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Frankensmellie Smell Bent by njyogachick 2014-10-31

I have #900 Original Green Patchouli and it is wonderful. This patchouli is soft earthy aroma, with a slight tang of moss. The dry-down is nice and settles into a much lighter version of the first blast. I thought it faded completely but my husband complimented me on the scent 10 hours later. So it has some staying power even if it is quite light. It reminds me of the hard-to-find Jovan Fresh Patchouli spray. I highly recommend this scent.

L de Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka by calyx93 2014-10-31

any discoloration seen in these bottles is simply due to the vanillin and ethyl vanillin darkening over time - it just happens and doesn't affect the scent whatsoever :)

Unplugged for Him Avon by johnnyz 2014-10-31

Loved the scent but unfortunately it disappears way too quickly...

Jil Jil Sander by shushkin 2014-10-31

I cant believe it! I think I have found my most favourite perfume. Please believe that this really is saying something when you havean enormous perfume collection like mine. All my favourite notes of heliotrope, vanilla, amber and lavender beautifully brought together to create my idea of perfume perfection. THe sillage is moderate and the longevity moderate.

Halston Z14 Halston by ShotsK 2014-10-31

The same dude that made Yatagan in 76 made this stuff in 73!
Do i need to say more?

Ted Ted Lapidus by silentman26 2014-10-31

Elegant, warm and sweet. Starts fresh with lemon ... ginger and lime ... then transforms to a warm scent with cinnamon, spices and white musk, sweet vanilla, tonka beans and a hint of amber at the end. The cinnamon/musk/vanilla dry down is one of a kind. The overall smell is fantastic and projects great ... an amazing scent!

Encens et Lavande Serge Lutens by Dinkum 2014-10-31

If I would purchase one lavender based perfume - oh my, the perfume wardrobe is cluttered enough as it is - this would probably be it.

Usually I dismiss most lavender perfumes as being "too masculine". But this one, I would happily wear. Quite unisex, IMO.

By the way, Rickyrebarco´s review is very well written. I totally agree with her, this is really a LIVE growing lavender!

Venezia 2011 Laura Biagiotti by oktober 2014-10-31

watered down? a bit, but it's still strong as hell, so where's the tragedy?

changed formulation? from my point of view, no. Nothing I can detect as changed anyway. It's the same. Stop the reformulation paranoia. Just enjoy the freakin perfume, they brought it back on the market. Nothing can satisfy you people.

The One Dolce&Gabbana by shivabglr 2014-10-31

this is a gorgeous strong amber-y vanilla perfume, with the softness of peach,

my only problem is the litchi note,

I truly wish they relaunch this at D&G and remove the litchi,

because I have to wait some time after putting this on, before going around people, unless I wanna hear them say, what's smelling like bug spray? (the litchi!!!)


CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein by Littlegrassstraw 2014-10-31

One sugar shock for him... followed by tobacco, amber and modern synthetic patchouli sweetness.
The start of the perfume reminds me of some special gummy bears shaped like bats with black licorice taste in the bat body and green fruit flavor in the spread out wings. After this start off comes some cinnamon chewing gum (must be the basil which contains the same compound as cinnamon aroma), then a slight bit of menthol sweets or some kind of licorice. I think the first part of the scent might be quite fun for gourmand lovers.

After the described candy (for men?) beginning starts a long lasting synthetic buttery, vanillaey, sweet, heavy and to me slightly astringent part of the scent. To be honest there is something very reminiscent of the new Miss Dior here (which does not appeal to me). But there are also whiffs of lovely tobacco and amber which helps smoothen things out.
All in all, I am not won over by this scent. The candy part was fun and had a quirky charm and inventiveness but the drydown was not good to me and did not fit to the start at all. Sillage is medium.

Hi: review of Ambre Soie (AS).

AS for me is a very simple scent with good quality but in the end I couldn't find much to talk about as theres so little else I get beyond pepper and cloves on top of amber.

What is more disappointing is the lack of sweetness, although don't take my reviews on this basis as I'm a massive addict of hyper-sweet.

AS seems more 'cool spicy' as for me the cloves and pepper give a strange effect like a toned-down geranium petal. Also, lack of vanilla means less of the boldness to push the amber out in the air, so it sits close to skin and gently radiates.

It's fine, but definitly not for me as I needed a loud and thick syrupy-sweet amber!

The Quality is very nice though.

Scent: 5/10.
Quality: 9/10.

This to me is unmistakably potpourri. A real shame my skin simply rejects it. However it's brother Oud Al Qsam is simply GORGEOUS! Oud, resins, vanilla, really super.

Vanille Mona di Orio by Nick1992 2014-10-31

MdO’s VANILLE is amazing; interesting and full of twists. By no means a traditional vanilla fragrance, VANILLE opens heavily with bitter orange, spicy clove, and amber. There is booziness about the opening which soon turns to rich, sweet and concentrated vanilla. With each passing moment VANILLE seems to dry with the sweetness turning smokey; earthy and woody with ylang-ylang, vetiver and sandalwood also present on the dry down. The dry down is particularly lush on my skin; exceptionally well balanced and smooth.

VANILLE is incredibly potent, monumentally rich and heavy. To me the floral and smoky notes here manage to be both gourmand and oriental.

Long lasting with heavy sillage.


Indonesian Oud Ermenegildo Zegna by LipMartell 2014-10-31

I don't own this, but I sampled it on my hand one afternoon and I can still smell it the next morning. After a shower and all! Over 16 hours later. Crazy.

Tobacco Oud Tom Ford by jeffwithfrags 2014-10-31

Hi - this is my testing of Tobacco Oud.

Unfortunately, TO did not click with me from 1st spray at all. From my sample vial I found a very slightly sweet cherry vibe and some ashy qualities.

Sadly the ashyness was the one that really dominated my skin on the initial spray - I definitely got Tobacco but this is much rougher than the opulent one in Tobacco Vanille and virtually 0 sweetness - this is more of a dampened soured-smoke or metallic vibe I get.

It's sad because I wanted to like this, thinking it would be still very sweet but a woodier (oud) take on TV but sadly it's not the case.

Credit to Fragrantica for not listing Vanilla as that is for me the key difference between TO and TV.

TV is much more playful, hyper-sweet but natural honeyed sweetness. And the tobacco leaf in there gives it a whole lot of freshness that is completely absent in TO.

It settles down a lot after an hour but the inital 1 will see massive projection of the ashier tobacco, and some spice which will totally overwhelm anyone who found TV bold enough.

Most disappointing for me, is the lack of the strength of the Oud! TV scored highly for me but this did not impress me at all, sorry.

Scent: 4/10.
Quality: 8/10.

Field Notes From Paris Ineke by Dinkum 2014-10-31

Nice, cosy. A bit on the masculine Side, IMO.

Lavender is not listed...... I definitely smell lavender. Yep, lavender and honey.

Stella (2014) Stella McCartney by Littlegrassstraw 2014-10-31

A review from a "blank slate" as I have not tried the original Stella: I have enjoyed wearing this perfume for the last hour. To me it smells totally like a fine soap shop should smell: fresh rose, lily of the valley and other white blossoms (yeah to me this one really has a definite lilyish note) and a slight touch of peony (I normally hate peony so the fact that I like this means, I guess, that it does not contain that much?). The soaps in the soap shop are elegant and smell like beautiful fresh flowers, not soapy or dry. So it starts as a light, crisp, beautiful, somehow classic and a bit reserved floral. I think it is a very "English" scent, polite and nostalgic. As time goes a more common sweet and fresh fruity floral scent gradually takes over the lead role from the rose. It is still enjoyable but less special.

The sillage is rather soft and transparent. To me amber or warmth are really unnoticable in this scent. It is pure, fresh, crisp flowers, perfect for a beautiful spring work scent. My first thought was - is this a sheer version? - as the bottle color and and campaign seems to be at odds with this light and fresh scent.

Allure Chanel by oktober 2014-10-31

It's huge diffrence between edt and edp. I had edp and the peach-vanila combo seemed too strong and synthetic for me. Le me tell you, the EDT has it all fixed. It smells a million times better than the edp. Try it.

Fantasy Britney Spears by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-10-31

I like the drydown of this, it's very creamy and sweet. I just spend most of the time waiting for the kiwi to disappear as it's too sour.

Black Dianthus Il Profvmo by massimilianoinquieto 2014-10-31

qualcuno mi spiega la logica del prezzo di questi profumi?
30 ml = 44 euro
50 ml = 85 euro
100ml = 110 euro

Fleurs d'Oranger Serge Lutens by Julie Billi 2014-10-31

"Golinka", do you smell geranium? It is not listed & I don't smell it at all! I comment this, because I hate geranium & this perfume is my signature!

The Port ASAMA Perfumes by zakkarah 2014-10-31

Got a free sample from the manufacturer which was very generous indeed! It is a very nice woody fragrance without any trace of florals, this I love.....the rose that regularly travels with oud is such a cliche. Speaking of oud, I am quite sure it does not contain any of the true wild agarwood as this tree is about to be endangered due to over harvesting. It is not possible to tell which tree has the wanted infection so many are destroyed in the hunt. That mean that true oud cost thousands of dollars. There are some cultivated agarwood that are infected but as it takes over 40 years for the rot to develop in full....and the cultivation has only been going on for lets say half that is not as good as the real stuff. The use of aroma chemicals is therefor the usual origin of many ¨oud¨ fragrances today.

This being said, I still like this fragrance a lot...:-)

matz Ridderstrom

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by Lisa290872 2014-10-31

I am so glad I read the review on here of the person who likes V&R Flowerbomb EDT but then tried this. Everybody has put how sickly sweet this was and it had put me off trying this, but I impulse purchased this today and so glad I did. On me this is not like all the other sickly sweet perfumes and I agree with the person that has put this is a sweet perfume, but it does have a citrusy background which is lovely and for me stops this from being too sickly. If you can wear sweeter, gourmand perfumes, give this a try. Lovely.

Ambre Mona di Orio by Nick1992 2014-10-31

While quite feminine, MdO’s AMBRE is a truly superior amber composition and one I’m happy to wear as a man. Rich, sophisticated, warm with a distinctly elegant ylang-ylang note.

AMBRE opens with traditional smoky ambergris note, strong and distinct, before fading into a complex and opulent composition of ylang-ylang, cedar and vanilla maybe? The dry down is warm and powdery with a refined smokiness.

This is a quality parfum; long lasting with a heavy sillage but by no means overpowering. Head turning.


Osmo Scents Cannabis Il Profvmo by massimilianoinquieto 2014-10-31

Odore di shampoo

Hot Couture Givenchy by butterflyblue 2014-10-31

This is something I wear in my constant rotation. I think it is beautiful and feminine. I enjoy it from the start of the top note to the bottom notes. It's all around sexy and girly!

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by Mellyhelly 2014-10-31

As I wrote before, I wish that Aromatic Elixir smelled on me like it smells on many other chemistries: an enveloping warm herbal cloud.
I just wanted to add that I heard someone praising its mood enhancing properties, anti-depressant and nerve-calming and even suggested by a few psychitriatic doctors. I don't know if it's true or just bogus, but trying is worthy :-)

A La Nuit Serge Lutens by nero77 2014-10-31

A Narcotic, Night Blooming Jasmine...

Serge Lutens A la Nuit is a truly beautiful and authentic smelling jasmine composition. It contains three different types of Jasmine (Moroccan, Indian & Egyptian), as well as honey and green notes.

It evokes very well the natural smell of Jasmine at night. If you've ever been in a hot or warm climate, like the mediterranean or middle east or in asia, and smelled Jasmine growing in long green vines along a wall or in a garden, this is it. A la Nuit is a Jasmine lovers dream.

