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Irisia Creed for women

Irisia Creed for women
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Irisia is an homage to iris, the royal flower depicted on the French symbol of the fleur de lis. Fleur de Lis translates to "lily flower," but the plant depicted in this enduring symbol most closely resembles and is widely believed to be a member of the Iris family.

Irisia is based on the finest iris from Florence. The composition includes bergamot in the top, iris, tubereuse infusion and violet in the heart, on a base of ambergris and amber. Irisia was launched in 1968. The nose behind this fragrance is James Henry Creed Fifth Generation.

Perfume rating: 3.60 out of 5 with 51 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Bergamot Mimosa Mandarin Orange Peach

Middle Notes
iris Tuberose Violet

Base Notes
Ambergris Sandalwood Patchouli Amber Vanilla Oakmoss Cedar

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Irisia Fragrance Reviews

Gigi The Fashionista
Gigi The Fashionista

Irisia. They called it that because it would be weird to call it by it's proper name Iridaceae is a gorgeous iris. This is all iris on me. It honors the scent of the iris as only a Creed perfume could do. The iris, violet and tuberose are each very fragrant flowers on their own terms. Putting them together makes this a very strong floral fragrance. Fortunately they are balanced with woodsy notes. This is a lovely chypre with aromatic touches of woods, patchouli and oak moss. There is also an amber toward the end drying everything very nicely. This was a very satisfying fragrance for me. I would recommend it for spring time and for the day time but it's flexible enough as an evening cologne.

Southern Blonde
Southern Blonde

This is my 2nd Creed fragrance. I have Fleurissimo which was Grace Kelly's wedding day perfume. This is a beautiful iris fragrance. If you know how iris works you know that it becomes powdery very powdery and sweet and like a little puff of cloud. It smells very much like body powder or face powder. The iris is standing out but it's also floral with violet and a creamy tuberose. The peach note is very noticeable as it opens. The dry down is woodsy with oak moss cedar amber and a touch of vanilla. Elegant and amazing. Smells expensive and it is expensive. Love it.


I will admit that for a long time, unintentionally, I was being a bit of a perfume snob.
I didn't buy in to the whole Creed thing, I saw the hype all over the place, online, IRL, but I just saw it as something not for me. I certainly don't believe all this nonsense about Creed supposedly making all these historic fragrances for the historical aristocracy, that stuff doesn't add up at all. And I am not a fan of watery ozonic and aquatic scents. So based on the combination of those factors, plus the very limited and totally underwhelming sampling of the brand I had undertaken some time ago in a local dept store (Love in Black, SMW, VIW, Spring Flowers), I thought I could safely say Creed were not the brand for me.

I am, however, happy to admit when I am wrong, and in this case I really was wrong. I may not like the majority of their offerings (further sampling had proven this) but amongst the aquatics and the overpriced pretensions there reside some truly wonderful fragrances. Though sadly it seems their very best scents are discontinued, including Irisia, AFAIK.

But, oh this Irisia is truly beautiful. I don't recall exactly what brought it to my attention, I think it was around the time I came across vintage Balenciaga Cialenga and fell in love, that I started researching other fragrances that might have a similar feel. The particular combination of Iris, Oakmoss, Patchouli and Sandalwood sends me into raptures so when browsing through "search by notes" and Irisia appeared as a hitherto unknown possibility, I popped it into my test list. Reading through reviews about this scent piqued my interest so when I saw a used bottle on ebay, around 20mls left and no bids, it seemed rude not to buy it.

I am so glad that I did because Irisia is everything I had hoped for. This is seriously good stuff. The oakmoss here is beautiful, the iris cool and aloof, the oakmoss-iris-sandalwood-patch combo was working it's magic, the distinctive sweep of bergamot present through until late drydown, the oh so subtle warmth of peach, this was an amazing experience. Although there are some similarities to the scents that brought me to Irisia, it remains quite unlike anything else I have smelled to date. There is a green quality to this but not strong, not sharp or biting or bracing; where other "green" notes can be cold and bold, a bright vivid and intense green, instead Irisia is a sweep of pea-green paint across a clean white canvas. The notes sweep and tangle around you like tendrils of smoke, or the twisting ripple of colour that spreads into clear water.

Irisia is not a sweet scent in any way, and yet it is neither cold, nor aloof, there is no bitterness here. This is warm in it's own way, earthy and mossy, as opposed to resins and spice, cool rather than fiery yet welcoming and enveloping. I realise this sounds somewhat contradictory!
I can try to explain it thus:
There is warmth in this like the warmth of a flagstone path through the English countryside, worn smooth over the passage of time, sitting in the bluish light of dusk on a summer evening; to the eye it may appear cold and harsh, rough and univiting, but step onto it with bare feet and you will feel instead the warmth it retains from the day's sun and heat, the silkiness of it's worn surface, the wonderful scent of the earth in summer. That is the kind of warmth that Irisia exudes.

