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Selection Verte Creed for women and men

Selection Verte Creed for women and men
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This fragrance was worn by the greatest name in the field of psychoanalysis will be loved by intuitive and insightful women and men. Selection Verte features peppermint, a refreshing and stimulating herb with purported therapeutic and mood-enhanicng properties.

Top notes include neroli and citrus, slightly peppered. The heart includes peppermint and herb notes, all resting on a base of ambergris. Selection Verte was launched in 1901. The nose behind this fragrance is Henry Creed Fourth Generation.

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Neroli Citruses Pepper

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Mint Herbal Notes

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Selection Verte Fragrance Reviews


Simple, boring not complicated. All I can smell in this cologne is Citronella, very weak scent.
In Thailand we use Citronella ( Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt ) for mosquito repellent


This is one of those fragrances that change almost every 5-10 minutes on the skin and it will disappear after about one hour and half maybe max two hours!
It's a short but very interesting journey into green lands because this fragrance stays green all the way through.

The opening is a simple and at the same time very pleasant and natural mix of lime and mint.
I'm sure you guys know the differences between lime and lemon. lime is smaller with green color peel and it has sharper and more sour citrusy scent against lemon. it's even more tart, sour and intense than grapefruit!
This fragrance has the most natural lime scent that I've tested in fragrances. also it has a strong bitter aroma of that lime's peel in it. tart, fresh and bitter with the highest quality you can imagine.

The mint note also is strong. it's has a herbal quality like fresh mint leaves and it gives the scent more bitter and kind of herbal aroma.
After about 10 minutes the tart and zesty lime scent almost disappears but the bitterness of the peel does remain. now in this part neroli kicks in. the neroli give the scent a fresh, clean, soft floral and soft soapy aroma.

Again after about 5-10 minutes neroli is almost gone and vetiver kicks in!
The vetiver note give the scent a green, herbal and slightly smoky aura which gets slightly stronger and smokier as time passes but it's very smooth and inoffensive. something almost like "Guerlain Vetiver" but much nicer.
The base is a simple mix of slightly sweet ambergris and green notes.

Even though this fragrance changes several times on the skin but it will stay at the same road. fresh and bitter green!
Projection is average and longevity as I said is around 2 hours on my skin.
Quality but pretty pricy stuff which doesn't last and project that much.
Make your decision!

راستش این عطر فقط یه ساعت و نیم نهایت دو ساعت روی پوست دوام میاره اما نکته جالبش اینجاست که طی این 2 ساعت تقریبا هر 5 الی 10 دقیقه بوش تغییر میکنه
یه تجربه کوتاه ولی خیلی دلپذیر از با کیفیت ترین رایحه ها تو دل طبیعت

رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با ترکیب ساده ولی بسیار دلپذیر و خوشبوی لیموترش و نعناء شروع میشه
دوستان فکر کنم همه میدونن که لیمو ما دو نوع داریم. یه مدل که تقریبا بیضی شکله و زرد رنگ و نسبتا بزرگ که معمولا تو آشپزی زیاد استفاده میشه و یه نوع دیگه اش هم که خیلی فراوون تره و همین الان از اواسط تابستون تا اواسط پاییز قابل دسترسیه اینایی هستن که اندازه گردو هستن و پوست سبز رنگ دارن. اینا دقت کنین بوی خیلی قویتر و ترش تر و تلخ تری دارن به نسبت لیموهای عادی و معمولا تو سالادها ازشون استفاده میشه
حالا تو این عطر بوی لیمو از این لیمو سبز رنگ کوچیک هاست که بسیار بسیار بوی طبیعی داره. یه بوی شاداب و ترش لیمویی که تلخی کاملا مشخصی از اون پوست سبزش هم تو عطر حس میشه

رایحه نعناء هم حس خیلی طبیعی و مثل برگهای تازه نعناء رو داره که حس تلخ و گیاهی خاص و البته طبیعی بیشتری به عطر میدن. بعد از حدود 10 دقیقه رایحه ترش لیمو از بین میره اما اون حس تلخی پوستش همچنان باقی میمونه. حالا تو این مرحله شکوفه های مرکبات به عطر اضافه میشن. شکوفه های مرکبات بوی شاداب، تمیز، کمی گلی و کمی هم صابونی به عطر میدن که بازم در کل حس سبز دارن

دوباره بعد از 5-10 دقیقه نرولی تا حد زیادی ضعیف میشه و جاشو به وتیور یا همون خس خس میده. وتیور بوی گیاهی و تلخ و سبز و در عین حال کمی دودی داره و تم بوی کلاسیکی به عطر میده. یه چیزی تقریبا شبیه به گرلن وتیور کلاسیک منتها خیلی ملایمتر و آرومتر. با کذر زمان حس دودی وتیور کمی قویتر میشه اما نه زیاد قوی
رایحه پایه هم ترکیب خیلی ساده بوی نیمه شیرین و خیلی ضعیف امبرگریس هست و کمی رایحه های سبز و گیاهی

