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Bowmakers D.S. & Durga for women and men

Bowmakers D.S. & Durga for women and men
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"Amongst the transcendental woods of the 1800s, craftsmen from the Massachusetts Bay Colony built violins & bows in the tiny towns of the Pioneer Valley. The shops were riddled with old growth mahogany, burled maple shavings, amber pine rosin, aged walnut & their unique secret varnishes." Bowmakers was launched in 2013.

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Mahogany Maple Pine Tree resins Walnut Leather Woody Notes

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Silver Shadow
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Bowmakers Fragrance Reviews


This is a heady concoction on me, resins, furniture polish, woody, incense-y ... if I close my eyes I envisage a gleaming shiny violin.

It's potent, erring on the side of masculine (I love that) and really unusual (I also love that).

If you're looking for something that isn't run of the mill rose/sugar/oud fest that litters the perfume market these days this is really very good indeed.

sweet piglet of smoke
sweet piglet of smoke

After its opening flash, Bowmakers settles down into what I can only imagine must be an accidental homage to that great benchmark in commercial perfumery: Silver Shadow, by Davidoff: 100 mils of which are available, pretty much everywhere, for less than $US 30. I’m reviewing Bowmakers because I find it to be the best of the DS Durga line, and I find it emblematic of the house as a whole.

If DS Durga devoted as much time to a comprehensive in-depth study of, you know, perfume-making, as they do to marketing, presentation, and the construction of arch, and quite often, cringe-inducing back stories from a re-imagination of 19th century Americana so hackneyed you half expect the ghost of Walt Whitman to return and exact a highly pre-industrial vengeance against interlopers so painfully un-ironic, maybe they’d be on to something. But they don’t, and, therefore, they’re not. It’s not, you know, that Durga doesn’t make GOOD fragrances. They do. But greatness is not in them (and by “them” I mean both the bottles and the creators). The proof of this, to me, is in the copy they use to justify the price point which, although not particularly high for niche perfumery, is ridiculously high for unimaginative blends hiding behind a smokescreen of Victorianism.

Silver Shadow is created by Francis Kurdjian, a classically trained nose. Its ad campaign is minimalist: a headshot of the silver fox masculine archetype above the tag line “Lead the Way.” As I said, thirty bucks.

Or you can buy into Bowmaker’s bullshit, at around $140 for 50 ml: “Amongst the transcendental woods of the 1800s, craftsmen from the Massachusetts Bay Colony built violins & bows in the tiny towns of the Pioneer Valley. The shops were riddled with old growth mahogany, burled maple shavings, amber pine rosin, aged walnut & their unique secret varnishes.” The only thing authentically “oldtimey” about Durga is the thrill one gets from buying snake oil from a mountebank charlatan. That delicious feeling, they’ve nailed, almost exactly.

new friend
new friend

عطر صانعي الأقواس من دار D.S. & Durga للنساء والرجال
Bowmakers D.S. & Durga for women and men
Bowmakers أو صانعي الأقواس
الأقواس هي أحد أشهر آلات الحرب التي ظهرت قديما على يد القدماء المصريين وتطورت مع مرور الوقت
واليوم قد أصبحت تراثا وإرثا بشريا انتقل من ساحات المعارك والحروب إلى صالات المسابقات الرياضية
شهدت صناعة الأقواس تطورا هائلا في خامات التصنيع المستخدمة منذ ظهورها وإلى يومنا هذا.
ولكن البداية: قوس خشبي يشد بين طرفيه وترا جلديا من "أمعاء الخراف" وسهام ذات نصل حجري أو معدني أو خشبي
لأي مدى يمكن أن تصل سهامك وما هي دقة إصابتك للهدف؟
ربما تكون هذه النقطة هي مفتاح هذا العطر...
لأي مدى سينال منك ذا العطر؟؟
دار D.S. & Durga هي دار أمريكية أسسها David Seth Moltz سنة 2007م وبالتعاون مع
Kavi Moltz and Rayda Vega أطلقت الدار 52 عطرا حتى الآن
البداية صنوبرية جميلة جدا، ولمن لا يعرف قيمة رائحة الصنوبر يكفي أن نذكر أنه من أقوى مزيلات التوتر والقلق والاكتئاب.
لمحات عشبية خضراء نضرة وفواحة وراءها الرائع السرو الإيطالي "سايبرس" الذي امتزج بتناغم مثالي للغاية مع شجيرات الصنوبر الخضراء ثم بهذه الرائحة الخشبية الدهنية الكريمية لثمرة الجوز.
تناغم لا يمكن أن تتوقعه بين الصنوبر والسايبرس والجوز "عين الجمل"
أخشاب الماهجوني الأسيوية الحمراء الداكنة ذات عبق قوي ومميز للغاية قد تجدها تفوح من أفخم أنواع الأثاث وأغلاها ثمنا.
ما أجمل أن تغور هذه الرائحة التي تشبه رائحة الغابات الكافورية داخل أسبار أروع وأجمل وأنقى رائحة راتنجية فاخرة، وأؤكد على كلمة فاخرة لأنني ربما أستشعرها لأول مرة بهذا الوضوح ضمن مكونات أحد العطور.
أشجار القيقب "الإسفندان" Maple ذات الأوراق الخضراء والبرتقالية والحمراء وهي الشعار الموجود داخل العلم الكندي هي أحد أجمل أشجار الزينة في العالم ومنها يستخرج بالتقطير مشروب القيقب الذهبي ستعمق من قوة العطر وخشبيته الممتزجة بالراتنج بحرفة عالية.
الجلود المدبوغة المطلية بالقار ستكون مكملا رائعا لهذه التوليفة القوية.
العطر "خشبي أروماتيك" مثالي - شتوي لا يصلح مطلقا للصيف وحرارته الخانقة
جمال الرائجة: 9.5
التميز: 9
النقاء والفخامة: سيرجوف - سيلمبر هاوس - أمواج "قديما"
الثبات والفوحان: رائعان
السعر: حوالي 130 يورو لحجم 50مل قبل خصم الضريبة


