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Siren Paris Hilton by 49ersince81 2015-05-24

Nice floral, and powder scent to start. Dries to a really powder scent with vanilla. Staying power was about four hours for me. No headaches!!!! Pretty feminine scent all through, light and not imposing. I really get alot of powder with some vanilla--light sweetness (not much citrus)--on me, and like that fine. Great for daily running around or work--and would recommend for anyone who likes a lighter mild perfume. The price is really nice too, and who doesn't like that...?

360° Perry Ellis by Adrian_jacobs1984 2015-05-24

His is my signature scent I love it and get compliments all the time it's so clean and fresh and the staying power is AMAZING and the silage in quite strong and projects pretty loudly this is a light perfume yet with a few extra sprays it's a silage bomb projects through my
Entire apartment my bf says this has the best projection and strongest by far
Out if every perfume I own and I own some strong ones I will always wear this it is heavenly. 10 for sure this stays in my skin maybe 6 hours but in my
Clothes it will stay for a days that's for sure

Carven Pour Homme Carven by GoodVibrations 2015-05-24

Make me think it's Creed.
Make me think it's Bond.
Its life was fast,
It didn't last,
For two hours I was fond.

Michael Kors for Men Michael Kors by GoodVibrations 2015-05-24

When I first sprayed it I thought it was taking me back to the travails of Dirty English (cough, cough). Then I wondered if it would have its own personality at all. But thank you, Michael Kors. Neither of the aforementioned fragrance nightmares were relevant. This goes to the heart of vintage Tuscany Per Uomo albeit in a quieter more woodsy way. The revised Tuscany Per Uomo is pure genius, but this focuses on the heart of the classic masculine chypre.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by Italo Paz 2015-05-24

After a while, it smeels like Balenciaga on my skin. Love the creamy aspect of the top notes. Great perfume, Narciso Rodriguez!

Curious Britney Spears Britney Spears by Valleyofthedolls 2015-05-24

This is the perfect shower fresh/clean laundry scent to me. The opening is quite strong with the pear and florals but it is mouthwatering. Now, don't get me wrong, if you're a lover of the classics, soapy aldehydes and favor a more old school feel, you will not be blown away.I'm pretty sure groundbreaking isn't what Britney had in mind with Curious. This is mostly for the lovers of carefree scents. This is summer, with a crop top and high waist cut offs on the 4th of july, munching on watermelon with your feet covered in sand. Uncomplicated, fresh and youthful.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by farazg 2015-05-24

I used to love this but after a while I got a bit sick of it.

It used to have this lovely powdery, iris, lipstick smell but now it just smells a bit harsh and dirty.

I wore this today layered with Lalique's Encre Noir and this is extremely intoxicating. Try this combination - you won't regret it!

Yellow Diamond Versace by starvega 2015-05-24

Just lovely. I wear this regularly to work. It's a burst of fresh citrus on first spray and very yellow. It contains similarities to Bright Crystal, but without the fruitiness - they share a common note (it's a kind of bitter/sour/ripeness, but not unpleasant). My only complaint is that the longevity is very average - this fragrance is noticeable to others only within the first half an hour or so, and it completely disappears by the middle of the day. I'll be switching it up for the intense version after my bottle is finished.

(I actually really like the bottle, even with the paperweight/lethal projectile crystal on the top.)

This is my second review of this gorgeous perfume. I made a hasty judgment that Coco Mademoiselle is only a spring and summer scent, but now that it is passing from autumn to winter in the Southern Hemisphere I can confirm without a doubt that the cooler months really bring out the beauty, richness and depth of this perfume. The patchouli and vanilla take centre stage and I just adore it.

I initially had Coco Mademoiselle as my signature scent, then went on a rampant binge of expanding my horizons with other perfume houses, Guerlain, Oscar de La Renta, Rochas and other Chanel scents. I have come back full circle and fallen in love with Coco Mad again. She's a perfect creature and definitely a stayer in my wardrobe. I guess I had to go looking elsewhere before realising I always had a beauty patiently waiting for me.

Like a New Love essence by Alysha 2015-05-24

It's very cloying when you first spray it. Don't spray it in a room full of people! It mellows out and does resemble D&G pour femme, but it's not a dupe. It's more like, if you enjoy pour femme you may enjoy this cheaper cousin too.
Mine came in a 10ml spray, so it's purse friendly. It lasts a couple hours.

Like a Million Miles Away essence by Alysha 2015-05-24

I have this but it reminds me of spices for some reason. It's not my favourite.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by ejfischer1023 2015-05-24

I was so looking forward to trying Carnal Flower. Wow, was I ever disappointed! IMHO, it smells just like Desitin Baby Ointment.

Like a Day in a Candy Shop essence by Alysha 2015-05-24

I got mine in Barcelona's Maremagnum Mall for a song- 1.99 euros I think. It was on special with a few other Essence perfumes. There were no testers so I just looked at the packaging's illustrations and the name. I love sweet scents, so the candy shop connotation was a no brainer for me- I bought this immediately. It is 10mls.
It really does have a strong alcohol opening. I can barely smell this one, so it is indeed soft. I think it would be better suited for a young girl just trying out perfume for the first time- you cannot go overboard with this one.

I don't regret my purchase because I was curious about the essence perfumes. It was a cheap thrill to buy it and open later in the hotel room. I would not purchase it again though.

Eau d'Hadrien Annick Goutal by NostalgiaStreet 2015-05-24

Since 2010, this has been one of my favorite summer fragrances. It is one I can wear in the intense summer heat we have out here in Texas and not feel ill after having it on my skin after a while. It is the combination of the cypress, vetiver and lemon that gives it such a fresh and clean smell. I recommend this to anyone who likes a light smell, but one that still has character. It is not a too commonly worn fragrance, and I think it can be a signature for someone, even though it is light. It lasts about 3-4 hours on my skin before I need to touch up, but it is one you can carry with you and not worry that others will get mad if you spray it.

Banana Republic W Banana Republic by Jenni-007 2015-05-24

I purchased a duo of these without smelling them first. I just assumed I would like it as my boyfriend has a mens BR scent that is to die for. I ended up selling them both because to me this smells like soap.

Play It Lovely Playboy by aquanity 2015-05-24

I saw it at Priceline for $6 while testing others so I decided to give it a try. I loved the smell so on impulse, I bought it.
I'm wearing it now and honestly I find it sickening. (I sound so negative omg but it is SO strong and too old for me..)
I've learnt my lesson for sure! Try it and leave it on your skin so you get the full scent before you buy it. Fortunately, it was only $6.

Azzaro 9 Azzaro by lotus and jasmine 2015-05-24

The opening of Azzaro 9 is unusual- very green, but not strongly aldehydic. It actually smells to me like freshly cut tulips. Although I know that this note is created, it does not smell synthetic- it smells *fresh* and realistic. Under the note I read as tulip is a spicy floral note, perhaps wisteria? and lightly sweet pineapple, ever so faint.

The heart, on my skin, is lily, light carnation, faint rose, and basil, with a green/mossy wood vibe that I think may be the dyer's greenwood, and an almost juicy, airy mimosa. Lightly spicy, balmy, relaxed, clean without being soapy, fresh as a breeze, a little cool. Wearing A9 is like sitting out of doors in the early morning, catching drifts of scent from your neighbor's gardens, as the breeze begins to warm, and dew still sparkles in the grass.

In the dry down, neroli, a touch of white musk, creamy sandalwood and green hyacinth appear. Ylang ylang is lightly present, as is LoV. But the real star here is the velvety iris, supported by clean cedar, with a touch of incense. Just lovely!

A9 is a treat! Cool and warm by turns, airy, light, spicy, a little sweet- this is definitely a classic, and deserves to be ranked with L'heure bleue and the like. Extremely complex, and likely to show a different facet in different weather. A9 definitely deserves more of a reputation than it has!

My special thanks to Mi55anthr0py, who provided me with my mini- I will treasure this little beauty, and savor it! My sincere gratitude!

Instantly reminded me of allure sport cologne and a little bit of allure edition Blanche except better not as strong the citrus with Dior is much smoother and refreshing this is a good one

Fantasia de Fleurs Creed by Sandra Smells Scents-uous 2015-05-24

An exquisitely delicate, lightly powdered, amberous bouquet of multi-colored roses and purple irises. This perfume is intoxicatingly beautiful. This frag is at once warm like skin and fresh like flowers. It belongs on the wrists and nape of an elegant, refined lady who is uncomplicated and demure.

FANTASIA DE FLEURS is a fine example of the CREED house and has outstanding longevity and sillage. This wonderful fragrance will always be a mainstay in my collection. . .

Interlude Man Amouage by Erok32 2015-05-24

I love this fragrance, but please people.... shut up about the magnetic vs non-magnetic cap. You just sound stupid.

Amarige Givenchy by NostalgiaStreet 2015-05-24

I have been wearing Amarige since I was in the 11th grade back in 2002. My mom gave me a small bottle, and I have loved it since. I have always loved florals, and Amarige is one of the biggest in that category. It is heavy on the jasmine and gardenia. What gives it a twist is the cedar and plum. Sometimes it can have a sort of grape like vibe, and I guess that may be because of the plum-gardenia notes. This perfume has had negative associations since it was new in the 1990's, and I think it is because so many used to overspray it. Of any fragrance out there, Amarige is one where a couple sprays will last all day, even in its current formulation. In saying that, I find that this perfume is a little harsher in the opening than it used to be, but once is settles, at least for me, it smells as it always has.

I have a lot of good memories wearing this fragrance, and after 13 years, I love it just as I always have. I am not one to get many fragrance compliments, but I have always gotten them with Amarige. I wear just a little when I use it, and it has always been well received. While no longer my everyday choice, I will always keep a bottle in my collection.

L`Eau au Masculin Lolita Lempicka by Chicago Tony T 2015-05-24

I have a tester and it reads the same notes that Endymion mentioned a few reviews down. With that being said it does have the licorice/anise vibe as the original albeit lighter. The original has also been reformulated so this might be a good option if you can't find it. This is a summer version of the original as the citrus and floral notes are apparent in the first hour or so but the DNA of the original is most present. Sillage and longevity are not as good but overall I like it as it projects well for the first 2 or 3 hours and lasts up to 6.

Guess by Marciano for Men Guess by siririschmoos 2015-05-24

On the initial spray you get a spicy burst and yes, it is synthetic, but it has a great peppery/amber aroma.

Vanilla kicks in a half hour later and then it starts to die down, just like some reviewers say, it has a short life or it is close to the skin.

I like it, it's a not so sweet peppery amber scent. It sort of reminds me a bit of Ricci's Memoire D'Homme which is a bit airy.

Never cared for Estee Lauder fragrances before; too bland or too horrible (I'm talking the godawful abomination that is Youth Dew). So in my search for a realistic gardenia fragrance I deliberately overlooked this one, and what a crying shame! I kept seeing recommendation after recommendation touting the virtues of Tuberose Gardenia and finally caved and ordered a sample from amazon.

