse a romantic aura in office or other work places.

I do like the composition of this, very subtle fruit kick with a fresh and aromatic vibe.
Definitely a frag for those hot days like today (hence I gave it a whirl).
Just poor longevity and weak sillage after an hour on me.

Had it on 8 hours now and is slightly detectable but very, very close to the skin which is not what we really want from a frag.

Anyway, that said, still something you should have in the collection as price and overall scent are well worth the £9 I paid for it!!

Nice and clean just no power in this baby!

A 6.8/10

This is for you if you want to smell exactly like strawberry Bubblicious; and let's be honest, who doesn't, every once in a while, in the privacy of their own home? It's not something I would ever wear in public, being over 14 years old, it's just not serious at all. So sweet it makes my teeth ache pre-emptively, but so much fun!

at first sniff,this is really fresh and very suitable for casual wear in summer.soon after it becomes a pure woody perfume.not that I don't like woody perfumes(in fact I adore woody perfume),but I just wish the long lasting power and sillage were stronger.
by the way,I like the design on bottle and pack.

Bijan Men Bijan by KellyGrant 2014-07-23

Maybe its just me, but I think Bijan is almost a gourmand. To me it smells like a box of fresh doughnuts with a bit of vanilla added. The initial spray is a tad bit harsh but it quickly gives way to a soft but persistent spicy vanilla base. It is a comforting scent. Very potent: two sprays (three max) and it will stay with you all day. One of the most complimented scents I have.

I want to add something to the review I've already posted.

At the risk of making some heads explode around here, I have to say that I've twice now tested this fragrance along with Tom Ford's new Velvet Orchid -- both labeled here as Oriental Florals.

There is a distinct similarity between the two. I'm not saying that they're indistinguishable. Different notes predominate. But they could be cousins.

The dry-down is interesting in that I prefer the VS Seduction Dark Orchid to TF's Velvet Orchid. The latter is more powdery, while the former retains more of its plummy yet slightly sweet touch.

For reasons of personal safety, however, I will not mention this on the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid page! :-)

Les Orientaux: Vanille Fruitee Molinard by StellaXYH 2014-07-23

The initial blast of Molinard Vanille Fruitée is not very pleasant: a sugary boozy fruity smell rushes into my nostrils. But once calmed down, the fruit elements seem almost non-existent. On me, Vanille Fruitée is dominated by a slightly smoky vanilla and caramel, with only a soupcon of peach. The fragrance doesn't evolve much throughout, just becomes more milky as the vanilla gradually takes over.

The sillage is moderate and the longevity is around 7 hours. I find the first few hours of Vanille Fruitée quite sweet, verging on being cloying if overapplied. However, the vanilla drydown is very cozy and comforting. A relatively simple vanilla composition, but reasonably priced. For an occasional vanilla craving, Vanille Fruitéee could fit the bill.

Oscar Oscar de la Renta by Pasaka 2014-07-23

Omg! this scent is definitely an 'old-school style'. Not my cup of tea.. cloves and basil are dominant for my nose.There's nothing elegant about it. Totally agree with those who said that it smells like public toilets.

DKNY My NY Donna Karan by khatsar 2014-07-23

This is a clean, fruity-vanilla scent with a soft hint of patchouli. My NY's raspberry note has an icy, tart, cranberry-like quality that I enjoy, and the freesia keeps things light and fresh. I also like how the patchouli melds with the vanilla and light musk to form a creamy, sweet base rather than a sugar-sweet one. This is a modern scent for sure. I am reminded a bit of Jimmy Choo; however this is less "date night" and lacks the stronger patchouli and buttery toffee notes I found so intoxicating in JC. Chanel Chance has far more character and is less fruity-sweet.

While it's not one-dimensional, My NY lacks a certain depth and almost comes across as diluted somehow. Ultimately this a scent I expect in a high-end body wash or candle rather than a perfume. Not only is the fragrance less than memorable, it appears to fade from my skin quite quickly. Worth a sniff, though, especially if you enjoy floral and subtly musky scents like Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path.

My favorite note is patchouli. I like it with a hint of vanilla or a bit of spice, wrapped in amber or laced with jasmine. But my favorite patchouli is the really dirty kind. Coromandel is dirty and very earthy. The subtle choclate note softens it just the right amount and the incense covers it in asian mystique.

