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Flight Michael Jordan by pflyer85 2015-11-29

Just picked this one up based on the reviews comparing to YSL L'homme. Upon initial spray I get something that smells closer to Mont Blanc Legend, however, it quickly dries down and starts to smell more like L'homme. It's not as natural smelling as L'homme but definitely not the most synthetic cheapie I have encountered either. Longevity isn't as long as L'homme. This lasts about 4-5 hours with maybe an hour of solid projection before settling closer to the skin. While not a total replacement for L'homme I am still pleased to have this in my collection as a basic errand running scent. Among the Michael Jordan fragrance line I would put Flight as a close second to Legend.

Artemisia Penhaligon`s by sjam3295 2015-11-29

Artemisia is a scent that I tried a long time ago, when I was just entering the world of fragrance; I dismissed it as nice but nothing special.

Recently, I tried it again, and discovered a subtle beauty in it I had previously missed. This is a lovely musky, herby, faintly floral scent. To my nose, it's more like an aromatic fougere than an oriental. I can definitely smell the tea, the oak-moss and the apple as well as the musk and florals. It makes for a scent that is somehow really fresh and comforting at the same time. I think it's growing into a love.

Beautiful Estée Lauder by purpleturtle 2015-11-29

Very strong, 2 squirts was way too much for me. I thought is was heavy but smelled pretty, but my husband and kids thought it smelled like a fabric softener sheet. Not in a bad way though, but after smelling awhile I could understand why... Sadly, had to give it away after that comment.

Red for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-29

The first blast of this stuff is so great. It smells like dry, dusty, desert heat circa 1991. For some reason it makes me think of the opening intro to that old show, The Hitchhiker. I actually wish it was more linear and kept the top notes but it does settle down into a nice, dry leather. Absolutely no fresh or clean here, this is all man.

Kanon Agarwood Kanøn by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

Picked up a bottle of this for $6 at TJ Maxx tonight, I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet. At this point, I have to say another reviewer was right on -- it's syrupy sweet like cough syrup, cherry cough syrup. It might be the first fragrance that, upon first smell, I thought was absolutely terrible. Like, who gave the green light on this and did they even smell what they were bottling?

Other people have said good things about this stuff, though, so, I'm trying. Maybe my nose isn't developed enough to appreciate what's going on here. I'll keep at it and report back.

Halston 1-12 Halston by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

Old school? Green? I'm in. I picked up a bottle of this at Marshall's for $10. Impressions... It doesn't smell like Quorum but is similar in that its outline is dirty, earthy, and green. The other trait this modern take of 1-12 shares with the current, non-vintage formulation of Quorum is that the performance absolutely sucks. Roars like a mighty lion at first but quickly settles down to a meek little kitten. Weak, doesn't last. 12 hour madman? Forget it. It used to be a mighty athlete, now it's a crippled old man. It's sad. I pried off the atomizer and have just been using it as a splash on aftershave.

Rose d`Homme Les Parfums de Rosine by Marco Chau 2015-11-28

Rose d'Homme is powdery aromatic musky with prominent scent of rose accented with subtle notes of Jasmine and some citrus here and there along the entire course of the duration. The slightly animalic and earthly leathery notes throughout play an important role in this fragrance to make the Rose an 'Homme' although it is, imho, very suitable for women as well.

This scent does have an old fashion vibe and probably less appreciated by the young crowds.

On my cooler than average skin, it has moderate sillage and lasts about ten hours, which is quite excellent for an EDT.

Sex Appeal Jovan by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

I really like Jovan Musk and I'm a sucker in general for things from yesteryear so I was an easy sale when I saw this aftershave at CVS. I wanted to like it but... no. It's not very natural smelling; definitely has a chemical tinge.

Live Irresistible Givenchy by Purplegem 2015-11-28

A friend and I tried this on both of us. Despite the description it reminded us both of incense, or a new age type shop that is burning that. I think it's the amber and a bit of patchouli. There is a touch of spice too. Not really spicy - I am usually very sensitive to spicy notes. By spice I mean something that hits the nose rather than a particular scent I can pick out (so, pepper). The dry down is more girly/powdery. Quite odd/unusual considering that if anything, perfumes tend to get deeper with time, and don't really dry down to what this does which is a completely different scent to me to when originally sprayed or an hour after originally sprayed. Can slightly detect pineapple but only after reading it was a note. Personally I don't like this though.

Sauvage Christian Dior by snifferdogx 2015-11-28

Horrible. Simply horrible.

Cheap and nasty. Take a snippet of Bleu de Chanel, Invictus, some rubbish watery notes and amber notes, and whip together a harsh, synthetic and flat stench that would belong much better as a toilet bowl freshener.

For shame, Dior.

Ginseng NRG Jovan by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

This smells like Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts with just a little less seaweed.

Lagerfeld Classic Karl Lagerfeld by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

My grandma used to wear Avon Timeless. Lagerfeld Classic smells like a male version of that. Which is to say that it smells like a slightly masculine 84 year old woman. I like a lot of mature and classic fragrances but I don't really see the appeal with this one. Karl Lagerfeld looks like a cool guy and I appreciate the history but this one is a total and complete dud for anyone under 50. Do what you want but don't say you weren't warned.

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by Purplegem 2015-11-28

A subtle aquatic floral as others have said. Stays close to the skin. Perhaps good if you want something slightly pretty and inoffensive and light. 3 sprays from a tester and I could hardly smell it. Same for others around me. I have to say it is overpriced considering this. What I can smell is nice and also slightly green too. Something in it makes me think of a light jasmine. Can't decant the cashmeran note or anything particularly 'cosy'.

Giorgio for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

I love this stuff, it's probably my signature scent. Loud, unique... this is the juice. Patchouli, honey, and tobacco. If fresh and clean is your thing, stay away, this is the opposite. It doesn't smell old but, given the current landscape of subtle frags, it is dated.

Stella (2014) Stella McCartney by Purplegem 2015-11-28

This is spicy to me, hits the nose and is strong. Not what I expected given the notes. The other perfume with rose that is peppery in this sort of way is Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci (purple bow type bottle). I have a sample for swap/v cheap if anyone wants it (uk).

015 Attract Avon by Purplegem 2015-11-28

I tried this from a sample in the magazine. It is quite sharp, refreshing (in a masculine scent way) with some cedar/wood behind that. Doesn't really smell expensive or anything. Something in it reminds me of the body shop oceanus. Its not THAT similar... Just something in it.

Wings for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

I like Giorgio Red and Pour Homme so I picked this one up thinking it'd be the fresh completion to the trio. Wrong. It's a disgusting grape/lavender explosion. It's also the strongest cologne I'm acquainted with. Two sprays will fill a room, no joke. It's sweet, it's cloying. I can't think of any situation where I would ever want to smell like this so I didn't even finish the bottle, I threw it away; and normally I'd at least make it a room freshener. Not this stuff.

Amber Absolute Tom Ford by alxkwst1996 2015-11-28

Mmmmmm. This fragrance smells so good! I feel really confident when I'm wearing Amber Absolute. Another masterpiece from the house of Tom Ford, just like with Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather.

SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker by kasabourin 2015-11-28

This smells SOOO good !! Like strawberry candy. Its delicious !

Dune Christian Dior by ahnafuz 2015-11-28

It is a good fragrance
I had fancied this perfume for so long, but now that I have bought it I find it nothing really exceptional :(

White Sandalwood Nest by lilalina 2015-11-28

Doesn't remind me of Bois Farine imho. It's very much a sandalwood scent with alot of musk.. Strong bitter almond in the background. I don't get much spices..

TH Bold Tommy Hilfiger by sammy_sweden 2015-11-28

Tested this at Macy's testerday, it does smell like Skittles, but sadly only lasts about 20 minutes, if that. Total bullshit fail TH!!! 0/10. Look 4 this at TJMAXX in spring, but even at reduced cost, avoid.

Allure Chanel by SamsaraSakura 2015-11-28

Allure is simply timeless. It is the most beautiful and natural honeysuckle.

It has the sophisticated and deep Chanel signature all over it.

Most Chanel perfumes have nuances of soap, shampoo or hairspray, and Allure is one Chanel scent that represents this quality sublimely.

Allure is addictive. It is one of my signatures.

XIX March Tiziana Terenzi by Infini 2015-11-28

Wonderful frag!! Love at first sniff. Lasts forever and a compliment getter.

Batucada L`Artisan Parfumeur by Lizardbreath 2015-11-28

My experience with Batucada will differ from most, considering my idea of a "summer" scent is not associated with beaches. Well, I did come from a place that has them in spades: Cheaspeake Bay area, which typically wreaked of low tide and blue crab.

Either way, Batucada for me exhibits all the carefree tendencies of summer. There's a refreshing citrus, gorgeous tiare, warm sugar, and all-around comfort. Whether one chooses to find this comfort in the sweet dregs of a pretty, tropical cocktail, or in the sandy, wave-drenched shores of a sunset-lit beach fantasy, this one delivers.

I wear it camping, in the brief and precious moments of an alpine summer, and am utterly satisfied. Try it and see if it transports you. What a unique and precious offering from a house that specializes in scents of mood and place!

Krizia Uomo Krizia by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

This is what ferns smell like. And, watered down One Man Show. I really did not like One Man Show so I was apprehensive to try this but it was on sale at Perfumania for $10 so I picked one up.

I was pleasantly surprised and liked it. Think of it like this, One Man Show is a song with someone screaming the vocals at the top of their lungs; Krizia is that same song sung properly.

It can be a bit cloying if you go overboard with the trigger. Get used to this one before you go crazy. Experiment at home, not at work.

Lately, I've been layering this with Quorum Silver and really like what it produces. The sharp fern mixed with the sharp cedar really makes something nice.

Life On Top Penthouse by PercivalGoldstone 2015-11-28

I picked up a 1.3oz bottle of this at TJ Maxx tonight for $4. They had a 3.4oz for $7 that, now, I wish I had gotten.

It's a sharp, bright, fresh scent. It's pretty generic and doesn't do anything new within the fresh and clean category. That said, it's also a great example and smells really nice. I think if you put it in a lineup with ten other fresh and clean fragrances, it would be a serious contender. Fresh with a mild, green twist. Maybe even almost a sport scent?

Definitely something for a bright and sunny day. It's casual. Personally, it wouldn't be my choice for evening or formal events. You probably would get some compliments with this one.

It's more young than mature. It doesn't smell cheap but you could maybe say it's a nicer version of a hate-to-admit-it's-decent-but... body spray from the drug store. The freshness is of that type, in my opinion. One slight... I'm 34 and feel this is probably not something I'd see myself wearing a few years from now. It's not childish but it is youthful.

I can't comment yet on the performance. I'm still in the middle of a first time try but, so far, it seems like a decent performer of this variety. I predict 4-8 hours, and people smell it but they're not overwhelmed.

Bottom line... Great blind buy, and the price? Total no-brainer.

Lacoste Essential Sport Lacoste by othonjr1978 2015-11-28

I had to return it because it made me dizzy and it hurts my nose, my daughter even complained that it was going to make her vomit.

TH Bold Tommy Hilfiger by Jaymus_Wulfinson 2015-11-28

Tested this out today and was surprised how long it lasted for a TH frag. Granted its not a beast but I can see this being a killer spring/summer scent.

It starts out with a sugary citrus blast, candy-like similar to skittles as mentioned in a prior review. The dry-down is where it gets me. A late 90s citrusy-floral woody scent thats perfect for any casual situation. Jeans, white T, pretty much anything but a suit and tie but maybe a seersucker.

Yeah this gets a lot of hate already from the niche snobs but lets get real who wants to smell like a bakery in the warm weather or like a bottle of floor cleaner? I took a blotter to work and everyone loved it, including afficionados.

A cheap, great smelling, everyday non offensive frag that I can wear to college and work or the gym? AND it lasts a good amount of time? Thanks Ill take a bottle!