This is the quintessential realistic gardenia fragrance. Smells just like you plunged your proboscis smack down into that sweet, lush bewitching bloom. I kid you NOT. So many perfumes claim to be gardenia and smell nothing like it. Particularly bad was Van Cleef & Arpel's rendition which left me scratching my head and muttering "What the ...?". Estee Lauder redeemed herself to my nose with this beauty. So many times I crave gardenia and have to abide the long winter to get to spring just so I can walk past a bush and catch a deep whiff of that utterly beguiling fragrance, and now I can have it year-round with this.

I suppose since it is a member of her Private Collection, that means it is discontinued. Fear not, it's available on amazon and I am stocking up!

Salt Air Demeter Fragrance by WitchyD 2015-05-24

I adore this, but as many have said the Demeter perfumes do not have much staying power.

Pomegranate Noir Jo Malone by MiaClaire 2015-05-24

I have several Jo Malones and this one is by far the most unique and least linear of her collection. I've never smelled anything quite like it. The first spray is unappealing -- cloves and anise assaulted me. I resisted the strong urge to wash it off and see what it settled down to. An hour or so later, the now softened smell had grown on me a bit. Then I decided to layer on a spritz of Pink Sugar, of all things, and that sweetness deliciously balanced the woodsy spiciness of the cloves and made for a mature, warm scent, perfect for a fall or winter day (even though it's Spring while I'm writing this). A little goes a long way, so use a light touch with this one and you might find it interesting. Definitely a unisex fragrance - I think it would be very sexy on a man.

He Wood Ocean Wet Wood DSQUARED² by Androgynous 2015-05-24

unisex..not very aquatic or oceanic to me..smells like lotion

Iris Prima Penhaligon`s by Lilalara 2015-05-24

I did actually wear Iris Prima when I went to the ballet for the first time. It was a wonderful experience, and I will always cherish this scent for bringing back the memories. The opening strangely reminds me of Code Luna, which can only be the way the bergamot is presented in both scents. However, where Luna lingers on in the ethereal lightness of a crescent moon on a blue day sky, after the opening burst of bergamot, Iris Pima turns off the stage light and leaves the opera house in darkness before the begin of the performance, so that you cannot see but only smell. And what you smell is the makeup in the dressing room, true to the iris in the perfume’s name, and then the leather shoes and sweet resin notes on the wooden floor. In the drydown I can smell the flowers that the prima ballerina receives at the end of the performance, and the slightly bitter, woody dryness of musk and vetiver when the curtain falls. Would I have the same associations if I didn’t know the perfume’s name and marketing? Perhaps not. But this does not make it a less beautiful scent, and a beautiful portrait of the ballet it is. I do agree with other reviewers who were slightly irritated by the complete absence of sweat, tears, jealously, competitiveness, the wild and dark side of the ballet which is meant to be captured by this scent as well as the beauty of the dance. But again, I will not be disappointed because the marketing is depicting a somewhat misleading picture, and I will still wear this scent with fondness. If only the lasting power was better on my skin, which is problem I have with many perfumes of the house of Penhaligon’s.

12 Eau D'Epices Tauer Perfumes by SumoTigerCat 2015-05-24

Still pondering Eau D'Epices... I don't care for it for the first 1/2 hour or so. But given a little time, this fragrance mellows out, and becomes an interesting spice market smell. It is a bit sour initially, but that aspect doesn't linger on me too long. I do enjoy the coriander (which seems to be the strongest note to me). EDE is a unique spicy... I might like it better on a man than on me. But still evaluating. I would at least like to have a large decant, as it is special and has that certain Taeur "power".

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by Androgynous 2015-05-24

Compliment getter for sure..very sexy and sensual. I get a sweet powdery leather in the dry down. Armani code is popular but hey its for a reason this stuff is good!

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by Androgynous 2015-05-24

Compliment getter for sure..very sexy and sensual. I get a sweet powdery leather in the dry down. Armani code is popular but hey its for a reason this stuff is good!

Noir Bath and Body Works by Androgynous 2015-05-24

my ex loved this on me..very deep, sexy and sensual but too many people wear it

Royal Oud Creed by prodigy 2015-05-24

Yet another creed that has definitely grew on me. This smells fantastic. Nice cedar woods, citrus, some spices with a little incense. It still has the fresh dna creed does well. Can be worn year round. I just bought the 4oz and I didn't remember it lasting so long. I don't know if they changed some ingredients or not but this is a beast. 1 spray and I could smell it the next day which is unheard for a creed fragrance for me until now.

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by paranoidandroid 2015-05-24

The top notes of Serge Luten's "La Fille de Berlin", diluted into a vat of cold cashmeran with cardamom accents.

Extremey legible. Well done if you can tolerate cashmeran style notes in abundance.

Lira Xerjoff by Readysniffer1 2015-05-24

This is a private pleasure. This perfume drives my husband crazy to the point that I am afraid to wear it out of the house. I'm not sure what I think is going to happen to me at the grocery store if I go in wearing it, exactly. But, apparently, vanilla is extremely seductive to at least some men. I don't want to wander around giving everyone the impression I am trying to seduce them. Because, honestly, I'm only trying to seduce about .01% of you.

But once I'm home, I can't resist this. It's a knock-out start to finish. It would burn out the pleasure centers in my brain to wear this 24/7. It's nice to have some more aloof options. But my most prized bottle is Lira. I love it so much I'm afraid to wear it. So it's more my signature in my own mind, than in the reality of day-to-day living.

XS Paco Rabanne by mystica 2015-05-24

Original Formula:

That was my favourite male's perfume ever (along with DG Pour Homme) as a teenager back in late 1990s. -I'm a girl.- I used to love this so much I would spritz my pillows with it and I had indeed stolen my father's bottle. I remember taking a motorcycle trip with a guy who was happened to wear this. Mesmerized by the smell, I still cannot find the words to describe the agony of being have to say no to him when he asked me to be his girlfriend. A gorgeous smelling motorcyclist could be the dream of every teenage girl, still though not enough for me for a rather serious commitment, being your logical lady who occassionally goes bad since then.

Ah, the perfume notes, before jumping in to write a review, may I say I didn't even bother to check them -even now as a grown up + curious perfumista-, since this is such a COMPACT perfume... Let the mystery stay that way, and original formula as the original seduction.*

Sensi Giorgio Armani by wowgirl 2015-05-24

Classic, sweet and sophisticated perfume! No need for a long-winded review because this perfume can be summed up in very few words. Officially discontinued, but not gone forever. This fragrance was a true one-of-a-kind because it did have an unusual scent makeup, but it worked in Sensi's favor. This is THE going out/special occasion perfume, but if you want a special boost even on casual days, it'll work for that too.

Allure Homme Sport Chanel by RickyDot 2015-05-24

I've been on a fragrance sampling journey for about 3 months now, and have purchased somewhere around 100 sample vials of fragrances. Among the first few samples I purchased were a few Versace fragrances including Pour Homme and I really liked it. In the last set of samples I ordered I included a few Chanel fragrances including this one.

After I dab on a bit of juice from a sampler vial, I always come to Fragrantica to refresh my mind of the notes and reviews. I also like to see how people compare the fragrance to other fragrances. Right after dabbing on Allure Homme Sport, I came here, and then dabbed on some of my VPH from the mini I purchased after my sample ran out.

I have to say I agree with everyone who says that these two smell nearly identical. They are extremely close and almost indistinguishable. I've been sitting here smelling both for a while now, and I have to say AHS does come out on top as the winner. It's not just that it's much more potent and projects much better, but it's also fresher and cleaner. VPH is somewhat dull and dirty, while AHS is bright and vibrant.

I'm glad I tested this before buying a full bottle of VPH, because the one I'm going to buy is AHS. Over all I give it an 8/10 just based on the first few minutes of scent and potency.

Manifesto Le Parfum Yves Saint Laurent by blueviolet 2015-05-24

On me this smells just like the l'exilir one. For a moment or two I got a new creamy note but that's about it. I do enjoy the l'exilir, better than the original and the eclair. I've had all of them in the past but this one and the l'exilir are my favourites. For me, I don't this one in addition.
Will try again just to be sure tho:)

Yum. LOVE this. Was just reminded of this when I house and dog sat for a great friend recently. Will have to hunt this one down.

Musk Alyssa Ashley by DJJellyBean 2015-05-24

Does anyone have a problem with the lid on this perfume? Mine barely stays on.

Deep Red Hugo Boss by wowgirl 2015-05-24

I don't know what it is about ginger in fragrances that gives them such sex appeal, but it makes them sexy nonetheless. Specifically, ginger and vanilla, which is predominant in Deep Red. Sexy, that's the takeaway from this fragrance. This perfume makes you want to linger, it really does!

I just bought this today and it's GORGEOUS! I think Heaven will smell like this. Light, fresh, warm, and tropical, AND an amazing value. You can't beat it for its price. Apply it liberally, as it's EDC, and you will not go wrong. You can wear this at work, casual, and a romantic night . This will be on my regular rotation this late spring and all summer.

Diamond Princess Trina by wowgirl 2015-05-24

This fragrance had to grow on me initially, but now I really like it! It is very clean-and-out-of-the-shower smelling, and it makes for a sexy-clean smelling scent. I'm not a fan of ozonic and this has a very ozonic opening, but once it dries down, it's everything! Biggest problem with this fragrance, is that it doesn't last long at all, and it will need to be touched up. Thankfully, because it smells so damn good on the drydown, I don't mind touching it up. Trina had a good fragrance to debut, and I think it would've done better with better marketing and if the scent was a little more potent, but it smells damn good.

XS Paco Rabanne by MarFreire 2015-05-24

tested today, but nothing impressive .. begins strange, but then got a good smell, close to the skin .. I will check in a store is really similar with Hymalia .. i am curious !!

I just got this one at K Mart the other day while I was picking up Revlon moondrops lipstick lol It reminds me more of a strawberry candy but in a fresh way. It is sweet and actually really strong and long lasting. This and the raspberry one takes me back to my innocent childhold days. Very nostalgic for me, love it.

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by andonirdc 2015-05-24

Starting with the name of the scent, Rocker Femme Fantasy doesn't make any sense, it being in English or in French (I'm from the French-speaking part of Belgium so I know what I'm talking about) that's why I wasn't very excited about this. However, I liked the idea of a darker and more mature Fantasy. I ordered it as soon as it was available on Allbeauty as it's the most affordable website I know. I went for the 50ml bottle so that I could make up my mind. 

When it arrived, I was sooo disappointed with the bottle ! It looks very cheap, tacky and it's so eye-catching ! The pink just destroys my eyes. Moreover, it's not as other Fantasies bottles, this one is transparent with a color painting over so you can scratch the bottle and make it look horrible (actually, in my case, the bottle was already scratched with the cardboard of the box... And I mean, all the other Fantasies bottles are made of already colored glass and are not painted, if you get what I mean...)

