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John Galliano John Galliano by malencar 2014-10-20

EDP is a sexy and flirty scent! I dont get much insence ...definitely best for night time! Perfect for a Vampire ...not really unisex ...but not only for girls .... Very unique ... Very Galliano

Fantasy Britney Spears by Alexmover 2014-10-20

To each his own, that’s all I can say about fantasy.
As for me…Fantasy is similar to a one night stand you regret. It has nothing good about it but it follows you like a bad memory, or, like a Fantasy sillage.
This is headache in a bottle. It’s sweet, sticky and heavy. There is no depth or character in its sweetness. It’s not girly-I refuse to put this label on a perfume like Fantasy, it has no freshness, no lightness, and no fun-flirty notes to it. It smells, for a lack of a better term, like a stripper’s perfume, although I’m sure no stripper will ever use this, unless she wants her scent to stick like tape worm to her clients. This is so cheap, so tacky, so, so bad.
I would not recommend this to anyone. I wanted to like this one, the reviews seemed so promising describing it as a warm vanilla-raspberry- white chocolate cupcake all bottled up. But no, don’t be fooled. This smells like syntactic berries, the most low quality vanilla you can think of (think “fake hypnotic poison”.) and nauseating musk. I do not know what am I missing since it seem to be pretty popular. But as I said, to each his own is the only explanation. As for the bottle-I hate the little cheap crystals and the tacky pink. The only positive about it, which in not a positive in this case-it’s the longevity of this one. It stays. For hours.

Femme Rochas Rochas by smellysmellerson 2014-10-20

On my skin it starts out as an upper cut to the face of leather, plum, and wood jam with spice raining down on it. Then comes the herbal camphory men's shavey kind of smell(herbs, flowers, benzoin, spice). The cumin then sings a long raunchy bombastic love song for 10 to 15 minutes.
Femme has this odd green crispness that stays there far in the background for the duration of wear. I don't find it very soapy at all and if it is soapy that only lasts for about 15 mins. On me this gives a fresh effect for the duration of wear.
The dry down is smoky, leathery, and oakmossy on my skin with bright and dark fruit in the background supporting with help from the flowers, amber and spice. The benzoin adds cuddliness.

This is a scent for a woman who doesn't care what you think. She has her own vision. Dark from start to finish, dripping with wanton lust; it evokes the weak knees and clenched jaw of wrenching physical desire and it's conclusion. Femme also speaks to the bitterness that one might feel when that lust becomes more and perhaps one sided.

Nectar of Love April Aromatics by deadidol 2014-10-20

Nectar of Love pulls out the big guns and unleashes an exceptional blend of some of the line’s best ingredients. Like others from the brand, this is immense up front, but mellows considerably over course of an hour or so and goes through some fairly drastic transformations.

Starting up with an bang, this scent throws it all at you: tuberose, jasmine, sandalwood, spices, all over a balmy, semi-sweet base. Everything is tuned to the right pitch, and you can tell that this scent was crafted with some major attention to detail. The sweetness is kept in check, and the florals are kept from shining too brightly to keep from distracting too much. There are spices and a subtle citrus to help fill in the gaps while woody notes gradually make their way to the surface. The whole thing is beautifully articulated and synchronized.

With that said, it all-natural and so its going to function differently for different wearers based on the environment. I did find that this scent went through some radical shifts in the first hour with many of the florals dropping away to reveal subtle wood tones with perhaps a slight smoky facet as well. What's great about such transitions is that they keep the wearer engaged, but it could be seen as problematic in that the way the scent smells at the outset and the way it smells 30 minutes later are somewhat far removed. But even still, the blend itself is hugely appealing, and if it weren’t for Calling All Angels’ runaway success, I’d harbor that this reflects the line’s overall approach to multidimensional fragrances the best. Very nice indeed.

Rose L'Orange April Aromatics by deadidol 2014-10-20

I have a hard time with roses. I can handle them when they’re slightly bitter or somewhat buried in a blend, but stick a crappy damascone in front of me, and I’m toast. This one handles rose in a way that I can deal with: it’s got the slight bitterness of the otto, but it’s also somewhat blended, playing more of a supporting role than stealing the spotlight.

Upfront, you get a big candied orange with a slight chocolate/vanilla facet to it. It’s syrupy and thick, but steers clear of cloying sugary hell. Instead, it’s more narcotic and alluring—a powdery citrus gourmand that actually feels a little raunchy. There’s something visceral lurking in the shadows here—an indole or an ambrette perhaps—something that adds a hint of trouble in an otherwise innocuous sequence of notes. Like many other natural perfumes, this one opens loudly to maximize staying power—and it’s quite a loud blast upfront.

Thirty minutes in and it’s still pretty big, but the notes structure themselves a little more and it’s revealed that the orange is accented by white florals while the powdery presence is impeded by the slight bitterness of the rose. The whole thing feels somewhat edible, but more in the sense of an avant-garde savory/sweet desert. For an orange-dominant scent, it feels surprisingly transitional—I could picture it as a spring/summer affair, but the animal facet also gives it some moody attitude.

After about an hour or so, things have tamed down quite a bit, and what remains is an orangey vanilla that reads a tad too “popsicle” for my liking. Yet there’s something stemmy that’s brings texture and support to keep the scent from becoming a big ball of sweetness.

The development of this one is puzzling. The opening is where the scent seems to be at its most fleshed out with the gourmand orange aspect working in juxtaposition to the rose. But as it settles, it becomes increasingly candy-like—which feels paradoxical to me. I think after spending so much time with the orange chord, I’d be ready to welcome something more earthy and grounded, yet this kind of orange crème effect could certainly be well suited for some. However, I’d reiterate that the rose is more of a team player than a lead in this scent, and so this might not be the best representation of rose in the line (Rosenlust takes that award). But it’s handled nicely and without too much fanfare—which is sort of a relief.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by stacey_nay 2014-10-20

I don't know if I'm the wrong age or love in the wrong part of the world, but I don't remember Light Blue ever being especially popular. It's nice that I'm coming to this perfume fresh, without any negative connotations of over-saturation. I've just got a small decant bottle of this.
After spraying, I tried to work out which note was reminding me of a particular multipurpose cleaning spray we have in our house. I first thought it was the lemon, but then I realised that it was the apple. The apple in this scent (on my skin) is of the soft, sweet, synthetic variety - with none of the sharp tartness of the real thing. I don't think I could quite get past it enough to really enjoy this scent, although I honestly didn't dislike it. Apart from the apple and lemon, I also pick up some of the woody cedar. I've heard it said that this perfume is in a similar vein to CK One, but I don't find them at all similar - CK One is much sharper, fresher, and brighter on my skin - much less sweet.
Apparently the sillage (for me) is fairly large, as my partner noticed I was wearing a new perfume from a couple of metres away, and said he noticed it "wafting through the house." The longevity on my skin is moderate - I can smell traces of it on my skin now, about 6 hours after first application.

Visa 2007 Robert Piguet by MsBacall 2014-10-20

Everything NatWeb said and I quote: "If I was a spy, I would wear Visa. Understated and refined from first spray, it is possibly the most elegant fragrance I have ever smelled. It blends into the crowd quietly but don't mistake silence for meekness, this fragrance is determined. I love it. On me it's not overpoweringly sweet at all, it's gentle and slightly powdery with the sandalwood coming through. This is a fragrance for an intelligent, clever woman who travels the world, wears chic silk blouses, drinks fine wine with old friends, who laughs a slot and loves even more. Has made everything else I've ever smelled in my life seem cheap by comparison."

My thoughts exactly. This is my new favorite!!!

This was my first blind buy. I decided to purchase it due to the overwhelming amount of positive reviews. And holy hell, I'm glad I did.

This is a fragrance that takes time to develop. You probably won't like the top notes - I don't particularly care for them either. I find the opening to be overly soapy, almost like laundry detergent. However, after a minutes, the vanilla and leather begin to show through. Then as the dry-down occurs, Prada Amber becomes a clean, sensual, warm scent. It has just the right mix of soapiness and smokiness to keep it from being too offensive. The clean, classy accords are suited for formal attire and date nights. It can also work as an office scent, as long as you're okay with your coworkers giving you some extra attention.

The longevity is very impressive. The first time I wore Prada Amber, I applied one spray to my chest, then one to my wrist and rubbed it in (I prefer to keep a relatively small scent bubble around me). This juice lasted me a good 10 hours. I could still smell it on my wrist after a long day on the town with friends.

The projection is above average, so be cautious when applying. Although you probably won't offend anyone with this cologne, it's best not to cloud everyone's senses within a ten-foot radius. If worn properly, you'll receive quite a few compliments while wearing this juice, especially from the fairer sex. So be prepared to turn heads and garner a few smiles.

Basically, this stuff is pure elegance in a bottle. Prada Amber Pour Homme is a fantastic fragrance that should be in every man's collection.

Scent: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Projection: 8/10
Versatility: 6/10
Overall: 8/10

Lady Vengeance Juliette Has A Gun by Ruffienne 2014-10-20

Lady Vengeance isn't really as wicked as her name.

This one opens in a blast of synthetics, but it is strong and rich with rose and patch and the combination is attention getting, if not quite harmonious.

However the opening notes depart quite soon and the result is just another strong-ish rose-ish fragrance, not vengeful, but not overly original, either.

And it never entirely loses the artificial, slightly opressive quality it began with.

Pleasant enough, but not quite worthy of either the name or the hype.

Not one I would buy - I'm glad it's just a sample.

Taxi Cofinluxe by RobbieX 2014-10-20

To add...A linear but fabulous fresh spicy juice. Gorgeous silage here!

Lacoste Pour Femme Lacoste by evanda 2014-10-20

I love this perfume,
it feels fresh, soapy and little sweets,
but so sad this perfume had poor longevity,
lasting only 1 hour in my body

Fame Lady Gaga by thatgirl1269 2014-10-20

Absolutely fell in love with this fragrance from the moment I first sprayed it. My only criticism is that it doesn't have any longevity on me at all. Must be a body chemistry thing, but I still love the fragrance!

A Sports Man Estiara by mbothra1 2014-10-20

Similar to Chanel Allure Sport

A glorified copy of Versace The Dreamer, but with less character and dimension.

Lacoste Pour Femme Lacoste by georgequeue 2014-10-20

My brother gave mom this as a present eight years ago, and it was a blind buy. When she opened it, she absolutely loved it, and so did I!

Simply put, Lacoste Pour Femme is beauty and class in a bottle, an authentic masterpiece...ENOUGH SAID!!!

Sexual Sugar Daddy Michel Germain by Gordoso55 2014-10-20

Blind buy. I smell pralines with a little citrus. That's it.

Honey Marc Jacobs by llburris 2014-10-20

I'm going to try to make this short. First spray......punched in the face with Lemon Pledge. *blink* I thought this was going to be about HONEY?????? The next layering was pear. Linear pear...EVEN THE pledge was gone. I never got one of the honey smells or even the honeysuckle smell!!!!! This was my first and last Marc Jacobs buy. Something just kept telling me no when I'd go over every review......GRRRRR

Halloween Jesus Del Pozo by MAGF1993 2014-10-20

A nice girly scent, a little bit sweet but not too much, a little bit fresh, but also a little bit powdery and warm, perfect for every occasion, not to strong, not to soft. It's a nice one for me.
I can't really figure out what it smells like because I know nothing about flowers, but it smells nice and not super duper soapy.

Ok, just got this one in the mail so quick first impressions...

Yes, this one lives up to the hype and all the recommendations. Gorgeous natural creamy lime on top of boozy, slightly smoky green notes and woody vetiver. Wow. I can see this being really versatile too. Exceptional Guerlain quality and blending with great longevity. So far this one is a big thumbs up.

Ambre Topkapi MDCI Parfums by allen.bwoy 2014-10-20

the first time i sampled this i envisioned a mansion, a water fountain, extreme luxury and the most beautiful woman i have never seen. This was months ago, i later realized i think thats just the way certain bergamot combinations mix with my skin. 8/10

Smoke for the Soul By Kilian by Mikeyd 2014-10-20

Smells like weed

Endless Love Victoria`s Secret by merlzv 2014-10-20

I'm trying to look for a similar scent to this VS endless love but a more creamy powdery smell.

