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Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition Bond No 9 for women and men

Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition Bond No 9 for women and men
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Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition Bond No 9 for women and men Pictures

Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition is a limited edition presented in 2009 as a luxurious combination of quality and ancient tradition with modern notes and design. The fragrance features oud, cumin, black pepper, amber, myrrh and vetiver. Available as 100ml edp. Perfumer is Laurent Le Guernec.

Fragrance Notes

vetyver Amber Myrhh Agarwood (Oud) Caraway Pepper Saffron Rose

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Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition Fragrance Reviews


Oh my, i want to bade in this one! This is a heavenly oud in a bottle!!! I bought this one blind on Ebay and i must say that this is my first blind buy that is really fantastic! For me it is a mix of Pure Oud By Kilian and Savane Oud by Torre of Tuscany. Both already in my wardrobe and this delicious poison complements them very well! It smells good on me (woman) but on my father aswell!! I can recommend it to other oud/ leather/ spicy lovers!
Big thumbs up!!

Fábio Condé
Fábio Condé

Breathtaking! The opening makes me swoon, and after this, the blend of oud and myrrh stand out, medicinal nuance dry but well balanced and also incensed, has something animalic together. The vetiver, a note that i love, appears like a discreet companion, helper however precious to me, need to test more to be sure of what I found now, must have!


One word...amazing. It is no wonder that the few reviews of this I have read are so positive.

This starts with a powerful blast of wood, oud but marked with a little bit of sweet green, probably the vetiver and there is something a little bit sour here too. Not a lemony sour or a milk sour, but something sour I can't put my finger on. Is this the oud or the vetiver? Whatever it is it adds a remarkable note to the opening and it stays throughout. Amber is noticeable and so is the myrrh adding a nice layer, but make no mistake, this is an oud fragrance, just uplifted with other notes that are done so well. Pepper adds just a touch of sharpness to balance out the sweet of the amber. Cumin adds a slight dirty note but I have to search to find it on me. The scent is rather linear after a brief opening. I have never been a big fan of vetiver, but the vetiver here adds nicely to the oud, a coupling that really, really works! This fragrance is indeed a rockstar. If there is a downside to this it is the longevity (or is my nose getting used to the smell when I wear it?). I get maybe four good hours and then it seems weak and I will have to admit, I freshened up the scent with a little spray to make it more apparent. I asked a co-worker what she thought of this one and her reply was simply, "ummm...that's a really good one!"

It occured to me that this one shares a lot with Dior's Leather Oud. I may get slammed for this comparison, but I am wearing Harrod's Oud on my left wrist and Leather Oud on my right wrist right now (and I smell wonderful!) and I get a very similar vibe. Harrod's Oud is a bit more resiny and a bit greener, Leather Oud is more leathery and has that touch of animalic civet but both are oud heavy and both seem to share what I will call the same "fragrance space". Leather Oud seems to be more about oud wood and Harrod's seems to be a bit more about resin and oud.

I may get slammed for this too, but I absolutely love both of these even if I see them as a bit redundant. If I were to choose one, I would go for Dior's Leather Oud for two reasons. First, LO lasts for a very long time and is very strong. I easily get 12 hours from it and it clings to clothes. I love the dirty edge of it. Bond's Harrod's Oud is equal as far as enjoyment but the longevity for me is not nearly as good as Dior's. Then there is the price. Harrod's Oud is certainly worth the price if you can get the plain bottle, not worth it for the blinged out bottle IMHO. Dior's Leather Oud is just plain cheap if you buy the 8.5 ounce bottle.


One of the best Bond no 9 scents available.

I cannot add any more after my predecessors have summed up this scent so well...


Bond no 9 HARRODS SWAROVSKI LIMITED EDITION is actually a perfume, not a deodorant spray, shampoo/condition facsimile or anti-perfume. Although, there are no flowers present here, there are enough interesting oriental elements to sustain this as a perfumic creation, and what really appears to mark the difference between this and another of Bond no 9's myrrh offerings, the just-released COOPER SQUARE, is the über-fashionable note of oud.