But the bottle is obviously not the most important thing and what's coming next is gorgeous ! :D

It smells AMAZING ! It opens with lots of blackberries just like when you eat some and then smell your fingers covered with their odor. I normally hate coconut (the smell as well as the taste) but in this case, blended with the whipped cream, it makes a perfect combo ! Just think about the delicious whipped cream they serve at Starbucks, it smells exactly the same, mhhh. That doesn't surpise me as Britney just loooves Starbucks ahah ! 
So the opening is a delicious creamy blackberries smoothie. 
Now comes my favorite stage. I don't understand why the main accords of this scent list "fruity" and not "floral" as in my opinion it's waaaaay more floral than fruity. The favorite stage I'm talking about is the floral one, you're surrounded by a delicious, INTENSIVE and creamy gardenia. It just smells so wonderfully great, I love floral scents ! The jasmine is not so noticeable but I think it's due to the fact that the gardenia take over the whole composition. 
The mix of the gardenia and the whipped cream makes it VERY creamy and milky, it feels like a milky dream on a cloud. :) Don't be afraid, it isn't too much of anything, it stays very bearable and kind of classy as the violet keeps it from becoming too sweet or too creamy. Let's say the violet keeps the scent down to earth and I love violets sooo... I just wished it was stronger as you can hardly notice it wheras my skin usually intensifies floral notes.
In the drydown, it's a very vanillic scent and the vanilla blends very well with the whipped cream and the outstanding creamy gardenia. 

I must say it a very well done scent and if it was released under the name of a big designer house, it'd have been a great success among the ladies with no age limit as it's really a fun fragrance. 

Now about the staying power and the sillage, they are both average. It goes strong on my skin for the first 5 hours and then becomes more of a skin scent. It holds great on your clothes so sprays them for extra lasting power. As for the sillage, people will notice you and you will leave an enchanting trail when you walk through somewhere. After 4-5 hours, the scent calms down but will still be subtly noticeable. 

The description makes its sound more appropriate for the winter months or the autumn ones and I agree but Rocker Femme Fantasy also has a tropical feel to it so I think you can rock it year round if you don't over spray in the warmer month and wear it in the evening instead of during the day when it's hot outside. Well, I'm talking about western Europe weather so that's not SO hot anyway.

That's all I have to say, I hope my review helps. :)

Sun Java White Men Franck Olivier by MarFreire 2015-05-24

Update # day 1

tested in my skin and longevity is very good.. in day after, the fragrance was there, strong in my shirt.. approved!!

Another favorite of mine, amazingly gentle and masculine. A strange yet wonderful presence of amber.

By far my favourite perfume!! Feminine, rounded, I can't imagine a man wearing it !!nit is for women!!
It is balmy, creamy, easy to wear. And suitable for all seasons!!
As the EDT was a bit too clean smelling, a bit dry, Absolue is overall warmer, but not a strong heady gourmand.
I get compliments every time I wear it!!

Even thought I'd never wear a feminine perfume, but I did with Prada, unfortunately the homme versions they do are EDT, so less strong, then I took my move and got this one for myself, its powdery and balsamic scent seems ok to wear as a man, besides, I got positive comments about it and felt more confident wearing it again. I really love it.

Prairie Nymph Smell Bent by starvega 2015-05-24

Honey, honey and more honey. But then something almost... savoury? That sounds weird, but there is something here that basically tempers the sweetness, so that it never becomes sickening. If you like honey, you must try this. As others have said, the longevity is absolutely outstanding, and it stays strong - you will smelling clouds of honey all day/night.

Le Male Summer 2015 Jean Paul Gaultier by 1welshdevil 2015-05-24

Am now so bored of Le male flankers, is it meant to smell identical to the original? It's the exact same fragrance, bottle is really smart, but come on let's have a bit of originality, something a bit different, these editions are getting boring.

Green Tea Lavender Elizabeth Arden by Jellybean 2015-05-24

Crisp clean lemon-lavender scent. At first CK One, spot on, then from unisex turns masculine, crisp green lavender and pepper with slight amounts of musk. Warm weather manly scent. Moderate longevity, pricewise very affordable.

La Fille de Berlin Serge Lutens by paranoidandroid 2015-05-24

It was only about 4 in the afternoon but it appeared to be a lot later in the evening due to the heavy storm clouds that still hung about the sky. What had been a torrent just a few minutes ago had quieted down to a strong drizzle. The sound of the trams and cars was mediated by the sound of their tires slicing through the puddles of water that had pooled on the streets.

She walked into the bar, and stood at the entrance shaking off the cold and droplets of water. Her blonde hair, made frizzy by the rain and tousled by the wind, had formed random skeins of wetness that had plastered themselves against the dark blue of her trench coat.

She appeared to have been crying. Or perhaps it was just the rain that had smudged her mascara.

She walked up the bar, pulled up a stool and sat down. A television in the corner silently played a football match.

"What would you like to have?", asked the barman as he towel dried a glass.

She blew into her hands and rubbed them for a second, as if to stall and buy time while also warming herself up.

"Do you have any grappa?", she asked.

"Sure, a couple of different kinds. The first one on the top shelf, to the left is quite dry and fairly straightforward. The one by the right of it, my personal favourite, is just incredible. Tastes like liquid fire drawn from blackberries.", said the barman.

"I'll have that then", she said. A faint smile broke out on her face and disappeared almost as soon as it appeared.

He reached up and got the bottle. He took out two small glasses and poured a full pour in one and a tiny pour in the other. Taking a whiff of the contents of the small pour, he closed the bottle. He then took the drink to the lady who was staring absently into the mirrored back of the shelving.

"Here you go", he offered. "That will be 8 dollars. Would you like to open a tab?".

She looked at him and gave that same fleeting smile one more time. "Thank you. And no- you can close it out" she said, handing him her credit card.

He noticed her fingers as she held her card out. A slight tremor, still pale and cold from the rain. She loosened the tie around her trench coat. He stood transfixed for a second as the smell of her perfume wafted out from the relative warmth of her body under the coat, like a thousand warm roses heated by her skin.

"Of course", he said, snapping out his momentary reverie and breaking into a smile. "Be right back".

As he walked over to the machine to swipe her card, he could not shake the memory of her perfume.

Blue Encens Comme des Garcons by compuneer 2015-05-24

I just thought it would be similar to any Aqua version of other brands when I saw the word 'Blue', but it was a surprise, the strong scent of spices drove me mad, positively of course, sharp at the start, aromatic and strong later.
Irresistible.. A favorite of mine.

Shagya Parfums de Marly by amirali0072000 2015-05-24

سمپل این کاره خوشبو از برن نیش مارلی موجوده...عزیزان هر کس خواست پیغام خصوصی بدهد تقدیم کنم

Prairie Nymph Smell Bent by priscillaemrich 2015-05-24

For me this scent is all about the honey and beeswax, which I love.

Night Victoria`s Secret by sassa7 2015-05-24

Hmm when I see woody I know ill smell like a dude. There's an intense masculine vibe in this perfume. I like the overall composition but Im not sure its suitable for me. I might give it to my mom who loves deep scents like this and drives an 18 wheeler for a living; This perfume is so masculine she might as well start repelling the male truckers that are constantly hitting on her LOL

Wonderwood Comme des Garcons by compuneer 2015-05-24

Lovely and worth trying.

Comme des Garcons 2 Comme des Garcons by compuneer 2015-05-24

Bought it on the first smell test, couldn't resist its uniqueness. Keep receiving positive comments while wearing it.

Ming Shu Fleur Rare Yves Rocher by silentrose222 2015-05-24

I love this perfume, and it's the only kind that my husband really love's on me as well, and when I realize that Yves Rocher stopped selling it, I was so bummed I usually buy a bottle about every 6 months because that's how long the full size bottle last's me cause I only us it occasionally, but really they need to bring it back, they had a great price for, compared to amazon who sell it for over $100.

Kate Kate Moss by Swamp Lily 2015-05-24

My take on this fragrance is so different from other reviews and a massive departure from the advertising spiel. Raspberry fairy floss is my first impression and I'm surprised to find that 'sweet' is missing from the list of accords. After an hour the sweetness has settled down and is overtaken by a strong musk. Its hard to find musks that don't give me that association with musk sticks, perhaps it's an Australian thing ...?! But for a fragrance that is supposed to be seductive and elegant, I get something that reminds me of a 5 year old's lolly bag.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by compuneer 2015-05-24

My next perfume to buy, without any doubts. It is really a catch, unique and really long lasting. One of my favorites.

Ipanema Posto Nove Monsillage by Fabien77 2015-05-24

Coconut-milky violet.

Incense and cedar are noticeable, too. Isabelle Michaud said that Ipanema Posto Nove Beach, in Rio, inspired her to make this.

However, I see no link with the Ipanema beach; actually with any beach. Maybe because there is this coconut drink that are often served in the beaches of Brazil. There is also a salty note, maybe some vetiver or the incense itself.

This perfume is very close to Comme des Garçons 2 Woman, thanks to the ionone and this milky-creamy feeling.

It's nice, well done, but CdG2, in my opinion, is further refined.

Im not crazy about it on me. The mist also reminds me of the original Viva La Juicy. Nevertheless its a scent I wouldn't reject so I bought it for my mom and on her it smells fantastic; Whenever she wears it I grab her arm and stick my nose on it and take deep breaths hahaha. Projection is excellent and lasting power too.. on my mom that is. Somehow super sweet fragrances transform on her skin. Has to do with one's chemistry I guess.

Le Parfum Elie Saab by allenram 2015-05-24

i blind ordered this in a 3 oz perfume bottle, have used about 10-20 ml of it. i just dont like it i dont know why. I am ready to SWAP it with something else. just contact me privately.

Much much better than the Viva La Juicy ones;alot more intense, more depth, silage is fantastic, staying power is superb. It smells divine. Id say its the grown up version of the Viva la juicy la fleur which I don't care for anymore. This is a fragrance for 25+ women who love a rich fruity white floral that smells expensive and not cheap or teenish. I use it on date nights or evening walks on the beach. The price is "assgrabbing" aka abit high but its so worth it.

Angel Eau Sucree 2015 Thierry Mugler by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

I don't like the original Angel but this one is really a different Angel. Gourmand, sugar but not enormous. Can be wore at the office too. Perfect for rainy days because it cheers me up !

Bath & Body Works' Love&Sunshine smells exactly like this but staying power is much much better..and its a body mist, crazy I know. Staying power of the La Fleur is horrible, I have the big bottle and rarely use it anymore.

Brit Rhythm for Her Floral Burberry by willfulmissconduct 2015-05-24

I am hoping to try this when I can find it. I own the Brit Rhythm and find it has zero lasting power, as well as being slightly fruity. I see this has fruits listed, so I'm not sure about it..... but maybe it lasts longer?

Visions Miss Punk Oriflame by checked 2015-05-24

it's my favorite. milk and musk and green notes

Fantasy : The Naughty Remix smells like an unfinished perfume...
Well actually it's quiet the idea of the concept : cut a fragrance in two halves by taking the more innocent notes for one and the edgier and darker ones for the other. 

The original Fantasy is very well done with clearly defined stage : it begins with juicy fruit notes, passing by a garden of beautiful flower garden just before stepping at a bakery store. In the case of the Naughty Remix, I initially taught that it was a mess and was very disappointed when I opened the box that arrived in the mail. But then, I had to give it another chance as I love sweet, powdery and woodsy fragrances. It made no sense that I didn't like it ! 