Pure Honey Kim Kardashian by heather62 2014-10-20

I really love the scent of honey so I thought this might be a good match for me. Went to Burlington to smell a tester because they typically have testers of celebrity fragrances. They did, I tried it, and I liked it so much. However, they can't keep it on the shelves!! I ended up having to order it online but I got it for under $26 and free shipping.

The smell is just like honey. It's lovely. I'm thrilled with it.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by crypticat 2014-10-20

This is Chanel Allure Sport Extreme with a smaller dollop of tonka. Pretty mellow. Lasts forever on a test strip but less so on skin. Pleasantly fresh citrus.

Badgley Mischka Badgley Mischka by lcommisso 2014-10-20

I love the spicy opening, and then it turns to fermented peaches. Looking at the reviews, it seems like body chemistry is a huge factor here.

Loewe 7 Loewe by THEBEAST 2014-10-20



Terre d'Hermes Hermes by THEBEAST 2014-10-20

BUT, Not my cup of tea.





Sushi Imperiale Bois 1920 by allen.bwoy 2014-10-20

When i smell the mandarin orange i'm thinking wow i love this, when i smell the star anise, I'm thinking, eh... star anise. I'm on the fence whether i'll buy the bottle, but the bottle itself will probably be what pushes me to get it. 7.5/10

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by hippiechick13 2014-10-20

A provocative perfume that radiates refinement. I always envision Grace Kelly with a chignon, tailored pants, a cashmere sweater over a men's white shirt with the cuffs rolled up to the elbows, and oxfords curled on a couch with tortoise shell spectacles gazing at a book by a fire. A highball of top shelf whiskey nearby. It is luxurious, but it is also a little different, and so those with left of centre tastes and sensibilities will love it.

Once it calms down, it is a sumptuous vanilla tinged with fragrant cigar smoke (in a gorgeous way) and spice. Sunshine in that whiskey, melting snow. Autumn bonfire.

Classy, confident, sexy, mysterious, but not aloof. Wants to be touched and tasted.

Monsieur Musk Houbigant by keisterfeaster 2014-10-20

I have loved this stuff since I was a teen and into my 20's. It was discontinued in my 20's and I've always wished I could find another bottle. Imagine my surprise when I do a lil research online and find out that's it's back in production! I've heard the formulation has changed and if it has it hasn't changed very much. If I had a bottle of the original and did a comparison with Dana's reproduction I might find some differences but it smells the way I remember and I'm so happy to have Monsieur Musk in my arsenal, even if Houbigant isn't making it anymore.

It smells very clean and classy. Masculine. I'm not great with identifying individual notes but I never noticed tobacco in the mix, which is included in the notes up top in the description. Definitely worth a blind buy if you like clean, masculine musk scents. I used to get compliments on this when I wore it but I wore it mainly for myself.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by THEBEAST 2014-10-20




Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace by mikemuscles21 2014-10-20

Its more fresh and not as heavy as TF. Versace frags seem more fresh to me. They have managed to do Oud in a 'light/fresh" way in my opinion...
That's the main difference between this and the other mainstream oud frags imo

Hommage a L'Homme Lalique by jhitt793 2014-10-20

A sensual, masculine and comforting fragrance by Lailique, Hommage a l'Homme is an instant classic. A beautiful blending of both violet blossom and violet leaf open the fragrance invitingly. Violet flower with it's gentle powdery sweetness contrasts the earthy, oily violet leaf. Black pepper and saffron add a much needed piquant accord, embuing the fragrance with warmth and spice. A depth and smokiness is created by the inclusion of oud. It is used here to great effect in my opinion, balanced expertly and never overpowering. Tonka bean, with its coumarin facets, blends the fragrances smoothly as if a paintbrush blending colors against a canvas. A honey-like ambery note adds a final touch of warmth via the inclusion of labdanum resin. I absolutely love this fragrance for autumn as it has an inclination to suffuse its wearer and those lucky enough to be close by with ardor. (163)

So I just purchased a bottle of Kouros and couldn't wait to try it. Unwrapped it as soon asI got in my car and sprayed on the back of my hand .Inhaled deeply and wow...this smells familiar.Got home and sprayed my other hand with Vermeil. Wouldn't you know it , there almost identical. Vermeil has a louder opening so I smelled it throughout the evening from one hand to the other and the middle notes and dry down are almost identical. Beautiful my friends, enjoy!

Dahlia Divin Givenchy by Jenny-Rebecca 2014-10-20

A lush woody floral. Depth and substance without being too cloying. The plum as the top note is the perfect opening to this long lasting woody floral. A spritz or two is perfect for the office while using in higher quantities also makes it great for a night out.

Fragrant. Lush. Fruity woody floral.

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace by allen.bwoy 2014-10-20

I like the smell of Oud, i just don't like Oud fragrances on me, this and Creed Royal Oud are exceptions. 7.5/10

Overrated. Horrible opening, dry down is better on paper than on my skin. I believe its the Caraway or Coriander that ruins it for me. 6.5/10

Pure DKNY Donna Karan by lorililly 2014-10-20

I had this perfume, and intellectually, it is a very lovely fragrance. Unfortunately, since scent is closely associated with events in one's life,I can't enjoy it anymore. I was going through a difficult time and the scent of this nauseates me and brings back a flood of anxiety and turmoil. I don't know if others have had this experience, but this as well as Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body works are just a little too much for me. I recognize it instantly.

Wow! A masterpiece indeed!
Starts citrusy/tangy, refreshing but different from the usual top notes. Civet, Maybe? This initial smell is quickly surrounded and overpowered by a slightly powdery and exquisite sweet accord that unlikely the current releases, isn't vulgar or boring. I consider it a cosy yet sexy fragrance, without loosing a refinement aura. The combination of carnation, jasmine and vanilla is delicious and the addition of benzoin gives it strength and richness. A fragrance not to be forgotten!

Palimpsest Aftelier by Bab 2014-10-20

Wow. This is gorgeous. It's sexy too. It's smooth cashmere and light ambery honey notes up front with soft peach making a slow delicious appearance and before you know it, the most lovely blend of jasmine and Ylang ylang join the bouquet and stay, and stay.....all made even more luscious by the oudy fire tree and ambergris base. I've not ever smelled firetree on its own but I give this perfume the award for being the most beautiful and sexy natural perfume to come out this year. Midnight in the garden of Eden? oh yeah...and more. It has great silage and staying power as well.

For the person who asked where to buy it, you can buy it at Aftelier.

Chypre Palatin MDCI Parfums by allen.bwoy 2014-10-20

Feminine, Grandma fragrance. 5.5/10

Fetish: Voodoo Opus Oils by thomkallor 2014-10-20

I don't want to damn this with faint praise, but my scent vocabulary still isn't up to par. This one is DAMN spicy! Hot! Very sexy! I smell lots of cinnamon, incense, and pepper...very nice! Lurking deep within....something animalic....

Reveal Calvin Klein by archivist 2014-10-20

This is SUCH a flashback to the late 80s! It smells soooo close to Benetton Colors (I haven't smelled it since the 1980s, it may have changed since then) that it kind of rocked me back on my feet because the familiarity took me by surprise, like seeing your big 8th grade crush in the grocery store, untouched by the passage of time. Then it kind of reminds me of the original formulation of Gucci Rush. It's definitely retro, in an 80s throwback kind of way. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was actually designed back then and is the perfume formula equivalent of new old-stock.

Blue Santal Comme des Garcons by Lana148 2014-10-20

So, Comme des Garcons took some good-old sandalwood and made it "cool" again.

Starts strong: lots of pine, juniper and pepper on the beginning, that makes this fragrance appear cold and super fresh. Dry down - clean, warm a little powdery sandalwood.

I love how this blend has fine texture to it. Some pine or sandalwood fragrances feel thick and oily. I know CdG uses synthetics to make their fragrances, but they sure know how to do it right. Also, I know this fragrance claims to be unisex but I would prefer smelling it on a man.

New Haarlem Bond No 9 by archivist 2014-10-20

Very sweet and milky coffee. I don't get *anything* green out of this at all. Lasts forever.

Tonka Imperiale Guerlain by archivist 2014-10-20

This is a lovely almond - the best almond I've smelled yet, including Escale a Portofino, Cinema, SL Rahat Loukoum, Hypnotic Poison, Louve, and others. I tried it from a dab vial instead of a spray, so I cannot speak to its tenacity or projection (often vastly improved by being sprayed rather than dabbed) but the fundamentals of the scent are outstanding.

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes by courant 2014-10-20

I come from a family of gardeners on my Mother's side, my Grandfather was a plantsman, a career gardener who learned his craft on a large estate in Ireland.
Garden smells are my stock in trade- Baptista, the beautiful Lippia, Geranium mac; these probably found their way to Jardin sur le toit and influenced the perfume quartet that is the Jardin series. I recently purchased Eau Narcisse Bleu but it does not stir me in the way that La Mousson and Le Toit do. I am a gardener, not a will-o'-the wisp; what I find irresistible, some actually think has a 'compost' smell. (Big grin) I was reminded yesterday that air temperature and humidity play an enormous part in how we perceive perfume; I found a perfume that had not won any significant brownie points to be a whole lot better in warmer weather. (It was Annick Goutal's Le Muguet) Last year the soft suede of Kelly Caleche in EDT was all I wanted in a Vegas heatwave, it was gorgeous. JSLT may be the best spring perfume in Vermont and the worst in Florida, stunning in Hobart and ratshit in Brisbane. Unlike Eau Narcisse this Hermes offers a busy palette, and perhaps was the forerunner to Jour d'Hermes, where Jean Claude Ellena gave us a veritable bouquet and said 'Choose your own Adventure'

This is nice. It's a very familiar white musk, with a pleasant soft leather plushness. It does not smell as complex or interesting as many Tom Fords, but it is certainly accessible and would be easy to wear.

Sweet plum liqueur - in Japan, it is called umeshu. This is not a summer-fresh plum, but a boozy and sweet concoction on a base of woods and resins. I wear a lot of scents that are considered unisex or masculine, but this one is something I'd absolutely love to smell on a man, rather than on myself. Not because I find it too masculine to wear, but because I think it would be even more delicious on a man's skin - I get a wonderful umeshu tart/sweet/dry smell out of this on the drydown and on the drier skin of a man I think those notes would be brighter and smoother, rather than sweet and sticky.

Touch for Men Burberry by istvan.buda.779 2014-10-20

Love this one, smells like an expensive soap . Violet leaf reminds me of the summer days of my childhood

Heaven Sent Dana by ceecee474 2014-10-20

I was hoping it still smelled like baby powder...that's how I remembered it from my youth, very sweet and powdery. Instead it smells like old cigarettes that have been in the ashtray for a few days. Gave it an hour and had to wipe it off. Bottle also pretty lame...the name stuck on a sticker which was very crooked.
Oh well. Very cheap, no big loss. On the bright side, also got Toujours Moi and it still smells lovely.

Fille en Aiguilles Serge Lutens by miracleborgtech 2014-10-20

Already on my top 10 list of all time favorites! Beautiful crisp balsam fir - the winter scent that evokes the soul of the season. Fir is the dominant note, but incense weaves a background accord with dark spices. Close your eyes and you are transported to every wonderful memory conjured from winters past - hikes in stately pine forests, Christmas Eve mass . . . Fille en Aigulles is ethereal bliss. My only complaint is that on my skin the silage and longevity are not strong. Good thing I got a bottle - I can spray to my heart's content!

I got this in a three pack with Va Va Voom (fantastic) and Strawberries and Champagne (horrible) because it was cheaper to get the three small bottles instead of risking it with a scent I might not have ended up liking as much on myself. I should have just gotten the big bottle of Va Va Voom, because this scent is no good at all.

It goes on smelling quite sour and tart, like SweeTarts or vitamin c tablets - Not a flattering scent, but not offensive, either. Then after ten minutes, it spoils horribly on my skin and starts to smell like SweeTarts with an undercurrent of rotting vegetables - Like a compost bin. Yikes. I guess my body chemistry just rejected it, because it smelled so bad. I had to scrub it off, too, because it refused to fade.

