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Cowboy Grass D.S. & Durga for men

Cowboy Grass D.S. & Durga for men
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Cowboy Grass D.S. & Durga for men Pictures

A scent of wild grass and flourished herbs; earthy and slightly smoky. It features the notes of Haiti vetiver, white sage and clary sage. It belongs to the Masculine Collection I Originals. Available as 20 ml EDP.

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vetyver Sage Clary Sage Thyme

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Cowboy Grass Fragrance Reviews


I like the aroma this scent. It's clean, but earthy and green-gold. Vetiver, sage are both very obvious, and the thyme stands out on me--though at first I thought it was dill!
However, maybe it's something in my skin chemistry, maybe Cowboy Grass is what I smell like with no scent at all, maybe it's the way I applied it (with a sample applicator), but I get almost no longevity, and absolutely zero sillage with this scent. I will report back when I'm finished with the sample, but for now, my skin has let me down--I was expecting a couple hours at least!
Edit: Finished with the sample. It's a delicious, medicinal, herbal scent, but it is too close to my own body smell that it dissappears completely after an hour at best. Chalk it up to skin chemistry, please, because you should get a smell of this; tarry and herbal, this reminds me faintly of home--the prairies in Texas. It's evocative, but unfortunately, it does nothing on my skin. What a pity.


D.S. & Durga seems to excel at combining natural elements that effectively evoke real settings, and Cowboy Grass is no exception, the emphasis being on grass.

Spice, grass, wood, vetiver all seem to contribute to Cowboy Grass, which ends up coming off not as strong / wintery as Burning Barbershop or Bowmakers, but certainly not as light as some of the greener fragrances. So in that respect, it has an interesting all-season versatility to it. Decent longevity and projection, but not terribly impressive in either, this might be a worthwhile try as it does not remind me of anything I've smelled recently.

6 out of 10

Amos Jolthead
Amos Jolthead

This one really took me places. I’m not sure I would say this is overpowered, but it’s definitely strong. Applied appropriately, a bottle of this will last a really long time. It’s a simple fragrance of vetiver, sage and other herbs. It is a bit linear on me, but I’m not bothered one bit because I really loved it. It’s very nice and unusual - I don’t think I’ve smelled anything like it. It brings back memories of my childhood visiting any of a number of western boot and clothing stores - that dry, leathery semi-spicy or herby scent that is very distinct from any other shoe or clothing store that you’re likely familiar with. Well done!


Vetiver combined with herbs, greens and the smell of a saddle blanket – salt, sebum and leather. A bold and unique draft on vetiver.

With vetiver in its center, the evolvement of the composition seems linear, still it follows the standard sequences unobtrusively. In the opening the green facets are highlighted. There are linalool and other common green top notes but in an unusual high concentration, strong and harsh. A bite that does not curry favor with one, it rather shows attitude. The key and allure of the whole perfume.

Within 15 minutes the bite leaves, green stays and the brute (animal), dirtier shares are emerging. They mingle and bounce against each other, slowly fading towards the end (which is the next day) leading into a fully and roundedly rendered, blazing, aromatic, fruity aspect of vetiver. Very pleasing.


Just bought CG. Yes, it's a bit scary at first, but the dry down is delish and unique. I love verifier scents and this is a super addition to my collection. Love the descriptions. Yes, burning, dry,smoky, woody. Love it


Cowboy Grass was a difficult scent for me to take. The first time I wore it a single spray and I thought I must be repelling everyone within 4 feet. The aroma I could not fathom. But there was something so I kept at it. I don't know If its me or CG now I use 3-4 pumps and wonder if anyone but me knows my best kept secret.

CG is not s subtle scent. It comes on with whirl wind of dry brush and sage, Pinyon and dust. It is very long lasting, 6 hours for more. As it drys down it evenly, mellows and the edge softens. At the end I'd swear there were floral accents.

It reminds me of camping on the high desert. Camping with a bedroll, next to horse and fire. The smell of sage, wild brush and smoke as I drift off to sleep


Sharp, peppery beginning with lots of vetiver. As it starts to mellow it smells more woody and smoky, like sage smudge sticks that have been extinguished.
It's so dry it almost crackles.
Cowboy Grass puts you in mind of being a few miles upwind of a controlled burning.


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Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga 4.08 out of 5 based on 42 ratings and 7 user reviews

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