For me this Jasmine is a beautifully composed, wonderfully authentic smell of natural Jasmine flowers, with a soothing and calming effect. It can be a little too much if you do not like Jasmine as much as I do, but I think this Jasmine is tame enough to appeal to most people. It has a "green" quality and is surrounded by notes which slightly soften the intensity of the heavy, indolic Jasmine. The green leaves, honey & musk give the impression that you are in a tropical forest, drenched in a soft glow of moonlight, with a cool wind cutting through the tropical, humid air. I find it green, refreshing, and most of all... wearable. If you want a full, authentic Jasmine experience, this is a good place to start.

Amaryllis Floris by shushkin 2014-10-31

WOW! I am stunned. It smells exactly like Tom Fords Black Orchid on me. My nose is hit with a wall of patchouli, incense, ylang ylang and not much else. I vaguely detected the lily and the tuberose flying by but thats it. What happened to the sea water or caramel?!
Did floris copy Black Orchid that came out back in 2006?! Who knows, but its a perfect dupe on my skin and I'm not complaining.

Tiempe Passate Antonia`s Flowers by EternityFresh 2014-10-31

How delicate and mesmerizing this perfume is. Something about it. Nostalgia, maybe..I wonder sometimes why we search and yearn for ties to the past. Perhaps those were more romantic times. Feels good to be transported back, even if just through scent.

I don't believe that there is someone so irresponsible pressing dislike even before smelling the scent

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by godfather2.0 2014-10-31

if you are 50 years old, you like smoke & beer and your name is "manolo" by this one.

don't do a mistake by smelling this after Songe d'un Bois d'Ete, you won't smell nothing. let this fragrance to be the first to smell from the line.

oh yes... it is delicate sensual fragrance that has mixage of very light rose (you can barely smell), very very very lighted ambergris, incense, and wood (not cidar, but some sort of wood!!) blended together with passion and ecstasy producing this fragrance

despite of Guerlain being a commercial brand, i've always though of Guerlain being the best among others. their fragrances are almost niche (as this one) and quite seductive, and by creating this fragrance they have gained my trust back. but they should reconsider thinking about the price because it's quite high.

Aoud Ambre Montale by Anassa 2014-10-31

i do smell the rose only in the beginning and then a powdery note appears . the drydown is a classy vintage powdery smell .

Aromatics Elixir Clinique by lisa o 2014-10-31

categorizing such a perfume as an "old lady style" is as ignorant as commenting champagne to be "not sweet enough". sorry...probably old lady's nose is simply more educated...

Eau Noire Dior by Q80 2014-10-31

i've asked the seller about the genre of people who buys this perfume & from his reply i've realized that only people who are over 40 or 50 and prestigious that buys this fragrance. the kind of women or men who has that powerful personality, and a hint of attention seeking. the kind of people who loves that when they passby some place other people would define that they were here because of the signature fragrance they always wore. it is definitely a huge bizarre essence as it contains some (i can barely define it as skunk) an animalic note that i guess the Thyme and too much Lavender created that with a tiny bit of something green and i would go for moss or algae. those three are combined together to give a very drawback top note IFF (if and only if) you have thought of it as a perfume without taking into consideration the powerful element that it was created for and the kind of personalities that uses this fragrance, so be a little bold and give it another chance or maybe a 3rd chance ;)

now i can't explain it according to my skin because my skin chemistry has a unique type, not all fragrance gives good essence on my skin. this perfume specially when it dries down (right after 20 minutes) gives me a weird essence. an old forest that has been on fire for hours and no one could extinguish it. and after 3 to 4 hours the fire almost ate all the woods and the remains are quite wet from the water that has been used to extinguish it. now this is what i have smelled on my skin and honestly Adoration by Boadicea the Victorious perfume came on my mind at once. after all it is challenging and not acceptable from the first sniff, but give more time.

Roses Vanille Mancera by Ruffienne 2014-10-31

This one is an odd one. On my skin I initially get sugar, sugar sugar.
Then a little bit of vanilla, and finally a note or two of rose.
And then, in the dry-down... I get a flat, bitter scent. I'm not sure I'd call it beer. But I sure do understand what earlier reviewers are talking about.

Overall, it's extremely strong and extremely sweet, with excellent sillage and longevity. (And an odd bitter undertone...)

One of my favorite Christmas Scents. I use the bath gel and lotion often after Thanksgiving. To my nose, this smells just like when I frost a peppermint cake, there's definitely a sugar note in this that makes it smell absolutely delicious. I layer this with a vanilla-centered perfume after I get dressed; the body spray is nice but not long lasting and they don't make an actual perfume of this that I know of. If anyone knows of an EDP that would layer better than straight up vanilla I would be interested in trying it.

Coty Musk for Men Coty by karlovonamesti 2014-10-31

You see the words "laundry musk" bandied around sometimes by reviewers, but Coty Musk is literally a laundry musk, bottled as a cologne. It's a sparer, more synthetic version of Jovan Musk, with far fewer florals and a heftier dose of white noise freshness of no discernible character. The ambery musk notes are pretty much all there is, and wearing this cologne on a warm day imparts a chemical "clean cotton T-shirt" effect for roughly 2 hours, mostly at a whisper sillage-wise. Not a bad little thing to own if you're a college guy who just wants something super cheap to wear to an 8 am class.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by halloween27 2014-10-31

Dirty pirates party in a mushroom-y graveyard with a banquet of rum and melon. There's a rotting flower/vegetation note that strongly recalls Calvin Klein's Euphoria (for women.)

Dirt Demeter Fragrance by karola12345 2014-10-31

Great smell of wet soil. Perfect for layering with other perfumes - it adds deep, earthy notes.

Grass Demeter Fragrance by karola12345 2014-10-31

Amazing smell of freshly cut grass, great for layering (I love it particularly with Dirt and Violet by Demeter Fragrance Library).

De Profundis Serge Lutens by karola12345 2014-10-31

This is the perfect smell of fall. I get mostly the chrysantemum notes and the smell of soil tincture - these notes make very melancholic feeling, great for fall foggy days.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore Chanel by necrosero 2014-10-31

A fuller, creamier, softer version of Encre Noire. If you like EN (like I do), you'll definitely love this, it just feels like an upgrade to it. Same monster sillage and projection (at least for me). Unfortunately, the price tag may deter some lovers. It's also so similar to EN, that many could think: "why should I buy this when I can buy EN for 1/10 of the price?"
Nevertheless, my advice is this: have a full bottle of EN, and a decant of Sycomore. Can't go wrong.

Black Bvlgari by karola12345 2014-10-31

My most favourite vanilla perfume, for me it's the perfect urban, quite feminine smell. I wear it only in fall and winter - then it's very sexy combination of vanilla, leather and smoky notes. Unfortunately, when worn on hot summer day, all I get is burnt tyres.

Jeke Slumberhouse by atlaseetschristmas 2014-10-31

Woah. At first this was super rough. Like strange, smokey, bitter, stuffy, just generally unpleasant. But once it dries down, it is an absolutely beautiful tobacco. To me i get a strong, dry cigar vibe, as opposed to sweet, oily, "cherried" pipe tobacco, but the benzoin softens it into something extremely pleasant.There is a hint of something that reminds me of a Swedish holiday beverage called Julmust, sort of an herbal, spicy drink, but that could be my nose getting jumbled by the turbo-powered smoke. I also get a booziness, similar to the rum in Idole by Lubin, but a few shades darker, and definitely quieter. Its not the most insanely original scent i've smelled (at least by niche/indie standards. This would smell like it was from another planet if it was on a department store counter next to something like the insufferable big pony line), but its definitely unique. I definitely perceive more than the notes listed, there is some dark spicy herbaceous odor that i just cannot put my finger on. To me it is not as incredible in the performance department as the brands dark masterpiece Norne (as well as not being as original) but it is still an extremely powerful scent. Also like Norne, this is definitely not fitting for a tropical climate such as my own, so it's hard to justify a full bottle. While this took a little bit of time for me to fully appreciate, it all paid off in the end and this is definitely a winner.

DKNY City for Men Donna Karan by Bodda89 2014-10-31

Smell wise this is a more refined version of mont blank legend but performance would be legend's allie.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by Raewyn 2014-10-31

Tried this on today because two of my friends smell delicious in this fragrance. Today it sits well on me but last time I tried it - didn't work.
Certainly light, fresh, citrus but I smelled oranges when I first put it on and this put me off - reminded me of the kids who ate oranges at lunchtime - not my fav smell. I smell the limes now that I have worn it a few hours. Quite lovely and my husband thought I ought to buy this fragrance.
I bought Narcisso Rodriguez instead.

Aqua Allegoria Lavande Velours Guerlain by karola12345 2014-10-31

Very comforting lavander perfume. The drydown reminds me of Aprés l'Ondée.

You should really try this in your lifetime.I agree with the pictures tuscany has given about Cyprus seafront and the Med sea.I'd like to add that it has an air of a bourgoise life with it which makes you love the tennis game even more.However the perfume is also rich from the uniqueness point of view.Strange but real is that you never get bored with its aroma.The best summer perfume you can get with such a price!!!

Dulcis in Fundo Profumum Roma by jedrzejowskia 2014-10-31

Very cute, round, fruity/zesty vanilla.
Opens with a blast of citrus, tiny bit harsh but very shortly after, the vanilla comes to round things off. The citruses stay, sugared, in the background while the vanilla reigns nearly a solinote throughout the wear.

It does have a similarity to LD Vanille Apricot, however here there are citruses instead of peaches.
It actually works that slightly bit better, however this is expensive juice so I will keep my LD VA and enjoy my tiny sample of this while it lasts.
It does remind me a little bit of Panetone, but this is far more juicy!!
Recommended to try for all vanilla and gourmand afficionados.

I have had Allure Edition blanche for quite a while. Got the chance to buy a bottle cheap, but didn't think too much of it. After reading some of the reviews I too thought it was lemon pie.

Recently I gave it a try again. This is way better than I gave it credit for. Of course, I get the lemon, vanilla and pepper combo, but it gives me an italian vibe. It makes me wanna put on white linnen clothing and sit in the sun with some friends.
AEB is warm, sweet, natural, comforting. I like it!


Canali Men Canali by Mark Grayson 2014-10-31

i feel your pain gypsy parfumista. i have 2 1/2 bottles left and i'll only wear it once in a full moon:) all my ex's love it and my current one love's it as well. and what made it a badass cologne is it's uniqueness and overall clean leather smell. I've tried to find something similar to it and found non:(. so in the beginning of 2014 i started wearing Penhaligon's Endymion total opposite of Canali but i had to find another frag so i can savor the last two i have.

G Giorgio Beverly Hills by LicoriceAllSorts 2014-10-31

Awesome longevity on me, lasted all day, all that night and was there the next morning, I wasnt a huge fan for the first hour but two hours in it started to be really nice and remained a nice scent. Not as dark as I like but totally awesome for the bright and optimistic.

Guilty Gucci by KDJ 2014-10-31

Every time I smell this fragrance, I instantly pick up a powdery scent that reminds me very much of baby powder (or how Gigi Gorgeous likes to call it- "an expensive, luxurious baby powder"). I just love the composition of this fragrance and it intrigues me every time I spray it on. Guilty by Gucci is definitely a keeper for me.

Divine Divine by Fizzy 2014-10-31

In the opening I smelled jasmine and golden narcissus. Then comes tuberose and after that peaches. Incredible rich, strong and aldehydic scent, let me think of strong jasmine soap. The tuberose is in the dry down more evident than in the opening. It overlays with lightness every odor. It lets me think of the residents of Monaco, you know, the Millionaire Ladies in the age, we don´t talk about anymore, looking like Frankenstein after theirs 10 plastic surgeries.

Mature, endless expensive smelling and highly perfumey scent. Once you put it on, there is no chance to scrub it off. This is a kind of an art and a proof of the highest perfume quality. Women only!