So I experimented it a few more times. It opens with a very strong orris root smell that overpowers all the other notes ! It can be headache inducing as the earthy note is very invasive. It takes a LOT of time to settle down, I'd say something like 1h-1h30 which is a lot I think. At this stage, I smell orchid and a bit of a jasmine flower, that's actually my favorite stage of the scent : it's a light powdery floral scent and I like it.
But this stage doesn't last long as 1 hour later, you're bombarded with white chocolate and vanilla cupcakes ! The vanilla cupcake smells like synthetic vanilla used in soya yoghurt and it's not pleasant at all; not even close to the cupcake note in the original Fantasy ! The white chocolate accord smells like it was taken from the cheapest white chocolate sweet on the market. Useless to say that it has a very synthetic edge to it...
6 to 7 hours after application, Fantasy : The Naughty Remix becomes a skin scent and smells exactly like the drydown of the original Fantasy which is nice. 

Moreover, I really don't like the packaging and I think it's the worst after Curious Heart and Fantasy : The Nice Remix. The bottle looks very tacky and lacks elegance and charm. The little chain doesn't save it from looking ridiculous. As someone said, the original pink Fantasy looks very elegant and sophisticated next to this one. :-p

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this scent, (but I do hate the packaging and the name) it goes to my "like" list and I can see it's point, especially after reading so many good reviews and seeing that it was named best celebrity perfume of 2014. It just doesn't fit my tastes and is a tad bit too synthetic for me. 

I think it's a great scent for everyday use if you like it and don't know what too peek. It's easy to wear if you can deal with.
My piece of advice would be that you test it (if you can) before you buy as, in my opinion, it's not a safe blind buy. 

Voilà, hope my review helps. :)

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women Burberry by willfulmissconduct 2015-05-24

Yes, I also get the fruit gum thing! At first I was unhappy because I sprayed away and after 10 minutes, the scent seemed to vanish. I sprayed again....10 minutes later, gone. So, I gave up. Now, about 6 hours after the last application??? Wow, I smell it! The fruitiness is totally gone and the scent has fully developed and I get this wonderful dry down of powder. I did read somewhere on a fragrance blog that the scent took time to unwind and grew stronger as it wore down. They were right. I think I need to stock a few of these, as I believe this is going to be gone soon, it was a marketing failure it seems.

Visions V Beach Fun Oriflame by checked 2015-05-24

lovely fruity coctail, best for summer. miss it

Miel De Bois Serge Lutens by checked 2015-05-24

it's sharp urine scent at all(( very very animalistic.

Clean Skin Clean by tracy.debloistalley 2015-05-24

This is a very pretty perfume but I find it doesn't last very long as with most of this brand's scents unfortunately. This is just musk and flowers. I can't even identify which flowers, they are so mixed.

It's soft flowers though; maybe white. It starts off very flowery and dries down to a nice mix of both. It will last about 3 hours before it just vanishes.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

Marvelous. I stopped wearing it at the office because a male colleague wore it too and I noticed the smell is enormous.

This stuff smells good it's got a light sweet smell to it not too sweet good stuff fresh clean smooth 9/10 I don't know what the longevity is like I just sampled it today I will be getting this around fathers day

Un Jardin Apres la Mousson Hermes by beibinis 2015-05-24

Not a review but:

Wow, when I smelled this it always reminded me of garden after rain. Greeness and water, all these wet plants and vegetables, damp black-earth.

I am not french speaking but only now (just from curiosity)I translated the name of this fragrance and I was wonder-struck! It means " garden after monsoon". I had no idea...

Perfectly named fragrance.

Simply wonderful.. I'm a fan of cedar and all types of pine trees, never got a perfume has that remarkable scent of cedar wood.
The worst part is, I couldn't find it in any store, if I knew it was going to be a limited edition, I would've bought more bottles. Does anyone know if there is anything similar? Or would L'Occitane launch it back? I wish.

One of my favorites.

Dears L'Occitane noses, please work on your perfumes intensity and longevity, you have a great collection of perfumes but usually I would always give it a second thought before buying any due to its short life on the skin, seriously guys, do something about it.

Chocolate Greedy Montale by checked 2015-05-24

it's real chocolate cookies. very long lasting frag

Velvet Rose & Oud Jo Malone by spicyrose 2015-05-24

This was my first Jo Malone full size purchase. The scent is intoxicating and so different from anything else I've smelled. Just what I was looking for! I get a hint of sweet one moment and then it turns spicy and makes my nose tickle a little, enough to give me a little grin. Almost as the perfume and I are having our own little conversation. The downfall is, the scent doesn't last long for the price.
The salesman at Saks did deliver at least 15 samples and told me to layer the scents. I've been doing that and it's been a treat each day. My favorite so far is the velvet Rose with the sage added...yum. I even received compliments on it by two people in one day......then it was sad!

Pretty Rockin' Avon by checked 2015-05-24

agreed with Gyöngy. very strange perfume. it's like a body lotion smell.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by Knows2Nose 2015-05-24

This is STRONG. Upfront there's really strong leather, then settles more into a tonka bean/vanilla incense. Don't let the leather throw you off. In about an hour, the leather wears off (as w/ all leathers) and you have a good balance of leather, tonka, and incense. VERY unique so if you want to stand apart and smell delicious, this one is great. Not sure how people are calling this feminine with so much leather in it.

Sui Dreams Anna Sui by checked 2015-05-24

very simple perfume, powdery and boring

Akaba Antonio Visconti by checked 2015-05-24

Pure honey with tobacco, slightly bitter. with an alcohol drop))) love it!

Aberdeen Lavander Creed by spicyrose 2015-05-24

I don't live close to a Saks. Was recently in Indy and made sure I stopped at the Creed counter at Saks. Was introduced to this new fragrance. Was told they didn't carry it in the store and it only came in one size @ $300.00 a pop. I loved the scent as it was so different from anything I'd ever smelled before but couldn't bring myself to spend 300 for something I hadn't tried out for a day or two. The nice lady at the counter gave me a generous sample. She had to register me for the sample, but it was worth it! I'm looking forward to trying it now that I'm home.

Place Vendôme Boucheron by Venusia 2015-05-24

Fine scent in a gorgeous bottle, but too sweet for my taste. For the interested I gave it for sale on Ebay in Europe

Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior by Knows2Nose 2015-05-24

Dior Homme Intense is the King of all fragrances. I get more compliments and longevity from DHI than all other mainstreams like Bleu de Chanel, 1 Million, Versace Pour Homme, all the new YSL's. This Parfum is very similar to DHI and I feel like they amped up the Leather and Sandalwood, got rid of the sweetness and vanilla. At the end you get a more pronounced Dior Homme, perhaps a deeper darker scent.

To the reviewer below, clearly it has nothing to do with trying to be more masculine lol. The entire Dior line is top of the line, as good as it gets when it comes to fragrances so this is obviously not cut out for you.

Royal Vintage M. Micallef by zimmer73 2015-05-24

I am a woman, and can honestly say that this is the most masculine and sexy scent I ever have come across...
The ultimate fragrance! I love the fact that my man owns a bottle of this magnificent juice...

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

It reminds me of ck one shock for men which I love too.

China White Nasomatto by RaulS 2015-05-24

Only with a rested nose and a rich experience you can enjoy this olfactory creation. Now, after I’ve discovered her soul facets I can say that I met a masterpiece which mirrors the architect’s vision about the most delicate creature on Earth: the new woman.
The journey in discovering her begins with a look and a short break. The debut is wrapped in masculinity. Curiosity is flooding my thoughts determining to ask myself. Who is she? Does she have humor? What story whispers her soul? Like in everyday life each human being is wearing armor. In this creation the new women’s armor is represented by citruses. And I’m not the only perfume lover who feels these notes. They have the mission to keep the distance but in the same time attract me to discover her.
The first minutes emotion is cooling down a little bit and how else can feminine delicacy can be displayed than through flowers. There, in her heart, many delicate flowers are dwelling. A shy rose makes his appearance. This is a sign that somewhere in her complexity I’m recapturing her wholeheartedness.
As time goes by I find out that she went through many difficult moments in her life. The soft smoky woody notes are delicate. I associate this finish with woman’s tumult which loves the man but through her kindness she forgives him for the mistakes he did. Close to the finish line she unveils her joy. This is a sign that she passed over all and her soul is laughing again.
The olfactory design has a modern construction, minimalistic I can say. Each note is put with care, giving birth to a well done blend. Longevity is above average. Projection is average. You don’t have to be loud when you say something.
My journey with this perfume is like a treasure whose richness I find in the power of feminine sensibility.

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by checked 2015-05-24

it's really similar to Far Away Avon, what a bad surprise. Jasmine and caramel. Long lasting smell.

Girl Pharrell Williams by glitterlust 2015-05-24

It wears much softer on skin versus a blotter.

To me it is very smooth, floraly woody powdery with a leather aspect. It shares the same vibe as another Lie creation, l'Essence Cerruti.

If it weren't so embarassing to look at, I'd buy it.

Mystic Experience Initio Parfums Prives by massimilianoinquieto 2015-05-24

Questo è un profumo splendido, somiglia a M7 di ysl,o anche a Black Afgano come genere,è ricco di note insolite non elencate e mi piace molto, se non fosse per quelle molecole con effetti psichedelici che mi danno lievi vertigini e nebulosità, e le trovo inutili aggiunte a un profumo che sarebbe completo senza.
Mi piacerebbe che fosse senza quelle "cose" psico deliranti perchè sarebbe molto migliore e lo comprerei di sicuro.

Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

Perfect bottle design. Clean smelling. Strange but it reminds me of la petite robe noire.

CK One Summer 2015 Calvin Klein by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

The 1st ck one summer that I love. Sexy summer clean. I bought it for my man but I will try to wear it too.

Aventus Creed by alxkwst1996 2015-05-24

A very masculine fragrance with the spices, woods, and the smoky pineapple. Also, another bonus to Aventus is that it is parfum concentrated, so I only need to apply small sprays. Great projection and longevity for a good while on me. One of the best top quality niche fragrances for men.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

This is a very well rounded aromatic-fruity scent. I get a warm, sweet (specially at the beginning), and exuberant scent on my skin.

The Top/Mid notes are somewhat sour and a little pungent to my nose. While I agree with popular votes here that the main player is pineapple, I think Bergamot and Juniper Berries have a more significant presence (even if as support) than what is reflected here.

The idea is not terribly original, however I like the way it is implemented. It has good longevity and silage on my skin. Overall: 6.5 out of 10.

D'Light Lancaster by Kolonya 2015-05-24

This was what I used to wear when I first started college. When I realized it was discontinued I started rationing it and so I still have some left.

Burberry women smells like it. So although I now use Burberry when I feel like "being" in that scent... I still preserve what is left for its sentimental value.

It smells light, clean, fresh, and so summery. I personally think there are hints of tangerine, peaches, and a slight hint of sandal or ceader wood, a few of my favorite notes.

