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Mink And Pearls Jovan by drugstore classics 2016-10-27

OH, my.. Wish I had been able to smell this one!

Miss Dior (new) Christian Dior by michelle.konstantina 2016-10-27

Wish the strawberry wasn't removed. BUT I still like this so much more than the earlier formulations. They were a bit too sweet in my opinion, I love how fresh and optimistic this scent is while not being too sweet. I lasts for about 6-8 hours on my skin and for days on my clothes.

Well, well, well...

A lot of great reviews on this one already so I'll keep this short. Profumo smells like the original Acqua di Gio went off to travel the world for a few years and came back a darker, brooding, more handsome and infinitely more interesting version of it's former self. A fantastic new work from Alberto Morillas, I'll be wearing this a lot! Two thumbs up.

Today Tomorrow Always Daydream Avon by Miffy8900 2016-10-27

I get lily-of-the-valley even though not listed. Clean, sweet (but not overly) gardenia and honey. Somehow it reminds me of YSL Paris from the 80's.. same floral powdery feeling.. a very nice and pleasant fragrance - a little bit mature. Smells much more expensive than it is.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by socorrosouza 2016-10-27

You probably using in a warmer temperature, where Black orchid devolops a ghost coconut note, in colder temps it lasts more and has no ghost coconut. It is quite an arresting, not too sweet frag, very long lasting and with heavy projection, but black Orchid shines on colder temperature, it is too heavy to perform well in heat.

Born Original for Him Adidas by TonyAKAMrClean 2016-10-27

After taking a break from this one for a while and coming back to it today, I finally realize why this one was dissed so heavily - because it smells like something from Paco Rabanne! If you're not a fan of those scents, you won't like this. There's a little bit of 1 Million-esque sweetness, a little bit of Invictus-esque fruitiness, but all in all, it's a little barbershop on top of it. I can wear this scent to the office and smell sweet without be cloying.

Again, if you like Paco Rabanne scents, you'll likely love this one.

Vanille Noire Yves Rocher by laulaura 2016-10-27

Dark vanilla, it was a blind buy.I like it. It has a natural vanila smell with a dark aura.sweet, woody and a little spicy. It has a natural vanilla smell, not one bit artificial.i don't find it powdery but soft.
It smells like a vanilla pouding , delicious
And has a touch of incens, a dark tone wich makes it intense and sexy
I feel in my element when wearing it but it can be sometimes boring for example i know they don t smell similar but if i want a coconut smell i go for Versace Crystal Noir wich has a beautiful coconut smell without being boring, it is sublime that one.
Anyways i like Vanille Noire, if i want to smell like vanilla this has a nice natural vanilla smell

Rose Oud Yves Rocher by karmalv 2016-10-27

Been wearing this a lot and while the sillage gets weaker and weaker as the day goes by (and it's not very heavy in the first place), it's long lasting. I sprayed it just once on my neck about 11 hours ago and if someone came close to my neck they could definitely still smell it.

I regret buying the smallest bottle, I don't wanna buy another one immediately but I hope this doesn't get discontinued like so many Yves Rocher fragrances.

New York Oud Bond No 9 by genvy 2016-10-27

A bitchslap of saffron, some rose, a subtle fruity (plum? sure) note, some musk, and a very "Montale" oud note which obviously isn't actually what any type of oud smells like.

This is first and foremost a saffron with rose fragrance with a musky/fruity underpinning. Should have been called New York Saffron.

Sillage and longevity are big, but I'm not a fan of the smell.

Bois d'Ascese Naomi Goodsir by Robert Goode 2016-10-27

One of the most elegant and alluring tobacco fragrances I own!

A*Men Ultra Zest Thierry Mugler by milancelisac 2016-10-27

This one's as beautiful as its double Paco Rabanne's Ultrared Man

(I am) a Sex Goddess Neotantric by nvenus 2016-10-27

My 4th and last purchase from this brand and I'm still surprised... I've never tried anything like this. I saved this one for the last because I thought I would like it but to be honest, I'm not sure I do... I guess it's the pathouli note that reminds me of mint gum or mouth wash/tooth paste. Without the cold, minty scent (+ the pepper, maybe), I think I'd like it (more), but now... Not so sure. It's ok and interesting + unique, just not something I would choose to wear. The sweet notes are beautiful but it's just the contrast with the extreme "mint" note that confuses me. If someone walked pass me and smelled like this, I'd be a bit curious rather than bothered.
... I imagine someone mysterious and adventurous wearing this a cold night.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by Lucyana 2016-10-27

To me, this smells after 2 hours or so like coconut! Very very strong coconut! I adore this stuff! Very powerful and strong.

I respect this man Mr. Wasser raise up my hat for his efforts .

Eau de Gaga 001 Lady Gaga by RoRoSe 2016-10-27

A blind buy, smells as a cheap copy of Michael kors sorry !

Infusion d'Iris Prada by AliaC. 2016-10-27

I LOVE ❤️ this! It's light incense with some powder iris and orange

This does not smell like original fresh bossom which I expected. It does smell just like VS "sheer love"

I like it

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford by Mayenaise 2016-10-27

While there are a lot of comments that say this smells like 4711, it somehow doesn't. For me, it's not even close. Why do i love this? It simply reminds me of childhood happiness. There was this spanish cologne i used all the time as a kid. Uncomplicated, fresh, green, citrus notes. Heavenly even if doesn't stay as long as i expect. I wouldn't mind spraying again in the day. If my bottle runs out i just might get another one for nostalgia.

Citric Metal Kamasutra Neotantric by nvenus 2016-10-27

Interesting citrus fragrance with violet leafs and hints of musk. Very fresh and interesting... I like it but I think there is something missing... I'd like it more masculine.
I imagine this being even better at summer evenings.

Santal Royal Guerlain by Arabian Knight 2016-10-27

"Santal Royal" is beautiful, but despite the enthusiastic sales assistant telling me how unique it is, I have definitely smelled similar things before.

Tom Ford's "Oud Wood" springs to mind immediately. Also Chanel "Egoiste" and "Pallisandre d'Or" by Aedes de Venustas.

It's a dry, sweet, rosy sandalwood and cinnamon, loaded with plush musk and the vaguest tinge of oud. The opening is the most interesting part; The texture is more brittle and dark, the oud really giving a smokey, leathery quality, but as it wears on I find the cinnamon, rose and sandalwood are the main triad, with a dry, vaguely powdery muskiness. It even feels a little bitter and medicinal at times, almost shrill. I can imagine this becoming very cloying if over sprayed. It is strong stuff and unrelentingly sweet.

Worn sparingly it is no doubt a sensual and exotic scent for colder weather. I personally find it more feminine leaning.

She Belongs There Olivine Atelier by threedayspecial 2016-10-27

This one is nice. I'm not usually one for florals but I would definitely wear this again. Out of all the Olivine perfumes, this is one of two that my boyfriend noticed on me and said "you smell nice". Nice, nice, nice...but nothing special in my opinion. Longevity is horrible for me. It's only been a couple of hours and I can barely detect it.

Manic Love for Her Neotantric by nvenus 2016-10-27

Reminds me of Demter's "Always Focused". Too green and "herby" for my taste, but it's interesting how the different notes create something that works, in some kind of way. I'm not sure at what occasion this perfume is suitable but it seems as complete as it can be...
It's slightly confusing but I'll have to say it's not something I would wear or buy, again.

I think the peach note saves this. The peach note is quite weak but very sweet. I think it's the peach in it that makes me think of cotton candy as a note in this perfume...

Green notes, rose, bergamot and sea notes comes through as the moste intensive notes. ... Curious how it would be without the greens.

Still not sure if I completely dislike it or if I, for hours, could stand sitting next to someone wearing this perfume.

Egoiste Platinum Chanel by SirCharles 2016-10-27

A 90's update on the classic barbershop style of fragrance, Platinum Egoiste has a VERY similar feel to A&F Fierce and CK Eternity, albeit more mature and higher quality.

Poison Christian Dior by Fragrant Desert 2016-10-27

Dear God this is Thick! At first I tried a knock-off and accidently oversprayed. This big purple cloud held me hostage and I literally felt depressed. Even my partner who never complains about the insane concoctions I flood the house with asked in horror what it was. FYI, it makes a nice air freshener if you stay out of the way!

As for the Proper Poison. Thick! Like heavy velvet and I love it. However, it should come with a caution or warning label. I live in the desert so the window of being able to wear Poison is rather limited and certainly not year round .. completely off limits in summer and even spring.

I don't care for tuberose as first thought but it works here for me because my attention doesn't fixate on that note as much as the overall harmony. I also have my brain programmed to think PLUM BOMB.

That said. When the time and mood is right? Like today? Windows open, slightly overcast and no need for AC? I couldn't wait to spray a couple doses of Poison.

This is for serious, mature adults and professionals Only. You better have slayed a few dragons, tamed some tigers and mastered a beast or two before you dare. This is one that can easily wear you .. down. When done right? Sweet Jesus how I love her Thickness.

Blackberry & Bay Jo Malone by Mayenaise 2016-10-27

Love Jo Malone scents and this one tops them all. I love that i can wear it anytime of the day and still feel fresh and clean after a long day's work. The drydown is amazing. I sometimes layer it with nectarine blossom and honey. But it's good enough to wear by itself. If you had one JM fragrance to choose from, get this and you'll love it till the last spray.

I got this beauty in the mail today in a lovely swap with Coffee_Girl! Thanks again! It's lovely at first spray it's a little fruity, a bit musky, sweet, and warm with present vanilla! I love the house of JPG!

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Christian Dior by michelle.konstantina 2016-10-27

Amazing scent, it's so romantic, elegant and cozy. I think it's the most beautiful Dior scent, but it doesn't last. Can't smell it after 10 minutes or less. Please do an EDP of this, one that lasts as long as the poison line. <3

Spezie Lorenzo Villoresi by ramin1215 2016-10-27

Mahatma Gandhi

Black Bvlgari by MonsieurDeBanane 2016-10-27

I wish the reviews I had read of this had hinted that this is in *no way* a daring scent. It is light, sweet, rather feminine (powdery-flowery powder room) and somewhat modern. The leather & rubber dimensions are scarcely noticeable under the conventional, safe perfume structure. Mom at a restaurant.

Curious Britney Spears Britney Spears by smellofroses 2016-10-27

Britneys first and best perfume. Its the freshest out of them all. Such a shame that it is overlooked.

Prada Candy Florale Prada by dorothea333 2016-10-27

I just put some on - yeah it is still lovely, this tangy, soapy freshness.

