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Yvresse (Champagne) Yves Saint Laurent by TaleOfTheRose 2017-01-19

My bottle has Champagne written on it. As the original name suggested, it is a bubbly parfum opens with sparkling aldehydic apricot, lychee, peach, nectarine top notes. There is a hint of sweetness that is just right for me (I don't like sugary perfume). Later, it develops into warmer floral notes and then dries down to beautiful amber. It is very complex and festive at the same time.
A perfect warm weather perfume but I wear it whenever I feel like or need to lift my mood - as Napoleon said: "I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate... and I drink Champagne when I lose, for solace."

Womanity Thierry Mugler by hedward 2017-01-19

- Seashells under fig tree -

I don't really understand all the fuss and drama about this fragrance. I think it's just a cute aquatic fig with a metallic undertone. Nothing dirty or sexual here nor anything especially challenging. Maybe the kicker here is that womens fragrances don't really have salty notes like mens usual sporty colognes. Splash by Joop! comes to mind which is similarly salty coriander infused spacefruit. If this was marketed for men and instead of caviar there was "aquatic notes" listed we would see a different story here. If you want something salty and disgusting try Secretions Magnifiques and you'll see that Womanity is nothing but a mere furry kitten.

A friend of mine has this as her signature and compliments rain on her like dollars on Bill Gates' bank accounts. I guess Mugler did a great job at punching everyones personal box again looking at the reviews here but personally I find this dissapointing in terms of what Mugler usually offers. All in all I think Womanity is pretty good (great longevity and sillage) but it could've been far more special.

Soundtrack: Baths - Seaside Town

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump by mirul 2017-01-19

it's smells very classy, feminine, seductive and sultry. it's sweet but not cloying. Very fruity and vanilla at the same time. This really portray the adv~

Fath Pour L`Homme Jacques Fath by Lockon 2017-01-19

The opening of is a great scent of raspberry and citrus.
Smell great received comments many times today, best office scent yet.
Long lasting 8 plus, sillage is an easy three feet and drys down to arm's length.
Would buy this again 4.2 OZ Bottle $27.00...

Donald Trump Trump by mirul 2017-01-19

Make America great again~ Very fresh spicy peppery woody scent. really love it

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Intense Issey Miyake by TonyAKAMrClean 2017-01-19

Now that I have this... I have to say, I don't like the beginning! (But wait, it gets better!)

It starts out sharp and as others have said, VERY mature, and the yuzu is very noticeable. I've experienced other scents that I've compared to being similar to a campfire, but this starts out similar to a BONFIRE! Brash and in your face, with something slightly unpleasant thrown in there... I'm a little surprised, because the tester I tried at Macy's did not start out like this.

After an hour or so, it begins to mellow out and that's when the incense becomes so appealing. Again, the tester I tried at Macy's STARTED OUT this way, and I'm a little sad that my bottle doesn't. Has anyone else experience this??

Once it mellows out, the scent is somewhat similar to other modern scents, think YSL Nuit De L'Homme, Armani Code, etc, but of course with different notes.

Mood swings, that's what this scent is! It starts out grumpy, then becomes energetic, and ends up romantic... Not bad! If you appreciate scent evolution, this is an interesting one!

The jury is still out as to whether or not I like this one as much as I did testing it from the tester at Macy's, but the scent seems to be very well received. I haven't been given any unsolicited compliments, however you can tell that it's noticeable while working in close quarters, and it seems to be enjoyed.

Overall, this is likely a scent that you'll wear for yourself, but I believe it will make a good getaway scent for when you're tired of the norm or need a break from the Bleu De Chanels and Dior Hommes of this world.

Insulo Jeroboam by Beyonder 2017-01-19

Great simple romantic scent! My wife is glued to my neck when I wear it. :-)

Bright Crystal Absolu Versace by Camerynn 2017-01-19

What the what? Did the raspberry completely ruin the beauty of Bright Crystal? The Absolu version is cat pee! Anyone else get the same???

I love the reg BC but it doesn't last long so I was so excited to get this one. But...sigh...alas, cat pee is not my signature scent goal at this time. Too bad for you Versace. I'd have paid good money for it.

I have a mostly full bottle for trade if anyone is interested.

Egoiste Platinum Chanel by StinkOMatic 2017-01-19

Smells like watered down tea tree oil

Purple Rain Prada by lada1947 2017-01-19

My first spraying of Purple Rain told me instantly that this was a Prada iris. The family resemblance was strong. The next thing I noticed was that this had less immediate "power" than Infusion d'Iris Absolue, as I had to respray immediately, and quite generously, in order to smell anything at all. After three good hearty sprays to my neck and one to my arm, I realised that Purple Rain projects more than is obvious. It was much easier to smell it around myself, than on my skin.

This is a cool, clear, blue iris, that makes a beautiful cloud around one. It was still difficult to smell it on my arm, but I was very aware of my "aura." There is not a great deal of progression over time, and five hours later I could still smell it strongly around me. I thought I smelled a touch of incense, and this lovely iris, slightly sweet but never sugary, holds onto its iris-ness as it slowly dies down. This is definitely not Infusion d'Iris on steroids, because it is never loud, but it is an excellent new sibling. The relationship between the two is clear, but Purple Rain is its own iris, an iris fragrance in its own right, and it is a beautiful one.

In the interests of full research, and because I love iris fragrances, I tried a right arm left arm comparison between Purple Rain and Infusion d'Iris Absolue. The Infusion goes on slightly sweeter, slightly almondy and less blue. There is a hint of other florals and also of citrus, but the stand out difference is the powder. Infusion d'Iris Absolue is an iris coated in baby powder, and no less gorgeous for that, but Purple Rain is clear, pure blue. The only powder in Purple Rain is found right at the very end, when what is left on my skin has a faint powdery tint to it.

Longevity is well above average, assuming that an adequate amount is sprayed to start with. After ten hours Purple Rain is at last a skin scent, and my lovely blue aura has faded to memory. Projection, despite the aura, is not huge. My husband only noticed my perfume when I invaded his personal space very thoroughly, so it does not carry far, but it is noticeable on oneself, which is most important to me.

I love both these irises, for their similarities and for their differences. I love powdery scents, but Purple Rain's clarity of colour and tone is simply gorgeous...and I have a full bottle all to myself!

Nankun Kodō Sultan Pasha Attars by TaleOfTheRose 2017-01-19

Whenever I need a zen moment, I will wear Nankun Kodo. It is a near exact representation of Shoyeido incense Nankun Kodo (Southern Wind).
Traditional Japanese incense has five scents – sweet, spicy, bitter, salty and sour. I can detect the first four from this attar. It is very complex, powerful and yet serene. The sweetness is not sugary sweet but towards bitter sweet. There is a warmth in the scent that fits its name. The longevity and quality of material is exceptional.

I am so glad Sultan Pasha's creations are finally in our database.

Daisy Marc Jacobs by HumesMistress 2017-01-19

This makes me laugh. I bought Daisy because the word "grass" was mentioned 70+ times in reviews on this page (I love grass notes). I also noticed that "banana" was mentioned 50 times... which concerned me (thankfully I get no banana). Daisy does smell like grass, but in an abstract way. Hermes Un Jardin sur le Toit smells much more like grass to me, but I also think it smells sweeter overall and I noticed an incense note to it that bothered me eventually.

I like Daisy. It's happy and clean. The prior reviewer said peaceful, and I would agree with that. If you like Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, you'll likely enjoy Daisy. Daisy is a pleasant happy musk with more going on than the usual. All of the listed notes are present, but none are particularly strong enough to be overly identifiable. Maybe the violet and violet leaves... but otherwise I get a thought of being in a grassy wildflower filled field after having taken a shower. It's not sugary aside from a faint note of natural smelling strawberry, it's not sharp or headache inducing. I get great longevity. I'm glad I finally bought Daisy, since it's something I turned my nose up at for years. Also, if you found Chloe to be acrid and too laundry detergent, which I did, Daisy doesn't have that effect for me at all.

Hmm, this is a strange one. I'm not sure I really understand this perfume.

When I spray it on it seems strong, but after a second or two it's like the scent totally disappears from my skin. For about 10-15 minutes I can't smell a thing. Then it slowley starts to appear again, and it grows into a rather strong smell that still sits quite close to the skin, if that makes any sense.

Initially the scent reminds me of hairspray. It softens into a more floral smell, jasmine. But it's a very rough, woody jasmine. A masculine jasmine, in a way.

Baccarat Rouge comes across as an intensely brown smell, to my nose. And it gives me the same feeling as sandpaper does. Flat, brown and with a roughness to it. It feels like I can polish something with this scent. Like I could smooth out rough edges with it. And yet the scent has a certain softness as well.

I see people speak of candy and sweetness, but I can't detect any candy like notes or much sweetness in this scent at all. It's a very dry, woody smell to my nose. Very foresty. No candy shop in sight.

Very complex scent filled with contrasts. I don't think I like it, but I'm a bit intrigued by it. It puzzles me.

Starts strong, disappears completely, before it slowly emerges again, grows rather strong and then dries down to a skin scent. It's like the scent can't make up its mind on my skin. Longevity is 6-7 hours on me.

Splash Joop! by Lockon 2017-01-19

I must say, wow.
This is my first Joop! Aqua/Flanker scent.
It's Very different from Joop! Pour Homme.
It's very different.
Long lasting 8 hours plus, but sillage isn't huge...very close to the skin.
Unless you use more than one spray.
I use four; one on each wrist, one one my chest & one spray on my neck.
So my sillage is at arm's length for a few hours, after that it's a little above the skin...but you can smell it when you move away.
Plus my friends gave me a few hugs at a get-together.
And love the scent.
Is it a beast no, but is it worth a second buy, yes.
I would suggest you buy a bottle for yourself.
3.8 OZ Bottle, $19.00.
Worth it!

Crystal Noir Versace by fililala 2017-01-19

Nothing "dark" or "mysterious" about it; plain tacky and headachy, in accordance to Versace's overall performance.

Palacio de Oca Duquesa de Medinaceli by mrstewart1969 2017-01-19

I bought a new bottle of this perfume at a palace gift shop (Casa Pilatos) in Seville 2016.

This is such a lovely, light fragrance. I bought it whilst on holiday in Seville last summer. It was averaging 40 degrees every day on that holiday and I wanted something fresh but still woodsy/spicy to spritz. My usual Diva by Ungaro was way too heavy and cloying for the searing, Spanish summer.

It opens with delicious fresh, citrusy notes which were so refreshing. Beautifully partnered by simple floral notes and then the lovely woodsy/musky dry down which I am always drawn to.

I adore it. It's a cologne i think, so it doesn't last for long so you have to keep spritzing it to smell it. I had some left when I returned to the UK and I used most of it up during that summer (English summer temps average 18-25 degrees). I had so many people in the UK asking me about that 'beautiful perfume you're wearing'. I couldn't smell it on me anymore but everyone else could!

It's a winner in my book. Gotta try and find another bottle from somewhere...

Sohan d’Iris Sultan Pasha Attars by Le vagabond 2017-01-19

A warm and richly perfumed honey coming from an imaginary land: creamy tonka and sandalwood juxtaposed with bitter almond and red saffron strands.

A heady quality that I recognize from such strange beauties as ‘Nectare’ and ‘Rêve Narcotique’. Intoxicating and rich. But, soon, everything starts to change...

Hold on! Where is the iris? Iris is here all right, richer than ever, but this time her hue isn’t the usual creamy bluish violet, no, here she is sublimed in a huge golden sunset.

Just as you were getting comfy, the thing starts to nibble your ear with an onslaught of the finest deer musk, ambergris and osmanthus... turning this into a carnal scent.

Although the air wafts a breeze of fresh biscuits and chocolate delights being prepared somewhere, the perfume now smells of panting, love-sweetened skin, with a dangerous dark fruitiness.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by AlmondMilkCocoa 2017-01-19

When this first came out I remember selling it off the shelves as fast as they came in. One day I sprayed it on myself and realized how unisex it was. Every time there was a girl looking for something different and didn't like anything, I said, just trust me, and took her to this amazing bottle. It truly is a great scent, and I'll be buying another for nostalgia soon.

Pink Princess Vera Wang by AlmondMilkCocoa 2017-01-19

I have had a sample of, or have owned every Vera wang princess flanker. This is by far my favorite. I still buy discontinued bottles on eBay as other marshmallow scents don't please me (guimauve, royal Hollywood). This scent is amazing, but the reviews are true, sillage and longevity are lacking, but I buy anyways. Try putting a carrier oil on before spraying. Just is too good to stop buying.

Amour Liquide Memoire Liquide by AlmondMilkCocoa 2017-01-19

Very expensive smelling, and very nice. This amplifies other fragrances. This seems to be a cross between modern perfume consistency and perfume oil. It sprays, but feels oily. The reason why this is good is because hydrated skin projects oil, and oils project and last longer. This gives you an idea of the essential oil concentration of the spray. This is amazing and I have bought two for backup. It will heavily amplify fragrances with a vanilla, musk, sandalwood base. Helps project food qualities of other fragrances like Dolce Pour Femme (amplifies the marshmallow x2) and in the case of Katy Perry Meow (amplifies and grounds the vanilla enhancing depth). This will truly and miraculously transform your fragrances, not by "layering" in the traditional sense, this has not transformed any of my fragrances when layered to smell like something else, but it has projected the fragrance and enhanced the fragrances longevity and smell to become more true to the fragrance themselves. Really like

Oud Borneo Abdul Karim Al Faransi by Sara74 2017-01-19

I got this for my spouse and it is a quite linear scent. There is a lot of oud and wood in it, the vanilla is hardly noticable and the patchouli is also very discreet. I have a vanilla perfume oil and I dabbed it on my wrists and then I did the same with the Oud Borneo. As soon as the swetness from the vanilla mixed it self together with this smoky, woody pefume, it got very interesting. If you want to try this combo, go easy with the vanilla though. I also tried it with a tonka bean/ benzoin oil, but the vanilla combo was absolutely the best.
You can absolutely were the Oud Borneo just by it self, it is a very special treat of wood, oud and smoke. Dramatic might be the right word.

Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise Bvlgari by SmokeySings789 2017-01-19

I had been looking for a nice tea scent and this one by far is one of my fave's so far.

Just very clean yet comforting, not harsh nor 'too crisp'. I have to be careful with fresh and green scents, because they can get up in my nose in a bad way and stay there all day, even just one spritz. But this one is very wearable and even for me, a little intoxicating and addicting. I do love the scent and would gladly wear it daily and to the office, as it is not harsh at all. But I like variety, and while this is one of my recent loves, I still like mixing it up. But for a soft comforting relaxing 'green tea' type of fragrance, this is tops in my book. Very nicely done.

Nankun Kodō Sultan Pasha Attars by Le vagabond 2017-01-19

Spicy yellow and red earth. Reminiscent of the remains of my Shoyeido incense, but this one is less floral and seductive than what I use. Nankun proposes an extremely contemplative route which is not the norm in perfumery where the aim is usually to seduce. Far from the world of scented gloves and boudoirs, this takes one back to sweet pungent trees and seeds of the earth. For monks and samurai.

Red Moscow Krasnaya Moskva Novaya Zarya by LoneCamel 2017-01-19

Holy grandmother of gram grams! It's horrible. It's great. It's the worst and I'm addicted!

Aramis Aramis by richmilton 2017-01-19

One of those most masculine fragrances ever created. This is what rugged, strong men wear... and what feminine women like on their man. Nothing unisex about this one. Aramis is right up there along Fahrenheit, Azzaro and Anateus as some of the most manly fragrances available today. Strong leather, floral-spicey, herbal aromatic that just demands attention. I catch my wife often smelling the nozzle of my bottle and asking me when I'm going to wear it again so she can enjoy its legendary base notes. The top is a little rough, but trust me guys, this dries down to pure class. However, not a safe buy, test it first because it's one of those love or hate fragrances just like the ones mentioned above.

