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Purple Water Asprey London for women and men

Purple Water Asprey London for women and men
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main accords
fresh spicy
white floral

Purple water is made of the finest essential oils. It is a fresh citrus fragrance blended with spicy undertones to give it strength and stature. Top notes are fresh and zesty with lemon, mandarin and jacaranda. Heart notes create character with orange flower, basil and ginger. Base notes of vetiver root, pepper, and musk bring an earthy, woody and timeless depth to the fragrance.

It is available as 100 ml cologne, ideal for both men and women. Purple Water was launched during the 2000's.

Perfume rating: 4.13 out of 5 with 58 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Amalfi Lemon Mandarin Orange Floral Notes

Middle Notes
African Orange flower Ginger Basil

Base Notes
vetyver Musk Pepper

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4711 Original Eau de Cologne
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Sporty Citrus
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Purple Water Fragrance Reviews


I first know it from a online shop, there is a 10ml mini bottle on sale. I hesitated and missed it at last.

I kept searching for it for a long time, then suddenly I found they got hotel toiletry line and it's very cheap here (Most of these hotel toiletries are made/bottled in China). So I bought a couple of them, soaps, lotions, etc. The toiletry line smells good, very refreshing, a floral rather than citrusy scent. I gave them to friends also, and they also like it.

Still I didn't find anyone sell this in China and for a long time, its price on ebay is not something I could afford. But I managed to get a bottle after all. It arrived last week, in the coldest winter of Beijing. Not a good day for testing but I can't wait! I wore it the next day to office. It's uplifting floral notes are sharper because the cold weather, and a little greener, a little different from the toiletry line.

A lovely scent anyway.

I think its citrusy notes are more fruity like, a little juicy sweet kind of thing. The uplifting or the "citrus" feel is actually due to the spicy notes, the ginger or as someone mentioned below, the pepper notes. And it becomes very floral in the body/drydown, which is also not strictly traditional cologne. I like its modern twist - being modern and still have a sense of tradition.


I love this perfume. It is very fresh and clean. I love wearing this day or night.


I'm not a fan of citrus scents ( Chanel cristalle eau verte turns my stomach), but I absolutely love this. There's nothing acidic or acrid about it. It doesn't smell like laundry or a household detergent, instead it's very creamy and expensive smelling. I had the good fortune to try it out during a stay in a luxury hotel. It was in my bathroom in all forms (body lotion, shower gel, soap etc) and I fell in love with the subtle scent and exclusive smell. It's like wearing cahmere. I agree with everything ericrico wrote in his review. It is charming and brilliant and not ubiquitous like so many fragrances. My new signature scent.


I loved this fragrance when I owned it but it kind of reminded me of Citronella. But I'm a sucker for anything citrusy and anything that has vetiver in it and this did and at times when I wore it I got the vetiver here and there but the dry down on this was citronella. I don't love citronella but I also don't hate it. I like it in a weird way that's why I loved this fragrance when I was wearing it. If I see it again at a discounted price I'll pick it up because it's a very light fragrance - not too strong which sometimes you want it to be. You don't want to overpower with something really strong that turns off folks around you.

So I do recommend this fragrance.


Earlier this year in the spring, I revisited a couple of Eau de Colognes when the temperatures spiked (unseasonably) here in Northern CA. Funny - the day before I was wearing a deep, undoubtedly masculine, (even macho) powerhouse - full of leather, rooty vetiver and wood. The next day...I was wearing a light, ethereal EdC that had cooling citrus and light floral notes. I went online, knowing the hot, dog days of summer were ahead and found some interesting threads about this scent, Purple Water. It was new to me and I was intrigued. First notion - this is probably a lavender-based EdC with surrounding notes. But, I stopped and read. Lavender is not even a true note in this.

GypsyParfumista's review solidified my decision - and I blind-bought a 100ml tester. I test sprayed it twice when the weather was cooler and it showed very well. I put it aside and said - "save this one". Since then, I have bought many fantastic, niche bottlings (and Guerlain) EdC's that I adore and love to wear! Purple Water got moved around, but untouched.

There is a bright and crisp opening that I really like - I definitely adore this lemon note and do not find it offensive or too bright. It quickly incorporates a green, floral note (jacaranda) that is simply unique and then segues brilliantly towards a wonderful juicy mandarin orange stage (with the lemon and jacaranda still integrated)...about 10-15 minutes in. Wonderful. Totally unisex and shows its quality quickly.

The middle notes are key as they are what put Purple Water into another realm (and make it more than a typical citrus and light floral EdC). The mandarin citrus note becomes the key player in the heart as it evolves into a full-bloom orange flower, with two very nice supportive notes - ginger and a great note of basil. Impressive and harmonious and the ginger gives a very natural fragrant lift and the basil smells totally natural - a touch of earthiness and some spicy depth. This scent, although named Purple Water, could easily be called "Citrus, Orange Flower and Green Water". The basil is as aromatic as smelling fresh leaves on your fingers after picking them off a plant.