I believe that some of the many disappointed or critical reviews partly comes from knowing and loving Prada Candy.
I have not yet smelled Candy, though I have every intention of doing so, but I think it was probably an advantage that my mini of Candy didn't survive the trip from Asia, then I had no firm expectations.

On me I don't get much powder. And though I recently fell in love with a powdery perfume (which I am still amazed by) I normally consider no powder or very little powder a good thing. I just want to say this, because it is described as powdery, but it should not scare anyone from trying it.

It could be a cousin to Fleur d'Interdit from Givenchy.

Makkah Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by furqankhan5555.1 2016-10-27

fragrantica bring its perfume(spray) version

Manic Love for Him Neotantric by nvenus 2016-10-27

"Gentleman's EdT"? So... A gentle man is supposed to smell like carrots? "Sure you're not talking about rabbits?" However, this was shocking but not too shocking according to the listed notes. I "understand" it but I'm not a fan of it. The opening is a disaster in my world, although - as I mentioned before - I do get the idea, but to me, it's just like carrotjuice in a forest full of cypress, cedar, moss, other green notes and bitter caradmom. The lavender is also a bitter, not sure if it's because of something else (that smells bitter) or just that note...
I don't want to be this negative about it because I do believe it suits other people's tastes but honestly, this isn't something for me. Although I don't like it at all, I have to say that it's not the worst (men) perfume that I've tried. I imagine it being ok and quite interesting when it's weak, it's just that strong, odd opening that ruins it for me.

... + The bottle is cool.

Cuir d`Ange Hermes by metalgear 2016-10-27


Orange Bitters Jo Malone by genny17 2016-10-27

Orange Bitters starts with a blast of oranges, not so juicy, more like orange rinds, fresh, bright, but it goes fast to a woodsy balsamic undertone,, with a rich plummy liquorish note...I find it rather unisex. it is a different Malone here, if you like citrus scents and are looking for something a bit unique, I would say go for it..,as for me, I don't care for citrus perfumes, and I don't like the woodsy balsamic edge on gives the scent a dry masculine undertone...interesting fragrance, not my taste. Longevity isn't great, it turns rather fast in a skin scent..

Tease Paris Hilton by nvenus 2016-10-27

EdP: Tuberose, peach, frangipani and apple :) it's rich, not a weak perfume. Don't know about the lasting (yet).
A really nice scent if you're into these kind of fragrances but I can't see this become one of my favourites or my signature. But, I have to repeat myself and recommend this; it's a nice frag :)

Vintage Bloom Jessica Simpson by nvenus 2016-10-27

First of all, I thought some part of the bottle would be frosted but it wasn't.
It's light in the air, very citrusy and floral. I've got to try it a few times more, at different times, to form my exact opinion but based on what I felt today, now, I'm quite pleased. (Unfortunately) it fades easily in the air but it seems to last on fabric and also it's more intensive (maybe becaus it lasts) on fabric. It's basically just a mix of the listed notes with very intensive citrus notes followed by florals and lastly raspberry bloom + the base notes. Not sure aout the "amount" of each base note but I think there's more musk than sandalwood.

I think I'd prefer this in small doses and as light as possible even though it's a nice blend.

1932 Eau de Parfum Chanel by mellene 2016-10-27

Tested both new EdP 2016 & earlier EdT purchased in 2013. I much prefer the earlier EdT which has no grapefruit/pear note. The EdT shows more orris root/jasmine with sheer incense notes. As noted, they really seem like two different fragrances.

Spot on reviews. This fragrance may not be a "blue" fragrance but is definitely green. It smells like crisp morning forest. Very fresh, with the cypress coming in waves all day even leaving a slight vapor trail from one room to the next. It works in any season and at home, office or evening. Given the longevity and sillage the value is off the chart. No worries about a blind buy, you'll love it.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes by topdogrwd 2016-10-27

This stuff is good. I have tried it in hot weathers of middle east where the humidity can be higher than 80% and this baby rocks.

Tag-Him Armaf by newmoon_h 2016-10-27

I actually bought (blind) it before I smelled Bleu De Chanel. I am not a fan of ginger so I did not like Tag Him that much. However at home I sprayed it five/six days to experiment so I got very familiar with the smell. Then one day my friend was wearing BDC, and despite the fact that I never smelled BDC before, i recognized the smell thanks to Armaf Tag Him. After that experience, I would say this one smells very similar to BDC. BDC is little stronger and projects better so do one/two spray more with the Tag Him if you want to get same performance.

Agua Verde Salvador Dali by FishTank 2016-10-27

This is a refined, sweet vetiver. A 'blue vetiver', as I allow myself to call it.

Truly wonderful stuff.

Craft Andrea Maack by gtabasso 2016-10-27

Soft and lightly sweet incense with a hint of patch, more of a skin scent, not as powerful as the ones it is similar to

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Jo Malone by shasta 2016-10-27

Make no mistake. This perfume is perfect. It's unique and beautiful. Definitely try this if you ever get the opportunity. This is my top favorite.

Fierce Abercrombie & Fitch by BeckyS29 2016-10-27

I also tested the current 2016 bottle (checked on checkfresh) and it is a watered down mess. I also agree with people below who say that A&F is going to be out of business soon, and for the man (Sam) who claims they made it can anyone take your reviews seriously now? You have totally disqualified yourself. my .02. not sure why everyone is fighting about this scent, it's "OK", not the best thing ever, but jeez chill out people.

1881 Cerruti by Melpo 2016-10-27

I think this is a somewhat strong, breezy (is there such a word? anyway it seems more becoming than "fresh"), woody, flowery sort of aroma. I cannot recognize any flower in particular, but how else to describe this fume of bright colour, similar to the colour of its (current) bottle? I can't say it's "love at first sniff", but I suppose this an acquired taste. And it lasts.

L`Aventure Al Haramain Perfumes by Black Russian 2016-10-27

It has very good scent, but performance isn't match even bad batches of Aventus. And Aventus is known for having significant difference between batches in both scent and performance (I'm not talking about Aventus bought from discount online stores, but from Nordstrom or Nieman Marcus). This is why I stop buying original Aventus - at this price I expecting spot on identical scent and performance, but not getting it.
Here is my secret of getting 95% Aventus scent and performance from inexpensive clones, and sometimes even better performance than bad Aventus batch:
I'm using L'Aventure or Insurrection Pure 2 as a projection and sillage buster for Al-Rehab Avenue roll on oil. Avenue is very close to Aventus in scent and has even better longevity, but sillage and projection is very modest at best. L'Aventure has beast sillage and projection, but short longevity and lacks of pineapple note. Insurrection is a bit too smoky, good projection and sillage, but moderate longevity. On my skin I use 4 sprays of Insurrection and dab of Avenue right on every spray in Summer or hot Spring and Autumn days, and 4 sprays of L'Aventure and little roll of Avenue right on top of each sprayed spot for Winter or colder days. In both cases it lasts 12-14 hours on my skin, and projects about 6ft for 4-5 hours, and then another 3-4 hours more within arm reach.

Shalimar Parfum Initial Guerlain by Readysniffer1 2016-10-27

I bought this and didn't like it all that much, but my husband loved it. I've worn it a few times, wondering if it would grow on me. I put it on today, and I love it. I don't know what has changed, but I am guessing it has to do with cool, Fall weather.
It's 100% a love. And this is the one I've thought of getting rid of more than any other in my collection.

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan by njn 2016-10-27

This is my sporty scent, part of the ritual getting ready to run, very uplifting.

Imperial Millesime Creed by kevingammer 2016-10-27

Ehhhh, its alright tbh. Like it does pull in a lot of compliments, but the smell doesn't last really long. It's the type of thing you wear to a formal brunch, or a cook out. Its the type of thing you wear to impress your date, and those around you.The sillage is alright but not good as good as everyone claims it to be.

Still prefer versace eros

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood DSQUARED² by rerthegreat 2016-10-27

I have read mention of a clean cotton tee. I have also seen mention of pepper. I have read mention of the original tommy Bahama and comparisons to some other fragrances. To me, this smells as if you have combined Tommy bahama true star and the improperly marketed burberry the beat. You get the pepper and cedar of the beat with the freshness, clean feeling and a bit of leather from true star.

A very nice, inoffensive, natural woody fragrance. Very well suited for casual and office, and when youll be spending much of your day outdoors. Can be found very cheaply and is worth the buy. Ultimately i think i prefer both true star and the beat as separate entities but I enjoy this nonetheless. Not the best woody fragrance ever but an excellent job nonetheless.

Bolero Avon by desertrose63 2016-10-27

How awesome if they would 'bring this back'!? Since Avon has long been a friend to many perfume lovers, this would be a piece of fragrance history I would like to have.

La Mome Pierre Balmain by shushkin 2016-10-27

I was rash and blind bought this but its ok as its lovely. This is a wonderfully chic floral, fruit and resins fragrance. Its the first fragrance I have come across to cross such a bridge. I dont find this particularly girly as its too sophisticated. You definitely get fruitiness first then the rose but its then gradually softened out by the oppopanax. There is some sweetness but not too much. I like how the lighter violet and freesia notes help open up the fragrance so it is never heavy and cloying. The oppopanax and myrhh are the longest lasting notes becoming most apparent after 30 minutes and remaining to the end (usually 3 hrs max.!). The amber and the musk are very low key on me.
I imagine Mome more suitable for the over 30s age groups. La Mome is a fragrance to wear when dressed smart casual and perhaps meeting your in laws. Mome says Im feminine but Im smart and chic. Its a shame the longevity and sillage are poor.

A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler by milancelisac 2016-10-27

This is Lolita Lempicka's Au Masculin on steroids! Gorgeous stuff!

New York Nicolai Parfumeur Createur by fragcentral 2016-10-27

PDN's New York is a classic spicy masculine!

New York is definitely a citrus, spicy fragrance. It's basically an old school classic masculine. Definitely mature and in the vibe of Eau Sauvage, Bois de Portugal, Pour Monsieur by Chanel, etc.

It lasts about 5-6 hours and projects well during that time. Good but not great performance.

Not many compliments with this one. My wife does not like it and says it is powdery.

8.5 of 10.

Boyfriend Kate Walsh by Denoula 2016-10-27

Lovely comforting scent but EUR 370,90 seems an absurd price for 0.50 oz of it. My sample is gone now so I am enjoying it for the last time in all probability. Never mind, it was good while it lasted.