This is the fourth perfume by Parfums de Coeur that I've tried. I adored Vampire and Va Va Voom, but this one and Strawberries and Champagne are definitely not at all for me. The brand seems hit or miss... This one's a huge miss.

Boum Vanille Sa Pomme d'Amour Jeanne Arthes by perfumeaddiction 2014-10-20

I got this one but will be taking it back tomorrow. Not because it's terrible but because I think I most likely have several others on the same line. It's very sweet to my nose but not nauseatingly sweet. It just does not seem to suit me though because something is missing in it. Also I was hopeful as an Anthes this also would be a powerhouse but unfortunately it disappears very fast and has no real silage. I would suggest for those reasons alone pass if your considering a blind buy.

Scandalous Victoria`s Secret by 2014-10-20

One of my favorite fragrances at the moment! I was so excited for this fragrance, I plan on wearing it all winter. The combination of the raspberry and praline, with the floral peony make for a decandent cold weather scent. I feel sexy and a little naughty wearing it ;). Only a few things I would change....1. I wish it lasted a little longer. and 2. while the bottle is absolutely beautiful, I'm not a fan of puff atomizers, as I've had one leak in the past and I feel like they spray weakly, but we'll see how this one works out. Overall loooovvveee Scandalous!

Royal Water Lotus and Vanilla Musk Lucy B by FoxConfessor 2014-10-20

I have the roll-on perfume oil, which is less evolving and more of a linear yet abstract scent.

First impressions are sweet lotus flower and musk; once dry it's a sweet and musky unisex concoction, it is the very definition of a sweet, fresh clean, not powdery at all and with just the smallest hint of wood. Overall it has a feeling of 'greenery outside in the spring after the rain' - If only it had an earthy element too.

Well, it's very nice. It's not likely to offend anyone, ever, it's appropriate for most occasions (although it leans more warm daytime than cool nights)... this isn't bad at all, it's just not very exciting. It's modern and basic - A slacks-and-a-sweater scent. There's a place for that in anyone's scent wardrobe.

This is almost entirely a skin scent. If you're looking for sillage, this isn't it. But the longevity is pretty good! There's nothing wrong with scenting just your person, not at all. I like it - I won't reach for it every day, but I'll roll it on every once in a while when I'm feeling low-maintenance.

Aventus Creed by jeffwithfrags 2014-10-20

Notes used here are great - going with pineapple top means mass-appeal!

But Aventus is so good because it simply does what should always be done - using top Quality ingredients and amazing blending. It's easily a benchmark for other niche scents if not actually the finest Quality produced notes itself.

Imo the designers are simply not worthy of substitute here and I have tested almost all the clones to date!

The fresh fruits are crisp and transparent beyond belief - it's just a real shame the product has some very annoying downsides like the misleading 'birch' note should be labelled 'smoky' or even 'burning' birch!

The drydown has rich, mildy spiced rose, woods and blackcurrant although sadly again the drydown is very faint - but others appear to detect it much better.

Then there are the infamous batch variations which Creed should really be embarrassed for - there must be 1000's as each sample I've ever tried has been slightly different in the relative amounts of pineapples or freshness vs smoke!

These aside - I'll let Aventus slide in general (assuming I always get my favorite batch lol) - it's a modern Classic and well deserved.

I just hope they fix these issues properly one day.


Potion Royal Black DSQUARED² by picknenders 2014-10-20

Best designer scent I've come across. Definitely rose/leather heavy. Long lasting like a meth head on Viagra. If you like leather in general - this is a fantastic and inexpensive scent. Impressive!

Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel by picknenders 2014-10-20

A nut punch of super high school musical sweet tarts. It's not for me - it's pleasant after about 12 hours. This is definitely made for teens to early 20's in my opinion. Sorry for the crappy review. I'm tired.

Eternity Calvin Klein by jeffwithfrags 2014-10-20

Ugh, dear-goodness.

Quite simply, it's Eternal bug spray. Then followed by by an equally eternal helping of musty, vaguely-sweet calone.

In the perfume section of the department store I was in when 20, I now know what caused the air to be pretty sweet and appealing, it was the mixture of the womens parfums from across the aisle!

This is so bad , not even that helped me overlook it!

The only redeeming point - it's a little more tolerable than Obession.

Just pick a Hermes bottle instead.


Aventus Creed by picknenders 2014-10-20

Like it or hate it - this is unanimously attractive to the opposite sex. It's the acqua di gio of this decade. Quality Is undeniable.

Aventus Creed by picknenders 2014-10-20

Like it or hate it - this is unanimously attractive to the opposite sex. It's the acqua di gio of this decade. Quality Is undeniable.

Original Santal Creed by picknenders 2014-10-20

I'm a Creed fan. This is Joop. I can't really elaborate. I wore Joop in high school, and I'm embarrassed.

Especially Escada Delicate Notes Escada by Littlegrassstraw 2014-10-20

Starts out with a perfect life-like scent of fresh rose-hip blossoms(after the noseripping alcohol evaporates). I fall in love... Then the fruity fresh rose is drowned by sour/fresh ozonic water notes that irritate the nose and throat... the enchantment is over. But wait... after a long time the ozonic notes subside and leave a beautiful fresh blossom skin smell, like water that has dripped on my skin from the rose hips after a rain. Very light and beautiful, if only I could stand the overly ozonic faze.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by picknenders 2014-10-20

I really like the concept - when I was first getting into fragrances, this was one of my favorites! Over the years, my affection towards this fragrance has diminished. Another hype beast - maybe it's the non-conformist in me, but I don't feel that this is - at all - worth the incredible amount of hype that it receives. It smells like whiskey mixed with A-men. I lose a lot of the bourbon in the dry down, and then in becomes A Men. I seem so down on this - and I'm not that down - I mean, I'm not crying myself to sleep, or cutting my arms because Pure Malt has diminished in my heart ;) it's a nice scent. I don't blame those who love it. I once did too - now I'm going to go put on some Depeche mode, light some candles and cut myself.

Cannabis Santal Fresh by picknenders 2014-10-20

One of the best. Creamy sandalwood and cannibas. Simple - but very unique. A year round scent that is non obtrusive. Ultra calming and interesting. IMO - one of the best under $100 out there. Give it a shot!

United Dreams Live Free Benetton by jovejove 2014-10-20

The bottle for Untitled...I mean united dreams looks very familiar. I wonder if there's anything out there like it.

Accento Sospiro Perfumes by StopHammertime 2014-10-20

I wore this perfume to bed about a week ago. In the morning I took off my nightshirt and threw it on my bed am to wear again the next night. That shirt has sat by my bed this whole time, unworn. I picked it up days later to put it in the laundry and smelled very strong alcohol.
Now for some reason, within the Sospiro line, I have been picking up on this strong alcoholic smell a lot, both throughout the wearing and lingering on my clothes afterwards. This one and Erba Pura both seem to have so much alcohol that I wonder if it is supposed to be a fragrance note! I'm not sure if this is a specific personal anosmia to a note they use throughout this line, or if they use a bit too much alcohol to dilute the fragrance? I really enjoy the Sospiro scents, but the alcohol is killing my vibe a little.

Prada Candy L'Eau Prada by lizardqueen 2014-10-20

I love this little gem. The citrus, caramel, sweet pea, and musk are all beautifully blended into a soft, cozy, and powdery-sweet fragrance. Uncomplicated and adorable, it's one of my favorite comfort scents.

Mystery & Excellence Linn Young by Mooncatt 2014-10-20

Once the initial alcohol scent fades, it's a reasonable copy of Lolita Lempicka.
I doubt it lasts as long, but it's a nice,everyday, body-spray type fragrance.
Beware the cheap, Chinese bottle, though. My lid and sprayer cane off in shipping, and the cain with the plastic leaf broke.
The perfume leaked a bit, and got it atuck in the carfmdboard tube.
The silved around the top looks kind of scruffy, too.
Other than that, not bad for a copycat.

Quantium for Him Avon by Legolas 2014-10-20

It smells ok..spicy-woody scent.. longevity is about 4h but it is to weak.. no projection at all.. whaste of money..

Loverdose Tattoo Diesel by Alison Wonderland 2014-10-20

Found this perfume on a fragrance card of In style magazine, funnily enough I have to say it comforts me.

Milky rice dreaminess in harmony with tonka and jasmine. The juxtaposition of the name and bottle "Loverdose Tatoo" with the soft, inviting juice within.

This perfume reminds me of my friends in the Gothic/Alt London scene...sure, you may be covered in tattoo's, have a green Mohawk, New Rock stomper boots and synthetic dreds, but inside your the sweetest person ever and we have cups of tea at afterparties while your kitten curls up on my lap.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle by Rorshach1004 2014-10-20

Carnal Flower is a dreamy creamy bouquet of flowery magic. The scent is a dream of summer days. A place in the shade where you are invited to lay down your head, forget about the world, relax, and luxuriate within the calming waves of heavenly scent. You have been invited into the resting-place of the immortals. Delicate petals transcend the noise of now, leaving an intoxicating trail as they fall, and fall, forever. Quietly the world stills, fades, fades, fades and eventually…pop…disappears.

Momento MiN New York by DHIguy99 2014-10-20

Okay I am going to eat my words here. I recently ventured to nyc and ended up getting my nose on this scent. I smelled it and immediately knew this was the fragrance for me. Soapy but in a way it was dark and mysterious too. Great year round scent. I am very fortunate to own it because this smells very unique.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent by hgonzalez 2014-10-20

Well, i try Kouros and think "not bad, i could wear it". My wife smell the sample several feet away and say "mmm that fragance smell good". I smile and approached her, but when sniffed the fragrance close make a face and say "what is that smell in the background?". Yes the Civet note make her change is mind about Kouros and change from "i like" to "dislike".

My young sister make faces also and dislike, my mom says that smell good.

A shame, i guess this fragance is not for me, maybe in the right person the Civet note could be sexy (not for me). I guess i will pass on this one, cause many people found this offensive and i do not want to take risks.


Jubilation for Women Amouage by rschmidt65 2014-10-20

This is very very pretty. It opens harsh in a way that I associate with vintage chypres but quickly settles into about five hours of lovely wafts that remind me of Rochas Femme and Mitsouko. Then it kind of poops out on the dry down. This is what keeps it from being full bottle worthy for me. In vintage chypres the pain of the harsh opening is amply repaid by the many hours of beautiful heart and then an even longer dry down period. Here there's just the heart and then nothing. Too bad. It's lovely while it last.

Allure Pour Homme Chanel by mrjesse 2014-10-20

Have about 20ml of the vintage juice left. Amazing! One of my top 5!

Does anyone know if there is a difference between the boxes of the vintage and reformulation version? I desperately want another vintage bottle before they're all gone, can you tell from the boxes or do you have to see the bottle itself?

Angel Aqua Chic Thierry Mugler by cake n' cuddles 2014-10-20

With the title "aqua chic" I always get too hasty with this one. This might appear to be something light & refreshing with the name and packaging, but it is so not like that for me. It sprays out a lot at a time too, I have to remember just one spray on my chest or I get a headache.
This is a nice sparkly patchouli however, if you want a patchouli that is about medium in power with refreshing and warm angles this is a good one to try. The lemon is the strongest note followed by the patchouli to my nose, that's what makes the patchouli bright and sparkly to me. The cornflower too adds a nice cleaner crispness, although it is more on the subtle side for me. Overall though the fragrance is not very clean, but I feel like the cornflower balances the dirtiness from the patchouli so that it's more neutral.
The vanilla is warm, and I'm not sure if it's an odd combination of notes or my imagination but I smell some phantom praline in here. Maybe it has something to do with the pink pepper note.
Anyhow, if you would like a sparkling medium strength patchouli this is a good one to try!

