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Aqua Botanique by killer_blow 2014-08-27

I find this cologne very similar to Davidoff Cool Water for Men but milder and more ozonic. A nice masculine drydown of tobacco leaves and green notes also permeate. If Cool Water is for a more mature nose, this one's for a younger, hipper market.

When I first tried on Intrigant Patchouli, it looked at me, smiled and whispered in my ear, "I'm the one you've been searching for all this time..." It was one of those moments we've all had. I have been on a patchouli bender for a little while now and have experienced some truly amazing examples, but when this hit me, I knew I'd found what I didn't actually realise I was looking for. And even more surprising to me was that the subconscious link for me to this was quite lowbrow, historical and almost forgotten entirely.
This is definitely the most I've been hit with scent memory by a fragrance and where it took me was right back to the late 1980's Melbourne bong shops (Americans seem to call the 'head shops'), at I time I was just discovering hardcore punk music and this was pretty much the only place you could buy the coolest band t-shirts, demo tapes and pick yourself up some incense and maybe some metal studs for your leather jacket or some punk jewellery etc. As a newly blooming teenager, these were the coolest of times and the love of all that discovery for me, must be well rooted in the smell of these places.

But enough of that. The fragrance itself is beautifully layered and crafted, with a triple dose of patchouli being clearly the mainstay. I also get a refined but subtle sandalwood in the base, and a smokey benzoin rounding off the effect. It lasts really well and wafts nicely around you at an arms length for a while before returning to base where I enjoy wafts of it all day. Smells great on my clothes too. If like me, you've ever opened up a fresh box of Nag Champa incense and thought, "man, I wish I could smell like that", then get your hands on Intragent Patchouli, because to me, this is that smell totally nailed. Not for the first 10-20 minutes mind you, when the more complex top notes are burning off, which is gorgeous too, but afterwards....that dry down. I absolutely love it! As I said earlier, that may seem a tad low brow and I wasn't ready for it to smell like it does, but when it hit me, well... Let's say I think I may have finally found a signature scent. I could easily wear this every day, for ever and ever!

Chypre Mousse Oriza L. Legrand by Poboijosh 2014-08-27

I'm a sucker for weird and strange perfumes, and the whackier the better in my book... Chypré Mousse seriously takes the cake for the strangest concoction that I've yet to experience, but this weirdness is straight up olfactory bliss, and I'm almost at a complete loss as to how to even begin to describe what it is I'm smelling, because frankly, my brain can't figure it out. I'm not sure if I should describe the breakdown of notes, or the feeling that this wild perfume creates, because this juice is an experience, and it`s kinda eerie and creepy which I would have to say is the epitome of dank darkness...

The opening 30 minutes smells exactly like Licorice flavored toothpaste that's black in colour from the strong Mint and Fennel notes, that just happened to have been `over squirted` from the tube which fell onto the wet soil below which Mushrooms are growing abundantly from next to an overgrown and giant Oak Tree that's covered in dark and bitter Moss. The Angelica creates this yeasty and thick nuance in the background, and that's about all I can dissect, but it's complex this perfume, there's a lot going on here, and to my nose this smells as maculine as masculine can get, and I could never see a Woman pulling this off... back to that erriness that I mentioned earlier. There's something very disturbing about Chypré Mousse. It's as still and silent as the blackest night imaginable, and gives me the impression of what being out in space would smell like, if space had a smell, because the massiveness from an olfactory standpoint of this perfume is huge. I don't mean sillage, I mean that this `smell` demands a lot of presence and is quite intimidating because it`s unlike anything that I've ever smelled before... sillage is moderate, but the lasting power of this juice is astronomical! If you're into strange perfumes, get a sample of Chypré Mousse. This perfume knocked my socks clean off, so a full flacon is on it`s way as we speak.

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent by bottledHeaven 2014-08-27

Smells extremely NICE.

The question is whether you want to smell very pleasant in a somewhat-generic way, or unique. If the latter, this isn't the one for you.

I'd wear this to be unassuming and agreeable. I can also see it toning down any edge you may have, if you happen to be macho and want to come off as a gentler member of the male species.

Odeur 53 Comme des Garcons by Dodgy 2014-08-27

Cyborg Scent for the silicon enhanced....

Michael Fassbender could wear it for his part in "Prometheus",

Or Jude Law, as Jerome Morrow

or a Delorean Sports-car transformer

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by bottledHeaven 2014-08-27

Very very fresh.

It's what you expect when you look at the bottle: a splash of refreshing coolness.

Used to where this alot throughout my early 20s, and it was definitely an attention-getter. I'd get a few compliments each time I used it before a social-thing.

3: the magic number of sprays.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford by bottledHeaven 2014-08-27

Simply exquisite - very luxurious.

When I first smelled it after getting a sample, I was SHOCKED - it literally takes you aback cause it has a huge amount of kick, and it's amazing.

Smells like the interior of a new 7-series BMW, with all sorts of other notes that come into play. That leather stays dominant for a while - at least a few hours - until the dry down where I'd say it gets a bit sweeter and you can really smell the rasberry.

It's very attractive, though on a woman I'd imagine that it'd take a very particular type of woman to pull this off: bad-ass and chic. It's not a very feminine scent.

This is some A-grade stuff right here.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent by bottledHeaven 2014-08-27

One word: polarizing.

What I mean is that this scent is so out there and different from what is currently out there and popular, that it is going to either intrigue the hell out of you or chase you out the door.

I bought this when I was 17, thought it was terrible, and kept it tucked away thinking "holy shit what a waste of money.." Now, as a 25 year old, I'm dying to pull this badboy out: cool or cold day, with semi-casual to formal gear.

Smells like an oozing, aged, damp piece of fine wood. Definitely has that medicinal quality that people say, but this wears off after the first hour.

Lasts a LONG time - when I wear this to bed, the smell lingers when I return to bed the night after. The drydown is very comforting.

The wearer is a man who lives out a deep sense of purpose. Simultaneously, he is in touch with his sensual side and expresses himself, quietly but confidently.

Pure Poison Dior by Tigerlillian 2014-08-27

Citrussy juiciness to open, delightful and warm. Then the flowers kick in and swim lavishly through the delicious fresh orange liquor that slowly becomes darker, yet more radiant and balmy.

The designer jasmine and lush neroli are prominent in the heart, and the velvety feel of a plush carpet of gardenia is beautifully warmed by the skin. Note: these floral heart notes bloom so much better when the skin is invitingly warm.

The dry down is clean and woody, yet sensual and radiant with the wonderful combination of dry cedar, soft sandalwood and vibrant amber. The warm orange notes are also gently evident with a barely measured drop of bitterness in in this luxuriously happy glow.

The bottle is adorable too--I have the formulation with the white cap. Pure Poison? Not as dark as the name may insinuate, but yes, this fragrance will kill any man softly.

Tommy Girl Brights Tommy Hilfiger by miss mills 2014-08-27

Rose, tea and geranium grab me first when I spray this on. There's a light floral playfulness to this which is somehow reminiscent of my grandmother - I think it's the many, many cups of tea and smelling the beautiful roses in her garden as a child! I don't usually go for the TG line as there's something in some of them which gives me a sore head but this would be my pick of the bunch. The rose is similar to but lighter than the rose used in Chloe edp but, as the name suggests here, this rose is far brighter, not remotely weighted. I like it, wow! Surprised myself there!

HiM Hanae Mori by riffjim4069 2014-08-27

Wow! I purchased HiM after sampling it on a test strip. Although I usually test fragrances on my skin (blind buys not included) it smelled so good right off-the-bat, and I was already cologned, that I ordered a bottle from FragranceNet. IMO, it smelled like the love-child of bottles of GPHII and Spicebomb left alone on a dark shelf. Schweet!

Unfortunately, I applied it to my skin 2-hours ago and this fragrance immediately did a Thurl Ravenscroft impression. As you may recall, the late Mr. Ravenscroft was the voice behind the infamous Tony the Tiger. "They're Grrreat!!" Right? Wrong! He was also the voice behind the "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" song and, in this case, this fragrance does the "Stink! Stank! Stunk!" as soon as it mixes with my manly testosterone-laden and pheromone-oozing skin; it's just a wretched sour-cinnamon-blech!

Okay, I'm giving my skin two-thumbs down! There is nothing wrong with this fragrance from that I can tell; applied it to a strip of paper and it smells...well, it smells absolutely terrific! Although HiM does smell a little better in the drydown on my skin, it still is not a pleasant odor. Lessons learned: never again will I purchased a fragrance without trying it on my skin...and I suck for doing so! (Lol) I'm glad so many others are having a better experience.

Yvresse (Champagne) Yves Saint Laurent by SexyJasmine 2014-08-27

Just got my vintage bottle of Yvresse in the mail today (not that new Yvresse Collection stuff. I'm not interested in smelling that). It's so special and so beautiful.This is not an everyday perfume. Only for that special night out with your man. You have on a gorgeous evening gown and your lover can't help but nuzzle your neck from time to time to inhale the lusciousness of this precious elixer. Superb!

Mouchoir de Monsieur Guerlain by Dodgy 2014-08-27

Love this and hate it too...

Bought it a week or so ago and, on spraying (sparingly, having been warned by posts here) thought,"Oh, nice, citrus, lavender"...then, after 30 seconds, or so....eurgh!!! Cow Byer, halitosis, wino that I sat next to on the bus...

Truely hideous, filthy and noisome.

Thank goodness it settles down after a couple of minutes to a much more respectable, masculine, floral scent, with just a hint of animal, like the smell of a puppy's ears, still haunting it.

can't decide if part of the pleasure of wearing this, though, is the relief when the overpowering animal notes subside.

Still, like the faithful disciple, I understand that if this fragrance disturbs me (and it does) then the fault is mine....Messrs Guerlain may do no wrong.

This is a great buy! It's yummy, beautiful, and it smells much more expensive than it is! It's GREAT for layering!

This is a great buy! It's yummy, beautiful, and it smells much more expensive than it is! It's GREAT for layering!

Versace Woman Versace by afy 2014-08-27

Smells like usual deodorant. Pass

I guess I can't do chocolate cherries.

Yatagan Caron by d04m022011 2014-08-27


Kashkha Swiss Arabian by Anbreen 2014-08-27

Hmmmm/ Doesn't sound like my thing. Thanks! I almost blind-bought based on a Fifi that it won one year.

Tonkamande Parfumerie Generale by Lana148 2014-08-27

Powdery, vanilla, woody almonds.

Nice gourmand fragrance: linier, not too sweet. It's nice, but not memorable. Parfumerie Generale has better gourmands like Indochine, Cadjmere or Felanilla.

Dalal Al-Rehab by Anbreen 2014-08-27

Dang it! My chemistry usually does well with gourmands! I am SO jealous of the rest of you! (sob!)

OK-- Here's my review: I'm standing near the lumber department at Home Depot. Every 20 minutes, or so, someone walks by eating a sugar cookie, for two seconds. That's it!

Red Door Elizabeth Arden by BackTo1998 2014-08-27

My ultimate comfort fragrance. Red Door was my Aunt's signature perfume back in the 1990's. She started wearing it when it came out in 1989, one she wore to her last day. When I am missing her most, which is all the time, I take my bottle out and spray a little on and remember much better days. It's really something how a certain smell can take you back in time, and this is what Red Door does for me.

Many people seem to make fun of this perfume, and insult it for whatever their reasons, but I will say this...if you're reading reviews on this perfume, or any perfume you hold as one of your favorites, don't let others rude words get to you...we all like what we like, and it's not the price tag, fancy bottle or brand name that makes something's how something makes you feel, and the joy and comfort it brings to you...if you feel good with a certain fragrance, then so be it. I get really tired of seeing so many rude reviews for older fragrances...these perfumes would have been long gone if they were as bad as many make them out to be. Red Door was inducted into the hall of fame for iconic perfumes last year, so I think that says it all.

I've always loved the honeyed roses in the base of this perfume....I have a bottle from 1990, and these notes stand out wonderfully...I have a current bottle in the all red one, and I still like's still Red Door, only, I find it not to last quite as long as it used to back in the '90's. It's still strong compared to many other florals, and will last a good 5-6 hours before a touch up is needed.

Red Door turns 25 this October, and has most deservingly earned its classic plates. 1989 goes down as one of my favorite years...I remember Taylor Dayne's "Can't Fight Fate" and Richard Marx's "Repeat Offender" albums...I remember "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Steel Magnolia's"...and most of all, I remember a time when I still enjoyed life. So you see, Red Door is more than just some old dated perfume for's a comforting reminder that, even though years fade away, loved ones pass on and time stops for no one, memories last forever...those don't fade and pass away. There is a quote from one of my favorite movies, "The Whales Of August"(1987), with the legendary Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, and it's by Bette Davis' character... "Photograph's fade, memories live forever."