Rich, opulent, warm, classy, sweet, like a licor..
I've one if someone is interested in it PM

Meow Katy Perry by starvega 2015-11-28

Sickeningly sweet candy scent in the generic celebrity fragrance style. There is nothing exceptional about this scent at all - once you've smelled one you've smelled them all. Gone within an hour.

Coney Island Bond No 9 by walking44 2015-11-28

It opens quite nice. Like a tropical drink. But something about the citrus is just too loud and in your face. Then it dries down extremely synthetic. A problem with most Bonds.. Just not a good smell. Nothing about it screams luxury perfumery. It smells like that B&B works room spray you bought and regreted so now it sits in the back of your closet

Smells like funeral...This fragrance depresses me

Island Kiss Escada by Love_heart 2015-11-28

I will always and forever love this ! One of my fav escada perfumes when they were still good so sweet and summery !

Tabac Rouge Phaedon by NicheMaster29 2015-11-28

Let's just say if I could only own one scent and it was between this and tobacco vanille, I would honestly choose this and it has nothing to do with this being less expensive, it's strictly the smell it produces.
I think I like the honey instead of vanilla mix with tobacco better. It's super high quality and lasts forever. I don't know what it is in tobacco vanille, but there's a note that I don't like and when it comes to high price niche fragrance s, I don't settle for anything. I love it then I buy it. With this fragrance, I love it all.
Scent 9/10
Longevity 9/10
Projection 9/10
Overall 9/10

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle Lacoste by oceanbreeze 2015-11-28

To me this fragrance is like LOVE POTION and it put a spell on me. As soon as I smelled it I was in love. Drunk with love... This love is very strong and long lasting. And I still can not stop thinking about it even after buying it about a month ago. The bottle and the cap are dark - BLACK MAGIC.

CH Men Carolina Herrera by marcoz 2015-11-28

@oman1234 the original one

Sauvage Christian Dior by camposg 2015-11-28

read wesleyhclark's review. Done.

Boss The Scent Hugo Boss by camposg 2015-11-28

had hopes for this one but dissapointed on its weakness. On to the next

Rose de France Historiae by Gigi The Fashionista 2015-11-28

French Rose Garden


Head Notes: Pear Bergamot Tagetes, May Rose Damask Rose

Heart Notes: Rose, Magnolia, Clove, Artemisia, Peony, Geranium, Mock Orange

Base note : Benzoin Vanilla, Musk Amber

In this world of rose perfumes, you're spoilt for choice, but for any rose fan this is such a nice treat. For me personally this is the best, I repeat THE BEST rose perfume. Everyone's favorite and the ever popular Tea Rose by the Perfumer's Workshop can blow your mind with it's graphic realism, but this is more appealing to me. This is a soft realistic rose. There are three different roses of different colors in this frag: a white May Rose, a Damask or Pink Rose and a red rose. It's fragrant with the other floral scents of tagetes (French marigolds) magnolia and peony. I didn't get any of the fruit notes: pear and bergamot. Upon first spray there is something like a pear but it never turns into a bowl of fruit. This is purely a floral fragrance with a dominant rose accord. It's divine. It's light, soft, more like smelling the petals of a rose while holding the stem in your hand, and the greeness or dewiness is not overwhelming. You get that rosy scent in a soft and tenuous dream like haze. This was like a dream of walking in the gardens of Versailles, but all you see is pink, white and red roses everywhere. There's a feeling of security, warmth and peace. We are in Versailles before the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette is out for a walk in the rose garden, holding a pale pink parasol out in the warm sun and wearing a pink floral print gown. She's walking hand in hand with her daughter Therese and son Louis by the hand. This is like the Jean Honore Fragonard painting L'escarpolette or THE SWING from 1767. It features a beautifully dressed woman in pink swinging herself on a swing hung on a tree in her garden while two chevaliers watch her. Her dainty slipper comes off as she swings. This is exactly what this fragrance tries to recreate: a royal garden where no weeds can grow, and where no evil serpents can slither. It's light, fun and airy. I am contented that I found the perfect rose perfume. If you are in a seemingly endless quest for the greatest rose perfume, this is it. As for it's practical uses, I would recommend this for day time wear in the spring or summer. It's definitely French so you can wear it while traveling to France. I would even go as far to say that this is even better than Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles which is mainly synthetic waxy artificial flowers. The flowers in Rose de France are totally real, but they are not shockingly overpowering or graphic or too green or too wet. Other pure floral frags on my skin become too oily, and the scent is way too strong. This one is tender, sweet, but still made up of real flowers. It's a rose garden dream. What are you waiting for? Buy it. It's affordable and you can buy it on, Ebay or on the Historiae website. They are a French indie niche fragrance line that specialize in fragrances that recreate historic perfumes of 17th and 18th century France. As a historian and history lover, this really hits the spot. I love this perfume and will wear it as often as I can.

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier by camposg 2015-11-28

Finally a fragrance from JPG with power. Performed well during its 6-8 hours before having to wash it off. Beware because it smells identical to polo red intense! Great fruity scent. Not a serious one though. This is for a younger clubbing type. Smells like cherrys

Acier Aluminium Creed by bugsyiii 2015-11-28

Yes indeed....Acier Aluminum is a work of art; I received a bottle for a great price and having read reviews wasn't very sure what I purchased. Unbeknownst to me and too my surprise I really like this! AA opens very piney, however that leaves and you began to take in this amber, vanilla like aroma. AA, is said to smell like banana and metallic howeverI detect neither banana nor metallic in this composition. Does it fall in line with GIT or IM, or even! I would say that AA is in a league of its own just like Bois du Portugal. Can it be dated, only if when you listen to others mention this. If you approach AA without the preconceived notions I think you'd get a better or give a better judge of character for this fragrance. I really enjoy this, maybe a go to fragrance in rotation. I think this is a masculine fragrance with the pine, leather, amber....makes a great fragrance for me.

Dior Homme Christian Dior by pepperoniann 2015-11-28

As a iris fanatic I've gone through many iterations of the note and travelled far to the realm of niche to test some of the most expensive creations. Still, Dior Homme and infusion d'Iris remain my absolute favourites after all the sniffing. One femininely masculine and other androgynous masculine, these two are like the yin and yang pillars of the iris kingdom. Without either of them I wouldn't know what to do.

On to Dior Homme: I truly love this original version the best. The original is very powdery and tart with a defined leather and sweet cacao smell. The lavender lifts the heavy iris note nicely, and the cacao really gives this a vanilla-like welcoming aroma. It is very plush, but not showy or obnoxious at all. This smell radiates class. The projection and longevity is great, on me lasts around 10 hours and can be smelled within two arm-length. I believe men and women can wear this equally just like any other true masterpiece perfumes.

One last note on reformulation: I own several silver collar bottles and have tested the black ones several times. While both have the same opening the new one seems to have a stronger chocolate-ly leather drydwn and is sweeter while the pre-formation one is more iris-y and plush. I prefer my scents less sweet so old one is the way to go for me.

Batucada L`Artisan Parfumeur by bugsyiii 2015-11-28

Batucada starts limey and spicy and fruity all in one; It is very reminiscent of Bois 1920 Oltremare and Bahiana. There may even be a hint of DG Light Blue.I think this is a fantastic scent for summer and spring. It winter now, I'd like to try it and see what comes of it.

Royal Leather By Kilian by mikemuscles21 2015-11-28

I seriously want to try it though.

Angel Thierry Mugler by Sweet_Heart 2015-11-28

Sigh...Angel really brings back memories. Rewind to 2001 when I was working at the Marshall Field's Clinique counter. I was intrigued by the glittering women's fragrance bottles surrounding the perimeter of the cosmetics department. Most intriguing was this beautiful blue star shaped bottle and the magic blue liquid inside. It even had its own refill fountain called the 'source'.

And the women that would come in with their empty stars for their refill... they seemed so proud, like they were part of an elite club. And in a way, I suppose they were. They knew the secret of Angel.

Soon after I was lucky to win a three ounce tester of EDP and only slightly used tester of body cream. I had no idea perfume could smell like this...honey, chocolate, patchouli... I slathered on the cream followed by several healthy sprays of the perfume. (Suffocating everyone in a three foot radius I'm sure, but I didn't give a damn.) Good-by Clinique Happy. Hello Angel. (Along with many amazing smoky-sweet orientals that were introduced in the early 2000s and have since been discontinued or tragically reformulated.)

Angel opened up a new world and forever changed the way I looked at fragrances. It also pioneered mainstream gourmands and began the evolution of the lighter, currently popular 'fruitchoulis' and 'florientals'.

Of course, I've become much more open minded over the years and discovered many beautiful and quality fragrances that don't boast a high end designer label. So it literally pains me to think of paying full price for a bottle of Angel. So I visited Fragrantica in hopes of finding a recommendation for something similar, less expensive. And this wonderful community didn't fail me...thanks to @AngieGGarp for the Instyle dupe tip...for less than $10 I'm able to recapture my youth, for a few hours anyway.

Angel... I can't think of another fragrance that is so polarizing. But I am certainly a fan and it will always have a special place in my heart. A sweet, warm, honey-drenched, dipped in cocoa memory.

Siren Paris Hilton by EVAN SWIFT 2015-11-28

just like a body lotion i owned.. so as some expensive soap or body shower

L'Arte di Gucci Gucci by LisaandtheWord 2015-11-28

The bottle shape was weird to me, but then I noticed, the slant of the top is similar to shoulder slant.. and the slanted bottom is like slant of a skirt. Like diva attitude in black & gold.

I agree it has a beautiful ' musky, leather and woody base. ' It has a soft incensey darkness that goes so well with the vibrant realistic red rose. I love this one a lot.

Lady Million Paco Rabanne by EVAN SWIFT 2015-11-28

if u think ur a party people.. then this is my suggestion.. its rock n roll.. the vibe, the loudness, its people attraction..

perfect for a night out, but for me the smell still ordinary, not suit the price..

Glamazon RuPaul by Jitterbug Perfume Lover 2015-11-28

I am always curious about celebrity scents. I like to see if they reflect any of the celebrity's personality. Most are disappointments either because they are poorly made or the concept is weak, so when I swapped for this one, it was a blind swap that I agreed to out of pure curiosity because I love RuPaul, but I wasn't expecting much from this fragrance. To be perfectly honest, with the loud and colorful packaging I thought it was going to be awful.

I was so wrong! This is beautiful and "fierce". I LOVE amber notes and this is amber done in a way I've never worn before. With the cedar, it manages to smell just slightly masculine, but the tonka and rose make it super super feminine. I've worn some big orientals from the 80's, but this takes orientals to a whole new level. The silage projects into the whole room and it lasts all day long. It smells complex but not challenging and definitely not boring. I think this is best in warmer weather. In colder weather it tends to bring out the cedar and smells more masculine, whereas in the summer it brings out the rose and smells more feminine.

Noir de Noir Tom Ford by SamsaraSakura 2015-11-28

When I first smelled Noir de Noir, the first thing that popped into my head was "Dracula"!

I do not mean that in a nasty way at all though! Dracula was a lord after all!

I have never smelled any perfume darker than NdN. It is beautiful how this perfume can be at the same time so dark and so classy, and the fact that it can achieve this level of sophisticated darkness by floral and earthy notes and without any harsh smoke accords.

So, if Lord Dracula had a bit of a sweet tooth, I believe this perfume would have been his signature!

One of the best of the Private Blend. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a Black Orchid or Midnight Poison fan.

Chloe Eau de Toilette (2015) Chloe by annanonymous 2015-11-28

A fresh pretty innocent light slightly sweet angelic scent, inoffensive and could probably be worn by any age but for me it reminds me too much of something I would've probably worn in my teens in the long hot carefree summer days out with friends, discovering life with butterflies in my tummy.

Im in my early thirties now and my angelic go-to scent is 'SJP 'Lovely', to me its like Chloe's older sister, more floral and minus the sweetness.