CH Men Prive Carolina Herrera by chokolattecoffee 2016-10-27

I just had today the opportunity to test this scent on my wrist with several others and this is the one I have been sniffing all day long... It smells like luxorious, creamy leathery. Like a time machine brought me to middle of Viennese waltz in a luxorious palace with aristocratic gentlemen and ladies. Congratulations Carolina Herrera! Scent 10 plus

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by mohsen95 2016-10-27


Stella (2014) Stella McCartney by AliaC. 2016-10-27

I had had both versions and I like this better! It's a nice, sweet and floral for the summer!

Mr. Burberry Burberry by tanjeen007 2016-10-27

I don't have this cologne, but i have tested it on my skin several times. It's a pleasing scent. It's woody floral and spicy scent. Average performance on my skin. Blind buy safe.
Score would be 7.5/10 that's not a bad score right?

Fico D'India Ortigia Sicilia by AliaC. 2016-10-27

With some fig in it it would be a lot nicer! It is listed but it is not there! It has no staying power, nothing, for the price...

Fico D'India Ortigia Sicilia by AliaC. 2016-10-27

This is pure grass with cactus

Fuel Power for Women Jeanne Arthes by Sweet_Heart 2016-10-27

Good news! I just discovered Al Rehab Rawan, and it's a dead ringer for Fuel Power! Just a few swipes under a couple generous spritzes of Fuel Power, and I still smelled amazing 12+ hours later. Plus a 6ml perfume roll on can be easily found online (I prefer for less than $3. Poor longevity? Not anymore!

Gincenso Daniel Barros by jeremy fragrance 2016-10-27

Very Sick creation right here, like many of his line. Good Fragrance for Spring and Summer, totally nailed with that Gin-Accord

Amberula Daniel Barros by jeremy fragrance 2016-10-27

Mouthwatering Amber, loosened up with fresh Fruits & Flowers. One of my favorites from this house! Extremely enjoyable and you always want to get back to the test stripe.

Flower by Kenzo L`Elixir Kenzo by Arlene-Beatrix 2016-10-27

Velvety, subtle, soft sweet scent. Elixir is the perfect name for it! It's the proof that praline scent can be truly sensual, not as loud and pushy as La vie est belle by Lancome.
Love at first sniff.

Kiris Royale Daniel Barros by jeremy fragrance 2016-10-27

Sexy FRUITY Top, backed up with strong sugary, almost creamy gourmand notes. Good Unisex Fragrance

Tobacognac Daniel Barros by jeremy fragrance 2016-10-27

like the forgotten brother of Roja Dove Enigma/ Creation E
Very sexy, mature, 100% Masculine Boozy/Tobacco Fragrance, something nice for the Niche-Heads.

Prada La Femme Prada by dorothea333 2016-10-27

Ladies - you make me curious - I just ordered a beautiful, classy 9 ml mini bottle in white with a gold top (like the shower gel). And now I am going to read the rest of the reviews :-)

One of you mentioned, it had a dry down like Poeme. What a treat. I would just love it, if my chemistry worked together with La Femme the same way.

I don't know all the Prada classics at all, but I really like Infusion d'Iris and Candy Florale. They are of course very very different, but they are of high quality. And I expect that from La femme too.
The main accords sound lovely, and iris, tuberose and vanilla already there they have 'sold' it to me :-)

You Americans are so lucky, when it comes to perfume. It seems like, it is so very easy to get free samples. And if you don't like a perfume, you can just return it to the shop. It would never go in Denmark, and perfumes here are terribly expensive, This is the case in the whole of Scandinavia. And probably therefore we have a completely different attitude towards perfume.

Of course what I read in here is written by perfume lovers, but I still get the impression, that perfume is a very common thing among young people in the states, that already in high school most girls have one or several perfumes on their dressers.

I lived most of my life without perfume, and I didn't miss it or think about it. I had some nice ones when I was 19-20-21, and when Yves Roches started their business in DK, I loved the perfume Nature. Later on I got j'Adore and Versace Woman there may have been one here and there, that I don't remember now, but really - there has not been many perfumes in my life.

And then a few years ago - I don't quite understand what happened - I started to read and try perfumes, and I got completely hooked. I ordered samples from the states, which should tell you a little about, how difficult it is for a Dane to get samples.

I do think, that the shops could sell so much more perfume, if it wasn't so expensive, and I also think free samples is the best possible way to advertise for a perfume, cause who wants to pay 90$ for a fragrance, they might not like after all. And that they can not return to the shop.

If I for some reason should live a year in the states, I would hoard so much perfume :-D

But for now I must rely on Ebay and the super nice people in Essenza-Nobile.

Well, a little digression - hope you don't mind.

Have a nice day everyone :-)

Insolence Guerlain by dyaver 2016-10-27

I definitely smell anise in the opening, I'm surprised it's not listed in the notes. Sweet berries are undoubtedly there. Insolence reminds me of YSL Paris, probably due to the combination of violet, rose and iris. It's a heavy, powdery and sweet floral scent. Unfortunately too nauseating for me.

Yuzucello Daniel Barros by jeremy fragrance 2016-10-27

like stuff you put into a cake to make it TASTY!
Smells in fact very "tasty" if that's what you want then awesome, I personally love it but it also reminds me of my mum baking a cake!

Extatic Tiger Orchid Pierre Balmain by Arlene-Beatrix 2016-10-27

Warm, inviting, truly nice oriental scent. Solar notes just smell warm, I guess. I can also smell orchid, ylang-ylang and cashmere wood. It's all well mixed and it creates bold, sexy feeling. Scent for a tigress who enjoys her life.
Bottle is totally beautiful.

Rawan Al-Rehab by Sweet_Heart 2016-10-27

Beautiful! Not a what I'd consider a 'traditional' Arabian fragrance as I don't detect any oud, resins, or spices in here. But as other reviewers pointed out, it is very reminiscent of D & G Pour Femme, or even more so of Jeanne Arthes Fuel Power, if you're familiar with that one. It opens with bright orange/citrusy notes and then softens quickly into a creamy tropical dessert. I plan on layering this under Fuel Power to give it better longevity. Delicious!

Acqua Essenziale Salvatore Ferragamo by Fabio Dondeo 2016-10-27

The smell of Acqua Essenziale is good but not very original. You feel as if you had just taken a shower. It's really watery, consistent with its name, but so light, that even after applying 8 sprays I almost don't detect its scent. Compared to others Aquas, like Aqua de Gio or Bvlgari Aqva, this Ferragamo's product is much weaker, without projection.

Peau de Peche Keiko Mecheri by jswtnsourh 2016-10-27

Such a lovely peach! As the name implies, this is very much a skin scent - light, musky, peachy, freshly-showered skin. This is the perfect "shampoo scent" if you're looking for something clean and fruity-floral that sticks close to you but with quite decent longevity. In fact, it reminds me of what Pantene Pro-V used to smell like in the 90's.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by Deppaholic 2016-10-27

I have of late been on a roller coaster with fragrance, not even caring who or which one it is, just that it would somehow work it's magic on me that day. I've been cloning clinging to a few Guerlain and No 19. As I went to buy the new RED makeup collection at the Chanel counter, I saw the sample, and sprayed my wrist, um, was doing it's job for "me". I then sprayed with abandon, sorry shoppers are me :) No it doesn't smell exactly like 5, or 19, or anything. I loathe, anything fruity on me. This somehow matches something in my spirit. Which has been through a lot these past few years. I bought a fb, and I will agree, it doesn't last forever, what does, only those ones that I cannot wear anymore, or sadly have been miscombopuated. If that's a word :) Anyways, this is a good everyday scent, me, because I was using a Guerlain discontinued one, and worry every time I use it, that once it's gone, it's gone. So for Christmas I am asking for a bottle of this, and world peace. Happy sniffing and wonderful smelling. Give it a whirl if you can. I would strongly advise staying away from Chanel on Ebay. My daughter just said yes yes mom, that is you, that is how you smell. I said, I have a new fragrance on, she says, well, it's you :) I like it, it's different, and I am terribly bored with many other fragrances I have. Chanel never lets me down.

Good Girl Carolina Herrera by Nil3 2016-10-27

I changed my mind.
Yes, it's nice, but after awhile only.
Here's the thing about perfume:
Have you noticed that the inside of your elbow is the body part that makes perfume smell at its best?
To try a perfume , spray it behind your ears AND your wrists and the rest....
If it doesn't smells on you like the inside of your elbow, it gets tricky.
I'm not impressed anymore. As a friend of mine put it:
' Ooops, that was a short love story'.

Kemi Kemi Blending Magic by carter0012 2016-10-27

I gotta say it's rather un pleasant to me! I get Civet, Castoreum and Oud mixed with a liquid runny maple / caramel... it has tones of urine / diarrhoea, very "barn yard"
and animalic... This is NOT for the faint of heart. I would say there is a good chance you will offend people in the street wearing this, even if you love it yourself. It's going to get bad reactions from people around you at some point... it's not safe, at all.
It has a strong liquid diarrhoea vibe to it, mixed with a candy sweetness and a caramel note - Imagine a kid having a huge explosive diarrhoea all over the walls inside a candy store filled with strawberry candies and caramels = exactly how this smells. The sweetness is very artificial smelling like children's candy, Haribo and hard boiled sweets mixed with caramel and poo.
I don't often write bad reviews, but this is quite disgusting.
After two hours, the bad smells disappear, and it comes out into an almost powdery Vanilla with a little caramel and Sandalwood... at which point, it's nice.. but there's no way I can get through the first two hours, to enjoy the dry down. The cardboard box smell in the dry down referenced bellow.. is dry powdery vanilla mixed with cedar and sandalwood.. very close to something like Memoirs of a Trespasser by Imaginary Authors, smells like the dusty old pages of a book.

Vanilla Lace Victoria`s Secret by kismetdaisy 2016-10-27

To answer questions on here, they did used to make this in an EDT. 1oz EDT's, and many years ago, 3.4oz--but those are very rare. You can still buy the EDT of this VS line on eBay. They discintinued all the EDT's for the Garden collectioj (i.e. love spell, coconut passion, pure seduction, etv.) They did this maybe a year ago. But they discontinued the Vanilla Lace EDT way longer ago than least 5 years? Before discontinued, I always used to get the vanilla lace EDT, as well as the Forbidden Fantasy EDT--but i only wear this line of fragrances in the EDT form, since i dont do body mists. I also used the coconut passion EDT, do was happy they at least still had those and all the others in 1oz EDT. But now days, all they have in store are the body mists, lotions and shower gel unfortunately. They still have kept the vanilla lace in those selections. But it also smells plasticky now, where it used to be the creamiest beautiful vanilla, esp in the 90s. The lotion was so sweet abd thick. So like i said, if you want any of the garden line's EDT, you gotta get on eBay. The vanilla lace EDT has become quite expensive on there. If i find a very old 3.4oz bottle of the vanilla lace, i take advantage and buy it. Cause the 1oz are tiny. But, they havent had thesw in 3.4oz since like the 90s, so any one you get is very old.. Sometimes i worry if the perfume may have gone bad.