I wore this on my wedding day with a beautiful blue/green kimono inspired dress in silk. This is the one for me. Forever. Coromandel, my heart is yours.

Malizia Bon Bons Milk Shake Mirato by Lybarra118 2014-07-23

I really love this!
It's a creamy, chewy sugar cookie topped with vanilla buttercream icing.
It's sweet, obviously, but somehow it doesn't have that Pink Sugar toothache vibe.

Curve Liz Claiborne by Aliakatt 2014-07-23

When I first sprayed this on, I didn't mind it. It was light, not too sweet, and the floral notes stood out nicely. Now that it has dried down, I have to say this is a hard pass for me. There is something in it that turns almost to a melon note on me. It is a little nauseating.

I love all the fruity/gourmand perfumes that the celebrities bring out.

But this has to be the first perfume I have ever disliked. I tried on both this one and the other version. Awful. Very cheap nasty stuff.

Rue Rance Eau de Noblesse Rance 1795 by maddy.tan18 2014-07-23

Remember that scene from Snow White and the Huntsman, where the enchanted forest was discovered with fairies flying in abundance, magical animals wandering about and the majestic stag appeared; well, this is the perfect epitome of what this fragrance smells like. Splendid for daytime scent. I love it but not quite enough to make it my signature as I prefer notes with Oriental Woody.

Vert pour Madame DSH Perfumes by celticelle 2014-07-23

Sadly, I think my nose is just too sensitive to powder. Once again, the powdery violet leaves are just overpowering to me. I did like the initial startup of galbanum, but that did not last long at all. To me this is much more reminiscent of vintage Ma Griffe or Chamade than vintage Vent Vert, which was what I was seeking. The only thing that's like vintage Vent Vert is.... vintage Vent Vert. It was so unique and can never be replicated, but perhaps one days something closer to it might emerge. This perfume is not it, even though it's a nice effort at a vintage green scent.

Ivoire Pierre Balmain by 2014-07-23

this is a miracle... that's only what i can tell you about this piece of art... my signature perfume at last...

Simply Because Avon by Maddy45 2014-07-23

I don't like this perfume because I do not have a distinctive smell is definitely not permanent floral fragrance ordinary

Celebre Avon by Maddy45 2014-07-23

I love this perfume is definitely a very floral and leaves a fresh feeling nice and soft, but not more permanent

Forbidden Euphoria Calvin Klein by KATERINA LABROPOULOU 2014-07-23

Sweet Euphoria with the same excellent length as the original, I could say the Summer Euphoria. Reminds a lot of flowerbomb, Jimmy Choo and Lady Million. An airy sweet spicy perfume, not heady at all. I could wear it during my summer holidays without turning bitter. Happy indeed with my choise.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Hdubais 2014-07-23

It smells nice but not to be used everyday.

Nautica Life Nautica by CDGfan 2014-07-23

smells like every johnny aquatic fragrance out there.

Nautica Life Nautica by CDGfan 2014-07-23

smells like every johnny aquatic fragrance out there.

Nautica Life Nautica by CDGfan 2014-07-23

smells like every johnny aquatic fragrance out there.

Petale Noir Agent Provocateur by KATERINA LABROPOULOU 2014-07-23

Black petal perhaps?
Got this just today, bought unsiffed and Discovered a hidden treasure. Quality perfume like the other Agent Provo's, long lasting, first class bottle. The flowers here are rather dark but not heavy, a soapy vibe with a hind of spice. Could wear it all year round, I am sure a compliment magnet. Reminds me alot of John Galliano's perfumes and Boudoir edp. A highly recommended perfume now is on top 10 of my collection!!!

1 Million Paco Rabanne by joonzmoon 2014-07-23

Disclaimer: I'm a chick who sometimes wears men's cologne. I also don't typically like spicy/warm/citrus scents.

That said, I have to objectively admit that Paco Rabanne's 1 Million is a pretty good fragrance. I would not call the scent intense or too strong, but rather "solid", as in it has a lot of integrity without being overwhelming.

The first scents I noticed were grapefruit and cloves, with a hint of mint underneath. It made me think of Nest's Amazon Lily (a citrus-y perfume I hate) and how 1 Million is everything that perfume does wrong actually done right.

As the cologne has sat on me through the day, the scent is still solid and has now faded into a gentle warm spice smell.

I would possibly wear this again, which is saying a lot since it's comprised of all the notes I usually avoid.