Tip: Guys, try the Aramis aftershave too, it adds to the longevity and feels wonderful after a shave.

Lalique Pour Homme Lalique by cvaile 2017-01-19

I am delighted.

I bought this last summer, only because I spotted a great deal, wanted to sample some more of Lalique's offerings (had only tried EN previously) and took the plunge.

An initial underwhelming experience seems to be common based on so many comments. It was no different for me. I sampled my EDP bottle as soon as I got it after a day at work. The opening seemed bitter and overly smoky for my taste. I was unhappy, but not extremely demoralized as I'd paid so little for it. I attributed it immediately as a winter scent and promised myself to give it another shot when the time came, so it sat in my "winter" bin (yes, I am THAT guy :-) and waited...

January 2017, I unpack my winter scents, moving the fall-only stuff into the now empty bin and proceed to rediscover some of my old favorites and delve into some of those I feel I owe a fresh shot to - and one of those is this concoction.

Like I have with others, I snap-judged this one in that summer long-gone. It seemed too smoky on the opening - and I have no doubt it was compared to the fresh, citrus stuff I invariably become accustomed to in the summer heat. Taken on its own and in the right time, it's not too smoky - it's magnificent, with an off-dry opening but not too much so, but with a middle accord that still has me mesmerized.

It really must be smelled to be believed, but after it dries down it becomes a semi-sweet and somewhat soft but just-masculine aroma that is so expertly blended I can't even begin to describe by notes. I think it's much closer to a sweet fougere than other woody-aromatics, but the woody base is unmistakable. It's definitely for a mature, self-assured person (it's plainly unisex IMO). I also get the "serious" description from some of you. It's certainly not aloof or a scent that young adults would use before they launch into an indulgent evening of frolicking.

This is a great light-projection workday smell, a great book-reading, day-on-the-town or dinner-at-home scent. It's relaxing, sedate and comfortable.

FlowerParty Yves Rocher by vintage_witch 2017-01-19

This might sound crazy... But I think FlowerParty smells like how those red Solero ice creams used to taste. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but it's fun to find some childhood memories in a bottle of perfume.

Ensar Rose Sultan Pasha Attars by Le vagabond 2017-01-19

Fine-boned, pale rose swooning in a sensuous golden haze, sublimed by a heady, yet supremely graceful, oud. Exquisite, and very sexy.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by hulkhogan1985 2017-01-19

one of the most disgusting, over-hyped, POS i've ever smelled. terrible in every way. only 50 years old and up on this on IMHO. yuk! you fragheads love this garbage and i have no idea why

Tea Escape Maison Martin Margiela by SmokeySings789 2017-01-19

I had been wanting a fresh/green tea type of fragrance, but I have to be careful, as for me, a lot of times fresh/green notes can get up in my nose in a bad way, so it has to be a soft fresh, not a harsh 'screaming' overly crisp fresh. I must admit, I had some trepidation with this one when looking at the accords, but the milkiness and the white floral make this very wearable for me.

I do like it and will wear it in spring or even on summer days, as the humidity here can make a fragrance on my skin amplify in bad ways. Not an everyday fragrance for me, but I did not purchase it as an everyday fragrance. I do not really regard this as a 'safe' or a 'crowd-pleasing' fragrance, and just is not one I would wear to the office. Not saying it is anything bad, but just sometimes green notes and fresh and spicy notes can be tricky with some noses, so I will wear this for shopping trips, casual day trips, that sort of thing. Which is exactly what I was looking for with this fragrance.

A couple of spritzes and I am ready for the day. Sort of an 'awakening' yet also a comforting fragrance. However, I definitely think this one should be tested first and not purchased as a blind-buy.

Casual Paul Sebastian by jlfears 2017-01-19


It's also ridiculously inexpensive both on the evil bay and at discount stores like Marshall's.

It's sheer, but incredibly tenacious.

It's a soft jasmine, a calm lily of the valley, rosewater, light musk, and dryer sheets.

Huge thumbs up.

Scent: 10/10
Longevity: 9/10
Sillage: close on skin after drydown, but huge radius on clothes.

Cristalle Eau de Parfum Chanel by Black_Swan 2017-01-19

Definitely test this one before you buy!! It must smell very different on different people because I really hated this one. I so far have not met a Chanel fragrance I didn't like, especially the classics. #19 is one of my all time favorites, so I thought this would complete my collection by giving me something casual but classy. So wrong. Was the opposite of fresh -rotting even - smelled like a dank, stagnant pond on me. EDT wasn't much better, just lighter, so it smelled like dirty dishwater. Tried Eau Verte and fell in love. So I got my Cristalle, just not the one I expected.

Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette Givenchy by tiffan.wong 2017-01-19

Sharp floral, heavy on the rose. Solid powder finish. Kind of like browsing through your grandmother's (or great-grandmother's) delicate treasures with rose potpourri wafting up, and then heading outside to the crisp sunshine. Lasts about 4-5 hours. I only spray my decolette, so it hits skin and clothes. Seems to last longer on skin.

Fath Pour L`Homme Jacques Fath by rerthegreat 2017-01-19

Absolutely insane I just purchased something this amazing for 20 bucks. Warm, spicy, sweet, the citrus goes by the wayside quickly. Amber and woods, creamy, to me it smells like a sweet pipe tobacco.

I just love it. I can see this working in all season except a hot, humid summer day. Casual, formal, you are good to go. I cannot speak to the longevity yet but I would be surprised if this vanished. Jovan put out (which i own) call secret amber. Not bad but can be too much, overwhelming. Jacques fath is amber done right and this will be a staple in my collection.

Amber Paste Kuumba Made by AjaBlue 2017-01-19

Literally amber paste. Beautiful rich, creamy, smooth amber. I love it. I would have loved this in my 20's when I was given a chunk of pure amber and would rub it on my wrists as a delectable perfume. This is earthy and is unlike the stronger, synthetic ambers that make me scrunch up my nose. It's just comforting. I think I will wear it to bed mostly...or layered underneath other vanilla, spicy scents. I think it would be beautiful underneath Tabu, White Diamonds, YSL Opium and Balmain's Ambre Gris.

Eau des Baux L`Occitane en Provence by mati1706 2017-01-19

Possibly the best incense fragrance I've already wore. This scent is like a fragrance lesson, because you can easily perceive almost every note inside. Incense, Cypress, Vanilla, Tonka and the peppers. Curiously, this have one of the cleanest cypress I know, so, if you enjoy this note, that's an excellent choice. Smells organic, with a niche quality.

4 Colonia No 4 Antica Barbieria Colla by marenanne6 2017-01-19

I can't quite put my finger on what this reminds me of, but it's a soft sweet smell. I think the coumarin adds a nice "sweet hay" smell to it. It may also be responsible for the cinnamon whiff as well. The cedar adds some earthiness to it that I like. Unfortunately the scent was gone after about an hour, but it could be because I had only a small sample and not a full sized bottle.

Flower by Kenzo Essentielle Kenzo by Arlene-Beatrix 2017-01-19

Balsamic, floral, musky scent, nice, but too overwhelming for me. It's rather for cold season.

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules by Bearuk 2017-01-19

Molecule 01 for me was a complete waste of time. I simply can't smell it.

When I spray it on me, I can detect a kind of cedarwood smell for a few seconds and it's gone.

With one exception, when I've worn it no one has mentioned it. The exception was a young man that works at the local coffee shop. In the end I was feeling generous, so instead of trying to sell it on, I gave it to him. He tried it and once again, I couldn't smell a thing. He thinks its amazing. So if I can't smell it and he's the only person around that can, it hasn't produced anything like the desired effect!

Gris Clair Serge Lutens by Black_Swan 2017-01-19

This fragrance taught me to always keep my samples. I tested this a couple years ago and put it aside as pleasant but too masculine. I recently tested it again just to remember what it smelled like because I adore lavender and I still hadn't found a lavender scent that I liked, and OMG I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. What a beautiful, unique, versatile scent that can be worn anywhere, anytime. It's linear but that's fine with me because I really love it and don't want it to change. It's soft but tenacious - it hung around most of the day. I immediately ordered a FB, and I don't do that often because I like to keep my FB collection small. This is so underrated, but I guess that makes me happy because not many other people will smell like me. I'm more of a perfume "wardrobe" person rather than a "signature" person because to me perfume is like clothes - you don't wear the same ones everyday - you choose based on season, occasion, and mood. So it is for me with perfume, but this is the one I wear most often. It's the go-with-everything diamond stud earrings I wear most days - classy but understated and casual at the same time. Just goes to show that tastes and senses change.

London for Men Burberry by AjaBlue 2017-01-19

Smells like Christmas in a bottle. Love the tobacco and the spicy, pine-like undertones. Very nice, but does not last that long.

At first it's very fruity, a bit sweet and a bit sour. Later it starts to be warm, heliotrope & vanilla scent, sophisticated and smooth. Extraordinary and alluring! It's great for almost every type of the weather.
For me it's just too warm.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by mati1706 2017-01-19

I've been wearing this for some years, and I know I'll miss this fragrance when it disappear from the market. Honestly, the best leather that I've ever bought. Inside, it's romantic, elegant and classy, just like what you see at the flacon in the outside. It start's with the marvellous blend of the keynotes, leather, tonka and incense, making MiP one balsamic masterpiece. After a while it settles into a linear creamy scent, that can lasts for a journèe. Performance is good, specially on cloathes. When I wear it, I feel like wanting to smell my wrist all the time.

Oud Palao Diptyque by Black_Swan 2017-01-19

Smells just like a campfire to me on first spray and didn't really change much. I like this smell, but I don't want to wear it. Would be a nice candle for cooler months.

Horizon Davidoff by alabangcute 2017-01-19

does it really smell like terre de hermes? even the saleslady said so at duty free mall. lol.

Gold Rose Oudh Tiziana Terenzi by Eurochic 2017-01-19

I have to rewrite my review for Gold Rose Oudh because wow, what a beauty she is.
The first two times I tested GRO I applied it shyly, one tiny spray, and the result was an animalic opening with dark bitter sour roses and it just didn't work for me.
Today I sprayed a little more generously, 3 sprays, and this made me discover the true beauty. Yes, sometimes more is better ;)
The top is deep dark bitter. Imagine a rose dark as blood, dried blood, almost black, with a thick stem and the darkest green leaves you've seen, standing in rich wet soil, that's the image that comes to my mind. That rich earth is probably the patchouli and oud. I remember smelling some high quality Oud oil a few years ago and it transported me to winter walks in the forest I made as a kid. While smelling of rotting leaves and wet soil mixed with a pine smell, there's still something comforting about it. In this fertile setting stands a lush dark rose with a powerful deep aroma, on the bitter side, not sweet.
I didn't pay attention to the evolution, but suddenly I was thinking gosh, I love this. In the dry down the play between the rose, the Oud (soil note) is perfectly balanced out, it has softened, become more dusty or powdery, more smoky, whilst hiding some sweetness under that smoky cover, and it's captivating. I can't keep my nose off my arm, and boy am I glad I held on to my bottle and didn't swap it away as soon as I got it.
This may have joined the ranks in my personal best and most loved rose Oud combos.

Not impressed with this one at all, especially for the price. Although it is nicely blended and has a smoother feel to it than many of the Clean scents, you could definitely get the same effect with one of them for a fraction of the price. There are many to choose from - I really like Clean Skin - it's not screechy or smelling of detergent or fabric softener. Just soft and clean. That's what I use for those days when I just need something fresh and clean so this one is a definite pass for me.

Gold Leather Atelier Cologne by haddock 2017-01-19

در شروع کار؛ یک انفجاری از نتهای شیرین وجود داره. به شخصه از عطرهای شیرین خیلی خوشم میاد؛ ولی شیرینی که در تاپ نوت این عطر وجود داره؛ شیرینی گزنده ای داره. در نظر بگیرین که توت سفیدی که مدتی میمونه و بیش از حد میرسه چه بویی ازش متصاعد میشه؛ حالا اون شیرینی بیش از حدی رو که این توت سفید در این مرحله داره رو همراه با آلو در نظر بگیرین؛ تاپ نوت عطر دقیقا به این صورته. خوشبختانه این تاپ نت حدود ۵-۴ دقیقه بیشتر طول نمیکشه و عطر به سمت تلخ شدن گام برمیداره. در این مرحله؛ چرم بتدریج اضافه میشه و در کنارش تلخی نسبتا ملایمی وجود داره. بوی عطر در این مرحله تا پایان عمر عطر تغییر محسوسی نمیکنه

پخش بوی عطر در مرحله ی تاپ نوت بسیار زیاده و در مرحله ی نت میانی و پایانی پخش بوی متوسطی داره ولی عمر عطر به نسبت زیاده

کاری هست که بنظر من ارزش خرید رو نداره. چون بوی خاص و منحصر به فرد یا پخش بوی وسیعی نداره


Opening is too sweet. I like sweet perfumes so much; but top note of this perfume is very nettle. Imagine that you smell white berry. It is so sweet. This perfume smell like this one plus plum. This top note stay for about 5 minute and after that middle note is appeared. In this step; sweet note is disappeared and bitter smell is replaced. The leather smelled gently.

Silage is so good in top note, but is moderate in middle and base note.

Cinabre Maria Candida Gentile by curlykitty8 2017-01-19

This was yet another sample vial that I was gifted from one of my favorite swappers.
Cinabre began with a promising burst of rich rose, resins, spices and gorgeousness but quickly dried down to a powdery, somewhat dusty fragrance that conjured up images of a faded potpourri of old rose and violet petals, dried spices and memories of a lost love.

Horizon Davidoff by rmf1112 2017-01-19

Shocked at how short lived this is. Seriously less than 10 min and its gone. The sprayer doesnt even smell like anything! It is hard to get a good whiff, but there is a little bit of ginger in there, but the dry kind, not fresh. And dont let anyone convince you that any part if this is strong or overpowering, as I have seen relating to the ginger in this.

Can we expect this year's horizon extreme to be an actual fragrance, not just the fleeting glimpse of one like this is?

Soft Al-Rehab by Cocolisa 2017-01-19

Oh my goodness I am high in love! I blind bought this and some other Al Rehab frangrances based on all the positive reviews I've seen online. I had pretty high expectations and gladly I was not disappointed. I like all the six various scents I purchased! But my ultimate favorites so far are Soft and Choco Musk. If you're a gourmand lover, do yourself a favor and try these out.
I ordered Soft in both the perfume oil and the eau de parfum as I found them for a super affordable price on a local Arabic online store. Soft really is a gorgeous gourmand. It is straight up sweet and creamy lemon cake with a hint of white florals. It is a really soft and cozy scent that reminds me somehow of my childhood. As a kid in the 90s I had a scented my little pony that smelled something like this!
And this little gem truly lasts and lasts on my skin. I smell a potent sweet scent around me while I wear this. Potent in the best possible way; it is there and I smell it and it doesn't give me a headache but instead I really enjoy it the whole day long. Somehow this is also quite a sexy scent to me. It definitely makes me feel confident and romantic but also cozy and just oh so happy!

Fan Your Flames Nishane by landshark321 2017-01-19

Fan Your Flames is one of the newest-released, but my first very try, of the house of Nishane, based in Istanbul, and this one does not disappoint at all. Framed as a semi-gourmand consisting of a few sweet note and some tobacco and woods, I overwhelmingly get coconut both in the opening and dry down.

It's framed as a warm weather sweetness when paired with rum, but the tonka brings it to something more year-round pleasant. the sweet notes stand out for me the most, but the tobacco and cedar are certainly present. The tobacco for me is more a fresh, light tobacco akin to what comprises much of the scent of Black Walnut by Banana Republic.