Endymion Penhaligon`s by Mark Grayson 2014-10-31

Started wearing this cologne in the beginning of 2014. i blind bought it after watching an interview that i saw with Robin Thicke where the women on the show were saying how good he smelled, and during the interview Robin said he was wearing Endyminon but couldn't remember who made it. so after searching online i found the Penhaligon store.
it took awhile for me to get use to it but after 2 weeks i started to love it. and it doesn't hurt when women in the office notice it and start complementing me on how good i smelled, my girlfriend loved it at first smell.
the reason it took me awhile to adjust is because i've been wearing Canali for men since 2006, and when in 2009 the lady at nordstrom told me that i bought the last bottle of it i asked if they were getting anymore in and she said no. so i called another nordstrom and the women there said they don't carry it anymore. so i got whatever money i had left and spent just under $400+shipping to get what could from different nordstorm stores. i still have 2 1/2 bottles left but i'm glad that i found Endyminon.

Feminite du Bois Serge Lutens by angelayio 2014-10-31

I blind bought it and it arrived yesterday along with four complementary samples. Now I understand why SL has so many loyal devotees. Perfumery in another dimension. FdB is more than I expected. Is the feminine, sweet, dark, warm perfume I was looking for. I wore it last night and in the morning I could still get whiffs of it, so against my better judgment I boosted it with another spray and left for work. No definitely not,I don't think is a morning,everyday scent but for the moment I can't go with anything else. Perfect winter perfume.

PS I find Diptyque Tam Dao to be the masculine, more linear FdB. Still incredible resemblance.

Jardins de Bagatelle Guerlain by Cheramy 2014-10-31

Simply the best white floral scent out there. Ever.

Oud Asgharali by Bodda89 2014-10-31

@faceless can you post your thoughts about this?

Acqua di Gio Essenza Giorgio Armani by ThatMakesScents 2014-10-31

I really liked this for the first 20 minutes. Even after owning Amouages and Tom Fords I saw a reason to purchase this scent. It could have been my cheapie to use when I feel like over spraying myself or for situations that didn't warrant an Amouage or a TF.

However it seemed to fall apart during the dry down and turn into a weird chemical smell that several new designer fragrances have.

If the smell developed well on my skin I think it would be worth the asking price in this day and age. I would like to try it again to make sure but it usually only takes one wearing for me to know if something works on me or not.

Otherwise this is leagues better than the majority of designers on the shelves today.

Anubis Papillon Artisan Perfumes by deadidol 2014-10-30

Scarily close to Matriarch’s Blackbird in that it’s centered upon melange of notes with a semi-sweet leather sitting up top. But whereas Blackbird brings the forest and the ocean into the mix, Anubis’ focus is more on the garage or the tool shed.

There’s a smoky quality present and a jasmine that’s spun toward gasoline. Lot of resins are included—specifically labdanum—but it’s the leather accord that stands tall as it faces off with the industrial smoke effect that I suspect is either choya ral or cade (or both!). Due to the automative impression that’s conjured, Anubis doesn’t hit the same strides as Blackbird because, while it’s somewhat appealing from a distance, it really does feel like you’re trapped in a garage next to a running motor. While this subsides a tad, the jasmine also fades with it and what’s left is a smoldering tire effect that doesn't exactly help much.

While I generally appreciate these kind of scents—somewhat harsh and brutalizing—Anubis simply isn’t that well made. It feels like something that was put together a little too fast and there are far too many jagged edges that still need to be sanded down. While a scent like this doesn’t need to be polished to perfection by any means, the harshness makes it feel incomplete and poorly blended. I want to like it much more than it will let me.
But although Anubis didn't win me over, I'm interested to see what else Liz Moores has up her sleeve.

Picture yourself in an old biker jacket, with a dirty ashtray on one side of you, an exhaust pipe on the other and you’ll have a sense as to what this is all about.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by hippiechick13 2014-10-30


Something to wear for a heated and intimate occasion. Maybe to dinner beforehand. No where else.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel 1932 Chanel by shivabglr 2014-10-30

so I sprayed the tiny sample and my first thought was, wow nice! this smells like the rain!

as it started to dry down, I was getting similar vibes to 31 Rue which I adore, but less woody and more floral,

then I started getting compliments and being asked what I was wearing, which really got me surprised about the sillage,

as for the longevity, it stays at least 10-12 hour on me, with the first 4-5 hours of good projection,

I didn't expect to fall in love with a perfume like this, because I don't do weak perfumes, and I didn't expect this baby to have such a great performance,

despite being very classy, it smells modern comparing to others in this genre (No 5, No 22, ...)

and I think that's why it's crowd-pleasing,

definitely a keeper, and I've picked this over 31 Rue,


Encre Noire Lalique by Ricardo the Great 2014-10-30

Maybe the greatest fragrance ever created. Just sayin'.

Oud Asgharali by faceless 2014-10-30

ري...دم به اسم برندت

Encre Noire Lalique by naipe 2014-10-30

The same vetiver note is in Kenzo Air (maybe Encre Noire is closer to Kenzo Air Intense because the regular Air has a very noticeable presence of liquorice, not present in the other ones)

Why the same smell can be inspired by such opposite concepts? while EN is darkness and introspection, KAI is "a breeze of air under the sun"... ahh... misteries from the perfume industry.

For me both are very special smells, with niche qualities and maybe unisex better than masculine. Their strenght and velvety nuances make them perfect for special occasions in the winter or with cold weather. I cannot imagine someone wearing this daily. Please try before buy.

White Patchouli Tom Ford by deadidol 2014-10-30

It’s definitely a patchouli, but it’s patchouli that's ashamed to announce itself as such, instead stylized under a series of lens flares and glimmering white lights. It has a draped, gauzy feel that’s a tad powdery, and it creates an olfactory image of cream and tan textures and fabrics. There’s a touch of rose peeking through, but barely enough to be identified as such. The overall feel is sort of a hazy, soft-focus, and dreamy kind of scent, but it’s a bit let down by a miserable department store precooked bases. All in all, a polite balsamic thing over a textbook synth-sandalwood base. Unambitious in all possible ways, but a solid enough offering for someone wanting a light, non-Woodstock patch.

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by kasslee 2014-10-30

I never thought that I would love something that is described as 'powdery', but Parfum Initial is just amazing.
This citrusy opening had me a little skeptical, but it quickly morphs into this beautiful, feminine vintage makeup/powder puff scent, mixed in with warm vanilla and caramel.
Completely addictive and lingers on the skin forever.
Definitely going to be experimenting with more powdery scents now.

Crunchy, verdant, grassy notes start this one out but then taper off within minutes. It’s a disappointingly synthetic smell overall, and it’s clearly reflective of its budget price-point. Underneath the greenery is a minor jasmine—indole free and light enough to compliment the more dominant grassy notes. The scent doesn’t come off as jasmine-centric to me, though; more like a semi-anonymous floral that’s functionally complimentary to the green notes upfront. The grass / floral aspects are short lived, and the scent nose-dives into an anonymous green and musky base fairly fast. At this point, it’s hard to figure out what the scent is supposed to be, but I think that the name gives us a clue: a brittle, imprecise jasmine that’s crushed and stomped into an anonymous musky mossy mush all too quickly. While I’ve always had a soft spot for this line, Crushed isn’t one of the better offerings.

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by ladyconsistency89 2014-10-30

I became addicted to my 7th signature scent Victorias Secret Bombshell in a matter of 4 hours after using the lotion and body midst back in 2013.The Victorias secret bombshell smells fresh with dazzling pineapples and passion flowers as key notes! Victorias Secret Bombshell is the kind of scent that gives of a "Come Hither" vibe. I spray this in the house, on my pajamas, and before i step out the door. This scent wakes me up, keeps me alert and ready for the day. Im on my Second 3.4oz Bottle! It's that good! Ms.Secretcrush mentioned there is a dupe scent of the victorias secret bombshell called Incanto Shine Salvatore Ferragamo for women which actually originally made its debut in the year 2007 3 years before victorias secret bombshell launched.VS has been earning a few FiFA Awards and i can defitenity Smell why. Well done Victoria Secret.

Patchouli Nobile Nobile 1942 by deadidol 2014-10-30

This scent stands out from other patchouli-centric scents, not by virtue of some conspicuous originality, but just by the fact that it’s a damn good patchouli fragrance.

It opens with an earthy patchouli tallied by a labdanum that’s sweetened by trace amounts of maltol. It’s rich and substantive, coming across as both boozy and balsamic but with a refined edge to keep it from going too Woodstock. Within thirty minutes, it becomes deliciously dank and the earthy quality is cranked up into a way that nods toward vintage chypres while hitting some melancholic forest floor strides.

As contemplative as it is crabby, Patchouli Nobile is darker, moody take on the genre. It flagrantly merges poignancy with refinement, and the result is a scent that’s tense yet transitional. While the volume is civilized, nobody would doubt that you’re wearing a patchouli fragrance, so an affinity for the note is essential. This is a remarkable, highly resinous patchouli that deserves more credit than it gets.

Pi Givenchy by ellina1984 2014-10-30

This has an aromatic quality that, for me, makes it masculine. Other than that, I smell a very synthetic, screechy bitter almond. Not to my liking, unfortunately.

Red Musk The Body Shop by ellina1984 2014-10-30

I tried this yesterday and bought the perfume oil version.
This does venture into unisex territory, much in the same way Spicebomb does (in reverse, obviously).
The tobacco note is very much present. There's spice - sweet spice. I don't get the pepper, but the cinnamon is there. I totally get the vicks comparison Spaztic made. Yes, it does give a "hot" vibe. The combination of the notes when I smell it makes me think of cherry cough lollies and cherry scented tobacco. There's no cherry in the pyramid, but cherry is prominent to my nose.

This is a winter scent. Spicy and warm. I think this would be great layered with a simple vanilla for a bit more sweetness.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by 2014-10-30

Absolutely love this fragrance...

I don't get the rum per se, but I do detect the strong scent of cinnamon (think of those Ghirardelli Pumpkin Spice chocolate squares, if you've ever tried them), the leather, and the delicious sweet smell of an empty cigarette packet. It's gorgeous and rich.

Not sure if it's one for younger guys, though... Just my impression, but it feels like something a guy who is 40+ would be wearing. Sort of needs maturity or gravitas to get away with wearing this one, I think.

Pokemon Air-Val International by AbigailKylie 2014-10-30

I don't often review things but I just got this in the mail today and for something thats 14 years old Im not dissapointed ... it just smells like oranges. nothing complex about this fragrance. but it does smell nice, :)

Girl Pharrell Williams by Alysha 2014-10-30

I was surprised at this one. Tried it in sephora and I really did not like it. Definitely not a safe blind buy. Maybe it was the pepper that I didn't like. I haven't smelled anything like this before, so I wasn't expecting what I did smell. Maybe after time it gets better? My nose does not understand it at the moment.

I got 2 small previews of this one when it first came out. It does smell like your typical BBW fragrance. I really enjoy the sweet vanilla aroma in this one. It is similar to forever red vanilla rum, which I also love. This ones a nice, sweet casual pick me up fragrance. I recently got the lotion too. I am noticing BBW lotions hold scent quite well, maybe even longer than the perfumes. I will start to buy the lotions more often.

Hypnotic Poison Eau Secrete Dior by Bangkok Personal Shopper 2014-10-30

Hello, do you know the difference between Hypnotic poison and Hypnotic poison EAU SENSUELLE ?
Most shops do not have eau sensuelle it seems ?
Thank you <3

Tuscany Per Uomo Aramis by 9154mf 2014-10-30

I have a full original bottle if interested please message me

Pretty Elizabeth Arden by Princess Adora 2014-10-30

Pretty as the name implies, this is indeed a very pretty peony white floral scent.a lovely mix of sweet white flowers and I find the peony part stands out on me and makes this extra lovely,this along with arden's other perfume beauty is my two favourites from the Elisabeth arden range.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by majestic mammy 2014-10-30

This smells like a real genuine Tuberose. As if your nose is in the flower.
Carnal Floral is not an erotic scent but it is beautiful.
Same exact idea of what you feel smelling a flower.
NOT POWDERY, not sexy but very very nice.

TRUE TO LIFE TUBEROSE. Not my cup of tea but its is something I never smelt before and is truly a breath of fresh air.