Tabac Aurea Sonoma Scent Studio by allureveil 2014-08-27

If you have been looking, looking, looking for a true tobacco scent, this is IT. The first time I wore a spritz from a Sonoma sample was on St. Patrick's Day. We went to an Irish bar in NYC for corned beef and cabbage and some beer. Suddenly I said, "Someone has been smoking in here!" Then I realized it was ME. Yup, the tobacco smell was on my heavy cotton knit sweater, and how sweet it was! If you love to smoke, but don't let yourself for all the obvious reasons, this is either maddening or soothing. For me it's a luxurious substitute for expensive cigarettes, leather auto interiors, suede everything. And the pleasure comes, thanks to Sonoma Scents, at a price that's not prohibitive!

As avid perfume collector this fragrance is a masterpiece. It is a fresh citrus, soft oriental after the initial spray. What I like about this fragrance it represents quality for a fraction of the price. As a woman, when any man wears this it is very sexy and distinctive. The fragrance represents, positive citrus that is not overly sweet, leather and fantastic spices translating into energy. The bottle is unique and easy to use. This fragrance is easily unisex because of the lovely musk smell with spices is delicious. I think it can be worn at any time, but I think it makes a great office fragrance as becomes it becomes soft and elegant. I have bought many expensive fragrances for my partner, but seriously this one of my favorites. The maker of this fragrance is a genius. I understand older gentlemen prefer this, but seriously I think anyone could wear this. I give a 10/10 for smell.

Linfedele Haiku O`Driu by miracleborgtech 2014-08-27

This is a soft resinous somewhat medicinal calming scent on me. The resins remind me more of turpentine than pine. Underneath I can detect a rather pungent accord but wasn't able to pick out the individual notes myself. It does make me think of Oriental understated opulence and want to wear it with gorgeous embroidered silks. The kind you would don in a beautiful teak lined house amid a surreal pine forest setting. Listening to the rustle of rice paper walls as servants whisper out of sight. I find this a fascinating perfume, and love wearing it. Although it stays close to the skin, I love the way it smells with fresh whirls from the movement of my body and clothes. Longevity about 4 - 5 hrs. for me. Not only is it unusual, Haiku is lovely and elegant in a clean, sparse way.

Yvresse (Champagne) Yves Saint Laurent by eirenelisa 2014-08-27

Either my memory of Champagne has been skewed and romanticized by my mind over the years or else the sampling company has sent me the wrong fragrance. What I smell in my sample called "Yves Saint Laurent Champagne Original" is more akin to my father's wonderfully astringent aftershave than it is like the aloof peach femme fragrance that I liked to wear in 1997. My sample even more closely resembles the decent but more common Brut cologne than it resembles my memory (or my hallucination, apparently) of what YSL Champagne is.

Could I be remembering a different perfume perhaps? I never had the bottle, just samples from a friend who worked at the perfume counter at Foley's. Maybe my sample is just old, so it is missing the juicy cold top notes I remember? I was certain the recognition of this one would hit me hard when I opened my sample, but it doesn't. I'm a little frustrated and confused. If anybody has any ideas of what perfume I could have mistaken to be Champagne, I'd be very grateful for a PM.

Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens by elegantpasha 2014-08-27

Strange perfume, as exotic as emperor Koublai Khan !!!

Reveal Calvin Klein by Beezle 2014-08-27

If Calvin Klein's intent was to take a chance and be daring they have succeeded. The problem is that the direction of REVEAL is so different from what you would expect from them. The sales associate was as delighted to find their bottle and we both admired it. The bottle begs you to hold it. Its hefty and unique. I mentally planned a space for it on my dresser as it was handed to me. I sprayed it as did the SA and waited. Nothing bad, nothing good and hoped for something delightful. Expecting a windswept beach, all I got was a vision of a flat brown marshmallow left behind for day. I got salt, and brown, nothing more. I had to wash it off when I got home.

Intense Black Lomani by glen.gemeniano 2014-08-27

I have Royal Oud. Royal Oud has a smoother opening than Lomani as Lomani a little harsh. In the mid both definitely smell the same. This is very good substitute for Royal Oud.

Versace Woman Versace by Tine1world 2014-08-27

'Real Time' fragrances made in Grasse. 'Wonderful Woman' is a dead ringer scent wise, and most likely is the same scent indeed I dare say! of this and behaves the same way. Poof. Yes Poof. Yes. Affiliated with 'Linn Young' from the Netherlands is a good alternative for this fragrance. I have both.

Love the raspberry fizz for an hour or so and my skin it's gone in about 2 hours. I paid alot for my bottle when I purchased it . $80.00 for a 100 mill flacon which I adore in all it's purpleness and fine round feminine style. Topped with a round jewel cap resembling a queenly knob.

Disappointed with it's lack of staying power.

'Wonderful Woman' EDP 100 mill flacon was $4.50 Australian dollars that is. Is exactly the same. I have seen idiots trying to palm this fragrance off to some suckers for over $40. dollaroozies plus. If you pay more than $5 Bucks you are being ripped off.

As for Versace, the lack of staying power discourages me from any further outlay's on it's fragrances. I have 'Red Jeans'. An EDT. Love the fragrances, again loathe the fact that it's another quickly evaporative product.

'Versace Woman' reminds me of 'Tarax raspberry Lemonade'. Not today's version. The 60's version.

Cheers T.

Patchouli Esteban by suhaesa 2014-08-27

its patchulie alright.. with alot of gum resin or mastic ..its almost masculine ..clean.. patchulie.. not the dirty earthy type.. its not velvety smooth.. its a screechy patchulie initially ..its dry crisp. .takes time to develop and mellow down ..its a beautiful..a full perfume that lacks something.. its great for layering..its very pungent.. use with caution on an empty stomach ..or in the morning when your sense of smell is at its highest..
a powerful smell me from a mile type of perfume ..that will fill half a room turns inscnsy..almost bakhour like.. and maybe it has some labednaum or myrrh defenetly settles down better than when t s first applied..a layering tool.. an ideal perfume for middle eastern people who love to wear big fragrances for both genders doesn't disappoint holds its air space..perfect for layering or using with bakhour it will last and hold on to clothes for days
found it at bloomingdales for about 100 us $ for a 50 ml edp
the entire line is intriguing with so many different orientals and florientals more or less with the same vibe and intensity ..i wish i can have them all for layering some good stuff
i liked the ones that came in 2008 in the golden bottles all 3 were relay nice

L'Ombre Fauve Parfumerie Generale by mse-21 2014-08-27

'hmmm...smells...really good!'

This is the first thing that came to my mind when I smelled it! A warm and sensual scent that is composed of amber, musk, patchouli, and incense. I agree with other reviewers that it has an animalic edge to it.

Well...looks like 'Musc Ravageur' has to face some serious contenders in here! This one is cheaper, but of course still comes short in term of exemplary sophistication, impressive quality, and awesome strength of M.R.

Overall: 8 out of 10.

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Tas33 2014-08-27

I love this fragrance! I love sweet scents, but am not a fan of patchouli, so was worried that the patchouli note in this would ruin it for me. However, I do not dislike the patchouli in this! It balances the sweetness perfectly and neither the patchouli or sweetness is overwhelming. I usually do not like to wear the same perfume every day, but since I got this perfume, I've been wearing it every day and am loving it! I have never found this scent to be too powerful, yet it does last all day!

Overall, this is a beautiful, enticing fragrance with excellent silage and longevity. Anyone who enjoys sweet scents should test this one out!

Sensi Giorgio Armani by babette.nielsen 2014-08-27

I want more of this! I wish they would start to make it again! It is one of my absolute favorite fragrances EVER!!

Fahrenheit Absolute Dior by jude1321 2014-08-27

Not bad stuff at all. This is now a discontinued item, so get it while you can. I have to say, however, that the modern Fahrenheit regular is better than this stuff, and the vintage Fahrenheit is perhaps the best ever. I like Absolute, it is very very dark purple smell that is great for nights out on the town. A solid addition to your wardrobe, but not on the same level as the legendary Fahrenheit.

Killer Queen Katy Perry by theperfumemaniac 2014-08-27

I avoided it because people here said it didn't have lasting power...I sprayed it on the back of my hand today at the mall and kept going. That was at 1:20 p.m. 8 hours later, I still smell it (softly) but it was still there. This is way better than La Vie Est Belle (a strong, sweet, sugary/fruity perfume). It has a similar smell, but this one is sweet in a good way (must be the pralines) and this one isn't as strong and headache inducing as Lancome's. I really liked this perfume and get why it is such a good seller.

If you like La Vie Est Belle but think it is too sweet and strong, give this a try.

Thumbs up!

Man Amber Halston by TheSultan 2014-08-27

what I call, great dinner scent. Doesn't last very long, but does the job for a handful of hours. But I layer it, with a number of other fragrances, and it's more inpressive than when it's used alone.

There was a time when this was very hard to find and it was ridiculously overpriced. So, I bought two bottles on the cheap, so I have a backup in case the price went thru the roof again.

if you want it to last from 6 hrs to 8 hrs, only use it in colder weather. This is very refined, coming from Halston. Smells like a musty caftan, worn by a sheik who uses myrrh and oud oil to smell good.

Disgusting! Such nonsense could create only in Russia. It is so careless, what even it is difficult to describe. The unclear soap and fruit! Not harmonious, cheap and terribly musky frag. Anything only not Kuznetsky Most! It can be applied as a freshener in the car. Sorry, sorry, but it is sweet horror on human skin.

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche Dior by Sweelty 2014-08-27

To me Dior Addict Eau Fraiche is a lighter version of Marc Jacobs Oh Lola. It also reminds me of Versace Bright Crystal. So if you like these perfumes you should try Dior's Addict. I do love it as well as the others mentioned above:) will def repurchase

Pure Honey Kim Kardashian by melzy 2014-08-27

I spotted this while I was shopping today, and knowing it gets rave reviews amongst the Fragrantica community I decided to test it.

It's a honeyed floral, with a vibe that's somewhat reminiscent of L'Instant de Guerlain EDP but with loads of beeswax. You can actually smell the waxiness. I used to have some luscious rolled beeswax candles that I would sniff incessantly - and this perfume smells exactly like them. I can also pick out the honeysuckle and mandarin blossom. The longevity is good, I've been wearing it for a few hours now and it's still hanging in there.

While I'm not a fan of KK or her family in the slightest, I actually like this. I might just keep an eye out for a good deal.

Footnote: THIS is what Marc Jacobs Honey SHOULD have smelled like - not watery fruit punch!

Moods by Krizia Donna Krizia by briones 2014-08-27

not in chile .... shame . a mastrepiece

Killer Queen Katy Perry by Miruna 2014-08-27

I've tested it today in a shop. The opening is similar to BU Candy Love, but more intense. However, as it wears off, they are very different, you can feel the patchouli very intense. It's a sweet perfume, but not candy sweet. I'd rather say vanilla/chocolate/patchouli sweet. I like it, but I recommend testing before buying.
It lasts a lot on my skin, even the spray is long lasting. I plan to buy it.

Elle Yves Saint Laurent by bunnberry 2014-08-27

This is my signature fragrance. I absolutely love it. It's perfect, a bit sweet but not over the top, with a peppery twist that makes it so unique, elegant and mature.
Is it really discontinued? I bought myself one because I was running out, so sad! :(

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by sf2explus 2014-08-27

IF you like this sort of clean cut smell which i do also try Guerlain homme edt.
going back to bleu it is clean fresh gives of the impression of a fresh clean shirt ironed with a slight steam smell that you find on the shirt. i sense that with a slight sweetness. initial spray is a slight synthetic but once it settles it's pure class. 25 plus in mho but if your younger and you like it why not

Euphoria Men Calvin Klein by seachase 2014-08-27

Well, I finally got around to testing Calvin Klein's "Euphoria for Men."
To keep it short ... it smells exactly like women's unscented hairspray.
Every one knows that when any hairspray claims to be "unscented," it really has that distinct, chemical smell, regardless of what brand.
Calvin Klein has bottled that scent and called it "Euphoria for Men."
I shall continue to call it hairspray.
Sorry Calvin, but I don't care to smell like those "big hair" days.

Don Xerjoff by Mikeyd 2014-08-27

Any info on this stuff ??
I need it!!