I'll never understand why they discontinue everything. Im bummed that i cant even get the coconut passion EDT in stores anymore. I wonder if perhaps the EDT's were an unpopular item.. Sales mightve been down. Just one more perfume i have to pay an arm and a leg for on eBay. They werent my favorites anymore anyway though..oh well

Prima Paolo Gigli by nardius 2016-10-27

This starts off as a strong marker pen smell to me. I like it in a weird way, but it's probably not a crowd pleaser. After 2 hours, it settles down to something quite nice, but by that point I get timid projection. The ambery base stays for a few more hours.

.. "was launched in 2017". As far as I'm concerned, it's still 2016. Unless time travel has become a thing now..

Rose des Vents Louis Vuitton by HUEbris 2016-10-27

Watery Rose. It develops to Muguet and green and milky.

Animale Intense Animale by pat.rick_17 2016-10-27

I am fairly new to collecting and I prefer to take the road less traveled, Animale intense for me is not so intense but a soft calming fragrance. And oh, I also get like a lipstick-y kind of a vibe with this one for the whole duration of it staying on my skin.

Spice Bazaar Nishane by Cherry_Darling 2016-10-27

This is very good aromatic woody spicy. Projects well and said to last - I am yet to see but I can imagine it does. I think in this one the one small thing I'm missing personally is the sweetness, I like perfumes to be a bit sweeter this has a very dry spicy feel to it. Some will prefer this of course over slight gourmands.

Honey Aoud Montale by airholder.1 2016-10-27

where can I get a sample of this online?? Preferably , a european site...Thank you

Contre Moi Louis Vuitton by HUEbris 2016-10-27

To me, It smells like more Heliotropine then Vanilla. That distinctive cherry and floral nuance... and add fresh floral which described as Magnolia.
And I think that cacao note is working like Cacharel's Anais Anais delice that has fruity jammy smell-it said that perfume has smell of hyacinth and cacao, In this, it showed as rose and cacao.

Cierge De Lune Aedes de Venustas by ilsagold 2016-10-27

Please drop your reviews here. How about comparing with Mona Di Orio's Vanille?

Ottoman Angela Flanders by rosesbecomeme 2016-10-27

Fabulous spicy rose .I can see why it's called Ottoman no need to say more.

New Orleans Datura Nomaterra by Amarah 2016-10-27

I was lucky enough to discover this House as I don't believe I have heard of them before. Sometimes undiscovered perfume Houses come up with a fragrance so good that you feel as excited as a little child receiving a new doll when you discover it. This is the way I feel about New Orleans Datura.

This fragrance opens with a dry blast of freshly ground spices, sticky resins and smokey Myrrh. It's as if you've placed a bunch of Cloves, Cardamom, peppercorns, a small chunck of Myrrh and Frankincense into a bowl, grinded them all and burnt them over a fiery flame for a long time.
The initial feeling I got from this fragrance was that it was definitely going to be a huge love for me as I could feel that the scent was only going to get better. And it did. The booze comes in now to mix with the resinous spice mix, and boy does it blend in perfectly!

I get lots of booze, bitter Cacao and Myrrh the first hour or so, then it sweetens up just a little with a touch of delicious Praline and almond infused Datura. It is rich, opulent and powerful. Although there are lots of foody notes in this fragrance, but I find that I would not classify it as a plain Gourmand scent but an Oriental Gourmand instead. It is quite masculine, with little sweetness and it has an old school vintage vibe to it. It will be a perfect scent in colder months.

This is the type of fragrance which makes you feel confident and strong but warm and cosy at the same time. The longevity and sillage are absolutely incredible! It is truly a very well made fragrance and definitely worth checking out! It is addictive and has become one of my favourites to wear in Winter time.

Rose Poudree Angela Flanders by rosesbecomeme 2016-10-27

The dream powdery rose. It's got that vintage touch and I feel very romantic in this .

Moroccan Rose Angela Flanders by rosesbecomeme 2016-10-27

Fantastic rose ,lasts for hours . Angela Flanders should be better known.

Amber Noir Angela Flanders by rosesbecomeme 2016-10-27

Beautiful, great lasting power and very strong .Angela Flanders fragrances should do extrait but no need for this .

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by juliajulep 2016-10-27

Smells exactly like VLJ with roses on top

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by juliajulep 2016-10-27

This reminds me of katy perry royal revolution. Both have the "sweetness" of car deodorizer. I cannot for the life of me detect any caramel. Floral yes. Although i dislike this scent(due to that sickening car deodorizer sweet note), i can see why alot of people love this. Its a upmarket "sweet" floral. Thank goodness i got a tester before blindly purchasing

Asja Fendi Fendi by Arbu 2016-10-27

Found 75 ml edt on ebay. The bottle is the art piece.
On me Asja smells like cherry jam with seeds.
I am so happy!
This is a masterpiece! Love it!

Aoud Night Montale by airholder.1 2016-10-27

Does anybody knows where I can get Montale samples online but not that expensive?

Aoud Melody Montale by airholder.1 2016-10-27

Does anybody knows where I can get Montale samples online but not that expensive?

Bleu de Chanel Chanel by ReyMoe 2016-10-27

The best Men perfume EVER !!! ♥♥♥

Golden Sand Al-Rehab by Sweet_Heart 2016-10-27

I love this scent! It's everything I wanted to find in Dalal, which unfortunately was a miss for me. (Dalal sadly turned medicinal on me.) But this! Golden Sand is a beautiful, cozy, caramel fragrance that dries down to a soft, musky powdery finish. I'm so grateful for all the reviews on this, because being described as a "men's" fragrance, I may have passed on this treasure. If you're wondering if this is blind buy worthy, don't hesitate, it's definitely another winner from Al Rehab! I have a feeling Golden Sand will be warming up many cold drab winter days soon to come.


Idylle Eau Sublime Guerlain by Papavero0 2016-10-27

I smell a prominent lily of the valley. How strange that it's not listed in the note pyramid. A safe pretty perfume. But who really wants a safe perfume?

Sì Intense Giorgio Armani by ReyMoe 2016-10-27

I can't find any difference between it and the original Si, and I'm not a big fan of this fragrance.

Sycomore Eau de Parfum Chanel by Bapi 2016-10-27

I was devastated to know that Chanel has officially discontinued their productions of Les Exclusif line. Then I felt the urge to grab hold a piece of this masterpiece. I was too late, apart from a couple of dubious issues on Amazon I failed to find it anywhere in US/Europe/Asia market. I felt only pity for myself. Well, little did I know about it's re-emergence in a new EDP formulation. I'm just overwhelmed with joy. Though I'm yet to test spray this juice, but I have no doubt in my mind that it's gonna be equally awesome, if not better. Long live Sycomore.
The whol world is welcome to blind buy this one.

A*Men Thierry Mugler by Kizomba 2016-10-27

like the scent but i get poor performance.
I go six spays and can´t get it to project or last.

Honey Oud Floris by landshark321 2016-10-27

Floris Honey Oud has received a lot of buzz lately, and in liking both main notes, seeing its positive reception in the online community, and really loving Montale's similarly-named Honey Aoud, I knew I needed to sample Floris Honey Oud.

First off, both eponymous notes dominate the fragrance--it's mainly honey and oud, simply put. Other notes factor in: bergamot provides a non-sweet citrus additive to the opening of the fragrance, and patchouli and rose support the heart, but very subtly. I don't specifically get labdanum but there's a general floral element that could just be the mix of rose and labdanum. And while I don't specifically get vanilla or musk, vanilla easily blends with honey and musk easily smoothens any dry down.

I get year-round wearability out of this, as the comparably winter-leaning notes of honey and oud come off pretty fresh. I can't think of another way to put it: even in its dry down, there's something very refreshing about the honey and oud duo in this case.

I feel the need to mention that despite my initial suspicions, Floris Honey Oud is not terrible similar to Montale Honey Aoud, as Montale's take is simply heavier-handed on both the eponymous notes to make their fragrance both more of a gourmand and more oud-intensive. Floris Honey Oud is, by contrast, a fresher, more year-round-friendly use of both notes, but still performs well.

I like Honey Oud a lot and will strongly consider adding it to my collection. $235 for 100ml retail but available at FragranceX for $152, its pricing is viable for how much I like it, and frankly, for how different it is from Montale Honey Aoud, also on my to-buy list.

8 out of 10

When I was young, my mother had a small dab bottle of N°5 parfum which she wore only on special occasions. I still remember the many times I sneaked into the bathroom, hunted down the bottle, eagerly removed the glass stopper and inhaled deeply. Those memories have helped shape the way I feel about perfume today.

Chanel N°5 remains so luxurious, so removed from daily life, that it still has a hold on me. It is still the definitive perfume.

My favourite N°5 these days is the EDT. It's an excellent modern interpretation that works perfectly on my skin. It is airy and aldehydic, yet skanky, musty and animalic. It is rosy, floral and sweet, yet powdery and detached. The ylang and aldehydes work perfectly with the sandalwood - yet no one note dominates. This is classic perfumery at its finest.

I must say, N°5 is not an easy perfume. But with the right attitude, it is not only very wearable - it's also incredibly unisex. Floral without being too sweet; animalic without being downright dirty - it is a finely balanced symphony of notes. An utterly deserved classic.

Bellodgia Caron by polly golightly 2016-10-27

essendo un'amante del profumo dei garofani, oggi mi sono lanciata nella prova di bellodgia: profumo d'altri tempi (1927) del quale possiedo una boccetta, ahimè, non vintage. non so quindi quanto questa formulazione differisca da quella originale. quel che è certo, però, è che si tratta di una meravigliosa fragranza quasi soliflore di garofano, resa dolcemente speziata dai chiodi di garofano. l'effetto è prorompente e bellissimo, la durata infinita, il sillage notevole. nell'assestamento percepisco anche un che di vanigliato e animale. notevolissimo.

very nice. not too loud. spicy foral and powdery, almost a little earthy or medicinal at times. i quite like it. highly recommended.