The base is what allows this scent to carry on and adds another nice note - pepper. I would say it is a white pepper note - clean, but full of "flavor" as well. It invigorates what has already been there and doesn't drown it out (as a black pepper note could easily do, while pink pepper would not go well here either). Neutrality and cleanliness with sparkle in this note. Vetiver comes in as a clean, woody note - very nice and perfectly in balance with the green and floral notes. No rootiness - my guess would be a very light use of the essential oil here as it smells natural and is not intrusive. The musk further enhances the base - again, a clean note...white musk. Not animalic at all (a "clean fixative"), that creates an airiness allowing the heart to carry on.

I was very impressed back in spring when I first tried just a single spray and then a 2-3 spray wearing...even more impressive. What makes this so charming is the balance and symphony of notes. It would smell wonderful and fresh on a woman and clean and confident on a man (as I am wearing it now, 5-6 sprays on wrists, backs of hand and a couple on my neck). A scent for the daytime for me, although it could be worn on a balmy, warm summer evening. It would make a nice outdoor party scent on either a man or woman. When you greet people, they will definitely smell the aroma of Purple Water.

This showed very good projection for the first 30-45 minutes (even longer on clothing) and it settles down smoothly to an elegant skin scent that radiates an inviting, fragrant aura of about 6" - 1 foot out. After 90 minutes, about 1" - 2" off your skin. A true EdC in structure. It does last a nice, long time though...which surprised me even before. It stayed on my shirt for a full day. I recommend application to clothing as well as skin to get the most out of this (as I do for most Eau de Colognes).

I believe this is a fantastic purchase and I am very happy I decided to take the leap of faith! Superb, very classy and made of very good ingredients. An unknown gem to many. This will get a good amount of wear from me. Nice attire (for men) - khaki shorts, polo shirt and nice loafers (but still unisex) on a warm (or hot) day with a full wearing of Purple Water and you will feel invigorated.

Utterly charming and brilliant. Not cheap for good reason - sheer quality. A strong "Like"! My score - 8.5/10.


Got five 10mL mini bottles today and after wearing it for about 3-4 hours, I am glad I have it and would like to wear it more frequent. To me, it's not all that citrusy. It's clean and fresh and not sweet. It's more of a slight citric note with fresh floral and something like lavender to me. It must be the basil that gives me this lavender scent. It's cool and calm. It's very pleasing to wear as it stays somewhat close to me. Later it gets more woody and masculine with Vetiver, and it seems to last a good length of time. While it doesn't blow my mind, but it's a neat little bottle I have and it's great for a relaxing day.

gypsy parfumista
gypsy parfumista

I found a 100ml tester of this very pricey cologne ($100 USD at Asprey London stores) for under thirty dollars on a discount site and it is my all-time favorite unisex summer fragrance...

This begins with a wonderful bright(most likely amalfi) lemon note, refreshing mandarin and some jacaranda (a desert tree with light aromatic wood and beautiful blue flowers)making this light , bright and very refreshing. The heart has spicy basil, soft orange blossoms and a subtle ginger that together warm, invigorate and soothe. The citruses here are quite persistent and continue into the heart notes. The drydown is earthy with a hints of subtle spice and a clear smooth muskiness that smells so good. Never heavy and this is the olfactive equivalent of iced lemonade on a hot day served in a frosted glass, and it really lasts in the heat!

Sillage: good then closer
Longevity: impressive
Overall: 4.75/5

If they only make one scent, this was a darn good one and is equally balanced enough for men and women. I believe I saw one or two others on their website like a year ago, but this for me is the only ONE I need...and I believe it is called Purple Water as Asprey's signature color is purple, as are the words on their store's window and the boxes on their silver.


Asprey PURPLE WATER is neither a lavender nor an iris fragrance, as one might quite naturally surmise. Nor is PURPLE WATER a cousin to ALIEN, ANGEL, and other quasi-fermented grape jelly concoctions. Instead, this is a beautiful citrus aromatic composition with perfectly measured components all of which mix together harmoniously to produce a pleasing hot weather cologne. Lemon, ginger, basil, pepper, and vetiver are the most important notes, but there is also a touch of florality and musk.

PURPLE WATER is neither a feminine nor a masculine scent, just a high quality melange of lightly aromatic notes which leave a clean slightly herbal trail behind. I would like to have a bottle of this cologne in my collection for days just like today: 94F + major humidity!


I'm not usually a fan of anything with lemon, but this is very fresh and clean and the basil and pepper take a little edge off the citrus. I like to wear this on days that I am bored with my sweeter scents. Doesn't last very long on me, maybe a few hours, so I like to keep a purse spray with me!


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