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Dolce Vita Christian Dior by Flor de luna 2016-02-06

Fabulous combination of notes results in this delicious perfume. I would define it as CHEERFUL, luminous, fresh, very fenmenine and elegant.

X Series Recharge Avon by Molko 2016-02-06

Smells like Axe Dark temptation and Excite, also similar to Kokorico by night. Fresh, dinamic, modern, youthful, unisex, little bit sweet cacao smelling. The performance is not too great.

Just Cavalli Blue Roberto Cavalli by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-06

As much as I would want to like this, it's gotten worse over time... The lychee, bergamot, hyacinth really surprise me as they form a quite interesting but weak olfactory combination. What overwhelmed me was the pepper and mint that used to give me headaches. Bizarrely this effect is actually toned down in summer, that's why I am keeping it sparcely and uniquely for the summer months... Otherwise it's a bit of a cheap smelling pepper fragrance...

Lady Stetson Coty by ParfumAmour 2016-02-06

At first I got aldehydes strongly, then a powerful ylang-ylang comes through. This is sweet and woody, the ylang-ylang continuing to shine through all the other notes.
It is light and pleasant, feminine, a bargain buy too.
I feel it is summer wear, for casual or informal occasions.

Live in Love Oscar de la Renta by RosieRachel 2016-02-06

I was about to write this one off as "completely and utterly meh", but something about it stopped me and I feel compelled to write a review.

The lily of the valley in this is very well done. I usually hate LOTV, and I've been avoiding this sample for the longest time as LOTV is usually a sharp, screechy and screaming mess on me. Here it is lovely - fresh, clean and never sharp and I now understand the appeal, as it reminds me of freshly washed linen and clothing. I also love the greenness and the bergamot in the opening, which would be lovely and crisp against a cold morning. Some jasmine and orange blossom then develop in the heart, before it fades away into nothingness.

The scent also gave me a headache. Not good, but I finally understand why. I've had a few perfumes over the past year that have given me headaches, and I've pinpointed the notes that they have in common as sandalwood with cedar and/or unspecified "woodsy notes". The perfumes seem to be about mid-price range, so I'm wondering if there's something involved in the synthetic manufacture of these accords which causes them. Now I know what to avoid, and perhaps this will help someone else too :)

I tried it in a natural store today. nice looking bottle, very "natural" and niche-looking. I sprayed on my wrist. I really dislike it, the longer I have it on, the more I dislike it. For the ones who like it, the longevity is very good. for me it's too sweet and sharp and too cheap-soap smelling. Sorry, maybe it is wonderful and natural and healing but it is really not my cup of tea.

A delicious floral bouquet of tuberose, gardenia, a hint of citrus and a hint of woods at the end. It makes me think of young romance, running through the field in the golden hour with a white lace dress on. Cheesy, but true.
I just blind bought this based on the notes listed here and your good reviews, and I'm very happy I did! I think this will be a wonderful fragrance to wear to a spring wedding this year - it's a very "pretty" fragrance.
I think I typically go for more mysterious or sophisticated scents, but I really, really like this regardless. It's light, comfortable and fresh, won't overpower your workmates or Aunt Beth sitting next to you at the wedding. Lasts OK on me, maybe an hour or two, depending if I've moisturised...however my skin is notoriously stubborn and dry and does not hold on to fragrance well. This may last better on others.
Overall, I quite like this one!

I got the value pak from Kohl's. It was between this & the XOXO Heartbeat at Butlington on clearance (which is a dupe for VS Sheer Amber). I went with this after the recommendation of the saleslady. I even tried it on since The Naughty Remix was out. It smelled nice after 20 minutes. But then a couple hours later I was overcome by a sickeningly syrup, citrus cleaning smell that gave me a migraine. I realized it was the perfume. Sadly this is going back to Kohls & I'll be getting the XOXO at Burlington. I really wanted to like this, but it didn't agree with me at all.

Incense Suede Salvatore Ferragamo by genvy 2016-02-06

Opens with a thick incense blast, slightly peppered, over the warm and smoky styrax (which itself is burned like incense, if I understand correctly). Soon joined by a saffrony leather accord quite similar to the one in Tuscan Leather, you'll find, as the scent unfolds. Lasting power is slightly above average, unfortunately. It is dark and "oily" smelling, and quite lovely in that regard. Less palatable for bystanders than comparable scents in this genre, I think.

This is certainly more like Tuscan Leather than Cool Water is like Tuscan Leather. Strong incense, saffron, and leather. Similar indeed. A clone? No, definitely not. But to say this is "nothing at all" like Tuscan Leather is just silly. In fact, I'd place this closer to TL than I would Acqua di Parma's Leather, which is much more fresh and loaded with citruses and "fruit" notes.

At first it smells like a "lesser" Sex Magic, but then the leather starts to come out and the fragrance warms up. The dry down is definitely the star of the show; much more distinctive and lasts 18+ hrs!

Wonderwood Comme des Garcons by Arabian Knight 2016-02-06

The first CdG fragrance I actually like. Wonderwood is a sweet, mellow nutmeg and cypress scent with a backing track of manly woody notes giving rugged substance and texture. It feels very clean, but not as squeaky or obviously synthetic as some other scents in this line. The vetiver has that slight pinch of wet paint, which together with a touch of citrus gives a pleasant tart freshness.

Later, the sweet nutmeg and fatty sandalwood remind me of the main accord in Lubin "Bluff", which you should check out of you like this.

Longevity and projection are not terrific however, so I wouldn't consider buying a bottle, but it is a very pleasant wear, for casual daytime.

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by Dirt Dog 2016-02-06

Valentines day is upcoming so I decided to review a few of my rose fragrances for Fragrantica Readers. Cartier Declaration D'un Soir is much like an American Beauty Hothouse rose that you might buy at the grocery store or a florist. Its a lovely cut rose that is easily purchasable but not one that you would ever try to grow in your own garden or make much of a fuss over if you were one acquainted with a spade.

As for scent, it smell's nice. It has rose and sandalwood and the rose is well done, agreeable and nice. Cartier is one of my favorite design houses and one of the reasons why is that they do not try to imitate what they are not. They let diamonds speak for themselves and don't outset the stone and in their fragrances they let the notes speak and do not hide them with creativity. It seems diamonds and roses sometimes need little help to be beautiful. They take a fragrance, do it well, and let the notes luminesce without need of the offset. For a designer fragrance, this one smell's unusually natural and eschews the "cologny" taint that you often get with cheaper colognes. Its nothing ground breaking, creative, or original except for actually letting the rose be the star with a creamy sandalwood base in support.

Performance and Sillage are right where they should be. DDS is a designer fragrance and I expect it to live and perform around the 8 hour mark with medium sillage. It does.

As far as my usage goes. I purchased my bottle, and the sprayer was broken. I decanted the juice and returned the bottle to the firm that I bought it. I do not know how much is left as obviously some had leaked out before it arrived but I have used it a fair bit and enjoy it. And I do plan on purchasing another bottle when I get low. Its 50/50 that I would have if the bottle had arrived safely. So, its hard to rate this one based on worthiness of repurchase.

Value is pretty good. I expect Designer to live around the $20 an ounce mark. This fragrance is easily findable for under $15 an ounce and you can probably find it under $10 if you try.

Overall, I am going to rate this at 85 or a B rating.

I compared this to an American Beauty cut rose. It is an easy way to enjoy a rose fragrance. Its available, easy to find, beautiful, and you get what you expect. It doesn't really last a long time. But it does what you want, rose on top and sandalwood at the base. It smells nice and it gets the job done. Declaration D'un Soir is not unique or "interesting". Its a far cry from Bull's Blood as it wears better and I like it a lot better. DDS just does everything well. Its natural. It smells very good. It lasts. It gets the job done. It is available. It is affordable. When you go to the florist you know what you are going to get. You aren't digging in the soil and hoping for cultivation into exhibition form. You get what you pay for with little originality or creativity. But you know they will be accepted with a smile and will be ensconced inside crystalline vases of appreciation.

RiRi Rihanna by merrick_mayfair 2016-02-06

I bought this one today, and I totally love it!! It's very sweet and very romantic, I can't smell the vanilla or the passionfruit, instead there's something else sweeter, fresh and overwhelming that makes me smile!! :) the bottle is soo pretty and I'm happy to have it

Essence No. 4 Oud Elie Saab by mrs2241 2016-02-06

از اون کارای سری اولش که زنونه بودن و بوی ملیحی؛مثل لاو کیلیان؛داشتن..تا این سری جدیدش،همه عالی و بی نقص هستن و اصلا بهشون نمیاد لبنانی باشن و ما هنوز یه برند مطرح عطر نداشته باشیم...البت یقینا ما برده و حافظ منافع و منابع طبیعیه لبنانی ها و دیگر اعراب موافقمان در ایرانیم و نبایدچنین انتظاراتی داشته باشیم

Arpege Lanvin by ahshimatta 2016-02-06

I really like checking out older fragrances, even if they were reformulated gazillion times, the fact that they are on the market for two decades or more is still very impressive. Arpege was on my to check list, even though looking at the notes I knew I probably won't be much of a fan. Well, I'm not, but let's start from the positives: it really smells vintage, I don't think you can easily find something that resembles Arpege in an average perfume's shop. That's a plus considering how similar the most popular scents are today. The longevity is also great – around 8-9 hours. Arpege is difficult to characterize – it's neither sweet nor sour, very well balanced, but up to the point where I can't really discern any notes in this blend, except for those potent aldehydes in the opening, a hint of citruses and vetiver. The biggest downside for me is that this scent doesn't change much over time, it is pretty much the same formula all the time or my nose doesn't detect any change. Overall, I would recommend it to self-conscious fans of vintage. Definitely not a blind buy, but it's worth checking out, even if only as a lesson on the history of perfumes.

Aramis 900 Aramis by mmmmgood 2016-02-06

its really the only male, dated scent that I REALLY dig. Its like, I know its dated as Hell, but it has this aristocratic slant to it that is so upper crust and stuffy, you cant help but admire its snobbishness...

men wear this, not dudes or fellas. Thats not a putdown, as much as its a statement..and thats exactly what 900 is...a statement. You wear it, and you're "no joke". People are going to approach you're going to be treated like an adult, when you're in social settings, etc.

for the life of me, I cant tell you why I stopped wearing it, other than me owning Aromatics Elixir, which is pretty much a dead ringer for 900. You cant go wrong with either, seriously.

fundamentally, this is vetiver, LOTS of civet, and sandlewood..and Im talking about the current reformulation, not the vintage. There are two, and only two juices that I like from Aramis. And both are masterpieces.

Aramis 900 and Calligraphy Rose

Orca House of Matriarch by Calvini 2016-02-06

Smelled way better on paper.. warm, sweet, inviting, but on the skin it's very hard to detect (low silage) and somewhat average; I had to spray 3 times on the same spot! It lasts very long though (18 hrs with 3 spray)

White Musk Smoky Rose The Body Shop by Duskfall 2016-02-06

I went to The Body Shop because I was curious about Red Musk. It turned out to be a disappointment: the spray versions smelled like Cola and I seem to be completely anosmic to the oil (I smelled absolutely nothing!). I made a few purchases anyway because everything was on discount and that's how I ended up with Smoky Rose. I chose the EdT version because it feels a bit more "alive" than the EdP.

I like the idea of this fragrance but unfortunately the execution falls short. I get some sparkling rosy sweetness on the opening, but it disappears quickly. On me the drydown is all about the salty smoke. I love smoke so I don't mind, but on the other hand I wish the rose was a bit more prominent. The longevity and sillage are quite pathetic even for an EdT. Luckily I didn't pay the full price (it wasn't that expensive to begin with, though). I can probably wear it when lounging at home doing nothing in particular and going nowhere...

Bull's Blood Imaginary Authors by Dirt Dog 2016-02-06

Its almost Valentines day so I decided to review some rose fragrances from my collection for Fragrantica readers. Bull's Blood is an Oklahoma rose. Its dark, hugely fragrant and prone to black spot, mildew, and rust.

This is a dark fragrance and the opening is screechy, hard to bear, and metallic. In the mid the scent comes into focus as it starts to settle down. And the drydown is divine as the rose tiptoes gently to the forefront of the stage as the screech fades and the flute emerges. The drydown is so elegant and welcome after the screech that it really saves this fragrance.

Performance for this fragrance is beastly. You can put this on and smell it for 30 hours. It has massive sillage. I have sprayed this on a shirts; washed them twice, used dryer sheets, and still been able to smell the fragrance after pulling them from the dryer. Its easily one of the longest lasting fragrances in the rose category and one of the top performing fragrances that I own. If you need a 2 day fragrance. This is your guy.

As far as usage goes, I have to say this is my most worn rose scent so far this year. But to be honest about it, I buy fragrances to use rather than to collect, and these days, I am trying to get value out of the purchase. I have the bottle down to the halfway mark and I have semi-retired it and moved it to the retired fragrance shelf. I doubt that I will pull the bottle again this year and in the future, it will be a very occasional visit. If I ever do drain the bottle then I will not view this as a repurchase candidate. Its a one and done fragrance.