Oudh Al Misk Rasasi by Deetron 2014-08-27

Oudh Al Misk – very interesting and nice scent.
Here it is put in Oriental Fougere Group, but I disagree. For me - it should be in Woody Aromatic.
The opening is very uplifting and green, which can only give you nice energy. If you love geranium – that is your fragrance! :) Yes! Very nice and authentic powerful and green geranium notes are dominating through the first 3 hours. So that the aromatic part – very green, very fresh, positive and bright.
The second part of the dry down is starting after the third hour – woody notes are more powerful and dominant and that’s the time where the scent becomes more masculine and changing itself significantly. So first hours are different from the last ones.
Longevity and silage are both excellent. More than 10 hours with strong silage for about 5 hours.
If you like geranium – you will love Oudh Al Misk. In that scent there is no oud, so if someone is worried about oud – keep it calm – woody notes in it are well blended and the fresh, green type of smell is lingering through the whole scent life…
Oudh Al Misk is interesting fresh-woody perfume, which is easy to wear and I’m sure it will make you feel comfortable after first apply.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by benchaabanebechir 2014-08-27

i am a man and i wear Black Orchid , very classy and sexy good job TOM FORD <3 <3

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by FTW Nose 2014-08-27

This is certainly a classic and deserves all the praise it has received. Neither simple nor complex I think that this scent is one of those perfect introductions to the world of niche fragrances. Of course we would all love to rock this scent year around, but it is best suited to the winter months. It has been copied and benchmarked now for years, but it still reigns supreme in its class. Me personally, I prefer Herod by Perfume de Marley for it's slightly more edgy cherry tobacco vibe and Memoirs of a Trespasser for its smokey honey take on the genre. Projection and longevity are beyond excellent. Quality through and through.

My Score: 9.5

No. 17 Vetiver & Bergamot Rituals by theuntrainednose 2014-08-27

Tried it: starts fresh (not citrus-fresh, just fresh) and clean, then becomes (on me) a little soapy, but pleasant (a good soap), then still fresh but a little more soft. The main experience, for me, is a soft, simple and clean smell. Not sweet nor floral in any way, just slightly woody but not much.

I would not call it a masculine scent. Rather an unisex fragrance.

Not what I usually look for in perfume, but could be very pleasant in hot days when my normal kind of fragrance is too much. I would buy it if cheaper :)

Elixir Charnel Oriental Brulant Guerlain by Deppaholic 2014-08-27

I adore this. It actually is easier to wear than Shalimar, or maybe it's just more familiar. It reminds me of my grandmother. So, when I wear it, it is a very "very" comforting feeling I get. I feel protected and loved. Nobody did that better than my "Nanny". I find that many of the Guerlain line just work well with my chemistry. Which is hard to do. Sometimes you read all the notes in a fragrance, assume they will work, and they are out of balance, linear not working. These elixirs are my favorites. Coquin Gourmand, Angelique Noir and Asian Brulant are 3 favorites of mine. I've gone through countless bottles, so that should speak volumes. I would love to try the others in this line, but sometimes I branch out to other houses, but I always and I mean always come back to Guerlain. They do fragrance like no other, and I might :) Love love love....Hope they continue to make these beauties. IFRA stay away!

Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Cheryl Cole by blueviolet 2014-08-27

Hm...simple, my phone just autocorrected that to dimple, which is quite right when it comes to Cheryl. It is young, like I said simple but that's ok if you're looking for something flirty and fruity. It's quite pleasant, nothing weird or spectacular. But nice. Probably wont get it. I like them heavier.

No. 07 White Patchouli & Cedarwood Rituals by theuntrainednose 2014-08-27

Edited: I had confused it with other fragrance by Rituals!

Very soft smell. Woody but just barely so, not dark in any way. An interesting, simple, very relaxing smell. Slightly fresh, but mostly a clean bright woody smell with something that reminds me of sea breeze, but less strongly than, say, Navegar.

A scent for a summer morning stroll under the trees near a river.

Reveal Calvin Klein by Germany 2014-08-27

First impression was good and almost bought it. Then I decided to wear the sample first and boy am I glad I didn't. Its an ok scent , but it reminds me strongly of one of my most disliked fragrances by TM , womanity. Its salty and peppery and has an odd sea Oder . Not bad but just not what I like. It certainly is different. !!! Although some of my girlfriends said it was ok but a bit generic like many out there. Maybe it's just me , but I won't be buying this one. And I don't like that bottle either, its clunky and hard to handle, nor attractive . Sorry for the somewhat negative review , it could very well be because I prefer other fragrances over this and just have no interest to buy this , it's not a bad smell just not great either. ... and to defend it , it wins over womanity any time !
In the end all I smell are peppered ,salted figs.

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears by susieqrj 2014-08-27

That was plum? I thought it was marmalade or some artificial yellow fruit, like a generic fruity chewy caramel smell. It is syrupy and ir does not evolve, the same sickly sweet stuff all the way. it should be called "fruity punch edt" or "sweet sunny day". I cant wait to wash my hand and get this awful smell from me. maybe suitable for an 11yr old girl or younger.
No way it should be called "midnight fantasy" because its a daily smell for little girls.

PG04 Musc Maori Parfumerie Generale by Lana148 2014-08-27

Opens up with a rich smell of hot chocolate and quickly settles to flat, white musk and cacao smell. It gives an illusion of cacao & milk mix.

I love cacao fragrances. I like that this composition is not too sweet. But, is it interesting enough for me to buy it? No

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by antonpan 2014-08-27

Today I bought a bottle of the new Man in Black. Guys, believe me, this will be a huge hit!. A wonderful sweet spicy scent of a high quality. It starts off incense-y and peppery with some sweet tonka at the background reminding of Prada Luna Rossa Extreme and even Bvlgari Black from 2000's a bit. Though the sweetness soon transforms into cinnamon-y cherry-tobacco-vibe Spicebomb, but drier and with a hint of leather. Spicebomb is too much for me: too loud and too synthetic. In that aspect Man in Black is the best alternative. It smells close to Spicebomb, but with a better quality of components, more skinny and sophisticated.

As you can guess it doesn't have anything common with previous editions of Bvlgari Man.

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by imanpower 2014-08-27

not edt its EDP.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by SugarK 2014-08-27

I understand this is one of the top selling colognes right now, so it is probably for good reason and probably smells good on most people. However, for me, it just reacted awfully with my body chemistry to create this horribly sweet cloying smell that just wouldn't leave for hours. From the top notes down through the dry down it remained just way too sweet, like being at the perfume counter. This was just my experience. Don't blind buy this, on the off chance that your skin chemistry is like mine.

Peonia Vanilla Amber Pear Korres by boheme_maras 2014-08-27


Reporter for Men Oleg Cassini by lovetribe 2014-08-27

enrico one of the 80 was really oleg cassini but there is here on Fragrantica.
it was a bomb. this formulation is by d&g andis the best cheap !!!!!!

Although there's very little of the original Kouros in this, it is still very nice. It has more in common with Ice Men by Mugler than the original. It's a frosty patchouli scent with a hint of wood and incense.

Although geranium is listed in the notes I cant detect any florals at all in this.

Burberry Brit Burberry by dragonzrule13 2014-08-27

I tried this out at the mall and I was a bit disappointed in it because I was expecting this to smell more like a vanilla/almondy scent, but instead all I could smell was flowers. At first it kind of had a more peppery smell to it, but that sweetened out over a couple of hours. Overall, the overwhelming floral smell was offputting and almost reminds me of an old lady perfume, like a woman in maybe her 60's. But, I have a sensitive nose and most floral smells cause me to feel dizzy and like I am going to vomit.

PG22 DjHenné Parfumerie Generale by Lana148 2014-08-27

Starts with a burst of bright soapy splash with a distinct mint note in it.

Than changes to balsamic lavender scent with a hint of vanilla and cacao, later - balsamic wheat.

Overall: lovely, quiet, pleasant, interesting fragrance. It's very dynamic, as it changes a lot. I didn't like the opening at all, but the dry down is beautiful.
I would say this one is almost therapeutic, peaceful offering.

SpellBound Estée Lauder by krmarich 2014-08-27

Spellbound must have gone through a bad reformulation since its release. I have a perfectly preserved mini perfume from circa 1992. I get no chemicals or weirdness mentioned below. Shame on the IFRA for smashing such an icon! Be mindful when sampling anything at the Lauder bar. It was not immune to these foolish laws.

This was Sophia Grosjman doing what she did best in the 1990s. Fruity, peachy florientals that could be interchangeable with each other.

There is the echo of Vanderbilt here. And then comes Tresor, White Diamonds, Champagne and Tentations. None of these are bad. In fact, they were her biggest sellers in the day. This pattern hit like lightning. Alas, its vanished from todays market.

Spellbound is almost a classic oriental, with all of the spice happening. Carnation=cloves. Weave in some cardamom with big bright tuberose, neroli, narcissus on a bed base of dark smokey resins and you get Spellbound. Indeed, its a consensus that this is heavy and cold weather only.

I am not afraid of orientals in warm weather, yet this has a warming effect on my skin. No, I couldn't bring myself to scrub such a beauty. Its currently 90 degrees outside. I will try it again in a few months to get its total effect.

Kalemat Arabian Oud by dremerick 2014-08-27

Ha ha ha ha ha

English Lavender Atkinsons by enrico.sommer.376 2014-08-27

The parfume a used to stole my father when i was a kid :)

Reporter for Men Oleg Cassini by enrico.sommer.376 2014-08-27

In the early 80 was my firs parfume when i was very young!
Awsome fragrance!

Creme Bouquet Stila by Hollie 2014-08-27

This is a nice,little,candied floral that I'm really enjoying! I spotted this on the clearance rack while standing in line at Ulta the other day and I'd never heard of it before. I thought I'd go ahead and give it a try because of the low price ( the low price also didn't give me high hopes.) What a nice surprise! It really fits it's name....."creme bouquet" really is creamy and fluffy. The lilacs are lush and full and the lilly of the valley is not overly apparent ( this is a good thing for me.) The vanilla is round and soft and puffy and keeps the lilac from smelling like "bathroom spray" ( that's usually what I think of when I smell artificial lilacs....I LOVE the real flowers!) This scent dries down fairly quickly on my skin and becomes a less loud, smokier (true,thick,vanilla pod) version of it's initial self. This scent is a billowy, vanilla and lilac cloud that gently, fills the air around me! As much I'm liking this, there is definitely "something" slightly artificial smelling winding it's way throughout the whole scent's subtle..but it's there and it doesn't bother me all that much.Something plasticy. It reminds me a bit of my review on JPG Ma fact..for me, there are many similarities with these two perfumes. The notes don't match at all but in my review of Ma Dame, I said that all I smelled were lilacs, lilacs, lilacs...even though they were not listed. Ma Dame is more sporty and orangey fresh while this is more creamy and subdued. I also get that some people are smelling black licorice....for me, lilac has always reminded me a bit of the smell of licorice. Weird..but true.

I had this cologne a few years ago. I was 23 at the time, and although it was probably a bit of a mature scent for me to wear at the time, I still loved it. What led me to it was an review proclaiming it one of the top colognes for "office wear" in 2009. They were right on the money. The scent is citrusy yet incredibly masculine. It makes me think professional yet powerful. When I think of a cologne to wear to the office, this will always be the first thing that comes to mind. I also just love the fact that there's tequila in it.

my impressions of this parfum version of lhomme. I sampled and wore this 3x now and ill be honest this is not better than the original version the original is strikingly unique and at first spray you will fell in love with it. I hardly tried to feel the same way with this parfum version but as hard as I can I really cant justify it. It didn't strike me as the original i get longevity of 7 hours max sillage moderate at best but mostly skin scent past 2 hours. I do get the citrus openings but I really cant find or detect the woodiness at the base and the price?? its just un justifiable very weak for a parfum IMO. Why not make the original thicker?? rather than making a flanker that does not relate of the original my recommendation TRY IT FIRST don't blind buy in the hopes that youre getting a better perfume than the original cause your not.

Iris de Nuit James Heeley by K1 2014-08-27

Iris de Nuit starts out with an explosion of ambrette note domesticating wild angelica, this ephemeral opening clashes with floral wave which appears soon after with soapy fluffy violet on angelica which is still influenced by ambrette. Iris begins to show off with clay powdery aroma slightly warmed with basic amber. You don’t have to expect something powdery sexy like Dior Homme Intense. Iris du Nuit is a distinct iris flavor; it’s seriously bitter and apathetic yet nighty dreamy odd romantic affairs can be motivated by such perfume. It’s fresh, cold-heart, gray, extremely powdery.

Spirit of Shadow Milton Lloyd by Bublegum 2014-08-27

I have not tried Ghost, but this reminds me strongly of Spazio by Krizia.

Mambo for Woman Liz Claiborne by perfumeproblem777 2014-08-27

I smell soap. Slightly flowery laundry soap
Which isn't a bad smell at all, it's clean and pleasant to my nose. But I was hoping for the mango/tropical fruity smell, and my skin does not project that at all.

It's something that I could easily wear around the house. But if I'm going out or hanging out with friends, I'll probably choose something else.

AB Blood Concept by CodyHowl 2014-08-27

Rubbing alcohol and lemon juice.

As for the sea water, pebbles, and mineral notes that other reviewers are mentioning, I just don't get any of it. And I wish I did, because those reviews are what made me sample this fragrance in the first place.

One reviewer mentioned lemon dish detergent. Spot on.