Splendid Wood Yves Saint Laurent by Mikeyd 2014-10-20

Smells like oud wood by Tom ford

Fatale Agent Provocateur by Jillmcshaw1 2014-10-20

This smells so similar to LVEB, can barely tell them apart, LVEB sits a little stronger on skin but both wear a long time. I really like AP perfumes they are often unique, and come across with a niche quality meant for a particular audience. This however, from the new bottle (looks cheap and celeb inspired with a very cheap plastic cap) to the fragrance itself, is mass market. I believe the lingerie line it goes with is meant to be more affordable/accessible, so it makes sense. AP's earlier scents were made in England and Italy and I noticed this was made in the US. I do like the fragrance, sweet and great for everyday, but I hope AP will again do something more in the vein of the original AP EDP or even L'Agent.

CH Men Carolina Herrera by AndranikTP 2014-10-20

Bought this in 2010 before the hype and very much loved it. Got compliments almost every time I had it on. Wearing it on a daily basis for 2 months ruined the fragrance for me, after a while it started losing its appeal. Don't overspray, 3 is enough. Overall great but it lost my interest.

United Dreams Live Free Benetton by susieqrj 2014-10-20

Smells a lot of green tea but the apple makes it a little bit sweeter. Very refreshing and puts me in a good mood.

Polo Red Ralph Lauren by freddo 2014-10-20

This Juice will have chicks buzzing around you like flies over fresh dog shit. The fresh spicy and citrus notes come out of nowhere like an RKO. Buy this if you have the oppurtunity and you wll not regret it! 8/10 would fap again.

Eros Versace by junior halston 2014-10-20

I feel that the House Versace got it right this time. A lot of attention to detail went into this fragrance the bottle is beautiful along with the ads very Gianni feeling captured here, he would be proud. Check out the inside of the cap it also has the ensignet medusa imprinted talk about attention to detail...

The fragrance is fresh yet warm and sweet it touches on the aquatic but does not fall into the Aqua di Gio category. Both longevity and silage are well done I feel this scent works best in cooler seasons and in evenings.

Pamplemousse DSH Perfumes by Lana148 2014-10-20

This citrus cocktail smells natural but not as crisp and zesty as I would like it to be. There is something here that makes this mix cloudy. I don't know what it is , but it's like fruits were cooked. Maybe sandalwood gives out that effect, but I am not too crazy about it.

Hermessence Vetiver Tonka Hermes by thgolfer 2014-10-20

The top notes remind me a bit of Chanel Sycamore, with its creamy, nutty vetiver. As it progresses, I find it to be more of a dryer grassier vetiver, like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. From top to bottom, I prefer Sycamore to Vetiver Tonka.

Prada Candy L'Eau Prada by Inventress 2014-10-20

Prada Candy L'Eau EdT opens with some kind of a berry note, maybe blueberry. This doesn't last long at all, nor do I care for it, and the rest of the scent is nice. The fragrance is youthful - there's caramel, a floral sweetness (sweet pea flower), and a warm base. I haven't tried the original Candy EdP (I will probably get around to it in the colder months), so I cannot compare at this time. The best part of Candy L'Eau is the drydown - caramel without being overly sweet, and it contains musk, which makes it more of a perfume than simply a smell.

Overall, Candy L'Eau is a dense, velvety fragrance with yellow-pink flowers (I don't think that the notes listed here are comprehensive). I will not invest in a full bottle, but it is an enjoyable enough everyday scent for spring, autumn, and colder summer days.

Bois d'Orange Eau Sublime Roger & Gallet by 1welshdevil 2014-10-20

This is a pretty well blended fragrance, reminds me a little of one of the Acqua Di Parma fragrances. Lasted roughly 3-4 hours, find quite a lot of R and G's products to be underrated, the quality is definitely there. You need to like oranges, a lot, to like this one, I certainly do. 7.5/10.00

Reflection Man Amouage by riffjim4069 2014-10-20

Folks, these forums are for reviewing fragrances and not critiquing others olfactory experiences. Stay on topic and don't post if reading negative review will get one's panties in a bunch.

Bois d’Ombrie Eau D`Italie by Colin Maillard 2014-10-20

For what it's worth, Bois d'Ombrie is the first scent by Eau d'Italie - and one the very few by Duchaufour - I truly enjoyed. The opening is irresistibly pleasant and perfectly mastered: it's foggy, boozy, somehow transparent in a way but incredibly complex and textured. Basically the prominent blend you encounter at the first sniffs features mellow and powdery notes of iris, balsamic woods, resinous notes, a very powerful, earthy and dark woody feel all over: all gravitating around a dense, juicy, bold rhum note, which is really rich, round and persistent. The woody note is quite powerful and sharp, although not that realistic in the "organic" meaning: it smells basically like a clean, a bit statically synthetic cedar note (the "pencil" one) somehow "rounded" by sweeter notes and "blackened" by the booze. The tobacco note is hiding behind all this initially, but soon after the opening it emerges and it's good as well: soft, wet, slightly sweet, really aromatic, earthy, a bit woody too - shortly, the rich and cozy smell of a bag of freshly-cut tobacco. I also detect a note of licorice, which links to the mossy, resinous and slightly leathery base. Meanwhile, the transition towards the drydown brings up a vetiver note which melts with rhum, leather and licorice, thus creating a darker and "manlier" blend if compared to the opening. Shortly, anyway, Bois d'Ombrie is a manly, "brownish" scent for sure, but with some nice and unusually interesting nuances: balmy-mossy notes, licorice, tobacco. Something like a sort of dry and dark "woody gourmand", if that ever existed. Finally, the drydown brings Bois close to many traditional woody-mossy fougères of the '80s, as it becomes more dry and more dark focusing on the leather, the woods and the herbal-mossy notes, still with tobacco-boozy nuances, and still (that's the main difference with vintage fougères) a nondescript yet palpable and distinctive subtle sweetness all over (the rooty note of iris). The materials are not that stunning in my opinion, as despite the compositive efforts Bois d'Ombrie still smells a bit weak and plain after a while, but nonetheless it's surely a much pleasant scent with a clever and distinctive personality (plus, finally, it lasts for a decently long amount of time).


Jour d'Hermes Hermes by Tovah 2014-10-20

On me this is a heavy-duty feminine floral...I am surprised to see that other reviewers aren't reminded of Jessica McClintock by Jessica McClintock (which is still the only floral I've ever worn more than twice). This does not have the strong lily of the valley note of the "Jessica" but it has the same "feel" of blinding sunshine bouncing off a glass window at a hot summer wedding. As most florals, it sours on my skin remarkably quickly which is unfortunate, because my husband complimented this when I tried it and he can barely smell anything.

something bitter, something sour, something mossy, something foul ....
Don't get me wrong! This is a very interesting unisex eau, with nothing sweet, whatsoever! And it lasts at least 8 hours almost unchanged, it just settles quietly as time flies...
Really interesting, it reminds me of eaus in the 70s!

Gucci Pour Homme II Gucci by Smyle12 2014-10-20

Definitely not GPH I, but still an amazing fragrance in its own right (my fiancé's all time favourite) and the final great to ever be released by Gucci. However, while GPH I is certainly a one-of-a-kind, modern classic, and one near and dear to my own heart, between the two, if ONE smelled ANYTHING AT ALL LIKE "pencil shavings", I would have to say it's the first one, unless, of course, the formula for GPH II has recently changed.

Omnia Crystalline Eau de Parfum Bvlgari by ras.kel.5 2014-10-20

This smells like Carolina Herrera's 212 Sexy. I can't pinpoint the note, maybe it's the vanilla, but it has a similar airy, sugary sweetness that I dislike. This perfume is not for me.

Visit For Men Azzaro by Stormstryk 2014-10-20

Not sure yet if this is a "like it" or "love it" yet, but good God it' got some gorgeous attributes for something so inexpensive! I blind bought this based on reviews, but am completely blown away by the strength and naturalness of it so far. It isn't my beloved Gucci pour Homme, but they have enough in common that I'll be doing a side by side comparison soon.

I have been playing with a lot of hefty Arabian concentrates lately, so perhaps the colder weather and the deep oud/spice/rose fog I've been living in have blurred my aesthetics, but the spices and underlying amber/musk base just feels perfect to me right now.

I had a moment of concern about 3 minutes in though. There was a short period when I got a face full of moist peaty earth under the spice. It was there for about 4-5 minutes then vanished again.

Spicy, hefty on the cedar and incense, a great drydown... Not sure what's going on with the reviewers who found this as weak... It's a big, fat, rich scent... Sexy, unapologetically masculine and sensual...

Office? I doubt it... Date night or romantic evening in? Absolutely!

Delicious Chocolate Gale Hayman by fire2heart 2014-10-20

Found this again after being stored away for a few years from moving. It's as I remember.... faint chocolate scent, slightly musky, then nothing. It would be really wonderful IF it had staying power. Oh, and the spout that connects to the spray nossel inside fell off so I have to hold it upsidedown to spray it, lol.... LAME!

La Fille de Berlin Serge Lutens by ras.kel.5 2014-10-20

This is similar to Sa Majeste, but with an edge and a younger vibe. These are jammy, velvety, sexy roses with a hint of spicy pepper which creates a fuller, rounder scent. It's simple enough for everyday wear, but interesting enough to not get bored and maybe get noticed. Total love.

Sa Majeste la Rose Serge Lutens by ras.kel.5 2014-10-20

This perfume opens with a strong, green rose - with stem included - which is then joined by wood, honey, and cloves and a bit later musk. It then goes back and forth between the first combination and the musk. It's simple,restrained, and perhaps a bit boring. I can see a mature woman wearing this as an everyday fragrance that won't offend anyone.

Paul Smith Rose Paul Smith by lapioggianelpineto1977 2014-10-20

very pretty. For some reason brings me memories of Ysl Parisienne, being the PS Rose fresher and airier than Parisienne. A safe blind buy for whoever likes roses/florals.

Silver Shadow Davidoff by Mojtabaa 2014-10-20


بنظرم کار دوست داشتنی و خوشبوئی هست.
بو و گرماش اصلا آزار دهنده نیست.
رایحۀ کاملا مهربون و طبیعی ای داره
به نظرم میتونه در 4 فصل هم مورد استفاده قرار بگیره.

Polo Ralph Lauren by kwnstanths 2014-10-20

My feelings are mixed about this one . While I love its grassy lasting scent on my skin , it may give me a headahce . Strong and lasting . Positive feedback from those who smell it on me.

Shalimar Guerlain by SheAlwaysSmellsGood 2014-10-20

okay I'm not going to lie I really wanted this perfume because I'm sort of obsessed with the 1920s right now. I've always heard the hype of this perfume but never really gave it any thought because I always thought that it would smell too old for me. Maybe not too old but too mature. I am now in my thirties and I think it is a good time for me to experiment with those mature perfumes and Shalimar was the best first choice I've ever made. it smells powdery and delicious and very exotic and I just love it very much. I was so very lucky to find it on an estate sale on eBay for extremely cheap.I really can't express how amazing I think this fragrance is. I am secretly hoping that Joan Crawford wore this fragrance in the beginning of her career.she seems like the type of strong willed woman that would wear this beautiful perfume perfectly.

Precious Moments Red Dream Oriflame by kwnstanths 2014-10-20

I love its caramelised apple fruity scnet . It smells fresh and clean and everybody commented about how nicely I was smelling each time I had it on . I'm only disapointed that it was Limited Edition that I cannot buy it any more (Whats the reason such perfumes to be in limited period out?!). I would sprayed it on my hair in car on my way at work and made any headache or bad mood disapear. I'm desperate to replace it with something similar. Any suggestions ?

Mandarine L`Artisan Parfumeur by Lana148 2014-10-20

Oh, it starts as such a heavenly, delicate, pleasant smell, of realistic mandarin, frangipani, tiny ginger notes - perfection!

Just as I though, I found my perfect mandarin fragrance, it started to disappear on me. All I was lets with - a very(!) faint trail of my lovely mandarin and cedar smell. A heart break! Yes, then I read the reviews, hoping my decant was bad, but seems, that haw this fragrance behaves. Sad.

London for Men Burberry by keikolv 2014-10-20

When I fist time use on skin first 30 min smells like pine and vine I was worry about that. Now I used second time now smells lovely.
Lots of cinnamon,sweet, tobaco, pine.I love.

