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Les Heures de Cartier: La Treizieme Heure XIII Cartier for women and men

Les Heures de Cartier: La Treizieme Heure XIII Cartier for women and men
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Les Heures de Cartier: La Treizieme Heure XIII Cartier for women and men Pictures Les Heures de Cartier: La Treizieme Heure XIII Cartier for women and men Pictures

The house of Cartier celebrates 100 years of their existence with an amazing unisex collection Les Heures de Parfum. Luxurious editions are fragrant references of Cartier's tradition inspired by moments in time – those that make life what it is.

Unisex quintet Les Heures de Parfum features engraved Roman numbers and appears in luxurious, red outer carton – typical and characteristic of Cartier. Golden details on their flacons and carton insinuate that highest quality ingredients were used in perfume compositions. The first five out of thirteen announced perfumes were created in collaboration with perfumer of the house of Mathilde Laurent. The numbers that mark the perfumes are not lined in chronological order (I, IV, X, XII and XIII) and they were presented as the first fragrant moments in time. XIII is a very important number for Cartier, since their boutique in Paris is situated at the 13 Rue de la Paix, Paris, and presents the historical moment in time important for Cartier brand.

La Treizieme Heure XIII is the final fragrance of the collection – a dangerous and incredibly seductive moment! It incorporates notes of leather, mate, birch, bergamot, patchouli and vanilla.

L`Heure Promise, L`Heure Brilliant and L`Heure Folle are eau de toilette; while L`Heure Mystérieuse and La Treizième Heure are eau de parfum. The fragrances of the Les Heures de Parfum collection are sold separately in 75 ml flacons for 250 dollars. Les Heures de Cartier: La Treizieme Heure XIII was launched in 2009.

Perfume rating: 4.36 out of 5 with 56 votes.

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Birch Patchouli Holly Vanilla Bergamot Leather

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Les Heures de Cartier: La Treizieme Heure XIII Fragrance Reviews


I kept feeling like I sprayed the wrong bottle or something because I didn't smell anything dark, animalic, or noticeably smokey; it's so terribly fresh! (Not that it's a bad thing but just didn't meet my expectations.) I do smell a lot of mate (roasted dry tea leaf) which can be interpreted as smoky I guess..

Cyrus Smith
Cyrus Smith

Animalic, smoky leather is what I would describe in the end. The use of mate, here very strong on me, brings again that barn & stable combination scent that Mathilde Laurent had used in L'Heure Fougueuse IV. I don't like to compare fragrances, but in the opening I was reminded of Tom Ford for Men Extreme. TFFME has in extra, that plum note that makes it less austere and remain a lightly sweet smoky leather and never animalic. In La Treizieme heure, a vanilla note appear in the dry down and it seems to compete with that stable smell that after an hour will start to quiet down.

Overall, a very nice mixture still strong on imagery but I prefer Tom Ford for Men Extreme. A little more epicurean & less challenging

Saddle up...

Colin Maillard
Colin Maillard

The opening is alluring, seductive and terribly pleasant: a dark, dusty, smoky leather accord, classy and straightforward, fairly close to Bois d'ascèse for the same "campfire ash" effect. There is quite a massive dose of Iso E Super, and also perhaps an equally artificial amber component, but however, it all smells utterly good and sexy. The initial leather accord is dry, austere, like in Knize Ten, then it progressively softens and gets sweeter thanks to vanilla. Not much to add: there is a slight patchouli note, perhaps a floral breeze or something equally "lively", but all is centered on leather and smoke, sensual and rich in nuances – coffee, aniseed, cinnamon, which vanish in the air like cigarette smoke. I also detect a slight layer of salty notes, which may be due to aldehydes or other aromachemicals used here, but however they fit the scent, as they provide a slight "sweaty velvety skin" note which is an added value of "sexy". The leather note is surely well-executed, cleverly played on up-to-date trendy ingredients (safraleine), but it's well played, as it smells rich, soft, velvety, with flavours of tobacco, aniseed, coffee. An austere, chic, sensual and noble composition with a beautiful "carnal" hint of naked salty skin. The evolution is subtle, it basically emerges more boldly the vanillin note, so it becomes only a bit sweeter as hours go by. A bit artificial and also a bit "already seen" (think of Bois d'ascèse marrying Knize Ten surrounded by a vanill-esque fog), but undoubtedly elegant, pleasant and refined.