Gardenia Passion Annick Goutal by tubereuse 2014-08-27

For me this is a spicy sophisticate tuberose. Not too much or too little spice but just enough to make it a bit interesting with changeling layers. By way of tuberose, this one is lighter and easier on the nose than some. Wearable in close quarters and at the office, less potent than CF or Blonde or SLTC. A hit in my wardrobe, Gardenia Passion is worn on regular rotation these days. Ultra feminine, love it.

okay so ive been wearing this for a while now. first of all they should bring back "edition blanche" now that's yummy. My experience with extreme is not quit pleasant I do like the opening very citrusy but when the pepper kicks in I just cant bear with it. They should have made the pepper as a backround instead of a dominating note then with the dry down peeper mixes with Tonka bomb its not pleasant to me and the price?? not so appealing a pass for me unfortunately on this one.

Vera Wang Vera Wang by llburris 2014-08-27

I think this was my first designer frangrance I fell in love with on the spot. Men seem to absolutely love this on me. If I stop for a second, I think this is the fragrance that I get complimented on the most. The sillage is very good on my skin and, as I've said before, my skin absorbes scents like a monster. It lasts a really long time as well. I absolutely LOVE IT. I think I have 3 bottles right now lol I can't live without it in my collection!

Tabac Man Maurer & Wirtz by jaybear 2014-08-27

I had this when I was in high school. My father used to wear regular Tabac which I still like very much, and I also had a bottle of Culture by Tabac Arena di Roma (not listed in Fragrantica) which was quite ok. Based on these positive experiences I decided to try the Tabac Man as well. My memories are quite vague, although I can remember I wasn't especially fond of it. Today I was shopping for groceries in a nearby supermarket and spotted this in the cosmetics aisle. One spray on both of my wrists and it all came back to me. Some citrus and lavender in the opening, spices and sandalwood in the base. Absolutely boring and unimaginative. This has nothing in common with the lovely Tabac Original, it's just a generic supermarket scent. Don't bother!

La Vie Est Belle L’Absolu Lancome by PeachUK 2014-08-27

I cannot smell the chocolate in this one, which is present in the other varieties of LVEB.
However, it is very luxurious, sumptious and the iris is very present and heady.
My Boots only had big bottles in and the £70 price tag made me baulk. Had they got a smaller size, I may well have succumbed as it is a very nice perfume but I am not sure I like it THAT much to fork out £70 for it - not at the moment anyway!

Stars Jimmy Choo by PeachUK 2014-08-27

This is already out in the UK. I tried it on Saturday at my local Boots and it really is a nice fragrance. You can certainly smell the toffee. Definitely a winter gourmand and worth trying.

Pi Givenchy by antihero 2014-08-27

I am a woman and thoroughly enjoy Pi. "Sugar Water", said Mr. Turin. Well, there is more going on with this. Basil (great), also the almond, benzoin, vanilla and the immensely pleasant drydown of cedar. The note that threw me was rosemary; unexpected. Final verdict: I really like this. Lasts forever. A lot more depth than I expected. Well done.

Kenzo Amour Kenzo by StealthAngel 2014-08-27

I think I've reviewed this in the past but lately, I've been experiencing its soothing properties in depth:

There is something about Amour that has the power to completely neutralize even the most stressful feelings. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps it's in the artful blending, but it never fails.
Getting bad news and dreading an upcoming stressful situation, I can feel the muscles in my neck tighten, my stomach turn into knots and my breathing get shallow.

Fast forward until half an hour past putting Amour on, and my breathing slows down and deepens, neck and shoulders relax, stomach softens, and I feel calm again.

I'm sure anyone could name any note in its composition and extrapolate on why surely this is the secret ingredient to its Zen properties, but I really think it's the entire blend, the doses, the order of the notes, it's how it all comes together in the end.

Amour takes me from cardiac distress levels of anxiety to tantric peacefulness every single time. It's a light fragrance, it's not meant to be a heavy hitter, but it gently and quietly lingers, stays with me for as long as I need it.
It's a nurturing scent, the olfactory equivalent to your personal happy place.

One of the original fragrances that got me into the game..
This stuff to me is like light cedar, smooth amber spices blended perfect it's a must for anyone great longevity and sillage 9 out of 10 on this one .. very special to me

Cuir Altesse David Jourquin by CLevol 2014-08-27

Ah, this is heaven. Sweat leather! Love, love, love; this is a combination of leather a good cumin and a hint of pepper, like drinking Pastis in a warm night with your new leather handbag on the table, new that your big love will come soon. Chique, very sexy!

this is a good fragrancestarts off with a citrus blast then becomes more of a Cocoa an anise scent it definitely reminds me a little bit of the reformulation of m7 I give it 7 out of 10 longevity is average projection is average

24 Gold ScentStory by Mikeyd 2014-08-27

take a handful of raspberries throw them in a cedar drawer and add some elements a little bit of spice and rose and this is what this smells like very good smell I get poor longevity it's also a little bit sour on my skin I still give it a 7 out of 10

ok picture a spice rack with an extra cinnamon added with a little bit of popcorn in there ya go that's in a nutshell.
longevity 6 hours I give it 6 out of 10

Cedrat Boise Mancera by Mikeyd 2014-08-27

it opens up initially like Creed Aventus then they go their separate ways this becomes more fruity while creed stays more strictly pineapple
Vibes longevity bad on me 1,2 hours before reapply 6 out of 10

Anglomania Vivienne Westwood by Dorothy Grace 2014-08-27

i saw this in my local chemist and was so excited to try it. Well! I was surprised; but the surprise came when I looked at the pyramid of notes here on Fragrantica.

I don't get the note pyramid at all. Not at all.

What I do get is a sweet, fruity, sherberty, lemony scent that, after an hour or so, loses the sherberty lemon and gains some floral floor polish. (the paper strip still has the sherberty lemon but not my skin). Another hour or so and it becomes less fruity, more powdery with some amber, the tiniest touch of vanilla and an even tinier touch of nutmeg.

I don't get: tea, corriander, cardamom, leather, rose, violet.

I think I must be sensitive to one (or more) of the manmade aromachemicals because there is something in this that is reminding me very strongly of Dot, Truth or Dare NaKed, J'Adore, Forbidden Euphoria, and a couple of others that have slipped my mind.

It doesn't come across to me as quintessentially English and I can't see this as a perfume to strut my stuff with whilst wearing a Vivienne Westwood creation.

It is nice but for me is all about fruity, floral floor polish rather than an English Bandit.

In store tester August 2014

Sì Intense Giorgio Armani by blueviolet 2014-08-27

This lasted like 10 minutes on my skin. So not very intense.

La Fumee Miller Harris by Hélio Sérgio Rocha 2014-08-27

Miller Harris - La Fumée

When we see upfront the notes listed "Incense, Sandalwood, Labdanum", we would think about a powerful fragrance. It is NOT...

Here Miller Harris works these strong notes through their details and minimalistic facets, harmoniously doing a great job right there.

The cozy citrus and resinous opening shows spiced aspects as well but the Sandalwood is quite more detectable than the other notes.

Frankincense here is balanced with the other notes, we do not feel tired about it, it is resinous and sweet, translucent and smooth. The smokey facet comes from the Labdanum, little bit leathery, but everything here is soft and mild.

The drydown consists of dry woody aspect, mostly from cedarwood note plus the soft sandalwood that remains.

It is a beautiful fragrance and creation. It is not easy to elaborate a subtle and gentle perfume with strong notes like that. The fresh clean aspect and d.n.a. that belong from English parfumerie since centuries show traces right here as well


See By Chloe Chloe by flowermom 2014-08-27

I first stumbled upon 'see' as a lady standing in front of me in a queue smelt strongly of " clean hair" as I like " skin scents" ( cream, talc, hairspray etc) i enquired what the smell was " see, by chloe" she replied, the following week I purchased a bottle, to me, it smells very similar to "vosene" shampoo, I do get the vinegary apple smell, but its very shampooy!! Which I quite like, there's no great depth to this perfume, does last ok, it's by no means a "wow" perfume but that's ok!! I do like it alot would I repurchase?? Not sure, still got a large bottle to use up, but not sure I'd pay 50 odd quid for it again, as I say its " vosene" shampoo in a fancy bottle ( do love the bottle design tho!!) ;)

Noir Tom Ford by giangio 2014-08-27

It's the same of OPIUM pour homme EDP!!! The same fragrance!

Private Affairs Baldessarini by Jassar 2014-08-27

Opens with a short blast of bergamot for 5 minutes then it goes into the mid and base very quickly. This is what I have been looking to find for quite some time. I wanted a smooth non-offensive masculine leather fragrance and this is it. There is nothing sharp in this at all. Basically a leathery semi-sweet fragrance that is very masculine. Many will complain about projection but I love it this way. I work closely with the public and it has great longevity and low projection. Highly recommended for 25+.

Fantasy Britney Spears by igalmusic 2014-08-27

I love it!!! its long lasting perfume, very unique!In my opinion this is not a girlish fragrance.Its very sensual,warm and sexy. At first spritz kiwi is dominant and than white chocolate but base its my favourite-orris root,musk and wood ,all covered in chocolate-such a yummy scent!!!

Aoud Collection - Red Aoud Montale by Mikeyd 2014-08-27

okay so what I definitely get out of this fragrance the initial opening it's an almond nutty like sent with light rose and oud.
it can definitely be calling after a while and will fill a room if you spray more than 3 sprays.overall I give it a 8 out of 10

Furiosa Fendi by melia 2014-08-27

Instead of commenting on the bottle, I'd like to comment on the fragrance that I've smelled yesterday. It's definitely a modern oriental floral one - sweet and soft, opening a bit fruity but drying down into something warm while passing some whispering flowers. I wouldn't call it a very loud perfume, even though the staying power and projection are quite good. The name for it I wouldn't have picked myself and frightens me unnecessarily... I wouldn't want to be, nor smell, furious. Nonetheless it smelled like something that fits my character and taste perfectly, but maybe only because it reminded me so much of my favourite TF Black Orchid...

Sables Annick Goutal by naapio 2014-08-27

Sables is simply stunning. It's syrupy and honeyed spiced with a gentle peppery burn like a glass of Irish whiskey. It begs to be enjoyed with a cigar while lounging in a golden brown threadbare velvet recliner contemplating the play of light and shadows the setting autumn sun paints to the faded wallpaper. It has a soft smoky quality to it, comfortable and unassuming. Would Colombo wear this? Be careful to spray sparingly, overdosing can be a real issue.

Tom Ford for Men Tom Ford by Ranger0987 2014-08-27

One dark, dark night--it was long ago,
The air was heavy and still and warm with the smell of a Woody Floral Musk fragrance -
It fell to me and a man I know,
To see two girls to their father's farm.

There was little smelling it after that,
that I recall:
We seemed to grope in a cave profound.

The scent was fair, and not long after it faded and we lost our way.

We wandered over the country-side, searching,
And I do not think that we greatly tried,
Having lost our way, to find the fragrance out.

The night being fine, it was not worth it after a while. We strayed through furrow and corn and grass
We met with many a fence and stile,
And a quickset hedge, which we failed to pass.

At last we came on a road near her father's place.
I heard the steps of the other two,
And my heart stood still for a moment's space as the Woody Floral Musk fragrance reappeared. But it was only another brief illusion.

Then I pleaded, `Give me a good-night kiss.'
I have learned, but I did not know in time,
The fragrance that hang like fruit on the tree of bliss Are not for cravens who will not climb.

We parted laughing, with half a sigh,
And home we went, at a quicker rate,
A shorter journey, my friend and I.

When we reached the house, it was late enough,
And many impertinent things were said,
Of time and distance, and such dull stuff,
But we said little of the frag which faded so quickly, and went to bed.

We went to bed, but one at least
Went not to sleep till the black turned grey,
And the sun rose up, and the light increased,
And the birds awoke to a summer day.

And sometimes now, when the nights are mild,
And the moon is away, and no stars shine,
I wander out, and I go half-wild,
To think of the Woody Floral Musk fragrance .

Let great minds laugh at a grief so small,
Let small minds laugh at a fool so great.
Kind maidens, pity me, one and all.
Shy youths, take warning by this my fate.

My Sin Long Lost Perfume by lovingthealien 2014-08-27

I appreciate the effort put into resurrecting this fragrance, but the quality just isn't good enough to function as a replacement.

Amazing Grace Philosophy by CourtneyBeth 2014-08-27

This was my favorite all time scent and something changed about it. I used to be able to smell it on my scarves hanging in the closet. Now it cannot even compare.

Putain des Palaces Etat Libre d`Orange by CourtneyBeth 2014-08-27

Ugh. Smells exactly like baby wipes. Nothing interesting about it, honestly.