Silk Andrea Maack by gtabasso 2016-10-27

unique and interesting but weird; floral and spicy with a lot of musk in the top with an odd twist then dries down very aquatic

Feerie Van Cleef & Arpels by gtabasso 2016-10-27

Meh. Sweet fruits, some white floral and a little woody or nutty even. Unique in the fruity floral due to the nutty note but not a fan of fruity.

X for Men Clive Christian by mohd_al_7ariri 2016-10-27

Once you put it on your skin you feel rich.
The blend is very good.

Scent 9/10
Longevity 8/10
Price 6/10

Gucci Pour Homme II Gucci by avaloncm 2016-10-27

Trying a sample from Sephora, after 15 minutes, I love it! We will see how it wears during the day, but so far, so wonderful.

My wife smelled cinnamon right off. To me, this reminds me of a winter Christmas smell. The majority rates this a spring cologne, but it smells wonderful for the winter holiday season today.

Again - I will update if my opinion changes during the day.

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler by t_bonee 2016-10-27

What a beautiful masterpiece by Theirry Mugler. Sweet, boozy, spicy. A very masculine scent. The best part for me is the wonderful dry down.

I don't know why the rumors of reformulation are abound. I have found no solid evidence of this. Just people saying the box is different or that it must have been reformulated. Again, no proof it has been.

The performance I get out of the newer release is great. I get at least 8 hours of longevity. Projection is strong for the first few hours then settles down a little closer, but never really becomes a skin scent. Those getting poor performance may have a fake or it just doesn't work on their skin. That happens sometimes with frags.

A must have for any collection.

Armani Attitude Giorgio Armani by Cmherrmann 2016-10-27

Very nice scent, I have agree with thoushaltnotdefy the dry down smells like a weak Davidoff Zino. I kept smelling it on my wrist and thought to myself, I know that smell. Then it came to me Zino but weaker.

Boss Elements Aqua Hugo Boss by Shahram.yari 2016-10-27

اینکار با قیمت 350 موجود است.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by meow_83 2016-10-27

I'm a millennial (83 - early model) so my judgment may be clouded. I really like No 5 L'Eau! I tested it throughout a three-day weekend outdoors where my wardrobe consisted of a flannel shirt and jeans. L'Eau had me feeling as polished and sunny as possible when dressed like a lumberjack!

No 5 L'Eau starts with citrus as potent as freshly peeled orange and lemon skins, along with plenty of aldehydes. On my first wear, it stayed fresh for at least three hours before I caught a whiff of white flowers over a light musky base. L'Eau has just enough sillage that I can't call it a skin scent.

I wouldn't have guessed that L'Eau was a spinoff of No 5, and I don't think it matters. I'm glad to have a bright, citrusy Chanel available for those casual days when any Chanel with more oomph would seem out of place. Maybe this should have been marketed simply as Chanel L'Eau. I can see it functioning as the cologne of my Chanel range. I bet it's superb for layering!

Now...if you ask me...I think Chanel Chance Eau Tendre with its pink fruitiness was the perfume meant to lure in the millennials. I like it, but it's another perfume I'd grab on a more casual day. Unless trends are changing, I don't think something as airy as No 5 L'Eau will catch on with the under 25 crowd. Because it won't become ubiquitous, I want it more.

London for Men Burberry by cvaile 2016-10-27

This is a beautiful scent - very strong cinnamon and tobacco on the initial spray, the leather stays very steady through the drydown. I can't quite put my finger on the sharp sweet note (likely the lavender, but it's hard to distinguish as solely lavender) but it keeps this from being just another spice bomb and gives it a high fresh note - with the sensory effect of a freshwater aquatic (not marine aquatic which never agrees with me) almost like morning dew - making this a better candidate for an all-year scent than so many of the others to which it gets compared.

I think the tendency of going nose-blind on this one is hard to avoid. When I first got it I thought it only lasted an hour - so to test it one morning I applied one scent to one arm and this to the other, and it seemed to add 2-3 hours of decent projection, just from the one spray. I think the contrast kept my senses from settling too much into London.

Others might be noticing London on you long after you think they are.

Bought it few minutes ago, a 45 ml bottle. It's really good. It has a slightly bitter background that I love. I tested at the drugstore, but is a safe blind buy if you can't test it. In this genre (I mean, pale pink juice), it's one of the best. Probably I'll buy it again.

Poison Girl Eau De Toilette Christian Dior by officer_barbrady 2016-10-27

Inb4 everyone declares this the fall of western civilization

Emeraude Coty by helenlsonners 2016-10-27

Have had a test spray of Shalamar and do not smell any of the citrus top notes..on my skin all I can smell is sandalwood and musk .

Escada Magnetism for Men Escada by Shahram.yari 2016-10-27

این کار 250 هزار تومن.50میل

Flags Uomo Alviero Martini by Лёка 2016-10-27

Пожалуйста, поделитесь впечатлениями!
На любом языке :-)

Nivea Eau de Toilette Nivea by Rose of Qateef 2016-10-27

I smelled this at the Nivea store "Nivea Haus" on Unter Den Linden street in Berlin.
it is nice but it doesn't smell like the Nivea cream... It starts off quite lovely, creamy & soft, but i just didn't like the drydown much... So I endded up buying one of their spray deodorants that says "fresh natural" on the bottle. I use this deodorant as a body spray & it smells exactly like Nivea cream :)

Al Ghar Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by deruitem 2016-10-27

It does have a fair amount of rose in the opening but it is not overly girly and the sandalwood and oud seem to soften the roses punch. This to me is pretty darn good sent. Its oudy but not animalic at all. Its woody and dry oud. Than sandalwood adds the creamy and warm notes. The rose gives it a light floral smell after dry down.
If you can still find it its not a bad oud to try.

Air Kenzo by Shahram.yari 2016-10-27

اینکار به قیمت 400 موجود است.50mil

How strong the honey note in this one comparing with let's say Chergui or Un Bois Vanille?

Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture by Cottonmouth 2016-10-27

Viva la Juicy is such a sweet and creamy scent. I had been looking for the perfect praline scent for quite some time and this fragrance is the answer to my prayers! It's absolutely filled with yummy praline goodness! Such a delectable scent that it would have anyone feeling young again too. Honestly, to quote Jim Carrey, this fragrance is just B-E-A-utiful.

vanilla with sugar. nice but intensive. can be annoying

Released in September 2016, but not yet available everywhere around the world.

Really want to get this, if it is really worthy of a EDP and if it is basically the same scent, but of course with higher concentration, it should be a little less fresh.

Those who tried it, or own both, please comment on how they differ from each other, scent and performance wise and what are the prices?

And please stop bashing and hating even without getting hands on it.

To my understanding it is not a flanker, it is a variation of concentration, with a same scent, and that is really great, because not everyone needs or want a EDP or EDT, some want lighter, some stronger version and visa versa.

Jubilation for Men Amouage by tinto 2016-10-27

heavy, ordinary

Fuel For Life Spirit Diesel by RobbieX 2016-10-27

A nice sweet spicy juice. It's got a bubblegum note in there, but it might just be the orange. Projects well. I like it but not quite enough to buy it. 6.5/10

Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum Chanel by RapidScent 2016-10-27

Old cat lady and detergent in a bottle. Can't stand it. Another hyped up classic that proved to be too much for me. I don't understand the allure of this perfume. I'd be offended by any one that passes me by in this. I'm so thankful none of my kin nor my friends wear this. I'm sorry, but it smells like old urine.

Shalimar Guerlain by Soofiya 2016-10-27

I know shalimar is a masterpiece but unfortunately Knowing this doesn't make my nose to like it
It's a pity I can't appreciate it's beauty as I appreciate other classic masterpieces like nahema,l'heru bleu,mitsoku &etc
It opens with a sharp citrus blast which calms down in a minute and it shows up it's dark,earthy heart.I can get iris,patchouli and wonder I don't like it since it's very woody.I hope that vanilla shows up soon and make everything better(as it does in shalimar initial l'eau)..there is a lot of powdery vanilla in drydown and die for powdery vanilla,but there's also lots of incense and civet and leather,which smells reality bad on me
I can see my lovely vanilla being buried in woods and smoke and leather and civet.poor vanilla can't make this cold,dark,bitter combination warm and sweet and bright
I'm gonna try it after some years and wish that at that time something would change.for now I really dislike it and I'm very sad about this

Intense Oud Gucci by majedaloosh 2016-10-27

Its a cheaper version of black afgano with less cherry note .. I love it

9.5 / 10

Nina Nina Ricci by ReyMoe 2016-10-27

Even if I don't like most of Nina Ricci perfumes (don't ask me why) This one was very different. I found it very elegant and warm. I don't agree with most of the reviewers who said that it is a fragrance for young and teenagers it was actually my mother's perfume and it smelled so soft on her ♥

Vert des Bois Tom Ford by Michael1962 2016-10-27

Managed to get a bottle of Vert de Bois from a very good and generous friend whilst he was in London earlier this month.
I must say that I'm very impressed.Quite heady and intoxicating.
Agreed that it is very green,but I would say more blue, with a mediterranean twist.Its a blend of Italian Cypress and Costa Azzura with the ouzo substituting the cypress to add a boozy yet sweet,aromatic and pungent opening which,combined with the olive note, is the backbone.Patchouli as per usual with Tom Ford adds further substance.
Cannot detect any jasmine note,which is ok with me as this would detract from the olfactory experience.Even though I do enjoy jasmine in perfumery.
Ditto re plum,its not the upfront star as in Plum Japonais.
Nevertheless its a magnificent example of master perfume blending and something completely different and well worth at least sniffing out.Here's hoping the other Vert perfumes at least match my impression of this new masterpiece in the Tom Ford Private Blend collection.

Vert des Bois Tom Ford by Michael1962 2016-10-27

Managed to get a bottle of Vert de Bois from a very good and generous friend whilst he was in London earlier this month.
I must say that I'm very impressed.Quite heady and intoxicating.
Agreed that it is very green,but I would say more blue, with a mediterranean twist.Its a blend of Italian Cypress and Costa Azzura with the ouzo substituting the cypress to add a boozy yet sweet,aromatic and pungent opening which,combined with the olive note, is the backbone.Patchouli as per usual with Tom Ford adds further substance.
Cannot detect any jasmine note,which is ok with me as this would detract from the olfactory experience.Even though I do enjoy jasmine in perfumery.
Ditto re plum,its not the upfront star as in Plum Japonais.
Nevertheless its a magnificent example of master perfume blending and something completely different and well worth at least sniffing out.Here's hoping the other Vert perfumes at least match my impression of this new masterpiece in the Tom Ford Private Blend collection.