Performance is a little bit less on the projection side than I'd like, especially given the pricing ($195 for 50ml) and extrait concentration, though some maintain that higher oil concentration often translates to less projection, though I've not found this to be the case generally, nor do I want it to be.

Still, there's a silver lining in that with less overwhelming projection, Fan Your Flames is a bit more modest. Longevity is fine, though, so it's redeeming in that respect.

Overall, a lovely fragrance, and exemplary of great execution on a sweet and woody blend. Impressive, even if I want it to kick some more.

8 out of 10

Jicky Extract Guerlain by Michylaka 2017-01-19

Jicky smells like Heaven! At least I think this is what it may smell like. I have the vintage Extrait and the modern EDT. I agree that the Extrait is much more well balanced than the EDT. I love the botanical Lavender which is prominent at the start with the lovely Lemon freshness. A great pick me up. I also agree that Jicky Extrait blossoms with body heat. It starts to morph into a very comforting and warm experience as you continue to wear it. The Vanilla, and to a lesser extent Woody notes, envelope one gradually in a cloud of feminine awesomeness with the Lavender making it all a bit more ethereal. The Spices are there but not like those in Coco or Opium. They are more sedate but lovely.

I tend to wear my vintage Jicky Extrait when I am alone so I can enjoy every moment of it. I also like the Extrait when I am drawing up designs for my work as it brings out my creativity perfectly. I suppose because it is very calming to me. My mother used to spray me with Lavender oil mixed in distilled water as an infant and child. This of course is way more complex than that. The EDT I wear when going running about. Longevity is 8+ hours and the Sillage is moderate. I give Jicky Extrait Vintage: 10/10++ Modern: ?

X Twist Saffron Clive Christian by mrs2241 2017-01-19

ترکیباتش رو که میبینی،میگه ای جاااان..این بمبه
اما در واقعیت واقعا حیرت زده میشید...بس که آشغاله
من تصور نمیکنم،دستفروشا هم چنین عطرایی بفروشن

Lust Lush by Boopyboo 2017-01-19

Am I missing something with this perfume, did i get a rancid one, does my nose not work!?

I was so excited to try this, it has the notes i love in a perfume......i expected a sexy floral..but when i received it i excitedly opened and sprayed......WHY?!!! I almost vomited in my mouth! This smell, the most unsexy, un floral like perfume ever! It dont to me smell of a perfume, its like dirty flower water that's sat and gone rancid, then a fox followed by a tom cat and then a skunk has all weed in that rancid flower water! Then to add to it, the smell never goes away, one little spray has made everything smell like rancid pee, its up my nose its on my clothes, in the air on my sofa! After a whole day it hasn't got any better, its worse, its left me feeling sick with a bad dizzy head!

I know everyone has different tastes and thats what makes us special, but this one is going in the bin!

Fresh Cream Philosophy by Nataliemarie 2017-01-19

Holy GRAIL! I do not see how anyone could not love this. It's just done RIGHT. No playdough, No sickly sweet. Amazing! The Body Cream is also GREAT! Natalie N on YT~

This is so delicious! Creamy sweet powdery notes and the violet! It's DNA is the same as Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori with a big dose of violets! I love it since I love Hanae Mori! It projects well and I will update on longevity so far it's a love at diary sniff!

Urban Lovers for Him Oriflame by romanvarzaru 2017-01-19

how can i buy urban lovers for him? pls tell me i am serching him for years. pls help !!!

Santos de Cartier Cartier by giangibus 2017-01-19

This review is for the current 2015 formulation. For me Santos de Cartier is a real stunning fragrance, so rich, deep and comforting, the opening is absolutely gorgeous and it makes me wanna scream "Wow!" but after 20-30 minutes I noticed that it becomes a skin cent. Despite that it's very long lasting on my skin and If I wash my skin with hot water it seems to reactivate. Has anyone noticed this?

The usually sharp notes of juniper berries and pine are softened and glazed over with a heavy dose of the supple leathery accord, for which labdanum is likely the source.

Stella Tocca by karenX 2017-01-19

Weirdly, I get very little orange and a whole lot of gardenia and freesia in this one. Gardenia isn't even listed as a note, so I'm not sure where it's coming from.
I suppose it's probably my chemistry. Anyways, on the whole, Stella is similar to a clean laundry scent. Something about it reminds me of what the house used to smell like in the 1980s when my mom did laundry(this is a good thing). When I get closer to my wrist to smell it, I can pick out individual notes. On me, a gardenia note is foremost, followed by a light, airy freesia, then a watery, natural navel orange. It's a lovely scent and right up my alley... Dry, natural, clean, and not "perfumey".

I just got this EDT this morning. Ordered it online (BLIND BUY) and had it sent to my work address. This scent is very tricky. It smells so mild that I could hardly smell it on me but the people around me kept telling me I smell so good and wherever I go, when I walk, the scent comes along with me. I wore this for the first time today and at the office, my workmates said, minutes after I finished using the toilet, when they went in, they could still smell this scent in there. My colleague who sits infront of me in the room said that this scent filled the whole room which is weird because I could not smell it at all. PEFECT blind buy! This is a KEEPER! I dont smell sugar sweet. I smell a mild juice that smells so decent but is absolutely a compliment-magnet! Longevity: 10 LONG HOURS with 4 spritzes !!!!

Aoud Leather Montale by Cauda Pavonis 2017-01-19

A surprisingly polite and wearable leather/oud. There's a fruity, aquatic note, especially in the opening, that tones down the animalic quality turning this into a sleek, refined, men's club leather. I've seen some comparisons with Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather; I can see some similarities as both are refined, slightly fruity leathers but the leather in the Montale is much more sharp and in-your-face. It has a bit of a smoky, bitter, ashtray quality that some may dislike (I'm guessing this is from the oud) - I personally love that smell but it's not for everyone. All in all, I'd say this was a fairly wearable leather, suitable for the office if your style tends toward the slightly provocative. A nice smoky, fruity leather. I'm adding this to my wishlist.

Estee Estée Lauder by azcactusgirl 2017-01-19

Last week I decided to use some Ulta points that I had been saving and purchased online the new Estee Super Eau de Parfum, and it got to my house yesterday. I put some on this morning, having never tried this ever before, and have to say it is really something! I am so glad that I bought this! The fragrance is so rich, decadent and lovely. I find the florals do not shout and yell to me but rather murmur beautiful things as the fragrance wafts about my body. Perhaps some will find the bottle "boring" or "functional" but to me, it is not about the bottle but what is inside it that counts. And what is in this bottle is incredible, at least to me!!

It is obvious that this perfume is high-quality because it leaves behind a slightly oily residue, something you may want to consider before you spray it all over your clothing. It is rather powerful and I probably spritzed a bit too much on this morning but I am here alone so it is ok...but if I were to wear this around my husband or out in public, I would restrict it to one light spray on each wrist and perhaps a tiny bit to the neck area.

This is a very feminine fragrance, quite old-school and yet timeless, full of rich oils and wonderful essences. For the price, I think it is a great bargain for the beautiful and complex scent in the bottle, and this is the new formulation that recently has become available. I have never tried the old one in the pineapple shaped bottle so I can't compare the new to the old, but I have to say that this bottle is for me and I love it! I am getting quite fond of the Estee Lauder fragrance house, there are many that are among my favorite....Youth Dew, Spellbound, Knowing, etc. And now to that list I add Estee! This is a very high-quality and yet affordable scent, something that these days is hard to find. I think any age could successfully wear this fragrance and I'm really glad that I gave it a try myself!!

Cuirs Carner Barcelona by doc blu 2017-01-19

First impression: very generic oud.
This might offend many who find this very pleasing and a good fragrance but I personally feel that this does not in any way deserve the price of 150$. There are many Arabian houses doing oud and selling it at a fraction of this price but this fragrance does not bring anything extraordinary

Diorling Christian Dior by Ntala 2017-01-19

Audrey2 what an excellent review!!!you opened a window to a beautiful world to me!!!thank you

Roberto Cavalli Essenza Roberto Cavalli by mschnabel666 2017-01-19


I don't think Essenza is like HP, but Cavalli Gold for Her had some similarities to HP in my opinion. :)

Essenza smells like Gold mixed with the original RCavalli EDP to my nose.

One Man Show Ruby Edition Jacques Bogart by richmilton 2017-01-19

Gorgeous scent. So much better than OMS Gold Edition which I liked but women in my life found to have a horrible musky cat piss dry down. Ruby Edition on the other hand is much different. At the top they do share similar DNA maybe 25% or so. But when Gold turns a pissy musk, the Ruby gets even better with its lovely fruit, oud and a touch of honey and incense. The only problem is the Ruby Edition is hard to get in the U.S. I had to order my bottle on ebay shipped from Israel... total cost $38 with shipping and took just 14 days to arrive. I'm really happy I added OMS Ruby Edition to my collection for my winter rotation. It's very unique, uber-masculine and pure class.

Oud Wood Tom Ford by chrjone 2017-01-19

Maybe I'm missing something, here. I'm a big fan of oud, and a big fan of woody fragrances, but this does nothing for me. It starts out smelling overwhelmingly of alcohol--like I literally just sprayed pure rubbing alcohol on my skin. After about 20 minutes of that, it dries down to a slightly smoky but VERY powdery scent that doesn't smelly sexy to me in the least. It's fairly unique, and I like that...maybe it smells better on other people, but it's not very good on me at all....I don't get the hype for this one.

Wow! This is a really stunning fragrance! The lemon, tangerine, grapefruit and pineapple combination on first spritz makes it very fresh, while woodsy notes and spices after around 10-15 minutes, are lovely. I can clearly smell black pepper, cardamom and cedar. The blend of notes in this fragrance are very good and pleasing. Fresh enough for warm days but warm and woody enough for a cold day as well. I've had very nice comments on wearing this fragrance. Lasts quite a while on my skin and I'm getting wafts all day long after 4-5 sprays. Once again, very happy with Korres!

Scent: 9/10 (lοve it!)
Projection: 7/10 (strong for 2 hours)
Longevity: 7,5/10 (6-7 hours on my skin)

Cuba Prestige Cuba Paris by dmandic! 2017-01-19

I own Cuba Red,Gold,Royal and Prestige.Prestige is by far my favorite then Red.It does smell just like A*Men just weaker.I would repurchase this one.

We Are... Lovely essence by ezsuzsannaí 2017-01-19

Smelled this today, it is pleasant, but faint at the same time, nothing out of the ordinary. Freshly cut fruits (not necessarily pear and strawberry, just some delicious fruits) with a hint of sugar, not overly sweet. I would call it a springtime scent, reminds me of a body splash or a nice shampoo to be worn in mild weather. Youthful enough, but hey, i think they are aimed in the first place

Canali Style Canali by sakallibebek 2017-01-19

smells like any other "general" men fragnances and longevity is 1 hour unfortunately. I bought this one cos it was cheap but I owned nothing at the end.

Orlov Orlov Paris by orlovfan 2017-01-19

I still cannot decide between the EDP and Elixir. I like them both. However, the EDP is lighter and crispier and thus, more suitable for all day round wear. In addition, tuberose in the Elixir is fruity at the beginning (and personally, I don't like it), but this fruitiness gradually wears off. What remains is a beautiful, soft yet penetrating and long lasting tuberose. So long lasting that it gets annoying. In view of this, I would probably opt for the EDP.

I'm a huge fan of original angel and mainly because of the earthy bitter patchouli bite that it has. Angel ToF is indeed very similar to the original but with subdued patch and amped up chocolate instead. I can see this edition to be better suited for those who can't handle the original too well - an Angel for beginners. If you have the original, I don't think this edition is however necessary. The bitter cacao is evident in the top notes but takes a backseat relatively quickly and the angel drydown is almost identical to the originals. ToF is however much easier to wear and not as loud so it's good for daily wear when you don't wish to wait 10 hours for the final choco-drydown of Angel. I might even say Black Orchid does a better job at "dark chocolate" than ToF because they didn't tune down the bright ethyl maltol and bergamot. This needed to be just a tiny bit darker!

Do I like it? Yes, absolutely love it. Is it worth the purchase? Not really since I already have two bottles that will propably last over 500 years.

Al Hareem Sultan Pasha Attars by dgj75 2017-01-19

Best animalic rose I've smelled. Sensual without being dirty, enveloping, warm and cozy. And as always with Sultan Pasha attars, the ingredients used are top quality and you really can smell it. This is the real thing. Longevity is great and sillage just as it should be

Amour Nocturne L`Artisan Parfumeur by Wysteria 2017-01-19

My second gunpowder fragrance, after getting a decant of La Fin Du Monde. They actually have a few similarities. Both sweet-gourmandish with a gunpowder note. Where La Fin Du Monde has a more prominent gunpowder note giving it a bad ass aura, Amour Nocturne is softer and more blended.

At first it's kind of a strange experience to smell the warm and caramel sweetend milk with a cold sour metal (gunpowder) note. But it works quite well on me and makes it quite unique. And probably not liked by everyone. I like it's weirdness, with a little floral action in the background. It's very comforting and great for cold days. Glad to have a pretty bottle of this one.

Encens Flamboyant Annick Goutal by polly golightly 2017-01-19

secco, pulito, asciutto, si tratta di un accordo incentrato sull'incenso ma sostenuto da sentori di pino e pepe nero. qualcuno magari obietterà che sembra un profumatore di ambienti, ma a me piace proprio tanto, anche grazie ad un lieve retrogusto alcolico che lo rende ipermaschile. bello.

Anais Anais L’Original Eau de Parfum Cacharel by Gigi The Fashionista 2017-01-19

Fragrance Review For Anais


Top Notes

Orange Blossom Galbanum Hyacinth

Middle Notes

Rose Lily Jasmine

Base Notes

Cedar Wood Amber Incense Sandalwood

Anais, the first, the one & only

Anais, a name I've always liked, in fact I used to play with an Anais in my old Brooklyn neighborhood, a freckle faced red haired girl who moved out after her parent's divorce, whom I was never close to but she remained in my memory anyhow. Anais is also the name of Anais Nin the well-known erotic travel writer. For me this fragrance is the epitome of a beautiful floral fragrance. I don't see the association with Victorian womanhood, or demure ladies of the 19th century. For me it's a simple but effective floral chypre. At times it reminded me of Fidji by Guy Laroche except not as soapy, warmer and definitely more floral. This is a capital F floral.

At the first spritz, a bright and golden orange blossom pops out. It's like a jack in the box with an orange blossom, citrusy floral, fresh, and sweet. It smells like summer and spring, but due to the lack of notes it is more spring than summer. The heady rose and jasmine are beautifully paired. They're not powdery. These are clean green florals. There is an additional note of galbanum, which I'm crazy about, providing this scent with the necessary greenness and garden like atmosphere. It smells like a quiet, peaceful little garden where one can sit on a little bench and read a book, a garden of solitude and serenity, feminine, as if it belonged to the Mrs. of the Manor House. I can see how someone compared it to a Jane Austen novel heroine or setting. But for me, for it to be truly English or Anglo, it would need a distinct lavender scent or a bigger rose scent. The dominant flower note for me is still the orange blossom. Even as such it does have a virginal air, modest and sober, no nonsense.

By today's standards, this floral creature is not only hopelessly romantic, but outdated and "mature". It smells like a woman who loves to escape into her novels and can't live in a world of terrorism, war, rampant crime and all kinds of evil doing. She has established world peace because it's in her dignified little world. This is a highly dignified fragrance. I picture women like Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews. For a floral, it's not as heavily layered or complex. It's a superb intro to florals.

When dry this scent develops into a warm little puff of incense, but it's mostly woodsy with sandalwood and cedar wood. An amber holds it together and smells really good but it is still very much a kind of sandalwood based fragrance. The flowers and the woods are so evenly paired as to make it one of the most delightful marriages of florals plus woods ever to be formulated into a fragrance. Anais has received numerous praises from the Fragrance Community. It was reformulated and re-released, and updated and several flankers have also been released. But for me this is the sweet beginning of it all.