Polite and innoffensive, closer to a demure and innocent alluded-to leather like Cuir Beluga than raunchy Leather Oud. This feels like a lovely walk through a brisk coppice in winter, or a horseride on a creamy ivory creature, wearing riding boots, my breath sustained and suspended in the cold air. It is returning to a country manor and eating a chocolate truffle.This is a refined and monied scent, enigmatic without being too outside of the box. Equally male and female, this scent takes on entirely different charachteristics depending on the gender of the wearer. This does, up close, have an addictive quality which marks it as a world away from a high street scent. It is definitely one to consider (and to buy if you have money to burn) but unless you are particularly fond of Lapsang Souchon which, or at least the idea of which, I feel predominates this perfume, this isn't reccommended for a blind buy, find somewhere to try it first. A wonderful winter scent, great for the outdoors and not bad for the indoors, neither!


I will agree totally with everything said by both abirae and lizianterpres regarding this perfume. Lapsang Souchong (the smokey tea smell) and leather, tar, campfire etc. If you don't mind these smells, or are a fan, you will like this very much. I do agree that the fragrance tones down after this somewhat harsh opening, but it is a classy scent, even if you do smell faintly like smoke and sweet leather in my opinion!


wow wow wow!
This is like lapsang souchong tea))) very smoky and bitter, sugar-free and strong! It has balsamic and animalic notes, but will not offend anyone as it is very well-balanced.
A brilliant and unique fragrance, like L'Heure Defendue VII or even better.

Doc Elly
Doc Elly

I had no preconceptions abut what to expect, but was still surprised to find that this started out with massive amounts of castoreum, a sandalwood-type base like javanol, and something similar to carnation and/or cloves, or maybe guaiacol. It’s just a little smoky, but in a subtle way.

After reading reviews of this scent, I know that I’m supposed to put the castoreum and smoky birch tar together to come up with leather, but for me that just doesn’t happen automatically. Even if it did, it would be a very raw, animalic leather. No one mentions the quasi-sandalwood base, which, for me, is the single dominant note after the initial castoreum blast is finished.

As it dries down, the cloves subside into the background as does the “leather”, so what remains is a vanilla-flavored sandalwood-y scent. Then the bergamot hits, with a little citrusy riff on top of the woods. I do not smell any patchouli in the mix until a couple of hours in, and then it just forms part of a base that reminds me of Guerlain’s Samsara. Sillage is fairly strong in the beginning, but diminishes to a skin scent after 2-3 hours.

At no point does this remind me of tea, maté or otherwise. Being a big fan of woody notes in the sandalwood family and leather notes, I like Heure No. 13 a lot.


This is my favorite of the line thus far, a definitely unisex transparent leather. I always love citrus and leather, as in Hugo Boss' defunct Boss Spirit or Guerlain's Derby. While this is a far lighter and more modern composition, where the leather has a steely birch quality, and the citrus is fresh and tart, I still love the contrast of fresh and lively to dark and brooding. The vanilla makes XIII unisex, as it's just enough to keep the women in the game, but not to drive the men away. There is also some Earl Grey in there, which surprised me because another in the series is a tea based scent. The patchouli is a minor player, and while it contributes to the base, this is in no way a patchouli scent.

My criticisms are that this is too light, especially for an EdP, and also that it is disproportionately costly for the concentration. Finally, it doesn't make me crazy the way I want my perfume to- it's simply too restrained given the exotic ingredients.


This was my favorite of the bunch, but I happen to be quite the beef jerky fan. I smelled campfires, leather and wet asphalt. Hell, I thought it was pretty sexy, but I don't know that I would pay $250 for it.


het kan goed zijn, het kan slecht zijn maar ik vind het nergen niemand die het kent of er al van gehoord heeft goed ze mooie reclame


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