One comment though, it's so subtle but last a very long time (against nicotine fumes, humidity, sizzling fajitas...etc.). Unfortunately very unlike the Burberry alternative which evaporates in a couple of hours...

Ice Sheers Delicious Avon by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Yo también la tengo, me gustaba mucho cuando la compré, pero luego me acabó cansando. Huele talmente a mojito o sea que también mucho a alcohol y limón, y por el fondo se notan moras y almizcle. Fresco y adecuado para las noches en verano.

Parisienne L'Essentiel Yves Saint Laurent by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

I wore it for a very short time because a masculine colleague and my mother said on the same week that something is smelling like toilets. Maybe the rose but it stopped me immediatly !

Mon Parfum Cristal M. Micallef by butterbean 2015-05-24

Rose lovers or those who love the scent of a rose, but rose notes in perfume can be tricky -- this is one to try.

Incredibly well made, beautiful rose dominant scent. The rose is strong but it is fresh, dewy, smooth and pleasing. It is perfectly balanced with a nice vanilla and sweetness that is gorgeous and at the same time almost subdued and easy to wear.

I notice the pink pepper and cinnamon in it almost equally which stuck around for the almost the whole day. They sit in the background and are not too much. Kind of just at the sidelines supporting the heart of the scent. The musk is definitely noticeable. The musk w/ the vanilla and rose gives the fragrance a sort of Mancera does rose notes feel. The toffee and amber based adds a sweetness to it but it is not sticky sweet or too foody gourmand.

The top notes and the rose stuck with me for a long long time - 10 hours easy. It took HOURS to just smell a base of vanilla amber sweet at the end, the next day I could still smell it vaguely.

The sent is amazingly strong in terms of longevity and quite a bit of sillage, yet is not too over powering or cloying.

Hinoki Comme des Garcons by Timbersilk 2015-05-24

I have been wearing this regularly since its launch and bow to CdG`s genius.

Hinoki(the cypress) is by far the nicest and most complex wood fragrance out of all the woods. Scent One:Hinoki has remained truthful to the natural product and blended this potion to perfection.The essence of an ancient Japanese temple in a bottle.Yes,the sillage is not great BUT this HAS to be subtle,it`s peaceful AND you should wear this for yourself and your significant other that can share the intimacy of the temple with you from very close.

A masterpiece indeed.

Le zuccherose Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Me encanta este olor, es como a caramelo quemándose, cuando cocinas azúcar y agua para hacer caramelo. Lo malo es que dura poco. Si la mantienen en venta volveré a repetir. Tiene un intenso toque a vainilla y los demás olores están presentes pero son menos predominantes, queda un ligero ylang ylang cuando pasa una hora y poco después el olor desaparece del todo, en la ropa dura más pero tampoco mucho. Dulce, pero sin empalagar, no sabría expresar exactamente el olor, pero no es simplemente azúcar.

Image Cerruti by Bob Marley 2015-05-24

Love this fragrance sweet fruity and fresh nothing smells like toys very cheap to buy a real bargain and makes me smile.wakes you up nicely on the mornings.

Cologne Rare La Manufacture by tige60 2015-05-24

Appreciate this spring-summer fragrance a little bit more with each wearing...Uber-sour citrus that is quite dry also...the rhubarb leaves listed by manufacturer are quite evident and really make this fragrance quite unique from the plethora of other citrus based warm weather fragrances out there currently...absolutely zero citronella which in my opinion is a big plus...and most importantly, no citrus-scented diswashing liquid similarities whatsoever!...really starting to love this stuff...quality ingredients and blending...a nice little spring-summer gem that I have no regrets about buying.

Far Away Avon by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Hace años no me gustaba, cómo cambian los gustos. Un buen perfume oriantal con olor a vainilla, un toque de coco dulce, rosas y ylang ylang. Gran duración y un olor fuerte.

Vainilla Negra Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Demasiado empalagoso para mi gusto, huele parecida a la crema corporal, que tampoco es que me encante. Le regalé ambas a una amiga y a ella le gustó mucho. Adoro la vainilla, pero acabo de descubrir que no la negra ;)

Té verde Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Me encanta este olor, es parecido a otras fragancias de té verde, pero me gusta más que la de Yves Rocher por ejemplo. Cítirca y fresca, si la usas junto a la crema corporal tiene una duración adecuada.

Paradise Passion Naomi Campbell by zind 2015-05-24

This is one of the perfumes I have loved the most and I think I went through quite a few bottles in my early twenties. I´m pretty sure I´d still love it. Actually, I think most of Naomi Campbell´s perfumes are pretty darn nice. The only one I didn´t like at all was exhult. But this, this is my favorite one of hers. Too bad it was discontinued

Violet Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Huele muy parecida a la de Bottega verde Iris en mí, pero ésta huele más a violeta con un toque de limón. Aunque me gusta el limón me quedo con la otra que es más suave.

Iris Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Huele a iris y violeta, para mí no es dulce. Es un olor jabonoso, como los típicos jabones de violetas u similares que se metían en los cajones de la ropa. Para ciertos momentos está bien.

Pasión dulce Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Huele tal cual a amaretto. demasiado empalagoso y el olor que queda en la piel es muy artificial. Pero puede haber a quien le guste, mal no huele ;)

Para mí es demasiado fuerte.

Peety O`Driu by cedricfargues 2015-05-24

Horny Gandalf. Love it

Infinite Moment for Her Avon by wizzness 2015-05-24

Reminds me of the new Next eau premiere rose one

BV Girl Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Me encantaeste perfume, aunque huele poco, es un olor muy mío, jeje. Como a limpio, sin oler a detergente, jabón ni gel de ducha. Frutal y ligeramente a musk blanco. Se percibe el ylang ylang y en mi piel dura bien. Eso sí, sólo se percibe el olor desde cerca. Recomendada a quienes le gusten las colonias frescas y claras. El olor que queda pasando las horas, me recuerda vagamente a Amichi de Myrurgia, supongo que será por el almizcle y la rosa.

Quality scent. The pineapple adds a little bit of exotic.
Great projection 8/10

Kuroi Annayake by Timbersilk 2015-05-24

Even tho I have been a frequent visitor of Fragantica for years without feeling the need to contribute,I felt I had to finally make an account and comment on Kuroi.

This fragrance is probably the most RARE new(ish) concoction you`ll ever set eyes on. Even tho it`s a Japanese brand,strangely enough,it doesn`t retail in Japan. All other Annayake products are widely available on the European market apart from Kuroi. (i live in London)
With help from some friends I sourced it from Russia(only country in the world i could find it in).
I am Caucasian,Male and in my early 30s.

I`ve had this for a while now so i`ve played with it plenty.

First of all the bottle...beautiful in its simplicity and quality and could quite easily be a decorative object and not just a recipient. Perfect ! (the symbols are Annayake in Japanese)

The fragrance ingredients are pretty much the ones described in the info with the exception of Citrus. IF there is any it is most certainly overwhelmed by the ceder and amber. The amber is dark,thick and sweet so quite a bit of vanilla in it.
The spices give it a lot of warmth and it sticks to your skin and envelops you within seconds. It starts off quite spicy with an obvious hit of pepper and slowly drifts into a fog (the tea maybe?) of ambery woods. It lasts forever!! A shower will only tame it close to your skin but will most certainly fail to banish it.


This is a GREAT fragrance for the cold season and probably shows its true colours best on darker skin. I think it could be very popular with the ladies too. The concept between Kuroi (black) and Shiroi(white) does what it set to do in bringing fragrance at the border of gender. Kuroi`s complexity is in this very fact,easily crossing genders and bringing them together as one.

Personally I would have liked either a fresher amber (more frankincense than vanilla) or a moderately strong citrus note but i think that would make it too 'butch'. Or if the ceder was japanese (hinoki) ... the most beautiful wood in the world ( Scent one: hinoki)... Well,it isn`t!

I would score it a fair 8/10 by itself and 10/10 for achieving the concept it set to deliver.

Also a 10/10 for being REALLY fantastic for layering.
With Concentre d`Orange Verte,the juxtaposition between fresh and warm united by the resinous woods is marvellous.
With Iso-E it becomes more masculine and it travels even further and has an air of confidence about it. Outstanding cypressy forest with treacle seeping out of the bark.

I hope this fragrance will become more widely available and people will give their opinion on it. I`m curious.. :)

Tried this @Sephora yesterday. Does anyone else get a "Juicy Fruit gum" note in this? It definitely is not related to the original Burberry Brit.
One the fence whether I like this or not. This is definitely more a casual, youthful, daytime warm weather scent.

Nightflight Joop! by jbsbluebird 2015-05-24

Not bad at all. I, like others here,may have dismissed this scent because of the Joop name, but it's good. Something pleasant and fresh. The lavender and pineapple stand out on my skin which gives it a slightly fruity, detergent/soap feeling but not in a bad way or over the top. It's something you would use when you can't decide and just want to smell good. Blind bought for cheap at a discounter and glad I did. Would be good for work or casual use. A spring day outside is what I see when I smell this one.

Almizcle de BV Bottega Verde by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Tiene un olor muy característico, de acuerdo a la explicación: como a musgos y cuero viejo. Dura mucho sobre todo en la ropa. Para mí tiene un deje a comercio de especias, madera y sal :D No es para todos los gustos, lo veo más para una señora que para una joven. Aunque yo estoy viciada con ella. También decir que tuve dos botes, pasando varios años entre ellos, y el primero, tenía un punto más fuerte que el nuevo, que me gustaba más, el nuevo es más "light" y no se le nota el toque "marino"; pero igualmente me gusta mucho.

Wanted Jesse McCartney by raverdudes 2015-05-24

It is a bit sharp indeed at the beginning, but all in all I think it's a very nice everyday fragrance. Vry citrusy and fresh, and despite it being marketed for women, this is no doubt a unisex fragrance.

Wanted Jesse McCartney by raverdudes 2015-05-24

It is a bit sharp indeed at the beginning, but all in all I think it's a very nice everyday fragrance. Vry citrusy and fresh, and despite it being marketed for women, this is no doubt a unisex fragrance.

Dream Angels Wish Victoria`s Secret by SongOfSolomon1:3 2015-05-24

Soft and feminine. I don't get any citrus or fruity smell. More of a powdery fragrance on me personally.

Scentini Plum Twist Avon by Desconocida 2015-05-24

No huele mal, pero para mi gusto es demasiado empalagosa. Le he estado usando una temporada hasta que se la regalé a mi tía. En mí huele mucho a dulce, rosa y ciruela, me da la impresión de que unos olores tapan a otros. Me gustan las fragancias de Avon pero ésta no la recomendaría, más que para señoras quien le suelan gustar los olores muy florales, frutales y fuertes. No dura en la piel.