Pink Peony Note Fragrances by threedayspecial 2017-01-19

This one is "okay". It's a sweeter scent than I normally wear. I do pick up on the lime on my skin. It's like a candy coated flower spritzed with lime juice. Not my favorite, but not horrible.

Clinique Happy Heart Clinique by Mullingarynka 2017-01-19

Fresh perfumes lovers will like it! If you like any green, grass frag this one is for you. Its vibrant smell, yes! It is happy and refreshing. To me the most dominant is cucumber and cassia. Lovely and long lasting.

I used to have a decant of this but I swapped it because I couldn't stand it. It was way too dry and patchouli is always challenging for me. I did apreciate it because it was definitely one of a kind.

Then recently I started thinking about this fragrance and actually started to crave this perfume. It's very dry, in an ancient kind of way and te plum and iris work very well together. The patchouli is nicely blended with the other notes. I don't really think this is a dark fragrance, but it has a melancholic and gothic (as in the era, not the subculture) feel. Needless to say, I have a bottle now.....

Decibel Azzaro by king.of.disaster 2017-01-19

If you want to smell like a monk, go for it!

Vernazza Gocce di Byron by Rubyshirley 2017-01-19

Beautiful, woodsy fragrance. Very sexy.
It doesn't wear very long however.

Feminite du Bois Serge Lutens by ramin1215 2017-01-19

Nude Sitting on a Divan by Amedeo Modigliani 1917

Wisal Dhahab Ajmal by adrienn99 2017-01-19 me this smells like quince compote with a tinge of citrus and a dash of spice.

Blue Hope Xerjoff by Joeymaz 2017-01-19

it's only this what you really focus on...serious? give it an f'n rest already people

Eau Claire des Merveilles Hermes by wenna41 2017-01-19

To me this has that duality where it seems to be extremely powerful in it's I'm reminded of the scent when you smell Iceberg roses within a small space...pure, soft, sheer with extreme class and refinement. It whispers intimately , forming that ethereal cloud around me...I crave for it when I'm without it...this really represent that "less is more'....refined, elegant, luminous, sparkling, yet sensual while hiding behind it's demure softness, truly magical! I've been asked many times: what is that divine scent you're wearing?"....this does wonders on my male skin, pity my girl friend wasn't that blessed by this, it disappear within seconds from her skin....It chooses you...not the other way around!

Forever Sexy Victoria`s Secret by Contessa01 2017-01-19

For some reason I have quite a few VS perfumes. I have found I tend to buy them and not use them much and swap them or sell. Usually I find they settle down to similarly. This one is one of the best I've tried. It's unique and doesn't have the bombshell vibe they have lately resorted to in so many of their perfumes. It's really pretty and fresh. I normally can't stand orange notes but they work here. Give it a try.

I totally agree with Cherry-Darling. A delicious high end smelling spicy, sweet oud fragrance. A cheapie that smells high end!
Yes, it is quite oudy but the sweetness and spices are just as strong. With time the spices seem to get stronger and the oud a touch softer. Its not that sweet which makes it quite unisex.
Yep, don't wear this in warm conditions or it will overwhelm you and anyone standing nearby. Fabulous in cold weather. Moderate sillage and longevity.

Premier jour Nina Ricci by KateSharon 2017-01-19

I tried it, it is a beautiful white floral nuance. It goes great with any type of clothes.

A gorgeous very unisex sweet, fresh vetiver fragrance. The artemisia is evident along with the juicy citrus note. There is sweetness that makes me think of a delicious cocktail like a mojito.
I can definitely see myself wearing this on warm day. It's cheap but it smells high end and not chemically like most cheapies. It's a shame the longevity is not good but being a cheapie you can just reapply in the day.

To Be Police by Forget Freeman 2017-01-19

I have a large bottle of this for trade (not fond of it, will trade for anything).
If you in UK or Ireland PM me.

Midnight Poison Christian Dior by Soofiya 2017-01-19

I thought I had already reviewed this but nope
To be honest I bought dior midnight poison just because I wanted to have all the poisons and this is discontinued so when I found it for an acceptable price I couldn't let it go.I bought it while I knew this isn't going to be a favorite of mine.back then I hated patchouli and this is all about patchouli
Today I decided to wear it.this is specifically a fall,winter perfume for me and specially a night perfume,maybe it's just because of it's name but I really can't think of it as a daily fragrance
I don't hate patchouli as I used to.actually I find some patchouli dominant perfumes's not among the patchoulis that I love;but I don't dislike it either
It opens with a combination of citruses and patchouli.I find this combination completely unisex and it reminds me a masculine cologne that I remember it's scent from my childhood.citruses aren't sour or zesty and I can smell them all through it's life.rose is easily detectable too
Midnight poison stays pretty linear on me.a combination of spicy patchouli,dark peppery rose and a hint of sweet bergamot wrapped in amber warmness.I can't detect much vanilla and it's a pity
I think it's name and bottle are very appropriate for this's dark,serious and sexy and elegant at the same time.truely's not sexy in a girly or sweet,nice,clean superfeminine's sexy in a dark,mysterious and powerful way.reminds me a femme fetal with a strong personality
It's not everyone's cup of tea because just some women like such deep scents with dark,masculine and spicy's not my favorite poison and I rarely wear it but I'm glad to have's different from most of my perfumes and it's interesting to be different and mysterious sometimes
Although it's deep,spicy and darkish I don't see it too has a hidden softness like calmness of a practical,strong woman but overspraying or wearing it at warm days can be annoying.longevity is about 7,8 hours on my skin and sillage is almost heavy at the beginning then becomes moderate
I can't compare it to elle of yves saint Laurent or lalique perles since I never tried them at the same time but for sure there is similarities between them

Decibel Azzaro by Forget Freeman 2017-01-19

I have a 25ml of this, if anyone in the UK or Ireland wants it and will pay the p&p PM me

Fantasy Britney Spears by Angelicax1 2017-01-19

Fantasy makes me think of powdered donuts and fluffy white kittens with pink bows in their hair. I feel adorable and cuddly when I wear this perfume and it sends my dopamine levels soaring as high as the Pegasus it rode in on.
I don't care who the intended audience is, you'd have to be a stick in the mud to turn down a little fun in your life every now and again!!

Kanon for Men Kanøn by 2017-01-19

The first thing that came to mind when I sprayed Kanon is Jade East with more musk in it. It is a dated scent but I'm dated too and I love colognes from the 60's, 70's and early 80's so it will go into the collection.

Premier jour Nina Ricci by jenya.sokolsky 2017-01-19

Nice fresh apricot smell. Too bad it doesen't last and fades away quickly..

Be Jeweled Vera Wang by SheShe 2017-01-19

The bottle is pretty. The fragrance itself is sour-sweet on me, more sweet than sour. It's fresh and fruity-floral, light purple in the beginning and it becomes darker in the drydown. I can spot passionfruit, pomegranate, red currant, honeysuckle and musk the most. Maybe champagne a bit too. Sillage is moderate. It's a fragrance that's quite sharp to my nose; the photo with models goes well with the fragrance.
All in all I like it, it would be good for spring, summer, and warm autumn. It can be worn by both girls and women; it's more mature than f. ex. Pink Princess, but Pink Princess was easier to wear to me.

Si Giorgio Armani by Jude1991 2017-01-19

I seem to be a minority but I abhor this fragrance. The cassis leaf could have been used in an interesting way but when I trialed it I felt like I had spilled a bottle of creme de cassis down my front. Overpowering sickly and artificial.

Deep Euphoria Calvin Klein by jenya.sokolsky 2017-01-19

Doese't hold!
Starts fresh floral and spicy but fades away in 10 seconds..

An interesting fragrance. Opening is quite reminiscent of fresh, hot pressed, pure cotton linen, lightly starched with a citrus overture, it's clean and quite crisp and white. As it evolves a musk comes through, vanilla is noticeable and heliotrope and other lightly lingering florals captivate. The citrus notes last for the duration, keeping it as light and clean in the drydown as in the opening. It's certainly not linear, and not your standard floriental. Its got decent longevity, though it went to skin reasonably quickly on me after application. I could see this best worn in the springtime.

And here it goes again...

Very soon we will have La Petite Robe Noire Bath Suit, La Petite Robe Noire Robe de Court, La Petite Robe Noire Pant Suit, La Petite Robe Noire Deshabillée, etc. etc...

It seems that, today, Guerlain is interested only in those super-limited, super-exclusive editions, that only some few super rich people can afford and to squeeze La Petite Robe Noire line to the point of nausea. Pity.

Booster Lacoste by socorrosouza 2017-01-19

Great for extreme heat (100 F and over), simple citrus-y non-invasive and with good longevity even in extreme conditions.

Lace Yardley by Essy_C 2017-01-19

I just bought Yardley Lace and White Satin on Ebay. Lace is a surprise, it has dated well and I'll be wearing this daily. Its fresh, citrus and slightly peppery, with the pepper/musk of the moss.
This reminds me of Tweed, but its fresher and lighter.
If you're not a fan or florals dont be put off by the rose listed, its deep down and well blended.

Giordani Gold Incontro Oriflame by Pavlina666 2017-01-19

I had a bottle of Giordani Gold and White Gold in the past and i like them, so i was curious about Incontro. I think, it's elegant, feminine scent for every ocassion, not so original, but very, very pleasant. Not very strong sillage. Smells like a rose sprinkle with spicy, after a few minutes come up patchouli, finally... I'm a patchouli-lover, so i'm satisfied.
For me, it's an ideal fragrance for early spring or warm autumn.

White Satin Yardley by Essy_C 2017-01-19

I bought White Satin and Lace on Ebay; this is a blend lily of the valley and peach, powdery, clean. Its also typical of Yardleys surprisingly high quality for the price tag.
Biggest surprise was that it layers well with Suddenly Woman 1. I'm also going to try it with FCUK Connect Her which is woody.

Rosae Aquaflor Firenze by Pilikins 2017-01-19

I found Aquaflor accidentally as I was running through Florence early in January, late for an appointment to go up the Giotto tower! As I and my family were running through a very inauspicious, narrow little lane, there came wafting a beautiful fragrance and I knew that there must be a perfumery there, although there seemed to be nothing. Sure enough, I passed a very simple entrance, marked by some reed diffusers placed outside, and I noted the name of the perfume house, determined to find my way there later. I came looking for it late in the afternoon, when it was getting dark, and my family were getting tired of being dragged around the maze of Florentine streets. I could remember the name, so I used my phone to find it, but even then, things were very confusing. However, I saw a woman and her equally tired family approaching with an Aquaflor bag, and they kindly gave us directions (it was very well met since they were fellow Australians - what are the chances?) Well when I found the little lane and went in, let me tell you - it was perfume heaven in there! Not just the perfumes, but the whole experience - lovely leather sofas for exhausted relatives, and kind and patient sales assistants to show kids raw ingredients to keep them interested whilst the serious perfume talk takes place. There is so much to see, learn and discuss, that if you want to , you can book a time to meet the nose and have a tour (which I sadly didn't have time to do). And then there are the perfumes... Well I could only choose one because I had already bought seven other perfumes on my holiday! Rosae is the most beautiful rose I have smelled, and I have smelled so many. I have been on a quest to find a jammy, rich, long-lasting rose that is not violetty, not old-fashioned, not dusty, no oud, not powdery, not green and not too light, but actually like a real, fresh-cut deep, red rose. The nearest I have come so far is Frederick Malle Une Rose, but the truffle is a bit rank for me, so this is the perfect rose, but without the dankness of Une Rose. I don't really get any mint. The fragrance lasts for ever (including after a shower and a bath in the same day), without changing its beauty. This is because you are buying pure perfume (a huge bottle for 140 euros). The next wonderful thing is the presentation! Just beautiful (got to be seen really).

This is simply the best rose, if you want a pure, linear rose with no complications, but a full-blooded one that means business. I could go on about why is is so good (I had a whole lesson on how it is harvested), but you should go and find out yourself if you are ever in Florence! Seriously, don't miss this place if you are!



Canoe Oud Elite by shushkin 2017-01-19

A generous friend sent me a sample of this gorgeous sweet oriental oud fragrance. I think it's really a gourmand as well. It is sweet and not too heavy on the oud. I don't get any of the usual dry raspiness/suck all the moisture out of the air oud.
I think it's quite feminine but fellas if you love your oud sweet then go for it.
I don't get a lot of powderiness but more sweet oriental. There might well be floral or fruit notes but I'm not sure what they are. It really reminds me of Xerjoff More than Words about an hour along its time line.
That can't be bad!
I find this a very linear fragrance but I don't mind. It really is a delicious fragrance and very moreish. Moderate silage and not surprisingly good longevity.

This bottle is super ugly

Oud Deneii Maison Incens by ezdravkova 2017-01-19

This looks like it's missing quite a few notes..
As per the producer's description:
Top: Aromatic, Mint
Heart: Tobacco, Violet, Licorice, Hay
Base: Animal, Oud, Amber, Honey, Musk

Coconut The Body Shop by Eden within 2017-01-19

Yes! YES! and YES! Ticks all the boxes! Perfect little coconut scent with no hidden character. It is what is is, a creamy coconut scent!

I do however notice something that most do not, if you have ever seen coconut being skinned you may have gotten a smell of the coconut husk. The husk smells different when the coconut is young and then again completely different when the coconut matures and the outer husk dries. When the husk dries we get something called coir which is often used to make ropes and matting. It has a dry woody smell with hints of coconut which I suspect is part of the composition either by choice or by mistake!!

Most coconut fragrances either smell like coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk or coconut water. They all smell different!!! This smells like coconut with a dash of dry coconut husk and maybe just a little bit of coconut cream! The dry coir note in this makes it unique to all the other coconut scents and I absolutely love it! I recommend wearing it as a winter fragrance because of its rich and creamy texture. I like wearing it in summer but it can become cloying and heady so I try not to.

Army Of Lovers LM Parfums by kl99 2017-01-19

An Ambroxan Rose.

Yes, Quite Vintage and Very Nice. I sense fruity forest berries as well, old spices, Incense, cypriol...

This is the twin sister of Isparta (I own). The lucid one, more wise, less cruel.

Yes the image of Eleonora Duse (as somebody says) in a "modern" peplos into a Liberty Cemetery, statues, stones, marbles, holding dozens of roses is the one I get.

S`Eau Rose Castle Forbes by lemonzest 2017-01-19

Great linen or room spray that leaves a gorgeous trace of powdery rose. Not sharp, a soft pink rose smell. I have used this as a room freshener because the rose scent is so calming. I could spray rose scented perfume for the same effect, but this lingers nicely.

Not much else to say except that this is an elegant rose room spray. Excellent in a clean room to give a relaxing, homey ambiance. I suppose you could use it in a car to make a rosemobile.

I have not tried it on skin because I have rose perfumes with more interesting complexity for personal use. But this is a beautiful bedroom or office spray (helps me concentrate when working late at night).

Loewe 001 Woman Loewe by Maymouna 2017-01-19

Really don't get why people don't like this (so far, anyway). This is a great fragrance and certainly unique from what is readily available amongst designer fragrances. I bought this from a fragrance store that doesn't sell niche perfumes, but recently got this as an exclusive to their store from a Spanish company, and to me, this smells niche. It is wonderfully soft and rich - the amber and the woody notes allow it to be different, and the citrus gives it a freshness. The overall first 'sniff' is creamy, cool, feminine, light. Great balance between the amber, wood, citrus and hint of white floral. It slightly reminds me of Jo Malone's Dark Amber and Gingerlily, although it has its own character. This is certainly worth a try and a buy!