Definitely a fall/winter cologne.

This one is the only thing that I loved from the II Profvmo line it smells like the natural Mandarine good if you want for layerin

Beloved Amouage by chickenpotpie 2014-07-23

This is actually a very difficult review to write so bear with me.

Beloved is gorgeous. Wait, I mean its GORGEOUS!!!!!!! If you are a fan of classic french perfumery, then this is a must smell. Just forget about the pink box for a minute because lets be real, this is no pink juice!!

No one note overpowers the other, yet, you can smell them all. But every stage of the perfume drydown is fascinating and different, and a bit hard to describe. One of my favorite stages though is the clary sage/leather stage.

All I can think when I wear it is "wow I smell amazing!" to me thats the sign of a great perfume.

The downside is that the perfume is strong as all get out but, not right out of the bottle; its sneaky that way. Friends don't let friends overspray so trust when I tell you that you don't want to go that route.

I did indeed try 4 sprays which was 3 too many. It was VERY BIG, and you WILL leave one hell of a perfume trail.

On one spray, longevity is fantastic; this is not a short lived perfume as I clocked well over 12 hours. 4 sprays however a bomb. It lives on much longer on clothing for sure.

This perfume can be worn at all times of the year, but go VERY easy during hot weather. (though IMO hot weather does make it really shine!)

Expensive? Sure, but a bottle is likely to last a person a VERY long time! Those who are wanting a bargin should look around for it as its making its way through to discounters. As always, don't buy this blind, test it first and foremost.

Ancestry Amway by Maddy45 2014-07-23

this perfume smells really nice fruit and flowers usually appeals to a more suitable spring autumn or summer, but I will if telling is not very persistent:

Parisienne Yves Saint Laurent by peferrarine 2014-07-23

Take Halloween (Jesus Del Pozo), turn up the rose, add a little handful of fruits (cherries, berries) e voila, you have Parisienne.

I really like this one. The comparison above only made because i really like Halloween either and i can't ignore the similarities.
Parisienne is a bouquet of roses, slightly powdery with a fruity undertone (not girly fruity or sweet fruity). Strong, but light at the same time.

Don't be fooled by the ad with Kate Moss. The fragrance is indeed, sexy, but not in a IN YOUR FACE OSGASTIC way the video wants you to think. This one has a subtle sensuality, when you hide more than you reveal.

Suitable for day and night, prominent in warmer weather, shy in colder days. Could be used for night outs, but won't have the impact of a bomb, like club scents.

Resuming, i really like this one, is sexy and kinda safe. I just don't recommend as a blind buy cause in my country (Brazil) is WAY overpriced (like most international fragrances), so if you're Brazilian, you can find cheaper fragrances that smell similar. If you can afford it, go ahead, you won't regret it.

Full Speed Avon by Maddy45 2014-07-23

I think this perfume is definitely the most beautiful of men's scent is quite natural and soft

Wistful Aroma Body Mist Amway by Maddy45 2014-07-23

This perfume has a scent, but really heavy and it hurts my head : and nectarines sainthood certainly have suffered unnecessary and wrong notes definitely scent sounds nice at first but then becomes quite heavy and unbearable

Iris Poudre Frederic Malle by The Swedish girl 2014-07-23

This was my favourite among all the samples I recieved from Cecilia. :-)

It smells a bit like the dry down of Chanel 5, soft and cuddly. Friendly.
Violet, iris, powder, spicy rose, musk, sandalwood, soap, sweet warmth.

BUT with a small dose of indolic jasmine unfortunately, just like in No 5.
If it weren`t for the jasmine, this would have ended up on my love list.

Classic, timeless.

Thank you C!

Far Away Avon by Maddy45 2014-07-23

This perfume is absolutely perfect exotic, oriental, floral fragrance of this perfume that provides long-lasting and generally appeals to the winter but in the spring are suitable, but can be a bit heavy for summer. :)I would definitely recommend

Lipstick Rose Frederic Malle by The Swedish girl 2014-07-23

I`ve been soooo curious about this scent!
Turns out that this was not at all what I expected.

It`s not even remotely similar to Ombre Rose, and there is no lipstick smell either in this Malle.

To me it smells like a rose scented air freshener for your bathroom. Sharp, harsh.

And there is a very sweet raspberry note that smells like a scented eraser.