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by Palipali 2015-05-24

First time I smelled this was when it first came out, i sprayed it on my wrist, and distinctly remember immediately regretting it and thinking "oh no, oh no, no, no" because there were far too many sweet notes all at once. Even the dry down wasn't pleasant. Fast forward to the present day, where i tried it in Sephora and actually quite liked it. I liked all the stages, from the initial addictive cherry smell, to the licorice neutralizing it (and eventually taking over), to the signature guerlain tonka bean and vanilla dry down. I gave myself a pat on the back for becoming so open minded to different perfume scents and evolving my taste in such a short amount of time. So, turns out that the perfume released in 2011 had different notes (and apparently was quite expensive and is now incredibly difficult to find?!) and i was judging two different perfumes! If you smelled this prior to 2012, I strongly recommend trying it again. I love it, love that I haven't smelled it anywhere on anyone (though popular, it isn't as annoyingly popular as flower bomb or LVEB or Si here in the states!). Don't be fooled into thinking that the cherry makes this a typical fruity vanilla blend, its far more complex than that! Might just become my new signature!

Pretty Rockin' Avon by Desconocida 2015-05-24

Huele muy bien, a almendra, me encanta. La pena es que lo echas, y como vino se fue. No dura nada. Pero aún así lo volvería a comprar, ya que por el precio puedes estar repitiendo todo el día si quieres.

Fantasy Anniversary Edition Britney Spears by x_perfumecrazy_x 2015-05-24

Is it more choclate cupcakey or more fruity?

Aoud Samarkand Montale by Splashfrag12 2015-05-24

Awesome perfume!!!
Very fresh and soothing..
Strong projection with incredible lasting

A*Men Pure Energy Thierry Mugler by RobbieX 2015-05-24

To add to below.....I get fresh, woody and sweet pencil leads (leds)...does that make sense?.....Anyway, this is gorgeous and my new NUMBER ONE. An amazing fragrance. Well, what can you call it when you can't stop sniffing your arm?

Enjoli Charles of the Ritz by drugstore classics 2015-05-24

Hard to find, isn't it?! For those of you who adore it, there are a few bottles available at as of May 2015. But I imagine they'll be gone ASAP.

Verde di Kent Anna Paghera by K1 2015-05-24

This is lots of vegan fun in a bottle! Verde di Kent is an immensely fresh and realistic touch of tomato leaves accord plus raw and almost green tomato mingled with clover. The fragrance is so simple so plain and so straight forward in modest green bucolic vibe. Oh the tomato leaves!
It's joyful, soft aquatic, green, un-sour, bitter and happy. Who loves Diptyque L'Ombre Dans l'Eau would probably love it too.

V pour Homme Valentino by Surrealist 2015-05-24

Warm spicy vanilla, tobacco slightly fresh, romantic and cotton candy!!!
Really special frag for special occasions.
Its also hard to find it ,but I am having one bottle which is 95% full for sale,it would be nice to make someone that love it happy.

Wild Heart Revlon by drugstore classics 2015-05-24

Available at May 2015 ~ thought fans might want to know. I am not affiliated in any way with Overstock, just a repeat happy customer. :D

Intense Pepper Montale by Splashfrag12 2015-05-24

Beauty in the bottle !!!
Its just outstanding..
Toooo Good ..I love the opening and the dry down as well !!
This perfume worth all the praise it gets.
Huge lasting and sillage

Fantasy Anniversary Edition Britney Spears by beauty_girl 2015-05-24

Not the first edition from 2005, but the reformulated version.

Valentino Uomo Valentino by Kanz Oman 2015-05-24

I think the scent is sweet leather that I don't mind using as a lady, smells clean like a luxurious body cream.

Violet Blonde Tom Ford by margarita.angelova 2015-05-24

This perfume is insanely beautiful.

It's so gentle and smooth, romantic even. With a tad of melancholy. Smells like love lost on a summer night.

It reminds me of something but I'm not sure what exactly; probably something my mother used to have years ago. It's not a revolutionary smell at all, nothing surprising but that doesn't make it any less divine.
Another treasure found.

Moonlight Path Bath and Body Works by chelseet 2015-05-24

oh. my. gosh. words can't describe how much i adore this fragrance. i remember the moment i smelled it. 7th grade, summer, 13 years old, about to be an 8th grader. at my grandmas house. she had the concentrated room spray in this scent. i sprayed it out of curiosity. and then i fell in love. i adored it. most people thought it was an old lady scent for someone who was only 13. i didnt care. it was so perfect! i had always loved the smell of baby powder and powdery scents. in fact when i buy deodorant the only one i get is powder. the mix of lavender and powder was just so soft and perfect. my favorite BBW scent to this day.

Rococo for Men Joop! by siririschmoos 2015-05-24

Soft woods, a bit of pepper and not uber masculine.

It does the job if you just want to smell nice and that's just about it.

Not easily found, might be discontinued, you should not lament its demise.

I wear it because I have it and I'm not about to throw it out. If you come across it and it's dirt cheap then give it a go otherwise I'd say keep moving on.

Beloved Amouage by sweetnspicey 2015-05-24

Garlands of pink roses, delicate bunches of dried herbs, an anointing with sweet resins, a freshly oiled but well-worn saddle, and a dollop of creamy vanilla, all tenderly wrapped in a cloak of woods and musk. That is Beloved.

Queen Elizabeth's most magnificent residence is Windsor Castle. Beloved reminds me of her country home, Sandringham, where she gets to take off her crown and ride horses though the countryside. Beloved is a grand perfume, and don't you forget it, but it is also disarming, charming, optimistic, and approachable.

Perhaps it is due to the strong dose of dried chamomile (and I am convinced there is a hay note as well) that Beloved reminds me of Aromatics Elixir.

This is a modern chypre with a vintage feel due to the herbs, patchouli, and clove. Clove is one of my favorite notes in all of perfumerie, and I usually find that it provides a dusty effect, rather than piquancy like cinnamon or pepper, as it does here. Despite the lack of oakmoss, I am pleasantly surprised at just how chypre-esque this actually smells.

Beloved is a perfume that foregoes pomp and circumstance, yet gentility remains. Amouage makes perfumes for kings and queens. Beloved fits right in and offers something new to their lineup--a demonstration of vulnerability that is lacking in most of their other fragrances.

Manguier Metisse Huitieme Art Parfums by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

Summer fragrance. Expensive but very strong. Not classy. Similar to elle l'aime Lempicka but stronger

L’Ete en Douce L`Artisan Parfumeur by Megamind 2015-05-24

Interesting uplifting light and relaxing beautiful summer fragrance. In fact it's long lasting as after 7-8 hours I still catch rear whiffs with 5-6 sprays. But it sits so close to skin that is hardly noticeable after 4-5 hours.

I get mostly hay and white wood cashmere slightly sweet notes. It's so smooth and lies on a skin like a velvety concoction embracing me. The middle notes/dry down remember me the main baseline of My vie pour femme Hugo boss (but only baseline). Cashmere white woods are perfect here. I have an impression to put a comfortable silky t-shirt on my skin with a very pleasant tender sensation coming from a contiguity of silk with the skin.
Linden blossom and orange blossom are detectable in the very opening than leave place to hay and white woods.

Dali Wild Salvador Dali by AnnaT 2015-05-24

I love this frangrance!

The top note is fresh and energetic. It softnes down to white flowers. But it is not a sharp headaches inducing kind of aggressive scent. It is very round smooth warm soft and delicate! It is very feminine and I think subtly and elegantly womanly and sexy!

It lasts longer than other frangrance on me. But the bottle cap did get me confused the first time I sprayed.

LIL Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes by ginaivet 2015-05-24

Opened with a sharp note of something I have never really sniffed before. Then it quickly transitioned into a wet earth aroma which I loved. Then I detected juniper berries. Made me think of pine forests and a woman that is in tune with her wild, fierce nature. Not wild in a sexual way, but rather wild in the sense that she is untamed and chooses to remain so. She has no interest in conventions of any sort and lives according to her own wishes and whims.

Fantasy Anniversary Edition Britney Spears by x_perfumecrazy_x 2015-05-24

Does this smell like the old fantasy?? Need to know asap :)

Sweet Lolita Lempicka by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

Not classy. Lipstick smell. For young girl maybe.

So de la Renta Oscar de la Renta by Alysha 2015-05-24

I saw this for $20 at shoppers drug mart! I will probably try it eventually. Love watermelon notes!

Elle L'aime Lolita Lempicka by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

I really love it. Summer fragrance. Sea, sun...Only one negative point : doesn't stay for long and this is rare for a Lolita Lempicka.. Nice bottle

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by spicyrose 2015-05-24

Clean Clean clean clean! Long lasting too! I can't say enough about this fragrance. I just love it! I mix it with my other fragrances often. Miss Dior dabbed behind the ears along with a squirt of Chloe.....aww yes!~ People can't figure out what the clean mix of rose and strawberry is.
I have a lot of fun with this scent.

A little goes a long way. I like fragrances that I don't have to douse myself in and can still smell at the end of the day. No need to reapply. A dab behind each ear in the morning, a little on each wrist and maybe a dab on the chest. It will last you all day and into the night.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by defectedmonkey 2015-05-24

I purchased this again in a trusted department store. unfortunately this time the smell was off. It had a very alcoholic smell to it. Have they reformulated the juice?

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by spicyrose 2015-05-24

Perfect spring and summer scent! Crisp, clean, citrus! Love it!
My friend, who is not a fragrance person loves this so much, she went out and purchased her own. Her sister is suffering from cancer and no one wears scents around her because fragrances irritate her greatly. My friend forgot she had this on one day and her sister commented on how good she smelled.
A lot of compliments will come your way with this one!

Fahrenheit Christian Dior by Sevparfumaddict 2015-05-24

One of the worst male perfume. Makes me sick.

Waterlily Sun Aerin Lauder by Monie70 2015-05-24

Trying out a sample of this and I have to say, I really like it. I hope the longevity is worth while. I love the citrusy opening notes and the warm and spicy (to my nose) drydown. I love floral citruses and this hits the spot. There are notes that remind me of Bottega Venetta Knot but this is heavier and I hope this heaviness will lend to the longevity I am looking for. Knot is pretty but because it is literally gone after a short while, so I did not bother to purchase. This one, while pricey up there with JM's perfumes, may be my next purchase (get in line Aerin there are a few ahead of you).

Angel Thierry Mugler by spicyrose 2015-05-24

This is a scent I can identify immediately. I so enjoy smelling it on others, yet each time I try reeks of strong Body Odor! I've never had a fragrance do that before. Bond no 9 Nuits de Noho give a ver similar scent without the B.O. reaction for me.
My secretary can not stand it when someone wears Angel into the office. I am swooning over the smell and she is counting the minutes until they leave. People either love it or they don't. For that reason, it's not a scent I'd wear if I were working around a lot of different people each day. You never know who you may turn off. However, if it's a favorite scent of your mate or friends, go for it! :)

New Haarlem Bond No 9 by Androgynous 2015-05-24

Sweet syrupy vibe that lasts forever, also works amazing in the cold weather. Compliment getter during the winter! Wore this on a hot day and was told I smell like Indian spices lol ( I can see that)

Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Christian Dior by FlossmoorRay 2015-05-24

This is the PERFECT HOT SUMMER fragrance. It starts out with a blast of lemon and bergomant and dries down to a clean hint of white floral. Nothing complex, nothing groundbreaking in terms of notes but it is done perfectly. Inoffensive, pleasant and perfect for those days when even a summer fragrance might be a little heavy. BTW, this is a great office scent as well so even when summer is over, keep it in the office and let the compliments roll in!