S`Eau Amazing Castle Forbes by lemonzest 2017-01-19

S'Eau Amazing was created as a Body & Linen Spray, so you could use it as a perfume. I have only used it as a linen spray and room spray. Therefore I can't speak to its performance on skin.

The scent is a rich, thick floral. You can discern rose, ylang-ylang, white flowers, and vanilla, exactly as the notes list, along with a green and spicy tone. White flower dominates, a tuberose or maybe gardenia smell, however it's not overpowering. Just a rich scent of classic flowers like the traces of a room in which perfume has been sprayed once or twice a day for the past ten years. S'Eau Amazing gives that cosmetics counter ambiance to a room.

It's a lovely room spray, but I don't think I want to wear it as a personal scent. Not that it doesn't smell good, it's just that it smells like a soothing combination of the notes from many elegant perfumes. Very green and fresh at first, then floral. No base notes, just a bouquet. It trails off into a spicy rose at the end. Like the smell in the bride's dressing room in a church.

On the subject of room the rails here, but if a room has a bad smell, CLEAN IT. Get rid of the smell before spraying anything like this or you will just get the miasma smell amplified by the room spray. I use this as the last step after everything is clean.

Sunscent Police by Eden within 2017-01-19

Great product for the money! Love the scent and although it is called Sunscent which suggests more of a summer fragrance, you can also wear this through out the year and wearing it on a cold day gives you a warm hug.

It is as warm as any fragrance can be, almost red hot!!! I initially picked it up for the colorful bottle because I felt like there was a lack of color on my fragrance shelf, I especially love how it catches the light as the sun passes by my window in the morning ( I know we are not meant to let that happen ) but I love seeing this for a few seconds before I return to my senses. The brilliant white light enters the bottle and exits leaving a splash of bright orange and red on the wall and when all the bottles begin projecting their colors onto the wall, it is a rather spectacular sight! Almost like a stained glass effect!

I am not a huge fan of Police fragrances, but their bottles are beautiful and they are the perfect addition to your fragrance collection for days when you do not want to wear your best and most expensive juice! Perfect for the money! Bottle collectors? Yes! Get the bottle! It is stunning! :)

La Panthere Cartier by bashe 2017-01-19

smells like clean, ironed clothes and laundry from my mom. an absolute neatness.
It suits my office look very well. I wear it all day long, makes me feel glamorous without wearing heavy jewels or poshy accessories. Simply neat chic clothes plus this luxury scent.
the drydown is so sweet...but neither overpowering nor irritating.

This one wasn't love at first sniff but it is definitely the true love which will last forever. One needs to mature to appreciate the extraordinarity. It took me about 3 years to absolutely fell in love and feel confident while wearing it.

Perfection, luxury - not much suitable for summertime.

Opus VII opens with the spicy green freshness of Epic Man combined with the resinous smokiness of Interlude Man. It doesn't shock me in the slightest because my nose is conditioned to "challenging" Amouage openings (for example, I am a regular wearer of Myths Man).

To me, the whole composition, from opening all the way through to late drydown, is pitched approximately halfway between Epic and Interlude, and combines qualities of both. Because I own these two gems already, I am unsure whether I will feel it necessary to purchase Opus VII.

I'm not ruling it out though...

in opening there is orange and bitter orange note that i really love. but after 30 min there is just aromatic soap remant on your skin. another boring soapy perfume from ADP. i haven't expected those 2 master perfumer to make this perfume that i don't like at all.maybe just difernt taste. i don't know.really sorry ADP.4/10
در ابتدا بوی بسیار زیبای نارنج و پرتقال و مرکبات دارید ولی بعد از نیم ساعت دقیقا بوی صابون لوکس رو حس می کنید. واقعا مسخره است اینقدر پول بدید بوی صابون بدید. اصلا از این دو اسطوره عطرسازی توقع ساخت چنین عطری رو نداشتم.

Chance Eau Fraiche Chanel by mohsen95 2017-01-19


Clinique Happy To Be Clinique by mohsen95 2017-01-19


Sensual Orchid LM Parfums by kl99 2017-01-19

Sensual Shampoo.
Remember me a Victoria's Secret, and more specifically reminds me of Night.
I sensea really green apple that becomes quince, sour plum, vanilla. Stop.
It is not as deep or musky as the title suggests.
But almost a fresh schent warmed by vanilline.
Skin scent.

Rosam Histoires de Parfums by mohsen95 2017-01-19


Viva La Juicy Sucre Juicy Couture by beccabelle 2017-01-19

I am so in love with this, it's beautiful and yummy. It is VLJ with vanilla and cream which just makes for a delicious cupcake scent. I don't smell any resemblance to Ari SLC, apart from maybe they both share berry notes but still very different. It's just so light and fluffy! If you've been dreaming of the perfect cupcake gourmand, this is it! I wore it on a date and he said 'mmm you smell really good' so high fives all round <3

New West for Her Aramis by bjer-don 2017-01-19

Oh geeze. If only I had saved a bottle of every fume I wore back in Junior High School, I would be an eBay bazillionaire by now. LOL

This was dreamy. I recall that watermelon scent and even to this day, it haunts me. I wish they would bring it back!!!!!

Not much of a's not bad but not good either. Could not define the scent. Maybe a little bit woodsy.

Byblos Byblos by bjer-don 2017-01-19

Oh joy of Junior High School in the 80s.

I still love this scent to this day, even though I don't choose to wear it anymore. I recall the fruit punch scent, along with Nautica Woman, Elysium, Calyx, and the coveted (totally un-affordable now) New West.

THESE are what fruity perfumes were designed to smell like.

Byblos has just enough florals in it to keep it from smelling like you spilled Kool-Aid down the front of your shirt. The only other perfume I can think of that achieves this for me is Jimmy Choo Flash.

Credible Louis Cardin by mm83 2017-01-19

this is a good copy of creed silver mountain water.

Guerlain Homme L`Eau Guerlain by jérémie.simonet 2017-01-19

I like this perfume. It has a citrusy intro. But the next level is way different, it goes into a sweet aromatic scent then end up in a very high note of aromatic spicy. It's very loud. Not recomm kdes for daily use. Somehow makes my head dizzy, maybe it's the rum scent. But overall I like it.

Gardenia Elizabeth Taylor by kapted 2017-01-19

The bottle is gorgeous. It looks kitsch in photos, but in reality, beautiful.

I was not too sure what to expect. It is a well made scent, have no doubt. It is gardenia heavy, yet the peony sneaks in to give a tart sweetness. I'm very content to wear this. As good as any gardenia I've come across.

Do not apply with a heavy hand. Better to apply lightly and reapply a few hours later. It is heady, which I like, but I can imagine it might overwhelm sensitive folk.

If you've tried Do Son, Florence and Michael (Kors), then this is very similar.

Hedonist Iris Viktoria Minya by ElizabethCorey 2017-01-19

It is really lovely. The fruity notes are very well combined. They're subtle and slightly juicy rather than the sickly fruits.
It is a girly fragrance but mature in the same time.

Indeed it triggers feelings and it is sexy.

My Burberry Black Burberry by VeeNVegas 2017-01-19

Definitely NOT a 'black' fragrance. More pink than black. This smells fruity and sweet. Too much peach. It smells like you've spilled a sticky sweet peach soda on yourself. Too bad. I was hoping for something dark and seductive.

Mad Madame Juliette Has A Gun by SuzanneS 2017-01-19

Mad Madame..
How I wanted to love you...Your notes, idea of a big chypre...all dashed with my allergic reaction to ISO-E Super.

I smell this beautiful rose perfume .(dont worry this isnt vintage at all..more like "vintagesque" but very modern)...then..ACHOO! Big sneeze letting me know Iso E is present, throat tightens and well thats the end of it for me.

This is a beauty if she resonates with you..dont be afraid to try her. I just wish she liked me!! :)

Rose Radiant Gold Michael Kors by dglightblue 2017-01-19

a very jasminy rose, not really rosey, but its there, floral, lasted on me from morning till softly in the evening.
it gave me a bit of a n=teeny headache in the middle notes but I still like it. I remember lovin git more in the winter months than summer.
funny - I notice the jasmine more now than before, see I tried the mk glam jasmine and it went bitter, so now it seems im a bit more attuned to jasmine and not liking it, maybe only in the winter.

...Or Bentley for Man Absolute -))

Coconut Tuberose No. 821 Gap by heartsoul 2017-01-19

Most Beautiful tuberose and coconut, and a lovely touch of lemon. Absolutely heavenly!!!! I adore it!!!!! It's so gooood!!!!! I love love love it!!!! Beautiful creamy tuberose!!! Heaven!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

Truly Pink Vera Wang by dglightblue 2017-01-19

floral fresh light woody green.
stays that way, mostly green and fresh on me. lasted 5 hours so far

Hedonist Cassis Viktoria Minya by ElizabethCorey 2017-01-19

I ordered a sample. I applied it for a few days on me. I have to say that it gave me a good feeling. I like this type of fruity scent, the dominant black currant fragrance gives a great color.

The common characteristic of Hedonist perfumes appears here as well: the aromas last and are sparkling out when you wear it.

Passion Elizabeth Taylor by Tiger84 2017-01-19

Elizabeth Taylor fragrances were never on my radar until last October when I was reading on a similar forum, and one member whose tastes are very close to mine was raving about them, and also pointed out that the Arden house is discontinuing them. Back then I decided to try one of the jeweled names, but couldn't decide which one, or perhaps two, or perhaps should I try three, so I just postponed.

Then last week I was reading reviews here, and found Passion which I haven't heard of before. I started reading the notes, then the reviews, and they captivated me completely. I put aside what I was doing and kept reading, and, as you can see, this page contains several long reviews and I could not stop through reading them all I was so hooked. I only put my reading on hold to look it up online (afraid that it may no longer be available but it is) and order it. I was amazed by the descriptions of it and I was dead sure I would love it.

My Passion arrived a few days ago, and I got a tiny whiff after removing the plastic foil, before even opening the box and removing the cap. Not as strong as Mauboussin edp, which you can smell very strongly after you make a small hole on the plastic, but there was a whiff.
I sprayed hastily, and after a few 'OH's I could only sigh, "Passion, where have you been all my life?"

I tested it twice on my arms, and although I liked the bold and rich opening, later on it turned a little sour, and then died off too soon, it didn't seem strong at all. Well, turns out that, with several other scents, I have to spray it on my hair (or clothing if it doesn't stain) to make it last, and one spray is definitely not enough. A couple sprays on my hair, and I'm in heaven. No sourness, but the most exquisite, delicate, and, despite its boldness, refined aroma embraces me, and won't let go. I keep moving my head in an OCD-like way to get more and more of it.

I read complaints on the quality of the ingredients, well my smelling facilities are way not experienced enough to notice anything about that, actually it smells very refined to me. It reminds me to Vol de Nuit actually! It also evokes in me the same green colour that I see when smelling Vol de Nuit. Smells rather green than purple to my nose. The other fragrance it brings to my mind is Love Potion / LP No. 9 from Penhaligon's. Passion is wonderfully glamorous, absolutely bewitching, and dirty enough to be openly seductive.

Regarding the "old lady perfume" side of things, well, yes, this can be a grandma smell... for a grandma who is going out to theatre and dinner with her fifth, much younger husband, and sometimes teaches tricks to the young gardener boy... tricks so naughty that even the mention of them would make her grandchildren blush. That kind of grandmother... This scent is pure glamour. In the era when it was created, they not only gave glamorous names to fragrances(Passion, Obsession, Opium, Poison, and so on), but the scents themselves walked the talk. Today every second new juice is called nuit or noir, or black and night, depends on which language they are named, but the big majority of them are nothing like their name.

I used to think that Sophia Grojsman's creations were charmingly feminine, graceful and artistic, but not badass. Looks like there is one huge badass among them.

Happy that now it unfolds on my hair in its full splendor, I ordered another bottle for backup, because ET scents are getting rare in my country.

Lovestruck Vera Wang by dglightblue 2017-01-19

love the opening, musky sweet in the middle, soft dry own, it reminded me a bit of la vie est belle in the sweet creaminess and the general smell.
doesn't have aromatics or spice.
not huge lasting power, but a nice fragrance if you want a light warm sweet scent

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by Yunus Emre Kul 2017-01-19

Cartier markasına güvenerek bu ürünü test ettim. Ama maalesef büyük bir hayal kırıklığı yaşadım. Hemen şunu söylemek istiyorum. Gül kokuyor mu, evet gül kokuyor. Bu bir gül kokusu. Uzun ömürlü.Koku ömrü 2 gün devam etti. Peki beni ne rahatsız etti? Başından sonuna kadar sentetik. Çok sentetik. Bu ürünü beğenenlere şaşıyorum.

Marry Me Lanvin by dglightblue 2017-01-19

I have this on now, not in a pulse point, I think it will last lihnger on a [ulse point.
after the nitial hit, which I think was such a pleasant scent, so 'sweet flower garden', I get Roberto cavalla edp, its the background rubber eraser... I like it, its a rounded eraser with flowers. I don't know what note causes this smel, if you know perhaps you can tell me :-)
not great lasting power, but affordable and a change from the sweet treat types.
light, no aromatics, I don't get fruit from this really, unless the background sweet warmth is from them..

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood DSQUARED² by orchid thief 2017-01-19

yes, I'd also recommend Comme de Garsons, Wonderwood

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood DSQUARED² by orchid thief 2017-01-19

vihri- try Gucci 1 then, a perfect woody scent

Misia Eau de Parfum Chanel by Giotedesco2980 2017-01-19

This is one of my all time favorites, i absolutely love the way this fragrance smells, i could wear this the rest of my life and i would be happy with the way i smell, so do women think this is a bad fragrance for a man to wear? is it to feminine smelling? would it be a turn off for women if a man was wearing it? I really love this fragrance should i not care what people think of me wearing it, or should i only wear it around my house when I'm by myself?

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by teosakellar 2017-01-19


You can't even write a sentense in a correct way and still, you keep writing your dumb reviews....How many pathetic people can we stand anymore?

Just Oud Boulevard Lattafa Perfumes by Angela Agiannidou 2017-01-19

Why am I first to review that? Well, since I take all the risks these days( including trying to separate two fighting cats) I will give you the lowdown. Sensational! The first spritz produces a marathonic rush of all the notes to get to the top and greet you. This is the moment I knew it would be love. Spice, Oud, leather, resin, patch, wood all compete successfully for your attention giving the most seductive oriental aroma. Oud here has the typical Lattafa DNA, deep, smooth, smoky. This powerful and aromatic coexistence goes on for a long time. Leather here has a rather boozy touch, like wearing a Belstaff leather jacket and enjoying a glass of rum. The sweetness is so balanced and expertly spiced it left me speechless. Hours later and boozy leather softens allowing amber and wood to surface but, make no mistake, saffron,oud and leather run the main event. I can detect patch in all this harmonious mix too. All the notes here are blended to perfection. This is in the Tom Ford league and super affordable, a luxurious winter warmer and worthy of anyone's top place in their wardrobe. Unisex. Another total winner and compliment getter from Lattafa. Bravo.

Sensi Giorgio Armani by Katrin77 2017-01-19

If you loved and miss Sensi, chances are good that you will like YSL Cinema Gold. Maybe even Cinema, since C. Gold and Cinema are supposed to be quite similar. I am wearing Cinema Gold at the moment, and find it very much alike Sensi whitch I used in 2005.

Yellow Diamond Intense Versace by Blossom Dreams 2017-01-19

I have a bottle of this and Yellow Diamond. I'm completely in love with both. They do smell a little different to each other. It's a unique fragrance that smells like lemon and flowers. Very pretty, soft, and summery ... a bottle of sunshine.

