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Chai Baruti for women and men

Chai Baruti for women and men
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Chai Baruti for women and men Pictures

Delicious Indian masala chai.

Chai notes: Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Cardamom, Pepper, Black Tea, Steamed Milk, Cocoa, Roses, Vanilla, Musk, Leather.

Chai was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Spyros Drosopoulos.

Perfume rating: 3.31 out of 5 with 38 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Cinnamon Cloves Ginger Cardamom Pepper Black Tea Milk Cacao Rose Vanilla Musk Leather

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This perfume reminds me of  
Untitled 2
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Vanilla Chai Botanical Parfum
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Chai Fragrance Reviews


پاییز، فصل لذت بردن از اولین بارشهای بعد از گرمای تابستون که خاک تن سوخته رو شستشو میده؛ همیشه برام خاطراتی رو زنده میکنه که از روایحی ناب و فوق العاده بوجود اومدن. از میون این همه رایحه ی بی نظیر، یکیش دم کردن و نوشیدن چای تو یه روز تنبل پاییزیه که چند ساعت قبلش بارون اومده و حالا همه چیز در فضایی سحر آمیز دنبال میشه.

chai احیاگر بخشی از اون حس و حال فوق العادست که ما حصل ترکیب چای خشک با دارچین وهل و کاکائو با تمی انیمالیک و خشک از میخک در فضایی دودی، خاکی و شیرین با یک تندی ملایمه.
این شروع عمیق، غنی و با شکوه، لذت نوشیدن چای در همون فضای عالی پس از باران پاییزی رو به نحوی تداعی میکنه که هر چند اون عظمت و پیچیدگی رو نداره اما بسیار لذیذ و شیکه.
هنر دروسوپولوس در ارائه ی ترکیبی بالانس و دقیق، جایی برای سرگیجه و دلزدگی ناشی از نوتهای شیرین و سنگین باقی نذاشته و رایحه ای درخشان با گرمایی اغواگر ایجاد میکنه که در نهایت پرستیژ و جذابیته.
داستان چای با از بین رفتن حاشیه ی انیمالیک؛ و به دنبال اون، تقویت حالت گورمند و خامه ای به دلبری خودش ادامه میده و در نهایت با گرما و تندی دارچین به همراه حاشیه ای از چرم دودی به پایان عسلی گرم و نرمی میرسه.

chai عطر پاییزی غنی شده با شیرینی ادویه ای و عسلی نابی هست که در هوای آکنده از بوی خاک نمناک و دود سِرو میشه.
درخشان، لوکس، گرم و گیرا در پوششی فاخر و لبخندی بر لب؛لذت یه روز خاص پاییزی رو دو چندان میکنه و کمتر کسی پیدا میشه که از این چای فوق العاده و فضای عالی بگذره.
9 تا 10 ساعت ماندگاری با پخشی که در ساعات نخست عالی و بعد از اون متوسط خواهد بود
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل


Baruti Chai impresses me. Considering it has so many things in it that have the potential to overwhelm (e.g. cinnamon, pepper, leather), it never does. It could be a study on the subtle use of spice in perfumery. If Opium, Cinnabar and Jungle l'Elephant are rough, Chai is smooth and polished.

Chai is more like a suggestion of the beverage, rather than the literal beverage. This is preferable to me because as much as I adore authentic masala chai, I'd rather not smell like I bathed in it. Instead, what I get smells like strong sandalwood and something wonderfully smoky, like a singed piece of bark. The perfume is marvelously sandalwoody on me, and I am baffled that there is no mention of woods anywhere on the internet because it is perhaps more sandalwood on me than anything else (works for me!).

There is something like mint in it, but it blends beautifully with the other notes, perhaps to imbue the scent of fresh, green cardamom husks. I don't actually detect any cardamom; one of my favorite spices to cook with, I am quite familiar with the scent. I also notice fresh ginger from time to time as well as gentle hand of Saigon cinnamon and a hint of savory black pepper.

Then there is my favorite part--one of the most perfect and gorgeous *non-vanillic* creamy accords I have ever smelled, and I can not get enough of it! It smells like a cup of warm, sweetened milk. It was at the 10-hour mark that I felt there could be any vanilla at all.

It projects well enough for my liking for hours, though never a sillage monster, heavy, or cloying. Longevity is excellent.

I don't take this as the literal scent of chai, nor did I ever expect it to be based on the notes, which list things that I have never seen in any authetic chai recipe, much less drunk: leather, rose, musk, cocoa. It does not even read as gourmand on my skin, rather a floral-woody-musk.