Irisia is not loud, but nor is she a wallflower, you will have an aura of scent and a gentle tail, but will not fill a room with a fog of scent. Longevity is around the 7 hour mark for me, give or take. But the beauty within this bottle, so different to many of the other offerings from this house, is one I highly recommend to those who love earthy mossy chypres and green florals, those who pursue vintage scents and anyone looking for sanctuary from sweets and pink things and caramel and oud.
I believe that this has sadly been discontinued but it can still be found online - try it while you still can because it is gorgeous.

Sandra Smells Scents-uous
Sandra Smells Scents-uous

IRISIA is an elegant and exquisitely balanced perfume. Just smelling this fragrance from the bottle or enjoying it on the skin, it is clear that the finest materials were used to produce it.

The top notes on my skin are all present and masterfully blended. For a few minutes, I enjoy the mimosa, bergamot, peach and orange. The combination is neither acidic nor sweet, rather it is fresh and citrusy. Eventually, the middle notes replace the citrus with a strong tuberose and faint whiffs of violet and iris. On me, the flowers do not linger long before I am left with a much warmer and darker perfume composed of oak moss, amber, cedar and patchouli that lasts for close to 7+ hours and radiates within arm's length.

This is definitely a strong, mature perfume that requires a confident woman who doesn't allow a perfume to wear her. This fragrance commands presence and will devour little girls who are none the wiser . . .


Everyone is right about the "senior" scent. It is a classic chypre and rather heady, but if that's what you're looking for as a wonderful Iris this is it. I feel very Billie Holliday putting this on. Gorgeous, old-fashioned and not drugstore-y. Expensive but worth it.


I had Irisia for a gift! It's much too overpowering on me and I wish I could find a way of getting rid of it without being blamed for polluting the environment!


Beautiful chypre! I'm just now experiencing it, and it really is lovely and pretty much a green chypre lover's dream along the lines of Scherrer's original, Aliage/Alliage & Devin, No.19 (but much warmer), Coty's Chypre, etc.

Despite the notes pictured above, I find no fruit in it other than bergamot, so it doesn't go the way of Mitsouko or Femme, but shares much of their make-up. It's much more floral and green - fresh to a certain degree - with labdanum, making it a true chypre. The iris is there kinda - it's more like smelling the flower - and deep down, you can sense the root like aspect, though it's more of a freshly snapped and unearthed root. There's definitely oakmoss in the base - again - making this a traditional chypre.

All in all, quite lovely, but not groundbreaking - but of very high quality. Any perfume and chypre lover will certainly acknowledge that. Has a great longevity too with a decent, but discrete silage - can be found for rather cheap on Overstock.


Iris? Huh?

This is a lovely classic, earthy chypre. I could liken it to many other chypres of its time (1968), and as I am a fan of the genre and era it would be a compliment, but let’s just consider it on its own. Classic opening with bitter bergamot and oakmoss. Not floral, not powdery. It really moves in a small range of grassy, woody, earthy and leather tones. What I mean by simple here is that it focuses smartly and cleanly on the bergamot, oakmoss and amber triad (with a lot of galbanum and patchouli) that makes a chypre a chypre. Irisia doesn’t stray off course and remains focused on fine-tuning rather than frill. It demonstrates textbook, classic progression over time and captures the unfolding of tones that defines the chypre.

If I had to characterize Irisia, I’d call it whip-smart.


Contrary to what its name might seem to imply, Creed IRISIA is, except for a five-second floral opening, a dark chypre perfume. Based now on a few cases, I have come to the tentative conclusion that the Creed family delights in anagrammatic names for their perfumes. So, IRISIA = chypre; VANISIA = amber; TUBEREUSE INDIANA = not a lot of tubereuse; and NEROLI SAUVAGE = neither nerolic nor wild.

It may take me a while to crack the code, but this seems to be a good start. Perhaps I'll have to do some research in the Creed family archives to discover the solution to this cabalistic conundrum.

Back to the review: IRISIA bears similarities to both Estee Lauder KNOWING and Chanel CRISTALLE edp (not edt!). Dark, brooding, heavy, soil-rich, brown mossy chypre is what it's all about. Not my favorite subgenre of the chypre family, but on occasion it has its appeal.

I can recommend IRISIA, which has excellent staying power, to anyone who likes KNOWING and CRISTALLE edp. On the other hand, if you dislike either or both of those compositions, you're unlikely to find much of interest in this barely floral, iris-challenged, oak-moss heavy chypre.


To me, this smells like old English ladies ...
A little like moist fallen leaves on an alley in autumn ...
Cannot find something expensive or luxurious about it. Disappointing. Nothing special.


I can see where someone would get the Nursing Home smell from this....if by Nursing Home you mean the lovely older ladies and not the home itself! I pictured those ladies myself, at first. Proper ladies who know how to smell that way. Very feminine, flowery. Then the heart began to assert itself, giving the scent a hint of warming sensuality. By the time I went to pick up my daughter from school, the scent had dried down and I really noticed it in the enclosed space of my car; I smelled Expensive, luxurious, warm....yet still like a lady. And a little like a "good girl" who had spent the afternoon being "bad". Good stuff!


Head Strong, reminds me of a Nursing Home smell, not good at all... So disappointing... Yep thats NH I smell...


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