Nirvana White Elizabeth and James by nasunee 2017-01-19

I tried wearing this one on my left arm and Stella EDP on my right arm, and this perfume smelled way way better. This one's lighter, not too heavy with roses. Stella EDP is not heavy but heavier rose scents than Nirvana white, so for person who usually get tired of rose scents(me), this one is more pleasing.

Modern Muse Chic Estée Lauder by nasunee 2017-01-19

Tried the original Modern Muse and the original version was so-so. Then tried the chic version and it made me sick

Acqua di Sale Profumum Roma by Oxygene 2017-01-19

Too powdery a little bit. I can smell the sea notes first, but this is not the real "Sale" perfume to me.

Oud Al Sahraa Parfums Berdoues by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر Oud Al Sahraa Parfums Berdoues

Oud Al Sahra

عاشق عطر خاص و منحصربفرد گیشنیز هستم. از لحظه ای که سر از خاک بیرون میاره و عطر سبز، شفاف، درخشان و موقر خودش رو به نمایش میذاره تا لحظه ای که ساقه هاش شکل می گیرن و عطر چوبی و سبز ساقه هاش با بوی پودری گلهای سفید اون ترکیب میشه و در نهایت در اوایل تابستان؛ که موعد برداشت محصولش فرا میرسه که همون دونه های ریز و خوش عطر و خوش طعم هست؛ گیشنیز یه سفر بویایی بی نظیر رو طی میکنه که از هر مرحله ی اون میشه یه اکسیر اعجاب آور بدست آورد.
اونچه که در عطرسازی بعنوان گیشنیز یا همون کوریاندر مورد استفاده قرار می گیره؛ دونه های برداشت شده از این گیاه مفید و عالی هست که بیشتر در فاز اسپایسی عطر مخفی میشه و حالتی خاکی به فضا میده. اما دونه های گیشنیز و چوبهای خشک اون که در تابستون برداشت میشن و طی فرایندی سخت؛ دونه ها که ارزش بیشتری دارن و از چوب جدا میشن؛ بویی فراتر از یه تم خاکی دارن. گیشنیز خشک شده روحی از عطر تازه و شاداب گیشنیز سبز بهاری رو در خودش داره که خشک و وحشی شده و حالتی خاکی، دودی و چوبی داره که فوق العادست.
گفتن از اون سخته و باید در فصل برداشت گیشنیز به مزارع برید تا این عطر شگفت انگیز شما رو مسحور خودش کنه. اما این عطر بِردوس؛ عود صحرا؛ یه نمایش با کیفیت از دونه های گیشنیز و چوب اون ارائه کرد که بیاد نمیارم نمونه ی اونو در عطر دیگه ای احساس کرده باشم!

عود صحرا ترکیب خلوت، اما عمیق و زیبایی داره که با دارچین خیس خورده و طبیعی شروع میکنه و پس زمینه ی سیتروسی ملس و اغواگری به خودش می گیره که به هیچ عنوان سبک و خنک نیست. این فضای دارچینی سیتروسی به زیبایی در انباری پر از گیشنیز خشک، اسپایسی و خاکی می پیچه که بی اندازه طبیعی و ملموسه و با این فضای اسپایسی-سیتروسی زیبا؛ زمینه برای ورود مر و عود دارویی و کمی شیرین فراهم میشه تا بعد از چند ساعت نمایش؛ در پایه ای خشک، چوبی و کمی دودی، پرونده ی عود صحرا بسته بشه.

عود صحرا یه عطر گرم و نرم و مطبوعه؛ شیرین و گس و خواستنی که در هوای خنک و رو به سردی؛ حسابی دلبری خواهد کرد. همه چیز طبیعی و دلنشینه کنار هم قرار گرفتن و با خوش سلیقگی و ظرافت با همدیگه مچ شدن. کار خوبیه اما ای کاش موندگاری و پخش بهتری داشت. من بخاطر ساعت اول نمایشش رو پوستم؛ خصوصا عطر گیشنیزش میگم نباید بخاطر موندگاری کمتر از 6 ساعت و پخش نه چندان خوبش؛ مورد شماتت قرار بگیره؛ اما انتخاب با شماست...

خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Oud Wa Misk Parfums Berdoues by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر Oud Wa Misk Parfums Berdoues
Oud Wa Misk

عود و مشک مثل دیگر آثار این لاین؛ یه ترکیب باشکوه و خوش ساخته که واسم نسبت به همه ی اونا ارجح تر و برتره. ترکیبی ساده، سرراست و اثرگذار که خیلی خوب و شیک؛ از روی وحشی و یاغی نتهای عود و مشک پرده برداشته اما در نهایت ظرافت و هنرمندی در کنار هم جاشون داده و یه عطر گرم و با ابهت خلق کرده.

عود و مشک؛ یه عطر خطی اما پیچیده و عمیقه که با مشک انیمالیک و چرکین در بستری شیرین و صمغی باز میشه. این شروع سهمگین سرکش و عاصی به راه خودش ادامه میده و حاشیه ای خاکی و پودری هم به خودش می گیره تا یه مشک همه چی تمام بشه: حیوانی و چرکین، کمی خاکی و کمی پودری که شیرینیِ صمغی سعی در تلطیف اون داره. عطر مشکین با پس زمینه ای صمغی؛ وارد فضایی دودی؛ اما ملایم میشه تا پیچیده و عمیق تر از چیزی که بود بشه و با متحد شدن با پچولی شیک و لوکس که خاکی و چوبیه؛ شخصیت اصلی این عطر رو شکل بدن. حیوانی، خاکی، دودی، صمغی با لبه هایی پودری و اسپایسی که بعد از ساعتها در فضایی از پچولی چوبی و کمی شیرین که دودگرفته هست؛ آروم می گیره. این فضای کلی عود و مشک هست که بسیار ناب و مطبوعه. موندگاری این عطر بسیار خوبه که در چند ساعت نخست؛ پخش قدرتمند و محسوسی داره و بعد از اون هم تا مدتها از روی پوست به مشام میرسه. تنها نقطه ضعف عطر همین ماندگاری و نشر بالاست که بخاطر فضای خطی، ممکنه خسته کننده شه.

عود و مشک یه پرداخت حرفه ای و زیبا به مشک و پچولیه که با وجه صمغی-دودی عود عمق پیدا کرده و ابعاد خودش رو در فضایی خشک، دودی و گرم بسط داده. یه کار مردونه و مقتدر که استحکام و شکوه اون با ظاهری آراسته و پوششی رسمی؛ نمایشی اثرگذار از پرستیژ و تجمله. حس عبور از زمستانه های سرد؛ از بین دیوارهای کاهگِلی کوچه باغهایی که هنوز هم بوی گَلَه ها و گیاهان بهار و تابستان و چوبهای انبار شده در پاییز، از اون به مشام میرسه...
خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Oud Wa Vanillia Parfums Berdoues by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر Oud Wa Vanillia Parfums Berdoues
Oud Wa Vanila

خاطراتی که در فضایی پر از دود و مبهم، پنهان شدن و دودهایی روشن و غلیظ که از دل خاطرات بیرون میان. همه چیز ریشه در خاطرات داره و زمان که به هر تقدیر؛ مسیر رو به جلوی خودش رو طی میکنه و در این بین برخی خاطرات کم رنگ و غبارگرفته میشن و بعضی دیگه چنان پر رنگ و جاری؛ که هر صدا و هر سکوتی اونا رو تازه میکنه. مهم نیست چقد در دود و غبار محو شدن یا اینکه چقدر زنده و تازه هستن. اونچه که مهمه وجود داشتن اونها و جایی هست که در ذهن و وجودمون به خودشون اختصاص دادن و گاهی اوقات محوترین و غبار گرفته ترین اونها؛ با وزش نسیمی تازه میشه و این نسیم میتونه از دل عطری مثل عود و وانیل وزیدن بگیره.
هیچ وقت تمایلی به عطرهایی با رایحه ی غالب وانیل نداشتم مگر اینکه خیلی ویژه و قدرتمند باشه. عود و وانیل یه عطر وانیل محور معمولی اما خوش ساخته؛ یه عطر خوشمزه ی دیگه که منو بدجور به زمانهای دور برد و خاطراتی که از اون روزا در ذهنم مخفی شدن رو زنده کرد.

عود و وانیل ترکیبی ساده، درخشان و ملایمه که با وانیل نرم و شیرین در بستری صمغی-انیمالیک شروع میشه. همه چیز در این فضا ادامه پیدا میکنه و تم ضعیف صمغی-انیمالیک؛ هیچ وقت نمیتونه به وانیل قدرتمند گرم و شیرین برسه تا اینکه در قلب کار؛ کهربای ملایم شیرین و لطیف رو به کمک فرا میخونه تا با محاصره کردن وانیل متکبر و اغواگر در فضایی کهربایی، دودی و پودری؛ زیباترین لحظات عود و وانیل رو رقم بزنن. به مرور یاس و عسل دودی؛ عطر رو از این فضای دلچسب و دوست داشتنی خارج میکنن تا وارد پایه ای وانیلی، عسلی و کمی چرکین بشه که بر قدرت نمایی وانیل و کم رنگ شدن کهربا و فضای دودی-پودری تأکید داره.

عود و وانیل یه کار گورمند و خوش ساخته که اگر اون قلب پودری، دودی، صمغی و کهربایی که وانیل رو احاطه کرده بود رو ادامه می داد؛ واسه من یه کار خوب و دوست داشتنی می شد. فضایی که برام عصرهای پاییزی دور رو زنده کرد. جایی که در هوایی ابری، پر از بغض و پر از دود؛ یه عصرونه ی شیرین و تکرار نشدنی سِرو می شد و بعد از اون؛ شب جمعه، پیِ فانوس، توی کوچه گم شدن ...
قلب عود و وانیل نسیم اسرار آمیزی بود که خاطرات پنهان شده در فضایی پر از دود و مبهم رو زنده کرد برام. موندگاری حدود 7 ساعت و پخش متوسطی داره.
خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Anne Pliska Anne Pliska by angel6 2017-01-18

Anne Pliska brings to mind CK Obsession alright and while is quite attractive is not love for me, if you love amber, this is for you. I'm glad I got a sample from Luckyscent as I almost order it blind because of the reviews.

Oud Wa Ward Parfums Berdoues by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر Oud Wa Ward Parfums Berdoues
Oud Wa Ward

عود و گل؛ اون هم چه گلی؛ رز! پس میشه با بی اعتنایی و ابروهایی درهم کشیده؛ این بطری عطر رو با پشت دست عقب روند تا نهایت اعتراض رو به این تکرار اعلام کنم. این تکرار خسته کننده و سرسام آور باید یه روزی؛ یه جایی تموم بشه و همه علیه اون قد علم کنن. اما الان وقت اون کار نیست و عود و وَرد رو باید پرستش کرد. اینجا سخن از حیثیت و اعتبار و تاریخ درمیانه؛ جایی برای فریب و کسب در آمد نیست.

انیمالیک، دودی و خاکی؛ مثل خیلی از عطرای دیگه ی این چنینی؛ عود و ورد کار خودش رو آغاز میکنه. شروعی که خبر از یه ترکیب تکراری دیگه میده؛ اما بعد از دقایقی رز با رایحه ای لطیف و دلبرانه که "گلاب" نیست؛ از دور نزدیک میشه و میگه که صبر کنید! ما یه ترکیب متفاوت برای شما در نظر داریم. به مرور رز در هیبتی دلچسب و زیبا که شیرینی میوه ای خفیفی همراهش هست؛ نقش پر رنگی در ترکیب پیدا می کنه و حیوانیت کار رو کم رنگ میکنه. همراهی زیبا و خوش سیمای عود صمغی و کمی دودی با رز لطیف و میوه ای با حاشیه ای اسپایسی و فلفلی؛ با ورود پچولی شیک و خاکی که کمی هم چوبی هست؛ به اوج خودش میرسه.
یه عطر شیک و عالی که همه چیز اون در نهایت ظرافت، کنار هم قرار گرفته. دودی و صمغی، ترد و چوبی، فلورال و میوه ای که حالتی فلفلی داره. در این فضای باشکوه که نشانی از سردر گمی و ابهام نداره؛ نسیمی از زنبق پودری و اغواگر وزیدن می گیره که به آرومی عطر رو وارد قلب فلورال و عودی منحصربفرد خودش میکنه. یه جادوی عالی؛ یه اعجاز. عود و ورد در نهایت پرستیژ و اغواگری از قلبی پودری، فلورال و اسپایسی وارد پایه ی شیک صمغی و دودی خودش میشه که همچنان پودری و کمی خاکیه که رز لطیف و زیبا در پس زمینه ی اون حضور داره.

هرگز نمیشه کسی رو مجبور به دوست داشتن چیزی کرد؛ هر انسانی مختار به دوست داشتن و پذیرفتن چیزهایی هست که در نظرش مطلوب و زیبا هستن؛ اما هرگز نمیشه چیزی رو بی دلیل نفی کرد و ازش برائت جست؛ درست مثل ترکیبات شرقی رز-عود که اغلب یکسان، قابل پیش بینی و خسته کننده هستن. اما عود و ورد برای من یه مسیر وارونه است: این عطر رو قبل از کوبیدن تست می کنم و نتیجه ی کار میشه دوست داشتن و دل بستن به اثری مطلوب و زیبا!
بِردوس با عود و ورد داره به همگان نشون میده که چطور میشه در قالب یه ترکیب ساده و واضح؛ یه عطر عود و رز شیک ارائه کرد. یه کار ملایم رو به گرمی که برای پاییز حرف نداره و موندگاری 8 تا 9 ساعته ی اون با پخش قابل قبول؛ لذت همراهی این کار شیک رو بیشتر میکنه. فقط نیم ساعت زمان بدین بهش تا شما رو مسحور کنه...

خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Flaming Red Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر Flaming Red Santi Burgas
Flaming Red Santi Burgas

Flaming Red پرداختی به عود و رز از زاویه ای سرکش و سنگینه که هیچ چیزی جلودارش نیست. استفاده از نتهای عود، رز و کهربا؛ در حجمی بالا و باکیفیت یه عطر اورینتال فاخر بوجود آورده که خاص و ویژه عمل میکنه و مسیر خودش رو از عود گلاب آگین متقلب و خفه کننده ی برندای نوپای بی هویت جدا میکنه.

Flaming Red در هیبت حیوانی و چرکین عظیم و وحشی، خودش رو معرفی میکنه. عود، مشک و نتهای اسپایسی با حالتی چرکین و خشک فضای غالب کار رو در دست دارن و خیلی زود تم الکلی-دارویی قدرتمندی بهشون اضافه میشه تا با حضور بوی شیرین، خامه ای و گرم رز در کنار حس چرب کره ای جاری در فضا؛ رایحه ی خاصی از عود حیوانی و رز پودری و کمی سبز، در بستری الکلی-دارویی به مشام برسه.
با حفظ همین فضای انیمالیک، دارویی، فلورال و سبز؛ بعد از ساعتی حس کاراملی و شیرینی کنترل شده ای از وانیل و کهربا به حاشیه ی کار اضافه میشن تا فضای غلیظ و گرفته، کمی شفاف و روشن بشه.
با همین فضای سنگین و پر مهابت؛ ترکیب Flaming Red کامل میشه و در نهایت، عطر وارد بیس چوبی، صمغی-دودی و کهربایی میشه که همچنان از لطافت پودری رز بهره می بره. حس چرب کره ای و تم الکلی-دودی ضعیف، در نهایت محو میشن و اگرچه حالت چرکین و انیمالیک همچنان حضور داره اما کاملا تحت تأثیر وجه چوبی-صمغی قرار می گیره. این همه پیچیدگی تاجی از رز، کهربا و عود بر سر دارن تا با بالانسی فوق العاده؛Flaming Red در نهایت درخشش و غنا عمل کنه.
عطر اورینتال عظیم و پر ابهت از از رز، عود و کهربا که از فضای انیمالیک دارویی و الکلی آغاز به زیبایی به پایانی چوبی-دودی با حاشیه ای پودری ختم میشه.