Goldea Bvlgari by Gidrocity 2016-10-27

smells generic, its pleasant dont get me wrong, but I dont think it stands out anyhow, at least on my skin, sweetish, warmish, subtle, sits close to skin, i d say good for office

212 VIP Men Carolina Herrera by asheikh 2016-10-27

Got this for my brother blindly and I absolutely love it. Great going out/club fragrance. Much Classier than 1 million.

Eclat d’Arpège Lanvin by Kai'elle 2016-10-27

Ok....I don't know what's going on..
Arpege (the original) is one of my all time fave scents...I could drown in it. That fact and the multitude of positive, glowing reviews convinced me I was making the safest blind buy of my life..WRONG!
I can't stand this's like an ice pick to the forehead. Sharp! There is NOTHING ethereal and delicate about this scent. It would make an excellent substitute for smelling salts in an emergency. Just so others understand..this scent has no resemblance to the original. Zero. I've blind bought some disasters before but this takes the cake. Never ever ever ever again...I don't mind the waste of money but I certainly couldn't handle another assault like the one I just suffered...shudder at the thought of it :(
Sorry to bag it so much...think I'm lashing out because of gutted disappointment. I wish I could give a detailed explanation of what it is I'm smelling that offends (hurts actually) me so much...but I can' whole sensory system has gone into shut down. The only thing I can offer is that this smells A LOT like Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor...and yes, I absolutely detest that one too :( wish I'd known...if one person had of mentioned violet eyes in their review I never would have pressed down on that nozzle. Ever. So I hope this review helps someone...

Wild Elixir Shakira by Soofiya 2016-10-27

When I sprayed it on a paper strip,I liked it so tried it on my skin.It's opening was very fruity but in a spicy,mature and non-sugary way.I could easily detect blackcurrent,tangerine and spicy peach which blended very nicely with was warm and strong and I thought that I've found a very good mature celebrity fragrance
Thanks god I didn't buy it instantly and gave it some time to's drydown is all about woods.I don't love fruitchoulis but I can get along with them if they're nicely done but in wild elixir there's also cedar and more than this,a very dominant sandalwood
I don't like woody fragrances.sandalwood was one of my exceptions but lately I've begun to dislike wild elixir was a no-no for me
Although I dislike it,I believe it's a very good fragrance.if you like a sandalwood dominant fruitchouli,don't miss's almost longlasting and has a good sillage and is a good budget friendly fruity woody scent

Cuirs Carner Barcelona by Flowerwood 2016-10-27

A woody leather that is very wearable and inoffensive without being the least insipid. The oud is clearly present but soft. Neither as pronounced as in Arabian inspired ouds like the creations by Rania J., nor as hidden as in many western ouds e.g. Creed Royal oud.

In the beginning there is a refreshing spiciness that I refer to Caraway and I love the way saffron rounds off the sharp edges and contributes to the softening of the woody notes.

Terre d`Hermes Parfum Hermes by marwa 2016-10-27

I dislike the top notes here, but it gets better and better. Reminds me of Sauvage for some strange reason. A fine masculine chypre with great longevity and projection. A must try IMO.

Insolence Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Angeldaisy 2016-10-27

I adore strong scents, I LOVE violets.
but this is nuclear! it lingers for about a day and it transferred itself (already dried on skin) onto my jumper and it has lingered there for a week and still going strong.

Hard to describe, as this is not just about the colour purple, dusted in Guerlain, this is violets - but the violets are on steroids. or are they plastic? are they violets? alpha-isomethyl ionone at saturation point.
It's like a saccharin Meteorites vs L'Apres L'Ondee on steroids.

and I'm not getting any of those "woodsy notes" just a touch of sandalwood.
I'm not sure what is going on, but this is one powerful smell, one which has my nose overwhelmed/hit by hammer. is it sharp or thick or synthetic? is it sweet? what is this stuff?!

But you know what? I like it.
It might even be a love.
but I'm not sure i can wear it, other than as an exercise in endurance.
because even one spray is too much.

Amber Romance Victoria`s Secret by VioletNoir 2016-10-27

I tried Amber Romance a few years ago...and i was super excited about it, i thought it smelled really good. I never had so many perfumes in my life before...if had perfume usually 5 or 7 at a time now i have over 100 perfumes, still this one is just as good as my more expensive ones in my collection. I smell the cherry and angelise? and creamy milky notes, its delicious. just perfect in every way. not just plain amber there is a depth to it. perfect for layering, in fact i plan on layering with love me More by Victoria's secret, which is also amber scent.

Profumo della Felicità Collistar by Amal Elyahyaoui 2016-10-26

an elegant bottle that embodies a very fresh sensation and a scream for freedom,
the opening is very very fresh and citrus, you feel like you just cut thousands of oranges and tens of lemons and you poured their juice around you, but quickly its sharp smell cools down and softens to turn sweet and tender.
the undertone is very feminine and it is very tolorant to the skin and hair, i use it much for my hair after i wash it or any other times when i feel that my hair needs a new breeze.
it is a good one for night times before you go to sleep, it enables you to look forward for the other day.
in some moments, i might feel it is oily because it is alcohol free and that's why i feel very safe and unguilty whilst spraying it very closely to my skin and hair, though, i make sure i don't make it reach the scalp.

Loewe 7 Natural Loewe by smellavision 2016-10-26

Great smooth citrus which is also slightly ozonic/aquatic. At first it seems like a straight up summer scent, but it actually goes well for most seasons, probably due to the incense and woody vetiver that shines through after the opening.

Excellent longevity and moderate projection - what's not to like?

Love Her Madly Revlon by Gwenz 2016-10-26

I have a little 10ml rollerball of this, probably 5 or 6 years old, and it is lovely. Fresh, clean top-notes of mandarin & Ylang, followed by a gentle floral with sweet rose, and ending with a clean sandalwood and mild musk base. Really very pleasant, nice for office wear or similar occasions, although I often wear it at bedtime too.
However, I am convinced this has been reformulated - my little bottle is getting near the end, and I saw a 30ml bottle suddenly appear at a local department store at the Revlon cosmetics counter for a very reasonable price. Fortunately I sprayed the tester before making a purchase!!!
The current version seems to lack the fresh citrus top note entirely, instead being a sort of soapy carnation first up, but not in a nice way for my tastes. The musk now heavily outweighs anything else, and to me it now smells unpleasantly 'sweaty' is the best I can describe it. Not the same as my original older bottle at all. Needless to say I did not purchase, not at any price. So sad!

La Nuit Tresor Lancome by bookishbeauty 2016-10-26

The main notes I smell are the flowers and a bit of vanilla/incense. I do smell a little something fruity, but I couldn't really name the specific fruit I am smelling. I don't pick up patchouli at all. This doesn't wear like a gourmand on my skin; it's too floral for that.

I am not sure if I am anosmic to many of the notes in Tresor La Nuit, or what, but my experience with it is very different from what seems like the normal impression. This is extremely "perfumey," for lack of a better word--I can even taste it after spraying it on my skin, and not in a "ooh gourmand!" sense, but rather in the "overwhelming perfume going through my nose into my mouth" sense. I have only had that experience with a couple of other perfumes, and strangely they were either Tresor original, or a Tresor flanker. This probably sounds like a negative review, but it's really not. I like Tresor La Nuit, but for sure I feel like my nose gets something quite different from it than everyone else does.

It has great sillage and longevity. It is quite insistent, actually. Instead of catching wafts throughout the day, I smell it constantly, and very strongly.

The Mauve The Sum by therealgally 2016-10-26

I was able to pester the owner of The Sum into letting me snag an early release bottle and because he's an awesome dude, he obliged. But seriously, the longevity of this barbershop-type of scent is killer. Silage/projection are a tad over average, in my opinion. Even if this fragrance only lasted 2 hours, the scent itself is so good that it'd still be full bottle worthy.

Fleur de Mystere La Fleur by Livvy by AveParfum 2016-10-26

This is such a beautiful perfume. Not only do I love woods, but I love to wear them in the fall, in particular. Fleur de Mystere is a floral oriental perfume that is heavily anchored with wood. I'm not saying this because of its name ("Mystere"), but the perfume smells mysterious to me. It smells like there is something spicy in it, yet at the same time it doesn't smell spicy at all, like no cinnamon or clove. That is the mysterious, oriental part about it.

The wood in this perfume is superb, and it's the note that comes out the strongest on me. I smell all the other notes too, amazingly, but they are more subdued and so well-blended that no one note in particular screams out above the rest.

What can I say? I am just in love with this stuff. It has a classic feel to it, it's elegant, and while I want to say that it's feminine, I believe it could wear really nicely on a man too because of the strong sandalwood and touch of geranium.

Sillage is soft, and longevity is 10-12 hours, which is fantastic.

Aventus Creed by dzb 2016-10-26

It's cool don't worry about it. But man, maybe you got a fake. The first time I ever sprayed Aventus it was in one of those small sample vials that barely sprays out anything. I sprayed 1 spray (promise only 1 spray because I was rationing it) on the back of my hand and people in the break room were asking who sprayed cologne in there 20 minutes later.

I think it's definitely stronger than people say.. but then again, this could be all about batch numbers. Since the sample vial story, I've been through a whole bottle, have my 2nd bottle and bought 2 more 4oz backup bottles. Wearing it has been very good to me and even though I do get compliments, I would wear this even if everybody hated it. I can honestly say, I didn't like Aventus the first 15-20 times I wore it, but it really grew on me and I forced myself to wear it, and now I'm addicted to it lol.

Anyways if you read up to this point, perhaps it would be better for you to skip this fragrance, but I'm telling you man, if I didn't LOVE it, I wouldn't have gone the lengths I just did to tell you guys about it. But I understand, if it's not your thing it's all good.

and one last thing although it projects pretty good it doesn't last too long. about 4 hours. so yeah. don't pay full price for it.

Ginger Pear Illuminum by Momo Tse 2016-10-26

There is no ginger inside. Disappointed.

Although the pear note smells juicy, I don't think I will buy it.