Value is disappointing. I used to grade Imaginary Authors at a C and right where it should be. It is my opinion that niche should live at $50 an ounce or under and Imaginary Authors used to sell bottles for $85 for a 2 ounce bottle or $42.50 per ounce plus shipping. It was right where it should be and nearly perfect. A month or so ago, IA shoved through a huge price increase. They raised their prices about 12.5 % while simultaneously lowering the bottle content by 25%. The overall price increase was about 50% and it really disgusts me. Josh Meyer sent out dozens and dozens of his newer fragrance to youtube perfume reviewers and there was a big youtube collaboration where they all got together and talked about how well they liked their free bottles. The whole thing disgusted me. To push through a 50% price increase and then "bribe" reviewers into advertising and bringing brand awareness to a product is a travesty. Andy Tauer is bringing out Lonestar memories and he is doing it right. You can preorder his product at a discount and buy samples for a name your fair price for shipping costs. Id rather try a product out and buy it at a reasonable price then pay 50% extra so someone else can tell me why I should buy it. I rarely pay over $50 an ounce for any perfume and need a really good reason to do so in order to change my mind. There are just too many great perfumes that sell for far less than $50 an ounce and this aint one of them. On a positive note however, performance is literally so amazing that you can use less of it and it will last longer so in relation to some of the other $50 an ounce niche fragrances, this hangs in and waves howdy. By the time others start to quit, this one is finally starting to get good. It still is a $50 an ounce fragrance just by merit of longevity and performance. An ounce of Bull's Blood goes a long way.

Some people like the bottle. They collected nicely until Meyer changed sizes. They aren't special. But they fit together like books and don't take up much space. Im not huge into buying perfume to collect the bottles but if I was then this wouldn't be a favored line. They are just little square bottles with labels that pretend to fit on a shelf like books.

So overall I am going to rate this as a 70 out of 100 or a C-. I dislike the opening and adore the drydown and appreciate the merits of a fragrance that lasts 24 hours or honestly about as long as you would care to wear a fragrance. I think there are a lot of people that would not like the opening and do not have the patience to wait 8 hours for the drydown to get good. Performance is everything you would hope for in a fragrance and more. And value for the line of this house is now disappointing. When you price yourselves in the real estate code of Amouage and Creed and other high priced Niche brands you better stand out from the crowd. And this one does not. Does anyone think this is a better fragrance than a cheaper per ounce bottle of Lyric Man ? Really ???

I started out by comparing Bull's Blood to an Oklahoma rose. And there is little doubt that Oklahoma is a classic rose. Its still one of the great darker red roses. But really, only true rose oriented gardners grow the Oklahoma anymore. It is a hard rose to grow and comes with a lot of problems should you try. Its not productive and does not repeat its blooms often and ask for daily appreciation. And it does not have good form and championship looks when its cut. You really have to be a major rose afficionado or a Sooner to grow the Oklahoma. The Oklahoma is a classic and in a way so is Bull's Blood. It holds merit for those that appreciate the word interesting rather than "wearable". I rate Bull's Blood as holding merit to fragrance collectors. And yet it is still overpriced and hard to "wear".

For those that can find an older 2 ounce bottle and $85 or below its a might consider. For those that are Josh Meyer fans as am I then sure buy you one. For hardcore collectors that want a rose thats different .... sure why not. And if you need a rose based fragrance that you can put on and will last you 2 days then "HELLO".

But for most ... Bull's Blood is like the Oklahoma rose. Its dark, very fragrant, loud, bold, and in your face but lovely at times when its calm. Its a classic and it will spawn imitators that seek to improve on its merits. Chrysler Imperial is a vastly improved rose over Oklahoma and Mister Lincoln is perfection but Oklahoma got there first. Bull's Blood is a dark and broody as it screeches at you for hours and then calms down and kisses you softly as if to apologize and let you know its sorry.

Iris Noir Yves Rocher by sweefa 2016-02-06

When I'm in the right mood (which I am now) this beautiful fragrance just gives me everything. Feels like falling in slow motion into night blue velvet pillows. Like having a threesome with a glowing black royal Iris from some distant fairy land and a smooth earthy dark patch that tames her and keeps you safe from being abducted by her magic.
This EDP is so strong and super long lasting. I'm happy I have two full size bottles of this heavenly potion. Since they don't make them like this anymore. Literally.

L'Eau de Chloe Chloe by dormir6 2016-02-06

It is just beautiful!!!!
On my skin it lasts all day even under the scorching sun.
Refreshing and bright, and sparkling, crispy as has been mentioned before.
For me a great staple. It has that kind of detergent sharpness like Chloe, but more luxurious.
The patchulie, citrus and rose together are perfect utter luxury.
I just simply wanna drink it!¡!!!

BHPC Classic for men Air-Val International by Kharnak Rex 2016-02-06

Have it. Not bad really for a bargain fragrance. I kept getting it for christmas. It reminds me very much of Stetson Black, with a musty berry like sweetness. Masculine berries. But it doesn't have those rich mossy woods as Stetson Black. The richest upscale version of this is, Serge Lutens "Chypre Rouge".

longevity: pretty ok
projection: medium

Noir Epices Frederic Malle by archivist 2016-02-06

Nuit de Noel, without ANY aldehydes (huzzah!) and with the density and richness of all the other notes turned up by a factor of 10. This would be a real big winner with anyone who loves vintage Nuit de Noel, especially in extrait, but laments the way the aldehydes and nitromusk are aging in the bottle. Nummers!

La Nuit Tresor Lancome by ahshimatta 2016-02-06

This fragrance has a few notes that I'm really into, like the incense, vanilla, licorice or rose, and yet I'm not into this frag. The main problem for me is that it all smells very synthetic and very, very sweet, like if all these goodies were put on a synthetic sugar cube, if this comparison makes any sense. It's not terrible, but it's not a scent for me. Longevity and sillage are really good, though and I don't smell the patchouli here, which is a plus for me. My mum is a huge fan of this scent, she also really likes LVEB, although I don't think these two are very similar - LNT has some hints of LVEB, but it's much bolder and oriental perfume.

Burnt sugar fuel. Pétroleum reminds me Metallica's Garage Inc. album cover but it's not Zippo lighters and Harley Davidson type of petrol'ish perfume, it's the smell of uncontrolled forage and drilling the earth to dig out petrol in the first advent of capitalism in northern American continent.

This perfume is a modern/retro composition with contemporary oriental leather and few decades ago's semi-floral sweet aldehyde amber aura. The result is a giant and supercombo with rich, nasty, earthy and kinky sweetness over dark soil-like astringent phenolic animality. It opens mystical and troublesome sweet, sweet like smell of something you're not eager to taste. Then the shapes of sweetness renders and the overall composition is ready. The same peculiar semi-amber air in 1740 runs the heart of Pétroleum too.

I strongly suggest if you find 1740 not that supernatural to give you an screaming orgasm, try this one cause it's few steps forward by a development in 1740 formula. So rich, animalic, so luxurious and so tycoony, with strong longevity and medium projection.

رایحۀ گازوئیل و شکر سوخته. پترولیوم من رو یاد جلد آلبوم گاراژ اینک. از گروه متالیکا میندازه اما خود عطر توی اون حال و هوای فندک زیپو و موتور هارلی دیویدسون نیست، بلکه تو حال و هوای ولع کشف و استخراج نفت تو اولین حضور کاپیتالیسم تو قارۀ آمریکای شمالی تو قرون پیش هست

این عطر یه ترکیب مدرن/قدیمی هست با تِم شرقی/چرمی معاصر و تِم نیمه گُلی الدهیدی کهربایی چند دهۀ پیش. نتیجتاً اونچه عمل میاد فرا-ترکیبی هست با حسی کثیف، زمینی، و سکسیِ شیرین که روی تِم تاریک خاک مانندِ گسِ چرمی و حیوانی قرار گرفته. این عطر با تِمی مرموز و بدجنسِ شیرین شروع میکنه، شیرین مثل چیزی که شما زیاد مایل به مزه کردنش نیستین. این شروع اسرارانگیز و شیرینی به مرور حاشیه زدایی میشه و در نهایت ترکیب کلی شکل میگیره. همون حس عجیب غریب آشنای نیمه کهربایی که توی 1740 هم وجود داره، بطن پترولیوم رو مدیریت میکنه

به کسانی که 1740 رو اونقدر که باید جذاب یا کافی نمیبینن، توصیه میکنم که حتما این کار رو تست کنین چون این چند پله جلوتر و حاصل پیشرفت تو فرومولاسیون 1740 هست. خیلی ثروتمند، حیوانی، لوکس و خیلی غنی هست با موندگاری خیلی خوب و پخش متوسط

Flower by Kenzo L`Elixir Kenzo by Lito2 2016-02-06

This elixir light life partner...
It is tremendously women, devoid of harsh notes. It has the perfect balance between its sparkling opening, its floral phase and their greedy bottom.
For me it is a perfect fragrance.

Cautivada !!!
Claro compañero de vida este elixir . . . Es tremendamente femenina , carente de notas duras . Tiene el equilibrio perfecto entre su chispeante apertura , su fase floral y su fondo goloso .
Para mi es una fragancia perfecta .

Avon Sensuelle Avon by dormir6 2016-02-06

I love it. Very mild and feminine. It is powdery but not overwhelming powder. The citrus makes it a little bit fresh and shining. Very good when you want something pleasant, cudly, and enveloping softness.
You feel pretty wearing this. Like a ballerina.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Chloe by Majda16 2016-02-06

I still did not decide whether I like this or not. It was a quite different experience for me, since I usually know it right away. When I first bought it, I was considering of giving it to my mom, since I found it too mature and grown up for me. After a few months, I decided to give another try. There is a note in the opening, I presume litchi, that is too sharp for me and this bothered me quite a lot. However, at some point the litchi is not all that present, and I get very sophisticated rose and flowers. It stays quite long on me, and what I like the most is the way it smells on my hair and in the drydown. When my hair moves it feels and smells like spring is all around me. Very nice in this winter weather. Anyway, as said, still did not make my mind over this one, but I will be using it more, since I am wondering how it will work in the spring. Could might as well turn up to be a like in the end!

Prada Amber Pour Homme (Prada Man) Prada by SniffSniff83 2016-02-06

Just got my nose on this finally and it's everything I expected from the reviews. Elegant, powdery, clean, and you don't need to spray a lot on. Something can wear everyday and feel excited to put on every time.

I had this EDP for a while, but decided to give it to my cousin, who was in love with this scent and, as a few people noted it here, she felt it was very "soapy" or in her own words: "it smelled like a washing powder". It just shows how important skin chemistry is, because it smelled nothing like soap on me, more like fresh flowers mixed with a hint of musk. And I really liked this fragrance, unfortunately I could smell it only for about 3 hours and the sillage wasn’t great either. Nevertheless, I would say it is great even as a blind buy – so many people like this perfume and have something positive to say about it, I doubt it could smell terrible on someone, who likes the notes. I also think it's a great buy for women at all ages – it is a nice departure from overly sweet scents targeted at younger females, while mature women might see it as young and refreshing. As much as I wasn't satisfied with the longevity of this one, I'm pretty sure I will check other EDPs of Narciso Rodriguez, because overall it was a positive experience.

Performance is GARBAGE.

Lonesome Rider Tauer Perfumes by msmonochrome 2016-02-06

This is a lovely dance between light and dark. Opens bright, with a dry, mildly metallic orris, sharp cloves and a citrus that rides the line between bergamot and grapefruit, to my nose. To keep the whole thing from being so airy that is disappears, light animalics anchor the top tier and provide a bit of dirty contrast to all of the sunniness.

The middle section eases into a cozier mode, with roses and a sun warmed leather buffing off the sharper edges of the top notes, varying on the opening theme of bright eyed freshness.

The drydown is more structured, and less overtly cheerful, with a stout sandalwood and the ghost of the earlier spice lending a more down to earth character to the last leg of this particular journey.

If "Lonestar Memories" is the scent of a lifelong cowboy who will feel far more at home riding alone in the prairies and pineywoods than in any of the towns he passes along the way, "Lonesome Rider" is the homesteader who is a bit solitary and sad for all they left behind, but still hopeful that a better and brighter life lies just beyond the next ridge.

Surprisingly gentle and pretty, without losing the character that makes Tauer unique, this is definitely full bottle worthy for me.

Sillage is a pleasant but not overpowering arm's length, and like all Tauer fragrances I've yet tried, lasted a solid buy not cloying 11 hours on my skin.

This is definitely a more approachable option for those who might find the "Tauerade" common characteristics to be a touch overwhelming, and would be easier for a lady to wear that many other of the line's bolder unisex fragrances, given the balance between the notes used.

Iunu Molton Brown by Angela Agiannidou 2016-02-06

Last time I smelled jasmine similar to this one was in a South London garden in the summer, only the Jasmine in Iunu is deeper and more sultry. Elemi sweetens beautifully the whole composition and the spices are prominent and well blended, creating a background on which jasmine shines supreme. I usually avoid oakmoss but here it is not sour and hardly detectable to my nose. In spite the strong spicy element this is a very wearable scent though by far not bland. Totally unisex and ideal for any weather especially Summer. Would be interesting to explore the rest of the line.

Made to Measure Gucci by Wolfgang Mazrin 2016-02-06

At the top, I get mostly lavender, plums, and leather. It starts off as a very generic masculine smell. I would probably like it if it smelled like this the entire time and it had more reaching power. However, when this cologne dries down on me, it smells like I spilled orange juice on myself. I like the opening smell but the dry down is pretty horrible. Luckily, it doesn't last very long and no one will really be able to smell it on you. I am glad I only bought a small sample/ travel bottle for $20.00.

Black Saffron Byredo by LaVieEnParfum 2016-02-06

this raspberry stuff is to sweet and very feminine.

for me, it has cero quality to be concidered a niche fragrance.

glad i ordered a sample and did not spent
this high amount for it honestly.

D&G Dolce&Gabbana by PaulieDoodle 2016-02-06


I am also happy to say that I also have just bought a brand new 100ml edt D&G Original Red Top Pour Femme from (Gurnsey) for £59.95 & have just been told that it's now made in Germany & that D&G have now relunched the original Red Top Pour Femme EDT!! So a big cheer to D&G for doing that!! & Please DON'T ever be so silly to discontinue this gem in the future!!

Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior by ScentedRomeo 2016-02-06

Fahrenheit 32 is a unique offering from Dior, a flanker of one of the most iconic and most polarizing creations of all time, the original Fahrenheit from 1988.
Fahrenheit is a favorite and one of my top 5 signature scents at the moment which I will never ever get tired of, this little red bottled gem will always be in my rotation for as long as I live.
Sadly though, I cannot say the same for it's younger sibling from 2007; Fahrenheit 32. I really, really tried to like you since I bought a full bottle for the novelty of owning a Fahrenheit flanker. I tried wearing you a couple of times but to no avail, I just couldn't get past the strong vanilla&orange blossom accord fighting so hard with the earthy/ woody Vetiver. This flanker to me has no Fahrenheit DNA whatsoever, that first attracted me to this intoxicating gasoline bomb(actually to be honest I was first attracted to the guy that wore this the very first time I smelled
The Vetiver note in this doesn't even smell like the Vetiver in the original. Francois Demachy and Louise Turner should have given this a different name and not as a flanker of Fahrenheit.
Fahrenheit 32 as I have stated above is unique and also well composed, I have to give it that on its own merits but to make it a Fahrenheit flanker was just all wrong.
This I will keep for novelty's sake as a fragrance collector but I cannot for the life of me at this given time seem to wear it. I guess aside from scent being subjective, I'd have to say that so is your skin and body chemistry.

Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford by Angela Agiannidou 2016-02-06

First spritz of this juice I must admit had me in a swoon.... Jasmine, spices, woods and a touch of leather hit my unsuspecting nostrils big time! Wow! Vanilla wasn't strong, not at first, but the initial cloud satisfied my thirst for spice. Delicious cinnamon mixed with deep indolent jasmine....After this initial blast it becomes a play between florals, ginger and bergamot. This is a very well blended concoction that lasts a great deal but it is not overbearing. It is fresh, spicy and floral in equal measure and great for a warmer weather. Though strongly floral the spices lend a rather unisex vibe. Very impressed.

Just tried this juice at ICI Paris. In my personal opinion one sprayed on the hand and it was directly reminds me of Valentino Uomo (without any chocolates note), and also reminds me of Roi de Orient by Rituals. The scent stay on my hand about 9 hours I can still detach the notes.

Personally I could say this is nice scent, kinda unique, but I already own DHI, also 3 lines predecessor of Narciso Rodriguez I had own them, even Valentino Uomo so that I skip this.
I own declaration but only a vial 1ml. But to my nose this is so so reminds me of VU and Rituals de Orient.

And anyway... I didn't get something sweet on its notes, musky and creamy.

Enjoy for you guys whose adore to this. Really not a bad tho.


A HUGE lemon splash as of the top note but fades in seconds and the petitgrain raises up high with greeny dew but the citrus blends are there but sits as the background.

No trace of cardamom, musc, and rum. the mate might be there to dirtify the scene although it's a very fresh clean blend.
Well... i guess i need to give it time cause i kind of liked the blend in a weirdly way.

D&G Dolce&Gabbana by PaulieDoodle 2016-02-06

Why on earth did G&G Dolce & Gabbana ever decide to compleatly discontinue this real perfume beauty?? This also was one of my favourite evening out/special occasion perfumes that always never failed to turn heads (in a really good way,& asked what is that gorgeous perfume your wearing) even my very boss!! It is also said that the very beautiful "Sophie Lorraine" wore nothing only this perfume & indeed her husband adored her wearing it!! The new D&G Pour Femme EDP smells absolutely nothing like it's original,& indeed it was so stupid calling it by the same name & only adding EDP on the end of it!! The new D&G Pour Femme EDP is just pure sugar & water,& is way over the top sweet & cloying & smells like "Candy Floss" on a stick!! It's absolutely hiddeous & horrible,& not worthy to carry the D&G badge!! Why did they not keep the original still going (after all it was D&G's first ever perfume) & then introduce the new Purple topped Pour Femme under a different name if need be?? They discontinued their BY EDP & their Silver Femme EDT which where also two other Favourits of mine!! Could you honestly see Chanel doing this to their No5/No19/No22 or Beige perfume?? I think not!! So come on D&G open your eyes & ears & listen to what your customer's are saying to you both!! Bite the bullet & bring back this gorgeous creation!! I honestly think that you'll make an awful lot of people really happy again!! There is no other Perfume out there that will ever be or replace the original D&G Red Pour Femme EDT!! Stop following the trend for theses awful Sugar Sweet Sickening Perfumes that smell so cheap & tacky & something a wee girl about five or six years old would grab stick on & think she was absolutely great wearing!! Hopefully a lot more people on here think the very same as me,so please forward an e.mail to D&G Customer Services Dept & let them know how disappointed we all are feeling about what you done!!
Many thanks everyone who already had!!

Grapes & roses as the first spray then comes the slight nutmeg as a side with some black pepper, or let's say a shyly black peppers while the hedione is making the blend a bit medicinal. After all the fight goes between Roses and Grapes (not currant) and it is quite a huge fight cause the sharpness of the juice goes quite high and harsh. not bad thou, an acceptable juice.

Love Chloe by Victoria Regia 2016-02-06

I should love this, but I don't. My kind of fragrance is reminiscent of makeup/ lipstick, and usually includes notes of iris, rose, violet, powder and whatever it is that they have been calling "balsamic" these days. The first time I saw this at Sephora, I sprayed it on my hand and swooned. Nearly bought it on the spot. Thankfully, I decided to grab lunch at a nearby cafe and wait for the drydown. Good thing I did, because the bottom notes did not agree with my nose at all! I got an impression of thin swede that, frankly, smelled cheap. I was baffled, and tried it a few more times after that day to make sure that was not a bad bottle. Nope, my impression was correct on that first day. I own and love several fragrances by Chloe, but this one did not make the cut.

Rose Musc Narciso Rodriguez by PerfumeEmpress 2016-02-06

This sounds very interesting. I have NR Essence and I love it. I'd love to try this one.

Amouage Epic Woman Amouage by archivist 2016-02-06

First, I have to say that I can absolutely see where all the pickle references are coming from. It's not vinegary (none of that) and it's not sour (none of that), I don't think anyone means "kosher deli dill spear" but it's not totally unlike a sweet gherkin in the spice profile - cinnamon, clove, allspice, etc. If you only apply one spray, the caraway is so thin that it does have a dillish/picklish vibe to it for sure. Layer three, and the dillish/picklish tang goes away. No pickle. It all depends on how much you use - or at least how much I use, on my skin, personally.

For me, this is a really aromatic rose/oud/incense, and I like the caraway in place of the usual saffron in that four-legged genre. The incense is less acrid than I found it to be in Rose Mystique, the balsamic notes are less astringently intense than I found them to be in Ambre Velours, fresher than Rose Nacre du Desert, none of the animalics from Portrait of a Lady, and none of the weird mentholated high notes in the Montale rose ouds. I'm not a big rose person, but I do have two that are keepers - Sa Majeste la Rose (very opaque Moroccan rose absolute, dark red velvet) and Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne (a more transparent, light, bright, but unconventional rose). I think this one will be my rose oud (at last), when none of the others really appealed to me. And there are so, so many. I really appreciate the caraway earthiness and the silver frankincense and the tea leaf - all of them make the rose-oud whole in a way that I haven't experienced it in other blends.

Conventional wisdom is that Amouages are one-spritzers. And I do have the magnetic cap bottle, which I understand to be a lighter refo of the original (I find this very wearable and quite light after the first 20 minutes, once it has settled in). If you get pickle, let it dry and then give it another spritz or two. You may feel somewhat gassed out for a few minutes, but surviving a rocky take-off is part of the price you pay for a perfume that has longevity - everything has to take a seat and settle in, and it's chaos for those first few minutes. It takes three spritzes on top of each other for me to lose the pickle. And it doesn't come back.

Oud Fleur Tom Ford by nordhaul 2016-02-06

I have been searching for a good Rose Oud
because I love Rose and I love Oud but find
Oud to be masc, sO since Rose is femme I'd
thought the combination would render Oud to
be wearable for me, but others I have like the
Aerin Rose although has a promising opening
ended up smelling like a DUDE, and same w/
the Kilian Rose Oud sadly. This is supposed
to be Oud Rose & then later got changed to
Oud Fleur - both appealing names to me, &
the opening is rather masc I find that as it
settles it turns wearable for either gender.
Not sure if it disappeared (I put 4-5 sprays
wrists, armpits, back of neck, and neck/ear
regions) and not sure if it's still here. Peace

This is predominantly a play between musk and tuberose with a hefty addition of jasmine. To my nose tuberose starts strong at the beginning along with musk while at a later stage jasmine and musk run their course to the end with the sandalwood creamy and smooth. I like the musk note here, typical of Narciso, neither heavy nor clean, just beautiful. Though I prefer the one in the square white bottle (I don't think there are any similarities, Narciso in my opinion is more ethereal ), this is a nice and very wearable scent, especially for those who love tuberose. Excellent sillage and longevity.

Zara Homme NIght Zara by PaolaFlow 2016-02-06

Great stuff. I didn't know there were different bottles (I added a review in the other one). I wish it lasted longer but it is so warm and spicy I love it.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by archivist 2016-02-06

I'm not much of a Tom Ford fan in general. There are a few I like, but in general they seem over-the-top and inelegantly blended, real sledgehammers. This one, though... This is heaven. I have a few gourmands - not many, because I don't like many of them. This one, I love. Absolute love. The mastic and ginger is SUCH a nice touch in this - adding a crispness and levity and astringency that keeps the pistachio/vanilla/amber rich creaminess from being too heavy. Mastic and ginger can both be hard to work with, they are strong and tend to dominate a scent. The nose for this one managed to get the balance so perfect that they end up supporting the gourmand notes and giving the fragrance a sophisticated facet that many gourmands lack due to having absolutely no bone structure. This one isn't just a glob of dessert. That said, I wish it had zero orange blossom in it - but that's me. I feel like the orange blossom runs roughshod over some of the more elegant and fragile notes in the drydown, but it's not too marshmallow pillowy even after the topnotes burn off, because the mastic keeps on surging and enduring. Really admirably crafted fragrance.

I'm definitely going to be looking into testing as many other Sonia Constant scents as I can lay my hands on, especially for houses that gave her a decent budget and brief to work with - because this is brilliant. It's similar to quite a few other things, but the subtlety in the execution and details is where it distinguishes itself from others in the genre.

Miele Amaro Il Profumiere by PerfumeEmpress 2016-02-06

Oh, please. Where can I get this divine-sounding perfume? Anyone out there willing to send me a sample? It sounds too marvelous and just my cup of tea.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Lanark 2016-02-06

Initially I did not like.

Weeks later I thought this was ok.

Now I think it is a masterpiece.

In the future it will be considered a classic.

Now this is how black opium should have been in the first place, would have saved its self the brutal criticism it received.I have an on off thing with the original, hated it when it first appeared in the stores proclaimed I would never buy it, never ever, then winter hit and a tired morning led me to buy a bottle suddenly it's super sweet coffee seemed right..... For a few weeks then I realised that yet again it was all just too much. At a recent event I sprayed my little purse size and boom instant regret, exactly like having way too many cups of espresso, so when I saw the new version in debenhams I dismissed it. I had already tried the edt more of the same only fleeting I did not have high hopes but sprayed anyway ..... Absolute love from me the exclusion of darn patchouli and extra hit of of orange blossom and beautiful musk base makes this one a whole different coffee creature that I adore. fresher, more floral the vanilla is creamy yet airy, a little more closer in range but still very long lasting, yes this is a winner just hope it does not disappear from shelves to be replaced by twenty more versions of black opium.

Laura Laura Biagiotti by tommy_girl 2016-02-06

I like the idea of this perfume and I think it was a good step at the time it was released. It could be a modern, subtle perfume which was far distinct from regular heavy oriental ones.
Even today it's better that some of 2015s releases, but it may not be able to compete with loads of new fragrances in the shops.
It is a soft floral, non offensive perfume. smells mostly like freesia with some fresh combination. it is not that much fruity, just some fresh, non-citruses ones to make it suitable for spring.
It has a modest, shy character if you ask me, suitable for females who like to stick to a perfume for a long time with devotion. The bottle is also beautiful and matches the character of the juice inside.

Visit For Men Azzaro by Raproid 2016-02-06

Didn't like it at first at all. Then it seemed okay for home use and occasional casual wearing outside. Now it's yummy and alluring and homely with 1-2 application on the back of the wrist at home sitting inhaling it from time to time - this nutmeggy incense-like pepper. You just have to let it grow on you and also draw for 2-3 months after you bought it.

My batch is dated oct 2013.

Tommy Girl Neon Brights Tommy Hilfiger by VioletNoir 2016-02-06

This is a nice perfume for the younger not saying an older woman cant wear it well. I smell the rasberry, vanilla and floral. Its very fresh and clean...nice to wear after a shower.

J by Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston by Flowercat 2016-02-06

J does pretty things with my chemistry! Especially as it develops over time. When I first sampled it I gave it a mental "like"...interestingly sweet and beachy-salty, fresh and light. I wore it as I shopped and was suspicious of a watery-aqua presence, a deal breaker for me. But soon after, a powdery sweet note emerged and stole the show--beautiful with the underlying beachy notes. The overall symphony of notes is delightfully fresh and girly. Bought both the roller ball and perfume very happily!