I myself am a bit suspicious--even skeptical--about all of the attention and praise that has been lavished upon oud in recent perfume times, and I predict that in future decades at least some in the fragrance world will chortle at the mention of the word, as they reminisce upon "the good old days" when perfumers would throw some incense into the mix and double the price of their latest composition--knowing full well that people would pay--under the pretext of exclusivity, luxury and exoticism.

Here, however, I have to admit that the oud makes the perfume. In this case, caraway, pepper, vetiver, myrrh, and amber would have been too blunt and not complex enough. The smokiness of the oud adds just the right touch, making this a worthy composition from start to finish. A bit heavy in the opening, when it seems almost leathery, but the drydown is beautiful and lasts a really long time. Recommended to all you oudophiles out there!


Yesterday I finally received my sample from the scented court. I have experienced my liking for Oud in perfumes, so I tested severals. Kilians Oud is stunning, but something in it bothers me. I tried Bond No. 9's Signature Oud, but it was a BIG disappointment. After I've read that Harrods Oud is far better, I tried it:

Harrods Oud starts with familiar notes, woody and dry. It reminds me of Cruel Intentions by Kilian, but without all the fruits and flowers. Everything that was toned down in Cruel Intentions is the center of attention in Harrods. The oud is detectable right from the start. It blends well with the cumin and pepper. The cumin adds a dirty, almost animalic feeling to the composition. This fragrance smells very opulent, like a luxurious palast. After that, the fragrance gets even more woody and earthy. I can smell the myrrh, which smells great in combination with the amber. Balmy, woody, earthy... I think I've smelled it before. It is very similar to Pure Oud by Kilian. But intead of the oily note in the Kilian, Harrods has the already mentioned dirty something in it. It is like walking over a big field, like you can smell the earth and the incense, which comes from far away! Harrods is Pure Oud's evil brother. A cigarette smoking brother which wears a leather jacket. After some time, the oud enfolds more and more and gets all the attention. This is an very edgy eau de parfum! I can't smell any obvious synthetics, they're well blended. Harrods Oud is stunning, like an arabic market. The perfect balance between dirty and luxurious makes this scent unique!

The first edgy Bond fragrance! All the other fragrances from Bond are lovely and soft compositions, but Harrods Oud is really dirty and woody. I never thought that Bond could produce something like this, some would think it is a perfume from Kilian or Montale. Unfortunately, it's just a limited edition and not available in germany. Why? This eau de parfum is gorgeous and everything I wished Bond No. 9 Perfume would be! The lasting power is OK, at least 4-5 hours on my skin and more than 10 hours on my clothes. After a strong start, Harrods Oud wears very close-to-the-skin.


I would like to mention before trying this scent, I believed that a Bond No. 9 Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition (HSLE) bottle had the same juice in it as Harrods for Him but only decorated with Swarovski crystals. I was wrong, HSLE is a completely different fragrance than Harrods for Him or for Her.

With oud (Agarwood) being the "It ingredient" I have tested out several EdPs & Perfumes containing this note, I would have to say I found my oud perfume choice with HSLE.

This scent can only be purchased (as far as I know) via Bond No.9 directly or Harrods in the UK. I was lucky enough to get a sample of this sensual and amazing scent.

It opens up with a nice woodsy and spicy mixture. As it develops you will imagine yourself in a Moroccan Bazaar exploring different spices.

"Quality & Sensuality" will come to mind as you continue to sniff your wrist through out the day. the Dry down of HSLE is a melody between the oud (spiciness), amber (sweetness) and vetyver (woodiness).

Congratulations to Laurice Rhame and Laurent Le Guernec with their collaboration of this masterpiece.


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Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition by Bond No 9 4.50 out of 5 based on 47 ratings and 7 user reviews

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