Rain & Angelica Jo Malone by galaxy86 2014-10-20

Beautiful perfume. Perfect for day wear. When layered with l'agent provocateur, it becomes mysterious and deep enough for evening wear. Rain Angelica brings the freshness to the combo!!!

Nutmeg & Ginger Jo Malone by Cyrus Smith 2014-10-20

Wow! This is simply stunning & addictive! I was afraid this fragrance would be too close to smell like food but it's a total refreshing blast of ginger and the nutmeg add a pungent-zesty and never sweet aura. As beautiful for women & men. One of the rare Jo Malone that stays on for quite some time. 4-5 hours. A non-stop-wrist-sniffer!

Stella Rose Absolute Stella McCartney by Alayna1011 2014-10-20

BlackAmberMoon and jenniferlincol below have already said everything I want to say about this perfume. I received it in the mail today after a disappointment with the 2014 reformulated Stella (was so weak, I dumped half a sample on me and could barely smell it after an hour..) and I LOVE IT! It is deep, rich, warm, jammy, sexy, gorgeous, fantastic ROSE. The first spray literally took my breath away ;) Cannot endorse this enough for rose lovers. I think this might be my perfect rose! (Now to buy some back up bottles, cause I think this is soon going to become very hard to find, if it isn't already.)

Fracas Robert Piguet by jenweilo 2014-10-20

I just tested this at House of Fraser today, and I’ve been suffering a headache all the way home. I’m so sorry, all I can pick up is salt pork and long-unwashed human.

And I swear I’ve done my reading; I know how important and well-loved this perfume is, and I’m not panning it at all. I suppose I’m just expressing my shock at how badly a scent can malfunction when on the wrong skin. If given the chance I will test from someplace else but for now I need to get over my distaste over what I just smelled.

So, all of you who can’t wear this, don’t feel bad. Take an aspirin and come sit with me. By the open window.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by smora 2014-10-20

It's a pity this scent is so shy. Pathologically shy. The One for Men is very attractive and cozy scent. It starts with light citrus note, ginger and some refreshing note of basil. Very soon tobacco takes the primate among the notes, accompanied by transparent amber suggesting some classic male and boozy vibe. The color of the juice is appropriate, reminding me of some Cognac.
Nice perfume indeed, but unbearably light. I am not a fan of flanker intense fashion, but I would really like to try Intense version of this.

Scentrack: Kajagoogoo - Too shy

Rating: too shy *** 1/2

Gucci Pour Homme II Gucci by Brain-in-a-vat 2014-10-20

II am one of these repetitive boring people that go on and on about GPH2's darker brother GPH1. You know,.... best edt ever made, why did Gucci stop this, I'll pay anything to get it, etc etc (see my review)

Also I am an addict of tea and I put cinnamon on everything including my breakfast cereal and in my coffee.

So it's really weird here then as all I ever smelt with GPH2 is Pencil Sharpenings.

Btw .....yes it's phasing out ...but you can get it everywhere.....probably as it ran out of Tom Ford 10year copyright 2 years later than GpH 1 as was brought in later (than also hallowed Envy, Rush) and to be the last living remainder of good Old Gucci.

.....Not like GpH 1, aaaagh :(

Dior Homme Parfum Dior by Arbre Amer 2014-10-20

This has to be the purest leather fragrance in the current mainstream perfumery scene. Starts bold and smoky and you almost feel it scratching the back of your throat. As it becomes quieter it leaves some room for a smooth iris-sandal combo to appear. The iris and the overall feel is much less powdery than the original. There is definitely an amber note hiding in there but the overall effect is surprisingly unsweet and far from any oriental fantasy. After the blast of leather subsides the evolution is linear. There are no unexpected twists and turns, no layers, no spicy or floral ornaments. Pretty simple and yes, pretty pleasurable too. So why did it take someone so long to come up with it?

Even if such moves hide the intent of big companies to attract clients from the niche crowd, I have no choice but to admit I like it.

On the downside is the niche price and the somewhat unfinished feel. Also, I didn't find great differences in projection and longevity compared to the original EdT (but they were great anyway)

The One Gentleman Dolce&Gabbana by Cassiano 2014-10-20

After the original version released in 2008, it was the time for this version, from 2010, called Gentleman. And here is my critic: I think the original version is more classical, elegant and linked to the meaning of chivalry than this one, which could have been called The One Modern, for instance. It features a much more youthful and versatile appearance than its predecessor, although it is, in my opinion, better in all aspects.

Unlike the majority, I did not expect to find anything from the original version here, different from what happens when I have access to Fraiche or Intense versions. Apart from these cases, I take a flanker as it should be treated: as a version that was released to increase a line of fragrances. And in this case, was no different.
From the original version, this fragrance only shares the notes of grapefruit (top) and cardamom (heart). I've read reports of wearers who were able to identify the DNA of the original version. To me it didn't happen!

The composition, this time, is the following: grapefruit and pepper, in the output; Lavender, cardamom and fennel, in the heart; patchouli and vanilla, in the base.
As soon as it is sprayed on the skin, the pepper is quite present. Then, a gentle nuance of lavender emerges, holding hands with a unique aroma that recalls anise: is the fennel. The evolution of this version is faster than the original version, which is why vanilla is perceived more quickly.
The patchouli is not bitter, but slightly chocolatey. For several times, I felt similarities with the smell of L'instant de Guerlain, when already evolved and, obviously, saved the proportions.

On my skin projected and lasted much longer than the original version, winning best position within a comparative scale. In addition, as already mentioned before, I found it more versatile, which reinforces my previous opinion on the 2008 version, which combines better with nocturne events or especial occasions.

The bottle kept the visual identity, now with a lid in metallic tones of gray, giving contrast to the bluish-gray color of the liquid, in addition to the neck and the inscriptions in gold. Worth knowing!

Sex Panther Romane by JeffNNJ 2014-10-20

C'mon people. This isn't the first fragrance that contains bits of real panther. Creed has at least 6 different colognes with the exact same thing. Want something more unique, go fo bits of real unicorn horn.

Just Cavalli Gold for Her Roberto Cavalli by djuzz.becuzz 2014-10-20

This smells pretty darn good to me! Received a sample from dear Anna and just tried a dab on my wrist.
On my skin it smells like a mix between Dior Homme Intense (or Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial for that matter) and Prada Candy.
Smells like leather & make-up in the opening which I also find in these 3 scents mentioned, and as it dries down it gets wonderfully sweet & creamy & nutty.
Will give this a full wearing tomorrow and update my review!
However, I already know enough to want it! Yumm!!

I've owned numerous fragrances in my life but this is my top pick! This is THE fragrance you want to impress someone with...

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel by Brain-in-a-vat 2014-10-20

Anything that Chanel make, because they're Chanel, is complex and of great quality. I like their underarms more than edts as they often go powerful where most perfumers tone down their sticks. I have Allure and Pour Monsieur sticks which kick ass and am getting Antaeus stick next and was thinking about edition Blanche but someone down here on a review said: "Lemon pie".

I tried it today and yes it opens like Lemon pie unfortunately now that's been planted in my Brain.

But after 8 hours it's mellowed down to something definately of great intrigue but now I just smell lemon sherbert.

Maybe sherbert from Fortnums, but still sherbert.


De Profundis Serge Lutens by ras.kel.5 2014-10-20

This is a sad, melancholic, pensive perfume. It opens up with green, soapy, earthy notes which are later joined by chrysanthemums, like those you would find at a funeral or cemetery. Beautiful perfume, but its soapiness turns me off and it just makes me too sad.

The top notes were so spicy they made me sneeze! After 30 minutes they calmed down and I could smell dry amber mixed with a hint of what I'm guessing is rose hip and jasmine. Then it goes back and forth between spicy notes and floral amber. It leans towards the masculine end of things, but still unisex. I appreciate this artful, atmospheric perfume, but it's not something I see myself wearing.

Miracle Lancome by Tsukinohime 2014-10-20

This is not your typical,candy sweet pink fragrance, yet so easy to like and wear at any time or place. I guess that's what makes this so popular; it's unique yet approachable.
It's a cool, breezy floral tinged with invigorating spices that picks you right up and make you feel light and happy. It stays with you all day but doesn't suffocate you and others with its presence. Instead it radiates softy with a noticeable trail when you walk around. I think Lancome hit all the right notes with this one. Distinctive, likable and wearable. Everyone can wear it without much thought. More towards day but I think the Amber base gives a deep, mellowy feel that could make this wearable at night. At any rate this is so easy to wear so why not give it a try? Anyhow bravo Lancome!

Brigitte Tocca by chance25 2014-10-20

Although I like the spicy, musky dessert like quality of this scent I can not find a safe way to wear it. It gets really cloying if my body heat rises only slightly. It smells like I'm scented with a B&BW holiday candle. Much too heavy on the bakery notes, although I enjoy this sort of scent in a room spray or candle. Otherwise on me, it feels suffocating.

Most of Tocca perfumes wear this way on me except for Bianca, which lasts about 45 minutes.

Amber Oud The Body Shop by Moonflower2012 2014-10-20

I just bought a 6ml sample of this and now I'm really sad because it's discontinued! I've been exploring amber pefumes recently, and I really love l'Occitane's Ambre & Santal but was not tempted to buy a bottle, partly because their bottles are too big (75mls), which is not practical for someone whose perfume 'mood' changes as often as mine does. I like lots of little bottles, the big ones just languish and go to waste. The other reason I didn't buy a bottle is because it just wasn't woody enough, the vanilla seemed to neutralise the sandalwood. The amber in this is nicely balanced by the Oud and it's sweet but not cloying, and I just found myself reapplying it all day, not because it had worn off, but because I just wanted to smell more of it. This, in my view, is just as worthy of a permanent places in the Body Shop collection as their White Musk. I haven't had a chance to try this in the EDT/EDP version, but there are some fragrances that just seem so much better as an oil, and I think this is one of them. I think I'm in love! :)

Lanvin Me Lanvin by tahia_loky 2014-10-20

Es demasiado dulce! ES como un algodon de dulce pero version frutal

Versace L'Homme Versace by da ladyz choice 2014-10-20

What an excellent review below.
Can i add that this smells a day out at a maggot farm!

Bright Crystal Versace by vattenmelon 2014-10-20

MMMM this smells like a real perfume! its so light but still so strong. fresh and BEAUTIFUL! GIVE ME!

Green Irish Tweed Creed by da ladyz choice 2014-10-20

IM going to buy this, but i really hope people wont think im wearing coolwater!!
Hope its worth the gamble for its price.

Nevermore Frapin by alfarom 2014-10-20

If the words aldehydic and floral make you think about big feminine fragrances of the past, then you have to try Nevermore because this is neither an old school composition, nor a feminine one. Not at all. I'm a big fan of both old-fashioned fragrances as well as big florals but this thing here, it's not what you would expect after reading the notes. I'm generally not obsessed by gender classification but sometimes there are fragrances that I find particularly suitable for a specific gender. Well, in this context, Nevermore leans definitely towards the masculine side of the spectrum in my perception….and it's extremely modern.

It opens with a blast of green and sparkling aldehydes supported by woody-spices (nutmeg and pepper). A pretty common accord for those who are familiar with brands such as Comme Des Garcons and the likes, but so well executed to immediately catch my attention. A sort of non-floral rose breaks in and, together with saffron, introduces a darkish, kind of leathery note. The rose(s) here, which represent the real essence of this fragrance, have very different different and opposite facets ranging from pale and transparent to dark and woody. With all the due exceptions made, I'm generally not a fan of rose-centered fragrances but Nevermind is really so easy to like and the light/dark juxtapositions going on throughout provide quite some entertainment.

My only concern is about the drydown which compared to both the striking opening and the entertaining middle-phase, feels a bit too…generically woody-musky, maybe? Probably not something I would go out of my way to get a bottle of but if you like modern masculines with a twist, give this a chance because it's very nice. Decent projection and good lasting power.


Love Spell Victoria`s Secret by vattenmelon 2014-10-20

it smells only peach, a strong sticky-in-your-nose peach smell, but people.....its similar with pure seduction?? what??? NOTHING reminds me of pure seductin and not selena gomez wich is basically the same perfume as pure seduction. what do people get it from?

