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Profumo Eau de Parfum Acqua di Parma for women

Profumo Eau de Parfum Acqua di Parma for women
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yellow floral

The house of Acqua di Parma is presenting a new, luxurious and sophisticated version of their fragrance Profumo, Eau de Parfum in October 2009. It is with this fragrance that the Italian house wants to revive their classic chypre composition Acqua di Parma Profumo from 1930 and its more modern successor, Acqua di Parma Profumo 2008.

The fragrance notes are the same as in the version from 2008, but they arrive in a more luxurious package this time. Top notes start with luminous bergamot and continue with a game of ylang-ylang and beautiful peony. The central stage of the perfume introduces jasmine petals and Bulgarian rose, enriched with labdanum absolute which resembles amber. Gentle notes of musk and woody tacts of sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli linger in a base.

The flacon of Profumo Eau de Parfum is a real gem in the crown of fragrances by this house. Special attention is paid to each detail of creation in order to accentuate the ultimate femininity of this unique fragrance. The beauty of the classic glass flacon made in the classic Italian style is highlighted with ridges through which golden perfume fluid can be seen. The emblem of the perfume house of Acqua di Parma is stamped on the stopper. The flacon is hidden inside a luxurious coffret with a golden metal plate, while the interior of the coffret is covered with ivory-colored silk.

Profumo Eau de Parfum arrives on the market in October 2009, as 50 ml EDT. This eternal composition as well as the luxurious coffret make genuine artwork together.

Perfume rating: 4.46 out of 5 with 83 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Bergamot Ylang-Ylang Peony

Middle Notes
Jasmine Bulgarian Rose Labdanum

Base Notes
Musk Sandalwood Vetiver Patchouli

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Acqua di Parma Profumo
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Acqua di Parma Profumo 2008
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Miss Balmain
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Profumo Eau de Parfum Fragrance Reviews

[email protected]

Masterpiece <3


This is extraordinary. I am an avid chypre fan and this one is probably the best I have smelled. Absolutely beautiful rose, ylang ylang and other ingredients are beautifully blended to create a drop dead gorgeous fragrance. Will update later about longevity and performance.


This is stunningly beautiful perfume, everything about it says "class". It is handsome, elegant, it feels expensive and luxurious.

A definite chypre character right from the first spray out of the bottle. I notice mostly patchouli, creamy ylang, some smoky vetiver and soft wood, but really, this is one of those scents that is more than the sum of its parts. I could try and dissect exactly what I am smelling each time I inhale but I find that actually I don't want to, because the composition itself, how it plays on the skin, gentle wafts reaching my nose as I move, creating a beautiful aura of scent around me - I don't want to unpick it I just want to enjoy it.
This is high quality, the ingredients feel like they are the best, the notes list does not really give justice to how wonderful this smells and feels.
And how it feels is like pure silk, like honey, like yellow gold. I really cannot get across in words how wonderful and how elegant this scent is. This would be perfect to wear for a night at the theatre, for a romantic meal, for a wedding, for the opening night of the gallery exhibition, "darling sweetie darling"! This is a perfume that says fur stoles and champagne and evening dresses and diamond necklaces.
Imagine a party - If your workaday clean light scents would ride the bus, and the fruity florals that litter the highstreet would roll up in a hired pink hummer, this beauty would be pulling up at the end of the red carpet in a Rolls Royce or a Bentley.

Longevity is very good for me and sillage is present but moderate - you will leave a small trail of sheer beauty but you will not overpower anyone at all. Pure class. I only need 3 small sprays of this to achieve a wonderful aura of scent - small of my back, one on my chest and then a one spritz walk-through. Do not overspray this one.

The perfume itself is also presented in a beautiful opulent manner - in a large cream fabric covered box with shiny metal clasp and inside the box is lined with cream satin, with the bottle held slightly elevated amongst the satin, and the bottle itself if very tactile, a good weight and a pleasure to hold in the hands and to gaze upon. Really this is an item of beauty all round, I love it.


This has an old style vibe when applied. That soon gives place for a subtle elegant classic with a modern touch. This sort of merges with my skin and it feels like a part of me rather than a perfume. It makes med feel very cofortable. It is not floral to me. I think it is more of an earthy--woody type of scent. Nothing artificial smelling at all. Not even a tiny part of it smells bad. Patchouli is noticeable, and what a patchouli it is. Superb really. I love it. Dirt perfection. Longevity is very good and sillage low. Perfect for me too. This has signature potential for me.


I smelled this edition form a tester. I cannot remember the previous one right now. I don't mind. I loved this one. It's an incredible chypre and I like it much more than beautiful but sad Mitsouko. well, I don't even find them so close.
Il Profumo smells really strong soon after spraying.
Immediately it's complexity and quality stuff comes out with no excuse and no compromise.
It could be scaring at first, but for me it was like heaven poured on my head and I'm not even an absolute chypre lover.
This scent is pure class, no joke, no marketing claim, only beauty and love, the love of perfume for what it really is: pleasure for senses and brain.
How many notes? I don't know. Rose is listed but this is not a rose scent IMO.
After two days my card is still fragrant but it changed. It keeps perfuming my air but fading gradually and changing. shame on the crazy price, I would have shelled out there if I could. Anyway for this quality the price is half justified. If you can, splurge.
Especially if you don't care about people's opinion.
None of my fashionist friend liked it, not even my bf. They say it smells "old lady"... same old story.