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah by maralilly 2015-11-28

Oh how I love thee! a drunken angel!

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs by kasabourin 2015-11-28

I LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH! wish it lasted longer ! :(

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum Hermes by iman_hamishe_payiz 2015-11-28

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved

That ephemeral sleek vibrant beauty has got corpulent, static and adulterated in the Parfum version. I can make do with the short life of the EDT for its minimal perfection, Parfume version is certainly reminiscent of EDT but is no cardamom heaven.

and yes, it's got the better longevity, but the question is, are we not here for that evanescent perfect experience that will be etched on our minds rather than be sticked to our skins? coz as far as I have understood life, it doesn't allow a perfect state to last long.

My vote is Like though, it is still very good

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by IAmTMax 2015-11-28

Gentlemen Only Givenchy = Bleu de Chanel Chanel

Same scent, maybe Bleu did it a little better but it's like they're share the SAME DNA, no kidding!

Absolutely beautiful. It's a very strong scent, very rosy, very green. Definitely my second favourite, after Jasmin et Cigarette. Love it!

Swan Princess The Vagabond Prince by eirenelisa 2015-11-28

There is an episode of Frasier in which Roz tells Frasier she doesn't like caviar. He says, "Well,Roz, a lot of things can affect caviar. Where did you have it?" She says "On a mini-bagel at the Tucson Doubletree". Then Frasier gives Roz high quality caviar smuggled in from Russia, and she loves it and becomes addicted.

Now I have always thought I don't like musk. I regularly accuse fragrances of having "too much musk". I was very curious to see what my nose would make of Swan Princess, a fragrance featuring six musks.

Yesterday I tried Swan Princess and was thrilled to learn that musk doesn't have to be crude, sour,too "intimate" or choking like it often is on my skin. The musk in Swan Princess is so beautiful and different that I realize I have previously only had musk "On a mini-bagel at the Tucson Doubletree".

Swan Princess is the high end caviar.

In addition to the feathery musk, florals are present throughout nearly the whole wear. I recognize a natural violet note at first and then a perfect mimosa-it hits at the arch of my palate like my favorite malbec. Then violet steps into the background to make room for a creamy bouquet of the other flowers with the mimosa.I feel the rose in here is white, like the white rose in my favorite perfume Enfleurage. There is a lovely touch- just a touch- of dry, authentic woods in the background. Wonderful perfume! A unique, musky beauty. Gentle but never shy.

Ed Hardy Women's EDT Christian Audigier by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

Tropical? I'm really not picking that up. I'm getting a berry vibe, like raspberries and strawberries with a touch of vanilla musk. This is not tropical by any means. I don't smell the mangoes. Its a very tart berry smelling perfume, in my opinion.

I dunno. Give it a sniff

What a cute and winsome fragrance. I wasn't sure what to expect, considering what Coty Prestige has done to the brand. While it is not as luxurious as the classic line in the bell-shaped bottles, I did find it attractive enough to be noticed. Who doesn't like rose, sandalwood and vanilla? What's disappointing is that Rose Buds & Vanilla is a full-bodied impression of Philosophy's Creamy Vanilla (exclusive to Sephora). Philosophy is ironically under Coty Prestige also, but I am partial to the Vera Wang formula. This is a very pleasant date night fragrance, as I find it intimate and refreshing.

Capricieuse Jeanne Arthes by Sweet_Heart 2015-11-28

Sweet, nutty praline with a soft berry undertone...this is the definition of gourmand fragrance. Just try not to lick your wrist :)

Like all Jeanne Arthes fragrances, this one is extremely well blended; to the point my (admittedly amateur) nose can't really pick out the individual notes. It's like the the first whiff you get when you walk into a gourmet candy shop...warm, buttery toffee, nutty pralines, and of course milk chocolate.

I don't get any sour or medicinal notes with this at all...I find it lovely from the first spray and all day. I would say its fairly linear, remaining sweet and developing a tad bit of powderiness near the end.

Also the packaging and bottle are just adorable... what a find! Love it!

Carbone de Balmain Pierre Balmain by Odenir De Faria 2015-11-28


It is quite interesting how the blend of ingredients make some fragrances so similar to others, even when they share just one or two notes. Sometimes, none. Even if it is for a mere couple of seconds.

I simply love Carbone and I have noticed it smells close to Eau des Baux by L'Occitane en Provence when trying the first notes. I had the chance to test them side by side on skin and it was a very interesting experience.

Pepper is definitely the strongest note in Carbone, followed by incense, both responsible for its pencil shavings chord which is present in Eaux de Baux, in the begining, but very briefly because this aspect is delivered by other notes.

But things change: where Eau des Baux kills the pencil shavings chord and keeps a vanilla note dominating the wood and cypress notes, that is supported by pepper, incense and fig in Carbone, making it keep the pencil shavings chord - its best feature. And where Eaux des Baux is joyfull, sweeter, younger and closer to nature, Cabone is nocturnal, drier, a little older, and indoors.

Longevity and projection are very decent on warm, regular or oily skin and warm weather. In cool temperatures, it calms down and sits close to skin. Suitable for those moments of intimacy with your special one, where the smell of skin and some fragrance stimulate a lot.

It is a divine masculine fragrance. Nothing agressive. Discreet, smooth and elegant; like making a statement in a whisper or in a low voice.

I recommend it.

Love by Nina Nina Ricci by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

Instead of the original Nina, this is a lot softer and a lot more like an apple. Its sweet, crisp and delectible just like the original, yet its more like Be Delicious by DKNY... Id say if you didnt like the citrus in the original, this one's for you.

I prefer the original because, well, it's more original.

1 Million Paco Rabanne by istvan.buda.779 2015-11-28

I get no bubble gum , I get sweet flowers

Pi Extreme Givenchy by wesleyhclark 2015-11-28

Wow, the top notes on this one have a kick! It soon settles down, however, in a mellow woody, gourmandy scent that smells a bit chemical and synthetic, but still, not bad at all. I like this stuff.

I'm pretty sure I like it better than original Pi.

Longevity isn't bad.

Fuel Power for Women Jeanne Arthes by Sweet_Heart 2015-11-28

This is one of my favorite fragrances from Jeanne Arthes, along with Capriceuse and Perpetual Pearl. In fact, I find myself reaching for this one more and more recently despite not typically being a fan of orange or citrusy notes. Maybe it's because it's the perfect antidote to the freezing Midwestern winter that's closing in.

After the initial citrusy burst, FP envelopes you in a cuddly, creamy, carmelly drydown that on me lasts well past the six hour mark. (Although I do use an unscented body lotion first to give it something to cling to.) Surprisingly and pleasantly, the orange blossom really remains present throughout. I've never smelled Pour Femme so I can't comment on the similarity, but I've had Pure Poison and I agree with the reviewer that said if you enjoy that one, you'll enjoy this.

Jeanne Arthes is really an amazing find; these are legitimate French fragrances that are extremely well blended and high quality for a fraction of the price of a high end designer. currently has a decent selection. If sweet, creamy gourmands are your thing, Fuel Power is exceptional...try it, you won't be disappointed!

Sauvage Christian Dior by wesleyhclark 2015-11-28

A timid fragrance that barely makes an impression. On my skin it is almost entirely gone in under an hour. About the only thing I can say for it is that, yes, it has a scent. A flop.

Lily Calypso St. Barth by Suzifun 2015-11-28

I love the notes. So I'm not sure why it smells like ricola. The cough drop.

Al Oudh L`Artisan Parfumeur by mikemuscles21 2015-11-28

Bought this one back in 2009 when it came out. Everything you want right there. Animalic, Oud, etc. Strong in its own way. Definitely unique. I found it was an acquired taste since at first I did not like it. But now I do.

Invictus Paco Rabanne by DaveForrest 2015-11-28

Long lasting and projects far. A bit too young for me.
Girls definitely like this one. Like 1 million over spraying this can be irritating to others. I only use 1 spray of this and it's plenty.

L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake by hybiscusgirl18 2015-11-28

During years, I was curious to try this fragrance and today I found a sample (a spray on paper) in a perfume store. A gorgeous bouquet of white flowers, along with a lively floral note that I can't identify (possibly freesia), is the first thing that comes to my nose and I couldn't help to like it
Eventually, the white flower crowd becomes stronger and everything becomes a creamy mess (without causing you a headache, thankfully), but before you run away in panic a watery note comes to the rescue and softens everything to a strange but pleasant mix of aquatic and white floral.

After a few hours, I remembered that I've had smelled this perfume years ago, around the late 90s, but I didn't know it was L'eau D'Issey, so this test was more of a serendipity than an exploration of something new. While I'm not sure I'd buy this for myself, it was a nice experience :)

1 Million Paco Rabanne by DaveForrest 2015-11-28

I love it and girls love it more. I don't wear it much anymore but for someone who is single this definitely will draw attention. Not something to wear to work, job interviews or family functions.

Boss Bottled Oud Hugo Boss by mikemuscles21 2015-11-28

Okay So I am still waiting for them to reply to my email and there has been no response.

I sent it to several different customer service "email addy's" I found on their website, and ZERO response.

So I wonder if they are trying to hide something? Perhaps Bigsly is right. Perhaps their claim that each bottle uses real Oud is sketchy?

You should at least have SOME kind of response to a customer. Especially a customer that blogs, LOL.

Eros Versace by DaveForrest 2015-11-28

One of my favourites, always receives compliments from girls on dates. It lasts long and you don't need to apply much. I love the smell of this fragrance.

Fame Lady Gaga by Gigi The Fashionista 2015-11-28

Fame Is Fleeting

Notes in Lady Gaga's Fame

No top, middle or base notes, they all come at you at once or waft softly in the air at different times of the day or night: honey, apricot, incense, jasmine sambac, saffron, orchid, belladonna.