McGraw Silver Tim McGraw by lil_taul 2014-10-30

this a decent fragrances... if u own a collection like I do, this will quickly get thrown in the back for dust but now I jus wear it around the house jus so I can use up the bottle... 5/10

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle Dior by Bangkok Personal Shopper 2014-10-30

Hello, do you know the difference between Hypnotic poison and Hypnotic poison EAU SENSUELLE ?

Most shops do not have eau sensuelle.

Thank you <3

Do Son Diptyque by majestic mammy 2014-10-30

Very nice this is pretty close to Estee Lauder Private Collection, TUBEROSE GARDENIA

Back and forth EL Tuberose Gardenia is formulation is more wow and a head turner. Leans strongly feminine.

This beautiful perfume is more unisex and more casual.

Do I like it: Definatly. This is pretty nice and its nice that there is a good alternative to Estee Lauder.

I love this smell. DO SON is a clean, fresh , sporty , friendly , not soapy , bright tuberose. It is not creamy more of a aqua tuberose.

Fancy Love Jessica Simpson by Caseymc94 2014-10-30

This is one of my favorite perfumes ever !!!!! It's not light and it's not too musky... It is indeed very milky and creamy, with rich vanilla. It is very soft. It definitely gives me a comforting feeling and is also very intimate... It's a gorgeous fragrance.

Mayfair Boadicea the Victorious by megrim 2014-10-30

Mayfair is an interesting beast. It opens with a sharp leather, dry and quite realistic, not at all sweaty or synthetic. The oud is present from open to close and manages to be surprisingly smooth and well balanced.

The animalic notes shimmer in and out of focus over time, lending a heavy dose of dirty, almost vegetal skank under some conditions. Temperature seems to play a big part in this, as I notice a distinct difference in the overall feel of this frag moving between warm dry outside and airconditioned inside.

There's a rather heavy-handed patch here that almost ruins it for me, but is saved in the drydown by the most glorious, singing, natural beeswax I've ever encountered. Later in the dry-down this floral-sweet beeswax oud combination is remarkably similar to Oud Ispahan.

The quality of ingredients here speak for themselves - though at this kind of price point, they'd damn well want to!. Mayfair is up there with some of the best leather frags I've ever encountered. If the hefty price tag doesn't put you off, you won't be disappointed.

Sillage is heavy, but not nuclear. Longevity is borderline eternal. Expensive, but you're getting what you pay for.

Tuberosa Profumum Roma by majestic mammy 2014-10-30

This is a really really well formulated creamy tuberose. The quality of ingredient is upscaled.
The notes are in harmony with each smooth pitch Tuberosa sings.

I want this one. Its not easy to find. It is close to Fracas but not identical. If you love tuberosa this is definatly a safe blind buy and/or a MUST TRY!

When the heart and base of a perfume smells so nice you know it is amazing. And Amazing is Profumum TUBEROSA.

I have tried this over a period of time in comparison to the top Tuberose fragrance lines. Very careful and patient nit picking comparisons. This is something really glamorous.
Attractive: YES
Smells Quality: YES
Love it: YES

Pino Silvestre Original Pino Silvestre by Kharnak Rex 2014-10-30

I love wearing this in Autumn/Winter when it's cool & dry. Fun little bottle, with a very good sprayer.

This is NOT pine sol!
it's a rich sweet spicy citrusy pine, with Juniper Berry being one of the main notes. Juniper gives this oddly sweet christmasy tree vibe, but stays savory with the Geranium/Carnation florals. This is some really classic well blended stuff.
My favorite is the last dry down, very faint, but very sappy cedar, like a fresh cut planks.
This was popular in Europe i know.
I recommend layering it on top of vaseline or lotion to make it last longer.

Sillage: long distance, even though you may not notice.
Longevity: Long and slow, grows close but changes character frequently.

Samsara Eau de Parfum Guerlain by LicoriceAllSorts 2014-10-30

Wow, this gets better and better as the day goes by.
At first I was thinking hmmm, quite citrus the top notes, best i wait a while to see what happens.
Well, its several hours latter, its kicked in to second gear and its powering along nicely, woody, sensual, grounded, its really a good earthy scent, I not regret having this matriarch in my wardrobe to keep the sugar drenched delinquents grounded ;)

Youth-Dew Estée Lauder by JPS1979 2014-10-30

This is probably one of my favorite fragrances. Many people associate it with old grandmothers. Well, look out grandmas and mammaws! I've taken your signature scent and made it one of my own! Seriously though, I get compliments when I wear this out. I think the balsam is what really makes me enjoy it. It's so warm and comforting, and to me it is easily worn by a man, though I was hesitant at first when I first discovered it.

I remember the first time I smelled this as a student in junior high school. It was on the school secretary who was a friend of my mother. When I overheard my mother talking to her on the phone a few days later, I made my mom ask her what perfume she had on. Ever since then I've had a strange fascination with it, always stopping by the EL counter to smell it and spray some in the air and eventually on my wrist. Needless to say, this is not for everyone. It's definitely a heavy hitter and not something to wear when you're not wanting to get noticed. Spray lightly!

Despite my love for this fragrance, I'm extremely disappointed in the most recent formulation. It smells nothing at all, to my nose, like older ones. I have a few different bottles in EDP and a bath oil, and all smell slightly different, but I like them equally --except the most recent formula which is currently being sold. :-(

I have yet to try any in the blue bottle. Are the blue bottles also a mist spray type? If I had to pick which bottle I like the best, it's an older one that came in a huge blue/white floral box with silver embossed ESTEE LAUDER on the front. On the side it reads "Estée Lauder Youth-Dew Boutique Eau de Parfum NY, NY" I'm not sure how old it is, but my random guess is from the 70's or 80's. It has that "continuous mist" spray which I find kind of strange, but it seems to be able to be applied more evenly, and I walk into it.

Anyway, enough of my YD rambling. I'd like to hear from other fans of this magical fragrance!

Dior Addict Dior by Rebemario 2014-10-30

Can I put this question out into the universe? Why must I be such a ferrreak about fragrance. People at my work think I'm totally nuts, my husband has told me to "take it easy" with my perfume purchases. Ugh, sad, one thing I've learned though, no more blind buys! It is never worth the time to stand in line to return something you didn't like. Not so with this fragrance. This fragrance changed all of that! I don't think I've gotten pitter patters about a fragrance since I fell in love with Bal A Versailles, ah, true love at first sniff and still carry about 3 bottles in case of any catastrophes!

This is for the reformulated version, I am currently bidding on the 2002 formula as I speak because of all the rave reviews which as I totally trust all of you is probably amazing and I'm gonna get a bottle if it kills me! :) Well, the current one to me is pretty amazing, I love it, it is hot, hot, hot sex in a bottle. I absolutely adore it and will be bathing in in every morning until I win this 2002 formula! Do not despair dear friends, I think the new one is probably different but I do love it, there is still something to enjoy about this Addict, I'm addicted, there you go, have a great day, God bless and enjoy your Addict! :)

Russian Tea Masque by sweetnspicey 2014-10-30

One of my favorite restaurants features a beautiful, shiny, silver, Russian samovar. I used to love to drink cup after highly caffeinated cup of the smoky Russian black tea with cream and sugar. The top notes smell just like it, literally like the tea itself without anything added. If you looked up the word "aromatic" in the dictionary, a picture of this perfume should be right next to it.

I initially found the perfume too dark and realistic. I don't like the taste of the tannins in black tea when you steep the leaves for too long, and I hoped this perfume would not remind me of that unpleasant bitter flavor, but it most certainly does. So I can say with confidence that I did not enjoy this perfume at first.

The raspberry in the top notes begged to be compared to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. Both perfumes are dark, leathery, and feature raspberry. Tuscan Leather smells too much like cigarette butts. Russian Tea does not.

I was surprised that there is no musk in the notes because the heart smelled a bit soapy, as tea perfumes frequently do. This feature I like. It lightens the scent up and cuts through the gritty bitterness.

It only got better from there. Raspberry (a note I have trouble with) grows increasingly prominent to the point where by the drydown, this is more of a gourmand raspberry perfume than a tea perfume. I was ever so thankful that the raspberry did not smell like medicine and instead reminded me of raspberry bon bons, somewhat sweet, blending harmoniously with the black tea, which is very mellow by that point. Indeed by the drydown, I am reminded more of a simple yet satisfying cup of Tetley, rather than smoky Russian tea from the samovar. But it is at this point that I love the perfume and no longer regret purchasing it.

Sillage is huge at first, then becomes a skin scent. The perfume lasted maybe 8 hours on me before I could not detect it at all.

Adrenaline Enrique Iglesias by Kharnak Rex 2014-10-30

Leather, pepper, citrus.
At first the Leather comes off oddly bitter or plastic like, with a wierd kind of spicyness. That's the saffron, it adds an odd penetrating savory spice to it.
A few hours later, it gets weaker, and all that's left is this noticeable Suede leather, which may come off as a bit "plasticy". But if you got good associations with it.

Sillage: modest
Longevity: modest, fades to a faint leather.

Killer Queen Katy Perry by Kharnak Rex 2014-10-30

I like Katy Perry's stuff, it's very girly.

Killer Queen is a Vanilla candy blast, with a very strong Coumarin Tonka like sweetness, kinda like Playboy VIP, and Axe Dark Temptations. Very penetratingly sweet, but not room filling, and not sickeningly sweet.
It mellows down steadily and the cashmere patchouli is barely noticable, kinda powdery.
I just love the bottle and the imagery though. Nothing groundbreaking, just real nice, and a rather safe gift too.
Longevity: rather good, lasts for several hours on warm evenings.
Sillage: pretty ok, not room filling.
PS: i'm a dude btw

"Strawberries and Cider" is a more fitting name, as its so-called "note of champagne" smells exactly like a really tart apple cider to my nose.

Curve for Men Liz Claiborne by briannyc94 2014-10-30

This stuff is in a world by itself. Not really the most common cologne worn by younger folks as it was a few years back when it dominated the earth's ozonic layers, but still a rock solid fragrance. Today many young people go for ADG and fierce ect. But curve is a great value for its price and does the job great. Despite coming out in 1996, the scent is timeless making it great for teens and evryone else.

Versace Pour Homme Versace by briannyc94 2014-10-30

Pretty solid summer fragrance. Totally inoffensive, gets the job done and will be hard to find someone that dislikes this. By far my favorite from the versace line.The only bad thing is that it might seem a little boring to someone that has many aquatics but this one performes well in terms of longevity and projection. Worth the money.

Perles De Lalique Lalique by houstcs 2014-10-30

I am hopeful this will finally be the replacement to midnight poison. After reading reviews for this and Elle I purchased both. So far, I dabbed a little and smelled midnight poison right away. I look very forward to a full wear tomorrow and will edit to follow up. So, at 30$ a bottle, here is to wishful thinking!

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by briannyc94 2014-10-30

Great evening fragrance for a night out or date during the fall or even winter depending where you live. Projects and lasts pretty damn good. The scent is unique and will get plenty of compilments. Go easy on the trigger though. My favorite ysl fragrance at the.moment

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by jdokicfan 2014-10-30

Picked this up today and it's finally available in Australia.

The opening is a blast of lime and violet which is quite pretty and feminine but also very unisex, which is what the fragrance is marketed as.

Once it settles the woods come through and you get a very nice Woody, Leather scent with the florals from the Violet.

I do get that sort of Tea like scent on me after it settles for a bit like others have mentioned.

It's nothing amazingly special but i think it's quite different to most other celeb scents and i love that its marketed as unisex. I think this one is going to be really great for hot summer nights here in Australia.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by briannyc94 2014-10-30

Man is this scent in a class by itself. Just think of a cool tropical night in the Caribbean with the women of your dreams and you have dolce and gabbana's "The One". This to me is the best cologne in terms of a date, but it does not project as one would want it to be. Still one of the best choices out there. 10-15 years from now this will be in that timeless classic age as cool water and Fahrenheit is in currently. Great fragrance.