Live Jazz Yves Saint Laurent by Takeshi 2016-02-06

I agree with the below reviewer, the price is going up, getting harder to get. I quite honestly don't understand the voting results, more likes than love? It's really refreshing in warmer climate, spicy aroma is just the way I like it. I decided to pick up this bottle because someone was praising for the realistic mint note on this one, unfortunately, I have to search really hard to feel that note. It's rather short lasting, and I'm guessing that this is because of how YSL decided to make the perfume as opposed to the ingredients/notes that's in this bottle.

By the by, I haven't smelled the original Jazz, the note pyramid didn't attract me that much, but some day soon. From the story that I've read about this bottle, Live Jazz, I'm not into listening to jazz music, then again nobody dislikes jazz music I suppose. Lively, a little old, dare I say classic? This beautiful accords live through me, brighten me up every upcoming summer.

Knowing Estée Lauder by mmmmgood 2016-02-06

one day, in the not so distant future, my reformulation that I bought about 3 yrs ago, will be just as praise-worthy as the vintage of this perfume. I love this stuff. Just about every scent I own is way more current than this stuff, but I really admire how its appeal never loses ground with me...Ive got friends who would never wear it, because they're so piss elegant and afraid of "smelling old"...but most of them STILL like this stuff when they smell the sprayer.

I spray it twice, LIGHTLY..once over my heart and once on the other side of my chest. And once on my wrist, which I rub on my other wrist. And Im done. Light sprays and moderation, and you dont have to worry about killing someone.

overall, its among three of the heaviest frags I wear, too. Very dense, and very civet-laden. If you dont like civet, this is not something you will like. Mind you, its artificial civet, these days, but it still smells like civet.

if you want a legitimate comp, look no further than Aromatics Elixir, which is notoriously unisex. Knowing has an acceptable sweet vibe, with the rose and tuberose...Aromatics Elixir, is not sweet, and thats about the only difference between the two, in my opinion.

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by Takeshi 2016-02-06

Oh, the infamous bleu. I like it okay, I don't smell anyone wearing this around me so, to my nose, it is unique. This can definitely be EX's scent, don't mind it though gentlemen, they are not for you, kick 'em to the curb gently and wear what you like! The end. :)

Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior by citizenoftriton 2016-02-06

Description: Imagine sticking your nose into an off-white glove made of skin-soft leather and filled with intensive orange blossoms.

Recommendation: You have to like orange blossoms and vanilla to feel comfortable in this fragrance. Since it is not as freezing as the name would imply, it works well in all seasons. Its inoffensiveness but fairly good performance make it suitable for the office, formal occasions and even nights out.

Comments: It took me a long time to recognize the Fahrenheit theme in this one. At some point, I discovered a fine leather note which, combined with florals, does evoke an aspect of the original. There are no violet leaves, though, which I find regrettable. Rumored to be discontinued in 2016 after it has apparently been off the market in several countries for several years.

Creativity 3.5
Blend 4
Distinctiveness 3.75
Performance 4
Mass appeal 3.75
Allure 3.5
Design 4.25
Name 4.5

Personal liking 3.5

I still can't say for sure if there's any difference, you know what I'm talking about, right?

When I started to get into perfumes about 3 yrs ago, 'enthusiasts' were recommending this bottle for the summer in the forum. At that time, the price and the name Chanel kinda scared me a little. And I've been going back to this in any seasons, oddly this one doesn't seem to work in colder season. I like the scent very much, did an awesome job during the summer, I should be enjoying this any time of the day, or the seasons.

A bit short lasting on me though, scent wise, pretty great, although you pay a lot for it...

Avon Homme Avon by quicksand 2016-02-06

I think the best fragrance from Avon

L`Eau Ambree Prada by lord montifer 2016-02-06

I have been wearing this for three days now and have been really enjoying it. It opens with a very refreshing mandarin/lemon zing which quickly gives way to some cool elegant florals (my nose is obviously confused but I smell violets in there!) and ends on a warm amber base.The perfume is fairly weak smelling in my view, and projection is fairly poor.However it comes and goes throughout the day and lasts surprisingly long! This gives it rather an ethereal feeling which I am enjoying.Having worn it during a busy day at work I also found it very calming. This is suitable for wearing before bed! All in all, a love, although a bit more strength wouldn't go amiss, I agree with a previous reviewer that 6-8 sprays of this are required.

Shalimar Guerlain by Takeshi 2016-02-06

Hello, I am a guy and tested this the other day for the first time, EDT or EDP, I'm not sure. It's a powerful stuff, women are lucky that they could get perfume at this strength, I envy that a little bit. A really big gun type of smell, isn't it? I'd be impressed if a date were wearing this just the right amount on her. This could be off putting in some ways, idk, I just wanna meet someone who can pull this off, then I can beg that person to show me her collection!

Oud Save The King Atkinsons by BlackVanilla 2016-02-06

I smelled this perfume alongside OSTQ and I fell in love. I did not realize this was considered a masculine fragrance to me it is quite androgynous. It smells sweet and lasts all day.

Bijan Men Bijan by vonMises 2016-02-06

I am a bit embarrassed by how much I enjoy this cheapie. I know it is inexpensive, and it doesn't get any respect by some reviewers here, and I respect their opinions. But to me this is a rich dessert. I typically only wear this on Saturdays or at night, but I think one day I will have the courage to wear it to work. I think it is a perfect fragrance.

Lacoste Essential Sport Lacoste by Natan123 2016-02-06

It opens very strong with the citrus, but sinthethic... Too strong for my nose. Then it develops into a more pleasent cold fresh vibe. You have to wait until the dry down to get this fragrance. It's not bad, but not something I would buy. There are saer sports scents out there, like Extreme Polo Sport by RL, Encre Noir Sport, Cartier Roadster Sport, Issey Sport Mint, etc

Sauvage Christian Dior by Takeshi 2016-02-06

So much dislikes, now I understand. Need I say more? Let us move on.

I prefer LIDG, so don't fret. I bought this out of curiosity than anything, where's the good part? That's the impression and the end of my review. I'd love to share this with you, but I live far far away. Think like this never existed, it's not that bad, then again, I don't really need it too. This comes in a big bottle, that's awesome. :)

Sauvage Christian Dior by muncierobson 2016-02-06

Not bad but not special...

I have sampled this many times and I honestly could not tell you what it smells like.

If it was a Ck 100ml for under £20 then fine...

It's safe, non offensive good to give to your dad/uncle/brother...

But this is Dior, the house that gave us Eau Sauvage, Fahrenheit and Dior Homme (who is advertising Dior Homme Parfum? Should have used Depp for that!).

Perhaps the 'hate' comes from disappointment?

CK2 Calvin Klein by tommy_girl 2016-02-06

At first I thought this is a new 212 release, then after finding out that it's CK, I looked for a sign to show if it is a feminine or masculine perfume. I didn't find anything, so I thought smelling would be more practical.
To me it's a whole feminine fragrance with lots of floral/fresh notes. It even reminds me of my Tommy Girl. I have no idea what wasabi or pebbles are and how they smell, but it smells like flowers/ citruses and fresh notes! nothing even similar to the original CK one. So this is interesting how the trends of CK perfumes and tastes of customers have changed. Also this is weird that there seems to be no consensus whether or not this is a masculine or feminine scent! I read so many contradictory reviews! by the way long lasting and sillage are definitely good.

Guerlain Homme Guerlain by Takeshi 2016-02-06

A very light review, I like this so much, I got nothing to complain. Get this while these are still around, I prefer this over intense. I haven't tested the latest intense though, do they reformulate? I'm no conspiracy creator, simply wondering about the possibilities here. Guerlain quality is inside, I don't claim to know the house that much, that said, over and over again, this bottle let me into this world of fragrance and welcomes me back, whimsical, boozy, lime, mint, geranium, I love all of what's in this. So the lack of longevity is not really an issue for me, oh, and this type of vetiver is also so beautiful, sure you can go for Boisée, but I suggest you own them both. Lastly, once thing I don't get though is the main accord 'green'. What does that mean? :)

Vanille Noire Yves Rocher by pchmad 2016-02-06

VERY sexy vanilla, so elegant and soft, bit sweet maybe, powdery and warm. I finished the bottle. Even I love the smell I felt like it wasn't MY perfume... any way worth to give it a try is reeeeeeeeally good <3

Paradiso Azzurro Roberto Cavalli by tommy_girl 2016-02-06

very gorgeous bottle with an astounding color. It just makes you try it. But once you try it, you find out that you might have tried other perfumes. Not that it smells bad. To me it is like a mixture of paradiso and acqua and the bottle is also a mixture of these two bottles!
marine, salty, aquatic, but I hesitate if paradise smells like this and I agree Escada make better aquatic, fruity, paradise scents, even though they are not even similar.
If you haven't tried the last releases, you may consider this one, rather else you may skip it.

Sikkim Girls Lush by pchmad 2016-02-06

raw jasmine, so floral and girly sexy. guess it doesn't last so long at least not on my skin

Uomo Ermenegildo Zegna by Kinggeebee 2016-02-06

Watch the Mymickers review on YouTube.
It perfectly sums up what this smells like.
For someone that stays inland, this evokes exactly what he describes in that review.
Mmmm... Holiday in a bottle.
The violet leaf and citrus is quite prominent throughout.
Some vetiver in the dry down.
Just lovely.
Perfect for the hotter months. The heat just amplifies the salty sea air accord in this. The florals keep it clean.
I get about 8 hours from this beauty.


similar but not the same like original more fresh it has two sides : vanilla, sweet milky coffee and some freshness added it, lasting power is good, I prefer this one it is not that banal like original.. i am going to buy a decant to check it deeper, but I need to admit it is interesting...

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by Kon-nos91 2016-02-06

Such a unique perfume for it's age. It reminds me of my uncle as it was one of his signatures. He used to have a couture boutique and he travelled a lot, so imagine his taste as a designer and his views were slowly evolving and one of his first choices was Le Male. Although I was around the age of 10 I remember clearly the boldness of the perfume. It was for the concern and playful young men. Masculine and so strong but at the same time so millenial. (imagine created 1995) Aromatic, fresh/spicy and wet woody, no more words for this perfume. Le Male is a well-dressed gentleman in a summer day next to the sea, under the hot sun with a glass of strong alcoholic cocktail. I am 99,9% the perfume reformulated.

Tuca Tuca Lush by pchmad 2016-02-06

Tuca tuca is strong and dark... in a really boring way. Is just an static violet. Not for me...

Karma Lush by pchmad 2016-02-06

karma is warm, karma is happy, karma romantic, karma is natural and shameless. It last the whole day!! I love this smell for me is like a big hug <3

Atlas Mountain Rose The Body Shop by MimoTsuki 2016-02-06

It's the closest to Cassis Rose I can find. It's nice, simple and inexpensive. I wear it either when I want to wear it or when I want to wear perfume but don't know what to wear. It's much cheaper than loads of simple-and-nothing-wrong products from bigger brands. The shortcome of it is the bottle. I'm reluctant to leave it on the table and want to hide it in the drawer!

Shiso Roger & Gallet by pchmad 2016-02-06

special fresh + floral smell, not so much orange for me. Long lasting fragance, for me smells better the day after more sweet and soft. Cannot say is a complicated fragance, doesn't change much.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker by Neckromancer 2016-02-06

I need to say more about this fragrance. I sprayed it on my neck last night and again, it gave me a headache. But this time it was a dizzy out-of-body-experience headache. An "I'm not sure where I am" tipsy headache. Very weird! I think this fragrance has some sort of chemical in it that is not suitable for inhalation (like most non-air chemical mixtures). BUT I am a hypochondriac, and I did just read an article about how unregulated perfumes are. It was a Scientific American article, which isn't exactly some reputable journal, but if you want to read it, the article title is "Scent of Danger: Are There Toxic Ingredients in Perfumes and Colognes?"

Enchanted Bloom Ghost by MimoTsuki 2016-02-06

I loved it so much at first. Although it was a little pricey for me, I bought it after trying it, hanging around, hesitating, etc. It's the first perfume I got after a long perfume-less gap. But after getting a few other perfumes within a short time, I'm getting bored with it. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's nothing ground-breaking. It's nice and feminine, but not of much character. The bottle stands there elegantly. Not in the way, but it doesn't bring anything stunning or noticeable to the table. I still like it. I think I would wear it to the office if one day I work as a nice and quite personal assistant -- it would fit into that stereotype, not very likely the modern businesswoman type though. I could spend the amount of money I paid for this in a better way.

Ivoire Pierre Balmain by pchmad 2016-02-06

For me is a working place perfume. Smells clean (kind of soapy), soft, powdery and elegant, no sweet whatsoever. You can imagine that cute good looking girl that smells like she just left the shower and rubbed her skin with flower soap. Long lasting on the clothes it's drys out like floral, not so long lasting on my skin :(

Chypre 1980 YanFroloff Perfumer by Lizzard 2016-02-06

I'd love to try this. Am now on the hunt ...

Amazingreen Comme des Garcons by Ekho 2016-02-06

Opens with a blast of lime, even though its not in the list of notes. Quickly turns to green leaves with a touch of coriander in the background. This list of notes that this one contains are rather unconventional, and I'm not able to distinguish 'jungle leaves' from 'ivy leaves', or 'palm tree leaves', and dew mist? Hmm. Although the scent is very green and there is a freshness reminiscent of ozone. Maybe that is what they call 'dew mist'. There is a very nice vetiver inside, as well as a crispy snappy fresh green pepper. The smoke shows up later, offering a little depth to the light refreshing greenness, but on my skin the smoke is always very subtle. Feels cool on the skin, and doesn't really project at all. While wearing it, it sometimes disappears, only to come back later when it feels like it. After 4 hours, it is entirely absent on my skin. I find myself frequently wishing for more longevity and projection from the awesome scents CDG has to offer.