Oud Save The King Atkinsons by aqua_de_la_vita 2016-10-26

Thou the quality of this fragrance is refined, I'm going through this juice faster than expected because I find that it's barely noticeable after 3 hours. I'm not sure if my body chemistry which fades too fast or the batch I bought was poorly put together. Regarding the aroma of this juice, it kinda reminds me of Scentstory 24 oud or Thierry Muglur's Havana...less the sweet creamy vib.
Longevity and Silage is moderate overall at best.
I believe this juice is considered a EDP...I find it more of a EDT. In all I still enjoy the warm aroma of leather combined with woodsy notes. I don't pick up any Oud what so ever. I still use it but if I would enjoy it more if the notes didn't wear off so fast on me. Please check it out...I hope your experience is better that it have a longer lasting aroma. 7/10

Insolence Guerlain by kitsunemagic 2016-10-26

Wish I got the later versions if this since I know Guerlain is now reformulating and watering their perfumes down, I got the 2016 formulation, oh well... anyway

I gotta say this scent is Nice, and it does smell very much like the EDP only this is more friendly for the day time and for those who aren't big on how heavy the EDP is.
When I smell Insolence I smell syrupy berries, roses, powder and lipstick. Insolence edt is the Much lighter and brighter Gothic Lolita compared to its heavier and darker EDP counterpart

Khôl de Bahreïn Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 by lovescents999 2016-10-26

I couldn't wear this fragrance in the summer time, too hot and humid here in NC for this powdery cake bomb! Today, on this cool and bright fall day, it's a different story. Khôl de Bahreïn reminds me of the dessert, Turkish Delight, heavy on the powdered sugar, rose water with a bit of crashed iris candies. I inhale it deeply, enjoying the resins, ambergris and sandalwood, and while it dries down, it becomes less gourmand with the musk and peru balsam taking over. The scent is sweet but in a good way, balsamic and very creamy, sometimes becoming an old school lipstick and makeup powder, only to be rerouted to a more sultry amber scent.

The longevity is fantastic! I smell it on my clothes and my hair even the next day. Sillage is pretty good, but it doesn't overwhelm anyone with the powdery notes.

Bois D`argent Christian Dior by siririschmoos 2016-10-26

It seems the two notes most notice or that people seem to love about this fragrance is the iris and the myrrh. For me it's actually a turn-off, so much so that in the beginning I think of the top notes as rather dry.

I love the iris in Dior's Eau for men but here it paints, for the first two to three hours, a rather drab picture. Also, like so many mention on the internet through various review sites, this scent sits close to the skin with an average lifespan.

The part I do like is the second half of it's existence, I was able to make out a green and sweet aroma that impressed me, is it the cypress and honey?

I felt let down at first, it seems my interpretation or what my nose picks up is much different from that of others, glad I didn't wash it off after a couple of hours.

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler by emyalda 2016-10-26

Part of me loves it, part of me hates it, part of me wants to douse myself in it and suffocate everyone.
Its rich an unapologetically sexy, to me this is angel with 50% of the sweetness taken out and replaced with hazelnut and woody notes.
If you hate angel you most probably won't enjoy this.
I dont hate angel but i do dislike it.
Muse i find unisex because of the nutty woods and spice, making it more masculine.
I'd also like to say that sillage is huge. I sprayed this in david jones then walked to the bank.
The lady behind the teller straight away said, "are you wearing angel?"

Aventus Creed by dzb 2016-10-26

First of all I didn't buy them off the internet. Second of all, I'm not selling anything so calm down dude!

Keep your Tommy and I'll keep enjoying my Aventus and the compliments it brings me. Scent is subjective, but I would guess that over 90% of people would like Aventus if they smelled it properly (which is in the air, not on a test strip) and regardless of what people say, it is not generic by any stretch of the imagination. It is a way more appreciated scent than something like GIT, and I say that it's a better fragrance. GIT is a very artistic scent but overall is not an appreciated fragrance by the majority of people.

Just so I don't get more flack, I think CDNIM is a great scent and a very close clone of Aventus, and I also don't think Aventus is worth the full retail price. So you can swear and hate all you want but you're not proving your point that it's a bad fragrance.

London Playboy by Jeevan007 2016-10-26

The perfume is decent. But the relevant stay and sillage is a tragedy. Overall I give it 6/10

Santalum Profumum Roma by michelernst 2016-10-26

If you have vintage santalvmand want to sell it let me know.


Lily Calypso St. Barth by Suzifun 2016-10-26


One Man Show Jacques Bogart by DSun 2016-10-26

Okay, this isn't a real review. More like geeky stuff, but whatever.

I just scored myself a vintage One Man Show and it's very clear what happened. When they reformulated this, they not only took the oakmoss out of it (of which there was a very considerable amount) but also the labdanum as well. I tried to reconstruct it and after a few attempts, it was a qualified success. I used about 0.25ml oakmoss (50% tincture) and two drops of labdanum for every 10ml. It's almost like the vintage--but for that basil. The old basil smells medicinal, the new one smells sweet.

..and then I'm going to add vetiver and myrrh. Then, I'll let it macerate. In a month or two, I'm going to know if I just made a green chypre that will have Chanel No 19 making a run for its money. Yayyy!!!

Jacques Polge, vous avez été prévenu!

Gucci Eau de Parfum II Gucci by mrs.ralph 2016-10-26

Not what I expected, have a full 1oz bottle of someone wants to buy or trade

Waikiki Pikake Pacifica by elzig 2016-10-26

My favorite in the Pacifica line! On my first visit to Oahu Hawaii, I was given a Lei made of Pikake, this stuff smells just like it, I was in LOVE with the intoxication of this flower, sweet tiny petals that filled my senses yummy. I could deeply inhale this all day! It just makes me happy!!! Since childhood I loved sandalwood essential oils, incense, etc... as it makes me feel complete and at peace.
So I guess they made this stuff for me! haha

Gucci Eau de Parfum Gucci by Floffles 2016-10-26

Smells just like a rootbeer float. For reals

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by MoreScentsThanDollars 2016-10-26

This is such a wonderful clean smell.
I keep telling myself I dont need this but I cant help but keep putting it back on my want shelf.
Then I delete it and say I dont need it but then I go back and put it on the shelf again :P because I feel like I'm missing out to not own a full bottle of this beauty.
Its so lovely and unisex but personally I feel its more on the feminine side.
A big love for me and a 'Oh, Do I really need this? Yes I do!' from me. A+

Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler by elzig 2016-10-26

love this scent, I can't explain what it is but it seems to be layered with all the right things. Smells clean but not in a super floral way or a chemical way. something heavenly and dreamy about it!

How You Love Jazmin Sarai by curvealert 2016-10-26

How You Love is not for me I'm afraid. I'm getting very strong faecal aromas from this, presumably attributable to the beeswax. Scrub, scrub, scrub!

Hypnose Lancome by elzig 2016-10-26

To me this will always have a very chemical smell, similar to industrial strength rug shampoo mixed w/a type of floor cleaner used in hospitals. Really this isn't a beautiful scent, smells like a heavy detergent bad!

Prada La Femme Prada by curvealert 2016-10-26

Hmm. This smells like a high end shampoo. It's not bad, quite pleasant, but not interesting enough to purchase. If you want something inoffensive for the daytime, it would pass muster, but then so would lots of cheaper scents. If had to choose between this and something like SJP Lovely for £20, I'd buy the latter.

Euphoria Men Calvin Klein by gianmarco 2016-10-26

This can actually be one of the top 5 colognes ever made if the longevity was good. And yes, i said ever made.

Jaipur Homme Boucheron by KJS88 2016-10-26

The story of Jaipur is the story of how less is definitely more. I've come back to this after a long hiatus induced by what I thought was over-exposure. Actually, it turns out that what I was wearing before was the EdP. Now I have a small bottle of the EDT, I'm wondering why I left this gem of a fragrance in the first place.

The EdT is a smoother, less thick, and less powdery iteration. It sings while the EdP groans. And it lasts, boy does it last. That seductively delicious accord of vanilla, tonka, cinnamon, carnation, and almond-like heliotrope hangs around for a good 10 hrs without ever becoming as cloying as the EdP. Which, while certainly thicker and more powdery, doesn't have the angelic sillage and wafting character the EdT does.

Wonderful stuff! Comes about as close as you can get to a male l'Heure Bleue accord. The oriental-fougère for men par éxcéllence.

I had the same experience with Jaipur in EdP v EdT as I had with Habit Rouge in EdP v EdT. I was suprised to find that the EdT of both fragrances was the longer lasting and nicer smelling rendition.

In EdT, the progression of notes, the orange, jasmine, heliotrope, carnation, tonka, musk, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, orris, etc., is far more discernible. It projects better. But softens faster, although it lasts just as long as the EdP, perhaps a trifle longer (or is it that it just smells more interesting and livelier?).

I think one of the more fatalistic tendencies in the perfume lover is to think "stronger is better". What I learned especially from Jaipur is that less is more.

Fuel Power for Men Jeanne Arthes by hsuru4u 2016-10-26

how can there be any rating and no reviews

Declaration d'Un Soir Cartier by dzb 2016-10-26

A spicy fresh fragrance that packs a huge punch. For that reason it could be worn all year round in a variety of situations.
This is my first rose fragrance and I am very happy with the purchase.

Chergui Serge Lutens by Hatta 2016-10-26

it's almost similar with ambre sultan, but this one have sweet note and honey that ambre sultan didn't have. it last 10 hours ++ on me, although did not project like monster like ambre sultan does.

Gucci Eau de Parfum Gucci by Hatta 2016-10-26

beautiful scent.. period.. lucky to have this with cheap price

Simply Belle Exceptional Parfums by vanessagreenguitar 2016-10-26

I got a sample from and have been wearing it for a few weeks during this unusually hot fall when I am tired of summer fragrances and it is too hot (85 degrees in late October) to wear spicy orientals.
I enjoy this type of scent. It is not like Clinique Happy but it is in the same family with way less citrus. Some people are complaining that it is weak but I applied 9 hours and and still smell it lightly. This is for soap and water people. If you are the the of person who gets bored with a fragrance unless it has woods and spices, skip this. If you love how you smell after a good shower and wish you could bottle it, get Simply Belle.

Incanto Dream Salvatore Ferragamo by Cypressmoon 2016-10-26

Well, I hate to be negative but this is a very very light fruity floral with the ever so slight minty smell --reminds me of julep face masque cream with mint --the one that goes on green and hardens, either that or toothpaste with mint. It stays directly on the skin and does not waft at all. The fruits are wispy, the floral are wispy and the musk is no where to be smelled, at least on me. I wish it were a little more concentrated. As others have noted with other incanto frags, the bottle-sprayer is defective and leaks and that makes the bottle slippery, messy and just plain cumbersome. It's not a bad scent at all just really weak. Great for those who want a faint wispy fragrance, that wears like a skin scent.