Through the ages, humanity has been defined by its thirst for quests. We continue our searches for Shangrilas and Fountains of Youth, Werewolves and Yetis, Nirvana and Superman/Superwoman. and so on. Those of us who take on the labour of love of writing reviews of fragrances march to our own drumbeat. We search for the Über Essence of Magnificence. And I, humble soul, ran smack into it at the frag bar at Bloomies!
Gasp! Acqua do Parma Profumo. What can I say. It is brimmingly gorgeous and full of generosity. It's wide open arms cradle rose and ylang Ylang and peony infused with labdanum and patchouli. It is a gracious entity full of noblesse oblige - it beckons saying come, let me share my bounties. And you become one with it. It does not ride you, you cannot master it. You simply coexist. Enough with the poetry.
Most body chemistries will do well with it , I imagine. Prerequisite being you like frags of this ilk, of course. I did the smart thing - escaped from Bloomies with my $$s intact and bought it online at a very pleasing price!

So, I have found my Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Hanging Gardens of Babylon etc.
For now.

Btw, speaking of Uber Essence, watch the film, "Perfume".



What a treasure for woody chypre lovers! The opening is a strong, almost masculine blend of bergamot and ylang ylang; I don't notice peony at all. The next stage opens rather quickly with amber, jasmine and rose prominent; rich but not really sweet florals, and the amber seems to embrace the florals, making them smooth and rounded. The drydown is a spectacular blend of woodiness and musk that is to die for if you love chypres. I revel in the longevity of this fragrance; it lasts for 12+ hours. Strong sillage, best to use judiciously. A. di P. Profumo is well made with high quality ingredients which is apparant in every stage of the development. Elegance personified. Wear this if you really want to stand out from the crowd. Men should give this a try--it definately straddles the line between masculine/feminine. Unforgettable.


Profumo is a really beautiful quality fragrance from top to base. The topnotes starts off with a strong patchouli and bergamot infusion which for patch lovers is heaven, for others it might feel a little strange the first 20 seconds. However, as soon as that part softens down it gives way to a more widley flowering fragrance, in which I find the ylang ylang note the most comforting I've ever smelt.

In my opinion the ylang ylang note dominant, with rose, jasmine and peony humming in the background. But that might be because I compare it with The Party in Manhattan, which is a similar fragrance but with a more pronounced rose (+ iris) note. Profumos drydown is superb. The patch and labdanum dries down like pure gold. The duration is excellent and the projection is medum-strong.

Try it and you won't regret it.


Acqua di Parma PROFUMO 2009 is incredibly gorgeous. A luscious floral chypre with swirling petals and a woody patchouli-labdanum base. I actually feel as though I am wearing gold it's so luxurious. In that respect, I'd agree with onimoka's comparison to Hermès 24 FAUBOURG. Both perfumes are extremely elegant and, for lack of a better word, rich smelling: 24 karat gold!

However, they are very distinct. PROFUMO is not quite as bodaciously floral as 24 FAUBOURG, although the sillage is still rather grand. In some ways, PROFUMO reminds me a bit of La Perla LA PERLA and La Praire Life Threads PLATINUM, but I feel that PROFUMO uses even better quality components than those two floral chypres, both of which, I should clarify, are beloved to me.

The flowers here are not all or even primarily white. The ylang and the peony mingle alongside rose and jasmine. I find the rose to be dominant, but this is not a rose perfume, per se. The patchouli and labdanum pull everything together in a splendid way. I don't know what else to say except that this is beautiful and I'd love to have a bottle!

I have found all of the floral perfumes of this house to be extremely well made, and I actually prefer them to the COLONIA series.


First what comes to mind is "24 Faubourg Hermes". Perhaps a bit sharp at the very beginning, however, it gets softer and elegant much sooner after aplying. Elegant and romantic, this how i would describe fragrance.
Can smell honning. On my skin does not lasts long (or it is me that cannot hear the fragrance).


A truly wonderful scent, the price is justified and money is well spent when you get so much in return. Better just one bottle of magnificence than a thousand bottles of mediocrity. This is what I said to myself to stop my credit card guilty feelings.
The scent is wonderful as I said, it comes from an age when scents were made with passion, dedication and art. Wearing it today is a hommage to good taste and the hope it has not completely gone lost.
In certain moments it reminds of Mitsouko, maybe only for being a chypre but I would also add also for being a masterpiece that stands the passing of time without wrinkles on skin. Buy it if you like lovely scents that lasts a lot, if you like wearing something special, if you despise those modern scents which smell all the same.


This is a beautiful Woody Chypre opens
with an warm and deep raisin note of Labdanum dries to an powdery nuances of
green notes and Bulgarian Rose. to my senses i don't notice any peony in this
scent but i do notice is the elusive note
of Ylang ylang with it's deep earthy smell. But i love the drydown most most of all with the dryness of sandalwood
plays nicely with the grounded patchouli
and i can dectect the note of Civet
makes it a little primal.

The gold painted glass on this bottle is
art deco chic and sexiness the icon
of High Class.


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