Bowmakers has a truly fantastic opening. I detect that fantastic turpentine note from the top of CDG Hinoki, but instead of the airy camphoraceous freshness of the CDG, theres a much darker dry, resinous woody-leather undertone. It's absolutely addictive. Unfortunately I have to agree with a few other reviewers in that it kind of loses it's way after the opening. The woodiness continues to grow while the turpentine note all but vanishes and in it's place is a rather obvious iso e super, as well as some bland ambered sweetness. It's such a shame because the opening is so damn good. I still like bowmakers, but in many ways it's such a missed opportunity that wearing it sort of annoys me. Performs as well as anything with iso e, and projects surprisingly well.

If this gets some kind sequel with more emphasis on the top than the bottom, it will rocket up to the top of my favorites list. For now its a bittersweet "what if" of a fragrance that provides an incredibly thrilling 15 minutes before going pedestrian.


Bowmakers is the best of three D.S. & Durga fragrances I've tried so far. It's also a case wherein the creative name very accurately reflects the note and heart of the composition--namely, old-smelling woods. Combined with leather and liquor, it becomes a masculine composition that walks the line between sophisticated and brash. It conjures an old house or bar, dominated by the smell of old wood and upholstery, mixed in with some of the spicy, herby notes that appear in a restaurant.

Much stronger in projection and longevity than the warm-weather options I've tried from this house, Bowmakers at least begins to knock on the door of being worth the price, especially given the artistry of the fragrance.

I can't imagine this would be too pleasing to women, but for men in the pursuit of a woody/leathery fragrance (Tuscan Leather, Pure Wood, etc.) this in an interesting niche alternative. I'm not sure I'd buy it myself but I'm intrigued enough that I'll come back to it during the winter, since it's surely better as a cold-weather fragrance.

7 out of 10


The opening is masterfully done. I get notes of varnish, a slightly synthetic, however pleasant leather, and some deep wood. It burns the nose a bit, which I like. "Masculine" and rough around the edges in a good way. Smells somewhat blue collar in a non-pedestrian "I work with my hands but I'm making a fucking violin" kind of fashion..

It remains comparable throughout, however after the dry down there is a peculiar, almost Encre Noire cypress and vetiver thing going on that I can't really understand. It's vetiver and cypress under a blanket of harsh varnish but it's still there and much to my dismay, not entirely enjoyable.

If the initial spray remained throughout, I could easily call this one a masterpiece, however now at best, this is "pretty good."

My neophyte recommendations for a reformulation?

Bring in some round, warm leather ala Bel Ami for the dry down. Varnish on top of a smooth leather would be fantastic. It'd really make the difference, I'm sure.


I am addicted to the opening of this cologne, barely falling short of dousing myself with the fragrance in hopes of maintaining those first few moments. And they are unusually addictive: nail varnish, chemically treated leather, and the inside of an old, dusty violin. There is something almost like a menthol in the beginning, perhaps that is the pine. Spraying this on clothing or the inside of a leather bag or wallet preserves those top notes, and I would say - to me, anyway - they are the most important of the whole experience. I prefer the slightly sweet, but mostly dark and lacquered thickness in the opening to the faded woodiness of the dry down.

Unfortunately, within an hour on my skin, all I can smell is Iso E Super and the harsh crispness of Ambermax, which leaves me wishing I could be anosmic to both - the latter is quite painful to my nose. I would be completely disappointed on the whole if I didn't receive such good comments about this one, especially after my partner followed me across the room demanding to know what the heck I was wearing.

I would say of this niche line, yes, try Bowmakers, Mississippi Medicine, and Burning Barbershop, and if you're like me and totally addicted to the first few moments of the fragrance journey, then perhaps they are worth a full bottle. They are surprising, to say the least. I will keep this review updated, and hope to give the entire line a try, eventually!


The woody shavings and pine resin are the first things out of the box, and then it quickly turns into freshly polished shoe leather. I continue to get flashes of wood shavings for a while. It's a skin scent, which is good, because it's a sexy/dirty smell you want to share with a lover, not the whole world. Like you've been making beautiful things with your hands all day, and now it's time to relax and (ahem) play.


From the makers of Shake Shake Senora and the widely acclaimed Mississippi Medicine comes the feel good winter event of the year. Bowmakers is a story about a few notes on a mission to fill the atmosphere with pleasant aromas. Starring the award winning ingredient of Pine Tree, Mahogany and newcomer Canadian Balsam. The trio is set to give you a real life experience with natural wood and all it's aromatic properties. The evil forces of Eau de cologne is pushed to the limit as the woody luminaries barrels past the assumed longevity. The supporting cast of leather, woody notes, resins and walnuts are aloof but are used for fortification purposes. Eyebrows will be raised and inferior perfumers will be put on notice. Definitely a cologne worth a 2nd and 3rd try....


I smell like an exquisite pencil right now. Nothing else going on, just the loveliest, classiest little pencil you ever did see. This may not suite everyone, but I'm digging it. It's such a nice crisp wood, lots of rich resin, I am daydreaming about what it would layer well with. And yet... nope, I think I'll stay a happy, finely lacquered pencil.

If you want to be fancy, try this and imagine sitting in a violinmaker's studio or among ornate woodwork in a classic library. But I'm a plebe so I think pencils. Big thumbs up! (Edit: While it leans masculine, I think a woman could pull it off. I would likely maul any man who wore it, yum).


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Bowmakers by D.S. & Durga 3.87 out of 5 based on 54 ratings and 10 user reviews

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