I'd like to start my review by stating that I am not a Lady Gaga fan and have never heard any of her songs, even though we did attend the same high school in New York. I'm unfamiliar with her music and have only seen her perform as a blonde in a white Glinde the Good Witch gown at the Academy Awards/Oscars when she sang a Sound of Music medley in front of Julie Andrews herself who approved of her singing. Gaga sang well but she's no Julie Andrews and is not ready to take on Broadway. I'm not here to talk about Gaga's music nor her celebrity image. I'm a perfumista fume head and collect many different fragrances. If Miss Stefanie Germanotta intended to evoke the fleeting nature of fame with this perfume, she did a fantastic job, because it lasts less than an hour, maybe 20-30 minutes at most. I purchased a gift set with matching body lotion and love the lotion but even after I've sprayed the perfume over my skin and clothes, the fragrance has such a tragically short life. Is that what fame feels like? It tastes sweet and then it's gone? Well then I hope Stefanie can handle her finances and assets with prudence so that she has a lot of money to her name so that when she is retired and can no longer sing to save her life, and she's as much of a yesterday's singer as Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson or Madonna, that she can still enjoy her money. FAME continues to sell and it's become one of the most successful celebrity perfumes in recent history. It isn't a fragrance to die for. It's not very complex and there are better fragrances out there: celebrity, fashion designer label, vintage classic, niche/indie. I have better perfumes. Elizabeth Taylor's Passion kicks Lady Gaga's butt, but so does Yves Saint Laurent's vintage Opium or Lancome's Magie Noire. Portrait Of A Lady kicks Fame's butt. But is this still a good perfume? Absolutely. It smells nice. To my nose this is like a jasmine flower and belladonna flower dipped in a honey pot that has been warmed up with incense. I wish there had been more of a smoky, fiery incense, as it would have given the fragrance more depth and darkness. The incense in Fame only manages to magnify the sweetness of apricots and honey. This is more a fruity fragrance than a floral, as the only flower I could smell was a night blooming jasmine. The belladonna would have been perfect if it had been combined with patchouli and incense. This frag is too light, too soft, too dull. It's black fluid is crying for more mystery and more intensity. I would have arranged the notes to include patchouli and stronger incense, and maybe a red rose. Fame is hard to describe because it has the magic ability to transform itself on different skin types and different people, male or female of any age. I wouldn't call this unisex as it is definitely a fruity-floral for women, but gender-bending guys who wear women's fragrances will enjoy the sweet aroma. In perfume category, this is an ORIENTAL or FLORIENTAL because the saffron, jasmine and belladonna (or deadly nightshade) are flowers from the Orient. I love that they used nightshade because it is rare to find that in most fragrances. Belladonna shrubs are poisonous and their red and black berries can attract you with their pleasant aroma and sweetness, but it can kill you since it's as toxic as poison ivy. The belladonna also gives the liquid it's black color, although it's really more of a fuchsia or reddish purple. I wouldn't be surprised if the fuchsia flower itself was one of the unlisted notes. This smells and looks more of a fuchsia than a belladonna, or has a combination of fuchsia and belladonna, but the fuchsia is dominant. Contrary to what has been said, this is not the first black liquid perfume. That was already done about 30 plus years ago and there are other frags created today with black liquid. But this is instantly the most beloved and iconic of the black liquid frags. The design of the bottle is absolutely gorgeous. I love the silver or gold metallic claw stopper which can also serve as a stand for the perfume. I love the egg shaped or tubular flower shaped glass bottle. I think the idea was that it's supposed to look like deadly nightsade or belladonna. It's one of the most creatively designed perfume bottles in recent years. Yes I do love this fragrance. It's not amazing or mind blowing but it's a soft, incensed honey apricot jasmine. It's flexible enough for both day and evening wear. It's both formal and casual. Fame was produced at the Haus Laboratories in France, and sold by COTY which is my absolute favorite fragrance line. Francois Coty was the masster perfumer of the world in the early 20th century and I have his masterpieces La Rose Jacqueminot, Chypre, Emeraude. Coty is not the first class fragrance line it used to be but that's because it turned into mainly a celebrity perfume producer beginning around 1980 when they created SOPHIA for Sophia Loren, but even that fragrance is better than Fame. I don't hate Fame, but I'm not crazy about it either. If Gaga meant to say that fame is a sweet smell taht is on you for the shortest of times, then she at least got it right!

First Van Cleef & Arpels by fragrance_mama 2015-11-28

Smells like B.O and rotten flowers . Horrible!

Bleecker Street Bond No 9 by pdog1138010 2015-11-28

Looking to swap 3.3oz, have worn it twice with each day spraying 4x (8x total).

After first spray, I already like it better than Avignon. This is so much brighter, bursting with conifer-like incense. Sharp and spicy like CdG’s Black, but with more warmth, which gives this more versatility than either two scents. Unfortunately, I experience the same short lifespan as Avignon, but still a thumbs up!

Corteccia (Bark) L`Erbolario by Jassar 2015-11-28

This is a very hybrid unisex fragrance. It starts off very woody and gets sharper into the mid. When the base hits about 4 hours in it completely changes to a soft feminine powdery scent. Longevity is 8-10 hours and projection is average. More suitable for women.

Chloe Narcisse Chloe by Marie69 2015-11-28

Love the bottle. The green metal spray under the translucent bud is so pretty. I am testing a vintage. Imagine the original Chloe mixed with the original Giogio...But much nicer...I like this. TINY amount needed. Not even one spray. A quarter of a spray. There are green elements which lessen the sweetness. It is super duper strong and white floral.

The One Gentleman Dolce&Gabbana by pietrocanoa16 2015-11-28

Elegant and comfortable, but gives me headache.

Eau de Cartier Cartier by finewine 2015-11-28

It's a new version/concentration: an Eau de Parfum. Which makes it new:)

I just got my D&G the one edp in today maybe my skin just want hold this,the opening smells the same then towards the dry down the smell takes a different turn,but it still smells beautiful but about the 4hours mark the smell disappear i really don't see any difference in the longevity department still weak

Al Oudh L`Artisan Parfumeur by kyloe 2015-11-28

Animalic this is in the first place, civet & castoreum are both strong in the middle and base as the scent developes. The base is even more skanky. A beautiful dried fruit & oud accord accompany. A true masterpiece but you won't get many compliments. You gotta be brave and tough to wear this. This is sweet but definitely not a feminine scent. Enjoy on your own responsibility :)

Replique Raphael by Marie69 2015-11-28

Buy all the vintage you can. I am going to. Wow...I´m not going to be greedy so I have a brand new in box vintage 70s? 1 oz spray EDT. I am testing one of them now and I have another brand new. Really really nice. Dry and lovely...Rich, really classy and classic. Sexy too. But refined. Could be Unisex. Old world glamour, gold metal lipsticks, gloves, leather. If anyone wants to trade.

Youth-Dew Amber Nude Estée Lauder by SlasherLady 2015-11-28

I don't know why my review of this has been removed, but this vile concoction smells like old urine that's been sitting on clothes. It's one of the most disgusting fragrances I've ever tried.

Azzaro pour Homme Azzaro by Marie69 2015-11-28

I bought Azzaro a few months ago as I had alot of time at the airport and it was very early so the nice man in the perfume store showed me various scents. I asked him if there was any more old time ones and he showed me to Paco Robane and Azzaro. I bought big bottles of both of them and gave my hubby one for Cristmas and my taximan the other. I like azzaro much more than many new scents. I do remember the original to be richer. This is a strong fragrance though and easy to overdose. I like alot of vintage colognes more now. Phileas and Gatsby are amazing to me. But Azzaro is very much more than decent and would appeal to many mature men.

Red Giorgio Beverly Hills by emt1986 2015-11-28

Like the original Giorgio, Red is so well-blended that I can't really pick out much in the way of individual notes, though it does evolve a bit more. On me, it starts out woody and VERY balsamic, and the drydown is spiced fruit. Later on, I get the florals. It's just the right level of sweet, and not at all in a sugary way.

I don't find Red especially sexy, but it IS very festive and Christmas-y smelling with wonderful strength, sillage, and longevity, and it's really unique... I can't think of another fragrance to which to compare it. Very, very rich and bold, without being as brash as Giorgio original. I don't think it smells dated at all (though if it did, I wouldn't care).

Incredible value for the dollar here! With modern scents, you have to pay an arm and a leg for anything with any presence (and still, paying through the nose is certainly not a guarantee of any kind), but a 3-ounce bottle of Giorgio Red can be had for under $25 on Amazon, and it'll last you.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Bigsly 2015-11-28

@Josh839: I don't think the "niche snobs" were the ones who didn't like this scent, generally-speaking. It was those who liked Eau Sauvage, Dior Homme, etc. who were very disappointed. Then there are people like me, who don't want to walk around breathing in ambroxan all day (from what I've heard), but who already own a ton of "cheapos" that we enjoy, and spending $80 or so on a 100 ml bottle of this strikes us as close to financial insanity. If it works for you, that's great, and I'm sure it will be a big success for Dior. But on the other hand, do you really expect someone with a few hundred bottles, most of them less expensive than Sauvage (by a wide margin) to think it's something we should buy?

Azzaro pour Homme Azzaro by divenegg 2015-11-28

When I was in highschool in 1989 it used to smell delicious,masculine and atractive, a lot of young girls loved my azzaro, but the reformulation smells like old man. I don't understand reformulation to make something worst.

Alien Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler by deb.martinez 2015-11-28

Got this from an awesome swapper here,,,it is gorgeous and sweet! Much smoother and rounded than Alien propper.
I would love a full bottle,,but have so many on order that maybe next yr will bring it my way! I love the added powdery nutty effect! very tasty indeed! :)
This just gets better and better....oh my soul....I love you Thierry Mugler....and Pierre Aulas!!!!!

Sauvage Christian Dior by Josh839 2015-11-28

I can't pretend to be an expert, but I am a very informed amateur with some significant experience who happens to love this fragrance.

I have a professional education in visual arts, a teaching and a foreign language degree and if I love Sauvage I don't think this is a proof that I am a complete idiot with fragrances either.

Every one has the right to his/her opinion and I respect the one of those who hate Sauvage, but if I had more financial means to devote to fragrances, I would rush to buy this fragrance just to counter the hatred of a few snobs, among the haters of Sauvage, who cannot help to brag about their huge collection, niche or otherwise, and insult those who have not the means to do so.

To assert one's opinion about a fragrance is one thing, but to insult, directly or indirectly, those who do not share one's opinion is another thing.

The label of "Impressionism" was given by a critic to the painters of this movement in order to ridicule them at the time of their first exhibition. Who would want to ridicule the impressionist painters now...

We have to take with a grain of salt the opinion of critics.

Here is my brief impression on Sauvage specifically.

For me, the title of the fragrance, "Sauvage", represents well a raw austerity that I see in the "music" of the fragrance which resonates with my personality.

The ambroxan, woody and spicy tones of its drydown echoe and make it even quite close for me to the drydown of Angel Schlesser Oriental Soul for men that I love a lot. I find Sauvage more refined and somewhat more mysterious and ambiguous. This makes Sauvage appears to me as crafted with more virtuosity than Oriental Soul.

Longevity and projection for both fragrances are very good on me. The last time I compared them I could still smell them close to the skin when I woke up the next morning after a late afternoon application the day before.

The difference between Sauvage and Oriental Soul reminds me of the kind of difference between Lalique Encre Noire and Chanel Sycomore.

For me Sauvage, in some ways, is a kind of "Chanel Sycomore" to Angel Schlesser Oriental Soul.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Lucbyrnes 2015-11-28

First we all hated Bleu de Chanel. Then we all hated Guerlain L'homme Ideal. Now we all hate Dior Sauvage. Guess what? None of these are bad fragrances. In fact, I really like L'homme Ideal, Bleu is good, and this one, to be honest, I've only sampled, but guess what? I get a feeling it's pretty good too!! What's with all the hate? I just don't get it.

Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior by Scentrist 2015-11-28

So I'm recently browsing through the Dior boutique on Rue due Foubourg Saint-Honoré and I happened across this gem (yes, I've been rather out of touch). My disclaimer up-front: I adore Dior Homme Intense, let's forego a debate on whether 2007 or the current incarnation.

I sprayed this and was immediately greeted with this powerfully smoky accord with iris. DHI has nothing on the impact of this by comparison. So while my wife was browsing and ultimately bought something else, I kept considering this. Late that evening, after having waded through a multitude of shops, I'd been back in my hotel and noted this very mellow, smoldering scent with iris interlaced, as did my wife who commented positively on it. I tried to recall what I'd sprayed where and after jogging my memory.

It was Dior Homme Perfume, many hours later. This took on a life of its own, the longevity was incredibly good, and it just improved over time and dry-down. I decided I'd wait through the next morning and sure enough, it's still there, strong as ever.

Brilliance. 24 hours later, this was as potent as ever. Yes, I was back to the boutique the following afternoon and happily paid Paris boutique/Euro prices for this. Had to have it without question even as I've been pairing down my own collection. This is a keeper.

I'll echo the sentiments of other reviewers. This skews older and more sophisticated, the choice of Pattinson perplexes me. I'd certainly see this as a good evening scent, a great 3-season scent (too strong for summer), and one that would make an impression. Highly recommended.

Composition: 9/10
Sillage: 10/10
Longevity: "But this goes to 11", to quote Spinal Tap.

Bravo, Francois.

Mod Noir Marc Jacobs by Cakesncuddles 2015-11-28

Cheap at manufacturing, expensive to buy. This applies to the majority of MJ fragrances. This one is soft, floraly-fresh, weak in longevity, stays close to skin.
Big dissapointment.

Donald Trump Trump by benpitt 2015-11-28

It's opens up sharply with a very zesty/sweet citrus (and I guess cucumber) note that sort of stays in the 'attack mode' of a freshly applied spray, and doesn't seem to dry out to much else.