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by Cruela 2014-08-27


J by Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston by flora lee 2014-08-27

Yes she totally did Ange ou Demon light. People are going to smell good =)

Paloma Picasso Paloma Picasso by Ivyswirl 2014-08-27

I really want to say something nice about this fragrance as I rather hate trashing someone's work, especially when others say such lovely things.
Sadly that would just be a outright lie if I did.
Once upon a time I received a giant synthetic fluffy blanket as a wedding present. It was very warm but smelled rather plasticky  and synthetic. This perfume smells just like it. I get very little of anything else whatsoever. This is one of the very few out of my collection that I actually gave away free as I disliked it so much! Perhaps it's down to chemistry but....

Accroche-Coeur Galimard by mary jane 2014-08-27

Since there's only one review about this scent on this site I felt obliged to write something about this sweet little gem as well!
Firstly let me confirm Gaelle's saying about the similarity between this and Ambre Narguile of Hermes (I have not smelled Dolcelisir) and agree on the joyful fact that its a much cheaper alternative.Having used the word cheap though I must specify that I mean it only in terms of money because in terms of quality its not cheap at all.
It starts off with a smoky sweetness, a burst of cinnamon dipped in maple syrup or sweet honey (although these are not listed as notes). The vanilla and amber are there to give depth to the whole scent and I think Im also smelling a bit of apple somewhere in this oriental cloud. The tonka bean gives it a balmy feeling and a slightly powdery effect. I cannot say I detect the orchid because all the ingredients are very well blended together creating a warm, gourmand scent. It reminds me a lot of a delicious apple strudel.
I have not tested the longevity of Hermes Ambre Narguile but this lasts for about 3 hours on me.

Full Al-Rehab by lmlovespapa 2014-08-27

very soft true life like jasmine, stays close to the skin, and more on the swet side than fresh and indolic, great bargain.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by genny17 2014-08-27

yeah Opium is a masterpiece, from the past, I cant handle it although I recognize the beauty of the creation..Black Opium isnt like la vie est belle, I can close my eyes and distinguish beween them easily.,.of course Black Opium is more casual, and nothing wrong with it..the original Opium could wake up the dead, not everybody looks for that effect in a fargrance..I like Black opium, lots, it is complex, nicely constructed, lovely scent , lovely bottle..!
it was excpected that the lovers of the original would look down on that new version, forgetting how nice it really is!

Purr Katy Perry by Alison Wonderland 2014-08-27

After hating "Killer Queen" despite its gorgeous bottle, I was a bit hesitant to try "Purr."

But, the tester at my local chemist looked so cute and I sprayed a card first and that did not smell bad to me.

However, I still don't think I have the right skin chemistry to pull off this scent.

Likes: The red apple coming out to play with bamboo. These fresh, green scents are what save this perfume.

Dislikes: The way the coconut is almost nauseatingly overpowering when mixed with the musk. I like coconut and sandalwood, but could not pick up on the sandalwood, just a lot of coconut and musk.

After the initial first spray of ick! What have I done spraying myself with such a heavy fruity-floral, the red apple and bamboo are what balances this frag.

I agree with others who posted saying this smells like a bath and bodyworks spray, or coconut suntan lotion mixed with fruits, but hey if that's your thing then this wouldn't be a horrible buy as its an affordable frag with a cute bottle.

My one gripe would be, I love perfume for how they smell. I don't care if the designer is Chanel or Paris Hilton, as long as the juice smells divine to my nose. This is NOT the best "celeb" scent, and even though its cheap and not bad-smelling there are such better frag's out there selling for similar amounts. My personal favorite "celeb" scent, for instance, is Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted. Now there is a lovely, magical gourmand perfume for a very low price that has me sniffing my arm and brings a smile to my face. Where as this perfume, while I like the cat bottle and beachy gimmuk, sadly does not.

It's a shame, as I was on the lookout for a new beachy fragrance, ever since I heard they reformulated Miami Glow by J.Lo (which smelled of coconut suntan lotion but in the best way, or at least used too.)

2.5 stars out of 5 for me.

Cadjmere Parfumerie Generale by Lana148 2014-08-27

Sandalwood, vanilla, coconut - woody gourmand.

Lovely composition, sweet but not cloying, warm, interesting, stays close to your skin.. I am not a big fan of gourmand fragrances, but I would like to try this again in a colder weather.

Bryant Park Bond No 9 by antihero 2014-08-27

Bryant Park is familiar to me in a beautiful way. It evokes wonderful memories of England through rhubarb. As a child I lived in England and the food at school was amazing. It was the rhubarb pie I loved and I remember smelling rhubarb wafting from the kichen at school.
Bryant Park has that scent of rhubarb that is quite strong to me along with raspberry. I also smell rose and rosy pink pepper with patchouli.
The notes together are perfection to my nose, pure love.
I have been living off several samples of this that a friend gave me; she works where they carry Bond. This is a must have for me; I am junkie when it comes to Bryant Park. A quirky creation that is well worth testing.
Great longevity for me.

Nuit de Tubereuse L`Artisan Parfumeur by little elf 2014-08-27

Pepper, celery, a bit of mango, and a chemical spill. Where is the tuberose?

Nuda Nasomatto by little elf 2014-08-27

The best jasmine.

Actually more like jasmine liqueur than fresh-cut flowers, but that's what makes it so entrancing as a perfume. There is nothing innocent about this, but it's extremely sophisticated.

This smells like vanilla icing. Really luxe, out-of-this world vanilla icing with a dash of chocolate liqueur and a garnish of orchids.

Forever Vera Vera Wang by flora lee 2014-08-27

I sprayed this on and kept thinking, I have bought this perfume before, and returned it. Finally... the name has come to me: See by Chloe. In particular the See by Chloe Eau Fresh. It smells very much like that one. I like Forever Vera more - it is softer and has a nice refined classy style to it, like you are clean, done up, and with nice products. I can't pinpoint any specific notes on it except maybe floral and lightest wood, there is sort of the face cream vibe, but it smells good and stays well.

Xia Xiang Revlon by rockegg 2014-08-27

I just saw this in a lotion on for you hunters!

Fath Pour L`Homme Jacques Fath by Plantus 2014-08-27

This is an awesome fragrance, i just got it, but I can tell already that I love the fragrance. Very complex, delicious and manly. The projection seems to be very good, but I can't speak about longevity yet.

It's similar to my favorite fragrance, Lanvin Arpege Pour Homme, but Fath seems to be the big and manly brother!

Best part? It's so cheap and under the radar!

Heat Wild Orchid Beyonce by Malibu 2014-08-27

To me this is the most appealing fragrance in the Heat and Pulse lines so far, as the sweetness isn't as sickly and the floral notes are more developed on me, in comparison to the other Heat and Pulse fragrances.

I've been after a perfume with a long note of coconut in and Wild Orchid is the creamiest one I've found so far - It lasts through the top and heart, into the base.

The coconut entwines nicely with the boysenberry. The fruits are sweet, but not too sweet like they are in the earlier Heat editions, so this fragrance is easier to wear and not too summery. In short the fruits are nicely done.

Floral wise; the honeysuckle is the easiest to pick out on myself and I can also pick out the listed magnolia. The strongest floral on me is something that is very similar to violet, just a bit more 'fizzy'. Is this is what 'butterfly orchid' is? I really like it, whatever it is.

Rise is still the most adult fragrance in the Beyoncé collection, so that is the one I'm most likely to buy - but Wild Orchid is a close second, and I'm likely to pick up a bottle in the near future (most celeb scents by big companies dramatically lower in price online a few months after release)...

Very nice cologne: citrus, spicy-woody. Very interesting composition that works, smells unique too. It's also feels organic and Earthy. Would love to smell it on a guy, since it has more masculine vibe to it. Love it!

Hot Water Davidoff by SugarK 2014-08-27

This is probably my favorite scent I've worn to date. It's gotten me the most compliments of anything I've worn. Spicy, masculine, really brings out your natural man scent. It's very much for nighttime wear though, a little too strong to wear during the day. Hot Water also has great longevity. I've gone out and woken up the next day, 12+ hours after I applied the cologne and I can still smell it on me and on my pillow. It's fantastic.

Smelled this at the counter in Neiman Marcus. I'm a 26 year-old man, and I gotta say...not for me. I was looking for a light citrusy summer scent, but when i sprayed it on the card it just made me think of an old man. As my girlfriend described it, it smells like "an old man on vacation in the south of France." I could see this maybe appealing to a sophisticated middle-aged man, but for young guys...spraying it on the card was enough to reach my conclusion.

Infusion de Vetiver Prada by riffjim4069 2014-08-27

Meh! It's okay...a decent average-grade fragrance; nothing great, nothing bad. I picked-up a 200ml bottle for $52 so that's a good price for this middle-of-the-road scent. It's a suitable office scent, but miles behind stellar vetiver fragrances such as Grey Vetiver, Original Vetiver, Bel Ami Vetiver, Guerlain Vetiver, Terre d'Hermes, Vetiver Tonka, Encre Noire, etc.

Prada Infusion de Vetiver sits softly and lasts about 6-7 hours on my skin. Not bad...

Killer Queen Katy Perry by katdc 2014-08-27

Please bear with me since I'm not really well-versed in perfume terms. But anyway, here are my thoughts on Killer Queen.

I sprayed this on from a tester today. The opening is sweet but not overly so, and I'm not sure if it's just my immature nose and lack of knowledge of notes, but I smelled some vanilla and caramel. In fact, the opening reminded me a lot of Zara Paris 92 Champs Elysees. I saw a lot of reviewers mentioned that KQ is reminiscent of Paco Rabanne Black XS, which the Zara one is also compared to. KQ, however, has a more synthetic, sharp opening compared to CE, which I felt was more warm and soft.

By two hours, the scent has considerably quieted, although I'm not sure I detected a whole lot of change in the scent at that point. I was actually expecting this to continue fading in a linear way, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it released a nice musk at around 3-ish hours after the initial spray. I could tell that this was "near the end" of the perfume, but the base was a pleasant skin scent that reminded me of NR For Her or SJP Lovely.

By the 4th-5th hour, the smell is really just faint, but with that Lovely-ish note still lingering very near the skin.

Overall, I was surprised by the end part of this perfume and am seriously considering buying it. I will compare with CE once again to see on which I'll spend. If it lasted longer, I think it would be a winner amongst its peers on this level. I found this much superior to Meow in particular, which I tried on the opposite arm.

It smelled so good from the stores bottle. Spicy, fruity(pineapple), and vanilla. After Applying on the skin the ''dark'' notes were gone right away and I was left with a powdery vanilla and almond. Identical on my skin to Mandorlo di Sicilia Acqua di Parma. Just like mandorlo di siilia , its best in humid hot climate, has great lasting power and silage. However it is ''noir'', not original, just a nice vanilla perfume.

Ps. The tester in the store was darker in color, and it smelled a bit darker then the bottle I bought(I compared them). However on the skin they settled the same. Possibly it changes(for the better) with time.

Cool Cotton Clean by arenee92 2014-08-27

Smells like crisp, clean, laundry detergent. I wouldn't wear this personally, but it smells so good :) I would use it as linen spray!

All That Matters Anamor by Aria1964 2014-08-27

Like some of the reviewers below, I can hardly smell this fragrance. I received my sample yesterday and applied it... and applied it... and them applied some more! And nothing. I have to touch my nose to my skin to get the slightest hint of lily of the valley. Too bad, because I really wanted to like it.

Sensuous Noir Estée Lauder by hnica 2014-08-27

You can't always get what you want - but I didn't get what I need either. I'm on a search for a dark, real noir scent, and boy had I high hopes for this one. It doesn't work. I can't put my finger on what is wrong with Sensuous Noir but something really is. Since I love the original Sensuous, after a few weeks I decided to give this one a second try. And again, nah. Something is off... maybe the pine? I don't know. It's not noir, there's no mystery. Anyway, moving on.

Poison Dior by luvs2crooz 2014-08-27

A friend wears this.......had to ask her to not wear it around me! Yak! Smells like Welch's Grape Juice.

I smelled yesterday and I compared with the edp. In the first 15 minutes the EDT is so smoother, more playful, fresher, fruiter, less bold, more pleasant than edp, fortunately lacks (or toned down) the note that distrubs me in the edp, but cause of this it has not such a special character that describes the old Angel frag. The edp is more serious one, not as sweet, edt is for younger crowd. After 1 hour they're enough similar, edt turns powdery, bold, massive sweet fruit and patchouli mixture, however it can feel the difference. On my hand both had moderate sillage and same long lasting. I also sprayed them on paper, they're very different today, the edt is doesn't smell like Angel, like another fruit scent. I like the edt on the paper but on my skin is too feminine for my taste.

Smell: 8/10
Unique: 7/10
Sillage: 8/10
Lasting: 10/10

Old school, potent, spicy and very lovely. Resembles Bogart (by Bogart) only this is a touch nicer. The tobacco note is not as clear as, say, Remy Latour Cigar because it is blended in more with the oakmoss. Lasts and projects extremely well and has a spicy and soapy dry down. The new bottle is an opaque black matt glass (not like the one shown above). A very masculine and a gorgeous fragrance and one of the nicest spicy/woody scents ever!