D&G Anthology Le Bateleur 1 Dolce&Gabbana by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-06

Another woody/fresh spicy/aquatic eau de toilette. Not groundbreaking in ANY way. I hoped the frankincese would be more potent and add a bit of a mystical aura in this but it's undetectable *almost*. It feels as if I am wearing another cheap sporty, overly macho mens' cologne like STR8 or BRUT. NOT FOR ME !

Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men Giorgio Armani by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-06

Well, this was a hard decision to make but I happen to have negative thoughts about this. At first I am getting a warm, soft and sweet feeling which is somehow refreshing (bergamot and guaiacwood freshness (?) maybe. Then I get full on COCOA with cedar and pepper that gives me a weird feeling ! What f*ck*ry is this ? I thought that the resinous warmth of amber would tone this thing down but it happened to be pushing the cocoa further! I really wanted to like this, but fortunately my mom snatched it and finished it for me first !

Je Reviens Worth by Fragrant Desert 2016-02-06

Feel as if I don't write so much proper reviews as the impressions they leave on me and the relationship I hold with them. Je Reviens was a lovely find. Love floral aldehyde even when no fan of coughing or sneezing. Hey, many suffer for fashion, just look at what women do to their feet with shoes. This falls into my definition of a cleaner kind of fragrance, something I'd wear to the office. It's power is in its more universal quality. Je Reviens also has that narcotic narcissus which at first seemed an almost disliked sour to my nose but which now I seek. With a touch of incense there is a dirty clean here, not a White Linen. To many a fume this old is not considered for the fact that it belongs to the early part of last century. To me? That's a selling point if it has managed to survive the ever-changing times and still be on the market. I'll spray Fantasy Very Naughty for fun at home but wear Je Reviens in public.

Amy Childs Amy Childs by MimoTsuki 2016-02-06

I got it as a Black Friday blind buy (months ago) and I didn't like it at first: the top note put me off a bit and it was the typical top note that had driven me away from a lot of perfumes. But I gave it another go just now, before giving it away, and realised that after the rather strong top notes that lasts for maybe 5 minutes, the not-so-strong woody notes come out. The woody notes just smell like Charlie Chic, one of the first perfumes I like. It's less strong (not good for me) and less sharp (good for me) than Charlie Chic, and its bottle is way much prettier than Charlie Chic! So I've decided to keep it and like it, and put up with its top notes.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-06

Bought this one as everybody said that this was a boy/girl catcher and because I love mr.Gaultier as a designer. I can say that this is SO synthetic and gag reflex inducing, I wanted to return it immediately to the department store. All the wrong notes are prominent here: mint, cinnammon, cardamom. I actually love the vanilla, amber, tonka bean, orange blossom, sandalwood notes but the notes mentioned before are getting in the way of this being a masterpiece. Not gonna buy again...

Hidden Fantasy Britney Spears by StopHammertime 2016-02-06

I like this. I think it is unique, kind of weird but in a good way, and definitely not something I would expect a celeb to release. However, I will be stashing my bottle until Christmastime, because my brain automatically goes there when I am wearing this scent. On my skin I get a LOT of clove, the heart is citric fruity mixed with slight sweetness but still with clove overkill. VERY long lasting, high quality like most of Britney's early perfumes, beautiful bottle.

I definitely agree with the reviewer below me. This is so similar to the original Black Opium that once it's dried down, I honestly couldn't tell the difference between them. The opening is slightly different, this one seems a bit fresher and I do think I prefer it, but if you have the original I doubt you'd need this one too. Strength and sillage quite poor on me, just like the original.

Collector’s Edition Justin Bieber by vattenmelon 2016-02-06

why did i buy this?? its horrible

the scent stings like a knife in your nose, and the scent is soooo cheap. *sneeze*

Tea for Two L`Artisan Parfumeur by pchmad 2016-02-06

The firts time I was shock like "I made a big mistake" two minutes after I fell in love. I don't smoke so I just learn tobacco is not cigarrette. Tobacco smoky is warm, earthy, close to the skin and spicy. This perfume is breathtaking, I just have the eau de toilette but man is so good!! I can smell the honey the tea the cinammon and the slight vanilla... is so good, so "romantic" in some way, DIFFERENT. I blind purchase I cannot regret <3

London for Men Burberry by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-06

Another fragrance that is way too overwhelming. I don't really get the lavender/bergamot/cinammon thing as it screams COUMARIN (i'm allergic to that stuff). Mimosa is undetectable and all I can say is that the basenote(s) is just a plain ol' tobacco which is WAY TOO "50+ year old guy". Opopanax resin is almost undetectable and the ONLY nice thing here is the guaiacwood, which is almost nonexistent, same goes for the 'cowboy' leather. I don't know why I purchased it in the first place.

Vodka on the Rocks By Kilian by landshark321 2016-02-06

After wearing Single Malt yesterday, By Kilian's Vodka on the Rocks is uninspiring at best. Unoffensive, perhaps pleasant, it's mostly a light sour citrus. It opens a little brighter and fades to something more softly blended, but there's not much to say about it other that it's inconceivable that it would be worth the $295-for-50ml price.

6 out of 10

Valentina Poudre Valentino by Musky4 2016-02-06

I tried this yesterday. I don't usually go for overly powdery perfumes (and this is about as powdery as they come), but thought this was very nice. Good lasting power and I definitely get the comparisons to Hypnotic Poison.
When it dries down this reminds me of vintage makeup bags and the smell of face powder and lipstick. A must try for anybody who likes powdery perfumes. Pretty bottle too.

Burberry Brit for Men Burberry by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-06

I bought this perfume as an impulse buy, when I was rather young (14-16 y.o) and I can say that I liked it back then. Now I find that it is way too overwhelming, to warm, too spicy, too rosey, well, TOO MUCH. It's an oriental though and orientals tend to be too much. The worst thing about this perfume is within its heart notes: PATCHOULI. For a lot of people patchouli is a really nice note, earthy and spicy but over the years I understood what really bugged about this and other perfumes that I bought. Patchouli and cardamom are the culprits. Unfortunately I don't like this scent at all...

Tocade Rochas by LuScentinTenebris 2016-02-06

Tocade is a shortbread cake with buttercream frosting, decorated with cascading red roses and topped with puffs of powdered sugar. While I'm sure some find it a comforting, at-home, bedtime type of gourmand floriental, and I do use it that way sometimes, to me this scent is much more extroverted-- it's a happy, pretty, laughing party perfume. It can be tenacious, almost insistent, but charmingly so. Upon application, it does smell like straight-up plastic for about three minutes, but don't panic- from there it moves through a short cocoa-buttery window, finally settling at rosy-vanilla cake for the next...oh, until you shower, and even then it will hug your clothes and sheets for another day or two while you shake your head indulgently at its giggly antics.

Oh, and how could I not mention the bottle? Missing perfume caps are an undesirable occurrence, but in this case I immediately removed that ludicrously terrible plastic, pointy, toy-like cap and dropped it in a junk drawer to languish.

Satine Lalique by pchmad 2016-02-06

overwhelming spicy and vanilla, so sweet.Long lasting. Not bad fragance but WOW people will notice you , in a good or bad way depending of their taste.

Orgasmo Hilde Soliani by lilalina 2016-02-06

Very nice almond scent, bitter sweet. Like marzipan. Gorgeous gourmand.

Smells like a luxurious body lotion, a bit floral and creamy... Very suitable for casual or work use... But was wondering why the name "Gracious Tuberose"? It implies that it's composed around this glorious flower, while, in fact, it has nothing to do with it!!!

Blue Santal Comme des Garcons by Ekho 2016-02-06

This is interesting and beautiful. Not enough sillage or longevity for my liking. The sandalwood is very dry, crisp, clean, and short. Not creamy or enveloping like some sandalwood scents. It is fresh and would be very nice on a man, but its not too masculine for a woman. Smells 'cold'. I can clearly detects sandalwood, pine, juniper, and some salty fresh aquatic. The description from the web above is perfect. There is definitely an interesting contradiction between the traditional warmth of sandalwood vs. the crisp cool freshness this scent evokes. I think it is versatile and 'safe' enough that it could be worn in any season at any time of day, yet it is different and interesting at the same time. I really like this but I want more projection and longevity. Too soon it sadly disappears into oblivion, like PLAY GREEN.

Shingl Xerjoff by StopHammertime 2016-02-06

First impression - strongly reminiscent of my boyfriend's aerosol shaving cream. Pleasant but medicinal.

One of my favourite fairly recent scent memories is that of bathing my kid's when they were babies, and that great smell of the yellow, No More Tears, Johnson's Baby Shampoo. I love the stuff.

Now my kid's are a bit older now, and will only have shampoo that come's out of a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader or Yoda character bottle, but I occasionally still buy Johnson's for myself (That doesn't make me a freak does it?).

Anyway, I heard someone mention that Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme smells a bit like Johnson's, so I immediately ordered a bottle - and I definitely get a bit of that vibe off it. It's now one of my comfort scents.

I've got one of the recent UK bottles, I can't comment on the comparison between this, vintage or other formulations, but the one I've got lasts a decent amount of time, smells clean, warm and Johnson's soapy at first, then moves to a nice tobacco-ish masculine dry down.
It's pretty good.
I like it.

Couple of questions though:
Are there any other fragrances that smell of baby shampoo?
Is the Intenso worth getting?

Tomorrow for Men Avon by Avalanche@arion 2016-02-06

A gourmand god...
Very cheap,very simple,but very good.
The licorice note is dominant throughout.The cacao opens up 15 mins in and remains.At drydown you get beautiful amber.
Used to be a performance beast when they released it in 2005.
Now its been watered down,but the formula has remained the same-thankfully.
Its a modern day masterpiece.
Avon Tomorrow is LIDGE's older brother,so def try it.

Cardinal James Heeley by ravanfar 2016-02-06

little review
very woody

Just an advice for those who have a dilemma btw the latest versions. The 2012 is sweeter and more intense than the "intense " version. So, buy "intense" for the the summer. I Love both of them but if I have to choose , I would stick with the 2012 version.

La Tosca Xerjoff by StopHammertime 2016-02-06

First impression- opens citrusy, nice and fairly unisex. As it dries down it begins to smell like patchouli and tea while still retaining some citrus. Patchouli is the biggest player throughout, must be a patchouli fan to appreciate. If you are a Xerjoff fan and have also tried Fiore d'Ulivo, I feel like there are some similarities. Nice enough so far but not my type, hoping it will grow on me because I love the purple bottle.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by auroramaria 2016-02-06

To all lovers of Black Opium EDP(I am) a shimmering body lotion and dry oil for body and hair are gonna be available soon, I saw the products on a store on line here in Italy and I'm so glad since I love Black Opium but longevity is a bit low.

Omnia Bvlgari by 6opar 2016-02-06

Starts citrusy with a mellow spicy breath that is immediately loveable in a delicate feminine way. At the same time this first Omnia provides a fresh and energizing touch that feels masculine.

After that the duality in this composition gets even more evident and this is what makes Omnia interesting and alluring. Yes, it is not loud, it is locked in its quietness. But on the inside it skilfully masters feelings of anxiety (spices), tenderness (flowers), passion(chocolate) and power(wood). I would put sandalwood as the key player here, feminized by the flowers, masculinized by the woods, in this intriguingly spiced up Jekyll-ness.

And in the meantime it is really easy to wear. Now i understand why i had to have this discontinued travesty.


Dzongkha L`Artisan Parfumeur by Colin Maillard 2016-02-06

I’ve never been a fan of L’Artisan fragrances, let alone the uncontrollably prolific Bertrandingo. But one thing I’ve to admit – in the extremely seldom circumstances where they both work at their best, with decent budgets and some solid inspiration, the results are great. And this is definitely the case. This is easily one of the best woody-iris scents on the market, brilliantly succeeding in blending the utmost versatility and wearability with a tremendous level of creativity and quality. Basically I agree with the reviews (including Luca Turin’s one in his Guide) which connect Dzonghka to Timbuktu, as this is indeed basically Timbuktu with iris, which is amazingly blended within that peculiar sort of transparent cypress-woody and subtly leathery structure adding a powdery, rooty, dry and earthy-waxy texture which fits it just perfectly. It’s like to smell the smoky, greenish, autumnal “papery” woodiness of Timbuktu shyly blossoming in early March. Not a “floral triumph”, just some faint, pastel, still quite dark accent of rooty-floral notes rising from the soil, soon joined by a subtle, warm tea note. This is pretty much of Dzonghka smells, and it’s just achieved perfectly. It’s graceful, elegant, natural, breezy yet very cozy: no cheap musks, no plastic iris. The concept is simple, the execution is clever and well mastered. Just some genuine, palpably realistic sprinkle of orris powder on smoky woods with a “mineral” salty aftertaste and a slighty touch of sweetness which will grow in strenght on the (impeccable) drydown. It’s poetic, complex yet quite straightforward, masterfully executed keeping Timbuktu’s great ability of smelling “airy” but totally substantial. And it smells fantastic anyway. Heart-warmingly austere and very classy. Plus, finally a decently-projecting, decently persistent L’Artisan, for God’s sake. Recommended!


Despite the many citrus fragrances on the market, I see this along with Aqua di Gio as the two main players in the domain.. with this being the more interesting one of them both, especially that is has a touch of mystery (probably coming from the yuzu but mainly from the overall mix) and a twist from a straight forward citrus fragrance. It has a very good longevity and sillage, and good projection.