To me, it gets irritating quickly as the blend isn't very attractive, and it truly smells cheap. Overall it's just pretty weak, fortunately it goes away after ~3 hours.

Alien Thierry Mugler by whammy 2015-11-28

I had this perfume years ago and always received compliments when I wore it on nights out. It was so unusual and no one knew what it was - I loved the mysteriousness of it! At one point it became my signature scent and held great memories for me. Unfortunately all of my friends have caught wind of Alien and now wear it day and night, so I haven't touched it since. Its lost its magic and doesn't feel special to me anymore, which is a shame because it is such a beautiful fragrance. Funny how your opinion on a scent can change when you smell it on someone else!

I don't blame them though, this is a wonderful jasmine perfume that can fill a room. Very sensual and alluring.

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by Vanillacarmelcoffee 2015-11-28

Smells like ethereal rain made of juice (with whatever flavor that is associated with the color purple).

Mod Noir Marc Jacobs by aqua76239 2015-11-28

I am surprised that so many comparing it to original MJ because it doesn't smell that way at all. Neither does it smell like Hollywood which is sweet fresh gardenia scent.
In my opinion bottle doesn't match the scent-bottle is sort of mod and minimalistic but scent is anything but. you know how you see a picture of someone and form an opinion about what type of person that is? and then you meet him/her and you are shocked to find out that they are nothing like what you imagined?
that's how I felt about this scent. I imagined something citrusy, cold and clinical. Not sure why.

What I got was watery gardenia which was interlayered with coconut notes(or at least what smelled like coconut since there is no such thing in this scent"

People to compared it to gardenia scent from Pacifica are definitely close to what it smells like.
I am picturing Tahiti, coconut drink and local women with gardenia flowers in their hair.

I know MJ has sort of quirky style but I never liked his bottles and this one no different. But I really like the scent

Hey, all of you other rhubarb fans (such as myself), I found a hand soap that smells almost *exactly like this CdG fragrance: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Rhubarb Hand Soap. (It won't let me post a link, but I bought mine at Target.)

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by NoirEternal 2015-11-28

it's for sale on hsn.... which isn't something I'm so proud of... they have poor handling... but I guess I will order it Tuesday

Freedom Tommy Hilfiger by graysbeardcare 2015-11-28

Ita have you smelling Cool as a Cumcumber

Sauvage Christian Dior by bart4543 2015-11-28

this must be selling like hot cakes the way every department store i go to is pushing this one. Dior must have spent a lot of money on marketing. I kinda see what they are going for here. Make a safe fragrance that most ppl will find appealing and buy. For you average consumer this is a masterpiece but for fragrance snobs like us there is so much to be desired here. the opening is actually very nice, remind me of aventus creed but about 30 min in all ur left with is a sofy "colongy" smell that is just average. Im sorry but if i wanna spend 100 dollars on fragrance there are at least 20 fragrance just from the top of my head that are better than this.

Polo Red Ralph Lauren by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

It's intensely citrus and sweet(not the sugary sweet delicious "gourmand" type). It doesn't develop, and i really didn't get the "warm spicy" out of this cologne. It was pretty linear. I didn't get the coffee aspect of it. It just smelled like straight up grapefruit, pepper and wood.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Scentrist 2015-11-28

Dead common dreck.

And that's perhaps the best thing I could speak of this. I wanted to see if the hype surrounding this was warranted. Plot spoiler: It's not.

From the outset, it smells like almost every other popular men's fragrance on the market of late, and the department stores in the US will probably promote this relentlessly through the Holiday season. It's another Bleu de Chanel.

What you smell is linear. First spray through to the bitter end, it's the same very sharp 'citrus/pepper' notes we've come to expect because...well, it's accessible, and if Bleu worked, just tweak the formula and Voila! I'm clearly not a fan, so if you jumped the Bleu bandwagon and like that, the best I could say is that you'd likely tolerate this. Otherwise, it's cheap and nondescript and therefore a perfect gift for someone who doesn't mind smelling cheap and nondescript.

Beyond Paradise Estée Lauder by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

my mother bought this for me when i was a teenager. She wanted me to smell very womanly and classy.

well, she was right about smelling very womanly. This perfume is VERY floral. I honestly really don't like floral perfumes. They just don't fit my personality well, and when a perfume is /JUST FLORAL/, or /JUST FRUITY/ or /JUST SPICY/, it's /JUST BORING/.

This perfume was incredibly strong, and that's not good in my opinion. I like when perfumes are intimate and personal. I like when you can smell them when you're close to someone, not when you're a mile away from them.

It's a very feminine, floral, citrus and strong perfume. Not particular my cup of tea.

Classique Eau de Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

i don't think i like any of jean paul gaultier's perfumes. they seem to be all the same, just different beautiful bottles. I wish there was a more gourmand gaultier perfume, this is just way too baby powdery and floral to me... I was hoping the vanilla would dominate, but it was very subtle.

Joop! Homme Wild Joop! by pietrocanoa16 2015-11-28

The uggliest flacon ever, still quite a nice juice on it, the pink pepper and the rum rule this dark and mysterious fragrance. It has a light sweetness that shows up in the drydown, but it's not even close to the nauseating sweetness present on the classic Joop! Homme. 8 of 10 in my opinon.

Bamboo Fruits & Passion by Morkettad 2015-11-28

How do I buy?

Herod Parfums de Marly by Arabian Knight 2015-11-28

I'm impressed by the realistic tobacco note here. It actually smells like dry tobacco leaf; I think the cypriol and the pepper help to create that dry, flaky texture, with the incense providing just the vaguest tinge of smoky bitterness to recall the piquant, dusty smell of a freshly rolled cigar.

However, for me, the sweetness is amplified too much by a dense vanilla and cinnamon, which threaten to push things into Christmas Candle territory.

It doesn't quite devolve that way, but it's annoying enough to make me strike it off my for 'regular wear' list. Too many sprays of this could become very cloying.

For sure a cold weather, comfort scent. Well made, but a little too much for me.

L`orpheline Serge Lutens by NicheMaster29 2015-11-28

What a beautiful smell. a very clean smell yet musky and smoothly done. I almost seem to detect like a clove like incense in the background. It kinda has that I've smelled this before thing going on, but it's really nice and I am not sure why more people are not hyping this up

Pomegranate Noir Jo Malone by Crystals On My Converse 2015-11-28

I got a sample of this when I got another 30ml cologne, I would say I smell cloves straight off the bat wit this one but the dry down was more spicy and warm with a hint of woodiness. I do like this one but it isn't my favourite Jo Malone. I would say this is most definitely a unisex fragrance!

Private Label Jovoy Paris by NicheMaster29 2015-11-28

This is a beastmode fragrance. I will have to say it's my second favorite fragrance next to sont faints in the line which I own. This is a fragrance that shines to me on the dry down. The opening really does pack a punch. It almost reminds me of smelling nail polish. The leather note screams dirty and the notes are right on as listed. This is a manly mans man fragrance all the way. These bottles and presentation s are so nice. They are just as heavy as the parfum de marly bottles. Thick beautiful transparent glass with a beautiful heavy shiny cap. Presentation is perfect. But the smell is nice, it's just very strong and long lasting. I would say two sprays is more than enough and its lasts on my skin for 15hours's ridiculous. On clothes forget about it. This is definitely a must try if you are in to dark, leather, vetiver earthy patch type of scents. Go for 100ml..I find them discounted all the time for like $135 shipped. Very nice overall rating 8.5/10

As Sawira Penhaligon`s by Ivyswirl 2015-11-28

Not bad actually. But it may just be my skin giving this a weird slant. For me this is like a oud and saffron combo that almost feels a bit leathery and has quite a barnyard kick to it. Yes perhaps it is late to the oud trend but it's not a bad one.

Just to note also, I sampled this at Penhaligons in Cambridge and the staff were fantastic, there was mulled wine and mince pies (in little dainty teacups!) and plenty of samples. The staff were both very knowledgeable and honest, certainly not pushy like some! Whilst I'm not thrilled by some of the new releases I cannot fault their approach or service!

Cabochard Gres by SirMasterpiece 2015-11-28

Tell me...something familiar for men...really need this! My grandma has it and it's just...pure magic for my nose, I get shivers every time! :)

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by DamonAlbarn 2015-11-28

I got a very big bottle of this for my birthday as a gift and because of that I am wearing it daily, but honestly, I'm not really loving this. I wear it because other people like it on me and because it's a very innovative fragrance (those carrot and tomato initial notes! wow!) but oof, those greens are so sharp and unpleasant and almost sour in the bottle and on my skin, it smells like I just rubbed pure chlorophyll on my body. Of course it mellows down into something somewhat more gentle and powdery but it's still not something that gives me joy to wear. It's perfect for the strong, perhaps androgynous woman, a very nice workplace or jeans and t-shirt fragrance. I guess I just prefer sexier scents for my androgynous fragrances.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by Neckromancer 2015-11-28

If it wasn't for that freaking licorice, I'd like this. When it dries down, it's a nice cotton candy. But before that, it's almost intolerable, and it makes me so upset because I was expecting a pure cotton candy fragrance. The dominant note should not be listed as cotton candy.

Forever Red Bath and Body Works by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

I remember when the "forever red" collection first came out. Everyone wanted to get their hands on this BEAUTIFUL perfume, body lotion, body mist, and even lip color. I was pretty tempted to buy it(since my favorite color is red and i heard such great reviews), but i never did.

And i really regret not trying it out sooner. It was vanilla-y and fruity(pomegranate) , but it had this lovely woody aspect to it.... it's sophisticated, and womanly. It didn't give me a headache like Cashmere Glow did.

I'm kinda tempted to check out the Vanilla Rum version of this too.. it sounds delicious as well

Candy, Baby Victoria`s Secret by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

not many people talk about this scent and i don't know why because it's so yummy!!! It smells like whipped cream, sugar, and vanilla. It's like a delicious, creamy vanilla cupcake. I get a little note of cotton candy, even though that's not a note, but it's probably because it's so sugary sweet. It doesn't last that long tho. Which is kinda expected in a body mist. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Trussardi Black Extreme Trussardi by yilmazg 2015-11-28

First of all this is not extreme. Longevity is also average. It is a creamy oriental style cologne. I definitely get rose in the opening. In fact this cologne is similar to Burberry Brit in style but a tad bit more shy. Turns into creamy powdery/floral thanks to Iris note after 30 mins or so. Very pleasant and versatile cologne. Can be worn on summer nights too. I do not get any lemon in this. I prefer the original.

12 Eau D'Epices Tauer Perfumes by Arabian Knight 2015-11-28

Orris root should be ranked higher in this list. The intense, starchy violet note hit me straight away, to the point that I thought I had sniffed the wrong sample.

However, it did soon dissipate to reveal the charismatic array of spices listed here. At first everything was so loud and compacted together, it smelled rather like a freshly opened block of barber's soap -sharp, fizzy, nose-tingling powder- being thrust up my nose. As it calmed down, I found I was able to pick out the nuances of each ingredient; The bitterness of the clove and cardamom, the dry sweetness of the cinnamon and the airiness of the coriander. I also detected something earthy, like dry soil under the fingernails. Vetiver perhaps?

After about 30 mins, a bunch of honey-tinged white florals developed, merging with a soft, vanillic amber to advance things in a more feminine direction. In the background, the faint tang of Tauer's signature labdanum-infused base, the starchy remnants of the orris and traces of tingly barbershop spice.

Overall, "Eau d'Epices" didn't have the eastern vibe I was expecting. Rather, it has more in common with perfumes like "Caléche" and "Boucheron Homme". Clean spice, pretty florals and powder, but balanced in a way that resembles something my grandparents would have worn. Nice, but a bit old fashioned. I would feel smart and respectable wearing this, but not sexy, if you get me.

Gucci Oud Gucci by Forget Freeman 2015-11-28

An interesting long lasting scent with a lot of depth.
However, this should not be marketed as unisex in my opinion, it's just too feminine, I can't ever picture me wearing it again.
On women I would find very attractive as there is a certain classiness to it.