Creme Bouquet Stila by Hills by the Sea 2014-08-27

Wonderful! A sweet creamy blend of lilac and vanilla. The vanilla softens the lilac and floral notes resulting in a scent that is soft and comforting. My nose does not pick up any lily of the valley. This is not a complex scent but its pretty and lasts a long time. Love it.

Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor by Rie60 2014-08-27

This is my signature scent and my favorite perfume. It works really well with my chemistry.I don't find it strange thast there are no violets in it- It's named after Elizabeth Taylor and her famous violet eyes. My favorite note in any fragrance is cedar and this delivers-paired well with the powdery white floral and just a hint of the oriental. It's weird but I also pick up a salt tang. It's very dry, not at all cloying and I love it.

Secret Charm Victoria`s Secret by Grodanmimmi 2014-08-27

A light girly scent that is suitable at work or in the summer, very refreshing but since i got the body mist it doesn't last very long. But i recommend it to those who are not inte strong scents but prefer a light scent.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by auroramaria 2014-08-27

I haven't tried this yet but I can't wait too.
However I know what not to expect.
This new flanker rmight have been called something else since based on your reviews there's no trace of original Opium here.
I think we must keep an open mind about flankers we all know most of the time they have nothing of the original.
I love the notes in Black Opium and love your reviews
about it.
Hope I can give mine soon

Mimosa Pour Moi L`Artisan Parfumeur by sophiesmystery 2014-08-27

Delicious! This fragrance is delectable, juicy, innocent, and really makes me hungry.

Can I eat it? I want to smear it on a piece of toast or drink it from a frosted glass.

Mimosa is one of the few floral fragrances I love. I like flowers, but they seem boring in perfumes - not quite as beautiful as in real life.

If an alchemist had found the antidote to making sunshine in a bottle, this would be it. From the moment you spray this on your skin, it's like running through a field of sparkling dew and sunlight.

There's a hint of fruit, a little cream from the vanilla, a very delicate hint of crushed green leaves. But the mimosa hangs about you like clouds - golden clouds, brighter than a daffodil. It's happy and effervescent, a great way to brighten your day.

Reveal Calvin Klein by harpermae 2014-08-27

I had high hopes for this one, as I love all of the notes listed. Alas, it is pretty one-dimensional on me. I get the slightly salty powdery effect at the beginning, which is not bad, but it's not great, either. When it dries down, I can get a bit of pepper and woods, but not enough to draw me in. Come on, Calvin Klein! You haven't produced a good scent in so long, and I thought that this was the one!
Also, the bottle is very awkward and clunky, not too easy to handle. Oh well.

Amber Oud By Kilian by christianne1 2014-08-27

Without a doubt, the least "oud-y" fragrance with oud in the name that I have ever tried. There is nothing about this that resembles oud or even the general style of an oud based fragrance. I get pretty much mostly Madagascar vanilla with some amber. If you like that type of fragrance it is well done here. Very light, really after a half hour this is a whisper of a scent. It isn't overly sweet, not THAT kind of vanilla. More boozy than sweet. This isn't "girly" by any means, it is straight down the middle unisex but if I had to choose I would say it leans more toward masculine.

I find Amber Oud (while pleasant) to be unremarkable. Of the 3 I have tried from the Arabian Nights oud collection, this is my least favorite. Rose Oud is so far ahead my favorite it is like Secretariat. I still have yet to try Pure Oud or Musk Oud.

Amber Oud is pleasant enough but not anything I would consider purchasing even 50% off. It never grabs my attention at any point. And for $400 a bottle my Scooby ears need to be prominently launched.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by spidey3 2014-08-27

Planning on buying another 150ml bottle,but...
will this be toned down with weak silage?
Anymore opinions about 2013-2014 batch?
And what about 150ml--is it less strong?
Don't want to risk buyning the new valentino and also get bad silage and longevity..

Cruel Gardenia Guerlain by jana ponesz 2014-08-27

I live in the Czech Republic and therefore I can not say what is the Cruel Gardenia.
I can not buy her anywhere.
I am very curious about what is and I have to go abroad.
I look forward to!

P.S. I then write my feelings :-)

Have a nice day!

Dunhill for Men Alfred Dunhill by Charles 2014-08-27

To mrluctoretemergo. Dunhill for men and Edition are totally diferent animals. Dunhill for men is way better. A similar spirit as Rive Gauche pour homme :-) Edition is close to Cacharel pour´L Homme.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier by Redpula 2014-08-27

I acquired a tester 125ml bottle of the classic version and compared it with my sample of the reformulated one. The latter is now a disappointing shadow of his old self.
For those who intend to buy this perfume, avoid the current version as it lacks the essence of what it was unless you prefer wearing light and weak projection and unless you want Le Male DNA but hated it's bold and beautiful potency.
As per the scent itself, the classic in two sprays (more than that can be cloying) is way bolder, fuller, richer, more long lasting, beast projection and well blended. It is the kind of fragrance that highly need control on the trigger to invite and captivate those around you.

John Varvatos Oud John Varvatos by Dudus 2014-08-27

viqar_abbas143: I love the original 2004 John Varvatos and 2006 Vintage is great, too!

Chaps Ralph Lauren by hamster 2014-08-27

My boyfriend is the best smelling man in the world to me. "Chaps" has the power to make even him smell repellent, which is saying a lot for the power of "Chaps". It has a sour, heachache-inducing smell that lingers on him and in my nose for hours. Too strong, too sour, with horrendously long staying power.

Coco Noir Chanel by selinu 2014-08-27

AH-MA-ZING!!!!! I tought this would be a darker coco but boy was I wrong!!! Best of the Chanels I think. It is more Chance than Mademoiselle I think. But Coco is definitely there. I dont like both Coco and C Mademoiselle but this one is just terribly amazing. It will be my next purchase.

Absolument Femme AA Absolument Absinthe by victoria.mei1992 2014-08-27

The notes are wrong
Real notes from the thir site

The top notes are fresh :
Italian Bergamot,
Argentine Lemon
The aromatic heart notes :
and florals:
Lily of the Valley,
The base notes are woody:
Sweet Amber,

Bois de Violette Serge Lutens by sophiesmystery 2014-08-27

Try this scent of other people, and see how it developes on their scent.

Bois de Violette is the beauty of a dark Spanish wood, high in the mountains, far, far away from people. It's brisk as an autumn day, delicate as a short-lived afternoon in November.

The violet is not so pronounced on me. I tried it on my mother, who has more oily skin, and swooned! Oh, it was stunning! Her arm smelled like some sweet flower, crushed between my fingers - a little spicy, a little medicinal, with a hint of iodine.

On me, I get a blushing hint of more white than blue violet and lots of cedar. Lots and lots of cedar. But this cedar is dark and mischievious, not the rich sparkling cinnamon cedar of Bois et Musc. There's a fruitiness to this scent, as if you found a bush of ripe blackberries, and just started munching while the fruits burst and stained your fingers with their juices and scent. This scent almost reminds me, too, of summer - very late summer, on the verge of autumn. The violet seems almost human, mortal, keeping you grounded. The cedar is distant and spiritual and more unearthly - it beckons you deeper into the woods.

I have a sense Bois et Violette is filled with contradictions, as if it's at war with itself. It's mysterious because it is very particular to the skin - who knows what you'll get. It's the fluttering of angel wings in the darkness - an apparition, leaving behind a haunting scent. It's seraphic, powerful, a cold flame. A bit of me almost says its more masculine than feminine, despite the violet.

First Van Cleef & Arpels by Radchick 2014-08-27

First is a gorgeous floral aldehyde. This scent opens up with aldehydes that are soft, and I don’t find this scent soapy. I can detect the hyacinth right away, and as the scent wears on, the carnation and oakmoss become apparent to me. Throughout wear, this smells powdery and dry, just the sort of scent I love. I don’t find this scent to be sweet at all, and I can’t smell any of the fruity notes. It is a slightly powdery, mossy floral. There is the tinest hint of civet at drydown but it’s not strong at all.

Rise Beyonce by agoenk 2014-08-27

wahhh jatuh cinta bgt dengan ini parfum, bau nya enak bgt, pertama semprot dapat setruman jeruk tapi lembut ada aprikot tapi juga ada daun kayuan nya dari basil, segeerrr bgt, ga bkin pusing pengen nya semprot lagi and lagi, setelah beberapa saat kecium bau bunga anggrek yang elegan dtambah bau melati tapi tidak terlalu kuat karna ada freesia nya buat jadi lembut, terakhir ada bau kayu musk tpi juga kya kecium vanila disni padahal di notes nya ga da, mungkin vetiver nx kali yahhh, tapi bau nya menenangkan hangat juga sedikit kya bedak tapi enaaakkk bgt, pengen cium pergelangan tangan trus bawaan nya, jadi kesimpulan nya nie parfum pas bgt buat umur 20-25 keatas karna agak dewasa tpi nikmat bgt, walau daya than sedikit kurang cuman berthan 6-7 jam and jarak cium nya harus dekat dengan kita, tapi itu dia yang buat parfum ini ga ganggu ke org lain, nd klu dah dekat kita pengen dekat trus krna cium nie parfum, jdi saya kasih rating 9 buat parfum, 10 buat botol nya, cocok bgt buat koleksi, keereeen cinta bgt ma Beyonce, selanjutnya yahhh <3

wooww really fall in love with this perfume, it smells Delicious, the first spray it shock with bergamot so fresh but also soft cause there have apricot but also leaves of basil, nice really, not make dizziness always want to spray again and again, after a while the smell of orchids so elegant plus jasmine as well but not too strong because there have freesia make it so soft, then base smell so woody a little musk but anyway rich vanilla can smell in it , although in notes is nothing vanilla, maybe it's vetiver, it smelled calm warm rich powdery but really good, want snift a wrist continuesly, so the conclusion is this perfume for ages 20-25 or older as an adult rather young woman but really delicious, although a little less durability just last 6-7 hours and sillage should be close to us, but it was make this perfume not bother to others, , so i give this perfume rating 9, 10 for the bottle, very suitable for the collection, cool great, love u Beyonce, next please <3

The smell of a man falling in love

Sorry, but this is absolutely VILE, worse than cheap & nasty. Scrubbed my hand immediately! Straight to bin for this one. Lesson learned. Bargains are out there, such as Lalique perfumes, but not here. I will never waste my money on Bogard perfumes again. I'm not even sure this could be recycled as a bathroom freshener. Positive reviews for this one are way off the mark IMO.

Fleurs d'Oranger Serge Lutens by sophiesmystery 2014-08-27

This is an unusual orange blossom.

My favorite neroli/orange scent is 'Neroli' by Profumum. You must experience the profound beauty of that fragrance to understand just how extraordinary neroli can be.

Fleurs d'Oranger is elegant, but a little austere. Maybe even enigmatic. It's a distant, warm, amber-like fragrance. It's not waxy, or enveloping, lush and enticing like I expect from most orange blossom scents.

Hibiscus provides a fruity coral heart to this mysterious scent. I had mixed reactions to the cumin base - at once it can smell like the trail of a homeless hobo stumbling down a musty back alley behind a Mexican restaurant. But then it adds a sort of wildness to the scent, as if this were some animal who is still a little untamed.

The jasmine is sweet, fleetingly beautiful, and filled with the haunting clarity of a cool summer's night. It blends well with the orange blossom, and seems to carry it along - they're two best friends having a quiet stroll.

This is an unusual floral. It has all the makings of any random floral but then takes you aback by its sudden strange notes - like dissonances in music. This is a wild orange tree that's been left to its own devices.

I have one word for this scent - ew.

I say 'ew' not because it stinks, but because this scent is the very answer to why plain florals don't connect with me.

Oh, I was excited to receive samples of this scent. I was expecting to be met with the spicy, almost animalic scent of white narcissus bursting from the cold winter soil, sweet dewy roses...

I was met with a translucent, watery scent that was about as tangible as trying to swallow sunlight. This scent is as clear as glass, but lacks depth. It's shallow more than still. I like cold clarity, whiteness, and sunshine, but I like to be able to smell it, too. Kind of turned me off from this house as I have a strange feeling all of their scents are very translucent - even the men's cologne. Beautiful presentation, but lacking in depth.

If you are more of a sheer, skinscent person, I think this would be an excellent choice, as it's very skin-loving. But not very pronounced.

Oh well. :-)

Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome by Lybarra118 2014-08-27

I think I've just found my favorite rose scent - my second favorite being Bvlgari Rose Essentielle EDP.
Both have a fantastic berry sweetness, but to me, Midnight Rose is less thick and jammy, and the rose is surprisingly more dominant.