Eau Sauvage Parfum Dior by da ladyz choice 2014-10-20

This bottle looks the dogs b@#%&cks!!
Want it!!

Organza Givenchy by Alexmover 2014-10-20

I blind bought this one-and boy oh boy was it a good choice for a blind buy. It is extremely unique and elegant. This is a creamy and woody and just the right amount of vanilla and spice. It is not a perfume for very young girls (under 18) just because it takes some experience with perfume to not over use it. It has longevity and good sillage, a beautiful bottle and magical scent that you won’t smell off of every woman you meet. This is probably considered an “old lady perfume”, but I’m 22 and no one seems to think that when I wear it. It has character and depth and complexity that a lot of modern perfumes lack.
This is a lovely perfume, give it a try.

Lei Mazzolari by rossyegio5 2014-10-20

Dolcezza indelebile waterproof. Ambra zucchero miele allo stato puro.
Decisamente troppo. Profumo tatuaggio che si stempera molto lentamente. Potentissimo e stucchevole.

See By Chloe Chloe by ingvalid 2014-10-20

LOVE at first sniff!
I´m very weak for wellrounded, comfortable and warm perfumes, and this one does it for me.
It lasts all day, has good sillage and makes you feel very feminine.

Not to sweet, not to heavy, just right!

Dior Homme Dior by da ladyz choice 2014-10-20

Yep its good!
Yep your gunna love it!
Yep stop reading about it and go buy it!

Cherry in the Air Escada by vattenmelon 2014-10-20

NOT CHERRY! why call it cherry in the air?, as i see that marsmallows is in the notes i notice that it smells only like marsmallows, and oh! it smells like MARCIPAN

La Vie Est Belle Lancome by Alexmover 2014-10-20

This is a great sweet- gourmand fragrance for someone who is looking for a classy, more sophisticated alternative to pink sugar and fantasy and other trashy (sorry fans) perfumes. It is a lovely, delicious fruity scent. Will work on most 14-25 year old females, older as well of course, but young women will love it. It has really nice base notes, a little powdery a little creamy. But in general this is not a complex perfume. It’s not deep or sensual or even really sexy. It is cute and fun and flirty. Great for work and play, for someone who isn’t into perfumes with lots of character. I might get it for summer, but right now I don’t own it. The bottle is an eye-candy for sure.
Be careful though- this one is EXTRMELY over used now days. I can smell it on every other woman, and this annoys me so much, too common for my taste right now. Hopefully it will not become like Chloe etc.

Interlude Man Amouage by MADAYTON77 2014-10-20

Beautiful knock your socks of fragrance. Woody, smoky & spicy what's not to like. My favorite from the Amouage house. Truly, a pleasure to wear and feel important during the day. Monstrous longevity as this will keep you from needing a scent for the evening.

Secret Potion Christina Aguilera by vattenmelon 2014-10-20

yuuck, smells warm in not a good way, boring and like a million perfumes out there, doesnt last but is very in-your-face. just as strong as her other perfumes!

but i can imagine people loving this since its very likeable, fruity and romantic and warm BUT not a perfume for me i dont like it.
BUT i love that the spray on her perfumes is so small that you get a *dust* more than a spray!

Sung Homme Alfred Sung by da ladyz choice 2014-10-20

I don't get soap out of this!
What i do get is the smell of nursing home Christmas party.

Hypnotic Poison Dior by Alexmover 2014-10-20

Hypnotic Poison is ruined for me, and there is nothing I can do to change it. It is a BEAUTIFUL fragrance, don’t get me wrong. This is a warm vanilla-chocolate -raspberry delight. But it is also a perfume that was duped a lot when I was growing up and I smelled it everywhere, terrible, fake Hypnotic Poison-but still, similar enough to ruin this for me. It is amazing, really. Sweet, not too complex, sexy and lovely. But it is also pretty heavy and need to be used in the right amount. The bottle, just like the original poison is a beauty.

Kenzo Jungle Homme Kenzo by Arabian Knight 2014-10-20

The notes look quite similar to "Bluff" by Lubin, minus the kola nut and vanilla.

Anyone who has tried both?

Bogart One Man Show Gold Edition Jacques Bogart by da ladyz choice 2014-10-20

Ha!, im going to buy this for somebody i dislike this Christmas!.
I hope it smells as bad as people say!

This is quite simply a Masterpiece. I just received this today 10/20/2014 and I am on hour five and I can not stop sniffing my wrist. Deadidol has composed such a great summation of this soon to be sought after classic that I must stand up and say Bravo! But in my humble opinion I differ with him in one important aspect and that is I like this one so much more that the original Au Dela, which is excellent in it's own right. It seems to be so much more potent in it's execution especially during it's introductory phase. I do know one thing from all of this that I am hooked on Bruno's narcissus adaptation as it goes hand in hand with the supporting cast. This literally takes my breath away. This is the best scent I smelled so far this calendar year. Excellent modern day take on a upper echelon & high society fragrance that would feel comfortable in the Lord Grantham realm.

10/10 Awesome!

Poison Dior by Alexmover 2014-10-20

The original poison is a very interesting perfume. The plum, the smokiness, and the musk create a beautiful, deep, rich scent. Unfortunately I don’t love it, but it is a lovely piece of fragrance. This is not at all a “old lady perfume”, it is very sexy, intense and dark-it takes a person with character and style to pull this off. It takes maturity and sensuality. It is a wonderful perfume for someone who knows to spray just enough but not too much. And the bottle is just precious.

Jasmin di Giava Tesori d`Oriente by drooling tomcat 2014-10-20

I saw it on a store shelf and took a sniff of the atomizer. It smelled interesting, I guess woody, but not dry. So I bought one bottle.
At home I've sprayed one arm. Nice, I've said to myself. And the time passed away. But then, the disaster. My nostrils became invaded with something resembling a very light, yet sophisticated, old urine smell. It was not bad, but not nice, either. An accompanying sweet, minced, simple biscuit smell added up to the scene.

Jasmin di Giava is not for me.

Amarige Givenchy by Alexmover 2014-10-20

Amarige Givenchy is one of my absolute favorite perfumes. It is creamy and beautiful. it has great sillage and longevity. You should spray one or two sprays of this and it will be enough. This perfume is so complex, lovely and rich but still not heavy or headache causing. This is also, weirdly enough, such a comforting scent, it’s like a warm hug after being in the cold all day. It has flowery-fruity-musky-creamy scent to it, like peaches with cream. I’m absolutely in love with this. the bottle is old school but beautiful.

Sandalwood Pacifica by kjpj-lovecats 2014-10-20

If you layer this with the Pacifica Vanilla, it really smells wonderful. It adds a bit of dimension to it. I use the rollerball.

Five O`Clock Au Gingembre Serge Lutens by StopHammertime 2014-10-20

CITRONELLA CANDLES. That is what this smells like on my skin. So sad, I thought the mix of notes looked so interesting! Score = me 0, weird skin chemistry 1 :(

Ambre Gris Pierre Balmain by Lybarra118 2014-10-20

This the most bizarrely beautiful creamy musky skin scent I've ever smelled. It really is like wearing a second skin, as odd as that sounds. Moderate longevity. That about sums it up.

Interlude Man Amouage by LadyKiller 2014-10-20

This is going to be my #2 most weared fall/winter fragrance in the year of 2014 and my christmas scent of the day would be my blue bottle right here.It is only beaten by his bigger brother and holy king Jubilation XXV

Belle d`Opium Yves Saint Laurent by StopHammertime 2014-10-20

Is that you, Euphoria? At first sniff I wondered if Surrender to Chance had mistakenly sent me Euphoria and mislabeled my decant. Fruity-sweet, white floral, with patchouli. The only difference so far is that this has a definite bit of incense in it.
Okay, now it is morphing into Lady Gaga Fame. Grape and sweet incense, with a little of the original patchouli/white floral.
This is not what I was expecting at all! I do kind of like it though, will see if there is more to this after a few more wearings.

Boss Bottled Night Hugo Boss by dmirror 2014-10-20

I smelled this for the first time yesterday and I likes I'm probably going to get it soon its a good scent nice year round one although its labeled as a night or afternoon fragrance it can be worn during the morning and day as well it actually has a nice kind of citrus smell to it could be the lavender its kind of bright IMO kind of reminds me of kc black Chanel bleu not talking about the scent but the kind of vibe of it anyways I'd give this a 8 out of 10 forgot to mention I let my girl smell it too she likes as well and she's a dime 10 out of 10

Ponte Vecchio W Nobile 1942 by Cereza 2014-10-20

"Ponte Vecchio W" is such a well done feminine floral - all trough very likeable and crowd pleasing, a seemingly perfect first niche for those who enjoy powdery, musky florals.
The initial iris accord was a bit odd, but soon it was overwhelmed with freshness of mandarin orange and bergamot that it settled to be a beautiful breezy, feminine floral fragrance perfectly suited for everyday wear. The jasmine is almost sparkling here and all together it behaves very lovely on the skin.
Silage is mediocre and staying power is excellent as is the quality of the notes - around 10 clear hours on my skin.

My only negativity towards this would be the price tag, despite the quality it stroke me as something a bit uninteresting and designer like.

Irisss Xerjoff by StopHammertime 2014-10-20

I am REALLY disappointed with this one so far. I am finding that I really like the iris note in lots of perfumes, and wanted to see how it held up on its own. I think this is all right, but I think its the carrot seed that is making this smell green and a little dirty. I think putting iris and benzoin together is genius, I am really enjoying that at the drydown, but the carrot seed is bringing the composition down.

D&G Anthology Le Bateleur 1 Dolce&Gabbana by thatsmr2usir 2014-10-20

Out of the entire Anthology collection, I chose to go with this & La Force. Why? I don't know... I guess you can ask why do people wear white after Labor Day? I must admit after testing all of the collection, I did find that Le Bateleur projected more & lasted a tad more than the others. Key word. TAD!

This is still a weak fragrance that belongs in the aquatic family, and that is one of my least favorite groups. This last on my skin 4-5 hours if I am lucky but it becomes a skin scent rather swiftly. I noticed a long time ago I am not really into soft, weak fragrances. I love heavy hitters who make a statement. Not those who run away from a fight.. That is exactly what this entire collection does. At least on my skin.

Le Bateleur along with the rest of the collection line is a synthetic, watered down mess says my nose. Teenagers and those in their early twenties may find these sorts of things pleasant, but I for one do not. A watery, woody concoction that Goofy along with Donald Duck created I am sure. My gosh D&G/Proctor & Gamble WTH are you guys doing????

Manhattan Bond No 9 by mahgwet 2014-10-20

I am envious of all the reviewers who can detect chocolate, honey, gingerbread, saffron, sandalwood, etc., because I get nothing but fruit. Peach and bergamot and that's it. Near the beginning there was some coriander, but that's gone now, too.

Not a scrubber, but disappointing. That's skin chemistry for you.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by frenchwhore237 2014-10-20

ahh. yet another perfume that makes me retch violently. I can only imagine what people who don't like smelling fragrances would think of this garbage. Everyone at the airport wears this stuff and it is nauseating. just stop..

Heat Wild Orchid Beyonce by Alison Wonderland 2014-10-20

I agree with lizzie81's review...a very cocoa powder scent, followed by coconut, orchids and varies fruity-florals.

Sprayed this from a tester at my local chemist.

A nice enough scent, I guess, but I can see the watered down milk chocolate people are getting.

Yawn. At least this isn't a scrubber like Gagas is. Its not bad, but its nothing amazing.

Nesquik powder, thats it! Nesquik powder and a few florals and musk.

Very sweet, nice enough but nothing to deserve the name "Wild Orchid" Sleeping bud, maybe? :P

A La Nuit Serge Lutens by LaVieEnParfum 2014-10-20

best "Jasmine" fragrance ever.

La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent by frenchwhore237 2014-10-20

This is not really romantic unfortunately.. smells powdery and floral. very overpriced. I guess I can see some dorky, skinny nerd with glasses wearing this with a ridiculous suit on with rose in hand. I guess its okay.. but no one has like 100 bucks to waste on something like this.