Synthetic. Very synthetic.
Not at all soft and make up-y.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by The Swedish girl 2014-07-23

If you like this scent, but want a cheaper alternative you should try Yves Rocher Monoi.
It`s strikingly similar to this.

Actually, Monoi is nicer, because it lacks the indolic wibe that this has.

Orange flower, plasticky tuberose, jasmine, and what smells like tiare...

It ALMOST smells rancid and over ripe. Warm, musty and way too much for me.

Little Black Dress Avon by Maddy45 2014-07-23

This perfume is definitely a very pleasant smell even a full winter and autumn every situation provides you with an oriental scent showcases at first, but with a soft finish

L'Eau d'Hiver Frederic Malle by The Swedish girl 2014-07-23

I smell licorice, violet, almond, a bit citrus...
This is powdery, cold and very sexy.
Not similar to anything I ever smelled before actually.

In Sweden we have a candy called "Käck Citrus", which smells similar to this, haha. It`s a lemony licorice fudge.

Very nice, but not something I woud buy, due to the unnecessaryly big price tag. Really, the prices on Malle perfumes can`t be motivated.

Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by Mnekb 2014-07-23

Wow! This is awful! I expected something charming, sexy, elegant, deep, expensive... All i smell is grandpa cologne. I refuse to believe Portrait of a Lady smells this bad! I bought 5 ml from a perfume forum so maybe it isn't real?

In my country, when elder people visit Mecca for religious purposes they bring Arabic perfume oil with them. This exactly smells like it, like Arabic perfume oil! You don't have to pay that much to smells like this.

I hope they send me the wrong perfume because Portrait of a Lady is a huge dissapointment for me.

Grain de Folie Gres by Yohji 2014-07-23

Go-Green! - basil-citrusy beauty from Parfums Gres.

Style –La Paysanne - you love your gardening and all about nature. Its smell of green house actually, but its a green house with an air-conditioner, somewhat vegetable happy cocktail, healthy smoothie, which reminds me a lot my beloved Les Belles de Ricci that has exactly smell of ripped vine tomato leaves in your palms or - another hint - What About Adam Joop!
Stunning bottle, much better in real life than on the picture and yes, totally and absolutely UNIQUE fragrance from 1999 by Nathalie Lorson
4.8 out of 5

I just love Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi. The opening is very fresh, the fig and citruses make it smell sweet and delicious. Very light, perfect for the office or just hanging out during the day. I know it contains a lot of fig but I also smell guava and I love it. It is perfect for the summer months.

Vetiver Extreme Guerlain by Frayja 2014-07-23

Amazing perfume,I prefer the old bottle design.

Ditto to all reviews here. No lavender that I can tell. I don't know honey as a note so, I can't say. I wanted to love this just because the packaging is so DREAMY... which makes this nice enough for gift giving or receiving.

N`Aimez Que Moi Caron by Shimmersmom 2014-07-23

This is gorgeous! I was a little put off at first application, but I have learned to be patient and not evaluate on first sniff, but to wait, and let the scent truly develop. Definately worth the wait. This was a sample, and I will be adding it my want list.

Valentina Valentino by silsilg2 2014-07-23

Please someone advise you that this perfume Valentino is beautiful when you put it, but after half an hour not smell anything. My daughter's name is Valentina and when went on sale this perfume ran to buy it and she stayed very disappointed by low duration and no sillage.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Dior by TillyWave 2014-07-23

Dior. They made Dioressence. They made Dune. They made (the original) Miss Dior. Heck, they even made J'Adore (not my thing, but a solid perfume nonetheless.)

Now they made this--Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet--a total ripoff of Estee Lauder's Pleasures, a perfume made back in the 90's. It's not a good ripoff either. If you wanted Pleasures to be more synthetic, with stronger plastic notes, and an even more chemical/fantastical interpretation of a 'bouquet' then this is for you.

I find this to be an awful perfume. I expect my shampoo to smell better than this. In fact, it does...and it costs about $6 a bottle. Why does this stuff cost $75 an ounce? I am surprised that Dior would even put their name on this. But maybe not, this sort of thing is what passes for 'perfume' nowadays, I guess, and it must be profitable--they would not feel the need to make 3 flankers of 'Blooming Bouquet' otherwise.

This is why I am not really interested in most modern perfumes anymore--they all kind of smell like this--synthetic, boring, and with poor longevity and an ambitious price tag. Kind of depressing, really, that this is what a great house like Dior is up to these days.