It's also not as sweet as I expected from reading the main accord ratings, which I think are a bit mixed up in the listing. I get rose, sweet, soft spicy, fruity, vanilla, woody - in that order. The berry comes out straight away but only lasts strongly for the first hour and a half, give or take, before it mingles equally with the rose.

Now, it took about two hours for me to get the smooth, delicious vanilla, but once it hits, it's head turning. And I'm talking about my head. I keep trying to smell myself.

This has the uniqueness of being both cool (from the deep, bitter rose) and warm (from the vanilla and juicy raspberry). It's the best of both worlds. I'm in shock and awe.
What a beauty!

Long lasting - 8+hours and projection is fantastic. Would probably be loud if sprayed too much.

Madly Kenzo! Kenzo by drikaquinze 2014-08-27

Well, I sprayed this scent on a paper, and it smelled weard - weard, but great.
I bought the 1oz bottle yesterday. When I tryed this on my skin, if smelled like baby powder all along. :(
Maybe Kenzo fragrances doesn't go with my body chemistry.

Sel de Vetiver The Different Company by sophiesmystery 2014-08-27

I love the sea, but am usually disappointed by so-called 'ocean' scents.

Sorry, there are no flowers in the sea, nor do I smell anything remotely floral in the ocean.

The sea has a strong scent - it's not milky or watery.

This is not the fragrance for those that like translucent aquatics. This is the smell of the sea in the winter, or late spring - before the crowds, when a little mist still hovers on the horizon.

Vetiver is an omnipotent presence throughout this beautiful, complex scent. It has a tang to it, like kaffir lime leaves steaming in curry broth. It's sensual, salty, grassy, wild - the sensation of walking through the wild grasses and sage on the cliffs above the ocean.

Geranium adds a spicy greenness, cardamon the spice of sand. In the end, the powdered wood of iris - smoky gray, thick like the violet fog of a long twilight - makes a subtle, slow appearance. The ylang ylang got mixed in with the vetiver somewhere.

I love this, not because it tries to be the sea, but because it captures the essence of the sea. The movement, the way the sun changes the colors of the water, the heavy clouds fragrant with salt, the loamy sand, the black and copper rocks, the golden birds plucking crabs from the tide pools. It's woody, verdant, and full of emerald notes - there's not a hint of glistening turquoise waters here. This is a pewter sea, where the shallows are just slightly touched with green, a sea hidden by tall cliffs, trees, and wild herbs.

John Varvatos Oud John Varvatos by viqar_abbas143 2014-08-27

Can any one suggest me the best perfume of John Varvatos I want to buy for the first time so I cant decide that what Flavor I should select, could any one suggest me the name Please.

Third Eye Chakra Oil April Aromatics by rschmidt65 2014-08-27

This stuff is not fragrance. I'm not sure why it's been included on this site. I love the fragrances from this line so I bought the chakra set thinking I would be getting things that smelled good and maybe had some healing properties. The emphasis is very much the other way around. These are powerful remedies that have a pleasant odor. They have pretty much low to no sillage. This one in particular I couldn't smell anything at all. But, it did help with my sinus headache.
Now, I am one of these new age-y types who's into yoga, homeopathic remedies and biodynamic farming so I'm really happy with the set even though it wasn't what I expected.
If you're looking for amazing fragrances that might just be good for you, consider the fragrances from this line and leave the chakra set to crunchy types.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel by katiesimpsonhair 2014-08-27

I like this one its lovely but not my favourite. It is quite sharp with citrus but dries down to a nice soft smell of Jasmine / patchouli. I love it but i can smell it on so many people it puts me off. I ll stick to my known fave Chanel Chance.

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle by ularewolf 2014-08-27

I've had a decant of this for months now, and before today I only sprayed it maybe twice, and it wasn't really doing it for me. So today I was like, "Okay, I'm gonna do four sprays." and WOW, what a difference!

This definitely has a Shalimar vibe which I love, but unlike how it's been neutered in the current Shalimar, I can smell the civet in this one. It has a urine vibe for a little bit but then blends down into a smooth, soft, pleasing scent. (although I'm weird and kinda like the urine vibe)

It's such a smooth blend, and it's really hard to pick out the notes minus the civet, but I do detect cinnamon, cloves were there for maybe 20 minutes and of course I smell the vanilla.

Wearing this makes me want a bottle now, but it also reminds me that I could get a vintage Shalimar for cheaper, or even Tom Ford's Noir to get a fragrance that is similar. But who knows, I'll probably end up buying all three eventually, they're all great fragrances! :)

EDIT: Just got my Labdanum 18 sample ordered, looking forward to see how similar these two are.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Musky4 2014-08-27

Okay, here is my second review of Black Opium. I have been wearing this for a few days now and love that initial spray, that burst of rich, sweet fragrance. However, and this is a BIG however… it lasts on me for a matter of minutes, literally, before fading to a very weak, nondescript skin-scent and disappearing altogether. It reminds me of the experience I had with Hugo Deep Red, where the beautiful scent I get initially just fades into a watery nothingness within minutes. I have other perfumes which to me have a similar 'feel' or vibe as Black Opium, such as Black XS for example, but that have much better lasting power and projection on me. So I'm glad I got a sample of this to try out, but because of my disappointment I now think it's unlikely I'd shell out for a full bottle. What a shame, so much potential but such poor quality it would seem. At least with LVEB you get tremendous quality, sillage and longevity.

Incandessence Lumiere Avon by TheAnastasia 2014-08-27

I got this recently and when I applied it, it reminded me of something right away, but I couldn't figure it out. I still consider myself as a beginner in discovering perfumes and distinguishing different notes and getting to know my nose. Only when I saw notes here, it hit me - jasmine. Pure, beautiful jasmine. That is why it reminded me of Alien by Thierry Mugler. I had a sample of Alien last summer as well as a month ago I got to try Alien Extraordinaire and it has something form the latter as well - it's a bit cold and fresh. Of course it is not as high quality as those, but still the jasmine note on me is as intense.
Needless to say that I love it! But for some unknown reason the sillage and longevity on me is moderate, although most of the perfumes last longer than on the others!

Valentino Uomo Valentino by texas_forrest 2014-08-27

Absolutely love the fragrance.

Disappointed with the contents of the bottle vs. the sample which was much stronger and far more long lasting

Chance Chanel by katiesimpsonhair 2014-08-27

This is one i used to wear when i was younger and going out. It is nostalgic for me and smells amazing. I would say it is more of a night time fragrance but can wear in the day. This scent is very distinctive and sexy Im so glad i have re purchased this after so many years and is certainly a woman's fragrance.

Alien Thierry Mugler by wendyangeln 2014-08-27

Aptly named.

I refuse to believe that this is made in France. Unless France is in space. I don't know if it's because I expected it to smell extraterrestrial because of the name, but there is absolutely NO way at all that there is only amber+jasmine+woods in this. What do you take me for, Thierry? Do you take me for a fool? Maybe some space-woods, then.

Alien is heavy but airy. Um, what? YES. Yes indeedy, pumpkin seedy. The jasmine is intense, as is that indecipherable Alien accord, but there's a definite floaty quality to it. It floats not because it is light, but because it is from Mars. Obviously. I can't even decide if I like it! I'm just like lowkey OBSESSED with it, that's all. This must be what it's like to be on drugs 0_o

I'm telling y'all, Mugler is importing space water and selling it to us in space bottles. But that's none of my business.

P.S. I got 90ml. This means I'm set for about three generations, n'est-ce pas?

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by moniote 2014-08-27

Well a new Fruitchouly ..a perfect clone of La Vie est Belle ! ...why? Oh why ...

Clinique Happy Clinique by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-08-27

I get a burnt rubber smell with this, anyone else?

Timeless Avon by HeavyBeatsUK 2014-08-27

I still remember this lingering around from when I was 7 years old in about 1989 at the house where I got my cat from. I remembered it and then when I smelled it on someone at work, I just HAD to know what it was called and it was Timeless. Beautiful fragrance.

Tsar Van Cleef & Arpels by Mr.Bobby.N 2014-08-27

I understand how some people notice the 'YSL JAZZ' reference in the opening of this fragrance, but it's much greener in my opinion. The dry-down (especially on one's clothing) is fantastic. This is where TSAR shines over JAZZ... it's much smoother, cleaner & refined to me.

TSAR is one of my favorite classic greens.

SILLAGE: moderate.
LONGEVITY: very good.
SCENT: green/pine/tobacco.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

Fleurs de Gardenia Creed by lovesky 2014-08-27

It wasn't love at first sight! Looking at the notes, I thought that I won't like this perfume. I tried it on my skin and the opening was awful. After 10 minutes I smelled it again on my skin and I fell in love! Flowery, light, innocent, with a slight sweetness - just the way I love my perfumes to be. It's a great fragrance for casual summer days. I don't detect any patchouli.

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by imanpower 2014-08-27

amouage quality ....

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by Germany 2014-08-27

Ok , ok you girls have a point,,,, compared to the orig opium this is a different type of scent and I do agree YSL should have given it a different name and not to be associated with opium because I believe it would get a lot more love that way.
It truly is a great scent girls, have you worn it for an entire day? I believe some of you wrote it right off because it doesn't have that classic feel of the original let alone anything in common with the original classic spice bomb of the 80 s ! This one is geared to the younger crowed for sure.
I totally love it and I am getting it all the way from Spain,,,, that's HOW much I like it.
But in defense of your reviews I do agree its odd to have this as an Opium flanker, as it should be called YSL Café Ole or cafe lait something rather ,,,, I love it as you see in my review but I also agree and knew it would get bad reviews due to its name associated to Opium !
I really like the black bottle :) but I wish they had added musk to the scent to amplify that cedar note to make this a creamy coffee rather than a milky one, that's my only complaint! Maybe next year the intense version has that added feature ;) I would love it !

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by imanpower 2014-08-27

70euro :D

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle by frag-overdose 2014-08-27

I never think that I would love this one.
It's hard to source Frederic Malle in Malaysia,
therefore many of them were bought blind,
well... solely based on reviews I would say.
But after my first try, I knew, I had to own
a bottle of this. I'd go the 100ml right away.

I don't get the clove that much, all
I get is straight ahead sweet, warm vanilla
with a little hint of spice. Also, I don't
think this fragrance is terribly ravageur
because it's rather tame, the seduction is
rather subtle than devastating.

Certainly this is one of the best offerings from
Frederic Malle. Legendary...

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by lovetribe 2014-08-27


1881 Cerruti by HeidiLynn 2014-08-27

Cerruti 1881. I’d never heard of it until a generous Fragrantican opened her wardrobe for a giveaway of decants, and I was the lucky recipient. The notes intrigued me as a floral scent like nothing I’d seen before—and indeed, this is a floral scent like nothing I’ve smelled before.

It is quite herbal, especially to start with; the chamomile and I think sandalwood create a dreamy, relaxing scent that is crisp and warm at the same time. It almost has a fougere feel to it. It is slightly masculine; I find it appealing in a similar way to a bergamot note (although it doesn’t smell like bergamot—just a similar “feel”). Shortly thereafter, at about 20 minutes, I can smell a lightly indolic fruity-sweetness that I believe is the mimosa—a bright yellow hay-like floral, unpretentious and somehow pastoral. There is also a faint powdery, rooty smell—it’s the iris, I’m sure, smelling as it always does to my nose a bit like orris root. There is a light muskiness at the first hour, and the other notes are fading into the background.

It smells like clean but lived in skin: a woman who just returned from a walk in the country, running her hands through the tops of tall grasses and wildflowers, and who is now hanging the morning’s laundry on a line in the bright golden sun and fresh breeze. This is so incredibly calming to me, it would be perfect for a day off without any worries in the world; not a good fit for my busy day at work!

Sillage is fair, longevity quite poor, sadly; it is fading on my skin after less than 2 hours. A great scent for those wanting to add a “floral” to the wardrobe but who dislike more traditional floral compositions; especially for those who lean toward slightly masculine scents, or who enjoy a more herbal or fougere style. Even with the poor longevity, I may hunt up a full bottle!

EDIT: Ok, it's been more like 4 hours and while the scent is faint, it's not as faint as I'd thought. It rises up periodically--especially if I get moisture on my skin, washing my hands etc. It is not as complex, and seems to be more of just a simple musk, but a musk with a dryness that I associate with aldehydes. Interesting, and still good, this scent is growing on me.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by hossein_gi 2014-08-27

it never fits to men. when ever i used to it i had's smell like heavy garden and not really good smell.i have never expected this one from Hermes.

Clinique Happy Clinique by sphynx97 2014-08-27

Because of the popularity, I decided to try Happy by Clinique.
I thought in the spear of the moment, what can be wrong with a clean scent? Oh well...
I did not smell the bottle, I was in a rush. So just sprits my arm 2 times and left.

Now I am left with a awful smell. What I can notice is that Happy isn't so happy on my skin...