In any case, Chai is a definite winner that makes me curious about the rest of the line.


Scent - milk, cinnamon & ginger.

Season/Time of Day - I can wear it in the colder months, day or night.

Projection - I didn't get noticed, I didn't get a compliment.

Longevity - I get 8hrs consistently.


This sparked my interest because of the ingredient list and the picture of something tasty and gourmand.
It turns out to be more Impressionistic bordering on abstract.
It starts with an explosion of the spices mentioned,
followed by a wide stripe of something waxy and transparent. The spice dissipates quickly, however remains in whispers in the background throughout the journey. Next is the gentle introduction of rose, vague, the concentration upon the lower regions of the pink Alberta Rose scent profile. In the midst of this movement there is a passing note. It is the light and dusty scent of cocoa combined with the glorious fragrance of reduced cream and the caramelized lactose thereof. The picture collapses quite quickly and remains as a light caramel, scented with rose and whisper of tannin on my skin for a couple of hours.
A very enjoyable, textured experience.


Opening dry and spicy. This is cardamom done well and it enhances the cinnamon lending an exotic vibe. It doesn't hit hard like it does in kenzo L'Elephant.

The black tea tempers the spices, so you get the richness without an off putting punch. The ingredients make a whole haze of a dry spicy slightly cacao leather scent. The cocoa rose heart is a nice pairing rather than the overdone cocoa/patch combo.

I don't have anything like this in my collection so I really like its uniqueness. I'm not sure if I'd sport this as a female as I prefer very feminine scents but a woman can wear it, but on a man it be sexy hot.


Beautiful tea scent, warm, spicy. Starts off kind of smoky.. like burned wood or a campfire.. I definitely get a creamy or milky note among the spices which creates a softness to it. Warm winter-y scent, very beautiful..


Cloudy and unfiltered homemade spice bomb amalgam with all the subtlety and elegance of a rock to the face.

Arabian Knight
Arabian Knight

*Sigh* I was sooo looking forward to a sweet, frothy chai scent here, but sadly this did not deliver. Though the elements are here, the blending is not as refined as it could be and the emphasis, for me at least, is in the wrong place.

"Chai" is extremely spicy, perhaps to a fault. Piquant and peppery, with an intense clove and soapy ginger, the initial burst is sharp and slightly overwhelming.
In the heart of the composition lies a dry, dusty rose and bitter black tea. I really wasn't expecting the rose to be so prominent, but its medicinal aspects are only amplified by the bitterness of the tea and clove. A dark cacao note -more evident on skin- casts a muggy haze over the whole composition, dulling the elements which I had expected to sparkle, notably cardamom and cinnamon, which are sadly all too faint here.

There is a distinct lack of vanilla and I don't detect the smooth lactonic notes that others have spoken of. Rather than smelling like the sweet, milky glass of chai I was expecting, Baruti's interpretation smells more like a cupboard in which there are stored various boxes of spice infused teas all blended together into one indiscernible spicy fog.

On my skin, it is even more disappointing. The notes blur into a musty alcohol smell that reminds me of whiskey o_0

In my opinion, a far more realistic chai scent is "Lumiére Blanche" by Olfactive Studio, which emphasizes cardamom, anise and cinnamon on top of a light sandalwood and tonka base. Unfortunately it's a poor performer, otherwise I would stick with that, but it seems my search for the perfect chai scent is not over.


Baruti Chai is a wonderfully aromatic gourmandish oriental. It's my new favourite. The pronounced black tea note is dark and delicious, the milk is warm and creamy, the cocoa powder adds some dryness, then a pinch of ginger joins in with a mild zesty kick in the background.

I can also smell the cardamom but but not too much, my skin tends to highlight cardamom in most fragrances but in this one the cardamom is masterfully blended to create a warm, spicy accord.

Fantastic fragrance, I recommend to oriental gourmand lovers, it's a delight to the senses, not to sweet and deliciously complex.

It's an Extrait de Parfume so the longevity is excellent, so is the sillage.

It's going to be one of my staples for the upcoming colder months for sure.


This has an (at first) odd warm herbal profile, but the longer it warms into my skin the more I like it. Spicy, creamy, semi-sweet and warm, it's like a chai tea made in some foreign land that departs from the Starbucks variety of tea ingredients and throws in a handful of exotic, strange spices. The initial taste may not be what you were expecting but it brings the same warm glow of comfort as the Chai back home, plus a twist of foreign excitement.

Wanting to try more of this brand now!

Edit to add: sillage/longevity are great by the way, which is rare for me.


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