Flaming Red یه ترکیب غنی، خاص و اثر گذاره که با چند آکورد در اوج سادگی، پیچیدگی و یاغی گری بوجود اومده. عطر همه پسندی نیست و به غیر از اوقات سرد سال استفاده از اون ریسک بزرگی بحساب میاد.
ماندگاری 15 ساعت به بالا و پخشی فوق العاده قدرتمند داره که بهتره در نزدیکی سر اسپری نشه.
خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Encore Alfred Sung by Happy123 2017-01-18

I was first introduced to Encore in the 1990's at a perfume gala. I had told the lady I like soapy perfumes and she had me smell Encore. It was different from the rest and I fell in love with it. I wore it for years and love it. It lasts forever. Flowers and spice ... I had no idea what the composition was back them. Unfortunately, it's discontinued ... along with my all time favourite, Fendi eau de parfum (the EDT is trash) ... such is life. So now, I managed to accumulate quite a stash, looking for substitutes ... and I have found many lovely perfumes.

LOANT Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر LOANT Santi Burgas

لوانت عطری برای دریافت بازخورد و حرکت در فضاهای سینتیک و شاید تکراری هست که از پرداخت خوب و کیفیت قابل قبولی بر خورداره. عطری برای برجسته سازی نوت هایی مثل کشمران و آمبروکسان در هیبتی اغواگر و خوش و خط و خال!

شروع عطر در فضایی پودری، نشاسته ای و تلخ و شیرین رقم میخوره که یاد آور دیور اوم اینتنس هست؛ اما در ابعادی پایین تر. کشمران با حالتی پودری-پوسیده که با استفاده از یاس و شاید رز، وجه میوه ای و خوراکی خودش رو هم تقویت کرده، بازیگر اصلی این فضاست.
فاز بعدی داستان با ورود حالت خاکی و کمی گرم آمبروکسان به حاشیه ی عطر رقم میخوره که بخوبی با فضای حاکم ابتدایی همخوانی داره. این فضای پودری-نشاسته ای تلخ و شیرین و کمی خاکی، داستان کلی لوانت هست و در پایان مشک تمیز، درخشان و تازه به این فضا اضافه میشه، و گرمای مطبوع حاکم رو در فضای متعادل و شاداب خودش که حسی دریایی هم همراهشه ادغام می کنه.

لوانت یه عطر سینتیک و بازخورد آوره با ماندگاری حدود شش ساعت و پخشی کاملا متوسط که برای بهار بیشتر به کار میاد. عطر سینتیک بازخورد آور!
خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

LOBITT Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر LOBITT Santi Burgas

برای یه عطر مرکباتی، بیش از اونکه بخواید دنبال موندگاری و پخش باشید؛ از کیفیت و تفاوت اون سراغ بگیرید. کجای داستان عطرسازی باید انقراض نسل عطرای ساندیسی و هندونه ای رو جشن بگیریم؟ من در اون حد نیستم که بخوام اظهار نطر کنم و تنها می تونم بگم از پیدا کردن عطرای مرکباتی و تابستونی خوب نا امید نباشید. یکیشون اینجاست: لوبیت!
لوبیت با یه تلخی غلیظ و وحشی از هجوم برگها و گیاهان ناشناخته باز میشه. این فضای متراکم قدرتمند و تیز و تلخ، از دور با کورسوهایی مرکباتی و کمی ترش، روشن میشه. اما مرکباتی که بعد از دقایقی وارد میشن و این سبزی وحشی و طبیعی رو زیر می گیرن؛ دستشون به خون سبز برگا و گیاهان یاغی آلوده میشه و حالتی تلخ، گازدار و کاملا طبیعی می گیرن به خودشون که بسیار مفرح و جذابه.
فضای کلی لوبیت در همین جشن مرکباتی تلخ و گازدار و مفرح شکل می گیره و علی رغم اینکه عطر منحصربفردی نیست؛ اما فضای دلنشین و جسورانه ای داره که باعث میشه بشه روش حساب باز کرد.
لوبیت خنک و جذاب و سرکش، ماندگاری حدودا سه ساعته و پخش کاملا متوسطی داره که در مقابل رایحش، بی اهمیته!

خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Valentino Uomo Valentino by WGBF 2017-01-18

Beautiful scent that performs well in the winter. It's a little feminine but don't be fooled by that as it is very classy and also confident.

LOJAZZ Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر LOJAZZ Santi Burgas


تردیدی وجود داره که برای من در زمره ی عذابهای الیم بحساب میاد! اون هم زمانی بر سر من خراب میشه که احساس میکنم یه عطرو اشتباهی تست کردم. لوجاز یکی از اون لحظات پر از تردید و آزار دهندست. واقعیت اینکه بر خلاف خیلی از اوقات، من این عطرو با پیش فرض تست کردم. تو یه سری منابع راجع بهش خوندم و بنابراین با تصور یه عطر گل بوی پودری که تازگی و درخشش بنفشه رو با حس شهوانی و ایندولیک گلهای سفید همراه میکنه؛ به سراغش رفتم و تستش کردم! اما...

... اما این یه عطر آروماتیک هست. سبز و گیاهی و صابونی! نکنه اشتباه کردم؟ نه اشتباهی در کار نیست. پس حالا بدون هیچ ذهنیتی تستش میکنم تا هم از عذاب الیم تردید خلاص شم و هم بفهمم این چی بود!!
لوجاز با بوی سبز رو به ترشی خاصی باز میشه که مثل بوی خاکستری هست که روش گوجه کباب کردن! چنین بویی در شروع لوجاز به مشام میرسه و بعد از دقایقی، رزماری با همون رایحه ی همیشگی خودش وارد کار میشه. رزماری، به همراه لمسی از پوست تلخ و گازدار مرکبات، عطر رو به سمت شخصیتی صابونی و سبز سوق میدن. من دل خوشی از رزماری ندارم؛ اما وقتی کلیت عطر شکل می گیره؛ آرزو میکنم ای کاش همون رزماری و تم سبز و گازدار باقی می موند.
کلیت لوجاز، صابونه! یه صابون آشنا و کاملا طبیعی که صابون ملی ما ایرانیهاست!! بگذریم ولی لوجاز تا پایان رو این محور صابونی و تمیز و کمی تلخ جلو میره و در پایان یه حالت خزه ای به خودش می گیره.

تست لوجاز، تجربه عجیبی بود. نه بنفشه و گلهای سفیدی در کار بود و نه تازگی مرکباتی. لاوندر، رزماری، خزه و نوتهای آروماتیک و سبز، بازیگران لوجاز هستند.
سخن کوتاه کنم و بیش از این این خاطره نه چندان دلچسب رو واسه خودم تکرار نکنم. فقط ایزد منان را سپاس که پخش و موندگاری این عطر ناچیز و کوتاه عمرن!
خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

LOMUSK Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر LOMUSK Santi Burgas


مشک حیوانی و کثیف با رگه های گل بو و پودری بسیار خوشایند و زیباست برام؛ اما تمایل به همراهی مشک تمیز و تازه با رگه های گیاهی و خزه ای، نداشته و ندارم. اگرچه زیباست و محبوب اما چنین تصویری از مشک خوشایندم نیست. این دقیقا جاییه که لوماسک منو از خودش دلزده میکنه.

این عطر داستان سر راستی داره که از همراهی مشک با پس زمینه ای خزه ای، گیاهی و تازه رقم میخوره. مشک لوماسک صابونیه، تازه و درخشانه و بخوبی تم خزه ای و گیاهی همراه خودش رو تقویت میکنه و تا انتها و برای زمانی طولانی، با هم به پیش میتازن.

لوماسک عطری برای طرفداران مشک تمیز و مفرح و تم های کلاسیک هست. موندگاری بسیار بالایی داره که خدا رو شکر پخش معمولی اون موجب شد تا برام دردسر ساز نشه.

خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

LOROSE Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر LOROSE Santi Burgas

بی تردید رز یکی از اصیل ترین و نفیس ترین مواد عطرسازیه که بسیار مظلوم و متأسفانه منفور واقع شده. ریشه اون هم خب دیگه نیازی به گفتن نداره که افراط و منفعت طلبی های ظالمانه و متقلبانه است. بگذریم...
اما میشه استثناهای خوبی برای یک عطر با نوت رز پیدا کرد و از اون لذت برد. لورُز، یکی از همین عطراست. یه ترکیب تازه و مفرح و خوشمزه که بسیار جذاب و شهوانی عمل میکنه.

لورُز، بیش از اونکه بخواد رز و وجوه مختلف اون رو برجسته کنه، به اون شخصیتی لطیف، پودری و معصوم داده که تن پوش فاخر و درخشانی از همراهی زعفران، میوه ها و یلنگ بر تن داره. همه چیز به اندازه، متوازن و هماهنگه و عطر یه دستی بدست میده که بسیار خوشمزه، گیرا و قابل احترام هست. این شخصیت جذاب و مفرح با تمی خفیف از رگه های متالیک و کمی سبز همراه شده که باعث میشه حالت شهوانی و اغواگر عطر، حجاب و افساری برای خودش در نظر بگیره.

لو رُز رو نمیشه عطری معرکه و شاهکار دونست؛ اما کار بهاری خوب و قابل قبولی هست. ماندگاری و پخش خوبی داره و مزیت این ماندگاری و پخش در اینه که وقتی رایحه ی عطر در منجلابی از گلاب در حال فروپاشیه، شما چیز زیادی حس نمی کنید و با همون طعم سرمستانه ی دلچسب سرگرم هستید
.خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

LOTREE Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر LOTREE Santi Burgas

یه عطر چوبی، قرار نیست همیشه از تاریکی و غم بگه. قتل عام درختان و خون سبز اونا، خاکسترهای بی درخت و درختان بی شاخ و برگ، تصویریه که حس عمیق، ستوده شده و الحق زیبای خیلی از عطرهای چوبیه اما سانتی بورگاس با عطر لو تری اینبار مسیری متفاوت رو طی میکنه. متفاوت، نه منحصربفرد و یونیک، چون لوتری عطر منحصر بفردی نیست!

این عطری از لمس شاخه های نو رسته و ترکه ایه سرو و بید و صنوبره. سدر سبز و و لمسی سبز و درخشان روی یه بستر دودی نرم و محو، چنین فضایی رو میسازن که بخش اول عطر هست. هرچه زمان جلوتر میره، لوتری هم جدی تر و رسمی میشه و با قدرت گرفتن صندل که حالتی خشک، ترد و میز و نیمکت مدرسه ای رو در خودش داره؛ فضای سبز درخشان رو به حاشیه میبره. شیطنتا و بازیگوشی زنگ تفریح اردیبهشت ماه تو سایه ی درختای مدرسه بسه و بفرمایید سر کلاس! البته این یه برداشت شخصیه. اما لوتری چنین حالتی داره. هرچه به سمت پایان عطر نزدیک میشیم، این حس ترد و شاخ و برگ دار چوبی، در فضایی محو و کم رنگ دودی-پودری ادغام میشه.

لوتری یه عطر بهاری خوبه که اگرچه منحصربفرد نیست؛ اما کار خوبیه. پخشی متوسط و موندگاری شش تا هفت ساعته داره.

خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

LOVANN Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر LOVANN Santi Burgas


لووان عطر جالبیه. با وانیل آشنا و مشهور شروع میشه و به وانیل کاراملی و پودر شکر مانند ختم میشه. فارغ از این شروع و پایان، لووان میتونه بخوبی نظر طرفداران عطرایی که خودشونو تنباکویی میدونن و با آکورد سینتتیک میوه ای و وانیلی، تبدیل به سلاطین بلامنازع عطرای تنباکویی شدن؛ رو جلب کنه. عطری که بدون چنین ادعایی کاملا در اون فضا و شاید بهتر از عطرای ماقبل خودش با این فضا، جریان پیدا میکنه.

همونطور که عرض کردم، لووان با وانیل آشنا شروع میشه اما خیلی زود با یه تم میوه ای تازه و مایل به شیرینی احاطه میشه. عسل دودی و دارچین پودری گرم در هم تنیده میشن و روی این شروع میوه ای وانیلی کشیده میشه تا عطر همون فضایی که اشاره شد بهش رو به خودش بگیره. فضای کلی عطر تا پایان بر همین محور خوشمزه، گرم و کمی دودی ادامه پیدا میکنه و بعد از ساعتها، تو یه پایه ی وانیلی-شکری فرود میاد و شما رو ترک میکنه.

لووان عطر قابل قبولیه، اما عطر من نیست. ماندگاری بسیار بالایی داره و پخش ملایم و بی آزاری اونو همراهی میکنه که برای این فضا، خوب خواهد بود.
خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Oud de Burgas Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر Oud de Burgas Santi Burgas

Oud de Burgas

در عبور از هیاهو و جنجالهای عود و عودستان و در بحبوحه ی جنگ جهانی عود؛ وقتی اسم یه عطر عودی میاد ترجیح میدم چشمامو ببندم، جلو بینیمو بگیرم و رد بشم. بی اهمیت، سرد و بدون هیچ شوقی. سالهاست که از این کِرشمه باران می گذرم؛ بی چتر و بارانی!
اما گاهی اوقات سربازانی پای به این میدان میذارن که توجهات رو به خودشون جلب می کنن؛ ادعایی ندارن؛ تبلیغات آنچنانی براشون نمیشه؛ کسی بهشون جایزه ها و نشانهای رنگارنگ نمیده؛ اما این رسم دنیاست. خوبا، گمنامن. بی ادعا و بی هیچ عربده کشی و تبلیغات وقیحانه ای وارد کارزار میشن و کاری بزرگ انجام میدن؛ درست مثل کاری که دروساپولوس با نوعود میکنه و اینجا سانتیاگو بورگاس هم با شهامت و جسارت این مسیر رو ادامه میده. مسیری که ای کاش رهروان بیشتری داشته باشه تا دیگه کار آموز بی تجربه ای مثل بنده اینقدر قلم فرسایی نکنه و از این شرایط انتقاد نکنه...
بگذریم ...

عود بورگاس یه عطر مهیبه و رُک هست! تمام لایه های این عطر؛ از قلب چوبی-اسپایسی تا پایه هایی که دودی و ته مایه های خشک و پودری داره؛ تمام و کمال زیر سایه ی شروع طوفانی انیمالیک این عطره.
شروع کار یه طوفان انیمالیک بزرگه با حاشیه هایی ترش و دارویی و کمی چرب. تاخت و تاز گله های اسب و گاو گوسفند و فرار از اصبل در نیمه شب که بوته های باغ انگور رو زیر سم هاشون لِه میکنن. این فضاییه که از شروع کار به ذهنم متبادر شد!!!!
ورود میخک خشک هم تزریق نیروی مضاعفی در راستای تقویت این فضاست و تنها در قلب کار هست که این خروش حیوانی عظیم با گایاک دودی و تاریک؛ مهار میشه و در فضایی انیمالیک، اسپایسی، دودی و خاکی، عطر این همه مهابت و این فضای گستاخانه و جسورانه رو با ملایمت پودری و خشک کم رمقی جلا میده تا با آروم کردن اون؛ از روی دیگر این عود خشن و سر سخت در فضایی صمغی و چرم مانند که حالا تم پودری هم برجسته و قویتر شده؛ پرده برداره. پرده ی آخر این نمایش عمیق و با ابهت که در فضایی شیک و غنی به اجرا در میاد.