I'm glad I bought the purse spray. I'm reminded of every Bath & Body Works Christmas lotions. I won't buy again.

Yvresse (Champagne) Yves Saint Laurent by StopHammertime 2014-10-20

I am surprised there is no labdanum in this! I thought that's what I was getting at first. Upon further sniffing, I have decided that it's the fruits mixed with cinnamon. It reminds me of hot apple cider. I am really loving this so far, mmmmmm!!!

Eros Versace by frenchwhore237 2014-10-20

This is a fragrance that I smelled one day and I loved for 5 minutes. Very sweet.. smells like Vicks with a ton of sugar. VERY SWEET. TOO SWEET. I started to get a headache and when I got home I started vomiting(this was one spray) I can only imagine how disgusting this would smell if some fat old Arab guy got cocky and applied this. Gentlemen.. please pass on this one... You'll thank me!

D&G Anthology La Force 11 Dolce&Gabbana by thatsmr2usir 2014-10-20

I am really baffled @ D&G for creating this Anthology collection. All of them are a miss for me except this & No. 1, and even these two are NOTHING to brag about but they were the only two I owned so here goes.

La Force is right up my alley. Gourmandish, vanilla, light dusting of cinnamon, nutmeg & sandalwood. But when it is applied to the skin, it is one of the weakest fragrances I have ever came across or owned for that matter.

You literally can spray yourself ten times and this stuff still wont kill a gnat. Longevity in all seriousness is around 2-3 hours. Projection? Basically none exsistent! I see what D&G was trying to do, yet they failed miserably not only with this, but the entire Anthology line.

Judging from the notes, one would expect a heavy hitter or one that would hang around for a while, THE JOKES ON YOU! YES YOU READING THIS! It is everything BUT THAT! This would make a perfect gift for someone who does not really like fragrances, or prefers them soft & or for teenagers & those in their early twenties. I can't see a grown adult over the age of 25 taking this seriously, but then again people take the easter bunny seriously so what the hell do I know?.

Aventus Creed by StopHammertime 2014-10-20

Today I finally test the man, the myth, the legend - I got a tiny amount of this with my Surrender to Chance sample order. As I opened the package I smelled something amazing, but masculine. Since Aventus is the only men's frag I ordered, I knew that's what it was. It was overpowering all my little girly samples, before I even opened the little plastic bag they were all in. I haven't gotten to test this very long but so far, I can tell this is destined to be a sillage bomb.
I haven't tested very many men's colognes so I really don't know what notes I'm getting here. It smells like the color grey, if that makes sense to anyone but me LOL. There is definitely a lot of musk, that's all I can really identify. I think this scent is VEEEERYYYYY masculine. LOVE.
P.S. My fiance has some deoderant from Dove, it's called Cool Silver, and I think it smells similar to this. I used to be obsessed with that deoderant, wishing they made a cologne version of it because it smells so good. Well, I've found it now!

Bright Crystal Absolu Versace by Centsless 2014-10-20

Fruitier and sweeter than the original but still retains a fresh, refreshing citrusy vibe. The addition of raspberry and magnolia is a real improvement. This works so much nicer with my skin because it warms up and sticks around longer, and I can actually smell it enough to enjoy it. Love this! I think Absolu and Versace Versense are a great duo for warm weather. This one is girlier and Versense is a little more unisex.

Bright Crystal Versace by Centsless 2014-10-20

Why I really like Bright Crystal: It smells clean, refreshing, sporty-casual and tangy. Why I don't love Bright Crystal: It has no sillage and short longevity. I love this genre of fragrance but honestly, Dior does it better. Eau Fraiche has a nice spiciness, is stronger and sticks around longer. However, if you like Bright Crystal, definitely try the Absolue version! Much better all around, sweeter too.

Serpentine Comme des Garcons by Lana148 2014-10-20

Contemporary green. Nature meets metropolitan.

Starts fun, young, fresh, sunny, zingy and happy! Sweet, green grass mixed with musk and some woody and metallic notes. There is certain electronic and futuristic vibe about it.

Sadly, dry down gets musty and boring, but I still really like CdG out of the box approach to theirs creations.

Black XS for Her Paco Rabanne by tatonnement 2014-10-20

This is quite the interesting scent for me. Normally one to shy away from florals and sweet smelling scents, something in this fragrance sticks in my palette. It posesses a capturing pull between feminine and masculine, sweet and spicy, naughty and nice. The opening is very sweet and drenched in alcohol reminiscent of hairspray- not too appealing. However, once it settles, it transforms into a spicy, deep and likeable fragrance. The drydown smells like peppery rose with a hint of patchouli and musky cranberry. Not the most complex scent but a good one to have on hand when one tires of overpowering, decadent niche scents. The lasting power on this isn't long but maybe that's a good thing - less is more in this case.

this is it!


Khanbaliq Sigilli by janjanjan 2014-10-20

This is potent stuff! Lasts for 12 hours. I can't figure out how I feel about it. When I first put it on I get heavy musk that feels a little dated - like a swanky grandmother's scent. But as it wears more into an amber-esque (and just so slightly) powdery base it becomes incredibly comforting. I get attached to it, and am happy to catch whiffs on my clothes the next day.

This being my first LL perfume I'm totally suprised.Very sweet and powdery with Violets or is it Iris? I have no idea, but I like it.So feminine and lovely.It reminds me of fairytales not because of the advertising or marketing stategies LL use.But simply because that is what is being awaken by this perfume.
Worthwile having this in my collection.

I like this being a simple perfume not many complicated notes.I can't smell any fruits here or the insence.For me this is simply blue florals.There is vanilla and almond but I can't say which is more prominent.
Doesn't last long being a EDT I should try the EDP.

Didn't like it on the first spay but......I thought this is diffenent.So I kept on trying this couple of times at the store before I thought this is it, I should have it. I'm glad I did.

Unique boquet of blue florals This is what it is.

Azar Fueguia 1833 by OtroPoema 2014-10-20

I sampled this one on my skin at the shop in Buenos Aires and chose it among 50 or so other options as a gift for my mother. It is really an amazing scent. The base is a wood and there is some spice to it as well. Despite it's description, it is not overly citrusy. I would have to say it is one of the most versatile offerings from Fueguia - a lot of their fragrances are a bit odd (or unique you could say), while some are truly standouts, like Azar.

Boss Orange for Men Hugo Boss by zeruzzz 2014-10-20

i like mid notes of this scent. i really enjoy to smell this relaxing notes... vanilla dominate the smell, and a little woody and spicy notes..

a great perfume

scent : 4/5
sillage: 3/5
longetivity: 4/5

just blind bought it... gonna be reviewing it later

White Musk For Men The Body Shop by riffjim4069 2014-10-20

I bought White Musk almost a year ago from The Body Shop. It's a delightful fresh-musk fragrance that is slightly soapy and clean, and doesn't come across as being even the slightest bit dirty or animalic. White Musk is a perfect after shower fragrance and something to spray-on when you're just spending an afternoon or evening relaxing around the home. It lasts 4-5 hours and sits pretty close to my skin, which is fine for this kind of fragrance. There is no reason to over-analyze this's just a lovely fresh-musk fragrance that I love wearing while relaxing. Such is life!

Charlie Gold Revlon by patxaran 2014-10-20

At this price my expectations aren't unrealistic but I fail to recognize what others smell here. The opening is a chemical blast sweet powdery almost like aldehydes. After a while I can detect cinnamon but at this stage the fragrance becomes quieter on my skin. The drydown is not bad but barely noticeable. Maybe the bottle I tested was off.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by Yvibzh 2014-10-20

Just bought it today, just after having tested Spicebomb which i disliked a lot!!!
I think Spicebomb is much more young adults oriented (I'm in the mid 40s) and Man in Black seems, according to me, to be a more mature perfume.
The Rum note stays about 10 to 30 min depending on where you spray, but as it dries down, tonka appears, with a hot grilled nut scent.
It makes me think of a deep, rich, opulent and cosy place, just like if you were in the indonesian forest smelling incense with all the frangrances melting with oneanother!

So it's a spiced oriental fragrance but I would call it carribean in fact, maybe due to the rum note!

Test it before buying it, I've been lucky with my blind buy, but i'm used to Jaipur homme by Boucheron which is quite similar in the notes

A final word? Thank you Bvlgari for such a good release!!!

Ambre Gris Pierre Balmain by Safira 2014-10-20

Bought this as a blind buy due to my newly discovered love for Balmain perfumes. To me they're some of the most unique scents I have, and this baby is no different.

I'm actually a little torn about it - when I smell it up close I'm not really a fan, but if I smell it from just a tiny distance it's absolutely gorgeous. I can relate to the reviewer saying that it sort of smells 'natural', because it has this musky twang to it that's sort of undefinable.

The spicyness definetely has a masculine side to it, though I wouldn't say that this is unisex in any way. This scent is mystery in a bottle - and I'm sure it will invoke ambivalence in most people. I am, however, pretty sure I love it. :)

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by Cassiano 2014-10-20

The female version came first, in 2006 (represented by the actress Scarlett Johansson), which was a major sales success! So, the D&G House decided to launch this version, in 2008, to the elegant and sophisticated man. This time, the chosen one to convey this feeling to the public was the actor Matthew McConaughey.

The fragrance was created by Olivier Polge, after understanding the idea of Stefano Gabbana in create a timeless scent, a male version of the success from 2006.
It is composed by notes of coriander, grapefruit and Basil (albahaca), in the output. In the body of the fragrance were included notes of ginger, cardamom and Azahar flower. Finally, a base with ambery nuances, which also has notes of tobacco and cedar.

The result is an oriental and spicy aroma, in which tobacco is the main attraction. On my skin, however, the aroma of this tobacco is not dry, with violet nuances, but liqueur, with nuances of whisky.
Some people feel even sweeter nuances, as syrup. I must confess that, at first, I couldn't believe that there aren't notes of vanilla or benzoin in this cologne.

Basically, the fragrance doesn't evolve much. The coriander is very strong at the start, but were the tobacco and the cardamom notes that have developed most on my skin. The amber gives the vanilla touch I feel, along with the tobacco notes. It's not a feminine scent, but can be worn, easily, by women.
The bottle is heavy, with straight lines and a brushed metal lid with dark color. The concept was to represent the proportions of a well cut D&G suit on a man’s body. The campaign was directed by Martin Scorsese, who needs no comments.

Without doubt, it's a nice scent. But has very low projection and the duration is between low to median, too close to the skin. I don't see limitations about the weather, but I think its best use is at night, in events of short duration and more romantic aspect, as a movie at the cinema, followed by a dinner for two.

I finish with a note: the tendency is to like this cologne the more times it is worn. So, don't discard it without trying, at least, three times in a row.

Love Story Chloe by Safira 2014-10-20

Another blind buy for me - felt quite confident that I would like it as I pretty much adore all of Chloé's perfumes. Read the reviews in here, which are rather negative, and expected the worst.

The result, however, is pretty f*cking awesome! I love this scent. I know Chloé's scents are pretty similar (and maybe that's why I like them all), but this one actually stands out with its freshness. I do like powdery perfumes, which especially Chloé Love is, but this one isn't really powdery, just sweet and delightful. It may end up being my favourite! :)

Girl Pharrell Williams by henri345que 2014-10-20

SOTD: Comme des Garcons + Pharrell Williams Girl. I think that the association between Pharrell and CDG is something very natural. Both are able to create something between the commertial and the edgy or exotic according the project they are developing and i think that it was exactly this CDG hability that caught Pharrell atention and made him want to launch something through them: he was atracted by Wonderwood and its hability, as he says, to deliver something more hard, a pure woody fragrance, to the masses. Girls seems to be born from wonderwood, but for me it's successfull where that one fails. I dislike that wonderwood is too much monolithic on me, it gaves you the impression of wearing a fragrance made only of basenotes and nothing else. without a proper dynamic. Girl seems to keep the Wonderwood woodiness at a proper level, giving it the right balance and proper caliber to make it more unissex, In this version, i feel that the sandalwood stands out more in a creamier way. The cedar and vetiver are still very clear but they don't make the composition so dry and incensey. The part that i like the most, however, it's the harmony of the green and floral elements. Girl opens on me with a delicious green aroma, something that reminds me both of violet leafs and also of fresh figs. It's a green, slightly floral, creamy and milky aroma, very lovely. Then, on a second phase the the violet impression is continued by the floral iris side which is for me contrasted with a peppery impression, that seems to act here to make the balance between the masculine and feminine side of the composition. I like the subtle neroli touch, a citric flower that seems very suitable for both sexes with is slightly sweet, green and floral aroma, and i also enjoy the herbal and a little bit sweet use of the lavender here. Girl was a very nice surprise for me, a fragrance that it's like the most mainstream Pharrell musics: the elements are very known, but the hability in deliver them makes you enjoy the melody and even sing along or tap your foot once it starts to play. It's already between my favorite celebrity scents, i really want a bottle of it!