Coconut The Body Shop by LicoriceAllSorts 2014-10-30

I was gifted this 100ml body mist (thank you L).
I seriously thought I didn't love coconut perfumes until now, Ill defiantly be grabbing a 30ml EDT.
So warm and creamy, No buttery smell to this little cutie!!!
Wow, I love you, come to mumma <3

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes by adrasteia 2014-10-30

The scent is full-bodied fresh flower garden bouquet. Something you HAVE to wear to a classy brunch with old female relatives who love picking you apart. I feel more mature when I have this on, compared to sur le Nil. Basically sur le nil's older, more rigid, elegant older sister. I blame my age for not liking this too much.

Polo Blue Ralph Lauren by briannyc94 2014-10-30

Great scent for the summer,great for a college student ages and above. This is proably the only one from the "polo" line that I like. Very fresh and unique well at least it was a while back with its invigorating cucumber note. Ck eternity aqua does not obtain the quality in this one but may be a better option for the average high school kid.Polo blue has made itself as an aquatic of its own and you should at least get your nose on it. Probably one of the safest blind buys out there.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by adrasteia 2014-10-30

The first scent that made me like the sour smell. The green mangoes are well appreciated. This calls out the inner elegant girl in me. Makes me don a crisp white dress, run in the fields, twirl in the gardens, bask in the sunshine. This is youthful, happy, elegance.

Indigo Nest by esteban747 2014-10-30

Opens with fig, warmed with some woods but I detect the bergamot that combined with the fig creates a fruity scent almost like raspberry, but it only last for a moment.
Then it turns slightly dry with the tea but enriched with cardamom.
While the opening is sweet and fabulous, the middle and dry down are quiet. The tea and cashmere wood evoke a state of stillness, of a silent place, very cozy and intimate.
I like this fragrance, it's like a little tale.

Clinique Happy In Bloom Clinique by adrasteia 2014-10-30

It ends up being too sharp and citrusy on me. If toned down, I could see this as a great out-of-shower scent.

Unforgivable Sean John by briannyc94 2014-10-30

Remember my dad having the original bottle of this stiff around 2007 and I recently purchased a 2.5 ounce from fragrancenet. If u buy this now, be careful because sean john fragrances are not with estee lauder anymore as they signed with jacavi beauty group. Unforgivable still smells nice but the quality isn't there anymore and even the presentation is little different. Still is a great cologne but you have to go heavy on the trigger.

This is sooo high school. Everybody would turn their heads and compliment this scent. Not so complicated but it floated so awesomely.

Patchouli Absolu Tom Ford by gypsy parfumista 2014-10-30

Notes from Tom Ford via LuckyScent:

Bay leaf, rosemary, moss, patchouli oil, patchouli coeur, patchouli Clearwood, guaic wood, cypriol, violetwood, cashmere woods, tonka bean, amber, musks, leather

Available 50 and 100 ml EDP and the 250 ml decanter

Prada (Amber) Prada by Raven NessRavenous 2014-10-30

I used to be the loathed outcast Queen of Pure Patchouli Oil. I forfeited my crown when my loved ones convinced me it was too much and I could not be teaching children and giving the impression that I lived a counter culture lifestyle. One of my sweet students bought me a bottle of Prada for Christmas one year and said, "It is like that hippie oil you wear but better for a teacher." I loved it! It was like sophisticated Nag Champa! I wore the stuff for a few winters (never in the Tennessee summer heat). Now I am married and my husband cannot tolerate the smallest suggestion of patchouli, so I retired my bottle my dresser and took a whiff and smiled at the kind gesture of my student. If you love patchouli but need something not so unadulterated like the POE, try Prada. Expensive and I was blessed to get it as a present!

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by carbocookie 2014-10-30

I have 2 bottle of this, one vintage and now one reformulated (just bought today). I've put 2 sprays of the reformulation on the left wrist and 1 spray of the vintage on the right.

HUGE DIFFERENCE! While the basic scent profile is similar, the quality, sillage and how they develop on the skin is very different. The vintage's opening is dominated by a very boozy amaretto the heart has a much stronger presence of patchouli, chocolate and benzoin while the reformulation is more of a light powdery almond scent with the patchouli toned down in favour of the vetiver. The reformulation transitions to the drydown in the span of a few minutes leaving behind a light powdery floral and vetiver scent, while the drydown of the vintage takes much longer to get to and has a more balsamic, sweet finish. The vintage is also stronger and longer-lasting, I could smell it on my wrist from a foot away whereas my nose had to touch the wrist the reformulation was sprayed on. I can also still smell the vintage on myself after showering whereas the reformulation is undetectable.

If you like lighter powdery scents the reformulation should be fine (it still smells really good), but if you're looking for the intense, sexy fragrance promised in so many of these positive reviews, make sure you track down a bottle of the vintage, it is definitely better.

Flora by Gucci Gucci by fiouu 2014-10-30

After a while not wearing this (since february - summer in Argentina) I picked it up after I saw the silver bands of the box shimmering in my wardrobe, I remember that I wasn't very fond of it because while it was nice it was not love. Today I had this ephiphany, if this was more chemically sweet and fake this would smell like Armani Si. Why do I like this more? I like florals that are florals, and after all this is a floral, a particular one. Starting off by the blast of Pink pepper and citrus, peony and osmanthus it seems gaggy and awful. Then the osmanthus shines revealing a leathery quality, not the kind of cologne-bitter-leather you find everywhere. You can tell it's a flower that smells like the faintest of leathers. Patchouli rarely comes across, gives this fragrance a base, slightly woody and herbal. I already reviewed this, hated it and then liked it again. Flora you never cease to reveal new faces. It May seem bland and generic, but When you find the right amount to use, the right temperature and the right mood, this is joyous.
Amazing longevity, with close sillage, a breath of fresh air among Girls wearing LVEB in 32°c.
Ps: I don't know a single person Who owns or wears this.

Dune Dior by hippiechick13 2014-10-30

This is a really, really exquisite fragrance.

I first smelled this years ago as a kid, when I was given a box of miniatures from an Uncle as a gift. It included Poeme, Safari, Dune and some others. To me, they are all in the same family - classics, multifaceted wonderfully, and very interesting in their own ways uniquely, with nothing similar to any of them on the market. Since then, Poeme and Dune have been unforgettable, and I have always thought of them as incredibly gorgeous and classy.

This to me in a sunset-through-the-blinds amber; warm and subtle and sandy. It encapsulates its name well, yet is still by all means a fragrance - not just an idea or a concept, but a really windy warm day feeling and smell. It's suitable for day or night and always makes me feel simply lovely.

Dune evokes warmth, but it also evokes sophistication, confidence and femininity in a very singular way.

Oud Elixir Precieux Dior by fazli ikram 2014-10-30

i have smell it and i was disappointed. It smell like black musk attar though it is written oud.

Musc Elixir Precieux Dior by fazli ikram 2014-10-30

sometimes when i read comment about white musk/musk, ambergris etc..people start to become sensitive...i do not dare to jump on conclusion..lately, a number people in ebay talked about musk grain being drop by the deer and collected used in perfumery..most of them are aware that sustainability is important..similar to ambergris..they waited by the shore for the ambergris to float and dried up etc..sustainability is important..thus no one knows how it is obtained..but bear in mind sustainability is important, thus killing animals may not be prudent for is like drinking milk and eating not jump the gun without studying..

My current signature. The best.

Touch Me Nabeel by armacoonsum 2014-10-30

I have the oil with the peachy-orange label. It rolls on smelling like every other Middle-Eastern perfume oil... oud, oud, and oh yeah... oud. Fairly quickly, it blooms into this gorgeous, hot, organic rose, and stays that way for about 5 minutes (my favorite part...mmmmm). Then, a rather brief drydown of the same rose but much quiter, and some pleasantly dusty, woody spice. All-around, earthy, warm and satisfying for rose-lovers such as myself. It could last longer, but it's so inexpensive that it's a pleasure to roll on & take the short journey again and again.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by Scotti 2014-10-30

A*Men. A Classic. Well known for it's performance.

This was my signature scent from when it came out (96-97) until I started my fragrance journey finding more niche type of fragrances.

This opens up very sharp & bitter. A lot describe it as a "Tar note", and I get that too. It's quite sour & sharp to the nose. Not long, and it tones down, and then the beauty begins;

Carmel, Honey, Milk, Tonka, Benzoin, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli, all of these beautiful notes combine to make an almost chocolately smell. It's incredible! Very pungent strong, but smooth at the same time.

The dry down is just as beautiful, the vanillic-sandalwood base smooths out even more, and is just perfectly smooth.

Even though most of the desirable notes are mostly gourmand this fragrance doesn't smell totally edible. Probably contributed by all the other notes; although, I don't detect any specific florals in the smell - they are in the note breakdown though.

I've worn this fragrance since it's release in '96, and I can attest that it is not what it used to be. I don't know if it's necessarily been reformulated, or just different types of ingredients used, but it doesn't seem to have that distinct thick quality that it once had. I still love this fragrance, and have fond memories of it.

Most of my life this was my signature, so it's almost like a part of me, or an extention of my personality.
I like bold, loud, pungent type of fragrances, and this one fits those categories just perfect.

The performance for this fragrance is pretty much cult-classified as Beast mode. Very loud sillage, and longevity can be as long as you want (basically until you wash it off).

Great innovative fragrance from the amazing house of Thierry Mugler; one of my favorite designer houses. The bottle design is second to none with the chrome flask, and the color of the juice is a beautiful periwinkle blue color.

I've had every version of this fragrance, along with all the flankers, so I obviously am a Thierry Mugler fan boy. With good reason though; this fragrance is the one that started the noticable performance of a great designer house.

Angel for men=


R'oud Elements Kerosene by SuperPookie 2014-10-30

At first it's predominantly a softened ,slightly westernized oud but that settles quickly into a woody scent with a very faint hint of powder. Sandalwood is noticeable, but it's quite mild.
As it ages it becomes more feminine in tone.
I couldn't detect any citrus.
The sillage was good but it only lasted an hour which is unfortunate because otherwise this would be full bottle worthy.

Equipage Hermes by Castor 2014-10-30

I have a kind of sentimental relation with this one: Father used to travel to the USA with Lufthansa and a 1 OZ bottle was included in the complimentary toiletry bag together with a 4711 soap. I love perfume since I was a kid: I would steal it and wear it. Together with Signor Ricci 1 they were the first EdTs I wore.

It was to some extent my signature scent. I bought another bottle which I enthusiastically used after post training shower at the University Club. It sort of matched the pompous character of that insitution.

So I bought a second bottle through a friend that got it in the USA - it was not sold at that moment in Argentina. Surprise: it was reformulated, the actual version did not catch up to the one I used until that time. I am not among the ones that think that reformulations are for the bad per se, but in this case it did not have the depth nor the presence the original one had. It smelt like the nose behind it made all the efforts possible in order to be truth to the original, however failing although his efforts.

Fortunately the stockist I usually buy my perfumes in had a tester to spare. And another one had old 1 OZ bottles of it. So I layer them, I don't want to run off the original one.

As to the scent, it is along the ones blended during the 1970's, lots of spices in these. However, in this case, the blend is more harmonious than its cousins. Reformulated or not, it is still among my favorites.

Rose Elixir Precieux Dior by over_caffeine 2014-10-30

Too much money for too little! I personally like the original body shop Tea Rose oil better than this.

Shalimar Ode a la Vanille Guerlain by dioraddictfan 2014-10-30

This is a lovely version of Shalimar, I agree it's a bit lighter than the original with the vanilla more pronounced. I also agree good for any occassion. It's never a bad day with Shalimar. I keep smelling my wrist whenever I wear this, and get a lot of compliments.

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by JMARREE 2014-10-30


L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake by promaya 2014-10-30

Melon has never smelled this good!!!!