Mediterranean Elizabeth Arden by Cassiopeia99 2015-11-28

Bought this blind because I was looking for something fresh and aquatic and I thought 'Salty, fresh, Mediterranean, $10…why not?' This wasn't quite what I was looking for. This perfume is a bit "heavy" if you will, it didn't have the light, airy smell I was looking for. Imagine diving into the ocean and swimming 50 feet down under. It becomes a tad heavy and overwhelming to my nose. This scent is nice, but not something I would repurchase. On me the longevity is beyond poor, and is completely gone within an hour. The sillage is moderate-soft while the scent lasts.

EDIT: Drydown includes a tiny trace of a rainwater type smell, but it is pretty faint, so the only way to smell it is by putting your nose right up to your skin.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by chardee_macdennis 2015-11-28

I really feel like they pooped on a masterpiece with the reform. I only had a sample of the vintage (which I didn't know until later) before buying a reform bottle. That little sample got me so hooked. The good news about the reform is that the scent is still great, they just managed to make the projection die into a powdery skin scent after about 3 hours, rather than... I dunno, maybe 6-7 hours with the original (I'd always lose track of time).

The reform still gets compliments out the wazoo, but you're not in a position where you'll need extra sprays and probably a travel atomizer. Sad, but not the end of the world if you're main interest is fishing for compliments.

A beautiful fragrantica member had this one up for swap, I love shalimar edp so made her a offer of one of her true loves. I was so lucky to receive this woman/perfume, I say woman because there is nothing girly about this biatch. Sassy and Wild, I adore her. To me she is a darker, stinkier version and very much what Ive been looking for.
A big thank you to Sue for allowing me this treasure <3
Its the one and only perfume my partner has loved on me, that in its self is a blessing :) <3

Killer Queen Katy Perry by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

Like most celebrity perfumes and colognes, they aren't all that unique. I didn't really expect this one to be unique, but i still like it. It's a very feminine floral, with a bit of fruit. It does kinda come off as something a queen would wear, because it's a bit sophisticated. It's a woody floral. I'd probably get a 1 oz of this, nothing more.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by chardee_macdennis 2015-11-28

This is my only fragrance from the A*Men line, and I doubt I will add any more to the collection. Not because I dislike Pure Malt, but because I feel as though it would be redundant considering my personal preferences. This is one of my heaviest, sweetest, and most feminine fragrances, and I don't have a problem with that. The term "Stripper perfume" seemed like an exaggeration at first, but after a couple of uses it seems to make perfect sense. Your style and personality has to make this masculine or feminine, because the scent can truly go either way. My mother could rock this scent at age 61, just like I can at 28, but perhaps other people (male or female) could smell awkward sporting this scent at any age.

It does not smell overtly like whisky. There is a surefire boozy opening for a few minutes, but that settles into the background of a balanced composition that I suspect holds true for most of the A*Men line (but don't quote me on that). I get heavy sweetness around a nice center of dried fruits, with the malty/whisky/woody notes hanging out in the back seat. The right man (or woman) could pull it off on a date, but to me it seems best served for a night out. I'll be sporting it during the day time (which for me is mostly spent in a class room) for the winter months, and I'll probably never wear it in temps above 60 F.

Performance is very good. My skin is not very friendly towards longevity, but I get a solid 3-4 hours of projection, and overall longevity as long as 8 hours. Not a safe blind buy, but it could really play a good role in a cold weather lineup for those willing to try it.

Selling my 90% full bottle for who is interested. In Denmark or the European Union. :) PM

Samsara Eau de Toilette Guerlain by itstakenalready 2015-11-28

About ten years ago, I was shopping at the London duty free at Guerlain. I did not want to test too many fearing I might confuse my nose. I ended up choosing Mitsouko for myself, I loved it and never thought it smelled too strong or old, but it certainly was not something not many would choose in their teen years. I blindly bought Shalimar for my mother convinced after several reviews that she would love it, unfortunately she did not and neither did I. For some reason I did not even look at the red bottle of Samsara there which I regret. After several years now off late I wanted to get something by Guerlain again after getting fed up with all the generic vanilla and so called clean and young perfumes out there in the market. I came across Samsara and I had to get the largest bottle available, It smells like home away from home, it is soothing, relaxing and smells so familiar. I absolutely understand what a lot of reviewers are talking about here. I have not been able to wear perfume for several months now because of my pregnancy which makes everything smell wrong and sharp. Now, I am so glad my nose is getting back to normal and I can enjoy Wearing Samsara, it's so unique, it's an experience every woman should try.

Individuel Montblanc by manu.tq 2015-11-28

Selling my 80% full bottle for who is interested. In the European Union. :) PM

Selling my 80% full bottle for who is interested. In Denmark or the European Union. :) PM

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein by butfly23 2015-11-28

I have tried to find this on the internet, unsuccessful.
Has anyone in the UK got this?
Can I have a sample?

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by manu.tq 2015-11-28

Selling my 97% full bottle for who is interested. In Denmark or the European Union. :) PM

Selling my 95% full bottle for who is interested. In Denmark or the European Union. :) PM

Lady Million Paco Rabanne by Labaloo 2015-11-28

I have a good friend who wears this. It perfectly fits her style: she's ambitious and driven in her career, extroverted with a huge circle of fans, and more-than-a-bit pretentious. She likes to drop names, and, from her fingertips festooned with professionally-done nails, sharply-creased bills to the cocktail-server as she holds court on the bar-patio. She loves Paula Dean. She's careful with her liquor. She came from a working-class family, but lives in a nice middle-class neighborhood with a quiet husband. Still, she's a little rough around the edges. She and her mother don't speak anymore, and we- her friends- know not to ask her much about that. We accept her, and love her- faults and all. I've honestly never seen her in anything but black, heavily accessorized with gold rings on each finger and probably too much makeup on her eyelids. And a hefty dose of Lady Million.

Lady Million isn't all sweet, by the way: underneath that veneer of a smiling, honeyed bouquet, she has a mid-ground of bitter-soapy dryness that you can only see if you spend some time and look. Kind of like the scent of olive or "bridal wreath" flowers- if you've ever had a chance to smell either. Just enough. I think this contrast creates a fascinating depth- like a nod to the 80's powerhouses without going full-on back to those glory days. She definitely isn't going to please everyone... but, like my friend, you're going to notice her when she comes through the door.

Encre Noire Lalique by chardee_macdennis 2015-11-28

Does it smell dark and mysterious? Yes.

Does it smell like it could be incredibly classy? Yes.

Does it smell like a dirty stick? Yes.

That's what makes it such a unique accomplishment. Certain noses could hate this. It could cause someone sitting next to you to stand up and move 3 seats over. Or it could cause someone 2 seats over to raise their eyebrows and think "Interesting...."

Personally, I find it difficult to find the occasion to wear this. I'm almost never in a suit and tie. I'm under 30. Most of the people who catch a whiff of me on a daily basis are under 25. However, I do wear it on certain days, but it I save it for those dank, rainy fall days after all the trees turned to stick figures here in upstate NY. There's days when I'm looking to please the crowd, other times when I'm looking to please the select few, and then there's Encre Noir days (which are days when IDGAF... I'm just striking the mood with no regard for anyone, including myself).

I'd feel like an idiot for owning EN if it sold for $75, but instead I feel like a genius because it was like $28. I recommend it as a blind buy for those curious, or those who simply appreciate the unique. But for those looking to win over a crowd, I think the reviews here speak for themselves: AVOID.

NOTE: Those of you who are into traditional wet shaving, there is a shaving soap that falls right in line in EN. Mike's Natural Soaps makes a high quality and very natural take on vetiver.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

i was at macy's (i believe), and i walked past the men's fragrance counter, and i got a whiff of this fragrance... And i immediately thought of my boyfriend. Got a bottle and gave it to him for his birthday. I feel like this is for sophisticated, mature men. Not as a negative aspect, but it's very.... classy. It's not sweet at all, it's very defined and quite serious. It's incredibly sexy and delicious. This fragrance reminds me of a dom for some reason, like Fifty Shades of Grey hahah

Fahrenheit Le Parfum Christian Dior by Sezyvex 2015-11-28

I sampled this today because I just got my absolute version and was told this one is better and... it is!! The oppoponax really makes this one stand out more. I don't see it listed as a note here but I have been told that is what lends the smoky feel to the scent...

Now that I already have Absolute... I want to give that up and get this instead!! Oh nooooooo!!!!!!

This one is far far from all other rosy perfumes. Despite of the limited notes mentioned here, the scent is really complex and sophisticated seeming that there exist a lot of things in the bottle. I've found a kind of oriental vibe also, and I think that it comes from the Oud. (I'm sure that it's not from Rose, cause I have tested many other rosy scents and i haven't smelled something like this before).
I don't know how it opens and how in ends, cause the single notes are not detectable; I just know that Black XS Be a Legend Debby Harry is soft, juicy, sweet, delicious, young-ish, sophisticated and amaaaaaaazinggggggggggg ♥!

Gold Leather Atelier Cologne by Arabian Knight 2015-11-28

A juicy, booze-soaked plum embraces the cool, piquant breath of artemisia on a bed of sultry leather.

It's fruity, spicy and sweet, almost like a darker, racier version of Jo Malone's "Pomegranate Noir".

I really like it. It's not ground-breaking, the leather is very clean, the oud more of a suggestion, but that main accord of spiced plum is just so deliciously sexy. I'm thinking of a vampish Asian girl with dark lipstick and a cropped leather jacket, on her way to a neon-flooded night club. That said, I'm sure a man could pull this off too.

The sillage is quite sheer, but enough to leave an alluring trail, without making you smell like you dunked yourself in a vat of plum wine.

I recommend as a 'fun night out' scent.

Noir Extreme Tom Ford by amirali0072000 2015-11-28

Interesting fragrance, quite due to supporting oriental ingredients. I like it, but I also find it a bit strange. Maybe it is just too good to my nose. love TF
سمبل ارحینالشو دارم..طالبین پبام خصوصی بدهد

Aromatic Arno Sorel by lembayung jingga 2015-11-28

this scent remind me of my husband, we are in long distance marriage.
I spray in his pillow and in his side of the bed, it gives me feeling that he sleeps beside me. The longevity really great ,, it stay for a day and a day.

the odor is stand out, without intimidating, for me it gives save feeling and warm. really masculine scent.

Noa Cacharel by FireDragon76 2015-11-28

Based on some of the notes, especially coriander, green notes and grass, and how I've heard this fragrance described before, I figured I wasn't going to like this one.

While waiting in a very long line today, with fragrance samples on my right side, I figured it wouldn't hurt to test Noa and I hoped it might create some space around me.:D Noa didn't grant me that wish.;)

I was pleasantly surprised. On my skin, Noa is fresh without resembling pure soap or even worse; air freshener. Just pleasantly fresh with something earthy and warm. I think I can pull this off, nearly year round and be inoffensive in any place or situation, yet Noa is unique from other inoffensive fragrances I've owned and tested and given the very reasonable price for 50ml (here in Denmark) I'm definitely getting it in Spring.

I only applied one spritz and it stayed on for the two hours I was out shopping but the fragrance disappeared immediately when I came home and washed my hands. I doubt that will be an issue if I spritz it higher on my wrists or on my neck.

Precious Forest Keiko Mecheri by Jrmcquill 2015-11-28

This smells awfully good, just not right for me. I don’t know if it’s too feminine, or too bright and sunny for this November day. Perhaps a bit too gourmandish? I will have to revisit at a warmer time of year, and smell it on my wife! Going to go neutral on this one.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by martha5tewart 2015-11-28

Pair this with TM's A*Men Pure Wood. Delightful.

A very good fragrance for summer, very fresh. It reminds me Eau de Rochas Homme.

This really is a beautiful fragrance. There really isnt anything else like it, its very unique and comforting!