Black M. Micallef by spidola 2014-10-20

I’m really happy that I found Black – I love it!.... It’s not a “wow” perfume for the person who is looking for an olfactory adventure, as it’s rather linear and maybe even boring, but important is that it makes me feel good!
Oddly, I would not call it “black”, it’s more “nude”, if it has a sense. It’s not a femme fatale type of perfume that pretends to be noticed or desires to conquer everyone. It can be associated to black velvet and lace, but without being vulgar or too flashy… Black has been created for night, but not for clubbing... It is the candlelight "tet à tet" evening perfume - sensual and intimate... It’s soft, retrò and ùberfeminin…
Usually I do not like fruity perfumes, but this one is more powdery than fruity, the plum is noticeable, but adds just freshness to the composition and avoids it to become too cloying. I do not detect a lot of tuberose, the balance between ylang, tuberose, plum and powdery notes is really well crafted and there is not the ONE dominant note. It has a bit the same vibe as Citizen Queen by JHAG or Peau de Peche by Keiko Mecheri or even Moulin Rouge – for me it is the same kind of powdery makeup-like skin scent; Citizen Queen is a bit more plastic and leathery, Moulin Rouge is more dusty, Black wraps you in a soft sweet floral powder cloud, that despite the sweetness, does not lose its juiciness even up to the dry down…
Silage moderate, longevity 8 hours.

This is a Masterpiece for the prise! I'd pay even more to have this instead of many headaching vanila based of today, where all You smell is kind of a cake mixed with some flower stuff and pay a huge prise for a bottle which will end in no time because of poor lasting power / sillage, meaning more spraying to keep yourself minimally scented. And You young ladies, if You are lucky enough to make it to my 36, without looking aged, without thyroid issues which may make You look little unnaturally "healthy", without wisdom and without learning what a real perfume has been, then keep spraying on with Armani Si kind of things and have fun. Nothing wrong in that since this are the today's demands. But then don't try to express Your oppinions so fashionly agressive because that would bring You nowhere. On this page, I have seen the most intelligent reviews ever and the best attitude towards this treasure of a fragrance. Delight to see there are real perfume lovers still around, for whom the prise tagg is not the right thing to go by.

Pino Silvestre Original Pino Silvestre by Ilprofumo 2014-10-20

This is the best men's perfume ever created. Top notch when first on the market and top notch still today. Fresh with a warm lingering depth to it. I love it. It has become popular for son amen too. My grandfather wore it in the 60's so it has a warm reminiscing nostalgic attachment for me.

Champs Elysees Extract Guerlain by irisjetaime 2014-10-20

Guerlain a réussi la gageure de rendre le mimosa, floral, lumineux, vert/poudré sans le côté savonneux de ses petites perles dorées...
J'adore !
Un Chef d'Oeuvre ! Il ne semble pas avoir été touché par une reformulation quelconque ! C'est déjà un exploit en ces temps d'économie de matières premières !
J'aime m'en mettre au printemps quand les journées ne sont pas encore très chaudes. Ma peau réagit à merveille en saison printanière.

Guilty Gucci by ArtzGirl 2014-10-20

In less than 8 hours of wear, two handsome men have wistfully looked at me and told me that they really like the perfume that I'm wearing! If this isn't a good "test" - then I don't know what is!

My nose must be blown out from smelling a lot of perfumes - I can't really pick up much from this one as I spray it on my wrists - but other people can smell it, and they really like this on me.

Or, this could be one of those fragrances that blends so well with my personal chemistry that I can't even smell it. These tend to be the perfumes that I really like - and the ones that others like on me. I have this same type of thing with Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I can't even smell what this smells like on me, but other people LOVE it!

Wish Chopard by Alexmover 2014-10-20

This perfume is murder by sweetness. It is nauseating, headache causing and just horrible. It has nothing classy or sophisticated about it. I don’t even know what notes are in this thing because the only note you’ll get is SUGAR. I never smell this on anyone; it is also an indication that this is not a highly common scent, usually this is a good thing, and in this case, combined with the fact you can always find it dirt cheap- just makes my case. I wanted to like it since the notes seem so nice but the outcome is just wrong. The bottle is so cute though!

Emporio Armani Lei Giorgio Armani by mamufa 2014-10-20

beautiful... comforting, feminine, warm and sexy. pure feminine.
my winter signature scent (CK Eternity is my summer signature).
it does remind me of naomagic, but since I loved naomagic, I am happy to find something similar.
If you like sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, vanilla and musk that is the right scent for you. What I love in She is that you don't have to wait long till it gets to the cozy base notes. After 30 minutes you are there - I love this scent...

Anais Anais Premier Delice Cacharel by Alexmover 2014-10-20

Anais Anais Premier Delice has nothing in to do with the original Anais Anais. For me that’s a good thing. I do not like the original at all. This is a light, floral-fruity scent. It is as pretty as a pink skirt against the green grass on a hot afternoon. It’s fresh and fun. It is without a doubt not a complex, deep scent. But frankly, it isn’t meant to be. Great for long flights and road trips since it’s not aggressive. Probably not the best choice for anyone older then 30, but only because it lacks character in a way. Good choice for younger women and only as a summery fluffy perfume. The bottle is cute but old fashioned.

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez by Lazaro 2014-10-20

I just get my brand new gift set of Narciso Rodriguez Narciso and this fragrance is ultraaaaaaaaaa femenine. I been reading a lot of review about this perfume in the last few months...but for me this perfume is just amazing...
Pure creamy in all the ways possible and so sexy but for all those out there that are saying that this is're all wrong
This is a bipolar perfume because with jjust one spray you feel all the amazing gardenia like a punch on your face..but then i just fade away to later appear with other punch....
And you star seeing flowers....and birds and all those things that Eden garden have....
In my opinion this is the best new fragrance of the fall....

Vanille Abricot Comptoir Sud Pacifique by olga.stefan 2014-10-20

I can tell it is a vanilla based fragrance created in the 90s. That is exactly what I hoped to get from Vanille Abricot and what I appreciate most about it. This scent is definitely not spoiled by random attempts of creating a specifically edible smell: it stays true to its ingredients. It evokes sweet treats, remaining a fragrance nontheless. Sillage is moderate, longevity could do better... however, I find it beautiful.

True Reflection Kim Kardashian by Alexmover 2014-10-20

Not really floral, Pretty sweet actually but in a good way. I think the patchouli adds a nice dimension without overpowering the all thing. The bottle is cheaply made, but cute nonetheless. It’s not an aggressive fragrance like most celebrity perfume tends to be. It has a nice “darkness” to it, makes it a great night-out scent but also since it has moderate sillage it can work as a day scent as well. The plum is the best thing about this scent, it is dominant and wonderful. You don’t find plum note a lot and when you do it sometimes gets sickly-sweet. But in this case it works great.

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by Bublegum 2014-10-20

I really love the bottle, so cute. But except from that, to me this is very similar to Liz Claiborne's Connect Curve. I really don't know why my skin is making this reaction but once I sprayed it immediatelly reminded me of that. Anyway, I believe it is good for those who love caramel and sweet perfumes. It is not overly sweet and clogging. I think it is a good gourmand perfume, but not very original I guess. One perfume that simply follows the gourmand trend of this decade. I doubt it will remain memorable. I don't see any similarities with Prada Candy, Viva La Juicy and La Vie Belle. Longevity and Sillage are moderate on me.

Tonka Imperiale Guerlain by lizakaya 2014-10-20

Marco Chau, your descriptor is perfection. I spent the afternoon Saturday at the Guerlain boutique in Vegas with the most wonderful and patient SA. As I commented on the notes on paper of each of the epds, we poured over the official book of notes and chattered about how one developed over another, etc. This scent is heaven. On my skin it is complex and interesting without being overbearing, it is sweet without being like candy and it is bolstered by traces of wood and smoke. I can wear this for everyday, or for a special evening. Extremely versatile, much more so than some of my other high end frags which seem to be a little more situation specific.

L'Eau D'Issey Absolue Issey Miyake by Alexmover 2014-10-20

L'Eau D'Issey Absolue is the classic L'Eau D'Issey gone wrong. I don’t know what is it in this perfume but it just smells too much of nothing. It’s bland and empty. No complexity what so ever. It’s not smelly or awful but it’s very boring. It is also much more powerful and overwhelming at first, not at all like the original which simply fills your nose with divine notes gently. If you’re looking to buy a fresh I don’t get vanilla at all. It lacks crispiness and I guess I just hate the freesia in this one.
It’s a fail, get the original.
The bottle is nice, but the white-milky bottle of the original is just classy and lovely, no need for anything more.

CH Men Grand Tour Carolina Herrera by Mohd93 2014-10-20

I agree with Juiceman 0331, this is getting really annoying. Can admins control this type of issue?

Seriously people (who voted without smelling or testing), are you stupid? don't you have another useful hobby? a life maybe? People actually believe these ratings and review, or at least keep them in mind, you're ruining it for those who want to blind buy!

Armani Mania Giorgio Armani by surya vai 2014-10-20

I just got this after getting haunted by the vial that I got like 1 year ago, I finally pull the trigger and not disappointed at all.

Smells quite unique to me. When you spray it, the first thing you're going to smell is the alcohol, but just for few seconds, and then it's a wonderful saffron-cedar with a little spice smell, it's just gorgeous. Smells so modern, luxurious, and yet casual and of course masculine.

I know this fragrance doesn't project much, but it is actually last quite long on my skin, 6-8 hours, and will sometimes project if you move. I bought it just simply cause it smells just great and unique.

This scent will smell even better if they amplified the power.

The closest one to Armani Mania is YSL L'homme, it's not that similar, but in a quick sniff(with my amateur nose, haha) it's like they're almost in the same category. YSL L'homme is sweeter and woodier though, and has more power than Mania.

So, in conclusion, is this a pass, try or buy? I'll say give this a try, because it smells great and unique, and you still might get a great projection/longevity from this fragrance because everyone's skin reacts differently to one scent.

Scent : 8/10
Projection : 4/10
Longevity : 6.5/10

Have a great day! :)

Anubis Papillon Artisan Perfumes by hellovascent 2014-10-20

Today I finally received a sample of this much anticipated scent and I was so disappointed.

On and to me this smells like a birch tar variation on
the lovely Boxeuses by Serge Lutens: tanned leather from the beginning until the end.

There's nothing sexy in this scent for me.

At this price tag I'd prefer a bell jar anytime.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain by Mohd93 2014-10-20

High expectations much?

Well, my friend had this in his car so I gave it a try and I liked it, not something I would wear a lot, depends on the mood, but I don't see how it gets that much hate. It's actually quite good, I smell a lot of almond, tonka beans and leather, I thought it was a little light which is good, it's not too heavy or suffocating.

L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake by Alexmover 2014-10-20

L'eau d'Issey is the first perfume I have ever finished a whole bottle of. It is just perfection. Fresh and yet complex and interesting. smells like white flowers without being too “flowery” and sickly sweet. The base notes are a dream. The bottle is simplicity at its finest. This is a fragrance for people who like simplicity and yet knows how to appreciate depth. It’s my go to scent for summer days and winter nights. Works great on all seasons. I’m defiantly a fan.

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