What a masterpiece!!! When I look at the list of the top notes, I think that every single one of them can be detected and yet, they behave beautifully together. Melon is there but it doesn't overpower other scents-its sweetness is perfectly controlled by lotus. The real, necessary sweetness comes from freesia - non ambitious but hard working in this case. To me, the most prominent note is actually calon- the smell of the sea and algae.
It justifies the name of the fragrance- water.

When it comes to the base tones, I have always had trouble detecting wood and amber which is good as I'm not very fond of them. In addition, this is such a light fragrance that heavy, dry scents would have probably transformed the initial watery beauty into something unrecognisble. These tones are obviously added in a perfect measure to allow for the main tones to breathe freely but to still keep them long-lasting. This is probably what allows the middle tones to remain active for a long time.

If you don't like ozonic and aquatic fragrances- you won't like Issey Miyake. If you do, this has been one of your favourite perfumes for years now and you're nodding while reading this.

This is simply L'Eau de Issey! One of the best fragrances ever created! Bottled into one of the most beautiful packages ever. If I were a perfumer, I would want to create something exactly like this!

Fidji Guy Laroche by J'espere 2014-10-30

I couldn't bear to be without a bottle or two of Fidji in my life as I have worn it since I was a teenager in the mid 70's , and I chose to wear it above any other on my wedding day in 1982 .
As a lover of spicy oriental and plummy gourmand fragrances I never imagined that this heady green floral would be a lifelong companion ,but I still wear it often and always will.
The reformulated pale juice is a girlish echo of its older and much more womanly sister ,but I will never abandon her, even if she is a pale imitation.
I was recently lucky enough to get my hands on a full bottle of Fidji du Soir ( still not in the database!) which is the even more grown -up version, to be worn when the sun goes down and you have somewhere special to go , and it is just heavenly's still Fidji, but with oomph , and very classy but very sexy at the same time .
The newer Fidji is fairly widely available here in the UK , but if you ever come across a vintage version that doesn't cost an arm and a leg , snap it up and enjoy .

Crystal Noir Versace by Geeving202122 2014-10-30

Just bought this today, I'm totally inlove with the scent the only issue is it Dosent last very long but that didn't stop me from buying it

I think they have made this perfume weaker in its reformulation. It is a sheer shadow of its former glory which is a shame. It is still wearable, but it is now more powdery than the stronger and gorgeous gardenia smell.

Coty Musk for Men Coty by freddiefingers 2014-10-30

Thanks for clearing that up for me.The original was a thing of beauty-no more words
For the sake of my friend who is no more,I will keep the hunting flame alive till I chance on one again...

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by VANILLA CLOUDS 77 2014-10-30

Simply smells like Tic Tac sweets in a bottle half melted, thick syrupy, sugary, lasting, very impressive with huge sillage. Number 1 compliment getter. Not as expensive as flowerbomb. Deserves every penny.

Cinema Yves Saint Laurent by dioraddictfan 2014-10-30

They don't make them like this anymore! YSL used to have some really compelling scents pre L'Oreal like this and Nu, and so many in the 90s. This is for someone sophisticated. A beautiful ambery vanilla. I will treasure my bottle forever.

Black Sugar Aquolina by Lexxy 2014-10-30

Wow the opening is bad.. VERY bad!! Like butane and cheap hair spray kind of bad! Smells flammable.

At first I thought I had gotten a fake but then in the drydown it started to calm down and original Pink Sugar scent started to come thru. That's all there is to Black Sugar.. strong Oud (very cheap Oud) opening with a Pink Sugar drydown. Definitely test before you buy.

This is one of those (rare) perfumes I clicked with right away. After the initial fruity burst it becomes a delicate sweet milky rose on me, and within an hour is pure panna cotta. I love this perfume, it's perfect for every day wear and I could see it becoming my signature scent, especially in winter. I live in a hot climate though and tend to go for more fruity/tropical fragrances in summer. This perfume is light and sweet and classy.

Vince Camuto Homme Vince Camuto by SculptureOfSoul 2014-10-30

It's like a less interesting Gucci Made to Measure (and I bet many thought that wasn't even possible!)

It's basically just the rubbery juniper accord of Made to Measure from top to bottom. Along with the juniper overdose there is a hint of fennel, along with some dry papery woods, but... that's about it.

It's actually pleasant if you're looking for a dry, and yet "white" smelling clean scent for men that thankfully isn't sweet but is instead rather bracing, almost astringent. That being said, I think there are more interesting fragrances that are similar, such as Micallef's Le Professionel and Royal Vintage, Bond's Scent of Peace for Him. Even Trump's Success is similar (thanks to the prominent juniper) but has a fair bit more going on.

Ambre Mona di Orio by Lana148 2014-10-30

This amber fragrance smells terribly old fashioned, soapy and powdery. Expected more from Mona di Orio.

Animale Animale for Men Animale by NobleRoman 2014-10-30

AA was a blind buy for me. Lots of notes are listed, but I only get a few: honey , caramel, and a slight woody note. Yes it's sweet , but not overly sweet and long lasting. I wish I could pick up the pineapple but it's non-existent on me. Pretty good longevity at 5+ hours. IMO, AA is worth a blind buy .

Nu Yves Saint Laurent by dioraddictfan 2014-10-30

YSL used to have some really brilliant perfumes. I enjoyed perfumes of that time (early 2000's) when florientals seemed to rule the world. I loved YSL's Nu and Dior Addict were my staples. This is a musky scent that is pure sex. Love it! Tom Ford was in charge around that time and even in his Private Blend he seems to conjur up this scent in his Shanghai Lily. It's sad to see what YSL churns out now, I miss scents like this one and Cinema. A lost art form it seems. This is a lovely incence scent. It includes bergamot, cardamom, elemi, white orchid, wild orchid, black pepper, sandalwood, musks, incense and olibanum.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by Scotti 2014-10-30

Wow! I think I can safely say this may be the best in men's designer fragrances.

Sophisticated, elegant, professional, and sexy!

The opening I get a blast of IRIS! with combination of the musk mallow this provides a powdery plasticy smell that is quite intriguing. The mid the pear & cedar comes out and man oh man this is the BEST part of the frag to me. The cedar is definitely the high grade virginian cedarwood.. it's beautiful. The dry down is a smooth almost vanillic drydown (ambrette seeds?) that is smooth as butter and musky.. gorgeous!

I've heard this fragrance dubbed "Lipstick in a bottle", and while yes, I can see the Iris being a waxy/plasticy vibe.. to me this smells much more sophisticated than a lipstick smell. I've also heard numerous times this fragrance dubbed as feminine; I totally disagree. I think it's actually a quite masculine fragrance. The cedar which is so rich & dark due to the virginian cedar used.. to me it's the most powerful part of the fragrance, and it smells very mature, and elegant at the same time.

The bottle is amazing, and the spray(atomizer) is incredible! You can actually control spray amounts with the atomizer.

Amazing WAXY Elegant smell.


Raghba Lattafa Perfumes by Roge' 2014-10-30

HOLY NICKELODEON! Someone has compared the MIGHTY COQUIN to Raghba. That's like comparing Shia Labeouf to Tom Hanks(and i like Shia Labeouf). With that being said, Raghba smells like sugary cognac aged and caramelized in an oak barrel. Are the Scentstory comparisons true? Yes they are. Identical? No they are not. Blind buy worthy? Yes it is. I have a question for you: Why be like everyone else and buy Scentstory? Do you have a contrarian bone in your body? If so, go for Raghba instead. It will definitely cure your gourmand cravings for at least half the year. Gourmand Coquin will cure your gourmand cravings for the rest of your life!

Luv-a-licious Flirt! by kaejuntun 2014-10-30

Luv-a-licious is a beautiful clean floral - mainly rose and peony, yet still light and youthful. It's so enjoyable! It is just so feminine and soft, wouldn't make anyone stand out in the crowd so great for work and church, I would think! Also a good year round perfume. I may have to go get a backup bottle! I suggest picking this up while you can - under $10 for 1.7 oz, and lasting power was 4-6 hours with a spray on the wrist.

English Pear and Freesia Jo Malone by hippiechick13 2014-10-30

I love this smell. It was the first JM scent that stopped me in my tracks.

Fresh, soapy-clean, fresh linen-like. Just a super delicious, pretty, simple perfume that in its own right is just a little naughty - because it's so wholesome, it's like the librarian updo suddenly let free to tumble down the curve of the neck.

The ode to autumn, with the fresh airiness of it, and of the pear is poignant, though I don't get much rose - which is fine, I like it for the pear.

A neat gift for someone in your life, of any age.

U-Flirt Flirt! by kaejuntun 2014-10-30

U Flirt reminded me very much of the VS mist Secret Charm, just with the fruity addition of the guava. I wish the guava wasn't so prominent, just too fruity for me. Still, it's a decent scent, I am assuming in the process of being discontinued as the bottles are under $8 at Kohl's. Try it while you can :)

Al Fursan Lattafa Perfumes by Angela Agiannidou 2014-10-30

I am so glad someone reviewed the Lattafa range, they are relatively new.

Amouage Epic Man Amouage by drsillage 2014-10-30

A review of Amouage Epic Man

Amouage Epic Man is scent that I had smelled a couple of times but never gave it a full wear from a sample. My initial thought was that it was a good albeit a very strong scent. I still didn't understand what all the rave reviews were about. Anyways, I thought that I would get myself a bottle somewhere down the road or instead get a decant.

Several months ago, I bought a bottle at Kuwait Duty Free in the hopes of exploring this scent. The Amouage sales lady gift wrapped the package/box for me with a special Amouage gift paper and ribbon. I must say that the gift packaging was exquisite. Anyways, when I reached home I wanted to rip open the packaging but I just couldn't bring myself to do it; it was so beautiful. Thus the bottle of Amouage Epic Man handsomely gift wrapped laid in my room for several days. Then, it occurred to me that one of my dear uncle's birthday was in a couple of days and I thought that this would make an excellent gift for him. One part of me was worried that he might not like it since from my initial impression I thought of it as a love it or hate it kind of polarizing scent. Another part of me didn't want to part with the bottle myself. Anyways, I gifted it to my uncle hoping that he would like it. Fingers crossed!

Several weeks later, I got a 'thank you' phone call from my uncle in which he just couldn't stop raving about Epic Man. Mind you, my uncle is actually a big shot in one of the largest international food companies. He told me that this scent evoked in him the feelings of power, luxury, dominance and opulence. He also expressed his appreciation to me for introducing him to this scent.

After his phone call, I kept thinking about the Epic Man; if a scent can make a powerful man such as my uncle feel even more powerful, then there must be some truth to all the rave reviews I have been reading about this. A few months later, I got myself a bottle of this.

Now, on to the review.

This scent is a MASTERPIECE. Period.

For its sheer brilliant scent, bonkers performance and exquisite bottle/presentation, it deserves a 10/10. It is my favorite from the house of Amouage and one of my favorite fragrances of all time. A strictly suit and tie special occasion fragrance though, it shouldn't stop you at all from rewarding yourself with this "gift of kings".

Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss by mister_chaz 2014-10-30

This is sharp, bland and unpleasant. Smells like some industrial solution, wooden furniture and cheap air freshener. Pink fresh flowers? You must be kidding me...

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by Edee 2014-10-30

Sorry to say this, but the longevity and sillage of CM is pretty much changed. The reformulation has really affected the performance of this fragrance. I bought both CM and Coco Noir a couple of hours ago. I had been wearing a sample of Coco Noir earlier this week and loved it. So off I go to buy it and while there tried a sample of CM. Walked around for about five minutes and bought both after sampling CM again. The sales woman gave me seven samples of the CM. Got home and took abath. Sprayed the sample CM on my left hand and the bottled CM on my right wrist. The left hand had a stronger smell than my right wrist. So I used some Sanderling lotion on my right wrist and sprayedthe bottled CM again. Guess what I got? The old CM smell and longevity. So for you ladies that miss the sillage of the old CM, just buy some Sanderling lotion. You can get the lotion and perfume combo for about 20 dollars or so. Use the Sanderling Perfume when you are just running errands and save the lotion to use with your CM.