Nuits de Noho Bond No 9 by spicyrose 2015-05-24

This is the upscale version of Angel!!!! Angel smells great on a select few! On me, it's the perfect smell of a man's B.O. after a long workout at the gym. Uck~!
This Bond no. 9 is AMAZING! I get the hint of Angel with the added touch of sophistication of a more businesslike and established woman. Someone who likes Angel but is more refined will love this scent! It lasts all day on me which is saying a lot, as very few fragrances do! Well worth the price you pay due to it's lasting power the the little amount needed.

Bentley For Men Absolute Bentley by our lee 2015-05-24

Are you in the UK badger? If so, it's available in Harrod's and on their website.

Bentley For Men Absolute Bentley by the_badger 2015-05-24

Where do you get this? It's not even on ebay.

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by FlossmoorRay 2015-05-24

On its own, this is a great one to keep in your collection. Its green, its clean and its perfect for summer. On my skin I get 6 hours tops in the summer and a little more on cooler spring nights. I can't go without comparing this to Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino. For my money, this is BETTER and LASTS longer than NP. The difference on my skin is slight with Mugler smelling a tad soapier and NP smelling a tad floral. If you are reviewing this and NP and are trying to decide which one to get, CONSIDER the price tag...honestly, the only way anyone will smell the difference would be if they literally put their nose up to your skin and then smelled NP immediately after that.

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by FlossmoorRay 2015-05-24

On my skin, this is 95% the same as Mugler cologne in the opening til the mid. The only difference is that NP has more floral and Mugler is more soapy. The dry down is slightly different with NP having an amber base...very lovely but I won't purchase this one again due to the price difference. If you don't have Mugler cologne then by all mean, get this one if you are frag snob. I guess we all are here now that I think about it. :) On a serious note, great fragrance but not worth the price tag being that there are cheaper alternatives, one being Mugler Cologne which has better longevity by a few hours.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Androgynous 2015-05-24

UNISEX and a compliment getter for sure..I love the ginger and fresh spice in the opening but the dry down is very powdery (can be cloying)

Imperial Millesime Creed by FlossmoorRay 2015-05-24

Salt, Ambergris and musk...its bright but not fresh. Had it, swapped it, don't plan on getting it again. For those of you who are really interested in this because the reviews and descriptions mention WATERMELON, do yourself a HUGE favor and do NOT blind buy. Get a decant or better yet, go over to Nordstroms or Marcus Neiman and spray this'll thank me later.

Blue Seduction Antonio Banderas by Vikitoria 2015-05-24

I know someone that wears this as his signature fragrance, and it meshes with his chemistry and personality to perfection. Bright, fresh, clean, salty, woody, spicy and just. plain. yummy.

Indonesian Oud Ermenegildo Zegna by fuggerone 2015-05-24

soft oud and rose combo, very pleasant and with great staying power and huge sillage, will add it to my collection soon!

Amouage Lyric Man Amouage by Platone 2015-05-24

More angelica than rose. Then a little bit of pine needles. Not so durable on the skin as i want
very refined, adorable with foggy days

Miss Boucheron Boucheron by lotus and jasmine 2015-05-24

I love the notes, I love the "pink"ness of this scent, I love the soft-to-moderate sillage....BUT. There is a synthetic note in this scent, plasticky, chewy, distracting from the rest.

It's really a shame, as otherwise this is a terrific scent, but on my skin that note becomes overwhelming, drowning out the other (lovely) notes. This had the potential to be my favorite light rose scent. Seriously, it's great! Except for that one gremlin note, that won't stop chewing my face.

I recommend testing before buying this one. Really, it's such a shame....

Oscuro MONOM by Platone 2015-05-24

the inspiration to this fragrance is musc of acampora?????

Rosalia MONOM by Platone 2015-05-24

Very close to roses musk by montale.............copycat???

L'Eau par Kenzo Kenzo by Adjames 2015-05-24

Also, regarding sillage and longevity, this beautiful scent is one you may not smell on you, but others still do. If you smell a perfume on yourself strongly, it is usually too much.

The dry down will smell womanly and sexy on a good way. Surprising.

Reveal Men Calvin Klein by alabangcute 2015-05-24

It's just too feminine with all that sweetness and fruity vibe. Maybe a woman like your mother or grandmother would appreciate this. You buy a cologne to smell like a guy and not a girl.

Eternity Calvin Klein by 1welshdevil 2015-05-24

Reading the previous review made me want to re-evaluate my perception of this one. I used to loathe this fragrance, mainly due to the wearer back in the day. However, firstly I will start by saying it seems largely unchanged from what I remember. I didn't appreciate how complex it is, and how much is going on with it. It's green, soapy, floral, light, heavy all at the same time. Without a doubt the prominent notes are Lily of the Valley, which is heavy, but good, the green notes, which are prominent throughout and for me the rose notes, it's a wonderful complex fragrance, with extraordinary longevity. Not a bottle I think you'd race through straight away, but a good one to have in the armory for when the mood takes.

Altamir Ted Lapidus by Ursalilium 2015-05-24

Altamir is much on the Complex side yet still this complexity manages to create the Illusion of Pleasantly Overwhelming Woody Vanilla. i can't say i find it to be close to Le Male or Silver Shadow at all. overall it is one of the most Unisex Ted Lapidus Fragrances i had, and it seems to draw compliments from older women. in fact some even asked me if it is a Male fragrance. the current Bottle is my Second Altamir bottle. the first one was used mostly during the Middle Eastern Summers and i find it to be a very suitable fragrance for warmer climates where the delicate summer aquatics just seem to vanish quickly this one does the work, and yet with it's noticable hints of Vanilla. manages to suprass the effects of high humidity and sweat inducing weather. in fact it's mixture with my sweat also produces nice effect.
it is not as Long Lasting as TL pour Homme or TL Black Extreme. i would say it's Longevity is 70% of the Above ones. and the Sillage is more gentle and Polite than others. for it's Price and bottle size, and also impressive bottle. it is a very good and recommended Purchase. i will conclude with two words that come to my head: Vanilla Charm .

The Essentials Woman III Jil Sander by boruvka44 2015-05-24

I like the original Woman III, which smells a bit more moisture, natural and colorful.
And I really like this one.
Just like the new Magie Noire - this new version is drier and more woody, more modern, very lightly sweetened with a trace of floral powder.
Kind of pastel version.
On my skin it's amiable woody, dry and warm chypre, very similar to Paloma Picasso, but much less racy and animal.
Likened to the character of both ladies-authors (and indeed also the flacons) - Paloma is the essence of wild temperament and mysterious sensuality, and Jil Sander can make feminine elegance with refined simplicity, that blows you away.

Paper Commodity by RFWIII 2015-05-24

Granted i've only used paper in the sample version it's an almost clear imperceptible clean smell. It's something you'd want to put on before going to bed, not cloying or overpowering.

L'Eau par Kenzo Kenzo by Adjames 2015-05-24

This fragrance is my favorite of all time (tied with Issey Miyake original EDT). It is a well kept secret. I own them all (literally). When I wear this, the balance of fresh, sweet, fruity and warm dry down to perfection - a perfect balance. I do wear it more in the Spring/Summer, but I would say that when people guess it is Chanel or Bylgari, I just smile because it is unique.

I would say you need to wear this all day before you make a judgment, and wear it on a warmer day....and around both men and women. Even without their opinion, when you smell your wrist, it will be beautiful and surprising. Not too much...not too little...not too spicy....not too watery, not too innocent, and yes, very natural and comfortable.

What seems like a fragrance of innocence is a colorful blend of emotion with nuances of real life.

Alien Eau Extraordinaire Thierry Mugler by tanya.love700 2015-05-24

I really love this one. I never much cared for the original Alien, and I find that this mixes really nicely with my natural skin oils. A perfect summer fragrance for me. I do, however, wish the silage was better. This lasts for only about 2.5–3 hours on me.

Ion Natura by penabruno 2015-05-24

This is a great colony. I bought many times before being discontinued. I wish I could buy again and save the bottle carefully to last for a long time.

Reminds me of being at the beach.

B.U. Candy Love Sarantis by My darling 2015-05-24

Ужасно много харесвам това, което усещам в Prada Candy. Вероятно, обаче, не усещам в този парфюм това, което повечето хора казват, че усещат - много сладост, много карамел... За мен е мек, леко сладък, леко карамелен, леко мускусен, уютен и вкусен, но като цяло за мен това не е плътен, а много фин, лек аромат. Има съставки в някои парфюми, които ми пречат да ги възприема изцяло. Имено затова реших, че не е оправдано да дам толкова пари за Prada Candy, щом не усещам парфюма в цялата му красота и не ми се показва. Но пък много харесвам това, което е позволил на обонянието ми да долови. Прочетох, че сравняват B.U. Candy Love с Prada Candy, пробвах го и установих, че от него усещам абсолютно същото, което и в Prada Candy, затова реших, че е удобен компромис за много, много по-малка цена да си доставя удоволствието от частичките аромат от Prada Candy, които моето обоняние долавя. Чудесен е и много му се радвам!

Eau de Prep Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger by missjackie 2015-05-24

This one was a blind buy for me, not really sure yet if I like it. It starts very fresh with the smell of apples. Later on it gets warmer and a bit masculine (maybe because of the musk, which I normally like a lot). I don't love it (and think I never really will), but it's ok.

Provocative woman Elizabeth Arden by 1welshdevil 2015-05-24

I couldn't believe how inexpensive this was, I've changed my opinion on the Elizabeth Arden brand of late, to me they now stand for a brand of very very high quality, but with a bit of an unfashionable edge, so i'm keen to try more of their products. Provocative is in a very interesting packaging, the bottle itself is pretty good. The initial spritz I get a fruity/floral mix, from my part it's one of those fragrances where I'd struggle to name the notes, but after about 20 minutes it develops into a very smooth raspberry fragrance, which radiates fairly well, slightly reminiscent of a more refined Beyonce Pulse NYC. Really nice and feminine fragrance, can be worn by any age, really nice uplifting fragrance.

Dunhill Fresh Alfred Dunhill by Colin Maillard 2015-05-24

Smart but lazy. What a shame. Dunhill Fresh could have been a really good perfume for me, if they just put some more effort in it. It is basically a violet-centered mix between a brighter version of Dior’s Fahrenheit crossed with Jil Sander Man; sort of greener and more “aquatic” than both, with a really nice soft leather base note and a smooth powdery accord of violet and green stuff. A sprinkle of woods and that’s it. So there is this kind of dark, really mellow and comforting smooth base of powdery synthetic leather with a really enjoyable and refined wood accord, topped with a sort of damp green accord of grassy citrus and herbs. So far so good, so where’s the problem? The problem is that for some inexplicable reasons, it all smells deeply, desperately lifeless and pale for me. Maybe the materials are cheap, but more than that, in my opinion it feels like if they had these two nice “ideas” to develop – something leathery-violet-rubbery, something grassy-aquatic-musky – and at some point they just slapped one onto the other and bottled the concoction as-is, without really caring to “tune in” the notes together. So you get this blend which seems containing two separate layers which proceed in a parallel way rather than blending, like if you layered two different perfumes. And they end up in taming down and annihilating each other. That’s a shame because you feel they would go well together, with just some more tuning and some consistency to really become “one” – and a quite good one. Instead here it all remains kind of uneven and patchy in my opinion. Not a complete disaster, though: as-is, it’s a decently nice, classy, warm and unoffensive office-safe perfume with an elegant and discreet projection close to skin (and a crap persistence). Nothing really “fresh” for me, but bright in its own way. Just way duller than it may have been with just a little more effort.