However, I can never wear this because everyone and their mom wore this while I was in high school (including my mom haha), it is/was just way too popular! Still lovely though...

Fantasy Britney Spears by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

im not really sure if i like or dislike this perfume. I expected it to be REALLY sweet from the reviews. I expected a gourmand, delicious dessert, with tart raspberries and yummy vanilla and sugar. Well yeah, i mean, when you initially spray it you smell that, but when it develops, it's pretty bitter.

Don't get me wrong, it's a decent perfume, but is it as good as every says it is? Is it revolutionary? not in my opinion, no.

Bentley For Men Absolute Bentley by Martin__ 2015-11-28

OK, now I own a decant for few weeks. I've used a bit of Bentley for Men Absolute...

The opening is very far from Gucci Pour Homme I. Very far. It's dark, mysterious and bold. At least for me. Lots of woods, mainly cedar, vetiver and patchouli. At this time it reminds me of two Lalique fragrances: Encre Noire and Hommage a L'Homme Voyageur (which also was made by Michel Almairac, by the way).

In time, it looses its dark character and is getting woody and "churchy". Main "players" are cedar, frankincense, papyrus. There also is a hint of oud, but it's playing rather a supporting role, adding a woody backbone to it. That's when it's getting REALLY close to Gucci Pour Homme I.

From time to time I also feel a leather accent.

Longevity is from 9 to 13 hours, sillage is very good for about 2 hours, then it settles down and gets close to skin.

Am I impressed? Yes. A LOT. But it's not a Gucci Pour Homme clone.

Bravo, Monsieur Almairac.

Jade Yardley by deb.martinez 2015-11-28

I have had this for several months. I agree with cafe au lait..feels like something is missing....but I do like the scent. I might experiment with some layering...hmmm

Luna Rossa Prada by RobbieX 2015-11-28

Delightful blend of notes. Very similar to L'Occitan but, I think L'Occitan has the edge. However, Luna Rossa is a moderately potent and gorgeously, smooth fragrance.

Dark Angel Victoria`s Secret by MrsTefee 2015-11-28

A typical safe sweet caramel scent in my opinion. This smells exactly like something else but I cant quite think of it...I just know I have smelled this before!!!! Its not unique by any means...definitely NOT worth the high price tag.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

I'd describe this as something a princess would wear.. It's perfectly, light, fruity and girly... It's so pretty. I can see a young lady wearing this, but anyone young at heart can pull this off. It's sweet, and i can really smell the raspberry and vanilla. But it's a sweet kind of raspberry smell, with a little tarty bite to it. It's appropriate for any occasion.

You need to smell this.

Bel Ami Vetiver Hermes by gedlive 2015-11-28

I blind bought this one as I'm coming to trust Hermes and Ellena's compositions.

This is my first leather dominant fragrance and I like it a lot. It is a very smooth well blended fragrance, I wouldn't have been surprised if someone told me it was a TF Private Blend frag. just not edp strength, but very good for a edt.

I don't get much Vetiver at all, and I know Vetiver quite well. My first impressions are like this: rich warm balsams, a baseball glove or suede leather, Cloves and Civet.
This reminded me most of Caron Le 3 Homme, vintage, the richness, cloves and Civet, with some leather mixed in. I have never tried Bel Ami.
The leather note becomes richer, darker, more rounded as the fragrance progresses into the mid and drydown, with almost a fruity sourness which smells like a nuance of the leather.
I finally do get a leathery Vetiver in the drydown, this is quite long lasting.

This is smooth and a bit sexy, but not in your face like TF Tobaco Vanela. The Vanela and Civet do ad that swavness, but the leather balances that, and makes it a bit grimy masculine.

I think this will be even nicer in the coldest months, I see it more for evening wear. It is a very versatile scent for something as classy as it is. I will wear it to church.

PS: Check out the new Hermes "Equipage Geranium", it is very close, to my favorite classic, Equipage (vintage).

Rating: 8.75/10

John 3:16

Anyway Juliette Has A Gun by littlepepperz 2015-11-28

Wow, Anyway is taking a beating left and right!

I am puzzled by the reviews and the only thing that comes to mind is that it just simply smells different to everybody, some are anosmic to it, some are not.

To me it smells GREAT. It's a fantastic scent, that has very little to do with your typical colognes or citrus-unisex scents. This citrus is so round, fuzzy, as if limes were turned into soft, fluffy balls, drenched in neroli petals, jasmine butter and amber. It's a very warm scent, all of the notes blend together very well, creating a radiant, fresh, almost tropical aura. No sharp edges here.

This brand is probably defined by their strong, full on diva scents, like Lady Vengeance, Citizen Queen, Mad Madame, Midnight Oud and fans of JHAG coming from those scents really dislike the fresher, lighter creations. But looking at what this house has to offer, nearly half of the scents are in the likes of Anyway (Not a Perfume, Gentlewoman, Romantina, Miss Charming) and I hope they don't start making them!

With Love Hilary Duff by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

i got this as a gift and ended up selling it at a garage sale for $5. It's tooooooo strong and really "old lady like". It's not young, it's like what i can imagine middle aged women wearing, trying so desperately to be sexy. But it's anything but sexy. It's really unappealing.... I really don't know any other way to describe it because i had it so long ago..

Cruel Intentions By Kilian by amirali0072000 2015-11-28

Soft, smooth,oud and lovely. Rose wrapped in powdery woodsy...base notes are vetiver, musk, sandalwood, styrax, vanille and castoreum....smell more masculine..the name is interesting..dry down with the amber is very is a beautiful perfumes to added my is a very soft and woody/sweet fragrance..i love it so mauch..but it is expensive.
نمونه حهت تست موجوده.طالبین پیام بدهند

Cashmere Glow Bath and Body Works by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

Now that i think of it, it does smell like With Love by hilary duff. And i hated that one too.

This fragrance is sensual, very warm, a bit sweet and fall-esque. But honestly, it was WAY too strong for me. It just ended up giving me a headache. I really wanted to like this perfume, but oh my god....... instant headache.... i imagine on other people it smells wonderful, but not on me.

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs by Wanesa 2015-11-28

Omg I smell the grapefruit. It's a floral not to sweet scent. Waw it's like most of Marc Jacobs line is inspired by the original daisy. Everything else is a spin off of daisy. Anyway it's light and fresh. Something u can wear everyday. Somewhere in there I'm reminded of dot . Maybe it's the mild coconut idk. Anyway like it . I'm loyal to the Marc Jacobs brand. Those bottles though :)

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

Very fresh, and clean. It's very fruity. It's something i'd spray on myself when i'd hop out of the shower, and head out to do errands. It's nothing special, but it's nice sweet, fruity, fresh fragrance to have. I feel like the dupe at Five Below is just as good and a lot cheaper.

Katy Perry's Mad Potion Katy Perry by ScarlettX 2015-11-28

I don't like it. It's very strongly alcohol smelling. Like a sweet tropical liquer. Reminds me of coqtails that are too sweet to drink. Nothing great or special about it.

Santal 33 Le Labo by kellylj 2015-11-28

Burned through a sample of this, then treated myself to a full-sized bottle. It's pretty abrasive on first application, but dries down to a warm woodiness on me, so I have to be sure to spray a good half hour before leaving the house. That said, it lasts and lasts, and people comment on it long after I have stopped smelling it on myself. Seems to be a scent that comes and goes in waves and wafts. Jackets, sweaters, and scarves smell great after wearing them.
I think this perfume takes some experimentation as to how to apply it right. Sprayed too directly, it's almost noxious and far too 'masculine' on me. But a more diffuse spray gives me in a way more pleasant scent, and one that's not as pronounced.

I really love this scent. Yes, I've smelled it on other people, but it doesn't feel overdone or trite. If anything, it just makes me want to smell it more.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath and Body Works by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

For a long time, i don't know why but I thought this smelled like Pink Sugar...? *shrugs* I guess the sugary aspect was pretty similar.

It's warm, like the name states. It smells a lot like a cinnamon bun, fresh out of the oven. It smells like..... warm cuddles with a spiced latte by the fire... It's sugary sweet, but i feel as though it has a bit of depth. It's not just straight up sugary vanilla. It has a character that kinda grows on you. It's powdery, but like a confectioner's sugar kind of powdery..

I love this.

Kalemat Arabian Oud by adam.naperty 2015-11-28

I remember when i first bought a small sample of it and from the first sniff it blew me away.Very exotic,smooth,sweet,slighlty citrusy and spicy.Just perfect and the dry down was absolutely divine.After 24 hours passed I coudnt stop sniffing my clothes.I could happily just wear the dry down on its own for the rest of my life.However few months later I went to London Arabian Oud shop and after sniffing many other fragrances I coudnt find anything that could top that wonderful sample.So I bought a bottle and sprayed twice on my hair.I was really suprised and upset that I coudnt find the same smell as before.As if it was the same yet different perfume.I could smell musk,woods,amber but there was something missing that I cant put my finger on.Now a year later when there is about 20 ml left I must say that it was never, not even once the same scent as the beautiful sample I smelled before.So when someone mentioned it has been reformulated as that person has old and new bottle and can tell the difference it became clear to me that it must have been the case.Im going to the AO shop in next couple of weeks but if its same Kalemat as the one I have at home will not purchase again unfortunately.If someone has the old bottle and wouldn`t mind to share a 1ml to sample it I would be grateful:)Other than that it was very long lasting and strong but pleasant smell.Nothing like before but still nice.Thank you

Vanilla Bean Noel Bath and Body Works by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

it's depressing that this only comes in season. it's one of the best vanilla body mists i have (body fantasies vanilla). It's sweet, warm and deliciously vanilla. If you wanna smell vanilla-y, and all cuddly and sweet, this is perfect for you. It's not serious by any means. It's not a mixture of anything BUT vanilla. (because i know i really hate when they mix vanilla with something tropical. It gives me a headache.) (*cough cough* coconut vanilla B&BW)

I'm ordering this in bulk for sure.

Egoiste Chanel by amirali0072000 2015-11-28

one of the best of Chanel masculine.. sandalwood is Great...spicy.better for Winter..rose(drydown) sent is masculine //.cinnamon is fresh...i love it..when you wear it you recive many's a special .One of the best scents out there

Sweet, sexy, warm, seductive. Tease.

The name says it all. This has to be the perfect date night fragrance. It's so sexy, feminine and alluring. It's sweet and vanilla-y, but not like Pink Sugar. This is something you'd wear with a sexy black dress, or if you were going on a date with a special someone

I highly recommend this perfume.

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford by KLAC91 2015-11-28

Velvet Orchid:
Velvet Orchid was purported to be the nicer, more feminine version of it's melancholic dark sister Black Orchid. And I think they've achieved that here. This perfume is dense, but it isn't as dark and sad smelling as Black -Black smells like introspection to me, but this is about Velvet. (You can read my review of Black on it's page). Velvet is dark, but in a different way. It's vampish, sexy, carnal. Velvet is more outgoing, outspoken and likable than her sister who is much more reserved, quiet and lives in her mind but with such pent up intensity. (I'm talking about character here, not sillage). But they are both heavy and dark, and you can immediately tell that they are from the same vein. Velvet starts with an intoxicating mix of vanilla and bourbon, a beautiful opening. As it dries down however, it loses some of it's character. The bourbon in the opening is gone, and all that's left were really dark, sexy smelling vanilla with hints of indistinct florals, incense and musk. Now, these combination of notes actually smells dark, and sensual, but I really wanted for the bourbon note to stick around longer. That is why last year, when this perfume came out, I was debating whether to get this or another bottle of Black. I chose Black but if Velvet had kept that interesting opening, I probably would have gotten it. What I did instead was I asked for a few sample vials of Velvet. I've worn this a few times and I still was not blown away by the dry-down. Last weekend however, when I got home from school, I decided to spray some Dior Poison on top of Velvet before heading back out to meet some friends for drinks. I came home late from school and didn't have time to take a shower. Haha! So, Poison, being the other purple bitch from the house of Dior, another dark, mysterious, va va voom kind of scent. And the result? H-E-A-V-E-N. The incense and vanilla from Velvet has amped up Poison and it was BEAUTIFUL! I may just get a small bottle of this so I could keep layering these two. OR, I could just ask for more samples to save some money. Haha! All night I was surrounded by the dark heaviness of these two perfumes! I was in the mood for something dark and spicy that night and it was perfect. I'm not saying Velvet is inferior by any means, no ma'am! This is a powerful beast! Nor am I saying it needs something else for it to be likable. No. I actually really like Velvet! But since I've had a long standing relationship with Black, I am going to stay loyal to it. Velvet is beautiful in it's own way. If black is introspection, velvet is not necessarily extroversion, but she is more comfortable in showing people her inner sultriness. And this is all based on my own perception, so take all of this with a grain of salt. This is how I see these fragrances, this is how my nose perceives them.