على الرغم من وجود العديد من عطور الحمضيات، أرى هذا جنبا إلى جنب مع أكوا دي جيو من اللاعبين الرئيسيين في عطورات الحمضيات .. إلا أن لو ديسي من إيسي مياكي يعتبر أكثر إثارة للاهتمام، خصوصا أن له لمسة من الغموض (ربما قادمة من اليوزو ولكن أساسا من المزيج عموما) و إلتفاتة غريبة من عطورات الحمضيات إجمالا

الثبات ممتاز و الفوحان و ترك الأثر أيضا جيد

This is a gorgeous example of an ideal rose-chypre. Very well balanced. Neither the rose not the oakmoss overwhelm the other. The thyme plays down the florals just enough but it's not overly herbal at all. The citrus is just right. Like I said before perfectly balanced! Sillage is excellent and longevity is outstanding. Definitely full bottle worthy. A must-have for anyone looking for an excellent rose-chypre.

Navy Dana by A. Rose123 2016-02-06

To me, this feels like solar amber, with white floral and peach scented sunscreen gelee -- like Bain De Soleil -- and it feels very warm.

Unlike others on here, I don't think it's subtle but quite distinctive and even heady, with orange flower remaining prominent until drydown, where the amber becomes a little dry and sandy. If you love the smell of ambery, by the seaside solar musk and white florals, you'll probably love "Navy".

Concentre d`Orange Verte Hermes by mutatismutandis 2016-02-06

Another gorgeous Hermes perfume. Straight away on spraying, there's a sense of how fresh and lovely this is. You get the orange and lemon smell you expect but there's also a brief moment of almond/amaretto for the first twenty minutes or so as well. Just occasionally you might get a whiff of that amaretto/almond note when you smell your skin. It's not a surprise to say that it is similar to the Eau D'Orange Verte but this concentre version brings out the verte and not just the orange whereas the original cologne is all about the orange. No complaints either way, just an observation. If you like one, you'll almost certainly like the other.

The basil and the cedar work together beautifully with the orange/lemon top notes and give it a depth that the Eau D'Orange Verte lacks. Think of it as the difference between holding the fruit up to your nose and smelling it and being in the orchard with the fruit still on the trees. The fruit is the dominant smell but the green notes are around it in the breeze.

It's a beautiful piece of craftmanship. I think it's suitable for any time of day or year or occasion. It is a soft scent and the projection is limited but it lasts a lot longer than a lot of the reviewers suggest. I sometimes wonder if the people who think it's gone after 45 minutes are spraying it from 100 yards away! You can just get 7 hours out of it altogether but it is a skin scent after three or four hours.

Concentre D'Orange Verte is lovely and refreshing and one of those scents that just make you feel better. It has that restorative quality that a well made citrus cologne should possess. I could also imagine using it with Terre D'Hermes, adding a little spray over it. I think this cologne has a certain flexibility that means it could be used with other citrus scents or ones with an earthy quality about them.

Happydisiac Woman Oriflame by szilvihorv 2016-02-06

A very pretty strawberry fruit salad. That's the most prominent note along with sugared jasmine. There's the hint of pear as well which provides a bit of freshness, adds to the clean quality of the scent.

It smells a bit synthetic in a way strawberry gummy bears smell, and causes me a light headache, but for the price I got it I can't complain. It's a nice day-to-day wear when I just want to quickly spritz something and head out, or for work where I wouldn't want to use my more expensive perfumes. The name Happydisiac suits very well, the smell makes me imagine dancing strawberries... Crazy, I know. It's perfect for the end of winter/early spring, when I don't crave my heavy hitters anymore, but it's not warm enough to pull out my spring florals and fresh greens.

Longevity and sillage are not cool, it reduces into a skin scent quickly and it's gone in 2 hours.

Mitico Tonino Lamborghini by iconoclast 2016-02-06

Dear Mr Lamborghini

I don't care what Mitico smells like, or how good (or bad) it is.

Please IMMEDIATELY replace this and most other scents from your collection with new higher quality more exclusive products, as the current range is tragically being sold in the UK at EMBARRASSINGLY low discounted prices and is doing UNTOLD DAMAGE to your hard-earned exclusive BRAND and LUXURY reputation.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Mr Whistleblower

(PS - if Lada made fragrances I'm sure they would be more expensive/exclusive than yours :)

Poison Girl Christian Dior by Heleniko 2016-02-06

This is just like Black Opium. So feminine and beautiful.

Arba Wardat Rasasi by pchmad 2016-02-06

blind purchased and still not so convince. I used it a few times, smell like... dolls...I really don't know. Is not bad at all still kind of special...

Maysoon Swiss Arabian by pchmad 2016-02-06

roses! roses everywhere!! I was expecting some clear coconut there because I like it so much but it's reeeeally's like a deep rose sweet smell...It's a warm fragance and I must say it's a monster. I mean it. Just two drops is enough for the whole day and the scent last to the day after. I get compliments when I wear it but then again handle it with care ;)

Trouble Boucheron by KarlekLila 2016-02-06

I was given an original carded sample of this beauty in a swap. It is THE most lovely warm amber I've had the privilege of experiencing. I would so love a full bottle of this lovely juice. So disappointed that it's been discontinued and thus is very difficult to find.

Angel Les Parfums de Cuir Thierry Mugler by Circuit FAiry 2016-02-06

Angel Les Parfums de Cuir - Sampling this with a head-cold so my sense of smell is somewhat hindered. This Angel is very, very nice. It is sweet leathery goodness, like seating out in the morning enjoying breakfast outside in the cool weather and sporting leather jacket to keep warm while enjoying a jammy fruit compote and warm chocolate.

Silage seems to be on par with the original as well as longevity. I dare say I prefer this over the original, this is really an amazing composition.

A powdery Rose and iris fragrance with a hint of lily of the valley and some musc. A white powder delicate essence. It's like a body talc.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by Nickomay30 2016-02-06

Dior Intense does not Wowed me, But it deserves to be in my Collection.

Invictus Aqua Paco Rabanne by Gault 2016-02-06

Close to D&G Swimming in Lipari.
Its smells like they took a CK One Summer flanker and mixed with that late Paco Rabanne-ish plasticy amber note. Average performance.

Cantaride Peccato Originale by Q80 2016-02-06

True, i can sense a tracing of caviar in this as the vanilla is trying to hide it's rancidity. It's like sweat covered by fragrance or a perfume, while the only note that is supporting the caviar rancidity is the musc besides the kind of leather in here is as well could be a supporter, playing the tough guy role. A bit angelic is there and no patchouli so far.
It is a great fragrance to be honest and i was shocked that it smells good tho although i didn't have that high hope of sniffing something of interest.

Jolie Fleur Bleue Tory Burch by minusvminus 2016-02-06

This is the one. I don't know why Fragrantica neglects to mention the violet leaves but it's a game changer. This cost 120 dollars for a 3.4 oz bottle and I'm gonna gladly throw my money at this because this is too beautiful. It's this symphony of powdery floral notes with a dash of herbal charm. I'm head over heels for this. Like I got this in the 3 pack like everyone did around Christmas, Rose is obnoxious and without any purpose at all. Vert is tolerable and fresh then Bleue shows up and steals the show entirely. At least try it. It's got a fairly decent longevity and tasteful sillage that radiates without filling a room.

Conquest Chevignon by Gault 2016-02-06

Bright soapy sage and woods, its like a bit less fruity & less powdery version of Bentley Azure. I would choose that because its stronger.

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by MeganD 2016-02-06

Midnight Fantasy smells exactly like the blueberry scented bubble bath that my mother used to buy in massive vats for me when I was small.

This is one of those scents where I love the smell of it, but I don't want to wear it - much like garlic olive oil or petrol. However, I have a sniff of the tester almost every time I'm in the pharmacy. It reminds me of being 6, splashing around in the bath and making sky-high mohawks in my hair with shampoo suds.

If you want to buy a pretty, sweet fragrance for a pre-teen relative, go for this. I can see most girls of that age loving it.

Obsession Calvin Klein by maria woodsmoke 2016-02-06

I had obsession long ago and did not appreciate the civet.I bought the new obsession by coty and its fantastic.Love it .Green amber is what i get with a (little) cinnnamon and i use it even in summer

Cedre Serge Lutens by Q80 2016-02-06

Quite interesting as i wonder! why there aren't strawberries or berries in their ingredients! or even plums? cause this is sweet as candy (not cloying), at least for the first spray or the top note. while the cinnamon is hazy at the background as in top note and there is no sign of tuberose or cedar because of the sweetish note on top.
It is quite rosy fragrance than cedar, and sweetish rosy to be specific.

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by CoconutCoffee 2016-02-06

It is okay but not very memorable. I get no notably unique notes or surprises. At first impression it is a pleasant blend of unidentifiable spicy notes and unidentifiable flowers. The overall effect is quite chilly. Whoever wears it is being considerate, has a pleasant manner, never offends, but is not giving anything away and remains hard to know and thus hard to like or trust. I visualise a barrister.

Over time I get a hint of bitter green like the broken stems/crushed leaves of flowers, plus a slightly sour note like the body odour of office workers who never feel the sun on their skins, plus a slightly acrid note like stale tobacco smoke on clothing. These off-notes are interesting but not enough to give this fragrance a personality. I visualise a barrister who accepts bribes. Not a gangster. Someone who plays the corporate game.

It is less a 'declaration' than a 'no comment'.

Not for me.

Diorissimo Christian Dior by psichic 2016-02-06

I just received vintage Edt in the hounds tooth style bottle and I am so delighted. I am so glad that I have read about how vintage scents can smell terrible for the first two minutes. Sure enough this delicate fresh scent transported me to a spring morning in my Mother's garden.
And then to the hilarious day in the late 80's when my poor dads had to deal with my fuss that they had purchased the wrong Dior and that I had expected a bottle of Poison! When I finally got Poison with money from my first job, I learned that what we smell in the paper in a magazine may bear no resemblance to what shows up to play on our skin. They have had their revenge at last as I have recently mistakenly purchased an amazing vintage boxed set of Miss Dior Edt Edp in search of this Diorissimo vintage. There may be Lily of the Valley scents similar to this that are easier to acquire but I am living without regret at the moment.

Fahrenheit Cologne Christian Dior by mshilov 2016-02-06

The house of Dior continues to deal with it's heritage in a bad way. Who needs this diluted and pale copy of the original Fahrenheit for it's full price? Especially if Aqua Fahrenheit is on the same shelf. Ridiculous scent which doesn't respect at all the initial concept of Fahrenheit as the one of a bold and powerful fragrance for a modern man. This synergy of strength and romanticism so significant for original creation is diminished in this watery version of Fahrenheit. It's like a dingy black and white photo of the bright sunny day - it shows the same landscape, but gives you no idea of atmosphere, mood and color of the depicted subject.

Clinique Happy Clinique by steve0580 2016-02-06

Citrus aquatic. I smell a hint of orange, a tiny bit of grapefruit and some sort of fresh, aquatic Unfortunately, it's so soft and fleeting, that even dousing myself in it makes very little difference. This would be a very nice fragrance if it had any sort of longevity.

Manal Rasasi by Angela Agiannidou 2016-02-06

Another one gem from Rasasi who seem hell bent on overtaking my entire wardrobe! Deservedly! This one is a heaven of sweet, spicy saffron, woods and enough carnality emanating from musk and jasmine. The spice here is strong but not sneeze inducing and pairs beautifully with the fresh and musky notes. The fresh notes here have a mellowness thanks to the strong woody notes and rose which has a backstage. It is meant for Women but its truly unisex, any man can pull this off easily which is another reason I love Arabic oils as they seem to cross gender easily. Fully recommend.

Poison Girl Christian Dior by jellybeantree 2016-02-06

This smells great ! Its fresh and sweet and great if you are looking for a sweeter fragrance to change up your perfume wardrobe . If you own Flowerbomb or Black Opium or LVEB or SI by Armani . You don't really need this , but if you love fragrances and having all the other perfumes isn't a good enough excuse to not have this one as well. Than go for it ! We are all just addicts !

I do feel a little bit of Hypnotic in there but this one is fresher and less dense . Good lasting power!

@widescope how sad and pathetic you are. If anyone wants confirmation of my vintage M7 just read my profile page email me and I'll send you email addresses of fragrantica members who'll vouch for my credibility. So widescope stop hating shows how envious and pathetic you are.

I've never heard of M7 being faked.

Lanvin L`Homme Lanvin by Melted 2016-02-06

This is a fresh and clean scent that couldn't possibly offend anyone. It's suitable for any time of year and any occasion, including office wear.

A nice fragrance to have in your collection and available at a cheap price.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by Bob Marley 2016-02-06

@widescope how sad and pathetic you are yes i have a large supply but only 3 more tester bottles for sale. And if you want to check my credentials just message Ricks44 a few reviews below this he purchased a full 100ml bottle from me and is very happy. As well as a few. Other fragrantica members who will vouch for the authenticity of my vintage M7. So widescope stop hating and being envious you troll.
I've never heard of M7 being faked.

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah by ourladyskye 2016-02-06

I hate Angel but I like this. It's long-lasting and warm. Not overpowering. Worth picking up for sure.

Monsieur Frederic Malle by mshilov 2016-02-06

Beautiful banality. When I put this one on my skin, I was pleased but immediately felt deja vu, having many other dark perfumes in my mind - I even could not choose which one of them was closer to Monsieur, but definitely I felt a lack of originality in this newcomer. When you meet Frederic Malle, you should expect something new in all meanings, not just a good exercise on the well-known and well-explored theme. So one could love this scent if he had no experience with this kind of modern oriental fragrances. Great as a gift, but maybe not worth it's price if you choose the one for yourself - there are plenty of similar perfumes on the market, cheaper and sometimes even nicer then Monsieur.