نمیخوام بگم عود بورگس شاهکاره و بی همتاست و نمیخوام از اون تعریف زیادی کنم؛ اما این عطر یه اثر خلاقانه و خاصه که از خلاف جریان شنا کردن نمی ترسه؛ از ساعتها به نمایش گذاشتن چهره ی حیوانی و تاریک عود ابایی نداره و بی مهابا در فضایی بی قانون و جنگل مانند؛ میتازه و بَلوا بپا میکنه.
ماندگاری و پخش این عطرو هم که دیگه نیاز به گفتنش نیست: بالا!

خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر

کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل

Miss Betty Vair Santi Burgas by luxbuyer 2017-01-18

نقد و بررسی عطر Miss Betty Vair

Miss Betty Vair

خانوم بِتی وایی بر عکس اسمش؛ یه عطر مردونه ی رسمی و جدیه. درسته که مجموعه ی وایت کالکشن سانتی بورگاس عطرایی در خودش داره که در بی پروایی، جسارت و صراحت؛ در سطح بالایی قرار دارن اما "میس بتی وایی"؛ یکی از آثار آروم و منعطف این کالکشن بحساب میاد که میشه برای حضور در مکان های رسمی و موقعیتهای خاص ازش استفاده کرد؛ کاری که در مورد استفاده از دیگر هم خانواده های جسور و سرکشش، تقریبا نباید انجام داد. مگر اینکه از جسارت و ماجراجویی لذت ببرید.
به شخصه از نگاه اقلگرا و ویژه ی عطرای این مجموعه لذت می برم. چیزی که جالبه استفاده از نتهای آشنا و تکراری مثل رز و عود در یه سری کارای این مجموعست که در قالب ترکیبی خلوت اما در هیبتی خوفناک و رُعب آور به نمایش در میان؛ اما "میس بِتی وایی"؛ از این قاعده مستثنی هست و باید گفت عطری هست برای مصاحبت با خانوم بتی وایی و هر خانوم دیگه ای؛ در هر گوشه از دنیا که میشه با یه کار مردونه ی چوبی-اسپایسی بدجور متأثرش کرد!

نسیم گرم و تا قسمتی شیرین که شروع وتیوری و کمی دودی عطر رو وارد فضای پیچیده ای میکنه؛ مثل یه شوک بود برام! در نظر بگیرید با یه عطر وتیوِر که ته مایه های خاکی و کمی دارویی داره و در مجموع بر وجه چوبی تأکید داره؛ مواجه هستید که یه بوی شیرین و اسپایسی ضعیف به حاشیه وارد میشه و به ناگاه در یه لحظه مثل یه گرد باد غبار آلود؛ گرما و شیرینی کار رو بالا می بره و بعد از اون محو میشه.
بعد از این اتفاق، فضای عطر دیگه به روال سابق نیست. وتیور، خشک و جدی میشه و با پس زمینه ای خاکی و گیاهی، با جبهه ی اسپایسی-پچولی متحد میشه و شخصیت کلی عطر خانوم بتی شکل می گیره: چوبی، خاکی-اسپایسی، پچولیِ گیاهی و کمی دودی که در فضایی ملایم و معتدل جریان داره.

عطر "میس بتی وایی" یه عصرونه ی پاییزی شیک و مجلله که روی بالکن مُشرِف به جنگل، به گفتگویی صمیمی و دلچسب دعوتتون میکنه. همه چیز در ملایمت و آرامشه و حس نابی از اعتماد و اقتدار در اون جاریه. یه آرامش متعادل و منعطف؛ درست مثل نسیم خنک و راز آلودی که از دل جنگل پاییزی می وزه. عطر شیک و باکیفیتی که یونیک نیست اما زیباست. موندگاری و پخش عطر در حد متوسط هست و این یکی دیگه از تفاوتهای عطر خانوم بتی با دیگر آثار وایت کالکشن رو رقم میزنه.

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Premier Figuier L`Artisan Parfumeur by bronstein 2017-01-18

I agree that after some time it develops into Philosykus, but at first sniff it appears like a more classy version of CK's Truth Men. This is interesting, because I regard both Truth Men as well as Philosykus as male scents, while this one is declared as female. However, I don't get anything particularly female out of it. Maybe it is meant that way, as it was created during the heydays of the 1990s gender-confusing era.

Therefore, while this one certainly has class, the question remains unanswered who is supposed to wear it nowadays. Men should stick to the much cheaper Truth Men and Philosykus, which, in addition, are still modern enough for our age. Women should be aware that the 1990s are long over. Seen from that perspective this one's a relic from a long gone era, suitable only for women who haven't woken up since.


Tous In Heaven Him Tous by juan cruz 2017-01-18

The juice in this fragrance is rater pleasing. good, inoffensive and by no means cheap smell, good stuff...

Boss Orange for Men Hugo Boss by Chiwinx 2017-01-18

I got this fragrance 3 years ago and loved it but didn't repurchase after it finished, then noticed the scent on a friend and was reminded of what a good fragrance it was. Immediately bought a 100ml bottle .this might just become my signature scent, stays for more than 12hours on my skin and projection is very good, get a lot of compliments , 910 for me.

Eau de 34 Diptyque by bronstein 2017-01-18

I agree with some of the comments below that this one starts out like a great citrus - and quite close to one of my all time favourites, Guerlain Homme L`Eau. But while the latter keeps its citrus and IS a great summer fragrance, this one evolves into some bitter green composition, a kind of a messed up Annick Goutal blend. After a far too short while, it starts to disappear.

I enjoy the uniqueness and richness of many of Diptyque's offerings, but this is not one of them.


Monsieur Couturier Jean Couturier by aqua_de_la_vita 2017-01-18

I tried this juice and find it appealing, I bought a bottle. I was surprised that no one had written about this fragrance. The only note listed is leather, at first spray there's more than just leather! I pick up a sweet creamy undertone of either amber or caraway seeds. There's a very low key note of smokey aroma adding to the rich creamy leather blend. I know there's something nose meter isn't able to tell.
Longevity and Silage is moderate overall.
I would categorize this juice a old fashioned barber shop aroma. I'm talking about the days when ash trays were full of cigerate butts and Playboy magazine were everywhere. Also the aroma of leather trap hanging on the side of chair after a haircut and a clean shave with a straight edge blade. To bad this juice didn't get the recognition that it should of. If you like a masculine leathery blend, I would definitely try it out. 7.5/10

Ysatis Givenchy by LuLuGoes 2017-01-18

Ysatis for women is a classic. I am wearing the EDT today. I have to say, it lands all floral, like a tossed bouquet. And then...

The vetiver and sandalwood transform it into a scent that I find unisex, a little earthy/herbal. Definitely could be worn by a man. Lovely, when you're in the mood to be daring and make your presence known. Powerful, a little mysterious.

I have a fresh bottle, so I can't compare to the vintage version. I do agree with the other reviewers who comment on how some vintage fragrances can turn bad or change in ways that are not good. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen. And new bottle is a safe bet.

If you try this for the first time, prepare yourself for a fragrance whose image might be all about a powerful woman, while it's really something the man in your life might steal from you.

A must to try at least once for any perfume lover.

1828 Histoires de Parfums by jacobbonilla 2017-01-18

Probably the best barbershop scent out there. The coolest part is that it doesn't have lavender in it, or any other typical note that is in a "barbershop" scent other than some citrus. I was torn between Platinum Egoiste or At The Barber's but after smelling this it's a no brainer. On my skin lasting power is about 7hrs and it seems projection is within arms length for approximately 3hrs.

Booster Lacoste by oleg533 2017-01-18

Awful, awful medicinal scent.

Class Swiss Arabian by maddyrenel 2017-01-18

I'll review only because no one else has! Not much to say except this is a nice, warm and slightly sweet orange blossom and vanilla scent. I'm happy to finish the bottle I already own but it's not interesting enough for me to buy another bottle. Sillage is low and longevity is only about 3 hours on me.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by smellyman67 2017-01-18

@teosakellar is sending me abusive messages lol. stop being a little girl .grow a pair and stop being a plum

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by smellyman67 2017-01-18

@teosakellar is sending me abusive private messages lol
chill out little girl ,jog on and stop being a plum

Habit Rouge L`Eau Guerlain by Thane 2017-01-18

I like this, however the jasmine note is so bright and powerful for me I can barely smell anything else, including orange, until the jasmine dies down after about 2 hours. After that it's wonderful and mellow, and I get the orange creamsicle effect other people describe, but while the jasmine dominates it reminds me of disinfectant or a very feminine, floral perfume. I got this before ever trying the original, assuming this would be a more "user friendly" version. I see the original doesn't have jasmine listed so I'd be curious to give that a try to see how I like it. I also like the bottle a lot but the cap feels like cheap plastic.

Honey Marc Jacobs by zyby 2017-01-18

I sometimes blind-buy fragrance minis when I have a bunch of drugstore coupons. The coupons bring my cost down to about $5 (and sometimes less), so it’s fun to pick something without thinking about it too much. This was one such blind buy.

HONEY is a pleasant, but very, very light floral-nectar scent with faint undertones of sweet/sour fruit. On me, HONEY is so soft that I have to apply it as liberally as body spray in order to smell much of anything. I have scented soaps that leave a heavier fragrance on the skin. I suspect that on a hot day, the scent would be somewhat more pronounced, but in winter, there’s almost no point in wearing this at all. I find the longevity to be about 3 hours. Because of these issues, I’m not likely to repurchase.

If you are looking for very similar scents to this, look at what's offered by L'Occitane, Jo Malone and Acqua di Parma. Some very nice options there that you will like.

I bought B&BW Magnolia Blossom based on the raves here. It's certainly a very nice, fresh, soft fragrance that smells authentically of Magnolia rather than chemicals.

However, its longevity is the worst of my 200+ collection of fragrance samples. It's undetectable within 30 minutes. Definitely not worth the expense of vintage stock, and not practical to use as an actual perfume.

Mister Marvelous Byredo by Emma Perpetua 2017-01-18

I hate to be negative, but to me this smells like the swab they use before they take your blood sample. Not a smell I'm into at all.

Cristalle Eau Verte Chanel by Nataliemarie 2017-01-18

One of my HG Perfumes! I enjoy mixing this also. Very fresh, very green fragrance. Lasts forever on my clothes, nothing ever lasts on my skin. Others can smell it, although you think it's faint. It is light, but it does project & people love it~ Great find, one I had never heard of & I sprayed it in Nordstrom one day, & could not stop smelling my shirt. Even the next day when I picked it up & sniffed. So I was off to buy it, & loved it ever since!

Honeymania The Body Shop by Konga5000 2017-01-18

EDT ? Noooooooo. Nice body spray that resembles Marc Jacobs Honey. Longevity ? Nooooooooooooo.
I got a small bottle at T.J. MishMosh for $3.99.
Perfect for a "pick-me-up" spritz on a hot day OR a dull work day.

Euphoria Men Intense Calvin Klein by EnergeticCrab 2017-01-18

I bought this as a gift for my BF after smelling it in store. At the time I thought it reminded me of sushi and I was into it. The ginger notes were strong and it felt very unique. But at home it smells kind of like a generic cologne reminiscent of Axe body spray and I don't know what happened. He doesn't end up wearing it so it's a lose-lose situation. Kind of disappointed.

Florentine Iris Ermenegildo Zegna by Van André 2017-01-18

This one is definitely a fresh kind of iris, which is actually pretty good. It develops beautifully on my skin, evoking a sense of fresh florals and a slight background make-up bag scent with some soda-like fizziness.

I own Dior Homme and Van Cleef & Arpels Bois D'iris, and I can say that Florentine Iris is very different from those two.

I feel very comfortable wearing it since I'm not bothered by feminine-smelling scents (plus hey, this isn't as feminine-smelling as Dior Homme).

I've received some positive feedback so people seem to generally like it on me.

Longevity is 12+ hours on me.
Sillage/ Projection is moderate, which is appropriate for this kind of scent.
It is versatile and can be worn to almost any occasion.

Overall, this is a winner in my book. I'm yet to find any flaws.

Rating: 10/10

Red Jeans Versace by Nataliemarie 2017-01-18

AAAmazing! I have loved this perfume for 13 years. A friend was wearing it, & I stalked her til I found out what it I have had several bottles over the years now & have never grown tired of it. Mixes amazingly well w/ Chanel Cristalle eau Vert. It was a random combo,,but blew everyone away. Keep it light though, spray a little..

Mariella Burani Mariella Burani by EnergeticCrab 2017-01-18

I absolutely positively love this fragrance despite how "old lady" people tell me it smells. It was my first perfume and is still one I like to wear. But, it is not an everyday scent.

I think it's a traditional oriental with some unique elements. Definitely complex. A little powdery. Warm. Sophisticated but not in a trendy way. I think a trained nose would be able to tell this came out of the 90s.

It's very hard to find. Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari, and other resale markets sometimes have it. A lot of the reason I like it is possibly nostalgia. But, I can't find anything like it despite how similar people say this is to Chanel No. 5.

Tainted Love Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by EnergeticCrab 2017-01-18

I really like this one. I normally gravitate towards vanilla woods scents but am turned away from sickening sweetness or resin. However Tainted Love feels balanced and is one I reach for often. Goes well with black clothing, haha. Definitely a step up from the brand's Dead Sexy scent. This feels more evolved.

Takashimaya Neil Morris by EnergeticCrab 2017-01-18

I have been nursing a sample fo this for a few years now. Got it at the Takashimaya store in NYC back when it still existed.
It's a very nice oriental fragrance. Has a noticeable powdery note to it but it's sophisticated instead of being old lady. This is a fairly mature scent and I see it being very nice for work or professional settings. Definitely get the Japanese influence.
I don't have a trained nose, and when I look at the notes I have trouble discerning them from the scent. I guess those are the aldehydes and bamboo. Definitely smell the currant and woods. Don't get the narcissus, I hate narcissus.

Really sweet, had to get rid of it. I loved it in the store but as soon as I brought it home, it was unwearable. I guess it mixes well with other smells because on it's own it's very sugary.

Broken Glass Blackbird by EnergeticCrab 2017-01-18

This one is super interesting and complex but a total pass from me. It's super peppery and resiny. Definitely unisex and for fans of unconventional scents.

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle by Giotedesco2980 2017-01-18

I had musc ravageur from 2006, and i loved it i went threw the whole bottle 3.4 oz it has been my signature scent, my mom loved it my wife loved it on me and i got compliments on it, i would say not everyone can wear this fragrance, it smelled great on me and i was very confident wearing it. The first bottle was a different cap and the packaging is different now, so i bought myself another 3.4 oz bottle, and i am disappointed, its so much weaker, and after 2 hours i can barely smell it what happened to this awesome fragrance?

Sickeningly vanilla. I used to wear it but have been recently getting rid of my more sweeter smelling perfumes. If you are looking for a complex vanilla that is simultaneously one-note but also complex, this might be your scent! Would probably be good for layering.

Kabuki Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by EnergeticCrab 2017-01-18

This is such a fun fragrance, it disappoints me I don't reach for it more often. But every time I smell the bottle I am reminded why. It is very sweet and sugary. Almost too much so. I like smelling it on its own but don't really like to wear it. However, the slight fruity note keeps me from giving it away. There is something special about this one that keeps me holding onto it.

This is such a wonderful fragrance and one of the more unique offerings by Tokyo Milk, in my opinion. It has a strong sweetness to it that is typical to many gourmand scents, but without the sickly, cloying aspect. Smells like warm honey and cream to me, very natural. It doesn't have the cold or synthetic aspect of a lot of other perfumes like it. Though I will say I don't reach for it often because it isn't as versatile as some other fragrances.

Dead Sexy Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by EnergeticCrab 2017-01-18

I used to love this scent but find I can no longer stand it. It's just very strong and has a major resiny, woodsy note to it that you will either love or hate. I know that makes me sound sort of sensitive, but I really ran the gamut with my opinion of it over time. It might be something you like immediately but isn't something you will reach for in a year.

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