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Craft Andrea Maack for women and men

Craft Andrea Maack for women and men
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Craft Andrea Maack for women and men Pictures Craft Andrea Maack for women and men Pictures Craft Andrea Maack for women and men Pictures Craft Andrea Maack for women and men Pictures Craft Andrea Maack for women and men Pictures Craft Andrea Maack for women and men Pictures

Smart, Craft and Sharp are three fragrances with a unique concept – created through collaboration between Icelandic artist Andrea Maack and a French perfume house.

With the aldehyde opening notes, it is like being greeted by a steamy cloud with a tart metallic scent. Like being lost in a foggy forest with metallic trees and citrus fruits hanging from the metallic branches. At first Craft is cold, wet, tart and extremely strange, but also interesting, exciting, unique, but most important, wearable. Craft has huge silage, especially at first when a humid cloud smelling of citrus and metalsurrounds you. Craft works really well on men too.

Notes : aldehydes, elemi, cold metal, ice, cedar wood, patchouli.

It is available as 50 ml EDP.

Craft was launched in 2010.

Perfume rating: 3.84 out of 5 with 47 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Patchouli Virginia Cedar Aldehydes elemi Water Notes Metallic notes

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This perfume reminds me of  
Comme des Garcons Series 3 Incense: Avignon
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Craft Fragrance Reviews


I got a sample of this over the winter, and want to get a full bottle although I have no idea when the right time to wear this would be. It is very cold, and similar to Avignon, but a superior scent in my opinion. I applied as I would Avignon (3-4 sprays), and longevity and sillage were pretty monstrous on me. To my embarrassment, a coworker smelled it in her office hours after I had been in there. She said it smelled good. I swore off wearing it to work though. I think I'm too self conscious to be known as the weird, cold, metallic incense perfume guy.
It is a very high quality composition and unique. Might translate well to the art gallery crowd.


There’s an aldehyde that bears the unsexy name of 2-methyl undecanal, or C12 MNA. It’s a powerful, chilly "pine" scent that screams “bathroom cleaner” when dosed too high and it's a big player in incense fragrances like Avignon but it needs a delicate touch for it to work. Craft uses way too high a dose of C12 and it leaves a bitter metallic aftertaste in its wake. This is basically Avignon in a funhouse mirror: distorted, unbalanced, and rendered somewhat ugly. It relies on the same meditative balsamic elemi as Avignon, but the C12 is so strong that it ruins any chance at contemplation. It would be the equivalent of dragging a trash can into a temple and then hammering away until someone calls the cops. For me, this is a headache in a bottle and an example of how not to work with aldehydes.


Smells like medicine and cold metal, then transforms into something similar to CDG Avignon. Not entirely sure if I would wear this kind of perfume regularly, but it's definitely interesting - earthy, wood shavings, metallic, cold asphalt - there's something strangely comforting about this scent.


Yes Craft is instantly reminiscent of incense fragrances such as Cardinal, full incense, Avignon...etc...etc
However the top notes of aldehydes make for a truly cold blast which I find to be even more minimal and metallic at first...but that could just be my imagination. When It dries down a little and this coldness subsides slightly it's pretty much exactly the same elemi/frankincense/cedar vibe of the aforementioned fragrances.
I've said it once and I'll say it again....How many times does this fragrance have to be replicated???
The same could be said for many combinations of notes and similar fragrances but this just seems to be one I notice more.
I'm not nay saying either because I love the smell of this fragrance and I'd definitely wear it...just spoiled for choice as to which one to get? I can't base it on longevity or projection because they're all very similar in that department too...It will have to be purely based on priced.


Such a nice surprise.

Craft is often compared to Heeley's Cardinal and I've to say that, for the most part, I agree that they share more than one similarity. With that said, Craft's aldehydes blast is really pushed to the maximum to enhance the waxy element of this incredibly delightful incense. As a matter of fact, if I were to draw a parallel with another fragrance, I would still drop Cardinal's name but I would probably go with the candle version over the body fragrance. The result is an extremely sparkling and clean dry fragrance with a remarkable metallic aspect that provides an overall aloof vibe. Very nordic and hyper-minimalistic waxy incense at its best.

Fans of the coldest CDGs, take note.

Rating: 7/10


I decided to start running one late October on impulse when I was a teenager. I would get up at the crack of dawn, lace up, and get out. My route took me through open fields where the cold air galvanized my lungs and a shimmering morning frost settled on every surface. The grass, metal chain-link fences, trees....
I distinctly remember the way the smell of the air changed when I passed through an area where a great field was bisected by power lines. The air was prickly-cold, and infused with a metallic tang. This stays with me so vividly because the looming, silver-grey structures always seemed so ominous and forced me to race myself through the field as fast as I could.
I find this fragrance incredibly evocative and exciting. I am not sure that I will ever wear it---I would loooove this on a man--but I would bet this fragrance has the ability to spark personal memories in anyone who decides to sample this. It's your own personal landscape....

Well done.


STRANO è probabilmente la parola che mi riesce più facile, per descrivere questo profumo.
Le aldeidi, dalle note iniziali producono quella inusuale nota metallica che non si stacca per tutto il tempo dall'elemi, nota ecclesiastica per antonomasia.
Mi piace, soprattutto adesso, in piena estate, però il tasto dolente su di me è la scarsa persistenza a cui tengo molto.


I was completely sucked in by the branding of the Andrea Maack perfumes and immediately ordered samples of her perfumes. Craft is the first sample I've tried and I'm surprised at how bad it is. It just smells like gone-off medicine on me! I've thrown my sample away and hope I have better luck with the other two perfumes in the range.


Craft for me is not really a perfume. Id classify it almost as anti-perfume, in the lines of Comme des Garcons Synthetic series. It is a scent, but it is quite industrial. It smells of mixture of things things- metal, clay, oil, wooden shavings, a factory assembly line, a mixture of old and new, a wooden, cracking floor in a museum, an inside of an old church. I used to do pottery a few years ago and that's how the studio smelled like as well.
Very metallic woody. Aquatic? Not necessarily.
A scent of the industrial era, perhaps?

I dont really know how to classify Craft. It is the most unusual fragrance I have tested in a long while. It seems as if there were no natural ingredients in this one. It smells of art. It definitely smells more of ideas rather than the perfume ingredients. And although I find the concept highly intriguing, the perfume itself is completely and utterly unwearable.


This seems extremely similiar to Escentric Molecules 01 - Molecules. There is the same "nut" note I got from the Molecules, but this I like a little bit better.
At the opening it's very medical and woody, there is the slight "nut" accord, but I can't say it disturbs me as much as it did in Molecules.
I do not find this to be a feminine perfume at all, but it could be worn by patchoulli lovers. The patchoulli here indeed is extremely medical, sharp and earthy.
I almost pressed "dislike", but then the elemi appeared and I started to get something I would definetely want to smell on a man. It smells like pine forest in autumn after rain, all the earth is wet and dirty, the pine is smoky and all together it's very medical, herby, earthy and hippy-like.

It's not cup my tea, but the quality is AMAZING. I would like to smell this on a man, but my bf said that he's had enough with me pouring stuff on his wrist :( Oh well...


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