Maisam Rasasi by Angela Agiannidou 2016-02-06

This is truly amazing! A very realistic rose with spicy and woody nuances, not jammy or gourmand, just one growing wild in a garden in a hot, semitropical climate, under the Mediterranean sun engulfing a wooden fence. Vanilla and Amber make it creamy while musk and spices moderate its sweetness and add depth. So well blended and luscious, so aromatic and sensational. Lasts for ever and projects really well, I got plenty of compliments. I think a man could pull this off, especially layered over something overtly masculine and fresh. For those looking for a sweet, not cloying or gourmand rose, Maisam is ideal.

Oriental Express Thierry Mugler by nbailey9 2016-02-06

I received a sample of this when I ordered a bottle of Womanity (which should tell you something about my rather controversial taste in perfumes!) Like so many people have said, as soon as I sprayed it I thought "mmmmm. Guerlain." I wear Shalimar on a regular basis, but this actually reminds me more of Samsara. The tone is calmer and more woodsy. It's a really beautiful composition with amazing staying power. It feels like what you would get if you distilled all the beautiful oriental perfumes out there down to their basic essence. Comforting and mysterious, but sadly not worth the price tag given that there are so many other somewhat more unique variations on this market. A safe and beautifully done product from Mugler, but worth about half the market price.

Versace Pour Homme Versace by Spence98 2016-02-06

A lot of people are saying that this fragrance doesn't last long, or it doesn't project well. I just got this cologne and it lasts a solid 12 hours on my skin. I applied it yesterday morning, i woke up this morning still smelling it around me without getting close to my skin. My body chemistry+ Versace Pour Homme= Amazing. Awesome fresh clean masculine scent.

O de Lancome Lancome by angelche1bg 2016-02-06

Limone fortissimo , come la schiuma da barba ...

Pure White Linen Estée Lauder by Verka81 2016-02-06

The first whiff gives you tender honeysuckle, which sadly only lasts a few seconds. The next step is some zesty citrus that settles on your skin and lasts much longer. And finally, some nice green-smelling chemical scent remains. On the whole, it is a very pleasant perfume.

In Black Jesus Del Pozo by NadiaQ 2016-02-06

Wow. A wonderful summer fragrance for a confident woman. Sillage is very close to the skin, but being EDT, this was to be expected. Still, a surprisingly elegant scent for the price. Softly sensual.

OH MY GOODNESS. I must say....I am ecstatic this gem is not well-known. I would keep it all to myself for as long as I can! A well-kept seductive secret that I just cannot get enough of. I understand the comparison to TM Angel...but this is so much more. It's like the powers that be took Angel and envelopped it in a luxurious cashmere wrap lined with gold silk threads and a touch of pixie dust... so much for so little. Can't get enough of this! Definitely for a woman who exudes pure confidence and indisputable power. No inhibitions here. Love.

My definite unexpected luscious incredible new signature! This is pure magic. Dark but playful, decadent but refined, warm, intricate, and oh so seductive...ALL woman. Confidence in a bottle. Please, Monsieur Mugler, NEVER discontinue this hypnotizing potion!

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by simon.edwards 2016-02-06

Purchased based on the below reviews, and, I'm struggling to see what all the noise is a bout. This is my first balsamic fragrance, and i'm not at all taken with it - i get the tea, the leather, and the incense. The initial whiff is very alcoholic, but kicks straight-on to the heart notes in a flash, which are joined quickly by the amber, tonka bean and incense. But its not a combination I find wearable. There is little projection in my opinion, and as a skin scent, its not something i'd expect to romance my wife with....smells kind of burnt, and a little smokey. However, for smokey I have Encre Noir, is going via a trade, or at my next car boot...

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier by NadiaQ 2016-02-06

Whatttt??? When I first read the list of enticing notes in this...I thought I'd found THE one...but alas it was not to be! I so wanted to love this but all I get is a blast of Guerlain's Samsara....ON STEROIDS!

Not for me. Gave it away after one spray... sad, so sad.

Si Lolita Lolita Lempicka by Matt Abdul 2016-02-06

I'm not really a big fans for Spicy accord and I only have 2 perfumes with spicy scent in my collections. Never add a single spicy scent since then.

For spicy scent, I love these two
1) Lovely Sarah J Parker (Soft Spicy)
2) Red Musk Body Shop (Less Nose Tickling Spicy)

But this ? Oh god, the spice just blow me away. It's more soft spicy, and I think the Tonka bean &/Amber really smooth the spicy scent well. Which is great. This will be my 3rd spicy perfume in my collections.

It doesn't smell cheap, it smells very sophisticated & elegant.

La Panthere Cartier by Lalionne 2016-02-06

I loved it immediately and I think it is a very good modern interpretation of a chypre. And I love chypres. But it gives me a headache, I noticed after a few times. I have no clue what it is. But fortunately I do tolerate the legere version, which is close enough.

Aqua Universalis Maison Francis Kurkdjian by monsieur_neroli 2016-02-06

I was a year ago in Strasbourg, and had the chance to go for a stroll in Printemps. Luckily they had this perfume and I was AMAZED. It is the most freshest, deepest and cleanest of what I have tried so far ! I really can't smell the lilly of the valley or the bergamot in it but the orange blossom, the woods and the musk were predominant. It lasted pretty well on my skin (6h) but the sillage wasn't so good, but I don't mind at all as I love transparent scents. It finished with a powdery scent on my skin which was still there in the next morning. 9/10

Daisy Dream Blush Marc Jacobs by sarrah345 2016-02-06

Very Pretty! Just opened up my new bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush! I just tried it, and I love it, I adore Daisy Dream, but find Daisy Dream Forever to be very super heavy, in a bad way.
This new scent is light and very pretty, and it's floral but I did smell the pear accord in the first few sprays on my skin. I didn't smell lime.
Violet, jasmine and lilly of the valley, are strongest so far. I truly hope to smell the other notes during drydown!
Light to moderate, but beautiful! It would smell great on anyone who loves light fruity/florals, like I do!
I hope that it lasts longer than 2 hours!
It's more than highly likely that I'll get another bottle for sure! I love it!

Poison Girl Christian Dior by mypersonalharmonics 2016-02-06

I wasn't expecting much but this is a huge disappointment.

My only hope was the nose behind it. F.Demachy has a touch that makes airy and chic juices. Even Hypnotic poison was better after he gave it a makeover, namely Hypnotic Eau Sensuelle. I was expecting something like that. But no.

Poison girl is the smell of a young girl dressed in a tacky revealing style, wearing an intense vanilla perfume and having an orange juice based drink, probably a tequila sunrise cocktail spilled on her dress.

French Lime Blossom Jo Malone by theodeled 2016-02-06

It's a luxurious perfume, very feminine, fresh, citrus and sour, but I had two problems with it!
1. In the first couple of sprays I was sneezing non stop, which is my permanent problem with only THIS perfume
2. It's extremely expensive for it's longevity. I feel that 34eu per 30ml are too much for a scent that doesn't last longer than 1hr!

Ange ou Demon Tendre Givenchy by Jurisprude 2016-02-06

It is a beautiful floral. Strong opening and hours later you are still going strong. I love it because it makes me feel special and ethereal. Like watching the face of your beloved in the clouds. I'm amazed by this beauty. A sure purchase. Joyous and Classy!

Nina Nina Ricci by La DameDeNoir 2016-02-06

Disclaimer: this is a personal opinion and not a criticism against the people who use or like this scent.

Two words: just horrible. Itching. Nauseating. Caustic. A mess of chemical notes that just not suit each other. This stuff is fit not even to flush it in the toilet. The apotheosis of the disgusting sickly-sticky fruitchouly scent.

There is nothing that I can save about it. The bottle is hideous, the advertising, creepy, the name, misleading...

Nina epytomizes all what is wrong with most designers perfumes in our days.

To have named this thing after a beautiful and legendary perfume of the 80's is just an abomination. They should bring that one back, and erase this horrible, horrible mistake from the historical records.

Womanity Thierry Mugler by Wheaters 2016-02-06

This is my second review of Womanity, and I have ummed and aahed over beginning to write it. It is extremely long. Consider this fair warning that sleep is pretty much guaranteed if reading this review: grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and prepare to be bored witless by my disjointed witterings.

I first tried Womanity & its flanker Womanity Pour Elles a couple of years ago. The initial herby freshness that I loved turned into a metallic, bloody, creepy mess which I had to scrub. I was sure there and then that Womanity et al were to be avoided at all costs, and had no intention at the time to ever try them again.

Bear in mind at that period of my life I was new to testing and collecting perfumes as a hobby. I was, and still am, a hard core, true devotee of TM Alien, which remains my all-time favourite and signature; I discovered a penchant for oriental vanillas (which in itself is a change from the fruity, mainstream scents of my youth) and have since developed and refined my tastes enough to know that the notes that will always draw me are jasmine, lily, and milk. None of which gave any indication that it may be a good idea to try Womanity again.

With the preference for milk notes identified, I was led to discover nutty notes, which in turn led me to salty skin-type likenesses. In particular I kept being directed towards Calvin Klein Reveal but was put off by oft-mentioned similarities to Womanity. However, I have learned to trust my instincts now about what I am confident I like in terms of notes, and Reveal contains notes which made me want to try it. So I ignored the reviews, trusted my own judgment, and bought Reveal. It was instant love.

Still, this is a review for Womanity (despite all evidence to the contrary, and if you haven't dozed off yet) so enough about Reveal. I just needed to explain how I came to try Womanity again after literally hating it before.

I decided to read more reviews on Womanity and properly pay attention to what was being described rather than whether the review was broadly 'love' or 'hate', 'fishy' or 'figgy'. And I decided to give it another chance.

I was careful with application and did the initial 2016 re-test with a single spray to each wrist. I had to grit my teeth a bit to get through the initial somewhat clinical-feeling, green, herby opening, and after an hour or so was quite enamoured with the scent close to the skin but disappointed by the general sillage, which was metallic. I got no fishy smell at all but definitely a lots-of-ocean-air-up-the-nose vibe. It left me undecided, but at least I wasn't repulsed like last time.

Today (I've nearly finished now, honest. Thanks for reading if you have made it this far!) I have tried it on, clean from the shower, and been much more bold with application. And (drumroll) lo' and behold, I love it!

I actually love Womanity. Wonders will never cease to amaze me.

The fruity, ever-so-slight sweetness is much more prominent with a more generous application, and, the scent on skin is a warm, salty, mild, not quite sweet but not sour or bitter, slightly dry, clean smell. Three hours into wearing it and I must admit that it is at its 'perfect' stage.
At the 3-hour point, the herby, fresh sillage is mostly gone, leaving just a hint of fruit, and I have to put my nose close to my skin to get the smell. I am convinced that this stage of this scent will only get better with warmer skin and am excited to try it out in summer. I'm not sure that longevity is up to much on me, unless, I have just got used to the smell, but I don't think this is the case; e.g. with Alien, I can smell it all day. Although it is a completely different type of scent, so maybe that's it...anyway. We'll see.

Thanks to anyone who managed to read this far! I have found that writing this review has helped me to decide how I feel about Womanity now. What a difference after all this time.

TL;DR; best try it for yourself. YMMV.

Fleur d`Osmanthus Roger & Gallet by theodeled 2016-02-06

The party of citrus and white flowers! I love it ... but... it's just for 30min to 1hr! Then you have to re-apply!

Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense Chloe by dormir6 2016-02-06

It is still on Chloe's website, but in shops can't be found in Hungary.

Valentina Poudre Valentino by coffeebee88 2016-02-06

The dry down reminds me of a slightly more harsh Guerlain L'instant Magic, I'm tempted to buy it for that reason alone.

Polo Supreme Leather Ralph Lauren by Mohd93 2016-02-06

I tested this on my skin today hoping for a leather scent. However, I don't get a lot of leather as the name suggests, in fact, after trying several leather fragrances I don't think this is very leathery.

The most prominent note to me was Nutmeg, also a lot of cardamom and tonka beans. As it dries down the saffron and leather start to appear but it's still very spicy and more about the top notes. I didn't get honey at all.

It seems quite strong, I would imagine the sillage to be (at least) just a little bit above "moderate", also had to wash it a few times so the longevity is really good.

Not something I would go for if I want a LEATHER scent, but if you want a nice spicy scent this is really good :)

EDIT: forgot to mention it reminds me (just a little bit) of 1 Million in terms of its spiciness.

Virgin Island Water Creed by Takeshi 2016-02-06

Amazing composition, actually this is the only coconut scent that I own and I love it. Overpriced and short lasting. Not really usable, especially on my skin, I don't even bother wearing this for outing.

1869 Eau de Parfum Acca Kappa by gvd 2016-02-06

Well blended scent with a dry down that is like a more refined and sophisticated version of Dior's Fahrenheit. Modern, yet elegant fragrance.

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by MoMo-1408 2016-02-06

what the benefit from using colorants in fragrances?

Gucci by Gucci Sport Gucci by martinfjord 2016-02-06

Just to clear up the confusion that comes from 50% really good and 50% horribly bad reviews, very simply put:

Fragrance: 9/10
Longetivity: 0/10 (ZERO).

What are all the good reviews on about then? Well, two things you need to know in order to understand that:

1. it is a magnificant scent, a near spot-on combination of fresh/sporty and sophisticated. this is really not a boring sporty/fresh out of shower scent, it goes way beyond that with warm almost cuddly tones and still balances up to be a dynamic, attractive and outstanding scent that is on the "fresh" side after all. the only reason why its not 10/10, is because despite aiming to be natural, they probably short-changed us with the quality of the ingridients, and the result end up a tad too much on the syntetic side.