I guess this became more of my comparisons between the two Orchids rather than a review. I'm sorry, I intended to go on a totally different direction with this post but... oh well! Haha! This is how I view these sisters. Both beautiful. If only I had a big enough perfume fund, I'd probably have gotten both!

Aoud Leather Montale by banorgue 2015-11-28

sorry Montale...I had to wash it off from my wrist, it is terrible syntethic leather, I can not stand...

Celine Dion Celine Dion by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

This is my mother's signature scent, and it's eh. It honestly reminds me of something you can get as a dupe in a drugstore. That's how i feel about most celebrity perfumes and colognes. Most are not that special or unique.

This smells pretty on her, it suits her, but personally, this isn't really up my alley. /:

The Library Collection Opus V Amouage by amirali0072000 2015-11-28

iris... professional perfumer,,very opens with a magnificent accord of iris ... rich.arabian oriental smell...another Amouage..very diffrent..Amazing and very strong scent.....a long lasting fragrance
نمونه حهت تست موجوده.طالبین پیام بدهند

Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo by kazak 2015-11-28

Forest lilies of the valley. Birthday hearts!

Habit Rouge Dress Code Guerlain by Tomfinx 2015-11-28

I am disappointed. This perfume smells like a lemon soap cake. It is a very chemical smell, burning in the nose. I recommend you if you can not try it, do not buy it.

Angel Thierry Mugler by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

It's too.... "baby" like. I really hate this perfume. I had the misfortune of ordering a sample. I was intrigued by the BEAUTIFUL bottle, and so i decided to give the scent a try. AND THANK GOD I DID. They smell awful. How is this so renowned? I was reading the comments and the notes, and i thought i'd really like this perfume. But i don't. It doesn't smell appealing to me. Like lolita lempicka, these "angel" bottles are absolutely gorgeous,

but let this be a lesson. Just because a perfume bottle is beautiful, doesn't mean that the perfume is beautiful.

Femme Individuelle Montblanc by Parsssahara 2015-11-28

This one is awesome!
I'm not into spicy perfumes, but this one stands apart. It's all about pink pepper, pink pepper and pink pepper; but in the best way possible. There exists a pink-peppery substrate and the other notes are arranged on it.
From the first moment to the time of it's fadedness, a pink halo with little sparkling grains of pink pepper would be around you. It's really spicy, but light . I feel a kind of delicate and relatively faint sweetness as well which I guess is derived from rose and vanilla.

A loveable must-try ! ♥

Egoiste Chanel by teri37 2015-11-28

I love it;0)

One time i wore this to school and guy came up to me and asked me if i had rolled in donuts before coming to class. ???????

I hope that gives you an idea what this body spray is like. It's incredibly sweet, vanilla-y, and you can smell it from a miles way. I honestly really like it. BUT, you know how vanilla perfumes and body sprays are. They always smell FAKE. I only get this when i first spray it on. I get that really fake, play-doh scent, but THANKFULLY it decides to calm down on my skin and starts to smell a lot more vanilla-like, warmer and to be entirely honest, sexy. Guys love when i wear this perfume. You can't really go wrong with this body spray. Every girl needs at least ONE sweet perfume/body spray in her collection

Aoud Leather Montale by valantis 2015-11-28

Hi people!!
Can you please tell me from where can i get the longest lasting version?

Cotton candy is one of my all time favorite notes, but this body spray for some reason doesn't give me that Cotton Candy vibe. It smells more like incredibly sugary fruits. It's a wonderful body spray but i'm getting a grape kinda smell from this. like the really fake candy type grape. And maybe a hint of strawberry candy, with a crap ton of sugar. And sometimes, i like that sort of thing, but i wish it was more on the cotton candy side, rather than fruity.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by teri37 2015-11-28

I like the smell,but not on me;0(

Loverdose Red Kiss Diesel by goldie757 2015-11-28

The scent is subtly sweet with notes of cacao and hazelnut making it a little headier, then orange blossom that seems to come out on my skin more as the day goes on. The nutty scent to Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss is something I love and I think this is what has me applying it over other more expensive and sweeter scents. It’s definitely a more seductive grown up sister to the other fragrances in the range and certainly one that would turn a few heads (or noses) on a night out. It’s elegant but demands attention – if that makes sense. I have even had a few compliments on this and people asking what scent it is, which is always a good sign.

Flower by Kenzo Kenzo by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

The name pretty much sums up this fragrance. I don't particularly like predominantly floral perfumes, but I received this as a gift a very long time ago, growing up and honestly, it's mature. I don't know why i received it at a kinda young age, but i'd probably say it's meant for a woman AT LEAST in her mid twenties, not teens. It's a beautiful spring/summer scent. It's floral, obviously, and very feminine. It's not bitter, but it's a little musky. I'd wear this scent if i was at a romantic picnic date, or frolicking around on a hot summer day.

Rose Flash Tauerville by noisome 2015-11-28

Attar Bazaar's Sudanese Black Rose. Slightly sweeter.

Kenzo Amour Kenzo by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

I remember when this perfume came out. My mom got it for herself, and she'd always wear it around the house or when she went shopping. She was obsessed with all of Kenzo's perfumes. It was a fresh, floral, and powdery. It's girly. I didn't love it, but it's not awful. It brings back many sweet memories, along with Kenzo Flower(which i really enjoyed). It's a lot sweeter than Kenzo Flower, but I just don't think it suits me.

Insolence Guerlain by endge 2015-11-28

I see what Luca Turin meant: it's a disrespectful hairspray in the first 5 min, after half an hour or so I do notice a distinct resemblance with L'Heure Bleue, only it's warmer and less medicinal, with sweetish-sharp raspberry undertones. It's very clever. It's not for pretty smiley girly girls, you need to be boyish, sharp, angular, bolshy and striking to rock it. Hilary Swank is a perfect front. I am not comfortable with it, but no, I would not say no to EDT as a gift. I did not like the EDP, it's an olfactory equivalent of a shard of glass wrapped in purple velvet. In other words it's pointless, you can't cut and you can't enjoy the velvet. Wonder what's extract is like.

Aventus clone!!! The birch is the main player here with good performance. Save yourself the aventus purchase as that has been way overhyped and priced. In my opinion as having been a previous owner of aventus this stuff is a better buy all around

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by FleurdeJour 2015-11-28

I've received it yesterday - blind buy. I have been contemplating for a while whether to give it a go or not. I've spent a few years living in Middle East countries, I've been craving for this smell - always on a hunt for a great oriental/woody scent. It smells exactly like bakhoor commonly used in those countries. I agree that this fragrance was adapted to European noses, its not as deep and heavy. About the fragrance itself: opening - smoky rose, once settled - musky rose. It stays close to skin - not a great sillage (very common in natural perfumes, wish to think the ingredients used are high quality) while longevity is great, pleasantly transforms on the skin. Now waiting for original Calligraphy to arrive - high hopes.

Someday Justin Bieber by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

All i can say for this perfume is that it's very fruity, light, girly and sweet. Perfect for tweens, that aren't mature enough to have a real perfume. I don't like Justin Beiber at all, but he makes pretty decent perfumes. I'd use this as a body mist though, when i hop out of the shower and i wanna smell good... Nothing special at all.

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by smellshot 2015-11-28

Too bad it was a limited edition-absolutely adore this cologne, smells absolutely divine. The smokiness in with the cocoa, vanilla coffee is pure magic. If you can get your hands on a bottle I highly recommend it.

Shalimar Guerlain by AlmalkiJeme 2015-11-28

عطر الخلود

Chergui Serge Lutens by AlmalkiJeme 2015-11-28

عسل وتوباكو
عطر مزاج ع الاخر
شتوي وخريفي.. فقط
فيه حلاوه زائده تزيدك دفئٱ

Toujours Glamour Moschino by ThisVulture 2015-11-28

I'm delighted by this one! I bought it blind because it's supposed to smell like Nivea Creme... certain facets of it do recall Nivea but really, Toujours Glamour is its own perfume.

On me, TG is a clean, creamy-soapy floral with lily of the valley. I don't get any red berries, almond, or cardamom. There are elements of Nivea in in the creamy-soapy fatty aspects as well as in the sparkling bright florals. It's a very clean and shower fresh fragrance. I'm loving it!

To sum up, this is not a dupe of Nivea Creme, but it is a terrific perfume if you're looking for something winter-y clean/bight floral with a creamy soapy edge.

Nina Nina Ricci by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

I remember my uncle got this perfume for me, along with Nina In Love, and these were two very similar perfumes, but I preferred the original Nina over the Nina in Love. It's very fresh, but also pretty sweet, and delicate. You can smell the apples, and it settles down from a very citrus/fresh smell, to a sweet and fresh smell. It's simple, but sophisticated and girly at the same time. I wear this on a sunny, and happy day when I'm hanging out with girlfriends..

Cuirs Carner Barcelona by AlmalkiJeme 2015-11-28

افضل من بلاك افغانو
انصح به وبشده

Dior Homme Eau for Men Christian Dior by مهدی 2015-11-28

تستر اصلیش موجود هست 340تومن

Halloween Man Rock On Jesus Del Pozo by camposg 2015-11-28

I tested 4 fragrances on the same day. This one stood out the most. It was beastly as halloween is known to perform, outperforming the rest hands down. It still has the original halloween man in the DNA background but don't get it twisted, this bottle is different. In its sillage is a beautiful modern but I would say younger just not mature demographic scent. 25-40. I was not let down with this one as I knew I wouldn't! This is definitely better than the original and more versatile. Buy the biggest bottle you can before its too late

Black Afgano Nasomatto by AlmalkiJeme 2015-11-28

من اكثر العطور التي تحمست لتجربتها
للاسف لم استسيغه
عطر غبي جدا

لنقاء المكونات والثبات والفوحان

On my (female) skin this is almost entirely gourmand - lots of cola and chocolate, something candied or caramel, warm slightly vanillic, clove and sweet spice and yet strangely clean and not at all cloying. Certainly can understand comparisons with Theorema and yet the sweetness is not fruity - I guess that must be the resin element.

This clearly pre-dates the current era of thick ambers, heavy woods and of course aoud, Despite reminding me of a very expensive hot chocolate powder, it is strangely uplifting. I'm afraid I don't get anything down n dirty from this one! Maybe I'm just not in the mood tonight!

Si Giorgio Armani by grumpycloud 2015-11-28

GOURMAND???!??!? no way!!!! it smells really BAD. It smells really bright happy and i know there isnt a grapefruit note but i swear i smell citrus, and MAYBE (just maybe) a tad of vanilla. but this perfume is kinda sweet, but like an annoying sweet, that doesn't smell good. I feel like it's a wanna be gourmand. Si? more like, No!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by مهدی 2015-11-28

واقعا کاره خوشبو وشیکیه وارزش خزید داره واز 10 بهش 9 میدم وبا کارهای گرون برابری میکنه کسی خواست زیر قیمت بازار تقدیمش میکنم

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