Wonderlust Michael Kors by neonaya 2016-10-26

Tried this one today in Macy’s. First thought was OMG this is exactly like Amarige Givenchy i smelled in 90’s! But after 15 minutes the perfume began to change. First sparkling notes were changed by more calm powdery tones. It was very interesting transformation, cause next hour I recognized notes of Mimosa flower, Orange candy, White flowers, Daisies… Perfume changed and I enjoyed every new tone it brought to me. Right now (4 hour later) I definitely can say that initial floral perfume turned into balsamic scent that un-offencively exist on my skin. I would describe it like vanilla cream and orange. Very comfortable. I think I will buy it.

Fuel for Life Homme Diesel by Shahram.yari 2016-10-26

@you dont know anything about fragrances with this bullshits.

make a mail version ....please

Alien Thierry Mugler by emeges 2016-10-26

Cashmere glow by bath and body works is a light version of this perfume

Forbidden House of Matriarch by chef.peporr 2016-10-26

30 minutes after first spray and this is identical to Amouage Reflection... I'll keep you informed...

Rebelle Rihanna by Andrina72 2016-10-26

I loved this when I sniffed it in the store - so I bought it. I spritzed a bit on in the car on the way home... and shortly afterward felt sick to my stomach. Hubby suggested that my sudden turn may have been from the perfume. I poo-poo'd his suggestion.. I've never had any kind of scent sensitivity in the past. A few days later I wore the perfume again.. BANG... sick to my stomach. :( I don't know what to say. It smells good in the bottle, but after smelling it on myself for a while, it literally makes me sick.

Bijan Style Men Bijan by Eau de Nikita 2016-10-26

Here we go again! Another discontinued gem better buy it now because you can't find it anywhere in stores. It was the clove in this cologne that is so clean. It is more clean than fresh if tgatakes since. No syrupy Mandarin orange or cloying blue ocean notes. This is tops!now they are upping the price

Body Fantasies Vampire Parfums de Coeur by Gigi The Fashionista 2016-10-26

Fragrance Review For Vampire

Parfums De Coeur Body Fantasies

Top Notes

Clementine Plum Blossom

Middle Notes

Violet Wisteria Mexican Chocolate

Base Notes

Sandalwood Musk Amber

A Fragrance For Your Halloween Costume

Sexy Vampire

I wish they had released this as a Victoria's Secret fragrance because it could certainly pass for one, except it's stronger and sexier than any of their latest releases.

Unfortunately, this fragrance has been discontinued.

If you're lucky you'll find it on ebay.

The original fragrance came in a beautifully designed package and the bottle looked like a sculptured glass with a red liqueur or cherry rum color.

It made a very thoughtful gift, and while not romantic, it is very feminine and delicious as a fruity floral gourmand.

Vampire opens with sweet fruit notes -

Clementine citrus, and yes it's quite realistic to the scent of a clementine. It reminds me a little bit of a Caribbean curacao drink, orange flavored and boozy, as opposed to orange juice.

The plum blossom is another term for plum and it smells just like a deep juicy plum. There could be more going on than the notes that are listed. I smelled a hint of raspberry or strawberry mingling with the citrus and the plum.

If you like sweet fruity scents, this is a good one. It's not too sweet, not cloying or too sugary but definitely a gourmand and feminine.

The florals are violet and wisteria.

Airy purple flowers that are soft, soapy, sweet and subtle. Not getting a heavy floral aroma here but that's a good thing sometimes. This fragrance is more a fruity than a floral.

The Mexican chocolate is a dark deep cacao scent

This is almost like a Mexican chocolate based dessert with a name you'd never heard of and can't pronounce in some Spanish speaking country south of the border. It's like one reviewer stated, a bit of a South American Christmas dessert. It also reminds me of Brazilian pastry.

The chocolate is the dominant accord and for a long time you will smell of dark chocolate.

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac so I suppose they tried to get this fragrance to evoke a sexy edible chocolate if it works well with your skin chemistry.

The dry down is a development of musk and amber, with only a trace of woods courtesy of sandalwood. On me this was mostly musk. Because it can be quite musky at the end when it's drying down and fading away, the best thing to do is to spray with a light hand. If you over spray none of the sweet fruit notes or the light florals will come through.

The musk in this scent is warm and deep, a bit powdery, there could be an additional vanilla that is also mingling with amber. Not a bad musk, just a bit too powerful, like the vampire bat skin/fur.

A beautiful and sweet gourmand scent to make you feel sexy in your Halloween costume if you're going as a sexy vampire. This is sexy and pretty if you give it a chance and you're fortunate enough to get your hands on it.

I wish they could somehow re-release this fragrance, not reformulate it, just release it again, either in the same Body Fantasies Parfum de Coeur line or as a Victoria Secret frag with an extra feature: vampire themed lingerie!

Valentina Assoluto Valentino by Andrina72 2016-10-26

Fell in love after testing this today. It's been on my list of wants for a while, but that was really just based on the reviews and description. Now that I've me her in person... it's full blown love!
Others have done a great job of describing the scent, so I won't bother adding to what's already been said. However, I do have to add that upon first sniff it rang of womanly sophistication, class and confidence. It's a bit difficult to explain, but this is definitely a woman's fragrance. A mature (don't read that as old), confident, sophisticated woman. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Z Zegna Milan Ermenegildo Zegna by Seattle Dweller 2016-10-26

Fantastic review lovescully!

Divine Decadence Marc Jacobs by MsFCAS 2016-10-26

I went to Ulta today to sniff some pretty scents. This was the one that really got me, to my surprise. Everything since the original Marc Jacobs has been very sweet and teenager-y (in my opinion, which is shared by my actual teeenaged daughter) but this scent is for a grown ass woman with a job. And that's me.

I took a big spritz on the wrist before I left the store and now it has dried down to a lovely, grown up, but not old lady, warm vanilla. Spicy in a good way, not a sneezy way.

It's on my wish list for Christmas now. Maybe I should tell my teenager. :)

Maja Myrurgia by anitaoolong 2016-10-26

I don't want this to be another review moaning about reformulations but I promise I have something constructive to say later on! I do like to give reformulations a chance simply because vintages in good condition are so scarce in Australia. It seems Maja has changed quite a bit.

I wish my sister still had her original bottle from the 80's. I remember it being so wonderfully rich and intriguing. I have the new reformulation which is nice enough, but seems to be a toned down version of the original.

While experimenting one day, I layered Maja over CK Secret Obsession and discovered that it worked so well! It gave Maja some of the woody, spicy backbone of the original. It's not a perfect match but I wanted to share because it may help another hopeless nostalgic.

Sweet Oud Al-Rehab by drugstore classics 2016-10-26

IS this sweet? I would love for someone to write a review for those of us who are dying to know what Sweet Oud smells like...


He Wood DSQUARED² by MrHonest 2016-10-26

Hahaha, is in the right place now...

Anyway, I'm interested in why the intense version has "watery notes" and this one doesn't. That must be where I was getting that floral "soapy" feel. Plus, the pepper must have been the incense.

I'll have to get a sample of this one to make a better comparison, but I can totally see the original being less harsh off the top. Still, the drydown of Intense He Wood is actually pretty good, acquired taste or otherwise.

Cry Baby Perfume Milk Melanie Martinez by killer__queen 2016-10-26

Not a review and I've only heard a handful of her songs so I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I am suuuuper excited for this one. The notes sound right up my alley!

Loewe 7 Anonimo Loewe by Ignas39 2016-10-26

This is a very interesting fragrance. Strong, masculine, dark. Because of it's darkness, I find it to be quite mature, which is why I think this only suits someone in their 30s upwards. I believe I get this maturity from it's quite strong vetiver note (which I have always seen as old-manish). This fragrance gives me visions of a warm evening in Spain somewhere in a countryside vineyard and I can only see the father of the family wearing this. All in all, quite good, but definitely not everyone could pull this one off.

Faqat Lil Rijal Rasasi by GustaveTheNose 2016-10-26

I bought a bottle of this following the reviews and I'm glad I did. It's a powerhouse and anything more than 3 spritz is too much for me, and I like heavily projecting perfumes. It last for the whole day too.
I disagree with notes breakdown here, it has oud form beginning to end, not barny not animalistic not offensive. Oud is mixed very well here and other notes project nicely along with it.
I can smell incense which I don't find in the notes breakdown, but I cant smell patchouli and I'm glad I don't. There's heavy ambergris and leather but no musk. It smells of geranium but it's not too strong and there's quite a good blow of saffron too, saffron is not harsh or spicey but it's soft and well blended.
This is an excellent perfume and it is not a western one, but it's so niche-like and I can't see people complaining unless you overuse it.
Well recommended.

Davidoff Agar Blend Davidoff by OmarAladdin 2016-10-26

I had high expectations over this one, and was almost going to blindly buy it online as the hype over it is getting much wider but, I was not able to wait any longer so, I went to the local store where I live and tried it, and god! I was really disappointed.
Too sweet for me, interesting blend, yet overly sweet. A blast of synthetic cherry that is irritating.
At the first sniff, it reminded me of the cheap not-very-well-blended "Insurrection II Wild" by Reyane Tradition.
Remember this one? The hype that was all over the community of how it resembles Pure Havane. Yeah, it smells exactly like this one to my nose. Well, sorry.. this is not for me,
Not for any one who doesn't like sweet fragrances.

J'Aime La Perla by bronni666 2016-10-26

i bought this as a blind buy during winter and tested it several times and was disappointed. i loved the scent but it seemed to fade away to nothing within minutes. now its spring in australia and i'm experiencing a whole new realm of excitement. not only could i detect wafts several hours later but could distinguish changes in the layers and i'm not good at this. at first i smell jasmine, raspberry and then maybe musk and caramel. and it smells good. not a love but a bloody good like. it is also the first scent i get when i open my perfume cupboard door.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau Chanel by Perfumedsecrets 2016-10-26

Good God, no. What are they doing to Chanel? No one should pay for this watered down ghost-like scent. It dries down to something so generic and sad. I have a feeling this will be discontinued eventually. They're trying to lure the 16-25 year old's to buy Chanel perfume, but women with money (and better taste) tend to be 25-65--and older.

La Panthere Cartier by Ladymom59 2016-10-26

Very luxurious, sophisticated, incredibly gorgeous; you feel you own something unique: a gem, a treasure. Beautifully aggressive bottle. Alicia, one of my best friends gave me La Panthere as a birthday present, and it became addictive... I can fill my personal space with this mystic and magical elixir, and I will be happy every second I am wearing it. The creator of this wonder could not be human...has to be an elf, an angel, a gnome or a fairy... It's perfection ladies.

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