2. the people who focus on the scent, and only on scent, are not ordinary people, they are blessed with 1 in a 100 (or even 1 in a 1000) sense of smelling, they are parfum experts, collectors, enthusiasts...they just do 1 spray in the air, walk thru it, and thats it, they can smell it hours later, they can detect notes without a other words, their opinions are interesting but completely 100% irrelevant when it comes to everyday people and everyday use of a parfum.

So whats with the longitivty then:

Well, there are parfums with poor longetivty, and then there is this. After owning and testing 100s of parfums, I can honestly say nothing ever came so close to having ZERO (Z-E-R-O) longetivity than this.
My shampoo, my shower gel, my handwash has far better longetivity than this. It simply disapears as soon as it comes in contact with air.

I know you can bargain hunt for basically any parfum and be succesful, but for most people who dont have time/talent/interest in bargain hunting, this parfum will cost a lot, the 90ml bottle I own was 80 euro, and I bought it in an parfum outlet (perfectly reputable place, just not high street), places like Dougles will charge you 100+ for this. I was excited to buy it, went to bed, woke up early, took a shower, applied it generously (2-2x spray under the armpits, 1-1 on the wrist to work it in under the ears and 1 on the hair)...All my clothes were freshly washed, and after dressing up, all I could smell was the color softener coming from the clothes....Great. I still couldnt believe that this is it for 80 euro. I undid the buttons on my shirt, and went proper crazy with it, 5-6x sprays under each armpit, 2-3 on each wrists, and another 5-6 just randomly on hair and jeans and chest and everywhere. By the time I put on my jacket, I could smell precisely NOTHING of it.


Please note that Id in no way call myself a parfum expert, but I own at any given time 20+ (sometimes 40+) parfums, I have a bit above avrage interest in parfums, and a bit above avrage nose for them. I highly recommend you to never, I repeat NEVER under any circumtances buy this parfum. It has zero real-life value. What can you use a parfum that nobody smells for? Wait to meet that 1 in a 1000 exraordinary person who will smell it? You far better off putting 80 euro on red 36 on a roulette table, at least something might come out of that. (well actually, dont do that either, just spend your money on a parfum that you and others can smell and appreciate:)

Madame Gres Gres by empressevie 2016-02-06

Bought this as a blind buy cheapie. After trying it, decided it was nice, safe, but a little ho hum. Kind of generic. Patchouli, and a safe blend of floral notes with a dash of spice. Nice, but kind of ....common.

Fast forward to now. I have my love perfumes (Habanita, Fendi, Les Perles de Lalique, Azuree), but keep them for special. As a teacher, I am very careful of what I wear to face up to 100 vocal young adults every day!!!

Ran out of my last safe wear - Cherie, by Bill Blass.So, I chose another something safe. You guessed it, Madame Gres.

I have been assaulted by co -workers about what gorgeous perfume was I wearing?? You smell amazing.. Two got online straight away to buy some. Firstly, it was gorgeous, and - they could smell it. So, great sillage. One 15 year old student walking into my classroom saying 'this room smells beautiful!'. BIG SCORE!!

Tonight, I kept smelling something DIVINE. Thought maybe it was the remnants of some very expensive perfumes I tried today. But no.....Finally tracked it down to the coat I wore this week. The most exquisite, warm, honeyed floral perfume was wafting off my coat.

I've changed my mind. This is a love. It is warm, vibrant, cosy and very, very elegant.

Try it. It's a steal, and gives French expensive perfume a big run for the their money.

All the best!

Tres Nuit Armaf by KJS88 2016-02-06

A sweeter, more ambery and smooth take on the GIT/CW theme, denser and more compact, slightly more natural. But, my God, the performance is strange--one day I'm swamped by it, the next, underwhelmed.

I love, love, love, love this! This is in my all time top ten. The tomato leaves smell of celery, and one would think this wouldn't work in a perfume, but it really does. It gives a sweet sourness to perfection.
To the reviewers who think the sour element is 'turning', no it is supposed to be sour! Give it time on the skin to develop.
It is sweet, light, delightful, fruity in the most beautiful way. Because of the tomato this is never too sweet.
This is the perfume I most want to be brought back.
If you are ever confused between the look of this and 'Liberte Acidulee' just remember that this is frosted green glass, and acidulee is clear green glass.

Chopin Miraculum by KJS88 2016-02-06

Wow, was not expecting it to be as good as it is for the measly 8 Euros I paid on eBay. What this is like to me is a softer rendition of vintage/pre-reformulated Zino. Its got that special pop and fizz old Zino has that new Zino doesn't, but is smoother and silkier in the dry down. Very, very wearable.

Antidote Viktor&Rolf by matthew369 2016-02-06

i was meant to comment on here - i think this has been RE-continued! i saw this in Jenner's in Edinburgh.

Luna Rossa Prada by Kinggeebee 2016-02-06

Hallo folks
This is to my simple untrained nose thé best scent on the planet. Many may differ... To each their own.
It evokes in me calmness, strength and a confidence that I cant explain.
I get the lavender, mint and bitter orange in equal measure at the top. That unfortunately quickly fades to the musky ambery drydown with some lavender intertwined.

That is all gone in about an hour on my skin. This is the saddest part of this amazing fragrance... Lack of longevity (on my skin). (I think I must try this in the colder months...)
Based on the positive reviews on the fragrance and reports of great longevity, I bought it. And because I wanted a fresh, soapy fragrance other than Amber Pour Homme.

Over application does not solve my problem either.

My disappointment is because reports of Amber Pour Homme lasting the whole day turned out to be true for me too.

If anyone knows of a fragrance that smells similar to this with better longevity, please let me know...

You'll be making a mans day.
Thanking you in advance.

Loewe 7 Loewe by Danziger 2016-02-06

NEW! Loewe 7 Anonimo Eau de Parfum.
Anonimo 7 features notes of pink pepper, incense, benzoin, vetiver, leather, labdanum and sandalwood.
Sounds good..

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by lneleman 2016-02-06

Dont worry about the cancer claim stuff. Firsty, the cancer claim is about food dyes. Therefore you need to ingest the dye. Reading the article, the claim was also inconclusive in rats. Secondly, how would putting fragrance on your skin cause bladder cancer? It would need to go through many layers of epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, and further. Thirdly, ADHD is a developmental disorder characterized by symptoms below the age of 7. So if you are above 7, you will not get ADHD from putting fragrance on your skin.

For me its love from the 1st sniff .. I went yesterday to get one of the prive collection perfumes .. I tried them all & finally bought this.

Its different from anything I smelt before, it has a special tune.

I am not sure if the notes listed here are correct, because the salesman told me it contains 12 rare notes..

Longivity & sillage are so great ! It lasts forever ..

Luna Rossa Prada by lou6 2016-02-06

one of the best scent that I smell with Bleu de chanel, really its a must try!
Orange/citrus, mint and lavender are the main player in this fragrances.
with two sprays, I get 5 to 7 hours with a decent projection, not a projection beast but you will get notice in closer space.
Very versatile:Work, school, clubs and bars and casual wearing (and dates)
A year round fragrance
Anybody can wear this
girls seems to give a lot of attention for a guy wearing this.
So it got a 9.5/10

Aventus Creed by daynierds 2016-02-06

It is indeed a nice smelling fragrance and made of high quality be honest...given the hype I was expecting for more...I would never buy it at a retail price...a bit overrated to be honest...It does not compare, in terms of quality, with other niche fragrance I have smelled...e.g. Tom Ford T. Vanille...even so...and considering the is a solid 8,5 out of 10

Undo pour Homme Annayake by Liandri 2016-02-06

I realy like perfumes with character.
Very original made,very clean,peacefull scent.
Like walking in a jade/emerald forest somewhere in Japan.

Antidote Viktor&Rolf by Stelberg 2016-02-06

Pretty certain this isn't discontinued as I have just bought a bottle from Boots (major retailer in the UK).

I was so excited to finally try this fragrance. I bought sample direct from F Malle. Its got all my favourite notes so how could i go wrong. I blame the saffron which can be unpredictable on my skin. The saffron, vanilla and sandalwood just dislike each other on me. To say Im gutted is an understatement. Wheres the kulphi? Wheres the sweet spices? Wheres the eggnog?
I get a strange strong medicinal woody smell and thats it. End of!
For goodness sake please test this first. 95% of fragrances stay true to their notes on me so I am baffled.

C-Thru Coral Dream Sarantis by Dragonsheart 2016-02-06

That's such a great smell. I've never expected something so good in such a low price. I smell a lot of juniper and pepper with beautiful powdery notes. Earthy and a bit herbal and sweet. Wonderfull surprise.

watch out for BOB MARLEY. don,t buy m7. He has tons of them fake ones and wants to get rid of them desparately.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by widescope 2016-02-06

watch out for BOB MARLEY. don,t buy m7. He has tons of them fake ones and wants to get rid of them desparately.

Rebelle Rihanna by beautyscent$ 2016-02-06

I wanted to like this so bad, bud sadly I don't. ALL I smell is pencil shavings! I gave to my friend and it smelled nice on her, but I still smelled the shavings lol... Not my cup of tea

Black Sugar Aquolina by Ferminadaza 2016-02-06

Aww man! This is good. If Pink Sugar is little girl cotton candy, then Black Sugar is grown folks creme brulee.

Ride out the initial good year tire blast and try to relax through the moments of bug spray because I promise--- the good times are a-coming.

When it all melds together into a burnt sugar caramelized crust lying above a full fat heavy whipped vanilla cream custard filling, you'll be glad that you were patient with Black Sugar and allowed it to do it's thing.

This perfume will make your jeans fit tighter and your blood sugar shoot through the roof, but it's okay because you had fun and that's all that mattered.

Much like actual creme brulee, just a dab is really enough. Sillage is potent and the longevity is just enough to allow for the usual next day calorie regrets.

Silver Rain La Prairie by La DameDeNoir 2016-02-06

Disclaimer: this is a personal opinion about this fragance and not a criticism against the people who use it or like it.

Do not be cheated by the sheer and elegant bottle and the ridiculous high price tag. This is a very common and plain scent, like its little sister Midnight Rain. Just candied apple and some patchouli, the same kind of sickening note that has Nina and many other fruitchouly perfumes. This one is a bit more flowery, and nothing else. I am pretty sure you can find better perfumes for such price.

Midnight Rain La Prairie by La DameDeNoir 2016-02-06

Disclaimer: this is a personal opinion about this fragance, and not a criticism against the people who use it or like it.

I really love the description of Miss_Nightingal: "it's some sort of prototype for Darth Vader's helmet covered with glitter..." :D

Taking in consideration the ridiculous high price tag (like many other La Prairie products), you will expect something really classy and refined, but not. I must agree, the bottle looks like if it would be made of some sort of cheap plastic, and then, smeared in glue and glitter. The kind of thing that you did when you were six and were in the kindergarten...

As for the fragance itself, it's just some sort of fruit air freshener with patchouli. Nothing new, nothing original. It has been done to the point of nausea. A strange mess of notes that don't suit each other. It shares the same sickening note of candied apple that has Nina and many other modern fruitchoulis. Very overpriced, like all the products of La Prairie.

If you like it, buy it and use it, but I am pretty sure you can find better fragances for such price.

A Demi-Mot Galimard by Trikkirikki 2016-02-06

Very sweet, yet still fresh. The opening is fantastic, and on my skin it's the orange blossom that stans out at first sniff. When the mimosa comes to play, the composition sweetens. The sillar is quite heavy and it last forever on my skin. I find it works better in colder weather.

Ed Hardy Men's EDT Christian Audigier by Smellinggreat 2016-02-06

This fragrance is far too sweet for my taste.

VIP Only Oriflame by larita91 2016-02-06

On me this perfume is very fruity and sweet, and from the first spray it reminds me of Britney's Hidden Fantasy. Almost the same smell. Sillage is powerful on me, so is the longetivity. Alas, it's not unique at all.

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Hermes by Megamind 2016-02-06

It's my first fragrance in Hermès category. I found other Hermes scents rather sharp for my liking. It's a good and expensive brand but was just not for me until I found Jardin de monsieur LI.
There are only 3 notes and all of them are well detectable. The citrusy note is rather strong and refreshing but not sharp. It is softened by creamy jasmine flower and aromatic aura is amplified by green mint. Mr Ellena could perfectly transpose the real greenish Japanese garden scent into this EDT. I'm impressed by this good quality the perfume disposes. It lasts all the day long more than 12h with the same strength and a small quantity is enough. The quality/price ratio is very good here. It's easy to like it without additional efforts, without trying other environments, another wether, another season... It's the best in Jardin line. I hope it will be forever in sales.
Très charmant et subtil!

Kokorico by Night Jean Paul Gaultier by Seattle Dweller 2016-02-06

The last reviewer hit the nail on the head. This is trying to be like the original Thierry Mugler Angel Men.

While 1.7oz can be found for $20 and both the original and night versions have hit the bargain bins - they are not worth owning at any price.

I have nothing against the scent. Definitely a nice thick woody cocoa and Tonka bean mix. I got about 6 hours of longevity.

The trouble is that it literally has no projection. None. Goes on a skin scent and stays that way forever. I have tried 3 different sources will identical results. I was really hoping to find a nice $20 cheapie that had a gritty earthy vibe.

But nobody can smell this. I can't even smell it unless my nose is literally touching my arm. Its as if they were afraid of its controversial mix and gritty notes, that they wimped out on its projection characteristics.

Perhaps the original projects better.

But with prices of Terry Muglers A Men dropping, that frag still seems like the better bet.

@bobmarley; enough with the the sales pitch on the vintage m7. I think everyone on the planet is aware that you have some for sale. It's getting annoying.

Beautiful fragrance but pales in comparison to the vintage M7. If your interested in acquiring the vintage formula please read my profile page.

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