Secretions Magnifiques Etat Libre d`Orange by Le_Coeur_Gothique 2015-05-24

What's wrong with all you people?
This is a nice barbershop fragrance!
Of the kind where Sweeney Todd welcomes his elite clientele of Count Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (these "two" get a retail price), Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, Marquis De Sade and Pinhead (which of course gets a special pincers treatment).
And while they're waiting for their turn, they're nibbling on pornstars and young virgins, cause pheromones and other magnificent secretions is what all these nice gentlemen like the best.
Word has it that an akin salon de beaute for ladies is already in the making, and that Countess Erzsébet Báthory along with Lizzy Borden, Bellatrix Lestrange, Annie Wilkes and Mystique have already made a reservation. Oh, and that a fresh lot of pornstars and young virgins is already stocked and waiting too.
Jokes aside, monstrosity doesn't even begin to describe this niche, but not nice in the slightest, "achievement" of modern perfumery. Just imagine something like this being launched anytime between '60s-'80s. There would be riots in the streets, and its creator would be very lucky if (s)he escaped being burned at the stake. Most likely in a fire fueled by the alleged stinkers of the era, like Joop! Homme and Charlie, which, regardless of whether someone liked them or not, they were still considered fragrances.
But no matter how atrocious, every dog has its day, and this foul smelling mutt would make an ideal olfactory camouflage for a zombie apocalypse.
There's nothing more I can say, other than this is one of the very rare cases where that much avant-garde should be illegal.

Trefle Pur Atelier Cologne by Colin Maillard 2015-05-24

Trèfle Pur opens with a pleasant and quite old school citrus-woody-musky structure reminding of any classic masculine eau de cologne – from 4711 to several designer “eaux” (Hermès, Cartier, Dior, Rochas...). Citrus, neroli, green notes, woods, something musky-resinous: as much good as more conventional than ever. The only difference here for me would me initially a subtle and quite nondescript sort of humid grassy-earthy note that I can not identify clearly, which provides a peculiar (and honestly, just partially pleasant) sort of damp, sultry, sort of “vegetable” feel that reminds me of the infamous “spinach” note of Guerlain’s Coriolan – just a bit more pungent and cheaper here. This, and a light pastel hint of violet. Finally as minutes pass the cardamom note emerge with its enveloping spicy warmth well blending with an equally “emerging” note of vetiver, and that’s it for a couple of hours until the very final drydown arrives – a really light and quite pleasant sort of “dusty” and clean woody-soapy accord. Softly bracing and classy, and also quite well persistent. But yet not enough not to make me consider Trefle Pur a bit uninteresting overall, as it smells basically like any (cheaper) designer with these same notes, and I wonder who on Earth would pay 65 EUR for 30 ml of this zesty dullness; but fairly nice per se.


Eclat d’Arpège Lanvin by Napsu 2015-05-24

This is pretty little edt. Unfortunately It doesn't work with my body chemistry. It fades away so quickly that I have to reapply it every 30 minutes. And still it doesn't smell.
Opening is citrusy with some osmanthus and then I get a little lilac and then it's gone.
I understand why people love this, reading the rewievs gives me the idea how lovely this is.

Amour Nocturne L`Artisan Parfumeur by David Musk 2015-05-24

This is the worst fragrance I've ever smelled. I would NOT pay even 20$ for it. It smells like Palmolive Milk & Honey.

Gold Jay Z by lister 2015-05-24

Was very excited to give this one a try;I truly thought that Jay Z wouldn't put out there something that will disappoint his fans or whomever.Anyways, it gives a vibe like if it is an aftershave splash that strongly reminds of PR's One Million.Though,ingredients are mostly synthetic,it has a nice longevity.Not sure if I will ever be able to apply it directly on my skin,but, probably, I will spray it on my leather jacket

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior by spicyrose 2015-05-24

This was the fragrance that got me "hooked" on all fragrances! I couldn't stop smelling my scarf...a day after testing in the department store. I had to save my pennies and have some! Two years later, I have become a perfume collector and have enjoyed the journey. Thank you to everyone for all of your comments. I love your advice and suggestions! Back to Poison....this scent sometimes smells milky, creamy, smooth and sweet on me and other times....lately, I am getting a sour smell. Not sure If it's my body chemistry or if my two year old bottle has gone bad. This is the perfect fall/winter scent. I enjoy it the most when I spray it on my scarf or an item of clothing, since it's been picking up that sour smell on my skin. Always has been a comfort smell in the winter for me!

Poivre Piquant L`Artisan Parfumeur by becuille 2015-05-24

I get around 5 hours longevity from this and although I quite like it for most of that time, there's only a 45min window where I'd jump to buy a full bottle.

It opens as pepper and woods. The pepper is very strong and the woods are dry. At this point I think it's quite nice, nothing overly special. About half an hour later, it morphs into a spicy, milky liquorice and I fall in love with it completely. Half an hour later, it's back to pepper and woods again and it never regains its former glory. I never get honey at all.

I kept feeling like there was something familiar about this. If Feminite Du Bois and Aimez Moi had a tryst on a bed of pepper, this might be the result.

Bertrand Duchafour's name has become synonymous with quality, and given his catalogue, rightly so, but I can't help but feel at times he's stretching himself a bit too thin. This perfume is an example of why. It's an 'almost' kind of a scent. It's almost full bottle worthy, almost original, almost satisfying. I'd love to smell a version of this that he'd taken more time to create.

Mr. Aoud Montale by Arsenal Till I Die 2015-05-24

A real slept on fragrance here on Fragantica, probably because it's difficult to come by as it's an exclusive to the Gulf region. This shares striking similarities with Creeds Royal Oud. I would call them brothers . Royal oud being the more mature and Mr. Aoud, the juvenile, bright and energetic yet having self respect.

The opening, although can come off quite harsh due to an explosion off all the notes listed has a slightly vegetal aroma as plucus21 mentioned which has an almost vetiver like feel. Royal ouds opening isn't really appealing to me either but both these scents get better the longer they sit on the skin. Mr. Aoud sweetens up more due to the violet,vanilla and cinnamon with Amber and pepper rounding it out taming the shy oud which sits in the background. Royal oud on the other hand is drier and has more of an almost dusty feel to it as it dries down which I think may be from the cedar.

Personally after sampling both extensively and doing side by side comparisons I really enjoy Mr. Aoud much more than Royal oud, so much so that I purchased a bottle of this elusive juice for $75 which is a great deal for a Montale and much much cheaper than the Creed, which by the way prices are increasing AGAIN this year which I find extrodinary considering the performance some of them have. This out performs Royal oud and even had the maintenance man at work asking me to write the name of this down after he smelt it 7 hours into its life.

This may be really hard to sample but if your a fan of sweet and spicy scents then do yourself a favour and look into this juice as it is one of the more tamed and shall I say, more so of a mass apeallIing scent compared to the loud and daring scents in which Montale are known for.I think some woman even may enjoy this so don't be afraid of trying this even though it's listed for men.

If i had a top 10 this would be in it!

Showtime EDT Kylie Minogue by menka 2015-05-24

I bought Showtime EDT after reading reviews and I have to say that I'm rather disappointed. I like sweet and juicy scents, such floral-fruity (black currant, mandarin, bergamot, rose, red pepper), and sometimes with a hint of Carmel or vanilla. Unfortunately, Showtime is too spicy, floral and sharp, because of too strong of licorice, lilac and strawberries. Even though, there's chocolate, it's not creamy and warm fragrance.
I don't know for whom is the smell. On the one hand, strangely sexy, on the other hand, old-fashioned. It's not my cup of tea. Perhaps, another season it would be more pleasant for me.
Longevity is the average, sillage is rather weak.

Dior Homme Sport 2012 Christian Dior by drilon.pollozhani 2015-05-24

The citrus notes are loud and dominant at first, but do not last long. I sense some discrete iris there after a short while, softening the sharp initial notes, and commencing what soon becomes and stays a dry wooden smell, due to the wonderful cedar. The cedar overtones and iris undertones are what define this fragrance. I love the simplicity.
The sillage is moderate to low, but it stays as a skin scent for a pretty long while.
It is not particularly reminiscent of the masterpiece Dior Homme, and I don't see a good reason to why it should, but it is nevertheless an inoffensive and versatile, yet sophisticated fragrance. I cannot think of any occasion where it would be inappropriate to wear.

Kenzo Parfum D'Ete Kenzo by Lilalara 2015-05-24

Without having known anything about the scent or its notes, for some reason I was expecting a flowery and citrusy punch in the face when I first applied Parfum d’Ete. Instead, this opens with a very fresh green, almost grassy note, and with the spring-feeling of lily of the valley, before settling into other delicate white flowers. These are soft, creamy and slightly sweet flowers, jasmine, peony and hyacinth, without any sharpness, and they are almost transparent, as if you smell them whilst being half asleep during a sunbath. The lily of the valley shines through d’Ete’s entire lifespan on the skin. It remotely resembles Diorissimo, but Diorissimo is bolder, sharper, less ozonic and less watery. To me, Parfum d’Ete is aquatic, but it is not a sea-kind of aquatic, but rather like the big glass of water that you always have nearby on a warm summer day. A still, calm water that pearls from dewy petals and the human skin. It is a very light, almost ethereal scent that stays extremely close to the body. Merely a touch of summer or spring before it evaporates into the warm air of the day, it is definitely not an evening scent. Despite its very weak sillage, it has a decent lasting power and somehow magically grows stronger on my skin after a few hours, while also becoming sweeter, like a sugar candied and less watery lily of the valley. I can see this as a unisex fragrance. This review is for the new version, which comes in a beautiful, simple clear bottle in the shape of a leaf.

Tuca Tuca Lush by tupeloblues 2015-05-24

Cloying and headache inducing, reminding me of cheap beauty products - maybe hair spray with a strong smell. Not very complex. I'm usually not one to hate on strong floral fragrances, but I've got a dislike/problem for/with violet.
There's a certain darkness to it, which makes it vaguely intriguing - and i guess that's why i bought it many years ago. I haven't used it more than a handful times though, and when I accidentally dropped it on my parents bathroom floor I mostly felt relieved, though a bit scared that the smell would be hard to get rid of.

Bentley For Men Absolute Bentley by MrEnvy 2015-05-24

People comparing this to GPH need to see an otorhinolaryngologist

GPH is one of my all time favourites, I found the Bentley offensive, honestly it was one of the rare times I was able to immediately know I hated a fragrance once I smelled it

I feel like I'm being punked with that comparison, it's weird..

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