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Poison Extrait de Parfum Christian Dior for women

Poison Extrait de Parfum Christian Dior for women
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Poison Extrait de Parfum Christian Dior for women Pictures

In Spring 2014 Dior presented the collection of Dior Les Extraits, which includes five cult fragrances for women by Dior and in perfumery in general. The collection encompasses mini editions available as perfume extract: Miss Dior, Miss Dior Original, Diorissimo, Poison and J’adore, which are, as announced by Dior, "much more than fragrances, because they possess philosophy of perfumers: the spirit of Dior radiant through the tiniest details, pervading perfumes in all phases of production, from their creation to meticulous selection of raw ingredients, art of bottling to delicacy of packaging."

The power of Poison is reflected in intensely spiced flowers and fruit, a fusion of coriander, vanilla and tuberose absolute surrounding and accentuating the sensuality of May rose absolute. The nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy.

Perfume rating: 3.85 out of 5 with 66 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Tuberose Coriander Vanilla May Rose

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Poison Esprit de Parfum
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Poison Eau de Cologne
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Carolina Herrera
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Poison Extrait de Parfum Fragrance Reviews

Gigi The Fashionista
Gigi The Fashionista

This was a discontinued Poison fragrance. It was essentially the same as the original vintage miniature eau de parfum. They were both dab-on splash bottles. They were very oily, syrupy and strong scents to wear as evening cologne. I used to wear it when I went out on dates in Manhattan about 4 years ago. I have a long and loving relationship with Dior and I have worn all their fragrances for women. The extrait was a pure parfum and as such it was powerful stuff. I applied it mainly on my wrists sometimes on the sides of my neck. The scent has the same DNA as Poison except it has additional spicy touches of coriander and a giant floral note of tuberose. The tuberose is very fragrant and strong and similar to the tuberose in Giorgio Beverly Hills. Both Poison and Giorgio Beverly Hills come from the same period when tuberose fragrances were big. Smells exotic, elegant and very nocturnal. It almost seemed like a flanker that could have been called Poison Night, whereas the original Poison was to be worn in the day time. This scent is very seductive and smoky. This is also reminding me of the new Poison Girl with the major difference that the new Poison Girl has a lot of vanilla and this has a lot of tuberose and spicy coriander. But this one too has vanilla and it's very noticeable. However the vanilla has been tamed and is not ruining it for me. This is a very beautiful well balanced vanilla with tuberose. I would never wear Poison Girl because I loathe the hype surrounding it I don't like the smell and I don't like that it's become popular when it's the most juvenile and cheap smelling of all the Dior fragrances. When compared to the first Poison and this version you can see the difference. It's like Pepsi and a French wine from Bordeaux. Such a shame this is not out there anymore. However they still do sell miniature Poison bottles from the 80's on ebay. If you get one of those you'll experience this scent as they are very similar.


Extrait de Parfum... nice, very nice. Real Poison? No.
The current EdT is a waste of money if you look for that glorious Poison of the '80s. It's not just about intensity and longevity. The whole scent is banalised, pleasant, but not for the nostalgic.
This Extrait came for partial relief. It smells much stronger and longlasting than current EdT, yet close to skin and it features beutiful floral notes with dominant tuberose, but... it also smells soapy. When did Poison become a soapy one?
A nice perfume, but not dripping mysterious juices.
I like this version, when no vintage is available, but the price is not fair. This should be a decent current EdT and cost half its price.


I love it when someone writes a review and absolutely Nails the description for me!! I have been blind buying a lot of fragrances lately and it’s occurred to me (when I’m not sure of a fragrance) that I may have a bottle that’s turned… being a blind buy, I never know what it’s supposed to smell like! So my mini of Vintage Poison has arrived and I carefully put a dab on my wrist… I know this fragrance – I remember it from forever ago but I can’t place it… I just know it’s familiar. I’m not sure if I like it though – it’s not unpleasant but I’m not loving it at this stage… I start reading through Fragrantica reviews and ‘Bam’, Chiquis has nailed it for me ‘Coriander and Grape Cough Syrup’!!! Hehehehe… not the most flattering description but the Grape cough syrup is exactly what I’m getting! Such a great description!! Another reviewer described Midnight Poison as a refreshing mix of bug spray and eucalyptus and I completely understand that too! I can’t imagine myself falling in love with the original Poison but I’m pleased to have it in my collection. My pick of this fragrance line is still definitely Hypnotic Poison.


I have had my bottle of 'Poison' since 1990 and it is still amazing. I keep it 'for nighttime wear only' as it is far too strong and tantalizing to wear in public or during the day-time. Its scent may be a little reminiscent of the 'essence of grape Koolade' in a bottle but it still makes me swoon every time I put it on. Nothing else smells like 'Poison' or works its 'Come hither...' message the way that it does. Dab a little behind your ears and put on something lace-y and see for yourself.
This may be another of the classic perfumes that has been watered down over the years like so many others but if you can find a older bottle try 'Poison' and see if you can resist its message!


Like many fragrance-lovers in the 80s, I wore Poison (amongst others), and had practically all formulations of it, from EDC to Esprit de Parfum, as well as the bath products. The esprit de parfum, in particular, was beautiful, dark and potent, almost dripping with a deep, musky sweetness.

Now thanks to IFRA, all fragrances are doomed to banality and I do not expect a different fate for my favourites. I bought a bottle of the new extrait de parfum with admittedly low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised.

It is not the same as vintage Poison, of course, but it is close enough for me. I would say that it captures the spirit of the original reasonably well - and much better than most reformulations, to be honest. It is slightly brighter and lighter than the original, but the deep, musky sweetness is there, even if it is not as dark as in the original. My favourite part is the incredible tenacity of this Poison - I could still smell it faintly on my hand the next day (and after multiple hand-washings).

There is a slight soapiness in the top notes but that dissipates after a while, and the fragrance deepens and improves over the hours. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend that any Poison or tuberose/floriental devotee give this new extrait a try.

Really gorgeous flacon too.


I still have 3 bottles of the "Esprit de Parfum" from back in the day, not sure if they smell alike.

But thanks Dior for bringing the 80s back.

Bring the 60s and 70s back too please!



It shouldn't have been called "Extrait de parfum" but "Ombre de parfum".

My mother wore this fragrance for years in the late Eighties and it reflected her temper to perfection, flamboyant and explosive!

I recently bought Poison Extrait de Parfum thinking that the olfactive bomb would bring back memories from my childhood... Well, it just brought me back to my laundry room, it smells exactly like fabric softener.

This Extrait (which should be the strongest concentration and long-lasting) is sheer, soapy, oddly airy and last but not least: it smells cheap, gosh it's awful. Needless to say that I barely recognize the original Poison at all...

Back in the days, Bill Slater, senior vice president of Dior in New-York stated: “With Poison, we wanted to say something shocking in all languages”... Today, the only risk you take owning the Extrait is that your granny borrow it from you... Shocking, indeed...


I Have an Original 1992 Poison Eau De COLOGNE...I wonder if this "Extrait" would even compare to that?!


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