این عطر با وجود این تغییراتی که چندین بار در طول عمرش روی پوست میکنه ولی همچنان حس یکسانی داره. سبز، تلخ، گیاهی، شاداب و بسیار طبیعی
پخش بوی متوسطی داره و ماندگاری همونطور که گفتم حدود 2 ساعت
این عطر فقط بصورت بطریهای 250 میلی لیتری با قیمت 450 دلار اونم فقط تو بوتیک های رسمی خود کرید فروخته میشه
حالا اینکه این سبک بو با این مقدار پخش و ماندگاری و این قیمت و حجم آیا به کار شما میاد یا نه بستگی مستقیم به به سلیقه و بودجه شما داره



Creed did not create this in 1901. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. Creed was tailoring and making clothing until the late 60's and that's when Olivier decided he enjoyed making fragrances and the Creed house was transformed into a fragrance house and after that all their fragrances except for the stuff they put in the scented leather gloves were born.


I KNOW this has natural ingredients in it, it makes my arms tingle! Really natural fragrance. I like it so far.


Starts off with a strong citrus with a hint of mint. Extremely well blended it slowly mellows out revealing its fruity floral heart with that beautiful citrus in the background. Then lastly your left with a pepper ambergris slight mint aroma radiating off you. It truly is gorgeous has a positive affect on mood. I love this.

As mentioned wearing it for the first time in summer. The mint provides a good 45 minutes of cooling on the skin. I can't believe how amazing this fragrance is.


Starts with citrus and slowly pepper and spicy notes emerge. Compared to all other Creeds, this is the least intrusive and most relaxing spice. Citrus notes create a symphony with mint during the opening.

I adore how well this was mixed. Mint notes, which can be extremely overpowering were appropriately subdued by the other notes. After reading Dullah's review, I agree that the mint notes are multi-dimensional, complex, and perfectly balanced.

This is a true masterpiece.


I'm young, picky, I don't like traditional older-men fragrances and I'm critical of most niche, but I guarenteed that Selection Verte is timeless and it's not only a fragrance wearable by a young person but a fragrance you would want to have.

The description on this website says stimulating, refreshing, therapuetic, and mood-enhancing. Initially, I laughed but then I realized that it's all true and not just a marketing gimmick. On my first try, I liked it but didn't love it, but as with many Creeds, the more I tried it, the more I loved it.

As for the similarity, it has the sparkly ambery feel of Royal Water, but much brighter and lemony.

My only criticism is that Selection Verte smells like a place rather than a person. A place I would want to be. Hard to describe, but it doesn't really smell to me like a cologne but rather an ambiance. Perhaps a green forest full of fruit with a pristine pond. But it just feels strange to wear, as good as it is. It's also pricy so try before you buy, but do be sure to try.



The epitome of classic and fresh colognes. The beautiful opening of citrus and mint is breathtaking. A very slight and ephemeral pepper note blends beautifully with the neroli and what I suspect to be bergamot and lime. As it dries, the neroli blossom begins to shine and it is here I capture a glimpse of another Creed offering, Neroli Sauvage. The peppermint remains delicate and never overbearing. Amongst the herbal notes included, I detect a hint of basil and verbena. I believe this would be great year round, but seems it would be especially cooling and refreshing in Spring and Summer. The fact that this cologne originated in 1901 and seems still relevant in the world of fragrance today, is a testament to the fantastic artistry and expertise of the Creed house. In a word, timeless.... (66)

Jack's Creation
Jack's Creation

An epic sleeper, given that it's quite possibly the best Eau de Cologne going, (no, really).

Complex yet traditional in character. The subtle, front edged note of mint lifts this above the purely citrus/neroli crowd and makes it sparkle like nothing else.

Astonishingly good.


There's not much I can add to Dullah's fantastic and thorough review, but here's my take on Selection Verte:

I'm not a huge fan of Creed, however I will admit that they have a few excellent gems in their collection. And, like more and more fragrance houses these days, they seem to be saving their best work a secret to many, or, as they part it, part of a "Private Collection". Just like many great bands put some of their best work into their b-sides, Creed's Private Collection is there for true aficionados looking to get the full Creed experience.

Selection Verte, which, according to Creed, was supposedly worn by Sigmund Freud (not something I completely believe, but whatever), is a testament to quality in materials and superb blending. It COULD just be a standard-issue Eau de Cologne with good materials and execution, e.g. Chanel or Guerlain's, but instead you have an incredibly fresh, bright, nose-tickling citrus melody with some sweet green notes in the background. This is easily the strongest and longest-lasting pure citrus fragrance I know of besides Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne; it just keeps going and going and going and going. The brightness of the citrus is almost too much at first - it sucker punches you in the nose so hard that there's almost a chlorine-like smell, but this truly is a long-lasting natural citrus. The fact that such a simple accord can be made so pure yet full of vibrancy and life is a testament to the artistic side of perfumery. Anyone can make a citrus cologne, but it takes a true artist to give it life and sparkle.