Vetiver Extreme Guerlain by KJS88 2014-07-23

This is simulataneously cooler, darker, damper, and more mineral than the original.

Take out the dried hay, chilli pepper, from the original, replace the nutmeg with tarragon, and up the ante on the vetiver oil and voila, you have vetiver extreme.

Not that they smell alike, there is something about the texture in this rendition of Vetiver that reminds me vaguely of Terre d'Hermes; I was never a fan of the latter, but that doesn't bother me, Vetiver Extreme is a great fragrance on its own merit and has nothing of the rocky, mineralic, dried-sweat bite of Td'H.

I have a soft spot the for the original, and wouldn't change it for the world even if it does occasionally annoy me. As such, I don't see this is a superior version of original, but rather, a more refined and up to date rendtion.

Good stuff, and worth owning both if you love vetiver and in particular, Guerlain's renditions of the note.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by Marciu 2014-07-23

So many trolling comments appeared since my last visit. Ok, so here's my two cents:

I went through 100 ml bottle, I bought it back in 2010 when it came out (I guess it was late summer or fall). First, I thought: OMG, I own a Chanel fragrance (that was my first Chanel scent ever purchased by me btw), I got sooo excited. Then, suddenly, I got bored, quite fast, to be honest. When I used about 50 ml or so, I decided to give it to my brother. Then I started revisiting this scent. Here's what I think. Using it EVERY day makes it smelling like an ordinary market cheap cologne, or, it's even worse, like a soap. But again, when I thought I'm done with it, I smelled it once on my brother. It really smelled damn nice! Safe woody scent with hint of nutmeg and ginger plus interesting smoky incense in the drydown. And, like I said, I started using it again.

Overall: I like it but: it's not an everyday use cologne, I prefer it in colder months and whole year round for the night outs. It just does it's job. Longevity and sillage are REALLY solid, both on me and my brother. 8 hours with 4 hours projection cloud? Not a problem at all.

Classic? No, I have different view on what classic smell is to me. Modern? Definitely.

Probably I'll buy another bottle. I don't know when, not yet. But I'm pretty sure it will happen.

And please don't compare it to Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale, which smells very artifficial.

Summer Splash Lancaster by Frayja 2014-07-23

First of all I love that smell.I love suntan-lotion- smells but not always-this is different,smells like spring and freshness.Second thing and more important: I can't go out without wearing perfume,but my skin is too pale and too sensitive under the wild, unfriendly Greek sun in summer,so is so comfortable to enjoy it without being full of dots of irritation or allergies!
Even on the beach is so wearable!Go for it!

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by Miss LaCreevy 2014-07-23

Thumbs-down. It smells like smoked eel. Beh!

French Lavender & Honey Bath and Body Works by Fragrantnatic 2014-07-23

I agree with carbocookie below, the name sounds great like its such a nice NEW scent but in reality it lacks luster and the staying power is next to nothing. Such a pity, I was expecting more, but well, some BBW scents tend to be a repetition of other "discontinued" scents given a new name.. All I can smell is something sweet but not honey and something of a fruity mixture I cannot quite put a finger on.

I thought this was worth re-submitting here from the EdP page; a lot seem to review both here, and my take may interest Habit Rouge/Guerlain enthusiasts here:

"I have always had Habit Rouge EdT, but rarely wore it out, and almost always for my own pleasure.

However, I recently came acros a review on another site that described the Habit Rouge EdP as a better calibrated, more fine-tuned version of the original.

So I took a chance on it and purchased a lovely limited edition 65th Anniversary bottle for a very, very reasonable price ($50 USD).

Initially I was a tad worried as many reviews here and elsewhere (there are a number of reviews for this EdP on the EdT page) billed this as a bit louder, stronger, and featuring an Oud note.

My fears however were soon laid to rest. That review which described this as a better calibrated and more fine-tuned version of the EdT was dead on target. I don't smell any Oud in this, and I'm hyper-sensitive to the stuff. In short, Oud annoys me, and will give me a headache in even minute doses, natural or synthetic, or a blend of both. If there is any of it in this blend, it is done so well as to not make me ill.