Do not even slightly go with my chemistry. (The reason why I hate this perfume!)
Just dry almost powdery musk. Nothing else!

So I can not give a "good" review.
So I am just going to ask u to try it before buying ^_^

Coffee O Boticario by LaurieD 2014-08-27

I like this fragrance very much. Unfortunately, it doesn't smell of coffee at all on my skin, but the effect is very good nonetheless. It's sweet, but not in a nauseating way (I don't like sweet, girly fragrances), and pretty spicy.

You should definitely try it on your own skin for a whole day, though. It tends to smell incredibly differently from skin to skin - on a friend of mine, it was pure coffee; on another, it smelt like some excessively sweet Aquolina fragrance. Also, it lasts a whole day on me, and only a couple of hours on one of my friends.

Aigner N°1 Oud Etienne Aigner by misstral 2014-08-27

I tested it yesterday in Douglas. Incredible fragrance! Very warm and sensual. The oud and incense remind nice and familiar combination of already M7 and Ferrari Essence Oud. I recommend this one to every oud lovers!

Amber Oud Parfums de Nicolaï by s.alswayeq 2014-08-27

عطر عنبر عود من بارتيشا نكولاي
كم احب تدليل نفسي بهذا العطر المتقن

عطر ياخذ لرحلة الى تلك الارض اي ارض؟ الى تلك الارض التي ابتسمت بالربيع المخضر والاعشاب الباعثة للاسترخاء والتي تشعر انك على قيد الحياة! ،تلك الأعشاب امتزجت بلمسات العنبر الدافئ وكانه اشراقه شمس ذلك اليوم الربيعي التي ايفضت اشعتها تلك الاعشاب لتعلب دورها! ذلك كله مزج مع العود الرقيق الناعم المخملي بمشاركة ناعمة ايضا من الروائح السويتيه من الفانيلا والتونكا لتضفي على العطر لمسة باردة ولمسة انيقه جدا وكانها ذلك الهواء الربيعي الذي تسنتشقه بمعمق عندما يهب مداعبا حواسك يخالط ذلك شعور بتواجد الروائح المسكية الحسية لاحقا التي تزيد من جاذبية هذا العطر المتقن وتجعل من تلك الرحلة، رحلة عاطفية لاتنسى

المقدمه تواجد مقبول وغير مزعج لنوتات الاعشاب لاتقلق حول التصويت الاعلى للخزامي فهو ليس حاد في هذه بخلاف عطر كارون الرجالي الاخضر المشهور فنوته الخزامي تختلف كثيرا

قلب العطر تواجد فخم للعود الذي يشاركه العنبر من القاعدة، العود لمسته ناعمة بقية المكونات في قلب العطر ليست بارزه بشكل واضح يفسد رحلة العطر الرائعه وانما لمسات رائعه قد تلمح بعضها وقد لاتمحس البعض الاخر

قاعدة العطر: ستجد اكثر مكون سبق مكونات القاعدة والقلب ولربما ايضا الافتتاحية العنبر الموزون المتقن الذي وضف بشكل لايجعل العطر عطراً شتويا بل عطر صالح لكل الفصول.
ستلمح ربما المسك سواء مسك فارة المسك او المسك المخلق، بجانب اللمسات الناعمة لروائح السويت من الفانيلا والتونكا الرائعه

من وجهة نظري سينال العطر اعجاب محبي الاروما الناعمه بجانب لمسات العود والعنبر والفانيلا بشكل انيق جدا
وهي فرصة لمحبي العنبر من تجربة عطر عنربي ناعم بطريقة مختلفة نوعا

ابدعت حقيقة مصممه العطر في توظيف تلك النوتات، فتوظيف الاعشاب مع المكونات الثقيلة كالعنبر والعود امر ليس بالهين

يستحق 9.5/10 لجمال الرائحه
الثبات والفوحان ممتاز ومرضي جدا

طالما وصلت هنا لاتنس ذكر الله والصلاة على النبي
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

My Burberry Burberry by Radchick 2014-08-27

My Burberry smells very floral in the bottle but on the skin morphs into a much sweeter warmer scent. This is a rather heavy sweet citrusy rose-based floral on me. The patchouli is not very pronounced but is noticeable and adds a depth that would not be there otherwise. I find the bottle to be gorgeous and I wish I loved the scent as much as the bottle. I find that I prefer my patchouli without sweetness so for me there is too much sweet citrus to love this.

Dior Homme Intense Dior by joshualim90 2014-08-27

I am having a Feb 2014 batch (4P01), longevity and sillage is definitely an issue. In stores they are selling both 2014 and 2013 ones, so please do check the batch codes out before buying.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent by meama 2014-08-27

Ha extraordinary Opium, it was a wonderful perfume before passing by L'Oreal. Make a flanker to a perfume that stay mythical is a really tricky thing and I was intrigued. The result? It's just sad ... this is the zero level of creation, a copy of La Vie est Belle with coffee usurping a legendary name. It is appalling of uninhibited mediocrity. I know that lVeB is their Bestseller but are reason enough to use the name of YSL and massacred his credibility? All this just to avoid having to pay again Julia Roberts and her dentist?
So here, in a cheap black plastic bottle with straw (I invent nothing) you have a flanker of La vie est Belle. It holds very well and disseminates widely, it is a common unfortunate characteristic to this kind of horror. A radioactive jam able to knock out an entire subway car.
He who loved make women beautiful.
RIP dear Yves (even if they spit on your grave).

Fidji Guy Laroche by Yohji 2014-08-27

Vintage Fidji got a special place in my memory. I mean wearing vintage Fidji I can be transferred to that memorable place, its small European town (nothing tropical in Fidji to me, as tropical to me means sweet and coconuty, lol) near Baltic Sea, where tall pines can reach the sky and the sand is golden and waves are blue, where wind, just as being a perfumer itself, shakes the crowns of the pines and throws full palms of white sand into the sea. While you are sitting by the shore with eyes closed, totally intoxicated by the beauty of that dry sunny day, by pines and dunes, by brightness of the sun, by Fidji.

Its strange how was possible to creat such a strong visual effect of sea and sun and woodiness working mainly with hiacynts , galbanum and oakmoss *rolled eyes*


Solinotes Vanille Arno Sorel by catrina13 2014-08-27

Having sampled a box full of vanilla decants, this ended my search. Sweet, pure, soft, comforting yummy vanilla. I wear it alone, and layered. It always gets compliments. I wear perfume for me - as aromatherapy, and this one just makes me happy I find myself reapplying during the day (and night), sillage is soft, but that's ok because the price is low. I just bought 2 backups and will always have a stockpile because I never want to run out!

Taylor Taylor Swift by llburris 2014-08-27

The first time I tried this I loved it. Yeah it might be pretty generic but it made me feel happy to smell it swarming about my body. I put it on this morning though, and an hour later I cannot smell a thing. I so wish that it had longer, MUCH LONGER, longevity.

Sensuous Estée Lauder by ira.singhal 2014-08-27

I got this as a gift in a mini set of 5 Estee Lauder perfumes. At the onset, all I could smell was Sandalwood and since I come from the main land of Sandalwood, it was a complete turn-off for me! Everything out here comes in Sandalwood so for me this isn't a special note. After 5 minutes, I got the woody-peppery floral note but the sandalwood was still there. It is a nice elegant perfume, but I would just not recommend this to anyone who is from India! I love my pens and the incense in my house to smell of Sandalwood , but I draw the line at perfume. However, for anyone else, I'd say its a soft, elegant inoffensive long lasting fragrance which would suit any time of the day in any type of weather. Perfect for office wear [just please don't wear it to an office in India!]. This doesn't draw attention but makes you feel fresh and happy all the same. Overall, a good buy even for a gift. [again, I repeat, just not for Indians!]

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Houdini4 2014-08-27

Oh dear Guerlain what have you done here?
This is so far off the mark it's unbelievable, very disappointing.
L'Homme Ideal takes generic to the next level but even that statement makes it sound too really isn't.
As soon as I got my nose on the top notes I knew it was a tiresome tonka bean and super sweet almond which goes too far and makes the whole thing a creamy, powdered mess. That's not the whole story though because it does have some interesting notes poking through that main accord like orange blossom. I say 'interesting' but entirely ill conceived in my opinion, it's like curdiling fizzy soda and milk...doesn't work.
I think what they're trying to achieve is the delicate suede like feel of something like VC&A Midnight in Paris but fails miserably and becomes more like Burberry Brit Rhythm or some other bland Tonka release of late.
It's got a strength to it though I'll give it that but it's that synthetic, aroma chemical strength not due to high quality ingredients just unrelenting innovation meaning longevity was good.
Anyone would think I didn't like tonka bean but that's not the case at all, just rare to find a truly good one with complimentary notes.
Yeah so it's not a good outing from Guerlain in my opinion, which is a shame because I was anticipating this one.

J`Adore L`Or Dior by Riley33 2014-08-27

An update to my previous review. After wearing this for a full day I realized that it was just too sweet for me. It seemed to sweeten on me as the day wore on and it's rather sweet right out of the gate! While I appreciate this can be a beautiful fragrance for some, especially if applied with a light touch. It's just not right for me.

Versace Pour Homme Versace by parfumfreak76 2014-08-27

the best amongst the rest .it has become my signature lasts on my clothes even after wash .it has a soul of its own,perfect in all respect

A*Men Pure Wood Thierry Mugler by Fábio Condé 2014-08-27

Thierry Mugler should give lessons to other brands how to do flankers, but it is easy to understand because the brand is positioned as specializing in perfume, as fluff niche, as the creations and how it is marketed.
A beautiful woody since opening and like all TM, sweet but not nearly as heavy and somewhat versatile.
Half vanilic that turns into semi bitter caramel, the intense presence of the oak, which besides giving the touch of wood, dried the sweet touch, feel something spicy along, but of course the mugler dna appears with a little patchouli.
Woody-textured and creamy, the aroma brings me this feeling, I feel a slight boozy vibe, refers to me Amouage Interlude only without incense and amber without being too heavy as Amouage, need I say more?

Infusion d'Iris Prada by Julie Billi 2014-08-27

Fresh perfume that gives you a clean feeling like just got out of the shower...
A bit strong powdery opening a little disturbing for my nose, but soon turning to a soft clean magic smell from heaven.... A future summer perfume for me....

Declaration L'Eau Cartier by dessso 2014-08-27

Not bad, it has the Declaration DNA with the typical cumin/caraway note that I do not find pleasant. But the rest is fine. It smells like 50% Declaration with added 40% fresh grapefruit and 10% pink pepper

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by Ivano 2014-08-27

I know @atimix that samples don't spray the same amount as a normal bottle, that's obvious, but I also tried a new 100 ml bottle at Sephora another day where it's one of the top selling fragrances and the same thing happened, it has little to do with the fragrance that I bought in December 2011, in smell, in projection and in longevity. I've tried it at least three times in the recent months thinking in buying a second bottle to replace the one I bought in December 2011 but since the fragrance is so weak in comparison I'm reluctant of buying it. I'm waiting to smell the EdP and if I don't like it I'll buy Edition Blanche, but reformulated Bleu is not worth it in my opinion. It's a pity since I loved this fragrance.

Shalimar Souffle de Parfum Guerlain by sensuous@midnight 2014-08-27

I wanted to love this one so badly because I love all the Shalimar and all its flankers I've tried so far. so I have this one on my wrist now. what I can smell is some fizzy tangerine beverage, and white musk. absolutely not the gorgeous Shalimar vanilla we all know. to me it is very (VERY) slightly reminiscent of Shalimar PI. and overall a big disappointment. this is so different from the original Guerlain masterpiece, I just don't see the point of calling it Shalimar! I was a 100% sure I would purchase this one. I'm terribly sad to say I won't.

Diamonds and Rubies Elizabeth Taylor by pretty mini collector 2014-08-27

For me, Diamonds and Rubies is much like Sun Moon Stars, except with a blast of powder. I am not usually a fan of overpowdery perfumes (I wore way too much Love's Baby Soft back in the day), but in Diamonds and Rubies, it works and it's irresistable! I am a bit disappointed that I don't get any of the fruit notes the other reviewers have experienced. But I'll take what I've got!

Fleurs de Gardenia Creed by nerskine 2014-08-27

It's gardenia with a twist. Not as heavy as pure gardenia; it's lifted with all the right notes (peony, pink pepper and other florals) to make it delightful. I don't smell the patchouli at all -- a good thing, as I generally don't like patchouli-dominant fragrances.

Pink Friday Nicki Minaj by gaga97 2014-08-27

seriously ?? why is everyone so into this perfume ?? it smells so cheap nothing new or special about it just like others boring supermarket fragrances if i had to choose pne world to describe it i would say cheap that's it

Red Sin Christina Aguilera by sugahuni 2014-08-27

A lovely fragrance, delight wear ♥♥♥

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