Al Fursan Lattafa Perfumes by thiefofnoses 2014-10-30

Take Kalemat. Make it less sweet by removing the anise and berry and replacing it with light spices (and a whisper of mint) Add a cacao-oud mix that gives it a slightly dirty, animalic undertone (although the cacao itself is very quiet) There, you pretty much have Al Fursan.

They're not dupes, but they are unquestionably in the same family and anyone that doesn't like the shimmering, phosphorous heat of Kalemat might want to try this for something a little sweatier.

I'll add Kalemat to the 'This perfume reminds me of' so other people can be aware of this fragrance and test for themselves if they wish to do so.

Cinema Yves Saint Laurent by LicoriceAllSorts 2014-10-30

My second review on this one as i feel my first review is not how I feel now.
Im writing this on the day I post it away as a swap, Sadness filled my heart to see it go to be honest, I have developed a appreciation to this juice, I really like it now actually, I feel my demand for balsamic power house scents and a huge sugar rush, it had drawn me away from seeing the true beauty in this, I could smell some similarity to Cinema & Classique Jean Paul Gaultier for women, I feel Cinema is a classy scent that I miss understood.
Goodbye my lovely I will miss you. x

CK be Calvin Klein by Scotti 2014-10-30

If this fragrance lasted longer than a few minutes (Eeks!) I would wear it way more often, such a great, clean, pure, bright scent!

ck Be opens with a Bright clean zesty White musk accord with lavender & peach combination. I really like the way the musk/lav/peach combo smells.. very uplifting!
The fragrance does not change a lot. Infact; I would say it's quite linear, but I like the smell a great deal.

If anyone knows of a long lasting niche fragrance that smells exactly like this I would definitely be interested. I am just loving the musk/lav/peach combo here, Wow!

Sillage is just as poor as longevitiy, but I have to say the actual smell is so good that I don't care.. I do get cravings to spray this once and a while.. just to get a whiff, and it's a very happy smell.

Get the 200ml bottle which I think you can get for under $20, because you'll have to spray a lot to get a decent sillage/longevity.


Cafe Rose Tom Ford by Terimwal 2014-10-30

This is the most beautiful rose scent I have ever smelled. I've been walking around sniffing my arm all day. I had just splurged on a FB of Sahara Noir, and now I need (NEED, I tell you) a bottle of this wonderful stuff. I didn't know how I'd feel about the coffee note since it is not usually one of my favorites, but this fragrance is just fabulous. I think I'm becoming a Tom Ford addict.

Patchouli Absolu Tom Ford by Bunino 2014-10-30

The initial spray and opening gave me the impression that I was wearing a very expensive Tuscany per uomo, but after the fragrance settles down a bit it becomes a bit more pleasant and special. I'm not sure about the justification of the price, considering this really does share many qualities with the aforementioned. Nice though.


24 Gold ScentStory by brent0529 2014-10-30

This scent is a powerhouse when it comes to longevity...But I also don't find it to be a sillage beast or a projection monster. It sits close to the skin, mainly I believe because of the nature of the notes...having soft, darker notes, rather than bright, sharp notes which would project easily.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by thiefofnoses 2014-10-30

Many of the wise reviewers below me have already nailed it, as Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is pretty much what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Green mango and lotus, the tiniest whisper of citrus, carrot tops and tomato leaves. Very subdued longevity and sillage, to be worn for oneself rather than others. Unisex although leaning slightly feminine. Keep in mind that green mango and lotus are the key players here and it does come across as a restrained (I won't say boring) green aquatic sometimes.

Does it smell like a garden on the Nile? Can't tell you that because I've never been there, but a cruise down the Nile is on my bucket list. In the meantime, a fragrance such as L'Erbolario Meharees invokes what I *imagine* Egypt to smell like.

Capucci Pour Homme Roberto Capucci by hiram.j 2014-10-30

A cheapie at fragrancenet so based on the reviews and ratings here, worth a blind buy. I was hoping for stronger citrus in the beginning but it is OK as it is. Everything is well blended for an overall classic style.

I get a slight soapy note from the first spray. I know a lot of people consider that to be a good thing as it conveys cleanliness, but it is not something I prefer. It makes me feel like I didn't rinse off in the shower properly.

The weather is warming up here so this will become part of my regular rotation and should last all summer. Then I will see if I want to get another.

Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens by Alex1984 2014-10-30

Browne54: Heaven forbid! It hasn't been discontinued, apparently now is only available as a bell jar. Lutens is moving many scents as bell jar-Paris exclusives and narrowing down the export collection. Not a good move in my opinion for us fragrance lovers, but it's better than stopping production. If Miel du Bois hasn't been disc., I doubt MKK will. I hope so....Uncle Serge?! Are u there?

Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills by b.a.denney 2014-10-30

I just found a full bottle of this at the thrift store, so of course I had to buy it. It's EDT, so maybe that's why it's not as strong as I remember. I refused to wear this back when I was a teenager in the 80's. Back then, I hated it. It just seemed too strong(which is odd because I love strong perfumes), and too sickeningly sweet. This stuff was everywhere, and there was no mistaking it. Back then I wore Le Jardin, which is a floral, and to my teen nose, seemed far more romantic, and classy. Giorgio just seemed brash and tacky to me back then.

These days I love a stronger perfume, because it seems so many are now so weak. I guess I am spoiled by having grown up when a perfume could fill a room, or leave a sexy trail. I also really enjoy gourmands now, and sweeter scents. Giorgio, really isn't as bad as I remember. Maybe the formula changed, or maybe it's because my bottle is EDT? It isn't gourmand, but it is sweet, and for that reason, I might occasionally wear it. Plus, it just sort of reminds me of when I was young, and life was all ahead of me. I might not have worn it back then, but I sure did smell it often, so it still takes me back.

This is a sweet, sort of uplifting perfume. To me, it doesn't smell "old" at all. In fact, quite the opposite. To me, this will always seem sort of young.

Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens by thiefofnoses 2014-10-30

The opening notes of Koublai Khan are a gorgeous mix of rose and animalic with a touch of amber. After about half an hour it dries down to the smell of... dried sweat. Like you've been working in the hot sun all day and walked into an air conditioned room for twenty minutes to have a bit of a rest. I disagree with other reviewers who say this smells sexual, as the drydown is the smell of sweat without the smell of sex. Would be great layered with something else though.

Perhaps this might be suitable for soemone who works in an office all day (or their lover) and wants something different and masculine, but I am perfectly capable of producing the smell of the drydown myself - I'll just go out into the backyard for a couple of hours and get some work done (with the use of nary a synthetic)

Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta by Reese1861 2014-10-30

I want to like this and at times it smells just beautiful. However, it does resemble Balenciaga Paris, which I do not like at all (it smells very peppery to me and I just can't wear it). I think if the peppery part of BV weren't as strong I would love it.


Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by smellME 2014-10-30

Finallyyyyyy ...I got me a 10 ml decant from a fellow
Perfumelover here in my country !
The expectations were higher than usual but it lived up to it's well known reputation , dispite its opening.
Well - what about the opening? First thought was Stella original and and
and a tiny touch from the kind of sour bulgarian rose of
S Lutens filles de Berlin.
I sadly never accepted that note of SL F d Berlin and here it was again, but much shorter of a stay...
This ha so much lovely notes that kicks in in different stages and never lets you rest or makes it boring.
The insense is nice but luckily not too strong and the smuldering smooth amber drydown is heaven.
Only sad part...My husband kept saying it was strong all evening and believe me - thats not a good sign. Sigh !
Well I really like it a lot and though it's a well balanced sexy and sassy rose, it really did not live up to my high expectations thatd been added for months reading about it, but not knowing anything about it nor tried it.
A top ten rose but still not number one..

Red Door Limited Ediiton Elizabeth Arden by fabianabruna 2014-10-30

Is it only me, or anyone else felt DG for her red cap?!
Its a little more more of an "old" fragrance but its very interesting if you like that kind of vintage smell!

Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens by browne54 2014-10-30

Can anyone say if this scent has been discontinued? I am having a difficult time finding it

Paris Yves Saint Laurent by andreea.damian.98 2014-10-30

Many opinions have been said about this fragrance, but I have not seen any comments about how tiny and cute is the bottle. I have the 50 ml version, but seems to be the size of the usual 30 ml. Somehow strengthens the theory ”strong essences are kept in small bottles”. I was already in love with the fragrance, but now I'm also in love with the packaging.

Speakeasy Frapin by Lana148 2014-10-30

I've really enjoined testing Speakeasy. This one really stands out from the bunch of other Frapin's I've tried so far. Speakeasy has distinctive personality which happened to be very attractive.

I love citrus, tobacco, leather, mint, labdanum, amber, Tonka been, boozy notes in a fragrance. This one has it all, and somehow all of the notes dance in a perfect harmony without clashing with each other.

Surprisingly, the mix came out feeling soft and gentle as tobacco, leather can get pretty strong in most of the fragrances I know.

Very tasteful and refined. Would love to smell this on a man.

New Jersey United Scents of America by Lipglossjunkee 2014-10-30

Ugh. I was so excited about the caramelly-popcornness of this one...I almost blind bought a full bottle of it!
Luckily I went with just the sample set from their website instead, as this one is just TOO MUCH.
I need to learn that the cotton candy note is always just so overpowering on my skin.

Ok, so what I can get from this (or what I got before I scrubbed most of it off)....I get the peach right away, even though it's a base note...then it's tons of cotton candy, overpowering everything. It radiates sweet. There might be some caramel in there, but no salty popcorn note on me at all. Nothing savory. I didn't give it enough time to give me coconut either, but I got whiffs of musk now and again.

This is my fault, I know cotton candy and I don't ever agree with each other, and I'm ashamed that I caved at the patch/popcorn/caramel notes without reading the full note pyramid.

If you love TOOTHACHINGLY sweet fragrances, this one is so for you!

Girl Pharrell Williams by alfarom 2014-10-30

Being myself a Comme Des Garcons aficionado, I don't deny that the news about this collaboration with Pharrell Williams left me a bit surprised. Yes, CDG delivered a bunch of *fancy* streetwear-inspired collections in the past (especially in their *Play* line) but, for the most part, I think their aesthetic is very distant from diamond rings / earrings and revised ranger's hats. I'm surely missing something here because there must be something else beside, um, mere commercial purposes that links these two entities but, when I think about Comme Des Garcons, what immediately comes to mind is their unmistakeable drop-crotch pants or their most avant-garde / punk-ish designs. I can't help it. Bascially because that's what I always liked about the brand. I can honestly live without their doodle-style red-hearts logos.

With that said, the fragrance is nothing more than a decent spicy woody concoction with floral facets. It opens with a leafy / green violet note paired to pepper. A smooth and kind of milky accord provide a fig-like vibe and some entertaining juxtapositions between transparent notes and opaque ones. The fragrance then turns into a darker synth woody / incensey drydown that dangerously borders into plastic-y woodyamber territories. That's it.

It's nice and, depending on your tolerance to woodyambers, it's also pleasant to wear but, while feeling *smarter* than most celebuscents available on the market, it really adds NOTHING to the Comme Des Garcons roster.

All in all I would suggest this to either Comme Des Garcons novices or to the brand's completists. People who don't have a special fondness towards the brand and are simply into *interesting* fragrances, might want to look somewhere else.

Given Kaws' involvement in the design of the bottle, this might become a collector's item pretty soon.

Rating: 6.5/10

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by clausa 2014-10-30

This perfume is original and perfect grades have been combined to create something completely different than anything sold today, I liked a lot this perfume, very well balanced and projected neatness while elegance lasts a very long time and projects very well, Narciso rodriguez congratulations !!!!

Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant Kenzo by gfp 2014-10-30

very bold and strong. oriental sweet and spicy. for women over 30. and only for winter time . somehow it reminds me of maroussia .do not pour it over yourself or you will be outcast :-)

Cuiron (2014) Helmut Lang by golinka 2014-10-30

Clever, masculine, and quite urban, but there is nothing concrete or GRAY about it. What's sweet about it? pepper, it is. Very layering and polishing perfume, quite interesting and definitely out of ordinary, but as a woman, I doubt I can put it on, wearing skirts or dresses. Straight to business perfume, mature and overall very pornographic. 8/10

Photo Karl Lagerfeld by K1 2014-10-30

Wow! Just wow! First I wanna thank my fragrant friend, Panos, for the vintage version sample.
This is just brilliant and very wearable hipster cologne. It's way chic soapy, aromatic, natural, fresh and soft floral. A concoction of lavender and carnation with rose petals on it then squeeze lemon of the mixture! It's aldehyde, zesty floral. A simple and nostalgic rare barbershop masterpiece.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by Elen70 2014-10-30

It is the first NR scent where I felt "wow"! Elegant, feminine, strong enough I don't know if it is "sexy" or not, but a new must have perfume. I'm not a fan of gardenia, but this is a very well balanced one. Not a big surprise, I mean, I'm not sure if it will be a classic fragrance ever or creating a new style, but the Narciso is a well-done job.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by woodlandwalk 2014-10-30

As a long-time fan of Bulgari Black I finally got around to testing Midnight in Paris recently.

It's no surprise I like it, and with such a reasonable price it's excellent value. The question is which is better, since Bulgari Black is also very affordable.

I'd agree with some opinions below - that MiP is a slightly more rounded and softer version of BB. I'd say BB has slightly better sillage and longevity, but MiP is probably easier to wear on an everyday basis, especially for those who find BB's rubbery/leather notes a little strong. MiP feels a bit more 'natural' but BB's oddness is part of its charm.

I think BB is a more interesting perfume, and for those who stick around for its lovely mellow dry-down it's really easily wearable, but its tangy green smoky notes are perhaps not as relaxing as MIP (which to me is slightly reminiscent of Luten's Chergui in its soft textured, relaxed, comfort-scent sort of way)

I'd say that where BB is quite sexy with its smoky/sweet notes, MiP is more cuddly or sensual in nature

I'm very happy to have Midnight in Paris as a softer alternative to Bulgari Black, ideal for chilly days I'd say.

Sillage soft, longevity average (BB is a bit stronger, but not much). Into dry-down after a few hours people will probably only notice it close up, so it's one of those snuggly skin scents, very easy to wear

Fleurs d'Oranger Serge Lutens by golinka 2014-10-30

I like it, but not love it! Crisp, cold, elegant and aristoctaric aroma, quite fruity, yet suffocating in the beginning, but within an hour the sharpness vanishes, geranium comes into place, and stays till the very very end. Did not feel any cumin at all, but maybe it's just my nose and skin. One can definitely call on orange blossom, but jasmine adds some tea note to a compote of scents. I felt some lily of the valley, but it is not in a pyramid. My husband said " it's better than the other ones..." When I asked him to comment on my wrist after a couple of hours wearing it, axaxaxaxa

Alien Thierry Mugler by r0r0 2014-10-30

Tried this in a shop yesterday. Smells like sharp, unpleasant washing powder. Doesn't really smell of jasmine, or at least not any jasmine I've ever encountered in nature. Must be very popular as I now realise I've smelt this on a lot of people. However it's good to know which perfume I've smelt so often and never liked on anyone. An acquired taste perhaps, but I have no intention of acquiring it.

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by Lauren Da 2014-10-30

I adore coconut fragrances and I was wondering why hadn't Britney chosen any coconut notes so far. As soon as I found out about rocker femme fantasy I must admit I am counting the days to have it! I love the fantasy series the scents are so feninine, sexy and youthful while they really grow with me<3 I love the bottles too! Oriental style and expensive- looking while very reasonably priced! After all Britney knows baby ;-)

Ange ou Demon Givenchy by mllekuz 2014-10-30

Spicy, loud, stop-in-your-tracks dead sexy. Not much longevity, but definitely a head-turner. Very similar to many other "luxe" perfumes on the market and doesn't really have anything that separates it from the others. Still a good one if you have the courage to rock it.

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Aramis by polka 2014-10-30

I am slowly starting to get fed up with rose&oud combinations that became so popular over the last few years, so I was pretty sceptical upon smelling the opening notes of Calligraphy Rose, even though rose made a very good first impression. Now that I have gone through all its phases, I am glad to announce that this is one of the best frags I have discovered lately.

The rose here is just like I wanted it to be the countless times I tested various rose compositions: a bit old-fashioned, dense, almost oily - just a pure, totally natural essence of wild roses. It's properly sweet, very deftly balanced with smoky/earthy notes of ambergris, and rounded with balsamic olibanum-labdanum combo. The oud I have detected in the opening, has almost completely dissappeared after a while, leaving Calligraphy Rose smelling a bit like the highest quality red wine for a moment. And it felt so good!

I am totally impressed with this one and seriously considering purchasing a full bottle.

Hypnotic Poison Dior by killer__queen 2014-10-30

Kinda disappointed that I fall into the "it smells like play-doh on me" group. But it's just that. I can smell the other delicious notes in this fragrance, but they didn't even come close to the major scent coming off of me. It was like 98% play-doh, 2% vanilla, and that vanilla I had to press my skin to my nose to pick up. After almost 40 minutes of wearing, I had to scrub it off because I didn't want to wait to smell good, and I know that sounds really impatient, but it's true. I hope those it works on enjoy it! It sounds like it'd be really wonderful.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by mllekuz 2014-10-30

Ultra-sweet hairspray on drugs. Way too strong. Impossible to decipher what is actually going on in this perfume.

Moonlight Path Bath and Body Works by xXx CHAR xXx 2014-10-30

This is a beautiful oriental with excellent stay power! I'm quite shocked at how impressed I am with these B&B scents... many are very nice and as I said have great staying power!

Untold Absolu Elizabeth Arden by perfumeaddiction 2014-10-30

Totally loving this one. It's gourmand but sexy. I was passing through Dillard's when I made the mistake of spraying it and falling in love. I really really want to get a full bottle if anyone has one message me.

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by killer__queen 2014-10-30

@beauty_girl, it's only appearing in Latin American countries FIRST. Be patient, and try to enjoy reading the reviews before it comes to you. :)

Momento MiN New York by prodigy 2014-10-30

Price is $180 for min members. $240 is the price for the general public

This is what Bio Warfare smells like.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani by SchopenhauersNose 2014-10-30

Really heavy coconut (lactone-based), tropical smell on top that I've never come to like. It dries down to something much less repulsive. Whether this is a plus or not, after a few hours, I can't smell it on my skin anymore. Whether that’s olfactory fatigue or not, I don’t know.) But judging from the ratings alone, I seem to be one of the few people who intensely dislike this scent. Definitely not a favorite.

Oh well. Onward and upward!

Arlesienne L`Occitane en Provence by raw umber 2014-10-30

A fresh and mildly tart rose through a soft focus filter due to the violet. The saffron lends a hint of earthiness to the base but is otherwise largely absent.

Arlesienne is not nearly as powdery as I expected it to be, but it does smell like an expensive velvety rose with a heart of soap as Mellyhelly observed, cushioned by the other supporting notes. Longevity seems like it could be seriously lacking, but I need to test further to confirm.

What I love about this one is the total absence of sweetness and/or corrosively sour citrus. It's simply a very calming, clean and slightly modern rose. It reminds me of deep red and purple stained glass windows, and hushed tones.

It's also a welcome departure from the standard L'Occitane Rose-Peony combo.
The nicest release from this house in quite some time. Thank goodness. I was beginning to lose hope.

Update: I do detect a bit of sandalwood on the far drydown.

Bondage L'Affaire Milton Lloyd by adrienn99 2014-10-30

interesting, 4 quid a bottle :) After googling I stumbled on a website that is dealing with replicas and according to their description this is similar to Marc Jacobs Lola (I haven't smelled this so can't really say if it is). Weird anyway as according to my memories Lola and Guilty aren't really close...

Dolce Dolce&Gabbana by Cairo Rose 2014-10-30

The first minute I get a soapy melon vibe...then when the scent dried on the skin it switches over to a watery floral...nice but nothing outstanding. This is one of those scents I would never buy for myself but if given to me as a gift I would wear it for casual occasions like shopping or out to lunch. Non offensive so could be appropriate in a work environment too. Sillage was close to the skin and lasting power was average.

Miami Glow Jennifer Lopez by anaf505 2014-10-30

This is a nice fragrance. I use normally day time but sometimes at night. Its good and people say only positive things about it. Is a bit sweet like coconut (well i love coconut). Just there is a problem. It doesnt last long! :( Maybe 2 hours and i must spray again ... This is bad, but lovely smell. I will buy it again!

La Panthere Cartier by Ithri 2014-10-30

Got a sample today, result....dissapointed! I don't get the beauty nor the originality in this perfume quite generic and déjà vu!'s a pitty, the bottle is a piece of art! PS: My mum just smelled it ans she really likes it, it reminds her of old perfumes, I'll offer her a bottle as soon as possible!

Si Giorgio Armani by anaf505 2014-10-30

This is an amazing fragrance. My favorite until now. I normally use at night, its good but on my skin not so long lasting. About 3 hours? I will buy again mine is almost over, all my friends want to use also !! :)

It smells exactly like a Bulgarian Rose Perfume. No joke! Really!
Not in this database, but available on every beach there.
Truly charming and sweet rose, in the dry down pretty juicy powdery.
95 € for 50 ml EdP? Totally overpriced. It has max. € 15 value.

Rocker Femme Fantasy Britney Spears by beauty_girl 2014-10-30

Oh i want this! Such a pity its only aviable in the Latin America :(

J`adore Dior by Bublegum 2014-10-30

I was always postponing on buying J'adore because it was so easily accessible, until I realised it was reformulated and it became a mess. To be a honest, the reformulation is not that bad, but the original one was so special and distinctive, that the reformulated is just a 7/10 perfume or even a "meh" for some. I am not the kind of person who whines about reformulations, but this one wasn't a good one. I believe if it wasn't for the whole J'adore marketing, the latest version wouldn't have been that successful. Anyway, the old one had big sillage and longevity, the newer is somewhat moderate. Also, although I am not a fan of jasmine and tuberose, the analogy here is just right that they don't offend my nose.

Truth or Dare Madonna by ffgg 2014-10-30

I was standing in line waiting to pay, asking myself if I was really putting a lot of faith in a $13 celebrity perfume. When I got it home, BOOM! This is not the celebrity fragrance of our younger days. This is sophisticated, bold, and as others have said, dramatic. I will be wearing this when I want to feel extra fabulous this winter, as I'm afraid this will blow the house down in warmer weather. Bottom line: if you see it for a steal, just do it. All the kids are, and we're not sorry.

Gucci Pour Homme II Gucci by Bodda89 2014-10-30

This cologne doesn't wow me but it's a very comforting relaxing scent.

Bondage Milton Lloyd by Bublegum 2014-10-30

This one has a Classique vibe, but luckily (for me) it lucks the annoying bergamnot note that Classique has on its opening. I think I even prefer it than Classique on my skin.

Eau Mega Viktor&Rolf by Aiant 2014-10-30

From the first time I felt this perfume, I fell in love with its scent. Recently I have and adore their sweet notes and fresh juicy pear, its brightness and intensity. On my skin, it smells at first, like an explosion of delicious fruit and after a few minutes, violets and jasmine persist but with a hint of sweet musk high. For those who like to feel joyful and youthful, highly recommended, for day or night.

Success Milton Lloyd by Bublegum 2014-10-30

This one smells very similar to L'eau d'Issey. It is lighter though and it doesn't have the strong mellon note L'eau d' Issey has. Best to worn in a spring/summer day.

Color Me Gold Milton Lloyd by Bodda89 2014-10-30

Any body that knows what is this a copy of please PM me with details

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