This version of Habit Rouge is as if the dust dial was turned down to from 10 to 2 and the powder dial was turned down from 10 to 7; while the floral-woody mid notes and resinous-guerlinade base notes were dialed up from 4 to 6. Meanwhile, the lemon in the top notes has been turned down a few notches, allowing the bergamot to shine through, and the neroli, by some miraculous feat of perfume engineering, has had its shelf life extended to bring its presence well into the dry down.

This has the effect, to my nose, of balancing out the whole arrangement, making it last longer on the skin, making it work better with skin chemistry, and making it more versatile. There are no sharp edges.

What you're looking at here is Habit Rouge, made softer and more supple.

Finally, I'd like to note that I never understood the association between Habit Rouge and leather or a leather note until I smelled this version: it doesn't and probably never did contain a specifically constructed leather note, but the sum of its parts, when smelled up close, does indeed remind me of the smell of an old, worn leather or suede jacket, whose wearer uses a sweet, balmy, woody perfume."

***The biggest difference in my opinion is that the sillage is significantly less huge than regular Habit Rouge, though the Guerlinade element is certainly stronger and it does last longer.

Honeysuckle & Jasmine Jo Malone by Martaynd 2014-07-23

JO MALONE, please bring it back and KEEP it as a staple in your lineup. Honeysuckle is classic and wonderful. There are a few others more worthy of discontinuing, but this was not one of them. BRING IT BAAACK!!! Please!!!!

Eau Tropicale Sisley by kikinha 2014-07-23

I love it, got a sample from Bloomingdales BUT... the price is just awful!!! Will not buy a bottle!

I have always had Habit Rouge EdT, but rarely wore it out, and almost always for my own pleasure.

However, I recently came across a review on another site that described the Habit Rouge EdP as a better calibrated, more fine-tuned version of the original.

So I took a chance on it and purchased a lovely limited edition 65th Anniversary bottle for a very, very reasonable price ($50 USD).

Initially I was a tad worried as many reviews here and elsewhere (there are a number of reviews for this EdP on the EdT page) billed this as a bit louder, stronger, and featuring an Oud note.

My fears however were soon laid to rest. That review which described this as a better calibrated and more fine-tuned version of the EdT was dead on target. I don't smell any Oud in this, and I'm hyper-sensitive to the stuff. In short, Oud annoys me, and will give me a headache in even minute doses, natural or synthetic, or a blend of both. If there is any of it in this blend, it is done so well as to not make me ill.

This version of Habit Rouge is as if the dust dial was turned down to from 10 to 2 and the powder dial was turned down from 10 to 7; while the floral-woody mid notes and resinous-guerlinade base notes were dialed up from 4 to 6. Meanwhile, the lemon in the top notes has been turned down a few notches, allowing the bergamot to shine through, and the neroli, but some miraculous feat of perfume engineering, has had its shelf life extended to bring its presence well into the dry down.

This has the effect, to my nose, of balancing out the whole arrangement, making it last longer on the skin, making it work better with skin chemistry, and making it more versatile. There are no sharp edges.

What you're looking at here is Habit Rouge, made softer and more supple.

Finally, I'd like to note that I never understood the association between Habit Rouge and leather or a leather note until I smelled this version: it doesn't and probably never did contain a specifically constructed leather note, but the sum of its parts, when smelled up close, does indeed remind me of the smell of an old, worn leather or suede jacket, whose wearer uses a sweet, balmy, woody perfume.

Cote d`Azur Oribe by TheFragrantBlog 2014-07-23

I adore this fragrance that is in their current hair refresher. There's this bizarre, yet inticing rotting watermelon rind accord that is tapered off by it's sweet florals. I just hope that taking this from a hair deodorizer to fragrance translates well,

I bought a small amount of this and I'm glad I didn't buy a larger size. I've put it on several times hoping to smell what is described. It starts out with a light citrusy layer but that fades quickly and underneath is a grassy masculine scent that is pretty much what I'm left with. I don't find it light or summery. It's reminds me of something someone elderly would smell like. Very disappointed from acqua di Parma. I still like the original cologne the best

I have not tried it but I have to say i have been thoroughly amused by the reviews! I can't even imagine why a perfume would have been made to smell like blood, sweat, sperm and saliva. That's just disgusting!

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by celoemi 2014-07-23

The fragrance has unbelievable things. I never liked the smell of pepper, it gives me a headache. Also hate cinnamon. Surprisingly this perfume is very good, not great, it gives me motion sickness after about 5 hours.
Rating 7.5 / 10

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