I was fortunate enough to spot a spray tester (apparently Creed made a few) of Selection Verte at the Neiman Marcus at the Tyson's Corner mall in Virginia, and I was immediately blown away by how strong yet natural-smelling it was. Not only that, but I put this fragrance on as I was walking out the door on a cold January evening; it has managed to hold up over 4 hours in the cold, so I can only imagine how strong and refreshing this stuff must be in the heat. Look, I know I'm not always kind to Creed, but at the rate at which Selection Verte is getting rarer and rarer... I may just have to set aside a few paychecks and fork over the dough for this one. I don't think I'm gonna find a better citrus fragrance for a long time.


Lovely, refreshing fragrance!, especially in the heat of summer. The citrus & mint in the opening are effervescent and remain natural through the dry down. Applied heavily (6 - 8 sprays) I get 6 hours of fresh, green minty pleasure.


I like the scent but not on my skin; where it turns sour and smells like sweat... Sad.
edit: I agree with you DULLAH, this is one of the most natural fresh scent ever. Creed are making amazing scents, unfortunately, I can't wear this one. If I have to chose, I'll buy Royal Water to replace this merveille.



Not many scents can legitimately claim the quality of timelessness. Selection Verte is one of them. This scent is the finest citrus/spice/floral I've come across, one which shares some ingredients with traditional EDC's, but has a very unique and optimistic character all it's own.

This starts of with a strong blast of several different types of mint leaf, combined with several different types of Citrus, all of them utterly natural and in perfect proportion to one another. The cool peppery bite of the Peppermint is tempered by the Sweet-leafiness of the Spearmint. The tanginess of the Lemon and Lime is complimented by the sweetness of Mandarin. All of this is underscored by a wonderfully sober bergamot note.

15 minutes later, this cool/tart blast begins to mellow, retaining the same great character. The green leafiness of the mint is now much more apparent than the chilled initial blast, indicating the likely use of a whole-plant-absolute (leaves, stem, flower, root) as opposed to a distilled mint oil. The bitter terpenes of the citrus have also given way to the more aromatic components of citrus, and the other aromatic herbal and spice notes, as well as the floral notes, begin to emerge.

This is the stage I enjoy so much, when the incredibly fresh upper-end essences of the Neroli/orange blossom, clove bud, and Sweet Pea flowers create a quiet aura of new life......of spring. Of course, the lower-registers of mint and citrus are still there, so it almost creates the illusion of the "perpetual harvest", when one is enjoying the fruits of a tree or plant, at the same time that the very tree is putting forth new growth. I cannot stress enough how much i like this stage of Selection Verte.

As the mint and Citrus recede further, the character of that harmonious interplay does not, it seems only to deepen. This is not some work of magic, just the result of well-chosen notes, placement, and blending. the Neroli serves to continue the character of citrus, only sweeter and deeper, and the basil/herbs continue the green leafy character of the Mint, although not cool, now warmer. Even the light use of clove bud seems to continue to build on the small amount of spicy eugenol present in significant amounts in certain species of Green Citrus.

While the theme continues, albeit in a sweeter and somewhat 'warmer' way, a new note, serving the same sobering purpose as the bergamot did in the topnotes....white peppercorns. This note is never too prominent like the peppered note in Penhaligon's Opus1870, it plays it's sobering role quietly and perfectly.

After the tart citrus is gone,and just as the Neroli begins to lessen in strength, and the aromatic herbs risk taking the scent into a rustic, slightly less optimistic direction, a wonderfully green floral note comes in to again set the balance of this scent....Sweet Pea.

When I first saw the note list, I was confused, thinking of the vegetable we all eat, and the opaque, soft greenness of Selection Verte in this late stage kept me confused for some time. Sweet Pea is in fact, a sweetly scented Vine Flower species, with a very unique scent......a scent that is not common in men's colognes, nor feminine perfumes for that matter. No mind, the choice of this green floral note for Selection Verte is a perfect landing, with the light clove, herb, and pepper adding just the right touch of spice to balance the last stage of the composition, which lasts surprisingly well, given how short-lived the topnotes are.

The note list lists Ambergris, but I get none, perhaps the amount is so small as just to help longevity and texture, without being otherwise detectable.

Nonetheless, this is without doubt one of the greatest herbal/floral/citrus scents ever created, if not the absolute best. It's quality and natural appeal are utmost, and it's character is as incredibly fresh and ALIVE today as it was when it was created.


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